Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1864 Page 6
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A V HOl'VES, ROOKS, ?r , TO LET. A T 1#9 FLRECKERSTREET J1 T?. suitable for lk .irtllH komri m ?u isgttr bier aaloous, aril Stores, I" mhi aud >v uml M) ? He>1rot>tnii. ? -la 'or fa.i.i-.o aud i'lUnmril lnKI. Is t. ? ' i <ru.? loo-, ou- ? ? PraaaUa ?ire?i, WaHrr street ? ' ? 1 ao** ??*?-W .*? hut Houston street, .?ttTn,>k " . ll? BVe, *?, MR"* 1* ?? " *? retreat, I.' hlttc fr atieeL ?in ? * k r ,lr S Ml Bir.vker n.eet, Rip^krr et?-, t. lja Blester ?tre?L 4'. hr? U,,- ?-rp?i, 114 Monroa street. ?TJ Pewmd aveti e. 576 ? ,)uj a*., oaar 3d ?t *Vi>ty as above. At NKW brighton, UTATEN 1ST. A s O?FI'RNISH RD and util Jtnmlieil ir Hamilton Park, several iirnt .'as? wtater Hnd suit me K?v. iienc*"* to r?*ol, with at! niodern ewi?eisiee-e?. partkroiftr r *d*f u< I fur m-chant? MMoewJb ibe city aii if to ST. BOND, 1W Broadway A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?NO. 1? PHK!T*S place, to A private '..tuny; bntue tlirce "toriee base ox l>'. ..r.d s ib . ,? ?r. . in !.< t UU tet.atl n p?-r: 51 ?>r<ii-r. Bei.t *! KJ Uw its'.v, dbOWdlluNHbll. iau-ua Of M- *? 111'LL Tuird a Tea e. AFIKST class FURNISHED FOUR sTORT fa? nieut 'lousu to let, in the bent jwir- of Tbtrty lira) sir? ; * : ,oic for H buardfn. bouse. Itrins >il*' pei .... uiu, Address House, noi 3 SHU Fust o (Ice AfriilRE ni> i !'?? ON THE CORN PR OK 8IXTT f t -t street ana S ond ?> en ?; a goM s-*r,d for a fro oerji, ri b. .i>w Ala th.- i<c-i basement on Third avenue; ?et.l t<Au Ari'lj to JOHN FhTTKKTCH, 41S Third avenue B A KEftV TO L*! T?ONR WHICn H AS l?ONB A ities*4 fo yea s. lu-i ire at el amiani street ? FABTMFNT TO LET IN A PRIVATE HOI/SB?FOR l\ ore t two gentlemen, n;th gas. i ath and cloaet rooms. Verms .i . to * steady person. Uo 1 Eaat E.avtuth alreri. near Peurih avenue. A PA^rV WISfllVO TO COMMENCE HOPSRKEEP A me an secure Apartir.eitta carpet" fitted ? noe the tot Jauubrir and furnititr<> ail new, at a low figure There i? ?tc yi' i g ret| * te !? r a small fair.lly to com n J'uce at oace. Call M ?r ?Mwf r k.. sc Kcauo a treat, second tioor. IT 768 TUTRD AVENI'E?TO LET, FOUR BTOET A. Pi.t ah basemi nt brown (tone Houses, one three story He se tw sinnll h ah Stoop lloneea. Rente from $450 to ?63U. Apply toJAMM ROWE, omce 758 Third avenua. A RARE CHANCE.?TO LET. THE CI LLARS, ?OS. 3 and 4 K : ; n utreet (Fulton maiket' being the best lo eatiO!i iathl?i4y for almost any busiiieas. Apjiiy at the beukatand. ho 1 Fulton market. AHOCSE TO LET AND furniture FOR SALE in a lies tab e. ccmrnl location; a three story, high stoop Hon**, In perfect order and ul ely furnished through out. Auduss A. K. S., Herald . Aire. AtiOOO CORNER STORK TO LET?CHEAP, CORNER Kiftv B-v-nth street and Kroadwity. suitable fer any bua(ttt'HH: ?1;1: etiibl?-and good cellar. 1 his is a good i hance to a business Adwellino.-part or house <ss hudsojj etri-ct, ;o lot, twenty-two rooms, attic and two liuye rofusion of closets, bath a. gas fixtures; also a se m voars suc -essfol Basement Satoon Apply at >o. 8 leutL street, between Fifth anil Sigth avennes, AFACT(>HY Bi'ILDING TO LEASE, WITH 45 HORSE powi r !HI leet ^rjuare, three n rv hnck, to,.-"tlier with ?rnv or i>8 L ti h1'.ig, located on the west side of the CM; Possesion at ocoe. Apply to B. II. TATLOB, No. 8 Pin. street AT 64 NINTH STREET, NEAR FirTH AVENUE, TO let. After the let o( May, a second and third lloor. c?n toimins five Rooms ea> h, with or without Board or private tabUv To Niv? trouble none but those willing to pay libe ffeliy need app'y. A SECOND and THIRO FLOOR TO let-AT NO 3 Clinrhn place. Eighth street, three doors from Broad way, suitable for a physician or any respectable lusinesa or prude dweiling. AN extension room AND BACK PARLOR TO let?Furnished or unfurnished, sul able fur a dentist or phvs ciau. Apply at 26o Fourth street, near Washington Kjnare. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-AT new BRUNS ?wicit, N -J., within three minutes walk of depot, ?eiita.tiios' seven rooms, cellar. Ac., gurden, near schools ami chnrrk''S. Rent $'J00. Apply to C. A. DOBBS, St. Oermaln HoteL AHANDSOMELT furnished FRONT PARLOR TO let. on second floor, with two or three other Rooms, MB be had. together or separate, suitable for a doctor or ?eattst, or s; get.tleman. Possession Immediately. Call lor twe days at 3U9 Fourth street. Broadway -to let, the store 1,127 broad way. .me dour from SL James' Hotel. To agood tenant (be store will be leased on favorable terms. Apply to EBWIH MAY. 394 Broadway, or to B. J. KINO, 49 Broad Wy SBOOKLYNl-FURNISIIED HOUSE TO LET-A modern built three story basement and sub-cellar use. lia Luqueer street, near Court: convenient to cars ?Dd ferry; rossessioi. '5th April. Apply on the premises or to J. 0 ATWATEK, 328 Henry street. B AKEKY TO LET- til THIRD avenuh. INQUIRE ' tin the premises. Basement to let-wtth large vault at tacheil. suitable for a wine bottler or any light businesa Apply on tne.premises, 169 Spnag street gOl'NTRT HOUSE?CONTAINING 16 ROOMS. PAR llaily fuinwhed. on higb ground, with sp'.aadid view of H udsi n. to be rented low to a good tenant. Aptily to E RIH.NE St Oeim^in Hotel. CARTMEN -STABLE AND DWELLING, 27 FEET rot.t, to rem, on -.he east tide, below Grand street; Wall adapteu lor two rsrttn?-ii . slab.e with five on rea' Of lot with ? i urate entrances Apply to C. L. FRY B, 242 OlLkl SUOOt. (COUNTRY HOl'SE TO LET?FURNISHED. OH SAN. J lord ?rfii Fl s lne; unsurpassed lor hea.ttilnesi ol iluiloii; bae i3 r .oiiiH. ?.?*. furaa a. ' a U. water cloeet Ar., 1. rg<* mr et< and (table flv? minutes walk trom ilepou AppIj to 8. it. WALKER. 75 L.beily street, N. Y. fKHNTRY PUCE TOLKT-IN ROCKLAND COUNTY. \j ot. the Normern Raliroad t'% hour fr m ttie city, kouw id fi od order. l>aru wotains a tables lor horses and eow. i'mkI orchard, about seven acre* of land, ali minutes walk from tbe depot; near churches at.d schools; will be let tew to a i-oo-: tenant Id jUire of HERRICIv A WAKE MAN. 2" Waier street. COUNTRY PLACH TO LEASE-FURNISHED. AT ROS lyi I. I.; ten artei in !awn and gar ten, with Gothic House flOn&i ?> able ar. i outhouses t. e Handsomest puce an Lone Islato aicesible bv bosi and car* D. U. ORKEI.L. <*" edar street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?PARTLY FUR nfal e<i, bear New York fronting the water. there are a boat, one mill! r .w 80 bei.* Oil tbe P mt; splendid ve etao e garden, and tl " owner will i.riiirh and work tne cardan, with aii abundance ol i r ?. to a party, with fooo furniture, who wil b a . the owner'n fanuiy for the fcunjimr months. Addr- l ox 2 >89 I'orn Otbce (^01 RY 8 RAT AT SINO PINO TO I.EAPF, '? '.t.ree Jr-srr Twenty acre* of and, ele tan: f>o ?<? barn. Ac rreat , ' in:anceof shade and fiuit veea and grai as\ ei t \ ew of the Hudson riv> r Ap pit to H II. IaYLuS. J.o b P;ne street. r>oR.vcr BTORF TO LF.T?ON THIRD AVENUE; THE V-' best ??.aod ou i e m?hi e !or all;uor st'ire, t s? be.-n err .pie an ? ?a*i i,?? yearo. Terms easy A> p v t>i VI<;:fAKL BRADY "orner i orty-third street and Third avenue in the p ar. DESlBAl'LE ROOMS.?THE FiKRT FLOOR OF 61" I .hdw?y I - .?t t.e. c tjnish'iiolT with pleasant and 00a?ei.ieir Ho ? .>?, ronswtlng of one medi .in size. : nt i Parlo; i art' (ml P?i ? r wtt.i two laree connecting Room' ?? ii .. Par' rs. Willi one. two or ttirae . n'.-ci l?' K> ' . ru- oomi ?-e adai ed to wne woles eli i. ?? b'.i bBMi as well a* spirfiieois for families or single genikm'> Tin >|are ottered lor rent for a few riaya, i-.nlur if i.ot taken. ti e? will be furnished and re*<'.jr for neet.j a cjrof Miiv W ter and ??-(r c.oaet on the same U' or A; ply lo Xi.-s E AY K8 S' Cind f.oor. BUMnHIO COTTAUE on RATSIDE AVENUH. F l, L I. i-tn- l uar from Wall strsei; house elr fai t y ' nil'tied, l>a? ten rooms; (rounds, sis acr*? wetl titx-irr : w.t 'r .ii suada and <rnatnenlal trf*? nab e and a<liei ( utou .dinitr. in iri e order. Rem $128 pr mOLiL All i J to IS AA> SMITUX HON k <"0., ?(tt B roan way FURBISHED IIOI SB TO LET-NO. EAST THIRTY B'tb street To be i*?a Iron 12 lo * P M Apply at <07 Filth avebut. FfRMBHKD HOUM TO LKT?ONLY TO A CABB fn rr?['"n?lb)? family m dern lmpr"r?ments an<1 fn ly f . riU' ?d, Willi i)?*w ar;-<-'? and furnit ire. good arvtitM>rbi orl and ror b.' "k w/-?t of Broadway. r< nt $1 Oa i at 161 ^ est i birty nlatb aires FURM8HED HOUPK8 TO LKT-DESIRARI.Y LO ra:?o u F< urtOMlth, Fi'tfentbsod Thirty fourib ?tr? e:s, aloo ir. Main ti aienue. at r'r.te from fS.'O't-tf 0?J per aiD .ri,. of A. JOURNEAY No 8 Pins street. RVtSHET) HOUSES TO LET?BELOW FOUR teentti streot, orar Fifth avenue. f.tlU a month, oue. Fourt'rnth ??.r?