Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,071. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 18C4.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. TWO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Etna at Now York and Peruvian at Portland. Maximilian's Difficulties Be tween Two Thrones. THE DANISH WAR. TERMS OF THE CONFERENCE* THE FIGHTING AT DUPPEL. Xew Tariff Treaty Between the United States and Japan. The Disaster to the City of New York, Ac., Ac., Ac. Tbe ?tesir.ghtp Etna, Capt. McGuigan, which left Liver pool at noon on tbe 30th, and Qutenstown ou tbe 3lst of March, arrived at thia port at an early hour yesterday morning. Tbe steamship Peruvian, Capt. Ballentyne, from Liver pool ob tbe 31st or March, via Londonderry April 1 , arrived at Portland at balf-past twelve o'clock yesterday. Purser Brown reports having passed several icebergs ta latitude 43 55, longitude 48 50, and encountered dense logs. Tbo ship bus been lying off Pontand since yester day DOOQ. Tbe. new* is two day later. Danish allairs are unchanged. .1 was asserted ibat negotiations between the Arch duke Maximilian and the Emperor of Austria had termi nated favorably. It was rumored that tbe pirate Georgii bad burned tbe ?hip William Orampton, of New York, in tbe Ray of Biscay, but nctbiug could be learned on tbe Georgia, which was rapidly refitting ,o tbe Garonne. Tbo United states steamer Keuraarge tsin the Victoria Docks, repairing. Ibe United Stutes corvette St. Iou.8 is at Lisbon. Tbo now Krencb Sugar bill was causing much diseatia fact I'D. The protocol putting an end to the English protectorate ef the Ionian Islands was signed '0 Iondon ot tbe 2!?tb of March Ms/a.ui wag dally expected at Lt.gaino, n Southern Switzerland. Tbe groat Swiss painter, Calatne, baa died at bis resi dence in Geneva. Tbe ship brunette, from Shields for Boston, put into Grimsby very Jcsay on tbe '29th or March. and it was thought she would have to discharge her c?rgo. Tbe NovaScotian, from Portland, arrived at London 4?rry on tbo lit of April. ? THE AMERICAN QUESTION. The Cotton Trade and Rebel Cotton l*nun. IFrom tbe London Post (city article), April 1 ?) A prlvnto meeting was beld on tbe 31st, of gentiomen connected with the cotton trado, for the purpose of fur thering arrangements to Import cotton from the Southern Bute* by means of ihe purchase and withdrawal Irom circulation ol bonds through a company connected w,tb Paris, London ana Liverpool, lue arrangement ui virtu ally complete. THE WRECK OF TUB CUT OP NEW YORK. Particulars of the Dlaaater. By tbe Etna we have further particulars or tbe <5:*aa t*r to the steamsbip City of New York. Rho was making: for <ji:eens?owu harbor about ibree ?'clock ob the morning of tbe 29th of Harcb. ater a good tan from New York, when sbe struck on a sunken rock, known as Itaunt's rock. It was blowing strong at the |lme from the north nortbwost, but tbo passengers, feiails and specie were all a.-<fely landed. It waa feared tbe ship would Wome a total wreck, tbe ?oca having penetrated her hnuom under the starboard vonker,opposite the mainmast She filled with the flood tiue to ber main deck. Numerous tugboats, kc?, wore promptly engage*! in landing passengers, luggage, cargo, ftc , and in stripping Ukr v,?Hel ol her maats and rigging. lhree powerful steamuiga with steam purers bad been ?ant down from Liverpool. Late despatches say (bat much of tbe cargo would be tared If tbe weather continued favorable but in a dam aged state. H consisted of cotton, bacon, tiams Ac. Tbe owners of the ship lose about ?'25,000 on ber, and tbe underwriters ?70.000. (in tbe morning of tbo 30th tbe water wag over I La Upper deck ol sbe ??hip. The English government is charged w :h cilpah'c i ee llgence iu not having placed a lighthouse on LNt..nt ? rock, tbe subject often bav ug been mooted Kernes on Board. (From tii? Corn Kxatniner, Ma-cii 29.1 The COiiCtilr oti shook all the passengers who had re tired to tleep It i* described as resembling a series of ?bocks, and tbe ship seemed literally to drive over ledge ?Tier ledge as, impelled at almost fur. speed, she dashed epon tue ruck. The water rusbed into ber com pari men is Id tnmense volumes, nnd in a very short time it b<id risen to the level of tbe sea. A sc ene of Ihe greatist confusion ensued Ihe passengers, some ball ures.-ed, ether* as they bad rlicu from eloep. rnsbed about, not tbe extent of their danger, hut think tag. from the terrible shock (be ship received, that site would go down on the instant All attempt to move her In any way wtu out ol the qucstiou. for iu a few minutes a'ier she strmk tbe water bad put out the engine room Gres, and waa still rising. The only thing Uut could b > done was to put out the boats, and to obtain assistance frcm the sb jre. A number of blue lights were thrown up, and signal gutis were tired ine.essai.tly. Help from snore Old not, however, reach tbe vessel tin til about half-past four o'clock. About twenty minutes to three o'clock, tbe tugboat whicb met tbe steamers to re ceive the malls and passenger*, left (jneenstown.tbe City ef New York having been at that time signalled, and pro ceeded out aa far as Rocbo's Point. It waited there (or Nine time, until some of tbe ship's signal guns were peard, and then, surmsing that nn accident must have occurred, the tugboat proceeded On gettnic a little further out, tbe City of New Vorfc was four.d fairly stared upon tbe rock, with ber head turned towards Queenstewn, and within about ten feet of tbe Haunt s Mock buoy. The kateat Newt, THF. TIMIl MAT B* OOT OFF. The ca|tain of the Intnan steamsbip Etna, which arrived at this port yesterday from tbe scene of the acci dent 10 IbeCity of New York, reports that sbe is lying fast on Haunt's rork, just outside Queenstown harbor, a< d that tbe re n every probability mat the vesi^i will he got off again safely. The fore and after compartments are uniniured, and nothing but a gale of wind from tho southeast ran do her any harm Kvery effort was helnc Made u> lighten her and Coat her off so as to get ber taeide Queenstown harbor. daont'b rock. Tbe Tnman Company some time since offered to build, at their own expense,a beacon on Ilauot s rock, but were ?ever ahle to obtain perm.ssion from tbe government to tfe so. It is surprising that otber vessels have not here tofore met the fate of tbe City of New York en this most dangerous rook, aa it is well known iliat sflme have had rery narrow eecapen from being wrecked, Ihe Prlti*h government will now probably s*f Ihe necessity of pre renting for tbe future any more accidents ociurr nt s mi ter to the recent one MTPORTANT FROM JAPAN. Tariff ( onvrstlvn Between the t,nllert htates snd Ihe Empire. TO TII It KDITOH OF TUB ftRHALP. Cnr Minister to .Ispsn. Ron R H Pruyn, sends :he 1c lowing copy of s commercial treaty between that go?. ?rioiett ai d tie I'n.ted .States ? X. W. OWSISTWIS for tie t orpoee of er.rouraging and fa< Misting ths cm mer e ef ctlitcns of tnel'mted Ntaiee in Japan, snd Jailer (!