Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1864, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1864 Page 9
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SUPPLEMENT * *' " '? '? 'V ???? ? ~~ ? ? '? " " " ' ~ NEW YORK, TO THE HERALD. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 1864. tranamlttlog statement of payments to famHlea of volun Iter tsoldters for the fortnight ending March 10,1664. Which via ordered ou Bio. A ocmnaunloaiton waa received from tbo Comptroller, giving a statement of Treasury Dalancea March 26, 1844. Which was ordered od file. A communication waa received from tbo New Yorfc Dlapeuaary, transmitting the Seveuty fourth Annual Re port. Which was ordered on file. pai'krh HKiurroroRk laid ovkr. Bill of Kdmund Jones Si Co., or stationery, AC., furnish ed Committee on National A (turn o( istl'2 Wblcb was adopted by tbo following vote, viz ? Affirmative? Aldermen Fox, Jours, the President. Al flermen McMabon. McCool, 8li.un>u, Chipp. tUKuight, Ryers, Jeremiah, Hardy, Masterson, Otilwell, Farley and Long?16. Resolution of Board o' Counc'.lmen that tho Conm t roller b* directed to draw his warrant In la.or of Messrs. N * R L. Conalin, for the amount of the tnnuxed bills, and ch&rgo tho same to its impropriate account. ?Minmn or BILI.S CoaeheB farntshed for reception of Sixteenth regl nii-nt Now York Volunteer* f446 CoaoiicM furnished for Committee on Harbor De lenccs 285 Cooibi a furnished for funeral of Colonel Charles lcifi Total 1916 Wtiich was concurred in b? tho following vote, viz:? Affirmative? Aldermen Jones, Fox. the 1'iesidont, Aldermen McMahon, McCo< l,sb innon, < hipp, McKniubt. Ryers Jeremiah, Haidy, Mastorson, Ottiwo'l, Farley. and' iMg?16 ? . Resolution of Hoard of Council men thai tho Comptroller draw bin warrant in favor of Messrs I'oiiWIln and Butt for the amoont of the annexed bine, and charge the name to its appropriate accounts. HT AT KM KM or Wl.1.8. Coaches furnished for reception of Pnryce Zouaves J322 00 Coaches furnished for reception of Thirty.sev enth and Thirty em'tili regiments 826 00 Coaches furnished for the fu cr l of Lieutenant Herbert 187 CO Coaches lurnished for tlie fuueral of Brigadier General Strong 228 00 Total $1,474 00 ? Wbicb was concurred in by tbo following voe, viz ? Aldermen Fox, Joties, u.o I resident, Alderman McMa bon, Met ool,SU mnon, Chipp, .< ci\>.l.;lit, Hyers, Jlaidy, Wasters n, Ottiwell, Farley Long?16. Report of tho Committee on Finance, by Hoard of COuucilmen, %itb resolution erecting the Comptroller to issue an additional sum of $j00,0ou of tbo Central 1'ark Improvement > .Stock. Which was concurred hi by the follow ng vote.? Affirmative?Alderman Fox, tbo President. M*.Mahon,* McCool, Shanuon, Chipp, Ryo s. Jeicmiab, Hardy, Mastcr aon, Ottlwell, Farley and I ong-?13 Negative?Aldermen .)< ues and McKnight?2. - Report of Convmitiee on Fiie liOiiiirtinent in favor of adopting resolution that tho Comptroller be directed to continue and extend the lease o< tho promt e* now o<cu pied by t.nguie Company No. IS, lor a period of throe years from ilio 13ih day ol May, 1864, at a yearly rent of aix hundred and tlity dollars , Which wns adopted by tlie following vote, viz:? AUIrmative?Alderman Fox. the President, Mr.Mahon, McCool, Shannon, t'hipp, McKnubt, Kyers, Jeremiah, Hardy, Masterson, Farley ana Negative?Alderman Jones?1. Report ol Committee on Streets in favor of with Board of Cotincllraeu In ud 'pflug resolution that tlie aidewfilns on tho north sldo of Fortieth street be flagged, between Fifth and Sixth avenues?also that curb and gut ter atones lie set and reset. Which was adopted by the following vote, viz:? Affirmative?Aldermen Fox, Jones, tho Frosident.Al dermen MoMahon, McCool, Shannon, Chipp, McKnlght. Ryers, Jeremiah, llardy, Maeterson, Farley and Lod^? 4), lomn REPI'MKn ,m?" ??v.7S'iis Wliicu was carried. * *ren? Hard ? um.\ 001 ? s"aD"?D. <'hipp, McKnigbt ^fUSSSiSSSfj^SSs1 J';;;;; ks .? ?*? ?*? wwa, ??'??,ST" 1?'""' " wnicb was concurred in. J^jsrs^ffsssr" Wbli b was concurred m R^lutlon permitting S. H. Kurd to erect a hay win ?ve"u" .nV^!?tVnCn^bb8^LhWe#l C0,Mr ?f Ux'^'n Wji'ch wa^relerrcd to the Committee on Streets, S2"? "st", **"?"' ""j Ku?.h."i. yrs ? mwb raS Which ?m reVrre.1 to Commute on Pewors. " """? Which wu concurred In. Resolution appointing t.'eorge C. J Falomon a r/mm:. ?toner of need., ,? pl.Jof WlHini WaU^^u" " Which wag concurred in. K'iriresr - Which was concurred In. Resolution correcting the name of William H if?n>iit ?o aa to raid William H Merrill, Jr. Hemll, Which was concurred in. Resolution permitting Rant* k I .ad tie to er?ct an iron r,'ci?:A?,""w ??"?*-? ?>""?tas; Which was concurred in. ?i R<*(',",ton 'hat th<* election polls of the Fourth Fir* tloti district or the Thirteenth wird be chfnved frL vS' ir^^mC "'rcet t0 No- 222 "elaucey street 0> j Wbich vu concurred in -4 i Which was concurred In r?l8?j OD tbo fHith wnd Credit of tho Mfivnr IIiUvma i Commonalty of the . It* ol New York I,, h J Tn'Cn ","1 I ?d-v'J) A'"erm0D re^l,Jllou ?t Committee Hy B-ard of t'onnrltmen former action adhered to ssrr""m?* 5?w.: UblermCr *CU?n a'lher<,d t0< Md ??>? paper iaid on tbo permission be given to Tavlor A Wtt?nn ^mon rotmclt . '' the picture of the . Which was concurred in. Resolved, That porm^lon he glren to John Tavlor-. ' Sons to erect a smnll shed on the 'mlklievl hotwoen Noi th ' SZSJSftuSg!!! ,tr^' ?? ?>utTou? ilVd^Ini U pleasure of thai ommon Council. ? ' ; Which was concurred In. ?Wtinn'ifTi11'^.O,iJ^0?rd ?r A,d'rn?en providing for Hie 2?%?:!'? ?'Wltional Assistant Engiaeers of the Fire lowing'^VtfcMlars^?C" men ordln,ncc tended in the M MtriKe ont the word "Ave''where it rvmri at ih? u. tho'word^1 f<IUr.,0rl'?"' *nd ,D,#r*10 >'?" thereof Strike out the. went "three ' shern it ??<>.? ?. ?. log:? "ih 0u,, ul ,he #ecou'1 ??ctlou the words follow otAJi* of ?n# Hundred ?id Fifth street eaut ?f Sixth avenue, one of whom nheltro?Mn in &n.? k? ? 01 ?,,e B""^ Whloh was laid over. ^?P^pUPBtf tie irge Striogb^m, aa a Comtu is?ioner IvJL I Ithresc(l itlou appointing John J. i<uir >omin!??i(i er o| |>eed< in nnd f?r the city and . onnty ol vvt I '' ' ' "K' ,r "? roa.gnr.t which was concurred In. " * Hrown 'iT Lh,'1 P"'mi?sion hcgrstitedto Messrs. r.yncli lio Wom iir 1*1 ' r * "** pole In fr' nt t>f their prem <?p J&mToEEr7'10 rema,n a"rlne?????'r. of' ,7; yh,?hliWM concurred In. Oomrnl??'o^"r lw d?r?cUd<io?ni V<1'rn"'n " ?>. Btreat of the entranro to thrpr?mtJl 'V 6? ln fr""t tx>rthsre?t corner or F,BiI?h . " " 4 ' 1,"r'11 ,he ?treot. ,be ?ald t.m^ XlthW? "' rly ,hlrd (l?y l*-H I or Aid, rm?u resohmon "7 'i" /"n ';,-v? (Ry Hoard of Councilmen ro.LV.?? ?'?"Ptwl.) Oiimmlssiooer, with power.) u,'w? r?ferra<l toeirc?i Which was concurred In. *pnnMS *p?r?rsp. Jotu'f Mo000t m0ved tbal l"e Doerd do now ad Wh eh was lost hy the following vote -. iiUl.T.""v#~"AMermen rthan^n and ?>ttiwei'-.a Mas erson.Fnrleysnd J/tngi-ia 3 ' JV,?.Hard/, ss3^!si^JM?sa ^jBSSawSrarar > *hip of on? who. in mnr ? ? ? # ^?r?nj|Min!oo- i iftir.f( which ondaftr th?T? ' tWblHd thof# whom he hJam?^, , 0" l^'L !**""or to all with Unarr leermor th,?ir .~5' . .*"? P"?'""ed In no or and Heart thm. dlStlngnNh fhe ? J2T ? t"ul|t'?",f *>"?d rvtnc,^.