Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,064. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 18G4.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICK THREE CENTS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Persia with Two Days La tor. Maximilian Preparing to Sail. THE NEW MEXICAN LOAN. THE DANISH WAE. A PEACE CONFERENCE TO ASSEMBLE, German Retreat from Fredericia ky Sea aid Land. Popular Demonstration in England in Favor of the Poles. Tke Privateer Georgia at Bor deaux. Via Utaioi Military Election Campaign, te, *?.. *?. The Canard steamship Persia. Cnptala Lott, which left Liverpool at half-past ten on I be morning of the 26th. and QaeA.slown on the 27th M trcb, arrived at tbl* port at III uV lock yOcttrJay evening. the dows is two days Inter. Vtldjy, th? of March, being Good Friday, was etacrved as a closo In England. The commercial ?e? s by the Persi > Is col .< q ? utly to later Tia Liverpool than that re eived by tbe Uiburntan,and partially by the Ch; of Loudoo ; hat by ih<j way ot Queeautown we bavo M* day lster. The Paris Bourse clo*?d flat on the 25th of Marcb. Rentes Mi. So. Tbe Bank of France bad reduced Its rate of discount on Mia to six p*r ??nt. tie Paris correspondent of the Ixndon Timet mentions kuther facts unfavorable to Vizzlnl. Ae London Tunes edit rially argues that the object ot a* war la America ik'S yuar will he neglected in tbe Berth, and tbe armies W the federals be employed more tor electioneering than military purpose:'. We rebel steamer Georgia arrived at Bordeaux on the Hth of llaro'i. Die Inanda, of the "I?zip tine" of light draught yen Ml for the rebel trade, m launched at Liverpool on the I'?tti of March. 8he it the fourth Teasel or the line, and l*o -oneort of the Richmond, Jeff. Davis and Virginia. hi *!rengtb of the King of Wnrtemburg Was deolinlng as ratiM y tnat hie death was exp cted at any moment. A m et Bg of the Eagll'b-Mexlcan bondholders was to Me r*ice to London on the aotb or March to consider fee term* of ltqaidatloa proposed by the now Emperor. The aeMmblace was looked tor with much interest, and as.angemunts were being Bade in order to aacertaln as Motet 1/ as possible the oontlments and rote of the Ik Vtanala TWInf wMf retire from the representation tf Fortamonth (Eng.) at the next general elect ton. We OommtrtU it Pmrt? of March 10 contains sosie die tNsatng details of the (amine now raging In the Islands 0 Bravo and St. Thlago, of the Capo Verde group, The* o fctaads eoatala a population of aeveaty thousand souls, m* for thlo population there were only sixty bacs of Tlee la Bravo. There was no succor to be bad, ind the aflbes of the famine were such that people wero dying in fes ?treats. They devoured everything that <ama in fee." way that e>?s eatable?the bark of the baiiaoa and the ?> b of a* ratals of all kinds. Jfe -oodor '*nv i of March M says:? ?atsrM::u,h.\ dl. who baa left Caprera. It la aappesed, CRn.'kadH' ivimated bis Intention l? visit New can ea-t-te, ?ii(t "new bis acquaintance with the Tyne Ma peopled be o nee to England. Tea years eg* the Isnoisl v * Is tty < unmand of tbo merchant si Ip < am feoawsa'.n, aart came into the Tyao to take i? a earf o ?f ?sals for "noa /< that time, while avoiding a publ c iamonstr noo.lK ? familiar to tbo inhabitants of ti e ?sapoTte r tie True and was presented by the working MB wttb i sword Ike Ctno fr<.?? NY v York, arrived at Quaanstawa on fee atorni 4 or the Jfctb. The steamship ? .made, from Bos tea via Halirax, ar I at Queens town March ST. Tike Danltk War. fepenhagen teleeraire state Mat tbo bombardment of feadtriolo had o^-ed since the 21stJot March, i'art <4 feeder tela ha 1 bv-n^et on Are by tl 0 hombardjneuC When snmnvned to surrender the commandant refused. Aacurdu.g tn latest a?! vine* the <J?rmai.e had abandoned fee etotre and at ndooed their poeltlons iefor-? tbe town. As King of Pea mark bad visited bis troops stationed Btfloadcrberg The Prussian coanoaods of Pnppel continued. 1W Acstrlana hod inform** the eommai.ler of tbe Pan Ife maa of-war stationed oft the tafortldod town of Hor aaa* that 00 tbe flrat ah<* fcoing 'red tbe | laos would be glvaa up to pillage and destroyed. A Berlin tele:raui confirms tb? news of Prussia and Awtrla having accoted tbe en: 'erence without baals ?at Witt out an arm.- uoe, and no "a tbat t*o conference will shortly owemble The German Diet b J received an invitation to attend fee aooforoaoo. IfU DAHTSH HOW-CUD B'M,? ERIE*. r nderburg (March 11/ correspoadeni ? of I*. .Ion Times.] Iho Rolf Krake baa taken 00 ahare i tbe ate engage ments and she baa evet. wltborawn fr ei be poeitinn at fee mouth of tbo Vetnmx.gbued, to the tppcrite shore at fee entrance of Rorap Hat. Tbe Monitor tud< rders not to aipass herself to osrlous demage from ti n terrible artil ferj af tbe soesiy, but to iimt her actlv ty t ? preventing fee Prussiaaa from attemi ling to ernes if* ound. The Bmmo. having nelly thle one if on e lad ve- jei, are afraid feey may be deprived *>f her aorvioee ? fee* sereet Bead, should they veaturo her too freely a undertakers Which weald bo sure to 1* shove ber voce. I have alrmdr"Md yoe that hei encounter at the Kgernaied a* *.?d mora damaging to her Utxe the par:eume of Iron aM*e agah ?t heavy gnaa '<eufU ?* <kitti>g te suppose. THB IRISH I/CUttlN Ton TtKNM*H?. fBaf'n ( larch 91) <-nrre*p?iMlsare of the lo, ton Tim? 1 l The ><,'ntof lietanark hae itOlitely deoliaeo be servi> Eof ",e Irlah ??Cent Oard-s." Hut ?w. (? leary h.t? reward lie has received the Wianks oP the Sing for ??chlvalreoa offer." He tie alMyyioble "? n. bte a^-"?er purebosed it the ooat v* one numlred an.; t? < tjr-flve guineas by. his devotto followers." The Corn Jaaminer elates tlrat ??tbe gallant ihief dorn not abur lxu fea bore of really log hie dream* of glory " ft Is to he regremed tbat a preje :t so naaby and be ? grr< feeeid haVe sailed forth tbo follow og.lettor? Oeavia or Canien*!?SH?eiif,Conc* u?iee, Feb 18,18ft Tbo uederelgned, Grand Msrsh>H of ths Royal Court, is #sautsd by tbe King, tie msst<\ . lo thank Mr. fl'lt vy mi hia noble ooinpeelone for tLetr chivalrous offer. ths preeent altuetloa of n'faffl tba brawry of the BHlnad. ?ay God wau K over t>e deetiny ef your noble enntry, ? ifat M Banme-k W OXi .'IM lioesieur O'Lr n. Tlie Mexican Itaretlea, The frvate Tnemis, oaa of the flneot la th^ senrh tavy, bs 1 laito.i 1 rum Toulon 'nv Trieste t? i< r.e an in saoori fii the rutnre Emc-ror f Mexlon. -tie 1* inan> 'd Ba picked rew, and lor gut s are rlfo>l, I*/tenant nrtienoL o| the 8we. ??!i navy, *bu hejj hien ?u. tharired to oerva la the Frvmb navy, has booJ at>|ioi?ted te the Themis Tbeateamit (<ryade er>tarkeo with one hiw'red ind utety - our M< (Wan oflN-eri . at < hnroourg, uad 0 /O t.end rv mi 1 of U<? loreiga l^tgian. for Mexien he Arrhduke Ma^imlHaa wontd embark ior M<ntleo on jim. IMMh March run wiew ioaw^-itr #MotrnT and OBfinr. ifer# (March %?