Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Nisan 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Nisan 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Th. ksday, March 31?6 P. M Tbe ttocV market was irregular ttiia moruiug. and tho majority of the shares gave wiijr 1a price. Cox para J ? lib the sales at tbe> first board y ester lay, Reading lull road advanced I |er tent, and Milwaukee and I'rairir du (Tier.. wIikU ?u about the silliest railway mock on the li>t, also went up Now York Central decline! 1<?, l-rie \, F-rle prefeired Hudson Hirer ?4 llailcni 1, ^>1 ichigan l etitral 'J, Illinois Central 2>f, l leveland and Pittsburg l>j, ( alena ami Chicago 1 l?, t liicago aud Rock Island H, Pitl.-burg and Fort Wayne 2'?, Chicago and Northwestern 2\. Pari lie Mail IX, Cumberland Coal 1*?, Canton Company V ar.d Mariposa Minine 21,. The market became stronger in the alternoon. and prioee tended upward. New York Central closed at 143, Krie 124',, UuAs n River 162, llarleni 127t;,Roading l'>4, Milwaukee ai.d 1'ruirie du Cbieu sJ, Rock lstand 126*4, Cleveland and Pittsburg 120, Michigan Central 14Sta, Michigan Southern 117>{. Cleveland aid Toledo 149%, I'lmois Central 14;'^,, Northwestern 67tf, Fort Wayne 143\, Alton und Terre Haute 85, and Pacific Mail 210 Cold opened thil morning at 161, ai d, not* iibstand lag the official announcement that Ibe premium had been sot st 63X, it gradually went up to ICS1*, without, bow ever, much business being done. Tbs mouey market exhibited signs of stringency, and borrowers were forced to acknowledge seven per cent as tbs rating rate of interest, at lea-i for the day. Comptroller Brennau will open the bide for the two million toldiers' bounty fund loan at bis oillce on Satur day The bonds will hear interest at tbe rate of six per cont per annum, payable semi annually on tbe 1st day Of May and November in eaob year, and ibe principal will be redeemable in successive annual instalments of Ave hundred thousand dollars each, commencing on tbe 1st day of November, 1887. The subscriptions to ti e ten torty loan rooeivod at the First National Bank tn-dsy amounted to *15:?,W>0. Tbe annual election for directors of the Chemical bank, of this city, will Uko place on Monday uex.t, the 4th of April. To marrow, Ap'il I, the Interest, amounting to $3,152, 711, oo the April and October issues of the seven and tbroo-teuths Treasury notes w ill he paid iu coin. The shipments of specic Irom this port during the tlrst three mouths of the prosent year wore as Toliows:? Jan. I'b. American gold. ,$4.23'< ;$40 1 ,"93.260 RnglUb g Id 140.142 135.407 Spanish pold 111,128 O.loO French gold.'.....; ... 300 ? Gold of other countries. 1,571 11,700 Gold bars ? 580.080 American si'ver 25 '>41 103,733 Kngltab silver 3,901 ? German silver 1,100 1.000 Total ..*4,436,123 2,634,320 1,770,772 Total to March 28... 8,841,215 The Senate of New Tcrsey has decided, by a vote of seventeen to mue, to allow the Carodou and Amboy Rail road CVmpany to continue its supreme authority over that Stale. The action was on a resolution protesting against the power ot Congtess to make tbc Raritan and Delaware Pay Railroad a post road, aud to establish a new line of communication between New York and Washingtoa, which, if carried out. would break up tbe Catnden and Amboy monopoly. Tbc bill be;ore Congress simply declares that the Camden and Atlantic Railroad and the RariUn and Delaware Bay Railroad shall bo law. ful structure* and public highways of the United States, with tbe privilege or carrying the mails, transporting troops, munitions of war, and goods, wArea and merchandise of foreign production. As the two roads combined form a routs between Now York and Philadelphia, It is very plain to be seen' to what extent the shoe will pinch the Camden and Amboy Company. There is no doubt that Congress, without being in tbe least intimidated by tbe action of the Nsw Jersey legislature, will pass the law, acd lest Its authority to do so afterwards before the United States courts. Tbe following is on exhibit of the condition of the banks of tbe three principal cities of the I'nlon, as shown In tboir last week.) statements.? f/Hi**. Sp"if. Cir-nf/at'n. P'pfifiif*. M Tork.Mnrch 2fi ?1W> 172.449 20,4*5,304 5.814,135 108,815,904 Phita.. March 28. 41S 4.0*U">1 2,357..'68 Ki.lj6 4M Boston.March 2b. 73,4Nr>,N>7 7.016 .253 #,310.138 34 839,445 Total $3 8"MS S'U 31.M7.128 I7T2.KH 28o 3.'.l,s43 Lust week ... 307.M9.492 32.19J.V86 17.777.3^0 237.013 IIS Increase in loans $1 7QJ,'69 Drcreaae in specie t>5S ,hi ? Hecreaae to circulat ou 295.289 Decrease in depoalis 1,281,575 ihe Iwnks of l/Dwell, Mass , have declared the follow ing aomt annual dividends:? Capital PipitJrtitl. Amount. A pi tie too 9200,000 o $1.0,0.0 Lowell .. 200,000 4 8,000 Merchants' 150,000 4 6,000 Preeootl 200,000 6 10,000 Kallroal 600,000 S 30,000 A meeting will be held on Saturday to take into con alteration a plan for establishing a Ore insurance com peny, with a capiiaJ of $200,000 to #400.000, the stock bolder* to receive a dividend of seven per cent, tbe sur plus to constitute a fund for the benetll of indigent mer chants. Ibe Howard Fire Insurance Company or this c.ty have gives notice of an increase of their capital stock to $300,000 Tbe Cincinnati, Wilmington and '/anesv.lle Railroad will hereafter he known as the Cincinnati and Zanesvills Rail road, Wilmlngtou having been left out. Arrangements ars now in progress to extsnd the work to Cincinnati direct, Instead of by way of the Little Miami Railroad. s*)1, lo?o <io 1000 BrooklnCitvfa wI Ji* " 40' d 2000 IUat tckjr 6 a. .... 101 H 2tO Brie RK pret Slock Exchange. Tuiksdat, March 31?1" 30 A. M $W0 U 8 0'a. '81. C?ur 113 83 ibi N T Ceil RK . U 60.10 U 8 ft'a. '65. coup . IS) 800 Rue Rl: i-mi" I(KM 08 I jear cer. 99?i do r>4-* l??_ do v9't li?io do U4 t 124 H 113 1UH 112 10) ... ItiO'. 160 U ... lti"Vi D U 1(11 DIS 161 1J2 123 .. 1.4 ... 123 ?3u 124 nu WO Virginia # a lOOu lleorgia 6 ? aooomiaaoori i>'a. 2soS ?Xl- ioP^AK tpu do . 4(00 Calif or ill* 7 ???? >?** lOOOOhl" aMim ccrtf <6\ iooooo 2V ijoio ?o JSJ w>o o? ;?<? I .00 do .. ? ? ?>oo ?o. $ liaJOO do , bJ0 ?}' ?* 7000 K V Onll*. 6*. 10 SdQO hri? 3d uW D.'.H IBOO Hudaon lai mU' VXJO 40? Hud?on 3d ml#r. Uud Rlv b?.c. ?vt 13* MMO Alt A TH 2rt ni pr ?ftk? SOU Ch:c A N* Ul m ? 11 A SU RK lal in 103 SOtniTo' A W'a'.*1 m?? **10 M A P du Ch 1 *f? 1'? 990 ritta.rtWACbJm \ MO Clav A Pltu 4ihm 9# 4 >1)1 Mim A Mo *.... 79 I l>?) do ? 1 ? H MM Maripoaa lal bW W , IO*)0 An>? lean gold. I'*-) GO ah* Bank of ' 10 Bank of N AB...I 111 10 Am B? Uk 1 P gc^,S0a-:: ^ 28 M 10) do fiO 1300 do 7!>l? 300 Hudaon K.ver RR "? 100 do. 1600 df 2at do IS' do 400 i!o ?iH?rlein KK '<?"1 do . SOO <lo ><00 do 700 do 1000 Rending RK. IM 112 111 138 !o liS do ?d0 do h|C lit'; do. du . dc. S.?l ?11 3 0 7300 1000 ItlM 1000 100 Mich <>11 RR 2(J0 do.. do ?50 d 2 <1 Mich So .* N I RR I'O do I0U <\>> tlo lit:, do ... 117? 1IT Mlah So A N I t iar. 147 4 138 11-4 1)3 i 134 bIP 154 .. lit ... 149 ... I4?'i ... I4* , 116 117 117'f 100 111 Can full atock ??. do.... D?ltt^ l?l do do ?W.'a loo !?' '11 On it R ifr i 25"0 do ! *11 do ?*? do .. do UM, 141 I47:< ury u?i7 100 Del A Hud Caa Co 23? ? i Paoa Coal Co lit 200 Cumbcrld Coal prf. -i too da b3U SJV *n do . w"'4 too do bJO M-, !(?? A W0 *2 100 do a*l K. ? 101 American Coai Co.. 110 100 do ll?l4 tOlO do III IgO Quick Mining Co )*?' do f?l do W?, N0I m ?' 1200 do I?'?i 10 do . . 91 1000 do 1*30 9"H M0 do 9??? 100 do lO da ....61 90 .%W do .........?I0 "V.V IflCtn Am Tr Co bio 49 *>?? Pafi?< Mall K*c. m\ io da J*.