Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,072. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1864.-W1TH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM THE GULF. Two Hundred Union Soldiers Reported Captured by Dick Taylor. The Bebel Rams 8hreveport and Missouri Said to be De stroyed by the Enemy. ADMIRAL FARRAGUT AT NEW ORLEANS. Hebel X'risoners, Cotton Specula tors and Blockade Runners Guarded by Negro Soldiers. Seven Hundred Rebel Prison ers Exchanged. Veiy Interesting from Mobile* Texa* and Mexico, &*.. &c.. Ami By the arrival yesterday mornlog at this pert of the steamshipCreole, Captain Thompson, wc are o possess'on of New Orlcaus date.- ol April 6. Our thanks are returned to Purser Mallory, of lie * recie For k >ixlr>-?Pa >n delivering despatch??. NEWS FROM LOUISIANA. M*. )1< in)' Thompson'* Ot*|>atch. Ngw Ori.eans, La., April 6. 1864. , Since the Failing of the Morning Star, on Saturday morning Inst, wc nave had no reliable news whatever from the Red river country, though the city is full of startling rumors. Pa<songers by the Ohio B->lle, which arrived here on Monday last, stato that at the mouth of the lied river there were rumors of a light. f Yesterday morning tbo Empire Parish arrived from Port Hudson, bringing twelve rebel prisoners (nine pri vates and three officers), together with a large number of cotton speculators and blockade runners. They were guarded by members of tbe Corps d Afrique, and march eu tr< in the levee to Oarondeiet street, where they arc now confined. As they passed thruugh the streets the secessionist* raised their band? in holy horror at Ibe idea of w lute nieu being guarded by negro soldiers but when they learned ny inquiring that a number or those guirdcd were '?Yankees" and cotton (peculators tliey modified their tone, and said that It was good enough for them but "niggers" guarding the others was "awful ' Tbe twelve rebels were capturod at a skirmish io Point Cou|ice parish which occurred on tbe 30tb of March, be tween some or onr cavalry and the Second Louisiana Tbe rebola weic repulsed and tbo twelve now m Ibis eity captured A detective, who came down on ibe same boat, states thai iwo or three mornings since, whil* about two hun dred of our tnen were at breakfast, in the neiynborbood of Aiexai.drla, and in the rear of tbe army, Dick Taylor suddenly appeared with u large force and surprised and captured I be wbolo. The Trur Delia of yesterday publisher tbe follow tug from its fi|ieoai correspondent In ibe Red river coju. try ? Autxaxpria, March 29. 18IJ4. I new send you a few lines lo let yon know where we I are. We arrived b< ro on Saturday morning, and went into camp aboi.t Him a miles above Alexandria, on tlic Ked river Our route lay over the same road we went IaM fall through Upelonsas, and then wn took the Wash ington and Alexandria roiiu We were about ten day* in making ibe dutanco?ab ut one hundred and seteuty miles Ibe last two days our march wa,< over gome of tbe worst road* I have ever been II rained most of the lime, and tbo mud was so deep and heavy that it *a* almost impossible to ma't b. I suppose you have received tbe latest news from here by the transports The advance under Cetieral Smith left here on Saturday morning for Shrevepori, ni*t au w? arrived, and we have orders to move in Ibe mormon for the same p ace f hear ibat the robs have an army of I between twenty ami thirty thousand and Unit they will | tnako a gland about titty miles trnm beie but thi" is i doubtful. It n thought here by tbo?e tlmt ought to know that the first stand they make will be at -"breve port, wnere it Is said they are strongly fortified and ha\e ! provision* enough to staud a uicge lor several uiuoihg. 1 The gunboats?seven in all?have got over tbe shoals, and will co operate with the land forces All the guuboatt that could get over the shoals have gone Maior '.et oral Hank< has his Headquarters oo tho steamer HlacKhawk at this plate. our scouting and foragin; parties .up bringing in large quantities of eottun and droves of cattle ! and ponies there are ueirly two thousaud bales id cot. too here new, an J tbe cry is still it comes. Tbe troops of the old Thirteenth >?rps are in fine -pirits and in good health generally We send rue hundred and thirty sick down en the Warner to day to tho hospital in New or lean* I believe there were nunc of :ti?m dangerously I mrt hear that a report has come in tliht a portion o| Oeoeral -Steele's torces from Arkansas had taken poshes moo of Shrevepori, hut cannot loarn any of the parucu lars, only thai it was surrendered without firing agun Jf this be true we arc getting along belter than we bac tioped tor Ihe Natchez Courier of the 1st Inst rays ? The Washita and Red rivers are now open?the formet tnt'ohimbn and the latter lo Shreve|K>rt?if we are to be lieve re|*.ris u> iheetlw t that Shrevepori has beesevscu ?led Ibe rebel rsuis Sbreveport and Missouri are reported ti tiave been blown up on the '.'tith till , to prevent then falling into tbe bands ol tbe l oiled States troops. on Wednesday, March 30, a squad of guerillas dasher into Washington, six miles from Natchez. In the hope ol surprising Ihe place, but were somewhat surprised them eelve? when a larger squad of Union troops appeared and repulsed them with loss Kour of tbo rebel.-? one an officer?were captured arrival of ahmirai rARRAnrr. Admiral farragot arrived here on Sunday evening last in the Tennessee, fsptau fllraud I learn that the Ad miral lias transferred his headquarters from the Hartford to Him Tennessee, so ihit tbe latter is now the llagsbip of tbe squadron. roR rxctiA.v s. Fifty eight rebel oihcors and two hundred and ninety seven priv ates left ibis city yesterday morning on the ??oiar Mar lor the Hed Kiver, lor the purpose of being ex. changed. Arrangements had been made for the exchange of sei en hundred and ilfty Tho remainder, huwever. will be sent on tbo tie \ t boat, n? there whs not room on the Polar Mar for more than the number mentioned above While they were embarkmg and about lo start for Itobeldom. one of tbom gave three < beers for "Dick Taylor," and "three cheers for tieorge Washington, the Srst rebel ' esca'S os Rkngi re'So*r?t?. Vonr reader* wi'l probably ree Mlect that thirty eight prisoners e-raped ore night afow weeks since from N'o 2s Oarondeiet street, hv rutting a hole in the wall behind an iron safe < r closet with Ibetr |iock t knives, aud passing ?ut into < nmiaon street Twenty more escaped a lew nights since in exactly tho same m inner. The brie had been Ulled up, and the ttafe door* were supposed to he strongly locked and barred but rebel ingenuity (worthy the skill of a Yankee or a burglar) opened the doors, opened the wall, and they were lo the open air bctore their guards know anything about It. Ihe whole escaped without a msn being recspturcil. Two more the loilowlng mm nlng escaped at roll call in a similar way. The reason given for their departure is that the mem bers of the Ninety seventh Illinois, who are on duty there were absent on review, aud that their place* were mind b> nv n from the Klghth Indiana that tho latter were not "up to the dodge hy which the ihtry eight tnokkroncli leave, thai the rebel prisoners knew it, and thus took ad vantage of thoir ignorance, and as you see, played the KStne dodge very successfully. tnnrv ross ss.