Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1862 Page 9
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BlWATIOWa WASTKD-nALKB. A ^SITUATION WANTED-BY A respectable yooag man, aa valet or private waiter; would like to engage witn a jteutleman or a family going to Europe. Una tbe best of refer-nce. Address T. 0., Ilerald office. A SMART. GOOD BOY?SIXTEEN VEAK3 OF AOE. writes rapidly and pretty good at figures, keen and uu cotumou memory, wants a situation. Apply to Joseph, 30 Pike sL A young man, aged it, WISHES A situation is some shipping, wholesale or eouimlsaion house; write* a good hand, and will make himself geneially useful; In an American, and can bring good recommendations. Address s. D., box 140 Herald ollice. A gentleman going west would like to take charge of any business, collections, Ac.: can give satisfactory references. Address, stating name and address, iter. Herald oflice. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, LIVING WJJ'H HIS PA runts, wishes a situation as bookkeeper, cltrk for gene ral work, salesman or any other situation; he is a very good liandwriter, aud knows English, French. Dutch and flemish, and understands (Jertnan pretty well. Address ^03 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. A YOUNG MAN, speaking GERMAN FLUENTLY, desires a situation us clerk; is not airaid of work, and ? can bring the best of city reference. Address W., box 126 Herald o&oe. AYOUNO MAN, AND A PROFESSIONAL PENMAN, is desirous of obtaining employment us olerk, lor a ? small compensation. Address for three days Howard, Herald oflice. A YOUNG MAN. ABOUT EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE, wishes a situation to take care ot' horses :tnd to drive; has no objection to work in tbe country; wages low. Apply at as West SJiii st., between 6th and 7th a vs., for two days. A GENTLEMAN, WHO HAS HAD EXPEDIENCE in writing for the press, oilers his services as secretary, copyist or proof reader. He win be satisfied with a moderate compensation. Address Middlemuu, Herald oflice. A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT TWENTY YEARS OF AOE, would like a situation as light porter or shipping clerk in a wholesale house; no objection to drive and take care of a horse. Good city reference. Address Wa. H., box 107 Herald oflice. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN who understands his business; has no objection to the ? country; uuiu-rstands gardening, lias seven years'city re feianee from his last employer. Can be seen for two days at 10 Wall St., room 87, or at 197 Water st. AS WAITER OR BARKEEPER?WANTED, A SITU atlon, by a young, unmarried Ueruian; - ran give the best #f city iVlerenoe, and will Le found active aud obliging; no objection to go a short distance into tlie country. Call for two days at his present place, 3IU 5th av.. corner of 33d st. A /"COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE yj spectuoleyoung man tan American), in an American family; no objection to going a short distance in tbe coun try, or woul i travel Willi u gentleman during the summer mouths. References given. Address for three days John Baker, Jr., .station C. COACHMAN'S situation WANTED-BY A RE spectable young man, who understands the care and ? treatment of horses, and can raise ail kniuc of vegetables; Is willing to m.ikc himself useful. lias the best city and coun tiy refena ej. Address Servant, box Til Herald office, for two days. HARDWARE.-A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION in a hardware store; has some knowledge of the busi ness, and is willing to matte himself generally useful. Salary not so much au object as employment. Good refe rences given. Address S. F.. Herald oflice. North of Ireland young man wishes to get a situation; has liad the care of horses and cows; is a good and careful dnver; w ishes to take care of a gentle man's place; wdl prove generally useful. The best refe rences will be given, Apply between 13 aud 3 at lu8 Beek tuau st. SITUATION WANTF.D-AS AGENT, BY A YOUNG man who has had Uvo y ars' experience in travelling with a patent, and to act i,s sa esman; lias n slight acquaint ance In the East, West and South, would like to make an en* gsgemeut. with some parties In the above capacity; 'an bring the best of reference for sobriety aud hones.y. Address C. H.. Herald oflice. THE ADVERTISER. A YOUNG MARRIED MAN, l3 desirous of making a. raiigenicnts with manufacturers or others to receive consignments and establish an agtncy in this city. lie lias some acquaintance anion; dry goo id, com inissioii and shipping U Tors to lirst class houses, andean give security to any amount. Address H. B.,box 108 Herald ollice, stating where an interview can be had. 1TIWO YOUNG MEN. LATELY ARRIVED FROM X Europe, wish situations; oue as porter; the other us bead gardener. Appl; obr address M. 11., 313 East 11th st. "MTANTED?BY A 11 AN AND HIS WIPE, WITH NO TT Incumbrance. a MtuatiuU to take cUarse of a house lor the summer uioa'.ha or a family xoing to Europe; the bent or iratUuoutnls given as 10 capability. AilUrea* 2jl TtU ?v? smiMr. TTBTANTEC?BY AN EXPERIENCED MAN, A 81TUA TT tiou la a newapapcr oliae or publication Lous.-, or as oorrespondiu* or tJti, clerk; perfectly understand* his iklUHNI. Can give the vn: y heat of reference. A ldr<'a.< Publisher. box lUii Herald Mice. TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNU MAN, AS f ? clerk la a Mora; g? n loinen'a furnishing business pre "ferred; baa had three ycara experience, au l . .in come wreii recommended. lor three days C. U. S., box 107 He raid office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, 19 YEARS OF AOE a situationmclerk; u..m been in a wholesale dry ?oo .a hJuse three ycura; Is wlliint; to make himself generally use ?f?l, a* employment la tn? aealied obje.-t. Best of reference. Address E. B. T., Herald oiliou. WANTED-A SITUAT:')N VS COACHMAN. BY A RE spe^table man, who lias rcfireuses Iro.n bis former employer fur honesty, sobriety and capability, Cau be seen ifor two days. Address McC., -i2ii 4th at., near Broadway. "Xkl ANTED.?A LADY WISHES A FRENCH GIRL, IT wbo apeak* English, to,j?iy tier during her voyage 10 Europe aa nursu. She tuust be accustomed to travel, alsu thoroughly un.lerMand the management of chll -dren; beat ref erences required. Apply at 71 Hammond at., -for tiro days, between the boars of 2 and 4. WANTED?A SIT I AfiON AS CLERK OB BOOK, keeper, by a you.ig ..enti. man speaking IJernan, French and English; ba. had wmt experience in tbe whole aalo dry good* huslnexa; i ,?n giro good reference. Add re as A. P. r., box 2Ui Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE MAN aacuaehmau and grusun; has the best of eltjr refer ence and has no objeo'. on to tbe country. Address M. M., Herald office for two days. XtT ANTED?BY A STEADY, KOHBIt YOU NO MAN, A TT situation as oartcuder; uu.ler-.taiida the bualueaa. ?*Caa conic well reooramended by bis last employer and other*. Would loan hla emi>Ui>ur SlUt) tf reiuired. Addrasa, stating uame aad place of BU?lnern, J. C. (>., Herald otiice. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS FARMER AND OAR dener, go<Ml groom an.I rueful driver, by a married man, withoet children; eau milk, and Ills wife understands milk ..tad butter. Addreas D. D., uox 131 Heraldothce. WANTED?A SITUATION, TO OO ON ERRANDS, OR to make himself generally useful, by a boy, between 14 and 18 jaaraof age. Apply at 11.1 East 33th st. HOIHES, ROOMS. 4iCH WA>TKD. Furnished house in the country wanted. Tertus most be |.<w. Ad.ueas. with lull particulars, .real, else U b >use, loc.timt, *?., K., box 20) Her*!., oillce. Furnished hou.-e m an ted in oboO.clyn?at reif moderate rant. o i- mouths or longer, by a >mall family; ony one ofcli- . %?at.i; l?> at of refueucea. A. dreu, staling terma, A. 1., llcraid office. H Ot NK WANTED?IN OK NEAR NEW YORK. WHERE , tiftjr dollar* quarterly, Iti aovan? ??, will be received aa .purchase money for the property nmll pnll ror Addrett lor -ana week P. 8. Smith, Madison square Post office. Wanted?for the s; m ier, a furnished House on Staten ta a.iu, adjacent to (he, eon talnlngat least four bedrooms auo aitcuuu, parlor. *u. Ad dress, with rtill description and terms, box l37 1'ostoflue New Brighton preiorred. Wanted.?a gentleman and wife want a furnished Room, with tathroom adjoining, without Board, Ml i? private tainil- Location above Union aqtiaic. .References exchanged. Apply by pott, suiting particulars, to Mr. Alexandre, at de Perceval's. <67 Bioadway. POLITICAL.. At A MERTINO OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION Executive Committee of the State ol New York, lienl OO the 12th day Of May. 1"*B, at ihe ettyol New York, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted:? Whereas, the principle" ? lilch lorm the basis of the Con stitutional Union party, vU., "The Union, tlm constitute i and Ihe etitonement of the laws," has now become the essential political element with the masses of the people; and, whereas the CmaillnU.