Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1864 Page 7
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Mun AT AVOTHW. A*1'" "? ^iA^W88WSh..?n?. VAUMlPfCBNT 1" 4KH0LD KUKNlTURft *. At PUBM"! AUCTION B- w?M4 PltMlorta, . Drawlug Bow* Suit*. Uracist ui Um Curtains b_ IrMM end Ormolu Cuendslier*. I Paintings fey ancient and modern artists. Fiats Olut Pier and Mantel Mirror* Velvet aad Brussels Carpets, . __ Chsmoet Furniture ea suite, Oak Ota lag Hnoa Furniture. Chiue, Qlase aud Silver Were. Art'stlr Brneses. Ststnery, an i many rare aud conly Works of Art, THIH OAT (WBDNRSDAYj. At tha e'ngaut private residence Wo. l-'S Tenth street, be Iweeu University place aad Broadway. ..oi iraenctnf *t 11 o'c ock. Drawing Rm.mi?T .ofulU?? covcred ?itb bracelet of richest description, ccosistiug of Tetsa Tete Soras, Ciialrs. Ottomaos Arm an t tt> oeptioo Chairs, Etaseres. plate glut doors, Seoretary ?rd Bookcase Cabinet and Centre Tables, sua t eery marble topi, mi per b sets i locade Window Cur ?-?'*? to eaaloh the suit*, Corolcea, aod French Shadn*. S JBroain aad Ormolu Chandelier*. tmu jrted from Pari* for present owner; Laee Curtain*. Mandolin, playing tea tunes; Htervoarepe. with 100 views, Con*.tie Table*. MAOMTKICKNV ROSHWOOD PIANOFORTE round earner*, rlobly carted leg* aad case. made to order bj city makvie. richest toairument offered at auction thta ae > BOB, roeewood Stool, trench cloth Covet Canterbury, Mu Bis Book*. Bueoicnures, Cabine's. Consoles ANCIENT ANO MODERN OIL PAINTIK08 by rmmniiL ?rtlai?, two maish fainting" ?.y t-oie, Storm it Mae. Smuttier ? Faintly by Detaoroit ; Asj'imption o( Vir Co. afterMurlllo's oeloliraied painting In llln Louvre Oal ry Paria; Uolliude. l>y llesliuger; two matca Paintings, by aealy. Lady aod Ocnoral Waamngton. aiao number ot artiperb Cabtael Views. French Line Engraving*. Oral Mir pora, Bronze Clocks, i.audelabraa, ARTISTIC BRONZES, STATUARY, VASKS, AC Broaso Htaiwery. Mlaerva. Goddess of War.. Hamlet. Wliakauera, Milton, Pamtlat and Muaio, Itubsn'a r'lalier Boy and Out, Cupid, Psyche, uiagnittaent Sevres Cliiua Va?ca. Bl?<ius and Parian marble Vase* and Figures DINING ROOM Solid carved oas Buffet, atatuary marble top; Hertz's pa tent Dtnlag Table, Couclioa, Arm Chairs, Btageies, Paint tag*. Olaaaware. Decanters. Oobleut. Wins*. Cbttmptunes. * XieBMaadaa. Fruit, i-elory and Preserve Stauus. Kingei UpwU, r?M aad Parian uiarfcje Punch Bowls. Liquor Sets, > fetd and Oiilna Dinner Seta, it pieces; solid elUer Dlnnei aud Tea. Service, Oliver Ware, Coffee Ura, Caiiers, Cake Baskets, Napkin Ring*. Spoons. Fork*, ivory dandle Table Cutlery, Lounge*. CHAMBERS. Bo*e?ood Dressing Bureaus, RodatSA^s Armolr.'-a Otare. C'ommodtiM eu suite, style Louis XIV , Ha*r Mattresses Blaakats, Hbeets, Counterpanes, walnut Horo*. Arm and oral back Chairs, Brussels and Inei ilu Carpets, Engravings, Tallet Beta. Fasy Chairs Curtains. Shade*. Also u I Furni ture of servants'apartments. A if AM 0. BAKEB A CO. ADCTIONBBRS.ALBBBT C. tIATWOOD. Auctioneer .?Superb HousoUold Fur nitum Ao This day (WrdnRsdavl March to st Hve story brosr* stoae residence 4^ West Hlmeenth street, between Kiftb and Siclb avenuss (sale commencing at 2 o deck this ?ft?raooa>. oan*l*tlug of ?Dining Room?Walnut Side tooard. Kitsmloa Table. Armchairs. Dinner and Yea Set*, ruby aad white Oiasa Ware. Tablo Cutlery, Silver Plated Ware, Ae.; Oval Mirror* Parlors?Rosewood aod walnut Parlor Furniture. Bmsseis Carpet*. Ktaiere*^ Bookcase, Table*, Pter and Mantel Mirrors Curtain*, Pslniinirs Statu ary, Brotiee Clocks. Revrss and Dresden China Vases, Bn graving*, Chandeliers. 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte. Stool aad Cover; Music B.ool*. Encc gnenr*. Rocking Chairs. ILouagss, UatMbud. Obaira to match. Bedrooms?Bureaus Bedsteads, WashBtands, Commode*. Flair aod Spring Mat tresses Bolsters. Pillows, Lace Curtains. Shade* Also. Jtaaeoieat and Bitchsn Knrnlture. A BOirON NOTICE -D D CADLKINS, ACCTIONEBB. .EL HI'LKNDt i> HOUSF.I10LD PUKN1TURE AM) WORKS 01' ART. AC. At PuMIc Auction, this day. 'Wednesday!. March SO At the elegant resldeuct SI8 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, tootweoa nth and 0th avs . sale commenclne II o'clock A. M SBVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORVE. rose wood and black walnut scits, ?BONBB AMD ORMOLO CHAMDELIER8. MBDALLIOV CARPETS. BBVBBS AMD DRESDEN CHINA ORNAMENTS. PXfcR AND MANTEL MIBE0B3. BBOOADB AND LACE CURTAINS ARTISTIC BRONZE STATU A UP, OIL PAtNTIBOS ST EMINENT ARTISTS, OAK EXTENSION TABLE, BOOCOASB, KTAOtREH, CENTRE TABLB, CHINA OLASS AND 8ILVEB WARS, SHEFFIELD TABLE CUTLERY. TABLE LINEN, ? A08EW00D OHAMBEB FURNITURE. Louis XIV stvle. The aale comprises some of tns richest and most elabo rately carved Parlor rtirniture ever offered at public audio*, aod to be sold wltho it any reseree. AS examination will well repay intending buyers. Phrtors contain Uijee elegant fall Suits or rosewood Parlor Furniture, la t lch erimsnn and maroon, blue and gold, and orangscolored brocade und satin; r<i*atw>od Kiageres aplen Aid aad rosuv Parian Ornnments, rich Vaset. Ac. MAONIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTB, Stool and Cover. an slsssot instfu.aent with round corners, beautifully carr ad logs and ease, all modern improvements. Also s magotneont coll-ctlon of rare Palnilaus, rosewood Tttrkisb and ltasv Chair* in fine reps; rosewood Centre and fcds oiarels yp lablcs, fichly carvaA; Velvet and Brus*e:a Ohaosber biiHs, In rosewood and ssahonny; Bureaus, earvod Bodsteada Wssbstand*. SoraBeda in fine haircloth, tea pore Balr Mattroases from 48 la 50 pound*, made to or dor, ia osceUo'tl oanditioo Dtaiag Room Forniure. consisting of line oak Extension Dtoiog TaWs, sak Arm Cbatrs, Silver Wara, rich L'hln<i. Ivory and Stiver Cutierv. Forks, Spoons, Att. with beaw Out and Bagvaved Glassware of every description Carmen fa attendaaos to earv pack or ship good* for purchasers. - JB. B.-*Uottso and Lot for sals. Apply on the prrtuises. A OCriOK NOTICE ?HOUSB BALF. OF M AGNIKICKNT A rosewo<id and walnut Knrolture. elegant works of Art. Ao., made by the best aity makers, and cost over 116.000. The whole will be BOrecsalertly sold, without reaei'VO. this fWednesday) afternoon, tt 2o'clock precisely, by HBNRY B. WBBTCOTT, Auetloueer. t the elegant realdro a ISI West Twenty.Orst street, between aveath aad Eighth avenuea, comprising the entire elegant 1 i Booms Dtnlug Room and Hall Fnmilum WBB W wTUTT BUB WW fCTJV. ? Ul aiSH UUUII|V?, ' *'OH nlegnat BaoepUon Chatrs. lasatia; flne Carpet*, large rose wood Klagere. statuary aad Egyptian top Ceatrs and Fan. Oy Tables, rich Curtains and Shades, elegant Parlor Orn? inente Vase*. Bronze*, ic , rosewood Bedsteads, Buieci", hroaze 01ooks,Hali an'. Spring Mattreeaes. Beds. Beddinii. Pining Room rnrnlture. rlqh China. Cut Gifts* and Siiv r Ware; Oetiery. Hall Furniture, Sofa Bedsteads. Ae Sale west live, rata or sbion. B. I.-Tm i nan tit r of goods to be sold makes tt tmoeratire that the sale should commence at I P. M. precisely. Parties wWklnK l<> attend can take the Sixth, Seventh or Eighth avenue ?S) or stagss No I*osl|,onement, A JOLBNBAT, AUCTIOKEEB.-OFFICE NO 8 TINE Am Sir m.i. (arts sale of valuable Building Lots In Brooklyn, at PUBLIC AUCTION. BT A. JOORNBAT. On Wedoeeday, March V), at 12 o'clock. M.. At the Bicnange Salesroom. Ill Brondway:? Lot* ou Boseiuako si reet. Lafayette avenue *nd Van Buren root, between Leu U and fltuy vesant avcuuea. Alee on Bolivar street, betnsea Csuton aud lUyi^ond Alas. (Mt Ktsoktoa street, near No?tiVod aventio. Maps, with fi ll particular* at ths office of the Auetloueer, Mo. 9 A JOOBNBaY will sell at public auction, J\ . on Thursday. Mureh 51, 18*4, at 12 o'clock, at the En <*hange ealraroom, III Broadway. Ne* Tor*. IMP Lot* at Oceaaenle, oear C?d?r Omre, town at KouihAcld. Richmond a*naty. Htaten luarii a very dealrebte location. situ tot about lO'ir mllae Iron Vanderbllt landing. lilty minutes from New York ferry and Sialei, ia'and Railr ad. ooljr lira minute* walk from Ihr New I>orn depot, at wlilcu the <<ai* atop. TWrie lota are b*auttfull? locate.: ou the lower her. and *a*r of aaodka to the oky. The location verv healthy ana pleahant, and the land rich. An an inr?