Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1864 Page 5
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IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. 1'xpirution of the One Hun dred Days. ? atcmting Letter from General Dix in Re* sponse to liuwlcy D. Clapp's Petition. Astounding Development of Frauds Upon the Volunteers by the Bounty Brokers. Four Hundred thousand Dollars Taken from the Soldiers by Bounty Brokers Around Lafayette Hall. ?aM*tr? of Hm Police Salary Bill in the littlttblj, ftc., &c.. Am. Ai bast, April 13,1804. 0*1 HtTNORKD DATS' 81SW10N. lb* lorn died by ilio constitution, limiting tho num ber of days winch the members draw pay, cxplrcm vilb to-ilay They are entitled to three dollars per day for out hundred days. That number has uow expired, and all (hat thoy do heroafter tliey will recaive no pay for. It Is, however, but just that tb^y should remain for ton days for the simple reason that at tb? middle of tho aes ?Ion they took a recess of ton days, which is Included In the one hundred days. That they should make ibis time OH U certainly do moro than their duty. This will pro bably be done. No one thinks of tbolr adjourning before tbe 22d or 23d, while many are of tbe opinion that tbey *rlll be here until tbe 20th of this month, it Is altogether probable that tbe Legislature will adjourn tin-dn about tbe 23d instan;. Th-y may remain until tbe commuu^e raeot of the following week. ouxmiia u msnrit ik mi *k*ati A lengthy and spicy debate occurred in the Senate this morning over a resolution appointing a grinding commit tee. Tbo following Is tbe resolution, ofleied by Senator Cook:? Resolved, Thai Senators CkiIc, Boll, Folger, Allaben, Christie, Stroug, Humphrey, Munger Mil l.aimbcer be appointed a select commute of dim, to whom thill be referred tbe general i rders, with power to selrot there from such bills u they may doom proper, end to report the moo complete. Tbw committee shall bold llieir .meetings open. In tbe Saoate chamber or commute* nom, and snail take no action utwn auy bill axoept at a tegular meeting,"a majority of all tbe members being present. They shall tako up tbe bills as tliey appear upon tbe calendar ?f guneral orders, and in ail caaes the votes of six members of the commute** ?hail be necessary to re;>ort any bill. No bill >lmi b? reported by said committoe makiugan approprialt n from tbe treasury ol tbe State, or Involving any claim against tbe State. Coon tbe raport 01 the oomuiittee being made to tbo Senate, It shall lie on tbe table and be primed before belnn aoiod upon. Any bill reported com pete may, when tbe <iucatiou or agreeing to the report or ibe committee Is tukon up, be reiaired back to tbo Committee or tbe Whole, upon tbedemaud or ibiriaeu Seua tors. The Committee of the Whole shall not have power to report any bill relative to city railroads, t or any bill reported for tbe consideration of tbe senate, nor on which a minority of a standing committee baa di**outed. The debate over its Adoption waa exceedingly lively. Ihe resolution was adopted, and soon alter a motion w aa made to reconsider, which was carried. Then cams . toolbar dacussion more spicy than tbo first, daring which Statements were made that tbe lobby bad held iiack tbetr bills, awaiting the appointment of this committee Inti mations were made that tboaa who voted for It would be looked upoa with suspicion. At this a Senator who .bad voted against tbo resolution wben up lor the first time announced tbat he was nt a candidate for Cover bor, and was now ready to tako tbe responsibility to vote for It, The resolution was agnm pasted. Senator holger jukod to be excused Irom serving on the c mmitiee. and was excused by a vote of the Senate, and Senator Juliand appointed In bis place. ? BRSCriON OK l??W CAPTTOL Rt'lLDlXOS. The bill introduced veslcrday in regard to tbe con .?truotion or new Capitol buildings, authorizing the Oov ?rnor to appoint commtt-si ners to commeuce the work aa too a as tbe eity of Albany deeds to tbe Sluts tbe <>ngref?s Ball property, and appropriating one butidred thousand Bollaraito commence the work, was unanimously reported to the Senate, with a recommendation that it pass. ftspi.v Of onnwii wx to thk hriitioji Hi why d. ct.arr. A letter was received tbis mornttg from Major General John A. IMx, in responeo to the letter of inquiry in re gard to tbe petition of Haw ley I). Clnpp, now under arrest and Imprisonod in Fort Lafayette. Tbe letter of tieneral J)iX Is accompaniod with copies of correipondence Vith tbe War Department, and copies of reports of -fats stan officers, all or wblob reveal some Of tbe most astounding frauds committed upoa the volunteer soldiers tbat have yet boon made pib 'tic, by way of robbing them of their bounty money General Dix states tint Hawlcy D. Clapp aod bis coniede rates, who operated at laiayette Hall, have taken from the volunteer soldiers about $400,000 of tbtir bounty money, ltoe following is a full copy of TUN I KTTKK OK CkMKAL PIT I,et all road and ponder, and see if Clspp does not deservo imprisonment:? Your rote of tbo Bth instant was recolved yesterday, and it affords me pleasure to furnish you with the facts and ctrci.instances attending tbo arrest and imprison mentof Uawley It. Clapp. Wben your note came to band 1 was completing a re port to the Secretary of War fa copy of which, with sc. jpompunying papors, I enclose), givluir a Metalled state mont o( the atrocious frauds committed ui>on rocruits txi this city. aod particularly at liall, where Mr. Clapp wit" tbo princi|?l bounty broker?one of a class of agent* who were brought into existence by the system (adopted by tbe committee of the t:onrd of Supervisor* Tor pro tiring substitutes, whore services were entirely unnetesstry, and whose principal vocation, either by their own direct notion or throigh confederates, was to Obeat nu-n entering the service out of their b unties. Tbe committee, when the frauds had become too palpable and too extensive to be borne, obviated the evil, as far as (bey could, by the adoption of pro[er precautions, but ant until a military crdcr bud been issued requiring the full amount of bounty to be paid to the recruit. My roiiort to tbe-ecretary of War enters into a full detail of these tran.~ac.unns, alike disgraceful to thofe Wbo were concerned in them and to the community in %bo bos 'in of wbich they occurred. Mr. Clapp received from thn committee of tbe Supervisors tbe bounties for a Urge number of recruits f?300 for each), wbo, as t-bown by testimony satisfactory to mo, were cheated out of tbe creator part or It by bim or tbe parties confederated wltb Elm in tbe business. As the money was paid into biB hands, I consider bim responsible for It; and 1 have deemed It my doty, whonever n clear casn or fraud was made out, to see tbe soldier redressed, if possible. It Is only by tbe summary prooegs or a military arrest that these fraudulent transactions can be reached, ir Absy are brought into the civil courts all remedy Is hope Jess Ihe recruits are the only witnesses, and tbe exi gencies of tbe country will not permit them to be kept from the field. Tbe only alternatives, therefore, were to allow tbese ftupendnus frauds to go unredressed to tbe patriotic men who aro offering their lives on the altar of their country?allow tbem to be robbed of tbe provision which tbelr fellow citizens have made for their families?and to suffer the plunderers to egcapo with their Ill-gotten gains, or to take, as I have, done, some of tbe principal ?gents in these frauds into custody,to be held till tbsy make