Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1864 Page 6
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^ " ; balks a.T ifcttos. ALVAS c ??kbk A CO auctioneer* ai. IBKT HAYWOOD. aucfion iifcR naonlmi knt HOUSEHOLD furniturb. ft an(?lm*rk, DRAWI xu ROOM kukniturk rn SU te, ifcocadh am> 1.a<'f. w ixuow cl'ki AINH, vkuhl anij mri 8.-kls carfktb, CHAN DELI EBB, t>il paintlnlis phonzk statl'ahv. fk.suh,\ A ?li ht\ lii S CHINA > ifckh ?*.! ? ?ii.j iin aud > o>ti( works o( urt nail articles cl > els, A i! AUCTION. cn Tins DAW tmuuayv APRIL i. ?xt the e'o.atit iftiici.n w West S \,eenti> nio t. betweeu c nli ?ini si?i . avenue*. *? i* commencing at ii o'clock. ll> lui i i ti???*r a uiil ?% i ib>- partcu ar a tenil d of ht? fi ei, - an . tin* |>-(m r to title tale. ihe '-aiklov; c wn prtsin if ike larks' and rtel rn ?s*onn ?iil of Itouae mid kuruliure Ac . 11 u at auction this >-eaiu<n sale uervinrtoiy f>r*v|us r, o n s i i?. ?up rb tn u rurniture, covered ?n h lo.ncl ol ih>- net-est leacrlpiion. eleaant Set* Win ?j"? 0 runs in aiau'b .lie si la, ktagere*. i late ?laa- doors; s?.~ r? an<) centre Ta' lea. statuary marl ie 'up ' d'? -n ies tn nw *n<l Ormolu ChandeH* s, oahtnei*, Maa u'avinu ten i. a r, ari ?1 ' Br< ii e clecka. Vases *<> maun. fitnolo ?nd urr- 'en Chita i?ru? ents Vaib.e si*inary rracii' Figures, ou Paintings bj eminent artists, kr ni b line ku railiifs mat.MF 1 octavb ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. rirkr>i n-lri.n.ent 'ene?l at au t on lbt- se ? n ' i ly guar snired (??. n? ,, alters. sv<o!. Broc?il- C> rr. m sic S ami ituok* A<- llat Stand i bal s to natc'i, i?? Bullet. Euen non tallies, *j1 ai. a, Sofas cut and i* n|ri<ed iilaaa-<are. <"blr* Dinm r sea. in p< rtnt from par* i or present owner i Murr |)innfr?iii trk-i-mf. r?rtfi riooni. Knrka. i'm, i up h^akoia. Oxter osali. ttirnrn Taln?* (' itier? lifirii* roi? hi'o.i an.i watnih r^rr-tamf hureana. look stftnda. ar ?I.<.| e a 0. or. Mine Hair an.! Hprli'g maltroawn. U palr? lilian l>?palrf l.iot*n i'llkiw ca^^ m pair* Kren h kit*roai-k i oiinti ipaoi'h. marseille* v?>lta. krcnch ti.i rt >ri? ii. ih hin So'**, bed?ti-a<la Chair*. koekcrs; *!*" kim.iitirc rf " vanW apartment. I'arties wi?l.ln? to attet.d i' ? inko i ifth ursnth ateu'ie rara or *tasei from aftw hinc si Met. lai or m. tr<>|>oluaii hutel, leav lay *t f.niei.ili ktrevt, f?? doo.a froru the houar. \ i \ \n r. '< A k isr a CO , AUCTHjnkbrs.?ai.bkkt HAYWOOD, AikiIi aeer. supeiti llo^ael.old kur niture .to. thisdav Kr Ida) ). April i, at five itery brown atoik- i *..i?no(t lii klai teutb aireet. between rriaidway ai.d i'll ? r* ty plion. sal* commencing at two o'c!ro'< ihia an rti'v ti. ns .-i.n?- of?Dining Ro>irn?fa nit Sideboard, k? enston libe. Arm cbmra, Dinner and Tea seta ruby no1 ?? ie ola** Ware. Tab.e Cutlery fiil??st Plated Ware, ar ; ?)? a! Mirror* i'ai lora? roue WOO'! and walnut Parlor fr'urmtum. Hru?acla Carpet*, etajjerea. hookcawe, Table*, i'ier and Mantel Mirror*, Curtain* paluiin;*, Statuary, Bro'i/e Clocks Sovrea and Dresden China vaae*. icn ga> tntca, clixndeliera, aeren octaer roaewood l'iaool< rie, ntool a t ('over; muali Stand. em olgnure*. kocxint Chairs, ta?nr.a. a. 11 ?. I sl-iitd. '.'hairs to m?U;b Bedroom*?n.ireaua, hedne i,l?. washstanda Coin mode*. lulr and Spring Mat irra-*a Pouters Pllloas, l.ace cuiutloa, Shade* Alto ba?-> i ot.t and kitchen kurnlture Auction no ice.?d. d. caulkinb auctioneer. silbndli HilL'SEIlOLD FURNITURE and WORKS ok art ac. At Public Auction, tlna day ifriday), April i. At the elegant realdon e No. 2\H WEST fourteenth STREET. tetw'ei. in at,.! "ii. av* rale oo i n.errti.e ii o'clofk a m hr\ kn OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIaNoKORTE RiiS: WOOD AND btal k WALNUT SUITS. bhonzk AND ORMOLU cuandklieks. MEDALLION CARPETS, sbvrhs AND DRESDEN CHINA ornaments pi, r AND MANTEL mirk0r8 u ROC A LB AND i.aCE CURTAINS. , ARTISTIC BRON/.E STATUARY oil paixtinos BY EMINENT ARTISTS OAK i. X TEN SI ON TABLE bookcasb. etaoerifb, CRNTBE tablb CHINA (iLtSS ANI? silver WARE, slli'.prield TABLE ciitlkry, TaBLK LINEN. rdkewood CilAMBI-.R furniture lr.uHXIV alvlt The ea;i oompris a some "f li.e iclicsl and most elabo ra:i ly carved P.trior Furniture e^or offen d ai public anctio'i. and io te ? id without any rcatne an exunidailoo will well repay intending bujors. Parlor* r? main ihreo elrcaut f ill Suit* of rosewood Par'or fi.ruititr* in rich crlmaon and inaroon. blue ktid coid, aod r. brotajo and satin r. t^wood k'aserea, gplen did and osi y Parian Ornament*, ruh Va*e?, Ac. >!aumficent ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, 5tooi and Cover, an el,-cant im-lrumcnt. with r and c< rn^rs, beautifully carv ed iota anil . ?<>? all modern h.proveinonia alan a rr.iitnllrenl collect'os nf rare pamllnf*. ro?ewcod tuialsli and ka?y t:hair*. In lire reps, rosewood Centre and 8i e oar Me top TaOles, rlcbly car\cd, vc. yet and Brjasel* C?rpet?. Ac , Ac. chamber Suit*, In rosewood and mahogany; burmut, carved sedatead*. Wa*h?land*. Sofa Bed# in fine haircloth . ten pure Mali matiressea. from 49 to 'JO pound*, made to or mt In eioellent cooditton. uuiin.' Room Furniture conillllng of fine oak Extension dining lat e oak Arm Cbaira, sliver Ware, rich China, Jvory and Silver Cutler*. Fork*. Bpoon*. Ac with heavy Cut anl Engraved olaaaware of every de?.rlrtk>o Carmen ta attendance to cart pack or abip gooda for purcbaner*. r. B.? Hcuae and Lot for sale. apply ou tbe preiniae*. Auction sale -larc.r house sale of MAGNIFICENT u0u8eh0ld FURNITURB. OVER fiiuuo WORTH ok FURNITURB and cakpet8 an extraordinab* oppobtcnitv FOR HOUSEKEEPERS RICH CUT GLASS AND CHINA WARE, lvoRY CUTLERY AND ilLVER waRB. tklvbt, BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS - . , BEAUTIFUL pablob kl'bnitl'be. ?AONIKICENT PARLOR SUITS. klbuant robcttood pianofobtb, BINE OIL pa1ntinos, IURKISH EASY CHAIRB AND LOUNGES HAIR AND SPRING MATTRESSES BEDDING, AC., AT PDBLIC AUCTION. Ai tbe. e'.o.ant r.>al<1en e of ? nr.vale family, No 119 ffe-l klsl.tli street, between kirib an?! SUtb a?enue?, ON THIS DAY (FRIDAY) April 1, At eleven o'clock precisely. Tbe aa'.c con.uriae.- the couu-nta of tbe toiae, and moat of 11 ??? tnsde to oider for the present owner by celebrated ?t? iraler* and naed but aeven mouth*. The whole will be ?ofo pereir.ptorlly rain or ?hlne. extra ir. jacemei.t* l? porct.aei *. PARLOR AND DRAWING BOOM fubn1tubb. Three beam Jul solid rosewood and black walnut Parlor Bulla, covered in neb French satin brocatel and reps- Tur klah ua*y Chair* nnJ Lounges to match , rosewc-od Centra and Pier Tab.ea. Bugerea. ci rner and Book Slanda, 21 day broa^e C oct. r ch China and Parian Vases, Parlor Orna ?lent*, elegant Hrocatel ani! Lace Curtate*, a col ecuon of Oil i alnticgs Engravin(a. large Mirrors and Chande MAGNIFICENT bosewood p1ancfortb, STOOL and COVER, COST $190; aa elegant inatrument. with round Corner*, beautifully carved n n* and <a*e with all modem irnrrrvemetts. ov, r ?'.run , !.ms f l Iron plate French action, full seveu o> tave. roat wood and n.a .o^ar.y Bedstead*, Bureaus, waahfvind*. ?ofa*. Chair*. Rocke s Mirrors. clicks Table* Bed le in gaa. spring and Hair Mattresses. Bed*. B'anketa. Tea Tab.e*. kstension Tatiie, (Oaaa. China and silver Ware. Table Cut itry, Ac. Sale (oatnve 1'epoait* rtc.nirtd it. B? Parle* wish i [14 to attend this sa'e can uke the Sixth avenoe car* or stsc> a lea-iny at eighth street, a lew doni* frorr, il,e Louse Carmen in attcndasce to eirt pack or sblf go >d? for pirchaair*. A^huction Ni TICK.-HOUSE PALE OF magnificent ROBEWi od and WALNUT h kniturk. elb OANT wokus OK ART. ac MADE ry TUB bkbt olf Y M vlvfcks, AND COST OVRK ilt.o?>. THI1 WHOLE tmli. BE PLRBMt tor1ly SOLD h 1tii01t RESERVE, THIS itr.iiat) AFTEKOON. at 'I o c. vk precisely, hv HHNRY R. westcott. a ' tl titer. at the elepaiit reside. c? 1vj West t?elt ur>t street be twen se*? u,h and eighth avor, ?a, comprising the entire ahrsaui i'arl n S'.eei "r.n Room. u nlns Room an ', liall Fur allure ol tl.e House, a i id portect or ir, aupeib Plan one, coei $6 )u: l*.i ?'.?lirniucni sot.d rosewsod Par or Suit", lu bri*?ir 1 c at litik eh Lo'ntes and Ch irs. el"jt?ut rerep.lon Chairs, lu satin : line < arjets. art.e rosfW"?l fclagrrt, statuary and evyr1'*? tor (,'en re and r'aney Ta Mas, r ch cursia* an i SI s t?