Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1864 Page 3
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?ITUATIOWS WAITTED?HALRS. A8 COACHMAN AND GROOM, Oft IIROOM AND VA l?i, under-lands the busiuess thoroughly. The highest testimonials and recommendations forthcoming. Addresa J. C , bo* 241 Herald oihce. TJ A RK KKPRitS SITUATION WANTBD?BY A YOUNO -LI mail wbo understands hi* business and can mil up all drinks, iiood reHrence given. Address F. U , bom 1'Jl Herald office. 44/mvk mb a trial, and il'l guarantee TO \Y milt "?A Uncle yotin* man, 2S years of age. will ac cept any clorxsbip on auy lar^e vessel?remuneration ai ilie option of tu ? employer. Unheal testimonials, Ac Address Me, Herald oilier. "ftj OTICE TO FAMILIES LKAVINO THK CITf.-A RE 11 specul le man aud wife wishes lo procure the eharge of ? bone lor lh>' summer*or longer, give nine year* re ference (roin h.s present employer. Can be aeen from V till 4 at --tu (.in av. RRNT3 COLLECTED-WANTED, BY ft PBBSON thoroughly acquainted with tbe luwness, the renting, collecting und general supervision ot property Tbe beat of reference ami aecur.ty given. Addresa or apply W J. 11. WaMHLBY, 4l& 3d av , between 3c'th and Slat ata. .?______?^Jel ^ i OlTUAtlON WANTBD? BY A WELL BDUCATKD O young man, aa clerk or salesman In any kind ol' busl '???" - ...ikLi- i with the Kronen. Hernial) and English languages and nan also some knowledge of bookkeeping. Address E. W., station D Post office. SITUATION WANTBD?A YOUNG, RESPECTABLE German, twenty two years of ate. wishes a sit uation to do general work. Inquire at 71 Forayth at., rear bouse, NO in No. 0. QIT0ATION WANTBD-AS COACHMAN, BY ATOUNG O ma# w bo can give tbe best of references; Would go to the country if required. Inquire between 11 and 2 o'clock, at 82 WalUt, C1TDAT10N WANTED-BT A TOUNO MAN 18 YEARS O of age todoligbt work on a farm; no objection to the ?puntry; la willing to make himself useful. Address F. 8., Heralu office. Truck oBivebs wanted-must be well ac ?q"Ulhted with tbe city, reference required. Apply to jft frauklin, 20 West ?t, WH> WHOLESALE GROCERS AND OTBf.Bg ?WANT JL etl. a sanation aa travelling agent; baa haul fifteen years' Mpertence id the wholesale business is New York, and kua very extensive acquaintance with many of the best houses iu the Western States In ditfcrent branches; can mve the <*st reference as to busineta capacity, Ac. By ad dressing Business, box 180 Herald office, will meet with prompt attention. TO WHOLESALE OROCFTiS AND PRODUCE DEAL ers.?Wanted, a situatfou as trave llmg agent or sales ?an; has exiooslve acquaintance In tbe Northern and Western Slates; lias had tltteen years' experience in tbo business; referenco gl**5n. Address J. W., Herald office WANTP.D?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION ON board of souro steamer, ship, or any vessel bound for Uie ocean, can writ* a fair hand, and Is tolerably quick at igurei. a-'in r- h a. T. 0., Herald office. WANTBD-BY A YOUNO MAN, 18 YBAR8 OF AGB. lately in a banking house, a situation In a stock broker's ofcey or banking bouse; best reference from last employers. Address B D. C.. box 160 Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN. AS tferk or bookkeeper in a lumber yard or builder's office, or Id any i ther business. Address for two days Per saver aace Herald office. WANTED-BY AN EX-OFFICER OF THE VOLUN teer service, a native of this State, a chance to earn ?Ai honeat Iving, either aa clerk, storekeeper or porter; will >work faithfully for a moderate compensation. Addresa W H. V.. Brooklyn I'ost office. WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN (ENGLISH) AGED 21, wbo is a rapid writer and correct at figures, a situa tion aa cierk or porter, or to make himself useful about a ?tore; unexcept.onable city reference. Addresa T Mart, Ototlon C. DI/ANTED-BY a YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION TO " learn ornamental and fresco painting. Addresa F. H., Herald office. WANTBD-BY A YOUNO MAN FROM THE COUN try, a position ai assistant bookkeeper, entry or ship ping clerk, Can pive good referencea. Addresa for two litya W . T. W.. Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, A 8ITUATION ON A larm; understands all tbe brancbea about farming. Inquire at 84 Sullivan at.. between 12 and 1 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION. A8 COACHMAN, BY ft single man; his the best city references; has no od Joetlon to tbe country. Can be aeen at F. Tntlnor'a baroosa tore, corner ol Broadway and Astor place. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION IN A flrat class house, either city or country; ? cloth house preferred. Addresa A W.. Hentkl office, for one week. WANTED?BY A TOUNO MAN, A SITUATION IN ft bank or 10 a store aa porter or runner Best Of refer ?ooe cim be given Call on or addrtaa the President of tho Fulton Bank, corner of Fulton and Pearl ata., for throe day* WANTBD-BY ft SCOTCHMAN, ft SITUATION A8 coachman Unexceptionable references given, Can be aeen at Mr. London's, harness maker. 79 Bleecker St. WANTED-BT A YOUNO MAN, A CLERKSHIP* ON board of some steamer, ship or any vessel bound for tho ocean ; on wr>te a lair hand and Is tolerably quick at ftgurea. Addie?* a. T. G., Herald oillce. HELP 'WANTED?MALES, 4 GBNT8 can make $soo a month by oogaging in tbe sale or our <;BKAT NOVBLT1 i'BLTY PRIZE STATIONERY. PACKKI.tMi SPLENDID STEEL ENGRAVINGS. We oiler tbe greatest chance to make money ever kown, ?Bd present every agent with a fine watch free. $16 c*pl Sal only required Full partu ulars in circular, mailed free. G. 8. HASKINS A Co.. 3* Meek man stree>. N. Y , original and oldest prize bouse iu the United States. AGBNTS GUARANTEED $20 PKR DAY CLEAR, AND a beautiful gold or silver hunting case lever watoh rented free to ea.-b agent who sell* the great novel the American Prise Package, each of which contains Yankee notions, many ways to set rich, fine presents of rolrv. Ac., Ac., worth many dollsrs if bought separately, only 26 . ems. One hundred packages, with preaonts and gift of ? superb wsteh. show bills, and aole right for a town or county, sent anywhere on receipt of $16. One hundred eaa be sold In a fow hours. 8ale??1ti.mense; profits large. Agents wanted In every town and camp. Send for tho Great American Prize Pachage Company's circular, eon lainlnc ettra. novel, premium indncements. free. Address 8real American Prize Package Company, 1U3 Nassau street, N. Y A COMPETENT WRITER, TO WRITE A SKETCH or the Hudson nvtr. its pe< pie. its scenery, and every thlnn i'f interest on its banks, to go oti the hack of Lloyd's ,?I0>? map of tbe Hudson river. To a worcmg author tbia ? a i <rr , l ance. Address only J. T. Lloyd, American msp publisher, 164 Broadway. AVOWO MAN. WHO UNOERSTANDS THE ORO eery business, and can ronie wel l fvomtuended Irons his last idaee, can call at Sherwood s cheap grocery, HI Yarick si., between II and 12 this da?. None but Atnerl eaus need apply * HOT WANTKD-W1IO CAN v RUE A PLAIN r\ hand, unj reaidca wiin hi* parent* Apply at 111 Kul id ??.. *eccud tioor, room h". 1. A FRRNi a OBKIUM OR ITALIAN MAN COOK FY wauuv., m a private fi.mlly, mual under*tand English ad be able to produce good city reference from Mi laat (lace, to ? hom food wages will tie given Call at the Herald diee thl* day (Wednesday), between 10 and 11 o'clock. A TTKNTION.?WANTED. 140 STOt'T TOUNQ MSN & for a I Kinng vovage to Davl* Siriilta an<l llu l?on Bay. 