Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1862 Page 2
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eHnatod on TVauphti'a Island l*Oinl, ikrH miM Md (M fowth from it ad nearly opposite fori Mbrgao. Hjm? trr was ubuor construction at the outbreak of tbe rebellion and if dri oheti would have mounted eighly nine guu The chiof ciifir-oar of tlie Corps of Kuglneer*, id his i? part to Dm -ecieuuy of Wu in 1IM), Sit>* of the work:? "0, orations weie rtwMili January, 18do. The west ' hasuou )ik}> !? ??!! e\i- ?? d Ave minutes an si\ aecou't;, tli* : ma?- m> arch to mod, fov flank l< ">> sntbtksurti built , itul lli" main a chcom iwc^. l'lie main arch, of tlMinurlti, south aud norths si bust whs hare !>??? I rno<l, and the fi.ii.lws atiu pieis of ihe.-v i-.jal.uu.-i b up rer>dy for th" in he> u the Hanking puns. I'b? .-..Jo walls of ibe north iui.1 west p> sier.,^ fcase b'-on built, th. srett of the wet> !>? ?iaru turned, aau f?v..-iro:i ;i ? l'?*r l>ot terns iii.i ? aiiit hjng. The ^.orgo oii't iu ha b Ou raised three m it?o ar.d six soconrt : the bricl. lac.u^: e thesombw * .rtaio has been ra>osd fn r luiti'tte* *" three snail ar..l harked with oocciYts for one '?ot ia height, aiid ihehick facing of tbe north half of north curtain has Ue<H raised three niinutof aud six second*. The j aiade ha* bean thoroueh'y gr. <le?l, the earth beiiif ?mbauiced in the ratnfarte, and the w barf baa been re p.ured so ai> to allow of tlie receipt ef materials. With the funds at ]Ttr.eiit available it ia ex. acted that the acar|> wall will be ??npi"*led an?l oaibankod to a sufbclout height to alow of the chttunel-bear'.iig t;uus e big mount ed on Lam; ot ary platforms iu c-v-e of uocossity. Tocoin ph te thi-wot k, with the exception to further acooostno. <ime the ^nrnson, the officer ia charge estimates that ti> oum of tQi.Sw will be rvi|tur?d.'' 11m? leOel-:, uiaMog a virtue of MCOMity, have no.? deferred it.- c m^'etion and sro raakinp tise of thoxo por tions nearly tin I-tied, winch, with the s.ifid batteries ih.v. bave be*u erected, make iheui exes dinijly confident of their ability u> ?? stain nad witU-ta'iil any attack lUii may be made upon them. tirani'c Pi'.-s is the onu tliroovh wbn hlhe N'?.t Oi leans stc^iaorn ua#d t<J pull' their way beioi*e the i"r Molarity of their trios were interfered witb by a heal lb.* tear for tltoir safely. for, truth toaay. the probab.iity i Uiai a eieariur would ta.iLe but a portion of bo 'ooi-ney ur<\v erf s' e fell Inlo ihe .-a.'e l>e?i mg of one o. the many gv: b .i'? t!s .t comp -se our Oult ?|tuilNu. Ihis h.'or?u forcilied and protected iu th? b ? manner poaaiMo under tiie circumsia'ice-*, .-aud batte' i? b<iving b <xz e.fccted ujioi* either side of thv lit tie i-iand. upon which the keener of ihe ;>a.-s and lifUi u-fd to iiv?. In tbeM batteries aie tnouiil'* a nie of 'hi o'd thirty-twos that were ?iul?n fro. 'he Vorfoifc Nuvy Vard, and this kcj bit of a sand k?) luia ii?.? i jK>n It ?even g'.Ua, wuh a eomoinyut* a' idler*!* to work h m. I'ouioii of this work .ire care fully 0"*e?ed r> i:!i raw hide, which proteclion is ?-iid t' itr and i" e*eia the blii dirg shower or ?.md that toliowe a wetl th m?n shet. The fortittoa'ion oi'thi p'?-e utu.- aow a most unnecessary precaution, for ih" digging i.utof the )<??s kit iic.*n ilisoeottaned, and tbe ?uuid will .a a few months till the channel Iu thft? region of oor cooMtrjb It i t uot at all unlikely that at >he pre-, an I t'nio any other tbau the '-high p.e.-sure flat bo: touts" could n.aVe use of this ontrancs to Mobile Ba>. Of this bay a few no ils ef desci iption may not be on tnterestin^ A tin-t tna(niO?ent e\;wn?e of water t ? look upon, ohi<-h one would feel lit'lo doubt but that the navie-oi the whole world m>t;ht here flud ecit> aud ox ?"Hot!! a'.chor.cgo b"t such is not the ca.Mv?Jar^e rr^-els anchoring always in Bou Xe over's Itay. tbr-re being only water enough for them to go a Short disuue.' from the euiranre from 'h> bay. Here, under the guns of Volt Morgan before oor pr?-c it tro .U'.es, a lar.'e flee' was always to !)?< Heun. ami tLia whole bay dotted ? ith iighlers. heavily oad?d. were always busy, vlying to and fro. Vessels?' tghter draught Me takeu up the bay, hut uot directly U M onie, it beiuK nt-cessary to enter the Spaniak river, a1 its continence with the bay, a few mties below the city. tJoing ?i> the Sparish ? irw to its juacuon with the Ala batna, th# <rec <*k were droppo<i down upon its s'rocg ?urreot lo Mt>bilf, whloo t ity. though a few years since, m the vatce oT its i-xiiortatioas, ranked as tbe third ottmoternal e?iy to the L'uion, mimnera only nj,000 or 30,DUO int'.kbitaoia. for the pa?t year, however, we may safely atsto tint ita eipwlati n has been far ex oeodod byjuafcy oi tbe Ibriv >tg town of the North. The city has b id amtu..- its ftcioeals uoiubers of .Voitt etu ?-oro aieti, who, from ftrndooc- a regard for the healthy stats o. tbuir allairs, are ({Uite heavy iu their eah talk aud .lotions. Ihere cun V>e little doubt that Ui h-tn it wouid boa iimjj-i wekome si^ht to witness ailee: ?f the Doited Stales knocking to pints* the fortification? ?t tbe entrance of ihr bay. iArgeqnan neaof oetiou were not ioug since stored iu he city and Ua \ lOinity, ths accamuiatien from the huu treds ef pianta..' u- and ths rirers adjoining, wbi> h n?w toio Mobile bay. Tk? Railway and Water Approaches to tkc CUjr. Thar* m bit on* lib* of railroaJ run ring die*ct into iu? my of Mobile, and (bit connect* wf:b tbe various othur sitiee of Uir T'nloo at a place called M*. idisn, is Mie<ia <ipT<- From M*ridian there ia a railroad connection we*t with Jackson, Mi*#i??ipp?, thence eouik with N'c<* Orisaaa, north with Craad Juntion and llmpbif, ud ?till further we--t with Vicksburg and Toias. The Vorth road from Mobil* via Merldiaa bads direct to Corinth ?od all Ibe*-* points af mtcrnt in thai vicinity. From t'onath it a! eoo 'ime *a? conaer'ad w ttla all the cute* of the Union. bat now it H isolated therefrom. A content paved iio* tM to have rin ea-.t from Meridian, via Mm, fo Mootoeuiery, wh>h is on the Mi.e of the Ala i>.><na RAi'road: but the eoannanieMion, w* b*li*r% h.,? [ am ret boon ohni?1 <ip. Th* f*Hmrtag ia a taMnaf distance* along the m l: ?a: | bM??M Mobil* anil die tarivtM named rtaltoae:? IHitan ttf. Mil" From Vubii* to Whittler t front M fttlv lo R iiahl*. 11 From V. bile to ?a t*il!a 1." From M toil* to dMtchula It* From Mi.Mle to Beavwr Meudoar or f^i.^duu -jn *r?m to ^iduny. 2i> , ' tv om Mobil* IO<1tri.:>el.* >'rjm Muie ro I<eer ?**rlc 44 I F'rom Vnbile to Fa 4U a pa Ml ' Frota Mobil* to Biithv f reek f.ft i runi \l .in!? to .??? jio Lio* ??:: < >'r<?m Mo'iilc V> Me r';?n l"( Ki. & Nob le tot oltfXI'll ittt ? From Mobile lo J?nk*->a, Mian ru ernli.m JM Fr?.?a M bii'- (0 Vietatbiirg. \ la Meri u*n -~4 ; ? jtd to Mcmphi*. via Coi ? ill 4UI l'rom M'-ibUo to M' Bii'his, vi.aMi ri?1 ? * and .la -k?<w 43*' From MoMIe to Near Ortaant, via M?i, Iwn k .iK'au. 41* >iotnM?bi!< to?;r<Bd JuB<:(i"n 4t; ?ri>m M"b?le tnO'eeada 4?> (lift; i* tint 4i'*'t < obiwunic*. ion by railroad beiw**>. , Montgomery, the Capita! of the 5Ute.and UobiW; b it eiejniboatH run ilir--'t betweru !h*ie place*. aieag ?b# Aiahaina r v*r, whu.h i:>tu tbe M?bil* liter- | The water dittance t* S-i 1 mil< * A turnpik* roa ' Mm ' fiuaa Btake ef, m-ir opp->? t* Wu.nir, la faaaat-'da, ? d<atan?r of iDMt t'.ijr ?!!??. The m <p itaeir will nhow the prop'Tiioiiate dj|ta'i-e* belw?ea tii* .atei ?n a? . pl'i<;?* end ih* aubjoct 'M o?ir ?*?>?. li. A con*rt - ? ? aocMnpaox.") the ra?c foi c A p rpune. to a pfnon nnac'i'iaiut*d with he lt?r1i^r of Vol/ ? j ?t wo 'id aptHf frora !b? uvtp to be <me uf th? rin'-t in . the I mtf i - i.itcn. It, bov.*v*?, a i*r from be on ?o, f-?r . lar^e **-?<?!?, or ve ?*l* of groat a? oi K,t>t, cam "t tea h U<e < ity of Hrhue a? ail, but bar* t? ( ant bor a iltll'! ab ..e the forts, and iake tn j Hiotf targue*from lith'om. *?. o.i vi I?:?nd, wii ?u ta the fti *t iami i t kM lrw.ii tb? ara on ent*j n; tlia , li rbor of Mob'.e, ilii goTtrutui.u' ? e<"?.