< e.o|p.!it Par'or Orna ert*. Va*es, Prolines a ro*<*?ood bedsteads. B.irea s. Bron/.e Cloea Hairand Sprlna maltratso*. i * ? and Bedd rg D n log koois Furn'ture, rich colna, Cut Glass aDd Silver Ware oaticry Ha.i Furniture, Sola eedatea is, ac Sale [?ositive ram or st me h. b ?Tbe qrantlts of gooJi to he sold makes it in tera ive that the s le shoul i comu ence at 2 r m. precisely Parties iiom a distance are asm red t'oi there wtll be n > tiov.ponenient tbi Sixth, se -entti and eichth avenue e*m and stages iai<, a tew door* of the hou*e. ACi TION N(iTIC'E. LAR UK AND ATTRACTIVE SALS or RYAPLE AAD FANCY FuREIOH AND DOMESTIC DHY OOOD8. locludog Ihrc' m?> rtTr*r.:s <<( PKA80N A HLE MERCHA?DISB, In treat variety. AL8>. 8C and eatea DOMESTIC GOODS. of ?i>tea M'd dei*.11| .luut adapted to li t immediate wscta of the trade Tan culai ati?r,t!( 0 I- t.tlud. Caihi'Euc* and good* now r<ad?\ WM lOi PlRfl A CO.. A.ttioteerr Nor 9 and 11 Park c a-e. and Ro. S Warren (treet. AW MKKWIJI. AC TIOKEER . hr H.\Nlis, MERW1N A CO., Irving BuilJinga, Krt and W6 Brofc.; ?av ? Rll'AY BVF.NIHO, APRIL. 1. AT 7 O'CLOCK. PRlVAlli LIBRARY of cl.otce turn ?rd Works in vt. rtona dep*rti?,euta. mc.uiMng liluatr^leit Eng! an i ? i". ?earn and e agatt fcoianica.1 W<.rka. M,?<e laueoja L i*r? lure. Ac Pot i*rUcui*ra aea catalogue and the taoka mw ?It raL'.BHIOt). A J. L SMITH. ATCTlONEER-WILL SELL THIS ? dny at IOj? o'clock at Ho. 17 Klntk ?:r-*vt. b?tirceu s<-r n i aLi third ?*en iea. one Piano. one toaewood 1'ar or Huit. one bladk ? atnut do. roee*' o) and n aho?an> a<>*. no-n 8mu> Cktkir* Tat."*. Rocker*. Pier olatae*. flruwla mtt< iMtata Carpet*. On Pait.tmga and ?\ci <tL>r.g g lag to a Lrai rla*a bo .m Houae 13 el. ADMINISTRATORS KAI.P. OP OOPPRR I LATE* Ac , ^ Bf J P. FA1RCI11LD. Auct nti r ? On taiurdiiy, April 2 kt 13 M at i2i' Raeaao ?ine! tecor.d <tonr a .uan uiy nf Copter Plate* fur Map*, Ac., 4c. Bf crier or lie Ad i' itiiMralora EWJ. P PAlRCHJLO At CTIOHBEK-WILL SELL i L Hat r<1av. Apr 1 i at I. A M at the t.u.k: tad op poaite 19A WmI atreit. between Barclay an! (Otiuaon ?tf ta, a atg" quantity of L ,mt?r, f-i eda. Rooflng. Ac. Ac , .0 be rtoi' ,?aa lmine<!.*tely. Db. tatlor avctioshrr-will sel: at aCc . tt'.n on Prlila/. April 1. at 12e'c!0 k. at ?ba R* hat;* ?alearoorr ill Br ad?-*r, Wn valuable Lota n Plfiy f.ftb atr*f , i?i?fwic Plrat and Sec nd r.?i-iiura Ptfiv : fih ?irc*i laravad wiu> reig:ar. paremeat. aad a ipr led ?r.t j*? and water reodnlag thla i aroe'of IxU dt?:i ab e ellhar for in vaalriirat oi lmi-.c iat? lrnpr*r*B.eal Map* andiern tal ika of IM auciioiiaer, i J3 Naaaau (tree! T\ B TAYLOR A BROTHER ACOTIO*EKRS. WILL J J, aell al a'Ciioti on Pridai April I. at l> o'\ ock. a! ttie* t<alMr<K>m HI Proaouaf ital Oairat ?? tbrte ?tory an i t%??tr,eol t-o?rr, fior.?> Hejae an I two Lota No. U? b. cooo | iaca TaroaaaiUe oAlce of tie a .ctioiieera, IM haaaa, atri al DW IVEd A CO , APCTIOHERRA -SEA filiRLLS . au i ulAar Curioutiaa. the ou.r general ct. faction ??rt hj of bottne o Una oountr; at anciloa ibla rtierning at 'I'wocfc aad l P U., at IMai.d 157 Mrudatr. I t OLTOK. At CTTONEER ?OBNTERL HOl'BB hold Purnitara .Plaaoforta, Bll..ard Tab)*. Velvr-i ua?al( and pi'.er Car|?ta rrenih Piate Mirrora. Otl ptlnaa, Ac. Tt n daj rn<ia?, Air! I. at 1CM o'clock, Ho 71* Brnadway oopoali* York Hotel, a eery I* and eitenaH'e aaaoriniet.t or re? '.j g f.d Kurtiiture, moat ot wMcb bat been in n?e hw'ITh ;?*k tbire an mm ?i 1 arior Buita in br<?a?ei and rr?n-? rr(? roitate Md r nar?.r!ia1 do id aoltd oak t me eery a '.gam Vel rwi- Tapae'ry. Ttiraa ??tp and ltigram Carpeta. roa?wooJ ?nd I'tbrr Draaaing Hurwtuaaad l emre Taf. aa. H <i) mb Wardrobaa, Raiaoa^u Dlo.i.g Tabtea Curtaioi, Hatr Mat twaaa? aeaerai Cbaadeiiara, Turkiab Loubgai and < h* ra ?wrera1 ?r; ftne (HI Pairtinga. n?e ro?ew(io<j mart ? bed Billiard Ta' K Otwipiaw oor 'eaewoad I*ia?1 - acv?B O^uiva. ettj make. Ac Alio ?il uoraa paient Paint MHI* i< ia? Moral a adrao'4* it N B ? Tbla will be peremptory aad bifar n4<K*meul* f> the tnde aa weil as a.! Mber* in eraat _ 1.1 rOLTON At?;(IO>RKR-W1LL tiivs III* I'BR E ? ao ial aue#il >n W ailta o' 'urotl ra al lh? rea .u nci* ?T ramll ea braakia* up noiaaktep>?j. or tb* cooa .an n? (Winovad lo ib? fiAa'a te aala*r#0tn 7U Mi-.jMliaaj', opi oaita UmKo? Mnrt AiM . elEBRT H LfcKDM A CO A ( CTIORRRRB L HKI*RT H I KPt'l ( ' 1 ? a., at a Hot. on lurdat April I at |1 o J'?k in front of r I.I ?t?tr, fio n llaaiai ilfrrt a Coupf Hi<-,!*?> u gcu M urn. ! * o^der I1LKS AT AtCTIO*. /"> EOftOR COO*, AUCTIONEER.-ASSKI1?BK>? BALK Ijr o< F .rnlmre.-Tbt* d*y, .1 I' o elo- s, al U nMii ? 41 Brua,iwa?. m .eral Parlor Suit*. B'iln>om bu I* try ? it U.uiog k o II Smls. KUttWi Sn.'eb**ria, B? tension liibii*, Wardrobe* Hoo*< **c?. C?nir* Ub>t. Hail F.rnlur-- Mirror*. Lounge*. Eaiv Chare. Pium orte. *c. N J ?eiaie* . I Furniture *1 ib?- lesdeuces "f owaers when desired, r al the ulrirjoi'ii: tiki nig laffriof ifloomnio !*? liot-a _ CI RE AT SAI.B IN filHUOTOI CITY?BY CATA X ;og i , of Ht'Ptity nloc firat >'lwi? RuiMiaz ruli. b#! pit luging to IOC U?i ''*UI? On Tueeday afternoon April j ti So rinek it ttw> auction no::.* jf James C. MtOuire .? C I . lO-nei of Trnl-'i end D slieei*. Kt \ J.N I* NINE l-IKST CLASS BUILDING LOYS bf'i ng'ng'o tb-D?vidf n e*t?te -ompilsiiig some of ibe most i j.ble Building Lots lo be luuud In Hie city, situated pr i.cij tilt . n the InJi grounds north or Pciins^ vutna no oki* leiween Nil <h and Fifteenth streets west. In th# best improved aud most deniable pari of ihe city for private re shiencea For descriptive CTtaloipies, with lerma of sale. 4c., apply loJAMi.S M. VI L.LK It, Aucllnueer, 2i Pine street. BUNKY II. L K 8 D8 A OO.. AUCTIONEER* 6,.|-e b Paris an Furniture. Buhl do. Mantel and r Mirrors, Bronze and Gia*s Chandelier*. real Kion/es, laryr. costly Va*es, marble and other Statuary. French and Bor.fniiiu Glass, costly Oil Painting*. 4c., itie cro| eily of I' Mallard, E?<|. ol Now Oilcans, bein^ the cuilre sioct of tins extensive e?t?bli* itueul. mi ved 10 ibis cit> for -ale II KN KY II LEEDS 4 CO. will sell by suction on Thurs day March Si. and Friday. April 1, at the store No. ">77 Br< adwav, ocp site Niblo s, at 10)4 o'clock each day. The alov* costly goods wern mostly made In Parts to oriler. on s silog >n part of about V) far .? Pier and Mantel Glasses, do Frame*, oval su|*irb rosewood Par'or Sulla. covered u tlowered br cade sl!k br catel and reps; antique do., Mar nueterle. Bt.lil do. ebony Jo., Bu-.kease* Secretaries, rosewood Dreutng Bureaus and Bedstoads, Blsgeree, Pupler Mac-he Botes. 4c.: Lace Curtain*, amy Chairs richly carved Armolr-a-Glaie. Lilirarv Tables In la d Centre Ta bles. French engraved crystal Glass Bohemian do.. Dessert Sits, mounted ormolu and sliver, ormolu and bron/e Cocks, large Bronzes, richly painted Vases. Parian and Bisoue Figures, rich Chaotic lers. Ila Islands and other costly artic e*. Refer to catalogue* FINE AND COSTLV OIL PAINTIN08. comprlsine about f.fty pleiurc*. Among them Is a full length portrait of Wa>htn^ion, by I'oale; Land*eape. by Sir Josnua Lawrence: original, by Boucher, K 8averi, V?o Bloenian, Lebr tn, Hogarth, Cartier. ltenard. Latour. M d No*. Van Titooi and otber*. all of great merit. They can be eiamlued wub catalogues al tlir above place until sold Henry d. miner, auctioneer, salesroom 37 Nas*-iu street, opposite the Pnst o'l c? ? MINhrt 4 SOMKRVILLE w.ll sell at auctl.m on Saturday April 2. at 1 H o'clock, at Ibelr nalesroom 37 Nassau street * general aasoriment of Houaeb Id Furnlt' re, removed for conve me nee of isle, consisting ol Velvet Hrus-els. Three ply and Ingrain Carpet*; roaewood and black walnut Sulta in liro catel and reps, utahngany French Beusteads. Hair llu-k and Straw Ma'.tresscs i'al'lasses. Feather Bolster* and Pil lows mah -gany and r.aewoo.t Marh'e Top Centre and 8 de TaMes Waslictauds. Bureaus French Plate 1'ler and Man tel Mirrors, n a! ogar.y Bookcasna. W'ar^roCes mabo^any Eitention Tables, Oilrlotli. Mat ing Silver Plated Ware, Crockery and tjlassware, alio Kitchen I'teoslla HOrSEMOLD PI'RNI n?RK SvI.VS-TIIE sip el are fully i rei arcd ai (eeieroif To- ih.ity tears to ?;lve i?