Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1864 Page 3
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^ JiAXiflll 5f BKtt BSTATK. i omanor, k .t-for sai.b a first rr as? ? l *m.-.s .io, o'lly <i?e minutea walk Irom dwp.itand "uc Uc friwi No vVo,? The house is lAr^e, airy, luodern ?4 and Very oomplete Baru and large garden. with trait, Ai ply >u K U h N3IUN, iMi Willlaui street A 00 UN Tit V RESIDENCE FOR sA LB?CONSISTING jfm of new ionee, coiitfciumg ?I1 the modern improvements, hsftlA^O hOUSO, I ai'U aud 2> R, I eS Of lail'l. SltUelCd At Kllg* MM Noldhi orlioi.U. N .1 The lo' uUoa il splendid aid lis Mil Iron. New York eight rnues, on the Northern Railroad ?? New Jersey. rue house is within three minutes' walk of ?uoa. *A, 11/to ALEX. DOi'ULAH, Woe Hand 11 White - New Vork. A FARM FOR 8ALB-0N THE MORRIS AMR ESSEX Railroad, At Chatham, N J.j#" acres. part in timber, Wkkifc ou be pi-mit*lily disponed of. Ana part good. Arable ?Utii, water plenty , three minute* ftom railroad iloi ot. As 0 hulwiug iit? it bus superior advantage*. Terms easy lor ?asb. Address bo* M&4 New York Poet oWce. A VALUABLE FARM FOR 8ALR CHE*P-IN MID A 41esex county. New Jersey. in a biuh stale of ouitiva Se?, adnpied to all kinds of prod nee wilt a good apple or ?Lard and a ureal variety of otber fruit; i? very convenient g situated. tn a good neighborhood, within three hoir*' flde of New York by rtliroM. For particular* luquire of 8. BLEW, it/j East twmujf tecuud biieti, or aJdr?ss J. N. Blew, South Elver, N. J. A PAFSE MILL AND FACTORY ON A WATER A landing, in B.ooklju, foi w?, with 6" hoi*'1 mixture, Sellers, paper mai ibinerv, He To lie ?old either or together. Apply to T. BOND, 132 Broadway. _ __ _ A GOOD FARM OF 80 ACRES?NBAR RA1TWAY, N. I., for sale cheap; under scud cultivation; d-veiling old elyle, bam and outbuilding* new: all in good order; flteignhorn<>oU u??o?l: i>o**e?iii n imnnwiiiatfll?. F. D. ftlUHAKDSuN * CO., 82and 84 Nassau *treet. A THREE STORY. ATTIO, BASEMENT AND UNOER A cellar brick House (foil lot), on Pacific street, near ?eary, Brooklyn Prlec only $6,500. Term* very easy. E R KKLi.OGG. U9 Pearl street, New York. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, WITH ALL the improvements with Furniture nearly new, for ?tie or to let; situated convenient to the care, on Thirtieth sireet. Apply at Land olUce, IVi Fourth avenue, near Twenty ibird street. ? COUNTRY SEAT FOR 8ALE?SITUATED ON LINE of New llaven Kanroad; accessible by steamboat or ears; G acres of land, fruit and shade trees, lawn; comma ikiue bouse, with all outbuildings In perfect order; all lor ?12,out Apply to J. 8. MOON, .vi Fourth avenue. A FIRST CLASS EXTRA WIDE THREE STORY and attic nouse 108 Fret idem street, with four lols of gronnd, between Clinton and Court streets Bio >klyn. built ta tbe I'est luauuer, bv day's work, for the .ate Kit ward Kelloift,, lioiuo .is met id< , with plate glass in windows; parlors and hnlls fr<isuoed. VVoti'.u be sold without the ad joining lots, n' desired. Apply to E. II. KELLuciU.TiO Pcurl ?trtet. New York. A TWO 8TORY, ATTIO AND BASEMENT BRK'R Houne, on Sands street, near lay 8'reet, Brooklyn, witn lot 200 teet deep, runmui; tliro lgli to Fioipctt street; lias ?sodcrn uuproyements. Price $-',ao0. E. R. KELLOUtl, 139 I'carl street, New York. Anew two story iioi'sk and lot for ts>, with five roomi, tilled in with brick; marble mantel. go?d cellar, cistern. Ac.; $i;,0 cash and 92.'> quarterly till mi9. Also one f"r (1,H.'iO. and a corner Store for 12,000. Ibquire of Mr. DAY, be.enietolb street And Sixth avenue, Brooklyn. A FARM IN MONMOUTH COUNTY. N. J.. FOR 8ALE; sixty-live acre! ol n.nrt and improvement*, with stock, wagons, implement* and furniture, but derm? on Swimming river, a continuation of the Na esink. three m hn from Red Bank Price 500 of which may reman, at six per cent. Fur map and further particulars !i>i,uim of OEO. B. QRANNISt!. room 10, 37 Nassau street. New York. A FARM FOR SALE CR LEASE, OR EXCHANGE toroity property, two hours from Bedford stat.on. two hours from the city ; the most hea.tbful inounta i:eous ret ion Mi Westcbcster county ;ii>ky acres , f land, last yi-ar cut forty tore of hay; larve number of choice apple trees, running ?prints; tiie side hill well adopted to the culture of grapes; blouse has eight looms, j;nod barn; as tbe owner ikgoing to Europe will sell cheap Price f.'i.MK); rent $300. Addresa B. It., Wasbmgioa Heights Poet otllce. A FIRST CLA8S HOUSE FOR SALE.?A LARGE four story (louse, with brown stone trimmings. ?"e lix68feet; lot 23x98.9, Madison square; is very lar^e and ?ommodloua; has bandto uie doors and staircase, silver safe and other convenience*; was bul'l by tbe present occupant Id the most substantial manner; it will bo sold lor cash, and nt occupant will occupy it till fall at tbe rent that may agreed upon. Tbe reaxou for selling is tbe removal to a raller house now building, not yet complete. Apply to B. LUDLOW A CO., No. 1 Pine street ATBN PER CBNT INVESTMENT AND GOOD PROS pectlve increase in value.?I have two tnree story brown stone Houses in Forty elgbtb street, near Sixth ave nue. 2li\5. xl(0 5, for whlcii am offered $1,300 and $l,3u0 Ktal, three years lease. Also two four story stone, on rray Hill, near Fifth avenue am ofTered $2,200. $2,500 venial. D. D. ORRKLL, 90 Cedar street. Also one four story, Thlrty-Qlth street, near Sinb avenue, ?16, UW GREAT BARGAIN, IF APPLIED FOR ON MON. day, can be had of three story, high stoop, sub-ceiler, ek House, containing all the improvements, situated m lloeteemh street, near Second avenue. If not sold, it will J* to rent on Tuesday, to a good, careful tenant. Apply to JOSEPH McGUlRE, 128 Third avenue. ? BLEGANT BROWN STONE CORNER HOUSE, on Lexington avenue, for sale, cbeap. or to rent; a number of other Houses for Ba c\ at red need prices, ily to JOSEPH McGUIRB, 12i Third avem e. srese fceagi f?2 FOUR STORY BROWN STONB FRONT HOUSE lor faie, on Fortf-slitb street, between Fifth and xtfe avenues; one of the bejit locatlotiS in the eity. Apply t. MATHEWS, <M Nassau street, from 1 to 4, room 29. | c Athrbb 8TORY BROWN STONE FRONT IIOU8B for sale, worth $9.5. 0. for $7,750 od Filth avenue, be tween Oar Hundred audi wcn' nintn and One Hundred Kid Thirtieth atre> ta the location is to Harlem what the ftb avenue at Thirty-f. utth st eei 1* to Mur by Hi 1. Ap HJ to J. MAI HEWS. (H Nassau street I rum 1 to 4. room 25. AFINB TlIRlEE 8TORT BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. wltk eourt yard fronting noutn. aril modern Improve Mali, oa Lai?>ctte avenue, Brooklyn, near loi.r railroads; ?oovenie i, healthy and beautiful locniity lor a home, price ?uly WW. Wo. Will vacate sov^. A RARE CHANCE TO PURCHASE A DESIRABLE Farm of nearly forty acres, in a healthy, pleasant lo MtlOD, with convenient. r>iomy dwelling, and necessary out fceoses Over sutv fruit trees and slrawi-erry plot, and over Alrty acres tillable land; convenient to the city bv boat. Will be Sold for S3.*UU, part can lemain on mortgage. Ap ply to or address H. B , No. 7 New Canal street. BEROKN HILL nOTIit PROPERTY FOR SALE?in a very demtafcle lo<atlon lor hu.snes* ami a very Mepectable neighborhood; r.celpts of the Hole! can be seen for the last Ave years; wul be sold on reasonable terms: two linen of horse r?i!:oada come right to the do<>r. Kor ssrih la * inquire at the Meivliants' Hotel, CorCandt atreet, New York, ot FREDERICK (JAVLORD. at the bar, BB8T SPECULATION IN BROOKLYN-KOK BALE, a first class Fulton avenue Store. four stories high, in tu eiceilen: loi'atiou. Apply to LYMAN C DAYTON. 3tf W?Ii street, Jauncey eourt. B1U.IARDS.-F0U SALE. A CORNER HOl'SB AND Lot, in a first iate neighborhood, douse three story. tMMMBt aad under Mllar; lot iTMiRK fteti upper etory In one large room, situated on Brooklyn Heights, about four blocks from Wall street lerrv. Kor particular* apply toE R. RBLLOOO, 13u I'carl street, New York ClOl'NTRY RESIDENCE pHR 8.\r.E?11 ACRES OF J laud, one n.iie froai Fluahln fUllrotd depot aud seven Hllcsfrom New Yoik there ia a goo I iirge house an I out feallolii** and j leniy of aprle?, pears, grains cherries, peaches. quinces, ctab apples, our rants, brn K rasp straw and goo-e tier en. rich ami. good lenees. healthy ideation Oral clans neighborhood A desirable iooatn n ler oue doing buslni e* in the city For E.irticitar* cati at the otlice of K. |(. HARRINGTON, B?|? 