-et near ?nth a.'enne $26" one bainw Fourth ? reel, two blocks from Broadwny t 10 a mouth; a<ao otLers. ADA MR A CO. 9i.t Broad ?a?. , fnCBWIRHED HOUSE TO LET-FOB SIX MONTH8 I or one year n Brooklyn; tbe be ?e is tltroe st nea aod *?.-mei.t. wltb modern lmpro^ eirwnts, and is hand? aatiifiy'orin-; e A| | y at 6) Ke ond ?, iac, Broo^ yn. HMsHED AND UNFURNISHED Rf>r?K? ON Kiat 'B 1st ! to .at. ?larmt and ctber pri| < rt* to I Fine Bm 1 nt 8tu? 'or sale, on* or. O. ? ?n Hill, at < ul fi.ur a<-f? $2,Mlt * tb Iiue view. Apply to D. K. llll< h COCK A RON, No. 6 Wal: ?teoel, lasoment FPBNItnp BOtfRB ro RENT AT IBV1NOTON -TO f !, tor th<- <animer ?e.'S"!!, a large -toil' Ho> i-e new ?6 fe?t ? .iiaro. w th SO S'-ree of .at !. roe m ?. ca?t >1 Bruai! ? av bet ween Ire.ngtnn and Tarrytowu, ot. ground w iti beautiful *!????, i ne gar .?.n, tri it tress too.i -hi e si. f?rr.a>e bo Se K i rei i, Ac apply to K U. Ll'DLOW A CO .No. 14 Plue street. HOI 88 TO LBt-lB BROOELTN 163 ELLIOTT plain, letw?co Ha:.sci. j? e and At.antic avenue, a tbrer.ti t afen.ent hr ek House in t!i?t rate or ter. wttli fax, l.ot .od old water an 1 ba.b .-a heaithy, riearant ?o.?uon; i n loel 1< I R-nt 85iii Arp^l to Dr. COLTON, B H-iiid stree'. New York or on the l?sam ?i HOI SB TO LET AND FURNITOBE FOR FALI- -THE 1. . se la now filled w-fth tblrtv boarder*, who wish u> ten n o it suitable portiOa pur. ba?e poesesataa gleea at ok* ion .ire at the b >usa. ? Nortb M'leieoireet. H(M TO RkNT?217 WEST YHIRTT-SBVBHTII street, west 01 .?e?eiitb aeeil'ie; tweuty t^ r?e r?om?. a<>?> repa riog rr re i >?? Apaitmoot* t<. rent in aire be ise iits W <-?t To riy.seM nth sli' ei, ir?and?i rnrruson a Imx i unite wate? atid e- erteoo i enlenee l?e ?n>all genteel iaai i iea. Ai ? if < ti the t remises be ? re 12 i o ? C. FaRTkIDOB. f A ROE MANSION TO RENT-PARTLY FtlRNIf RFB: ?j . ue houi from c^y. on Stolen Itiard. fine elew, p-r fortly h' -ltby, eslenm ? t,ruunde, .o^ga, ilabK A<" or will ?all Apply to T ftOMD 132 Broadway WORTH RIVER COUKTBT >EaT8 FOR RENT-FI B a ?b<d one "itiiate . a ( irnwall<' u larlers of a *tlb ir .o the landinc. I??ut i illy situated, wit' >n ah'ib Aan-eif fmii. bwrrlo*. grsr ?. with tuffleleal ?an<lat lathoo ?i?c ai' aoetseai.i ?ia'-ti ;.'iBj:e ret t per an. tarn Alsti one It Marlboro, SiOl ted dlftruy t.p >0 the eator, ?Mil I i.e beorh for bostms kehltg Ar . f,ne house, out Aulidmgs we bo ?e w ater .r. be houae, and mT cot eeti.ence, with an atiutidaboe of fruit and land atU'A' d; real ? ?' re? arina/i Aiplf at U Waier street, or eta.r?. aoiwren II and 12 A M and 3 si:d <P M PART Ot A HO "SB TO LF.T-CO*?SISTINO OFFOCB laig* Bo^ms six' four Pantriea. b. t and r*.id water, Oath >od pas. io a re' t en,?i. and wife ?ely. Appiy let ?wo Aa?s*i ifi Forty n ntii Mreet. TlART OF t FOt'R MT' RY f!N"l ISH HOUSE. FBOM 1 Mcaadflnni . ii Tbii;* r.ftb itieet laetwM n Eu'hib and pUtlh set i nes. to a rospe table family only, i<<> ob eenod l# ^ 4 TBAVH1 8. 1? W*M Tl>iriy?i*6?fc?tmt. I mirsrcs, rooms, *v.. to lbt. Rooms f?> lft?to a small family ok inwti r (BOihldn-B1 Me MOM on ?Front MM 1?? ?* Or i? Will *?-, *ud Uoi ?nd ?o .1 waier to '? il; ??>"? * r noes given and re ;?lred, App:* at 16. fc?st lbirty-ihud grwt _ OBCOttD FLOOR (ALI. CONVBNIBNCE^ TO LET O *l?i? 40, ?>!??' iesirab.e BaaeOMMlt ? oor, ?v. t? rwt^'V abU wi?aul* location central, 'a l**ih Tenth sirvet, or wtfl (ell at W,")??. worth Jo.'OU. l*TF\M POWFR.?WD LFT FIRST, SECOND Al*T? > Floor# ol bull in Sev ??* ? enue Twe--tv eighth ?nd T?mn y-s nth it re' a, ? feet t.y lnl s ut ,i , f ,r fcov niAbufaMuriim business. ai?n> second > <> r, on c xer of T.m lit, ebjhl stieekaud f"v?nti ?vei.i:p W fee' Wv 1 ? fee. For parli ular* ?|-j ly to * fc.K)*, 00 V HL A 8CHLICHT1NU, on .be ? remit s, oi 31 liran 1 ttr?M w'TEtM POWER TO IRT-WITH LIGHT ROOMS FOF O manufacturing on ?b? corner of Bank and '-Vett eireeis Apply to IBM I'K' K. 149 Hank street. on the premises. OTORAtSE FOB Fi'RNlTURK. PIANOS AN1) TRUNKS, O ii, re far .ml dr> lofts over ttif H?no Ws ? .rooms. T S Hl.K'tV. V3 Broadway, between Prince and H hi iisIh QTORAOIS OF HOUSEHOLD Fl'RNITURF. CAN RE . h in i e !lu'.' lolls Nil Sath avenge opposite Zlf bth streei. Building I reproof. App,\ up .tairs, from 9 ?u 12 a. il. 4? _ <JTCRB TO LET?IN IKRSEY C1TT; I'O BY 25 ' EFT. H rent #650 a year. In i ire if TAUbBft A SlTTUJi, 6? Montgomery street, Jersey City QTORE TO LTtT -rilE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A O Tov andCandy Store for na'.e c'irup Also Root Beer F innP Ice fiox ami Ice Cream Apparatus; rent low Apply at 207 avenue C. between Twelfth and Thirteenth if-re-uc. mo LET-IN THE N KW BUILDING AT THB JUNCTION X of iiroa<lw.iy and Sixth .ivenue between Tlurty-lifth aud Th.rtjsmh streets, eleganily Unished Storesund B.i^e merits, li, .5 or 50 feet wi !e, by half i :e block or running th ough from Bulb avenue in Broa' The locatioii iu unsurpaasiNl for biisinets, and the stores will equal any m the cilv. Apply to WM D. F. MA NICE on the preinis's. between 9 autl 10 A. M , cr at 4<i Fine street, from 1 to 3 P. M. TO LKT?A HOUSE, STABLE AND FOURTEEN LOTS of Ground, on Nostrand avenue, m ar Willuuiibby ;ive nne, Bro<jKlyn, tn l .e immediate vicinity of b th the Mjr'le avenue and DeKalb avenue llnea of car?. The hou-e ou tains 12 rooms, iuclud ng bathroom, has ran^e. water, g - and other modern eonveuienci'S, a d Is In perfect onier. The ground contains a quantity o; i>r?pc vine* nud Iruit tr- es Ac. Hen' $ti 0. Apply to GEO. F. MAkU'JKNS, 12'j Biosilw. y. N. T. TO LET ON STATKN ISLAND. FURNISHED AND unfurnished Houses, located at Clifton, Tompkinsville, Stapieton; and m tbe interior of the Island, at ren'.s ~r<<m $"iu to $1. 00 per aunum. Permita ol A. .JOi KNEAY, No. << Fine street. TO LKT?Fl'RKlSHED, NEAR COLD SI'BINO, ON the banks ol the Hudson. I'nderclitl. one of the finest places on the river; House laite nnd completely furnisl ej; ft library, containing over l.OHJ choice and rare work*. H;is ali moiiern improvemento ea*. AO. View unsurpassed and loeailou an iceptionable. With the bouse ;i7 acrea ol innrt, which will be worked by the farmer, il desired, on sharei. Hort-es, c,irnage. cattle and all requisite (arm implements with the ulace To parties wisinnc a delightful countr>' seat the present oifers great advantapes. Permits and further particulars at the olllce of A. JOI RNKAY, No >S fine si. TO LET-ON STATEN ISLAND. A COTTAGE CON taining eleven rooms, with garden attached within five m'nui??' walk of the Vandrroilt landing Apply -o It. F. KRKIAtiTON, near tbe premises, or 24^ Pearl street. New York. TO LET?IN MOTT HAVEN, A TffO STORY HOUSE, with nine rooms Aisoaone st'Tv Store siijolning on Third avenue, or old Boston road, tbreo blocks from IJaneoi bridge. Poaaesalon immediately. Apply to J. M IU t'K. r LET-TO ONE FAMILY. THE DWELLING PART of 127 Waverley place, comprising bit Rooms and t,'ar ret; has water on two foors; gas to be put In, and to he Sainted and papered throughout. Apply to T. M. RODMAN, o. 9 Whitehall street. TO LET-BT MAY 1. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED third lloor. to three or four gentlemen with or without board, in a first class ho use tn Fortysutb street, near Fif.ii avenue. Inquire at 568 Broadway. TO LET-STORES IN GOOD LOCATIONS FOR Li quor, lager bier, grocery, resUmant, or any tmsinc-*g; No. 131 Blcecker. 6J feet deep; 4ti2 Broome street; 373. n-l 375 Second avenue. Also Suits of Rooms for families. Ap ply in basement lc9 Bleecker street. TO LET-THE DWELLING HOUSE. NO 110, AND part of House lc Charlton etrcei. between Grecnwkh and Washington streets, containing all modern inipr< ve ments will he let for reasonable rents to go >d tenants. Ap ply to MARTIN WATERS, 122 Charlton street. TO LET?AN UNFURNISHED COTTAOB. WITH stable and garden, situated on Hie hi :i above Staplet in, Sisten Island Inquire for particulars at L. VON HOFF MANN A CO.'8. No. < Hanover street, or at Mr. Mo LEAN'S, Stapieton. TO LET-ON NEW Y'ORR AVEVuE, CORNER OF St Mary's. Staten Island, a Swiss Cottage, 12 rooms. K..S, water. Ac.. Nacres of lawn, in complete order. 6 minutes from Vauderbilt's landing. Rent $7l)u, unfurntsheo In quire of M. p. O'BRIENS, Montgomery avenue, Quaran tine landing. TO LET-TWO LARGE ROOMS. SUITABLE FOR housekeeping; also a young lady, with a sewint' ma chine, cau be acomtnodaled with good Board kt 231 West Twenty siilli street. TO LET?8ECOND AND THIRD FOORS AND ONR Basement of high sloop brown stone bouse. 