'ovage lor (iv month-* will pay men from $30 > to SOW) for lie trip. Outfit fiirni*lied. Co k carpenter, cooper and tack*iuith wanted RANDALL A GOl'RTNKY, Corner of Chamber* and Weit street*, up stair*. t WAITER wanted-APPLY ATWELLERA HDD. (\ aon'a reata irent and ioe cream *aloon, 80V Broadway, Klween lltb ami l-'th *t. BOY WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICB. APPLY AT NO. V8 Broadway, room No. 7 BHOV WANTED?KROM 18 TO IB TEARS Of AOE. TO anna! an eutry clerk In a commiaaion har iware itore. lalary. brut year, $100. Addreaa bus 1,140 I'oet oQlce. BOV WANTED?IN A DRUO STORE; ONE HAVING ?oine knowledge of the bukiaeaa preferred. Apply at ? ?i, Spring at . corner of Marlon. Bookkeeper and tally clerk wanted in id a wholesale jobbing home, two laletmen, whole, lale gro- cry olerki hardware Mleamen. wholeaale and re al! drv g.iod* aalmiman. asaiataat bookkeeper aod entry ijerk, abipplng aid general clerk two 1 ght porter*, ifan? ihip clerk, two conductor*. barkeeper* aod portera. Otber ntuat on* open Merchanta luppllod gratia. Apply at tbe Merchant*' Clerk* Agency, 80 Naaaau at. Bookkeeper wanted-a yocno man. writ ing a goot! hand aod capable of taking charge of a net of rotailxu'* hooka Character peraonal habit* and referen da mint be undoubted. To the right man a liberal aalary Will be paid Addroa* Itroadway. Herald oillee. HANVASSKK8 WANTED-JHO.iOfl MAP FOR $1 1*1 U I.LOfD'B <>RKAT TOPKUItAPHICaL MAP OK THB HUDSON RIVER ahow* IdOuOO realdeucea and owner*' lamoa, took three yearn time to make .t. and cost $80,inO. Bngraved on *teel. al* leet large. and fell* for only $1 80, aioui.ted anil raitiiO' Od $IOaday can be made by male or ren ale cativaawralu New Vurk or along the bank* oi tbi* aoble river Pi intad Inatriictiona how to canvaaa f urniabed ageuta Any one calling attennon of either male or female igeni to thla will reoelvu a full aet of our map* grail* by vrmii* to u* J. T. LLOYD, 164 Bioadway rvin?:nc* or tii* cokhitm's or Tin* air. Ramtiel Hloan Preaidentof tbe llud*on Riror Railroad, fiiliai i ihe? ?1?> loi Lloyd * Ureal Topographical Map of tLe Budoen River COMPETENT MEN WANTED?AT THB MBRCANTII.E Agency, 266 Broadway. Cl?rk for hotel, an aaaltlact bookkeeper. clerk In Inauranoe ofTlco, twooutdoor *ale*men, alerk for railroad, two entry clerk*, competent hardware ?aleaman . alao two grocery olerk* and a timekeeper fur a ennnufacturing e*tab.l*hmenu Other attnatloii* open. Tht* being the only eatabl aliment conducted under *| ecial lloeoao irom the Mator, respectable man can alway* And employ ?Qent aa above. Organised 1869. MONOOIIBRY * CO C1ANVASSERS W A NTBD. ?TWO HUNDRED PER l cent made by eelllng tbe Life of Archhnhop Hughe*. Domion*. ,lc Apply at the office of the Metropolitan Re. ?oril. 4iW Broadway ClAhll BOVR WANTRD.-APPLY BETWBBN ? ANIM j p. M to Lord A Taylor, oorner (trand and Chryetle at*. Coachman and waiter-wanted, a middlb aged elnglo man who thoroughly understand* hone* ?o>l ilriving. to go Into the country lor tbe aummeri on? who ha* had aome eiperience a* waiter will be preferred, and may remain In that capacity in ibe winter In towa. Ap &l? with testimonial* a* to character and qualification*, at I llolvsraity p.a?o. Carpet hewers wantbd-applt to a. t. Me -art A 0? . Broadway and 10th at. Dry ooodh halmmbn wantbd. at the mbr chant*' and Cler**' Heglatry, I II Pulioo atreet Aloi> entry clerk, bookkeeper, general olert, porter, barkeeper, watchman conductor, ?t*amboat clerk, Inanraneo Her*. *a. t ?? ? *ai**in*u, aad grocery clerk. Other *ltuaiioae open 0RPU OLBHK WANTED-A PRRPBCTLY COMPB tent man of ?l>** ng addresa. well po*ted In every iblnii that pei lain* to a flrat rlai* More To one Of the rlgM ?tamp an exiellent rkance will ho glren by applying to Moated. Mil av DHBRirn Cl.RRB WANYRD?NONE HERO APTLY B* cent thoae ihuro ighiy competent, and arcuatomed to ?b? whXiawT buatoeU Apply at Ha.l A Rutkel a, 218 flreenwlch at BXPIRIRNCRD RALKHMBN WANTK.D-IN THE cloak and mantilla, lace and inu*tlo CMrtaln*. and Hne mualln ileparlmenta, Apply In 'be retail '"parltneet, to Lord * Taylor, Oil to Broa<tw?jr, HELP WtKTRO-DIALER. poRTR* wanted?in an importing house * ?JM| *>i?> goo<l reference. Art <tr*?? boi 2.3AJ lout office. CUPERrNTRNDBNT OF CLOAK DEPARTMENT . wanted?a m?n ihorouchly cmiielrnt to take charce ef a clunk department. Apply at 365 Broadway. CHOW CARDS.?WANTED, GOOD HANDS TO FILL U In nod abade; the highest prion paid ; either piece work Ihe week; wa^ea no object to good hand*. BMITU. 22\) Hr adwaj , corner of Barclay at. WAITER wanted-A FIRST RATE WAITER FOB * *"8? family, aud whu can produce coo t !'?'cri'iii' iisrws? "p twcaras VVaitkR8.?koi'r first class"waitkrs'waNT York Club. QOfnej ontth lit. al0 ?v. y ?W ^ gy.amM sr&'maa ?t 18Kxohaiie^^e^iTOmlS. 8Urea" Aw)Jy WMk W^T^O-A man WHO UNDEB8TAND8CARVf*n *jiud.on siijtsuXWMTjISS,? " tl,? Corner y^KauaasMa has sstsjji Hotel, Greenfield, Coney Ialand road, L i ConevliiinH cartfrom rulton ferry every hnur to the door. WA^T.KI?rA SMART, active YOUNG MAN Krdm who reslde? wYth*h"g0panfni'g l'CAd'uriia?0rlinC'h*t "f^V 0De applicant, bo* 3,809 Post office. ' ln handwriting of i^wgaj ? wiari??g&' W^rTE,?"^ TOC1JO MAN, FROM 16 TO 19 vparq ral work onV.'Cl JucT A^"tt?& wXnMnT^ WAatTv:?UJroadway!a MAM> T0 **"*E ICECREAM, IVANTED?A BUTLER OR QkaD WAITPR th a ?^ijs?ss^5ai?s5as^:^^ need apply. Address box 483 Pout office. ?' wanted-A, married and a single MAN THRv ry ANTED?A. SCOTCH OR english WAN nno in ? took. a7Mw rH'veanr^,en ?a;denln? B?<i 5?2?S ner 6th av. m<i 4oth at., N. Y? *l Stable?, cor YVaJJTed?a young man. with good refer susii"?&;ws-.'sa,rS sSiSSiS lfaeV?^:U^ra,ro^ H WART?EK MKN- BETWEEN the AGES * P- VINER. Manager. TV-**Tgp??* youwo man to attend in a QRrT Cedar atfrup 2 *mi 5'"jtu'w^QSTAKF." WA??T?PrA 8TOCT YOUTH, OP OOOD HABITS 1? i-iasA: VITANTED?ABOT. white OR colored ABOl.'T Wf U y?nr? nld, to attend floor. Call at lw ath av w^aagay? VV ANTED?fob AN IMPORTING BUSINESS is wah ^Wly msiiiM reference,, box 3744 Poat offie. ^ WUh ?4 TTTANTED-A respectable BOY ONE WHO hp ?ill. iss.?Wf?f???*??;; tf TyANTED?AN ACTIVE tea clerk. who tho ?t N?n'e other'n^!'appiyf" bUi,M?- " *???'?. ? Ve*y W AT THE WA WANTED?A boy IN A COAL office ? Wnn nu wrl" ? sood hand and la quick at ocurea' "Armi? recommendation*, at M Weat 24th at. f ei Arplj, wiUi WANTED?1 salesman IN DBESS GOODS Al <Ct one in the :ace department ALSO JA& A. UBARN A BON, Tit Broadway. TV anted?A LAD WHO 18 WILLING TO CASRT V\/'anted?INTELLliJENT LADS, BETWEEN THF *' of 15 and M year*, to learn to make alas, hut STiZSSUSS wh';e '~rnlD8 Apf"y " w s?^ ?tb WANTBD?15 A CLOTHINO STORE, A BOY FROM 13 in 17 jears or ace Good referenoes and a good writer required. Apply to C. M. Church. 7c Chatham st. WANTBD-A TOORG MAN to ATTEND BAP. AP pi; ?i SI Mulberry st.. from 9 to 11 o'clock. WANTED-A trustworthy BUT, OK 14 YEARS or upward*. id a real estate Oilire. Address for two daj'?, with reltieuce, lu applicant ? writing, Esiate, box'ttifi Herald ofliee WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, TO ACT AS PORTER IN a carpet more. Apply at 205 8th av AGENTS WANTED?FOB CITY AND country; UV a rare chance for active, energetic men to make money Call upon or address N. M. Shafer A Co., 78 Cedar At., room No 3. HELP WASTED?FEMALES^ At"chri8TOPHER'8 SELECT AOBNCT, 10 T1LLARY at., Brooklyn (fifteen year* established and patronl/ed by All the best famine*). aerranta warned Immediately; rooka, laundressea. chambermaid* and girl* for housework In amall families; place* without waiting Ove minutes; wages $8 and $1(1 All servants and girls lately landed, in want of Immediate employment In city or country, can obtain the same at Mr?. vv HITFIKL.D'8 (f rineriy of tbe Church Home). 