Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1862 Page 8
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?rrrvrions wanted? fop other Wrnti See First Page. APEHFECT GERMAN COOK DESIRES A SITUA uon; .he au moil ui French and German styles. Appiy at Uave. A, between Ut ami id sis. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as nurse, ia aii'able 0f taking the entire charge oS an luiaui from ila birth; the beat of City reference can be given. Apply at 115 West lAlii at. A SITUATION WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE OIRL. a? laundren or to ilo flue washing and liming; wouid ???'? with ihf cbainbcrwor?, uo ubj-clluii to tiie country; beat of city raicrenie can be given. Call for two daya ai S5 n uatiMii st., between bib aud 7th ara.. tu the bakery. AKEsl'ECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A Situ ation to 1 io the general liouaework of a small family; ta ? tjoou p.ain oook. washer and Iruner; 01 to do clinmbcrwork, and a?ai?. with the washing lod ironing; the l>eet of city re fermca given. ClU at 171 West lislth at., near Sib av A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do housework In a email family; U a go d plain cook mud good wa.her and Ironer; l? willing and obliging; baa city reler- lice. Can be seen tor two daya at M East W arren ?L,^Brooklyn, second ttoor, ironl room. A COLORED WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO OET A GEN tletuan s, lady's or lauuly'a waabiug to take home and Oo. Call at lur SueriJ* at., rear house. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, TO TAKE ? are of children and uo chamberwork it required. Can r.^l's.mthBrookhm00 hBr VKm!Ut tmplu-ver' W Klrot A ?I,TL ,AT10N, WANTED-BY A YOU NO GIRL, IN A -?X private family, to do general housework; no menus in tne city ; willing to do anything; city referent*. Can be seen lor two dajs at ltff avenue C, corner 12th st. AN EXPERIENCED NURSE WISHES TO OBTAIN A situation; utie id willing and trustworthy; has refer ei.ct*8 o: turec and four years from her last places. Can l?e n ruesday and Wednesday at her former employer's. 122 Islington av. Ai-rotestant young woman WISHES A SITU- I ?ill ii as i'..aiu.iermaiil an.! to assist hi the wash in ; anil ironing, i>r to do huiucwoik for a small lamily; uo MjmIIhi t>i tue country , city nlerenc: cau be given. Apply at lli West -i .i st., between 6th and 7th avs. A young woman, with a fresh breast of miiK, wants a baby to nurse at uer own residence, *hich will be well cure ol. Callfoi two da>a at &S1 7.b av., le:w?en Slst and &lu si?. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A ItESlECTAKLE WO ina.i, us cook, 01 tocuuK, tvssb an l iron; no obje t.on In the co .ulry ; ha.- nood ret en nee lroiu her last place. Cad at 8j otii av., in st Loor. front rut in. A situation WA.NTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, togo A out by tlie day or m nt.., to ?;w on H heeler a Wllsou ? machine. Reitr nee. Call at the curael store, 3b3 cthav., between '?ta ami J3u sis. lor three <la\ e. ARESl'kctable WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO get a :e.? gutlcmens wasui.igora ami.y's. . anauu r? - ?omweudabi.n* to ? persons m any u>ie wanted, luuuiie at 'AA> .Sly 1^\ie ave., iiro.i?l> u, up <taiis. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A I'RI vaie lannly, as ehamo. rm.t. 1 an. wa lies ; is to assist in the wasblug util irouiug. ll..s the acat of city reterence. Call fur two dajs at ^11 Istav., b. '.wccn idta and Hill sis. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A situation AS ? "us. ui a small privaie tauuly , is willing to a -it. iu the ana ironing; best ol <i,y leler. uce. Call for twoaajsat her iint empLyer's, i) West lbiu at., oetwe. u 6tu and 6th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A resectable young woman, as ;.rht da^n waitress; woui * U?ctiam* berwor?v an 1 urn* washing and ironing; no obj?*?.ti?>n to Lite country; cauri\eth beat of city reiereucc. Cali f<T iw.> days at 61 West si. An experienced Protestant woman wishes a ftii? ai.wu asuurse; can taKt: the en^re chargc ol an fro.u Its uirltt; ua- the best city reicreuce, an .ntai.t piefened. Cau be seen tor two daya at No. Ill Wist loin ?u, between Mi ana Tib avs. A respectable girl wisues a situation to do general Homework .u a pn\ate laniily; is a ^o<id [>l?Ain cook, a fir.^t rat ? wa ana irouer, and also a & od OalU'r. Las th? beat 01 caty rfleienc. .s. Call for two .:h s at -tOi Atlantic st., between Bona an . Nevius sis.. Brooklyn, st*iond tioor, ront. A situation WANTED?BY A respectable youn0 eiiJ. to do c^am^rwuri, or -s waitress; is,; to iuiul* hurwdi gen. iai y uaeiuL Can be seen at In to. a su, Brooklyn, scoonu iioor, front room, over D . > er A RESPECTABLE protestant GIRL WANTS A situation as ciiUinbermala and waitress, or would do tLc work ol a sina.l private laxnliy; dorn notwisutoro in the country. Call at or addre&s Qj Cliariton st., top iloor. buck room. A situation WANTED?BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG WO man, to uo gem-rai nouscwork; i a K('Od cooa, wasner and lruuer; nas jest of city i aiercucc. Can lor two oaya at UJ East J-d si. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN. la a private lanmy; ha* go .d c;t. re ercuce; i.uder (tan '? all k.n ? uf lamily cooiiia?, l?v-d uvr seveu years In ane lamily. Can be seen tor two days at Ju bill av.. between t5U> ami 2btn sis. AKESl'ECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO au general .louseworx; ui a gooJ piaiu c o< aud good Waale r ,.n i irouer; a good i ator of orea.1. no ODjeetki.i io toe cuuiury, aas to .d r. fereuc . Apply lor two uais al 5JJ isreeimlen st., in the ;roc ry >mre. A YOUNG WOMAN IiESlRES A situation AS la.iDdr sa or ctunnberuii U and to do une i.aai.lng and trwiin^;; is an ejicelleai. washer and lion, r; can ^ive i oo >ity reiereucc. Cai. at No llsb n eai yw at., o.tween 7th ana Kb avs. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES EMPLOY men; by tne day. in Brooklyn, sh - un leratannscuulu? a..11 lining ladle' areaars in ihe m. st lushionable ntyle, i?o boys alia and gir.s1 clotiies. Appiy at or addres.. i_iie-s Ma.^er, No. ii.u Hiclta street, Broo^lj n. A\:OsT RESFLCTABLB young woman wishes a situation as ? i anu la'.:uurt;>s, or as clival* ber.nai.: anil waltr ss in a privat ? laratlyi liaa ihe best of wy reference. Call until engaged at liiti ta.t um ?t. . A PERMANENT SITUATION WASTED?BY A COM t?. teut ureSMmaker; would like to go as *e.imsires>* in a itcaiiv. Can . n.ard rrom by addres^mg lor t o oa ,* s v 1ieruid oaice. ' Arespkctablk young girl wisiie.s a sitca t on as 'ihsmbfaal^ an 1 Waitrw?e, or 10 u # a ?:?? -wo.u. to a r.unily; good rererenec .'rom her list t>!a v. Can b. SHtn ior f.kO a: iirt West l?ta ?l, between otii an.i fib avs. ARES.'ECTaKLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tton a- 'o.js m a oardln^ h*?use; t.a> uo objection to ?a.i.Oii. atn tive ta?; beat ot city relercote. CaU lor two 4L ys at >1 Kutg? s In toe rear ARESi-ECTAiiLE YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN w lane, a situauou in a lespectaoa: private fami j as t uirwsj I an lo all It nds of Kr-nch . .nbrjid-r:n/and lauiiijr ?. wing; haa no obj. tion to do a llta-.- chamber work App'v at 178 (Vent isdtli st , rea . ASITUAnuN WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE j .ng wojian. aa ciutrii ermald au .waj.reis, ui.u to assist wit a wiui tug and ironing; best clt, reioren. e from aat p.ace. Can be seen lur two da. s at lit; j, ?v. A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION co ik; understands her baainea. thorouginj , i-agoo i ba?.er w ? Id as-i-t In the win- I.,,; wo iid ,o to t. e c.nin tiy: hsa .ood ruy reiereu.-?. Applr f r tw.i day< at No. Is Cu.ou court (Unirerahy place;, te uveeu llih aud li'-.n r?. Am active yoi ng woman wisiic- a .-in vtion as brst wakreaa, or would do ci.auiberw..r* ami ?t ?a- nn_', f>r :h- house r ,rk ot a ? n 41 lumlly ; uo oliie Won to the country; beatcitj r ler?n ?. Appiy .11 No 13 Ui.^>:i court (Unir.-raity p.a ej, b. tween llta and Wth ila. Aresi-ectahle woman wants a .-,11cation in a small prr.ute family ; is a lioud cuok and a kanndre and Is stall times willing an 1 ot.l glng. C.n e ?een for t*o day* at Mr. sneehy ?, I*i East ^3a ,t., betwe. n 1st an.l 3d *Tes; the oei. of reierences givcu. A RESPECTABLE YoL NU WOMAN WISHBS a Si r uauon s? eook, no obji etum to wash ?n i iron Goo l city reierence Apply Tor two days al 214 East ajiu ?t? one dour east of 1st av. AUESPLCTAULE protestant Yul'NO WOMAN wwbeaa situation aa gaaaimi MMnrtreae; mui>,el lent cotter M.n<l Utter ol la ir? and children'* trn-H, under c.oLb 11^. euibroiuery *nd all muds o: family ?e>v,u;; i? ?ril.liig to rn.tkc htrMll generally uaefMI, Beat Wrsuiuoiil?.Ji. Cail lur two i.jl >? at XiJ <ilim ?i.. Brooklyn. A YOUBO AMERICA* WIDOW LADY, HAVINO, Hi J\. ihi- iuaa el her busbaiirt, !