Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1864 Page 3
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U1LP W A1 TBD.BALBI. OB NTH OOARANJMD fiR DA* CLEAK, AMJ\ i. reoeise ft beautiful <<7.1 or eilver buuliiu itvtr ilet. presenter! free W e? I, ^?ul n ho sella the f ^i.1 oovel. the Amer .dii Prize Package, each of whlit, cooi?*~~ jte inunqtiej of fine wrl Ing materials. engravlny racket notions, mftnjr way ? to Ml neh,B?? t_ (*???'y. Ac . Ac.. Wfcr'.h uuuy dollar* it - ...K.^uTrSil? Hooly ifttenla Ore hundred pac*?" -LTi lof a superb watch, ihow bffi# F7S?Vlo w u reouuty sent an * where o- ? ^u. Tei^'ri.^hSnaiud -oa Ue ?old in a !*?< * rectlct of One bunarea Er*? Avr nt* wanted*' usidCM. InMftftimii X?Or .1 Auierii*- ,n everj town aa4 camp. Send for Cf> - Pri?e Pa. kage Company'} circular, con TZg' f * p?' ovel, premium laduoedieuta. free. Aitdreee ^fL cftn rf.ue pauij.gj Company, KB Mmm" street, N. T. k<iVr.*T9 ARE WANTED TOBBLLOUR IMMBN8SLT ?P popular and juttly teloljrated Stationery Prize Packet*, ?ae largest and beat out. containing fine Writing Paner, En tele pes, Noveluee, rich Jewelrr. icte: retail forouly ? eenU worth five times fte much, we pot op the ouly Pack ?U thai sell oiiick, give ?u.e satisfaction, ami by vrbk b Im ?ecK pro ill are made. Ureatest chancu to make money ?ver known; tiO invested will yield $40 selling our moat ?piendid steel Engraving*. linest ever published! All agents Merlve free (a* a present) a handsome Oold or solht Silver watch, rsrr&nted. No other Ann ran offer such Induce eeenla. I'leaao send for oar clrcilar, mailed free, or n.l an4 etainine our larue stock of Packets Ac. O. 9. HAS. K1NH A CO , 3G Bookman sueeU M. T., Prize Package and Bftgravlng flrarehotjee. HOYI-8TQP AND READ. Mow la the time la avoid the draft. Baler tho CN1TEB STATK8 NAVY. THREE HUNDRUD DOLLAR8 BO?*?;. Wanted?Seamen, Qruiuco, iaudamca aaU green fcaooa, to riklp f">r one or I wo years. . _ jRadyuartera, United States Naval Rendenrous, 166 South street. M ENEROBTIO MAN WANTED IN A LIGHT AND lucrative bus;neaa, one with a cash capital of about Apply to Mr. J.ckson, 101 North Moore el, from V A. ill 0 P. M. ESS AM OY8TKKM AN WHO HNDRRSTANDS 1118 BUS! ae.-u mav a, ply at M Willlum at, between 8nnd OA U ALL :CAND8 AnOY-NAVr llK!'AliTMF.NT.-?ABLE ami ordinary S"aiuea >vanted lm nedlntely ?aah bo.inly paid In advance Recruits also wanted for thr 'li.e on-pi. Call immediately and gel your cash at ua ad way Aooon WAITER WANTED-AT MA BRODAWAY. understaudmg well his buslneaa. AOOL0RKD MAN WANTED?AS WA1TKR IN A first cI&hs boarding house; must be well reeomioendod; VI|M $20 Apply at 2U Ninth sL, between i;h and 6th arcs. A PORTER WANTED?IM A RETAIL dry 400D8 store. Apply to James Oregan, 49 Catharine at. A P< o re II OR OF.RM AN X.AD. FROM 18 TO 18 J5 of ace. wanted, to go in the country to take care of a koree and cow, ?ti4 make himself generally useful. Apply at 61 BlsiHrer st. Am enkroktic and intkllioent man want e<l?Tble to wrlle and cipher well, and who mnit be willing to muk' himself generally useful in a Ugh i umnufac tuiin burlness; fair encouragement and constant iMnplov ?ssai to an lnduMrlous and so.table person; a married man preferred Addreu for two <lay<i in handwriting of appll OBt. Fluting Machine. Herald o'Vce. SOUN1Y PAID IN the NAVY.-WANTED, LANDS men, seamen, carpenters, coopers, blacksnulhK; alxo abort whalln? vora^na. Apply onlv at the North River Rendezvous and Shipping Onlce, 87 Went street, corner of 4lt>an>. up stairs. JAMKR A CO.. Agents OY WANTED?WHO IS ABLE TO TAKE cabb OP a horse and carriage, assist In tlie garden, and be gene y uselul, for six or eight montha. Apply at 327 and 329 Bl a? I OY WANn:n-lN A flROCEUY, ABOuT SEVEN ? teen years old; best of references required Apply to A Koir, 740 Btoadway. Boy wantbo-in a lvw office, muht dx in tellluent, neat, well recommended and a fmr writer. w?t \i2 Broadway, room 10. B g B BOT WANTP.D.-AN ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT BOV, about 14. ii wanted. Our who rcaldea with hi* rarent* ltd rau come well recommended may apvly .it 18 l3ey at., ?f etalr*. Salary email Drat year. OV WANTKD-TO WASH GLASSES At GCBNIWB, CI Heaver *>. OOKICKETER AND ORNERAL CLERK FOR A ORO ci'rv atom wanted: alao two produce *aleam?n. two gooda elerka, a-?i?U(nt boo'; keeper. hardware eVrk, two !*? ? ry aaleatuen. entry c'erka, ahjpplng clerk, ateainsbip dark, two cnnductore, three partera and a bark?ej(r. Afily at the Merchant*' Clerk*' Ageuuy. 80 Naaaau at. 20ACHMAN -WANTED,UN EXPERIENCED COACH man; Proteetunt (ainglel preferred. Such a one. with i beat reference*, may addreaa, etaling nau.e and icier aaoea. boa 4 676 Poet office. DBUO CI.ERK WANTED?AN ASSISTANT IN A RR tall "tore One who has had a few year*.' eiperirore in the buemee* may apply b-twcan 10 and li A. M. at 4M Bndaon at., oorner t.'larkaOn. NTRT CLERK WANTED-ADDRESS. WITH REFR rence and aalary expected, bof 144 Herald oilice. HAJRKWARE.-WANTED. A TOUKfl MAN WHO I N der'tandR placing and keeping (helf hardware in g.<d <r Alao a boy. Call tbla day at No. 4 Gold at, up atain. PPORTANT NOTICE. ?WANTED. AT T1IK MERCAN* tile Agency, MS Broadwiiy, an adrertl?ir;; clerk for a railroad. no aaslrtant bookkei-|xr, two out loor aaV-itre. etark In Ininrance office, two entry clerka. clerk In biokeia' ?Sloe, ropylat in law office, two grocery clerka ahlppliiR aterk, a time keeper and collector Other altuatiiina a'wave Thla being the only aalabliahmem in the . ity cor. ?acted under ipectal lleeuae from the Ma>or. re?? "dab e ?lea can alwaya Had employment an above. K H Mer ahanta, hotel* and othera muat aencl In their order* for atarba before three o'clock each day, to enable >ta u amply Km. OrganUcd|lSM. MONOOMKHT A CO. AN WANTED ON BTATBN I8L4ND?TO DO general noih on a geutleman'a place, "skernreof i. cow and garden; an Engltahaaaa or Uerman pre Call at 808 Broadway, up a la Ira. OYSTER MAN WANTED?AT Til RMNION PI.A<R R atauraat, 75ft Bioadwar, oorner of 8th *U One ? l.o ?a demand* hi* bualneia and la willing to make L m??if wmfMi SBTROLEUM OAUGER AND INSPECTOR WAKTED Muat understand hla bualnes*. and b<- correct at flgmea. ply to F W. Dovoe A Co., 117 Fultoa *t. nUYLOR'S SALOON. S63 BRCADWAY.-W AN TED, A three or four good waiter*. Apply UNITED STATER NAYT.-MEN WANTED; $1*0 bounty p*M caah In hand; ship tor one or two tiara. RANDALL A COURTNEY, corner of Cbamoei* an<*. Wcat Ha, up (taira. Hunen, Bremen, aoalpaaiara. :*t<d*ir.en, nni and a toward*. WANTED-YOUNO MEN POR THE UNITRD STATES *iea i ahtp< VaoderMIt, Vearlet, froleiie ano oth re. alaa. firit and second claaa f remen; t'<e hi 'he?t bountiea ft r the L'n ted Statei Nurr. Apply at I i> South 't. WANTI'D?TEN STOI T YOl'Nll MEN FOR A FISHING and aeallng vova:;a to Htidaaa Bar, to b> coi.e *li moath* The trip will oar men $300 toRMB; outfit found Sand A LI. A COt'KINBT, corner of Cham! art Weit au . up ?ulrm. ^AITBBB WANTED.?APPLY AT BftS BROADWAY yyANTED?A YOCNO MAN, TO KEEP BOOKS AND Kwdwik; . corner of ttth at. WANTED?A CLERK IN A RETAIL OROt EKY. about 1.' years of aga; ane who ha* *ome kur? edj;a ?f the b iatneaa and can nlva rafereaea aa to brnemt, Ae , ??4 willing to make hlmaelf uaaful. Apply at Ifl 41k> *l. M*r Cth *t., after 1 P. M. WANTED-A YOl'NO MAN TO WAIT ON YAHLKS and to make hlra?e:r ganarally aaaful: one who un Barataii 'a the biiaiaeaa. Iaqnlre at the Centra Oyater H uae, M Caaal au, between 10 and 12 o'clock. collect Also, aei-on 1 band g*i pipe, o d braaa. i ewter other ra?tala wanted. Apply tow C. Lm?'.