>) ? nrrnejond nee of the I<ondon Times ] T mentioned jesierday thai tbe new Mevlcen loan wae taken by tbo l.m'oo house of Glya, Mills k fo. The ?mouiM is two Iim ?lred <nll >.ios ?f fraaee ftsiy three, rsprr?snltnr one hundred and ta?atr six ?iilltone le mnne , sud tx ailog interest at a p?r eeot The real leaa la thret hundred million*, out of wbtsh. ths freoeh noTeramcet Is relmbnreed i< anm of eaa hiiadred sad five millions oft ecoonnt ef aSvanesn ,Beadv m <e. er to he made. ?i>eh aa the eay of the fwml tMoee A K W W P Itoos which tbe Minister of Finance should be othor. wiso obliged 10 ttiid on the e*ir.i udiuary Hodgel, will be sooptted In tbia manner ? tie operation ia the name aa tbe ooe made witu the rWnirooole-e government al ter lb>> treaty of / urich Motw.iv^r, li e two hundred irnlliors wbieb tbo Frencb eapodiliGU cost tip lo tbe Slat of Docember, 1803. will be reiraburaed by tbo Mexican government in yearly instalments. tbe flrst of wbich will hit J lie nest year. A sum of eight millions oi frauc* out of the two hundred millions will bo paid to tbe Archduke at Mlramar previous to embarking for Mexico, and wben ho baa lormally announced his election Ui tbo throne. Tho arrangements Tor tbo bet.elit of tbe Knglisb creditors, tbe detail* of whlcb are doubtless bolter known in ten don, are, I bear, aa favorable aa possible under tbe clr camstasoea. TBI LATEST NKVS. Lokwoii. March 37,1844. The London Shipping Qaselt* Paris correspondent writes that tbo Finance Minister bad an luterview on Friday afternoon with Mr. Glynn respecting tho Mexican loan, and that la tbo evening a iieutlomaii of tho financial department waa to laave for Mlramar to obtain Maxi milian's ?ignatura to tbe decree. Tbe Imiivessioa iu Paris is that tbe proposition for tbo bondholders of 1861 la really not unfounded. Great Britain. Tbo English news by tbo Persia to meagre and unim I portant. 1 A mutt meeting, consisting of about five thousand men, [ was held at Biackhcatb, near Loudon, on itie 26th of March, in favor of the intervention of Kuglaud on behalf of the Poles. Resolutions were adopted declaring such intervention to ho tbe duty of iboaBrltish government. Tbo London JYUjrapk iearna that Queen Victoria ia about to emerge somewhat from bar seclusion, by short ly holding two slate reoeptfbos at Buckingham Palace? one of tbo diplomatic representation and tbo otber of tbo Ministers or State and other prominent officials. Captain Sherrard Osborne, wbo had tbe command of tbe late abortive Anglo Cblneeeaquadron, is to have tbo command of tbo flrst British cupola ship.of-war, tbe Royal Sovereign, now nearly ready for sea. DION BOUCICjH/LT'S BANKRUPTCY. E*h* arrT Corn, Londos, March 23,1844 ?At an ad journ* d dividend sitting held under this bankruptcy a proof lor ?420 waa presented on bebalf of Messrs. Alex andor & Lindo against the estate. The circumstances under which the claim arose may be thus briefly stated:? On tbo 11th of April. 1808, Mossrs. Alexander & Lindo purchased for tbe bankrupt, at bis request, one hundred und fifty shares in tbe New Theatre Company. Tbe price. Including commission, was six hundred and twenty pounds. Mr. Boucicault failed to take up tbe shares, and Mosth. Alexander k Lindo were compelled to sell them, wnleh tbey did accordingly on tbe 10th and 22d of July. The sum realized from tbe sale was two hundred pounds ind Messrs. Alexander ft Lilodo now sought to prove for tbo difference of four hundred nnd twenty pound*, lining the losa sustained upon tbe transaction. Tho Koiiistrar admitted tho proof. Mr. Sargood, Mr. Harvie Llnkiater and Mr. Munas wore engaged In tbe case. Railroad Extension in America. [From tbe London Times (city article), March 24.] Proposals have been issued to tbe existing holders of bonds or tbe Atlantic and Ureal Western Hallway for sub scriptions for ?405,000 additional bonds at the prico of 70, which will yield interest in sterling at the rate of nen. ly nine per rant por annum, and for which they are entitled to a preference. The line has been completed within its estimated cost, and these bonds will constitute the whole of the mortgage debt to be created on tfco New York and Pennsylvania divisions. Hitherto the roai, although only partially opened, has yielded tinusuai profits, owing partly to tt?e fact of Its being lc connec tion with the great oil district, but mom especially from its forming the most convenient and direct route for tbe large atid constantly Increasing Western traffic from Now York. On its complete owning in May nex'. express trains will be run from New York to St. T uuls, one thousand two hundred miles, in forty hours, without break of gauge or change of carriages. A large bustue?q on the line is likewise being opened up for tbo "ipply of > oal to Canada. The present bonds are to )v rmteem.1 ble In sterling at par by means of a sinking fuul In nine teen years. The Revolution In Poland. Intelligence from Warsaw states that tbe ontiro general stafT of the RuBKian army has been transferred from Warsaw to the camp near Kali sob. General Berg was soon to follow. The Prussian troops bad discovered numerous bauds of insurgent voluutoers on tbo froutier near luowvas IBW. Tbe Russian foopa w?ro construct lag barricariea at I .0 principal giaiionfl on Itio railroad .tetween Wilna and tao Prussian frontier. Ruaal*. A letter from St Petersburg gut eg that a great <jooloo?B has arisen betwecu tbe Russian and French governments, because tlie tortner has acquired the conuletlon that the latter Is plotting mischief in European Turkey, partic ularly In Koumelia An Imperial decree waa Issued at St. Petersburg on the 2Mb of March, reforming tbe law adectlng foreigners in Russia. The decree abollsbee the compulsory sale of lan ed property belonging to Russian ladies on their mar ring with foreigners, the consent of the Emperor to such carriages and I be payment of three years' taxation In ?<tv ..nee by foreignera on becoming naturalized Rus sia!. aulijecta are no longer necessary. Commercial lnt*IUg?nee> TBI LONDON MONET MARKET. Money waa in good demand in London at SJi a 0 per ceut. Friday, tho 26 th of March, was a close holiday. Tbe weekly returns of th? Bank of England show an Increase of ?602,28# sterling in tbe bullion. Raring Bros, ft Co. quote bar silver at 6?. Id. a 6a. 84. Dollars at 6a. 3#d. Eagles nominal at 70s. 84. AMKRK'Ait S?<T*JT]m. In Amerlcaa securities tbe Baring Broa report very little doing, and no change in prloea. Annexed are tho quotations on the 26th of March ? Mary and..... a 71 United stater, 1R*1 Ma M Do. Jo., 1874 69 a 01 Virginia 46 a 48 Do. 32 a 34 Atlantic ft 0. W., N. Y. sec. 1st mtg.. 1880 t>0 a 81 Do.,Pennsylvania, lat mtg., 1877 81 a 82 Erie shares, |100 (all paid) 07 a 09 Do , 7 per cent, preferonoe (all paid) 60 a * t> Do., 1st mortgage, 1807 03 a M Do., 2d mortgage, 1800. 00 a 08 Do., 3d .nortgage, 11)88- 00 a K6 Do., 4th mortgage xc. C3 a 6* Do., 6th mortgage 66 a 7b Illinois Central, 1875 84 a 89 1)0. do., 1875 ic. Mi tK Ho. do., flOO share* (|90 paid) die. 18 a 17 Do. do.,$100 shares (all paid) 72 a 74 Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad bonds 72 a 73 Michigan Central, convertible 1869 ?.'> a 70 Do. sinking fund, 1st mortgage do . 1882.. .xc 70 a 76 Michigan go r?nd No. Ind., sinking fund, 1885.. 00 a ?? New York Cet wal, sinking fund, 1883 02 a b* Do., 1804 . 66 a 6' Do., slnkiug fund, 1870 68 a 72 Do., convertible bet is, 1870 73 a 78 Do., 1100 shares 76 a 78 Fanama Railroad In mortgage, 1506 100 a 102 Do.,2d mortgage, 1873 102 a 104 fennsylvanla RR. bonds, 1st m?rt., convertible. 