Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^ ^ ^i?.I , WHOLE NO. 10,060. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 3, 1864. .PRICE FOUR CENTS. THE DANISH WAR. 8i?g? of Duppel by the Puis-; sians and Austrians. Tlit Key U the Danish Military PotHien. Spirited Resistance of ttic Danes. Important Movements by liand aad Water, a?.fi a*, ^ Oar Berlin CorresjMMadonce. Buuin, March 10,1804. , Its Campaign i* Jutland-BngajcmmHd Yeilt?Ckcupm Hon of //or a fit and Aarhuvt? Military Justice?fkir milking mar Ihippel?Unfavorable Position of Vu < Uants- IHe Proposal Confertnces, 4c. Tbe operations or tbe Allies In Jutland have been con ducted co fur with the same rapidity and succoss that at tended their ad van co Into fc"chlesw?is, until thoy ware brought up all elaudiog before tbo iCtrenobinentB of Duppel. The army, under the command of Field Marshal Wiangol, commenced its march from lioldlng on Tuesday, tbe 8th, in two columne, tbo left being formed by the Austrian corps of General (loblcutz, the right by General Mulle's division of Prussian guards (ten battalions, twelve squadrons and twonty four guns), and a divi ?too' of resorvoa, or about Ihirty-Qve to forty thou sand men in all. Tfao Field Marshal and the Crown Prtnoe of Prussia accompanied the division of guards, | Who took the direction of Frcdericla, which lios twouly- I #vo miles easi-norllieost of UoldlDg, near the entrance of j the Littlo Belt. At tho village oi Socghoi they encoun- \ tared a detachmont of Danoa, whose numbers are not 'Mated, but who were at all events gic&tly inferior to tbe advancing column, and appear to him been commanded | fcy General Wiister. ( | A slight engagement ensued, during which a com pany or Daulsta infaulry (one hundrod and thirty Men, with their officers) were cut off and forced to surrender, after which tho remainder of the corps eflccted their retreat to Fredcrlc'a. In this Sktrm >b General Wileter and his ehiof of the stall trara both wounded, the tatter dangerously. Ine Prus sian casualtioa amounted to only two men killed, and two officers and twenty privates wounded. The march of the Aastrians met with greater difficulties. It Boems destined that the weight of tho contest shall fall upon them, while the Prussi ms are constantly disappointed In their hopes if distinguishing themselves and thowing that thoy a?> to>t tbe holiday soldiers people take them for. | 0?> apptoaching the heights of Vaile, a una!) tio tough midvvuy between Koldlng and Worsen, almost duo Berth of the former town, tho Austrian advanced pouta, ?ana^et'ng of a troop of Wlndiscbgratis dragoons, fell in VUh a body of Danish cavalry, and a hand-to-hand tight took plaoo, in which Captain Count Czeraln woe woundad ltd taken prisoner; but, reinforcement* soon coming up, tM Danes wore finally driven from tbe heights, and artar ft aevere struggle, which continued In the streets or ??Ha, were obliged to retire in some disorder towards Boraen. In his official report General Goblentz admits a ton of one hundred and eight men, including five olflcers, feat claim* to bare made ono hundred aud twenty prisen SSS. The next day the Austrian# occupied Moreen. and after Bsstlng there for twenty-four hours proceeded to Bon Sarbnrg and Aarbuut, which was evacuated by the Danta m Saturday evening, and taken possession of by tbe Aus Irian vanguard oo Sunday morning. Aarbuut, the aaplUl of Jutland, la a seaport town of CtoroB thousand inhabitant!, situate on the western abore * tbe Kattegat, and the chtet point of communication be tween Jutland and Copenhagen. The Danish division of gr Hagerman, which waa entrusted with tha defence of fntland, to said to hare retired to Vlborg, a contra) position parthwaator Aarbuut, on tha railway that runs through tbe pan Insula; bnt It is probable that tho greater part of their miHH bave Joined tbe garrison of Fredericla, and that fmij * email body has been left in tha Interior to carry oo ^ goer ilia war againit tbe Alliea, in which they will be MHtotod hp tha Inhabitants, who are aB zealously attached git paint of Denmark as their Bouthern neighbors are hs that of Germany. Tho cltiitona of Voile tired from Itaalr wlndowa at the