Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Mart 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Mart 1864 Page 1
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THE B 30, 1864-WITH SUPPLEMENT NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, M PRICE THREE CENTS. WHOLE NO. 10,066. m MY UTER FBOI EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE CITY OF MANCHESTER. Tfce Alexandra Case In (be House of Lords. Trial of the Kearsarge Ra cruits at Cork. Heady Advance of the Germans Against Denmark. Sweden to JLend Material Aid to Den marM. Fwbable Occupation of Copenhagen^ AnsUria and Prussia. nre and Kntlsy in Merchant Ships at JErfvferpooL THE SHEFFIELD CALAMITY, &c.? Ac., &* the steamer City or Manchester, Captain Bale row, ?HIBh tofl Liverpool at obo o'elock P. M. on the letb nod Saaanslawn on tbe 17 ih of March, arrived at this irnrt at m early hour yesterday morning. Bar Mwa to one day later than the advices or the Ame ttm, published in the Hotuld oq Monday morning. The London Timet says.-"'it Ms hardly probable that a VMrtmovs decision will be obtained from the nout e of iorto In the Alexandra case-, but theie Is s possibility Mat,tbe Bouse may decline Jurisdiction, sod this dm graceful result would be owing to tho slovenly rnauner iu Whtoh our sets of Parliament are drawn and modined in ?Mnalttee. I At the Oork, Ireland, Assises on the l?th of March, six KM were brought op under an indictment charging ?hem with sn infringement of the Foreign Knlmtment act, hi having agreed to enter the service of tbe United States BS sapors on board tbe Kearsarge, at (joeenalown. Tito yrtomersall pleaded guilty, and, on entering into tbeir hwn seourltlee to appear for Judgment when railed on, were released from custody. Aeeounts from Sheffield state that ouo hundred and M*eaty-eight bodies have been reoovered; but two linn M sod ftfty-eighl persons are returned as dead or ?tosslBff, sad, consequently, there are eighty bod?* mUsh have heed washed down the stream, and m ill not to recovered until after tbe lapse of many days. IMIxrd Mayor or London has reoolved in tbe eourte flftwe days between iAM and ?700 for tbe bonedt of tbe jtfhrersat Sheffield. On the 10th of March the pump -at Sputtloweii Iron Mom Pits, Bear OheeterQeid, England, brose, > and befnr e 0W men could be extricated at least fourteen wer e ivsnuud. Hie water has risen for a considerable height hp the shaft. Tbe loss of life is believed to be greater thaa here stated. There were about seventy-one meu ?A hoys employed in the pita. fheShlfle embassy at Yokohama has officially inform hi hi Federal Council 6t Switzerland, that tbe Japaoese it trill send fresh ambassadors to Rnrope, tor purpoes of determining the Powers to modify the A amorous ud vary inOoeotial deputation of yooman tf mcntrj offloers had an interview with Lord Pairaor 0tm, argtng tba desirability of not suspending tbe train, fcgef theforoe. a la lordship said tbe government hod aarefully oonaldarad tba auojoct, and within tba last few Mays ad views bad Men received from New Zealand which ware so favorable that the government would be enabled t* appropriate forty thousand of the New Zealand note ft*the training of the yeomanry. Ha had great phuauro, ?, In informing tba deputation that the force I ba called out as usual this year. ha LAndon Adterlittr announces as an undoubted foi? I the oonaervatlvos hare fully made up their inmds (o lAtrial of strength with ministers Tory sooo after r, end should tb?y be beaten once, or oven twioc, 1 will net rolinqulab tbelr efforts to overthrow tbc ?moot. * A despatch from Rome, dated on the 13th of Marcb the oenfltcts between tbe Papal and French tiwf-s aMtinue, tbe populace taking rdos with tba loruer. ( The Pope's illness continues. f|S Paris Bourao has been very Arm. Juntos closed *?r. QQf-, ex coupon, or 30c. high er tbao oa tbe 1Mb 4 March. Adee patch from Liverpool, dated the 17th ol hard). ?sr?> Alp Kllora, from Newport, (fl York, took JrvoC Newport aod was scuttled on a mud bank. 1M Africa reached Liverpool si about eight o'cieck cr. It* morning of tbo 14th of March ?tfpa Harry Warren, for Boston, and Peter Joynscn, ?orBaa Francisco, have put back lo Liverpool, both Maying mutinous crews. THE SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIB WAR. Ike Prussians bad taken Nnbel after a slight engage Mat. Tbey also occupied Rackjttll arter a short contest, 1M Austrian* are said to have taken Skandarborg. Vke entire raeervo of tha Aastr an nary bad been eal'cd *M MM officially announced that tbe Allies had entered , whence tli* Pant* had arobarkeU fur Iredern ta ?4 AMen. A otreular of Ute grcnch Minister for foreign Affairs, Ithe 37th alt., sxprerses tba readiness or France to psrttcipais la every series of pacification. Tha Lateat ?#wi. Bsau*, Marc b 14, 1M4 M Is etat?d that tba three Prussian men oTwar wh < h been at anchor In the harbor at Hrssl since tbe aenccment of hostilities have been placed under the ?aod oi thr Autrtan admiral, In order to operate in rt with tbe Austrian squadron. Tha Prussian* crrr, Ed tbe ereotlon and armament of their batterler at id a hook, on tha Vsmuilgbuod, oo Saturday night, llanos immediately opeuod Are frrrn the ir trend, aaaots at Puppel. The rru<alnn batteries reviled IB tba worse of tbe following dsy (Sunday i March 16, 1*04 Tbe VttUninfMmXe Xiitunp of today publiahe* a tele gram from Berlin, asserted to ha derived frt m an su tbantls source, which atstes that I ecmark Is dtsp"?ed to aoMpt tha armistice and coherence propositions In IMlr essential points, but that aba is only disposed lo a? MM part of ttMTCordltlons attached to tbe nrmiatke A telegram from Stalnemuad states that there was no PMlah blockading squadron In sight, and It was toe paaeral opinion (bat u>e Danes dkc nnsble ta effect a ccn Mmoos blockade of tba Prussian porta. .. . - ^Hntwwairmi, March 15,1M4. At half past Ave this morbing the Island of Fcmcrn M orcunled by tba Prussians, who ware ferried across MM Heillgenhafen during tba Stormy weather. Tbe wbole Danish foroo oo tba island, consisting of orn MM red men, together with tbe OOmmaader a} a gun Mat, war* taka* prisoners. Corwmtow, M?rch W, mm. All tha superior officials aod mayors in that portion of JvOand oocupiod by lha alllea have been '-owveyod w> MMqnartara to reoalve requisition* ror auppliea lateaaed at* *Dforc*d upon tha inbabltaata. the enemy y aster day kept ap a heavy 8r*. On* bat tery was directed agalrst our left and the ships bafirs ?aaMrhurg. The result waa an important. ?, Marsh 1.1,1MI4. 