*tiuetit \h*r* U> no t>etu?r finance within the earn* diautnre of the olty. ?au 10* per.uui of moderate lueatm to aecore a home atead Map* of the?ir..p' rty tun be *ero nt lh" ofll ?<>r the aeoUoo*--. A JO' RN KAY, No. fl Pino etreet, }?ew York. -Tiicrnon salf. of A HANUHOMf UorflEBOLD PCRNITDRB P. HOTH. Auctioneer, WUi =clTit pnbhr auction. Alt >k? < lagan t ffotlijrold f^olture of a prtrete family, ?t IMr reetdadC*. in Clinton plac* ?l?btb*t.?ct.bctweea BWhptdWithI'mim, tftlaim <w,*4ne*dey># Maroii St", ?ftorwo*, at 3 ttkkk proeleely, tNii^lM ?? hand*otno Bri'0eel<and Itput C/upeia, thiee beautliu. * ,l?' *? ?wear*i in nci. frtoc.: aa'ln brocate.l and retf*' roeewood ??ran ?-t*re Planefor:-, Tnrkiah Et*y Chair* LOMf* I tntf*-*. marb'e top Centre and fcNj Ta Mm I'jrirr aad Boo- Standi Rroate Bleht Da* t. "?,-k. . U l Pata'la?a. China au?i Parian Vaeee. roaewood and btaT* walnut |?|lwti. Rtuaatia, Waehatanda, Spring and Uatr Ma'lraxeee. Redding Sofa*. Chalra, Rocker*. Mlrrora -Clock*, Hkarta* Curtains. Bedlounge*. Tea and Eroueim Table* oiu* Cum* and Silver War*. Table Cutlery, Chao 4e<t*-a. 8l*<aa. OMnotlt Ac. AMUOTION MOT1CP.-WM. IRVING. A0CTIO5KBR Siegant Hoiaehotd F'irnllure. Carpel*. Ae. 0?t.O0I> A COOKB. will aellooThuraday. March HI. at IOX >'clock. at thoir.oeleoroofa IB Cedar etreat. near Broadway, elegant Furaltare. oonaietiag of auperb Velvet and Brumel*. Thiee ply and Ingrain Carpet*; Oilcloth. Brttaael* and Veneliaa their Oarpeia. ftMIr Rod*, elegant Bronia and Ormof* Cbaudellera. Rraeketa. S.delLight* and Reading Lamp*; - - - rouwood Farniture. la b aUp eovara; two alecaat PMtwotJ BttMa, to three colored broeatel. carred French L Hair M?<, Faliaaooe. Rolater* and Pillow*, Cbaudeilera Rraeketa. Hide [Light* ant mabogaay Refrigeratera, gnu of roeew pi'<?h. Mull la Itgute i broeatel, with ellpt MMM SjtMa. bi three celorad broea BalalkaH. Hair Mwtreekea, Pallaaaaa, Botater* and Pillow*, DreialncBuraau*. Wmhatande, oak BttaoOon Table*. Can lt?Ta?m Lottnga* oak DuU Room Sat la rape marble Ia* Oeete* lafeiija, Qnartatta Tabiaa, Dreaalng Tab! 'kr ? Aran Chalra. gilt Iron Bedateada. and Redding, Ihr Harrigemtara, Mwlnc Machine. Brocatai Window < and Coro'cea Llaan Window Shade a. French plate 1 tawOaetea TabMa, Qnartatte Tabiaa, Dreaalng Talilaa, t.'aaa Aran Chalra. gtlt Iron Bedeteada. and Redding, thraa Polar -*? Cortaina i Plar MUM rara Yaaea. elegant Bngrarlng*. Be. Alan a large agaart aaaat f gltakan Fnmltura, with which the Mia will earn. atanoa Sain*of Furniture at the raaldaacaa of owaeraaa glial Teetan moderate. a urnon - W A. VAN WAOMNBM, AUCTK A Tue aabarrilier* will offer for aala at pnMIc l Yridar. April I. al lon'cloek A. M., la the MatW.w., hlna Hhnp, la the rtllage of Matteawaa. Duiebea* eonnty, I.J atl oT t ha Pattern* formerly belonging to the Maltea ran MauMna Company A 1*0 a large lot at Machinery, eon UCflOR - W A. van WAOMNBM, AUCTIONEER. ? ^'lc auction on itiaawaa Ma-J vatl .... elating of Igatke*. itrill*. Fluting Bnulne. Circular Raw* and trawieei a larae lot of etnall Toola, Flaak*. Weight*, Truck* two ten tea Orauae Catalogue* will be ready on Friday, March 2V and naay lie bad on appHoatten tn the Auctioneer* at Ft*ukilt Laeding MACtTN HPRTIR A CO. Ah nirrron NOTICR -roots AND BnoF.8 WM. IIO1.LIRO8HKAU. Auetioneer Rf J f. WHITEnoOM, liap'aroom* No. :* Cortln dt *treet, will *011 >u Wedneaday, March #i, at 10't o'eloek A. M., >u?i I ckaea of line onallty mToin HHtaBK. HI;o?<aNB, OAITKRR. BALMORALS. Ar aa'ag deatrabie aty l-e. dlnwt Jrotn auutulaoturara. -n4 want *da?**d t.. aiU and aotiatry buy era. catalog ue a raauy oa aMpiimgef aale Am uqrroN raij* or futiniti'rb, piano and ? Pwnlfef* lo Braaklya. by 0?>L* A MURPHY, Anr. *>i>a>*in im noradav. at l? % o'rlaek, la Baat Wam-.u atra. c kweaiai pifU and ? *lh araaitea-R^acwhod Pirlor Rnila, la gr??? pmab. i? v* "ter tilaaa, aeven ocun* rtauo Meki ieaa eigaaat roae* 'tod t'uni CaWant, Ol I Palnllntr*. ra'a waud anf a*aho?wnr H?n*teada and Rorrau, n>maa*ia iad Ttrree Pie OatT *a. Oll'-loth*. oaK E*tea*lna Lhamg Table id (A*i<*. of aa and 01a*o Ware, Mirer Plated Ware, tteltea Fnrnllare. An It J L^MlW, AtJCHONEEB-WILL SELL THli A . 'ar at t o'cio-lk at rfNinth ?tjret, between Second an* 1 till<l arentiea, three Parl?r Molt*, ro^wond and blank walnut Re.|ro>m ?* lit*. Chairs. Table*. Rock-i*. pier-Haeeea lln>a*e:a nil Ingrain i'?rp?t*. Oil rainnkti. and *? w r'li'HK belea^iug io a umtlaw Uouae. rOcriOM notice-M. DOTRflTT-THE OP 11 llef?' l?M,niture Adtorttrei! br !u? to take piar> Hit* day. ?t dt Wbitshni: au-ee?.l* withdrawn, ta conaa'i euee 4tVi W H lai'.'nla the pteaenl proprietor uoeutitoitN 'he be*in?>4* aa^tofore. B' t. r miuAUcnoNRR'; -auctionnotice I Peeenp >r#aaie #f liart'i ;i ?re, Aa en Wedneeiiif, Mai.'U Mai W ailer>t. al <7 MurTty "treat, Incltidlng PI ? igutlr Jam imA ?; nra i ? lie*' <111*111/, VKi pa?kagee a' >'*ia% an4 gil< e l*!a I Ware An. CaUlog ie* .MaM??^ lYI.H, AWCtif'Bfiliff . ? W iv'i ?? .* (50 .'"I ep at tttrt'-'o Oil eretar. ?(?? '? ? no''* ? v thetr a'o-e, 'W an1 t?,' !? .1 and tinflraTlags * eery gr>l T??| ?ie gBMiiWVOB, uun At HffCWM. tailor? ~VoerK>Vkkh-?*" TAVLoa J mmitm??.JKM?Win aeil ml a 'cum, Miwit eaae, v*. oa miJSfw y,rM >' *1 I'-' 0 pum ' ai ifee tiichAM* Bala* iwm f? Vll BraOi?l?, M ? . l? de?ira**e U)l* attualed ot^KverK.Ven frioflou*! and JeffeiBOa. TtSTSSSSin*ItenSVAttlC IB &f of Hrooklf II. TbU ptoi>eri? i* desirabl/loiAtti. 0->atig\iom to |Im? Myrtle ftreuw ?h? Brc>*4war MM*. ??? J11"""M ?ood opportunity tor Inv eiiaeat Map* au4 teraa* at l?? ?So* of the auctioneer, 133 Nun D| TilLUR. auctioneer? WtLLMLL At AUC . tloa. oa rrtday. April I, at II a'elOO* ?? Baleeroom III Hroadway, too valuable Lata, M Flf t?-BOh street, between riril and Second afouuea. P?t? flfUl alreel la paved arltb Belgian paraineat. tad supplied with gat and w*ter, leodeitac cbla paroei ot Lola desirable either fer In teat meat or immediate improvement. Mine aed terse at me offloe or the auctioneer. in Nassau elreet DB lAYLOtt ? BROTHER. AlfOfiOBBBRa. Wit.I. . eell at auction oa Pride* April I. at II e'niock. at the Exchange KaKtaroom I'l Broadway, that deairabie three etory aad basement browd stone Haute and two Lou, No 144 second place lernaa at tiie uOioaor the AuMtaaeara 113 Nassau street. David boott. auctionebb -this oat, maoni Ueent Household Furniture I'lauolorte. rosewood tiulta I'arlor Furniture, made to ordei by Meeke l>AVID BCOTT, auctioneer. witiseU at public aale, on Wednesday March Si. at 10*4 o'clock A. M., el tlie realdenoe of Mr Oeorge Caldwell, no. 68 Sussex street. opposite taa Preaby tcrlau church, the entire Furniture, conautlng o( Velvet Tapestry aud Ingrain OariH'ts, spleudid Oval Pamr Mirrors, r reach plate, Silver and Silver Vlated Ware, Centre Table*. Exteuslou Tables. maliugaify Hotaa. Leungot, Ann aad Vol Ulre Chili ? Drestlur Ktireau* with marble top*. China Vaaet, Prenrb and Cottepe Bedateads, Hair Maureaaim, Featbef Beds aod Bedding. f>ie*? ug Table*. Wahl>*:aud*. Oilcloth*, Bugiavtog*. Mattiug. Laee Windo* Ourlaln*. oak Chairs. CUIua. Olaaii and 'irortery Ware In targ* quantities, Cutlery, Ae., together with a general nwortmeot of Red loom and Kit. lien Furniture, wltli whim the aale will rum wenre Term* .aib, current*units l or further partliulart Inquire of the .uctioneei, N > 93 Mnat^oianrx afreet, at A Oo* * a notion room* N 8?The good* to be remoted ?m toedn>te!y aftei the aale DBORKK. ACCTlOMKfcB?OPPItlh NO ? t?lEKN . wtcli avenue?will aril op Wedneadar, March M, at II o'clock at 10 Carmtue street, tttorkand Piii'tree of Liquor Btore?Counter*. Table*. Cbatm, Ragatelle Table, Boer*. Chandoliera. Trickery, 0'??