Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1864 Page 7
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MT.W A* AtTTTOW. UOCTIOH HOTICB-fu*II . fc SALE. _ if* ? ? D. D. CAULMNS A t'l 1 lONRFR. . MAQNIFICKNT HlHTShiloUl KUSMTUBK AND ttUKk* ?>l ?F.r AT PUBLIC AUCTION, To the higm-hl biUkut u ..*k. t sin or shine. P-i Muudujr), April II goiuii.' iu- ?* Wi o'clock precisely, fct the elegant isaidence, Ko l- irtoeuth street, went of L IiiUk?>??u. D-siog the largest and richest *-??? < uiat?f Houwh M Fur fiit'ire offered at auction this *??? ? m. The furniture was all Di*Ue l) urdoi aud is at me be-i c>-Mrtptian. Catalogue* At Che house ou the morning ol y ? I , nit Drawing Boom Suits, feare And costly Works of A?t <11. i ?! u^f by eminent Artists, rutolu aud Brouze Chnnileior . i.<ii*ot Medal ho u Carpets, 3rasd';u aud ttevras China Kr?n. Ii p... Pier and Mantel Mirrors, ubroldered Lace Curtain*. Uu iv dud Crystal Glassware, eery riAted Ware, KUeflield Table Cutlery, wood Chamber Furniture, km le Louis XIV., < i .iviiv.aji, Table linen, Ac. dkwim; .,</?< hs. Magnificent rosewin.u vco . iave Pianoforte, be richest instrument otiere-t at auction iuj season; arved legs and aw foot cvrnd oorucrs, overstrung lass, linod with satinwouJ. with pearl, llnmbed 11 rouud. made by city inn*-' aud fully guuianUted; 'reoob cloth Cover, Stool, iwr'nl lu brocade, About 150 ards of sutjerlor Velvet t'arjK'j^ three magnifioenl sulid oeewood Suits, oovored with nu "JB, blue aud guld aud rimson And gold satin of t >e w?M et[> nsivc description, iothlc and Turkish Easy Ota e*. in in met And satin bro *de; lAdies' solid It-cei tlon uud Ann Itaira. covered in told, blur crimson uud ma ooa sslln; large nnd e%i*oetve rosewood Score Ary Bookc.ise, lined wan mtk and satinwood; hree rose" ood On tie Tables. with rich mArble tops, ex tensively carved, rosewood Pier. So!'* and Side Tables, with BArble tups: three coetiy A Klageres, with marble ops. plAte glASS doors, Ac.; u- ????>' r is-wood Work Tables, wenly-one day Bronze ami Urn <u Chicks, elegant China 'ases. maguiflcent French plx;*- I1W (ilass, size'.Kixtt!. with (oh and b 'ary told frame Htitlel Mirror to match, of All eet square; heavy embrodfr- Uw Window Curtnlna and Jornloes; a large and miI"c>iv<- < *.rietr of Oil Patntl-igs by latlve artists?snob ss Land* a-**. Winter Scenes. Marine rieirs, Scriptural Pieces, smv ? -ir I'rench Lithographs, .une Pieces, Ac., the srbotu .rat a very plouslng coilec ion of urest valie. MAONIKICBNT 8KVKX fU'VAVK PIANOFORTE, vsd lex* and case, lour rooj.i .rn-rs. iulAiil with pearl. Dining Boom?Hich Ve v.*. Tt(Kwlry Carpet, in good rdor; richly carved so id uratuut Kxtension Table, II pollslied in the besi man>?* ? *.? hie top fancy Table*. "Irrors. Sofa Beds, Chairs tu h ? r.(A. together with all the iby and crystal Cut <;ia?? .v'n <?, Wines. Champagnes, lmblers, Ooblets ami IV. ant i- (it match; rlcb China Tea id Dinner Seta, costly Silver VVj \ Tea and Dinner Service, slvers, Cake Ba?ket-. t'ca ? ra CofTee and Tea Urns, pooua. Forks Li nor Wand, b i(mtiar Table Cutlery, Ac Chambeia and Miirsrr.v?? tout (ii?t:wood and roaeo,-any ledHtesds. statuary marble ioji ,'tuix.aus, Wushstands and )oDimodes to match: over tuKOty ik:ro Hair Mattreases, rotn 40 to 6 i pounds, in extTilriil <?ndltion; Feather lleds. 1 lister* an 1 Piliowa, Cooniiintaims, Silk and Satin Bed SureAda, Linen Sheets Ingi*m < ar|X>ts. Bedroom Mirrors, j/looks. Toilet 'l able*. To?-l ij, Toilet Sets, Oilcloths, italr C*rpet? and Bods, mnhu .nn.v <-ushlonoil Chairs, Rook ira. Solas. LiOuniies, Couch Uo.t, Hall Stands, Tea and Xning Tables, together with u ..n-?e and deairuble assort juent oi l)a*einent and Kittle-n Ci-Uhds, Ac. N. B ?Sellable men in aueo uiue to cart, pack and ship foods for purehascrs at a reas insMe. charge. LVAN c. ItAK KK A CO AUCTIONEERS. k albert c. hatwuod. auctioneer. lAQNIFIOBNT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PIANOFORTE, UIUWiN'1 K OU FURNITURE. on suite; BROCADE ANI? LACi. WINDOW curtains, VELVET AND BRCSSKI.S CAI PETS, cliankeliers, OlL I'AlNTlNtiS Bt;>\/K STATUARY. DRESDEN AND SKV IlKS CHINA VASES. id many rare ami rofctlv wor ?< art and articlca of virtu, - AT rouuc AUCTION, d TOMORROW IMDMXV;. Al'RIL 11. {X! the elegant residence 4*1 We-i 8.\.f<?enth street, between i Fifth auil till.til avenue*, sale owuinonctng at II o'clock. The auctioneer would call th* (Articular attention of lilt rlends and the public toihmm!' t,S? catalogue cmprisiug be largest and rloheat aaaoitnu-at of Household Furniture, lc . offered at auction tbia >>vnii dale peremptory. Drawing Room Sun* superb ??tw of Furniture, covered with bro atel of tbe richest de<"?wipifon ; elegant Seta Win now Curtaius to mateh the wiiul hurn'i. plate ;la*? doors; (Vretary and Bookcase, Centre statuary marble top ?Sncolgnurea, Bronie and Ormolu Chandelieri, Cabinets, So match; Oriuolu anil Dresd-n '"bioa Ornaments. Marble Statuary, Hrone Fit urea. Oil I'amuttgs by eminent artists, freach Line Engravings MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVB B.WKWOOD pianoforte, t Blithest Instrument ?tiered *l auction this season, fully tuaranleed by the maker*; mo ? !, Brocade Cover. Music stand. Hooks. Ac; M'aahstand Coalr* to mateh; oak Bitflet. lxtenslon Table, Chairs, 9? u. >'ul and Engraved Olasa Tare, China Dinner Seta, t from Furls for the pre ent owner; Silver Dinner aa<1 Tea Service*. Casters. Ipoons, Fork*. Orn. Caka Kus,*a Oyster Dish Tureen Ta ble Cutlery, Linen, ro*aw>ort and vralnut Dressing Bureaus, bookstands, Ai motro a Olaee. en suite; Hair and Spring KatU?eseH. 24 pairs Linen 8h*w* 24 palis Linen Pillow 2ases 12 pairs French Blaiifcatx Towels, Counterpanes, Hareellles Quilts. French Tone: *>xk. mahntianv Sofas. Bed lead* Chair*, Rocker* Also I'tiroiture of-arvwnts'apart nenta. Parties w tailing to su?n4 this sale will take the Ifth or Sixth avenue cars, <>? hum from Astor, St. Nicho laor Metropolitan Hotola. leaving thecn at Sltteenth street, i few doors from Iho bouse ' ADRIAN H MULL".R, A'CTTOVBER. kTl VALUABLE BL'fli.N HkS PKOPRRTY. [ADRIAN H. MULLKR, F. B WfLKINSA CO. will soil hi auction on Tuesday, April I.V at 12 o'clock, at the Ex change aalearoom. Ill Bruadwav ? LEONARD AND BF.NSON STftJil?TS?Two three atory rrick Houses ant Luta on north side of Leonard street, Ue veen Broadway and Kim stie?? w th a Lot In the rear, (ranting on Benaon street, form eg an L known as Nos. 113 land 1 If Leonard street, and Vi J B*nson street, 42 Beet 6 indies ou Leonard street br lot feet in depth, and 23 raetoo Benson street bv fe?t ft\ >l?|>th. FRANKLIN STRKKT-Two tKr~ sforv brlek Houaci an.1 Bx>ts on north aide of Frankim eieeel. !>etw<>i<u Broadway knd Elm atreet, known as No*. a.' aitd 52, each 26 by 10U feet fr Inohna. 3HTH STEBET?Three Lots, north tide. 100 feet east of Twelfth avenue; each 25 by i o fe.-t * lnckes. . QUINCY 8TBBKT BROOKl.YN-8ix Lots, north aid*. 96 feet west of Krantlln avanue eae.a AS by l(Kl feet. I A journeat, auctioneer jf\ a on m No * P'?- atreet. 0ALB OF BICH AND COSTLY II OU"SKHOLD FURNITURE, (R )SSwood Pianoforto. Herriaa a Parlor Safe, at auction bjr IA. JQURNKAT, oa Tneatan aprtt IX at It) o'clock A. M? Et S9t West Twenty third street' A large assortment of first ?Uaa Household Furniture, la roaewood, walnut and oak; htlvor plated Bervteea, Bmsaaw Carpeting, snttn hrocatel Curtains. French plate Flev Mirrnra. rich Frer< n China ler S'toea, Olaaswara As , Ae. Bibihtted by pemi't on Monday, fttth Inst Oatalognea and yerwuts at ?4i e of the auction per. No. 8 Fine a tree I. > A JOURNKAT. AUCTIONBKB. NO. 8 PINK STRBET. LA. LAROB FBBEMFruitr 8 ALB OF STATBK Island LOTS AND HOThL AT AUiHON. by order of the executors of Dr. J. T Harruew, deceaaed. at the Ei Sbange Balearoom. Ill Broadway. New fork, by A. JOUR frBAT. on THUB8DAT. Awtl >4. It' >4. at Pi u elock M I Lota ami Hotel at Tonipkiaaville. on Brewster. Tandurer >nd Bay streeta; aad Fort RtcMusil. on Broadway and He fcertoo street; ?