-rs >m titention ic <"le ol II oii-ebol.l Fur niture. vc.. at the residence* of families removlug or dc 0llU.Ua hou-e<ee| nj E. II. LL'DLOW 4 CO., No S Pin? s_r el Hardware, cctlbry, fancy goods. ,tc J E. HALSEV 4 CO N > it Barclay *lreet. Will sell THIS DAY (FRIOAV) April I. Al 10 o clock, st the a icllon rooms. HARDWARE, CCTLEKY FANt V UOODS. 4C. Cata.ngues ready early un the n.ornlng ol iale. JBOTART, aL'CTIONKBR.-BY B. * J BO<JA"T , Monilav April 4. at 10'3 o'clock, al the auction ro. un. No, I North W tlCam tlreel, eiecuiors' sale of a 'arge aicck of '"lothltig Hats, Caps. 4c. consisting of Casslmere Mar seilles Tweed, Mohair, Checks, Wool Alpaca, Flannel and L run Dress. Business Sack and Frock Coal* do. Pan'.alocns aid Vest*, Boy*' Clothing; lOl&ige cases Ilata and Caps, of every de?crlrt on. Shirts aud Drawer*, Sl.k Scarf*. Neck tie*. Bilk and Cotti.n Han Ikerchlef* Shin Collar*. 4c., be ing the balance of the itnck of the estate of Joseph Lee and R. H. Smith, Eiecc.tors J BOG ART. Al'CTlOKRER-BY S. A J. BOOART. ? Satu-tiay. April 2. at I >, o'c.i>ck. at the aucti in room. No I North Win^am (treet a large uuar.lity of Household F irclture. Carpels, Oilcloth Sofas, Tables. Chair*, Ward robe*. lot of Crockery and Car* Ware. HeJs'eads and Bed ding Kitchen Furniture, 4c., and Bipret* Wagon*. J BOOART Al'CTIONBER ?BY 8. 4 J. BOG ART ? This day, April I, al II o'clock, at Ibe United Slate* Steam S .gar Reftnarv. corner ol Lalghl and Wathlncton street* t<y order of jOUN KELLY, E*o,, Receiver, about ISO tons Bone Char, lot of Fire C'-ay Su^ar Mould*. Black smith's Tool*. Machinery. Scale*, Rope, Leather and Rub Oer Rom, 4c. MORRI8 WILK1NS, AUCTIONEER-B. H. Ll'DLOW A CO. will sell at auction, on F.-iday. April I. U<64 at 12o'cl<?k. al the Exchange salesroom. No 111 Broadway (Trinity Building). New York. LEXiNGTO# AVBHUE?The two very dedrable three ?lory, basement and under cellar high stoop House* and Lot* od the south weal corner of Lekington avenue and East Twenty seventh street, and known a* No*. (Hi and 88 Lex ingt n aveuu*. The houaes are In good order and have all ihe modern Imprc vemeuM Bach house If 19 feelVlncbe* fronl and rear bv 40 faei deep; lou 19 feel 9 Inches front and rear by SI feel deep. flcuie< can be seen from 10 to II o'clock daily. Map* and fuitber particular* apply at the ol ce of Ibe auctioneer*. B. H. Ll'DLOW 4 CO.. No. 3 Pine street Morris wilkinb, auctioneer VALl ABLB HOI SE AND LOT ON WEST THIRTY SEVENTH STREET. E B, LUDLOW A CO., will sell at auction on Friday April I. 18M. ai IK o'rt-?k at ? ibe Exchange salesroom. Ill Broadwav (Tilnlty building*, Hew Yor* ? West Thirty ceveiiih street?The desirable two story, at lie and hasameut Frame House and Lot on the * i.lh tide of West Thirty * venth street, between Nmih and Tenth ave miea. and known aa No. 233 West Thirty set-en lb stretl Tlie House is 22feet front and rear by 26 feet deer, with e\lCD?:on,>nJ)>M Cyton water. Lot 25 feet from and rear by 5" feet 9 inches deep. T' ere i* an alley wav of S feet lo a (table on the rear of the lot. For maps and further particulars api-iy al tbe ol.c~ of ihe auctioneers. B. H Ll'DLOW 4 CO.. No 3 Pine *l Morris wilkins, auctioneer. Housf and Lot on We*t Thirty third street. E II LUDLOW 4 CO mill *ell ai auction on Friday, April I. I*ft4. *l 12o'clock al the Bichange Salesroom. Ill Broadway (Trin ty BulldlngV New York. Wk?t thirty tiubd Sts**t ?Tl c three story and base n.ent frame Cotta;e and Let 122 Wesl Thirty >tb rd street, *ouib s;de. KO fed east of Seventh avenue house 17.C by 21 feel, with court yard of IS feet In front anil ha* bam. n-aler and gas on every ?'oor pur on and hall* frescoed all ins 0.1 or er Lot 17.8 b? 42 feel. Tr.KM* ?1" per <ent and auction ree of fit) on day of sale; -e on or before May 1, when the leea will be dehvered r.nrt poMfSvion given. ? yaps 4c , n at '.<e al ibe o?ce of tl.e auctioneer, No. i Fd tlrcc. New York. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER -PEREMPTORY SALE . of Household Furniture rosew .od s -n octave I'iancf rte. Car: et*./.c.?Mr. DOUGHTY will n.,1, on Fri day. A| 1 la > 'c1oca. the entire F rnliure ccca.r.fd in h uae 11? We?i Fony s -venlh street, near S.itb avenue Cols si,r.: In tart of rosewood rever. oc ave Plano.'oiie. VeKet Hrurse'.s an 1 Iniraln Carpels Fr-neh piata o-al M.rTois,Turki?h I^ocnges and Ch?lr>. Centre Tab es Man el Vases. Lit Curtains, mal.ogai.y Brdsletds. best C ir ed Hs r Mattresses fpriui! do . Feat', er Bolster* and PilO'\?, B'-ldiug and Uiu'.ng hoom i'urnii re, bla k wa.Lt.1 P r'e', Kvlen^lc'n lal'e, Dlnuj t I a.r*. Fr?nc*i CI 'n? Dinner and (ea Set*. 8:-er T. .tc I Ware. Casters. K 1 hen Utet.<i !a. Mall and Kitchen oilcloths, f a r Ca:p* t?. Hall S.and. Tb" w hole for *h*oiutc ?ale and worthy ti e attention ol h .s? kc : <ws .mil lh? tra'e Cat. log .e? at the house on ihe mtm.r.g of '-ale G od' to be deii ered the aair.e i'ay. WALTEPS AV't'TTONEER.?!MAGNIFICENT SALE . of a spiendld collect on of Sea Shells, Corals and Curi osities 'r - n all parts .f the rl be To be sold, w :thM t re ser e. this dav at 1 and 7 P M., at 2t* Cbaiham * ,oaie, the arrest ar.d finest ? o.ieciton ol marine srec rr.eni ever im p- net! t this city, compnslrig an immense variety of She!.a large and Ktnali even 3e*ci .pttor of Coias and Curiosities, n n.'ennc over I JOOdl'ereai S|?cime;i*. bo eg more than 10 ? for every one po*s-??ed by any gol up *aie in th s city. sor.-.e of ^e rarest oaMn*t speclrr.en* fcr naturalists and tcnohoogisH S el's s d al any time w ho esa'e and retail, hy private hale; packed and *enl to all quarters, crlc * promptly attended to T BOYTON, So'.e American Agent. R Rt hazell, auctioneer. THIb DAY (Fridays A PR! I, I. at 1 ^ o c ock. at our a*ie*r <im fv L.beily tlrtel. HARDWARE AND t TILERY. SILVER PLaTF.D WARE. tC, 10 lota to lull (.it; and country buyera. AUO. CARTET and MATTINi}?a roil* Hemp OarjM and Got cha Mattinc aitghtly fiima.r i ty water. Fa.VCY Ol'OOS?Invoice* fancy Qoodeand Not oca. tun. SILEL?3 6>J0 pOutd* En^.tth Cut Steel, Ac. Ac.. Ac. WHITTEMORB A HAZEL!. Auctioneer*. C2 Liberty itreel RECEIVBR 8 SALE ? BY VIRTCB OF AN ORDER f?F C.e S prame Cojrt, the uooeritfitied. Re<*ivei of the Pei*on*. Prtperlv of ll.e I'niUd In ta SU-a:n Sugar R . finli l Conai any will aeu at public au cllon, on Friday. A| r? I. 1*5? at 11 o'dook A M . on the prem*e? late:> oe up ed tv ui! eo3>i M . .bo iDjed by Hiit?*rt. Wa*Mngton Lalght an . W'-at atrnot'o 10 tone hor.o i ar. lot Filter Fa^a r.o<' Biankeia. let ircrj Wagona. Urpc kit of eld Iron Fire Prck? Fir? Clajr. Flatf rm Sca.e*. B.acksorih* Tu la, sar v* ? ac ! Srrapen, one Crtiahing Machi.e. oce St aving Machir.e. >0* Iron Rci*. kit .sugar Korapioga, n harre.*, and other article* of value la a rugar ?""? j'lIN KELLT, Rerelrar. Ac. Dalad Nk* TOBB, March 25. 18^4. Sales of hoirriiold Ft rnitirb llr untWingnetl .a preparel tu give apecial at ten on to HO 11EBC> ILI? % VKNITURB at re?:3encee, on the moat fi.ror*b!e tci n*. Partm contemplating makioi aalee tnsa aea???i will do * ail tu regnier il.ur nan r.? -nr.i to nee ire choice "f dale. A JOIRNEAY, Auctioneer, No. h Pine aireet. S HERMAN a CO Al'CTlONRERS SELL TBI1* day . ifrtrtay) Ajrll 1 at ll o'c>uak. ?t '.he na.oatoo.n IS Bowery, tbe entire Stock ot a Who >?a e Dealer removal for "?nvt tneooe of eale. vlr ? Mcaak* barren aad ptpea of br*odiM.*t** an d (lark. <lln, Bum Fort Sherry and Claret W off, Cb?m, agne* T bacco. Setara, 6S lb a ol 1 Bourbon and Bre Whtakfj, atd a large !nt of tb'-r Liquor*; Furnl tura. Counter*. show Caee*. Kagar Caaea. Ac tl'ILLIAM ABBATT, AUCTIONEER, SELLS ON THIS It dav. at 1 OH (' f uefc. lb* Hick ai d Fliturta ot the tiro 'try asd Llqxor store Bo ft Third avenue?Counter*, '.?lata Oaae. loo Cbwt Boer Pump* Bp!ce? B?ap. Ac. '? WITTKRS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. THIS day at 1 o'atoek. ?t 4M Conal atroei. Ibe enttr* fen teel F .rniturv of a large houao?Rica fapertrr, Threap]/ and ' tber C'arpeu, Oiicloiba Parlor Buita. Bade. Bedding, f ureoua, otandollora, Wofdr -l ea., Con ire and ther ab.ea. fc< laa Louajta*. Kixklog and other Cbaira, and al I oibor tblnga rot b uaakoepiag. aiao 7 rol:a of damaged Car petibg, aiau SUO yard* Oiicloiba and Matting In ramnaoia. . . , FrnWlTOM. , Alahob Lot of pt rnitcbr wanted-an* famll/ wiatilng to dlapoa* af their Furniture. ID wb3M ar barl, can Bud a aaab barer by calling on or aatltaaaiog R. Field, im Pearl etreet N Y. An kleoant assortment op parlor, cham bar aad Uinmg Roots Furniture, for aale, at a aacrtlioe. Ttiaeubacr ?r will tall la low to auit purchaaera. all ibe fur jjiniro contained to hi* raaldenr*. 