Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1864 Page 4
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*1 . UBUP WAHTWMiAUM^." AGBNTS GUARANTEED tJO PER DA* CLEAR, A*D a beautiful gold or ?Uf#r buntina caa? lever waicp rsented free to ea. h aaenl who aejfi the JP?*' the American PrliiTMU|i, ??oh of which contain! 1>W quantities 01 fine writing material*. engravings, gajaea. ankee notion*, many way# to ??' ri?h, 1m present* or B?eliy, Ac. , da, worth many donar* if bought separately, only 28 cents. One hundred p*aka,se?. with prMDtaand gift of a Superb watch. show bills. *n<. aolj" foT * *?**? orcouiity sent acfwhere on receipt ol f 19. One hundred ?*n be sold in a few hours Sales immense, profit* la rue Afnts wanted In every town and camp. Bond for U>e (iraat American Pme Pae???* Company's i:rcul*r.cou tnmlag extra, novel, promtum inducements. free. Address ?r- at American i'rl/e Package Company, lOi Nassau street, *. r Agents can make?90C a montii by eni-ncii a In the Bi'e or our _ (IRfclAT NOYBLTY PRIZE STATIONERY, v PACKKT AND 81'LKNDID 6TKKL KNURA V1NGE. We oiler the arealest chance to wake meney e?'r town, Ud prtHDlevtrt AiiCLt with a fine watefc free. tl5 capi Fuil particular* In circular, malted free. O. B. HASKINS * CO S6 Beekmnu street. N Y.ongiaal and oldest priie yak age ho ise in the United State* AIOIJNG MAN WANTBD-1N A HOTKL OfFlCB. fltiO and \ o.ird flrtt year; ?>fle ttal iodgei with uifl parcuse AdUreua Flo lei, Heiaid oitice_ ... A PORTER WANTBD-ONB WHO UNDERSTANDS his dunes and can come we.l ciomn.ended, or a f.ret class club bouse, also a >o**s*ugcr boy tbivt in willing to *s*ke himself useful and can produce good reference*. Ap ply from 12 ?o 1 P M a? No. I Kasl lotn at., oorcer 5th av. A MAN WAN TED-TO ATTEND A LUNCH C0UN. tar, at 886 Broadway. ISoae ne*d apply unleaa thor *ui lily acquainted With the UuticeM au can give tie lent refeience. _ An errand boy wanted-at heoeman a co s. drug store, corner of !7th st. and 4th av. FRBNtH, HERMAN OR ITALIAN MAN COOK wanted, in a private fami'y ; trust 'inderstand English be able to produce good city reference (rout his last ?...... - Call at toe llerald o'clock. A GERMAN OR FRENCH COOK WaNTKD-IN A Jtx private family, must understand her b .siue;? la all Ms branches, and have Kood city reference from her ast place Call at the Herald r.illm this day iTuesday), ot 11 o'clock Good wa o? w|| be given. BOY WANTED?ABOUT If; ONE WITH SOME knowledge ol artificial ilowers preferred, wages $3 week.y; uinst r-ad and write weH bom's till 0 o'clock. Call, with best iefe<euce, at 43J Kro&dw..y, third tloor, over etfcar store. A8 CLERK -A YOUNG MAN WHO WRITES A FIRST rate business hand, and who h.i? had Auerlsnce In a stoie or oOice, may address D. S A Co., Herkid cli.ce, with eft; references and amount cf wage* wanted. ATTI'NTION.-WANTED, -140 STOl'T YOUNG MEN IVr a voyage to Davis Straits ami Hu ison Bay. Yoyage foi six. mi/nths, will pay ruun from $3U.' to "fSUO tor the trip. Outt.t furnished, co'ifc. carpenter, couper and blacksmith wanted. RANDAfeL ,v COURTNEY, Ctruer of Chambers and West streets, up stairs. A RELIABLE man WANTED, WITH A CAPITAL OF about $31X1, to a-slst in a llglit business*; proflta very remunerative. Address H. (' . bos 119 Herald A FIRST CLASS WAITER WANTED.?NONE need apply bi.t 8LCII un can furx.iah the best ref'eietie? A| ply at 507 East itlth si. AN OFFTrE boy WANTED-FROM SCHOOL, WITH eta.uier. Apply 10 M S. <-am>.eI. ajNLt. 4V b^mu st..Jr?# iij to i. Buti.BR OR WA1TRR MAN WANTED-TOK A FIRST clam family, best ol wages ti a <ci ( eteut mid l e ated person Alto wai.Ud, a koo I gardener. Apply *t the large Xmployuient Hni.ta 138 iltn et , oorner 6th av. OY WAHTRD-TO MARE HIMSELF USEFUL, not over 14 jeais ol age Applj at No. 7 Gold street. A 4DU ? to whom good wagps will be given. Ca olLce this Cuy (Tue?<Jay>, between 10 and 11 A B Boy wanted-about 15 or ie years old write a fall hand, be ar.iuainted *A?th the ?'ay *nd resioe with his paienw Kcfcrerite te<;uired. Apply at 1 US Frout St.. up stairs. Boy wanted?in a millinery store, from h to 1C years of age; good fefereuce*required. Ap>ply to Madame Fulcom, 225 6th av. Boy wanted-in a law office, to do er rr.nds ni.d make hiuisell useful. Apply at 09 f'V'.on St., secrnd story. Boy wanted-a lad about 11 years of age to ruu of errands and miko bimHr1' generally useful. Qood icfereuces ren ilred. Address, in banuwriiing ci ap pllcant. bos fl.W4 Foet OtHee, N, Y OCKKEIiPER AND ASSISTANT SALESMAN WANT ed?For a wholesale grocery; a ?u entry clci k, tally and B ablppuig clerk, dry (toods salesman, two produce salesmen eopvist. stationer's tlerk, grocery oleik. hardware salesmen, tlmeks per. two general clerks, two steamship clerks, clers for Cail'oriiia, tw > coudrtiors liarkeuiier and Iwc porteif. Slher siti,aliens open. Aiiply at Mei .'anls Clens Aget. y, i Nas a.i si. E Bookkeeper wanted?at thr original Merchants' aon Clerk*' Ke-;ie:ryr lit Kultou it.; also, entry rlfein. dry goods clerk a, xroeery clerk*, portete, carpet salesmen, ul^hl watchman, recetviug clerk auc conductor, ?tber situations open; merchant* supplied eratlr. BARKEETBR WANTED-A YOONG MAN, if> TO 20 Tears old, as assistant, will) uuoxcei t onulilc rife rentes Apply at 781 8d a? , from 10 to 12 A. M. only. BARKREPKR WANTF.D-.'ORNER bowery and Stanton sla. Apply for two clays. fURTKR WANTED?A PTEADY MAN. OF Gool^ \J ctiai*u?ter; al?o btiudliog buys, at the kmtilinj: wood fctory, 862 Weetl'ltbst. HARR1BOH ABON. OOACIIM A 5 WANTED-FOR PRIVATE DR2V1NG; one Who understands bis business .n every raiticnlar Hd eati come well recommended trom his last employer. Apply for two davs at the office of Railu's Hotel, corner of Canal and Centre sts , between tbe hours of 1; and 2 o'clock, SRUOP-A YOl'NG MAN WANTED IN A DRUU store; one having had aotne experience prefeired. Ap at 42 Greenwlofc si . corner of Morr.a I\RVa CLERK WANTED-A PERFECTLY COMPB / tent rutin, of pli a* ng ftddree* well ported in every Ibg that pertains to a ilrst class store. To one of the right etamp an excellent chance will be g ven by applying to Bunted. ."65 fth a*. Druggist wanted-ant one wno < an bring tlr*t clans rei omtneuiiationa for honesty and sobriety, kn<1 is a muelent tn superintend the dispense p department if a miliiarv hospital. may apply, between the hours or V/ M an<i 2PM. at Mcnell's hardware store, K K . ton street, ?erser of Cuff. XPF.R1ENCED SALESMEN WA.NTED-IN THE rloak at>d mamma, lace and n i e in curtains, and line truism. department*. Apply In the retail d< panned, to Lord A Tajloi, 461 vo 467 Bioadway. HARDWARE PACKER AND PORTBR-AN A< 11VE young man wauled, by 11. <1. J. W King, 61 Eeek nan sU Hotel fireman wanted-a singlb man who understands his bi alnese and can cou.o well recotn ?tendril. Apply at Earie's Uotcl, comet of Cacal and Ceu Ire ?!? Hotel clerk wanted-av experienced single n.\n, wbo perfectly understands bookkeepiug and tan furnish the btrt reference i s 10 capability and eharu. ter Addresa Hotel Clerk, box J8U lleraid office.2 HOSPITAL MEM ATTENDANTS WANTED-51? TER n.cnlh and found, an excellent opportunity to get e? E- ment and a food home. Apply evtny day this wet k, ?>* u, at the Large Employu.ri.1 House, IK Iltb *t , cornet IMPORTANT NOTICE -WANTED. A1 TnE MERf AN tile Agency .Cy Broadway an advert.nag clerk for tail roe I. nn ussisiant bonkkeepet, cleik in insurance otliie. 2 entry cirrke,2 outdoor salesmen, te* lift 111 Primary school, igrocert clerks young man In Olliee, clerk in hardware etorf ami n collector. Other situations open This being the only establishment conducted under special liccnae Horn tbe Mayot rcspe<talilc men can alwavs And employment as above. Organized I WW. MONPOMBkY_A_C O. T IQCOR SALESMAN WANTED?ONE WIT IT A TRADE J i Tn the upper part of the oltjr. Apply at the distillery, 119th st, between ?d and td a vs. PORTBR WANTED?IN AH IMPORTING HODPE. must be "trotiK and aetive. with good reference. Ail tress box 2.33M Tost office. 