< \ !if' ih" 'K j ?ml wer* about < g?-'tructtug ? * .ne b u?T*d and 1 nn? .'#* aloVd ilia ?<??. Aantb- a" bo -? wa* air | e< u< t*d arid i-till'd Mobile I'oiiii .tU T> - |*n a .if lha | ^.inM (aland ed.fl ? have loin, ? ? r i*.tn<iT?l a ?v eil all oth*r pr??|?. ty of ? al'ie or tav, r bemi ne? i o-edonly f*r a f In-1 IQOlWat, fot wlimh >i '...a* : l? | moat MhairaMf adupv 4. b*4#g *"ui? >y ????! tu fc*i?iilj Mid ?Ut.D?ly built ot ma-onrf. Two be,en *wt^*alab ereciedon IbM* I'omt??a>? >h.i.M*ga lived red i|l?i.and iU*o?b* a i?ht ?f tbe ordi&a.j 1 wior. Bk Tk**a<rtM'.o ? M?%t *9>y U l|4'*" ? yn iile PWat and '*>*'1 >l*r i*.ir tftf Paiipbio bland. ta*ili?iaeee be taeaa tfcea?tai*? lhr*o an J a >|oa' *r mia*. To th* ? nth oi" |.i?i|.-in,??w"l '** '<????, * Bi* ?? Wa? li wh'ch t? barrea >d ?f ??an Mtrai.arnt ?a*t?? ? ff?a> lb* laMf atea*. Iitanl IH# ttl a half >?. tea a f.utl* l'.mcan "f ' '? lanH, b*f. r* spoken ?r, win b is <>. hot a far J aids >o sxisul, ?ud aesry srsn aithtb* wat*t'a*d?? * Ml. ftfrtlM let** s?nib ? i'sii|>) 'u ' fa <d <*id ttcbii* fniot a wlfch sre 'he ?ba.e. la- s, IK!', ots lb# entrant* to tli< bay; but, awar*\*i, tHOfilaUuaagh >? ??ri?> m < biiin?l*, ? lis main tnab .ni '''t?n % ? ' ti lisr ai th# lowe-ii I >la Tbe n ? ur ?( !!.|* b f la* w.',?r fUoii*Si for sur w & fiat ?*a ;>aa? oarer tha bS' but ua account of a ?b >al furai* I ? ? <?ait* ib? .no Hi 'it f>?a river, a'eran m :e> aotth n hs > m, vc>i i .IrswHif in"io than e gbt or ? ao r*t(| ?,iiint, ?? lew inie, i*read the uf fii !'?? 'n>. H| otiowmj'eio # tinh ? <hore >f I**" :4i.a la ?at, ?r<. i? ir t ?.in ?> * ?? 1 r ?ar?. ran in *r tit* 1-a * )?># tul* ? it in hub ?il ? i.i i< a? a aarr i" U- '<#>? ">ttt t'l* diraotMts ?f ?ha 1 ( ?|J1 tsv i ?. '? , '*'??* s?'. 1*J I,e *ei aiiote >t??M atChoctaw Point,? Hitl? hotow the oltr of Mo Hitr, bjt ha* doubUaw (mm oUmgMiaitml long smoe there is gool snuhorg* .;<> a little south of Dauphin t1114 tor vestal* drawing twfjhft feel Of w*i?rj *ud lhl? .1 V rage ft u? be entered either from lit ? we.iiw?i i or ui i! ui >.:n > h.vutel. 1'uri ig the fnnllMI of mirth ly . whoa ve ?eU trout tho sa? are ore vontod Mtertog '.U<i b y, UiLi ftuchuiago CoruirfgooJ Uuiiur. Lein i- l.aiK<'rOM in t gale, and destrucuou Is mevtU . . s.s > come to uu h'* ou'sido during a storm. ? . ui Mobile to lb ) Hay o!' St. iiouis thj distance if iy liiro mi^watit. Along ili.s etteut ofi osl H?>-ra nI mi of islands parage' to tbe mainland, forming a "hd, Which a'lo.-ds a pa> 11I inland navigation, and is ?tbont seveu miles wiJa. This coast n mn by, but at two or throe m.'.?s from shore >t ia covered with pi.ies and oaks. The isUuids #TO all sandy. 1'he .-ouml enters Mobile Kh.v be. wee* tUe mainland and l>aupliin lsu.'id. At this plain he bottom, formed by oyster beds, prusonts three ahal low } ?s.w, v<i:?Pa?s Aux Unities, with a depth of th- ee reel at liijjh wa'er; Pan|Guillori, two 'net at uuuiiu'ui l< <h ' 'Irs, and tue l*as? ,tu Huron, with n"aily five feet. L.'uoti is at> at seven milea in length; and the uext &u<;c<toding is l'etit IMs :?tand. The eniran> e be . wecu these two islands i. one mile w.Je, and the depth of m (er live root. Petit Bo s Island is narrow au<t has a wood n the middle of it. it is abo it niue mile* iu I >itgth. Thu passage beiwuin fetlt Bow and Horn Islands U t?0 miics wide and vessels drawing uiae feet of wator M11 outer it. The length of Horn Island is about fifteen 1111 e-: then are some groves oft it, but at the eastern part it is out I rely barr?n. There has been uo lighthouse ?a 11):? isiand. lha m-xt of tho chain is Do( Island, a xail island lying 01 id way between Horn and Ship islands, t' the east of lM>i .'stand there is a p i.v. t&e, riose to lloru I.,land, of ??iifhtacn >?t; but to the wast thoro b no pais,ice, as the s'.ioal which extends off from Shi.i Island extends b-vond Dog Island, having a channel ouiy on' third of .1 m:ie wide. Tlie aeTtiioco from Horu island to Ship '-?-land is-about five milos. Ship isla<rl is seven miles liiug. and vrktor than tho rest of the chain, in its mid dle it is c ivtnl wi'h herlia and sou)* pin?., but the rest is entirely bare. The oaly advantage or this island above the others is its excellent well of water on the ?grill side, about tlia middle. 'f we ling eist from tfobile th" co-i.-t tends e.tsl and by i.onh to I'e.'didn Hay, and tlwni-e to Pqnsacoia Bay, it (he entrance 01' w!;i?-h isSaat* 8osa Island. AH theso *t, n rii'd points )iav? 'loan o>?rly describ?<l oa former i? rasi -IIS .n til* N'r.W V?>*K llKRALi'. 'I'll*- Ili-bcl Vi?w of tlir Situation. [Prom the At ant* Confederacy. May 4.1 In-i: 'atoo.* pom1 st*1 "iigly to a bailie oouiiij; oil' at Co a* an e.irly A*r. which, for m :11 tUe of the forces engaged, 111 eclipse any that c*.<r tianspired in Ame :ici. Our judgment. i? that tlio Yankees hiv? awrljr one hundred and flfty thousand men.* Bea'f?g*r'l is wel' Misrh flanked on all sie.e.-t. He bu an invnousj array, but mo( ao large a-. the enemy. It we.e idle to u>uueat tb? u<-t .bat we have some ('??*! 8 to.' the result. Titer* is such a thing as being nturiy overwhalinoi with num bers, against which we can provide no leuiedy. If -outiieru valoi and able generaSUiu can wiu a victory, Xeanragard and li.a army will wi.i it. A defeat at that !?>int would be a severe blow, particularly a* tot set no ?ifit/ invtne *rcef>l fitllinfl I -ic ir<h M*bile?z direction in H&irk h* in no! uyni!*'!, for we want his army to ge to Sa-.bvi'!o.iud Louisville. Hu> though such a w .iild be painful and severe wo i-aii Mid-li e it. We ??KDond ire the km of Beaure ga d * .ind .Mtnuon's armies, and then secure our inde pendence. If our day of triumph dna't come sooner, it iri'1 i oiue wbao the Yankee* vesture into our interior and attempt iv subjugate and h-dd under subjection our ptople at their hornei. Tf not before, Yankee temerity witllben have overstep;'*! the bounds of Safoty and tweeess to tUvm in ibis war of conquest. ! f? the relwi general she; id alieapt to fall back upon Mobil*be will fin I b'-mseif flanked there al*>. for the rt-ei will by that tim? be a^in in posseaaion of that city and harbor.?Micros Hkr?i ?.} 11m to the Mobile Rebel* mijr ?'Rama!" His Mloniug letter wilt ex pin In sonii carious poiuu o; interesta* r*r at such a <l>>Cim?nt conld do so: O-I.xtw-KIIAIK ST41IM r*na*KK Kijumda, > Off ('s Hi1*, March 24, ISftS. ) Mr Uk tn f'.\rtiKK?Your etiort but very welcome letter of lit* 7th in#i. I.;?s j'tst reech?J me. Just think, it hao b<t?u Oviriwwi getting to no from Colombia. Woll, ?tear father. 1 H?;ie this wilt iintl you enjoying as mm heilih a? I. N'ot ? Mt of new*. The Morgan aud fiaines !mvr ti lib been iowj to ihe forts, but are at prenent at M hi e ?<??{!>?-! thent down again soon; tbeyare both very good hnan. The (V>inmo<lore ("Randolph) atoo aim itu vu J the Morgan is hi* flagship; she la a beauti ful model. lbo htoekade istjuiie inefficient bora; at least <ur i>?hou?a.a ran o it linrirg the last week, all of them hound !?> Hitv. ua ft itli load* of I'ot'on. Tliere are only iiir-e eifctoia blockading her*?aH of thorn are steam? viz: one steam Sloop. 03* bfi ." rigged craft and ?mih steam, fore-and-a t?r. "Ibey seem to lea; of boin^ r-asmt"! by some taferral ntaealne, (or they all lie pretty well oat of late. I'?rhjM the Kent teniae Uaee received Mobile pafwrs. If tb?y have, th * >um btiaioesale pretty well <!if'jved they will tln?i; and, at all aorautiis, we have ? evera! tame in Mobile, according to the patera. I'heir fate* niijr Mi day, perm*,'* be 'bat of the Com lieriand and Congress. Yon b?v e hoard all that news of onrae. *Vh?t do yen ibid: of the conduct uf the com mander, otarers and urn of th ' I'nited Statea ship Coin kariaodr Von mnsl exc'iae this short etter: for. as I said be fore, there >? no news hern that could interest yoo -^?e.imok we <** accounts or ScoU'a cavalry companies having skirmisher w lb the antiuiy. The utbe.' day I aaw that a atjiiad o. you hid routed a lot of Yankee* and pot 1 ben to flight, killing a good mnnyof Uiem and tboy kiUtag two uf yo?l. I de. lare that i waa umtbl" to ?u>" who yyir lette to :ue * us i"r-m botorn 1 opened if. .0 post mark yon oou'id tx>t make out, nwr did yo-i tflreci 'he hater. I did 6i ku * that you had left home >rt. 1 got a latter (Was inuiher.wMlec the 12th. I>y he ?imf that yonr? was r^it"), bating Uiat yon h^ : eft. 1 ss<tir?yiNi 'hit ' n in the mu .iti" ?.? T. i 11 ifd (if it. Tfrir (Ho;* inigM liave eat iy been tliK-i l?y -.nine ol ilr se p,H' .tjo y? n' f teen Uiet are now ?11 W. B. ft. Aeco.