Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1864 Page 2
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Tvsmui, March t?~41 M. Ik* share marks* ?u feverish ud uuettM this * Urge number of operators and outsiders ?earned U? be holding off until mm farther developments are Mt? by Secretary Chaee in ngard to kit determlaa tloa oo the fold question. Whatever tbe Seoretary may do la the matter, the price* of stock* cannot be wttw 100 M any gnat extent br his action. As loo* ?* r*" mains easy their coarse *U1 be M*""*' *"d Bolhin* N* can Check their ad-*-"1* ?** th# "rork of tract I oo, which ?ot ee*m ,,k#lJr 8000 10 b#" fin. partlof^'Twh#B we l*ke int0 consideration the ract the issues of- the new national banks which ?re r?ihinc oat ot the fountain at Washington will In a. short Ume be counted by tens of millions a month. Com pared with the higheft oasb sales at the .first meeting of the Board of Brokers yesterday, Erie preferred advanced IK,Reeding IS. Milwaukee and Prairie daCbien2J{> Catena aa<t Chicago jtf, Pacific Malll, and Quicksilver Miate< a. New York Central dot lined 2 per cent, Erie X, Hudson River 1, Harlem Michigan Central 4H. Michi gan Southern I, Illinois Central Ji, Cleveland and Pitts burg V- Cleveland and Toledo 2 Chicago and Rock Ulead 2, Cumberland Coal 2, Canton Company 1 >? and Mart port Mining In the afternoon the market was strong, and a general advance In prices took place.' New York Central closed at IM%, r tie 125 >?, I'.rie preferred 114.V. Reading 148 ??, Hudson River 16 Ai, liar! -tu, which commenced to go up ?fter Uto morning session, t27'?- '? vnneo of 18 per cent over the morning sale*: 31 isd i'ralriedu Chten 84X, Michigan Southern l ? -v-i.., ??? Central i4tt V. Illinois Central 1 , < .a Alton -*>, North western 07 \, Cleveland anU 'u >bi > n ' . " '4, (iaJcnn and <*hlcage 126S> B*Sk Island 125, fort Wayne 114, Pacific Man $3.1, Cumberland ( oai SS*4 Jutcksilrer Mining 78!,, aad Canton Company 70. Gold opened at 160 but that price could not be main taiued.and underjthe iniluence of the demand for gold cer itiicotea the quotations for coin settled down to 164X ri?e simulators were in a high stale of excitement, ow lug to their inability to trace oat the future com we of the market wttb any decree of satisfaction to themselves We lee: constrained by a sense of duty to continue to oautiou me public in regard to the numerous bubbles that are now be ug inflated aud taking the name of mining companies. Probably not one in a hundred will ever be anything more tban a shadow and jnany of tbem are simply to lauded by tboe who ?ave become Instrumental iii their formation as stock-gambling cards, to be thrown away as soon as the game of swindling the people is played nut Operations similar to these mining companies b?ve at rartuus times in years past been spread out be* lor* '.be public as a bait to catch small capitalists and re lieve litem or s portion of their money, and the lesson wbich was thus taught should now be turned to profltab'e account. the i ran auctions at the office of tbe Assistant Treasurer to-day are thus reported Amount on band $30,776,353 Receipts from customs 257.000 rroa? other sources 3,697,290 1\Kal $37,729,643 l'aym*ats 5,025,2f>s> Bataooe $32,704,384 The amount of tbe government ten-forty loan subscribed tor at the 8ub:Treasury wis $202,700. Tbe Kirnt and Second National Banks of this city have bees authorised by the Secretary of tbe Treasury to re ceive wbsoriptlons to the new ten-forty five per cent loan. and notice is also given that a commission will be allowed to all banks, bankers and dealers for the disposal ?r thn bonds, tt was st first stated that no com* mission would be allowed In negotiating tbe loan; but we presume that Mr. Chase has bad misgivings In retard to its success at tbe low rate ot interest at which it has been(ofiered, which prompted him to changs his determination iu this respect, and to offer a percentage to all who would interest themselves in procuring sub scriptions. Since the commencement of tbe present month the atock of the Milwaukee and Prairie du Chten Railroad has ran up from 66J-J to 86. The cause for this large advance may oo 'ound, no doubt, In tbe satisfactory exhibit of it* aSairs. The road runs from Milwaukee, through the city or Madison, the capital of the State of Wisconsin, to Prairie au Chlea, on tbe Mississippi river, and from Mil tja, on the main line, through Jaaesville to Monroe, em . brae?ot two hundred end thirty five miles of main track mid iweaty-five miles of side rail. The lisbililies of tbe company are as follows Bonded debt $3,014,600 Kwjbt percent first preferred stock l,4Aft,riG0 Heron per cent second preferred stock 1,014,000 (tornmoo stock 2,761.400 lutai stock and debt $7,240,800 ?Tbe 5 oss earnings ef tbe read daring the year 1863 Irere $1,247 ?67, lrom which the following items of ex tease* are to t>? deducted:? Dperattng, Ac.. 63 per cent $7911,747 l?nst.-ii< lions. 81,616 Hisiaimeot due Ranking fupd 204,4* Dividends >u pr**terred stock 155,Ot. Total $1,184,902 ?An I there reutuins a surplus due the common stock fr<nn tbe receipts or tbe year of $82 366. From tbe 1st ?' January to tbe 14Jh of March, tbe present year, tbe etnuogv were $264,406 ?<me :aet year... 162,686 lu' 1 92,019 :i i* et-timttod, upon a lesser rmte of larrawc than the shore pr imeote, that the press receipts of the present year trill *ui >???? to at least one million eight hundred thou *?nd ,tot trs which, after deducting the ordinary ei (or operating the road, the dividend* on tbe pre !"i*l stock, and kbo usual Instalment to the sinking fnod. will loave lor the holders of ths common stock over i?j h-iDdrwd and thirty ei*ht thousand dollars, or about eight and a half p?r cent. 'fhf following comparative statement shows the average condition ?f the lead'tag items of the Philadelphia banks iur itM sad previous week 7*i? W*e'. fti$t W'fk. 1?*a? .$50 .(KM ,41ft 39,412 923 *peci? 4.W0.M1 4.0W.&64 tag*' lender. .. U,973,04f. 12,144,??? Ifpo* t* S.1,1M4I* aa.HJIS.QM ? u>?UMius 2.3*7,168 2,340.182 ? The exhibit shows k farther increase of $218,402 in loan* san^itn m deports and $17,636 In circulation, rfce ,#gs' tealer ootes declined 1172,949 and tbe specie raMlirfttt Ave doKar hilts on tha Canton Bank, of B?.gur, Me , are in okrcnlaiina in Boston. They will pribaVy s-ton make their appearance io this city. A *eun-auoual dividend of three per cent o>n tbe capital ?u*fc of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad Ooapany h .a tt-nm d.