00 a 06 Do., 2d mortgage, convertible 87 a 88 Do., $60 shares 43 a 40 Pbilnlalphla and Reading. $50 abarea 82 a 36 Coaft lerate loan 50 a 62 Lohdoh, March 20, 1804. Co MlaOltfaOlX. Lordo*, March 27, 1804. Coiuola after official hours yesterday closed at 91X a THE PARIS BOURSE. ? Pans, March 27. 1*04. Rf U s opened 00 10. THE LIVERPOOL COTTON MAREET. Uvewool, March 20?A W TIi ? Jokers' Circular, dated Ihi.rsday the *4t* ?>- ? "Tb? trade having latMy purchased freely, anu taa .ait advloi? from India having been or a dl><v uriglng oharac. ter for goods and yams, which, combined with tbe reixttt large imports, have onward buyers to limit their operationa tb tbe aapply of their Immediate wants, and as holders hwve shown nm-a dealre to sell, prtaea have been very Irregu lar, par. volarly the |fcat twe days. The derttnajn Jime rx?o la ..bout Jed., Brazil parNafty *4., Kgyplftn rally >|d., the '?ester kiuda of Curat and China partially , whilst ihe TOminon clae ea of East India are U4. a Id I stow t|M e.rtreme rates of laat Friday, gala of the veelc. ti r90 bales, In., ding 8.P20 to specuAors and 5.' t5 lo ?.rten. . On "hursdsr the sales were abo? 6 ' JO b?i"< ecludlKg I 000 to apeciiimon and exporters ttie m*. K' 1 eio.ilng dull and Irregatar. Fair Americana nlinweout'aal. Middling Is quoted ?Orleans 20Vd. t'obilc -fi),d., Uplands 20>(d. Mock an band. 300,190 !?alea. including 29,800 Ameiiaan. At sea, frooa India. 314,too bales. TEAPE At MANCHESTER. There was acaroeiy a market on Thursday, ^fce tone wax vary depri i?ed and pricea continued to favor buyeM. i.iv? irnot. nMiAMrvppn narebt. I'easrs Wa? Hold, N ash A Co , Hlgland, Althya ft Co. ar J oibererepi j-t: ?Flour verytddll and almost unviable ju piicea rang* i-cm l*s a 26a Wheat oolet, hi* un changed; wlntei red, Re. a 8a. 8d. per cental, white, Os. a Ks. 3d. Coin iu moderate demand at former rates; ? 'xad, 2*s. 0d. white, 30s. a 32s. per 480 lba. Lirr tvooL provisions muekt. M?*ers Uord< 0, Bruce ft Co., Iioult, tnglisb ft Brandon and others repivt?Beef?Arrivals liberal,aad aa. 0d per tierce dacllra w 01M be g< nerally a.copied. Pork also Iu large supply, Tf t. for One Eastern. Bacon fartlally 0d. a Is. cheaper, an t IBore triwly offered. lard flirt, but steady, at 42s. a 43s. 0d. and 44s. for fine new. Hultcr i-teady for flue, interior dull. Tallow la steady demand; N. A., 40s. a ?ls ?d. ItfrtfOOL MOPCC* MARKET. Ute Brokers'' ircular snys?A'he* continue steady at ."0a. for pots and 84*. ?d. ;?36s. fur pears. Kugara qui* and unchanged. Moias??i inactive and easier (od.-o Arm. Rice quiet, birt ?tc i?ly. Bark -Hates of Italttmora at 6s. and Philadelphia at 7a. 4,'fd. a 7a 0d. I.inseed qi'let, hot steady. I Inaei d oil very tlrm. but botlneea 1 wjited. f loteraeed vert dull; red American 411* a 44a. Jte quiet and prices 'nrdly maintained. Fial eila? pothlng doing. Rcrln qaiel and atichinged. Spirits of terpentine -French lever sales at 7Hs. Petroleum ? itouH, English ft lirandott report ?Reilaed Pannsylvmiia dull, at Is 9d. a la OUd. Of eruda sales have beer, made at ?14 lr.a par ton. Ttia otoalng prices are nommalfy it4 a JC4? 6e. _ LOEbO* MAHkaTf. Mrsara. Baring Bros ft Ca. raport ?BreadstnffV un (hanyad, bat qooutloae barely aappoated Pacar quiet. I about fWfom 4ataa Oadee wait aaala Wine<l. Rica uncUnngod. Tn ? generally unaltered Uu eotored Japan teas In i<-mand for America, acd prices Id *<mrer. Taliow quiet but steady, Y. C., 41k. !>d. Iruo p tat; rail* ?otl b,.rs, ?7 10 a ?7 16. Scotch pl*a, 68?. for cash. Petroleum-Buyer* of Pennsylvania reOtied at la. lOd. Spirits ot turpentine?French ?tendy at 81s. 6d. ?t ails. Limned favor* Belters. Linseed oil advanced to 37s. tid. HAVHB COITON MARKET. ILtvas, March 25,1M4. Cottoh?Sales of the week 12.000 bulea. Tbe market opened with s downward tendency, but closed firmer. Prices nominal. THE FAIR. A Grand Crush in Fourteenth s r and THE CATTLE DEPARTMENT. H?W PICKPOCKETS ARE SERVED. General MoClellan Ahead in tho Sword Race. Twenty-five Thousand Tickets Sold Yesterday. Brilliant Opening of the Unien Square Department, &o., &c? Ac. T*? '.bird day of the Metropolitan Sanitary Fair was us) "ff 1 m with a bright, invigorating morning, ''ho T'sifors tn the Fair were consequently very numerous, i'he d'Kirs wore opened about ten o'clock, and shortly af tei wards Lie building wag tolerably well filled. In a few hours not less than twelve thousand people were present. They i ad plenty or money, and wero purchasing all sorts or article*. At every stand a brisk business was done, uuu somo cur!o\ ? ko nes were witnessed when the pur chasers, with Uieir irms full of fancy goods, toy* and other artioies, wamlerud around In search of a place la which to deposit their treasures. UHAFULL/'S BIND arrived at em o'clock, and during the next three hours performed u n imber of eboicely selocted pieces in their Street Yesterday, THE SALE Music During the Day Evening. QEual fine style. Among the pieces were the ovortare to Gazza Indra, waltz, Dreams of the Ocoan, Hunters' Poika, se' eltons from the Trovatore, medley, quick step, pel.';iions from I Veapris, and concluded with tbe ??Flag of theFrcc." TflR H AIRY RAOI.K gavo ttia policemen a deal or trouble yesterday. Every. b< dv want d to know where it perched. On finding their w .y t? it they were very U th to in yen a dollar for the purpose of seudluf? their t"gmpbs to Uncle Abe They doubted the genukor ess of the whole thing. The lady In charge was rf t eitedly a/Iced whether It was not "one big humbug." "er position was certainly a trying one, and it waMvn*y b<- the exercise of considerable tart that she secured about sixty additional sigcatures and as many dollars. It la thought that fully one thousand dollars will be gained from this source berora the fair closes CONTK.BHTICmfl FKOH THE "MKTHODI8T PNIOV." At stand No. 90 nineteen churches of Ibe Methodist Episcopal f nlon are represented. Tiie contributions con sist of camp stools, library chairs?many of which are valued at ninoty fire dollars?silk sofa, cushions, cloaks, Afghans, a large assortment of em broidered goods im|?rted from Paris, Infects' clothing, two largo cukes, splendidly ornamented; wax and other artificial (lowers, mechanical toys, dulls or sli sues and colors, shell work and perfumery. Tbe as sortment M one of tbe Urgest in the Fair, and i? presided over by Mrs John A. Kennedy. One of the articles worthy of special notice is a fine group of Parian marble of "Abraham offering ap Isaac " It was contributed l>y tbe young Indies of tbe Alpha Phi Society of tbe Spingler Institute, and was sold yesterday Jor the sum of seventy fly* dollars. TBI Ft.AO FOR OnTKRAI. I)IX. At the table in the Art Gallery, where the book of auto graph* and the flag which will be presented to General Dix are kept, a small number or photographs of tbo following letter were for sale yesterday at five dollars . each ? Tmciimr DvrAfiTifSirr. Jan. 29, 1864. . Tell Lieut Caldwell to arrest Captain Brest wood, aaaume ? command of the cutter and obey the order I gave through yon If Captain Breshwood afterwards undertakes to in t"rfere with the command of the cutler tall Lieut. Caldwell to ootisMsr him aa a mutineer andtr?f'. hi' j accordingly . "If any one attempa to haal down the American dog shoot him on the spot." JOHN A. DIX, Treasury Department THR CATTLE DEPART HUNT Is a frame building about one hundred feet long by ttrCLiy-fivc wide. Tbe mammoth ox, valued at $1,000, k: J v.' :. hlng three thousand six hundred and two "? unrts 1h here. In company with a ycko of oxen valued fWO, three fine horses, three Shetland ponies, valued at ??