Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1864 Page 3
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A aiTVATIONI WiMRD-PKNALEa. k NUMBBR OP WBIX RECOMMENDED GERMAN A females want altoatloui a* cook*. chambermaid* ami mundiaaaea; ouraea girls for general houaawork, Ac., at art. LOWE i Oartfan Isaliluta, 17 Ktantou at., near the Bowery. YOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION A8 COM puuiou to a iady would bare no objection to travel. Ad frfw M U 66 East Broadway. ARBSPBCTABLB YOUHO WOMAN WANTS A si tuation id a private family. ?'? a Pood plain cook washer and ironer; me beat of city reference from her lam Kiaoe, wbui? ibe ba* lived for ais year*. Cail at 3*4 6tb av., ?tweeu Him an>l 23d at. A LAD? WISHES TO PROCIRE A SITUATION AS nurae. for a woman abe cau tome highly recommend M. Apply at % Baat 13th at. * SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, an chambermaid and to aaaiat wltb tt.e washing anil ug. Call at 1-7 west 23d at. AVOUNU Man WISHES A SITUATION AS COACH man. Good rererence. Addreaa J. V., bo* 21b Herald Jronlug A ?flee A SITUATION WANTED?BV A YOUNO WOMAN, WITH ten year* city refeience, a? chambermaid and seaui elieaa Call at 194 Earn 21st at.. New York. A SITUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa larly'a maid ami aeairiatresa, under stands hairdreasiug outling and fitting ladies audchildren's ttreaeia and clothing, ?lso operating ou Wheeler <t Wilson's erwin;: machine; good city relereuie Can be seen for threo aaya at her j resent eui!?oyer a, llHi West ?~/tn si., neai 6th ?venue. A YOUNO MARRIED LADY DESIRES A SITUATION in th?- country ?? ass siai.t and companion to a ladjr , a ?onie for the summer more au Object than compensationi *be beat ruiereucos giveu aud required. Address for three ?ays companion, station E. PROTESTANT OERMAN GIRL W.SUES A SITl'A lion at ctiamlieruaid and waitress .u a napoctable Clvato family; nn uhe good city reference* Apply for Court at., corner or Wyckoff, Brooklyn, In the butcher shop. An AMERICA* lady wishes a situation as housekeeper, or to lake charge >f a hojse for the sum ?ier for paitius leaving town la uitnpeicnl, wth inference: salary not so aim h an objuit ah a I. me. Call fvt tbree nays at lit! Remseu street, Williamsburg. N ENGLISH OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO __ cook wa ll and |lron u ,i small family: has-good city eelereiue. Call at 62 j, West Was hi 0141011 1 lace. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN. AS MEAT cook in a h' tel. the country pi e'eired, -c<ty reference. Call at 197 Bowery, In 1 he ie>ir ABEBPECTAHLE OIRL W\NTS A SITUATION AS chambcrmald aud wa npsi. or aa in mresa nnl to do ;hl chamber* ork , good city refeieuie. "ail at - 14 habt A A UghL clia l7th If I AN EXPERIENCED YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situation to do' hain'.urwork ami waiting; is ?? ,.mi^ to isl 111 washm the ^esi reference gneo lo'i ure '.bis en at 124 West 37 tb at . fourth story Iront toon ween A SITUATION WA.NfED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS clianiberinaid aud ae.uislress or chambermaid and waitress. Hay good references Call at 243 East l.ih at. A LADY WISHES To PROCURE A SITUATION FOB an excellent Protestant woniati, w tb ajfnn.,ly going 10 Buioihi. cither to take cart 01 cbddreu or Mtiiut upoot lady Apply at 69 blu av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS llrat class waitress, uudeistauua bur bnsincrs in all Its branches Tim best of city reference can be given iroiri Iter laat employer s. Call tor two days lit 142 3d a?. AYt.UNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CIIAM bermuld and waitress, or ? ould lake care of childr"n, best city retereuve Call at ISOEasi 31al st , tie' ween 1st ?mi 2d avs., top lloor, front rooui. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL LATE ly lauded, as n> r e. would make b-.irselt usefi private la'inly, good reference from bei friens. tall a'. 177 West 33d si., tecond lloor. Iroul. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young ^irl. a.4 noise and to do pla o Kt wing ^ood c tv refeieiice Call for two days at 282' Oih av . between li and lMtb sts. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL. TO DO cbatuberwork anu watting. Cau be seen at 283 West Bd si., between 9th aud loth avs . for two days. AOOMPBTBNT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS good cook, would assist with the washing or go to me oountry with a family ; good olty reference Call at if- 7tb ?ve , between 22U aud 23d sis. PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS BBAMSSRSBS; good references. Cau be seen at 31 Weal I2tt> at. A ATOUNG OIRL WISHRS A SITUATION TO DO housework iu a small family Call at 1.19 West ^Mb st a YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION "S JV seauistiesa. nnderstftD'ls chlldiwn'a rlotb-'s. ,.n<! a'l kinds of family sowing, good refeieoc. Apply at 471 bin ?ve. Ring Ibe bell A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISFIKS A SITUATION AS chambermaid, in a respectable family, Call lor tbree days at WIS arick st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS nurse and to do plain sewing, his six >eais reinsure trow her last place Can be seen for two days at IS.' Tib **., near 21st st. ATOUNO AMERICAN OIRL, A PHOT!' STANT, warns a situation as waitress; would assisi wtib cl um berwork 01 sewing, has uood ret. rence. Uail at X7 West Alb at , between btli and 7tb avs., neit dooi to ibo t akery, llrat lloor, In Uta rear. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WET nurse. Call at 296 1st av., between 17th and 18th ata. A81TIJATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG man, aa coachman ; understands the care of horses per fectly : good reference Address U. II., boi 208 Ucraki o'lke A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITl'A tlon as chambermaid aud to take care of one child; la willing to make herself naef ul. Caif foi two days at 33d 1st ?v., between luih and 2otb sts . room 16. A FIRST CLASS COOK WISHBX A SITUATION; IS wlllinu to assist with the washing: understands her knaluesa iu all its branches, the best of illy reference from bar laat place. Call at 115 West 17th st AS CHAMBERMAID IN A FIRST CLASS HOTEL IB the city, by a neat and very experienced <;lr!. who has llTad four years iu a hotel Call ai 98 Christopher at , cor her of Bleecker, third tloor, room 21 A RESPECTABLE STEADY WOMAN WANTS A S1TU tlou as first class cook. The beat of relf rer.ces. Can he seen for two days at 119 West 241b at , third l oor, front rocm. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. LATELY LANDED, wishes a situation as nurse or to take rare of a sick buly Call at 172 West 37th el , between 7tb and 8th avs , in tbe rear, for two days. ARESPECTARLB ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES TO travel with a lady 'o tin rope; has been accustomed to ?oral 11 g both la liea and children. Call Ob or address M A., No. 1 Pike st. A COMPETENT N'RSB AND SBAMSTRESS WISHES a situation, i* well eipeiience>l io ih* c.ire ol < hllilrcn and Infanta; h.ia hau eleven .van1 eiprrience, alio goml re ference*, no ohiect.oo io Ibe co iniry Call for two (1a)* at 287 Jay it . Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?TN A PRIVATE FAMILY aa chambermaid or luundre**. best of city lefrretice. Can be sreu at 22'J Eaal ltftb si. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW customer*, to no out t>y Ibe day, to ci.t uu<l Ct. Brit of eJty reference given. Apply nt IM Degraw it, Brooklyn. AT MR*. WHITFIELD'S (FORMERLY OF THE Church Hornet, 8V7 4th ave., between 2Mrfi anil 21ith ela., may be obtaiued a French governor, an Bm.'llib and American housekeeper, an<i|Tcry superior cook* and other eervanl*. willing to go into ibe country. Alio a coachman wbo un<leratanoa garleuir.g. All aervaota and girla lately Anded rati tlnd immediate employment. ARRSPEt TARLK GERMAN YOUNO LADT DESIRES a at* nation In a *toie, lanry ewxli or millinery ire farred Imiulieof or mltlroea Mi*. W i ' iiu.i, 25 Welt 43il first ttoor, back room. AYOl'NU WOMAN WASHES A SITUATION AS CH1L. dren'anurae. can take the entire charge of a baby; baa lb* boat of city reference. Call al 402 6tb are., between 24lb and Wtli ata. A RESPECTABLE YOUKO OIRL WISHES A SITl'A lion a* lady* maid, nagoodbalr dreswr; bai no ob jection to lake < are of one or two crown children. can give good refeience*. Can be leen for two cayi at 8? West 18tb etreet A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTARLE TOCNO WOMAN, aa rook no objection to go In the coi.ntry for the n m mar. good city reference, if required. Call tor two ilaye at M4 etn a*., corner 27m at. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR A TOUNO Kit I. a* chambermaid and waitress. Call at F7 Eait ad at. A SITUATION WAHTED-BY A YOl'IfO WOMAN AS cook, washer and Ironer; no objection to go a short Alatanre In the country. City refcrencee. Apply al 400 t-tu are between 27th ana 29th *1., for two day* A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WISHES A SITUATION a* seamstress; can rut and fit children a dresse* and eperale on a Urover A fcakar's machine, lia* 'he beet of re ranee* Call at 277 W eat 23d *1 A TOUNO WIDOW WISHES k SITUATION AS housekeeper. Call at 16 Monroe si. tor door. Mr* WILSON. A SMART, TIDY TOUNO WOMAN, WHO IS A GOOD waahar and ironer, wuhea a situation to do general bouaework; city refeieme giveu. Call at 149 West 63d it, near 8ih ave. California -wanted, a situation, by a young girl, to go to California; would ia<e care of .. ? "n|y oeuipeneatiOD her passage, vail at 100 Eaal 2d it., third floor. HOUBKKfcBPKR ? WANTBO, BT A respectable Scotch woman, a aliuallon ae housekeeper; fully roiu psrtent to tail.; the entire charge of a imall family: a wid ewer with ablldreu preferred. Inquire at 220 Mauiauu at . t?T> door ' Seamstress and dressmarerb situation wanted, be a young woman; ao objartion 10 the eountry. Inquire at 323 Cth ave , between 20iU and 2lat ata ?acorn! floor, front room. qituatioi* wantbd-ry a RESPECTABLE YOCNO O girl, a* cook, washer and Ironer, in a ?ma,i private family Boat of oily reference. Call for two day* at i')t> id ?*., between 22d and 2Jd at*. Situations wanted-by two youno oirls, 17 year* of age, to take care of children; base lived oul tut a short time, ( all at No. 3 Vaadewater *t. SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOl'NiI OIRL, TO DO eb*miierwork and wailing. goo<l lefaren.e. Call at 1? Jlat *t , between ?tb ant 7tb av*. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO UJUL, TO DO general houaawork lu a small family, ooutilrv preferred, good eity references call m im We*t 30th at. SSITUATION WANTRD-BY A FIRST ( LASS LAt'N 5 ilres* Can be <i?n for two day* only, fro?, ? nit 13 e'elork, al No 2 We*l Jl*t at. The beat of rlty reference given. _ SITUATION WAN 1'RD?BY A WOMAN, f(? COOK, w**h iiml Iror fool re'fi?n ei Call at 78 Foiatlh it., to ike raay. ?1TI> ATIOlf ?WA*T*D-.?* rjlTUATlONB WA?T?p?BY a TWO^ *ud iho S girli. one u cook ml ^ wou.d do chambar other aa chambermaid and "a"18* ' ,Juve the bent <f city work kod In ,h.e Can bo seen for two daft reference from their LetiP^u^'iecon<l Boor, back room * a,., coroer or wd .v.,-" ? w0. s^s'jwss? ?*d Call at 178 Waal ii'h ?l- - - -ou O1TUAT10NB WA?TEr^f'ail "rBt daM O female help iiT ^^ laun<ireiM?eii, K-amstreMi^ cookH. hawbermaldii, *?>'i 8njaii ^ir\? aud j&rlf lEleJJ[ nurwi, cook. W? a-haoU ? rou ?? *? 13g bleventt landed. A P?iy at ?*? ?ie * Alao male help. ati tel. C1TVATION MS*** tSSSltWS!^ S w> rt0 ?,%^WmiT uK > ? lalel? "loa,H,? aisi,a"v??^"UMaxs^. ????_ BrooKiyn. ? :og Three years' reference. * an ior *>w u?. mwo SISTERS WANT f'T^?ood?22S ?* at Cao^o aeen for two daya. Uy or country ? W aid oitce. ? ? ^ wa^? ? children. Call at 104 Bant -Oth st. ?_? WA^"Sr2o.iS o,N?LuNe%ar#e of XmVy of children Address W R-> ?taUou YVANTBD-BY A COMPETENT aNO^RUSTWORTIIV house weea* at'?lier aft wa ?jnn-ar A TOTOO OlEfc W a situation to do housewurk iii a email .?u . 113 Weat flat ?V. between Cth aad 7tb avfc? A' ' A N TID ? K Y A BK^OTABLB VOl'NO^Ri I V\ ?i?"?tiou aa criaiiii'erm*''1 Bir;ail ,,rvate 'utmly. IT l'ro'fBiam. references pyen | teat Brooklyn. ?? i YV ANTED?\ VMSflEtE}* )\ ?i:,Ww "V',?'o' \-d?k vw s as? ': "'r ^ - WAaK gfrj?MwS^a.?Tb.Mr*WS!?? a, ; ly at 1 .i wwatfth at., ftrat ttoor. toek room. 1Van:hd-bv A .. bbm a* t WAKEfc?M gfven.Tall at " "?><???''? '?*?>< ?"*? u'AMF.?-A mCATTON BY A V\ n.. ii',ed Prcteauintgir: ?'??*;"? ^ ? T ?"'*nl ai i*?* ?>lt* aKBiei I*'*1 chain Wanted-by a be8^.;ta.:lexar.ukd wc^an, \V A -.tu..t!vn to tio the ^ ' r ? tl) y ,(?.j ijo < ^ <*? t' to iti ' % 1 t-.vo ?iay8 ai ehi d. toree veari 01 a#e. witn Ucr. ln?iune 453 lluil?uu at. VVANT.!)-S:?. *n.,r BY IV o *B8?CTABLB Jronrrf the oiheras rharobrrm.ui^aro '".'.e.'f'yearV. i^cUbe Am^cau farotlv prerer.-ed. an he Men at 527 2I1J4 ?- e , 6*ween 3ib ??u ??th m w^^-8T AjiBBPE^AB . f owuUie'; the omVoi city ..:?r,uce. t -11 at 2M Ba?t ."a.l Kivute re 1 ere nee. can U ?? 1. at ?ant 2Jd ?i. .. ?? * \NTFD?A SITUATION. BY A BESI'B-'TaBI.E )}; ?r#vsM^?vsa??- c.?..... )4tb w^?^vvte^"?3' ,'s. *?sn41;. ? WMt Sl.t at., cornor of Broadway. | lsitM aTl/t^ RY \ V( ' ,' N (I 01RI> A b W ANTKD-A ?IT.l,tATr1i>N0?Y W M,\ I hp fo.iirt kmd. VI ?(., .r*. 1,, t e lamiiv t w.uw. WD.Io* and u'l'.j'vr'Oiii1 ??: a.a ? ?.toU for W m^SSSfmmiAm *"?K-?' V two days aiKJ ? est 2Sth au ? between Uoion aod SacfceU 8t8. ?*' A1-AN7ED- A CHILI) TO N' RBB. # A LAOT^lIAVI Sa W coiiiidertble leliurr^ wBent reference given. Ad ?" f*rv?t&s:rxusr'M' mmD-n ? <*>**.}"*>?* ^'iWf U"?K"i W a ?:w .atioo as wet n. T9 . . cUv reierence; firwill^cl'to ?i!ake'l%rieif KOBerally u.eful An.ob? ch.ld.eo. Call for Two daya At ?1 Perry at^ .? ... .. t,? a nBfiPFCl ABLE GEKMAN UlHLi A W A?itimtioiia? Chambermaid. li?qiiire iU4 Eaat 2_Mh 8l ntAHtED-i S^^wlwwHw???w '-m. orer^e *' ? y^;c w^j;nV.?w^ machine. ha? firatclaka rele on bte;^r_ ^^ k(ldrrM 446 'Aeat 3iith at.. t.wt Coor. re nee VVANXBI>?BV A RK8PBCTABLE OIKI;. A HTl'A \\ ! or. bm chainbeniia'd and a ?r hoi.aework In a private auiily, best city ie.ereuer 634 '.<2 a\e W^KJfoir ^^???thaHlr^e","eS lit Eaii 32u ?t., ae.-r 3d ave . In the aiore. VV' an MB- A 111 CAJ ;C,Nor,BVtMy undMa SL. n^^hSr ^.uV,^V WANTED-A ^TUATK:N BY A JOUNO OJRL. TO \> do c. amberwork and w^t.^g. 0^ t^no Been lor SKU^WJ* arU^Sd and ^ - VVaVtl?-a cb.ld to wn jmE, ,AT HER"-5vb5Af 1*.jl rff"l"cet,veu ha eeen At 106 Kaat 33d ?t. ' ^ _ , ci tit ATI (IN HY A RESPECTABLE w?wS SSsAuiwa can cat %w\ ^ ,* t.Ayg al Weil 2uib nreet, be b,urareMiiiK. i J'r lv%? t-?>?4AfcOC tween t?tu and 7th avt. ?? TiTiHTVD-BV A RBSPECTABLK YOVNO WOMAN, W ?SJ -~Sj t?U"''"'v ir.1 Uiw""n V. .'.a ami fckett W , Booth Br, 0U|?. ?rr?KTRn?A PITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIMi. AS W ^-sywsjs \ITANTEl>-A SITUATION AH COOK; WOULD ASSIST TT the waahing. can inane iood bread, blarur. an a p??trT Ooort cr.y reference from h'>r ;wl [ lace. Call Ml 212 West'2t lb ?i., between 8tb end 9tb av?. DKVriSTKY. Anew and better wa* ok jnsertino pak iibi leu of teeth, a'.ao a new aijle of lower tela very cheap. *> Kiith avenue. Fine acta of leeth, ai'ocb'sp nrliof teeth. with plumper* which hold out Uie cheeaa a tic; i?iiure youthful aciiearame, at No 239 Blitb avenue, between Fifteenth and S>kte*uth at reel*. Fine gold CliiDgi at 239 Suth avenue, tbt cbcapaai pl?c? Id New York. No advance required at 239 Siith avenue. Oil re boura irtim 7 In the morning till 9 at ntpht. Ntiroua oilde gna given ami teeth eiiracled witboat rate. Medical attendant alwaj* preaent. A PET or TEETH MADE IN TI1REB HOURS?EN tlre antiafac'ton or to pay?nt 2S# kutb avenue. P.