113 Welt Tweniy ibird . i reel near Killh avcMit, Plan' forte. Paiotinjta. Pallor a-Mita, Etagaroa, Mlffora. Ao. "1. MIDDLiTOB. 1/LBOANT HOC8BBOTJ9 FURNITURE OP A PRIVATE l!i family far aa?. ai a graal raonfice A baaattfoi Pailor Suit, covered In rich French aatin brook I" I trade to order awroa month* apo, coal #**?; wtti be a<ild for fift/. one la'sa double Kuit. two Sofaa ona Am CAalr and at* nudaliioB '.?? k Cbaira cot i r?d in French repa, for $IM. two marina mi lab'aa row?>ood Ktagere, Laoe (:? Mm*.?ruaaa.aCar net* two ro?-wb<? Ued?t?a<la. Bureau* wAahitand two > ?pr >?? and two fla>r Manraaaaa, Umnyaa T<>rBtah Faar ? hatra. Br ?- * ? . etieet o?? FU'RNITI RK WANTED-AN* ONF llAVIN'l L?R'iB or *n>all kii* of *e<-onJ u*nd Purniture Ac. lo d *j ov of .ii a fair I rice will Bnd aaaab tuamuiar by ! k<|iliea?!ug Writ, lirr?l<] oiiva. vv * I.ura. pro irr t:..>ok. Ac. Joiulre ai 119 Waal t.ighlh l*r Stub aveooa. ? CLoTHna. A TTRNT10N.?AT 8BVENTU AVBlll'B. N5aK {%. TweelT flflh street V tut, ladies *1)1 gentlmijen, make liay while the auu (hints, and Jm'i -oil your Wearing Apiierel for nothing; you can grt near I v double the prl.-? you are oaid el?* where Uy calling oa or drrt plan * n >te to M MARKS, who purulasea io H11 orders from CaiUi ruia and the Western m.irkeis. The Mutest price pAld for Silk, Hon M s'ln, Wi>ollen and Calico Dresses, Shawls, OloaSis ?? utieuieu a luata, l ima Ac , Carp- is. Jn>? ry, f>ir?lture. Cut this out md keep it f >r future refori n~e. Li lies -s-aitod on by Mra. MARKS Remember the address-238 Seventh avenue, near Tweuty lifts street. Ar THH NKW bTOIWi IM THIRD AVKNUR, LADIKS au 1 qecb men are guaranuod to receive the Mufceit prl'-fe for each article of cast oil' W<Vlng vpmrei Furoi lure Carpets, Ac lor Ih?- Souhfirn ami '.Vestprn market * Remember and try C. M1SH.IM Tblnl avenue n ar Four tee um street- A lady in attendance, ra r >;n Brooklyn and vicinity attended to. AT iiS SSVbNTIi AV/.NUB ?LADIIM AND OEMS having Cast 0 V ClotMng, Carpets ao.. to disrose of will not iccret calling on or a<Mi?.-t>nng a n- te to M KA N1NSHY, is3 Seventh avenue. A lady In attendance. A CHEAT DEMAND FOR CTjOTIUNO ? LADIK8 AND geiiilemi'n ba-ing any Cast Olf Clcihini;, Furniture. Carious atnl Jewelry, will rec .ve the highest pr.oss by sa I lb, on or ?dclies?Inij A. 1IARUIS. 551 Thud avenue between Thirl, eicluh anj Thirty nlu.h streets. Ladles attended to by Mrs Harris. A (IKEA I DEMAND AT IM SKVRirTH AVENUE. POR Cast off Wearing Apparel, Carpels Furniture, Jew c ry, Ac Ladies and gentleuiun can dispose of them at a hlyher price th <n elsewhere, ss we muni have the above rocnioned articles lo supply the California and Western markets. Please call on ir address ll. HARRIS. Ii4 Sev enth a enue, betweeu Twenty first and Tweuty bccouiI bUoe'? Ladles walled on by Mis U. Llama AT (THE 81.'REST PLAC8) 283 SIXTU AVENUE '..idles and gentlemen will !md the fair. honest dealer, H M I NT/., to whom you can dispose of your Cssl'Ml O uth ing Carpets, Furniture, jewelry, Ac., for fifty pel cen moro in r-aah than at any other rlaee. Oa!1 on or ad 'ress and 2011 vince yourself, B. Mini* J8;i8l*lb avenue near Klghteeeth street Ladies ouoctually attended to uy Mrs M.nt/ Do not foreet the original name, B. MlnU and the number, 2fC Simb avenue. A 243 SEVENTH AVENUR, CORNER OF TWENTV sixth street ?B. HART will pay the hiuhe?t priccs for ladies and gentlemen's Ca?t 0 1 Clothing. Carpels, Fuiui lure. Ac., by calling or addressing a note La lies attended by Mrs. Ilart Attention.-ladies and gentlemen can re ;eue the highest price for their cast off Plothln,' Fur n'lure. Carpets, Ac. by caiiiaj on or adlrcssfng H C<>H N. 240 Se>euth aveuue, near ihe drug store Ladies stteaJcd tr by Mrs Cobn. AT THE ESTABLISHMENT. 113 SEVENTH AVENUE, between Twenty fifth and Twenty.sixth sticits. M. ABRAHAMS, I have rec-lved ? large order 'rom he West to r irchase cast off Clothing Putr.ll'.tre. ("arpe'.s *c. I>% dies anduents can receive per cen: more ifcrui s paic by any dealer In the city, by ca..!nj at or iddrtsa ug theabo>s number. Will be attended '.o ty Mr. or Mra Abraham a AT?3 BOWERY.?11. ROSENTHAL H A VINO A GREAT desire tc purchase a large ^ lantlty >f :asl sit tVear'ng Apparel Kurii ture Carpets jewe:ry. Ac by calling on jr address ng hltn aflies aua ger.tlemen can obtain li e utmo'l value foi each arlli.e Ladles attended t? 3y Mrs Rc?er.' Piease remember acci try iM Bowery ? p; >j:ca'. J. ues street. Ar THE NEW STORE. 56 CARMINE STREET-LA dies and gentlemen can receive jri per ?er.'more for t'ast Od Ciothinfi, Furniture. Carpets Ac by :alltsi Jr. or addressing H. I1AKT, at the above uumiei Ladies at '.ended by Mrs. Ilart. AT NO 137 SIXTH avenue-ladies and gen tlemen. if you wish to receive .be htghe?' trice for ycur Cast Off Clothing. Carpels Furc.iure. Ae. il.c tx"t you car. do ,s t< call on or sen? s note to E M1NTZ, si 1.47 Slith avenue, two doors Trom Tenth street Li.dles *1 tended by Mrs Mint/.. True, you will be dea'.t with tc your satisfaction and benefit. Attention -at the California and west em Agency Siore, 212 Seven'h avetvie received ,ar;e orders fro-n ir.e a' ove markets lo purchase and pay the highest pricc for Wearing Ad arel and especial y for good arth le* I wl.l mention some of Ibe prices for your sst'.is faction.? SILK DRESSES Si TO |M. COATS, SI TO Sa?. PANTS $8 TO M Also Woollen Musiln aud Pallc > Dresses. 9 .awls Furni ture, Cartels. Ac. by calling on or addressing G. RONEN BERO. 212 Seventh aienue Lalles will b* puuet .al'.y al ended to. in snd out of city, ty Mrs Rosenberg. Ladies, looe to your interest?from $ic to $y> pal l for Silk Dresses The hlg^.esi cash paid for gentlemen's Clothing Call on or address ? note to the office of L CASHRER J, 48 East Twelfth street, near Broad way Ladies attended to by Mrs C. COPARTNERSHIP. APABTNER WANTED-IN THE MANUFACTURE OF a newly invented ma.bine, an article of actual necessity In every family. money can be made by Inveiling s siuall capital. Call At or address C. D , 718 Rl.ington street A BUSINESS MAN WISHES TO INVEST $10.0. WITH h.s own services, in a good established can., paying bull neas. which ten bear strict investigation. Address, with real name Assocla e, bos 132 Herald oZce. st&ung business Ah communications conbdmilal. A PARTNER AND ASSOCIATE WANTED?IN A good. peasant buslnea>. re .ulring (wo. very liberal arrangements mmle with a suitable p?r?on for one-half to lerest References given and required J. C. MILTON A CO.. 20B Broadway Dissolution op copartnership.-the co partnerehtp heretofore existing under the llrm name of Lncawood >? lb.* day d.aso;v.d by mutual oocaeut. Enter partner will slgu In Liquidation ALFRED LOOEWOOD. JOHN B NORRI8. BENSON VAN VLIET. New Vim*. April I lr$4. I.IM11 ED CO PARTNER? III P.?Notice la lereby giren that tbe uLdertigueJ bare ibis day f m.ed a limited part nerahlp. pursuant to tl.e livi of the State of New York, for the p.irp< ee of >arrv ng on the bueinest of a Stock Com nit non Broker lr. the uly of New York under tbe name or t.rm'if Benson Van vtatr vbat tbe general nature o: tbe bus.nets intended to be transacted is (lie buy;ns and selling of r.oaks. bonds and other securities 03 ooinratssioii: that the names of all tbe general and special inrtti rs Interested in tucb partnership are Benton Van Tilt1. A.fred Lock wo J ai d form H Norris, lhat Benson Van Viiet who rea.des in the city of Brooklyn nod btaie of New York. 1* ibe only general panair, that Alfred Lock wood, wuo resides in tbe city eo .nfy and Stuie of New York, and .'ohn B Norris who rcRldet in aald city -f Bro ?klyn. are the a.'ecla part neri. lhat ibe am. uat of capital which each f sal .1 spoc al patnert has contributed to the con moo neck Is an actual ca'h payn ent of tl.e si.m of ibirty tiiouutad dolors that said partnership commences on t .11 ftw day ol April, one thousand elgi:t hundred and ?Uly four and wil. terminate on the ti n ty r.rst day of March, oue th uisanl elgui hun dre: and sixty bve. BENSON VAN Vl/.ET ALFRED LOCK WOOD JOHN B NORRIS. Da #d at the city of Nbw Tcb*. ah' ?? l*>t. _ REATF.ST INVENTION OK TUB AOS ?WANTED. X a man with $I'.?.0 o, to take an interest to an Invention secured by paler.t right, and ? lilcb can be -o 11 for teveel hundred llio.t?anl ao.lars the momenta proper ino el is ica le. (or wbicii part of the above is Intended Mo el 10 l>e m -n an full p rtlculars glveu at g!Bc: of PORTER i CO., Broadway. INDIA RUBBER 0001)8 BUSINESS?A PARTNER IS 1 <v? itcd. who underttand* tbe buaiueas thoroughly. with fron. fi.O ?