Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1864 Page 1
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THE N E TV t NEW YORK HERALD. YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 11, 1864. PRICLE THIIKl; CENTS. the RED Rirai ixpqmiov. Additional Details of tbe Fight at Cane Rlvor. (leak 4. L. Lee's Cavalry In rursuit of the Fleelug rebels. KFFOETED OCCUPATION OF RHRE?BPORT. X ;10 Union Guri))nmts Laying Off the Town. In ning of the fitaamer Luorosa Wear Alexandria. towotatloa of Colon to l/V Qi^hleentli Sew Turk Cavalry i.r\ the Field, k, k$. M. An arrival of tbo (Horning Star this po> I (feces SB to i>iMmsloD or later dotal I j of tho ions on tbo Bed Ivor ana our correspondents k'^rx fr n that now kMorlo stream. ?r. Henry Thompson* noi'ii^eh. Nrw On. us, !/?., Apr'I 2,1W4. ueportsd n>rn, s locisuma. T?e arrival of tbe Illinois yefte-dav luorii'n^, 'roan tho ?ad rlvor, places your correal* adent ;o ^ .'e^ah u of no era the most stirtllxg, and third were soousp-eid ?va -the city. On tbos'rongth of these rumora extras we a i?sucd by the papem. At toadquarters, however, so *wi whatever bail teen re< olved up to tiv1 >'clo?k, ye terday afternoon. ' be news brought by the Illir,oil nd . ?"???a->ls coo irt?ec bj? the Allco Vivian, la aa foil ?. b-ittle waa fought on Monday ^ t ii?ir lb uiotr h of ?> river, between the r. roea of ^neral A. J. Pi 'b, ( an th'i rebels. Tbe latter wero returned. "he UbIod *osa In killed and womded will not exceed ty. tn enemy suffered urre acve-fly, and six hjndred f n >ra nre now in o ir hnnds. H a cavalry of General J ee was 11 pursuit cf tho Ceeing ?r^ la. tBHKVKPORT HA!V TO BR IN 'WR POSSMSIO*. r?? arrival of tbo (i..ttio on Wednesday las:, from AV * .nora, March 29, brought the following news ? ? eveport was reported to have boen taker, <gion ai o> tbe fc.leral for cm o Monday last. .T>< navy waion tho advance, tbo gunboats V- i.g op ? *?! ? the town before tbe army arrived there O- e <>f our vessels (a hospital >iat) was lont in gom3 a?? the falls I S1BAHKR LACRO' 8 H( KNK0 HY C.t'Skl LLAS. Te '.across waa d<sroyed by guerillas on Tnorday ?? ? Qtag last, about tweiity miles Iuis side of Aiexiudria. Ai il.e time she was Ivin^ In the r ntro of the rlvo.\ a ad ? a ?uri rssed. captured and buri ed by a fow piiTllU-i, ? ki :V ated down to h*r on a raft romu bend a ea ? t dm t"Ko above. Fte ii IIrers were can nd off and the crow ptroied n> > l.icri'ss wns buri'Od to tbe water's edue. Tbe 'oilowlng night l >o Mittio S o bens was fire I laM, obably bv tho sum.' inng. Rut little damage 'vas do" i ?? tbe boru. md do per ona wero mured. Tbo Alice Vivian, winch arrived here yosteri | iraugbt nlue hundred ootrabm. ?<. ths a d aivaa i-.' .ma. The iheatre of opera on u th< lute expedition >>p ,.ud fiver is comraaativei liltlo Vn wo. tberelore tl ?) lol ? kwlng short account ? f the prl' :>pal points uj'OJi that rreemv. ii prove ini? "sting. I io Red river coui trv la p'nverhtnl (or its and res nrces, and is one .?f the r cb-st ration growln reglona lb tbe Houtb. Sbrm-eport, the ca itai of Tuddn parish, Lorlaiana, I tnated near tbe foot >f Caddo In an, in the north wi.^iarn r irt of tbo 8tato, is tb ! gre it cot on nor* *>f tbe region. It le Oite'y located for bimi'i >ss. < a the < I river, b' iog terronided by an -?cecrti>ialy fertl 'vittrig region, f-ente O'ty thousani* . ea of eott n w. riualiy ^hifped t t>m tbia nlace bo' ? - - the war, a id a v*i i l.irge munber if cttle fri'm T..'- >. riie town contains a li rge dur.iber t( *tores, Mver ?i .m mills, ch irrhes, ? nr ntir.g o Hca, I ad a real tent [ ? t on of about three tbov.:<ai> I. S nee IV rebellion, M>ort bas been an extenaua < epot for juimlaaary and other atoree for tbe trans Mis-if?ippi Con derate troorf, and np t > tbe timo of the sie^e of irg fr.rmeil an important link in be "chain ot supp lts" ? ? tbo whole rehel frrny There is a mill'.iry pn?on Mere, which baa at lanes contained a lArge cumber of '^aton ca^t.ves of It m two hundred and tbi (* h rite 'rom tbe mouth ?? the river. Alex >ndi ia. one h mired am: fifty ml'ea from t'? KiAotb. ts. wo believe the bighoa: point on Rec river yet el ert by onr troef Eighty -niles above li Naichl i -.eb-' old French town,aettl< d in 1713. U Is noted k r,. hiaierv as t.'te acei mf a bard ronght bat le between L e Inbahitact'i audt e Natchez ndtana in 1712, result lag in the eitinctiin f the S'at. fez as a ilist <ei nation. Frou abreva^ort I :ere runs a railroad w- ?twardto Vtrtbuil. Texas, and a xtjen u.ile^ beyond, mi i g a line 1 to a I r?me alxly mllus in length. Many ye?rs ago a I r ate was projected ti Vlcksburg, which was o mpleted I t ta tbo latter i.luae '/est aa far ac tbe Washita river, unr from rajis aivsa. The Kra publlthes tbe following additional particulars ??f tbe fifht at Cane river ? Ibe trao-"x>rt steamer Illinois, Cr ptain Porter, arrived 4v? thta ^ort from Alexandria, ai d the stea ner Alice ''irtaa al?arrived from ihe aame placo tbif morning. vlth nine hci'dred contrahai ts?men, wemen aid -altdre?. Pas e' .era by these boats b-n g the report tat s battle b .0 taken place botweon t ie. opposing mler ill Ha'Uru Ia uisiana, of which we glean me an ?ed Interesting details:?Tbe C'too ten ea consisted of ? <ht ihooaand In'antry, baton,,.og to tue Seventeenth > -ny orps. under General Mower; and Ihidtey'afcrlgado c Re- >r?l U'e'a ca- airy corps, tba whe t under the com *-ad if General A. J. Smith On tbe -th ult. this force encer '.eredthe rebels, under IMck Tclor, estimated at t vetv tLousand strong, posted tr an advantageous psett'o en Cane river, some tl .rt/ five mtles above Ahxan^ria. and a flgh' ensued A -ie.irly tbree hours' daratli Ths iafan* y throwr r ,t as tklrmishers did the gra :> ?' part of ie flghiinc, ana inflicied quite a heavy <a upon the enemy, who were concentrated to realal an ticipated ssanit from our whole force. Altar the poeii'.n of tbe sn<Miiy had been well ascertained, a general ad voce w? ordered by Smith, and made with a seear. Tbe .ebels wavered at thia demonstration end after a few v< Hoys b .'an to retreat. Tbe reb< .s fe oack 1a vsry good order, i -j?l tbe nature of the gror. d was tach as to prevent a c?ut> tit main by o?u troo' , bad an eeportueiiy ofli red. Attar tbe retreat uegaa t .,e cavalry brigade of Genoral Dudley ma .? i ga< mt cbarpe sa tt,e antmj s tlank. Tbe aop -Jn *as crossing aa open leid, whan tbe tr*o,'?>ra awe ,ped down apoc It tike a hn*k upon Its prey, r jd captured eve* 300 prlsooers. Ibe eoafunon created >y this charge was such as to dtaorganlie a portion of t'K rt bel force, aala nuirber of additional prisoners vers a'tat ward* taken as rtrasglers Our whole loss is ?Md te be but 18 killed aa I about 00 woanded, most of tbe usligi'tly while that or tbe enemy Is known to he muc i gres'*r. It la SBlimated by some as nlgh as 200 kill*': snd wr unuorf sad ws captured over jOO prisoners, anc atbera were ??i hetsg brought In, In aqus of twos, threes and b i>f desert Our troops did n ' bait at t >e battle grjunit, hut pOMiicd on, Dudloy and bis cavalry in tbe advatica, aad It was suppoae l no real would be giver the enetrw. M was tlie design of General Smith tr '?