*) aach; a ram, one sheen, an Alderney cow, valtieu t $lfiO; a calf, three peacojks, four pigeona, a rabbit, a t eagle, ten hens, a rooster and a fine <k/. An additional sum of twenty five conts Is demanded > admls-don to this department, which is closed at f o'clock every evening. About fifteen dollars were tnk at tbe door yesterday, besides which four hundred hold ers of soason tickets visited it. IK THB rvrNIXO tbe crowd was immense. Moving about was almost im possible. Grafulu's band performed the fallowing pie< * durhg tbe evening, commencing shortly after *cv> o'clock ? Overture, 7ampa; Selections, Faust. Selections, I Due Fosiarl; Walts, Songs of the Thirties. Waltz, Homage lo l.ond.n; Quick Step, Iinda, Champagne Gallop, 6attop Mmtalro, I'olka Amour. The Fair was more crowded last evening than at ary other ttme since Its commencemeat. Several ladles r.c? carried into tbe room of tbe Kxectlve (Vimmittce in a minting 'Twdltioo; and altbough tbe ventilation <rt tbo j<tlldlnf: has been considerably Improved, the best won almost <vsrpo weeing. TUB rwa RWORDfl caused considerable excitement in the fair ye; .crday. Tho ci MineBts of the bystanders when either tJenerAl Grant <ir General MoGlellaa was mentioned were highly amuftltj, and considerable feeling seemed to he man feg|ed r lesep the race a boat even. One ledy i.iled near ly ttw bo's inge for Geueral Grant. She had but iust left the Stand when a lady, In mourning, walked i.p k#lr?l at tbe book, snd entered tbe vfhole or ttie oppoeii? pago for General Honillan. The Indies are deeply I: ?orestsd tn this contest, much ssr so than tbe men. a r?w entries wore made yesterday for Generals Burundi* .nd hutier, probably about four, each. General MoClelun last night had received 4*2 voles, and General (.rant 435. Ma jority for Mcris1ian>7.-Jf-. Tbo contort for the naval sword d<<as not excite tbe same Interest en does that for tbe military. Admirsls Farragst and Dupont and Commodore Rowa<i are about equal, and only eno hundred and fifty vote* havo been entered. TH? FOLIC! ARBAKO UfYNTS continue lo give general sansfs.-tlou. About ono hundred men are stationed in and about the building, under tbe direction of inspector I/eonard and 8ergcan's Wilson sod Garland. gnpermbmdeet Kennedy?'and Commissioner Acton aro also in and about the building daring a ^renter part ?' the day. I'hree women were arrested yesterday h? directives McPougall, Radford and llennett. Thov were nlieged to be well known p'ckpockets, and several times daring the day were paraded through the huilding with k large plaoard bearing the word "pickpocket," hung on their back*. After belnf kept In confinement for about si* hours they were let off, no tbargo hsvlng bor n pre'erred dfcalnst them. During the day upwards of > ne hundred ditierent articles were taken to tbe head ?i .era which had been picked up lu the building. V . ,% ?f them were afterwards restored to their rightful owners. ITtK RMTADRANT was crowded soring the w!iole day, and the receipts will probably be sbost six thousand dollars. At ten thousand poroons patroMzed it and were served with refreshments, varying from a plato of les cream to a twenty dollar dinner. Tic??r* AND RKCIITTS. The treasurer reported last night thatS7?,r(Xs had been received by him up to three o'clock in tbo aflernt/ou. Twenty .flvo thousand tickets were sold at tho doors yes terrfey, and of that number twelve thousand were season tickets. Th? files Rquarc nallaMa^s? First Open Ins ]VI|ght. The second branch of the great MeiropeHtm fair was opened last event*. After many days <if postponements Wtt'tShPMfnUHpip, the veal Idea was at least* cod es'itrated, sod tt eifbt o'clock last olght all wsh light, brilliancy and beauty in tbo lasuloaable precincts bur- ' rounding Ontou square 1be (rial steel bell present* d to tbe Mlw, at a rest of one uuihiDd dollara, and of I which we bavo beeu told to much?we mean the bell la this losianoe nod ool the ladies?began to (peak rather loudly with Ita Iron tongue at about aeifn o'clock, when Um shados of evtoin? began to gather around, and aa ita ringing echoes spread tnrnugb the square and Ita Vicinities Immense crowds began u> assemble, until that popular place of recreation refused to accommodate aay more "sovercigsii" from the mere want of capacity to do so. In old ricottiata times, as we are Informod by the writers and historians ot tbe day?whenever any great danger or Invasion threatened the land, signal ires were lighted on tt>6 mount tin t?i>s. and these Uglus so kindled were repeated .inakl every brae and shlngis, until the wooie laud bMi.umo one illuminated pyramid to warn the peo pie of the approach of an enemy, and to tell the enemy himsolt thai be must conquer brave men if be wished lor victory, the first sound of the great steel boll l?nt night waa iu Its e fleet vary much like the beacon Oro or tbe 8c itilsh mountaineers. Iu Its bold and musical nug and stirring articulation came tbe aanoaacement. jut tbe second arm of tbe great Military Fair was opened to tbe people of tbe Metropolitan Empire. I ron month to mouth the tidings were taken np and carried along throughout the city, so that at eight o'clock lust evening, tbo hour fixed for tbe commence ment of tbe Initiatory concert, there were by many hun dreds more people In tfie square than tbe batMlog could possibly contain. . ? An Imrnrie collection of German musicians arriving about this tui-u created considerable excitomunt, or at least, particular attennon. Tney um? up in double file, with their instruments as bright as tboee or the musicians of the regular army, and with a aegree of order which would not Lave dishonored the beat regulated military organization. Thotr mode of entrance inf > tbe buildings was of course different from that or the gene ral public, and wlnie tbe audience were wondering whether there would be any music at all, the whole phalanx of musicians, vocal and instrumental, emerged from a side eotrauce and took up their allocated placet I on the plauorm. I or the decoration* or the room we have already spoken, hut there ia much tbat may yet bo said. The descendants or the Dutch burgomasters and Knickerbockers, although generally a quiet and orderly sot, know well how to be take them.seh-ss to tbe happy social development of occa sioos or this kind, as may well hsvs been seen by any One visiting tne rooms. Tb? ladies have, in fact, per formed prodigies in taste and Industry witlun tbe forty eyht hours preceding the grand opening. Talk or Cinder ella and tbe (Jla*s ipper.nnd hV i he marvels ittachod to that very ? omarkabie and marvellous story, and we find nothing to be compared to the vugical eflbcts produced by tbe ladies iu their great fairy palace ol Union square. Co Tuesday evening we found the halls compsratively empty and unadorned. I.