*' to f U-jii, >0 j In the nl.crtlscr in Wei a b.itl B?se :u a lara- W? -tc.'li city; tbnis h rare opp?riaBit>. us lb-re is bat it'.c or n > t n Kcfeiencen given and required. Addiees E .1.. Hera d niiico. for ooe week. ' VTO 44 EXCHANGE PLACE ? MR. J N BWKLL has an interest in ur hen ? frot 1 tl la dale I'ul.HAMUS A jackson. Nf*v Tonic, April 1, lat'4. Partnbr wanted?with a capital ok about $5,ou a |?,(KXi. to commence me advertiser s mill for the ir.anifaetv re of ro lee ?r.d tpices; wLrk g-i.iMiUed dur ng the whole vear; no an. 'arse profits, te ns a ft I'd ad'iiinlatrator, b il tvlthojt ?u 1 dent capital to start 011 his own account. Re '< rentes eicbaCfced. Address M.O, Herald Partner wanted-in a first class market up town AtidreM ABO, tq lare Post Partner *mtid-to join the toTiinm in the manufacture .r.d tale of Hats the coming teas. li. be La*Blari;e ? '0 1 Cited up, and aii Ibe fa limes for carrying n U.r bualnest id ant extent, or would make immediate arrange r.entt f r any branch ol the Hat t- siness Address Hats, no 130 Herald \I* A NT I- D?W1 Til AN ACTIVE OH SPKCIAL PART Vt ner, $'1.<xi0, '.o tl.l*10- to * gate ir, the man 1 fart3re of Itgtb fancy and ornamenra. iron ait te ami builders1 hard nare. liom which a urge prn-u pan be real'.ied. Address Iron He a.d oSkce. wilt reai tan.e aLd wtcre an iniervtew rosy be tad. air Art -WANTED. AN ACTIVE business man. IJitUv. with the above n*med aapiul ic take er.e ha.f in terem in :< Butler Surd No- 11 and 2.1 Clinton Market foot of ^prlug ?t.e*i. one unueratsB l.-ig the reull 6u?iness and can Inf ue::ce tome c<?tr.ii.i??i :i. 'radr 1 referred, refer ence? given and required. Apply on ibe rrcrr.:?e?. A M BROWN. $,-f\A-1750. $l.!?n OR M RE AND SERVICES OF ? M MJ a Cr?l elaa? businet? man, 11 en.lid penman, good bookteeper, acrouBiaiii. fin ,nr er ,tr , lor an interest or l.bera. s? ai v in any well ettab. >1 ' d aad prc'ternus bust tiC's Reference aa 10 r*?p*'i&f g en anJ required. N B ?No pro;oaittons emerti .t ed unlets nature of the but ness proper name and 1 *a.'.i> given. This is a ebanre seldom tret with lor buslncts men. A. dret.? A. B 8., Her a rt ' flioe fl?7Cn IN fiREENBACKS?TO INVEst (MMEDI tD I OV' atelv by a piaetleai us ness mm la (onr.e paying business Address, with k n.l of bdtlnesa. Prompt cerM Herald oRice. (J>K Ann -PARTNER WANTED, IN A LIOHT manila turlrg r i? nest, ?-tiabiishe'l, aalss ca>h . 79 per cent 1 roi'.t ore f <t ordert on hand, and can te li def n tely enenied. Apply to PuKIER A CO.. 339 Broad* ay. room 17. Qlrt hfin -partner wanted with this iflU.vUUi amount, in * respectable b ismese li. this c ty, in crnneelion with an eipener.ced and retponslb e psrty Spleudid cbaace for a man deslro >s of making money. FORI KR t CO., S3? BroBdway. DENTISTRY. AN IMPORTANT INVRNTION IN DENTIBTRt -A fall upper or lowei eet of t'.eih, lit; superior gold stiver and cement Pilling, hi cents and upwards retracting by a new and pecoiler proreae. 21 <eBti J l>OL)IN. French Den tist. Fulton street, Brooklyn. A MOST WONDERFUL* DISCOVERT.?TEETH II traewd witlioul pam or no-barge Beautiful Teeth inserted, each eet on tiiver, $111. leeih inserted tritb or withoutettrailing the r(K>t?. J )aT TILLERS, IkMirerid ttreei, two Mooltk from Broadway. AT DR. WAITS', ?S FOI'RTB aVENDB. CAN BE HAD . B handsome a'd tervlcftahp s?i of tee lb for ? 10 Also, teeth eiinuwd positive y ? iihoui i?in under tbe mflaence of my chemically pur.led Milnroturm. An entirely new fuieetbeuc aud perfectly harmlete Nb orifhb a BRt.s a>- oramo street *ew ? York, aad 257 Kuiu i. st-e. 1. Pro- klja. are eitra<-uns Teeth poeltlvely without |?ln hy the utr of nitrous rude fas No cbaige for attracting when teeth are to be macrted- They are aiso inserting full tete el teeth on gold, $25. Blatioa 8? silver piu ni.ter. $|t), partial acts on gold, B2. siletr, ft, BStr? ting, 2i lenlB. fi'TTR0C? OXIDB UA8 01VBN. AMD TBKTH HI ti acted * about pam. at Sltlb ateni e betweeB leenib asd Sii'Benlh sir- rtt Sea other aiiveriteemeni. QBT8 or TBETIi MADE IN TllltKK IIOURS ?EMTIRR al dBUefarlicn or no psv ai a.% N sth avenue Pereontap ph Irs liere In l|.e foreno u. ?aii 1 sve seu if teeth en Mlver Ci> grid made Cumi lele and ii.Mene.i ibe sfienmon ef the ?Slue day No niftsmv le Ii^mn rt aIm, :,ne llo'd Pilling, and the llnetl 1.0 d ami rialuu Seism thi a It. interled si trtiSiiUi arciiue Aiso pr- uv , eep am* durable feia in aeiud ut tl.e sfior est n. n. Km) Stub sveuuB i-etwccu Kifleenth Bad S.ilecoth ?treils AMUSEMENTS. WALLACBEKaFIT OK MB8 W ILKINS .rrT'?? v> great cast that Lm stamped tu'ia play one of the Mr ^^b.?.h^r#r l"e Mr. John Ullbort. "" ffi i' P' nt<,n Air C fish, r "" ? Old l ornton Mr John Sell o. .. ?M ? OoMllro* Mr. O 1J /Ihu.d *,v **? Mr Ik v .Mr 8 :*y Mr ; Mr. Mo nm " , " '??"b Mr Hro;voe ... , '! *??? ..WiUiams m-s Mary ajionoo..';::: Mr 1?u,'th Mm Wilkin*. {.......;Ho..hin Mm John Selton. hV ' Widow Warren ?Ssa:?M3t it?? UN Juav , . ,VTff) ""SBDALB PORK UOliD wuJftlj n^hl and last for the present), UtSSi" FAt KS CU.v 'L'ER <"eCOnd l"UC lM" season>. SHK STOOI'H IO 17V1 ?'srcon ' u'e'it this season), MONEY Tl i KCHOOL fiiK'Kori ,^,ILL> 0AT8 T1,E R'"'ALS. rHI HlHUUL KOK M ANiJAI, and LO\E FUR LOVE. | 1}ROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. ~~ XJ l.c^c 4Ail MtiQAber HK\R? r l a k w c tt JOINT BKNKKir JAKRETT. I Of Messrs WaI.KACK AND DAVENPORT TWO pavoritk I'LUS Last appearance but one of thn i Th'lePRm/av^V'10 a,'UaSCB. Will be presented K ot z ehue's ^h"Ulfnu ^lay or'8"*' dc? "oneVM.Co?> ***** Bi iiNnrt A Mr "?? W WAli!,A('K dutch bm -? Mr E u Davenport volant! Mm. KARUKM ''o "inrrow. iaii"rilghi oi'lhe%reat artists21**'0KT JANKSHORK A.Nl> HLACK EYED8USAN ?^LC,?.ay VDre.V 9.,rcl? ?nd p?r'l?.ot. 5.)cents Secure,I scats Family Circle. 28 cent*. Commence at 8 o'clock ' DARK THEATRE. BROOLKYN l , . c. ..., April i, "** r ,,)rin* ttnd "u,l"r|er seasons, saturday, ui k . ii k THE BARBARIAN. which will be prodoteil with new *cenery, coKtumen ?lc p?Xm?( r^' ch*rsclcr) Mr K ? Conway rartaema. p u conwas _ , supported by a full company To conclude with the laughable farce or MY NEIUHROR'S WI KB. A-jr'*! ?Evcr)?bo.iy',en' Kc,:e'irsa' o'clock this mornlogi MISS VAN'S readings. At C'.ntoo Hall, on fenlnrdaT evening, Apr'l 3 Ti^ko.. ??? . 1from Saturday evening. March 2j. aJiM Ti^S?Ill*M*?n'w,,nga'!en,l*man a"M ,a<1* "r two .auiea JPickcts se.d for Marcii are good for April 2. Metropolitan pair.? tub committkb on lilies Liquors, Ales Fruits, Tola co an 1 :,ir? anJ rreser?ed Provtijons, request all c oiribuiots io*ujih le partment 10 send at once 10 the r?r B,!iidi*Ks In Ko-? leeath street, such articles as tliry Intend !o donate Sho i!d spy part es noi have been s llVited. either ov circular or persor.allT, m send contributions they wni p:< kse oonMder this notice m an appei.Hn behalf of the sirs uTi w^ouuded to.diers under lbe charge cf the Sanitary Ccmmlssicn 11 EN R Y CUAUNCET, Chairman. Aoreat mystery wtll bu exposed'"on Br.adwsy lathe vlcinitv of Bleecker .trert If po.ii uie cn Saiuruay evemuy, >vh!cb. In magnitude jt jonccctlon and er.i> of deve.opmenl will e*n'l al. tiie "MUM'S THE WORD." Banjo instruction.?i gcaranteb to make any person a perfect iierfor nrr on tile Banjo In one g arter s .esseas, with or without n previous Snowled e jf the Instrument. H. C DOlisON, 649 Broadway. UTANTED-TO travel WITH A MOST respecta ?HC"n<'er, company, a prerossealng acconipllshnd and refined young iady, 10 sin : and ) lay uccomraninicnts on /nt|l,lre of l,be proprietor, at the Medical Rooils. i37 Bro.