* , 1,279 Wanted?an honest yocno man, w:tu some knowledge of bookkeeping. Referenoe ro<i*t ed. Ad dr?aa Mi ill Herald eSoa, eacTealag my aaat* for a<:?er w ANTED?A BOY. !? TO IT YEAES OLD. WHO wrltee a*o<vl hand, la quick at tit"** **d eonver Mt With the uloth bualneaa; muat reeida with hta parenta Bdnaa Bw A. t, Herald eflloe. with oaB?? and refertcua ANTED?A SMAET ACTIVB BOY. YO OTBN ovalera, wait an table and make hlmoelf generally Mna aalooa. Apply. aft?r t o'etock A. M ^at 3?7^Bowery WANTBD-A DR0O CLERK, ONE ACQ! A'.NTBD with the wholeaale bnalaeta. Apply I* L. K. A. U. N. WEoaler, 1U Cbyry ?t WANTED?A MtTMBBR OP SALESMEN, BOOK, keeper*, elerka. portera, bar taadara and gardener* tUly at II Wall at, room 17. after 10 A. M. 2ANTED?A BOT, IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE TO ?aa wfea wrltee wall and baa aiperleaaa. good ? age* be given. Addreaa. atottng am and wage* aipacted, la lwrltlag of applicant, boi MW Toat olEca. Wanted?a yocno man op oood address, to Mad bar aad make blmae'f generally uaef ii t a f rat alaaa kiaaa. ?ia*t briaa good city reference frmm teet em player Apply to-day Serore if o'clock, at IP Attcgdcn ayaare. . WANTED?A SI HOLE MAN, TO WORK ON A SMALL place oa Staten lalaad: he will bare charga of a gar Mm, two hareee and a eo?! ha aiael harf aa>leraei< ry ie> CEUHf7lMll?t4 at., befora 10 4, K, ... 4 TO-ANTBD-AN OFriCE BOY. smart AND fRWlT YY tn lateilael M*? uar# a chance ta leara the a ar to J- % Wy4i 164 Broad way .J 'f*TANTBD?THE*iB STOUT, ACTIVE BOTS. YY la the country U work In a bakery; thoaa * parted at the hnrtnaaa preferred tnqu re at 14 the foreaeoo. YO CO who ti.<a Prnai*L, WANTRD-A small AMERICAN BOT, 1* A 1BO ^ker'a oRca; aalary $100. Apply at 17 William *L, WANTED-A BTOUT BOY, WITH OOOD REFER ance ae ta h neaty, Ac., aaciiitomed to pckiti alvtr aad g'a** war*. Apply to U. 0. White, 19 Jahc m. w WANTED-A HAND TO TAKE Cn A ROB ON C'A? Bt>; muat underataad hia buelneia. SitnaUor. parnsiieat. Ayply far two day* at II Pnlton a?., Brooklyn. WANTRD-A THOBOUOH ROOREEBI'F.R IV a YY banking and atock houae; ana who haa hat ? asi1' ANTF.D?A LTOHT PORTER; WAORS $? TFR w?ek to eomnaeaee with. Addraaa boi S.A'M Past oft e. ? ??yet?ere tbo bualaeaa prefaarao. Addraaa R. M. N., boa i N| I?,,? W ANTF.D?A TIDY TOUNO M^N OR BOT To OPRH oyatara and make hlmaelf generally <i*efal in a tea Ipurani Arp'r far three dara at 170 Pult|a at.. Brroklvn. WANTRD-AS PORTER, A SMART, ACTIVE MAN that can write wall aad aot afraid to work. Apt If, w ? good reference, ta Oeo. Coak, 141 Broadway. ?X/ANTED tMMBD1ATRLY?TWO ORDER COOES; YT thoee wh" andaritaad their b'talneae fene t'ther* aw apply. A ae twa good waiter*. Call at ti.a i A*? of Olrard Uooea W" ANTRD-A BBSPKOTABLR. OAPABLB GR0('N, Eoailrb or Amarlean, i.nma.rled to go ta I bi>d lata I 4ppty at No d Rtoadway. grout,d floor ANTB0-A iOBKR A"D INDi STRtOUS MAN TO drive a boiae and ?*frn for a wholewuelienor atore: Butfl lt?fl (ti "i? uppar part of the city a l.o give w HKI^FJWTA 1*TKD-MALEi. WANTED? A GOOD BTOOT MAM rOB A* KXPHEB8 route from New York to Harlem, togiilro at 180 fgJtOtf st-, on Tuesday, at 1 o'clock, Voorheaa' 11mfx* WANTED IMMBDTATBLYv-BBM OF CAPITAL TO oail at the Inventors' Rich an <ki? Broadway. and examine tome of the moat '.enpnrtaal now Inventions of the age. A great ohanoa is ojferad to men of means to enca^n lo a legitimate bue'ncaa to manufacture an important article of merchandise. In whl'h ftfty per e?nt per month eau be ma>le on every dollar invested Otb. r business la offered lo tboae who have but from tMO to $:**) to Invert, In which the/ can make $*6 every day. Ca.i an.l investigate the bout op DortuoMy ever offered. Agent* wanted to canvass the <ity. HOWARD flLDKN WANTED?A TODNG MAN BRTWKKN 15 AND 18 years af age who writes a good hand and la willing to make himself generally useful. Apply from 10 till II A. M at I. Appleby A Hon'a. 1M Water at., corner of Pine WANTED?IN A KOIIHK FURNISHING STORE A boy from 14 to 10 years of age. Apply at 161 Pulton st , Brooklyn. WANTED?A REHPKCTABLB BOY, OK OOOD CHAR acter, who Is not afraid of work, to do errand*, pack ing and all kluds or ofllce work; most be at tha store early in ihe morning. Address in own handwriting, stating re lerencee, H., box 214 Herald ollice WAN ri' D?A OOOD WAITER. WILLING TO M A KB himself generally uaeful; reference indispensable. Call at 712 Croud war WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, TO ATTEND A flllST elass j-ro. i'ry ttore; one who understands the business thoi&ug'ily and has some exp'ricnee In Uie sal.' of vegeta blea, uiutt have Ihe best city reference; uoua other need apply App y at l?>6 bth av.. from 2 to 6 P. M WANTED?A. KM ART, ACTIVE BOY, RK8IDIJK) with his emeu's In an insurance broker's oftice. Ad dress ho* 5,107 New Yois P"Sto1lci*. WANTKD?A BARKEEPER. ONE ACQUAINTED .. ith the business and who .-an ome welt rcnommrnd ?d for l.onesly may apply at ttib MaJjaon St., between 10 and II A. M. tills day. rt K SEAMEN AND OREF.N II ? NDS WANTED?ON I ') gunboats Butler. Ruin Ide and Howard. $liO eaah. Bounties and prl e money. Two suits of clothes found. Good iiuartera and rations You serve only on these bouts. Apply at the shipping otlicc 170 Chatham St., old numl-er, up stairs. 1/)AA KKN FOR Til 15 UNITED "STATBS VaTy wanted?To aiilif.1 for oun. two or tlueo years: bounty $:tKl oasli in hand and (lir e months' pay In advance; prl e money worth inore than All the rest; landuncn, s#?v men, passers and firemen, Call at the old (hipping o.'Iice, 170 Chatham srset (old No.), up stairs. ^ SITUATION* WANTKO-UALEIli AYOUNO MAN DBSIRBfl A SITUATION IN A w hole^ale store (liquor preferred), or an lork or ,jr tender; Is resi potable and not afraid of work. Non~ b it iwspectable parties need address James W. 1 bomber No. 109 Wo<>ater su AYOUNO GERMAN, WHO TALKS AND WRITES passable Kn?|ish ..nil und?rs(nnds commercial b isi ncss. wants a sit iation as bookkee er or merclal branch. Address II. \V Herald ?Mica. A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS A THOROUGH KNOWL edge of wollens, is open to an engagement with a lust class h'use as b y :r. sales n m. traveller, or to inn'e him self ten rally useful Ti e most resne table references given Address Y. V.. box Ji 1 lleraldoffice. A GENTLEMAN OK TEN YBAR8' EXPERIENCE IN moicantlle buslne-s, lullv competent to talte ebarc* of a store or otnee, wishes to meet with a party reqnlrine the services of an acent eipcrlen-ee mostly In the i OUUt"y. Highest leferences *iven. ies: acting mo:a' and businesa Character. Inquire of or addi. s? .1. A. Nssb. No 5 Beek toaii st , New ^ork, room No. 12. AS BOOKKEEPER OR CORK BSPON DF. NT.? W AN T ed, a situation hv a young man. \v|i. bleaks slid wnt?s English, '?'rencli and Herman. He is w*!l arquainted with export trade from Germany and England, an 1 an .live Ciot class i-ily references. Audn sj ('. L It P.. Herald o:l,c?. I A YOUNG MAS' WISHES A SITUATION AS COACII <\ man In a private faniilv. underhiaiid? the <arr itf i in1 r* tratitnonlals can !>;? given fioin his last ' place. Address D. L., llna.d o lice, this day. Ainraortau roasa man. imTMi yp.ars nid a hook ketoper. s nart. ami a goud jud L'e of money. ileairce a poMtlon in emne < ommcr ial depotiiory, ent er as bookkeeper, cashier entrv or leaeral clerk. Good referent* or security Ad ireea for one week F D.. 23 Went 2Mb it. A MAN A N II W i KB i I'ltOTKSTAN TS i W *.\T SIfl'A lions. tin- man as coachman und gan'eni r. the a* general Miriam. Good references. Address G. U.. bo.i 110 Herald oflice. A SITUATION WANTED?iTy^A YOUNO MAN, .'8 vears o' a e In a whole?aV home as aalra-prtn or entt-* e.frk 1'udoul te I rel'eie nces. Addrese I*. A. D,, 433 Pearl ?t SITUATION WAST f?