Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Nisan 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Nisan 1864 Page 2
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Financial and commercial. ! ettuv, April 1?6 P. M. fhe it ck market very Strang this mor-iug, ?ud a general ?>lv?cr.e in prices t<> -k piece. (impaied with tb? utas *t the first board on ihure lny, New York On ttal r> e Frir preferred \J. Hudson Rivet 3'i, Par tem 7Rei.ding 4>a. Milwaukee and I'ralrie da lliieu 2>.,, Mclean Central 1, Micbvan South era l:'.iuibs Central },, Cleveland aud Puubu'g ssi.c.alena and Cblcigo >?', < levolatd and Toleao >^. Pittebt.:g and l'ort tY?yne 2Vi. Alan and ferre Haute 8( Chicago und Northwestern 1, < umberland Coal Canton Compat'v , and Mani* -a 1. Chicago and Kock Island declined . I'actilc Mail 6, and Quicksilver Mining 5. The market continued strong and active in the after no n. The lollowlng were the cloelng quotations ? Now York Contra! 144. Krio Railroad 125, Erie preferred 1167*, H dsou Piver 1R3S. Ilarlero 138, Reading 157 '. , Milwau ke> and Prairie <1u Cbiee S7'4, Miohkan Southern 120 k, Mlcti.gau Central 150}f, Uliuoia Central 148j,, Ibloago and Roc* Island 122J?, C hicago and Northwestern ?.h, Galena . ud Chicibo 12 .^,CI \eland und Pittsburg 127#, end Pitta burg und l'ort Wayne 1# Ibeiol owing tuble compare1- the quotattons for the lead'tig railway shares at the first meeiiug of the Hoard ?of Brokei < to day with the prices oDUiu^vu lnur3day of labt weak ? March 24 Aprtl 1. New York Centra' 140 144 Erie l?s.' 124'*' Krie pre.erred 113 U ?uds-n River..????? 157 164 Barlotii 13" Head iug 142 >?? 158 yt Michigan Central 143150 Michicin -? thorn 117 lis Illinois Central 13SJg 149 .Mil\vn:iUee :in i l'rairio du CUien 78 80 Cleveland and Pittsburg.... , 123'4' 12t (Sales i ajid Chicago ? 125 12G Cleveland and Toledo 147 li 14tf*j Chicago and Koc'< Inland 127 125 Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 188?? 346 Alton and lerre Haute f<0 88 Chicago and Northwestern 68 (>8.!4 Pacilie Mail 228 ?3? Cumberland Co;kl 88!{ 8'i'j Canton ( ompany 70>i 70 Quicksilver Mining 08 86 Mar i poo 39 43 The following wore the quotatioas to day for govern ment securities:? Five twenty coupon bonds. 110 Five-twenty registered bonds Ill Coupon 6 s < f 18b 1 ....in1, Kegiatered 6 s of lssl 114'4 One currency certificates Oil'* Seven and three tenths I re?sury notes 110 The sun? of approaching stringency in the money mar ket are becoming race apparent in each succeeding day's transact ions, IT is very dilllcult to obtain loans now at si\ per cent, and the opinion is prevalent that seven will soon l)i the ruling rate. fhe f" lowing were Ihe quotations at the gold exchange Ocia! i<rico Jr'-5 1 ^ o'clock ?... lfiT1^ 9j,<. clock 166 o'clock 1603$ 10 o'clock H'.O \ 1% o'clock 1?<J 10o'clock 1' "', 2 o'cIock 1607i 10' o'clock 2)i o'clock 166,l4 10'., o'clock It)*3, 2'< o'clock 166 11 '.i o'cl>cK 108 H'4 o'clock 160*,' 11 .. o'c!'ck 168); 3', o'clock ? 166:, 11, o'clock. l?8?i S?4 o'clock 167', 13s,oco k loi.'i 4o'clock 166?j ?The ^o!J market np;ucc! weaL und nervous, and was 011 tlie point of giving wiy, when tbe announcement camo that the government bad advanced Its price sin' e yes terday one ac4 a bait per cent. Ibe speculators then became jubilant, and Id less than forty minutes they ran the premium up from 66 11 (is1;. 1; tbls Is the system which Mr. Chase has decided to practise in order to re duce the premium ou coin, be might better have left the matter is it w.i?. The people w. re under the impression that the ob.eet of issuing gold cortiiicates was to keop down the price, and not to raise it without any apparent cause one and a half per cent in one nigbt. There aro bears in the cold exchange wuo have been struggling, not altogether dtsmleiestodly, it is truo, for tbe l>.st two year?, to prevent speculative movements having a tendency to iucrea^e the premium, aDd now they find that, instead ol their labors being secouded by the gov, Mr Chase is permitting btmsoif to bo con Moiled or influenced by tbe gold room gamblers. While fucb a course coutinucs to be fo'lowed on the part of the government?tint of Rising the prommm from one day ?j another, when It is pl?iu to all reasonable minds that gold has not ically advanced a fraction In value the people must trust in our geuerals and soldiers; (or we ?e nothing now that will bring about a reaction in the gold market bul the announcements of Important and dcci.-lve victories over the rebels. The Assistant Treasurer reports as follows ? Receipts from customs $.114,000 Total receipts 6,503,181 I'aymei.U 2,478,737 Halauce 36,179,890 Ihe subicrlpti ns to tbe five per rent loon at the ?ub Treasury today amounted to$213,(59, and at the 1 :rst National !>nk to $114,500. Tbe (hitd quarterly report of (Le First National Bank iif this city is ng follow*:? I nans and discounts $*'18,51. I nited Males "bonds deposited 270,61 < 1 nited Mates sesnrifos 1,106,238 8i.?cl" and le: al tender notes 1,43s,966 Oircalat.on 100.COO UepoKt'S due In individual* 1,051,00^ licp'-si a <'u>- to l-ank- h6>,50.r' I 01* .?ns due to I Lilted ?tai>? 1,401,795 The movements of dry goodh at the port of New York d'irin; the week ending on the 30th of March were as fol lows ? J-'iiUr-'l fur f sumption. r^jt. T*ilw. Uanutact ires of wool 1,784 $184,50'. Manufactures o$ cotton 1,006 301,597 Mtwtilacturcsof silk 853 7IS,i-?3 >.lr?nu*'i tun- of l!i* 8 8 213,H.I | Miscellaneous 354 118,'>75 , , , Totil .4 !?15 $2,003,605 I H'lfkdrvuiali Mann :>cturos of wool 2)3 $7~,4-"8 liantiiaciure of r. 110 04,70'. Manilla. Mi<?* of silk 'M 43, 50 Munu neMircn ol Vn\ 162 30,77;! Miscellaneous 7 , 4/159 Total 517 $190,003 WareAovMr*. Manufacture* of wool.. 1,071 $415 227 Manufacture* of cotton 300 80,72.'' Manufactures of si k 116 155,672 tlauu niiir . o' flax..... 1 308 84,500 Mocel aneous 372 lM,4.r' ToUl 2,173 $700,58.1 The New York ce. tral Ra road Company h ive organ ized a line of tc ew steamers lo run on tbe lakos during the c ming summer in connection with the road, consist in,; ol twenty-two first class upper cabin vessels,and the i:rie Comimny liavc a:?o afloat twelve steamers of a simi lar description to convey freight lo and fr'im the lake ports. Ihey will run rrom Kullalo and Dunkirk to Cleveland, ~andj.-ky, lietrott, Toledo at d Green flay Ibe trustees bsve designated for payment $00,'00 of tbe MHeaukee and Prairiedu Cbieo Katlroad l-ouds at par aim into est. Tbe directors of the Hous-ionic Rail rood Company bare ?le> lar?d a dividend of |l pit share, frse of government tax, on tbe preiened capital stock <4 the company. Slock Rttliaags, Kama*. Ajill 1?11' So A. M. RIOOMRC's. '81, eoa ... 113 800 sha .N York Cm RR 144 lOdOO II )i !") do b>> |??H ??? do US'* ??iErleKR )j?\ 1000I CS6a 5 20 ?, reg. Ill 1H0 do U?'n* ?v>t t S 6's. 5 20, COU. 11<> 2no do liWlM ami*) it... 1 io ? euo d bi t ivjv 01000 UR A s I8fi6, coi^. iu? di b30 Jyv 1100 > VR <>?. 1181 res lit', 3 " Erie KK pref 113 ?J00M Cb 6's. I year cert ** 4 do . II j (UtKJ III <ou O's, 187<I... !"3 101 Hudson Rl er RK . J?J IJOOlll. nil I-TT 101 ?W do Iiju ?001ll??.u b. IS-*.... Itrth 8'? do IS.1-* lOtW 111 war loan .. I> l>. Ail do sio jo| 7 tW Noitti' inolliia 6 a 101 do . 181 ?> 00 Mlasoiiil 6"s it JK) d".... I ji; 10 <? do . 11^ IflOHarl mRK l?i ?ou0Mo6? las la RK 7" C&l do Ill 10 tO California 7 l 134 ?0 1.0 I in; -laoj Ohio A Mlaa rert 80 Ol do ... |J| l ?tW do b'4) fi'U t?0 do IStk *?WU do 6> MO tie bl" laji" V?*W0 do iw; inn) do b.10 I3t do bio 6' J'?| Reading RR l.viw iOOoRor. NVARIstia 110 1*0 'te ]>u ?0iM Hu laon id nits'- . IM ll*W do J57>T 40 V flarti 111 l?t intae 11.1 80' do bl. I.Vl IOS) Alt A Til lat tnue I n <vt do 17l? 11000Chi.NW l?tmi?i !>? Jt)i do., 1.1 1* IUSO MlasiMo d sranl 710 do s>0 IV', liOsi Pitts, nfflCMls IOIm (V0 do W'l ?