\T*\f n> w ai next; ?.ir mi bpsr. on Monday last seven negroes were tried before .hides A toe In for murder. Three were found guilty and >-?n lorn Mt| lo tlCith The i articular* of the murder are as follows ? On the 27th of Isntmrv last, early in the morning, the family of Mr. Neit, residing near Port Hudson, were awakened hv the report of firearms and the rattlinc of bullets agamst the hou-e. tin Mr Neff appearing at a window be saw ten or twelve armed negroes, and upon askmg whit "hey required they replied by otderiug turn to open tho door This demand not being instantly Com jilied with, thry forced It open; but as noon as they appeared upon tbe threshold Mr. Nelf fired npon them She contents of a shotg in, which wounded one of tlm ruffians The family was composed of Mr Veff, his wite, ?>\tn anil "'a.ighler. Amend was a'so In the bouse at the lime of the attack. Ibe instant that the gun war discharged Mr. NVff and |>i. wee net, !? t neither w,i'melanth killed (Hh Ktlii negi sthennlvancMl towards Mr Neil, ?.??? ? ?lhjfd (. n?t?.! P 'US S"' #" Ust shjy advae.^^ I aiid threw her arms around her father, beggtog the sav ages to spare bis life. Tbe pistol suapped harmlessly almost in bis race and tbe oeit moment tbe unhappy man wan a corpse, beaten to death with ? clubbed mus net wbile 10 tbe arms of bis daughter. Youug Nelf was dragged otr by others,murdered, and the body secreted in the woods, wbere it was found about a mouth aitei wards, almost entirety lleshless, tbe buzzards having preyed upon it during tbe whole of that time. Tbe friend es taped. Tbe bends now attempted to compel tbe mother and daughter to fire their own dwelling. Honey was oflcrcd them by Mrs. NelT, and wblle tbey wore consulting to gether an to what should be done lurtber several neigh bors, who bad been attracted by tho firing, fortunately arrived, and the negroes made off. It is impossible to tell whether any of them belonged to the army or not, but tbe seven brought up before Jnilge Ot. cha evidently did not. Proof could only be brought borne to three of them, as only that number could be recognized by any of the parties who saw th -m on that Digbt Their names are Kuwler Willis, Stephen Jobni-on and Jordan Porr Of course tbey were sentenced to be bung; but tbe ludge ubould have added drawn and iiuartured Tile l.atrnt N?WI< WKBT1NM OK TDK LOUISIANA CONSTITUTION A I. CON VKNTION ?LIBERTY HALL DKDICATED -CAVALRY KIUUT AT rtS'HACOLA?A KEHBL KKOIMKNff ALMOST ANN1 HllATEX, HTC. Vpw (miea.ns, April 6, 1864. A brilliant Ggbt recently took place at t'onsacola, be tween tbe Thirtieth and Fourteenth oavairy aud the Kifiy-aeventb Alabama cavalry, ( ') in which the rebels were almost annihilated in a band to baud encounter with sabres. Tbe Louisiana Constitutional Convention mot at l iberty Hall at twelve o'clock. Alfred Shu*' was chosen Presi dent, pro. tern. A Committee on Credentials was selected, and tbe < oovention adjourned till twelve o'clock to mor row. ibe ceremonies or dedicating Liberty Ball, named and selected by General BaDkx, took place this morning They wore most impressive Kev J P. Newman,of New York, was mazier of cercmonies. Mr*, (,'eocral Banns, assisted by tbo ladles or New Orleans, dcHgns giving a series of tableaux ai the Opera House ou w?(ii;c'iiuay, fur tbe benelit of tbe soldiers' wiv** and widows. IMPORTANT FROM OFF MOBILE. The YtnneMcc at Anchor In Mobile Bay ? Drnt i itin from Fori Powell?blil of the Odici n of the Flagship Tennessee, Aiv. OPK NAVAL COnRESI'ONKBSCE. Block aium: Ftrki, ukf Moiui.k. March 31, lStW. As I toid vou in my last, tho tleei bombarding Fort P.iweli have ocen removed irom ticie. and I learn that Admiral Farragui leaves lor New Orloans n a day or two hi '.lie lennessee, be having made thai ve?cel his flagship This is certainly a very deserving honor to Captain i.'rBud and his staunch vessel; for ti braver man Iocs not exist in Hie Onited Stales uavy than the com munder of the Tennessee, Captain Pierre Giraud. THK RMMRTID SINKING OK Tllg TKMN'FSSEK. 1 was somewhat surprised this afternoon ou being shown a copy of iho New Orleans Era giving an account c.r ttie sinking of the robe! ram reuneseeii in a squall, on the 1st cl March. Thin Is not so llie Tennessee is not ^unlc, but now lies quietly at anchor opposite the city l^ie facts are those ? I When the authorities at Mobile found that General Sherman was advancing, with the evident intention of at lacking aud capturing the city, Admiral Huchunan (who was then id Mobile conferring with them) cave orders for the Tounesme to return instantly unit assist in its de fence At this i:me the ram was not quite over l>og river liar Ihe order wa executed as soon as possible, aud tbree days after she was steaming up the bay. About the time mentioned iu the Era we had a severe storm 'Ihe rebel ram lluntsvllle at that time lay very near and iinler the guns o!' Fort Morgan. She labored bt' could lie seen by us. and at one time we thought thai she must go down. She did not. however, tbnu^h she bad evidently a very narrow escape from do lUP S<> We have lust tn' en on board six deserters from Kort Powe'l I hoy h ive no news of importance to give, ex ceil that llie rSonth?