4 The Rwedlsn Worthing epaned to-day. The King an. ?eanood a bill tor aa extraordinary credit of 1 ,M>oooo Hg*daiars to anahla the government ta give material aid I* Denmark In oertaln emergencies. The Ring also desired liberty Of action for all eventual|. tie*, and an authorization to employ tbe regular army aad navy In aid of Denmark lf round accessary. CTpintone off the an|ll*h Press. Tbe l/>odon Timet and Itarot March rt I ad visa lit* Danes to accept lord Bl loo borough's sdvtro, ant submit to tbn terms proposed by Austria and Presets. Tho lx>iidoii As?r? tattes credit flrr thb pf'lcy of lis i*l out of consist witu war, Mas stiotOol n* IIM1 UIWMVM ??wwrw ni wnn \ *ooBUy. Which has k'Pt Kngli.nd ?M|M ^ruiauy.aad, to ?V*rl,n? BfHamj Hartfco rrenefc (? iDm e# Ma Riltao. _ . . tbo Lcadon fort of Own IT retparka Mat j?a Awte? 'PlMHB JAM pNpOaMMa I* part, ?4 eonld new lafifcaaD sorlsoaly attaaaod. AN the sacrifice a to be made fcy Daaasarii. The London Pott snows Hew Uttle the flermans are ee tilled le parade their ouaclliatorj dtafiOvUea w U? eyee of Eftrope. Tfte Par* correspondent of the Loadon Pa* says - It io evidently the intention of ttoe-sovereigns of A us trta and Prussia to srentualljr oeeupjr OpfenMgeo, and tberelhey will probably dictate peace. Oawn?rcUl lutelllff aace. TUH LONDON MOMMY MAtiKBT London, March IT, 1864. Opening prices?Cbnaols, uK?ey, 91 >? a 91 ft , do., so oount, 91X a "i\%; Now Threes, 8'J^aHUJi. Noon? Ceuoo!a,'9lft. Buyers' shares rather firm. Americans aod Canada*, no change. Confederate, til Osnseh datea, 63K ?? Mfc JKroin the Iondon Times (oil; article), March IT.] Titore was a fair demand for discount at tbo Bank yes terday, and in the Stock Kxchange Hhort loons were to active request in connection with the half monthly fo reign settlement. The Knglish funds wore wHhont aiter atiou yesterday ; but there were generally sy mptoiiH or luoreaaed strength. Tbo last of more than one million being now upoo the market. with the prospect of further arrivals from New York, and the absence of any material demand lor the Continent, ho? cnused an lika to becomo prevalent that u i eduction ?>?' Bank rate of discount to live per cent may sot be far distant, and this contributed to tbe stead mens. ambhican *ri;uRrrn? Sattorlhwaite'sl noular (Maieh 10) > port* 'title cl-au^o la loudon for Araericau secnrit o?. Illinois abases proved largely oversold on acoount lust oloosS, ami as idocii as Is. a Iji Hd per share was iwul for the loin of Hh'ife* for tho noxt fourteen days Thoy close 10 dlrcOUUt, btlysrs. TUB 1.1VKKFOOI. tlOTrON MAHKKP. lav it wool, Maivli id A M 1 he. market on Monday became i|iilte buoyant, and pricas showed nn advenes npen Friday of \it. a Id. par jMiuod on low Surats, and '<|d. a Vd. on most other descriptions. The t>alBs oi' tho two dnj n add up IH,00<> bales, Including 8,000 lor speculation nnd e> |<on '(HAIIK AT HA*?II1*STI*R sympathised yes It rdiiy with lite Unproved umU I <ver pool, and a general advance of about ?,d poi pound obtained botlt lor ckiUi ano varua no u tho low |WW?4 of last week. The advance, however, checked ntnooec 1,1 VK! rooi. BRI?AHHI UKi H MA-:h KT. Messrs. V/ukofle.Id, NfUU> K Co., CordeS, Bruce A CO. and Others report ?KlOnr very dull and prices tnnoual and lower. Wheat inactive, but Steady w inlet red 8e. a 8a. Td per 100 lbs. < ore dnli: mixed 2-H !ki. tier 480 lbs. LI VKKt'OUL PROVISION M \ KH K. V. Motsi?. Richardwo, Hpenr.o & Go. and Midland, Mliya t Co. report:?"Heel quiet. I'ork firm at 70s. h 72". 0<1 for Kustoru. Bauou ?uac'lve. Butter Kteady, for line I.ird quiet, but tlrio. I allow a shade inmm -40s. a 4'in. MVKKCOOI. rRdllUUK Hi A i'KKT. Aslies firm; potH.'tti* pearls 34h a-Ka. S.>car clearly, f'otteo inactive. Klce unchanged. I.ina&d oil steady, at 37s. Hohiu uuohangod. K|iirits of turpi nime again hrui or; Preach 82h. Teiroleiitn quint rales oi' loliued at Is. 9d. a Is lOd. per gallon lONOOf/ WARKRTH. BreadstnfTs without malerial chso^e. Sni'ars firm. Coitee a sbario dearrr Tea firm nt 'full prices. Hire ste.i.ily. Tallow llrin. l.indseed oil, 3fia Spirits tnrpeo tloe, 82s. Cor French Scotch pig Iron. <)d I he wool sales progree* wltbont change in valiie but low desorlptlone are dull. thk l-ATE'T mahkkim. . IONOON MO.VRV MAHtCKT. London, Mr.rcb 17, 1864. Consols, 91H ? 6] % >or mor,?r American tttochs.- Illinois (e:itral, tb a 14', discount; Erie. 07 a ?M. The l<ondon tine* (to-day; city uriicln "ays ?The idea Is prevalent a reduc t ion of the bank rate to Ave per ooi,t may not bo far distuut. Livbri-ool, March 17,1884. Cotton.--Sales lor two days 22,000 buloa, inchiding 8,000 io speculutoi-s nnd exporters. The market was buoyaht, with au advance eo all qualities, closing quiet but steady. Breadstuff* quiet and stoady. Provisions stoady Produce steady i Roa*Arrlvsl or the North American. Poiiti.anii. Me., March Bu -M'dnjght. No signs of the North American. Tbo Havy. Admiral.?The supply steamer Admiral sailed on Satur day for the Kavi aud float Gull' wjuadrons. TUt following la a list of ofllcrr . attached*)o her:? Acting VolunCetr LituiriuirU Commamiinf-- Wm. B. Raton. Acting Jfrtifcr and SsteuKn* Officer?ThoisjN. Meyer. Acting Hatter?Y. J. ltargoas. Acting iun ifrns?Bsnry <>sk!oy, Robert I'enrilebary, K W. Snare, Kay mend Rsbtdan. Aisistant .Ju>ff<on?Haml R. Korman. M'jing Ati-rlatu / 'uumaiter?11. J^Koy Jones. tHptain'l Oirrk? N. M. IIMMU. Paymattc'* Ci-rlt? .laraes Collins. Engiturr*-Anting firm Assistant, frank M. Fsrrer; Acting Second Asri^tanu, O. K. French, t.eorge 9. Tyler; Acting Third Asslxuints, l4)wis Kush.^aml. B Yeaton. Acting MiwU' t Jfofei? J. B. P. Atkins, J. W. Pease, B. B Cook, K. J. Pray. The following is a list of passengers by tbo Admiral, for tho (-Inst and Weal flulf blockadug wiuadronx ? Car u in?Win N Walkor. C( mm u.iier* -Mwitra tkjualdson and N. C. Dryant. Acting Marlon? A. K. June* and Jobn Cbadwuk Paymaster Cnlted States Army ? Ma or Frederick R'>bla. Actiog Am Mian t Paymasters intted States \'avy? K.K. Goodtnau, P. K fc.'Wle, W. A. Mann, frank K. Moore, J. 0. (Iravea and John f: Mwyr As' tst*nt Kur*aOO llnlteii State* N*?y? Jam?e N. Hyde Acting Anlslaiit dlirgaona, Imlted Slates Navy?Wm. B. I owls, Jobn K. Ifttcon, I)avi?! T. W by born, U. L. Hear ing. I H. Atklus Tlu'ma* J. Keed, Jacob I.. Smitt and 8.8. flrceu Acttn^ lciisigns- M W. Mn.iiioe. Robert Morris, John L. Hall, Abuir 1 (libbs. Thomas A With- in, Cyrus R. I'orter, Wfclier S Oiurob, H 1. Howard. Charles I. Craiidnll. Wtllinm H II. tabor, f. 8. Hopkins. Wi)uarn Symonds, Ji soph B. ranker. J. w. Orockar, Jobn .T. Motile, IJ. W. BriciiuU ami J. Messenger. Acting Master's Malta. N, B Hinckley. 8. 