>? en o uyeMM to ae-k u a.m. Miua a> s..i> -Ursa In boom p. i. ?I*- Iwmily, n' to luaao k?r?e> ?>mi . my useful lu *uy uliu *MNU repairs uer a>:r.. tfeal r*f?'i*nce gtren and required. Cad lor two tl(1) > lit >72 Km t 33 i H., I rout r^no, Wc< o 1 door. A YOL'BO GIBL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM be 'ii*id. or id hrip With thr weaklng aud Iroulii,. Ap ply at l.-if) Wer. 4tui ?U, iw?wa 7tb aua ath area. AB1.3PE<TAHX*B OlilL. wishes A SITUATION T(J no tue c tofcfng. wajbliu an . Ir >ulng of a atnal; lainII* can luu-e g* od bread an- o acur.. iMod city saferenc?. Coil fur two day* ai tie Butler at., ?econd door from Hoyl sk, Brooklyn. AS Jil K K? wanted, BY A PBOTEfTAXT WnMAK, v.,, , ,y comtRteiilto take OMMBe of aa totaat from ||a uirtli, i ?i .ation lauuiae; Ibr oad?rsl*nua i.n c*ie and i.. ,1.1' .eot ?> ? iiiuir ti, i.aing Lad Ion,; egpeili-i. r In ? a i ity. t'li <;-l . Hty refeMMM. Apply at 6.4 Weal 21st A. . I'tW [I 6 t .ill'l 6t!l a I'M. A protectant COOK, WASHER AND IrtONEK AMD tare- I'm, -utnt *eu?r4l house worker*waMenuattoni; Kt!?ei'ul u* m mi.a. i Kir, , ?? iup waiuMrttMe*, cnamb-r tn iid?, walue??>; >11*0 Eng i?n jjirl ?n'l two UcrmM (fills, ? II at liu' lar.c inaiitute I.M1 Wrst 1 lib it, comer 01 tftti ar. W 114,0* dioiJ' r f . A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A IlESI'ectable y > nig we an, to i'o general housework in ? piivnle lantUy . II a good plain 000a and an itieellent wimhrr and Jr o r ? ty r'Mei 'ncej ii,j ubj?< t>su to go lu lU? couo (I , <" ,: 1 .ui .ill.1,'.' .V, fet. t HITUATIOS WA*TED-BY A TOOBO WOMAN A8 j V. ciia nbijrmat't sud traliraau; M ObjMttvM Ut go ? atiortdlalanri, iu tin- r nntr> , no* lo>k1 idly relerei.ce ir .m I. r 1 )-l ': Call at l.M We*i a,<it ai., ooiu sr of 7tu av. Actuation wantk?-hy a re^i'Ectableoirl. tu riiok, ? aali ?11.1 iron, or do tne boo>enr>irk of a iruali jinvaiafamily; tlM MMdttl r--f? n-nce ran be given; lm ?-I'll for two day*. Call ata!7 West ilotb it., oatwi-en lutn All'' I till ????. AYOUN'J 01 kl, wishes a situation to do wait Ing aii'i i liambei *?rlt. Can come wail rrcomireiid>>d Iro'ii berlnot pl? c. Call lor two day* at 1-jO Khm 3?th ?t? betne n Ul and 2d u*s., (bird tloor, two lllgbu of utairii, In fron U Asitcatiub wanted-bt a bbspbctablb yiionguoman, ?? viiainlieiuiaid aud Mwmau01 *? ebmnix'Mnikl in'l to an l-t wltii Die w??iinig and Ir niiiK, or wuiilt, laioaie df?Wtdl-ea, 110 objn-Uun to go In Un-ie in try Ui-?t f illy rul -'e.n ? It 111 inn lift piai v Uao lie neen tui two d > ?. mi i'.y H 1 ?i Mtli ?!., tliln U>?ir. back room. mfUATtoii" WABTTO-SY A RBsi'BCTABLB g,r:, aa cbnmkttiaaid and nmdn-u or ruok tan lie Writ fe?oiiimi.uu> ii ;vr ?ita?r. Inquire at 147 Klui it,, near ti ami, ihir<l tioor. AKE8I ECTADLK PROTESTANT WOMAN DEKIRBN Cairn li? or Kantltmen'i WRibtag; thoroughly uuilrr aiauda nrr UiMlilufia. B?al reconiim-iidalloii. Call at 1 it ta-1 Mtli ?. lor two day*. ACOl.ored WOMAN wishes a SITUATION AM Wet claa- rook In 1 pfltaie fumUy; Modervtaildf SMftt' ?f ?iiiuiiu% gaiui!Sii^ Milt*. JM Wer .Jih ?l'* SITUATION* WASTED-KEM1LKH. AYOl'NU GIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and mrcu. or a* waitre^ aud tc do was11 lng and ironing. Ca.i at 179 West 23d st. A A SITUATION WaMBD?BY A RESPECTABLE young gin, to do chamberwork and i ism sew ing and to take ear* of children; nu objection 10 the comuy. Call at her last place, Ju We-i .161 h at. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation aa chambermaid; ia a sood wusaer ami ironer; un ierstands Preuch fluing; uo obje lion to go In the coun HT Ot to travel with t la ly: beat of oily refeieucea. Call at 84 w. gtaiith at., near Sth av. A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tiuu aa aiirae and seam-dress; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; nas two years' reference* from her last place; no objncliou to travel. Call at 576 8d .... A8ITUATI0N WANTED??T A RESPECTABLE QIRL, aa Uumlre-s, ur to do line washing; would asslm with the ehumberwork; n > obj<cliou to the eiuiutry; bent of city reference from h.-r last p ace. Call lor two days at 4I'd West Stfth st., between 8th anu tfth ava. A YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chamber*or* and lake care ot chlluren; n > objection to >:o in ihe counlry. Apply at 301 West 17th it., second Door, oack room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as good plain c.'oi aud excellent waaher and ironer; is ? good uaker of broad; ha* three years' reference from her last place: uo objection lo the general housework ol a small family. Can be soeu for this day at 217 West 25th st , be twi-cu Sth and 'Jib avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTA ble Prot. stunt girl, -* cnitmberniaU and waitress; is also a neat , ialti sower; undent'auda her business perfectly; has two year*' reference from her last place. Apply at 217 Weal 25th st., between Sth and 9th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE voun, L'iri, aa chain tie:maid and waitress, or ehamoer work und plain sewing; no objections to tlie country (but wt. ild like Siuteii Is and, as she lived the e hoiorv). G ><> i references finm her last place. Call lor two days ai 1*7 7th ave., between 23d anu 24 m its. A RESi'ECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO j!l do general housework; has good c!iy ref rence. Call a. IdJj 3d ave., between 16th and litli su., in tlie fancy store. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTA bie young woman; is a good rook, and un excellent washer ai.d liouer; understands her bus ness per. .'Ciiy, can give the very nest of city reference from her last plac^, where she nas lived a long time. Call at 22U 7th av., between 2iia and 2tit:. sis. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RES PECTABLE young woman, to do chamnei work and flue washing and ironing, or as waitress; is willing lo go with a fa mily iu Hie eouutry :or the summer. Can give the best o. city reference iroui her last place. Can Unseen untii sultej at old 1st av., between 2Uth and 21st su., tmrd Uoor, back room. t RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ii. iuapnvati family; is agoud coos andalir-t rale irtian* er and lion. r. is w Uiui t? live In the city or co..ntry lor me aumiiier; j,ood e:ty re ferences. Can be seen for two days, I rum 10 A. -M. UUUI 2 P. M., at 86 West ltfti. st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE j\ >ounn wo.nan, seaysod nlaia eoofc, washer anil ironer iu a private faiiuiy. Call at 213 West 2tiib st., first Loor, tank room. Best oi ci.y reference. A RESPECTABLE GIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS fir?l class cook; is willing ana obliging; uo objection to go in me country for the aamiuei; has tnc best ot ciiy rete rence; noun but a .enteel private lamlly need apply. Call ai 48 Spring su, second t.oor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA liou lo do general housework in a pnvat i taui.iy; is a good piain ciioa, Urst rate wanner and ironer am a good ? aker; has the best of city reierence. Ca.l at2\t Coiumoa St., between Sute and Atlantic, second floor, front room, south ri.ooklvu. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA aXlioh asseamstress: understands all k n is o: family se.v liii;, silk embroider^ ar.d the hnest of neeoleMork; can take care ot children: is willing to do n?ht thaiaoerwork, no ou ct on lo *o in the c ountry. B> stol relerences given. Call ^ .i- tw,. day at ?> Washington place, near Broa lwav. t YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A FRESH ai. breast, want- a situation as \et nurse; is willing logo in tbe ? ouutry. Call at l'i7 East 2.1: h st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS euamnermaid and waitress; uo objection to the coun try; has the best ol city reference. Call at o71 7th av.. be - iween It: and Sim sis., top floor, iron: room, for two days, i. not suited. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WAMTS A SITUA lion to do cnamberwork and waiting iu a private iamt ly; the is a first c.ass servant; would not object to u??;.-i w.tb washing and lioning: lias excellent city reierem e from her la?t place. Cail fur tw o days at 2*2 7th av., between 2i.ii and 2.itb i?ts. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN OF MANY years' experience, warns a situation as i.ompelent m iinistrcfrS; undersuiuilscutllng and tilling, Ae.; hair dress ing .: required; no objection lo travel; has been on the Con tinent rnauy limes, i au ue seen for one week at 49 East 13Ui st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU anon to uo general housework iu a small lamily, or cuauibervurk an i waiting; is very wining and oblmin^, and leels competent for eiiher p.ace. Cail ai or address 111 8th av., ietw en 15.h ai.d 16th sis. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young Kin, a* K'hiuiIivm, or would take can; 01 grow ing colldftu; cud cut aiii! Lit; undcratainia all londi of lnuiilv aewtng; wimlJ do a iiu.c cnainLert'onc. Me>i <j.ty re lerence. Call at ki 14th at., between ii roadway and 4tn >r. A WOMAN OF RESPE('TABILIT Y WISHES A 8ITI A tioa as nuw < t to take QOC o! a det'.i ate lauy; ran read mid .!.te well, aleodo tine tawing and rmlnUnj: would nut object to tret el wi:ha t'amilv ? will be found roily com petent la the dUeteree of her dutes; good city re'ereuo-. Call ior three day* at lll>$ Weat'J4tb at, between 6th and 7tb avK. ARF.SPECTABt.E YOUNO WOMAN IS DE8IR00S of obtain iic a altua-l-in in a private lamilyaa i-tiambur t&aid ant waitrcin, or an chamOennaM and aeamatreaa; t* willing to nka;e herself useful and ol> lgln? where ?h. wnnld lind the corafort* of a ho ne. Coine- well rc "nnifml ed. and can be aeen for two daya at 141 West 27th at., aecoad II .or. (BOOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J Protectant womaa; tinder-anrt* cookta; tu j s, rw uts, poultry, gam?-. den- r;?. baiting and i>a?trv : in a ar e family or !:r-t c ..?s bnar .::i; hotine. Good referencefirm. A;ipJy a: -lit We?< j#iii at.. ?tween 6th ;.n4 tfth uv-. MONTHLY NURSE?WANTED. BY AN EXI'ER - en cl a situation to t.ike i-nre ot n adyditring her e .utln.-mei.t. or to take chirge of an IiivhIi i. Beit of ref? ren s civen.l In<|tilre lor three day*, at 67 West 2'Jth at., for Mm. c. L. N URsE.?A TIRST CLASS NURSE WANTS A SITUA ..hi; ran tak> rhar." of an tnfMnt flfwm ita ' Irt 'i; la b good i a-i fr?*?'. ha* ! a ! lonjexperien e in the <aeaixL management >' children; ha i no objection to go In tie country. ISeetufri' i?ferenw. In tt're at or adureae 112 Kim *? , n- ar Gran . In the lancy i?;ore. N'URSE.-WANTED. A SITUATION AS NURSE. BY A re?>- ra de >? oinan, who I* capabli of taking t ie entin: chargc or an infant Item ita bfrill, or to liriln; It up hv band; * a good plain eewer; l.a* the best of eHy rarefi'iie1; has u? object i to go in tl: ? nitrv for Cie summer. Call .or two lay at 1U6 ii av.. In the milliner'* atore. SITUATION WANTED- UV A GERMAN GIRL 17 YEARS U of ,.me ' a*?lrt I i th ? general ho'iaewoik, ur tlie '' of children. S- ar atore MS fth ar. situation wanted?by a youno woman, to i? att. nd a bascry. 1-accttatotned to wall in a ai^re. Tie bent o'r?fereni e en. call far two day* at 107 3d ave., lu the a oie. SITUATION WAITED?BY A YOUNO WIDOW WO man, to co .V, wa-ii an I ir>aln a email family; baa a l.ttle girl four y> ar? o'.d; would Ilk- to ba<e her in tl.e name houae;t ii lTate wa e?; l as two yen ra reteren-e from one plitoa. Can b ? -aenforti' o day*at J12 Ea.t Utli at. Um'ATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTAR1.E OIRL, i5 til do 1111.i.tework or clumberw .r?; ran give tl.e beat of c Uv refer' nee. Apply atSA Barrow ?t., for two daya SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, O a* ^uod etioW a';d fir?t rate waaher and lr?ner; one who understand* her bua ne*a; ia a good liaker of bread; haa no o'./ct < n to ?lo houaeworlt In a unall family; h.ia no o'.je it ton to the country. Call for two daya at 266 Weat 32d at., third Uoor. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAR rled woiiiun, an wet mnae, who haa loat her child, live mint * oid Can tie aeen for two daya at IS'J Er'i 2Id at., tlrat lloor. SITUATION WANTEK-BY A COLORED YOUNG WO ij BMW, to travel aa chlM's nurae, or with an invalid per inn ia a eat k- irnHreaa; wagi a no object, (,'an He Men lor two day* at 2Io Wooater at, rear houae, itxim No. 2. CITI ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS O aeaiiiaii-ee*; underatandi dre?*inak,ns, eutting and t.t Mngehildren'eeiethtoe; no objection lota.erareoi e' n iren or do light cbaaiberwork; can injerate on Whe" er A W!l?on'a ?ewlnc machine. Good dty reference. Call for tw o day* at 23 State ??., lirooklyn. CI1UATION WANTED-BY A RKSPBCTABLR YOUNO O woman, toe o*, w.iah and Iron or to >lo gen ral bon?e. work for a amall family: la a good pin lb a. wer; would lake ? are of children and n ake heraelf genera ly iieefui; Wuuld like the ei.untiy hna gnod Can be aeeu for two day* at 24<) Weat Kith st , between 7th and ":li ara. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED PER O aon, m nurae. wnnM not ohjeetto trarelltng to Europe or el?"where;ran produce the l?at oi elty ri-f'rence. Call at or a idreaa !. E ilt 14th *U, v here ahe can be aecn at her preMtntemplQyr'e ontil the 17th. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, aa cook, waaiier and ironer; under tamla huklnftlio roughly; good city reference given Apply at 22 Clermont av., between Park and Fluahli.g. Brooklyn. SJITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPKCTaBLS YOUNO ) girl, to do general houaework in a amall lannlv; haa no objection to go to the counti^ for the aummer. Can l>e wen tor two daya at 2.> State at , Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTRD?BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS O <ook, waaHer and Irouer. fan be aeen for two uaya at 27# let av., Oral floor, trom room. SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND 0 wlitre**, IJT ? respectable girl. Call for tw# dava at \a Sackett ?t., Brook ly. rrtWO RESPECTABLE OIKLS WANT SITUATIONS 1 t"?ether; one a*0ook, washer and Ironer, no! the other a* cha 11 hernia el or waltreaa; have nuobjectlona logo a abort dial none in the country. Can be aeen for two day* at their p-eaent "trployar a, l'.?f West Milt el., between 8th and Hih avenne* TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS : oue aa an esrellem cook, the otlier aa chambermaid and waitre*? prefer living together; beat of city rcfarennea given. Call a; llu We*t ifilli at., lor In/* 'lay* TO FAMILIES VISITING EUROPE.-.A RfSPBC TA ble Engiiah woman, who haa PT0***d the Allaatic several times, la dealr in* of returning to her fnenda, and olTera her aervice* a* attendant or nutse for the prioe of her paanage. Addreea Attendant, 178 Market *t.. Newark, N. J. "TIO DYERS.?A YOUNO I.ADV DLCKKES A SITUA" 1 tion in H^lrelng eeuhluhmeat; uiiu.-ratanda the bnai neaathuroughnluumberlBK, haating. Ac.;-could take entire .-barge ofan odice. Addrnaa M. M.,Tioi No. 174 HeraldofcL for otM week Reference* einhanged. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young girl, a situation aa waller and to auiat with the washing *n4 iron in j, and to inske harwif generally naafut. H i? the '?*t of city reference from her laat piaee Apply for two -tny* at 1)2 Wt;a( 2Utb at., between 6th and 7tbar* a the rear. * S ! SITUATION8 JWAWTKP?KEMALK8. WAJTJTO-A PITUATION, BY A RMPMCTAHL* young ?ou!>; U a ?;cn<l washer aud ironer anil guod plain cook; the best of rsieresce from her last place. Call at 57 Cannon at., in the roar, tap lloor. _____ WANTED?BY A YuL"N(J WOMAN, LATELY KROM Ireland, a situation ia a respectable family a* waitress, chambermaid, or to take uare ?f a child and do i'Uiia sew in.:. Call at 188 East 34lh at., between 1st and 2d av*., in the store. TIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN A8 TV good ixjuk and lauuiir> ss; understands nil kinds pastry; haa no objection lo go in the country. Good cltv reference. Call fur two days at 227 2ith St., ueiween Bta and'tftli aTS. TJTAVrED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S1TUA tt Uon as cook, washer aud Ironer. Can produce the heal of city reference from her last piaoe. Call at llu>i But 2Uth ?t., one door from Sd av. TIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO Tt do general housework. Call for two days ai 77 Court street, beta'eeu Atlantic an<i Pacitte streets, Brooklyn. 1*/AJ<TEI>-BY A TIDY' WILLING AND OBLIGING TV girl, who lias be. u only a year In this country, a situa tion as chambermaid and good puiiu sewer. or to do geu eral housework in a small private family; has good references from her l.tst place; wares not so much an object as a nice place where she can lesm to make herself generally useful. Can be seen at 264 East Ninth St., between 1st av. and uv. A, third lloor. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMERICAN TT girl, fifteen years old. to tend a baby or do ll,;nt chain bcrwork; is very agreeable With children; can gfje good city relerruoe. Please call at 18144 AiLtnlle si., Brooklyn. \\,TANTED? BY A SMART. NEAT. TIOY OIKL, A SITU TT atiou as waitress and chambermaid or nurse; ts ca pable, willing and obliging; haa good city ieference. Please call at 96 20-ii Ft, between 6th und 7th avenues, third lloor, back room. No objection to the country. WA.NTE'~?