42 John street. COUNTRY SEAT FOR BAI E?OK THE HUDSON IN HocKlaml county on the f'ao-a lea. a new ho :se. four tern rooms, large carr.uge houae and siable. a well of pure water, iruit ami slirubt ery, between fo ir ami live acri s of lend, one rnlln and a half from Tainan slat on ou the Northern New Jeisev Bniiri ad. from the foot of Cortlandt street lerms it* and imn "d a.e posse sloa given. Apply In E. DKFEW, tfu Hilary street, Brooklyn. ORNEH STORE FOR SALE OR TO LET-TUB BEST stand lor a grocery or country sti re assortment at Eur abelnpcrt New Jersey, belug ihe most rruminem earner in the place. Has water and gas. house ri nr stories. App y In I ooiey A llenlr iter agents. Eluabethport, or E. R KEL LOiiiJ, KtV Peari s'reel. New York CHOIfE FARM FOR SALE?AT TARRYTOWN; SIXTY acres of land, gooi house and ouliiitildiiiga, line view, abundance of < tin ce fruit, of water rear the door; ??1* three miles from the depot Price am. t> rtns to stilt. A K EN V ON . HS Nassau in tel. Desirable lots for sale-one so s ie ches wide, on Kir?t place; three Lots on Second place; twelve l.ots 22 feel wide by l.'ltt* deep, on Fourth p<ace; alao one Lot on V?n Hrunt street, near King, Brooklyn K R KELI.OUO 1?I Pearl street New York. DE81RAR1.E CORNKR PLOT OF OROUND FOR sa e. f*i feet handy lo the city, between Melrose and the lllfrhhridge, West Mornsenia, fine \ lew of the rl er, a fine pnrden spot; well located n< ar ehurehee anil aei.onla. n an on distance from Mi Iroee or McCumo's dam. Inquiie of O. M ANugKSON. 431 Water street. New York. DOCK PROPERTY KOR BALE-WITM LARUE STORB house. .?e ; an eioHlent locatiou for nn iron lumber nr coal company; has IM) leet water frunt with ira 'k con nacting ?ltli Ihe Central Railroad of New .fersev; is situated nt kluabethoort. N. J. For particular* apply to E R KEL Lot! i. la.' i'earl street. New York. Factory and hweh.inu boise for salb or to lease, ivlth Steam Engine and Rviler, nitiiated on euh'eeu lots of land. In Hudson oily, N J , two mllesfr m Jciscy C<lJ lerry Apply to JUllN JUST, 04 Hold street. N Y. L^AKM FOR SALE-IN WESTCHEFrER COUNTY OF V ,'0 res of s| e idul laud, flt.e house and < utbuildlngs. gl miles east of *'i g Sing Hil l on* mile west of Mount Elsco. known as the Dewey Farm. Kor terms apply to O. V 111' it'll INS, No I Kast Tenth street, N. Y. FAI'.M FOR BALE-ON THE P ASSA IC RI VRR, NEW Jersey, fori y live acre*; three miles from depot, twenty mtnii-cs by railmud and ten milts by turnpike frum Mew Kork; nre e fl to p?r ncie; house and barn, Ae Appiv to K. FVRMAH, W Courtlnndt streat. ITtARM FOR 8ALR-C0STAIN1N0RH ACRR8 OF flOOD JT lanil, in a hieii slate of cultivation, su.iabm foi gnrden tng. on the premises are ai.0od orchard and every variety of nnsnli fruita; (owl houae and outbuiliiings. will be ao'd with or witnont the stock and crop. It I* a very desirable K?ee for a person doing buslneaa in the city, being only one ur* ride on the New Jersey r* Iroa.l, and five minnte*' walk from tbe depot. Apply to WM. J DAVISON. i?1 Cham kM.sweat, or to JOllN WOODS, Mctuehln. Oampbell'i depot. New Jersey Railroad v |AARM FOR SALE?CON818TINO OF AHOUT ffl ACRES. P four of whleh are *np'l, the rest meadow pasture and Sltnge, beautifully located about nine mllea from Saratoea Bering*, rhe bull iing* are a large twn story bouee wuh ?etrnaion barn, haT h niee, carriage houee. wlOi atable and And, a i in I'nnd condition. Farm well watered with trout ?Cream*. For further particulate inquire or Q. n Rookhh N Wan street*r om No 7. third ueir, betwein # Md 10 a ? or 3 to 4 P. M w Farm for sale in north port, l i.-a~fine Farm of >2 n?re?, |7 a, res under cultivation; linen aplen did orchard nt apple*, pear*. Ac , there I* a good well nf water on the premiers, also a good farm house aad all ne aeasarv outbuilding* This farm is heautlfullv located and la a rare chance for parties desiring a pleasant country reel ?enee convenient to u,e city. Apply lo A. KNOWLTON, ?gent. Mi t "lion corner of Portland avenue, Brooklyn. Farm kok kale at a baki.ain -<m acres of land. tiO 'd bouse, barn ami airriage houae. line orchard ef grsfte.l fruit, plenty ot wood and water; only three mile* from the depot at Tarrytowu price $i(Mi ferme lo Cult JOHN A KENYON.IU Nassau slreeL jtARkl (IN SHARES, OR TO let?rich VM.1iif plied with manure easy lo wor convenient t? innikel. F Will proslHOetobat.ooOi' anv mailer icoulrlng rick noil Call w IV A M. aod ftotn I to JUl- M. lit moohe. M JUst Fifteenth street. BALES OP RR4I. KSTATR. 1,10 R BALB-TtlU FASHIONABLE 8UMMEK RE?0*T f known as Buehern'e Ut au. Uullford, Connecticut ? Tola celebrated and cbarimuf sea ?1d? retreat ?ud valuable pro pert;, located on Loon Island Hound ID mile* fr to J?ew i Haven and S miles from Uulllord Connecticut, on the .?ew Haven and Nrw London Hallioad, aud coneistlug or the II tal Building. WW feet in length.-j*ith ail the recent ioi provemen'a aud additions, with jxommoduuon* lor ova guotn. a 1th pi* /aim) feet long aud 22 feei wide, (ranting on the ??a; thrr-; large parlors and dancing hail, WilUli, dining iuoui. :"oil2o, furniture bought new in r-Ui. billiard room and bowling alley, MiSO: barroom, >'i 0, oarber ?bop, 1(1)1; 1 urn. ?>?I40; icehouse, 4 xi2; hennery, 4U< ill; oyster house, ltixlt"'. bathroom, 16x30; i;r?eiihoii*e, 4 >21', hlled with the choioeat foiel'm grape* and flowera; ISaoea ol land around tha note], 10of winch are laid out w .Hi wa,?a ami filled ?itii tree* ami llowcra. 2 acres lor grazing and three acres tor garden Also, within live minutes walk of the hotel, a Farin of aeveiity-live acreb, In line cultivation, with new house. i aru and ?lmda, all in ? oinp.ete order are otlered for sale M?iinr or tepaiate ly on terms easy, to nut purchasers No ouc who ha* vlxited this deligbtruily secluded. and yet easily accssible retreat can forget .t? beautllul view* of old ocean in storm and eaim, Im cool, hi.iciug br^exee, iti pure air and the unrivalled opportunities aflorded lor fishing, sailing, bathing, an I, above all, Us "Utire exemption liom uioaquitoea, thoae peata of travellers. If uot sold by the 15th of May. the houve will lie opened at usual by the pre ?ent proprietor, U. Lee Scranton, in June ue>t, foi the accornniodul on of health md pleasure seekers. Due no tice will he given. For further particular* adding li. LEE SC KAN TON, New Haven, Connecticut, wr PoWLKlt k HANI). No 1*9 Broadway, New York. filOR 8ALE-TIIE HOME OK TlIE LATE A. J. DOWN Ing. Esq., on the bay, at Newburg. An elegant country Seal, with landscape and a water view unsurpassed upou the Hudsou. George W Curtis, Esq.. In hia memoir of Mr. Downing, says of this place '1 have often pussed a week there ?Ithoi'i wishing to go the Bate, and entirely forgot there \vas any town near by.'' It onlains six acres, highly cultivated, iu lawn and garden, with lountain, gate houtie, trees, oriiameutal and Iruit, in every variety Mai. siou spacious. with tower, verandas gas. water, Ac.; car riage, coachman s and Ice houses; barns and henner.oa, graperies and greenhouse filled with every variety, 1U(!B a collegiate Gothic atjie. anil walksgravelled It is a first class residence. and highly praised by the experienced eveof Mus Frederika Hremer, In her letter to Mr. UownniR'a friend, laities wiahing to purchase the premises dl. nWd van do so. and hare a residence that can be occupied the ??utnc year. The drives in its vicinity *re|e*ciller.i andpicturesque, and amid scenes of gr<at historrsl Interest The country teat and lis surroundings have been made classic by ei.i neni American and foreign criticism and KcvoJutionary >D idunts. The American Cyclopedia aaya of It:?"That Mr. er cud an el< gaut mansion, which, with us unletully m ranged grounds, afforded the i rst practical Illustration of fie btiililer's conception of an Anieu an rural home " The lo eatiou commands grand and charming mountain and water v ;ews, tinan/passed upon thia continent, embrm lug miles upon miles. Ueacrlbtiig the pre uises a dlatiuguUued Aire, rlcau w. 'ertays ?"The tnickei aecnied noi tu conceal, but to annihilate the town; so se'iuenteied a >1 satisfied was the guest of the garden fiat be was <,tilte careless and incurious of the world beyond " l he buildings upon the premises could not he rcplaoed for eighty tliou?jnd dollars; r.nd never failing water and nil the modei n Improvements contribute t ' make ol the most buautilul and dean able homes on the Hudaon. The >ieu:h b uhood is uiieic ptlonable and the pr in sea very accessi ble. Tbe Klshklll ata Ion on the Hudson River Kallroad is tilteen uiinutcs' drive liom '.he premises and tine boata ply regularly between Newburg and New York. This is an exceedingly rare opport as such de?irable premises are not bften lor sa.e. this being tbe second time in ibout a half a century. _ ___ Terms made easy Apply to or address TIMOTHY CHO NiN, Counsellor at Law, No. 161 Broadway. IjlOB KALK?VALUABLE STORE PROPERTT. ON Fl'L ' ton street. Biookljn; will be sold at a bargain; also a four story brick House, in Kast Twenty third st, et, New York Apply to C. C. Wi'BT, No, 1 Front s.reot, Urooi<lyu. IjlOR SALE?A COUNTRY SEAT ON LON'O ISLAND 1 with I-acres of good land accessible by railroad, anojt twenty minutes' from the city. It hat a j-ood fifthlc house and outbuildlngH, Ice house, be. For other partlculara apply to M. R. MYEKB. 