387 Fourth avenue, between Twenty-eighth and Twenty ninth street*. An experienced CAP MAKER WANTED-TO a competent person ibe situation will be permanent. A Li lly before 10 o'clock at 5i3 Broadway. A GERMAN OR FRENCH WOMAN COOK WANTED? In a private family . must understand her business le all lie branches, and have good city reference from her ail piare Call at the Herald oQlee tills day (Wednesday), at 11 o'clock. Good wages will be given. A NURSE AND 8EAM8TBBS8 WANTED?APPLY AT 40 West Sid street, between 8 and lu A. M , for two days. ' A FINE SEWER WANTED?IMMEDIATELY; ORB who has been accustomed to tine shirts; none otner seed apply to Mrs. B Morns. No. 4 Amity si., private door. AOOOD OPERATOR WANTED-AT A. M. BUB rough s pb< tograpbie gallery, U3 Broadway. Call for j two <1 ays. _ _ _ _ A GIRL WANTED-MUST BE A GOOD WASHER and Ircner and good plain cook; the best of reference from Itei laat fiace required Apply at 143 West42d st "DOORFOLDERS.? SIX BOOKFOLDBRS wanted, AT II Oedner s Bindery, M and 66 Duane St. ("IOOK.-WANTBD, A GOOD t'OOK. WHO CAN COMB J weltreuunmended, to go with a family to ihecouutry for the summer und to as.lst la the washing aod Ironloc Aprly ?t M West 19th st.. fromJUo 13 eclock. DRESSMAKRRP WANTED-AL80 apprentices, AT 33 Wet nth si 1 FIRST CLASS TRIMM RR WANTED ?good WAGB8 ' paid to a competent hand al 47S Atlantic^ ^ First clam farct bat trimmers wanted. none but thoee fully accustomed to trimming used ap ply to Biglnw A Co., ISA Fulton SL, Brooklyn. tjUBBT CLASS OPERATORS ON SINGER'S pfiwing F Machines wanted?Those used to leather work pre for red; nsnnasl employment given. Apply *t 303 l'earl St. (mrl wanted?m a picele faCTObii one W ?>?e .sac st. >med toftllng bottiea; also a girl for goo ? ik ? .xrnwi Apply al 211 West 1Mb St., between 7th and Sib oee ' OIBL Wanibd-hktwrbn is AND It. TO DO SOME , n b -s?w<w* , g.Kid mtuition, and a obani o ?? learn ? m*4 trode Fur parti ulars call al the Manhattan Brewe ry <? Pas* el, near peart. fllBL*. If YOU WANT TNB REST SITUATION!. FOE \JT any ' rooeh of housewwrk you like, la Bret*e f?ml Ilea, hotels ei baardlna hm sea, with good wages and torn 'enable bomes. In city or coutitry, rslt immediately ?t the large employment heote. I3S llib at corner <* #th av. CVP.RMAN CIIA WBRRMAIl) AND WAITRKBN WANT I r ed. lego far the summer wllh a small Amrrlran family j\ 1 short 'listsore in Mie rouelry Must he wntl recematendril. I Apply between V an I 4 at 3* and 38 Barclay st. noitsrkrrrek WANTED?AN AMRRICAN WIDOW ' lady, from fony fire lo Mir fir* yflsr* of a.-*. one that ' would ronMder a good home preferable to high wag v and a I cood sesmMrtaa, la A family of tero only. A.ieirsa M, ? *4. | ^^j!?djeoi^?u?terosiodjee^MhrM^^^^^^^ i1kl.P WANTRD?PEMAI<R4> CJOOD SALESWOMAN WANTKD?TOR A|DKE88 AND " <>louk trimming (tore. Apply lo J. Dariois, 671 Broadway. Hands wanted-to make up lapikh1 undbb linen; good wages and steady work Apply w Ju. A. II cam A Sou, 775 Broadway. Above 'JUi at. Mantilla makeus wantkd-none but kxpe rieueed wnrlier? need apply; to such ihe highest prices will be pud. Apply at 19 Sib ave. MILLINERY saleswoman WANTED.-AJM'LV to Madame Kaltoui, 265 fltb av. SKIRT TRIMMKUS W ANTBD.?TO EXI'EKl H.NCKD band* steady employment. Apply at J. W Dradley I Skirt Manufactory, entrance el Reade st. SHIRT BANDS WANTED-TO WORK IN A 81IOP OB One custom shirts; fitters and finishers. a'eoagood but ton hole maker- Apply to Ifk IVrego A Sun's, 86 Nassau street. . ANTED?TOUR OIRLS, HOOD MILLINERS. IN the store US ave. A; ;ood wages paid and steady work. TAT ANTED?GIRL$ TO PACK TOBACCO. APPLT AT TT 2 ? Water st WANTBIJ-A FIRST RATE COOK, WaSIIEB AND lroner. One who Is thoroughly competent and can tiring the bent of reference as to character and wiliingnesa, can und a good home and liberal wages by applying at Mrs. Eastman's, Clinton av., the tilth bouse south of Myrtle av., Brooklyn. WANTED?A YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN AS nurse and seamstress, to take charge of a child four years old, reliable reference required. Apply between 10 and 12 In the morning at 103 6th av. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL, TO COOK AND AS ?ist in washing and ironing for a small private family on Staten Island; wages no object if salted. Apply at 24 William St., room 10. WANTED-A protestant GERMAN QIRL, A8 nurse and seamstress and to do light cbamberwork In a small family. None but capable and well recommended girls need apply at 47>? East 26th st. WANTED-TWO GOOD. STRONG, TIDY GIRL8, WHO are not afraid to work, for a large family; one as cook, washer and lroner, the other as waiticsa and lo usnist in the washing and ironing; good references required. Call at 258 (new No. 3007 West 22d ??., third door east or ttth ave. WANTED-A LADY'S MAID WHO FULLY UNDER stands her business. Also wanted, a competent woman uk cook, and to wash bed and table linen, iu a small private family. City references required. Call at 11 o'clock, or between 'i and 0, at 18 West -7tu st. WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO TAKE CARE or children nnd sew. Apply, with references, on Wednesday and Thursday, at 14 West 14th St., between 5th and Gth avs. Wases (S. ANTED-AN HONEST, RESPECTABLE AND IN dustrious ulrl for general housework. None but a thoroughly cleanly personjneed apply at87 West 27lh at., be tween oth and 7 lb aves. WANTED-A GOOD. STEADY GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Apply at 320 Lexington av. WANTED-A GOOD, PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND lroner, in a small family. Good recommendations re quired. Call this moi-ning at 40 West 24th St.; wages from 17 to ML WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL AS NUR8K AND seamstress; she must understand plain sewing and embroidering , (ierinan or Scotch preferred. Apply in 60ih at., second house west of 6th av., south side. WANTBD-AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 18 OR 18 years of age, as clerk in a first class fancy store. Apply at 389 4th av , corner 28th st. WANTED-A GOOD 8EAM8TRRSS, TO WORK BY the week or month, in a private family. Apply at No. 7 Hanson place, Brooklyn, third door above Fort Green place ? TA/ ANTED-A 8TBADY. ACTIVE GIRL, TO ATTEND TV a bakery and confectionery on Broadway; must come well recommended. Inquire at Simpson's, 438 Broadway, corner of Howard St., before 11 A. M. and after 4 P. M. WANTED-YOUNG LADIBS OP PLEASING AD dress, to wall on tables. Apply at the Beveille Saloon, 604 Broadway, from 1 lo3 P. M. during thta week N. B.? Ladies of good address and capable of waiting upon gentle men and conducting themselves in a proper and ladylike manner, can always obtain situations In the above establish ment, at liberal salaries. B A. fclMONBON, Proprietor. flT ANTBD?A CHAMBERMAID AMD WAITRESS f? who thoroughly understands her business. Apply, with reference, at No. 6 Amity place, between Amity and Bleeeker sis WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, TO TABB care of a child and assist In the housework of a small frftnily; references required. A poly this ^a>y at M Prince sl, near Myrtle av., Brooklyn. .. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENBBAL HOUSEWORK; must understand washing and ironing well. Apply at 232 West 27th st WANTED?IMMEDIATELY. FIVE MILLINERS; blgneet wa^ee paid; none but the beat need apply. In quire at 480 Grand u., N. Y. WANTED?A PROFE88ED WOMAN cook, TOR A private family; 'must be German or French, and un derstand English; good city reference will be required; wages $A) to $26 per ssontb. Call at the lntelllgeaee otlioe, 378 6th av. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN, TO ATTEND A BA kery a?i Ice cream Mloon. One who 1* fully oompe tent to tan* charge of the store, and can bring good reier ence, may apply at *teer'? bakery. Fulton av., third <loor from Classen av , Brooklyn. ^ WANTED?A GIRL, TO DO GENERAL. HOUSEWORK VT fur a niii?11 family; one who la willing, obliging anil ttdy; Proteatant preferred; bring recnnroendaHons from ast place. Call before 12 o'clock at 4X4 Pacific at., Brooklyn. WANTED?TWO GOOD MILLINERS; GOOD HANDS can get steady work. None but tboae who underiutd thebuslneaa need apply at W3 Mr. WANTED?FOR A MONTH, A SEAMSTRESS WflO VY understand* line aewlng. Apply at 65 Irving place, between 11 and 1 o'clock. WANTED?A GIRL WHO understands PLAIN cooking and is a uood-washer and kroner can obtain a permanent situation by applying at No. 388 Pacific, between Bond and Nevlna streets. Brmklyn. WANTED-GOOD SPASGLERS, FOR WILLCOX'S patent spangling maclimea. Apply at 375 Uroanway, up stair* Wanted?a kew first class hands, to work on infanta' medallion caps. First cla*s bands will have steady employment and good wagea. Inquire at 441 Broadway, in the store. IITANTED-A young, healthy wowan. as wet TT nurse for an infant three months old: must eome well recommended. ('all at 267 4th a*, between 11 and 12 A. M. WANIKD-A GO<>D. SMAitT OH A M BEAM AID: ONR wlio tb roighlv uod?r*i>iud< Kenerai housework: good reference* required Apply this day ?? 2bl West 21st st. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK TO OO A SHORT di*t?nie in the couutry; she must asslat in the wash mg and ironing and brlnt; good city references. Apply be tween 12 ann 2 at No 2 Weet 16tb st. WANTED?A chambermaid. WAITRESS. COOK laundress, nuree and seamslresa. for a first claas pri rate family who p .v nood wages Apply at No. 7 West 11th st.. between Broadway and University place, from 10 to 4 o'clock. '' WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, TWO FIEST CLASS MIL lluer* aud a trimmer. Apply a'- 277 Fulton at, Brooklyn, up stairs ANTED?AN experienced ENVELOPE GUM. tner Apply at 25 Hen man st. w WANTED-AS KUR8E AND 8BAMCTRE8B, TO GO AmerUan Protentant woman, ca pable of taking the entire care of an infant. Apply at Liberty St., aecoad floor, between HI and 12 A. M., lor two nay* WANTED-AS HOUSEMAID. AN lEXl'ERlENCBD person to go to the country. Apply at 39 Lafayc place, between tbe hour* ot 10 aud 13 A. M. WANTED-POR A SMALL FAMILY, A GIRL FOR general housework. utuai uDderatand plaiu cooking, washing and Ironing, wages$<;month References required. Call after 9 0'cJeck A. *> at 42 .lane st., near Sib ave. ?7ANTBD-A (URL. TO TOOK WASH AND IRON. OR " do general houaework in a private faintly, must have (0>>d city reference. Apply at 9M Greenwich st, near Beech at. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. FOR A SMALL FAMILY, mil it be an excellent laundress; reference required. Apply at 46 Irving place, between 10 and i o'clock. 16/ ANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, A rol'Nti WO vf man who understand* housework and ?at>roMertng. Apply at 34 South 4th st, Williamsburg. WANTED?THRKR UK FOUR GOOD operators. Alto a few good thlrt Calabers, to work on custom shirta. Apply at Litchfield A Dqyle'e, 97 William st., feurtk floor ___________ WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER A respectable girl, wbo la willing to aaaist with the washing aol Ironing, and can give good referent"*. G< r> man preferred. Apply from 8 to LXat 139 Weet IJU> st, he tween Fife and 7 th avea. WANTED-A GERMAN COOK, BY A FAMILY spending the summer In the country, a short/isiai.e from tbe city Apply, between 10 and 12 o clock. atC8 Rem sen st.. Kr >oklyn. ?'<? WANTED?A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN TO oook, wash and iron, for a sn all private family. Must have good city recommendation* for capability, honesty and Sobriety Call at 44 KaetlHtb st WANThD?A GIRL TO ATTEND children, 7N A ? mail family. Only tkoso accuatouied to children need apply, with reference, to Mr* Hartlelt. tbla (Wednes day) lorenooti. at older of American Needle Company, 442 Broadway. Alen a woman to do aewlng by ibe day. WANTED-IMMRD1ATKLY. A STEADY. RESPECT vv able iierson, in a small famny. Only a good oook need apply at 341 19th st. between nth and 9th ave* TXTANTED?A OOOD cook; ALHO A 'JIRL FOB * v walling and ofcamberwork. Apply at 196 Henry at. near State Brook.yn Wanted-a laundress, who can brjno the best recommendation*, at 23 Washington nlaoe. At ply from 9 to |i WANTED-a good OOOK, WASHER and IEONER. ??? Private family. Apply from 9 M 12 at IB Weet WANTED-A OOOD MILLINER; HOOD WAGES given Apply at 1?7 4?> it, near 6th av._ WAHT??74 SORER, INDUSTRIOUS GIRL, TO BO booeework. <k-nd references required. In quire at III Earn 36tb at.. New York WANTED-A RRIPKCTAM.B WOMAN, TO WET nurse a hahy two n eeke old, at her own home; a kind and aitecttoeete peraon. who will uke good care of the baby, will be well pan!. Call at 110 Motl st. WARTRH-A <11 Kl,. to DO THE QENI'EAL IIOI'RE wink In a mt all family, must be a good washer anil Imnei aud have go..d city reference. Inquire at 37 Horn! nick s|. 50 MANTILLA (IIRI.S WANTKD Hlull EST PKIt E paid M t'etlty Arply at A7I Broadway. ur staiAk, Til R TRADES. AKEROBKNK oil dihth.LKR WANTKO?A PER ?ou well acquainted wiln tiie bu?lne*?. and cuiipttfDl to I mftBUiAclurt wnile oil I rum crude l eiroleum and clitsro bot 1 To * BUP*rior workman a liberal nalanr will be gives, with permanent emjloymf nt. Add ret* boi 2*800 Foil ofIk* A BUFFER AND POLISHER WANTED.?TO A steady man. ca|&ble of lakhitr charge of that branch la ? factory, and doiug work $;o a wctk aud ?lsady cm pjoymeiit will be given. Address boa tt#J Newark Pest CfllCo. A draughtsman AND PRACTICAL MBCtlAN1C, conversant with everv branch in the building Ul??, ??'.! mating, Ar . of large eipeneuce, wlshe* au engagement. Address A B , 28 Oil slip Ccarpenters WANTKD.-80 OOOD HOUSE CAK J uenlcr* wanted immediately; for steady workmen thla offer* a place lor cotioaut employment and good wage* Apply during thla week 10 0. Arnold, 22 Bowery, or 347 3d ?v., In the store. English cracker baker wanted-at ,?ie 13 roadway. Engineer-w anied, a situation to rum a stationary engine; good reference; nearly four year* In )Mt place. Call on or address, for luree da;*. I'. Voting. 21H Weat il?t it. or John Lang, at New York Lead Work*, Cen tre at. Gardener wanted.-wanted ah gardener. to take charge of a gentleman'* place at Morristown, New Jersey. a middle aged single man, thoroughly acquaint ed with the cultivation of grape* and flowers He mult brine unquestionable recommendations aa to capacity, in> duitry and eobrle'y App.y at ti University place. Harness makers.-wanted, six or eight first class harness makers. Apply for one day al 79 Bleeckerst. TBWELLERS -WANTED, A MAN TO MAKB ETRU8 cl oan jewelry; also a boy to learn the trade. Apply at 18 John st, to John A. Riley. Machinist wanted.?a good machinist can And employment by applying at Herring A Co.'? sale manufactory, corner of Hudson and 13th his. Pbotographer WANTED?to AN BXPBR1BNCKD operator a permanent engagement and good wages. Apply at Pendleton's Gallery, No, 6 Chatham square. SHIRT CUTTER -WANTED, A FIRST CLASS SHIRT cutler for a Broadway furnishing stoie; one acquainted with custom Ordered work. Also good shirt hands. Address A. B. C, D.. Station A Post office. TO PRINTERS -TWO STEADY COMPOSITORS ARE deslrou* of obtaining permanent employment ou a weekly or evening newspaper; no objections to the country If wage* satisfactory. Address Printer, box 1J4 Herald of flee. New York. TO TA1LORS.