> per eent an tiortgage If desired i Also 12 Lou on Fart Hi I TV><npk<nsviile, on Fourth are. fue. between Fowler aad W>e">rv*.' avenues. Also 29 I>ots oa Brooks street nod First avenue, between owlerand WesterveH aveaaea. farms at sale . This sale will caaprtae aixtie it the finest lots on tbe fesland, most deairebly louatnl ta improving neicliborboods, Otaii worthy the attention ef p?ni?? seeking secure and pro (table In vestment*. I Maps at the othce of the aix-t?Ht?er A. JOUBNfcAY, No .S Pine street, New Tork. . A UCTf ON NOTICB. LA. BOilTB AND KlfOES. VI. M. HOLLINtiSH k? D. auctioneer, HT J. I W>. iTKHOUSE, 1 8aiearoom 2i Coitlaudt street, ee;ll eell. on Wedneadar 1 rti 13. at 101, o'clerk A. \I , Bbont I.OOt) cases Boats and Sa.i-x. Catalogues ready on Cn >rnlng ?( sale. A UrTION NOTICE-I ? '? - ;i GLASS AND FAN -a cj Oooda. WM. W Kill .tl.KV, Au iir.neur U\tra large catalogue sale, TueMtai 12, ai Id o ??lock, at .'-I ?'earl street, uy I). KMHUky. All Kimls of (iranlte and J:oninioii Ware, tn lots. ;iw c jn ' country dealers, Free Jtasli sale and goods well tw<eu i'sht slilpuing. BUltKB AUCTIONEI-.H. WILL SELL ON MON ]J /, day. I th met., at II '.h- Stock ami Fixtures of tthc Grocery ami Liuuor Store .v West Thirty sixth street? toap, (andies Staich. Has Teas, Coffeea, Spices, X<i<|iiors Pump. Ae.: a g?a?t*l aa l hne asaortnient: also au excellent young Hors?, Or' "Ty IV a.on and .U Ik Wa^ou. ?*lth IieasA of the premises tr\ W. I VK8 A CO , Alt tloBBERB-FURNITURE ,1 I. salesrooms, ?>4<> Bnm '*<v. Assignee's st<M'k of su toerb Furniture; alao put of t. ?*.? k of Oeorg" Hinekle: Klso Pier ?o>i Mantel Mirrora, i'i r iiuts and hntrsvinus, r/hlaa and Olaaa Ware; Sli?s I'.aW Ware, Books, Shells. |fce , at private sale. ^L'DWARD BCHBNCK AI'tTTiOnEER I jtj HALliSKtioMS. Ml!. ?' i taRTY RTRF.F.T. t UDMINISTBATOU 88il>.'? thk ENTIRE BALANCE * Of T HK STOt i\ OF ,1 hW ^.Lt.' r. WATCHES. SILVER * FLATKD WARR. AC.. AC. Or MESSRS. HENRY ' SALISBURY A CO. ay EDWARD Bi'llKNt K oa 1 rvday, 14th inat., at 10^ p clo> k, at the atorr No. I.I Itroa way. tbe entire stork as jkhove, consisting la part of % < ?r t anieo. M sale. Lava, Coral. Ac.; Oold aad Sil.ei W ?.? t:ts. solid Silver Ware, Brooches, Rings ol all He er't . Hra "l?ts. tienta' Flas. Peal Rings. Hinds Sleeve K.u'o?% silver Plateil Ware, vest and fob Chains and a law var <? ef ilrst elasa (ieods. the balance of the slock el iltla well > uuwu Ht m. jl (ntwrb Regulator, made e? t U rer. Tube positively sold We o?e .he estate. tlBNRV D. MINER, t < O! tONBKR-17 ~Fa?sTu trl atreet, onpMlU the P..s-ti,', *-MINER A S'lMCH VILLR will sell at aueii-e. a Tneadar. April 12 a; 12 u nlock, at T7 Nasaau atreet i i vl iru it may nom-etn. The following uncialined goo t w ,t t? ? sold to pat s forage and ?>thar ext??'nses ?I bo? lt? ur> ;*ekal .1 .No. I; 1 Stand B Bottles I keg Fre?erri-? V V. giat; 1 bin. Plants C. O. pp; I bale Books (Oaiholx- , . No. 4; I pa. Kate Sain RieS, N. M. A C., 80 I bo. - Moulds. B A C? 4 1 rase Item leal Preparations K ke n; I l>o< Kllver Sjaon?, F. ?i3,. 10i?; I package Linen ???i K. R- 10; 2 eases and I c. sk >isnrte* Vegetable So ? s ?l , . 11 i?tS: I pairs Deer Morns. 1 box Rifled Muaketa W..*"*. i s^?? F.aset ce of Almonds. IS. AS, 7dfr?, S casks Wine <1 Ml bet Ssmples, II. W., IS?. Order of A. Moller A r? | |J H. LBRDfl A CO., ALCviOKbEBS , A eholoe uo'lcctian of art.insl fl-t -ies by JBRVIS M< Nfl K, k' MAMUht. cot.MAh aad * . A. I>. Mil CTTijt'B, ? mbradng their latast and new on exhibition st Ihe gallery ol .loha Hned-<-or, < <i llrnadwav, will be sold by auction on Tuesday evemag tprij 12, at 7% o'clock, by H. %. LIRDU at tha aiNrve pisce i T COLB. AUCTIONEFM -KXRCUTOR S SALE OF . ?l ? twolra aetra of Lsito ?nd Water Ftont, at Netv 1 trechl, L. I ?i. COI.F.'-t m<.\ will *e|| m) We in?s,'av April l.\ at 12 O l?e 1,1. '? *uj;e satesro. m. Ill Hrtud wsy New Vork, Ity order <h ' KVeeutors of J. Cropaev leeeaeed, twelve acres of le en 'he Brooklvn. Hath and' Coney Island Railroad, adjemitg the premtseaof Mon. C <1 Ouather and B. Mnnaui I-a . sh>,tn one .|USrterof a in lie sast of Bath House Very ?!?? -able for private residences: ?h?e sen view, Ae. Sale ix>? ir- For msps, Ac., sppi/ to ;he auotloneer. ms Fulton i. Hrviklyn. 1 RON HAFBS-BXI CI'TOK s S4LB.-T1IR HALANCR I of those tire and burglar p'0.?. Hates will be M'd at .10 Sar eeat less than mann. ? a 'rl'es Also on" ai.c ouble doar Henry s Sale ins-oieNo 2 Libert? street? Morris wilbinr. auih<.wbbr Kiegeat lloueehold Foruluire Mirror*, Chandelier*, ;'arpe4a, Ac ? B H LI Dl.'itr A CO , will se'l atattc'.an. 3D Thursday. April 14 l*i. at u a clock, at No S Fast Twentv seaond atreet. e?ar Filth avenue, fhe eatlre eon tents of said t?ooe?, listing In part nf richly oarved roaewood parlor Suita,ln crimson bnawtei Morris wilmns, AUCTION P. KB houhp iivn lot. Ho. in I OlIttTH hlUKKT N'isr Wem Teutli street. t II LIMiLOW 4 CO wife aeli at Miciiua ON TUESDAV, At-KM. .I*W. at l'i O'OMOK A; u>e K* change ?'i!' a"*uu HI Broadway (Trinity Building) ? V Fourth hr?k*T ?lb? nandsoiue two story and *ttc orton, Hou(C til l l.ot 12* Fourth street. side, ???(? < urn t iplic; siid West luulU streets 11 on e - It 6 in front ant reur by 60 deep; In good order. and cuntaluaall the MWa nienees. Lot :b.6 I>y 101 test, Poa,-?*sioa M?y I, t*?t $.> UOO way rem* u oa uioi -gaje at ti |>e. con: Mm.*, |t, At the o!Uoj ol lue Auctioneers, N> A Pus Btreei, N. y. MOKItlS WILKINS. AUCTIONKKR VfcKT CHtJiOK AMI it A WE OLD WINB3 AT At'L HON. E. If. LUDLOW A CO. will soil at auctiau on WedMa day. April 13 1*1, at 12 o'clock at their wlu? salesroom. No 3 Pme street, near llroadway. A coho. turn of i hone old Wiies being tlio reu.aiu :er of the private at'jck ot ihe late Mr. Ricbard l\av. tbe .ceite. part of w bicli ?en Inherited tr< in big fatbet. uu aJdittous hailuj; been made to t. cm slu'e I 5-7. *1/ ? I N DEMIJOHNS. Mellick A Benger M?dn>i?. from cellar of Mr John 4ba?; Brahmin lu'lia, March 4 lien son, IttU: lloue A T, HI I Lenov Madeira 1822, Dudley Madiera, 1806, Old Madeira of 1811; Old Xeneriffe. Ae. IN BOTTLES AND MacNI'MS Benson s India Kapisl. 1817 audi <18: Mall.ok 4 l?eu.j-r 181 ? Dudley, 18-Jj, Lynch's Eli a 131.1 J. Stewart, lb'.: Lenox, 1822; Searle M.idiora. Tucker A Lawries, 18IH. Jta . together wltti line oM Hutu, Ac TUt ae Wines will be sold by sample, and Will be delivered from tbe shelves of the wine room ut No .1 University place. Where labels are yet fouud they are acciraie;./ copied. No other wines wilt be admitted t > this sale. Cats lou ites may lie had ou Tuesday at tbe office of tbe Auction eeis, No. 3 Fine streot. 0RI*UAN8' COURT SALE EstMc of THOMAS E. POTTER. dec-isad. THOMAS A SONS. AUCTIONBKKH VALUABLES COAL LANDS. in Luzerne County. Pennsylvania Pursuant to an order of the Orphan*' Couit for tbe Conn tv ol Lu/.erne. Pennsylvania, will be sold at public sale, ou Tuesday. April 2ti. 18B4, at 12 o clock noon. AT TUE PHILADELPHIA EXOHANOR. the following described property, late of Thomas E Potter, deceased, viz ? Tbr-e equal, full, undivided fifth parts of aad tu 247 acres 126 perches of laud in Bauover township, Lu/.arne county, Pennsylvania. Also, four full, n<|tial seventh parts of and into acres 29 6 It) perches of laud, in name towushlp mot county. Also one undivided uftli part of and tn 'J aores 17 pcrciies ol lind in same township and county. Kull particular* tn handbills, which mist be ba t on app!t ? cation to the auctioneer* or at ihe Herald oltiee MAKY R. POTTER. Adininisiratrli. M. THOMAS A SON . Auctioneers. 