restitution. ' Tbe amount of which recruits were defrauded at Lafay ette Hall, wbere and wbUe Mr. Clapp was chief broker, cannot tall short of $400,000. I have succeeded In re covering about ?, and am aot without hopes of add In< largely te this amount. R am fully aware or tbe responsibility I bare taken In tbese cases, and tbat lbs exercise of tbe power or arrest U only warranted by the oircumstancss in wbicb tbe pountry is placed and tbe special tacts which my report rM tbe Secretary or War discloses. It has been exerted In ? few oases only, and with tbe confident assurance In ^aoh that I should be sustained by tbe government and ^y tbe public judgment. * Although it is technically true, as Mr. Clapp states In Vila pMltion to tbe legisUture. that "be has not held at mny time office under the government, or had any con tracts wltb Ibe government" Itseir, be stood in bis ca pacity a* bounty broker in relation to tbe military ser Vice, or which he seems to appreciate neither the scope teor the force Lafayette llnil. In which his agency was ?taosaetod, was occupied'or military purposes. It was guarded by sentinels, and tbo sets lor which ho was or Vvated ware performed within the lines. It was, for all wasentlal purposes, a camp, and he was witbin It, fur bis bed with oillosroom and other conveniences for him Blf and clerks, and engaged in paying recruits their matP-s as rbief broker, under an appointment, net di rectly froei the government, hut from General Spinnls, the nomtuat.ding ofiicer. He was jer^onally engaged in Services f a strictly military character j?n1 slam!Intr I In a much nearer relat ion to tbe government ttisa fcn uay i lasses of camp followers and retainers who ;ar? by act of Congress sub set to martial law My own >id#tMut if strongly Inclined to tiio conclusion that lie ?Bay be 'rled by Ooiirt martial, and, if he h*e not been .vrmight before one ore this, one chief reason is tbat I de aired to satisfy mvscir by consulting tho course of pro jMPdtMS in analogous <*ses, that I should not err in hold fog him (o aocount before such a tribunal for the acts wltb which he is cbsrged. Alm?st svsrv imaginxbie form of outrage and deception been developed in the i aaes in which Mr. Clspp was mgenl for the payment ot bounties. Men. both white and noiorad, w*re ?tlercd employment as teamsters, wagon lBt?lers and oillrers'sorv nis, receiving Irom f'io to $50 'as "pay to advan<c," and finding th>mse!vcs enlisted as Rrivals soldiers, while Mr. Clapp received from f.XK) to 116 m each case Wltb whit confodciales the money divided, lie sod tbev only can tell. 1 bave o- n?ld? red It enough that H was received by ^Ira, and not paid to the toc.i nits wbo were entitled to it. i eo?n? caass b?'ys have been seduced from tbo<r h"mes, i sacura thsir enlistment; In others men bave been rugsed aod enlisted while unconscious; m others tbsy e been promised furloughs, and whsrs the full bounty _ i D<>t iaid tbsy bavs been trtd tbat thoy would receive |b? balance as soon as they should arrlvs at Klker'S ? D l In sbnrl, thers la no artifice or fraud which baa , Jsssa rasorm to lu carry^ QUI UDrtvtUm of oUImb^ In one cam reported U> tbeae he?dquarU5ru by Mr. Super visor Hluut, Mr Clapp wascompaMed to make restitution, and bis conduct was such that be was not allowed to transact busuieas with tl?e Supervisors iu hi* own name, but continued it In tbe name of other parties. 1 feel convinced thui no class of men would bs likely to take |?rl in theso outrages upon our gallant soldiers, or sympathize with the perpetrat ?rs, unless they cherished a ne ret sympathy with those who are endeavoring, hy lorcc of arms, to overthrow and doctroy tbe government of their country. . Mr. Uapp bas been treated ever since his confinement with a leniency be does not deserve. He has had the name food as the uiea whom ho has defrauded, and is much more cumtortably lodged and sheltered. His conn sal has been permitted to hold two private iuierviows with him?a private not usually granted lo inmate! of Fort lAfayette 1 have Indulged tbe bope be would consent to disclose tbe names of others, more prommeot tbau himself, who are believed to have par ticipated in his fradulent gains He la not held for this purpose alone, but with tbe further view lo compel com plete restitution to lbo.<c he lias wronged, when the ox tent of tbe frauds in whicn be is implicated shall bo ascertained, aud also punished, and also for trial and punishment If it shall be decided that he is amenable to a military court. It bas ailorded me pleasure to comply wltb tbe roiiucut of yuur committee, mid I earnestly hope tl at tbe disi losuro1 1 bave made may lead to some legis lative provisions tosecuio to rocrnits the bounties in tended to be paid to tbem I take the liberty of stating that in some instauces the authorities of towns have, of tbe thrso hundred dollars rai.-od for bomitles, voted one hundred dollars to tbe recruit and two hundred dollars lo tbe broker or runner?a temptation to cupidity which baa led to every species of unfairness, de> option and Iraud. I am satisQed that the legislature could never hive ant clpmed so pross a wrotiK to recruits, to taxpayers and the public service, aud that suitable restraints wilt be Imposed upou local authorities I have tbe honor also to transmit herewith a certitlod copy of tbe order under which Mr. Clupp wua sent to tort l,a:ayotto by Brigadier General Maunard, commanding New York city and hai bor I am, very rospectfuily, your obedient servant, JNO. A. IHX, Major General. nn.LK FA88KD Among the bilh parsed in tbe Assembly this morning is tho Senate bill incorporating tbe Indemnity aud Gua rantee Company of New York, In the precise lorm that it passed tho Senate letter in tbe session the vote was ri'considered and laid on tbe tablo. The Assembly also pas-ed the bill repelling tbe law relative to the closing aud winding up of the affairs of insolvent insurance companies' ruder tbe law these insurance c 'in, an ins, whe:t they commence to wiud up their af fairs, lev v assessments on premium notes It was slated that Mere were buudreds of suits uow pending against holders of tbe premium notes. Tbe passage of this bill sto|>s all of these suits and prevents further procedings 1 lie bill Incorporating the Seventh Ward .savings Hank was also passed. The bill providing lor tbe construc tion of stone stops at tbe Park, entrance at Eighty sixth street and Kifth avenue was lost by a vote of thirty four to forty nine The Senate bill Incorporating tue Now York Corn Kxchauge Warehouse and Security Comp'iny was dereated. The .-'enate bill making appropriation ror bounties to volunteers, to covor the amount required by the State down to tbe 1st ot April, also passed; likewise tbe .