Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Trmui, April 6?? P. M Tti? ?hare market exhibited weakness this moi uli.g, and nearly all the Western railroads were <1< wn. Co npared with the Orel sales yesterday, Erie Railroad advanced f%, Krte pre mt4 Illinois Central 2, Cleveland and Toledo Pttuburg and Kort Wayne 1 Chicago and Alton and Cumberland Coal '2. Hudson River, Harlem, Chi cago an* Northwestern and Canton Company showed no variation from the highest cash sales on Monday. New York Central declined ^. Reading ljf, Milwaukee and l'rairio du Chiou >,, Michigan Central ij, Michigan Southern 2, Cleveland and Pittsburg l>i, Galena and Chi cago , Chicago aud Hock Island l1,, Alton and Terre Haute 2S, Pacific Mail Quicksilver Mining S'*, and Mariposa 1. TV re was no mate ial chmge in the artornoon, eiif"pl In Harlem, w bich advanced 3>?{ per cent. At the clone Frie Bold at 125 V, Hudson River 16-1 tf, Harlem 144, Readme 168\, Michigan Southern 1151?, Illinois Ceutral ISOCleveland and Pittsburg 12SX, (.alena and Chlc?jO 127^, Cleveland an*l Toledo 164, Chicago and Rock Island 134, and Kort Wavne 148>?. Exchange was firm to day at 181>^ a 181V The loan market continued active at fully seven per cent. The advance in tlie rate of interest has not been caused by any reduction in the amount of capital offering, but may be attributed to the increased demand which has been produced In (be eageriie?s of speculators to hold on to their stocks in anticipation of a further rise. There will probhblv be no reduction In the present rate until arter the two hundred million loan, which Is now being negotiated, is all taken. The government fixed the price of gold this morning at IfiSVj?the same an yeuerday. The opening price at the exchange was 167%, and an attempt was made by the gamblers, as usual, to influence the oRicial standard, but Mr. Cisco stood tirm, and very judiciously resolved, is tho abeenre of orders from Washington, not to give way to the importunities of tho speculators. The opening price at the gold room was merely nominal, as probably not ten thousand dollars in cash sales were perfected bo tore the hour at which the official price was announcod. The | remlura wai of'ermards fcrced up to 168but no business could bo di>no at that price, and the gambling was a'terwards carried on at the lesser fractions. The following is the report of the transactions at the oft ce of the Assistant Treasurer ? Receipts from customs >383,000 Total reeoipta 3.558,504 Payments 4,279.825 Balance 37,845,3i>fl Tbe Riib-eriplions to the ten forty loan at the Sub Treasury to day am unted to $ltf8,3jO, and at tbe First Nail <nal Bai.k to (400,000. The aegro?atc value of the exports of produce and merchandise from this port during the past week was |3 766,745 The plan of confining tlie designations Of the national banks to numbers instead of ullowmj: them to choose their own names has, it appears, buen abandoned. Tbe " Exchange Hunk," of New York, aud tbe "Pela ware County Naiimal Rank," of Chester, Pennsylvania, have '). en authori/.ed and will proceed to do business, in accordance with the provisions of tbo law, under their respective titles. Wo bare received a copy of tbe following despatch, dated 1.0ivotjworth, Kansas, April 4 ? To Oneral J. C. Frkko.nt? At the annual meeting of tbe Uniin Pacific Railway Company, Kastorn Division, held in this city to dav, t.en oral John c. Fremont, Kdward learned, 0. 1'. Pixon, R.!'. C. Wilson. W'm Mclxmgh,.Inmes !:orr, K. Johns ,n, U illtam J. McAlplne and C. A Trowbridge wore elected direct* rs. The following comparative statement shows the aver age c< Ldutoa o! the leacing items of the Philadelphia banks lor the past and previous wecK:? Lot' IIV *?. This Wrflc. I/ans $3fl,fi<>5.415 37.262.8J0 Specie.. 4,<>9?.401 4 nftn,49"> 1/V .1 tender 11 ,'.'72.0t/i 1J.037.1S2 Peoosits 33,150,40(1 34,404 ,f.09 Circulation 2.357,708 2,390,092 The bank exhibit, as above shown, is favorable to large proflu,all the items uemg on the iccrease. While we have no |>osiHve evidence of tbo fact, says the l'hiladelj phla Ledger, It is pteiiy well known that :ienrly the whole of it is government paper. The capital is in government paper; loans, most of them government paper, the legal tender or reserve, the amount due from banks the same, the deposits the sumo, and the cir culation scarcely anything else; and all those are on the Increase. The only Item that is not paper is specie, and that is on the decrease. The banks, it will be seen, on $12 899,050 of capital,' hold $37,202,820, or nearly three to one, be-ides various other Intorest-bearing se curities, probably enough to swell the ratio of loans to capital to three ami a hair or four to one. Such a super structure on such a base, with few or no losses, must prolit largely to the owners of the tanks. The official reports m.ado by the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Philadelphia and Rending Railroad, to a depart ment of the State government of Pennsylvania, for the year ending October 31,1903, contain the subjoined ex hibit:? Penna. Knilrnad. Fhila. and R'a'K Capital paid in $13,430,250 1 V-13,227 Floating debt ? ? Funded debt 9,684,840 10,667,327 Capital Mid debt $23,115,090 23,880,555 Construction 17,563, <>02 18.998,276 ICqutptnent 4,494,193 5.736,479 Total oost $22 058,095 24.734,756 Length or main line, In cludttyi iiarriaburg and Lancaster Railroad 3!5 miles Philadelphia and Pottsville. 9r. tnl'ej \ ... Reading to Warrishurg 54 miles) * tunes Passengers carried 1,501,730 570,861 Tons moved 2,256,347 4.000,978 Receipts, passengers $2,442,S89 $516,520 Freight 8,588,737 6,570,342 Mail 75 577 21,309 Interest 116,072 ? Other sources 623,320 94,729 Total $11,846,57# 0,252,902 Payments for operating road $4,941,596 1,9? 2.36* Dividends 1,119,624 108,?26 Interest 650,491 687,416 Other |?aytnents , 1,409,543 1,036,775 Rents and allowances ? 583,633 Total $s ,121,255 4,408,839 Atlirlrt of frt<gM carri-d. Twit. T'tm. Anthracite and biltim's c >al 914.985 3,435,688 Iron,and iron '<n I other ores 26;;.883 .'137,225 Agricultural products 280,229 6tl,223 Merchandise 251.951 6.V063 livestock 212,164 31,159 Lumber 118.612 50,9<?0 otbor articles 214,oil 104,030 Total 2 256,347 4,090,978 The earnings of the Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Pjniroad have become so enormous, com parol with'he receipts of previous years, thit it is anticipated tliet the eotire bonded debt of the company will be paid oil from the net earnings of the r >ad before the expiration of another year, and that the whole proi>erty of the company will fall directly Into the hands of the stockholders, who thereafter will receive the benefit of tbo net income in <*>e shape of dividends. The gro-s receipts of the Galena aud Hiicaco Railroad during the three months o: the present year ha\e beeu as follows:? January $143,906 March $177,105 .February 173 029 Total $194,100 The following rules bare b?en adopted re'peeting the receipt of mutilated ctrcalatlng notes of national hauls at tbe oil)v of the Comptroller of the Currency at Wash ington ? Firtl?These notes are to be redeemed by the banks by which they are resjiectiveiy issued ,v ond?Mutilated t.otes which hive been torn or de raced will be received, when presented by the bank lb >t iseu< d them provided all the fragments are return** and the engraving "r signatures are not solar obliterated '.hat it einnot be determined by what hank the notes were i?aued. Fragments should be redeemed by > anks in ?ull otiljr when accompanied by an a'Ttdavit stating the ?,ause and manner of mnlilalton. and that the mt?