^waa,!35?a'.5,'S!lK!!;! tbe obliging friend, ana gentul companion; and wherets H in tbe mournful duty 01 tbe Common council, in view or tbe decease of our lamented friend, to give expression to tbelr sense of tbe loss experienced by bis death. to condole with tbe all!irted inniily aud relatives of deceased, and to record their estimation of hie value ae a public servant, exhibited in discharging the various trusts of a public character confided to bis keeping in the various positions of truet occupied by bim lu hii lifetime; be it therefore Resolved, 11:at the Common Council do sincerely de plore the loss of our esteemed lellow citizen, Matthias w tiooderson, aud we offer bis relatives and friends our sincere cotiJoiooce in thoir attlictlon, and be it further Resolved, That, as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, tbe Common Council will attend bis funeral in a b'jdy, with their Ftaves of ottice draped in ruourniui;, on Tuesday, tho 29th, aud tbat tbo public oftleee of the Corporation bo closed at twelve o'clock on that day, and that the flags on the City Hall and other public bu'dings be displayed at half mast, from sunrlso until sunset, on tbo day set apart (or the funeral; and be It further He olved, That a copy of the fore oIiir preamble and resolutions be suitably engrossed an l framed. under tlie direction of the 1 lerk of thu common Council, duly authenticated and traiism tied to the lam y of the de ceased Alderman Jerxkiah moved to (.mend by striking out the last resolution Which was adopted. Preamble and resolut.oiiK as amended adapted. MOTIONS RRS1 USD. Alderman M*stfr?on moved to disobr.rge the Commit. t*"e ?'n Roads from lurttK.r consideration of a petit-on of I O. Puvison 10 havu lane in KJeventh avenue, between Fifty-second and frmy-third streets, named Dav.son place Which was carried. The petition was- then granted. Alderman M< Maiio* moved that the frfaij'do c? w adjourn. Which was tost on a div.'Siou, via ? Alllrmativo? Aldern-.en McMahou, s'lcntoc ?ud Oil I well?3. Negative?Alderman Fox, Jones, tie Tresider.t, Aider men McCool,Cblpp, M (.Knight Byenj, Hardy, Maf.iorsots, Farley and l ong?11. A derman R\krh moved to discharge Committee on Finance from oenside. atlon of a resolution to appoint a jau.tor for tlio Fourth District Toilet Court. Which was carried The paper wis then laid over. Alderman Fox moved that when the Beard adjourn it dondiourn to meet ngad) on Monday u?>:t 4th prox'iuo, at two o'clock P. 11 Which wns carried. And on itotion tbe Beard then adjourned. V. T. VALENTINE, Clerk. Bnurd or Councilman. !OFFICIAL. ] STATED SB3SIUN?Titubhpav, March 24?2T M. Tbe Hoard met, pursuant to adjournment. jo their cham ber, N<>. ic City Haiti. Present?Councilman Hcaly, Opdyke, Jaquee act: Eha fer?4. A quorum not answering to their names on call of the roll, the President declared that the Hoard stood ad journcd unt.l Monday, 28th inst., at two o'clock P. M. JAMES II. SWEENY, Clerk. STATKD 8FS9ION?Mompay, Mnreb 28?2 P. M. The Hoard met, pursuant to adjournment, in their cham ber. No. 16 City Hall. Present-James Hayes, Esq , President, in the chair, an.1 tbo following members ? CouBtilmon Healy,, Riley, Bropby, nngerty, Webster, Huflcrnju, Ryan, Gross, Repper, Roster. Houghtalin, Jiavllau 1, McCratb, Opdyko, .la-, ies. ? hac fer, Cook, Brandon, Brice, Russell, Fitzgerald ai.d Joyce?2*. The miuulee of the preceding meet rg were read acd approved. Hy councilman Jom*? Petition of Thomas MoSorley to lave a sen. donated to him to pay an asfcesspieut. Which was referred to theCommitlee ra I>cr?tiore and Chanties. mif 01 rooxs. By the Pkkpident? Resignation of William Waieb as Comm fuccer cf Deeds. Which was accepted. In connection therewith the PsrwirNi offerel thr fol lowing resolution ? Resolved, 1 hat tie^rge C.J. lomon be. arid he is here, by appointed a Commissioner of Liocde in and for the city and county of New Y< rk, .0 p:<ce of Willi.. 111 Walsh, resigned. Wmch wot adopted. By Councilman Fnz< kriu>? Resolved. That permission he, ana tbe came is 1 ereby given, to Messrs F. Rorke t Co. to receive and deliver goods in front of tMe:r premises, Not. 231 an-1 832 I'earl street, to remain dura,,' (be pleasure of tt.o Common Council. Whicb vat adopted. Hy Councilman Br.'iiroK? T'.ee"lveil. That permission le and t).e name is Le.ehy given to ? B. MM to erect a buy window on the build ing northwest ?orner of lesingtou aveme and Thirty ninth street, nut to extend beyond three feet irom said building Wblcb wai ado;ted. By Councilman Havns? Kes Ivcd. That permission be and it i? hereby giver to Henry Shntiilor 4 Fou, uue bucdred and eigbty-niue Howery, to receive and .leliver goods !n front or tbeir premies, during tbe pleasure of the Common Council. Hbiob was adopted. - - fly C'Oikcilm&u slVf? Resolved. That Messrs. Rants A Larue le and they w e hereby permitted to ere< t a small iron post, witri a sig'i in tho top. at (he nurtbwest corner or Urtad way ami Rroome street, the post nut to exceed four inches in diameter, and tbe si|fi> not to exceed tbirty inches in length. or to be more than twenty niche* in w.dib, su b permission to remain duriug tbe pleasure oi' tbe Common Council. Which was adopted. Hy CouncumsD Ko ier? Resolved, That the l. .up of TV. .;.m H. Merrill, In tlio list of < "mml-^t-'ners or Iteeds. recently appointed, be iv-rreeled, so as to read William II. Uerrill, Junior. Whicu waa udu, te<i. H> Councilman Rti'i'itt? Whereas, The pavement or Houston street, between avenue A and cannoa ??treat, and of avenue A, between 1 i.-fit strict and i ourte' nil, Mr et, liotween tbe railroad trai ls,'H in a ivoct dilapidated and duugero..* condition therefore Resolved. Tliat tbe railroad company be and tbey are hereby directed to <"nme s.nd pavement to bo proper I v repaired lorthwlth, and In c.->se tlio railroad conip?ny lioulm to comply ? nb tbe resolution, then tl at the Cm t n Aqueduct Board be, and tbey are beiebv instrucei to proceed and repair said pavement, and cb*rge to ond colle t fiooi ilie railroad company tbe exponte thereof ' W inch wag ado;iled. By Councilman Hi t ? i.l? ? jtimolvod, Thai a-ewer, with the necessary receiving basins, be h tilt iu V.ubty second street, commencingtwo hundred and twentf-flve ie<;l wost o: First avenue, to and tbi'i'ii.b First iivonui to connect ?viiii tbe seue.-s in ,?< vcn'y-nlnth street, th" .?aiuc to be done under the dl recttoo ol ibeCroton Aqueduct Department. Wbich was referred to tboCommittee on Sewers. By Gmncillimn BmKDOJt? K< solved, Thnt the sirecf Commissioner he and herel y l? authorized and directed to have Reservoir Kunare opened to the public daily Irom eight A. V to eight I'. VI. Wuich Was, ad pled. Hy t ouncilnian ibuxtto*? Resolved, Tliat Fifty ninth street, between Se md and Third avenues, be paved with trap block pavement at tb?< expense o( the property owners, under the direction of the Crotvn Beard, Which wa. re e. red to ibe Committee on Belgian face ment. By tbe rnKfrti*>i ? Resolved, That the Comptroller be and be is hereby authorised and directs! t<> -Ira* his warrant in favor of C>. ii At J. Wallace, tor the sum of |A8. for band fur nished lor tbe Battory and kiarioa square-, and charge the same to Us appropriate account winch was referred to the Committee on Finance. By Councilman Cook ? Resolved, That the rucant lots No 104 and 106 Wett Fifteenth strsi t be fenced in, under the direction of tbe Street Commissioner. w hich w*? referred to the Committee oo Public Health. By Comic dm* n Ri ?> klu? Re?ntvfwi,That Fiftv second street, between Seveutli ami Klgbth avenues, be pared With Belgian pavemcut, under the direct i<>n or tbe < roton Aquedu' t ?partment. TV Inch was re.cried to tbe Conunitteo on Ucigiaa Pave ment. Co inr "in?n WntTtR was here celled to the chair. By CouncihnaB Kceen i,? Reeolred, rbat tbe vacant lets bounded bv I ifiy first and I IHy -iN-ond streets Broad ray and Seventh avenue, be fenced In, under tbe direction ol the street (?