Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1864 Page 7
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flOtflKs, rooms, ac., W M>fc... A TSU FOURTH AVfcNUE? A HOMES TOUT 0Ay4 COBB. Office hour* from 9 A M to S P. M. - Attention ok uotel krhpers is called to the Property corner oi Ninety slstu stroet and Broad WSJ. formerly kuowit ua (he W>verity Hotel, tt> lei, on very farorable lurms, or the Lease lo .VUj I. JSSTI.for ?{?? ?<" particulars apply to JOHN A. \AN BUSEIRK. No. 7(5 rourth . venue, corner Tenth street _ A 8*ALL furnished GOTTAGB AT BBDPORD, We.! heeler co.nty. pleaaaatl* situated, w>tb garden, (rounds prtvllegos Ac.. ??? hours v!vJ b?w Railroad for par Iculars inquire of GUSTaN US BAY LfBB. 24 > Broadway. _________________ A PACKING H0U1B TO I,FT-TUB FOUR STORY brick Building, Nu. 76 Canal street, with basement, ?ub celUr vaults, atiione I.onw. Ac . to let. low. App:y to I C. WILSON, N ?>. tO Cunai sticct. FIRST CLVSS POOR STORY ENGLISH BASK meat House, wrll luratshed throujhoat. with all the modern improveraeati tn * BM claw o'-lsiiborht;od; would M let for a.i mouths rr >u? May I; rent reasonable. Ad lress C B., licrald oilier. A furnished HOUSE TO LET?TUB NEW THREE sto y huh Ht .op brown stone Uouse. 70 Hast Twenty nlith alreet naudsontely (in nishod. Can be seen only be iwoen 12 and "i o'clock. A SUIT OK HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, consisting of Parlor Bedroom. Pining Room and Kitchen, mcdern improvements, evernhlnicompleie tor housekeeping. lo l**t. near hi'top ferry. Brooklyn; real $15 per moutb. Appy at (M S<tu?'s street. A DETACHED OOITAUB TO LET OR FOR SALE? containing seven llounii; rarden front and rear. Rent ?ZMper year Possession Atril 1. Mutated at 379 Adelphl HtroetTnear Fulton a*enue. Btooklyn. A THRBB STORY AND BNOLISH BASEMENT A House, 142 Weit Sixteenth atreet, to let; rent $760; moet of modern cunreuteiK M and in fair order. To be seen from ID to 12 oniy. Iu<;ut a at 310 West Filleenth street for particulars. _ A 12X15 FRONT ROOM TO RENT?ON THIRD FLOOR, to quiet, single gen l'-num in a email and strictly pri. vale family, near St. John's Park. Address boi 1,151 Poet 9flice. ? T A BROADWAY SIOllE. NO. 1,246. TO LET?VEK\ lulu aud airy, lii.:h oeilinx. 70 feut deep and we.I adapted Tor a custom taliari ?: eita blish nent; rent StSOO. EI)MUK1> hUKRt. lit) Cedar street. AT NEW BRIOH /ON". ST AT EN ISLAN D.-FPRNISH ED aud unfurnished. tn llsmlllou Park, near the ferry, sevoral lirst class ?litmr nud sum titer Residences to rent, with moderr cnQvem tt' i s. paitlcularly adapted for mer chants <toi?f b.sinss in the city. Apply to 1. BOND, 13J Brualway A HOUSE AND CARRI *GB HOUSE ON ADJOINING lot io let ? House t* three a orles, high sloop, modern Improvements aud in :.?ol order: m/.n tibout 25xS5\l8U Rent $1,25U. Situated .i.'.n ten blji ks of Central I'ark. Apply to 1'OllKlt .it lllto: HE It, 32 Pine street and 713 Birth avenue. BROADWAY?TO LET NO 1,127, THE FOUR STORY browu Mono Building, next but one to St. James Hotel; rent, $'l lull; a ore and uit'H.' part would be rented strnar?l?l? it dual red. Kor fur Iter particulars inquire of BDWAUDJ KING. 4'I Broadway. CtOUNTRY RESIDENCES TO LET?AT $T->5 PER > year. Three n. \ Cott^p-s at Eu;lewool, H. J., IH miles from Jerse> City ind within three mluutes' walk of thedepot; each lot 0<x23i .i?d each bouae aboul 31 f at tiqiiaru, two stories l.u.'t, busld a .title an 1 basement kit Uen. Inqulteoi WM. Li. UAX.t, 01 Willlaui street, room 24. Eighth avenue cohnrr basement to lrt For veutil.JUn a >1 li<lit unau passed; a capital Mand; only per year lo a i,uod teuant. Apply at tidl) Elshth aveuue. Furnished house to let.-a family about leaving for llurcpo es rc to let, for six months, their four story brown sione higli atoop House, located in West Twenty-t.ilrd atreet. a v? > desirable neighborhood and in one of tbe pleasantes' p.rn of the city. The House is neatly and thoioushly furiiis ?rt. Address Europe, boi HI5 Poetofflce. House?brown stone, modern improve meiits, 16 rooirs 2H West Twelft t street, near Fifth avenue; repaired :m<nvii a or #I.StK), a.-il lo* $14,000 Also to reat, Factory, ISC Wm t hirty aavouth street, 23x110 feet, with or without now r. i-VKi C. PARTRIDGE, 72 Front street. Hudson river cottages.-there cottages, with gan.enx. to let. at Ctoton landing. 30 miles fr >m the oitr, sh rt walking dlstiincc Irom tbe depot, at very moderate rents In ji.ireoi' ' M. TELLER, on lbs pietnl ses, or At Assessor s oibcn t") Franklin strest. Beads street property to lease for 21 years.?137 and I3t Ke* le street. 50 feet front, will be let on s building lana.t for a t< rin 01 years. The attention of capitalists snd othci s i? ??p?.i*IIv called to the above pro perty Apply to K >1. IjGDI.OW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. Rooms on broadway to let-directly op posite the Metropolian Hotel; possession ^iren imme diately. Apply at 571 Biuadw. y. 11 ? ? ? * - t 1 ? ?? Steady powbr and light rooms?on cam al street, neat: Broadway, aud opposite Earle's Hotel Also a two fronted Store and Basement. JOHN gaNDU, 1(12 Walker street. OTBADY steam POW RK to I.ET?BOOM 75 BY 25 O feet, well );chte<i; s**ain limit way. A|<pl; at Water street, between Pike and Rutgers slip. OTEAM power TO let?rooms on thb first O second snd fourth S>ort of btiiltiings Nos. 63 and '.'5 Blltsbetu street, corner 01 ileitst, to rt'nt. Well lighted and nood steady powe Innuire of ihe Etiijiueer, on the premi ses, or of THOMAS MuKTON, Sti Maiden lane, up stairs. Ste\m power ro lkt-with well lighted Rooms. Shai::111c. I'uilevs, Benches, lias and Steam Pipes. Also Bewin.' Machines to >nt and repaired al low rates M. FIN (CLE, 254 and 251 West Twenty sereuth Street. STBAM POWER TO LET-VOUR LOFTS, WX100 FEET; well lighted snd wiih steady power, situated on Seven'.h ?venue, between Twenty ftKhtli and Twenty ninth streets. Aprir on tne premls -s. or at 131 Grand street, to WBSTON. CO TEL A SOHL -STING. QBVERAL STORES TO LET IN washington O street. Hoboken. suitabln for drifglsts, stationery, butchers, sasfitllug and plumbinc. tailoring, boot and shoe, restaurant, or for ?>.:,?<?, also tbe Store formerly used by the Hudson River Bans. Posaesslon immediately, or from May I. Apply to J. i'ICKV IKR, 66 Washington street. Ho. boksn. STATBN ISLAND-TO let. OR for SALE, two ?rick Houses, situated on Park terrace, Vanderbi-t ave nue, Ave to eigbt minutes' walk from the landing, contain Incalae rooms eacu, sma'i tardea front and back; water MS gas In houses. Psiticutars of propristor. near the premises. STORE TO LKf-ir? BROADWAY. HOWARD HOTEL; one of the bell locationa ior a retail buatae** to tbtt dij. Inquire of STURM, ha'.ter, 174 Broadway mo LBT?IN JERSfcY Cirv, A TWO STORY HOUSE. X with gas. water, garden fruit tre -j auu barn. Nc. l"'i Parr.Ilia avenue, near t'.ie terry; rent 9'SO. Apply at 177 Pavonia avenue. r LET?THE B.'hHMBM AND SUB CELLAR, NO. 49 Broadway, aultable for any kind of storage En traoce even with th - aide v .It on Trinity place. lo iuii-e of P. W. VAIL, 6." Bt oa! * ay. r LET?FOUR NEAT COTTAGES NOS. 3. t, 5 AND S Spring terrace. Meeker avcnua, Buah?ick. L I , half ? mile from th* Ur.mU street terry. Williamsburg. Toe Orand Street Railroad la uo \ >u . roce .8 ol e .teu.? un through Meeker avenue wliic.i wl I rata by i lie property ; rent 9175 Apply to O. A A. KING9LAND, BUTTON A CO . 