139 and 141 boulli Fourth stcee', Philadelphia PAWNBROKER'S SALE?ON THURSDAY APRIL It. or JOHN MOKTIMKR. 15 las' Broadway. of a splendid iiBsortmeut of Pleute*. Silk, Merino and Calico Dresses. Skirts, Shawls. Clonk*. Remnants. Sheots. Spreailn. Frock Cojt*. t'Riits, Vests, Boon, Siioes. Kudu. Pillows and a vnr eiy of other good*, all worthy the attention of <loa!ers and housekeepers. By order 11. Barnard, 23 Third arenne. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?ON FRIDAY APRIL 15, bv.lUHN .MORTIMER, l.t I'.ajl Broadway, ol 4<iLots of Moil and Women'* Cloihiii".. Silk and other Dresses, Unaeiu olhini;, Remnants, Shawl* Cloaks, Sheets, Coais, Pant*, Boot*, 8hie:i. aud a variety of other G"ods loo numerous to mantion. By order ol J. L PHILLIPS 06 Catharine street. PAWNBROKER'S 8ALE.-0N WBDNBBDAT, APRIL 13, JAMBS AGAR will sell at 10'.. o'clock, a general assortment of Men's and Women's Wearing Appai Drcs.?es. Skirts, Shawl*, eot on and linen Hbee's. Quilts. B.ankets < oats, Pants. Vests, and a variety of other goods too numerous to mention. By order of J L. PHILLIPS, 66 Catharine street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-ON THURSDAY, APRIL. 14, at CI New Howory. JAMES AGAR will sell at lO1* o'clock, 400 lots of unredeemed pledges. consisting of a large asaortment of Men a and Women's Clothing, silk, delalde, calico and other Dr.isses, Coats. Pants, Vest? Boots, Shoe*. Shawl* ot all descriptions, lied clothes, Ac . a (election , worthy the attention of dealers and other*. By order of E. HAYMaN, 155 Broome streot. PAWN'RROKBR'S SALE ?ON FRIDAY, APRIL 15, JAMKS AGAR wdl sell, at IO>J o'clock, a large assort ment ot Men's ami Women'* Wenrlug Apparel. Skirls, Underc'otho*. Ouiits, Blanket*, .-heel*, l oan, Pant*. Veata. and other Goods too numerous to mention. By order ot B. ? OU KN (late I'earce * Co >. 197 Gtand street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?OM MONDAY, APRIL 11, JAMES AUaB will sell, at 61 New Bowery, at IDS ?'clock, SIX) lot* of Unredeemed Pledges, consisting of Men's nnd Women's Wearing Apparel, Silk, Calico, Merino and Theatrical Dresses Coats. Pants, Vest*. Boots, Shoe* Alio a fine assoitiuent of Watches and Jewelry. Carpenter's Tools. Ac. Well worthy the attention of the trade and oth. era By order of EZEKIEL, .142 Sixth aveuue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-ON TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 91 61 Hew Howery, JAMES AGAR will sell, at I0>^ o clock, a line assortment of Men * and Women's Wearing Apnarel, luesaes of all description*. Costs, Pants. Vests, Borts, Shoes, Ac. By order ot Ma'ooe A Kelley, OOP Second are! me. RE. ROLLINS, AUCTIONMB ?KOLLKDY A ROL ? llns will sell, on Mondas, April II, at 10?^ o'clock, at No. 510 Broadway the entire Bar Fixtures and Stock con tained in the abo.c place. Also, at then salesroom. 4W Ca nal street, at 2 o'clock, a large stock of now and seeond hiud Furniture, ( rockery, Glass and Plated Ware. Out doot sales attended to. of household fi rm hire. The undersigned is prepared to a'-. ? special at tentlou to SALES 0: HOUSEHOLD FUKNITCBS at residences, on (tie most favorable terms. Pari tes contemplating making sales this season will do well to register their names early to ?ecure choice of date. A. JOl'RNKAY, Auctioneer, No. ? Pin* street. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS?WILL SELL ON ? Tuesday, April 12, at lij* ? clock, at the auction room*. Wo. t North William street. Executor s sale or a Urge stock of Men sand Boy*' Felt, Silk and Wool Hata; Cloth, velvet and Fur Caps; Gent's Furnishing Good*. Neck Ties. Glove' A.-o the balance of the stock of?Ready Made Clothing; Sack and English Cassluiere Coat*, Pantaloon* and Vesi*, Ac. LEK A SMITH, Eiecutors. SA J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS?WILL SELL ON . Mondav. April II. at I0V; o'clock. at No. 15 Centre street, the Stock and Fixtures of* Barroom aad Restaurant. Wedneaday, the Mth. at I0l? o'clock, at the auction rooms, a large and general assortment of Household Furniture. Car peta, Ac. SA J. BOOART, AUCTION EE KS?WILL BELL ON . Wednesday. April JO, at 10 o'clock, on the preinlae*. corner of Frankfort and Nassau strae if. the entire Hotel and Barroom and Restaurant Furalture contained in Tamuiany Hotel. TO BE SOLD-AT PUBLIC AUCTION. ON WFDNES day. April I), a Farm of .tt acres, wl'h a splendid new two st 'tv modern built House: the same three miles from Plalniield, nenr the Jackson scliool house. For lurther par ticular* see bil'.s of advertisement at P ainfleld. GEORGE W. MAETIN. WILLIAMSBTBO AUCTION OP HOUSEHOLD Furniture.?0 W. KKLSKY will sell on Monday. April 11, st IDS o'clock tbe Household Furniture, <on ta ned tu tbe lo >?r pa t of the dwelling No .14 South Futh street, nenr Second street. <-on*l*tiu? In part of rosewood riedstea'ls and others, rosewood marble top Tables, Sofas Chairs. Carpet*, and Kitolien Furniture Ac TermsMMk In baukable money. Deposits leipuro I of all put chasers. W. KKLSBV, auctioneer, oQice It South Scroritii street rvutTvu. \N ELEGANT AftSORI'MENT OF PARLOR, CHAM ber and Dining H.10111 Furnl'tire for ss> at a sacn ce. The mbs rlb 'r will sell. in lots to stilt purchreers 9:1 the Furniture contained 111 s residence, I I West Twenty third ?tree!, near Si?'u avenue?1'ianoiorte. Paintings Par lor Suits, Etagcres, Mirror*. Ac M. MIDDLETON. \ NY ONIi HAVINO ONE OR TWt) HOOD SECOND ,'V band Parlor Suite of Furniture, ha.rclotli .r reus hi-ar of ? cash cu?tomer. It eheip, by addrr-siug F. II , 1 lit Fourth avcutie N. V. /CABINET FURNITURE. SI25,0U> worth of Kurniture, at manufacturers' pr'ces, consisting of rosewood aii<l wslsut l'ar;or Km s Liirny and t hainber Suits, oak and waliiut Dining 1 s it , ail made under the sill* 1 intenden'e of J. K. liraun'sdorf, in tne late t style, and warranted, both *? to m.t'pal and uorkuiausiiip. Wlil L A BRaUNDSDoRF. 126 101 d K'7 Kivtn,ton street N. Y, Factories, 95. 97, '.?(*, 101. lot and 105 Sutioik ?treet. N. B. 1 he Broadway and Fourteenth stre-t (gridlr n) Rail road car* paoa w ithin two oiocks of the warehouse, 'l/LRU A.N J UO. si ,IOLi> r I KM IURK OF A I'll-?A'I K Pi family lor sale st a greatnacrliice.? \ beautiful Farlor Suit, covered with tho rlctiest French satin brocatel, mails to order three luonths ago ic st ? III lie S' Id for $17^ one do. for $15". Also, two marble top Tables. I '.eewcod Ktagerca, two Psrlor t'arpete, Turkish Ea^r Chair and I.o nice two rosew. o l Beilsreads. Huresns, Spring nnd llali Mattresses, Chairs. Rockers, Clocks. Mir rors, Ac. Impure st IIV West Eighth ureei, between Fifth and .sixth a*onues FlUHNITUSK WaNTSU-THB ENTIRE FURMTURE. Carpet* Mirrors, 1'iaro Ac , ol a house will he p1ir. ehaaeil at the present market rates for cash. Parties break lug up housekeeping may apply to or addrcaa T. Mathews 7.1 Broadway, until May 1. {FURNITURE WANTKD-DOUBLE SET PARLOR rosewo >d stuired baeki, sod une or two sets Chamlier Fsi niture, but little >mmi|, for tah down. Addrese V., boi 2.?'4 Post oillce, with full pHrllculara, giving number of pieces and kind of covering. * Furniture at wholesale and kbtail-we oiler our euiIre stork of all grades of Furniture at 1 wer prices than any other establishment In the United .stairs It s made or the be.twell sess ned and ae'e ted maieilal 10 lie lonnd in the country, and in the latest approved st>l*a uy tue best worMneu, and uuiltr 01 r own perfonal sti|jer?taiiin. ai.l hoods warranted. Dli GRAFF A TAYLOR. N ? How e ?, X. Y. T^CRNirCRR, CARPETS S(>OK??. PAMPHLETS AND f Ltbrar'Ss In 1 >4h' for rssli at 1J5 Slltb arsaue, betw?en Ninth and'tenth streets A complete set ol the Mmtutlof the Common Council. Also a large stoek or Books for sale L^URNItdre wamkd -any partt raving par f )iu and Itedro iii I urnlture wlil' h '.he* would Ilk" to <11 -(wine of in exr-liaitge lor country Koa-d, at a watering p,a>e, to coiuii ence alter tlie 15th of May, may address L. I. V . Herald oltlce. ? blOl SALE?AN ELKCANT SET OP ROSEWOOD Parlor Furniture. uul.? uew and of most modern pat tern. Apply to Jl'Lll's BIIILl., 204 Chatham square. New Y'rk, I/OR8ALK-IMRT 0FTI1R Fl'P.NITUHK CONTAINED r In .?? Dwelling.Weal F irlr tirst street, vl/:? Elegant Catpet*. M'r>i rs, I'srlor Sun, tu hroistel. tidily carted, A> , *111 be disposed if lew. In pilro on the premises. PICKHARDT'S PARLOR SOFA BED H.?