*' do HU -'?"0 Mich C^strsl RK. . I ?!?ti I0?0? ler A I lis till in Oi HHI do .... lay * 14<S?>Gblc AAli'ia lat rn llj 400 <lo l?<iV 0?0Amerc-n gmd J6- I7"t do .1*0 8 Ono do ...... W1, 1*?. Mleii 80 A .N la KR 117'. IS abs Morel. Ri Rank lot lino do 118 !?(*) I'nuton 1 omuauT 7) do 117" ?V Bank of Comineree. 115 7'<0 do Ii,l2 m do. II5M >w in Cent fili stort. I.v, 10 Atnsrl an Ri Bank. 118 U>0 do.... I\a* - m do Iff 10 do . 1*34% I Mr. V Del A IIud Csu<y i'o -V. ll'MIII Cent RRsertp 1411 I>t do .... ...2 4 14<0 do.. 14 i 1 atl Peansyir'a Coal On. U9 9 o ?3evr A Kit 1 -1 ?no do ,. b?8 22 1 IMIO do |Su Central Ooal Co PI an t do I* >: 100 Cumtteiland Co pfd RT - 40t do. |? 1<SI do '.31 8H*? '??! do ii; rH'J do 8! t IJlH do \A l?o de st) *? son do bl ' us !?' Amoinwn t)??l Co. I to 100 do....... ,?!0 U Vi 1 l' V kailrer Kft;.., blu Hi'. , ?J Ua Sns A Chic RH. )*> <?-. -? 23 do U5 . "?? do *,1, Son do... .. .tAltti ? 0 do 8? 4 5 11 Clers A Tot RK . liy J0O 4a blO R'.jJ I ?' d? I IPX |o do t 190 Clilr A R 1 RR .. I .'B ftsi Hen Am TraoattCo. *) lo*. do...... I.'IW r?> W?ooilo|\alCo'lCo W .1" < hie.Bur A 14 RR UiC V do ion 1 O do 4? too 0>pUe Iron Mtnet IT 'Win 4 Pl? Ch RH 89* In Jo lfi?* 10J d?. *<30 ?g UVi >1o 16 a*i do ? W I (i Kutlnud Marble Co M ISO M A V (la Oh W l>f 1? I'll H <i> <? Ml 1V? 5'4>Tol A Waban'.i \<rvf 87 41*' luvrna ional C >*V Ill) 6u P, Kt W A Ch WH 14* 40 I A! jUU, A 'a M ? 'O 40 il00 Jo |<?,i 10 HrigK* (Sol 1 Go 1^6 Vi ilo *'0 iDCalu ltCoi'p rC? 11 I'll do S3 > 144 I0?t do or, 101 Jo . ... lj? 1*0 800 tjiuurWUill Min ?c# .8?., I0UT..1 A Wab RB bio 4 0 d?. 29 I On Ait A Tin Haul* RR W 4UU SIS 100 Jo Hi Si 41V (en Wgi'e.Co "i?lo 14V 2 t Chic a N W KH 6eSt WW do 14 2 *) do . . OH sum do 14\ lou do. bio di Hti.i Vanpon Miuit -;Co 4'1 HW d> 88 6 0 Maryland ?' ,'P Co I' IU0 (. htc A Alt KK . !WS 3 fl I'auUic Cepp>r Co 3', 1 0 do S*?S Ml I.elilthtSusCoalOa li>'.4 10 do .. . .. 95% 100 do I.i'l UW CbU" A AH pref 104 4.0 do li .50 do I 2X 300 1'arltic Mai. .sjs Co.. ."1 < 600 A Cta 1st pref Si |(i0 do 2i:Hi KM Mar A Cm 2a wef 63X J00 do 229 VJ II k St JOiffph Rlt 54 6 N * Central KK 14 *,' UK? H A8iJoseph KKpiet 70 i:?D) do 143', 100 Pauin8u:a.Rit T> 400 do^^. llU't mk SECOND BOARD Ilarr past TwO o'Ci.oo* P M ?liOX) US fa,5 lO'a.eo i llit',. 50 aha Mich Cen HR I4!)\ 1 tliaW Ho 110'., 5.U do 15') IVUi Touu Ca. 1320 61 IS 0 Mich Ho * N I RR 118 won Ohio A Mia eer 0* 500 Jo..... l'S'i iUwd do OK MO do Il-'? hid 0 d" CWr* 2'W do . . . U8>, 10 ik> A'i.eri au uo'rt 11 K SQO do Hvj .SCO ahR Cum Coal pref. 34 Micb S AN! Rlt < d K'J 3 id Quicksilrei Mm Co. 87 1W lllCeo HR scrip 610 r<tf 20 Jo 3 \ JO) do 14?K 15H Pacific M SS Co.... 23"W r>'\) do .. US I 149 50 do 13 " liVI do. .. blO MH? 300 X Y Central RR 143* li>00 Clev A Pitta RK 121 50 do US', 500 do. 1 S 6 0 Erie KB 1*4'*; 8 ? G?1ena*CHI HR 1.* V, 101 do 124', KI0 dev.* Toi RR 11-'*g Gi*) Rrlc RR preferred 115 Ii-O Jo.. ....... 149'.. 350 do ilS? 5ii do . 143 3 0 do lift mo do .. MO 2 ?i do s30 115*,' 100 CbiAUIRlt ci div 12! 100 11 miaou RIv HR.ntH' 1?'- 5<>0 do.... . I22\ Iim do lfll 2n0 do I'.'Ji. 2?i do 163*; l?i do 122-'h 5WI Ilaiiem RK 13T a?0 Chi.HurAQuln RB 146 45oO do 137'. 10M Mil* l*r du Ch 14R 87V, ."Oi do ...?.1il'!5 200 Tol A Wab BR blO Oil 2? do 137>; 1U> ril.KtWACbRR.blO 146 51 0 do . .... 13S 10 >" d... 14.V., lOIt i Keailnc RR 157'. 10) AltonATerHauRR HS ?j.;D do blO 1'>H 50 AitiTi'i HauBRpref 'i(*H 100 do 153 UO Chi A N W RR ... 08 10) do blO 157 'i Receipts and Oitbartrmenfa at tike f?Hl c o? the Aaa!atnn4 Trranmcr of the United State* at New Torn. M?rcli 1,1804, by balance $10,404,532 Recoipt.o auriug tb? month? $7,070.09*2 l.oan? 7,878.037 Internni Rovonuo. 1,432,622 lYansfers 20,850,000 Patent Fees 8 232 Miacellanoous 2,183.682 Post OiHce l)eparimout 114,311 40.150,929 Total $50,661,582 Peblta ? Trowury Drnris $44,241,743 Post Odice Ural IS 175,397 44,417,140 Balance, March 31.1804*4 $12,144,422 Balance, IT., disbursing oCicers $18,477,402 Receipt* during the mocth 34,970,322 61.450,725 Payments 34,980,661 Balance $10,478,163 Btlanco.Cr., interest accoutts $2,036,240 Appropriation 2,000,000 Total $4,030,240 Payments 253.146 Balance $3,783,093 Receipts for customs in Marcb, 1864 $7,670,092 Receipts for customs in March, 1803 4,298,418 Increase In March, $3,371,674 Balance, Cr., bulliou and oxpouio accouut for Assay Oflice $9l),360 Coin received during the month , $73,696 Hue bars do. do 78,335 Total . ... Payments in coin $91,081 Payments in One ban 71,136 102,218 Balance .. $89,175 Funds in hand, in Ass. Tr's office.$32.433,108 Funds in hand, in Assay Office 09,103 32.507,209 Fine bars, io Assay Office 20,419 Unpartod bullion, in Assay Office 202,513 222,932 Total ^ $32,730,201 1.08a temporary loan not reimbursed So20,400 Less due depositors 64,845 676,248 Balance $32,164,304 Statement of Business at the United States Assay Oiflee at Newr York, -for the month Kn4lng Alarrh 31, 1804. I>eposit* of gold $117,600 Foreign coins ..$3,000 * Foreign bullion 14,004 Cniied States bullion 95/>oo Depos ts of sliver, including purchases 2350 Foreign coIds 14,000 ForeiKii bullion ... 8,80? United St ites bullion, contained in gold 1,50ft fulled Slates bullion,old coins 1,100 I'nitod States bullion, l.alce Superior .. 95 Total dop sits, p.ivabie in bars So,000 T. tal deposits payable in coins 50,000 ? $141,000 Cold bars stamped 120,381 -tnsmltted to 1'nited States Miut, 1'tiila ielpb'?, for coinage 69,188 11 TV OONNEROIAL REPORT. Fridav, April 1?0 P M Awtx.* ?Receipts, 2i bbl? Market unchanged, an I sales AO bbla. pots at H HT>4 Pearls nominally (to 50 URiAiwrt rKs.?Receipts, 6,684 bbla llour,357 bagi corn me*!. 1.463 bushels wheat, 4.622 d >. oats, and 000 do Vnriey malt. The ilour market, wis stronger and more activc, and a!l kindsmay be quoted fully 5 cents dear. - 1 the stock is reduced and the rise in gold, in conrect!>ti wiib moderate arrives, indisp^^ed bolder# to u'ill*? ex cept at very full flgires At the clou* It was di icult to pick up straight lots at our in*hie Azures Tne r;i!?. *ere li.OOO bbls. State aud We?iern. 2,000 S-iutberft and Mo Canadian. In rye flou' a vt-r<- moderate busmoss at unebjnged figures. Corn meal w:is a trifle higher, with sales of 3"') bbls. at $ri no lor Jersey iurl 10 a i fO 25 for lirandywice. We quote ? . Suprrfln* ?tMv and Western tiour |<> 05 a 6 70 i Kstra Slate 6 T.r a 0 (JO Choice Slnte f> 00 a 7 15 Common to medium Western 6 <?0a T is (.o. d to cbotc* do 7 24 a 7 8" Kxtra St. Lout* ? 7 40 a TO 00 Common to good Southern 7 10a 7 00 Good (echoic*extra do 7 :>:< a 10 80 Common Canadian C !>0r 7 00 (;oo'i tochoice extra do 7 10a 8 25 Kye liour 5 40 a fl 20 Corn ou st, bins 5 50 a f> 20 Corn me*!, puncheons J9 00a 29 50 BaxADntrrs.?The wheat market assumed a Armor lone with the upward movement in gold, though the basi. nee? continued extremely light and price were in tbe main nominal; tbe sal->e were 3,000 bushels, inducing amtMT Michigan, at f 1 74 white do at $1 85, winter rc<i We?t orn nt $1 06, amber snriug at ?1 and spring Chicago attlOi Rye continued inactive, acd may bo quoted nominally at ft 36 a fl 28 ? tat* ?eN WittoOat ' hinge in value, but with n better demand The market closed strong at 8?t,c.. a 89c. for Canada ana 19c a 90c. for Statn and Western Corn was firm, but quiet; (.alee fci.oOO bushel* at $1 29 a $1 29(or new crop yollow, and $1 30 for old Western mixed, iu store In barley we liar a only to note sale* or 3,000 bushel* i?or to fair Canud* last at fl 30 a $1 33. and 2,000 do. malt at$1 52 a f 1 55. llmtcwAx.?flOO lbs. Western sold at S6*{e Com* was quiet, with small sales of Rio at full price*, 1103 bags damaged Ceylon sold at from 16c. to 37 sc cash. ? ornm?2M.000 lbs. sold at 40^c. a 40 Vc for Baiti more, aud at 42<'. for Lake Cottok