Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1862 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. * ' ?*"" " * L . - ' 1 I iL ?"' '? '? ? ? J.* ? ' . J f ... - _ J... . !.'? J??ll ? . ?w 1 ?! ' WHOLE NO. 9377. '' NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1862.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. UTHUTCU. |0? CAPTURE or lAPTURK OF NEW R8 or NEW OK nIw or n|w lAltg. NEW ORLEANS. ORLEANS. ORLEANS. ORLEANS. saiir sf 3l aJffii* 5r new or Si ORLBANR ORLEANS. ORLEANS. OBLBANA ? ? ?? ORLEANS. RAPTURE Or NEW ORLEANS. S1BSS g( SIS gfiliSS: iiiEsg *Sm Sf ?>> 8K5fSS CATWU. SP ..w CAPTURE or NEW ORLEANS. s? ms sassa NOTICE. notice! NOTICE. MOTICf, NOTICE. NOTICE. NOTICE. NOTICE Oo? apecia> artlai. Mr. William Waud, wUneeaed the en tire mtaI engagement on the lower Ml?ei?aippl, resulting 1b the wptart of New Orlrant, iron the main maathead of Commodore Farrago Pi Flagahlp, the Mleaiaaippi. and baa 'ew York with i of afcMcheay k H1CH WILL ?re Farrago t'? Flagahlp. the Mleaiaaippi. returned to New York with a most important and lotercat WmCHtCw5VJL BE PUBLISHED WHICH WILL BE PUBLISHED WHICH WILL BE PUBLISHED IN A IN A GRAND SUSS NUMBER NUMBER DOUBLE NUMBER GRAND DOUBLE GRAND DOUBLE GRAND DOUBLB GRAND DOUBLE GRAND DOUBLE GEAND DOUBLB GRAND DOUBLE GRAND DOUBLB GRAND GRAND E325B GRAND NUMBER NUMBEi; NUMBER NUMHEiC NUMBER NUMBER NUMBER NUMBER DOUBLE DoUliltK 1LE NUMBER NUMBER DOUBLB NCMBE8 DOUBLE NUMBER GRAND DOUBLE NUMBER GRAND DOUBLE NUMBBR or or " OK ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ?illustrateo newspaper ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER illustrated newspaper ILLUSTRATED NEW8PAPBB illustrated newspaper ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER LBS LIB'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS PAP? LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAP1 ILlE'S ILLUSTRATED KEWBPAP^ ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATE!* NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ? ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER >S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER !'S ILLUSTRATED MEW8PAPER i'8 ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER i>8 ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPER , ? __ NEWSPAPER LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWRPAPER " " "E8 ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER 18 ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPEB -E'8 ILLU8TRATBD NEWSPAPER IBS ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ES ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER ES 1LLU8TRATED NEWSPAPER 8 ILLti 81 RATED NEWSPAPER TOMORROW. TG-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, ?* TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW. THURSDAY MORMNU, THURSDAY MOBNINU, THURSDAY MORMNU, THURSDAY MORMNU, MaY 13. THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 15. THURSDAY MORNING, MA V 15. THURSDAY MORNINO, MAY U THURSDAY MORMNU, MAY ]& TnUR DAY MORNING, MAY 16. THURSDAY MORMNU, MAY 10. THUR8DAY MORNINO, MAY IS. thuhadaY, may is. THURSDAY MORMNU, MAY 16. THURSDAY MORMNU, MAY 15. THURSDAY MORNINO, MAY IS. THURSDAY MORMNU. MAY 1ft. CONTENTS. ?> CONTENTS. CONTENTS. MAY )&. may 15. may is. may The Capture of New Ortenua bythe National Gunboata. {Double ptg^,) The United Statea Wet coming to Anchor before the City 4t New Orleana. (Double page.) The Pateagv of Port Phillip by the Second Dirlalon of the of the Rebel Porta at New Bdewi by the M rwr Sehooncr*. The Aaglo-Normau and the Mnelwlppi on Fire. _The Rebel Bam Manaaaae Battering the United Statea TfcmbardiieBt *olP&ort Macon?the Ten Inch Mortar Bat fjficket Sklrmlahliie at Furt Macon. The Capture of t >n Ma<on?The Thirty-pound Parrott ?lege Ouna in action. Mnval Flotilla at the Bombardment of Fort Maeon. ^Deitructiua of theAqula Creek Railroad Bridge by the ear Vlewe of Baton Rouge, La. p of Fort Polaakl and Vicinity. ?uructlon of Bulldlnge by Fire and Flood at Hartford, Charge <* the Flrrt MaeeacbiieAta on a Rebel Redan be fore Yorktown, Va. Rebel Water BtUerlee at Yorkton n. Rebel Battcrlee near Lee's Mill*, Va. Fart of it>e Kein l Fortifications tonmuullai tbl miln md to TorkU;wti, V?. The Batik OI WilL*m?bur>, Va. (Full page.) DE8TKU. TION OK THE aeinir. IKo.V CLAD Ram IRON CLAD RAM IRONCLAD RAM IKO.M-t LAD MAM IKON A LAO RAM IRON-CL.iU RAM IRON-CLaD RAM IRON t'! AD RAM ikon-<lai> ram MEKKI HA?. MKio.imai;, MEItlti MAC, MERRiMAC, MEltilUAC, MBHRLMAU, MERltlMA*', MEEK I MAC. MERRI.MA0, HEhkim.m , II I. STftlTKlNS. Il.i.l .iTKA'flOKS. ILLi.