*?t ucbt they were drowned In the glory aud briill?ncv of .1 thousand light* tnd of myriad 'ace , whose beauty out t. none the dazzling lumps ii emselves On e.ery s'de tiice wers evidences of vS-tlth, beauty and u. .gmxence The decora tuns of the malo liail were of tbe most n..'I'rrfcr kind. Some o' tb'v? w<to douoljr graud, bo caure they ?ero simple, aii'l we know Hi at when the siin' ?<* expands Info ttic grand, I' becomes entitled to bo consider d tne ?.?iid -stoi ail. I'ho great masters or tbo unsurpassed'ol the Kourieentbstreet Fair Rooms b ivo been already fully celebrated and published to the world. Tbeir works aro as immortal as tbo brains that conceived tbem and so must they ever be. Hut alihoub wo do tint, .Ind such creations as those In tlio Union square buildings, there a.o so mo subjoctsthure Illustrated which will tiot altogether rail to Attract and command attention, especially the attention or tbe young Among tbe sim plest, and yd very popular pieces, may be mentl ned "Puss Iu Eoot.s," a picture o: no gre'it degree of artistic t merit, yetone that will remind many visitors to those I rooms of the "days long past," wlieu such lueraturo as this was the orincipal tield ot" thought through which boor she used to wander ior instruction ana amusement And next we have tbo Marquis or Ctrrabus naming In the limpid waters of a somewhat confined lake, 'vhilo his taithful cat, dicrsed In ths lull pano ply of nightly attire, is on his way to ttio nearest farm bouse, hungrily hunting after help for bis master or toasted cheese for himself. Amo.ig tbe other colorod engravings aro reprtsen.ailons o. the sad history of "Little Red Riding Hood * ai d as tn:? is, par acctlimce, the children's department, such illr tritlons are really In direct and very proper order. In ti e prints we see the sagacious but unreliable woir following tbe poor little ? Bid lug Hood wherever she iroes, until at length tbe sav age monster ensconces Uiii.'-ei. a 'he devoured grand motbar's bed, anil in a most u,n .rltical and rascally fashion proceeds to dcgpa'.. Ii the t -iider body or little Red Riding Hood, wbicli he Inv \g?-j int?> his clutches by base artidce. Let nil fathers w?f ooihors bring their yuung mes to the Fair, If tor liott- < i olso, to hoo these pictures and to be warned ?galn?i .11 scductive wolves tor tbe luture. 1 tie opening scene wu a moat interesting one. On ? raised platform, facing the and,?.nw, was a line band of mi sic already mentioned, cowtlstiiu: or voeal and instru mental performers. Tbe auditorium was orowded to ex cess. In fact, tber? waa not a siugie spare coat through out tbe whole bcuse 1he ladles wer? m.iKt elegaotiy attired. All tbe overflowing beauties of the latest <nd most expensive iwtniona were freely lavished on the fair betngR wco tluunged i he room. Miika rustled, satins glfetened, diamond? sparkled and I terod In tbe gaslight, and tbe wear ora.ii o. the mere spectator became Intoxi cated with the ouiitlbual (lashing <<f iveilth beauty and Rplesd ir wherever bo could turn. Imm<x1iaiely io front of tho orch< k'ra, on seals exrreesly arranged io rows lor the pur|x?e, tn* ladies of tbe Managing Committee were seated They wore a badge or distinction on the right bruast?a green ribbon wltb the irmt of New York city printed in gold, and some motto, which, at tbe diatanoe nt which wo stood we' could not plaiijy decipher. There ladles wore all rtprcaeatat vosoi the very beigbtb or tbe different foi ms 01 the prevailing Intluou. At about a quarter to eight o'clock, tbo Rev. Or. King, of Columbia College, entered the room accompanied by tbe Kev. Morgan 1'lx, rector of Trinity parish. Ur. aSmuel B Ruggie.-i shortly alter entered and before the proceedings closed General SaadforJ catne in and Joined In the colebrattou. By request of Dr. King, the Rev. Mr. Dlx offered an in vocation to tho Most High for a blessing on tho Fair, and all the works therewith connected. Tbe prayer was com piled from different parts of tbe Ho< k of Common ITraynr, witb some necessary additions by the clergyman,appro priate to tbe occasion, aa in tbe regular form of the Fpis copal church there is no form of prayer, of wblch we have any knowledge, ler tbe success of a Sanitary Fair. After tbe prayer, in eblch tbe whole assembly fervently joired, Mr. Samukl D. Rii.olxs was Introduced, and made an excellent speech. He gave a lull history of Union square, the spot on which tbe Kalr buildings now s'aod, and Con cluded with a most Interesting argument ;n behalf ot tbe ?bjecis or the Sanitary commlss,on. Me wae loudly ap plauded. l)r Kim: then made a few remi rks to tbe aud eoce. Be - aid that the aecond branch oi tbe Fair w.-a duly inuugu ?ited, and Hiere waa nothing left but to return to io womon of New York the fervent thanks of ttiu ? IkIo community for tbeir warm aympatby and divotion in the great work they had nnderl ken. (Ap nlsuse.) He hoped thai tied would bleea everyone of ? lie. sod tbat tbe arms of our soldiers in tbe fleld would ..e nerved to greater strength and endurance by tbe ro r imbranceof the kind acta of tbe thousands of fair ,'rlcnds they have at borne Tbe Knickerbocker Kitchen waa In full bleat. Tbe great Area in tbe obimney corner roared out more bright iy aod pleasantly than ever before since tbe temporary opening of tbe building. The kitchen utensils, polished up according to the moel una mpronnslng style ol old Knickerbocker excellence, glittered like the goldoo ves sels of the Jewlab temple on some high fesUI day. Everything waa aa clean as a pin. as tbe saying g?es, and aa neat as woman's bands could make It. A savory and satisfsclory smoke issued from the chimneys, betraying a fact we'l kno#n to the ladtea witliin tbe building tbat there were sere al varieties of good things In process of culinary conversion, not excepting tbe "caidel," or which we have already bad aome experience Ttio forms or two rollicking old caie were to be seen quietly snoot ng t>r thu Ore, while an old nerro fiddler contributed to the euaetou'by "nwkiag night bldeoun" with some very b *ei?n and dreamy |ierrormanree on an old Addle.? He was diMol lely accompanied by two colored youths f who sat in another corner ef the attorney, on a une-tongend lustrum*!.', oommonly known as tho jewsharp, al though we do not remember iny,*emineut U<.> brew who ever dlaflngutshed himself on it. Tlie a.usic in i'?a department was not very harmoniousbe sure, but '?t it -as attractive enough, and rem in Jed-all good Kni< TOibocsers of the hale old times wh?n there waa feasUng in every hall And bearda wagged all. Of the Depart' tnt ol Mua)cal Instruments we have nol much, to say The collection is realty magnificent. The great ?although only for a parlor la bi'lettod at SI.000. tlver one of the Instru ments ? a line oval pHv.e of fsathered work, In honor of Fabhrl, the well known operrtio singer. Harps, v\?ls, aad I oU er Vinda of Inatruments figure In this room ? 'id m It ? ? harmony there is a plea sure not i'w ije >.n wi ? ?? u,ai (fen second dlviaion of the i air la k\ r.y op.e e will an ttously watch tho progress o bot . s * . * iitg tbe f. ,r ltdlee all the success which tb> fcr yai i, trorte -?