Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,069. NEW TORE, TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1864-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. I ^..^^OCUUgTI 4VD AUHUT9. |)^*?* DEAPNERS, inpairid t>ionr, V01SB8 IN TUB HEAD, ?ATARRBA L APPBCT1ON0 IM Till y THROAT, CHRONIC* OATA*BRH, CATARRH or THB TYMPANIC MUCOUS MEMBRaNB, KDCTIOit OF THB~* EUSTACHIAN TUBS CURKD, OBOMEYB TrRAIUHTIiNED *N ONE ~MIJ1UTB, ?*?1T! dlaeaae of the Eye tod Bat requiring either 1 o t *urgwai aid attended to ~~ DR. VON bltfENBKRO, DB. TON EI8ENBERO, dr. von~7benbero, BR. VONljlE.NBERa, DB. VON B1HENBBRO, ) t*tfc?r of "turglCAl an<: pr.n tical Observation* on tbe 0iMMMOf UxBm, with lie New ilcdt of Treat moat," II ?Ikloettoa, ~ Ko Ml? BROADWAT. OPINIONS OK THB PRESS. I Pre is the Journal of Commerce 1 OF HUTCHINtl^_TBB ?XJOHTNINQ CAL CULATOR." wae published In ibete columns a few days eince *? remarkable cure of Hiit-hlngs, the "lightning ealcnla eo weli known to the public during the many year* be Inhibited his wonderful ai itlimetlcal powcro at Barnume Hueanm- by the celebrated Orullat land Aurist, Dr. Von Btotnberg, of tbl* city. Hutching* la represented to have Wm at tbe point of death, and but for the timely inler tarenoe <>f the doctor, would now be resting In bis crave, la a remarkable ca*c. uudltwortby of the attention of elmllarly atllicted. ? We tbiuk It la but ju?t toDoctoi von Btoenberg to call attention to tbto caw. There are hundred* in the tunity suffering from caiarth, who, like ifce "Light fltM Calculator," If not actually praying for death, are ?M4r to accept of that promise* to relieve them AM* their distresses. To such we would say trifle not with iMtiperlenccd men, but con*ult, wlibout unnecessary delay, 0* Voo BUenberg, who, at lean, baa the bor.e*ty is assure fell patient* whether It la wltbio hto power to make item or not. " DBAPNEfciN CURED. DEAPNKMS CURBD. DBAPNEhH~:URED. I From the Ti lbnae] BAR8 TO THE DEAF. nan an* especially every woman believes la hi* m k?r physician. TLeie ate iibiioeopbieal minds wbicb to an abstract faith In Allopathy, or Homeop&tbv, or VHropalhy, or *ome other form of scientific cure; but with World At large tbe beWef i? not in tbe system, but in tbe ? Especially Is this true a* regard* aurisl* ar.d ocu N* Tbe patient who bas recovered hto sight or bis bear ta? |s sure that the blowing en .mi have Kmc restored to him If ?? other practitioner tb*n_ that particular one by whom Ml eye* or ear* were opened. Dr. Von Eisenberg t* pMM nor beat known aurisia. Be h?* not leni us ears ? A brother practitioner has eyts aad In whose skjil, there *? believe above all others. Bat we bear of blm Ikose who esteem htm not merely as a surgeon, but as a A recent case na? been related to ua, for the iNfthfulueM ?t wtieh we tan voncb, thcugh we can came no patient w*s a lady wbo had been deaf from fefcWi ?* * con*e<ineBoe ef some of the aliments to which Aftdren are liable. Latterly the ii.seasr bad taken an acute fM*. and the patient was subject to intense ?offering. The J"""' ??? rapidly becom.i.g complete, and the general k--?- bieaking down under the physical eihaunfun attend ?pon constant pain Ordinary remedies and ordinary were useless, and Dr. Von Eisenberg was called in. V* need not repeat bis dta?r,osto, for thai would oe only a Mat of bard names to the general reader Bi.t b* delected a ftght tbe seal of disease, first Inm e portion of tbe organism, In another and with iranlpulatlon as sk.ifu! as bis ^algbt was accurate, he removed tbe causes, and she who, ^?m infancy, bad beard w tb lilfr.culty. and latterly bar<:'y f% All, we* resMred Cr*t to perfect hearing and then to per fect health. Dr. Ton Ei*eti?-rg ?advertisement rem,ml* i* MUiis care. which we tfcu* 11 telly relate, tot at Us IsUatatlso. Ut l.i? ibat 1Kb net care, hear (Prom tbe Christian Times.] LIGHT RESTORED. CONCERN I No BYK8 AND OCULISTS. Of tbe (tt inMi. wbinb we cull iee;r,g )? -be moet M9orb>ut kcd mod taluad. In proportion m tbi* tenia (hM ue. we are raouced i? tiei|iie*?ne?a If cntire:y deeti ?it* of eight, bow *low would he cut progreaa In knowledge, M* bow limited ' ur tpbert <>l action kr.d* En Atwed with it, ib? universe bt<?nH ? new citation, cioiled with beauty aoC di?er*iOed by that infinite vai.cty wticb Mm talla to attract the and heart. fw several months past tbi? has been a pj-atnlca subject It at. An Inflamed eondition of the eyelid* comm -jMcstlng 4Mf to tbe pupil renders! tbe discharge of dally duties Ml only painful, but tangeioue Attrrbutiag it to tbe ef fan of a eold. w# endured u through tbe spring, wuh tbe kept thai wltt (k* return of warm weather rt would en ?nsly disappear. But in ibie we were do< mad to disap fotataorni Bummer merited bat not oar wonted sight. What mirbi >a?ebean tbe result, either of further neeect et Of Incompetent treatment. we cannot nay ?tat log our cite to a friend be aeeurad ut that a Ma IB hi* own family tad recently beeo tr< ?ted with entire Meeee* by Or Von Blaetiberg, of .bw city fatlafying our aaftae by more particular inquiries tbat tbe doctor t* no em 0M*. but a itoMBliflc o< iimi arm a .rtm, we concluded to aaoft the benefit* of b>* treatment, whlcb we bar* now rea M la acknowledge at *ery great Though bet a few ? ? h ???* hie ear*. the appearunoe of o?r eye* bee- totally 4fc*age<i Tbe pupii k bow full and eleai. and the ,ids ue Iaal'raif free from tnftMinnaticn. The dortor ear* tkat tbe i pit* net to ii?* been wehkencd and tbe Mltna ase n.ed a rbu.nio <ii(lamir>ntory ?uie, af JfeuuiK more or eat all the other tire at a, M<d Ciatenu.g lfa*C'? led M end laAmauioele. Optta rnlt.e i*'i<??e la the term whithotnltats apply teeter aflerieo I"ur? Having obtained tbe much desired rai.ef, *e lakrf^re*1 pirature o acknowledging aur indebtedness to Cm ??rt'l ?f Dr Von Bttenherg and of calling f- It he at latilion ff othara who n ay he imftarlng from a ?u:, 41 c ar?l> ?"!*" aaudllion of their eye a It l? saw ibat P/ovl tteare ptoVWee an antidote for every tana. It * But U>* *ya la, in the** timer tebjeai I* eeterer trta'* lRaii formerly Lei na be, tjien that a* we tno**t?? leti<lea?lee which destroy the or^ftn of fteton. th* ffogreaa of science keep* pace wn|> it,,,,.# ten 11 u? In adfanoo of tbotn. Ofrit'i HO ""m'TBROADWAY NEWSPAPERS. ??10HLY IMPORTANT INTELLIOENCB. BRILLIANT PR08PBCT. A GRAND FLANK MOVEMENT. BXTRA0RD1NARY COMBINATION OF OUR FORCES. ft may not M coutrahaid io wale llial * grand movement ??now going on. which proui'ben the most brilliant result* for the people wbtrever the aiaru and the stripes have a foot Mid. A flank movement hat Jual been ordered, and If all worka according to the programme laid out. we eipect to be in Richmond aad atill tuither aouth ere tbe first day of May eh ail dawn upon ua. Those woo h?ve labored under the delation that we hare been idle, wiii now aee their error, and acknowledge that "THE NEW TURK CLIPPER" "THE NKW YOHK CLIPPKR" "Til E NEW VOKK CLIPPER" ??TUB NP.W YORK CLIPVBR" ^ "THE NEW YORK CLIPPER" IS ONE OK THE (TcTaHRAD JOURNALS OF THIS UNIVERSAL YANKEIJ NATION. That it* enterprise h.