< m do 134 ?' Copake ii?u Mlnaa. Id1, 430 do . . ie ? li Mando'a Wlnli g ?'o 6 2li Wy'g Va le? O a; Cf IH >?1 Mar.p *< M d < *i , ISO di 42 to do. . Ml lit Aire A Pact Be M < a liOOaaMtn'gCoCol o Wit HOW do 14 mo do. i?<i vm guorti nil m ? < VVi Lehigh A 8 Coal co 2>i HO do 1 < , W Detirer MiBlni Co lift I 92 i:ia*. Col A Cft RR 174 IfJO IntTnallooa! Co?I lt'3 do.. 10AW m i n }.'? ,2'* i'" ("*r * Puta RM^' !:sjl " ' l,m do. MS ?hj Al??n A T H t.raf .. ''"U 100 do ... bS 99 ??tiglAChl KR 1J5U l?0C.#v A Tol KR , 149 30' Cjii?A R I RR )2Sl? J) Chi. Fur A V> FIR 144U ??? da 144', }<S lift 109 do ?*lj 14.1 A Mil A l*r du CI RR 15H d? ?'? do ....'30 df I*1 do b3l) ?' MAP. iiCkK?,!ef 1?A. I . !e.'0 A Wit RR l"u do . H^O .<? A?' Tol A Waba?l. i tf. 10 Pitta, r W V>' , ?i| <lo.. do do do do. Mo 100 ?? 100 3-?t 9> <0 Ml 4ff ?'?P A lion AT H RR .**? do "*> do I'O do nic Chicago A M W RR "nn do ...... .. 30 Chi A y W rr?'.M. Ml' hft A Alton RR AX' do . .... 100 Clik 4 A :on [ r? f4? Mar a '"In !?t j ref t'? Mar A On 2.! pref 4?' Han A ?)? KR ?V. Hun AS' I RR i rf f '<? ? . I>*l Maw fork CM Ar ltft * 19 d> 14* I'JO do.... .hlo 143^ b.10 No I*) dc Jl.. J^CMe A Ml ? RR . . 100 Ml(? A MlMO'trl RR ltJ:< . 14.1 HO '43 *??0 139 s30 141 DV 143 b3> 144 0X1 143 i ? 10 I4'S 64 Sfl ?4l< * .94 ?1S 34 H8 70 ?? VJ WH ?W?>C 8 6 a ft.20 a.fOH ll?t V. 4000 U II #'a I ft cer 4 M Ohio A MIh ear 30U0H do SWahaOaiHon Co 010 ?? da....'...' blO fWCuah Coal praf.... 100 do QalaAallrar Mg Co do I B"' WH ir* ?7 70H 70 rov ?* |PI agi?_ Dal A Hud Can Co OA ?Vr?" rk ' ? HH HKl'OKD BOARli. Hii.r ta?t T*o n ("LOCt 1 1300 sin Read n. RK 200 Mich Cen RR do ......bll 30 do lt)< Mich Ho A R 1 RR I'O do 100 da ' f?*' 111 Can RR ?frir ?K ?*a .... iff At'Cier A P tt? RK . 1|6 I"1 do |{?u *i?'0|l A Chicago RR.. Ipi d? .... .. 12#*4 1 4?'C,ar A to RR " Uk ; HWChiopigjiij^. IK>]J I IV/, \p I17'< 117', I47?i 147^ 14f ?I 14 < .tlU 1U 4,, I4iv; 100n?.Bu.4Q<iioc>RB 1? f ???- &K ?S j}" 161 4 * WabMfc BB J W Harlem BB.?*???? , ? '? ? A ?'?? SlO-iS 2*1 do !*i l? d. ...,???*> I IUO0 Beading BB . blO 14S Sulci at the Public IToarrt. 11 AI p |? .ST T IKKI O 0' ? u ' Jf _ *1 *>? Ohio * *1" <*r. gj* CbiUK 143. 40JlK) dO';* * ? ' " 'j j n jjt Ik) do . . . , ? ? ? bl'l }? IS? fti lino KB prof {}? ^ fc'r* H * A U K H ? UuucJ,v KK^.;h #s^rVW..Ss !>*! ^ {j. ;'ul Pacific M Ml/..... *W $?-$'"St*.US<?&coi'i>any is So ?*> 1*7 w do ?m 70 lluaBB IMK U:0 Cumber ?0> do*. ? m, is? SU Keadmg BB l".. ? 164* WOCumberland UoJ"~ Bj* l?)l H.ili'ceu KB 1HK 70J Wyomlne Val 0 Oo. lai 60 4 N 1 BB. 1I7? IM? yutCk.lVve, Mr Co (WW 50U 1" ?do kR'i.' UPW SOU Martpoaa MiuVo'i Co 43S l^OlerekPitURB. mX ,& IJU Clove A Tol BB .... M9X 100 0 8 UC*OiIOoUUnb 104 101 Chi A Bk Island BB 114*4 WU Rutlan J Marble .. 24 Si CITY UOHNBRCUL KRPDRT. Tmu?si>Air, March 31?6 I'. M. Brkaostukps ?The flour markot wsuj dull aod heavy. 6,000 bbls. were told al $6 SO a $0 65 for suporiioe State, $6 TO a $6 85 for oxtra Slate. $0 80 a $7 10 ror choice do.,?6 50 a W 66 for superfine We.tero, $6 85a$7 10 for commoo to medium e*tra Western, aod $7 HO a $7 25 for common to good shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio, the markot closing quiet. rtoutlieru flour was also dull, with small sale* at $7 10 a *7 50 tor commoo and $7 60 a $10 50 for fancy and extra. Rve flaw was quiet at S5 50 a $0 25. The wheat markot was dull at the follow uig quotations ?$1 61 a $1 64 for Chicago spring and ilfiwaukce club. *1 65 a $1 66 for amber Milwaukee. I>1 67 ii lil 60 for winter red Wostorn, and $1 70 a $1 71 for amber Michigan. 8Ues 2,800 ^aheU whtle Wwrternat $1 85, and $2,500 mixod Western at $1 68 The cou market was heavy, without much change m prices, sales S bushels, at $1 2$ a $1 29* for Inferior to good mw crop voilow, an.1 $1 30 a $1 32 ror ?M *#2*rn: utia wore h shaao easier and rather quiet, Bales at,88 c a 90c. for the whole rauge. Ryo was 'l0ra',14lJ ?2S In barley there was no movement, beyond .i,000 damaged al S6C. Mall was nominally $1 50 a $1 57 Pi hwax ?800 pounds Western suld at ,?6c Con** was gtoady at previous rates, without ?ac*or m?Ci. was dull, and *c. lower for middliug unlaodH, which may ho <,noted al 75Xo. The sales were "bKKB<mis'were extremely dull. Kngafementi to ^Uver nool nor AmoriCftQ Oft^i 150 b^*os b^cou, 14s?, bO hUils. KnowT lto"Vr noufral. 500 bbl-. pork , 2- 9d ; 700 boxeH bacn, 20e a ?2a. Cd, 60 hlids. tallow, 22s. <6d. To 1/tndoD, per American. 1,000 bbls. flour, 1b. 7*d ; 1 CK.0 lt>?. oil cake and 100 boxes baoon, 17s. 6d. To Glasgow, per American, 50 boxes bacon, los., and Z..0 bbls flour, is. 6d. ro Bristol, |?r neutral. 50 t^B tal'ow and bacon, 22s 6d. lo Bellaak per noUtral SIO hbU flour Is 3d. lo Antwerp, 60 Hhds. tobacco, 35s., and 50 caaicsaBhes, 27s. 6.1 brig 1,600 bbl,. cacacitr, was ch.irtered to IWrmuda al 60c |?or bb!.p one to Nassau, N l'-.Bame rale, an Oldenburg bark to River l'late, lumber, about $13; a brig, 2,000 bbls.. to a Windward Island. $1,050 a bark Trom Philadelphia to S H<?1? wLe*moderateiy active, wilh sales of 100 bales *'mo!.a^ w'a^steady, wJiih sa'es or 158 ^Is. old crop 1 New Orleans at 6'.c., and 163 hhds. ??ado MI 67c. Oia?lhere was an active movement io Polar oil, comprising 260,000 a 300,000 lbs., on the spot and to *rProvisions.?Receipts 1,3*7 bb 6. pejolcaR^? beef 3 043 cut mcate, ao^ 814 <H). lard, lb? Dorfc marWclwasttrmcr and mare activc on ibo streugib rthe ^verameot tender for contract. ,^was al?o a fair uade aod some export imu ment in trices of mow and primo m?M. Beer ri^ steady wltb a fair busineasv while for lard, bacon and cut meats (bore was a fair demand, w.lbaliltie more tone Io the market Bulter aod Che^e wero heM stiffly, and tha buiiness was somewhat restricted bv the extreme pricts roliug. Iresh made Sine hitftar arrives slowly, and c 'ininaiida 4sc. a ojc., which TbJZ enojb to be c^sderedi a lu^ry The sales were, on tbo .potPork?5^)0 bbla at. $& 50 for m?w, $83 81 a 124 ror new do , $20 50 a $.0 62 S or newpr Ime, $23 a $23 50 for prime Western .clonal the latter rate; $20 50 tor sour and musty mess, and ?.)o jo for thin moss. Fcr future delivery 500 bb.s. naw mean f .r May at f24 25. seller 8 option, 1.000 <lo do , r >r r,rVnd August at $24 M,. buyer's option^ Meer-3o0 bbls . al $14 a $16 for plaio m*es, and $16 -6 a $18 for e* tra do. Beef ham??200 bbls. . at $23 for Western. Cut molto l ooo okKB. at a 10??c. for aboul'ltsrs, for bamn, and 14^c. for s^cet pickled bams. Bacon?200 boxes aUUc. for ihort ribbed and 14c for short c ear. | Lard 900 bbls. and tiorcos,at 15c. a 13. *c. for o.d, 1J ?C. a iivc for new. and 13Sc. for cboicc. PcnwLBtf*.? rfeceipislHObbli There was a more active Jcniand for crudc oil, chiefly ?or ronnioi undor ? h, h prices advauc-d about >?c. a gallon, with pretty >>t-ayy sa cs ibe receipt, oontluued very nsijniQcint. and the statement of the stoek on haiKl on the 1st or April .*?x reeled to show a large decre iso. ltetlned was also more active, and prices were *c. a 1c bighcr.buttraM?ct^ns vkere restricied by the firmness of lio.ders Vreewas c 'res^nd.ngiy higher, though noi very active^ The sales were 5,000 bbls. crude, at 32*?c. a 32,4c for 40 a ,9 r?"r? ou ibe spo}, 32',c a M)?c. for April seller's and buyer's option 2,'>00.b(bU nr?D.Dhe.d' a^?'fsoo "dS fk.-r nrlme lifbt straw to white, on tbe 8pm, 1 sou ao. free 5Sc. s 61c., on the spl, and oas^ ? for A or il, 400 do bens'oe. 60 a 63 gravity, refined at 32c. a 33c 72kc!"l?mrorrfiifwbf0<^'Mflnl0f. and ''taTlow'was dull aod scarcely .o firm. Sales 75,000 ihi >t 12Kc alisc. for country and city. ToBAfTO ?Tbe following is a statement of tho stock of Spanish tobacco lor^ejnooth ^cll -r<irJ. Ciemr^ Stock March 1,'64 6.W3 4W ?4 Received since 5,n36 t>-J ToUl Delivered since .... 