39 Hioa.l atreet. rpo lbt-for a year or the season, a fir X niahed Karri. an 1 HVtn acrat of Land, a tuated about tbrce miles be ow Rah way, at L'nloot wn, New Jaiaey; the hon?cj la pteaaanCy loc* iad and aurrotlBded b> fruit tree a: posee'eton :;i von ub or alter April 1. Apply at WOOD BROTHER* Aju B.oadway, TO LET?A KINK OOIN1KV RESIDENi E. IN BED ford.Wetlehaaier Co , N. V., one inile irom t:ie Kuto aab and Boifori ?t*ll< in. H?rl in Rallro?d The Houaa la modero built, nearly no v, with barn, good g-ird. n, Ac.; cboloe a?eort'i ent ol fruit ress. bearing earlv; ai;oolw.:i ol water and four aci<a ui I. and J reut >I.V>; po-a'aaion tiven iiume-1 tat' 1 > Iniiir-- of 8 TRAVIS, No. 7 Mererr atreet, or of DAVID oLM-u'EAD. on iba preiuitt*. TO LET-TUB KINK LAKMK STORE AND BASEMENT on the nortliwe-t r oner of Thirty eaven'h ?tree' and Third avenue; posie.ian.n l? mediately; to MAT THliW BfRNkS. J6 Ka?t I'hirtj-mlrd atreet TO LET-A SMALL STORK AND DWELLING AT taebedi haa gaa w> or and other modottt Improvemeiita; to a amall (ami y will,. m . !i ?1 r- n ; aicnted on tl c weet aide of 8 ltb aven'if In ? daairablc legation. Cor paitl-ulara Inquire on tbe BoUthweal ioi?ei of Thlttyn nth nirei I and Suth avenue TO LBT-THE FO> R STORY HOUSE NO. a5 SPRING atreet. flrat door east of Ilroadw ,y. Ta a huiiae l.aa >e?u put in tbe vrrj bee: ? n.union, having 'ten lepa.ute I. papered to., and la orr >>i the i??t iooatioua in the ulty fur a tlrat rlaaa Bngll?! :!l f h mae. For fmther Information in, qui.a on the preietao*, 1 ?> .?e" i the houra o> I- anJ i o'clock. TO LBT?A BASEMENT, WITtllR K"R AN EOG butter, cfcee?e and poultry collar, Aril 1 at H.i Waah ;niton atreet SKLiOVER A 8AUTER. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, HIE I PPEB Part ol houae ?? tlie'uwicli avenue. <oiitninliig flvp ruMii and Iront kaa'nieut. w i'h a 1 the modern improve airnta Rent 9J.V or vitboutfrmt baeemtat 93Ji. Apply at (he above naircd pla e TO I.BT?FOR TUB STORAGE OF FtRNITURB, aepaiate Room*. .:i t .c i <? iia?? t)u l<f nji .V-'7 and S.'V Fourth avenue. Inn'tlrr ?*' o TO LBT?FURM^IIED, A II \ND?OME HOC8B, CaR. book", Ac.. *i vuplen ood. Soittlt Orange. A ?o, 'iufurnlahed, a Cotiagr' win fo ir *ore?. J. W. HHBUDLN, .113 BuWvry. .orner of Fourth atreet rpo LBT?IMMEDIATELY. A CoTTAOE. WITH EIGHT X rooma and two aorea. out mile I root HellviUO. N J., on the Paaaaic rlvar. Prko 4Hi J. T. Mann, ji w?-?t Fr>rtT iir???tr*a'. rpo LET-AT TOUT RICHMOND, 8. I.. A HOUSE, X containing tun mmna, ?i b garden aitarhe l ? I'm view af the wall r, ao : ?itlila i?ti? ii.lnuieo' wait of ibe feiry Alto lor a*le twelv? ^i rna f Land dallghti ultar ?lnia'ed on t.-bele-sa ll?ighta Terma taay. Apply to A. U 8. oALK. I'orl Rkbmoud, ft, ?T?0 LRT?HOUSE AND LOWRR HALK OF HOC88 X Not. IM and 26 Chariton atreat euntaln ag all u.od' ra improvement* ga.<. I a b uml .?ier tbronghr- it he I'lOml ?na Will be let tV reaaonai e r^nia to good en* ,ta Ai i ly ?o m. Waters. ia?";i aritou ttrew. TO LBT-THRRK 8 r>>R V linlOK HOP9K NO 5 WEST Raitte atreet lb II W? 'vo Alio lwr> ?ld tad nwellinga, 1a I'oort at e. t Injure at No. 1 We?i Bail e street, Brooklyn TO LBT-THB STORE. WITH OR WITHOUT BASK moot, of the hone* l? White ttreet In iulra on tbe pre miaaa, of A. R. BIER, third tloo* mO LET-PART OF HOI'gE J?? WBUT ROfSTDM JL atreat H5 liiifltiuil'W), wmlwMaf flr?Rn. m? <*t and water, to a amail linuly. Rent moderate. TO LET?TW<> IDflUL NO W WH1TI" ?TREET oaar Broadway, and Mo 13 Walkar atraet. b?ilaw Chareh Ho'h bouara would boaaeellaat atandt for raatanraal* or taifer hear eaioona No, m Whii# atreet would alao ha a good HOUSES, ROOMS, dtC., TO LET. TO X8T-A COMMODIOUS AND I'LKa.ian I ! V LO rste<l Ho 11c in tbe village or Peeks. 111. on tbe Ilud.ou river, 42 miles from New Vor< , has bee u successfully u-ol for Ihc last fuur years for summer b >:.rders. Tile pieeent owuer uol being able io five it Ibe a.ieuiiuo required will let it. furnishes or unfu> uished, for an months or for tlie year For perln ulars Inquire of B. CLINTON 51 Keale street. Nc? York, or M. I. CLINTON, PeekskUl, West cheater county. N. Y. TO LBT?SEVERAL FLOORS. IN THE FIRST CLASH brown atone H^uae 154 Secondateuue To bo aeen from 2 to 6 P. M __ TO LET-TUB OROOERY 8TORB ON THE CORNER of T.urd avenue an I Forty fourth street It lias been occupied as a Uml i-.m) grocery for tlie lust four yeai* Ap ply at 112 East 1'uirW .ourth street TO LET?THE WHOLE OS I'ART OK THE SECOND Floor ol the bouse 21 Macdottgal street, to a small family TO LRT-BILL1 ARI) AND RESTAURANT ROOM IN quire in Market. 2 iJ Fouith avenue TO LBT?IIALL KOR CLUBS. SCHOOLS. SOCIETIES, Ac. Apply at 241 Fourth aveutiu. TO LBT?FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES, TBI Building No*. 9 and II Hoyt atreet. (0 feel front, <W t'ct deep, two slorl"s an 1 basemeul. Inquire of J. Van Riper, 2til Pacific street, litook.ju. TO LKT-A PHYSICIAN, WITH EXTENSIVE BU81 iiean in Broidway, wants to let bis O.iice, Itimishel, togethei wttb the Practice. for one tear A medical man, with good references, re pured; no other need npply. Ad dreas L. M., atalion 0 Post otllce. 1^0 LBT?TO TAILOR8 AND MILLINEBS-THB Up per Part of marble store No (-i3 Broadway Also four story brick Store and Duelling No. 6( East Thirteenth street, oear Broadway. Apply to ROBERT GOBLET, K67 Broadway. r LET-NEW BROWN BTONB, HIGH STOOP HOUSE 411 West Forty-beveiuli street, north atJe, between Ninth and Tantb avenues aud railroads: lour atorles, base nn-nl aud modern Improvements; rent low. Apply to H. IIOVVhLL, 121 Duine street. rpo LET-NEAR UNION S^UARB, 32 EAST EIOH J. teenth atreet, a Bedroom and Sitting U?o:n adjourni", to a single gen'leuiau, without meal*. UtiexccptionajIo referenei-u required. TO LET-A FURNISHED HOUSE (FIRST CLASS neighborhood), irom 1st ot May; (I.60U. A Idruss bouse, box 111) Herald o.lico. TO LET?FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED, LARGE and medium size 1 HuiiKes desuahly located at Clllton, Tompklnsville and Ellioiiavilio, S I. Permits of A. JOUR. N EA Y, No 8 Pine street. rpo LET-ON EIGHTH AVENUB, A SMALL STORE X an,I light Basement; line stand for the plumbing <>r any I glit business; only $350 per year to a t.ood tenant. Apply at t.-'j Eighth avenue. rpt) LET?THE BRICK .STABLE, 45 THOMAS STREET; J. has stalls for cubt hows. with large loll for bay aud feod. Apply toT. M. RODMAN, No 9 Whitehall street. rpo LET-A SMALL HANDSOME HOUSE ON SHCONO X avenue, near Thirty sevutiiu street, all Improvement* , lower part of Cottage. T rooms, with gas. 127 East '\cuty eighth street. $.2; upper part of Collage, 125 East Twenty eighth street, 4 rooms, with nas, Sttft; Second Floor, 1U0>4 East Twonly eighth street. r> rooms, witb gaa. *>21, Sec ond Floor, 5 rooms 116 Ea?l Forty lifili street. (Iti, three rooms, W Third avenue, near Thirteenth stieet, $10. ADAMS A CO.. B.Vt Broadway. TO LET-AT 1&9WEBT FOURTEENTH STREET. PAR lore and Bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished Refer enee* exchanged. mo IiBT-TO ONE FAMILY ONLY, THE DWELLINO X part of 127 Waverle.v place, comprising second and third llo T. and garret; tbe bouse is to be painted inside and out side and papered. T. M. RODMAN, No. 9 Whitehall atreet. TO LBT OR LEASE-STORB CORNER OF FULTON and West streets, Washington market. Ai ply toj. p Marshall, 200 Fulton street. TO fcET-THB UPPER PART OF THR VERY DESl rable three story House 91 West Twenty seventh street, to a email respectable la nlly only Rent $tik). Apply on the premises or at 4SS ttroadway, corner or Broome street. TO LET?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ONLV, THR Secoud Floor oi a haudsoiue house, with the owner, with some Furniture If needed. Possession immedlate'y if re luited. Inquire on the premises. 25 Uenry street. Rent, Kith furniture. $3W. To be seen from 11 to I. No bill on (be bouse. The rainiiy consists of four persons. rpo LET-THE THIRD fXOOR OF A GOOD CLA8S 1 dwel'lnc. in a good De>;hl>orhood, to a email family. Apply at 20 Manstield place, Fifty hrst atreet. betweeu Eighth and Ninth avetnes. alO LET-A SMALL.FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT b'lck House, wt'h all the modern improvements (no yard), 4l>{ Slitli street, near Second avenue. House to be awn from 3 uultl i in the arteruoou. Also to let, at li? Second avenue, qver tbe aiore, two Floors, consisting of Ore rooms on each i oor, with use and water. Possession given Immediite y. For particulars inquire at 4J Second avenu; TO LET-A FRSIT AND CANDY STORE, WITH TWO Rooms. Slock and Fixtures foreale ch. sp gas and a 1 complete. Apply on the pteunses, 45*1 Sixth avenue, near Tweoty ninth.street Present owner leaving the city ? ', TO LBT?THE TWO STORT AND ATTIO BRICK House 2o4 Spring street, tyro doors fiom t anck, stniab.e lor a baker, having a luge oven In tbe basement. Apply to J. C. BAILEY, corner of Bowerr and Filth street. rpo LET-FOR ONE OR THREE YEARS. A CORNER X House, overlooking Madison square, containing t?? euty noro .gkly lui uiskeJ ruoj s, a ,j the entire Se- oud Floor o: No I0U Broadway, i>nlv ten fevt above the sidewalk. Apply to fHAUNCEY IIAKNAI1I), tut) Bioadway. rpo LET-POSSESSION NOW?FOUR ROOMS ON X Ural t!oor aud back bssement. 