< ?? t ? -abets to Stand, and to deteal them In a pitc*-< i hei; e if po*. -bla. the woaid tend to disorganize t> >?l army, among wbtth ooiislderabla diiiatisfactlot. v sxists. Mr. William Deapate*. iut *?!>* , Im , Match 29, 1M4. tn* roLici or ut*-**! ***** pelley ad*pt<Mt by Gen*' I BmM la fclf prw?nt laaipalgn l? tbal of ainpl* pro' ctlon to loyal cltiwn*, ?atir* rr>i>?>?il for tndlfldoal n? t* and properly, and a ?omlemn .lion of II ? wut* aid toatroclloa wbicd X 'II diaclplioed army ci *t** on II* i mt< b??. flu policy pur. food ai N*w Orlaai' t, laton R ugo and other important point* In hla mlllta ' d*partm< o>, if enoooragem^ut to !*? (ttlmato trad* and umtnerce, with tbe i*aat. jeaihi* rtv l*rletlon? iberoon, > quiring n ) noaditlon* fr joi the cltl ?ao* but that of fldr.ity loth# uKm anlthaoonxt loton, to rapidly oonqoerit 4 the pre. >dkr? of those -vho Lad keen exaaperalod ly what t ay wera led to oontldar Military tyrunny I will open ibe cbaBnelr of roduotion wd commerce on n< MtMtmli ,?l and tlie Hr ' rlvtra. In the rtah aad fart to> Teehe c< untry, .ind wherever hi* Mrurailoo ot tbe 1 irrliory In ihi* military d*pfi< tmml will ?ncoi,i ?k? the develop*)* 1 of Union *onilii.*nt and ? raamnptlon of U*> art* of p**t> by n mild y*t Brm tIII Utrr nil*. tmi rot kt or in roarra, Admiral Port*' commaodioR Um n*ot co-r nratlnft witb <;*n*ral H?na?, m?r not maintain th? *ame >taw* aad puito* tfto aamn Iria of poliow a? do** tlin Ouneral oomm*?dlng the Itopai (meat Of the ftntf. The ?illtarycom'" uder ?? ???* reatooalbla frr lb* act* or um ant*I comrtoadar, over wbleh th* former fm no eon Will 14 I* not ivitbln tbe provlno* *f your correspondent te erltlCM* ?*-" has b**d don* by th* amy >r aa* v nnr will b* ooonrreuc** wbleh It ma/ bo i"ipiaamut parfrTTAt?n OP r01***. Tti. aiinarb iWuid of color* pr*eauted M th Ighteenth jlpVJf,Jeoip*? *TM-I worn leg, of N?w York, ami eoettng Marty two thousand (loiters, ocCAb niitd i |>i?utut military (Uiw N J?W' iijr. Tho presentation speeoh wh made by l)o?oi?ol Knum K. Howe, of N?w York, temporarily aollnf M voluuteer aid on Sene. at Hanks' Stan, and wis responded to by 0>l nel Byrfi commanding the regiment. M^or General Hanks, Brig:.(tier Stone, t mold and Hwigbt, and other olTlo trt were prcoent. After the presentation ceremonies the'.otpltaliiisa of the Klp'iteeiith woro pleasantly a4 minwtered by tnc sorgeon, Ilr. Rockwell. The following is the preseitation spei ch:? COL. down's SI'KBCII. Mr. COMMAitnim?Thete lUndards that I hare the honor to irann'er to you as the oon.mandlng officer of the "Coning lluht cavalry," represents the, the wealth and the enduring patriotism of tho"Kinplre 6t'i' o." It bears upon its broad folds the emblem ol our nat>otftltty -tbe typo of that liberty for which many of the (wave men of your command have fought In other Uni- .auJ whicn they defend bore, and which wc bo lie< o to be the intlieuable right of ail men,of whatever ;ol< r, dune or oondltion. W> entrusting them to your keeping they poly upon your ? nainuey, your courage and your o pacity to defend thara and the glorious cau?e they represent, whenever nnd wherever it is assailed. Of this yo>i have given tho nob left and the most enduring proof, lor you have already vindicated tho confldotice of your frlonds to tho Hold. You do not receive your colors, as mtny other regiments bt>ve done, upon your departure frt tu home, surrounded t>y friends: but in the enemy's country, aft r toilsome nairchee. Tim martial bearing or your men dooa tbem hom r, and confirms tbo belief that the standard or liberty -ntrustod to your keapiog will orvor be disbonorod. May It lead you to victory nnd tt'engthen you In the ho ir or trial for every duty your country and liberty demand * To theoe remarks Colonel Byrne replied as follows:? In receiving this magiollccnl stand of colors, the girt of one of New York's motl patriotic citizen*. 1 fool mysalf Inadequate to respond if language e*preanv? if toe grati oation which I foel. Aid 1 know that whou '.Le tiuio comes ror us to prove ojr valor that the Coral: g tight ct.valry, Eighteenth regiment New York rolui.t na, will ?bow to our State and country that the trust that they have reposed In us wes not misplaced; and wheo our term of servioe exoires which will not be until this war is over, that the High: tenth cavalry will bear back to their natlvo State the ;lft which they now receivo, b< ar lug such mirks. as will prove that tbo volunteers or iue Suto ot New York, In the Army or the Gulf, are not tufe rior to their brothers of Aldie, Beverly Ford, or Middle bnrg. Though their gold may be tarnished, and their t,ilk bear the stain Of the smoke or tha bnttle and the blood or tbe slain; Yet Bhttll they live as mementoos of tbe battles they've won, And eoililoma of tbe brave deeds our heroes have done. PROMOTIOKH. The following are tbe recent promotions in the K1g!> to' ii*i New York cavalry:? Ad. utaut John Prougtit to be Captain, coir.pany 0. Co. oeiius Van Guldcr, of New York, to bo Adjutant, vlco i'rought, promoted. dr. 1)?B. Randolph Kelm'S Dtipatch. Cairo, 111., April 7,1804. ARRTVAL OP U0TT0H PROM THR RID RIVKR. r .i New National, Admiral Porter's despatch boat, wtli two bavoj i3 tow, ladon with sixteon hnadiod bi .oe or cotton, arrived here this morning di rect fr ia the fl?'t iu Red river, having left It near tbe raft, a short i! ,?^ni:o nbove Alexandria, La. She brings no news la* " th . wo huvJ already hoard through other sources. xjorieneod much delaj from tho bargee. 8tie,howe-- torts progress io matters on tho Rf*i liver. Tho navy is constantly active on tbe water, wli to Sraltli on land is giving tho ei.C' my no rest. It was expected that tho fleot would be ti'iai e t< roach Sbreveport nntil a further rihO u t'.e rivor s: Mild tnko place. By tho sanio stoatner wo ? >cetvo anothor ri.mor to tbe cflwt that fienorat Stoe'o, ron I.ittlo I >ok, nod captured Sliroveport, and that the i no'iiy was making bis way to Texan. It Is time for JS to Lear from General Steele's expedition. rOTTO* "PRCri.ATION. ( n W ilto river everything is quiet. Cotton speculat >rs lire don k a 'irisk ImsliH't-s, and oce.sioualljr "Tike sud den rortuno.