*"A* EynAL spring msiitrtss. and can he made small or large; lathe only artlo.eof the sort to tho 1 nued Slates. Apply at 1?>7 Sl?e ker street. SECOND H\ND Ft'RNlTUPE AND CARPETS WANT O ed. ?Parties bnvlng Furniture or Carp?ls tu sell will do well t<> call or send their address to 11. O, FAKRKLL. 2 7 and 3fV West Thirty tlf.h s rett \I'ANTKD TO HI!tR-roR ONE VF.AR FRO* BAY 1, f T Kuriiitiire'to luraiab live rooms for housekeeping, only two icrsons lnjaaiily Addie** for one week B L B , twit RXPRENIRI. niTRNHAF.'H FURNITURE EXPRESS. BCTRNflAM'? I) FurniVire Eipreee, Barnkam * Furniture Kipiaea, Bnrnham s Fiunlture Rtpiess 115 West Eleventh street, be Iween Fifth and Sli h arenuee Furiilt :re storeii All kinds of FiirtiPuri hoied and sh'posil FuewUi'te of (ami lies m?Ttd in ciU or to the country. amppito. QTRAM WBKLY TO LIVBKPOOL TOUCHING AT ?? U'lBi'nuioxo [Owk bar'or) ? The Liverpool, No* Torn au I l'luian-ipbia H<emiCompany ml ?iid tlieir full poxered Clyde built Iron *tOHtn*htl? as follow* ? CITY OK LONDON, Ha urduy April ID K'Na Saturd*>. April CITY OK MKW VnHK. Saturday Anr 10 ao<l e?*ry ?uixooding Saturday at noon, lr.>m 4, N >ri i river RATES Of PASHV.fc Payable iu soiii 01 lis Mnivitletit la currency VM t'tlut ,| l' | HMriiF $'*0 Do to Itonrion lio t*? |, uidoo . flu to Paris...... '?:?} f >.i tn P?rii 4'' Do to Hamburg ? I Lto to lUiibiirg ?t7 Pas- uger* aisu furwa 'ded to II* re, Bremen ll.itter ?lam Amwrtrij Xc , tl t* itiMlly low ?ai?n - i'Jin or UMt<u >-vn ?1 iru Cabin, *f5 $"*''? $IOj $.Vi Th'MM who wi?h to sent for their 1 r.> mi * r*u buy ticket* here at thexe r?t"< Thew ttoincri have *'ii>erior ac nnuiiodatioua for nassen w arngirjugly built u wator-Uitbt aarii iaa. in.I <'*rry patuoi Hi e aauihilatora. iiiaced turgeoua a; a attaobed to each at a fun h oi furUier information apoly iu Liverpool to WILLIAM IN WAN A sent f* W?k?f su iu ina ,'ow. lo Ai.KX. M\Ij Of.V No SRI. Enoch square: in uueeimtown, to.C. ,? W I) SEYMOUR A CO in London lo RIVIS* A MV UtY i.l King William stive': In 1'arU ?J i ? Ij I.. ? t??-CSOI F., IS ru Notre l>?iuo .to. Vietmrea PI tee tie Bourse, in Phila delphia, to I OH II ti DALC, 111 Waluul Mi or ai the company'solli en. JOHN G. I>ALK.IA::oiit. 16Uroa Iway. N. V STEAM FHOM ANO TO QUBBNSTOWN AND LIV EKPOOL CUVARO LINK Frnm New York $'<S eurreni'y, to New York. $t0 gold, or equivalent in currency. IIEi'l I Mileon VVeinevtav April II NATION AI, STEAM navigation COMPANY Krooi New York, cabin $81. steerage, $So Payable In curreuoy VIRGINIA aaila Friday. April :!2. For passage apply to WlbLIAMS A dt/ION. 40 Pulton street. THE LONDON ami NBW YORK STEAMSHIP CO* ji4in- will despatch semi-monthly Iheir new and ttr*t .Mans British irou steamships CELLA, B ELLON A. IOWA, OHIO. INDIANA au.l MAN 11 AT TAN, each ;{.00) Urns bur llieti. between London and New York, calling at Havre on the vnyaue troin L 'lidon. Kate.* ol |>;isj.:ue payali c Iu United State* currency, (iO:n New Yurie, firxl cabin He<-on l cabin, $3", Stei-ra^'1, f.'U) From London or ila?re, ?irst csbtu $1(10; nivond cabin. <7D; nteeiage. $4". For paaia(;e app'v to ('HAS A WIIITMJY, at tbe oflioe, 26 Broadway For fn;ii;li< applv hi 94 South Btr>'?L HOWLAND 4 AH PI N W ALU. Agent*. The HAMaifRo amkuican packbt company-s IRON MAIL STKAMHUIP* From Soiitliampton. From New York TKVfTONIA .. March 19. ISW .April 16. 18S4 II VMMONIA April 2. IH6I April 30. 1864 RAVAR1A April 16, I.SU4 May 14. IHlit OKRMANIA April ??. !HOI May 28. ISM Krom llanilMirg iiier foot of Third street Hoboken, taking paueag'ra for finmbnrg. Ilavie, 1. ndou and Sotitharopton at the fol'owini; vutei ? P rst cabin, $10'; HC""iid cabin. $(>.' steerage. $37 &?)?pnyablc in noicl m lu equivalent. lor freight apply to KUNIIAKOT A CO.. 46 l\x. hauge piac* Koi parage apply to C B. RICHARD A BOAS, No 181 Broadway fjiOR LIVBUPOOU? CUNARD stb Alt SHIP HKCLA, 1 ('apt Mncac.Iey, wi 1 sail on WeilneiUay, April 13. (.labia passage -990 Pavah'e lu pold or its e'luiya'ent For freight or cabin passage npply lo E CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. For livbbpool.?old black rall link ?the shipTSA.\C W! HB will aail punctually ou Saturilav, April lti Kor i assaKS a' plv on boaid, foot ot Itcekuian ?met. cr to KOCIUi BROS A COFKKY. 09 hjuth *treet. rpilK MONTREAL OCEAN STRAMSUIP COMPANY'S 1 :?^oja mail steamship HIBERNIAN, from Portl >nd to Liverpool, April 16 Rams of passage. $80. $W ami $30. Sight Di al is on th" National Uauk. payable at alt it* branches in England and Ire and For passage applv to SABEL A SF.ARLK, 23 Broadway. New York. If OR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA and?te"n'er >??"? New Fork oa the 3d. 13t* dSrVwlrlrJ' .n,ont.h'wben these J a ten fall on 9ua lowing 5 of deP?rl?r? will be oa the Monday f?l fa.!T?irPi!^8ht #r P????e ?ppl7 ?t the only olllco. No. 5 Bowt> | "?qretn. D. B. ALLEN, Ageal f'OS CALIFORNIA.?M. O ROBERTS' LINE TO SAN KRANClSf'O AND ORBQON , Via Panama Railroad. The steamship ILLINOIS. 2.500 tons, ih. r . . ?,n SATURDAY, April 23. at anon, tradl wtil ?!^ *",once,i' ?e?<nshlp In the Califorala North nrer e m the pler ,oot of *?'">?> ?treet, nerVf'war^o and'west stnieti0 ? N c^NGTON. or \J~EUTRAL FLAG.?AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE ahiu oS^uf inN8t?itc* m,",? The flnff A1 British filPw .T fi ^Y* Cror?ell. commander. will romc to her berth on the 12th Inst., with one third of her cargo already on board, and wll have unusually quick despVtTfor M^ ^.'ir?e?I<"9iC 8biE' *? f?TOr?b|y known in the Liver pool trade, insures at tne very lowest rates, here and in Britain, and is a remarkably fast sailer The At British bark Westward Ho. Williams, commander. dire*t"Cr8t Evening Star, and have despatch for Sydney Shippers per EvenlngfStar will please hand in their bills of lading before Friday, the 15th iustant, le R W^CAMERON. L*OR NEW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA. ' F , TO SAIL ON Saturday, April 16. at 3 o'clock P M. The I nlted Slates Mail sidewheel steamshlo MORNING STAR, ..ji i.reill7 Ij" "ppburn. Commander, river ab?v?. from pier 46. toot of Ktug street, Neeth Fur freight or passage applv to JAMES A. RATNOR, day.'Ap7i^.I85?n,n' ^ W"! ?