>mmi< siener. Which was roTerred le the Committee on Public Health By Councilman (mkwktaux? Resilived, That the Street Comml'elotier be and he la hereby autborlred and directed to advertire for pioposas for rebnlidli'g the carnage of Itose Compsny No. U tho same to be done immediately Which was referred to the Committee on l ire Dei art meok By '"ouncilman ltrt??i.i/? i:e?o1vcd, That s, with the atceaaery rece vi g basins and rnlrorts, be built lo fMly*aeventh street,com menrirg it Vlrel avenue an I connecting with the sewer aireiidy in sold street, to be dono uuder tbe direction (f the rvfiton Atpwdect B <ai d. Which wn? referred to the Commltteo on Sewer ft. Hy Councilman JawCR? K?eolved, lhat receiving has'ns and culverts be twill snd constructed, under tbe direction of the ('roton Aque duct Board, Wherever rendered necessary by the present gride of the f.leventh avenue, between Weet and Four teentb ireet and West Twenty-sixth street WK oh was referred to the committee on Sewers. MNM Reporl of Ccuimifee on salsrle* sml office*, t iay I hiiip Mass, as Interpreter to the Third District Court. Which wnr la 1 ovtr. Report of Committee en National AfTairi, to pay bills of sundry persons In receiving regiments. Which was laid over. Report of C ommittee on streets, to fusidcwallU on Fourteenth *trert. between avenues H andC. Which wss laid ovi r. Report of ti e Commi'tec on flag t'ie north side of Slxty-aeccud street betwequ Tbl,o su?. I cxington areuiie*. Whu.ii was laid < vir. WMoMft. ^neilman Vrr**n moved that '.be Comm tlee on Streets be discharged from the further consideration of ?tie resolution of Board of Aldermen that permission bo g'vee to the Fiftt hational Bank of this c)V to place ao op?D portico in front of their premiere at nu nber three hundred and thirty eight Third avenue. Which was earned. The resolution wit then concurred 1c. Councilman Kkmman moved th.t the Committee on fetrcftH be discharged from the further consideration of the resolution tH it permission be given to 1 e"pold Sofia p to arret an awning .n front of hie store number two hun dred and eighty two tSrecnw.ob street to remain during the pleasure of the Common O'onncil. Which was carried. The resolution wan then a lopted. ParSRfl rROM HOARD Of JLUISMBN Regilut.on, pertni'^ion bo granted to Robort Ntcholle to erect a k^ii over *idc*a k ;n front of namber four buodred atul eighty two t mul itrMt, tkltuto 10 remain during the pleasure n| tbe Common Council, Which was reierr^d to thoi <>mmttten on Siree's. Resolution, that the street C?a?mlMW be dtreetad to cause a gns lamp 10 bo pia.oJ u the Third avenue, west side, abc^t one h .cJred fcot uortb of Twenty miib street Wbicb was referred to tbe Commilite ot 1 amps and Che. Petition of owners and prints f property n White ball str< of to pe runt Henry ih' rt to keep a paper '.at '1 in iroct < f numbers eistyone and sixty four Whitehall select. Bv Board of Aldermen pray ?r of pel ion granted. Which was referred to 'lie Committee on ^Iroel* Ri*o!ution that norm"-!-1 ittn bo granted {?> John < !Von tc display goods ,n front of h;s nt ire, no her two huu dred and seventeen , tne same to remain dur'ug tbe'p'.eastire of the < >mir. an COUP< il Winch was referred to tlio Committee ??? Ftrooto Res rut'OD, that permission be given to .??! ? > t. t; ? Gulre lo ere> t a shutter box in front >f hlj premis s, Dumber two taumfte I and sixty three Grand street. thfl name to remain dur ug t,ho pleasure ?f tbe common Council Wb.i b was referred to the. Committee oc Str jets URNSHM. OKI f't. Report of Committee on street* u l.iviir of adopt or re solui'.oo ihai Scvculy&ccond street, between I :r?i iv<> nueand the East river ho egulated so l graded,curb au'lgu'tcrpt nes set, RUd sidewalks (lagged to spa.' fou r feet wide through the same under the direct on of the Street Commissioner, sod that tbe accomjmiiyjrip crJi nance thcrelor he adopted. Which was ad <ptod ?>y the fo!!r vine rote Affirmative?* ouncilmon flea ley. Keenan, V '"v Pre pby, Hagerty, Hives, rt'eoster, HtOerutn, R)*u. >.ro-s, Repper. Koster, Hougl t.i u, Havilanil, M r.?? i.. i>|.d;ke Jnques. Bchaefer, Cow, Braadoi. Li ? '{ ? ?.' fti/ ceroid tthd Joyce?24 MOi.i ? Councilman B? ?t moved tuat the regnUr order of business be expended for the j. rpo?<- ' ia? f up P? pern fr> m tbe board of Aldernunj Which *a' carried fJtrKHf SH'IM BflARD ?"<t JT.'f'.VIS HKM ?'H> Report of Commtteoon ?? nance ??f Board i > mcn amending ordinau efroin Board of Alderftiun ma* og tho annual appropriation^ lor '.tie ye.-ir 1K.I4 tl'y Board of Aldernen fori, .-r ai'tioc adhere I to.) Which was referred to Committee on I nance. Resolution authorising tbe J'li.rd Avenue Ha ' >>ad t ? m pany to lay trackt- in certain street , w '.li veto message of bis Honor the Mayor (Hy Hoard of Aldormen r-'*o!niion adopted notwitb staiiditif'; the ob eet irs of Ins Honor the Mayor ) The l'HESiW Ni pro tern, stated that the question wou'd be ?.n concurring ? the Board of Aldermen hi their faction. Cot.hc.iman Hrkf. moved tbe pluvious question. Councilman Oiuvkk rai^^d the pomt <?!'order iha'. as the moi'on to concur l>a<1 not heen regularly moved and seem iied, the uiotioi lor tl.e previous question waa out of order. T'ue Pre"-dent pro tem. decided that there was uo ne cescity for a motion to''oi'i r. that that was the ques tion naturally berore to? Poard, and hence the jwint of order wjs not well taken. Cjiincilm^n Jjqtss rais'd tie point of otder, that under the charter a veto mu-t he laid over for con SideratKn. The Pri .-iTPEXT pro torn, decided that that only applied to the Board whore the mn er vetoed originnt id, which, in this case, was th? I'oqrd of .M ermeti, and that, there fore, me point of order wad not well taken. Tbe rKi?iiiE.\T pro torn, put tbe question, 'jiliall tbe main <iue?f.0n now be putv" Whiah was decided it) the aftlrmatire by the following vote:? Affirmative?Councilmen Healy. Keen an, Riley, Ua ferty, Webster, lleifernan, Ryan, Grow, Rcpp<>r, llongli tallu. McGrath, Cook, L'randon', Brice, Rti-soll, Fitzgerald and Joyce?1". Negative?Council men 'irophy, Raye", Koster, Oavi land, (?pdyke, Jaq tes nrd Fehacier?7. The atiion oi the Board of A'dermen was then con curred m. two-third* of all tbe member* elected voting in favor th'-rcor, as toi'own ? Affirmative?Count ilmen llenly, Keenan. Riley.Rropby, Hagerty. naves, Webster, IlefTeruan, Ryan, Gross, liep i er. Hougbtaliu, Ilavilnnd, McGretb, Jaquos, Scbael'er, Cook. Brandon. I'rico. l'"itzrprald and Joyce?21. Negative?Counctlmen Ko?tcr. Opdyke and Runseli? Councilman jAqt'KH moved tbiii rata vote oe re<on sidered. Which waf lost. I'reamhle and resolution relative to the deatb of Mat thias (loodersoii. tVhlcb ??a concurred in by the folloning vote:? Affirmative?Count-flmon f/oair, Keemm, Kiley, Trophy, Hagerty, ttaye^, Webster, flsflernan, Rvan, Gross, Rep |)cr, Kt>s!cr, Houghtaliu, liavllaud, tloCratb, Opdyke, .'aqucH, Fc.haefcr, Cook, Brandon, Brice, Ru.vselt, Kitz ger ild and Joyce- 24. Voyncilman Hatiu^d moved thai the Hoard do now adloqru. Which was carricd. Wber"u|)on the inssfpssr declared (hat the R.iard stood adjourned until Thursday, the .'list Instaut, at two o'clock P. 11. JAMES 11. SWERNY, cicrk. CORPORATION NOTICES. ^ORPORATiDN BAI.B UP HEAI, Km A I B Pu?dic noti. e Is hereby gHeii that by virtue of the power* ve#!ed lu the Cemmlsiioncrs of ihe .