8. Buiub.s, Jobn 1/e* are nix, Thomas I'.ndnr, A. A. Delano, A H. Mirgan r(;e 8. Glflprd, Charles H Cleveland, John !? B*U?r, V u. sbfrmao. K. K. Small, Hermann Wiping, N W cretunan uud A. t. Kmery. Engineers?Acting focond Assistant Jobb B. MoQovern; Ant itg Ibird Assistants, Charles a. lionwa, John D. Tbumpaou, J. M Heouslyeina, Hldruige ?.rdver and If D. Poits. Captain's Clerk*?E TWo|son foughty and P, R. Dill 100. Paymaster's Clerks?Join: U. Stowy. B. J. ! indtay, W j? JJuWaTOald. J. S. liaflbey and <,i-orge H. .Sheldon. Ana tnooty machinists and boiler m.ilcon, for Key West, Pla. Ttto Rerapc at the Pirate Kloilda from Madeira!! DBSPATCH FRC'M COM. IR*B!K, 0|r THE M.OOr-CK WAR PT. I.OCIS. Uirrsm Sta iu< SumroK W?h Si. IjOM*. ) Kdmhai. Kimio, Mawina, Mar^h 1?1 30 A. M. J Sir?Thp 1 lor Ida ha* S'lccociied n> getim# to *oa 1 thall follow at once though hopeio a id cafditttf bar oM of port. Kelson mid Iba want of irigatos in bit ?quadron would bofoond tmpiessed, ou hl* hoart f sin dure lb# want of (Mm will bs Wind er^fAtna m m'ine Had tbo St ljOnit bt'oa a eieate- r I wn ilo bav? anchored along> aide of her, and, Oi rettrirtwl by the twaoty-four bourni!*, my old foo OnN not have e?<:.ipod me. The ".overnor, true to nw dociared intention would only allow her to take on hoard t? enty tour of roal?xufficlanl to tiLe her to tbo newroet p<iri. Her r ramander pifc<d for ehtty tone, next forty, aftyerttng thai he needed that nturo to ballaat bw vf*>ei The hoveruur told bim. at the fig/ra Ifcm of Mr Bay man. tba* he enme in without tt, and ho thought be ooul<! iro without It; hul If lMllli>'et wee needed, there waa |?euiy of rton* on'the htach ttat be might take A* It wat tuproeod that ?b* would go to *e:< during iho night,and certainly in the morning, and I ha<i an intima tion tbat to (laMlog u? ako taigbt pow Hi ? knillM, i ?hotted and r.?iit I once my gnna, and had men in man tnein got a silipropo on Hie t'hian, and vlatlnui'd look?i4Ui all over the ablp anil In lh? tnpf r*ui|onrd tbe offlcer^ to ??tra rtg1>anre. and wu ropeatodly on dirk myelf to watcb and i-rt t bat ro? oruora ??re "iwuie.!. I be night wan dark and n.g ihy. ibe Florida lay cleat into mo bomb, and tinker ibe nigblnnd with ill li?r itghtacorer ltd, and, nM wVtntaraii.g all tli? vigilar-?e, ?h? ereirt out, unar<en. to IbpaaKtward. and ber <lepartur? -?an not die rovered until tbo morn ruoe, a lew mtnotek mure A biorkadorunuer, tbe which airi-.o?l in 'hf? aftor no o roi orU tho honmagM a? bavins ??(? Cadt* tbri e ii*yp a?e. domination i.n<nowp Thd I'lorlda gave out that they werx going to i adi? f'rrnalx hi.t f tbmk net, and shall go dliect in 1goer 19k,h<ipiog, if 1 do not Ond cor there, to put tho fMtauifiito on her tr*<4t. Tho prevailing wlhde woutrl not |>?rmlt nv? lo gel w radix Irnm Madeira In aeanon to do horauy Imury, ereo II I tbouKbt lli a port bor daetinition. Ibe authorities here have done "II they eon'd lo bseten bet dopartorr and jirev?oi hor foil simply, and I do sot imi*.iia thai tuo island will b" tronbled tiy the presenoo ol rem., veeeele of-wsr ro^y goon ig# s 1 watted on tho Uotrevnor to lofonn him of b?r lutein (on to ?hiu men to eompiste Her cresr. He aeatired ine Ibat It should not h? ai'owad, lh<<vi?h It mlfbt to dene r!ari1e?iunly, which bo oould not tielp, ! have rea?on to boliere that *bo utado no addition lo ber craw, sn>) know, rrotn tbe atatouient. of my gig's crew, Ibat threa of the men aba brnugbl with her desorted. Bar craw is doet ribed to me aa made hp or tyaolards, froochmSB and Ponuinieea, with a few Ir>|lliib0iob, an 1 but one AmerMan. Iiw flrat lieotonant le Th< mis a. Durum, fofmeriya midshipman In our fsr> tiro. I nctlos ao nh^nge la Ibe afipearanco of tba Wfrtda anus 1 laat raw h?r axrapt thai now eho bas yards on ber tnalnmsHi, than slis bad nooa, and abe haa changed bar billot bawd far ? shield aurrounned by scroll work, to which la borne tbo ttrnw of the rebel Plate*. My men bare boon wild to'ftgbt, bad I drew ihn shot from my guos tbe day aha same Hi. fearing that, lo their exi tto ment, Uiay would lira iato ber without orders, and break tba neutrality of tma port. On* thing is cortala, the riurMa does not tntond la flgbl unlets tbe chnocSa art ls.rf;aly In hey favor, for she "knitted away from the old Pt.lo iM. ?lam, v?ry rnepecttulir, your ol^iiioot snr* faak. <4tt(>fiyK iilifiHy PRKB1JS, I Oiasaiatidav, United f'Uteo Navf. CEKEBAL BUTCIOT DEPlfiTBST. Interesting Boview of Colored Troops. Additional Dteturtera from tba Storm, ke., Jkt, Ac Mr. Wllllikm M. SUMr'i Do*?atiik. ? KOrtkkmi jtftmaoa, March 38,1861. J HKVIKW or OOIOBKO TBOors, for Ute edith-.atton of lieoerai Htmoa Ounoron, lh? ww ?We ea^roiary of War, who wan at tbia poeteevernl daya, spending his time wHh <;onerai Butler, wait h?ld yesterday afternoon at Camp Hamilton, iuid proved a very brilliant allulr. Tho rovlcwod column consisted of cav alry, mlaiitry and a battery of light artillery, and reAo- ted the highest i red It oo Colonel (lerard, first oolorrd cavalry, cominandtuK tho hrlgimo. Hrtor to ibe arrival ul tho Commanding Deoerul lite column wan dr?wu up In Mm, making ? very line show Owing, however to iho recent rain storm tho ground waa not In M good toeaA t ion ns oonld liove been desired. At thrive oVk-ch Major Moneral Butler, accompanied by (icneral Cuuirrou, Col. Jonas H. Kreiu-h, late Provost Marslml General at Now Orleans; Mr. Kicbardnon, Cat. Newell A. Thompson, of Boston, and his entire staff, cumo rMiugonto I bo pa rade ground, and Inspected tbo trooi*. Ador tiuit tho oavalrv and iuinnlry paused in roviow, marching witb the precision of rognlara. Tlio light battery su lis-<iuen tiy repaitHOd it "double quick, ' uianinuvoriiig with great onro and hcountry. * tMVAINT I4MMII was the next orde^ on (he programme. Sevral r>r oen. B'ltler'R guest? exprattSlIK a rtci<tr? to ?e? the regiment of immnlwl men uuiVn a charge,1 'olnnul Cojutrd was onli rixj to do ?o, ami leeurd tho command to hfl subordinate" to tiiat-nllecfc. On the msl "loft turn" the order w>"trot inarch" war Mncd, nnd whon tho ten I Ing column arrived within two.hundrr d yards of the reviewing officer the commander of the troop shouted 'Tharpel" and the trooper* digging spurs into their et.eeda, and veiling like so many released demons, dashed torwamt on a breakneck pace; nnd nothing short of a veteran army could have willntood o terrible an onslaught. hud an attack been made wUb bo nunh impetuosity. It Is true mivernl of the riders were unhorsed, nnd presented a woeful apponrnnee on picking Ihemnolv#n up. Oae fel low, Id falling, lout h)R cap. sad his horse galloped off id company with the others TIiif man was beat on re covering his head j.ear never minding Ills horce, when the next comp-itiy came