Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1864 Page 5
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IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. Extending the EIrctive Franchise to Voters in Hie Army and Navj. Important ???elopment? and Ad mission. of ^ offlce? Over Votes of the Soldiers. Elections ii Camp Repudiated aud the Proxy Kasis Approved. thb militia akd supply bills. *?., *??? u< Ai.t'ANY, March 31, 1W4 goiuiKxa votwu. Tb. bill 10 extend the eieottve franchise to the qualified WytNWM.I-0. m tbe army and navy came un la the Assembly under special ordora. Vhe House Zni S Committee of the Whole on the bill, and it was lid through by aectio. a. As .oon as the reading waa completed Mr. Gieaaoa. republican, moved to .trik. out the title, and made a very senaible and practical ?P#?^ ?galn.t the bia. Tb.a measure, as It now appears on the Vie of the members, provide, that an election thould be Held in the several camps where soldiers from this> State *r. located oo tbe same -la, that the general elects 1b Iield in the State. Mr. Gl.-aaon, in hta speech, ahowed very plainly that it would b.? unliable to prevent , frauds or to tali whether those voting were all en Allied to voto He waa rol.owed in the same etrain by Mr. C?>rP. P-Mrer. of St. Lawrence also t^Rte rilJT. JK. ".vorolwho proxy K?$2 IT? feys. C.JU ZIati?*tihev.U-uW bo registerod under tho ii&eilr^law?the gold tor to vote by proxy, but no V& revived unU-aa the n rue .t the soldier ber^Uor o<1 Ho <>pp>eO?t\oi.ntf i.) ?? anp, on the ground tuut t ?aa w# limn thai tho ..Ulcere of the arinv would o ThVtwec^tTol theToie b it he desired them to vote Jn a manner aud ??)' that >. nut the vote waa received hi the poll*. Ihls poiut hag bee" lmid nil nl,jim by damocrita, but n t until to d>y h \e Alio ronublicU'a admitted tli?? such wo rd be the rusjilt, tor that the (Ucera o, the army would control tho votes 5?r Parker bavins l.ocn .in ol <?r in Hie volunteer aervir? tandrt^UJT the I al.itura by the republicans. bi? fetatcmeuu we almoin on aiof great Importance and Mainocb u bin tnm .or -rded with tbow on the side X tha HoJJo ?bo prec d.d him. and by t.'Ponnol , iWtliiAms w??1 others who foiljwod, it was taken as cti "SlilSe republican, did no, deMro ^ ather Uila bill, aud that the |.r.*v ?v-tern, with auflioieut guard saK^ni it to nrover.t fr&uU8. waa preferred by tte.n. filer'la rtSk?dinoawl n the tommittee roee on a. m^Uon to report pog**. When in the House a ^MMMWuandiT to refer it to a special committee, ol ^W ?tbo s"alca-o, .be \s,embly .bonld ba a member tti.d obalrmm. ThU tnoti n waa curled. Mr Jv?*vcr VNihythe bill considered in Committee o(_tbe Who!.3 3Mr??r asrraT r. Webber and Healy They are instructed under the reso lution to perfect a bi.l and retort It < n or baiore April i, The developtSeat. this morning show a ^posttio. t" ntane ar >un I this aubject orotection against Srbtob S? certainly pr.liwor-liy lhe bill before the iAKMinbly this morning is oj eu to all manner of frauds, ft fact noder its tb. could the Soldi -ra rrcm Pen eylvan:. and any other St .to Vot? oo candidates in thi- State and then turn around And have the New York soM'-vi vot. lor candidates run. kin. in Peonaylvacta Vhe whole nrmy could be turned C?. voting niachire nrat o-.tmg the entire vot. in itne Mate and then turn arouud and vote In another . tati. 2nd w on throttib ti.e whole eimpter Its settlement to Iday ana the discs' i^n not to entertain the bill is cer *talnlr a hopeful sun * TI1K M MTIA. \ The new Militia bi I waa rw^t t.<o~ ?ip l" Committee or Ibo Wnolo and reJd ti r mgli. N o .imendments wereotlerejl br conaldered, a'tlioMzli i' l~ ku'*n that several a-i eud aianU have beeu pre >r?d. ? l?? ? omml'ti-e, however, repotted pr>ir.>* .. it,-bill, tor the rurpose- f riving membeis on o ; o ? t> ?? lo p ?-t th.'tixe vea up ?o Its proviwon.. Ttie H- *ae:i *ae.t into ( omn:itteo or th. Whole oa Til ? f I V V I It. This meanure, wh'.<-1 la "> ?: e ? r; o-o ',fiT>ri,v'lf1' ?'f l' the d-'tcteuciea in tb- ' M> ;oi?.iitioo bid. wt* considered ?t ninth ie A * e t d-a. i dti to T ? eoi In wrangling rvr the i i v. t > i t in. .t .an ? y Committee prop"-e a'l men- ?n-ei ttinejn* t?? the bill be Fore tho other ir.embers -b?'; .l luvo lhe privilege of of fermg atneu Imai.ia. A a - .t of t.. ter reeling *... engendered over it Tl e !>? ? at l.-ngtb j rocreaaed nu t Ml down fjr th a e\ enin.' Ttr- cho at ? ; aa 'ti^At' an Aflhrt was t'i. le to re ei 'ti * bi Ikuoan as ttic t ro^.* to? t^ir Tdblk tVthc .... i'<'9o, to report caaplete ifter aaBort den.ii? >iio subject wa*, by a largo vote, laid oo the table, touoti to tno surprise of the InoodaoT the meisure th* Wii.t l*nc fKiear*. The .landing commttteea or the ,i?,iiale reported a lame number oT bills this tn"ru:u^. M .* or tbem were mea Eth't already i?'?ae I H o House and local m^t Tb. bill am *n iiuii tbe .diarUr t?i tb. 8lx|).ony in Bank whicb bu tHfel tbe /wmt>ly,w?a r? jfJdtSre.7y to The b tl t? red.c. be mptt.l of tbe fiS^ RTveTand ?p,:yten ' nyvil Navtsatloo t omi.eny W^r.*2^fAwr4|'rution bill bad Its flo.l re?dir? in ?AT^ Tb. bill to facilitate tne jen?m?lon of land for the pur. note of constructing a :e?ervoir to furnish the residents Cfib.-iKaTecdotManl.att n sand with < rotonw.ter Wa. eoaSdwed in Co-rmitt' e or tho \>bol. In toe senaie, *>ut fln^iy pro?re?-?d. .nd w?s nude tbe s; eci.l order for noit WcdnMday , APrO'TTV.KN'Ta I T Tint C<)\ .8* *? T?w? nnmicatious ma le t>v the (iovernor for Bankine a^wuV^ ^SnS sriKe SnlTo^e :r.Vn ' <v? T^^nnr hai un iue?t ?n O.iy tiaen thi. step for the pur K c!":n7w e-nie -i' dorat.nJlng in regard to tbe tonflrmuli t: of the com natp.ns made. When tbe iv>?ri'. ration, w.rc annomced in e.e- utivo session in tbe Senate ?Mtorday thera *as no Uttte o,r;nee Swatorewonnd ibe flrd. looked at eicn other with auapieton, .ud Imagined ihnt nnt a^rt of rtng *ad b-*n f. rmed which Included everybody but tbemS he. and w.ltlng to ,*e who would lead off Unai.y th.r began to teel their wny, Wod It was Mcertatned t: at tl.ev were not so badly hur ?a they .iperted. A? '.r a? davelopmente have be-t made, treoe of the Senators appear to beerun tb;; secret Hothlnr b^s yet tra spired that Indlratw anj ESera. Sreemo. t bet*.-en tb. and Governor on f iture ap^otofnenU. ll.e tero.s of eeveral or),, lai., ?tich ?? h*ri?or mmstrrt, fcc., expire from the 16tL to tbe and or April. >nd un'??e some agnement Is made and thetr pla<-ee fillwl before the Ie*t lat.ire Tdpiurertb. Covernor wbl have tbe power appoint ?ome or'tbom witliout the coortrioatUn o( tbe **?ate-. the I^i^Uttire rtmniti in session until utter tt*? ? \bS?75tetoI. expire. In that ease lhe rreMnt incumbent, wi" h?ld ovor. Aa three omel.taare reoublicns tbe public re>>d not look for tbe i.nal ad tournment oT this l.cgidat ire before about the U Vlfrtt. I Coetl of Appeal.. AiraV. , llarrb ^0, 1M4 I Tb. Mliwing I? the cilendar of the <>Jirtor AppenU for Friday. At rli t ?No.. 2.. W, 51, 31, AJ. 54, 34 .. 51. 00 and 01 Interest top from New Mexico. I?*rvK>< CtTT. March 31. ISA I. Dull ?c papers of tLe Kith -ay that on the night of the 14th one wtog of tbe Cat It-1 buildings was destroyed by tire Valuable [*per? Ic very important law cue- were dsetroyed. i Toe Gattf' nji that le'toM p\ esk encour*(,-m?;lj- oi the fer.sona foi l inlDi. Another Oiiht mu- re o te.1 i? im\o taken pi ice in S<ntbweatero New Mimic > b- t ?e.