-iiukiug Fuml of the city of Ven- fork, bv an omin*n<e ei Hie t'onimeu Co'in^ll, p.'kfd February 22. U4s and an act of He I^^iilature <>t this Rttte, passed May 18, 184.V the Cou iuiwioners of the Hlnking fund will off?r for ??!?? at pub ;C au 'Ion ou Sttur day, the ?tb day of April, 1804, at i oou. at the Fi>lian;c saleerootn. No. Ill Broadway, in the y ?f Sew York br WILLIAM KLNNKI.LY. A'iciioneT, the following Real Estate, bf'ouglng to the i ity of X.-w Y ?? k, r r ? 1. One lot of Land oit th"sou'h ai.le of Oi;? llall place, in the cilj of New V'-rl, Ik tv.een ? lisml'Si'S ?n<l Rea ls streets. 2. One lot of Lau nn M>e nest sl<t? of Main -treat, lo >9 y of Brooklyn, between Water*'reet m.l ih"|E?-t r ver. Mups oi.tamed .it the t'om ? o'ier's onus, Had #f Records, on ai.dafter Mn.cli il, iHjt. Terms of tale?Ten per cem of the nar. ha*e money and aTneBfesor auction and ?iie to i-e p? I st the C mpt. oiler s ofllee Im'iiedlately afier the *.ve Tlmty ^<r reu' on the Ittday of May neit, when tUe de d? will he ready for d? livery; the balanoe may i"m in on i'Uiid and ntoruage for five years from Msv I, 1V.4, with Inls at the rate of per cent per annum, payable haTr-yeailr. M4THEvv"t~HUES'* AV, t eon i it roller Cnrer N*w York, Drr*nT< r m.r ??NCf. COxrtsot, im'* Orrn t, March 9. IMt. flORPORATlOX NOTICK.-DtfiRrMhNI OI VI \ nan c t'ltv of New York, ulM>e i>i * lie t i? ? k A i. ? mb, Publle notlre la hereby gireti ' , tue uwneta, tnot tt*. "? T pertoni otbn rl?e lnteie?ted In h< an? and let <? euta ?oM for unpaid ??irnmnnii dnrin; th moirh of 'lotoher, IMt. that the detailed atatamen property ?tl' 1 lint* Oaeiriad from *al<l -a'e la piitiltafae I in me Hew Yor<v ('om Hie'Cial Adrertiaer. a ?*Atlv nawai ?per nrmied ? ltd pui'llai.a I In 'liecity oi New York. Cujiiea in u* u?d ou ?ip ti? > i *l l u? oU i e. Kr oid r f the r.,m- !? -r. <U(il'sT''S pi R1>V t> k i f Arrears. VBiM ilirR I RHRY fRASrirtunfl AT Pi:BI.tC Arc ton. ii 'h? lilt H?||, On Mondav. A" II ?! !?*?. OV-ren n't;loC? A. M., will be ao1d at public auction. n tlif liiglirat bid dri.ivith ade iiute ?"f iiitj, I'm1' * tor i o' ten tear* fiom t'i<? Sra? of Mar. 1M4, fielyaoi >i ihe Ft.iorhiaa ' ? Pint? ?<>* eatabllgiied mtMi or, and Imn ' tint a<l|olutiii the ?'???!?? rrrrr a Itv at the loot oi li'tml a'ree , Ra?t tlrei, New York to the toot of.S u*h itu-uth ?treet Br ok ri B. D. The Ii"** of Hi* Franehlao or tiie f erry ih* tf to " **? iaM >)iei1 frum ho atlp or ifcvhM ii bri*r?n piera .to*. M ? i,rt n Ke?t r?er, >vw TorV t? the a'lp loot of Br^ge Hmt, Brookltn. T' e Irfai* "I the Krsnrhl?< of (be Fpir* about to b* e? tgbllahedfioin tha ?lip ?' baalu hetwe-n : i#r? ?<#? :tj atii X\ Kaat rtrer. New York, to Ikaf.vtof Ho , h Smh atreei, Brooklyn, R. D. or anme ]<o nt ad.icent IItr-i?-??? Theaatd aeteral Perry Lea.r, trill ><<? ?o'il. with <11 iha ilghta. prirtlegea and adrantagea there if bgiongiug t > > <<i Corporation oT th* ciiy ?f Yo^ic. The condition! an I > o?en<ini* of tb? ' ,B h ln 'ii** nanal form of terry leage* hprptorori1 'ntcia* into br lha Corpora'Iud Tn? t'-aaa for rttrJi of ih? almre nam <1 rrrrl"* to Im- n ? la to ?ftiiiorii to ti e t*oiiit*m''iiia i-4 th? mty enartri m r. a tion to ferr e?. and alao coot nn r-ofpnan'a on tbf i*it of in? l^iara or 1 K-pf? that ba or th^r will rondu i and Manag* t ?a'd farrr or forrlf* *gr"?>?h:y to gtieh rnl#>a n". ?ti ina or dlnanrra nr hy.lawa aa ar? now *r mar b?n ?? ?" """ '"?? to uint^ltr^mg ;a or t aaaed by tb? C'ouini ilt C?iu.? U orBtata *%" !.tufha??r of the farry leaa, and IM arpandataa, in 'I'ii i?w will ba rrqniied to pay .tt the t ihb and pia a >f to the t'ollactor of the Ulljr Ke<i-nir. a a i ("inal to tn rnty p? r c?nt ?>f tho amount bid for tbf antiml rant, i? aptdf on tbf rent ot the thai qnaiter. In. ??a he exciter a leaae with the uMiat rovrnanta, otharwiar to be forfeited to the t'oiporatlnn. Me will ha reomrrd. alao. 1o fnrntah un obligation at tb* *a'ne time, riacut* I br twoaorotleo, to thlaait'eett that ba will atec'ite a bond with auretlea to he approved I f 'be Compttoller, for the pnnrtiHHfaym1 nt of Ilia rent, quarter yearly, and for the fait'if"! exec'itioo of tha rorenanta ol the leaae. The fae? of the aitnloneer, and Ihe eaponae of Ihe li-aae, honda and rev-tii** htamiia, to a paid h* the pnrrha?er. tad no e*r>en*e wliaierer la <o be In. <>iirre<J b? tie to poratlnn for or In a nne<-tlm with the p'er, ahper bulklipd, or pramiae* propoood to ba >aaod, during tb" t*rm of the le*ae. . Th# leaae aht.l al*'1 coo'o'n ? oortnanl reqnlrlng each forry boat tObaT#,tta''b'! 1 ?o lie engine a Ore ?poara'ua or feiro pump. With n"t leaa than ??<) f?<at of boaa. of tho quality and dimen*loaa a* that uaed br tha Klra Pepartm?nl or the e)tj of Mew Tor*, and to ba uaed lor tho entngulah ?nent of ftea whenever required by the Chief Engineer, or hi a aaalatanta, of tha Ptro .Department of theHtyof Netr Tork, for wbl h aer*' ea t"a leaaaa aliad re,#1?a twenty dol lara per hour for aach hour engaged, and no llmo U? ho counted .-a T IMIViN, Cm***?*. ^ h'IKA\( I U. ATLANTIC SAVINGS BANK, CLttUm square, New V' rk. Oucn daily. SIX pkr OENT INTKKI ST ALLOWED. DepoaHa n.aJe on of beforo A pi ll I will draw late real fiom that date. M D. van PELT, PiemUcol. CbaKikii D. B* . v. Treaaurer. Jo'mu P Cm i>a, Secretary. CHEMICAL HANK-NEW VORK. MARCH 18 i8M - CortJ-nKilli Dul l 11 ? Cl..j President ud litre. tnr* If lli.e hunk (]?.?! !!.,? ilr.y declared aiinarteily Divide.: I of ?u per <-eut. payable !?> utocklioldci* o i and al > r the 1 bi .Iny >f A rnl tent. By ? rJer ?: the Kan I u. <i WILLIAMS, 0?ahi?r. CHICAGO AND HOOK ISLAND RAILROAD '."OMI'A ry. ? A 6i;?: , i ,.k! divi ii? i| ol >hr?- ? p?r Ml on the apitHi stoek m tl 1 "i!i),inv and '!.?? I'm > States uovoru ?lent Ui u mi . b? '.-???ii icciHiod paiabie *1 ibe ->f Mccof th<! f i . p v. M'lp ltyul New York, on ami at'tOf '.be 11th da v _, i :\t i.i k'. >i t**r? .>r I'-.i-ir e ill rc,.nw Mta. > - .? ? ? t be registered aa * 'lion 'lie k ii-K of the . i he coiiiij my .in 'lie Ktdayof Apr.I IW-'i" Tl"' ? r ?* will ti? 1 . <? ! Oil (lie a '?ro 'iji. , f ri Mlay, the l-t : .ji ami r? mei ? I n Na . ay the ?11. day ?>f A?." pi. ? FRAMCIS II TOWS. Se > *1? w V t. ? Mi r Ii ' 04 HANNIBAL AND ST. IOSKPH RaILROAD COM I \ ny ? 1 he no i")im of tin- ne .? i vnn iv.vit ?! tii?j limn bal and St I' |i'i Railroad Company. .! i mt |.r ... ? will b# paid "ii .ud after I at v.\ "ir. pi?"irat. a it .r oiliee. DUNCAN, m i'KMaN A t'u Nit-.? v. m v?i h i%4. JOHN n Ml UHAV A CO.. BA^.vIRS sNI> Sl!AP*i BROKERS, i! id tr'.fiiet. Wall. >*??* \ >ik, P >? a i' sii'ir-- linndaait! .? .i o.i, Af r i; !?: :"i; I.IU AND Pl'HLtC HOARDB MININO STO<;Ktf-A* WML I. AS ALL OTHER KINDS ol ? M- ? it toi I it all the R:o. k Boar Is in .V 'wV ji. tuMi ir* Pliil.utelptilii. A' or ot|.i r ise on corn ii e*'in ALUKRr II. MICOLAV, No .'J William nt Market kwinv.8 bank, no sj na?8\c utbhet. near I' .ii,. iipen dally, front 10 t M i i I'. . a:.d ? *i Kun !at in.l fliurmlaya frorn i t i 7 I' M . Sl\ I'M' i K.N I Si' ALLOWKD Money dei -r . ..u i '<efore Api .1 i wiIIci.a inlei.? ?l fret t! t ? LHViiRR . IJAIM'ER. I* kiitent ?U.MT'S ?? STOVKAM. I, ? ii i lll.K.- COOPER ! ' " r>* -"i. e. H . vn\ 'I * iin? i Mei-reury Iron** W o?'Ri *, Tr.-.tnw MlOIII'iAr RO'-THVRN AVI) northern INDIANA K"*ou i " a 1 _? Kailrxiiil ' rip.?A lew b mdred d. ' l?r*o: this ... .nwd, w'.-.kIi a in.' . I. n win |... . r.' Inquire ;i. the rans ol Ibecouipaa/, No. 18 Wulia u ?ir?ul, keijomi Uoif. NEW YORK \NI> NRW llAVICK RAILHO^D COM paiiv, . i. n. r Kotntli fivenue nud euth etreel?Tit-* uioi'i riiili ?. Mai liSI, I-6L?The interest on the Mot i. ? i: ,ud? d tills Company, dr>? \i.iil ), l> i, v i.l lie j .id hi in I after h?t date OU preaenla'.l'' and'.if ren'? ? . -.itat thl* 1 c oral the I' ? nSi of n e Royubllc. W liEMI'.N I' Tr- onrer. Clion \ND I.E.