8CR1VENKR WANTED? IN A LAW OPFJCB. ADDRESS box M3 Po?t odlce gTEBL BALBHMAN WANTED ?WANTED, A F1RFT Class salesman, in a s'eel warehouse In tbe olty , must ve a latf1 acunalntance anil eapenence In tbe tuismew. ltd be enabled to control trade Addresa boi ?,19u New York Poet nffiee. ALB8MEN WaBTED?15 A RBTA1L DRT GOODS store la Brooklyn. Apply after if II , to E Lewie, Kullou St., Brooklyn. ? SUPERINTENDENT OF CLOAK DEPARTMENT wanted.?A man thoroughly competent to take charge a eloak department. Apply at 800 Broadway. Tatlqb p hotel, tekbet city-wanted, a I ret class oolored oyetctmac. Apply three days. WAITER WANTBD.-A TODNG MAN AB WAITER wanted In a private femi'y Apply at 13 Wert 28d 9 A. M. or6P M. WAITER W ANTED?A PIRfiT RATE WAITER, FOR a lar|te ramily, and who rau prt^ditcc good references. Apply to Mi llecksehor, 4flPoi.itb sf, up staire, between II atid f o'clock w AITBRf WANTED.?APPLY AT 68f BROADWAY, after? A M. w A1TER8 WANTED - ATPLY AT COLLINS' COFFEE House. 42 Wlitte street. WEAVERR WANTBD-TO WEAVE HOOP BR1RT tape en pc? ei I one Apply at 13 Fi. uklort st, m the rear. . WANTRD-A COM P KIR NT E"RN11 IfRE R AI KB Apply at of 30tl> st. and Eth av , to ?. O farrelt. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, MEN WHO WISH TO engage In a " Slt.inaln huaiiiess. Id which they ''an make I'i'i efcty day by n small investment ol Irotn ?2i>' to B800 will pteaae eall at <10# Broadwn*. room Nr 4, up staire HOWaRD TI1DE.V. TITANTED-A GOOD, feOHBR, H1EADV MAN fO Yt work in a stable Iu,ul;eat tbeofL'ecf Lo>e oy's Botel, Park row, foi Chae, B Utokell ~ WANTi n-A HOY 1(1 OR 17 YEAR* OR AOE To aet as light pmter and make himself geaerally user .l at K MorileACo s, S73 Ht uiiway, between 9aril 10 A m. WANTED-A TOONO MAM AC'CURTOMBlTroreELL lug olulba and nasslmeienoti a oei cen'nge, to one kavleg salisfngtnry refeiences beral arrnni;emenis win ?.? ma.lo. Addresa Cloths, bos 1JL' Herald on or, statlue where and when last employed WANTED-A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH THE millinery business, to mil goodr by sinuple Tn 000 who I* competenl a good poeRMn is oQaaOd at a moderate salaiy A.utrese, wit# references n* to htjl'stj, Ao . Amei I sa. Herald ollloe. fo^wo days WANTBD-IN A DRY GOOtR ADOTION STORB, t vo lads; salary first tear $100. Address box fl>ti Pew oniee WAItTRD-A Ct'LORhD COACHMAN; MUST HR1NG gnod referetires frmn hi* last plape for napabiiity and sohv ety, and willing tn so In the eountr) for the sumnei ew-' ' Apply from tf to II a. m wy. i"?." Jlet el. |Rf *MTKD?A MAN TO DRIVB A PLOt/JB TRUCK, ff jhaWrf at Wf m M Of J'U> I). ' ?y TfiiTiii Miifir WANTED?A COOD, STRONG BOY. 18 OB ?IliM of *ue, to ?.en<l sbed and make himself gtp***"' ful around a h'/iel out of town. Apply for two u*J? atiioe* Collage 103th it. and BlOomlngdsle road. Tl/'AJiTE j?A MAN TO DRIVE A TOBACCO WAGON; ? te',ne capable of making a good route liberal wa^ei will be raid. Address tobacco, Herald ortlce. __ WANTED?A BO* TO ACT AB AN BNTRT CLBRK id a wholesale drug more. Address box 4,M 1 u?t od'ce. T17ANTBD-A BM ART, ACTIVE LAD, ABOUT 18 W years old, residing with bin parent*, be mum write a fair band sod know something of figures. Apply tbis week at IB Bxchange place, room 13. WAJITED-A 8TOOT, ACTIVE BO*, ABOUT 16 AP ply to S. D. Wilson, 41U Broadway, up stairs, alter 10 A. M. WANTED-A BO*. IS or lfl IEAK8 OF AGE. TO clean glass ami make himself general y i seful, wages 93 per week. Apply to G. K. Au.ermau, 3uu Broa iway WANTED-A TOUNO MAN? Ql'ICK AT FIGURES and a Rood penman. One caving tood reference may applv at3 Broadway, up stairs. WAN1ED-A COMPETENT MAN. TO TAKE-CHAROB of a dining salrou; a middle iued man preferred; best of releitucu required. Arply at 143 Thompson st. WANTED-A BOY FOR AN OFFICE. AGED 17 yarn. < ne who wrs in un aunt's oflleo preferred. Apply in the i asetaeat, 1"9 B.eeeker st. AUo a baud) mail. WANTED 1MMEDIATELY?A FIRST RATE MAN TO open oysteis and make himself generally useful nbo it a dining saloon. Apply at 477 Columbmst., South Brooklyn. WANTED-A SMART BOY. ABOl'T Ifi YEA11S OF aye, in a dry poods obbirg house: one living In Brooklyn preferred. Addicss, with retcrente, 0. a W , lie raid oulco. V\7 ANTED?A P8KK0N, AS GROOM AND WAITER; t? English preferred. Apply at No. 2 East iCth ?t., cor ner of Madison av. VIr ANTED?Bf AN IMPORTING AND COMMISSION Vv house down town, a boy wr.u writes a^ood baud. Ad dress. in handwriting, boi 739 P<st ollke. WANTED?A BOY, FROM 14 TO iC YEAR8 OP At.E, must be a good penman, (julci ami correct at figures, and reside with his parents. Good references reqtrrcd. Address, u of app.icant, box S,W4 New Voik Post o i ce. 117ANTED?IN AN INSURANCE OFFICE, A LAD OF vl 14 or 15 ycr.if of ape; on*- residing with his pa'rots preferred Salary $150. Address, in handwriting ot appii cant, box 431 Fostoilicc. WANTED-A F1R.ST CLASS COACHMAN, IN A 1'Rl vaio family; must be accustomed to in the cdy. and thoroughly understand his butloers in all respects and tTiog gcod city reference from bis !a*t employer. Can at :i,e lit-raid Olfice tbis day (Tuesday), at 11 o'eieck. WANTED ?A DRY GOODS CLBRK, AND ALSO A youth who has a knowledge ol ti e business, may ai ply, with relereuce, to Thomas Keihy, 13U urand st. W> ANTPD? IMMEDIATELY, HEaMEN, FIREMEN. coal passers, machinists, coolers, landsmen, efoks and stewards !or vessels g :r.:; on the Mo. itad-np; bounty ai the United States Naval Rendezvous, 1&C So.itb St., between Pec* slip and Dover nt. THOMAS LYNCH, Agent. Wr ANTED?A LAD, OF ABOl'T IP, WHO WRITES li well aud ib steady and iudusirious. to assist in tbe office. Apply, b, letter oulv, io Lord fi Taj lor, Broadway, corner ot Uraud st, with relet encee and all particulars X\> ANTED?INTELLIGENT BOYS TO LEARN A Vi licbi trade; w.i^es white learning. Apply at 50 Scuth 7th st., Williamsburg. VVT ANTED?A SALESMAN TO TARE CHARGE OK A H paper ban?ink: and shade st re; steady employment to one who utder't.nda the busine-s also, a paper hanger. Apt y to J. W. Jones, paper hanging Cfctubhsbmcnt, 1 rj Ful tor, St., Brooklyn. T1TANTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS CARVING VV .-.r.d waititii', and opening oybierg. Apply at the coiner of Hudson and Montg mery sis., Jersey City. IT ANTED-A BOY, IN A LAW OFi lCB. AITLY AT ?? '.18 Broadway, room No. 7. TV ANTED-A SALESMAN, IN LACE DEPARTMENT. Vf JAMBS A UKARN A SON, 776 Broadway, WANTED-A BOY, 15 OR IC TEARS OP AOE. Wages 3150 per annum. JA.VES A. HEARN A SON, 775 Broadway. T17 ANTED?TWO GOOD MEN TO WORK ON A FARM. ?? near New \ork; gooil wages <?ivco Also a pof d girl as cook, washer and Apply at 53 Water street. WANTED?A STOUT BOY, 16 OR 17 YEARS OLD, ? ? who understands tbe cr.rc of a borso, Ac., at W w?ini<' Hotel, t.'ieenOld. Coney Island road, L. I. Coney fsu.ud cars from Fulton inry every hour to tbe tk.or. "\Yanted-a MaN or SMART BOY. TO ATTEND A VV ptitit store, one who nnderctinds oidtnary bookkeep ing and who is wllliuc io maie himself gei.erally usetul. App y to Woods ill Biotber, painters, lJ'l 3d ave. Wanted-a yopno" man, in a first class grocery ttorc, to take ortiorB, de: ver goodn autl make himself t,et.e rally useful. Address A. W., Herald oiiice. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, FROM ? lo 17 years of age, qulc* anil coirect at Inures; or-e <vbn res,net w tl. h.? parent*. Addrets, la b.iudwrltiujj or app ;cant, bo* 3,SD Pom utDce. XVJ ANTED?A MAN, TO CORK BOTTLES AND MAKE TT hiotiiclf severally uteful. Apply at 50 Walker tt. WANTED?IN A STATIONERY STORE, A OOOD, strong toy, rcmie .n tbe city. Apply at 15? Nat bat., between a an J JO o'clock. TIT ANTED?IN A LIFE INSURANCE OFFICE, A vT careful, lioneat boy Salary J or the rretenl. $2 per w?ei. Addrees, Id handwriting of applicant, Ics trance, fret 2 083 Post oiilce. WANTED-A GOOD, FAITHFUL LAW CLERK, WHO wrr.e? ft good I.and; one livinj; Witb bit parent*, aud who I* about Of I ten jcorn old. preferred. Addrtse, witb ?penmen of handwriting. boa 3.SI0 Pott otic*. N Y. Wl AN1ED-A TOl'NO -VAN, 16 TO 20 YEARS OF * V u^e, :o"Ct an porter In n hardware botiee: a faithful, fccncal young into will find a good ml nation Addrea*. fat Kg age acd aa.ary cipcctcu, D. 11., boi S.23S Poet oil ce WANTED-A MAN TO OPEN OYSTERS. CALL AT tbe Continental, corner Broadway and Broome ft WANTED-AT THE WESTCBEBTBR HOUSE, COR ner Bicooio at, and Bowery, two dlolcg roon. waiter*. TXT ANTED?A YOl'NG MAN. FROM 16 TO IS) YEARS TV oi age, mcntlv from ELglnml ur Ireland, to do gene ral work uu a tu ail place Apply at Waehincton it. 117 ANTED?IN A LAW OFFICB, A boy. APPLY TO fj Busteed A Worrall, 1S7 Eroadway, room 17 WANTKD-A YCUNG man, TO FREEZE 1CB CREAM, at J/26 Broadway. -\\tamed-a retail dry good* clerk, at no V? w: Uieec,wicb tt Reference* required. r/\ agents wanted?for city and country; {J*.' a rare chance frr active, encrgetx men to make tt.ot.ey Call i poo or addrcaa N. M Sbaier A Co , 78 Cedar it , too n No i rRiHCH~ADVERTlSK)l EN Tl, ON DE<IANPE unk FE.MME DE CHAMBKt FRAN cai>e, aacbant coitfet el faire lea iooe*. S aurner, entre H) et 1 he .re a . If Cact ICth *t. El'e dolt fourufV de Linnet rciomitanoauota. UNE FB.xncaise de5-1RB VOYAOER AVEC CNR tamllle en Europe, bad reader i at letlre a S. M..C7 Suffolk c.. ITN JBl'NE bommb FRANCAIS. 1 ARLANT L'AN J cia b. d< sue une p trc de valet oe eliawl re avrc >id monnenr ecu1, toil pour New York Ou pour ?' yaeer S a dteeaera A. <j., lie .'tee ?v , an real, .iract an com del* Mn.e rue. UNE fra NCAlSB DESIRE SE PLACER COM MB femme de cbambre. ajant de bonne* reromuiandation*. b'a> reaper an l;-8 Spring ft . an second, ponr dent Jour*,| UNE T1LLE FRANCA1SB (PROTESTANTE) DEM HE *e | l?cer nan* me bonne ITimllle pour fetnme da cbam Ire. e'le pent feitrnlr de bonne recomtnandatlODM S'a r.reaeer perrlant denx ?oar? an 201 Bart Oi'tne rue, au Sme elape. prei de !? Sme a? HATRIMONIAL. ATOUNO MAN IS DESIROUS OF FORMING THE ac'ii.tantauce ol aome ynnng lady wooer thirty yeara of ?ga, witb a ti?w to matrimony. Pleaao addreaa John A. Suinley mat.ou G Pm*t nWro. Broadway, between Thirty - fir?t aad Tlirty ond atreeta. New work on sterling kxciianob-' Piiil. LIPS Sterling Bicharge.1' with tharatea up to 10"per caul premium, from t nathMmgto JU.CKO. Far aala by J. J BL<<OM FIELD. 73 Chamber* ?I reel, ai.d J. M Bl'BNET, 61 Wllliniu atreet. TUB ADVERTISER. A YOUNG MAN. A STRANGER In tbia eity, with** tn form tba ac<Hiaintanre of ? young lady, with a new u> matrlraoi.y. Money no object, aa iia baa mifl clcrt. All he withea it a losing heart and fond dla pcieition. Aa he it alncera In bta puri o?? e. I,n wlahea no r? fllaa ax-apt Ibey am in earneet. Ad ln aa B. B. H., bni 9,746 r???t odi c cnclung caita de ?lalte. All camoiunlcatJona airicily ccnbdeotial. I)KM is rn Y. Anew and beiter way of inserting par. tiai aet* of teatb, alao a new njrle of lower aata vary cheap, at 39< HUth av<m e. Fine ??t? ef teeth aUo eh*ap feta of teeth. w:th pi .mpata wblch bold out the cheeaa and raalore vi uthfu. artt nance, at No 2SC Plith avet e, t?t?eeu Flfiecutb aiid 5iitcen'.b ?1 reete Fine solt; f' ingt at Suib aretue, ibe vtenett place Ie Nfv l'rrk. No advance ra< ire" ai i?Si Huth ateime. Olllre liouta lr?'ui 7 lu tbe mr.rniag t.11 9 at nifcbt. Nitro .? o*lde (!?? given ar d teeth attracted witbout pain. M-'diral aitendabt alwaya pitacnt. APBTOFTEETH MADB IN TBRRB HOt'RS-EN tire Httitflaetian or not ay-at 2H? Mtth avenue. Per ?otti applying bar* Id tie forenoon cuu hnve aata of teeth en n ver er gold m?<i* rompieir and maytcd In the after noon of the tame day. No advance la rtriulred. Fot piatina taiitts out g'ttn tete oi tny othar kind of fine noti. i^tioni" aan have ibem made tn twelve or f n rtetn bourt allt r calling at J3'J Sl*tu avenue, between F'Heentb at d SiitecDtb ttreett Pee otber advertlaen.enta ARTlFlt 1AL HUMAN KTBS-MaDB TO ORDER AND interte.1 by Drt K. BAtTCH and P (tOt'GKLMANN (f'rmfriy en r ioytd by lelaaaoaaii, of Panel, 6? Broad way, New Yor*. ______________ f^OLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, HEAlXJCARTERS V/ of ih? altrorit ojide? Dr COLToN hot bad 20 yeara' e>i>erienie with the ga??19 yeara mote than any dentin in tne United State* Dr Celton admiu'iter* tt In perton NP GRIFFIN A BROS., it# GRAND STREET. NBW ? Vntk. and 3B7 Fultou atreet-Bronklyn, are aitraeting Teetb positively wltbout pa n by the u<e of nitron* ollde C. No charge for extracting when artlflclal teeth are to be frted. Tbay ar? alto Inaerting nil aeia cf teeth on gold. ??r aialin* t? aitver fin, rubber flu partial *eteon jWe, Hi diver. $1. Bitrartlng, SBreiittk VTATTONAL DBNfiil ROOMS-SlXTfl AVRNffB, COR ?i. V_ tier ef l^enljr *eeo."l ?'reel ? Beanllfn! Pnlent Gumo lyp? Teeth. Eiliaordlnni , pi .> ee Hel?, fid to fit', war ranted. Pl.tmpar aeta, oft Filling teeth, enld, tl El trading teeth wlth. ut pain Bttabllabed I#!?>. rive pr?? *'.'??AWArdM. ft, MAN80* DanUe*. HELP WARTBO-VEIIALCI' AT THE fcBBV ants' INSTITUTE, lit OBABB street, w&nted, Immediately. a large number of aiper!* enced servants, cooks, chambermaids. waltressee. Mametrweea, girls lor UouMswora. and those lately U?0?d. and employers supplied with competent servant*. _______ ATTHB LAEGB employment OFFICE, ST8 ?TH ?v? ? Good servants will find excellent aHuatloaa for city or country. Employers suited with Herman. French, Euglwh, Scutch, American and colored help. Agibl wanted-to do general housework. in a small family; good city re.'ei vuoc required. -apply at KHS Suui et. A WET NUBSB WANri-'D?A YOUNG. HEALTHY woman; good c>|j reierence required. Call at Mo. A* Wyokoff st., B rookly n A girl WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSBWORK; fan>4y will move to New York on tbe 1st of May. Ap ply iu Clinton av., fouitli dour from Myrtle av , eaat iide. Brooklyn. A FEW GOOD DRESSMAKBR8 WANTED 1MMEDI uloly?at la Union square, corner 17th et. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WANT A CHAMBBB maid and plain aewer. One nf u iinue*'ionablo char acter may apply tbia morning at 2n Eaat 16th ??, A COOK ANO SEAVIUTKESS WANTED.-THE COOK must be wiling to assist in the washing and Ironing, and the seamstress be able to cut and fit ladies'and chil dren c dit->-iiei). those having sewing machines prefeired. Call at 168 Halt Htti at., near Id ay. ALL SERVANTS. AND GIRL8 LATRLY LANDED. IN want oj good s.fiait' ns in private families or boarding hone 8, either in my or country, should apply to Mrs. W .1IT1-!ELU (foimer'y of the Church Home), 3tf7 1th ave., between iftb and .9th sts. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WaNTED-TO TAKE A ehi.d to wet ut rse at her own residence. Apply at 17* Christopher st . teeond door. Button holb makers wanted?on fine shirts. at Union Adams', t37 Broadway. C^LOAK AND MANTILLA MAKERS WANTED -GIRLS ) accustomed to Gr?t class work, and who understand their business. willget the hirhest toy and steady employ mint Apply mimcdiaeiy to Arnold, OunstaUo A Co.; en to work recui 47 Howard st COOK WANTED.?ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS HER businessaud can bring first olass reieronces, may apulyi after 12o'clock, at 227 5th av., between -toth and 27th site JTMRST OL ISS TRIMMER WANTED-GOOD W \GKS pain to a competent hand at 478 Atlantic st.. Brooklyn. J P. GROBSE. Girl wanted-a good cook washer and ironer. iu a family ol three persons. Apply at 271) Wot 24111 t>t , Lear 9th ave. /MRL8 WANTED-FOR EXCELLENT situations. V.T n city or country, its cooks, ch ant eranalils waitresses, lai.niii'esses M-ainHreases, n use a and housewomers Also, sn ail girls and girls lately landed. Apply at tbe large Em ployment House, 13S llth st., corner of lith av. HAND8 WANTED-TO MAKE FINE WHITE SHIRTS by machine Apply, from 10 to 1 o'clock, at Ward's, 387 Broadway. HOrSEKEEPP.R WANTED-A GENTLEMAN OF means wishes to meet with a young lady us house keeper; otie from the country prelerrcd. Address Irving, box 137 Hcr.ild ollice, tor one week, with full partic ulars. MILLINERS-TWO FIRST CLAS8 MILLINERS v anted; wages no object, ar.d "toady employment giv en. A pi ly to Madame Belover, 211 Cth ave. Milliners and trimmers wantbd-a few first class hands only. To euch permanent situations the year round and good pav are ollered. Apply immediately to !t 1 bompsoa & Co , 66 Walker tt. Nl'RSE WANTED-ONE who :s competent to take charge ol an infant, and willing te go fifteen miles in the country; must be a l'rotestaut. and come well recommended Address 0. S. M , I on i OIS Pest otlloe OPERATOR.