3,177 SKr-RiceMp^8 bbl?1 Markefsteadr,wl?h sales of *000 bb Is , at $1 01 a$l 02 for Mate and $1 03 for Wistorn. SITUATIONS WAMTED-FEMUES. A NUMBER OF WELL recommended GKR.MAN fetna'c* wint elt'iatoni a? co^k*. chamber.naMi and lantidre-*??; nurae*. gir i for general homework. Ac , hi Mr*. LOWE'S German Institute 17 S'.an on it., near the Bowery. * RF.SPBt TABLE YOUNQ GIRL WANTS A SITUA J\ tiou to do general )iouae\?or? in ainiatl private family, ('all at 3>fi W. it li>tb it. No i l floor. front room. A SITUATION WASTBD-BT A COMrETBNT YOUNG wointn a* nurse, li a ,'ood jlalu lower and embroid erer: mistaken c .re of cliiTdret. lor tli * la*< four year*. Call i 4J Wrat loth it., between .vii and Gth i?i. AWJItoW LADY. OF THE HIGHEST RESF.M'TAHi nt) he.I retmeroen'. aocuttomed to 'lie bi ?t *o ie'y, d(Mres ? posit on in < Grst clam family ai uo ise*?epei. A'ldreu A A. lr*ij. Baltimore Post Office, M J A TO IN O LAD V DEsIHUS A SITUATION AS VISIT iD[ (otrtrtKM. to teach English and the rudlmenti of Frrnrb and muato Addreti IV . ixj* 1 ttf Foal ?die*. 1 COMPETENT 81. AMBTRK9S WANTS A SITUATION; A iwlarateMl cnttiag and Httlog ladies' and children* dr*-a?e?; nn ot lection vo go a* lad) s maid: cit) refer nee. Cal at 77 Wen 12th .(u A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITl - atloa as plain cook, washer as.! ironer Call m 127 Greenwich A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION VS J\ cban berinal I aud vial rem and to naala' in wasting ami ironing Cal. for iWc da/n a'94$ 3J av , corner of 33d ?t . ibitd woor AKESrSCTABLE tOCJlG Wt MAN W;?:iK.S A ?It latlou a* i ham?' rmald and *eam?irtii. >r m e'um. ben aid hji.. vtaltic?> i<c objection to the o uatry. I'Utl 2 t Weat Slit it _ ^ \ SITU AI ion W ANTED?Bt A WOMAN. TO DO JX buu? work, city rtlertnce. Ca l at 3*7 2d a*. A SITUATION WASTED?BV A YOUNG WOMAN, 11 de cl.a nberwort and w.utlnj: aood re.erence. Call at ISS Eati 17th it.. jet ween lit and Uav^ OIRI. WlfHES A ?1TCAT10N as CHAMBERMAID and wattrw-a. rlty refe en??. Call at S? Vadl*>u (t A A situation Wanted?by a young woman", ?? i lnui'.nnjald aud waHnaa. city reference. < a.l at 14S WSlat it. A< HAMBER.MAIU S SITUATION WANTED?tJV A rei[ ?.?(.tab e yomg w man, In a private fainiy. vo ob tectlen to the couStfy: ???' cir* Apply at 41 it., room So 5. front b illdmg A FIRST CLASS COOB'i SITUATION WaNTED-BY ? ?oe who thorounalf iiaderiiands her b wneia; bai loir } eari reference 'rom ber ia?t | ace. 112 Pacific it, Brook yu, tetw"ea Clinton ttid H?nrv it! . where ?he caa be i?>-u f .? iwo.layj No object!' n tc go a abort digiance in ike ccQBtry ? RESPKCTABLE GERMAN GIRL WANT? A HITCA JL Hon to do ct *ml>*rwork Apply at 131 Weat 2vih wt., betweet 7tb nd Hh art. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A Nit b. tidy AND . re?re table w. n,an ai rook, waaher and ironer for a ?mall i rivate rawII;, ? fve >aare' ci y reference. Call at 3*r< Wen l'th ft. third "oor. trint room. A RESPECTABLE TOCNG WOMAN WISHBB A ?imauoii as Co-,*, waiher and Ironer li. a amali piirate i* we l rei'Ommei d-'d from her la*t place Appit al IA1 Heuii ?t . rear uonae. tbird tipr AREfFECTABLE 01RL WIBHBI A SITUATION AB rhambermald ?nd w?ltre?? and 'oairn In waihing, if r#?inlred. In a r>rf' ate family: Bai ibe be?t ofeity reference Can be eeen for two dar> at her preaent empioy*. IM Weat Vitk ureet. bttwean Broad way nad 7tn a?. "l T-OMPETENT SBAMSTREFS WANTS A SITUATION A wiib a aCy going to Europe: underatanda uitn g >nd fitting adiei' drea*e?: city reference* Apply for one *eek at 77Ka?t 12th ateeet. ALADT IS DBSIBOUS OF OBTAINING A 8ITUA Vtoe ior a wet nurae. whom ahe caa recommend. Call al Si Weat inth it. AYOI NO WOMAN WABTS A S1TOATION AS COOB, wiatier ani ironer. or lo do htuacwork; cllf reference, Oal! at !:?-Weil Twenty aerenth M. __________ AaiTPATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, aa waitiea*. good c<ty r*f?rcn?ea. Call at W'ffM 31 Hat. SITUATIONS U'AKI'ED?FEMALES. A RBSI'BCTABLB WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION i\ u uree will lake to her own fcouK , child to we? or dry nuia~; beet of reference given Oku Ik aoen for two day* at I a) Last Utb at . WZ AS COOK-A SITUATION WANTED BT 4 OOMPE trul person as cook; would asslat lu waaUiog, boat of city reference C?u -i ;*J7 Uh a? , boll Ko ? uu ttie left A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES A KEW uio<? ciikh emeuU by ilie day or week. Ad Jrea* Ealc, dr samaker. Union a juare Post o;j'oe for two days I HhALTHV WOMAN. WITH A FRESH HEKAST OF ?A uitlk *ai.u ? Miuati >n a< ? el uurae in a private famt I,; ha* a babj three months o.d. Call at 311 32d ai.. between 1st and Id ?va A SITUATION WANTED-BY A^ ftfcSl'ECTAHLB woman. to do plain cooking, washing aud i.oniug, or to do general housework; li&>> no cbjconou to (a a slioit diauu c iu Uie co..u'ry. Cn.l lor Iwo days al Ml Eaai I Hli M, top l.oor, back room A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSB AND SEAM atr<aaa, or lanndi es?. cm do up ladies hair: has leu years' raiereucx Call lor two daya at IM Kast 31*1 at AS WET NURSE-WANTED. BY A YOUNG ENU Halt woman, with a fu I breast of milk, a situation Can be secu lot two days at S3 M oat 19ih at., Iirat Hour, iu the rear. AMIDOLR AOBD AMBItlCAN LAD* WISHES TO obtain situation* for lieraoir and daughter tage.l 2U); lor lier daughter as housekeeper or lady'a couipauion. aud for herself aa uurse for a laJy; la capable of taking c*re of an lulant from i>a birlh; haa lial much expei icnce Ad dies* Mrs U. Simms. Budge|tort. Coan. A MOST EXCELLENT COOK DESIRES A SITUATION; would do aotne waablug; excellent reference. Cao be ?een for two daya at 106 Baat zjd at , corner, ton floor SITUATION WANTED.?A OEKMAM QiBL WANTS A O place lu an BagUab family. Reference given. Apply at 1>I kaa.'X street. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A PROTEST A MT GIRL, AS cook, waaher and ironer. Oall at 1W tfth av. 'ITUATION WANTED-TO DO HOUSBWOBK, IM A ) atnalt fatuity; good referenoea. Oall at tut Hudaeu au SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RBSPBCTABLE YOUNO girl, in a private family, aa waitreaa or chambermaid; ?? willing to aselst with the washing if required. Apply at 142 Baal 2ist at., for two daya SITUATION WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE TOUNO woman, as seamstress; haa no objection to aaalat lu up a air* work. Cau be aoen for two daya at 51 Wyckotl at , Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BV A YOUNO WOMAN, AS i> cook w&sher aud Ironer; city relereoce Call at 127 West 23d SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE glrla: one aa Rood plain cook; is assox client vtas'ior a? I irotn'r; the oilier aa ch&inbermalJ ana waitreaa, beat o' city reference Irom their last place, where they have lived over two year*. Call at 61 3d av. corner eflllh si., where they can be seen for two daya if not engaged. En trance iu 11th al SITUATION WAN1KD-UV A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH k) Cook, who thoroughly understands the business; no objection to* assist in washing, II 'a the be?t of city refer ences. Can be seen tins day al 37 West 12th at., bet wee a 6th and 6th av* SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. as chambermaid autl to take care of children or do eliauibcrwork and sewing 'the best of city reference can be given Call .it 311 East 32d at., top lloor, front room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL AS OOt?K O or laundresa. Good city refereuce. Oall at 313 West 33J at., brut lloor. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waitress, iu a small private fam ily; no objections to go In the country this summer Good city referenoea call for two daya at 173 Weat 31?t at. OJTUATION WANTBD-BY A WOMAN. AS PI RST O class pastry cook; no objections to a hiardiug house; city reference. Call at 261 4th av. SJITUATTON WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLB YOUNO > Kii!, as waitress, or would go aa chambermaid and waitress; best of city lelrrenee. Call at 26 East 23ili at., between Madison and 4th ava. SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO OIRL LATELY 1 a tided, lu ? small, private family, to do general house work; isa good sewer aud embrelderer. Call at 391 3d ar., first lloor. back room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS cook, washer and ironer; city reference. Can be seen for two da?s hi 71 West 20th st. SITUATION WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, BY A O woman. 10 do general lionaeaork., or would take care of children and do chatnberwork; city reference Call at 3D Market st TO SHIRT MANUFACTURERS?WANTBD. A 8ITUA lion by one who thoroughly understand* the order and man ila< tu'ring tra le; also fully capable of taking charge of a department Address F. H , hoi 211 Herald o.lice TWO RESPECTABLB OIRLS WISH SITUATIONS? One as gool |> am cook, was'ier and ir mer. the other as chambermaid and waitress: best o: cltr reference; would prefer living together. Call al 341 2d ave , between 22il and 23d sts.. where they can be eeeo foi two daya if not en gtged. TUVO RESPECTABLE PROTI'.STANT OIRLS WANT Hltustions; one as good cook, washer and ironer, the other to do hnmberwork and washing Uotn caw be seen by caUto; nt 1118 York St.. In the rear, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS WET NUKSB. BY A reapecta'ile woman with a foil breist of milk. In iuuo - at II" St Mar .'s place, between a{. A and 1st av. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. A Vt siloed ii as chambermaid and waitr-si. lias the best of city reference. Oall at M beau st . Brooklyn. flTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SiTUA f< tion a* cook, wasner and ironer, or to do general houaf. work. Inquire all the week nt lid Lalghl St.. inird lloor, lront room. Y\rANTED?BY A RESPECTABLB YOUNO WOMAN, TV a sit latlou as cook, washer and ironer. Call for two days at 177 East 3Mh St. (A/ANTED?A SITUATION AS WBT NURSB. BT A ?* healdiy yoitng woman. Can be seen at 111 Concord st.. Brooklyn. t WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA lion to cook, wash and Iron or to 4o general house work in a private family. Best of references given. Apply at ^.'1 Eli/a etfi st _ ?\i;aNTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION TO vt co it. wash and iron in n small family Can give g^od city reference. Call at 4SJ 7th ave , top lloor. between 36th au I 37th sis. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. TO DO A ^puileinna'i or f.imiijt a witsbing; cnj reierence. Call fli Wegi 17th it. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A PROTESTANT TT a rl, a i chambet maid, or a* plain cook wu lr ami irjner, 1:1 a private family. Call at w> West I7ih ?t No b,e> tlona to the country. IV ANTED?BV A YOUNO <?l KL A SITUATION AS m uurw an 1 >lo liuht chamberwo-k no objection to travel. Call at No. i Howard at., In tlic rear 117 ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A KESPBCTABt.B tt girl. u? cook, washer and ir>ner. or to do general housework; uo oh fiction to go ? shori dnuace in the conn try. Kest of reference from l?*t p'.ar? ran be seen from I'1 A. M. t-. 1 I*. M. f .I' two Jay*, at No. 5 1st av., rear. IVA.NTliD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WoM.VN, TV a ntnation as ofcuatK'nn > 1J in I naUres*. City refer ences Cel. ai IM h at 11'ANTED?A SITUATION. MY A YOUNO MARRIED T? Motiun. who has lost In r liaby (?ix month* old), to go ?* wet nurae llsslhe ties; ol oitjr reterenee from bcr last place. Cali I 21 lb at., in alow. IVAnTKL'-UY A WOMAN. A SITUATION TO DO TT general h mitwork OjI it MS 3d ar. IV AN I'KD-SITUATIONS BY TWO OIRLA; ONE AS TT ; i a iiberio*id and line v a^lior or cliatr.barmaid and filtNVT; be > <a rook atid to atslst intbe washing mo I .rooiBApply t r two day* at their present euaployer'a, 47 Km*: 39th at. between 4th uni Madison avr. \\'ANTED?KY A RF.Sl'F.CT*BLK YOUSO WOMAN, TT a tit *ion a? cook, waaher and ironer. Brit of city re.'erent f App y at 1*1 7ih *v. YY'A>TED-BY A PROTESIANT OIRL, a SITUATION IT as chambermaid and lauanr.'**. Can Mt ?1 Uedfoid at. fVANYED-BY A RESPECT AB'.E GERMAN OIRL, A TT (ttnatfon to do genera. booaow 8n<l p,;l in cooking. gh> Is well aoi'ielnted with fie Eii?:ll?h language Ca I at 53 Tho'upaon St., second Door, front room. \V ET Ni R<B?WANTED A SITUATION, BY A RE T? s| table married wo nan, whos- i.nsbaad anJ infant child are dea I as *et U'trfe lu a highly resre^ta' le fa inlv. CHI at M West 2Mh st., near 6t'.i ?\? IV ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOCNO AMEBIC\N tt cir. to .lo liaui'tr>?"orki Is wiiiioii ami ob.Uing Cali at JiS 3d a' e., *wtw*eii *fih and .itft h sis ilrM Sour, rront room; good city relerfmes IV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNU KEAPECTA TT ble i?lll, to Co-k wash and ir< i.. s co . j.eient. honeat : ati.t faith: nl, and can set tli? be?t f etty reference. Call at , or aiMresaSlsl 7tb a?.. r ruer JUtb si. 11*AN f ED?BY A Rl- SPB< TABLE WOMAN, A SITU TT atlon a? ? O' k waaher and imner in a small family. Caa be tece for two day? at 1M Attornoy ?t ll'ANTED?A SITUA1ICN. lit A YOUSO WOMAN, tt ita <v> k. was1 ?r ?fd ht>ner, to g? in ihe cotintry: on d-rsiaiids country work; an make Gutter aod ls?'?ood baker Call at 19th st . 'rtwren Ith and 7tb av*.. In the ftr Referent* if required VV ANTBD-A SITUATION IU A YOUNO WOMAN, TT a* cbambermaM year* refrren1** tmm ftrat clasa lami'.if* Call at 1S2 7th a* . smml t oo: , in the rea>. IV BT NUHSK'S SITUATION ? \NTED-BY A YOUN? tt womat, ?l?y reffient*. C'a.i a; 17* Writ .lid at., for two dats WANT ID?A sirUATION, BY A WELL BXPE nenre l girl, to took. was', aod rob. Cm'.I at ft West 41 it at.. I>et?aaa 7th andSlh arts TVANTED-A SITUATION AS LAl'NDBESS, BY A tt gi.i, wbo baa good <?!?* fa! at 191 ;7th it. betwean 7-h and 8th avs WANTED?* SITUAT10NI AS COOK BY A RBSPBCT- ' ?K*?0'in| air . <n a small lamtiy. good aitr refar once Apiiy at IS West Mth at., between ?V?b and 7th ava. WASTED?A Ml CATION A- NURSB, CAN TAKE ?rare of n baby from Its I Irth: would ass a< In 'ham berwork aod eewing; elty refarences. Call at 4 Union court. University place and litn at. WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. TT with a I lesb breast ol milk a baby to wet mirseat har own ratlrience Inquire at l?9 East at., Id tha (tore, frr three days X\r ANTED?A SITUATION AS HOU4BKKEPBB IN A ff ho-ei. in city or o.nn ry, b/ a la ly who onderatanda her buainess. barTng serrad several rears; reference given. ApplT at 111 B?*t at., naar Is lington are. WANTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a altnatlon aa mtraa aad aaa-xatreaa for grawiag ehiU dren. Apply al 14A West Jath at . for wo daya. WANTED a SITUATION. BY A TOOM OINL, TO do general honaawark, I* a first rata aook and an ei eel.ent waaber and ironer; has throe yeara* city reference, I Can i>e e^u al |t* Ucw?e N i rtt4 th? aec?Dd be i. 8ITIATIORB AOENTLEMAN OF THOROUGH business tbain lug MJ e?|'.