\T!?ER' BANK-NEW YORK M\RCII i 7 U iniH -1?i?? A dividend <n lour per rent l.a? tbn <U> bull dcolared lit ol the profit! of -li" Imt ??., notuu". ir.uint tan, pavable .<n aud aftei the Jili .'f Kp'; t ? irat I'er book tvlll be iloaed frO'tt the if( to the illi -i Ap II. W A KlS.-'AM Vr Ietary. O'X I'ER CENT IMBRI ST. 0 < jii/:i;n.s' savinos bank, coin'" ?' Bo* 'T. 1 Canal *ti <?! Oi en e*eii day from 9 to ^ and mi Monday WednosU tj1 und Friday i>rentngi lloDl lo 7 Ir/, mi'iienpei April 1 1801. Bunk bonkr 'n Rncllah, German and Kioiii ii uEORfjE FOLSOU. T*i? sideni S'i in a I! m'?. Se retary. QI-H '? IUri!OV BOOKS TO \ LPWTED number OP i; Kli.irog t, ? (J., n up I, (loll Company nr? now open at our oilii.v PmtiH n'l .nlns be rrpni't of Fit/ Jobs I'orier, show ma tii.' ?? lormoill ??ainH of tlie prnperiv. rau '>e li:td ou ap plication 10 'it. MOHSK .V CO.. '.'1 Wd'lam sir- et. rnWENTIEril DtVTD! ND.->RW YORK MtRCIl 26 J l- t I'ln I'ii i J 'I Dlrretora of the Bull's Mead Bank liare tlrn d.iy ?!. jin? I i quarterly divide d .n three (3i |>er Mint li-e L'l.'in'i'n'in. oni tlie (?armnna of tlie inat three urn ? payaV ? .m and after the first day of April neit i'li' ??>tiri i ii.uik*will lie closed ftotii iliia date to Aliril I iiic'ii-Ivo. G W W IfiLETT, t'.la' ler. TTNION DIME wings bank. U 1.',' and 4'J^ t;?oai nireei, corner of \'niii?ic Op"u dad' tinra In V. M. to V. ii ud from 5 >o 7 P. M. MX PER CKNTInterest onattutaof St.MH)mut under, .ind live per <*:it nu lureeraaraa. Money depnaitod beioie April 1 will linnr iiiten-^i 'row tnai dHte G S. Citwn, Seu. 1C. V. llAL'GllWOCT, Pieaident. {|| V| | To LOAN?Af SIX PrS CKNT JNTKR ?J>? JlJ.t I'r\r f.?i for ten ye u< nr lej". 00 liutid and trorlsago on ie.1 "Kia **. in this city or Brooklyn. Apply in Ine i.nice ol the Peoi li 'a Fiio Inatiianee Company JOHN F. CONKKV. O'J Wall street. C1MH IWWI lioBuKEN I ITV Vol.lrNTERR IplUU.HlIU WOCNI'Y COUPON HOND^.? tfealo.l urupoaais wilt ai t' e t?lly Clerk ? 'iT cr Odd F. !? low? Hall. Ilobokni, uu'll tvrclvo o'eloek noon, on Monday, April ?> Is it. for iV wh le oi anv pan ol *lmt 0 <1 IlobnKon City ?ii per 11in foiiron Volunteer Boiinl* Hooda. the is>ue of which baa been rooeutlv sutliorl/.ed by tli" LfgUIa lure, and lor the I'l'd. mpti "ii uf ?hiuh il.e "uilre property of til' etlv Is pledged The Krads will be oi the denointnailon m t,vm. wllb In iere -it so iiioaa attached payiitle semi annually at the llo'io I ken City iiank. ana will oe ieried redeemable at dilTei?nl ? wi'ii .ij mm inlltin'i ? S I 0.IO .fnly I, IIff. _ , 13,1 f.o'io.lniv I. tw. '.'OOO Fulv I lsr.' 8,(t*)Jii!y I, l'so. Oflo.July I, IK.'.'t. AtWtUnl> 1. !??, a.Utai.itil? I. 1st4 t oon inly i. iftii. I 'WI.Illl* I ) *<A. 1 0 HI I, |t.ii. 1'IW ' :ly I. 1871 .'1.001Ju!\ I. 1801. ( I 1*77. I.OOtl.l'ily I, tlf.M -Ml 0duly i. 1*7-. S.OOti July I. 1$?. t,0i<0 Inly I, IH7V. ".tK>< .In;' I I- |? l.nO'.'ulv I, I1 *n I.OOiJnt* I 1W S.VOil.luly I. iHfi :t,0tU July I. im .1 Hilt.Inly I. v**:' JOIN filly I,1W .tooojuij i. K? July l, i? i? M I) n lulr I. ltfet cvh?.yuiy 1, I Kit iWt.lniV i. i<"'i y 1 l?ll. '.,11011 July 1. 1-" 5.1'Ht July I, 1!?? Hoboken li rntiioly ttee from U nt. mid tae?" will be ' e f.rst boodi ever ls-ne i by the ity Tne propoM'swiU wt ite ti?0ainouut of b'litJa >ieaired tud fo 'he 'n ni . t' v?aia a id ih.. piles Wd therefor. Tli ? M:tynr and Couned teanve the ngbt to re iect any and all tills it deemed tu the inten al i>; th? I'i .in> must He seale I end ?ddr-'??<"t ?o DAVID HKNSON. C'la inian !. an' * Coimnltt*?. $2.000 000 or rnw t Of \ TV OK KKff TOHK. rrOP'-iil.S KOR trno -oi.DlfcRS" BOl'NTT Kl KD H<TnD< S.-aif,! |. a|"U < wi'! >'? received fl' the I'ompti ? >r ? ofl; e mult Saturday, Apui J. 1?W, ?? two "'clock P M, ?!;? u th>- *ame will tie p ib,.,!y opcn-ri, fo, i? puwiaee , i tli" w ' ?'? <ir any part of the anm of Two W ",on Do':?r* of tl ? 'Ho 'ier?' K'Hiuir T'iiiJ Botl e>" antnoil/td by M ?et of the Li gMetare of u? 8t?i? of \?w rurt iieaed Fob i ,ry ?*. t*#l. Hi'! an ordinance f i ? Bo-r,l of Super viMir* of 'ho Connie of X? v Yn *. paced Mar h H? DM. The ??M bM<i( "Hi lietr Imerett el the rait o< ais per r#t? p?i* enuitn. payable Mm! enn tally on tit* Id Jay of Mb* -nd Now ?bei in ?aoh ?eat, i?( tii? ,irin p? I 1 be rtdecMobla in tuoct -ve annoal In- <!n? -a ? of five hun U,ed tboiuaod d'llaia each ? o ,,m?ii l.i? ou' e lit iay of !fnri>inb*r, |?*7. 1 be prr>pe*ala wll' ?:a'e tlie a mo n'. if lion ? deeJfd end the per one li eJ:<-d do irl iiereo'', ???! i?;?on? wli' ?? propnaala arc i< e.,t*i ?'!! thereupon he i?nnlred to depot,; wllli tba Couutr Treasurer ? ?m turn <*a;d?l 'o Ihota te?)>?ttlrely. On preten'lng to tli? Comptio''er tbt r?-'elptt of 1 !?? Co ni Tiee?uier for aufh lepotta, I'M partite irfll be en li >d to e tiiiBntdi re, un late of the par *tn* of tt(#rmi?a* ? d<-I to ttiem boirlng Intei ??t from tb? I?te of peyu.OoH Tach prapomiot thoild be ?eal'l and endur?*I "Pro* p..i*r AoldKn' Hoouty Fund Bond", and -n- ,o??d n a M?nnd enrelope a44retan<l toihet! wptrull'r The right it renene-l to t tin or a'! of '.fit bide, if ro?<1ei. I n?, ? >?ji to i.rotect of promos* bo mtereel* of tlie i.o nty. MAIT1IP.*' 1 inENNAN, I tnptr?:>r. rrrr <r N>w Y.>ne?r?erairrv?*T or Fl*a*<? j iVmMKin ite'? Om a ? t Mi. 11J, IftM. ' PHOfUIAlil. JfRKltCuMMlMlUiNKK'S OrriCI:. 2S? BR ADW'AY Now VorK, Mm u i. ?? t OHtfMttrl.-fri p ??? ?in'' I! i t ??? *d ?iit?:o e eadorbrd wita Mio ttlloot the nnri vi I ti'j tie name ? the blddrr wrHien th.-n-ou. wi.i Ok iaooi?*i a i nto nntH Th r*l?y Marii .11. ?i 11 i otiw* A M or reju Ut oa milgr?<1ln? Wo Hiandiut 'i* "t ?' o? ?. M.w-?u Broadway a d Butei iiieet K'W rea'ilailng and (rodinn N ntlv ?* "n4 atrto', between Klulitli at >ono and Bioadwar Poi tefiiaurg. grading, i.Urbl"J. mil flag|, >g Filtr eigidh ?i.reet, bmnwn I onrtn and Klflh afen ie?. for regtilatlng, grnding f-i-Wng, S'lilenrg and 'lagg.'i g Twroty^tTiat ?Ireol, tn>twi en fi-oio an t Sleventli avKBIiet f'oi rutbloif, gntiarliia and Oa .ulna l.ltrtutb ?> i<o je. b?> Iwren I'orlr ae< ond enrf Fortf ?!iird ?refi?. Por eiirhinz. MNtrlng aud Second aremm, be tween Oti<- fliindr?i| and hlfiht i til l On" tlandrod aud Iw??ty fifth aireete tortii blng. *11 terlni and f*g*lng Se>cniy n nthitre^l, boiwrrn Brosdwar aurt Tcath Brenuf Tor rtirMng, auKorlnx and flatr^iog One Huadrtd kod 8;ile?nb ?ti< ot,Jioiwe',u Third and fourth nw lot Tor fluKgtn* ?l*th avenue, bet >ecn rtwty-elgUtk to] Fifty Jilnth atreoia. For naming f??atj letou j ttneli between Seconl g-.-j. nee and arenuff A. For (legging Berrow etreet, between vfeit and Greenwich 1 For flowing Forty-ninth etrect. brtweeu Blub arenuo end Broadwuy. For flogging Ninetieth etreet, between Fourth ?od Fifth a?ennct, . For be'^'^n ?tity-thlr4 and llity fonrth etrette wad Eighth and Ninth aven iea. Fur dredging dtp hetwoen ptert Forty-nine and Ftftr? Snrth river Blank forme of propoea'a. together with the tpertflsetloee ind agreomentt, ran he obtained at thta ofll>?. Dated Stif^t ' omu ??l"ner'? U?i*trtirient, New Tor* Mar^h II, Imiw. t ?'At;trs o cormUj, etrteiA^iBii.,nivuti\ ?mrnae. QThAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOITCHIMO At 0 QuMdMowi (fork hur'iori ?The Litem ul. Mew Y"rk m l Pr.i mlelphia HieaniNhii) Company intend de?p"chlng Ih. ir full powered t ,vdc limit iron k.eatiishins aa fohowa: ? CITY OK W ASH INOTON, Saturday. April 2. CITY OF MANCHKBTKR. Saturday. Apr'i 9. CITY OK LONDON, Saturday, April lU And every ? :? , eedlng Saturday. at noon, tVom pier U North rher. BATES OK PASRAGB, Payable in gold, or ii* e inivaient iu ctrreney. First Cabin . Steerage $'?