-r ?on* applyH.8 bare In the forenoon can h?ve not* of teeth on ailver or go.d made complete ami mayied in the after noon of ilie ?atue dajr. No advao<e Ta required. For p.anno conUnuou* gum aeta, or anv ether kind of rim work, peraona can have thein made m twelvo or fourteen houra alter calling ni 239 Kutb avenue, between y.fternth and Stiteeotb atrecia. See olaer advertiaeincut* A most wf>ndrfi? i n:s?-(ivF.RT-rEETH rv tract ml wlthi'Jl pain or no ooarge. Beautiful Term Inserted. f I each, Bet <>n silver, $11), Teeth lna>ried, with of without* eitiaetmg Ine roota. .' .J AT viLLERft, 163 (?rand airnei, two block* from Broadway. COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION. II B A DyI'ARTI.'KH of the nitroua olide ? Dr . < OLToN baa had 20 yeata' eiperen e w lh the gn??l<? yeara more than any denll*t to the United State*. T?r Colton adtnmlatera it m per*on NB NRIFFIN A HK(IP 11 AMI STREET. NEW , York, and 2f>7 Fulton ktreet, Broi k!)?, are eitracting Teeth loaitlvely without pain by the l?c ol nitroua mule ga* No charge for CltrMUng wVn artiUctal teeth are to be inserted Thev are aiao inserting lull ?et? ol teath on gold, 1^8 p.atma |23. all?er. *ll>. rubbet. flu, partial mi* on (?14,92; Hlleer, $1. E ?tract log, JO cent*. X j ATI ON A I. DMT At. ROOMS?81XTB AVENCB, COR. i.M ner of Twenty second ktreet ? Be i itlful Patent Uumn tjpeToitb. Ektraordinnr* price* Hen, $10 Jo >20, wai. ranted. I'lutr.per aeta, #J3 Pilling toelh. cold, 11. Ei. Irarting teeth without pain. Itlahllkhed IWi Fl?? pre. mtum*awarded. I,T MaNSON. Dontiat COAL. C'ANNKI. OOU^ROV I.ANHINO FROM SHIP per ) severance, pier No. 9 North fleer and ahlp Albion, nler No 47 Ra?t river, fooe 11 all hand picked Oaunel. Dealer* who have engaged frem tlieae ahlpa will pleaao eend carta. Consumer* ran h euppUad in email Iota W L NOBTIIAM. 8t3 Pearl Hreet. I^OR "ALE?FROM 71 TO 123 TONS OF NICE CLEAN T Coal Duat Apply al H. U MILLECK h coal omce, aouthwaat corner of Thirty-ninth ktreet and Hlith aTenue. Jju I'ER TON ?RBI) AND WIIITK. ASH COAL, ?TO jcret-nejl an.l daltveieni, Hiova and Furna.e, ??/(!; Large Nut M. Apply at lid \Va< orlny place, ncac ?lath avenue MS Bowary nratt Thtr.l air. e?. kml ?*? Pearl ?(?tci A TRBADWEJJ. Aifent _ help WANTBD-MALES. AOBNTK UUARANTKED $M PKR DAY CLEAR, A?D a oaautiful gold or silver hunting ease lever watch presented free lo each agent who sella the greet novel, tjr, tne American l*rlze Package, each of which contain* large quantities of floe writing materials, engravings, gamee. Yankee uonone. ninny way* to get rich, fine presents of teweiry, Ac . Ac., worth many dollars If bonfht separately, for only 25 cem*. One hundred packages. wltb irtMaUana gift of a superb watch, show bill*, ami sole right for a towa or county, sent anvwhere on receipt of $16 oue hundred can be sold in a few hours sales Immense, proHta large. Agent* wanted In every town and camp Send for the ureai American Pri/e Package Company s circular. con taining eitra, novel, premium ind icements. free. Address Ori^t American Prize Package Company, 102 Nassau street, AGENTS CAN MAKE$3"0A MONTH by engaging iu the sale of our GREAT NOVELTY PRIZE STATIONERY. PACKET AND HPLENDID STEEL ENURA VINOS. We oiler the greutest chance to make money ever kown, and present every agent with a line watch free. $16 ?pi tal only required. Full particulars in circular, mailed free. U. 8. HASKIN8 A CO.. !ki Heekman street, N. Y , original and oldest prue package house in the United States. A barb chance -wanted, a hood business man. to o| en a branch depot in Philadelphia for the best two shilling aniele for the trade and lauiily use lu the world; also agents in every country; one hundred per oent profit, i Smart men can make live oollarsaday. Apply at 476 Second avenue, N. Y., corner Twenty-seventh street, third Uoor, from. A good operator wantrd-at a. m. bur rough's photogiaphic gallery. 4f3 Broadway. Call for two days. _____ An experienced bottler wanted?onb who can bnug undoubted references as lo character and capability. A| ply at once be!ore lu A M at S3 . esev st. A FRENCH, HERMAN OR ITALIAN man COOK J\ wanted, in a private finally, must understand English and be able to produce good t> reference trora bis last place, to vhoin good wages will l>e given <'all at the lleraid ollice this day (Thursday). between 1U and 11 o'clo< k, I HOY 10 OR 17 YEARS OK AOS IS WANTED TO i\ act ompatty a gentleman about visiting Europe; none except those of' tbe required age need answer; partie tiara hereafter. Address :or two uajs. U. O., Union square Post office. Bookkeeper wanted?a yoomo van, writ Ing a gooi' and capable of taking charcu oi a *ei o: retail sales booKs Chart ter. personal nablti and referen ces inuxt be undoubted. To 'he rifht man a literal salary will he paid. Address Broadway, Herald ollice. Bookkeeper and entry clerk wanted foe wholesale ,<>M>ing house, Assistant bookkeeper and tally cerk, hardware salesman, wholesale clothing sales two grocery salesmen, timekeeper. hotel clerk, dry goods salesman, insurant e c erk. steamship clerk. two con ductors, port<\r and two baiKeei er?. Othei situations opeu. Apply at Merchants Clerks Agen y,8b Nassau st. Merchants s:i11 tied w111. help gratia OOKKEBPER WANTED?IN A BANK; ONE WHO is fully competent. Address box hZJ Post ollice. ARTENDER WANTED-AT ;3 CATHARINE SI.IP. None bu. those with good ciiy reference need apply. OY WANTED?IM A WHOLESALE HARDWARE it re Address uox 4.&75 Post ollice. "ROY WANTED?IN A DOCTOR'S OFFICE; MI ST BE J J between 16 and .6 years of ace and have good refe rences. Apply between b and 10 A. >1. at Ml Last lioth st. BOY WANTED?ABOUT 17 YEARS OK AQB. IN A hotel, io run hi errands, carry baiigage and make bun sell generally useful aho it the note). Inquire at the Anson House, corner of Spring and Crosby s.recis, Boy wanted?in a produce commission house Apply to Scbtt A Deinarest, No. A Ene Build ings. Rcade St. /COMPETENT MEN WANTED-AT MERCANTILE Ac-ni v, ?t<6 Broad way.?Clerk for hotel, enti - -lerk for wholi sale cry goods house two uldooi salesini u, erk ?or-ra lr ad, Halevuiau and , orti r for l u nature store, clerk in n .nance, c< pylst in law Otf.ce, and collector. Other s.tuatioi.s open. Owing to the u meious and lncieasiug de mand* ou us for clerks, merchants, bote s and others iu st Sen i in their idem before J o'clock each ita.v to i uuhie us to e fi ?> tiem. OrganLod lWJ. MOMGO.MERY A v. / 1 AN AS8LR8 WANTED.?TWO HUNDRED PER V/ cent mane by eeiling tl.e Lli'e of Archbishop 11 igiie?, Seru.oiis ,vc. Apply at the uilice of the Metrielila .Re cord, 4 "J Broadway IASH BOYS WANTED.?APPLY BETWEEN 6 AND 7 P. M. to Lord ik Taylor corner t-ran. and Chrystie >t?. c Dhy ooods salesmen wanted?at the mer vhauis and C crks' Kegi?'ry, 131 Fulton street Also eo'.iv r<, wiokAeeper, geu ral ch ik. porter, ttarkceper. w.tcliuian. conductor, steam coat cierk. insumnee c'eik, carpet and grocery c.erk Otiicr sit .auons o| en. Drug clerk wanted?an experienced man, ?apatili to '.a,.e entire chs: ge ; a working room n. a large eM..o isniucnt. AuOress Drutyist, Herald ollice, with Inn aiidr> -s and ie:ereuce?. DR-'?; LERK WANTKD-A STKaDY, industrious yoi ng mau. who -indei andathe cia:l ?nd i rer rip Hon'*?? iniistspck eiman and Eng isb. Apply at toi av. A between tit uud 1 o c.ock. DBOU CLERK WANTED-A PERI ECTLY comtb lent man of pit as ng address, well posted in en-ry tbiBK that pertains to a krst ciass store lo one ol the rignt ?taiii| .iu ex.elleut chance will be given t y aj | .yh.g to Husled. .lis 'Jth av. DRl'O CLERK WANTED?AT BROWNE'S, 512 OTH ave., rorner of 4'ZU st. A hrst cI?hh man, with brst class relerente only, wi.l appiy immediately. FMNAN- IAL.