80 West Thirty first street, near Sii:h avenue. coLlaining all the modern Improvements, deep house line yard, location un exceptionable, rent moderate; references exchanged. Ap ply on the premises. TO LET-A YBRY DESIRABLE BROWN STONR Hnuif in F.ui.'.y ae-:ond street. in splendid order, bu all tbe luo'fa improve n -nu a'.so, a g iod lloi-e in El rl.ti e gnth street. two Btoies on Broadway, jetwcea Tw>tiij i-uhtb and Twenty ninth streets; fc-ave plate <lara fronu ami are good stores, st low rent Also, a large. .l ht Kootn in East Twenty s?v' t.13 ?tre.-i, with steady Hteum oow<r A.pi>lV to A P. SlL'RltiY ANT A CU., 13 LaatTwtn t) eeventb ttreel TO LET-A LARGE HOUSE, ON THE CORNER op It Mkdway a d Twenty-moth Meet: oontam? about jf< roonii. beside* kit h?n, laundry. storerooms, batim* Ac , an 1 a tt.e xn era improvement*: a itiai ?e for a tir.-t clsss boarding bou>^. ?ill be leaded lor 4 . r i years o ? to a good tenant. Apr!? to A. J*. aTLKTh\AN1 A CO.. 13 bast I?e..l) ?t n.;l. -;re--i TO LET?THE SUPERIOR KOI'R STORY BR<T.N atone and brfrk English basement Home, with stahie in tbc reiir, No. K6 Anuly Mr^et, in complete order, with al. the modern improveneut*. Can be seen from 11 to J o clock ' Apply toJOHN t'l'LVER. 'ill Tbomps.,n tt.eet. TO LET?TIIE SPAUOI S HOUSE AND STOKE. !A feet by f . at the Corner of !2S;h street and fcightb ave n <e c ml,.wing muiv than thirty rooir.a. It is fitted up with All tbe m< Jem improvement*. Tbe Store la on Eighth jh nue. the !!? >w on 125;h (treat. Tbey eat te used *? paraiely or together. Stable and garden atu :ied. Uer pun. uUrs apply on the premises tr to UE.S EDICT k BOAKOM AN, 12' It roadway. To let-a rcunnn hoo?b with a few >t'? of .and, an tutted rn.dwav "tw<# u ttbite 1' t.n* ai. l Maniarmi'-ck depots; d stand . ettoer <5ep ?. .Jj n> >k A't .resa, tot further p?n ? ~.a?s. J. L 779 H roadway. rrO. LET-OS WITH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY, 1 two new {lor?e?, I,aadsomely,finished, tue B?,i;V?.r hood is unei''?ptlooab'e; atoiea. schools, Ac, are mar at hai 4 NHltr ami easy communication with the city. Kent low; Imnediate no??evmob tit van. Apply to liAKDMAN ? OSBORN, 2S2 '-rand street TO LET-A COUNTRY HOI SR. HANDSOMELY thro'ip o t. on tbe so ,nJ con.meodins aui!?iio::. two tnilea ftmn tut on eighteen miles iron '.belly: house we.l tn.i'.t roomy an ! plenum! in every way suitable for a ten ee Ifttnlly; b t one tear c.: on er with fr<" one to fiftr a res. Inquire of Mr HOLWEO, ociosue the depot. Hew Rochelie, TO LET? H-'tHIBHKD fOCI ITOIT BOOH, V' :3 East T? entyek-nth street. ti'-ar fifth a-. ?nue F rinr or t let, tb': three itory or. n House, 11 l .url 1 wenneth street. DAM EL U. ( I'RTI8, OWMr, it KUttus su TO UT-nrVBRAL NT- B STORES ASD BASE nculi aleo scv.-rai S-Ua of Koornn aultmue tor ot: cea cr at idlo.. ar Singie Roo.ns. t e Ktnrei are lu tbe L?i(|hbor liocd ol Br- d-.'.Ay, and t ? rooms in hriw-dway f'o?a- ?a n o! m m of ttie ab >ve c?n be 0?<! Immediatciy. App.y to H. BALDWIN, 5 v Bnad?ay room 0. TO LIT?TO A SMALL FAMILY. THE SECOND Floor end two attic Hooo * and fiont Bawnent. gas in the ht iar in 'tenwick meet r?-lor?>t, as eit-aanj'd Ad dress to Oraud aireet, in tbe drug > lore TO LFT?Fl'RNISHED HOt'SE IT TOWN, GOOD neifil ^orLood, between E nbtb and Niulh seeu's. tnree storr br'-k, t l/b sloop, iri goo<J order a.?> a ttrnr rto'j br rk Ho iae and two Lot* witb stable connpleiel4iL P;ftieib street, near Liublb ?v? ie R. aMERMAN. 1,149 Bread wsy. TO LET?THE THREE BTOR1 AND ATTIC HOl'BB RJ We?t H Itie street. Bro'iklyn. oce'ipl?d by'apt D. Lvn-h, V. S N . a moat d'airaDie residence for s cnteel (anuly; ; !????in Ma<- 1 rem |tki. Inquire of S. A, PHILLIPS. ?! Broadwsj K. V TO LET?''ART OP H<U SR -5 RA8T TWEM-TII Street: ItiKhen ot base.nent tloor, all tbe fcor-' ?tory and pari of tbe third. u>p-lher fire rooms i.nd kit, b-n. Reieiences etrhauaed Adiirens box 87t* t vet office. TO LET?FOR BUSINESS. SOClRTiES AR.??TS, C;,-ih?. A 'I* and MI?i Jleoadw.ty. eorp"r of T*eHtl. Street ? ucible fr> d: Ke >'n* r.tsu the ibiru Floors of ta aod AO fcskt Twilltb street, r *ar Hro-dw.iy. JOHN 8 KBLHO. W Ceuar street TO LET?A DOOBLB rOTTAOF LO? ATED ON CAR tnon Ilri. t '.fi ii Iti .i. I, with u.b it l?cre?o vround, w.tb bt?i i> ?nd laundry, e o?l ?? I at water, rut- trees, i'c.; trry hei.hy loeaiion and Itr.e In land And w i ?r ? ???. n: v l.fteen mantes wait fn n t.h<- l>-rr? an Mitf I or l irtber part eular" apply to Ji>*E VA 'I/.AVEDO, !4 Cedar >o:e<!|. ri'O LET?FIRST t'LAKS HOUSES PARTS Ol' HOI SE8 1 and S-orei In Baal Br adway, Market Madiron Mor.t fomerr. Nonioe. Henry, Otnion. .lefferroa. Oliver Riving ton, Ilrooo.e. Ho iston Thon.|? n Le -r.ard, Wa- > uton and ^tate streete. Apply t> MIOIAF.I. T lilBKO^.-" I'J vt..nrt<-, near Market street; office hours fro? 9 to ?. A. M and 2 te ? P. M, TO LET-THE HOl'SE ? WEST SROtDWAT AND 1 roiture for ssle m tbe l?ten<.s |ea..n|t e cite. de? rsble for a boaMInc house or a elub l ou-e. t?> ic robii,? oi else) ng. i?riors, large )s?emer,t am, k t fen, and oonveoieut vault and eutbulldin?a. Ir. | ire oa ine premise a. TOLEi-PI'RNISHKD ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD IN a f.ret c sas brown (lone Hoiee. a'l tb> rn !ern lm pro einents. sit?ati< n W"st Forty four;1 street n>ar 111 ad way Addieat W. B. M bo? M I'ost otE'.-e, N. Y. TO LET-PART OK HOl'SR, 215 WEST TH1RTV mti. ?triet; wl,I lie put In <ornplete t ruer, sod made deslisbie for ?m?ll gent'-sl famll*. also to lei. kuuse2J7. 28 ro ma; also Ka^-'.ory l.'Ml West thlrti-ee-? at . eiu, or wiltoiu power A| i ly before 12 O tWk V PAKTRiDutf. 217,West TLirty-kirtb street TO LRT-A FI'l'IT STAND. AT TBK CORNER OP Fourth even io and Twenty fuurta street. >or,e bi.t first :aas (ruil deaitrs seed apply in u>e regar and nine store fO LRT-rtlHEB fTORT BIOH SIOOP BRICK llouM Ne 12M Or?<-ne etrret Sent tow to a v(..,| tebabt CHAKLBB H MILLS. Se Cedar street fTO I BT-WBLL Pl'RN.eilED CRONT 8ITT1 NO AND 1 Bedrooms lor one ort-v<i stot.eoirn or (eotleaian and WtU a s4i Biiseineat. smtaMe for a doctor's od er, In a high atO< | h,?urn- on PifUi fiveivae. near tbe Hretoort House Apj ly to K INSET THOT, 167 Bsoadway, room No. I rpo LB1-71 I.PONARD STREET, RF.TWBl N PROAD* 1 wa? sod i 'h rrti *lre?t B Iti M a f oed>!a<-f for a res Uoranl oi ii l.'ij'er brer aaiuib Inquire ol TltlMCH Mt'R. UAH flc ii ? iv c'l-iei ?r a.' 4M hrgfc. *ai br?i u'fU NOOfU^BOOHl, ?r.. TO LRT. TO LET IN FORTV FIP?T PTEHFT, ATintEK STORY ill ,i? *ioop brick. Smi house east of Fourth iwnue Fur terms auu permit *4 "'J w A. A. BISHOP, broad ?>y, room No a rpo LET?EIGHTH AVENUE COENER BASEMENT JL best ventilated and best 'Ifhted on the iniM; ou > (<-r ?.'?r torn qood tenant; a splendid chance. Appl.v . ud'j 1.11th avenue. IX) LET?A FOO* STORY ENGLISH BA8KMI*?T I Ho ?'? wi'h all the modern taiproveuents, on Se anrt ?venue near Thirtieth street; rent $T'U Inquire *? i8o Set oud avenue, in the drug more TO I FT-* THREE STORY FRAMR HOUPE ON F ftf nteth street, between Seventh avenue and 1? road way. rroutiag Central Park. 12 room*, water u> tlilrd s'> ry; rent $400 F 11. CURRY, 82 Pearletroel. TV) LET-BY MAY 1. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Third Fluor, for twc or three gentlemen. with or witk O'.t Break sst In .i first "law ho i?e in Forty >:-.tli street near Broadway AJdri 9? for one .vein box 4,747 I'ost oflice. rpo LET-NO II CLARKE STREET, BETWEEN 1 Broome ami Sprite ? front building, three story brick, citable for atactory, rear building frame dwelling; rent low -o n tenant a 1 o ? ill lilr both build.ngs. Permit* of A JOUltNEAY, No 8 Floe street. TO LET?LARGE AND WliLL LIGHTED BOOMS, J with steam power: also email Kooma, power. In ?liiire nt JoHN * MEi EK, llli Weat Twenty uu truth struct, noMeen Sum and Seventh avenues. TO'LBT-WORKSIIOPS. WITH OR WITHOUT I'OWBR: ?tze by 88 feet; aiao 23){ by 40 feet. Apj ly at 144 Greene street. rpo LET?A TWO STORY BRI'K STAbLE. IN MAC 1 do .:?l street. near Spring; linn seven stalls aud room lor a lu,dt wa^oo AW# a Riding tiig for sale. inquire of J. 1). BALDWIN. IS Abingdon square TO LBT?TBE HOUSE NO W LEXINGTON A VENUS, Inquire at l.J* Chambers street, between 10and 4 o'cloak. T~0 iurr-FOB THB 8TORAGB OP WTRNITURB, separate Room: in the tint clasa bu.ldlng ''?21 aud 3-D Fourili aveuuu. Inquire in the oJjee. TO LET-PART OF THE NEW'ANU EEEGANT BROWN ?lone front house 143 Forty-eighth street, m ar Second avenue, to unit partier. Apply to K. LEACHUOKN, 38 Walter street, or at 209 Kiftv ihirU street. TO LET?WITH IMMBDIATB POSSESSION. TWO Inrite, nl, ely furnished I'arlors, with pantries. gas. and bathroom attached. tu one or iwo gentlemen, with break fust it re jmrod, with a umail private 'ainily. Apply at 200 Bleecker street. riiO LET?A FURNISHED COTTAGB. AT HPGOBINK J. Si.iMon, on the buteo 1-iand Railroad. Inqare at 200 Fourth street, of the c miuotor uf the railroad, or of K. THOMPSON, on -he premise*. fPO LET?FUBNISHED, A FIRST CLASS BROWN J stone Lngltsu basement House, in Forty-second street, near Broadway, to a private family. Apply to N. C bISHOF, lu! Broailv/ay. first lloor, rear odiee. TO LET-A TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE; SEVEN rooms, ras. water and luge yard; furnished oomplete, with bed linen, orooKery, Ac.. all new; will lie let onu t> tn. se purchasing the furniture; pr ce of furniture, $.,0 0 ?