Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1864 Page 5
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Inn from WASxnaroi. ^.cUoa of to Hmm mi tfc? BII kmat log t)i? CsrriMy Act. 6ea*<tr!*l Uiii(l?if 9f lb# Lam ?vfB Ltffjty. Buginrr'i fteprt 01 <k? Pr?p>%?! Ui??li?n if TMewalir villi lb tircat lakta. Staters* tin? Ordon from tl? lurt> tary of tki V?ry, ^ Wura rv? im* CEMOl.U OOlteMR:. ATIOM AVOW ritB rutXM ft# LINCOLN AT VUHINOfON-OU BbAIB. Of >U ??B IPHIMI, TO 1HR IMkCUB. 1*ar* baJ *?*? terrible o .iut?ri?i:M bees aainag tbe Friends Of IJnoolB. They irt afrt'd M the FreaaoM tsovemeat. wbtob bMoraai bol Jer mm etronj?e erory M*f Liuoola likes Ma pUr of Macbeth, M fcufca upon l/r ? rittMit am Uln Rko i'io OtDvuHitiuoi hove baea bofct Old RWr, of Rifver Hpriaga, wbe it, *o?w how to recoct a PrtMdeal, atooe He oen.mly re ?l<*>ted Jackson. After sense uvpiTk* Mini iIm mwmm t ?4P enahlod to Mod f o i the fact. of the oil Mr * Moo^umerr Blair Iim Nmo going between Um White Heuae and Silver Spring* very often recently. a ffcw Hays ago ha started for fortress lloar jr. Comaroe In* R* there also,at the Haaau< auuid yesterday. Tbeae (U to rortrees Monroe are porta of Um HiMrMr*. fci-mt Old Blair decided that the bast nay to g? rid of 5?r?:?ioiit was ?<to put him in aome military h.rfa," and to ?Xii his laedmg friends in qtbcr boos. lie iuff:e.ted tt??t Butler could take Pt?n ton's place In tba War nepart faalk Montgomery and Cameron weat to I'orUau Jfooroe to too about it i Stanton ha* dono bia work. Ba vaa appointed t?n?. fiacre MrCilellaa, bad ho did ti with the help of tbi* '-Spirit Of the Lord." Several thousand soldier* wcr** alee marra Crsd during this undo:taking; but the polittclar.? aaM. " Vo matter about that " Stanton ia now too euthuataa ,tki about Grant, aad Lincoln \? afraid of him. Butler la ?oasidored a strong man, and bia aominUiratlve abilities *ra admitted. consequently Old Biair wanu SUuton re novto ond Butter apjiointed, believing that tUia will breakone of the wingH of the Fremont movement. Th,<a pving FYjajpt a small command somewhere will de* WU|?a Vhui daogorong oppoaitiou. P^5a Itor tba other winp of the Fremont faction, located la p?w Tort, that will be looked hfter. Greeley and tha ?vam* Win manage that if they can be controlled. Old JUalr desirej tty* Montgomery be accommodated with a f odgetfiip or foreign miEfion, and that Greeley tie appoint. 4d Postmaster General, lhis la well known to be the Ohlef objact of Greeley is ambition, as it has beeu for jeers past, aad It will cortaloly s^ure tty? Tnbv-% Coward suggests that Greeley may be removed as soon as ?he eieotioo taover, and this is doubtleaa part of the pfea. Vorhapn the Belgian mission, which Coogreas is iakad to raiae to Orel ciaae, U tho one intended for Mpntfotnery Hialr tte removal of Stauton, appolotmont of Butler to the War Oepartmocit, UansCor of Montgomery Blair to aforolgu osisntoo, elevation of Greoiey to tbo Postmaster G<*ae caiHbip,?uJ burial of Kroiuint In some "military hole," Are, tharuToro, the main features or thk now catnpau'n re etoct I 'acola. Old Blair's repututiou rest.- upon bia ?ucoeaa In reelecting Jackson, and Lincoln cannot see %hr Is la not aa easy to re-elect one President as an other, nut Blair and Company may find that tbe time* l**v* ohonged, and that tbe men are different, and that "Vires pulled m 1864 ?IH not operate like the wire* watch kapt OM RK4cory m tbo Pi wideutiat ohalr. Watch the vsaalt sf this conspiracy. U may afftect Grant yet. ??(??w an run raopoin ootmmcnou or rios warn* with rns wksthrn l..krs. tho Pro*ident cnium jnicated to Congrew to day tbo report uf Charles B. Btuart,-Consulting Engineer, ujioo Mm improvetnoots to pass gunboats frttn tide water to V?e Wee torn lakes Tho englnoer asaumea that upon the nrmnectloo of tb<?o lakes wltb tide water aej^end tbs JurUdicUiiu of our government, common defence as <tjj J| ^t t|is Mississippi rirajtoonhl likawlja ' *&&2m wtb t6^ pite3iy"tf?Jli "tea\ TfiTgreat food fprotfuoiug idgloa usoa ibis chain of iakei lor the K^att I at aiporus and imporu. which is a Uoa 7'.. ?t preaenl tttorly defcncelo^. r ,J' mman aeXuctLi br ltevlifh ^ ' "av,n* tae Uka cttlM ?? ! Oroat BriUin taflfct' on docb rallon of ?" by j OroatBrt|ain,lnaio? >ug w wh(ch b? l^iprnvomi'iit would be utterly innlgoiflcant. various recommendations, and gives as the tgut eetijn^ws Tor in),,roved gunboat locks lor tbo Krle, C?**?o^^nj>lajn aad tho Cayuga and Seneca cauls, wiM.^ffifT fttt of water, over eighteen million dollars, and with a t(tit feot or w.nor, over twenty millions flve ixmirert thoaaaad dolir.ri, mo the c^st or n canil around 5da*ar. r*d's at from ten to thirteou million .lollHra. .TBA MI8nlOM OF GOVBPNOR BRAHLKTTK aHD KX> , MBKATOi^ IJIXON. Governor Mramiottn and ex .