-A RBSPBCIABLE OBNTLBMAB, C<?M pctent lor the su.taiion. and having a lew i.undred dollars to invent In the sn ek of tfce comi any. if kansta torv. may secure the Secretaryship of a Joint Stock Con pany about to be formed, with asa.ary of $1 UUO Atiiirtss 1-. C., Herald oUice. Help wanted-a man wiTn $i.?w capital, to act ns rasnier an.! share In a rle-isarit business. i ay'ng fl fa ll wcklv profit, no risk. Appoiv Iron. 1U A. M. Ull 3 P M at AOS Broadway, room 6, up stairs 1WANT A WOOD BARKEEPER AND housekeeper ? ( 33 Howard It. OYBTERMaN WANTED?W HO CAN WAIT ON PA b,e*. rul er n tii n or loy, neaily otuaiion. Apply at ICC corter of 23d ?l. and btl. av., in ibe rosuurar.t. Office BOY WaNTED-A respectable BOY, kb ei<< UK with hi* parents, not over 14 year* of age Ap j.:y a; No. 7 Ou d *t Valf^mes \ta.ntbd-:n a riitail dry goods O nor it Brooklyn Apply, aiier 2 P. M., to E. Lew i, 254 Ft: ion *t.. Uri'OAlyn. ' SALESMAN WANTBD-TO SELL GOODS BY SAMPLE O ?o the city retail tiade. None t ut a thorough energetic 11'i?on. having bad exttrienca.o tt.n Use, ueed apply at .Ci5 Broauway, room No. 1. TRLTK PRIVLRS WANTED?MUST BE WELL AC . ainteu v iti. the city, relerenie required. Ajjly to E B. Frankl n, in WeM tt. WAITER WANTED-A FIRST KATE WAITER, FOR ;i large family, and who can prod ice poo<: rt tereoi c* Aj i v ti< Mr liecktcber, 46 South at., .p stai n, between 11 and I o'clock. A.TER WANTED.?APPLY AT1I4 5TH AVE .FROM 10 unt I li o'clock. w Wantkd-a porter in a wholesale liquor Mote Only tho*e who >an produce I est o eliy reler en e* a* to M|>abi i;y. i,one-ty and aobr etj need apply ro ? .uhaperton good wage* mil fcteaily employment ?tll no 8,veil, ai p.y .n (era n to A ii in i ger ik t o . No. 379 loauwa y. WANTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OF a BALLAST har^e a tober, steady mairied ruar.. With goo* r' eommendattoti*, nrnii live on board. ?age? $7 |er wee* ail Ttie year r .uu? Adun kn, at*! i.g .igc and m., 11. L, Warren licialo o.lce. 117ANTED?KOURTKEN MEN. BETWEEN T11E AUKS Tf of lt< aim 26. at the deliver v departnii at of the A.i eri can Telegrai h Compauy, 146 Mr< adway. Oa i 'or one ween. t U. VIN EK, Manager. WANTED-FOR AN IMPORTING BUSINESS. AS ? aicMnuii, n German, urtio ,? thoroughly acpiaiuteil with the hardware trade Addre**, with particulars hi d referen e* lion 3 744 Poat office. %1.T ANTED?A few men who WRITE VERY PLAIN Vf ly, lo a*Pi?t in toe preparation ?>I Trow ? New \crk City Directory. Addrt"* n the writing of the appll ant. I! tVilaou. 82 Greene It. Ap(lications in | irion wfli not be .>t tended to. Tl/ANTED-1MMED'ATBLT, men. WIIO W:SM TO Vf enpa^e in a legitimate b.mneim in which tbey can innne |ifi tverv day hy a xtnall investment of from f-OU to f3Uv Call at ?09 broadway, room He 4, us *tair* HOWARD IILDEN. WANTED-A HRBWERY DRAYMAN NONE Bf'T competent men. with good reevrmnendatlbni Seed a I p.y loipiirc at C7S Washington at, tkm day. at 3 P. M. WANTED-A ROoKKhEPER. FOR A HOTBL:ONE having eiperience preferred Ap| ly at the National Hotel. No. ICurtiandt it , immediately. T1TANTED-A MAN TO WORK IN A SOAP FACTORY; M wages $C per week. Apply to Elly. Zactarie A Co , >10 Bowery ______ WANTED?IN A DRY GOODR AUCTION STORE, two lad*, (alary tint year 1100. Addre** *oi t,2tW Po?t oflice. WANTED-A CATHOLIC BOY. IE a RBaL E8TATB oilier, np town, between 14 ami 16year* old. who ?nte? a good plnin hand and realdei in the nein'.borhood of 'be Apply. With good reference*, to J B. Marrereila, 6.V id ave , corner of *ih at i a^TK.D?IN A WHt'LBBALE FANCY GOODS III Iiae, I Jit write a Berald oDee. WANTED?ON A FARM, IN THE VICINITY OF TlIR elty, * -ingle mAn. u? < e^i lai ie gardener, n.nai under utand lil? bumneea in all >t* branche* and be wiihaii to rn??n littn?elt utel?1. > all, With lecomreendatlomi Horn la*t place, at Brldgniiin ? aenil lUire, IHth at. and Br< adway, to day (Thuratlay/, from 11 to2o'clork WANTED?AN HONEST, ACTIVE AND IN Dl'sTRIOCS lad, 17 or 18 year* oi af,e. with a mechanical turn of mind, in the Burg ar Alarm Teiagrapli buainraa Apply he i wren and u u'elock in the momlng only, to E. ilv uita, at ihe olll'e, .Ji Broadway. WANTED-dOOD DK\ WOODS SALESMEN. APPLY to llorton A Son*, 279 Fullou it, Brooklyn. WANTED-IN a WHOLESALE FANCY GOODS In me, a *mart reipmtahle boy of g 'od cunaeenoo*', moil write a good band. Addre**, with raterencen, P. B 1 . WANTBD-TWO RETAIL DRT GOODS SALESMEN who understand ihelr bu*ine?*. lor a larui We?tern houae; naiary young men who have *erv< d tbeir ap preaiice?hip In either England, Ireland or Scotland pre ferred. Addre** H. B. C,. Herald utrice. WANTED-A STEADY, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN ABOUT 18 or 18 year* of age, a* clerk in a flrtt clan* wine WdW. Apply at iW> 4th av . cornei of BWfc *t. WANTED?\ YOUNG MAN. WITH SOME OFFICE ?ipertetion, in a dry good* douieaiio houae; null have the he*i of refiireuiea Addle**, Willi rafaremg*. Ac., U., hoi 149 lleraM oitli e. AfTSD?A aor, IE K VIROVKRV STORE. TO TAKE . enroor a home and make klinaelf generally 'HefuL Inquire atgWt Rlee< her at WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, AGRD *8, A GOOD P?N m*n, <|iilek *n<l corret t at Itfure*, with eon*iileri?hl* hti?lne?* experience, ili>4irn* r? ?Million ** a#?i?taut Ix'ok ki'e| er or entry clerk in mime reipectahla biKin^w, either whnlemle nr retail llncnndlihinal reference* anil cA?li *t> xmy fcj?an Ir. rottutreti 4tidre?? ~-r\ Itarold olio*. w MU* WAmo-HALU. _ 117ANTED?A LAD. PROM It TO 18 YBAR8 OP AOH. IT woo nnderelanda tbe care of boiv>, English, Ameri can or German j referred. Apply at 122 Maedougal at X\T ANTED?A STOUT, ACT I \ E B?iV lu MAKE IllM " genera iy useful ib a gentleman's furnishing store Apply >i 676 Broadway. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED FOREMAN AND forewoman In a hoop skirl fartory. App'y to iba Union Skirt Manufacturing Company, I A3 Chambers at. WANTED?A YOU NO MAN FOR A OROCREY; MUST bu strong and active, with some experience and under. ?land tbe care nf horses Nona n?ed apply wlihout written reference Iron. ast employer, lo P Suiiih. 366 7?b av. WANTED-K1KTY TO UNO MEN, FOR A WHALING voyage of mi mouiha; also men for merchant troyagee and (be navy. )2UU bounty paid, KANUALL a COURT!