-j Ha i Iii.Sa. il LI .ill. - I'll ?i(S. li.i.i ,su;.\ i la .s. n.Lii m u.v i io.ns. 1U.I STli vT.U.N.N ILiil'S?If illl'ATK A I KINK RAYtUMfc 1LLUS I'KA riOMM. XLi.i:si'iuiii >>;. OTHER JLI.USTRAIMOS. . other ILLUSTRATIONS OIIIKR illustrations. Tb<* a'lori- pIMiilVH urn niacin I rum ????ur?ir akcuhai ukrn b> our s| t . :mI t tia, who lit KCOii>|*D>ln( tlx different ?ijKdiliu i* an.i <liw.?itiu* Of tka army navy, ami ?>'? jiroiM'..' ili.- 'jaly nil..bla iliiuirailoin which will ever bo putiliilic.i at tut C\ tall th?jr irytaoBt. ruy buy JIUT ruy mi r huy buy Suit lit Y frank LbSME'o ILLl strated NEWSPAPER *FltANk LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER! FRANK LESLIE SILi.l-M HATED NEWSPAPER! Frank leslie s illustrated newspaper frank LESLIE'S gZMTHAtli) NEWSPAPER* prank leslie S ILLUMltATKU NEWRpAI'ER "'hank LESLIE SILLUSi KAl fcll NEWSPAPER >RK LEhLIE S ILLI ST1UTED NUVtTAPEK, ME LESUK S ILLUSTRATE!! newspaper ?1 fSSi'S Ui^H?IKAT,iu newspaper NR LESLIES ILLtSTK A ted NEWSI'At'ek, nk LESLIE'S ILLCSTKATED newspaper 'rare leslie'S ILLUS1K.WKD .-i'^SPArER,* leslie S ILLUSI IIAIEO NEWSPAPER IHttfc }Sj&?*IER hiSSE*?*#; ;'8 Illus' i's Illus lfei;HT?Ti5si5si.;;s^ j^WElS* 'SILLUIMKATRU ni whpapkr' ? ILLUSJRAIKH newspaper ,S ILLUSfRATEl* NP,w$ >A ?>* l?? ILLUSTlUTBD NEWSPA PER I'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER* I'StLl.tftTRAIED NEWSPAPER' Kelt thursday Mornlai, ' Rati THURSDAY morn in f ftttt THURSDAY morning. Wait THURSDAY morning. Rati THURSDAY marulnf. AORKP*?TNe noit numbor of the ^ Kstjnzsxr&i MOUHT.J'JJBASKk T, I RUSHY CR SIDNEY LANGDOtJ* r^ONECUH R THMISVILLE TOCKTOtt BELLE Alfrk \ MMjyiLLK KOSHLH ?"WOBI MILTON UWU/Ah \T POINTOl 'OWL Riv ^ Fowr BARRANCA 'TM|^ SIElOgl } AYOU SCALE OE MILES G HJ L F nSorry &UT THE EXPECTED ATTACK UPON MOBILE. TJio Scene of "tlx? Second. Grand Movement of Commodore Farragut's Etxpedltjon. SITUATIONS WANTKU?FEMALES. For Other Wantt See Eighth Pago. A" TituatiojTVanted- b y a vouno oirlTas aeainntrcas or nursery governess. Unexceptionable reference* given; a Catholic family preferred. Address M. E. C., Heraluofllce, or apply at 91 Wayno at., Jcraey c.ty. AN EN'JMBH WOMAN WANTS a BITrATION AS housekeeper or nurse for children. Eight years'ceod reference. Cull on or ndilresa Mr.?. Murom, at Mr. Hlck inann's gi ocery store, Slat at., near Lexington av. A SITUATION WANTED-A8 CHAMBERMAID AND waltre*n. by a young girl lately landed. Call at 920 Sd av., between SOth and 6oiU ma., Urat Uoor. AKIRST CLASS COLORED OIRL WI8HES TO PRO aure a situation aa chambermaid and ae itnatn a* or a* nurse or waitress, or would like a munition to travel with a family aa nurse or to wait upon a lady to Europe; good refe rcnct'H. Call at ISO Went 2Jth at.,, In the rear, second floor. AN EXPERIENCED NL'RSE WISHES TO OBTAIN A altuatiuu; ahe la willing and trustworthy; baa refer ence* of tliree and four year* from her luat placet. Can be seen Tuesday aud Wcdnesuay at her former employer'*, 122 Lexington av. AN EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT WOMAN WI8IIE8 a situation aa nurae; can take the entire charge of an infant from Its birth; baa the beat city reference; an Infant preferred. Can be auen for two daya at No. Ill West 16th St., between 6ih and 7tb iivs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNQ Wo man, to do general housework; i a good cook, washer and lrourr; bus beat of city reference. Call for two daya at 1W Eact J-d at. AH PROTESTANT COOK, WASHER AND IRONER AND three Protestant general houseworker* wanUUuaiiona; also several neat smart girls, some seamstresses, chamber maids, waltrc>*cs; aiao English girl aud two Oerman girls, all at the large Institute loU West 11th at., corner of 6th av. moderate. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLE OIRL, aa laundress; she uuderatunda her basin *? perfectly i no objection to the country for the aummer. Can be aeen at bcr present employer'* at 29 West I9tb St., for two days. AM MIDDLE AOED WIDOW LADY OF RKSPECTa" bi.u v Is in want of a bora* aa housekeeper, or In any respcetsble capacity where the duties are light, sew and mane he ml! generally ttaeful for a small compensation; un exceptionable retsrences; no objection to the country. Call on ur address R. B , for two days, at No. SJoncs street, near Bieecker. A SITUATION WANTED-BY ? RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waluwss, or to do fine washing ami Ironing; beat city reference given. Call for two days at 18 West IS at. AM RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A baby to wet nuree at ber residence, 347 West Ititb at., In the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS *e?mstre*a and chambermaid, and is fully competent of taking charge of children; haa the best of c.ty reference where she lived four yeare. Can be aeen for two days at her last placc, 122 West 4th St., between 10th and Christo pher Ayouno woman WISHES a situation as plain cook; 1* a good waahcr and ironar, or would <lo cbaui b'Twnrk and waiting. Bent of city referenra from her last place. Can be aut'11 at 721 Htli It, botWi.en 4IHh and JUtb its., tup lioor, b.?? k room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A TRUSTWORTHY PBR ?ou, to ukecliarga ol a liouae for a family going In the country. Best of < l.y r fi renco given aa to loumly and no brlety. Call at .i2n av., i>. t?*?> n 10th am: It} ata. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO J\ do ohatnllrrwork and aaaial In the washing uud Ironing or waiting. City r< fen >>ce Can be teen for two day* at 201 \V>i l 26th at., betwe n Mil and Vtli ava. A LADY, SPEAKING FRENCH, GERMAN AND IT A llan tluently, a thorough musician, wboae en gatemeula will soon !? rminate, wishes to go the cnuntrj ; would give luitruriion during the aummer month* In all or any ol the al>ov accomplishment* for a miiall remuneru ilon. Unexieptioiianle rcterencea. Andre** li. 8. P., box MSI Post office. N. Y. AM YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS waitiea* or chambermaid and to assist in (he waahlng ?lid ironing. Cau gha the beat ol reierrnoe. Can be aeeu at 205 Weat 26th at., between 8th and 9th ara, AM RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A situation AS cook and wa?lier and lr?ner. Call at^JO 7th ar., In the fancy (tore, for two day a. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A altimtloD aa chambermaid an I to a taint in the waanlng and Ironing. Flret cla*? reference irom her l*at place. < >11 at I IK) 1 Allien* at., third door, front room, near tbe corner of Houston al. ARE9PECT4BBE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES 4 ?iMiation aa nam*; chu take charge or a haiiy from iia blub; or to take rare or wait on an old lady; In city or coun try. Call fur two day* at No. 3 Bro.idway, up atalr*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, ai lauudreaa; no objection to go a abort distance In tli? country; good rel*r*nc**an bo given. Call at 74 Weat 10th *t., In the rear. Ayouno girl wishes a situation as cham bermald and naltreia, or will do tne general housework of a email paieate family; can give beat of r*l*r?nce. Can be aeon lor one day at 142 Bast 28th at. Ah hrhpkctable oirl wishes a situation, as chambermaid and walbres*, or would aaalat In waahlng anil iroiiiuj; o* objection to th* country; bat the beat or r?Nr?*r? ftcm bar Imi pi***. Call *1 IN ***lSM it, SITUATIONS WAKTED-FE.1IAI.ES. A RESl'ECTABJuE PROTESTANT OIRL WHITES A situation, to Jo general homework in a prlvato family; best of re ereuoe. Call at the New York ttouse, l''eri j it., Hunter's Pouit, near the terry. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKEfl WILL GO OUT TO sew l>y the day or week. Call at 376 2d ?v., between 23(1 and 24th sts. A RESPECTABLE YOCNG GIRL WISHED A SITUA Uoa as nurse and searartresR, or cbambennaid and seamstiess, or chaml>erma*>i and to assist in the washing and ironing; has the best of city reference; has nj objection to the country or to travel. Call for two dai? at 120 Went 20th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE, steady younc woman, in a private family, as a good cook| would oe willing to assist with the \\ a- 1 n^ and lion lng if required; ban eiperen-e; can produce the best of <liy reference. Call i'or two days at 130 Clinton place, a few doors from 6tli are. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE jonn^ woman, In a p. iv*te family, as chambermaid ar.d waitress; has long experience, and Is capable, willing and obliging: can produce the best of city reference. Call for two days at 130Clinton place, a lew doors from 6th ave. QITUATrONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE O girls; one to cook, wash aud Iron, the other to do Cham berwork and phtln sewing; no objections to cfaildreu; city reference. Can be seen for two days at 75 Court at., near Atlantic. Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation as an experienced nurse and to do plain sewing, or to do chamberwork and line washing. Best of relereuce. Can bi; seen at 111 Sullivan st. XtTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA TT lion as cook and to wash aud Iron. Good city refe rence. Call at lid Smith St., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tion to do general housework in a small family, or chambers ork and waiting. Good city reference from last place. Call at CO Greenwich av. for two days. "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, TT a sliu.ition as chambermaid or to do general housework In a private family; Is a good washer and Ironer; has good

city reference. Can be seen for two days at 240 2Uth street, between #th and 10th aves. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. LATELY FROM TT Ireland, a situation in a respectaole family as waitress, chambermaid, or to take care of a child and do plain sewing. Call at 138 East 34th st., between 1st and 2d avs., In the store. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a situation as chambermaid or taun drass. Good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 149 West 27tli St., room No. (j. WANTED-BY All HONEST, FAITHFUL AND CAPA ble girl, an opportunity of going to England or Iceland with a lamlly aa waiting mam or nunc, or would make !ier? self generally uaeful. For further intormatlon apply at 36 Greenwich av., for llire* or tour days. tVTANTK?-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN (ilKL, TT to do general housework. Satisfactory reference given. Call for three days at IU Eaat Baltic at., Brooklyn. W^MANTED-BY A FIRST CLASH LAUNDRESS A SITU atlonlaa hotel or private family, mil oroduee good city r?lVieme lor ability and character; la protlcfcnt in French Ilutmg and! Ilullan planting. Can be aeen ail thll Week at 10/ WeatSlat St., tlrM floor, trout room. WET Nl'RSE.?WANTED, A SI i"l ATIOX AS WET nurar, by a peraon who stands highly recommended for reapccUMllly. Intpilre at tho Preaootl llouae, room 113. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE younu woman, aa lirai rule rook; would like to live with a Frrncli or Spanish family; would assist with the washing and ironing; tan ctve goal city ri-f<mm from her last place. Ad irt a? l.'U East lulb at,, Mcoltd tliior. "|V*ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN WHO HAS TT had a family of her own, a situation us nurae mid aei Mi stress; la a good tnllorcaa: ha", no objection (o leaving the etty; would like to go ?1 h an olllcer a family going lo the seat of war; haa the best of reference. ('all at Mrs. Yerk's, Mtf Atlantic at., lir-uklyu. AJLT ANTED?BY A TOUNO MARRIED AMERICAN TT woman, a baby lo wet nurse. l?y that h..a lost lior own, at her residence, 172 Bill at., Willlauo burg. WANTED?BY A MOST IIESPECTAULE TOUNO WO mnn, a situation as cook and to asatst with the waah Ing. Best city ruierei.ccf. Call at or addiess 1U7 Slat at., I rout room, liral lloor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU auon an seamstress; can out aud til uuUdrcn a clothes; good reference given. Call at U Carl! at., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AB nurae, or chambermaid and nur*?. Can be aeen for two driTaat i'MHth at., St. Mark'a place, lop floor, WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL8, alatcra, altuationa In a respectable private family; one aa etci'llecieook (paalry), and the "thar m chamhermuld and walliaae; the bcsml reference given. Call lor two daye, or. until engaged, at 'U State at., Brooklyn, flrat Ulghlof atalra, hack room. WaNTED-A SITUATION AS COOK OR CHAMBER tt maid In a respectable iamlly; haa good reference from her laat place. Call for two daya at lWJ Weet 38d at., third floor, back room. MTANTED?A SITUATION 48 LAUNDRESS, OR TT chambermaid and to do fine waahlng, by a respectable young woman. Haa the bent of city reference. Can be aeon for two daya at 97 West Mth at., third Uoor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, la a good washer and Irener aud a good plain coek, Uood reffrcBce Auoly al 771 ltd ar. Pull front bell. SITUATIONS WAN I KD-PKMAI,KS. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youi>K woman, M good cook, waahor ind lro .it; iih dentanda baking tboeoughly; the best ?f city reference. Call for two (lays at 443 4th su, near 2d av., tint tioor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tion an (,ood coo it, KMker and irouor; understands nil kinds of riiinily ynkliiK; t!ie country preferred, Call for two days ai 36 PMIjll at, South Brooklyn, near links. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE younc giii, a< < iiuinbexmaid and iu a privale family. Has tbn iwMt of rlty reference. Call for two data at N<>. 212 Went -'Id at. WANTE1>?A SITUATION, AS COOK AND LAUN dri'i H lu a small private family, by a competent pi r ?on who thoioighly understands ilie businca* iu all lis branches, and can nlve tne best of <lty reference as to cl.arar-ti r and capability. Cull at 79 West 2 jib at., between 6th and Tthav*. WANTED-BY A ? NEAT, RE-1 ECTABLE TO UNO Scotch girl, a Protestant, a altuam n. to do up stairs work and wulting, or to t.*?o cure of cliildivu; h;is goo 1i lty reference; no objections t> go in the country. Apply at the gentlemen's furnUliing store, 263 b'ul ou av.,above Raymond st.. Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A KESPEi TABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a baey to wet nnr*? at her own res'deneit. Call on or address Mm, 510 2d are., between '.Hat and 33d nta. WANTED?SITUATIONS FOB TWO GIRLS; ONE AS plain e jok, the other aa chambermaid and aeamstress; both having been a considerable Ume In their present place, from which they arc highly recommended, and which they only leave on ac count of the family leaving town. Apply tor two day* at 1*2 Weal 3Utb at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young widow woman, aa nurse and to do plain sew ing, or homework In a aiuall family; no objection to ro in the country. Haa reference. Apply at 01 Dou^aaa at., Brooklyn. TIT'ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT girls; one tooook, waah and iron for a ?mall private family; the other aa chambermaid and walueao. Best of city reference. Call lor two dave at the resilience of their present employer, 67>? Bait SSth at, between Lexington and "WTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO TV woman, aa waitress, or would do liKht housework In a small family; Is willing and ohll?;ing, and will make her. sell ge.ncrally ium-i ill. Has tjood city reierence from her last place. Call for two days at 413 3d ave., between 30tb and Slat at*. "IITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA". TT tien to do cooking, waahln't and ironing, or general houaework. In a prtvat ? family ; haa good city reference. Call at 331 Hackctt at., Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A TT re" pee table young Seotch woman; can do all klnda of family st-wini! and dressmaking; uo objection to taking care oi a cnlld, or trnvclimt with a family. Can be aeen for two days at No. 89 West lMth ai. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young man, ?? valet or private waiter; Would like to engage with a gentleman or a family going to Europe. Haa the beat of rr fen-ncr Adlrcaa T. 0.. Herald oiiice. A GENTLEMAN GOING WEST WOULD LIKE TO take charge any Imalm-aa,MlMMH, Ac.: can gtra aatlafactorjr relerMOM. A.I iiraa, suiting name and addrt-aa. Iter, Herald oflice. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, LIVINO WITU HIS PA rrnlH, wlaiieaa situation .is bookkeeper, clerk for gene ral work, Mkleemnn or imy other altnatlou; hp In ? very good hanilwriter, and know* Kiigllab, Kren h. Dutch ami Klein sh, aud undera.andaGerman pretty well. Adiirea* 283 Myrtle availur, Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN Of GOOD ADDRESS AND BUSINESS eipeilrncr, having a bamiaomcly lui uiilu-l oillci uu ltridnay, oppualte the Met ropolitan Hotel, with a line aho.v cane at the ?triat door, vvouid like to tako th?- Dale or agency ot *oine aalabla ar.Kl\ Addieaa or apply to M. P., MS Biwi l way. An experienced shipping cleiie wants a altuatlon in a dry, Jobbing or cotnmlaaloil house, or in any bualue?* where the of an active man may be reeali-ed. Beatot r.iernce an to honeaty and oapa<lty. Aildrea* Shipping Clerk, Herald alUi-a. TWO YOUNO MEN. LATELY ARRIVED FROM Europe, with aituatlona; cue ai porter; the other aa bead gardener. Apply to or addre??.M. H., ?!! > Laat lltli at, WANTED-BY A MMV AND HIS WIFE, WITH NO laaumhrHiiee. a a'luatlon to lake cbargr of a houar lor tha aumtnor mouths or a family going to Europe; the beat of teitiiuouiala given aa to capability. Addraaa Ml 7th av., il rat tloor. Alf ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, 88 YEARS OR TV age, a altuation an coachman, he anderaiitiida thoroughly tha treatment of boraea ami la a aareful driver, converaant !? English, French and German; be prefers to go a little dlatance to the oountrv. Only Hrat rate lamillea need addreaa Coat hman, lioa 112 New York Herald ollice. Ben of rvferauvea will be given. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE BOY, to learn the harneaa or aboc making; good reference If required. Apply lot two daya at 297 Weat 17th ai., bo tweeu 9th and loti avei. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN; COULD take care of a amall gardeii; understand* the ratre of boraea well and la ? good driver. Can give city recoaimenda tlona. Can be aaan at the Herald oiliaa from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M , or addreaa J. K? Herald office. WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED MAN, SPEAKINO trench Quently, a alluatlon aa outdoor aleak or porter; la not afraid of work. Hag tha beat of miy raiartBte Ad dreaa U T? U?T?ld office. HKLP WASTHli?MALES. AGENT-IP YOU W18II TO INVENT A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Examine tne merits of the MULTOMICROON. Cttil and see It, or -end for a circular. 8. O. RICKARD8 A CO., 103Nwu street.N. Y. \ GENTS ARK MAKING MORE MONEY HY SELLING J\. RICHARD'S I NION I'RIaE STATIONERY AND RECIPE PACKAGE Than kv any other invest:; nt. OCR PACKAGE IS IN S''CH DEMAND THAT AGENTS EASILY MAKE FROM >IU TO *1.1 A DAY. CIKCi I ARS MA1I.ED KREK. 8. C. RICKARlJS A CO., 102 Nassau street, AGENTS.--.WK cannot SCPP1.Y THE DEMAND. Yon can make $.1 a day by m-IHiii; the DIME PANPBOSPHOSIUM PRIZE PACKAGE, Pri e 101 emu. Containing sixteen new and n< article*, including A OIrT OK JEWELRY. If you would make mon< y n- w s nd to? a circular. W. H. 