-?natfr iXsoa will leave fhU afternoon on th?ir return toKeutucky. It ts under, atood that they bad a froe iotorcnaa^e of opicion with the I'rmidoct and Hocretary of War. and bulb partic3 are to accord and haraonfotir as to the enforoem^nt of tbe draft in that State under I lie ameudatory Knrdlmont act. Governor Bramt??to. of Kentueky, denies the state. uiout, mode In tbo Tm> of Monmy, tbat bo had a pro. oiamstion in typsoaMing upon tho people or that State to realsi by force tho enrolment of tbe slaves, aod In eSbct Ukiug Kentucky out or tbo Union, and aim that plans tun! t<een SdO(ited to cut Geuoral Grant's conimnalcatious, and thus tore# thu ntiiori armies to Tall back from Georgia and Tenoeaaeo action or rni nous* t?w tu* cVHumcr bill. ' The Ourrency bill wa.- agam considered In Committee of the Whole of the Bouse to-day, and considerable progress ma J j in |>erlccting it. It will probably be passed by the fliniae MM or ourly next week. Thus tar It U?s not been materially altered from the shape in wuicb it cams from ?he Oommittoe on Ways snd Moans into roRi ton ttraraiss or ihtxbkal TAXATION. Tbe He.-ret*ry of the Vrnaaiiry bas determined to seed the obief otork of tho internal Revenue bureau to visit Bnrop-an cotmsrlee this summer, to make observations ?nd collect raqts in regard to the manner of admlatstorlag tbe Internal Revenue dcpsrtmects sf tbceo nations whero ?o l.irga a portiou of the revenues are derived from Inter ??! taxation, wltb a viow to perfecting aod rendering ?so-* uilcotlvo tba system in this country. CONOIiBQ.UUlf MCUblKrrCL 01 THKt't DPTrRS. J Ttn-re was a allm attendanoe of the mombers of tho Pou,io o^iin to-day, at times barely a quorum botng pre sent. Three mote members received leaves of abeeooe 1 i row three days to three weecs each. At tbe rate toav*a ?r absence are being granted tbe Douse will soon fl?rt ?Weir without a q-iorum io daily attendance As It Is, nvieh important Icgnlation u transacted by leas than a> quorum, aud It la In the power of a email proportion of th? members aotnaliy 10 tbe discharge of their duttea at mny time to suapend all hbslnead bv purposely absenting them.^lves for that purposo. VBK I I' UMSSU OONU1 ITUTIONAl iUaNPMKNT Y1\0 BTBITINO WtAVmtv. Tl belt* ovldont that ,-my attsmpt to press Mr 3ter?ns' Jernt r-WMition amend,-ory of the coMtttmion to a vots dfc-day ?<*1d losd to Onbustertug and disorder In tbe Wonae, inM gen tl cm in wisely moved to poetpone it n>r ?wo w?-irs. whieb wae agreed to It la oiooedtnglj %mbtfuJ whsthoi Wir smsrdment of the confutation ?fcol??h!ng slavery oan be passed at this seealnn, as sueb ? musare roqslff-a > two-th rds vole, au<t the demo ?ratio in*mbers aeam dtsposod to oprnee ji at the prasent time AMNUHMCRMKNT or TUB BBATIt Op UK. LOTWOT IK TJir HKN ?T* Wi? annAunoemeDt in tlm Senate to day of the death of Bon. oaran Lovejoy ren-lnred the proaet imgs unuseallv Jniprw-ivo. lonooen*. en'osiea wars pronounced by Sen ?t?.r i Irumbnll, I'omeroy snd Sumner, durieg wblcb the ?reat.v,t solemnHv prvvaHed,. all pr#e.m? aeemlsf to 4<*plr foal tho sadaoM of the occasion. ownK rornjnT's ftrtrnsnoB Tfi?> ?i%iement lh U s Waahlngtoo oorrsapt>i<>t?neeof the tji'it lion. I*otl*M ot Illltiol*, would with O"! itimbt bo tl?e snncesaor of Ilia late Owen L"ve,oy, as ? reK"4 fitatl /ft from tl<nt ?Mte. Is unfunded The lact *'r Hwett rwtid-an the';tghfh rtlalri-t wh'ia Mr l?vot >)i rapre^nted tlio Hfth CV osrew-oa! dlsti tct of ?"t Ht?to, oi ttanii a.o^j the Inoorrerte * a of the ?tv*. poat M* K (:. tu -i ?nM, the o?ndK*sta at largest the W* t*)tw'aa?f ..aa' e'wrtt.m - ?? stated by Western m*u ^'4.^1 9* hisf^s ???tokom?*s +--1 raoBtv* Oa ooml ?m HUM' voa.asy < uvni> w* * mj<* w t*? t'alwl Mataa MrMM arm*! I>*? , ?< a^M wttaa aeh?un.W, etoap, tkirteea kills, **'*' , w>> <?a, KM*, fcw, bk.tuiad M Ibe **?? ??< Vork AP? ?*'0 0**"**" Tkrn kMK * u? ?? W"" u I n? g very #M*f, *u ?f "?? A'igbA protee JTaiLted kt ?ke m?MMl faerrtlte. A few k* srrtv?A. W ? Urn ratom* to .arrow la <nt.f r|,r-Ti M WIT'If lk? NMk I* ptok off owr M irm Urn ftrgm* U?ere, * m muk great u.m?*ity ihal a<n ON M ?V*1>4 It mak* Ik* f'P (I ? ?PPr* ? fTl ?lb ?') IW'ttlt NMNttH kara?eay >*? ?- a?miM? viarr 99 mru o?rni?* ro to* fimimmt. ? e<ge aiimk? e? Mm rtlif*. taeludiag Admlrelg fMMnw Ueva HuiMkia Mi Cr*?ory. v*lt?4 tbe VMM NMNUlif, *>4 r?r? ,utr?0?*4 U U.a Pr?M M kf iMWIirf ??*m. All H?VI ?n COl ?*???. MIIUIM* |k. ,-??ir-nr HirfM M m> wtkk Adn?ir?i Dablgrna on Mtr4, Ml l* 4*f Mr Pkruee* IMim, ?M? Ik* Admi ral |r<>?Mi I* ??*? ? lm*> **-wor wmeaiaiag tk* ?? ? uMrfkkM* tlUlM* AW* rOBTS*. A psism* mttar w?t??4 kw-e fr*<" flekmsola. n>?*u? Ca?ata? et?m* U>?i Maeigns wnJlam* end fkrtar, of Ibe mwr wto? wererw*? ..r??4 m tka "Wl* to Ptorai Port keve Mm rel-ased kndpl*ee?*? N?m?iImunmM? pne**?* Mflim* "t M? ?MKi' OOKrt. ah|4ata?uk* ?*? M^Ml nerpa, "ke reoently ?? ?ped rM ftMkawad. ?>M to |? ?MT tk* Held M e?nwf Mgnal odkor ef ??* ?rmv ef Mm WsM**ke, with Wm n.k nt m?-? <n+mm Har*+, i*>w muu m IW? partly, ?m to* the Army ef Ike Oembortao* ni> a?vM ei'mutTW *apra*eniative 0r( and, aI lowk, Mm heee appninte.1 a mtmt.wcf the* -mo ? '??*? *? ?wt twrw, tnd Wfnw torn-?*<*?. af k*k.?*a, a mamfco. ? ikalX??HUa far ik* OMtrtfrt af ?*???????*, plana rf Maprwetakfe U*?h navai wmii Tk? r?U3? .a? ?*?? k?a M** W?? (?*.?? ? Nifi HkKinaMT, kare* fl. I'M rntku h, p. (*?>?? and B.J RMm k*r?nt r? ^?riad In tka '<? ***** 4arWg IkMr *?lr4i ?bhv il i'?m? rawtiiarlf wkHa aa 4alf ?u hoard iu I ut?r4 -tan* aUM? irvala Nfr? (W? in <1or? t T. OlTM I Iinnnr<ir.