-enate bill exempting tbe property of volunteers from sale under execution or attachment during the absence of tbe volunteers in tbe army. TIIS BILL 1M KBASlNU TUB SAI.ARV Of THK POUCH of the Metropolitan I'ollce district was also read the third tune and passed, without any amendment since it c ,me from the hands of the Committee on Cities to re port complete. THK CITT TAX LEVY. There was an interesting time before the Assem bly Committee on Cities this atternoon on tbe New York city lax levy. John E. Develln, Corporation Counsel, aaked to be beard on the items in the levy for bis department, about which so much has been said by tbe reformers. He stated that the business of tbe reiormers here had been doue by power of attorney. The result was that these attorneys had all a?HHlled tbe legal department of tbe city government; that bv employing efficient assistants, like Cbas. O'Couor, James'I. Brady, Wm. Curtis Noyes and others, many of the suits agalusl tbe city bave been decided in Tavor of tbe city, and in others the judgments largely reduced, lie cited tbe ease of tbe contest witb the banks and tbe case decided by tbe Court of Appeals, a few weeks ago, where tbe judgment against the city was cut down from one hundred aud sixty thou sand tq seventy-four thousand dollars. These attorneys, from tbe fact that eminent lawyora were em ployed from time to time, found it very diffi cult to meet with success in their suits against the city, and now were trying to obtain revenge by on a :avorio?' to prevent the Corporation Counsel having the power to employ able assistants in defending the city. He referred to Judze Edmonds' appearing bore and opposing that item in the levy, stating that he (Judge Edmonds) had engineered and secured tho judgment against the city in the case of tbe Commissioners of Kecord and some of the other largo swindle* against tbe city, and now comes here to cripple the city in defending itself against all manner of suits. The only question involved In the amount asked for tbe legal department was whether he would be allowed to employ assistants in defending tbe city. There were thousands of suits pending, mauy of tbem requiring tbe highest order of talent to deend, and necessarily, from their numbers, addi tional legal aid. He also explained other matters lb it bad been charged upon bim by tbe attorneys or tbe reformers before the committee, and showed how bis acilon bad saved thousands of dollars to the city ?Judge Hilton bridtly responded, and objected to Mr. I level in having tbe iiower of expending money In tbe employment of assistants TBI SUPPLV BOX. The Supply bill wns ordered to a third reading in tbe Senate this afternoon, with an increase of lour millions of dollars to lie paid to the volunteers from this State. This Is understood to have b .'en dono for a burlesque on the system of dragulng everything into tbe bill. Till KKIB I'RKKKRRKP STOCK BILL. Mr. Beach, of Troy, U to argue to morrow, before tbe ?enita Committee on Railroads, on the Erie preferred slock bill TIIS AMI AWT HRllMiB RILL. Tbe Albany Bridge bill was progressed in the Assem bly, snd postponed until next Monday afternoon. Almost the entire session of the Assembly was taken up in fllltbiistertng, arising froin tbe decisions of tbe uhair, which many of the members did not agree with Motions to ad.iourn and all other dodges were resorted lo. Finally a square issue was drawn on a decision of the Speaker Api>oal wis made and debate en suw.1 but, up"n the Speaker giving his reasons for bis decision, the appeal was shown to be so much out or the way tbst It was withdrawn, and the House adjourned,soinewhal wiser on parliamentary law. tub tat us A*n aasawwnrra The Taxes and Assessment bill is creating quite a com motion here It ha* now ?,one lo the Senate, aud both sides are rallying for the contest The largo property holders are petitioning for it, aud the politicians are ar nying themselves against it. It promises to be a rich ai d racy struggle THE TRAGEDY IN 80UTH?rSTREET. Interesting Testimony for the Defence Three Tambleri Alleged to have been Thrown by Smith?The Summing (}p by .lame# T. lirndjr and A. Oakejr Hall?The Cms* Adjourned Until To Day. At , COURT OF GENERAL RFS3ION8. Before City Judge A. 0. Itussel. A 1*11.13.?Tbe Court of General Sessions opened at eleven o'clock lliti morning, City Judge A. D. Russet on the beocb. In a few mioutee tbe court room *ai Oiled with spectators. Amongst whom were a very large num ber of col ored people. Itaniel Brooks, tbe quadroon, wbo is Indicted (or murder, was again plareil at tbe t>ar, and bts trial continued by Mr. Charles S. Spencer, one of bis counsel, calling witnesses (or TBI II KVKKd Two of tbe employee of tbe Brooklyn Ferry Company were first culled to tbe stand, and testified to tbe fact tbat Brooks and two companions were at tbe in I ton ferry oo tbe morning or tbe 2d of February, and thai all tbreo were pertectly sober. Richmond W. Lacey, a colored man, was tben plsced on tbe stand, and testloed that be visited MeKlnley'a saloon nn tbe morning oi tbe 2d of February, in company with Brooks and McKeel. They stepped up to tbe bsr, and were told by tbe barkeeper thai tbey could not aeli : liquor to damned niggers. A reply was made by one of tbe party, and in a tew minutes three tumblers were thrown by the barkeeper. Tbe first struck MoKeel oo the head the second struck a cornice, while tbe third struck Brooks. A scuffle took place between Brooks aad tbe barkeeper, wbo bad what api?ared to be tbe Ice pick in bis b ind He was kicking Brocks, wbo drew a pistol from bis coat pocket, and witness beard tbe report while I standing on tbe sidewalk, where be bad gone to get oat or tbe muss cross examined by Mr. Hall?Mved in New Haven last rail, knew a gentleman oT tbe name or Hayden . men tioned the occurrence to his son. snd denied to bim that he saw tbe sbootlog; told blm when the rtifDculty got to Its height that be moved out, and on getting outside tbe door heard toe shot fired, came d"wn from New Havn on the morning or tbe 1st or February, to buy eome tickct* for California; after getting through with th?> bualnrss went to Brooks* shIhoo, <* the corner ot Caoal and Wooster streets; stop|>ed there until eight In the evening, and then went to Brooke' house in Waster street: stopped there until ? ne o'clock in the morning iben ?ent back to the saloon, to ttad Mr. i'rtx ks, wh< was not there, and he went to a psrty In I hompsou street from there, where he fcuod Brooks they proceeded to gether to tbe ferry, where they met MeKeel. beiore retching tbe terry they went into McKiniey's aslooa Brooks iind witness wiitit In together; there weru two bsrtrndeis In tbe place, tbey arked lor some whisker,and got It: could not .-ay who served them went out to the retry, an<l found McKeel. when thev went baok, at tbe ?nggestion of Brooks, t'i get another drlr.k. did not know wko uked for tbe drinks. Sm th was a luige, stout man soma said, 1 Me canuot serve you here.'' eiiber Brooks "r McKeel made some reply and tbe sane thing was said sraln; witness was going slowly hark to the door when the tirst tumbler wss thrown Brooks and Ml Keel were standing nonr ibe I'ulton street d or It hit Mrhrel on the head Brooks kept his position, tbe nest tumbler was thrown Immediately afterwards. It struck the cor oico the third tumbler struck Brooks, and there was a rush immediately anerwards, witness rutreeted still fur tber.aud got into tbe street, when a pistol wss tired nn mediately afterward.*; saw rtrooks draw fioin tbe sldo potftet of h's co it what he supposed was a pistol, Thomas (4 McKeel, another colored man, testified that he keejis a dining saloon in Fulton street, Brooklyn, was with Brooks on the morning or tbe 2d or February; met him nt tbe |iarty; went afterwards to MoKUiley's saloon with lacey and Brooks; the lirst thing said by the bar keeper was, "We oannot serve damned niggers her#;" Brooks asked blm why, nd be said, "Ooon out of here," and threw a tumbler, which struck witness on the head, rutting it severely; snot her tumbler was thrown, which struck tho cornice, and tbe third struck Brooks on the head; Mitoses then turned round to go over the ferry, but, finding that Brooks did not follow him, he returned, and found that Brooks and the barkeeper were scuffling together, snd uiahackeen, had.