-s made it one of the most intereallog pai.cra ever issued n this country. War, at all timea. i? ?o be abhorred; but when our flag is touched, the heart* of toe people are touched; and when you draire to *ee what la goim: on In the sporting aod theatrical w.rld, you oatuially aeca the columns 01 that ?pici and readai.le painsr, TI1K NEW VOKK OL1PPRR. T1IK NEW YORK CLIPPER. THE NKW YORK CLIPPER, TUB NKW Yt>RK CLll'PKR, TilM NEW YORK CLIPPER, TUB OLDEST AND MOK: RELIABLE SPORTHNQ and theatrical paper IN THE COUNTRY. because therein you can learn of the do nga of the sar worn veterans of Hie theatre, of the ciroua. of Ibe ouualc ball, of minstrel fame, and such an that, It may be contraband to state these facta: but, in tbe lan guage of well fed and cheaply bought politicians ? " We Kiuw our rights, And knowing, dare maintain em;" or, In the still more convincing words of John Gilpin, of fast borae renown ? "Truth. crushed to earth, will rise again." Yea, beloved friends, like tbu fallen pugilist, it will again, and point to THR NPW YORB CLIPPER THE NI W YORK CLIPPER THE NEW YOliK CMP! Kli Til 11 NEW YORK CLIPPER THE NEW YORK CLIPPER as the great enponent of SPORTS AND pastimes for the PEOPLE?aa tbe palladium of our DRAMATIC GREAT NEBS. Need we go further for authorities to anpport our opin ions? No, air; in the refined words of Jeflervon Davlg, of aour apple iree renown ? "No farther seek our virtues t<$ dispose " We "could a tale unlold," like the gentleman who pl*ys the theatrical ghost in Hamlet but "aiiinci nt unto the dav la the evil thereof." and pr? bono publico; but It ought to be stated, in justice to those who tret their very bi ief Lour upon ibe stage, that ? WE ARB ALL HERE." to uae thcae classic words made memorable by Mr. Wm. Whcatley and Miss Vealvall. Wb.v has not Richmond :<een taken ere this? In tbe ora torical lang'ift :o 01 Joseph Botus we aiuiivcr ? because it ie'nt." And yet tbu new york"cupper, NKW YUKK CLIPi'ER, Nl'W YORK CLIPPER, NKW YORK CLll'Pl R, NKW YORK CLIPPER, TBB GREAT AMERICAN SPORTING AND THEAfRifAL AUTHORITY, Has done all In its p< ?"r to *rctire that end. XteeUinto Richmond?why cannot,o .r brave i-u.dicrs? : t b.ia been asset tod by "eminent counsel on both eidea'' that "Eternal viellan"e Is the price of liberty." And we hold this fact to he one of those self-evident truth* to le round in that Declaration of Independence rhl -h trailers are now endc ivur nt to render null nnd void. But the main ob'B' t of our prevent ditcourae, ai Men cry rould say, la to Inform the world that flip. NEW YOUK CLIPPER HK NIW VOKK CUPPER TilK Kl W YORK CLIPPKR TUB NEW YORK CLIPPER THE NEW YORK iLlPtEd IB BEADY THIS MOUNINO. PR1CB B OBNTS. TIM TllR K8W YORK CLIPPER, THE NhW YORK CLIPPER THE NEW VOKK CLIPPKR, TIIK NEW YORK CLIPPER. TI1E MEW VOKK CLIPPER, In cot ?ec,ucnce of the high price of paper and labor af all hinds." Come* oul ENLARGED AND IN NEW TVPB. I tat owing to the Increased coat of everihlng," TUB NEW VOKK CLIPTRR THE N!'W YORK CLIPPER T UK NEW YCiRK CLIPPER THE NKW YORK CLIPPER THB NEW TURK CLIPPER WILL BB SOLD AT THE 8aME PRDB A8 HERETOFORE. And that price u tlx rent* per copy. Intltead of taking more money from oor friend*, we gl?e them a LAHULK AND GBiTER paper, and for the earn* pr.oc as heretofore charged. And ??Tbni'a what a tbe matter." Yen, we come o t big fend em nt urid luely, and, to borrow once more from the ciaeaice, we ei< latin ? "We defy ?'Oil.petition?we challenge comoariaon, and ne ernrt cppoaitlan." Which we do no aucb thing. Fill to "relnrn to ottr muttons," as the gentlemen of tbe Kienrb pereuaa.on say, we will now diah up mir bill of faie ? THE NFW YORK CLIPPER, THE NFW YORK CLIPPER, THE NKW YORK CUPPER. 1U" NhW YORK CLIPPER, THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. THB AMERICAN THEATRICAL AND 6P0RT1NQ Al IHOR1TY, la nrw for sale bj a!l newsdealers at bome and abroad. It la dressed in NEW TYPE FROM ? TEX TO STERN. it ia one h ar J .ARGER TITAN FORMERLY, but la told at the C8V.AL PRICE OF SI X CBN 18. It "tfC-aJna tbe opening ci.aptcra of a sensation atory ca'.ed THE WHITE GIPPT; OR. THE iVfc.Ni.j.S'n TRACK OF THB E8CAPED CONVICT. It -enialus n.tacellaneoua aketcbee of an latereetlng l;*r? ter. The CLIPPER r, man* A LA HOE ENl.KA ISO OF THE NINE PRINCIPAL BILLIARD PLAYLIiB OK AMERICA, with full re porta ot the matcbr? played laai week, Including lab lea for reference. Tba CLIPPER ecr tains a! itr i TDK TUFA I . 3. DRAMATIC NBWS FROM AM, PARTS ( F THE WORLD, MOVEMElsTf> OP ACTORS a.\D ACTRESSES, Bl'BlNLKB AND DOINGS AT U1E VaRHH8 THBA THE 8 !n fart. e*erythirg of It.ierest in tbe theatrical world la rcecn ed Id THB NEW YO'vK TLIPrBR THB NEW YORK CLIPPER. THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. THE NEW YORK < LlPPER. THB NEW VOKK Cl.Jl'I'BK. II alao g ??e tbe nest rti< r'a at?ut THE CIRCIH, Showing wbat the SAWDi'PT PEOPLE are at; What tbe < IRCI'B PBOPLB are doing; SHIPWRECK <f a CIRCUS COMPANY, Acd all abot TIGHT* PAW DUST and HORSES. TI'E NEW YORK CLIPPER THE NEW YORK CLIPPER THE NEW YORK CLIPPER 1IIB NEW YORK CLIPPER THB NKW TOKK CLIPPER Llkewlea gives full intelligence about NIOURR MINOT RE LB. Pointing ut 'te location o' tie ranoua RI.At K BANDS. The dfirj* ol AFRICA'S Bl'NBl'RN'T SONS. A ad the grand i Caraeierist.r* < f ti e Bl'RNTOORK CONTRABAND. TER NEW YORK CLIPPER THH NKW YORK ( L! I'I'EH THE NEW TOKK CLII'PKR TBE NEW TOKK CLIPPER THE NEW 10RK CL1PPBR PoiRta out tbe tens of Mlpjr HALL re'ehrUIee. inclui^ ti THE FASCINATIBO AND LOVEI Y DANCER THE .tOCUNu) AND .'OOL'LAR COMEDIAN, ? Tke PEOPLE ? he ?.i * ai d am up ail ??*'? ol ahiaciea In the *> ?y of SPORT T i." CM I PER eoatalna A atlrrlng article alout TUP TIRF. PrvOPPECTF P( R THE REASON CP TI'F TROTTU0 AND RACING CEAKON, AND fl'BF GOPKIP OP ALL EljRl H. atrtt te?s about / E, aid?b*tia grir.1 |rtr an <.!,? the gtriM men of the Mnteia man faith. In ti e Bast, the W?st. tbe North, tba Sou it, a* 'uk>?? i.M-e got. To he brief, gentlemen, THB NliW "yTTk CIltTBR 1UE NEW YORK CLIPPER THB NKW ft HK CLIP I KH THE BhW YORK CLIPPKR TI:e NfcW YORK CLllPivR IB TBF fJ ORTsyTfTB VADE MBCIM, THB ACTOR'S BE8I PRIEND TUB SHOWMAN e DIRRCTOBT.MS the people's Favorite bpicy paiir. Get a 'opy at cu e. Pot aale eter.vwtere at ceita. ?utar^lption 11 lr?? Ibiee D< *r? pet JH.r. TUB CLIPPER NOW RBA0Y. PBICN ir*"CP,*!*. : PRA.NR "yllBR.^. Ktinoi and I top* if toe, 'HI Am ttrert. ?? ar Tf?|t, mWETAIT FEOffl WiSHUGTM. EscitiDg Mate In the House on th? Resolution to Expel Mr. Long. Fernando Wood's Views on the Question. TUe Position of the War Democracy. Sqnabtle Between Senators Grimes au? Sale. A New Nan for Administering the Affair* of llic Navy Department. me Rational Bank Bill Agate Before the lioHse. Official Report on the Florida Campaign, ?4, WAUHNiiioM. April 11,1884. TllBtKHAlBON TUB EXPULSION OP RtFHESKNTA T1VE LONU, OF OllIO. All lite galleries, aid even the lobbies of the House, were densely packed to-day to bear the debate ou tbe expu - slon re.olu.ion of Signer Colfax. Ibe outsider. crowded tbo Reporter.' Gallery ?? ?wch an extent that tho.