>nal Union Er entire Coo mli tee of the State of New Yora In oouteuiplaliiig the can?>a which now disturb the iratemal relations or thu couiury an I wbieh II allowed to continue cannot fail or endanger ing tue permanency of our government, deim ihe present a proper time to declare the principles and objects which animate Its members and shall control us action. Now, therefore, be It Resolved, That the people of this State, In co operation with the people of thc|Uulted Slates, with a i lew to the re establishment, throughout our whole land, of thu principle* of oonalHutlonal Union, as expounded l>y the founder* of our government be rwominenued to perfect and strengthen their associations by Inviting the ro-uperation of all who believe that "the Union must and shall tie preservedfor In it we havs enjoyed prosperity and happiness unequalled by soy people of the earth. Reeolred, That aa patriotic cltltena of this groat republla we hold In equal abhorrence the alKiiltion of the Nonb and the accession diaunlonlst of the South, and that every man who Is opposed to restoring the Union, on the platform of the constitution as It Is, is a disuniouist and a traitor. Resolved. That tbe pvssent national struggle lo maintain tbe integrity of the Union and preeerre the government calls for Ihe sympathy and support of erery Invar of our rfroe, democratic Institutions; and that we are In favor of a rigorous prosecution of the Wnr until the rebellion is put dowa and law and order, under the conatilutiou, are restored lo the whole land. Resolved, That the lights of all loyal oltliens are equally dear to every honest man, and that the governments of the several Slates now In rebellion should be, ae speedily aa poe ?tblo, wroeted Irora those who have taken up arms against the unloo, and reatored lo the possession ol those who are ?true In their allegiance to Ibe constitution and lawa of the United Slates. And It? further resolved. Thai Ihle e immlttee ball* with Mtenl movemeuta by members of Congress to unite In to sustain the government la suppressing rebellion on ?OMffiituilonal grounds ??tract from minutea _ . FREDERICK A. TALLMADOE, Chslrmsn Oaoao* A. HatJsr, Secretary. RA1LKOADI. BubsoNKITKR RAILROAD.-TRAINS FOR ALBANY Troy, the North ami'West Icare Ohambsrs'stiect at 7 ?adll A. M .an ! 3.S0, a and 10:1 j P. M. Long island railroad aocommodation-old South Ferry TennliiuA?'Trains leave at T W A. M. and 3 11 p. M. for Oreen(iort; 11:15 A. M. and 4 It P. M. Tor By oaoett; 7:48, II 48 A. M? an l 3:14, 1 15, .1 IS 1'. M. for Heinp etead, hourly for Jamaica from 7 48 A. M. to ? 48 P. M. RW TORE. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD, FOR ALflANV, TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER AHIlANOKMIiNT. N Comm nelng ThtlfVday, >iay H, 1SS2. ^>r Albany, III 3> A. M., Etprma Man Train from Twenty ftfath atreet st iliou. For nil local trains see Time Table. JOHN BURUHILL, Assittant Sitperin.'eiidcoi. HELP WAJPTBD-FEHAUCg. AT THE LARGE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE?APPLY for good, civil, capabir servants, "ifnor of 11th st. nod 6th nv. G rmsn, Sc.uh. Irish, A'neriftau and Protestant women lo mill all. Conducted by Mrs. Floyd. Good places always ready. AN INtEL&IGENT YOUNG LADY WAXTKD-i^ AS s'auuit in a llgut buslues*. To ouo havimr tan" or i 1.0*1 to loan. K ?od security and u liberal salary will bo givcu. Ad dress 11. Wue&tou, Herald oillcf. Anew and elegant style ok cutting e*. shirts and toys' coats taught for ?l caeh; perfec: lit warranied; ladies taught ut their own rusnieu es if re<|tilr ed. Also 600 a;ieuts wanted, both m lie and leinale. Apply at 158 Franklin st. ALL EMPLOYERS AND SERVANTS WILL FIND IT lo iheir Inter -?t to patronize the u.d estab.isi e 1 oihuu, 273 Bowery, near llousuui street. Conk*, chambermaids, nurse*. waitress** and general eousein tld??German, French, English, Irish and colored?always on band. All employers and servants will find the most extensive Oiiloe In tbis city at 378 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-third aud Twenty.fourth streeis, viz.?Kn; llsh, Iiish, Scutch. Welen, French, (lerman and colored, on band, suiiati.e lor every capacity ol win k in cuy or country. N. ii ?Prompt attention to country orders. AT BOOKIIAM A BEDELL'S, 307 FOURTH AVENUE may be lound n number of first cl.'u-a servants, viz ? two English Protestant cooks, a German laiiudies*, and seanisiie**; also girls for all other capacities, boib city and country. AT THE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE, 140 0::AND ?trect?Wanted, this day. a number of good girls us cooks, chambermaids, laundresses, waitresses, nurses and seaman-esses, ,eneral house.vork, Ac., to nil situations now open in elty ami country. COOK WANTED.?WANTED, A GOOD PROTESTANT cook, washer and troner; must be wiling to go lu the country lor the summer months. Apply at J09 West 21st at. MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOB employment, Bust Fourteenth s.roet,' corner of Third avenue; the best class of servant.< supplied to families. Wanted, a llrst class laundress. Wanted, an ofllce suitable for the business. Audress us above. Mantilla mvkbrs wanted.- twenty-five good bauds wan.ed ut A. M. & R. Darloa', Mi Broad way, up stair*. MILLINEKS WANTED.-18 MILLINERS AND 5 TRIM mere wanted immediately, at Madumc Wclner a, 13 Di vision St. Servants want places?in city or country; cooks, chambermaids, houaiuork g rls, uurses, dtc.; ex ceilant gula, wcil recommended. N;w York Employment Ollice, 3201th a v., one door aoove 24th at. SAUNDERS' otllce. SALESWOMAN WANTED?IN FANCY DRY GOODS store, 36) iiowery. be ail experienced Hand. SERVANTS WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?RESPECT able servants, weh rccouiiueuded fioiu luelr last places, can ottii.n situations wi hunt nuy delay, in Ursi class lun.l lies, by applying to Mr. C11RISTOPHEB, 10 Tll.ary st. 1 have abm.uaiic oi evny day .u tau l<e?t tamnios in Brooklyn. Come a..d see lor yourselves, at 10 Tillary St., Brookivu. WANTED?GIRLS TO PACK TOBACCO. APPLY AT Nos. 20/ aui 2 rj Wuter St. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?WELL RECOMMENDED TT young \voni"ii, lo do general housework and to cook, wash and irou, b th ;o.- the ity and couu.ry ; no .:nai'?u un less suited. Prlvav Servants Institute, 10 Ei?; Ilia St., be tween 3d i.n i 4lU uvs. TIT ANTE I)?A GOOD GENERAL SERVANT, ONE TT who cin ivasu und Iro.. oil, wait on laid , and come well recommended, tor a private family. Apply at ls3 Cad tou av.. lirooklyii. WANTED?A FIRST BATE OPERATOR ON A SEW lug much ne. Good ? u^es glvun. Appiy to J. CrcWer it. Son. K< Duaii'j a:., up stairs. W ANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE GIRL FOR GENERAL honseworK; ono ivlm thoroughly understands her busl ness aiM In not lo work. Apply a.titr V o'clock A. M. at i'J.1 Henry st. WANTED?A GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK. MUST BE A TT i rst class wa-hel* and ironei, a ..oo i plain t ook, and to masts bmuelt' (.emipally useful; wages $C. Call for two days In 93th si., tirst house froui Brtndw ay, south side. Wanted-a girl to do general housework; one who cuii come ? v? ll recommended f'om her last place; none other ueeil apply. Apply at 133 R uiscn St., near Grmiaiu uve., tV .liiamsburg. WANTED-.V girl for general houskwork in a Sim- II tamn.v, who can do j-lain seivlng. Cull in tttb St., tlMt high stoop house as; oi .11:1 av., s lutil side. WANTED-A;; Ni'U sE AND toEAMSTKBSS, A FRENCH TT woman; onu d to tue care of children, o> a goad dl-p aiilun. an i ull,ng to 1,0 In th" country A r the s ;nnner Awl lor two duv a at No. iM Cham tiers st., be tween 10 a[i(l 12 in the foieu on. WANTED-AN ENGLISH OR GERMAN PROTESTANT gi. I. about sKieuu y i.irs of a^e, to take laro of a bauy. Apply ai it Liviiigsum at., Brooklyn. W ANTED-A YOUNG INTELLIGENT AMERICAN g^ri to attend bar and assist in doin; house v. or it in a unlet, l)i?a<aut ana ies; Ik liole sal on. Wages $8 a month. AppIyuno>; Eaat 14th - t.. alter lu o'clock. AI' ANTED-A YOUNG GIRL AO CUSTOMED TO TAKING Tf cure of euli.ivn. The i est o; reteientis required. Apply, i.etween 10 nn 12, at 172 West S2d st. W"ANTED?AN INDSTRiOUS AND OBLIGING Yt)UNG VT woman, lo eook. Wash aud Hon In a prua:e laxuly: must be .good uaker; pra.e: .mca would be given to ,i Utr ii an alio i.n o-rs au is Eogilsu.uon need up,i y uho.auu noi bring uuques loued evidi uee of character aud capaeiiy. Call at 101 Front st. ?M7ANTEl>-TIIKRr: lilKLS TO CURL OSTUlCII TT leathers; Hunt (kUL It wu? uutleititiid the buat Ufa* n ?u apply. Call iA UHi Briiumc at. \T7 ANTED?TWO YOUNfi LADIES Of rffri'Oi llflfl ? T In; ., i. i.tten . I*. In a Drat c a?