** vwt** alnlHlt, ??? I Brooks pull ? puiol out, and Immed.stely afterwards hoi'd the report, when wiiuos* loft, jiut u the police mau Md? bis api?arauce Crow examined by Mr. Hall?Before keeping the saloon was employed on tbe steamboat Kmptre CKy (en rears; | bad kuowo iirooks lor eight or Dine years aad Lacy lor five or sii oo tne night id queitlou met Iirooks and I<ac?y at tbe ferrr by accident, who aaid tbey had juat been acme* tbo street to Mckinley's. aod Brooke asked him (witnetu) to no and have something to drink oo entering Brooks asked witness what be would tako, whoa tbe barkeei*r st'-oped up aod said, "We don't serve damned niggers hero:" Rrooka aaked whjr, aod the bar kroiwr lircd a tumbler, wlnoli struck .vituesH ? t!i? bead, lnllit-ling a severe wound mid cutting a bole 10 his bat. Tbe bal waa produced nod handed ronnd for the irrf to I'vamine. H is made of thick woollen cloth and thickly lined Tbe bole wan a atnali, jagged cut, right through both cloth and tiniug. Testimony continued?The second tumbler wan thrown Immediateh after wauls, and struck tbe wall, where it was smashed the tbird struck Iirooks oo the boad; Brooks and the barkeeper then struggled, when Smith kicked Brooks, who drew a pistol (row bis pocket aod tired in a lew seconds afterw irds. By a Juryman?The cut left a scur oo his bOid for about a week alter wards. Kobert J. Williams, an elderly colored mm, testified tbai he keo|>s a restaurant, lias k> owo Brooks lor the live or six years, uou always heard of biui as boing a poiceable, quiet mm. Kn'bard HjI ey, another colored man, testilled that be had known Bunks for tweutv live or Ihuty years, aod had oever heard scything against his clctrao or, had alw lys heard him spoken ef as a <|?iiafc, peaceable man William H. Wilder tesiilled that lie bad known Brooks for tbe list six veartf, during which lime he had always heard him spoken of as a peaceable, quiet man. William Carroll, colored, testified Hint lio hail known Brooks Iroin boyliood, Hod bad always known him to be a peaceabio, quint man. Nothing of import mco was elicited on the oross oxarni nation ot the last four witnesses The rase lor the defence was rested at this |toin|, in cod sequence of ? number of witnesses having f uled to attend. Mr. James T. Hrady then commenced to sum un for the defence by expressing his satisfaction that a jury had ttoen empanelled in so short a time who were willing to administer equal justice between pirtles, oue of whom was unfortunately a colored man from which fact he inferred that the prejudice, out ol which grew "tbe slaughter of the Innocents," in .Inly last, was n >t sh ired by the jury Mr. Brady eloquently and forcibly enlarged on that topic, and then took up the case In us legal bear ings. lie contended thai to convict the prisoner of mur der in tbo Urst degree it rested with the District Attor ney to prove that tbe killing was deliberate and premedi tated. to convict of murder in the second decree it would not be necessary to prove the premodifitiou Justifiable homicide was then explained to the jury as meaning a lawiul defence of one's person. Tbe learned gentleman then drflnod the different degrees of manslaughter, and went on to review tbe evidence in the case. Tbe testi mony of Mr Barker, tbn llrst witness examined for the prosecution, was, he thought, perfectly truthful and reliable, wbl'e that of Klynn, Nagloand Harry should, he received with great caution, trom tbe fact that they bad been Intimately acquainted with the deceased, and for whotn they do doubt entertained feel ings of friendship and esteom He then alluded in dis paraging terms to the character of the saloon whore the shootinir took place, and contended that the testlmouy given by witnesses lor the defence. In relation In the good character of the prisoner and his usually quiet and peace able demeanor, wag strong evidence that he would nevor bavo committed tbe ratal act bad be not been Urst as sailed. District Attorney A. Oakey Hall, In summing up for the prosecution, opened with a few eloqueut remarks, show ing tbe great nocessity for a fair and Impartial adminis tration of public justtcs. He then wont on to siieak of tbe evidence given by the witnesses Tor the defence, which,admitting it to be true, and that the witneesos had not been actuated by feelings of friendship for the prisoucr, was, in bis opinion, entitled to hilt little weight. Many tneu had gone to tbe scall'old for a crime whteb lifteeo miuutcs previously tbey had no intention to com mit. Alluding to Mr. Brady's remarks on the testimony of tbo witnesses for the prosecution, he said the learned gentleman bad hut dons justice to the witooss, Mr Wm. Barker. He should call the attention of the jury to tho testimony of that gentleman, and also to that of the po liceman, neither of whom had been cross examined by the ? learned gentleman on tbe other side Mr. Barker testified that he went info tbe water closet, and while there beard loud talking and swearing ; in about three minutes after wards he heard tbe report of s pistol, aod ou leaving the water closet saw Smith outside the bar and a young man bolding him up. Tbe talking and swearing might be called the minimum or sound, and the report of the pistol the maximum. In aoswer to a quest ion whether he beard any other soind, he answered positively and distinctly "No, sir." That, Mr. Halt oontcoded, dispose-d of tbe account that tumblers bad been hurled about, as Mr. Barker must bave beard tbo nols* tbey would bave made. At tbe Coroner's inquest nothing wa said about Brooks being cut and bleeding. Tbe hat he longing to McKeel. tbe witness for tbe defence, bad, be contended, uever been cut by a tumbler, as he felt as sured tbe jury must leel convinced after bavins examined it. Kven granting that tact, if a tumbler had beeo thrown with force eoough to cut tbe hat, tbe wotiod in Dieted on McKeel s head would not have healed up in tbrse weeks. The soar would have remained there for a considerably longer period. Ihe |>olicemao testified that while standing In tbe street he saw Smith push Brooks out on the sidewalk. Smith then went hack and Brooks followed him into tbe barroom, whero the pistol was tired immediately afterwards, and as a man nngbt conceive a design to kill on the In slant, he believed the testimony of the |*>liremaii was sufficient to show that the murder was a deliberate ose. I coming within the statute dcOning murder In the first degree. Mr. Hall s|>oke for over two hours, thoroughly reviewing all tbo testimony. On the cooclusion'of Mr. Hall's address, Judge Russel said he should deliver bis charge on Thursday morning, at sloven o clock, to which hour the )nry were dis chirged, with a caution not to converse with any oue about the cue. The Tarf. The first (rot of tbe season Is aooouored to come off this afternoon over the (Joion Course; but should tbo weitber bo unfavorable, we prcaume tbe race will be postpoued until a good day. Obituary. DEATH OF MR. A. A. LT1VBTT. Mr. A. A. I.ovett, tbe gupcrmtendout or the People's Line of Telegraph, died last evening, of apoplexy, at bis office, No. '21 Wall street. Mr. Iflvott hnd long been iden tilled with tha telegraphic interests of tlio country, ami during Uis useful career had endeared himself to a lurge circle of triend*. His remains will be taken to Beverly, Mass., for loterment. 