waa quiet, with sales of 900 bales at lie i 70c. for ml idling Famm continued dull, and rates favored tbe shipper Engagements to Liverpool, per Americao flag, 8,000 bushel* at 3d., in bu lt. 1,009 bbls flour at Is 3d.. 500 do. pork at 2s. td , 25 bhds. and 200 boxes bacon at 14* , and p?r neutral, 400 b>xes bacon at 20s. . and per steamer, 800 boxes clieeso at 35* , 40 baie* woo! at Hd., and 200 boxes Bacon at 30t. To lx>Dilon,500 j 600 boxes bacon at 17* 6d , 150 bbls. pork nt 2s Od. to Glasgow, per American, 700 bbi-. flour at Is 4Wd. To Mar^oilles per neutral, aoO pkg*. baooa and lard at 65f. To Havre, per noural, 1M) pkg*. lard and at-hea i<t OOf. a bark to New Organs 10c per foot, yoc. per bbl.,and $7 per too. a Danish i>rig to St. Pierre. Mart . at a round sum ajliritlsb brig 255 tons, 8t. Johns, N. F.,at 40c. for dry, and 55c (or wet bbls.; a Hritish scboon*r, 175 tons, same voyage and rales n schooner, W0 tons. New orloansat |:,fK).a Brnlsh brig to Nova Scotia at 60c per bbl. Urka r.?Sales of 200,0u0 pounds at 11c. a ll'fc Hinxs were a little m< re active at proviius prices We notice fales of 10,000 Orinoco at 30',c.,and 600 dry salted Mar icaibo at 1 m >,c. casJtt IIexi' was quiet, w* learn of sales of about 1,600 bales Manila here aud in Piston at 16c. Tbe stock of Ameri can is siiihII. t"i?i rtsmg oaiy about 1,0 >0 bales Horfli?1M) bales w>ld nt 18c. a 27c. a 28c. In<>h m as less active. We uote nates of 2,000 tons forge, to be deliver*! at roughkenpai*, on prlmte terms. Latr.?aw,(>oo sold at $1 75, three month* Lxmim.?-l'be market lor all descriptions Is Arm at previous pries Tbe stock continues small quote hemlock Bueoo* Ayres 3l>?'c. a 33c , and ttriooco 30^c. a32>io. Hoco^pts small. I f.ap,?2T>0 tons F.ngliah and 100 do German sold at 7c , in gold, for tbe former, and O^c , In gold, for tbe latter. I,!**.?3,000 bbls. R<>"k!and sold atfl 85 for common ami $1 75 lor lump, cash I Vi^a-sks waa steady, TOO blids., mostly New Orleans, I s Id at "T. a 88c. for Nesr Orleans and 80c. f?r I'ort^ Hico. The following is a statement of tbo stock on April I 1 1*64 ? I /Ads. mti. i Cub* muscovad'i 60 ? ? HorP> Rico lit ? New Or>"an.' ? S,0tl Totals 341 9,0*6 Psmnu?Ws note sates of 1.200 bags bisok at l?c., in bond, and 750 do. at 40c a 41c., duty p?td. rau.isions?Kecetnts 1 mm tibls. tn>rk,37? packsgsi beer, 8,112 do. cut nuMi, 1,113 do. lard. The market was very buoyant aud tlrm for the bog product at the opening, under a stimulus afforded by the riso iu void mud government tender, but ciosed less buoyant and scarcely so iirm. I'ork was in good demaud, an1 2 'C abbl. betier ul ibe opening. but, owing to a subsequent lull In gold, th* advance was lost uud tlie maiket closed quiet, at about yesterday's t rices. I?ef was firm, with a fair de mand Bacon in lair domaud, aod |? ioes teuded in lavor of the seller Out meal# were steidy.wrh a lair demand l.trd w is in lair demaud, aud prices were a shade fii oier Butler was in good demand at from asc a 31c. (or W -10111, 40o. a 45 for old State, and 18c a r>0c for prime new. Cheese sold at lf>o a lHc The sa!?'? ware as follows ?3 200 bbls pork, on tbe 8|?>t, at $22 26 a $22 02 lor old mean, $24 a $24 12 for n?w do., $20 60 a $'20 62 For uew prima, aud $21 s7a$24 06 for we.noru prime m-Ms The total stock in the vaids was 9.1,13'i bbls., against !'?.426 do laBt month 1,100 bbls beef, at $14 a $16 for Western mes-i.$lfi 25 a$l8for etlra do 500 do. C'hiragu bs-ss, at $17. '300 too. do. at $2". for Western The iota! ato k w ? t>f> 41 tikt*., acainst 84.640 do. last month neef hams were steady, with sa'os of l"f> bbls Western at $23 2,100 boxe? haiou ,st 11 J;'c ior Cumberland cut 11 ?i'c. al2*^c for short ribbed, and 19c for sli rt clesr. 1 joo pkt:?. cut ra'Mt-, >r 10c a lie for hboulders, tbe latter rate for Orozior's brai d 13' al4'jf for bams, the latter rate for long cut 1,200 pkgs. lard at from 1.1c to 13',o PamObsuM ? Keoei,'ts 2.263 bbls. Tha t uoyaney ta IiOth crude a id lelinsd nolicod yesterday continue I to day, when prices vorc oven boiler the price i>f crii'io at the wolls had advanced to $6, and holders wore very firm. So in icb has been taken foi rehulog dornig tbo mouth past, and tbo raceiptx huvo beou no li?;ht. tlut the st' ck was expected to be very llpM probably uot over 26,000 bbl^. crude, llie siv^es were 1,000 bbls. ciude, at 32c for 47 a 79gravity 5,500 do , 32L.|C. a >J3o tor 40 a 47 gravity, on the Bpnt, aMd .13,V a 34c for ill April, May and June, buvorg' option 1,500 do rotlnod, at file a 53c., on the spot, and 61 ij for May, buyers option 2,200 do. free, at 56c to 62c, a 63c on the s|iot, and 62 \ a 0.1c for alt April, buyers' option Bousiue was active and higher, .00 bbls , at60 a 63 gravity, sold at 32){C a 3">c. 1'ick ?lOO bags Patoa wild at 6'ic , in bond. inu >k w..? li'iner, witu a good dsmand. Th<; sales wnro l.iOO at 16>^c. a 16>{c. for New Orleans, 14 Wc a 15y?c for Ouin aud 15Hc. a 10 '-Jc for Porto ltico: also 5,000 bbls. roiltied, crushed, at 22c. Tho follow ing table shows the slock of sugar on tbe 1st of April ? 1SC3. 1S64. Cuba hhd* 27,531) 3,913 Porto Kico 2,690 1,000 New Orleans 9,6411 2 020 English inlands 167 ? ,st. Croix 37 ? Total hlids 39,976 7.417 Totil boxes 8,645 8,220 Total baf,s. 66,594 71,7:il Total bbds melado 18" ? Tallow ?100,000 pounds of Woatorn sold at 12 Sic a 12?c. Ti'iucoo was sleady, with small sales Kentucky at previous prioes The following it tho monthly statement of the stock of Spanish tobacco ? Havana Cuba. Vara Can ft. Ba'.et. fin Its Bate Ua!?i Stock on hau>l March I 0,033 127 489 64 Received aiuce ...... 5,03$ 629 ? 192 Total. 11,968 656 489 226 Delivered since 3,177 435 236 139 Stock on band April 1.. 3.7l?l 221 253 87 Tbe following shows tho receipts and stock it the Brooklyn Tobacco Inspection ? Received from March 16 to Marcb 31 581 ltolir?red to March 31 44 Total stock on hand April 1 587 WamnKY ?Receipts 1,351 bbls., market firm and do mand active, with sales of 2,500 bbls , at $1 01 a $1 42 for State, and $1 03 a $1 06 for Western. Wool.?There is a better Iceling this week on tho mar Uot aud more inquiry, especially for kersey wools, ol which oousiderable sales have been made Holders of foreign enntinuo firm under the advance in gold and probable imposition of a higher duty Tho sales lucludo 70,000 pounds lleoce at 70c. a 70c, 1,000 bales Cape, 38o a 40c , aod 300 bales Doosskoi and VW bales Morocco on private terms FAMILY MARKET REVIEW. Business waa very dull during tbo past week at Wash tuglon Market Except m turkoys and ohickens -fow cbaugc* have tskon placo The following scale, varying slightly Irom our taat, contains the prices prevalent yesterday ? Mkats.?Roasting beef 10c a 20c. per lb., ordinary pieces. 12c a 16c., porterhouse steak, 25c a 30c . sirloiu, 18c a20c.,bind|uarters [p>itton, 10c al5c , fore j'larters mutton, 9c al2c.: hindquarters veal, 12c. a 15c . foro quarters veal, 12c a 14c . hams, 18c a 'jOc., shoulders, 12c a lie , bacon, 14c. a 16c . pork, 15c a 16c , sausagos, 14c. a 15c., routing pigs, $2 50 a $i oach. Toi'Liky awl' (Jams.?turkeys, 28c. a 30c. per lb ; :hlck ons, 28c a 30c gees#, loo a 18c. ducks, 25o. a JOc ca pons, 30c. broiimg chickens,$1 60 a $1 62 per pair, can vasn back ducks, $3 per pair, rod bends, $1 25 per pair, quail, $1 50 per dozen, prairie hens, 40c a 30c. per pair, squabs, $4 per dozen, hares, 75c per pair Kim.?Halibut, 20c. per lb. pickerel, 18c., eois, 15c. a 18c , haddock, 8c.; striped bass, 25c., perch, 10c., suiella, 15c.; codfish, loc.. flounders, 8c . Nova Scotia herring, 6c.. salmon trout, 26c.; fresh sbad. $1 a $1 50 each, lobsters, Be per lb.; bard shell crabs, 25c. per dozen, oyfters, 75c a $1 60 per hundred, pir-klod do., SI 75 a $2 per hundred; soft aud hard shell clams, 40c. a 50c per hundred V*c;*tahi.!? ?Potatoes, 40c per peck ?weet potatoes, #1 40 per peck; red cabbves, 18c a 20c. ohcIi; white cabbageo, 10c a 15c. each . celery, 16c a 20c per b'lucb; parsnips, 6c. per bunrb, onlous, $1 20 iwr pe.k, sqi ishes, 9c. per lb , turuipa, 20c per peck carrots, Oc. per bunch parsley, 8c. per bunch pumpkins, 38c a &0c.; oyster plant, 15c a 18c oacb The wholesale prices were as follows ?White turnips. $1 25 a $1 50 per bbl. rutabaga turnips, $1 a >1 25 j>er bbl , whito cabbage, $7 a $12 [ er hun dred, mddo , $8 a $14 per hunJred. Savoy cabbage, $8 a $10. parsnijs, *2 6i) a $2 76 per btl., boots, $2 60 a $3 per bbl.. carrots fl 50 per bbl , feu odious. $>> a $? 