*?are. Ae. DW. IVKSACO. AUCTIONF.BKS.-hBA gliRLLh ? and otbe: CurloMtla*. the only Kaaeral tolleenoo worthy of >iatiue iu tbi* country, at ausUon iMa moraiat at lovtf o'clock and IP M . at Ifi.i aud IbV Rrondwuy. FCOLTON. ADCTrONBFR?WILL UIVK UIR I'BK ? aonal atleutlou lo a.ilo* ut furiut-re at the rnddonc* of fatnlllex breakinc up uou*eKeepluc, <? the ?no4* oan be removed to thupaslnua ?a'e<room. llA Broadway, uppotlte the !tew YorfTlolel G'EO CLEMENTS. AUCTiOBP.ER -i .IBNK1NI ? will aell at auctleo ou Weilueaday, March .10. at II o'clock, at 1,401 Broadway, between Pnriieta and Por;y flr.t stret'U. Horo* Carriiue* Top and No top Watton* one Br?tt, RooiiKwaya, 'agger Wauooa, onepait of Bay Poulat, atyliah drlvere; ueveral Troitiug Uor*e*, Whip*. Blanket*, Robe*. Double and Stugle llarue** The abore can be *eea at anv lime tefore the aale. riKNRT U. LRBDS * CO. AOCTIOBBBR8. J J Superb Pariatan Furniture, Buhl do , Mantel and rler Mirror*. Bronir.n ar.rt Ola** Chandelier#, real Bron^ea. larau. eoatly Va*>*, inarblt aud otA< r fl'atuary Frenrh and Bohemian Q^**a. rostlj Oil PHttitiog*, 4c . the propertyto' P. Milliard, Es'j.. or New Orl:taa?, beltii; the entire tiook .?>! tin* extemlve e*tal?UHhmasi icovrd to thl* city for tale nBNBY U, LEEOS A Oo ? li! *ell.b? a-.tetlon, on Thur* day Mareb HI. au<i Fuday April 1, at the atore No. 577 Broadway, oppoiite Nlblo'*, at lltj o'elock earh day. The atxjv* noslly uood- weie mu-tly made in Pari* lo orrtet, con alaitnu tn part of abotll W large Pier and Mantel Ulaues, do. Framea, oval; auperb roeewood Parlor Suite, covered ta flowered bri>o*d? silk btucatcl and r?i>*. antlq<<r dr>., Mar queterie. Buhl do, elmnv <10. Booltoaaea. ^ecrelartea, n>?e-vuort nreamng Bureauaand Bediteada, Rtagerea, Papier Marhe Boxea, Ao.; Lace Curiam*, tanuy t'tiair*. richly carved Arrnoir-a tJlare Lihrarv Table* Inlaid Oentre Ta ble*. French eogiaved crystal Olaaa, Bohemian do.. Deaaert Beta, mnuuteit ormolu and silver, ormolu aod brenre Uto^K*. Iar;;e Rrnnret rvnhly painted V'a^ea. Pnrlaa and Bisuiie Flauroa ru li Oiutnrie ier? Halutanda aod o'her coatty article*. Refer to ca'aloauea. FINK ANI> COSTLY OIL PAINTINOB, couiprUlng aboiit, tifty ploiurea. Atuune tbein ia a roll length portrait of Washington, by Peaia: Lau<tac*pe. by Kir Jo*nua Lawrence: original, by Beueber. It. waverz. Van Bloeman, Lobruo, Hogarth, Ovular. Beuaid Latour. M d N??. Van most and outer*, all of gren merit. They oan be examined witb catalogue* at the above place until aol d HHENRY H. I.EeO* * CO. AUCTIONKE.RS, ARTISTS' ? VLK OF OIL I'AlMINdS. WATER CJOLOB AND PENCIL OBAWINOB. HFVRY R LF.ED>4CO. will sell at auction on Thur* day, March SI, at M " clo-i at our (laliery No. IS Natnao atreet. aril^ts' aale of tme On Painting*. Paaleii, Water Oo'or and Pencil Orawiug* beiug the entire eulieetlun at ? Donjons Brewerlen Kaq. Ariixt compnalog hi* heat ami lateit trorka, the uiajurttgr ot whiou have aarar been ex hibitod. Included I* hi* i.elebrate l painting uf Port Sumter the purchaser of whirb will lie presented wtttx Qencral An der*ob'* letter ?f endorsement; alau the|?;il?ii(lln ptctnre of Niagara hr .Moonlight, the skr?;fi of which wa* eihtbited at Messrs Wi'iiaui* k Sievena'; at*o. a variety or local Ameri can View* aad Sconery trotn unlure. of ulifeieut alite*. all ef which are In costly, t>ew and *ppt'A late frames, to be *o!d pridtivelr without reier.a. frameaTBelnded. by order of the artlata. Al*o, a number of denraUe and fin*** by lacorite Aiafrlrao aod Et;iopean Ai tiate. a.l or which are now on exhibition *i almre. wt<h t:*iji>tg<.i** l oni day ot HfcNKtf H. t.KEDd * CO., At/'i,TIONBBRM.-0l? claimed Baggage -lir.NltV i.KRDS A ClO. will *?il *t auetlon on W?dne*?lay. Mareb SO, at 10)4 o clock, al our wlaarooua. ?3 N**a*ii ?troet, GOO, mo,* o< leu. un claimed pv-Uuea Kmauilog in lite hand* or in* Mimi Bi. preM t'?, to be toll without ranarae. TTENBY 1?. MINK ft AUt:TfOKERR.~.rtALRSROOM XX No. S7 N?*a*<i atrcet, op^oeltr! the l*<iat oflfc* ?MINER A SOMFTU ILLl vrtii >?i| nl aiidion Tliuiaduy M;<r U 81. al their talearooot No .V Naaaa' aireet, a geoera: aannrt. meut of Houaetioiit f'urnit.. i? removed ior unurxQif-iire uf ??to. oonalatlng of Velrel, Itrnaaeta Thra*r>l> and tii*rna OtryaU. r?Mwo<ul and malitfan; Mima, la i>mwMI and repa; Preocb plate Pier and Mantel Mirror* mahogany Kook raae*. raaho#*d!r Crenou (Jan , linak aud Straw Mattre>?pa. Paillaaar* Feather BoKter* au<t Pillow*. ma hnganv uiarhio lopOtintie and side Tabl?a, mahotior Sofas, mahogany Kc?icuf in1 Carl r < hatr*, ro.awnod and ma il n~A'jv Eitennou Tabifa i.oji'.gea, waahatand* Oilcloth. China ailaer plated Wan- <ri ckory, Ac ; xlao a nuantily ot Kite en ''ler.ait* .to,: *.?<>, t". hauola o' M< di'erraneao Spouc.'a auil 3cmn MeeiVuAttM J'ipe?, Ac HESRI O MINER AUlM'IONBBR SALESROOM ST Kaanaii aireel, mipoattr tli? ?i ?je.? MINKB A St'MEKX II.LK will a? | ai m Tbtira lar. Match M at Ifooiork, in tronto' tueu atom, it Naaaati street, aaor rel 14 linn-1* 7 ?'?i? oui wa.raotAd a nod aud -in I lu ?trrrjr reeneM. an ogcAlleal aaditle ucr?n aUo 4 ao> rel oiAre about 1% iiaadx htih. * fin 'tld. k nrt and fraue In double arain^le harnea* and a atynau dnaot . *l?* 1 nil larf Saddle and Bridle. >u :.ooa ?r.i>-r I BOOART AtTCTIOM'ER-B* H. A t BOO ART-' . Tina <!?}. Matvh .10. at Ilt-4 o'clock. nt the Attcllou Rooms J(t>. ' Norih W llivn at -eel, n;ci t.,.ig,i ?*lr or a lA'ae nnanttl* of tlooaeholo Cm -allure, ivnalatJug ot iu*rbl? tap Dretcoi Hon auo. mahogany ?ni h'at K n'alnnt m??He top Wnahatanda, \\ ardioooa.-naliiirxan* ?itiun-; Tallin*, marnlu top Centi* Tiulea, t!o<fa(e Sulik i.<aew od Parlai MulU. ma bo?anr Snfas, Ijo ngea nnd L >tin(r B'-d?iead. ?> al and plain Mirror*. Window Cnrtum floe tone mntiii:;aay riannfarte. large lot "f f am<-'i Kuaiavmip. n^li^ttany Kreacli and Col lage HQdairada, fan Mnilmaatta. i'?ilm?ae?, Ktallfr Reda, and Plllowa, liuoaoia. Put TaWe. Uuntur Hoom and Kitcu ?n Cnraltrra, a'aoatx- I'latfnr m Spi ihk R i!><???? R. t AHBINOTOM, Atlnitiej1 for Mnrlga<e?. 1 ROOAUT. Al)CrU?NK.K?-Br H. Jt J BOO ART.? e| . fhuriidat Mar :h .11 al. Ii??, nv.!ack, al No. tiT Waal Tnnlh ?tt?et. Hoi:?hold Fiinutur^ '<>naahog ol Sofaa. Ta ilea, Cil*:ra. CarixsU La 'kmif dl?aaei? Aerfxteada Ktd?, Be'Miug Klteheu euroitt rn. Ac^ JBOOART. Al'CTIOKBKB ?T J. A 1. BOOART ? ? rridaj. .April I, at tl 0Vl?rk. it the. (Tailed Mtatea 8t.,\m KIIgat Hefioer^, naraer Ol Latrhl and Waahington atr>Ala order oi iuMB KK1.1T, Raoe rei abont i 101 ton* Bone t'Uai loi o( Ku*a Oia* Sugar Mould*. Black amitli aToela M.xrli'0? j. *<iW, R-.^e. I.e?ih-r and Boh. her Hoo?. An. JCOLK AUt.TlliNBttl -PtmdlVK NA1>R AT . auction, br order ot KtnCa County Kaart. Will he ?old 00 Tbur?dar, Man-h .U al I:* ? >i<*k, at -be OomtaftWai Eronaage, No V 'lton atraA*. BfjoV'yo. >tn<lar itlim: ttoua Thomaa I \<Kthj!l K?.|, t?(eree. to* two three atory l'?m? l?wo|l ng flooa*a and Lota No*, ltl! aao Hit Bouth Ibtrd alr<-?t i?ef??e? tilth and itawawiti. atraata Part on mortgage r<tr pailteuUra ?l?pfj to HAONKH A SMITH, ulalniitr* attnrnaa* N?. tCoiu'l atreei Braoglfjt. 1 L. ENOlil'HART * CO., AUcCIONKRM. WILL ?I f net'on Wedn?*day, Mai<~h <0, at I0l? o'olock. the can tnnt^C' <be Ororery ana l,t<iu?<' Store earner ot Heater And ?ld ia V at*e?'?. ronaiattng of fano.fra 4ra|ea, Baer unp*. Ck>?k?. "?io?ea Pt?(ur>s. Ac LSfcLDjlR Al.-OTIOKBBK-S W. HBI.OB8R. Auctioneer J*i1 ?*??' on WeJneaday. the 10th mat:, at I?t^ e'etoefc, *1 lUiireenwlch atrrwi, . eraei of t'artlale, the Bioek a?d rittufa .WBOroeore Store, conalatiag of tloaa U?r? diioareaaea tea B?tae, Stove*. tO.OOU Baranaaod l>j tuealle Sa?ar?, hauai* Md ?*??? of Oib. WhlMey, three barrel* ot the beat or Bourbon Wmakfer. Ri.m Hi and lea and ? ?*rj? rartetr ??f Ueo.*rlea Alao a large I?l ?f Balltaeero German Rtnoilng Tohat co LS> LI>KBR AU* riOMR?.K -H W. HBLDNKR. ? Aue ioneer arlll eeM on Th'ira<la?', Mtreh |l *t I0'.j o'.