476 Broadway. FOR 8ALB-THB MADISON HOUSE. CORNER OP Madison avenue anil Twenty seventh street; price $18,IKK), cash $r> i:(Xi, balance bond and mortgnge This prop erlv, in view ol its location, 1a very cheap. No less will be taken. Inquire of S. II. 8'ITAitT, 12 Chambers street. FOB BALE?THE COMPLETELY Fl'RNISHED COUN try i lace of tke late J. 8. Petrie, on the North Shrewsbury river, near Ked Hank, N. J., and twenty live miles from Una city; modern and well furnished house, gro .nds highly orna mental, profusion of all kinds of fruit, oyster bed in front, of terraced bank, aud every appliance for a gentleman's resi dence; a view can hi* seen and information obtalne l by ap ? lying lo U. H. PETRIE, 44 Park place, or WM. SLOANK, )1 Broadway. Fob sale-in Brooklyn, nos 48 and so scher merhern street. Building of brick, four atoriea, with cellar, containing a five horse ateam engine aud other fix turt a, nearly new. Suitable for man ufact iring purposes. Inquire on piemisea. TAPP1N RBEVE, Builder. FOR 8ALE?HOUSE NO. 30 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH street, three siones, high stoop, white marble, 20xl'P, lot 93 9. Price flft.WK). Including gas fixtures .abadea aud oil cloth. For perm!la apply to BENEDICT A C01T, No. 4 Pine atreet. For sale-trb three stort brown stonb English baaement House 191 Weat Twenty seventh atreet. 12H feet front Apply to WM. PAUL, No. 239 Weet Thirty aecond atreet. FOR BALE?A PRETTY PLACE AT NTACK. ON TBE Hndaon, with two ftory Oothic House and Barn; with all kinds of fruit, and splendid view of tbe river. Inquire of C. P. BNEDEKKR. at Ibe Espreas oUice. till Warren street, between the hours of 2 and S o'clock, or on the prcmi aea, uear Female Institute, Nyack. FOR SALB?THE FRONT AND REAR HOUSE, 164 West Thirty ?*cond street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, with a store m front house. The premlaen are in good condition, and yield a good rate of Intereat Apply to 8P1B8S A ROShWOO, No. ? Maiden lane. For salb-a thrbb story basrmbnt and un ner cellar brick House anil Lot. lfitt Baal Houston street; price $5 OK): i ash $2,(XX). Aiso trirec atorv bawufnt mid under cellar brlcs front House, with two atorv brick <iu rear lot 25*100, opposite Sinter's sewing machine n.anu*. Men street. Apply from 12 to 3 to J. H. DOUGH TY, 153 Bowery. For sale-four lots southwbst corner op Eleventh avenue and IttOtli street, being at the .miction of Broadway with suid two lOOftet streets; a most < ,ieab e location, botn lor unmr bate improvement or for an invest ikenl. Price fl.U" each if sold now; will be out of itie market after Tuesday neit Apply ai 151 Canal street. FOR ISALE?A 'DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED FARM and Country Resilience. on the west bank of the l as sale river, N. J.; splendid river front, containing it) acres, with two dw ellings, bam and outbuildings, orchard of fruit, Ac ; fine llshing, homing and bathln, and within about one boar of tbe city. Also, adjoining, an elegant River Front of 20 aires of beautiful Ian1, with fru'l. Ac. togclbei with about <0 i.cres in the rearand ad loinlng the above, with very elegant landscape view. Inquire on the premises, between Fat-aic and I'atersoo, of JAMKs SIM mons, or to bis ad dress. Paterson, N J., or C BROWN, 1' Bond street. DOR SALl - AN ELEGANT COUNTRY UUDIDCt " at Hay Itidge. Long Island, near Fort Hamilton, Brook lrn citv ,i*r? pas* ng every ten minute*. The is beautifully situated on the shore and elegantly forms',ed hot and cold water throughout the bouse, tine hot bouse, gardens we 1 stroked and eight acres of land, with barns, ?ta'lea. agricultmal Implements. Ac. Ac. The ad veitiser bas a lcs'e for two years Irom Mav nc>l. wh oh. with ihe furniture, farm imp.emrnts and everything c >m pielo lor immediate occupancy will be sou The p n hsser ran If he wishes hny the fee simple of the plane on the eioiration oi the lease Apply lo A Bi 1.1, K SON, 25 Park row. New York W K. ROBINSON. Es 13 <"ourl sueot Brooklyn; Mrs KINO, on the premises. Sbore road, Fort Hamilton. F?OR 8AI.R-A IIANDS'IMR THREE SKKY AND bsacn ent t'o se, furnished and in |ei'f i order, par lors and basement painted in fiesoo, a in* d grape in vard Apilvat 407 Fifth avenue, N. Y. I'M East Thirtieth street. To be seen from 12 to I P. M. For balb?in yoreville, a three story and basement brick Bouse i7?40, with all modern improve nients Price S5 U00. half cash, balance ran remain on mortgage. Lo at Ion i rst rlasa House In perfei t oroer In. quire on the premises, bight? third street, south siue, first brick home east ol Third avenue. FOR salb-a NP.AT COTTAOK MOUSE COBTAIN in* ten Rooms marble mantels and sliding doors, with Stained glass tn parlors, situated on southwest corner of Nineteenth atreel ami Fourth avenus, Brooklyn. Apply to W II FLaNDROW. *3fi Howery For sale-the lot with thr brick build ing? theieon. Ill Snr'.n; street, between Mener and Greenestreets; lot 75x100 a part or the whole can remain ob bond una mortgage. Inquire id tho blacksmith shop f^OR sale-tur first class four story brown atone House 21 Wesl Forty tilth street near Hfth avenue Tbe Street and neighl orbed are the best ab>ve Thirty eighth street. Apply on toe premises, to ibe owner. FOB BALE?HOUSB AND LOT. OB FOURTH AVE nue, Yorktllio. between Eighty fourth snd Eighty fifth streets three doora from Blgtilv fourth street, onehiock from Central Park. Api ly lo S F. IRELAND. HI Cedar si. F'OR SALE-TEN PER CENT PAYING PROPERTY. at Tar ytown. on the Hudson, three minutes' walk irom depot and steamboat landine; the best stand for anv kind of business, price $3 500. or would exchange fur further part.culars eddies* K Turner, Tarrytown Post oflice FOR >ale-trice ?S.H0r?TWELVE THRI'.B STOBY .Houses of a new ao>! heaul fill design, ueliglitf illv ail uated, foot ol East Kifly first meet and terrace wall ' Ap pi; to the bui.der. on the premises I|30B S VLE?THE TWO STORY BRICK IIOUSR AND 1 lot, Ml E st Kifty-nrst sire l near Fourth avenue coi. lalns K?s aid ws ei ; $3,800 In pine of JOUN WKB Bhlt. Grand siieet, corner of Bowery. yOR fALB-AN ELEGANT BROWN STONE FR< M r House, located In a goed neighborhood. four stories, basement and sub cellar, with all the modern Improve meets, price tJi',000. A ronton can remain on bi nd and mm tgaie if deslied. Inquire of JOUN 8. CHRISTIE, 53 Cedar an vet For sale-thb tiirbb story and basement high stoop brick Ho ise, brown stone stoop Ac, No <?5 East Forty ninth street, botween First and He.end avenues; bouse 18 feet 9 Inches bv 45, lot 100: house nearly new . in complete order w,lb all iho modern improvements. Willbe sold at a bargain and terms easy Inquire on the premises. Forsai.e?reasonably, thb debirarlb nousB and Lot No. 175 Wesl Bleventh street; house 21.6 by 03 teat deep, three sloiiesand basement, oiib all modarn im ?nv einenls, an 1 In a desirable location. Apply to W. B. AYLi'K, 54 Wall street, baaeinenL "L'OR BALK-OR WOULD EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL r down town, a brown stone House, on East Thir tieth street. Inquire of JOHN OHMBHS, corner of Prince and Greene streets. Fob balb-a first class fabm. on thb nbw Haven Railroad, over 100 acres, highly cultivated, good buildings- all kinds of fruit, one or tba moat deairabl* lo<?. Hons tn the vicinity of New York. B. F IRELAND, SI Cedar street Fob sale?a chance fob buildbbs-mubt bb sold to close a concern?Seven Lois, on the northwest corner of Tbirlletb street and First atenua?four tots on ma avenue and three on the street; high and sightly ground, with the old Coster mansion thereof All rash or iwo-lbirds on mortgage. live years, sli per cealTmt option of the pur ahaser. Address offers lo bo* 1,000 Fost pace. ?OB SALB-FOUB LOTS, ON the southwbbt cornor oi Ninth svenne and 107th street, fronting lun ton Ninth avenue and 1110 fitl on 107th street Inquire on the norihr?st corner of Third avenue snd Blity alith at FOR BALE-MODERN RIM LT ll(M DESIRABLY located, ranging Irom $H,000 to $4ti,B'0. Also Country Sesta, delightfully situated, varying from *3,1*0 to $4(^**1 Fuhgariieuuie. and permits of A JOURNEAf, Not* Pine L?OB BALK?PVBNISHED. ALBAN'S 0OTTAGB, A beaiitltuil* b oated on tba se.i sbere. near the Pequot House, New Loudon, Conn , with a ?5no he.ich for balking, ine best boating and gshlna privileges to be bail en tha American coast .barn and bath house , built by and aear the residenoe of Or. ?limn Price. $5,500 Full panlculara Md permilgefA. JOVftnaJXn/i FIM strtat IAMBI OP Rf,.M, KSTAT*. |I?OI* BALE-TWO UUl'SEH, A COBNKH AND ONI' J. ad ioIiiidj.', situated id <>ue of the bet' localities m tbt* city, I'uill of ti'e boat material Id ri arket; if**4 stores Wf occupied aa it bakery ami drugstore, have nil ihe modern lir.rrnveuienta. marble rnim cis, Ac., Ac Wilt be sold at a treat sacrifice an (be ownai is anout leaving the city. For particulars m<)utre at the uonbwest cornet of SeyeiitJ-nlnW' ttru?l and feecod avenue. L^OR FAI.K?HOUhK 36 LONDON TERRAGB WE8T J1 Twenty th rd street. a * e.y delightful osallon and con veoient of acres*. House in peiiect order, with all first o ass convenience*. Will be sold low it applied for at once; tortus easy. Apply to D MiDOl'UALL Ml Broadway. IpOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, TH K FOt'R STORY frame II ouse, 2bU Livingston street, containing seven W en rooius. with modern improvements A -o the three ?ton brick Building. 