-tdway, second floor SH1PPIMO. rTHB british and NORTH AMERICAN " 1 R'iyal mail btbamships BETWEEN NBW TURK and LIVERPOOL, . Jr,\hhIls(i AT CORK HARBOlt. and BETWEEN BdhTON AND LIVERi'OOL. CALLING AT halikax and cork harbor. rii n?? ? }?avc" ???ton, 30th March AVHT<*i J*?es New Tork. Wednesday, 6tb April Jeeves Bostou, Wednesday. Mtb April afla leaves New York. Wednesday. v:0ib April irmiTisi.ii k*?es Boetoa Wednesday 27th April ? oi mt, lA8IAN, 1 ca^>es New Yark. WednrsOi?y itb May KCtrfl A ' .'"J"5 J03'0" . Wednesday. 11th Ma' SIOTIA, Jl'?fl!Lr?r ' *rertncsday 3th May rhi-. n an?* K,w ,0R* *0 WSBPCOL. Chief Cabin Pasaace i Second Cabin Pasaage , JJ m rh... ?fJiroa to Livsaeoou rbier Cabin Pasaace ?i12 m Second Cabin Paasage , * & oo tTASf. 'If0.11' ^l.ui'^tnt in United States curreacy. berths not seeareJ unit! paid for An eipenenoM surgeon on board. J?' U>ese eliirs will not be aorounlable for spa P^?ed,^?VgWh^for.0f UdlUg* hftV'ag a# T4;ue Kor freight or pessene apply to B. CUNARD. No. 4 Bowling Oreen. liverpool. TOL'CHINO AT a pt?K and'1* ?F L*^OVSS^uRr'dmr!'a}*'- W"' ? mi""7 ,ureae<llng Saturday, si noon, from pier ii North D K. . rATES op PAS8AGB. Pirs. C.Mhab e '?.g0W: ?r,? CUrreDCy Do. loL- ndon Al Do to U.ndin M E ; lo Mamhnrg V ;; % ft. g Aissssiiv^titJSr t rem Lh erpoolI or yueer.?town ? Plrst CaHn f73 Sfij $15 Steerage, Ms. Those who wish to sen J for their ifiT caB b"! l,e?eli berc at these rates These siean.ers have superior nceotrmo atlons for oa<ten ?JV,le.?V.,0??!' bu',Ll, ,B tlst.t in n ?eci.oPt;5Tr a MStSiiSXJSS ???%?*"? surgeons\re , further tnloriraiion apply In Llverpnol to William Inman s^enl. S Walar street in O'ascotv, to Ales M?! L. Enoch square, in V'-ieerstown, to <" a \v d. f?> , * <-? L ln L "doo. to Elves A V.arev, CI K:nc Wli liam *,r,et; in Pads, to Jules Dc.-. ue <? R e N tie Dame o "na>?m' w%.V? " ., onw; ,n ?*h, k '"FT-'i to John 0 Da.e. 111 Wa? r.ut i.rrt, cr Corr r^ny'* ovtm JOHN 0. DaLK Acent, 15 Hroaviway, New York. The hambiro ahhrj jan i'*c&;.r company 9 IRON VA.L STEAMS U ITS. From Sontfcai y en. From S<"w York. GKRMANIA March H |Rfi? Ap-tl 2. !-<H TECTUM A March 9 IS64 Apill 1i 1* ? BCRIKMA Anrll 2. I 61 ...April :*?. 1-64 SaXGNIa April Ifi. I1M . ...May 14. i?t*4 Kroiu Ham; nitf rler. fo i of Tl. rd >tre?t H >' ken taking I I'i'iifv: ? !nr lla'.r.b jrg. Havre, Lndon anu SnutV.ampion at t> e following rme? -Kitt cabin, $105 te CDd rabin, $62 Stt; n-erag>' JV r0?navahle ??, or life u va'.ent For fret* t app.y to KINHaRDT A CO., 45 Eichans? place. Kor paataee Apply to C B. RICHi RD A BOAS, 181 Bread way. _ _ , TBB IOXDOI AND NEW TOM STEAMSHIP COM pan* "ill despatch aeml.monhly tb?ir of* ar.fl first elasa Pritiah iron aivamaliirs ? ELLA. BKLLONA. IOWA, Oi!!0 INDIANA and MANHATTAN cacti i ?K.' mm bur li en bt lween London and New Yorl". calling ai H??'r? on ?he ci vace from L nden. Pa'.e* of jawt^ pavab e in I'aiKd Statea currencv, fro n .few York fir*1. caljin $*i; ?eeonri cihin $50 Steera.-e. ?%l Fro n London 'r Havre, fr?l rainn $ 00: BecorVt cnVn. $70; H?-erage $4' For paa?age app!v t/> <"HaS. A WIIITNBT, at the eff.ce, 26 BioadVay. For freight apple ai 51 Smith a:r>et. HOW LAND * ASIMITWaLL Agent! STEAM FROM QCF.EN6TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CI'KaRD LINE From Hew York, $54 currency To New York, $30 gold, or equivalent In currency. OLYMPC8 aalla mi WHnealay. Varch 3a I1ECLA aaiia on Wednee lay Apri l\ Arp*y V> Wll.LlAMB A CCION. 4U Fu .on Hreel Tub north oerman lloyds steamship aMFRIi A. H Weeneia commander the t'nlted States mail will tail from the Bremen pier f->oi of Tbrdatre't Moboaen on SATURDAY, April 9, at 12 o'c'.oek M . ron BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON taking raaaenri re l>> ? _ * LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREVKN, at the following ratea. i ayat.e in gold or :ta eq . ca.ett to currencv ? For tba firat e~tln. $106 aeeond cat n $02 60: tteeraga, *Tt c AMERICA w.Jl be followed by the BREMEN. May 7. For freltbt ->r pea-sage apt It to UKLRiriiS A CO , 6a Bread ftreet. FOR~CaLIKORN!A VIA PANAMA " . A.'rat eiaaa steamer wfii leave New Tort on lh? S1, ISH and 73d of ?a h tr.onth. eicept when these date* fall ob Sua* day. "ten tbe darof departure will be on the Monday fat. low op Per freight or passage aCIly at th' only o^*. 5 f fcgGreen. D. B. ALUMN Ageat. L'OR CAUFORvM* ? M O HCBP.RTS- LtNE TO SAN FRANCISCO AND OREOON. V a Panama Km'.'nad The ateairuibip 1LMN01R. 1 5 > ton*. Or BATI KUAY, April 71 atn- on the fineat faateatar.d atrunae?t atfamanip m the i'al f mla trade, will eat. a* above :rum the p er fool of Warren atreet. North r.vcr. Kor 'rright or petaape apply to D N CARRINQT05. cor. ner of Warren and Wen atresia o> new orleaVs Via h"avana To Bail on Saturday, April i it ,hi?e e'cl 'k P M. Tte Vnited Siatee aide ? heel <t<an?bip kVENINO ST- R We. R. Bell commander. _ ? . _ wlU call as aWr e from pier M North rlvey, foal of King ?w . I For freight or pajvaar apply tee ^ TaMBI* a RATNOR 161 Broadway. N B ?Tba MorMcg Mar will follow, and aall on Saturday, April 16. FOR NBW ORLEANS DIRECT Tbe feat and slogan I I'nneii States Mall Iteamahlp _ VAZOO. Oeorm W Cuucb, Commander. will laave pier || >urth riser, fcr New Or.eaot direct, en Wedneeday, Apri. 6, 1864 at t o'clock P. M prec aely. No freight received or bllia of lading atgaed on ue day of aail tag Foe ireteht or ra?eace apply to __ L I'D LAM. IIB1N RKBN A CO. 116 Broadway. ?pOR NtW ORLEANS DIRECT J The new Un.ted Statee mall a'eamahip OBO. CBOM WELL, ''aplain Jto A Tuet, will lease pier Ro S North riser on Saturday, April 9 ai S F M Paaeage, wlta unetirpaaoed acnrnmodatleki, fBO. Apply to 11. B. CROMWBLL A CO..86 Weat atreei IB PORT ROTAL, A. C.?THR FINK FAST SAILING _ ateomtkip MaHY A HWAIiDMAN. tiradam ?r, now loading at pier 17 Ba<t river, will aat! on Saturday, April 1. <)?>' 'la taken for Hilton ll*a<: and Beaufort. 8. O, For freight or paae^eap^ly to J W LLW|LL A CO. 57 Soot a atreei, or MURRAY A RRPHBW. 62 Sor.?h atreet. fjtOR HAVANA VIA RaSSAU. B. P. J; Tke Rrtfah and North Airencan Royal Mail Steam Pa*.el C4>miiaBy'a new auaroer COHHICA, ( apt Le Me*, furxr, ell aail fer the above pole from the cunpaiiy'e ei.arf at Jerkey City, on _ SAlt'KDAV ........ ApMI 13 | SATVRDAT . . Merit Pa?tae. mon< y to NaenaiW* ???? $45 Faana e money io Havana .... W I'At AllLK IN OOLD OR ITS M>!?11 ALbNT. No fitlftht ricrltetl on >iay Ih fine aailliu. Foi friiabt oi WeBaaae api>it to E. C I NaKD, No. 4 BenHrg Orwn NIBIjO'3 OARDBN, COMMENCES AT 7H Lesaee aud Uauuer William Wheatley Til Til NIGHT of the dlatlofcusbed Amfri'-j?n trsjevan, I'D WIN BUOTH. who will appear this (Friday) eienlog. April 1. BERTVCCIO3 A, tn Tom Taylor1* oelf Irateit piny In three ..eta, entitled TUB FOOL'S RiiVtfNOE, which has vbleved i decided success. The i?sl ?tll le ot unusual cuccllcnce Oaleoitu Manfredi Mr J. Nu?an Uttldo Ma'nteeta ? M.r.. "Oliaoa Keratlno Dell Aq'iila. Mr- J W. Col'ior H&ld.-uuare Torelll Mr. T. H. Kingfcoid Oiau M.i.tR Ordflattl Mr. J. W B als leil Bernardo Aso,III Mr 0 De Format Friucoica Beutivogllo Alus Ada Cllf'.oO Kloi-deilsa iher second appenrittice) Mts*Rjse Eulnge Rrigiua.. Miss Mary Wella Ci'liovrft Mri Reeves Hi r<iho rtvi'uinj* choice ieler-iloni of Music by tbe i t, uhesiiit, under tlie direction ui II. 0 Uol vorth. To morrow?,N ith nulil of EDWIN B< OTU. Id active rehearsal?T. IE MARULB HEART. Soau aeeured ui days Id advance. WiNTl'.R OARDEN. The maiiKement ha* pleasure in settlrg aside ihe per formances of ilim evening ( Friday). li e 1st Jl Apr.k, fcr THE BBNHPIT THK HhNKKIT Tllii BENEFIT of Mile. MA HI it MKTHUA 8CHELLER. who will u>) oar on ihla .cciMon In her claiming protraltuie of LORLIB lu the new p:\aloral music*! drama of LORUliS WEDDING. Monday, April 4, MISS AVONIA JONES will uittAi: her llrat arpearanco b~ j>OX'8 OLD BDWERY THEATRE. ' BENEFIT OK MR. O. L. POX. On whlc!i jcoa' lo > he will appear in Til RE U CAPITAL PIECES. MISS PANNY Hl'.RRING AS TUB TICKET OF J.EAVE WOMAN AND Till'. FRENCH SFY. FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL I. New drama f>* Mr?. C. K. Fog. THE TICKET-OP LEAVE WOMAN. Mesnte. J H. Studiey. U L Fo*. C K. Foi. Mlaa fanny Herring Miss H I'envil. THE LOTTERY TIOKET Mr. G. L. K. *. Mrs. II Chapman. Overture .... Orchestra | Pauco Mile Mai ilnelti Madame Celeste's ? e?t drama. THE FRENCH SPY. Mini Fanny Herring. G. W. Thompson. O L Poi. During tlm nloec a I'esperatc Combat by M:m Fanny Her ring and Mr. McCloskcy. OLYMPIC, 612 AND 6JI BROADWAY. Lessee and Dlrecti eta Mrs. JOHN WOOD Manager J H SELWifN. "AN ACT TO AMIiND TiiK I.AW9 OF COURTSHIP A.N D MATRIMONY." "Albeit It Is now become pan of the common law, in re Kurd io the iocial relations of life, thai as oflen as every Hissoxtile )ear i'.oIIi rulurn. llie ladyen have (he sole privi lege of making love tinlo the men, u mcli th-y due either by words or lo kes as unto them secmeth proper : an 1 no man will be entlt ed to fie bcorlit of;y ? ho d lb refuse to accept the order of a lady or who doth in any w;ee treat her proposal with neglect or contumely " THE KAVOItA )Lli MANNER wlih which THE EXCELLENT AND LAUGHABLE COMEDY t>y J. B BI'CKSTO.NE Esq., founded on ihe above ANCIENT LEW OK 00UKT.