-lo'k. at he aalMioom IM Ke<? Canal atlMt, Bear ??wary, a large and flue let of Puiailttie, U laae and Uroekert Wai*. eoualalia* e( ii*a?a?ood and mahegany Aofaa and Chatre Baay Una ra. rnaible lo|i Table* and Bur-*"*. B"?kaa*e* rto'haa Preaao*. hlaek **to <t lalilea, Pranoh I'law Jllirora. Bedat*Ada, A* , Han aod HI rat* Mat tniam and Peathet rte l* 1i unler* Qlaawe. Vaaoa. PrencA Cm Olaaa, Creekerr and Ka<:lm??a,a, a'ao ih?*r I*HI piece* 'f Paten i L*'Aiii*r rlTIUUKB A ORlJafAI.AB Al lMtOMBBBM, 10 PAKiC J pu?r- ? Re, i|*r aai* th .adai' I Weiinoadar), Mareh Sir *t in o'- io^k, m trill h ?'M <K found a let** aaM->rliueai of Pt* llOOdvl H,i*tei, S iao-ild - *, I'laix.ela aao Shirting. Alan WO I ieoe* Bn|ll*tt a?1 Ite giu.n Oiollla laleo l'"> p:* e* K -rrigii and IJotnea" -?'???<ni"t?a a i eaaea Alnaraa aud I>Tre(i. ?Oita: al*o (I'l??iaa, li.mni;* and ^at tdft a C'oth : AleO ISO io:' of iie?* a? e and a a vn.i\ ? <:ioibia| in <veadaidnd totlta ouiiii*' b .rer?. |i OOUOHTT, Al ?:T1ONRBB.-PRRI-:MPf0KV HALS i*l . ol Bo'io-lmld Cut Mint n 'uar*r<m4 (even >ota*e 1'iannf i te, t ar *t?, *c ? Mr. OO'^ '-HIT will *?ll. "i Cri dar. Apr" I. at low I'Vlork. fce entire Pumttnre "oniaiaed In h -.a? IIH meat roily ae/eelh atree? >iear?Mtalh avenue, ?nnnaiiuf in rdrt ??? ro?e?.>?f aoeeo mn'r Pianoforte. Vol*?t K Iiaacle ?nd lua.aie 'la pet. Pr..neb plat* oa'al Mirroi*. Turkiah l.oungr* ind t>intre ian *a. Man el vaa?* tat* t'MiUta*. aoliaaanf Uedaleada, Oeei I'urled Hll- Rtl< w ? ??''?g d? I'eeihar H>?li*?i-a an ' Pilluara, Bedilna wki Dining Knua himk. ?<iuiit Bnflel, Hit'o?ioaiTa?i'e. IMniBd I'bt-a. PreHa-h itbiaa Dinner and lea art* Kilret Plauil <**>e. < aal*ia RilrhAn Itfaaaila. Ha'1 AD4 khebeu Otl Aatba. f??a<i 'Inn?-U. Moll itiand. The whole foi ahenl '* *?'e and woifjar tte attenMan of b<iu?ek*-aer*aao thrtrmia Catata??ea at tho bouae un tba mom.ttt, a: a? e (I >.u* t,a m- di-ti. ?r d tb* aaine day. PKl^TBi*^ MATKR'AW i*R| !<AB?. *C, AT A0C ? lo? -KOWAHO rirflitllflt. dueflauaef, m Wall atre-1 aella 'Vedn-'il ut, d trrb J ? a In. o >.d < k 'MUteata of Petat'iiaainiiie A.t.flArt Mtedi. uAadltttna M ? Una aaaort mein at t".i C .'*. ? -.a't. ntbinrt* ??. aa < aaea. Impoa ib? ft?oi>*ti. t*i#?-??*, ital^f* t'smpiatnt Jhl. ka. Sundrti*. Ac. tale ieieinj?*oiy t'i n'eg eareadi KRCRMr.RH VIBTI't Or tNOROPRtlP ? the Itnuinng.- I m r! the no rxsti'r>ed. Reewrei of the i*. itoual Pii>|>eitj I.I IVulti' i tlau a ?it.ia n Sngai R.* floil g Ctini|>atir ???ill ?e!l at P'.'il*' air Hon. mii rr'dAjr, ApiU I, Ibtii. M It o hbiok t M . on lie pra?l?ee laiett* oc upied by Aaiil ^'torna) im?, >i,fad ha Bn-i-r , '.Vnetiinfton. lailglii am: Weal aii --n tiumu* Honi t . a lotVtlter Rag* and Blauke'*. lot Iron Wi-.v,, 'j. lot nt ,).? irouB?'ee Hriek-. Jfno t.lay, PIAtf'im >e?'.'a. Hlaukamilb* rm ln Rho?e a ku t .<r?apart, mie f'rhahiog h'"* ???' Bhnvitig i Manh're, lo Iron 'toi?. ',ui jt< gai "?erniiinga, itl narrela, aud arne ?.?f -a na In a . an 'e!\ne ?. fit 1IN RBI.LT, RenA!rB?', Ae Oaie,l Naw Toka, Mar !i .?< |<R?. SHKItMAI .1 CO AlftlTlf)5Pf> km-SBM., T1IURH ? day. Mai.-i, It, at. Iil^ t> I'lork, IM Oelancny *lr*et, ror aor ot IMntou, the entr-^ AlO'k and Pig >irea af a growerf atortv toiia al/iic o( ? g*-ietAl asaorlia.'A' of PAnillf ilrorer ? I lea. Tea * Ktr. C<>n? Sv.i.iea. Hmte. t,ard. Ha'Wi, Ar i all the f imret *t/ twiiite a HheMng, ^tnama and We.gill*, Ma - aia, Bm.'a'Ac 'lan ntie >loi?a, Aac'iii anl I UArn>? d?io a >ai Ire. vltboHt rim.?. <a ?*l<as AT Avctior. iuu 1 M. urai Tabi??. Cuaubar Ti1e~M1.MII*" AWgTtONa>R.~MULLBDT A HOL K f i iR .jA ? ft1 JitOTri* ' ?'** *0* r M.. ?! 4? Cm?I aiij bofM ObM ? Marble f aireet, a ia#c?* M?rww ? - T.blrtM (?watubar ^mmwo*?*?/&#*?. i>g??tejt "< W'ala Cudm ii-uLOr??? *?0 iHS* Dl.loi u< Breatfaat Table. * . ..T bSm II. Mattraaee*, r.T^ -- M halt I chiufc owtiM. tm?o4 I**! yrf 0i uaiaenia. fi't?er FUtet War* <U? r?*U OuMerf. w??t?or with oUer trtiolaa. 0'H4?r ealea y'eU#c . r. (^CRANTON 00AL At AUOTIOW Ornoa 0* tat PfUW'M j Kailsoad 0o??*i?*. New Ton. M???e ?* '?01 ' Tula company will koM their IWftWiHt .qg^&yjfll euotloit. oo Wedaeegay. the?J(? day of Mm*-' ???<?? o'clock M , ai ibaeBi<* <rfU>B W?lli?g? i??*? a which time ihar will byStMFON DRAPER. Ane TWBNfr* ?*? THOUSAND TONB OF mt8H MINED TWBN BOBANTON COAL embracing hll the u.ual elre. and dcli?erabl? *? tb?** ??*?*> feln/?belb|>erl, N J dunog the aioalh of ????? Tuesale will befMttiva. Bach lot pui op will the hlgheei bidder. oo bld4 I" aay rorm whaierer ba?ng made tor aocount or. ar oa beuair or the oorap"?r Firty cent, per ion. la benkaii'e futide. ?o? I* P?ld ?* time and place of aale. end the balance, iniilte?nde ' oemng ih^or.icr for the coal, wblci mutt be oallM for wKV la tan atye thereafter. end the i >al taken *way "IJWJ thirty day. from the day of aale, uule* !5m etrueted Bu?er. whe wleb. howe?*r. can bw?JJ? ?*" tlonal thirty dare (ar taking thclletlvery o? _ *?alr ?)'?. by raak.n* a lurrtiei dcpoalt ol 60 cent* per ian within teu .la?e atioire HpcciOed latereet at ? will. iu aui h o*?r, b? charged on the b?lenoe. from llic iinic atlpulatrd lor payment uolll paid and o*nt? jier Ion 10 covor the cipouv of mocking i.b? mal?both to be paia on " VhcIt her?cookI Hone of sale will "^Ja^ewlu-Act'li? kltUerM accepted by all purcbaaera br private eoniracv ? SmJ deliTcraole at ftlaabethpon. ? far a. applicable. Tba soal will ua dcti?ereil direct from the eara on l^elr ar??al ES at aot-an ?tcamer? whoae *rri?al i-.anuol be dennittly n*eo. 01 ?cea? atoamere, JOHN URI8BIN. Preaidnnt. ruLH OF UOOMRHObO KURKITURR. o Tbi iMricratfeee la ^reoa^a u^i?c apeetal at tentlbm W HOf'HBHObU fORMITVMI ?I ?t'?ldencen. oo ine rami r**araWe it)iiaa ... . I'aruea con nmplaUat aMkinc ??^>^VJSS2Tof daw wax to tueiv name, ea^ ? ague. '#v# l^o. 8 emaaireet^ SHERMAN i CO Al'OfIOKKBRS--SEfit.. THIIRB* d?, March 31 a't Ho'clock. ?' 3.' North M ,ore aireet ntlniairaior'a ait'e of Houaebbld Kin allure. Hofaa Chaira. Tabiw Bedaaod Hertding. furnuure. Launsaa. lamea. ocna ? hF.WKT TKIPTBB Rtaciior ST^n o'e^oh." sss.i'tordR8,';^;rA-SHSS ana Shupff Winer Ol>?PMOM- tjUmcc?. ?oaie or the iiqiioft ytfl io booi Si<? poiiute ^ , SPRoVaL ARTISTS BALE -TBK BNTIRB 0JU.80 tloti of Mr O. Oouciat Brewertou. moat elaborately ana eipensi"ely iramc?t w^i be^ld wUhon,^e Jura, day morolQR Meww tiKr-^8 . 2 * waioia i airtci. Thf picture* art now on e*tilbillon aud oatatoguea fcady. SUKKlKfS HALB. aniiirq BOOTS ^NOs?oOk ^Np KUT0Ra3 kiCHARU WAI.TERfi. anctloret-r. will aetl. thl. (Wed nlmlav) March SO. ISM. at 111 o'clock, at 18 Baal a large and general aawrtment ol m?B?^?"^ll,o*hae Bwik rcn'? Boole. Shoe, aud Oaliera. *o.. ^ Leather. 8kln?. Hoot Mca. Kronta. Ac. Alao Store Flituraa, iwaSewing Maoh'.nea. ?W. anaBoxe^ nch Sh?,T SHERIFF'S 8ALE ? HOR8E1 ? RICHARD WALfERS. anotionco*. will actl. tUla (Wedajntday), at %b'lt^iMD.Bpr?W.,rllTWO byAS?BT?rNCH. Bhetllf. _ Alao. to pay adTkneaa and keavi l*? &?' Honaa. at ?Atae lima.ud place. ... WM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER. WILL ^EE THIS day. at 3 o'clock, at 454 Canal alreet. two Parior iu.1.. r<AntfA Dtninff and 'IVa Tab e-*. Plur auo Mantfi* MtrifQi'r Faintlaga. Lace and Datnaak Curiaina. Medallion and oi^ar CarpetafoHcIotha. Mailing. Uub?, mahogany. J1"* mV.ij and other Bedateai., HairMaitroaaja. r^aiher Bed*, marble top Dre..lag Burcaui, Waalisianda, Tollei China, ulaaa ftilver Wiro Stoves, Sofa Beds, Lo?jngea? CinM/Miri. Also forty lew and tecond liwod Tap*9Lrv ? aian fire rolla nf Ingram CarpeU. damaged: alao four roila Matting. Sewing Maebinea. ao. WM. WITTERS AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS day, at 2 o clock. At 4M Canal wreat, t^ fa.1 and ?tviiah PoniM (our and &V6 vff^r# old; Itffbl Wagon Double llarneea, vv'hl'pa Blanket., Rnltaa, 4c.; alao one Ufib i bay Horne lonu. beaty fall, light Wagon and Harnaw Algban Bob*. Ac Sale pna'tleo _ _ __ WM WiriBRS. AUCTIONKER, WILL SELL OR Thiirtd.i ai L' o'clock. *t 10 Kaat W.ahingioo place. Parlor. cUltnbcr. Dining Boom and KItcbn Vn"r*' u.ri*i> H'lite In brocMtel, Aimlainw Carrie Mirear.. f^m?ton BedJcadTHali MalUtaaea. Bedding Taveal.y and other Carp"* *?? Wm WITTERS, apctionrbr, will sell on Tbur-dav al\o? o'clock, at ClafWc'a Hotel. Warren and Wet atreata?Kurnitoi*. <c.. of fi*e roowa, eonaietlng of Onallair Manre*?ea, Bedding. A? AIM uiora, Partition., Ac Sale P?e*i,T*- ^ WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER. OfFICl. NO. 4 s(it r road war sells on Thoraday. at tOa o cioca. the stork SrSW? 4' Stfca. fflTrincattnW. Splendid Counter. Beer Pump*. Keg., ijtqnora. Be. , DRT GOODS. AT TBB 'BYBTAL PALACE EMPORIUM. WILL BEfcOKPERED^B^m^ ????? a ILK AND DBKSB OOODB. ^a?Lo7?