-ash . rent of house. $4 m. Apply at r-'oJi West fhlrtieth street ou Mouday, from 9 to 2 and 6 to & TO LFT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPVi: PART of a neat two story House, on Flltv seventh street, fo iith house from Sc on 1 avenue, oocslsting of t". rooms, two be> i s and bathroom, gas and croton water. In quire at iDO Delaneey street. TO LET?THE LARGE, KtRST CLASS HOUSC. NO 47 West Twentv.nmth etreet. between Fifth and Sinh avenues No ob icctiou to a liret class boardloc house, its the owner will board out part of the rent if desired. Apply to to ilie owner on the ]>remisea irom 2 to 6 E. M , when the house can be seen. 1>0 LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS. THE setun i Floor, furnished or uni urnished, of house 100 West Twenty fourth street; in a good looation and nice neighborhood; gas, bath, Ac. Apply as above. rLBT-A THREE .STORY BASEMENT KRIfK House, and part of another two story basement dmib e brick Cottage, furnished, on htriker lane. Fifty thir.l street, North river. Also, three story nasement brick, I'ut nam avenue, Brooklyn. Apply to J. O. DAVIBON, 16 John street rpO LET?TH EBB STORT HOUSE, WITH STU" E, i. comer of Eleventh avenue and Striker lane; good loca tion for groceries and drugs. Apply to J. G. DAVISON, 15 J obn street. TO LET?PART OF A HOUSE CONSISTING OF TWO Basements, with pantries, front i'arloi an 1 two Rooms on .bird iloor. reui $275 per year. Apply ot 177 Twenty fifth strett, neer Eighth avenue TO LET?SECOND FLOOR IN HOUSE 42 West Thirty seventh street, containing two Roo.ns. bedroom, kitcbeu, gas, hot and cold water, bath room. None but a amali, gen teel family need apply. ritO LET-A COTTAGE, WITH OR WITHOUT LAND, X containing seven rooms, for the summer or vear. about eutht miles from the city. Apply to R. W. WILLIAMS, 440 Broome street. TO LBT-A TWO STORT AND BA8RMBNT HOUSB, with ktnble and six and a half lout beautiful garden, grape arbor and truit treeo. R?nt $UX) per annum. Apply to THOMAS PARKBIt, 2M Cirand street, corner Chryttie. TO LET?THB THREE STORY BRICK HIGH STOOP Ho>ise 131 Bast Thirty tifth street. Also the brown stone House adjoining. No. 132. Apply at 13>. TO LET, FURNI8HED?A BROWN STONE ENGLISH liasement Houa?, in East Thirtieth street, near Fourth avenue. Apply to JAMES DAVIS, Jr., 86 Cedar street. TO BR LET? A TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRIt'K House. in Greene eireet. near Priuc. Apply to O. DU ROC1IK. 120 Greene street. before !> A M., from 15 to IU, or *ft?r 6 P. M. Will be let owl; to a respectable person. Kent $55 '. (Sat and bath TO LEA6E OR FOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS OOUN try ?'-nt. at Flushing, of 21 acre*, fine sarden. fruity ,tc.; a *i. oi,r *t College Point, of twelve acres, Gothic Uou.c anJ stab.e, spend id water ylewe 8. F. IRELAND, fcl Cedar (tract. TO LET OR FOR BALK?THREB STORY HIGH BASE ni?nt House, No. ih ,1 fTersjn street, Brooklyn, Lear Krsnkiln avenue. and fine drive* and par>.?, every Improve ment, 21 hy 12 by 100; carpet*. Ac., for salr. Price $6,90 . Kent f(W0. Appiy to J. O.BATES, on the premises, or at oO.John street. N. Y. TO LKT OR FOR SiLK-TWO OF THR THKKE story aii'. basement brown stone from House* on tbe soutb si,,'e of 128th stxei. brtwe.-o Second and Third ave D'ies; all moKru improiemcnta; rent $600. Trice $7,000. Apply tn J. N. WATSON, Third avenue, near 130th street. mo LET OR FOR BALK?THE HOTEL AT FORT LEB, i N. J., known as tbe Davis House. Apply to 1011N CONWaT. 15 Park pl*ce, New York, or to M. O NEIL, on ibi prernwos. rpo LET OR FOB SALR-IN WILLIAMSBURG?RENT 1 $300 -a two story bs-ement and alt c brie* front House, k iltai ,e for one or two famil ee. Willi three ot* of uround; fine garden. with peach anu clierrv tree* currant boshes, ac. . oi.e and s ball mt,es . roin tbe terry, and convenient to tl.e Grand street or* Apply at 269 I earl at.eet New York, TO LET OR FOR SALK-A BBA'TIKUL HOl'SK, with a.' modern impfOveufn - ,vi1 three iic-e? of land afa^" ed wel. stor??-.| ? ih fr nt and ornsmctvsl tie> a nelgbh rhoo.l fits! cut**. v th'o f irtv five Mlmtes of the ihourly. Inquire of H. HOAu 75 Pine street TO LET OR LEA8B?A BUILDING. ABOUT 4 XlO. now occ pled a I'lanm^ Mill ft i 11 II luts uf Orounu. an<i a Steam Enj'ne of abp i ? tiers* power. Ap piV to WaKU M' LEAN. .'J Wait street. ^ 'Po l^T OR LE ASK ?FOR A TF.KM OK YEARS, Tit K I l..r No. 40 Prince street, 23*115. In , lire of H. N. PARltKK, room No. 8 City Hal.. TO LET OR LEASE-THE WKLL KNOWN FRANKLIN House on Col ?i,p pisoe, o, posite Hu .son Railroad <<?!>ot. a si i'-iidh'. ?und for lu> <1 b.i).in'??. In.nire of HOMER If OH* i AN, No. 2 I'iue street, or No .126 Broadway, first loft. TO LET OR LBAB1 IM "P"PI/PNDID~~00BNKR Stor* No 83 Warien strott, oorner of College plaoe, op posite llud-on Kiver Railroad depot : is an ? ?. i-i.ent st.'nd for either wbo.evale or retail bt;? ne s. innuire of HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 P<ue street, or 32t Kroadway, Lrstioft. TO LET OR LKAHK?TWO AVALL STORKS NOP ?fl and ol'V, Warren street i.ear corn-r of College place. Injui e of IIOMER MORGAN No 1 l'lne street, or 326 Broadway, first lofu TO LET WITH ?>R WITHOIT STBAM POWEI Third Floor of No. 22 Beekman "trc" t. P ?*e*slon nn mediately. Apply on tbe premises. Corteljou'i Type Foundry. TO LEAJjK?HOTEL. WITH AOJOIMNO DKMO crst.c Hall, inolutiini: also eitenslve ad fining staoiea, at Hobeken. nurtnwest c>rnsr of Washington and First streets; lot fe?'t by 1(?) feet equsre n**r tbe doeks of ??he'er--:Kt'stearrers, tbe ferries ar.<! ra r ad depot. In quire of A. I) LOGAN, Clarendon Hotel, New York. TO LBASB?TIIK OSteWUkYl t) AXD WRLL KNOWN Kena irants and Uininc !*?.o<>n* of k W nduat icstab lit bed a'd kept uy liim over fotiv yesrs , No I Park row snd 1o. 5 Ami street, t . lea*e for a term of i'i-i wit', all ilie Inline* Ai> op| ortumty to obimn so de? able a stand for t 'isiiicss is seldoii. ofler' A For : ill i i tic Isrt and card of ndims'ion In i lire of P. C HARMON, r oru 19 Gi'.sey R illdinfs be'ween the hours of II sii'l I n Mo^k None but prinelpals and resp1 nsible par; na need apply. TO LEA: R-FOVH LAR IR HALI..I OX THK SECOND story of tb'' new boodint at the unct.on of Broa lwsv giatb a vent* nnii 1 hlrly llftb street, i* I| 22 >et fiikl) and 47 feet wide. an<l Iron ; to 130 fee long jobroken by leiumse aotl i leeantly fir, shed suitable for uriuoi < s and drill f< 'is, rh .r< ho-, .odges. billirrd looms, cou ert or lee,i,re rooms, or for nae-t uls of any He I. Any o WM. F MAN ICS. on the p emiae-. let' ? en V and 10 A. M or at i6 Pine street, be.ween I ant 3 P. M. rPO LEASE?DBRIRARI.E OFFI R- IN BROADWAY. 1 jus' sbov e Wall *? ie?t, a>s r C' dar street, au eutiro Ii'st floor and basement, bettreen Broiiiw.iv and Post nli-e, su it'll :e Tor tat si any I j*ine?a Atldrees < as ;o& Post oSce. fTO RI.NT?THE SPACIOUS I-OFTH OF IH ft BUILD X ing U Cortlaodt Street, 1J0 feet il-ep. will be rented low. Apply to L. H. LUDLOW A ( 0 No 3 Piue street. TO RRNT-A GOOD PIANu THK RAMP WOULD HE talen met hance for a t ood s> wng machine lor family uee Call Sunday or MouJay befoie 12 octo'k, at III fit? BAKI'.Rfl AND OROCBRS -TO Li.T, TUB STORB 1 and Bakery ;i>6 Bast Tbilty fourth street near the ferry. Aiso the Store and Rooir.s V I Is m n very good loeation for any buemesa. Rent reasoi able. Apply nt 238 Spring street. TO WATCHMAKKR8 AND II WKLLF.RB -TO LBT. A Store and Dwelling, In N> wto?n I, I now occupied bv the abo.e busnieas. Mock and a lor sale if tie aired Apply at 100 Sislb avenue ,% v VILLA AT VONKBR8 -TO BE LKT H HN! Ill P OR unfurnished, erith immediate h^stum,, *r. Ilsctell's mueh sdtoired -ind inoet elmih y ,o(*te,i v.iia ResldOme at Yonsere, Brondway and Lake avenue Itooverebalf an acre of Mm ipf'n wiurh is * ime etoce.