><? deliberation, his i-xcelleney Robert II Trrtyn, Mio'stsr Resident of tho 1'nlted State? in 'star.snd bis Kxr.oliency S.b*ta t'adoiaro, (,'cvern r of Koreign Afla rs, betb havH?x full powers rrom their resp<" nv?! goversB' tts. have agreed on tbe following articles, vi? ? aswf 1 ?The foi cwing articles need tn the prepare I4i. Mid packing of teas shall be free of duty ? ?beet ""?d solder, mitttng, rattan, oil for ps ot-rg la ?? ac,gvpsum, firing pan* and baskets Ain f.?'ihe following artioles shall he admitted stile reduced doty Of live per cent ? Machine* "and machinery, drugs and mndn 'ties ? roti It. |ok? or bars, sheet iron and iron wire, tin plates, white sogai In loaves or .trushe I, g!#s* and glnsi wars otooks wat< lies and watch eh.iins. wines, Mialted and spirituous Hq oars. aki J - ll i vit it-t'-: el tlio valiMnHtMs imwirtug tr export.tig goods shall alway* pay the duly fixed thereon, whether such goods are luteuded for their own use or not. Akt. 4.?This convention having been agreed upon a year ago, and lis signature delayedithrougb unavoidable circumstances, it Is hereby agreed that the same shall go Into eflect at Kanagawa on the 8th of February next, cor responding to the first day of the first mouth of the fourth Japanese year of Hunkiu Ne?and at Nagasaki and Hako date on the 0th day of March next, corresponding to the ttrst dsy of the second month of the fourth Japanese year of Bunkiu Ne Done In quadruplicate, each copy being in the English, Japanese and Dutch languages, all the versions having the same meaning, but the dutch version shall be con sidered as the original. In wlinens whereof, tho above named plenipotentiaries have hereunto sot the.r hands and seals, at the city of Yedo, the 28th day of January, of the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-tour, and of the independence of the United Stales the eighty-eighth, corresponding to the twentieth day of the twelfth month of the third year of Buukiu Ne. of the Japanese era. ROBERT H. PKUYN. J? I HAT A SAD ATA HO. * The prohibition.of the Importation of opium, according to the eimllng treaty, remain* In full force. THE MEXICAN QUESTION. Maximilian'* 1)WittutlIce Between Two rhrnntm-I'lir Now Loae, dt<'< [From the London Post (city article), March 29.1 The Mexican loan is understood now to be finally set tled, and chiefly through tbo Intervention of the Emperor Napoleon, who decided to put an end to the negotiations which were golug on with various flrmt whom he fe.ired might make too good a thing of it It was therefore resolved that the loan should be given, on commision, to French nod English bouses of high standing, and a contract was entered into with Mr. George E. Sey mour, as the representative of Messrs. Glyn, Mills & Co., who at once ratified tho arrangement. The loan will be for ?6,000,000 in a 0 per cent slock at 63, and a Paris letter which we have received to day states that generosity as well as justice Mill be shown to the old bondholder* in connection with the airangement. Very powerful combinations are being made for bringing out tho loan with becoming strength, and in Part* it already commands u high premium. As we have before said, the security of the present bondholders is not to bo Interfered witb, whilst due provision will be made for tho payment of dividends during the early period of the new Emperor's reign, whilst the necessary work of bringing things into order is being carriod out. It is understood that both the Emperor of the French and M. Fuuld give a loyal and honorable support to the loan, which will recoivo every support which trance can givo it short of a guarantee Mr. Seymour was eeut for to conduct the ari uugemont, from the confidence inspired m the French government by tlio success which attended his efforts with regard tc Austrian finance lost year, and in acknowledgment o! which be received tho high honor of bolng presented with the Order of the Iron Crown of Ixmibardy. Tho contract was to be fiually signed for the new i-iui)cror,at Mtramar, yesterday, when the Archduke Maximilian was to accept tho Moxican throne and a second correspondent from Paris inlorms us that it was reported ?400.000 was od Saturday forwarded to the Archduke on account of tho loan. (From the London limes, March 31.'] The agent of the International 1' mancial Society, with a large advance, is still in Vienna, awaiting the result uf tbo Archduke's decision. It is now thought the Arch uuke is required by ms brother, the Emperor, not ouly to surrender his couauual right of succession to tho Aus- I trian crown, but the royal und imperial property. (From the London Tost, March 31.) It is understood ihat the Archduke was ready tore nounce tor his descendants their presumptive right tc the Austrian crown, reserving to himself his title to it in case it should revert to him. The Kmperor ot Austria has one sou und < ne daughter. The Archduke Louis is an elder born brother All of tbege must succeed to the throne before it can come to the Archduke Maximilian It is stated thai ihe Kmperor w--.s inclined to supjtort the views of the Archduke but the council ot the impe rial iamity were of a dilVreni opicion. The fact has been signified 10 the i'reucb Cabinet, while one ot the impe rial archdukes has proceeded to M:ramar In connection wttb tb>a aim jr. Napoleon'* Position. [From the Paris (.oostiiutiouuel, Marcb 31.1 Considering the diversity ol pi t tenuous, I-ranee would not cousent to a con ference deciding the destiny of Bchleswig and Hoist cm, eltbor by choosing a sovereign or dividing those places between diflerent Powers. The only pi sni-ie solution would be io ask what tortii of gov ernment?what sovereign?they desire This solution is in conformity with the principles of the imperial govern ment, and this is most equitable This alone would atlord European order durable guarantees. TR? DANISH WAR. Affaire at Dapprl-lhe German Block ade, die. The village of East I>upj?l was set on lire during ibt ibe recent allied at-saull. Fifty three Danish vnsoi.eri were taken. Ibe Prussian regiment of the fleard loet fourteen killed and fifty throe wounded, other losses not yet ascer tained The Truss an government announces that the blockade of the ports of ttratsund. Wolgaat, liarth, Griefsw.ilde, lamniu and Swiiiemunde has not yet been carried out. The Conference. The London says the conference to bo o;?ned in London 011 ihe 12th ol April is on the hueis of the inieg my of the l nnish monarchy? thai it>. the Powers enter iug into it recognize tbnt the sovereignty ol the duchies bo ons? *o c hristian IX., and the only inestions will relate to toe connection between one part of his do minion* and the other. 