-WANTED, AN OPERATOR ON SIN ger's sewing machine, to make limine) enirts. None but eipenenced hands need apply at 358 Hudson st, for two days; steady work warranted QEAM6TKBSR.?WANTED, A SEAMSTRESS. TO ShW C5 bv the month; none need apply who do not work upon Grove r A Baker's tewing machine, and good reference. Apply from IU 10 1 o'clock, at 383 5tli a- , 1 ttween 3bth . ud | Sinh its. SKIRT TRIMMERS WANTED.?TO experienced hands steady employment. Apply at J. W. Bradley's Skirt JJatufai tory, eniranoc SI Rcade st. SERVANT8 WANTED, IN BROOKLYN-WANTED Immediately, several profc?se<i cooks iSundrfses, good plain cooks, chambermaids wHitresses, nurses and seam stresses. lor superior situations in gentlemen's families, and highest wages. Apply at MANNING'S scleit agency, i6 Court sk, Brooklyn. TO ALL SMART. RESPECTABLE AND COMPETENT girls w.ib I'co-i reference? ProteHants un . others. of ?1] mittens? will please nidicc that the* can be supplied i>r. ncedmtfiv wan bm c:nsF situations, at high wages, in cliy and country, l.otele. brat class boantTns house* watering places ami summer resorts: u'.no four f.i>t t:ass luuiily seiimttreasei, who unders;and ope rating: ftlm sj Proie^ian nursek and si amstreis ei, with good lel'roi ce anil two good vegetable gai deners uua ?i?o it brat c.u#* waiter (man > for the city. Ap ply, with pood reference. at Mrs WESLEY'S Se>el Em ployment oi' ce, I ll Baa 13tb at., betwien M and 4ib HI TIT ANTED?FOUR GIRLS, GOOD M1LLINER8. IN Vi the itore 1.6 ave. A, toon wages i uid and steady work. WANTBD?A GOOD COOK IN A SMALL FAMILY; go<'d wages: a German preferred Apply at 197 West Sill at, between hth and Vtb a?a. WANTED?GIRLS TO PACK TOBACCO. APPLY AT 2o9 Water at WANTED?TWO YOUNG LADIES TO ATTEND IN A suicou. Apply al 107 Grand at. WANTED?THREE OR FOUR F1 HPT CL/iSS PRESP in.ikers. Apply for two day*, at JSO Ktmrtb si.. Lear Proan way WANTED?A GERMAN MAID AND A PEAMSTRfc>S, to go to Trenton. N. .1., in a private family; belt iefer ences required. Apply at No. 6 VIcat 37tb it WANTED-JN A private FAMILY. A FIRST RATE laundress. Apply id tbe morning at i"0 Eail Utn at WaHTBD-HY A SHALL FAMILY AN EXPERIENC ad cl.anit'crroald and watresa; one wi.o e?n o|f r..'e on a Wheeler a Wilson sewing machine preferred. Can at 10 East 4lsl at. fir ANTED-A LADY OF REFINEMENT, W HO PPEAKP VV the English and Herman lanpi]ugr?. and la competent t>f taking charge of a rasprcuMe household, may find a de airat ie situation by addressing W , boa i JO ller&l. olbce W ANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK, WaSHER AND ironer One who la thoroughly coTuprtetil and ran bring ttie best of reference as to clarscter and ?i liiigtca can nnd a gno.l 1 ?me and liberal by apt lyic, at Mrs. Eastman'e, Clinton av., tbe flftb tome soutU of Myrtie av., Brooklyn. Wanted?a smart, active oirl. to cock, wash an? < Iron, in a sn ail family, inuat have good city reference Iro n ber Inst place Apply at 40 Wen 330 It, fr?ui 10 to 12 o'clock. * ft? ANTED-A OIRL, l? TO 30 YEARS OLD TO TAKE V? care of A child i.nd bn ceueraliy utelu food relc recces required. A| ply at MB W?>t EM at Wr^en f5 "117ANTBD?A SMART OIRL, FOR K 1TC1IEN WORK VV and to n ake herself ? n.eiall* ..aefu!. mull le a ^. od plain cook, washer and n ner.and have ?or 1 city references Apply at 3*X Weal tun >1., from III to J2o cioct. WANTED-A YOI'ND rROTT PTAfT WOMAN A8 nurse and seamati"-!. to t rb.r^r of u child fo ,r years old. reliable reference required. Apply between JO aud 12 in the nii'rtiln* U 10.1 5tb a? WANTED?DRESSMAKERS ANDUANDP ON WEEB ?ler A Wilson's machines at7M East 2Gtr> it. WA*TED-A RESPECTABLE .1RL, TO DO THE \vnshing. ironing and general honework of a snail private family, consisting of four (prions. Applv itr.n.etli ately at T4D 3d ar., In battery, bttweeu 60tb auu tnkna Bell of reference required WANTBD-A YOCNG GIRL TO WORK AT DRK.^9 making. Only one wbo la a good icwer nee" apply to Mauanie Vtai. No i Waverley place. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL, TO COOK AND AP am in waabmg and Ironing f'.r a imail priv?te fan. y go Ptaten Iilaodj wagei oo object if lulled. App y at U William at . room I(X W ANTED-A OFBMAN GIRL TO DO GENERAL bouaework. Apply with refeience at IPS Alien ?t WANTED-AN ACTIVE OIRL FOEGBNERALIIOUSE Work and cooking. Alio a young girl to take ibarge Of child re p. Apply at 1*7 Eaet 3gth et, near Sd are. "nrANTED?A flOOD.l OOE, WASHER and IRONRR ii to go a ibort dutaace in tbe country. Inqolrefrom 6 to 11 A N. rf L E. Miller, 193 Bread way. corner uf Join itrceL W ANTED-A TOVNO LADT, SMART and AC THE. to attend a bakery; reference reqilred. App y it is7 Orand (1 WANTED-A PROTESTANT GRRMAN OIRL AS Durie and MamitrtM and to do light cbamberwork iu a small fain ly Nona but canaNe and well rMoramelided girii need ai ply at 47tf Bast :B'h it. Wanted- a good dressmaker, av we ern are., aleo an apprent ??. WANTKD-A COOK, CHAMBERMAID. WAITRK8P, 'a .i,dn sa n ir*e iiid seamstress, toi a first cln?? prl vat* family, who pay (rood euei. Apply at (fo. 7 West 11th ei.Mtwwn Broi dway and Dnnernty place, fromiCtol e'eiook. Wanted?a CoLorbd woman, as cook ^i*b who indcratamle her buimeaethoroughly and iisi I Ing to asaiit in ?te washing and Ittntnc. Also a gin as waitrtae. A>ply tctween M) and 3 o elm k, at flu West 23d it WANTED-OOOD dressmakers. AT J,J7?BR0AD way secnud door belcw 34 th at. WANTED-A PROFEPSED WOMAN COOK. FO^A private famUy, must be German or Frenrh and in demand Knallah; goo<l city reference will be required, wages ?:nte?;B per mcotb. Can it tbe .nieliifecce oil oe, 378 01b av. WANTED-A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF A CHILD and make herielf generally una fat Nooe need apply eirnptlng thoje bav nggood reference*. Ai rly to day until 12, noon, at 182 Weit ftd st WANTBD IMMEDIATELT?TWO SERVANTS, WHITE or colored a laundrei* and a waitress, thoee ,iml 'o a bearding house preierred. Apply al 3i? Wen imn ?? WANTED 1MMRDIATBLY?FOUR FIRST CLASP drenmakere; aleo an operator am Qrover A Baker's ?ewing nancbloe Apply at 6S B . scker il,ea?l of Broad war WANTED-A THOROCGITLT CAPABLE OIRL, AS chambermaid and waltrem; none other need apply. Call from 9 A. H. to 3 P. 20B Weet 33d it., one door from Ttb kv tX/ANTEP?AN ACTIVE. PLEASANT WOMAN. FOR VV g?n*ral housework, to ?? a ihort distance In the SSt^esI aatliinetory to oee vbo will euR, Can at WANTRO-TWO GOOD, STRONG. TlDV GIRLS, WHO ani not afraid to work, for a Inrge fiviiily, one ai cook, waabrr and Ironer, the other an waitress anil to eaa1?? '? JBf w?*hlti? and Iriinink; good referencee reenffed. Call tl^emtwNo JW; fmWiL ll'Td danr IMI Of 9U)?T?. help wAiTKP-ramiJti. YITANTEO-A 8MABT. TIDY GIRL, POR GENERAL Wf nouaework; ? good plain rook, washer and ironer, with good city reference, may apply at <0 Hammond st WANTED?A respectable girl, to nurse a rtlld ten months old. Applv at room No. 7 Urkiu marey Hotel, nub good rucommebdatlcns. WANTBD-A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO TAKE CARS orchildreu and make hcrtcif netful. K.ifereuca re Huired. Apply at 138 West 15th at , baaemtut dour. WANTBD-TWO GOOD PHOTEBTANT SERVANTS; one u ccok, washer and Iroucr. the other an chamber maid and wattreM; they inaat ci me well lecommendad. Call between Uie bonra or y and 11 Una iu' ruing at No. 24 Weal 4t ih it. flTANTKO?THRtE GOOD 01R8, AS LAUNDREK8 YT and chambermaid, cook and n;:rse; refeiences re quired and wages ynod. Inoulre Of M. Stern, 246 West SCth It., between 7:h and 6tb a-.a. "flT AN TED 1MMEDI ATE1.T?12 FIRST CLASH MILI I r.era to take worn at homo; the highest prlcea paid and sonatant work. Apply at 185 Eaat Broadway, (roin 10 to 3. ANTED-A protestant GIRL, TO DO GBNERAL hoii" ?or* io one willing to work Hood wag' a w,;l i n ll f/.r I li n i4>u? im ik* l?n k j. a/iviiA* (OKI K kl Bi ll w x given. Call for two days in the bakery, corner liotb at. and tth ave., Harlem. WAN I KD?A (I1RL, WHO UNDERSTANDS GENERAL housework, to go a (bort d.stance inllhn country , a good wastii i nnd Inner and Ji.udcrntandii taking. Apply al 341 and 3*3 Epilog at. WANTED?YOUWO LADIES OP PI.BASING AD dri??, io on table*. Apply a.t the Ketellia Saloon, 684 Broadway, from 1 to3 P M. daring tl s week N B ? Ladies ot gu,)d address and i npabir ol waiting upon gentle tu?n and conducting themselves in a proper and Utdylika manner. enn n!ivm< obtain situations In 'he ab"ve establish ment, ut liberal salaries IS A. SIMONBUN, i'roprietor WANTED-A NEAT, TIDY PROTESTANT GIRL, A3 chMihermaid and waitress. Call at 200 Went 24d it., alter 0 o clock. WANTEU-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, WHO would b<- will tig io take are of a child nnd do ll^lil houaework <"a!l at No. 122 Ii. at 19th at tor two day*. ?7AVn D-A LAD'. 