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS seamstressaud cliauioermal d; an do a.l auidsoi sew ing and eiuoioid r,; is wllilug to make herself generally useful; has the best of city reference. Call at 120 East 16th >t. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO uo c.ainborwuik aud waiting or would cubage as nurse tutu U) a -l-t in chain be i >vorK. Can be seen at her present employer s for two days, a; 15 University place, be tween 8th ind yih sts. J WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YODNG GIRL, A TT si' iiatton as goou;.alu cooajis all exue. lent washer and ironer; the best at eny reference ^tven. Call for two day.-. i?t 17 West 4Atli St., between 5th and tith avs. WAJ,TED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITC TT ailon as uu experienced cook; also a smart chainl>er ni .id aua waitress; both have the best of city reference. Call for two wHvS at 156 avenue A; TVANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED It Pro.estaut, as c.aid's nurse or Housekeeper in a small family; best reference given, iu'iulr ? b t*ee:i the hours of 10 ami t at the tliread aud needle store, 1..S 3 . av. \k'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BABY 1* to wet nurse at Home; Is he<.llhy and has a fresh breast of milk. Good reference given. Call at 181 1st av., ictween 11 h and 12th sis., lor t'?o days. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young gir., to do -eucral housework ur us ch&inbei maid and waitress; is willing to make herself useliil, and iia^ the heat oi city reierence from her iusl employer. Call fi.r two days at 287 West 27tu St.. nrst lloor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chain'eruntid, Or todjginerul iiousc work in a small family; baa uo objections to the country. Can give ibe uest of city reierence. Apply for two nays at 6^ Douglass ft., east oi riuilt.i St., South Brooklyn. > WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BABY TT to wet nurse at her ovfn house. Apply at 353 2J av., in the store. WAXTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIHL, A situation to do cuuu.ierwork and to assist in washing. Ironing and waiting; lias the le.t of city re i ere ace. Cau be seen lor two days at 43 Un.ou >t., South Brooklyn. \VA.NTED?PY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT sil.ia.iou as waite r*, ill a private family; lis< nuul> jecth n o g iug to the country wit.i the family. Can give good city reierence. Can he s> en lor two dajs at No. ilia tith ave., seeo id lloor, back, ro,.in No. ti. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to coos, wusu and iron in a annul pil va'te family, or wi uld uo general housework. Call at No. 4 Hester st., room No. 6. tor two days; has the best oi city rdereuce. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chninbe;maid and waitress; lias the nest of reference iioui her last piiue. ('all for two days at 112 East loili si., between Livingston pi c* and 1st av. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PR0T2STAXT VV young w email, a situati >n as chainberniaid or laun dress. tiood elty r. f? ronee. Cau he seen for two days at ltd est 27th St., room Nu. 8. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL. A 8ITUATION A3 VY seA.iistress; is a i,ood dresauiaaer.anu undeimuiiusali kinds of family sew ing. Uuod city reference. Call at 860 West 16th st? second Uocr, front room. ?IITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO" TT man, as cook, washer and lroner; had to break up hou-ckee[ lug In conw'iuetic* of her husland going to the war, has lived in H.e Eighth ward for ten years. Apply at 41 Ciaikson at., in the store. WANTEO-BY a YOUNG GIRL, a SITUATION A8 TT chambermaid, take tare of enlMren and dnpiainaew in4, or as chambermaid and to assist In the washing and ironing; no objection u> go In the touciry. Cail lor two days at 100 iuut 12t.? si , corner o. id av. Wanted?by an honest, faithful and capa hie girl, nil iipiiortunlty of going Ui England or iJe.uiid with a family as wailing maid or nurse, or would make her se.f ^?nernlly u?-fiX For firmer ,niorma;.oit ?nply at d5 Gr. enwich av., for throe or : our days. WASTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE VV girl*, one lo ?HIK, mull an ! Iron, aui tlipotlrr a* cliimlrtTii aid uuii waitress; have no objection lo ?<? the country; the b aicity r. tcrenoes. CaUfoctwo d^yasit 197 WrH4Mi *t., top foor, front room. '? Wanted-a situation, by a besfbctabl8 ^iri. ui conk an i c*c"'l n! waah r and iron: r; is will ing to .10 hoit-ework in a smalt family: hi? tin* "en o(' city rtferrnuo 110 .1 tier tUl plot'.'. Call at Ullage si., Brook lyn, In the rear. \I7" ANTED?BY TWO YOl'NQ FRENCH women' tt ?i uati t:h an nurses and plain s.-u r*. Bc?t reoou niendnuon. I.iqulre for two day* at W Varlek at., third at?ry. limit r.oui. "ANTED?UV A REBPBCTABLK WOMAN, THE t" iras .nl of Mime reipccla'ne gci.t.ei.en. Apply ut 201 7th ut., to:) floor, back room. N I D?A SITUATION, BY A VEBY RESPECTA >' young woman. as conk; understands Fran .. aud in ?* oking. ami U an *tee taut baker; lias the lie-1 city reference. Call at 139 7th av., between lytli and ahn ei .. in*, floor, Inn 1 oiu. TXT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Vt y >i.iig, an 1-hainbermnld and waitress, or 10 do '.>ot|?*work; 1* n pood wa?h-rand Ironer; she haalived tt>e year*la be iaat place. C111 be wen lor two daya at 446 4th ?t., , < iw" n 1st an 1 2d ava. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, RY AN AMERICAN OIP.L, ft t<> do cent ral lionaetvork. Sat..?fai to v reference Call for three day* nt 114 Ea*t B illlc at., Brooklyn. 11r ANTED ?BY A FIRST CLASS LAl'NDREfM, A SITU Vt atum 11111 hotel or private fa ntli; can nroduee good cliy referent* lor anility and character; la proficient in French fluting and! Italian pi atlug Cad be aeeo all thia Week at 107 Went 31st at., tirat lloor, ironi room. \\7ET, A SITUATION AH WBT ft nurse, by a person who stands highly recornmetnicd for reapectai laty. inquire at the Frescutt llouae, room 113. WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN tt wn! ea h situation as chauiuermal'l, housemaid ur to aa 1st In Hashing and ironing. (.'an be seen at tier present plane, V86 I1 av., corner of Ibth at. WAKTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as out hi- ami ae .mistress. or chambermaid nui assist with the waslon; nnd Ironing and make betaclf gene rally naefitl; g'wd reference from tier last place. Can oe aeen from 10 A.M. till !> 1". M. atJfWdth af., second floor, front room; entrance on 19th at. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE voiiua girla. aa wattreaa aud chaiubertnai.1 ur ua regular w.atr. i.i; the other te do iaundteaawork or ekamberwork ami asaint with tiie washing and ironing or aa re wai tress ,11 a respectable family; baa the hest of reference. Can be a> t'i In 'heir present place until the 15th of thla month. C >11 i 1 Weat 2-tli at., between Broadway and 6th av. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A SMALL PRIVATE tt !*iml) as cook; la an escellent waaherand iron*' ; i.aa lived iwo yearn In licr Ian I p.a e. Can be wall recommended by her former employer. Apply at 439 4th ava. TANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION TO ilo ki nurai liouaework; la a Rood plain cook, washer and inner, liaa d 1 ity relereme. Can be a?'en for two daya at fourth hoiiae aouth of Cartlou av., 111 Bergen at., Bnnikiyn. \I7ANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ft girl, I-a good cook nnd would a?ai*t with the waaliiug and Ironing; haa goo I reference from her laat place Call at ID St Mara a plane. | "ll/ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITUA ft tionaaeook In a private rainlly; willing to traah and lr"ii and make herself generally uaeftui g"t?d cilv itlirtM of three yearaglten. Cull at 3M9 t.oltimbla at., ihn e doora from Joraleuion at.. Brooklyn. IVAN TED-BY A RESPEt TABLE YOISO WOMAN, A ft altuatlo i aacnambermald and o'l.retlon togo to theconntrr l<u the niminer. Cail at W Weal 13th at , IniwM .'?li and ?th ava. VVANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PER tf aoB, recently from Ireland, t>> do general honaen .|k: 111 objection to go In the country. App.j tor two daya at 3.44 l?th at , nenrav.T, at Mia F1U1 atnck'a. W/ANTI.D-BY A KF.SPE' TABLE YOUNO ?;IR|1 A tt altoathm, In a amall private family, to da chamber work and trtke care of children, or to do light chambei work ami waiting; will b*' louud willing and ouliglut,'. i.ui be Keen for two daya at the liotiae of her parents. Ii)9 Ilth at., between iat ana 2<l ?u , In th? rear. WANTED-BY A KESPKCTA HLE YOt Nil WOMAN, a situation aa cook, or to do general lious-wurk lor a amall lamily; good city reference given. Call at 314 iifcka at., Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A Kh.sPEt'TABLB girl, to do ehsmbei work and walling In a private fami ly! the b'-at reference from her laat place. Call for two day* at 91 Eaet Sid at. WANTED-BY A STEADY PERSON, IN A PLAIN, uulel family, a ait nation to do th" general lioneeworK, chamber*ork or sewing; tip town or a abort diaiom-e in the country preierred. Call on or addreaa M. A M., No. 2 Jaek. aon place, aecoml floor, back room. Vs WANTED-A BITUATION AH COf)K IN A PRIVATE family, hy a reapectame Scotch womgu. who ttioiniigh ly undemunda her buaineaa; can aaalat In waahing If re quired; can be well rei emmended with city reiereiice. Can lie seen at I <M 7th av., between ?d IN ?3d ?ta. WANTED-A SITI ATION, AS CBAMBBRMAII) OB waitresa in a private famHv, or to do general house