*ing ,<? t of tbe note is totally destroyed. Tb? good chsr ter >r the afliaot should also he fully vouched for hy the jt'loer b?!or? whom tbe aTda'-it is taKen Tli<:?" af\d j. rits must b" forwarded to Ibis ofllce with ths Irigmcnls m wtuch they relate, In order that batik* prr-eutiDg Iticb parts <-f notes may obtain credit for the Satue fourth?No credit wi'l he given to hanks for a note jnless al least one half tbernof i? returted, and an eq'il table deduction will be made for such parts ot notes as may be tmselng /?\fth?Mutl'ated notes should n >1 hi retained to this ?>fb?e in lees sums than live hundred dollars, 8luth Ridiangr. 1i ? ?d*t Arril V-|U.*,0A. If SS? ?i U8 6 8,'W, eeu.. Ito 2M ?lis N V < ? n RK lit , JiU0t!H6-? 'Sl.eea . lit WiKrleKR I.' HS<| U8 6'?f>Z"s r?-? 111 IU0 s?l 1.'# l.? Cn?> t.hJV s 'eaini 110 . 'O do hV J2tl'., iSO' te il'H I'-' ?" bIB 1?6J, Vk .Ml do 111 ? I O U-i', guoitri 3 lOnO-tA *r d".... ... b0 1??!, 40 0 t * s. 71. rer ' ? ?! I*i |o? t'MSa I yeai " 111, l?i si' lit i'as?i de... W ? ? 0 Erl'ltf> pre d. Mil, |t>M'1esii?sers t, ?. 90 <jl t J"0 \? .. ljf '. "V ' Mia eori es ... i ' , M^1 d *?? -h 0 IIS fto ?? ...... m I't Ifnd- n Ki?er I'.H I8l 10 im 4".... h'I 7"H ? do,.., bio l? 4 6 i|? NeesisHAftUKK i't in <1? Ii?". Me '? las.ors I! B *'? i 0 ito . * >0 }_ . vrai dn M " ? em '*[ > jBirfrifiiiift" ? i? i*' . . 11 toco Bklyn CtlyC'a m I KM <0000 Ohio A MtM r .bJ# 6H lOOOU do blu 67S iWOOO do .. 6 2U? N Y Cen 7 ? 76 11T -MOO trie |(( nog b.l? il4 a??> Frie 4th mte bdi. l*S 12110 Huff.N YABrie lin 11 X 100 > 11 udaon lat wtg 113 lOtio do I18X 115i?l 111 Centra! bd? HO SI*) Alt ATH iMmprof 9iV? &)>? i hi. A N Wiii'i bd? 103 4'>" U'l.U'HWlii m 114 lUkO Tol A Wnlim.. 9? li?i P. Ft WAChi 3d m 115 Cleve APitta 4th m 9" 600.1 MusAMo Id Rrant 7?K 40(0 Marlp ?? HI m hi 70 14AO Amei ican cold 167X 65 ahaOr?aa H?nk . 110 i:. nk or sihi.1 ?r n y. no 5 Am F.xchange Bk. 120 23 Coollnenlal Hunk 1 ? 6 PI Hanover Bank 1 IS 20 Atlantic Bank 100 25 Imp A Trailers' Hk II21J 7 Fourth NationalHk 100 too Canton Ooatpanr.. 73' loo do b30 74 1(10 do 73*i SO Del A Hud PanalOo 238 250 do 2S9 200 do 2 <9\6 M do 239*i '.SO do 2 tfl BOO 1'enn Coal Po 224 100 Contra! Coal Co 00 70ii do blO 90 10) Cumb Coal pref.... R6 VI do R6>? 11 do ...... 87 10. d.. ....MO S7S' 4H0 Ame.I-*n Cial Co. Ill WO do 110^ 10 Rutland Marble Co. 23 :*fl Copake Iron Mine*. MV 600 do 17 600 Wvnmlnf V Coal Co 102 2 0 Canada Copper Co 9'. 1(0 Aahburtou Co il Co. 39>f 100 do 4ii 4oo Cent Mr Co, Ool'do 17K ft"HI do IT1, 300 do 17';/ frf>i Quart* Hill Mil Co.. 80t< 4'H) do 80|| 700 do .11 frill Marlixwa Mg Co.... 37 1 0 Paiiaale Popper VI jild Ofiner Ms Co 15 5'I0 Orego-y Oold S'H? 25 Quicksilver Mg Co W.i< 1(10 do. 1.30 1-t'iO do 8? fiOO . ilo (10 M 2iV) do I>3il 86 2.0 <10. blO ft* 100 do 85'i 1(10 do nlO S3 flfl do ... 85 185 Cent Am Tran* C? SO 125 do. SI 100 do 52 50 do 53 20n do:... 54 11 0 do 55 2:>0 Pacific Mai! BS Co 230*? 100 do blS 231 3?i do 2?>K 200 do 230 ro do b.30 2.32 100 K T Cen RR 144 2m) do 143^ 100 do lt.3H iflo do ICC, UK) do slO I4.3'4 200 Jo *30 143 7 ? Reading UK 2?l 4a . .... MO ?;? .or? 200 2ft ? l.vo do do. do. 1* Mich t ea HK Sii) do '00 do 5-.0- Mich Ko A K I Hit 2>0 do blj 2ti0 do b:u? ltioo do .... do do do 3"0 M B A N I RRg alo ?iO do 100 do 1 ?l III Pen RR f a 700 111 Cen RK atrip... 1200 do 100 do I I'M '1# 3 '? a3fl ??i '1o MO do 500 liOO 600 AO 30 > ioi do "T'bio 200 d? 1"0 do fcl.l WOO do 13 Long Island RR SO i do..?., 1500 Ch-T A I'll la RR 200 do. blO ?0 do 200 do aft) 100 Cler, Col A Cln KR 16 do 400 Oal A Chicago RR 50 do .3200 ("lev A Tol RR ... .350 Chi on go A Rk I RK 100 do b30 500 Chic, ltJir A Q RR.. S.0 do 5(10 do 2 0 Mil A IMuChien RR 25 do ?<) M A P dn Chienlprf HO Tol A Wabaah RR . 400 ' do 500 Pitta FtWaAChiRR 250 do 100 do ViO do 101 do a!6 300 do 201 do blO 300 do b5 101 do b.30 1(10 do h:IO 42 Alton A T Hants RR 101 do bio 4 0 AHAT Hau RR pref 200 do b.30 100 chic A N W RR .. 7IO do 100 do b40 liOChlc A N W prof... 100 do SOoCblc A Alt RR bid 100 do blO l'O do 200Chlr A Alton pref 300 M A Cln lat pret.b30 100 M A Cin 2d pref. .. 200 do blS 100 H A St Joseph RR.. 30i) do 3O0 do blO I'OChle A Milw RR.... 20 Miaa A Mo RR 201 do 300 do SKCO?n> BOARD. IlAi.r-rasT Two o'Ctoe* P. $2000 U S fi'a,'Rl. coil.. 114 SOO aha Reading RR.. lamoiTSS's.5-30cou.. inv " " 1000 Misaourl 6's 73 20>0) lo 72' 100 W Ohio A Mlaa cer.. 07 4O00 American tJold .. 16, ? 300 aha Cantou Co bljl 73 3(v 0 111 Ten RR acrtii 101 do 1>TO 72li 750 do 100 Cum I'oal pref 86)? 100 do 650 y.iick'r Mining Ca . SS KlO >lo R4V 301 Pacific M SS C ... . 2-0 2.V1 N Y Central UK. . 143W 201 do bl0 14V, 10(K Erie RR 125 SO do....."". bis 1000 do blS 100 Michigan Con RR.. 200 do 1200 Mieh So A N I RR do.... 100 Erie RR pr. I Vi llndnon Rive 00 Harlem RK . 800 do 500 do alO 10 2"0 AO 100 do 12 III Rea lms RR 158 101 do.. 1,10 l.Vi>i C03 do blO 159 ,3.-JlClev A Pills RR .. 300 Galena A Chi RR Iii'i do 3'? do |0ilCl?T A Toledo RR .300 <io IO* Phi A Rklaland RR 300 Phi Bur A Qv RR SO Pitta Kt WAChi RR .300 do 100 do ?30 HO do. k'O SlO do 14H; SOO Chi A N W RR anO 110' i 100 do 100 dn . blO 100 All .n A T II RR l'-'S1^ 112 1631J 139? 140 1(0? IM It* l?o , I5K , I5M 151 I49S ?49'\ 116' 116V. I I6l4 IK ll?'( mO 153 ?3\' 15'U 137'J 151 I SOU ISO*! 151 I SI 151 'i 151'4 151'if 151^ 151'7 153 152 99 100 12R I2H 'HT' 126 170 170^4 127 127^' 150 124 l'c-; 145 I4SV4 146 S6>{ 86N 112 6S e?<i 146 146',' 14#IJ 147 147 147',' 147'. WK 1471; I47't R5S H6l? lOOi' 101 v; C7?4 <? 6?'4' 85 R3 Vt 100 lonv 99 ; 1:? m 64 65 M (0 60 *6 61 r.2 63 M. 159'i ISO I40\' us', 1S.IV I2H 127 127^; 127 V, 123 145 147 147' j 144 143 147 rs 0.^ 86 V OITY COMIUEliCIAIi RRPORT. Tr?si)ir, April 5?6. F\ If A?T,e..-The market was firm, with a fair demand, chiefly for export, at $S ST^ Tor pout and $10 50 for pearls. BstRAnsTriTS?Receipts. 7,038 bbls. flour, 500 bbls and I,6i6 ba?g corn meal. '21,0:57 bushels wheat. 16,R47 do. corn, and 24,812 do. oats. The flour market was 5c a 10c. belter, with moro doing, particularly in the bette* descriptions of Ptate and Western, in part on spec.,la. Hon. The arrival* continue below the average wants of tl.c trade, and the market fur all kinds closod strong sales 20,000 bbls State and Western, 1.S00 do. Southern and 1,000 do. Canadian. Rye flour was unchanged, with sale* of ISO bbls. In corn men! there was a fair business, and the market was firm, with :t00 bbls. sold. We quote'? Fxuar" ute a'? nna WMt,,rDflour *<* ?? ? ro Choice'state'.'.'.V'.'.V.V.V.V.V.V. Common to medium Western 7 05 ? u 6?od to rholcs do i ? 1? Extra St. Louis ...I. . I ?? Common to?ood Southern 7 20 a T r!o ^moVXn?dt.xn?do:::;:::;;v;;;;;/;.;: jgy* g R^flour?16" e.Xtr*,^? I 00* it % Corn meal, bBig <>t*' 6 noT ? oa Corn meal, puncheons .. ...... . . . ."...'. .2? 00 a 29 50 -The wlioat market rulsd firm, with "a moderate business, in part for export; ?a1es 60,000 bushels, at $1 62 a $| 65 for Chicago spring, $1 M a $1 65); for Milwaukee club, $1 65 a II m for saber Iowa and Mil waukee, f 1 69 for amber Jersey , $1 Aft a $170 for winter red Western, $1 T3 tor amber do., and $1 R0 for white do. A few bushels handsome English seed wheat brought $3. Bye was nominally $1 25 a $1 28. Barley and barley malt wers inactive and prices wholly nominal. The XS.SSS!' w" material change as re Kard. valnea. nod th* d^tniod wa* fair- gBiM 40 ooo bushels. i,i 28H M for oM Ws"ern Xd T for iD,"*rior; $1 35 for white Southern. (iSr. I 30 for new crop Jersey and Southern yellow. WKc fo?th^eW,th *COOd den,Md' #l 89c' ? reported *at Mc."r 1 b *r "'-of 1,800 lbs. Western were , ?W? not0 Mies of 2,200 boxes city adaman tine oa private terms. ??uaU w*r5 furlher ??>?? of 370,000 lbs., at 4.c a 43c. for lake, and 40','c. for Haltlrtiore { okkkk was quiet, but firm. with only trifling sales. COTTDX was steady for strictly middling, but dull for ptb^r grades The s .les were about 750 bales, on tb? basis of 7Bc. for middlings. /""""is were dull and rates show no improrement. I JL?7nr?