10 the pr;nci|>'e ol the oocference France aod Ruaata have already nfseiited, as well as the principal parlies to the 'iuarrel." i here is reason to hope that the (ie'roao Met will not be eo uostlnate as to rein e the preseuco of an envoy. WLsn ibc-e preliminaries arc settled the coherence may be he!d vntli a re-. <iiab:e hope of success; for not ing w ill remain but >)ue*t < ns of ariin.nietralioti, wheu on<e the principle ol the kingd< in c Integrity is etiiah Mini. Mio.Jd defeat embitter the M int of or? of the armien now in Sshleswig; and prolong the war, the victory of the con<,uercig will have t">eu dearly bought. Visnna, March 29?Fvening The C'r'imd Ooiretj rMrru of to-duy tay* England* o' a conference. without bu-i* for negotiation", and withoiit an armistice, hat. been accepicd t>v Anuria, l'r :ssia I?ei mark. trame and KuSfcia. The K-ueial l?iet has been mvitcii to Join ibe cotilerence, which will be^.D Its Hilling ou the 12th of April. nuxiFtR, March 29.1S64 The Burtpt cf to day *aye that the f ederal PM will not vote u> morrow < u tbcquesliou ol the coherence ilie representatives of tho minor Mates await Inf tructii u* from their teei ecUve governments, who are expecting to be made acquainted by Austria and I'rusf a witb ihe basis wlncb the latter intend to lay down for the couclu sion of peace with I enmarlc. Wkimak, Mnnh 29,1MJ4. Ihe n' tmtirtch /.rituitg of to day *iy* ?According to reliable information I ranee ha* declared to ihe Kng'tsh goveri ment that It would not be advisable to maintain the treaty ol Ixindou as the bie n uf negotiations, and that she ci tsiileie un vcrtal fu.1i age to be the only mean* or arriving at a solution. France would exj're->s ibis view at the couterence. The same paper asserts that seme titer governments have made a similar declaration. The Latest New*. Oi-imiiaiim, Marcti 29?0 3d A M. Tbe enemy has left Sorsen, matching southward Yesterday the King arrived at Aarbuus, and at once pro eeeded to Hander*. The l'anicb loss yesterday was only one hundred, where s that of the l'rupslnnr was con siderable Twenty-seven Prussians were taken prisouers. Gha''Knmbi!?, March 30. 1804 H Is reported that a portion of tho Prussian division ot the Guard has gone to tredcricin to co operate with ihe Austrian* >n continuing the siege or that place. Tbe total low of the I'ruHSiau* In tbe Qgbtng heiore f>up|>el rn triflay last wa* thirty-*!* men killed, wounded and mating. All was quiet last nlgbt. Hjkiu an, March 30,19(14. Five *Uan??r*, two iranspori* and one sailing vewal have made their appearance on tbe north of Arco na. Rugcn lilaco. IImwhihi, Mar h 30, 1MI4 Feveral erg neer cfl c> r* o' hlv.h rank have arrived here, in order ir> * rvey and eeIcct ground for tbe erection of new tartiteauaM. The War In Poland. Hum AO, March 80. 1MI4 A deiael ment ol ibpi rgents nder Coven, coming from t?ai ila, cre**ed the irontter of the palatinate or I.ubiin, after an engagement near Radzyn, which luted two hour* Another m<re mpcrhi t engagement occurred near %'(?elock, to the pal.?tit.ate of fiaden. between the insurgent corf* Muler Bosesck, ai d the Rnpsinns, which I* nnl to 1 sve retulted favorably to Ihe former. France. Pari* March 30,1804. Tbe < curt of As* M of the ?, sitting without a mry, ba* condemced Mat.1 nl by i ? otumacy to transport at Ins, or participating in tte dot)?piracy sgamut ti e life of the Kin|tet? r. I be Corps 1 eg r'-atif <? te ad,,i crn to May 20. All Incon venieDt atlneion* t< prt eti u in i.ental cooi| i oatloaawiU thus be avoided The Ituftprtwmnti ri)??iear of ?ari( begitnlcg to disappear m Itaiy Portugal. AJM?i:r.llv or TUB TOBACCO WOKoPOI-T. tj*ios, Uat'vli 2?. 18M. The ii. (? eterlai meatnre for li e al l t on of the tobacco monopoly bat imtud o the Cor tee by a majority of I twenty loitr vote* I smmtnial lntei!t||cn< r. IONIun VldMT MAItKlir. LokihM*, Aprp 1 i*M. I?i *oi?*f 1 ? n #1 HI for money IllitH.'p r<?oiral *liar>w li , a U U d a<' uat? Hie ?hisr?* ;0;, a 71. The 1 .'cot in tbe Park of 11 yiacd t^e d? rr-.Fed lit-f ww. 11 "mi'l.i? ' ol d< r Tin,e? (cltvarl .e) Apri 1 'l.. ? 1 I d.-;o it a' the Hat k yexierilay (3l*t) w ? u iu.. lea v tohlimm |v it tukeb iroix III Rank; but lb? stnte of oontiuenwl exchanges does not Indicate lbe probability of ooutiuued withdrawals. TBI LIVERPOOL OOTTUM MARKET. ljvmoot., April 1,1804. The brokers' circular reports tbe suins or tho week (Ave days only), at 38,000 bains, of which <,600 were to ?i sc* datura aud (>,600 to exporters. Tbo market is quiet and unchanged, sxoept for middling and inferior {jurats, which are one quarter a one-balf of u i>eniiy lower. Tbe sales to-d.iy were 0,600 bales, including a,000 to speculators and exporters, tbu market cloning quiet and unebnoged. Tho authorized quotations arc an fol lows ?Middling Orleans, , Mobiles, 2(1 Sd up lands. 2<i'*d. stock m port, 206,000 bales, of which 38,000 are American. MANCIIK8TKR TRAPR MARK (ST. There is no change in the actual demand or price if anything, tbe homo trade gains. Tbe iuiurior <|u?iitiox of yarns aud goods generally are weaker for all descriptions. LI Vl'.HI'OlL BKKADfllUFI'H MARKBT. Livrrpooi., A|>ril 1, 18fl4 There Is a fair attendance. Whout is in modar.ito de maud at easier rales. Flour is quite nominal. Indian corn is steady. LI VKRPOOL PRO DOCK MAKRKT. l.ivm-rooi., Murub 31, 1SA4. Sugar tends upward. Coffee Is inactive. Kico quiet and etoauy Ashes quiet at 34s. 'or pots and pourl*. I.msood oil Arm at 30b. a 39s. ttd. Kosiu steady. Spirits of turpentine dull, Petri I or, in quiet and steady. LONDON MARKKT8. London, March 31,18?4 HreadHtuffs quiet and steady. Sugar steady. Coder Arm. Tea inactive. Kico Urin. Tallow steady. Splriti of turpeutme quiet aud steady. LONDON PRODUCE MARKttT. Sugar firm; a fair business doing m re flood; other do scriptions not in demand; low lump 63s. Cel. Coffee? ?Several transactions at previous terms, loo?Many salon in green at stifl rates. Kice firm, but not rnauy parties buying. 