|, anft !,i*el?eeH lw? inaalrr rikMl.irpfralITT *^p< ( il??>au to tlM'tra* at itoirtaaa??. lar whirk ?haf wrra rai-awMr bom)iiM>4 u? tka kuc tm* oaakm^. ka*a Mnim Kr>f tit* M?l n#MX-- IM (ptwinlPMk ?* Inmrna ? K IMna. V t. I>arr?n#?? Mm k Wok aw* C n?iMwiH' i?r? ka?i ravokad, a?l lk^ fcata kua or4rra4 to raiwm la ikM< ?i?4Ma at MM Waral Aradawy, at Nrwporl, H. I., M Actuig Vjwiah *t V. ir^a ???? nnHarMk tka Ntarara, and waa fwiltr it IM akMoa af ararnlaf mc kls loave. hu M.'^H W Um ! run* 0U ?en* (thirk r?lr> with *?r#r??n* ?k^ ka akall art tm ?It month* ba p*r?itl*4 k> ?a ?*t<* tM?< rmm The ik'i*rM,"^1l PkPM* pa'MK tka pM rf (fi)?raao? "? inn Of ?w*r'1 '** ^aasak at Ik* iaval AoaliMf. o? tit* iurl af tlKaa?*rtW?ara, wha. k<M*rw yaay, bava b?Mi long a??i.h la tka ?-rrM? ?? ??????' "ti^ promuttcn. K tbe* ka* a? aikar aaa-?a ?f ti??y KtwiM h?r? Iaaraa4 frna Mtt ??* far Iba baiw liorAi nmrnt o* t|>a aavjr," witti whW All P,f*** M?r*?c* ??i?t ka t* teaaiHar, Ikal W "toaro bti (Utloa fcafora r?? ?rlr " an oflfooca tbat aubeau tba i-ara^a ?aitl/ ?rk to iba ptiDkliaiaal of <*aa<b h^?e*?4ee? be ob?l u? l? tli# maai of4iaar.r MU>llit?Me Uai tf aa offlcor CUM ba trumaa^a bla aafab kt haa fM la laara th? Mmplrxl T**rtifal <m?a* ?f bk prolWiw^ aae flltod for a ciatloa wbrra ItM M*aa if aAWa.aa we# aa tb* honor ol Ut? coaatrr, any Aai^aa* ?? kk rl?tM??* nod fijelity. TU* Irutaal ?"'?? w?ob tb? haa arioptad ia tb?* caaa baa baaa >Maca4 ? ?>? ><?; Sid?r?tloa thai aBlMutb tha ?:ourl martMl w?mi4 ad>uJ?ra mi?kl ba ??ra a#yiaai aa a .*? .rniu*, y* ?t?e ywitig <??< arj ia (w-M mey, wiia mmm rcMitoo, iilc<?4 io ?iiamniHrti of imaA U*f were not 4?ly ,.!???i?i?ad by tkoaa i.i.y H?ja to !mpr?M tba? wttb a l>r?1Mr araaa M 4M, ,W"-*.?< ??* ?erloiM nature and ?a-?,wi.M caaeeaaaaeaaat iaa? oooduet. It ?? 00t iwubaa e tbit ae mai.y <* bare ttrmI b*b?<*?ly ea kaaH tk? Ihn rmw UfDt ^ WFi??rB. , tnia cauae nwutj at tka Mary ?leied la tka mbm?1 af tka Oakad MaMai Cambridge. ?nkla. Wwmem*. kvfk w. ?* ' ? batt r?at? *"? "*? *MA?a ?t*aa . ^r. Cowm, (rep.? of Pa.. .atrad?ee4 a MX la artaktMk a oary yard aat. naval da,Ml - Ue IMtoM?a ne^ |l provides ler - tka loca' -n by a eo?MMoe of tat?L ?5lP?!r? arn** * ! a ronjority of whom, wbeo appro** '** **?--. ? i [ rho Nary and the [>rea<<iaat, eball be ?a^ the ComatUee on Naval Aflaira ?orraaMtop cr ?mae n**rii.?THM tfr. Riiam, (rep.) of M-oa., |irfae??:',a ? Wl ******* atltig nionoy, not exceeding 111 ?* buo^ ?"<1 "r'M, ' lUuuaaod dollar*, for iba payment of furlhfe' supi resaiug tbe ludian boettlittea durlag IMC* to tbo Committee <a MiHiary AfTbir* tmw l'r^Ttt 6f (unuanri*Tna t'^ awn. The proccudlcgK and reeol'itloos <* lUe Hoaae io refa ri?ure to Ibo dealt of the fh?. Ownn laviey. late ? meio ber of itiat I?0''t, word rommuDicated to ito* rteaale ? Mr. Trvaw t-i.. (rep.) of 1?., P*>d a NH tribaie lo Ike eliatar.ter of tbe rteioenaed In life, wbM-b b? aa>d would ke en. ort-eJ by ibo people of lllUiOla. not only un accoaal of bi? ccwMeaoy on tbe qnotion of aatl-?larery, bai oa otber vital <|<H*tMae. Mr. larejoy did aot live laag enough to see tb<- great object of bia llfr acoomplpdied? the entire abolition of elarery. Tl* ?lvcd long enough, however, lo aee tbe Initlatlv* alei* oi tlua gn^teod. Like tbe great Jewlrh captive, ba lived loot ..n ?> b lo catch a gllmi *e of the IVomiaed land. Mr. toveioy was ? true ChrMtiaB. a genial nompaatou, an able atateamaa . ru aflfeotionate huenand and lather; and what m ?-a oruld b*said of Um? Tbere was no other oonaolalioa for bis bereaved family and Irtaoda except that which e*me aioncfrom ibe HAnd iibove. Hi. Trombnll. htcmtrluslon, olftroJ the nsnal reeulutloo* of ayuipatby aad ooQdPtoat*. Mr. roMraor, (rep ) of Kama*, wowtd pay ? brlof trlbbte to ibe memory of ono be learned to love Meg uu Ho wee the valued and tried friend 4 tbe people of his Htate during a period when such friendship wag myaliia hie, Dnrlnt the long and trying yean* *1 IBM Aad IBM bis ham)* and other* like b?? PoMaiaed the people ut K*rn?s in their rtraggle for freedom . Mr. tJniwKa, (rap.) of Mam . eald it w*p propop*! * adlrmm now Io respect lo t?ie mrmory <a toe aeoeepna but could tbo wishes of the late Rerrentetaiit* l??evajl the Senate would ail and ported meai'irw fhr tbe aboil lion of elavery. flneh an act would be n?ue* eetentsMe to him. If living, tban aoy word* nf o^li^i^fbr k* was a man of deed^.tmi words, aad. In Ike laapiageol nn Oriental writer, "Word* are the daughter* af eartk, deed* tbe sons of Heaven." 11 would be Hi va.ntkatwe paeaed trlb?t?* to Mr. tcveloy If We do net Med te t?lk and pee* resolution* agsleat slavery fka deeeaee* wan a petitlv* man and a fklthfat legtrUtor^whe* otber men were timid he was nnbe*iutlng. TtoaA be w*p a haArr ?of slavery. ho was a steadlual lover of Bis whole country The place dlle?l by tbe lamented departed will bo herd to , ^"fSe'ropolottoo* were tbon adopted, and th?MnaM jourood until tomorrow Hd?m of R?prM*aU(IV?l. WaanwoTO*, Mtrrh 9, H">4 rna oonwtiw Of wwmai. own Mr. W*SH?TT*m, (rap.) oC ML. npirM ? kill b?i (to Committee on Commerce, providing tar Um oortecUoa af koapiUl dues or veaaeM aold or irmfwrM la forotga porta. The colleotiona ara to bo made through ecaaula and commercial agenta. The bill waa fNaaad tsi ntoiiinrma or uwr in tan atana. Mr. Hravaaa, (rap.) of Pa., aald that, at aaiarai ga*. U<-tnea demred to dallberetotT oooatdrr tba iirnptiaad amendment to the oMiMltalioa introduced by bint yaatar dev, to prohibit ularory io all tba State# and tarritoriaa, ha (Mr. ftteveoa) would mors tta poMpooatneat far tare week*. Tbla waa agreed to. ranuaniaa or rna ?