() Di. 'o L iidou ,...81 lio to I. >n un .11 Do (o Pan* '.?% Do. to Pari* <0 Do. to Hatub'irg . !>0 I)a. to llimti ^ 37 Pexsenge * al*o for warded to Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam. A'twerp, Ac at <? pially low rate* From ulvi'ii ol >r yue.smtown ? First Cabla, $73. >85, $l ft Steerage, $."5. Those *ho wmh uj s, ii t loitheir tricnd* bn> tickets lien- :it thoc rate*. l'U?? steamers liave superior seconimo tattoos r t pai?en (era, vie mongly built ,.i watei t!?i ' irntt aectio and ? airy | ' ni i.i - .sitnihil.,tors Biperieiocd aargivua art aii.. lied i I'- !i steamer. For fmtti i iiitorination apply In Liver) 91to William lDinan. ?????t, 22 Wnler ?ti' < in G'a >iv, to Al' k. >' I cim No b St. Knoili squ tr< in ?Jnscristown, to 0 *?' t> Se. ni" ir .? ' o ; in London, i I Ifn s A Ma ey, hi Kin* Wil mill .||i".', ii Paris, to f les I'ecu <? IS It ?? N ire Dam* den v i n ,i Place do Ut Bourne; in Plula'telpliin, in loan (j Dale ill Wali; t ?'r. el. or at the Compan>?? o r< s JOHN (i DALE Ag< iii. lj Broadway, New York. M'Ui: British and north amkkxcan 1 KOYAL MAIL --IK tv-vill* > Bl-TWKEN NKW YORK ANIi LIVERPOOL. CALLING A i i'ORK II \HR?.t. AND BETW FEN HO TON a N!' LIVERPOOL CALLING AT HALIFAX and cork IIA RBoIt AT ' B' \, leave* lii.nton, Wedn^nday, Suth March 4'IIINs leaves New York. Wednesday, It'h Apr I Al'ltii'a, loavei Hoatoa. Wnlaea<iaV, nth April PKKSJA, .auvea NVw ? rk. ft>ilnf ? 11 v. v'O ii April \fiIA. IcaT^s Boston. Weln<!Hday. 87th April j| I'BTftALASIAN, eaves N'".v York, W?due?<! iv, 4ih Muy \RAHIA, leave* Hoaton. Wedneiijftv, 1HH Ma" SroriA, !enr>>s New York, Wivlneiday. Stli May T II > H M W n TO I I' k-.UI i 01. rtiief o?bin Parnate $!o.2ft0 .""???otid < aMn Pa*B!?i?< ho OU r?'nt aoftON to i.iM'.nrooi > 'ef Cabin r.ifvace .. . $112 '0 Becnd <'abin l'n-- i!-r (i.'i 0<1 Payable m gold, or Its equivalent in t ni'.ed Ktatea cani-nojr. i'ci 11 ? riot ae ure I un'H paid for An e\|.cri'noeu ?ur),eon 011 bo,ird. t'he o.vuei o! then: ahlpa vv'V. not lie accountable for (ti e ie or al'iab'ci, iiiiIch bill* of lading, having the value ci |)ie..?r.!, nie ? ;:ne.| tben-for. For freight or paatane to K. CI NAitD. No. 4 B irt ling flrcnu. THE HAMBIUG AilKBI'AN PAQKBT COMPANY'S L IRON MAIL STEAMSBIPH. From So'itbamrton. From New York. GERM A NT A Mar.h S, 1.S04 April 2. <U TKUrOMA Mm 'Ii 19, IWtl April IS )H 4 BOHI SmIA April 2, 1 111 Apfll IHfil KAXON1 A April lH,I<j>i4 ....May 14. I?il I' n i Hamburg pi--1 fo t of Third ?tr"et, II ib >k n, tn'dng r? ??nger? foi Itamburc, Havre. London and Sonthainpion ;.l ti e follnwlng rales:?Fliat I'altla. ^105; leeond eabla, $0: SO; si-eipg" $."!/.'0?P*v?ble tu irr>!d or ltie<inlvnlent KorfrcUliI apply to Kl'RHARDT .1 CO., 4fl EkoliHnt,e place, For p; m;e itpp'y toC. B KICHARI) A B'lAS, 191 Broad way. 'IMIf, LONDON AND NEW YOliK STEAMSHIP COM 1 pain will despatch neiiil.Tnomhly tbelr new and nrat clam British Irm aicnniabipa i'FLLA, BKLLONA, IOWA, OHIO. INDIANA and MANHATTAN. ta. h :I ikih ioiih bur them'"'tween London and We.v Yurlr, calltog at Havre 00 ?lie Y-.yaue trom L? udon. H?'ei of |p;ih*;iui> pavah e In United f-'iaiea currency, from Nmv York. tir?t cabin $^i; second cabin. $30. Steerage, MO. From London nr Havre, I r?' '?bln $100: (("?on I mbin STO; steerage. $til. Knr pai". ,e ppiv ti I'll AS. * WHITNEY, at tli9 ouice, 26 JiioaJway. ForfT 'clit aid'lv ?? SI South street. II OWL AND A ASPINWAIaL, Agent! Oil.A>1 FROM QCKENSTOWN <XD LIVERPOOL. CI'NARD LINK. From New York. $U8 currency. To Nen' Yoik, $30 gold, or e mvairnt in cinrency. OLYMPUS aalls "n Wednesday, Mareb 3". HECLA ^aimo i \Vedne?dny. April 13. \to WI i.LI \MB Jc OUION, 10 l'ulton street rnilK M K i ll GERM AN LLOYD S STEAMSHIP 1. tMKHlri, 11. Wcsaels ? omimander, carrying tlm I * lilted State* mall, a ill sail front the Bremen plei. foot of Thud sue t. Hoboken 011 SVI'I ttDAY, April 9, at 12 o'clock M., roil BREMEN, MA SOUTUAMPION, t k5111, passenger* to LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BBBMEN, at ;!ie fo'lowlng rates, payable In ^old or its equivalent In 1 uri 1 nef . 'ir the iirst u^bin #105. second cabin. 9<'2 ,'0; steerage, $"?" ro. T ie tMFRU'A will be ' illowed by the BREMEN, May 7. Foi l>eliht m pai-saga spulv to OBLBIOHB * CO . ?is Broad street. I 'OR LIVEUPOOU?OLD BLACK BALL Lf.'.'F?THE I ship ISAAC WEBB will sail on April 3 For pessen applv on tio^rd. toot of iieekiiian t reet,or to itOC'ilE BUOS. A ful-'FEY, ii 'South Street. 1/OK LI VFRPOOl.?CI'KaBD STEAMSHIP OLYMPl'S, I' wil' ail ou Wednesday, 30?h Maeeli Cabin paasnge s->> pnaiile in god or its equivalent. Apply to E CL'NARD, No. 4 Bowling(lieen. Ii^OR LIVF.nrOOL. -TVPSCOT1 S LINW. Ship liKATll't'OE . fcu.ll- Marah 30. Ship UKNBRAl. Me< l.I,I'.|,LAN...Balls Apail 5. 1 OK LONDON?X LINK. Ship cCDSON Sail* March80. l ui i'X -iii" ami iral'- at the lower po ioble rate, apply t.i TAi'SCOIT. UKOIIIER* A CO., 8USo':tli sneet. FOR CALTFORNf 4 VIA PANAMA. V.'lrst cIhus steamer win leave New Fork on the .Id, I t'll and 2"'I of each month, sicspt when tlieae dates fail on Sun day, when the day 01' departure will beon tin) Monday fol lowing * r For freight er pas?a*? apply at ll.e only office. No. ft Bo??!. lag Green. V. B. ALLBN, Ageit. VOR NEW ORLEANS. VIA HAVANA. II T-. sail on Suti.rdsv. April 2 at 'hiee o'ci'" k P M. J tie I'ulte.. Siali ?* ? 1 eel ?l an t-hip 1 V I XING S f Mt Wm. R. Bell commander, will sail as abo'e fn-iii pie 4*1 Noi-ih over. ??>ot of King street, Foi freight or pe*s.-tae apply to IAMLS A. Ra*XOR. i?1 Broidwav. N 11 ?1 lie Morning Xtar will follow, and sad on SAlutday, ?ttera rcljh WruKt-uKfi. 1;L? ros A cu., 19 Broadway. Ijhjr ywr oRMiw-i niBr.cT " i tie !.?*' ittui e>. in* i Inte l iM.ite* Mail Iteatniltip 1 A/HO. U"oi W t'oueb, Commander, will lea?ei ?r IS N. rth rleor. for New Orirana direct, Ml Wednesday. April IdSt at :i n'cl ' H P. M. jireciarly. >o freight r>H*tre<l or hUl* <>f latiUa|/at|oed on mo oay ?t a.?d In* I <T Ire ... ? r\J"-,., 11/ v 1 . Lt DLA.M HElNtritN A CO., US Broadway, l/oit M.w oblua.v-4 niRi.i . I TLe new t'nli. l Ht? ia iru. ?? 1 ilipilKO. CftOM WELL, Cap'ain .Ino A t'oal. wilt loare |uti No I North ilrer no 8-r nrday April ai :) P. SI PailllF. Willi J * oimnodalloa*, $01 Apply toll H. CKOMW HI.I. A W?.. *1 W*? nee 1/0 K HAVANA DIKI Of. I The l" S Mail aula wheal ttexflMhip UA'lLl R *.'?i ?> comm n.'.er, win Ifiit t ier S i. 4 Nor'h 1 <er 111 v< dnej lay, Ma . b :t . at < i?>| k-\ I' M prerta* ly to, ||u ? .nadir" ' N"ii ^ m ar bill*af ladlm ?nae4an tlif itm of aaillr.v a 1 lettera nmat |ijm hr'i <gb ih? Pom ofli. e. I or . or i?ae?...e *11 ? UKIJ 1/"R PORT 1:0*AI. 8. f.-TffE KINft. FAST ^AILINO r ?tr ti.-bip M ?It Y A RwAliDMAN. Crartam Command ? r, 11 ? 'x* ita* *t 'i IT H.i?i ilr.-r, will *all 'in Maliirdar, * 1.11' v. ii*. latj-' H r >r lh'on H'-a'i and Beaafitrt. f. c. I- r freight ?rp- fjeap y to \V. Kl.Wi I.I. 4 DO. S7 ?outbattoot .1 Mi ;:ray a .N'i.Piis^ tudootk iiiwt. STEAMSHIP 1 I ft or MANCHKflTKR, FROM I.IVPR p.K. .v ill oi.i" r. ?initial i'-e 'i'? iene-ai ordera OiptOt 44 North n?ei on Thuraday uiOftilUl M J 1 okirk. uou4? not fiuori'I w ithiu .4 uo 1 1 * 1 I* < io? at oou? al?u.'ra eipciae. lOUN <? DALE. A^ent \\ I.MKS. Iil4ti OH?, <v(i. '?ITKR MAIBBTV CIIAMPtONR II I III? ROYAL. W1NI Or RNUI. VNI? A miifil 1 '??? it 01 "na lellrlona an4 ?"i rrio? Vna# ha* boen aevured tot ilia umiarf 'gii?d. aad tbo brat etiijiuirnt of .>?' I'm baaai. t?ou by t!<c tic?ui?ui|> O'yinp from Havre. 