-i!Y a UD 17 YBARB or . agr, as a*M?tant bookkeeper, or c'or? in a Rr.'rery ate re. Good references. Call for two daji at ;'i 7th av. between 2.4b and eta. A YOUNG MAN WHO I NDKRSTANDS KOOKKB'CP ine \c.. want* a aittutioti in lb? mercantile <var. He na* U)e best of ciisrarter, and can b* rec?nimeudert by nne of the most reai i-ctablc men in this city. Apply at 172 Wot IMh si A SITUATION WANTED?AS to A?' HMAN IN A PRI. \atc family by one w ho thoroughly understand* Ine bus uexe . would bet c no objections in 1:0 a shott dls'ance In the 11 intiv If required. Call at 15 West l.'th st., In the stable lor two daya Has the best of references. A TRAVELLING SALESMAN'S SITIATION WANTED, i v i> young mm ivlin Is fully competent to a-tIn the ah?vc capa tiv, In laac.. goods or notions. Address T. H , box i .3 lleia'i: on ee AYOI'NO MAN OK NINE VEA R9' EXPERIENCE IN the old country and Hit vr-iis in the United Maui, wishes 1. sit nation as roach inan and t to im r.o o'> ec Inn to the country in the snmner; Ine l>e?t nf c.t; and country relereu.e, tan ha seen at Tra.ner'i saddicry, corner of Aator pl.u e and Broadwav or al stables, III E.isl Slit si. Adrir> a- fcr two dayi or until rn^aged. J. G Arp.sprct*ri,r m*v having a thorough knowledge of tbc ? tv. wants a sanation us booi. ke?ie, .r | .1. . .. r clerk ill a wairliiiii' or merc.mU'.e b it M Pest rtf'reacrs Address L. U., Herald olhce. B( i('K KKRPBB'B SITUATION W A NT ED -R V A VID die ace?l man. In a hank. Iniur>noo office. or mer entile ref. rs 10 last employers. Address u., bos 5,799 New York Poei offlcc. f ILt'Ak BaI.BSMAN WaKTF.D-one WHO UN per stands )i!a business thoroughly will be liberally dealt witb. Apply to K. Jones, 234 R wery Mam cook-an* englishman warts aw en ragement in a prlvnte fsm 1y or hotel; updcritande cook'ng i*>rfenl? , a so elites and pas'riev haa lived in rr?t class ei.fsgeu etita. Address, lor two d?jS B I T . Herald CITCATION wartkd-bv a married man. a 1 ' pncttcal farmer and vegetable gardener; understands the earc of ail kinds of stock and their treatment perlc. lly; takes eharce of gentlemen s. Can be well rec.inmende'd Can for ihree da>e at 623 Washington it., between I 'and 3 Situation Wanted-by a WWPSCTaBLB TOSIO tnai/ Irointhe (Mill y. asach rkor bonkkee|<ei in a Out cla?s g oeery or commission home. The best of rrf^r ence given, Addreee En'.erpiiie, box 9P hlirabelb Fost 0 ce. V J SITCATION WANTBP -AN AMRRTCAN YOCNO HUN, ag?d S3, wlahes 1. sltuatinn in any wholeaa'e burnesi ? bus he co >ld |m?ke himself ?e?foi. Has had live vesis1 experience in the gio<-erjr h-ulness Beat eity reli-renm glten. A. dre?? H S . h.u 110 llersld oH<*. SlTCATltiN WANTKD-BY A YOUNG POBBIUNBR, who ean aiieak several laugnavea ae e'eik in sn or stcte lie ii a qtiios penman and would he satiat ed with ? eisef: aalary for '.be befioolng. A .dress A. N C? Herald 01 oe. C'Tl'AIIOM A8 BARTENOBP. WANTBD-BV a com. . potent young man; undestan'te both wh< >aale and retail Apt 'r ot present employer a. J L C., Bowery Hotel. rl I' A TP NT MPPICINR ns a :,KU< AND tirilF.BR A gentleman who la thoroughly competent exteoiivel; nri.i-.iili.ted with Wei.ern nowirk'-era and who ean secure (be naortlon of advertisements on time desires to meet with a i*rty In want of a qusllled person to write adrer Ueemonta and msnage an advirtiaiag bualaege. Addreae Aovemeer. Herald o hoe. THR 81'RRCBIBBB, WHO IB A PBOFEBSTONAL nook and haa been la tha hotel busmen for msay jeara, would like a position aa ateward or anperlntendent of a Brat class hotel or r?*tauraot. Addreae 0. O , Herald eOoe. TPABTRD?A BITTaTION IH A YOt'RO. RESPECTa VV ble man, tn care or drive horaee tn a famflr or livery employment. go ?t rclerca.-? can be glveo. Apply at Hr. Bcott'a prlrata liable. Wen ISthet between Mb and <tb ava WAN 11' PI- A KITi ATIOR, RT A TOUNfl HAN' IS A good writer quick and aorreel al Afarea. Addreae B. C ?. T.. Voakera. * Y. WATTBD-A PLACR AS COACHMAN; IB A OOOO driver, sober, eteady ami ffoneal: will make himself naeful, bai cood reference. Call or addraaa 10 day T. B , cv?rbn an, f9 Baat I Ith at. ?fVABTRD- BI A TOUHO HAN (A SCOTCHMAN), vv ewipTn^Feht r* ?Wi?r lhr#* h0"" lb* eyenl?rf ;a poet ng np hooks- Haa hal nre ??P*rlaBa?. Beet Wantkd-B^ a.TSThg Man Of IB YEARS, a situation a* ssiUisnt hmkkeeper or entry eierk la a wl c.eea'e dry goods or enmminion honae, beat referencoa, Addreee V. A. B . Herald oHee. WANTBD-A BITCA fION. BT A YOUNG MAH, A? VV aaetitaat bo?'kkaeper or li willing la make btiuae'f gei.eraltv naeftil caa bHrg good re'ereicefrom blilaat am (trar Addreae B. B. H wi IM Herald offlce. * AN IBD?BT A YOCNO MAN AOF.D '.7 Wfro ) wntei a good hand and It eorrent ,t flgtirea'a alma ttor. >a a commercial hottea, ag aialitant bookkeepor. or _ learn a fio<1 business ? beet refcren. ee itr fe will rg to learn a fiod buslaeae: beet ~ re fere n<-aa son Addreae C A. Mowbray, oare of BryaatU Btratton 17 Broadway, N T. WARTI P BY A TOPNO MAN. A SITUATION AS aes.eiant bookkeeper or en.ry elerk. le lharo gMv 1 a iflad and ean gi>e good r-ferencaa. Ad.Inn H H T b. t ? ?C New Terk I'oet olllca ?? WANTRD-A SITUATION. TO HARDEN AND TBM* l#r rrln' Hre steel, round and Hat wire, and umbrella tibe Address .lohu Mallei), JW I'roiperaue alley, ad Lucuel ?t PblJadelpbla. IIK.LP IUJITICD-riCRlALMe AT CHRIf rOPHERS BBI.GCT AGR.NCT. In TILLART it Brooklyn IdO eerntite wnitie.1 immediately for euranor elttiaticni resdr In the beet famfllee In Brooklyn. This aueiiey is crowded evirt day wnb ladlei waatlng earv aiile of e-erv deseriptluti Wsgei $9 and tlO. ACOHPRTRNT PERSON WANTED?TO ATTBND AN Invalid'*n.'i>t l>e a goo l ss.msirese Apply*! 10 East k*' et , near ttb av . naiement Ion A BLOTCH ritAVRRRMAID AND LAUNDRBSB wanted, lar Newport. Alio a Protestant gltclien girl. P'oiesiaat and < athollc oook?, chambei n al ls, 'aundressee, wailreaeea nurses eea iialreles mid general lio'isnworkera <au find good ailiiatloni aud wagei. in city and conntry, at ???. WniTPlBLD B (fortnetly nf CkulvB Home). SOT banreen ?th and astb eta A EIRBT clasb chambrhmaid and waitrehb j**8lofl~A' M Clsrk et.. Brooklyn. Apply beiweea J? A WKI.BII PBOTRktANT (IIRL TO D0CR4MUK* fx l^ sulm r?i Id; r?ferft<# Cat) ai Vi rik ??., __^M*>^-WA!rrRI>?FRMALJEB. A 1*A?'.JK NUMBER OF GOOD BFRYANT8 ARB .*^?t?d inim dia ely, Jo ail tl.e best of situations In ?roe.Aljn. Two aan ?ngage lu one bona*. >? cook unit OTrroatd Ho chasge till Cell at the now Employ ment Office, BIS Fulton ate,, mu BHWitt plaeo, Brooklyn. A PRIVATE FAMILY WANTS TWO GIRLS; ONE AS laundreae ai.d chambermaid, the other u waitre'a, must understand tbeir b'-elueaa ihoro .({biy. Call at W 7th a*. COOK WAWWBn-lIf A 'BOARDING HOTTIIB, WHO can bake bread, pie e?Va. roa?t uicat. it.; good w&sea to a good hand. Apply at IS Mot.tgomrry at . Jersey City COOK WANTED-M0BT UK COMPETENT, A OOOD baker and have cltf references: willing i? assist In tha washing or go in the country. Ca'l at ;?7 Wi .t 22d at., be. low Dth at., Tuesday foreuooo. Amo a good sanlaMTi to work near Slog Hing. DRKSSMAKERH AND APPRENTICES WANTED. Apply at Va Broadway. _____ DRES9MAKINO WANTED BV fllR DAT ?BY A COM p< tent pei son. Oan be seen all day on Tuesday. A4 dn aaall week, No. 119 Kaat 19th at., and I will call, DRBSBMAKERS.-BIOIIT OR N I NB OOOD DRR83 makera * aa'.eU at 1,102 broad way. two door* aboto 17 ih at CI1RLB?IF YOtT WANT TUB REST SITUATIONS IM T flrat class families, hotels or bosrdng hoi.e"", to do any of the different branches of homework you like in eity or country, with good w.uf?, tome to the Large Employment House, 138 oorner 6tli av. LAlJNDRKSS.-WANTRD, A KIRfiT CLASS LAUM dress, in a prtvale umtlr. Apply at 51 W?at 9711) at. M1LI.INBR.?$10 TO $12 PER WEEK. STEADY EM ployment ?iveu Address box 2,207 I'oat o MILLINER .?$15 TO $18 PER WKKK, AND STIADY employment, for a person experienced In nnil aC'-na touted to clrae work. Address boi 2,267 I'oat oflice. MTLLINKR8 AND TRIMMERS WANTED?ALSO A irooj milllnoi-y solcnwon>aii. Oood wages will bp given to competent posoni Apply at M2 8ih a\ , between .18th autl 3Jth nta , New v.., MILLINERY HALWtWOMAN WANTED ? OKI those vvlio have hen in IV bu?ine*H wlih nood refer enre iipply at Mme. Lacy, 120 Clh ave AUo a gill to lew by the day. QALKBWOMAN WANTED ? K YOl'NO LADY WHO IS O oxponencert in 'he 'adieu' hfslery a-i<l f irnlahlnx line, can ih'ain a ; 1"??aot shunt'on inaflii' else house to be openo I (entirely now ato<k) lai May on ltroadivay. Art J read B. A B., box 1,193 Post utllce. SHIRT IiA.sns WANTED-ON PINE CUSTOM WORK, to vrork in slvrp, at llra.nlwiy, TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Y017NO WOMEN wanted : one to ra?>k, wash and iron: the other aa Ghana berm : ami to assist lu the care of ohildrea. Ai ply at No. 7 3d st , near Towniy. WAITRESS WANTED-ONR WHO FPLLY CNDKK aland* her lijsinc^s an.) ean come well f<nmmend ed. Apply, between 9 unci 1.! o'clock at 99 Weal I I Hi at. ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED, CAREFUL AND IN t?ll Iran I ehlld'a nana; one whoejn come well roeom mended will l.utl a fnwl situation and good ?igea. Apply a' ZV' f h av. WAN TKn?A LAON DRP.S^, WHO UNDF.RST ANDfi Freneh llntlnz and can furn'aii best of references. None other need apply at 33J We-<t 22d at WANTfC'l-'URLh TO PACK TOBACCO. APPLT AT 200 Water at. Tl^ANTKn?TWO WOMEN; ONE TO DO GENERAL VI lio rework: the other to wash and Iron Apply at m West Honstou xt, for two days. TITANTBD?TWO COLORED Ollif 8. TO Of A f'llORT Vv dist.'.n e In the eo'.mrv ; one as C"Od'-ook w -her and Ironer; the o her ?s and w^.traaa; taoilly amal1. Apply at 174 Ensllvli it. V\T ANTED?TN A BM ALL PRIVATE TAMIL*. A VV S'l art 'vlllinr ?lrl to do part of h mc?nrk, wiisbine, lionTng and o'ali. ????o'Kiru; to a oo'npe'.en' girl, with ytwid references $s io $?? No other* need apply at !6Vt"< ai22d ai.. basement rloor, from 10 to 12. w ANTRD.?LADTIJS Vf 110 UNDRRRTAND RM ii . i'T' work, by hand, am! tho.e a.-, om - I'T IIHIIU. aijtl llinr* a* ' 0m pltuhoil In the use of Whe ?It .1 Wilton's ma hluei ran oli litln t-'rajy em pin vmen', on Irst class work (lal'"s mil ccntt.' linen), w.tli co-rrspondlne 'vnfti, tn a n?w l?oii"f to Sv-op?nc.l on Bi"a I'vav Abo'it I at M*y. Work room f)n?ly Hglr'd. i i> first floor. no alaira to climb. Addreav 8. A IT. bo* MAS Post oillce. Wanthd??two ?;rni,c; one as sn amstress. who can ont ami fit lor fiiiiily us-. ami on* ns n irse and ?'luimlwrtrtaid. Thos* coining well ra otnmeutled can apply at 10? West 13th at. Ur ANTKD?A WICT Nt'RSE: A TOn>? HE ATiTTl V woman with .1 fre?h broast of milk city rt,eren:e require.I. rail at 31 WyckofT at., South Brooklyn. Wanted?to <;o in tub country ro* tub riinmfr. a witnin to -ook nud do the g?n? house work of a uriva'e family. Apply on Tuesday. April 5, be fore 1) id tbe forenoon, at It Bait 17th it., rear .Id ar. WANTRD-A WRT NDRSE. WITH A FRESH RRPART or.olik. Apply at 277 8th are !>? t" em tb and .'9lh Its., from 0 to II. 0' Ofl refrren re mired. WANTED?A WIT.T.TNG AND OBLIGING YOUVG woman, to do trenoral ho'iserrork In a small family: aV must b? a ?o"d plain rook wash?r and ironer: German girl rre'rrred. Apply at 329 West .Uih at. frrANTRD?DRESSMAKERS. AT S92 EAST <TH 8T. if Call for three days. T\rANTED?A GIRL TO DO OKNERAL nOUSEWORK ; il one who i.tnlnuiml" her hutineaa. Apply ibla day at No. 6 Cottage plate, n*ar Bl< rck?r at. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO ORBERAL HOUSEWORK in a pr'va'.e family; mnst be a good wa*herand ironT and p'a n rook. Apply at *12 \Ve?t Slut it., with referunce. ?^y ANTF.n-A GOOD MILuINER AT 712 BROADWAY. ?fir ANTF.D-TO GO TO RAN FRANCISCO. CAt.-A TT fir! who thoroughly understand* hnieewnrk In all re. aarda ?-nn'? a rt'iallon with a family enlngto San Kran'-ls eo. Refer* t<> her prem-nt employer. 24 F t lion ai . N. Y . or at 80 Bedford ar.. Brooklyn, E. D , where alia may he Been. WANTKD?A GIKL TO TAKE CARB Or CHILDREN and do chamterwork; best cfty reference* required. Apply at 14^ W??t 2lftat. W\ NTF P?TWO BRRVANTS: ONR A8 t'OOK AND to do General hoitacwirk: the other a* child's tinr? and t<> do tl.e Mashing for three None need apply exeept those who perfectly understand their bullae*!. Apply imui?. dlntely at 468 Weat 2?d at. WANTED-TWO WILLING AND OBLIGING OIRI.8 logo a ahort distance tn the country: one a* cook, H e other aa n>trae ind ebambermal l. M'lal b? Vr' teatanta *nri ro-ne we I teremmrnded App ybrineen tlie lionra of l: and * .>10 k ihta day (ToeaJay). at 217 W< it 42d at . be tween 7th ard Ml avra. WANTED?IN A TR1VATE FAMILY OF SIX PER. lona. a neal cl 1: limat he a good plain coo* waahi r and Ironer eliatnbc matd asalaU: reference retired. Ap ply at No. 7 M irrat Hill jiark from 9 to I o'clock. rr an ted?two oirls. in a trivatb bo?rding ?? ho .i?- one ai Brit rale cook; lha other aa waiuaia AppH at .'<S vai ick it. WANTED?A I.ACNDRB8S TO 00 TO T11E CO IN try for the inmtner montba: one who nniliratandt flnt'nc and wanh'dj In all Its branche* Applv at 4tl W?it S7tti ?t. Tne'ila* nli1 Wedn^aday aftcrnooBi, fiom balf i a* ?# IP ta all F. Ml WANTED-V OOOD COOK, AND TO AS'TST WITH Yf the washing and Iron In** Arply at 140 eit N?lh it., b'tween Cth and 7th aya. l>efor? I o clock. VVANTRD-A WOMAN TO WET NFBBR A BABF AT ii her own house: ore who haa loat bar own child pra fairad Apply at 67 East 27th at. TTANTBD-A OIRL TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK ** In a famll* if four: Protestant pmferied: must he earn patent and tidy, and brlag Drat rate reftmce; wages 97. Apply at 269 Rarkrtt at, Brooklyn. YVANTRD-SFVKBAL GOOD DBF.S8MAKBRH, ALSO TV apprentlc-i for draaaaaklog, at Mra Lefebte's, 1U0 Wartrlay plaoe. WANTF.D-TWO OOOD DRBSBMAKKRH. APPLY AT TT 10 Bait I2th lt 11TANTED?A COMPBTEBT TOOBO WOMAN, AS "T raambarmalil and walfreaa; good rSfareore< required; wagai M Apply at 123 Baat 24th it. batweao 4tb and Lei legton in, for two 4sia WANTED-AN EXPBBIRNCBD SEAM^TRBSB. WHO will att-ml young children, and Is aectntotnad to the nar of a sawlna ma h'ne Apply al 124 Columbia, between fietrap?t ana C a-k ita.. Brooklyn. WANTBD?A ?TBO!tO ?IRL OF ALL WOBK; BO I object on to n colored oo?; must ba wilting and abli(- ' log, acoistomad taand fond of chlMea: none other naad 1 apply. For pniilcjlara sea 1 W. Marsh, printer, Ba 80 Fulton at. WANTED?A COMPETENT LAUBDBE9R; ALSO A Brat claaa waitress, to fo Into tha cointry; libcal w??aa for both. Apply at SOS Hth ara, on T?aiday, from 9 w .. Culoia. aeaono aaor a.,C * WANTFD-A COOK. OIIAMBIRMAID, WAITRESS. latindraaa, nuraa and seamstress, for a first clasa prtrala family, who pay good wares. Apply al Bo. 7 Weil llth it. between Broadway and Vnirarafty place, from 10 to 4 o'clock. . -? . ^ ^ ^ * WANTED-.A TOOBO LADT tO TAKE CHARGE Of pastry aountar, al Taylor's Saloon, M Broadway W^tlD-LADT. TO LEABB THE AET OF COLOR k'' '?!^hft ofrapblj^ after two weeks' Inatnictlon, of ouo SS'ir per day, work will be gfyrn 0'11, Iroryttpes. Drawing and Painting taught, at 713 Broadway, room is) Q. KONIGSBKRO. rt7ANTED-A BEAT TIDT OIEL, TO DO ORNEIUL JJ .tfe tWrS'1 7,h TXTABTBD? BT AB AMERICAN FAMTLT, A OERMAN TT girl to da general housawork; must be a good washer and Ironer, and plain eoak Apply at IS7 Baat Uth it. W^HABTBD-A THOROUGH HEAT ABD FASTRT took. Bone ether ased apply. Alao a chambermaid and a dinlag room girl. Apply ai lha Saweii ilO'ise. MS Broadway, ANTRD?TWO OIRLR; ONE AB PLA1B 8BAMB ?tmis and tn attend on lit' 'rant tha other as cham bermaid aad waitress. Apply from 10 to 11 o'clock at I It Alb at., halwten West 10th and Charlea eta WANTFD-AT IIBI OB PLACE HOTEL, A SKtVISO girl ; one who underatantls working with a Orover A Bskrr s sewing msuhlne. WABTRD-TWO PRR80BR; ONB TO COOK, WaHH and iron; the other to do rhamberwork and 'o s?<lst In washing and Irontnc: first rata wases will bapaid to eon patent persona. Apply at IW Kasl uth it., near 2d st W| ANTRD?A WOMAN TO OOOK AND 8RA80N fruit for a r1" bakary. Inquire at HI Bait 13tli it, at t o'olaak Ula afternoon. WANTED-A TOl'NO GIRL TO TAKE OARR OF children and do tip ilaira work. Call al 10 Vanrilrld pi >ce. Mat ii, bat wean fib and Hh aya, T(ly raferen;. ra United. WABTKD-dO FIRST CLASS MANTILLA MAKRRS. Alee good tiperaton on Wheeler A Wlleon'e eew'tig [ gar Mar. a, ?An understand tiMtnuUa maklaai Ait h Ic i, i ? * * l?Tla* Broadnat ? TUBS TRADES. 4 riBSf Cl.AfiH POCKBTBOOK MAKFR PEMRB8 J\ a situation ?i f? rT?ni in, or journeyman >i {oodnt^u are paid Address. stalls<i laduoeiui-nti. Jor.u (I Hu'o utoi.d. New York Puti oOke. B. B.-i'.u gire we (butt u( (?factory refereacee. Carpet upholsterer wantkd -also a oood carpet saltan.m> by 8. fciuith A ?ou. n: Urand st. ENVELOPE Ct TTKR-WANTED, A K1RST R A TR envelope sutler; one who in a (aiioied with tbe I -si MM. Apply to 3 K inor, lit WHham at TjllLB aRINOURM WANTKD-HV jamks tiornkr a ' Co. UI|kHl WDM piiil: stc;ul? cmplnjm.'nt jtlvcn. Turbine wheel; water |x)w?r, the ben1 in the country. Apply at 2a Cliffat.. New York, or at Pomp'.ou, N## Jersey IRCIf SATE MAKftm WANTED,?OOOD W0RBP.B8 in iron can flu 1 steady employment and good pay ?t Herring A Co. a safe mnaufactery, corner of Hudson and 13th eta., an ! 