-rt t<> Metiior'a aucornte, * ol?nol '!? iKTii iii tbetu oreuy Poogbly. I wrtie to inotber tin-e a we* .. auil sonieliinee t* oe wrote twice laxi Reek 00 actount of rrt btvi; g lit ir,t frtnhtms. Yl?? uillbfl tU; 1 i-h de.a.t'd for a wmie. Wh>-ii ^ >M write ansln t I n>* .m-i' yo.i ire cowing bm k home. Ho-.* ai? yon arroe .vr. M,. love M TU.ille and ltiinter. yon ?e? iU?w. .?? 1.0'le'hat 1 n*j*r fri>?i 1'ierre ?c ca wvuily. AU IbA fuiln W'll. Tell ln? 10 alt tho \imknes lie poaclbiycan. ^--.on the '? I'lorMa,'* have w <ked tb?'ii '>p ??veral tlhret- llrr,e^ and killed a fevr of tJiem. If e .? only !.? ' :tiom iut'.mi, h it it can't be had .-owe w:>y O.'i -r. W, i'e *ooo, deap tattvi and ?orept the I .vnofyoi.. ue../!*! m* M L. VAt (JHAN. tllMltiOu aii'iitld becaliedto tht* matter or ram bn Id lay. aiid tsmncdiately. The ??ui-hl'-aeU phiasea in rl-.e i-:iter ar* very Mguilf?l. Khy mi> tot a day s Urn. I'un eiit of 10 ta H t^;?u ?o.i (?ainen and the -e- M>la li* the iiarbvr '.???. e lli-m v\ itfeoet jriwlet ah >old they ,-piy* Honors to ll?n?ral (lladdra at Mobile. |<' <tre.<[xiadenoe of the Kiciuumd i xani iwr, Aon! "Pi ] *^>?it.a, April -J!t, 1HA2 A siOitia1 deteil a< a gttar.l ef lienor wa>? ordered by Mneiirt Hiagah"Ui kia< d n onHis'id, the Kitat l/*ai>iann ISeg ta a. to Moompnnjr Mi* bod> .>> a ai*?cial train frotu 1 or Ink. tin Ita arrival ta Mobile, th* i*?iy vnniaidtn atataatlli- f'reehyte.r an cbui' h. inevm * to lb* f'.nerai a, t'oar f. M. ' ? W<>v lay. At !>?? bur th* h inh wa. ulled witlt th* riti*?i.a an I la i*? ul M-dnie. Th" ah arii e of a!! MM lota1 tr*oo- did Iii- f?ii?on?are xntly a fit 11 id, |?r?.*i t-'i ;lte 'a*' ini'i'a v s ort brmg fu niobrd, but tlw* tif thn Confederate armyai i na?y,auilo! dM a; e m; ??. aUcndet " tali itunorm, mi l r dlOtted tice ? dy to Ue ?al reftlttjg pla'a. The mt '? tar fauthv "f the e ta e< were nei't'nera ami the l? . iuig <:.t /.run ltd offl. 4 - hoM oea. era. it net-inert th-:t *>4atitir*pnpnlationo doeireo to e?imo their r??fie ; to h'? m in ? ? i'he ag . ware U" -t*d st half uiuat dining th" day. Von ai e hwMV iha ht* own taa e waa sivtt?thi Imr e r.t n b) Bn 'fie, iy. ani wn ?'1 wa aisn a^.jhtiy WO'tto'e-t w<? 1*4, p.oitaiij ? *p?^i? neo. *a|?ieme ( eiirt?CiK ialt. ACTION a t M IT Uk ? Ht I'ARK lt*N?. mfcr* Hoe. Judgo Hovl Th ? A'?rA B ink er. IttrAajfiaf Wyi'r ind fk*rt ?? tl e v< tint T bronght au At ti n ou * pr im, i .- y no'e lot )?' iVj'i n<d? by the Ma eitdai t (Bi( ?. i and endorse:) by Verr'mgfWl. KarrlnglO* euded 011 the g< otind t bat ib e>, ity, n i ir h* WW nrnl " i'l' td by the c.ide, ha \ m et ? ji > t to be <it^> o^a e l to t'te place instead of * UiX jii'i as ?w l', on |t?> ment o,r the no>?, to hare nil the t> ?t a a. f-c.'ud tig * 1 am ad not? 01 ihe W'a UiUftoB ?ti,.iii? Rii!rei4 CtfIHI'*n.ri ?l fTV I ,i?wi d?i<o?ited ii :lie ban'. hyUTiTers* collateral to >11, 1^1,'^ ^1> Ia.ire<d rOtai'bn'ild It* dollvete'l fljfi t uuii T.' tt%iou ti it*ym?n' (Ibe note n aitit. Ih* liAiin 1 on##ndad that tl lied ?? ?nt in re aln the rail* riM'l itw'e an se? tt ity for .t ?c.?tnia tnAtia to lis lor aftar Ibe itOte in aiit, and .ro?ed by Mr .lie t'e'b er, tit*' seve el a< h ndvstn<'e3 Ita'f h*en in le. Ihe ?fti*?lio0 then Ofee-'nteO for the t out ???, S.-t.. *? yt ?J4M lr, 10 #0 a ?.. y. <??-1 . .".I, ji iJT, 1* rir 1 t' sf1' en'iitoi' to meke In.'Uv 0 a!U.nt"ttiv*l> Hi tit atti'v*: Su 1 !????''waamf relief .?#?!? Mil* 1 ?td - iii.U in aror of Iheboak ho dime itial it itad "i ,ii 1 1 relan Ibe i'.n . oid note nnill oil i?>*i ttfn to Mddy a ? Hoient am i-in'of ne [w, ?, ,1, trtin> the d ouu <1 m ? i.i or It th?ott?'.'>f?nrs, or < ;iIm ofthem vj. ..1 pij- j'i :?r t-' 'ft .en1,1 i t *i?? t ?' it ihe etrio at r jt?> ptt idr .??.?!?! '?? e-t.i'.td 1 1 * ?breust 1 oa a ?n>ety -? ,,, I i|ir ? lilt ? t (Sid nn'i thai tit* ht n ? av . .1H^ld by 111-' l?' I* to< r. -e it i ,n-l |..? t.., rfiaaon I * lie a* it li>-td thtl tlio e c.!ti?a 1 on d l? .?OH a ?oian-we . ii,-^ ,.1.., ^ ;t> a N11 imiHt ? it me 'ton if |tw t-,ti pi n tit ind'he ( t nt rj- ntfefnllyeettiotl '>?,! ij;t {(!>>? at' it' ll tio Ho art. t?. Y ? ill* % r-wne;"iil tkebarit lHwtis. r.fte ? r ?' >? ??? " 'ttt NEWS FROM THE SOOTH. REBEL PREPARATIONS AT SAVANNAH. THE SHINPLASTER CURRENCY. Rebel Advices from tienerai Mitchell's Division. M ISCKTiL AN KOU8 IT E Ms-i, &C., &C., &C. Bonlhtra Dhiaptoileri. We have from time to time given the readers of tbe Hcralu, so far as the types would allow, specimen* of the bogus currency which is at present the only medium of commercial exchange ia the rebel States, aad tbid mora lug we present them with "a few mora of the same sort," fer whteb privilege we are indebted to Mr. Ybarra, the refugee from Norfolk, whose experiences in >?ece<?la and the manner of whose escape appeared iu the HbkaU) some time since. The New Orleans Delta of UarchV, in speaking of the "unwillingness" And mani fested by many persons in that city as to acceptiag the shmpla*turs issited by the rebel government, says that such unwillingness ts only another of the many indices which are daily presented of tbe presence of numerous "traitors" (i. e.. Union men) in that city, aud calls for the '?spottiug'' of such persons by alt adherents to the wautag fortunes of Jeff. Davi- & Co. The latest advices from New Orleans have assured us of the of (he Mta't assertion that there are thousands of true an3 loyal citizen* in the Crew-eat- City, and throughout tbe entire territory now ia rebellion. Nor do we suppose for a moment (hat the "iiuwillingnegs" sp"ken of by that journal will decrease in the least as our vic torious arms are advanced over the St'it--a now in r-b j! lion. Bat we can hardly imagine, looking at the tualt<>r iua mere business light, that the rebate themselves place auy \alue whatever on the note issues of the C.S. A. since the many and frequent indications they have had of tbe utter failure of the scheme of the secessi >a lead ers, aud the a'ubvltilo certainty which now " looms in tbe future" of a speedy crushing out of tho mad rebellion 'uto the support, or which they have been duped. With a largo army quartered upon them and eating out their substance; with all hop* of recognition by any foreign power utterly annihilated by the unequivocal arimi-sion of their chief spirit, the traitor Yancy; with business utt >rly prostratod ia all then' heretofore chief commer eiai marts; with specie so scarce, according to ths avowa' of the IMia, as te be " no longer looked upon as currency' bui as a tue.e commodity," aad their whole territory overrun with worthless, Irredeemable paper issues, it is by no means to be wonderud at that a very large degree of1' unwillingness" is manifested ia receiving these shin" planters in payment of debts. But as the Odta is stre nuous in urging the reoeptieujgf these bogus promises to pay, both from g?vernm<)ut?l and' private sources, as indicative of entire confidence in the success of the se ssion scheme, we give a few samples of the trash upoa which the very limited home commerce of the rebellious ?-lates. ts fouaggd. They are all of common letterpress description, miserably printed on very poor paper. The first three are from Savannah, Georgia;? t ?i QlliliUM'S MHila. eooo tea FIVK oem ri tcr a am and vkal. h. auiux. 51 No. 257. J 8?>m?i, Jti. tat, IMS. > FIVE I'ENTfl $ *11.1. U fAID (U UUUR ?