*?? Mr. Rroa, (rep.) of Maaa., from IkaOotnattwmaa Naval Atfbfra, reported a kill tkat nareona betweeu twenty and thirty years of a?e may be appointed aaalat?at pay tuvterf, provided that the number W not tker'bv m cro. ?*d, and that examination* or atoileota tar adraiaalon Into the Naval Acndomy ahall taica place wk*>a they are bat ween toorUon and ?tghieen yaara af age The bill waa pw?i. i aononow* n? nrr ?i*r. Mr. Kick also reoorttt a bill regulating aod iMogiai la auiuo particular* tba nethod nf making proanotton. in the navy. I'ai ctoforc, be aaid, prnaaotioaa ha<l baea Made naoordfncr to ronlority: bat tbla hill provided for promotioo aorording to ofllalal oapoolty ao<i pbyaietl flt n*?, to be determined bf a hoard of axwea'netli* aj> lolntod by tba ?') "fcldont. Officer* not reoonaon lad (or promotion ara to have an opportunity to ba beam l hi jiigU ? ravlaory board, (toe or I he wet loon alau iro ?Wm ior tba Mpolntuiam if paymaster* and eiigwaere of Heat. Thr bill waa pa wad ct iasiicatii w 'iv piTK.u tzai' ci.aa*a if f?r* f*vv Mr. faog aiao reported a bill ror tne rtMuittcat on at payro?Mera'clerk* m tba navy. >i>?kiu| f.?ir ni*?e ?e, el the following a?l?rtaa ?gl ,900, ft.noo t*>> aod |T00 per itmum. vtm i or r>r* DAntaaim* Mr Rk* also reported a bill fixing ttic da?a of the l<*a o( the briK Hnlahridya al the Ulai m Aui'ii-t. >n or.W to os the pnuttana of th? iacna ?i <Mtak a and aai'ora. ti,>tb iht above bill* ware pM?ad * a fa W 1MQ1 *i tMmim'* napioft M . ibca nlao reported a join' roaolul.Hi aa thriving the v?,retar y ol tbo Ns?*y t" **11 nt p?iMi( MMCtmo Mil 1?, ?n the flliaga of Ikinliett't H?- bor, it uot kamg W^ulWMI fcr the nav* ynrd TiiO re<uilutlOn *?a ad ;Mr>1 t?a ArroumaNT '>> N?>?to. m^.k?? tn^aiv-t ni? ?v*a Mr fm(rev ) Mc..from me Ma > ?iu? reported a bOi wlWfXftl "****-!* present war. ?be "twmtmeut of aciiu* lieutenant oomtuaadera and om? ?wttn, at tbe iim rate of vm *? are rniewed to euob grades la U>? regular nmff 'i%9 bill was puitd. f nn KaaoLinixr ef oockt* xirHAu Hi- Pom also reported tbe Senate lull reflating e?ar U martial, whloh waa passed after striking out tbe Irit taction, wtMob provide* that volunteer appointments to tii<i navy sbaM bo subject to the aotio? of tbe Henate, the same u regular appointment*. sua NATION*i. ha memo UAW The Mouse tben went iato Committee of tba Wnoto on tlw bill amendatory or Ute national Banking law rhe ninendment offered bp Mr. floornn, (rep ) of Mms., OH Vtklay was agreed to. This amend mf-nt provides that banks with capital of not less than ilfty tbonaaod dot lar; n?ay, with tbe approval of the Secretary of Uie Trea sury, be ort.'anl/.ed in any place tbe population of whieb does not exceed six ttnusmd. Mr IIoctwri.l, (rep.) or Mom .offered an amendment lo strike out tbe authority proposed to be given to tbe twnka to buy and sell Kold and bilver com and bullion and loan money on real and pernoual security. Those bank*, with a circulation of tUroe hundred millions of dollars, will be able to Hi tbe standard of value, which was tbe very tbtnc the House bad been endeavoring to prevent Mr. femrRNii, (rep ) or I'a..opposed tbe amendmout. Tbo section left these banks to buy gold the same as the .stats bunks and individuals. Tbe time had passed for us to oonmdei gold asiourroncy, It was a oonimodtty, the same as a bill oi exchange. Tne amendment of Mr. Uoutwolt was rajected. Mr. HitooHs, (opp ) ef N V., offered an amendment tbo obiert of which was to prevent banking on real estate, ? h'Oh In Mew York bad been found unsafe. Mr. Brooks s^M test It was useless for ilra to protest against a ? roag principle of bunking, aad be referred to the fact U'*t ?n a bill of snob vast importance they wore noting without the preseuce of a quorum Hie amendment of Mr. Brooks was rejected. An amendment was proposed striking out the require moat that every director of a bank, during ht* whole term of service, shall baa nitizen of the United States. Tbe amendment was disagreed to by a rote of 23 against Aft. Tbe oomiaittee considered tbe bill up to tbe twenty third section. on motion of Mr. Qanhon, (epp.)of H. T., an amend ment to the twenlv-seoond section was adopted, autho rUiar tba issue or bills of tbe denomination* of oae, twe ani three dollar*. Mr. noftPNii, (rep.) of Mans., moved that a proviso be added to the sectioa, to Uie elloci that not more than one Slitb o! the circulation furnished to any bank under tbls act shall be of a less denomination than^ve dollars, and that art or specie payments eb all have been resumed no nreulatioa of a less denomination than Ave dollars shall Wf urn is bed to any sueb'aasooiat Ion, whloh waajagreed to. Tbe oomiaittee rose and tbe Bouse adjourned. THB HORTHRUP TRESPASS CASE. Oarlaiu C?m |bt?UIb? Dtfll riltUi-Wh?t Oww Omt of Having Visiter* m? m. !