-'1??oe B* bookkeeper. cukw immpm dent hi .I desires an eur:a,<eincnt wihMit large meroan ilo or tinsuciil house willing lo pay ? hAuilMac salary AdJrtM tivx 6Iu Pmi office TOUNG MAN OF LONO EXPERIENCE. WISHES f\ a situation as coiehman and groou; no objection to llie CMiuny; the best of refereuec given Address T M . boi lil llorald A YOUNG MAN. FROM ENGLAND. WANTS A SITU alion as p.mer ill name re?t>ect *01.' hoto. full/ uudei - sisr.ds ti s hiisin Address Porter, Herald oflico A SITUATION WANiRD?BY A 'YOUNG M IN. IN A whocssle house as coll.Tioi. shtp int; or entry clerk ? lost o reference Address II O H., Station K Poet ollioe, New York city. 4 l'AR>:KH WANTS a COTTON RAISING KAKM ON t\ aimo*. or would go as lorcuuu. The beat of icfercnce given A i ll cos J A., box 103 llorn 1,1 offiCf A SIN iLh MAN WHO HAS OON8(l>KRABI,B EX PL nonce ni bo'cl clerk, trtuu a situation in that capaci ty, or at any other business where clow appll utioti aud strict u?le,rily would l>o appreciated. Good sccui.ty given. Addrcs* Security. Uorald o !ice. f ir two days. A YOUNG MAN OF THOROUGH MATHEMATICAL an I clansca; education, a rapid penman and account aut. active and posted in current matters, seeks (be position oi captain's oi paymaster's (army or uivyi clcrk. whore am ity mulil evpi ei advaucuuinul. Address for one wees W. A . 161 West 14th st A YOUNG MAN WANTH A SITUATION IN A ORO eery or liquor store. Call at 138 Canal St., la the store. BOOKKEBI'EB WANTS A 8ITUATI0N-IM AN IM portiug commission or wholesale bouse, bat bad sewn ycsis' ciponenoe at the desk, first class references; terms, with good nouses moderate. Address for three days J. J. O . box ISO Heiaid ottioe. SITUATION WANTED?BY A FORRIGNBR. SPBAK ing Usltttu, SpMlati and English. as clerk, salesman or HiDtiiina that would be useful lo his employer, Adlress Sherry, 100 Rast list at. SITUATION WANTBO?BY A SINGLE MAN. AS coachman in a private family; city or country reference; is sober, honest and industrious. Address M. G , box 'MI LI oral J oilioe SITUATION WANTED-AS CASHIER OB ASSISTANT bookkeeper, by a young mail wtio has been three years bsuk bookkeeper, also oterk In a country st .re; isentlrely fsmiiiar with cash accounts, aud can liunlsb most satisfac tory relereuces. Addruss E. A. N., Herald office WANTKD-BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO MAN. AGKD27, a h:tuati u as porter in a wholesa e store, or in nv capacity where be can make himself useful; wages not so much an o:> ieci as a permanent situa ion Address Erastus D. Wh iten, 277 West 29lh St. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SMART. INTELLl gnnt colored i.oy, as valet or body servant to a geulie man. He can fui nisli lirst class references a* to honesty and capacity. AddrensT. A C. F, box 185 Herald office. WAMTED?BMr LOY M BNT. BY A YOUNG MARRIED man. English. lately landed, well educated, writes a good hand and is oorrj t at figures; Is willing to make bun. bell useful in auy capacity. Address F. X. L.. llerald oa.c v W ANTED?BY A VOUNG MAN. 17 YEARS OF AGE. TT a situation as assistant bookkeeper or enti v clers ; can bring tbn best ot i Ity refoi enoea Address for two days Dutton, box 110 Herald office. WANTRD-BY A YOUNO MAN. A SITUATION AS salcsmau in a fcrmlure atore. in New York or Brook lyn; can give unexceptionable relerence as lo character, Ac. Address Smith, Jr.. box 2,264 New York l'osl ofliee. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, 19 YEARS OF AGE, a Situation as entry clcrk or assataut bookkeeper; good penman, quick vid correct at figures; best of clt/ au l country references given. 'Address J. E Melody, 49 I'lse st, WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN. AN instructor IN bookkeeping; one having charge of tbe books n so'ne wholesale or retail hoa?e who would learn him in the store. Address T. J L., box 141 Herald o'lioe. THE THADES. "LVNlHNKER.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO lli man, to run a stationary engine; has good city refer ences and thoroughly understands his business. Address J. Butteier, Herald office. ITtjURIST, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GARDBNER I? has had the management of gieenbouses and vegetable girdens lor a uutnbcr of years, and now wishes a situsiion to iske chargo ot a gantleinan s place. Has no objections to go in tho country. Wsges $2i a month and found. Ad dress Augustus K., box 184 Herald office. IRON 8AFE MAKERS WANTED.?GOOD WORKERS In Iron can hud ateady employment and good pay at Herring A Co.'aaafe manufactory, corner of Hudson snd 13th st*., and 9th ave. aud 14th st. LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTERS.-WANTED. SIX (lOOD printers; ap aiy work aud good wages. Apply lo J. Bien. 24 Veaey stre-t PLUMBERS.?WANTED. SHIP PLl'MHEBS. TO whom the best of wa;es will I>e paid Address Wash ington Kemper, Clnc.nuati. Ohio. QILVEB^MITHS WANTED -A FEW FIRST CLASS O workmen, plate makers chasers, moulders and polish ere. Apply to or ajdrea S. Beckw itb, No. 3 Maiden lane. STOCKING WEAVERS WANTBD-A RIB HAND. AND one to work a twenty-two gauge shirt and drawer frame. Apply to Union Adams, <37 Broadway. TO PHOTOGRAPH F.R3.?WANTED immediately. to go si ay miles ui i!ic country, t > a thriving village, a Aral class photo raph operator , on* who perfectly under stands the business and can be w*tl recommended will re ceive good wa-;?s and a imimsnent situation. Apply to J. W. Willard ,V Co.. 512 Broadway Tailor wanted-to 00 to the country, gall at t:.e Merchants' lloiel, Cortlandt at . between 12 and t o'clock. Three kirst class ,fewi:i.lrrs wanted, and two boys to learn th* business. Apply at Pratt, Lom bard A Co. s, ti John st. UPHOLSTI rbrs WaNTED-TO 00 OUT OP the city, good pav and steady work will lie glv** to good workmen Apply to C. W. Brower, 2.6 4th ave . corner of 19th st. WASTED-AT THE TBBNTON WIAKD ORDNANCE Worn, live pattero makers, twenty machinists, skill ful ftoikuien. Of steady hiblts can have ataady employ m?ni and libra! wa^es Apply to.C. C. Martin, Superinten dent, Trenton, N J. W ANTED -THRBB GOOD TYPE cabters CAB " find steady employment by applying to J. CONNER'S SONS, corner >f Centre and K*ade sis. WATCH MA KB I!S WANTRD.?TWO GOOD WOBK men to bo lo ritts>?irg. Pa Apply for one week to Frllowa A Co . 17 Maiden lane. WANTED-A situation. BY AN BXl'BRIBNCBD ?ngtneor to drive a star ions y engine, best ot refer enoe as lo ability and sobriety. Address John Dickson ItM Leouard st. WANTED?CARPENTERS. PAINTERS AND OLA riera. tor a iopsnd country w rk. Apply in the morn ing to Mead A Woodward, archlie. ts and builders. 37 Park row, room 7. WANTED?A JOURNEYMAN OAS FITTER. APPLY It HIT East 21.1 at w w ANTED? immediately. TWO FIRST RATI MA chlnitta Apply at No I Der at. AN1ED-CLOCKMAKERS. accustomed TO train work Apply to V Uiro id a Co . 191 Lewi* at WANTED?A FIR8T CLASS CUSTOM CUTTER. ON p.nt?and ve?t*. one who thorough;? tinderatan la Ira butlne**; none other need apply. Address Curoru box Herald office. w ATCHMAKER WANTED?GOOD WORKMAN. AH pl.v to L. Jacob*. 407 Broadway A( WANTF.D-A OOOD CARRIAGE BLACKSMI TH, TO take a aliep and do the work of a lar.e livery atable, either by the day or ple<v work Appy at iO# and *H Weat 271 b at. WTIRK drawers wanted-who undkestand YY their b i?Ui<'?? Applv to Aiiautt Kellv .t Co , corner of Delancey aud Mangln ate. WANTED?TEN OOOD STONE MASONS. TO WORK ff on the Perth Ainboy and Woodbrt 'ce Railroad. Wai^a Pr>'r dax A'ao 100 Uborrri at $1 p'-r ?'???. Inquire of W. Dnlano or W H. Wi ber, Rahway. N J Can leare every hour from Jeraey City. "help wajited-males. A LI, AliENTS RECEIVE KUKS A 8PLENP1D GOLD OR SILVER HUNTING CASE WATCH. Br sell ng me great original, AND ONLT ?fc.