0LA8G0W IRON MAKRKT. Glasgow, April 1,1804. Iron.?No. 1, 67s 9d. a 68s , mixed numbers, war rants, 68s. 3#d a (8s. 3d.; No. 3, 67s. a 07s. 3d. Market firm. non-Arrival of thr Aula. Halifax, N. S.. April 13?2 P. M. There a nothing of the Asia as yet. The wiud is still blowing houvtly trciu the southeast. Tbe weather is misty. THE FAIR. Twenty-Ave Thousand Visit ors Yesterday. Little Excitement but Plenty of Money, teH Ac., ft*. As everybody knows, tbe weather was wretchedly bad yesterday , but, bBd as it was, tbo Fair whs very nume rously attended. It was the second fifty cent day, and tho second lime the middle clasics had a chance to exhibit their sympathy w tb the grand object of relief to the sick and wounded soldiers or tbe Uniou. The opportunity was not lost. Thousands thronged both buildings?though not to the same extent as on Tuesday evening?and the sales were quite large at til tbe staods in the various de partments. The receipts for tickets amounted to nearly eleven thousand dollars, and, taking that as a basts, it was estimated that over twenty thousand people visited the Fair yesterday. The number of season tickets Issued and paid for exceeds eighteen th"usand, i iid it is proba ble that one third of those holding such tickots intended during tbo day, bo that the number in reuliiy in1 have been nearly twenty-five thousand. ? LITTLE BXCITliMENT AND LITLE VOTING. The day was not very fruitful in incideuts Every thing weut on smoothly and tamely. Kven tlie sword business showed unmistakable signs of dullness (inly a.x hundred and twenty one votes wore milled to the ag gregate ol Tuesday, on which occasion over sixteei, bun dred were i?olled Ihe hlghi St vote from a single person was sevcniv-six, which was registered for Cruut The next highest was,forty, for Mc.Cle'.iau. At eisilit o'clock (?rant was led one hundred and ninety even votes l>> Model Ian, and at the closing of the poll'c; the vole wns en follows ? McOlellan 2,934 Crant , 3,741 t-ealle ing *:j ToUl 7,71* McClollan's majority 10'I Of (be three scattering votes yesterday Fremont got two and Andrew Jacksou Smith received one. THR SOLDIRKS AND SAILOR" INVITSP It) VOTIt. Messrs. Tiffany * Co., (o whose enterprise Is due ibis great leature of the Fair, have made arrangements to re cede subscriptions from all parts of thr country, and particularly from tbo army and navy, from such us may desire to have a vole cn tne interesting quo-lion of who shall get the swords, whether (irant or IfcOtWM. Firni gut or Rowan, or some other military aud naval heroes, l et tbe"bou d soger boys" and the "jolly jack tars' be beard front In notes of thunder THE CNION SQUARE BL'ILDIXO wss well patront/ed. Tbe Kitchen, International ard Juvenile deparimi ills were crowded with visitors all tbe d y and evcuing. Heller, the magician, ssti lushed tlie natives with feats of legerdemain between eltiht and ten o'clock P. M., and performed before ;.n overflowing and; ence. We forgot t- mention among the features of the child ren's department ALST FANNY'S CONTKIBITJON. Atmt Fanny, who hss boen kticwti to lame heretofore by the "nightcaps.'' "milters'' and "pet booke," has written a little story in ver?e for tbe hem Tit of the s ini tary Commission, and which is dedicated to tbe "flea- Utile children who will visit tbe g-eat lair.'1 it Is entitled, "flow Little Katie Knocked at the Hoor of Heaven." The young lolks will be curious to learu the tmAut operandi of Katie's knocking, aud cnu satisfy themselves by pro curing a copy of the story ,n the Children t department, I'nion smare. THK RECEIPT?. The receipts yesterday w?re quite large, not withstand Ing ihe vnlavorabic weather. At tbe Fourteenth street building the following returns were made From sales Mil B8 Ticket* 10.M.I 2 ? Locations 3,071 00 Total ..fJ4,01* ?:i At the I'nion square hutl'ling, the treasurer, Mr. K. .luuson Haw ley, rejiortid ibe receii ts tor the day uo to tbr< e o'clock t" t>e f4,PHfl. which, ad'ied to the receipt. of tbe Fi" rteenth street building, make the total receipts for tbe day f jf<.0O7. Ihe receipts at the ' nton Square building sinct the opening amount to$?i.l26. ADMISSION STILL FIFTY CKNTJ. Tbe price of admission to day will be fifty celits, aud thai price will be continued until further notice Cinderella at Klblo'a-I'hr Lill Contri bution to the Fair. This great Metropolitan Fair eeetn* to have put every body's wt* to work to devise something new which m#j be turned Into a means of swelling the receipts of this noble charity. Ite last we have heard of M a plan started by some itp town ladies, among whom we hear tbe names of Mr*, i.etieral Fremont and Mrs General Vlele, to produce the story of Cinderella; or, Ihe Utile Gluts Clipper?playd by ? b Idreo. The result promse-* to bp a rccr.e worthy of tbe fairies. Mr. Wheaticy offers the use of Niblo'a (iarden, and the representation will bo given on Saturday afternoon, at two o clo k. It will doubtless attract a cro?d of children, who will look on with wonder as they see poor Cinderella, cloth d In rags, neglected by her haughty slaters, and tin n tr.inMorine 1 into a princess We understand that tit* whole thine ta got up in perfect style, and that the roya ti irivt wi.l appi r upon ibe stage drawn by reni Hh i.-n n:? tickets mav he obtained at tha Fair handle m. Four te. nth street, ill the ??a.lery of Arms aud 1> puw?.-, at Nlblo'a and several other plat ? s fhitriren'a Department ol the Mitiopoll. tan Fair, Inlon Square. Tha amoaeraenia In the afternoon haTe prove ! to at tractive that this department has been duly crowded to excess, and children have n many Instance* been prevented from witne?s ng then, by the l.irge atten<lan> ? of adults. The man.'g>merit t,av* therefoie di-nled to charge tha following rates of admission to the afteino q entertainment ? For rbildrer no extra (targe. For persons t eef?sarny k<. ?-ri jany tg then, twenty Ovc cent*. For <ih<*r<\ fifty rents The "eats will be reserved expre" j 'of hiidreti Ibe pupils <>i Mr Plumb s academr COttnlttlug ot forty masters and mases, will give at, exhib'tiou lugvninaa tics aim causthei lea to day at bat' \ a?t tbreo 1 If. Ncwa from Fortress Mnaroe. Forts??? Mcvaes, April 12 1CM. Tha Baltimore steamer (, t aptain l'earsoa, this morn-tig off New Point Comfort, \ ked up tbrsc le eerters in a rtnail skfl. from Yorktown, making for tha eoaterb tbrre Captain I'earai n bailed them three ttmea, but they did not slop till the rnard Area at Ibem and brought them back Tbelr names ara lleorf Holt, Owen Mcl*nnoi gh and ,'ame.s 6c<it ar of tb? Necoud New Hampshire regiment. They were d?i fered over to tha Provost Marshal ibif place. (Hi Sunday evening Thomas Hunter (colored) *t*M>el a youhxster mimed lllll (a so ?olored), wno .llwl ->r the wond l ist night Ranter lias heeu arr Mte<i Two steamer*, tbe A W nanta ,m I the ?(. 