- tarel, |?>able at the offlia of the company in th ? cHy ?n and after the lltb of April. The transfer boot* w-n be rlneed on Friday oeit, .and reopen on vh? Hb i ha earn Jigs of the ohio snd Mississippi Railroad dar ing the asoilb of Marrb wars ever two hundred tboosand Ooliara, ?g* nit one hundred sad forty-sis thoussnd to Ma aaaw> month last yeer. th" * i:?arriMiiii itsts tor lbs loan of 11409,000 first n?i>"jac<- iMwits of tbe Chicago aad Groat Eaatsrn Rail, way Company, which were opened with Messrs. (>h?riit k <*bhard and M. Morgan's Hons, bars bosn el lit lb* xtao having been taken. Mloc.k Richsagt. f ca#r?v, March W?It110 A. M tiwu'imi'i M teg It) aba Le A Sin Coal 141* l*k/?/drs. 4 JO r. ?. ili'% IQU Faeihc Mail S? Co A\ tltil' Ida. 6 30, con l,w!i lOU do JJO, to ... ro w? do jw, 4) I' r>*e I vr err I on do........ ... IV i do "9 ? ?*) do ????*?????? M AiTtMlfl.rU' *?!*r Cent ?M.,..e3U mW mum lew Terk ft a Tt l?t W? do 142 UMiOhiers. "M...... i'< 3ft' do .j. 14i)k *#*? l .iiaols war lo.n I"* ItJO 4o MO 1??. 1"?*< l?d'?aa wet loan. 9* Jf?) do 141'. tw? Missouri Vs 79\ ff 04.... liitf to il ?n 74 ICO do alo 111 IWhtliiMtfiPaci; if ttoOCrleftK 194 I not) A . 7S^ W0 do bio IX >?0 de . T* do 1MV v?/CaN^arma7 a ... 15< i?> do.... WW tilt 4a... Oft mm do blOltiK 4>,*ai iwrt. a Miae our 4'> ?? <lo ...blO 134*. *2* We tfc'J lb do ....... lfi|| !??? an {& frxi M'lilsna Rl?-er RB 1M *?? do .. Cft 4 7110 do lft?w 1 !!S ri1" ? ?oortgsar "?>4 do lift 13d., 12. ?a ... Iif* 1M? Krte MR Ijrol lis * 1'iQOd Krte ?a uia M;i i-J-'llarieai I I 107 WWS'.UUaami h.nd> tt?, 909 do ... I"7U , jws alt A T Mm tu l?? do l??OQIil tgsi^a <j* 4.1) do all) MS "?SUV f lr- 1n9 **? do IWtSJ iWOMtVldaii It* J>| do b*J 109 iwwn m 4> di CI <t m |i?j u Rea ing RR lift I am Muw 4 Mo laud K U* da 140k ?y?i do 7* l*i m |?TI m??t do Ti ,to ... . il* I0?m Chi 4 Alton 1st te l<?H lt? 4<? . .... ...alft 14RV )*w r t'a^Jqid.a 10 iomo ? j" . amce.t ?n #wid ... '?* . >?' <?(, . . . a??' IO .. c I'A . 5*' do | H;l2 ?> <i do a.t t?? ?'? do |47^ ?<l< fti? i Heok 1M M0 d<. htfi 147^ 111 Rao# of ->nt ? erne 115 ftw ? i*a Oman He-it "* Ml*.. # ... ?i muf Miiian Maak 111 *>' Mich Con Rtt ?IS 146>t 499 ? 1*7 7 liaojktm ?' Hai k I?' dW do.... ;???, 101 .>a,'?e' a iaaif -W I'd do 'af*t loll MO'.'" *?0" ?? k lOi 'WiKltlM R*a!fci n? iOj l?ri 4 II ? i (Ana t u }'*> 4o.... ? lis * ,0U so 11? I"l* do... adO list? s? *10 TN *J9 d .. Ill; ft r.J, Z Ce " *l? W ??(?**' ft* . J 44 |? d? t'T K? ??? n ? ?tin deatrai oeai oo.... i3 ft?8 J l(W Otimb Oo*l 0* wrtt 88 Mf Z.U M m 4o ?? ?? 10 da Ml M 1(0 do ft* Ms III 0em cu b?*IM t? Aino' t<--a? 0..?l Of Uf UNO# do ... *4Qulofc?Mlv#r M? MM do 900 do .j.. ^ ng 4M lit Om fuU steak ?2 ur:: 18$ ISJ la# do , 1SSK IX do ........ 78 *?0lev APHtaBB.... ItbjJ do ?tk rr J? ij !!5 So to;'.:;'.:.'.*.'.?!: e* 408 ^^.'.'.'.".'881?* 8?saftStt& 2S AO do *8>1 m Clalens A Ofcl if 115* KM) Wyom Val Cool Ce *8 MM do 1* luO Rutland Marble Oe. M 1000 da 200 Copake lroa Mlnea. 17 '#1 ;5 300 do IO#Ot?vA Toledc SR. 149 *0 Cauada Copper Uo. 10!? JW 4e ......, I4#tf 100 do 11 #0#OWABfRR b? I2f 80 Hope Gold Co UK ?00 ..... . .. ?* aO do 16 *WOhi. BurA 6o? Btt. 144 1(10 International Coal 97 IM Mlltrr duCVieaRU 84 500 do 98 1H0* do S* i(10 d? 98>f IS? do .. .. .... 8JK 200llanpoaaMlniagCe 4S 10# do ... ???"? M# JJJH t!0 do 41)4 200 MAPduOlilen Mpf. 94 SOOCeoMioOo.Oolorado lUtg WO Toledo 4 Wab SB 87 do II 10# Tel A Wall ye*' el# 87 MO Lehigu Art" *00*1 I4*i ^ ?BOONU BOARD. Ili..r ri it l*?o a'CMMc P. H. fMOO# V ? b'?. 4 2#, nou lf?% 800 ahe ReadlngBR.bS# 14# roou i?s no woo do ..... m? uo* 10300 n 8 6 a, '81, cou . 112V 100 Mick Uealttt ... 14* 8MOO Ohio A Miss car.. 66vj SO' do ... .......?## >*? lOIOtl American Gold.., ltt'i 4ft) M 9o A N la RR .. JlJJt lOitbdCuDihOoal pref 8* Mu 4a, llSlf Rgn Quicksilver Mu Oo . 77 200 M 8 A N I guar 148 100 do blO 77 3Mi III Oon RR sorlu .. 14# 1:0 do n.\ 1000 do . ........ ISO Uw Pacific Mall 88 Co 2S.".<2 lOOOlev A PittA RR ... IttX 4(0 N V Central RR... 144 M Gal A Cbl BR IN aooKricRli !?Si WO do I2CX 200 . do.... 124X WOler ATol RR.blO 14? BOO 1 do 124 ?? do 148 100 d? bS )*4U IWO Ohl A R 1 RR l? 700 do btO 120* I# Ob, Bur A Qu BB 144% 'AO Erie BR preferred. Ull, &0 do -#44',^ 100 Hudaon River RR 1ST 1109 Mil 4 Pr du 0 RR X* alio do 147 V 800 fol A Wall RK <7 aw Harlem RR Ito !t00 ??UU. TW A Oh RB US* Mo do l*t? 10" ' do aSO lrt S00 do ?S0 1 84 100 Alton 4 T H RK ... 84 1000 do 126 11)0 do M S00 do 1W4 tOO Alt A TH pief WH MM) do a;W 11? lOOChlANWKR . ftS 1(00 do Hio 124^ h* a? bll> 68 BQ?> RR ...... 148 l.O do.. $T< C?rV OONHRRi Uti RMPOBTi tn?n>*T, March -iO?6 P. M. A*n??.?Recei(>W. 87 bbls. Market unctiAnjsd, with 44 bbls aold BiiHAnsitnyrs.?KtcelpU, la4#H bb.s. flour. 17 bbia aud 1,052 bags corn meal, 1,147 buauei* wtteat. J#,7f>4 bu?beis corn, 2,174 do. oaU. 1H7 <1% rye. The floar toarket mm fir. a 10c . lower, with a moderate demand at the UecUo* The absence of any ei|K>> t demand wortti mentiotiioi;, and the ornspect or increased receipts under the lower f i asght tariff by lake and oanal trannportaliOD, noon to lu> re fcumcd, cause incroant'd prwtS'iro u> nell, no.twitUHtand ng Ibe assnmplioD tliat flour ?? relatlrni)> much cheaper than other staple oommodiiieti. r-alw 7,f>00 bbli. State and Western, OOO Southoru, 7"A1 Cauuditu aod 200 rye flout witlitii our range Of corn moat 260 bbls Jersey aold, chiefly at $6 Ml We quote;? Sui>erUne Suie aud Western flour $8 M a 8 70 ICxtta Mate 6 HO a 6 90 Choice State 6 05 a 7 IS Common to medium Weatnru 6 90 a 7 10 (iood to cbvice do. 7 16 a 7 16 Kxtra Pt. IiOiits 7 40 a 10 00 Common to gocid Southern . 7 10 4 7 69 (kwd to choice o*tra do 7 65 a 10 SO Common ( aaadiau. A 90 a 7 05 Good to choice oitra do.... 7 10 a 8 00 P.j'e Hoar 6 40a 6 20 Corn raoai, bbl* & 60 a A 2.1 Corn meal, iiiincbooua 28 60 ? 2# 00 ?Wheat continue inactive, and prices ver* nominally lc. 4 2c lower. s?ie*8,ooo h^.stiolf red >t?t?atjl 09, and 5,000 do. winter red Western at (I 70. Otuer ktudd, lu the absence of ^ales. were eatireiy nominal, and wo omit 'juotattous. In rye vre heard o' oale* of 8,000 Utishels North rivet. to arrive, at $1 28. Karley was qaiet, witn sulea or l^(fi biiahel* suie at 41 SI, and of barley malt 4,500 bushels i.oldatfl r.o. oats were a trifle oil, and lev active Wi< quota CanadL'kO at 8#c a 90c.. and Mtate aud Western at H9i(c. alkiifr. C?rn ruled quiet, aod price* were without decided chaoge. Salee of 2..000 busbel? at $1 3.J Tor old Western mixed, in store, and tl 29 a $1 29>* for new crop Jersey and Southern yellow. Rtkxwak ?We learned of further sales of 2,000 lbs Western at 5,'c a ;>Gc. Conow was fairly acttre at about 76c for u dd!;ug. ?ates 1,100 hale?. Corpus.?W? not" sales of 150,000 lbs. at 40>je.