> ? rl> deserve. <? *hs Billiard Tnnrna i?at? Tbe Billiard To- rnasaent tor tbe bei silt of the Fair camo off yeslerdaj ?| Irving (all, and wsa well attended, considering the co. sbo given tbe alfklr by tbe Executiv* commiHee at . alace Cardes. The first game was betweea (joldibwail and Deery, 2ft0 polnia up, and resulted in tbe following soore:? ' /The ?e> ond game wsa oetweea Bird snd Isidore, iwenty flvepoinia, French carrom, wblch resulted aa fol lows ? 16 Isadore ^ Knvanagli and Hosier then pinyed a game of five bun dreJ )i"inls around tho table,wb :h-resulted mlhef.llow >ng score ? Foster (00 Kavsnnsh 31S Ibe to.irth game was belwee i I'helan and Kavamgb, one hufidred points up, ishlih vas won by Pheian.bia adversmy "nly scoring Afly eight points. In the evening Bird and ( al Ii p lyed a game or 300 points up aronnd tbe table, wl in, . suited in a victory for Cahlll. I helan and liwn.-n men followed wtlb a gsineo 5>0 points, carrowis vhi"'! WOn by tho kitter, I'helan bemg beaten U, r?M"ti< Tbe entertain menl closed wiH? agnneheiwe. Ka.anngh and t old thwalt. ? points, narrows, wbchwaa easily we? by tho chump ion. la this tana* fcavjoagh mode a run ef Wl entnl*. beating bin opponent 1? i emta. The big' net tw ?>iring the day wax made by [mid ii, iu ins ga>ud wi.b '' '??? ?n, when be made ? 01 iot pnmie. i heron creat excitement over the M'tUb between 1 av inmrh and 1'ieuiuii lb * ever itg for the rt rnnloiialjip and (1,000, auil Urge amounts aro pond>u* <-u tho resu.t. I ri in present app< iraoceu ibe ;i<a(ct> prerumea lo he a cluely contested cue. Fbo pia\ era ura very evenly litlcbetl lUe tournament yeaterday re' h.4x1 about i1,000. Tl?e Ditnllary Ball, Wallace's Hand, well koown lo b 'IIroom h<Un'ur<, have ar-aauiiced tbeir internum to give a select ball In aid of lit Kamlary Fair, ou Tuesday evening nen, at Irving Hall. The proceed* of the ba'l will h- handed over to the t-onlUry Comm salon. ami as the >e-t dancing time la after the i lose of the Kalr for (be (Ny, the bull will cer tainly be well ailooduil. Mexurn. W al' u.? promise Home euiliely tiew music on the occasion, an I their ityiu is loo wall koowu to ueed any autlcip; leu pru'H, Sclxwl Inhibition of the ?inl Waul for the Fair. We >m? - rstand that ibe pupils of the public aebooia In the First <v*rd will give a vocal and oratorical exhibition at Nlhlo" i-aloon to-morrow evening at halt past seven o'clock, la aid of tbe Sanitary Fair. Wo tru.-t tbat Ihoy will be .?tioolMd liberallv. This Is ? Kiua:| ward,and the acUool oii cer* and teachers liavo maue unusual exer lions to secure aucceaa. Barasm'i Museum and tha Hanliary Cominlaalon. Mr. Baroum ?nnounces that on Saturday night next be will give a porflormance at bin Museum (or the benefll of tbe SanlUrv Commission. Tbe gnat receipts are to be devoted to tbal noble enterprise, ?rd the bouse will, with out doobl, he crowded. IITERESTI1IG FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of the Steamship Ocean Queen. News from the Central and South American Republics. Arrival of the President Elect of Co lombia at Carthagena* Monthly Shipment of Treasure from Baa Francisco, &0?f &0. The ataamshlp Ocean Queen, Captain Tinklepaugb, ar rived at this port yesterday, with Aspfnvvall dates to ih? 27tb nit. By tbla arrival wo havo late and interesting Intelligence from tbe republlca of Central and South Ame rica, which will bo found dulailcd la tbe letter of our Panama correspondent. Purser Bailey, of the Ocean Queen, has our thanks for tbe prompt delivery of corrcsisindence nod late papers. Tbo 'oilowing Is tbe treasure list of tbo Ocean Queen ? J. Ft Newton f 23,269 lx? Witt, Kiltie .t Co 6/<K) Rich ro I'alrlck.... 62.018 ?? Scholia Hrotbora .. 30.400 Total t2S6,?M Order 4,318 from ashinwam.. Weiin. Fargo ft Co.. 56,000 J. F. Joy $l0,n<>0 Jennings & Brewster 0.400 Kibon k Muuoz 6,4*i2 H Colin fc Co...... 50,000 Duncan, Sherman ft Total (302,343 Co 68.084 Our Puama Correspondence. Parana, March 28,1864. 80I7TB AMKKIC'A. Tbe Pacific Steam Navigation Company's steamer, Captain Woolcott, from Valparaiso and intense diate porta, arrived in tbiaharbor at an early bour oa tne 21st Inst. Her dates are Valparaiso March 3, Coquimbo 3d, Caldora 4lb, Coblja 8lh, Iquique tith, Arica 7tb, May 8tfe, Piaco and Cbinchas lOtn, Callao 13th,and Psyla 16th. Btie brings but two packages or merchandise for New York, but has among other cargo for Kngland 1244,807 to specie and 038 bales of cotton. Be fore the Callao left Cal'ao tbe Pacific .'-'team Navigation Company's new steamer Quito arrived from England, via Valparaiso, bringing Ave days' later news from tbe lattor port, but it la of do Importance. Tlie Qiito Is tbe wood of th? new class of steamers being constructed for tbo Paciiic Steam Navigation Company to trade on the west coaft of douth America. She is a very tlue vcsstl; bat the Improvements over the old ships of tbe line, wnerebjr she Is fitted for this climate and trade, are neurly, it not quite, all copied from Anrrican bulit steamships. Tbe third chip of the same eta n will be out in a few in< 'ithe. The nows from tbe so lb Is of some importm re. aod will bo found Irterestlng to thoeo r.< nnected, el'tier-n biislii<'i<? or otherwise, vrltb the ropubhes of Koutb America. CHILI. With ail the great outcry that has for some tlnu past ezlsie1 respecting a congress of representatives fn .i all the r*'Oublice of South Amtrica, that was toseul) for ever a t llflir.ultien, and a reo upon a treaty thai would prevt t in futuie ibe pos.-ibility of war, no one vnuld have i i poaett ibat peaceful ( bile, tbo country Ami to accef i i io prnpjs<ltlou coming from I'ori tor tliecon^ruSH, would uls > be the ilrst te find hsrself on tbo verge of hoe tllitit-1 with a nelgbb log republic. vet such Is tbe case, tbe i'lvlai, MitAster bavmi; domand-d his pas- >orts and left tin1 ooai ry en ar ?nmt of tbo Inulillliy to ettle in a po ic* jie aud irieadi> manner tbo difficulty tu?t nas for soin time pvt dXisiu! rs?pec;iog tne exportation of gua. in ttrilllonerf Alth. ugh tbe itc viau * .lister has with awn from Santiago, sflll it docs uet follow that var 'a the natural consequence. VUo people of Chile ai i>car lobe lukewarm uj>oo the jubjoct, and do not fe.\r that a rupture will take pl>. e. It seems hardly pi Viable that Chile, having g me through io much trial and tribulation during .i.o past year, will, unlf. a:i other mean aro eibaus-.ed, plunge Into a war that will tend io a grot measure to retard her pre sent rapid p ..'ofcsln all 'i.tnendslo ? Jd to her present repulati >n o. 1 <iog tbe n lei republl; of Soutb A.nerlca. 