dashing on in Its mad career, and hn dually took to his heAls, and tiar'ly escaped being train pled under the hnrsee' hoofs. Hut on the wholo the (barge of the "dark brigade'' was a highly saooeSeful aflnlr. reflecting great credit ou the colimel commending, as also ou the Commanding ifene ral. "who took so much pains to organize these troops. Among tho dfsltnKiimlicri spectators present at the re view were a numhur >ToNlcorfc and civilians, also Mr. H. 11. Brady,of New Vork city, who Is on a shirt visit, and leaves to night.' jufKuiMrtj or *nnnKiNii idvAKtewR o? ikk i_*rK viokh are still reaching us. a* si earner t sent to hunt np vessels in distress by raptalu Ainwworth are returning. The steamer Montauk was sent away to relieve crafts dis abled. and returned yesterday, having the schooner Buell In tow. This vessel went ashore lliteau miles to the southward of Cape Henry Iler cirgo consisted of coal for the navy. in* e< hikinkr jiikxaniiicr >?m nh ran ashore nine mi'os south of Cape Henry, and. after beating en the beach for some time, went to pieces. Tbe crow, however, *?a rescued and brought berebv another voHsei. The Alexander lounu is a lotal |of>. These ineD also report n brig ashore eighteen miles from Tape Henry light. 11IC MHO' ?NSH !?. Kftl.Rl , from Portland, Me., bound to Forf .leffer^n. Dry Tortn? gas. experienced very heavy weather. While at sea, on the 26th taut., shipped u hoavr se i, which filled her hold. Helng laden with an iniUmmable cargo, she took tire, but lortnnatelv reached \iere before any headway was marie hy the fiery element. Tbe r.cliooner was towed to Nor folk by a ateamtog and the steam Are engine, under Chief Kngineer .iohu Banloli, at that city, soon eitio gulsbed the tire. sn uthkh rcHooiaitP arrived here yesturday m-rnlng besides those above raomionod, In distress, having lost anchors. soils or spars, and war* sent U> Norfolk for repair* aod i4Mpaaktaii?i fcvery one of them has some dlwator to report, and my prophecy of great >!amage aod loss to shipping from the recent xevere gale Is only verified too fully thr um or Tim u%iT*n states nrn'oii wnsnnovr. mentioned briefly in the newspapers, baa not been fully explained, and, in consoguence. 1 have obtained the lot lowing particulars from a person who was oi board of tho ill-fated ship at tbn time she was run into and lound a watery grave.? tin the morning of the fith instant sk the retnrhoff was slowly standing In *hore, from cha?lng a supposed block ade runner fbut which t'trned on' to be one of our ves solsl, the ofllcer id charge tuadr a r ill on the alar board quarter, which, upon sigaalltiic, war found to t>? still another Union gunboat As it waa near dawn, the PeterhotT slowed her engine)' stilt more The stranger passed hy half a mile d'?tant, and got on th<* Peterhoff'* starboard bow, whru she put Her h*>im starboard, evi dently wishing te cro s the litter's l>ow but she Wept her helm too long in tha* position. <in near approach of the two ?ht|? the PeterbofTs eoglM wae stopi^d,* the helm of the Montledlo Cas It atterwarrts proved to hn) pnf ?|>nrt. wbl -h brought her et a dlrcct right angle, when Phe slrucic the feterhoff amid Ii1p,nf the time going at full speed. The Peterhoff was cut into about five feet on deck,and inn fee* below the water Hue. The ftres e^ere exllni'iiisbed ta five minuter, ard before the Montic"ll<> could bi"'V clear of the PeierhotT Tim small heats of both ve?sels were immediately employed in taking off tbe cre? or tbe'inking llilp, and, witti barely time to lower and tinrrv tbe men mtr them, this fine ship sunk, toiiig down stern roremcst. a tw st or m^nav. consmtlhg of Captain it?n Ammin. rres'detit Gee. V. Htone. paymaster i ntted -tales gunboat Yonng Rover, Judge Advocate, and two otber naval officers, v ns held It .the G"?pnrt Navy Vard ia;,t we?H, and sent a re;iort \o Admiral i*e,aiid through htm to the Navy Depart ment As Is known, neither Capflro Pickering, of the Peterbot!" nor Captain Wm. R. Cuahlng, of tho Monti cello, enmes in for any share of tbe blttno, as the mishap te soppweil to have been purely accldcntal The following is a list of the office!s of tbe steamer I'eierholf ? VolMtUeir f.irvtrnnnt Thom?c Tifkering. A'-ting ifa'lrrand Kstnitir* (iff,err?Curtis Kedmau. Acting AmiMiuil Surgfcn?!,. ft. (toyre Adtna Amtiant Paj/Mati&r?J. F Hurhr.m. I'ntigru?It. <?. Krnge, O. T. Morse, W. 1!. (.ibnon. hritwrt?A 'Ing StcoM Assi.taot, W. H. Miller. Acltntr Third /sslstants. W n. Fitsslm^nons, ? Kar lane, k.ugone Maclt, Tilward Sinclair. Ma.'ltr'l Matu?T Page Nornwn S. full*. Arrival of Yeeaelt ftl Distress. Forirbm Mo>so?, March CP. 1MM, The schooners Neptune and Bride of New Yort.irom Key West, have arrived in distress, with bowsprit and foremast gone. Inbmailne Kxptrlmenf. A *IWM. TO PI BLOWN ur wnir.B 1* M0T1CK. An iBlenaeiy Interesting experiment will take pls'e this afternoon at half past me o in the waters of Wallabout Bar, near Ibe upper limits o( the Navy Yard A newly Invented torpedo ver?e will bkm up a large vrasel while to mot on. ibe submarine vessel will m i be seen until after she h*? a> complisbetl her work. II is miny years since anything of this kind has been at tempted in our harbor. ?pec?at?rs will be enabled 10 get a good view of Ibe affair by standing en the Vew York shore line to the southward of Grand street ferry. Kast river, or on the Williamsburg aide, oe,.r the -cuth Set oMb street ferry <l< rlu. fentral of the l,at? Mr, Unodrrsen. The f mcral of the late Mr. c<ooderson took place y*e terday afternoon, from the residence er Mr Cere will, 111 Kart Forty eighth street. The remains Here rrmrved to tbe Meibodlet cbnrch, Fourth street. Bear 8l*th ave nue, where the funeral per vices took place, the Key. Mr. Pox officiating, l ong before tbe arrival of the remains st tho church the vicinity ef Fourth street waa crowded, ae waa also tbe Church, by the numerous friet da of tbe deceased. Ike body was esoorted frons tbe rti rienre uf Mr. Comwell to the church by a large proctssion of the deesased's Ma?i>eio brethren, dreesod in regalia, each wearing a sprig of evergreen on the left breai-t; and al?o by the mem bars of both branches of the city gcveromect. il " heads of the various deiwUneot* asking as pall bearers. Tbe Rev. Mr. #mt preached n raoet eloqnent fnnerai sermon, taking hie tsxt from tbe buok of Job ?1"k there not an appointed time for man upon the earth," Ac After tbe oonclusiofl of the religious mrmges, whlfh were vary lapreetire, the coffin lid was removed and tbe rrfends and relatives of the deceaaed paused by in aelemn pn cetskin, taking a last look upon ell that was mortal of their departed friend. Among tbe chief mourners pre sent ware the widow ef deceased and her stoter, Mrs. George Blcomfteld, Mr. Frederick Gootleiaon, and a large number of other relatives. The coffin was ourerod with black" mourning cloth richly monoted with stiver, npon the IM of which waa two neautifnl wrestbee of white ?'immortollea '? The coftn waa mmovsd from the nhnreti at three o'cioeh and p'nesil In ttie hetrte, sod the "otemn oortet;e te< k up its Hue ot iuki eh for Cyproaa UUIa flataeteiy, wnere the body waa Interred. IMS Ami OF THE POTOMAC. AnrM? ?? UU mm Corp* ??? Ike ??? fey i??n?r?i 6r??