* sa.uua: oiio apraMtijj i.erutau praf.-rrrd. inquire at 9. Crosby at., be.wi cu 12 .md J. AfiJEU-yi A fKlVATE FAMILY, A CIIAMIIKR TT raunl, uitu i.i a sr t iuif ? and iro.ier. No..e need 'ppiy wh<> flu uui unduiund tueii- bun:n ??* thorough ly. Apply altv7th a. ler ti A. M WANTED?iEVERAL YOUNtl LADIES TO MARK nil. arda aud tel.. ui alleudlug In a walNl llratilaae saloon. Ut??l .uui ea*y an. I work. Apply*: CUau.l 63 Ea?l Hiii ui., up stair*, 'tl veen i una X WASTED?A 8MABT, TIDY (il IL, TO I>0 GENERAL lio'"?r>itk urates 9" i?r uiuulu. Apply ?.j/Cliii? Uipuer Mh nuiT 41 It ft. WaNI'ED-HUIRT ROttOM SriTCHEiiS, IIAVlNa HflMiuai' *1111 Wi.nuu'm emu; u a. lui.u, uu y aucuston.rtl to lino \\otn n e t apply ? 11 ?aui|.l. a o. tvurk, at M Watnn m., up >Lili-. A17 AN TED?A MIDDLE AUED WOMAN, who 18 A TT lir late lamulliia a.ia wan untie,?l itnls plain omj? lug, In AM a afcfrtt uiuiaticr in the tviiuliy; uune but lUime wi.u can ?.vi* iIim u of ?I'/ rrivreaooa ?a u> honesty and cupa it; ucii apply. CiU .?r tiir-elay* ?; A!j ilii uue block want <11 JtiiMilway, iieiwcen Jul U .i'c tick A. il. WANT'ID?A HERMAN OIRL, To ACIE.VD OIIIL arm a.ut uittke h>.r*all gnu-rail) uwf.i. Ap,ny at 111 LlllllnW . i. WANHiD-TWO (ilULd TO FINISH PANTALOON a TT in a in., hup, hi. itvo girl* lu 1. uui. 1'ai . wmlc li-armi^. Ai>piy at li 1'o.a/th at., Illm No. 'J. tl'ANTI:D-A NEAT. TIDY OlRL TO DO UKNK.JAL TT hone.if or*, una Wl>* I* HiKii.g, ntai^iiii; anilcu.up.j leal oau htt'e u pcnuttiieNl piani. a Maiuei. ea?, can ei.l anil in utuMia' dm clilliiivu'a cMlfHls, N.hii'but 1'ioti t an ? lie- tl .ippijr, ul Ji'H Ca Hun ?<r., i>ruvia,i.t a. Wanted?a cikl ah cook, to mvb in tiik ?nuatr> i iiuml I.ud.'i ?inn.l lier Una iu .a. AImj .t -r ri lu cixili, w.t?u anil .run hiii it.^iiit lii liuti il.., i.jr iliia illy A, pl> at ibh Weal .:>u a*., u<Hwe?,. S.u ami ilk i. a. Wan;ed.-a sti.onu. healthy ui il wanted at *A> i.ii?d?ay | Kuri Im a vw i MaalMK* ami if ni< i and UUilerati.liU |i>ttlu Uh<aill?; 1T?|va *0 iwr li.onllt, uem ..|| pro. artvd. vy anted ?at in i:kmsi:n stke?t. TT iiiimitiyii, u ><?? ..I hi rt tia i or E igll ii ,irt, tu .?.>*, wjali alia ITuu. No.if Uu. iimnw fully ouuput>:ut WMi apply. For Other Wiati See F!r?t l'ug?. WATCHES, .IKU'ELHY, Ac. N'ATOLEON AND victoria IN THE MAUKI.r-, E. ill itiiiuvtu.lJ Minn 1.1 BM K ctml, r >ii?l-l.>u 'il om* Diittnuiiil Hut, prvn 'Ulo I by tin? K.nixr r Nii?l u.i III.; On ? DUmaml Hi-acelct, prrCi'iitrdliy <Jn en Vlr'o. i?: On>' Dutiniiiid Hrihu'h. pt o iilrd by I'iIm ?< >1 i.h 11*; Oim Mln-r D.ct uu C'aiN> I' sarin il i-y i riiior Ci ?riuiiakolT; Will iNsauI'iat a .ri'Mt Mt 'i'i.. . , itallkv awm'a Vk ii.ii of tin olii fovrrniinMit oil the Plo/il ^Uinpi, ini n U tu taXa ihnn to the Luiiiluii Exiil'mi'iii il Mil ati il lie.u.v. Call lor a fai\ daya ui tin' Ererelt llmiw, Iviwiirii 9 A. M. an i 11'. N, mm auntLuuii. Army and n >vy unikokmm. Rlt.'UaII.imON, ?IM.MJli k TIIOMoON, M tuli. i a i I Mlliior. Tallura, 4>il tlr. a i .ay. New l>n'<t, Dealre to lavlte tin: h? enlion uf otlicera of thr army and nary to their hoii-r, wlilrli It la lirni putrnnl/i'il fur a nMiwr ol yrara by inauy nllic f*. liiiTiuiiiig tin' mult iiniiiiiiiriit in liotn Inain ni-a ui lha n-rvlre. Who. ny ihrir conllti ictl catron. a<i', a<'itiii)? ledge their appro.ul or ttie superior nnliunm an I clti/.i'iia dit a* furoialied by tin- i ?:nbllalimmi. Uaolir mm at a dlalanrn, whoae maaaurel am not on Ihe oi%?, will m tlielr requrat have meaaurlng earila a?nt to tliui.i liy mall. MILITARY NOTICE.?A YOUNO CIKNTLKM.XN OK reaii?.;tabliiiy ran aaenre a Lleui nai.t y in a r uim-tit already in 'he Arid uid nn ler t . oniin ilid of ?n expert ?iici-d fcu on aa oAurr, liy lieiplan In tlir ra.klii|(Oi a ann pa ny dea lned lo oinplele the r gin enl. an i n ? i.inandad by a Fi.'liO; oiiner Tb l>e?t of rt'fereuot>a ret(iitrei! and t;lr? n. Apply liy letter to Captain F. V., 47 Hrrw r aim t. An Aiiik rl mi upaukliiK Kri nch or Uermau praierred. No niatu-i' fur i.a i le.n-y in military kno?tTe<lg?. ?111.K AND buntino FLAOS, ALL 8I7.EM, ON HAND 5 for aalii; aiao HUifa, Mnnntlnga, Trimming*, Ka?li*a, llall", Spear llrada, .*??. OrnamuntiT l'alnt I uu an.l Embroi dering on silk. HOJKR A URAllAM, 97 Duane eBaei. TTN1TED STATES MARINE COKI'S-.VANTKD, filR U the I'lilted Staiea Marine Corp*, able bodii d, liii?lli^rnt, unmarned men, between the ages of elahioen and lony ware, not lea* than lire fret four and a hnlr Innhea high, ana or gootl charact'-r. Soldier* nrrrlng In thlacnrpi perioral duty in nary yard* and on Ixmrd or re?*rla of war. >*r from IU lo ?M iiar manlh, with ahnodano* of dotlilng, board nnd medical attendance, furulshed by the go vernment. . Apply at the RendexTona. 18 Bowery, or at the Marine Barrack*, Flnslilug aronua. BronUyn. A. OaRLAND, Major Commanding. W~ AB KBW8.?special NOTICE TOOKKICfclRS OF ih.- United Stat'* Army.? Hunter .t Patent Day nnd Nlsht Army 1'o. ltrt Conpaa*ea aro th* af^yaoiiii^uea wbl' ti oaa !*? m-en n( nuht wnhO'it n light. EWry Odloer HhOuM have uue; they are uatsd by our brat general*. Raad the folio vlng letter from Majm Myera, Chief of the Signal Deputuneat ot the United State* Army:? Ornor. or thk 8iorai. Orncua, Aiiar or tiik Potowac, i Wakhi.iotoh, Frh. M, ISBJ. J Hw-1 ha'-o had the eompaaa yon *rnt mr aome time ?itiee e?amlnad, and llnd ihat It ran he read off mnrh mi.rn rn?lly at night than any other oomp*aa I bare arm. K. aiwtt fnlly, ronr oN'illent arrrant, ALISRKT MYF.RS, H. vn. ItrsTtn, Netv York. Signal O0)' at, Major U. i*.A. rrleo fAaitd giu. Will hr forwirdal to oim ra In active Ml TWe. 'in rer. lpt of pi Ire, without any extra rhitrirr. U. Vi', IIUNTEU, Optlclaa,*"., 169 William atreet.N. X IIOrSKS, Rooms, ?C., TO LET. AUB88 NUMBER OK HOUSEi TO LET-FUB. Dished or unfurnished, in city and country; moro thau ouu hundred in the city and thirty in the country; two hun dred Stores und Lofts; all very cheap, by N. C. BISHOP, 1>3 Brawrtway, store iioor. A FURNISHED BOOM AND TWO BKDHOOMS TO LET* xi. on second Moor, suitable lor housekeeping; o!i!y$.*> per W"ek. inoiuiliug ^a-; a giKxl opportunity for those tu e l of txiurdlng. Reference! exchanged. App.y at 1W West Tweuty Ufth street. A SMALL GENTKEL THREE STOKY COTTAGE TO rent, in liiuoKljB.rilve minutes' walk from the ferry, flood neighborhood. Beat $iiO. Apply to W. BURK, at Earle's Hotel, comer of Canal und Centre streets, X Y., be fore 8 A. M., or from l- till 2, or any tinn after t> P. M. Anew brown stone front house, with every convenience, to 1 t. rent v?ry low, ut 138 East Thlrtv-liftii street, near Third uvenue. Apply to CI1AS. PARr'IT, 180 East Thirty-fourth street, near Third avenue. Boot and shoe store to let?stock and fix tnres for sale; b on esiftbushed for t vontv yesrj, Is doings, good business, an 1 is oue of the boat stands III the city. For particulars inquire on the premises, 46 Catharine street, corner of M idi.son. COUNTRY RESIDENCES. TWO FURNISHED llo'is ?< on Uustleton Heights, Staten Island, one mile and ahaU from tbu ferries, to be let or leased to private families. The smaller place Is an English Cottage, contain ing about sixteen rooms, with stable and coach house and eight ncres of land Tlie larger place consists of fifty acres, twelve of which u.