< or got picked up in their operations, either by the ?ue >lta* r tbo government authorities. It is sal<l t' o am iiri'of o' i'on on the Rod rivei is enormous and ' * III shortly throw a large quantity of the staplo Into the t markets. IMPORTANT FROM MOB'LE. Withdrawal of Farragnt'i Fleet?Pn paratlonn of tbe TCneniy with Jhctr Iron-cla<l R?inn?Capture of a Picket float ant Six Men?Dceer tl?ne from cite Bnemj*\ Whole Regiment nirserts? tavalrjr Sent to Capture Them, ?Stc. OCR NAVAL CORRBgPONDKNCE. Bi/m^kapiko Futrr, orr MoauB, Mtreh 29,1804. Although Admiral Farragut renamed hero with bis flei t after it aas known that Sherman had return- ' to Vlcksburf, engaging Fort Powell with hi." mortar \ -t >l? ani gunboats, iboro was perhaps ao fliir.mrr of h o In tbe I reast of tho old veteran that with this* he cou d capture Mobile as bo captured Nov Orlear i. lie could tmt |w>8 the lorta, as be passed Forts .'ack* >n and Philip, 0 j; to the shallowness or the water rnd tbe nature of thu <structlons placed in tbe channol to every direction. lie mu*t be taken by a lard attack, or Admiral Fai ragut must have two or tbreo trou-cHils, If for no oil purpose than to guard bis fleet from tbo at>*ck of th( imidaMe rams Tennessee and Sk hvlllo. withdrawal of r-iaair.irr'a FUtr. 10 longer bombard or flrs upon for t Pow 'ill, for the r-i. , * -oason that the gunboais and mortar v 'ssels b" ;? t w ith Irawn and are uow at Perisecole. lhi Towslip and Metacomet are blockading fn tbe t - ? -is are bnlldlng docks around the 'enoesaee (or ? p })*?? of lighting ber over Dog Rive.- Int . < '.Title Is nearly completed. I b< will not hp ? nable appearing monster $s itc X* cneasee. 1TKM8 or nmmMT. On J 'iy, March 20, a picket boat tel iD;<ing to the ncemy *a. captured by tbe Jackson. Ii It were Ove rienar.. rlTIcer (master's ma'e.) Tho to \t, officer aod it.en belong* to the rebel futmoat Selma. "be Nortl ? iore,in Ibe Found; lafull of daBcrters, and 1 he*- that .airhole of the Third Mississippi have de eerua almost to a man, a ct established tfemr elves in pos'e, and Wly eapture4 a n umber of lbs rebel ca vair/?tidpri > trem. Tbe authors re t Mobile have recently senl out a force of between four aod Ove hundred cavalry for tbe purpose or capurlDg them aod breaking up tlielr campe. In J ore* neuity, 'a., there sve hundreds of deserters, fioms o( th?* ? tw tn tbo woodi, but tbe majority have raluruaJ l? etr 'tomes. Ten Weatitr. BIAVT STWHM Yg'TVKBAY?PITT FBW TI88RL8 R? RIVIMO HIAVT OA' % OCl *TDE?LAROR KUM SR OP VRS? LS IN TBI . tl.AWASR ANp LOKfl ISLAND BOUND, l"C. Yesterday we had anoth - heavy storm of wind nd rain. H was tbe eighteen'! successive day that he wind has blown rrom tbe ea twa d?from east north' ut to scutb-soutteaM?the only caption belog for al iuI two hours on F'ldny last, wh?>r shifted to southwe:', then to Ibe nor'a wort, and 0u llf settled hack to the old quarter. ?Very few veeMls have err'- I during thts period, snd a large aumber -wo now d te ?r -n European tnd Southern (?oris. Vessels bound t?< l rtl *rn ports b vo eougbt uafety In tbe Delaware aau -?ther r nuim har bors, while lar.'o fleets, bom ' to I c ? rtward, are anchored ia Long bland souna A heavy gale outside Ibe Hook, from ai ?ul nam nor must, was reported by th? steamships Mori 'ng Star md Roan 3ke, which arrived h#re yesterday frou. Hi1 ?*n? thero were no sailing vessel ? from below yesti d .? is the lelngraph line to Band) Hook was not ii> -, order (as usual when most n<e<led),no inforn , ...uld be obtained as to what tav erd bound voesel. ilf ?uy) waro in the lower bay at incl <t. Some antiely is felt or tbe safety of 'he pile* boat Tame* M Waterburv She was last seen i o tbe 1st lust., with but oik Pilot rair lining on board, tl e rest hiring arrived with dillei?.ut v*sse n.e tides have hee'v very hlijh. and all t' ? csllara along Water aod Oroeawlci streets bave been f ed. TBI RtOHM AT TBI BOCT1. T'n.nnoR* tprU 10,1?04. The storm last r ght waa lbs severe I of years raM. Con nable d ?nage was done In the c ty by tbe fltoding of w i.yrs, lout 'atlng of new buildings. Th falls ars very high and o ?rflow tn many pla "( >1 Is reported that revaral buildings bave been i* ? i yfl on the Pus nobarna. No part tnlarg are re< * t le TIB WBATUK* * *? 'HtON. Bo.? i, April 10.18A4. A cold eaat w rd ban prevailed w> di f, with sfjualls of ? ? and rain, Ohlla*' v ? ntATS OF AN OLD 0TK ?JOAT CtTTAIt. Niw Havs? April 10 1??4 Oirlain 3, Mi lei rawls, of tbe st< tmer Con vital, died in this elty to- lay, of typhoid f?\ if As glrk and sammandw ( ap'ain f?wla has hcen ?onnoeted ?*lh tbe Pound si uners lor n period of twenty three years. DBA IB fcFVILMAM D. TIOkVOK, OP BOr ON, Paii.ann.ritia, April 10,1M4. William 0. Ttohnor, Rsq , lha eminent Toe loo publisher, of the Aim ef f?che.>r A Pie Me, died horB suddenly lh? >aoriJMUM tl? Oo?|Ui?atai Uot?J, NEWS FROM HAVANA. THE FLORIDA AT THE CANARY ISLANDS. Project of a Splendid Hotel for Havana. Spanish Opinion ?! tbo Pieitnt Aipoct of Affniri in the States. THE LATEST MEWS F?0M ST. DOMINGO jKore Negroes landed on the Spanish Coast, the steamship Roanoke. Captain Drew, and the Morn tog Star, Captain Hepburn, arrived at this port yester day from Havana, wblch port tbo former Mt on lb* 2d und tbo latter on the 6th lost. The oowa from Havana and St. Domingo by these arrivals, which Is interesting, Is given In our apeclal aorrespondeoce. Omr Havaaa Co#r??pondei?oe. Havaba, March 30,1864. Tht Campaign in St. Domingo Paralyteu-SuffaWO* of the Troops?An B+Dtminican rretidem Among th* In lurgen'i?Military Movement!?Gen. Santa Anna Once More?Landing of Negroes, <fc., *c. Tbe steamship Columbia leaves this morning at seven o'clock, and, taking Into account the very short time at my disposal wherein to prepare a letter,and the fact that I wrote yesterday by the Matanzas, you must expect a very short communication. By tbe arrival of the steamer Malsl from St. Domingo City we have dates from there to the 21st in?t., which add very little to what I sont you yesterday. Tbe woatber In that country is very bad at present, heivy rains ; re vail lug, and renderit* the movements of troops almost Impossible, as well us materially Interfering with the co.nfort of tbo*e In the field. A corren|>onaent com plains bitterly of the condition of things at Harubona and Neiba, lately occupied by tbo Spaniards at considerable cost of men and money, without any apparent corres ponding benefit, sayB the correspondent. In the former place especially, since the oc..ip?:.jn ?; ? iil>l or ammunition s nd provisions have be?n destroyoi b < he ralr.s owing t- want oi shelter, therti Peingoci) .. i buta and a oe^arly little ch-.rcb 'J?"1 . the sickness cm,sod by the unavoidable sure- t, troors to tbo weatner. In the pro/wee oi Nslho. u' opposite end of tbe Island, -he Symiiar s hi.e I? obliged to ubimlon Gtianuma kimI Ko,.t ? 1 .ata ? 0 aec.