175 iLntirans stre-t, near Houa on. re it $20 per month. or will be rented to two am ill Inquire at 22i Bowery. 1 TO LET?THE UITER PART i>F HOUSE NO. 141 B??t ibmy second street conststlnj of two large on second lloor aud one room on third Uoor.lwlth all the mo dern improvements. Rent (3ts> per year. Apply on tbe piemisesof TIIOMaS FANNINO. Jr., 2JJ Bowcy, TO LET?FROM TIIH 1ST OF MAY. SECOND FLOOR, containing Ave io?m?, with hot and c-lj water. c?? and bath of ihe handsome two story bssement tii'l at tic house No. :t)4 Sullivan street. For terms, Ac.-, apply at tbe otUce of tbe -St. N icholas aiablaa. 57 Mercer street. TO LET?PART OF TUB dwelling HOU8B !?? King straet. to a small respectable family. Ilaa water and cat biturea Tbe othor pait of tba bouae is oo< uplsd by a family of four persona. TO LET OB FOR SALE?IN ASTORIA. FIVE^mTnUTKS from aleamboat landing. a House, having itx bedrooms, two parlor* basement. kitchen, under ee lar and panne*, gas. water, dumb waiter. range aod furnace : a stable. with room 'or hostler, gas. water and room lor a cairiagu and ? pan. alt new an<l iu good order; rent SMI. Apply to B. MILLS. Astoria, or C. W. HALLE IT, 131 Bowery. N. T. TO LET OK FOR BALB-THE THREE 8TORY BRICK. IIo if* 407 lircenwich street. contains gas. hot and cold water, batli, Ac ; sutsbie lor a?ood boarding house Apply at 740 Was.inn.ton street TO LET OR FOR SALE?A NEAT HIOH 8TOOF brict House, nicely furnished, cas, bath bouae. in com plete or I r. House and Furniture rem $3x1 Apply ! on tbe premise*. OS Eighth street, Itoboken. Ii mu>t be aoll. 1*0 LF.T OR I,EASE-A~TlEA8ANT salesroom 30ll)l. on the second floor, well lighted. suitable for a piano tvareroom. mrehsut tailor, nuilineiy, dentistry or some other light busloeaa, together with a suit of Work rooms on the :our:b floor, at 5it> Broadway, next to Dr. Chapin's ehureh. Possesion ';lren 1st of May. For terms inquire of Or. I.I). K KOVV, on the premises T'O LEASE OR FOR KALE?AT (VILLI AMriRUKO, SU-> lot< uf Uro luii with a Hulkhesid. mi Nswto.\n oreek, of 1.100 feet, btti'M (Jreetijioint in I the I'enr.y Btldge: a very deniable 1 cation for in.miiUc one* orst.y klrnl of business requiring a waer fiom?ff. there b: In; Id lea* f ival>r alouuMidt? the bulkhead. Di'iauctL ? no mile f rom Oratid street erry aul half h mile from Oreeopoint fcrrv Cor term* apply to l?. A A KIN (ISLAND, SUTTON .* CO.. Broi.i atra i. Now yurk. To let ok FOB *ale-jhk large MAMBIOJf, snl'sble for an academy or attmmer b ar 'in; hoi s>\ at ! New Hamliur-. about two inilesfrom tbe Hudson river; no I house coniainH alio it one hundred ro^ms witli ontbuiliiln^s j u : twenty two iter'-* of land, abundant i stocced with 1 ifioice fruit tre *, it w ill he soi l for r.itien less t an its va I luc Apply at the East River Bank tlHO Br <>sd .< a> rro r::nt-at fort ororok. nsaH the LINK of I 1 the Hatlem Steamboats ? >th do k, a 'arge House bul l ! i'\pr?ss y or a i rlv*te and retired summer boarding h .use, | co itaiirng about 20 looms a small ooita^i- ithe rear I for iho use of the family, which can bo had In rnunertum I with the large liou*e II re ,i!ired, nil of which :* be u; | put in good repair. The s.uiaticn is on high grouud. co i ? I mandtng some of 'he tine-t view* on the i*l*nd, w; b I" beautiful irrove* of 4h*de bathing Imntln* Ashing. sporting. Mr,. wuhln "tie hour oi Ihe ci'j' by ralliw4 *nd steamNxif. A responstb'e rartv <*an mane a permanent arrangement l that c*n ? made pro-itaie A|(ry lor dn'tunus to'i-e place at S?. 9 Barclay itieot. nr o A. B. MILL'. Ageo!. IMlh street and Tcntn avenue. I qv) KENT-AT $11) V) I'KR MONTH. A DK8IKABLK ! 1 Photograph rtal.ery. iM Main sticct, Briduepirt, Coun. | I) W. ? LARK. rro BENT-IN T1IK THRI' IfTtl Ml.HOP. OF FREKtk 1 kill, a n< w Hr'cW II Hiding si Unb'.r f< r ? ho'* 1 nr ) <>*r.| I Ins house; will I c p ,t iu p. lm? utilcr Ftu pariicn'ats in I u't'io jf R. K. FINCH. reeksHiii. or E ?l FINCH. 15 j Be^kman street. 1 rp<I RENT-A DTRIRAHLE RF.8IDENCE IN EAST I 1 Broadway , rent jilt'. Inquire at .IS.? Br ni!?ay, r om | No. 32 rro RENT?THE LOWER HALF AND T1IREB ROOMS ! X on third liowi oi high *too|i bn ta stouo l?> i?e No I'ol (Ve*? Fiftieth *ti?ai: has a;I tUe couvenlorices r??ni $3 u. 1 Appiy at 73 Kr f.t Streat Three floorhtomct-fob lioiitmani fai ti r. Ing pn ro e* 70129 Inquire uu ho i reiui>es. aruthea-t curuer ol Thi.ty loin tti ?tiu< t ami s tviij stanua T TPPEK I'AKI Ol' A I'HREE SIOR* tRIUK HOtaE L/ tn lei?Con*l9ltr it or the (runt bssi-ment, hree Moms I on the s?. oud lluor. n? largu and one sjinl! ro in n the 'bird tloor: has *!l ni.i' nrn unprovaineot* snd w.ll be 'ei to a res^ectaliK- lamll) ol 4'lnllaat $.W par nonib. For parii euiars i no u I re at 101 West Iwsoi) "Seventh st aet. betwrsn I ."tilth and S-'venib aveniiea \-ORB1. I t-LK -I FPBB I'ART OK A Hfa,l SK TO LET. I J to s s*i>slI lam. y. W ithout ohildren. Address Vork | illle. H- ratd "llle . *~lIoa'l notice*. N'OTlCE.-BSrATE OF JAMB" BEATIV, DECEASED. I Notice I* v given to al. intoreited that James Bratty, late of Antrim township, Franklin connte Penn sylvsnia. del In .lul", leaving a lar^a esu'f. whl.'h, by SI'ia*' wln snd Usiament. wns derlsed an l he. qitaa had to bl> lirst cousius bv the father s side, and to his nrst coiisiBi by lha mother's ?Id-.'. The rr,other'* nsme w.,s ft sau Alien AH wno are related to said da> rd*M as atove iratitloneil, sre n'til ed I" rrewnt and estabmh their "hum to a legacr under tha wilt of aaiJ dacsay^^. KILL T R BENNEDT. Exeetiior* ef Jamas Beatty. dataased. I'HtMstasat no. Pa.. March 19. lsr-4. NOTICE-ESTATE OF CATHARINE Bh\TTT. DB coasod. . . _ Notice la hf.ra!v gi*t n to all intarestad ibat arina Baatiy, lata of Antrim towns-iip Fraaktin county, I'ennsyl. vsDia, rtoeeased, died In January. ISM), a iarp* estate which, by her last will and lastamsr.t, was dnrisod ?nd bequeathed to har flrat cmislna hgMka father s alda and her Urst cousins by the mother's aide (the n.other s nam* w?s Susan A fan I. All wbnar* ralataa to aai I do< edaot aa ahora mentioned, are ootlilad to present and aatabllsh their clalma t* ? la?nry Iindar tba ? ill of said da<-ease4 JAMES NlfiL. . Bsacutor of Catharlna R?atty. 1e taaed. OatsassiiVH >? . March i?l laea HORSES, CAllBIAORa, *C. A KINK 8ADDLB BOMB, SUITABLE FOB A LVOV for Hie Apply at the mtkle, northeast corner of Tb ity eighth street and Kiflli aveutie A PINK assortment OK road WAGONS?ALSO Top aud IIo Top Winona, Ptiaetona. Beac'i Wkgous. Dug Part*. Ac . on baud, at coruer of Broadway and Forty Hi nth street H. C HA "MS. Auood second hand onh hobsetbuck fob eai? In iiiire in bleol^mith's shop coruer Buahwtck avenue and Joh moo (treat, W Ullsmaburg A PAIR of carriaok HORSES W ANTED.?W ANT ed :i very stylish and e'.e;;aut ualr of carriage Horses, (tout ti li its old 15V to 16 lian !* high warranted aouna ait I perfect iu every respect Address II. 8 , box 1,231 Post oi. ca. A BLOOD STALLION FOR SALE?PERFECTLY amiud and geutie late the property of a ?ta:l ollicer. May tia Keen at Lowery's ltidinc Academy, Fifth avenue, corner Thirty-eighth street. Apply to A. B 0. MORES, 52 Beaver street. A HANDSOME COUPE, WITH POLE AND SHAFTS for bale, in good order Price, $iai A! o a beautiful and perfect g'av eonie II or**, seven yesrs o'd. Price, $ti)i) In iuire lor haOUIU at stable. M West Fifteenth iriw. k FINK DAPPLE ORAY HOUSE FOR 8ALE-1&X t\ bunds high, just from Ilie country, sound and kind, our bsv Mare. 15'. bands high. AM> Cairlnges and Wagons t iken on s'orage. Inquire at 3)0 West Sixteenth stree,. noar Eighth avenue. * BEAUTIFUL, THOROUGHBRED SADDLE MAKE ? \ fur isle. ? I* a b i.;*u bay, no white, 15't hands. 