^dWick ?1w#ll1r?f \ouji^, with all itoe nioafrn ionrrovrmro i, c?w inao(itB|Actiarfniiig wta* down tht IJuoaon *Dt) Uoad IM I ay to thr Nai Town A can- *i?p of I h? k. Bt-M , fruit And oriiAMftlal And shrubt; a wrll ?r d?U?^ou? wAtor. biNiidse two '.Mt^rnii And oth^r lonvcnifnrtii, ApplT &BAC??;W?VnL.^ ?' 01 oaiy to JAM EB ti A MONTH FOR A NEAT MIT LB 8EVKN ROOM (^ettaee in a clean, airy ^ let p,?.e ?, Wiliiameburf. wlthm 30 mibutee walk of lei AddreseN II , stot oo ?, N T. $11 179 ?KaST f RKR ?nil ON 1? 1 I A Floor MM Rasemenl to lei .bfiirnisMd r??tf?2*J Aiso Inrnisl.ed Rnotn on ibiril Mnol t, no or lw* etngl* ; .(entlwnen. wltboul Beard iLnuttK At alxite. BOAinnra tn> iodging. At tub frankfort iiouhb, onf. block fast oi tue City Mall corner of Frankfort and William streets, Jno '.ratty furnished, liuht, warm Knows A room to ooe txreoa, Mc to Syt. per day; fl J6 (o per week. House oi?o all r jfht. At the grant HorsR u new bowkrt, bb twt-en Oathim square and Chambers s'reet, newly iurnlshed. iea trul oration, Rooms. ic one pera??n 25 to 60 tea:* **r day; $1 to $3 per reea Houne open all night. ? HA.NOSOMELY FURNISHI D PARLOR AND TWO ly larg- Bedrooms to let. wtiji or without Board, from th? beginning of May, in a flint elm htUM. uear the Viith Avenue Hot"I. References gi<-en and retuired. A^p!??t47 B ist Twenty third street A T 31 WASHINGTON I'LA^b. NEA'I BBOAHWAT, ." University 1" tiding.?T ie advertiser baying juat leased *.h? above, and bav ng more room* tl an ho requires. offen flue .rnishcl Rooms, without Board, to gentlemen only A superior Suit or Rooms for a first claim demist, physician Or artist. Immediate possession 4 T 18 AND 20 NINTH STREET. BRTWEBN FIFTH t\ ami Sixth avenues,?Buiia oi very ete'sa, H oms, >n eluding a i::oat splendid Parlor Moor, slsn h.ngle Room* can be i iwith i-rat elan Board, in French i.nd (.crman styes. A Herman family of tlie highest respeclability aceps tbe liu Reiereuces exchanged. l YERY desirable suit OR rooms, ON KBCOND .A Door with chandelieis aot and cold wver in ntn ir,''*. furnished or unfurnished; also handsomely turntshed Hi oni on ihu ih rd door. House first class. No. tit Clinton 11&. e Eighth street. neur Fifth avenue and Brevoort Houso. UnexcepUoaabie reference required. D nuer at six o'clock. ? SINGLE GENTLEMAN, WILLING TO ROOM WITH .1 another, can be nooommndnted at HH Greet Jones street Dinner atu o clock. Beitrences required. A FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM TO LET?WITH partial Board, at 6S West Twelfth street. A CHOICE OF ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD. TO A a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen furnished or nut iirniahed, where the comforts of n home can be real i/eit. ho:ii?u flrst class , no moving in May. Arply at SW) Phelps i> kee. i'nirlieib street, near Second avenue. Reler ?flMt<... ua.i^ei.. AT T2 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET-A 8U1T OF handsomely furmsned second story front Rooms io let, with Board, consisting of parlor, bedroom, dressing rooin ana nantrii s. Also an Extension 1'arlor, b'litaule for two persons. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?Fl'RWISH ed, on second floor, with or without Board; buth, water doset, all conneotini;; family small and private; convenient in ,.il the hrit class hoto.s and stages. Applv at No. is East Eighteenth street, thud door from Broadway. Call a:terl0 o'clock. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOMS. ON SEC oiul, lu a p.iva e house on Twenty turd street, to 'et. BreaKfast scri ed in room, if desired. Address Gor don, Hor.ild >Ilioe. > " ???. . A T THE BOARDING AOE.Ni'Y, 61 BLEECKER A. street. Furnished Rooms to let, without board, on Fif teenth street, n-ar Union square, Fourteenth sureot, near sixth avenue; Ihirty ijigUth street, near Seventh avenue; Thirty second street, near Sixth avenue: Twenty-second sueet, near Srxtu avenue; Thirteenth street, near Secoud aveaue; Fo irth street, near Broadway, and Stuyvesant street. Also, Rooms ic Brooklyn EDGAR St LAWRENCE. A LARGE FRONT HALL BKDR'lOM TO LET-WITH A. full Beard. :n the Grst ela^s ho so So 5 West Twenty, fourth street, near Madman r*rk; will be vacated April l.>. ACCIF.T GENTLEMAN WANTS A NEAT, FUR nished Room, without beard at moderate p: ice. v. .ih a strictly pr.vate family, aoove Fo'.irteeDtti street Address, with all particulars. Student, box lil lietald olhco A LADY, OCCUPYING TWO NICE AFABTM8NT8, IN a central loeati m. a few doors from Br.iauway, would like to meet with another lad$ as eonipiinion, to sbate the expeuics of the rooms; one of means prelerred. Address O Ue C., station D. A SUIT OF ROOMS. OR A SIN OLE BOOM, ELE i^nntly fnrnlfiieu, with all recent Improre'iients. with or wiihout Boar.:, at io7Clinton p ace. between t- ll'lh and Sixth avenues Only those intending to pay liberally for List class accommodations need apply. A PLEASANT FRONT BEDROOM, FURNISHED, TO let. in a private House. Apply at 131 York street, Jcr> scy City, near the ferry. A WIDOW LADY HAS A PLEASANT FDRN48HB0 front R. oui to let to one or two single gentlemen, with or without Board, on reasonable terms, witn the comlorts Of a home. Call for two davs at i? Sixth avenue. An elegantly fi knished parlor and bed room to be rented, without board, to sing e gentlemen, in the first lass private residence lftS West Fourteemn st. A FURNISHED ROOM TO ?LET?FOR OBNTLBMEN, at (?..t mi lb avenue, between Thirty-eighth and i'huty ninth streets. A PARTY OF GBNTLBMEN CAN BB ACCOMMO modated with Furnished R"on<s. separate or in suit, on the iirs; floor, st 13S Maudougal street AgUlTB OF BLBQANT ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR A tainily or singit gentlemen, with or without B aril, may be ootamed at l,Iia Broadway, one door fiom corner Twenty-iii lb street A LL PARTIES, IN CITY AND COUNTRY. DESIROUS A of procuring hoarders, will ple.ise eal and rc.ister par ticulars No charge unless lurnishe 1 with I'oarders. fur nished and tialtirnished Rooius wanted, with or without Board. BOARDERS' directory. No.S Astor place. \FEW PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, I to gentlemen and their wives. or single uentlemen; | permanent, persons preferred. Apply at It West Forty first street. Asmau private family would like to reut well furnished Rooms, en suite or slbn'.y, to gen tlemen, with or without n?ais House l ift -.ass K< fe rences exchanged. 109 Last Fourtoemb street, near Second avenue. Board-the parlor ploor of an enclisu basement bouse, in one of tbe best ne.g.-bortiooas to Br onlvo, furnished or infurnlsbed, Hoard. Tinus moderate. To be seen after 3 P. M. Address Mrs. R Malt and Post oILce, Brooklyn. Board?a gentleman and wife can bb ac commodated with a large front Room, ?lib Bedroom atta bed. op n tbe tblrd floor (unfurnished). by tailing at 4 i Wen Ibirtv-nlntb street, between Filth and Sixth avs. Boakd in central PARK (loud Board and p easant B' om* lor [?m!i m-u and their wives . r single gentlemen. A-.iply at Highly se.cnib street, four doors west of Fourth avenue. Board in jebsby city-pleasant rooms. Parlors. \vi b Hdrooms communi also ?mg:e Uoorns. Apf'y at the lar^e double mansion, Nos. J.' -nj .'4 Essex street, near Hudson. BOARD OR FURNISHED APARTMENT? WANTED? For a gentl. auJ w.fe. letucen n..r?i asd S'.v?n;h avenui s Address box 1,730 Post ollice. Board wanted?fob a i.entlbvan ani? lady a Par or and ilcdrooui is wanted lusi rivate boarding house. Address II B., box 4 051 Post ollice Board wanted?in Brooklyn, from may i, r,ear Moi.tai; ." s reel ferry. An en'.ire Seotid F < or, fur a tainoy on-'?ltilg or gentleman ana wle wo cml rra nod nurse. lfd~sired the rooms will tie partially I ,.ruis:.ed. Addrcs L. F.. box New Vor? I'ost o 1 e. Board wanted-by a centleman wife and eh:lJ. 5 Tears old; In a -mall family preferred o,-arl< n te'ween Fouit-enth sud F r-> f urt'i streets and F Mh ru i I k'h h a>>-nne?. Adores* for 'nree d,.ys H. A. ? , Her ?Id oRb ?;at>ng terms sal location. Board waNted-for a lady, two children and servant, for which a ilueral price will I* pud, private family preferred. Address r. P., t'n.on Square Post Board wanted-by a youso lady in some private latholic family, wnere no other boarders are taken: in tbe neighborhood of East Broadway, Madison or Henry street. re?? renews given aud required Address Jd B. station B, Grand street BOARD ?ANTBD.