-n ?ur troops *0'l the Apaches. (H the latter loriy dro were killed Major McKorria chief ot (?or.or?l OuloiouV staT. had arrived. He report* itie unconditional surrender it the dntlro NavaJ'J Nation n;rot>eriim nearly si* tboi;?aiid In illan*, who sre l>e'ni c>l e ie-l it Fort S'imeer. A< me of them have large flocks, tv:t the majority of thorn are in n destitute co di'ioa. To o d thein c.euer.t' Canaton b i? f>een obliged to put the tro p? on li()f ration*. Colonel Caruso 18 U hi* ? charge of the Indian* until (bay are lurnod over to th > lidian Bureau. lntrrrat tnu Criminal Matter*. Comcluhion or Tin r.vr matlirw* .-tatbino inui iwHt or t.RMRA'. aanqotr* Before Keoorder MofTtnan. > Mabcu 31.?This bclnc the mat day ?(tbe term,a nim tier of prisoners who bad been ccnvlcted dorlog the we<k ?ware brought up to hare their .-a*** tlnsilr dlspo?ed of, f Tbe first case di*j>"ae-l < f ws.? that of .lobn Rerrolds, who, ta Octot>er, 1*>V2, wax '-onrioted of maorlaugnier '.a the third degree <n an Itid'ctmeut charging bim vltb havingctuaod the deatbof the notorious I'it Maltiew*. it will be remembered that Mhidows, in coni)?nr with home frlendi, male and remain, bad been nut to Htryker s |tiyone night tbe winter previous, and on returning il <wn tho Third aranje was ?et -iron by a number of fcnea, and durlog tbe inel<e Mathews wan (UMied by JRsynolda The cue bad i-een < arried to the Sii.reme Aourt oo a writ of error. * here trie sentence of u,n Court %i (toners) rieMion* wis re.ttirmed, and tbo prisoner wm jeot to tbe mate Tricon for two tear* Alexander Pougberiy, ?h > bad pleaded guilty to mac Slaughter lo toe fourth decree, wm wot to ttia State Pri boo for two year*. ~ Kranote tin Inn had tdcitded guilty of annulling John Mi chaels with a daageroua wuup a, .nd waa setil to tbe Male Frlsoo ror Are yean. f Thomas Murphy, a monger of tbe light-Angered /"rater Jhtty, very resjoetahlj attired. had pleaded guilty of pa i t larceny trom tbe person. Tbe Recorder, In passing (sentence, aald be should bare been inach more severe with bin but for tbe sake of bis friends. Re wsi sect to lbs rtuio Prison ror two years Kmma niair,a courtesan, wbo bad ponded guilty of fobbing a soldier of upwards of three hundred dollars, WM seat to tbe Penitentiary for one year. Tbe Court taea MllournM mmt <tu, NEWS FROM THE 80UTHWEST. Movements mt the lie be la under Porrcat , Langatrvrt ?nd Uuckatt, At. LoirwiLLi, Ky , March 30, 1864 About ono hundred or the rebel lorce uuder General Forrest cioesed the Cumberland river at Eddyville yea tar day. An officer direct from Ka?t Kentucky reports that a large force of rebels is concentrating at Pound Gay, uudor Geueral Uuckuer. He says tbe rebol* carry live days' rations and forage, aud ho thinks tbat an extensive raid will be made koto the heart of ICeutucky The rebel forces which evacuated Bull's Gap several dayssfece have moved north. It is preiumed that tboy have either goue to join General Longgtroot iu Virgiuiior to effect a juuction with General Buckner at Pound Gap. Loouvuxa, March 31,1B84. Military authorities here state tbat of tbe rebels who crossed tbe Cumberland at Eddyville receully, several have been capturod aud others bavo giveu tbemselvos up under the amnesty proclamation, and ths romaindor aro scattered. Ko further apprehetisiou Is had from Forrest's force Two or three hundred mouutod rebel* have ap;*earod in Keotucky, this aide of Pound Gap, supposed to be covering the advaoce of l/>ugstrcoi'a forces. Our troops aro ready for them In wbatevor numberA they present themselves. Ksoxviilb, Tenn., Msrcb 28. 1364. About sixty rebel deserters have come iutoour linos dur<ng tbe past wook, m king a total of over 1,100 for the past three months. They state that all Geueral Loogstreet's baggage has been sent back towards Richmond, aud that bis whole force was under mar< liln; orders Ijut night a party or about forty guerillas captured a Mr. H Fester, or Plount county, aud cirrieJ him off in the direction of Maysville. Knoxvili.k, March 31,1S84. Tbe rebels, after destroying the trestle at Hall's Gap, fell back beyond Greenville. 1 hoy took up the wugou and railroad bridge across Sick crcck and earned off a porilou'of the rails aad lelograpb wires. Deserters continue to como in, aud roport tbat large numbers are trying to m.ike their way into the Uulon lines. Parson Br willow telegraphs from Kuoxville thai Geo. Sherman left tbia morning for Chattanooga after return ing from tbo front. All is quiet at Masiy ('reek. Kuoxville 13 so well forti fied tbat wo could hold it against l/-o's army. I<oug*trt'ei'B forcon are at Watauga, more than one htiudrod and Qvo miles east of hero. A forco of cava'ry remains at Gull Gap to p-otect the retroat. I ain still of tl:e opiniou tbat the rebels aro intendieg forthwith to make a raid int > Kentucky. AITalrs at Chnttnano^a. ( iNCTNtriTi, March 31, 1184. A def p ti b rrom Chattanooga aivs:? Generals abermau, t?ranger, Mci'herson, Sheridan and Barry were in council all day at tbo boadqtiarlors ot General Ihomas. All was quiet at Ringgold. Genera's Granger and Sheridan went to Knoxvlllo on tbe 29th inst. Interesting fro in Fort Smith. Ark. TUIRTY THOUSAND UNION TROOPS HWKKt'.NJ fciOt/TII WAKD?LOCATION ASDSTIlBNUrU OF THK BBBE/.8? LOYALTY OF THE CHIKJTAW INDIANS, ITO. Four Smith, Ark., March 30,1844. About ten thousand effective troope have gono south from this district. The whole number In the department, under General Steele, now moving southward, is from thirty thousand to thirty live thousand, sufficient to orerjwwer any robtil iorce opposed to tbem. A scout from General Price's rebel army roports tbat General Cabell's rebel force, composed of eeve-a or eight regiments, is fifteen miles this aide of Washington, Mo. The rebel troops were bolng movod towards Camden. Tbe rebel Geueral Gaao has some sevon to eight thou sand Toxans at Tennersport. The rebel Generals Marmaduke aod Shelby are at Cam den. The rebels aro well supplied with clothing, and an Im portation of boM9J Iron Fnjlmd has just reacUo I them at Camion. A large number of negroes aro being oonceatnted at < am Ion. Quantretl Is south of the R:d river. Governor Edwards, of theG'joclaw Nation, has issued i proclamation, urging the Indium o? that triba to return to their ai:?glance to ths government and repossess thorn selves of what ttoey have lost during tbe past three yoars by associating themselves with the most accursed foe* (hat ever polluted tbeir country. 'I lie Battle at Paducalt, Ky. BARBARITT OF TBS KBBRLS?A WOMAV Mt'RDBRKD ? OTHERS M.ACKD BBTM'BtN THE FIRS OF THE OF FOSIMO roiuiH, arc. St. Lovm, March 31,1894. A despatch from Cairo says:? R*be; prisonsrs state that the mala body of Forrest's isrce, wbicb waa ordered (rom Jackson, Tenn., to l'a ducab, bad returned, Colonel Hicks, the Union command er, being strong enough to repulse any attack. During the flglit %i I'aducab lbs rebels took Mrs. Ham mood from the hospital and murdered her. Mrs. Uamll too, Mrs. Howard, Mrs Cagan aud Mrs M Chorg were ?'??> taken to tbe front, placed betweon the two tires, and kt?r t there an bour. Tbeir dresses were perforated with bullets Wbile ibe rebel f) tg of truce was moviog tor a an! the rpij_'!? disposed tholr forces for action Oar men bad ceased tiring for fear that tbe women would be killed. A man has been arrested on tbe steamer Anderson bav in,; in hit possession tbe tresbly taken ssalp of a whito man, supposet to have aeion^ed to one or our soldiers. Several persons have been arrested as *pi.