*m soldiers are continually talking to oae.h other about the war: and the cist of their eonver oatt >n is tint it has lasted long enon^h, and that they are tired of it. I'hi* is not said in u tree and e.isy way, my inrormanis sssoro mc. but with tierce words aud scorch ing lo^ks, which bode evil ere long to their leaders They ?sy that Kort Powell is very strong they h ive no doubt, however, that Admiral Farrsgut can take it when be wants it. Tlie authorities knew very well that alter fherman returned to Vicfcsburg Ailmnal Farragui would have no use for Fort I'owell if be took it. and that he could not hold it long against the lorces and fleet of ironclads which the rebels could semi down at anv time to recapture It. They also know very well thai when the Admiral actually comes to take Mo bile he will have iron clads for the purpose or protecting his licet of wooden gunboats aud mortar vessels irom the attack of the uious er rams, the ienuessee and the Nashville I let ()V THK on I SIRS 01 THK rt.AGsHII' TKNNVSSBR. Your readers must not confound the Tennessee .dmlral Fsrrtgui'e flagship, wjlb the rebel ram Tennessee. Admi ral Huuhanau * l!ag?hip The follow toe are the otlicers of the former ? r,n?rierre Giraud. ' At'iny Master?George K. Nelson. Ai'ino .istiiliwl I'ayuia l'r?II. 1 Vitcb. A 'iin/ Enigin?Sidney Mali, Wm. I . Racou, loseph Marihoti A 'rintant Surgeon?Watson V . His.I. A.hiiu Meter'* Male?Henry Giraud E'iui?"r%?Chief, l av id I ra/or Third At* .staiits. Messrs mmpbell, Kierstead and Fitzgerald. NEWS FROM TEXAS. The 1'altfornta t'avaliy at Corpus % lirlsti, und Capture of the Town, Willi Riglil llnmlretl Prisoner*?The t llilon Bained by Ihe Rebels, I.aden with Nearly a Thousand Hales of Cot - ton?A Blockade Kutiaer Driven Ashore and llarned Wear Vcla?co?A hsrjr strainer Hans the Blockade with Four Thousand Stand of Arms. ?fcc. 01 It TEXAS CORRESPONDENCE. Four EsrRRAMZA. Texas, April 2, ISM. By sendiug you the news Irom tb'S command and n ong the Texas coast 1 am ab'o to furnish you with m> ot> valuable information, though, as the most of the ue?s has arrived but a lew moments previous to tue sailing of the sieatner for New Orleans, I will not vouch Tor its cor rectness. Corpus Christ! is said to be reoccupie i by the I o*>u troops, and between seven and eight hundred prisoners captured. Eight hundred cavalry from California are reported to have arrived there by the overland route. Kagie l'as? nearly four hundred miles shore here, is re ported occupied by our cavalry, the eoemy making b it slight resistance. This place wia u ted by the rebels prer sely as Rrowus ville was before they were compelled to evacuate? name lv, parsing cotton, ,Sjc. , into Mexico from icxa*. an1', re ? rtrta, passing munitions "I war, clothing and othei con irabuud goods Irom Mexico luto Texas nLOCKAPK KI'NMSU?! otS Of IHR ritSTOV, In tho iifTair at Sabine Pass, your readers will remeiii her that the gunboats Clirton aod ^a hem were captured I by the rebe's. Tlie former recently attempted to run out to sea from (he pass, loaded with cotton, but ground I ed on the same bar that the An/. *na an 1 some of our . transports did on th it dlssstrons rampai|n. As she could | not he got oil bcloro falling Into the hands of our blockade runners, she was set on fire and entirely destroyed. It Is said that sho had nearly a thousand bales of cotton on board. . . . _ A schooner, also ladeu with cotton, was chased, driven ishore and burned near Vetaseo T'lere Is good reason to believe that a hloekS'le runner (a steamar), loaded with contraband or war, among which were four thou sand stand of irms. recently rau into \ elarco, after hav ing falle i at Galvcttoo. *iie gronn led on the bar while entering Velssoo. and one of oqr blocknder* Steamed towards her and fire I sev.rsl snots but, the guns or the rort opening upon the g'uboal she was compelled to sheer off and ui>on tho rising or the tide I ho stranger floated off and quietly ran into Vela* > She will probably take in a large cirgool cotton, an I pass out as sho entered-^n a l0|| have informed vou that the Harriet I.ane is already laden with eoltoo. and watrim c for a similaropporittniiy. Our Jack Tars in that reighhorh 'd will requirs a . on stmt eye open or to enable itiemio k ep watch of her movements. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. Three French Unr Vessels UIT ihe Hlo Ursnric-The Krenrh Heported Advani Inu on Malsinorm? \ Kl?ht *t Menu* rejr?Communication Between Sultlllo and Matnmoroe Cut Off?>lejla M?rch Ing on Saltlllo and JuitreA !>e??ln? for llnrango, iVc, Ot H MATAMOK0H CORRKirOSPBM'B Mamvoros. Mexico, April 1, I'M In addition lo lie arrival of three French men of war off the Rio (,rande, we buve a repevt here that tho French ar? ad'.mclng for the purpese of altarking 'his cl'T ("firties* rotnrned in husfeon Ihe receipt of toe news, rnti at once ' mmetcert preparations to receive Ihe ene my. Ihe Mexicans are now busily engaged in building r.'iriliwi rk", I nib around Malamorns and Pagilsd (>n the ilnv (olli w ing several hoalu were cwer'd fri-m ll?e 17*11.1. ,net 1 M>f riirjfw o? apd ^ ing the bar of tbe Rio Grande, but the water was found too shallow to allow of ibe war vessels passing oyer, so ibat whatever ta intended to be dooe bcre must be ac oompiisbed by tbe landing of men in email boats. In Una neighborhood tbe men-of-war cau do IHlie damage them selves, though they can laud their whole force of nee with little difficulty. We have a report that the Freucb have gamed a victory at Monterey, though another rumor says that it waft be tween the forces ot Yidaurriand tortious, and tnat the former were vanquished. Trade between the Mexicans and" at this point has boen carried on very extensively of late, nod rotten is pouring into Monterey in large quantities. Upwards of ten ihonsnod bales of cotton have been lorried over the river at Fagle Pass alone witbin the pa^t tour or live weeks, l'hm is hauled down to this city, a distance of four hundred miles, lor shipment. The Monterey ."Star, in a late issue, in speaking of this trade,says ? We are gratified to slate that tbo trade between ibis Slate and To vis uas resumed Us usual course, ?nd cotton ?b arrivlug in great quantities. I.arre suies of merchan dise have been made ami remitted thereto. It also publishes ihe following ? Wo ibe departure or Colonel C. V lhiyer Comptroller of mo irsus Mississippi itoparunent (Con federate, "states) 'Ibis gentleman during his ?iuy lu thu oily Das made mauy friends, and we trust he will he successful hi accomplishing the object of his mission Wo are reallv in a slate of siege All our communi cations between Saltillo and Matamorog an closed. This condition oi things is extremely detrimental to our com merce, us this market has important interests,both with the loterior and ltv? I mutter, and naturally those com bined interests require frequent information from them. We bopo that this unhappy "tale of tilings, to which we are so often liable, may not continue long, as there Is a scarcity of the most necessary articles of subsistenoe, and a perfect dearth respecting all political matters. Some two or three weeks ago two men, by name Charles Carpenter and W A. Williamson, arrived in this city irom New Orleans, and aftor going to Snltillo, in Dopes of swindling the Juarez government out of ten ttioutiand dollars, on the pretence of having arms with wineu t n(,'iu iho Kreucb, and being unsuccessful intneir scheme, reluruod lo this city Alter Kiuppuig at ouo .if the principal hotel? and obtaining sundrv smalt loans In in our foreign residents, they "wonl. up.' They were last seen in a restaurant in this city. on Sunday morning Ian, troro which place tbev are said to have 'akeu their de parture for tbe top of "Saddle Mountain,' and have not been n^ard from since Carpenter asserted thai lie was a colonel in the I'mlod Stales army, aDd sent lo treat with ibe I'resideut "Obi bow are ihe mighty fallen>" ?