(?>'? * Wife ? Right te Owa Household P?r#Uur? M4 Do with It ?vBh? Ple?i*?ti Ac-. bUFitwira oooirr?oirodit. Before Judga Barnard Maaua ?ObJam If A'orYArwp w ./&*? <?? Fee** <ittd ('?rwMa fMlir.-Tbi Irlal of tbii omt ?M resumed a Via o'rlodi this morning. The plaintiff, it will be romem Mred rlalme tM on the 12th of December. 1802, bin wdh Iswirinil him. taking with bar the groator part of hla fnrnltare and perMnni property, rained at seroral 1^-,^?. dtuara, u| that I be defendants. her father art ?later, aaaiftted her In the removal ef aaid property,and ax li ??| isaarn damaged the ptaiatiff to the extent of tea Ihewmad liltin The defence aet np ta that the property >iin|tf to die Horthrop la b?r owu right, and that the def?udaite war* merely carrying oat the wUbea of the ewaer.juat M tM carmen did Annexed la a report of natrtaM. Nortbru.., the ptaiatiff la U>e suit, deposed tim ae waa a lawyer, residing 1a thla olty |on the Uth of ftaoeasber, IMS, M oronpied tM house 1? Weat Twenty third afeet M IM mornlag af that da? plaintiff want ta beetoaw aa usual, aad in the evening when be came kaM n fonnd **" tM baase had been stripped of tM ? rum part of tMMrotture, aad tbnl hia wife and chtw ,, |)nn. iae pvlar aad Maroeaa fnrolture waa all at aad klfc-Mn wem|nlsn,atripped, a iiom aad liquors which wnro In fw..eyee?af?iendlf term* with year wife's reto at tM lima thw fnrwAare was reseo*M* ? i llllTl ? Oh|ent te Ibel ^iMAIm - W. eelaedasto?V Mm Onnrt please, *e t ? remoral 5 this fur lh, h,,hit <>( eommiKlai aflol ? drlrea Ml of ? w-'L-irrsL .n**n4< ?la ?a iretpaaarra la (oeapiyiai with the iVJre ??nl!?enl wrn. far the r?atrn that thf were innoteni "SftBSS K3~^j*uss!?s m4 vDftcn ??? ? tM carm-e and. aa aM ?aa ?*tre*' *"??*?gj i, M ireatwa had Men committed ft la intlmatea ?? iu tbia mm Um' "iry will M called upoa to award smart nm>ey (a. aioen' tba taal ralu. of ? buJ I b'ne tM Ooart w* tualmot tM jnry dk?mtiy. Thp- fiarnerd ?Thh W a slmpls ud tu? Court w.ll not entertain eny trotna for ??*ail money ? lb? actwu. TUa that I her t-m* ibis pwwlf VT dlreo!** ?r IllraN ?rU 1 rrt ?nd "?? ah# waa I he legal owner of the earne b it mon? goif?a to ah <w ?B?t UH? plalnl'ff wm m < ***r. " (mil* of adultery would be medmtmtb ? h?. to Uk witueat. f-H the r-n; ; ? h?t md to pcort tM uak#?l f?? <* adultery, ^v?ri, we are oot Mr. Sch?tier?WeO. 0f ,h.r*c afraid to atend Or to* rred>biin> , kn0W() tor Ttie ptamitff m a maa of ? aad wfc. . ^ la tM onaameattf to wbieh M lives, aa?i doea not ? aund tM wet oi tM m?et aeevtieinag ?wam-nairjn J?% Will throw dawa tM Mra aad Mmit i*r -Jjironioet ri<hl In tb? line uf rra? ?xaminatian M Ma "hoe??w The aril, a a.*' met aaawer IM ^uaatKm V> ita?w-l waa . . Q Vour wife la dMd, Is aha a-H t k ?he dted oo (lie* HUi of iMiiirT 1m! Q Waa tMie a Urn. Buiapbrt'f at ?PP-a| *t year ho<ue' I A Yea Q nid yr-nr wife arar abject to Mr Ming toerr d ? dea l tbH'k aM did. . I <1. :*> y>m miau ir.j me that ea iM morHng rm,r Wife lafi yotir bouar iMt aM waa Mte|fdaed to Mf? Humpbrer h"H ">ere? k Mra Hauphmy loft IM IHNIM IUTee wavks Mfara my wife did a - . ^ ? Malaga mmiuld ad?i OG 'baf ,,u , mmwm ^ JPPilPraMa I Q Oath- IStb of lieoemlwr. l??.l b'W toaay ,adg i?auU warn reaordad agaawt yao whKb w??ra u?aa?la?ed , oi.?.o*d la by tM eoeawei far tM dafaaca, aad ah*c lira aua?aN>ed by U? f>n?rl ) , 1 0 iay?s haaw nf yaar wire recre'ag Ns? m faUtar A. Yas small euaaa atiwaitiag te abeai Q Did Sbe mA ' bar?e yon witb irr wiw that woa^a* d. Ma. u l*?i l y *i fct"w thai aM left f?" M?.ao ?eceuair A I da oot I know aM left I * otto?r y. r? pankaaw af Mr r?Ula? alagMy* A. Ta at lor AIM. I Km* af bar rnoatatog e?M gtfie tran Mr I ether N tM i M|<e of a charry mhle. a tag carpet and lCJe^fcB.Hr a Maa Oawfard* A I da 0 IM yoe rWM Mr as IM night year pr>p*\f*m IMM away* A. I dtd thai mght ae IM Mtt hsnlng I cdtt't tif vtUob q md yo? aah her ta eamaia y?r M iM tod ?pas a aoardwa Maaa lhara1 A- 1 dtd. " U?i yon >?er bar aay nliNhui* A- t s*red Mr l*qr*j!d yau tod Mr Utot fo?? wire waaU m? M'eak again, and that yen weald Mnrd wMh ?M? A . told Mr iVeald board wish Mr heal tralnasaM aa?*H my wife wcaid a<4 m bank Nra.a g Did **?? to ya?r Maaa aad <+*? ? bo<i?-tbare* A maiiio Mi?mk?(;-n ? >M1 a Did awe My My Hire*ere im IM tiai sftar year wKitNt' A I did. IMeagh Mwa CVawferd A setMled ar bed rdhea ' ? whi.fc I ? ? Mi- I Joseph f. Praahlia. ?asitong at flaahtaa lawa^ ???? M knew ibe lua-allff lor lb* laal sis ye?r? a Mrrhaa?d fu'nitare whlla Hatog to >?ny (aane ?a IAAT, IM furniture w?s Magh* frna the tier W l I" iViVara T ? V*nl?- i'?' ^ad ibat M amd '.-at Ma platoiiff to tM amoanl of fad wrtreaa di< a-.s.oeas <ii|i ilia i niaiu* raa?<to<l ta rnarfli Mraat Mies l.dlw N?wihrar, alaea af ihe |4ato(i(f deydMto aeeiii* IM farelmre ramered as Mr Taadar t*ar? M ?aa bandmg ttm^a te ?M"artsnaa did torn"'* N.*ihr?p tbero new n gin with ?] tM^aSl; I Ufa ? tU liimae had Maa ramered whan I weat tnj I did aa* ga laio ma <if iM reams aMas Ihs I?M? Mr Vnadar ? lha I William M.lh faafb, ?e II Wast ?!???'