^%.W?(^Ar?0N. ^*RY%ilCHr FL^D AND SATIN STRIPED SILKS. Se.. "lIBAV* DRESS SILKB. PLAIN COLORS. H? and up ward.. ______. IflB I.ARUBBT BTOUR O*' Bi'lUK S!LKS, WITH AND WITHOUT LUBI'RE. (at ?eiall), >n ib? city. prom 6. to %* a TARD. THESE WILL BB FOQWQ UNUSUALLY OH BAP a I l|i I A SUFBRB STOCK OF AND FAIOY * ORbhS OOODH. Mnn.,M Tf Cheek. WrU. ?SS5,e. Piaul.,and Plain colore, in .11 the new Shede. anil 1 o^ara, A> 'Ja., ?*. 6u , Se., J*. and at per yard The ?bore at^>i'^icni wlli~bi"fa?.?d lUt mott aiMatUa of t?c kln'lin '"?^^p'^BLR PRICES AWO, An aaeortment of wf bandsoma UKAIOKD ROBBS, IN FRENCH POPLIN AND BILK LUStRB ai the com of li.e pxid. without the bra d og A I.AO. ?????"? ?So5b?c oSW5nb. .1 the fine prioe a? tbey^ure whoMgaied al by fxtviwll du woil to call and eiamme for tbe?<el"!?; lower price.. ^_ ' .CRYSTAL PA LAC*. ^rORU'* OF KASB ION, UOWER . w ft. BOBBRTi* T TUB MIXTH AVBNOB CUKAC STORK. L Wi ha?e received bargain* iblr witek well worthy the ?ttCDtllM of ?<> S00 pleoea Paprr Mull Id. (ic*i:?ui qxtliur. 16c. P?r yard. IW?to* Ui-nli' beet Linen llaatlk.?r;it?fk. ** . worth 1*61 300 dot. Led ire' ud Uenta' (Is* tier, la.?a '>erg*tn. 60rj piece* Pontile Rurtilnj;, ?a * Tard.wiw'ii i? RABtfAFNs l? tTUKW gwiui .KWeeaea. fuel from auc.toft. m?t ?<>!?!* and rotor* JUidl?e sail and eiaiftlae ttam?ih'-v ?t?obe*j>. A large lot of Ron net Frame*, tui. ??< h Mllltoer* (ttppued wtth Frame* al J.ib&i.?; rtleee RIBBONS, BIBBOVS, ItlBBUCU Ali tlM ?m rwlor* In'Rich Rlbhona ai low prir.e? A full liar of Ttimtnlag Ribbona. all ootora. V?!?*!?. drab*. biown*. block and white mlir.t tioiu att'itleu. SMALL WaBES, TRIMMtKOB, AO. Wt keep iTerjthlnf in tbla line al low price*. Another lot CoalMr(*a>iine Cotton, medium Wat, (c. W* WOW do*. Clark's Cotton, black and white, Sc apoot LOW dot. Rand Boaii, ?pleodid article, fa lortn. walat Lining, t'aper Mualln. Buckram, Ac.. che*P Droaamaker*' e?ipi>lied uf the lowoat prices '"toWrSkte 'i'iinm. Comer of Rlith avenue and Eln-teenth atreot /-XHBAr AMDTABRIOItABLE CLOTHIKO. \J OKI). LBV IK, 117 Broome titret, near Broadway _ Buainca* Coat*. Bngil*h and otkeratytw $9 to #10 Black Frock Coal* Ho 10 Ovotrcat*. Brjitlniaua, t;niter. At Ac 5 to *1 Uaaalaiert P?nta S to T net la-t Past* '{ to J VMM . > to _J UXOLC8IVBLT FRENCH FLUTING! I tO 10 INCBBi Hi w|de>?All matertala pnnrtuailr Fluted and delivered at Mre OOLDKN'B French Fluting Kaubi aknent* U Am ity etreet. B. B?A hleok end a half fro* Broad we v. UT Bleeeker at rout, below Wooater, and Ml Fulton rreea, Brooklyn. Call and etaaaiae. _ ^ FLCTINO FOR DRBHB TBIBMIKOK DOKB IN A Htf pet let Kttrle fur 4 coota per ratj, over 4 in -hut. I oent per Itvh by the French flail ug Company, 771 Hoila* B? keiw. mi Varlck aad Hudaon Aprm. Mr*. SIT AM AHA V, Ml Third at muo. sear Twenty.aavnnth atreal 1BEN< n OKKiPMAKING Yft| . r boom a. Bo it Warorlay p'-ace laaaKnAKlnti. # HrteFun?X$ll\l BILt.lNBHV J^gANTlUiAS and U LP ABB MISB B. QBBOO. BIM. OFBN HBB BP BIBOBTf L?B OF JfARTIM.** _TBCBBDAT^NRrT, MARCH .11. MtJLIKBBB ABB COtyBTBf BVOUkKBrBHB. TO KIUU1 _ AT UBABO STBBBT CHBAP RTOBb Von will find ike tar?aat Hook of ?1111 aery a?t Nttaw aoudi lit tkla nl?T. We fit toMtka cheaper than down town juhbor'. ??!' piece*. Call. KDWABD RIOLKT. Boa. Ill and SI IK UraaA aad Nf Allen atnet. Fifth block eMt fr-m th' Biwerf. DBMORBBT'S kbw tobb ILLUHTRATBD nbwb the xraphtc literary aad lire taper of America, and the tincai and fcaet tlluairated paper In tho world Thl* weok'a number eoatalne a eptor aed mlereetina 'oinhtna tioo of notelttoat aa orlgtaal Negro Bona, with muaii; at raaited for the pianoforte, Uie Banltary Fair, Ittaatraied la ?ni>ia Bllitary View*; Portrait of i)??-n Ui'a.Of Attic'M reeealed to the Sanitary Pair. Paaiilona, by Mm? 0?oi? reat: a new Htory, and other valuable literary master i>o not fall to aoe thiaapioy auaaber Out on Thura lt; * '1* nrtrywherr Prioa too oeato. DA ft CI TO ACADHMIB9. JH SKARl HfJ'B I'RIFATR t>\Nr;i||? A'V\DK*T , "? Xonrih arenue, ne*r third ??-??> ?(tla*<*4 furi ied a* tlmna t" *Hlt apni'cinU, and ?r '*'? >?vn< ever d*r Ih0?? Wko WU>> "i )?Ara it?8kle ^ r?a?o?A?*. ' Fatty jomkb r? ADOPTIOM.-A PI KB HB4LTIIY rtiMAl'K oi< ou l)? hai f? adoreou by "J ??*?? A|>ply to the dot or. tt Uapfuartf aiioek betweea HrM<?U M< Cbtifeta atreet GBOROB O BltAOoBT -PAP*. W& UAO MR. Obrlatio wnic yo; lo 0*11 *1 ki? uiU n, but, we do uot Aaaw whether **? called ?? him or not. as he h?? t>?eu eh ?eat fiorn the car e?er anoe. Thai* I* * latter (01 yen *1 ?teooa A, Spring elreei LOS I MPDHMaCTON W AITVKU?OP PKBOKKlcK tALK1NU I ton formerly U b<,*i?, ** at J46 Broadway. N. ? Will lie ?? UI ?* kU friend* ten t lit* addraa* te Mr* Paikiugtoa W? Ajjplfrtreet. aWe N^rrla. I'huaJelph.e. INKORMATIOM WAN1U&-OP WM B HBNDRICR HON who left bis borne ?aptemb.'r l<tt>. Wbewtai: beard from ?u near Baltimore, Ha Ue About?foe-* lucbe* high, W JHr? ?l age quite Be^hy i>r#wo hair miied with gray, blue eye*, dorm c.oaii?le*i oa Ah 1 luiornwtton oeuceruiug km. will lx> thankfully received by instdiniraaed 1 AUdrea* D. Kifittin Beadricttoa. Jaui*i<-? l. r Baltimore paper* pleaae copy 1MPORM ATfON WANTBD-OP PATRICK KOkAI. A , aoii of ttnij Myau and Hetty Mot'ue iianab of River* town. At Mmeatri'li, rot'olp Align, Ire'aO'i Ant inrornia Uoo of bin will be Ihmkiully in"ei*o?l by b>* brother *ou? Moran. 117 Baiter elrcei, N?w lurk ir MRS. MAKUARKr CBWHO, who HAH a ki? I ler la (Idlrfo'am unai?i (Utbariua Netl-y will eall *1 lii Myrtle avenue. Brooklyn. aue will have aew* from uer ai?'?r IP A B. WILL GUYP fe'JOH INFORMATION AN WlI.L lead to thi- re< o?cry of tl>e Oiaraotid A 'A. shall be paid Che reward ol M.OOu. Tneowiirr <>t tlik lost Diauioud OAU be *eao at hia oiliro, do first floor or No M Ocy atreet. a*, any hour botweeu II A. M an J S I' M 1> col. W. H. BltOWNB. IjATR COLONEL THI RTT aUili New Verk Volunteer*, will call at or a?ud his ad Ureaa to flay to th<i> ofBe* or O. V Kail b iro. In* Broadway, be will confer a great favor Lkttek pom bohisrt w. bkll rw thb.omnbbal Paat oUl.e. Mas. WILLIAM A I'OSS can IlEAll I' rom USK frienda i*y ootninunicatiag. through the Provoal Manual w.thB H *1 Culpepper Oourt llouae, Virginia Mr. oharlk* p wbstbiw. pormbblt or low don. 9oili itot. will pieaae oit'I on Mr. Chkr>? Bdwarda, Mo. 35 Pine street. Notiur-tiib orntlrman prom brooklvs wbo caile ) at Prtnoe atrnet a few week* ago, will pleaai c?U again till* W?ak. No note rn-aived PI AftlKEK ou hOLE AOKUT flr ANTKD?W ITU CAl'I tai ol' t.'.uOO or i3,0Ui>t to oauaac in the manufacture *' lumily and fancy aoatia ('.all at 71 Maiden lane TUB ADDRKrt* (Mi SUKaN a o hark, or any IN formatl.mi c<ibn?rntntr her. will be thankfully recelfnd b? bar aister. Mho la now living in N*w York Adilrea* Ellia O'Hare. boi 4 M'J Poat olllce, New York Tarb trr hobokpn prrky ro hoboken-thbk take tb? U'ldni'tt City cara, ai ibo ead of the ronttkRat out of Ik* and go we*l About !MM yards, yon will see four Cottage* logeiher Inquire for AffDBBw Mul.EA N station OK_ TB ELLIOTT?IIIKBB ARE LETTERS FOR YOU . at atallen A. tprlug streat Coma homo or call at iha ottlM and *ee aL IITANTED TO AOOPT-BY A WFaLTHT AND BE TT apectable lady, an Infant from birth or not mora than three daya old. Addratu Mra Todi. alatioa A. Bpilog at., for three day* WANTED?TO RIVK OCT FOR ADOPTION, A PINB health? 