0. pierce !? | thai a of Captain Amsworth, l?. t at on# o clock, ilus | morning n sear< h of tbA difiip d *i ? cr flu t is ?? ' rtwnm <0 Caw ?o:unu NEWS FROM MEXICO. TI1E JUARVST GENERALS INACTIVE The French Preparing to At tack Matamoros. Reported Occupation of Xurango bV the Imperialists, kii| &1h Its* Oar Ilavuua Carrtapondcncc. II a \ ana , April 0, 1894. Mexican Affctin? Vidauni and JMMado?FiyhM Near Guadalajara end Death of General Arkaga?Jjuttuy i? J'nrfirw Dicu'% Army?Ike Juarxrts Helxriny from Tabaico? BUh A ule Notice? fttreution of the Junritt General Qhilardki?Krjieditmn Aga.tut Matamoro$? Havana Items? I'rojnitd Park?Hxi teled i tsu from Prince Maximilian, rfc. Tho British mail steamer from Vera Cruz his just brought us da tin from that plate to tne 1st inst. and to tbe '281D ult. from tbe capital, fbi- news is Ices in teresting than 1 expected, since tbore is very little about Vldaurri and allairs in tliut section or the country. Wo know, in fact, uo more than we knew before?that Vldaurri had assumed a hostile attitude, bad sent troops to attack Doblado, and that Mejia was approaching with a similar purpose, Ho arding the voto ot tbo people of New Leon and t oahuila on tbe subject of peacc or war that is, tbe empire or Juarez?wo only know the returns from oue tolling booth, perhaps at some cross reads, where ouly thirty.lour votes wero cast, twenty soven of which were in favor of jeace and thn empire. It is easy to foresee that the peace pr> position will be carried by a largo majority Hi both Status. 1 doubt vory much if there will be ?t:y febfing be twecn Deblado and Vidaurrl, fur the reason that I never thought tbe former possessed of any great llrrn d?i of purpose He is said now to be uwaitlrg aid from Ortega and l'ntoni before he moves Irom his prudent cu campmont, but tho nid these genorals can tiring him is very small, if any. Ills lamily remains in the country, and at last accounts is reported at tanwa.ualo and San l.uis. Both place? being in the hands of the imperialists, it makes little difference which report is correot; but tho factQl'those persons roing for security omo' g the one tines M I ob'.adi may be a piemonltory >-yrapi"m of tbe general's c< tivemon to imperialism?at< event still pre Hided by many. Of ihe whereabouts of Juarez we are told nothing, ex cept that lie b 11 iefl saltillo for I'uraugo. and the He tan rue ion of San l.uis says Ins family i expected ba> it to that oity. Ihe unfortunate ex-PPcaldeiit must bo ini ro at a loss than ever wh >.h way to turn if a be true, as re ported, that liurango bne been evacuated by lion, rat ni. who, instead of reiuiovcing m irclie ) northward into Chibuahua, and that ttie abandoned city was imme diately wcunieU by imperialist troope. 'ijje aLts tr<l story about thu capture of Guadalajara may hn"e bau its ortj,in In a fight which occurred in lite neigh borhood or that pl*ae between s? me Juarist forces, prnb abiy of Drugs s army, and a portion of tho garrison. I ho former placed themselves m ambuscade; but tiieir posi tion having been betrayed, they wore themselves taken by surpise and ueiriy annihilated, losing, according to the published ae. ounts. fully one b ilf their men. Among the killed is <;en. Ai teaga, who was latc'y with Uraga, but bepurated fr< m him < n account of u murrel between them, tbe precise nature of which is unknown. (iSueral I ruga still icmiins nt Atenti'iue. in the State of Jalisco, doing nothing tlmt we hoar ol The separation oi Arteigi must have cost him u considerable lots in ei' ioctive men. at d perhaps obliges turn to romulu iuitt live. f.enoral I'orflrio Die/, in the Stale of O. ,aoa, Is also idW and sufiei ing the legitimate cousequeuces for the scattered columns of ins army are growing discoo tented aud mutinous. One ot the?c?the Second battalion of Mex i o city and district?rose against its officers, Riv ing vitat tor tbe empire. Tbe cilouel made hisesc?|pc, but ihe major was Wiled A lore being sent aginou tbem. tbuv dispersed in all directi.'11*, < ?ie loindred and fourteen arriving in I'uebla, where >ome enlisted, mil the re t were se?t to their borne0. Pis* is ?tia,d tbat other liutialiotis may follow tins example, it If said that there is not a bell in all the city of Oajaca. Diaz having ordered money to be coined from iliem wh rewith to pay his tro ips. Even some pieces ol artillery have been used for this purpose. I lie im) eriallst expedition against him of three thousand men bas not yet been heurd from but from ihe wretched geuei nlship displayed by I liar in dividing Ii Is forces no much. I expect soon to hear mat he hat hoen driv< n from the Mate. ibe .iuarist victory in l'nh?sc<> has proved fruitless, lor tbose tor es found themselves obliged to abandon whit it had coat them so m icb trouble to acquire, aud General Salinas has rejoined f lag inOaj>c? Vice Admiral ;**s?e officially proclaimed the block ade of the i oat/.iooaicoe and iabisco rivers. The pro clamation is dated from on board the Hellene, March 17. Kron tne Mate ot Guerrero we have but sceniy news, 't is 'aid I rareand his son are auxious to make their e-?ipe in uiiforiiiu but the blockade i f ttau coast is no strict thai they lia\e but liltie ho|? of sm ceedim At Mancacnlo. tne 1 reach corvette < ordeliere captured a schooner, tbe Kranci^ca. formerly the I/>rd 'i giun^nd s-jiit h?r to .-an I'las. ihe vessel and cargo is valued at tJt.fluO. the ab- ve summary will give you .? n idea of tbe slate in which the cx np .blic ii at present. rn k tbe mi nor tieiaiis Oi events, are the aitne-iou to the empire of Ihe fanious guerilla leader tiaivan Iri-m the Mate of < uaoa ato the execut.on. by sentence ot court martiul, of :i.e Juarlst Oebcakl r.hil trdbi, lately enptured in ?> si rn.i?h t:e capture of t1 e town ol /acuaitltvan by ?s sa il! afer mi Obstinate deiencc. tbe defeats ei two or three iirfe guerilla i> rtiee, one ot the. , m tne dist' ictor Mexii-o tne i tnplolKii Of the railroad bridge nt Medel iin and, m? important oi al . that pr 'ptrations are on font io attack anil occupy Matamoros ihe frigate Ar di cte bad already taken on board al \er? Cru/. a num her o( troops and was te sail immedi .tely for the mouth 0 the Ki (irande. Tbi- inovemei.t, then, conflrmc the rews received here yesterday, that tho Ut lied Mites tiiofv would abaroon, or bad abindoned, the town of 1 ti v. i svil e ami line of tbe KK> lir.mde (i ii I-; i ine-t l ane, an i.oclishman, in tbe .1 larist cavairy service, died of lever at a place called Ztaape ?ro. Tin '^uadion st bis orders immediau-iy dtsbauiii d .4i <1 dc?ortc1 Another batch or fresh adhesions to tbe imperial ?Vfctan. ip published id tbe Mexican papers, going to ?how for i;.e present. al least, the cause ol Juare i* utterly bopele?* 1 see no chain a n>r bin. lhenumt.UI o' bis fores. including Craga'*, Plat's, I'obiid-'s, Or ti p< ? awl me priori|M?i guei ilia*, will not exceed, if it ic li, tweuy 11??? u- tid men,and tins nurai-r is daily <W casing ltie suldiera have to dc-iend oo their general* for their paltry pay and sulismlein e. ai d lh< \. having Do u treasury to look to, are compelled to make in . I'd rci| i ?.i <??* on tho people already exhausted and disgusted. Sach a state of tbings u<.n give no hoi e and in tny bumble opinion it would be in I.