6 yesrs old tliornu ;bly trained, and lor style ol' appearance and ac tion ca not be suipssse I. Price ibout $WJ. Apply at M West Nineteenth stvoet. At a bargain?one of THB best top buggies In the cUV. also one open, lata style, squar? bo* ; both ncsrty new and light; must be sold Also a first class Cotipo in good sliai>c. Apply at 72 West Twenty eighth st. Avert handsome, rich dapple oray horsk. 15'J hands hijn. perfectly sound kind and very showy; 8 yesrs old: been owned by ihe present owner two years Also a Am four wheel D g Carl made by Lawrence ft Co. and a splendid set Of Single Karne s. ma 'u by Lowden, tu oaite for Robert la 306 We?t Sixteenth street A SPLENDID COUPE HORSE, f'LL Ifl HANDS high of line atyle and action, 6 yesia o il, oo'or chest nut, wtlb an extra long full tall and mane of llaiublrtonian stock; would nuke one of a nice coac earn; warranted a uintl and kind In every particular Inij .io for two days at tlie omc; of fcarle's Hotel. /I ARR1AGR8.?FOR SALS, *? LIGHT FAMILY CAR \j ilages. Rockaivaya, Bretta. Buggies, Road Wagons and Business Wagons; also ae/eral n>c iml baud Hire ?e it and t?o seal Depot Wagon*, sailing cheap. No III Nevin* street, Brooklyn. (^ARRI AGES.-AN ASSORTMENT OK KINK (.'AH J riuges, consisting of eitenslon and li.-tll topCabiiol U and Phaeton*, (lerniantown Coupe, ton. and si* scat itock awasa, lop, no ton and slide se it logons an I tit seat Phaetons, at MOTT <k CO 8, atanofacUU'ers. WO Ifourth street. ______ C10ACH HOUSE AND 8TABLB TO IIR NT?NK W, IN J Twenty-third Htreet. near Third avenue, to private par* (lea only; 75 leel deep, 25 feet front two slot e< vard, .vc Apply to JOHN BaTEMAN, HI Bast Twenty-third Mreet, by note or tu person. f^OK SALE?A VALUA RLE TIAM OF TRUCK Horses, si? years old, 10 hernia high; weigh about It liuudretl each; nfao, a I at Re farm lloise, a little sore looted, also. Iwo beautiful Pomes, suilab.o for a lady or bov. Ap ply at 8U hew Chambers street IjTlR SALE?A PAIR OF THOROUGH BRED HORSES. ' 15 hards, trained to double .md single harness, aud to the saddle; one or them a fine ladv'n saddle Horse. Sold together or single. Inquire of THOMAS NGRltlS. Eighth street, near sixth a\cnuc. FVHt SALE?A LADY'S SADDLE UORSE, BRIGHT bay. 15H bands high, sound. <iuiet and geul'e in at' har ness, seven years old; also a lady'H Saddle. Apply to UN DBRHILL A FLEET, 64 Lafayette pluce. FPOR SALE-JUST FROM vermont, TEN VEltY One Horses lor saddle and for wagm; two promise great speed. Oue patrol' Black Hawk Marcs, very nice, ranging from 15 to l<>'4 hands blg:i. A;ip y at ii and 37 Weft Twenty ninth street. Ij'OR SALB-A SQUARE BOX THREE-(^UAKTKK L seat, lull spring, light W?;on, made by Brewst.-i- la,t season, and been but litt'e used. Price $19(1 Can be seen at Curtis' stable Love laue. Brooklyn. For sale-setbral second hand coaches. Kn its, lour aud sis seat Kockaways; also several new four snd sis seat Rockaways, two light Con. hes. with perch, suitable for country. built before high prices, ?IIIbe sold accordingly. MOTT ft CO., 32'j Fourth street. FOR SALE?A BLACK HORSE. EIGHT YEARS OLD, 15 hands high, will be in town on Friday mom ng, at lit Cliff street. For sale-three good work horses, in good coudilion , also, oue saddle I'ony, suitable lor auy lady or child to ride or drive; must positively be sold this week, as the owner is goini; iu tbo country. Inquire of BOLO.MON KlPJf, River House, corner of I33d street snJ Fourth avenue, Harlem. FOR 8ale?a light shifting top wagon, mado by Dnsenbury i. Van Duser. also, a light Wa,on, Without top, inade by Watson, of Philadelphia Can be seen at the stable In PaclBc street, one door from Clinton street Bruok yn. L OR S.VLE-A LIGHT TRUCK. WITH LARUE FLOOR; r can b^ used wuli one or two bor es, built .n the best mMiuersul in Hrs^ram ord-r. Airily to the carman at ifl Fulton strict, corner of From. B'OK SU.E-AN ENGLISH TWO WHEELEO DOG Cart, with arrangement lor tan lent. Has lust been done up hk good as new Apply at private siib'c No. i Gansevooit str- et near Eighth avenue .md West Thirteenth attcpt. fj'OR SALE-A LONC TAIL bay UORSE. Ifi HANDS F liigh, very stylish; perfectly sound ?ul k u I; ca;? trot In thtce minutes; would make a fine conpc h.>rse; also a Dog ("art; on'r been run a few times; in ! ne or.ler. bu ll by Hrcu-utK t Co Both eun be leen by applying at S.tmuel Tru vdt-ll'a mab'es. l,V-5 Broadway, bet veen Forty.second and Forty third sircets. LNOk SALE?A PAIR OF SHORT TAILED. BROWN F Borsea i boric mml mare), 15)* hen la high, and of re markaldc ?t?l? and spirit Apply ..etwecu H and IDA. M. at No. ?' West Ft: teen lb atreet. FOR SALE-A FAST colt. WAGON. HARNESS, Blanket, Rob<v Whip. Ac., (bo property of a Mantle man having no further iiw for them. Inquire at 76 Weil Thirty ninth *treet. For sale-a une rat saddlr mare, suita bio for ? ladv ; warranted wind and kltvl. frice live hundred dollar* ( iV)0>. For particular* coil at ibe deek ol Ihe Herald otliee FOR SALE-A DOCTOR'S WAUON. BUT LITTLE :re.l and In good nnlcr App'v in coach lai-tory cor ner of Kilty seventh atreet and Third avenue. Foil SALE-A SPLENDID OOUPR HORSE. BAV. SR. ven yeareold. aiueen bands Vg i; very alylldi. sound aud Kind, and ju&t from ibe c unity. Om l?= ?een nt Sey. moor'* Stable*, corner of Sixth ??>?? te aud Kor'y third at. For MLB?1TBI PROPERTY Oh A tlENTLBMAN-A llo". la-ge coup* llerse, Wag n and Heme**, together or separate; very i ietand stands with .nt tvln^. Apply to Mcssm. M MCiiOLL, corner of Twrlnh a'.reot and Uni veralty placd. For salk-a bay horse, in hands iiioh, kit I<?r a .trtortru k (15. a white Horse. I j'i. tit lor lai met or aii' business J15. Inquir- at !?H West Twenty ninth eireet until sold I/O II SALE?TWO HORRES. ONE fWI. THE OTHER A $ii.V alao one set ol donli e II a rn **a* almost new; tli^y ate s h'er mounted; price ??*! A; pi-, at I "ft Weat 1'weuiy tiltli atree', corner oi liiti th aven e. In ihe I t; n inibT on Uie , i!e T/OR SALE-A BLVOK HOUSE. SEVEN TEARS OLD. 1 15,'i iian s li jh. wli bred Apply at No. ?> Great Jones street, corner oi I.aln.selle p'nee. L">Oll SALE-A rtlOKOI OHIRID BAY KOAD BARB. P Hi , long tail, hat.dg.uue and very fait either to pole or tingle; a>o a tio?* bl*. k coupe florae. 16 hand* lit. h Apply t>?foi. to ?'oaf!inian. *i stable, 127 Went Twentieth street. FOR SALI-A YOCNO MARE. SIX YEARS OLD IV May wairanled sound, an t verv gemle under ?a Idle or in hurtic.a; can trot in thre? >a nites; price 4ftV.D. <an be seen ?t \J~ Weat Twenty fourth <ueet Irion sall?a pair of blood bay horses . n?arly 17 hand* high; black inane, tall and le?* star in fo>ehiK<tof '-a h; not io II a. d; ereti-e in we ght; sound, tin t and wit broken: a* nem a i ? i f", t match as possi. .e la color, step and carriage: (I i On. B. W. BURN LT, ?tt William ttieel. FOit BALE?SEVEN l.AKUIi HORSES 81 1TABL1. t r . art. tru k or esprese m-o; among them :s a lun.l ?0'ne Broun Home, flue style nu.I action . would *ult i. 1r vate .image or coupe; they are froin U5>? to lt>S naoJ* htjh. frtioi 5 to 7 yearaold: or woi'.l ei binge lor i \v wncd Inquire at 112 Kourt.i *ir.?el. lisar Orovt t'Oll SALE-TWO l.OOl' HORSIvd ONft A KINK SAl; F d.e h tse, the other e:tli?r for sa l.lie or driving. I be ?eld cheap. Addr- ss bo? <,??? Post oil'ce IJ10U BALL-A LAROE. fINK. STYLISH BAY MARE. ; i ci 3years old; gentle and kind i.i -very way. suliau.c lor a fair.l'.y *arria.e or .an k? n*!d In htivy wora Cat i* i s<.a ttJJI West rwenty aeventli *tr-'l M. KIN vLE S . J^OR HALE <11K AI*?THREE IMR8BS KM'R I ? red Wagons and three le;* oi lure ?/ In iulrt of J van PIPER. -*i4 I'acil'e stivet Brooklyn. L Oiv 4 iLb. i lltAI ?FCL'R TUJ' AND SI X NO TOP | f '.V ins, two light Ko-nftnaya ene lour (eat I'liaeivii, a two- t rop WagOO, two agge: ?Va .t its Bre-.rst?r s, i> : (en'j rj ?, ['lino s and other i,oo.|city otic g?o.l f cud hand t'oach one Biett. three leu Single Haruese. one *t". Deuhle do., two Saddie*. 