>UINK RICK ARDS PRIZE PACKAGES. EACH PACKAGE contains MORE ARTICLES OP VALUE THAN ANT OTHER HALF DOZKN PA'KAOES EVER SOLD. HAL'S IMMENSE. AUENTS PROFITS KXHIMOUS GREATEST MONEYM AktN'G BUSINESS OF THE AGE. 1 everybody WANTS THEM HRWARK OF IMITATIONS. Fend lor oar great new rtfca ara fei l-Mtl containing extra premium tadti*eme?ta free tt C. RICK A RDS A CO.. 101 S'atanu atreet, N Y., original, largr<i and oldeat Prite Pack ace Houae in the world GENTS ARE WANTKD TO SELL Ol"R IMMENSELY popular an 1 Jtittly celebrated Statlonerv Prize Pack* '. the largeet an,' b<at out, containing Due Wntlni PtW, Ei. rtlopea, Noveitli"*, rl' h Jewelr. . *c.. Ac.; retatl r<#Wly M centa. worth live .In^et a* imieh We put up the only Pack eta that aell quick, g.rc auie *atl? action, and by which lm- I menae pro'ta are made. Gr<-at*at chance to make money ever known. Sin ln???te<! will ?leld $.V) filing O'tr moil ?pl.ndid Steel Engraving*. fineat ?<-er published. All agenta receive free at a precnO a handtome OoM or eolld Silver i Watch, warranted. No other Arm '-an offer auch Indu'-e- I nienta. Pieaae a*nd fi r our circular, malted free, or rail and examine our larM atnck f racket*. A"-. O S. HAS KTNS A CO . 3? Beekmar atreet. Jf.*., Prli* Package and Engraving Wareh ute. A FIRST CLASH COACHmtk WANTED-I* A PRI. tale famlif . he muav be. arc latomed o driving n the ritv, and bring g'tO'l city reference from his last employer. None ether need aoply Call ai the Herald office to day (Friday i. at haif-paxt I o'doek. A' N editor" WANTED.?A gentleman" WHO could devote half ado/en nonra daily to -he potfe. tlon of ?hort original article* on varlona topic* or public In tereet. can hear of literary employment by *<k. rc**l Samnel, boi MM Poet odl'-e. A MAN WAITER WANTED-WHO THOROUGHLY underatanda hla bualeea* and oan bring reference from hi* former employer*. Apply at Weat 14 th au, from 9 till II A _M. MAM COOK WANTED?15 A private FAMILY; ni'iet be German. French ot Italian. Addree* ||rio( city refercacea and whete to be aeen. 0, C., box Ut Herald office. A YOUNG MAM WANTED?IM A RESTAURANT. AD dree* Jamea, Herald office. AMlITAEf CARPET SALESMAN. TWO COMPETENT A d<>. wan'el at the Merchant* and Clerk*' Reglitry, ill Ftiltoa etreet; a ao bartender, dry gooda aaleamen, man till* laleamen. drug clerk, watchman, reeelvlag clerk, gro eery olerk. conductor, glaeeware packer and shipping nerk. EOT" WAMTED?IN A WHOLESALE FANCY good*and lioeiery houae, on* ttbo realdee with hi* pa rent*- unexceptionable reference* Apply to Lyoe. tl Curt land! at. between 10 and It OT WANTED?AT V* STH AY.. YOE TOE OTtTRB ousiofM, Oali far im* d*y*. B HILP WAIITI0.H4LBI. TD^f WAKTKD-A* IN I'EI.LIOENT BOY FOf TUB 13 office. Apply u> Otias J Schmidt. M South William si. between 3 and ? ocloofc P^M. gO*^ WANTED?AT M LIBERTY STREET. BOOB T)OY W"ANT8D?IN A DRUG BROKER! OFFICE; IJ oue about IS years of age nod who resides with b it par ents, sa ary lirst year ?IU0- Addreea la bau Iwrlllug of ap piujsat, Ooi 1,114 Post oilier, giving references BOOKKEEPER AND A CLEBK TO 00 Wi:ST, ALSO. clerk in broker'* office, glassware salesman, sblpp clerk lor commission bouse, entry and two assistant clerks for wholesa c h uik' two i.cuersl clerk* three conductors, stesner and steamboat rlerka two light porters, several bar lenders and uorter* Oilier placcs open Apply at 8) Naa aau ureal, McrchauU' Clcrka' Agcucy. Merc .ant* supplied grails BU1LRR WANTED-FOR A FIR8T CLASH FAMILY: inii*t be thoroughly competent, and I etween til and I I years old To *ucb good wage* will be paid. Apply at the Large Bmployinenl Houe3. IS-t llih at., comer Cth ar. DUY GOODS SALESMAN WANTED.?APPY AT JAB. A. tlearii A Son'a, 775 Broadway. DRUG CLEBK WANTED?AT 189 GREENWICH ST.; must bring good city reference. ORUO CLERK WANTBD?ONE WHO thoroughly nudertiaud* the business Apply for two days at lii Bowery. IT*AltM HAND WANTED-TO OO A 8HOBT DISTANCE f in the country; (air wage, to a good baud: blrib place an I religion no objection. App > at the Large Employment Uouse, ISH1 lib at., corner of Gib ?v. IAD WANTED?IN A COMMISSION 110 USB, A J smart, active Ainerieau lad, of 16 years Addreaa box t.OJC Post office. with reierence. Notice.?wanted. at tub mercantile auk*. cy,*:6 Rroadway. a bookkeeper and correspondent, two outry cierka. young inao In an otllce. clerk on a i?llro..d. cashier for a travelling troupe, c era lu an insurance otiice, two men to take charge of horse*, Iwo farmer*, two grocery clerks an outdoor salesman and e 'Hector; other altuations always open. This being tbo only estab Uhment la lb* city conducted under special author .tv from (ho May or, respecU ble moo can always And employment m above Orcanl/od IBM. Employer* supplied gratis MONGOMEllY A CO. SALESMAN WANTBD-WHO UNDERSTANDS THE steel biifclnca* thoroughly. Address, with refeieoce 0., box 2,180 past SALE8MAN WANTED?IN MEN'S FURN18HING goods. An eiferieueed man, ?lth a large iic<piainlaiice and accustomed to navel, may apply to K. 9. J affray A Co. Situations wanted-for thoroughly oom peteut coachmen .jardeuers, farm liauda, wallers, but lei a. porters, private seivanta. ,tc. All iu want of well recommeoded help c in be unmodlately suited at the Large Employment House 138 IIIU St., corner 0th ar. STATIONER'S CLERK WANTED-A YOUNO MAN having a knowledge of the business; state age and talaiy e?|?ecied. Address Cisco. Herald office. WANTED-A man who thoroughly under stand* huiemeticully sealing canue 1 un-al*. Applv at the Americau Dedicating Ooinpanj's, foot of South. 8th *t., W illian.stnirg, before 10 A. M. or afior 3 I'. M WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE DRUG STORR. AN entry cleric; oue who writes a pain, neat hand and i* correct at figure.*. Address box I.73"! New York Post office, stating salary expected and references. WANTED?'iO STOUT YOJNG MEN, OOOK. 8;EW ard and c>oper. lor a ship hound ?n an expedition to the Canary Isand* and coast of Africa RANDALL A COURTNEY, corner of Chamber# and Wcat sts., up stairs. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS MAN AS OROOM, AND one tru-kuian. Apply Ip E B. Kellogg, 10 Broadway. I WaMTED-A respect a ble bov, about is 1 TT years of age, iu a down town olloe Salary $3 per week Address. In own handwriting, with refeteocei, X Y. I.. Herald office. __ WANTED?AN AMERICAN MAN. 40 TO 45, TO ACT as receiver and deliverer ol goods In a bsrdwaie store d'.wn lowu. a man accustomed to handle heavy packages and who can take -of goo Is. Address Hardware, box UJ Herald office, WANTED-A STEADY. HONEST AND INDU8TRIOC8 young man. to make himself useful aud drive a bakery wagon hair hla time, a *hort flis ance in the oouutry; wagei from $12 to $13 per month and board Address box No. ltw Herald office, with testimonial of character WANTBD-A FIBST CLASS RETAIL DRUGGIST. TO go to Chicago. In nitre for particulars of W. 1. Hoyt 84 Maiden lane, between the n.jrs of 8 and 10 A. M. WANTED-A BOY ABOUT 10. AT THB LAMP SHOP 4* Greene si _ _ W ANTED-A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 17 TEABS OLD. to 0|>en oysters and assist in a bar; also, an assistant hostler. Apply to W. H. Florence. McComh s Dam, IWth al. aud 8ih are WABTl'D?TWO BOYS. 15 YEAB3 QF AOB: WAOEB first year $I9\ Apply to James A. Hearn A Son. 770 Broalway." _ ' ANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE AMERICAN BOY, about 14 yeara of age, in a slock broker ssffice. Ap ply at 17 Wiillatu st., room 21. between U and 12 o^look. WANTED-A RELIABLE, HONEST BO* ABOUT 10 years old. to run of errands and atsisi In lendiug In a jewelrv store, he must b! pleasing, reside wlttt his parents aud bi tag the beet of referenoea. Apply at 425 Canal s^ WANTRD-A SMART, ACTIVE BOY, OB YOUNO man. In an Importing and jobbing house. Inquire at S38 Broadway, ioom No I. WANTBD-A CLERK TO ATTEND A UEOCERY AND liquor store. A|-ply at tsl 8r0j>iue si^ WANTED?A TIDY KOUNO MAN OB BOY TO OI'EN oysters and mak~ bimselt generally useful In a res taurant. App'y tor three days at 170 Fuilon St.. Brooklyn. WANTKD-AN bxpeb1enced SALESMAN AD dress with reference and atatlug ?,uallacatlona. Ac.. box 4.424 Post office. __________________ WANTED-A STEADY YOUNO MAN, TO ACT AB assistant bookkeeper snd make himself geuera lly uae ful la a broker s and exchange office. Salary ttrst year $400. Beet of reference required. Address, enclosing 75 OenU. for Ibis advertisement, Exchange Broker Herald office. WANTED?IN AN OFFICE. A SMART, INTELLIGENT lad. One who can write a good band and come well recommended may apply to Baker A Smith, Bo. 182 Centre st. oaruer of Heater. yy ANTED?fob THB RETAIL, A FEW FIRST CLASS sa 8T?