* TH? | TIMBER Ol'TTEB'B HA$K, ? I ON KltRI. > $ B. A. Wa?**aw. a*?i. BrriffG. < Caahter. rim i Indian <JhW ?landlui, with bow and*! row. Squaw knael Id* ?ndr.tiMIn* v. n*at with $ CENTS OUR HOl'MB. Itumi, Mar to, 1MI. ?*iM>d ior FIVE OB NT# in Bffrdabraanta. A. B. LUCE, i * l'.,ra?, Fh /#//*////^//// /////^// M///////#/#/# / w //////^? Ponwom, *10* Oo.i. 19. IMI. % BxairAiLS raft TBN OKNT8, I* payment of Dapuaiu at tba PORTSMOUTH 8AVIXO FUND SOVIRTT. OBOROB KmiDmiciiiViUi, Tfc-No. I .MP ?feb'y I, MM. 20 , 20 TWKNTT ' R!*T? Whlfli will H*itl in baokabia fund* whan pr MDt"<i in ?ut?a of H?? Dollar* auu npanardv, at th>* Ailiam?'ia Houae. CHS. BAKLOVIU*. <<{)// //////// // ^/////#////'//</ //// W// //##</#^ ////// //.^ Ranti-miier W, IHtil s No. 494. * 5 flKUHK'MioHl V*. Tiali.tTl Cam* T x i ? , .1 i IT. *? ? J K * i TUN CENT*. H ? ; % I 9 t ? i . * 5 l*ar?M? In H-ar-r in tirg'aia Bai>k Not ??, on pre- ? ! ai-n'Mon n; lb**" Ml a in M>nta ut Ktva Iloltara. 5 ; _ HVIIT, HAOBR A CO. J > *? 'trtmtJofc USa. j ************** Mart Martial l<a?r In Virginia. HI HPHRHV NAft?HAM. IS COMMANII. jivom the R'lltnioutl IHt-patcli, Mar T.J iMUffftA1. cimmeh . Sit. :W. W ?r IwaamgiT, Aim. ?*k !>??? a ) Ki> UMxMO, May S, ISA'i. t 1. The following prvx IirnaU'rn ? pi fell*hart Tor the in formation of all i.inmr. ad.? WLA* Alio*. Ky virtue of the |K) .?e' revtad hi me by law l<> declare the a. aptnatoa ol t lie pir,')(<'?? jf I fit writ of bab'-a* corpna. I, *>n r<a?i?, l'i?*iJ#ut of the ('<*federate Matng of \Werli3 <10 proclaim tbat tojrtial law ia hereby ?x tended or?r 'h? cnnutieA oil ee, \Vi i? Buchanan. M>: liowell and WTjr.Muinf, under tb>- command of R'if.-idier liainral fl'.mphrey Wa?h?!l, an I I do proclaim the tin pen* on Ol atl rltil jnri?d|< lion with the exception of iha' enabling tba conrta to lake fognlgAnoa ol (M 9T9 hate of w II*. the 'din;n:?trai ,.ni of Ilia estate* of da ita.iiNi pai<"ni, llwtwIIIWtiien <h to etit*^ ?!r< eaaatid orda.? .'or ilia partition .mo gala of property, t? make order* i-nrcen.lng i<>ad*and bridge*, to aivas-i nun IT latin*. ami (u order tba payment of county di^al, and the otrnairion of tba writ of baha** mrpua in tbc conntla* afhr ?a|d. fn a.vh wli?:'a"i I h? >i liei>.-iir?-igreil m? i>atna and e?t mr *u. tin* ilia 3d ?U? or May, n 11f- /a?r nna thou sand night bcmlrad and aitiy lWo JKI KK.R^tN U.WM". 2 ltri|adi-ir (iaua' al Mumpbray Marshall I* ? W g< d ?mil tb? ?l'ia axti'titinn uf tb? T'lragoing t>ro>'l?nifttiuti M# will fvribwi li aataltii<it an attlr ant military |>ollft, ami will fflfo- i-a ilia r?i|<iwing ordaia ? All ilbdll'atkm of ?Mfttnoua linnor* i? t?>a tlral* pra lt!l>ilad, and kha 'H?ttiler ??? will forthwith ba cloaad. TV ??l# of T>r M"?,ug tkv'or* of anv kmd la a4so probibil ? a.I. an<l aa!AbIiali>n?nia for tlfa aala tb?rao[ will ba oluaa-l. S. AH |>?ra"n? InOiBn n? tha aboT? nruhiHIMnna will ?u<l?-r ?HL'h punUlincnt ?< aliail l>a ordarai by iha aan ianc> o[ a mm ' wrllat. proTldml ihm no *aotencato Har<n?> >r for tuor* than una inonih "ball b? intliutad by iba .ant>ii ?* of a raalnwnial i^?<irt mamai.aa dir?i t?-H t>v h? ?7i-l? si t ???'a ot war. Hy notn-u* >'l ?l <l>* !4jrr??4r? irf ? w.? ^ nnirt-.R A?lj lUot a-id Inipautr flan era!. n Hi I)(inmI llful far ligntl In Vii'Klnin. An ori( il'nl. ? arbii-b iha fiMiwwtnc i? i t'Py, urmt.-d hf L'trd l ai 'u to a Kr. Ih'nnaxln K.ll/'-y, hi lilt,'or <Wiatn '?? ila ;n !'airf*i mwiity, In VI <inla,waa capiurait by' Vi '.Va'tun of ttw Ki^lub ?w Vurk..-'to Miltii". 4k i"< 'h ' "???' .patio* o; iriairfaf, and S.-a in itaalf una "f f'?? ifloa ti?? i?f antg-Ravohit amary ttiw ;? 'I hr llialif llimaHiablrThuiiiai l.ord i " 7 i Kali in * llni-on ??f I amrion In dial . i pi I uf tit'oai Itfit iln %''??! ?*c<?lla'?l pru .ril - - tor uf Ilia >ki ilwn V>. x af Virgin-a. In ntl * ?yiii?wi :;n- ii??M"tl Wi Ulitg lailrnwa f un?t? iirf.-iin#. KHlin if? bat for gu-.-i lor h Ml' >Hi>i<tara t ini itir ?<?..i i hi in ion I'a .l an t for tbo annnrit uai iara -i fVi"' .*,Arre?l I fiava girt*, (iinta.1 A ?>n r-nat. val t?y ll"' " itra*i?ota for ni" my H?ir- A v^ig-ia ? ?? *ivr- Kliot A 'jimHrm oti-n I'r rouiailn KlUr) finiittr ?""!*?? 1' ?*? ' ( V 'I.ii* g w i 'in !;? i n 1,1 * ?? i 4 i'fi "f a j bowi<1"'1 m by i Survey thereof inula by John Hough BBG1NN1NO a poplar by Wattle Snake Branch tho Ira, ginningC'ornsr of 'leiuul Kvioy'a Laud aud ixirnar |o Tb tun* Ford thai' bin ling with tbe >d Ford'tf 1 .liut No. 4. Bast Three hundred k seventeen Poles to whare t>ie n'd F >rd'a Liae orjua Oapt. Ktls^y'? Ui? ?ti.ii the ? <1 iMtsey 's I.tao riji urn' K**t Sixty snvMi P>i!o# to hia t urner ou a Uiifco i.ioc with Ui? n'd Lme No. ?,Ka*t Thirty twi- I'oi-s t> two red Oa'>s ami ouc whttu'?uk near tho h*Md of a (ilutle hia UMMr.Mill with hia line No. 49 Kjutt,Twenty Poles to a bl.u-k Oik aailCStognut ou this aid* of a Hi I nti.l ? ;'h hi* l.iue .NO. 1W East. flwtl" hundred an t tort Pol-a. c rot sn.g aev- ral Branches of ; Pope's Head to where tho Og Koi't crosse tha H'>id u? Ahixaiidri i in alma ot tha Lind aurvoy'd t\>< James Ihko liocisr tben with hu 31. WmI< .-even'jr eijht Paffcs to f-?ir diiania,. O As on a Hill ShU his Corner still with his l.ina East liumlrod and sisty-o.ght fi!?s er.-ovm* tha Ox Rr*J ,*t Ij Aluindrtft !o two Hlcc ?rin? io ths Line of CM. Orason than witu l?w Liua No. 'it Wast ion Poias to a black. iNtW hia Hogitiiuu?r -till with hia Liua No. 40, Kail, Kigh'y ilirae Po'ps to i 0 >r liar of another Sm vay of tho said Rita y 's then with Ui it Mm ui' tho s'd Survey No. 43 West Two hundred i twenty nine roles to a l.Sno of Col. (Ulter than Btndiag with hi-Uue No. 51 We-H Two hundred & sit Poles M?a drain of Popes Head crossing a branch of the Ox still with iLa s'd <\trf'-r a Liua No. 14 West Throa bun dled & ili ty one Pules to a white Oak bis Corner k ' omi t to tho afo. os'd Tenant Hyley tlion wiih hi- lane K*. 50, Wast One hun Irad k forty oighf Poles to tho Itcggln nlng Containing Kl*r liuu<lrt-ii ami furty foar Acres, together with ail tile I tig tits, Meuibers .V Appurlcuancct< ihi'ieunto beiougini,* Koyul Alines excepted end a a i'"H third par! or all l.e.iu Copi>ar Tut Coals Iron Minas S I >u Ore thai ahals be found thereon To nave .* to Hutu the s'd Five hundred k UH'ty-lour Acre* of. 1 And Together with all High Is Profits k llanetiis to tbeaame l??loug;iig or iusnv wine appertaining (M capt before Uxceptni) To htui the s'd 'fboma/in hUlzay his Heirs aad Assigns for tvar Ho tha s'd Thjius7>u Mlzey hia Ueirs & Assigns thero.'hrtt Ytabling aad paying to me my Unirs or Asslgna or to my At torney or Attomlee Ag?ni or Agents or to ibe oerU's At toru?y or Attorniee of rn> Heirs or Anclgas 1'ropi ieto;? of Uia s'd Northers Nock Yearly and n^ery Tear ou the Feast Day of St. Michael the Arcliaugal the fee iUint of One Shilling Sterling Money lor every Kitty Auras of lA'id heretiy grauted and Ho WoporHotiahly for a greatar or lesser Quantity Provided that if ilia Thruiazh> l?l>?ey his Hairs and .\K<go? shall not pay tha a <1 aouual R'nt as aforesaid so tint tho Ham* or any part thereof be behind Jt unpaid by tho spaoa of Two whole years after the sumo shall baeorae due (If Legally Demanded) Tbat then it shall and may be lawt ul for mo my Ueirs or Assigns Proprietors ss afores'd my or tbeir Certain At torney or Atlornies Agent or Agonis Into the above granted Premises to H"?nter ?n t Hold the same so as if this Grant hail never Passed, tilvnti ;H my Offh:e in the C/0>mty of Frederick under my Hand and Saal Dntnl The Klerenth Hay cf >!ay Ao I)tu One Thou