'joy. about three maniha old Inquire of M Boblnodt, VI a?eiue A. aaoond floor ILL samuel W 8. GRANT Alt INTERVIEW f-fP ae. addiea* a* before. w L LOST AND FOUND. JjtOUND?ON SUNDAY LAST. IS POUBTEBNTU r alreet, asar Third at ennr, a lady'a Breaatpln. The owuec can hare tus aama by ad<lreailng P W tt., but IU Uera.d odlee ?OdT NOTR3.??1.000 f(BWARI) ?TilK UNDEBMBN tloned BANK OP KNOLAND NOVB8 were (with Olhera) fraadiileally obtalniid in Lomlou. on the 29th day of August, IS8S by Kigmnod Dltrtclialeia. late 01 the Jamal oa Coffee Houieand of W>r(bla|. who ab*cott4ed. and ?-a* afterward* arretted in Hungary. rig; lot C30U. ...Koa. Wflis. Ml?. au4r Dated ?tb July M9M ) IMA tft of SIOO No*. tiMSto t2o4t aadf Dated l91ia May. 42S90 to r.'n<w ? W69. Mar t6JN0* W303. 8M1I to) sssjj to^aMW. MtU aud 83339 to I * *pr" ,HW SSMft. J 61 or CM 21131 to 22600 and 1 Dated 2l?t 19ltW S JulI. 1S6J Payment of All ihe aaul ooles haa brea g|op|<ed. Whoerer win glee auch information ae ebAll lead to ib? recovery of tbe Bank note* above particular!aed ahall reoeive a reward of ?1,0U0, or a proportionate partlt hereof, aacnrdmg to the amount recovered. Information te be (Wan to Meaar? R. A B MULLEN8, BoHeltora, Ko. 7 Poultry. London. 8. C . or to Inaprcior UAMILTOB. Detective PotioaoVoe. 21 Old Jewry, London. R. C LoMoo.-*, let January. IKM. LOAT-OX BROADWAY, A HOLD WATUH AND Chain, wilt* Croat attached. $H? will be _p*la ud no quoaiUra* *?ked on delivery at ihe Waahlnftlon Hutel. Broad* ?ay __ _ LO?T-(N JANUARY LAHT. TWO DIBOHARQRS from (he Army of ihc Potomac; were loat between General Meade a headquarter* and the artillery raierve They llewgeant noma* RJker aa<t Timothy f.ld. dy A reward or live dollars will be aireo to (be finder Or forwarding then* lp Captain Tafia. Eighth New York lade pendebi Battery. Jlrtlllerv Re?erve LOKT-bANT WEEK. a LADY'S OOLD WATCH, bunting oeae. email al/e, with tbe owner'e name in full upou (tie untalde; elan a Ooid Cbaiu and Ulauk from attache I, A unliable reward will be paid. Addrege boi i <.? i'oet e<i LI.8T-IN OS NT SAL 1'ARK, ON SUNDAY MORNINU, eotnewbar* on ohrriage road or bridlepath, between tbe reeervoir and xouUi entrance. a Quid Chain The finder wilt receive fill reward, or more If required. l>y leaving It with Leopold Bembetmer, MOand 32'-' Broadway. L" OUT?8KTWKRS NINTH 8TKRST~ AND J|RMV ferry 01 Jni*ey ferry and the Aaint House. ? Linked Pebble or atonr Brmeiet, mlrar mnnnted. The rtnder will be banflaomelv rewarded and no qm'tunns anted by .earing Hal Robert Kalfa ,,ewetry etore. .'otner of Warren at. and Broadway N. T. Lost-a gold rye olaks with fink oold Chain, on Sunday afternoon in Hoboken or BarcUv aireet, g >lnj to liie Third aveuue rat, up I > la*t Kifly s>- ,mt ?tract A amiable reward will be ki* en by Oriugln* ti. or addreaamg J69 Hluoiuocld tireel. Uobogen, 08T?THR RE<iIsfRR OK THE llK'TlHH SH.IP J Cyuoaute: e>ippovtd to have heeoiovtln the I'un'om Ho <ien. ot m Eirbengo plain, between tb* (/'"atom Hnuae. au<t U:o?J atreet to reward will be given to any oua who mar bring it to our emoe. ? TAI'SCOTT BROS, A CO.. B6 South street. OTRAYED?VboM IM* BROADWAY. A LATtliB SIZED ij Black aud Tan Terrier Dog, with long dart; bad on a fancy plated chain roller. ftnawer* to the narur of "Billy." A 'iberai reward will beinreii by tearing him at I til Broad way, in IBt *tore. and nn fMMNMIttM QTOLRR?OR MTOtbAf.~fik MTH ~6>~MaRCII, t? fr.iin Henry lloeabart M fle< ond drte* a Bank Book or tbe Bowery Saving* Bank. No RRWARDIi REWARD -LOST. ON THR NIGHT OP* ftONDA Y. mhJ Mornb IS, > weutly hootch Tarrler. aniwering to Pmwe wore chain collar Tba abuve reward will lie paid a< iy> Fmi fourteenth (tree Alt- RR WA RD.?LOST, ON MONO AT EVENING. OR 9am Mllllk avi'nde. between 'I hiny I'fib and Twenty teventh atreeta, a Gold W?t- li and Chain, with chatina *t Inched, marked Inside. "Proaented to Mra. .1. J. L fiom if b'iabaad " Call at tM Weat Twenty eerentb atreet. ?ILMYKRTt AOP.AND OfKV.'KO or SI'RINO MILLINERY, ON Thursday. Raro^ Si. at Nt?Kl II'S. tv> Pinion atreei, Brnoklyn Couatrr milllne<-e will find Mine choice pattern* at -eaaonable prioea B'rsnrh millinery.?ti a dark srlova. no 211 iiilli OHHUC, faarlni juat opened bar Parte itylea of apritig aad atimaier Ronoeta, would invite the la>ll(i to call. tv? are iioaur;>a?ae?l by anv eatabllebtnent la thlaclty Madark m. Harris hroa to inform hrk friend* and >.iin?m>era that ahe la oow reeelrtog, direct front Pari*. Hon net a. Power*. Bound llata, Colffurea. Ac. No. W Broadway, corner of Wa?eriey place MRK M N. shearman WOl'LD ANNODNCR TO ItES frieada and eiia'oatere that ahe haa opened an elegant aaaortmotit of Preach Bonnela. P'.ewera and Bonoet Mate Hala. Bon malt Bleecker atre*' nt?.'' 'he Bowery, TUB MIHSBB DB COR WOtTLD INFORM THElRtiLB "iutera, and tbe ladtaa of Brooklyn and New Tortt, that 'hey wtll he prepared on Thuradajr. March II. ta abww tkeir aew aod well aelacted etoek of Prenrh Mower* and ?niiuery O'Wii. and new iprlng Bonner*, of the lateat a'rlee: alae ? naae o' Taria Bonn?l?, at IM Atlantic atraet, Brn ?kiyo. AITNOIiOBY. ABRTTRR ASTROLOtllftT IB NOT TO BK EOORR . in tba Caitad Bta<a* tnaa Dr. L. D. and Mr*. H M. BROCOHTOR They eivneed la giving aauaiactioa when ail Mheta fail. Ther aan baonutM ea all aflhlreof human tire, a .rli aw oo inahip oiarrtaga travelling, reaiovalA law aunt, obtaining attuatiana. welfare of abeeal (riend*. Ae.; alao eiekeeav If the alec party wlH raeo.*er at die of the preaant elrkoeaa; if reeotar. iha time they will beata to amend: e?ti?tpnrtof thnbudy lanMMod. tad what treat meat an' eaedtmnae are h?et adapted to tba alefc peraoan Ladta* So crate, gentlemen (I OttaaUone anawered by letter, eanloaingtl and tlnta of birth Alao pbrenrto*icai aiamlnali<>n* made. Office IM Ureene (treat, below Prince |t. MAI R10K, OKRAT ARO BRAL AHTR??L<>WRR. HI* tkill by thouaanda haa been tiled. And thouaaade more he will meet, A. Btr in Aatrwlugvr Manrtew eoa naa coorida. 1 He t At No. IM RVeokcr etreet. >1 eMnf that lie will yvenl royaler lee wRt #a?e. al eaoreta that no living nwnal over kttaw before. ^^?^HMI^HHBerlaa that will aalanMfe nU Ate vtaUora. MMBVtKMr ion era married or alng e; telle how ofeti ??a will marrr; O'anttbr. the intended buabnnd Orwlfb. an.' <?ita the rery dn? ywn wilt marrjr, and ehetea atikaneaa mre*ent>ug itie W ??mplaclon 0) He laUhited. nnd to ?kiittng apen-ty -i.? . ? h? win bnti? anaeoreootor 'be m<wt t.op.-::jM aaa'. ah wN* ot>n*?iit him will hnvngoon inch in travelling P| or "and, or In nay undertaking Thuee at a itietanee <na<r aead their a** aau one dollar, atari ria ratam the onthnea ?r lAwtr wkoio life Addreve t. RadrVw. boa AM> Now York Peat "(lea. barf tea. HI e(Hitat gentleHMn, $1 IM Rlaa<<1ier #reei, near Wooa e?. it.mra frem ? m the maraina nMII ti in toe evening ajrroNlsHIRO. -RADAR MORROW, HBTRNTR rr dam-hter. with a aa'ueatgKt of foPMHght. toiia how eooa and eiiea yon win nterrv oven your thougbva. Maxlr tniaga in fhl'i "-vetation Hee eftnai le no' be 'ennd. Hbotre a MC^oeea of roir intend^ h'.aiand aad e??ent irieada. No. IA? Lndlow atreet, aeae Ho<t?*.on Oianta a# adiaiiied. ("tOLCHKHTRR?<;8l.EitKAlRD IRBT AND RDSIPRBB ) Medium?<'an be ooaanlted it it all afair* of life. oaat. peaaent aad fatnre. at M Amity atraet RIADAMR WALTER THR WOULD RENOWNRD M riwiunf Tenet and tndipaadent Oialrvafanv haa takan ro?ma at No t Oraene atr#?. nnrooc ot Caall, (op?*? fl.giita), wnera ahe will reveal the royainriae of the part, pre cent and future wih aneh wruraor that will aataniah evan ?inHfiieveea MRS L P, tUfDR. PltOB BOBTON, CLAIMROf ANP and Itiia'ae** Medium, elia daay at ?4 We*t Tweaty * atraet M>? Hyde'a oow^ra ara hfr repnni.annda 9AL.ES fWT*yiMMP AVRKT ORftlKABUt BROW* ?rOI?8 I'UOHT l'KI vair Heiid'ni'i- fur wle ??( a Mrii.a l>rf? ?*?. tMMiucal ia< nil j?( *? browru K0? from kww oar ?. ol Court atrf^t and'Tklrtf uluM, Hiookl/a tfce l> ><*a Ji- N fe?' (IW M hy In frrt<i? 