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Adareaa Howard, Herald office. mo PH0T0ORAPHKRS -A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR, JL or long iirxatkal experience ill evory branch of Ui.- photo graphic biialnau. wUbai an engagement. Ad lrvM E. 8. P., Brooklyn Poat oflhj). WANTED??0 BOX MAKERS, BT HBNRT~80L/M8 Kent av., between Dirialau av. and Ruah ?l., Brook ly n, E. D. WANTRD-A CONFECTfOHER. FAMILIAR WITH ttm manufacture ol loa^nitaa, to make up oeoaalonal Iota\pound, the material being auppliod. Ad<lr?aa M A. B? Herald ollica. WATCHM VKEIt WAVTB A UTOAH0H: MAC KOgl year*' experience: ha* good reference*, AddreaslO. B. R , boi 147, Uenava, U. V. for Olk?t Wants ??? Bifhth P?g?* THE IMPENDING ATTACK ON MOBILE. Arrival of the Advance of Fanragvt's Fleet OA Fort Morgan, Description of the Forts and Their Strength. Hydregraphical and Topographical Map of the Vicinity. Sketch of Mobile?Its Railway and Water Approaches. Have the lebeli Any Rams in Mobile Harbor? Ac., Ac., Ac. The reported arrival of Porter's mortar flotilla as the advance of Farragui's expedition off Fort Morgan and tha vicinity of Hon 1*1 and at laat brings this im portant part of the Unitod States more prominently before our notice. The news has been received from rebel sources, but latterly such news has generally been found correct when our mails arrive, at least as far as regards our attacks, although we generally find their statements of our troops being repulsed eomewbal exaggerated. We present our readers to-day with ? full hkeicb of the fortifications, water and railroad approach*!*, Ac., of tho oity of Mobile, and It will, doubt, less, be found Interesting. Mobile and Its Fortification** Daring the year 1700, a roving Frenchman nuM Bianviilo, attracted by the magnificent proportions of what is now known as Mobile, landed wltn a few follow ers, made a settlement and built a fort, probably upoa tho pre- ont Rite or Fort Mo: gsu. The exceeding salubrity of the climate, together with a perios of fortunate circumstances, prvspered the littlO settlement, the rapid growth of which, when ceded to En^'and in 1143, made it a place of some importance even at that oarly period. In 1780 it w?s again ceded, thin timo by England to Spain, and in 1817 tho city of Mobilg was ii)c ri?oraied. The city is b ill upon a plateau elevated some fifteen feet abovo high water mark, thirty miles from the mouth of Mobiie Bay, the entraace to this bay being protected by Forts Morgan and Gaines. Fort Morgan was known as Fort Boyer during tbs war or 1812, when tho gallant Major Lawrence defended It successfully against repealed attacks both by land and sen. Tho Tort since then bus been rebuilt and strength oned, ami was but a short time since one of tbe most picturesque and interostiug of our seacoast defences, tt shape it is a pentagon tracn, built njion regular anglso, protected on the sea front by a strong water battery sfl masonry and turf. Tbe greater number of the guns of the fort are Columbians or heavy calibre, trith an occa sional ritlo upon a salient. A bomb-proof citadel In tha centre of tho fort, pierced for musketry, affords a boosts retreat during a bombardment, as well as a dernier resort from a successful storming party. Hie fort and watot battery, with their full ornament, mount forty-five guns^ many or which are protected by tho mantelet that waa so much used during the Crimean wsr, and were brought from that place by Colonel Hardee, which peroonago has made excellent use of the advantage.