< of insalubrity. and now occupy San Aotu.iIc <to Ouen . a more central position, and with tho a Jv u..: a g<; of *t re * l U ? enine tbo line or operations rroin th? U?ama rlvor c..?t warn through I.lnnoe, where Gene'.. *uero commands. It look' so much liken strategic "?.ovetnent tb*l tho Insur gents naturally conc -de it uu?t bo. and have coi. s liuoutlv retln-d further vows nClbao.tothe east. Ihene, on tbeir aide, draw an advantage from this movement, in becoming moro concentrated?an advantage they to ton" ur Mir* against the expedition from Moute (>?*ti. which General flandara planne't ?rd organize- vvbllo in **-. ?na, v>' which must be l? tl" t.wld within a few day s, on tbo march lor me ruius wbera ouco mood Santiago de '"Yh'^wurreius hnve Utety bad an accession in thencr s n of Decsrte, first President, though f<v ..-.Ho. ?? on'*' ofite I!oiruil?,r.ii republic. l' .i?*t Linn b bti f "nianv vc> < ? "T'le in Ver.u/.uela, wliitUer be vs-j osmi tied by Santa..a. t .-ct -ny; wilb.tbe view avenging hmisel on wham, u.jsi likely ,be has now coi I 10 Florentine Is fully confirmed by the ac ol numerous pri??ners ???d ? I ???? clined to thiuk that Rondou, ?w Uuil executed, moved to that a<-t by tbe desire or ^.y-ssiog tho lara? I booty which his victim had colleete for be ore ently ^ made it his own and cafled It o(T to the Ilaytlen routl ? where he is now endeavoring to effect a oomrrom se wi.h the Spaniards, in tbo hope, porbap.', of being a .o enjoy hie Ill-gotten goods. HAVANA mils. Lent !? over, though I do not kno*?r that It bakm any great difference in our bodily comtort None ofmy fiends KTe grown any thinner bv their^ through that dians who will do tbelr best to amuso us for a whllj, which 1 hope may prove a long whio. .... In talking of General Santa Anna, in my letter of ycs.?r dty, I men'tioued that prku i ' ?'?*? d?p. rture m Tbomas be received an mtlmatlou tnat oe must say nothing on bis arrival in Mextrj. He denies recoived any such iniluailon either verbally or In writ Ing, and I supposo we are ooend to Instvl n. unhcr When General Uazaine tells Ms side of the ??'/. bo i th oks It worth while to exculpate himself, wo suillun "CCTSSfifM ?i.?t w w; live Africans bns been safely lando.1 uej' Ctenfuegos According to other versions, r > K ?s three arr ved *t tbo same joint. Nothing I 'nown ?- yet of tbi i it bers nor of the vessels that : 'igit. them. I Fncloscd you will And tr. traiifintit>n of an art 3 whici appeared in Sunday's edition o( the THartodt la Marina ?fi the political oompiexion ol a. art In tt.r United stitee 1 think it is thrown ut mot* 'or the pnr jkirs of g I'ing intufmation, tl " HerP pre* I.n the queet o? s.-xcd in . t . to tt ?hat known as tbe radical party, m* V . i one snd should bo answered ono wsy 01 the 0 sr.M. fore I have translated the article for y< ? Inoioer -d you an opportunity. It Is not treasonable I hope, to ronv an article from a foreign paper anu pubi.^b u,ai d I, for one wou .I like to know -on "?lr. abo i'he ttr. at ened st'tnek en State rights, ss hinted at rather positively in the article in questi<v> Kxchange cn tbe North is tllll ni' t.H at ai l ^ Vf, H K7AH?, Af Til 2, ""f Mortality ?n the Spaniih ri? tn St Dtmiiico? S of tt Cats ct Minuter- r < Wi/h >l. \uickArmi of Let'erc?Seriovi Oku aflflir a Sptnttk Officer? Weather, Kr<-\f<'je, iff. News I* ao u uDiol> i .c* and the number or ate?ia ers leaving f?r N?* York ao great that ray labcu are considerably Incrcaaod. Ko joke intended, from lifico thero 1* nothing; nor la anything in tbe news line expert 9d from tbat quarter till tbe arrival or tbe Drltlsb raa.l steamer In four or flvo days from cow. From St. [>>? onii>go I have Men nothing but a letter from the capital, which speaks In a mutaccboly way o' tn* ap;>earaoco of some troop* arrive*! in tbat ci'.r *rfln. ih" -%mp at ?)u? numa, where t)ey bad been :ct *:uer ?nnta&?. These men art descrtbod ac mere rcirceiy able to walk, and looking ao wretched ...? ??? beh^idoi with compassion. I havo seen some poor teiiows wb< had returned from their arduous campaigns there, ac never saw any victim of fever and ague look more miser able and woebegone. I have conversed with many returr. ed otTloera*and all *ipress tbe samo sentiments, namelv that tbe ctlrnetc of St. lominjto offers an insuperable har rier to Its conquest, and that tbe continuance of the war 'an only prove detrimental to Spain and ber ooonlrs. Une of tbe?e ?? officer of rank and Intelligent*, gives It 14 hit opinio; Ibat it will be ncceaaary to keep tbe army ?ore up to ticj number of forty thousand men, at least, id orJor to bo d and keep down tbe districts occupied Tl'e for** now operating (alls short of that flg'ire hy | or hap* one-half whence we miy deduce that tbe comjuoet is still very rar from being complete (>>rre?pondctits there agree thst tbe Insurgenta roappear as soon an tbe Spaniard* retire from a place wbero they claim to have gatred an Important advanl.ige, obliging them in many ibstMicea to return; and tbla Is repeated till tbe column la ^oro out and eilinnstcd. These harassing marches kill the men as effectually ss the most approved ri le ball , or prostrate them by diseases which constantly de plet the rsnka a* much as If they had advanced against a ba tery discharging grape and canister. In this war, as I have often *t plained, Arty insurgents can IndU recti? destroy a whole regimont, which to them, Is a gres'eeonomy. t'erbaps thero have never been, sim* tbe i immsncement of the war, more than ten tbonsai J Itsuisents in atms, who are alwuy* whipped in a flgbt. yet I ive cau?e 1 a l<*a to tbe Spao'ards or more than thr.t uum >or nt men. The s'pati|pb Minister "f War recen'ly state t, by way of calming public oxcitement on tho sub 'ect ?.f suffering k In the army, that thero were only nine Sbouvsnd sick ill all tbe hospitals This is ample test) taon\ of what the unfortunate army suffers, and it Is duo to tb< troop* to ray that they endure every fatigue, pri vation and e*p 'Sure with the most unfliixh.iig patience and heroism The nine thousand sick of whom the UlnlHer speak are the survivors only. Hov miny hsve succambed to tbe effects of the deadly I male of St I'or.ingo is not stated, nor will I andertske to say. one of our Havai a daily paper*, lending Itself to the wlehc* of '.ho government, aa I suppose It is its duty to do erdAAvor* to prove that no com par iron osin he made between the mortality tn th# Vpiotsh army now operating in tbat Island and lhat suffered by the 1 reach in the- r last attempt at Its conquest. 1 do not > ee why a vei t proper comparison cannot be mad*. It a contended that the Spaniards are net lar (rem Cnha, where they o n be sent to comfortable bospitsla: while lb* ?'reash were thousand* of mile* from any aueh re lt?f, snd when attarlied by sickness hsd no remedy but to resign th?.n**lv<* to ul* There may b? aome force In thta. but t?l a compnrtaon mty be mvle. The Krsn lards, for knttsace. bav* never thrown a* Urge an army ? lift rrgteft iVW into t h* island. leaving It, wo mubt say, t<> ita fate hut have endeavored to economize men by sending detachment a to relievo ether* from lime to time, und /el ibe m ruiity. even under all '.lie-to advun tag< a. bee been f imfui, as tho ofllcial return) nhow, and wblcb 1 quoted to >00 10 a former lener. My liiotlmo tho .