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Why net remove this one great barrier ti yn ir In aith. beauty snd bapafneas, at mice by using that Justly pop ular dentifrice. fru rant SOZODONT the most jcouve oient. pleasant and efllc u-ioua tern for the toib-t the wo Id has ever urodiiced. Sold by druggUta eveiywbeis al 76c. per bottia. An f&icellent Remedy. ? Whoever la troubled with Hoaraeness, Cough,or 8?reness of the Throat, can apply an excellent and sale remedy by uaing BROWN 8 Bronchial Troches. We have tiled the artiole.and eio safely recommend them la all easea of Throat Irritation To Singera and Public Speakers they are of great value. ?A.von (III.) Courier. Amen. ? 100,000,000,000 Brain Men wanted for self government, with vo'ea In their bands, not swords, te oppose the monopoly of lbs money power, and all other monopolies where tbe rich are made richer and the |>ooi- poorer; to arrest the demoralizing enatlnuance of ladlviduale own nt,'ihs lands of (Jod a people and the pro durte of labor unlimited, and to concentrste upon i?od'e principles equality of labor, equality or rights, to oeuse (If not voluntary > all mea of health to live h<>ura' labor only per day. te maintain a right of occupation and uae or all Uod's i reatlon without an individual ownership, or a right to pur i-haae and aell and swindle; to destroy the use of money and Its rum to mankind, tempting them to all the crimes tlesh is prone to?iben to get their photugraphs taken by UOL.MKH, St. Nicholas Gallery. 5U3 Broadway. Ann' SslMnklni Bank Stampa.? Boston Hand Stamp Company. 196 Broadway, New Tork. 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Donated to snd fer at thei Pair, rourteea-.b street. In tbe aewtns machine a.' uusm rtilled Dtalu 10- lO BoMde. Tkese bonds art lasusd uader the an of r ongresaof Merck 8, 14<4, wkiok provides that la lieu of so uiuob at Ike ko&a authorised by tha set of Mami~H, l?3. to which this is np. pie unitary Ihe Secretary ol the Irtuiiry is authorised te borrow, from time to time, on the credit of tbe United States, not eixetlag Two Hundred Million Dollar* da ring tbe ourreut flacai year, and to prepare aud issue therefor Couimn and Regiateied Bonds of the United 8 a tea; and all bouda Issued under tbte act ehalt be exempt from uxat.ou by or under auy State or municipal authority ~~~~ . ? Subscriptions to theae bonda are rece.ved la CJnlled Rtatei notes or noti'n of oatioual lianka They are to be redeemed lu cola, al the pleas ire of the g >vernmeut, *1 sny period not leaa thaa tan nor more tliau foity jeers from their dale, aad until their redempt on live pflr cent Interest will be paid ta coin, on bon 1 of eoto/er oue hundred dollars ainuatly, and on all oilier bonda semt annually. The inteieat is payable ou the nrsi lava of March and Sep tember la eaiii year. The semi aunttal coupons are payable at ihoae dates. aud the annual coupons on tbe Ally and one hundred dollar bonda are payable on tbe lal of March. Subscribers will receive cittier registered or coupon bonds as they rat* prefer. Regiatered bonds are recordered on books of th'S Uuiled 8lati>* Treasurer. and cau be trans ferred only on the owner's order Coup >n bonda are pay able to bearer, and are more convenient for commercial uaes. Reentered bonds will be Issued of the denominations of fifty doilnra ($50), one hundred dollars ($100), (ivo,hun dred dollars ($500), oue thousand dollars ($1010), five I lion ? Hjnd dollars ($.'i,0dd), and trn t'lousand dollars ($10,000), aud coupon bonds o! tbe denointnations of fifty dollars ($501, one hundied dollars ($100), (we hundred dollars (900>, aad one tbousaud dollars ($1,000). Si,b-? ilbers to this loan will have the option O! having their bonds draw interest from March I, by puying the ac crued interest in coin?(or iu United States notes, or the uotes of national banks, adding filtv percent for premium), or receive them drawing Interest from the date o( subscnp lion and deposit. As these bonds are exempt from municipal or State taxation their value Is inceased from one to three per cent per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in ?a nous parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold tbey pay over eight per oent interest lu currency, aud are of equal conve uieuce as a permaneut or temporary investment. It Is believed that no securities offer so great Inducements lo lenders as tbe various descriptions of United States bonds. In all other forms of indebtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies or separate communities only is pledged for payment, while for tbe debts of tbe United States tha whole property or the country is holden to secure the paymem of both principal and inte rest in coin These bunds may be subscribed for la sums from $3') up to an y magnitude, on the same terms, aud are thus made equally available tn tbe smallest trader and the largest cs pitslist. Thsy can be converted Into money at any moment, aad tbe bolder will hare tbe benefit of tbe interest. The fact that all duties on imports sre payable In specie furnishes a fund for tike iwyment of interest on all govern ment bonds largely la exceas ol the wants of the Treasury for this purpose Upon the receipt of subscriptions s certificate of deposit therelor, In duplicate, will be issued, the original of which wilt be forwarded by the subscriber lo the Secretary of the Treasury, nl Washlngtoa with a letter staling Ihe kind (registered or coupon) and the denominations of bonds re I quired. Upon the receipt of tUc origin*! certificates at the Trea miry Department the bond* subscribed for will be transmit ie:l to the subscribers respectively. Subscriptions wilt be received by the Treasurer of the Untied Slates at Washington ami the Assistant Treaaurers at New York. Boston and l*;>hia. and by the first National Bank of New York No. 4 Wall street Second National Bank of New York, 23d st and Broadway, l'ourtlt National Bank of New lurk, Plue street. Sir til National Bank of New York. Slilii ar. and BroAdwey T< nth Nutlonal Bank of New York 2?Q Broadway. New York Eichange Bank 1*4 Ureenwlch street Kirst National Bank of Boston Mags Second National Bank of Boston. Mass. Kit st National B iuk of Tall itiser, Mas* first N itlonal Bank or New lie Kurd, Mas*. Kust National Bank of Springfield. Mass Second National Bank or Springfield Mass. Flint National Bank of Worcester. Mass. First Nut una! Baukof Bennington Vt. First National Bank or I'rosMenee. K I. First National Bank of flaitford Conn. First National Bank of New Haven, C 'no, Second National Bank of New Haven. Coon. First National Bank of New l>oudon. Conn. First National Bank of Stamfurd, Conn. First Nailonal Bank of New fork city. Second National Bank of New York ett/, Fourth National Bank of New York sltf. Mlith National Bank of New York city. i ... Tenth National Bank of New Ynrkaltf. \ National Kichange Bank of Now York tftf. First National Bank of Albany. N T. First National Bank of Albion. N T. First National Bank of Buffalo. N T, First National Bank of Bionbamloa. M. V. First National Bank of Batli. N. V. First National Bank of Cooperstown. W. V. Second National Bank of Cuoperstowi, K. % First National Bank of Cbittenango. N. t. First Natlcnal Bank of Dan?