-Will tbe new order of the government be prejudicial 10 liberal sentiments!"- ??Will the old feudal system of persecution be renewed?" lo these and similar questions wtiion spring out of any intelligent retlectiens or the sob joct we ulieiupt no answer Strong as our sympathies are in neiiair of liberty in nil application of ihe principles not (oiOiidm. by great and manifest ?vil8, we confess our selves ool prepared Willi any sulnTucUiry solution ol the great problem which these questions present Far be it fiom us to say that either of the antagonist fanaticisms to he louod on either side is right Profoundly un biased amidst Hie present conPicting elements, we can on'y conclude that a liberal (.olemm -eof the honest dilter ence* oi ootn sides may bo indulged lu, together with a ccrlaintv that, whatever good is lo be dene in the new regulation i>r things, mast be done by the adoption of a very diflereui mode of action from that on which our former social i ompaci w is composed. We do not believe that iu tins nineieenth century of progressive civilization and eniigMenment any or one individual w ill be persecuted for bis liberal seutl-iients. The ob,eel is to create and consolidate a new order of things, based upon a liberal monarchy, that will assuage and heal up Ihe woucdsof the nasi by nets of moderation, consolation and iiardon to one and nl!. We are exneuinly obliged toalriecd for a moment's perusal of files of papers from ihe city of Mexico, up to ihe 'Jist ot February We copy Ihe following from the A'attjro Yrrde.?"Ari h duko Maximilian was to embark on tbe Austrian frit-'Hte Klizabotb, at Trioste, ou the 1st of March. He had suc ceeded in procuring a loan or 140 1)00,000 from German, French and Knglisb bank'-rs '? Ibe Suirfljiit of si me date, says That ' now thero is no doubt of Mexico lieinr an empire, Irom the faci that from Vera Cruz to Guaysoas. on the Pacific, there is a complete submission lo imperialism, and before the ar rival of tbe yrchduke the work will be accomplished. Also thai Hie 1'iench forces now lu Mexico will re main five years to (onsolidate the throne, which will bring about an era of peace traoqUMI iiy anil progress lor the nation." Tbe Holhsihilds have obtained a privilege from the regency, to be approved of bv the Kraperor, to establish a bnnkini' bouse. i<> lie called tbe Bank of Mexico, with a capital ol ft'.o.000 ooo. Menu is said to be marching on Saliiilo, and Juarez lo be about leaving for Duraugo SUFFERING AT SEA. Slaking of flte Ship Blvlrt-Ttrrlhlc SnB?rin| of site (reu-(lnly Three Boston, April 14 1864. A private lelier to Mee-rs Howes A crowell dated I'oioi de Galle. eiatcs thai a Krench vessel had arrived there will) four men plotted upon a rait They reported themselves a^ the survivor" of the ablp Elvira, Captain Andrews, from Calcutta Tor Boston, loumlere I ai net. rbe sbip Mvira, Captain Andrew, froui Calcutta lor Boston, with a valuable cargo, foundered 10 the Hay "f Bengal on the 90tb of January, d irinit a hurricane The captain and lirst inate went down in the ship The ru juaicder or the crew took re'ugo 00 ihe ilipsbonse, which was detached irom the ve?et P<-,ore the night of the tirsi day live or them were wt hed oil the house and dri uued. on the lourlh day two ?>lh<sr? died, and < u the Ofth day "ne more died the survivors retra ned on the wreck until January 27. when they '.vere tak n olf by the hreu'ib bark CUir, and siiti-e,, lent'v lauded at Point i> C.alie, Ceylon. i? ihe crew, iv?<;iityni..e HI to'd, unlj three weie saved, vi/ ? w i! ism II I'ninwr, second r ne, of Seulhwuk. Ma acbu-etts. tieorge l?. Wake. Hi rd mate, of Myannit ind latu-f Anderson, seaman, ol Ilatn burg. The Hvira was a me ship, of one thousand ue hundred and tbirtj eight too*, and was owned by Wil iiam Weld .v 11' ,. H>ston. I'be vessel and cargo are largelv Insured in tin* city 1 he following is an citra t irom a letter, v ox par ticular! of the Ics of the ship ? tbscharged pilot oil Tar Heads. on the i'r?d : llece tuber January 1H. heavy weather l'?h miijiI c. t n-rlbe. I. and ?hip ? nder lower lo| ?mlt on the 20th ? ?pare top mast broke adri't on the lee <? 'tar^oard ? de and, owini; to the treat luantiiv of wuler ?>n ie- k. M w.i* impossi ble to secure It, it on stove ,o ihe i erelte, a side bouse tbe torwaru house. am' water <? ??>?-. 'ro* o out th ? imiwark". and nroke off many of tbe ?? m< bmn* on mo tit *ido. ihe ship commenced to lis', to -tarhoard order* vrere guen to cot away the mssts tbe m '/en went tlrst and then the intin. which broke, ue piece going through the dec.*- hjr tho tunc the (orem-.-'t witil the ?hip had paid off nci'ly befor the wind, and rhe kept coing off, and tben < amo to with the spirboird >iiio t> windward: the then retted m right on lbs d"> k In a t-ltort tmie e* erv thing, including cabin aid hoi. ???. was swept clear of the deck, and tbe nhlp was gradually pettlimr diwo by the stern. All hands wore oo 'ti? forward part of the ship. < ipl.nn Andrews, who b id tvon firm and collected through the whole, now said, "tt'e ham done all *e ?n for the ship, and now every man mint take care of h,m-elf '* n,.;?r r all stripped their riot hint off and pimpe l nver'merd an i ?wam ?l >ng Irom the sbic. which Soon -link snd as ne tber the r "? tain nor chief mate were seen afterward*, it is supposed that they must have been taken down by her. Soon after tbe ship sunk the w.nd changed v. ry ^ud'leii ly, and commenced blowing li.riously from llie oppoi lie Tuver At sundown it moderated. Hevrt. ?nr\ ivors got on the top of one of tbe bouses Before n -lit of tbe llrst day five of the number were drowned ?r 'iie>l from u\^Ki?ure The bouse was several times tutO' d upside down, and all of them thrown into thei >a. on the fourth da* twn more died. Ob the Oftb day one died, "n the 'JTth, at bi r past eleven in the mornlnn, th" s irrlvors were taken on by thx frencli hark Hair and taken to Point ilu Calle. having been seven day* without fo >d <?r drink and *iposed tu a tropical wind without clothing The I r*n< b captain states that when be fell in with the survivors they were unable to sit up. and were coh ere t with ulcers, and that be bad to I if t them >B board The survivors have now re> overe I and art* on h <ard the ibip Ulen (? osier, ot Bo?liin, where every MIMIM in given tbem by Captain Hoiuuscm The ship F.lvira wa< patlfed for ( >.' ,900 and ier irgo for fli.'i.OOO This Insurance i* about e jualiy div del between Sew Vnrtt and Boetcn off* es. Disaster to tlte ?