#40&t. for Baltimore and i I \c. for lake. Coal?320 tons T.irerpool pw leiklng and cannel, at *12 for tor the former and $14 50 for the latter, and 1,000 tons Plctou, to arrive, at 9# Priid Facn?We heard of sales of 108,000 lbs. un peeled peaches ?t 17c., and 2,000 do. apples at 9Vic. Dare*?750 kegs t>i-c*rb. soda sold at 7?<c., 150 casks bleaching powder at 9)?c , 100 tons sal soda at f2 95, 50 tons soda ash st 4%o , and 25 tons caustic soda at #??<!? Fmuoirrs were dull and rates favored the shipper. To Liverpool, per American flag, 74 bad*, tallow at 14a., 600 boxes bacon. 14.-. 12,000 bushela wheat, in bulk, 3,'id : per neutral, 1,000 U?xe? bacon, 22s. 8d .and per steamer, 2,500 boxes basaa, W$. i? I/>nd"n, per Ameri can, 000 boxes bacon, 17s. 8d ., sad per neutral AO tiercea beef, 4s. 9'l. To Rriatol. per neutral, 50 bbl? tallow and 200 taxes baroo at u*3s. fid., 2.000 barrel stares at 22s , and 60 tons oil cake at 21k. od To Bremen 300 pkgr, Eislons at 27s. 6d.. .tnd 100 bbls shoe pegs at *2s. 4d., to Antwerp 100 tierces lard at 27s fid. A Britwh was chartered to Belfast, Tut! cargo !>acon, Ac. , at 25s ; ? British brig, 2.000 bbls. capacity, to Mat moros And back. fci,s<00. hair gold a schooner to St. Jago and back, sugar, 46c. a brig to Cardenas and hack, 45c.; a Norwegian brig to itsrdeatix and a neutral bark to Cadis, both staves, p t. Bark hYnestlne Oiddmgs, 377 tons, built in llrockport in 1854, lias beea uold to go un der British flag at $16,000, rash. K'SH?Pales of 8,000 boxes scaled and Vo. I herring were reported at private terms Oaiusi<.?10.000 lbs at 12c. lav was steady, with sale* of 1,600 ba'es, mostly a* ' f? ^hipping. is in fair demand. 1,000 bales Manila ou the etv .. ' ,000 to arrive w?re reported at Inc. a lbl^c. Hot-s #"re steady, with sales, ot 175 bales, st 25c. a HluM.?gales of 2,MM) Orinoco at Mtfn., *!* months 450 do. Wipa at J8c., <;*ah, and 6,000 Ayr* do. on private term* lao* *n in {sir demand. 1 ,'iM) tons ailii atfM (<>r No. 1, deliverable -o lliiladelphia, f5S foi forge ac<1 $49 00 a f'O lor i>*rUberrie?i hiedv the Utter Latw ?One hundred tliouiand sold at fl 75 Lasnta* eonticued in |nod demand at prrviou* price*, except lor oak. whteb ba? advanofed slightly. We quote hemlock Humx-a Ayr?s, all weighu, U2c. a 89c Orinoco do. at Sic. a .?2Hc , o?w , VI weight* from 4 Ml to 55c. The receipt* were fair. ljtuo.?100 tors.tiOld at tl Kc for Kugitsb, and HV a IXTic. for Spanmli. ? Rookland was firm, Willi nuia* of 3,00? ttOts common ai $1 36, tod '^-'O inmp at fl Tf> Moumi-m ??? "imel 16.'! bbls. New Orleao* (Old, by auclioa, ot "4c a 77c. on*.?We not* xaiea of ir;o,ooo gallon* linseed at 91 67 a $1 f>* on the afM aud to arrive in April, pari at >1 5t? a SI fiO, and part oa private te an and tta 44 una Cog lub.atao to art tea, at (I 61 60 bbt*. whale at ft 10 a ?i u Pat-r*a ? JoO iiags black aoM ?t 41c. ?Raoaipta, T5 bbl* oortt. 1,46| parkagea oat meats, 1 OHO do. lard Tne fail tn goid. though with out marked effect oo me nartii for provision*, n ever the tea* bad (be offer i to reader tha market depraned, and bolder* war* obliged to accept of rattier lower pricea. The demand tor parte ?** modern*- and eale* at yester day'* price* could not be eff?ts<I ta any eatent. A re duuline ot 26o. a &0c a barrel Induced ?ome buyer* to come forward, and a !air business waa consummated at the com.e*s.oa noted Beef waa >a moderate demand at yesterday a price*. Beef harnt were steady. Bacon waa in moderate demand aud prices were unchanged, ('tit meat? ware steady with a fair demand at yesterday'a price*. Lard waa In moderate demand and price* were nraroely *o Arm. Butter sold at 80c. a 10c for Weatera, and 42c a AUc for Mate Cheeae sold at 16c. a tic. The a?u? wwe '.wxi bbl*. pork at 92126 a92360 for old man, IX: 76 a $?> *7 for new. $20 50 for new prime and $22 76 ior Westera, and 124 50 a$26 for aity prime meae; 1.O00 bbla.-tusw mees 'or April at $-44 'A., evincing oo* aldarable ccnManoe oo the part of tbe buyer. 1,000 a bis beef at $1360a$16 "S!or Wdltera meas and fiat* a $17 76 lor antra da b(> bbl* beef ham* at $2$ a $24; r.00 boxes becoo at 19c. for abort ribbed and lUltfc. a 18'{c. Tor U??rt clear 900 pai-kanes out meat* at 9%o. a J9)6?' lor abouMera and ISttc torhamt. 1.200 packagea lard at la?$c a 13?tc for oM and oew. P*raot,*cn?-Receipts, 190 bbls. The demand waa very light lor all kind* to day, buttb* receipt* lur a week peat have been trary ositaiAoeot. and hot*art were quite tirtn. A i ubcasnoo was nevertheless granted by antious seller*. Tin *?*? were ebont 2,w?0 bbl* crude al .;x^r far 40 a 47 gcvity.oa the spot, and Mo aS3it& lor April 1,600 bW*. r#flned, in b"B<t,at 60- a Mo.. 1.J0* da., free, 69<k a ?2o . intlading straw to prime light *uaw to white, oo the apot. ?nd ..oa do ataudard, for April, itnderatoud at H?oalne waa rery Arm? too ; bbls. aold at 90c . on ihs aftot. ?ad a?me 900 a 700 bbls. > ?old for April at ".2c a tt!{f for prime aweat ruy re 9aI 'I, 60 a 63 gravity Vi^ktbr. ?JOO ion* white Nor* -Suotiaa.eo'd at $4 uaah. R i * waa tolerably -ict tra ?? rtber *aie? of 1.900 l>ag* Rangoon were reported at !>%?. a Or., in bond {?KtD4 ?There rn an a* I Ira demand far dak seed, or whti b abont 20,000 bu?h*tt< banged banda at 'rom fa 46 a if,?;.ar? to arrive at a still hl<tior price. HriLtia. ?We have unly to ante saleanf 2&toasBal glum at 7 wa to gold. BaoAf. - I'Ua demaad rontiauod active, a*d the salm were 1 :>>? hlid* at 14 V ? >te. tm New Orlenna, 19c. a laso fur Cntja meacoiMoand Porta R*o, and tfft 4? New Orleans by eocUoc at 14Hc a M^c. Tbaa?Uta uwrkft ruled buoyant, and large aaiea ware ngaiu reported, ? umprtsmg about 10,909 itackagaa from tiret aca rarand Iimh on prtvata terms, but at full pre vtoaa prxwa. Tnaacco. ?ftia demand remain* <)uita limited , prree are strm. 3nlaa91 U!>d% Kauturkjr at 9Ho.a 24c ett HiHiift, c I wlu'^wa was acuta. ^?me alk.tWO Iba. Arct o and "obotak acrid at f l 66 a $1 99. tv RacelpU 991 bbla. Market nrmai, trlttt a brisk demand, 'h part d^aculativa. "?