(-Hraty R?ia ttD'M, Aik MA. VIMlKV ANUIKbON'a DMFATO0. ARM! 0* TOK I'oTOHAU, 1 tUpHHailiiwaii m TIM r?u?, March *). 1804 J fM? MWMftg Lientenant General Grant rnxwed ? pontes of tM Uoope <u the Army of the Potomac Wfeen (be arrangement* were effected yesterday splendid ???>? gava (iHoiim or a magnificent display by moot ot I be army to-day, but, uiiiorlunatcly, the *feather proved fen >???>! tad iiltor inspecting a portion ot tfe* Frith oorjw ttio Oaner.ti to-Chief postponed the rev*>w ol the Beooari onto to a more mum ph. toon day. 'Pwo division* of trio Plfih con* an at present organ iaod woro under a. ,on at an cany hoar. Tlws* divisions oon ?Mtod ot M><* oHlKuret ?orpM, and alt tin heroic veteran* ware on Mm ground exoept ono brigade, which wim on important <l<ity otoewhere The troop* were magnificent ty in irthaliort ou ihu rolling gr?<isd near I ho foot or Fcny Mountains The ? oniTal-in-i-htor loft his headquarters at nine o'clock. He wkH lioi'.oinpunutil by Major General Meario and a number ?i ri' M! oiiicer*,unit attended by the b.?t. lutMio of the f rito UuiUxi Mtate* e >v?liy, wbleh forme hie special enoort. f'io thirty prococdod to the place wlioro lh? troops w?r? man-balno. Arriving on the ground, Ma,or General Warjcu, commanding I lie Kith corps, ac coinpaolni ov hi* stall', rode up and received tho Lieu tenant Geneiai the Inruotry wan formed tn division front by battaUHi c.losnd m tiieiu. The Fourth division occupied a (iohH?iii on the right, the Second division a position ou lbe lett. wnilo the artillery wait disponed on tho right of Lhef Fourth division. ?ftto troop-* <IH nut march in review. I'hey pre-orved tbelr first forow'k u, rem uning In position while Gene ral Grant rode along tin* lines of eich division. Com mencinit co i?m ri;tit, ho hr.-it itawed along the lino*) of urtillcry, and next in th lr order tho Infantry compoutng Cnneral Wadeworlh's and General Robin?on's divisions. Geyeral Graut w im received b> the troops in strict mili tary sly ie. and wiili too moot distinguished honors. Aa be rodn ftiouir the lines iho troops presented arms and dipped their colore. Thrvo ?ro the soldiers who fought so gallantly at Gaines' Mill, wbo Htormnd the bill on tho right of Turner's I'aes at the battle of fon'h Mountain, who fought tbal depporato fight on the right with Hookor at the hattloof Antietatn, who opened the engagement at^ ?Jettysharp on the first day, when tho Immortal Reynolds fell and who closed It od the lust day, when, gallantly assisted by other troop#, they successfully sustained tho last fearful ouaiaught of the enemy. They presented a marnltto'mt aripe.i nDoe on review to-day, eliciting ihe admiration of aur. illustrious Lieutenant Oeneral. The hills and valleys in this vicinity resounded with martial music as infantry am) artillery moved away In columns to their camps. As General Grunt proceeded to ac Adjacent point where the I trsi divisor, of cavalry was marshaled, having parted with Oeneral Warren, hp was received by Oeneral Moirltt. commaudmg the First cavalry division. His troops were formed, each regiment in two lines of batUe, with the uow artillery on lb* right. General Grant rode along the lives. As he passed each regiment the soldiers presented (sabree, the buglers sounded the (lonriPb, aod the olor bearers lowered tho regimental standards. Having seen them all In a qme? way General Grant, accompanied by General Meade, and attended by His es'-ort. Immediately returned to his headquarters. Tho soldier* on the road cheered bim as ho passed. When the review was over 'ill the lioops in those divi sions. foot and horse, marching over the undulating ground of this classic eountry, formed a brilliant and tin posing S|>ortacle. Ooneral Grant was very favorably im pressed with tbeir appearance. The grand Army of the Potomac i? Composed of heroic votoriins, and no ono donhts that when they march forth on their nest oumpaign they will march to victory. A special order from army headquarter* announces that Lieutenant Colonel Kluifsbury, late Afafcalanl Adju tant General or th* Ktrat corps, who has passed through ao many memorable battlee with the lamented Reynolds, and who is now temporarily acting aa Assistant Adjutant i General of tb'> *1fth corps, is assigned t<> the name official position In the cavalry oorpr. General Grant is busily engaged at his liesdqosrters, attending to thejnitHifsrionf dotlej wliirb devolve open bim. NEWS FROM THE SOUTHWEST. UiU, Marib 2V, IbM The steamers St. Cloud and Perry have arrived from Memphis tbe 27th. Tbey tirtn? no ncv?H nf general lot? runt. Tbe HI. <1ou<l bad four hundred aud fifty balee of I'.oltoc, mostly for Kvansvl'le The Second Wisconsin and Fort.etb Illinois veterans have arrival) uroutr home. (mo hundred and lour toco sick in charge of lite Sani tary Consuls'! ton rime up on the steamsr W Tbomi* from Mew Orleans. Five died on the puncage. The Memphis Bulletin of |the 27th report*:?Cotton has undergone considerable change since last report, lbere ha? t>son some action in belter qualities, and rates weal up npldly during the d ?y, dosing at 4c. ahove last quo tations on all qualities. Keooijits about 100 bales by wig^n Shipped TOO bales to Cincinnati on the fllendale. Middling to stri. t middling, 67c.-af>8c , good, middling, 00c. a <2c.; middling fair, 01c. a ?3c Tbe weather lo t'airo it cold, aud literr wit some snow this afternoon. NEWS FROM CHATTAHOOQA. Fifty Tlieoaand Rebels at Dal ton and Vlrtnlty?kouuatreet to Iivads Ken* tarky with ? Uravy Foret, Ac. l/orifvti.i.a, Marcb 29,1804. Tii? Chattanooga Hmetft says tbe rebels claim to have fifty thousand men at Daltoa and rlolnlty, and that tbey will capture Chattanooga and occupy Tennense wben Loog* street moves Into Kentucky, which tbey sty be will do forthwith, with twenty six thousand into. All the heavy artillery is being reamed from Kingston to Altoonn. Tbe rebel t.enera! Johnston has restricted Ms officers, from major gooerals dewn, te one horse KtWl fiom Raat Trnnruor, I.or?vitts, March 29, 1IA4 f uton soonts have proceeded four relief beyond Hull a Gsp, and report no sign* of I ongstreet's forces. The Advance of tlie *r??y or flic Fron tier. AKNtRAI TBiTRn'8 4HDKH8S tO HIS WM.D1EF.?. Vort Seirn, Ark., March 27, 1804. Befoie General Thayer's army marched from here to ward* Texas the following address was Issued; ? 