-e in gardens, orchard ami lawn, anile gnut mauHion, fifty by se entjMiva feet, fitted upw.tlwgas, hot and cold water, ai d all other modern conveniein es a very handsome lodge or rate house, alio a la ice ? o mh house, stables, in. Carriages and horses myiu ?o with the place. The situation of both houses is high n nd healthful, and the views are unsurpassed. Apply to I. 1'. NESM1TH, 77 Cedar street, between two aud tnree o'clock. COUNTRY?FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let. a short distance from the city, location ileli -ht fully stinted near th? river, with sieamboail and three dif ferent cars leaving every few minutes for the city, l'l iuquireon the premises. No. 5 125th street, between First and Second nvouues, Harlem. IPUBNISHED COTTAGES AT BOOKAWAV. h. I.. TO let, for the season.?Two neat au.l desirable Cottages, ten rt oms euch, piazzas on three si,lea; fine ocean new: range, water, ice honse (illied), anil sla'de to each j rent $ 0! ami $S50. Anplv to or address W. H. BOLTON, on the pre mlses Or E. H. LUDLOW, No. 3 1'ine sir *t. J1URNISUED FOUR STORY HOUSE TO LET?AND rent of fiirnltnre Liken In board by a small family. To a good. res;x>nstt4t family the bouse would be let on reason sole terms, with the privilege of taking a few select boird crs. Anoe adilressel to L. T. A., Herald oliice, will meet with immediate attention. TjllRST AND SECOND FLOORS TO LET. WITH L every eun enlence, rent low, in new brown stone front House 4T7 S -eoud avenue, corner of Thirtieth sireet. Apply to Mrs. WALTON, next door, NO. 12 ELEVENTH STREET.?TO LET, A NICE FUB n s'.ied House, who all tbu modern improvements. To bei seen from 11 till J o'clock, Inquire on the premises, or a'. No. 1- University place. NO. 12 UNIVERSITY PLACE.-TO LET. TWO LARGE neatly IU 'lilshcil Parlor*, and a number of nice largo Chambers, wiili small rooms adjoining, with every conve nion io. Inquire on the premises, OlEAM POWER.?A FEW E vTENSIVT? ROOMS ANI? O some siiiall ones, remain to let in T. M. Singer .v Co.'s t-p'eudid new building oil corner of Delaucey, Mangiu i n ! Tompkins street*. Steam power steady, conveniences com plete, and rents reduced 25 percent. Iniiuire on the pre mises. IIO LET-TO A GENT3HL FAMILY, THE SECOND Floor o stone home 21U West Twenty-seventh street, contaimn ; lo ir room.-!, with water, gas, Ac., very complete; lent per month, $10; also a Basement if required. Apply on tae pr.-itilses. TO LET-A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE* thric seres of gro.ind for garden, plenty oi uilt'orent kinds of iruit; house largo two story, 3(K50, 12 roomh, ami is surrounded by shade and fruit I reps; situation lisiiv.ay avenue, near Elizabeth. New Jersey; rent low; it or 18 trains a day front New York. SYLVESTER LAY, Attorney at law. and Commissioner ni alt toe Status, 229 Broadway, N. Y. TO LET IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A HALL Bedroom, sultabl ? fur a single gentleman; rent $1 per week. Ap.ily at 33 Jones stiem, corner ot llleeoker. TO LET-IN ONE O? THE BEST AND MOoT CON rsruint locations iu the city, eight Booms, to a respects bio party who are willing to tumuli me room* and board tlio gentle-nan and wife for the rent. Ad Iress, with real name and referent*, Bradford, station O, N. Y. Post o lice. rj^t-a furnished cottage, on the SOt'xd. nifciiii'ttu mil?* it'oin the citv by th - now hjtven r.l1 10, i au<| twomiie. tio .. tl.o new^shel :?dXt; *o??i. ish water and beauty ?, |.a?tlon (t <anujt be aurpusse ' A'lidv on tiioj>ruiuu.? 10 E. ij COLLINS. " IX) let?THE UPPER PART OP BROWN s^ovf qu'i^v.hJ1,,i:"i,ruremeut#- i"?r p*rn-ui4? .u. T?..i ktttt-il1f1 S.Ec.OXD AND THIRD FLOORS IK 27? eli/a jslh atiect. Apply on tlie piemlae*. t? let-tv 0 NEAT COTTAOES on riptv xortrtn J. ittiect, it j lei-t oast of Eighth avnriue and iio-?r hroui wHi au.lcenual Park; rent itwt aputCTu' lU ST i, tlie adjoining building, or to J. AGATB, w> broadway. T? let-PARTLY FURNISHED, A VERY DESIRABLE x unuair) reaiueiica, c nuinlny thirteen mituired in .? beautiful ((urc, el--mind ?nd healthy, with u?. ll-l . ujitlrn anil atabi", and n ar the i'errv, north shore siaicii wm"^. i" ' Ht nr- BLLIOTT'8 oil) N? t? wi."uvet!* ?r obo;tuii maltkktr, ea,.No. * to EET-the THIRD STORY OK iiouik 2SJ ixkirth l^ij,h?' Tlilrt>-a.-(oim atrent. But and cola ?aier, uaui and g**. hiitu appljrtoj. hopktx^, t?t,l!l.r 7.0^?!l tw0 vbry DESIRABLE OFFICES A to let. at 44 i Brott iway. in uiecity aswin <lv buildiu ?^jr?", 9 tlil 3 o'clock of A. H. t/olvner. laabovef ' rilo let?the BALCONY FLOOR, ilm) A room J. auiuiun for a phyat u.n'a ofltuo, lurnlalmu. in a urivatu "l ** vvmt '.tre* 1 nei" rro lkt-A furnished PARI.or AND BEDROO A j.mjh i'onvfi.lence for imomkerulng. Hunt ra y ra<?.ie r?it?. apply for two day* *t 2> b<>nu *tr< ?*t. TO LET OR l.eask?cheapest RENTS?orogerv !i,' 7 ur ba?? m-nt Htorea, 111 ill?* i* ' 5 * ?tr*t'? ? 1 ii Eaat way ; ? e-t' L?ZTyXJ%Tau- iu4ulr0,uun0u,'l";' . cuau ~~ s^UMBERLAND COAL Now LANDING AND FOR vau^ir^rhl^v^'it^eV1,ll),Cr<- "y 8YtVAKWS * A copabtnkbfbir NOTICES. celebrated MANUFACTORY OF RIBBONS - An'}.in ru u dcalroiu u form ? ojtinec'irfiii willi a ri *pei.til>le lio i?e in the aain ? hue, ?.i to heap up a c im'ni*>)?n il>-|>oior to b> m l ii>ly n im^nte'l artjr>t? the luiimu N. a' 120 uorioeu. A partner IN am established catri7pay[7u. J\. la mi. e,a;l?? liu-ineaa, witho .t ru* or ium <<tlt:oii ia i? 2,^","?jt'?' "'*?"? aild iwtur.) ol u?n ihialneaa. .!hl^ed to r-iiri; %ri!l ?hi| lua in'.-r.-??. or e*<!lian 'o lor <am>lor otoer bn*In?m?i>a1ieniil to bji icaj'.ii. Adiieaa, lor inu-rri.-w, induatry, brooaiy|| p,i?t o;ie?. PARTNER WANTED?tn A fir<T class HALOON near tue Aatnr llo uu., at 3/ Park ro... ro.? lr ' . A. hf)YT. iANKINO-A tjkktlbman OF LARGE bxte. J rptm in emtntry o? .mnc, and not havuic au ^ test e?|*tal, wiaiiw. t.. cn.i? i himm-l. wit , ?? ,.e1; fro'o $ ?tl.i*)') to $??.??. r ir the pi:ri>o<e of f ir.,ilnj ,t !!?21ui.ii '"im W& '? thi? j at- A.i. or?*sa mankar, uk j ??, | i'oal oill e. n. Y. pACTNBR wamtr:).? pub ADVERTISER. HAVl~jti i? .,?!'] i" ,rt'? "i ja itoa'an i otiildran'a fnriiuhluj ?ui| a 2' 11. 'i*'''"u" 11 ?l'?n "ii e>| umoiint o ml.llu.-iy. i an.y or F<ii-n<li.n: <i > > < li jol i hi i .;i aummifit oi u..., a in nn r^moliaiie i buoln-w. Ad<tnt?a Viller >y. atakon E l' n wlt.i re i i na-ne au . wi.ere an Interview may lie h >u ><? oilwr* iioiici'd. Tiik copartnership hbrstofdbk existrvu ..inter lii,- ii rui o; unroae a jo.i.a n l.-a ve i wlo.erl.ini. I'.KNJ. <1 iinkk, The bmine?a wili bj continued at ih" ell*. .n'vvjoim w*t h. h. jo.iitso.v. rpHE i.'oi'aKI nioiiship iieiiktdfo k ii ilsti V ; J under arm of fur.oil a !> ? on .* thuday tlsaoi ad by luiUual uniimnt. ji ffu ELL. nn.r > ,kk, Way Id. TIIK'. .ouk button tki< bnatn'-<? mil bi ...ntlnui l nt u-t mr.iune *ttvi br the U.I i,t. jrnn l TiiE duite DUi'tun 'p.> I'll V<;. IAN :. DENTISTS AND drviiiifsts.?'THE X i v rt Iter a re^ i. irty .t.iuotted ^.'!y? ?iau. a l>' ttl ,;..| i etm-rl ""vi dri.jj,-m. b . :< ato ,t t. i.ktale n. w , on, ia de?irn'u ?t rxriiiliig a ennn.-. tiim a.nte "'.e? al. ealy l^he ! i? ()|lh,.. 0, , 0*? briu'ellM* or h.'ur ul'l ..!> 1a -ii at ill lulled bn?tnr4< or >r mil' ? a dew o.I ? n . p i ? ,.| P A in. a yo 1.14 man <.f . ,, e-|e:n* and wh' IB ?? . . ill' .idveitiaer .-a:i co.itr.liut. .4 i,,,r ani'iunt .if , ?:i ?a;ital. Tlie ino?t uucm? Jtiona!.. 1 ?- k' ' n ?n.i rnnulrod. A .drraa l'.iyai a 1 le \yantkd- \ SMVRT. enteiiprrgino PERSON TO HI.,.. nl"-" 'n" bn.'ineaa tn thl, .:i y |i,,m*. dl ite.j w her ? then ih no and i.nt little menial la?or. l orn 11 A.' m f*o <L l1'"'i" j' c0nn",l> c"'i "rovlway, ? 9(h) w*nrhd_a PKRflON WITH THIS AMOUNT v?<?y o cipital .-an eii^ejin a buau..-a< j.ayins iu0 per e.>nt. i.allatoraddreaa r.a.ui 72 ?w. i hoiei, tola day from ? to u o<eto <. B. ft. HALL.' aie?l7, $*l()0 -an bxtbaordinary oppobtowtt TO j".'!'' money. A reliable partner wan tod, to act ? ml i . ! p traveling bualneaa, paying over $!,?> 1 in. n h, n? will he ahown hy positive prool. a rare nit'il' ^tip ?tj'ir ?' ** and Broadway, r?h,ni ) () "^l'^?lwa.nt,iu ,n am mtablihhbd 7 . . - ",*n,,l!,'"i||rina hiinine?r, with the above amount A part? d.tnoo* 01 a permanent and aale l.oilneu that wiii p?y hlu. fiom $1.3.10 loil.wjperannuni oanid?rn? maou! 1 actmer, b?n l4?l Herald ofllre. ^00 -partner wanted, with this'amoun'b ?po"vl. u. takn ball intereai in an orteinal an.l imi...i>r travelling ethlbltlon; the mertk of the aafno will uliow uaelf appl' 10 w? M aitl4nd i ? j nnn .ariwantke^a i1 a ?wm, ?. jp/'y) " ' '?'J1 "t ?euw^io jotn the advertiior in a nam man 1.factor ng bnaineaa. Ho hw t>0 yeari< ?tnohence an i an eiia)l|eat trade for lha artlclea manufaeture<l Foil particular* and Mti.factory nfaren.^. will be^sitpie^ addreaa, with real name. A., boi S.AM new York poat offlee^ (10(1 t"? vo??.-A partner waktbd with ij'j.ul/u thin amount of capital, to act aa .anhiar of a reaiw. tible banking houw. To a capable, reapectable. truat worthy yoong man, thi? ii ft rare chance. Ad drew Banker Poat oillce, n. Y., or f D. ulchanlwn, 82 Naaaau alreet. ?partner wantbd! "wlra tiiTs jp'i.tll/u. amount, In apleanan', safe and eitrematar lucratlra hu?lnc?o in full and aucneaal'ut omntlon, and win hear the cloaem invcatigauon. A more than imual good chanw. rerercncen undoubted. ? BOOTH WICK .* WOOD, ?w Naaaau itreet. ()|)() wanted ?TO A partt WHO CAN>1 ? jpo.ifuu nj.h ai? thouaand dollar, an Inlere.t i, a b"?lnea<, In which the irn inr will he guaranteed flfty percent lio her"* wui u s1^0' Addreaa u jl, boi IALEI AT AUCTIOS. A AUCTION NOTICE -M B CHAPMAN. AUC riONEER. MaUMHU'IM IIOloKIJOLIi Fl RNlTUliK 41' n_Hj.ty auction SEVEN OCTAVE R'iRKWOOD PIANOFORTE nil. bWI1OI) AND BLu;K WALNUT parlor suits, VELVtl Miii> .L...I0N GARPB8, HRON'S AND ORMOLU CHANDELIERS, Oil l'ulut'n^B. h) eminent UI 'ists-, Broun s ind Statuary. <c., on 1 his nay Tu"s ay). May 13. at 11 o'clo k precisely, at the elegant man-ion, No. 4S *\Y*t Sixteenth street. VetwMn