sand Sevan Hundred and Sixty l.ight. Rt'^istciTd In the Proprietors Ufflca in Boole 0 folio U4. hailfAJt. *H!K)K-AI10.V. Mr. Tlioma/.:ii Kline;- 's Dial For 544 Acres la Fairfax Oouuty Knt'd klAam'l. Another Rebel Canard. [From tha Ri' hoaoud Dix)iatch, May 7.] Aoih sta, May 6, IX<;2. Caotaiu Morgan lias defeated and taken prisouors 280 federals at I'ulatoski.Temi. Ha al?> captured a train loaded with foderal property. Rebel Troops to be Pat on V?g?Urlaii l>let. [From the Richmond Whig, April 26. j The Charleston liwn'ii' make* a timely suggestion when it says the tomato should receive particular at toution from our farmers. Tit txUnti'* cultivation it ne rf**nrii far the pr&wation of the km'/Jo of tmrtMitn. Tho tomato seems to have a direct aud | oouliar action on the liver, producing all tbe beneficial effects of merowial preparations, without any or ths injuries. It is >uid that the great success of the celebrated Spanish bitters or br. '/*vla if owing to ita principal ingrcdieAt beiugthe active principle or this plant. In confirmation of its value, we have heard one of our most distinguished phy tirians reqimlc that whenever he felt unwell in the spring of the year be kn?w that it arose from torpor of hm liver, and he invariably relieved himself by partaking of UjiS vegetable at bis dianer. W$ trust thai our trjum will be''riety tuppUed wi'lt it, as it is both hygienic and A Proof of the Scarcity of Rebel Soldiery ia Virginia. [Krom tbe ltichmoudKiainiuer, May 2.] We learn tfiat lu some of th? lower coontios, 1.etcher, not aatisttod with Ihe penticioms torirx/u -n *' of hi* former i roclamaliottt, has ordered out for service all the old men between thirty Ave and Afty-flye year* of age, v*e art syartJ by Me Ckmtcrip ion bit. The Yankee* In tlie Nonth. (From the Riohraoud Dispatch, May 7.J Tbe arpiy of Butler is cow in New Orleans, and other Yankee armies are at other points on tho Southern coast. They think they have taken tbe country, but they will Dud beforo many months that tbe country has taken them. The yollow revet- is a scourge even to the native population, living In comfortable housus.aud having all tbe advantages of systematic habits and exporlonc?d medical attendance. What It will be amonij the dissi pated and unaccliuiated hordes of the North it no-'ds no prophet to predict. Confederate Money m Lw?l Tender. | Prom the Kichinontf Dispatch^ April 11.] In th? pre?eui condition of al.urii we believe it would be a very who measure to I'.eclero the Wanes of the Con federate government a legal tender. In exigent-tea inch ae ours, nations have lime and again adopted this measure. To Ueolai e the Confederate ti>te* a let") tender would be an accommodation 10 the loyal, and it would check the disloyal iu lUeu eflhrts to impair the publie oredit. We know no nay ui which the government ran offer, at tins time, w thong a guaian'-tof H? ova,t <tH*r minoJitm Jut Ike Hllimnti r?d*mpH'? of ilt <r*m iiw*. What it makes obligatory upon the people totoke.ltiu (.?flbct obligate* itself to redeem 10 (he lUiermosl far thing. A urge port-on of the currency of the ({evolution of'76 bouatne depret isteJ until it was of no value, and Anally fell into tlie hands ?i men who gave little or nothing in consideration tor it, Thl? ewrrenc* was repudiated. It la hardly possible fur ? similar fate to en-<ue to any of the i?mi?? of this war. CircumntHnceis are *<"> entirely changed that similar consequent:** eanfiut arise. Rot tlie sweat way to maintain the par valee of a government Ustte is the on-tuMuice that the government wili redeem it a* its per value, fh * wiranre can, under the present steai of afftirs. In noway so eflecrttally l>e elfered aa by act of Ongrees, dniorxmp tl?ii it thill b> n U'galltmhr, ami, tAer-firt. tKall ftm Jm i(t /w vatic in all IranmuJicm/ amongtl men. The currenuy o-* th? governfueut is US mnuis of aou dueling the war and iltfentliug Die reentry. Us cisdtt must be susialned, It is of the very hi|[!i?*t lmi ortsr.?e tost it should i?e. If Ike ynaim n>. Mb, we fit fin', ymef?< rein wib to-treAti* *ti. It Ik therefore ihj fore the d'iry o( the government, it ,* the (fhly of every i ilizea, to immi tint no detriment shaii ? mo to ttny of the mum* "f protecting the uoun i y and establishing us ri def-endence. rhweurreney is on??>f tb* meet tndtspeo -able ot tboae m> aim. Government and people eogbt to uoiia in memla tiing ,ts credit. We If'tild oil take it cheerfully. aud every one shu-tld <l?!end it again-, t ks -a jit u? l in nit } j ist an he would ti* ?-nd Ins own uwidnld. Xouojioly and KjUoitinn. JTrnm i><? KWluaml IHspatch. A rii 11.] Tha on' ** nf Mils #ii! is avarice, its mi vent was the signal i?,- be yrlwinuH aud plot* of monopolists and ex tertioners: nud Utey hsve prowled eeertiioealy by iheir ofierjt. ii- N'o u'ass e!' the community lure b-eii Shielded from their ln-arile-is and niilimi ed exaction*, rhesildler, who le Agliting 'lie bft'tloa of i be coiratry. v.b?i us ex,* himself t 'lenthtn tne battle field, and ihe wo <e death n th1 hospital, te protect the very property whim they are ?< ounmlsting >>y th'lr III got'u'n g .m*, finds no mercy at tbeir hen"'?; the wile wnd cbll? dreu of that s-Mier, l?rt fienulle^s at ht ine, find wichj iity, no relaxatiou .a iha griinng <i.:ihumIs ef thesectm m<i'n cnett: iss of sli mankind, iktir "?m gtrri-mncnl it ???Hti'trrM iJte t/rtri'tl ?iWt;n fur lh*>r Iff ituf nm! maiutility/ - tvratioM, unit a-'.' noitlmlyiitfi n? ??omnmnilp of rwtefwf mUk a??yto.<#v. no o',lifit/i>,nt <? >kat yo'^i n/i\> nt ><?kirk ;/ri 'krm pro * tinn and f ?ritu, Ih'fi >iajj,? a ?wr on nil, ?>*( K-a.en MA tp' -mmm'. ami pto/ile < > the f ?U <sn?wf #/ l^tir a: tltf i. It is to lie Umeeied that there is notaomo means of ri priial agslnst tbe-n romtuon enemi<? of government ntiii (isopte. Bui tlie only remedy mat can tieeui| .oyed an only h.ive a pert'sl effect at Oest it,-on their future operntions. .?>? ,'inl lam it <h* wtly mod', 1'f **r,n ,?/' '?"?iing a ??W?m of astorfien tn.'i i-k u tMNSfKMrsU' awl in Miuahlf. i his r?ras ly has been applied only iu a linine I war : Intt ib-ieaie tnauy article* which might vet be ?r>|ir<i|>rioto y brought 'inder its ?[>#isiion. fhore ar* necseasflesof c'oihum. a- well as food, which Si o hold at pi i< e? beyond all rssson. Ibe g< reintnent might weil give its ntiewtse to the whole vaiawgus ?f ibinva indis (4Nistible ror the siisieuem o and i lotbiog of the ue ?(?;e. The J?ia>n <i*i-warns th? imWi'-or a design to spern. late in whent and tnonni-oli/e a'l the four. ihatpa;>er hol- s u-t t>> th* liunisne oersor.-" riii?rtaining thl? drsi :n fi<r money mskiitg.thepo Mbility ot tbs fixings notmum ii-r litem by nisrti.illaw. IT there be any such plsn on idub?-end we thiuli It more than provable?we h*p* Uie governnt nt will regulate ibe pines for th? moaopollsts. If there is a man on tbis earth for whom a rn^eisl punisbment of illiest t hsrso er is reserved. he ? the -x torileeer. He i? the enctuy of ell men,and is now loitg sll in his power to nalp the invs liug army, lie i? iog >h? s?e Is ?'f discMQicnt. and il^iiresM .g th? puhlM K.drit by his'ippressiee of the people smoegst w'totn lis I,res, ami to wbom be will own ihe protaciion of himself and prop?rtv. But then he I- without honor, as well a< iiumamtv II* will oe rsad? at any m'-msnt to swm al'eglatite to Abe L ncoln. The IiStlld In the Captured Cities. I Prom ihe Rlehmon4 lhs|tetcb, Ma* 9.) Njgthiiw linn iliaauaied t.s in Me tetter writing sWu. aatteee of the Northern neniies twe than their ii-?ti.d ?iart?S Of Ibf detR'fliH^fi ?f 'h Indies In N??hvtlle S"d mNbrenVtii.tM Sonlwerii citljsle 'he *snk?e invso?rs. ilie S' oo inls ihey publish ?( * Mgar. oarsenees to them, otniM pert of w*1l bret| Mutbern women, are evhtently ih?em:i"silon--f ih?ir ?wn eosrse and voifsr nt.n.i . '.te 'lo not betters that H<?itlmi n IMIps would . c.mite?i>??nd I |? Indetlcit-* ?nd '1nlsdy?lik', mefflSsetntlont >b -ir ut'ir-ta'ion of thf IflVHilSiS. Ihey WOuVI u t. put ihertisH??s on a i" vri wiib * ich cre<dtir*s, tier nneeeee enrtiv expos' thentaelvse to Ins til. T'tei thhOTftoeer it,. >n M iO' mtnnse anil proRietntl to isiut'ie Hueh ?!jsII"w h It << too s.-twi ami -tlgm^l lr?-: *\?ey it# ro , n In idle words. The only tcentral we hare >-c*n tiomsnf ef the Vf<r'harn crfbel of the eotidnci of mwtltein i*'1!