5oi.r>tr*S or rat Aswv or nrs Faovrfw?The Word ? forward sgain. Your onntrv ask> of yon ths endurance "of new trials,and the sibibiiion of renewed valor. You go to recover lands deseorated oy tbe baleful banner of trenton. Bo patient, be valiant, as you bavo always been. Illustrate in your course the patriot, tbe soldllr, the hero, in tbalr noi>;eet forma, and vlntory will reward you. and wh*u you return to yunr b' iuo* and kindred it will be your *auaf?ictk n to reieive Mis welcom? die from a nnilcn you have help*1. to save. .'(illV M. THAYKR, Brigadier tlenen# Commanding. Otiose) Jut'son, Blity eighth Kanttr, commands the district here. Ttte lalUug of the Arabia. Boeroa, March 29,1M4. Tbe malls per the steamship Arabia, for Itrorpoot, via Haitfsx, will elote at ten o'elocfc to morrow ^ Wednesday ) mnrnlng; but the #111 not sail until about one I'. M-. One of Old Abe's Jo be a. TO m EDITOR or Till HIRal.0. 1 noticed a alight mistake \p the *o?u*o Port'* edition of one of old Abe's jokes. H? la said te hate remarked lo ?rward, ee seeing a sign lettered "T. R. Strong,'? " Yes. T. R. strong, but ooflbe are ttmofer." The worda that fell from the llpa of ibe big Joker were, '* On (Tee are stronger.*' Respectfully, Ac., ttOULDfcl ?HUU>. L'nlcn of Nova Hrotia, Hew Ilronawl? Is and PrlM* Hdwanl Ittaad. March 20, 1M4. The measure Ia nnllo Nova (tootle, New B. una wick and Print? Rdward la'and, under one governmeat and one Legislature, passed lite Boose of Assembly laat I unaounouslfit THE rEPABHEXT OF THE SUow Arrival ef (be Gutted Stales Supply Meaner Unleo. Interesting Details from All Points of tbe Florida Coast. Severe Storma Pelt Alcng the ? Route. MILITARY OPERATIONS JN FLORIDA, Ac., do.. Aft Tbe United State* ;iti|?pty Htnamer l iln, Acting Volun - toer l iouluniinl Edward Comoy, eoinmauding, arrlvod at this port yesterday ui a parti illy disabled condition 'rom tho Gnlf and Atlantic coasts, at'ior a run of twenty-eight days. While absent .tie touched at, all tbe blockaded stations of tbe Khel Oitf Hiuudron going ami coming. Tho Union experienced very bud wouhar Hiuun loaviif Key Wost. Willie lay iug to thirty-six noura in n gain off Halteras she twlstod tbe head of bt?r rudder ott, win u rendered her completely imaianngoAblo (or oii;Ut' ty. bonrs. Wiinam Kobnmou, landsman, attached to ttua rcesei, Hged twenty two, born In Philadelphia, diod March If- <>r oompreHslon of the brain, ttw result of an Iqjnry occa sioned by a rail from aloft on March 7 I'ho remains worn Interred at Cedar Keys, Florida Tho Union -landed a enmbor of destitute refugees at Key West, IHa.. received t'roni di Iterant blockading sta tions on the east coast of Florida Tbe (Titian left New York on March 2. with a draft or one-hundred men, a larxe mail and supplies for thn Eastern f.'tilf blockading squadron. Iter first atop was at Port Royal. March 6; tbtuico to Indian river, March 0, Key West, March 7; Charlotte Harbor, March IX; i'ampn Bay, March 11, Cedar Keys, March 12; St Mark's, Inarch 12, 'Kast Paas,5t. Goorge's Sound,Maroh 13, Wout Pass, March 13; Si. Joseph'* bay, March 18, tit. Andrew a bay, March 14; Peusacoia, Muroti 14. I .eft Peosacola March 1j ou her return trip, and stopped at St. Andrew's bay, St. Jo^opb'a bay, East uud West Puss, St. George's Sound, St. Mark 'a, Cedar Keys, Tampa Day, Charlotte Harbor, Key West, Indian river and Port Royal, South Caroliua. Admiral Farragut, with his flagship 11 art lord, waa lying la Penaacola barbor when the Union sailed. Annexed la a li*t of tho offlwi attached to the Union ? Acting Volunteer Lieutenaa'?KM ward Couroy, com manding. Acting Mailer and Kxteutim Officer?Wm H. Wond. Aclina Matter and Hailitw Matter?I.ovi Crowel I. A Mutant Paymaster--Oeo. W. Roamao. Ansirtant Surgeon?Walter K. SeofleM Knginte.r>? Acting First Asaistaat. I'Mward 1. Thorp; Acting Third Assistants, 8. A Slater, Henry Jones, Abrara Brown. Win.Stivers. A<*ingBiuigtu?Geo. r Wiiitlns, C. H. Armstrong, M. Balrd. Caftain'i Cltrk? Henry Corse, Jr. Ariitty Man et's Mate in Charge of Mails?William H. ? Arting Matter't Mlatit?U French, H<"ory Wolfe, Kd ward Manning. FaymatUr't Cltrk?W, 8. Underdown. Hi'ipttal Steuxtrd?Kdward FJngil. The following is a list or jmwn^'-rs ou board tbe Union ? Acting Volun'eer Lieutenant Tho*. T. Wade; Acting Muster rrancwi Burirc-'.s Acting Assistant Paymasters P. P. Kb tiler, W C. Cnahmnn, .Inn. J. Pratt and Charles A, <"able; Surgeon Geo Holder, I'nitod .States \rtriy, Acting Third AssiKtant Kngineer John !)ovle; Acting Master's Mato A. J. Lyon, anil Paymaster's <'lerka Daniel Cable, Jaa. Oban loner and J an Belling. N?wi from Juckionvlllc. MM. OHCAR O. PAWYBH'S PKBI'ATUH. Jeonosrvitxa, Fla , March 17, 1804. ixvim immiii. A ouusidei able force waa soot up to 1'ilatka about ? wesk since to occupy aud bold thai town and undertake certain operations of importing to uur cauic. Tbe ex peditionary force embarked 011 the steamboats f>on. Hunter rapt. CrowsU; Delaware, rapt. Tlltoo; Maple KoaT, Ckpt. Dale, and Chsrles Houghton, ( apt Nye, and one rted by tbe Colombian, new tug. Venn/ Knslpn Pnn born, and a launch from the Pawnee, in charge of Acting Master Champion, The expedition paescd up tho river in the night, and, without opposition, reached I'llatka. ? small town on the left batik of the rlvor, at daylight, am'. In a short time hold the place. No opposition wai ur ie to oar landing, tbe handful of rebel pickets If luwn running away a* quickly at possible. Tho plats wan fo iod deserted, except b; two famines, wbo riu forred to remain and >ake Uieir obar.cOM with our t'oops to running tbe risk of met-ilng wor n trojtmrrt smor* tho rebels. Tbe liouges In the place were prelt> we'i Cleared of furnltnre and vacant. Nothlna of g'e-it valuu was found, contrary to our expectation*. nor w*s any thing discovered outside Uie town by cor scouting par tita. Ail wan deserted nod swept by the rebele of every thin? that cuild be of service, to uc. Our men httve placed themselves to a position easily defendsd. and strengthened It witli earibworka of prxjd construction. They are not likely to bo disturbed by the rebels lor some time to come The location is uot liked by our meo. ho far as 1 know n.nbii), hue transpired to snrgest the obiect of the occupation ot' this plscn. It is one of those mysterious movements itJa not riven to ordinary ml: ds to understand. 