advancing Austrlans, who, Ml aaosequence, bnve"made an example," as they oaii It, fep abo?tlng foar of them by court martial, according to a practice Introduced by the great Napoleon in 8|>aiu and Barmany, and which hao alwaya been Strongly con Asinoed by German writers. There is no reason, in faot, Why tbe population of a oonntry should not be allowed tc ?ght in defence or their bcmec as well as regular soldiers, sr why they should be treated as criminals merely bo Snwe they do not wear uniforms. If Germany were to *a overrun by Krenrb or Ruasian armies, and the inhabi lasts of the towr.s and Tillages were to rise against tbe tavadera, no doubt tbe Gorrain press would bo lout? in __ praise; but the golden ril'e of doing as you would ?done by la stt>l mora raretf adhered to in international snoerns than In private life. While this la going on in the North, the usual skirmish Ig oootinues in tbo ??Sundewit," the nock or land, tbe i extremity of which Is occupied by tbe f >rtiiica of Duppel. On Saturday a raconnolss ?uco wmt in tha direction of Batrup, wnl?b resulted tha capture of thirty-sis Danlah aoMiars. a la snrprls ng, by the way, how many prisoners tne I loae out of their small army. A large proportion of >, to be sure, are Schleswlgers, who sr# glad of an touity oT being "captivated." A oombiaod move , was undertaken next day by the brigades of Koader I ooiben, who expelled tha enemy from the rMibgra of al and Rackaball aftor an engagement ia wbmb toe ptwslans had'two offltiors and fifteen men kil^d and ?ouxled. Rackaball I we a mile aad a half north, and Jhbel three miles w?wt of Duppal, ami their ocun|iatioo m kaked upon as tha prelsde to active operation* against |fes Danish Sabaatopo). On Monday It was generally reported that tbo bom lardmaot of Duppel had actually eomm?need, and a tele ^wn to that elbct was even inserted iu the Krnu fed we have direct aoooonta from tho Prusslaa head Cira in which nothing of the klad Is mentioned, likely theee rumors are anly spread to distract tbe jfcMsotion of the Danes sad yrevost them frum Hsnding pamforoetn >ats from AIM to fredericla while that lot MSB M being Invented by Marshal Wrangel. Thus tbe anall Danish army Is divided Into two 'oatrea. incapable ?T ailbrdiTig aaeistance to each other, and oooped up In positions, rrom which they eanaot stir without storing an overwhelming ftirca, end ?wn tliey are ijuently oblljod to await the attack oT the enemy at t moment ho may thlnK proper to eeiect.or in whar th?m out In watching sad In rmtprwt aflklrs, ror wh rh i brave hut rather heavy and unwieldy Infattvv are SI adapted, and In whloh they soffi'r loses- whioh they are MSt able to replace, and which leorcaae still further U>a disproportion brtwees their aunitx-ra and Utose of their glwssrlst Is theaa alreamatancee, abandoned by rrsnr.e and Fng land, and with little proapaot uf arm?d assistance, even from Sweden, notwithstanding the ourpe uf observation OrMch is to be ooncontrated In Bcanlt, it would be no won Ssr If tbo courage of tbe Danes, which bss hitherto born# ?p against unparalleled difficulties, wsra to rail ?batv,and If thay finally made up their minds to sago Mat*. Hitherto tbey have flatly rorused to send rap re SSStstlves to Um confer>-ocee auzgested by the British yorarnmont aniees Seblsswlg were first evacuated by tna Barman troopa; but thm Is sot to be thought or, and if litay attend the conferences It most b? oo tbo basis pro posed by Prusau?sitber tha Danes evacuating Alseo and tbe Allies Jutland, or both parties remaining In pomoe ston or tbo territory they oocnpy at IM ooocluslon Sf tbe armlstico. If tha Dsnsa understand their swn Interest they will oertalnly giro way. By miking penco now tlisy n ay still preserve hath rchieewlg and Ilolstoin, not, pet lisps ^te lnt<igral parts tf the kingdom of Denmark, but attuched to jt at least THE WAR IN DENMARK. The Siege of Diippel?The Intrenchment of the Danes?Operations of the German Allies to Get Possession of the Ke of the Danish Position?The Fortifications of Duppel-Alsen. 3 ?<rr VWiT?J?