Kill 1 ami Mxih a.ciiuea. 'flic auctioneer woild i^n par ticular attention of his friends P. nil the public to ibis sal". Tim catalogue oomprl tug the largest anil rl h est of Household Furniture anil articles of vorta ottered at u.iotlou this geas< u. Sale peremptory, without to the weather. Catalog.e at the bott?r. Drawing Room?Magnllin n sev. u 'H;tuve Planoiorie, lour ro nrt eorn r?, made l?y Broadway m?k. rs. Stool and Mimic Rack, K hji. Ii Cioih Dover; Pier and Mant I Mirrors, e ubroidert ii Law On ems. O >r.iicea, Shanes, Oar i Tallica, two full D awing Room 0-iln,oovored villi sat 11 brsi ade, co ifcistiiv of two Tete-n-'ete Sofas, "> Arro.tvo Re ception and eight oval baik Chairs; C mtre Taule, E'.ageres, statuary iimrlne toy s; 8 eretary ana Bookcise, Antique R" cep: on Chairs. Reclining C lairs, Couches, Sevrosand Un a den China ases, Aflistie liroirce Statuary, Oil Paint tin a by Cole, luui in, Kgl? 1. Sellers, De u roll an t II aly; two u.aica I'aintiucH, by C'i'.e; Storm at Sua by Cola -roix, Assumption of the Virgin, a copy ram ih? ee'abrated paln>ing in the I.ou re tniliery, i'an-; t > o sup. rb Paintings, on patios, the Pi'rnle auii Hund-Mans-Bulf, by L grind; Frilt and Flow ers, Winter Scene. 4u. Ac.; el. gatil Bronze Clock, two tul le illy decora cd Vus. h, Hat Sun 1, Oilcloth, S'.air Carpet, rosewood and b'aek twdnut Dressing Bureaus, Be Isteads, Wardrobe*, r.imiiiiooex. French China 'l'ollet Seta, IIair and Spring Mattresses, Feather Be ?, Blan kets Counterpane*, Sheets, Brussels and Ingram Carpet.-., Oval Mirror*. Dining Rooms?Oali Bullet, lixieu sion Table, Arm Chairs. S fa*, Chairs'covered with reps, elegant Set* of Cr)stat aui Ruby Glsssware.ltpported fur the pres 'tit owner from P..ris; stiver Dinner and Tea Scivice, Cssie a. Sulveta, Coll'en Urn, Cake Baskets. Butter Dish, Nap .10 Rhus, Spoons. Forks. taflMkll Table Cutlery, Table Lin n, French China Dinner and Tea Seta, Ac. Also a large assortment of Basement aud Kltchcn Furniture. N. B.?Competent perilous will he In attendance to pacs and ship the goods if desired. The ibovo elegant residenc.; for sale or to let. For further particular* in.( lire of the auc tioneer. AUCTION NOTICE -B. ROTH. AUCTIONEER. LAROE SALE OK ELKOANT UOUSKUOLD 1' URNlTl!RE, BEAUTIFUL BRUSSELS AND INORAIN CARPETS, CUT ULA>S, CHINA AND SILVER WARS, R1C ! CHINA AND PARIAN VaSKS. ThU Tuesday. May IS, at 10^ o'clock prcoU. It. a? the ele gant rcsl ience, 110 West Kiglitli street, lielww n Kiflh and Sixth avenue*, consisting ol three elegini Pa,-lor Snlts, covered In r oh satin brocat'l, gre.ui velcet reps and hair enHh; large Oval Mirror*, rosewood Centre and Side Tanlrr, two Eingeres, With mirror back and doors, cost each 8!2<; line Lai o Curtains, Titrklsb Chairs, Uecept.oti Chair-, Brou/.e Clo k?, rich Cnitia Vases, Parlor Oriiameuta, Oil Paintings, Ladles' Writing Desks, elc^aut Comer ami Book, Stan,.*, beautiful rosewno I Oiiainbnr Sulla, elegant T te-a-Tetes, covered in 1 ?ireloth; mahogany B 'dst- adn, Bureaus. Waih stands, 11?i r and Spring Mattress. H, Beds, Holsters, Pillows, B aukeis, S 11a Beits, l ounges. Mirror*, Clocks. Vtis- s, Spring Seat Chairs, Inr.ralu Car|M'ls, and double bl.v. k vv f utit Bedsteads. Was islands. Tables, R inkers, M rors, P.ilnt inss, blaca walnut Ktienston Tabic, Bullet, r'ro.tch China Tea Sets, Ivory Table C .ti t -. Glass. CLlt.a and S' Waie; Ta'ile Cutlery, Oak I> nmg l hairs, Oilc'oth, Stur Carpets, Chandeliers, to. Sale positive All ;o Ms rnimt'ie removed forty-eight hours alter the k?!?. N. U. ? It. li.ib'.e men Inattentatioo to cart, pack orsiiiptbe goois for pur chasers. AS. RICHARDS. AUCTIONEER.?l.COOCA^EH BOOTS, ? Sliocs au.i iiingana t auction, by RICHARDS jc V? UITI NO. on Wednesday, May It, ai 10yt o cI.wk, a. slore 41 Cortlauut h reet. Our citaiogue of tins week will com some of the rao-i c.iol e aud SuimmrOo ds that we have Ollereu UiU season. Also a Hue of fctook G .0 Is. AUOTION NOTICE -HOBSB8, WAGONS, CASH AD i\ vanetg made on nood turuis wanting to ills pone of H". se-, Wagons, and all kinds of horse stock. Sale days eveiy Thttrs la). Satisfaction guaranteed. Apply a. Hi aud 48 lis.,aid street Auction sale.-assignee's sale-o>j wednes day, May It, ai 11 o elo.ik, at Ot West Korty-sixth ?tivet, will l>e sold the Lease and Fixtures of t "? Saloon, con sisting of Bar, Oyster Counter, Ac., .vc. ; ai. o a tiu r o, awning sh.-ii. J. TAVLOU, Aisigiiee. CCONSTABLE'S SALE.?BY VlttrUE OK AN exec - J t on, I wl.l sell a lot ol Crock ry aud OU>swaie, at 10>^ o'clock, tins day, at II. G. Jlvu is', H.# Ma.den lane. W ILLIAM W. LADD, Constable. David d. egan, auctionebp.-will sell this 433 Canal street, at i o'clock, Ingrain, Three piy, Brussels, an I oth r Carpets, Beds, lieddiii'/, Hair .Mat i:e??es, Uureutia, iieustcads, Sofa*., Cottage Suits, marble topatxl |>l do; Lounges, Waso.-lauds. Extension Tables, s, L cxiuu Glass s. I'le.ute^, KITCHEN KURNIIURE, \c. Also one seven ojtave l'taiio. F COLTON. AL'CIIONBER?LARGE SALE OP . Fancy Uoodi. Ju* .iry. Ivory, I'etirl and otiar rlcn imoda, from i I) roadway re nil a:o.c. thi* day (Tueiiday), M IV 11, nt 1UK o'clock. at 11.1 Fnltou street, near ftamuu, a very larite iitment of Ivory, IVnrl and otner Ooo.iii, au u as rldt "Sandalwood, Ivorv and Pearl Fan?, Ivory Comba, B rUHllC*, i'oi teiniinll klO>, Ladle* il***, Oil, Oolo*Ur*. I O made* Ac . Ac. Aiai, an ?> aortmcut o( Hue Jewelry of varl o i* pattern*. AW. a atnall uaaortluunt of it.-t.oiiU liaail * ur nlturc, Au., Ac. Salo puai'.lve. __________ CIEOB'JU COOK. AUCTIONEER. T KLEG.V.sT tOUSiiHOLD PUBXITUnE To-day, at ll o'clock, at Xx 111 Bimii .way, u-xt ti the Aracrtcau Tele,raj?li o.lice, a large atuclc of auptrU city mads Furniture of tli ? llrit clim work.. coma>UlU oi I'ar.o,- hull* nf variou* Klu..a Chimb, t-S' ne.v and e|. ga it d tsliiiu, Library and Diulna lloo.i. Sulta, rosewood Parlor aeorelari-a, K*'i ere Cant irtiuriea, Work Table*, Centre mi J I- U-'.. Table*, r..*ewood Ainol.e a-U.ace, Bullet*. Euwriimiire*. Bv teiiiiou Ll.uliij Tabu-*, Loun^u*, Eaay Gu.ilra, Wardrobe*, **??r particular* pleaae ko? catalogues at aale, which will be weii woi'tny Hie II .Hoc of, a< It U abaulutc. HBMBY H. LBBDfc AUOTiOBBM. I1ENUY II. LiiEUS .* CO. will *ell at auction, on Wo In idav, Ma, II. at 1 i o'clock, in front of .tore No 211, , ,j?u, a pair of wirrel C.wch U?n .?**, about 1j U nids 1iii.Ii. about 9 au I lu yoar? old. kind aud gen.le In amu.e and double ha.n??*; also a family roach, in Rood ,.l*o a ,-e. of silver plated Double Harm,**; a very Hue aorrei 1'ony a^tonl la nWh, ?oiind an I kind, en j one of tne bo?t dr.vioj am mala to b- lo uid, very leal, aui U ? iiool aaddlo h..r*e; aI?o a llox Wagon, with lop, alialta and pole; aiao au K?prc* or Urooer a Wagun, made to ?inier. with iron aUe*. spr.u^e, ?c.. in good oidei aui vei) slrVlg HENRY 0. aCRIUN'Ell. AUCTIOXEEB. Ane lnu Sale o. K?M iu gr at varieties, Carnation*, LUIil*c., al*o B? Idlng oiu I'lama, in mrlelj. IIBMU (!. SOKIBNKlt, will tell, ml* (T leadavt inonilng, tne aue?r K>ia, lit Maaanu atraM, a large mid cliuli* oobectio i oi Koaea, Carnailoua, Dau.Ua, Ueraui uui* au.i other ilower*. lu law variety ; ui^? H<xldlnj out i'lant* of dl lerent kind*. Ouluratur* an I other* will Bud tUlt oke of ih? largMt *ud cholce.t coUcctiooa oacrid uua i aaaou. HENBY B. IIEUIS. JR., AUCTIONEER. ly IIB.NltY Wu01> * CO. ^ Om*.