-i><\niardj wl,l have employed a force eq'.al in number to tbe l?''?i?cb army of General LeCiure. >ao mortality I will have been very little, If iiuvthing, ?less In regard t?> the c'liuate, there has heea ccrtaluiy uo uipruveiueut, the O'unee of di^easo being precipely tbo ti.?ioo us they were seventy yuara sinco la regard to r.-dloal treat ment of vetlow levor or voniito, I do not In. w tbnl any great advance hai beer m<de Tho disene, jn sbert, ap pears U> Itallle medic tl science, and !s ?< fatal at thli hour aa it baa aver been s.> much ao that rocovory seems more a matter of chance lb in the result of scientific treatment, in low respect, thou, the Spaniards of to day have to adviiii.'age ovor the French of seventy yearn ago, and (laud pretty nearly tho anme cliaoee of dying; the oaly Mervnue being thnt they can bo sunt to com fortable OoapiUla. wnoro tboy hive the privilege, an Molioro'a doctor, [)iafoiru9, would say, of dying accord ing to rule. Among the In lest Items from the thectrecf war I find the aeoouat of another skirmish noar I'uerto data, ur rutber Ma Jbe town itself, a party of ln^urgcnta having Col Into *4ino bouses ne?r the church, whence they were dlelodgjU after nomo ak rmisbm'j. This proves whit t ?ay o< th?ir method of condcotipg tbo war?roanpearing again and a^niu ,n the Mmo place, and preventing tho small garrlaora from concentrating for auy grand move. This affair at Puerto Flats Is probably the tenth repeti tion. Tbe hot Mason and. what is worse, the rainy season, la now comtrennng. The expedition to Monte Christ! baa sailed, ai d in the course of the next two or three weeks we shall k'low something about it. ? Somo excitcment has been clused In Havana by tbe ar serted diaappearance of a lieutenaut governor of a dis trict in tbo interior, with fhe proceeds in bis pocket of two hundred niggers, lauded within his Jnrisdlctl o, seized and aold by him. Ky law they were free by the faet of capture, und their aervlces duo to tbe goveru.nent ! in the quality of rmancipulnt; therefore this person, If I tbe allegation be true, ban nut only sold free negroes and put tbo proceeds In his pocket, bat baa defrauded ibe i government, to say nothing of the disgrace ho baa heaped | on blnualf aa un ollcer holding a high post of trust. Hla ??disappearance,' however, strange to say, waanoeecret, for I > aw him at tbe opera ouly a night or two baforo be shipped himself on board tbe Corsica, on tho last trip of that steamer to New York. For this reason, I doubt very much the addltlor to tbe story that tho government here baa sent police oll'cers to New York lu search of him; for I naturally suppose that what was known to me In regard to him before his departure must havo boon kr^wn to the government In fact, permitting liitn to l<< ,vo ao quietly urd openly is a species or admisslou that tlturo is no poeltlve proof against him, tad t'lereforo I id not care to speak about tbe matter before, much less jcntion tho name of the individual in qtostlon. The weather in Havana hie leen very clian table, a strong, unpleasant south wind provnlltug for so . o davs past Rxchaagc to-day ranges fr?)tn forty three fortv. four per cent discount, with a decided Icndeucv to still lower ratea. Hava-ci, April 6 1S64 Projected Grand Htltl at Hataiit?Lottery Tick el rount>* feiti?Caution to Strangert?Thc Florida at Si 'jtiut dt Teneriffi? Rough II <tfh??iVrtcIa on the Uatvitiuu, etctic. Tho Morning Star being ex peel ed momentar.'y, I may as well drop you a fe.v linos b" 'ter, If for not.linjc more than to tell you that 1 have n >thing to sny. /his is a awkward pi sition for a punctual correspondent, and yoi so liie*ally '.rue that 1 had almost determined to spare lysel' the trouble of telling you so; but, happening to ascortiin that a frien 1 of mi.e, who has boon keeping a hotel bore i'tr somo months past, was returning to New York or. tho Morula? Star, It occurred to mo that thoao wl>^ Th?i? J- irtna during tho winter season might desire to km.* t ict which Interests them very much. Anyone who I..if> ? or '<? jn here must know bow sadly a good bo?ei <--?*? ?}, tud tho gentle nan in quest' JO, Mr. J. A. ?i 1 -vb now to supp y this want by building a i> . 'umj ?ii ellfible piect of groum'., furnishing it haudaoinely .id keeping it >n the ?tylo of a first '?.lass New *k hotel. The ,.lan hn? procreate' only a cei'.ain ti uico, and ^;r. Stip es roturi s to lewV jrk !o inako somo noccss iry arrangement*. The ?tel ? ill be built on government property, being a por xi of Iho Mich surrounding tho oil! wall now in pro gre^s of d?i j illtlon?a most excellent position in every eipeot. It will be throe stories high, higher than this , net being i?ormltted by law; will occupy a apaoo of two I tnndred Oet I'rout by ono huadrid deb'', with a stna'l il garden and fountain in the c( itro, wl'l .iccomrundule 'ron three to four hundrod guet,,n, and will cost about two huodred thoua nd di liars, pc ,-bape more. It will not ? *>rly be an oruamont to tlavaua.but a nayIng concern. ' I am Dwi miitiki.i. It is Mr. ^tuples' Intention to Invite ? ipitalln* to take shnre? In tho enterprise, and. In Um> resent deranged conditio^ of ajntrs In the States, no ln | oNtmeut could bo safer this proposed Havana hotel. | Imriag Mr. Stapli a' absence the pi:i,>er stops will ho 'aken by part ee bero to naeure tbe ground, and as soon a tbo month of uctober urrlves I expect to see tu.) build n? commenced The project has glveu me greatest pie tsttrc to al! here rho have to depend on hotels for :noir oreeture comforts, as well aa to the public genor. ally, wbo are ?nxioua to see Hurana embellished us touch as poaaihle. If the oei-essary amount of funds ho raised Ibere need be no fear of too realization of the plon; and, In f.ict, I understand tl at a large amount baa alread ?' beau subscribed here. Speak ng ol money matters, reminds me of what I had Intended menlioning before for the boneSt of strangers, bui which accidentally oacsped my mommy. Tou know we have a lottery here every twentv diyo, and vast amounts of tlnketa nro sold lu the states und other countries. These tickeu. are so ordinary in appearance, being merely printed slips of 1>aper, thnt to counterfeit them is tbe easl?ei thing In the world. The counterfeits. It ta true, can be detocted by the lottery officers; but you or I "or any other man" could n<'t tell iba dhlererx:) be'.weer tbem and the genu- I ine; there<?re tbey arc old withoit dilticol'y. A few days ago a gentleman, oing bus.ress liert ami bc?!dei? the olBce of con? '.received a ticket from a cor res|>ondent in Mexico, *itli directions tr collect the amount ,t had dr.