'hno. cnrta 6ft??o ^ ?#??!?* irarhl- mairtola fcKhrnotn, i antf", fithM* Hi ro?in?a ' aod caM wtler m<i<? blind* tteiO'igtoMV. iit-td mi h*. -na?alMt to .>ar!jt ?a J |i j< a./. wilti m te aematoo????. 4 haloawt Tlif Ucr.toiw ?*!? i>nMK't/ rt 0?urt?arrt aft. u f Jea0l1?tl??, ami ka J./ciol *t 1MISill III ??? " ?' JAI tC 7eri lETS* ? ?t? JOBT0 H 4 KP? (*TI? oartfSSk. ,w*f- .??* ?**? ??>? <!Mia4?>< K'Mt ' ' ? -t " ~ - T" - -?? *?? ion. auoauir runs ?Av'* A* CldORK* rTA. *<? M i?w Uickmaa fura ?? roil 17* ?cr?.. lo*v ',3f,dA, ,w,'??,*cJ,a???i tut *?* air.tiiA Iumi torioa^tk *C?lsrr, N,. i n.,? n ,?? fork I'ronorir Anui/ io S|* v?$oud floa her? airat i coru?r pr U'??ih?o?, s *; ? -'* *2 * *A(f?IOl? 4jtl. A* $M,?0-A MAttNTWORfft rf^lr fronting r.M I ?? ' ? ?nrr? a! T?.t?h? 1 %la >? (hn moai frrt on the Hunaon with waler ?ii<K. J v fr-m, n,,| 1 (ji- i.h! tf on thl? ittlM'l bt?iag ?%*% ' 1+fiuA Mid roaimaalii I'm (iit?al vietf tit ?>i direotloM ? "' ?CJi iiaruc'itaro lO'iuirc *' !> I) ouUKl.i. t#u*J?r *? L? ? J-? ?????* nnt Af.*lC<J?. HPLRNDfD KKafDKWrr AHO -Z' b'llld'ngt ItoallM front oUf Are walk ??, w icp.ii urit* ,(j or 18t a?ii?? lu?l>ljr lmuro*e4 Lwm4, ?>* I.Wnu.iurt"d (???? Iroea. is full iwwia|. iMiirr (run, *?<S.* . rseta.*f m aautnl?u>' i?r<?o? ili^mk l ie pt?r* tonmh*t I ? priMty laiau i fui Ml? ?i a ?acnti< * 1 W P oKVMO'/B. IM? flraail?v | F ANITMBBI' OH PA':*!! AND COUNTRY SKAT* ?ale areirehanxe t?< New York ot Mrooirlya h?uH?a. frtot t to *QU acrea; dislarjc- frjui Nf w Iforlt 'i to 10 nUlf? i' te* Irom :->> 10 ^T.ilUU >?nd ni?ir li A $P.R'IE>AhT. laWaltatcee! A.S1AH1;" AMU 'JOAOH II003E. WITH LiltUU hay loft Ac., 10(90. loi Mi 10.1 to let Id BUt*t>nft ?tr.M-1 near avenue (; Apply In vud it 01* Ml Keat K>Mt' ??eBtb it reft * Buoom*<a t-RopKuar* i-ob aijiis-iwo nt.w brown .stout- Uultei, all the twpio.Miuuta prim low. terms o?m Apply to T M. JAOK^ON. ou Uif pr#n?t?es pau*TB* iu;hi;>bn< k? ?or hair-on tti* \J lutnn* ?r i:>a Uudhufi. *nli flr?? '-tan* l?nr???m?nu ?ire grounds i?m o?t Hi garden and lawa. ??nraei srRb oiiouo trims; li.i river a.ews roaavawo uungtaM lumia to suit j. BMBKkSON.M. Kigi.lli .tveuoe. ir?? SAi,' V AI.IIAHI.K WaIT.H POWER ORfKT _ an (I S?* lit!, iiao.'ory, Ac. Dwelling llouae Kara, Outo'iiiditu . j tirelva acrea at l and fine no i*n >>>??? lie randa, ui. ii 1 Mad. one wile i rem tlhe! landim; Tu-*uore i ? i* rerr dealmWn for milium or nianu Iautuiei'it, >. valar power ia ueeded. Apply tottRO (1 HURON A >l>. HI Montgomery street. .ter*.iy ? Hy IFOR HALE-rOB INVEHTSTKNT, HANOSOMR MAli V hie front corner property In the Ptrst war.. ?-?. Urosdway Apply to K H. LUDLOW A 0oWe. .1 Pineal. FOB hALE-THE it BOW I* HTONN PROMT IIO0.1K lii feel V uoKm 6/ M i?et. lot 9H leel 9 inches. w tl? all tii* modern ituproVBmtula. No. 297 West Tsseutv ataMd (?trees; In cumliem ortar: possession fat of Mar. j?rioe very low . term* eaiy-IApmy <o J A. UMSMBNH AIW KH t AO . 293 Broadway I^OB HA 1.1 -ON MADISON AVBNl'B. NKAP. fMIBTT , JC ins street. n well built lour story blow* atona Uo na. '.'5iCm feet, in perfect order (hi* alio i> Apply to H. II. LUDLOW * <;o , Bo. S_PI?e_?treet. Fun MALE?bAWMILL AND TIMBKK (.ANOH. At llAwkluutlllfl, Oni'ida Co., N. V. The anil n*? it mv-n ? aoreral clretiiara lor tatu. alilUKlaa and Uaadida. ia on tin lt.arit rirfr nnd williln ten io.uoI Hie canal. The land ton a.Did or Ita a<:.e? no'i'ml ?lib *ud Up[in.M-.v iitnt*^r. ?I ar? and cora woud. The properly uan be bo ijttl virion trrma br wbich It cad Itaelt par lor two-'.blM* ol the pur cliaae r>jr July neit The bimliiMa la now in sneeenni ni oucra'lvn. and k. lar(? part or tha prontd or tha rear'a biial ? i,e?n 11ready made aud ou hand. In the lumber. *k* ?, Ar I'oi pr o* Hud paitlcii'^r lafonnailon iiiimn* if HOMBB HOltOAN, No 'J I'tae ?tre?i. New \'oil^ FOB .4ALB-A PBBV PBBTTV TWO STOBV AND AT ti* Ootta?e al \aniii*rbli? Landing Htaten laiand. tea rnoiua; lot SOa.lf>0; koimoiu perfect f.rdei, and i?pltt? ??li all modern inipiOTomsnu: irouuda taaleluuy laid wl, chuiceet fi una. iti 'e:i ln uie, uen limine and tool buuso. cat lulwrei Willi iLe Uoone. Locjttion blgn (round. Prlca $t,(f 0 half ou moi'ttaae. Owner nnlln only on acoonnt of rhunge of b'i?inc?? 1*?r raft* of A. JOITRKbAY. No. % P:n? ai reet 1r?0B .SALE?A'f OLIFTOM. S r ATKN ISLAND. TWO 1 of ' e tiiohl di-wiittMi- place* on the efcofe. HomM bara ad modern ImproTementa, e<|iial lo anjr city hooae. dionn<U beamifuliy out and abundanoo of fiuit oi all Lmua. from one to l w? anre" of ground with < ach place I' ic?? $aV?i?> and $-5.0 *). rartlei aeftfctng a deilghlful realdi-nre Jwltbln'U luiniiiea of Will airwt, wltli a nlrrct bom,) wli| o w<-ll to eiantine tliene plan* Peiinll* of A IODR NKAT. No. ft Piae street POB SALE-A HANOSOMR BROWN .STONE PRON'I Rouse, on Rasi Thirty Arsi alreet, only J'.i MW. 318 I'.asl Tlilriietli airert. I'liii'ttOf.tet'ir cheap. pr.'C* '100 Apply to J NO PBTTRETOH, OH Third a?enue Fob salb-at a obeat bbdoction prom>coht price, the (hieeaton^ iront Houses, ho*. II. M an-1 IS l'ierreponl atiMt, Brooklyn. These U ueis aie altnan-d ?? the verv best part of lb* city are hnilt and 9a!aued In the lies! alvie. ana are r^iilel* with every convenient.be1a? built uulform. aitber ms or tbe threw can ba eonna.'isd with very Utile expense. Tha whole would form a building m'l sdapUid for a tirsi classboar.Unr hou?e or hotel. A ?!**?? dy sale lielog >*ishi d, a grt-at bargain la offeiert Tor m? (wo or tha three. Apply to W. wTcOI.BKON. No 5 Cltaloa alreet Brooklyn. ' ' l?0B SALE?POSSESSION MA V I, TMK roUR RTORT J high smop brick Hanse. IW Fast Thuty fourih aurcel, brat rlasa naigbborbood, splendid lot mnuiag through to Thirty 'Ulb street handaomely tald out ia a garden la quire at French'* Hotel FOR IIALB OR TO LET-T1IB MODERN BUILT three story brown itonr jtu test fioul House, on .se- ond aweiKio, torn?" of Plftw 6ft*i street, aud two *4joining m Becond aeenue; cnr?<r House, 99 .<00; two nn Se< >ad ave nue. gH.OOiaacli. '/he lionsea are well built, replete with all modern Imiirovemeala, nrigaborliood go<iiJ, lu a ..nifoiin row of th??same class. Perinl's of A JOl'BNBAT. No f P ine street. 1/10B BALK OB TO RENT?FlfBWt.SHED. POR 1HR JC aeaaou or rha year, a r?r.? prslty roltage I'roperty ou Long Island Honnd, ".6 miles trom N#>? Tor;;.I lots of gron nd, I 'liUO, a well built Ibree atcy collage, with reran Ua lo ironl, I i roorna In all. Lood aellar [ilentv oC iiantry leuui. closet a, Ac.; trotnd filled allli or rvn menial and fruit tu*ra no fever and agne, no moaqn Ins; 'he narhnr itximla with ?'! hinds of rhoioe sbell fish, Ac..|Ao.. price $< jOU Or ?rjuld rent foi sly monn for *a 0. J B KOWaHDH. M," West i weaty third street. fpoit AN ALL < AdH OVSTflMER?WANTED A , ||.<tar. b?iw?eu Tbirli?th and l-'if" ietli si i-.-is and |.?? Ingion and Stub avenues. Also I loin-a in all locstlnns l? ae" and i fit lo troo-I i a>?lo imt < e CNAKCiKKL. MI t-L". 14 Oder tireM, Kcs: Baiale Hioset aou A^eai. T III f'OLLOWIN(J HOOSP.* FOK ?ALK - Wa?i JIM ?t bi otb and iih Hi . ? i h. a ti ? , mm: iMiWA .?*>.?*> W'-at Jfhti at.. bt Uiiaa.l r>ih **?.. in ft. ? ?>. ? bouae, 251.4%: lot. 9. * able. *."?*'?> 4fii??| We*! it. 01. it'i Bi j kv? , t 4 't i l> 1 , 1i?56: iu?. 10"..v it>?m Weat T.Hii ?t. <?t. 5th >0'1 6tn *r? 4 * h. ?. b. a., ?i *#p; tat. I'M ft 4B.IMI hn-i till tl , t>t Mfluon ?t?il uth A t two I *. h . * li 1 tllM. 104, liOfi tf KM tft?' "Alb *4 , bt. X*dtaon an4 Vli am.. 4 * Kn^ 0 li. a. IHtrM ... 25.J0J R*y. IMh *1.. r> ftli<vve*uM ??!.. 4 *. h 1. li * .*<<7(1 2'OIK) A AO, a Uiritd nniuiier of other 3ret Hn Hmnt denial).* lo> %t?Ml Permit* of A .JOURNKAY.No S Plu* ?irek' rpo CLOSE AW KSTATk.-FOR *A?.K, IN IHIII1V 1 nfth *4ii*et, n*iT V'lfth a**n?e, j untt twy Hnjiiah Mottae, )V <>?>0 f>*?t, '-Qntatolncali unpen ;?mnata. L(*HDllOOIft. J*iVe $I4.I?XI Alao. for aaie In r*v?alr ni'h laiweMi .x'vroili *ti<i Bi?h ha?aan>-? *l?ivt mmin lour ??!? jr in own ?ion? Bngliab tenm. Ml Hn'-w il! bj tti feet, In line ordei. I?ot lfli96K Price ?