27 Woc.cer rtreet. L'OR StLr OR BXCHt>OR-T.vnvTy VOVNtJ jT H .r^.'s, just Canada W?.t ( to 7 year* Aid. 14 I 17 ha <!s'iigh. fvo nice team*, one <e.pc one, a.I foind and kin ) inquire in the b'ac-s.n.tli e suop. IA) Nutioia sties', intll ?o.d. Tj^OI'R HOOD HORSES FOR S \ LIS CUEAT-HT FOR X1 any k.nd of woik. Cun ^e seen corner Kor :eth *'ieet ; ai d Ele\enth avenue Inquire for Ai^iau . Bi . F'JHST RATE SADDLE HORSE KOP SALE ?THE t-toti rty Of a geut!*oian letufmn^ t''Eitrrpe 'o itc'ii the war Department have refuted pernilm n to take him abi'ad. 8 'rre., hand*, between 8 and 'J years >14. ? ?in :, k-n.l, si(jl??> and highly tralued Applv In the fori no'<u to Will,am, Hii voort Ho'.te Stablea, I.'4 place. HBOHSEN FOR SALE-TEN BOCXD, YOU NO HORsK*. 'its' frim tie eonntr.v eullal. e fi r car'*, track* or an? kfn ' of i eavy work; among it em t t'*m o ma ? hml browns ran le'sern at 17 Lerey *lieet, bei w?er. Bt dfotd 1 so. Bleecker atreet* IADT'B BAODLE HOPSB FOR 8ALE ?A HAND J some ekeatnal Mare, at?n( 1*^ han is h<gh eight years I ou well adayied for a young lady or t,entieman. >he i* i Erfeetle kind and (entle. and b** b en u*e.l entirely ' a young lady for rid ng and driving, a *o a aei oi tingle I Harms*. App.y to CHARLES L MILLS, 14 OeTar i ?trtet. Must be sold this day. at a complete sac Mfioe. a (plendld light K id Wagon. clt> Until. g?od a* sew; ha* been u*ed four time*. C'a'l at fnu B>*t F. rtr Aral atreet, near Eighth avenue i PARTIES ABOUT Pl'IICHASINO OB PLACING | X their order* for flrtl c aaa Carnage* are lnvi'e<l to e*jt ' at n?tr manufactory, I) Eaat Twenty-flfth street, between Third and Lettngten avenuea. aud etamine our itocE on ban? and In eonraa of eoastmctioa _ . ^ JOHN C. PA BUB % tO CTABLB TO LET-TO OBI I'aRTT: THRE'? STALLS O and iimpie room for Ituek and cart, m re^m r ,r three hofae* and good onrtlsgc hnuee Apply at 140 Ware Iff pls'-e near fflith aveaun. HOKS*?, CARRIAOR1, AC. ST-HS wanted-in Till vn iK rv or thirty k~ eighth uriri a whole on? win h* t. t?i ?r t>aif a ?lt AJ OTABI.E WANTED?FOR nix OK AFtKN IIOKgRg, * ito ?* Te0,"' ,lrH Inferred A 'dress Inn ^ 11 o c. el.Ill* I oration, net. an I ? haUier brick or wooden bulldnif I aMikatuu to be givta Nay 1 Trotting house for balk -dmik sorrel. isu baud* high. w^i rauted uninj, and Ja very gem o both fHarn*1"1 doul,e bai ucss, an I mu irot a i?>W> 111 50; Sflice ** 1,1 oM AdJresa tea 4.^7 ft* rVEOTTINO STALLION FOR SALE?fS JET BLACK. A liasa su'eodid long la.I ami n.aue, ISH Inn ta high. and can trot in.idc o uniiue* very Ken I It in single and doubie harness; would make a pplenrfiJ charger f<n an oiu ?1 r'iu il- .'?? erj '^'aii he seen St private aUliic N ?, 18 East Ihirty sixth struct IV ANTED?A FIRST CLASS SADDLE HORSE, MVT if possess gient tttie, beauty mid endurance; aland be tween 1 jX utid 16 1 .1 nds b 14I1. mid uol over 8 years old. per left y b'often anil muiid, kiml and fcntl" 111 every way Anv 0110 having a horse answering this description 111 every ie-|ec. for aale, may adlre-s, slating piue, Ac , Saddle. Hciall o lice WANTKD-A LIOHT OMR BOMB B08INRM WA *on an I li.11 uuttu Address b >x 144 Herald olllca. A1 niSCRIiLAHBOUS. TT: NTION. LAD1ES.-T1IK CHEAT ENOI.IHH I Reined/.?&ir Jaaie.i la ke'K cetebiat ? I Female I'l I ., prepare ! rroni a prescription o' Sir J. Ciarke M. D., Physi oian Extraordinary 10 uie i.'ueeu Tlii* well known modi 5SJ ,ao imposition, bul a sure and safe leinedy lor female annuities, an I although a powerfti remedy, they couiain imttiio>: hurt'iil to the cotii.tiiuliun. In all rases of ne rmia and in ual afieclioux. pain 111 Ihe hack an I limb* fatigue on alie a eiertmo, |iulpitat"n of the In-art and hysterica, theie rills will elte t uc?rf wlim ai, other means have failed, and. although a powerful remedy, do not coulaln iron, ralo niel, antimony. or auytliing hiiririil to the constitution Fidl directions In Hie pamphlet aionnd eseh pack see. which stoitlrt be eareTiilly preserved lor full particulate obtain, ?i?e of the agent, a p imphtet Sold by all druggist*. dOB MO<E8.27 Cortlsndt street N V., ? Sole United Stat** Agent w. It ?51 and alt pontage stamps, enclosed loan) autho r xe l a;ent, will inaure a bollle e.onliiuina over llliy p?Ha by petnrn mal1. (COOPERS. ATTKNTION!?I Wlbll TO CO iTv "f T * for one tliou?an l barrsU. App1 to H T. NUli, . 9 Broadway DR P. LAMPE'8 UNIVERSAL IIKRB KMXIK OR. K LAMI'K'S UNI VKItsAL IIKIIII ELI Kilt. An infallible remedy Bitalnal (!i alupi and Spasm*. Abdomi nal Alfeeiiiina of eveiy kiml, e*|>ecl:? ly Cramp ol the 8'Om v:h. I'iles atlaoka of Oh nigra. Diarrhea Colic, Vomiting lli/ziieH*. Ucjdaehe. A ultima, Ague iind How Kever Kea iirk'iek*. 8omincr Complaint, Kpilei sy, Ar. Prxe &l per botllc DR. LANPK'8 II Kit H HALVE. DR. LAMI'K'S 11K It It SALVE. 11.1* proved the moat ell'ei lli'e onreof Khrumatie Oout. The b< at remedy inr nmmatin.'; and n'rengtheu n< the iiciven of ladies aft: *" eonllot'irieut. The be?l Salve for Ilea ing wnuo la. Sol 1 at ad ilruggfaU. Or NITSCII A CO., Im porter*, ISii Itroi Iwav, r irnoi of Hr iome llreoi, "UCDNIIMV IS WKAM'II ' -KHANKI.IN, THE U frealeat of modern plui isophrra. ramark* that -a penny caved ia a |iennv earned." !*mtt\id ol dea'roymg ymr wnale paper, preaerve It. an I l e.tnve 11* eanlvaleu l in ea?U. which vve will n*v lor old uewap.i|ie.r4 of every de arriplton. who 0 or lorn old ii^mphleli of all klnda old clrc lar? hundbilU. tie^ets. card*, e.irculara, caialojuna and old ACiap pnner. in all im var ntina, in ijuantuiea larue or small Alan old writ,n? paper an I aeliool nook*, old blank nooks, ledger*. Ac, of any alylo, it malteia n il how much tbcy may be wnifn on or niiililnl?il. STOtlKWELL k KMEltSON, u, Ann ktreet. IjvRI;NCH. I' NULIhll AND SCOTCH NUR8KKY 1 Rio-'kn, Krult Trees, Evergrecnt, Dwarf an I Siaudu J Rosea, landiog now and lor aiio by C It \OUX, thi Cedar .Mtreftt Ij^OR rOUNDRIK8, FURNACES AND OLAS8WOIIK4. L Superior San lalono for linings, heartlia and aide walls I'nrnixhed to or ler WALTER K Hi.'. Greenwich street, N. Y. (HJANO T THE CHEAPEST AND BE8T FERTILIZER offered fo sale Kor pamphlnta, toallmnnlala and instruc tions liow to use Apply to <1 W. BRNSON, _____ South street, New fork H'lJMEST CASH PRICka PAID KOR STEAK BR Kines. Boilers and Kachlncry of all kinds. Also Cop per. Brass. Lesd and Zinc, by W II. 8MITU, 271! Pearl st. IMMENSE PRICES PAID KOR OLD BOOKS. 6111) Old, Scarce M-so iic Books, cheap. 10000 Works on Architecture. Stea n Engines, Dyeing Ac. Id.Olt 1 Photographi< Albums, at our price. 100,mil) Works'in History. Klograptiy, Ac . at your price. Mil).000 Scrap Prints ind Engravings, :\l any price. LEOUAT BK01HBRS, 119 Nassau St., near lieekiuan. IMPORTANT.?HAVE TOO 8KKN THE fOMPROMISR Washing Maehlne' Ibe l?est invented: flnl*!.ej the wash i ig: uudersioid at s ght State lights for aa'e at the Inven tor's Agency, II.) Nassau street, room No. ID. Call and see It MANHOOD AND TnE V HSOR OK VOUI II RESTORRO in four wee!iS by Dr. RICOHD'8 Essence of Life. This wonderful aeeot will re<t ire mahood t < the most shat tered eoiisiltiitloiis. wlieiher arising riom eicesses. self abotH. the e lects of climate <>r nat iral ennses. The time re piired eice tho most inveterate ease is four weeks Failure is impossible Or. Riend's Es'enc? of Life Is sold in eas-s. with inslruetions for use. u>r $1 or four'iiiantllles 10 on?for $ I. 8nnl carefully pau^e I. on receiptor remit tance by his accredited aicut Circular sent free on rereipt ot lour aiamns. PIIILTP ROL\ND, No. 447 Broome street. New York, one door west of Broadway. Mar;ilh mantels.?tiir place in the ci'y 11 purchase cheap mid well flnistie I Mantels is at A KLARKR'S Manfl Manufactory, 19 East F.ighteenUi street.. near Third avenue. New York Cut tbin out. Marblb mantels, ' SLATE MANTELS A choice selection, end at much lower prices than any other place. T. B. STEWART. 