^ legitimately belonging there could only with tbe reatoft ditliculty obtain ingress or ogress. Too pnlualMV) Z2*l was burned through, and half an boor before ite time to wh.cb its consideration bad been poetponed the debate began. It lasted until alter live o'clock, wb-'n a recess was taken until .even P. M. a number of speeches ?erc made co tbo opposition side?Mr. ichenck, of OUlo.and Mr. Steven., or Venr .v - vanla, only faking in .favor of It up to tbe time of Ibo ri-ess There wrs con^tdeioble blttorne-s an.l personal aD)u?<s>ty by Jkasr.. Sduick and Voorbnes At time* ttie remarks elided laughter and app.auboth uron the floors an.l in tte galleries, and the ?pcaxer-.Vr. Rolliw. or New Ham pdiire?Ihreatened to have the ?a. lenes cleared, there w?., bow ever, nmcb less isomer in tbo gallorlf: than arm-nF the member., who, In ie i" citemcnt of debate, seemed utmost ready at times r>pro ceed to personal violence, shaking their lilts and ge.ticu latmg ilko lunatics, a. tbe To record* of members on both sides were teajl or recltod by tbo Spcalcer, a great deal of merriment wa* exc.ted by tbe real or nppar ent iccou.istency which wa. developed between lb.;tr action, and >et,!noents of ten or fifteen years ago am! mow which tbev now hold. *> absorbinir was tbe In leres' felt in this debate that tbe Senate w?s obhgod to Hd.ouro before rour o'clock, not being ab)e to obtain a uoorcm for tte transaction ot bus nets. Before tbe hour Tor the re .ssomb'tng of tl.e House this evening the people thronged tbe galleries, tbe number in attendance not being less than .n .be afternoon, and the deepen interest was maniiested m the proceedings iu? member, were a'so gen orally on band '?* ??a.n many Senators and Otbinet officer.. There was let* e* cltement than in tbe afternoon, but tbe > pee. 1 es we e more argument-UT*. Mr. Kenan, of N, w ^o' preset)'? d the yl"W. of tbe war dome ruts, and * ftted ine grouud -pon wbkb tbey voted against the resolution of cx-uilston to be that, while tbey disagreed with tbe sen'imcnis of Me*sr. Long an B-rrls, tbey be\d a. representatives, tbey bad tbe r.gut ,o advocate any sentiment., however repugnant tbey ?.,Rnt t-e to the country and the House and that they were resn nslbie to ths.r constituents .tone, flu vis made a moet powerful argument against ?be democracy, and their right to proclaim treasonable ee tintents upon tbe floor of tbe House or ?^vberc ttere were some aMgbt alt-mpis at, and at onet ?? ? few h.-ses from tbe opposition at a remark about McOiell.m and Fitz Jobn Porter bringing the rebel, to the eate.of Washington, but they were quickly suppressed lion to adjourn was made by Mr. Wasbb?rne. or llinolr, but wa. voteu down.tne majority be.i.g detsrm.ned to continue the session. 1 be House Onally adjourned at fiHeer nmuie. fa* .leve-. without taking a vote. At half.,ar ten tte crowd began to disperse, It having Ucome evident that ..o ac iicl would be bad. Mr Dumont, of Indiana, closed the debate for to nigh in a ramM ng and somewhat incoherent rpecch in favor tf tbe resolution, wb ch caused coMiOerat ie amusement Tbe subject is expe< ted to occupy most of the time to morrow, wbe . it is probable a vo.e will oe taken and tbe ??nair term,..a.ed Ihere is not tbe .lightest of ,te requisite two th.rds vote m .ts favor be ng obtame l. .ir cihutiMoV r., LI. AO am bbiokb ihi, hove. ' ibe ? nrreccv bill Utrod iccd in .be H^ise to day by Mr. nooper.oi Mas...chu?etiMS subsia .-a'y the W>< as that which has ,-u-t bven d- fe?ted in tte Hoiee .t will be oous dered on ?atur*?y oext. a f bill is cow before tbe Klnaoce Committee of the Senate, so that It can be considered in boib Houses ?t the same ii?? orrosinoN to thb rRoro?*D amehi^eht to the CONSTITUTION. Tte resolution, introduced to day .c the Hci.>e by . r Cravens, of fndiana, against an amendment of the c. nsti tut in i. evidently Intended to comm.. tue oppo; two in advance agam.t tbe an^ndment which has pesicl the tecate by to large a majority. Jb.? explain- the anxlet> man.fened bv certain oi jw.iton member, to bavo a direct vote taken upon ?t to-day. It will new te l ine before any vote can be bml upon it,and in t?e .meai.lioie it i.jrob.ble tbat ibe amei . .neU ? W hate naettd ite tfoute. NAVAI. OKDkli.. Commodore Ringgold bas been ordere<l to .^cial <kty at New York Cm maiwler Jobn l>owo bas betn ordered to the .teamsr F, R Cuyler- l.ieutenaiit Cotninander Char.e. >. K' " b.>. also been ordered to the Cuyle*. BALKS OP TUN-PORTT lONfifl. Tbe .a e? Of ten forty bond, exceed ex^ctatioo. The recent dnuands bate reached tte full ca) acity of the de rartmeut to supply them. Tbe amount of sale. rep< rk l Ttbe to-day w- tt.OfiO.UO. IN> VcU. am< unt rep? rtetl at tb? department d .ring tbe .as. four day. ? 17 40C,Cb0 UIIUTY.r.IOllTIl COSOttKW. pTH?r ea?siON. MBklt. Wahm.'fc.wh, Ajt l 11. 1M4. 4HM1I MtOM Of Till HMIOIU1 illlkM Of Mr Wnao*. (rep.) ot Mm* , preaeuted the firft arunal rei? rt of U? National Academy of are acred tt?' I r uing of 1,600 ecptM TMFOOOt'VBi* tUT'U lrm? Tflf T Mr Cow*?, (rep ) of Pa., i r?KftlcC a rf the I em ?yi* mi ? l*>|iielati>rc, aed of eaveral raiiroa?i? if iLut P i*te, m mi nit tbe 1'hiladplpbia. W Omhuiii i and Hajt.moir H*llrc<ad fooii'iny, u.t aiiekf i<>Lof tt>e (?o< i)ve?r Indli rubt>?"T intent a ii?n w*mtr at i>??> rt:***** Aim a nifiijiiriil 'rom Ibe Hoard of iTade if 11) *de. t l !? fi r ? roiUMe | nr l the Delaware rivif t?l L?w t>e)eware ani?i <?* ttp 1 *t* ?i rr*m nm;tN>)i vo ncstA. Mr \\ At t (r?i.) of (rom ibc ? otnmiitoe on the Ootid net of tb< War, a rei ?>Tt, wiifc ;he evid.nre In the <u>ae. In ralatlcb to IB* tale military into Morula win. h *a? < rritit-ri u> tr I'rlutwl lift- hm'H*l a rranlutloa alee, 'or pr*ntiog lite thi.uauxl oxira co, ' wh> L g"rn to tbf Cc m nltioa on l'rtotlng. A awriwivT (?? vimitAJf rot trfrT*n ft < rvrt'-i Mr w.mon, from 'lie 'intntiiitlao retried Without ailiADilrorut the bill It or(iuDi/.t a r?:;? lu*0l Of relet* n volunteer eii(lnHfi. AlWlrrtrir o> TKK stmmb of isTia* T?t.iT.*f<* On motion o' Mr. I.aW* (rep.) ot Ka'aa*, rlift ?'? mmHW on Military Afttairg wag n?tru' led to iOm>>krv> m tii" 1 * pediuhty of ab< itflili g thr jnuacct e.vateu of Isd it trader* which **? referred *ua un<Ttu'????> ii?f**r.?i ???'? t.amre ?m i<*i* <UKt)UW ?"?? ta?i??im fir Htxr ran* rue ak?i? k i?* ?a?t Mr. OfiMca (raj. 1 of Irwa, rone to a ;ior*?iM?i expinna lion, tau rrad iroin the report of the N,???l Committet, of which Mr Main is chttrman an entraot oondeml'ic 'In* n>'inn?r In whloli tho ra?><iiti<'na nonn?rnln4 thn trai *'<,r of aaamep f*0?n Ibr arn\v lo the na?y lta^ heen |i\?ro dived witfiont the cognisance or th? committee The report Bay-' ? When the committee Orst ?,aat ttieir oyes upon tbo resolution introduced by Mr. Crimea to repeal the leg isUtion author Wing the transfers, lbey saw tbat U repeated two tbiugs instead of tbe one that nu neces eaiy " Mr. Crimes charged tbat tbe committee never saw I bo result, and ttat tt w?s alone Mr Hale's, and tbat it sssertu whit is not true In saying that be <Mr. Or linen) desired at once to pa*s tbe repeal. He knew tint tbe gentleman from New Hampshire cot> aider* biuixell the Naval (omnuttoc, from tbe manner In which tbe busiue?