Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thurmut, April ]<?c P. M. O* io the wild movement* among the oj- rator* in tlx- i market w?* uus>??vllcd to day, but "* ' e*s a bjoyant lone. Compared with the early ?ile yeurday.Ne# Yoik, Central ?dvaiKed %, Krie 1*, -MP ; reforie<j . Hurlam, true to ua flueUitwc m ""'a' ?lt?r*n uptom-Mtdriart of fourteen per ? ?out <<> tUA hurbc*t c*sh sale at the flret board on W o?l ie?il iy but boi.ioc the clo;* oi II,? call it eold at 135, sel'er -my day*. Milwaukee and 1 rsirle du t;trion rose* 1 i*r out. Michigan Central 1%, Illinois Ceutr.ii o, t?a lena aad C hi 3%, Chicago and Northwestern 1% and I acitlc A.*u o \ lio .aifg i!?1:road decltmd 1, .Vtcbigar J-outtieia >, Cli clsn and Ki> k blind >,. Pltt-'b .re and J 'It Wiy:,.- l 4 AltwB and Tene Qaut* a, and tjuiik M.ver Mtuing 1 % Thcfo:.ovf t were the elt>slnj? qno' lions?Ww York ?Votral 14'. 4 Trip 124%. Erie pre'erred, 112 *, H^r 1?u 8%* n?t!'f>ir, HI', .'ltluols Ceut-al, 150 j. ?< :'?i. mt'ai. ltw f l-noi^aa Southern, 114%, Cleve land and ''..is1 b, mi, CK via-d ac.l loloao, 15i% Cu> >i? uniN.i-thwesti.rti, 60%'; Hudson River, 154%, and Ruclc ! - land. 133. The cxcitemcnt In the gold mirket today beggars all de <ii|ii..)a Tue fever ti|>reid to tUe street, am fr m thmi ?<> 11 the >ub -treasury, whore the ci ..w,i became so d-nsi' that if was alaio t no;x)s>it>i? to foroo a pi.^ |n Ibf vie of the upper entrance where the gold certifi. eate wnri-?:. (?)??.! of. The premium on co.u, it will be observed, fluot mod hetwe n 74% and 89, in00, instance ? Ivauc ng f"ir and a hMr per oent in tfcc -pace of three in 11 t -s :.nd fa:,in^ a~a in about the same tune five t Secretary Chase being now in the city, wo w.mi1 If. irmend liirn. .-'tor ho has stulled carefully the annexed table, to visit the goid exchange to morrow, .noo.enifo, and witness for hiws^if ?hc man nor in wbich ^old is manipulated hj tlic cotrrio of gamblers which he will fled there cong-egatod. it will be a neb treat fo- him to do so, and he will go bark t > Wisbinj;tnn a wiser man. We would thea recommend lutu to stop t!ie sale of gold certif.caies for one week, commencing with next Monday, thr day on which the premium tc to be a?nin fixed, if fixed at all . and in lieu tliereof .0 ordeF a millbn or dollars to he thrown judi CIO' *!y on the marret each flsy, to be gold for rash Ry tiii moaus be would force down the r^mmm, und by t .rdar iilgbt the market woald he completely broken: ? Raniblors would have every dollar th?y could carry, under the influence of the padc thnt would be d, trie premium could bo kept on the decline there with loss than a hundred thousand dollars a day. 0 a'tcnuon a rumor bocame current that Haifa mil . if pounds sterling of exchange had heen sold by th4 orn.nont. which, conplcd with the annonncement that Mr. Ci.-co would commence to pay the May interest on the five-twonty coupons to-morrow (Friday?. had a de pressing elect upon tfio spirits of the spectators, and , as will be seea. the premium dropped very suddenly. The following table shows the quotations at the gold ex change ? 9 "'0 r ciock A. M... 180% 12 05 o'clock r\ M... ISl'-, KftOocioclcA M... 181 12:S0 o'clock 1\ M... lf>00 o'clock A. M... 180?