\PCh*mTraa "1|f' th0 wmements m bushels wheat at 2',d a 2\'d , in bulk; 1,000 bM* f)o?ir. 1*.; 1,000 boxe? bacoo, 10s 71 bblF beef m": lr"rT-lor t1U < per W ti^vi. bTn' 208 For steamer. 400 I tierces mrd and 50? boxes bacon. 25s. To London ner Anierlenn. 1 Of*) bb^s rlour. Is 7' .d. 300 boxes bacon, 1.9. Gd.; 15 bbls. Oil. 22s. 0(1 ; 100 libds tobacco. 20s. To b't^s flour'71 A.TVC ,n' 60 b03tes baoon, 15s.. 200 a 300 DDIS flour, la. 4',d.; |ior neutral 300 ttCTres lard, 25* per Steamer 100 tierces lard 25s . 100 boxe* and 50 hhds' W,0?? b""hBl" ?"???.6'id. in ship's bsgsi To Rotterdam, per noutrnl, 150 bbls petroleum 7s To Bremen J>er neutral. 200 hbds. tobseco, 36s. j.ikk) bbls. sbo<'i4>gs, 2s. ?d 2iK) tons poi ashes nod provisions. 25s b?!l sT-Wta,^r* **>0 To Anlw?n>. per neutral. 100 ba!es ho-.- 1 c., 50 tierces lard and :.0 casks ashes. 27*. far.l ^ P* neutral lOO parkages fibow and ,, i Havre, 250 packages lard and tallow. 5uf per neutral, nod '4c. per American a British birk 3f?0 terns, to a port in the Mediterranean. at a round sum not t. be st .ted, a Bremen bark, to Cadi*. light pi|? staves, !fvw"rdVaJ?' ' aU'1 'Igb' t>bls -?ls (?"? wprlot acajod ?nTc:'jcW,for?Ifi0f h"rin?' "43c" Ft.AXvtsri ?ioo bags sold at $4 52. ViRK4"* ~1"0-0"0 !?>?? sold at U >,c a 12c a ,1 Jo*** n,'ad>'' 1,600 bal#9 ?0,'l for shipment \l $1 25 ? ffiheMllm. h,'M Ma0'!* Ml<1 M IflC" 'Dd "m"' Iot? " Hi DIM COUtiOfied l|lllOl. with UiM of ^ 0<W) (Irinnrn At S&'jr&wirs 'irS?2?5 Hoes ?120 b?le? at from 20c a 29t. I,Ait's ?306,000 sold at ,1 75, three month'5 LtATrra WAS lu good demand for all descriotions We quote hemlock H >eno? Arws, all waMi.tT. ,^, Oaoooco. kr ,3le. uj-.c. Receipts fiir * ' l.iMSllriu, with sales of 2,0*>0 hhls. Rockland at tt v for common and f | 75 for lump " ?' 3"' Li neg'i ?40.000 lect l ;ist?rn spruce sold at ,'io MoLAsars was ijulet, with small gales at previous prices Oiw?There was n large movement a linseed romprm iss about ;*),oo? gallons, un lerstood at about ,1 59 rrrsoi.n-M.?Receipts. 381 bbls. The market for crude continued to rule very buovant anu firm under a good spe< u ative demand,and prices further advauced ,tc. i>er gt'lun. J'.eflned was very ipjief, but vorr Arm. The sales and resales amounted to 7,600 bbls. (chiefly sales of co? tracts), at 33i;c. a :t4c. for 40 a 47 gravity, on the spot "SC. ?H the month saliera option and .'*4>4e a 3,"ic April and May buyers option; t,500 bbls.'refined, in N>nd 51 sc, a '.2c on tti? snot and ill the month 1 '?<( ) do.,fr?o, 66( ?j|(, for straw and light ?tr?w 60){c a 62fl. for light stf^ |? wntu. 02?<e s?;<itc for ail the month 1.0 d". I.en/.ioe, So a 63 ^rivitv, 35. The stock of erode is I.. th?u 2#.0'H> bbl?.,and the m >si of it ha* been ?old over and ever again lately Tsoyrsi.ins.?Receive, 20*2 bbls. "pork, l?25 pa, gig .* bee;. 8,230 do. cut meat^, 3,749 do. nrd Activity ?n I buoyaocy < untinued to be tb' ruam feaiurcs in the pr*? i \ ?i in mirkel t* day, and prices favored the seller the ' d. for pork for immediate delivery wis active, *u.l ; I ru e* w. re r ith. "? flrmer. Thore wa? n'? l^man t fi.r tore deli very, The salt's were about 3,M>0 bbls at f'22 r>0 ' a f 22 "7 for old roe-:*. $21 12 a ,24 2-r. for new to. (?r prime and ,24 a ,24 .0 for WeUeru prime m?M neef was steady with a moderate '.emsnd. The ?i>* ' wero '.00 bbls St, ,14 ? $1'. for W.-Matn ?n. -.i, aud $16 s # 1 h for exiri 'io iteel tarns veie vtie' but ? fli-tri, with sales if loo Obis Wesieto at |Vt 1! ion wu iu 'air demand w.ih ss es of ' 7iW ho.e?., at 11'?(" a 12c. ''or Ctintberitud .? it u for sboit ribbed, and tr -4? f..r short oinar Cut mast; w?re ,fl? prices ruled la favor of the sei|?r The sales wore 7&o packa^os at 10 4s. ?" lie. f >r sb tulders, and 11 yo. a |4c for hain* I *arri wft* ***'> flrrti, ! wttti a fair d^mnnl TJia %aiM wtr? 1/200 hi <r ant ! t <rr-*at J.' to l.s^r t f >r oil %n| nav? MnllAr wag !?? 'wr ?uin-Jt h?u At r>|i|j??i nficia. v*/ ?.>40 a 4?c. for Western, tod 40< l 4Sc. for State. Cbeeae fairly tl 16c. to lie for common to prime. R*rr**.?06,000, ei-ahrp, sold at prices wad id not h<iro, Rick was quiet, but firm. W a ooljr beard of 250 bags iUneooa al 8',c. a Be. 40,tVK) lbs Hold at ll*fe a 12VJC. sooaa ?a? -teadr , with aalea oi 4(4 bUds., chiefly New Orleans, at l&c. a 16>;r. ?i*ki.tpr ?We ha<'0 ouly to oote sales of 60 tons S lo aim, ex ship. al 12c. Tin.? 200 slabs iStraiis sold at 40c.; now held firmly at a higher price. Toh*o?*i ?175 hhds. Kentucky sold at from 12c ai"V Whai.chotil?5,000 I lis,. OchoUk wore aoid on private terms. WmsKRT.?Receipts 2,150 bb's. Market a shade firmer, with sale* of 3,500 hhls., al $1 03 a SI 05 tor i^tale and $1 05 for We?(ern, closing wttb more naked for Western Worn.?There has been a good deal of prices tend upward. Wa note sales Of 25 000 bbla. pulled at 70c a 75c., 60 000 lb*, domes'lc fleece at 70c. a Tic , 10,000 lbs California at 40c. a 45o. .and super pulled at 60c., 1,000 bale* Africi at 30c a 4<V., 100 hale* MeRli/a at 22o. a 37c , and 900 balsa Cape at 37c. a 41. Nalei of Reatl Eatafe. By Adrian H Muller, P. R. Wilklna k Co. Rouse and lot, 204 West Fourteenth alreot .f 13.750 House and lot, R? Amity al reel 10.500 Horn* aod lot 85 Oroaby street 6,550 HITIIATIOKB WAWTED-PKDIAliKH. ARKSPRCTAHLR YOUNO WOMAN IS DESIROUS of procuring a situation to travel with a famltv In the cap.icitv of lady'* maid or ntlrae to growing children'ran apeak man, Can be seen until suited st CO West 26th St., between Broadway and 6th av., in the store. ANUMBRR OP WRLL RECOMMENDED OERWAK females want altuailooa a* cooks. chambermaids aud laundrcaaes; nurses. girls for general housework, Ac., at Mrs LOWE'S German Institute, 17 Stanton at., near the Bowery A YOUNO OIRL, 15 YRARR OP AOR. WANTS A situatten to do light housework In a respectable fami ly. Apply at 124 Henry at A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WIKHBH A SITU A tlon as chambermaid and to aaiist with washing and ironing or to do general housework; the beat of eitv refe rence given. Can be seen for two daya at 594 Esat 23d at . near 2d av., top floor, front rami. A YOUNO WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION AS GOOD plain c.>ok, washer and ir'.ner; good city reference from her last employer Call at 20 East 20th at. ABRSPPCTABLP YOI'NG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion to do general housework In a email family. Call at No. 3 Monmouth st.. corner of Railway av., Jerney CMy, A LADY WISHES TO PROCURH A SITUATION POR an eicellent Protestant girl, with a fs-nllr going to Ru ropa. either to take care of children or to wait upon a lady. Apply at W 5i h ar. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, aa a firat class cook tin a private familv; ? ne whorlhnrouchly understands her business. The best of ell* reference can he given. Can be seen until suited at 73 West 19th St. A IAUNDRER3 DESIRES A SITUATION IN A private familv; ran flute and Ipoliah. Has the bent of city references from her last places. Call at 126 East 20th at., between 2d and 3d aves. A SITUATION WANTED?RY A YOUNO WOMAN, aa chambermaid and waitress In a private familv. Ilan threo yearn' reference from her last plaee. Call at 126 East 29th at . between 2d and 3d aves. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RERPEOTABLE Ctrl, sa good plain cook; is an excellent washer and Inner; ha* gO"l city reference Call at 2IW 2?th at., be tween Sth ami 9th avs . second floor, back room. A PROTESTANT OIUL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO plain cooking, washing and Ironing City references. Call nl7l".Tnv at . Brooklyn, A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A /A situation a? wet nurse. Cull for two days at 76 West l.'th st , between the hours of 9 nnd 4 o'clock. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHF.S A SITUATION AS A "camBlresn. understands tiiakingchildren's clo'he? ard all kinds of family sewing; good reference. Apply at 471 6th ar. Ring the bell. a SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO /V cook, wash nnd Inn, or would do housework in a small family; the beat of city reference given. Call at 217 West 16th st. A SITUATION VT ANTED?AS COOK WASHER AND /V irouer; la a good bread baker; not long in the country. Can be seen for two days at 10 Uuton court, University place, near 12th st A SITUATION WANTF.D-BY A RKSPF.CTXRLB A young ? oman, as <?!,? n,t>?rrn?id and seamstress. Ooo<i reference Ca'l at 1? Wert <mh?t. near 7th av. 7"RESPECT A BLR YorNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT1T A atlon in a private family to cook, wash and iroo^ Has ?h? >?o?' of cltr r*f>r*ne<* from li*?r U?t d1r<*. < 1-e *een fnj two .lav. at 1?9 Eaat.Htl._st.. first floor, ba. k room. _ T Yi >U NO OIHL WISHES A SI TIT ATION TO.COOK A waKh and iron in a small ("anally. < itr reference. Call for two davs at % Atlantic at.. Brooklyn. "a SITUATION WANTKP?LAUNDRESS. BT A A young woman. Has go deity tal1 for,wo days at I'l Eomyth at , second floor, front room. a MTt'lTIOIt WANTED?BY A OI RL LATELY A landed to d" chamberwork or to aa?ist with work ? is willinc to m?ke herself generally useful. Call for Two days at 67 West 18th at . first floor. front room. 7 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A vouncslrl as nurse and chambermaid, tn a nrivn.e family: is willing t? eo In the<*!'" Y* !?rCai? aTl^'Tolum good city reference from her last place. Call at -ah ?,oium bla ?t.. near Atlantic. Brooklyn ,,Tr .ttjw WANTED BY A RESPECTABLR sSsws Call at 204 Columbia St.. near Atlantic. Brooklyn n W5P1ICT A RLE OIR L WISHES A SITUATION IN A S private famliv. as rhamtv-rmaid and ^!r"uh?chil assist with the washing and SI R lt Ht dfen. Can be seen for twi days at 1-sa w*ai .wn ?? T MOST EXCELLENT COOK DESIRES A SIT"A AJ- larra BA\nvrr,?V z rear. -?? r7 VREMCH LADY. OY HIGH SOCIAL POSITION. ssssjsi? M^sjs^agaB; a gMW.Ti3?5ffi.Ai5W'?WR Catl at 479 7ih a*., between 19th and 40th ats: ~Y~ YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM A be nr. aid and waitress in a private family. Can be seen at 9S 12th si., between 3d and 4th ars. - ~l RFSPEf table girl wishes a sitcation as A chambermaid and walreas tn a boarding house or ho let Call for two days at Henry at 7~ nPSPFCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A A as seemstrehs 1n a private faroilv can ope ftlr a Wheeler k Wilson s suwlng machine. Can be seen fTtwu"days at ?11h av.. betw?w ?h ...1 27th ats. a TOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITCATION l|* * J* J**; A ea.? fnmilv a* first clsss laundreaa; ran give (Ue &, y,Vc#.ty reference"' Can be Men at 119 West 24th st. near 6'h av. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE;,PECTA1P,yi' A voung woman, to do eeueral houaework la a small pri vate family, or a? plain cook, washer and Ironer; best of e*y reference Call at 170 West 18th at.. !>etweeo 7th and Sth second Boor, back room. a YOUNG WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION AS A laundress; understands Can be seen for t?o days at 121 West Mth at. ^situation wantkd-by A PP.OTESTANT oer A man girl is chatnltermaid or waitre.s; gool leference. Call at 153 Sd'av ? In the store. ___ a SITUATION WANTED-BT A WOMAN. AS WAIT A ressoras chambermaid; city reterence. ? nil at IS9 6th ave. . . ? 1 asmCTARLE PROTESTANT OIU WISHES A A ait nation as chambermaid n?d waitress. -n a p^vate family ; good cits references. < an be seen .or a dny at h present employer's, 15H West ^6tl. at 4 MVKO OIHI. WANTS A SITUATION \S CHILD'S A nurse is willing and obliging, no objection t* the oonntiy. call st IM West Wth at a SITl'ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIBL, AS A chambermaid and nurse or as waltr<-??. on ?>*' tb best of citv references from her last p ace ? an l>e ieen two d?ra at No. 8 Madjson are. "7 SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOCNO WOMAN. A as Chambermaid, or to take care of "htldren snd dj aewing. May I* seen at her present employ#, a. 3.M llieka ?i South Brooklyn "a N EXCELLENT COOK, WHO t N1?ERSTANDS ALL A brandies wishes a situation in a small pi ivnte famllT City reference. Apply at Iff Owewltt a? "a nssniH CtlRL WI!4IU?8 A ItTQAffOV If A A Mail family City reterences CaU at 1*2 West 16th St. A" R*hPPCTABLE TOINO GIRL WANTS A S1TUA Man In ? private family, as sham'ier'nalfl and waltreaa; !? wtliine to assist in washing or Main aewui* Best city referents C in be seep for two da.s at IH Wsit ?t at. between 7tb and Stb ava. - A- rf^PRCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA. .r,? as n'use nan operate on Wheeler A Wllaaf'S ma " si* "o oVaddress E D eomer 96'h s. and M av. chine a RPSPF< TABLE YOWNG GIRL DP.SIRRS A MJW; A ti n In a gentleman a fainl'y to t-ke ere of children I do o a n sewing 'an embroider ilao operates on !J;; i w" son" machine Can 1* aee0 ,t ls? Rast 2Ut and do vfheeiei - at . bete een 2d tuo .?> *vs a SITI' ATION rOR HOOSRWORR OR TO DO CHAM A her work, by a reong gtri Apply a' IM We., st . first Moor toa^s r <?m - a REuPKi TABLE PRol I' h TaNT Yol'Ntl PERSON A wishes a ion to take diarg.-of and lnrtruet on# nr two children is willlni and o'^glM an I a good p a n sewer; etty reference Apply at 196 Id av . betwesu I8lh und 19'h sts in the fane, stote A SITI ATION f AMI' D?AS GOOOCoOK; WOULD assist in the washing and tronlti?. Best citv refereure. Call at 2IS 7th av.. third floor hsrk rootn _ RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRI. WImHES A HITUA ? loons chambermaid and waitress. wo>i'd have no obiecilon to go into the country ( all at the corner or Court and Lnueer sts Br okiyn, for Mra Murphy, over the fsucy s.ore_ _ T~ RKSPECTABLE TOCNG wom\n WISHES A \ lo do ho'i*.*work in * flmai! Uvily < ^ ?f+i\ for two Uv*dt 116 lUb *t ? RESPECTABLE YOUNO \YOM\> WANTS A *1? \ aiiot. as nurse and senms ress understands !,? ..,,'rr. I' an I fitting, relere Cat? I>e seen at iDI (?ant '.'Jttl St - /?IH \MitPRW MIK AND WATTING?<>R WOULD MIND cn.ld '?? . all at M *th sV, heiween K.b and fth a?s^ DKESSMAKfNG WABTBD-SY TUB DAY BY A '?omp't'n1 i?rsoa Can lw se^ ail day'm Wodneadajf ,iil* Enat I1KS at If ?ftn sd trees ail the I BITIATIONS WANTED?rKNALESi l^OK C4UFOKBIA.?A PASSAOK 18 WANTED BY A I1 Prowwul woman . 01 gojd character. who hu heretofore l een * iaundrriM and cook, wouid go III charge of children o m ? (errant lor lier pa?.ige. Apply at 61 Wmt SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A3 mci n irse Call at 175 We?i ;i*t ?t. in the roar Can be tetu for i>M week. If not aoooer engaged. QITUATI0N8 WANTED?HV TWO RESPECTABLE C* girt" one lD(n?', wkxii anil iron Hi# other as chamber maid and ???ires?or take rare of children and do arwIriKi has n" obieeuoa to so a abort distance in the country, good on* reference. Cail lor two days at 1?8 Woat SUCii at Situation wantbd-by a capable young wo. man. an n'irae and aeamnlreg< or chambermaid and ee*mnti-e** Heal city refereuoe. Can be aeon for two day* al ?I7 Ka?t !'at ?!. SITI iTION WANTED-BY A RF8HBCTABLE YOUNO girl, who lately arrived In thu country. in do general homework ib a ainall private family. Uall al649 #th ??., near 50th at CMTUATION WANTBD-BY A RPtrKOTABLB YOUNO O German girl an ladr* maid or u, lake charge of one or twochitdreo. Call al IS7 Delaacey ?t.. room 2. OITU AT10N WANTBD-BY A TO WO WOMAN. AS O Prst f'au laondrea*. Haa the teat of reference from her Um p'nff. Understand* her bualne** perfectly. Call at U3 Writ Utli at. OITCATI0N WANTED-BY A YOUNO KAN (EN O Eilsli) to t?