412 Broadway. New York. MAKIiLK MANTELS ?A FINE SELECTION OF MAR. ble Mantels on hand, an I oiTcfed cheaper than say whore e're. at S. KLAKKR'S Marble Yard, 54 First avenue, near Third street. New York. Call and eiamiae for your self. ORIENTAL ONOUENT.?KI88AM'8 ORIENTAL ON guent IS the beat in use. Wbl-keie and mnslai hes in eight weeks. Try |r Only $1 per bottle. Address Tlmoiky J. K.'ssaui, hot 431 Brooklyn Post offic?. OLD COTTON CANVASS -FIVE OR RI* TONS OF old Cotton Csovsss, dry and In bales, ready for imme diate sh puieiit Apply ai the eteraam wareho is* of JO SEPH BAKE It, 13d and 131 Cedar street, corner of Wash Ington. SECOND HAND IRON SAFE WANTRD-MKDIUM to small slxe, ol beet makers Address box 5,10.) Post o.Hee. TROPICAL balsim PIlhPARKD HT CARREN? BROTHERS A CO. Till* celebrated and unparalleled medicine, computed only ot sa'.atlfero-n and piirl!ylng-?ei;eUti!es, lm* been for many years past the grunt poimlar remedy of South A marl' a and i? in iiifsili1! remedy ror !he siieejy cure of phth sis, nO'ip, an I ill '.?4. il-ea<es of tlie e'ie*t and ihr >?": alTeetlons re an'ting from Iails blows or Drills?*. however severe; bemor rhJ?(J--. wintids, rontuaiona, nicer*. telnns burns pilea. hi adaclie i. oth icln: and other itiaeaaea. (See directions itru ind i1"* boMt^s.) Kver sin -.-ih a v iluable me'iclne has be*n introduced in th a r inn'ry its Internal and asternal nae ha? nerrr fallal to prod r-'ih ? most wonderfull y J"'-1 asufnl le-oilta II"a<1s of faml.'es advised to kee^ alw.iys tbis Balaam lir ttiem tn order to ii?n II in tl na In cases of \< ounds. hem rri a if s. 1 tttns. brn ara, tr ; slao tl i.n- who are devoted to sin ii iM-t ipal on ss eipos? tha n io il u;i r or re quire the us - f inatnimenta wherewith they m?\ ha injured In any I'rtee of bott'ea, 37 c -nla and $1. ?fier* depot hi W'M 14 SIJil- LL'S, No 7 Nasaati street, ne .r Wall, N-w Vork. Retailed at the drugst >re? generally iu New Vork and Brooklyn' TftHKB AND PLANTS.?A (iOOD COLLECTION OF 1 lv. er^reen Tree*. Bhmbs, Vines Standard and Dwarf p was. of tho vei y ba?? varieties, and a gearri col entton of >":,iwer Harden Plants. Nurs ry. Wesi Morneinia. green ho lies and depot, H and 20 KkSt Kuru oath s real. C. DORAN._ TVI'h META I, AND OLD LEAD W aNTI- D.?CASH will be p:u l for a few hnn !rei weight of Type Metal ar.dn'i! Lead App'y at me dank of thia odt *. Tin THK Trt 4DK.?COFTIRtJ AND PKTNTIN'l PIIO to^rai hi. fur the irada, at 575 Brom wa., New Vork^ rpu TIIK PCBLIC -IWANr EVKRT i: A N and woman I n the wu'd -f eve.ry bus'n ess utile or i relets i n na natter how a-:e -ji amall it inav be t rend io) ?> tirn Ti4 '. l-oat I*td fmm 10 io HII ot ihe r a rci ais, i> ?. i:r?n -ar-?s aud po?:?is _?t ih t (.r'nted If y ; a ? w tno it them. to be tis?d r t.j et>:fl*ly new or) ;i..a an I ? nlr-i?*t ?v?teu-of frf? a.. i i-ratnliO':* sjvei'is ,r. ,xh .r ?>?! : lri.nla'e tbclr bliMi.esi ihri/iua ut tbe wor d, s o o?' ?# ilicm >h?tever Tb* r,nrt t iul*?r, d lh* gte Her n !rnn'a?e Direct t? Esk?r ? r.i >Mtal iia'nttO'is \ ren sin'.' Vedi ?m, at th" depo of H A K li R * Ran el e?, U' Iv^s' featb New Twrk 'ttr Pa' era enm 'nt m.s ?e tan I nd U ?ea- y to ibw ad' Hr.t* ? ti is h. ,n< f.e on!* .m'u ton* meli im n 11.?? worll Bater a > I I, err i .rstiil o a Adver'kdBK Ma iitim. aat' rad ie. ord- I ?i ti a*' it "Or.erea* 'u '!e >eir IMIl 1 WALTER :iaK?E .r ?!??? '''^rk's oOice o( trie Dlllrl t Ca'.rtof the t'n tfJ >l*t? for the Soulbero diMrtet if .New Vorll \1ASTKD?T?) CONTRACT WITH A i""ARPENTEK. s' a 51 b<i\e? p?i tia> I r |?' *.'i? ttiap* of aroua il/es IrpiriOi! T. I.lojd I e-'a Broada If. 11' INTKD-SUVB PERSON TO RAISE THK ScHOON li e.j *h"oli 1s (tlBk bear : lie aew p beio* Nawcaate, li ' .it I9it (? n ? of ro'i ii ra, d. A lily to (i H LOB ilKLL n-i I and Loiiihard strecra, Wi! fu&gt"0. Del. W'ANTI.D? A SECOND IMNt) WHITE METAL \y A ia>- "or it) le-i ion,' Adlreis K Moaa. as gar <?0 ? \ ark* 1W>. \V \NTLI> TO PCfiClAHl-A STKAM tNlilNB, IKI , ?i i .?* lower .iiilg!' or t?>r: -1.1a A?i? terKii r I corpaiai -f t.a? ""g an? it aa'l a? 1 I pl< as- ail?!re-a tot>,W p..-i o in 1 sta'init loi-a'ion ti ne of na-- and | ari, ? liari. IOINTRV HO Alt D 1 /iOt'J*TRT hOARD WOTBD-roR A Or:NtLE*AN * w('? 01 n-.u h?r,, >ie ,v th ? wnter and n ? at o e an h'r r'l rid>! fron. 'lie city h. rail -irlna. Hotel *eai era pleaae aa?w><r, atatn.g la'ms, locnlica. Ac Addreaa S. K , mil l,.'M I'oet offtri*, Xew Tit* * /lOBNTUT BOARD WANTEB-.vBAit TH* rfALT \ > wmer for thr?? warsons a"i> en an wife and lady !r ?nrt aoi o?er tnraa'viari^v* of ?i. bot?r ? an bvir from ^ w V rk, -ali e m 111 ?-e g 10.1 Add aas stat ng t>aril??!ara I ot rn,iiw, tocatn?t?, Ae. ,1 Ii Ohaprnait i?re 01 Star- >i?k A C" New Vora. L-ag U.i.u Irfie rtJ, /l(ll'*TJiT BOARD W \NTE li ?B1 A (.ENTLEMAN " , ..nd wiif, in a (iirata lamlh . ffnu. Apnl to D?eanacr If ani'ert; a (iood tab'.o aura muk and fr*ah segamtlna o: owl) tm sing | r> fttPad , diaiau ? art c**i ..n l our am! r. half t % raUrran ci b?ai Ad(ireaaU< ed t offn , Heia.d ff.-*, for ti. ee |lay^ / 'Ot NTKV HOARD WANTED-POR A C.LNTLEXAR, V.' wi.f,'htaa cb'ldran ami nnraa. near tl.e Hudaon, >?* tw?#ti Carmaaavtlla and Yookera. from "une to OctoVar; will p y libsrally Addraaa 11. a. bo* i<u H? aid oflli-e. aiatlng teeatior. and ierma. 110VRTRY BOARD WaNTED-FOR THREE MONTHS t V for a 'adr. t'iree ck'ldran and serra?t. ocation wi hta on? to one hoir and a half a ride 011 the liae of tbe Hodaon River, Harlem or Raw Haven Rallraad. Farm Hanse are ferred. Addi*aa J A. P . boi ?S4 Poat afl c*. New Vark. staling loeatloD. terms. Ac. W"A!,TKD-r01.TH* ?U**BR. BOARD IR th I TT country, within an hour aad a half of the City Ra I. i for a geniieman. wife, twn rhil Iran 1 nnler flva years ?r ?me), aad mirse. ITwJhood alaed Redrooina rejnired Rafe*. ren -aa eiclianged Please uddrea* n n s.frf Post ifi.-a', I sutlng lorafioo Ierma kf BOAR DIN 9 ?*P tOOOISrO. if tub KHANKKOBT HOUMl OJ ^KA*? A of lha Ctty JSnuafcL *??.." UDomi A room la ?umu.i?f *i ? ? *> *?' ?",ct one perfxi, 2<iC- lo Sic l*r ??i. f House opeo all might, . A'mS*. l-t ?nd 6 ? "7 QRNTLEM AN AND W IfB ? W A llii nro cau obtain "rerr.p,C** ^ W, ?t I'weuty-twi'tli With Board by M?plr?IL"* *;B*.J mreal b< iweau Kiti:i aud ?uH? artnue? A HANUSOM KLT FUBN WJLBO t Udv oni'v" Wy ^ Vfvriin rm?.u. ?"??. ?e?"cf? K.iHi and Hulk aveiiuea. ? ? 4 UAHDHOMtUr furnish ??**???" wAffl ssa ; '.V1 "Vi'ti. ?-. A PRIVATE KAM1L1 UMi*MTO b?T * ^UMIBS A e I Sun ol 1 H?? <ins nud balliroim??? toi ^ ( ^ vntn ?i without prtv*u? to ?* 4 ? 1 j. milium to ii iv HSeraHy lor the h??t ao. mnui<wUti ?i ? *?' niauftit wri?t?4\'uu'.uu? deured. Location A4mro u-ar K fin avenue Ad<tr ?i Tor two day* H., U?l00 square I'oU oiiice ? A1*R1 V ATK KAMI LV CAN AOO'?M MODATK A OBN i* 111 anMilwl <? iwo ..??.? m'uli' nen wUhooe nVi^nl furnlahad Room an.l l'r?l claaa Biarii at twelfth atrael, between Ku'ili and m?Uii aveauaa. llolei eoci: r.- 4mred. Children Mid ier*n ?->i A OBNTI.KMAN WAMTKO-BITHKll AOHVR OB Ml \ i ... ?ilk iiiiiniii % I Kti? iiu?ui8?H. unyiim imiiiau*o Swrfr?e^8M? oOice. A '.otiU need uoi apply. _ . .'viav RV.?? cation Itral claaa . ?? a i* in wiiilllNtirON PLACE. NEAlt llROADWAY ? AT 18 W AMI I Mil iiI" ? ? y oiciy i urnmlipd A Dinner at aix- ? T~W^bLb suit or ROOMS, with ^ vll ArtftSSt 0,-irM.dLu"^. Will be vacated April .5. A X&LS J\ *'Og!o R?"? n? let fortliecomiii* ^m"u? .iw... rBkui^eui^Hti^t. near Pi ill A~ B&rJwd Au1ce KooV.i^a.^'l'r-.c^ ^3SKHf?8fcfeus box 3.T6J I'o?t oiiice. > dink I AllUP BOOM, O*N BBOONn KLOOB, TO 1"BT, A iub nAuMMH lioIrli ?IM? ?"|?H Boo,II lor nHf-nlM n an . nioiiem mil?ri?v^i"?""ViuS^'.0?I" iV**Univei?ity (e omcoh eiflittnged. No ihoviu^ p.ace, corner of Ninto street. No mo?iu^in ? OUTbKM AN ,AMJ>nWU i|J"iio*r4.' V<> ? ny V*. lwee?^.bU. M.i Twcalv 1 K0f Add",. J. B. K.. . ^ P. ' W I'KHi'lVS 8KB KINO BOOM sT I'D BNISIIBO OB A Vin* *Kd8 will, or wjthoin Bo?W. ^ve^ine'lid^rSe "^I'.DOAU A LAVVB1NCK. ???et _Addre.? O. M. V.. nuttoa O b?? -.\l^nM?rU,rd4" Ald?.e?; {*cau n:ni"Bireo1, ^ iweeu KigUtb Mid Niulli *?enuei. . . ~a inMS rHS !2irSwr??^ Pout office. i VrARV^wJe,? V.lboi\oa;.!yWlor a 2U Lome. I l'lea-e aJi'rf*i S. S.. tUiion o. S:S?sv;e ? - ZZnTmm WANTKD-Hr A OBNTIjBM AN AND III? B?w?r? u"*M?V "et changad. i?WilllJ?|'fcJ*fMl * ? ?i' wiNTKD-rOB A LA UY AND OENTLEM AN, "cl?a,n?(.?n'^V???7u7.\ bri l.lM l*o?? olio. .. HOARD WANTED??* * OENTIiEMaN, BK. H I???n Bond ?