12 Menus street. Tem.a cuaj. Apply ou tbc premi'-ea. II.W Livingston street. FftOR 8ALB-TJ1E KNGLISH BASKMKNT HOI'SB. Wei- i'hn retb ttreet. Price JT.-'ajO. Can be teeu from 10 A. M to J P. M. 1?OR SALE?IN BROOKLYN AN ENiLlKH COTTAGE. 1 ? ich 6 or 12 lots, in Crand avenue The ground is beautifully laid out and well stocned with fruit,I heme*. Ac,; good earring* house and outbuildings wlil be sold at a bargain it a| plied fur soon Apply to A. KNOWLTON. 336 Kulton, corner Poitland avenue. Brooklyn. FOR SALE AT A BAKOAIN-TllE THRKE iTORT brick Bourn- and two full lots of ground, 25 by HW feet esch, sit timed at No 436 Atlantic street, between Nevins and Power streets. This property it iu an Improving part of Brooklyn, and will be sold very low. Apply to WM. MACK&Y, 93 Pulton avenue, Brooklyn. IjU)B BALK IN BROOKLYN-A FIR8T CLASS TWO and a half story House; b ch basement anil sub cellar, witti modern nnprovsmeuts Thrs house is located on one of the tlnest a.amies in the city, convenient to the tars, me house is built in the best manner and is in perlrcl order, and w II be Hold very Jcheap. If applied lor soon A. KNOWL TON, Kulton. corner ol t'ortland aveuue, Brooklyn. Ij^OR 8ALE IN BROOLYN?TWO K1SB TWO AND " a half nor. brick Houses. tn Kyerson street. high basements subcellart, finished attic and cellar, K'na heater, rnn?e. gas tixlures Ac.. wi.l be sold v? ly low. on easy terms. Apply to A KNOWLTON. 3.18 Pulton, comer Portland avenue, Brooklyn. FOR 8ALH OR EXCHANGE?AT SOUTH ORANtiB, N. J., a Country 1'iaco, consisting of twenty acres of land under a high s'at* of cultivation, with nil kinds of fmit in Kieai abundance; good fiame cottage, II rooms ice house and ham. within 65 minutes by rait of New York. Inquire of FRANCIS MA 'KIN, HH Libertv street. N. Y. FOR 8ALB OR BXCHANOB?FOB NEW YORK I'KOI' erty or Low. not above i'iotli street, one three story mid basement ami extension brick Hoi ?e ami Ixu, and one brown stone En?liih basement, tlir< e stories, and Lot in Brooklyn, E. I). neir houth Seventh street ferries. Address Houses, box 12 i Herald odice. Foil SALE OB EXCHANGE?FARMR AND COUNTRY Seats; several in Westchester. Dutchess ami Orange oOuntrfiM, N Y., otiiei s on North and l'.ast rivers; five hoe Farms at Piitersoo. N. J. Apply to J. ELLIOTT, 81 Cedar street. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGS?A FINELY LOCATED Country Sieat. at Tarrytown, about 4 acres, good build ings, tine assortment of fruit; one of the best views on th? North river; will be sold at a great bargain Also several other first class Farms and Country Beats on the Hudson river. 8. K. IRELAND, 81 Cedar street. f^OR SALE OR TO LET?AN ELEGANT RE8IDINCB nil ttie K it.^sbi ulge mad and 152d street, about H miles from the City ilall ar.d in ibe vicinity ot Fort Washington, commanding a splendid water view, embracing about eight acres of land, handsomely laid out Willi ornamental and I fruit'.rees, graperies, gravelled walks conservatories, ,ve.; brick house, recently built, of stylish architecture, frescoed ceiliniis, 60 feet front by 50 feet deep containing gas. wa;er and ail the modem conveniences; stables, ootb'iiiiiing*. Ac.; located on the Itarium ruer, within ten mln ites' walk of the lludsoii Biver Railroad depot and t? o steamboat land ings. fitieen minutes ride from the Third avenue aud Iroin the Hnrlein railroads, and fortv live minutes' ride f -oin the City Hall. .Inquire of ANDBBW J. 8MIT1I, II Chambers ?treet. T/OB SALE OB TO LET?AT NEW ROCHBLLE. r Wetbhester county, a large House, containing 13 Rooms, with baru and wa.;on bouse and about 15 acres of ground; has a large apple orchard, also pears cherries and other fruits Well adapted lor a private residence or a gen teel boarding house. Apply to A. KNOWLTON. corner of Fulton and t'ort'aiid avenue*, Brooklyn, where a plan of the bouse can be teen. FOB SALE OR TO LBT-BTATBN ISLAND I'ROPER ty. an elegant Cottage containing twelve rocmt, on Prince's Bar, one mile from railroad dei ot, with bam, sheda, stables, carriage, hen, ice. summer and bstbing houses In complete order; fruit in abundance; excellent garden, well and rain water at door; grounds tastelully arranged, about 80 acres, with the whole or part thereof. Alto 2U aero* in ft high state of cultivation, with good Dwelling, quarter mile from Hostville. Also three ttory Dwelling and bate ment, containing 2t". rooms, barn, stable* and sheda, well calculated for boarding public house, or school, three quar ters Of a mile from railroad depot and beach. Also the pro perty. formerly Staten Island Oil Co.. wharf and buildings, suitable tor almost any kind of manufacturing purposes. Apnly to ALBERT JOUBNEAY, No. 8 Pine tlreet, or II.k . BAILEY. 220 Broomeitreet POR-SALE OR TO LEf?TUB DWELLING H008K NO. 28 Baat Thirteenth street, between University place and KiXth avenue. For particulars apply to ANDERSON A PELL, 45 William street. IjH)R BALE' OR TO BENT-A COTTAGB WITH 1 twelve rooms, thirteen lots, large shade trees and stable, on high ground, at Morneania fine view and healthy. Ap ply to J. N. CROW, 378 Caftai streeu For rale or to rent-the elegant houre. No, ? Carroll pla^e (Bleecker street); it is 28 feet 6 inches front, has all the modern Improvements and it in perfect order; to be seen from 9 to Ho clock For permit. Ac , apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO . No S l*me street. JjMFTH avenue. X1 For sale? the ileMrab'e eitra slieil Lot, on the south caul corner of Fiflh avenue and Fori* third "treel. hi 6* MIR feet, together wub the Lot. il>ifif> feet, tor etabli'. kit ihe rear, ou Forty thint street For terms apply to B. H. LUD LnW A CO.. N<> 3 l ine street. ("J,RAND OPI'ORTt'NITT FOR A RICH BAROAIN.-SIO J acres of choice Tlmbi ied Farming Lam) id Cent al Wisconsin, located in a well settle': section. near a thriving city; t in tier partly pine, the tl.n ber upon the land le worth mere ti an )? now asked loi'the property. The land will be double Ihe prtoe asked InO'eyeare I propose l > put it at a iow price and put with 11 an e.uai a moil in of money fur a fair on bang*" of gmd* ami ni>rchandiae mined to Ihe country ira.le. Tie un juaetionab e. Addr s- il. Morris. boi 101 lltra.d 01 re Lots, on fifth avenue, wantbd.-wantbd. for caish. sis or eight full si/ed I ota, on Fifth avenue, between Fortieth street and Central Fark. Address U. W., 1 01 I 231 foi: "flier. ^ ' TO IRON FOUNDERS ANC MANUFACTURERS DE siroue of changing location or starting anew ?Your attention 1* called to blizabethport New.'ersey, an being the hem point ihar New Yom, ou socounl ol tb>' iuw coal nt coal, iron and lumber. u? laien and offering all the ailvan tsges ol Ihe city. I'lea-'e txanune the p in e befoi e locating e.Hewhere. I ots for sale ou\? rv luvoratlc U ims. For tlca are apply to COOLBY V HRIDR1TTBR. tg<-nt? Kliza b? iii| orl or E R. KELLOUO. Ii'j Pearl atreet New York \f A LI'ABLE RKAL B^TaTK FOR sai.k ?onk lot, iuiix J... on eoulii Mils 01 Kmly tilth atreet. 125 feel wrm of Eighth a- ? nue two Lola, lti0>2r> each, . n f ? ith f'dr of Ninety ninth str< et, commencing 12.'> fet t wt't ol Eighth avenue, hy JACKfcON A PL'RDY, (M7 Broadway. VALCABMS RKAL B8TATB PROPERTY PORSALE V Situated on ihe cornei of Montgomery avenue and Franklin street, II tdron City N J., coim.siing of a lar^e Hu.ise and ?ik lull Loih. oc. :upted ana bot<sl hois? car rail road ii? Hie door It must be suid. an the o?tiei Must .ea?e for Eur< pe on account of 111 health Ai>: Iy to Jl'Lll.N CKti .BR. 93 and '.5 Duane meet, or Waniinglou street, lloOokeu. _ VALUABLE CITY PBOPKRTY FOR SALE -TUB em re Ulotk un Firniamuu running from Becoad 10 Third sti ? et and formerly occupied by the soap ami cam! e manufactory of Allan llav a Co , for tale on avorabie term*. Apoly to ALLAN IIAY. It BiOud Street, or to Meatrs. A. H. Mt'LLKR p. R. WILK1NS A CO.. No. &!, Pine ft W7ANTED-A COTTON FACTORY, IN COMPLETE Vy rutiuing order, cor.taimug from 6,in' to IO.ikki ?pui die*, will, lite tiece*a?ry loom*, *<? III rt-plymg 10 lhi? ad ?eriiieii.ent *ime ine quantity and kmd of machinery, with d< lalled dencriptiuii thereof. ?b< n and hy win in built; alao whether ihe machinery n now moiling, and whether by water or ?teaui power; also a deicripi.on w '.he factory biilidinge. the quantity of gro ind ailaeheo thereto, and wlu'iher either alii he no ill separately and prue of emb* Tlilw a bona Dde anveriiwineiit parlie* w mhing to eel! will (i>e lull particular* addrewed to Alfred JenJif A Son. i,5 Ncu Ih f ront flieet, Philadelphia Fa. nrAllUTO PL'ECnAlE?A FIRST CLASH HOUSE. VY of meilluin sue, located between Twentieth aud Thir ty.fonrth streets, and within a block ol Fifth avenue. Ad dn m ? bet MSB Pom oflce , Wanted to pvrchabb-$is.N9 to ?i?.