1 presume it is'<11 right, though and likaly to result lu good to oor t au-e res asset stkamss ciarrimen On the 12tb Instant tbe Columbine, Acting Kasign San born, with tbe Punnet* e launch, In charge of Acting Maater Champion, saolor officer in charge, ran up the river above i'llatka, and discovered a smull rebel steam boat, called Urn {Sumter, lying in a smaii creck which flows iu to tbe St. J "bos. where sbe had gone to escape rapture. Tbe launch, with a howil/t-r and a fall crew, armed, waa sent In. and, without tlrlng'a sbot, auotto4"d lu captoring toe Sumter and bringing her ont Into the river. Tbe captain of the steamer, with nine met), her crew, were made prisoner* and Kent to this place, and are now m the custcdy of Provost Marshal Sweet. Upoa the tamter was found a qiiaatity of cotton and tur|ien tins, which waa proparly cared for. Tbe'iiinter is tioth .ee but a flatboat, forty or flftv leet In length, wltb a small high pressuie engmi. which drives her st a ?? lerabty rapid rato through the water Meing light diall. and large enough to carry s coup s of guns, with their proper complement of men. she wilt be of service to th*- mvy In running up tbe little creeks and tributaries or the St, Johns. In fact she was Immediately, upon reaching Pi latlMk, discharged oi her cargo and turned Into a diminn live gunboat armed wlUi a good crew and twr or three guas, sod aent op tbe rlrer lgaln In seiirflli of a river st'tamer of considerable sire and value, cailod the Ha''y Brock, which H> knowr lobe above I'llatka amuewhsre lb an out of the wsy place. ( mmnmler Bal'h feels very confident 'bat he will be able to ture or coin' cl the rebels lu detdroy (lie Brock Anottfer ?mall boat, not unlike tbe Sumter, Is kno*n to be up lha river somewhere, hot it is viwy doubtful if shs can be leanhod by our force Rbe la not large rn<M ?h to excl'e any apprehensions on our part that she wt', be 'tsod as a gtinlmal or ? bl made runner Hbeti worthless for any purpo?e. so far as wt- can lesrn # ?r?xiKe w*>nn* ? ?<*teoivi t? remain unchanged lhe roomy remain quiet and pea. e able, but are on-ily en#ngr?i in fortt'ytng tiielr pnoitinn this side of'Haldwin They are savl to be to strong fores. Their line of | ic.ets |p a rtrnng (.no, and woil covered against a sudden attack on 'Sir |>art by a cloud of vidctte.-c rhsre hn? bettn utile or co picket flrlnp of late, the nickels having tsr.lfly agreed to siirpeod tb it sorl of warfare two trwo* attun csrrrssn Ti<o of oor sroute. Siimed Kinney "ergrapt of1 otnpany It, and private Patten ef Company A. both of the Inde pendent bsttalloo of Ma?sa< busetts oavalry, wba w?e ooi yesterday with s negro guide, weie captured about three miles within the enemy's lines, s* we learn by a flag of truce Th'- negr?*guirte. wheu oemtrsndsd by the rebels to surrender, attempted lo esoar>? by taking to bis heMs. He i^s Instantly shot down. Ptnney and Patten were taken prisoners onbsrmed flnner was a osnltal soo?t, and ba<l fre'inently penetrated the enemy's lines and seosped s?stn wit hoot serious difllc jlty. Tbe prison ers ware rstmved ?o leke nty. vhs tx?scii.ixris? roin t IS in foil operaticn here. 1 do ooi koow wbo ts sotittsa to the crsdlt of Inventing it, b>:fsome ons must nsvs eonoelved It who knows notbmg Shmiv tbe sll'istloo ?. ef fairs, florldtans wbo had heeri Bsbtlng us smos I'.s re bsilioo waa inauguiatct*., ind who were the most streou eon and pt,Uy advocates of the secession pQty? ?',J ?tost bitter eoemles lo the I'ntou psopie, and (Mally, srho were captored In hettla n?t thirty dejrs ago, make up the hulk of the biminees wwrnnnUy of Ibis tcws.kcd ars filling their coffers with mouev made from IJoion soldiers. Msnv of them are dwioyst to the cote, and are sow filling the places rightly belonging to good tnloo men. The laborers m llie dUterest d-HM'tm-uU here ars Crsrkers. (till attlrod in the d rly gray nniform furnished theio by tbe rebsi gorernnsetil, au<t lo whlcb they have ici'g* t ds Its tnsny hsttiae. rtblieihe'e k iOi idiaos ef more than d. rbtfu' loyalty liars BioiK?poilr<?a n>? ?t W? Imf loses of sbe tewn, sM are (Iron the bast stores ,n the piece, the Union IrftWI froui tbe North eanjul |*l in u?i ? u> transact bu?iaesa, I and are coinp?llod to see the t'ra.-.kc-M mMp >k? board. of this sreqnv di??!rir<t.n?Mni) is obviously Of I n,!nnl?' i#'1"*- These umiraot,'leoaand, <J ianl loyal C"?5? 'Zl ,*? Witio (nun toUM, at an aipeae* Wmui Jw IHon and dollars for 2**L ***?? _**r are lo bave another horde of Southern l/nluSW ,)f Northern birth la-lenedon the ireosury, m; the ?Hw*,ouciu h.>| io tbo Uoiou ^ The u nitty well nuy (hot the gsme is th* worth the cundio 1 am cotitttleol Unit no sane man, wbo know* what Florida is, would give the life blood of ene man for tlio whole Stuto, or who would sne'riflee ? tho uuuiu dol lars to gma rwesMlon of all the territory beyond tne 8t. Jibim. Mo de?ont man would think of living m theHlate outside of two or three pohitu ou the St. John? and the Cnlf. And yet hero we are sn rifle In g tbo liven nnd lii iiOi of over two ui'M'sand men, and rialcleg llw> lives of the bal lnoe of the command?tor what/ Let the politi cians of Washington reply. And let (bom tall oh who la thu author ol t!>'< new fangled poifiy of conciliation now blo-utiing with all its natlTe sweetness in .Jickaouviilo, Florida (Tonsral Jack^oa, I am mure, sees and renllzsa tlio absurdity aid in'utlc* of tbo policy, but he has t? obey onters. f do not think Oeseral Olli more Ik at al) account -bio f?>r It; Hiid { im pretty certain Ih.u to Und tho antho.- of it you -.mutt look ia tho White Homo." II? :edlt ;<liacLoH. to anybody , it eh' uhl be ghrea to the President. All ! have to say about the policy I* thut it In so uiiDiitifatC'l burnt 'u, and will surely and ifli"?IIy l?il. I [irr iutso at ^o d>Unt ilay to jive to tbo renders of the il .ij?i.r> a full nnd comprehensive di.-?crlp? ticn of the preclu state of aiiairn ia tbiH-coontry, and of tbo rnwn.dnr or thing*. and what la Iikel y to remit from the grand I mtoln wctieu.e for bribing (bo State buck into tne Union, and for (hr o vetes for hlinsolf in the r.i x' Vlectoral C'ollego. I hope to make it grapbra nun truuiiui. MfH'd *10111 Kt.v W??f, Of a kSV Wf.bT roH?Ii8P(?NDKNIJB. Kky W*st, Fla.. March 21,1804. Rty. -tKl AiHa' Ca ol Vmirtt Tronpt on M<JiU. <tc , ttc. ?