*il<a. N. T. '? First .National Bank of KllenarlHe. N. V, First National Bank ?f Bluiira, N. T. Second National Bank of Kiintra. N T. First National Bank of Flsbtlll Landing, t. T, First National Bank of Havana, N. Y. First National Hank nf Lockixirt. N. t. First National Bank of MnirisVuis. N. T. First National Bank of Oswego. N. Y. second National Bank of Osgewo, N T. First National Bank or Palmrra. N. T. First National Bank of Xonc'oot. N. t. Flr?t Nvional Bank of Sooth Worcester. II. *, f irst National Bank of Hill. N. T. First National Bank or Sen^a Falls, N. f. First National Bank of Sfraense. N T. Third Ma tonal Bank of Syracuse I. T. it >n 1 National Bank or tnica. N. t. First National Bank of Watertown, *. f. First Natlona Bank of Troy, N. Y First National Bank of Newark N 1 Fust National Bauk of Carliele Pa. Fust National Bank of Philadelphia, Pa. First Natlooal Bsnk of Brrsntoo. Pa. Second National Bank of Ncraoton, Pi First National Bank of West Cheater, Pa. Viral National Bank or York. Pa. Fust National Bank of Parkersburt, W Y?. First National Bank of Washington, D. 0. Fir?t National Bank of Cincinnati Ohio. Third National Bank of Cm inna'1, Ofclo. -And by All national banks which are depoAlUriel of pnbllo money All rrepecUbie banks and bftnhtn throughout the country ?tll furnish rurther Informally9& **4 tfH* *fvi Uurrnjr, Eddy A ( u.-Uatiagrri Kutuckt Kit*? Ot.ns fTS?April Ij, IWl. 3, 71, 6<>. 74. '2S, tit), 57. 41. 10, 60, 67. KMTvacr, Oi in <74? April IX IMl 30, 1, 2b, 42, lb, 4J, 21. 31, 44, 71, 73, 13. %. B. Klmmoni fi Ci>.-.W?*fttf?ri. BiiRi.Br. Rxtk*Olsjs 177?April IS. 1861 64, 25, t?i, 33, So, Hit, 2a, 64, 26, 16, 61. 68. Clam tfn-Aprtl 13, IML 37, 77, 14. 22, 4rt, 6.1, 74, 6, 7H, 31, 10, 62. Frantf, Kill* A Co.? Hln?(rri. LmRmr IUtm OLiU ill?April I t l-Mfc 68, 2a, Oti, 62. 13, 47, 26, 1. '>1, 69, V, 37. OliM 22?April 13, ISfil. 72. 74, 9, G2, J7. 66, 6tf, 11. 04, CO, 4, 38. Prliri Cashed In All I?eKnllZ?-<l Lottc? rles ami Information given <) A I.T. A<1 ItRR A UF.MJAKl*, Broken. Hit) Chestnut street. Philadelphia. Lollery Tlfh?ta Ciithnl. JOSBPIl BATHS Uroker. 11 Wall street. room No. I. IUVBKA Ultcrr?tllX Oillclftl draw toga of April ft, Hot, uo another pa*:c TAYLOB * 00. Alt?ntU>n. ?????? Enclosed is ui extract iroin tii? Richmond Whig, rut from your paper. "reoommeudtng the government t'> nat'irali/e the cultivation of the eallsays hark. Inr the use of it* sol dier*," Ac. Her-'bv bang* a tale Mow Mr Kduor, w.- nil know tills siory by heart, bill the great trouble h we nu't help readme It When we think. we have gotaonie good nevi l ioui Kiel)mon.I. It turns out callsaya liark every tune. It la Ktutiug to he a perfect eye sore. Am i you burling your paper People rail you nothing but H T Uttl?X . or Plantation Bitter* Hint man Drake mult be a "ate If you conld send him out bere to deliver a lecture, be would draw certain. Ai ..rst thought lie wan a big humbug, but h? ban gut every hisly up here to takum hi* bitters? men. wowen, doc ors, clergymen and all Children are said to cry fir it?but I haven't heard them The joke m iliey drink it all, but don't see the calisava I etpect they will tlml it In the next IxHtle. I'd like to know where the S T. X. come* in. No*. Mr Bdtlor, aare ua: gfre ua something else iu your paper just lor a rarity, and oblige yours, DANDIUiION. OAMOMILK AND WINTKRI1KBBN If we only knew the foregoing friend we shnuld cer tainly send lilni a uase of Plant itiott Kit ers Kridetuiy he waa not educated iu a laboratory, and dues not understand the Knlution ot roots and herbs. The all hay a is tlieie every time?in every Untile That * what'* the mallei Becaune the Plaulalmn Kilters effect such wonderful and sudoen cures, the physicians tiyto hit ua, right and lett s rigl.l; pitch in "Truth irushed to will rise again ' VV< rati stand aueh crushing. We challenge the world to atlord the same teller in cane* of dyspepsia, constipation, nervous alleeUons, Ins* of appetite, weakness, palpitation .if the heart liver complaint, pain over the eyea. fetid breaili desiiinding spirits Ac . as Is effected by the Piattta liou Kilters. The beauty u( it is. they are very agtueabie to take, and produce an immediate beneficial result. 'J'liey ate composed of Ibc choicest roots and herbs:?l?and ? lion, camomile, wiutergmen. anise, laveuder, corituder. orange peel, oaseirilhi bark. olnve bil ls, ??ca'isaya," .to ? all preserved in perfectly pure 8t. Croix rum. Imported lie foie the great advance mi price. The ? S. T. IrtiV)?X." Is our ownaeciet: bin is most uniioitant totlieladie* N II.?The I'lauuition K iters are particularly reeommenJ ed to merchants clergymen, ind ladles of sedentary habits. Thev add strength to the system ami brilliancy to the mlud. They are sold by all ti spcetable dealers. P H DRAKK A CO., Mi Broadway. New Volk DeafneUt Impaired Might* NOISKrt IN IHR II BAD. CATARRHAL AFKBCTION8 IN TUB TIIROAT, CHRONIC CATARKH, ? Ca'?AKR1| ok tiik tympanic mucous MEMBRANE, OllisTltUCTIONS OK THE LUSTACII I AN TU UK cross bye strauhItrnbd IR ONE . , ? minute. And every disease of the Eye ami Par reouiruu either 2?2,!' or '"rgical ll"l nttenilcl to by Ur VON Bl.SI- N ?tree *' *"* uon'"',,",? rooma, 8>? Broadway, near Twelfth Dr. Wnlton'i "famr and Curr"-lln Debility. Ulcer*, Ac., w'lth plalea of every variety of diHea?e. i?,i ."'Jfi u S au.,. ?"?wh" ',e,,r'' private instruction.'e .1 ">? ??,> ^1 -L.KII ,| CO . Hroadway. and by !>.??? 4 J1 Si V q il wlier.; lie nay be consn ted Iium 7 A. M. to ? r. M. Dr. Hunter'a Office la nt No. 3 Dlvlalon ?gi?. ti?vJur* cit?- ?? baa no other office. Bat.-ihltahed IK34. Eight rooru* and a private nntiance. He cure* chronic amotion* and apol* on the ?kin ulcer* of all kinds the moat poisonous Impurity of the blood, li*tul*. all ills' ea*'? pertaining io the urinary nrrans. rheumatism. .to Work on Human frailty Nervou* Debility B.rly Indlacre o'clock?" m' ?nUI?. Honra iu Imm 8 A. M until V ? ?r? ? Walkcr'i Ma?lc Saivr Ileala I Burns. Scalda, Rllaters, Fester .Sore* Fever .Sore* Ulcer* Abscesses, Roil* Felon-.. Pile*. Chilblain*. Sore Nipple*, old 'I1"""4."*, Cm*. Kore Feet, Chapped liamU. and all kiuda <?( tle-ih wounil* or sore*, whether they be new, fresh and healthy, or old. fettered and nnclean. In theaureit and quickest manner of any aalve or cerate yet known. 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AHKA.MTIJ) TO ItEriI'UKK 13 WARRANT I) TO KKSTORK IS W XKItANTKD TO KKSTORK ih w vI;kant:'.i> to krstokk IS WARRANTED to KKSTORK FADED AND < J ft A Y IIAlit AND W||!SKEltS KADRD AND CRAY IIAIK AND WHISKERS KADKD AND liltAY IIAIK AND WHIKKKRS FA HI D A NO <11! \Y II A III AND WIIISKKI'.S KADKD AND OKAV HAIIt AND WllltfKKKS TO Till. It ORIUINAL COLOR TO I'll KI It OKI<<INAI< COLOR TO TlfKIR OIIIUIN A I. COLoR TO 'I'llKl It ORIGINAL COLOR TO Till IK ORIUINAL COLOR It doe* not claim P* mnke the hair grow in where It haa onoc I ilieu out Nothing wii! i|o thai wba'ev< r mnv al vertlaad lo fie cunir^ry; hut it will *top It* falling out. niak? II kiIi and KiUy. clean** II <nd the malp of all iniunri Ilea and huuio'r and entirely overcome the bad ellet-u of pieviou* line ot prepa atlou* eonUiniiiK aulphur, siinar of lea l. Ac. 11 iloe* not require *o*|ilut;, >?a?liin^and hour* for it* app'tcatlon nor w II it crick ot smut nut la aa eaatly app.led and Wt|?ed rioui the .t,n a?.?,iv hairdre**in> We apply the Hiawmlia at our room*, thu enahltnK ihe nulillc to jti.lge ol It* merra by a tua trial on tbe premlara W? wariant lu linnjj 'p the ongirul coloi in ten da?* at tlia very lartb. at Wa can do it in iiio*t tiwi lu *ix We publlalied the lul owinij ''uallenge to te*t soma fO'ir week* in the paper*, which *wa* naver acieptrd ? I<et *ouie w*!l known and dMinterea'a I per*'ina appoint one to tho proprietor ol each pre pat aliou to ^ave the color of tha hair reatureil. Ka li proprietor tou*e rotliinj but lua and the paraon ua an ootlilug e ae dorina the teat, a ceflifleate of the re*nlt to be published tn all the principal oape'-a at tha aipeuw of ihe uonic-?a?fui pro prletora _ . HOTT'8 IMPERIAL COLORINO CKF.AM An appropriate aoooiupaniment to the Hiawatha cbanca light red hair and wbtakera to a beautirnl brown or black Sutierior to any dreaatnn for the wbitker* S II ever*, wliare ' JOSKPII HOTT A CO . 