<id TeBib (tracu. n?ai Broadway . B*T ?,0odcrW Addreu for ona waan W B Her*ld osiea. ? lyn pret?rJcd Addrr.? .i?tin? wnnaaad location. A., boi j.ili Pa?t oOKa. Haw Yort Board wanted-by a gentleman, wife, c it <1. Inr.tnl and ??? nn*. In a t tcntnin well of Elfin ?venue, between Ko'irth mi J 1 wcntleih iireuM, either in a b ar ting buiiie or private lamllf, lor ? lilcti * lair vricti will be paid Heicrencee wich injj. J. Addreaa boi l.tiiti 1'Oil OiliCC BOARD WANTED-BYA mechanic, I!? Till! NEK1H ' orho'i.l 'jt Fifteenth m TMrtiet.. *e l Si<onl or Stub * ??oim; wo j d ptjr irom $i i<t ?S per wt e'< Addraae M. i' . bo <4i). Ptisan I .ou?e, oiser 01 T.venij a lib at" at an., Fo .r b a eaue. BOAHU wanted?kok a uentlrman and wii e. who with io ' oil it permanent plai? I ?tcj brl>? Ca n*l atreet, weal of Broadway. I'laaae addi a, nub paitici. tare bo. 1 <21 New Vork fast ufflce. BOARD WANTED?WANTED A GOOD SIZED MB til shed ro in, with ("re, jiM, bath. Ac , with or wlllioul board bv a lady eu?|'d durtug tbe dav. alio-. e Eublb n.*et lerm' witb board, mil lo exiteed $7. Addmaa Mra. M I'lliD.t'iti, Herald oilice. Board wanted hv a oentl.eva.v and lady board for ihe lady only A neatly faro n had room, where t< ere are no other bcarderr; with a Widow lady pre. t?rt?: Man iti. in a nulot luca: on Addiesa R If. box l.'l Herald oil tee BOARIt VVANTHD IN BROOKMN-A PARTIALLY I ii rata bed Room for a g*"ni .email. * Ife, ami ?'? i^Iitrr fi.gfd ?I? year*). <>r a Suit o? Ronini a table lor li^. i?e keeping Term a maet be moderate AdJreaa A H , Bm k lyn I'oat ?:'..oa. Board wanted in tWTR brooklyn?korthe a.N> itlaei wile ai.d three rlilldr- n "O il?l wan' .? ?n I ol Ko' ma on ?econd tfoftr ?iflfHrVftt'.ed with He eire| |o"i ol earptta Additea. (taiio* pai'ii'tlara. V n , lleritd o'.lie. !<) \ RD IN brooklyn-PLEASANT IOOMS WTTH I ttieir ??r?ei. Board in Brooklyn.-pleasant rooks \i B'wrd for aaatiemeB, ur ?-?>t!e r.t?n ji.d wivea may be obtained h* aprlvfneat So |- Raatati Brrok'ra. Fire min'i e>' -.valk from P .'on ferry OABD IN SOl'TJI brooklyn -A Nil KLY * CR Nlied Ri om. on firat il or. 'o let Wltb ? *r1 to i ki n B l ei sail an.t wlf? ; the eiji th houae from tie rnei ,.f C!to ion vteet. in veranda place, ha? a better e i raoco on War r? n itreet. F''KF.SCH BiMRli-DE-IRAHLE r-AKril. ? W Mm T ! > hi dron can he a<i on nixij rd < lib a I ' iil'bal ' irrn ttilittaa l Bedroom a4|nlu.iig on i rut ?.!?,, with | iioaid ;u Uiii n.U'f.e Al ou a 1'ontn for a dla* e iii| I*. naB Arpl. at SlVtaat Twaitt air e*. toiwwen r h aiid I ?<iatti n ea. Spaa ab. Ut-rn n :'inl hug r. ?p< ten | |j?lNE I'NKl'RNlJtllEU room! to LEI -TO OENTLE* r liien on IT. *!*hoir board, near are.ta' at ! >ew I t r? fie;*i. fan a Stilt uf r attipii'aai dentlet, I p ysiraa or a.iat ke-er^n ea eic'.angrd. An'* !r m i it. ii at M Washington pUt.r. i^URNlHHED RCJMs To LET?TO 1.ENTLRMEN r wi'l.i, i. ateela. tiie aecoad atO'?. Ir'mt i a ? rcot. a aaA iltlr I itort from rwii. ?? .?e lia? a i ? iin j)ro?a?i?i,i?. Inquire at No. IJi Wc?i fUitif ?lit!i rlreel, weal of and aear Rrcadvrat tMlllNUUKD ROOMS I?L-.r?aW|TH HWItROUT r y ar l al??? a 'ar^e kroni Roum 00 ?' i> > ? nut "l iinfiirnia.'i-d. Iuiiilre at N I Vautlam ? r?et, ')*iwer% Moodo .ga and ^a?? k atreeta, _ Vl RNtSUED ROOM* ?OENTLRSIEN W1SRIN0 NIPtI i r *oa?ia l? a private Hooae ai p. at 171 r. *? v<>-i ati-?et. 1 atr bioi Ea ?. f.i ti iroatUat na-.r tke tiiat bote, a an A ilie*jr?? l!i? ^ J?e iiaa ?lt the raitdera 10.1 fi.%eiiien-.a. FU'RNlSURD ROOMS TOR iNTl.EVl \. win: K r Bt ard. can i.e bad rem bt tat of Mny n?*t la a ?orjr ? lPilrab ? .?ca'U?, on rwemr ?.\tb at'?eu near y >p| a: e the m. Ja?e? Da"- to 'I ng une rt*hl Si... a) baaeta nt rtK.n., fitlafelofnr a 'rat <? a?? pbiekiAL ajC -a I'B'aoep* tloawla refereiicet giran awl re ,aired, p. r lu-'.- ei pa-tt cuhuaarpir at KaatTwcu.) rtgh.l. a????l FtRNlSHV.D Ai-ARTMENTS NSAR CM ON bWl/ASE without b. aril, ? an Vad r* me o ,w..genllen ? r wbt' *iay deaire a (iiie*.. re?pe.-uh e ie? 'eor-. '???? I j a'.rwnly prirate t arda i f adm aal n at TAI)^ AN M So-ier oi flre* atre-i aod ronrih aientie. HAR1ISOMSLT FURNISHED ROOMS to RENT en Suit*, tf. dti? iiicn ?.r raiiiiliea, w.thont Board, or * ih private ?aMe, ?1 %\ Weat StiteeTith aireet. P 'aeealfB fl ut of May H Ot SE LET AND BOARD WANTED.?THB ao *art>*er baa a fo ;r it nv Houae ??t"*t*<l1 IB tLe N nth ward, ar^l |a detlro'ia of renilBg the Second Kloor wise. ?arV nr tbe TA rdi bta fairly cotaiata if four adnltil will furn ?b bta M| aparliaeal; he will lei the aarne irani rery reaa.ia. a''!e , and pay a good prue for b ard. Refereoee ranai bo uf.eirepttooabla. Addreae ladcai^. Herald office, HARLEM HOARD wantro-JT A OttNTLRMAff and wife, ib a ?ente?? prtrate famllj, Bgw or about lo cal log In Harlem Refer?flree n?ohao?ed Addraaa A R, Her ?? I'oet i?? utO BOAKDIKO AMD LODOIWO. HA??!f<2?iB ?DaTIOSI$ for a ubntlb f I 1 *"">.1 oor, front In a fir.- ciaoa I antes' n!nt?! ?f 1 .,,C4''. 0 >uveuteu< to c-us an* Twelfth SrSet * *"? AtJ"" *' lS A" "?>' 'u <* IAD'Pfi AND OBNTI.E V hN f'AN OltTAtf VI U J Ul?hed R ,om,. It .. t tor ,? ?TAi" lie. I. street between ?k v 'uili aul i.? lU, , aiJL *? Afg! an for sale i.inim Al*> ?m riiHK bntiice Pablok floobdit nii rwun i fo rtii a'met Ho im- (Elites .-uiraiice ui'l* u !? i n .tine, (o lot, artih or without piivat, ub 1 . ? |4I, u ^ i enon? ouljr Ti.em- auartuM tr.? ? ?l*'ii? 1 a? aojr hotal id New Tuck Tlie : .or,. j, three ro. ma -a lar^e Irani an 1 oac'i i>* lt,i wr 1 uai ai.tfcloiets oir. bo aud c >11 .ite.ic.,4. |,,u 1 p rrson* $7 J |> 'i wee. I*ul?lic table TWO WNPURNMtf ED RO ?M i TO LRr- Mlil BiwrJ, a!?o a vrv pteaaant Fron' |: 1 ?? neu: !?? 1 I ?? ?ai'a, ttxxi raf reooe. Call at KJ7 Wa or,*, pt.i*-, ?car V. a?kinglon ?,u.? e mo PRIVATE Families. A siN i.,1. OBITTHM Af. J tired of holm life, dcstie* a Bo iu. with M mil, 1 ? * prf ml' family, residing in a hrst tin** i.oua?. whe e he an < o joy (lie "iiinforu of a borne. Lineal letim w 1 I' ? im W-IWMIi w.ll be Riven Ki'lh avium-. 0 ar M 1 aiuare. pn fair d Address, Milwm s, urt I wt ollica. fPO LET?WITH HOARD. A ROOM A N 0 l?KI>K > >M A lu tlac* In*' iUu houae I't Seventh *v-nuB. b*.ow Pour i'enth alreet amiable for a gentlem m an I wife or two <cn tleweii, dinner ai OJfr o'clock. Bo Frances esciianued TO l?ET?A LA ROB FRONT ROOM. WITH TWO IIRU room*. neatly furnished. lo a gentleman mu I l*dy Hoard for the I ><1f oiHv Apply at 151 W xMiter alrret WANTKO?Til B U8K Of THK rVRNITURK Of I liiree Miorjr liouae, in eiehantte for ixur l ol' one |x-r ?on , Bic<* room and l>ea( at e imuiodatiotia; lu ll im.ton at reel, u hi Trioin^' in atreel. AlMruaa lot lhr.e day? BOM, boa t.tu llentld o i ce WANVKD-ltY ?: r-. V|-;i: a[j OKWTf.EMKh (OBKMANHt. KiiinUbrd lt..o in with Board tn lb* country, doi Ion Ui lioni tin- ? 11 v . n-rum a family pre.'ernnl A ldre?a Kred er rk. Iioi lid Herald odloe WANTKU?BY A YOUNH MAN A AMALL ROOM. will bo nd, wlililn ten minntr')' walk oT tne ritjr flail AiMrcaa Hlaling ti*riiM. winch niu*l iw m ideriUe O II , Ill) Hcial t o lio* W ANT RO-HOARD. BY A ORMT.EM AN ANO W|i B. IurniMli 'il or iiiiliirnir.lie I K ;em a t>r.?at? innuly pre ferred. or where theru are hut lew hoard'' ?, l?< ation hetow fourth ntre?'t. we?t aide, referetior* 1 n-!>?n< I Al trca* X Y. / , Herald office, Willi full tiartimlai* WANTKO?BY A OBNTOBKAM AND Wil l'. A PAI loi and liedroura. with Itoar.l, 111 a sit 1 ly prwato family . ternu moderate A direst I li'V llarald o loa WANTED?TWO Olt TUREB PlV^a*! BOO KB iiiihriootl Boat!, for a in ully >1 t..e iwrMiat, the younneat over twelve; in New Yotk or Brooklyn A ldresi particiilaia to B., care of box .1,81'l I'ott olflce r ro i<.I per week kor IIOARD-A'I IX'I'ONT Oi) lltiiiae. Hudson Hirert, opponiie 8t JoIiu'k I'ltrk Moil heautilul lixaliou down i"?n. Tranalenl MraadA tl 5J per day .Also I id^inR< aud walcliinau all iiikIh 4>1/? PER WKKK KOB A I'RKTriLY KMRNMIIKD <Plv) Haek Parler on th ? I ral Dir. * th ntui lut'H I-let. with full Hoard to a Kent a ".m an I hi e No mm 111,5 III May. Call Bi 161 Weal I'Wi QI . mull al. ?? . noar Eifflitli M'euue HOTEI.S, XT ATfON AL HOTEL., NOS. .1 .1 ANI) 7 COUTLANDT J a struct. New fork -ThU hotel having recently cbsngAB lianda hai hren rrlitteil throughout and the cropneior la tin* prepared lo receive and accommodate ^neatH TI10 atiiiNiion Is admirably located, beinf lonvement to hii?.iieaa It--ittea. railroad i, HteamhoaU mid lerrtea, an I Ibc houae la np"ciallv adapled for transient boarder* The lahle t* aup piiej wiih all the delltaciea of the Hcaiou. Puce $j pm day. JESSK KOSTKR, Propii.