* of tbat committee bad been conducted for tbe pant ttireo years and as knowing Ibe spirit of tne pentli-man, ii? mentiom d tbat, at the beginning of the session, be {Mr Hale) h id offered tbe gentleman from Now York (Mr Harris) the chairmanship ?'f tbat wm mince, but, like tbe Instance wherein " Satan bad offered liie Haviour of man great rewards not id his power to bo Htow ii ho wi nld fa.I dowu aud worship bl:n, ' both tho tempter ami the temptation were spurned Tbe geutl' man w*s the m ?i onroieniing, determined, persistent enemy of 'be .;retary or ilie Navy and of the Navy Department ?fi.. tnoie is in ihe country. tbo?gb in the fOSition wli i ought lo defend it. Mr. tininev also uoticed an ai!vorttr report m.ute by Mr. Halo. purporting to come from the Naval committee, though none but ibe elialr?ian nut au/thing to do w .ii it, op a bri wlrth no introduced to change the rnodo of pro. C'.miK uavil n,p dteo, with ihe view of correcting many alt son H i rimes wnl nn to BUto bow frauds were Sniumtttct n thts eon net lion, through nnval et-?ivkeci < re giving orders when certain tbioes we.e wanted In tbo mechanical dci.irtmeuts. by which the corruptions of the f^okamittt'1 and oUkt iraoiiH were c mmitted. lied'* nmince i the inmitifr m who b Mr Hale <iu -ted from ? speech of hie < dr. (.noes') in the ^en.itc "ibe ither d.iy, by getting nil ? -fiitei" o in tbe middle, us a sj <<: men of pottyfopKirg that would i.ave done credit to a practitioner at tbe otil I "Hey He s- id lie bad done no . bo trusted forever, w.ih >!.e -enasor t o? Now Hum i-l.irc and wot.Id, in c tiusiOD, ask that Senator to recollect tb'it n< n-reef tar. o ?>as not one 01 ihe traits of his creed. Mr. Haik, (rep.) of *J. n., replied briefly, indicating lb >t. Hk? me >? ori?men who t* ok then- bore ? out in tbo morning for training, tbo (rentlomao I'rom Uiwa (Mr. tjriaies) seemed lately to tbi.ik it oe :ossary to exeroiso himself a little on bira (Mr Hale) be.'oie entering upon tbe i ace of ibe day. me gentlemao (Mr Crimes) hod practised ori hitu sue. a! times. He bopod, however, the country wo Id survive and the rebellion be put down. M Hale explained tbat the reeolotlon o' repeal of Mr Writhes wee submitted ? the N ival Cmu:ittee, at which a maturity was (resent, though Mr Crimea wan not. and tnoy came to Ibe unanimous conclusion and authorized him (Mr Bile) to draw tp .1 report, m:d it wu? in pa11 duliinltted to mw? 01 tlioni af<er? ?rds. 1 tie report w.u. until iy a reMii nof facts, and ttie-e (acts were true. Hie can e or Uic niftinilty witb the gentle man (Mi <-i unesi is, evidently, that he hue tbou ht he bad iioi s.iiBuient tni'u'u.ce witb Hi committee but, aoiwitbstuadiug tbe gentleiiiin's (Air. ?.'rn?OB!> vitu perative a bauit. tie fMr lla e) xbould not recpouil In that 6|>irit. Ibe geutleiAaa fMr. urimesi looks upon the ?ilg.KlimtOtbe S i;..ior from New joikl" accept the clV'irii.,i' ?hlpoi tbe > ommiltee on Navai Affairs, as only tec n t m corruption to the -C trl of the arcb-c omy of man u> t mpt our Favkmr. J he fact wo" tbe sugges tion was m i e btcause it was d e to the groat eonomer ol <?! State v e*v koik that bi r Senator should have th;4 position. lii wa? sorry that be nad so stirred the ire of tho gentleman out ?s long as mat venom so existed it) i isbei't 'i v. ?? liet'or tba' it should euroe forth The gontlemaD wound up witb a threat, b'lt if be could allow e tjier to in' ? m e him in word or deed he would lie ibe moment weteh 'hat ever cr wled into this body The -oiiit r he hi*3 done with bim (Mr Hale). He was dUtl or ii Ho F ionld not descend to personalities, *b it was nnworlby or:tie dignity ??i tbis body. But whenever U should be conducive to tbe moral or physical health ol the (enil-innti to get oir another such s ceeh, b bo,<ed he wo ild i.i* ailoivtd to do it. Ilo (Mr Hole) wov.m taite no notice of It. The g?ntlemnu ad rotttcd thm th r? was corruption in the Vavy Depart ii'eiil; bu i:'!e'd of ii? bfiug among the hlaoksmiths and nicc !t;o ;n:ed, he iMr. JJale; thought it wa i in a lilylic. quarter. i*ik kavai iPraoiti*tio?i rnti. file -v ate tti -a, on motion of Mr. )? k^kmphn, (rep ) <.f Me., p o coded to tbo consideration 01 ibe Hoti?e "'aval Apj ropriatit 11 bill f> r the year ending l.ino oO, as reported f:'< m the 1 inai.< e Committee, witb atmudmentr, Ibewotitun ortatit of winch strike- out an appropra tiori of <l'.*c h o lred and twentv itioupand dollars for tbe c ii |ioso o. buiuiiog dry docks for Monitors at tbe New Vorkacd Pbtladalphitt N'nvy Yards ? lie ctneadinecis ware ail t.oni;iirred In, with the above fxoeptlou Mr. il> ro!fe;>d varii >.s r.nicr.i'.ments, proposed by the Naval Committee, which were adopted. fl?e luno'idmeni api oprlat.nt; $i;)0.000 to purchase laud for the extension of tbe wharf at the Cburlestown Navy Yard was debated at considerable length by Mes?rs. 11 :?!??. FOBserdmi. SutoMr, i odck^ liavis and Sherman Hie ayee and noes were called on tbii lan amend ment, but uo <i iorum votii.e, en inutiOL, the ^etate ad tourned. I)?iua?- of Ilepresentattvee. ;.r.n>N, Afrit 11, 1 P?'4. o? jpi ?orutAL. on motion of Mr. Jloijii/N (opp.) of lnd., the Jouruul was cm rec,to<! ro m to make it accord with ibo fact thai Mr. Harris, of Maryland, on Saturday used tbo word 1 subjugation" In toad if "Si tw?c'ioE, ' with therumarks or wbich be was severely censured. OIKIUAt. RKTOIIT OF INI WaTTI.E OF PH ATTA SOOGA. Tue ^i' iaid before ibe House Genera) Grant's re port or tbo buttic of Cliatiaroog*, and Ibe reports of tbe sub-commandcrs, whiob were ordered to be printed. th* < rum ?kt hi11. Mr. Roofs* < rep) of Maes., introduced the Nat, nnl Bunk or Currency bill, tbe >on#ideralion of wblcb was ptet|iontd till Saturday. K*tT yffv ayn if rot OJ? Til* Ma awah* Rt' IB. Mr. I!ho hall, (rep) of Ta., < iloreil a rei-ol iiioc in striding thti iv mmittoe oo Nav?i Affairs to report a bill lor tbe lu. Ht) g of h Davy yard and depot en tbe lieiaware river, in Pennsylvania. lieb>ite i ising, tbe reef lution 1 es over. ritk n Kauai or jovn r. anas By anas Ira" I.* r<in?ent, on motion of Mr.SiF.vRSS (rep ) in' Pa., it was resolved lb tl when ti.e Home ahall adjourn on luesday it l e o lhursdr.y, iu order to onable members u> attend tbe funeral of John C Hues, lute an officer of ibe House ?t>? i i tub rat? nr.vr. On melton of Mr. j'anx*wo\TB, (rep.) of III., ibe Clerk of tbe House v.-.?? d.reeled to tend to tbe President a copy of the re.-oiulion Heretofore pi.saeit. requesting tbe Preai detit lo give certn.n information ax to the conferring of brevet ruck on oil <- rs of ti.e volurtaer corps, and 'hat his attention be r?? feet fulls called ni' answi r hue yet >>eeii given tbe'eto. .NAVAL I ICPOI IK Til* NORTHWRRT. Mr. Prow.k, ;? pp ) of Wis., introduced a ioint resoiu. t on ai;thorl/:ug the President to ?pi"Oii.t a commission of tiire<' competent ? Ulcers <>f me l'nginter's corps, wLose d ity it shall be to e^ami e tbe different ha/bors on tbe Sort! we?:erri lukea witb Ho: v.ew of selecting an appro priate situ for s nav il dep>t,aod that Mid <xxnu.i?iiun rep rt at ;be earliest I roe. The res lu'.ir n w..s referred to the Committee on Naval Allaire. hi ?0' ratio orra-niox 10 <1 amr\msr*t o* tff co.