-s Among them arc twn wi'men Abandonment or Camp Nctaian. l/> svni.s, Mirch :tt. 1444. The I.exiti. tou (Mit'.vr says Camp Nelson, owing to tbe 'banco ot base for supplies, ha- been evaciated and tbe military at res bave been removed to Nashville A rumor prevailed at I^xington on Tii 'Sday that many buildings at Camp Ncltf n bad hem destroyed b> lire but this assertion is ill??rcdl'*1. ?tetxnrr of Soiithern Books at St. l<oait Rtnklng or tlie Meaner Florenie. St. U>ri?, March 31, 18)4. The ITovoat Marshal (imcral bag ordered tbe seit'ire of 'vilard s "Southern History of tbo War," tue t^iofeder ne 'HMECtal Reports," tbe "f.t'e of Stonewall Jackson," ??Morgan and His .Men," and all pibliratious base 1 upuu u bei ln:orm?tl n circulating or for sale in this de,>at t ment. Ibe ??teimer Klorenr.i tank In the Missouri river A Monday. .?he is v ilu<d at JoO.OOO. and was losured for ii* too. She waa laden with bacon, hemp and^rain, most of which will lie lost. About two hundred wagons leave St Joseph daily for Idaho. Nttvs from the .Mississippi. inf. MKMI'lUS COTTOK MARKET IN AC 11VI?LATER PEON MEW ORt.KANP, ETC. Cairo, March 3), 1X44. Tbe ttesmer Vn? I'bnt, twenty Ave hours from Mem phis, has arrived with two hundred and seventy-nine ba>s ot cotton for St. Ismts The Memphis cotton market had relapeed into inac tivity: little offering and laautry; rates unebanged. Heoeipte only by wagoo, and limited New ttrlcans i apert ot HmJ-4 contain no news Destruc tive Fire at Rew Liberty, Ky. Lorisvitw, March SO, 1H<>4. Tbe busir,e?i portion of New Liberty, Owen county, Ky , was deetrtyetf by Are on >unday. Kiel)teen families are rendered hmelees the lots was ?bout $150,000 UlMlters to the Pishing Fleet. Boston, March SI, 1*64 Accounts from the fi^hlrg :loet on Georges Banks do scribe a severe gale wbi h occurred tbera on the 33d. which caase*! much damage About one hundred and sixty sail were id tbe vtclnitj at the time Tbe seboooer E.len i ranees was ditmnted and Inst a man. f?iie t?ned to Uloanester by the schooner Miles Mardlsh, f^ev erai other vessels were more or leys damaged Jlailnr Olsastrr off Cnpe tod. Fwcrrowx, Mats., March 81, 11*4 The *blp H >fl'r-.lsblrt, fa<m Ker.Mbt nk for St John, N. B., wb'cb ai cliored in this bay several days am then disappeared, wn? Maf seen oft this place with h.f masis all tone, protaiiiy cat away. A vestal bas gene eat to her. A large vestal was sera about four miles srutbeast ot Chatham light, with toremast and watnniaii gets. and mlsrenmaat atacdmg. Weather very thick. Wind freeb fr m northeast. Ihe brig l.ydia starer, Captain Whitney, from Belfast for Alexandria, with a cargo of bricks and hay, went ?abort at first cliff, 9cltuate,at four o'clock this morn* '?T Hsr orew wsa saved. Tbe vs?Ml It full of * ater, and her keel la gone. Tbe brig Nahant, ashore at Scltuate, drov? up last night daring the fale to near high water mark. Her bot torn la completely ont, aad aba will be a total loss. Her caret! I>fi4?r dock win be moatlv aavad. THE KORTHRUP TRESPASS CASE. Ti'atiiitonjr *f iu Rtrtkrap i CU?r?eter? What DifTcrtfktt People Htm-I'lit Kruknk Mining Co?p??f Klturt to Introduce UUr?i(U| Krl dence, dW. hupi bmk court?oiuouit. Before Judge Barnard Mawih 81 ?Calvin U S'orihrup vs. John G. Fesdrt tmd Cornelia Feeder.?The trial of this iulereaticg causo ?u resumed lo day at (ha usual hour. Th# attoadauce of s|teclaiors was as uumerous a* ovor, and hundreds wore unable to fiud a laud lug room. Aouoxeti Is a report of the proceodiuge ? Johu O. Veeder cross-examined?lu tbo fall of lBfl* ? receive! a telesrapblo despatch from Dr. Fields to come to New York an I see ray daugblor; I came to tho city and stopped at Mr Underbill's, wag engaged in removing the furuiluro on the l'ilh of Deoembor, 1S62, at tha reetdeace of tbe pUiutitt iu West Twenty third street, it was re moved to the bouse of Judge Fonda, lu Fast Tweutf Ibl "?? street, six hags of potatoes were Wkeo fromilbeoellar also a basket ol crockery, did not ?aa ? Mr Nortbrup thore that day; in oat of tbo tbiugs wero rouiovod from the second lloor. . i Q. Did your daughter bring tho*? picture* witbner to Now York? A. When iny daughter iu<ovwl to Cbatu U?Wr* .-cbader?We don't want to hear anything about Chattanooga uow . wo will occupy it baroafWsr. y Was the silver ware you t?? away tho I*?!*?? ' your daughter? A. Yet. her mother give her part of II, and she ho igbt the balance of It with a legacy left bor by her brothor ttie legacy lo quoeuou auiounlod lo on# hundred dollars, many ot lbe armies Ufceuawaf B? wae iMwiiive belonged t? his daughter and the bilanca he beliovod to have been bought with ber money, court ??* say as t.? tup crockery; the gohleis and docaotors were preaooted t. he- by h r reatlves. r?r-r,od >(e direct examination?lbe watch and chain roTerred to iu the luveutory waa inv daughter s person ?l I*?***'' Hho wore it constantly; heard her say it was hers in Mr. N rihi u,is' preoonco an l he did not deuy U. some wtlotea wore r.moted lo tho sidewalk, and then moved h?ck again ou tindi ig out thai they belonged to the plalntiir, toe mistako wan made by the carman Cross ovaniiuaiion resumed?Why was this properly .aIIowihI lo reinaiu at Judge l onda's bouao so long? A. My daughter was undeavuring to iOl a dfvorco, and though. r she succeeded she would go to housekeeping aga n ij Di-l uoi Mr Nortbrup oiler to dlscootiuue J^^Bail If you would give back llie property? A. Ha wanted back all the projterty. and payment for*b*1 ??? Q Was auy of Ihe piO|>urty sold? A. Not lual i nuuw ?f Nicholas Yates, ol ScbeiiocUdy, dopoaed that ho was an Mi-holsteror know Mia* Coruolu Vooder, she pointed uui a lot o( furniture to ui?. wnicb I aopraiiod, tne pro ^"e"apSa?Jd? it as second hand fami turo il was nol all sound, somo ol it beiug broken aud much woru I did u it know anything about ibis case un Uglier the' ippralsemenl; Mr. Veeder asked me lo .P praise the properly; l! the turniluro was uoait would havo boon worih double ihe amount. ? , , <;h .rles C. Smith deposed that ho went to Judgo Fonda s house, at the request ol Mr. Veeder, n* the pioperiy on tho linrd poor, and a fow days alterwards wi'ness wool for Mr Morco r and had iho lurnlluro appraisod. Kraucis Moicior testiiied that ho was a doing busiuoss iu Fourth avenue; wont to Judge Kouda s riou;o with Mr Veeder to apprane tho properly I bete, tbe articles were second baud; I be valuation was made ruferam lo MM. property as w lino** appraised ^YTomVx nfioo^?'g. Has a t property of that character alvanct.d lully ttlty per ceut Binco ISW ((Jueslion ob leote I to aud excluded.) g Would lurnlture of tba do rcriptl n be reduced in value by moving A. Yes tieorge I>. Stovei s deposed that no was a iewelter, do iug In Broadwaj . inado an appraUeTnont of sil ver wuto ai lha Uirard Houio, at the request of Mr Veo der, theapuraUonieut was made with rofereuco to March, IMi. the silverware was parl'y "'th'Mr V^ider (v, B4 examiued? Was not acquainted with Mr. vocder until I made the appraisement; kuew uothing about any law suit until after 1 had made the silver was considerably used, and would bavo been worth d jobo 'o! VeodeT1recallod for the defence?Tbo atlver ware referred to by tho previous witnoaa wasi aH lhai 1 t.M>k away from West Tweniy lbir l ?treat. It w?a Uken awav nn lbe Monday boforo the 12tb of necjmber , loo*. and carried by me lo Schenectady, and then back lo Now YjrlC8ag8lainon depoeed that he waa a lawyer, doing buaineas In Broadway; knew Mr. Nortbrup. Irom wh>l hTkoew of the plaintia he knew whit his characior was for irutli Ma vertujiiy, hlsch^actor was bad; would nol ^acS'm^nTNo 64 Nlilb street, teiUlled that ho wm iS wItti Mr. Northrop, bad kuown hjm f >r five or six years; from what I have beard or^hu <Jhar aider I don't ibina it has been very good within the put two years should hesitate to believe him under o|Uh. ^ At.drow V. Morris depoeed that he knew plaintiff, w?s acauaiiilocl with bis character , it waa very bad?l may say in:?mous. would not bclievo him unuor oath. Cro? is-examined?1 have been auainst Mr N rthrup have haird a la<ly named Mrs. Held fpeakaguuit him. a young man named Homlnck s n said he committed a forgery eace; 1 Ford s;ebk badly o( the plaluillT. 