$ -SOH-&C.W f by same dynastic Dm that connected lootlstid with Bipiard previous to th? union. Hur.h h compromise would be ruinous to tbe tepee of the Dnke of A uguPteo berg hi J UlS partiH-uig, which aro fOunJed enclctlvnly on ! tho obstinacy of th? Dinw, and who have just sus tained an !rr?par*hle low by the unexpected <ie?tb of tbs Kltif of Devarte, the only Herman euverrign, with the exception of patty prnoas like the Grand Duke of lladfn end the Hake or 8axe Coburg who in really friendly to their cause , ind win may be (Aid to have fallen a victim to It. A day or two before bis de*th hie brother In-law, the Arr.hdnbe Albwt had arrived at Munich on a mlmlon froin tbe Krai>e?ur of tuftrla, wbojwafl fctgbty Indignant at the attltnde areumed on tbe Dan lib (jneelian by a State which he h%e eiwaye l>eeo accustomed to regard an hie vefiMt. Alter a stormy Interview with the Arrbduke tbe King ?i? suddenly talon 111, and grew worse ao rapidly that b? we* deed before the mawnty of bit eub lectf knew tb?re w?? anything the natter wltb l>lm. The Dapp?l*Alaen P?rtlfl> etlnna, After tbe battle at gohieswig id April, I kin, tn which tbe Uanee were defend, tbey retreated te the Man t of Alseii, presaea by the federal (German) troops ubHI U?cy reached tbe gonderbury bridge, the only flnrt itluitloo whiob at tbM time there ectaled. Tbe most eitrerue eastern Bundew-tl, t??by tbe Vonnlgbond and tbe Ala^'tod?eurroneded by water on three sides, aud Is cv ered with three ikies of hills running from eaet to wen <w tbe top of we of the** bllK were the rulae of or e.d fortifloatloa; "for a war fo JRm poe?euinu of Alseo ec eurred between tie frown of i>*rmar? and tb? Duke of , rirhleswlg Hnistetn ea ear'y as the ffturteentb century. < There are many Or wten and Hnonen v>mhrir>t>?N Id j tblt w?l(tbbjrt?oort, aAd It neetri that this plans ' to vegan times was ??i??:raien to eome pages I (oil. The inhabitants o Suadewitt rei*t?d In 1948 etlll e freu assay mysterious legenis Is relet on to tbls locality, Wb*n Christian^? siting wuejJ pejstilani j fhis holy plaos berem* a vary unholy one, and the hills i ? ?re celled tbe "Puhelaber|e" 'Devil's Momteins^, from whloh tbe name of Oubbei or Duprxi) le dsrfvod. Already oo tbe !Mib <* May, 1M*. tbs Dana* suddenly I advanced from fkmderbtif*. drove off1 the outposts. oont- j posed of Mocklraboiv 'W!' , t>ad occupied the island and j the village of tappet. As a>t?tr, t wee mads on Um *tb ' of Juae to die'od?e tbe Danes; but the Hermans were re pulse-t with considerable teee to (be Fraarsn*. When tbs letter adreeeed towards Zetland,the Danee a<n ao<M from Durpel ?!' H tbe tun ,>Ute frero f !? usb'irg to Apeu Mde Hv f?d?rel tranpe aavatioad fvetn HuodewiU and leok thf.r posdrac el ncMburg, ?bioi bad bim tsflaed m n.? Prwiirt&ns suddenly turned arcuad, end the Denee. r"dog that tb<y had bee* roHsd,ewilht)rew (mm Qravrn steto, whlUioi Uiej beA^dvencsd, sad fsjl beck to the'r old position. Ttiii operation ebownd tbat en edvmnoeto Jntlend, or even to North febierwtg, wo ild be very dm iero?e. The plao wosld al weya be mpne?d, enJ the Dauee would always he reedy te metre from their eernre p<*tti"ti at Alxen Sudden r* 4s on the lln" of ccmmuulcetlon or um advanceil army. It wee clear thet It wee neoneeery firet to tsks Dappel, en4, tf possible, Alsea . but, by tbe armis tice of Maimoe, tin campaign tor thet yenr was eloeed. The caiupaigQ of 184V commented with tbr snooeeslul tbouih saiiituliiary dbergs vt tho neiooa and Davarlene on tho Puppet helgtit*, which Id tbs nfaiitlrue bed beon much flprtWed by the Danee. Alien wea not attacked, end during ths sarapeigD or IM9 so attempt wee tee As to take thet leienil, ea tbe edveoteKee of thet position were in no wey adequate to tbe enormous saorlUiw uf llfs whlrih It would have oont if tbo attempt had been made. Tho Dnppel heights wero, towards Aleen end the eenl, fortlOedf by the fedeia! trooi<e wltb three enclosed and el* open works, e<tnno<;io.| by rlfll pits, end mountod with forty-nine bat te'lee, with ska slguiy.focr pennder to or tar* Tbe wb->l?. of the Troth ;er<D?n federal ?