- imniace and dignified in Juarez to order ibe re* (.atb n of tbe war and retire I mm the country, lie hue done bis dctv so far to the bent o; hi* ability, and more than that can t>* exi?ectcd of no man. Hy lelmrig and end ng tbe present iiaeie*a atrile. be will e<-onomi/.e what reu.a.ns nf ha party and preserve hi* mends l aid him ut *< inc future day. By continuing obr-linately, he gives a iireti xt to b:i ei.emiea to extern.mate repub'ii ani-m, aud nothing lee*, as thing* now look, bit case will be far mure li.'iie e** at tbe expiration ol auother month, and w her Mux milian arrive*, a* appears now to be be y i t a I d .ht, the last \e?tige of bin army will be swept swhv. at:d tut m'?l tmihful and eihclent general* in the hat ilf ot the imperialists. I cannot discover any gi od f. i v i ir rn. Mirk thing* tn arrive at hi. b an Olivine. |\?.?lbiy Juarez thinks differently. At any rate th?- chapter ih drawing to a close Whether Jnarc7 :oe? one thing or tbe other, be mt:*t di ip|>car fr< i the seer,. and give place to the new actor* appoint e<i hy a r ? ? Jar deetiny to succeed bim. lbeae will * * i m.p<,. and w aiiall tben open ano her chapter in li i i iry f Mi'Xiio Millions o( men will but laugh, (i i'Ok wi'h indifference on the ioiperi.1 pageant ? fhoniy ?end lie way through that reman tc mtry and tbe st'eetsof lis afmivnt capital, wh 'e lew ?i|] k't. ' I ?* "i * 'C1 ine.iiably Mowing from a cer ia i t cfii?ii?>f? ?e AHJ?r t?r ahd tyranny arelh ngs utifl re ?ociety *il! und ue .(i.nly M.n fnk bappl n? ?? b) a natural law, aad b) the ?am? natural la*, re ,e?:i .iik' ? pp<*<?all ( t'Macle* to happlne * Now, let ti e aitv r..?e* o! repoi m anam b'wi aver piteous.y over u e tall o( Mexico from a atate of rspubii an grace, that system gave her very little happine** not that tbe , i ut vicin .s.but in her ? an entirely ma; pro l'raie ^?-r her iemi tropical, Jndol/itia Mestizo*, it ?n- * strong a d?se that it bar kei t Ibtm Inconvul f l war since, and M will be ao lorever, to tbe end of t me brought her but anarchy and ?. rat t >, t ani'h ug happinaa* far from her people and those i'Ople ther. fore, rejeel what to them I* po.eon, tb< '.*?> '? tbeir neighbors it may be ?hole>i>me food. If tin new system does not an*w?r, he nssure<l tbe | ruinedr. to tit extent, at .east, of ^ rid ut it,I* a.ways I baud fr r il . Ivihaed pe ip.o-' are guided a* by ad li ft rift to select what best promote their .utereat* NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. tamo, April 13, le*4 Atni.i>tbe p???ctget( by ihe steamer 0life Prutifh a hi ll ?rr ved ib> sfterncon from New Orleans, were Ueuerai 'bepley, Ooyarnor of Louisiana, Captain Miller, lafv v i"P *f?yor if New Or', at.d Captain Ibomp S'.n, of < e tiers I fibep^y'S staff. 11k l-'ee ?tate Coi, vent ion was to treet on the ftb, ? hen ? temporary chairman wonUl he elected Xa< bine ry for the bi sinas* b vl bean put n motion Fuur i**-er.gers nsre lott by the n cent burr, i g or li e steamer Ki.aiail Atm ng (hem wss . Catholic pr.e t, su.vo ?tr have loan stationed st Natcbs/ Uip iw tjric?t? Ji r, s i?J8 ? J? f rejpvrtlO tbW lb?: French havo occupied MaWntoros. Nothing In m<l to indicate lhat ^oilman made any resistance. It is unite likely the announcement m prematura. Hwallpoi prevanod at au alarming extent Id New Or lean*. Merchandise valued at thirty four tin nsand dollars roceiitly landed opposite Port Hudson, baa been seized by Ute military authorities. The steamer Creolo was to pail for New York on the 6tb, Gorge Washington on the Oth, and Havana on the the 10th. Tho latter was aground on the bar. Cotton wan in fair demand at an advance nf 2c. on the quotations of lant week. galea on the ftth H00 bales, prices ranging from f>8c. to 71c. Sugar and molasses navo also advanced. The lormer sells at 14,V- tho latter at 82c. THE AffTI-ABOLITION SOCIETY. Celebration of th? Itlrtlitlajr of Thomai JefYeraon. Tho birthday of Thomas Jefferson was celebrated last evening, at the hotel at the corner of Broadway nnd Twenty ffxth street, by a rrther email though enthusi astic assemblage) of tho admirers of that distinguished 81 "'.to*man. 'i'tio Society of Antl-AholStiouistw, as they are callad, wan by no meant* fully represented, lita-i much &b there wero not more titan forty or lll'ty persons present. Thi ro wan an e*> client baud of music in attendance, and no stint of all kinds of good cttilng ai d drinking, in which the company liberally partioi pated. Tho object of tho association, as its n.-ime indicales, is direct hostility and opposition Hi the present admin intra lion, accompamod by a resolve to do everything in its power to elect a democratic l'residont tor the ttoxt term. After the display of lino dishes, delicate and savory to the imlites of epicures. The CiiAtiiM in announcod that I'io Hon. John M'k'oon could in t attend, but read a letter explaining the reason ol' his absence. The foMuwicg jh a list of the regular toasts of the even ing in the order m which they catm- ? I, The memory of Thomas.!pflVrion?Standing. In sl'ence, i Tho eouatitiition of tin* United Rtnti'it?InittroretRd by the resolutions ol 17&H aud <MJ\ sustain'd by the Stale rl bin democracy for sixty years, overthrown by aboliuouiMu slime IN'iO It. The supremacy of tho rlvll power over the militarr. Lei us lm] e thai ilie repeated violation of this principle with inipunil) by A1 rah tin Lliiconi aud I.>h minions has been but a temporary ascendancy of brute force over freedom of opiinou among .; people who were born vec. 4, 1 he Dreu Scoti. decislon?TIm enunciation of the great truth that Hits ih a white man"s government. 1'a.n en be itie arm that tries to (i?mi oy it. 6. The Ni uviiiee ot the Chleago Convention?Mav be be a democrat?a n an ?bo will faltnrullv represent and Mistaln the great '.mertcan principle of *elf government In uppo stticin to the European coeroive princli In ol i>->| otiiini. o. The Presidential contest ot l? i?A fair \otw or a free light, 7. New Jersev?The star tbat never sets. fihe neverbr ke tin" bars, ins ot the constitution, whlcu. broken on one side, werr said br Webster to be broken mi all side*. A New Vorlc?Overrun. conquered ami subjugnted by Hew Englandism. l<et ns redeem her. y. out 4 overnfnent as it should be?Not a government ?itch m we lujw : me, making tbe rich richer nn I the poor poorer. but on? ? bieh wniaid ? xi? nd e iual pro'ectlon, e<jual rl hi* and e. ual law* to I O'h r ch and p< or lo. Korta iLtifayeue, Warren and Mr Henry?The sha> e ol America. II. Tho I'eat <? C I'-rjiV. 12. rue J'eace Press. 