1 UmuadiKili n Ihiciiiif? nlit' wHiluiwaMm >t MB-I.RS UI'. VKNOOK A t u . ?' Kpe nav. l'r?n a in 1 ilf praarnt Inrotap wli! h? lot 0 d'n ai into t!n? market at ?!)" *'rr 'nw pi <? n( ittKM V bOLI.ARH !*Elt CASE OK v' ARIH. i.aiab'.elni iirele*, > h la n?tt?l?'<?'ow It* arinal coat lU>! anpi iior quality ut Uila w in-- :i n ?itQln-il. ai d it la .ifri.-I w tli r i n .favin ?? rmiraeppmral of Ihecon noiaarnra and lorrr* m a fr. iiy,ImII bi/djrwiae. tirn'i<ri? 11a ai ?i- twi av a ? Mient ! by lf'tT or.>'h*iw - *.? WM.II*^Rt WUtO Win* an 1 Pruli Ufa ?f, No. 7 >1011 ?ti ' iiki W.ill Ne>? Vnik. ATi notour. i BONA l !OB A?TROt'1fJTST TB 4T Ktl l!f n*R . \ run ilepatt 1 on U Madame WIUIoN l)li? tallt Ibr niipi t ai voor *laif, aad rm ? wmi <ui of Ine m |.>>rti-?i<4 uwartakinc* At lAx Allen anee-, batnean lioijaton aud Stanton atiee'a, o.ei- tii? .ak?ry. Prtoa ?>) 0? la. / 1AUTJOV-4RK tor IV TBOUI?I.B? Havk tor "y lli'rn e ?|re.| i.r ?i (fed with* Ha?e ynur fon'l l>0 been vg.'e-t '.? fn*> lire,111.??? I! ,e?. tu o Ma^anie HO?t# ;or ad?tcr .in l aa'iam ?- In ute ar!?ira ?he ?a? ncrer in 1 n :o :.i l .She in.iia ?o|- ? rr ?;.?e a^oeraiad. and ?hOw" a ? ortfl ' *ni?i of fuma I aband orabaei.' fr eada I. at O' ttilwra . ea. N? V Weat 1 wet'v aarnntk .eeu !?i vtli an I " <". >4tut uil tlio .l iar. Ring the bate 1 e ?? bfl ?10 ONE, OO ALU TO ?'KE 1MB OltFAT KORfl NB VT l"lerha* "1' jirlra'1 1 ? n 1 anal* Weat, the ftaveatfe nan*.. 1. oi tU? Mr. nib -io*; u > iui,m?itiou; lalla a'litit ma otirtaMn an I mArrtafo, wueihtr wi'e hniband 01 lo> *r ia fala?. llaa l*? :n i'.um? a 4'l ?">rylh an.-at, to the bowm- nt, Morfaan m?ikeiioi >' . MR?. MAJtlO.1 IAMB% INDKI'EKDBNT CI.UH '0?anl ITtl Tb r<t near Sbveniet titli ati'-.t, Je>o4*? he, ?e 1 entirely t > tracing loat proi^rty. *b? ia lawau.t anil bnalo??a atlatr* xanorallv. a<al?u In t. r,.veiin| lo?i prnpeiiy Or no ChAr(e Geo'lrm?o natal mlttad. \H-HMi HAS XQT HEARD Of TIIH CRLB . Motod Madame PBRWREB. 447 itlith aiaoono, c r ner 01 Iwouir aojrooth at.?"t, mi'l who 'an lie iobs I. 1 wiih tnilrc taUMactloo? *U? tella the otne. an 1 n?? u>> O-iuaL mmmmmmrnrnm ft, HO WOULD NOT QO WpSRB POBfONB ff |e, aea Mtaa W*LI.!N(iTu.V, fie gieat En?'i*h l'ii? pheleaa. he beat of all. an i raunot be ci<-;''t.vt ? ?ba con- ? aimed peraonally r by >t er. on all a-Wra of ife, o- neern loa law anlta. Journeje. aba<:ut filentia, lo*e,oomtablp, raar i iaiie health Irealtb. and whoaaa ramala drnnMn Md nn> fa ihfill hnabanda. M ?a W la tke only pawn latMa attf who ha? the ganntne Roman an I Arabinn tallamanaror 1 ve, k< od lurk and ail bualoe<? afT Ir*, and am g'laran'eaa for iifa Daiay net tocooanlt thl* namrally alfiedandbeimtir il young ladr Lueky immboia firm. Highly reai>e<:tab!? any rafereacea. ran t e ?e? n at ber roaldcnce, 101 Rlath aro aue, oppoilta Eighth asreet _ l^i/T mowbbt-madamb widobr. CLAIBVOT. JLOU ant and tlfte.l Ppanla'i 'a.'y. iin*eda the ni*aian '? offnturltT, lore, marl-lego, abaant frlonda, ilckneaa; pro atribe* tnadlHee f?r aii dl??ai?a. tetl* la ky Dittnbore, prop erty loot or ot leu. ? PF.CIAIi NOTICKII. A r * Kkk*'*0 OP MAMllArTAN LODOE OF F. ? !?',%,.{ w 9'* 0 S sw * >m. h??M on th? :???? of ??a h r '? <? Aibro of Rochester, ha. ,??r j, d tl ? j4,? 111*1. WI aroitpun, the fob..v.-tug ,,r ,t, fj>, and , ,.0 were unaumi<.ii?l) .doped ? Whf?. ?'?, it Iim pleased Almt -itw <;???!, the p -r ???> it His In aue wisdom, lo : . ir m dst H..,i ?r Heory.r W A ro. Captain or u,e I mat I'.i le ?f ihe Vest, who was hurled lu an Instant iri . Hum into*'- ,1m hy b? of a rulbU ?s assa-a a. It ur?i?l re I'hat lu the itr. c.i ? mi. o.mher ibis Oree. has o-ta worthy m* ' er. his ti oa < au l e unpanloiia, a iiinn uf K?ni-ro!i lii.Pille, ever h, principles oi ilia highest oi er hi' widow a kind airl .lo.t in.-humana lit* ?ii i o<r I.H'?! ehli Iran, an afTeeuonate a.i'l tevotec pre'ee* tor and t .ihcr; the community h*a ir .1, 1 ui ou? >f iivo 1 uob'em' ii? n honest mau. i eaoived, Ti n; w irn Itr to hie a i Icted widow nder plian children. in tbrlr sudden and la nent !i e V"?av? tncBI, I he yn J) ilh es of our overflow n.; boa '?, that we :??I for III.'in rot nun*' but hre'hreti ran |. e . and we w I sl.ialo, protect and <l? I? n.l 'hem aalar as ]u n..r power in.; r;iju?. * an coll Ki-rilvxd, i h it the lodge room be draped in mo rruog. and the uir ibcrs .1'the Outer wearer ? uu Ihuir !ei. . ro.* fM rl ir'y d.iys. r oivel I ' at we attend lu ? body "n the 971b Inst. at t . ?! HI', Vf uid ac.'>io|iuny the rem'lino'" oar liiumi' >t iniher i nr '.^.f V irk an I Erie Ba r"H? bpott|.'en<!y < Itr, prepa i ..ry io lu rn.nov*! t. It .diet er for In ermmi i.o!.....I, Thai brother Kitfus Terry ? ?*.? charge *>T Uu wMow an i.l.n n with >#corps- t the o i of K lion ter. and utter I mlt* i.nal Interment ill Mount Hope Ceme tei?. It. h. hi d, 'I u -i ipy f th ? fore oil'..'n "onveveil to tl.?J a < te.| wi.low and punllalied In the II j? I. T .? Huffaio, tl cheiier and other pn|H i-: n the i,?ie are rcqu<!*te<l to ? oi? v. liOHATIO N. ?r ALIlfci:, fic rctary. Ill in I. ,?|., XV. I , I MI VMBI.H O! COM MI'RCK. \> FLANS KOK NKW HUir.niMO Archdects are inritml to I'urn ill plana nr a liulldinK lu ij? ei e.Med lor tlr '<'ltafUb?r 01 Ciiiiiiikh re of the clly ol Chi oiiko upon i lot rorni'r of \\u^li ii. tna anil LaSall* alfCi'1', of diui"i.<iun and iiosltlon aa loiloiv-i ? Lot '.i.'lv si I, lintiniii.,1 on t ie ii rth lif Washington iir<"?<. op|>o?ii! ' ?' ? rt llo ?<? iipiare. !l.l !? ? i. weal by La Halir meet, IS'l .el; Hijiih by uu ?l ey. '.i.'l . ?t; i-ant by a emit I of HI I. r??t>iveii fori .tnd i|t it io . ne bulla' ug?the bi;l;dMi(l to O.' 0|.> , lie eiillin lot. The ,'ar|H.ra'10a i? Ci.iil r l to lire ieet ar.-ii mi the nei lb, ? ista d umi m lu HAHKll ;.;.ST to 'in miID. i. nily elera'ed to be well lichted. and io le , divided into desirable oillceH for couiiui'ieul and ark?,.* pnrtose., FIIIST FLO HI tO M Uvlllr.d into general bu?ui. s . ni''" ? varying In tl/4 and .iceo.i.nii I.num. SECOND floo!' Jlaln 1)All I i Hoard ul Trad ? r un, 'nil ej^ih nf h'tlldlntf HaUnci- of ihIn nor in In : !? jrei e al olhcen, with retary'* pr.rate mllce room, writi m room for iwe .il inemlier* of ihe Board, ec:on oorn. Th ? height of ilie hall Hill lie -Ulllc idinlloliu; 1 lloor ol odi...*ibove fhe aeoand ilour ouii ??, which w!l in r ? Hired for conimlttee inaiH^jtori' nnd ?t?re room*'. Ti e position oi **; nil lloor oflices may b ? made ?iibser?i*i t to e icreuli.uc ol entrance ami beat adi'.'ntage of the m n hall The mtpera'r'K lure to bn i f llllnola marble or of jrtor.I brl. k. or of bo1 h I'l inblneil, n eta ro f no dome. The Kinid dc.siiv toen: ta lmlldln#?ome vhntecono'nb'a), nf elaboi i'. Jt.l', b it duralil' In nintertal and workm.m shi|i, Hltli iliu most approved nystein .f ventilation, a i l Urali.a re. with nminjeineni* for heating with stiam or ? dier. i we my feel under .'Ourt on each ai.le, nnd miner a de wwlkM ou Wn?hini{ioii and L? Kal!e aireeia, to be avallabi# for L-oai and water closet*. Cost of b'iildini( troin to l?M. <*>. Plan* to be drawn on ijiiaiter scale?;:eomelr cal dialing* not iMjlored?aci'ntnpnnled with full exiilauntlona. Es . i .itea ?epurate lor each part of the inecliau i al w >ra required for ?ji-eoiloit and . omplHllon of building to enclosed to ll o CUairinau ol the DntldMi! Cominltii e which will be openul at no hi on the first day of May next. Un? thonaaud dol ars 'o be null for th" plans ailnpieii. Work i nix phi in and t" ncial arrblte tural servlee* for ?n siructlon d' bu.filing to be a n atter of after arrang' Any forth"! information will be furnished on appl'catlon to the C'lia rm. n of the Commlttre DANIKL THONI'HON, Chal,-ir.?n .IOI1M I. HANCOCK, a ?T J. HHONSON. * OKOHOE K Itl'MSEY, HUC.ll MrLKNNAN. liutlUing Coir ir,;tt< e. CmctiiA. Marrh 10. 