*my corpa and a part ?,f the Kighth occupied Suudewlii, for the protection of the for tlfeationa and the rirht flunk of the thou (towards Jut land) advancing Prissian army. t'ho Danoa worn oootin nally orrratinj with tbelr vfleanta between Aluin and KradoricU, In Jutland. H waa Impossible to ascertain whore their main force m located, while at IHiji pei an attarV wan apprehended. An It appeared that i&a fortificatioM w>r? to be attacked, ihe Danes ad va ced on, Md destroyed the new ?may of Pcbl?awlg flolatain. Wnrtng tbo time that Qennanyt'tid Demnar* h?ve t>?eu at peace, tho pr,?tti<m and the fortlfytiig o* the Duppel tiolghte w*re left to the latter; an 1 tbe Onriei>, Hnjir^cUitliif the importance of tUtr poaitloti,have, during fincen yesra, bad theopi>or tMO ty 01 lo.iitniK of Jtappul and AWn a provisional for troar, which It -a a'mo*t .mp -noble to take: an<t ; jo an. cldeet should, and no demoralisation or axtrajatloa of ibe ftanUh arm/ Mire pla v. the \i i#? will ojvrr ootna in poaae-t.*t >n of Alaeu. A* the position cannot ha en | cl-icd, and oan l>e attacked on one aide only, the aoperior ; for x of the attacking party cautiotav<*il ido>*. lit* fortre k pio|?r, the Had nil, ? ?he istafd of ? An the tiermans are not provided w in mpaI* of war. it cun he ?uvn>l only uit tbe w? st ?ide. a distance of one mile *ii<1 here the ; (Wilton ic protected by tbe Minima, three h in. i drort aail i?iiiy to ><ne thOMKUtid feet wide, with gnri. Itoat* and AwtinK h??Wrl?j. There, whore '.he ? n?nnnl befoawa narrow. and where tnere in onW the alixitteet ?han<e t? Tverbrloje it. tr-a.y batteries nr?ve>it an an j pro*ob . At Sunder burg, where ibe i-Jtatmel ia narrowest, ? redoubt In* b?eo erectad on the Ki'dtborg. Hat> tm ? I right. au<i lett nrni*< t the two wooden bridge" which, if | miy, c-*a be burned. T1i? tirviger- theE'e?iVp veon tbe land aid- pruvlded with two h?avv bridge boacs. Tt?e Iroot of the A'aen fn.-liflcttions. the I)u p"' hi-;(rU'e. which to Aiam liear the ?tin? relation ** tbe MaiafeoC, Maiueion and liedan toward* >?U?(iopoJ, i? t<ro rtded with ibe followiun tbri>i)<-.atioo? ? moei e*trenu Hue of defearaH of the i'?K * a Hue of otupoitf whiob extend from the wrat Hide of tho Ml'afeor Ihipt>el alone ? email ore>-ir, r'ini.lnv thw/h tbeane-dow! from e<Ajtii o docUi. ami whn Uat Voi der burg.terminftoa tn a mi!?vood Thin Hoe of outlet*, .f driven baok 'o tiie fortiAcat'OM. would elwaye eod'???>r to Moccupy It* farmer po?itton. until ? formidable attack woukt Jire*"iit tt. The eec a<< line t? a lloe <>t ot-rn U-vnri,ee, ent <4 the vUlage of tMtl>pnli brtwemi VMolg bon.1 ?eiith end AwuuA nh, partly covered by a creek, wlneli ai fnirllke t?rtnlnateh In th? kound. Ihe ireu?!?? are connected nitb rarh other arid wi'h tbe re?r Wji k? hy of ride pil* ttehind tbeae trenobee on the n.^pei Mouiitatoa. ib it- nmm w>rk, a eli^iJWI re doubt, w'"h bi>"-rftw<wkft built Of brlrk, *)>oiit twentr f"ot I -ti. tie waliH are pr Jiahly m -Hnteil with twulve bat iiHide of ther'-doubt H a bombproof <* bi.ue''. and lug ha'ieee aeree tt redonbiM, in wbH;h, in <'VK^ of a anoceae'iii eSack, the gairiMib rotreata, in order t.? ^npoy th?' enemy a? much na p <e. alb'e while ?j"ipviug the red til t. ?Dd ao facilitate the retalclng "f I Tr- >m the front, rkeeo hlgnkhOuaea ate Brori?ioripd f??r tne^y-four baura, and oannot tmrap lured. I'Uftr aorrenoar <-?n bn t>ruugbt about "niy i?y mauoa of -'atink t at'erlee" er br *iarvinc ibe oornpaete. ? In the rear t>;" their n>;pu w rk*. on ihe aa>"ond linort higher failla Ibara are aix aimitar fr.rtifl -atioor, cloyed and open trenebes. at<d behind thle titie there ia a rife o>t, aad theee forli/Valione are, by > ?d arenoe*. hi roi?m in?<;a?too with the bridge fwtlit.iatiotie /til 'i.i-ae work* are r nu-eted by rltle pile and the terrtta. v la ? m?i vnlaoee u'.lK.-iri'! od. Ibe iren ifac* are ortiHid e-itl< mora t Uaii ?me huad'ed ??br. It ta apjiaro'it thai tt wiuh) be foity to ?> pent lliat a ia?ttion tike Mite trfcicft, by the #a?. with Site'0 th uhnnil men, ea-i t-e Jef" id'od Ngal?i<i a force fair tlnwta an tarre, cmuM tw tik i "o the frat char ft*. 1 na poaltioo o>>mt be fuUv attacke I?that ta to ?*y, twa Uuea mo*t be drawn, and heavy aiet* >'?t* terlee placed In poaltion. and then, when the i>?att?