1.5. The i' Ladies. Vllf.tlS rl'1 It TO.V-TS Freedom or Bj eeeb in Coagress? May it be Long before It is a i in fettered. I tie slates -May tin y remain as (list net as the planets In the hiaveus, ami again beeoiue as Lartuonious In Ihoir or'nts. Hon. Element L. v a'.: ii'lightm?Tho i.hamplon of Liber ty?1 lie Victim ot' Ueipotisiu. At the luordiaately ialo hour it whl< It 'lie prrccedingo terminated, or rather wcro abruptly hi ou^bt to a ei< se by tie Chairman?ono b clock in the iu<>riung?it in nest to itnjH'Mib o to i;ive anything but a general idea of the pr coedings. Among the spiakera in thu earlier part of the evening was ? l ii tiovernor SRYiioiia, of Conac< Us<it, who, on being prom i t d. said that he was unor411.1l to the occ iMon?not from the want of will or abi'ity, but from tear that ho sb ultl not be able to fullll the expectations entertained ot hiru. Ho tv.sluii that Mr. Me.hoon had b en present, so tb il he iinultt follow rather than precede him (*'No, no") in'tho darkest days o' the country they were boping and AOtild hope lor better times ; they would, ns he believed, soou ruduom the cuuutiy iront the arbitrary rule that now oppresses everything in it. tie had always honore.l hia lluit but ho woubt be excused for say .u<i that it was to bun no longer the same Hag until it shall Income the symbol ot peace t< ail who bear the American name. (AppiauM.> lie culled atten tion to the lirst month ??f the pr- sent atuiinistration, u bon men ttrst began to talk ot war I boy then op( <>sed tho idea of goiug to war with those whose bloou ran in our own veins. The fathers ol the r.'.utlitulion ustablished the fart I hat the rights ot States can never be put down by armed force. I nlil tho present desolating war he stopped, he said, there can be nothing like constitutional freedom. In the face of such important circumstance--, it way proper thai the memory of Thomas Jcllcrson Klinnnl be remombereti and eonser.iated. (Applause ) Jlo si?jke of .Mayor (iunther as a 1 iun man, ana recited the mom prominent complaints of the American revolutionists against tieorge IIJ., draw ingataialle! between the Itevoluliwiary war and our civil Contest, lie went Into American history at great length to elucidate and explain the Intellect, the power and the patrioti.-m or Jellerion. He expressed himself morn in favor u peaceful cunusels than in the llam:ng sword An honorable pe n e, he believed, was far bettor than adeao iaitng war. England lost the colonies because the King denied to the people the rit bis g iarar.teed to them nv the great British const tm ion, nd sotlie North are losing and destroying the unity .1 llie country by neg ecnug to observe tlie compact which the latherp of the iepuli tc bad bequeathed nuio us. If ever we bupe to rc-estabiish tho I n,or, we must lay aside be swi rd and t ike up l'ie o ne brani b (Applause.) 1 here was n?other hope lor tho Qot.nlry, no other ??j in wh.ih wo can from ' h'S nettle <1 injter Pluck tbe Howe' m'< ty. Hp ie arded tfic !?<?>" piop?> ilii n 10 tbe > n!y CO that e n restore harmony, hd<1 lie was ^m?l lb*; 'in* iocs ?m tbe prominent one invading the minds of tbe ma only of the people. (Applause.) The war now bring waned han nut become general Iwcidm wt the i?jux suitering of the AmericA'i people Kvtry -'ay of tbe conilcnaiitc of Huh *;.r bring* 'if nearer to a despot l?n. I he tra.ninR of the Amerir.'in people retires free mm speech, o: reigii-u, and of inu ]jr<??<;-?, and by tbe b<i <i ing of <?od tuey ?bbi! have It. (Loud a; piauxe ) Vr Vaji Iah/* was tne next speaker. He wag called up n and at great north reti onded to the ti.asi referring t<> tbe 1 ircKi fcoti dec is ten. Hi" *|H'?eb woe a very eflec live one, to judje from tbe loud applause w lib which it wai> received Afur n ine other ti aatu were ill?|xscd of. Mr. ClUiD ky < . Iii kk made mil eio^ueul remarks tb responds to ttie fifth ti'art. Alluding ,to a r< mar* of Cicero, be raid tb .t men ?boi.ld not on >* soeakjthe truth, but the whole trutli. Tbe country, according to all trimitn eyes, is n w lo tbe thr'>ea or tiraib. anil tbe I tt,ng lu-crl; in u <>u its tomb mutt bi'. "Pied by the cuwardicn of tb? demo cratic party " (A.planse.) The republican i>arty ban been a.' true to its Kevoluttonary principle* an .be dem ncnttlc I' irty had been false 10 Ha principles. I'uring tbe i,i*t three ab' mn. ?bl? yen* tbey have every day benb abandoning the doctrine* in winch tbat party wan founded. He tben spoke of tlio coming Cbi ago ( uBviitlon, mill expressed n douM whether it would be a democratic anpenbiage or some tb ng else. (laughter.; What is the mean ing of the word cim-ervHtive" Merely a mitigated abolitionist, or a whole cward. Tbtre are but twri rorrne lb tbe contert?absolutism. aod tbe right of tbe l?>ple to rule. I here win* no direren. o between peace ful self government and c oercion, no alternative between Liocolnlsm ard distinct government. I'h->igb the d"mueratte party may change, demonacy Itae f can no more change than the principle* oi morality can be altered. The ipadcra may be frightened oil, but tli ' principle Itai if remains immutable as at the m< merit wben the country wti p'unged into a vortex or fratricidal bli>"d. (Applause.) He wi aid undertake to say thnt ihe present sdminlstra tion was a lota, dei ravlty. (I lii-erf.) Mr. Lincoln bad no right to use the '.rmy and navy to compel or lorco any unwillim; state into tbe ( niirn, any more than to force an unwilling Mate out of it. Mr. hurra remark* were very sharp end caustic, and fluently elicited round* of applause 1 he chairman read tbe remaining toasts without per mitting responses, tu vp-w of the extreme lateness of tbe hour, when the company br ke up, revolving to do every thing in their power to fleet a President of tbelr own choice. llsilsn (iprra, FACSt. The lersMec* y wah winch winter continues to linger in lie lap of spring is not favorable lo ti n Opera or tbe tbenfre?, and we no gbt altnwl expect to hear both Im presearii ar.U maaigert exclaim, with tbe poet of tbe See sons?"Come gentle ("prior e*berlal mildness, oome." We were pr-| ar.-d to And tbe A' ademy rather slimly at tended last night. in t ew of tbe fact tbftt se w and rtin were *arrtcg aga n -t the pro*|>?ct? of a foil bonso. But taust was trinmpl ant .tnd. sioimlar lo mv, there wa* a larger eu?l > ece th?n acy wblih iKsembled tbere slnre the Metropolitan lair 0|?ned It was a good and f>k twnabi* bonee. :he opera was given ,n te nest My'e The a ,.!ler,re appou e.J In be entb i? astlcalljr dis po-ed, if we -an udfe fr m the iepe;ite<l encores and ve't w?rm 1mm tbrnugboot. Mi/.'.ol?oi sang with his ,.s?al pi ??r, M's? Kell >(g was the recipient of mm h ap {irobatKNi, |urUe iMly m the third act Hermaon was n line voice and tally ei?iai>ed h* jirevn?i* rendit on of Mei'lnvtoptiele*. To bigbl Kobert If I at e s aniiounced. lo morrow nn;ht I a?i?t -of erh'.t 1 the j .' l.e do n?t seetu to tire?Will nave to he repeated hv tme manageaMtit. Cr. aturriay a grand inattaw ?HI be gnon, as before MMMWM. Colllaton In tb* I'beksprske. Hatiinose. Aprtt 13, i The sti-smer Neorgianna, 'row, ?>(,?rtre?ii Monroe, reports thnt sho era* run Into last btgbt off No Potnt.bytbe eteemer !nx|oi is. and had her poards cut through to the hull ui?l upi> r ? aloon bs'lly ttove Jhe Iroquois bad b r bowsprit bead i irried away IcirttWM Mo"iit"?, April 13, IB'H Tb" /n?i? net lrei|?ot?, wMrtl ran mt- lite stMMiwf I ??t tnyiil hie ure M W'U th? w t<"?