* > pnaad tha? M was a lawyer wea anqaaiasal antb Uto pla'nitir, knew h?m al tba I una hw famtlare was re Inorr i I had b??a in p?si uHT? Mnse waa tMra ea tM nlybl of ibe lltb 't l?#r laMr, tMg I aaaf?a it all night and took breakfarn IMra a Uto mare ad will pas left tbe louaa ca> IM m<v?bir of ?be ??? tM Maaa wee farnialied aa uaual mu* Mak wUb Ibr tlem Uf <w IM avrnitid of IM latu ? Uera?ha? U a M'.way ?wmtararsdaitlirtraa as if n b?.i bam saw* mM I lac I rtW ??t so tAraagb tbe bo iM . ... MdwArd featara, at fJ Park eaat ae Jrwiai.-u, Ibai'M was as>iMlated with ttr plait.tig and tba Irf- rd anta, l>ad to* ta IM b-blt'4 ??.llag >M (4a*tj1 a hoiwa Klnwwi dally pienonn to th" raraovaJ af tfc? form tuia. In iiarMiher.tMd, had 'wee utoe haaamenv. par lor and l<e,tr"eii*oa rarioaan-.a^ iaa Umfuii ii ?"JI first c*e? ?">t?-ed that th aiiterware in Ibe M. ae wa? MimWII of inmiture: waa si ito (dnloiiif siMaae^tA after brasa real ?n IM mnmto? of ib> l?ti nf CVca? ?? "o <?e cwi.. aw Ibn ssiiie da> piantiS and wile eae ?*uai -d Ibe linH'. and found lb?' d bad Mn xlrll'na-1 f ???' . aH ibe ?*ri..nien ptntnliO t?aa an m*ant*a-> .f abal -u nlaa b . ftf<r lafi Mbind.' anna ka?? ? I ih<> t, , ii-iure inbi? kiwwto'i** of ?'.i ' ?*' ' r.l?a i.? ?a*in?ai"d Ibe ijtueiil* ta*?.. a?i? *? f- *? I iiniiii afierlMrar *ai ?( tb?' f ru.f.iie,wiu <* L ana I ??? find*' a Rtonr MadrMd toprd Mr fa#,]**. Kj.tti. ?i- ' d^ iinwr ai. 1 t ???.''*t-a?. Jijaa . PMir , Mmif biw Nw towfei ?? (Ml an. m ' ?bfct) I bad IMOVIUMly Hfrtl M Mr H.oiUf* * *?'?*? Draw axaaatneA? VmmumiM*^! kf Mr kartt nip; waa ia k? obi ploy m?iit M IW> Ilia#, I !??? - ?N? m turuilum, I IurcUM?d twj fcjtata M i*r?r m. "I Man bowfftw reewdeeehle fenut tire for nay wwr Mary MnWeiii.nt ?l U>*1 ?U- . Mm ?? I tfcia salt ; wlta'Ma' bw>rt>*?d ?u loratertj (W, <w?< m tIM , furniture budui-*. MateMT bourM r*<4? nt "fc-w w?r. Ooriiolia Ve.?tir, >iji8 of tf>? w?- ?< 4 ' far (he p(*tatlff?W =*# pr? o? t on the m nelog al l*?r' ?h of December teat, whew tha i?ii>imi? ?m ?????<> (i Mr Nortbrup'x fcouan. wcat Hi -re with a Mr* II' 4ft'1, when aho got litem Mhn fotind Mrs N irtiir.n totw l.ytb loi, and wTtaeas' falter there Q. What *u don* with thai furuJlnrV A A ??*?? , part or it wna removed Q Md you and your faMter aeairt lit iii'UufU1 * We AM, at my .aiater'a fafaoat; the furniture waa an removed about (our o'clock, It waa put upou a owt, t? the beft af my knowledge my father waul for Ux? cart man; 1 have ftreu the property atneo Its removal I aaw tt.ii Judge KikuJ jV bu'iHt), ii wiu placed there ?( ib? roqueat 0f lay Ubtor, it rmn.nned there antil tUo api ng of 18*M, wben a pjriioa of It waa r uiuv^ I to Mrs Uoderhill'a. Croaa-e*amuied?Q Dia you o?er hear your aiater ac cuse the plaintiff of having adulterous intercou* > w Ui Mrs. Humphro}'? Question objeotod to, and <nkxt out by tbe Court. Q. Did your alitor assign any reason for leavl?-? tha plaintiff on the trmrni'v: of the lath of December, 1H9ZT Queat'OA objeotod to by tbe counsel for tho ptmuttfl, and objection aufttatned by tba Oourt. The oounaol for the deteoca tbon put a number or quiw tlons ta tha witness, for the purpura of abowiug thai tu? pi lintiir waa aoousnd of bavin* oorauiiited a'tultery with Mra. Humphrey, and that bla wife left him no thai mi count, aM of wbioh wore ruled o<it by I be Oouri aa irrei? f*nt> Q. Who aaiecied tbo rurntture when It ww being re moved by your golf and your fothor? A My utater Q. Who olaimed to ba tbe owner of tba property* k,. My aihter. Q. Do you, of your own knowledge know who owned tha proporty iq quo^tiouf A. My Riater. Q. Have jr<m over made an inventory of the fu rail are" A. I have. (Inventory produced and offered in evidence > The wluieita waa then uxaminod at ureal length, to Bbow that the furniture taken away belonged to Mra. Nortbrup, and that It bad been given to her by tbe plain tiff for furniture which she owned at Otxattaaooga, Toon., previous to her oomiug North. The Court thea a<Uourned until ten o'ctooic tbe fellow tag AFFAIRS AT ALBANY. The Bush of Business at the State Capital. Hasty Legislation and thi Evils of tike Prwiot System* Refusal to Legalize tbe Substitute and Commutation Bonds. Repudiation the Doctrine ?( the Republican*. The Inebriate Aiylnm ind the Kejeetien of the Aldermen'i Tax Levy, a?f? a*. a?ii 0 Auusr, March 29, ISM mm LMin^no*. Both braaohsa of Um Legislators are rushing business ud disposing of bills at a rapid rata. It la neoessary for a person to keep bis eyas and eara open night and day to watch their operation*. From about this period of a IegUlature's aeaaloo uotll lis end is tba time tbat the evil nad corrupt legislation la put through, (n the hurry and bottle that prevail, and in consequanoe or the long and tedious aaaaiona, members set tire* and worn out, and fall to watch matters closoly. Designing men see (his, and, in the half wondered way that bill* are passing, manage to slip in some slight verbal amendmenta, aud when Mm bill beoomee a law it Is louod that it has provisions and is construed to mean things that the members generally had ao Idea eC. The idea or oouprwssing the legislation or the State, when there are bo many intermit* affected, into one hundred days, ta certainly a great evil, ft I* owing to Ibis that there la auoh a rush rtoriair the I ant third or the session ft is Impossible tbat it should be otherwise tivan tbat soores and hundred* of bills should be rush od thr- fjgb baatily aud bat balf considered Uow is it possible, mn eight hundred and eighty odd bills should tyj aeoted ta one Housa* snd some seven hundr/j m lbo other, and the Legislature dlsposo of sll of lb fM0 u, bun*'"'1 -*tbotit ba?i? work? It U imr /xmjble thai Z^^y"dhool<r5l M*cons1derwl a* oareTu'jy isths interests affected demand. Ths _ cousUii <* 11,46 ,!? **** % ana rushed through hy a oi*>? men on tba idea of reiorm and honenir pubilo aQsi'a I'ewor wu divided, aud the sy.