** to > it* < sohiie-s, wMeh sifko* ue ?,t hll (webshle, wat thtl w; t u *?n sewist iff sIt .itior -i I- w t?l ''iftie S"i thei :t <if|t<,itta with Mis. * *?iU, ffKow- e< 'he ia'e I'l-eielC'it. *he? rSRieM tbat l<t'lf t<? i iter il<elr protoeiion, mmiI k!. - tr eift*I i jo St with frigid ri ,iitv." .-*he told ttis'n Iss ienured n? pre4eslioti, ?nd i. id nniv !<? >s* "? it the ||mt$? her hhh.i;i I Sh . ihl he nreeerted f ?'tt desert <thm. Sloe* * iWWpMnn is *M? eveMmfiyi t them te ttiteore,m?4 Mt is-- n?o-e ?1>dt w >rdr ml yiAMk n' Tiiets ai t some i ? i 'i? /. th* it . -oit'-#''ti 'a* 114' them, and noma wrotchos m rfla. that tha tamicitlM ot lb* good aod .Hire, instead of Acting u a reproof, only vale# their eelf-esteem. The d open footing are always tho Ium demonstrative, aod paastutt tluti vauts tUeir iu words (a rarely deep ssatud and loug live I. We do not hciie' e the gro*g, Yankee libwls ui>on our country i? m-'u, not imTy boaisa they are ladies, but because tliey hate and hp >rn the invader* of their country with a depth ami iut"n-iiy v? Inch can ouU be "\,>re?*id b\ the ?tost frigid react-rp and scrupulous aw.Juuoa of all MM muoictifHi with tboui. Hauieltiug the Tiallfti* flioinibtt Kichmoud Dispatch, Vay 0.1 It is said that niua hundred of the citr/i-us of Nashvlle luve been arrest.>d and will bo trie I for trua-os The pun-aliment for what the Yiakeeicall Iraaani i.; ?t ?ut!?, au'l this (he lam which those tyrants w;!l h ally < *e cile upon all iu the Smith who pr adicaUjr nuiutain that dortrUie of tho severe,ijtity of the sitatcb in which they wero e tiicatel from chjJUhoo?l. ami which no one, either tfl Msrttl f>f SV:{B hn., Jwir (TRpuftd u;i I ? the pe ?ul war. Tne whole programme of tho inva tors ii worthy tl.e dark a^w. i b? scallold is to groan with victims, ami the whole property of the Sonthei u pe-pie to bo takeu from litem. II is well thai they have (termined (he cloven toot to l>> r.A-u thus early. It is well that ti.ey*o given the Southern people the nnmistft! able indication f what is in -itoro for them. Tlt"y have tmviiM (hi most in credulous that it b a.- I'tlu a* Ii is mini m!y to nxpect cle uteuoy or coin, u?sion at ttieti band*. When the* entered Nashville they were gentle and bland iu ttioil'profea. sions, till they bud almost lulled the susplciocs into se??i rity. bul the threat of Mr. tVok.?that tbov would deal with ihe rebellion ?ith gloves on?is already I'ounu to bo something more lliu an empty menace. Ill-re la no hope wli ttovr tor the South except in such insistence as men make to outlaw* and pirated. Bank* and Kreuaont Di i r<n Barb. ' (f'roiu tbe Kiclunotid Dls|iatcU, Muy 0.] From passengers who arrived by tho Ce-ilral train laat evening we have aoino interesting particulars of tho noovomaau of our ton es in tbe Valley. Tho propriety of giving publicity to t movemqpt* is qoestionable, but such is tho public anxiety to laaru the movunanl* of our aruiy tbai we ixeauot sM?h information as wo hive been able to gather at tar tho mocit earefut inquiry. The forces nuder General Jacksou loft Stauiiton on Wednesday morning, and on the evening of tbe same day tho rear guard of hie army etK*amped four iniu*(i wost of Hudiilo Cap, fourteen miles from Staunton. Con. Johnson's forces bad advanced to Shenandoah Mountain, in pursuit of <?oim ral Milroy, who was tailing back beforo Liio united force* of Jackson and Johnson. A hope was en terlainnd tlmt tbe command of Ueneral Johnston ?o Jd oveitak 'and rnga ;e iIih eftemy iauMr Milbnry, wlio is said to have about umler bis eomn.aud. Among tiie panseugers <Ai ibe tiaiu was an Adiutunt or the Kil'tb Now York regiment, wbo was capture.! at Barrfeonbnrg on Tuesday laet. This m isuii^r uianire-t<-d all th< iiitprrtiimiU tiimp oms v>hi* h ekaracltriM '.hot', n'hu art fooluhly en'teavuting to lufijupti'? th- OoitfJt. Iu au io l?rvia.v with him ho stated thai this was his tlrst visit to Richmond,atid although be was not attended with tbe a?;iiocompany and Btirroiindco hythe ?nine circiiia slanoM wbinh ho uzpcctoil to attend his enlrtince to tti - capital Qf U>? SOnthorn cmi'nderacy A? Ami n>idonb>:h il a r?" ttwl.; wo/'U settle tht mnlUr an I witn*. s Hit ?./<>. Jhijl tutting m>- bHtiiiinyt of Rich it'mii. Resjoke ?i<4; mi..c confldottcsof the uidlitv of the \orlb to'sahi ^ate tf*a Sotitk, and Iho .gbt ttio titne not. distmt wun'i the UuioS wjjtlld bo roswned, and ail w'juld live together In peace hannony uadur tbo gorornment oi' our lathers. We TV J" 'itUo surprised at the hoix-fitlacs? of tliln capture, fn reply"to nu inquiry as it iii* number of the Union forces iu the v?U?y,hs stated 'hat tbev bad not Vas than forty thousand nor more than sixty thonsjnd, and that Major (Jnuoral Hatk* was in Rommand of this Torre. Rosocrant, wbo flyured so cons|Hr.uou.sly iu Western Virginia la-d year, cowl mandsu division under Bnnkii. Uju-ral Shields, who was so so\ erely w winded at Wluchestsr, the prisoner state", lias |>arllally recovered, an1 ia in command of hi-divi sion. 'Ihe prisoner does not seem jo uu<ler*tand the re trent of General liauksfn.m Harrtsouburg, and seem* to think that it was altogether a strat"ga; uiorcment. Tlio prison*-!' was r.>int'jrtahty ?nd Imnds'imoly uni formed,and bad on, iu ad^tion to good clolhes,a bie s - plate. Which saved his lite at tha time of hi* OaptU O. It se?m8 that he was sngsged in close contbet with jur cavalry, and re-istod to tbe very likt the irre-ia.i'ile assault of rwir forces. A ball from tho pistol of otie of o ir cavalrymen would bave killed bi:^ but t'c.r tho breastplate which he wore, and t.y wbirii ht? tU? m ativi vsilbn of Ills nnorofltah'e f ywimiitf. tt?T< Zh video PTCES3L5l6!jlL2y5 ifWTlS 'fsjS- ia the fa--', tast bis opJPMitil 'warfslain , >vt)Uc kf wu tuptured, to re main in bondage, during tho reinsjuder ??f the unna?Wu. contest which is now being wagSiTiieaiust the S ?atb "* *NS)MA A Rebel Katlmate of Military "itur*ti?n. [Prom Hi* Kichmond ihapaU'b, WKT POINT. Tb* adrantago* uf a reg'tfcir military e!uo>t on are obvious ?uoii^h. nud lb* that W?t Point buff tut nftd out mnuy aocornplishod general* cannot be .tenio.l. But a geltaral, likn a poet, must l?e b'irn a (ane eNo a'l the military school ? iu Hi* wold canuol inaic? up the dciioen. y. We Imto a* much comimpi -h iTiy rno for poll i.'i.iui wbo affect to | lay the p*"t<i g>*il aoldiera; but it is aWurd to u?' ma mat all are foldi*.* wlio liar* gonethrouith a tuKitaiyec nol.mirt iiiala man <*unot l>?? ganeral wl.o has nut rubbed a/.lnst tho wel's of on* < t these instUutioos. Xapol?on would lia a been Napiljon if ho had never been iu * n.:hool of an&?>alua( i u .Alexander. Cinar,?oil Hntiuibal weie without any such advanta^a*. What w*uld bk\e Ue.ome of out' Revolution wilh'?it Waahington. who never h?d a military *?!?< ahou? 'he latl war with hlngland would nevci have kuown iu ?reatest riciory but for the rainier .Ittckao.'i, who d* feuded nuMikasfally aguinat the i>;<ike*i rete: an* of Knf that city which u. Kiad iute of WeM I *im baa given up without ill ing k ?un. fc'veo Scott himself, who gaillO'l such laurel* in thai war, wag not edti. i><-d to ih* profes of arm*. Weal I'oint is very we't, but iaj?t uot deify it. It i* an admirable ccftool, bu?. birfnan mini re and lb* management of volunteer* are not laugbl there. Home of tbe Southern graduates now iu owniuaii't of our armies, happily for ue, are not mere >nee of aciene*, an<1 fully deserve the oonfldetfo* ot their eohti^rftaud llie oouniry. The Wmy B*b?l* Show Their Npltv. [Kroni the Kirbiwoml liiaperch, day t.j Krom a gentleman, who led tfrnderlckabiiig a few day* a<o, we gut her a t?w mlereelieg iletna. He attended m Kptaoopal ofroirb laxt S'ltutoy, and wu* au eye wit nese to gome thing* tluu trauap.i ed In the ?acred ediQc. A Yaukee General cane u? the church door and asked thn MXton t<> ahow bin* i*t? tbe Mavor s pew, wbir.!i I* did accordingly. freaeutly tbe Mayor oaflne in. bat seeing l.incoi*'.* aervaM ts ins /tea* be b-U/ok linua -lf to 'lie sallety. Immediately alto: wards the Mayor's rajuiiv same be. but mi beholding -neb a que?tinaa>jle ohar?i:ter Iu their ?