1 have also hoard a who did business In Toy street speak badly of 1 B* L^al^man, of 369 Broidway,tostiaed thal he wm (iciualuu d with tbe p'aintilT; bcart! l>eoplo apeak ot him as a mi l of b?dcharacter; If he was ve-v deeply Itilwresl o-j I would hardly believe hi.n under oath. Crosa-examioed-y. Would you nol be ?ueplc.ous of any | or sou who was very dee ?ly * o7lhwL A. No, iir, nol where the aolcmo obllgalion ol an oath was U M^r! ScbafTor?You know Ihere ia a good deal of false *Wwa^!Ud-i have beard you say ac>}?(<>?, *ir? , q; ae. p5S?tr?????5 ?? iioder oalh ^h?t he would .weir lo oae tbidg lo day and MMr^lohalii>r^C?h, that la a common saying among law '"wiioeaa?l'dou'l know. You should know beet about "'ttwro'^Voliigsn Cwltni bo wm ,COMtel asswaas ffi'X tbe latter informed biin that If be removed the '? b? would d so at his peri!, that there waa ootblog ihere bul what belonged lo his wife. Ooaa examined?Wbal was tho amount of the judg mentf A. Twenty odd dollars. o. Was it not lor fourteen dollars A. No>11,"""": rt anfcl ;or de ence-We now oiler to prove ?hai Mrs. Nortbrup commenced an action lor divorce ag?iu?t her h ?SEdVn tbelltb of Mareh. 1 Sal, and that ihe present acti >u was not cumroenced until ihe 1 Jth of April foi.ow mg. The object aw to ,h-w thai tlw preaenl a lion was insutu'e.1 solely irom rooiwesol revenge because tho div?Tee suit. You may show that the present action comm need n tne 13lb of April, but 1 cannot entertain offer u>pyl ?~??? thn certifrste << lbe C'oonly flerk of ihe various ,udg moots docketed *nd un.atisilei against Noribr ip at lbe time this furniture is alles"d to ba\ i? been retni ved. Judge iaruard-l shall have to exclud.- thai (> uosei for the defence?l'lo?se note our exception, your iiiiDur. K. H Weiia recalled?Q. Po you know a lnJy nao.e<i Ilumi hrey * Mr stehai'er?I object to anything relating to Mrs ttampfcrey Counsel for the ilefenoe?Wn want to show that the piaintiif c riMpitied ado.lory with tills wutnan .lud^e Rjrrard?I (ball exclude the ovUence. t oi.ujK'l !c r defence? The i ?mrt wnl pleaee note our ex cepti- n. We net oar c ieo here nr. L'TriiMi bvh>kk< ?. IVilliam B. ? hamberlain sworn?bep ->ed that be was ioqaalnt?l with Mr. Nortbnip his get.crai chwacter was .ood; would not hesitate to b<*ll< vo lam >iuder <uth. tnm* examine.!?lime ne^rd Mr Xorihrup deriomiced by men a d aio favo ably epokon of; never beard of any 0 charge being brouubt .igainst him. ? eiald I.. Harrisoo, a ;?*y?r, doing bo* tie*8 ?t H2 Nassau ((reel, d<M osed that be knew the p<*miifr ?l?eo 1?4T ?cot to witb him. '-eUcvTd his character to b- gcrd, and would n<t beeitate to believe bim under MM t'ruea exnmir.el?I ?tn not Inlimtte with the plaiutlT kcow nothing about bis aasociate* never board any ?oe speak tor ur agaitist Liui, never heard his character can vassed. Joseph K. Franklin dspoeed that he knew Mr. North rup. his character was good. would nut beeitite t- be lieve b-in under oatb Cross ex uulr-d?I bare been a client of the plaintiff. 1 have not heard of bia assigning gooes which I.j I l>e< n ten tu Mm a.? a receiver by the creditor* of Mr FcrJ plamtitT Ma stockholder and director in the Keokuk Mining Cotni any wttb me; 1 own aboi.t fcM.bts) w- rth of the tTjt do not knew how m ;<-h N rtl.rup <iwce. never beard oC K< rtrup boing in the willow warn business. q. Hew many stockholder* are tbero ic tbli Mining conn any* A. 1 can't say, it ie owned ell over; It baj a cat tint f fl< 0,000. 11 WBo else owns ev eg besldee the plaict .T end yo?:r self"- A. About fto,W) worth of the stock is owusd >> a ^etCemsn la Chicago g Then you three gecllemec own n?arl> all lie stock A. No, not a.J. y. And y?n elect yourselves directors* A, No, sir, we do not Hfrsoe Andrews 1s,"veet that he wa? a la-ycr.doog buMMM la UtiO oily t e\er heirii Mr. Nurtbrnp s charac ter '4uc*tioLe4, l wu.d not hesitate to believe bi:u under exsftimM?The evidence I bave hrar<l to 1sy coo- I the urr* character has had but little weight with tr,i\ x.ittTtth it ?as unla?T<hi ? ivrusUnttin. a lawyer, net* #ed W*?e be was a< (tainted wl'h Mr NortUup r.mer beer 1 hie character t-<- tie ' Cross f*hm oci?1 bave acted ts otmnsel for the plaic M Ml re I retire to bis child in a habeas corp s ens*; tun-d he was it the lwi;or buwlncs*. heard sonisih'iu ah; iltto Jord matter Avery ( lark Iepo?o1 that he w\? i be. kk*e;ei- with & Co .bad trani. (:oi.s with thel vn tiirnerer I Id Mr. Hi n<ti ickn u that tl.o p?mtl':' w?a ? "?Cimp cr a''^oollI^<lre.,'? never si>oke ol h:? c' \n;ter j to ?oy cne. < "r. ss rxnm r. <1?i ?m a clicnt of tbo p'sintfi he line collected in oner. anU doue bu? incss 'or iiie for the last flv-'yp?rs. never liearil ct hl? be i? in tho wIUjw *ere business *>r of I. Is sett n g hold of a lady's prcierly la Broohlyu and appropriate It to bis own usa J?bu M. "Jverrtold, a lawyer. rosMlng in pceed that he knew Mr. Monhrup.and never heard any tiUag against him. ? rooa examined?Have bod btnloeoa rolattooa with the plaiotin. I/>rspxo Sherwood deposed that he hoarded In the ??me bouse with Mr. Northrup in is?2. t oould not say that I am acqtialnte 1 with his general character, all I can say Is what 1 have heard his Mends say about felm. Albert Von Wegener deposed thot ho knew the plaintiff, end would oot beeitate tr> believe bins under oath, never beard any one abuse him except one man (rqai evMiaed-Havo beard ft number ef pernio* speak well of th) plaintiff, h*r I Mr Tboroe. Mr Mills Bifh Hd others apeik veil oi bin. d > uo lu w of bi* ui engaged lo any busineaK oatsNtc of bi? |>r<jfeeetue; never heard of bis being m the it pi * bo*iu?M. Re-direct?Hue you never heard of hu buw? *o uo due quantity of li-tuor oo board' A. No, sir. (Laughter ) O^ir F'rlsbee, Win L. Ruuter, Hoary Wioflold. Kdwd. J. Owen, Wm Hegoiain, C U. Smith, Otlvin Raker nvtl Fdward I'Mrso* were severally oxanamed, au I UwttQid lo th* g<ioi) character of the p.amtid. tbey woald not i>an tate to believe bins under oath even wbere too nu tutor MM Calvin M Norttirtfp recalled f?r Ihe plaintiff?Q. Wbal was the arrangement al> ut tbe furmturu wbeu you ..old the house id Cbatinuooga' Counsel for tb-* defence?We ob|e?t to the question, on tho ground tbal Mi>4 Vorder tostiliod to tbat milter, and as Rhe waac tiled by tbo pKtutiff, be cannot seek to con tradict bor evidence Judge Barnard?I will allow tbo quontiou Witness?I sold the furniture for $100, aod gave the m >ney to her. did not outer luto aoy arraivuinoot to ro place tba lurntturo when wc camo to New York Q What was doue wilb tbat $100' A. Hhe bought furs with it. Q. Were you eognuaut of any Fraud io the Ford assign, limit cane referred to by the counsel on tbe other aide* (tjueeliou eacludod by Urn court ) Q. Have you bad a duHculty with Mr. Meekor, who ten tiliod hero yesterdayr (Question exc'uJod.) Q What silver waie bad your wife" A rthe bad ttonao torwixxius, two ublo siioons aud two salt spoons. those articles wore