-WANTED. by a young man a situa. Hon to learn tne rule of cutting in some re*pt> table firm and make himself generally useful. Apply at 2<I8 West lClh St., for Jam'*.- Donnelly. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.?WANTED, AT MRS. MOORE'S gallery, 421 Canal street, a good photographer, lor nega lives only. Also a good ambrotypist may find a permanent situation; only there who are perfect workmen need apply, from 111 A. M. till V P. M., for two days. TO CARPENTERS.-WANTED, TEN GOOD HANDS, at 41 Eaat 40th st. Call belore 7 A. M. Three carpet upholsterers wanted.-will engage for one year. Apply Immediately at Huated A Carll'a. 2V5 Fulton si, Brooklyn. fPHKKE GILDERS WANTED.-APPLY TO BCHILL A X Dmman, 635 Broadway. Wanted?a first rate gardener; a man and wife (wltiioul children); be to be gardener, his wife to cook, wash and iron, for the summer. Scotch or German preferred. Must be <em|>erate an<l understand their business. Apply at Washington av,, corner of Atlantic av., Brooklyn. Wates-good. T\ ANTBD-A OOOD mounter. TO MOUNT SMALL VY and large photographs. Only one accustomed to the work need apply at 711 Broadway. W ANTBD-A CONFECTIONER, FOR PLAIN CANDY and pan work, to go to Connecticut To a good and steady man liberal wages will be paid. Apply for two night* to H. C. Beeker, 143 Weal Slat st. WANTBD-A good FILE FORGBR, two GRIND, ers, ocil four cuiters on bastard files. The highest price* paid. Apply at the Eagle Fll* Works, Patorson, N. J. WHITFIELD A WALL WANTED.?A OOOD CLOTH DVBR WANTED. APPLY at Llpa A Michel's, 128 Fulton st., 4th floor. nr ANTBD-TBREE first class brass finishers TV on fine'machinsry, model* and Instruments; also one pattern maker, to do general work. Apply at 4M Eaat I Oth A. Steady work. <1C CARVERS WANTED-TO OO TO BOSTON, TO <uO work on pianoforte lega Steady work and good wagea to tint rlaa* workmen; none other* need apply For parti cular* Inquire of H. B. Bailey A Co . BOS Broadway, or ad dress Flaherty A Frohock, 282 Washington st., Boston. VHJLNCH ADVBRT1BEMENTI. /\N DBMANDE I'NE KEMMK 1)K CHAHBKK FRAN ' V_r calw. ucbtut cottier el fair# le* robe*. S'ndrcaaer, entre 10 ft 1 heure, an IB Eait 16th at. Ella dolt fourntr de bouori rccomma-nilatlona. UNB KRANCAISE DESIRE voyager AVEC UNH famllle eu Hurope. 8'adrescer par lettre a 8. M., 87 Suffolk it. USE DAME FRANCAISB DUN CERTAIN AGE. ay act fait dee etude? trea complete* et poaaedant I'h i bitude df 1 enaelgncnienl de?ire tro iver a M placer dan* tint- fannlle particullere |<our falre l'e.lui *tloo dee enfana, ?a comma lnetuutrioe dane mi penaionnat de demoiaailea. Kl> dounera lea meilleura certificat de capeoltes et de mora lite*. Ecrfc-e a l'edlteur Uu Cuurrier dee Hlata-Unlc, V8 Walker it. PKRROIIAb. CHOCOLATE DROPS.?MBBT MB THIS EVENING (Wedneaday), tame place, 7>i o'clock. (1ARRIK PAUL WILL FIND A LETTER AT THE J Midlton square Post olLce. WaaliWtou cart, 16th June laat. SILVER CUP. Evans.?i felt leaving toet much, i seem not to have said many tiling? I wlibed. Pirate write at on'e. and try 'o find tome way In which I ean reply I mum we you again soon. I think by perauaalon jnu could eorae bare for a lew dayi. Do try. Do you aee the Herald every day. EVAN 8. INFORMATION WANTED-OF PATRICK MAGBATH, a native ol the pariah ol Uoran. county Kilkenny. Ire land. wuich lie left about two year* ago. Any information of hiH whereabout! will be Ihinkfully received by Patrick Farrell. 48 Croaoy atreet. Philadelphia papera please ropy INFORMATION WANTED-OF ANN PARKS OR ANN l)r?dley Kbe left her home euthe29tb ol March and nolhian h?F been heard of her alnce. Any information con cerning Iht would be gladly received by bet eluer Jenny Parke, at 608 Greenwich it. 1 HAVE SEEN 8 . HH IS DOING ALL IN HIS POWER; A U i* alrni deeply interi-ated: I waa with him two hoiin <o dav; Important matter* at Albany; U. and 8. both going up. I uiay be with you Tbumday (hupe hot). _ PiDGEON. IF MR 8. SOLOMON FORMERLY OF THB FIRM OF llnd* A Mor mon, will aend hit addreaateG, boi 1,018 Pot ufliot, be will bear tram an old friend. IF THB 1-ADY WHO LEFT THB JEWELttY 8TORE, and entered a ca-iriage oear thoe<>rner ni Broadway ami Canal atreet. atKiut Monday ^lteru ion, la willla* to inane the acquaintance of the gentleman wbe noticed her, ahe will pleaae addreee C H. Llvlngaton. Hcia'.d office, IF rill LADY WHO CALLED AT 18 WEST PIF1Y fourth Kireat laat Winter, and cava little Clara two do.lare ?till wiahea u* adopt bar, ehe will pleaaa callXamediately IF THE LADY WHO ENTERED A FIFTH AVENt'B ? age at Fulton ferry and gat out corner ol Broadway and H">?ton euvet. on Hat irday about J>, P. K., and then went an far a? Forayih atteet, II willing to make the acijuaut aiKo of tfie gentleman who ?at neat to her. ehc will pleaaa addreal a note to J. V. I Harlem Post utile* MR PACL KRBB8T, CABINET MACER AMD carver, will pleaee aend hlaaddreaate Mr Jordan, 07 Water Itreet, New York, and h? will bear frank ill brother in law. Orrbew Attee Mulder Mrs ?oi therland. or philadelphia-re turn to New Tork aa anon aepoasible Call upon In. ?C . at (ft __ MICHAEL HENRY. formerly OF THC I'NITED State* i?att Murrey, and now reaidlng in Brooklyn, la requested locail at hia brother la law ? bouse, it Kaat New ark. N. J.. ?? elater ia dancerouuy ill. Miss SARAH.-SORRY TOU DID NOT KEEP THB ai pointiii?nt laat evening. I called at Nn. 1(M Addraaa C. B.. ho? -10 Herald otlloa. mai ??(iBNTLEMANLT" pickpocket. *7HO BT J mlatale. at tue Fair, on Friday or Saturday laat, took from me * Memorandum Hook. Inatrai of a poekatbook. w.ll oblige by leaving toe eame^addre**ed D? at Hecatd oilice. The iientlbman wn<> rode op in the soi-th atreet 'Br. on Sunday evening, aa<l j awM tow piece of doaUna'ioii caolng hliu to cnange ura, would like to meet the k.dv wlio loat her handkerchief and in her hwr* held a mar Hv herauawenng :hrongh Peraooala. aud ap omting a plaoe of meeting, ahe will oblige U/HRY. T~HE ADVERTI6EK HAVING DISCOVEEKD A VERY vt'iiable luiprovement in the Renting ol Sugai and in the Purlfmut Enract, wlabte lo make an a.range ment w th a pert* ftetenev and of auperlor builBeaa tuall fieation- to introduce hie Invention lo th?' trade. I' n'. be a nerle< i ?enllem?n. of fln? addreie, and e'louid be etteualve lv acutiAlaiol among brewera and augar refiner*. AUJreae gugar K ?finer autb.n/l. HE *0UNH LADY WHO ON TUBTDAY MOBKTNG rode down to Wall atreet ferry in t MaiHaon aavnue atace acd who *?ked the a arter If a lady fiom K ooklj t bad Inuu red fur ber, and who amlled at the r?"'ig m?o eit'ing oouoaite b t, who told hei to read Peraaiial. Tn New lerS Herald, wlifn leaving tke atage, win oblige fclm by adtfreae. log E. C . Herald office The yovng lady who mbt two gentlemen j about ? oVloen A. M onTueaday In Mat Forty firat J ?treat near riecotid avenue, will coofer a favor on tbe elder i of the two 17 mgnlfying permaalon to cultivate her ao- \ SAB VjriUS^StaRff.Kr-1 Ti l the ybuno lady who bowed to tbi ?entleman at the hotel from her carriage wb.le wait ini on Seadai afl'rnocn, aead tier ndtlreaTWiB Sinclair, Mm'llaon a<i'i?re I'oat oflleef _ ILL THB YOUNG LADT WBO OAME OVER ON the aunrter to one Barclay atreet ferry boat, on Tne* dar the 12th Inat. and eame through the gate on the Hnbo ken elde and imineiUately turned aroitad and went back to Mew York by Canal itreet boat, be kind enough to aeaii her adikvue or where ?he can be wen, and ?h.? may hear eome SStabe 7a'vanMfe. Addre. L W. G., Hobebeo Port nflleo, N. J. WAS TED TO (MTB AWAT, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, a femnte ln<*?i, lo a kind WnH; Jor ad ay. t oo; peifiet In for* Aid healthy. APl' yi^arri CO A In C^'ANNRlT<C0AL ?NOW LANDING, FROM PIMP PER I aeveraaoe. pier N& ? North river and Ihip Albion, iner Mo- 47 Kaat river, lace Hall hand pieked Cannel. Dealer* ? ho have eoganed from theee ahipe will pleaie aend carte. Cenaumerecaa be anpeiied m ainall lote. W L. NORTH AM. ?7S Penrl atreet tf?U PBR TON -RED ANO WHITE ASH (OAI., i Jill aerrened aod delivered Stove, egg and furnace, %* 7ft; i lace (.9 Appiv It IW Waveney p ace, near HUth ave | ? nr w H??rr? "raer of Ihird iireet, irt'l 4W' Pearl i r?f atreet. And mWHk TIIK TIJKr. FASHION Pl.RABURB grounds.?trotting on APnl ,5' ?? 