-A TOl'Na MARRIED OENTLE man atffl ins wife without ehildreo. desire Board in a genteel private lamll< . In a I rst clues locality, for which a liberal price will be paid. Address J. B. W., los ?M Poet office. Board wanted-by a yoi-no man. in a pri vate family, price not loev<eed$4 per week, would room with one otber person. location hightn ward prefer ied or below Blee- ker street. Address T., U>* 1,926 Pest N e Board wanted ?wantbd, by two oentlemen, in a strictly privsle lamily, Roorr,*. with Breakfast, Tea and Dinner on Sunday* Locution not above Imrtleh street and convenient to Broadway. Address S., boi 2,94V Post oil,oe. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, for three single gent emeo. In a private lamily. Address, stating terms, location. Ac . B . bo? 1.125 New York Po?: ofl.-e Board wanted-fob a gentleman and wife, cl lid (l:> inontbs o.d and n r?e, on Brooklyn or S. utb Brooklyn, In a genteel boarding hou-e or private fiimily Addrese C. H. U., box 5,253 I'ost ollice. T)OA KD WANTBD-I.V A KMaLL PRI' ATE FAMILY, JJ ? here there are an other boar dors, trom May 7, by a ye ,cg gent eman and wile, * old require a large Ironi or ba. ?lt "m Location N'twnen Bleei t' r and Thirty fourth streets, w>?t side Address with full |.arli. ulars, tenia, Ac., M A. O., 1<G Nassau street, for one wee*. Boaiid wtNTED in bkooklyn-from tiie be u iiniiiK of May. i>y a yunng Herman gentleiLsn. in a social le. private uin. y. or where tb< re are but lew t.oartl era aud wnere the i dvertlser cor.ld enjUy tiie ou.foit-tof a heme (lood 'able inn:s! en?able Young eompatiy prefer red P'.esse address, sui ng urins, C M., box . t^4 New York Post ofllce. nOAROTDO ?TWO LABOB ROOMI OR TIIF, P lURTH I > tioor, au.table for two young men each at ru West For i teenth >tr<%L Reference ghen and re'i'iired. Brooklyn -board wantkd. by a yoi no oen vlemsn aod wife, in a reopecuble and strictly private family; front Boom or Booms on second no^r, in a p easant lo--ality.-oiivenleni to rtie < ity Hall, prefer furnishing for then s-d es W III be |>ei it anent rl muuelly agrecrtble. Ha Itofa'-'orr references given. Address, sutitig terms, loca tion, Ac. , box 4U4 Bri" kl/n Post odlee. Brooklyn board-to lrt. a labor pcrnikh ed Bodrooin on ie<ond story, wltb closet and gas in a private lamily. where there are only a few boaidera. Rele rences eteheeged J4J illlDton slree.L Brooklyn mo a rd?pleas art booms to lit, with Board, at >11 llenry street. DhSIRABLE ROOMS ON tiie SBCOND AND rOI'RTn floors to rent, Board. Tbe boose hss all the mndern ImprevemenlB Removing at May. Apply at 148 Wsvoi ley NW Desired?a siht or booms <titber or rovR) on one lloor. lo a genteel neighborhood or Board for two ladles T"rms for either the nne er the other stutrd ? nder address I7U West Twelfth street References given end renin re A _____ _________ IiM.EUANTLY FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR TO LRT, !i with full Foard. 1st of May Also several young gentle men can be accommodated wltb Rooms and Board. Loca Hon between F'tth and Siath avenues. Id Seventeenth street. Address hot 1,7#8 Post office | FUBBITIIBR AND BOARO-A LADY WOULD LIRR in rent he? Furniture srol boeid In the family; a pn vale famRy preferred. Call at I6S Olinlon street, Hrookryn. i^l'RNlRHED ROOMS TO LBT-TO (lRNTLtMAN AND 1 ,a<l) Board'ii lady only, at 230 Foilnuu street in .if IsnliV. w._r. BOAntolRG ARD UDOOINO. ^S^TI-EM KN AND TUEIB"VlVi B.Al.SO -ilNGLB genltemea, will find f.rst class Board with elegaut and Itootus, at 33 Grand *tr?et. three minutes walk from the ferr* and ?>ne of the tinoat locations 10 Jersey City. Day boarders cao also be accommodated. H0BOKRN-* YOTNO GBNTLbMAN DB8IRFS A nicely Furnished Boom, with Board, with a priva'e family, or where thera are few hoarders, permauent if well State full pirtlcal irs uud terms tmoderata). Address J. f bo> l?0 Herald oil.oe. T ODUING-WtMEJ), WITHOUT BOABD. BY A " J rotiDv i.eniiem..n. a t'6\> i Nuum belwot u Tenth an 1 Iwen ieth streets. i.wr Bi iOivdj. Ail i-uas, stauui: price, b )i l./T* Post office. X'EATLV rrRMTSKKD BOOMS C %. V BE OBTAIN f !>, 1 I with Board, at No. II W"*t HouatJti street. Only la d es need apt ly VTICrLT FPBNIF11ED ROOMS CAN BR HAD BY r> gentlemen n 'y, without Board; ba'.li, Ae , in ibe bouse. No. SLiid'jW piace. West Houston street, between Sullivan ami Macdt ugal Reference repaired, utber rooms cau be lad after the 1st of May. 05 THE 18T OF MAT MB XT I SHALL HAVE A Thiru F'c or, furnished or otherwise, to let. Willi Boaid. The hunse Is four story, has all the improvements; neigh borhood unenceptiouable; do other boar tern and no cuil rtren in the honte. and la lens than a block of two railroad lines and two I ><s?.es. one O! the Intter pass the h< use. Two gentlemen and their wives, or a party of four or five I'nglc gentlemen. would lie male very 1 omt'ortablo on roa unable terms Address J. F. K., box Gub fost Office. PB1VATB AND HANDSOME BOOBS TO LET?WITH out board ou or before tbi tal of May, at l'.road way, one block alove Uuiou square; the liucu locution In the city. Room to let-onb handsomely fubnishbd iroiH liootu, in a private uouse, 01 Amity street, to oue or two single gentlemen, without Board; all modern oou venli noes and excellent neighborhood. ltefci antes required. Rooms to lkt?furnished or unfurnished, with board; refereucea exchanged. Apply at East Fifteen lb steel. Rooms wanted-in a private family, by two getulomen; a i'u.lor aud Bedroom councetinK. and an other Bedroom on tbc same tloor (ir the lloor above, fur nished or unfurnished, with or wl'hout breakfast; lorat on to be between Eighteenth and Fortieth streets. Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address, stating terms and accoiniuuda tions, Merchant, box % bXi Post iMlice, N. Y. TO LET-KOOMS, furnished. WITHOUT BOARD, to gentlemen Als>aback Farlor, in a private lamily. Apply ut 31 Bleecker street. rro LKT?WITH BOABD, TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN X three Uoouis on third floor; also Hall Room. on fourth floor Apply at ITS West Tweoty-Lrsl street. Dinner at ti|a. References exchange 1. nru> LET? I'ABLOBS AND BEDROOMS, FURNISHED 1 or unfurnished, at 169 West Fourteenth street. Rofe reuoes exchanged. rPO LET-A LARUE. FLKASANT FUBNISHBD FRONT 1 Room, to a '?entleiimti without board. Apply at lil7 Third avenue. Kcl'crenoe required rpilI-; FUBNITURB OF A THKEB STORY HOUSE TO i. let. Rent iakeu in board. Address bo .1,511 Po-<t office. WANTKD-A NKATLV FURNISHED ROOM. FOR A lady and gentleman (Board for the lady only), with quiet, refined persons, where tLere will be no oth:T board ers and all the comlorti ol a home extended. A widow or lady living Hone t roferr- d. Address for tiiree days, stating terinti, which m ist be moderate, L. J. C., Herald office. T\TANTED?ON OR BEFORE MAY 1. A FURNISHED vT rront Room or Uedroom and I'arior for a single gen tleman, with Breakfast; west of Broadw.-xy and below Twen tieth street. Addret>u, \wlh particulars, box 1,0-8 1'ost office. WANTBD-ON BERHEN HEIGHTS OR NEinnBOR vi hood, a I'arlorand Bedroom, with B"ard, for n single gentleman. Stutile aceommodatloo desirable. Address, with particulars, box 5.031 1'ost office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A FUR ui-hod Room,! >n second or third slory. vlth Board; location central. W ill take pn?s"ssion n iw or May 1. Ad dress C. B A., station D, Astor place. Befurences ex cl anged. WANTED-BOARD, BT AN ELDBRLY GENTLEMAN, where the dinner bour Is not later thau 3 o'clock; a private family preierred. Address, with particulars, Home, box 144 Herald office. WANTED-BY A LADY. WHOSE HUSBAND IP IN the army, board ffi a private family, or where there are few boarders; localitv north of Seventeenth street; French or German family preferred. Address W. V. B., station D. WANTBD-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, IN A PRI v?te familv, between Tenth and Twenty-fourth streets, near Broadway, two untiirnished Ruoms, on first or second floor, with or without Board References given. Address Ch. .'affray, 01 Bltecker street. WANTED-A FURNISBBD ROOM. FOR TWO SIN g.e gentlemen, with or without Board, between Se cond and Sixth avenues and Tenln and Twenty seventh streets Address Frank A., Madison square Post offico. Re feieneM exchanged. 