-iwn Is fe of ne last lottei t, and, on I reset ting the ticket, Leh d , h. was arrestt I or oflertng a counterfeit. Of coarre, t;ie cormi |uencea a toothing; but fancy tbe unpleaaa-1 pofitioi or tins >>nllenian. .-'npp' i?e a poor or un'. i.>wn .nan had been .o circum stanced; he would have .-inly koue to jull. SlLnlar cases are constantly occurittig We bave nothing later 'rotn St. Domingo. Among tbe items of newa brought b/ . <e Spanish mnll atosmer from Cadiz, which arrived on Sunday, I find that I rfamoua Vlorkta was at tbe capital of tbe Canary Islaoda i tbe 4tb of last month. She was un4tr the '?mmini of a Mr Morris, what, then, hts beomeof Maflit? St only re mained In fort one day, during which sbo o -lej and sbiuped aomr provisi- ns The Corsica arrived jeslrrday, aft?r an ei' ?edlcg!y rough pasnoge, and paar >d several wr- ks on t, n Haha mas t?ne of tbeee vertola- t 'V?Captain L Messu* rier thinks was ao American. : h-now o trdue, If sbe left New York on the 3f?th ^s ? ti .v? High winds still pro?a>i /it u ? that tbe weather ta anything bet ploasa^ I Spanish Opinion of the Prtuc.j Aspect of Affairs In th? State*.-lite P tncir to Slot, nights. ilrf.jsiwi f'wn the Warm C% lr .'a of riarans. Vsrcb27 rtbc Na# V> ... It. . : Doe* tbe I of' rVildsot e> 'o its think ing n sii o> iw ertera' ' *te -n <?,. in tbe re establ'ibmrot r' ?,?ri mi .?. .of e wi?r which haa D?'? lasted tb' e- .: I, We I i uoestlnn, b ,t do i.ot si presont desire tu >? iu> oil. Perbapr an oprort "<lty to do so p.,,. .oah present Itself. At this m i.Teot, and to wh?? w# bar# heard from ?"ithern nen utterly opposed to sepsrstlon. bnt wbo. frria .tie iLpor taoce of their totoissts sre bound to tbicK of thj future, and who sro on tl ? best footing In hirh official circles, neitbsr tbe fedoml government nor I military < biers, nor isp-tsi'sis of fortune sod prop* .y. believe in the l<oselt>lilty of subduing tbe South, ar much Ions in tt.e re e*ubll"hmrnt rf tho I'nion as It w s formerly. Why then csrry ou tho wsr with si mucb fury ? This question has not T't been put' 'He ,<rest; hnt privately it hns, as well In Wssfilr/ton - In other political esnirei,for it "i'|Hsrs thst a "Is r con re: i lent to print it m ibe no ^srxri;, inch legs < scuts it, and abo.e all. sn??er '' If U.i i<eople v .Id op?-n their cyos to tbe ?' ii >hlib the go* rrtneck of Mr l.iticein pro posts to i.-e f *b? war would htve ,o stop for want uf re sources of ? ' k nus. Why' as trrtryf g appears to Indlcste, and rich is Sa d ?? be tbe purpor* of the government, the d.'S ta n tv, at?,f? everything olee, Is to contrsM/e power by gradual y dosiroy'ng tbe aut< nomy of-srh -o that, finally sod at leog h, the feneration msy disappear and a i Slim he establish*! InsteaJ the Gvmaos, In pmpotlng tbe candidacy of General Kre m.rit for the ?'residency, havo ,et slip that significant expression. They have beaii p.ecipltate, lo tno great (lis?:u"tof tho?e wt o bare tsk o *o mucb troubio to keep th< secret?a s>rret wblcb be in for some lime pan plain enough to tho eyes <>f thoss who can see a fill's hevord their ri< see. Wo hare not thought ou! those points wblcb ?a prist; ws hare taken them partly frcta private letters writtsn by persons of sutborlty. others we bsre gathered In conversation with Americans entirely be)on 1 suspicion In teiisrd to po itkal opinions, and according to whom, all wl.o havo anything to U>sa, nan not do otherwise tbsn coincide with tbe government which progresses towards the *1k>vs mentioned nfcjaet. Iti writing tl e?e lines we havemitr desired to propound aa interer H., ,u'?tion.and repeat that m '?i . asion msy soon be pr?'i? tiled of t exiensirely. Reception of tho Twcntjr.Niath Mailt chnaetls Men intent. n<*roi?. April 10,18*54. Tbe MiMtChusetts Twenty-nln'h regiment. Colonel K. M. Fierce, wbich arrived st Boston last night on fur lough, will have a grand public rsccptlon to morrow, This regiment won a gallant rncor I In most of tbe great battles In Virginia, and subsequently st the eapture of Vtcksbnrg. forming tno advance oi> Jackson, MltPlsslppl. T*isy have alio L?en hard service la Tennessee snd Kon lucky. Uniting of the Mirth American. Poans* >, Me , ?>pr I 9, IM4. Tbe sleamsblp N'orth Amer ran s.tiled at Ore o'cWck P. J H. for bomiondsrrr and T.lreroool I NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. Arrival of the Steamship Horning Star. Further fnrticulam of the Sinking of thi Rebel Rata Tinnier. Details if the Cuming of the Steamer Russell, to. *?-. ** The steamship Morwlng Star, Captain Hepburn, arriv>d at this purl yesterday, with New Orleans dates to the ?J The news by this arrival will bo found In dotal! In <e letter* from our special cot-respondent. We are Indebted to the purser of the Mornlug Sta. tor favors. Mr. Henry )'hompion'? Dcupsteh. Nkw Or'saw, La-. April 2.1M4. Whatever your reafl^rs may think of the affiir u; Cane river snd th? occupation of Snrcveport, I am afraid that thi ' tto*rln< from th.. Fra of tho 30th ulk, in relation to the sin.; of me ii>h"l ram Teoi.essee, canuot be tr iw, n? we have had U"l llo r?P?? rsgniar.y to the 20th of March, and uey Bay nothing of It. wbl e naval oflcers who h ive arrived .a this olty from the ulockftdlQg squad ron within the last i>w da/isay that thcro Is no truth wbatevtir In it. Hov.' ver, I give you tho aocount as pub lished. You will observe tUM the Tennessee Is said to have sunk on tbe 1st of Hareh ?? THKWIKWn O^TBiKWFm ?A* Tkv Wfirt(iri.K oaprow vl%rcii i **???? I ; ,mnno9? yon bavo received mv let'-.r n w>llcl' '3J"' ' i tlone-1 ho sink'* c ' the gref' Te mos? J. I will now gi -** ?t?med up to JtanpUiie 1 m i w.oarmr.'.- te with the * ssels in tho sour . hvcil ,ehel <u. ho a, the Tear.ess-i *m??? thorn, wo c g.-ei Ivinv e"r< ?? i's Pass. The ftsy w?s <VwUj,<?''' it abo.Hf r?. o . ? ck V H. the lookout on bawd t,e Kennel" "O u> , "vi "The TeP.n?*JCO is Sinking. .11 officer* tb if <?i ""'k Immediati'y looked towards I o place whoi?. "ho ?: c .'ipssco was lying, and, sur# snout, i, lbAVL ti *?i.vrr "? ti:n'e'signals wnre??en on bosrd ins Or' > rnra V ? " " ? ' nd. ant huid equals, irlemrrl" I, ;"d \ I, -I runt Tennessee sunk." It appears it A Wtrn who ind she, being very low lo ie ' ? t 'a.'.-v . t> id went down. Two f-*t of i.or Mmoke stack uac ne-v bo sc-n above the water at >e snot where great ram once lay at anchor. Tho n nesace ran down from Mobtlo when wo llrsi be^iti h m bard In* Kort Vowell, and rebel des-erters said abo a i exnectedKo sink our vholo fleet. She was *n oxt I powerful vessel, her irui >r plntos being si* locl"_' ShicKneM Ebe w^vorj abort in tho hull, but id i J?