^rART ? CO., Broadway and 10th st. WANTKD-AN ACTIVE TOUNO MAN. AS BOOK keeper; to on. that will suit a aood salary will be I paid; must have good references. Address inclosing 80 c;nts for this advertisement. Contest. Herald olllee \lfANTED?A good ACTIVE LAD. WILLING TO TV make himself grnersl.y useful; references indispen sable. Call at 712 Broadway. WANTBD-AN INTELLIuBNT GERMAN WHO <'AN speak English, to drive a soap wagoo; must come well recommended. Apply st to Barclay ?t., upstairs. WANTRD-A GOOD OROOM AND WAGON WASHER to woiktn a .ivery stable; steady employment and ?nod?agesioa M>ber. smart man, at Washington st , ioboken. WAITERS?A Fl-.W (SOOD WAITKRS ARB WANTED. A IS" a boy 10 Hmt ;i?bles Apply it: .0 Dry St. WANTED?8IX GOOD SALOON WAITERS'. $7 I'KB week each. an<I two good . en cooks, to go 10 Phila delphia. C?il at HbNDEh&ON S office. 73 Nassau St., this moralM, whs the employer c^n bo seen WANTED-A YOL'NO Man tu take CHAKOE OF koop skirt framing Is lory. one who has some knowl edge of tlie Mm* notl ?.soof machinery an I Hi*o to keep account of mm ? time and muke hlmse'f generally uief il. Apply after 9 o'clock to W. U. Uoppock. 2.1 sr., corner of S.d st r Wanted?a lad for orrics and stobk du ties, one ac?< .aintiM witli the city rm<l who can bring food rrfaiences t;*li at SI Fulton st.. between 4 and 3 P M to .lay. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS PENMAN AND AC < o intant wishes employment for ihr cor four boars oarb evening AhMW.. t ox ij Wll laauburg Post ofllce. ll'ANTKD -A yOlNU man FROM TUE COINTRV ff desires a situstlon in s< nt? wholesale house or oUice. w pre he can rue >u tb.' bus'acss, Lai betn wilting iu an oflic* In the country or three wan past, ar.d can g ve the best of references. Aridrets < W A. Herald o'lice. WANTED?A TOl'NU MAN. ONE WHO CXDBB ths csre of h. r?e? ami to as.lst in the garden. Apply at 11 Veacy st . from '"f A. M. lot P. M. 117 A*?0-* PRACTICAL FARMER WITH A IM \LL IT ramllT, to take charge of-t t,o<i<l farm la West-lisxter ? o'lntv on shares. Adders with references, Ac. l>?x #,'>.'7 New ?ork Po-t office. WANTED?A DRV fiOOI'S SALESMAN AT M-T.L hintiev .t Stewart's. 19' i-'ulwa st., Hro <kiyn Not.* need app y eicept those who are thoroughly so.( ami d wit the retail business. Apt >7 between the hour* of - 12 A M. Waiters wanted-all persons IfQAOlO for ti e ?t*?ard s department of the t?an tary Fa r xvI'l assemble this (Friday) mitiiiO'D, at2oc.ock in f .11 dtess. J. A. WOOD. S'enard. IVASTLD-A married man to work tn a ?t iiverv stabls. ?h nod- r*uu 'i hi* bu?lna?e No others Be"'! apply. Call at 5s Ll?jen?M it . be'ween the iiours of 9 and PI o clock A. M IVANTED?A fOt'NO MAN ABO T 16 OR IT TEARS TT of age as attendant upon a gentleman lefcrtag 'or Eu. Good r-ferenc** eipect-.l Addiass lor three .ta\? H. R. Herald oftlc*. _______ \trANTED-A man. as PORTKR in a retail drt Tf goods store, and to rleep in IB* s-ore Applr. after 9 o'clock in the moralng, to U B Clare A Co , Nns 57 and M Catharine st. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE BOT. IN A WHOLE ssle clothing bo'iae. Addicts has 170 Herald WANTED-A tnOROCOH. SOHBH. IMDl STRIOI B first cia?? stableman (a m?rrt*<t man. w'thout Incum branoe), ?* take chart* *f aad asset la the w is of too stables ?f a horn* Inf.rmary One who is perfectly co.upe tent au.t can brina references ol uD.isu.ab.e oharaaer, a* to honesty sobriety,Industry aa<l '?]aanun*?e, also of being fully o mpe'ent of taking chartti rtbf *U.t* sit stlon. can applf to Thome* n. Rhodes, H West Mth st f.? a men and his wife, or cl**aty and Indnstrio is habits, good wages win be given. a WaNTKD-A MINING Sl'PEBlNTENDKNT AND overseer, in every war <*pab e f msn??lng a miae. Apply at 29 Wllllatr street, third (!cor, ri cm Jfo. 1. bet?e*a the hours n f 10 and > o clock. _ fl*ANTED?A FIRST CLASS Rt'TLKR. AT If EAST W st. A?#lf '? the morning l>etwe?a IU and 12 o'clo*k. ^rrAVTED-A MAB, WHO HAS BEEN I SED TO W cooking in s restaurant and can make himself gen*, rail* useful; none bnt a good honest one < eed srP'T Call ? th* rSstaiirant cimt of ifch st. aad BrosdwaV* from K> to 2 o'cloc k. - ?XPMESfllCII. OUBBaAM B.BCMITOM ?XPBB88, Bl BNHAM ? ij foralttiraBipreoa, Bitrnham s Furnitur* Eipras*. IIS West Blerenth str*et. between Fifth and Slith atenues, ?urtitMr*storad All *la is of furniture botad and shipped ruraMvrs ? fhB>>?** to th* ?itr or to tb* country* HELP WAWTED-FEHALEIi A first class oook wantbd-in a phi tan family; ilmiorw, oce Who understands plain k? ln? Appeal 76 Harttajnav AFBVALR ASSISTANT TO A BHIRT CUTTRB ??Ml'd ? One ? h ? h chad exierieuce lu collar out ting p:eferr*d Apply to Lewis A Beacord, 773 Bioadway AaBRHAN FIRST OL\88 COOK WANTKD-TO OO for ibe summer a ahort distance lu the couairy; fa niJ? ?mall Inquire before II A. M. at 255 Mti aire.. eorner or 2Slli at City reference* required AOOLOBKD OIKL WISHES A SITUATION TO OO to go lo California lo wao on a lady or aa ohlld a ?urat er lu auy capacity a lamlly would wis!. Call for tw<> day* ?l No. 6 Weat lil at. basement. AT CI BLEECKRR ?r ?WANTED. TO-DAY. TWO good waitiesses a woman to do plain cook in* and on* for general housework, to go a ahort distance iu tUu c juutry. A NUMBER OK PIKST CLASH COOKS. COOKS TO wnah c au.beruiai'ia, laundresses, waitresses. uuraea, seamstresses, bouse wor .eis arc wanted to lill good situa tions iu city an.l countrr al Mrs. WlllTFIIiLD t> (formerly or the Church Home). 337 4th av., between 23tU and Mth ata AS IRONBR.-WANIBD. FOR A FIRST CLASS HO teliu iheoly. a good Irouer. Antily at Bedell's, Sl/7 4tb ave. BONNET FRAME MAKBR3.-S0J OOOD I1AND8 CAN Uud steady employment at 70 cruu per dotea. Work given out. Apply (o George A. Oo?.^H Leonard at.. II T. (lOLORBD HELP WANTED-A BUI'ERIOR COOK. J wbo understands liar business thoroughly, must cook everything and anything. To a s >ber woman ttiia la a rare ebaaoe. Also a good c.iamberinall Apt ly Immediately at everything and aaytbiug. To a siber woman thia la a rare chance AUo a good c.iambermal 1 Ap; ly US Bast 8th at., between Broadway and 4th i CLOAK AND MANTILLA MAKERS WANTBD IMMB diatoly.?Girts who undorstand their busineas will jpI go >d pay and ateady employment. Apply to Arnold. Ooa slable A Co.. coiner or Canal and Mercer ata. Butraaoe lo worU. room 47 Howard at. (tOOK WANTBD -A NEAT, TIDT WOMAN, A FIRST J rate cook, washer and inner, for three ia a family; must be well recommended from her laat place; city refo renee. Apply at SI Eaat Mth atreet, between Mallaon tad 4th ava, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.. at baaement d or. DRESSMAKERS WANTED?THE BEST WAG KB paid; alio, an apprentice; steady work all the seasona Apply until suited at 24 10th at., betwoea 6th and 6lh are. E1R8T CLASS DRE83MAKBR8; ALSO A OOOD OPE ralor on Whectur A- Wilson a aewlag machine wanted immediately. Apply at 65 Blecoker at., east of Broadway. Ij'EMALKS WANTKD? AS WEAVERS. IN A COTTON . mill at a pleasant village near Hartfori Conu I'ami lies or single hands, females prefer.eJ Good teii'ineuta. with rarJens. at low rents. Apply to W. Witlaid, 170 Waafe ingtou at (IfRLB. IP VOD WANT THE BBST OF SITUATIONS X lor any liranch or housework you like, iu first claat families hotels and boarding houses, with good wages aud comloriable nomes, in city ur country, call immediately al tie large Bmployuicut 11 uuse 13o 11 th at., corner 6th av Girls and bovs wantkd-to attend twin* and alioe thread inachinery; also a good mau. to take charge; one accustomed to the busluese. Apply al 9G Heck man at. or al Sdii and 38-t Bieecker at. MR9. M C GRKKN'S AOENCV FOR DOMK8TICS. 96t Uro ulway, has the liest of calls for city aud Country, and h (heat wages. Wauted, help of o - ery calling at lill M ILLINER.?