*?? CIOK NEW ORLEANS, VIA IIAVANA~?THE FAVO M ATiva! J 3J V"wn Ln"ud ft?tea mail steamship a 2 commander. win' pier No 4 North river on Mou.iay. the 11th ot Ap.ii, at 3 o'cL k P. M., for New Orleans, via Havana Has miKurpassed ac m" 'or passenger* All let lent must pass through the Post office. For freight or passage apply to | THUS. ASBNCI(14 t'o., 17 Broadway. FIOR NRW ORLEANS DIRECT. -The lie w United Stales mail steamship GEO. GROM wELl, Capiain Joo A Post, will leave pier No 9 North river on Wednesday. April 13. at 3 P. M. . I sesame, wltn unstressed accommodations SfiO Anolr to H. B. CROM WELL ? CO., 86 West street. FOR HAVANA DIRRCT The United States Mail steamship ROANOKE. ? ? . , Francis A. Drew, commander, wiiiJfV*.. P ?r 13 North river, for Havana direct, on Wednesday. April 13. at 3 o clock P M. precisely. No freight or lading signed on the dav of sailing For 115 Broadway"*** aPPl7 CuDLAM? HEINEKEN * CO , FfOR HAVANA VIA NASSAU, nTiT The British and North American Roval Mail Steam racket Company s new steamer CORSICA. Captain Le Mes sur er, will sail tor the above ports, from the Company's whart. at Jerse? City, an , J SATURDAY. MARCH 2d. and on SATURDAY, APRIL 23 ; Passatte money to Naaaaa tif. Passage money to Havana "" flti *? ? b,,e ,n 8*lrt or 't? e.juivaieut. ?? re's"' received on day hernia sailini! ror it eight or passage apply to B CUNARD. No 4 Bowling Or,-an CLOTHING. i TrBNTIOm?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, AT IJS ' Sccenili avfiuc you will be ns'on'vlied to a.e the iTiT^i- (ARR:s w;,al Cast O I < jot Inn.: Carpets, tew elry and [?< rn it lire We tlatt?r our*?l7<-s ol having been pr.. umnced by many ladle* and gentlemen thstwe p.vflo |H-r. -n' more than any other place in tli- citv. We p'v'the follow lis -I oi ?tlk dresses lr0 J . to$(0- for..*is IrZV VlAKRlSr lv"k\rr0!S ?' *" nr ul! t? ? . . ' avemm thiee .loors from Twenty-flrsi s'rset. Indies at'ended t.y Mrs Harris \15S2ES?5t=f*?i?A*.?? ? ;' |.nd v uhm !?r,e :inters f,on, fhe'abo^a. s'^'pIt I). ?,?? ? ? , Lir , i,l,n ' ol the prices?sSiIk ia. f ',46: c4n*t*' t - Sis; Pant*. $?> to $5 aiw> Hool'rn Muftliit ,Tn<t ra||ro ShAwla Pinu ? iT Onll on or iftddreM If. RO.SKN'BFKO 212 Ladies a tended br Mis Ro^o^r,. ' *K SeTfu'h ATTENTION? AT THK NEW STOItK, 114 THIRD Am ,"vr:::- ? ^nuanien a re guaranteed to receive rel r ,.ni "'J"-1' ?< e*?< "<T Wrarm, Api;a. !ni', . t -f01" the Southern an J Western ! ' S' ' lr.V" '/?member, and In c. MISH. 114 ThiM atcoue, neai ho iteenth street. Onlcr* fnini Brooklyn and vlclatty led to. Lsdies attended br Mrs Mlsh. Md A 1 35t BOWKRV.?H. ROSENTH AL HAVING A GRF.AT A^! ,? E l?rr^r * '?rK" 1"?ntlty or c ist of? Wearing I !? 'urnltiiie < arpets, Jewsirv, Ac , I>t calllnc on or <*an obtain the utmo.t ror li artirle Ladien afiendo*! to br Mrn Itopentli?' ri?Me remember, and try .T53 Bowery. ep,os"? ore0.?",',^ ITTBMMV 1,.IMF'S AND GENTLEMEN-MR?.~T A GOLDSTEIN or IW Seventh arenne ls r^lns flftV wr ceul mote than anr other dealer In tlie ePy for Oast S? flolhing, t, furniture, .le., for theCslfninla i?arket Ja'Onis with a call and you will l,8 satnlllc I Alfirders Mrs"Go'dMain W' ^ ,"1DCt"a1' ?""'del to by Mr. snd * ST BR Ot'D^ATINOrs, HAMMER THE IRON WMILF "J rfi.rt hot.?Ladles and gentlemen <->n receive a Je^velrv D?a> ClotaJdg. Carpets. K'rnltuV Jtnmrj, IXaiMond*. kc., than over i?^for# a? the mentioned article* to supply mir Ca.lforn a markets nS matter wnat price we pav. as lona as wL ?. Lsdies an I ge,nlomen. dou t negiJot a goid chani ai we "r *n;h yl?m??.^IlMweei Twe'nty'flrsr'Jnd' Twenty sretin^ S~H. Harrla'" D?: A okrai demand kdr <'U)tiiin ? i.adirs and '? gent'emea iiaving any Cast OlT . ? ? ?n,n,inr. sit ;?v,?n, t i? Vh^HSr' ?T 24. fRTRNTB avi NUE < OSNBB o? <rwitm>v ? ? si?th street. K HART will pav 'h. m i . * ?^o^;^rngh^r,c^?,r byMrsiiart* ** 10,1 ?r ? "ote. Lad,ei at ten did A TTTNTION.?FIFTY PER CENT WORK T-.a-y it 11 hut oii-rr sfotT In ihe fl?renth rm JHa i !*? i ?ents cast off rioth n,. Ku'n"t?re?Car^sf *? n it . "?'-I av^ri'ia I'm - n. Mr .Vd AbSlKlJ^ L*'"*4 '* ' "f \|' HINT TAlL'lRS-1 WILL PAT A KA1K PRlrF roL; ir, rjtr,e,h"" ros dress riion I) CON RO\ ?4 (>n(re sireet! 'he "?"or,d COA i.. /^OAL ? HBsT RRn A"I1 AND RFMY l.knifltf ^ i' ?*?'? coal"'Ki*m y?rT!wne??4 Thirty second street and Tenth avenue 1 HOs sthKKh. /'JOKE?TilE NRW Vf)RK OAS LIURT fOMPAKV U Pa'les wfsh^"11 *All""r w"rk*' ??<? do not deliver the'lvJpJ'i' A 2mTIU 6'W,V^.h ?ll ?r nue 143 ifiwarJ 'place, near Niith ave nue, ?u Bow?ry, Third street and ?A> Peat I street A. TKKADWBLL AssaL AnxjSBHKirm. B WAM.AOK'S HON DAV, Kir it mm thin a'-naou th? -lej'.nut two trl Ooim' dr. by I'laoeii" r?LL,ii<s op a moht fim ft P<tl in* Mi I ?ill" Due de Cbart'M" S'r i us- r- K ln-i l>? hr?n*i'[l''r?ft ... Hi I,,(,n Ultiieri BriKf Mr I'urktMt Du^bMi dn f'.re? .... Mr #14 e; w x* i .i'iiVia To oou'.'i'nl'' wltb t i? ft 12. i 'hi* .)nf %i a"etpe ?? Uie SBUHKT Mnn* r? iMin? , , Hr U' II Kl ?'I V ilere. bit friend .... \t l*? i:"< Drunken i'or er t r Wilmii??<>n TkatBM i ie?rxe 11 'illaiul v'. U.i will mii| ibe Couiic Sivik, Wei'i ? i* ? '? >?' to Tlnug " M i U>ne Dnfiim . .. Mix r mm Koran' Aiifi'li''* ... Ml#* M?iy Unrret i ad*??Hi.l it \ r l. K w Wid'iM4i?y?hkssen op vit w it plovd II e thU t-?a*un. riih STIiANi-I'lK wi.ii it bljjlily W ? ' ? liisirimr ion Tliuraday?(10# h Umci?ROSli;> ALK I'ri luy?AMEHIOA'VH IN I'Aki.i and BUB Mi PhLl ? flITV .sn'iid?y?Roih.hai.K KOOKLYN AI ADi'.MV OK MUSIC. Lemtee .. Mtaa l<a n? Keviie 01'h.NINU N H.liT or MISS LA H It A Klii.NK AMI) IIKIt COMEDY COM HI NATION Miitf Laura Reene renuer.fully iiinoiioce* to I bo oilt/o-i* of lln>oklvo 'b it hup iviii tn ?? TWO ciKANIl PERPO&MANCE8. SPECIALITY ?fc.v?'iv vl-iitor attending tlte perfoniutir-e at tho Academy will hu preaeiiied wlin a perfumed pro j>raiiiuio ol rbaloa'a Ni?ht Bloomim? Cereua OK MkM'JaV BVKNINO. April It. IXtii. Tb? performaaco will couunnce .vitb ttic beautiful d miri'.io drama nt BACIIELTIIK KKAPEB. Dramatmed eapreio'ly f i Mihh Keene l>y cbaa. Beada. from tho celebrated uoicl of CLOUDS AN II SUNSHINE Rachel B'?* Laura Keene Corporal Patrick Mr Dyott Dick liiekmau Mr. Levick Mr. Caifiioiver Mr PiH'T* r? inrr liaytaoru Mt. Kea Robert Uav thorn Mr Bo '1 Rose Mtflield Mr* H?a Mis. Ha)thorn i?ira. Tyrrtl To conclude with Cherry'a c 'lebiated Comedy of TllK SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER Widow Oheerly Mim Liur* Keene Mr*. Malforil Mm Tjrni Governor lleariuit Mr. Jobn Dyott Prank Heartnlt Mr Leuc* Tlmothr'Qualm Mr Peter* Support" ! by the full oi the company UKDNKsllAV nioht. April 13. I'naiilveiy last night of Ml hi Laura Keene, W lie a will be produced u new, thrilling drama, eutitledi TIIK WIVES OK lltHLAND. OK TUB KOSTElt KilOTUER. Mrs. jonNSTON dale MARY R HAWLET) respectfully fininnuiceH a Ceo ertal IrvtiiK Hall, on Wednes day evenliiir, Apnl IS. atmisted by the follow tug artUU ? Mi. OEOKOB SIMPSON, Mr. S. C. CAMPItELL, Mr III'.Nlil AIM'*, , Mr. WILLIAM BKROB. Mr. 0. W MOKQaH. Mr. OKO W . COLBY Ticket* f? i cenU. To be had ai tbe Broadway mimic ntorc* and at ttie door . DAHJO TAUGHT?PERFBOTLT, IN ONR OWAR J ) ter'a Ichskiis, by my novel ami pleanlnc method No peraon can fail to liavo a thorough knowledge of the in Hirumenl. Bhu ioh made, to ordei mid furnlNhed for pr?< tiee. Hour* lot tuition from -i in the afternoon till!) in tho evenlnc OKOBuE 0. DOUHON. No. W Amity atreet. cor ner of Hcrcei. MPMCAlf A SPLENDID i*iano FOB fi'.'i?a & n. haiimokh manufacturers. 348 Dleeckor street; 17 lirH prize me* Pi'n;nWUrri'lUtl^ lo1r ,:V,, v,'ars Without exception the best artwtt. Testimonials Irom the most distinguished A TTKNTION.-JUST PUBLISHED. |NE? SYSTEM OF ,, , A '"echanlcal invention, readily understood nS??jd?ii ""J. d, u<)8cir. ?>??<>? Utile prsetlr*. and played ?tihrstsight. See circulars, booka, Ao. KIRBY A V ? 043 Br?>auway, corner of Bleecker street. I A I^QWWOBnt seven octave rosbwood ?t,.i laD0l0ru* for ??'o, round corners, carred leg* aer pentine case, overstrung bass; full iron plate; la use aii k owner having no further uae lor It will gel Itat a bargain. Apply at 74 West Twolfth atreet. Amaonificent rosewood pianoforte for ,l/.J*tl?T7COi" 'y00, lno!u,l|ng Stool and Cover ftiji ftml?