>?w Lbey it tdameri to U Bor old \b*'g i*4>reaentatir* with th*ii ooidpaay, Hid tb*y quietly -.jated th*-?ukelviA iu aiwtbet *id>-of thr utinrcb. llw?, olh?> aung clerg) mnu oniiitoH ih* prny*r tor the '-rulers ia authority, ' Oil oufretl up au extempoi .uiaoua prayer fer tlf eeuio eT IkeHtuth ?bt<*h Krat?<i ni >r* harsi ly mi ill on the Y?a*.ee * seneibi Mice linn 'to prin'.ed i:t uee. One of the <"-itwral eoliii>*rs went Into a ?i!line<> ?t*r*> nli 'n tbe loli<>wtng colloquy rn-u'-il:? V*?KK?.~Ha*e you any >:mp** li*r,?-yni;wlMt rtoyou with itR Vasksk - To uae it for a mourning liad^ti.*V.?Who ia detnl?on* of our <o!diei?'' Yamot.?Jfo^; ?>n- *f out*. i ?? v.?llieu >00 rau t iiM v* thacrafi*. > i tbe Y inWetj lia<i U? ito h.? ?ucntitf for hi* ''cad e ?tn pani?n without the?how of ?rai*. .iiiothar lM4t"tiiiK miacfaM wi-nt into the of ?loin S'oil, awl ?tcjlr?'l *.o oiirrbuse aiune'ob^i.uo, or ?ouin<itUe< - rtir'c, ti'it Mi', "'ooil laid to hiui he w>.ula not soil .t to bim. Then aa!4 the YmiIt,"I'll have tt any liiw." ??Yon will, ' Mid Mr.S.,??tllcii you.wi I Itame to li? j ? r.ioaei mail tbiu I am.'' ih* Yankee, draad-ii'^ a 1' ???rri-pres/ible ' "tltlw i," and belie^'ing -'tlitieio ti.>t; tbe iieuei pert uf \:il*r.' walked out mini 4 '.be tniurcn. Hrkrl AnounU Iioui U?Mr?l Mllfholl'i Oiri*ioa> [Kr?iu ilw Mobtia I tog i? i ar, May 'J.J BI'NWM.I.B. I'a. ?>.?* tacapad fr?m tiunttvilia ainea it u< .ipanun by th? anetny mfoiia u? thai lha tin-.> -turn a all <..'u?ad ttiaii plaT** of laiftiMM aftrr i lie town pa-*tnl iala (mm aion or lit* . dencral Mitchaii, tha fadaral <um ?MMdcr, ordered tb*m to opM tha iioron or ho wu.ilil ?|ian tliaiu hlm?<l carried Ins i.vranity f'.nlwr by coiapaiUtf Ihwrn to raraivaLbcthinpUi.-tsinof IhaLituamn guvarnmant in j ayuieul for all goods >vliich his *uldiar? *nd ortlnrta might wiaUto p ir'-hjaa. T>>: >. *?!" conrta, t. mara rohbary, par|iatrata?t in a naw ami iitgvbioui mui MT. rba oflkara and taldiar* w iaaatant and ovariia-iriitir, and earrjr ibtng- with x btgh h-md. HomH ai)4 ((tor i priaata (iisporty ?>a prtvcd Into larviua, It wa< r?-,j parted m llnun* lla thu J't'ij," t.'eorRd W. would tja ?H?*ota>l l*v I.mooln Military t;?*.-i |or o, ilia "tata of A'rtUatna lla wilt hart- an ugeaantila ?*??) 4r monlm a tiwa adaiiaiatariiig tba /miction.- ot !>-..ny# avar ht* aaa>-ral aunitrad ihounaiul raballiixta an lie will hava t'i n'+p up a crra-ddei :ib c?Uoilt:ig (m an mdafliiifa uitiiiii?r a' year*, and li?ra ? p-'warfuj tri a jr imdv guar<l l<i w;iicb ?\ar Ilia ??fotj ni na/vica ngal t'ora'itj. lii?fadaral- ba\a aacipiad tba saw ii<mt?v>ila Hotel a* a linapititl tl appv?rs that ila?y tlrrtaMarav H tntr vilttafrout daytttaak in die morula*. ilia vf ,, tran a th?y raptitrari a ralroto itaint>b 1a * ii?l f hai tap <>??, i|,? ?me dna at * A. V. tfMt tha othar i?t i: M. ih# prl-oae * l?W?n inlhdMtraiHIlUMt lathe to* n ardeoaf ,nad k|i? rail iHtd Uapot Ti would naem thai l lia .-an* h a of i he*, ti atn* Ooukl ha?a raadiiy b-?n pia< aitim* (| ,(i lmo tha p aaaata of iuido to glv<? wjintaa-c tlia dangat id IhtX apfroacM IN Tloilil < of Muni* vV i. rOgrtMfMdaaca of ih> fAngnata, lia/ \ Cbroe tela a >d -aiiWnal.1 " un., May 'J, ItajH lha -'iigbt at / ? wtu<-b rorfM'd tha ?.| ntv law lattar.# i.'Jii irtMrh liar? .iaan mtitlaii th?. ''tiiglii if Hi i<l(icuijri. in'r from all tba tqCwwaUOa I uau 4. it .lF, l( Wi>, a ?,.wl gra< aful *ian>rad'- Hit ?i?'.'fii# nf tha rat .ming armv.arvi Hia ViMttid axaggatjt ><d tat?n ta wha-li many jt' IIm .eiraatiiiK -wlilf r? and of .ahi, >??a cma atuation nn<l a-cuf idp,.,,! .ruong ?ll < i. o, aor . iilwt)".-<?<l kl>a lainoa al?f n? ?|.'h #o|diar? and rnt^Ing ? ?'<a toll ng ?t?^ K nf ,(l, IIW;? virin 1, aa tl wc-a, "Utal f" tlia Ititr ?? Wtcry <M Ml"t?gb* "iy ^Kiiuad wi?ra"? n*,' and yo t agrrtMfMHMMtil aa*m?w|f (|gr? a gintia (ntmi t>f tha WttroMi and df'gUt iiiia' kiag t>^ttnar o Ilia k?a?a a* ha ti.'iian,(?lato t IB- anat 11 wltieli li" W'>'il?l har?* 'M> ma'tc tfriv." 01 ' [pHi in lit* ??.ill* of MUM Nortliain iMglili". *"?' ""f iar<iy hiva ?n*ila tlwir apiia*'an-a, andto dn/ iinniM |ir~am 1 kkrlfhtrf ami wit a rhaarti-g a#i?acv. Ii?r wa ? %aow IIm) t'linvnu^i ^ ?SI a/.' h ? MMtt t>' 1'"* i*<t nighk ^Uh. faHflWW"- vfdarod 10 wfrtolt e of fc (?rntaat ?i lyvtandnd. rit 7 *r??' iitwn u r*r 4 Kba'laNH# it ,?rt from lit* a ? roouttag (?rtr t ti out wiw r, ,,r ,??j a< ra> aa'lariyar. Tlty ijp*,? f 1 ),it' ! b4 in 'iny hltrl rotlral ita, .ml B-'. ig* port- Krom jS'. mib laoU I can pick ?(?, 1 da nut thin* thay ?v* . Iftiatvtad fut'b-r lhan llriilg. |i<?,i.( ?n<l tin ' Mtr if b>g Mid "trhlgt, <? ur faroM did t&*)ab(jr them m w?n m tk*r ?oaM is 0* hurry (lwt ???? tmj the f<der? - ta BO feuht l?H ulWM ud retired t* nori eomfortabi* quarters. I doubt Wf muoh If M idruM by Ik* eoensr wftl M attempted is this direction Air Mm* time. Would M wit he w?!l ft>r authorities u? receive a valuable lw? fross the Hi i'goiHirt light, and guard agaiast inch imJMmS (toliomei iu the future? Chattanooga i? a pica of txi much importance to be lost to tha Ouiu'edeiacy, ai d with but outlay *11 d labor tin approaches <~uu h< dqfo'id* ad by a force iuflnitely smaller than tUo invading party. Rebel Pnparelieaa for the Defcain al Kavauaah. [from the Savannah Kei ubican, May a ] The lute of Now Urieana baa infiued a new spirit law the hearts of our people. They begin to comprehend 'b* real danger* to which (tie country la exposed, and te summon the pluck and provide the means necessary M meet them suooessfully. Many of our moet important b.itteries have b"en Htrengihenvd materially in the last tiro weeks by the introduction Into lit* earthwork* oI ixiworful rakiSKu^ subatancM. Pant eti-erlenoo though, prove* that thorough and heavy obstructions In tha ohan* no! of our river, under Lb* protection of our guns, miul be the main reliance for our safety. If ovariowored, 1*1 tbei* be no Mif-coniletunatk>n: nothing to look back is with rgrei. Tardiness at N*w Orleaas lost th*u> to* city. A Hard Hit at tit* Rebel Administration ? [Krom the Norfolk Day Book, May T-] IV* undoubtedly expected front the Queen city of th* South ??!><? gr 'atf.i'd,unlay of rrtutanee than has reached our e.u>. The abanduiueut aad surrender of the moat approved formulas of military sci*no?, but Ike p*opl* of tba South would liave preferred seeing some more reso lute duuiooatrallous. In the meantime, iowevor, as it may have been an ln *viiable event, ws defer any striutur*s until there ahaH ha vi' benu Some eniahtisAe4 charge* ofcowardice er tr<vteherp on the pu t of ttu>Ne to whom the delete* was committed, That lb* Navjr Depsrtmeat did net kaow oar forte were untenable, and that it ntmplrUti the tr.a' pimfwials ?rac/fv in h'm> tu be deihovmi by the wmy, raises pre sumption of grofs Incompetency cm the jwrt of th* S**r? Ui y, and thoae to whom th* salQ*uta bad be*n q*sa uittcd. The pride of office ami the arroaemre i/nivf?* uMtti k*m lettgc iavft hone rcrriwJ many humiliu'ing lanom UHetf, and w* hope t bos* who have be*n thus deueivod, im ha\e so greatly deceived others by asserting New Or leans to be impregnable, will scknowlsdg* their folla 'iditv, and listan w ith respect in futur* to suggoatian* of others. The Mcatoa In Western Virginia. [from the i'arker.burg Gazette, May 2.] The season is very late here. Tho grass and wheat look well, very well; but it is now the first weak in Mar, ?ud lite ground is iu such a condition that no corn ought >o he put into the ground for two weeks yet, and very ill tie i*u b* done lor most of th* gardens for several days toe use. Wsrsnd th* Churches. [From th* Xorth Carolina Presbyterian.! Hohrox, Texas, April 30. IMS. Many churches are vacant, tboir niinrtore having son* to ta? war. M'tfit or our Sunday: chools I'isorganlised, :iud hilt few, 1 fear, will b* revived uutli tho w-r closes, luteuipcrauee aiul profau'ty abound, an') are lc*>fully i ? the incroa-e? lieligion li at its lowest ebb. Suoh a thine a<( the riinTersion of souls ae*ms scarcely to enter int* tlio minds either of clergy or laity. May we not w*ll tnotint tiior* ovor tho \vn3t* places of Ziou than over th* temporal CiUmities of war? California Traitors?Judge Da rid V* *??" ry itcparted to be Among Tneua. (F:om th* Richmond Kxamlner, May 8.] Two l?ruthers of Judge Terry, th* w*U kn >?? and ttl laut faliforuiH judge, have fallen in our cause ; ema <*s I>iv4 Uea i d that th* Judge kimnelf U expected here to nffer hit i-rri tt in th? <tmr cause of nonor anil lit+r y. Galiforaia u?