work for a amall family; ie a good washer aid 1 inner, good city reference given. < all at XI Ball 33d at., near lat ave., aenuad floor, lark room. ANTED?BY A ?ESPBCTABLB TO.I Ntl WOMAN. A attuatlnn as chambermaid and lo do line washing, or aa nuraaand aeamatrras; no objection to any part ot lha "unSyjiood t'Urtom. ^1U111 WW 1M fT near 7tk SITTATIOS* WAWTEP^PKBIALES. TJTAXTEt^^mllw aiBU Tf to do general housework; is a good plain cook and good wuih?r aud iruuvr; bast of oily WftWDi1? fciven. Cau be seen at her prfMDt situation, where she has lived for tha last two years, No. 3 Carroll st., between Court and Clinton his., Brooklyu. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE MID die aged weman, at nurse and leamstresa; a aitu*U"Q in the country preferred. Can be seen for two day* at JJU0 Co?trt at., Brooklyn. ____________ WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIKL. A SITUATION an chambermaid aud waiter, or waitress alone; would go at nurse and d'i plain sewing, or anything else lUH?jW* quired. Apply at ner last employer'*, 108 West 1-lh St., be tween 6th ami 7th avs. WANTED-BV A i'KOTESTANT OIBL. A SITUATION as chambermaid aud waitre**, or to assist with the washing aud ironing. Call for two day* at her present em ployer's, 21 East ?id st. "llfANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WO VV man, a situation as nood plain cook, washer and irmier; is callable df la kmc ihe enure charge oi a kitchen; or would go as laundress. Good city reference. Call at ??2 West 25th 81., second door, hack room. Cau tw seen lor two days it not engaged. TTTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young girl, aa chambermaid and ?ailrets; best of oily reference. Call for l? o uays at 20 OUver at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE VV young u ora&n, ;ib hrsl class cook. In all ila brunches; no objection to assist in washing; besi of city reference. Apply ut 14fi East ;s&ili St.. first floor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as seamstress and chambermaid ; best of rate reuc?'S. Call at 1S2 12ih si., for iwo days. TITAN TED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, VV wno can give good references, a situation in a family an lady's maid or lo take care of cbildiru: undersiaaus doing up hne muslins and laces, and dressing hair; is a uica seamstress. Iuuuire at her present employer's, 77 West 2*1 St. TIT*ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE VV young women: one as cook or laundress; the oilier as chambermaid or piain sewer;'the best ol city reference. Cull for two days at '.1 East Baltic ut., South Brooklyn. TT7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO VV uo general housework ;isagood plain cook and excellent waslu r and ironer; baa good city rcteivnee. Can be seen for iwo days a: 103 E ist ltith st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joun woman, a> urst rate cook; woulu like 10 llTe witi a French or Spanish family; would assist with the washing and Iron n.;. can give good city r. fer. nee from her last place. AdaresH 1.0 Ea-t Ititli St., sv ond noor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, l>< do general housework; she is a good cook, gjo.l wasuer aud a oner. City reference. Apply at 3UJ Jay sl? near fillaiy, Brooklyn, lor two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A s.ttiaiiou; Is a thorough good cook; no objection lo as sist in washing and ir-mint. Can be seeii lor two day* at2?> Weal *5th st., Dei wee u dill and Jth avs. TIT ANTED.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES VV a sanation in a small pi ivuts family to do llgui chain Ixrwo. k and ? uttlng. or to assist in taking care of children; no objection to go in the country lor the summer mouths. Kest city re ercnce from last p,ace. Apply at 178 EastiMt St., urst lloo., back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BIT A RESPECTABLE yo ing woman, as a good plain cook, washer aud iron cr, or to do general housework In a small laniily; tood reie r-nee can be given. Iiuiulre at 210 West 26ili St., first tloor. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do gouerul no use work for a small private family; nust city refeicace. Call ai itlli East Warreu st., Brooklyn, lor two days. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young gins; one as chambermaid and waitresa or as chatuhei maid and seamstress; the other to do general house work; tsa goou washer aud ironer; both have the beat city reference. Call ut DO spring ?t., in th'j rear. \Vr ANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO VV lend a bakery or eouleciioucry store; long experience lii ihe business; good city lelersuce. Apply ai Z12 Micas st., in ihe express .,111 'e, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN. A sitiuttion as good cook; is a lrrsi rale wastier aud ironer; the best o, city reference cau be given irom her la.-t p ace. Call lor urn days at tue corner ot Atlantic aud Houiy sis., over Mr. M:raui<<u * flora, room No. 12, s. c ond tloor. ?TIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOlNri GIRL FIK VV teen years <>r a?;e, to tuke tire or children ami do ilgnt chumberwork. Retereme given It required. Call for two days at 115 Wf?t i-'Kb ist., ill the rear. 1ITANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, VV as chambermaid and waitress, of as cbaiiibermuldai.d nurse,or to do light housework. Bestuf cltv reference. Call tor twu days at 24y A da mx ??., Sonth Brooklyn. WANTED?BV A KESPEOTABLE YOUNG WOM AN, A situation a* oiuk; >u> no ubjc-uou* to ;->sisi witn ho wusliln^ and Bent ol city relcivnce. Can oe seen lor two days at 47 Ciarkson si. WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED PERSON, A SITU atiun as chambeimaul ami to assist in washing; cuit give a leu year*' eitv reference from her last situation. Can u> se< u lur two days at ii We.? 11HU si. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A VV tiou, to took, wasn and Iron; thoroughly nndei-sninds In r busiueaa; a private Isroily prelurred; understands ull u. routing anil pantry. Best ol city relereuce giT n. Call ..t&A 8ih av., top Hour. TIT ANTED?BV AN AMEKICAN WOMAN WHO HAS VV nad a ntuilly ol ner own, u s.uiatliui hk nu:sn and snam str.'sa; Is a good talloreSs hu? no ubjcciloi ,o leaving Ih city; woum like in go v.. b ail O.lio'i ? lauiily i.o ng to me n'?-hi war; has lite Lest uf reference. Call at Mis. VriVs, 141A tlaiiui: su, l.r Kiki/n. U'ANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a Mnaii prlviit.; suuiliy u *hort rltuiui fiurn tin: city; must b<- a ^o hi wash-rand irouer. good plain c n k nt good disposition, kind In clilldien. and IihTh i,oo I re le.tiiOca. Cuil lur two i.ays at 3 .mil 6 Lit haiigi p ace, Jer scj City, up stairs, irom j to 11 A. ii. ami d lo It 1'. .>1. WANTED-A HIT; ATION. BV A RESPECTABLE yo :nii woman; is a good waaner and ironor. gooJ plain tuot ami a;i excellent baker ?f bread; tin best nl rt.rr' in ? ? from ller lust place. Call lur two ita>* at 2,i Stat si., si boor. Hum ruuui, between Ojiuuioia ull 1 I'm man i BiwrtftK ... \VANTi;D-A SITUATION, BY A REHPECTABI.JC GIKL Vf tu no p.uln sewing aud take caiv oi cbmireu, or tu no chiunbcrwork and plain aewlnit; noobjectlous to goto llie country. Can im seen tor two uaya at ??lu av., be 51?t t.