1 he Htr< urit. 1 Vapor f i? speaks of the popular feel ing respecting tbo antle t.U ' trouble ?"Public opititnQ In chl'.o looks ip^'n the ?ur with Bolivia,as tlie Mnjil lono* question is sow ca 'od, with the tamo indifference as if tbo news hadarrlv. I '.bat one planet had d< <:lar I war agaiuEt andtlier." Clill in ItsQlr is tbo bee* Ind . a ti?n we cau bttve that peaceful relations will b' r in talned, for when tbe Deoplo show no ?Mtb .t-m everything f'wt ca:i wll. do done to pio<-eut i.oslill ties, later advices brought by the Qa: > -late ihat the Miniate1- of the I nitod States at - ta'i go.H . *>ison, bad. on the lit of March, offered, It. >bu umr< of uis gov ernment, mediation on tbe quest*'.i botwooo 'Mia and IJOhvia. This offer on the part of the Ml't er if tbe I ailed suae* is looked upon by tbe peopli iflh.leas anotl.ot* proof of the kind feeling of tfcat govern ment towards tb??e republics. Tbe mediatlr ? offered by Peru to the same matter had been rejected. The (overamont of Chile has accepted tne Hiv:*atien of tbe I'eravinn goverwent to bold an Ajoerl*. i oon greee in I.uaa and baa eu>1i?vi "d to me*.' it extend to the empire of Bra. II andio Nort*. America, not excepting Mexico, but reserves to herself the privilege of settling tbe two quoet?ns as to termor ui bounder ea, consideriLg tk'-tn suK.act ic special conditions which oo'j ?'??>, that government. .5 On the 12th of February. In Santiago. *?. r {jja Jaato Ansemena pri>xeut?d bis cre?lrntlalp a 'am officially received as Mlulstv fiom tbo I'nlted ? ef Colombia to ( Whi 1 quote fke following perag from U10 cre deimal letter ??"tbe Oalombian ptil ? , will learn with doligbt that you have given a cord <1 reception to the pleol?K)'eutiarv extraordinary I ba?. aecrediled to you, for tbo enthusiasm la geanra^rlth wbtelt il Is IfH'ked forward to tfiiji sister natio^^alli .-onie to an tinder standing aa to the policy which wil "v .re tbe Spanish American republ cs rasi^r.t and In le ndeoce.-' A most disastrous fir? occurred ?Va,parAieo on tbo ulghior the '^d ult., w loreby pr>ffly to tfee amount of four hundred tb uaaad do'lH-n was de-troyed, of which there waa < ily two bu<i> rei aa>l one thousand dollars intiurei The }>r k'I" ?l sofNrers were F Rusli, tlr iiiing A < 0. firasn, Nicholst**Th uas cockbsiu; t?ri ar, Mch cbard Are., Saiar lla? n.itiue, tiaadener A <Ju,, and He- , rlalinas V Co. I ? r iBClpftl losHfalia upon the lien, n und lie 1. Hi. .u?uraiico coin (lanies, who suffer lo th <nno f i>" Hundred and tw oty thousand dollars. Tfcc t:<; ' 111 two tOOSpany him twelve thousand and fie 1 -verpot end tendon lA^'oty two thousand Tbe ? *1* itider Is 1 srutll #ims wi 11 dtf ferrut offices 10 (t';e hi d KnglSBd. .. rbs t'renrh frfy .ta f'oliiort arriv< J at VaJ(*?i ai? jo the 8th lost Shr :a the fir t of a lart; retnrveeaseiii to the French s<i'iadrm id lt?e?? water M At I have spoken of .u a former letter as belni <'0 the ? s? Ihe t/'-'CHria thus r ones Its fevt? w e' the rortognt ? "The winter la drawl u to aOtSM . k*"vy r wns 1nav 1 ?; fai'en forty leagues a ufh r.f hanti m ' tie !Wlb inrt SOth of Feoruary, and t eaveie season B looljsrl forw ard In in addilion io lis . iiiilBrnc^tnenl ?arly. TSS 'ar: *s are pleased wHh lb-project of aa amv's fall of ram. which It Is to bs fi .p-d, eitl be suflelent to In lamt.tfy them for the unprec<vtontedlf dry winter of i t year. The Increaaed valt* of our p in? li??i prclncl, ?;*|'P?r. cannot b t bave a very benefl-tal ml'CI ontbstiadeof tbe country lenera! y, and tend to neutralise trre <wtl seoueec" of the laiat dry wloter. Ihe a4Utva 1. nund that sprang np on Ibe arrival o( Ibe l*?t ntall e tinned after its docaritire, and severaWimportant trai netions wei e effected, 10,000 ciutntaN, ahwh had beea per-!' ?>d previoua lo tbo trail's arrival at |10, wera rf'ldfor F inre at 4'SI. on bonr-l and JO 40 quintals ?: oat. ?-ro a mI for 114.14I1 aiiv-iiil, .it aiMMit ti>* fetiiM rM?; tout lli' re *rt> otbur eondi n? iinueeu-.l '.villi tli.< iuio .?hteb 9 1 1 (tiukii >t coat huhor. the n??i by ibis mail tf a villi lurtlmr ailvariee >n the prices In Knaland will d?obt !? * cause t correepoi.Unix upward mot e'.neut lure, but has liarn uo iiim since Hi) rece (it <* tb? new* to 1 M* Iran taftlloof. Ill nilr.ito fiore i? still a Mvircilv, ? wluir to tlie liaavy -ihi;iii'ntn rncentlf oiljctod, ni.i iha I uosacll'ii* during the foit'Httb' Iimvc b??n verv lliiiitel, ii'il excei-diug ln.CUu i|iiid(uIn, In varl >hh small jmriela .it 1 >, 15'4 unit If> i.j mi, wlttl 1 lit! uhquI condition, llw I't'rteal price being Irom l.'ilolftl^ 1 it. l or tore ma |>oi ?ucia tbd market rosy be cnu-klered <|ulto active, *llb ? tendency to higher prices." I1(>N?UKAH. Ttia l??t lime I hail ncca'floii to *iies1i of thia important Ftot?? mailer* there warn la xuch 001111410a that one oouui liaritly in ko out If Ihere wuh 4 government or uot. I 111< 111 kbt it heat t<> I* t tlx m iiluint [tr a wlillo. until tbe two parties. ilka the "Kilkenny ? tn." ttofoval eacbmner, or until muiewiinti like order was ??staliiishnd. A* I bora diiw ap|* irg to be it smooth tuna .jfHlii wkU the people or Honduras, [ will 1:ive them aminor paragraph. (Jo tbe I4tb iM Kaliruury tbo I egislat ive Asseir.bly oommnnceil Its ausiioti at Uraolas, and oil tba day r?i.iu*tu<r ib? volee tr Vid-i<iani i.oil \ lea Cr?8i<l'Ut ware counted, %ti'0 ?i?uarnl .11 mo Marin. Medina was found tj be elected l'r?! liioat by quit# a formlifnblo majority, aud (le'ieriil Xalnnh Vice l'i I lent unanimously 'Iho leader "f tba 0|i|i?siu >11 party. .Vlvari:/., Uiul left Mi? i)OUi|< try for Hualau. ,-.nd tba re- ->rt roaches 11a that fro? toeuco ho Uud t.inon but det,--?riure for l>:li*e, and frotn tliere to tbe I nited Statu*. NIC AlttllUA. I informed you in u previous Imter that I'reaident Mar' tine/, of Nicaragua, hail leered hie rtwiRuution. lb.a ?tt-amer briuita uh tbe newa th 11 CouKroaa U.ul rniuaed to accept it, at irblch ro nil ihtro '? m umcb rayoi<:init Uie rnttou crop in N'tr/irafua ' id turned out inucb bet ter th'in was antloiputrd; ro ti.fclt so as t'i prove thit it can he rairod to any extrui. Tbo amount tbut will be probably ahlpi ed In tbouKbt to bo ubmii tweiity thounaad quiotaw. Great preparation) are beinK made fur tbe next eeieon; land ie bein^ clear d, labi rnr? brnu^ht Irom tno Inter ijr, and tbo re iple arc tlmoK tbeuntelv-'s lu oriior to brlim tho Kroateet amount ,?i^aible into tbe pi iraot. How much good tbo aearolty of the arlirio bus 4 >?e in tbe laal two yeara, and Itow ninth land has been made valuable that waa hereto! oro cmifcldered valuelenn or compara tlrely eol Tbe Nicaragua Trawlt OoMpony bare cimpleied their ?rraaKcmenta with tho (government; but we do uot Uarn wbat tbe reeult ie to be, or wbeo papMDg !ra aod freight are expected to bo cronecd. ily the Went India mult Btcainer Taraar, Captain Woolcott, that arrived al >R|?riwall oil tbo 17ID, Irmn (ireytown, \t>f. lenni Ihut the old rhat.ntl to 'ha harbor hunt eiotni ntbrely, ami Uuil Me tirtt) channtl ha t but /our feel of uxtirr in it. rh*. cargo that u tiou) landed att or remised from G re1, to ion hut l> be brouuhr .0 the sand spit a' tA'. nlrancs in cano>$, Uurharped, carri-d over tht spit and rel-m/ted into boats on ihe utker ride. It w'll he reinembereil thit (Jroytown in tbo ea .torn term'Dun of the tr uu-lt routo. Conaoruvntiy ateameni that are lo run there with frol|(bt and pa>?etitor.'< will havo to bo i t .cry lipbl draught of walor ludeed capable alnioet. 01 runnini; v. hero thore has been a Heavy dew. Captain t*im. K. N., ti uot Hiirceedod tn obtain ng from iho itovernirent of Ntaai?i;ua the privllo^n'if 0011 etructi v bie raiiroud, but has bemi ordered hnmo by inr ifovernmeDt. roST* niCA. All 1 bat wo have from Cottta Mica In the way or iw>wm 18 thai tbe new road irom tho Interior to the Atlantic ie U: be pneheil 'orw i-d \.'itu vlB!'