60 |ier bbl., yeiloir do., $0 50 a$7 per bbl . white do., $7 25 a $8, table c?lory, $10 50a $15 per 100 buochis. garlic, per 100 ropes;$M a $l"i horse radish, 8c. a lie. per lb . Boston naiad. $4 a $' per 100 beads; new 3pm ige. $2 a $2 50 i*r lib!sweet |h>!aloes $0 a ?7 per bbl.. water crfssscs, 60c a ?2c. p?r baskot ; Nova Scot a pota toes, per bushel, flOc a 65c., morccra, per ubl . 12 a $2 50 |>oach blows, ;<er bbl. $2 25 a $2 37. .lack^oo whitea, per bbl . $2 a $2 12,'4, 'luckoyes, per bbl , $1 63 a <1 75; Prince Alberts, per bbl. 51 75 a$l H7X Kiiuns.?Apples, 25c a 40c half peck , oranges, 37c a 60c a dozen h-moi.*, lHc a l')c dt. Malaga (-rapes, 75c. a pound Isabella grapes, 30c lo other descriptions, Ilea 30c do , lady apnlos, 50c a 75c a half peck, cran berries, 15c. per quart Mmati t.anhohs.?Prime butter 40.' a 50c. per pound ordinary descriptions, 32c. a 38c. do ogga,') for 25c., cheese, 16c a 18t houoy.jS'?. a 32c per pound THE NORTHRUP TRESPASS CASE Com loslon ot tike Cair-VrHlil ta Favor of the Plaintiff, d(c. 3UPRBMR COURT?ciacorr. Before Judg<> Barn ird. Amu:. 1 ?Ca-'tft Af Sorlhrupvi. John G. Veedtr and Corvlia ftfJt, ?Tbe Interest 10 tbe procoediugs to day was unabated, and the conrt room was crowded as usual. Tbe forenoon was occupied by tbo counsel for tbe defouce in a'laiiqlftg up ibe evidence, wb:t? the counsel for tbe plaintiff occupied two hours during the afternoon. Tbo arguments were able aud luterast.og, and were listened to with undivided attention by the audience. Daring tbe delivery of the addresses tbo plainni.t and tbo defendants were alike moved to tears, and many of tbo spectators? some of wham wnro women?evinced their sympathy la a similar manner. At"tbree o'clKk Judge Barnard .pro ceeded 10 charge the jury, substantially U follows ? rim j men's <iharui. Gentlemen of tbe Jury?This cue bag occupied four attention tor Dearly a we-k I'rom tlio ability or toe counsel and tbe reai they have displayed tbo case baa aa Humeri a mi at important character Tbe amount mvoi ved i* not j very large oue; hut tbe question for you to de cide ia a very important one Tbo ai!ogati->ii iq tbta csm ii that the defendant took from tbe p?eeessioa of tbe plaintiff personal .property valued at between two aad three tbouaaad MWI. for wbicb the ptsiatiff teoks com peo^tioti. Kvery particle of evidence that baa been pro doced and admitted by tbe Court tntut bo taken loto con sideration by you 10 arriving a^ a verdict, and no evl denre except that which baa been admitted muat be en tertained. All controversies between tbo plaintiff and bit wife should be discarded. The qussttoo i*, did tbeae da fandauta take tbe plaintiff's proixrty, and wbat wii Ita value" According to law, every [>erauo who join* another iu a wrong actor countenance* It is equally liable, and if tbe defendant# were engaged a taking away ibia property, even though they lid no at the requestor tbe platniiXs wife, they am liable m this action Ths wife could not give away any property that belonged to ber busbaud, or take any tb it she did not own. Const quentlv the comd not convey fb? right te any one elat to take It away. If. tboreiore. you tlnd that tbe defendants wort engaged in taking away property which belonged to tbe plalntilT, yen must assess damages agamst tbtm to an amount sufficient to cover tbe lots, and no more. You must lnee sight of all the excitement that bas been brought out In this controversy, and h?pe your verdict without regard to any S'lflermss tbe pUlnufl or defendants may have endured by the septrstiotj of the plaintiff from his wife There must be no smart money allowed , for you will bear In mind tbe Court decided that point on tbe first <thy of the trial Tbe principal question* to bt decided are ?First, did the wile own thin property? lor if *be did she bsd the right to tike It away, even If she was wholly uniuttiOtd la leav ing ber husband's houso^ She might acquire ibis property by uirt from berh iaband or relatives, or st<? mwht bavt acquired It by her own earnings. If you find that tbe Inventory prod-iced by the defence covers all that was taken, and that tbe title to tbe pro|*rty was vested lo tbe wife, 'he de'codanU liul a right to remove it, ind ar? pot liable for damages Tbe second question for you to dettrmlot Is, what wat tbe value of the pro psrty* fbe defendants olAim tint it wet not worth mors tbao four hundred dollars, while tbe evidence for Ibe plaintiff shows that it wax worth between two and three thousand dollars. ! have beet asked by tha oounsol for Ibe defence to charge you that If tbe plilotiff told tbe de fen.Innts that the property belonged to his wl'e then they woiHd not be liable for removing it at ber request. That is tbe law, gentlemen, sod I go charge you. Ills your duty to harmonize the testimony ?g mich as t>os tlble. If you cannot do so. you mint settle upon tliat evidence which seems most i>r>4>aMe and wormy of credtnce. If you arc satisli'-d tlist any part of a wildest' testimony Is untrue, and that lie testifled wilfully and maliciously, II Is your duty to discard the testimony entirely. In conclusion, I would say that sh uWI you ren der a verdict against tbe defendants, It must bt a Joint ont Toil cannot say lhat Mr. Veeder l? liable to the amount of fifty (tell irs snd Miss Veedor sixty Your ver dict must be s joint ono, affecting Ibe delendanta equally. Tbe Jury then retired for deliberation, and after being out about half an hour announced that they had apreed u|?a a verdict for the pNloliff, abd as-es-iod the datuagea at $2,(100, with iuleret>t Iroiu April 13,1803 lLo counsel lor the rtofeoce applied for a stay of pro ceedings, iu order lo allow titae to prepare a bill of ex ceptions, wiiti the view of getting a new trial, which was granted, and the Court thereupon adjourned for the torui Ceroarh' Ia<inci1l. Muaotaftoa Arrair oh Board tub ?mr A utter Galla tw?A Sailor Braten ?the sailor* on board tba ship Albert Galtalln, lyiug lu the bay, off Siaton Islaud, and about to sail for Liverpool, became muoh luioxicated oo Thuraday evening, ana a quarrel ensued between tItem Wiliiam Henderson, one or tbe hands, imagining tbat be had been shamefully abused aud beaten by bu com pan ions, ran from the lorocastle, an i soon returned with a xbeathknlfe in bis hand, which he brandished iu a threat enlug manuer Tbo other seamen in the forecast!?, fear ing tbat Heuderson might attack tboin with tbe knife aud endanger tbelr lives, rushed upon bim, aud, alter knock mg Henderson down, I'atrick Clark beat and kicked him iu such a manuer that uo died iu au hour o- two afterwards The ship's ofllcers dis played tbo usual signal of distress, which was discovered at balf.past soveu o'clock yesterday morning liy sergeant O' charga of tbo harbor police boat The Sergoaut, with office ~s Harvey, Matthews, McKe* ve: and Bluckinan, immediately boarded ibo ship, ?nj. after learning tho true elate of affairs, arrested Patrick Clark, tlio alleged murderer, aud live other sailors, ait of whom they brought ashore. Coroner Collin vosterday proceoded aboard tbe Gallatin aud bold ho in quest <>n the body of llondnrson, when tbe facts, mainly as stated