(k work! hero boon dowl Hbe.t, a iti.trgo ^taav b? made. Oa tbe demo] la bad ]<auiah MrtifloatHma new forttfpatlana titnat ba arootad agatnat Aiaen, and from there the gva l.oata mual be driven off by batter)-... ihe Sotider???rg and Al?an fortifloationM mtint be dam 'fihed, and then, l>y Bieaiia ill pontoona. the ettompt ?edaWteroaa over W Al?"ti. To aavo httman Ilia it would be advle?h!e to leave a -orpa of obaerratton befura Ihtppel, iud fottte the I>*ue*,by thenccapallotiof Jntland, to aurrander Aiuen. The uocuiiatkm of i itlatid ia lu any eaae ? ne-aa ally, for If tbe Danaa, hy tho oocupetion of Jtuitnd, are cot ooinpeled. to aay nothing of atrategy, to divide iltelr foroa, thi u.h amall It may be, between Ai en and Krederlcta, the oparatlona agaloet ,Alaau oannot bo auccamfai. lor more then two tboeaand yeara the Oermana and the Danaa luve hean in the hnblt ol w trrinti ajjamat each other; and during this long parhnt the ilceie of the H.>n?a towia wera really anOce?afttl ?f aln?l the Ohnaa. Who ?var, bv means of thd flaat, holds away in the llaitlo only ean atteek and hold iUo sehieawttf lalanda. for Kemera and tba Aaroc talaadd baMxyt also to IVH, mas known In the fifteenth snd atiteonth and eiperletoa taugbi it again fifteen y?am ag< THE LATEST NEWS. 1li? Romh?r#iii?iit and XM tn.rr rt I>?i p? pfl-Kaval of (h* U?r? ntsni, At. Maroh 17,18d4. Hie Prussian batteries open*! fire yesterday morning mi tho Puri^l Inlrcnibmnuli. Tho enemy fired alio getiier five hundred shots. We retried oconslnmOly, In all tb'./ty five lime*. Our drlng seemed to be cucoessful, aa I wo of ihe enemy's batteries were ailenoed for s<?oa lime. We bare two otflcers killed and one wounded. Plater n |irlr*t.:S srtrs killed and forty-nine woundnd. H AMnrar. March IT, 1864. Aarordlng to a handbill emanating 'mm the printing offl 't of flrnve k Tldsmann, at <1 distributed m Una city at eight o'clook this n.ornlag. Prlnea Pr?dsnt.k of Auguftett bitrr was fornd dsa.l in his bed at ?Jal. Iht ruiaur require* coaflrmatlow Sosi>Knnr>*c,. March A. *4. On Thursday there, was heavy csnaonadlng and fighting I al< along tba Una of l<uj>p?l vlllsge, .?<?! the Toujeberg po sition waa taken by tlie Prussian*, after a berate resist ance by the Inue*. The i'Oaitlon of Puppel .s still un harmed. l"be tmnibsrs of Die Prussian* are always four to one. Their artillery has rangeC three A Ittoxth eol'inel waa killed today, aud seventy wouniJad ware brought In. The enemy's utuea un s??erf Tba iMuisb army It undaunted., Maroh 18,18*4. The bombardment cf Ihe lolrenchmaois of Dut ^l was resumed to day. A tcrriflo oannonsds la being heard hare. CoranwiV, My<b 19?r. ?. Tasterday three PrtMlan men of w-v* attacked the 1 %nieh blockading a^nadron off Orelfewal<to, Ponaeranla. After an engagement of two hours the Prussian vaaes's returned to tbe harbor. ArfWery firing wa?> to-day at Duppel. HaWks, March 19, The PanWi government kai decreed the release of Uia Hunovarian rhipa under embargo in l>ant?b ports. nsvsraa, March 19,184ft. Advleaa from fltockholm ta the 16U?, evening,stats that fresh disturbances bad taken i>!aoo. Tba polios office was attacked, and the windows :n IDs residence af tba Chief of Police amaabed. The military were oslled out to <j<isll the riot, and a>? en parsons were arrested. Vhi /tyMorf Inelets anon more energetic measures be ? Ing tAksn by the government. The French Ambaessdor nss left CAriattaM. Rshi March 20, 1Mi4 IV Ommatid*r-m-CbMf of the Prussien navy baa re solved a report slating thsi yesterday tbe Arcana, with three gunboats, agMn t*tt to sea In searrti of hostile ship ping. Tba erulse had no result, howevar, alt the 1'aniah ships having l*ft Pruesiaa wators. The rt port concludes, ilierefore, that tb?ro can bd no question ot au existing block*!* of the Prussian aowt. The Position of I.atl?s4. In the Uouee of LurOa on tho 18th of March Farl Wus sell seld:->^aalng that the noble oarl op|*,slts bss givep notloa of bis Intention, on the motion for sail the attention of the Rouse ta the sutusl stale of sf fairs In Germany and f>e?ni*r S, I rlee ou irnbllo grounds to reousat tbe nobla sari nut at presnnt to brlug on thst disouMion, I do not svpoct tbsi anything thst falls from him will tend to Increase t\t tMeilHu which ntrrmnd Ik* MUanent ?f ihi* fwrtion, ami, for try own part, I must aay that I about I nave been very glad to remlor the Was! siplsnatlon of ibo conduct of th? g'ivernin?nt in reipeet to the affairs 0' Denmark and tlermany. There are, howover, r?o ?ini of pwfc.v pHicp vhuh e?