*BY, Corner of Chambers and West sis., up stairs. Wanted-a first waiter rot for a saloon. Good wages. Inquire at Cortlandt Street Bote). O. 8. KTEHBINS. "117ANTED?AN INDUSTRIOUS HOT. OF ABOUT 17. TV who resides with bis paienls and can come well re commended. Apply alter It) o'clock A. M , at 734 Broadway. WANTED A COLORED FlRl'.MAN FOR A HOTEL and a man lo ui'.eml a lunch counter applv at ibe Irving House, 45 East :th at. WANTRD-IN A STOCK AND EXCHANGE BROKER S office, a yuuug man, with some knowledge of tne business. References in ,st be undoubted as lo honeaty, capability and integrity .Security to be given H required Address, s'.aimt sge aud reference*, L. A J., box 114 Herald ?ttco. WANTED?TWO ACTIVK BOTH, TO HUN OP ER randa and work about ihe mure Apply at 2?b Broad way. SITt' ITIONS WAnED-MALBI. A YOUNG man OF EXCELLENT QUALIFICATIONS to desirous of obtaining a situation In a wkoleMI* or retail grocer; s'ore Apt ly for one wmk to U I' C., 1(W West I6tb at near 6tb ave. Beat ol referenda giveo. AN experienced MAN. A FIKHT CLASS OPERA live, ilen ren uu eng?;;eigcut us manager in a lllc ?o ks. Address George Junior, ut the file works, Middlelown, Orange county, New York. a SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNO PROTEST iV nut man. as coachman In a private lawtlv good tufe rence: iio objection to go a short distance in 'he country. Address II. 11., box ln8 Ilcrald office, foe two day*. A B COACHMAN?ONE WHO HaS LIVI D KOK THE JY iaat an vi.ars with It-st piesem employer anil rau receive from iniu lull recommend.uions for capacity. i-obri et.v and b nesty Inquire of Jainaa H. fltna, HUMftyAi between 11 ami 2 o cioctf. A YOUNO MAN, 17 YEARS OK AtlE, DESIRES HOME Kind of a sit latum < itlier as light porter in a whole sa<c store or at sometning where he rau muku liimsell ise fill, inferences f ruiabed. Address J. E. F., box23$ Post Office, N. V. \ COMPETENT AND RELIABLE YOUNO MAN DB aires ? m atton as bookkeeper or assistant, lias bad some experience and an gi e goo ally relerenoe Addreee C., tujx S.2M Post, or call at No. i Beekman at. A Boy. At;ed .9 years, wants a place in a tU'ghoi , has served tbr< e years at the trade. AddresH W. K. Hitter, S, il. Crook's Hotel, 74 Cbalbaui st. A BOOKKEEPER. who HAS SOME EXPERIENCE as s.iIts of drv goods, and also of groceries, wril'-s a lair baud, nas no vices and oan give good references, do sires a situation. Address ,1. K., 11 orulu office. A .-IT IT 11IE WANTED?BT A TOl SO MAN OF EE speciabiiily. at-ed lit as an assistant olerk on a steam boat or railroad. Addruas C A. S , Herald oilice. ? RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN DESIRES A S1TUA j\ ticu ase.erk; writes a good linsine?s liaml and hae a piacUcal anowleuge ol boo<\kec| inn. (.'.111 lie seen In Ins piesent situation. Address Oswald 34- 4ih av. ? SALESMAN, PERFECTLT ACQUAINTED WITH t\ tlie rolli.r and cull btisme-s wifrhra lo ul ange bta pre sent s:i a ion. Wrtlten a| | licanoiis reaelved liy Emanuel Sebweiier, 112 I'ranKliu st. A ''( a ilMAN 8 SITUATION WANTED?BT A MAN ol toinperaie haoits is a areful ilriver a..d under Ktnrnis lie ne of horses and earn iges Best ot reference!. Address C. C., tux 210 Herald Oliioe. HAEKEEPEES sit; ation v. antbd-by a yoi'NG man n ho ulnlerstnuds bis bnsibess and can mi* up all drinks; goon rolerence given. Ai.urcss K II , boi 191 H"ra d oilice. DKUOI.IST'S situation WANTED-WH0LE8ALE ar rotai eleven years' evis enco In tlie retail and I r> s ripnon liai.e. Address Dr iy^.st. box lhU lleiabi oilice SITUATION WANTED?BY A WELL EDUCATED O young man, as e!cm or salesman in any kind of busl ness. s a I|.iainlt . wilb'l e l>reiich, tiiirinan and English lange,ages, and has also some knowledge ol bookkeeping. Addreaa t. W , station D Post oilice. SITUATION WANIPD-BY A Yt DM MA* IS TEARS ol age to do light work on a farm, no objet Hon to the country. is willing to liiuke bimscll useful. Adores* K S , Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAR O 1 ,e?t man. as elers in a grocery or cb tbing store; will 11 BKe biu.ivlf selul, good leference gtven II re <?uired. Addrtss A. C ,'2i2 East Houston st. CITVATIO& WANTED?BY A MAM AO ED > (KNO O isli 1 is a good wmier. <|inek at 1 gares and willing lo w< rk. Address A. C , lleiald office. CIT 'ATION8 WANTED?FOR TBOROUOH1.Y COM O |?ient (arm bands, gardeners coachmen, grooms, wa ters. porte.ra, si r ants ana buys, aiso men lalel\ iai 011 e.e.p ol every descrtpti immediate.y soppln <1 at the Large Employment House, 13? iltb si., corner oth av. CITL'AT'oN WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN. AS arc or porter In a?toie, is a- ilea and good wrttor and a good worker; lo do anv s< n ol woik; good 1 iiy reference. Address F. W.. Heraid olli. e. IIO IVH< LEKAMC <iKO< KKS. AND OTB P R8 ?WANT ed. a situation ?s travelling ugenl; has had i I'n-en yea re' exigence in tbe wholesale business in New York. bud has a very extensive aoqtia'niance uiih umnv of the bc?i to .se? in (lie Western States in dil'rrcnt brtD 'lei; un g.\t the ! '*st reference as to business epn/:ity. Ac By ad dressing business, box 180 Herald olhce, will meet with prompt attention. rpO WHOLESALE ORCCERS AND PRODUCE DEAL 1 eis.?Wauled, a situation aa trave iling .(gent or sale* man; ha* eueusive acquaintance in the Northern anil Wtsiert. States ho* hau tilleen jreara experience in the business; reference given. Address I. W., Herald oilico Ik"ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, 18 YEAKS OK AliK, VV mn ;y in a banking h? use, a situation In a stock broker s olhce or t anking house, beat relerence from last employers. Address B. L>. C., box MO Herald ofltoe. W'ANTKO-BY AN BXOmCM OF THE YOLUN te.r aervt e, a native of this Slate, a ciianc* to earn anionest, either a* elerfc, storekeeper or porter; will ?or* luitUii.l) tor a moderate >omiieunation Address W H. V., Broklvo 1'oat ollire. \\"A.NTED-KY A SCOTCHMAN, a SITUATION ar il coachman Unexceptioaable references given, Can teseen at Mr. Lo idi.i. *. lainesn maker, Vj Bieockcr at. U'ANTED?A SJIUAIION AS BAR TENDER IN A h"'' . or restaurunl, by a young n an ot ? xperieoce in the' .s n?-fs. can furnieb the beet of ciiy refi rente il re nred Adores* X. W. M . tti Otti av. i* \NTfiD?BY A YOUNO VAN Jl YEAKS OK AOE. IT who las jiim come from war, a sitna ion in Nome mercantile house, n willing to autke nimeeif generally ,se (n. .oii.irk a' h n res aod nns some kuowledgo of oook; .s of ?t< nly babua ami Hurt integrity. Uooil ref rren e as to character, AC. Address O. A. r., llgraid Office, U:ANTED.-A TOUNO MAN, FREfcll FROM SCHOOL, des res a Situation in a dry ods oumn issian or im rotting route. at<aki English andOeniiun t mitiy, aod is hi "in lent peamao. < An furnish the highest estinu nials as :o i anu ability. Salary not a cooHlne ration. Ad dress B. U., Herald otbea. WANTED-A situation AS LHII1T PORTER OR TO ?V in a store; *|eaH* Kirnrti, good rrferroros given, and security II rr.|, Address t , lleiald office. tt'ANlED-BT A nurt STEWARD 30 YEARN OF It a situation aa cook or other* se i an give good refem.'e*. Appiy lo W, B . 117 Puik ..v., Brooklyn, between li and 12. 11/ ANTED?A 8ITUATION, A3 CLI.RK BY A YOl NO VV oiau. in h liitl i laa? bnusr down p * i at a fan aalary. Aiilre??, lor thi*e da?*, Clyde Hera.d of ce. II'ANTED?A situation, AH SALESMAN, KOR A >> genueinan ? lurniahinn (OOda. einbreMtrtee or lane* ilrv si ' ? l'i>exce| ti. i,?i ,e nferencee AddiiM L. K. Sm.'b, rare ol Wlluiet A Co . Bioadway. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN HAVINO $100 IN CASH to uepoatt with bia employer aaaecurny.cau meet witli a u1 or |?Mnan> tit aitnannn aa general amialant in a brat (;a<>' ja *'|d dm.nn xabon. en aiplicauou to day. after ii o clrnk, at 171 Spring atrcet. 1VASTED-A SITUATION, AS 8HIPP1NO OR HKNE V> rut rierh. satisfactory ii'fcreticca given. Addrcae V., bn 7,6.-* New York Poet otlioe. ~ HEW PUBLICATION!. Ahitsiolooicae view or markiaue-con IH.DiTiK near.y 3(10 pagee and I.VI fine p airs and nn grariBg> t f tbe auuiomy ol tlie human oraana In a atate of and dieeaae, with a treatise nn early errors, Is de plorao e ronaeenmeee upon tbe mind ami body, with ibe author ? paii of ireatment?tbe only rational and successful u.o te i f cure, as shown by the report ol ense* treated A tr.thfi adMMi to tlie Biairled and tho?e eniitemplaiiDg marriage who would know their tibytrol ronditlori 8enl ine of postage te auy nddress on reiript of iif crnis In ? ain? f or postal currency Address Di La CM*, 31 Maiden aire, Albany, N. T fp yoU WANT TO KNOW A LITTLE OP KVKRT I ib.i k relating lo Uio human system, diet, a?r. marriai;e, Ar.. Ac., read revised aod enlarged i^dltloo of "MndlcalCom ii on Sinse Among the many subject* irentwl in this work am 'he following ?Cons .mntion, Bronthlne. Asthma. CatafTb. Scroll,.a. Rheumatism, Dyspets a, Piles, Liver anil Philosophy it ligntlon. Constipation, liweases nr the Ke mi ? ('nans f oeneratioa. Rupture. Sail Rheum. Caeoor, PsraH'i*. Iilsenses of the Heart. Neuralgia, Jlow to Re cover 'l eS gb' and Throw Aside Spectacles, the Curious Mai rials C'lStotDS >tf the World, Phllosot hy of Blopemente. PbiloS'iphy of Cbiidtnarklng, a Chapter for the Married, anil . thouiand of ^aliie to married and stngh', never written r,i?ie II ak I,g altogether a curious book forcurloui |-eople, and a goon bo<Jl? for every one; 40H paK<" I"1' IHosiratlons. Bv B B. Koole, M. D . No 1,190 Broiulway. New Tork. To be hud ?l all li'1"* agents. Content* lab!'