8 MAID WHO Fl'LLY UNDER. *T ataim* tier Alao wanted, a 'omi event woman as ii ok, and io wash l ed and tal'le linen, in a amall private family. t'I ly references reqnucd. Call at 11 o'clock, or between 8 and 6." at 18 Weal 27th at. ANTED-A COOK, WASHER and IRONER; AI.?0 a iliamtcrmaid and waitress App y at M VaricK at. w WANTED?A LADY TO LEARN THE art OP coloring photograph!. Afici two weeks'in?triic'lou, of one b<> t per day. woi k will be given out. Ivoryiypea, D?iw.B? a lid Pafc'.ug taught, ut 713 Broadway room 111. (i. KONIGHBSKG. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS, AND to (itsiil io noi. iny and irouiug. Apply at 97* aon av. Innn 1 'IKL.S W?..NT?D-TO WORK ON PLANNEL ?Uv/U biouiea; highest prices paid to aipenenoed hands; work ready early tbie uiorniug, at HI.nil Any in building", corner Of iWih at. and fib uv? upper lloor; an trance in Jltb at. SITUATIONS WAHTKD?MA1.ES. AYOi NO man-amer:can. with a hood bdsi nrpii eih.tation and boi/.c cxccrience. wanta i aituatlcn ac asaibtai.i lookicccpei or entry rierk in a reapi ttao.e bu?i neak house In tlie ett'. I'neiieptiouabio releience given Addrena T J. C , 157 (Old ni.ii.byrj Eaat 3^1 at. A YOUNG MAN experienced IN THB VEWELEY J\ trade dcalrck a kiliiatlon with a mui.uta.'tiinn;; bou o, eltl <t as ta;. atuau or Iravclloi'. Satiafactury reference* fui ? nithod. Addieaa Jen cller, Herald office. AYOl'NO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS PORTER can iite a t.ood l<and. Tall on or uddieak John Mat* Id. It7 Colon |L, Soutb Brooklyn. A BOY OF RESPECTABLE parents. SPEAKING Erg i-b French and tlermr.n, wmhea Mi heiu ol a ?iti.ation in a Crat class wholftale t.o iac. Api > in Hi. av , between -'Jib nnd !K)tb ata , west aide. P. BIMCN ASH. >Y YOUNG MARRIED MAN WANTS A SITU tins coai'huian and gardener; beat rr refoienic* from bin ant eiiipl ,>erg. Call for two dayk at 3: 3 Hd ave. A N Av~TIVB YODNO MAN. Ql'ICK AND CORRECT J\ ht f.l,* tea and wr'ting. wanta a a.niati<m ?.? entiy. ?Uip p ngtieik or porter. B' Hi city ie!ercncca given. A'.dreaa 5. G. D Prooklyn Post office. AS COACIIMAN-ONE WHO HAS IlTKn TOR TI1E la?t yeara with n.a pieaent emj,. ver, i?ud can recti < :? rn hiui full reeoinmondatlona for capneity. sobri ety and h, u"?ty Inijuire of Jamea H. T'tua, S4 Liberty at, Leiween 11 and 2 o'clock. A TOTING MAN 0,' EX' BLLENT OUALIFIC ATIONS 1p i\>>;r ji.a of obt.tlnlng ? s.tuiit.i n in n wholeaale m retail grocery atore Apily or one w?'k t<> (j P 100 Weal lS'.b at. n?ai 6tti ave Best ol references j,ivcn. ATdCNG MAN, WHO understands THE GltO eery I lalncin, ati'l can (owe wall recommended "r>'<n hla laat iiai". can at Sherwood * cheap jr erv, Varick at , Oti-wecu 11 aud 1*1 Lnia day. None but Air.eil cats need ai i ly A situation WANTED-BY A YOUNG \h\N, TO drive a liorae. and make himself generally uaifnl, no ob.iectun io go a ahori dla'anee in the coud'ry t wi.rk un a fai in; pood lelerencea tiotn flaca. Call lor two days at l?y H udeon si. IjARKBEPER WANTS A SITUATION TN A FII'.?T > house; ne lun many year* r?peri> n>e revcral nuguagc* ami ;Ue rieat of itftret.n-s AdUicae lot bree liaTi u. ft. B.. Herald olDoe. BAF.KEFrF.Il ?, AhHIPTANT BARKBEPE R P OR OYB tcruibL * tutuatiOu warned, or any I wnrt married man of e?>t or ianu imluatrioie hab.u. good refer r:n * up to bouesij At Addma F. V. P? boi 181 KeiaHl office DIST1LMNO, RE< T7 FT I KG AND MANVPAf'Tt'RlNfJ 'oieis,n wren una honor* of every kind --A man ot a any yeara'practical ekperience. witn tlr*i r'n?* re'ere r e. it* rm place in anaif eiteiieive b ?c *h< r.' he woniu I an acqiljeltloa. und also trine riii'curc trade odd i . i in*. Addrenfc lor ibree diiya Mr. Ferment. ho* KM He TL Dhl'lJUIfrg HITUATIOIiI S? aMIEU? \VllOtEH*lli . i ret. ', c?nipe:ciii Ad<;re?* Dr .jfglal. 1S1 Hi. < ib at. <*r<lVEMIA nuL AND Ki'L OTaRaNTBE TO U i ?A ? t . VOuug mail. i'S ye.'.ra of wl.lac -?| i ;.nv ?:? rkKb:i) on any larue veaael?remuneration at the opt. '? <>r I I ? pi' ., t r " ?, Au Ai.t.rr?? Mr H> ra<d SiTl'ATION WANTED-BY A Y 01' N < I MAS AS . cathmnn: no ob 'ecticna to go a khort diuance o the OH u'rv A1'. '??? >1. M boa Wj Herald OiTUATlCNB WANTED-PY T'VO YOi'NO V?N. ONI 0 ft* i.'hman ttt to work nn a lati ilie i ter to ?r. r* onalni'i .iiu iLaii 1 ii.icll gemral') ueefti Call at <?) F >.ltr. at SlTt'ATK'N WaNTBH-HY a REPr'.-; TtBI.E, WHL eih,. Med* man. aged IU, a* ler or a" -I ant bartenier,the twit <?r city re'? reiict given Addict* Ldiron.I D Liaton, i2H Worhint ton It CITUATIONS WaNTED-TOR THOROUQBLT BOB i* petent onchmkn. gardener*. farin bami*. w altera but lers, portara. private aenrantp Ac. All u *ant of well re cm ii.eeiled ba>| can be iu.mci. uteiy *uited at the urge eui 1 ;oy maul Urate IV ..tun coin-i Cth a*. citi:atiom waxtbd?a yovno. reppki-tabu: i.ertr.aD, tnenty twoyeara of age w:*heaa "iinailcii to ?in peoerai woit. iDquire at 71 >'oi?yth at , rear bouse. ruoti. I* . (i TO PAKIL1FB 001NO TO ins coubtry -a re !'i uta';e ycuni mail and Ij?? wire, without anv ior m ttiircr, WHL Id Ute oliaiti' ef a grritiriiinn'a he ^e <<urlo|{ tbe (-??? :???! ol the fan !?> Iietog In the country Reterei <e? ni ? ? p'in.ahle Ad.lrei* foi four dn*? A 0 L.ia'tef Mr, K McCartMjr,, ISi Obrjati# Wraei, fit w Vork TO WH I.ERaLE OROi KKB AB? OTBr.RM-.WABT eil ? ?it .anon aa irat elling ?|.'ciit, ba? bail l..'i>en y< aia e?ierlar.>a m the wholesale b nnn? In New York ni.ti liiu> a veiy eMenauc ac , .aT.'anre *itb maov of llie beat bouaea in 'he Wrat?rn Statea in diffarmit tranrbea. ran p,<e the l?"t refereni'-a? In buaiiiean CAiiiMiiy. Ac Brail Hi. hii'S l'..i*irr?e, toa If* Herald "fl.ce Will n aei With )roiB| I ailfctiiiD TO 1:OTP.L AND SAU)OB BBETERfe ?*? ABTBD, A ? I Minn l>y a yoi.nji man, a* er in a d n.r.y wiman, or bookka^'prr In a hotel, baa lieid the nit ation .rt raahier In on, of the a'saat dining *.)? oua n Kro&uway t* ? yeara. ha? bean booaaeeper in a Urn tlaaa hotel In Broadway three yeara; can t lee Brat tiara c it refrrrpiw? an pt^ e^fion io go into the eo Btry. AdJreaa for flva day?, B F. W, Herald oBlee. \V ANTED?A SlTl'ATION, AR ASSISTANT )N A \f frorery or liquor atore. h\ a f(. inn ma* who haa bad long eaperlenre in ttie h < u ??, the beat of re ferecee can be given. Arr'y 'o or ai.oreaa K V.. 12 Cot (?re*a at, Brooklyn, for three uaja. W ANTED?B* A ? YOI'NO MAN FROM THE <11 A* TT gow Collage, a tiiitab'e ait .at or llr la a g cd venman quvck at flaurea, and would prefer the an ua lion of acoi.fial, entry <Toik nr ,.*<i?'ant ho >a*e< | rr. i >m glee good lefereote and c?ah aecurlty If ro>iulrec'. Adi'reta for threo daya A W,, Herald uU ce. IITANTED?BT AN ACTIVE. M1DDLB AdBD MAN. A *T ntnatipn aa porter ;n a i"hoi?a i'e or retail rtnrc i. an g vt good refrranre. AddreaaM B . boa 16? Merald e^l re^ tlTANTBD-BT A TOVNO MAN, )i YBAK8 OF A OF, Yf '.ately In ? ^anl^lB|^ h-mre, a all'iailnn In a at -ek troker'a offlcr or banklmi hniiae, beat refertn.-o from lart rinplo^ara. Addreaa B. D. C . boa 100 Herald oflli*. WANTBD-A PlTUATtl N AP COA< IIM.VN, BT A MAN that irndrralnnila hi* l'i;?mra?, " uh tha boal of city reference* Additaa H. J., 410 Broariway WANTKD-BT A RAPID ANP LIG1BLE WRITBB. A e luatlon a* ropylat or rlori io do general wrltiegln anoODi-e Addreaa E P. M , ?tatn n B ___ __ IVANTED-BTA TOUNO MAN OF *TEADY HABifi \? a ?il auon ?