<?*? i< <!?? Hrablt (h?i hurt sawil<t ht no <u ik* frriml. ?nawnL la tfcs ?v*t (Ism, I have now to present It II?IIIm fear miMV Tartboa wtn is Mmiiauait?? ef fhoae wtilch worn prevented a few w?"k* f#. T *>/>?? papore con lain tim further oorraspoodcm-a wbieta b * lavon place up to a T\>ry recent j.erlnd. )u Ilia next tbere his been> correspondent raoeutlv carried on with w>g*rd to tlw holding of a ronrerono.e ami a pv .posod ar Tnlctlce, and 1 hay* gix>d Vipes that the Imnj>h givvrn mtot will sgreo to that oonforonce. ir that should bo the ck% I should hope that an armistice, on th<* grounds of liuuiaulty aud on the hula vi!rca<Jy piopo-v?d. woeld !>o ?ornptabln to all pariios. Hut tnat luitUr is Kill in doubt, and yoor t.irdf-hip w II pso tliat Ibo dl?cii*?!oii of this subject. it a lima wlion tnese matter* ar* still In do>ibt, would be Tory und'Mirabla. 1 do therefore tr ial tbi t the noble earl, on ground' ?>f public policy, \tII1 |Oi<lp<Ji<o U.e diSRu talon until Y.I the papers wl.i li h.ra u, are in roar lord ships' hard* AlUlMjth, *a 1 h'Ye stated, ! Imve co rear that anytime the' coble <-*rl rVgb? ksv would In terfere with tt?V> settlement o' tb>a <ioo.<tim, yot any dl? ctifslon at the pr^:oet moment won id b? linble to ml;ao prohen'ion by lb* p.arti'?* now ?sg xe?i in war, and might tons loud to thtf.ibUo inlnrr, wi prevent the mtn of Uiti negotiat.uas Ntoieh a. e tu v being carrwd on. (tle^r, fcear) Vhe Pari of Kitr?nof"i > n ?f'ndor the elrcnmstaDcea sta'.ed by tha nr-tla a?rl I canne* take upon myaotr the re?i>oii?lbllltr of tirlatkng <>n at thei, w?nt ra-iment a dirt mail ton on lIk* ending state of ?{> rn m i<frrr>acy and I rtGLUiarfc. (Bear, heir.) At tha *->me lima I eann t eoacia to tha conslnsion at which ha arrives- I by no atauita particulate in tha sobla earl a ojiIqUd that a die MMl in on tha subject in this house w>>ald liaye an Injn rkiM affect. On ;he contrary, I am *ery much afraid ttat if we ad'outj this disc jsfc.on, we sitsll poetpone II until a pei ujd v. ton it will in. toe id's Co ( / ??/ j< ? ony ("?<? tivAstftd. m DAY L4TER FROM EUROPE. ARfcllAL OP THE CITF OF CORK. SERIOUS ILLNESS 07 THE POPE, The ateemahtp <ii?y er Cork, ( *i>uln VlhMH, from Liverpool Marnh 19, rla u.j??tiatown iltt, arrl<re<t ?t tola port M eight o'clock yeaterday morning. Her d*w* la om day later. Two Area ooenrcad at Cardiff en t'?rrti 30. dolof eoa adorable damage. No )l??e loft. lt*ljr. Tram, March 17,18W. N??a from a reUahfcn rmirce *1 Rome atetae that the tllneaa of the Pope haa become aiore alarming. The offl-ial of Turin aaao<iao*? the arro'ntmiwt of I we? if three arw Peuatort. ladla. te*i. ?, Jsn. FhirUnj* dull, mule tw'."t," JOr.. lull and >:?cl;n'ng On ton diillan'1 d?rlloiug. Hawglnitxlphawn, SM rnpeea. O'pper alMMiltef andIM d?IL Ma>ir* orhim, 1J* ft. *j. chant* <mi t *>id >u. la. !?<?? Ooreroment ?eearlti?e, four p?r oeuta. 08; d<>. five per r ut*, 108; dc Ore per <wute, 111- Freight* u> Lttar^nX for cotton, 47*. Cd. a runnTM, F*b. 27, 1*fi. aturttnga tmule taiat, 4Cm , dull. Copper ah?att> tngadvaooe 1 aon?; do. ill# t trancing Tbo mrtigj tea too hm neirly rl<?ed. l.imred tend ng spxerda- Rice en<ot. J'H? Arm and active. Etthenga eo l>oo dun, 3* !*??? Dhltaarr rtrm obawlst, tub mun ftmimot who tOKQUrniP JIM WA*t? WHEW CRAM PION. i Vroiu Ui'j Bell** !!<*> ID LOOM, March 18.1 Another of the old fin'ol baa gone to hie laat borne ?luce our laat impre?#^n. roof Peter Oawtay, from whim we received a eo lately m Friday after nout, etpired (inlie toddenly tbe neit day, abortljr ba fore two o'oloek, M the Qiei)'i Head and French liora, Hake utreet. 8roitt?A*t4. l'ettr bad b on in northing feat robuat health far eomo yeara and Uttnrly hi* eye eight had become very much affected. U<t ona? of hi* familr hurt an idea that tbe en I wae to i.?? i, tmttt a very f*w mlniitre before bia d? th. He waa born liecemher 8, iMO.anthet he had put long oomplete<i hie alxiy-fourth tear fr?r g ?*? chief batt ?