Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,063. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 1864.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. The Legislative Aspirants* for Governor. Their Efforts to Shirk Duties and Throw Upon Others the Responsibility of Deciding Measures. School Laws, Hoboken Ferry and Inspection of Buildings. Passenger Fare on tbe New Jerk Central Railroad* The Soldiers' Voting Kill Passed id the Assembly. Paaage of tbe Bilh Authorizing (he Beck* land and fohoes Substitute and Com ?iitatlon Bends and tfettflfhenango Canal Extonsietf**,. Improvement of the Manhattan Square and Canal Bepair Contracts in the Senate. Communication from Mayor fcuntktr to the Legislature. Eemonstrance Against the Common Council Tax levies and Curtailment of the Execu tive Power of the City Government, U., *o., te Auujtt, April 4 18P4. SSSUTOHIAL CANDIDATE* FOR (iOVEBNOR. ?very session o' the lAJnlsUturo has some striking pe enliarity whioh furnishes a cognomen or titlo by which It ts known from all others, Ibus the session of 18M0 was kaown as the "Griitlron lie-islnture;'' that ot' 1863 m tho ? Dummy Session." The legislature of 1864 has Ka i'wn characteristics, which bid t^ir to mako it ?s famous as any of its predecessors. ibU?especially the Senate, or tj|> er branch?Is known as the session of weak kneed caudldat<? lor Governor We have a tew of the .iibcrnatorial candid itcs in the Assembly, who, token in connection with the numerous aspirants for the Gubernatorial chair now in thn Senate, bkl (a r to give this legislature the title of 'Tha session of < andidates for Governor." i besc candid tes oro so numerous that they succeed in mnnv Hi-lances in disposing of legi-ils. ?ton solely upon its bearing upon their cb tncea in ?ecur- i tog the nomination. On this point the aspirations of j these gentlemeu are opto to criticism, and are sibjoots for the pen of h m who records (be event-! 01 the times ? On the democratic side id fbe Senate are ! ?"v5r!)0r JoDe9 ??<* H:nr/ c Murphy, j are anxiously looking for and pr tying 1 that the Gubernatorial mantle now worn by Governor fcytn-nr will Tall upon the!r shoulders. On the republi ?m gide we have .fames .lames C. Bell, A H. Bailey aod Cbfcrtes J. Folger in the game predicament. It may ?? Mid, without stretching the truth, that some of these Senators (I will not say all) have tho Governorship on the brain, with d inger of its striking in and be coming serious in its effects. When meu enter ihe arena M aspirants lor Important positions they measure their own act lor s, holding before their view the position that they are looking Tor. Their votes are all gained to tlie accomplishment or that object. Tbls rme applies with d -utile r?>rce to some of tho Senatorial cindl flales for Governor. Several Instances h.tve transpired Where measures have been or wee about t? be brought i ap for consideration in the Senate over which those nspi rants have trembled like aspen leaves, not gi owing i which side to V>ke to help them to secure their noinina Uon. The result In the cape of many a bill disposed of In i that body wo lid have bern diilerent had it not I been for the l jar that existed in the minds of some of the Senators or the etlect that it would have on their nominations. Among these bills Is the Unrlein. I Broadway project. Had there been no Governor to elect Belt fall that bill would uot have met wish so Summary a dcreat as it did. It has become the common te>k hero that certain Senators are a raid of tlicir sha 4nwa this winter, and that they orten vote against their convictions, all tor the sake of being nominated lor Gov emor Huring the past we k those frightened candidates for Governor have been seriously troubled about t.ther measures. We ell supi-osed that wlieu the Harlem Ilr< a l way bill was disposed of they could sleep o' night*. and that their nerves would no longer be troubled with hug. ?ears that threatened to defeat them at th** nominating convention. But there Is an old saying?'"Thero is n > rest for th?*wlckod"?which appears to apply In certain ?carters with full force at this time. Within the last tan days three of tl?? Sauators who are known as candidate* (or Governor included in the foregoing list (and in this three I do o?t take all Irom ore purtv) ha<e ?ppea'e-l to friends to kill certain bills now bert.te the Assembly, and not permit tliam to reaeh the renate. wny this anxiety!- I will let the words of the anxious Senati rs answer. ''Someofour friends," sav tho Sen ?tors, ?'are Interested In those bills. We cannot vote against them without incurring tbelr opi*>sltlnn: nnd if wa vote lor the bill? we arc afraid that it will injure Cur chances for the nomnalion. by a miscon-truc tkm of our motives." Here we hive the great secret?the loadstone that controls legislation, the scale la which questions of public ini(>ort?nce are weighed H?e nom'tiation lor Governor is pined in one side of the scale, sod in the opposite the measure* to bo considered Md just as the effect ts iu balancing the scale so is it de ckled. You can we 1 imagine how Senators placed in such * position ?re seriously afleeted by everv current ot air that strikes them, unstrung nerves, frightful visions Md night swe its must fohow as a natural consequence with rattling of the knee tortile equal to the 'rattling of the dry bonee of the valley spoken of in the Eph<s<y In the Klble Imagine, for Instance a te convention in session, and four or Ave candidates Climbing a bill to reach the hall where it is sitUo* bearing apou their countcnancet >. nervous fear their knees shaking and trembling at sverv step, their hearts flutter tng like asp.-n leaves, and In this predicament con stantly appealing to some of their triads to help tliem ?y removing all obstacles nut of their path, so that tbev will oot stub tbelr toes and rail,and yor. have a Taint Idea of the condition of at least three candidates for governor now occupying heats in the Senate ot this If the public desire weakkneed men hi the Gubernato rial chair they aro 0 liferent from what they have heea The day for men who aie afraid of their shadows is past The public Wtat man who know their dutv aid are ready to take the reapnesiblMtv though the heavens m*y tall. We want no men who are aTraid to vote utton Bblie, !]??>? 11,s?f and dejire to phirk their re->ponsihtllt v ? Gevornor In tlnK- like these. ,*urh pe'S. u- aie a ill*, grace to the name ot nmn, a curse tr> their race and ^e\. sad had better at i-nce put on the itettirout" and l"t ttv-ir places be filled br men wtio do not see ' <iihern&to ? rial ghoct* and hotigohllus In every-bil! presented to the liHlalatitre. Ttie next Session will ho a dlflerent affair those aaidrants ft>r Got emor will tail to g> t the nnmin.t I,?L>ud.,l" cnie back next year much aiinmored 2^' . .,h" l"5i',urp? that they are alrald of now will ?a tne hrat aeijo<ni|>on. Much Is politic* iu tUia age. 1-K- Ml, ? SOMIIIHS' M Tl.vo. ins the ?,a!l?il.5 .'