1,1 "?? ?'???* ?*? M. Mated for Mile fceatM, Cm*nt two 10 tnree, in harneiu*. Good ?nd go?d track. Owner mmei b. g. Patrick Ueory; W. Mart/D aames Roan mare. _ JOSKPR rROCflBHOIf, Proprietor Tn??/?.ES',?HRATKD TROTTING mare, lady mi u f ' I ^wnteil by Mr. BONNEK. the proprle kT,# Jl*w w1'* ki Metropolitan Fair for tbo ^ k^irtlnn i?!k ? ? JpULr*, ?IJ1 fce Ml<i at pub nn '?* '*'* Pa'aee GanMh, In (hi' rtty. April 14, at one o'clock. Term* cash oil the Union course, l i.-trottxno.-on Thursday, April 14. lit !'<. o clock P M., a purse <>t $fiH. tuHa heat", bent ttirf^ In Hv? in haruft James D. Mi Mann mu is Cardinal; Dan M?tu enters i> k Wonderful; II Wood raff enters br. ui. S lly Come Oil I>an Plifer enter* ?? lu- Ma- 811 \W A W ItH'h, 1'roprietor*. HOH?e?. carriages. <wc. A KINK 8ADDLR HORSK, suitable FOR A LAD* for sale. Apply at ibe stable, northeast corner of Thirty-eighth street anil Fifth avenue. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK TOP AND NO TOP DOC t<>rs and Business Wagons. Gigs, Bretis, itockaw.n s slide seal Wagons, Harness, Saddle*. Ac.. aud ten Horse*. See auction sales at 1,401 Broadway, near Forty first atn e.t. APIBE SADDLE HORSE?SUITABLE FOR A LADT, for sale. Apply at W Hunle's stable, 51 West Nino teenth atreei. Anew road wagon for salb?can be skew At 86 Weat Twenty eighth street. A WELL, BRED BHHWN MARK, RISING R YEARS old, very slvllsh; can trot in 2:60 to the pole. Any gen tlernau looking tor a match will do well to nee thM animal. Sold for want of n*e, and will be disposed of much below her value if atyjlled for this week Apply ai William* A Co.'* (table*. Court (trect. near Union. Brooklyn. A VERY FINK BLACK HOKSE FOB SALE. SIX year* old, J5'< hands hltrh, Bound, kind and gentle; t* just rnimtiie country, untrained, and promise* ureal speed , aired liy a Hlaek, hi* dam a Hattler, lor style aud beanty of action be I* unsurpassed. The owner purchased liim lor his own use, but a change In business Hutu e* him to sell; I* an excellent saddle norae. Can be s?eu at b5 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Along tail n \pple hiay trotting horse for sale?IS'4 hands high, six years old. sound, kind and geutle, and can trot sure In 2..'>0. Also, a roan Horse, 1ft', hand* b Igh. seven years old, sound nnd kind, a Rood double horse; eau irot in 2.46; a bandaome squaro ox Wagon, city made, with Pole and Shalt', nearly now, aud two sets of line single Harness, at 1,339 Broadway, near Thirty-seventh street. Barouche and harness for sale?all in perfect order and goo<t ae new. Lowest price for Ba rouche, $?<"; Double Set of Carriage Harness. $100 Apply at stable,367 Carlton avenue, near Fulton ave., Brooklyn BAKF.R S HOKSE, WAGON, HARNESS AND SLKIQU for sale?As the own"r has no use for them; will be ?old together or separately Inquire at 147 Madison street. BCSINKSS WAGONS OF EVKIIY KIND-CONSTANT. Iv on hand. made in Ine best manner. You will Itud this place as favorable as any that can be found. Every ar ticle got here warsntei! na represented. STEWART'S wag on factory, Fifty third street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. . CARRIAGES FOR SALE.-?*) LIU It T FAMILY CAR riages, comprising all tbe latest styles of une Calashes, Rockaways, top and open Buggies, Park Wagons, Ac., seil lag at the lowest prices. No. 10 Nevin* street. Brooklyn. POR 8ALE?TWO MARES. FIVE Y-KAKS OLD. SOUND and kind; suitable for any light work. Inquire at No. 29 Ninth avenue. For sale-a very superior coupe hobsb, dark brown, 16'4 hands hi?h, very stylish, warranted sound and kind; sold for$6iK) the owner having no use for It. Apply at stable No. 8 East Eighteenth street. Fob sale?A PAIR OF BAY BORSES; will bb sold at a sacrifice before the 15th instant, for want of ac commodation. Apply at stable, 237 East Niolh street Fob sale-a fine bull and hbifbr, threb vearsold; the bull Is pure Aldernev breed, and the heifer between Aiderney aud Durham; she 1* within two week*of calviog; both are perfectly gentle: price f5Jo for the two. Aiao alx fine milch Cows, from $60 to $lfri each. Alio a two story basement House aud large Barq. Apply to HUGH SUTHERLAND, Carteret avenue, Claremunt, on i Bergen Point plank road, two mile* from Jersey CUr. EOS balb-a splendid brown horse, with black lege and long tail, siiteaen band* high, six tear* , a very stylish driver, (uitable tor a coupe or other purposes. Wilt be sold cheap, as the owner is going to tbe country. Applv at stable corner of ledgwick and Van Brunt etreets. three blocks from Hamilton avenue ferry, South Brooklyn. Fob 8ale-a full assortment op phaetons, Bretts, roaches, top Wagon*, topjand no top Buggies. Hoed and Express Wagons. Also 26 second band Carrlagee and Wagons, te pay stoiaga. by D. W. tVES A CO , 1SS and 167 Broadway. Fob sale?onb pair op stylish bay horses. over 16 hands high, wtth Barouche and double ptnted ? Harness, all in good order; will be sold separate if required. Oall for (Jeorge, at-?2 Lexington avenue. Fob sale-a wbll established fbed and Livery Stable Business at Huuter's Point, opposite Long Island depot. The proprietor having other business requir ing lil* attention would otler Inducements to the right man. The building could be turned Into a hotel, whlnh would pav. For particular* call en A. L. PURNEY or H. 8. OE BEVOISE, 132 Nassau sireet. New York 1j*OR SALE-PRICE $1,00(>-A PAIR OF BROWN P Horse* (horse and mare), fifteen and a hair hand* high, seven and eight years old. unsurpassed In stvle aed spirit by *ny pair in the city. Apply, betore 10 A. M., any day at 00 West Fifteenth street For salb nkw and second hand top and no top two seat and Jafger Wagons: four and six sest Phaetoas. one Dog Cart, and second hand Concli. Prto* 1 $160. Poles, Saddles,iBriiiles, Harness, Ac At 27 Wooster street. For sale-a pair op very stylish carriage liorsea, 7 ?nd 8 years old. dark b*y. blsclc points. lung tails, 16 bands high. a responsible guarantee will be given that they tare perfectly Bound. kind and (entie In all har neaa. Apply ?l private atable No. 4ft Oreat .1 onea street For bale-an elegant ?4- road wagon, wade by Brewster a Co. to order, having been used but ? few times. Also a set af dm Single Harness. Inquire at 834 Greenwich street > For sale-a pinb'brown horse, over sixteen hande blab: ke la soaad, young and stylish; aime driver, and well calcinated for a family or coupe. Can b<i (?en fur two days. Apply to JAMES VETMAN, 96 Broome street. FOR 8ale-A BAY mark. i3>. HANDS HIGH; WILL be 7 in June, perfectly kind In double or single bar nesa, Is also a cood saddle mare. Price $'100. Can be wo al private stable 12ft Wcat Twenty secoml street till 12 M and after ft P. m For sale-a coipe eockaway carriaoe. made by lliner A Bt.vens as good ss new; sidrs and back paneled, platform seat. Inquire corner of Pacific street