* were timet vtb Hick- 11 man the '?a*m?n> by whom be wai d<*fr?i<yi In thirteen round*, fourteen minutes imd ? U .If, and ?uii j.?, Ward, wb?'m bo onju?r ,d in "^oveii round#,twenty at* mln'itee, for (wo nimtred pound' i - m, January, Jena Ward at'.ho t me >f tto? defpil wan champion of Vrw, land, ami, an a matter of c< ,r;,?, leicr'a victory entitled him V) Claim tbia i-osiit on, but being 111 welbto do Mri oni - cimncrB, an J not wishing e.. i ir .? the pugil- ic pro* l###k>* anv longer, he d" o-, ,| tho honor an I oft lens Ward still u p.,?s.Tii<i >n oi the tlt.e. l*tcr j.m I tug be.;n boat of the house wti re ha died, but has sel-loui Inter fared io late ye ire witn m ?tt?r? cnnoMtmi with tha priM ring. Mia blef fancies of late years have bran plgeoa Oy tog, cocking ?n<l nutter. canine, lu all 01 wb.ct) be *?< an oiceljoui judge. GRAFT AT FOETEESS MONBOE. Eeception of the Geaera!-ia-b1hief at the Stronghold of tin Peninsula. INSPECTION OF THE FORTIFICATIONS, Speedy Departure ?f Gen. (iraat f#i tMl?er Field-* ?f Operation. ?* f.r. Win. II. Stinrr*# Dcapalcti. K0K!i-.Pi>i Mi'NRor, Apr'! 1.1864. ??KtVAf. or UltVTKRANT OltSfKRAt. C.lJ/lNr At half-pa; t Eovon o'Cl? <;k tills morning Lieutenant General t,\ H. Grant arrived at tills plane from 'Vanbing ton, on board of the iteamer ( ty or Aibrtny, apt. Wrn Martin. Ho is accompanied by Maj.r Ce-eral W. V, ?m!th, Brie?dler Generals lioblutoc and Kawllngs, Col, Corns took, :>t. Kidier and Hon. Mr. VTAShb irne, mem ber of Congi. s Irum Wools. Hmre were also suveral ladle< eccompanying the General'# party, among, whom were Mrs. General (iraat . Alrd. Geueral 1'. jbluiou and lira Captain Kidder. When tbo City or Albany hove in sight, and the Jack was observed Hying at her b..w, great curiosity wai manifeHted by an anxious crowd upon the wharf to know what dlstiogul-hod persOLJgea were on board. Horn* thought mat itojor t.eneral Burns'ide wna coming in ad vanre or bis Corp# : ot liars that, owing to tho presence o| Judge Ould at this place,t the I'resi lent or Secretary ot War was aummoued. But every conjeuuro wo# idle, and only a very few of the mitii to I who heard that the Gene ral-In-Chief or the United butes Army was e .peetod, enr mised rightly In gueaaln^ that the City or Albany brought the liero of Viekvb'irg. A3 saoo a# the ftcjt had beet securely fastened, a great crowd went on boar l to obtait a glanco of the moi whop* servicoa the country so much apprecl?te?i, und who, l>y the voice of the i-eopie, haabefi place n Euprcmo coma.and of our armic. While tin people wero heut upon having a good view of Oenerm (Irant, tljey k<>pl at a ri npoctfui didtancn, and no one hat an opportunity to couverio vrith him bo.'oro proceeding i? the fort. tJeneral <irant and atcort wa!kod to General Butlcr'i lieadijiiarters through the side postern, carefully avoid Ing eut< rln~ through the main Rally port. Inrf 'Io of tlia fortre?a the dl^t'ngnirh 'd visitors were mot and con ducted to General Butler'a aflco by Colonel J. Wilson b'k.iilor, ChHf or ^taflT. OKKUUL OUHf'j *grfPri(jX by (ienoral Butler wae of the moat cordial detcrlptk)?, and after a formal Introduction of the respective ftjr# Genorala Grant and Butier withdrew to the latter a pri vate ofllce, to consult oa business, doubtU ua eouaected with the impaudinx cmmpaign. While the twe commander# were in rout'tllaUoo ib" lad lee, who were left on the boat, were brought to htadinartera :u ear riage# and taken charge of by Mrs. General Duller. Tb? dialinguMhed gueaU made an inspection of the fort and made the lour of the rcuiparU, ? didtaa> a of uvarly one rnik) and a half. A V|*IT til PORT WOO!., or better known a.i the RR> JUps, was the next e-der 00 the programme, the entire party /accompanied by '!#?#? ral Butler, Colonol Shaffer, Lieutenant Colonel ilrlgge Chief yuartormaster, and Captain U. C. Clark, proceed ing with tbe City or Albany. After# minute inspection or this new and formidable fortification tho party return ed to hoadqaartcra to ioduige-iu a aumptnou# d.nner General llutler. Th a #flernooa # review of troop#-* while and colored?bn been ordered Mpecially for Gauerai Grant and escort. re# i.eeaRTi'R* o? 