* cimtributed not a fow gallant spirits to b <ttl* for th* ?>outii. Judge I'ortcr, of that Slat*, who Itft behind h<M po.tlticn ami property to join tb* cans* of the South, wa* on (^ine at I'ulk's staff In tho bkttl* of ShUoli, and r* relved the nr?t gratifying cotnpHtaents of tb* geoerR for bis conspicuous gallantry on that memorable day. A Novelty. [From ihe I'eleraburg Depress. Msy 6.] !l if * la ted, with how much truth we?r? not pr?|?ni ts< mj, tlitt Mcttellan and hagruder ere both retiring 0* tV peninsula?the former towards fortress Monrnp, and i lie at I it r in the iliroui ion of \ViUlamsbnrg. If true, tU| In probably t he flr?t instance in the world's history Irbwd t*u great a. miea, tha combined forces of which auoMr ffiarTy a.'<0.'HX> man, h<y? run awtf from eaob MnnahJoM^jfVntj; fjjpjffjtp' A Pri i aic?r aff tlie Caait of lerit?*< O'roin th? Norfolk Jjny Bjgk, May f.j A rather s triliiif afinotmpSJtaul wasm-'de a few day* ago of a Confederate privateer in the China -ML 8hf (? reported to have been fallen in with by her Msjeeiy'fl ship 1'ioneei, on the eosst of PofAuo, and if fiere M-aili mu-t evidently have b en on the look oat for Awerlisa >liips outward bounu, being just in thoir tradk by tha Palawan passage ax*inst 'he northeastern indRseoa. Tins rumor, mo ?terming to American vessels, wlU, how ? v?r, be si-endl'y put to rest oau way or otiar; Nt it If ptrlfculai'ly nuf uUnate for tbetn that the federal uevernm<-nt haw not a aing!e war vessel of any descrip tion iu ttie-ne watsrs, except the Saginaw, atad aha is ration sud uss lees. Antinws for the Ilratnrallea of Oeasral Floyd. | Krom the Petersbo g hi press, Mar 0.1 In tti* statu Senate oa Wednesday last Mr. Andir on*, od ltie following:? lleedved, by lh? General Aaaeinbiy of Virginia, Ttmt, without intending or designing in My way to interfere with the constitutional rights of the President aa 0m* mandarin-Chief of the Confederate state* Army, safe with i.o design to gnestion the propriety of Ml tilln. ttieR?nei*Kl Assembly of Virginia is of opinion that. K not ih other respeets incompatible with the mMm inter ests, tit* restoration or Br gadier General John B. (Toy* lo hii pox It ion hi the army, aad the aaaignmeot of tp*t oflicer tw the command of the foroea intended for 8o0tfc wa-tern Virginia, will nondcen i?* the beat toliwaii of ' in* <omm>u wealth, and remove the apprehension of ?tangor t? the great sen-eoe of snppiy of aaU, lewd MM icon, derived frwo that pertieu of the OMnmoniNaMfc. It Ilea r.ver. under tha rules,for oos day. Moatkweslern Tiro Hi to. (Krom the f.yncbburs Virginian, May 8.J W? he'va some very diaoonracirg ramors again frsas 8o>t!: western Virginia. Tha enemy it said to be afl .a ;? iujr r^pi.iiy ami in >orce oa Iu.hiin aad Wythevifle. Ae .'nek th>se r'imora e^aggeiated, and we adviae ills people nut to be al^vmaA. It ia the evident purpose, h >wever, of the ?nemy to cnt to t iee*<< our railroad, ana ile troy our ?ottrces of army siunlkdlf he can. Oar gor crui'ienl must prevenc It at ail b*/?' ds, and it onght an to rein*.?to General i'ioyd to the command in thai ?(uarte the Po im ;ster of Wythevilln endo-aes on his poet Mil to ttils oily thit tlie eoewy ih 1,400 atronir at Oilds (X>of* ilmee. Tlii* we uuppoae ia hU vtronvth In that quarter. We cannot believe the tumors that there are frem ten to lift "en thnussnd^Yaukeen in We?tern Virginia. ICehel Vnralon of ?H? Drata of Mobort ?? Ma?t. IKiorn Ihe Richmond I'itpaictt.May 1-1 It #??.-?t .t t^a ? of marauders who bad deserted from tha federal army, a ore pillaging and ooramlttlng every ?i?e? ie? ofontrsgs up<ia ibe oin/ena of the conntryy ?lion Mr. -coit and other* < otnpln|u?d to the Vankeo oflicer in r fu'nsnd wh<> look no notice- of the statemeni "I the* :'l iu*tit'ited no worn a roe to pun> ieb tlie iMMrea. As a Ust reeort, Mr. Hi.ieilh a number ??f hi* nelkllbors, orpjui/ed ? band for the proteotioo of their hotnes from tlie its*aiilti end ana/tares of theao tiMcrnftilmu' barbnruns. On Hainrdaf ?n unga^amaea M-rarr?d lietween the two partiee, winch resulted in iho killing nf Mr. Soott and another e..i*?o named Halhawn Koielgnera In VhailiU. At t^e i.ite term ?r tbe Fulton <(4eorgii) Superior fotiit, Judge Bull, auionc other mat <efa giren io charge* to the grand .1 try,joo-liimentJed the prosecution of *11 fotnlga bore eiti/..*>, who liar* exerrieed the right of rli ixentbip, and >.Mr claim exempt an from military ser vice !u the Cnr-federatc army, tiooiv ibe grouuil tint the* are autyecia i>f f{M?iKn government. He oonlendtt that thny wei r g'tiltjr or a mledenieanor, and ought lob* ? ir the (wnimtiary. li4arr?liM( fre* T?M. l'Ur. imi ?h AM' PEACH ieMTV INCRItAMMO. iKromlb .ipnogtield Itiaaw rinu, M^r | > * Two *rnil?- urn, w!io-e ttiunri we did not learn, art to e<l h?M Hw.r?d?y , direct Itom t'era eottnly. Toxaa, whieht limy left mUHIMIi uIt. We le*rn from ttiaan thai l'??teu* a ?ituu? and gro? ni|{ I'wtoii sentiment in that Slate, eert" pertiviTarijr <n lite we> tern po. tloo, wher? It la aa>* tkM one lbniis.ieit.two hnii 'ieU tiiAircua i amv out ?ponly aod ho'dly pi oulei'rteg thwmaclvea for the Tnlou. The rebel* lion .agrovfiUK ve y unpopular: aod elare the <teeth ol Mcf>iikxH the Tewan* ara becoming ebmtowtis for peart on a mo t <u? t?,m<. WUen netghhore mewl* tbe flrat n neat |oa .talked t? <t there if a ay proapecl of peace bet >4 tn 'd? e"?>D. The i(Kith of MiAUtl'eih apread <1 amay and deapall aaM>rg the r*belaof T?-*as. v??y bH n?en had ar. t Ired liome, declaring that they w*'? tired tnd aicV ol l iir war. (l*n. !l<*g. * b-< had been appinled to eua cee?l Mct.'ullcb m;kiv<.*lcdgel that tbe rebel* were com p*icl> inoted at fee It-d^re and turned doubts a beg I hi* ab'ttty to reornamae McOullorh's foroee, owing t? tlteit dem<*ait*aliea. ihtr We>M tnAt *41'/ the rrt0ri that fJ ntrnl /fovMtM HH ?>tw'enW. Ill- u!d nam kaepa quiet, it not being r>r"d< til him t'? do olkerwl'a yet. All tk*t lh? (Mi<? 'X,-ii nf ihd Mat* tvxM ?'< '><r iHivnct *>f H?*. ftritrnli, what tint "ill lh*ir rfitl Tit* ?:i at <"of in th'il Stute la not ettconragtng. aarf bat liliie omum tt being plouted, and if ihe war oon. tinn*' intll i ho tirxt af .loly, star ration will ferroTasaa ??> nic nib to Ihe old government. Many or the boat Info. mo<l man of IneSouth a lmlt their inability t?carry on Ihe *.ir mcuh longer Tor want of powder. A reel ultliiK "fli'.er for Ihe ?'onrMerafa latelr made a ?peach to Ni'itliWKfttern Te*a*, and frankly told bieeu. ?liencr iliMi lie iiaiiered the letlerala would take New Or. te <n? and Metitnha, end (bat (hey had the heat armed f?tult<ivii and diae.piined army in the world. O-ir mftum tnta appear lo be well inflvinnd men MMl warm I'oKailai*. Tltey got ibrou^b aflar jiasamg Kert Rlter wi'hoi t (imlMtaiwn, and at thia place had a ?igh% i?t ih? Ural federal noldiera tbey ht>re aeon aitwe the re bcltlon btnke out. They are iirllgbied in being aM* te mine mure brettlie loval air. and Iuito aer/r doubted the ah lity of liie government to put down ihe reboHteu and aiivtatn iise't. i bry U'll it* that PreehleiM Hoeolu'eemancipMioe nee ia^e ia iavot tiny up >keti of by m*uv ot the rnton alar* li )<li?j eiti/en? of 'lexaa, wiau enprew their be'lef Ihal ih" wat will exti>tg>tiah nlnrmy in all tho boid-r State* and e.'linpa tbi (Migboul '.%* eutlr?9ni<th. Day of Veiling ana Ifrtye* iVrom the Mobile Register, May 4 | PROOLAMATIOV. \u ??????, waging w?r la % gfianny ? ?laUr? n( tbg

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