*?rnr HON. Mr. <*av> a, (opp.) o' nrt.. o!!e.*e<l the fo'low rg reso r.iotis, au<S i.'.ove<l the "previous iine^tioii ' upon ibern t he motion frr the -'prev! u.sq lettioo'' was decided ;n th negative, I y 4J against 74. P-jb.?to .iri^iug. the resolutions went over. ,bii re?uluti('t.s of Mr. Cruvtns are as loiiuws:? Re?otve<1. That ir. ir.e pr?????nt "onditien of thecountry, when the pas?inti? of ih?- pi-op,* are indented and their rre nines are edited. it ?? m.o i*e and > an^ro'.a to Htteuipt iouitornnii'iiu the 'ooalituiioo "f'Ke (Inluxl 8tau>a; th. t .imii s powe * ? ot.tu.i.e i witi,n, m nii.iix m ii now ei:sta. I protest ami 'letend tbe nasional lue. .? nil that ibe ' ser ?e m p. wm "oi warruMed l y P? i ron?ln.i? *eul<l he to enter >.? i ?ld of i volution and dangnro .s to tl^iilxTues of the j?< i c, leaning io ihe ematliilimeci of i> a^.' 'hrr drvpotiim the ? nai overthrow of free ?i,n riKiicni In America. Hoived. Ibat any atiempt by Congr)>M to rednee R<ate? n the condition of I'erritorirt is as od.ous and aa isvol :? ti. oat v in is i.hnrai-ier and ien<iei,ejr aa i*eei<aion itaeif. PomiIv I. That It Is the duty of the government m listen 0 am; muAiilur ant o o|fi? lion Tot ?i?aoflhmon t! ai in>< oe o"ered l>y the mi r^. nta wnl<h doe? not involve the i,u* tf'.ien o. a varatkiu. Iff "n'r That t' e :h?ns? of the naitpn are d-oe and are heri-hr tendered to ibi oiUieia and ??> ilisrn ami ?pameo who '.ava j borne i r Cag ic this 1 o ir of peri) to ju country. RW R.;**UA--<? or IB* *AtT r>Kt ART . FTf. Mr Pavi?, i rep.) of Md mtrod ced tbe following Mil, winch W'iP rear re 1 to tbe CeiLnitlce od Naval 4llairs ? !\ .'-^e'tne nhiefF of he I jreR, ? of jarda and docks, rf cnTp rfint and recrmuag, of nav nation, of ordnance,' i,' rueti'n an-l rep.i.r and of steam engine tn^i aha I t ' a o Naviil 1.1 miri ? la.ion, pres ded over hy tha jit.-re- i >? o. He- Ka' y or ? ? h inemb r ; a I e tuny de?!gna?e. ? Vi.e Ileal.I ?h.ll de ,h. rat* in ? oir >non, and a>:t lae ?hr ' ny or am matter utimiied hj hiw. re at lug tn iva! emulation, ti.e <<>n?tr ?rtion an ', ci i.'pmeol < f > < arr ?, urjur i and o'lier naval es-ab'lahni'nia, and the dlrei 1 r, n.d ernployn ant and diajoeitlin of the iia<aJ for>.e <n n,e of war It'I s I rt n'nn?'hall ' r recorded i T; ?Nn Tei??.i-of-war al.a.l bi built cr mr.i?i ally a.tcr art. c r ar.yj 'iuaoi i ew conaft ut > n ordered or adrip*#.:. 0, r auy >a?<e of? ar ? -o| ted or ordered, hm anv i rina io nt atrnctuic foi the naval aer- i:a evi. uted. 'nti. the i ?r?. fstitiates anil i<ro|ioaa a and inctrart* for the raine ?i % l hii-e'?en ai bioll'fit tMheHcanla I ?? cr n.ooa ar.u i ce t oreon com man lean d in? to tie Secretary; 1, r a,ii?ij anv patented .ii*entioii tie ight nr a 1 pled idr ,i,e n.i al >eivi<e w,lh?jiiL f.rev the < i i.i-'nei lm Hoard i n> lug been t k"n and all e?per oerli d re' 'e<l 'O'eMtn vert'ena and na al p a ? and air rt ret ?h .11 bi c o>l .? ted ,[ Jrr the ,l ; n c' tie li'jsr' . o' tnerr.?>er? Iherecf ?r i I by tb" i tafT aL<] v bn i?d to tbe Hoard u>r it* . ) ,? oil t'f "?C *) ,, / -Ail ?nv it 11 i f<? pian? or rrepoaaia for aee of tl,* # rite a'uve men c-ed prepared by tne Foard ,(*H.i i io(t)>*? ot vi. o''i ii"ar.v. audall nidsorodere (Ci po-'ila a'i?l, t'S ->o e 1 the 11 wi?oe of tbe Hoafit. a-i i the awn'ii 10a e by t sm^e t to il.e approval uf the ge-retar* p\ /'?? I'he fieeei iar- ma* mid ?> tke boarrt from tin e w. i. i, in i ii 11. ir* " if i.?ry, e oil e hi he poaittoo of ? ?]. rt of bup i, not a l t dm ib ?i at ai ? lime, foi on ?i. at it'Wanr or li.> a tvi ai l ? nta. The hoard may t. e tue 0|.liii0i? "* e..i'ui'iit pi.o In al e,i|tlro em. mrcMttlats "lit at - '? 1 ' tu tt '. ""peci've t' i if' ? of ait nr nauairy ?U:fn n 1'ie.r p't'ion H'.e pntln ? ir ' will he promoted . 't. nod pa Hi'it: *ii'I. reati i at e to i reusa ii i. a.' 'he m..., r > ai pro r. >.. . u<Al. .? ?? it ins ii ?n? 01 Ttis wan jii.-.. use then pr n eiRtert M> tue n?n?,d?rati"n nt he I'M'tiwi / pi'eainhie ?i. I reei iittoii, bei. totoie ifleieo by ?ir. ti*' <i t"in ) <?! '''??? namely ? Whereae In the opinion of tbia, the leneml gov ? rir". "t i* m' >teU by the LOoltiluti i, nt the t'nueil glues wiili > he no. i aary powsi ai'd ailikoiity lo suppre a any re wt.ii, atitiie n? e ?? i ntlOB of tue laws, n ml io e i?t i r ituiar nj In aid ot >h> r ?,l a mhoi. (v to diaper*.'all aitnait ie? 'un-'j to 'he I ill |over and juriadl.llon of the In 'I'! H'.ite* and ivnersa*. In tbe ludgroenl of thla llifi?e p t art. y and the na< ai u t in nghifitliy and lawfully n. r I tu i. h ? h ltd ik* eonon .e,|-territory any of i o . t. lot '-ii* t' the.* ore, i e It H -owl. In thla national emergency Contra*! wt!| f.Tgc *11 tcetiD.. of no'Pe peast^n et reseutinent and vtil reioltect only Its doty lo the nountry; that this war should not be inve.i on eur part in any spirit of eoeqneet nor suo jtigatiou, nor for any purpose or overthrowing or Interlering with the rights or ntlaiihshed Institutions of the States, out to defend aod maintain the supremacy of tbe eooetitutton aud preserve the Union, wl'h all the dignity equality ami riKhts of tbe *ev?ral Siate" unimpaired ; and a* aoon aa these oil.! u are attained the war ought to oeaae. Mr. Awusv. (rep ) of Ohio, aod Mr. Wtieoi*, (rep.) of Iowa severally moved to lay the resolutions on tho ta6lo. Mr ( ox, (opp.) of Oblo, unsuccessfully appealed to Ibo U<nee to iftl.ii a dlregt vote ou the resolutions. Tbo question was lb' 11 lakeu on tbe motion to lay tbe resolution on the table Tbo m lion WHHcarriid by yeas 81, unys ('4. Tba fol lowing is the vote ? -~Me*ars Alley, A ison, tuiiw Andfison, Arnold, Atlilev, Baldwin ot Ma s , liiutur Beauian, Blaine. Hum w?il. Boyd, Uiowaell, lirown of W.> t V.i , Ambrose W Clink, Freeman Claike, ? ?t>b. 0. ? tim,-. o: Mil i> avis of N Y . Pernlng. Drtgfts, Uuinont, I ? kley. Knot, Hafhsworth, frank Oar He Id, <!?? . Ii, (tr1mi?-il. Iligly Hooper, 1 loUiliklss, II urban! of low >, II ii lit n, d of Conn., ,ienri><?. .1 inait Uios aou, Kelly, Ketloui ol Mich., K' lo'u of N Y, L, 'an, V?r ?ln, Mi'Hrlde, Mi Ciurg, Mller of N Y Morrill. Morns of N V , Anion Myers, ! e- ' ixrd Mjrer*. Norton O Nrltl of l'a , Orth, I'atternoii Pikr Fomerojr, Fr??? Kan<i? I of Ky., Rice of Mas* Rot m of N II. Bcliem It Kc .,leld, Shannon, H oan. Srnitb, Smitlifra, KpolalDg, Stai r, Mevens, riiaynr, Thomas, L'p? u. ' ?u Valk'nb r.