-tor. Of'.KAN IIOUSK, NEWPORT, R I The itnderalKnt'd reapecitully anuouneea iho opeuuiK of the Ocean Houae lor the eoauui: auiumei', the lallcr pail of June. The Itoime is helnu put in proper order fir ihe re ceiHiou ol itueata, and an enpeune will h-' ip.ued 101 the corfnort of Us patrons. In tbii appolntmenis of the house It Is the intention of Ibe proprietor that they sball be in urery reaped first 1 lass and woilhy of a eonunuanee of lb* highly apiu'i'ciaied patronage of lasi a uumer Many smu ol r ioma are alri<a:ly rented loi the aeaxon A ulan 01 Ihe houaicau be seen and rooms eng.iited, through the ktudiiesa of Mr. Keraer. at the Clarendon Hotel, New York JOS. B WEAVER, id. MV11CAU. Avery handsome pearl beyeo rich ib laid front hoard seven octave Piano for sa'e ai halt ila value fnoirre at the Metropolitan Kurnllur* Kiprma olll<e. 110 Varlck street. iiansom A bi,aUE?ian. AHPLENDID PIANO KOR |3H?0 A H HARMORS. manufsctory an.l wareroom. IU Bleeoker alruet. Seveu teen lirat prt/c medal*, warranted lor llv* yeais, wlthool e\eepli"n Ihe heti piano ma la, testimonials from the moat distinguished a ttat?. AMAONIPICBNT RO^BWOOD pianoforte FO? sale; eoat t '00. lorSltH Including atisil and cover: Par tor Suit cost i'UO lor ?I75; Bla^ait*. Minors, l ainliuga; lironiua. Ac ,: 111 use seveu inootbs Will he sold at a .sort (i. e. at the residence or M Midd!e'on, 121 West Tweut/ Iblnt ?Heel. a*ar Stilh avenue A SOPRANO DBKIRB* A position IN A CHURCH, either in New York or Hnoklvu, I* * *001 ruadar, IboroiiKh iniislcian, welt au>|oaiuled wuh Ino* opal service, .11 1 can fiuoiah soma of ihe lilgtiaal lesitmoniaU a* to ability. Ad tre*? I'jr two days Mr*. W., 102 West 411.1 at Apamiiiy ill VINO UP IIOUH#IKKPINO WILL DIM po?e of a nia<;n<tiu*-nl 7 octave loseuool Piaunfortit for ${26. ? sun ol ."iirl ir Kurnit'ire, in ?re*n reps for $90. a No. I French 1'iaie Mirror lor $73 Ca'l at 1/ street. For sale very low-a beautiful, fine tor "d7', Pianoforte, overstrung ha** Mrpenllna boiioin, carved lens Ae,, has to be so' I wliliio three day*. Inquire of U Dk SP1KS3. Hi Broadway, upstair* LIOR SALE ?AT A OItKAT BABOAIN, A FIRST CLAIM P 7 octane rosewood Pmno orte of Ibe i awe?t anj^iand a*l >BAle. has all the oioJeio impruv. inenl.. brdliaoi auj p iw.'i f it tone. Ac. Apply at 114 Se ouJ avenue, cornar ol Aavanth street. |T?OK SALE?A SPLENDID 8EVKN OCTAVB N03B r wood Piauoforte, mala br a ce'abittiad city maker, all niodarn 1 nprovrni'-nle. an I warranted. laoulre at I'fi Kaal Tweuly etgtith street, balwaaa Second and Tnird avenuaa. IN PRBSS?THK BOLDIBB'9 HAPI'F RETURN MA. rurka, desnrn lira, W earn a. Just poblithed?B?*!sJor Moaie Book, for Fiotia, Flula sad Comet. M eenta IUIim and Silk Stunt*, XAcenta mallad. Musical Iastrunaoia. Price Itat aent an recaiul ot stamp FRRDBRICE BLUME. iUH Bowerf. 0.1.0*. PIANOS. M KLODKONS HARM ONI I'MS. i AlilVKT an 1 Alejandro Organ*. Piano Stool* and C >?er? Sheet M'ialc, Nnik KO'iki, M ho Uerchaad *?. an I all kind*at M'iacai lua'riinifti'H '*ho<.'?a ?? ai|.| reiatl Seem I tiand Piano* and MelMeonaat grent t>?r?;<tui. New Piano* and Melodrona to let. an I rent allowed ir purchaaed Monthly pavup nta rr.-an ? d lor Ule lain*. Pwn.? tuned and repaired, f'aa'i ph i ror ccou l hand piano* in I tnelodeoa* IIOKAITK WATERS. Agent Mo. 431 Br >. Iw*y. V V PunOPORTS r OK <vLK.-a PINK PUMOPORTS. io g i "I rder. ? ill i e told cheap at it oiuat In tlap ????? 0 Immediately; li?* biiillaut and poworfnl ton*, iron f rame, xl *tool and rover f'r ? tU!> Apply at IMH Twentieth 'i ret near Third aierme 'fm*' IIARDM AN I'lANO?ESTABLISH ID IMS AM 1 ?>(ortii flit of c oi .iud mott iMililfitl I net P:atm> tun a??it'K ai.f in): i( errr toad* In the United Siaiee. 1 ney rau*t be aaen to he appreciated Al?i(nl w?.>a4 li'ind 1'lano, n>'*ity neir. In i ire at 111 and l>i .tml'f at TO LET?$1, A MONTH. A NEW 8IVEN OCTAVM I" .inu. wi ll .veratri.nrf ua?? O P. URN JA VIM'S ornate ro<>tn? -orner .f Kur'y f>u:th *tr*?t and Rightb aeenMe ap< n .lay .md ?-?*nlng WANTF.P?Ki?R A CiTKOUO CHURCH OtOII IW New York, a good alto Paiticular* at No. C# Court ftieef. Mi >oklyn iMiiu cirioir At ma.voha a burns km canal rtrkkt-stit ilenti rec> ve thnro ig! ln*tmc ion iu B > ikkeeptng aa4 Cnrnnirr'lal AiHhmeti fiirJH|*r quarter; Writing i*el?e lt*?un*. ?l. In.II-1 l'ial Itiatriii'llon given. Sepai?ia apart ment* for laiiiei. open day and *r*nmg A T GOLDSMITH R INSTITI'TS. NO m BKUADffAr. coiner .if Eighth ?iri*". oratl'al onr i'llm 11, It , ,B H| n> i.: B v.:air* i? :ii jartel day anle.emag. Vr tate lo-trurt'on r. I'er.tisan" i. .^parate ro >rni for ladl.-a. OLIVER B doLDsMITH. 4 FRENCH OENTI.EM 4N. HIUIM.T hm't'AtEO Alt* a\ ha n* in .rh e?(?r:ei.i<' a? a tea'Her I* de*trO'ia ot giving leaton* In t.r.r..i? fauiltle*. Ha ? Hi a n teach a tm >t *?? or mire ?<>n-lett en averr aitaroaie ??.' fr-im 7 t<? 'I O'.'lock Th'-a? MTiauiOji to retire in?tr>ii:t .?u tB'll pieaa* a??dre? A B Hi ma, crmf ol Eighth alieet ami H roadway 4 N KX! KrtlF.N'BD V , l?K*lRfc.i V POSITION IN a !*rr!r to <?? t?m irfion to r ,; ?ren, iof*rt*ia y> ai*a. '? t i? ?.<rio a Ki..- h -Mn he? and French No ob jection '.<? a?- ?? in <e* m. nnd>'r<tati!? Ir^^makln; arnt ?hiidren't ?i? 1 *ii ??.air m be. Addre*? for sue w-ek >!?*? M?i oi. W,; iarn?b r< P'i?' - ' e. 4 Tl'OH C SIM CM RDIIC4 IM IR IMPART A rii TOWNS! NO / ?d"ny .i> !? ?*n n?ar Uma u.n a're^ Wr.' "a ktMclng. Arm 'neti A:*''t'ra. Read.a., spe ilng an Or* . mar ".llll 4Talr? ". ?'e *'ifM ?i leit"? and g'li i?m?n day d e- enin* ;ir eate t itmn H <r*n ;*r? >na * I deferent editcat.oti wtil e<-n?e ape i?i at '?n'ljfi f'-rrna ma.t?r.t ? aitlicaMb KOR BOORKBRPIMO, WRITINO A 1.fii?il.-, <i' nm. At . vaa ? j pr.'a*- ia v U' tii a, at B. *?iy. and ..''3 t . ton ?tr??,t. Hrooklpn C :? it? P4ISI. 'ii?- w?: krowrn of w itli ^ ? ia# oP ti,? be'i inir.trturt in the *ut* ? >ei?p rt Mar iry. / ' akKRVrifl!. ON ^ ?Til ?. 'JRESNWtrH INSTtTC t n an Kn||i*h *nl > *?? ? ? i<n?. a'ltnKwt 9 ;> tiitv*. I t?Y? Hpi M r-r~ Wl tte?in A prM Mi .tare r?rH' pad'Nil. K >r ?.r?iitar? a? i?'y te U kRRV PKt R. rrttfpB nt OSON RIVRK fNSrilt. IE I laveaai k.? ULLM 1)1* t'-n-i ., H y -T' ? ?| ? u'erio it tM*po, '!?? ioardina ho<- ff? >"'l. Apn Adlreaa Re*. A en/, h a *. 4 .'h Prin -pa ^ RIPLliV KLM.4LK OOLLK iK. Ret-iai! ?i v ?r *irVng ??i"t ' e?lo* 4prl 14 Piaa ? I .* ?-h. ?'an ' n etnMi at (Tiai 'ion entire y nea Bu : l lnHand arc ii^< rt h'.*1? ul Rea..>a 4 rj a id e ijiO'lf Inmtthed Taaoher? and iMturera eirlnenl io the'r pr> f??*frr nd i ?' imn a?? atani | pl'? |:ariva ?1 faeilit ea for Frrnan eooraraatlor and m nif. ''by*i*al ??? "ir? f r?d h> %? 'te' .?ti*a:.Oi? mi hathl 'd. iJ nnM'.ie* rl.llna ai?.l O' loor uo'i* I'aulioay I* in Sn r.he.-n Torn r.'. cli iuia ti iid ati<! saa/.bfu: fc.*u?ry <tiaiu..u?. F>r pro*p*ot i? a I ?' ?*? R<" T r.? ?mn P I nar. VU . TO TEAfHERR-WANTED. OKNTLIVEn K?>R IAT41 Wcat.raatid rudl'n -iiia. LatU, on H idaor. Iot#r?lt" ?e. aired on S?turdn mcrnii < aa.ary |T'> Profe?* ir Na .ural Sjieawa* ia Norma! Si'hool, one for matsemanca and ' ni 'a t* *1 rt? . Rplwsira.lan II prlK-tpa! of *e.?ct *rnW . * .* one a? a?*!?iant. Bear the oltr. Iji ?> 'w P-ano and ? tu'.n*-*!!# for pl*no and draw a* and ?na for piar ?n'% Pranch, rteaae call, oraend tor eirnnlar, of "Anierca:i Vhoo' Inatl Inf." i W. aCHKRMBRHORN. Aciuarv l*nlrand rr?*. VV AMTBD?A SITUATION IN A flR^OtAM S?*l ff aary, iu a.ioer --My r dountrT fiy a r *<f q'i?rfl?d to teach mtiale (piano an I fnilar). ' palntlna and rudiment* Of Pranch. i!anf ira/*'> ??*' nionlala Addr^al. ?tatlag peril 'i*r* R ? l"J,irr I m P"*t after. N V

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