* &*nmatit t)ci>**"ep( r cr <-ntry clrrk in a iner.atirtle ?atabliahmeai ? wiling 10 rrake I Bia f Lf?n*rai t 'iaef'il. Wrlio* a good hand and la qolet allg.trcr. Re good. Addreaa TI A II Herald tiB(?. Wantbd-by a rorNfi man. wire pbvf.bal year* eiper.enao in b ?Ib??. a "Ituatioo aa clerk or pcrter li> *o-ne ?liotea*le h< w IHH ty re/tretnta guen, Ad lreaa B T. B.. atation I) Bil e Moiia*. UrANTBD-A PJTITATION. if A DRI'O STORE, BY a young man who haa ha?i throe teara' eioerlrnce; ?alar? not c?a ter tn<t.ib Addreia F S B , 431 lib ar, WANTED-A SITUATION, k* COA?.BMAN, BY A mngle man who haa thi be?i ity rrfer^nre, no obiec hod to the cmiutry. Apply at f Traai #r ?. aaddlery atorf, oortiar of Bi"adw*y aud Aaior plat*. anted-a mo ation ab absi|tant boob keeper oi copyiai by a youoi man, who baa had two rear* eiitfrleme In a couutryoOi a nlba wMjtMlM gi d city (ffeienco Addrow W H Eean*. b '* W8 U> iald is?i cn ?XPlftfBKOiD man or bhbinbsb, !h I 0". who write* a neat band and fg aaorreel kopount ant. deatrea amrloyment lu aouio light a^aoity. The abore aiim may be lodged In the haoda of employer aa security; cr would M gNan Io any grni.emau pioouring fo* adt. itiaer a aaiuble aft lalloo Bk?" reference gl??i, Addroee J 3 N , Bcrald offlek. = ~ miimM^IBUOli. TVPORTANT IiBOTI'HBB dailt. for^fnhbmbn l only, at the New Terk Muaeiim of Anatomy, IIS Broad way. Partiea unable to attend theaelgetnrea ran har? them forwarded on receipt of temcnta by gddro**ing 8?cr?tArj vf Jlgw Twl JlukWim of AOaiow*. l. THB TVV. Fashion plbasurb grounds.?fBorriNO on Friday, April 16. at three o'clock P. M. Match for Sl.000 Mile beats; belt two 1b tnree, la harneaa. Good ?y ud good (nek. Owner umei b. g. Patrick Ueury, W. Miiftlju i&iLCa Road intr6> _ J0SErB <-BOOHBRON, Proprietor^ TnB CBLBBRATBD TROTTING MARE. LADY WOODRl'PF, presented by Mr. BONNER, the proprie. tor of the Mc?r Vork Ledger, to the Metropolitan Pair lor ibe benefit of tbe alck and wounded soldier*, will be aold at pub lic auction at the Pair grounds, Palace Garden. 10 this city, on Thur 'lay, April 14, at one o'clock. Terms cash * u tbe day of tale. * UNION COURSE, t. T.-TROTT1NO.-ON THURSDAY, April U. at ?!'* o'clock P M., a pnrso of $60. mile boats, beat three in i ??, id harness. James D. McManu eniers b. g. Cardinal, Dan Mate enters b. g. Wouderful; II Woodruff enters br m. S.lly Tome Up; Dan Pilfer enter* a in. Ida. Mil a W A WHITE, Proprietor*. HORIES, CARBUOEI, AC. A FINE HADDt.K UOR3K, SUITABLE FOR A LADY. /V for sale. Apply at tbe stable, northeast corner of Thirty.eighth street and Fifth aveuue. A large assortmknr ok top and no top noo t' re and It islness Wagons, Him, Hretis, Rock.vvavs, Slide seat \? agoos, ll.irntMM, Katitlles. tic. and t?*n Ho rat a. See a .etion sales at 1,401 llroadway, near Foiiy first street. AHANDHOMK LIGHT FLMINITURR TRUCK. WITH pole and shafts; Don! le and Hindis Huraoa. all nearly now. Impure of Mr. JINKS. 1,101 Broadway, near Forty, tirst street. A BROWN MARK FOR PAI.P-lfl HANDS I1IOH SIX years old hi May ; ? arrantcd sound and gentle. Can be seen at W West Twenty fourth street. A first class Tor buggy for sale-one op tl'i. best city makers; Ih net hurt len do.lars by war. Also .1 three'I'l.irtpr Brewster trotting Wa?on Also orm full spring C'oiil i'ox, I gilt and almost new. .Must be bo,?l A| ply at 1'i West Twenty llftn stiei t. Astvlish black mark for s\le-a splendid taddb' horse. se en yearn o d fifte. n hands hicb, can pare under tbe raddle in thru- minutes; trots In liaine t, price ftiX Also a stylish hay Virginia saddle llo. .e pi i n J'.'S I'niilic K< > n at Kainp A t.'o.'s club stables, Si and 21 West Thirteenth street. A GOOD TE*M IIORSR 1? HANDS nifllT, for j\ B*a!e, with Wajji n Harness; also an eve- llerit Cow; price of hoi sc i,t'0, for tin wool* B16'?. Will take fuiniturn orcarpets. ("all on or addre-a N. A. VURUASON.No. 127 At ar.Uc Direct, liiooaiyn. BI 'IS'I>S WAGONS Of BVBRT KIND CONSTANT ly ou hand arid made lo Order, such oh giocer's, I akni milk, mineral water, liiptor. butcher's Vou will fin 1 this place as ta. orable as any that can be found 1 and evciy article warranted as ret resented. KTfaWAl'.T'S WAi? n Factory, Fifty third street, between Bromlway and I Eighth mm (IARRIAGB&?AN ASSORTMENT OP PINS CAR J rn.ges, consoling ol el usion and half top l"abi lolets and Phaetons, Gcriuantown i'jujM. lo ir and -Ix-'eat Rof a ?bm> top. no to and slUle s< at Wagons six -e it 1'lia-lonn. Ac., at MOTT A cO.'a, u.anuUc! irers, 32d Fourth street. C^ABRIAOE AND WAOOK FOR SAUL?A <x>01) J laun.v ..rn ;;e an-1 two 8"aied toi) Wagon, for two horses, aim- n new. olili g <od doable lla n<-ss, for sale. A| p'y at 23 Monroe place. Brooklyn, from 8 lo 9 A. M, and 0 to ?> r. m. (lABBIAQBS FOR SALE.?2X) UOHT PAMIUT OAB* J riaK's, cur priniiiK all tu?* al>''f stil'v-i of litre CV.'nsbes, R "?kawnys. t.-?r and open Busies, Park Wagons, ,ve Hell log ,il ? ie )H i c .. No. 10 Nevms ?lr?M t. llrookiyu. /1ALF<-I:i;. IIAKNF.aS. BLANKF.TS, AC.-A GENTLE man r- mg up his carriage, wishes lo sell bis city buill C. lecbe w th two sets of double and one set f single Har. nets, t\o i sirs of Blankets. ,te Apol* at the Mackey sublcs, l ?. nt third street, u few c'oors West of Sixth av. FOI! HAmE?A PAIR Of TRUCK BORSBR. SEVEN ami i .tit -.ears old, warraniud s uu-l and kind. In | ((Ulic a; Vk) avenue. F'OR BALK?OR rXCIIANOK FOR A GOOD WORK In;; here agiav Mare with foal; 7 years old. sound : sr.i. kiuil A up y at tbe lumber yard corner aveuue C and | Fourteenth street. J^OR SALB-A FIRST RATI'. SECOND HAND ONP. ' h irs? i i.,ite Ap; I-. at BrevvMer A Baldwin k, 780 Broad way, cornet oi Tenth street ' Ij'CR SALB-A BROWN MABB, 14 , BANDS HIGH, J? pO'inri <hh1.ii)<1 a Ro n! drlvoi in or double bar he** < aii ixj *cuu it the leed bU??e No. -.'I La-t Nkccteouth mrpet I/OR SALE-TWO MAltiiP, FIVE VBARS OLD SOl'ND 1 trill suitable for tmy light -.vork. tu - j >i. ru at No. 2U Nlrth tm M. f'OR BALE?A VEST SUPBBlOft COUPB IIOSSK, dark brown 11'., bau>ls hwh, very stylish, warranted aound and kind; sold for #r>"ll the owner having no use f'r it. Apply at rial e No. 8 Ea^t Eighteenth street. i Fell SALE?A NMV MILCH COST} WARRANTED | lo give eighteen quarts per day. Also a n loe Pony, soltat le lor any gentleman s boy to ride. Inu iiru at the ctirnei of Go'd'strcct and Myrtle aven ic. Brook >o, in the gfuksry s ore. 1,'ril pat.R-A FINK FAMILY HORSE. ! l.r, Ifl L1 hands high, natural full tsil. just 7 years old. 'laik na.-, bliirk n gn t.o white about him tin'' a tion and la-t. kind Hi <l ro nd and ier ectly brou n, sln^'e or double: an I fu ly war anted in rcj r ' euted Can he sceu at Johnson s sta ll'-s. Twenty see nd street and Hcvei.ib aveii' e. L'ORSALE?A BEAUTIFI'L MAHOGANY FAY 1IOR8B, r I.' a hauils b:a(.-. mane, long la I, C venrs old. t.lie ae lion, i.eifi i'i y hi.-sen. en ,er single or double and a supe i-or saddle tome, warrant. 1 k nd ami sound and 'rec from fault or b.eiuish Will be so'i! at inueb less than bis value C.n le sceo at Johnsons atanlcs, lweui>-second a'rest, hi ventli avenue. L'OR SaLK-AT HO WAVEltLBT l'LACE. A PAIR OF F Bay ll< rses. !.'? ? s nigh, f. years o u this m;.iItig. sr ,nd well hiuken and gentle, suitable lor a coupe or light carriage. Prae #7i0 IjV'R fiALE-A I'AIR OF FAY nOR^ES; WILL BE *i Id at a r I-el ore the ..Vh u.*tant. for want of ac rc inri.ouaii: n. Apply at stable, .'37 li. -l N nth street L^ClR fr'ALE-t DAPPLE GRAY HORSE. FIITKBN " l.ands l.ich, six yi ars oi I; lerfi-ctiv tomi I. Can b- s-en at ?Wand 3ol Ninth avtrn .e. near Twenty sereutb street. For balf-at a sacrifice, for want of use a Span nf (.'rays. Ifl i snda, fi years old. warranted Sf-io>! and k !nd i a double Si-ateu. leniner top Wagon Pole and Shafts; a set of doable Harii??s, UUnketa Robes, no , all \ in t < rlei! or<* r, or so: d exchange for a nair of stout I Ponies App'y at 4ti2 Kearl street. ' For sale-a hne b',*ll and heifer, three tears o;j; the b ill Is j ure Aldernev broed ami the hel.'er ieiween A derney and Durham; she is will n t .o week- of caltring; Imth are perfectly gentle price tA' for I e < 0. A So .