?r ,h" mode or of receiv. this ,,?estlon It^as^U^J'V^'XlTrl^I}'^, "T and, in fact,even the rer,?uc!u * y ?" ".T" k je m is jin.C' :,v nir" "a amount of It is, there ha? l.e,.n a great noiw' J? ? about the soldiers voting, (or the purpose or m)S?^ party oap.Ul, .Ud now Ihat they ^e ?o tne reel iioint neither sido knows what to dn it,.. ptibiicaus would shirk it ir they dared to do so and f am sot wide <-r ttie mark when I state tint the Inadera Of flu republicans w.miI* ke willing to pay a large sum. n the G vernor would veto the bill, so t bat I bey could* Ct tlw party capital and cry agatost the democracy, and t the. oldiors vote co In fact, that udmlssion has been B>a<le to nin within the laat rerty-elght hours The bill baseit on v ding by proxy, and sanding the vote by mail to the luspxtors of elcetiou in the district when ihe sold er ross/ed ltefore he Jtilned tho army, was son# through, fteverai slight, amendments were made to ibe deislle of tlie bill, htit aon? |? thn principal or leadins pr .visi,in?. Iteraa finally ordered to s third readina without any perMcular opposition itonohRM mutr. The hill eitendiuft a pier t* one aide of flob ken street which, It is sup|M?e<f, is deaired to be done for the bene ?t 01 an unimportant line if steamers, came np for third re?i?tn|. Mr Curtis movt'd ?? recommit It In the Com samaeof ?hs WboNi. haWUK' M*t if tba riebt to extend the pier was granted II would prove Injur k>ee to tbe (trry fr .n. li.>? thore Mr J. 8. dmllb strongly <?l>l?OMd wo lion; but it was tnally adopted. school laws The bM consolidating all (be BUla tewe relallvO to Ibe common schools of Ibe State into om act was read I be tbtrd time and paused lo iba Assembly tbla mure in*, beverul otber blue were disposed of, but noM or a?y public importance tiii nuATi pa<?TKDiif<ia. Tba upper branch of the l egislature was eugnged all the mornioi* Id Committee of ibe Wbole. There waa barely a quorum Several bills were oruered to a third re idios, but on y ooe of any importance to tbe city of Hew York, and tbat was the bill amending tbe aet pro viding for tbe Inspection of buildings and tbe prevention or Area in New York. It provides bow and In wbat num. ner ail suits shall be prosecuted and Ones collected. It provides for U e appointment of a suitable pereon to set and to be known as tbo attorney lor tbat department, to whuin nil notices of violation shall be returned for prose cution. and wbo (ball be entitled to receive An annual salary of two thousand dollars, payable out of tbo mo. Beys co lected, and not otherwise. The ?ttoruey Is called upon to execute a bond of tw> thousand dollars TBI CANAl.1 TO OfKN UN TUB 30tH INKT. At a meeting of tbe Canal Commissioners to day It waa reaolved to open tbe canals on tbe 30th inat. THB NKW MIUTIA HILL. The Assembly, among otber things, had under conside ration the amended Militia bill. Quite a discussion aroge ever tbe appropriation for uniforms and arms. The com mittee rose on a motion .to rei>orl progress before a vote was t?.ken. When in the House amotion was made to recommit to tbe Military Committee, witu instructions to cut the appropriation down from about eight bundled thousand to tbreo hundred and fifty thousand. This, after a spicy debate, was lost by a smnll vote, and tbe friends of tbe bill secured the spe cial order for to-morrow afternoon. Karly in tbe session the republicans of the House assailed John A. Green's brigade and other military organizations, on the ground that they had been manipu lated for party purpose*. The appropriations in this bill are Intended more especially for tbe New York and Brooklyn militia, wbo have several limes turned out to the rescue of the government: and now we find ibem assailing this with equal vinaictiveness. Th'So wise legislators should be pieestd into active service, and forced to serve a short time, and furnish their own uul forms, and see bow good It is. They would tben be able to appreciate tbe services of tbe mon who, on a moment's call, have left their business and gone to tbedefenco ?f tbeIr country. Tbe New York militia will no doubt appreciate the ingratitude of the State and of the men who thus early turn against them after rendering valu able services. Albany, April 6,1864. rASSKNGER FARE ON TOR CENTRAL RAILROAD. A large amount of routine business was gone through with by both houses to-day. Only a small portion, how ever, was of any public importance. A bill containing one section was introduced in the Senate this morning, which means more than its surface would indicate. It repeals tbe seventh section of the bill to consolidate cer tain r a. I roads passed in 1853. Tbe section that It re peal ih tbat wbicn prohibits tbe New York Central Rail road ihaiging more than two cents per uniie for way passengers. eOIDICRS TOTIM.. lbwd re.ding of bills was tho order of the day in the Assemoly this morn in if. Amcng the first takcu up was the bin regulating or providing a mode for the sold>?r? jrjsssr,. a es sr. sxassSS a mi the bill road t lio third timo and passed Thorn w r? some fourteen votes in the negative. This tran-fe? question from the Assembly to the donate." _ IIIK SIIT1.Y MIL, I niaking appropriations for the deflc'en ^n.1 n ia H ) Appropriation bill, was also taken Ud and pissed. and will now be sont to the Senate for thi action of that brunch of the legislature 6 rn? h.!r7LVD *"n < 0,",ES "iwtititi Bosne. f?|"* CO?.|lr,?jOK (bo bonds issued by the villain or "f. lf0 raJ<0 m"?*y f?r substitutes, commutation and k n es' and *'le Rockland c. unty bill f r the PurI'oseS, which were lost ..n their finE a*e<* afi . were this morning reconsidered"nd '"a"K? "ae wra? over the droamg^'r to f> Tl.? kin ".'i'Vl:"? Kxi>:xsinj?, Canal iMbJhl ! ,0' lbe "tension of the Chenango <-,n,' ! ?? m ?Vn,Jrlv,,,la sta'? line, lo connect with the ?. 'Jiat Ut0'cam" "P for f?'il action. A motion ? recommit, with instructions io insert sn amendment submitting the question to the neonfe iif? was voted down, ao-1 'bo hit] .,B.Hed 11 1 h'8 the Senate. It ,,r VJeVU .t.V^A "'! tHJVT ?0,!" ?" nilU to nocomp ish the"Sk "Wsixteenths of a Vh, Kin ... . ftorjiRE inr* bill which hag been a lorn: tira* before th# connt? n?ir ??l? thf lrnProve?e,,t ?f MnufiatCan square And to w? rew^;;d " 'llChlctI;,rgc of tbo '^rkcX,?i"ers was reported favorably by a mn.(ority of the committer this morning. \jr. Fields made a minority rl',ri ?n ,h shape of a bill, closing tho square and selling the ground The fallow! "n,U VKK**" ,V "<r "?"