'iwiui. i.aairT, ?re Tiling to bis own word#, will be to morrow moruing, a# be ha* no time to make a thorough inipect'.oa of the entire department. Whatever may be the object of bie visit u> this place, one thing m certain, that he doe# net ignore or thiuk lightly of General Butler's command; and we hope that, whatever IP dos# towards tl?e capture ol tbe reb"i ospita*, our IKtle army bere will share ;ie labor# and oltlmate ^'ory. X BTAV1W nt DlffnUMf w.ui rapori-id bert late Iwt n gbt In a somewhat uo?* ?niy. t tcVgrapt;iod?'*pateh ?M reread, dat?d from New York, whl<-h -t *!ed that t?enty-tix bo.sra back,the wind Mowing a perfe<'i ?*le th? Ateamer FiMoa parsed a lari? lUMtroACi^e lleory. with machinery uiiab.ed. rud der (too*, hii 1 othorwwe In d Hre*#, ar.'l that the Fulton cmtld render b?f ?" aa?i?ia?ce. Ue.ieral Butl?r at once ifd'ind ?Tdsra to llaptan Ala* worth, tbmugb the quar termanier, tBsrndout aeverhl T"?*?ui to look for tb? steamer in v'" i>n. rfn ? *t -*m in nuari' f>* ran * mxv. *m-nr. have bepn 'out away fr<n? here by erder of G> n<5r?; Bit ter, and tfceir mrtroctious regara.og I be ground to g?i of"r are aa l?<liu ws:? The steamer A maud* WtnaoU left here at tiro ?Value* this morning, aud m to pare o a cour ??from '".ape Wnrjr Himihi ?at by south ?juartrr south, eighty mile?. north i<m\ quarter oast, tweot} ?i*bt northwsat, quar ter w?i?t, ? 14,'Bty miles. .<tate ?f ?i*ed tea koots. the ?t?ft;fior MoMauk left he'e at quarter bw'ore twelve la t ni^M, w<th ? apUIn Aln*w?rib on board, and to te steer from ?'ape U' ury ?oi'.b?at<t half cut, fifty mitos. north" Hi by north, half north. twenty ?'gbt tntios, and wn-t by north half north, mfhty mile*. 9pted, ten koota. The Kteai-ier Conrry loft Old Point at tan nU?nf*? before twrl.o l#<tt night, and her Instructions for the search of t he steamer ar- to steer out front Out Henry east by mr,th half sooth, eighty miles. north by east twenty eight miles, ana wait eighty mils*. Hate of I spoed, ?en knot' rhe ??aner r.?CTt g->t oiiar way V hslf-ptst twsire this moraine, and to tlo at a *j "??d of elerea knot* an hour I! r oourse *u marked to Btoer from Cape Ilcnry sast eighty tales, north by we?t tw enty sight miles, and west by imitb h*U south, eighty atles By the abor* it will be sc.<?o that a? one vessel Vaares h?r track another follows, and Isaree bardly ? spot where |Ue ship erarcbud for cocid esoape thetr notice. rim a. r. sractMM arrived from M "retired City at two o clock tMa aflernona Mr. Korr?<tai, the i'uraer Of the ^auldtag, en bwog qjea ttoned regarding the mMtng Mcimer, ttaied that at about wn o'cl' 'k this rr.'^o ig the ?teamtug Winect* halle i lh?Ti twenty mi >* ff-rn Kal.?e Data and i? qglrod whether the ."pvuluing fed in witb the itearaRbip at e wm in xearch of. Rt-celTiag a negative reply Uit Wiaaiita kept her courM. Ibe Spnaidlng brtught a nan her of piMenger*, among them ? aptaia A. 7. P'iffer, A ' /), C. of General Kilter'* "Uflf, retiirolag fraea Kawbem where be h*<i been oa uffloial boaloae*. TERRIBLE EXPLOSION. Drdrai Hon *Hh? WaUrhary Ptrtuulon i up K?? tot jr?Thrte Glrli I'ertefi In ll?< riimu, 4hs. . W*T*^?c*T, Coct., April 1.1WM A tertbte **ploet<? occurr*! (a one of the balldiof* bflrnifUif to tb* Atnerlcen Flak end Oep Cum pen jr Is (few eltj about ?ifbt o'clock thie morniof. 1 i>e?b?IWingw?? bvoed djwa.wi three (trie, leritned in th? flewee. The 1 <m M about If rn'.jr thousand desert, en wbiafc there waa eo torurenf*. Kewl/ *11 the peroo?*loa eep ntcbm?rf ta tbt K rtfj era Stetaa wee IB Ibla build rig, end leu n a ??rlou? on* et thte time la other r-?ji?cta tbaa ibet iu?U'a*<j by the eomptny. ? Aecl4tat to the Ship Qeardiea lebnr*. . 8em>r Ho<w. April 8?11 0 A. 1L The ibtp ?there as the Onur Kiddie i? tbe Oeerdiaa Hbe to ?tMklnf heavily, end bee two end e beif feet et water to her bold. The Goard'au we* bound freei N?w York to Ben k raoclee". BjUtuT floor, April 1-12 04 P. ?? The ?blp t'.uerdl ta bee got off, and to *tw et eo<wUf aw So thweet SpM, ^ . Court ?t ?pp<-*f. K ,'uet, Apr I J, 1** lotbcO.nrtof AW 1* Mf0BAMiA,,St April ?, m m felto(M;-4he. II, >??ti Be,?e,p?i Glutei catader e4ie?re?d ??li: M>?dar mantel

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