- I rie tin cb Cows, from fMi to tltl'ca. h A !so a ;? staty '. sriner.t 11 . ise and ir^<- B.iru Apply lo Hl'illl Bl'Tilr RLaND, cttii.rct nren.iR, C.are n int, on Beigt n Po-nt plat.k road two miles iroai Jersey Cilv. F">0R SiLE-A SPLENDID BROWN HORSE, WITH lU' k ;? cs ..nd long ta i. slxiee^n ban la IIit'h. six year* old. a very ?:<:,sh lir.ver, si tab e for a c<"i|? or other pu-poses V? . I* sold che .p. as the owner is going to the or. Mtv. Apr'; a' stable ci mer of Fo I'v; c1" and Van Hrunt sine's thin c L-ss from Hauii!t< o irnnut ferry, South Brooklyn. ITIOB SA1.B- ' \ RRI \GKS OF B'.'EBV DBS RIl'TION. I Pbaeions, \ot W?gous. toi an ; no tup Bm ies of plnno and i oal b * Datteru, new and *oennd band; light ux tent Ciachcs, Harness. Ac . by OsiiOOU ,t COOKE. Cedsr st. Fr*( k SAI F.-A FULL A^SORT'IENT OP PHAETONS, Hreits Co?rhe?. lop Wa ons. lop and ro I p Hu.v'es Ri.-d aiubl ki irss Wagons. A so second hand Carriages and Wagons. u> pay sto ago. by D. W I' La A CO , 55 and 157 Brt.anway FB OR SaLE-A SPLENDID GRAY HORSE, 1?X HANDS high ' year* uli! found kind. *.ritabie for nnv Dual naae; will t e ?o d i li< ap or w uld > ncbkugi- lor one ol lrn taliie, <Vo be wen for three day* only a' 190 West Forty i.m ftreet. IJtOR SALE?ONE PAIR or BTTLIBII BaT HORSF.B, r over It* i.and* Itiuh. with Har. n<he and double platen lUrntav all In tlx >t ordtr will be *o'd aeparale II required. Call Tor neorge, at 2J Lexington avenat. FU OR SaLE-A WELL FSTaRLISCED fbed and Livery Biablt Bualoev* *1 II r.lir'i I'uni ? p| .?llc I.oug laianu depot. Ibe proprietor ha* m< other busnie** . equlr tr.g hli attention would oner in.I n ? hk'oh In the rl?lil man. ti e billdlrg could be turned Idio a i.ut?l. which would i ay. For | articular* call on A. L Pl.'KNKT or II. B. Dfc BKYOIBK, 132 Naaeau *treet. New York FU OR *ale-a bark ciian<:e-a crav EAULR Colt 7ye?r*old, 18)4 tand* hl.h. can trM Id 2 .*)to the p. le. warranted sound and kind; a .i(?bl Road Wa4"n, ? ny nude, neary new, oui' ml ol light wn't" llaru-made by Duna<om . Elankei*, Whip Ae. the proper'y of a gen tleman Daunt ao further nee foi them Apply uurbwttl corner of Thirty neventb atieet and Broadway. FMOR VALE-ONB HORSE, CART. AND THE OOOD Wi.iof two down town t to ret, or eeiaralc. Alt v ht .'<?7 I'earl etreeL Pon salb-pricb $i.on>-A pair or brown Horee* (borte and mare?, fifteen and a half band* high, ?even and e-ght yean old. une.iipa**ed In ?trie (pint by *ny pair id the car. App'y, before 10 A. any day at f V>it Fifteenth ?tr?et FU OR SALB-NEW AND SECOND HAND TOP AND no U.p two cat and .'agger Wagnv four and an aeat Phaetrn* one Dog 1 art, and *er<nd hand C ach Price ? ISO Poiea, Kaudle?,.Bndlea, Harneaa, Ac At 27 Wcoaler ?trcet. OR BALE-A PAIR OP VERT STTLISU t'ARRIAOB Hrr*e*. 7 and 8 year* old. dark buy, black point*, long tail*, id hand* high. A retponatble g iarant?e will be elren thai ibey laie peifectly aound. kind and geatle in all bar tc*? Apply at private viable No. it Great Joaes itreet. F FU OR BALE-AN BLEOANT \ ROAD WAOON, MADE by Brew iter A Co to order harm* been i*ed hot a few time* Alao a *et af baa Single IJari.ia*. Inquire al K? Greenwich atreel. i *? <OR PALE-VERT STYLISH FOI'R AND SIX SEAT Phaetona, aim Coal Box Wagon*: alio f><i'iai? Hoi f and no Top W*(ona. Carriage* and sleigh* taken on ftorage Aptiy atV'i Wetl Twenty fourth alrvet. FU OR BALE-CHr-AP, A PR'>WV HORBB, BOUND AND kmd. a good or buaiaeea hur*e; acouatomed to all farm work ; rric# Alao a browa Pony, $4tJ. Apply al IIS Eael rweuty-aerentfe atreel till (aid. For balb-a orat horse, pill blooded six yaari'td tound, hind and gentlt; can trot In three tniQiiV* hy tbe watch A'ao. a Brewvter ACo. Waj;on, uaed only ten tlaie*:*. Whip. Blanket*, Lap Rol*. Ac. To tie eeen at Mandon vtat'ea, coraer of Bexentb avenue and Forty aacocd etreet. PMOR SALE?A SPLENDID BLACB MARE ? fFARS eld, in bandahlgb, trot* la*', ne>er trained Alao a racng Mare, eery fart Both warranted *omd an t kind. Light road Wuon, two tett of light Uaroeta Blanket*. Ac. In<i'ilre at 9P r*tL6* atreet F|cB S A LB-AN blkiAnt corrs OR S AL>DI>R Mor*eerie?lnul(orrel, yonng, eonndand perreetly gaatle: aartylleh a bor*e a* I* in the city So d for want of ua* Can be aeen at the Excelalor *tarle W Wert Tblrtietb *Wllt. ITOR BALE OIIKaI'-IARK IMUBroRB, BA JL ro'iebee, Pour a>id Sll Seal Rockawaya, fine Bugg e*. Pour and Bli Beat Depot Wagon*. Shlftla* Seat H igg e*. Harneaa, Aa, al BAYLOR'S, Mt'edar vtreev, opioaite tbe roe I olee. ? OR BALB OR BXCHAROR-B) TOl'NO HORBEB. Juki from Ibe rotinlry, 14 to 17 banda bub, ? to 7 rear* ?.u, oneooupe horee, all enund aad kjtd. Tnuulre in tbe blaekamlth *b jp, 120 MorMB *tre*t, IpAST TROTTINO ROAD HOR3B FOR BALB?HA I. f r broih*r to flora Tempi#: eoloe Iron gray, Itii hand* Mgh, 7 year* old. aonnd and kind, fitter been irafned can e: ?bow ? natural gall of 2 40 proml*** much greater apeed H?ld only for waat of lime to ttae him. ? |, B4LL0U. m ftn TvrS. ?? i ? f JMJIM, JC; ^ H??8E,?v^:iTKDrDf,ut bat, flao *aiC i?n hands high, good style au ' action, free driver; H n] Via klnd.ln "{"AT i 1,0 ,M''' inic *? not 0Ter ' J we ol<i. Address bos MM rod oJice. H0R8B WANTED.-^ WILL BHoKe IIORRB. 13* haude high, suitable for a ,lg kawai or hi. gj' must he eound an Utad in e^ery pfcr lr fur family Address 18.' West Forty fourth ?'.re> t ONE LIGHT TWO BOMS I - ! TahLH FOR furniture express or Hour, also *evsial #itpren<i ?rc. er? am! business Wa''oD? for salts at (bit Wagoa Mauu factory. ?00 aud 35J fluid avenue. R0CKAWAY SLK! i ?H AH L) MAKSK-- VYAM'ID Auv gentleman Wishing to .ilspoee of h s Oi.t>ti cud And ? c,<sh purchaser lor all *eat n?.sa* ?y. p?nel b..r?. Pi?igbf Kobe* and double ll^bl l.'a.u Address V . oo? U.Jui Post ?"0<?" ? ? OTABLE TO LET-ACCOMMODATING 30 OR 10 i) hors g mid csrrlages. Apply it J H. J'omroy'* carnage ?bop, No*. 14 and Id Ainlty piaco. STABLE TO LET-NO. 70 WEST TENTH STREET, near fourth s.rect, gaa aad water Inquire on the premise*. _ CTABLE TO LhT-O.V HlioADWAV, BETWEEN O Forty.-ocond and Forty third "trceta; rent t3 0 and Croton tax. Apply to D. tHOM'SON, next door, oral 63 Broadway STABLE TO LBT-KGtR FOURTH STRKET AND O sixth avenue. Cm u'l water on tne premises, first cIiim location; Hve stall*: feed rjon> 15*31; truoli room lJit fO; all undercover; rent $300. Addresa U. He.irlt, 1 Hi Weal Eleventh street. SECOND H AND CARRIAGES FOB RALE -ONE O light Curtain Quarter. $ >90; opo four eeat Roekaway. small half top Brett email scat to torn down, &U)U. one m* seat Uo:kawa?. $JV>; i nn no top < oal li * Wagon, Api ly to 1. M. QUINBY <k CO , 0-d Br. ad way saddle horses for sale.?two very finu ti Huddle Hoi 'ifor ?ale. Applt at stable Ml Kaimoml (?treat, Brooklyn, or store !.'<0 Broadway, Mew V rk. I'rieo ?2J0 and $.V0 mwo CO AC IIBB AND BRETT FOB BALE?IN IrtnB L condition; sc. era) new light \V,..;ons with rm without tops, a ho a <lout uud two Kids?I. i a M-rfci'l m^tci) anil h x months oi l Apply a' til!) Ciiarles r<:?t. Tu Bl SOLI) i on WANT OF UBH?SEPARATELY OB logM'.hcr, a ponr built Hi ri"; . o s e prilly wi>i. n Mr an under tli<* saddle a t .ouie llu ka?av aud .in K? r'mt Waifon. Inoulie or HOVKT Ultoi'HEIttJ, corner of Mvrtl" Slid Curlton avonucs, Brooklyn. UrANTED?A STAB' K, NEAR HIE EVERETT llo i-.e, to acnommods'p four herses. a.,d aci tions for acoacbmao. Address A It. V., boa 0,271 IVst office. WANTED?A LIOHT ONH HOiiiB TRICK, ONB toat uhh tu rn iisfid but a sl.ort tiiuo and In gocd order. Apply at Wt> IVarl street. ?7n WILL BUY A GOOD HOK-'K H I '"RO\t VI" the (Oiintry; Is 17 hamlx l.igh ? und nd Lmd iu all I aru*M, lit lor ? sr?, e?pri s? or iruok. Also, one Mi!'* Wa^on al Lalf lit value. Inquire st ? let Canal stieel, ronta No. t), lor two da) s. NISCBLL' SBOD9. A COMMISSIONER OK DEEDS TOR NKW YORK, New Jersey, Connecticut, Hoiuls, Maine, M ima hoi tin, MiHhou11. Onto l'ennsvlvanla. Weit \ irgmia, OllMM, WlttO^llB, IdnhO, Co orado. Nevada, Ac., nlwavs In at J'tA iiroadvvky, Mo lat Building, room 17. Any PBB80H desikoi:* ok markyinii ORBBCCB. luu the aU'einloiis of the opposite *rx should pone.a the Turkish I'crfu ii-d I.ove Me l.i ei Prl .?? $1, For . 