$10 TO $12 PER WEEK. STEADT KM ploymeui HiveII Address box ?tS$7 i'ost o:iicc Ml 1.1,1 NER ?$15 TO $18 PER WEEK. AND ST&ADY employment, for a person experienced in ani aocua t >uied to Orel eloss work. A .diesi> box 2.267 Post o.HC'.a. Nurse wantkd?protestant woman, who can aew: Bntilish preferred; ctiy relerence required. Apply st 161 MadKon av., between 10 and 2 o'clock. Nurse wanted-(Protestant preferred); must be a at^a ly woman and com|)eteiit to take car* Ofanlntanl. Call Immediately, with good reference, at 99 2d place, corner of Couit st., Brooklyn CHIRT HANDS WANTED?THOSK WHO IINDBM O stand finishing fine work, to woi'k in the shop, al Uniow Adams', No. 637 Broadway. WANTED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILf, A PROFESSBO IT German cook; ahe u require.I to know her business Ul all Its branches and to produce the best of city refereswaa from her last place. Addroa-i. staling where an intervlaw can be bad. Cook, bo* 193 Herald office." WANTBD?QIRLB. TO PACK TOBACCO. __ 2Q9 Water s?. w APPLT AT ANTBD-A OOOK. WA88BR AND (BONBR, IN A small family. Apply at 97 Madison av. WANTBD?10 OR I! DRESSMAKERS; MONB BUT good bands. Also 2 apprentices Apply at *3 Bteeckac at, up stairs. WANTKB-A FIRST OLA8S CHAMBERMAID AND laundresa. Best city rciarenc's lejmrcd. Apply altor 10 o clock this day at 14 West S3d st. 1X7AITRES8 (COLORI D) WANTED-IN A PRIVATB TV family The situation woaM be permanent for a suitable itersoa. Undoubted cftv relerence required. Apply at It Cedar st.. between 10 and 4 o'clock. WANTBD-A LADT. TO LBARN THB ABT ON coloring photographs; arter two weeks' Instruction, of one hour per day, work will be given out. Ivorytvpaa, Drawing and Painting taught, at 713 Broadway, room IV. * 21 2: KON1Q8BERO. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL. TO DO OHAMBERWOBK and lake care of two sm >11 children. Oood oity lefe ronces Inquire at 46 Clarkson st. WANTBD-AN INDUBTRIOUS TIDT OIRL. TO UO genesal housework, without auy waaiilng and iroa ing; ahe must be a snod plain cook; city reiarencca required. Apply at 186 East lMh st WANTBD?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILT, A chamoermaid and seamstress; must know h.iw to em broider. Apply, with reference, at Carlton av., third bousa from t atbush av. WANTBD?IMMEDIATELY, A PIN8 SEWER. WHO cau make a nice button hole, and can, if requl ed, oc casionally <lo some plain stitching on Wbee'er A Wilson'# se * Ing machine. To such a permanent situation is offered, with goo I pay Apply to Mis. C. Morrta, No. 4 Amity at. private door. WANTBD?A OOOD COOK. WA8HBR AND IRONBB; willing and obliging; wages $4 Also a chambermaid and waitress; wagea $7. Apply, with reference, at ? Weak 20th at ANTBD-A* LADY 8 MAID. ONB WHO ONDEff. slan is hair dressing and her duties thoroughly. Beat reference required. Apply at room 14$ Uramerey Park Houae. WANTED-A FIR8T CLASS LAONDBEBS. WITS the beat of city reference. None other need appt/. Address Laundress, Herald oillce. WANTED A YOUNU GIRL TO COMB BV THB day. to lake care of a child four yeara old. Apply f? two days to Mra Praucie. 21 Lispenard st ? WANTBD-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, POB OBM eral bouaework lo a small private fa tally; will m la the country a short distance 1st or Mar. Apply at 147 Waal 26th St.. to Mrs D T. Atwoo.l. WANTED?Nl'RSK AND SE.VM^TRF.RS ONE WHO can come well recommended Apply at 191 Henry at. Brooklyn. , WAN I Ell?A PROTECTANT WOMAN, FOR OKNK ral housework in ? private family la the couuty , II competent and trustworthy nrit rate wagea H. A. it HOW N. 44; Broa laay, up atalra. WANTED-IMMEDIATELV. TWO GOOD M1LL1NBRB an>l two api reni.coi. utbcral wagea given. Apply at 711 tfroaiway upttalr*. IT'ANTED-A GOOD OIRL FOR CENERAL IIOUSE tt work; ?i.? muat al?o nn.l' riian I waabing and irnmnc. Snh may applj at 116 IVaat toib tu. between 7th and 8t? a. enur*. WANTED-A WET NURSE. WITH AFRESH BREAST of rallk. Clly reference required Apply at l->7<'lia ton street, Browklvn. aecond houte from Baltic atreel WANTED-TWO GIRLS WHO ARE WILLING TO DO the work of a private family of nix; mutt be gootf wvtl.iTs and iroueri, alto a girl of lourte'n aa nuree Ref er-nee* required. Apply at No 7 Murray Hill Parka, near Mth at IV ANTED-A OBRMAN OR PROTECTANT OIRL, IK ?T a very email family. to do waablug. Ironing and sea*, ral bouaework. To a good atrt good ?age* will be given, liiuulf at I4n Writ 21tt at. near ithav., between 9 and IS A. M.. b>ae mcdi iloor Ur ANTED? A NURSE FOR A LADV AND FEEBLK infant: an eiierien e<| elderly, pleataat womaa. Proteatani American scotch or Kn?l|?h, with gool reier enoe. wanes moderate. Apo yat ?f?b ?t.f sou-beast corner of 1 t.i av. UrANTED? A YOUNG LADY. AS TRAVELING COB ??anion tor a t?cil* an I wife About making a tour Hirnu.b Europe At ply pe: tonally lor two days ba t ivpen the hour* o! 12 and I 1 clock, at tba o:lire 01 Nathaniel I Orr M Jotaa st . N Y TVaNTBD?A NEAT, TIDY OIRL TO DO THB OSNE 1 Tv ral houaew rk of a tmull faintly. She muat lie a goo4 washer an I lr ner and l<na?( too'! city relerrm ee. Apply ?? 14 Warren place, Oarlee at WANTEP-A OIRL AS COOK. WASHER AND IROIf I TT er; good <11 v reference ber :att place. Call 1m medlatei> at W Welt It'dh at,, near 6th av. WANTED-A GOOD L.UNDRESS; ONE WHO UR Tf derrands fluting anil can come well 10c .111, men dad Arpl? at l< 3 Eati 27th it , totween ite hour* of 10 and II o'< lock A N.^ ___ WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIF.L, AS SBAMSTBESB and chambt rmaid m .tt hare a koowledg* of dieaa itiHklng. city referenda r?u ilre<!. Apr r for three days at 121 Watt 42a ?!.. betweea > and It' o clock A. M. U 'ANTED?A C.OOD COLORED OIRL AS COOR washer and iraner Oca well recommended may as ply at a Weil R'tb at. ANTED-A HOOD MILLINER APPLY FOR TWO dayi at lo7 4io at w WANTED-A GIRL TO AS.4I8T III ORNEBAla ? haisework and willing to m *kt her?elf generally aaa f 11I None others seed apply at 4?? Unison at . between* and 111' 1 !"<?* t\r ANTED-AN E.1PPR1ENCED, CARf-PUL AND IN T* vlligeni child's n ime, one wbo i-an oome wall rarom* mended will find a good situation tnJ good wage* Apply at /HA 5tb at. ____ 1 WAfTED-A NURSE. COMPETENT TO TaRB CAR* Tf oMkn infant, tau maathaold. an Amemmn or Bag* 1 lab woman prefeiraS; go^d referenoe required. App y at 126 Eaai ,;4tb at., f.rat bouse east of 8d av. W'ANTED-A |?IBI' TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY TT and do llgat rt.amtverw'rk Wag?a ?rt Apply bo. t ataen lu A. M. and I P M. at Uu Baat I Jib at WABTBD-A CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESB. COOR. TT laundrota. wurae and teatr.*trfu for a Brat elaaa pri vate famtlj, who pay the blcteet wagea Apply at No 1 Weat lltfc at., ??v?r?l doort from Broadway 'rora ,otc * Wmm ajntbd?a wet nurse with a prbsh bbeabI nf milk. Good city refera?cealadlapentabia. Innulr* after It o'clock. at>t. Germain Hotel, corner of aaS S2d at., room 74 WANTED-A GOOD TEMPERED GIRL, k* PHA*? ber maid and wal'ram; one who la wllUng to mak? hereelf generallr uaoful ru? refrranoM rfoulred 4mHf ?I 1E> Wgat SWi M,

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