117ANTED? BY TWO YOUNG pENTLEMEN, A FUB vY nished Room, with Boar.l; location between Gland and Tenth streets, and esst of Broadway: terms moderate; references ?-xchanued if required. For further particulars address J. J., Herald office, stating terms. UWEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, CORNER OF Broadway, opposite hi. James Hotel?Furnished and unfurnished Rooms, in suits and singly, to let permanently to leKpectiihle launlles or single gentlemen, without Board. Ixichtion desirable to purties wisbing to board at the first class hotels. Q7 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET-FURNISHED OR Ol unfurnished Room* can be hud on application; be tween I'll lit and Sixth avenue?; house first class. L?n WEST ELEVENTH STREET. ONB DOOR WB8T U I of Firth bti'U le ? Parlor Kloor to let. furnished or un furnished. to a gentleman willing to pay liberally for suoh a location. Shown after three. Tw o year* lease if desired. HA 8T CLEMENT'S PLACE, MACDOUGAL STREET. I .T A handsome S ilt of Room*, c nJOHmg of an enlire seiond flurr. lutrly. two bedrooms, paotrle*, gas and bath, to ie! to ft party of gentlemen without hoard separately <1 r together. Every attention paid to their oomfort and conve nience. CHRVSTIE STREET. ?Fl'RNISH B D ROOMS to ei. with OV without Board. 1Q9 NINTH AVENUE-FIRST DOOR BELOW lOj Twenty third street, location deniable, furnished Booms, f,ir families or sin 'le gentlemen, w th lirst class board Care and stnges pass the door 129 COUNTRY BOARD. Board at Washington heights, a short erne alio c ('< ntnu Par .?A l.idy c u< ving her own will acojmmcdat^ a gent'eman au.l wile or a part* of gent'emon. The t onwe is Mantlfullv situated. ?oi.nutn I* inga i ne vew ot ili.rl, m river and McCm.b's Darn; boat let and Celling, abundance of frultand -hade trees billiard room. fine sianllng and ??; ommo at,on* for groom: first ?:iai"i accouim datl>ns ,i> nh'mug ail tn^ comforts of cltv enij country. for which a libe-al price will l>^ exj e~ ?<t. No cli.idrrn uiken Relercti cos exchanged. Address Heights, Wh>l;lugton Height* Pout office. /"Ol'NTRY BOARD-CAN HS OBTAIN I D AT A FARM V-.' I on** in White Plans, one liorr from New York by the Harlem Railroad, pleasantly situated, one half mile w st ol depot; Is a lar?" and t ir.niodlou* house; neat and tidy ro m? the use of piano, liberal tab>. plenty of milk, vece'abes. Ac. Id season; good mountain air. plenty of shade fine drives. Ac For farther particular* Inquire of WM. F. Dt'SKNPI'HY 135 an.l 137 Cbrystie street, or of C. C. DUSENHURY, White Plains. COVNTRY BOARD.?A FAMILY. LIVING AT PLEA xaut Plains, Platen IslanJ, w mid take a few summi r Boar ler* The bo i*e is within three minute?' tva'it of depoL For t*rtioulars inquire at the Boa: dine Agency, CI Bieecker street BDGARA LAWRENCE. /M)0#TRY BOARD WANTBD-BV A GENTLEMAN y and lady, three i hildrcn and nuise, with n two hours of the citv. where there irt to other boarders taken, for which a liberal prico will lio paid. Address box a. 122 Pott office. CIOUNTRT BOARD WANTED-FOR THREE LADIES. / one gentlemen, two ehi <tren snd nur?e, from Julv I to Sep' I, wubtn lk hour of the city. Address B. A. 8 , New York Herald ofilce. /10VNTRT BOARD WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN V' ami wife, for the summer, In a nice and genteel hoard ing ho i?eor private family in or aroned Carmansviili;, hot not beyond Yookcri. Address, stating terms, locatiou, Ac , J, 0., boi 1.04S Post office. lEFANTED-IN ASTORIA BOARD. FOR A FAMILY v? of two person*, a ch.l 1 4 year* old and a servant, until .1 ine I. Also, wanted, a small ll'oise, with or without tur n it'ire. by'lie year or for the season. .Address A., box 4,6 7 1 ost ol&ie, N. T TUB: BALL REASOV. /"?RAND INVITATION HALL OF THE SECOND HBO I. VT ment, N. Y S. Militia (Klghty-se. ond N. Y. Veteran Volunteers. i at the Appollo Rooms, n Monday, the Mth dav of April, lMt4. Tickets can bo obtained from sny of the following gentlemen ? WM. LUDGATB, President. Jus Tno?r?r>K, Treseorer B?mj. A. Hiiiir, Secretary. ri.ooR ? a wick*. WILLIAM LUDGATB. ruins roemmi John Leery. William Grady, Lewie On vail. Hem A H irtief, Michael Foley, Lewis/"fen. John Leonard, Lake O'iirien, John Oil son. Wm. Dnwling. James Vhomjltol. Henry C Aosti?, William II Francis. U'Orge E. Burns. locfmox COMV TlKK William L idgate, Cherles Helliy. John Lesry Henry C. Austin, M t'ohn, John Travis. Wm. U. Frariele, Francis Mclarsney. roaoiTTlta fit 4mtAivKKHani<i. James Thomi'Siin Henry C Austin, Willetnll Francis, Weorge Mathewe. 'of.ii Travis. Charles Reilly, Willism l.udgaie, John Leary, M. Cobn Urorge E. Hurtle, Wn. Grady, Francta McTarsney. Wm. Delaiiey, TWELTll RKOIMRNTAL BALL. ? __ IN AID OF THE WIDOWS A?D ORPHANS OF D1K HA8KO NEW YORE SOLDIERS. ACALKMY OF BOSIC. APRlt ?, IBM. asbocutFcom MITTBE. Mejnr netiertl uEO B McCLKLLAN. Ho? C OODFKRY OHNTMBN. Woe JOHN T. HOFFMAN. U " ArTh AH Y%en, ""??KiTH'5ai . ALEXANDKH BRANDON Eeq. Bit P.irelletry HORATIO HkvMOUR Ms or lienerM JjUNN A. DIE. IlKNRY a. HOSTWIOK, Esq, .lAMBK MURPHY Bs, ^ Tiekeie. Fi*? Dollar* earh, may be proetired of any mem. ?'alltuiii >. L IIANBfiN, I Cnmwittet flanta n NO. WAItH. n of reutain W H. IIA vKfc, fa. i ?rrat?rmeoia. tlai'iain WM RAYNDR lieutenant B. MIKHANR I*ut. J BO. B. DtjWl.BV IIOl'iBS, ROOMS. ^ AN AMBRIOAN FAMILY or THKEK PERBOH9 A want a Mrat or Sftcoud floor, wtUi biw^iutoi if po&*ibi6. Modern houss, with gas and Croton. betwe. n Canal and Twji.tlrth itrfteU, Broftdwa; ftudHivtiiUi ITCUUlk AttdlCII E.. lltrkid oil:ee. APARTMENTS WAM BO.?'WANTED, BY A RB8VEC. Utile tamll.v of three adu.U, part of a house suitable for housekeeping with modoru oourtmieuoca. itm i3ou Ad. dress box 8 wW Post ufliue * Aorntlrman and wipe DE8IRK three OB four Rooms unfurnished. Id a house where there arc no children, between Amity and Fourteenth streets, west of Broadway Address Store, frSS Broadway. A SMALL FACTORY WANT3D-WITTT engine AND shafting or a lsr:e Moor an Basement. The business la all iron work. Address tor lira* days, stating location. Machinery, Herald oilu*. A SMALL HOUSE OK LOWER PART OP A IIOI'SB JY ?untoil. by a l'ai, liy of three?gentleman, wife anil ? rvaot; a desirable tenant. Address, with all particulars, rem, Ac , Mew England, Herald u.iice. House wanted.-v four stort or thrbh story and attic hint) sloop House. 20x90 or 55 prefer red, In any pleasant pari ol' the city, by a strictly private family, for one or more fears, lor which a fair rent will b? given, t all at diet Broadway, in the store. HOUBB WANTBD-BY a gkntleman and wifh, rent not exceeding t.vm. a small, genteel house, plea santlv located, between Eighth and Forty aecond streets and [ Second and Muth avenue-1. Address II. C., box 1,446 Foal Oiliue. House wanted?furnished or partly fur nlshed. where a'l.rpartof the rent will betaken in Board, keferences exchanged. Address Mrs. H., box 3,3% Post oiUce STEAM POWER AND PREMISES REQUJRBD?? about five horse power, either in Brooklyn or New York, Address, stating particular! and terms, Mr. Fell, 196 Broad way, Now Vork. WANTED?A SMALL HOUSE. OE PART OP A house tor a small gen toot family; locution betweec Fourth and Sixth avenues and Tenth and Twenty-fifth street*. Addicss t:. A., oihee Fifth Avenue Hotel. WANTED-TO RENT FOR ONE YEAR. WITH THE privilege of pun haning wnhin ihat time, a Collage. I with u ater und gas, goix! .anienand stable, and witbiu lis. I hours' distance from City Halt. Address boa 6,426 Post | o.lice. WANTED-A FURNIBMKD HOUSE. FOR A FAMILY, in Brooklyn or New York. Kent from $60 to $76. Ad dress M. W. 1\, lii raid otln e. WANTPD?TWO BOOMS, IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, second story, for threu adults?gentleman, wife and daughter; must be between Eighth and Fortieth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues; best rsierencea given and re t,ulred. \d ; e?s v. Y. . lieruld oBoe. WANTED?BY MAY 1. A ROOM TO ACCOMMODATE a small, select school, tn the vicinity ol ht. John r Park. Addrrss, with particulars, O. M., Herald oil ce. WANTED-A FURNISHRD HOUSE. BY A WIDOW la ly, where the owner wit take the rem In Board, with the privilege of lakiiie s tew tirst class boarders. Best of reference given. Adoien for one week F., station C. WANTED-A PART OF A HOUSE, IN A GOOD location, convenient for housekeeping, with modern Improvements. Address, wuh particulars, A. E. T., 766 Broadway, corner of Elgnth street. WANTED?FOUR OR