*e charge of a centlemftn'a stable; under stand* the management of trotting clock and breakint young horaea. baa beea accustomed la drive four in itnnd; the hicheat reference* for ability. Ao. Address B. W.. boi ISO Herald oflice. SITUATIONS WANTED?RY TWO RESPECTABLE young girl*; one a* good cook. washer and Ironer; tbe oilier as chambermaid and waitress, or aa nurse: goode ty reference. Call at 86 East 22d at., between Leitngton and 3d ??" SITUATION WANTKD?BY A OIBL, TO DO OENBBAL O housework, or to do chamberwork, or to assist with the washing and Ironing: good city reference. Call for three days at 116 Hudaon at. ylTl'ATlOB WANTED-BY A WOMAN, Ag KIRBT O rate cook, washrr and Ironer; city reference: no ob ie,-tlon lo the country. Call al 89 West I (Mb at., between 6th and 7th atr*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A OIBL. TO DO OKNEBAL housework: good reference Call at (18 West 17th at. OITUATION WANTED?AS WET NURSE. BY A YOUNO O roarrUA woman. Call for two day* at 4S Weat at., ill the basement. OITUATI0K8 WANTED-BY TWO OIRLS; ONE AS O ge>dc<iok, washer and Ironer; the other a* chamber maid and seamstress. Best city reference*; would go tola tlie country. Call for two daya at 201 West 36th at., corner 7th av. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN; II A good cook, waaber and Irener; can bring good reference from her last place. Can be seen at 151 Butlor *t., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MABRIKD WOMAN. A S wet nurse: ha* a fre*h breast of milk. Call for three day* at 1 11 East 12th *t, top floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO COOK wash and iron, Good reference. Call at 101 Weit !9tli *1., first floor. OITUATIO* WANTED-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, AS O nurse and to ilo ulaln sewing; Rood city reference. Call for two days at 19S East 14th St., near 1st av. TO SHIRT MANUFACTURERS.?WANTED. A SITUA tlnn, bv one who thoroughly understands the custom and order trade: is fullv carabl* ol taking charge of a de partment. Address K II , bo* 214 Herald oflice. rpwo RESPECTABLE OIRLS WANT SITUATIONS; 1 one to '?ook. wesh and iron the other as chambermaid and wait res*; citv reference: no objection to bo a short dis tance iu the country, uall at 177 Adam* al., Brooklyn, first tloor. WANTKD-BY TWO VOUNO WOMF.N, SITUATIONS: M one a* Rood rook and tne other to do chamberwork and fine washing. or as waitress; the I'eat of city reference* Call at 144 East 21 at St.. bet .veen 2d and Hd avs. WANTFD?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do chamberwork; understand* fine waahmn and ironlne: la a g'v*i plain sewer city refe'pnee. Call at Ij8 West SHth St., between 7th anil 8th i,vs. \MT A NTBD?A SITUATION. BY A GIRL. TO DO VV chamberwork and watting; city reierence given. Call (or two dnv* at No. 7 Cornelia st WANTKD?BY TWO RESPBCTABLB OIRLS. SITUA V? tions In a private famllv one as rook wi.slier and ironer. the other as chambermaid: tool city refereuce. Ap ply for two days at 101 Forsyth St., in the rear. V\rANTFD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE ? ' ?irl. to cook. wash und hod, or to do the housework of ? small fumlly; good reference. Can be seen at 249 Adams st . Brooklyn. WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH PROTECTANT OIRL A sitiia'ion as chambermaid and waiter; city reference. Call at 372 7th aw. In ibe More VV ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH YY woman. a situation as stewardess:In accustomed to travelling. Address S? box )0ti Herald oVice. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RF8PECTABLE Protestant young wooan; Is a good plain e..ok, washer and troner. Cnn give H e bent of city recommendations. Call at 627 '2d av , betw een 2.'th anil Will sin. WANTED-BY THREE YOUNG OTRL8 SITUATIONS: one a* first class cook, one a* waitress, and the other as chambermaid. Have 3 * rut *' cty reference*. Can be seen at their last plsee. ICM East 3 Ith st. * WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA Hon as nurse and seams'ress; has good reference no objection to go into the comtry. Call for two days at 21.1 Fulton St.. Brooklyn, from 10 to 4 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLK irlrl. as chambermaid and seamstress. Apply at I2t Bast Mth at., top floor. Trot t room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young ijlrl, to do chamberwork and assist in the wash Ing and ironing; good city reference. Call at 182 7th av.. in the store. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yonne woman. >is chambermaid or luundregs; can give four years' reference. Call at 192 Fact llth st . corner of 1st IT, Wanted?by a respectable welsh woman a situation as conk; Is a good linker; understands cooking In all its branches; has no objection to the country Can t>? seen for two days at 3C0 7th av. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yonn? woman, as laundress. Best city leferences. Applv at 224 West 21st St. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youifg girl, td do chamberwork aod assist wKh the washing anil Ironing or housework, in a small fnrrwly. Best city reference*. Call for two days at 223 WettSM sL "flTANTED?PLAIN SEWING AND DRESSMAKING, YY which will he done in the neatest manner and Krench style Call at 31 Crosby at. room J'l. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RE9PRCTABLR girl, to <lo general h usework. in a smalt faml'y. Oood city refereuce. Can be seen for two days at 145 27th at, between 7th and 8th avs. WANTED?BY TWO VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG women" situations?one as rook and to assist with the washing snd lronlns; the other aschnmbermnid und waitress aod to do fine washing and Ironing. N'o objection to the country for the summer. Call lit 84 West 20th at. YITASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PERSON, YY aaituatlonss nurse and seamstress: take the en tire clisrije of so Infant. Has good citv references. Can be seen for two days st 85 East 2'-'d at., between 3d and Lei in if ton ava WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, t situation to do chamberw ork and watting In a prlv te family; I* willing nnd obliging. Has good city reference. Call at 412 3d ar.. corner 31st st WANTED-BT A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN. A situation as waitress; understands her business the roughly. Cau be seen at her present employer *, 39 West Mth st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM^N. A situation as laundress, best of elly reference given. Call for two diy* at 157 East 2Mb st., rear houae YYTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RE8PRCYABLR YY English woman, as cook, washer and Ironer in a gea tlemans family. Good reference given; no objection to go to theconntry. Apply at It*". Easi 8th at., between 1st av, nnd av. A, top floor, from 9 till 3 o'cloek. WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE TO UNO GIRL. A situation as chambermaid and ulaln sewer, or would take enre of children ; hajtiic best city refeteoce. Can be seen for two daya at 244 West 17th st. \\'ANTKD-BY A RRBPECTABbt YOUNO WOMAN. Y? a aitustiuo as wet nurse; best ..It v reference. Call at 182 South 1st St., Jersey City. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS SITUA tions: oneasiook washer aod Ironer; the other as chambermaid and waltr?s?; both have good city reference Can be ??en at HSI West 12th at. WANI IB-IT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A ai'uauon asnuisc and seamstress. Apply for two daya at lis West 36th st. WANTED -A SITUATION. BY A PIRST CLASS MIL. liner and bonnet trimmer (oonntry preferred). Ap ply to day it 54 Howard at . between ID and 12 o olock WANTEH?BY A REIPBCTABLB <11 RL, A BITUA iloa as nbam bet maid or waiter, or to do general houaew .rk in a ainall family. Can be seen for tnodayaat It*. Bridge at.. Brooklyn. ANTED?BT A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION TO YY d . general housework. In a small private family. Can be eeea for two daya at 16 Watts a'. ?'ANTED-BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL, A YY situation ss chambermaid and waitress, or chamber, work or minding a baby. Call at 657 2d av., near .Kith st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A COMPETENT PER son. as nnr?? Can be seen at her last place 40 West 3Hth st. between 5tb and 6th avs Would do Ught chamber work. WANTED-BY A TOUNO GIRL. A SITUATION AS nurse or'o do chamborworkj no objection to travel Best cltv reference Can be |seen for two daya it lift East .VM st . between 4th and Leilagton avs. Wanted-a situation, by a respectable young wemsn ss good cook, perfectly i.nderstands her busiuess. no obiectlon 'O assist in washing or 40 iu the country. Bed city referi nee Call it tit Jd at. on<fdo>>i Irom 29th at. WANTRD-Bi" A RESPEt'TABLR WIDOW WOMAN, a tenement bouse to see to or a private house whete for aome services aha cdvld live rsnt free the best <>f city reionimendations given Apply at 2iff llth at . room 15 WANTK D?BV A WOMAN A SITUATION AS OH AM hernial* washer ind ir^uO' she can lie well rei o'H. mended. CAll a< 31 West 21st st, between 5th and t>th avs.. where sue last lived W'ANIKI. a SITUATION AS WKI NURSE. B> \ reapcrtaMe msi rt*d wotnati t all for two day- at Dr |> H Hbanabnu'a, 142 'd av Wanted immediatei,y-a sitoation as wi t ii'trse, by a ynung healthy Welsh womsu with a full iiieaatof miik Apply st /?itoJu 7 ^ betwton liCB a?4 Maic|i st eg, Wt 'iiMitsH-irf SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES. WANTED?A SITUATION AH CtlAMHKRM AID AKD 10 aatliit In washing and ironiiu Best Of eiljr roftr mice. Caa be * eo for 1*0 days at I'i7 I6ili at., collate building, aear lat av. Vlf ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A BESl'BCTABLE m middle woman, a* nurse anil fceatu(tre?u, Itcom CUot U> lake .harge of a baby from iU birth, or an invalid 1 v, boat of eily referenoo. Call at J70 7th avs., ketwaen 33d and Mlh aU. WANTEO-A HBSPEOTABLK YOUNG WOMAN ?anu a ulualion u> ilogeneral hounwork In a small family, la a good, plain cook and baker. wakher ami Itoacr. Good reference from her last place, where ihe can be seen for two days, Sfi6 PactQo si., Brooklia. WANTED?HOUSE CbKAMNII ANI) (JOINd OUT TO day'a wo.-k. by a le'pcctHlile colored woman. Call at 88 Weal 3iHh at. too door, left hand door. WANTKD?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as nurw and chamber naid; U an oicol lent a*amstie?w and can couia well retommended. OaU for two days at 211 7th are. WANTED?LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OB fAMl ly washing; understands Itullng and doing up line clothes; ha* the beat of references. Callon Mrs. Farrell, 85 Oih av , first Uoor, in the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBSPKCTABLB girl aa chambermaid and waitress or to do pUiu sewing; no objection to the country; wages ?<? object. Ap pl>- for two daya at M Oak atreet. fJDTANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A TOUNd WOMAN. TO YY attend a bakery or con fectl>uer>; has s >me know ledge of the bitsiuess Can give unexceptionable reference as to oharaoter and honeatv, Salarr moderate for the tirat month. Call on or adArea it. M,. IT# Eaet 17th at. between 1st and 3d avs., Wednesday and Thursday, la the grocery ?tore. WANTRD-BY A COMPETENT PERSON, A 8ITUA lion aa seamstress; understands all kinds of ramilv sewing and ahirtmakmg; has no objection to atslat in light cbsmberwork or in the care of growing children. lias city refrfrenoe. Pall at or address for two daya 460 Cth av., corner 28th hi. HELP WANTED-MALES, AOKNTS ARE WANTED TO HELL ODIt IMMENSELY popular and justly oeleJ>rated Stationery PrDe Packets, the largest and best out. containing fins Writing Patter, En vclopes. Novelties, rich .lewalrv, Ac.. Ac.: rtlail for only 25 cents; worth five tlmoa aa mush. We pift up the only Pack em that aell quirk, give euro satisfaction, and by which Im mense pro'ita ara made. Greatest chance to make money ever known, *10 Invested will yield ?30 selling our most splendid Steel Engravings finest ever published. AH agents receive free (aa a preaentl a handsome Oold or solid Silver Wslch, warranted. No other firm ran ofTer such tuduee ments I ease send for our olrcnlar. mailed free, or ca'l and eiamlne our Urge atock of Packets. Ac, O. S. IIAS KINS A CO.. 3C Beskman street. N. * , Prlie Package and Engraving Warehouse. Agents guaranteed (20 per day clear, and receive a beautiful gold or silver hunting case lever watch presented free to each agent who sells the great novel ty. the American Prize Package, each of which coniuins large quantities of fine wrltln? ma'eclala. engraving*, games. Yankee notions, maiv ways to iet rieh. fine j resents of iewslry, Ac.. Ac., worth many dollars tf bought separately, for only 2f> cents. One hnndred packages with presents and gift of a superb watch, show bills, and sole right for a town or county, sent anvwhere on receipt of >15. fine hundred can lie sold in a fsw hours Hales Immonxe: profits larje. Agents wanted In every town nnd camp. Send lor the Great American Prize Package Company's circular, con taining extra, novel, premium Inducements free. Addrexs American PrDe Package Company, 10: Nassau stre*t. N. Y. Agents wantbd-to bei.l the largest and most attractive assortment of Prl/e Packaged in tlio world; ten kinds. Old hands at the business will do well to try a (ample lot. Send a red stamp for similar. .JOHN GIBSON, .12 Beekmao street. New York. Agents wanted?to imtroduch an arttci.k of universal demand In the citv and country, and lit eml commission given. Inquire of Sitnond A Fischer, No. 8 Dey st. APORTRR IN A LIQUOR STOTIE W AN'TP.D?AT the Merrbants' and Olerkn' Registry, 111 Fulton street. Also entry clerk, receiving clerk, produce clrrk. Mallonery clerk, dry goods salesmen, barkeeuer. grocery clerk, watch man, expressman and outdoor salesmen. AN ENERGETIC.AND ENTERPRISING MAN WANT ed in a light. remunerative busiuecs: one with $:niO <a.h Apply from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.. to Mr. .lackson, 101 North Moore st. A BOY WANTED FOR LTOIIT WORK. APPLY AT A. 44 CHIT street, up stairs. Barkeeper wantbd-at 4". iirnry strki?t; must be hichlv recommended for honesty. Ac.; none need apply save those so recommended. BOOKKEEPER WANTED?ONE ACQUAINTED WITH the twine and corils'jn business prefexred. Adiire-s, stat'ng Ri'ary, ic , boi P,,(i27 Post office. BOOKKEEPER ANn ASSISTANT WANTED?IN' AN Importing houre; also two Keneral clerk*. Insurance clerk, raihier. hardware lulMnun, 2 entry clerks, 2 whole sale f.rnccry clerks, 2 dry good* salcKmen 3 produce ?aV? men, shipping clerk, grocery clerks timekeeper and book keeper for a fartory. steamship clerk. 2 purlers and bar keeper* Other situation* open. Orders r?"iived and sup plied daily. Apply lit 80 Nassau street. Merchant*' Clerks' A coney. BUTLE't OK MAN WAITER WANTED-TO CO WITH a tirst class famllv to Newport, Rhode Ialand; hem of wuzes i *M t" a thoroughly competent middle aged p?rson. who can hrlng sood rl v reference Applv at the Large Em ploy men t House. i:W 11th at., corner of 6th av. Boy wann.n.-AS active. intelligent bov, about II. Is wanted One who reshles with hi* parent* and ran come well reoommend'd may apply at 18 Dey St., up statrs. Salary mall ltr>it year. Boy wanted -a smart, active hoy wanted. to deli ver parcel* ind make himself 'generally useful. None other need apply at 8. E. 11*11 A Co.'*, 75 Keade at., at 9 A. M pOACn.MAN WANTBD-EKPERIENCED IN THE rare of horses who has good reference*; If a man of faml'y, can be accommodated with a home Address M. N. 0 , Herald on:ca, giving full nsme and references. fioACHWANwanted A SITUATION as coacu \j man hv a slngl ? man. who thorough!