?? Pated ?bv BUfflsrom bills that i morning?Tho Sew York Ouaran Le and Indemnity tompany. tbe Columbian 1'lejsnro Wireho3Sr'''men,!in? t!lf charter ot tho United States iVnnif ni iT? Company' ghin' ,he German Pavings Hank of .New ^oik the power to receive over three millions on de; osit; nlso the bill relating to the prose thi in.? ?""s 'or wwnrery or penalties and fine* by the Inspectors o RuildiUKS in New York. ... . CANAL <0STKAC1S. considerable lime In Committee of i! r? 1 ? ' 8 Reform Gm tract hill. Tbl? mea mire h.?s been up In all manner of lorms this winter. It . *. fl,"t ,*'tb provisions for the present Tf . .5 ?.!.'p lb"'1' c '"tracts, and providing lor 1 Jr.f,lJrn . . *v"tem "nder the management of superlnlendents. which was characterized by s;;ch enosmous corruption and wholenala swindling for party pui p?.ses that it. even to the present time, throws s-ispi Cion upon any person, It matters not how well be mav hare 8Ukvi1 hoiet?lore, who advocates a return to tn .t jypienr Tbe plau of itemizing the work his beeu tailed of b it under that syt-tein the p<>litirincedo not s e any raodo K'PheV",?- Tb'reforf'lmeeU ?? psrtklifar favor? Iko the bill i.atne up this morning Senator lleii oiier?(t an additional section, providing for rMumTng he wo?k ,"P?'',lt*T1(le''t system utter the c.?tiacts are dio nl?'/'Sena^r'AVi?""* l'P',"!-*d lhj* "tnendment, as ni'i ins.. Senator Andrus. The latter sa ri tW .nu ! recognized evils in the present ctitract fvili'in i,? l ir.i0m? rCJM,? ^ "l"er 11 ?eotns a bard matter for h, ?ti-T. l''?ake ^old of ? question in a practical ih ? V wa}' Ihl8 1?>eation Is one or the mostslmnle lh..t has come bet ore tho I esislatura v.t . ?r. befogged, bewlldere.l and preteni to halVa '2 arfrssiE?1 "? wi" ??r?2 4 !,TATM,fNT or ,Ttr <*>rv***t*TAL arrnits ar Kavoa _ ? , ? , tU STOKK. ? p SSSSdT-1^ uu,'""r"" X?."-0""1'" TBI or n. State .r Hmw p r?i r d?^nrfo r ^t b e" it a j^'r oV t h u .Tin S* JS'W,lb0"? Stat-to appeal to^Sfir h, norlTblS bod? ln, ?'? community wbonf Intfr^ti ir i? i ? a ? ? behalf of thi* ?auaUhat>tuTjS. ,SV2 ? Vh. ?,uard to enable the mien.* and Iwai bSS^e. .S 2! '^lalature carry ..ut the obieau ?t f vrnwent to o the reprsaentatlrea or the lh* aid et the a?nt therefm^' I ??.o? Support and on Tour patlxnre V the city of Y. r7 -L*1 not ,re,P*'? at in my judgment her iJpul.-.tioT an.l i,.l represented These reiuarim uia.\ ai?i lflK? iho ? i h? demand. ?4*rt fhoiic who nhftpc for t)i? u legiilat** nfifn he!en true. It if a X,. onShl. * *"I\ but ??** ?re the reprr?en?ati\es rr0m tlMa rifv euha^k m* a m,jOrlty of emolumen t from or are rromisod in, r.fill'i ?*'?'- reee)?? trol.r? dep trtment* mrpr wh^l," .WaP'^S!:' sejVlVat'* bdl^e'mtlJilclM the v^hmiTe^, or " peudlttire, of whfeh ,*? 11',1?.*^. mw!Ur't*i e?. body. Tl.rougb the laiiure of ii I rV.?,?'* A?"r lAnorablo or nMierwIse. unite m, "t!''u"-r designed peas-, was never submit!*,| i,,Mt i for ettv ei o: ref reuch merit or Puform THom 7!HI"?"if uUn in a few irfflmg deu,!i?. a?J .? onlr ditler nious auoi oi aearlr lilfe-an niilH ClV,r.'n/tJh'">or beliere hat the ciu ai.s co.miy ? y,"1? '?*??'"b? ta?. I ministered, and the interest?n the ?nw!n?2? r,n b'- ad redueing th<' i.ntiim tlirwe minions debts paid, after II ?on. honorable h.?lv will e?ip?w.r . .. , . Supervisor* of tha counts ?f Maw VorkTT i. _ <>'reet the a I In of tw.-lve millions of dollars III . r * U" for ,h" n?la<|..n, eonslstlnK ?r the Mayor. Kfoor5e?^l?Wnl a TT" who shall assu. tab- wuh tl.enisel>aa and a ? 'T,V. rollrri the heaviest iir. perty holders, ujd that tl.JI! P "i1** ?r to a>ai?n and divide the balance left of tli?,haM be over and nhove the tntereat ?n the debt, Items of city and count* ei|^ndt4urea, a. m thtfr 1? ;*r,ou? may be deemed m?.i prei^r, a (treat re or n ?n J I have learned Wiih saflVf.rtloa ihat ' L^V1'"11., Association of the city of N.>w York have - ? 0ll,,fn,?, to four h?n lable ?,?..!> praylnn frjr c. itala^Tn^??' Petitions the city charter whleh aaeef n.v e..r,Ll aw,r"h-.'ill?. "W0 of these Is intended to guard tbe trust rcp<<a?i| In ilii v.i .o.hee* Irmrovdest or Improper legisaltoTo" ihl the Common c ouncil Jjf 111f* t^mitomrT itwnia Mayor from the ctty, or a irllllng illu. ?.? , onfinHiS b*m?to ! ? fcousei for a day or iwo. ran be taken sdvanUce..? hi . L ",B taltl lh T' f jderman to <lenr,ve him cf this cheek' im ? . .5 Imended as a whole soHie restraint m*v ^?^?t'0"!" fr-f,'" i?ry ef the public. The XhteJ 1'.L meTraT?. " T?r r0",r"1 0T" ,h" etecu.lvV defw,t yS'JEi'SSLfiS?' " WlSKSE ?~5rafa?s?,^",r0s's!ssfaisaw"' W?w f?M, Apr? 4i of lh* *ork. Tho ar?..mL'.,"!T,*T1,T, .y*4T '* TH* letres Fl^?n" b*l,,r,? the Senate O.mmittee on 1'rlvl Ne?in and t?._ ? , contested election case of main oooilal^T'i.*?^I T ,th," ,fl'rn"on Mr- Tre elude. From ,.rl?iT ,nH.0,..Mr 1/LW* b"1. bo settled before Mia vere imi h"* l"*,Uon n,,? * l r lMI h("lr" of tho session. Thorn ... <TrT TA? I.BVV. fsasmtMae on ' ???x^ovalTfha! ?"m? ,ho Asseml lv -? o?*.ho U. levy this afternoon. }\? room was crowded with those who derlred a roiee Id the appropriates. Judge Kdmooda appeared on be half 01 the reiaree, mm, among other things, urged upon ibe committee to redace the salary or all ofBciafc (? New York tweuty Ave per eent. Some eoutreveray aroee to ragaril lo tbe balance in I be city ireaaory being lees thai) in October last, whea Comptroller Brennan to formed Judge Bdmond* that (be judvmenta which be (Judge Edmonds) bad obtained on behalf of the Commie ?loners of Records bad to be paid, and tbat be bad re duced U. tbo refereee In ibis and otber matters save exhibited such an Impraclibihty that they have weakened their cauae , and, from present indicaiiene, will fall back upou taking for the passage of Bryant's Retrenchment bill, Introduced early In the mm too, with none amendment*. TTIS IDiMI araifMA lUILROAD. The [.ebanon Springe Railroad bill was referred beck to the Railroad Committee in the Assembly tomgba, with power to report complete, eossiDiaATtON or tk* miutm hiix. The entire afternoon sets* ion of the Assembly was taken up in tbe consideration of tbe appropriation in the Militia bill. The great opposition to the item comes from the member from s?t. Iawrenee A desperate euort was made to reduce tbe entire amount appropriated to three hun dred and fifty thousand dollars. The abject of the bill Is to place thirty thousand militiamen in a position to bo ready for any'emergency, this lo include those already armed and equipped. A portion of the appropriation ap ples especially to tbe New York city militia, who have alrendy rendered valuable service to their country , but gome of the economists do not appear to be willing that tbey shall be rewarded. rvEviKG nraioN of nn imiuii. Tbe evening session was taken up in third reading of bills. The bill levying a tax of one-tenth of a mill for tbe improvement ef tbo Champlaln Canal was passed. The bill regulating a wharf in the city of New York fer tbe Delaware and Raritan Railroad Company was lost. Tbe Camden and Amboy Company was either too strong here, or a stroke of the lobby brought about Ibo result. A m tion was made to reconsider, but thai was laid oc tbe table. TH* KVKW1NG SS8M0N OF TBR FKJIA1*. Tbe Senate spent tbe entire evening in Committee ot the Whole. The bills to amend tbe Brooklyn Park act, and to mcorporute the Erie Basin in Brooklyn, or Dry Dock Company, were