> tuaf sic a <*rij *uJ three -jf tho '.?t\,r^i .jii.a ? )?? < t'jcr IMPORTANT FROM KENTUCKY. A BATTLE GOING ON AT COLUMBUS. The Surrender of Port Ealleck Demanded by the Bebels. Three Thousand Fnrloughed Veterans and a Baltery Landed at the'Town. Gunboats Proceeding' to the Scene of Action* &C.? &,c.. cix Cairo,m., April in, ih?4. lhe steamsr City of Alton has arrived here, bringic^ Memphis dates of tho 11th iuBt. Tho robot lorces uudor Forrest are menacing both Columbus and Puducah. Tho portiou of Forrest'H forco advancing on l .nluouh passed Lovettsvllle at noon to day, and it la expected they will make their attack to-nigbl. Our pickets at < oimnbus were driven in by the rebels to day. Reinforcements have been sent fr< m here to Columbus, and wo have live gunboats ready io rocelvo the rebels. Kcbol cavaliy are scouring tho country In the vicinity of Liuvall's naff. Tho steumor Lloyd was fired Into while going tip White river by guerillas, and the pilot wounded. Ciino, April 13?Evening. The rebel General Bnford sent a (lag or truce at seven o'clock th's morning, demanding the surrei d >r of Fort Ilalleck, Columbus, Ky., tho white soldiers to be treated as prisoners Of w.'ir, but noprot 'i tion promised to colors! trooi s round in arms. Five hours wore given lor the re moval of women and children. The steamer Crawford arrived here at one o'clock in the afternoon crowded with the latter. As she was leav ing Columbus two steamers arrived from bel>w with three thousand veterans, m revte homo on furlough, and a battery. which were landed, aud which would doubles materially change the calculations or tho rebel'. Tho steamer Olive Tirancb, from New Orl ans Oth, ar rivod this afternoon. Who reports that lighting had boon going on at Fori Pillow all day yesterday, up to the timo she passed there, at three P. if., when there was a cessation of hostilities. Negotiations w re pending and a flag of truce was visible. After passing the lighting wns renewed, and the I'nlon flag wus seen to come down; but It was believed to have teen shot away, as there seemed to be cirorts made to rai e It again. Central Ruford's demand was for the unconditional surrender of Fort Pillow, ond stated that ir tho Tort sur rendered the negroes would I o returned to their tnsstfl's, but If rorccd to k the no quarter would bci eli >wn them. colonel Ijiwren'-e.of the Tiiirty fourtl'. New Jersey (?), commanding tbo pon, replied that bis government pl?cod bitn there to doUnd the fort, and surrender was out or tho question. Paducah advices to noon report matters more quiet. The probabilities of an attack aro greatly lessened. Hen. Rraytnan has sent adequate reinforcements to both i'a ducah and ( olumbus, and no fears ore entertained by tho military tor the sofoty of either place. Passengers from below rei>ort that Forrest recently ?Tossed the ,Cold Water river near Jackson, going south with threo thousand horses and ono thousand nine hun dred wagons. This Is doubtlocs exaggerated. NEWS FROM TENNESSEE. Situation of A/Talri at Chattanooga. Cii-ATMtfocxu, April 12, 1864. Military matters arc very quiot. Tbe situation of the robol army remain! unchanged. Considerable rain has fallen loceutly, and theTenneasoo river is rapidly rising. A railroad train, bound from Knoxvllle to Chattannoea, wa< thrown from the track near Athens yesterday. dove ral soldier* were injured. Governor Andi* w Jolweon addressed the citizens of Alliens yesterday, iti a speecb more "radical" tban ever. The Knoxvllle-Greenvllle Convention. Lommvimr, Ky., April 13,1HA4 A despatch from Knoxvillo dated tiie 12th instant, says:? The KnoivilleOreenvilie Convention met to day and elei ted Hon. T. A R. Mel on Presl lent, who declined tbo boner. tv onei V. A. lleisUul ?u ttieu appointed Cbslr man. Tbe entire version was con-timed In tbe discussion of a resolution to tx|)Cl any delegate who has aided or abetted tbe rebellion -late the meeting of the Convention in 1881. Tbe revolution was laid oa the table by a close vote. Tbe Convention then adjourned until to-morrow Governor Johnson is addrei-ring a large crowd in street. Tbe train which ran off tbe trark at Athens haa been replaced, and would arrive with a fresh accession oi dele gates evening. A large ouroiwr or delegates are already In attendance. Tbe f't oTentiou Is uot a packed one. and tbe indication* are agalust a new State being created. THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. The Railroad Again at Work?Captain M<Kee Killed and Two LlxaUaaats Capcurtd by Uuerlllas, dee. OOH HFKCIAL CtiRRBSrONDINCa. AtKX*>r>RU, Vs., April 13,1864. The railroad betweon this po nt and tbe front is tn per fect rann lug order again, and ail tbe trains ore moving regularly Tbe guerillas are Retting at work again with their ae* customed vigor. Yesterday Captain McKee, of the Second United States regular, Infantry, in company with tw# lteutcntaale of tbe same regiment, were attacked within a mile of their camp at Nokesville. Tbe captain was shot dead and the lieutenants were captured. Captain McKee s body was recovored and tent to Washington to day for embalming. Pay liefore yesterday Major McOabe, of the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, stationed at Brentsvilte, having received informal) n that a squad of rebel cavalry were prowling about his division, started with a few picked men to alien I to ibem. Tbo Ma.or's party were success ful id their hunt, and returned to oamp at algbt with three prisoners alive. A fourth one they found it neces sary to extinguish bo fore he would be taken. The pri sooera Belonged to the Fifteenth Virginia rebel regiment, WmmnMi April 13,18?4. Tbe bridges along the rai n?d to Culpepper have been repaired, and trains are again running regularly. The army Is mudbound, however, and the streams run ning through Its lines am imparsable On Saturday night the Rifpahannock ruse so rapidly that theengi neers were compelled to take up tho ponton bridge In order to save it. No fears are entertalnod for i*e safety of the railroad bridge at that point, the river bavin* fallen rapidly, and tbe drift wood gradually relieves the structure fr< m tbe pressure. The ITrwapaprr Oe?patrh. ? BEPOHTKfi ARRIVAL OP tOMMTRMT AMD HIS ARMT AT RIOHHOMD. Accounts frott the Army of the Potomac <ay th\t scouts report that Longnteet is tn Richmond with the greater portion of h:S aru?y, an: that mauy pertons Credit this statement. The Iron-t lail tstawba UIOMUII, April II*. I*"4 The ocenn%?i '-lad steamer (fctawba was iuooe?fH r launched here at noon to-day. The U' ? ?n?l OP'"<L ,,,, Toft st,I c April IS.1MJ ,t>. tVelland ransi is IfcR ?W? ?**??? A W t f tfee's e jug* 4 1 fr.

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