* . lectins aiiear ... ram;, which was entirely indi c water. Hei extremo weiRht - her r|..w an,I h -rd ^ hurdle being ton in ? ;h lor her engines, inrl ?h. ? ' ' not, therefore, have , rovod a very formiuablo oppor have not !lu>o to say anything more In this letur. Karsvi's nf'tKS ntsmsiro?SiiRMifH. All tho clerks and t . polling agents for the In e- u? Kevenue Uepartment, ler tho Hon. B. F. FlMde^ were yefterda* mornit t a.schwgsd and iwld oir. Tboro aio no reasons given. A sklrm"h re^n'ly occurred at Whitehall, f-iot James' psrtaL ' f- -en a sqnsd of tbo Hec.ond l,?t' .... ,w <a their number of reb*'?. -h i ferwt-v: A2r two wounded, when i.-ytell bick nto the weeds, and Tam u w ahi? . '? ? I you the full particulars . f tho l am u ssiiii. (?o Saturday bvontPi l-ast? a>bo'it,'rlne o'clock the lottnu with which the Russell v?w jS l^^nUll/to- k (Ire, noar Plaqueinlie. Klerks falling from tho chimneys upon tbo cotton w said^t'lI btve been - he cA'iso. but I le ^rn fr< m very good ?utboriiv tb?l n* n ruinated from the secidentalspilltog of sot.ietnr r,?i i,0 ssk' U)e too nea pro*lmity of a torch totoef jld f couMl the flames /reid like wlldflrs. and lr. . few in.<mr ts ibe boat w*r ecveiopod. Tho pilot her .udioro ar.d it w?s at ft it thought that all bad < ?oa x<d, but lam sorry tosav t .?i the following havo m ver K.on ^Jn or ward of slnr? :~Pwo, na.nes an ianwD?one, a tatbolic prieet ; a private cavalry so a i? a neg ess. It is is- red that there were others, *bo en '.er peri<h?d in the t Ames or the water. The Rus?oll wis he* lly laden with cotton, muler a il cattle Tb><so. togetne *lth tbo Adams Eipress fi (jht and treasure, were out,My destroyed. While tiis vessol w?- banning and valuable llyos crs perishing, tuerill?s, w r, hud been attracted to the jwt Ty the (Ire?added to tl e horrors or the occasion by )ng on our plckots whi* every one In thenelghborh^ii lr aide our lines were dolag all they could to render w .ar ever assistance was m their power to ths unlortuuM. on board tbe Ml fated stea ner HOW KinlASt. CTVI1 A!?n MIUTART OO^SR O Mr I.lncoln hns writ en a congratulatory letter t tbo Hon. Michael Hahu. w tjsb namo will stand In hlatOf as the first free Mate ? overnor of Louislaua, autho I ing bitn to act as and conf -rring upon him the pow?n? t*rv governor In addit ?>o to those in his civil ca^ic.ty. Thin is probablv don-s in tbe antlclpati ? thit cuc. m suns's may whi .h weu'd require the Ooverjwr U act altoaether diTerenviy, ai d thus ronder bis CutU ? in this mattsr, without t tl? authority, to say tho lsfcit,% ny ""Ths" 'delegates to ths Constitutional Conventlot on Tuesday last called upon Governor Habn at fcls dence. Tbey were ?:compauled by a bind, and h dcllgbtiul tlJJxiCITrn> qf A cBAsas of OT^oreTuto74 for the crime of murder, and hon..rably ?cgullted iU V I a man named Clougf in seir defence, new ths plan i< ? Sf Mr Ken ner. The latter had an order for the I ./la pianitwn.on wbkb y -ung Co* was working sn- or dore?l him off. The young man obeyed, harnesyed > a team, and was leav.og ths placs, wbsn Cioogh 'lemst led ?hp rmL Co* said that he bad no money, and owW so r*nt nou|h then s?Id hs would taks the bnrsea. tnd severed the reins w:th r kolfo lbs youoii man r?si.ud this outrage, when Clou b struck and 'ns ltsd ^"?l lrn|a Shameful minoer. Ai t lis suge Oot presented a pistol ?nd snot Clough in tfcs bowels, ca islng death In ? fe -v mom sots. NEW8 FROM KEY WEST. By the arrival of tbe steamer Vxr ma, Captain Pen o.ngton,oo Katurds , and ibe Roanoke, Captaia Drew, /eaterday, we bare h y Want dates to Iba 4tb Inst. Wa ara Indebted m Purser Cliff, or tho Varuna, and Purser Fuller, of Ibe Roaooko, for ibe prompt delivery of dispatches. Oar Key Wt?( Correapostdrnc# Kit Wear, Ha., April 4, ISM. Arrival of lA? Cnittd S-atti Stfmer I Admiral anl Mu littippi, ?#e. Tha United Statea aapp y (learner Admiral arrived b*re yesnrday, having on board quiti a Dumber of offlcera of ibe a tf, for ibe dlfferort aquadmna Id ibeso latitudea. Man* of theee gentlemen are on shore, Imparting to tha town quite a lively appearanca. W< ara bat Inning to eiperenca a tiata of bot waath r Apr ipoa of tbia, a aupply of ica frona Itoaton, to K R Raw aou. which arrived a few days ago, waa very saumablo. W had been out of let for ao loo nveoieot length of time before 4tle?* tn-" t? snggeat a correction of tba printer In my lettir g'. g , . ccount of the burning of the blockade (uBoitv Nan-nan tba said steamer appears In .'iail??? he aprwi aim of tha "Xauniao " The woM it* 'i / ? lite. N'iNao." Tb.' I'niU.. i?tr i ????? ilncip of war Powf*?tan, hear ing if a (lag of Adn iral i *r J ier, arrival bore ud tbe 31st ultimo, she will rarna. ...e acveral daya. Tba Huoteville is off on a cruise. Tbe iteam transport.Mia?laalppl arrived hare from New Crt, R. I . laat evening. She left Newport on tho morn. S of the Will inslanl. Dirinrf the entire p**a*gn she encountered vary heavy weath r. sba baa on b;>ar?i tba second battalion of tbe Tblrd Rhode Island rivalry. com manded by nontenant Colonel Ksylea. It la eipected tbat tha Mississippi will leave to morrow morning for New Orleans. Ibe bark William B Hall, Caetner muter, from New York, arrived on tbe ??mmlng of tbe 2Mb. Tbe captain requests me to report Dim. Polit e Intelligence. A l)n*RTUi flnot. ? About tbree o'clock ye?t?rday after ow n Michael Water >, alias Macgowao, an alleged bounty lumper, aitanipted to desert from a detachment of men who bad a few ho rs previously arrlvod from Albany, -? 'cut* lor Wasliln ion. Tbe ofllcar m charge of the de tachment etartod 11 pursuit, accompanied by Sergeant Townaend. V iian Wn'era reached tba corner of Eg. change place ai l ii.'SM street i-'erireenl Townsond flred at Itlm. Ih<- shot ink nfT-ct at the back of bia head, and be died from its creels Id a low min'itoa afterwards. hn Kirst precinct poltco arrotted tho parsiisra and took charge of tho body. Tbay were taken m the First pro ciDct station house to await tbe action >f the Coroner THE ARM/ (ir THE POTOMAC. An Early lUsiimnlni of Ot?ora (ions h\,>?ctedi Severe Damage to the Ilallroart by tfie Storm, kiii ^e?i At* Our Npselul AV t?i/tag'an Despatch. W .,nhii. IM, Aril 10, 1802. arrr*rs op tub i?tokm -tk i imam* l<wwsion o1/ TUVIL. Iha severe storm of y> h h day hr?- '--vollen tin risers to almost *n unpreede ie< lotgbt, doing considerable diim aye to public anil privat. ??>?' fy Hrldgesoii Hn Orauys Bint Alexandria ilailrv.-l arc swept away, and travel betwen here aoJ ibn iruiv Hi susiiended, .bougb il la bel'evid that the traus v?<|| resume t >oir trips by to morrow night. mitLY OPUUTIOIM OP TUB .A VIY OP TIIR POIftXAO iHTMl iA 1-KO. The orders recently t the tMaSpiarters of General Grant arc rr wl'I' m "igultlcart of an early be (iQDinir ot active ? is. 0?f Special Al? .andrta Deiputch. Al?