ordered to a third reading. Tho Court of Appeals. Ai ha.iv, Aprtl 6,1W4. The following is tbe calendar of the Court of Appeals for Wednesday, April 0,1814:?Nos. 9 (special calendar), 101,102,103,104,10S, 100,107, 109 and 100. CRINOLINE ON POLITICS. Nl? Webb In Reply to Ml a a Dickinson. ukfit evening the talented lecturer, Miss Fmma Webb, delivered a lecture at tbe Cooper Institute before a pretty numerous audience, her subject being "Tbe l^eient Ad ministration uud the Affairs of tbe Country." She was well received,and at once proceeded with ber subject:? Roger Aschem, tbe quaint old school master of t)ueeu Klizabcth, in describing the studious habits of the young |j?ilv June <;ruy. says:?"At the time thai Uio r< *t ot' the company were gono out aheming or to their other amuse menu, I found, O Jup;tor and all the gods! the young lady reading tbe l' of Hato in Greek with a most con. siimmatodiligenuo." Although I have not attempted to read the Pha'do in Greek, I have studied politics, or rather politics have bceu pressed upon me. *no had friends eu gn-cd on each Ride of this most wicked strife. and she had contemplated tho argument with which eat h strove to justify this mMMtl bloodshed. 6ho had neighed nil arguments with a tender repaid for justice to all parties; bat ti* ? oOBatiMrtOB she?cnmo to wM that, whatever party was successful, the wail of the widow aitd the c.rv of the orphan would be heard in heavco above tlio dreadful din of battle. The'{UcxiioD then is whether this struggle will nut enu in the overthrow of civil government In the civil warn of the Romans the prevailing party used to throw into tbo Tiber the works of art reared by their predecessors and were we to throw down and trample under foot the very government that our fathers redeemed from the despotism of the old world' (Appluuso.) 1'hese remarks were elicited by her reflections on the lectures of Hiss Dickinson , ? lu>ro great talent w as directed t > showing that war was holy. Bit she (the Iccialrcr) thought th>8 a inort unwomanly feel, inc,'the mitre especially as the poor private soldier was the(hMtter<-r and tl.e Innocent victim (Applause.) If the butcheries or war were confined t<> those who caused them, an abhorrence of the blood of battle fields would lo?e iti-elf in the knowledge that they who caused the war were the only sufferers (Applause.) Ye lords of creation, hear what \bc I incoin says ?" The na tion mint have a n w birth of freedom." Was tills ntcv (try? Was the country so dead thai i' needed r0<cn0fiiITfiB a? *hi? time, when some of those who had witnessed lie birth hlfl yot vol been gathered to their fathers? H slavery was the rtliffl Pi U}.e war, the could, from her own exi>erieuce, say that ttifl fWve? emanci pated iu thi West Indies had not been bcn,;tile<TT>Ytn& change. (Applause.) The negro in Airica wag wbat gicenbioks wore In the I'niteOf states?a legnJ tejuler? (?ppiii'ige)?'or the re^on that tbfir b.aslers could part wiili tli-m at any tiniO for a consideration, and they were never Intended tor anything ese. The war was started upflP an id.-a, but that was concealed; other w ae no Amcricau army could have been raised to light. ;Mi?a Plckic son's idea of liberty wns more African than American. (Applause.) While the national comfiact waa kept the national life waa-glorious, and everybody was happy; even the negro himself was hup nv that was before the day that Seward fulminated bis irrepressible conflict. Mist Dickinson stld that slavery was the cause of the war, just as money was the cause 01 theft. (Applause.) Aud further. Miss Dickin son . alluding to (.'eueral McOellan?fgreat cheering)? speaks of him as the genoral who shall be nameless for evermore But he rhail not he nameless lor the very pains which Miss Dickinson takes to malign him ?bow that he is not nameless; but.on the contrary, that his Is a name which laction uud fanaticism dread and foir There were othor great men in the country, and one at all events who, f<.r his loyalty to the country, had b?en exiled from it. In the Urst category witne-s Seymour, of Connecticut. (( heers.) In the other was the glorious and patriotic Valianduham. (long continued applause.) All Miss Dickinson's sympathy was for the uegro. She says that the war must not cense till the black mau ads on the bench of tbo Supreme Court of the United sjatw- with tbd white judge. g|.o ba? not a word of s\ mpathy for the poor white man. This was poor sympathy. indeed, when tbo Angel t f Death sits #t ?v?rjf door, tlifiro is a corpse in every lamily? no s|>ot of bappiness that Is not tiapti ed in blooj. K these fanatics are so full of pity let |hem turn their sympathy to the millions of nbite n.en and women who are throwing their lire* away in a hopeless struggle with poverty more ap|<alllng than death Itsell. If you have tears shed tbem over the poor white siater, who looks Irom her dimlv lighted chamber up to the midnight stars, to find there the only bright spota Iu her path ei lite?all else is darkness and sorrow to her, 1 he lecturer concluded by recltm* a portion of Hood's "Song of the Shirt." She was warmly applauded on re tiring. Italian Opera. FAUST. After twenty-seven performances of Faust it has lost none of its attractions for the frequenters or tba Academy. It was as warmly rec?lvod last night as heretofore, and In all respects as weir produced. It Is unnecessary to say more thau wo have alroady written as to the merits of the opera or the excelleut cast, which Is the original one, with the exception of Rtacbl, whose roU. of Mepbls top boles was filled for the filth time last night, and very admirably, by Mr. Hermanns Mn/zoleni sang the aria, Salvu dlmora, excellently. Miss Kellogg was warmly ap plauded throughout. The Poldiers' chorus received a merited encore. It was very finely rendered, the orcbes tration, under Maretzek's direction, being perfect. Al though the house was not as large as on the previous ntghi, It waa nevertheless reapectably filled. To night I.ucre/ia will be produced, with a powerful caat, including Modorl, 8ulzer, Mazzoleol and Bellini. American Theatre. TO THE EDITOR OF Till MKHALD. Washi?h;ti>*, March 3?, I'M I'lcaae Insert the enclosed advertKcmcrt in yonr theatrical column, and send bill for payment to the treasurer's office of this theatre. I'KTKit FUNK HI. AIR, Sr. .Stage Manager. For A. Lint oln , Manager. ABrerWan Theatre. AMKK1CAN THKATRK. Now being performed betora admiring audiences, com posed of the eliit of the aristocracy of kagiaud, France and the reat of the world, tho great national drama of THK ROAR VO MIX, with the following capable cast of characters ? Abraham, the Joker, a merry manaich (with new jokes and a solo on the fiddle during the cotillagration in the last art)..A. Lincoln. Plr Hombastes de Backdown, his I'rime Minister W. tiewsrd. Sir Shovel ut Greenback, the proprietor of a hundred hard worked prltHlng prefSci*. Cba?e. Sir Meddlesome Muddleit, a troublesome leiiow, who ran't tnind hts own business Stanton. Old 1 nrle t.tdeon (who will be asleep dur ing the entire periormance) .0. Welles. General lllutidcrin (eternally ao) Ilallcck. Whipped Cream, a frothy, milk aud sugar orator C. Sumner. Rev. Ranter IUp ltoarur, 1 I'uiplt f W H.Heecber. Kev. Dismal Howls, ) politicians... tneever. Bottom, the Weaver (with a bray) W. I'lillilps. Touchstone J.)'