* ?ent free by mail to all appllianle, or tbe book forwarded ay mail, post ?e P,l.ro7re.eipt of ?1 80. Address 8. ?USBT. t)o 121 IfiiS'an vtiret. New Tork. Those PiCl'LU* BOOKS PTJBLIsnisD AT NO 30 Ann street. New York, by CALVIN ?LANCHaRD Send ?,t,irras on a stauued em elope for circular. Yon can sd Ibe book* by mall or al 80 Ann street. "~"JllAILHO.%D8. * H' rOPON RIVHR RAILROAD?TRAINS fOR Af.HA nv,Troy, the North and West, leave Cbkmbers street at 7 and 10 A. M end 3 15, 6 ami 10 ?0 P H. aod on Sundoye i at fi U r. M., from Thirtieth stieet. ^JF.W TORK. flARLNM AND ALBANY RAILROAD*. 1 W Tor Albany, Troy, North and West, leave TwmU.slitt aire* depot 10 A. ML and ? 23 P ?.? Sunday train 4.30 l? ? ITKA1IBOATI. ITOR IMSTPORD direct _ ........ f Ika s i?amers CITY OS HARTFORD and MRANIYH 8TATK leave, pier 21 Sast rlv r dally, at 4 I M. t'lrlun ther pariirulats tnoulre of Saiton A MMWf, III 8oulb mm, D A MII.LS Agent. HBLP WAIITgP-ftMAtKI. AT MANNING'S SELECT AGENCY, MO. IS COURT street, Brooklyn (fifteen year* established. and patron i/edbyali the flrai families), wanted Immediately, cook*, chambermaids, waitresses children's nurses. Rscellent situations in small families and highest wages, without ?ailing. A WOMAN W All TED?TO COOK. WA8H AND I?OM In a innate family. Beat city references required. Apply at 1SI Kaat 3oth at, near Lenngton a*. A HERMAN OR FRENCH WOMAN COOK WANTID io a private laintly . must understand ber business in ail its branches, and have ?;ood city refereni e from her last place Call at the Herald ofllcu Ibis day (Thuraday >, At 11 o'clock. Good wap s will no given. A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TBIMMKR WANT ed? At Ken worlhv's IK'1, lith av , above 13th ata A liberal aalary aod> ot situation. C'OOK AND LAUNDRRHI WANTED-BOTH TO UN ) derstand their business thoroughly; the laundress in mi le willing to assist the waller, and none need apply with' in the bent of city reference*. Apply, between the bourn of y and 11 o'clock, at Kit West 2Mb si. FIRST CLASH I'RiMMKH WANTED -OOOD WAOBS paid to a compeivul baud at 47b Atlantic at.. Ilronklyn. J. P. GROSS E. E1IRST CLASS FANCY HAT TRIMMERS WANTED; P none out those lully scustotned lo trimming need ap ply to biglow k Co l"6 Kult* n at., Brooklyn. (1F.RMAN CHAMBERMAID AND WA1TRR8S WANT JT ed. lo ko lor I lie Hummer * tlh a s.nal Amen an iamlly a auort distance hi the country Muat be well recommeuded. A| ply between 'J ami 4 at U and 38 Barclay st. Overman ndrse wantrd-one with good ac. X cent and well recommended, to yo to Boston, to tend a cbliil three years old anil ilo otln r Ugbt work. Apply hi 132 West i4in at., immediately. (URLS WANTED?AT HJK NEW KMPLOYMENT T olllce. tl.'i Fulton av., ne?r Elliott plii'e, Brooklyn, for a:i kinds of work. No charge till engaged M a^es from $7 to }lii. I A OIKS TAUGHT TO OPERATB ON WHBELER k J W imon'ri lnuchine I or 70 cents I or one week at 43 i I inks at., Brooklyn. Milliners wantrd.?five good trimmers. sin milliners, 'ine apprentices: beat of waiM and ateady employment ,|| V all III If. week al Mis. Binns', bill hroailway, tip stairs, between Sprlug and Prince ata., opposite Tiffany s jewelry store. OKI HT TRIMMERS WANTED-NONE BUT PX it periem eo hands need apply; lo tood band* hphIv e?i iloyment, Annly at J. W, ltiadley s skirt manufactory. Eniinner 81 Reaue street. ti;ANTED?OIRL8 TO PACK TOBACCO. APPLY AT Tf 2 H Water si fl7 ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, TO TAKE V? care <>: a child aridusslat In the housework of a small family referent h required. Aptly ibm day at 64 Prince hi , ricar Myrt ?av., Kiooklvn. UT ANTED?IM M BD1ATELT, FIVE MILLINERS; hipnevt wa, i h | ird, none but the I'est need apply. In quire at it>0 Grand si., N V. \lrANTED?AN EXPERIENCED ENVELOPE GUM t V mrr Apply at 33 !;< ekrnun st. \%7 ANTED?AH HOUSEMAID, AN EXPERIENCED ii pern n lo go to lie ii iniry. Apply at 3!) Laluyetie. I lace, betw reu tbe jo ir<i of 10 and 12 A M. llf ANTED - A GERMAN COOK, BV A FAMILY Vt Hpeodibi; ihe summer in tbe country, a short distance from *ue city Apply, between 10 and 12 o'clock, atlW Keui sen St.. Hi t>i.l)u. ANTED?A RESPECTABLE, TIDY GIRL AS IN V> fant ? n ise and i.hambei maiil In a family of two, who are b' .vrdlru: at i res< nt but will keep uouse in Brook lyn noui May a Proiesiunt preferred and good city refer ence* indispensable. Apply at onoc at ^20 -2il av. 1*7ANTED?A NEAT, KIND, WILLING GIRL. ONE W ,fully competent as nurae and S' atnstr*as, must sew neatly t? take care ol one child for a lady who hi ants; ovist come well reio ninemio#!. Pi ot'..-taut preferred. Apply this week, al ;'l Lafayelie a?., Brooklyn. ty AN TED-IN THE FAMILY OK AN EPISCOPAL V? cl'irnyman, residing n> ar Hie cit<. a young girl between 16 ami 2u years ol aiie. ar cli.iiiitierinai<l and waitress; must understand ber bn lueas and come well reooniun iuleii. Ap ply today t ). at 17 h?st 41st St., betwei n 12 ..nd 4 o clock. 1?rANTBD-THHEE EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN Vt lor tne millinery and straw goods. Apply al No. 1 DivInioii St.. corner ol Catharine. \*/ ANTED? A STRI NG. TIDY AND OBLIGING GIRL VT as , namhermaid and wraitri sa, and lo assisi in ? usu mfi and ironing, to ;:o a short distance m the country; hIh > a hea'lhy and intelligent woman al eiiildron'a nurse. Ajply at s'2 Nassau st , between 1. auil 2 o'clock. WANTED?A NEAT. STEADY GIRL; ONE THAT UN derstands plain cooking: must a t">od waaher and ironer. None but tiiose Having excellent references need apply at via U si 2Ui st Wages $*. WAN i'ED?A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CHARGE OB a baby and maku herse1 T useful; wa?ns $5 a month. Apply al 10 West ~id st., between loth and 11th avs. WANTED?A GIRL WITH OOOD CITY REFERENCES for general housework ; mnst be u good cook, washer and Ironer Apply at 102 West lltb si. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN. TO DO TBB cio.tmg anil a>fUst in Ibe washing ami ironing in a pri vate family City reference required. Apply al 110 9tli St., before 2 o'clock. \V ANTI'.D-A SMART A' TIVF, WOMAN AS ASSIST VT am housekeeper in a liret class boarding bouse; a per son who will make.her employer's miereat tier own. Such a one mav ob am a situatn n by applying in Wtnthrop pla e (2oi> Gri ene St.), near Hlh si , heiween ibe hours ol 10 A. M. and 3 P M. Refeienres rei|uired WANTBD-aoOD (ilKL T<) DO GEN URAL HOUSE work, in u ?mull family on S'aieu Island; must Is- a good cook ?t*i aunriroes. and have city references. Protes tant or cuored preferred. ( all at JOJ Otb av., at vue o'clock, thin i I'hursday.) WANTED JMMfcDlATELY? A VOtfNG LADV TO AS Kin id drciMnaklng A good atmer may apply at J(! U rton ?t. Vl'ANTED-A MOM A N. TO WET NfKSK A CHILD 11 illi???? iinintl.s old, ?t lioine. must have good rele reni-e* Ajply for tivo chjh between 10and 2o'clock ot it) Wen 36th hi. II'AN TED?SEV EKAL HOOD DltEPSM ARI'.RH; ALSO vv a forcwon an. None but thorn- who tin ers and their b .mi>cs tuilnii come to work r?