*tm 9.599 W?ia., eloaiaf it ft Wafl 03 Tor .State and fl 06 for Westera. ft*tee of itiial Retitte at Aattloa. By Maui*. A. II Mulier.r ft. Wnkiaa ft 0b. a lot* a. " "Hiu ?t . in ft east of ixtb av ..aach $H16 2 iota adjoining aaati 996 Hkttas. n 77tb at.,996*ft. 9 ip eaat of Utb av each W>.'? 2 ki* ? idj iimar eaoft 970 t lota a^olamg oaab 709 4 lote e. side ttrvad* ay 9.> .'t aoutb of 194th at anob 610 1 g ?re lot oa a a. 4?ih*l . ... 969 11/ K ll.Cadiiw k (*. I Iluuae *ii t u*, Oliver St., 8*> >1?47 0. . .... ifitfi Iboperly, I ? Kjmi Wih ?t 6,'M9 j No lilf? (Hh ave , 21 .44 tl ,0d0 Pf"pei-ty,91.? >?r i.oiwa/. 46 I9sl74 ... . . 40,MM I fcoert,*. it walk* ?i 9Psl)9J>. .. ,, 19909 ?rrvATioii wijrri ^ ???? w* Aiit wisbbi thto A "JS52* J2T-3!?S. "QQ* ???">?*> A J^*222&?S2H US?tS!Z^rSi A w^?o*fc?J2Jut?Z2^ *;?*? *? HAVB A Call atuff RUatffT.ft uT^Ey**' ** M A f<? al "etiM ItiSLuSl A SltBATION a ?ggffig.aMBia, sw ,sgsair; LS&fc^&tanssia <m^*ii*C?jS*T f#r lw* ??????? h?r Prf??l D,**?" CIM. wants A situation to DO -~. ohamberwork aitd waiting ar to uiiat wiu lha waiklnc "m? .' ??* *lr ?*33r oXi Stllf A m a?*mI2?^~*W*>1P~.B.T AN ABRRIOAN *0 WISEST? -tfraas.z fiixsp v%??!o A r it11/* J? 81 taATI on TO TAKE 0004 r#,er" A V(WfC(| 4HKMI0AK LADY WANTS A ftTTli Aff f iM A 1??^"^*"' OIRL ViilOES A SITUATION As A RKBPROTABtJI rem no GIRL WANTS A8ITTTA ns7tb U <#0i- w"h 4aJ tP0^ ??"&!? "ait A SITUATION WANTBD-RY A VOUMa Mat Tc A SITUATION WANTKD-RY a RRS1 'KPT A MM! 4?F'aw?? WS? Sc VOL'NO WOM4NWI3HKR astt ?? bummer. Beat ,f reirrcocc C hw ^ beaae, fa, two da/a ? .*, Mmtu ?.. ?^?fb^k ?<*U A i'??u\^on'taiu,Viu^K^mL^ ?F f,'?0,?P? &'?'.*??'?& :"bHi^irS A SI1CATION WANTEO?FOR A IjlTTLh firm i? 1\ rearai of i|? Cw b?* Keen at ??9 I'eirl ? U * A TOl.'NQ LADY, vfho ik A uood KNOLImII a nr. country. Call o. or MdW rofr*.^. B ?f/S^'Sii' We*! A SITUATION WANTEll-?UY A COBPRTRNT ynirva iL:rr.-". kiss," ,??? SJT"'A A HIf('ATI(IN WA?tTK0~AS ('lUMBEKHATn a am raK,7^n"'"?& ???? - ""< fc?"" A RKspectarIjB woman wish as a siTfrAriow^t A GIRL Ii4T?(iY LaNOSD jpaw-ra a 4r%fT a MTch.^^r,A?a%u,i.A to?ta?p lue e.op'.ofct ??. so 9 We#l tt4J* Ca" for lw* day* At bee A situation WANTED-BY a QHtL 'nalit. Or would take rare of atlMMn. . ABRhR HM(ooi) city reference ri if ??, ?i! aawer; A SITUATION vv ANTED?BT A BESPFOfAm 1/ ,WB *1 "-1 -u If,, CdrilCi Clf Ulh at mfrr,., . A. ' ? raom. ?*?" ??.. aeconu t*u-ir. ,u?cii A ? . .^WABBBBBAID and (<AUNORRK<<?a i'ii?? ?nd :AuodrsM? ^iT-Vnn'l derataodt u?r wort fhe Lpni of n-? i-^^L 5 ^ ,,n " Ky~- ?-- ???? *"Krca A situation wantko^RY ~A TOLBl. ii for (wodar. at 177 R?ae, -n frul ?o* A SITUATION VAIflD.ll A YOOBS ?kl r.i /"f'e^ir'?'*r c'uv .wwmki!; aol CaIU A SITUATION WARTBO-9? A bispkcta hi* yo -ng woman to |i*ltt eliamliarwork and putln a^Wlog, or wou d uva <-ara of un? eii.h and di, ar ving; la lolly eouipa'.af.t oood r(hk>ti:ideo't?ii.)ns. can t*? ?c?f> o two <Jay? at zl* Wrr, itftb at. 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A RESPECTABLE voujfg WOMAN wants A sitc. ltwn a* nuraaand immatre,# to growing tip ebr.dien ta as oacalleut aowei. Call at s4" (tb ?? . bai???a jla- aad jjd?u., N"? York, from 11 (ill). Ah rubse AND seamstress.?situation want. m. b* a reapeotah'o ?'>msk ?t>maa ran takeaaraota baby from it* birth; baa m* b*?t of rlty reftrnair. Can be a*nn from 10 till 1 at :,??iiih a*., b*i*ara tiai aud Tii aia. Acompbtkkt tourq won ax wishes A SITU a lion aa waitroaa, a> rbarubarnia d aad teaman eaa 1a? l? ?aen at bot piaa?til IP kaat i<uh a; . b<",?c?a lr?lag placf and ?th a<* situation WaRTRD-ky a respectable ' ja-iai girl aa aura* ai>4 aaamairaaa; ta wlilldg and obliging u?at and n<1y. and p?r>' tl? uadrrataada ih<i car* of rblldr?a, good niW r?l?r?hi* can !?? givnu. Can kd ?ea tor two daya al '.m Wrm .'7lb at. b?t?r?*aa 7th and wfh a'a. A a first CLASH COOK anp lackurem - wol'uo prafnr a mroiaacnt aititatlna ta high ?ag?? Call at 497 Caaal at . oaar hud via Akkhi'm iabi.:-. rorino WOMAB warm a ittha thin aa iad/'i *ald and mamttroa*. uniprataada all aiylaa of kair araaatog Haa iba i?? of ot> r?fetrnca Call at 1*1 wm mb at floor. oirfc WARTS A hituaTION TO DO orrcbab iwork; ta a gomt plain < o?k, oubar and irn*?r; Ajntt * yauag girl aa aura* and aaaumraaa; ia wlillnc and ? ~ ? A i? ?r wmih go aa i.bani?j?rinaid au>i wattreaa. caa gat ma b?at af aty rafatoniia. Call f r two day* at fg? mu'oarry at, iaik* far. ^ Ah first ?ii.ab" orbman protrrtart cook wia.ira a aitnat'on In a prtva'a family; nndaratnita r kitmg in all it* brmf baa ru gtra b?ai af nlly rci?r?nn a. cm na mm at HI .Vfa at., itiwrn ttfe and nta a*a. Abb bksprctari.h oiri. wibsbb a bitratifir at good p'ajn e?nk. waaber, and iroaar; g'~j'l city refa runt* < ail af *4* 6th av.,tnta< ?ttfc at . tap toor. front rootr. Ami BP.apbotarlab tot?ro wtlla* WI8IIRR~A ?it'iauo* aa amaakanoaid and aamairaaa, ar aa rbaaa and iraurnaa. ?o nkja> ti?<t to tb? tu iutrr. Call a4 ?m Waat SIM at Ah kebpectarlr tovr^tomar wants a situ. al ion a < anaiabarmaid aad afwmatrmm : >?111 Mala* with growing ok<Vlr*a ki?q>ilr?4; anakaa akim-ca'a olotbaa Md rm 4o all kind, of faaailf adwttg; ak; rafafaooa gtran om fw aaan for two tan af Ilk tru 1MB at.. fixmit bmf ?BMt Ah frotrbtart womar wmhrr a bttcanox as nook aud waald aaamt with tka waaklng; dw raforac*. c*u a. HI m ?t?. in tkt atore. protest ART WOMAN warts a si^fATIOR At <m cotmm 1 ?i. i ixgtww. Abu ihouia orRI, wihhrs A situatfob AS nliiunbarotaid aad wAkraaa, good oitt rafaromt. Call a' tf) fltb a? . rouoi Rn. 7 Ah COMPRTfcRT PBRBOR wihmbb A bituatior All latiadiaaa with nkanbarw irk, and woold aa?lat In lb?t c?i* ol "blldrwi; ctty rafareana* abfily at t?\ Waat S7tk ai mm* rh ?? a r cmamhrrmaid. WAtTBBSS or to do hottbr .IX win* Oood r(ty (*r*raic? i'all al *t Pan tlr at n*ar kailtl' al , rrooklyai Ah rrspxii'armi founo <?i ai. whiiia a ?rruA p? i? : < ii ri?i ii- ? ? ram no oh orxi'm* oagamval kt'iim?or* ia aamall 'mi l/ g->i ill' i'f*?n? naii At iii 4ui 41 at #. Ah protest art woman warts a siuiati nook; thorough!| tindaratanda hrr bualnrw, m wau racommandad. Caa ba a?ao at mb uotanbu i MViKOK ?im?-IT A TOD MO OtBfc OV tf ? >?lini irli ttital nllk nteMtenrnrk laa ti ?!?!? na? oaii aaw waat ma i Avodmo woman wants a situation am ooom eaak. outer u< Iroaer; tea oHy ntium Oka te a far two daya aWMw, near mh it. A YOURO OIRL WaNTS A SITUATION AS FLUN A OMk. niter u4 IrMur; test if oily nUhmn (tea Iter I Mi slao* Cm te mm far twe days at 8? 