<a.whu, Va., Aptil 10,1864 PKMniroTiTWiiBW op rim w??i-utioor-i swkpt iw?i, The rain storm yosterday n:l l<u?. n.. bt was the rsost destructive to the railroad f <.:>?< ^asor. Mtio atreama betwoen this place and tbo Army f 'he Potomac, which wore already very high, w< ?> mvoii .i beyoed all prece dent. Old citizens along tbo lw?< of be ru*d say that they never before ??w t.ncb a I' od. Tbo railroad bridge* me vei v r<? iiy d ime/ed, and the communication with lt>e army >f rail but oeen broken, the trala which loft Bra^<iy St atias at ilftee'i minute* to oigb'. o'clock yesterdav bci< to' tbo lut'. tram tbat has arrived bere. 'Tio brl ice over Bull huo, near Union Mills, is entirely gone imn morning. TL 1 struct' re was one hundred and flfly feet tocg. and some thirty flvo fact abo-. a the Jb?d of ibe nfrearn. the bridge wan at best but ? r ? ><iiogy for oi e, it oeing of the ram his, or rath. r infamous Houpt pattern. Us Ioks la a gun to tho ituer uout, '< i new <?..e Is alroady framed and read* r lairing mm ioon aa tl o wator subsides. Colonel V ontz thinks ho v 1 bo ubln to crosi tho stream with a ti vn tnin>rrow. At Msall'a Station two or three tresti 4 under ths bridge over Caneron run wero washed a /ay, aa v.'to also several j a ' .s of et diankmont. Ho' *'e< a Kdcul'.i and Durke'a Sit' ions sovt -al heavy lamlsl J<?s <ccorred; but n largo force of labort e? cleared tho ti ek, so as t9 allow tho repair train to p us this forennin. the brldgo o/er Broai'. run, at l?rint e -tation, ip but sllgtitly injured, and will bo easily r?,>?H- I Tbo br.ilv'S over Kottle run, two mli-M west of fl'm^o, has rrv'Tfi down stroam about two feet. This ti n l ire Is lib' u* ?l*'bty foot lvui? and sKty feet blgli is au ugly customer. The next damage don > was at?V run, wh to t'ia lower section of trestlos wom carried r way. This > l,<o Is a trestle work, two stories high, au.l on-i of tbo be t u the roud. The R.ippal annock bri< go Is safe n ?ye', though mrge quantities of driftwood lave accumiilati d abovo It, and great fears are ontorUin id tbat it will h ive o succumb to the prpasuri*. Ootween AMxandrla a d Washington i ?e damage has been slight, and the trai is are running reg larlv, though a i>ortlon of the track a this end or the 1 o ? I'rHlTe m underwater. Tbo flats en the Virginia p.dr* tiii.oto. mac are out of sight, am. tbo rlvor is sow y -"W ' ? Tlie army w II not be i iconvemenced by (' ?. e kn, ai sufllcientsu iplies are w hand at tho fr< ?> ' <ui?.ist it until the road :ao bo r?| tired. Colonel 'V ntz nn?t M iior McCrlrkott pr mlso tbat tbo regular trairt nhall ran on Tuesday next nr.rottT os <> nnn. oir -.uitioss by oov.--a.voR i ineo.vr. Governor I' orpont, tb i Union Oovurn r of Virginia, is now engaged tpon .1 rep rt to bo uropeo: vJ to '.ho l'r?<l dent, r'oognw* and the world, >?hieb w.ll t o shuwn up tame of tb> jiost oofa-ious sactior* of tlx) federal ?uthoritie >a Aletaodr a, Sotand i'or:smoutb e\f)/ di*?r:.-.?(! ibe blstiry of auy nation Ibe report will be trm noauied by documentary evidence as dn.i,n ins as U 11 Conclusive, and aa conclui ivo aa pucb evider + can be. Tits Pruaa Dnpi-tch. W*smn<iTi)<, April 19, 1864 A letter frois tbe Arm/ of the CpU'tnas Mr i iflene ? Meede, Hum hreys, Injalls and Patrick vlsi'e<i I '??it tenant Genenl Grant al Ouipepper on Kriday. The army as been oor.ililor.ibly str ugtbeoed, ao<i e men are anx us for actl\e operatkma. Much com; ant Is da'.iy heard m contequcr. '/no loss uf lctt?r? by tbe preaant mall ar tngeineot* Of four prl'-ates recent y found gu.ity of dee#, -??) ? r.v '? to beahot.and the otbrra are to fr elt pay ai. I eli.iw ancos due aod be lent to tbe Dry Tori igas. A d p , 'or stealing twenty dollar* from a prirouer of wai i i'o uader bis charge, is aentei ced to a p.oiltar pnnl'bi ^Dt. R?wi from Mam Pramcleco, I ?*!? r?*l?ri?-.?, April 7. Tbe Uri'lsk ud Cali ornl* Rankii ic Company, with .?* capital ?? *:k of two mllllrn p- .d- uterllng, advertiari Ita iBVot.tloa jf establishing a bank at San I'ranciMo II la believed thai tba new imtlt 'Uoo will exercise ao in> (lortant influence over tba eicNmge market ? Arrived, ablp Shaltipere, fro^i Vew York. Sailed efelpa MWry Robinson, for Howlanrt (land; Galate, for Manila. Pjs'ocss abowa symptoms < revival nines tba recant lumeroua ar r vale of iblpa. raAHctsor*, April 0, 1864. A mo^lerat jupineta b'.j been dose daring ib? weak, 10 ra dlapw ion beiag ahowa at tba eioaa to ncrcesa Him ka. Tb>'ra la plenty of tugar and le.idir.g staples. Riley Gr ->tbou?e, one or the Chapman privateeremen, who.ecentl, took iba oatb of allegiance, ar was rrirafled under tba PrneMeot'e proclamation <. an. eely, ha.< b?ar\ rearrested ot a cbarga of violating the ' rips of bit parol* ard oaths. Ho swore fidelity 'o the ' .ion at St. I.ouie, iu d again al I.oulr il'? in If i It m understood thai ha will be sent to *.at^iiugtoo for military trial. Arrived, ateamar QoMea City, fr uo Panama. A Disloyal Cltrgymaa fluipodtd from tba Mlalitry. Br. Lot'is, ,\prll 10,1884. Theft. loom rrcebytenan* decide.. at a ?ate ni etiog tbnt tbe Rev. Dr. Mcl'beeter* coa j net b? ?ilo .ed io continue bM mmi?( lal labors at tba Pine atf ?? reebr f rt in cburcb In this eity. IV. Mcl'heeter* *w VniMied from this department for dial. yV: * -ne time mnce, but tbe order nf b?ni?bment w?? "in ?' by 'he President. Vlre at HiuiDdabarg, Ky. Lovsmiis, April 10,1864. A flra occurred at liar ?Isburg, Ky., on Friday evening, In the storehouse nf A t Roheruon. II la suppossd to have been the work of ? i Incendiary. Tho Ore consumed thirteen building* to tb bu ucw portion of Iba place. Ex-Geveroor Magoffin . td Ur. fmailey wera among ire principal ,'uflferers La aggregate loan was about 150,000. _ Tns Wav nm Pou? <?j Pain?Mr. McMurray, tho njwTrssst-er of tb Vflropolltan pn> ?e, haa madf * chance In tbe mann. r ef pajmg '.ho force, whice ? u created oot I'tereble ? ixalion in tbe d*|iertm<'nl. flora tnfore the captains of tbe prsclncts hat-i draw * th? money fmi?i tlis treasury, vid made i<a> mem to t' < rren. Mr. McMur-ny ha* IU . pod Ibis, and n ikes th> | ay v>nl lo every nc *n by cbec* drawn to *rde . This nv>d* ? Ma largely to it.o dutlee and labors of the rr*asurcr. Mt, at the ?vne t me, give* ?re??t *atiaf*ctlm to ibeman, nt tneela ap[ ev*l generally aa kOiog proper it useif d guarding agaiusl pos^ill" ao iae?. The (*rle? of Bntt? '? TO TBR ID TOW OP IRK U? HALO. let ua resotre fi m tb.a dsy tb it we w?l rot pnr*he?o any bi.iler orar thirty cent*. Tbla will r.iah *peciit*tora lo ens w?^k. fat na I f It, and Bod ml wbo rules- ' be Pi?culat')i*t or tbe peei' ?. Rale eftlte I'riae ? a mer Pel. H k ro?, April 9, the prue Me?m?r Pat, captures f Wi'mmgwo, waft mid at anriioo to d\v for ?.H ???

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