uot lucltdeJ id tho iuvoatory of tbe lot takoa away. and were all thai ray wile owned, tho fur niture was in good order be oro it was taken awiy. By i juror?y Did you miss auy o< your allver ware boforo tho 12tbot December, ISO'/' A. I did not Q. Did you tell tbo constable that tbe pioj-erty In your house bolouged to your wile' A. I did not, I never moo Honed bor name; 1 told bun tbat tbero ?a:i au appeal iu the case, and ibat If he made tbo seizure I would break him. and punish bim for tbe offence Kdward IVaison *u than c tiled to tbe staud lo corrob?. rate, tbe toRinuoay uf Mr Noribrup relalivo to tbo coj. versaliou with tbe countable wbon bo cauie to tbe plain tiff's bouse to levy upon tho furniture. Tbe Court theu adjournod till too o'clock on Friday morning THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC., llarcb 31, 1801. All sutlors litvo been ordorod to leave tbo Army or the Potomac by lite 4th day or April. This order is under stood by many per* mo boro lo raoan lint a forward inovemeui will bo made niiinedi Holy, but tbere is uo ground lor auch a belief. THE OUTBREAK AT CHARLESTON, ILL. Koatoratton at Tranquillity. MATTOO*. Ill , March 31, 1101 fcvory t'jiug saetn, to bavo resuiiiod iu usual quiet, aud tho rcbols are tKlioved to have dispersed The I'orty seventh lodiina regiment have loft, tbe Forty Urst lllinoi* Volunteers remain until Iboroturu of Colonel Otkna (run Charleston, Illinois. Cooi-tew Union I rkk I,k<turks?Mr. B. S. Osbou, foriuor ly at'.acbod to the stall of Admirals Farragul aud Uupont, and afterwatds acted as aid io Captain Worduu, on tbe Monitor an J Montauk, will dolivror a lecture tbl< evening, at eight o'clock, it lb > Coopar Institute, on " l'ha History of the Navy of the Uniied States " Tbe subject is a in >at ulorestiug one, aud will doubtlesa bo ably handled by Mr. Gabon Gout C'liAitT.?Wo hive ro eivod a chu t showing tbo fluctuati >u? in tho price of gold front tbe first of J.nuai'y, 1SB2, to the present tima. It lus boen compiled by Mr. Joseph I'. Howard, and publuhed io convenient form by Andrews h Co , of thu city. Opening of Lalit Navigation. fViwiKio, March 31, 1S61 Tbe bark Gibraltar Miled from hs'e to day for Tort Dalbouaio, tho firat ?om<-i or tbo seta u. Tbe 'Milid New .feraey Cavalry. 1'n iAhtu.iuiiA, March 31,1861. The Third New Jersey civalry marched through Chest nut street this morning, twelve bu-idred strong, aud at tracted treat atieutiou by their martial appearance aud brilliant uniforms. Police Intelligence. AtPRAV IN A LAOKK HKKR SA1/>0M?A Man DANOKROIT.Str Saor.?Yesterday afiarooon abjut threo o'clock n number or partially mloxicat.'d moo. while la tha lager beer sa tooo259 Bowory, got into an altercation concerning tbo payment for some drink* which had bee i ordered, when a young inan named Patrick flooley polled a rovoiver Iron ins pocket aod flred at ono or his ai.tagjnist-t: but tho builot mining iU aim, too* elect In tho right side of Tl uotl ro Weiuborger's ueck, and pa.tsiu& iuwjrd, inflict iug a wound wlilch it is reared w III prove mortal onicer Badenhop, or tbo Chlof Clerk'* om<:e, Mulberry slroet, was panning at the time of tbo shooting, and seeing Dooloy rnn out of the saloon followed by a irim'ier or per sous, j ouei! in the cba. e. lu b s tluhi the fugitive turned one or twice and altamplod to lira at bi.< pursuers, but tbe pistol tailed to explode. l*ooley turned Inti Hojrtoa street where officer Padenhop overh luted and arteeted blm. Tbe prisoner was taken before J jati-e Itowting.aud committed to tbelomi><< to aw til thn res ilt or bis victim's injuries. Mr. Weiuberger was convoyed to iha New York Hospital, ttheie tbe bouse surgeon examined tna wounJ . but was unable to probe It or ascertain tbo location of the bullet. Mr. Wilnberger, who resides st No 21 rbrystie street, it Is Mid, keepo a billiard saloon aod shooting gal let y 10 tbe premises where he was sbot. CerouM* laqaaiti. AnoiDKirVAi. Pnowjcira.?About ten o'clock on Wednos day nlgbt a man named Jamos CoJe acc d attlljr fell into tbe diiclc, foot of James street. Bast river. Uu ?creaan f >r belp brought a citizen aod tw.i Fourth war i officers to the spot, and Cole was rescued before lite wis extinct; bnt bs died s'wo after being taken from the water. ceased was thirty-two years of age aod a native of Ire load St'uns* I'BAfH or a Som iir.? Corooer Wiidey yester day beld ao in<|iiest, at lbs K>gbtb ward sUtion bouse, on the body or Pster I*. Latopie, a soldier recently .Attached to tbo Forty seventh regiment New York Volunteers, tlsiM 't SI 0fWM street, lato on Wedneadsy night. Dr. Ucorge B. Iloulon made a post mortem examination, which showed that death was caused by tbo rupture of an aneurism of tbe &*condiug aorta A verdict to that ?;5ert wait rendered by tbe Jury, was twenty seven years o; age md a native of LouUuaA. He at first cu titled in ibe Hawkirs Zouaves, but being dis<bairged irom that regiment subsequently entitled in tb? Knfans I'erd'is (I/'st < bildren), and leaving tUit military or g.nlxatlon j"inod the Forty eevm.ib New York Volun teer- latopie was in the recent bloody en^a<emoot at olustee, florida, but esca. ed unharmed Aft or that battle deceased was allowed leave of alisei ci < n f irlougb to visit his tick mother in this city, but she died ber >re he reached home, the father of decease ! is a wealthy grocer lu Klglitb aveuus. The Urountlles* Excitement In Portland. |l rj?n a Portland p?i ei, March 2tf J our city was s mewbat exc;t.-d early yesterday morn lug ny it report. brought by some who came from Bid'.eford,that about live o'ciock in lb? morning tw vet m-U were sean on tire olf Wood IsUud, oce of winch was ib ill live mites distant, and tbe other about eight mile*. Us report was n?t generally creoi'et uiiti aiiont half put nine, when the ciew of the pilot boat Nettle rejurtc i that it nine o'clock Sundav nkht tt-y saw a ves-e! aw t ten mile* In m the I'ape Light.' st erlng nortbexst ami showing siestner lights. Soon alter tue vessel i-han^-ed ber >onrse to the westward A Are was >cec ir. the osiruitig wlach a|>pearei| tc b? in tfeco. lbs t atted states steim transport Geceral I.yon, *b:rh bid a-rived from Best'n the night before, wasdea ;wtctei a the after toon by raplalo Inmac, Uaite>i Msti s ? iurterma*ter, to love^ti^als tbe m&t'er A detschmst.t oi t.ity six soldiers, order Captain i olltna sod l.ieuteoant C so jo, were uken on board, tcgetuer with a few of our cm/eos. arriving in tbe vicialtf of Wiod a tlfnai was tr.iirie lor a pilot, ?t ho came on l?'?ard sod r ported that a tire w-<s ????'! in the morntog. but It *as a. perently at Pr ut's N"clt, sod tbe ?te?mer retun.e I to Kort Prefc'e. Opt^in Mix, of tbe oencrtl i.yon, alib ><ijb called upon suddenly, was e.|uai Ui tbe weark n Hn etigioe* w?re lj?;ne orerhauie.i but in an b ur'n time be reported bim sell . ?a>f tor duly, ttn tiie way ba< k to tbe city ( a; tain V!i\ ?' rtaim d bia paasen^ers witb a ?pleu i<d diijner. ar. l ti e trip, which was btgun in snxtsty, bad a very pl?uant t- rminaik'n i.< ilectnr Wtabburn and ail concerned teetve great prnine tor their prompt action ui ?bat ain* ir^d at tirst to t>e * hpr lal emerger cy, but proved to l>e a s?n*ei?"M ca nir I CTe tbiog. bo?< ver, is appnrent Portland wir.ts aod r:. ist h ire n gcod -t.-ani cttter How rr ny oi re I'ldde# call! are needed to wake up goreriimeol to our nc?d4' Arrivals and Departure*. AMUTALft. P Kota: ?Bteamshlp T'dton?H'n rirs <?a!e >l;?st'i*, Mr* ll >.a?r Mrs V J 1*?U ck ar.l cMIe J .l e atlesney, i a; t I' I. M t ?y o lien Gorion ? ?t? '. Cart Jo in II >lar?. f I- te;in.