4th ar.. te twtM IflU m< 1 l?Hi. ?om< floar bach noa. A situation WANTBD-BY A BBSPBOTABLS Ik youag clrl, M oteasberasaid ate wallrtee. ar lanadreaa; U m ?iMUMt eewer; |M4 car rafaraaoa freak her last place Oall at 119 Baal Uth at, mom* flow, haok raoaa A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A WOMAN, AS OOOKj underetMda ker bttMaeae thoroughly. U a pM baker of breed ate pa*try; a* teJecUoatto luitt with tte waablag ail i rasing; gooA refereaoe. Apply at AM fltb av,< tet*Ma tSih Md 2fU ate. An amrrican protbstant woman wisrbi a situation tu the oounlry m oaok ar to takaeara of milk Mi hntter. Aamy at IT StMtoa ai. for too days AaiTUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIBL, TO ?a to tte country; la a good cook aad trat rate waaher Md ironer. Call at 97 Wait 19th at., to the rear, between 6th and Ttb eve. ? ALADY'8 MAID WIStlBg A situation; UNDBR standi all klate af family sewing, aan out aad lit ladles' dieesea aad dreet kalr la the lataat etyle, has oa oh jections to trstel; referancea glvea. Call at ttl? 6th ar. A SITUATION WANTS D?BY A WOMAN TO DO general housework; baa no ebiectioa to go a akort dU taaoa Id the country, call for twa daya at lit Bait 20th at., ?rat lloar, hack rooue, ^ Arbspbotablr vouno woman wants a hitua. ttao a* chambermaid and waitress: ebe ha* lived fear years in bar last elt .tattoo and oaa gi?? the best of reference. Call for one day at 147 Fast S5tb at TOUNO WOMAN WANTS a situation A3 CHAM. . berinaid Call al 6J4 Hudson at., lop floor. AaiTUATION WAATRD-BY A RKHT'KOTABLE girl, aeohild'i nurse and do light ohamberwork: has no objection to ifce oounlry. Can be ate* for two daya at No, 8 llowatd at., Is tbe rear, top floor. A situation WANTED-BY A PROTBSTANT WO uian, as Grst Haas lauadress , doe* French Quting. Qall at S7 12th st.. between <th aud Otn a>? AQIBL WISHES A SITUATION AS GHAMBSRMAID and waifesa; he* the best eftjr referenor Osi. at 4lt U.nt st, ooraer 6.b are. A situation WANTED BY A KBSPBCTABLR TOUNO woman as cook. washer end Ironet Good city refer, ence is required. Call at No. 32 41st at., between 4th aad Madlsoa ars. Can be seen for two days tf uot engaged A TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO OBN. eral housework; good city reference. Call at 17.1 Bast J4th st, near id ar. COOK? SirU*lON WANTED IN A HOTEL BV A processed inlet aad pastiy eeet. Inquire at 6i list St.. corner ttb ?? Housekeeper.-a middle aubd lady, op bs lierience. wishes to obtain aei'uatleo *a houeeieei>er in a hotel or private family; she la fully competent to attend to the detail" uf the kilehen aud table is also an eiperl eifed nurse, satmfacloi * reference wut be giteu AddreiJ lor tbree days A. M. It., rieraM unlet Situation wantrd-bt a youno woman to do housework in a nmali fawlly eliy referenc* Oallat 12S West r/th st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMAN. AS cook, washer and irone City references A?nl? for ? two days a; KM '-'d ST., come, o! VtU st. Mrs BACEK. Situations WANTKD-BY TWO Rf'8?*Ef!TABLE yong wontea (sis'ars) lu a private family; t?ne as cook, snfl Hie other as chambermaid and waitrens Has the bestollr refereuce. .Apply for two days at K?tt Vtth at., comer Jd are. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO YOUNO OIKLS; imeah waitress or cnamtieiraaH; lb" other as c>ok and to assist In the washing; hoth pe> feetty ttndei sl.ind t!>eir business; wotild like situations in the same family, ns they have lived for nearly three years together. Call ?t 124 West Htlb ?L lor t* ti days. Best of clly relerenua. SITUATION WANTED?BY1 A WOMAN,|AS COOK. IN A amsll private family. Can be seen st ber prnsot em ployer's. 00 Rant "Ith St., t>rtwe/u 4th ?ud Madison av?. tllTUATION WANTED-BY A OfRI., AH UHAMBSB O maid anil waitress, in a ? nai pr:rate tarn !.? it?n be seen ai her present employer s. ?0 Kaa: .t4th si . :>e.ween 4th aud Madison avs. SITUATION WANThD-AS COOK OOO0 OUT RS (ereuc* Call at 81 Welt I3lh at CJITITATION WA.XTED-BY A RBSPECtABLE Ufttl. O as cook, Rather and ironer or !aun.1res* <io o'.ijeotioiis to the country; hak best ol references. Call for t<vo days a t 173 East ;ttth si., third floor, front taonis. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A OIRl. I.ATPLr 1.ANO. ed. to dw general housework. < -all at No. 4 Marlon st.. near Rrootue. SITUATION WAMRD-AS CHAMBBRMAID OR O wsttresi or ea. do plain sawiug. rCall al her pies-ui a'tiution, i:?5 Wesi III" st. SITUATION WANTED?A3 LaUNDREnS AND CHAM hermald. Oood taferenees Call for two d?y? ?t t!l Watt Wih st. CllTUATION WANTED-BY A RESl' N to take charge ol wllieea anrt clean the same. She 'in asrstaad* the dufes of such a porso.v App'.y tar l?o days at 174 Division st.. in lharear, ar?i door. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A () IUL. TO COOK. WASH U aad I TOO/ Ono-t rar?renea. (.'all at 107-lit av baltveeu S.tth and !IU sts.. third door, fraoi roout. SITUATION WANTED?BY A itESPECTABLE ?JBR man girl, to do lignt bo'.sework 01 takecstre of caildieu: the upper p?rt of the city r>re!e-. f?d. Cail at f!3 51a; at., between Hh and lOtb ars SITUATION WANTKD-BY A SCOTCH '.US'. AS seamstress or taamberoia d. ? raieume Call >or two days at :il .Hrt ar. SITUATION WANTKD~BV A RESPECTABLE >JIRL i; s? ciismberruaid sail to >io pi am aewtng city . e.ere nee. t'a!l at IDS Weat ?.?Jth st . in tl?e"rear SITUATION WANTBD?-BY A TtF.BI'KCTARLE WO tuaa, as atauistress: '.ader?ianda rutting and 'itllns ladles'and cblAr'?a'? dreru-s in ilit teste* ?ty:e it witling la assist ia the >.are of chUdreti 01 light ebambemork . can produce koou eltr reierrnce. Can t.? seen fo iwn days or until engs-jed at 120 Oil at.. i>?'ween '.'it and Jo ares. s-ITU^TION WAVTF.O-SY A WOMAN. A* A PtRST O cl\ss Is ndrees. n s p i??te laiml* .: tv refer,uise Call a< '71 .Id a%.. between i'n and J :u tta. Situation wanted-as (.ha^hkkmaio and waitress; city refo.*are i all el No. b Clark Aon at CITUATION WVNTED-IO IMI tlOt7^K?r')RK, t'lTY O reierenca Call at S.?8 Atlantic St.. Broach n. SITUATION WAN'fLD-UV A MIDOLf. AnfiD WO man as at:rsa xu f' do si-#mg. >11 'o iast i hsi,? of s Pahy Two years'rtieoner Cat a; ? W<-a itth at., Ue twten r.tb and "tli its. from io vil; I o ? io< k. CJITUATI'iN W ANTED?I'O C(V?k. w a.-4|i irdN, O or nS du?en>'ia no ifw>rk; ci v referent'. Call si 4tW Tth av SIIUATlUN WANTKH?BT A VOt.NU .1A.?R;?l> Wm man > ?,]!