-KU.iii'y need apply at 2tt2 4th av. ITI7 ANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO ASRUT IN f? ih- nursery aod sew. One who call >|>erate on Wheeler A Wilson's ?p?in? machines preferred. Ai-ply at ft; 9th st, near I'uiveraity p.ace. Oltjr reference required. AJLTANrBO-A PROFESSED WOMAN COOK, FOR A TV private family; rouat he Herman or French. and un derstami English. good city r--:ercuie will be required; wage: $.0 to $2!> P* i" mouth. Call at the intelligence, STB ?th av. ? WANTBD?TOUWG LAD IBM OF PLEASING AD dres*. to wait on tabl'-s. Apply at the Reveille Saloon, 694 Broadway. from 1 to .1 P M Uin inn th:s week N It ? Ladles ol good address and callable ot w aiting upon gentle men and conducting themselves in a proper and ladylike manner, ran a.ways obtain situations in the above estahlleb inenl, at .'uernl salaries. B A. fclMo.N60N, Proprietor y\TANTED?EITHER A SCOTCH. OR ENtiLISH OR vv coioreo woman good washer ami ironer, and willing to make hcr*ell generally'i*eful Apply trom 9 to 1 at 1/6 Mem 12th t<t. WANTBD-A WOMAN, AS LAl NDRBSS AND OH AM ber/i.anl; mum be w tiling logo to the country In the iiimmi-r. poott references rei|tiir#4L Apply at 177 Madison avenue, between u and 1 o click. Uf ANTED?A LAUNDRESS, WHO UNDERSTANDS Unlink and line washing, for a private family in Bridget oi I,' uuti. Good ware* for a lirat rate woman. P. T. BAKNUM. Museum. II'ANTED?A GOOD PROTESTANT GIRL, GERMAN, Vv lri?h or Se tch, for geneial homework In a small fa mily . only competent girl* witb good city reference need apply at *10 Wl st &M *t. Wage* ffl. UTANTBD-A Nl'RfcB AND 31-AMSTKERS, TO 00 IN the-ountry One well re omnn nded may apply tin rrfdiateiv at .Mi Paclfli at.. Brooklyn. I'roieatanl preferred, \\J ANTBD?A STRONG MIDDLE AOED WOMAN Vt * he know* how to wash. iron, cook and who would be willing to mane beraell generally useful in a single gen Hainan s household n Nicaragua, Central America. An en gagement for four year* will t-e made; pflbaage out will he itaid, and wages fiupei month, lu gold, given. Addrei* C. t C , Herald office WANTED-A PROTESTANT SEAMSTRESS; ONB I'N <>rsianding hair diesslng. none other need apply. Call between y and II A. M and 4 and f P M. at 11 Bast 22<l *l. _ WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, A (MRL, TO DO general homework, one willing and obliging, and of a pleasant disposition, a middle aged woman preferred. Ap| iv at 190 Ea*i 3lst at. WANTED-A COOK, CHAMHBRMA1D. WAITRESS, laundre**, nurse and soainstree* for a flret da** prt vale family who pay good Wages. Apply at No. 7 Weit Ele itreet, between Broadway and University place, from lu to < o clock. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN COOK, IN A SMALL private family, at No M East Ifith it. WANTED?MlLLINIRS AND TRIMMERS. AN EX pcrlenced saleswoman and apprentice*, al 14 Clinton place. WANTED?OPERATORS ON WltBBLER A WILSON machines who iberotighhr understand working on cloak*, at Selb M. Corwln a, 22 walker *t.. aeeond floor. WANTED?FIFTEEN NBAT, TIDY HAND SEWERS wanted to Omsb fine llanni-l *blrl*. None but neat ?ewer* need apply at 22 Warren st. WAMTED-A TOt NO GBRMANiWOMAN, AS GOOD nook In a sma'l private family no town must have good rtlercnot* Inquire at MBcii 2itt *i, between oth and .th ave WANTKD?A WOMAN COMPP.TBNT TO TAR B (liai-ge ol n l'-r?t clais dreMmaaing evtahllebnient. Ap ply at 512 Canal ?t WANTBD-A LADY TO LEARN THE ART OF eolor lie photograph*. After two weeks' Insln.ctlon, of ore hour per day, work will t.e *i\en out. Ivory type*, Diawlngand Painting laoghl, at 719 wroadwav, room i!>. G. KONIUHBEKO. Wanied-a scorcn on oehman girl, to ik> ifeitnral hO'iseworlt for a small American family; one that oat <1 eak English ; gi oil wages Call at 75 Morton st. WANTBrt?TWO GIRLS, TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE in tho country; one a* plain cook, washer and Ironer, and the other to atier.d to children. Apply st 2M Bast SiHb street. WANTBD-A SMART. INTBLLIGKNT GIRL OR MID ti ? ngcd woman (an American preferred), to attend the tables and make heieelf generally useful In m ladle*' oyster eaioon and supper room*. Apply tbla day at 124 Prince st. WANTBD-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL nOUSR work. Reference reunited. Apply, alter 9 e clock, at r' 8th if, riURCM AI?V KH riSK MKNTN. ON I'EM A N OK UNE FE M M E UK CHAMBRi'l FRAN | cal e, sa< l ast colffer et falre lee robe* S'adr>**er, entrn 10 ?' I 18 East ICtb *1. Fl'e eon fpnrnii de j bonne* reix>nnBan>laik>na. | *H* trades. AKEROaHMK OIL DISTILLER WANTED?A P*ll ?on well acquainted with the b ulness. and competent 10 manufacture whit#oil from cru i? , , nl?nm nod usiern bet U.iu?. To a superior workman a it?ial <Mary w1n te gieea. with permanent employment. Ad draw b i imt Poet offlo?. ! A STOUT BO* FBOM T.IK CO! N 1K.Y WISHBB TO A Ifuru t tmde. Mahchlntat or wteelwrlghl nr*f..rr*d Call on or addresi D A , 9)4 Waul lith .1 , b?lw?i;u pith and 11th ara. A sawyer wanted?one who iub had ex. perience in running au upright saw. A| t y at MS Weal at., corner of Ba.ik. (1ARPENTERS WANTED?$2 90 PER D* Y Al'Pl.T J at 13'J and 181 Orchard ?u, of Stepl an II. Keapp, Builder. GtRDENER WANTED-TO TAKE CHAROI Of A small co'intr> residence. 15 miii'a from Saw York: ha mum thoroughly undorst.ind the Imsiuesa of raising *arden prodii a be accustomed to the c ir< of liuriei sod willing to make blni?elf useful, Unman preterr-d Apply t<> P. C. Harmer. I0J Hroa I way, room 15, b t *acu 11 and 1 o clock VIACHINIBT WANTED.?A OooD MACHINIST CAS 1*1 nml employment by apply ng Herr mg A Co. ? talo maim I.e. lory. corner of H idson au<l 13th sn. c?HIRT CUTTER ?WANTED A FIRST CLASS SHIRT i . . utter for * Broadway furnishm/sto e; one ac'iu ualed with < iihtoio ordered w?ii( AI*o good ilnrt bauds. Ai.droaa A. II D.. Mutton A Poet otlice. OIHRT CI TTER WA.NTBD-A FIRST CLASS Cl'rTfcR 17 on lannel shirts. frui tj In S 1* 1 ; steady work will be gi en. None but tbe belt uced apply at li5 < bauiieia it., tnii d llonr. rpo PA I XT R R8 AND OTHERS -A PA INTER, WHO 18 1 a pni ti' Ml workman, would hai? no ohji ctiou to ivork In tbe counuy for the kui i. AdiltOMi VV. Maslin, station K, New York. rpo llARltKRH.-WANTED, AT NO fi ASTOR HOUSE. I tw g>Hid narbeis who thoroughly understand every bram U of the >uHineis;,wag' a 11J per week and pcruuioilee. Apply as above. Hid P \PFIt - , ?.; NK 'I - _ \ A Nil STK AI'T 1 printers Hud iuiu edlate ? ploy ia<-iit at the ory, 512 Wcat'AVI "t. CHRISTY. CONSTANT A CO. 'PO fiAW M A K Kits ? W \ NT I). A I I1. I RATE WORK I man to Km.tu lug* etrcular aawa, mhwi employ men and tb? bes: price for lalior. In uir ut Ocnrge an d"r"uii. 'JdCIIlt ht,, New Yoik, or to IIi nry L>ri?to'., I'lula ?Jeiplila. fPIIKbK CAKI'liT UPIIOLBTHR I S WANTED -WILL 1 engage I or oue>>ar. Apply nuiualiately at H -twi A t'aill'H, i'.ifi Kul'on at, Hrook >n. VV ANTED?A aooi) KILE KOPUER IWOOUIND ii ei?, ind four On teiM on lia'tni The hi?;l eHt pitiTspuid. Apply at tliu Eagle i ii i W r k?, l ate: ?m, N J. Willir.i'.lo ,v Wall XXT ANTKD?Til REE KIR^TCI A-S Li!" VS8 KINISIIKKS it on line ni.-ic.littery. inode aanu matruuieiita. .i!noon? puttrrn iiiuk r. to do general work. App.y at 431 Laii luth at. .Steady work. WANTEO-A FIRST CLASS CPRPOM VEST MARBS: one who >h i make gnod button hoiea; no otuers need iipply; a an a tuung girl to learn vent making. Apply at 17<1 Uowerv, belore 10 o clock. I llTA-NTED?A CUTTBB WHO THOBOUOBLY UN tf deratanda tbe cuatom trade. None otber need at ply at /'.iQ hth uv. \\r ANTED? V tJOOD BLACKSMITH. TO DO OENE ?