-; of his visit tn tho rodtting and strengthening of Fort Morgan, where ho wa.. in c m maud directly after the exodus of Alabama fii.m tuo Union. These mar.teleto arS made of ropej fi\ m an inch and a hair to two iuches In thickness, laid one upon tho other and bound tightly together, no that they form an arc two-thirds of a circle in extent, and re sembling somewhat a mat of very thick rope, which hi I'lae. d directly across the breccli or tbe gun, a few inches b:it ic of th" trillions,a small aperture being left through which the gunner takes his range. While so occupied tho mantulet conceals and protects those portions of his per* son that would, were it not for the mantelet, bo exposed to the deadly bullet of a straight shooting party of skir mishers. A mantelet firmly made is a protection, as well from grape and canistcr as frum the rifle ball. The ditch or Fort Morgan is protected by a low sad clfe>? grove of tbe bayonet palm, wh< so thick and stunt ed limbs, with their sharp branches and svord shaped loaves, form an almost impregnable abattio, naturs having done tor Fort Morgan day by day what our army at Washington, with its th> usando of hardy foresters, finds an easy matter to accomplish in a few hoars. Among the otllc rs now in garrison at this fort org several unfinished specimens of tho West Point cadets wh ) left the military academy almost immediately after (he news of tho first outbresk of our present troubles reached them. The hoepltal, officers' quarters and other barrack buildings are situated a few hundred yards from tho fort, in a southeasterly di rection, tut building* being largo, well built and oem* fortable. The garrison of tha fort bos been constantly drilled in working their heavy guns, which they certain* ly manoeuvre and dexterously use with astonishing rfe pldity, some of tbe guns buret Ing thflr ohsllo high in tho air, far out in the direction of the fine lighthouse spot Sund Island. As the site of Fort Morgan Is historic, ws subjoin the following brief skotch of its importance in the war of 1813 Si gn September 14,1814. a British fleet of fovr carrying ninety-two guns, attacked Fort Boyer,si redoubt. This redoubt was garrisoned by only one hum. dred and twenty Americano?officers included?under the command of Major Lawrence, and its armament was but twenty small pieces of cannon, some of which wer# almost entirely useless, end moot of them poorly mounted, in batteries bartlly thrown np, and leaving the gum on, crvered from the knee upward, while tho enemy's land force, acting in concert with the ehlpe, consisted of 'wonty artillerists, with a battery of two guns, sad seven hundred and thirty marines, tadii&s and negreoo. Ills shirs carried Are hundred end ninety men In alL This immense disparity of numbers and strength did not allow to the British military and naval oomnanders tha slightest apprehension that four British ships, earrylng ninety two guns and a land force *omewhat exceeding ?even hundred combatants, could rail In reducing *, small work mounting only twenty short oarronados sad defended by s little more than one hundred men, unpror vided alike with furnaces for heating shot, or "T-mslW to oover themselves from rcckets and shslls. Novel theless the enemy was completely repulsed; tbs Brtttt/ Commodore's ship wss entirely destroyed. Tho enemy t lose In killed and wounded was two hundred aad thirty.' two men, while the American i or waa only eight or nine* The present fortification is built of Northern grantts, and Is, we believe, embrasured for one tier of guns, Hi case mated bombproof roors, and another tier of guns open air or en barMti On tbe exterior of the (tort Is a ditch and glacis extending entirely around It. There ara other advanced works os the counter approach so to the fort. ITS ARMAMENT. Iron forty two-poundors Iron twenty-four-poiinders M Lighleen-i'ounders g Twelve pounder* g lirass field pieces fer (hiking d'fenceo a Brass fiauking howltiers ft fHght-lncb liowliters, heavy 10 Thirteen-Inch mortars g Ton-inch mortars, heavy 4 Ten-inch mortar*, il^ht Hlght-inoh mortars, light Sixteen inc'h atone moi tors C'oohorn mortars Total armament..... lit We believe nil or nearly oil the guno required for Ifc armament or tho work are within Its wnUs. The fort hat ample quarters for officers, soidiero' barracks, store, bouseo and mogaaisce, and fusnacoo for heating hot shot* The entire work ooot tne United Mates toyoiniM* tat aad a quarter million of dollars* roRT QAixnt. this work It tho other defence to MoMti Itf. H l|

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