< honner Jennie Morton. Nian cart. April 14. 181?. The schooner icun e Mertou, Avortll, of Ba!tlm re, from Matamas lor Cortland, wth sugar and 'truck oo the .-'outb S>de yesterday, remained "i^iit hours, itove dei k lead of mn's^tes, and then profe "d w ithout further datnnge. \? ws from F?rtreaa Itlmiror Koata*?a Monsot, April 13.1-M Tbe steamer New York returned from City Point ib's morning bringing neither new* nor prisoners, the water being so high in Ihe lames' river as to prevent .? nlcatlon with Richmond. A Richmond paper or a recent dale announ< es tbtde* struction or the steamer Maple l.ear by a rebel torjedo forty miles above Jacksonville, Fla. The aixty women and children taken up on tbe steamer New Yortt were landed at City Point, snd we learn that they had to pay seventy Ave dollars each, in Coafederate moocy, for back hire from that place to Petersburg, ? distance of nine mtliw. I'?ks Krle RavlgaiHm, Bt-rvAix), April 14, ia?4. Na\ eat'en is of ened hrre The propeller JVinator, of the Neiv York i rntral tine, 'eft fCT To'flO th t luprru if. AS'tf M* 'ti' TWO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the City of Limerick at New York and the Asia at Halifax. Maximilian's Difficulties Said to be Arranged. The Privateer Georgia Re fitting in France. THE DANISH WAR. Hopes of Peace from the Conference. Revolutionary Agitation in the Hungarian Brgimcnts in Jutland and Hungary. Garibaldi to Have a Grand Recep tion in England. The City of New York Likely to be tjot Off, tin *??? Tbe steamship City ?? umertck, Caplmu JoDOB.from Liverpool 31 -1 ml., ami Queenstown 2d inn., arrived at this port laBi night Hlie brings MS> pasaongerB. The steamship Asia, Captain Moudio, which left l iver p, 01 at three P M on the 24, and Queenstown on the 3d mst. .arrived at ilal.lax at leu o clock yesterday forenoon. The Asm has titty-seven pa-scngers for Halifax and forty-four for Boston. She has had ben\y weather nearly tbo entire passage, aod was eighteen bourn off the liarbor in a fog. The ma:*-! and newspaper hag of the pres'S by the Peruvian, at Portland, wero forwarded by the morning tram ir<>n> Hoiton and reached New York last night. The news by itie Asia is two days later than the report of the Peruvian The federal sieam r Ke^rsarge has ^one Into Victoria doi k, l.ondon, for repairs. Tho United ,Vm? GateUt says ?''The Channel squad ron is und?r orders tc prepare for sea \The ship Delfthaven. troni Csllao for Hamburg, put into Deal Slst oil . with damage, having been iu colhsion, The ship Kdltb, iu leaving Liverpool tor Boaton, ground ed on the bar, aod returned into doe* to discharge, wittt live feel of water ir Iter bold. The steamship Bavaria, frirn New York, arrived at Southampton >>a me evening of ibe 1 < tust. The steamship Australasian, from New ^ ork, an ived ai Queens town on the mornin < of the 2d ni-t. Thr Wtraiiiahlp CUy of *?w \ork. rOKlT'OM 111 TUB VB88EI. ON DAONT * HOI k' AnI) HOrits OK OKI |INU HE It Off. The latsct a'.vicea from the team-Lip ' ty ot N< w York are more eucouragini;. Divers report that, with the exception of one bole underi eaih bcr ne ir the forward bunker, she appears to hav *u?tatoed slight injury She oiitmues firm and upright on the rock, and it is hoped d ibe weather continues favorable sin- wwiaguin bo afloat. Preparations to lift her ?r? usi complete, unit Hie weather at present i* excellent !. r the work. ! More ot her . ar>;o has t>reo got uut. The Inmao line has been reinforced by the purchase > t a new elcuiner, to be called the i lly of IHiblin. She ir i two I hou-aud ions Inirtt.eo, and will iiniiicdmi'dy oo pal cn the 'me. THK l.ATKST. ill kinship*. April 3 I'vemng Th''i'' i* no cl ang* in the potr.i >n "I the teannbip Citv ?>f Ni'w York. She -11;i lie* lirn1'y nnhi dded on ilaunt? i rk re pa'rnti"i f <>n i lame acalc are being made and Miotig tope< 4f> now eateitaiued <>t being utile to Ho .t her Tin American Umstlon. 1HB l'KI VATKBR?? THB IIKOttUiA KSTlTrtNO IN TUK ? IV Kit OARONSK. tr.ANCC Tbe ' hi is correspondent or the l.ondon f.f'V ?ays There --i cn.iser i e^rgi-i IS refitting in H.e ' aronue not In-tu ill1 veil to .inclior in front er Ijordeunx, m .mv.. ''O" Hie port te.-n ati"? e.? u ;'r nh |iiw (ier on board n ?,a. reported that the i> rg hm. In-? ne-1tli- 'lim tVillian: 1 'atni'"'i 'f * e? Y?-k te v-.|'v tn-m l " de ? hut the r f w ut li e <;e? rk i would giv uo ?' ornritu n oi the anb ei t. THE CltOArKAM- CA*?. Ihe correspondence r<-l live t? ihe ?"hcaaiieaUe i ve r i, put .1 Hdds d material it.ture t t?? wb?t i< alreadv know i In III s e.orre-fOnt)enre llr Reward at<olog /?? 'or any vtnl iti 'tis of Di it i*h uri?dii 11" , and at-k.n >w e.i.,;e* Hie , u e and imoartmiity ?t Hie I' -.t -li ntttcta ? and wf Hie court ot Nova Scotia 1 erd i tons aivep'f of the andiigy iu tho - pu t that it i? oltereii. and reiOires that the matter is settled in a manner tavoraide to both parlies, atm . ulcuated to tni J>I ne the irietidiy relation' between the tw l ower* KNOL^tl RKt'OltlS IHOll RKHKLOOM 1 h" l/n.doi /iiiei huh retotnmenc*! ih<> (mbl cationof Ittterafrom it*1 se-esaipn i.ori?>|siBdeot, "8.of I. vrr wtio paint-i m as strong . olors a* ?\er tne prospects ol the rebels H? thinks that reai;y the decisive strug I gie bus iime now. and that it i* iwyeiid the teach uf | gunboat*. _ The Mtllian (^Mratiott. MAXIVIM.IAN'S DUKtrUl.rtf9 IN A KUK WAIT or adjustment-'! hk mexk'as riiHONS N'?r TF.r IMfOHSCSf In regard to tie Mexican vestion. several I rem h loarnais assert thai the ditlicu tv relative to the depai ttir?o' Maximilian tor Mer.iCi will sbortlr he ananged Ibe 1,,'erriS''" n or Vienna ?ays that ne^oiia ttoii" between Maximilian and tne Kmpffor of A'Htna were lir "flit to a favorable nsn* "rt the :ilst,and the Archduke a 'orm i! a.. epmoue ul lit* Mexican crown may he evnected verv Portly It was <t>ted that Napoleon sent General Fro??ir* to Vienna to rnootb down the tittli;nine? between Maximi I,an inl the Km I of Austria. Tile Wnr l?> nrnmark, the rmtlans, on the ntgUi of the .Nthot Match, sue reeded m 'penlng the tlr?t twrailel lieforu Iinppel, without i m from the pants H if tii tally snnounoetl that fbe Panes occupied llof ,eo on the >th of tlnrrb. v ir.ste te'e-rsm asserts that tbe Austrian iron Don Juan witljoiu the fleet in the North Sea n a week 11lK I ONfr.RI NCE. The filth P*r' 01 ,hB corres|iondeaee relative to B?