<;># II rairotl at . Uroofclyn. {JTTl/ATTOV WAXTKD-HV A RRUfBCT\BI>K UAit O r.ett woman ?? wat u^rm; k>iimi rproratU'a. v'%lt 4 ISA .?? A mtke^M SITUATION WAMKI? -HT a PKOTRaTATT fJTRL O u c*>k, I* (<> in lb* rutmiry ?* *? cbatpi?' rtaalo ao I to iwii H> m<- WAabiog and *m>'f at ?7.5 tn ir SITUATION WANTED-id COOK aNO 10 AWsiUT IB wMbtugaod ii'inlng Cny i*Vren<*? CV1 ?? M W??t Si'h at qitl \TioN wantkd-by a tounu Woman, am wattraM aad chambermaid: .n ifra'aad* #*i h irr.eaa; any r.-itrn*. Gail at ?w Mh ??. SITUATION WANfBD-KV a I'ttO'l KflfANTOlBl To J'M html'fl'Woi i Hi' ??IUu : >r tn ,iA?-are of cOtlori'n. C?ll ?i h?. < Union ronri. I ut~e.*iiy i>i?m IMi ?nd I2tb ?t* flood ci?y rri<- ?nr? Sn I! Alios WAMULi-RT A VOUNO >?1KL AS chAmbrrinAta ami !?? Midir-a K'?oo ift?i?li'io< logo 10ib? >.??ntry. i'i'i >i lift w ijiii n oitpaTIOK want> d-b* * wspk taiu.b <uy.\. O oiu ?oak. *?a*ii *i?'i <i m city f i'?*l tor '??> day* At IMtfJUdlow ?l / I OilUATlON WANThO-MV A'kCTAKr^h UiKL O a* ' utmMiinAiU %ud w?l!rea?: ia?i'ttog ia raAk* bei Mil caoatallr I. iUt) It 'irorr Calf :oi w.1 i?ra ? ? ll?S L. I-Itow ?V SltCATION W A.VTKU - TO 00 t H AMBRRWoftK AM? waitiag. ?*?* Imiaalf *en#rally nwftil xo<M re'fr?n' ?? Call at J4 P*r.4.. at ft.*>k!ta nm rtnn flKWIt. St rUATION WASTKO-bv A ToUfU WOMAN. TO 00 g?naral bouavwork is * iniAll puraM Unuir, titr talei ?nt*. Call for two dAjra at 94 W-?t Mill .t Iwlvtfh ?? ? -vl 7th a?a.. lira' Awqi . fi .a; i.wm VITUATION WANTKD-AB i h AMBBRMaID ABO O waltraaa. aed ia do pi*m arwmg. i all at IT7 r J? a?. SJ1TUATIONB WANTKO-BT TWO YOUNU U1KL4. OHU ) ?? rh*Bh*i>iiAl'l ?nd WAKrrst, It ? I'roi** ?ni ths ->lh?r ab go?l viaii\ cuok. wt?h<-r aad ironer |o?d citj raiAr. bob * glf*u C'<n b? *??? lot ? w? ?i??# ?i w? i|h at . 0^?r Dd QITUATIOH wantbd>T0 DOOK, WASH AB1> IRON O to a pri?a?? r?wivir, ?i?y rffar??w. <;a)| a1 t>? A wl '.'ft h Bl tSlTPATtOB WASI1H0 bv A VOUHO OltL to do O ottMnberworK aad naUlnf. .1o abiB^tloni to -ha (Win irf, tisod ffot ?offf? Can ai mi rust wtb ?c OlTOAtlOW waktiso-bt a bbmfbctamlk mar. O iM vaakt, u ?ai uumb, <a?r raf?r*?u? ia<?u>rs ?i So Mmt Uti <4, aoar Svb at., rot vwa <i*j? WAITID-A hitoatiob. by a hcotcm protkmt Ml wotnao, ta da bannawnrB ? Baaat* uri'ato ;a<u !*: aaod mfBroniw Cu In mm far iw* daf* at |? Waat MUl B4.. MAwmoBMi Md Mfc m WAB1BD-IT A BSBPHCTABMI Tot%fc Won A If, fT ? ait4iau?n t? d? obaaabarwsrk ai?u waiiloc o a prt Ml* cU? refanwaa |ir?n. Call?i or a>l<lr?M for onr Mr MB dual at, tklvd n<?r, frMt dhmi Wabtbd-A RITVATtOB BT A CURL, AS CM AM ? MrsAid Aid to do plain aawlo*. nr obaailiBrmaw and flitimkwaid iroaar; jmr infarsaca fratu bar laat ulaor. Call (ar two day* a? nt Weal 2Mb b?l*w? tRb atid ?th araa. ^ VBTABTBD?A HITIIATION, BT A VOUHU lilKt, tO Tf do gearral hatucwM k; la a nrat iata ixwk and an ai e?i*aol w*ah?T aart irotkar ; thraa **?"' "1t> rv(>r*ni?. ( tah* M*a at m Bfn>rmr *t , nag tu* *m? l t*il WHBH ABTRU-BT A PBOTRBTANT 4(1 Kl. A BITI/ATIO* tK d? houa-work; Bit* ralMnth*. Uall at ?t Ailrn al. WAHTHU-A BITOATIOB. BT A HMtrllVIMUM yotiag gtrl. m ?alu?Mloa wtTAta fatuily. tborojgb It iindartlanris h?r bu?lo*aa; ti?*t or nitf mfrr^nc? (1|? if ia*t for two daya at itl Boat Win at., nMr n.i a*r WABTBO RT A RlfirBOTABI.B WOMAN, A HITV A Uoit aa caok. ona <rh? MMdaraMn 1? b*r i> aiafaawftll, I la a flrat r%'ti 'lakrtr, ?r>?'ild Aaalat la tb? waalim* goorliAB | r> JiMj. f Ml * ?nno ft, tin 1?/a at !?* Ka*' '! - ? ? - I* WAwtoISr^ 2l?A22?L ?T A TOoio OI*L WHO ?U ^UtTtTlff ** ? *?r <*? ?** N.MOtU ??* THE tw the ohltdrea. A4dommMuS*y!t5fi S^ff ?j U 0I8JUB. SITUATIONS, ??4 Iroalag; the other aa w?7t~!!T *Ul"t with the wmIiIb* tw?dv? ?U*M- 0^l?Ute*7f%?t. for SSSSilPL2f'MTjTirirt Mlifir?^Ssir' W*Jf"?d~g^^ womah, |#S#??=S WA woS^t, K?SAja??i JEL* 8B8PK0TABLB ? b?bj flora iu blrtu or ?rown nii ?*??**? etiarje of cltj refertocta o?i?tS7u 7iu?f W ^ISu5X,AeOTSl "^J^Tldll TO ?f children; no objection to co in^h? ?* ?? la*8 ?*r* cau lor ?wJjdi55?f*# tesftf;or " wllk W^&fpsSlSfSS pain * HIALTHT MARIUKD Woman a b2,. S'a'x;;. 6MuJrde^"^ ?t., Hrookiya AMP" 61 Eiu,t B?*'c at . ?ea. HmiM , WA?u?VL? jJSSS^te wo"*N-A as? j hoWewo*. call ?(Mo. 6 8U," ?''a??'nwr!^ S'*! ' 5jaa^fflBws^^a;s?i Tag Y^'aNTJ'.0_a SITUATION. 8V A RRNPKmn;? IrJerfu.1?!* I Call at JJ? 'Ten 33d Si. ^reBce fl0,n bur uat ptton. BD-srTUATI ONS. Br TWO RVfiP?^?7.r J ?* Protest*lit young women- ou<> ?? < ? wik l Ironer: undor?tand? nakmi; and i? ?n ' w?,fce< ?"<! the oiner to do chain bettor* and wifti.J i "i l?"oUre??; aaduurae; both la onehoSSe " i>?? hi!* .?! ?j1'??*b"work sparer* . W'WrJSi.; /SptffiAS?i"iW"?ntiora w;.' rtsaw "WE" tvreon and^h JU. ? two dty* *' 4?* ?<*? ?" . be ftS" "! '?~ ?SWS& aa! r." ?$ "jmTotwioi;. **?& Apj,:y .1 u;;^ 7(.; ar upVuUM*" u"*rdu,< ho',i" j WVTEM7^f"k wL'w "7T "RSPKtTABbE Call a? J? TtSWW " sn<1 "<???: city reference. SJsaawwawHi EI~S%S=;m I famli* . b?i>t city reftrtucr i ?lit? ?t ? IU?** ?"""? ? I Door. ? ? jui roo?f rB,,,PUC' ' 7? MuHh-i/ j- ?t. ,-. ...,<1 rOi.?v?!v.? r,oi? her l.tinia,, c!fr" r'r ''f' ?! ,rl? Atlaa: c .... Ilruoklyo, rnond 5lo;j, i?int iooJ" " "? w :., \%TANTEP?BT A VOCNU woman. A- SITUATION ff to fin .'laiolxrwoik and tine *i>Nig| Can *t <Ji 7t,h *?. between and 57th rlt, tup ? a,..' \kl ANTED ?HV A BEbPBUlABUS TOUNO VO?l<(< ?? ? aitim-ion *?? chnmborinntd ?nd *etritig. rr ? ?>r ?drkino flii? w??tiic;j. i'*n u>' .???? for two day* ai fiat ?irr^ut omptu/er'a, 81 iili ?u, t1i?k ?V >?? itvnd 01 lb* tul e;?-|it yrar*. WANfF.D-Sf A PBOTB*TAM W OS AN, A SITUA Hon m a private 'tui t ptvook App'a'a IMKm "llal at , i*tv>-?ea IM and 2<1 at? I tyANTEB-A SITUATION, k. a RKspRr I a ft UK T? T'jun* ontuiaa, a* ?nok oi o do fonnrai lio aawotk i-j?i i?!?ifni'? Apply a) 7* ha*> Woironat., Brooklyn. W'ANTM?-?* a RESPK. t ABt.i, YOl NO vt OMAN. aci'? ??'10.i a* '?amfM?nn#W aatl aaitrona, -r aa?iat I* ; An* MMtUig ? ?"t rci>i?t?ce App f at '"-9 Km ! 1th ?. iy.*>ft'Bi/-t situation, ry a nrsfectahls ?T glri. *?4Md fjk traalter an4 iron?i bOal ct'y r-fer* eiir* Caiia'Nro Cgbilt'a, OTWrfcr <?ot?, Brooklyn. WANTIirt-Bt t QMMANQtlth. A Siri ATlOW TO logeiiPtal lio k lu a ann?| fainili. Ca~ at .'61 W.'.t !Ith al lA'ANTtD-HITI Al'JONR. RV 1 WO Kr ? l'K?"f A H '..R ?f gir!?; one a? goort plaiu nook , la an ei-?l!??v u-aalwr and trooer. the *4 < I a?i frtii imi *no w?n??*?, jkh, otty ?? ?? from (hoir l?u place. thajr lireR o??rtwo jAm (Tali ai <11 ,'.rt >v.. oorner 0/ Ilia ?