-tom of decent? I izutiou waa )dof<t-?*l in i boos UM or electing public offlocrg of all kinds slso in the wetter n* of responsibility among public ofDcer* to snob ai< extern that It is hard to find sny porson rdsp.nslblo for the evil that is accomplished Tlic constitution, .o thus nen'terinn snd dividing power and responsibility naa proved a our*e inxt lad of a tiooelll to ,'at, uie it will take seversl geuerationa tu recover iiotn n* baneful efforts moo the varlop* interests ol tbu .Stem Under ,t? working" every trivial matter w brought to the I.egUla tore, every rlllaee alilewa!*, division fouce, and too thousand* of otbei tilings of like import, are liiouubt here, ami the flies cumbered up with tbera, whet, tbev should be s< led upon by town or eotiety boards Thaw bills are brourtit hcte year after year, and everybody here see the evil end understands It Several ttllemp?S have >>*? a mutir to pane Wits referring all each tuAion to the K 'I boaid* . lut for scm? ca.,?e or otfcrr ;h? f/Ouutis t.,rei*",r 10 ?>* ready to yield or uivs tip the iiwat partw1* ?* iu f?w#r. b?? holds On with tb? grasp of * m.<ar to aff th* ?*tlc<*th>Bea,and mil julil vhe OnuaUidttoaal c?K?v*n"0?l''*n0(JSli and Wipe. 4nt of rtieteoie the proseat ^J^atltiMjSB. The Ooii3litulional Convention again aseemble* *n "M. WM cvli end corse jf 'fee present ?ystem will h?v# to endured onti. then I ?t us bepe rbal tbat body will furbllb a onarter tbat Willi bum-a "imtiiste revolution in the tfgahrture, as efl sf in othsr de|<ertm*nt* or the Stale gsvarnmeM. (laid that # lote the Stale will be cursed by grindlug committees, leg station on the sly and oumorouj Aber .t?dg*t that owe thwir blrtli to the forced, hasty er'lna of ibe committee?. Gaob member has his looai i) II, and in order to get tnat through <n one hundred dtys -mites with bis eoileagtiua tri sonM inovsment i > so c-mip'leh bis particulsr object, be don't much caro wbud. n^orot ATSirtiK rsososo. t%e Lesmgtea Avenue Railroad bill was argued Wore the Assembly nomaitlas <n Railroads yeeterday Mr Us* h. of Troy, wad lis principal advoeate. Mr. B has si peered kM before several committeet (his winter on meaeu"-* j? be acted upon, aad bee made ho impress,on ?P<n the atiads ?l tboas who have heard him that places U ut ? U.e froat rank of tbe oratora and loroibla vpeaaur^ s tbe Hute (Ippoeltloo wilts before bis close analysis so l ikrililog eitxjoenre No person ban appeared bei ore l^s Summit'tee thai winter with powers equal to hint sine pamkt im rat aaiwmsi.v tke hilt ta enable the Harlem aad Spuytea fhiyvil VavifMiea Camfany to reduce ita aapilal atock passed the Aeeaiehly this njoratng aisn the bills to amead tbe shavtsr e< the 9',(peony Having* Itank ta New York, and ta laenrtevais the tmnioaii flub la (Vtw-YCrk. Tbe bill laoorpo atiag the Army ead ffav/ Satiug* Ttank of the tsty *T New Yurk waa lo?t an Ita third reading,not re. astvtag tba ooaetMenoaal vols, but a metiou was mads ta remaailar. aad that waa laid aa the labia oaranannii ten aarntntnos rhree ef Uni iswriwa bllla la legalize sets af local wards sa 1 lawn meetings to pay debts mourred for lami nae ef *?t?etesre. eabstitaiea and aomnalations came >ip tham?raiaa. Twe ef tba numbar?namely, the Port land au ety sad Cahnsa -were loat una o( the bills lost, It u ?eta, "oaa aot (WtivtOe lur If^ ilui LUe paymeut uf ?ay f-iMia dSiharsad eaesfA what was paid to eMan aai-UtoSaa tor drafted aeaa. Tbat M Is that tbstftVrvtty <* tba t imbag blank repaoiicsa patriot*, wh# are eeasad with great I# virtue, but a s?sli qwa*i>ty af aarel hnwasty, have, aa sa en menus idea or isse thet they have got lata their hied, raonrded their vwe> oa the side of repudtetioa, and set tba precedence la fevof ef that JaeiMee in the hlgn?sl muds thst tbev saa by MfMativa aanaimo Tt baa t*ea uhargad by f iiWtls sag ew the rawubbnaa ants mat if tba det>i ?racy attain |ewr th'Migh the preald<witi<tJ eisctloo they will raradiaia tba oMi^at ona ef tbe present end plunge tbe a<e>atry mia a mae etr ew, from which it oan navor re rovw a oh b H>ev it is said that the evil deer iirst sua pecte eame owe viae and la this ess* ib t IS true, for rns -y >4 the iep- biirsne la lbs Maura this marnlag ratnvded lb?tr volee a ravnp af rrpndlsttoa?Ibe vsry ihiKg i>iai tbry ? uarg* tbe deiuucrata are try lag to obtain pN*er taaoo?ni|>)i??. MepuUtaii^. it en, ? |? be added id Mia auiaer?aa iMi? awd Crimea uow on tbe keener ef it? rapublicea partv. it will sund rortb in gh/wlng abarsntaee by the ei?o ar tbst nesafsnrlsd off spring at Kncnarios aad raw'oveiSai -mii<-egi nstli.B. Himt proud ibe f*r|y man be, oarrying s banner, and radytag thatr ftirras lader it on wbioa la laacribad ?i.i esi haaba, Rapwoiatisa aad M K^mtiua." What a rally ng r ry Who will say Utal the wnrid stsods still? In am 'U*s yrngrvae wiib gigantic at. nle*' IIWSSFSTn 4?TU'W. IVs bit I satabiiah aa asylum for Maitriatee in the City uf t>ew T >r?, ai d providing tor Ihv gnvu.'iimeat thereof, wsi restarted ro*n|iete ibis asoruteg and ardar ed ta a Ibifd ffad'Wg, with aumarmia athar ttills. Ml tba Aa? mh'y. lb* Central Tart fillet fvmpaar MB ew wdnr<*l tn ? lb,rd itedim th.S .a^ssieg m Um- eta arnmii/t as mu. 