(m>-a mi.all Houee. Rngilsh lianemrnt 1 referred. In |ierfert or.iir between Twentieth and 1 ort.eih streets, and Msit' sod and Heven'h hvenm s, and on south s de of street. Ad urees doi .'i.ia I oil Ollic?. ? 4? a ft -< TPRF.HB RILLS CEMETERY-FOR SALE. ip XV/. one fall lot. sear ibe entrance. Address W. II H . Herald QATH STRKF.T ?FOR SALE. A LOT 25 BY KB FEET CTf ni-hes. g nteel or g: b >rh< od. ne r the centra, park. streeleorb'd and U^ggeu Cmton wste- ami gas a" Oop ( ? t-. PrreBl.'"1" worth }2 vm. hicbin avenueesie tun te Hih "treeI Apply 10 J. RaDLY. iB7 Sixth uvenue >?1 KAA W"'1' Bl'v * REAT NEW TWO STONY frsme lloii?e, with full lot. si Eli/abetl purl. New ,fcr?ey More !ols it dentrahle Term? favorable A|' ply to CooleV A Heidrilter. a^ent. KHMbcihpori. Ni-w Jersey, or to E. R. KBLLOtiO, owner. IK Pearl street. New York <J?Q 7 r ft WILL Bl'T A PLEASANT KlBIDBNCR I <)v 111 H irlem, near corner of Sutli avenue ami One Hundred and I wenly fourth street. nsigbhernood lirst rate; bouse <?nttr?ir new. term* very estv Apply 10 A. A BISHOP, 2W) Broadway, room No t Keys at shoe flore. Kftft -FORBALB, A VERY Ct>MI'LRTR BROWN ig/Vf stune front hurh stoop, baseineal. thrse mor ei sn ; aiti! brut clans tisightiorhood; bo i*e new Api iv <m ihe prem see. i2l Bast Forty eighth street, rear Third avenue. q>ift nnn ?iu STY A reaotifil codmtrt ^Plly.VrUtF Resilience st Bloomf.eld. N. J., with two ?cres of rkb garden land, covered with cho ce fruit and ur ?ainenlal ire. s grape*. Ac.. good lar^e frame ho ne and 1 easy. Apply to P. C. ANTHONY, M* Pioe barn, terme easy. Apply 1 street, from 11 to S ovices. ?14.Anft-POR sale, a vali ault:, wbll binit foiir story hrowo stone F.ngllsh ba?e uient House, on Thirty fourth street, near Seveuih avenue. Eh t?0 may remain at all percent lutervst fur fue years. Pofseaeioii 1st of May. P. c ANTHONY, MH Fine street. 11 to So'clock. $99 -p011 "ALB- * VALUABLE FOUR fXiA<oOV', etory ttrne Imnl House, ou Murrey Hill, near Fifth avenue, ti feet rronr $I4.00() msy lemsin fer Ave years at eii tier cent interest: possession 1st of May. will rent for $2.SCU Apply te P. C. ANTHONY, aog Pine street, from >1 to S o'cfbv.k. Pin nnn *crbb mineral anp timii imi'sai Leads ?a responsible person. ha*mg about acreaof rich mineral end agrh uMitral leads 111 M* sourlaad other Western Stales, desires to open a corres pondence with a reliable and influential paety who will Co operate in the sale of aeid lenda To such a party a renin neretweInterest would be offered. Con,panics nreslresd' Mi profitable operations in anil adjoining the vtcRitly of the Mineral land. Pull description of looalion and quality ?f lands forniahed, with township plots. Ac References ei changed. Addrese hoi 4.006 Post St. Loms. Mo. MEAMBWATB. VEW RRDNSWICR AND NBW YORK - THE HTRAM a* er HVI.VAN NIIORB. CAptninM. Con?l,1i will leave New Brunswick fer New York, sen!met* in* Mcndny. Aprtt (Rehdajs cscepled), aids, o'eloia A. M . no, ptat at Woint a Deck, Perth Amliov. f item Knd Ro**v|jic reuirniiig leaves New York, at 2k e'ekwy p m from fou el Jay street. Berth rtter u?m lerther nottoa. FOR HALS, ABA0 AT RULE TABLE PGR kale-AT8W bkoad ??y. corner of Nineteenth street. Am1ll1n 'RY AND FANCY goods STORE FtiR sale? Wh to> li. t store* and liood Will, doing a doe bnainese -? al'ij'-l. 'ii hutI in ttnv of the best locations on Willi at.. ..v. AciJieu MiUiuary, Herald odice. ARARR CHANCB FOR INVE8TMBNI ?THE PRO prieior uller* lor s;ile the right ol a valuable .mil sals, able invention in tl i rnsoid t mtory comprising N< w Yoi k, Ohie. Illinois and I ii liana. For pmlouKii apply to or &d dica* for Uiree Uaj? Cetcut Ri^Ll, olLee ut Howiiii Hotel. ARARR I'll a WOK-tor HA f.H CHEAP A GOOD Bur huh Kent* unl, line location on Broadwav, doing a tifod bnsinesi-; alec.<. listure*, a lavoritule Uase ami o* rent. Apply to J fc I uoti , B7 Cedar straot. A drug srom: nor bale?in an adjoining elty, dome * koou bu?nie??; owner < an'l attend to it, Sriie f^nf terms easy; aiso 11 demrabU on taten Island; terms liberal; price J0,00 i. Inquire of J. C. beldeN llabofcen, N. J. A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY ON BROADWAY F(>R sale?Kit.e lO' uuou, low rent; established business, in ?tr imeni*. P:*'. res Furniture, Specimens uutl Stock, low oat price $3jo, a briain 10 auy purchaser. I HOLM KB, 6* 3 Broadway. BRICK KOK BALE?43.00(1 SECOND HAND ON DOCK No. 21 East r.v - Apply to Mr STEPHEN O UAJiA, comer of Twentieth street and avenue A. C1ANAL BUAT FOR bale.-A FIR8T CLASS CANAL ) Boat i Inker), In,* only made two trips from Hullalo; will oarrj o'er ;,IKX? bushels of wheat. Addret>*J. H , Jer Hey city Pout odice, N. J. DRDG STORE FOR SALE?IN THIRD AVENUE, NBAS I20tli mi cel. oppos.te the Harlem I'ark. iho on^bly titled 'ip ami ttockril and dome a good business. A run opportunity lor a good druggist. Apply io pen-on. DRI'O 8TORK ONE HOUR FROM CITY -1 OFFER an unusually good eliauce fur a young man of small capital. A capital siore and a fortune in piouoea. Apply for card ofaddress to F. HALE. 01 Ann street. Now York DRUflGt^TS.-VAI.UABLE AND MOST PERFECTLY fitioil Drug Store in ilie city for sale, desuably located and well mucked, and doing a good busiuess. Apply to HALE, (il Aun street. POB Saie?THE SLOOP JOHN COCK, 110 TONS burthen. Cuu be seen 0v calliug on the o?ner, JAMBS BIRD, 21 i Ra?i fbn ty thud street. Ir?OR 8ALR-AN OYSTER. DINIXO AND DRINKING ' Saloon, lilted with every modern appliance Cheapest rent in ibe city. Lease iwo years from May ne?t. Inquire al lilH Broadway, under the Sowed House, auy hour of day or night IpOR SALK?PORTABLE STEAM ENGINB8. 8UPKBI. 1 or to any other make, at manufacturer*' price*. Tliey can bo seen in operation in this tiiy. liiamiue ihem before purcba*in?; elsewhere. Also. one Engine Laibe. 22 Ineliea swiok; 17 lc?t shear*, three Uniting M^.hinca one Planer, 6 feet by 24 menus si|ii;ir*. a fine lot of Viues, Di tiling Lnlhes, Ac. UOAU A HAMl'SOB, % Maiden lane. N. Y For pale-lono island vinegar works. Brooklyn ? 30 Oencratom. Tanks Ac , all in complete order. Kent low Apply at IS Stone street, N. V. For salf-a bidewheel steamer, 100 feet long. 17 feet beaiu, 2V inch cylinder. 4 feet stroke, fitted for pa^Hen^er* or to" ok' lu flue order; draugl.lof wuter 3% feet. Apply :o S1LL1MAN, MATIIEWK A CO , <0 Front street, New Vnrk. Fob bale-one of the best coal yards up town; nHiun on accountor the owner having too mueh other husiuet*. Apply inimediatcly al the union Coal Yard. 1 41U and 1,421 llroadway, near Forty second street, before 9 A. M. or after 0 P. M. For fale-tiie fixtures of a first class Liquor Store. Address G. M. P., Herald otllce. For SALt'?two billiard tables, in good order. Apply at 407 Kilth avenue. Croton College. For salb-an oysteb and dining saloon and Ale Vaults fitted up with every modern appliance; cheap rent, ?1th two years' lease from 1st of May neit. Inquire at 170 Bull) avenue, corner of Twelfth street. For sale-a skqar store, newly fitted up and in a good location. Inquire at i!2 Catharine street, In the store. For sale-a canal boat, lake build, near ly new. all In floe order and furnished; will he sold cbenp. as the owner is leaving the busioeas. Inquire of GEORGE christopher. 12 South street. _ 1,10R BALE ?(100 CASH WILL BUY THE BUSINESS, 1 Coffee Koom and Bar Furniture. Signs, Poles and Flags, A?.. of the Motel Bellevue, corner of Demolt street and Pali sade avenue. West lloboken. Bummer business splendid, cars stopping before tbe door. Fob sale-a medium sized iron safb. at no. CS West Thirteenth street. Inquire of B. WILLIAMS, Esq,, on ibe premises. Fob salb-a first class billiard saloon, with bar. on the most leading pari of Broadway splen didly fitted up. and doing iicrllent business. Reusmi for selling and particulars at B BOLINGEB'B, J6 Bowery, cor ner of Canal street. FOB 8ALE-THE MACB1NBRY, FIXTURES AND Good Will of a (Light Manufacturing Business In tbis City oow in successful operation. Capita! required alio .t f I 000. The present owners have other bBsine*a anil are therefore willing to dispose of Ibis. Address boi 4.714 New York Post office. iporsai.E-A KBROBRNE. ALCOHOL AND BURN r Inn Fluid Route. With Cans and Measures For re ferences .h A. Webb A Co , 2l? and 28U West street. For sale cbf.ap-an ick house. 9 fef,t 2 inch. m t>y fi feci i lncbea. Apply to WM. WILKINSON, No. 10 Ninth avenue. fpOR RaLE CHEAP. IK A I'P 1,1 ED FOR 1 MM EH! 1 ately?Two urge. ilch Pier OlA*<ioa.Vwith corn.res And I console tab e* to match : two se:? of crimson l)a?,ml Win dow Curtain*; one ro*ew >od Pianoforte, Brut. ,e Clock and I Figme*, and other Household Articl? a. Aoplv at 32S Wtat J Twenty eecontJ etreet, between b.gjth and Mintb avenue*. For sale cheap-toe stock and fixtures of a Fane Store, pttoMtd in a gc ?