-iIIII' AND MATRIMONY, and hi pOiite '.o ANNO DOMINI. ISOt. entltltd LKAP YEAR; OB TIIK LADIES PRIVILEGE. baa been received on every representation thereby stamping it as a srERUNli AND STANDARD SUCCESS, Euoouratfes the Management To postpone the production of OTIIKR N0\ ELT1ES. And announce It for rrix-tltlon THIS EVEN1N0, In nhkh appears Messrs. Prank Dre?, J K Mortimer, J II. Stoddr.rt O. II. Clarke. C. T Parslne ,!r,: Bruociani; Mis. John Wjo4. Mlaa Iltnrietta Irving, Mrs. Sedley Hio?n. Mis* Albilie Karris, Mis* J. Wallers and Mlta F. Stncqneler. Doors open at 7 V4; per:ormatres commence at 7X Heals secured three days In advance. Theatre francais. KIBLO'8 CONCERT SALOON. SATURDAY. April 2, 18 4. First representation or JEAN UADiiRY. JEAN BAl'DRT Dramatic Comedy, In four ac's, bj Monsieur A igmte Vac querle. w ith Mesdames Hamburg. Berk-eon and Messrs. Gra rier, Faye. ("h?l at.d Fdgarii In the a lt The doors will be open at 7'i. to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Bos o31ce of the theatre at No. 623 Broadway OOD'S MINSTREL IIALU S14 BROADWAY, Opposite Bt Ntchula* Hoiel. Henry Wood. Proprietor. EXTRA ATTRACTION FOR RASTER WEEK. WOOD'S MINSTRELS Monday. March 2rf. and over) evening during the week. THE AFRICAN CAM ILLS I'NCLK BAM 8 FOREIGN RELATIONS FINN Ell AN B WAKE. THE CONSCRIPTS, COTHiK FIELD 6PORTS. HURRY UI'. AC.. AC. Doors open at 7 commence at 9 "'c.ock. Tickets 23 cents NIBLO'fl SALOON. FRIDAY BVENINO. APRIL I. PHOTOGRAPH I ANA. The new, IH'MOBOl.'S AND ELBQANT ENTBRTAINMBNT. In which thuae'.sbed artists, the charming vocalist and artreaa MRS. II WaTKINS. and theeelebrated commedlan MR HARRY WATKINS. appear, aaalsted by the a-comp'.Uhed ynmig pianla'e, MISS CARLUTTA SHAW. NOTWITHSTANDING ITS GaEAT SUCCESS. thta (Friday) is .he ONLY Nt >HT IT CAN BE PRESENTED, In con?e ;cence of t!ie hall being prev iously fng;i;ed Plio iocraph>ana is from tbe pen or Charles Oajler, and Is pro noune d by LA lOE AND BRILLIANT ASNEVIBLAOEN. Ihe moat de.ltfbirul two b"U-s amusement tver presented to th? cubit SHOUTS OF LACOIII KR AND APPLAUSE attest tbe suocetsful rendition of oier iwemy four different cbHritclei* anrl tone's by MR AND MRS II. Vt aTKIXS. whose WONDERFUL AND RAPID CHANGES OF COSTUME an l id plete identl. cati'n. w t'i tie var ou< ecc<nirlc j?cu I art r? of tbe rbaracur* portra wl, i a?e el c.ied the CRITIC'S i'RAlMK. TIIR I'UMI.IC S ADMIRATION OteiatTU- B?g in at t. Tickeli&Ocetls Rc ? rve I te it* 76 rnla. METROPOUTAN FAIR TVKETS ?THE TICKET Di partment of :he Fair wii; be ibv r*i tri??lon or J. W. Waliack. Ks i?) uniei tbe direction of Mr Tlli.ODORE M<'>*8. T cKets can now bo obtaiued at tbe following places:? fo? o'l ce. W ?il nek ? ibe lire. 0. J Barker Iljirndcn E>press ilTce. 74 Br adway C, O. Ji nil To t'edar slrrtt. No .0 Astor Home, of Mr. K. V Rimhton. Pun t--.?Season licxeis, aimltticc io all Dcparlrcects, at ai' times e?ce|t t'ie Opening N Bht, Tic\?:s f' rOje-i -i% Crivmontes. Ajir.l t. $i Ti k>"? for Tuesday, day of Exhibition, or Wednesday, firs: day of sale, J I. Ti Urts for T ursday, or Saturday, of first week, 60 "The Pair will open on tbe EVENING OF MONDAY Arrll t, ,ind .-o Hinue fnr two weeks The t'ommittee rc. ttr a ibe rtgbl to che?se tbe rates of admission from time to time. TI.' seme t'eket admits to the Fourteenth street and the l.'n;on square dep&rtrt.enls. Ptleci for th- s'couil week will he snno-.nced after ibe opening of tbe Fa.r. GEO ORISWOLD ORAY. Chairman of C mm:ttee of Arrangemecte. W! M ETROPOLITA.N FAIR extra con i:rt nv thh mfmbers or tub PHILHARMONIC SO< i H TV OK NEW YORK, AT I II E Ai ADBM V OK Ml 810. On SATURDAY E' EN I NO. Ajrii 2 I-H, m ? o'clock. The 'cllowini orchestral rw? will t?e [tr orm il ? SYMI'llONY No ft Ir. i; m n i bpeth.j*n OVI K ' I' H K TO COLC MB\ 8. Brificw OVERTURE TO " HAIL CULt'MBlA" Ilohr.*l<ck. SOLO I'BRFOHMERh-MvY OAXiKI Mr. W LOTTI, Tenor ud Mr LOl'lS SCIIRKiPEK I'oron. F rttier panic<i art *111 be announced li*r?after. Conductor 1H HO EISFBLD Ticket* $| eaob. To te i.t t.-Uned at all tbe! tu .alc ?tore* CHRCl'8. J BROADWAY AMPIMTUBATBB. 4!^ kROADWAY L. B Let,l Manager Fill DA Y EVEN. NO April I Brilliant and vared teuie or boractnaQ*b:p 0) all tbe fa rroui Clow n* Pentland and Latbrop Bepelttton of 'tio wo ld a?n unillng SOMBKSAl'LT AND LEaPi*?? ACTS. Br tbe rival rider*. J Madlgan and R. Stickney Blrgant PariabiD 6ct ?: or tbe Manege. BY M MP. TOIKNAJRE FBARFL'L ACROBATIC LEAPS. Br ihe moat reckieaa raulitr* n emtence. with a dlrersi It at other fenta abd gro'.eatiuea, Lnlibing tbe pciltrm *nce* or Wai'ace * TROl'PE OF ACTING BEARS, tn all tbelr Inn irorraKe trick* and eierclie*. Door* oten al 7; lo comn.einf at 7v KUCES fRI AN MATINEES FOR FAMILIES, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERN00&9. Commemlng at 2'i o'clock. N'BW BUWBRY THBATKB-BENEFIT OF MRS. W. O J0NR8. IIlit (PricaT) even'ug Bolmer a Daughter, Jerry Leer** and Sarab. tbe Jeweaa. VY INTER OABDBN. ? FRIDAY. APRIL I, BENEFIT OK MME. METUl'A 8CHELLER. M BLODBON, MS RROADWAY. K& MAMMOTh ENTERTAINMENT OF THE WORLD. To-n |IjI, fcurle*uue o( Leave tbe Ticket Man. Coppe Bell Ringer* and the Gobble Family, Tin pan on lou. Perfect Cure. Crow Four*. _ _ ADMISSION FREE. ADMISSION FRER. Braham. SoIobm. Coea, Wilharoa, Brown, Bar*.-*, Mi** Lew Andereon, flattie Hi Clair. Modame Bldell, Ella Thorn peon. Clam Hutohinga, bMlde* thirty ladl*?jand teal* In *oBf* and gleea, and boat* of eolnnteer* Wauled-80 more Udiet in ba.ia>), oboniee* and to *err* rafreabmenia I* tbe patron* STthla ?MMllffeWent. Coetome* farniahed free. Good *alar1ee giren- OBO m BBTDOH, Director, 2^atobi umrmua, p?1IOK?.CU. ffo,BU o? ???g|fknl ?S?*???. mnKiaJXsfv T" "53" SFV&WJf "'it m m mmMf stet n,?&?*"" A MAMMOTH SHOOT INI) QAI.I.BRY. A SPLENDID ORCHBPTRv AdrolMteit free. FRANK Bt'BNR Twenty j nana la>lte* wanted, to drea* in fanry r*etume. niglirit wage* linen. w INTER GARDEN FRIDAY Af'RIL I, BENEFIT 'IF MMB MKIUl'A SCIItLL LR. Acn? "oYr 0'UVS!C-Tu* M!iHiWaglU.J THIS (FRIDAY) PVKNIVO, APRIL I AT "UBK-',rwivstf ?'?** ] with tplendld mlse ea aseue aui the following ureal cast -? Alee MMB MIDORI l?^el a MISS L HARRIS Jf0**'10 81U BRIONOll Baimbaut BIO. lotti Bertram HERR ilEHM ANNs Helena MLLB. B RIBS TINS The Incident*! Ballet <v!!l be executed by MLLB. ERNr.BTINK AND THK CORPS DB BALLET,* under the d re ilon o: sicuor BONZANI. ' Conductor MaX marf.tzrb The aa!e of laaerved setts ami ticket* will connivence this BOrului at the regit ar ticket ntlicea. 1^ MORROW iBATI KL) W i AFl'F.rnoob, APRIL 2, ^ GRAND GAT.A MaTINEB PcaitlrelT lust tiiae at o matinee of FAl'ST FA VST, Marcher!la Mis* CI. A K A LOl'IBE KBLLOG 6.0' el Mux HENRIETTA BULZB I suit FRANCISCO MaZIOLENB Valentin Sig FERNANDO bbllini Mepbistophele* Uerr HERMANN* Wagner Big. MI'LLBR Martha Mice fanny ST0CKTOW fondue or MAX MARBTZBK Nonce.?Big HELL1M tn o> der to give eclat to the per* formance, has accepted the comparatively email pari of Valentin. ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR NO resf.bved seats. Tic .eti mar now be hail at the regu ar ticket Office* Mid' al nil the principal muile stoioi an<l hotels Notice ?Ladle* arc particular y rs.iucftcd, la order to avoid inconvenience, to purchase tliet** ticket* In advance, ? ti e at crowd being eip'tteJ Three additional ticket office* and entrance door* will be opened 1 Bole Proprietor Mr J. W. LlDgariJ New boweby theatre Bole Proprie'.o FRIDAY B MINI NO April 1, 1854. B'-netit of MRS W. G JONES. AM IMMENSE BNTb lit AINMENT. Cherry'* Comedy of the SOLDIERS DAUGHTER, MIlS. W G JONES as Widow Cbeerly. mr a. c. bo.mkacb, as Frank fleai tail. f Geo. Brookes a* Timothy oual'it; Mr. Qtasaford, a* lbs Governor; Mr Mardeu as Mai-on; Mr. G. Lingard. a* Wood. ley. Irish Song and Jig by Mr. Q. Davenport _ The Immense Drama of JEBRY LEDRBW. THE JACK SHEPPARD OF AMERICA. Mr. O C. Bonlftacc, as Jerry Ledrew; Mrs. W. G. Jot.e*. a* Gabriel !e. First nigbt of ? 8ARA1I. THE JEWESS. Mr*. W. G. Jones, as Strati; Miss k. Newton, a* Rebecca. B ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. THE beautiful illuminated FOUNTAIN OF BEAL WATER, BRILLIANT SPECTACULAR DRAMA, Al'llROSA; OR. THK SPIRIT OF BEAU TY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING, AT 3 AND 7K O'CLOCK, Mr HARRISON, the Comic nr.d Impromptu Singer, and the tyrolean WHISTLER, with his three whistles anil family colleepot. appear bet? c>-n the arts. To be seen at all i.ours of the da> and evening, FOUR COLOSSAL GIANTS and the SMALLEST MAN LIVING. LAST WEEK OP THE GIANT BOY, LIGHTNING CAI* CULATOB AND TYROLEAN WHISTLER. Tbe Wisconsin INFANT DRUMMER, four year* old. A JAPANESE MASKIN HOO. THE WHAT IS IT.- OK MAN MONKBY. THREE tableaux OF MOVING WAX FIOUBBS. THE GBN. TOM THUMB HHIDAL GROUP. TWO LIVING PRAIRIE DOOS. THREE FOUR POUND HROOK TROUT. THE MUSICALLY EDUCATED SEAL. MONSTUR SERPENTS AND OTHER curiosities. Admission, 25 cents, children tinder ten, IS cents. Saturday. April 9, Benefit of sanitary Commission. Bryants. mechanics' HALL. 471 BROAD WAV. Monday, March 28. an.i every night during the week, BRYANTS MINSTRELS. The Eieelslor Troupe In thn fo lowing brilliant act*:? TAMING a butterfly. Received nightly with screams ol laughter and applause. Challenge Dance Plllywlllywiock Band LES MISERABLE*. Congo Cocoa Dance. Ttie Ghost. Uj Polly Ado. Door* open at 6V- Curtain rise* at 7H- Ticket* 29 ccrt*. VAN AMBUBGH A CO.'S MBNAGBBIB. GREAT MORAL EXHIBITION. AND egyptian CARAVAN. Hyatt Frost Manager 539 and 511 Broadway. Open from 10 A. M to I' P. M. Admission, 26 oenta. THIS MEN AG BIUB ROYAL I* now in It* TWENTIETH SUCCESSFUL WEEK. TWENTIETH SUCCESSFUL WEBB. As the season la* been one of unparreileled prosperity, the management from previous arrangement*, are compell ed injuring It to a close. The present Is the LAST WP.BK BUT TWO LABT WEEK HUT TWO the Sew York public win have of visiting tbe largest and most varied collection OF THB WILB DBNIZBKS OK 1HB FOBE8T ever exhibited In this country. The GBBAT WAJt ELEPHANT HANNIBAL. GREAT WAB KLEPUAST HANNIBAL, LIVING G1BAFFB. LIVING GIttAFFB, which, with the addition* recently made, sarpassea I* extent and beaut* any izoological exhibition In tbe ktowa W?THBEE GBAND PERFORMANCES BVBBT DAT. with Elephants, Lion*, Tiger*. Pome*. Monk*y* and Mule^. H OPB CHAPEL, 718 BROADWAY. TWBNTY-SECOND WBKK or tiib MAMMOTH STBBBOflCOPTlCOlf, being a grand < TOUR OK THE WORLD. Tbe Tonr new every day for sts successive day a To conclude with tbe TWENTY SEVENTH 8TRBET GHOST. And other local snones of thrilling interest Denra (peu at 7. Tmira eouwnen. c ai ? o'clock. Ticket* 76 ceota. Reserved Seau SO cents. Grand Matinee every day at 3 o'e'ock. H B. McKEON, Mamw. The hippotheatron ANB NEW VORK CIRQUE. Opposite the Acadeniv of Music, Fourteenth street GORGEOUS COMBINATION OK AUTO UN I) IN (I N0VKLTI88 EVRKY AFTERNOON AND hVKNIMO AFTERNOON AT ZL, KVBN1NO AT A. TilK KNTII E MAMMOTH COMPANY. eo'.'estrian, gvm.nabnc and acrobatic. NLW 8IAR8. NEW STARS, IN .* BBWILDRRING GALAXY OK NOVEL AVI) ASTOUNDING ENTERTAINMENTS. THE MARVELLOUSLY KURPRISINO PERFORMING UtKHi AND MONKaTB, TUP- WONDERS OF THK WORLD, I'llK GRBA'i AND KXUITI.NO ENGLISH STEEPLE CII,SE MAMMOTH AND M.\T'H I.ESS EASIER t'ROG KAMMB. the P'-miilost and most <arted rvcr presented. Reserved Hlslla, 7S cents; Dress Circle, 80 cents (children bait pri e>: Amphitheatre, i', eeuis. Dootsnpon afternoon, ai v ening, at 7*,. Matinee eotumeuctg at 2)?i evening performance at 8 o'clock. THE COUNT JOANNK8, On Wednesdav Evening. April*. I^M, AT THK COOPER ID ST I l't TE. (hv re luesl) will prono nee Ins celebrated DRAMATIC AND HISTORICAL ORATION (rot 'rou. notes, but eni r ir from n.auiury). upon NAPOLEON AND THE FRENCH EMPIBB, Including the earliest hl?tnry of France. The Eu|lt*h Amrr rin and Revolutions, their eause? hoi efle. Is. Coutrast letween Wni.h.ngton and Robespierre. Napoleon I. as General. Cot.a 1. Emperor and King, and Eille ai St. Helena Penona' description of Km; Louis Philippe and bla Policy. Revolutions ol l->. 0 and 1948. Descilption or the eele'> a ? d Conn d'etat. NAPOLEON I I AND F.MI'ltESS EUGENIE: Hit Life, Bta'esri.anth p a d >\ :amm devribed. The Emperor and hi? Ho In s< the Pope. 1IIK INDKI'K N D NCH OK ITALY/ Wby tbe Emperor and Empiesa have not been Crowned. THK RBVIYKD EMl'Iite. OF MEXICO. And also, the deeply l?lerestini: national tU?ne Will Ihe INDEPENDENCE OK THK SOUTHERN CONFEDBBACT . be aekBowledgeil by Ft. lice ?nd tireat Britain? Concluding with tbe first vita vo-e vote by a public au d.en e upon tne great rations! que'Hon. vu ?Shall hla Bi ;e.;ency Abraham Lincoln or M i or General George B Mc Co' he ihe next Pieaident ol ttie United Siatet Ibevoto win be taken (by voice; acc >rdmg to Parliamentary rule, from aha cbalr. Doors open al 7 o clock. Oration to commence at ^ to 8. Tickets f admission, 25e e.ich to be obtained at the doom of the Institute on 'be evening, and at K'.rby 4 Co'a. 641 Broadway and al Mr. H W l'nver's card depot, St Nicho las Hotel. SC CAMPBELLS FIRST GRAND CONCERT Wl.l take place al IRVING HALL. ON SATURDAY BVr.NING, APRIL t, on wbicli o-cas on the folio* In* artist* will sppeai ? madamk comtk borchaud, MRS JKNNY KKMITiiN. MR. WM. CASTLB. HAHKV SANDERSON. 1I1KOUOHB THOMAS SJGKOR AKELLA teniu'tor. 11< k< t? M) e< nl< . rr c <re : seats $1. For s.ile st be mus e aures snd i.l Irving Hall. or music, Brooklyn J. Martin Manager. Engagement ol tlie talented youn: Amerl -an couple, MR. AND MKM. \V. J. FLORENCE, tbe celebrated IRISH BOY AND VANKRK OIRL, On MONDAY, Arm* 18 t MRS. W. O. JONBS- BBNEFIT TAKE! PLACB To night, at the New Bowery Iheetre. Very atlractivo perfor.?auoe. A~*CADBMY OF MI SIC-ITALIAN OPKKA-R'. served Seats in the uari|iie: and ha cony nan l>e had at fi3 East Fourteenth street, omcr >>f Fourth avenue. ANTBBBVRY MUSIC HALL AND THBATBB, WASHINorwN. D. V. SIGN OF TUB HIG CALCIUM LIOIIT. OBOBtiB LKA. Proprietor. Oentlemen visiting the national capita! will not forget to visit the CANTERBURY, conducted en the same plan sa the Melodeon used to be, and kept hv the same proprietor. Visitors will be sure lo rec igni. e well known facta 1 LAD1B8 matinbk It glveri BVBRYSATURDAYAFTEKNOOH. when tbe ellle of the city attend. Bbnrfit of mbs. w. g junks at tub bbw Bowery theatre, evening fPHBATRB FOB RBNT.-THE FRONT STREET TBKA 1 ire, Baltimore, wbieh Is well known to tbe Drofeaslo? as one of tbe largest and moat commotions lieatres In tha ratted States, la odered ror reat. Ills ?d>ii>ted foe either until Ihe joth iay of A'prll Instant" by cither theslrlcal or equestrian performances FosaeasW n can !>? given on the 1st of July Mil. Appli- atlens will be recelretl M ? ? ?* ~irti ins?* -'-c? -T- r-? signed. TI10S. No. No. 114 BaltiMoee street Baltimore. Md Banjoinstb jiynew method, wiiicit I can explain id Ove m nutes. I guarantee lo leaek any person to play the nan o perfeeily In mre* n.enthe asd after a lew eaey lessons to accotriiany singing. Numbers of mr pupils sre now teaching the Ban o In Europe, sad rneelvsa' with great sticeess. CHAN B. DOBSON, 74 Feartba? UANJO INSTRUCTION -BY MY BBW ABD *AB I> veilous method a thomngb knowledge of the Beajow giiaranlerd each prpll sfler one nuerter'e les?ona, wbCtner he has the slightest ettr for mnsle or not. <4*1* W tn Itii n irom three tn nine l\ M Rseh pupil tangbl eeperaieiee Bsn oa rnrh as a e used bt the entire mlnairsl profeseion, i-ade to order and fnrnlshed tor i ra?llce. Oslland near me play In fore it a! log srran emenle. GB0. U. DOB>VI*? No. ? Amliy street, one blt'Ofc l roes Broadway.

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