10 University place, N T. Hernia or lluplure Cared by Dr. Marah $ Radical Cure Tru*s. ?Thia truaa Isaa revived the aiipr oral ot the moat eminent (uigeouRof tbi* country aod of Kuroiie. Ittaairnple m l aaally adjusted, and Hie prea aure can be graduate I by the oatteat It will aui port the nioat complicated case of rupture witbout inoonr.'nlencr to tha wearer. We U?*e *lao on baud Marsh's A'id'imln il Suuporu-ra silk K nsui! rtfaiklng*. K-ne* Cap., Shoulder Braces S.i*|)en?ory Handaa** Ac. MtKHII HKOTll KRii, corner of Rroadway and Ann street, nndei Barnum 'a Muae um. Opto from 7 A. M till V P M Hernia or Rnpture !tn<llraliy Cared. Old theories and oplalons overturned by limply Inventina a naw uircbai'lca appliance fortbla langorou* d.sense WHITE S PATENT I.KVER TRl'SS Haa a new .omhiuaiion of principle*, couraly dllferent from sny hareiofoia u?ed in a tr laa. light clean ami easy No pre*sire on the back or cord Preaaure Inward aod upward and perfectly controilahe A cure la aura. Ease an t comfort la ontaincd Female Sopnortera on tba same principle. Shoulder Braeee. 'or those Inclined to stoop Keud a a'amp for a paovph>t UKKUOKY A CO.. ?U? Broadway. ? Her Ulajeaty" Champagara.?VH) Caaea at $30par caae W. H WARD. No. 1 Uroad street. Palenfa '? Paltnla! I'atcNIa: 00 ? P"hl,?h?'-s of the SCIBNTtnq AMBRICAN coutiuue to act aa Altornavs for securtna Fa teata for new Inveniloaa in ibis and all foreign co-intrlea. in^rie^n?'pLienii'";h?,?',h*,J T'arf aiperieaaa lSaT?) 'ilf/'lS.Ka. " ' l",e a*',M M A"""'** 'or mora Pamph ets coataitilng tha I'ateat Laws and other Impor tant Infnrmstlon lor inventor*. iurutsh"d lret oo aup loa Ilea, cooaultat'oa and a lvice fr>-e. Addreaa MINNA CO M Park row. New York, if W0rtirr p and Heveoth streets. Wuhin^t oi. 1> 0. Prot. Ale*. C. Harry a Trlinphrrnua or Me.Heated Cnoipo tnd, for prenervirig. re< ?rin< and l>e*ut|. fylng the hair eradicating scurf and oandrulf, preventing nalduea* and gray hair*, eurlng d'sea?ea of the skis glamla and in .a lea i h aa salt rheum, pimplea. ehiibiains, A<- >, ?<??1 m *? i<-a i ? n a a sail rncuoi, pimples, ehl.tilalni. A<- I, eh*ps. rhaiimatiam, swelling* ?>ie throat. Ac., giving |q. atanl relief in caaea of cuta. brmse*, <pralns, Worn*, sca ds Ac. Price 1'. cent. Bold bt all druggists throuahout ilia world. Principal office Aft Pearl *tre*i N Y Traaara, Riasllr ^Im kingi. <Vr. ?Mnrali A CO 'S Ra li'al Cure Tru*a jfllee only al !fo. 2 Ve.ev slre^t Lady attendant. To Ire Cream Sr llei a ? Con fecilonera, keepers of tmblir re.oru, gardens, eatln,' ho>'*e* hotels. -I cur?!oii?, pic nica and parile*. furnished with very aui-erlor Ice ereatii al a v ry low ,nce J. KUSSELL A CO , whols aaie depot l/v Fomtb avenue. Vlnalfr* fir Toilette.?'?nvsretgn t'o? matlc of the s .cletie llvg enipie. nt New Yor* Depo' 115 Chamber* atreet. Hold by all druggista and at ibe SS14 tary Wl?a, Too per*. Hair l?ve, Hair llyrlnf and Moldavia Cream lor beautifying the Halt. at W A. B A Tell hil.O R 8, Id Bond street Wheeler At Wllaon'a Hlglieet Preinlam Icwk Stick Sewing Machines, 909 Broadway MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. .Married. B?owi??Cr.ATi*n?,-.f7n Toeaday, April It, at Chrlal Ohurcb, Fifth avenue, by tba Mnv K. 0 K.wor, David S*t MotiR llaowa to Haar Tttinu t Tt*a, eldeat daugbiar of CbArlaa H. Clayton, all of Una City Howat.t?Coon* ? lo itouibaaipton, I.. I,, oa Tuaatlay, 1 April la, al tto reaidanta of tke brxla'i fathar, lur tho An. **? Vtaa.M.4, liMMkWsavCW: fortj>? to M'm Kuu i It , di.^hler ijf Captain M'ifain# Goober, oi .VeiUiauiptou. Caaforuu [v i?? pi?*ite eojty If a.' in ? lUi ay ? On W?J d uy, ArwII 13, *1 the r?( deuce of tbe bride'* partmu, b> the Key W F, Mr J Uw? Hakw U) Mix* ?wa v lUmr b-.Uiaf Dro klyn. UaUUK-*)*?MAUni ?.?Oo WiJlne?4<T, Apr M 13, a '.U* residence of ibe bnde ? father by thx I *v N, bayro Harris, llwir T. M?uo??i?, of Philadelphia w Mme IIakv T. Mai.tiiii. of fiabokea Noetriii. Philadelphia paper* ploace eooy. OH onnuu?IIaUuim ?i /n Wo thins Uy, April 15, at Ml. An I* * church, bv tb* Rev. I. S Preston, Mr Wm p i) Cohnok t<> Mim Jankt Anha, youngest la ighter ,f ti? i?i<j Alien W. HarJie, Em,, i I * thu city. no r.*r<bi Turns?Kanhaij.. On I ii?k lay, A'tiI 11, ri tH Ge >r*?'e cbircu, Hniyriwiui square, by the l>ev tlu-pbeo H. lye*. D I) Guar, as ilAim* louts to Allium Adbj.aio*, daughter of Johu IUuUj.I, I.*i Died. At Fordhsm, on Wednesday morning April 1.1, of c iisuwiption, 1 if wm V , y ungest son ol Joeidh tod M > ria firings, *,,a M > B*r a' at'" Iho relatives end friends of tlie family ere reepectf-jilr inviied to attend tbe luoeral, froin the KoTormeu Ix.i.i* church Fordbam, Westchester county, N V , on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice Hrhwn ? Suddenly, at Uaaioiu, liausi n*i. J Uaowir, la the ojii year of bu ago. Ibe funorai will take plec* from bis late residency, between Thirl nn 1 Fourth avenues, thfli (Thursday) afternoon, at four o'clock Tbe frieud* aaA relatives are invited to alien I, witlioit further noiioe Brown.?On Wednesday, April 13, of scarlet fort*. Maiy Fkamimi, youngest daughter of Jamos it. end Netu* ilnswn, In the Stli yetr of bor at;e Tbe Irlenda w?d rolatlveH of tho farnity are reepectfulif Invi'Hd to attend tlie funeral, on Krld iy wttcrmou, at twe o'clock, from W8 Hu ij'>n street, without further uirlte tloD. Cam:<':)t ?On Tinsday, April 13, Ma(.(1i* .lAfre, "''lent child of John itad I'.llnn Caasldy, aged 6 yeara and 1# month*. The rucerat wrtl" ukn jjlactt from tho rrfltdenoo of her par.-nln, 211 West Houston strei*!, thia fThursd.iy) aft?jr noon, at I'tr.-e o'clock l'lio roinaiua will bo Utteo to Or?viiwio4 Cemetery lor interment ( Anait)Y.?On WcMneaday, April 13, of m1 unmiUoo of the IUD({?, Wii.uam CataiUY, u^ed #7 yeara.attora nhjri but severo lllr.eMH. l'lio irlemia and arqiiaiulAnces of tlie fanvily are re rpiet4t<?l to allnnd tbe lunora4, Ir^m Ins I' te rn?idPiieo, MO Kast Thirty tlflh etrrot, on Friday afteruooa, at twa 0 clock, without further notlrn. |)orry (Ire..wid) and Milwaukee papora pleaae copy ('\h in*.? On Wednc-day murnin*, April 13, I', wife of 1 ranolK.Cnmndy, lu the Met your of her a?'? The friends of the latnily are rwiicctfully invited ta aliond the fuaeral, from No. H llatnlltoo etroet, tbtf (Iliursdny) afternoon , at iwu o'clock. (avak.nah ?On Tuesday, April 12, of goartet fever, Makv Kmma, daitiibtrr of Hiram it. and Mary A Oatraa nali, apod 3 yoars,months an I 27 day*. Th? tunoral will takf place from tho rCsWense of ber p.irnntH, near Woodbrldge, M. J-, thU (Thureday) mora* in^, at olevmt o'clock. Doimjk ?On We ne.ida7 morning, April 13, of scarlet fever. Hakky, only child of Henry W and KHxabotk Woodhull Podge, n-jed 4 monthe iuxi 27 days Kelalives and frieii'ls are invil'-d u> attead lb funeral, this (lliursday) morning, at 11 o'clock, from the real donee of hu Kraud|?reiitn, No 4 Willow place, Ilroofclya Kit/simm )f?s ?(Hi Tue day, April I'i, Ki.lmm f'AmAiuini, only diu^hlor or Jame>t aod Kllen Fitxaimmona, aged U months The rrieods and relatives are resjiectfully invited ta Attend the touerrii, this (Wu?lnesday) afternoon, at twa O'clock, from tho residence of ber pareole, No. TV avunue It Fkiki..?In Brooklyn, K D., oo Monday, April it,after a Imgerinn illriees. Caiimr'NK, wife of Jamea Krtei, in the H2d year of Iter m?;o. Th" frietida of bor husband and those of bis brother, LHuiel Swo.'iiy, are respectfully Nivitad to attend uer funu.