*e, tMI Broad a-, y and 111 Cro'sby *lreet. .SHEltiF.''5 i;.VLS?UtlUsBHOliD FURNITURE. Ti'E.Sl< >V, Mai U ut 1U*4 o'cleuk. At the pr>ral?ae *1 We*t Forty-aawn ? ;tir?t. a ot of lloti*" hold Ki.r.ilturr. oo:i?J?lla4 of Hola?, Chair*, l-arjiet*, Ciin,re Tauiet, i^irrora, l'a ntln?a, Ac , By order. JAJlhi LYNJH. Sheriff. JOSEPH llEtJKMAM, Al'CTIOXEBB. iHH DAY (TUB OA If), MAY IS. At lio'clock M., ut t .e icutial aaiearooiii*. rorneror Wll lou<hliv and P ari atrfata, Brooaiyn, A larifn and keii"rail a** of Furniture, lui: uilin? the ? n Ire Furultuie a* i>ei e^ulmj ie laa.e d. Ki bave men aatu on tie, .it th ? liou?i! N.I. JfO Union Utreet, which we I.a o been compelled to r.noove at abort oi Ilia way Oi ti.e new tenant. - T BOUABT. AUCTIONEEB -BY 8. * J. IIOOABT. fj , Ho.nrtJay. -lay II. at 10)j o ilock, at the aoct on r ' uns No. I North Wlil'.nm atreat. i.enun-1 llon>elio d liuin. t ire nianoua iy Tan'^a-tatea. m-iiio^iny Rockers I arioran l K ?j Uliair.i. mar i' lop Centre Tubie. Iarfe hr. li :h |Hate tl.r Oii??. Oil Faimlnjh * ip rlor Br-iaji *. Turee-plv aud lugra.n Car|^!?; OilcUi.n*. manually Dre*at?glluie.B \V aaiit in.i*. t'olt ?.<? S.ut*, iiuiho?an,' Kreneb Badateai.a. Ilili *iaur. ?.' ?, f'-aiber Helaun l Bedding, KlteUen ^iul lurp .le. AI*o one li hhn Table, B*fl?, vbie". Ai*o, .... ta'ilr'a?u!e, eih!it m r-l* Flour, one bake. .T ip Wa*on, tc t;llAllLBS F. WA'ITi. I.onal. 'ie. | llOJART. AUCTiONRKR ?RY S. * J. BOOVRT' ?l . W . n *i.<?. M .V U. ai t., o O do. k, at curlier of Bavelity aa mid Sir. 11 'mm lliovinlui; laie i "a0. t^ti?ta l? a nmci of ,i .linin nnd H*r IC o . Furiil.ure, lai -e Mirror, Barl.ountrr . Sm e OliuxMh, l.' t>e anl.-r*. Tumoier*. Crocaeiy ?uu Ol^a War,, Painting. ^AKli^ F. WATTS, Omafbte. |OHN L. VANDEWATKR. Al-'CTIONKElt. I.AROK SALE AT I'unuo AUCTION, ll f A. jOCBNcaY. At salesroom. JTS HRuAOVFAV, ^ M TUESDAY, MAY 13, AT U O ULO. K A. M? VELVET, TAPE jT^Y.^ ASD VBNETUN CARi'ETINUS, UATUMiM, OlLUUttH* RUQB, Kl. foil* H BUR LEY, aIi'.TIOMBWI. WILL HU fl tli * ilav, ai 1 o'c o;k, nt IU Cm..I ?treet?sola lie. a, aud other B Mlxiead", Ha ra' li-. w ma ul*. Pier, bar and oili-r Mirror*; Coandelier*, Luce Cur lain V I e , U. il*ael?, Tin e-rijr and other ? a peta ; Oh chilli a, H m-. Milling, inalinrfaiiy Suit*', K. a.uer lied*. Hair .'la irea?e*. 1 lllowa, BoUUra. HI hi .eta, CiMnforter*. M04 |int i t. irUln*, ulraBdole?, Mm. ial Paint, Platmi Ware, Cro k?ry, Ola?* and Kitchen Ware. M. h?kwo? miio?. tiOl.D H.HJHTt'KE. PABI.OR SUITS, BRUSSELS AND Vr.LVKT CAtlPBTS, a*., Ac M. DoUOHTV wlii -ell lliUday (Tueaday), May 1J, at ID>t o'cio k. it *ate<room 7H NaaaM a:roei. The . n. ire elegant llouaehold h urnlturn contained In tlia ahu/e at.ire, mod of whl. n baa been nut lUtle u*?.i. <-on*iaU m" of Pier ill..*. *, rosewood and waluut Parlor Bulla, tov er d In brwutrl aud hnlraloth; maho?auy do., ro*ewo.i l Lta sere*, marble top Centre T mlea, HrtlMel* ati 1 )^r"1' Setlnas tiaaChindelier'. walnut Bjtrat*. r{*ian?lon Dmlna ft Olmn?"hllr^ D eam| Bur.,,,,*. *'aabsUi.d*. i ed. itea.1*, Ha-r Matlreaae*. Pallia**, Liuiiae*. ??*? an l w?lnut Chatnoci Smia, Wardrob ?*, Ingrain Carpatlnj, *<... Ac. a?*WNltl'.nKER S SALE --.VM (' IIKIOINS, AUC P Uon^r. wlU *U "hi. day (T.iai lay), at 1UH o cloua. at U1 a,euue, near Thirty-:lr*t ?treet. Sliawlt, Cape*. Coal*. Panta, nheeta, Briinjel* and I"*'*'" C.irpeta, I'leea Oo<.il<,ao., la. By owar of W. 0.11., Uoan*.d pawnbroker. FiWIUOUI'l BALE?T. MORTIMBR, IB BAST BroZdwaT. wlU *ell. th.a day, a .arge a-ortmenl of ,.n r nil earned pledge*, r.mal.llnn of Men ??''Wom^n * (jt'-', Blankata, lentil*, Boota, Slioea, Aa. My oraer of D. Maaban, 18 OraBd alreet. STOCK OK KINK l.DJI'ORB, WINES. 40.-fl. HERMAN A CO , aucuoaaara, *U a.11 tula dar (Tuaaday), tha 13th 1...1 at eleven n'elouk. at lift Canal atreat, near the Bowery, the entire ?to k of Wine*, Liquor* and Cordial*?via, tine Old Brandieirilin, Bourbon. B?>tch and Irlah Whl.key; Ab nrntlie Punch Knaenoa*. Arae, Cherry Corilla a, Jamaica and St CroU Ram. In paekayea, eaak* and IwitUw. Alaon ?mail Di*tilling Apparatu*. gtora Fllturfia, Ac.. Ao. OHBRIFF'8 SALB. WATCHRg ? CHAMBERS A FAIBCMIILD.AUCTIONEBBS. SALESROOM, lt? LIBERTY STREET, will aell. at their *.ne*ioom, on Wedneaday, May 14, at 10 ?I l#rk a lar?e tiortmeni ol Oold and Silver Waichea, being nCT RegitlatoV Cloak, one Lllllo'a Safe, Desk, Pre**, Oountara, Ac. JOHN KELLY, late Sheriff. SALES AT AUCTION. PLVNTS, PLANTS.?A SPLENDID COLLBOTION OK Ko?c?, Verbenas >n>l other bedding uui FUn;a for s*l?", by W. KIT2ULKALD. iiorim, Tweuty-uintli sir etaiid Broad way. Bouijuets and l.aakeu as usual. THIS FiitEHEM. AT THE ANNUAL MEETING OK MARION ENGINE Company No V. ucld at the engine house ou Monday evening, May 12, Ukiii. tue following geutleiueu were elected oittucrs for the ensuing year ? Foreman, .lamea ll?> -a, unanimously re-el c.ed; Assistant Fureuian, Mieba-i Daly, vice J. (illohrcat, declined; Secretary, James A Earley, ie elect d; Aasiataut Secretary, James A. Campbell, unani mously re-elected; Tivn.urcr, Ju u Fogarty, uuaninioualy resetted; Representatives, Edward Kenny, vlcc P Deulu; Jobu W. Earl y, vice J. J. Leo. JOHN KoUARTY, Chairman pro lera. A. Baulky, Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICES. AT THE annual election ok THE AMERICAN Notu Couji auy, lield 7 h lull., tUe lollowiug irua teea weie elected?viz: Tracv B. E ?? n Topi -an. Eil w.iril J. Dsnforih, S i Wright, Krancla W. Eilmondai nd George W. Hatch, ol New York, and Samuel 11. Carpem r, Hooert Draper an' Henry Perkins, of Philadelphia. At a nioetlng of Hie trr.siees, fra -y K. Eds mi wuV unanimously re-i 1 cteil President of the co.npaay, Edward J. l)iu forth Vic ) Presl lent, Netlah Wright Treasurer, and Kranell V, Edmonds Secretary. n 0 EXPRESS COMPANIES -please take notice 1 that ou the Ural week in January laat a tri^uk waa de livered by a policeiiKiu na ued Thutnaa Fife, to b taken from Ilia residence, 1:4 B ,?1 Tbnteentb atreet, rt. v., to l&i I'if mouth streei, Hroo?i>n, ior a poor widow womau named Mrs. Butler; la 1 trunk haa never been deliver d, and this poor widow wll pay a suitable reward for tue delivery of b ud trunk, as it must be lying in some ex.iress oilico. and l>y delivenn.: it at i-aid nuinLer, Plymo itli street, Brooklyn, any cost intending it will be tuauktull. ft d by said widow, Dm. Butler. SHIPPING. For livkrpool-old black stab line.?the packet ship R. S. EL i, lying at ancuor In the stream, salla tula day m noon, when a steamboat wi l lea. e pier U Laat river to convey passengers on board, Tue HEMI SPHERE satis May lo. Kor natutuge upji! v to WILLIAMS * UUluN/iU Fulton street. FOR liverpool AND LONDON.?TAPSCOTT'S Line.?Ship WEST POINT, at pier 36 East R> ? r, nails for Liverpool to-uionoiv, and the slnp JAS. K. KEELEK sails for London to-morrow. Fur passage at low rales apply to TAPSCOTI' ,t CO., 8t> South street. FINANCIAL. Existing mortgage or moke; ?.> OtU io $16,000; muat be mat class. l'riucipala pi' aac address Investment, ilerald olliee. Q7 A/)|j wanted-on real estate seoubity, iiPl.VVfVy worth ten ilinu* the amount, or an arrangc u.ent iu..ilu ioraii investment, which will he sat'Mastery ou mi interview; none but priuiii als with ready money noticed. Address M. 0. W., Herald Oltlce. ?U ahn WASTED?AT SIX PER CENT. ON IM. pro eu New Yora city property worm twice nr three tunes the amount. Address W. 11., olli.e of the Evening Post. (CO/t IWW1 TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MQBTUAOK ?Poo." V/ v/ ou re,it eaUte in thia eity or Brooklyn, In auni-o; SI,. UJ and upwards. Alao made mortgaacs pui cliasBo, Appiy to A. bBBOKANT, 15 Wail aiie. L LOAN OFFICES. AT 510 broadway, OPPOSITE THE ST. NICHOLAS Hotei?J. SOLOMON, Broker and Commirsiuit Mer chant, advances money on D.ainoads and nil Un s of pre cious atones, ?\'a!ciies, Jewelry and Plate, or piirchaseu lor cash. Toe hlpheat p. ioe paid tor old gold and silver. All businpas trail actions strictlv contiilential. New loan okkice.-p. a h. fridenbeiio have op ued a Loan OJlce under the Bank, corner of Oranil atreet and the Bowery, tinder the nrm ??E.i le Loan o . ce, ami will .idvaii'iu liberally oil Diamonds, Watcues, Jewelry, Wea:lug Apparel, Fine Furs, Winter Ooo.ia Ac. (?,.r oihce la in a uew ,irc proe. bulldin airi lined up with campuor cloaets, pnv ite olilce, Ac. iS. U.?Ojid Wairiie < and Jc.velry for aatr at the advance cos . Eu'.rnic*on ijiaud street. MUSICAL. A magnificent SEVEN OCTAVE B0SEW(X)D l'uuoiuite lor aale?eloka:i!ly car.ud icg^ and caae, roundcornera, lull iro ? plak-, lined witti as i .w iod, over, at.iint; i.ass; has all modem improvements; ma le to order, co.1 .