*1 <2)J0- Etagere*. Mirrors, Paint ln ?*???> month*; will l>e aold at a I?" ,ce,,V. realrtence of M MIDDLETON. 113 West Twenty third Htre??t, near Sixth avenue A ^r?'jr'D ACCEPT A SITUATION AS J*. leafier of a choir, or precentor, after the let of Mar jwstrelerencea given. Address Tenor, elation R. A LAD*. TEACHING THE PIANO AND CULTIVA. llou of the voice, would lake a few more pupil*, tenna 9i.r per quarter. Address Mualc Teacher, elation G. /"JHURCH MUSIC.?MR. A. P PECK WILL ACCEPT ail engngemuni from May 1 as Precentor or Ti-nor in a Ijll Po5^o"ue"X>ml*OUO"* C r' Address A. P. Peck, Brook t'OR SALE-A BECOND II AN I) PIANO. ST( OL AND wmb? m,ld(or*^ owner leaving for Europe. Can be sqeu at 3s East Nlue teenth street, from 6 nil 8 P. M. nasi nine L'OR SALE?A 8PLKNDID 7 OCTAVE ROUND OOR. ? . Dpr rosewood Piano and Stool, by our of the l>est cttv PHre $Z50 P' ' "nn,ud"ue" ?' ? West t ort, eighth Street. GUITAR AND SINGING ?NAPOLBOW W nnnr n Nolo GultsrJat and TenoTeoablS"h *p^i|,?^f^ TNSTBUCTION ON THE PIANO ?A YOUNG LADT 1 of eiierleoca a* a music teacher, can accommodate a few more pupils Term* eight dollars tor twentvfour leaaaSZ with use of I lano. Apply at jit) Woosler slreet. New Tork Musical -a lady bxpebiencbd in teaching the pianoforte would like loengagea few more uuriila 6 Lf"du" ?'??"?? the resideuee Sf the pupil or her own. Inquire at 4*) Bauk street. MUSIC AT ONE CKNT PER PAGE.?ABOUT 5 0fl IT'ffr en aail A men ran Sheet Music (a little SibEWv.0** 6001 *l WATKR"' mu?'e MUSIC -$2 FOR BIGHT LESSONS ON THE PfA*0 with privilege of daily practice, bv a ladr wrrtl oiiVii* Eighth evenue.TWeDl), ?"h ^ NE wr .?LV.8,t! ~"WI1BN OLD FRIENDS WERB l (ll _IIERK ?A very beautiful and touching sung |n b When old friends weie here In dars that are down. How lond were the bands Which oft clasped inv own Tbe i a< Ways o? life " Wore p easure a aunny hue. And voi c? were near. With tones it arm and troe '?PHK WAS ALL THE WORLD To MB ? ?Th * <? . sweet, t owing melody in E flat '* ? The abote arc the last two aongs of (he late Hlethen O ^"*'rr. Pric? -.*? each, mailed fiee IIORACK tt'iTiiiiu'' Publisher, 48U>roadway, New York. CE W ATE"S. VTEW MUSIC??THE SANITARY PAIR Port i\ Oedirate.t t . the palron* of the S.mi.p. V?.7? I r M? ...rkhlirat" {SSTu'a perfeclTm' w.',%|.Td ni htlv Wy the bund at ti.e Fair Price 2Sr noJ^i I WATERS I'ubSUher. 481 Broadway A utandst la auemf ante to try new music pianist in attend T"?IANOS MK.LODKONg, HARMONIUMS ('ABIVFT I an . Vletamlr-orcan*. Piano Stools aml Cove^iheet Miieu. Music l.ooks, Muk 10 Merchsad sc. ami sll ?ind, of Mi.snal Instrtiiueuta at wholesale and retail Hrwl i uni Pisuoa and Mclodeons at great Marcalna iNew'I'iano? Inl Mexicans to let, an I rent al.owe l H ".orehnTed inmh^ J SVUI. 1,1. race,, d for th- same. Pianos'Um^d'and repaid' IIOI.ACE WAl Agcut. No 4.11 iiio.Mway, N Y. l??iSEWOOD I*IANO TO RENT FOR SIX MONTHS-A 11 rer. ne seven Octave ro?e ood I'lanofoi.e to rent'to a { WS ^PM-.VniD PI ANOS?LOW?AT PA( TORY l'R|r'Ea. i tmprovedovetstrung. Ac Call and e.amine, s"n0 Jj Thompson street. B K TnoBNB T"R VWLIN.-THIS MOST PBBFKCT I nrd hraiitlfnl Instrument tarnihi hy a new and e'aar meth'd in courses of twelve leseons; a thorouga k*o?,e"I i Slu'h svVn i'e """d-rate Apply to .IAS (iORl)ON. SI IRITRCOTIOI. A JnA.PJr liTJi'ER'Bf,1CKI> IN TEACHING IB DESf. A ton* of obtaining a situation as t ?.-her f the Knslish ioSS. Km oK"'"1 ? "? \ * HhLEC T FAMILY BOARDING SCHOOL IM THE I .\ coiiii rv for little rlrls under twelve yesrs. where the , pupils i>av# Ihe comforts of oome a* ?> ell as atlonal ad vantage*. Nrnnber limited to eighL Referen ?s etchaotfed. ler "? moderate. For parUe"|e,sad1:rc>s H a B, bo? w 1 Mount (N. .F.)l*o?i oflice. I A T? D',.,'BKAR'S, <:r>M%IK"C;AL ArAOKMV. A0? I\ isr Ndway. gfttitta't en or l?oy? ?n burp private >ti? In r'Apia mmlneM writing, prtetlon! b-nkkerprif mnhrn?i?c, A . ana b'irn more ?t bu?iuis?? a fair 4 in "tie inon'U ttian ?u jrear? at botriling nchoo.t ? Fill NCH LAflT, LATELY ABRIVKD FROM PARtR withes to ijlve Krenoli lesson* an I coo > raat on to a |i w dcnili 111 **0 at No. Its Wooateretrr '.. 'hree iloor* tram j lltc-cner street, Sunday* not eifeptid tro 9 A M till u I I' MAHAVIE BLANCB i ? I'ltll. - FOR THIS MONIII OS V T? ItMS FOR | j\ W riling red ined one half a; (ie.dai uh Institute 7M . H'OM*av. r mi r t?f Kl^Uth atieei. I> nili'e Et.try lb >ia. I keepiti pra-tleallr tailgkl. Ueiarate rooo-s for lad lea and for | ri?ate Instruction. 0LiVKKB.UOLDs.MrrU. HmftDIN-l SCHOOL. AT NORTH tlRANOE, N J ?eenntl building northeast Of Si Mark's church.?A se' |e I family lloardtug School, where corn are 'horoiichiy pre i<nie<l tot business or i ol :e silt! arc Ihe comforts of a bcu-e L'nmen amoiier twelve, i - will be two va>sn. ci"?. Anperior to ihe heat school i'arming $>Xl le $4<si | ferniS$Ji>i par annum No dar *<? ?oars, Com- an I ero or s.ldresa Prlnelpal hot 132 North'Poet ollee, ' OF.MI.VART KOR YOUNG LADIES?AT GREBN WIi H t* oil ih* Sound Inalroctlon given In all Ihe branches oi' a thorough Rnt'luh educa loa, with especial aJiention to lang and llteiai"re. C PC ilar? mar '?? obiameo br applfit'* "> lh* Principal, Mlts H G CREAMEK. Green wi b, t'onn 'I'D I, \l?l F S n' NF.GI.Ei'TBI) BDUCaTION-AN J Fni|l sh lady, who Is now eounged in some of the tnst fsmiaes ha? a little lel?ure lo rlevote to M.,ec French Dreeing ( omp- Itlon. letter Writing. Ac Terms mode rale Address M. Herald office. \1-ANTKD-Bt A LADY. rERFF.CTI.T COMPETENT. II an engagement aa gnverneae, e-imi anl n snd s??l*Unt hoiiseke?|<*r, or would uke charge of a laige hoarding home on oommlasioo aad help lurnlch It. Addrese W IT G , station R, 8th M. (linn A T*A* PUDtl IS-BOARD AND INSTRUC flu" tioti, Rnglish branches, city references, or will rail, 1'ianoand Fremh $l'i XJ.eiti* charge lo elder eclut ars. Ai ireaa Abel WUlUqek, DMOurr. C*oo. AlOTfiKMRfVTa. NllJI.Ort OARDKN Hi-gin* at />$, concludes at l<M( L tu t M mitger Wu Who* ff. I UK VKKt QMII &AL. DKnlHB vu wl'uriu the listlBr'imhe't Amrf' ?(> EDWIN KOOTII ill bi* utiiveraally iitmrMl chunu i-t nf BEttTUCClO, in ">m Taflm 4 tkrrn art I'Ujr, eatit 04 "?0U9 I KoorvH VfVenoi I^esjb. ??ii eh. far Hi* f.AHT TWRf.Vf' NMHT.1 hM .-IioJim tt,. 1,1 t.,, naiurnnfrani tt>?t PKktUi AM) AUDIKNlBB mi ' miixl I" FINKM AVD OBrriCAU in I ioc? the nUMMtc<?M?l lo *tiiti >? iu< ?* it lot SIK Nliillfrt I.UNOBH. when it iuu?i r-O .ITIVKLT IIR WITHDR \WN to prc-mut oi ?i attractive novelties Till'. '.'AST Of CM A It AC 11. ftH will lie auHnlmMl liy AltTIMKS OF TUB PIKST IIANK The nuts!'-, i'u ???< ihp imtoo "f Harvey II l?!'<orth appro piiate, aim Urn Kcetierjr, Appoiium inta. 4c., o( I'm imtal ?i inrt ira of tins NlililnliBeoi Hi tt.