-li, Watiiliurna oi 111 Waahl'urne ot M ?aa , Wl.a ey, Will lama. Wider, V\ aon, W nrt. m. Wood bridge. Nay .?Mi-N'-ra. James O Allen, It atr of Mo., flrown of Wis., Chanter, Clay, i ollr.tb, ton, Cra ens, Dawson. Den niton, i-den, Mdridce, Bnglish. I'lin k, Oauaon, Griuer, tin n Harding. Harrington, Harris of Sid.. 11ick. llol man, Jolmxon nl I'.i K.rnan. King, Knapp l..iw La/.ear, l^ong, Marev. M A Ulster, McDowell 'Iclf iMiey, Mldd eton, Morris of Ohio Moi ' ison.l.N'elson, Oder, Pendleton, Perry, I'ruyn Randall of l'a. I otiinaoK. Itogers, Roilliis uf Mo.. Ross. Scott, Siw.f of N Y . Kteelo of N. J.. Btro .an, St'.art, Sweat Vrorlirca, Wcl er Wheeler. Chilton A. White, Jo aepii W. White, Win .eld and !?'< rnando Wood. niK ax Hitmen or mm. u>n<\ ok onio Tho House resumed the consideration of I he following resolution oifori d l>> Mr. Coi.fax, (rop.) of Ind., on l atur dny, namely.? Whereas, on the 8th day uf April, 1S04, when the House of Representatives watt in Committee of tbe whole on the State i f ibo Union, Alexander long, a representw tlve in ' on; roh-i from the Second ('i<tri<'t of Oblo, de clared bltuself in urorut rw j iiutrj; the it.dependent nationality of the t-io-rniied eonfedcrocy now in arms against the I'nlon ai.d wbetoiwi.the ?ai<l bo railed .umfedo racy thus sought to lie recognucri and (siablisbed on the r?ilns Of a dir* Ived or destroyed Union has. as its Chief of[l>ers. civil nnd military, those who have added p>srjnry to llteir treason, and ?vho serk to obtain success for their parricidal cflhrts by the killing ol the loyal Fold tern of the nation who are seeKing to gave It from destruction and whereas tho oath rr jitired o: all members, and talcon by tho said Alexander I.on(; on the first tiay of the present ConpreM declares that he h is vol"ntari'y given no aid, countenance, couueel or en oouragement to persons engaged In arrued hostility to the United slates, thereby declaring tli .t Mich conduct ip rcgurtled ax iiiuonstsici.t with membership in tho Con grevs of the t'niled rit-'ies; tbe oiore, Ke^i'lved. Tnot Alo.xar'ler I Mig, a ('.oitrescriaUvo frotn the second district of Ohio, hit leg, on tho St h of April, 1864, declared himself in favor of rccopni iug tho ,nde l endence and nitinnnity of tho so c ilietf confederacy now in artnsaguiuat the i'nton, and theroby (tivmi! aid, countenarce ..nd encouragement to porsouc'. eogag^d in tutcei! bostllity to tho United states, Is hereby nxpelled. Mr. Buss, (opp.) of Ohio, expressed the bope that tbe H< aae would consider the resolution with deiibera'ion, and in cool blood. He thought tbe mover of the rtsolu tion bud not sufficiently reflected on the Import of the language for wbUh it was proposed to eti*l his colleague He did not understand that his e< llongue had evpreas'd a desire for the success of tbe Confederate cause over the armies <|ol tbe Unite 1 State.". He did not understand bis cullesgiie to exprtvauny wutilof symp.itby for the soccer of tin Untun. b it lie understood him simply to express tbe opinion he had forruud h> Uiso?n rellec tions, and that ho came to tbe conclusion it would bo better, as a cheico of evus. to re< ogmzo the confederacy than to pii ?ne the w ir for ibo pm p> hi; of con?|ue t and ?' bjjgation with all tho attendaut evils. He did not c< near with bis colleague. If ho liellei ed his colleague Lad ccme into the Hi use nud maintained the ratisc of the public eoeoiy. tbis shomrg an absence of good faith to this governmert, be would ro gard him i s unworthy of a so.u In thig Houso but if his colleague had only erred iu judgment he was di.-i|>osed to lock;ii him with that degreo of charity which ail hu man heinps reijuiro sbould bo extended to them. Tits colleague iiad uttered no novel opiulons when he said bn would prefer recognition to euh ligation. He did not be tieve the House, in a moment of passion and paroxym of noyrr i hould expel a member, or should putatarulsh on his character because he enterta ued and expressed | op;nions with the ut-ual freedom of <tel>ate, because they I did Lot comport w . ih tho hetier sense of a majority of this house. ? ' Mr. Stbvps*, (rep.) of ra.,.?aid during his ahsenoe Irtiub vhe House on iturday an etlori was made lo com pare the pi)flti"n which i o nsn'inied at the beginning of the M?efi"n with that taken by the icenttrmrui from Ohio. He (Mr. HteveuS) bad > <intendttd that the Confederate Slates had d> fact* seceded from Ike L'nloo, and In doiug po had coHiriiitlcl a g'Out crime, which should be pun ished, not only by the extreme means allowable by war, hut tb t they nad fi'itlawed themseiree from all protcc tion under lh? eonstitution and <a*>, that they hud ab rogated the laws aod the constitution and the Union, so fur as they were concerned, and that we ought to conlis cateall their property, real ami personal, and Iroat them ah a lorefgn enemy; and further, tbat they coold claim no rtfht diiierent from a foreign enemy While be sai l they had '*et up a di facto government, he at the sarno time contended thai they committed tho I crime of secession and atood io ibat attitude alone from tbe protection of the constitution. But It was said on tbe other side that, having become a seceded power, they should tie lermitted to remain ?o without punishment; that tbe government should extend tbe right hand of Tel l< wKbip aud withdraw its armies, and allow them to main UtD ibut attitude and yet some Air. Cox, (opp j of oblo, said that be bad given tbe very words of the gontieman fron renixylvauia (Mr Stevens), who now charged him with perverting his language Cries of "order, order, order." Mr. Sttviwrs raid he began no per*-onr.lit>ce aud would not indulge n them. Ue repeated, that he ba<! assumed that as belligerents for their crimes and treason they deserved to be punched bytne sword ana vj. lence a. traitors should be Rut the admission of the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. l>ocg) that, being a it fade government, they ought lo bu smutted qu.etly to cut themselves | from th s gr vernmei.1, hu (Mr. Stevens) protested ng.iii si being linked with tuch an Icfamous porp se. Ihe (ren } (Mr. < ox) b?d endeavored U> in.iiate his views with th- re who would let the seceded Slates depart m pe .re witboul punishment. Mt.' ox ia,d 'bat bis colleague (Mr. Lon^'), In his sptecb, new dee:ared lo be so obnoxioaa, hased his aruu mtnt on the do. of the giotleniau from l^iosyi ?an!a (Mr. Btevens), n wfc.chthe -a'ter d (''"rrd " ihe Soutl ern M ites were independent now r< r the p> rpose or ww rr.d sue utMtioc Mr. I-tx\ KMt?1 i <>w I ow perfectly easy it w for the Jtvll to i. ow tcripture ,iu'l pervert it. (!>"?lifihter i.iid applause.) No muti would do it who was not i. tool or a kii*v>->, or both (f slighter.) Mi rnwiin? W<oo, (opp.) of S. V., then proceeded to address tbe House lie said. doubtless tho corn. try b?d viewed with i.r"fo>iiid remt the pr< cced<nt(B of this House od 1 rt Saturday. II was h >tniltanni: to b m as a motni'tr of ;.n American C ?jn (? to winies* thl? con tinued trifling from day to day when tbo country tn bleeding to|deaih for want ef tbe rernedlee which Congress alone could ?ive. uur arms were apparently paralyzed ic the race or tbe eoemv. Our Treasury wasfetfiaueted, and w r? <cipts le^s tbar, one-tenth of the revenues The lahf rtop classes were borne d< wn by npprc-sive taxation am! inadequate ccn.LKa.