<! bu*lne>* locality; Jt would be *'iitable for a small faiu.iy. aa there are two goo.i-eieil room* attached to me (tore. Apply at I."Thcinp aon aired CY ROCK BY STORE FOH BALE?NOW DOING A HOOD W buelneaa; the onlv reaeon for *eliiii|* In, tbe owner bat ing another store on hand and cannot attend to both. Call at 447 Tenth avenue, corner of Tb.rty ninth street. Gilt cornices for balk-four large and fii!t (ornlrea. let I arlor windows, for sa <; lor one-fin.itn their co*C Injure of U. K COVERT, K62 H roadway Hotel for bale-bear hartford, con* , in h '.ng ? am. tlTuri'hmg town no.v d< ng a arge lm*i n . the . wner w, ? h eg to retire, on ar cunt of ill li?aith. I'm lu :b'-r > ?rt cula.e |api>ly to tit ad'lrtns N. HARRIS, llartlord t.'obu. HOtEL LEASE FOR BALE?WITH OR WITHOUT Ii.rntl'.rc. full of boartle a and 1 mg a good b sinees; .nation veiy; on Icnar . ne.i ly f .ri i*bi d and tit | ? r fr.ct order; pcawMn-n Immediately Partir* in want of *nch a i are *ili do well to pive th I the.r e(,r ie?t attenron as il will be dmpoeed of very low on Recount of tbe owner going to K .ro|>e. Apply to JOHN LLOYO A 8ON8. 14 Nnaaau at. IRi X SAFES FOR SAI.E-TO CLOSE AN fiRDF.R. AT tl.irtv percent c*? thin, nianii'act rei * pri e, in atore No. ? Litierty atreet Also a l?rt,e Mile. 1 IVl OR?STORE FOR FALF -ONE OF fHR PEST I i laying Lujuor Btuiea m :he Hnili ward. Apply at y7 Elm atieet. KAlLROAO IRON -?H0 TONS QUEST'S 62 LB. RAILB. Erie pattern, oat arrived, for aa'e by C. ( ONiiRLVK A BON, No 6 Plot atreet. TO OAROBNER8 AND GENTLEMEN RAVI NO OAR ilene laid o-it.?About dOn yard* of lloi of all *uc* and niiantity to suit purchasers Inquire of Cll AKLhS PIEBB8, Panaade llotei. Weal Hohoken. N. J. TO BAKKKS-FOR BALE THE ? AKBHOOM, I'ten?i * Shop Fitting*, Ac., of tbe bekery M East Thirty fourth eireel. Valuable patent for bale-for making tbe iiuperlahable coal Oil 'amp wick, which bums for month! without change 01 trimming and largely econo mize* oil. Arply at tbe depot, M Cortiaudt atieet, between 9 ana 12 o'clock. hatciieh.jewelrt, 4?C. At 77 BI.EE" KKR STREET TOt' CAN OBTAIN 38 l*r cent more lor Diamond*. Wat-be* Jewelry, Si I ver I late, Ooua. Platcie, Drv Good*. tc N B ? Alao Pawn broker*' t < seta b< igl.t for t)ie at ove arlrlea A fine aaaort ?cent of Watches, Jewelry. Ac., for aaie cheap to i?y advan pea. American watches, or all deb< riptionb Gold hunting rure, five NInett, One Hundied doe Hundred and Twenty to Two H imlred ?? ..liar* ea'-h. sliver hnntinr eases Thirty eight. Forty. Forty five. Fifty. Sinty to Heveniy five dollar* each For *ai? bt GEt>. C AIXKN N >. 415 Broadway, one door bolow Can .1 (titot, I in 14. y No. II Wall street. \T?BT BBOADWAT, i'ORNRR BROOME. ROOM NO 8. up ??air*, the he*t prne | ive?> for Diamoiols Watcbea an Jewelry, and libera, mlsance* madu on the rame. Diamonob, olo gold and rii vf.r diamonos. olo gold and biltbr. Pereon*who wiab sell Diamond*. ol?t Gold, Bl ver, nrany 4.Bit of Old la?bioned Jewe ry, go to LOl'18 OKU II, i?J bniudway. A poaltivn fitci. he pay* 3(1 per rent more 1 tian aov other |?vson in New Yolk * nee the ad ministration ' f the late Martin Van R<ircn MakeLoinia uke? 723 Bmadway. under the New Toik Metei /""OLD NECKLA?'RH FOH MIBBRS -FIVB HBVHN, i.1 Ten. Twelve K II te?ti, Twenty. Twenty live and Thirty Utilair each For sale L; ..... GBO. C. ALLEN, Bo 418 Brcaifway. one door below ''anal itreev (TLD FEl?B AND PBNCII.B, T Three. Fiee hikht. Ten. Iwglvf. fifteen to Thirty dol IBnMch. P.r*..t?, GEO C.ALLEN. No. 41C Br..*itway. one doct be ow <Aual atieet. OPRBA OLA8BB8, Five. 811 Eight, Teo. Twelve Ptfteen. Twenty to Twtn II D*e dollar* ?*ch. Foraalebv .. _ O. C. ALI EN, Bo 415 Rrondway, One door below Canal atreet SLERVB Bt'TTOBB AND BTODB. NBW FTYLBB. _ One. two. three, ftvo, *?. eight, ten, twelve, l.fteeo, ,..nty to thirty -oHar. a For ^ 418 Broadway, one door 1 eiow Canai street. aTCOF.B AMD JBWEI RY, OF AIX D?n< RIPTIOBP 41 r HroadwM one Door street w For sale by GEO RGB C. ALLEN. 411 below I'aeaJ street, formerty II Wall WIRE*. LIHUOR8, AO MI BR MAJESTY" CHAMPAGNE II TflK ROYAL WiNE OF ENGLAND The Brat ahipreenl of 900 ia*es of thl* ei<|ul*lte Wine hae arrived By ibe steamship Olymi 11*. direct from tbe te ^ar* of th* well beown house ?i ___ MV.KhBK l)K YBNOOR A 00. at Eprrnay France, and me present invoice will be Intro duced into this market at ihe very low price of TWENTY UhLLARH fhK CABE OF WUAKT8, navab e la > .iire?cy, which lamiM h lielo? iM ?em*l roxl. Uiders for ene or ntinre <aaee may bo mldresse.l. bv letter ?t etbeiwi?e to WX HENMYWaKI) Wine ami Fruit Dealer. No 7 Breed street near Well, New York. HOHRRft, CARKIAOItl. ?C. AK1HB 8ADDLR IIORHK. "4UITAHLK rOR A LADT for sale. Apply at me ?uolo, northeast ooruer of Thirty-eighth street and Fifth avenue. A FINK 8TTLJ8H Bf.ACK MARK FOKHaLK?MaRY land broil. at'van years oM. thoroughly broken ami for Iho saddle; tan put under the saddle in tUi? e minutes; trota lu harness; price Itfin. Alan, a stylish bay, Virginia saddle Horse; price $ *26 Can'?? wen at K?.. p * to'* ciuo Stables, "il aod Z4 Wojt Thirteenth street. 1 RRIVKD TlirRSDAY, APRIL 7, AT MKTROPOU. A lan stables. Coiner of Prince and Crosh* streets, from Livingston eounty, New York. 1^ >ery supeimr Carriage Horses; Hn?? pairs; single driver* and fast Horses two of the pairs .ire irrj tine and slvllsu. Can tr >t la 3 Jy and 3 20. A BTVLTf If VERMONT DARK GRAY HORSE FOR i\ Mile-lit .and* lilgu speedy, mod. t.enll? and a reli able family iior e the property of a gentleman Can he ?e?n at K. Z Thompson a stalde, 110 East Thirteenth street, near Tbnd aveuie \BAY PON*, HANDS HIOH; GOOD SADDLE horse, and wi 1 be sold c.heau aa tlia owner baa no uae lor hirn. Apply at 44 Wooster street. f)l'81NE88 WAOON8 OK K KKY KINO CONMTAN I' 1 > ly on hand arid made to order such as grocer's bake 'a. milk, imnetal water, lt<|uor. butcher a aiideipieas ^ t,u wiit nod ihta place aa tawirable a* auv that can lie found and evert article warranted as represented RTEWAK I 'H ill lactory, Fifty third street, oetwen Broadway aud EUiith aseuue. / 1ARKIAOKS FUR SAI.E-1 HIRST C..A8S, WAR vv ranted. Shirting Top Buggies. Zti Shifting Half Top*, fur four pi rnons, pule ami shafts, light; alto a large a.ssort went all styles Carriage* Harness, A C. WITTY, 460 Broadway. / 1 ARItl AUKS. ?AN assortment OK K1NR CAR \J rlnges, oonsUtlng of extension nod half lop Cabriolet* and Plnteum*, Germuntown Coupe four ami il?.-e?i cka waye, top no iop and slide seat Wagon* si- ?em Cm i0UH Ac., at MOIT A CO.'s, inaiiufiiotureis. 'Jill I'outlh street CARRIAGE AND WAOON KOR SAl.K?A GOOD lamilv riirri igu and two seated top Wagon, for two horaes. alnmst new, with good double Harness, for sale. Apply at 2J Monroe place. Biook yn, fiorn S to 9 A. to. and 5 to ti P. M. CARRIAGE KOR SALE ? A LIGHT COI'PR ROCK ) a.* av, neai ly nciv hating been used leu tliun thrre months, made by Mes?r*. J. K. Lawrence A Co., ai d sold onh be. an*i> the on tier ia golnit to Europe. Cau be seen at Norris' ^tablea, llrt Clinton place, ElsUlli street. /-iotpk or family horse for salb-i# HANDS. six years old, so nd and kin 1. black roan, tine atyle; , ;st from the countrv. W W BRIGGS, at.ibit's corner of fiix-tli avenue and F> ilietb strent Fast mares?for ham:, two young KaRES. taiKed in Ormiue county. One a Utarr dapple x .tj, i.'H hands high; can ti it in 1! 43, single or double, tine u Main bli'toniAii. LV hands, blood bay; uu beat 2.40 to a road wa ;oii a aplondlrl ro ulster, >.? uie or double Both the al>ove are the property of n prliate gentleman, and are young, sound and kind, and will be warranted. Apply to PEfbH DUBOIS, m Greene street, M \ For hale?a skan of yoitng carriage horses; ?pii mat died; a flermantowi, carryall Ro> kaway, Wataon'a uianufacture: and a handsome Phaeton. HENRY REIMER8. H7 Wall street. ^OR SALE-ONE BAY TEA W. " Price faotl Poancasion about Mny ]. Address F. A. 8.. boi 8(H) Post oilice. TJIOR SALE?i'ARRIAGEH OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, r Phaetons. Rretts. top Wauoni top and no top Hug^ ea, Road and P.ipress Wapons, new and ae -ond hand. Also Sud dies. Harness and Bridlca, by 1>. W. 1VEH AUG., 165 and l.'i7 Broadway. T7?OR SALK-BY A QBintllMAir ABOUT TO LEAVE r tlie count rv, one span black .M irgatia, 7 and Htears old. brothers; one i Wood Bro s' build) Barouche, used throe nioothi; one eicgant Phaeton, lor one or two horsea, used three inoathe; one set Double Harness, Loudon's make, tiaed three months W ill be sold before the 17th inst. Ap ply at 84 Wall street, or at Bradley a stables, East Thirty first street FOR 8ALE?THE CELEBRATED. TROTTING STAL lion Young J. ckson. has trotted a utile in 2 on Hie Union Course, L I. He la now In ?? od condition and trots fast, lie will he so!d al leas than his value. Apply to J. O. TAYLOR, 150 East Twenty fourth atre>-t, between Lexington and Third avenues. Also, a running saddle llorsc, perfectly gentle; can be used by a boy or a hidy. FOR SALE-PRICE H.000?A PAIR OF WELL BRED Horsea. six years old, 16)4 timtds hiuh. light bats, w Ith long tails, perfeotly sound and thoroughly broken to har n>-Hs; one la a vert One saddle horse; they are geut'.e and reliable; suitable for a coupe or light carriage Apply, from ten to one o clock, at l*i Waverlcy place. Inquire