* can be H'*o irt'd alt davi in advance THIS M AitII..L UllAItr WIL.L. SlluKrLT BE PRO OUCBD WIM'IBR OAftDEM tteomd week ol ihe engagement or MISS AVONfA JON Krt, and the ui'W tragic play, tu livo ar.ts, entitled jnnfTH Til K OAIK5IITKK OK MPItABI MONDAY, ArtltL 11. MIrtS AVONIA .TON KB will apiwar la hor great tragic role of JUDITH, which tn preaonted with new ami txvtutiful scenery hi* turir oorituuieH hu<I music by Robert Btoepol anil tha Tallow ing i-aul ? llolofernea .Mr. Charles Barmn Oihfimct Mr. A. H. Davenport Oibaha ....Mr II Bland Mai- aliens Mr. Morru Kwurama Mr. Hasan A(5rni>le Mrs Chanrrau M ultra Mr*. Hind Mospra Mrs. Bland Ithra Mrs. rioyd n-iors open at f!V{; ooinmimoe at 7K o'clock. On Tuesday evening, April It. AVONIA JONF.B. In oiiediencc to a gnnorniiv cipinased wish will appear as WANOA. in the play of PABIO F OX'S OLD BOW KBV THEATRE. Immense tuiei^e** of Hip NEW HHNSA'I'fON DRAMA. MONDAY KVKNINO ami dm Ins the week. D? WaMen ? original dramatization. in foura'ts, founded on the popular n ivi-i of "Cudjo's (.'a ve, 'by J T. Trowbrllge, Ii?i,eu titled POMP or CUDJO'S CAVE. Mm Pnnnv llerrlnsas Carl Mr .1 K Ntuulnv an Pomp Mr. (I. W Tlioni|iHOn M I'lldjO Mr. C. K Ko> ax. Dan I'epperill Mm* It Deanl a* Virginia Mr U. I< KtiX will also appear Otbrr character* by ThoGrand Combination Company And One Hundred Auiillarlec NfcW BCENKRY. NKW TABI.KAlJX, MOST ST A ItTfil NO KFKKCT8. Two impular pieces with the af>ove drama will be played uichtty. Friday evening. April 15, BRNRFIT of I be HANITAKY COMMISSION. pArtK THEATRE, BROOKLYN I Sole Direct? Mra. F B Con way notic",' tife krelit I rl&i dnma of e"ery ""^further PREP O- DAY. with new scenery appear" 'M'A B' C(>uw:l',ln,, U?e ?nllrocampany will mJFH ,,ook "0,r1"P*l,? cimj atara treated with oo libe ral tcrma. Apply toL. M. LKVVIS, Acting Manager. i""? ,wx" I.A OltACK OE DlfelJ. Dramatic Vaudeville. In live act*, bjr Meaara. Dennery and , Oustav Lemotne. prToUel001* W opened at 1\; to commence at 8 o'clock The Li Office of ihia theatre, now at 623 Broadway, .1^ . .rmr07d ?fiJr lh0 151,1 lo ?8 Broadway, op l>oalte the Lafarge Houae. WOOD'S MINSTREL HALL-614 BROADWAY OPPOSITE ST. NlClioLAH HOTEL rroprleter, Ac wnvn.v ? ?,UOU/ a On DA?, April II. and every evening during the week. OOINO TO TUB FAIR THE AFRICAN CAMILLE, POMPBY" MOORE ??~?lNSr?Kr ^UOIDATIONS. < , m?? nfiK.l0Jf-u. COTTON FIELD 8PORTS. Barij^SoJo*. Robinson Cruaoe. Songe, Dancea Ac. uoora o{ en at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. Tlcketa 23 eenta. H??H&:S<iP?B\ "OUSE. BROOKLYN. MONDAY Evening. April 11. and every night. . New facea and new feaiurea. Flrat appearance of Mr II T. Mt'DiiK, Ami \t II r piDTo ,k The world-renowned Ciog Dancer, ssv'i&waa? jui^'coLLffivocaiut Laat week of the 8H AKIN^QuITeRB.''1' *"4 HU,hM* '?rat week of the mde-spIIUng liutleauue on OTHELLO _ . Bv Hughe* an I Pnrdy. Grand aoena from NOHMa. by W. H. Lewla. (.rand Terpalchoreao Display, },y U T Mtidge New Songa, Aria, Dance* ami Plantation Seen-a Oo -ra opeu at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. Ttcketa 26 eenta yAN AMBURQH a CO 'S MKNAOERIE. UKEAT MORAL EXHIBITION HYATT FROST *?.VI*mK CKu^tH' p . . Nf*. SNind A41 Broidiri/. thafibia ** nl'on l? uAtjr directed to the fact ?.2L04NTIC COLLECTION OF RABB AND WONOERri/L LIVINO It ft ASTri AND BIRDS. rrom every quarter of the globe, embracing an uanr*^ denied auuiher of hitherto anaiMbited au?-i?a "?PWO? WILL MONT FOSITIYBLY OLo6* POSITIVELY CLOSE THtRSOAf KVENINU APKiL 14 M t ON TUCR8DAT BVBNfNG, APRIL it ^ junior an, .sAV*.88^ 8 "0*** ADDITIONS rjoiir the display of animated nature at the present tlma more intereslldi tUan at anr previous period, and ? r TRAEo MAY blaphb pefora another collection of ejusl extent and noraltr will be preaeuted to the New York public novelty will .. . THRRR PBRFORM Atat'BS dailt. at WJ4 A M . S and 8)f P. M., Introducing ALL fllh TRAINKD AN IMAL8. Door* open from 10 A. M to 10 P. M Admlaaion 25 eenta. 4-4-4- AMERICAN THRATRB. ~ ^ BROADWAY. Oo ae? and bear ? ?, , , ? tony pastor in hie original Stump Speeebea ami Burlesque Orationa. Comic S>>0|(a and Patriotic Vo<- k! Oema J AS. 8 MAFFIT jAq s \f 4 v t' i t P*ntoui!mi?l of the age', will ap' l?-ar In the comic pantominc of p THE FROLICKS OF COCO, ?t Ihe American Theatre 414 Broadway ALLACC'S. BENEFIT or MR W R. FLOYD. WEHNESDAY April IS. prfw dcnK ",r riay(w?h?nun. _ ? . TUB KTRANiiER Hoi Book now open. \MKR1CAN TBEATRF:. 441?BROADWAY?1(4 BtTf.Klt'M ORRAT COMBINATION TRiM'PR<l of all the Siaraof the profca?ion. RVIMJ BAU. MRS. J. E. THOMA8I w J .. ?o ..e of the most eniiueiit uriiHtn. tickets liOcents. l>Herrcd ?i'atn 5<> cents extra. rp IE BXOITINd MYSTBRT AT LAST RTIV.SBD, 1 Mran,er? ? ho have read the Herald during the i a t lew iaya may have noilcna a airange advertlifinonl In tie amusement column to the elfect that A ORKAT MYHTKRY would be developed. It haa now to light, and a great light It will prove to all pleasure ace <eri In the m ?iropol.a. THE NEW ORIENTAL CONCERT HALL BROADWAY. 062 la truly a palace of wondera. SIX ITAI.IAN artists. wlih an army of uptiulaterera, deooratorm, coat imera Ac have l>een en,-a*ie,| mr three nvn'ha and upward* lueii' hauciug the heauilea of thia falrv llh?- >nuh lahment FII-rY LOVRLY MAIDENS elal In the appaiel of a bygone age. Wi i illustrate the men m-ra and . u.uome ?r the anlediluvian per od (and attend to the wantaof ?nr naironai. Kaeh diuaa la a truthful atudv made up according to drawing l?y Layar.l and other laarn' ert dlacoverora. It would be imp aai'ile to narttcularia. all In thia ea.abllahm.nt ttat i, p,e'a.l?g to the eye and eurw luring to the aenaea; hut a ' ?ur?p , t URAND OPEN ISO take* place on MONDAY EVI NINO April II 'l^r'and l"* ?r?n'"? "?t. of the THE NEW ORIENTAL MUSIC IIALU A .m a-lon tree. FR .>K BURNS. New kxhirition. KOMMITER S (1REAT l'AINTINCI Bvr IN rilR BOW ER of bdrn. Life aire from detcilptlou in Milton a Paradiae I,o?t ^ Opeu from 8 A. M. till 10 I'. M.. M tub ckAto.i a; t hal'.kkt, ;j? broadwat. ?A('.ur??ion '.'.teenla /2.0 SEE VT OROROT CHRISTY, THE Olll A f I*. I MIOPIAS COMEDIAN fi' MI>SrRK.L KAMK, _ AT THB AMFRH'JIN rllBATBB. 444 BROADWAY. ^MOLOR DRAMATIC SOCIETY. OROANIZF.D MM 4 rj Believing IhecultJvaunn >f dramatic ta eni to be a hiuh and mnoh >?; purauit and rah ulaud to reDne andeiavaie tb- mind* 01 lU enk-ajed thereto. 7or t?? uurSmSTf giv tug afle<-t drn jiaMe r> preaeniai oni the above organlra Son w?. fymed i-dl-, an I gentlemen of w.p2e?b,l t\ deairoua of JOIIKOI are aaa itn.1 that tni. aociety ta entVr>'l* free iro n that wh/rh render, moat amatm.r .ai<K-,atione ii l*Th even In.: ai the ruoma. I?* Third av?0 'e. where ai n h-ationa will h* r> oeived or by addreaamg A. Str ng. becreiary y,< Bowery. fjlllt NKW ORIRNTAL MI SIC HALL " i MFTT B R A IT I FU t!' MAlT) K .N sf"' """ K^r.RYT-HINti' Ru i"' RARB AND*RA.'v' *E"' ADMISSION FREE FRANK BURNS no sei \T _ CHARLEY WHITE. THR WORLD RENdM NKD K Ml topIAN t'OMPDI AN E\ERY NloHT ^AT THIS AMERICAN THI.AIIt*. 444 BROADWAY, MISS LIXXI? SCHWLTX AND M|>LB FLORA With the great BALLET TROUPE. Atnericnn Theatre 444 1< read way Banjo instructio?-bt tii? dopson bro^, mannfae4urera and teachera of the Han 10 74 Fourth arenue ?y our etraple meihed. whl. h ean i>e eiplained m ten minute* we guarantet to leach anr veraoa to niav perfect lu three aenika. * ' ampbknkwtb. * CAoVnr OP Mtmin-IT AI Ji /opeW* 2\ D.reruir MAXHtRFTUI TO MOKKOW M')N1>a> *vknis? ,4,r"f ,li Will to |<roduoed WBitr'x-er * Drum Oner*. o< BOHKkr LK niAH!,K W tli lie msgr'.lficcn id en - I- mi < '.lie area* ran' ? Alice **? H? RPfllNK MKlt')U t>Ml> ll> M1.4 UllkA :'AKK4S Ho. sl?; BHi' siji.1 Riu.ti' a it .. . ... i! I 1,'jrtf tin llMta III.RMan** He rn? ....MLLE EKMI *1 k*H Tbe incident il will '?? " 1 ' 1 '*y WL.uK KltNBHTHK, And the <'oriM de K*l!ei m u r th" dlre? BmkmV Conductor MAX VAUKT'ifil Wl'.UM DAY EVKNINO. PA ->T ON SATURDAY NKXT ORaND ?JALA MATINBB^ NI W BOWERY THKATBI. Sol# Proprietor .. ? Mr 3 W Linear* MOM OA V EVENING, APRIL II, MM Ft rat night at the dew Jr?'in ol OUOJO'H OAVK. OB. TUB mriTh CRY OK FRBBDOH Dramatize! l>y .lotin K I'oole, B?<1 . from Mr 1 T Tri? liruti;.' ?'