*n mark oa< been p'ibUlio?i by the Rrttiab governmeat, and brim" matter* loan to the present time (t ?P eir-from tin eorre?!W'Ddem ? that the tiroposa for t i .1. erenee tlua been ?(. epied by ait pari e; and will niooablt, i*a>t tne I oudoti Tim- i, lead t ? a sett lement of the ii ? i .'te?, uniei* warline pa??n>u- ?re ton much excited bv events iaktug plnce beiore Iwptiel. Ibe t onJou Arm s .ys the corre<p?t enre ?u'l ? aenliv ? hows ttat uo preparation whatever h<? heen made for > ci na reuce, aud if tuc I mneror N?f?ieon ba? oniv bait t>i? ?? ? l it; for which ne get* the . redit ho win ab e e'a?||v |o transform it ntn tha i:oi,nres? wlneti tie pro iHiseii last Noveu ber, with tlie a<id>tiouai grat licatloti of *?e>n,! it nnveii'd bj me eery statesmen ????? del eate i it before. THE HCKSARUNH IN THK AlBTIt'AV A 'MT. The I ondon Times?i?t? partial credit to the report of an extensive attempt at revolt am oj the Huoi*nan troops arrsved again*t Henmsrk. lhe arm* brone up irom before Predentin in so iinrtccvnatah e minner and th? dtenffeinon < f the troops mny tiave been the rau?f the I nndon Twi" trusts that the report of th > ?hoiet?,(> MeeutioB of the Hungarian troops ? untrue. w*r Tsvra us the n'-cntsa. It is r?( orted that the whole tn ioielpal ty m I !en?burg haR bean dismissed. An extraordinary wsr ta? ha? been imposed on Heiistmrg. whseii, it t? likely, er II b? !eviedon other town* in erU'cswig. rnsiTiON ok norwat. Ihe N'erwegian storthing ban been do?ee. The King, in his speech, said thsl Sweden, jointly with Ihe other powers, wnuid endeavor to obtain peace, but at the same time is'a? prepared to render assistance to iienmarb ngtmM an ev rp. wering force. Orrat Briialss. The British revenue for the year ending March "1 w*a neventy million two hondred and eight thmmnrt nine hundred pound* Herling, sslth n fonr hundred thou ?and poueits of Ihe pre. edmg year, notWHbrtandiPi thxt more than thiee million were taken off In 'aaation Tl e monthly returns rontinne to how a great .ntieaen in the ''/o* tdiowtsii mccnse vf ?N 4tlw?Ttk|r?rh pany look ptaee oo itw l?i imlant The ? ootract with tle*?rs. tilaxis, Kllmtt Co to manufactur" au'i lay ibo '?abio ww oxplmued as agrood upon, awl * fetolulloo waa unanimously pttwd approving of Hie contract. Tdo chairman prcd icied thai within uioetba the great work would Uo iu ancvtsful operation linrlhaitll't lour. ? IS AHItl V A L ANXIOHHI.Y I.UOKEl) fl'K AT SOUTHAMP TON ? PHKf AHATIONH IWK A GRAND UCEPTION. 8o(1tiiamit?n , April i?Kvumng. A telegram nnuniineiiiK "lie arrival of the Ripon.witb f.arilialdi ou board. <11 Hurst Oielle, w momentarily oS? (Hi Hs receipt signal buu* will be fired,the town (lag will be hoisted, ami pc.iis rung from ibo church bells. I'he Mayor aod Corporation will receive tin- Cuneral ut the dock,and pieseut the addrt?3. The (icneral an<l his friend;; will tnen proceed, in open carriages, to the re?tdeiioo of the Mayor, preceded oy bauds of muFir, and will be entertained hy Ins Worship Tbo M.iyor ?>f I rietnl, and uentlemen from Newcasile. tJlasirow and "(per lowna, have arrived aw deputation* lu Idviio ttio tiooeral to visit those towns lb? town is in a state <>f e.\oitemuiit, and an the hcten arc liiiod Krameci Tbo Frooch news ts unimportant. Paiiis. April 2?1 M. Tho Bourse is dull. Rentes closed at 06r 6c. K HHlii. A HINT ro NAPOLEON. A review of 11)6 Imperial (aiiard liatl takeu place at fct Petersburg, In bonor of the anniversary of tbe ontiy ol ibo Allien into Paris. The Revolution In I'olnnd. The ImaluU Rutte accuses ibo Wall.ii-.lnau Miui ter of openly sympathizing witU uu.l loleraling r?v"iuiiouai y Poles. Acltatiun In Hungary* It was staled ihat the military organization of Hun uarv i>v tho revolutionary parly was progressing, ou tho basin of a lonner regitneoial list of the National ?su;?ruB. Prince Couza, undor Austrian meuarna, is said 10 have conneuted to take measures ngnnst tho Hungarian anil Polish refugees iu tbe principalities. New* from South America. I.1VBHPU01., April 2, 1N?>4. The Hrazlllau govenitnont lias accepted H10 mediation Of Portucal 111 I he dispute with Knglnnd TI10 Brazil mails bid reacbou I isbon, bringing tbe fol low lug dates ? ' .. Hid JiNRKio, Mnrcb 10, Coffee, 7|]300 a 7f400 Stock 00.000 hags _ , Haiiia, Murch 13. IS'4. Sugar, 31|000 a flC.'O for whites, ami 2,iou0 a li ,(l lor browns ? .. I'sitvAMnuio, March IS, 1884. PuKar.". 3II7UO a 3B900 for white and 2?two for brown"!. BlINOS At Hies, Feb. 27, 1K64. Exchange, 47. Pry Vmcriosu biil"S, an a 40. Wool, fine finalities, firm; middling to Selective, weaker. Mo.NTKVihgn, tcb 20, 1864. The installation of the new Presided pissed n!t quietly. Exchange. l>'i Commcrilal Intelligence. TI1K I.IIMKIN MONEY MAKK'irr. The funds were steady. I bo demand lor discount at th, Ha ok of ! upland w:is very heavy, pending the ap prnnctilor payment ? ? di> idends. roe old banking house of Jones. I Joy (I ? >s to be amalgamated with the J.ondon M^d Wctlu . ,tit Stock Hank. Londo*, April 2, IHiil. American Kecnrities inactive. Consols closed Friday at 1*1! ? a HI % lor money. Bullion 111 tho Bant decreased ?186,000. Ijinpon, April 2?Evcnlm;. Contois for money 01 n 01 \ American securitiesclose flat, Illilnols ? eutral -bares, 17;i a 16J.. discouni, Uric shares, tiT j a 1 ' L1VKKFOOI. BltEADSTUrF- MARKET. Richardson, Siieme ft Co and <!ordon. Brnc? .v Co report Hour very dull on Friday. and pries nominal Whcut quiet aud isolations barely mamUiued, red Western. 7s. 10a a *?. Cd . red Southern, 8s od .i,8s yd Corn dull at 2Ss. a >8 3d. for mixed. LIVKKPOOL I'KOVISION MARKET. Bigland. Athya & Co and Wakoiield. N?.sl? .V Co. re pt ri ? H<'of dull and partially 2s 6d lower Pork?"sales small, and prices I*, a 2-. Inwer Bacon active and tend lug upward. I>ard lirm. Hotter steady. L1VRKPOOL PROtHCH U AIIKE1*. The Brokers' or ular reports ?Allies tnaetive it J for pots aud p< trlr? ^iuar ae.tive ai d llnner. 1 ulleo lirm. Bice ipnut and steady. C?d buoy Mil. Slid ;:?l. mid ttd. lumber Liuseed oil lirm Sperm oil dull ai ?l lending downward Cod oil, .".pulls lurpeotme I steady. Bosin steady. BmiH. Kr>p 11 li I .muilun report -nUMMBlMMf ',l Is. tut a Is 0 jd Itir retined, and JC14 15s lor oruuo. 1.0 1?)n vttKKCTS. Harint 's circil ir reiw.rts ?Br .-adstuffs dull, bat rteaily and onchaugeU. Iron <|Uiel Sugar < autl steady. C/i|ie?' ijuiet, and partially Cd. a Is. lid. lower. Hlce steady lea quiet and steady Lin.