above, were olicited. Deputy Corouor Thomas Ribinson, M. 1'-. nude a postmortem examination ou the bod/ ol decensod, .mil found in'iiks ot violence about the laoo and bead. On opeuiug the skull a quantity of oxtravasated blood was lound ou tho biaiu. In tuo opinion of 1*. Itobinson death was caused by compression of the brain, tbo result of blows. Tbo caso was then submitted to the jury, who rendered the following ver diet ?"That William Hender?oa cumo to his death by blows at the bands of Patrick Claris, aud we think from the ev dence tbat "It was partly justiliablo." Clark was then committed to tho Tombs to await tbe action of tho Grand Jury Ho is twenty six years of age, and a native of Ireland lie says that in as sauliuit tho deceasod bo acted in'self defence Jiocoascd was thirty soven years of ago, aud a native ol Sc-iiland. Uo lias left a wife and several children, who live on tlie corner of l'tok slip and "earl street. The body of de ceased was brought ashore and conveyed to '.be Second product siatiuu house Friends have takon charge ol tbe body for lnteriuout. Fatal Rum Ovkb Casuai/tit ?Corouer Wildey held an in luost, at the Elovonth war J station house, on the body or Patrick Sing, a lad six years of age, who was accidentally run over by a horse and cart In avenuo l>,uosr Third street, on Thursday evening, aud so severely injured that be diod in twenty minutes afterwards The evidence showed that the ocourrence wan accidental. and a verdict was roodercd accordingly liecoasod lived wt'.b bis parents at 141 Wall street, Brooklyn Sudorr Dsath in a Station Ho'jhk-?Oo Thursday ovon inrf a very well drossod man,ai>out forty yoars of ago, whose name is unknown, was takeu to the Socoo'l ward station bouse iu a gross state of intoxication tie was placed in a coll, and wn lound dead two hours subse quently. Corouor C-ollin yesterday hold au inquest on tbe body. ]>eputj Coroner Robinson made a posl-mnriew .examination, which showed that death was caused by ? apoplexy. Deroo^od was about Ove feet oight inches in height, dark complexion, with black liair and mustache, slightly mixed with gray. He was dre?sed in a beaver cloth overcoat, black Irock c.nat, brown mixed vest black pants, two white shirts, blajk silk necktie, boots aud plush cap. Tbe Ohio LegUIaini't. Cincinnati, April 1, 1*04. Tbe Ohio Logisiaturo adjoiiruod sitia die yosterdu/ Tbe Oregon Delegates to tlie Republican National Convention. San Krajk bco, M ireb 31,1864 Tbe dolegatos to the Republican Natioual Convention, to be hold at Bsltimoro, are ?Messrs. Iieirne Faiffng, chairman, aud South Hirscb and Hiram Smith. Rhode Isluuri Bemoriallc State Nomina I tone. Proi'iprkcs, March 31, 1354 Tho Democratic Stale Central Committee have an nounced tbo following nomiuati >ns fur State ofliceis ? Ft* Governor?George II Browne. of Gloucester For Lieut nani (/o'errnr?Ileuiy Uutier.ol Warwiclc for Secretary of Stai*:?Elistia H Pottor, of south Kings town l'cr .4t'oi?ru Gm-'ral?Walter 3 Burgea, of Cr inscon or (lert !i Trsa.-.mer?Henry il Cooke, of Newjiort. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Conrl:!??Morrsi.l.?In Brooklyn, oa Saturday, March 26 at tbo parsonage ol tho .-ends street Methodise Episco pal church, by the Rev I, S Weed, Ckoh'.k W. Conk; tl) SAKAH M MORRtLL. Htdh?Ktrcn.? At Trrnity chapel, on Tuesday, March 20. by S. H Weston, D I'., Mr IlKXiir B. llvi* to Anotk, daughter of Mr Simoon !? itch, all ot tnis city I'i:RR:s?CAaifKiR.?On lues.lay, Mnrcb lb? Rev Jas W. Home William G. Prim s to Maru It . only daughter of Francis \ (asllesr, Kaq., allor,R. I). TiniRxroM?CiufT ?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, March 27, by the Hev J I) Wells, John P M l'nOR!?r >v, Sergeant Major 8lxtv-Brst regiment New Vnrk Veteran Volunteers, to Miss I'milt F., daughter of klipnaiet V. Craft, fc*j No carda Dim. Bisho? ?-Suddenly, on Thursday moruiug, Mur b ,"51 Haver Bt-ao-.ex constable or tbo ilirfbteenth ward, in the 53d year ?>r bit a?? Tin' relative* md friends of tbr? family are respectfully iovitcil to attend the funeral, at bn late residence, "47 Kast Twonty-fourth utreet, this (Saturday) momnm at ten o'clock, whence bia retniiaa will be rdm vei to New Ilaven for interment * New Haven papers please copy B<)'.art.?Suddenly, on Wednesday, March 30, Jo i* A'-'i Booabt, ex Colonel Second regiment New York slut* Militia. Notice of tbe funeral will be given. His friend* fan obtain any information by catling at Stmlb k Utckwoud'a, JO 1'ine street. Bsavr ?In Brooklyn, on Friday, April 1, jam** aged U8 years, a native i f county Fermanagh, Ireland. li-.s relatives aud friends are respectfully invited ti at lend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at ba!f peat two o'clock, from bis late residence, coroer of Twenty ??v?u:h street and Fourth aren'ie. South Brooklyn Caaa.?On Thursday, March 31, Masorct .latta Camt, laughter of ;>auiel aud Margaret larr, aged 10 years, 9 months and <J -lays The friends oi the family are respecti'iilly Invited to at tend tbe funeral, this (.^aturJov) aftornoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of tier parents, 214 Cherry .street Conan.aK ?At Raritsn, N. J , oq Tbursdsy, March 31, TiiOiiM M. CoMtn AM, ex lieutenant, aged 'in year? tuatUM ?On Thursday, March 31, in Astoria, !<oog Island, after a 1 >r>g aud severe illnets, Paiaxk fit ana-, in tlii' 04th Tear of bis ago. Tbe r;m una will be brought, thi-> (,-aturlay) ru ruing at b ilf-paM ten o'clock, to the ( aurch or tbe Bie*sed Vir gin of MountCartnoi, where m la will be and f r ib" ro pnae of hi? aoul the friends >r ttie deeeaicd, and thrao of his brother. Iter Michael Curran, m St Andrew a church, Now York, are requested f> be present, the in terineut will tak? plac* immediately after the man, in the graveyard adjoining the church. I?r a?TRi.r ? "n Thuraday, March 31, after a abort and severe illne-g, Taunt* Wilua* Dtustti v, aged 4 years, 3 month* and 23 days. A ray or glory from tha sp>r,t laui Dispel.< the gathered gloom Near >o hi* fiod tb? spoilee* sou' aball ataol, Forgetful of the tomb. The rolativea and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attea l tbe funeral, fr .m liis parents' residence, No. 70 Robinson street, thin (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. IxiimL.?On Wednesday, March 30, David Dosml, a native of France, aged 69 year* Tb* funeral will take place from the church of St. Vin oeat de Paul, Wwt twenty-third .street, near Sixth ave ?ae. this (Saturday) morning, at ten o'clock. Thuraday, March 11, Mr*. Ahm.i i D >u? la?, wife of Daniei Douglas, in the -4th year or her sge. The friend* of the family and those or her brothers, William and Job* Col**, and those of her brother-in-law, W H. Douglas, aro reapectfully invito<l to attend tb* funeral, ou Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from 92 Vandam stroat. D' aivAoa.?On Flrday, April 1, of paralysis, at tb* resldenoe of hor son, Jersey Olty. Mr*. Leer Duaiveot, widow of Francis 8 Durirage, Eeq., of Boston, Mass., and sister of lion. Kdward Kverett.nged 72 year*. Remains to be taken to B?stou for interment KDMOffn.?-On Friday, April 1, Dr. Roaanr Eomosd, aged/s years. The friMda of th? f im 'y ar* invited to attend the fu neral, 'rom bis late reaidenc*, fypru* Hill*, L. I..on Sun day afternoon, at two o'clock Rnausii?on Friday, April 1, Mart, tbe beloved daughter or Themis aud Br.dget English, agod 12 tears, 8 mouth- and 11 daya. Tli* relative* and friends or the family are respectfully invit?d to attend the funeral, from h?r late rexidencc, Highbridgerille, Westchester county, on Sunday aftor noon, at two odock. Fcmn.?At New Brunswick, N. J., on Thursday morn ing, March 31. Jostan Foan, in tbe TTlb voar or his ag*. Ford.?At the reaidencaoT her brother-m law, D. D. Westervelt, No. 211 Henry atroet, Awam M., daughter of thelnte (bar lee Ftord of l'artb Urnboy. Nottee of tbe runerai in to morrow'* (Sunday) papain. Fkswt?On Friday, April 1, Mmmakst, infant daughter of Thomas and Itella Keeny, agod 0 months and 24 days. Tbe friends of tbe family are roqu?aud to attend tb* funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock.^from the residence of her parents,281 Elisabeth atreet, w.Tbout further Invitation. i;a<Kinii(iAi>.?on Thursday, March SI, fTas. n Ocoqhb* oar, in the 2'itb year of hi? ago, a native of Muilloitar, t ounty Westmeatb.lroland, and prinllpal musician of tb* Slaty-flftb New York Vuluntaors (first United btatet i Chaaseurs). lit* irisnds of the family, and m*mb*rs of his regiment at present in the oily, are reapoctrully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residence of bis mother, 27H Kast Tenth street Oahi ?On Friday, April 1, IU.nbv Gaxs, soil of Daciol and Margaret liaos, agod 8 months and 23 days. The i rlends of the faruMy are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, rrom the residence of his parents, No Ibompeou street, on Sunday afternoon, atone o clock. e Hrriaa ?On Friday, April 1, Jow* J. HrTiaa, only child ?f Adim aud Mary Hnyler, agod I year, 11 mootha and 1 day. The relatives and friend* are r*apentrully invited to *?? tend tli* funeral, Qii Sunday nfwnwjn, at tw<j q ci'k*, .from th? residence of his father. No |t Broome street corner of tlaiigin. IIOO(IIIT..N ?Ai Ball's Feriy, N. J., cm Thursday, March 31, of l>tli<-uH pne :tuou'? ii' J.jjln notauTO*, formerly nuierinl>oicnt Of the lirnadway theatre, of tlii* city, aged 48 to ?m, 3 months auJ 13 days An honest uiau, a dutiful a -n, a kind aud affectionate hue band. Funeral servloee will take plate oa Monday afteruoon, ?librae o'clock, from Rev Dr. Cbapln'a cbuicb Hia friends and acquaintance*. also tbo members of Eureka l odge. No. 243. F. and A M . are respectfully lurltod to atteud the funeral, without further notice. Newbury (N V.) and Rjtland cojotj (Vermont) papers please copy. E- ukoa I-oikjs, No. 243. K and A M ?The members of this I/dge are notified to meet at the l.odge room Ma sonic Temple, corner of Broome aud Crosby streets, ou Monday, 4tb instant at two P M , for the purpose Of P*7>"* the last tribute of rospoct to our late brother, ?)> lm Houghton 1 be members oi the fraternity geuorally are respectfully invited to attend By order GEO W BILKS, W M. Hodgson?At White Plains, on Thursday, March 31, after a short illness of scarlet lover, Wiu-'.s M , oldest sou of Lieut. T. M Hodg?on, aged t> years. lrieuds and relativ e are respectfully luvited lo attend the ftiui ral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from tl.e residence of Ills father Kbxnkdv.?On Frilay, April 1, Riouauo G. Kkihdt. in the 3<1lh year of bis age For notke of funeral see to morrow's paper Kkmiav?On Wednesday. Mjrch 30, Mrs. Ei.iSAiiara, w?d w of William Ketchsm, iu the Ulst year of her ags. The friends of the family aro invited to atfond the fune. ral aorvicM, at the Episcopal church corner of Thompson aud Prince streets,on Sunday morning, at nine o'clock. Lacfk ?On Friday, Aortl 1, Chaui.ks L'Taait, only son of Richard and Anne Lauer, or inilammatiou or the bowels, aged 7 years. The runeral will t ike place from the residence or hla parents, No. 241 Raynaud street, Brooklyn, ou Monday tiwramg, at ton o'clock. 1/ as ?In Brooklyn, oo Friday night, April 1, at tea o'clock, ulier a loiij and paiuiul illness, John L'-'oas, in the 74tii year of his age Notico of fuDeral hereafter MiHSiiALL. ?On Friday, April 1, Arla Mahuam., m the 63d year or h:a age The relatives and friends of tno family, and those ot his sous, Kbenezer S. aud William ?1. Marshall, aro respect fully invited to attend tue funeral servicos, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, without ftirthor invitation, at 1.1G Fast Tenth streot. The remains will be taken to Stamford. Conn , for intarmont Ma .Acinos.?On Thursday. March 31, of scarlet fever, i.\t AUuUhta, youngest daughter of Thoodore L aud Adoline A Magagnos, agod 2 years and 20 days. Hie telativoK and friends'are invited to attond the runeral, from the residence of her parents, 231 Sctior morhorn street. Brooklyn, on Sunday alternoon, at two o'ciock. New Orleans, Boston aud Sau Francisco^apers please cjvj M<vikr.?On Friday morning, April 1, after a short ill oes?, Si iu row Mocnr, in the 51st year of his age The finical will tako place on Sunday atternoon, it bulf past one o'clock, from his late residence. No. 2 Willett street The remains will be takeu to Cypress Hills for Interment. Mason.? On Thursday, March 31, of congestion of the lungB, Thomas Bodkin, eldest bon of Nicholas and Mary I C. Mithon, late of Galway, Ireland, aged 1) years aud 4 months. ilaiway and (Ireland) papers pleas* copy. M' Mauoj.?(lu Thursday, Vjrrh 31, Ksuia ,Tav'k( ds'igh tftr of aud Mm:> Ann ncnatiol, fged 3 yoars", I in Jul li and 26 days. The mentis ot ihe lamlly are respectfully invited to at tend the iuneral, from tl"1 residence of her parents, 68 J Cliil streot, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. MaiKinnom ?On Thursday. March 31, of consumption, MAfiARR MacKinnon, a native ot Kilkenny, Castlecoma Ireland, iu the 44Hi year of licr nge. Ihe frl *n iK ana acquaintances of tbo family are re spectfully li. i;c<t to attend tho funeral, on Snuday alter n>on, at tw.i o'clock, from 17 linniinlck street The re mnms will be interred in Greenwood Cemetery (ansda tt est papers please co; y. Nkkdham ?At 1'romout, Wnsloiiostor county, on Tturs day, March 31, Fkkkman Sk.moui: Nkisdhaai, ageJ 11 years, S mouths and 11 duys Tbo relatives and friends are requested to atton I the runeral, from the Methodist Episcopal church, 'lremont, on .-'unday aftorntx>u,nC half-past two o'clock. Hartford (Conn ). papers plea*o copy Noi-inr?On Fr;d^y. April I, Jon* Noaise. ajied 09 yoara The relatives aod friends are respoctrully invited to attend the funeral, at V.inkers dopot Iran leaves at twenty miimtcs past ten o'clock, ou Monday moruing Vonkers Herald ple.iso copy O'liKif r,r._on tri lay, April 1, Maroarbt, the beloved wife of Thomas O'Hoiily, a native or the ptrish of lSr.? nard, county I/)nRtord, Ireland, aged f>9 years. ller friend? and acquaintances, and lho?e of her sent, Patrick and Tehn, are requested to attend the funeral, on Suuday afternocin, at half pa.-t ono o'clock, from her late residence, No. 343 West Iwcnty-oiothstreet. Ukiokx ?On Friday, April 1, Cabounk, wire of Charles i t. osborp, in the 4'ld year or ber age. Kunerai will tuke place on Monday afternoon, at two o clock. Irem residence, Norwalk, Couti O'lUui v.?f)aI riday, Aprlll, Li kk 0'Uett.i.T, M D., aged 51) years. Ihe relatives and friends of the family aro respectfully invited to atti ou the funeral, from his late residence No, ?124 WostSixteenth street, on Mondar, at twelve o'clock, thence to the Church of St Francta Xavier, Sixteenth stn-et, where the funoral services will be hold. Inter oieul at ( alvaiy Cemetery. PiN< k.??.**'.?0"u Friday tnornin*, April I, Mabtiia Jasr, infant daughter of .'aT'-ig j. and susaa Plnckney, a^ed 10 months and tl days. Tbo remains will he taken to Crotoe Falls for inter meat I'ai k ?t?o Tht'.ridav morning, March 31, Enm* J. only daughter of Hiram sad Arrietta Pack, in the pub year of ber age The relat.vos aod fri?ods are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, or. i-uuday aft?rnoon at thr?e o clock, rrom the rcsldrn ?? of her parents. No. 132 l ast Forty snc-oud street. Pih:>i. ? Ou Thcraday, March 31, KLi^ASKri Pnanv, youngest ilatiKjier cf I Bartholomew B Purdy, aged 13 y -am md 3 moutbs? 