\. en una iii-i su. The best ol c.ty reft rune. gin n, U'AN I'ED?A SITUATION, BY A SMART YOUNG GIRL, aarlnld'a Iiur-I-; I* capable nl taking the enure 'lluK'O til an from birth; is a very mat sewer, can do all ktans in embroidery, or to do i. ambcrwur*; iio oiiju nuns to gJ i:i the euuitW'.v; lirst cais* reinmn etidnUuus Irum last pi are Can be s. en at lJU Atlantic su, l!: .ok.yii, s cui.U Uoor, irDi.l rvom. I | U*ANTED?A SITl ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yu inx wmnku, at in <4 rate cook; would like a Kreacn | cr Siiauisu lanuiy; womil assist ?ltn tbe ua-biui'. isn^lte Kuua city referalMea. Call at 1JU East 16tb ?t.. secund Uuur. WrANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL A SITUATION TO (!ocna:niii-rv. irk ml WMbllUhlld NWiaj; BO oojei ? tinu to gu to tnr cotinlry. Ca I st 219 West .IStn Kt, between 7ili and Sth aves., tulru llnor, baek rooui. for two nays. AIT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE VV joung woman us cook and laundress; bai> iliu ?>?.?>( oi city rrlerem e trutn ber last place where sbe lived two years. Can be Keen tor two days at 7S West 19th St.; between Clb and 7ih aves.. seeond Boor, front room. \V'ANTED-A SITUATION BY A HIGHLY REoPECT VV abie youn. girl as sanmstreks; unueistand* dreaaiuak log In ail its iimnchcs; sluuall kinds ol plain sew ing; ?ouM Le willing In aksikt in riuimlHiwurk. (an u* sc. n for two oay? ?- tU We?? Wash Union plare. ai-rond Ifof, ftm loffc Vl-AMEU-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV young woinau,as waitress, or would go a? chamber maid and assist in line washing; maid Lave no objection to go in tin' NWtn for the summer; has t!ie best of i Ity refe rence Irom htrluol place. Call at ?9 Otli avc., hrst Door, trutit room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, VV whn undi-rsiands cooking In all lis brsncm s and ail kinds of dekserts, ami is a good bread makn : nu objection to ?o a short dtsism-e In the country; has ilia best oI city re f. re nee. Can ne seen lor two days at It 12 West IWn >t. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO TAKE CARE OK I c.nidrcn and s?-w, or indo up staJrs work and sewing; best ol i ity reiereiices given. Apply ai laC Auilty ?t., Brooa lyn, where she now lives. WASHING AND IRONINO.-A TRUSTWORTHY WO VV inau, alio -an tmmsh Mtuslsi-tory references, wtslies to do lb-; washing and ironing, ut ber own house, ol families an I those who are boarding. Kor liiiuriualluu and reference call at U>3 4tb si. YY'A*TED-A SITUATION, BY A FRENtTH GIRL, A* VV cusmbertustil slid walipst, or nurse and seamsircM. Call nu two days at No. Krmn.'Oi't si. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMEKICAN WO VV maii, a situation as mine and cnaml ji maid; is willing to<tnirene-Ml Housework ill s small family. Good tity reli ? i news. Apply at M 7th St., third Moor, WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A RE- I ? s|iei-table i-ohnod woman; will go a snort ill-tan ?? in , I the rouniry. Apply at 1JJ tVest Win St., hist Uuoi, bat-g I rooui. I WANTED?BY A KBSPBCTAKLI STEADY GIRL, A I Vf Mtnailon as uoo I euok and to nssi<tmth? WMultig; she understands hi i bumueM, and Is very ecoMuuileai; lias I tin- best i Ity i .;i uminenilatluus. Call at No. 40 West 13th si., ftMM nN'in, uvi-r the sioie tl'IMlMT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA- ? Vf lion; she is a good plain cook ami an enci'lleot washer I and Ironer; has no olijecilon t igoa short dlstsnre In tne i ounlry fur the suminer; has the beat city reler?nes fruM her l ist I line. Call at Z7U 3d av., between ttd and ?td sis., i. Ili ? iputcber'a sture, MWIWl li.air, bacs. ?\\rKSTKU~A SITUATION AS COOK. IN A PRIVATE VV lauiily, isaliist rat" washer and ironer, ba-i no ob jeitlonlogoa short distance in tte country, hits the best city reference. Call for two days atlt:i Ea?i4'Jtb st., Aral floor. i ' ' I WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TllKbE YOUNG WO men?otn> as c^ok and to assist in lha w ishing and firming; the other as chambermaid and seamstrehs and lo ssslst III the care of children: snd the other us . Iismlierm.iid und laundiess. Have llie best ol eity relereuce. Csllatl4ti West IVtb SI.,.near 7th atN ?WANTED?iA SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV gtrl. as good tflaln cook, wsslier and irouer, or would do general housework In a small family. Can he saen at ber present employer's, for two davs, at 14? Sd ave., betae-n l?th ' nad Mth ata. _______ I WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do cbani'.ierwork and waltlag. or I charaherwork and sewing; haa no objection to aea to children; good reference can be given. Can be seen lor two days atCi Ayckoff st., between smith and Hoyt. Brooklyn WANTED-BY A HESPECTABLE OII'X. A ani A W Hon as chambermaid and waitreaa in a private ranilly. Apply at her present empioyar'a, this day, 13 Livlngatun at.. Brooklyn. WANTBD-B* A YOUNG 0IRL, A SITUATION AS chaiahcrmald and to aaatat In the waablng and ironing, has the best of city ralerenoe. Call at ? Want Washington place. ?WAfTD-M * TOUNO WOMAB, A SITUATION, TO W do housework In a small private family, la a good plain cook, and * Snellen t waaher and Ironer; baa good city mTUATlOIg WAWTED?FKMAL.ES. WANT8D-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young ,-lri, as cook, w asber and ironer, or to do gene niMuiewofkiu a small family; is a good baker ol bread au?i biscuits; no obj?ctiou to go a short dUtauce in une country. Best clly and country rtfereuc e. Can bo seen for two days at 130 West 19th at. "IlfANTBD-BY ? PROTECTANT YOU SO WOMAN, A TT situatum ma private family to do chamberwork aud nne washing, or to take care of ehfldren; no objection to travel with a lady. Has good city reference, Can be seeu for two days at 2(h) 1st ave., between 13th aud 14th *ts. XATANTED?BY A PROTESTANT SCOTCH WOMAN. A TT situation as rook and to assist with washing; under stands cooking in all its branches; is an excellent baker of ore?d and biscuits; no objection to the country. Good city reiereuce. Call for two days at No. 41 Sheriff St., between Broome and Dehincey sts. WANTED-*? A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION, ,f f ?? <-*hiuubennald, and to do the line washing and iron tug, or would do tiie plain cooking lor a small tau&iiy; can ?i. i 4ebf ?r roforouoo i ron* her laei ulace. Call at Oi 36th St.. between 8tb and yth ava. U'A^TEI>-A SITUATION AS COOK. WASHER AND Tf Ironer, or to do chauiberwork to a small family, by a respectable young girl. Apply lor two days at 171 West Slat at., in the rear. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general housework; la a good washer aud irouer. Beat ol city reference. Call lor two day* at 7fl Middagh at., between Hicks aud Henry, Brooklyn. *11"ANTED?BY A SMABT, RESPECTABLE YOUNO ' ' w oiuan, a situation us cook aud to assist in washing and ironing, or do upstairs work; no objection to take care ol children. Beat of city relerence. Can be seen lor two days at lb East 11th at. \\TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A TT situation as tiurae aud seamstress; is capable of cut. tiug and luting children's clothing; beat of relereuce given. Can be seen fur two days at 121 35tii at., corner of 3d av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman. as oook, wasner and Ironer; also understands the care of milk and butler, aud would have no objection to go a short distance in the country; liaa good city references. Call ut 294 7th av., In the store. "tT'AN'TED?BY A YOUNO MARRIED AMERICAN' TT woman, a baby to wet nurse, by one that has lost her own^atherresldenoe, 172 5th st., Williamsburg. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ?T situation as chambermaid auu waitress, or lo ta?e care of LhUdr. u; best of city reierenuuiiven. Can be Seen for two days at 122 34th St., near 3d ave. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK, BY A RE ?l>. "table woman, who thoroughly ttndersiands ner business; would be willing to assist w ith the washing and ironing; has the best oi city reference. Call lor two days at lt>5 tt est 27th st.. near Bih ave. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AclED TT Scotch woman, a situation to wait on an invalid la. y or as child's nurse; is capable of taking care of anlntaiit from its birth; no objection to go iu the country. Call wnere she is at present employed, 245 West Itith sueei. "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A TT situation as cbau.fe imaid and waitri as or a, chamber iuaid and imu washer and Iron t, or to do plain sewim,, good city reference. Apply at 170 West 31st St., between 7 th and bill aves. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, or as nurse, by a Protestant Scotch giti. t;an be seen at 22j West 25th st. AVTANTED?A SITUATION AS OOOD COOK IN A HO TT tel or boarding house, iu city or country; country pi c ferred; good relVrei.ce 11 required. Call at 433 iludtou st., in the rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL. A TT situation us Wet nurse. For referent) apply lo Mis. Murphy, 223 Sullivan st., between Bleeeker and Amity sts. "WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO T T man, a s.iuaiion as couk aud lo assist with the wasii in;, best ciiy relci-encti. Call at or address 107 Slsl St.. .runt room, nrstlloor. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS CHILD'S NURSE, BY TT an American glri, 18 3 ears of age; can teach the first rudiments o: music on tke pianoforte, and is very handy with her needle. Apply at 200 Grand st., near Mott. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT }oung girl, as ciiamoeriiiaid or waitress, or to talu care ol children; no objection to the country for the sun. incr; good city refereme. Can be ssen lor two uaysat lo'J bth st., sccouu boor, back room. VUANTKD-BY A CAPABLE WOMAN. A SITUATION T T to cook, wasn and iron, or to do gcneiai housework; good city rcierenc ?; no obje. lion to the cjuntry. Apply for two days at 77 West 25th at., between tftn and 7tn nvs. VI' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN TT girl, a situation to do general boiiHeuor* In u respect able family. Ajipiy this day at 10 Hose street. : "W"ANTliD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT jounggirl, to do general housework; no ob.ection to the country; has th ? b?-st ol city reference. Caa be see i for two nays at 431 7th av., between 3oth and 37th sts so cond t.oor. ' XtTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA TT lion a-, cook: nnderstanus cooking in ail it. nraii.-kc s; would nave no oojection to a private boardln house'can produce the besi of clt* reference as to capacitr. Ac t'au 1* seen lor two days at West 17th St., between O h and 7tli WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN IN TT a pnvat--iniuilv, to uoeiiainbervvork and to ia?e care of chilureii; no objection to do gen. ral homework: good city rvterence given. Can lie seen for two u..ys at t>7 Car.l St., in the i-ear, oetween Jlyrtle av. and Willougnby st. WANTED?11V A COMPETENT PERSON, A SITUA ti'in an a good plain cook; is an excellent washer and ironer; or wouij <;o general housework m a small private lau.ily; 11 stof diy Itj.eicnce. Can be seen lor two days at ?ibo tit.i ave. WANTED?A SITUATION. TO COOK. WASH AND *' ? private family; good city icfcreiue. Caii at JU ht tiiton ht,, top lioor, jn tn? r^ar. "I\7 ANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDY WOMAN, WITH EX f f c i.n.t city refereucea a situatiou, a.-, seauisireso; I.-, u. 1 rl ,uakttJ,? with her utodle. Wage# *7. L*11 m Jbl h.t>t HiM at. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ?? young girl, io do ctiatnoerwork or waning, or tiie liouaewort; o. a small family; is a good wasnrr aud lromr. Uuod city reference. A; ply at 113 East Sath street. for two days. 1 j WANTED?BY A RESPftCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A sauatlon to do generai liousework, or woun! go as cook, washer and ironer ia a small, private lamlhinoob jections to go in the couutry. 1 tie oest ol references will be p\cu. Call ut itli Klizo.bcth st., front basement, lor two days. lirANTED?BY A KE 1'KLTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. IT a ait iaUon to do gentrtfl^Ko se vork in u private J.oiu Iv; tlic beat n feu hit can l>^?brn ! run her laat place Can lie ifi-Btur two iluya at iWJ^ft., Brooklyn. 1I/ET NIT.8E.?A RESPECTABLE YOU NO MAKKIED VV wouiau w aula a aituatiou a.t Alt uurac. Apply at (M North >t , mat iloor, In the iva?. lirANTE.J?BY A RESPECTABLE GIB!., A SITUA 1? tion aachambermaid or to aa.-iHt In nuraiug; ta a yo .d Htnuinit; no ob;o-lion tu go a abort ouuauce in the touu iij lla? good city lelereine. Call at or uddieaa 130 Weat ly.h it., near 7th uvr., for two dayi. "117" ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITU \\ atioii to cook, vtanli anil Iron, In a aunill private fuin ly; beat or city i efrrence given Irom her laat place. Call at ~&S 21?i ft., near nth av. llfAXTED-By A POOR BUT RESPECTABLE WO TT man, a email ' imlty a waahing by the mouth, or gen tle inen'a nanhin;. Call at tfl W??t 34th st., near Oth ar. Vt' ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU TT anon u? M-aiimtreai; ran cut anil lit euildren'a clothe*; good ralereuee given. fail at 11 Carll it., Brooklyn. IV^ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GOOD GIRL, FOR ? f general hotiaework; la wllllnc logo In the country; haa lived twelve month* in her laat p.ace. Call lor three day* at 116 Pearl at., Brooklyn. THE TRADES. ^ AN UPHOLSTERER WANTED-ONE THAT CAN KEEP anbei and lay c?;-pet.? aau olli.oiha lu a woraiuanilxe manner ?'in have good wage* and work tho year round. Apjily luime.iwiely lo Win. Berrl, 180 Pulton av., Brooklyn. ADRAl'fiHTSMAN WANTED-TO OO TO OAIUO, TO dialt pl.-.-iH ol veaaeN, ,tc. Llb-ral wag's given to one w ho uuderaiand* lil? pr?jfea?lon. Addreas Howard, Herald olHce. C1AHD ENGRAVER WANTED-AT WM. EVEKDEIX'S J Bona, 101 r'ulton at. A permanent altuation. C1AKPET UPHOLSTERER WANTED-TO MEASURE, V cm and lay < arpeta; one who thoroughly tinderataiida [lie hium-aa. Liberal wage* will be given. Apply to A. Jnurneay. 3i"3 Broadway. HAT TRIM MEK8 WANTED.?GOOD HANDS MAY apply tott' iui!, 513 Broadway. PRESSMAN WANTED-AT WM. EVERDELL'S SONS, Printer*, ltM Kuiton at. PLUMBER WANTED KOK THE COCNTIJY.-APPLY atM beekman at., thin day,at 12o'clock. II AY DEN, rtAl.NDF.R8 A CQ. OITUATION WANTEL>?BY A PHOTOGRAPHIC PIUN u ter, well experienivd In the album proi na. Any .tie wanting an'h will plvuae call ou or addrea* Ainu M. Mi . Uriel. 41 ('cutre at mo I'HOTOOR *PHEKs.?WANTED, A LADY, WHO J. uiKleiatfuida mounting atvreoaMpea and c >r la de vlaita. Inquire at 142 Chaihaui M., third Iloor. TO T \tl.OK-i AND CLOTHIERS?A SUPERIOR OUT i"i. hi all brant'hea. vvanta a Situation ua loieuian or tea ber or ruitlnj. Broadway relerencu. Addrc** N., II mid oW"e mo MILLERS.?WANTED. A SITUATION AS MILLER J. or atone dreaaer, in town or country, by an tixaei iciu-td man. Il ia rrferiMKva. Addreaa Miliar, lw? ZH Herald oitlce. 1 HI LOB WANTED?WHO OAW CUT AND NEW, TO UO in the country. Nona Med ap|(4y bm tbote who aan gat up :.iimeiita la good atfie. A man with a latnl.y pieiartcd. A,.ply to oe i. S. Hart. 3a Pearl at. "I T.ORTJIBLE GARDBNER WANTED?ONE WHO * thoi'uglily'indw'anrta plain gaidrning and the car? of a liol? " ann cuw. W agea $ 12 per month, with board. Ap|ity at?il W':at28Ri at., near '.Hh av. WANTED-TWO or THREE PACKING BOX MAKERS, at the laciory, I it Ea??x at. Inquire or IV Miller. WANTED-A FII'.ST CLASS CUSTOM CUTTER. CITY ?vlerencc required. t!.i!l at lflb.'f Orandat., Willlamx burg. WANTED?AT 1M NASSAU ST., TWO OR THREE good pocaetbook makera. Quod wane* ana at ady work. Apply up ataira. 11TANTBO?Mi BOX MAKERS, BY HENRY HOLMS. TT Kent av., between DItmIoo ar. and Ruaii at., Brook. If n, E. D. WANTED-TWENTY FIRST CLAM PAPER HA Nil era and decorator*. Hlgheat prl.-aa paid. Apply beloro ? A. M. to Solomon A Hart, ifiw Broadway. WAirrKD?A CROtJKERY AND ULASSWARE PACK er, a ate ady man. Nona but thoae having practical eg. A YOUNG MAN OR BOY WANTKD-IH a drug ?tore; none need apply under fourteen year" of aae j one wikh)?^. to learu the basilicas preferred. Apply at 7m 6tb ave. Aoent-if tou wish to invest a small capital in a payino business E (amine the merits of the multomicroon. Call ami see It, or i end for a circular. S. C. RICKARDB A CO., KM Mwau street, N. Y. AGENTS AKK MAKING MORE MONEY BY SELLING BICKARD'S UNION PRIZE STATIONER* AND RECIPE PACKAGE tiihii by any other Investment. OtJR PACKAGE 18 IN SUCH DEMAND THAT AGENTS EASILY MAKE FROM $10 TO $15 A DAY. CIRCULARS MAILED FREE. 8. C. bickard8 A CO.. 102 Nasaau rtrcel. Agents.?we cannot supply tub demand. You can make ft dav by selUns the DIME panprosphosium PltUE PACKAGE, Price 10 cents. Containing sixteen new and original articles, lhcluding A GIFT OK JEWELRY. If yon would make mon' j now a nd lor ft circular. W. H. CATELV * CO , 102 Nassau street A A CENTS?FOR information RESPECTING THE sale of Prize Stationery Package! of every description, on wbicb more money can be made than anything fn the market, send for our circular, mailed tree, HAS KINS A CO., So Baekman ?t. N ARCHITECTURAL draughtsman, THOROUGH, ly competent anu accuatomed to city work, la required by J. D. Hatch. Aj ply at 117 Greenwich at., between the houra of 11 A. M. and 3 P. M. thla day and Thursday. A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN-MUST BE ABLE TO loan his employer from $J00 to $300 as good security; undoubted reference required. Address Manufacturer, box 101 Herald office, for thiee days. BOY WANTED AT THE NASSAU HOTEL, COR ner of Na?sau street and Hudson avenue, Brooklyn; none need appiy unless well recommended. Apply from 8 to 10 A. M. A STRONG YOUNG BOY, ABOUT 17 OR 1$ TEARS old. wishes to bind himself to some respectable triuie. Call at 629 Canal nt. ? A MAN WANTED-TO WORK ON A FARM; MUST underiiaud mowing, plowing with oxeu and milking cow*. Also it woman for geneial housework; must be a good washer and irouer and a ?Ood plain cook; good refe rence required from last place. Apply at 31 Charlton su, iu the basement AN ERRAND BOY WANTED-AT 7M BROADWAY, llrst lloor, up (.ulrs, BOY WANTED-TO LEARN a TRADE; amektcav or Englirti); uu<i well r* omtneDded. Nooe ulh6riie?J apply at the Hat Block Factory, 2JJ Centre St. Boy wanted?who will make himself use lul In the officii of a manufacturingestablishment. Mu.