9tli avo aud J4tb it. MACHINIST-WANTRP. IN A URGE WOOLLEN factory sear th ? city, a good machinist aenmtomcd to repahs or nucli nery |u a fastory. Nri>1 y at 293 Bread way. room No. H, between 10 A. M. and 4 P. II. SPINNERS WANTED?IB A LARUE WOOLLEN PAC lorv near tlin ctly. Steady work and gold w.^ra Aeolv at I9J Broadway, room No. ti, between ID A. M. and 4 P. H. TO BO?S painters-W ?.NTED. A 8ITO ATION, BT a l ist elan naiutei. m ?orkiiiK foreman; can letter a fair rl?n: can in ! n.n.c :onsldsral I* ti ado. Addiesa B. U. Hosier, N->w York Po*t o bee. TO rnOTOGR M IIBB -WANTED. AN ASSISTANT printer, who thoroughly understands the batlnexs; ?lead) employment, at Kbit 111. ndway. american PORCELAIN PHOTOGRAPH 00. Wm moobaith. house pawtbb, 87 mm ana St., waul* '? good houiip lamttnu to s morning. None b-'t : rat rate wnr:> men need atipty. WEAVERS W * *< rER?AT A II K ALTIIY AND PLE?P ant riV.iK" near Hartford. Conn ; families or n il la hands; female* preferred. (lood tenements with gardens ut low rrnln. Apply to W. Willard, 17J'. .Va hingiou at WABTED?A Fi HST R \TP PHOTOGRAPH POINTER Mil tonur. O.illat Orattr>ee>. 411 H ro ad way. WANTED?A KEW OOOD FITTERS AN P HRIDLR hands. on ? psi liai ncss. Applv to Hoorerf Calhoun A Co.. corner of Reads and I'Siu StreeIs, upcUiira. TITANTED-AT THE TRENTON WlAUD ORDNA>U'R \? Worn, five p,tt"rn niakerc, tw- tttv ma lilultt*; bIUH fill noik- on. ot ??*], hulills tan h?va employ iiii-n' and M-iriil >v??/? Apply to.C. C. Martin, Snporiuten dent, Trt'ntoo. N J. tlTABTED III MEDIATE LY?A AIOT7LD XAJKEB, OP >Y tioo ! h i!'' nmpctertt to take cliai'^c of a ulinp. io wli >mTiberftl r>i?y "ill Uj jjiven. Apply to Brooklyn Flint lilaaa Co , 46 ril.v.c si. ' "\JlrANTED- A MUST CI.'SR CaLIOO DESIGNER. VI Apply to Ho, t Rpra^ilPS A Co. Wanted-\ fi ;sr r.i,ass coacm p^inthr. one aocwtonicd io jobbing may apply at 01 Croaby st. TV ANTED- \ RESPBOTAB1.E YOI'i n TO I.BABN VI the nlnle?iriiiilnf nnsineii Also a boy alio it 14. In Ijnlie nt 16 H'llUn , slip. tTTANTKD?A HAWYBR; ONS WO TTlOROlTdlU.T Vy un'iemandi his imtiiiitiiM mot ' xn hie saws, at J, T. Burn rd's kwdllng wood factory, r/> South ?t. VrrANTED? STOVE l'LATE MOULDERS; STEADY y cmpNiymcni ami the hl/'hco prices pal.I. An ply at the olfi'-c of the Mnnhallnn Hi .re Wor* 2I^Waier at., New Vork. M UN SELL A THOMPSON ?\|TANTEO- r.V AN EXPERIENCED AND PASDION VI able iMitte" a ?i> latnii in some flrsl lass tailoi ing i ?? Inbltshmcot in the city Ad lee?* for two days D. Q. K., care ot II. Whilford, Wl ?nd Jt'.'t Broad way. TI? ANTED- A I ODD FMIP J'LUMBKR CALL AT 94 VI Wall at. before R A. M. WXNTEP-A onon practical R.VKPR WITH $:,(? to $ Wl m ptfHer in the i >iaiii.'??. A g o-i nhance for o:ie who can r con,! rOreocc. App y at 631 Second avenue between Thirty-fourth ami Thirty-fifth streets from 0 to 11 A. M , or C to 9 P. M , for t?vo days. WANTED?A COOP (lOACII BLACKSMITH. TO A II g ,od n- rkmnn steady emplovrncnt the year round. In quiro at the ? arrla.,e ta'ioiy, cori < r llrott-:way and 5^th st. rtiE.Viii ADVKKTISKAIUNTS. TTNE JK1NE FII.LE FRANCAI8K DBRIRR RH PLA I e?r con ioc bonne i! ci.iiict*. S ailrciaer au .44 West !Cth ?t. UN AMERICAN DKSIRR FAIRR I> A CONN \18SANi R ?I it n?? joi.nfi Finn oaf! avec Mil il ucnt ae p rrec'louncr dans la laiigue (ran'nlse 6'ailra?ser Mudi J. T. M , 11 < raid oll.ce. 1 TNE PKR-'ONNF ANC.LAISE. PARLANT TRKB HTEN I 1c fran ais, n\nnt i a?-c plusietli" mnffs > ill aire une place ile femme 'le rhambre on do bonne d'enfnnts. S'sdrcsser on eltc uihui'euant employee. No, 5 Oust lijate rue, "ITNB FILLB FRANOAIRB DESIRE SB PLAOBR L> ilans e famiile Amei sine co one f*m ne de chani Lrc o i bonne d'?n;'ants. etani prcml re nrdrc ? outnrlere; elle peut fo null de tome rofeieiKa. ".'.idi user an 98 Weal 24tb ii, between filli and 7tb nvi., In the rear i\str( ( rum. AT TffR F.r?WARr?S ACADBMT?OPBW DAT AND evening 9' Bowery, near (Iran i street. gentlemen nre <i.i?lif..'il for ihe counting room, and Indies to keep accounts irnnsi;e abusness cm-r'n'Onl bv letter, Ac. Persons of neglected earl* 'duration instructed in Ken ling, Spelling, Cianmar, Ailtlim-tic Ac. Students taught individually. Scpurale room* Tor ladles. Term* by the quarter or tnontb. W-ltlnr. 25 lessons $'2 An ex governor of a wrighborino rtate. ivHom tm malmi biitlwi taronghA bnsineas course of Bookkeeping. Writing. Arithinet c, Ac . at I'Al M.'S Vi-icanli e College. 62 Botvery. writes tIt a: "I bare known t'o'. 1'nlre ten vcare, !? I? gentlnnianly de portment t<rw?rd? hi* pupils. caie ami perseverance, aa well as hia acquired ab llty in tea hinp ronllv gra'ify me In recommend ng him aa being well nuill ied for bla profea iinu. HrooklvD rooms. M Fulton atreet. \COURPR OIVPRACTICAL INSTRUCTION IN BOOR keeping, bv do ible entry and luis'nesj ataim may be obtained at (loldamith'a Institute, 7.W Broadway, corner of E'ghih street. i'nvaie lusti urtlon m penrnaiikbii'. rici arale room* for ladles OLIVER B GOLDSMITH AGR\DUATR OF THE UNIVERSITT OF CAM. bridge Kni'land. pri/-man and eischolar of hia ool lege, now lesident In Weir York, desires an engagement aa v ailing tt.t'ir. The *d< ? rti'er ai? gives private instruction 1n Mathematics ("lassies, Kngl ?h. t<\, at I is own room*; highest teferriices AddresaCanla"). ho* ?7. ?'<31 Broadway I THOBOl'OH BUSINB8S EPrCAHON IS IMPART ?'\ ed ai TOWNSI ND S Aende rf. '.ji1 Powerv, near 11 ms t in *'i?ei Writing Bookkeeping. Art! i Mtte A'gehra. Readm ?. Spelling and Grammar Ans vs s. are 'aught to ladles and centlcmen day and -veiling- m-ivntet uiou t veq p. (vou? "f lifi'cic.ii e'.ncullou will u?.e ve U1 at ?entlor. Term* molerue AT DO' RF *R'S COMMERCIAL ACADFMT.RO.fl09 Rroadwar. gent'emen or ttovacan have private lesaona In raj id R'lamcss Wrtl'bg. Tracilcal BiV)?kee|.tng, Aritlima t c, ,tc , and learn more of bti(ioe*< a3alr? In one month thsn In yeai* at ordinary icbo-ila. A FRENCH OENTI-FMaN, niOnt.T EDUCATRD. AND ha- ng umch eipetlence aa a teacher, la desiroua of giving 'c-sutis in private fatal ilea He will also teach a class ot ??! or more gentlemen every ?Hei na'e evening, from 7 to 9 o "lock Those wishing to receive instruction will pleme adding a. B , Havaca Hotel, corner of Eighth atreet and Broadway. i vol NO OKRMAB, KXCKBDINOI.T WRI.L EDIJ. J\ ea'ed. Is desiro ui or giving inatructlon to some respecf aHf ladies or gentleinen, either in Oertuan or French, in the evening or aouie dayi during lb* week Addrcai P. 8., ileiald offl'-e. ATOIINO LADT OF BDUCATtON AND RKFINR. n.en* del rea a position as gorerceas; would be willing to supeilntcud the hotioe of a widower's fumilv or fur an ine did. no objectlona to going out of the city. Address M 11. am^n D. Bible Hooae BOOKKF.FPINO AKD COMMRRCIAT, ABTTHMRTIC. as appl!ed in bnaioosa, la thoroughly taught by M ANCIT K A Hl'RNR. 3M Canal stroel Writing. 12 lesaona, $1, A tood handwriting *c<mlred. Reading, erelluig, Ac . taught prlvstely. Re^aiaie apartment for lad lea Open day and evening. _? rnWH AND tiRRMAN LABOUAOR8 -PROF. R. TRLLIiniMO. fl<? Rroauwar. r-.rner of Twelfth street (eitahhahed in New Tork atneo ifrttli, will receive applica tion ? for I rlvate lesaoaa in French and Oerman Conversa tion. as sfso in Latin, sod make Translations. .. RRNt'H LESSONS.?A TOUNO GENTLEMAN. VMB> r log to acquire a pur# |?rontinclatlon. dealrea 'ossona fio" a I'ren'h voung 'ady having a Pailslan accent Ad dress Ki anils, boi 16S Herald offlce. (VoVBRNF.SS WANTBD-A LADT. UNDBRSTABD T log Fren<b and Mitslo tboro ithly. ss well as Rngllsb, fora W'tng lady (ISyears old), reflJlog inthscouatry. Mar i'la efty Addriwa J.?wT. boi Ml Posto.Hca. OTBRNRM-AW BRRBRIRNCBD TBACHRR OF I the English branches. Lai n and Frsneh, desires s pesi fr.n as viallinr or resident governess Balafactory r?fe rer.cei Andrei a Delta, statloa O. /TRfeRX^If". rORM.