-iil this (ibnrsday) moruijie, at ten o'clock, from her l ito residence, corner Park (*nd I ranklin ayeuuee. k solemn rn piiem nm^ will bo oiVered up at St. Patrick's church for the revise oi hor aonl. Ki.anahan. ?At Yorkville, on Wednesday evening, April 13. Hannah, wife of Adam G. klanagau, in the 56tb year o: ber a?e. Hue notice o tbe funeral will be given Gicvji ri. ?Oo Wednesday morning, April 13, afler a long and severe illness. Mrs VnmiNiA Oioqom.. a nativa 01 Kranee, a/ed 07 years md 7 months. Tbe friends of the lainiiy ,and tbe members of Clinton Ho*o, No. 17, nre respectfully invited to attend tlie fa nernl. oo Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, from# No IK First avenue ' Wanblniiioo pafters please copy. | IlKKiurr. -On Tuesday, April 12. IVren lliw**, ft Dft 1 five of Queens cunty, Irefitnd. aged T5 year*. Tho irnyidi and acipiaiotaocee or the family ftre ra apeou uliy i,v i. i t<> attend the funeral, from bis lata, .<09 Ninth avotine, tnis (Thursday) afteruooa, at o'clock iM.iMiwown.-fia Tufidiy efternoon, April 12, Ronaaa Chuiiion son of John and .feaiiutte IllmgwoiUi, age* & yoar. 9 months and & days. The it muds and retailvni of the family arc resi>ectfully Invited to attend tliu funeral, this (Thursday) ir.ornmg, at eleven o'clock. from the residence of bis parents, tlOttk Htreol and Klevuulh avenue Jarvh ?On Wedatwday, April 13, Ummnso Jura, ogrd 4ti yesrs. The relatives and friends of the family are ro*|<?ctfully Invited to alt-ml tbn funeral, Irom bia lam rosidenaa. No. 71M .Second avoune, ou Friday aflaruoon, at on o'clock. Kmur ?'?n Wednesday, April 13, Sarah Kri.i.kt, wife of Patrick Kolioy, tu tr>o 3tt'b year of her agu, a native oC (?larahill, Oueeus county, Ireland. The relatives aod friends of the family are rRwwctfeUy 1'iviled to attend the funeral, Irom her late i -sidenca. No. 173 Fast Twenty .- ocood street, this (Thursday) aflar uoon, at one o'clock. I.iit.i??r?AHi_?At Tremont, N Y.,on Wednesday, April 13. Ki.i*a>bih Ffttkr. Infant daughter of William A. ao4 Kir/. iix>ih M LllHw^lhl,aged d montlia and ono day Ilia lelauvos and frteiids of the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral. from the leeldeooe of bm parents, ?t Tromont, Wes'chester county, IV. V., oa Kruiay a ternoou, at half past threw o'orfock, withoal further Invitation | l o'KWoott ?At Milford, Conn.,on Wedtieoday, April K, Mr-!. Kwu.r H., wife of I-rank T. f/xkwood, E*| , of Cin cinnati aged .12 yosrs. The funeral will tako place on Friday afternoon, at throe o'clock. Ir>mthe re.-idem e of her mother, Mr* Uiejr lialdwln, at Milford *i*<r rr?At Port Chester, V. Y., on Monday, April II, Kno mi VkK'iin, son of Alexander Y. Morrill, aged 18 years, 3 m ?nibs and 20 'lay*. The relatives and friend* of tho family aro reepeotfutly Invited to attend the luuorai, from the I'resbytortaa eh'ri h. I'ort ( heater, Ibia (Ihurbday) morning, at half I?st ten o'clock M .nx -On T'ie* fay, April 12, Ijtztc Wiw/M'niMT, daughter of Ruben s. and Jauute 11. Mann, agod I > oars, f> mootbt and 7 days Funeral service* tliia (Thursday) afternoon, at t WW o'cl'H-k from the reaidenoo of her paren'a. 68 cborfaa street Her remains will ho taken to Greenwood for la letinent. Morris?In Brook1 yn. on Wednesdav morning, Anrll It, ol consumption, John S Mukhh, aged 20 yoar a, t month* a ad 3 lava Tho relative* and friend* are re?pectfullv Invited to at tend the fttneral, from the residence ol bia brother, K 14. Morrta. 358 Cumberland atreet, Brooklyn. ib>s(Tbura day) afternoon, at two o'cloek. The romaiua willba taken to Oanbury, Conn., Tor interment Mac.Aiiyno ?On Wednesday, April 13. Caait.t.1, young, est daughter of W. H aod Mary Magaguoe, aged 1 year aod 7 months. The friends of the family are reepectrully Invited la attend the funeral from tbo residence of her pareola. No. 4^:4 West Ibirty-nrth siroet, at ono o'clock. san Kraut'isco, New Orleans and Canada papers pleaae cony, Maitoni y ? On Wednesday eveolof, April 13, after ? short bi.t painful itinera. Uamy Ann. dan?bt?r of Micbaet and Catharine Mahooey, aged 19 years and 2 days Tbo friouda and relatiree of the family are requested Is attend tbo funeral, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbo residence of her paronta, 22 rtione atrant. M fiaRwuiT ?On Wednesday, April 13, Jaumb MoDa? mott. aged 1 year and 4 months The tuneral will take plaoe tbia fTfearadaf) afternoea, at three o'clock precisely, from the roaldeaca of bis par* eats, No. 21 ."> Rest Twenty.first street. O'f"o**oa ?on Tuesday, April 12, after aab>rt illoaaa, 1'athick O'i ofioR. a.ed ?4 year*. The frleuda of tbo lamlly, and tboee of hia sotw la-law, .Samuel, t ornellus and .lobn Horan. aod Peter !?. T' wlor, are invited to atten l the funeral, from bis late raideoaa, No. 4 lai'iaoo avenue, Hunter's Point, on Friday after noon, at i wo o'otock. Pahkcp.?At Hobokeo.N. J , on Wednesday, April U, by drowning, THoaas Pasaaa, aged 33 years. The relatives and friends, also the members of Fjiglaa Company No 2A. of New York, are incited to tbe funeral., from tbe Meibodist F.piscopal church, corner of Carre* aud lonrih streets, Hobokcn.tbia (Thursday) altornooa, at three o'clock. ItiM.ia-' ?n Hrooklyn. on Tuesday, April 12, Aam? Wkbsia*, daughter of f has F. and Catharine K. R->ger% aged 4 years and 1 month. The relatives and friends of the ramlly are Invited I* stteud the funeral, from 33 Wllloughby street, lb? (Tnuraday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Rtip.?on Tuesday, April 12. after a short but eevew lilnesa. IB mi Run. In tbe 23d year of bts are The funeral will take piece thie (Thuradavi aftemooa. at ooe o'clock, ftom tbe reaideuco of bia brother, William Hell, 400 I bird arenno. s?i a ?On Sunday, November IS, llfW, at tbe f/jnerai II Kpital. Ilaton P. I,go. la , Of . hrisnc dltrrbi*a, J H. C <v:rn, ineoiher of Company I, one and ftoveaiy. fourth ro.iiinetit N. Y S. V..aged 21 yeara and J month*. Ill' friend* ana mnso of tne family are res|iaciluily ? I vited to attend the tunersl, this (Tbureday) afiertwt.a.aa oii6 o'clock, from th? r?f Ojh lAlu^r^vJ. W. SBnif i No *4 ismos street -A*..iai. on nesdty, April 12, of coii.utnpt.eo, j * en>A kt.'ZAnrrM Sasroan, widow of Coraeltua Yao Xaa ! for?I iitjnfl 45 vo??r?. Tbe Mfatlves aod frienda of the famliy are invited la attend the Mineral ?ervloee,at hor late rasidmoo 13? fiuir>!k <treel, tbn tTburnday ) aft< rnoon, al two o el. ck. Albanv tMn^rs Tileise iflpv _ Smith?SuiKeoiv. oa We-inesdiy, April 1.1, Jimk* C. -?wiTft, of the City Hank of catro. Ill ,am of William aud the I lie Caroline smith, of this city. l-iiriher notice in another issue Trai t. ?In ItrooUyn, on Wednesday, April 13, Jaaaa [ H Is*' *. Wfl 22 yoars. His trl ods. and a>so the friend'* if his unc'es. Ilenry and .litnet McCloskey, are respectfully invited to atte?il the funeral, n Frtdav aitornmMi, at two o'clock, fr<intUM residence of his gr iodtnotber Mrs Sarah MoCloskoy, M Fieot str<wt The remain* will he laterred in tbo Oaw tory of the Holy C- i*a 1 laihu?h. TatmoM ?on Tueediy. April 12. after a short bat *e i vro ilinooa, Hroa 1rai>oh. analiveot couuty Tfroaa, Ireland, aged 4*yars. May ha reet in peace The relatlvM and (rlcod are rospoetfully Invited to al ien l the (*i'">ral, from->t. Mary a otiurch, Ihw (Thura ?lay) m?n?rfjg, at tea o clock, mbete a toleauu r^\U'ee? maaa will ba colebrated for the rapoae at tMseoui, freat tboni o to Calvary Cemetery. Wiaav?Id Wtlliamaburg, na TueMay awrtMag, April It. f.usAiitTH Tica, wife of Qtlbari H. Wtnoa, The tuneral sarviaea ihis (Thuradar) afternoea, al aaa o'ohook, froat lui South Nlnlh atraal. Hec rmiM ill lto WfH Hi T^rir-' '

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