. Hale Keei>er of the King's Conscience Illair, Senior. A down (with tricks) Mr, 11. Greciey I'onto 1 smelling about the rey.-.i kitchen for strsy bones and brokeu willies) J. W. Forney Amalgamations, Shoddy lies, Congressmen. Contractors, I/iyal 1 eaguers, Politicians, I'lmpa, kc., kc. Dnrlng tho performance, Urand Antics by the entire company. Music by Gideon's Band. N. B.?Tho performance will probably continue until further notice, unless summarily brokeu up by | oliceinau Grant. The Kattle of Uettyabnrg. TTTK CONTRUVKHSY ngrWKRN ORNKItAL BOTrtBrilll P AND WK.N'BltAL MR A UK. Cl!?< I JIN ATI, April 5, Major General Butterfleld pa?sed through here to day, tn miu* to the Army of the Cnmbesland In conversation with an offloer here, alluding to despatches from Waah inglon Hating that he had issued orders at Gettysburg without authority 4 hsf-aid the statement was false, and that be could not believe that General Meade had ev?r made au&h a statement. THE FAIR The Fourteenth Street Build ing Yesterday. About Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Visitors. THE FIRST SALES DAY. A Brisk Business and Crowded House. The Hairy Eagle en Its Way te Abraham's Bosom. CONCERT LAST EVENING. TUB FOLICB AND WMT THET FOUND. Fifty Cents Admission To-day. avs&TBODY zi oonro. Openiop ef the Colon Square Build ing This Afternoon, Ac, to.. te The <-reat ?amtary Fair of the metropolitan city of the Union is fairly, safely and proaperously under way. Yesterday the prico of ffilmiBsion to the Fair was one dollar; and upwards of thirteen thousand people visited it. Amcug tins number tho holders of season tickets mufc't bo included. Tho doore were opened at ten o'clock, and fof many hours tho building was but moderately AIM. This proved ft great Boon to those who had vitted the Fair undeterred by the impending storm It also benefited the Fair in a pecuniary point of Tiew; giving everybody a chance to select at their lei-ure such goods oa they wished to purchnso Yester day being the time for sales to commence, the ladies in attendance on the diflereat stands had quite a busy fmo in attending to their numerous customer?. THE SAt.KB m every department of the hair were very numerous, but no goods (with but a few slight exceptions) wilt bo taken away until this morning. No estimate *ould be formed of the amount taken at the d.ffereot stands, and, I'roin what we learned on apply iug In the office of the Executive ? ommittee, no person appeared to have charge of the matter. A tour around tho building developed many fresh facts which our readers will find interesting. THE FI.ORAL TEMPI.E was the first placo visited l>y almost every person on entering the building. rba floral treasures mid beau ties have received many |tdd|tiona, and the af iractlon/* are now of * high order. Ihe ladies in atteudnnce did a brisk business during the day in bouquets and baskets of fruit and flowers, ranging in price from one to fifty dollars and upwards. TUB ART GALI.ERT, with ita magnificent collection of oil paintings and other works of art, is a favorite resort with every one. An additional charge or tw?ntv-flve cents is made for admission, bu t the gallery was thronged during the whole day. In the centre of the room three flags were placed yesterday, one of which is to be. presented to Major General fllx. It Is of blue silk, and was presented by Mrs. niodeett. In the centre Is a patriotic device, desigtfed by Leutre, around which is embroidered General Pix^s celebrated order, "If sny man dares to haul down the flag shoot Bim on the epot." At a table in front of tho stand Mrs. General de Trobri and is seated, and has in charge a small book, which oontalne the autographs of President Lincoln, the Vice Tresident,Cabinet Ministers, Secretaries, members ,.J Congress. Generals McClellan, Fremont, Burusl4e, aud oi almost every Tnfcrt of note in the country. Anybody wishing to add his name to that of this Illustrious comi>any is allowed to do so on paying one dollar rhe book will be presented to General I)ix, and the money to the Sanitary Commission. The other flags are Interest ing relics of an episodo In the Hie of General Dix, one of thi'm being the flag which formerly floated on board the revenue cutter McClelland, hi relerenre to which General Hix issued t is reiebrntod order quoted above The otuer is the secesh Hag which wus louud on board the U Hol land when she was recaptured by Admiral Farragut at New Orleans. I THE PHOTOGRAPHS are in a small upper room, to which access 13 had by a Bight of stairs at the southwest end of tho Art Gallery The collection is a large and valuable one, aud many sales were made in this department yesterday. Tbe young ladies in attendance must nave suRored much tncon Tenlonce from the defective ventilation, and visitors beat ? hasty retreat for the same reason 1 he Executive Com mittee should attend to this matter, and have it rente died. THE HAIRT EAOI.K is picking up a few dollars. Among the mrne? entered lii the t> H>k appear those of Major General Dix.Governor Wright, ot Indiana; .superintendent .'ebn A. Kennedy Police Commissioner Aeton, Simeon I'M per, and tboee ol a few others not know to lame. On the froot i?ge of tho book is tho following inscription ? The undersigned reapeetfullj present to the I'lrsldent of In* Cnited State* the ?i?-onipanving memento ol tin- >1' Uo ?mliUn Kalr. i.eld lor the ben?*fn of the 1'alted Slates Haul larj Coir.miealnn, New York, April I, IH. ( THE ROMAN DEPARTMENT still presents an array of empty cases and helves,caused by the non arrival ot the donations from loval American ? raiding in Rome. Tbe article- are all remarkable lor their richness and beauty, and murJi dleaptKMntuioul is teR in consequence ol the delay w their reccipt. THE JKWEf.RT AND SILVER DEPARTMENT was well patronized yesterday. The contributions t > this stand are estimated at ?7.r>,000. Many of the nest valuilxe artleles were disixiiBi of yosierday. I he pair of Urge vases of Rohdwhi glass wore k Id tor f 1.000. A set of wire kIa?ws "f the'same material, with ullver ftems, were sold for |2.'i0. Among other artleie m ooeof the prlnci|>al cases is a lsr*e silver fruit stand, a f,u umifr ef the one presetted to Miss Chase by her Ohio ir<Md< as a wedding present It is valued at $s<>0 The assortment of watches Is very One. Several of theru aro valued at $k<KK>, and have already be-n sold. Of ladies' fans tliere are upward1* of one thousand, of all prices, stylos ami patterns. In a glas* case at one end ef the counter aro three pair* of skates in vie of plated