* understand* hi* business; best of city reference* Call on or ad lresa R. K., al R. Campbell'saaddlery. 514th av. /"*OMPBTENT mbn wanted-at thb mercantile Agency, 2txi Broadway; an assistant bookkeeper clerk in broker's nfllce, teacher for primary school. yenni: man In ortlce. two outdoor salesman tw > cro-erv elerks advertising ?iirent for rnilr- ad. shlp>ing e'erk; also clerk in insurance office and colle tor; other situations always open. This lie tig the oldest and oolv estahllshment conducted under special license from the Mayo , resoeetab'e men can alwaia lind employment a* ahorn N. R.?Merchant*. hotels and others In want of male help will he supplied gratia by Rend ing In their orders before three o'clock each day. Orcan iied IS59. MON'OOMERV A CO. /1LERK WANTED-ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THE 1 > llrst clan* srocerv bnslnes*. and can furnish unexcep tional cUv reference from his last em loyer'*, Addreaa Grocer, bot 12' Herald office , stating leterenco. rtANVAlSHRS WANTKD?FOR A NEW AND SALE ' ahlo xeml-monthlv Catholic Publication, approved tiy sliteen Amert-sn prelate*. Apply to S. ZICKEL, Publish er. 11.1 Kiviiwton St. flLOAK SaI.ESM IN WANTED-ONE WHO UNDER \J stands hi* business thoroughly will be liberally dealt with. Apply to 3. .lone*. '.'31 Bowery. Dry noons SALESMAN wanted?one who is a goo l window dreaaer. Larue sa ary paid to a first claaa man. PEYTON A JOHNSTON, 274 Broadway. DRY GOODS SALESMEN WANTED ?TWO Oil THREE *o d salesmon. for dl".'er"nt department*. Those ac. quaint 1 with the up town trade pralcrrod. Apply any day this week, to George lv-yes. 3t3 8th ave. DRUG BOY W ANTED.-ONB WHO HIS A OOO D know edi:* of the business; a Catholic preferred. 0all after 1 o' ock at 491 Cherry it . corner Montgomery. RUG CLERK -WANTBD. A YOUNG MAN, 17 TO 18 year* old, who has heen tor some time In the drug business, as a nurse in the United State* Navy. A nood chance of early promotion. Address A S , Herald oflise. D C1ARM HAND WANTED-A1.SO A BOY TO GO A P *hort distance In the cmntry Fair wages to u good hand , birthplace and reliclon no ob action Apply at the Employment Ho ise, 138 llth it., corner 6th ?v. Gardener and coachman wanted-a sieolb man, to take charge of a garden and one horse, a sh .>rt dlstan e tr.un New York Address, stating term*, hoi 4,099 Poet olllco. Hands wanted-to make french eli'ting; the be?t wacea paid and constant work. Apply to Mis* Berthe, No. 1 Waverley place, second floor. Hospital men attendants wanted.-sm per month and found. *n excellent opportunity to get employment and a gr id home Apply any day tht* week, before 9. at the large Employment House, 138 llth at., cor ner 6th ave. 1 IQt'OR SALESMAN WANTED? FOR THK trmut IJ pari of th? city. An experlenc-d m?n. who understand* the care of a horse, may app y at the distillery. 119th *t., be t ween 2d and :id ay*. Man wanted on btate* island-to do general work on a gentleman's place, lake csre of horse, cow and carden . an Engllshaan or Merman pre frrred Ca'l at Broadway, up stairs. AN WANTBD-TO TAKE CARE OK HORSRS AND drive a wagon, must !>e well ac<iuainted with hi* bual Apply at 404 4th ay. M OYKTBRMAN WANTED-WHO UNDERSTANDS WAIT tag. either man or hoy AI*o. a woman to wash and clean saluon Apply at the cornrr of 23d st and 6th ay. OrncR tor wantbd-one who tUIIMJOOD band and reaMea with his parents; ?; a week first si* month*. Address De* atch. bos 131 Herald ofhee PORTER WANTED?IN A DRUO STORK; A YOCNO man 18 er 31 rear* of age; good reference* required. Address Clarke t Co , hot llll Herald olDco. SALBSM\N WAN*D-IN DRESS <?OOt>* JAMES AHhARN A SON. 77.% Broadway. Calksmf.n wanted?for cloaks, shawls and O drosscon>l*, those understanding the huatnesi thoroughly will he liberally dealt with. Applv at 286 8lh ay. TWO BOYS WANTKD-ONR TO WAIT l? AN K*T ing sa'oon and one to assist In the kkohen. Apply at The OOlce, I ; Ea*t Houiton *t. UNEMPLOTSD BOOKE KK PER*, CUB?.OB AC rountxiita * ho *r? good at figures, can mako * ?o?d livln* by aelliag to bookkeenors and merchant* a new inyen tton, lava uatde to thai cln*s of the community. Address or apply to the Fowler Adding Maclmia Company, ill Er?*il way, room N#. I ANTED?TWO BOTS TO ANSWER BELLS. AT the Irving Hou*o ANTED-A LIOHT PORTI R , WAWF.S IH Pf.R week to commence with. Address hoi 4.MH Prwl offlce 'ANTEV?A BOT EROM UTO I01BARS OK AOK. w w . . and r side with hi* parents Address, in h*ndwrltlng ?f ai plirant. ho* \6i4 I'oat o.i re, New York ' must lie n go?t penman inlck ami correct at fl.i re-. .. -i Th, 0j r,,lpri,liep|l rf,,, WANTKD-A EIRiT I'. ATE MAN To CANVASS through lh* ooontry, familiar with the hnlwnr* trade, to whom a liberal nalary will be allowed. Address lioi 17/1 Eoat office, N Y. WANTED A VOI' NO MAN l(> ATTBND R A It 'INF. acquainted with the euslrewt*nd who can com iveti re. ommeole I ma? apo'f at 877 ty?" ' ?' . afl-i 9 u > A i, M to day HELP WlBPl'ED?HALE8. WANTBD-Y00!'0 MBM PGR THB nm? mtatbs ? steamships VanderMlt, Nrarles. Prolan at I oih-r. also. firat and w>oood cUa* firetueo; tha hi he?i boiutles im the Vnlt?d HUUm Wary. Apply at l'J9 South A yyr Airtiaa wanted.?apply at 666 Broadway. WANTED?A SINQl.B MAD. TO WORK ON A SMALL plaoo oa Stateu islaad; lie will have ( barge of a par don. two hornea and a oow. he must have satisfactory lefe rence* Call at 07 Kaat Mih at., berore 10 A. M. or after I P. M __ _ WANTKD?A fiOHKR AND INDl'STRIOUS MAN TO drive a horse and wagan f?r a wholesale liquor store, must lire ia thr upper part of the city and give rt-rcrenca A J !rt?? 8. H., bo* 14)1 Herald ofllee. WANTEO-AN omi'l HOT WILLING TO MAKI himself useful; muat reside with bit paremt, l* BrooVlyn; bett reference required. Apply at the corner el Front and Pearl ats., llrooklya. WAVTID?A FIRST CLASH DRY OOODB |SALKS man at Adolf Ku?ier's, 2.'6Mh av. _____ WANTKD?IN A COMMISSION HOt'KR, A YOUN0 >v man, IIS or 16 ream of aqc. who cau make himself generally uaeful. Address M. 0., bo* 3,4% Pout office. WANTED?AT 24 CORTLANDT ST.. UF STAIRM. A at .nil Ivor to make hlmaelf generally uaeful. Wipi (2 GO per week. WANTED?IK A OROCERT, A ROT ABOUT 8TX teen yearn old; muat ulve good references hs to haa esty Apply from 0 to II o'clock A. M. to J. E. Weeka & Co., 804 1st av WANTED?IN A OROPRRY STORE. A SMART. ACT ire young man muat understand the business and come well rerommended from hi* last em olover. Apply al tlie corner ot South 7th and 4th ata., Williamsburg. L I. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGRD MAN. TO ATTf'ND AN invalid eentleman Tha best rero-nmendstlona will be require I frein last plare. Inquiieat 279 6Wi are , new number, between 29th and 30th ata. WANTED?A FEW OOOD WAITERS. FOR A RBS V? laurant Applr ai HENDE-RSON'8 ofllee. No. 7:1 Naa eno at. this day (Wednesday), at 9 A. M., where the em pioyer can be aeen. WANTED-A YOUNG AND ENERGETIC MAN WHO can wrl'e and translate th* Engltth and Spanish Inn. pnaget correctly and quickly. To such a one. who wwM ay ply blmaelf assiduously. n permanent situation would b< given. Ad'lr"?- wlib reference and a ?l.ateni?nt of all altua. tiona held dur'nn the last three yesrs, N D., Herald o'lice. \1TANTED?A THOROUGH. SOBER. RE1PMTAISU '* and Industrious sinele man as stsbleman or groom, to work in a firat class atahla. On" who perfectly under stands hit huslnrss and ran come well recommended will be etigaced. He will als> he required to hoard nod lodee M the premlaea. None but a thorough sober. Industrious man need apply. To such aa the above good wa?ea and a perma nent situation will be given. Apply frum H to 10 A. M. Id Thos. B. Rhodes, at the alables 150 and 16! Jane at. North river. N B.?Positively no drunkard or greenhorn need npplv to the above. WANTED ? * STRONG, ACTIVE BOY, AS ERRAND boy. at 74fi Broadway, flrat floor. W*NTF:D-AN OFFICE BOY; ONF WITO IS WILL v> inn to maVe himself useful; muat reside with his pa lents in Krooklvn; lies! of reference required. (Apply al corner of Front and Pearl ata , Brooklyn. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TWENTY OR MORI c>od canvaasers. to ranva^a this and other cltlea fna advertisements for one of the best advrtlelnff mediums jrel published. Liberal rommlaa'ona given. Address A. A. Morse, box I 4ft* Post ofllee. WANTKD?A SMART. AOTIVB BOY. 14 OR 18 YEARS of see, to lend bar. Most come well rtcommejidcd. Apply al C!) Lewis st. WANTED?A competent BOY 1? TO 20 YEARS ?? old. to drive and lake cure of a horse and cow, wart lifiht; muat be perfectly reliable. Apply at 133 Broadway ro ira No. 8. WANTKD?AN INTRLLIGBNT YOUTH. ABOUT II or IS years of ?ige. to attend a plumbing shop and nvilcr himself generally useful, he must write a coo.l hand and come well recommended. Apply at northeast corner ol 4'id si nnd nth av. WANTKD-A young MAN WHO WRTTB8 A PLAIN, hnndaame hand, and Is correct at lli:urea. to aerve at entry clerk ^irul asaistant bookkeeper in an office of a manu facturin* jeweller. Address .1, bo* 132 Herald oflice. WANTED?A GOOD SECOM> OYSTERMAM. ALSO Tf a Rood salo in waiter Apply at the Flore nee Saloon, AH llroidway. corner of Houston St., batween 10 and 11 o'clock A. M. WANTKD?A YOUNG MAN. OF 80RF.R AND IN'DPB trlous haiilts, to attend a liquor store. Good city ra ferenoe required. Call at 2(10 7th av.. corner of 24th st Wahteo?ih a lawyer s orrrcE, a lad of ia ?? or If. who writes a Rood hand and Uvea in Brooklyn. Salary ??.*. or St per week. Address, with specimen of haad writing, J. W. G., Herald offlc. XSJANTED?A YODNG MAN. WHO 18 A GOOD PEK 1? mnn. cop irl HI figures nnd has um? knowledge oI bookkeeping. To such it person. who fa not afraid lo work, n i<frmanpnt situation will be given. Address 4. H. H., bflf, wrth reference, elating age and salary pected. _____ WANTRD? A YOITNO MAI*. FROM IS TO M TRAM of age. He mnat ha-'e rood references and muat bar* worked belore. Inquire (I 1.13 Chatham at. TITAXTRD-A FIRST RATR WAITER ROT. FOR A VV irtlnou; also a Rood chambermaid who can wait on la> b'e. Oood wajes. Applr lo.f. 8. Ktebblna, Cortland t Street Hotel. TIT ANTRD?A P1RST CLASS OYRT*RMAN. ArM.* Vt at thi> Bank Or?ter Houm, 31) Fulton at.. Rraoklft, from 9 till 12 o'clock. WANTED?A FIRST CLAM SALESMAN FOR A dry (rood* ittre 40 mtlea from New Tork: America? or Enellsh preferred Only such as hare first class refa reneaa need apply at 28T Broadway, np stairs, betweea N and 11 o'clock A. M. WANTPD-A ROY WHO CAW RRAD MANUSCRIPT readily, to whom liberal wacea will be given. Apply a* 7!> lohn at. WANTED?IMMEDIATELT, A 8TOOT BOT. APPLT at .1T1 Fourth av , bakery, tc. WANTED-AN OTSTRRMAN. ONE WHO UNDER stand* the business thoroughly; al?o a boy wbo under stands openin? ojraters and Is wllllnc to make himself uar? fui. ('all at .1M Pearl at., onrnar ? Frankfort, la tba aaiaoa WANTED-A TOUNG MAN TO AS8I8T AT BOOK, keeping and make himself generally useful; moat writ* ? c >od IIami and be iulck at figures Addreaa O. H , Herald office. giving reference. y ANTED?IMMEDIATELY. A FEW GOOD KER. to do general work Th<>an willing to go a short din tance in the country mar applr at 170 Broadway. roam Nat 1, second floor, between 9 and 10 o'clock thla morning. WANTED?A BOY A BO ITT 14 YRAR8 OR AOE. TO Vsrn the engraving business. Must be an American, hnvo a >a?te for drawing and come wall recommended. On* who resides with his parents In tbecitr preferred. Addreaa X Y. Z., Herald ulllce. WANTED?A SMART. INTELLIGENT BOT. OF RR speciabie panpdt*. on the closk and mantllas huslnesa. Salary, first year. fl.V) Address, stating age and refereaeae, hoi 1.tSfl POM ofllee WANTED?A CAPTAIN. TO MAII, A SCHOONER, OR about 100 tons. on shares, two thirls of the bnsiaeae furnished by he parlies. In and around the vicinity of New York Address for three daya W., Herald office, stating terms, and with reference. WANTED?A GERM A I* OR AMERICAN ROY. A BO ITT 19 years old, to learn the envelope mannfsrturtna business. OIMHKKDK A SONS, *72 Broadway. WANIED-A CLERK FOR ONE OP VM CANADIAN mines. go<>d salary and a permanent situation. Ad dress In own handwriting, enclosing twenty (Ire cents (? pay fur advertisement. Wheal Copper, hoi 127 Herald olliaa. WANTED-A KMART CASH ROT. WITH GOOD references- Apply at 621 Broadway, under tba St. Nicholas Hotel. WANTBD?A TOUNG MAN, AS WAITRR APPLT AT No. II Park row. E. WIUDITtT WANTED?IN A WHOLES ALE HARDWARE STORE, a bookkeeper who Is ijulck and correct, nnd willing ta make himaelf generally useful. Address. In own writing, stating age. qualification*. reference and .erapenoalloa. Hardware. l>oi 1.V> Herald office. Wanted?\ toung man to ITIMU bar. on* who understands the business preferred. Apply al Hfll.ewlsst Good references required. WANTED?A YOI'NG MAN. AS GENERAL A8HT8T ant In a first class oyster and dlnluu saloon ; one bar ing tl'X) to deposit as security with his employer can meet wtih a good situation. Apply to day after 12 o'clock at 171 Spring at WANTED?A MAN. TO TAKR OARR OF A HORSR and worg In a grocery. Apply at tha corner oi Carroll and Henrv at* . Brooklyn. WANTED? l TOUNG Van to TARE CHARGE O* A l hi nor atore. ?Apply at T. Clark's, No. 71Mb av , fra it J tat p. ?? with refaction. WANTED?A MAN COOK . A GERMAN SPEAKING Rnclisb preferred; must understand his buslaesa la all Ita braachea, Address 1,. B . Hersld >H1cn. 7 r SP.AMRN AND ifiSS HANDS W ANTRD?ON I giinimats Butler Burndde and Howard t.i"0 caah. Bounties and prize money. Two atilta of clothe* feund. Good quarter* and rations Ton serve only on these bosta. Apply at the shipping o lira 170 Chathsm st.. old number, up stalr^ ______ 1~hnn MRS K.IR T1IR U!*ITRD STATES NAYT ,UU"' wanted?To anllst for one. two or three years; bounty t't"0rash tn hand ann threa months' pay la advance; pri?e money worth more than all the real; landmen, sea men, c. al pas>ers and firemen, call at the old ahlpplng ofllee. t70 Chatham sreet (old Na.), up stairs ^ MATRIMONUU A GENTLEMAN OF FINE PERSONAL APPEAR sn<a, good habits, and thirty five \enrsorage. reoenlly returned from a lonj residence on the Pacific coasl, withce te marry. The lady muat he good looking, tolerably 'Toll ed u. sted, of genteel manners, and not more than tweiiiy-flre year* of age. one without means preferred. Letters ad dresi.ed to J. Wagner Dans. Brooklyn I'ost otllca. giving real name aad place of residence will meal wtth prompt attea ton A N OrriCER IN THR NAVT WMHR8 TO CORRK8. l\ paodwlflia ladybctweea the *ge< of eighteen and twraly Ave, with a new to m.iltlinony, Must he flood look In?, of au amiable disposition and captihle of making s homa b?i>i>y. Address. Willi csrte da visile. Me?>rge Hartison, Ply tnotith. N. 0 t VO(:NG MAN IN 1I1K AKMT. AllRD IS, W' .11KH j'V to correspond with sa^^osuc Is It who may disi'e such will) a ?!#?? 'o inairiiinWr, Thu la Mtis tde Atdme (carle de rislte pfeferted1 ?? * Is., C" N, Forty secant regiment Sew Votu Tnlunleets WasMiigton 1> C Matrimonial.-a hkntlrman ?<<i'i> it's gs^ed in niMiness in tl.i" ' it ? ls?ii,.,, i making I he a< utintini of a lady Ikiw ? <??? <>? i nl i ami 11. with art w to matr mintr mnil I' ??>!?, .. i ioetini( and thorongliiy aitiislilc>- de sialle (Which Will he return AMI! I?i< 1 HH 1' .1111. e fllWO AMI.Ill' Hi|?t?#a I ?IIM< flitt AG I'. OF I thirt*. t? ulil lii. mi rgi ,i| |i.. ? ? s u( two mid (I i* ar*'d m line hi ii K in siil) ? i.? in i.Miiimunf AddreSH L N aim ?1 I >?? " il i|???isl> ?i flint- ADVl Ntiil It Of nm ho I Iff A< ljtt A t NT AN1 H 1 ol a youeg lsd? a* tal ?lla * n? manim-iiir A paasint disiMi- n. su i ?i i. nn i inru. destritHc (inn resiling it i ? ii . '!? iii ?? in ed iti'ca A 'Hise -..I "i it ' iin

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