-THB OREBSWTCH IM8TIT0 \T Hon. ?n r.o|ll?h sjjd Claialca^School for ajlmlted cf' Drill praet Principal. ?amber of hoys.' Iprlng Term will begin April 5. BIHtanr Drill practised- Por circulars apply 1* HARBY PBCK, ff[TDfiO>^ HI VER TBtTlTUTB, CLATBRACB, COLCB Ma t/'otioiy, B. T.?The spring terso of this popular Board:ng s bool for botb ssies opens April l& Address Rev. Alon>i F aell, A. M . Principal. MRS LA Fori BOARDING A&D DAT SCHOOL, No. It Union avenue, ITrvlngtoii. N. J ?A limited num ber of hoarders taken between the ages of A and 14. Por partit'ilef" ai 'I refersoea eall on Mr. .Tames flarrsl. Mr. II. W Risiev. 141 Chambers tire t, or Rev. Hasry Vellslaga, jr.. Irv ngton. PRIVATB TUTOR -a PRITATB TITTOR DESIRR9 A few add I anal ?abolarsL Wood reference. Terms low. Addreie Teacher, 13 Wssl Forty ssvenlh street. PBIVaTR TUTOR.?A COLLBOBORADUATB, A STO iirt.1 of theoli gy. Who Das had considerable eiperlenoo In tea hmg. ilealrea one or two prtva'e pupils; tba boat of reieren e given. Addraas Tutor. TM Broadway. ~>IPI.RT FBMALR COLLBGR. ~' bssisi irni is. r I Bnlld T>IPLBT fbmalr COLLBGR. I l B-ensd qiiartM spring session begins tprl! 14. Plan of Iks school snd n.sthods of Instruction entnelj new. Build-I Inn* 1 irviBdl models of art Booms any and e'egsmtly f jrnisli' * Teschart ARii les)ur?rt ?mtnert m their pro fess on. nd not mera aaslslanl pupils. ? V W'M fsollltlea for Kr< no8 oonraraatloo and mttite. Phv?vt\l en It u re ?#. e<ire I ?" itrtet attention to bathing, gymnastics, riding and ?uH< or ?po's. Poultnay la In Southern Termonl; eiimata niiid snd nea'thftil acenery charming. For prospeetus ad dreM Rev. J. Newman, D. D? foultgay, VI, |l>W!ClSa ACADBDIIM. AMt"I M<? AC ADBMT, 87 MBRt'BR BTRRBT. BB ?twecn Srrtng and Prince streets. Assembly ba'lsevi-rj ng. I'anr'ng commences at SoVlock, Manager. J. B B T even fiKRHERO'B f jFTH ANNUAL PBIVATR 80IRRR DAN8ANTR, AT TIIB ACADlMT OF Ml'SIO, Till RSDAT. APRIL 7. I*'4. Csrde of nrtnilsslon ean be obtained only at Madams Do rs I Kfrrsro ?l bar scsdetay, l?i Fifth arenae or nt ... r? Sf*, ? VMt thMaanll ainaat a?A Hr? i| ?, >cr ?rma^iny, ll)i flflll or HI t,?.r rriM*vc*. li Wm| tUift, tud thro ngb hei pni-t i end frteuda | II HEARING B PBIVATR DANCING AOaHFB*. e| ? JPU Fourth arenas, near Twenty third street ?ClsisAI fbrins 1 si liinei io suit applicants, andcrlvala Icssous every Aa; k tbvM Rlik n Man A ?FBCUL ItOTlCIta. BTOR ROVBI -WBtN Til H OOMINd ? V .mn bill patron" arc rospeotfully r?|ii?>tr#l to *1 n noilr-- uf their Intended visit*. By u doing iliey *IH ha.e n-j uuccrtalulj tat re*?rU ?? rooa?e. utLtxo.N k CO. Aubhat mymtkry WIIX UK BXPOSKD on Brradway in ihevlelntty of Birr.-ker ???! B->?<l ?r*K If p->* l> i?. on Tiiuiwlay rveuiug, erjhMk iu laagnt' n'o or conception and enornrtv of tfcvammnr'tt will ei. ?-l *11 the rlauiu MTOMIKH OK 1MB IMRK AQU 10 IntercM and myatuk&uon. f?t further parti. i'?is T this a?to>iiidina ?vgt seethe Herald imMXmrui ObltiMo on T'lurmlay, A|T.I V, UM "Mum's tile word. ' A RNI VKRSAHIf.?TH I? MA Hi; K f K M Ft R A MOB SO i\ ewi? nl .ln> I'ort. f New Yan wl'l oelrhvale II* Ihirt> fin.l aaniver* ifjf In thr Port Jtorlr y's Mariner* oh irnli cm - Mr tr IiiI'im in? i:tikar>M aireou, (hi* or em an. at 7!i o'clock. Ait are luvlt-d to alt- a I. 1} OOK HI N l>liK8.?THE Jul RNKYMAN BOOKBINO IJ era riock-tv meet iliis cTur- !ay) even n;j at PytliSKOre Hall. lil and J W> wr ol, ?t 7V> o'clo. k. ? . _ aii?. BYH.\E, President. W A. Dav Ke-Tetary. FM.KCI ION - ASTOR KIRK I NHUKANCf CONFAN T. J The annual election for tb'rtv IM.rotors ?nl thro- In ll^Ctofi nf Hi lufffi-ditti' tloetlM will bp held nl Ui* oHu (* 01 the company. on W rine-day. Apiil 1.1. 11 pulls will o;>rn at U o'cio< k uoon. a?<i e'o ?? ?> I n'elnek i* M. Pr or der. ROBERT 1>. HA It I', Se. rotary HEADOUAPIRHS, COMPANY A. NINTH RF.OI VIKNT. N V K. N. O.-Tlii members ant e> lueiitb-r* of Company A. NUh rem- rot mil n> ' |iiart>-rs. ? 81 Hroailwur, oil Wednendav, Urn i.m in?i ai I o.inr* I*. M In otu.ena'dress (dark cloliun, with "iiM t'.n ? a?>l th lis ta' 1-ftitM "I BKHirnlnBt t?J"' '? ipste o till r.inr al of oiu late Captain, William I Vrodrli rrl I'>n olM< ?> *'i t 11 embere ol tLa rrgimenl are ooro mI> v ur ml in l?- u< nnul, B> order 01 ALK X ANOKR MoCOOKR, hke tenant Cor. uutnntuc. Jahfi J, Ksirs, OiA'rly. NOII'K 10 SIHPt'BKS.?TQR RAIE9 illARORIl for Inil'l" 11 it m Or i ai I "i h" (-en N*?v \ rl( and Froviilen will Im adTtt i "d no April 1. ;? * t.uiT ?i apmpauy'?on?:sa picf Ka II .N'orlli ii\.r ICDWIN 1JV.V. NKK, Ai-ont (Vxnuieri'iat K'.f?niljo?T r.unpsny VTOTICH?A (IKNKRAI. MKET1NO OK TIIK NEW (oii Mot I mil Rnsta i-anl Kaki?r>< imil nry Cooli W ill t o iin'd Oil Wmlr -silnT A|>i II It. St right i) elm k, a1 No 174 Foraylh sdeei, ?n liutxT hui L lalssss. A. fil'Isr.c.R, Pn>?! lent. B. R. 8i rw i"SB, Recordinfi S?. ietaiy VTKW VORK I.IQI/OR I KAIjRRS' HO<"IETV ?TTIB ii r^cular nmniil v rn'i'tiuit ott ,h sooiMy will i.r ln-ld at tna M< tii)"Olit?n Ki o us, i'ti II- nil r nl ? ct, tin f Jt-Sday e* -n hi,;, Apiil :> at H oV! it Hy o><i?r i?. W EKfll, Prosldent. Joiih Rn ibhs, H o? Secpr'ary. N(>TIOK -ALL l'KRBON'8 ARIJ IIERT HT OAl'IlOMBO .K &lnsmr'.oilallug tlirm' Unltrd . ti.te< ?i . jx.-r inol flri-tiv-ul yoni ! Coupon Bonds of SI "l rush. numlM*ro-l rosprctivtly lr 5M. Ib.SM, tw;??'ho.- tiiUi th? iuirrs*t t) iponi !|iom i-unir, from and af rr May I. l.Mi>8 tho sai.i* b.-ivinu h#o i i*isl or ?to!?n A snitui-ln retvsrd will be paid for tliclr C'juvtry. VOSRS TAYLOR A CO., ?(! Soulh s:rr*t. Notice.-the ew yolk kembvoi.ent society o Oiwratlv ?? Masons nurtf t tli? liosea thai on and ai tor April 11 the "A t i will lc $2 !*'. Ml luasons ftro r? uosto I to slionil a ino> tine ai 6W Hccond avenue, "ii Tlmri ay even* Ina, April7, al TW O Ci'i'-k llv order if lite Sodntv. WiLLIaM ai'l.AKI.NO, I rcslilcul. Jaars Cobhkit. Seorelary. NrKW YORIC ? II V ASI) COUNTY LIuUOB DEALERS' Proirctlse Ko"iot,\ ?a r'-golarmoot'Iv moetinir of the above Sor. ly will oe held at th?lr r-?)Tnn. in Blnockr r llouso, HIrr -?er utrort, o io door 11 in Glorr.r, on Wr ln<"?ilav rven in::, tftb inst.. ai.-<oalocK Mnmbers are reifiealod to be P iut lual in atLeudiioo- Bv order. THOMAS ' AB8IN. President. Joam'h MtQi iP*, Keoordin# Secretary. OF KICK W THE NEW YORK. FUOvfOKNCB AND Iloston Run road Oompanv Ston net -n Lin i, N?iv York, Ma oh ?. lfr"4. ? At a ineotlDf ol tlio Board of nire tors, held i Ills day. n <| larterU divulrnil of three Ireo of eo'ernment t.n. >> a? decin 'ed. pavabl- on dem iud at iho oil.or of M Vorj;?n s Sons, 37 Wllilam street. PIAKOFORTR MAKERS' t'JflON ? \ MASS MEET in;: o ho planolotto makers wii br held at I irn llul'r. Oichard etre . on Tuesday, ft ? inel , at 10 A. M. By order of the EterntivsCominliiee. SB OEM AKKRN. AT PRUTION -ALL TIIK 8BOEMAK er bosses of t!??> Klglit-rmb. Nmotrenib and TiTraty. first urnrdi nrr hrreby rniiiesled -o ap(>r;ir at a inordtc on Thursday April B, al **7 Third aven ic as there is business ol linporiituoc to all to be iruusac e '. IIIH COMMITTEE. S~ E<1 \R i'A' KRRB PROlBCTiVB TRADE UNION - All niemb -r* of the above Union sre requested to io<-i a' 132 Heater st;eel, 4b rimrsdav. Ai ru 7. at l n'clotk I*. M.? io attend a muse nieriinn to be h- ld at Tonipkln^ sir arr also the members of 'hr society founded In l.s6>. By order. M Di-ME/A, President. fpilE COMMITTEE ON \v IIOLF.SaLE GROCERIES OF L 'he Metropolitan Fair .bankruiiv vkiio? !ed?e iile f?) iho comu^'e1'-0"' f"U*1" ?f lbe fair' th>'0''l>> J'lhn C. Oieta ......$:,!OQ ,'no R. na 0n ... a\V) Stmx"*. BanDett A Co. 2 Mi chandler Bobbin* . iy? UowI.d.I a Aaolnwal J .-KW Backeit. It.?l.-ber A Co.. JSO (? II. Minium A ( o l,un> H?>m a i,"ark -Mil Haaton A Gray........ I M? Tonngx A Co.....i'vi E. I). a 1 u.?.t 1 VI" <feo a Ifolxcn ?rjO N. L A li GrJtm old .. IMA! tVo. T Fro-t " j'yi Moaea farlor aco 1 MO (ico a / eli. wa '3> Krancln Skld.iy .... .r0*e,ih Vo .Ik'* Houii" r,vi O.iBdy l.tMl . V.'on.tfrto A Co".; [?$ John Cu well . l.iou R/'nllv A H'.iton ->*.1 N v s R.rI.ow 8. s Ir^Kk: 2? Wm. II. I'?S4! I.tmti laa. A Co 2*> Wm. A rreeborn A?? Aiviliiriii* Hornet ti ?? Ruckland A Von S. k. ?>. Ho., W. WJi iTso* ? ?;? '? C. Dayton . ft*. Potbaal A Co .. 2^0 Suo & V 'Bcnn*Sherr' SS C. I'. Flxticr A mu s!w liwu iS J^l"1 * Rvnolda B). I_ Ka*,un..".*' ?>, u-Dl a uiief 8'", ,)enl"?. Smith A Co ... :'jn Ji ! 