*er. l?e:.a 'menr lihe#> ith. i'iv d b Wiw, LB A via|>t i> * Wllfca. V H A, Car'. I Pralehki, t ,t Dr l< Krau.?. t HA: Ur W R Lawi a ?. Ur t M *. [iruoWovl CHati; l?r Roi? IV nnl, U M: Lieut M V B ftlcharda-m. U A; Lieut l.enth Han, USA. Lieut KCusv t S A; Ijent ,f Mvera D A A; L.e ' T H i ,rn t ie. " i A. Dr I W Parker, V S A . (' Anrag'.S loan .ire >i v BlO'td. Ts Bloo.i. BJWWstson M A H'-nsetl. w |..r. K a CitoweO. SOEej roigs, II lit Mrasr, .? i ?re . tl f-.ea; J J t'ai.Jwe'i r li Mason VHP i nrtou A I) r R S Benwia. W Mea'her J a. It K Apt) Ion, s Vo'i a. "? Ayt r W f tirav, ? ?ri K Whseier I r Vaf' f i ri* Mr tea?luoa. a S Malatturv. ?? Itiehardsoa J T K 'ii.t oaon. t? I. tl aat'Bsr.l, Hi Koiiiiimi i K F. k (. j.; au. M Tj)i.i .nstii, A Burham. B ?-o? > I. I^?,i^ H A V-? ' er W ti>i>l??? t ? op.and W l W? a-e 3 B Piall, W A WeaJci.. O W Rwrr J Adat"? mtPABTt Li- i -ro'i-steamthlp AiaUia. f.on B...t>i>-M an.l Mr. ? B' W K 1 .a: A Fieo..,. - W Ffeaei, 1 T g-rr \r tad Mr. F V Joh :??'??? tr .it m ! tee U i? Vera Ml <1 H iaadf rti ? . | W M Wli.taef, a In. it n t F Br>*n.0f Bfleaj M It:.'tie- ol'Lo.*" L II - ? r' ' A ?snrr ? n. !< t:rda r, Mr I ?tb KM *?' t F Hj?, I liHpoiTord .?? of Mev York; 1. t tr iprr, t>' l'' I ? te'PNa, Mra Mary Mo ^ginaand t?o ..1 : tj 'n. 0 cv-f Mr sad Mrs i *iotti. nf ri.teaao. Mrt tt. m <? ?hOwM. Oj K-1? K Bt ra ulo An ! V? o * i f Will* Marv'and; R*v Chat [la uilt-n sad ivtfe.ef <1 r RiwflM pf r oat Ktid c?uouf?i Kk'Cfliov Ml, chitd, maid tnd wnn MrvaDt, of Ftrt?. C*pt PUeariand serraat, of Frewh ???T; J # Mills, ?'l.tver ,?i>o! Meters Parr and Arbutftnot, of British. A:my; Kerford, of Central America; tm Derm th, A bsl.nia. WeKaVyd Mr Maitye . of MoV?r^?i5ij' M* M^ePhsn^n and L Wnistti Wm iSarr >rv it A Brehm, Mr and 1?{ rfWfM.OibuUior. T II K ft A V 1 OffMMfU, 4 -?T?u iron clad will Mil u ?ooo M4iM gatf and eea at .de-ale* titt will t>? a<xo a paxiiod i* m* ?y IhCgunboaU l',-oteiw and Kink Her orders are for H?apio? Koads, whore it ? ?i|i?rM that ?ho may eacodntor a foe previsua to bor attempting ? *ojr?*o to aoot*?r <|u?rter or the coast Comi R.w?m, ? tfetinguished eaptno Houtenani In tbe royal S*el,.*fi B*vy, will go out in iter an a paMcnger, to aatcti u t movements mam way. In tl? piasent coodlUwi of thu ?hip n would Ihj well for all handri to provide tboraseuoi witb Btnbrellaa, iuiia rubber cmla and boou, m li?r dock* have boon leaking it a fearfo* rate while lyieaj in harbor so that when i*in gets to wn tho ulraio of the vernal will cause thciu lo leak more The only oue good thiug that can im mid of ihlt vernal to thai hor Internal arrnugomenu and vemiati m aro exceedingly Quo, an if that sb. but h spinndid liat of officers. Sho has coet nearly ? million dollars, and Is worth her weight In ?'d'7i"' u* yy,r""' pr com for her IIline on tbo n ival Cap tin? Molauolnu Sunili r,-ctit*nam Oomman.U'r -i'toH M column Surgt.m?J Corhin I'aymuU-r?timiuol T Itrowue AC'^o ?U.4 r,.~\V,n 1.0* ll.iya, Mies. ? 0a,lImil Acting Hmigfit?J lloKay. StMbanl t;. Nort hi Acting Miit'er'i Mrtfts?J.ho llrentan, f?h u It. Klica tnijin rrt?Ohiof, Alox )It-oil <r?>n Kir-tt As* ninit rort?\r 1l"'linISi,|U<,K'u"1?01*' w * MonU'?mor V . W k" k ! <v i. ^ ' l<owis, third Assistant Tlieo Cms "'* Afc""UnU- Siaotoo, UUrlt- A Vandco HoivOl VnirtuutT's Clnr1; ? W II Ko?d. Sir ward ? |?wm l>og<t XbHxirJ -lh*s Ullpttriuk. Number of crew, 4*; number of firemen , 4.V Hasha-it*, t? ?A c->rres|?ndeiit from oo board Una vos no1 gives thefollowing interesting statement* iu respect to hor ? b,t?"?V?r?srow RunboiU woro nil that woes pound, lo-. pmali In cirry itm nuchinory necessary for grc.<l sp od tli"y hive proved well liUed |? ? or will it Hi y wo o built, and have borne gallant testi oi Hie country c'nol,MICJr ,n l,0l,r'r all tho ml md waters The iweivo side wheel steamer* hooii after n<ii afloat wer,- ?u i cousin.clod under all the disadvaut iiroa o' haate nod a ronatant dem.m I for Uiih immediate aervice and il i. not ?urpi ihiii? that tho Hi hi ellort^ of Homo of ibem KkiuiJ b^vc falleu abort ol tue aotioi;iaiiona oi tho SO|w?rtin?nl. Tbey worn an cntmdy now clxas of va^aels adtfiled e*|>ro?Mly for uae m whoil water ind in tiarrnw' mors and lagoona, dopoodmg moro urou tboir faciillr in inano>iivring and tli ir ability to h oaia forward o ? back ward it will than <ii mi then mieed Still many of them O^uid inato thirteen to fourteen kuota ihm U >ur and ?i loa^i one M them, to which I wart for a tune attached ovco more linn thai whtjb m certainly very kik>i' ^pee"""* vosacls not built wholly with u viow to Ibo twenty Boven no* doublo ondod aide whool ste iwrrt. oi whi h tho .Sa?/;aoiin was the lirst put in c .n4 miagioii, wore built upon tne ?atno princi|iie, th nurh in creased considerably in ni/o, Hnd furmsliol with iinic'i mire piwerful eugiae* tbaa their prolocutors anl u wis conn ieully exiioclod by tbo deiwrtmom Hi',t they wind lio ablo t) copo with lb? Uat<Ml vim^uIi ulloat ?.ucb iuiaaat was acixirdingly felt whuu our ve^el waa llrst sub cctod to a practical to?.l, by Hendiu? u? to sea on tbo 5tb of October irutl for a trial trip. Our iimcbine'y bol ig eiiinoly new demanded tbo most walch'ul caro during Una atperimeutal cruwo, it boing at that timo in charge or the workmen who constructed it. and ouo o; them, who waiientrusted with Ibocare of oiIioj the naru m wt o*|w)s d to friction, being ovorcmc by se. Lick noia, nommoicI Ina duty and allowed the crank piu to bo cine very uiurh heated, wbi<;b with inoi ieutal dim culti-is, provoulod a fair trill ol tho maximum power* of ibn a'jt;i We were cnibloi, bowover, to fully test bo qualitioR :ia a aoa boat during a severe southeast gai<> and found her all we b?d lio|ied, being very dry aod fcteinn.iK ag-iiiMi wind and sea witb ease Un our return we ancb -red near Honton l.ijbt lu the oveuinj; of tbe 9th, and on tbo following m irnin on our trip up the harbor, wo attained, nolwiibatandiog Ib> trouble our engine, ? speed avoragtng from i]:toen two tenths to Oiteon soven tontbs miles lo tbe hour whicti for a new vessel just returned from a severe trial of bor powers of endurance was highly satisfactory to all roncorned Being sojd after ordered to New York and ?e.1C# 'I Wwhingtoe, we steamed up the Polomac'river on tbe 19th of November, and by actual observation, t Irom poiut lo pjint on tbe laud, proved (hat we woro travelling at a rato exceoling antooo an I two-thlrd miles ib hour, with neither tids nor current In our favor wbi??h though not so Isrco a liguro ai it is customary to cl.ilm in' uewspaiier r?|ioria, will bear a favorable com-,arisoo I think, with tho actual performance or tlie fastest H>a going steamers afloat. On tho 26tb ol January last we left Fortress Monroe fo a station where our (jiullflrations both a, s' rioa boat" and a ".