-eed oil quiet, at TUvt. a .J7s t'al Spirit* turpentine inactive, Krench Ms I'e iro'cum ijuiel, ai tie. lor crude and Is. lOd. lor retired. IHK LATEST MARKETS. I.ivum cxu., Ipril 2?Kvenintr. Colt1 n?Sales today fi.OUO hales, incloiliug l,o0o t'? speculator? aud c.porters. Market iniiel and um hanged. Bie.nlstUltS inactive aud drooping PrnviMOn heavy and downward, except bacon, which 1* quiet and steady. I'roJuce -steady aci ijuiot. l.nrmooi, April 2, 1M14. Tbe MaLthtfier market H'Wat,aud prices lend down ward. 11A \ III: Col ION MAKKKT., Apr I 1, ls?4. Sales of ibe week 6,000 bales Market dull and m an tatiouf barely niauilaiue<l. >ew orieaus lie< ordinaire, ;s.?0f do luMi-iiUt Stock 33 .?U0 bales. Fran* r unit Hie t nalcdrraiy. KBhEI. IROS-OLADS 111 II.KIM. IN KrtKN' ll PORT!;. The Krench p?|>ers publish ?n arllclo i-jken from tlie Opin 'i Mum.!"/', "f 1 at is, which includes olbeial dicumeuts. and proves that the French gut eminent is <|uicily ?*>onivtng it ihe eilorts of relit I n (uts to have irou-clad ve els b.illt In Prnnce lor tbe rcb?l ier* ce. From the revelattou* or tbe C|' >1,1'i it apt ears tl '.t llrm? st Nnnies and IVr ileaax have been !or monlbs at work building * ir vt-s seis, oetecsibly lor enma, but really lor tbe relies Mr. I ay too, !ssi fall, laid before tbe French p.overnmeui pr<^?s?>fibe real ilestination of tlie vessels and, after ic icb delay, ibe worn was stopped bi (overnaient orderc. Bet d'irirg the ta*t tiro immtbs, as ibe Opimui 1 declares, tbe work has t?etu resunieu, and iw ? if lue te sei are bow ready 10 be passe I over to M10 rebel agent' Me ilerjcl Maury and Captttu Buliei k bave been promi nent in ibi c n?> oli ilions Ibese ve els are ron cisd, and the rebel authorities have ordered au entire lif t, which tbe government of \?pnl*ou III seeois wulmtj io hsve built at French ports, ;u spile of iin reiterated de?iro to inuioti n a strict neutrality. \rrlval of ?lei-rel*ry t liaae in ?lie t'lt>. ORKAT CIIMMorlON IN VtLt STRKfT. There was considerable bustle and exciteme it in llnan ?lal circlrs yesterday, especially am?og tbe knowtu* iperal rs of Wall street, m .lonsenueo^e of the sudden ap pesrauci of the Sc.ret.iry of tbo Treasury 10 tbo meiropu lis A short deepatch from Wasbinglon on Wednejdsy evening aonounced that Mr. Ch.i*e was en his way to tb'S tlfy, and, true to report, tbe honorable Secretary arrn ed "arty ve^teruay and look up Ins quarters at the Fifth A\emie Hotel. Numerous oils were made o|>on b m during ibo 'ley, but w.tti ?m? I s iccese .n sHU'iet every instance. ''Mum's the wurd ' with ibe Socretiry, nohoiiy.ard least "f sil lb- -old bronere, knowing ?hU pecilisr wind had drtren turn hitborwaid I'bo Cold operators were m an awful stew abu it this strange v ,t. i.od, which nsd i>een threatening tug" up to 2Pfl, sndlemy tumbled from ten to liitcen per cent In le?g than half an hour, Wd there is yet great doubt an-i shaking among interested parlies that t will go down still furtti r. Hie great question now is, what is ibe tnesning of Mr. 1 ii*se * v ? * Haa be come on 10 tee the ?aies of me fire-forties, or P> take bifcb ground .n favor of greenb 1 'k A day or two w< 11 show itits. In tbe meantime, Mr Uuje is Cm nrewd to let an> body Know wn-.i hs v -it means, lie was retting 1 etiy in h.s hotel last mgtit, intending, no dMbt, to make a erfu sm nut "H""* and bears to-lay. We will tailbiuliy retort the re suits of his movements fiom i<y today snl 10 the meantime let toe bulla and beers taite care >)f t iem?elres, as there seeius to be a crista l?.tngln? over the got i markfi which may tie retmusly _,?1 'I"?" Ii'avy speculators. So mu h tor Mr. tbase s arrlrnl 111 ?nd if he could onlv derate on lb? prodiire market, and induce the i- ? ?tors l-> briDf down me uricc.- of tiuticr, ?ugsr, sod other artn iwof lomsinc con sumption, bis vsit would '?? baled wiib my v UMHiMbds or his le low 111 ens who ar* now vrt inued by sbarpers, who take adsantass m over\ opportunity 10 send :p prices to s'ich a bgure tli it tbe working . lasses are deuie i nisnr 1 ihe neiei?nr'-s nf lilo 11 is raid thai oue of ibe eh set' I Kir. ? h v is,t is to throw the entire amount of guidfeow "''PJJ'ir? in the Sub fressury upon ibe marksi, to hesd o'? lb speculators who have m en ninduous'y eogsged 10 n -i. ,ng" Ihe cold market 1 or the isst few days M. tbsse s ( ontidentisl tr ends have gfem confldetiee ls h . to "hear the nulls" down U. such ? '??"S*,!" their recent operations In mo precious metsi anytinaj but remuneratlre. .wm.ieni,.* Whether the monc\ bag" A.'^iT.Jeiiirtors ?a enenfh to meet the , leisure of Ibe goljl ??P^en "tors. a qeselKH! that IS now undergoing a praciKal soini on. Thei Rfeeds lal?n<l Klertloss. P??>vinK*?r, April 14, I'M, nieek Island lias In on heard Ireot aftsr three weeks' InurriiPlnin of coiiimunieation Jsmes Y. Imith. Inr Unverner, re eivod e,i(n!y vo-e- Vo other . nnd?late voted tor this secure b ? e ecl.rn according to ihe MurmU't bgures. by a >i?as>rity ??l one ImndrfO s?d firiy DOS. IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. Tbe Case tf Hawley D. Clapp Again Biftre (he Senate. Reported Orders for the Arrest of Military Officers Implicated in tbe Same Transaction. The I'linmnso Ctinal Eitrnsion and Chimplaia Cnnal Improvement in the Senate. The IHaal I'assa^Mil' the Soldiers' V otiiifE Kill. The Lobby Headed Oil by a flank Movement, &c.t &c., &?. Alhahy, April 14. 1bC4. HlK >.ASK 01- IIAW1KY P. CLatT AGAIN, The communication ot Geuoral Dll relative to Hawley n Clapp, uow coullned tn Fort Lafayette, wuh brou?hi up in the Scnsto ting morning. Senator froiger, in his plate, stated tbat in tbla connection, as a matter of public im portance, be would inform tbo innate that be bad this morning reouivcd inforruat.on that a military commission waH ordere 1 (or tbo trial of Hawley D. Clapp, wboso peti tion had lately been referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr Murphy thereupon moved that the Information |uet received be entered upon the journal of the Seuato. Mr. Kolger moved that the lurtucr fact he added thereto that the said Hawley n. Clapp wan to he held and tried by a military commission, as a person connected with ibe military department of the foiled States govem.ncut, ?? a camp follower and otherwise; and It wan so order-id. Considerable debate a rose over the whole subiect. a large number of the F.enaiora taking part in it. Senator KieldP ofl red ttie following ? Resolved That his i-'.xcelloncy the cov nor bo re lvX\ ul correspond w?b the federal regard to tbo conllr.emeut or llawlcy D K' I af.i>ott<>, to the end that *aid t lapp may base a wtr trial before a civil tribunal to this State. Senator Andrews further moved to amend l-y ml.tirg the following words to the resolution or Mr. K.