4*, Sherman fl'Kl MoorvtrorKi A Co put Oi ,ri<k?1 ,k t o B<> Kh i*?n Mora. jqo 0>mar * Co. n?i l?at'-r. Clark A C0.... I lW lli Ineirian A Pm?or.. MK> ll'?lpAHr., too ? ?*: *"? 1.3 Wm M oiler* *0 ilvorcety. KUin ian ?J. K. A E. li Pia<p,... 6(10 JariiCH (Dwell A Co"*' iflt? Kir* Wliwler A Co.... fiOo || k Bull 1X1 BabroeV A <:? flu F a cl.thmtn 'y! drh-ki " * ??, J,1 P-A 11 ? Thonipaon 50 aw,o, :: as iXrV*.fr,",Ac? t flrni ACMar'dh **'" 5S? P'"on '-atnrrden A*'o .V) Ki"''L?P? ?? j. r. w.i.00. % ::::::::: SS A ? p.v kioVaV ;;;; %! IW* Ur?" ? Furtbar ooBlilbcuona will br thai.iir'n 11 V aeknoir'ladI'd 0 Ed win ?4WKT. t.^V.rASP,KW4,'U U>< SA\7. ' * " Y r2E^.TX. ?OLOSTRER COMMITTEE _,.Dlot.? OKKICR. MEW bi rnnvos. COHNbR CUa VHKRb WrilEKT AND BROAD WAT. t.CO'i kbckTiTts wanted K?|R TilE VA\ Y. coi sty Boi'srv ?7f i.uo and dor CASH DOWy. J,1f,I"D STATE8~AijTHORlTIE* IIAVII?(J IV otdar !?'fill np the na?r, author) rd th* talnloc ?r r*ornl'i Kr .w br*nc^ lb* Metric* u *aiAfi[ord ii.^i rocruKi for thp navy ahall co ,n ed on iho rjuola or th? ul?>*<>a wberf tha.r riact to ba re ilia ! tb* ?.im? aa ir they ?rra r?. eruit. for ih^ ariuy ibf ' o ,nt? Vol' 'o."m,tiT? b,^ reaolre.i to pay rct'rultafui tbf ti?< y ;fco (ullowlnt* IiohmIt v^r???"rD tb"r b"n" "lualereU into ilia a?r Wb?naDliatln? for o> ? ynar tloo Wnm enllat'tia for more tiiait->oe >rat ... 2,?t wiVm J&M?* MWINO'WO A RKCRI'IT FOB THE prbmiTPm or $toKr,c15 w:li' a county 8p*idci< and ord narr wbe will be ahipned for 'ec*ir? tn addition lo tl,e above bmimr of ?**>. ibreo men lb a cay m aii<arj.?. aad ibree moLtb* aitra pnv mi KuTcrnmenl hotjniy. "'wuioa eiira The rate* 01 n-e,;<-*?re aa follow. ? riral Claaa Kiremen in rm, _B?lh 8eo..nd -Ma,. K1r*,neD ' *S HI 525, CoVlDa^era " 2S nor month W |NtrmnBib 18 per monlh M per month Bn_. ????? II per monib iff.. -?r.~ n 10 Ptr monih Seamen 1* P^montb Ordinary Jteimen.'.'.'.'.V.Vf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!"'' * fc Kr miSt'h feT8::::::v >r?_?ri tAkon 'anteaa they are ?lit?en'reara of ? {.Ji i.?00^ kaallb. and not ba ow four feet eight i^M?itb?rnA"o?tKeib*W'M01 of ,h#p'rc",,0r maatwa iTik'.**. , . ?' ?'ome By at.|>l cai.oo to lbe pay AM^ieedflir tif? i?.W ll>* r*'r""" m?? be a.aigoed. ,'Bformatlon can tie obtained by tppMnc at ; ???! P-raoo. r,n ba .n".iad 5nd the AA . /L0 i 'if /o'lfwina rr.Bde/voiis, whiah are city ''T'>??*??} Department In tbli ~&iUlf?rSlu tt'l'i ??? recti?lag the bountla* BfarB IUw York q',OU ther ly and rouoty of Ctpi OACAK BULLCff, T. f. Upt EDWARD THOMKOIf 'WT? LlanL Oo?. J NO. McLEOD M CR^I V*l*V Aet. Maatar JOHN W OOIK.*"' H if'* * Wo. I MJ South itrtcf. C OOPFHKf OrHTHKA. Mavor nMV8'"'AN' Pt"?piro!lar, ORI80N Hl.rNf, iiipervlnBr. WM. B 8TBWART, Hnporelaor. ? ..PDRDY, Knp< rviaor 0KOROB OPDTRH, AntU'ary Member. "Lc'm 10 ttea. . ORIflOK WI t'VT Chairman Kbw TOM, April 4.1?4. ao. OMITED STATBB RAVT. " for the infor ? n or of p<w?ana daalrlac to enllit la giyg N.?.l 8ar?lea tba followine publia oonca On and after A|tI. ?. tbe *tip?r*la*ra of tha oonn y at Mew Tort wIV pay Into the banda of ererr a^ept f* &um" *f *100 lf for ona I ISi i. e at.?? f fO' ? longer |irrlo<l. b.aide? nayaf a pre 23?.. .i ? W 10 h"0t 0? mcb ra arull ta tha Rata. R?ado>ytiua Ti.aat a imi will ba paid pereOBBllj tot ha Bartlea re?p?. tirely b/ Oi lea a Riuat E?i . J'kalrnjBn Bf theConntT TRinniear Comtnittee. at hlasfflia, IB loe Park, oorner af Mroadway and t'hatubera airaat, Bftar tha enlialmrnt ia netfe.-ted. 8aioienan<l Ordinary M-?men. who wl I be al-lpped for iwa , I par*, wl i racalra la addillsu to lbe aboia bo iatr of $.ft) I threa mootba' pay n advent and thr?a ro .nibt' p.y ait:a ? MjTB? rnn.ant bouBty. ' The ra''*of wanr-a Hie at ? | Firat c|a<a Cremon, pe( montt t'O Saoond claaa liraoieii. do ... 2?. B'Al raaaera. do. ? man, do ti Orllnarfaeamaa. do t? JAildan ao. do. \t Boya, do io Boyrwlll nel he l?k?-n ur.leaa (hey are <ltte*n year* a: age atont In g^o.t health. ?nd noi b-low i feet * luch?? in halglit In all caaea tlia coBteot of tbeiiareota orgnerdlan i Biuat bfl Oral obtained. Tha oounty bounty and :he three month* adranca pay will hB |aid Wi all rerrulta, irreapertiT* of claaa and half I monthly p?v can be laft at hom* by appi aatlon to th'1 pic maatera ol (bo veaaala to whlcli the ia rult mar DBaialaa d. ' All nredfiil laformailon ran be obtalnei by a in .v In / it the Ma?a' Tent, In tha park, and iKraon* *an ha eollaied and aworn In at elth?r of tba foljowlpgrcni)e*'ou*. wBicli ar* . the ouly ooaa authorhrad by the V*<y Oej ariireut in Uil* ' /il fBcrulta thn? anila'ed and rece'rlng the b< nn '?? afore, aa d will b? credlird to the ouatB ol iha - ity and cu'inty of Saw Twk, Caftain OSCAR DtfLI.Ufl. P 8 V , S't. 9 Cierry atraaL Rarlaln ROWARD R tnOM.?OM, U. S. N . Km Giv 7~>t Ufui OmftJOtiF Mr Lion iiviirif*. v * No H Stuff wi???<*! AiliCt Mtitr .'OllJf W QOIK, B?. I*C 8?Blh atre?t ?FECIAL. SOTIfKH. rpiiR annhai. Nir.ETiKO os rim Niiw To*t I Chase I uh, or * t*l? i i i itf -I'lioer* for '.he eus'i'n# yea wtUba tefila' t'n ru"Tu?f '1 Club, (n t Uit varsity ButMloga, on Tttuia ?? o?.l, ltd uo: .It I' V Che ?l> a? era ere Invited U> be pr-i- ut. <?0. 0. m.'KS, Heeretary. Ml'-CRltl^YN fc'.UC*. " AMULETS l?'AM Jl B^TUHKlil! rtRKi'lID LOVl . Me Ever aUata Mcumi ik a't n . ,* f i?. te ??t 1/^rre !'mi f w lv-i h i ?,n IM<| ? >, * di?U< io ??* portii oe luiMBmii o <? to, i i f> unit alamo (Welicilar. Ad.r t M-i-laiua Ma i ?? ?, a-. *, ._ vork Hwietiiee. ARTIFICIAL III WIN F.YH? ,\l ? III* fO OHriKH AND ma-rtcd by Urs K. H \ i ? i( aul I' liOlIilKI. HaNN (i rtue-ly ewiuloyao by IS "laeaneao, uf Far'e), Broad way, Hovt * ork. (1 ASH r A ID FOR RV^g AM)* VVUlrR ^ raft, 10<?ili colored ?ui( Wi-il'tn. lentil nr o.nil; book* niiil n'wapai'-ra. 7 re.iti par i&ind; nil brass 71 oeni-.: Mptwurmil copper. .6 cents jit pa ml, if.ul, H oral* pr p und, al 10 New Bowei y. mrner or Rooe ?vi lli ?v "Y/CO.NOMY IS wbamh.'-FRANKLIN, Til r* JL gie.iteat of n.nriarn pl>I; .oph'tra. remarks -ha'. prnnv .ave-l i* a penny earned. laatead ot ! '.'r r/ing yoor warne napi r. p.?.serv ? it, anl receive i'.iimih hi t in cash. wl.ieh will i<av for ol I n*w*|>ap?r* of .-v-'i-y d* KrlMlOU. ivI.ii a or to n; old ptiapbloU of all k Irnl I n I clri 'an lisndbtlls, ttekata, mrd*. nr-ulan, natalojriea and old scrap pa r iu in It: ..i atl"i. In quantities lir^e-ir ?mall. Alio old ? rii ?? t ra??'r an 1 ? thool books. oi 1 Muk l>ooke, latere. Ac., of any ityla t matters not bo v in eh the* n.av be ?ri'l: ' n ou or mutll.ii -d ST'M'K VELL A BWPIWOK, 25 Ann street piaFNCII. KN(1 L1RII AND SCOT'^n BIIRSF.RT I S u -k . Fruit Tree*, Ei er^reens. Ovtff and ^'andiiid Roses, landing now ana for ?a e by 0. RAOU\ *U Ouilar alt eei L* " UN'IT "P'*. r.ARPFTff. BOOKS PUfPHLKHI AND ' I I'. ' ? i .1 i ? .???n-h. ii l?ri8H>h n'liw, ? ? vi"n N' and l -u" 'r?< tt. A ?i i>! tha "Vfsnna nf'ho ?'< tu rn >'i Co n l a a i a laf.'.c atoell of Hooka for ale Uf NH00I) v.Nr> TIIR VI iOR Of'TOUTS RR1PORBD .'J 111 finii' wee',* '-V Or Itll'OKD'S liflPn e III" r. 'e. T ' ' i . . ? v ; m ni-ihood to 'he molt 'hat trred r -n-1".? m w r> htr arliliv^ fiom effuw. ?elf ?bu<ir> e e'iei? cUt'U* r nutnraI nuaee The unit r- lire 1 t-i r e t' ? n o^i Inv >tnle ' e*e |e four *veefc?. Pailitre i* imp -o1 Dr. K 1 >> K?'en-!i Of Ltfn n eoM In an *itH in< ructiona r-> ?e, i(n- #t. ,,t four i|iianlitiaa n one for *?' tent eareftt'lf pankeI ori r'-'-eint of remit tn 11? ? by b ' > r- ill"1 I ag at Clroular ?" it free on r?- n> oi four i'amiit. HIIIIil I* K(iri\,sr>. No. 417 Hroome sire?1 New York cino door ?eit ol itr-i ulwav. Mariu.k mavtrls.?tub bi:st vlacr in ni". I'tty i ? p irt-na- ? Cheap en-l well Anlehed Man'< Ii A KJjkBi li s Mantel Mantlfactory, 1"9 Kurt r.ii-l-iei-alti m -e?i T>i'i?r ililrj fttcone. New Yor* Out ihln out. MARi.tR MAVTRI.9? A FINE RF.T.P.rTION (IF MAR ble M.ini.-la on band, and oTereil cheai>er than any* where e>'\ j" S Kr>.