-baser" would be subjected f. a th iroujb t?si Cruising olf shore, on au exposed portion of tbe coast wo had amp e opoortnnity to try her staunrtir.ess and geu?. r?i 8^?' wh'c,,i(lufiOK the worst weather, was all that could be desired. At Dvo minutes past nine A M on tU?;tlBt, wo started iq chase of a large sido-wbeol steimer about muo miles dist.nt, standing to tbe north ward, aud continue.1 to gain on hor in spite or a heavy sea an 1 a stroug gals fromtUi northeast, which gavt> a great advantage to the other vess-t, t-ho heluu ? la-r-' ?ea-going, built exprcs-Uy tor cruis n ? At ball pint four 1*. M., it being theu ijoite fogiy we b c,.sed up within a mile and a hair, am ascertained l5 signal that we had been chasing the United Stites stoam er Keystone <*ie of tbo fatten vssolg purchased bv the goverumcnt, hiving gained ou her all but a mile and a half, proving h* capable to overtuu. hor with ease, under ctrcumstnncee all agiitut iu ,k!:U? ,,i,,?c"oa?!5"on wJlh lb# <-?V?ureaoJ destruction of the Wild Dayrell, two days later, gave us the m ?t itonh. cit conUdeoce in tbe capabilities of our ste^mor, ao I ?beo, on tne morning of ?ebruary 4, at rort/ dve mluuus past aevou, we sighted a steamer burning the suspicion 'buck smoke, so grateful to the eyes of a bl ;ckader we starlet to the full e*r?oution of capturing the stran-' ,Welve ?',e* ?? whoo we heid-d for her, running from ne at full *ni*i in ? uorth 'rly direction. At Ufteea minutes |>?st one l* M we were *Hhln atnlle of her, wbon >he run on shore, (lied and abin ljoed by ber crew in such baste that one or ber b,.ts was capsixed, and the greater ^Tof K? crew were drowned On biarding tl.o steam ? '0 be the Nuttlold, of* llludon Tew and built expressly for the trade. Hit* being her flril attempt at running the blockade .he wa? reported one of thafastest vesaels In the buai !l ' ,^ V4 ,be r*P"l'?r with wh.cb we g-,tu<?d on her would have resulted ia ber capture at loat with ba:f an hour more or sea room, totally exploding the iie> taat our men of war ran capture the?e last vessels oniv by stratigem or surprise, for in tbw case it ??, a fair otwb tri.loi spee-l agaicst speed, and everythiu,, |.xsilj|e was .?Cr?^ "".i ??> "ucr.-ase the uisianre between im. t>y throwing over carito, ,v.d burtnng oil 'ind other substances to obtun increase 1 stoam We wore t> o much for her, proving not ou,y oir sum. rlnritv u -peed, but also ia etduranco, or v?b e we could have k ft up to the saire rate j11 day, her ei .ines bore c inc-ueiv^ evidence of toe curaordmarv str.uo to whi h they hid been sub ?ot?d, and which ou' I t ot t. r sib y h?-,e b^en contlnu.-d for a. y :engti, of time lle hattered hmk now lies on tbo be?ch or North Car Ima no of tbe many similar mon m nts which beir a si ?nt rU.iC"Kfl0!:iD.* ?o 'he vigilance an I e:ilci?ncy of lo* blcidcfie J Arrival of the {forth American ml Pitrt I'oftiutJM, Mirth 31, I^M The ateamshlp North Aincnean, from l.iverpool the ITIh. vU Ijoodoeierry the Mth loat., arrive! here at ? <l>iarter pa-t two o'clock tin* afternoon. Mvr iip?- I14* tieeu intubated Court Calendar?Tilt* Day. Scar.** Co- trr?CMWT-r.?p?r| j?i tincharperf. Part 3?TO 1'tm.e ?treet?Short ra-ui-a?Xw ?>?!*. I. 4'.>, 1744. 1H26, 19**, I7.*>?. 1501, 17 MJ. H?7 Mil, 1 Ml. ITU7. Number* oc secerii caieclar?N ? 544 i 14?)?., 1141. S- khior Cotnrr?Tnai Tmim?Adjourned for tbe tert.i Cornr or < osmo.v Ptiue?Adjo.jrn?d for the icrta THE WEEKLY HERALD. Hit Ural and Chcapeat Kttiipapi r in in* Country. The tfmatv Hmm, r?ady tomorrow (Satirliy) morning, will contain ?A full account f ti e recent Kibel Katd Into Kectnrky, of Ibelr dtpredallon* and of tl.eir T olcat by the Union Ko.cee; The utjai deepatchr-. re gard ?>< the M we menu anl operation* of (hi I t ,oo Army In all ;'art? of t!>? country Account >f the Recep tion of Lieutenant Oa eral Grant by the Army of tuo ?t'Mnac. and the effect o( the KeorfaniitMn of mat i vwi"0 "f the Cn'.oo Forced. The :?tee? fiew* from tha licbel-tatee, anl of the Move-ne.iU of fie Rebel Army: 1 .Hie atd Important Inte.iigence from Kir >pe. a?d fr ,u ail p<irt?of the World, Toetry, Two intereit >".o- ??*? taretl*. Artistic, Literary. Scieatitk ant Africit ral r aling matter, Tbe lAte?t -porttaj ffew?, wim val ?'>Ie report* of the Vt vioy, C mmerotal, Dry Uocd*. Cuttle, llorae ar.d V*m if Mirk'W, KdttoriaJa,<w in 1 Heath*, Alvrt.-emenN, ant report! of ?'l important rid tatereeiiB* tccurrecce* of me pm we < ler!u??-Ingle lubtcnptioa, 93 Turee cop e* |r>, live oopt *. $* ten cop et,|!5. Sm<'e c pit* live rent* The lilrlni ?|?lrlt of ihi Moat r*|rait "nwer ? ?t K"*?? ? "h? val'^? af the An t >* ai i*i?? r -n PH Al/?S A *i>N * N ?v ai >.? ,.mt?'er? ?? s it i,w? ? e "niert'l'a a n? mere I>*? it ?' ?n t le'? ev ?? o:" h? ro? ? <? I.*?? ?**![? tim m fli? -teletT e >? treai ?*? dMriguithelat a (laa<-e i!i? 'rw twrf Ta* rter t? i? - ? : r*e>l *ord? ?in( i.??r )M> u .*?i ' PHAUIK .% fON p if .Il.ei", New T.-r< " ?? J all dr'M?U. A ft|>?-rdv ivntl Hcrmunrnt t itre of lUiH* ?-'? io' ?' /<? n? "?'a < *?. I ?v?*<rrii ?(_'?* Wa r't luttir.t I'*kj abi.i!- i,il;r fo' J trMyvMW A !!? nnttfal I nmiiletlon ? i.titrtf'* "l? "> ?ftoutha ir e?*rjiji ij f>r pre?'rvi u ??'t >e,ii ? ing 'U<* i ot.!,)ie?lou auJ aklu Id Hr ?alw?? *?>! 1. j?4 >:? ec?r?wheie. Ad'lrees tn Hm?kere.-P?Hak Won, *???! ahauaa aanofacturere. VT 8r>emo *?-eet. near the Bowery, aeil too ii at waolea*:* a: J retail, rtpeecutta order, rvpaired, bei ed mi mounted Anbretypti PhetefrapH-Heltmi' nailery an l thelli. Kiebe'a* Gallery oombl??d, at SOS Bread war. ?i?teea yea e in ?ky peHora. Bateheler'i Naif Dre-TM Beet |m the werM ffarmieaa. reNabie. UMaataaeeua. tbe oaly per. ?9Ut>? au fMteii Hnu# *u??t. Murm}. v A r.) Krif m K.? n t3l ?Mireh 11 |<l ' ? 1' ' . *2 i i i > t -t. 7:. rj t xt, M ? a in ?? J.I-March 1! I-VH 1 10 ' 1 " ; ?s it w, m. 6). r. X. K. * int in on ? ( u -Kitnacrri. ,, r J""VVj! -??* " l*?l is. .i,?,. ,m, 1.1 i, v; i 17 jz Clam Ij?Mirth VI H,i C2, 17, H, 37,lii fcii,'22, 70 i?i, CI, 43 21) Pi i?lire, Kills A to? N?*it|,r, l.lttMAtfv B*tk? GkAJW SM?March ti H".? lb, 71, lit), '21. 4 I, l> I lib, ,rp, 57 7, tin >, i 71 Cum SiJ-Ktrtli 32, lii) .10, 8, Gl, 41, 5.1, 32, J), 71, .?). N). Ji. ?o Ml in mom, Kogrri <V (?, Rrr authorized to rerelre dermaiis and male. roit?eit<?M 0n account / I KIMMJNS AGO PilW-? ('??licil la Ail l,<u?llt ?! i.rii (<? ricsand lsi(?mation given ?AI,f,AOIIKK 4 HFfiAMlN Broker*. JW'Clieaiuut street. Fbi<adel;ihia Royal Havnna IMIfry?Tiilrlr Hri cenl premium paid for Prl/ws Ir?r.>ruiAli o fu'm.he.f Highest r?ci|?i i lor Doubloon*! in J all kin la >1 (I A I an*: Silver la VLOIt M no . Bankers. lo Wall street Prime* ( a?hrd In All U)fai liOitrrli*. Infjmiati ju (lion ?r sent .1 H CI.AVTON k CO.. 10 Wall street. N V 1,710.?At ?NS UromlwHK. Attention. H T-IS'O-JC. I >*i>?>iiR ol H.vlenliiry bahil* troubled with weakness. laa ?ij'i l'.. pill'iU" .n iil' ih? ti'.-arl. lani of app'li'o Jutresa ,,r fating. lormd liver con.ijptiioa. 4c , deserve lo auiim it they will not try Hic ce'ebrtled . . . I't.ANTATION BfTTKKS. r"""""e"'' 1 by the bi<liest me liral <ui Xl Tl!. i?'.?11'1',1! l" Pn?JH6i> an immediate henefi.oU m'iat mid. r^.'-a afi '?.? "i* *" '?'?V""- "r pure, an4 in ill miim i w .o nil other tomca where a bcalthr >mUo atiinu! in', u required *' They puril y. strengthen and Invigorate Tlioy create a healthy appetite They are an autid .te I t cli in * of water and diet They overcome .-Hurts 01 dissipation an.) iat-- botira. They alrrngihen the a v stem and enliven ihe mini Th-y prevent iniaaniallc an t lni?rmitu>ut favei* 1 ntty P'irify tlie breath a i l teldllr of the alomach Ibey cnr^ r1y<pe|>?ia an | coaaiipalmn Thev ctirr Diwifio* and Cholera M Tlma Tliej cure Iilver Oiiniplalni an J Nnrvona llea Wha They makn the weak etrunr. the Un r<lld hrtlliant, an t ?ro ClhatiHled nature a g eai r>-at.)r?r Tli?y are compoaixl ol ttie re ehratel Caliaayi hark, winter Titian a;?M.ifi ia root* and hei ha all pr.-a* ve I in p*rt?rt|y pure St f'roli rum ror paiticirara aee rlrcnlara an I taatiinomaU aronnl each bottle. Ilewnre of liii|i(?aierH Kia nine every hoitle H"e thai II liaa our prlvnie U'liile l Stat.