STX ROOMS. IN A GENTEEL house between Fourth and Thirtieth street, and Second and BigUth avenues, on second and Third Floors, with Board, for three or live adults, three children and ser vant from 1st of May. The rooms will be furnlsnedy by the advertiser if desli ed. Address J. P. V., bOi 3,263 rosi otl>oe WASTED-PART OF A HOUBB, CONSISTING OF four or five rooms, with tront or back basements, id some nulei. respectable neighborhood; centre of the city preferred: by a lady and son. Ben of reference given. Address Son, box 143 Berald otitee. WANTED-A HOUSE. BELOW fourteenth street. Rent not to exceed ftWO. Address J. W., No, 8 Astar place. _________ WANTED?APARTMENTS FOE HOU8EEEF.PING, BT a gentleman and wife, no children; four Rooms, on or before May 1. References t xrhaugsd. Address Home, Union square Post oOjcc, 831 Broadway. WANTED?TO RENT FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS* a lat?,e sized Country House, well furnished and easy of access to the city, must hare at least 15 rooms. Address, stating terms, box 19 Madtaon square Post o.lice. WANTED?A ROOM FOE A SMALL SELECT SCHOOL. In tbe vicinity of Si. Mark's church. Address L. J. D., box 2,bu3 Post oUice. WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CBIL uren, the Lower Part of a moderate aired House, con sisting ol one or both basements, narlora and three TOOm* on third tloor. East side, below Tenth street, preferred. Address, with full particu.ars, ft. M. W-, Chatham square Post otlice. 117"ANTED?BY A N'AN AND WIPE (NO childrbb), TT one or two Rooms and Hedroom, down to? a, in a re sectable neighborhood ana at a as ode rate rent. Address H. M. K , box 12u Herald WANTED?PART OP A HOUSE; BEMT NOT TO EX. cerd $450 per year: In atioa between Eighth and Twentieth streets, and Punrth and Six,a avenue*: family consists of lour adults. AO<i '"*s or call at 833 Broadway, i? GIBSON'S Conlectioivery More. ? WANTED TO UIRK-A KMAIjL HOUSE OR PART OP a Houss. far three a t una and one cbild, in a good lo cation up town. Iloiereucea exchanged. Rent must b? moderate. Address ilou.e, but 1.96/ Poet office. TIT ANTED TO RENT?AN UPPER OR LOWER PART TT of a House, with all inooern improvements, on th# west side of the city, br iween Twentieth and Fortieth street*, by a gentleman and wife. Address 3SS Greenwich street, corner of Duane strett. 1VANTRD TO RENT OR POECBaSB-A NEAT TT small House, with modern improvements, in a respect able location. for a ktuaV. re?pectanie lauiily, w.thont beys. Address Tenant, station A. Spring street, etatlug location. s,/e ef house and lot. and the loweot pnee. NKW FCBL1CA11UNI. APHY8IOLOOIC A L vii.W or MARKIAOB?COM tuininu nearly SOO pacea nod IbO fin* plate* and en cravings or the anatomy of tbe hnmu orsana In a stale of health and disease, with i? lreal>*e un early error*, it* de plorable consequences open tbe mind and body, with the author's plan of irraijnclit? the only rational aud successful mole of cure, as shown by the report of eases treated. A. truthful adviser to the iniuried and those oontemplat In* nii riage who would know thi-ir physical condition. Sent ice of pol iti c to aDV addrrtaa on receipt of JA cents la stamps or postul curimcv Addreaa Dr. La Croix, Si Maiden lane, Albany. N. V IK YOU WANT TO KNOW A LITTLK OP EVERT th'.ng rdaong to the human avatnm diet, air. inarriave, A>' . AC., read revised a^il t-oiacjied edition of "Medical i'ora mon Sense. ' Aiming the many subjets treated In this work ate (be foHonrinij ? t un* .million, Knmc' Asthma, Call)nii. Sctul u,a. I.heuuiam.n, Dys|ieps a. I'lles, LI tr anil Philosophy of Dig-stlou 'ou ttpation, Diseases ol the J'o m?.n Organ a of Unnrrailtia. Kui lure Salt Rheutn. Cancer, Paralysis. Uis?a**< ot the Heart. Neurnlqia. How to Re cover the Sight and Throw A si eS|ecuic|.a the Curious Mar ring Customs of HieWoiid. Philosophy of Klnpemen** Philosophy of Olilldinar. in . a (Chapter l>#r the Married. ai.d a thoui-aii't of value tonisrred and ait.glc. u< vcr written before. making al o o'th"r a irt?n* ho ik Inr cur'ou* people, and a good b -nit f r every Mae: 400 |iages. 1U0 Illustrations, By K. B. Poole. M. O. IXiv l.lji Br adway New Vvik. To be hail of all nem a>eo:* Cnatenta tibiea aent free by mail to all app * v ?r a (wink torward?d by mail, post site paid, on re *?.pt ,,i *; so Aildres* 8. TOUBEY. No. 12) Nassau street. He# Iiri. J UST PUBLISHED -LA OAVIDTA." A SPANISH NOVEL, 'I'm ">laleri nto Knglish Sei uml !? ilnoo ) In cloth, l?mo. ,TO!!N bllADdUKN, 49 Walker street. ortxn.s. ot ??? ritass The translation of the popa ar Si?nt*h novel "La Gavl. Ota," which has just been published bv Mr. J. Leatider* Starr, Is meeting with weil ceirrved meres* The tale Is Mr on* of the most Mteemttl ipaaiah noveltai* of the uay. It has been spirited!* , tiu'ere mm Knicllth by Mr. Starr, ai.d has suffered but little In ir.e proceaa ?New Verk Herald. This ,s 11 truus atlon by V ,1 lender Niarr. of thi* city, of the widely c Int'tated an el 1 l.a Uavtota," whl'h is so popular with all classes of Si<anish aoeietr. W*cordially cnmmcnj litis volume to the public, with the hope that It may meet with the sitccessi list it deaervea, and that will warrant the tianslatoi sail nuh isber in rlvia< to the Ame rican public fresh treasurers <rom lb* rich storehouses of Spanish literature ?New V- rk Sun. The translator ami pnlx>aber hare done goo4 eervlc* In placing lieiore the American poblie. la aoeess lile style, work. Iiv a Spaiiisn anlhnres* ol rising Kuronean reputa tion sod who presents. In the story under notloe. sneh vivid', pictures of in xlern life in ap*ia-?Washington (D. C.) Evening Star. JUST PUBLI8I1RD, bv i>. ArrLrcTow a CO., 413 and 449 Broadway. New York. A new *dltlon of the Theory and Practlett of Eank Bookkeeping an.) Joint Slock Account*. By C. C. MAR--II. Accountant. Ac. 1 vol. quarto; 3<Xt rn*cs, piloted in color*, price $5. riMlE U. 8. MINI NO JOURNAL, 1 now in its i bNirVirrn volume, 18 FUBLlMH&D I.VKKI HATURUAVT HY JOHN HILLYKK, 24? PKAKL Si KKI.T. NKW YORK. AT FIVE DOLL 4 KM PKR ANNUM. T1I08H PECULIAR BOOKS PUBLI8IIKD AT NO. 5C' Ann street., N T? by CALVIN BLANOHAUD. Sent, address on a stamped en?eiope for circular. Tou can get th* book* by mail. raofWAUs OFKU'R CROTON iOtlkllUOf B04RI), ArillL 4 l?#4.?To i ontraotors. ?Healed nmuosala win be re ceived nt this oflli e until I rtilar the 1Mb d*v of April n??L at twelve o'olock noon, whsa tttee will be piibllciy opene**, for furnishing anil cuttin?i ah^iul tweuty live hundred* (S ?HI) s'inare feel of blue stone nagging re?iulred for ihr tet racea of the gate houses of th* new r**ervuir. Plans and spectticatious for th* (erne an be seen on app ication at thl* olllc*. THOMAS KTKI'HhNg. j Oroton Holt I U IMKHAdll, I Aqueduct A. W CKAVKN. ) board. TO CONTRACTOR#.?8R|?AR?TE SI ALRD PROfO sals. each endorsed with ihe title of the work for Whldv the same may be offered, will be eceire I at this ofTce uiitlV W o'clock of Tbursilay, Apil 14, for the construction of Sewer* in the following street a, to wit?In Seventieth street, from IIiids<in rl\er lo and ihrmuh Tenth nvenu* tc> Seventy-Ofth Stieet; also in f rsl avenue, from Kift* to 81 ntleth Hreet with lateral nrsnen iu Plflv ninth iHieei' to near Hcc nil aienue; also ,n Kiahtb areaue, lietween Thirteenth ami Pourieenlli treets, also in 4)|ivei streat, be tween Chatham square and Vadison aireet; also in HulTolk ?treet. between Broome aad l?laane> streets, and for the censtructh n of Trap piecii i?.e?o? ot* m Third avenue, front fifty sixth streei to t-.ifttiir'eiilh atreet; also In I'or tleth stieet. between Ninfi sil t lenib avenues, and also in Twenty.second street. fr<i'o 11' h ??> Hl>lh aveoua. Per fur ther information apply te ?& ' i'iJl.'ilVw'ilh,? I III'* 4:4 HTKPIIftNS 1 CrntOB Himr L DAItRAOH. J AoncduCl* A. VI 4.RAVKN. ) Board. Orricnt'noroa Aqtt?i?'-<t t?n*??reniiT, Aprils, 1R.4. TO RO*l> tdDKRlCfe PROPOSALS WILL lie received ntitll so*n >u +>untsy. the iiflh mst. for trading ami makint; the t n - m vy oodlawn Cemetery, near hlliam'* Bridge, Westi !,? ? erumtv Also Icr fitrnisMni matenaie. In part and n al ?? e.i,i mtle? oi ence ? ti said grmuma. I'ae engineer Hie grnnmle Wednesday and Thursday, il e l.Ph him' i ' m yive s ny informa tion desi tel. %ftef wI i h n ? ' lafonnatien aodspecr# eat oils III?? be o uaine I ?i. 1* 41 41. IIAVKN. Wil'am* hi.rK, or W. OLIK I', ??? .. j .. >? w Kaal Taauty sUlV rtr**; opt" ?'"! Harlem h*'"." ?.<, tenet.

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