>y the nrrivul of the I'uited states at<>amer HuntHvllle, from oir Mn'iil'e nn 'jalurday, I learn tbat tbo United rUle-1 army d d adTaucil to within tlftymilei" of Mobile, ?ml ? Irii u very xtr >ns force of cavalry wan still farther in advaticu It ii addeU thu Adnural Parragot'a fleet fin y twuitK th- arrivnl of tho troopa to ?M>-op?rate with thfoi iu aiiacklof tho city Irnui thu water front. ylotiij^' Mnoti-r Bur comnaanding the UniU'dHMlea achoone" f<e in regard, ituivog fur thu N.irth by the United Si lica mtppiy t-ieamer l<nloo to jqimtow. on a alx month* furlough, since .Itini'la.n Capt.uu Burgesti ban captured no tower than oiKht prL?, UoKides making three joint ? aptorua. Tho Ht>atiregard hao heen placed In command of Autini; Mnater llealy. Ihi; above ituniM nro really nil the information I have fo Monrf. I'vei ylhiuj! baling no <iulot nore. K?wi from the KlorI<1& t'oaat. OPK NAVAL COKHKHPOWnSNCE. IJwiTirD Statwi STiumni Tjhoma. i HixioaabR O w t-r. M/kkk, Ha., March 17. 1804. j 'Ik* Vtnonim of Vluriila?ttui' fin- tnt Opvi atu>n$?^alu ah'e tajtur'? try Our IVrw All ift, <tc., >tt. The UnionisU of central or Middle Florida, who have heretofore bnrnc a passive part lit tho reoelhon, at last have cimmcnced the wori of organization id Taylor county. They have formed a cHmp, calling it "Cnmp liar moiiy,*' in honor ot' Lieutenant Cammander Tiavkt H. Ilartoony, of tho United Stales autanier Talioma. wbo baa used his aid and pifl'icnce in tbolr cauce at the headquar ter* of the Southern district ol Florida, masmncb aa fifnersl Wnodbuiy It) d . ily cipo.cied at this a la t Ion on m vlail Of inspection to th?lr camp, preparaloryUo making thin iwint u.b ise of ?Derations. Already they feave does m<mt etllcient arrvica. A short tiuio since tbey made a r lid on the rebel saltworks aloni; tliin roaat, d'Mrnying overytblug in their piogrews and caotnrlng the rebel Kovornmoot tax collector, John K. I'aul, formerly one of the aids on (ieneral Rlpluj's stair at Charleston. Tbey have had already two eneagementa with the rebel cavalry tbat haa been aent against them, both tlmaa forcing the enemy to rctlro, captnrinK too prlsoaera In all Had these loyall?U' claims i?eeu attended tn,Taila baasee woald bare been captured, St. Mar as forced to qui render and General feym'mr aot mat the anperlor uumbcrs be did at (iluitee. I miy montlou that a s'-outing party lately returned la Caup Harmony bringing In three array wagona, thirty tonles, ten horaes and one hundred and fifty contrabands, having destroyed and captured a large amount of stpra* collected for the subsistence of tbe rebel army. These men do not ask for pecuniary assistance. All tbey need is subsistence, arms and smmnnitloo. They ara enrolloU in companies, io?>ilarly ol'lcered, and swear that. If assistance he allorded to them, their wlvea and famllfes cared for, they will flght until every datnoad. secesh has beon drivon from the Mate. OUTBREAK AT CHARLESTON, MO. Vlght Between tbe CopperheMla aa< Valnn Men?Several Perasaa Hllleil and Wonadrd-The Mob Qarllad by lbs Nlliiary, Ae. Or. March W, 1M4. A despatch from fliarleeton. Coles uiunty, saya I ha copperheada came into that town lo attend court yeatar day with guns conoealed lo theft- wagoos aad armed with pistols. Some soldiers in tba Court House yard ware-drawn into an affray, and a general tight occurred.' Theoounty Sheriff sprang irom tbe Jo'lge'a stand and commenced tiring a pistol at Union men. Msjor York, surgeon of lite Fifty-fourth, was one of the Drat victims. The Union men, being outnumbered at the t'ourt Houau, ran to the houses nud store? for arma. Tiiey were tired uimn from the windows. Tenor 'wolve w?re wounded. < olorel Mitchell, of the Flfty-roqrtn reKlmsnt. waa badly wounded. Oliver Sales was killed; .fame* (ioodrieb, Rid. Hartt, T. C. Jeffreys and Leveral so<d^-.ra belonging to tba Fifty-fourth were wounded sevaccly. Tba Fifty fourth regiment arrived u tbe afternoon and formed on the s<pms.' Nelsou Walls, tbe man wbo Ored ?ho first shot, waa instantly killo>l. John hooper, a prta ooer, waa shot whilo trvlog to ascapo. roloael Brooke, with eetuad of men, went ta pnrsait of the gang of copperheads about seven miles. I aptain Wtlhtms has soma twenty prominent seraab itbplicated In the affair under guard at tba Court House Colonel Mitchell bad a conference with Hon. O. H. Franklin and Judge Constable, who seetnod very aniious lh <i steps aBould be taken to prevent a farther out break. NEWS FROM KEKTUCXr. Ihf r???le 01 rndnmh. K/. Cairo, March 38, 1864 Our forces unl?r Colonel Htcto, at Kaducab, eomprisad of the Kirsl battalion of tlie H*t<*etb Illinois, numbering three hundred raw recruits, nnder Major Damn*; threa ootnpsmea of the One Hundred and Twenty second Illinois, one hunlied aad twenty atrooir, under Major fb ipman, auJ two hundred and fifty of tl*o Firat Kentucky haavy artillery (colored), nndor l.ieotmiant Ounnlogham. Tie ?tearner Daootab, burner] at the Marine Railroad,* was owned by Captain John?on, of f'adtieab, and wai -/aiue-l at $20,004. Wolfe* tlrotner eitimaU their loaf by plunder io? at f25,000. lha steamer flail baa arrived, bribing two hundred ba'ea of ?o?ton for .St. 1/mJIs. N?v?mrnif ?f the ftrIki flra. Porreit Marcb 39, 1M4. Forrest, with a forae eatunated at seven Uihoaaod, waa rejiorted witbln eight mle* of Columbia). Ky., laal atgbt. They cut the le!og"?|.b lines bntwneo that plana aad Cairo yeau-riar. ? About forty more prisoner*, captured at Tnton flty, arrivad hers last nigbt. They report that only two hun dred an i S/ty prisoner* were captated with Ont. Haw kin*, and pirli?>? ot them ware escaping every day. Dlwlalou of the Riate Info military IJIo trlrte?\n Rtpre.i Tra>a Caplared bjr Uatrlllaa, Ar. fjiwiui, March 30.1904. In pnr(?u*nco of directions from General ScboAaM, anr| in accordance with General Grant's orders, Kaotaaky baa beeo divided into two die trie la, fbe Waatara diatrtob comprises all between the Nashville Railroad aad tb? Cumberland river, under Gen. ICwl&g, with beadqnartar* on the railroad. Tba Knstaro district oomprlaao all het^eaa Uio Nashville Railroad and Big Sandy river, nnJer General Hohaon, with headquarters IB tba laid. Tba wbole is to be nader the oommjmd af General Bar tori ig#. witb besdqaarters at present in tbla city. That part of Kentucky weet of tba Cumberland rlvar belong* to tba Department of Tsoaasaea. , Tba axpreft train wblch left Lcntfvilla as Moaday brtralnf for Umboo waa eaptured by la* goartilao and tba twa pautocar cira of tba tram Ware burned. A guard of saver lean Polo* aoldleraattba'train sor. rendered without firing a pn. Thla guard baa been ordered to LouUvWe inder %rraat. (?enaral Vaughn baa been appointed 1'rcvoet Marshal of TxxilavUla, vice M.?jor V Kcb, who rafoios his ragival. Town Kltetlon In Hag fling. tan flpM, If. Y . Warct aw. tS*4 At tba town election to day Find#** "? ?**!? w >a elected vwor. Tip t'aioo bmo cI%jb> a gala of ihreo hundred

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