silver lhey ire of elegant design, an-i mounted with solid silver, with ruby eyes In a dragon - They are valued at |150 a |>air Another article ?, rthy of meotion and which occup es a prominent jki gitiou on the counter, Is a trts-" t.i' tet of blue china, In laid with" silver. For beauty of pattern and flneti"ss of wnrkman?hip it will compare very favorably with any other article on the stand It is valued at $ ><>U. THE Kllt-T MOKITOR. In tbe I.iugere I'cpi'rtin'Dt we were wn an interest in?; rrltC of the Qrst Monitor, it Is a walking stick, made ,,i,I of the wood of the ci)>stanof the Monitor, and tbe ttindle. which Is heautllully ear ed. Is mideof wood jr-m the t hartertiak It wss loWyesterdav for tlfty dol mrs. lu this dej artment Is sis > exhibited the earvinu of the Charter o?k as it appeired or the morning it fell. It was carved and donated to the Southern lad?, snd IS valued atone hundred dollars. A number of leaves from the Charter i?ak. yellow and somewhat decayed, aro also to be had for twenty-live cents each. HIE VIRK DEPARTMENT STAND. one of the most elegant iu tho Fair, was also well patroni/ed yn temay Anioi g the fre?h ei|x>silions at tbi" stand we noticed a tine Misrule bust ol Martin Van Hot en and a white marble tlgureof Henry I lay. Both are valuable as works of ai t. THE MACHINERY DEPARTMENT was uext visited,which wo found to bo in a very un finished state. Amidst rushing steam snd whirring whee's, sreasy me. names wero Bundling immense bars ot iron and preparing for the grand display that is to bo made here sometime be'orc the Katr clos e. IH* N A V A I, DEPARTMENT camo next In order, amt Is beeonitPK a very attractive and Interesting place. Mr Webb, who r, is it m charge, |? tlttn g It np '11 Or?t rate style Ho na- smec *itnrd?y added a line model of tli? Itgssian fi Unite General Adml raI It Is perfect tn every detail, sud attracts mu< h it tent ion. On . lie Side is a section ol the iron clad Ponder berg, while m the centre, about six leet trom the sruuiid. it ft floe model of tho North river steamboat Isaac ^*"r ion. Itnny other info esling of naval archl lecture are on exhibition here, which we will take another opportunity to describe. milmnrky and drkshmakino was one of the liberally patrom/ed departments j ester Uay. It is situated lo the mound story, next door to the Curiosity SIt p. 1'be dressmaking Is under tho direction of Mrs. Horsy the, asusied by Mr*. IionovftO. They have a floe colli ction of ready made dresses, of ftll materials and for every soafin- -sacuuea, bu? pies and other articles of ladies' apparel, including a line assortment of hoop Skirts ftnd corveis. Mr*, tlar*nall O. Roberts ha* charge of the millinery department aaslsled by Madam Kerrero. A point lace shawl, valued at 11,000, In ou? of the Oral things scoi on entering the room. The assortment onnslste of handsome bats, ranging In price from twenty to fifty dollars each, fan v k<>'?Ih, flowers and feather*. There In Also an article which will prove a valuable acqui sition lo somebody. It Is a talking baby. We heard 11 say very naturally, and left au old gentle wan admiring It Perhaps be bought U. HAIKDRKBRIN'O DEt'AUTMENT. This Is stocked with douations from the tonaorlal pro fessors of this city, and contann a choice assortment of benrds, combs, perfumery, brushes, curls, soaps, hair restoratives, and other article* of a similar character. One set of curls, forty six Inches In length, Is valued at oue hundred dinars. A braid, Ufty-flve inches long, la SAid to be the (Tnest In tbo country. There is ? private , room Tor ladftH' bairdressing purposes, experiouoed per sons In attendance, and the department is No. 70, be tween the Curiosity Shop and the Kestauraot. CON0IRT LAST BVRNINO. About seven o'clock last evening the rooms began to fill up very rapidly, and SOOO presented a scene of beauty, fashion and magnillceuce not often to be witnessed out side the limits of our metropolitan city. The orchestra wns occupied about tho same time by Craiulla's band, and during the evening, under tbo leadership of that well known artist, performed a variety of airs, including se lections from the Knchantresa, overture lo William Toll, selections from Hobert I-e Diablo and Macbeth, together with other pieces of a national and patriotic character. T1IE POLICE ARRANGEMENTS, under the supervision of Inspector Leonard and Sergeants Wilnonand (iarland, are admirable, and appear to give entire satisfaction lo everybody. No arrests wero made yesterday, and,, strange to rolate, no complaints lodged at headquarters. Paring the day, however, about flitv ar ticles, ranging In value from a five cent stamf) to fifty dollars, were found In dlllereut parts of tbu building and taken to headquarters. Iheownors in many Instances, bad the thought to apply at ibe police headquarters, where tbo articles were restored on being correctly de scribed and receipted for. TBI RESTAURANT was crowded during ibe whole dav. Oysters we-o In great demand, thirty thou.suud beiug consumed before two o'clock. Ihe viands ol evory description were in Similar demand. At a moderate computation it is esti mated that about eight thousand persons pat mowed this branch of the Pair. Major stetson and Mr, Win. H. Had ford bavo got everything into g< od working order, and it is now in an admirably efficient condition. Tho ladies in attendance at the restaurant will feel obliged by all per sons patronizing It providing themselves beforo hand with Kmall change in roiled States currency, or failing that to pay in city bills. This will save tlieni ranch 'trouble and tune. Lib ral donations of coffee, Hour and other articles arc now being received, and tins depart ment promises to be ar profitable as any other ol' th r Fair. Contributions of flowers, confectionery and other similar articles arc solicited by the lilies Conunitteo. THE TWO SWOKPfi which were donated by Messrs. Tillany & Cto. | to bo pre sented to llio military and naval ollicer who -ball receive the largest number or votes, arc very handsome ami | costly a|K'Oiuicus of armorers' work Up to a late hour yesterday General Giant was on the list ( for the military sw rd Ho was rattier closely fol j lowed by General MoClellair, while ? eneral Flutter fol | lowed at a very respectful distance: far ill the rear hoiiio I people would call It lbe competitors lor the naval I sword are running pretty < l< sely together, and are Com mander Rowan, of the New Ironsides, and Admiral Far ragut. Commauder Kowan was a little ahead; but tho Old Stiaiuauder's chance is still a very good one. SALE OK TICKKTS. Mr Theodore A. Moss lias charge ol the ticket sellors, money takers, doorkeepers, and ail other-; who guard the d i Heront entrances to the lair. He has reduced every thing into first rate working trte, and the < omnntiee have agr ed to do away with the absurd svstemof punch Ing a hole In a seas. n ticket every time the holder passe* from one part of the building