! work. lh? uiuit popular etory of the l",,NBWH'lcRNE?T. MACHINERY AND EPPBOTB and rut the front airengtu of tlie company Til popular young actor, Mr O C Bofc.FAdE 0 J0?M GEO. BROOKES . Mian KATF. NEWTON . Mr MARDBW Mi NOUUUK Mr GLAHSPOR? The drama of the KIKND OP EDDYSTONB Mr O. C. Boniface , aa Mai OBJECT OK INTKREST TUESDAY BVBN1NO. brflielit of the SAN 11AKY COMMISSION FRIDAY E VEN1NO?BcneSt of Mian Kate Newto*. B AltNWM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM OVERWHELMING BUCCKMM OVKRWlfRLMIITO 8UCOBBB In conae<|ueiire of CONTINUED CROWDED HOUSBBh tOltet'ier with the IMMENSE PREPARATIONS la fC* greaa for CUDJO'R CAVE, and the determination on the part or the oiau&gomaat M bring it <)"t in h manuer tinprecednite I. THE Hit! LLI ANT SPECTACULAR DRAMA. aI'Hrosa ok thb spirit op beauty, WITH ITS ILLl MINAIEI) FOUNTAIN OP RBAB WATKR. LI VINO KAIItlRS. ORAND COKI'S DK HALLF.T. Gorgaoue acenery aad elegant paraphernalia, will ba ap pealed on Mnn<lay FOR THE SIXTY SECOND TIMR, FOR THE SIXTY ShCOND TIMB FOR THE SIXTY SECOND TIME, and continued A PEW DATS LONGER. AFTERNOON and liVENINO at 3 and 7* o'clock Mr HARRISON, the comic and impromptu ameer, aM Mr srOBPKL. with 111* WOOD AND STRAW IN^T&U MENTS. will appear To be ueea it all houra of the day and evening COLOSSAL 01A NTH. MONSIEUR JOSEPH ex olll -er of tbo French Arm/. an4 ANNA SWAN, tl.e NOVA SCOTIA OIANTBSS. each or? eight feet hiuh GENERAL ORANT. Jn , the amalleat n an l.ring MAJOR WILLIE BAGLEY. thr Wlaconain INFAMY DRUMMER, only POUR YEARS OLD. who beata the worl4 aa In' doe* hi* drum. Phri'ii logical examination* and eharta at re luced prlcea. by Pit OK LIVINGSTON, the celebrated PhrenoliglM aai PayootogiaL A JAPANESE MA8KYIN HOO. THE WIIA'l 18 IT, OR MAN-MONICBY Three tableaux of MOVING WAX FIGURE* Rrldal Oroupol URN TOM THUMB AND WIKK, COM. NUTT AND MINNIE WARREN, In the coatuuiea worn al the Oeueral'a wedding TWO LIVINO PRAIRIE DOG8, from Colorado Tenrtt* ry, the onlr miea ever acen In thin region THREE 8PECKLKD BROOK THOUT, each wel^lafl OVKR FOUR POUNDS A MONSTER SKItl'ENT.'it feet long ROBERT HOC DIN 8 AUTOMATON WRITE B> THE MUSICALLY EDUCATED SEAL, And Innumerable other curloaltlea. Adiulaalon, 2(>oenta; children under tan. ISceata. OLYMPIC, _ _ 822 and 824 Broadway Leweand Dlrectraea MRS. JOHN WOO0 Manager J. H. Belwga ENT1RB CHANGE. NOVEL AMD ENThBTAlNINU PROGRAMME. COMEDY AND EXTKAYaUASZA. MONDAY fcVENINO. April U. Pir*t time at tbla theatre, the oumlc Drauia, la two acta. kf J. M. Morton, entitled OUR WIFB. Rnslne (her flr*t appearance) Mr*. Wlatar Mariettu Bra. Smiley Brow* Count de Briiiwo Mr J. K. Mortimer Marijule deLlgny.... Mr. O. fl. Clark* 1'uiuarat ,,,.???, *??,,,,, Ml. <1. 11 H tod dart Duniont Mr- Belli After which A NEW OLYMPIC EXTRAVAGANZA, adnpted. adopted and uonlornted to Olympic wauta, wltheat leave er licouee from Plancbe. entitled. liOYALINA i OR. BRIQADIEB Oh.VERAL PORTUNtO ?NU Hit SEVEN GlFlKD SERVANTS. Produoed with , New Muaic composed and arranged by Tbomaa MM Mnchineiy by C Ml Properties and Appulnimmta by. w UeMf New Coatuniee, civil, military aad ollierwiae MiatC Ktanoeay AND A POWERFUL OAST. Bi Alderman (Jotham Mr. T. 0??l Loyal ina Mr*. John Waaa l'ertina OreMt Pllrtlna M ** J. Welta*f Palry Mre. Sedley I'.rowB King Alwayryte Mr. Frank DtaJ I'riuC' sh vindicta Mlee A Uarrw Piorlila Mra. Youaf Emperor Sho.lilv Mr W Davldga Prlnceee Volaute ? Mie O. Urowaa Brigadier Geneial Portunio (nee Loyaiaa)., Mra. John W.jeB HIS SEVEN GIFTED AIDS. ? , Llgbtfoot. Mr. C. T. Pernio*. Jr.; Stmngback. Mr N**M Hoiaterer. Mr. Pnraburg; Oonuard, Mr. Boye; Uharpaliootee. Mr. Edwarda; Pino ear, Mr (Jill. The Urnuery, local ami pl<:turea>{e, by H'yel Doora open at 71.,; perf ormance* commence at 1%. *" ?ecurrd three day* in advance. Bryants,! MECHANICS' HALL. 471 Broadway. MONDAY. April II. aad every nlgbt during the BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. t(M Eioelaior Troup*, in the following attractive jb* gramme ? CABTB DK VISITS, THE GHOST POLLY ANN, TIN-PAN-ONIO* EXEMPT SHAKERS. THE PBRPBCT CUBBB, Jolty Jack the Rover, The tterloue family, Lannigan'a Bill, HOW ARE YOU. GREENBACKS? Door* open at 7; commence at S o'clock. Tlcketa 15 CWB> SPECIAL CABD. THE SANITABT PAIS inn ROBERT IIBLLSR. At the rn.|ue*t of the Eiecutlre Committee of the Saalury Pair, the Diatiuguiabed Plan let, and the Uraataet Mlaatooaf ol hla time, ROBERT HP.LLBB, will POSTPONE bia appointed OPENINO from April II TO MONDAY. APRIL IS. a til wi I make HIS Piltsr APPEAKANCB BEPORE TUD BBW TOflB PUBLIC. after aa ab**n e of MANY YEARS, lo beball of THE SANITARY COMMISSION. at the UNION PAIR BUILDINGS, on WEDNESDAY APRIL II. flMJE HIPPOTIIPATRON 1 AMI NEW YORK CIRQl E. Fourteenth atieei oppoaile ibe a ad* my of M-ieia IMMLN.sE SI CCBBS Ol* I M K NEW TREBLE star < OMI'ANY. TRU'MPH UN TIIXI'MPII. THE HIPPOOROMh ')K THE WOBL9. CARD TO I UK PUBLIC. THE METROPOLITAN PAIB fi>e Proprietor irna the pleasure lo anuonnre that the Ba ecuiive Committee ba? ao-ejited Ma prilcr of a lilw ra pa* rentage on the ^roai tally whi ta. aa hia eon ributloo dur ing theent re < outiiMiaii(v of tut Pain he therefore anneals tu me pu >lir t aid him in rendering mat > ootrttnutoa M large aa poaallil . In >.r lrr l'<at tilt PAIR PERPORM A NOES MAY BCLII'HB AM, PRECEDENT A I'hRPht'T HOST OP STARS ha?e '<? en ? n.aged In every dei art mint EQUESTRIAN. GYMNASTIC and ACROBATIC Tllh SEliRiBT COMPANY, TUB BAORINO FAMILY. Iu addition to retaining Mi. H-nry Co ke'a world fame! PERFORMING DOUS AND MONKEYS, MR EATON STONE, MR. SAM LONG. MR JAMES COOK& the GREAT TROUPE OP ENGLISH STEEPLE CM ASK KIDKRB. LADIES AND OKMLKMKN ALL Of WlloM will APPKAR EVERY APTI.BNoON AT ,'H, tVK N1N G AT B IN A BEWILDKRINlt SKUlKs OP MAMMOTH AMU matchless I'KOC KAMMHJ NO ADVANi B IN THH PRICES Reserved aiall* 75oenle; dre?a utrJe .Mlcenta fchi! Irea hall pri<-e); ampbllheatre. Sj (ante. Door* open iftaroaM at 1H; e?eniDg at 7-4. _____ Hope chapel, 7M Broadway. Twenty fourth week of the MAMMOTH SThBBOBCOPTK'ON Thla popular eihioltioa a atlll a brilliant amc?? tT*r* lni{ t? all Naaa-'a a bappT relaiatlxn from the ordinary '-are* 01 routine life It 1a a fairy realm of travel, hlatorv ir..-ra> ture ami aoni(. revealing to the delighted visitor the moal en liantioK .^oenerv an I the mmi ei pilalte so-?erv aatf Arehiienure of the aocient aoi m- dera day in all lania. M bene. J la the reality. METROPOLITAN FAIR HOLDERS O' SEASON 1'ICKKTB ADMITTED pkei IViora open at 7. Toura begin at 8 o'clock. Ti. k?'ia ^3 centa, reeerved *eata jO c?ui*. Marine# every day at 3 o clock H B. MrKION, Managar T ERESA CARRENO, thr CIULD PIANIST. ?? a. famed and wonderful, announce her reappearxne* la 1 Iraed < en er; on Vridajr eveniag April 15 at DodwartB'a H 'II, aid> d by tlx chelOeat and able*! talent. New bowbry riiFAiRK. KvTKA NO I ICE BBNKPIT or Tin BANtTARY COMMISSION Mr UNOARD wl nave tlie Inn or nt pieaentingthe ENTIRE RE' 'MP I S without deductioa. to aid thia nob1* and pra *ew -rtJiy oh J?-t. Mlt GBOROB IMPSON'S INNt'At. coNCPRT WILL tak pa.em Irving Hal. oa THCRaDAY evealag. April 14. a**l?te<l by M Ki>. J V. MoX tRT. MRS. JhSNIE KEMPTOB. MR J. R Till1 >1 AS MR ALFRED H PEtsB. And MR. J 0 MAEDER, Ticket* 80 cent*. To be had at the mu*.c itoree aa I at IM door. BBOOKLYN ACADEMY OP Ml si, miss Laura kkbnk For two m?HTs only MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY APRIL II ???< I* Rot o^ice 0|>en on Saturday morning froat 1 a'tMek. wtttn eaal* ka be eeo ired for both evemnge. Banjo inbtbcction?in thrbe months rut noa I guarantee to tea, b the moel aiim'ialral pere>e to play the baai.. aerfectly bv my new and eaay iaj??^? Sit lee*on* for )2 S. StCELBY 9t? rhompen* etr*4_ Banjo iNSTBt'crioN -i g^arantes to any peraon a perfcci parformor ou the Ban o. 'a ^ s.irr.isr "a-TsiMSj:'*???&?

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