for Suns, bury. FOR 8ALE?SIX vermont HORHE8. JUST AR rived A rare chance for those wanting valuable hot see. One. a beautiful black, sired by the celebrate i "Morrel" borae, four years eld, 19^ hands high, a last traveller, and very strllsh. Two boys. A years old, MS and 15)s bands high, one a perfect Morgan pattern; one Messenger Mare. 6 T ars old. IC hands high, and a good traveller, and two Work Horses, one of which cannot be surpassed in this city. All to be seen at M Commercial wharf, Atlantic dock, Brooklyn. FOR SALE?A CLOSE CARRIAGE, CHEAP. APPLT ?at the staii.e. No. 9 Bast I weoty-iUgbtli street. For sale-sepaRately or together, unb l*ir of Horses, a two scat Rocka.vay and double Har ness. Can ke seen at Fagan s stablee, 74 West Tweuty se 0 id a*icel. near StXlu avenue. FU OR SALE?A VERT 'HANDSOME, LIGIIT.tno TOP Phu ton. built by Wood Broilieni; lias oeen run but fo ir or lite tnnea. Price $S75. May he aeen at theetabe corner ol 8inb avenue und Fortieth street. Fob sale-a pair of splendid carriage Horses, a Utile ovrr sixteen hands high seven vc.irs old, color bay, lone tali, sty'.is'n anion. perfectly sound anil kind. A tine addressed to box tflO Post ollics will rev elva attention For s\le-a gentlemans turnout, consist. ing of a young bay Mare. seven years old sound, gentle and KiuU. 16 bands high, and can aho-v close to three mi n iter. Alao a Dusenbtirv and Van Oust Light Wagon, with shifting top. and harness, mads by Lou.ten. Can be seen at Mr. J W. W leon s stable, 87 Tenth slrest, near Unncrsiiv place. IjlOR SALE?A VALUABLE HORSK. suitable FOR a i o .pe or roikaway: safe au>! kind in all harm**, for family use >6 hands nigh ) 3)Ki Iba weight, Iiwht sorrel, very st.vusb. ft yesra ol.l. Will be So d rtgl.C Call at stable fool oi fori OrK M place. In Atlantic- av. ntie, Brooklyn. FOR SALK-A SJIIITINO TOP Jll'flfJ V; CITY BlILT. Can be aeen at the kindling wood factory. Twenty* fifth atreet. between Ninth and Tenth avenues, from ft to 9 au<! 4 to 6 o'clock. For salr-a rat mare. 7 tears old. mx hands high. so rid and kind In every particular; warranted by a responsible pat ty. Apply at the Empire Plaster Mills, .'1 lie,hum street. l^OK SALE?A PAIR OF STYLISH DAPPLE BROWN r wrilm Harm - nd wen umM nJitwUHHi to the ? |ty hi'! ?){ ?? n .irtven tog? lu, r r.v l:m ( r ?utown ei .01 ib |i*i ibr-e >ears. ''an b ?? en it lh?- -un.e <>t 1) la man, turner ot Thitl>-eighth street and Broadway. Puce F*OR HALE-A pair OF TRUCK ROR8E3. 9RVHN and eic-nt tears old. warrautcd s umd anJ kind. In ?tulie at ttigiitu avenue. j^iou sal::-or kxchangk for a good work r mi. bor?e. a gray Marc. with foal; 7 oars Id, sound and kind Ai>| y at ibe lumber yard corner aveuus C au4 Fourteenth street. FOR SALF.-A BEAPT1FUL BROWN ST LAWP.BNCB ? 6 y> ars o d m June, peric tlv kind am iu an re ?pe-!s ru t, 1., bands high. t all < o THUS. NOKH1B. I1C Kiglith street, near Mini avenue f|>OR SALB?A PAIR OF BLAiK tlOKSES. 15* 1 hand* 0 } ears o d, perfectly so *nd and k u 11 they are f.otn Vermont, and of "Bla. khawk ' ator<i a-i > 'rsbly srianted lor a ph.i ton or coupe. tun be >esu at Tea l * stable. Thirty si?th stseet, corner of Bnftlway. 1/OR SALB-A FIRST RATK SECOND HAND ONE JT horse i'.ouue ApN) at Brewster k Baldwin s, .?6 Broad way, corner or Tenth atreet For sale-at 2112 duffield street, near ful u n avenue, Brooklyn, soma eatra line young llones, i iiainhieU'iiisu and Black Hawk st-.?k, very styliaii and fust I Also oue tine BjsinessUig aod light Koad Wagon, aa goad as new. M WING. For balf-a light iu'?inbbs wagon. with top, in good ordei . alao a handsome set light double liar %e?? t'au be seen at lott ti.ilb avenue, oppot.te Jail-rs u market fitOR BALE?A HORSE AND SPRINU CART, TO JP geiher or separata. In cure thla day in the it pior stuie at the corner of Forty Ofth street and First avenue. F^OR SALP-TWO CARTS AND A frF.T OF IRON Awmog Posts and Rail, one a half Spring Cart: one a Dirf or Ash t'ail. both nearly as good as new and will be ?old cheap. Can be sceo at lit and 12 Pell alreet For sai.e-a good, hound mark in foal, ap ply at 217 imision street. I/OR t'AI E?AN ENGLISH DOG CART, NEARLY NKW, r and sold for want of o?e '"an be se* n at THOU. 11. 0;:,K> stab es, 189 Mercer street, I/-OR SALE-A FINE FAMILY HOR^R FULL 16 I hands l igb. nutural full la ?. ust 7 yeaisold, da. k bay. black legK no aliite about him. flit - a'tlon and la?t: kind and ?o nd and perfei Uy broken, single or double, ?nd f i ly wan anted as rei resenteil ran he s-en at Johnson a si* Mcs, 1 went) sec nd street aud rieventb aven ie. L'ORSALF-A BEAUTIFUL mahogany BAY HOBSE, I" ID', band ban mane. Souk tal. 0 wars old. mh- ac tlon, peifert v broken, either single or double, and a sup* r or saddle horse, warranted kiud an I sound and lie" front laull or blemish Will be aoi.l at much e^s than his value ran be seen at Jobnson'a Twenty-second street, Seventh avenue. IfOR HALK-A PAIR OF VERY stylish ItLOOD F bay llor?e? long tstla IIS , hands hig!>, eignt vesra o|d, warranted kind mil sooiid. verv ito-ei> loaiefie l, tb> ? ca ne from ib<- or.e ler's hand* Into the p.<s?e?si n of li e pri ?ent, one of them a ?ery ei'-ellent s.idtl*' Horse. To bo eeeu al stable No. M Lesinglun aven ie, near Twenty tlilrds?r<et HHORSK OR WAGON WAN I'KD ? IN TRADE FOR A large Kngliab gold watia made by Cooper. London; dupn > nioieini'iita, very tine, little used and worth at least f.vfv The ownei naa no use for il Addresa Watch, but ? I'M Pott ?ft earit, particulars. HB|ANDSOMB LtatlTtgUARR BOX OOYERKD BUGGY | for sale, with shafts and pole, built by Bald win; cost ? few days since 9<r> will sell for f-lTA Apply at private stable lWb Hast T??my third street. Fm ri?'k $i (?i>-road mare for sale w\r rantcu aa represented below A very hands me. brown obaanut Mate, finely drawn, round barrel and closeiv built, )&V b#nda hifh. 7 vnars old, long tell, small Lead ami ears. Eerfeetlv sound Mil kind, has no spot, pimple, murk or lemlsh, ll vice or trick of any kind whatsoever, isaii iare trette.r. .??tn 'rul in i *'?. is a hearty fee,; r, is very hardt. ? splendid even <triv?r aud M in hue condition. Address P, bbl 4 HA) I'ort oil ee ROAD HOR8E8-STALLIONS. MARFS AND t:OLTS, Jacks and Jennies of all aj."s, sjieeil and best blood in the country, troui to i exalt, for sate or etc auge for Real Kstate or a Fnrvn or I nimpr veil Land in or near New York, remains of breeder's stock unsold Address Stork, boj jw Heraid nfllce. Hock away sleigh and wantkd. Anv gentleman wishing to Dispose of his Outfit can rind a cash purchaser for s.i seat Rerkaway panel back, .vlei4h. I Robes snd donl ie i*hi Harness. Address V , box ?.Jti4 Post o.i ec HBBAD WAOOR-ril.L SEAT BRO.vDWAT MAKE. i?M sa.i SIj ball t?eei, itaM ISM noi - - Price $I.A> worth $M) *u.neee HoM Wagon Ueralo wfloe, | HOHMEM, CAHRUOBI, AC. T?'^k^wav f08 light two seat* 11 made by Miner < Hirven?, nearly new I.U been used hnt * fi* tlmn, c?n b? s-en it Suiirti stables, ??#?!**onu?? jppomui lfori <; eeu plftaa! Br<ofc! oK 'lf T? ***** ^ obt*mt?l by *ddre??.ug toi 5,4$ I Foil OPLENPID FAMILY MARK. H\Wff,TO\I4N STOCK. ^ , r \ ?>'<'>. ? y??r? . M II a V len I: j "??* beaet. an I has he?n ridden and driven fey a *ilr baj no vice of anv klud. and i? perf-eily . ,r I )? 'f,.. j of no thing; >b? u a fan traveller. and is dia; ueed of for wa'it of use; a resjioiisltdo warm-ire to ?o indnees 4e will be given. Price *376. Addr?? Kamiiy Mate, life/aid o:Sce. OTABLB TO LIT?ME A It MACI iiai HfRPlTAND t5 Clin ton plane, IWe alalia, ar.e >??"! n . in l> .-nty truck room under cover; ga? an I water o:. the prMu.Isea, , r?i claae location. Addrrn box IMJ Herald mftre. The trotting stallion maior andkrson will stand the pre-en' winmlUr V H Van Wyck a, KlHtbuah L I. For n limited nun.tier of inarra. $St) ?/ u sure WOTti.?An] further tufoiicnliou will lie furnished by Mr. VAN WVCK. B T i'A V^oN. rpROmNU HOUSE FOR SALE CHEAP?NAMED X Ben II.ilt, witli or without a To|i ilusgy Htruest. Blan kei. Ac. App.y at 44 South Seventh street, W hiaineburg. rllKEB HORSES I'OR SALE?ONE HAY MARK BIX ynarn old will allow three minutes withouttralBlflg one Sorrel, lit for 11 grocer or baker, one laddie Horse. Ap ply at 376 -Sintli avenue, corner of Thirty third street. () HKTf KICK. VAT ANTED?A MATCHED PAIR OF SMART YOI'RG ? ? lloises that will ataud a rl^il ln?e?tu<.iiion aa tu soundness. ,tc ; also a bo- oml liatid light Coupe Rm kaway, glass partition. Address, far one week, box 1.4*3 Post olEce. PBRKON.tli. A LITTLE HOY WANTED?FOB ADOPTION, FROM . \ eli;l ti-t n mouths to two years an I a naif old blue e.vea and Hi-lit hair; tor a wealthy family ('all at 741 Greenwich trout, bet'veen llarmttnml an I Perry street*. All works well?i was sorrt h owed signini: the paper. The darkest hour la )u?t Wefora day. 1 saw tb? lady who was with II. today R. ban guns South. Your friends are at work to gut the party reieaaed CA'.KD bird. /1LACDK-I WANT YOU TO COMB HOME TO DAY VV ?uie. I have something of gnat unporianre to tell yoa admit the Bowery. PAULINE. C GEORGE A.?WHY DO YOU NOT WRITH TO YOUR X old friend? 