\}IRR'H Slarble Yard, M Kint av niif, ne-ir Thir ! utivet, N?w York. Call and enamloo for yonr ?eli ORrFNTU, ONiifJKNT.?KISSAM'S ORIENTAI, ON ?'i-in ia (!ie lie*t In ? ie. Whl -kmi and innsta he* in eiziit we?ka. Irv If. Only tl per botUe. A (id rata inuoniy .1 Ii e?am. "ot ISi Brooklyn Pott odlc-'. CjrECTACLES?RBAI# BYE PRBSBRVBR8?WEAK ii sleht Improved.?Profeaaor FRANKS aceurale'v adi iat? lil? re ebrale l rve pre.ner era to defective viiioo, at biaolDce, 2-<8 Grand mrcei, corner of Eldrldge. QTOR.AOH FOR FURNITURE AND MERCHANDISE can be ha I In dry and cie?n lofl* with Inauranre. With r a i:lln docllniux housekeeping aatilfnctory arrange mro11 will V> ' Hide. WILLARD TRBVAINE A CJO., 17? Waahington street. TYPt MI5TAI. AND OLD LFAD WAJfTKD.-CASff w ilt I'e paid for a few hnndred weight of Type MeUi and old bead. Apply at the deik of ihi? oflioe. rilO THK TR AI)F.?COPYINd AND PRINTINO PHO 1 t )gr? hi. for the trade, at ST.'i Broadway, Noiv York. (TO CONTRACTORS?THE COPAKE IRON M1NK9. I Cointnhi i county, New Y >rk. wmh to enninuit for " e l*ii of alio it I twen'.y live thousand cube yards or (jra-.Kl m their n> ? ? For partlon'ara Inquire at the olU'e of '.ha oompaiiv So. 7 Naaaa-i atreet. New York. VITAN'TKD TO PURfHASF.-A NEW OR SECOND VV hand Wood Hplittlnn Mho Ine, cheap for caah. In quire at 25.' Atlantic street, Brooklyn. WANTEr>-A SECOND HAND HTR\M BNOINF. Of ?V |it ir hor-e power, an-1 H iler. abo it IS ho ?? pwpt' i ilFare seni to P. T. PASQUAY, 29 Spruce I'riet Now York TITANT8D?TO PURCHASE. A LARC.E 1R0B ?AFB. II iu good condition; no iusldo dlvlalon or rtrawara re quire I. SPETERS A DI'PRE, 2? I'me street. WANTF.D TO ill'Y?12 MARPI.E TOP K'E CRKAM II Taolet ti Chain and 2 Chandelier* Apily at 21M Fourth avenue. UrANTRD?TO I'trRnFIASE. A GOOD NEW OH secondhand Stationary Kntilne, from 78 'u lim l.orie power sod Boiler w h all the Improveiuente. Apply t? KVANS t MrCAl'LEY No. 2 Stone *treet. X" " D X l?t 2 . P. P. P RADITAL, AND ?rRR CURB FOR nYfiPRffiU Pfcltes the ri"*b! i?, etimulntea (bo humor*. produce* ?o onen <;oi'iitenane?. an 1 cornvt* any linden r 'o emura lion. Tblt inva'uible reouely If rold only where you cam ha i it. Be c.iPefiii to In nil'O for the pliuriniesi of all, and the pD'tntnett .K.i-t of rhnn. Dealer* anpplind by the AMERICAN NKWS COMPANY. No. 121 N***e.t street. A!) (purlim* Imltatlona are not genuine. N B.?To b > Uken every now and theu. r\ CENTS PF.R POl'ND PAtD FOR OI I> HOOKS. I Newspaper* Paniphle'e. Magazines,*. Old Le'tera Bill*, acrrvint Hook*, tc.; call lieforr ?on sell r!*e. wli e we will guarantee to pay more (reg>ird!e*e of ad. vertta-raent*' than any other noiiae In the city aiao war rant fu', walibL MAN AU AN A MILL AR. W hol.'*ale and Re;?r. PaperW&rsbottse 10 Bpruca at ret', New York. COPARTN EBR HIP. A PARTNER WATTED?W FIT! $3,000, TO MANI'FAT. tiir<> Wliip" and I.aih?* Mnnav < un he made and ne ri*k. Applv to (iCO. P OVKRIN, No 8 Kant Houston *!., In the whip eliojp WANTFP-r* AW ESTABLISHED btieioeas, pacing well; one In a commUeion prodnoa bu?ne<? one in a manufacturing bttslneea. Men looking for business i ill And thl* worth lave?tlgatlni.'. J. C. MILTON A CO.. Patent Broker*, "OS Broadway. A burr FORTt'NE.-WANTBD, A PERSON WITH a 32." '?> oa'h. to oin equally In a pleaaunl buMnea*. hr rliMi nioie tuan *j0 OTO iqay be dlrfded Id al? month*. For particular*. u'Jdross a H. t'lrlcb, Poet offer, appointing an Interview. N A BUSINESS man HaVTWO FROM fn* TO fI mm, :\ can purchase tne one hair Internal .if a r tiring pai tner In a < ?th manufacturing buMness. No bonus asked. Apply to (1. W. VLTESTER, -O Cedar itreet. O. 43 EXCHANGE PLACE. Mr. J. N. E'.vKf.L baa an fn'ereet tn our houa* from thl" date. I'OLli AMll'H A JACKSON. N*w Volt April I ism PARTNER WANTED?A TOl'NO IMMTMOPI man, with a sapltal of from $7.0 ?) to $ft.UOO. by a ma chinist *o < pen iliarlware mana.'uctorv. sonnected wlsn a new patented inreutiou. AAdiesa Charles Olx-iley, 20 Feel* all p. Partner wanted-t<?oo cash and thr ser. rlr a o' ail ad I've man of integrity wan'ert. in a sate, proltabo. eatabliahed raah htialneaa. [nm only ad dress L. K., bos Mi Herald oP're. References eitbaage'l. IVTA.1TEIJ?A PARTJfRB fN A UOOD BUSINESS, Tf with tl 'lOOcash. Addreae O. L? bos 94 Herald o'< oe Tl-ASTI-.D-A CAPTAIJf. TO BAIL A SCHOONER. OF y? abniii I K) tona. on (Iierea, two-third* of the huaineaa furnla i'1 by thi narHoa, in ead around th? viciulty of New Tort Acldr-?a forth-ee day* W., Herald o I ce, atatinj term*, and with refereauea. 41 AIHl -WHOLRBALB AOBNCT.-. WAJlfiD.^A iPi.WU'J, -o-d hualae** man, who can etlvance thle am Mint as required. The article commanda large aalea. at K'kxI pro its Hie entire bnelneae and oaah will he left <.nder h a own o^utroL Apply pereouliy to Mr. FELL. IM Bpiaiauf. ?Q nnn C4S'' -* I'lR T i'Lasb firm. makino iJO-IMMI ?*ld*i:? wlah nn aetlTe partner, one Who aro"Id i <*'ime ?'i1 lo lila part may draw $(0 week I* out of firer r>f<iit?, unes'ep!inn?ble ref?rencca A<l<lreee Arthur, Ueraid (M ' Ann t0 - pa rtn ? m?wan Tib, in a ?Pt:."?"'" targe brlct yard, with fadllt ee for iiiakla* from teu to iftaen mllltona of brlok each eeaaoa; ?ard cot erel a il ali rtaiy to *.art. Apply to O. CRl'OBR, IB Wal! etreet. A' MDnCAL. ABPLEN'ltfO PIANO FOR *133.-0. A H. RARMORB. man j'actorr and wararoo n 343 Bleeeker etreet; 17 firs' pri-? medals: warranted for Ave years; without et 0"pt: 4 'be lest piano made, teatlmoniala from most dieMa gtill ie I aitleta. 4 PIANO TO LET.?ROSEWOOD. BBVBR OCTAVR. A J\ rev Toe'osruiant; price *5 per mon'h, la.nlreal 31 Liberty str e reom 14. or 1*8 Reoond p!a-e, Reaib Break !#B. N EI.FiJANT PIANOFORTE. NL'NNB A CLARK'S _ na^e, aa as new. will be sold for f 1J\ Haa hand*, me style of case ren?<Teorner*, Iron frame, C?>Ter aad Mtoo Ac. Agply at Twentieth at., near Third ?e. AMkONIFICKNT RORRWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR aal*?<Msr *i?<t for Vk?> IncludlnK Stool and Corer; Pari rBulla eon *.')A0 for *173; Btagerna, Mirror*. Palat ini*. Bron ae, ie.. In nae not s?ren moo h*. Wil, be a>.lii at a tairlHce at the residence of M. MiUd'elon, 113 Weet Twenty third slrsef near With arena*. AMAONIFIOENT FINE TONED T', OCT ATE riANO f.rtcrorea.- The Inetrnmeat haa been ?ery llttid nsei. bar n( all tbe latest :m; rovementa, and an e'egant estetkir T>a aab customer It will be e?>ld rery low. In quire if 0 UE HPIF.H't. <Rt Broadway, upstair* a m tT^rnoFNT nrtl octavb rosewood pt snorarf for sale, at a great aaerifice. a* the owner la (Ivlni ip lio'ia keeping slaoa P? Suit of KarnU'ire for ? French Plate Mirror for *73. Call at 10 A Men street COR SAL* CHEAP-A IIASD30ME RECORD HAND r P.nno, t hlckerlna's make, new y regulated, at <9 rO '.rth aiteeU . Btbit aale-1 PABtihi oroah mioiit rr u*ru for a ? ii*'.. ch uoh. Apply *o D. MARf.B>, 36. w?f ' _ _ Fob sale ?at a oreat bargain, a maorifi i?nt toue I f?#etara I >i??? 1 Planoiorte. of tlie larjr?a? ?uale: ,iaa fu'.. 'r fta-n' patent ovgretruBK baa? rich'y carved "r-i. ie rue 4a (App.y at 114 tte-onti arrnne, corner of Re-nn'h fti?et. I^O<< SAI.K? 4 LAROB RI\ Ot T W R BOSRWi'Oft P ?M?fort? to. tan Pil<e *70 Cat. be seen at M Firat Mraet. t OOK At TRTa-LOOK AT TI1IS ?PERPON* TAl'.iBT IJ t play tho plane perfeetly in one miarlrt a leaa< ris. fats :? no buaaetuL rail an J aatiafy*;?ea >'ur m* f.?rm ition oa l ?a Profc aeoi CALVERT7 l?', Baai fl.irtietn ?tr el ? OlAROB. M ELOilKUN*. HARMON1 IMS. t'ABINEf I and 4!e?a'die Or* m?. Plan > Stool* and t'i *era shr't Musi -. Mn>|r H?.ka, Mus e Me, t a^ and all liiada of Musical Inalrumeata at wooieaale anil retail. Rewind hand Plauoj an 1 Mele.leo is M great bargaius. New Pianos *"? Melo leona 'o let, and rent allowed h purehaaad. Boning rarti otf receln d for the game. P!ann? tuued and r*patra<t. fcas tor ser in I hand pianoa and inelpdeena 1 JRACB WATERri, Agent No *31 ftroadwar. N T^ rplli: Tii^Vill PlABO. MTABLISHBD 134A, FAO I t ,ry an I w?fei > >ms ll>. 125 and Ki Amity Pr a>n* rUI'lef the eit* In want *f * li?*trnm M w uld do aeii to gite ;a a eall andasamine la# ib*m*ei?ea. W ir:anted for ye.ira. f) FINE SRCOJID H.VNO PIA Z at 10/ K. st Twelfth s.i^et A fine .haned far M'WH ? United mean* in three '???

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