1 > e tri. nas of the fam.Jr are respeetfully invited to it ? tend the fuueril without rtirthor Dotice, on SuuJ iy a't?r anon, .it tme o clock, from tlie roctdeiice "f ber uncle, 'imof I' McRrejfor, Hiq.. N > 1H1 Orchard street >ni--O ';--Suddenly, on Iuesday, March 2s?, Wn t am aiiKRuv k, ot v.ost Klinhlog, Island. ? native <.<f tho county ( otk. Ireland, agei 4? years ihe fnenda ot the lieceis^l are rosi>ectfiilly invited to attend tho funerni, this (Saturdi*) afternoon, at two o cloc .. from hi, 1 ito les.ilenee In West Klusliintf SivON-"."* Ou Tb irsdav, Xtarrh tl. aMer a abort ill do.". an> ?, w.fe of O-'irce Simons >n a native of tho co int; i iv n. in the 2" 1 vea- of ber age Tho r?-lati\es and rnon?!.< aro r?^>ertfulli Invited to ot tend the fur.era tr m her late ros iieu- o, No. 17 sUernT street, this (^at riay; iriernoon, at oneo'. Uck. Iceland r-''?"'rs please copy mtikx.? t?ti i riday, Airli I. Cbiita, only child or Amos ard Mary stoakey. aged 1 year, 5 mouths and'.i davt*. , The i?: ?tivo aad Iriends aro resrectrully lnv t?l t> at tend the funeral, fr m the r^ -i losce o( her parrats No 2-"S W -hington street, on catday aitortu' n, st oua o'cloiik. l'jo rcrnalcs will bo iatercd ia GreenwoaJ Cemetery. S*t> no? .1 ?On Friday nr rniug, April 1. after a imsief ing Illness. Francis Caswkm VkT"* fnosonn a, M. P , \ oativn Wirsaw, Poland, in the 62d y ar ot hi? ago. Hn friends aud aemaintsnces are iesf<e^tfully invited lo attend bis funeral,oo >unday afternoon, at fw > o'clock, from lit?. late residence, 4U0 Canal 9treet S? nrvi.E??In Bolivar county, MU.?i<stppi, oa Tiosdav, Iiecemtier 22, A?ot<n s?m v kh , o of th^ late Jacob Rut '.-u Van Kensaelscr. of (toltinihia oouuty, New Yoik Hudson, N\ V., pa;?er? pteaso copy. Suva?On Friday morning, Anril 1. aTter a lingering itinesa, S?viTrur 9tkkn, aged 4S years Tlie relatives aud friend* are rospectiully invited to il tend the ftioeral, from the rosi lenceof hia brother-in law, James lletnphlll. No 424 Seventh aten ie, this lAU urday) aitern'on. at two o'clock. Coleralne. '?unty Horry. Ireland, papers pleaae copy. ?On Thursday morning. Varch 31, Emily, wirt Of Frauds TiIJ<-u, it, tho 42d year of hoi age The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funoral. mis (Saturday) afternoon, at two o clock, from ber late residence, 43 West Twenty nmtb street. Wiiits.?On Friday, April 1, Wu.mam H. Whits, son of Richard S. and Mary A- White, aged 4 years, 2 montbi aud 4 days The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Saturday ) morning, at ten o'clock, fr"m tha residence, No. 7W rbird avenue Wt'sLag,?Oa Friday, April 1,Tiibkwa Whk;an, the be loved wl'e of John Wb?ian, in ber 36tb year, a native of the city of Publiu, Ireland. The irieadsof ihe family, an I the Mechanic*' Colon Benevolent Society, and Mechanics' Mutual Benevolent Society, are resi>ectfully invited to attend the funeral, from ber late re Idence, No. 70 Prince street, on Suuday afternoon, at two o'clock. I-uhlin paper* please copy Zaukiskib.?On Friday, April 1, Gkorob H., only son of Edward and Mary K /.abriskle, aged 0 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to atteud the runeral, from the residence of bis parents, No. 1S2 West Tweuty seventh street, on S<inday afternoon, at one o clock. MITI'ATIUIVK WANTED-rKMALKK. AWf'MREB OF WELL REOOH MENDED HERMAN femalaa wa.u altuatmaa m cook*, chambermaid* and U'.indre*ae? tiuraaa, g\rln for ganrral boiinework, An , at Mr* LOU B 8 Oarniah luatltuta, 17 8ian-oa at., naar th* A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WANTS A situation with a >a.)y koIiik 10 Europe: undaratanda cutting nnd fi'Hngiadtea iiniMi. rlty reference* Apply for one week at 77 E??t 19th Rti-oet. A COMPETENT SK AMSTRBSS wants A MITIGATION; nn1i>f?t.ini!? rutting aud lilting ladle*' and chlMren'a drr?ae?: on objection to go aa lady a maid, city refer*Ma. Call ?t 77 West Ittli ?t. AN INI BLLIOKNT OKRMAN WIDOW and OAUOII tar. II year* oM. wl?b elt'iatton* In a r**pe> table fiml. If orby an agnd gentleman . can do One aowlog. draaamak Ing. Me Adtlraaa L. ? H., Herald omce. A SITUATION wai?tbd-bv a respkctablb girl, aa good plain cook. I* an aiaellent weaker and Ironer. Call *t 133 I4th at, between H and Lexington ara., ftrat floor, baa k room. Am RESPECTABLE TO'J NO OIRI. WANTS A KITUA. tlon a* chambermaid aud tvaltref*; b** the beat city reference Applf at 446 Sd a?e., third flo<r. bark r > n. AM RESPECTABLE ENOLISII SERVANT. LATELT landtd want* a*ltuatl<>n aa chambermaid and wait re*a. Ayply at i*t M a?a.. tliii djUoor, baok mom. Am KRBNCII woman WANTS a SITUATION ASCOOR; ? mdera'and* bar builnaa* welljjrill nut n ho>l re* lanrent or l>mrdtn? fiouan Oily relMoce. Call at 43 Waat ' Broadway. aecond tloor, baek room. W A GOOD SrfART WOMAN WANTS TO 00 OPT iV wa?lili>g and irontaa by the day aud to do bouaa clean lug. Call at 149 Johnaon at, It rook i n A COMPETENT NURBS WISHES A SITUATION AB , onr*?, la well experienced In the rare af ohtldreus willing lo tnkf entire chart* or *n Infani, la a neat aawier: liooiijerflmain travel; all year* fit* relerevcea CHI at Itt Waal Wkt* '?ctwwo aud 7th ar? srrrATioars wastbd-pkmales. AltP-il'tf TABLE YOUNO uirl WIMIEti A SITUA t oil a* chambermaid and stuaustress, or nurse an J seamstress, lias no objections to no iu the couuur oilr reference Call at iWB West Slat st ' A SITUATION WANIBD-BY A PKOTKBTaNT WO uiau, uj. tirat cla?? la n.iress, doe* French fluting fail at Mo 7 Attarneyst , between (.ran J una iimston sta IjIOR CALIFORNIA -A PA*AGE IS wanted by a J1 I'rotrstsnt young woman, of good character, who haa heretofore been a Uundresi an?! cook, would jjo In charge ot children 01 aa a a^rraut tor her passage. Apply at 62 West ?tii at. ? - SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG KOKBIQNKR, O who cm ?p.iak several Un*uage?. as elerk lu au olQre or Htove. lie is a <)Uiek penman, and would be satisfied with a sm .11 sa.ary for the begiLaiug Address A. B. O.. Herald oilice. SITUATION WANTED?Br A YOUNG WOMAN! TO <i general housework. Otty reference Call at 144 We*' 4tl. Ht. QITUATION WANTBD?1ST A YOUNO WUMAN, AS O wet nurse; has a baby live weeks old. wortld go eitjMxr lu city or oountry. Call at 186 Hast 17th at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O woman, an net matron, has no objection to assist lu up stairs wuik Oau be seen for two da>s at M WyckOff at. Brooklyn SITUATION WANTED-IN A SMALI. FAMILY. BY A woman. to do housework. or would lake car* of children :tU'l do cli amberworki oltj reforeuce Call at 3d Malket M JJWUXtiB^Twanted?by a youno woman, ah 0 seaimtress can do all kinds of emboldery aud. plain sewing. Address 8 M , box i!24 Herald ofllce. rnwo RESPECTABLE OIRLS WISH SITUATIONH 1 One us goo I plain couk, washer and lroner. the other as chambormaid and waitress: best of city reference, would prefer living louMher. Call at 394 2d ave , between ltd aud i!.'td sts., where they can be a ".en tor two day* if uol eu gaged. * rnwo respectable youno oirlb want situa L ti.ins as chambermaids and waiter*; lately landed Ola be Men for one day at 103 West 33d si. WANTED?BY A respectable YOUNO GIRL. A situation as chambermaid and waitress; lias tlic beat ot city reference Call at BO Dean St., Brooklyn WANTBD-A SITUATION AS WRT NORSK, BY A health? young woman. Can be seen at 144 Concord St., Brooklyn WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO DO A gentleman's or family's washing; city refeionce Call 90 West 17th st. W? ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO H man, with a fresh breast o, milk, a 1?by to wet nurse at her own residence, 313 South Dtu nt., Jersey City, ANfBD-A situation. BY AM experienced youn* woman, as cook; she understands baking and psstiy of all liindh, would do the ooarse wasi'.lnu and ironing ot a small private family; would bo to Staten Island. Oab at 14 West IStU st w HELP WANTED-MALES. A LI. AGENTS BB0BIT8 FREB~ A splendid GOLD OR SILVER HUNTING CASE WATOH, By seliini? the great ORIOINAL AND ONLY GENUINE RTCKARDS* PRIZE PACKAGE* BACH PACKAGE CONTAINS MORE -? AJUiiClrfEs 0? Value T3AN ANY OTHER HALF DOZKN packages EVER SOLD. SALT'S IMMKNRE AQKNT8' PROMTS ENOItMODS, GREATESl MONEYMAKING BUSINESS OP THE AOS EVERYBODY WANTS THEM BBWARE OK IMITATIONS. Send for our great now circulars for IR61, cout lining eitra premium inJuoeinents free S. C rickards A 101 Kaaaau street, N. Y., original, largest and oldest Prise Pack y Hons* iu the world. AGENTS ARE WANTBD TOSBLLOUR IMMENSELY popular aud .mstly celebrated Statloneiv Pri7e Packets, the liinjest and best out, containing fine Writing Paper, Bn ?elopes. No*olltes, rich Jewelrr. Ac.. Ac., rctml for only 25 rents, worth live times as much We put up the only Pack ois that s.ill quick, giro sure satisfaction, and by which I in uiense pio'its are made. Greatest cbaree to make money ever known. $10 invested will yield ffl)e-lllng our mosl splendid Steel Engraving, tlnest ever puMishod. All agenta reive fre.-> (as a present) a handnome unld or solid Silver Watch wan anted No other firm can oiler such Induce ments Please send for our circular, mailed free, or call and examine ourlarse stock <>f Packets Ac. G. B. HAS KINS A- CO , 38 Beekman street, M. Y., Priie Package and Bngrarlng Warehoale, A MAN COOK WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY* must be flcisnau, French or Italian. Address, civing city references and where to be seen, O, O . box 141 Herald olflce. APOBTRR WANTED?IN A wholesale LIQUOR i-tor"; oue wbo understands the jobbing business ami c.tu iuil' ence some trade preferred AddressG T. B . bos IW Herald oilioe Assistant dry goods halesman, two com. pete lit do,, w.inted. at the Merchants' and Clerks' Re slstry Ml Ktilton street Also bookkeeper, entry clerk, gio vry r eik, stationery clerk, barkeeper, recelrtng Cork, ?atchuian, porter, drug clerk Other sliuations always open A SMART. ACTIVE TOt'NG MAN WANTED-TO ojirn oyxter# and trake himself genera ly useful In a restaurant. To one -.rho thoroughly known ht? buaineHitha very IwkI of v. a ;es will la paid, Iutii re at Olark s re* tan not 357 8II> w. between 2tth and 29tb its., weal side. A COMPETENT SALESMAN WANTED?IN A HOOP nklrt business, one who h&i a knowledge of l<ookkcoD inn preferred, tnauc'i a one a. liberal salary will be paid. Address K and V . Herald office \ no W?. IIA NO V BOY WANTED?AH PORTE*, IN A 1 1 iai e /u-ding lio ise one who can milk, for wM?> he will receive i'iO per year, board ami clothing. Call at 17V lileackcr st BOt'KKP.KP! R AND Ct.KRK IN FACTORY WANTED? A iio assistant bookkeeper and corresponding cierk In importing bouse, salesman In furnUlnnR more. salcsmao, general clerk and light porter, wholesale grocery and dry goods clerks, tnsarance olllee e'erk, /several grocery clerks, steamer and steamboat c erkt two conductors, bartender und twoporfiK Other situations open. Apply at ,SO Nas sau at, Merchants' t lerka Ajency OY WANTED.?A SMAKT, ACTIVE BOY. ABOUT 16 jreim of :15c i*an"*d, In a fsncy goods atorj. Inquire J ti .1 D*lr> inple, Stl Broadway OY WANTRD-TN AN INSURANCB OFFICE, AD i lu x 9*4 I'ohI oTee H B I>OY WANTED?IN A CUSTOM HOUBB BMRIIl I ? Offirc. ah. nt II\ears of age; hi tire anil inlelliireat; pay S>2 per wee ; to 1>e a gmen'ed at merited. Address bov 321 Post o lice l!OV WaNTRD-IN A DBUO BROKER# OFIICB. I) one ab.?r.t 1J yeaito; a.;e and who resides tvlthhi->par cnts. sa'ary first year Sl'.D Adiir.-as, In bar.dn riling of ap plicant, l>ox 1,118 Po office, giying references BOY WANTED?AOED II TO 1C ON A FARM, A si o t diatatioe from the city. Wages ?:l toflln month ?nd found Applv at the Larg* Employment Mouse IV llt'i at. corner of Ctli av B >Y WANTED?A TOUT 15 YEARS OLD. AT TUB Broadway Linch. No 00. /""IROCKERY.?WANTKD, a YOUNB MXN FAMILIAB V with sl/oa, at se'eet ? at 5(i Dey ?; ? - V 1-jftV O&OTi.s SALESMEN WANTED.? EtPKRIESOftD J ' hands only need apply to John K 8??-.?,d, lMOmnd *t , Wllllsmslfurg. Reference* required DrtUO CLERK -WANTED. A \OUNO MAN WHO 19 ac , muted with the ri'.y toiall butniets. Apply at 177 avenue < comer of lltli st DRUO CLKRK WaNTBD-AT NO l?l AVENUE O. lie niuai iuder*t md tlie btisioess Driver for a brmvervs drav wanted?iif mutt I resent te'tlmonialatnd rofsreaces of the lilguest re?pe lability lor sot-riety, hon<sty nnd capability; none other need apply. Steady employment ?dveii Address la own hand uilnnu or call tills dav at Smith A Itro '? 100 We?t Eighteenth st. Also a cellerinsn wsnted; one who lias had aom- experience and can bring recommendation* piet'erred fiUPBRIRNCM) SALESMEN WANTED-WHO ARB J ariitialoted wtib gitferr in both city and <?<> in try N tiu olbern need apply at 1M Reade at For tiif. navy, wbaltwo and merohant tot ?Ages ?Wanted, landsmen, aeainen. llramen. car|?n tera, coopers and blacksml:;is. Uounty paid. Apply only at tlit company's office, West street, corner of AllMtny, up stair* .IAMKH A CO, Agents. IMPORTANT NOTICE-WANTED. AT THE MBRCAB I. til" Agency. 26ti Bros Iwny, clerk on raliioad. sali smaa for boot and ahoe liouso. young man in office, raahlar for travelling troupe, clerk in broker's office an aulatant book keeper, teacher for prima: ? ichool, Copytst In law office, en try clck and co le, tor Other situation* always open. Call ?ad tee our terms. Merchants mutt stal iu their orders before 3oclock, o-gam-ed l-.*> MONiiOMRRY A CO IAD WANTED-IN A COMBIMHION HOUSE, A J sinsri active AMsriuan lad, of 15 years. Address bos 1,000 Pom oftlre. w.tfi reftrence LI (HIT PORTER WANTED-TO WORK IB A HOSlB ry ^'ock, call off goods, puck. Ac ; one used to the basi nets. Address A. B boi l?i Herald offios^ MANftLLA SALESMAN W ANTKD-WANTED A mantilla taloimaa Nona but those who are ace its tomed to tire' elaaa c ty trade, and who can Iflve rereretcea, need apply to Mine rTrinciion.M Blee, ker si. QALIMAM WANTHD-IN MEN'S FUBNIsniNO O t ons. An etperiencsd man. ? Ith a lane aoipialalaMS aid accustomed t ? trsrel. may spp'r to B. 87 JaBrsy A O*. Salbimbn wanted -wanti;d, IN BVBRT I.ABOB city of the t'nlted States and t'auada. an eiperii^iced, we'l re omrneoded silesman Apply ImmSdlaielf to J. Loewen tahl. manufacturer or artificial (lowers, 163 Mott St.. between Orsnd ani Bro jme St*., New York. SITUATIONS WANTBD-FOR THOROUOHET CO* petnnt co.iubmca. gardoatrs, farm hands waiiers.bat Isrs, prrtsrs. prlrale servants. Ac. All In nant of well recommandft I help can be immediately stilled at the I?arss Binploynvnt House ISA 1Mb it., corner tith ar. r PUBLISH F.RS AND EDITORS-WANTED AN editorial coi responding, reportorlal or buslnsss m? nnRer's posltl >n or s foreinsnshlp. by a younc man who has had over tea veart eiperienae, and Is practically me qtiainled wllh sli the l>r?n^hes of tho newsnsper an I job business. Address Agate, ears of Farmer LttUe A <>., 0:1 III egman it.. New York. TTNKMPLOYED bookkeepers CLERKS OB AC U ci untants, who are food at Hfpire*. can make a good llr log br selling to bookkeepers sad merchants a new inren Hon, Invaluable to that e.las* of the ooTnuiunity. Address ec apply to tha Fowler Addlag Machine Company, 312 Broad way, roeat No 5. TBTANTBD?A FIRST CLASS RETAIL DRl!T)OI?T. TO "" go to Chicago. Inquire for particular! of W 1'. Hoyi. 94 Maiden lane. Mtwsan the hours of H and 10 A M ANTBD-A YOIINO MAN TO TAKE CHARGE OP hoop tklrt framing factory ooe who hat some knowl w edge of tha aaine and also of maeliinary, and also to keep account of in' n't lime and make hlmtslf generally usehnL W7""' 4 0 Clock to W. B. tloppoek. 2d ar., comer ot WANTED-A MINING SUPBRtBTBNDRNT AND .". Bffwgjjl every way reliable of mansglpg a mine Apply si 29 William atieel, third floor, room Bo. 1, between the hours o f 10 aad 3 o'clock WANTED-A FIRST CLASS BUTLER, AT IS EAST ?**' lr 18 ?OTBtag botwesu 10 sod 13

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