'r ilar of jiurti* ulnrs addrcsj, with stamp, Madame M.irra, r oi pi box 8,i 32 New Yorlt Post ollice. I J Rr.SZ. TR' SSIAN VK.Tr-RtNARY SITROnON. OF j\. grent cxiierw n e, will treat all dlseaies of anlinala Odic< 2,.i Koi'jyih street. J. Rr.SZ, TR' SSIAN VETT RINARY SITROEON. OF t expert' r'oi'jyih i AR'ICONI) HAND KOUR QlTARTER OAMERA TI PR wanted?Ilo!ii)?.v, Buoiii's, Ha>dcu's or C. tJ. I! nrison'l make. Call M 7ti BiHdww. W. .1 BKOWN. A8UBE 01 RE FOR 11A11ITI A L DIH'N KEN NESS. ? Dr. Kii'C'^ Halvsiion Powder*. Oiven without ilia knowled -e of Hie pailent l'ri.e $1 a bn. at Si L.ike'a Pharmacy, Hudson street, corner of Orove, N Y. ALADYWOtTbD MKK tu EX' RAN OB A HAND, son? gold limiting W a tell (e bt $140), for a r sewood Piauorurte. 1u j.O' d order. Ad'lresn M -ta, Herald olllce. /?1AKII PAID rOR BAGS AND OLD OLD MICTALS? \J While Ba ;s, 10 cents tier lh.; Cottons und Wi oiler.s 3 lenls per !h.; Bo >ks and Newspar crJ 7 i*nt? per lh.; Old Br;i?? I sents per lb.; Coiiper and Puwter, 2il cents per lb.; ? cuts jier lb. At 15 New Bowery, corner of IIo?b? velt rt1 eel nObDB TOCB OWN CARTER DE V'; ITK ?iNS'TKl'C \J t on In -'ol rln_- Cartes de V'istte and Paotograpbs i,!vcn. feriii". Ini . iiling ' ne box of the Excel-ior Trana; areni Co. lom $ti. OTTO Ili^INZ.MAN, Artist. MH Broome St., N. Y. R. MARSH IM S CATARRH SNUPF 18 TUB BBS* remedy know n for<-stnrri! and all illsuases caused by old It. the head. Bold by all druggists. D Economy is wealth.-?franklin, tub J urcKiest of ino.lern philosophers, remarks that "* penny saved is a penny earned." Instead ol destroying your wnMe paper, preserve It, an 1 receive Its euulvalen t la ca h. which wo will 1*1 for old newspapers or every de sc.lptlon. wlio'o or torn; o'.d pitnp'il its of all kinds, old cupula? handbilltic .ets car<l?. circu'.ars, catalogues and old 'erap paner. In al' its ? arieti's, in quantities larze or small. Also old .>-riting paper an I school book*, old blank books, le xers Ac., of any style, It matter* not how much they u.ay be wutt- n on or mutlliit d. STO* K'VELL k F. rBRSON. 15 Ann street. C1RAND MASH MF.ttTINO OF THE SHOEMAKER T lioi-ses, on Tuesday April 12, at 7', o'clock In the evtnl inc. from the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twenty Cre warde, will take place at the Rote Hill Hotel, 427 Second ar. RAY HAIR.?GRAY HAIR REST'iRKD TO it9 -T original color The bf?t reclpo to enaV.e any owe t? mnke a prepara'lin eimplctely to restore giay hair and ke?p It fresh ?nd vlgnroiK will be lo send to my a'ldresn, < a rt i*elDt of a description and con ittinn of lbs hair and ? c? dollar or two dollars for one bottle and the recpe. Addresa Dr. (jabilel En? c. I W East Viilrty eighth street The Docior can aU" be cone.i led personally or by letter on any ol?e-?e or the hair. IMNRNRE PRICES PAID FOB OLD BOOKS. Alt) old und -earce Masonic Bonks oheap. - 10.iOi Works ou Arcbit-. lure, Steam Engine*. Dyeing, Jke. 10 OlO I'h io raphic Albums at our prloe. IO'.iOi W irki on HlKtory, Illo raphy, Ac . at your price. Otxv?>o Scrap Prima an I Bngravings at any prli-e. I.EGGAT DROTHERS, 119 st., near Beekmno. G' Manhood and tub vigor of youth restokrd lu four weeks by Dr. RK'ORD'S Kssence of Ll>. This noniterful ngent will restore mahood t? the most shat Ured consMtutmns. whether arising f ont eice?ne*. self ahijte i!,e e !ect* of cllmats * natural caueee The ttm? re'pi red to cure t'i? tuosl inveterate raee I* four weeke. Failure i* H0|)o?slble. I>r. Rlc ird's Ke?'nonof Life la sold lu cases, with instructions for use, for M. or four i|uantiiie? n one for $3. 9ent carefully pac;?,|, en receipt of remit tance by his accredited ac nt. Circular sent free on receipt of foursiaini *. PHILIP ROl.AND, No. 417 Broome street. New York, one door west of Broadway. Marble mantels.-the best place in tiik eliy pi purchase cheap and well finished Mantel* is at A K LAlIKIt M Mantel Mauufa lory, 1 "J East Eigbieeottx street, near Third avenue. New York Cnt this out. MARH1.E MANTELS ? A FINE SELECTION OF MAR hie Mantels un hand, an I oTer<'d cheaper than any* where else, at S. KL \BKR S Marble Yard, M Flr?t avenn#, near Third street. New York. Call and examine for your* self. Marhle mantels. SLATE MANTEL*. A choice *e'*fiion and ax much lower pyMthKS *nv eU ?f p'ac.\ T. B. hTEW ART 412 Broadway. New Tort PflOTOORAPH CARDS POR GENTLEMEN.?8AM jilrv an<! Catalog'!** tent for 2~> ?nu Bncloa* an en re'ope with x#urown name and addreea. D. HEMMBTTB Liberty ?tre*U NJT. 52AMITABT PAIR -I.ADIES AND ORNTLBMIM VISiT 7 ing tbn ( Fair will not fall to call at (UVltKPI ?Itber ai WW nr"71 Broadway. and ee.'ect a Monasram. Curl*, or lot of Stationery. A ae etulon ran ba mad* from over VO varietle* of oot* paper, all wItli envelopee, perfectly matched SJTEAM BNOINB WANTED?OP POBTY TO BIXTY ? bor?e power, Id good runnlnu order, modern built, with two or more plain cylinder* or Hue boiler*, a!en In good order Any party baring cirh an engine and boiler* map a'idreee It. Spring *lre*t. nation A. TEA8-TEAS-TEAS. TUB GREAT AMERICAN TSA COMPANY will open on the tth, at two centa per pound profit, a larM invoice of the l.neet grad<* of Moyane Tfu Import *3, t .mpru ngOunpowder Imperial, IlTmn and Toting llfton. The traile >m notice that tbl* la laid to b? tft* only Invoke of moyvnb TEAS la tble nil r it el. WHEAT AMERICAN TBA company, Importer* and Jobber*. 41 Teeey itroei Type metal and old lead wanted.?ca?h will be paid for a few hundred weight of T> pe Metal ted old Lead. Apply at the deek of tbia office. TRlhSBMAR NOS. I, | AND 1?PROTECTED BY royai letlera patent of Enghnd. by the eenle of the hn prrlal College of K'liope. an>l)pu<l' rued by American r?pn iatl<n. Trieeemar No. I I* Invaluable for eibauatlon of tho ?jatern and all pbytlcal disabilities R\en In the decline or life Ita Invigorating power* are aa'onlahln* Noe. 2 an.I 3 are equally unrivalled for tbeir apecinlUiea. Prepared in form ?f lotengp*. In tin ca***: divided Into aererate rfoaeg a* administered by Valpeau, ic. $3 -.ich. (r four caee* in oneforf'i To b^ had from Dr. H. A. BABROW IM Bleocker street, four door* from Maclongnl. New Tor*. Rent free everywhere cm receipt of *ecur*lf packed from observation. Trees and plants.-a vbrv fine collectio* X of the a'ove. both Derldno.i* an t Kv*rgre n?, grown erpresaly for ornamental plan'lng, eome b"ln* Bne ?p*'"i men* of Maguolla. Arborvit Qedore*, Deo lora and other flue e-irte, three rear* old. Dwarf P< ar?, Is ine bear ng con Jltion, at |33 per hundred. Nnreerv. West Morriaafln. Greenhouse deportment and oillce, 1? Eatl Pony-ninth Mreei. N. T C. DORAV _ yETERI.V ART f PRO BON AND BOMB BHOER.-W TllnMAH KENNKV. alter thirty yoars' pr> ctl< ? In Charleston, S. C . ban opeued nn e*t?lin*hment on tho corner of Seventeenth atreet and Smrnth avenue. Pti(00AI attenMou to all Vr.eriMMf case*. and IlurieahoeiDg tended to a! very rea* onbie rate*. _____ - WANTED TO P'"ROH \BE?A COUNTER, 20 FEET long. Addeee b l S.iidi Port ofllte. ? f 71 CBNTN PER rOV*D.PAlD POR OLD ROOtS. 4 Nawaurtpe *, Panuiblota, M*?a. ine*/ Nan'i*n?ip?*.?i J Let'ere. Bill*. A ennt Rook*. Ac ? "a-1 before ro i ie1! -T?e where. for we will guarantee to p?* more, tognrdl' ?? t#ad vertieementa, than anv other ho'inea Wi tie eij/i J?rl ranted full welxht. MANAHAN A MlLLAft, WhOMi?'?iod Warehoiiao, 10 Sprue* ftreet. M. ft ? B ere tb? ami Retail Paper' HAH WORTH OPil-UARS, TEAS *Sd Bjjtt ?U,UUU will be ?old ihfe at i?n i th*n whol??al# pr.o#% Iwing ani out c iBtomert ma rftp b*n?tH of it bJ call)** %qp\ Coiia? ?ftrlv, -'Oc 6n ^ * _ SIltRWoOD. >11 Van. * etr???. cornar of Broca* ? jtioAj. ?unr??.^ Chari er EOORiuli ? B*?Kb.^ori< ai i? herrby gl?|B that all redMMj bg.l any olalm u?>?i he **ia?e of N#*lWW>r.fT.fihA Angel xnril i uragmorton A?i#? -4 2 ll W flUn M* -rHhti tiktr L Hi l&X *Xwi

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