to another. This gives great satisfaction. Some tickets had twenty holes ' punched in them yesta day, much to the holders lisgnst and the dltngnretnent of the pasteboards. The sales of tickets yesterday amounted to tbiitaen thousand lour hundred and eighty seven of tbis i. amber between six and seven thousand were season tlckc's. THE RECEIPTS i On making Inquiry at the Treasurer's office last night we learned tnat the money I <ken at the d'vur and ot the different stands had not bun counted, and would not be until to day N'o estimate could, therolorc, possibly be made of the amount ol receipts when the Fair closed, at about nrteeu minutes to eleven last night. I'lie Union Square KxhlMtlon to be Opened tlila Afternoon. aRAND OrKNINO COVCKRT?"Sit IlUNOKKti BBAt'llPUr. TOfNG 8IKOBKS?THE KNICEEKBOlKER EITCUKN, | ETC., ETC. I It was confidently expected yesterday that the Union square division of the Sanitary Fair would havo bee*i opened to tbe public, but as there was a great many im IHirtant things still left undone which ought to have been done, It was found necessary to give the carjienters and joiners more time to accomplish all that was needed. So, although everything actually required for the inters r display on the opening of the building was in readI-je*R, the programme could not be carriod into effe.:t as origin ally intended, There neod l> no alartn, however, for the ladies are working earnestly, and this afternoon, ut three o'clock, tbe Union S'quare Exhibition will b>' 0|>eneJ with a graud conc rt. in which a hundred bin u tiful young s ngers will lak? part. That tbis soctioi is In a fair way of piojres?|on tnsy l>e noted from the fact that tbe \nickcrbocker Kitchen wasop-n all yesterday and last evening up to tea o'clock, lbe gentle iadies. descendants of gall mt and sturdy Old Dut< h burg" misters, who govern tbis Teutonic culinary department (Knickerbocker kitchen), are types of neutne-s, taste and good njanagemeut, us well as excellent samp'es of first class cooks. By tUeir kind invitation the reiorteis who vMted the < utnne were induced to try a cup of their "caudell," or "kuudell," a very good kind of com|>ound. no doubt, for Kairkerbo kers and plum puddings, b t altogether unsuitod to the i>aiate of at least one of the reporters present. Some of the gentlemen finished up the contents of their tea cups: others merely tasted tbe Bivo ry composition. Mill' the Knickerbocker I idles evinced a desire to treat the representative'of tbe press with a pro|>er attention, and we are glad to say that Ibis ha? been tb? prevailing disposition or all the Indies wbo so plentifully grace and adorn the hair, and without whoso invaluable aid all tbe "head and tali" committees would be like so mat y rrpes of sand. We sub oln the names of the ladies who fr.rm the Com mittceof tbe Knickerl" < ker Kitchen ? Mrs. J. J Hooserelt, t'h'n. Miss Susan Person. Treis'r Mrs. Alfred Schermerhorn, Mrs. .'atnrs Peek man, Mrs. A. T Clayton, Mrs. LeggMt, Mrs. Pr. Brown, Mrs. Plnns, Mrs. F. I. Vlele, Mrs. Willis. Mrs. Timpson, Mrs.ftarsn, Mrs. Joel Wo| e, Miss Cornell. Mrs. M. U Caleb, At the north eud of tbe kitchen is a splendid tlrepla e, built alter the old Style, eTpri-??.cly ror tbe ooca?li>n. Here a number large logs are pil "I up. rind, with the oi naaional stirring er a large poker, the? throw out a ruddy and rtH'rc?hlng In.lit. mingled wtb a warintb that is peciliarly acceptable in the?e cold night- of April of tho decorations, b' th pictorial and artistic, with which tbe kitchen abounds. we will spenk more fnmilvar ly atid at gre ater length wlieu the btil.ding if fully open I to the public. Rut,?? we have % large number or Dutch readers, atal thousands who are interested in that and- nt 1 people and llieir eipresslve language, we subjoin a lew of the inscriptions whlru visitors will have tbe pleasure of reading and dlscavil'ig In Unoriginal. Over the main hall of entrance is this isolation _ "Onze Genegotilteld Is V(ddoen.'^***#**#*>**f ; Which, befcg translated, me ins ?"Our de-Ire is to satli i fj <? Then we have? "Vrlendschap em ge/elschop " $****?/?? w???<?????wmMi "friendship and sociability." Of both of the?e harmcniotig vlrtu"S there will be no stint. Following In the rceitar course or go< d saving .we cotr.' to an old copy o' Wasliingt u's portrait, bonealli | which are Inscribed the words ? /?#/// \?'!er van net Vaderiand." i ??Fniber of his Country." Immediately lu front or this, and over one of the en trsnci-s to the kitcben. is a couplet shows the wis dom of tho early Uthers of the earliest Knickerbockers ? V ?? pe wnaiff'.d dfc ii 'I l-sf cr lag" } Die kompt met kharheid tanden dsg.'' 1 " lbe truth that in the darkness lay Comes cut with clearness to the day." And mthtf to tho leit of the lire,dace? .--. ,//, ,///,/ ///?// ^?//./> rt **** *********** " ****** *' I "I/'crt ?at dan keul gy wat." ? "J.carn something If you would know something " Thus it may be seen tiio Knickerbockers "arc around," und as we shall hvve to sav something morn about their kitchen, and the winning gra -es oi tne ladies presiding more, we will Old tnem good iiignt, promising to "call again." The mn'tcal depvtment is In a very forward state Several One p'aiios, harmonl'ims, violencellos and other Instruments are already in place, and pre|<aratloi<s are being made to locate others. A splendid organ-fen !> at the soutiivrn extremity ot tbe biiildlng, a manterpiec^ of ; mechanical .-.kill, only awiitiug tbo mask iiuners ol ? i Here* or a Morgan to wane iti chords into I fe tod h>r mnny. lb il graud treat Id reserved for today rod Id night. It Id positive!/ 'iD.iert-to.xl that ibis department will b* ready tliin evening for pubic exhibition. II was anucf 1 paled tbit Its operations would have berfiio yesterday af teruoon m a connected form, and with a degree of enthu siasm e>]ual to that of the inauguration or too principal Fair buildings. Allhigli the w rather was rather wet and shivery, lhe*e were hundred* of | ermine on the (round, keeping iboinsulvos war n with patriotism, ati'l with iho bo|>es of da/./lings sight* within this tributary or tho nohle enterprise, Hut, In f and behold, the ticket olllce *? empty, and Moss?the H-renresslble aud vigilant Mom, tbe lord of the box olllce and comptroller of admission tlck"U? was non etl in tw'ujr. This wan certain evidence that the open Ing had been postponed, and after long watching ami waiting, our,ubiquitous reitvrters solemnly returned their pencil* to their c.ves and their notebooks to tbeir tvckoi*, Inwardly resolving to bo on hand again lo-dny, and if the Fair bo not opened to take immediate steps to open II themselves. It will bo aeon, by an advertisement In another column, that a grand vocal and instrumental concert, In aid of the Sanitary Commission, will be given this evening in ihe Greene street Mot hod ut Kplscoptl church, under tho direction of I'rof. T. J. Cook. A numbor of first eUus artists have volunteered their services, and Ihe con cert will, no doubt, be a very successful affair. A grand vocal and instrumental concert and exhibition by the pupils of tho public schools <?f the Seventeenth ward is to come off at i'oo|ier Institute to-morrow even ing. Tho proceeds aro to ho devoted to the purposes of the United .States nam tar y Commission. THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAG. Incessant Kit lit 8 tor ins? Danger that the Railroad Bridie* Will lie Hwcpl A way?Operations of the Rebels, <b?. OUR HPKCIAL COHKICHPONDESt'K. AlkxakdRIA, Va., April 4,1844. Rain baa fallen Incessantly for tbe past fortv.elght hours. Tbe rtreams crossed by tbe Orange ana Alex* andrla Kail road have risen to an unprecedented height, and moot superhuman exertions are being made to pre vent tho briil.