1W1 (iremical bank?new tobk march 21 is?i ? J RLliOTION. ?The slookbolders ol this mink are herehf uoiiiiad that, the aunoal eiecnon lor l)lre.-ior< ami for In sjie. tors a' the next succeeding eleetlon will bo bald ?? I ll o Ranking House, on Monday, the 4th day of April ncit, fce tv.een tnc liotira of 1 anil 2 o'clock. I* M O. O WC1LIAM8, Cashier INSURANCE.?SPECIAL NOTICE.-PERSON 3 CON feniplatlni; Insuring their lives, nn I those already hi sureil should coin 111 unlcate iuimedlu with the uinirr Sl. ned and 01.tain information of gren' . ir a nee to tbem. Addrei-s A. Andrews, bo* #,5^3 Post oT ew-Tork. I IKE AND TIMES OF CHARLES ?;C<?ND ?AN IN J terestlng lectnrc, bv Rev J. B H"i;anv D D , for tli? be.nelli of the Hun tary Fair, will be delivered In the lied for-1 stre. t M. E uhureh ou Weducmlay croulng, March 30. Tickets JS cents OTICE TO PLUMBEBS ?ON AND AFTBR AFBIL t. the Journeymen plumbers of Boston and vicinity deinau.l an Increase of twenty per cent ou the preseut rat* of waves, Bv nrdei ef the I'uloii. J. O. MUNOOVAN, Curresnon ling Sei relary. IIO IIO-S SHOEMAKERS-IT IS ItKSPBCTFI I.LT . re.(io sted of the Euullsh sneaklnc portion to asscnb r at the ina"s roeetln a to be held at the !'o*vcry Oardeo, IIS Bowery, t etweeu llraml and Hester stn-i t< on Wednesday evening. Mutch 3D. A good attendance la solicited. fro THE SWISS RESIDENTS OF NKW YORK -TUB J. Kteoullve Commttree ol th" Metropol'tan Fair has or aanJ'ed a Swiss Dcpiirtment and p aw l it m charge of Mrt. M J. I*a 11 lard. The Swiss residents of this city are earnest ir solicited to lake a special Interest In tlrs depart nen1. thai it may l>e made characteristic and sttra tiTe. Persona hav ing tings oi other Swiss ornamen s are lav led ta loan them. Contributions of all kinds will tie receive I at the residence* of *r?. M J. Pa.Hard. IS'l East Thirteenth ?treat: ?re. A. Biisoli SO East F:i?hteenth street or by Mrs. A Sclie tlln. >frs .lames llosrtsr, Mrs. E. Sebeltlln, Mrs Wm. Kiefer and Mrs II. M. ObwUngHf. rpHB EAtm FESTIVAL OF TH". odphans IIONK I and Asylum of the Protestant Kpk*c na . hur. h wi.l b? hold it the Institution, on Forty nimh str -et. corner I<et IngtAn avenue, on Thursday of this week. March 31, fr 10 18 M. to S o'cli" k P. M. Admission Itt cents. A'cou' eit, bj auut'-ur performers, wl 1 commence at > P M. mHB livery .stable keepers of TnE uirr of 1 New V01 k sre re.|i ested to meet at I Ift' Broadway, on Wednesday evening, March .'ID. Iat i glito clock Bos: ness of gn'at lm? 01 lance will be biouaht b fore the meeting N U'NITBD STATES rNTFRNAI. RKVKNI'B Tblnyacouud Collection Uhitrlet. State or New Turk. ANNUAL TAX NOTIOB. Notice i* hni> 'iy given that fhe annual list of Taie? ae scnvd In this Collection district for the Tear beginning Man 1. 1-11. h*? been received from the >s*c-?or. and thai tb*> ilull'-a. I?in and license* theatln speclfled have become duo and puyab <?. I will attend i?rsnn*llv or h? deputy at my iflic?, N i. I.'fi Broadwiv dal'y on 8'ir,d??i>. from the date hereof, until *nd inn tiding Thursday. tliellat ?!ay of Marolt. ISM from 10o'clock A. M. lo3o'cloch KM, to cecalve the -ame > The Tai'?* iitc'uiled in the aforesaid ll*t are np?n Plata, CarrUs'*, Y.i lit*, Itilliai<1 Table*. Llcen*es. and on lLci>i**a for 'he yenr ItMU. AH person* v?l> i shall neglect to pay the ium* due by theia respectively, a willllllr to Ihe III', ar resald, With B *? time herein sieiMtied. w111. at the expiration thereof be on* Ithlile to : ay 'en |>ercent additional vt-on the amount '.bero of, ex pi'ug thfl tat in Income*, which will be liable t? aa ? Ml lion ol b per rent. SlhERlMAN SflMOK t'ollefltor Thlr'y second District, New Vorl. Dirrr Nrw Youg. March m, l^M. NKOllAli. A PHYSICIAN. WITH KX I'ERI RNCB, WILL RE ?t re th ? moat ruined roitstlt'ition*, ?? "ed from ? .fl< r -it* oi a p leate na'uroanU self abuse. Ad lrc** r. F., >ta tlon'D t'oat offce. APPI V T<? TIIK RlllK I'LA'K fob A 8PKBDT fl'BB, ei bom nieicory. All uu1 *rtnna ea <**U at once. Can s iltallous gratis. Ur. WAKDM old ea.abliibed ox-? Hi Lispvti^ri direct. DHR COBHBT. MEMBER OP TUB nbw YORK DM I versity (Medical College) and College of 8urgeoii?, Loi. d >n, >*in he .uosulted privately at bis conveniently arrange.I lull of ?iflice", tt Ctnire street, between Chamber* and Reade alreels, baring a private entrance at No ? ?'ltv Ha,I I :*rc. X prnct ce or M year*. three of which hare hee^p '.be hoapMl?of Now York and London, enable* him to iraat in?nrou* and general a^' H ty. The victim*el I'.iposl i 'ii can ' all on him with the ccruinty of bolag ra4> caliy our-'l, or uo charge. nR URINOLK. FEMALE PIIT8ICIAN AND A C conehrT. No d Amity p'ace three door* from Amity ?tieet. mak'-s it bi* ape-tal practice to treat all f*ma;e on nplalnl*. from whatever causo produced. la sure to give re lef to t e most atliioua patient in twenty-four boure. Llugaut rooms foi ladle* ra>|uirtdg nursing. Dr. larmont, author ok tub pari*. London and N<>w Tor* Me 1'cal Adviser and Marriage Oilrte, *>th edition. ov*r 401 pages, naarly 100 llluMrattons. conu* n iea to rellet e |?ilent* Inrompotont to fulfll the dol.e* rf life fro.n indiseiTtlon, ei>!esse*. nerrnua and genera dehl llty, Ae .at ITS Broadway up Hair*, from 10 to Ik P ih. Hilled l?v K. WAKNI'.R, No. 1 ve*ey street, AMor He ar 'or ft. 'We concur with other pa pes in recommending Dr. Lai-mout an I bi* worg."? C nrrierdoe Btat* Unl*, Oi?pat>;> , BlaalgZeU'ing, Alia*. Xedl'-al iior ?*. Ae. Dr. rowBiis. so lmi-knakd ^trkkt. rREt't dlwr.?e? pecillarto fenia'es -.nth unpaml'eled ???eeess Ills IV" ^iieal Drops etprosdv for jbotluaie eaees. (ij*r bottle. Betvaro of imiUtluns. Dr POWB1W 90 LIRPBNARD^TBBBT. OA* BB <Xl j ?ultcd grutlaou all femalo cmplalnts Tr iible* fiom w hatever eattae stl'to?*f ill/r*mo*i J. Ilngr at Kc(t.'al' g Pitta tl i*r bo*. DR warm < Sl-K' IKK- AMI CREVKJt 11 all aaes wi;h"Ut mercury tt hindrance tron bu?in' ??. His Invigorating ?* i'?r P""*arfe, aro a *ure euro wlcre mauboo<rhas itn'o Impaired, nR JOHNSON, 14 DPANR RTRBBT. MAT RB CON lulled on a I iilse**es of a private nature. Thirty y*ara< eiperlen-e enable* him i >guarantee sjteedy ouroa to all wto come under blachartf*. or uo pay. Dm R. COOPBB. It D0A!?K hTRRBT, MAY BB CON * ilted.-m ail dlaea***. Thirty rear* eiclualvtly dert v.| to d.-eaaes e.iahlH* hltn t > warrant a cure In all ??*??. The victim* of niispia ed oonrtdance In m -.Ileal pratanderg ?aa coll wnb a c< t *inty of iieing radically cured, or no pay. pPILPPTtC AND NBRVOCS FIT? -DB. McKONA! P, I i im> We*t Poui'e?ntb street treat* and enraa the a'cvn diseases. Pern ns aUHcte l are iunted to call. Offlco !?; ? fr m V to 13 A. M. Madame uiundlb, kbmalr physician, no ? Ainlly p act, threo door* from Amity street, can to conrtlted on all dl*ea*e* or f> malta Her ta*J>ciav* are ?*?* andrerta.n C nvealent r>otn? for ladles wli > u*? .* a>* and mcdloat attendance during coaBnamenl. Madam? taksallr. frmatk physician a>o midwife. Room* for ladic* fipr?**iy Uro igfc centie tneut, 741 Ortenwt' h itrvet. Cpebdy rrubp and si-rk ''F"" O Vbaieiore in diseases s: '<M /'?" .'?rrWwmy . cena, let no iai*? delicacy prevent !n*a?ulate appll*ati<i- ? Dr Ward, W) U*pe,,aH ?<?"' SniTTEitKrt rovSTITCTIOylR RKSTORBD DY YH i I .,^7n., 'd ^meTy Dr PmWBKH' ' . ? . .. i w>r.? s -s ?? "???on ating

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