* nil job work. Call on Siturdar. between I and 3 o'clock at I" Ho i ery; Noue but n. good workman need ap ply to Jai'oo Kotiei is. I1T ANTED?A OOOD PAPER IIANOKR. ALSO A ii uto'it boy. (iood wagea given. Apply to Uolmea, Wi Hudwm it. \Y ANTED-TWENTY VARNISIIKRS ANII RUBBERS. ii Sixteen dollar* per wt-ek will be paid <o the rlitlil kind of nun. Also ten .ov h w tin ted, to learu the trade. Apply I .0 l>e{,raaf ,k Taylor. W liowery. WANTED-SOME UTUOOKAPHIC PRINTERS, AT Ferd. Mayer A Co.'?, 'JO Kim >u Ht. V\T ANTED?TWO ORNAMENTAL JAPPANNER8. AP ii i>ly at .180 Hui.aoii at. Oood wagon pall. I*.rANTED?A HAND IN A PIK BAKERY INQUIRE ii at lOi East 13th St., thU day, 1 o'clock 1*. M. IjOST AND FOINI). hlOUND?A POCKBTBOOK, CONTAIN1NO MONEY, near the stme of Thi s. Ie8u A C"., .1 >2 Canal itreet. Tlie owqui can have It by applying ai above. FnOUND-A FEW DAYS SINCE NEAR MADISON 1 square, a gentleman ? Watcu Ciuiiu. which the on ner San bare by ar| li log at 3/i Front stre t. FOI NH-A SMALL AMOUNT OK MONEY, WIIICII will lie ieturned liy payment of the emicniij*. Ai |/ly to W. Jonepli lienze, lliti V\ asiiinglnu sticnt. nODRO-A small OOIiD LOCKET, Willi LUCE 1? lien*. The owner can have It by proving proper y and paying i'?peusen of this advertisement, by applying at tbe jorucr of Twelfth and Wa?bln,tou streets. 1 II \VINO FOUND A SUM OF MONEY. T1II1 OWNER tan liave tlie same hv calling aiul prov ing property. U WEV ItlCII. with O. Beit A Co , No. y iiuwery basement. LOST-0N TUESDAY, THE 12TH INST., A PAIR OF Uold Spectacles; name marked un them. Being a gifl Irom .i Irlend thev aie much prized. A liberal re .ard will be |.lven on the return of thein 10 4'>0 M. rtle nvenne, Brook lyiK or 3U Bowery tMrs Peddic SJ. New York. SIX WHITE PI.N1S STICKS LOST?FROM MY YARD, foot ol ..nn Street, Ku^t 11e i. snltabl? rewarded by returning the same to above place OJ gl.lng inlorinution where they can be luiind. M. P. DELANO. I OST IN BROOKLYN-IK THK LADY WHO WAU 1j wwn to pu;? up a Focketbook, forticr of Kiilton arena* and Fort Green place, on Wednesday, between 3 arid 4 P. M . wji! return ihe su'ne to J. jl Simon 'n, u'J (Jlitr slreot. New fork, or Hanson pl*co. second door west of Fort Green place, Brooklyn, a lit will receive tlJ und tlie thanka 3f the owner. LOST-OB WB0NB8DA V. IN <I()IS<I FROM BROOMB and Elizabeth streets to John and Oold street*, a.Silver Hunting i ???? Watch. wlib Steel Ct.*ln and Seal attached; maxer. Cooper, Loud >n. The Under will be. liberally re warded hy leaving It with K. Clarke, at Martin Heiter's, 144 aid it'. Elizabeth street. LOST?ON MONDAY, APRIL 11, BETWkBN TUB hours of 3 and ?> o'clock, In going from tlie corner of Wiiluini and John streets, thence b., Fourth avenue car to St. Mark'* place a lady'* Bieaatpin, composed of carbun cle* and pe nix. set in Tuscan g >ld. The Under will te suit*, bo rewarded hy leaving it at 118 William street. LOKT-ON TUESDAY, 12TH INST.. A BLACK NEW foanriland Dw. Any person biinglu^ the same to 43 Chatham street. In the hat store, will be liberally rewarded. LOST?IN YORKVILLE, APRIL 13 IN OOINO FROM KUbty alkth strict to Bm'.y irst street, from Second to Fourth avcriuc, or In Thud avetiue car a likeness of ? rieoe.ised husband, set wlib brilliants Tlie Under will ie celve double the f the Piu by returning It to S47 Sec ond avenue, corner ol Twenty-eecotid street, up stairs. IOKT-A TELLOW ENVELOPE CONTAINING UP J wards of (I'M) in greenbacks and St Nicholas Bank I).lis A satisfactory rewm 1 will be paid by returning tha same to E. II. Nichols, 41 PI? street, N. T. V^TOLEN-ON FRIDAY. TUB HT? INST.. IN ONE OP ?5 the ..iguth avenue cars, a Wallet, c inlawing among other Bemoranda a call on J VV Hancocks for |i U shares of ma stock of tue Krie Railway Company, at 106>?, fiattd December 7, lfto.1, due Decani bar 7. n*<4. ThepnblM are cautioned against negotiating the same, as it has been ? topped. STOLEN?WEDNESDAT BVBNING. AT 7 O'CLOCK, bile delivering goods to the Sanitary Pair a aorral Hcrse, about ill teen hands high long! til, (Canadian i, anil Grocer s Wagon, with the namu of William 8. Corwlo A Co , Von Broadway, on both sides. A lib tal reward will be given lor the recovery of It. WILLIAM 8 CORWIN A CO.. POO Broadway. S' REWAHIH. d??> R! WARD.?LOST, A PLAT BRAID8D IJAI It IpO Bracelet. with henry gold clasp The lie Hals A A. L. are en ra>ed on the anar& The above was lost while pass ing through twenty alith street in?n S. cund avenue to Ninth avenue, thence to the corner ? f West Twenty second s reet. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at 174 Ninth aiemie. Q>? RKWARD.?LOST, ON WKDNBSDAY, ISTII INST. >P>) ii w hile Bull Terrier Slut, with a la ge bilndle spot on left eye and a small spot under rl?ht eye. Whoever return* her to Joseph W. ?irlh, 061 Ninth avanne, will receive Uio above rawaril. (i; 1 ft REWARD.?LOST, ON THE NIGHT OP THB 6TH ?pXl/ instant, a largo black BeoW, from Ward a Island, 1 lie above reward wililia paid (or lnfarniallon of its recov ery, tiv James P. Kagan, foot of ilOth siraet, Baat river. C?-| ft REWARD -LOST, IN THE VD'INITT OP ATE ?p 1" F uiie C and Twelfth atreet, on the alternoou of the Uih mat., a young Bla' k and Tan Dog, wkb long ear*. Any one returning the same to 211 East Ninth atrwt, will receive the above reward. fl? I r RKWARD.?TAKEN BT MISTAKE, OR 8TOLBW yl'J trorn the reatanraat of Uenry J. Hang, an Overcoat. Whoever returns the same to It?7 Chambers street will re ceive the above reward and no queatlons asked. WILLIAM WITTB. <S?1 r BEWAKD -LOST, YESTERDAY APTBRNOON. ifltj la Nineteenth atreet, a black and tan Slut, annwera to the name of Minnie; had a red and black leather collar on, with no name ou the plate. The above reward will be paid by returning the dog to &> Weat Nineteenth atreet. C?'m REWARD-LOST, IN Jl'DN STRKKT, A SMALIt * ' i.ver llorae, with a ring ? o ite back, of ao great value ejeept as a keepsake. The honest Under will re. elv# the above reward l y leaving the same ul No. ? John street.# J, J. K \LDENUBRO. Qtic rewabd-lost, haturdat ?rn inst. a Oil) Oold Hunting case Watch, made by T F. Coopor, London, No. t,740. with tiro Initials 0. 8. P. In Oertnan teat on the outside; together with a Oold Chain, Key, an4 Avate stono Sea , with the letters u. 8. F. cut in th? same. The above reward will be paid to any one leaving the above at No. 61 Wall street, office of City Fire Fire In surance Company, or at No. 6 East Thirty seventh street MILLIARDS. r t A SPLENDID KTOOK OF BILLIARD TaBLF.S FOR il s^le oheap, tor cash? consisting nf rosewood, oak and walnut, with Deckers patent cushions; everything war ranted strictly Orat claae Also t our Pocset Tables and Trimminga. L. DECKER, 141 Fulton atreet. BILLIARDS.-FOR HALE AT A IUROAIW. TWO Bit Hard Tables, one full alie, tnarhle b?-d, and three quar ter carrora table, wooden bed, In good order. Can be aeen at 4U7 Grand atreet, corner of Clinton. IfoR SALfc-TWELVB FIRST CLASS BILLIARD ' Tab es, with all ot the flxturea connested, anch as Ball*, Uhaira, Side Table* (marble tops), (laa Flitutee, Bar Cloak, Mirrors, Ac. Apply at ROBINSON rt. Wi Broadway. THE STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TAIL* and Combinallon Cushions, approved and adopted bf the Billiard Congraaa af l?a. The beat and only rallabla Billiard Tablea manufactured. Ball* Cue* s*d tide relating lo billiards. For sale by I llhLAM 6 COlr LBNDER, oomar of Croeby aad Spring "treat* WJ. 8BABPS 8I PRKIOR Bn.UJRO Ttir-K? . can only be foe ml at the ?**apf?L Iff street, where he always keep* on I and a a?*on rnenl of four ami St* pecket Table* wllh M* eiiahlona, which are acknowledged by the mo* v?mp. teas hMlMfi lo bt lu^fi lot to anf now lo vm. AIM bftiid r?t!ea.

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