^ from b*ing destroyed, but tbe task soems almost liopsta*. (ieuernl Lee seoms to have taken II for granted that tbe mid Virginia route to Hlcbmond Is nol to be abrn donod. strong ort Ideations are being thrown up on the South side of the Rapidin, at a poiut opposite M ItcheM's Station, or what Is known as Clark's Wotiutatn. Tbe new works are plainly In view from our signal sta'.tens. NEWS FROM LOUISIANA. Arrival of Central FriinkUn'? Fortes >?? Alei<ndrl.i-ti?n?rul A, J, Nmltli't Column lit Motion?fJeueral Banks Or^anlx nr a Civil (invtirninent, Ac. rr horw April ft 1R?4. Advices from Alexandria to the 27' > ult. -tav that the miinbodyof Gener.l Frai kiln's army arrived there the. day befor ? meeting no op|Kisitlon. I ho country threuMb which it p.used wa< deserted by whites in I tn.le blacks, they having gone to Tex i . 1'bo indication^ aio that General Dinks' army will remain thero some time. Tho gnnb >at Hragg had established a hioekade at Iho mouth of the Bod river, and none but government ers were allowed to enter (be stream. Tho advance co nmn or our forces, under General A. Smith, left Alexandria on the 27th. I he gunboats will prob ibly follow. i eueral Mower ban captured seventeen cinnon since reac iini( the Red river. General Rmks wan organizing a civil government. I' wiseipectud that Shrevoj ort would lull withJut re sistance. Tho rebels will be driven from the entire country east o( the Red river. A military pott ha* been established at Waterproof. The rebel General Harrison's command is reported mov ing towards Shreveport. NEWS FROM MISSISSIPPI. The Rebel* Ai;aln on (lie nt^C "lark wild Yaxoo Klveri, the. Sr. Lot'in, A|>ril 6,1H<U. A iciort is iu circulation th it the rebels are t king up their old linoa on tho Rig bia k and Va/.o oriver*. Vick-burg advicos of tho 2Sth ultimo say that tbe crew or the steamer Alf. Cutuug bid arrived from Alex andria Reported Capture or n Forage mill In Arkaatm. Sr. I.ot7ie, April 5, I8?4. A re|MTt has reached here tint u fora^o train; -mil out from Batosviile, Ark., under commai'd of Captain Majors, ? as captured l?>t week by Cnlouol Freeman's guerillas. AITuIra on tile nunlnnlppl, CitlO, Aoril 5, 1844. The Forty-seventh Indiana and tho Second Illinois c.ivntry (veterans) loft bore for New Orleans. Urigadier General Corse passe t down for the same place. The steamer Empire was arrested b ntlly and fined tV<i> for unwarrantably tutting cotton Irom the Ten nessce river. The officers of tho sto itner t'lla have been arretted for landing the boat on the Ki-otucky sboro- contrary to l ite orders. ? NEWS FROM KEY WEST. The Tnipire City, Captain Jfaury, from Key West, ar rived at this port last eveninj, bringing dates up to tbe 2Hth March. Our Key Writ ( uri?ipnnil?e \g Kltv ttsst, Fla., M*' Dturti n oj Al't ftom th' Co <>n-yhl VicA m? >Ao*> i'robabU R.porH At, u; f*%\D y,ctr in Key lVtst?lh?. Public lie11'\ rffft Hitter in thin riact, ,Cc. In lb# ftOvalent dearth of news in tbis place my cole object in sending a letter to the Hkkaijd Is to counteract any pocslble stories nuy he -el on foot deprecatory uf the health or this pla o, lor a reason I am about to state. Shortly after the Untied : utes supply steimjr l*nlot> left, six men employed iu the government machine sbop were found iu using. Tho inference U that they left on the I i.ion as "stowaways" for New York, liters htv? In en writton to the Admiral in cotniu ind of tho Rro 'kiyr. Navy Yard, itatHig the tact of their desertion and re questing thai no employment be given them. Much inconvenience must result to tho department to which the*o men are attached fr>>rn thetr desertion But mat is not all. ttiey will 4oobtie-? -proud refine In New York of the fir evaleuo of yellow lever in ihiw place, and thus stmt q? oil from onm moment em witti the North, even i>y parsing \e fd?. During the last summer, such was the dread oi yellow fever th it piMn from this prtoe were not allowed aven to eommunic ?t? with vessels runm g pu t and If lite story of the-s recreants are beloved. wb may, without lb-) iea<t foundation, l<e pi teed o a siuMlar predicament, even before tbe fflralflg summer. l'he reason why the nieu whose names 1 have men tioued left is said to be the doath of three of their number from remittent fever, wiuck their tatited tin iginstion construed Into yellow fever. It seems that on she'loath of the lir t man liia surviving comrades '?waked'' the bodv In cusetpieuee of wlilch moet of tliem net drunk on very vile wln?key, whh h settled th* business of two more. lite re?t wore seized wl'h n panic, ant six ol tbem left in tsoossqueoce, as already stated. Now, I have tbe authority of !>r. 9w?et, wlio attend* tbe Marinette! Naval Hospitals here, and bus most of tbe ^attire tfi the town, that tbe public health is excellent. There has not heed a solitary ease of yellow fever. An attempt wa? made t" day to spread abroad a report that a man bad died of yellaw lefer in imio'oi the hi-.pita,-. 1 waited on i>r. fweet and Inquired into the particulars of me case, when the iHictor mtormed me that it wua notn it g tn(>r* than sn eggravaied (orin of bilious fever, with ?'i .-entery. and h* tu? patient refuted to take any remedy be died ibis morning. Ihta is a plain stafement of the whole case, and com manders o( ve?se.s ought not to be deterred by bug a tor sions* from sacli questionable iiiaracters as deserters, from calling in, or from transmitting such mat.s as may be euirusto'i to them. News from Fortress Monroe. COLLISION IN CIIKSAPHAKIC BAT?DBATBS Of S#L? PIR80, KTC. Fo?trf>s MoJtnos, April 4,1*64 The schooner Rerger, from Raltlmore bound to New Haven, wss run Into by the propeller Virg'nla, la Chesa peake Bay, yesterday, sod bad ber bowsprit carried away and bows Store id. She arrived here to day. Whsl damage the propeller rersived is not known. Private William Htotnoff, of tbe One Hundred and Thirty-ninth New York regiment, died suddenly iwe to v Molt Nort<>u, son of Augustus Norton, of eyrm-n?e Y., <Med this morning fro n li>J irh-s received a few dsys slurs by getting caught In the tearing of s boisi ai ma. chine

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