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Rriiihcrton cull#*? th? rtrm wl ropr? srsH^S as-'^i-sssst ?3^b.-^ff?s3:5S srS^te, KSMS,;" SSS??S'SiXSgSi. H?s at as -"-S"-' gamete Pblladelpbia.and t*fe aottt or ,WIMi them The Arm further learned that Brotuertoa u?p rears' lean of the Uesinopslltan Saloon, an represented and Met i*Wesd <* bslM^'IJ^L^^^orSlT d?eplf lorolTtd. ?Ra loUUr niiabl# to naAmr ol tor*, who w*rtfcnn?untly ^illDg^n himfw W^^esi .lues- Thr O' m Ihrrn'ore rbarge >*?'*?'??Jdefraud tug the mMMs from tl.erS with to rbe^aod derrau-i^ ^ "?r-v.":":;;:; th&l ? _ . j |.i- W||>c|pi %nd yotitor prenontefl ihe maKWlrat a^b prncmrt. .?rre?ted the day where Justloe 1?M accuww aodtoofchlinl iae chsrge beforo sari?" " n" s Ri" ***" tn* rT",?d SMWitTtnr p"f Tunire appo^ranre HrottoTton w tw.-ui/ otie yes a?e, and a catlva of OMgland He P'e?d? u0t ?u l' aVbw"^ a n-mo. .i -On ?*>? the JIth inst. the lumber office of karroo '-hsplo, foot or we*? Twmtjr third itreet, wa* ? r*? <nH by burglars, who msds ail unsucoesafnl effort* t > ''I"*14 0,0 tron ?a(e. hiiiDK in thoir purpose, v/?e unrrU?? decsropeil, t&kiug With them aa r)/arcost inloi|ln| t" 1tf v^*">in ?D1 oVhc- small articles No CliM t" tN thleva^ wU Jb tatcid until Monday aftern.?on, j*lien Mr Chapm ??w rk stolen cont ou the back et Wilimtu Paris, formerly ? h<* en,i.i!>v On lieiog'ltieiitiooed ai??ul '.b? ro?t liavis saM be buntbt it of Ifcmos Wood*, a yn<ing man twenty one your* or age The mtter was aocordiotjly arreted by o(T,cer Fifcber, of 'ho Sixteenth predion, sud belnir unable t., iaLi?'act<>r>ly acci>itnt for his |?>^vismon of the o?>?t, JuBtloa TVhIjb committed him to prmnn fer trial, In JefviU or (1 50i) ball Tltearctue l i? s hUiji) driver A^TTiKR Sofcort" Uorbji'.?Mar/arai A Id rich, tbe keener of m allnged dii.repiitaiilepli?f* in tbe basement of premi ies Vf> Wfltiam %trwt, w** art l yj^lerd^y ifler"'"*!. by officer Mccarty, or tbe fourth preolom, oo aiyiP "OD of stesl nc one hundred and ilfty dollars from John Mcl^iiffhlin, as ?ldie>- lieloOElng to lie Floreoth United BiatOo lofaQtiy W!.il? the soldier was asleep oo s twinge It is alleged that lbs nriv?.?r ? ?? his packet and th*u count some motiev id the presecc|of a former barteo.lerix tb?> pia. e, ki.nwn as Tils*. p?ii In," bot not a gti/ier Thi- sccune-l mm tsten t.o tbo T-.tabl aud heM fjr "larolri.tiou before -^"ce Dow'dlg^ Not long noce another soldi or w*-i robbed of one bum dred sod 'hirty one Joilsrs in the s*me plsne, but s por ? tun ol the money was recovered A? Inland, ihf Sr.rlbkltr, A(t?mpt?il ti cr?iutprl?it Abakiptra, ?o mnpirica ti j to foU'. worth. l*?e Ir&ah upon tbe public at the famou* 'Night Blooming Curio#," niMMu*ctat#d only by PHAtiO.1 A SOR Oo? whiff of thp ?purloin imitation* \h? fraud Loon rarafntty at thr bottles jon l?t:/ I'halon A dan, ixtrrun.em. pr?w Vor* ar? the wor<l? in-let,'i.y ;mDir??<l into tha jia it uteri gauiuna bottle. Bald by ail <mig#i<u. Murray, ECddy dt Co.-Msa?g<ra Kbwttroar. Inm Cr.??? U7? MarMilJ 1484 J'K U. *>, n, (.7, 75. 40. U, J? |? 41, 44 * Earrjooa r. Guu MS?M art ft ?# |Mt 89, 35. K, 2. 15 43, 1H, 14, 1M. 4?. 17. 71. R. llHtaoiii A Ce.-H)?n?(*r?. Hint C?.am* l?l?WbtpB tt. KM IS, 7. 4!?. 47. 51 :W 71. TS 56. 6?. 34, 19 Cuil 15:?*?<rt l*L IMC 2T, 57 . 50. 60, Ul, 53. ?1. 73. 3. 48, ?. 21 frame*, Rills A rri. Umtir, lirn Ottu 447?Marak I* 1M M 42, 6, 41, 58. 48, 61. M, 7H, T4. 3, CI. Ci.*m MS-Uarcb If. UN 7J, 51. 32. 71, 37, 76. ?*. 70. 30 . 3, 40, $1 Nturi. SlmmoM, Ro|?n 4k Co ar? aatiiontei <o receive Vpoalto ?4 ? WflHIWa oa ^wr account, ^ S. IIMHOHI h 00k rrliri CaihMl . la AII f*ejfaiicr4 L ??*?>? rleaan<t toformattea girin OALUA.C)HRB 4 0HJIJ UM. ?rokwi 110 Cbeata it etreet. Philadelphia Prim raihMl In AJU Ufal LadWIti.* xvam,?oo.*u m~. ?.. Royal Hntaua Lottery.?Thlrlr P?f wt premium paid far Pritaa. loforcaat.ioa firnlakad. Miphakt rata* paid for Uonbioona. aad ail kia ta of Ooldaod Hirer. TATliOR A CO , liuitxi*, W?J (Mat. Lotfnrr Ti?k?ti Caik*4, Joatph SalM> Broker 11 Wall Mrret, room Ko 1. I.TftO.?At 399 Broa4?ar> . _ U 3 A Rtf?4f and Pitaiaatat Cara af H-ad acha. toothaake, aeuratgi* aad o?t*rrh ?Jim wo'cotta Inataat Pala Annlhitatar Hold A R?a?tlfal Caaplfilon-talrd'i Blaam af Youth eurpaaaae ararrthto* tor? |iiaa?wlMt in* tbo-owl\??K>n anJ ak?a tul Wr ?.|w*/and 4r m ?U aiMiima A Tboti?? n*l Ktfrl|frafori, (rea ?4 M. at A 0 OASSruRD'S. 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