*.**> Am"ro h H. Ll/l?LttW * CO., No. * PinA itre-i. VrKKV dbsikahu^houhe no nft.vr #??euih Miwi (fit *ale. '<nr, thr.-? Morjr hiown -tone Ingb alnop. rttiie'.A with .-on'tai'ii'e*. terma reaaiiua 1* JOHN U. ?aiU.?Oauti'*at!?a?. <C1 91U) WILL BO* (M At'BB* OK GOOD W ton ?pliMtfv Lan<l (will ant .uleoid* to tie seai tail road and <*anal, oo.'y l(M \nil?? frnm t la la ?ij Tin we >a .a arortb twice thf* amooat. aakitd for the land Can iMMtiiti rnuirated. will ooll. Apply to oi addiakkH. WESTBRDOK Dingmao A f#rr? rtke oeiinrj. Pa. .\,<o other Lakda at much laaa nrioea. Wow latha ti ar ior k.joa bar**tt>?. Qrtn WILL B(J* A FOITg ?TORT rWOLIflH ?pt.r/rlv ba^am-iit llmtw. in apleadid oeJni'. ?rith water, ni list u?i an I aevror; illi"g icuk noar'b<> f-i ilea In Brook!jrn. K I* Terma n*i? If ai>p.>?'l ior at on< ? Will lie aold aa alia r. A(>,i:? ?l It Ao-ith >*/?'?ii'i ?< >?? Hrujklfa. E. D. PUR ?AI<K A-Ff?H gALE-TflK BKiT rillKf* Vt 1'VHI.IC 4 Houaa and Hilnard Saiooo ib 'hi* .it/ da*aa a'^a hnalaoa*. Aiao Ba4tnriea. Urocailaa. ijrti o?r Li'tnor Mi'?i Meal Market*. Drug Sin. r* Rarranma and Pnouarapb uv leriaa. W tl. WITOHRI.l rrcadaeatf??t (1 ANAL ROATit ?THlBTT CAfUI. BOATH TO* SALB; J wiii b* a->ld <-ha?i> f >r oatb r?i|iiira o' a O BBU'K Ha. T SoutH atraai For ?*r,F-Ai* othtkb saloon aio? orikkinm Bar; -.ha '?aa* li?*!(?a In ?.!>? ?lt<r #?# reaia' 'eaw lo <iulra la lha t>a?em'-nt. No t rhalbam a^'iare. l)'a?oa? l o? on a>voniit of til heai'b. i?OB f AI.B?TWO HOU HOONT44, 40 fBRT LONG. 14 * " "" all Jp flrat rai# i worka riOR BRLR?THBRB IfBV HORIZONTAL BTIaM r Bajjlnaaof tbra* M> faur baraa |iaw?r, oaa Bteam Pump No 1 throwafS.1 to K fftlloOa per mfntil^. aai aa* ataam powar H'ii?ua| Mkekiae. IByttra of A, F. BROWS, 135 Matt atraat For ?ai.r?twii wou hoow*. ?o firt feel Wide, wllad'itit^hig |a4tr optitRlca, all oHa' fn-i>ilw? at Hit Weal ataaat, riiwaU !??? * rn 8 ALB?TUBS.8 TK iUI LtAsR FROM MAY I. of an of tka baat coi uer Uqitor 8lorra iu Weat at **t, t oown aa fl Waal ali*?t afpaw, ptae H- I North river lnqulr?on Ike | Fob halr-thb btocb anu fixtorrb jtr Hauaa FnrataklM aal <.'rookarr Atom. aMn*tr.||i? iia " * iww Antag ? (??.? aeiiiAa Ai>pif ?t of lha priualpal a*anua? of RroaWra h.ia aaa*, aatiafa^ory rraaonigtreu for aeluaa A it* toHd atraat. New Tott -1?K FlJT MBihIWiim, m iaaatjua po R <4 ALK?1 (Ib PI JTORBB. LB AMR ANI> ?OOD will of a H >ia4 ant ftlaiaa Hal >o?, with BU<t?ri| RooiM attaaVxl, 4o a goad haalaaaa .onatioa; aaitaTacVory raa*x uvan ler ?rtliaa. For (taflicnin^ntT of I'.O AR1 f t ! riitHI'U I7}a.?ut . atraai PR RALB-AN UU R?TABI-tRHRO attOTBRV ANP t.t'iaof lit ?ra. Th? pi?M awoar f|a? w-?pi?wl <4 the law n'a? ?aara Imi'itra al ill Waa' fwaatr ?"h unw. P.a?K>n fot ?oiling -ownar Twk oooo wilu btocb and rijr'Ris^or a Ho4k Ail t Bla'.laaary Bl'.rt. In thla city, far i?lr! good, 'rail* ({ *.nd toiwia aiodaraie Foaaaaaioa a>??? ironth Sau?fh. I'rj i?aaoe? for aei'iog *<l<ift?aOaah. Her?'J offl<-a 110 Jl-.WI4f.RWA -FOR lULK ? FAIR OF WIRK lUI.L I tng M.'iB, fowora ?/ po*ai - haa4 la jai.j of R kTRK? Na*aa ? ?nw4 ^ A-TR -FOR *ALB. A!? OlfaTBB AS > LA<4RIA Rkf R ?P I ?). H?'o Hk M Fir?l aagaug VOAU. RBBH M1NRD I OIL?.1 fJBT RRrBlf RO gRO "<?B nate fr in ?>!? ji ?ad fa#<? a> W>? l)w -*t ina<h t i ?: a. deli fared iaariRii> trigr JOHN RAflLRR Rok 4 kail ?l fMk 1 t 4:7 fvll I'F't T IN -BRU ARO WtltTK AKlt i OA^k. O't v:ri< wM 4ail Mini tl I>IM unlai flfX. Mf? lawa - I'-orv liK.: *U'1 F'l.nAna, g4 *1 . l-argo Rut ft og. April* *t I4J *1 rl'i/ plana aa.?r ,-iUMi I'MIH I4g Moac. f. (9n?v >! rinrl c *af and t lk Paai: i raat i A |lAM4i?ARaat | gA-?.0Mn amkkIOIN UUAHVM. ..Mis i ~...,ama(ir ? *KA?. WAtlSK. 'cansiX? K?!^^ix?ca?a oavrkw,;iuiuh? jo9 'rp,?*., ?;?:ifn tho iM? Tf ?* ??tu ll ?" h?1"* ?f W" <??/ ?'"! ??(r.n?? fOOK i;0i.0.t<Aii <ir*N<? mm Ihp ?u r?? iWluiWii r^KAMT nn'iMiim, fo?r rWllM A ??*r?!?l -h M4HKFM IICK? thR whai is iyt ok man m tumtr th ick TA?Z<*A"I Of Movma WAX diomu V THB OBH. Tug tHUMH HKIOAL ?RO'/P X? TWO LlVltta l'H?lklK l>Xo* ^ ' "*RB ro?<K ?to?NI> lino (K IKOIir "S- ?UilOAfe1'* l'U??UAri|l? ktKAI. ? -PhUTH AMP OTHII OUHlOiarfW ? ?JWdrtR cti'l 'i"' ",<1"r *?*?. ?? ?mu AcmlMina, Miitn*. Ml of semUnr <W,mi?a?a Wirdar. April 1 d*. - ? - ? .?- m. ? way ms. ilNU)d80f< kilKKOl^ MINT OK TUI ?<)()? la MAMMOra KNCHRIvft*. Qofcet Mta, Oem B?B To *ifhl< ?/urid?j i# oi :<N " PW >n Ion, farina StifrxmUi* wSfchw "V Pir*. (r?ar fouM _ OJf KRB? AOMIMfOI IHlfcK. JOHt$*K :?r*r* mtm ??Ak?ni. iKX??. H<n?r% '<llaH, bC lie* a?J?r*au Haiti* HI Olajr. Mil 1MB* X Tk'tujiViAii. Clara Hiartuiijj.. MMidm thirl/ I k' ?"?<? a?i>tf>??* atuA h?Mt? M <roim>ti-?M _ m*>i"e '? l/all?<l, lo ?or?t raftfjhirtV. 1 [? *>.? inir.iAA af l.ils ea'Atiuii'iurai. 0<'.mn?? rurn<*h4^ fr?e, <J-><?1 gi??n?. OKO M HKrj*OH fhrot+t* i riAHVKBlKTRT MtJBfO nAtib and TURaTBB. Iy WAhrn.*<ii??>M. w. o. 4I0N Of 111 K MO HaIMJIUM LUUlt OOOLfJK I-KA. rropnoior (Jf j.lomtfw vUIUuj Tiir u4lloaa) oApilal *<ty nit IMWU t? ililt lb ? CAWTBfCBVRT, wari'VlMM l>? saaja piaa M (to liA.jdpoa uiwd w b?. and kept Ur tlw aaart* pr?prt?'ar rialUr' will 1h? nor* t>> rrci>gntji? <re# fco?w? r*n,>?. A HATINBK M Klvna _ BViSRT MATCBifA f AJVMIUfOO*. na w t'111 ?Htn?T lliact'v Krti ftmnimtHU And OtfMir A4*?r4lM> mratii See Nlntfe w?d TmM Pmg??. iiodflkk, ttoothur. ?>.. AVOUNij coucii* t'krd (tf r.i' r.omt ib *.?? fcmny. ?w? t ii.. ?>?* ?>* i ..apt wishrk tj? wm;{}? wvj21 ,& .ra^rsw^i^!itft?ss^?. *JSt ? >l'*uf. _ _ ? ? ? vnniimimhkd ROOMS ?waRTBD, THRBR or jr FurnMie.i hoo?. for boumkmfla* for ,hm* 1*'" '*?*?? rpot. _ rfoohp. w ANTI 3-*(/itaBUf a's*h ?b.. b?. frrgg?w_ RWIM. w anw o-urrijrrirbbd rOR ??>??* ?,?? and wlf?. willi ?"??**??? '.'rjki 9~n*m-wu tf. w . *?? 164# kef*!* ? sr^fjasssr' '~?f. ? D pm oiflce. - Wanted?rprri&hbo. two ?sjsp" 1 ? ?m?p w|? . . jvw-i/.k nkdnt^ ??igbhorl?'>?<l o* lj}? ?? minfuoy afldrmi. at*ttok ty qftt, u ii . licrihl office. co' i*? <1*7*. *ir \HTPD- -bt a* abrricar h*pl:uh?s2?3 ssf^ii wsiiwru ?-r kjnlk ?v.?u?. w*5r ?a m'sissa-sss 5 p,y to JOHN ?*ttr?toh. _ ?* ?ue?f tail*, bo. ?.?? !??5? =cr-a? " ipcc1al roticim;^ ^ rr.?~ rvrt OOOOB otmh-mrt^w" tSSSim linu ww ?>? d!?e'im?4 br 0f(ur ^ bo?b. TnaMmtk j m. u?ia?. B<i?r4<??t b*r.tvf. ~ j5,. mss juib# ^.;h. *?* ?1 *?*?*? a. ??i*"?3Vg?ZrVr? r> ?n?. ?mw?*d *;?'ruktm o?uu* jo'i? h. vt<lltani!> ... ? tmi kj2t&h-?&' SsSEBBS ?b^ts/s^iisss^s w ?m eommsnfurtte ?*?*? *? ???wjsf villii5 s&s^sgsssw* ,uu,n. ?n ch mss'i fore from e?u i ualtr lh*j00sj5ji55?e?^?b? bl'lt** iff b?rwt.t*? ? ?i 7w s?to?. ah th? mux 9+ *?;??'s^^itfjusg to tk? ??!(* >?tlo? u olif b? dmo?? l ?? ?r ww ?* ???"?? - - - r^5^"'^25 &?"-?' m <u?i* if. !??? <"?" "4. ?'w ^ ?*lol,? ?? furc*<l >n . . ... _ ii.i &i\rv mkn clano makkrh.??rw IIAH& T" -.'-'"rrprir/'i-1'iLtSTSiX c;offttn(ilfee. ..i^,,.i, "ii rhifpiro k?ob mvbbfoofc-lllp albrrt (>alt.*ytr, wr? t ? h..? nrxr <u.. .? im *'? ^ sisf. waristf mp v'usjissbr,a ji >mtu rtcwi . ? ' . ^ .-? riwa^o^b^ . .,. ^ Monkt t?; loan on ?o*n ajr j#r * fhtt, w ?? * w1 ??- ?-??' ??' ? ? ^tr^ate? no 3* cnw ttnf'fh 4p?t? bof.prrr 09 umwrk sj?^x^w-t>v2si^ m iwcll^w*1 mtillcau ^ w.'ss-, ru~z.* rrjr^asfsws i\,: sr atnrt?^ ^v-??l tw1?nl? d*??Ari ? *1'!*?'>? "vjff* ttlsstwl e..n?u?m nl. w?>vt?w ?,!'?!> -J , ovi, ( TO harris if a p1rm.-b 4 A ieifl r?m?t "fcv?'cj? ??rt ***"^ :'ll'"., ,!2l - rsv^c? il(?rflr? ? ? . " aa irtk' liwrlf k ii l|?dlm wfc wr.?oi? ' ir?r so ?"uo? *r??i. r.a;"s & zr-dL^xr.* ?.*swa Uat *<?' '>?*? k" - - iik ?a.ho? hat'?o i lt \?.??..<< ? V??*. th? -r.tim ?n l unttiii' dot'i l?n 'a _ iv- armrroh.?"* *p3r l) ??????r.??'?r?r^*? fticrw. miiuftifif tum^tflr 'irk4? f)?w ??-vw -? ??? ??? ? H?'l ????? r| tmursi>? ar*j<^}j5^svtf av<vjml?t"vc^w n ?? >??^ ?_j ?ttuw?-?i ?* ? ?^'o^r ? ;r - ?tgy^smjp ssxrau ^(l?m'ruo? jlfllilf rrwill arnctrd wiu. rill!"*? irii , rrvr-tra? ?=? uu?'. ?nc*l? _ ,ii?n ?t oorrfmr <%?*,? !*??># ,-^m gjipam?r?

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