*500, lor $2.'0, Including Slo 1 and Cover. A1-.U 1'arlor Kurnituieat a sa rtdae. Inquire at 70 tVes! Twcniy-sixth st.eet, near Suth avenue. MUSIC ?$2 POB EIGHT LESSONS ON the PIANO, in .t pleasing Mil t iorougb manner, by a lady of 1UU, experience in icaching; daily iisv of the piling allowed In quire at m Weat Ueveute -nth street, n 'ar Ninth aeenne. IjlAWOFOBTB KOR less THAN HALF its ACTUAL L >a<ue.?I; Uneven octave, elegantly carved roaewood ease, Kr. iieh i^rand action, full iron ir.inie, beautiful scroit legs, line si ool And cover. Piano co t t il 0 an s as g lien. Apply this day or evening at liL}, Twen.l lit street, near Tlur I avenue. Prl.e $lti). ?7 ~ FOB A six OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, ?P I f > io lirst raie Ol der; mill $-01. Alao lor s .Io an En^iiah Ii .tent lever j," d M atch, nuniuig ease; an exc*Uiit itme ke p r; ami two French Plate Alirrors. Address Eugland. 11 -i aid olliee, ? 1 f? r ?will BE SOLD IF APPLIED FORSOOK. ?PXU?J. a ery Ix-autliill larveil n>? w.iod 7 octave over strung bass Pianolorie;oosl *373. Pile" t!6j; fully guar, r iiite.l lor years. Call soon at N >. U High st.eet, Broo.lyu. IKHTUCCTIOJI. AL.ll)*, WHO 13 A COMfiiFENT TKAOllKR AND K|i tta* Preucn and Our man uuently, wialiea to una oc r.ii'inion for a .ew lio.ire dail> (out* of her admin* having lett tlie city), either u vialtlng governeaa o; leu. her 01 lau gi.a;m. let-ma moderate. Be?t reiereucca. AUurru 155 >? eat 14th a I. American educational bukeau, mi broad ?'?).?Sdhuoia an i tamitif* aujjplied with competent WteaiT* gratuitously. and parent* witn aohixil ol.rulara. Wanie*?Afc?m cupaiiau) to inaca Oiaaa.e* au.i tri.thc uutti K. Ainu a principal; imio having expcrienco iu city puullc echoola; salary 91,UW. Other teacher* wanted. SMITH. WILLSON t CO. All this ?ui the botmubibkb will oivb alugli Wi ltluK uttuon* tor '.'j cen.?, it Leaaona tor 92. Private inatrcctlon nv.-n. Improvement guaranteed to uil?utd and ruling. Uuy and evening at ro0..i* No. 6 fourth aua .fcv< B.oa .wa>. Oi.lVKR n. GOLDSMITH. IiirnCIUT instruction IS EDUCATION, AT THE 'J low ?t .trice, or for B ia. ii, l>y nu cipen uued graduate o. Yale Collar, who apaaka t'reuch uiinuily. Addiei* R. Day luu. No. W Carroll place. Bleeckur at., or call at one or at* o c ??* P. M. INSTRUCTION GIVEN IN TUE ART OK COLORINO and retou.fci; Pi.ulograpna, lvorylyjwa. Cartel tie Vlalte, Ac. For ?<-iilicuUr* tuquire lu HtsuMS A CO.'S gallery, No. 3ril Broad ? ay. Instruction.? MISS KUOGH RBSPECTLVLLY IN form* her >riend* am the public *lic has retno.ed to I <3 Weil Thlriy-lourih street, wh-re ? will receive a very limited numoerof pupil*. DRV GOODS. 6FLOUNCED ROBKS. 1 mexican BAKEOE At SI oo. LEO RAIN. 720 Broadway, lOtncr of Waverlcy place. Mrs. gaynors parih corset and seirt es. tubliaiiment, in* und elegan' atylee in an miner gjoda; single linen Paria made Co arm und light-at llexlnle bkli tu, In skeleton*, lnoe, and brilltante lul.r.ntli, and other Travel* ling Skirt*. un hand and n a If to order; i.ood fitting Cor*> t* ami Skirt* from ftl. Mlaae* t'vraei* and Wal*ta. (M3 Broa i v. ay, near Lnton square. KONALDSON k MBARM, Corner of .sub avenue and Nineteenth atreet. Are i penliis, I Will auction. Bonnet and Trimming Rilibona, all rolora and quality, rery ch'up Btubroi lcrl>?, L cea, Handkerchiefa, boya' Colored Bon e - II iltd k.?. chief*. ctl'-H)l. Iloal IJ, Uil l.T Gaiue.iU, Olorua, >(ltU, Ac., for Indian, ibil Iren und nn n. lu Sii,nil Warea, Trlirnnlnga,Ac., ladles can And everything tiicy want. STRAW GO(>D4. Ladies can choose from i At caaaa, i rum 2a upwards. Mlarla', boya' .?u<l I idle*' list", HI every kin t and <|tiality. Hun Umuclla* and Parnsola, ail atyle*; very low Window shadbs-op all kinds, por dwel Utiga, atnrea and utttrea, made to urdvr, in tnu tx at manner an I at the aliurleti notice Ian, Toman's Patent .?> l -v'enil.aUiiu Sp. tug Med. J. C. MOK->E. <38 Brand way. !"xll YARDS NEW KNOLISII BRl'SSKLS CARPET POR OO p? e. at It-B'.. Mark a i fciee. Call from / to |u>j A. M.. or from 3 to V P. M. Will tie auld > heap. la aeteu broautha wide. 1I11N( KLLAKKOIS. ? LLKVIATOB.?CORNS CI'RKD FOR ONE CENT J\ cafli, iiy uaing Dr. Brings' Corn uml Hntuan Alleviator? u tie*. haniili'ia and cerwln cure tor tiorn^, Himmna, C.illo ?Ulna. Kroati-d in.i Bllater. d Peet, *e._? arranted to prodnm ren ilU aauafartory mid aitrprlalnt:. Price 2J and .Ml cent* and $1 |?r ho*, .s. ntby mall on re>?lpt of piir.t and 6 f?nta. Mslil liy ilrug laia. Dr. J. HRIOOv 1'ioprletor and Pracil cal Chiropodlat, ill Broadway, ouuoeiia St Paul a church, N. Y. RAOS?S'lKr WIIITB WOOLLENS, POR SALE BY 8. P. WINDMU1.LER A Co.. 74 Pine atreet. SODA WATER DRAWER, COOLER. BO- WANTED - Anv one having for ?ale e nap a handsome Bo In Wxter Draweraail Ciailer, with or without tue ayrttp fount, anlta ble for a laalili>nahfe retail atore, may lind n caah cuatomer by a Idreaatng Drugglat, box 1,073 Pott otllre, till Thruaday next. SIONB, HIONS, BIONB?PIRST CLASS AND CHEAP eat In the city, at 1M Pulton atreet. New York. TO PRINTERS -WANTED. A MEDIUM HOE CYLIN der Preaa. A Idreia O. S. Harrta, Sweeny a Hotel. ?BOARS AND TOBACCO. 8BOARS VERY CHBAP.?ASSIONEE. AT BROADWAY, laatill offering great Inducfinent* to buvera; aome de alrahle branda of Havana, Domratie nnd German Segara AVTBOLOUY. A^ ?TONI8HIflO!-MADAME MORROW," SEVENTH daughter, baa a gift of forealght; tella how anon and r often yuu will marry, and Ml you wlah to know, even tour very thought*, or no pay. Lucky charmafree. Her aqual la not to be found. Her Mania Image la now In fall operation?KM Ludlow atreet, below Houaton. Prloe M oenta. Oentlemen hot admitted. A BONA UDE ASTRO LOO 1 ST THAT EVERY ONB ran depend on, I* Mine. WILSON, who tella the object ot your vlaitaaaoonaa you enter. She tella the paat. pra aentand future of your life, and warn* you of dangera. and brincaaaoeaaa out of tho moat pertlmia undertaklnga. N. B,?Celeb ratod magic oharma. No. 1"# Allen atreet, between Ho1iat?n and Stanion atrreta, over the bakery. Chargea lor ladle* and gentlemen. 80 oenta Mm. ADDIB banker, SPIRITUAL MEDIUM. MKDf rnl and butlnaia clairvoyant, eontlnuea to give antla ac tion to nnmeroua vlaltora, day and evening. Rooma No :U0 Ponrth atreet, four rtoota weat of Broadway. N. B.? Delhle. ntlon of character by letter. MISS DAVIS, THE BPAUTIPUL CANADIAN GIPSY I'almlat, ha* reuioVcd to .Hi Greenwich a reet. Con.ult her Immediately. Vicky nuinlHra and charm*. Ij?lic*2ft cent* ; gentlouiea 00 oanta. Hour* frum 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. AMINEMKVTS. Academy ok music. I'll, ail AY E\ KM NO, MAY IS. FARKUELL BENEFIT TO HLHCH * COlTufi'S .. . MlNSThELS, Aud last appearance ?f this -r.-ai tHjNlilNAl'ioN OK STARS Previous to tli ir departure lor Audtr..iia. The proiramat wlU tuuUtin all the UK.MS OF MINSTRELSY, which bare been Msieejud ?xpr m.>y for this o-caalon FROM Tllli IM.NiB.N3iS BEPERTOIRK of this onequ.i led and U'lapari a liable troupe, ThNy PASToR the nopn ar comi< singer, and KHANK B. CONVERSE, Ihe Inimitable banjourt, have klndh voluuteered aud null uppear on this occasion, with BIRCH AMD COTTON'S, MINSTRELS. Observe til arr y or' tal nt ?Btll> Bin , t en Cotton. K Abecco, G. Bidaux M A. Soott, C. Go id a in Jl>. lira i m, M. Rr-J, T. J 1' I. v. Barti r, J U.adslia .' . V. ilau For parUcul irs ' ? propa nir.n Admin Ion SO-. Amphi theatre 25c. Doors o.ien at 7. UummelO' a. 6 o'clock. GIRANI) FIREMEN'S FOOT RACE, T For a pi Ue of a SILVER TRUMPET. worth ONK Ill NDKLli DOLLARS, ONE HUNDKED DOLLARS! ONK HUNDRED DOLLARS, ONE HI NUKED DOLLARS, Nov An ernmtiou at Haughwout ft Co. *, Bioadwsy, oornea Broouie street, at th<? MELODEON, 630 ?r> adw.iy. WEDNESDAY EVENING. MAT14. Op n for competition to Firemen ouljr. No piolensional runner a.low d Hie tual. Eae'.i Engine, Hoar and Hook anil latuder C mipatiy in New Voi le. R'ookJynaitd Williamsburg to aeleet one represent* tive to run. Twenty (2U) times around the ring. Distance uue half a nai.e, against thne, subject to such raU anil regulation, as the del*> gate* from the different companies tntere te i shall elect. Box olll o open lor eninc* d?i|v irum 1U A. M. till Z I'. M. Entries can Lie ra vde tip to 7P. M. May It. Coiupauli aare ro<|iu sted to make application for comiHti tlon, aa aoon as possible, In order to simplify the labors of ihs Judges, Referees Ac. Twenty-three eutiiss already made, To-night. OltEAT ATTRACTION. MON8. MORTIE. FROM PARIS, Has the pleasure to inform the New Yorlc public that lM will give a GREAT EXHIBITION or BILLIARDS, without the u*p of the cue or, at KAVANAOH & FKKK.M AN S Saloon, corner of Tentn street and Broadway (late Pneian'a), ou Tuesday evening May 1.1. at ? o'clock. Mons. Morlie will p -rforin the wonderful and sk'll'ul feat of making ail his points in I'llllai a, In cither French caront or American game, entlii ly with tlie ilnuera ot the right hand, without any use of the oil" i r mac whatever. Prof. Motile lias the pleasure to announce that tne following e. lebraied billiard players will u-slst im on this occasion:? D. Karansgh J. D ery, M. Geary, J. Stone, iL. Be ijamiu an.! several other eminent b.lnaru'p ajers. Tu ltots. ao ceuia* I AURA KEENE'ri THEATRE. J BKNKr 11' (the fir. t in two years) of MISS LAURA KEENR, WEDNESDAY EvEMNG, MAY 14, 1862. when, by request, will be le.iveJ the nuuc.