-a aiarnp iinmiit.t>U-1 ovei I e c: >rK, with plantation aoene and our aignil'ire on a fine nioel plate aide laliol See our l>oUle h not retllh' I tvith tixi riuns and deloterloua atnir. Any p?!ra>in pr.> t > ".'II I larnatmn llittera l?r the uall <n or in hnlh ia an ini|K>atoi Any p.-ra >ri iinllaiini{ thla bottle, or aclinic any other mate rial therein. Mrh>'ih><r railed I'lantaiion Bittera or not ia ? criminal under the United rtuloa law and w.ll li ao proae cnle.l hy na We already have our eye on aevernl pxraona rellllin? our bottlea. An . who will iiic-.'.mJ in celling th 'm m>lvi.a Into eloae quarler* The di-mind for Drake's I'lantn 'Jfi BlU""i fr'"" 'adiea cleicyme-i, mercli >nta Ac., la arm din e The almple trial of a bottle la the eelilence .re preaent ol llielr tvorih mid anperlority. They are aold by all reape.-t able druer'a'a pne.-ra phyalelan*. holela, Mloona ate*m hot I a an I eonnlry aiore* V. It DRAKE ft CO. tn Ucoadu a/. H Y. A Tlioiimnd !< ?fr I corn I or a, from |t SO* at B D. I: ASSKOUK s, Cooper In tltutc Brilliant anil Powerful Day and Klght Double IVra|>ectlae (lltaio* for Ihe Held, a>;?, opeea an > Muriata' n~e o unpact pirla lie and einmuul. A apieitdi I aaa>irtinenl at HKMMON4. Oeuliata' Optician. OihIJ Hio*.lway undur U?. *r^ i ll >nae. Kraxlltan Pebble Riirrlarlci and Kyt> Preaerye a. lo atrenKthen and inmrove the smbt of old an<r yonng. by day and nUlit, with >ul nam or fatigiie Highly recoinmeudod hy the medical faculty SKMMONH', ocullala' Optician Hroalway oogioaltQ Bind atreel. Book* Bought, In nnjr Uuaullly, from * slu?le volume lo an autire llbr.irv. JOHN I'VNK. Bookaellor, Naaaau alt eel Cloth Tagi for Snipping Cotton, Wool. Hogs Ac., at Iho manufactmer'a. VICTOR K MACtlBR 115 Chambera Ureal Cristadoro'a llalr Dye, Preurratlve and Wig Depot, wholesale aad retail?No K Aslor House The dye applied by skillul artlau Coma, Bualona, Inverted (Valla, En larged Joints and all diseases of Ihe Feat cured without pain nr Inconvenience to ihe patient, by Dr. 7.AOIIAUIB. Bur geon Chiropodist, 7B>) Broadway Chaps, Chafrs, PImplea, Rrnpilnni, sa'lrheuin, flesh worms An., eured by OOUIlAUD'il Italian Medicated Soap at his new depjt, 45J Broadway. Deafneiia and Dl??aa?i of the Rye. whether of reennt or toai; stan lln; re?el?e the usual alien lion fntn Dr CADWRI.Ia, 31 Olin'on place High lb street Rvaniim'.lona free. Honrs from 1) to 4 Dr. ninruhall Cnrei Astlimia and Djra pepaia without fail. Liiok InhalN*. Oiliee 71Broadway, to "lIIman a Htilldlug O.llee hours, II to.'. I*. M F. t ralgy'w Brooklyn Agency. WHEKLER A WILSON'S SPWINO MACIITNER 333 f i.lion street, up ataira. n? ir City Hall. G. laantlrra' Metallir Tablet Raior Strop.?The oldest aod most approval strip oow In use. bar in i been lie'ore the public for the last forty yeara Kor sale, wholesale and retail, at tbo su'iseribers' J.U SAUNDERS. Mo. 7 Aslor House Ororer A Bsker'n Illgheat Premium Rlaalic Stitch Sewing Msehlaas 496 Br >adway. Gooraod'a Poudre Hubtile t/proota Hair from law foreheads or aay pari of the body Warraatod a* bis new depot. Ui Broa Iway. Ornln, Wo. 513 Broadwsf. His Mew Spila< Styles c ?tnprlv? Ihe I ate at French asl Enjltsb novelties of Ounn i nKa s Sn a OcarLaaaa . Sorr *md Ct orn Htvt, LtPIIS' R'OIXi! IIATS AND CAM. Mi'aa.a' Hits, Boys' I! \ti, IsrAWT*' Hats. Tr.e Millinery and Hali ng trade dealt with on liberal terms. A ttentton i< i a'le l to Ihe <!eutt<men'< Furnishing 0 >oda Deparltncot m tatsst ?re. c mpr.suu all the uteat ooveitiaa. OKNIN. No .113 Broadway. tloyt'a IIUw*ili? llulr K.aiuratlve. HOYT'S IIIAWATUA HAIR KBSTOKATI Vh IIOVT'S HIAWATHA IIAIK KB.STOKATIVB HOYT'S HIAWATHA IIAIK KLHTOBATIvr III>VI'd HIAWaTHA IIAIK KRslOR* TIV'K HOYTS HIAWATHA HAIR RKSTORAIIVK HOVT'S HIAWATHA IIAIK RESTORaTIVK novi S HIAWATHA HAIR RKSToRA Tl VR UOVT'.H HIAWATHA HAIR RI.STOK ATI VK IS WARRANTED TO KESIORK IS WAKKANThD T<? KE.iTOKE IS WARRANTED TO RESTORE 18 WtKKANTED TO KKHTORE 18 WARRANTED TO KKHTORE FADED ANI) OKA V H AIK AND WHISKERS PADKD AND ORAY HAIR AND WHISKER* KADI.K AND i ? R A Y IIAIK AN D * III bKh R.S KADKI1 and okay IIAIK VND WHISKER* KADED AND OKAY II VIK AND WIIISKhK.S TO THEiK ORIOINAli COLOR TO 111K1U OKMINAL COLOR TO THEIR OKIOJNAL COLOR To TIIKIK ORIGINAL COLOK TO THEIK ORIGINAL COLOR It doaa not clalio u> make the Uair gro* m where It Hm ooca f iileu o"t. Nothlog will Jo that wha'ev r ma '-c ??! vp tltetl to thu contrary: b>it it wll! etoj <U fa ling out. mats l? ? ?!: and ?4fk f. c ?uu It an I the a..?!p of *:| Import tlea ti I bumoia, and ?ntlrelj overcome the b*l effecte of pravlo'.ie nit of prepa-atluna containing eulphor, aigar of Ics J, Ac. Tt |.?. not r?iulri aoapia ft, .. aalnng ar>.| home for iti ap;> l at.'n air *'!ll It er*k or amiit. out la an taatlT appli "I a.i I from t'?<" ?ki;j aa any hair .'renting Wc apply t! r Hiairitba at our rOom?. tliiM aoabllos tb.? iMtc t" judge of Ita men a b? a tia< t"al on tb- pramlaaai 'e w^rran' br oj p tii? origin-. c?<:oi i< ten tare at lb* .a-y I art n at We can J ? It i :uoat e^f.* In ait. We uubllaiied tlx f < ha.laog<- to te?t *onie four waeka m the pai/?r? wV. '.i ?a? never ae ep'> J ? Let aome wa I known aoi Hi terea'e.l | r?>ne appoint one to the proprietor of each pre; arai a to I,an Ui? :..l r of I'a hair e??. >re <. Each pr -prle'or to i a<- othing but bia >.vii prrjaiai on ao>J tve per?.m ? ? not In* e ae dura* tlie tout a <?ert.i^ate of 'S" r??o:t to be jv.bUehel in al1 u><* principal oapera it lha e*,?i.?? >f tha Mimic. e*,fn pro i.rletor* H<?T 1 S IMPERIAL < OLORIRo 'REAM An appropdata aeoompaoitneai t> t;>e Ht*<aait>a ehanfa licht red hair and ?h ? era t ? a Vailfn l>rown or black. 8'iperlor to en* dreaatag for the wl.i.kan, 8 1.1 e>ar? whaie JOSEI'H HOTT .? CO . It) Calveralty place, M Y. Japonlt A of I he ?n< trt* HyKitnii)*".? Certain builnoocMt Il?ir Re?: ira'ive. Depot llH'htiii. ' era l're?t Iclropnlltan Kulr. Afirll t.-l.xllia viallh| (lit <'Hf' ?'?h n an*) Slioe? for i!?em?elr"a I -'arpll.*< i''i? not fjr*e 'o ra 1 an MILLER A CO.. i-7 Canal alreel. Pale m a I Paunla! I'ai< ni<: Maura. MUN.N M Co. pub,l?!i?r? of t; * ?nB*T[Plrj AMBRICAS. ? ? - ~ li?o it <?) in' entora. . ? . . , Pamph'eu onata HU? tbo Patau! La?. another liagt ??nt Information fcr .meotora tura'ah-^.1 lr?e ou app.k*. ??aa A'on? tat on a- d aU <* ir?-e A Jfv?a Ml'NN % CO V P?rk-o? N<# York^' Coriii r P A'1 Heventh n'ree a ? a*h n<t ?!!. D (>. Prof. Ale*. Onrrjr . Trlrophfroai or *? !lr?'.ed * oinpom l lor rr?aerr ;?<, ra?t >r?tw an4 ?**???? I vi"? i.ia ualr. tra.!ica' a% ?? vr. an<l a?ar"tf, piaaontiM biliveaatnj j>a/hair ? irlo4i?*aaetaf tjo aicia gaila tn I m * ii ?'i b an ?ait rV u ?>. plTupta^ abitb aioa t;>. eTiip*. the ma' nn a <?itnsa ao'e ? ro^. Aa. ?l*lna m a*?at r?llaf la enae* of em* aruiaea. apralna, ?nrna aca Ja. Jc Prlea 10 aanta He 1 r vl Ir gi?* th^nghowt ?'<? woiUI. Pi.acipa. oXca 171 i earl aticct, .1. Y. ?(ue< n of Btanljr '? Whin Virgin W?t of \:'Mi:?a ' ha> ilifl?a'?mtenaa' \|.?a?rvaa Wieta npleki m ? fi 'it aj irinflt; l'ypt?r t? Ml) '> i * * Ra--namber, it i< p >e wh t /Irnin |>a Mftar'attar loi'?b? H' NT H I'll ItA Ho r't S -vejib aire. ?. PSI ?4e'plil% Bold at ( OO I'lSoTON H, 7lSB??%l?sv %a'*llilr y'? ? Ripley Kdaalr Utllegt.~S** A.iverllae maat, aaJar l.aad of "laatrnetioo. ' Tr?aa*a, Rlaa'.lr aiorklaga, ?r.-Narah t(*0. S Radiaat Caw TruM sdloa only <t *-> ? v?oy ais-eat. Jt at'.aa laut . Wheelar Vk llaon a Hi?lieat Pt?mln? Lock Suaii Sewing Maolaaa, No .WO BroaJ va/. Wl ALL uV: I ivnp. . , lift 8ro%1w%f

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