-atlon. O r tab'ei here groan und*r a load of bills of various cbara-ler, awaiting icg.s lative action And what are we doinjr? We are here, opening conrt for tbe trial and p rilsbment of members for thr exercise Of rights or which God uione <-aB deprive then.. H i a d 't to tbe age we live in ami should, as it do d< ibt n>il, meet the reprobation < t at> people. Mr. Wood- then sp^ke of the position of the Speaker of tbe House (Mr. fiolfal) as undignified and unprecedented, r*\ log that fpQlleman (Mr < otmx) bad descended from the < hair. ? jtt all its exalted lurrouudlngs, to cater the giadlatoral anna of partisan cotiiba:a?ts. ibe gentleman Irom (.Llo (Mr. Un*) la arraigned?ror wbat? for Mie honest avowal uf th'O ei oi"tiS he enterttrt ed, and f< r which he was responsible to no other power or authority than those he represented in ih:e H ure- h'sconstituents. He Mr. I/nil) bad declared ttat n a certain contingency, which be Stated, he would ?sf r r< cognition a^tcivrceo ai n hilatior, and recognition, lie (Mr. l/.-ng) preferred Ibe latter is t cn? ihal so to dei lareV None of ub are ir favor or taking human nfc, and yet all or u-? ire pre? imedlodo- In fcctf dtieuce Wijen *\ieh an Utesriatlve if jreseoted either or .s wo 14 kill. Ih s is an anal got case. The y>iit>mnn fr<tn Ohio (Mr Loi.g declared, subst ivuliy, thit be tm it fa '-or ot ror gnitu i ratMr tfcoo l> ?ce iv<ry wo nati and child of thr Southern Su es i ut to the sword. Be (Mr Wt'Od) thought flat ''very h im me ,ir.d 'br.jlian man in the land would tudoi*. thl? re?;tthus pre sented. But thi xeouenia* .Mi.l/'->?) a* aiTaigtod b. causr it was ?n.d tl ,?t bit ip. cch gives ' aid and ccur. ft rt to the rebe s * If this wnrAo the oth i -''do of the Ho ite have noriihtto romp aiu the nn 'ib can perty hav.nfi beer, fcedii ?' the Qinio of ibv rel- i on ever m ce us enstence Tu t partj-wjs t n eived acf! li.-ju^ht fn tb io disunion aod iO'jW notei:?t'or . rtye^bth nrs as i |oiitio.ii t>rgac <.uioo lut for tl. ? foil and w.iKeri ? ;< rit ibat i.ngilsh vak?b<' J (M' ionnis' u, was fui to tii* country Fv the cnitet govemmeot thirty stars k/o t< sow 'he eeeds ot a.< ? n. jod he now none* h ibe gue^ofbn iriende si.d eil w .("anlnni'.s to " itocie thn ?doo<!jr hario-t J hn <^nn y itdams atd ji?hua H r;i '.''ir.;< prceent'il (.< titlars it "tie year 1942 >n jtvt?r of a rt ' ?>' lion o Lelhtoa. -???at r Hale, of N'ew H o.( >L it, pttw i.i-ii u - mor..tis to (he Cenate in favw of dUiiioioo,And Mr Bcnard ihd Hr voted for thus recoption. "itf> , r"*;r.t r.-cr"' ., j of the Ti c?s"fy i Mr. Cba-o) aiieooaw-d >? g itionof the H uthern confederal y u tbo <"ah not %h.le the Con* fsii?r ito had only a provi-rinal ?>? v-n.t:.' t at Mi ?.?? fomery Mr, gumb^r, an<i tude-.d tbv lender* uf the j. it ty in power, were utid *.t i! aro If -..vor of '? tcroal s iparnlKni' How d.?re Hie lendere <?( the re, >, IKab pii ty .o this Mouse then, arrant1 s tr.c ,i i tor doing ihu' which they hevoSeen doing '^>o r ? ir ??> u.'s Mr Asoirr. (r?p i or Ohsi, a-ae.l wli-Unr Mr. Ch <M had in any net sxprewed him" if in (av<>r of rcc g oi/ed tho Stmthern coufeder?< yt Mr. Do* replied totals by siiying that cc the TOIfc i f April, tUfll, 'he Mayer tr "aitimore lo a *|HOb eeid that Hecretarf C'h*?e tnld him so. (Kxciattiaii >ns oo the republican s <te ot "Of ob, ' ncd laughter.) >lr. deny it for Secretary Cbaio Mr. r'os?Y'^u should ootdenv srythln / Withont kni w ln< what It Is. ill" Mayor repre>t^lej iir Ciiaso ?s siyinjr he opposed tho rtshi ot eenesim.a< i, wit<>r the Routh became an independent and powerful Mala "It (4 the Tulon be was for tolling theiu to go in p^aee Mr aaauff?1 Ueuy it now. Mr. Cox?W iat authority liavo your Mr Ahhi ky nMweri'd?HI* knowledge of the cbarastd of tbe man, am! au acquaintance wttn his *?*?. Mr. Co*?If >on judge by tbe character of the man. 1 say you are Qui aulnonaod to deny ior anybody. (Call* 10Mr!FwiiAKD* Wooo resumed. ?tylng SmSi tar* of the Treasury would not dcuy tho fact, and he w a surprised that auy denial of It would be mide here. H? pursued his romarks at s mo leogth, and ?*"?''d*9 b* L,l lr,im a campaign document vlewe attributed U) favor of a 4MU0IM Of th. U M?rn'8raru?i?o'?-(rep.) of f* . nana being in connection with others, that gentleman d8' *d th? statement attributed to hiui aa false, como from what ''"ifV* Wwo'sald he wa, not In f.v r of recognition, but advocated tho nandlng of oomin =sioners to Hicnmood. Dfl iovkig this would open the * MO pence on the base of tho oid Union. War. he onto.. d ca.mot r^oroth i nh.u. The democratic party cannot be a war party. There c ulu not be such a thing >8 war democrats, ? ? ise war tended to tho d^truotlon of tho Union and th? constitution If the war waa to ho continued, let it he uariicd on ny Uio republican narty Mr. (-'? u. .<%, (r ;> ) ,.i -bio. remarked that tho gentle* man from New York said he w a no d^unioulst, and dis sented from the vlev.a ol Mr. llarrta, waitaut the same time ho dir?entcd from the views or tho gentleman irmn Ohio i Mr. I.' iig). The gentleman paid he would rono comml aim * to lliohn .nd and n: k t i troat lor peace. How many otherB agi. ?' w t'.i the giv.tlemau ho did ni? Know but be knew that ihu iebca had treat ,1 all such nropoaiti>>ns withBc. ru. .h?y inuat noi cmne in that shape ''between the wind and their nobility." those who thus advnoitei pcac.o would era-.I on ibeir boll,.* tui.l llrk tho t?ot or the rebels to kco wonlher 'h' y would net make to- ra?. He did not beVig to auy iuch * bool aa ( h it. Hp wa- for tia- ing no conference with r hols ? anna He was In fav r of no treaty. He belie.ed the oi.W s.vety f"i the country was t ?> li lit out iliis war tothO pi and in putting down tho rebellion no cP"ctualiy that it will novr again rear its bydi ho d. In ro\ew^ tni Mr i "n a speech, Mr. Scfcenek denied tbe troth I the remark that hostilities did not comm^ccuntilatwr the Inauguration of l'rc.-idnnt Uucoln. Tho Mar or tha WoH was Died on during January, while Uncbnnun w.a, President. It wan the most unwarranted and fal?o mis statement ever presented to tho public ear. Mr *h??* then alluded to the condutt of Kernando Wood in relation t'? the arms Int n-led for Georgia. ami hi* correspondence wih Hobert Toombe upon tbe nubjoct, Georgia li ?vi )^ 8 ilomn y declared for fee " Jion lis d-?y? hefor<!. But tho gent p man wm not a war drm . rat. Fven .old- a wearing the United tftatea utH'orm wete murdered iu tho ftrei.U ol New Vork during ths rlota I'orhaiis the gentleman w?a not seen in the atreeta; parhaj* ho held no weapon and nniilKd no torch; but who did not km w the i lot was tu consequence of tho MMhioga of his a^eol. to duclng iiorgona to d. eds of violence, ruin and raplocl And vet the gontleman now stood li rn I >Iking ib .ut neice After tho g^ntleuiau hid proposed the so oosslonof Nei^Vorg he ^ratted that I J-u^ uot be t. Georgia In lH?t. The geutlomau helped to swell tlia volc^ of tbe loyal pe pie ?