-a.lul drama of the SEA OF ICE, aa produ<v?d at this tlicalie >it',i nil Its ORIGINAL AND BEAUTIFUL EFFECTS flARROLL AND PEEL?MYSELF AND FRIEND MET \J Peel yesterday, at the Clipper office. Peel relused to accept my challenge lor $l,oobut j rtv.ose l to <lauce In private fur a basket of wine, wLi-h I agreed to. Mar 12. l>i? R. M. CARROLL. rpUE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL, 1 444 4H 441 411 414 4t4 414 444 BROADWAY. ANOTHER BRILLIANT VICTORY roa THE MUSIC HALL OF THE MASSES. Olorloos und unmisiake . hie K i- s ?( THE STAR MINSTREL TROUPE OF AMERICA, THE HR:> ?d?VAY M NSfRBLB, THE KRJAUWAY MINSTRKL8, THE BROADWAY MIN8TBK .8, THE H ROADWAY MINSTREL4, THE BROADWAY MiNSIR LS, THE BROADWAY VIINSTRE.JJ, TIL. BROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BROADWAY .M1NSTKEUS, T 'K BROADWAY MIN. TitEl S, 1.1K BKOAIkWAY MlNSTRKi.S, THE BKOADW Y MINSTRliLS, THE BROADWAY MI.nSI'RRLS, received la?t eveninv n THEIR iIRST APPEARANCE Bv a house crowded ?o e*c?s*. All their ORIGINAL SONGS, GLF.ES. CHORUSES. WITTICIBMI AND HITS AT Ti E MEN AND MANNERS OF TilE DAY, THE MOST ONl'OUNDEI* ENTHUSIASM, Aud in-, pres ible and prolong"'1 SHOUTS OF LAUOnTKR AND APPLAUSl TUK | THE T ft BROADWAY BROADWAY BROADWAY MINSTitKLS. MINSTRELS, MIN TUELS, THE GREATEST H I OK TH1 SKASON, APt'EAR EVERY EVENING, In addition to TONY PASTOR, TONT PASTOR, J. A. HERMAN, CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE. ERNESTINE DE MAIMER, LI/./IE SCIIi L'IZE, THE ORKAT GENERAL SUTT. KARNL.M S LOn:' Nl'Tr, THE GENUINE ORIGINAL $6d,u00 NUTT, secured by ua without the i< asi record tor tiie f. ollugs of P T. BARNUM. THE BEAUTIFUL BALLET TROUPE and all the Mammoth Comp inv n 141. A GRAND M ATI NEK <)N SATURDAY, AT 2^ t. K.? ? or the aoeomtnudatlon of Ukd e? and ciiildren. FOR 6ALF.-AT A OREAT BARGAIN, A DIOR.VJCAOT Austi alia, all complete, anou ing tne gold regions, fo? rests, plan ?, wild animals, biids,Ac., Ac., never exhibltat here. Will exchange for merchun <l"e or real es ate. R. BLAKE, 14 Chauihera stroal. IA)ST AND POUND. Found-on the uth apuil.on sixth avenue, a Hair Bracolet. The owner can have it by calling at 71 W OKt Twetiiy-aeoond street. ^ Lost?on Saturday, the ioth inst., kktwkBNf A. T. Stewart'* store ana Una J atr-st, a pair oi (MA Spectacles. Any per.on having found the same will be llMft rally rewarded by U>rlB| I ham wilb U, M. Plympton, Ho. | BevV street. LOST?FBIDAY EVENING. MAT ?, IN OOINO FBOlf Twelfth street and Sluh aven.m to fourteenth s reetf and from thrra In a fourteenth hi eel aia*.- to Twmiv-tdira ?feet ami Ninth avenue, a Mack an i -oin enamelled rlrcart fln, wltli hair In 1L The Under on leaving it at US Weak wclfth street will ne4n a -ulta > e r iwarX LOST?ON thursday BVRNINO LAST, AT DB. Wairt'K opera, or in LOin^ Iroiu hoti?? lo lb* 'arrliue, oue pfnk coral Earring. The under wlU be suitably rewuraeo by leaving ii at 179 Ea<t Kourtr nth ktrert. Lost-may 10, a gold bracelet, betwernthH toot of Dey utr.'i t. New York, and Myrt e avenue, Btookiyn. A snit-abl* reward will he paid for the return oi the saiim to Mr*. White. 141 A irli hl, Brooklyn. IOST?ON MAY II LETTERS Of RBFEBENOB AND J Kallroa l l artes. The tin icr will Mease aen J or brtnf tin m to 217 West Twenty-Ant atr et wh r ? they will receiv* thesineers ihankaol toe owner, Mi<s Oakes. LOST?ON SUNDAY, MAY II. ON SIXTH AVENUB. liet ? een Thirty-fourth a id Korty-etgiuh streets, a Hair Hi.aal|>ln The Under will be suitably rewaidml by leavlaf Ii at 1(10 Weil Fony-slghth alreet, or at 30 ? Broul^ay. LOST-A RICH BLACK SILK SCARP MANTILLA, TRIM n.eJ with itnipore La: e, In T<inih street, betwen St* Murk'* church nod Broadway, or in a Fifth avenue *taf-> The finder wlU lie suitably rewarded by iaarlug it at 770 Se ond avenue. LOST-ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY7. IN OOIVd from Booth Third street, WlillaMNn, across Haass1 velt ?tre"t ferry, up to A. T. Stewart's, and from thence up Broa lw ay to Peyser's, then b?k and acruaa O. nd atr -et ferry, a carved Wood Bra.vlel, aet with gold. The Under will be lllie rally ra varded by leaving It at IM South Tmril ati . et, Wllilemsbiir?. L08T?ON MONDAY. MAY 12, BETWEEN BAUROVT street and Spring st>-eet Post oltl s. a Hair Hrtmipln, ready for mailing, directed to Mlas Kltiy Mum. It lei tat <4 Barrow ctrnet or at 23.1 liroailwaj, cue of Meade Brothers, any reward demanded, not exceeding the value, will lie paid. IOST?MONDAY EVF.NINU, GOING FROM PIEll * J Kaal river, through South atreet to Wall street ferrv, ? single iimi gold Watc:i, goH ii.iiired dial; waa much \slued as a amiit relic I he will be miitably rewarded by ri iariilng it to 155 E i?i Tinrty-rlft i street. ^ LOST-A FIREMAN'S BVDOE, NO. 10, OP E.VGINfl Ojnipmiv N i. 4. The Under will titans ? leave It at tb* enitlne lioi Si*. 2.0 Mercer atr et, or at the i lilrf Eng r.ecrV office, 21 Elizabeth slree'. and receive Ihs tkanka of lh? owner. Lost or mislaid-kive bonds, $i,o?> bach, nos. 27. 2*, IKi, lltt ami 1SS, third Mortgage of the C.e\elarA and 1'lttsbui'u Railroad Company, With eoupon* nit.rhi'dr payable lat May and I?t Novemher, payment of whicn has hi en stii|i|ied. A suitable reward will l>? paid tor recovery of said bond* by S, BriMli, Si Front street. CTOLEN-KROM LITTLE NEi'K. ON SUNDAY NI SHT* kJ M?t II, a r.-el lloiae, nb ml lt'< handa high. M'>? man" m net tall, one hind leg wln.e up to leilock jiart of# d Mihle wt of Harness, with ey?< on; aiaoan<h'. M'ngon( with red whe<-ia and b.oi ooily, with ono of th<- ahmii I r men. Wuoaver will return the ?ald hors<' and wafu i wilt b r warded with $M\>. AddraM William Andrrauu, Llttl? Ne k. Long Island REWARDS. REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY EVENING, MAf <|)*# 12. an Kaqnlmaui Dng, wlvt". with b.own aputas Whoever * III return the natuu hi ItHi Onurch street, will r?? oiire the abvva reward. $10 REWARD-LOST, OOING FROM TWENTY ninth street, tip Third avenue to Thirty-first street a aniall Rwlss Watch, white fsee, made at Man* hatel. An* one returning thesams lost Earn Twenty ninlh street, will receive the above reward. ?LOST. ON A RIDE FROM CENTRAL PARK* ipZiVS. a double case Go d Watch, a prss Mil Iron my <ie* ceaai d father. The Under will pleats call at V>2 Fotirili *t*J nue, comer Twenty-anm Straei. U. R1B0KBKT. NEW PUBLICATIONS. MadamB demorest's mirror of fashions^ umiiiestlonably and emphstlia ly the largent aud ue?# fashion tnagaslne in the world. Every tsiff, "Jojajf a?# dressmaker should have It. Sold sv?i7wusi?. I rice 21 cents: yearly, $1. That ?? curious" book of citt wohsn; or iiw IffMttag Female Chsinsisr* In Nsw \ ors. 216paga& 12 rno. Price IS cents, or msiied frse, SO cants. M. OAUNTT, publlshsr, tlS Broailwajr, up stairs, N. Y. r7ini\ richest m?n in new yobk.-just pubi O.UUU nahed the fourth Mrles of this ?M, ami lo^ aula at Brenlano a, 6M Broadway, and n*nRr^'PS v'oflB MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. SErt BBS (IK TIIE HOARD 09^ Aldermen will m. et on Wednesday, at 2 o'elocuk P. U_ In the library. I'linctual attendsm e i* W|MM ss all p-irr1 ties hsviug buiiueis I*for* theoomrnlltee iiie .uviwd to Hi ItrHlCUL T ?!iHI'iN^ I r K I'uli pr*" -il'V A.ALLf."*. ^ A JEl.tMIAH

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