( , whore Ibav ran Tf ?ff?n for two 4?-? ?' urn ongagftd; ?a tranc* ia llih at. IPaSTKI)-* SITUATION, HT a VOOD rJ.AlNCOOK TV who undaratnnd* Ftaocii MMini oan f;ra tho oaf ?K' i?far?ni ? lor four ygara fiom h#r laat an nation Auulo at iJJ Wo*' at., Im??w??i? fttb ani dMi *< * WANTBD?A SITUATION. Rt A KKCPKCTaKI.B woman, aa rook, wav* rr and Hmwr in a moatl t?rt rata family? oort city if.*r*n<* can hr (|v?n. Jn.fiita for two diyn at If; J W??r .Stb m ||pkNTRD-A RUVAfriOB RT A Rl RI'Ri TAHf.R ?T Protaitatit (ifl 4< ror>k; uBii?ritanil*k?* h' <m?<a, Ai? Bly at 99 Wa?' ll'n at.. In the r#n AATA>TF.D?A SITUATION A? NURSIK AKO SKaM ?' <!wu, by * rvapee'ti I? Bnaltth rer<?un; ? ?> ofci.TiLow to go in tha > oiintry. Apply ?? <>? Broadway. r>on No t. from to uli 12 o eloi k. WAX1KD--A RiTI'Al IOR. RT A RB.?rfcOTARt?> youna woman, aa cbnwbermotd and waiirena. ?* watt r*?a alooc, boat of elty rofei^ma can t? ?ivan. fan ba m*?u for two da."* at W) Wrtt l?ih at plane, hetwtai ft* and 81 h a rt. WA5TBD-A RITUATtOR, BT AN AMI)R(CAN OIRL. "> do H|ht otiamt*' work and watllna or t<> t*kn <-ar* of rhttdr^n. CattotKW Id y , hf'wean 4iUi and WHh ?t?., fti at floor, front room, WANTED?BY A BMBPBRTABI.R MlBU A B1TUA (ton to do Chanborwork and >?iit In it* waahlaa wit lioniBR; km aood mfaraana irom bar toat pio?a Call for t wo dn>* a', tWl aal 1Mb at. WAfBRD-BV A ?OBT ItRHfKllAHLIt aRBllAlt i?dy, a aMtiaUov *a boiianbe"ntr >n a iw???to ?nioiir. >r nation of o otadleal maHtntloa. Tb* naa* of rofwon ^ (Iran Apfly at 9M JiN'ooi nr , near |8tB ?tM N? T, WAOTBO-BT A BRftmOTARIaB TOPHB WOMAN, A atmattOH to (to eaeaoral honaowdRk! tm ? f/?t waakar and trooor; tioat ettjr mforooaa. l?nntro M iw Waal Nth at. botwooa dth and 9th a?? WAB r*D-A ?fTVATlON, Bf A RBwf Rfrf ABLf (trl. aa look, waaher nod iroiiarl boat dtj re^rwi.a. |i?an. Cnll fur two dny* ntW Win ni WANTRO-A BITCaTION AB CHAKRNRMAID IN a amall prlenl"" family, by R aman, tl^y gift, loqa.ra at 14} Prloro al.. oornor UniroM. Ural npor. WANTBD-A SITUATION. RT A VIKRT t ImmB wntlrnaa and chumbormAid. <>* to .la nna waafring and Ironlnn, b? n raoprtnhi# 'unnii, imat ai alia rniorniKwTwM ?o aean ior two day* ?i 1% yth >?< . arm>n i floor, (ran' N?"", ^ _ _____ wy *NT?I>?R RIfUATIOR. HV A RBNPR<"I ARM Tf yt'ini Rlrl. aachamliaroiaid nnd oattiaaa, "i iodo1n. Wnahlng andlionlng la wlllln| and oblmi ag Roal o< otty rnl' oura for on* ff*r or longer If raaitlr d. t-'nt! for t?n dam *t I TO forali iiin at renr of thpOlty Hall Hrooklyn. W?R1RI?-RT A OOMI'KTKNI PRRtON, A -.fTUA tlop %a "jw* i a i ?"*l iiakor an I p%%;.? axja ???at of otlr rpMr'jnoo 'Jodt Al it W#al IA* "? tbttP WAirr*fe-*At?i. """"S .A./V..VW-V. . . ^.^v. ' ^ OBMTB aBB *^MtRDTO^>|^, OUH oewCCBu^Ttiww m muah *Wa p?t up Ike ?U that sell quick. fi?o aura uliiitellH, aad by MMft ohm proMoa** made Greateat ok?n? to ukt ?*?** c?er known, fit lafdM Will yield $60 eeUiag Ml *mS is^K>.TOvasajrfe3?; Watok. warranted. Na other trot OU offer ?"'"tTtnw S?.ss%j?? smuec?-*-?? KIMS * 00 ,M Beekuaaa street, B. I., Priaa WWMI Ml ?>l?>i?l Warahn*** ALL AOSNTS BBC81YB mi A SPLBNDID OOLD OB BILYBB BUNTINO OA SB WATOB O BIO IN Ala AND oVl1^I& fjMF*1 ?? .AO. PAO.AO. OO^Sfe? | THAN ANT OTBBB HALF DOZm"01*"" * PAOKAOBB BTBB BOW BALKS IMMENSE AGENTS' PROFITS bnokmous OREATBST MOIU^ARINO Qp ^ BTEBTBODT WANTS THBM^ ? ????? (leuif for our (MM sow circular* for ISM. 0011 lataloe antra premium InduoeinenU free 8 0. BfOKARDS A GO, MM Naaaau street, N Y., Original. Urgent Mi aldaet i'rtaa PMfc ?kg? Bonaa ia the world. APBW MOBK MBN WILL BB TAKBN COB ffll ??learner* Park. Butler, Ran* and Howard tireasaB, Mat paaarr*. aeaaiea. landsmen, bounty $6T7, $37% oask I* brad, $18 per maatb, two suite of elottie* and a oiiaaoa fa* prlto money, Apply Immediately at tke Naral Roudezvoita.. oornar of Harrison and Waal ftroeU, or at 11 Soulhfrlioet, up alalia. A VOUNO HAN WANTBD?IN A PI EST OLASS BB J\ tail grooery atore; one acuuatomed to aallolt arAara aaC goods, and mike blmartf ?euer?liy usefvl Apply M 404 41k are. A BB LL BOT If ANTED?At TBB AM B BIO AM M#< A. tel. Broadway and 8th at _ AW INTRliIiTOENT LAD WANTED?ABOUT TH1B toea fcari aid. wit* geed recommeadatiena. aa lisaai Boy. Apply to MaU A Co , 441 Broadway, up stair*. Assistant books ebpbb, BOOKKKEPBB and bn try clerk wanted, at the Merchant*' and Clerks' Begttry. Ui Pillion ? . alao. porter,"bartender, dry good. aaleamaa ? mantilla aal?sm?u. drag clerk, receiving clork, night watoh nan, conductor, grocery clerk, gardener and oloth salesman A BOY OB YOUNO MAN WANTED?TO OPBN OYB tert and to make hlmaelf useful la a saloon. where ho can have a ate.d* aituatlon. Reierenoe required. Appijr at j 443 6th av.. In the tailoring store, . All BAMoa ahoti-naty dbpartmbnt?#stb caah bounty for snawan in the Navy. Ten tbousaad men wantrd immediately Apply this day At tke Mavii Be partmaut Agency. 247 Broadway, room li, ... A bookkeeper wanted?in a stock bbocrrb oQloe; one who ha* bad oharge of a stock brol er's book* and understand* bla business thoroughly. Be-: of refer eirce* required. Address, In own handwriting Wi MM Port ollloe, stating what (alary would be eipected ABaiSPANT BOOKKEbPBB AMD OBNBBAL OLBRB In prnviniou store wanted, bookkeeper and corrcaponC tne clerk, aalnmao and Keneral elerk la Oklm atore, aMB ?alesman. thro* aamataut clerk* la wholesale houaoa, two couduclor*. steamboat clerk, two light portfra, tame granary clerk*, horeral barteadera and portera. Other situation* ope? aa.; cou?iantly rfueired from Ural class houses. Apply at W Naaea>< at.. Merchants' Clerks' Agency. AL| ll coachmen, grooms, waiters, qabobn era, farmers, porters, barteadera, useful mea aad i *mall bo/* In want of employment, can apply to Mr. Al? l'BED WllITI'IKLD, 397 4th a v.. beta tea WtU aad BU sto Panntty order* promptly attended to BARTRNDBR WANTED?A Y0UB0 MAN PROM W to IS year* of age. and one who has been aoeustoatod to atlendfttg in a tlrat claw house, and can bring tha beet at tM- monia'* from hu last employer. By a youngBnaa of tha nglil MiMup a permanent and desirable sit nation may bo Oh tamed. Apply thia forenoon la the liquor store corner eg ?u4?i>u hnd Broomelst*. T>ABKBBPBR WANTBD.?A YOUNO MAN WHO TBB JJ roughly understands barke^piag Call far three day* , at 2) Prinoe St.. Oeaeral'e Hotel. BHT1.BR WANTRD?ALSO A PRIVATB 8BBYAMV aad footman, to go with a flrat olaas family to New port; heat of wages to oompeteat persons, with caod rooeoa mendatioa*. Apply at Bmploymeat Uouie, IJ8 HU St. roraat' 6A a?e BOT WANThD?8MABT AND ACTITB. APPLY AY IB l.t-ro/ place (Bleeokar St.), between tiraooe aal Mar <*f ata. Boy wanted?in a lawybbs oppiob. a?