?", tho Bret report havuiif b'on no very nn'mtHC'i ry. |t. 11 expected 1 :iat eugim ert employed for llii p ir iwo of tnakinit a cnirj. oto and rare fill purvey of tl.0 0 .1.1 wl.l arnvo iu a Hnorl limn and at oiico ci.iumenc ? li? ? work. Knterprieee or this kind, ami paying all' ni m in iiorelnpiDK tie ri'ionrcee of th& repuuliuu of .1 4 mine 1, are mueu sur"r ;;uaranto>'* 01 pence . nd pro-sii< tly than ail tbo conitri'mi s that ovr met on earth, i rotor to tho cuugrees us projKised iiy tho Kovernment of Peru, 'vliich, K it evir cotnc* nil, will bi> notblug luore than a ??big spree" iu tbe city ot Lima. UDr.OMlltA. Hy the arrival of thn llayti at Aspinwall, from Carth ? frei 'i, we have Inter advices from Ho^ota Tbe United Sta'*s steamer (ilnuciM, Cnmmauder iMdiveli, arrive1! at Carrhag-ua on tbo tilth insunt, with Somir Murilio, Presidont elwt 01 inn t nitedstates ol Oolnmbwioo board, who I'nuiedl.'itely on Ins arrival lelt lor ItoKnta, lo order to be in tbe rlty on tlie 1st proximo, tbe day of lnau|>iira Hon. ihe Antloqm? affair was EKStiuiinp a ni ro paoiAc cha racter Tho Con^re^s ot Colombia h id n"l declared war ft(;aln'I that Stale, ami It waa tlioniflit tlie oonservativo leolinx exintiuK ibere sloce tbe ravulotiou would be re cognized by tbe general Kuvernniunt. . faMaua. The eteamphlp Ocean '.neon, from Ni w York on tlw Utb t'lguint, with 1,U3A pa! .< iii;ernand in arly a thousand ions 01 iremnt,arrived at ; spinwail at eiRht P. M. on 1I10 X d Instant. ILe passi o('eri en ssed on ttie 24tb. ai d embaiked ou board tho steamship GoMen City, lor San k'l ineisoo. lL.o opposition steamer Illinois, from New York on lb*. 141* inst.,vlaKug"iU)D,.l?initica, with ? R'bl hundred ami p HHen^tru. arrived at .Upin.vall mi the !24n? inst. at daylight. Her passenger* and ?rfJ(j!Jt await (tie arrival n the steaoiship ABierica, and ta will yrofcabiy tx> ft week yet before they leave this piacf. Titer ' Ik nothing oi uuy local Interi-F In Hwiama. Ih > atrong northerly ?luds liavo blown tbentsulvua out, an lli/bt so itherly aim are now J" rov.iilln,, very wart ? woatber. The indications aro that we fatali hnv? an earl/ wet son on. An rou will observe In tbe former pert of my V ' tor, lju two steai ere that h;i ?e arrived from Ci hlraf smI So nh A me i ?? ''rough! llfieen buodred bale* m i?itc for Now f York ? J ICOKlind, ami It look*(lingular to IM'iumnui Ha I Iron. < ??n;iiuv's wharf piiod up with ho much ol thus now v"y valuable article. The arrivals v?tllbu|ri< roasting io futi: Tho r .toishlp (irizitha, from ftn Frur.clero on he l'ilh io?t.,h s rrlved. She brings the roikiwiag Hpe*; a ? KorBai? u.d |7 I0.4 tor New irk :s?: .is l T'J $X,0 6,1K>5 ~ u..\ \> .nndred pa-.sengers. 111.:: 1 ing are the amounts if iy>elo received per bim-u ? ir i. California during Ulu BMBklk of Ma.ijt:? t-'y ? hi 1 'p Oolden Age? ? ? $ i-? ? - Yor* ?35,lfiU Total I y hi. unpbi iColden City? For i .'l . .. ti-260.943 Nor N >/ JoUl M *33,074 S uce th it ? ot the year:? Jan.try $4,?44,I7& 1-ebr iary I.IM.OMi Mann 1,(17.441 Tot .I fnr tb.?'|Uaricr SI4.51ti.024 Tie 'n/ah.i made the pus ago in 'brteen da>I, twenty three and a half hours. Her pi wen^er* will cioss this evening. A Kuaptoloua Ntcamer Off the Cet?t Mf ?itellN. OOB ASPfvwtlL CORHKflPOKDBNCB. <ix, March 27,1M4. The s'eamer Or'ra'ij, at Panama from Ban Frenoi too-, brlogs us tbe mguiy impe-tant and startling totem*. n*? that a suspicious steamer, answerii r, tbe descrlptNA of tbs Alabama, ttad been sec off Aoaioilco. K appears U it she follow 1 ? coal ship close into the oaler anchorag at Acapulco io clos, indeed, tbat Hie ws* distinctly d'-^n from the ccks ol tbe French block ad ng stupe of * .r. As soon ta tn? iMormatloo was con veyed to tbe A ' niral the UHed 1 tic* (learner Iai? cafiter iminediat y got under trigh and stood to sea, but (ailed to di*" "ver the straL er. * io, when last seen, wag standing to t e northward jndc jwy steam, goin^ not moro than <1v or ?tx knots. The French Admiral disclaim i aM knowledge of the vessel The Kn^ 'b have n? si.rt, craft in tbetr Pacthe sipiadron. Tbe <)? y Spanish ves ?? that c.ass oo tlie PaciAr statkin ta d> . at Callao. IV ioa who cau tbe strain gcr be'.' The VnUed Rtai.i steamer tat MsU>r,\jt wan urier stood, wold go to io? eorthwvt. n order t?i cenvojr tbe mall steainer,Const.totion etp-ir ?, kuiger, ao4 wiM also war* tbe tioldaii t? h? ?u ? <? kom. \r thta should tuie un w< be t alarm, wliv, ?'art right," bat that Heeua.'S 4 beea '?? I'acJVc ? t, if lie r ^ iot now, Is almost * cerwiity Tho 'mmou i i'iKO a ;nt ordrred to our?i";uadruai?llie"v ?tert.'o' ?1> ? ?,! suppose, aomewhere ( ?-iw?en NewYoi andK>o. .ne'^o, wh?n she should notoi.'y be at Panama, lot biff a d . ? e moro with ber Wben ? 'sink' burn and do trsv" b? In- i Is i-emnMDood on the Pat Be. there *111 bt a gttit '< ?, aad tbe merehants olid u? Urwriters will b?- Iw ' ? nt to it as know th>'season aiiy, and wonder th.ii. \ o Vaq Wiokle Welles not attei i id to his Unsk -f and fnf nl?be<l an adequate naval ft *<-e to protect on oi ? aerae in tne Paculc Ocean. They l.ave been Infort .etl in num ago tbmegh the columna o< tbe H>:hm.p of ev?ry ship uA every gun ibat was in our Pacttiu s>iaadroa. ?< d if tin f have not seen Di |o -ismr id? ijot ask -tkat ?? iddiMei i| force be sent oat in time, in ? U'jlt la with tl jmseive*, no ooe else. the strauger must so- n make herself ktx ia and the fTrsAU) reailers uiay lis/e inturmsllon of th< teelruct'oa or thips In lhe I'aoiflc by telegraph from ftaa toanc'ico before they evpect'it. Wai.McK'n T?i jt"? ?This evening Wr-edate wilt be pertoriiied tor the one buodred aodeli"tn tim? Hie mcceaa ?C this pieca la without presedeo- lor It eoetiii'ie* to draw as large audi icee at pre seat s > ' ?J m thb flr st di ' ?f Its popularity This la IK ' r e wondered 4 vunu '?o tako Into acooont tbe lal ms^iy vititig cbarar 1st if its situation ?, tho sirengt, i it i* ital. and Iho ir* tlstic yle in whi< h * be piece '* pnt won ttio stage. A4? intra: aa is the rit-ner in wnkti ae? drsmas are e<u aiiy ; Iticod at .? ttieaire, notbm| bet p??v e?i?if heen >r< ..gbtoul 'wre whwb ran at a I tie with Ko^e Jale ii onretul ait. ith'O to details. We iM??4ion wl (itti?f in Par t, where so mortl {talnsare >ow <d n tl>e?'i mat ters, tti re couH be d<me to give er-xt to tl"l coeceiHhaui of tbe drari.atia'. At <t when we onme to tie distrimts a of the parts It must t > owned that It we .ld be d Hk..!. to 111 them mora ntiVi< th 'ly . Tbat or the author, Mr. f< stof Wallack, he has takeu 'are shall bring ' M .Ml hia .t-on? I o uta a more carefully it a let) ed aad *t tbe aani.i time st'ongly dellnad, | <rf. mnn. e le aet to be fouod ? i bM r p rioirc, bkh s ?s varied and *itenei*e as thati'i any ar.ter en tt? \o-.vnoan or Koropeao stage Wlti Wsiiack, lirs Hear, Mra. Vernon, Mae llarv Oaneia. Visa.l*orsoi Mr iflsb r, Mr. Ullbert, Mr Heland,** John >eitoa v d Mr. IJelv ?o sopport M, Uta aet asiea?BJ My thai a t ^-ce ?e skH'uU.v tifsasnsiM< *?*" "? ead?laa pefeiarliy.

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