and New York avenue (Bedford), Brooklyn. Price $40). FjlOR BALE?nnk english sociable, BUILT BY 1 Wood Brothers ote English Landau, built In Lon don, b tli but little used, tery stylish. and in perfect order; further particulars at k5 Exchange place, rooms 1 anil -, from 10 till 4. FOR sal E?a WELL bt'ILT PONY WAQON AND Harness, all In perfect order; the Pony i* Canadian, aound and kind, sii years ol?l. Can be aoeu until sold at 140 Ntantatl etieet Fior BALB-A VALUABLE GRAY HORSE, SEVEN years old. iftm bands klgh. aound and kind; ran trot In tkree v,.nutes to a n?d wagon, and In 2:90 to the pole; one set of light Harness, mud* by Ounacotne. one toad ft ?on Bisnke* Whip, Ac.; price $a<0; the property of a gen tleman go ng out of the city Apply at Dr WlLKS , Broad way ?od Thirty*seventh s'reet, from 9 tills. for BALE?a BLACK MARE. 1S\ HANDS HIGH, a; styii.:h and suitable far a coupe or carriage bursa. In. qaireof dorsby. rear atable lot West Eighteenth street, from ? k 12 A. m 17h)b BALE -TWO MULE8. IN FIRST RATE CONDI F ttor T ? be sold tor wimt of use Apply at A. mr IRIUB'k office. Twenty-second street below Tenth a^enne. i?tir TALE-A GRNTLB, WELL broke FAMILY j7 hum, Wagon an l liarne?s Can lie seen near the As tor Ho >ee by callibg on il bkown. No. 3 Barclay sti> et fj?or SALE-A pairofbloodbay horses, black jt snaries. tails and legs. j ?, bands high; souud, kind styl ish an<l ca near perfection In match as possible. price $1 00'. B. W. BURNET. da William street. rr tALB-A FA1R OF BAY RATTLER marp.S. lea* talis, ft and 6 y ssrt old, perfectly aound, aad kind la either single or double harneas. with verv little driving ran be mad" to trot together In three minutes. Als > liar neea. Blankets. Ac apply at s able 7ft West Thirty ninth st. For balb-a top bbgoy. with pole and Sha.'t?. in good orotr. made bv Miner A Stevens will be soldat hair iw value ir allied for soon. Apply at wll Bams a Co.'s stable. Court street, near Union, Brooklyn. |jh)B SALE-A si YI.IHII IiLA< k M ARE, PROM THE r country, of good st eeS eoood ana gentle Prlee s*in. ?" be se-n el J. N live.or s stables, corner of Hutu avenue aad Yblrt.eth ttreei. c*or BALB?a BEAUTIFUL SADDLE HOBSR. ?,n*> hmbeas and is fast Can be se- n at 45 Oreat Jones slrw* from it to 3 o'clock. tfor SALB-A VERY FINE DARK BROWN HORSE. J 111 , lands high. Flying Clcud stuck. 6 years old. long tall: oat. t-ot a mile la 2 so, warranted sound sn.l kind. Price $4id To let. also In p. Irate stable, three Stalls aod carriage r m . Id Forty nrst ?re?'., hetwi-es Seventh and Eighth aver ue*. inquire at 2S2 West Forty second street. fjlor ill b-A VERY handsome BLACK POUT, IS), hat.1s hlgn. 7 years old. ec ml snd kind In har neas aihj ucritr lbs saddle. Inquire at 7&6 Hsoa/lway Il<OR HALT -A SPLENDID PAIR OP DARK BROWN Horses a very beautiful Opea Ctxrtage. of Brewster e make a Trainer tfarnese, of best style. Blankets. Rol**, Ac Would suit a family tor Newport or Saratoga. The turnout of a fan lyjuat about to sail for Burope Call fw THOMAS BUHBB. at the stable between Thirtieth %a< Thirty first street*, Broadway For sale?a handsome coupe rockaway with glaae partition. In good or.iev w'.ui Pole itad Shafts, piioe ?1a> Apply at tbe SUble, m East Fifty.third street near Thlnlaeenue. For salr-a htylikh Bay horse, e yeaes old. 16 banda high, warranted perfectly sound and kind in eeery respect, with rood action, suitable (or a coupe or "??"f- aim.? ?pwb'j'd ladv'e Had 1le Mar* te be sold aheap. awly at 1*8 Kast Tweau-fifth aueet, do* SALB-A SQUARE bo* TOP WAGON. ALSO r two light Rockaway*. to carry four persons laqulre at 1,311 Broadway corner Thirty >mh s reel. For sale-fibst class topbcogt and light Wagons Also Rockaway. light Egpreas Wagon a tto. 94 Waa4 Twenty.nmlb atrest, between Hlith and Seventh a?enuea FOR SALE-A SORRRL HORSE, l? HANDS t TMailsa old, sostad and kind. $itf two hay da., 8 and f yeam ?Id. sound and kind, each f7?, a sorrel do . 16 hands: *?<? a gray do 64(1 inquire at IT Weal Twaaty-nlnih stre?t i until sold. porrale-abayhoksr. i?h hands hioh. pony built, soluble for a carl, truck, or i?e wagrn, aound and kind in single or deuble harness, ('all at MAT. LEVY'S l store, corner of Sheriff and Broome streets fjlor SALE OHRAP-PARK pfi aETONS, ba- 1 a' rouches, rour and SI* Seal Rockaways. fine Buggies , Pour and Six Seat Itepol Wagons, Shirting Beat Ruggiee. Harnese, ao, al TAYLOR S. 66 cedar street. aaoaidiB the i F 1 HORSKS, CARniAUEH, AC. FOR SALE-A SPLENDID YOUNG SOB RBI. UORUK five years old, I6X hand high; would suit * lady ? gentleman: wall trained lo the saddle, warranted sound kind In kll harness. Apply at 136 First avenue. t^OE SALE ?A FINE SORREL HORSE, 16'.; !IANl>8 1 high, suiiabls fur carl or single truck; wil. be solo cheap, a* thf owner has no further use for him. Apply lo 0 J. FTHIIKR. pier 10 Kaat river. fp OR SALE?A VERT 81 TKIUOR BAY 110 RHP, ' nearly 16 hands hl^h, lone hi* k tail and black pointa, will be warranted perfectly Soi'UU and very kind ? v*r> way. Aunly at .149 KH b av. (old number), t>?f> re Id A. M. FIOK BALE?SIX HOUSES AXQNO IBHI H A powerful team of Truck lloruci, prim #32">; oik- suj mar Farm Horse, price t'i0; also a Hue young Mars with foal, price fluu; one beautiful black Pony, suitable for a genua man or lady, last trotter, tirice $2d0, a -o a bamlaorne pony built Horse, price fv will inke other lloraea In exchange. Apply at ho New Clikstbcffl street. For HAM<-.ruNT riOM Tirn countrt-a TUT handsome chestnut colored Mare, it yearn old. 1ft hands bli'li, kind in double and elnele harness; warrant'd in everyjrenpect. Intuitu of II. GAKHMhlt. 13Laureua street. IT OR 3 AI K? A HANDSOME ROAN IIORSB. U\ I? hands. a lirst rate stepper, aound and gentle In doublo and singl ? harpeas; with Wsgon and Harnsss. Price $400. Apply at 62 Bast Fourteenth direct. Union place livery stable. OK SALK-A FINE BAY HORSE. 15>, HANDS, fl >wars old, full tall; well brotten, single and doubic, xo?u saddle horse; free driver; warranted suuud and kind. Can lo seen at Johnson's sUblus, Seventh avenue and Twenty second street. FOIt KALt?A SUPERIOR HAY HORNS, IS HANDS. |n?t 7 year* old, natural tail, la verv taut, and war ranted lu all respect*. Can be seen at .Johnson's slaldes, Seventh avenue and l'wentv second street. JTIOR BALK OR KXCIIANI1F.-Ho YOUNG HORSES. J? Just from t!m country, 14 to 17 h.ttids high, ft to 7 vearu old; one coupe burse. all aound scd kind. Inquire tn li e blacksmith shop, I -li Norfolk street. Fast TROTTINO horse and road wakon for sale?or will exchange lor a llorsi ot lens value. The horae In sound and kind, seven years' old, and .an ahow o natural gait of 2 40 WM. L. TilKRI LI,, 40.1 Broadway. HORSI S FOR 8ALK.-THE FOLLOWING HORNK8, th* property of various gentlemen having no use fos tbem. are otlered lor vale Parties ww,htiig to puichaae may find them dealrable stock:? Bay Mare, 16 banda (Imported), for ssddls and Harness. " ?? " and use. " Horae. 18'^ '? '? '? " " ?? 16 4 " finely bred, " and hsrnesa. " " It. " " trots fast lu harness. " " IftijJ " " for saddle ?nd harness. '? " 16}, " " ?? " '? 