> dress N. D. R., Herald offloo. Boy prom thb country wantbd-in a mhomb a?1e and retail grocery aad prorisloa atore; wagea |7B hral year and board. Moat be smart, aad bar* tha Mat (V ? *:m-foc - a* to obaractsr, age from 16 to 30. Address 0. W. 8 ,iio* lit Urrald orflce, BOT WANTRD IBMBDIAi'ELY?TO RUN BBRANBB. Auply at l if Cllaton place, Sth st BOf WANTED?IN A LAWYBB'3 OPPIOB. OP 1* year*. Apply to O. W. Cook, III Naaaau st., hotwsaa fl and i P. M. _ BOT WANTBD-BRTWKBN TBB AOBS OP IB AMD It to Warn the printing or pbotographa and to work MA gallery. Apply at A>9 Broadway, \a photographic gatlarr. BO* WANTBD-IN LAWYBR'B OfVIUB. APPLY BB. iwoen It) and| 11 o'olock to day al 90 Naaaau at. to /aa M. Shceliaa. DOI WANTF,I>.?A GOOD SIZED BOf WANT!*. li Wort liabt. Apply at 7* W blm at. V. W. Urf tkA BXM /IITT SUNDAY SCHOOL MISSIONAEY WANTBD.? (ia? who Is a Cnriatlan man. aud oan darota a partle* or in* time t ? the intoresta of a Missionary Sunday Sohoal ? 'Mkui anon, aad who would be willing to ivslda in tha to ritloa h?at adapted to the furtherance or thia objeet. ramt I tr ui .iat iNt amaiL Address Janitor. Herald offloa. CI ash boy WANTBD?AT TBB DB? ttOODS BTOBB ) 144 Atlantic el. Brooklyn. / < IKK AND ASSISTANT BOOKKRBPRR rOB tiarJwatr houae, bookkrui>er la impottmg kouae, *alea- > euan tor finntlure atore. oompe'ent ttqmor aaleaman, might cl^rk <m rgiirdad, leaener for ?rimary acbool, olark tat baaa and nor store, young man la omoe, clfrk In maantuoe at>at and * law copyist arc *ome of the altualians open to day, at tnr MarcaBtlls Ajji'ocy, Broadway, the oldeat eatabltaB niflAii in the c't>, conaocted unarr special Itcenaa from tha Mifor. where respertahie men ean alwaya And employ meat, or^au,^.^. Kmpioyar* suppling w|U ooyg^wa I \RV GOODS SALESMAN WANTED?IN A SJORE OB U staicu I?iand. a young man who must tboro'iebly ? to mra'ind thn t"i]iiii>sa and be well recommended. Apply to M. Lyon, Corllandt ?t., between 1U nr.d 12 A B. Dkuos -wanted, in the druo stork no. ?m UcanU at. a youug man to learn the bualneaa, ana - i.avinc mir? aiperieuce pre!erred. Uudoubted refereaea re<4uuad. DftUO CLKBK wan I'KD?one PULLT competbn* <? (|r> a re ail ami prea^riptlon b'lainean: a Ociraaa wi. Id he ;ny'crreil. Apply for three daja at 9u7 9d ar. noar j"<1> st. In-tw?eii 4 ana ? P. M. ' nlt?J CLERKS W ANTED. ?two COMPBTBRT niou. 'inmarrlrd. poMaacnu undoubted refer* ? ncci< may i?ar of permanent and lucratlr* attuation* la A fliat clai* letall drug atnrr Addreas ioi throe days Drug gtat hot .117 Pos' uriioe. Brooklyn. D' IKIO f'LEBK WANTBD-I.NQC1RB AT 98 MYBTLB a? , Brooklta. DtttiO UI.EKK WANTRD.-OXB who THOROUGHLY <i'idemt > >il? the buslueas. Apply at ic4 Bowery. Dntia o.eek wantbd-a tiiouocuwly COMPB tent iir'srription olark, with good reference*. Address ?Jiii Htm York 1'ost oBce. ________ DltUO CLEBK WANTKD-ONB THQBOUGHLY A? ins tiled -vitb tha retail aad praer.riptioa bualueaa, to ?>tch 1 aera< a ? p* riranent suuaUon will be ?i*M. Apply to w. J Wilson, pornar of Ith st. and Broadway, Bmfclya, K O. r L'Af'MI.K AJbO WlM WANTED?THIRTEEN K1LH J1 ?<? W>?f !?l?nd. TM WkH muil be * thorough finMt and ?>afHi?t *a>.Inter; the woman must thoroughly under ?fcuidaH fhl domaatM mlUtri, willing toaaatathl *a*:n?<l unit tranfaCi ??*1 1* ? (?0<1 plain rook, fully tt? daraiand .i#ir> ?wm. and he able to toko entirecharge ot !i* ki:olie? B?<!t*h, Oerman or American preferred. H| ?triiili 'iv riarreleomr or dlitr par*ntr* need appl/. To fuRf ?nil aultmble partle* th? attnawoa will be perma nent, n . wro and lodging furm.?hrd, aad good W>|U nM wiu'er*'tU No objection to kllMt boy. wllllaf lu warlf, attt lart thaa thirteen yeariofage Apply U Or. fij-npi*!!. M Went Thirty #r*t at , early At* monui| & sjo. i ?ii|ni( tri* ?!h vultd - Ctuoo B"Y? WASTBD-TO DOBRRANDB APPL* I ?t No \ Broeoort place, 10th It., near Broadway. Ha* AND OAP MAItBBHAN WANTED ? * STEADY, t?: abie *nd-ooinpeteni man; on* who oaa ;.an<lle ep iron ?a<? ?:!< hat by oenforiaaier. and i* fully nuaiiued fa take ntiai^a, may addreia Waiter. Herald oftae. (JAl'ESMAK WANTED?WHO UNDERSTAND? TfflB ? 7 atcri b'dneaa thoroughly. Addreee, with Nfereaaa QL. t?*? 1IV peat o.tiae. C?f.K?MHN WANTED?IN THE CLOAK AND MAN I? una, t*ea and mtiallB curtain* aad bnrega department; alee a frw toy. Croat 1* to 18 year* af age. Apply in tba retail te^wrtwil to Uf4 t Taylor, MlwNf BraadwaF UNRMTLOVED NOOK KEEPER* OR CLERIC*, W Ut? are goad at fla-ii**. oaa *aak* a goodUnng by a-llteg t? ttoitkeepoi* and narchaata a aew iorHMloa laraluaKw la that < law of the cnamealtT Addreee or aoply to lowlar Adding HartiiaBCampeny, tl? Broadwajr,j->flmjlo. ft WaNVKD?A Ml A NT Jnd WlLLfNO BELL EOT. M ot t? yeata *? age. at Sweeny'* Hotel Waeted?in an office, a touno hail aeoi?t roar* ot a?a. who idaoqtiBlaud with oiline da la* wr't?? ? *md band, auk;* and rorreot at figure* and reeidtaB wt* h? parenta. Addreaa Waat, MeraM otoe. Wanted .a clerk wanted ro? an hxowamm <>*<>* he *?im be tbaruugkly eoataraaat wtth He bv?i*e?* and ? good itdge of aanr Addraaa, aUtiageaM t? eir?ctid. itrtreaon*. A*. O. P. N. Herald oltae. Wanted-a birbt clam wmiofcO A rmi raM remit*; moat be a taagte m?B. andenBAn) at* iKrf.'tly and Wtag |?i ratEiBbg* from M*iaa* ?iBfii'iyer; t? ???eh a one ?0<>d wage* will ba paid Call m the Hiratd ?? ?<? * Ui* day, at II awaeE. WtRTEO?A ROT, or EMPCCTARU PARENTN. ?l?u taatree to leara eagraTlng, oaa oall at CbarME k< -ndte TB Ne<Mw *'peet. _ WANTKD-AN NEPKBIBNCED PRIVATE WAITER ?n tthar ne*d apply at No. TM Broadway, a4V* IN o %. ML WAfTERN WANTBD-AT NOB. 1 AND ? FEEHt piam. Betitb IW-*ly?, oapoait* ttaailton armaa ferrt W?NTM> - A tOTTHU HAH IB A WINE BEOEBE * i;?<-e, who it *iutng to work, mwteota* well reoona nmuitad fyi ha?e(tf, A? laieo write a good plat a band IB if aiutr v a -'>-V A H at 47 Hr??er at. WABTRD~1* A UARDWaER BTOBH. A f man to ?1i. geaarti w*B '? tie ?P>r* AddrBBl bBB d,?W I'.iat otllaa WANTRD-TWO HRN TO ATTEND A JFHOLEBAfci and latati lienor bar T* tar* M?Bitae?Mi apply nut a mai riad wan with a ***au faaiUt^nil tbeaw ?<|iiilnti'<l with tba btUNMl In the oltf, at IB rtWtaR ?.??? Itui et,, npf itk air. Mtwao? i. aad da'eigt* tn Hip

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