-? writ- a Hood hand : n ! und- rs'and h[-tjres. Halary fl fiO per week at l rst. Auurc.s, matin* ag ?ad references, bo* S8r> Post Olllce. Boy wanted?in a broker* office, near Wall lit.; l.e must be well recommended and respect ive; wanes $1 a week. Address H. C. B., Herald olllce. Boy wanted -wanted, an intelligent boy,. to run of eriandsand make hlmsell generally useful In a wholesale store down town; one who liven with his pa rents i referred. Address Wooden Ware, box lit* Herald office. CCANVASSERS WANTED?FOR A STATISTICAL J Manual and Chart of Amcrl a and Europe, complied from the most recent, < oirect an I ollielal data;,i rare chance for good canvassers. Apply ut 29 Centre strew. E. GALLIGAN, New York. (COLORED BOY WANTED-ABOUT 16 YEARS OLD.. J Apply alter 10 o'clock at 12 Mausueld place, West 91st St., near 8th ftv. CLERK WANTED.?A RECEIVING AND delivery eierk. a o I penman, in aatovu and range warehouse; one acquainted with the business. Address, with reference* and stating where employed, S., box 2,010 New York l'ost office. DR. H CLERK WANTED?MUST BE qualified TO take charge of a urut store and iring reference front last employer. Apply at ISO av. C. LAI) WANTED?IN A counting ROOM; SALARY $fiO tirst year. Apply at 44 Stone su, up stair-, b awetn t and 4 P. M. PORTER A BOY WANTED?KO11 PACKING DEPART X inent. Apply alter :our o'clock P. M. to D. F. TIE. MANN A CO., 12t) WlUiyn street. cai.ESMAN WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FEW WHO Q are acquainted with shippers, ameers, hotel ana saloon keeper.!, A-'., in ami near the city, to sell superior articles of Champagne cider and vinegar, by the package, per sample. These articles at* wild low and Will sell easily. Money mad? rapidly by activc men. Call at No. 83 Murray auect, In the basement. Several smart, active men and boys may llnd prolitabiu employment selling "The I'nion" jet blacking, the best leather po.Uh ..nd pre ervatlve in the mar ket. Apply to the man utacturer, H. Uainllton, 2S* Pearl st., corner ot Beekman. "ll.r A NTED?A GOOD JOURNRYMAN butcher; Ml'RT '( thoroughly undersiuml his o.islii ss. and hag od salesman; to work In a lirst class market. Call at 444 t*.i av , between 11 and 1 o clock. WANTED-A BOY, IN A BROKER'S OFFICE, IX Wall . t. None need apply n ess they have good re ference.-, and write a good hand. Addraa 8. B.. box 21# Post. once. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN TRAVELLING AGENT. Address G. R., mix 4,1101 Post olllce. New York. WANTED?A SMART AND TRUSTWORTHY BOY. TO tend i ar; on- that nnders'anda the business preferred. Apply st Alvey'a, 138 Fulton av., Uicoklyn. WANTED-A SMART. ACTIVE BOY, TO MAKE HIM? sell' generally useful III a; clan. En lull on. p lioiisp;oh" lias been used to tlie busluus* jr.tferrtu.. Apply at the De Soto, 71 1J1 'eckor at. Wanted?in a okocERT store, a young man uf business nhtt.s; must nib rateod t .eibus n< anw< 11, and be ljuickaud collect at Inures. None i.ui a C.ilhollo need np. lv. Address, slating reierencc, H. H., Herald office. "UrANTED?ONE FIREMAN AND ONE FLOORMAN. ii /.pply to Peter Ruse, corner of York and Warren sis.,. Jersey City. . , A ANfED-TWO EXPERIENCED WAITERS. SPEAK ing French and tnj^lsb. Apply at ii ?.ast liih ft. NTED-A KE'.V MEN TO PI.DOLE SMALL BA Imiua in tlie city; aeady . uipl <? ni nt will be giv. w ?MTANTBD?A Kli'.Y MEN TO PEDDLE SMALL BAL Tv luuua in the city; a eady empl r i Apply to Cli. bonnet, Sj Waiker at., hall door. TIT ANTED?YOUN Q MEN WISUING TO GO TO SKA ft In first daes ship* and steamers; voyages to ail parts of tbe wm I.I; gooi na ??* aiei ouJit ininiamd. i. AMDAHL .v SlTrEULY, 109 South Street up stairs. TITANTED-A .SMART, ACTIVE, TIDY BOY, 13 TO 17 TT years o.J, to uoi k in a i oo.ic iactory ; none ? ut intelli gent buy - .will a 1? to read and write, and willing to work mud upp y to L. l?ewenatein, 94 Bowery, second floor. ( iiy r leienoe required. Wanted?a man for president; also a young man ior secretary uf a leau mining company. Tu jur tles having a lew hundred dollars to fairest, thin oflera an opening lur a speculation seldom uiet with. Address J. t'., bos ltd Hi-ial't o See. Wanted?v. good smart young man. to work iu ,i uiarket; he uinst thoroughly iiiiiicrstaud veke tatilea, uniter, cheese and be wall recommended. (Jail at 444 6th av., from 11 io 1 o'clock. AArANTED?SIX MBN FOR STEAMERS, TWO CLERKS TT for ?iocciy atoroa, four tula to travel to Europe and California, three porters, two conductors, Iho I rakeuien, two boy* tor trades, one entry clerk, timet#"per for ainar le yard, clerk for a abippuig office Apply at No. 7 Guatham si nan-. WANTED?FOUR BOYS TO TIE SODA WATER? tlma* used t" the business preferred?by Taylor * Wilson, U1 Franklin su Wanted?in a flour store, a man who un dei siatida Uie busmeaa and can bring a good city trade. Address, elating taluy wanted. Smith ? Wood, Herald oSce. WANTED-IN A SHOE STORE IN UROOKLYN, A TT competent aa eamaii who la willing to make liimw It C'ner.iliy usetul in keeping sioca in oraer. Address J. M. ., Brooklyn Post office, glvin; na e and rercreMt. Nunc need apply but those Having a knowledge of the business. VVANTED-AN UPRIGHT MAN IMMEDIATELY TO TT go to Enitland ih ? advertiser, to nlienri the World * Pair In L ndou, iu a sure paying business ol $AM per week clear; m ist ha. e a . api al ol f ,()U to $ UU ca h;. good aet urlly lor the amount Inveated. An interview will aailaiy Lhe ri iuuu o. advertlaing. Address ituuicd aiely .station A, Spring str. , t. ?*'??? Wanted-a bookkeeper and CORRESFONDINO elerk, in a banking bouse; also, two a.xamt.u una s, colleeior. Apply at Ml P.uton st., Murc.ninis' Clerks' Re Bi.y oCkse. Sitiutions pro -ureti lor r?spe. Utb)e pilUr* lercnoe to first class houses. Established 185J The only reliable WANTED-SEVERAL good steady AND 1NDUS Tt tiioua boys,aiiod from 15 tolSyiMis. NoAAwtiib* empioyeJ unless thetl parents or g.iarumna will become re sponsible for their good behaviour. Apply at 1U2 Water at, Wanted?a young man. prom io to ih years of a.. . one has some kno>vledKe of the dry jjoud* rade. A|.ply at 874 Bowery. f ANTED?AT THE MANSION H0CSB, HICKS ST., Brooklyn, iwo hoya to answer belia. ?UTANTBD-THIRTY ACTIVE MEN, TO PACK BIS TV rult. Apply tut* moriuug, at the United Sutea B.i kery. 101 Water at., near Wal, au Wanted.?a youno man having prom ?js to $M in caali to Io lu nla . inplnjei call meat tvlth a gtiod altuat.on for tne sumin r, paying (0 |>er week, Addie?a, giving name and residence, Vincent, Herald o.iioe. WANTED-A KETAW, DRY GOOD# SALESMAN; also a young isdy to attend tbe lau. y t'epartment. Ap ply at !tJ I nitoll at., coiner of Proap ct at., Br oklyn. r/wv AGENTS WANTBD-MALE AND FEMALE, IN t)*''' every town or the United Sutea, to sell J, Kohltr ? new, improved method for rutting laillea' ilrensea, boys* fiuthlnu, salrta. .to., secured by copyright; af. nls I ruin si 10$ 10 per day. For particular- in ,ture at.I. Boh ler'a office, 441 tlaual at., or address, ensloioiig three cent postage stamp, J. Kohler A Co., 44>1 Canal St., .New York. w VRJBHCH ADVERTI9UMEHTI. A" LOl'EB?PLL'fllBUR8 CIIAMBRES TRE8 ELBGA. inent meiibie a (lea messieurs fri.tienia oil efpogtioi. S'adreascrau NtTH* Lexingtonavauue. DEi'X jEtJNB DEMOISELLE, PAELlNt LE FRAN oais, lan^laii et I'ailemaud, dealrent as j.Ueer, tin* comme lemnie de chsinbre; eile sail bien colder ol uoudre, et 1'autre comme bonne d'enlantset eouilr>'. ToittelSeu* alme rals al e'est (poaaihle entrer dans ene famille; eile peuvent donner lea melileiire recommendations, b'adruaser ponr dout joura a 136 Canirt street, premiere etaije. UNE JEl'NK FILLS FRANCAIKE DESIRE SB PLACER pour bunoe d eniauts. S'adresser ail 04 Frank tort at. UNE PERSONNB FRANCAI8E DESIRE SB PLACER comme femmo cbamlire; eile fera p.n ile dlfficulte de aolgner nn enfantjelle Salt <m" et fa ire lea rohea; eile ueut fonriilr <le bonnes recn ,,n iatlona s adreseer ft lm? Jinubert, ill ?u>e rue, pres de Brondnay. ^ ^

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