15'a ?' Morgan stock. " " " Mare 16 " very quiet, '? ?' Chestnut Horse, 16'f lids. very stylish and fast; trots in 2 60 Brown ilorae, IS " for ladies' use. Bav Mare 15 " '? The above horses can be seen at DISBROW'B sales stablsa, Fifth avenue, earner of Fortieth street. OR8E WANT HI).?DARK BAY, FLAO TAIL, 15'i hands high, good style and action, free driver, aound and kind In single and do"..bin harness, not over 7 yearn old. Address box 1,468 foil oflice. HORSES AND CARRIAGES ? FOR SALE. TIIR COM pleie catabliahnirnt of a gentleman going to Europe, consisting of an excellent pair of Carriage llorves. both good under the fa Idle; one close Carriage, a Barouche, a Muggy, one single and two double seta silver plated Harness. Sad dle, Bridles, Hiankets, Fur Kobe. Covers, and all lbs usual stable spnurtenaue 's 1'osscs.ilon any time before the 1st ot June. Inuiilre at I SKI Madixou avenue, southeast corner ol Thirty-sixth street, before 11 A. M. or alter 4 P M. JUST ARRIVED PROM LIVINGSTON COUNTY. N. Y.?12 very superior Uorte*. comprising fine roach teama. road pairs ami single drives. Call at ilie Metropoli tan Hotel stables, corner of Prince and Crosby slrseu, Matched horses.?a bupbrr pair of bat Horses. 1S't bunds hl^h. A vears Old. of verv e?tr? style; perfeetlv sound and klud and good steppers, for sale low. Address F., box 4,267 Post olllce, with audresa. SINGLE SEAT WAGON FOR BALE?DUHENBURY A Vanduser'e latest style; made last year on order for present owner, in the beat manner. Apply at 98 Bast Be* enteentb street, near Third aveoue. OTABLR TO LET-NEAR FOURTH 8TRKBT AND O Sixth avenue, (las and water on tne premises; first class location; five stalls: feed room 16x24; truck room 12s 60; all undercover; rsnt $300. Address H. Hear it, 1IM West Bleventh atreet. H STABLE TO LET?SBVBlf STALLS. ABOVB GROUND, and Coach House, st 107 East Twenty-third street. Another to 1st next door to It. STOCK OP LITBRY STABLE FOR BALE.?ALL THK Brs'ts, Carnagea, Wagons. 8letgba. Ho ses, Harness, Robes, Blankets, Ac., belonmng to the Livery Btable of the late Danl. W Noma, are ofTered tor sale, In lots to suit pur chasers; also a Colt, sired by the celebrated stallion Heppo. sow In training. For terms apply at the olllce of stable. Mo. ? Bast Houston street, te J. 8- NOBRIB, Br. TO BE SOLD CRBAP OR BXCHANGRD FOR HORSES ?f Issa value, five Horses from the country, from bve to seven years old. sixteen bands btuh; fit for oars, trucks, ex press or any bustnesa; warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 203 Grand street. New York. TWO COACHES AND BRETT FOR SALE?IN GOOD condition; several new lisbt Wagons, with son without tops; also a Goat apd two Klda?Wida a perfect match an<> six mouths old Apply at HC Charles street. rOTTINO HOR8E FOR BALE CHBAI'-NAMBD Ben Bolt, with or without a Too Buggy. H?rneaa. Blan ket, Ac. Apply at 44 South Seventh sirset, Williamsonrc. Trotters.-for sale, a pair brown horses. 16 hsnds high, sound and gentle, plesasnt drivers, can trot a inile In 2 40; will showtime; eight yesrs si d, price 93.000, Address A. Wllllamsou, 460 Broadway. WANTED-A STABLE. NEAR THE BVBBBTT House, to accommodate four horses, Slid aoeoinmoda Lions for a coachman. Address A. 11. V., boa 6,2/1 Post office. WILL BE SOLD THIS DAY AT A BARGAIN-TWO TV splendid Road Wagons, in psrrect order, both city built; one bv Dusenbury. one has run only four times. Call at 100 Wsm< Porty first street. WANTED TO PUBCHA8E?A SADDLE PONY. WELL broken te the saddle, for lady. Also a large, fine i> hands Horse, well broken for a lady to ride, or suitable fos a coupe. *nv one having either or l>otn will go wll to send a note, stating wbsre such may be found, to l'jj Ka<t Tenth atreeL H. PbTT^BONB. NILLINKRV. A" LARGE AND ELEGANT ASSORTMENT Of 8PRINO and Humnur Millinery and Straw Good* of the MWNl ?ad mom appioved aiyle*, iu aU tt>? new abadea ?nil at SIMMONS', 6.17 Broadway MAUAME M. HARRIS EKGB TO INFORM IIKK Irtenda and euatomera ih*i a'.e la now receiving. ol reel from farm. Bonn*-:Wewer* Kound Hata, Coiffure*, Ac. Nu 72# Hroadway, torner of W'uverlejr place. *11'.- i. I .MEW. M EAST TlllRTHRNTH StRKKT, ill between Broadway and Univera / place. ha? uow oi>en an ??eortment of Paria Bonne ia. cape. Ileail Ur m*? and Lingerie Cap*. Ac breaaca m?ne to order. MME. B. WILLIAMS WOULD i*ALL TflK ATTEN tlon of the 'adiea t'J the now a> rival of aeTisral caaea of Pari* Honneta Coliruree, Ho mi Flata, Rlbboua, !? lower, Ac at U* Ninth it., near Broadway. COPARTNKBIHIP. A partner WANTBD-TO M AN U PACT'"RE A MA ohlne called Improved Vegetable VMM, putapted MnrchM. 1884; or, If dealred. the whole potent right mtiII to aoid. Toe ma hlue ?vaa up to tlie pre?enl tune ? (irrai ne ceealty for hutela. rrr.anr >nt(, oyatar aa.ouiia anu boarding hmiae* m It will cut aa m ch vecvtaMea, In anv Ihlcktioa, In Uve minute* aa can be c it wlt.i any otoer apparatua la ? wliole day The machine la faatened under a .omuion table. The tabla cm >tlll ha need for all ordinary pnrp<?i wlthoot interfering with tun norklng ?f Ilia i?a.-hiiiij. In quire of O I'Ki.EL, 21* Rlviugton atreet, *ll?rt l?oma. chine can be aeen. ^ AN E \TI!A?>R|iINARY OPPORTUNITY.?WANTED. A pernon with tl "ii caah, to mteat ?|iiil;jrw'in the ad vertler la an enterprlae bv ?blcb more tun |1(&0W mar l? divided lu twelve nmntha. Addreaa O. H. dr..-to, Toe' office, appointing an interview. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH ABOUT fl.flra) At good chance for u good man. stock oa nand for ?cu rlty. Addreaa H A.. b'H lAJ Herald olliee. A rare CUANOE TO MAKi. MONET -A MAM WITH a email capital can abut n ht intere?t on ISierai '.erma. lo a well aatabliahed concern foi he mnnufa< tare s?4 ?? * of a nearly invented and k'tper or II >ir Dye mid otb?r Touet Artl-le# ||e m at be a tl.oro igfc b ialne?* man .?nd i? ?ce?V manager, of undoubted botieaty md aobriety. None otlieffr. need Apply. Addreaa. wltb leal name and releteocee. J Y C . Herald office. Financial partner -a well established" nantifaciurini: firm wanta n partner, with a. ni?> eon ? ideraule < a?b aaptutl, to take charge ui lia UnaiHiv affaire, co. reapondence. Ac. The btiame*? i* eerv proliiat <? at aay time but e?|,eclally nnw. Apple. per?'inally or hy letter, to HASHKTTA MAt h. agenta for manntacturera. 5i l.eeK.nao. aireet. New Torit None but pereona of anqu< etlounble 'a Mgrity ueed apply. T WANT A PARTNER. 1ST OF MAY. TOR A SMALL J. buKUiena. I have taken a place fa?r kee;^tig bouaa a lone peraou it efeired. I am a wid wer will out l untij Addreaia A. H , aiaiion K, Tbtnl avenue. PARTNER WANTED?IN A BO<?K, STATIONERY and Muite Hlnre: one of the l?e?? In the upp? r part of tbe city. At |eaa| capita; r? ,ulreu. Adureae B<?ka. H< raid fllce. I?ARIMK WANTED-WITtl FROM f(.(MI TO f.MRV in the produce and pro talon b lalneaa alreaay eatab liabtd. Addreaa A B., bo\ III Herald on ce The firm op noble and mvkrs is this dat dlaaolved by mulu?l ion?ent Mr J :hen L. M'<erereiir Ing. HT/. URKaLI) >OBLK New York. April II, IM4. Jl'LIEN U MVKRS WANTED-A PARTNER IN A MANUFACTURING biiaioe??, with a email ?pltal: I'Hiat he a tbemugh mechanic, eapeclally In wood worl. Ad lr-?? Mating where an Interview may t>e bad, J. H. T.. bo? til llerald .jkre, ttttfll -,'a)kt!,,kr wa.nibd. is A ~PLEASaMT i ?i f i.V -?i1' pr,,fltable buama-w. re.,, tlrla.t the at. ?<*? A fltte Income and Ix'ar the >-inaea? ^r?!fi*aveoue ' *' NiK m rhlr?Mftin itr^t. new ISAO -witb^aii^aotivr bisi-MP at#*et. third Boor, lo W FISK B P???ually at 7? SfUiO -partnp;r wanted. WITH to V. mm, in a go.,1 bualne.e of?reAre Pr?'?rr"l who cottM oV^Tw ^effi^0* f?r'n ?1 000 ~a gentleman tvr ilL'y.YMl '"?aiMla aoa-? ? ? MW prpfl IK AT* yare IaIV Ad'treae, wit* real aame. V ?ffic Agenta nead aot a?p|y. J20.000.-^.^?, Inn f.'ii.i O0 raab ai fo?m*uJ.'an iip. etiKaij# in a mechamoil Ajid eatnml< tertng with the party wild ha* ha<' for i be paat ten yeare. Addrec oU"'? at"Jtll. ?25?00s?r n#wln tnft^d ?.o ^ * e. parif rumithin* 1/ - t \ th# noin< es uf thr a , \ v .1- | ll< U.a - * *'?? ? '

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