1 am very anxio n about you. Willyot confer a favor by calling on mc, Monday or Tuesday. at II A. M. DlBCHhk ION OW ARE YOU (IROSSI'ATCn??SUNDAY MIOBT Al ii o oloek, at sauis place. J A KOO. I.SFORM.H'li'N WASTI U-OK \N> (IOKRY, HY I1P.R 1 brother Bdwanl Uorry, who etopt at 190 Kaat Twellth at. INFORMATION WANTKD-OF JAMES CORBITT AND hla w le, who arrived in the Ht' ainer i!r lannia. Any fnl'orinullriii roneeriiln?' them will he thankfully received by Moore 'IrWilliama, at No. 2iti West Thirteenth street. IF WILLIAM OHBEVER, FORMERLY A OLOTHHIO cutter, will send word were ha aan be acen or addressed, bo will hear o: something uf interest II. O.. care of Ml ler ,k Jennings, 4-'."a Broadway, box 95. IF MARY LAPHAM, RECENTLY FROM IRELAND calls at Dr. Powell's ti'JS iiroadway, ane can see bor friend John Fulltjrtun. I SHALL LEAVE FOR MY BON, F. MATTHEWS IN two or three days. Mo. 2,1UU Broadway, N. Y., all well. HaY DEW. JF THE LADY WHO OOT OUT OF A TWENTY THIRD street Nla#e. near Thlrlv-f?urth street, on Haturday about 4'. P. M , 1* ?illlng to make the a<-luaimanee of the gentle man who nflxt to ber, she will pleaseaddre?s Mr Ardent, MaJnuii square I'ost olllce, when and wucre an in terview may lie had. ^ TJ ATE?TOO WILL FIND A LETTER AT 8TAT10N JV A. Spring street I will aKo look for yon this rvemug. In Fourth street, near Sixth avenue, where 1 last saw you. 1 thin., there Is some mistake, meant to have seen you od Weilnesday, at 8 o'clock. ED. B. LAHY IN BLACK, OLYMPIC. FRIDAY EVENING. Long Heard s linger re quires attention. Tourrracious smiles healed all deeper wouuds, and tilled bis thoughts wltb sunshine. Be swift to answer. Loug Beard, station D. L8TTBR8 RECEIVED -FOUR FOR YOU. *00 CAM imagine my feelings. Regards to sitter. Left Back next week. Write. C B MRS. THOMAS WEBB. WHO N SOOTIATRD BOMB Bonda with ua on the Btli Inst, will confer a favor by sending her address to Cbarnley A Hatch. 3t Wall street. MRS. CA RltlE Mi DO COAL W ILL KIND AN INTI - mate l'rlend, and hear of something greatly to her ad vautage. by addressing a note to C. M. 0.. box 4,1 Al New York I'cat oiIk e MR. G. B. JONAS 18 REQUESTED TO CALL Al the Barcelona Uotel, to bear something to hla advan tage. F1 S SIMPSON?PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ADD PERKY. The prrson whom h lT allbn wrote to uii Sanlemoer. saving their brothers, sisters and friMsit New York were all well, la now In tbn city, aod Is dealrovt of knowing hia whereabouts Pleaae answer through Herald office. TBOUSAND THANKS TO KINDBST R. N. AND PAR ty. Wbcn further communlcaiioBa desired state kd< dresa II11S<'RLI.AM?U(JH. All hoys, now pnder eighteen. f.nlibted without consent ol paictu*, can obtain their discharge, under not of Concr''?ii Advice gratia 131 Fu ton street. WBSTOM BENJAMIN A KOUI.KS. OwnHmat Law. A COMMISSIONER OP DEEDS FOR NEW YORK, New Jereey, Connecticut California, Mama. Ma**a chusett*. Miaanurl. Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania. Weak Virginia, Delaware. Wlaoou*ln, Idalio, Co orado Nevada, Ac., alwnv* In ai :iZb llro.iiTw*., Mo iat Building. room 17 ARTIFICIAL HUMAN KYES-MADB TO ORDER AND Inserted by Or* K. B UTCH and I' UOUOBLMaRH (formerly employed by IoIiumiu, of r*rl?), WO Broad way. New York. CHANCE RELDOM OPFK RED-?25.t?0 WORTH Or Moot* HO I Shoe* will he sold by the single pali -??-VIN'S cl eale price* I tor III la month only i tit I K W fN'fT cheap ?tore, 33J Bowerf, corner Bond (treat, altin of tba big boot Ant person desirous op markyimo orsbcpr. Inn the affection* of the oppoalte *e* should pomaaa the Turkish Perftimed Love Me Kver Price $1. For cir cular of particular* nddr? *?. with *lamp, Madame Marra, box ft,Net* Yora l'o*t odlce. "pCONOMT 18 WEALTH. "-franklin, THR u mealed of modern pMl -opher*. remark* thol "a pennv aaved la a pfiin* earned," Instead ol destroying your wnste pap"r. preeerve It. an I receive Ila equivalent t IB ca?b. which wo will pa* for old newranapere Or every de ncrlption. who c or torn; o'd pamphlet* of all kind*, old ctrcniara. handbill-. ti keta o?ri -. ilar*. catalogue* and old scrap paper in all It* trietie*, In ijuanntiea larae or small. Alao old writing patter an I a<*hool noo** old blank books, ledger*. Ac., of any ityle, it matter* not bow much tliey may he written on or m'dilated. BTOCKWELL A EMERSON. 26 Ann atreet. Fritz meyer's office for sketches. draw. InT* frotn Nature on wood and atone. Tainting* in oil and w ill ;? nlors, Map*. Memorials. Ac., Forijtb street, cor ner HonMoii IMMENSE CRICKS PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. .Vhj rid and fc-irce Masonic P <oka crieap 10,"0' Work* on Architecture, steam Knijines Dyeing, Ac. 1(1 ii 0 I'huti graphic Albums ai our price. WHO > Work* on History, liio.tsnhy, ve . at your prteo. SU?l."?? H'rap Prints an t Engr . ur< at any prlt*. LEUOAT BROTHERS, If<> N I .all ?t., near Beekman. Manhood and the vwor okyouth restored in four week* by Dr. RICORD'B Kaaence of Life. TH* wonderful i???-nt will rest, re mahood to the inoai (bat tered constitution* whether arlaing from eiceaae* nelf ahuw the etlecta of ellmate or natural car.nea The time rwinlred to cine the moat tnftmie caae la four week* Failure I* im[>o??lble. Dr. Ric rd * E*?ence oi Life If wild In caa"a, with Inatruetton* Tor uie, for #3. nr four quantities m one for t'l Sent ?arefu'ly piv'?*d on receipt of remit tani n br hi* accredited anent. Circular aent free an eeeeipt or four * arii|'?. PfllLIP KOLAND No. 447 Broome atrcet. New York, one door went of Broadway. MARBLK MAVT8LA.-THB BFHT PLACE IN THE city to pur- <aae cheap and well flnlahed Mantel* la at A KLA IIKK'S Mantel Manufactory, ]i>9 Kant Plght**Btb ?treet, n> ar Third arentie. New York Cut tbla oat Marble mantkln.-a finr selection op mar ble Mantel* on hand, and oirercd cheaper than any where ? ae at H. KLABER'H Marhle Yard, M PImi avenue, near Third atreet. New York. Call and eiamtae for your eeir. Notary pcnmc-any person nAviNo an un e*p red appnlntmeai a* Notary, and wt*hlaft to dlipoa* of the **nie - an hoar of an opportunity by addreaatng O. 8. K., H> raid otl.oe PKW IN DR. KWKR'D Ollt?*CR WANTED. ?A LIRE ral bon i* will be paid. Addreaa boi Z.ZJii Poet odica. PHOTOORAPH CARDS FOR CtPNTLP.MRN ?RAM pie* and Catalog iea *ent for renta. Kucloae an en velope with your own name an I ad lre*? D. llhMMKTTK. L'berty atreet. N Y. CANITARY FAIR -LADIES AND UENTLEMI N YIRIT 11 Inii the ilie it Fair Wl'l Cot fall to call at Ol V BRFIIK H, either at WH or -ii B. nad < .u, ind * ' ?? 'a MonagraBi. Card*, or lot of htatlnnery. A ae'ection can t>a made from over SO vai etic* of nolo paper, all witli envelope*, iierfectly matched. HFNTR COLLBCTED.-WANTED. BY A PRRHON . thoroughly uc | i nte I with t ic b'i*inc??, the rentuiif, oolleetlng and !">nei il ?upen I* on of property; the be?t or reference an ?cc intv ij.ven Ad Ire** or atiply to J. II. VVAVSi.EY. II j Third avenue, Wetw en Thirtieth and Thlr ty nr*t atreel*. OMAT.I.POX SMALT.rox._AN OI'NCE OP PRE n vmiioh la worth a pnnnd of circ Ma or LANE, pro prletor and dtx' ivnrer of t je Kn at In llan ".einedy for the enre and prevention of *m.illpo? ami other *kln illaeaaea, ha* returoed from Waa .io*P n ?ft<?r a mo*| aureewful vniti falne week* Thonaand* of certl s ea ran be ?eea at hi* re*ldence In 0" *antt*. Kaat Erooklvn, Pooiieenth alreet ' oner V ourth avenue whe^e the medicine can b? had, with lull direction* Nn family or ?h'| *h< uld be with out II. a* the Icarfnl dl?e*?e I* no e r.ixtnr. II laave* na ?car* upon the lace. Truth* are powerful and aw pra vail. fTIEAB?TEAS?TEA?. 1 IIIE ORE AT AMERICAN TK \ COMPANY will open on the 9th, at 'wo centa > ? r poi.r.d proM. a 'arge invoice of the i ne?i (r*d-'? <U Mot tine Teaa Imported, compri* ni Outtpo vdar Imperial, lit ana ,r.d Yauag llv*oo Yhe trade will notice that th(* i* *a d to be the Only tavoiia of ? OYCNR TEAS In tbl* market. URKaT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY, Importer* and .tch'era. . I Veacy *treet TYPR METAL and OLD LEAD WaNYFD.-CARH will be paid for a few hundred weieht ?( Type Metal ardold Lead. Apply at the de*k of thte odire. "WINDOW CUKTAINR.-VADAME ROBERT ?CON " tlniie* to receive and do Op Window Cartalaeei|aal to new, at her unrivaled new e*iahll*bment on l?arif*r, at Wiillam?hrtd*e Oidera lor doing ip lacea lakea a* k*r houae. No. k Ka*t Eleventh *treet t\< ANTED f.? 1IIRK-A NEW OH RKCOND HAND " putinitm retort for whic t a fair cempeoaalwjj and ?vcurlty will ueguen. Addreaa Krancia Krcderiea, Hera U ?flic*. 71 r: \ rv pfk i ocnd 1 ami FOE oi.d jiiuu I t Neeapipara, PamphVta, Maga'ine* Ma".1 *uma Letter* Bi i< Ac onut Hooka. Ac < ail befoee | *T" w^e^?. for we ? i 1 una antcc :o pa/ iimra, .ena/dle** i> *?> *? rtn .ne"fa h.? ?nn"iei . iaaa In lhee?y, ^ ranted lull w*b(hl. MA.NAlIAN A MILLAK. Keiail Taper ft areheuae, IP Spruce ?tre?i K T.

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