-ids - "When the military commission now investigating hi* case shall have disposed of the same." Senior Murphy ?stated that this resolution covered the whole ?itiation. Tin thought that if Mr. Clapp had committed an offence, that olfence b.a.1 hern rommited against the l?wg of the state. Tbo bounty money which it was charged that be had taken wore funds raised to relievo the city of New York from ibe draft, fcuatnr I rtJld? - oncurred in this op.rion, .Senator f< l*er Plated that the o(Ien? was committed *lthm LaUyette Hall, where a general In tho I'n.ted dlaUM was In charge, vwtU bus fentnels stationed lo all part* of tbo 1 building It was therefore withio the military lino, and I ! "pttbMsbed 'io a monitor par*,- From that h" wen wmmm ?mill that < unmittee tee lit to report on tbo sub) cl. ' oi'rW s mi *r.UR?i n virir^v o^vTit'. it IK now understood that orders ire out for the wrest of several i.KI.Ury ollicere who arc rl',i"d 'Vh'wh^o li mdF at lea<t by implication if n<jt dire .11). Inwwn ? i. t e is likely to result :n a general elearlng oot or the A.iKom stables and in uncovering to the gaze of the P"b lit an enormous amount of lrau>!s (11KKIN00 * INAi. RXIENfUOi# Th# A?winbty hill prnvldmu for tho exten^iofi?? tn Ch^ttino t^oal to the l -Hate lloe-to necl with a I of that sute. and thus openam>w l?e tn the coil tiel I <? Pennsylvania?was tinder <*)?!selera {",?Tn the Committee ?f th* W hole in ?he S-na e, and w.xf debate I it irroat length, . it was In *'**? n e w'''route""to''The? eont iiel?.*and thus break down themonopollea now exiatimr Ivtween the coal an.l r.ntlroad companies. In addition to turn it wan ?'?"?" 1,11,1 * lb rtv ej -lit mi'es of canal were built it would, by virtue of th? traftl' in coal and iron that would pass over the whole line, make upwards <-r ?? nety wbiTo strur.ied. ormgine In a large revonua to the Mate w ere n..w none wis retort- d, and a'-o furnish tbo coal to the Int r ro' .he ?tate lit one third le?? thin the present I or ire that ,l wo.ild thus lor... h a supply to the cities and ti.wos Irotn Albany weal without drawing from the eoal bro.?Tht t?New York ritv. It was finally ordered to a tb rd readme bv a decided v."e. . iMM. t ain ?:a*at uiraovi wavr. The At.-*mi>iv I.ill for the improvement "f tb-Kham plain < an ii was al.-? ordered to a third in* cr iritv .fit The l.lll making appropriating to the charitab "m'll tut >' ais of the state .-ama up for a third read joi. n. Uio A ? .-emidy tin morntag A motion wai made i- - rod With lUitruet on-i to insert an ai pro-.rialion for tb i: lie ie' 1 Ity I -sp.tal Ihia w -S vial dowo.aud the hill read ihe tbir I lime and pas-e<|. It has yet totM> acted tn>on bv It1*' S'fint? hot.iiIKIUI* ^ ?TW^ P" ! Tile Senate members of the nut tummlttee of ( onfer. eiire aptmii.ted ..n tba. d.if.en.e- l^tween beu-Mi -in Hi- Soldi, r* ^ otiog l?.'l reported tint Uiev could not agree, an t a. ked to be dker.harged. Th -?pie? t"n .wX m the V-emhlv a. . lite Hnur..f ibe^esrou on the rep- rt of the Cotifereoee rommittee The P' lnt umln wh l. the IhH^e romtn.ltae held b??k fn m ar-uing wiih the -onate comioitlrM- was that In reference to whether ibe soldier .ho Id be allowed t- -nd h,s ?i |e to a fflend r only to the Inspectors s election-, fliere wis onfiderabe dclia'.e .n this qn^aUoo but a v .te was l t.allv reached, and the A*seniMy receded rr. m Us poailioa ? f not?concurred e ^imendruenta. and < .incurred with lh? aetlon d the seuate. ihnb.ll will now go lo the governor. NK? TOR* u. A*o iMnr??nT .OK^SV.^ Iherp was .( ilte a . oinmotion i?? day in the aerembly . over the bill I ?- ** I v-'erdar In, ^at ng b. N?w York Ouarant-e a- t Imtemniiv r m| any. It wi ja Te?.errtiv in ibe A-.en.hly, tuvim-gone through t? ZZ" I or more ago About two bourn ? 1 a h ill nfter the bill had passed tho Don<e?enlv a few votlnsr sca.ti'l i'-a ' tar wl In the lobhy that a big swindle hail pas ed LY li, uV \V .rd wa< sent .nto member*, and thev -rd runnmg lo otbars a?k "K w,'at awiodla ta. that bad paa-ed. I he ; was for a <few mo^ ment IM. leraiiln I. I '.7ine and dwlglng about. !"?? M r.,.ir mcmh -r. V.oKed over the list of bills passed , and four d tt-New York li jar.1 nice %nil Indemnity bill on tue Int. and imm- dntelv pitched M hi thine. rh?..reu,n? % uiOticu wa? made that the vie by whi.t. It sa< naas.d he r,ooi?s,Jered. that, root ion be Wit on the t.Ule. which was Wnrt-lt aiti etrs however, that the toil '.aas returned. ?ovethep wiih all bills that UavC pa??e I during the aeaerwn. to ho Senate, m l irom th?i e evnt t > the f-oyernor heflor- be motion to rerot ider wa? msde. ind that the wm examined nv him thornughlyi.stalghi.aDd sjgnedth^s wtT'the^i^ionU^KT.^ m rnina t<'reconal'er it wa Moiiud that the bill ?M mtt Tthi^r bands fhe ,..esi.on of reconsideration v ia iueVTJ W. net re-eiving the n.caasary v-.'a to recon " mbbv .T'r.^memberi wore dacelvad to regard to thri b.itrlm r. ..ling th- printed hill on their tile, which bad 2rt ovirhaule 1 f . ^ ? . vtent ore t .?s.edthe -enate. takmg out th ? oO,ect;.mablef. aterss. rT,e bill as passed .nd th* printed copy ?n the ile aro ?:r.;a?hXw.v.^.ruVV^'Uthb^7r^h^^ Tb..-...I,,n.n??u*r mi Kfie nod (}*W0fO trulf 1? 01X . ""the'rana'Honr.'|,,'bv a t:? votv has r?olved not U. re commend the aoiargeniaat r the cmal lo..ksio Kunhoat r,,,*Cl !*rw VORK ' lit tAXvnov- taa The Vmv York la* Pavers Committee had a haarW? Ibis eveumg before the >enate ( ommlllee on i iti. s. tm eg those present we.e Robert Hoeevelt. Morfto ,h m John .raceb A?tor, .lr., Isaac v lh?'fi Wi! ism M. Vermiiye, Rd?rt B. R?sevell. atd ?, me twemy others. Judge Kdmondi appearaj tor the tavpayers Me stated that the increase in wealth ribe . v of Vaw M.rk s nce 1*54 w .a twenty ,?r rent in fopnlalHW forty seveo per cent, and in taaation Mxtv per . ent Mo recommenc es r?me<ly the loniimn* of the power of tbecwnmoi council strictly to obiects (or which the "lee *" authorized, and . the creation of ? uaconnected w.ihthe city ?o% ernme, 1? aliv ail expenditure! lo fund tue I nioo DefWe He! mp t'on dent st.d to reduce the items for scboois streets. advertising. .Vc. He .l.^lhy .rod^t^ ar,^^no the .??iy riots in the city of New Y or*, ealvssi wa done to the taxpayer? in the matter of taxatwo senator Andrew-,. hairman of ihet b?f,.re" reminded tna iieti-ieners them, being still in the Assembly. He e*ptea?e? ra*r that the taxpayer* ^ohlwa^nUlha ?nl sees,on before attend,Otf to Ih.s oiaiter irsiaa,^ ^ ( meneinf earlier end i rt.blnn 'Iroper f ' b ^ ) u , Ikev complain, wh? h ^ 'j'w eo ?e?eh -Ke "er.atc ? ' " that the l.ill was not n*e!v ?o '"e" rat dat;.

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