>!' New York by making a P?e^h m Union square and pledging l.lmeelf to tho MBombled i hnn ands of Union man for the war and Union. He ap pretended the gentleman was then a war '"J" those now denounced by tho gentleman and nia party^ Whether It was au honor or a dishonor?, ho stood on the iRine p'.i.tlorm with tha gentloman. Ho did not Know , uind of ? war democrat the geutleman '*0"ld ho hereafter Th "gen I man and hla tri ml ' aid In etlrcC to ilie rebc'B, " I'o as von will, our in i tors : bl"t ont aa many of cur States as you choose Do "tyou w,I -only pave the democratic party, and give us patnuiage and oflices hereafter, and we wl I bow dowu !n all humility Mr. Hclwii-lt ep'ke In denuii eiatlon of the Hentimonis uttared here giving ' aid and ?n ti r? rnrmv pp"kp0 by conp<*rbo ;d.i cniwlinfl out of the'r hole". Tho geutleman had reail e.arncts t*i show that tbe authors of thorn entertained the sam. rlrwr as hedl>l blmrelf. Before the ?ar many grntlo men were urdetermlned as to wh? co'irse ?'hey silimrO inVfl- but wLen llio warcommffoccrt ivitiiotB dm noi no i Lie ;.s to wh it side they should advocate. Tha torlos ol tho Revolution wero patriots ai.d goutlomen compar <> withthe cornier heads of 18AV He ?aU, am; ^ng otter Thrn t if a soldier were to nako such pro|?oEHlons f'ji eace ynu would i-hoot him; a.ul had a citizen the rlglil to rnwl on his beilv and cry for peace any more thy .a sol Hirr tli^ocb inch mto could not be o - ot;utccion * ,i. S There was a gibbot of public opinion which ucrlmlnatt incrsi w? ^ 1[anml,1 ?nd hold them up .Wl";.'S.5SSS Tne r^'.eman from Ohio l?r :Hchenck) ^<>?[dl.aveb,.en S ?iS? bta "?"?? frt??U *?'' , n'?:? IB s&ix&rs deender of tho constitution. When GoncriU Jaci ??, nniered his protest against the procetdlnus Saww'iast? js a? *4^.^ and'co'n'w*t'oallVhe'lml^taot meutirci of the Kiec? tlve and are not allowed to maintain tholrown authori(^ bv vote.doc "ration or resolution, then we would bo no loiiL-er the representatives of free poople,,and wo i'd be fll instruments to be made tbe slaves of otheri. He (Mr. ViM>rhee<> adopte?I these words, and would stand by in bXllof the In ion and In behilf of every man !n this House. Mr Voorhees then proceeded to discuss the uuestton borore the House, holding that the rules of ibe A. use were suiUclent to protect Its decormn and the i<ersnual relat.ona of gentlemen. Knforce, Uien, the *u<?t> of the H-iuse. A niaa has a right to expresa h ? v M:c-entimonts in a proper in.uiaer. J^M was aJI th?* tiie efutlen ?u from Ohio (Mr. l/'ug) had done. He baa netted to the remarks of Mr. Schenek abWt "copper heads" and''sneaking out of their lines. Mich Ian euiige at- he (Mr. skibeuck) used would bolter become th? liarrocm of otn" t?llttcat g^erinr "bera h. i[Mr. Vnorheea) should judge from tho romarks of Ulc **'u? n .11 CM.- t-clienck), be would be more at home than IB STrtcWyof genuemet,. His co! eaguo (Mr. Col'ax) had iiia eil hlmsell in the T>osit|ou of a public *<. iwr, and In tl l.j .:onnccTlon Mr?Voorlieea spoke colleague ( Mr. Co 1 ?ii'i hnviuu rccommeuded tb? ??Holier Rooa, melted in nmha and i t'its and led to Invasion and mass .ere. Yet hla c'dleigue (Mr. COlfax>. w.tb his benevolent conntenince ?;?>u:d not endure tbe remarkt of tbe gen le co'ievet.^cr i/i,ei Mr. Vo -rHeoi ibon referred to Ihe t?et that 1.1 the yea- 1*47 "'? ^^o'thl^ colleague mXVnaWMr'corwlnTacting In the sam? ?Dirtt paid that "where he a Mexioan he would welcome 5 r troops with Moody hand* to hospitable urnves Were the Mexioans?a mongrel, mlscegenaied people any better than Houtbern menv lie (Mr. Vo JYirther res^n.e to Mr. .-cbeuck. and eonc ud?d by ?Mfinv ih it he ^Mr Vuorbees) ropre?eutod ft district ac lova?as^bat of the Shaker J this House (Mr. rolfta.) He (Mr Voorhees) came from a ?? cohjw head" dwtriot, In tho eloquent language of th* gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Sch"nck) that he (Mr. ?cbei ckl said so b cause he (Mr. \o< rheee) Pt^od by tbe cm?tltaii"n, by whieh the X nioni must no restored He (Mr. V< orhees) ni.-intained, In behalf at lt'>.Ttv that the representatives (< the whole peopl* ah. uld have the right to spesk of their rights ardwrorgs. ttr srHKSCK hrieliy replied to tbe |iersonal part of Mr. Vooriiees remarks lie (Mr. ^cbenok) never though! ttiai the M>'xic.?n war ought to be conimonood, or tha4 J5:'l,a,M?r for It hut. belrg in It ho though t we misfit to tlffht it through,and therefore ha alwayt voted for m?n and ni?nav It was only a dllfereuoe of opi^iup aa to conducing that wur. WhHo troops were withdralt from Mo'iuo a sukic ency of men were to protect the border, ?hfie our "bit's bloiaded the Mexican l(orts and l?ww?l the eustom houses. But that ^V* Mr* rr m Withdrawing cur trocpe against rebels lu*rms_ Mr. flcben.'k a so made some re narta In expUnatlon of BW military conduct at Vienna..V irginla, add In g. for what h? dld th. re he bad the approval of LleuW ficneral, and had boeu commended for his aervicee else bv giicb ifoneril^ ftp MetWe l and otner?. Mr f'OMMX, (*ep.) of Ind.. here asljed the House to ?e ajvarVto-morro'v at two o'clock ior ta*mg a vole ou hi. resolution to e*;iel Mr. .. . Mr ( <>x said that the vote ceuM net then be Mr. ("tpa-slid Vhat as a threat had b?on thrown eol ha hi ed tbe House w. nld liulph the question to-day. Mr ' 'ha' ?>o had made no threat, buttbatolhef geMlem.-n wished to enUr Into the debate. 8 Mr. Wa-nm (rep.) of HI., tuggestrt^ that he wbol? of to morrow be devoted to discussion of thesutect. Mr. Voohiikbs said that, as the quest In had becntnriis np..n them, thev woild agree to B" terms iwto ?he ^ taltb when e*ery"geiit?etuan?had^b'ad an ^ portanity to half past Ove gave way for a re< ops unm fcV..w:so se-"io>\ Ateeven o'clock Mr. Orro ro tamed h:? remerke. (tying the u-iio ?ti ma?J# In ihe I"dn a campaign of W,% Ulfl democratic c<ille>tgoe* In and out of the conven tion claimo I that they wore for a more t gor. oi? promotion of the w*r thin the ropab"''sr?. Rut on the vo?? to expel the gen Or man from *.|ar?iard (Mr Hurr these jfru'emen were toun l oo lb* or?p<? axle. If Old (]?nnr?l Jackson bid heoti Id po*er. of being cen urrd merely, tbo traitor wuu d have bce? In the O'd Capitol j rlron (Apf>li?Q*t.> Mr. P'sjtr ?to"f > of Ohio raided the ? thai call Hi ^ thi gentleman from Mar 7! nod trail'.r ??* in pnrlidfDeruurj lm>gua e Mr. IU tai.-, (opp.) of Md., (to Mr. Ortb)?Vro art ? Mr. Onm roi^ied that Uw rlU ?k>bborl <: of ore ooo? "Mod ?f treu '>0 roil <-|> t *t hH foot, lie aM-ided brief* Ijr to h'e r -lV ig'io (Mr. Voorhi'.M). and eoofe-??'' * aorn w th-t M> nl't'.w w runtamet by bl* # twIiUi* tr. sr>d in c n ? ufIod aald lie ?.?? fnr <? ntioolrg tb? wa- inti' Ibe ?-.iri>m*cy of the conxtttutHw and tbo wa-i ?stMCiC!d*o\?r overy Inch of American toll. Mr. Km* <v, (1 pp.) or V. Y., ?ld, 10 tuo cojr?e of b? remark*, lr ton men comb'no to re*l*t the l???of to? l'p etl n*?*a, >h? ,rver?mt?p' b'S a right, aud it dn'y. to put then i?.iwn. S" If a million of nveu ee??">* ? < a"'.' '? I ?: r <f ? O10 rrne. We bave .Jo S III . 11 ; it.. 11 re- ' ? 'Iir.v. W<" ??V with tad!tl<l>:il n on. We ?ro rtfill*# T"tl u,?" icwnxvtn fN r rv: rms.j

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