^ 12 45 o'clock P. M... 1S| * 10 05 o'clock A. M... 182J," 1S? o'clock P. M... 1S0V 10:U? o'clock A. M... 18ft 1:10 o'clock P. V... 170 % 10 10 o'clock A. M... 187% 1:20 o'clock P. M. .. 178 ??' 10 12 o'clock A M.. ISO 1:50 o'clock P. M... 177% 10 15 o'clock A. M... 184 1:55o'clock P. >1 175' 10 20 o'clock A. M... 1*5% 2:10 o'clo<'k P. M... 174% 10:."rfi o'clock A. M... ISfi 2:02 o'clock P. M ... 175 10 55 o'clock A. M... 185% 2:03 o'clock P. M... 176 II 10 o'clock A. M... 1S5 2:10 o'clock P. M , . 178 11 20 o'clock A. M... 18?% 2:20 o'clock P M " 176%' 11 25 o c:otk A. M... 1S,S%- 2 *5 o'clock P. M... 177>,' 11:2S o'clock A. M... 182 2:56 o'clock P. M. 177 11 -0 o'clock A. M. . 181% 8:10 o'clock P. M. 178v 11 .:a oVlock ' M... 180 3:30 o'clock P. M... 177 " 11 .15 o clock A. II... 184% 3.:'5o clock 1'. II 175V 11 JO o'clock A M... 181V. 3:50 o'clock-I'. M. 176V Ii-M .)'clock A M... 10%' 4:20 o'clo k P VI... 177 11 i5 o'clock A. M. 182% 4:45 o'clock P. M... 176'< I vchauge. in attompting to follow gold, beenmo very irregular, at one time selling as high as 202. There w as a report current that frocrotary Ch? e had sold exi hanire to tae amount of between two and three millions or dollars Mi. < isco has received the ordt* direct to 5 ly the May cd :?on-on the Cre-twenty six per cent bonds, and it Is annmim -d that he will commence to-morrow to discharge ttj? sit months u tere.-t in coin. The ( oiaptroller of this city will open the bids on Satur U? ? the Kitb inst., at two o'clock, for the one million son ts' bouuty fund six per com bonds The bill now before Cougrcse, putting an ann ial tax of lw and a half per cent on the i*sccs of backing institu mm wlueh ate orRariied uuder State laws, would pro d ice to the government, with the present circulation, a revenue nearly seren millions of dollars 7lie citie? of New York, Philadelphia acd Boston wo-.ld pay the following amount of tax ?? '.ew Vork J14"..loo 11" ton y. o Philadelphia '' f,e,'.500 701,11 H40.060 The '??? wfluld not materially interfere with the ooera imns the large mstitutioDS in the aboveaamod cities. luit it w>;iiU strike a death blow to a majority o; the c -miry lu.,ks and w;pc nearly all the wildcat concern* of the We t out of ci:=ter.ce. To this e\tert tbe oi>era tin.-... of the b.l w mid be benetjclal to the pe< jile. I'e transact.ons at tie offl eof th? A-sutant Trrasi-.rer to- iay *i-re a.s .-.nnexed ? AniuuPt oij b od $31 ,.".04,225 P.ei ?ipt:- t-om cu&tomi 353.000 I i no otlter l :.-ces 2.04:1 4 >7 Toi I $33,130,722 ' ^.n t.f. 3 o:;0,'/97 3, v^ a $80 700,126 h 'I subjcriptiotif were made to the ton-'t.rty .1 11" It a $1 IS,550 1 ill .rut Nat) nal Hank 34,0 -00 "7>l $45'J .050 . be condition of tt.e b?nks of the three prlnc'pal c m ii-rc . I cit.e* of the Vaion n.?y beneuin tbe following t ible. ; viag tbc angrejrates ot their last weekly ttate men ts ? Tjftnv'. Kr'~i'. Cirr.ul'n. ul. N York Ap-. 9 fj'l.w.1'??i?:r?; 5'0l.51I 170.515.030 PLiia Apnlii . n.t vM'j 4 0 *?<ji .'.s:n r',u.r>?4t? Bo?too, April 11 72.4JU.948 0 2.!"2 I0.t47.9i6 Ti,a Tot*' $:?l ! 7S..t;i > 31,94 ? 18 t3l '54 S4.1.7M 441 UHVNk . rfcfMJffS 30 5:t.>l ir,C2s,U2 25i,41ti 83} Inereas"'n imn> ...a... Increa?" ti epec.e Ijt7!,5fl9 Im-rraw n pirr en 1 MT,123 IncreaM u de|0?it- .. iMiw ?The .arge mcicase of deposits, as shewn abore, was principally in the I'hlladelpbia banks M- O 0, the AtMstafit Trei.jrcr. inrorms us fiat e vcti clerki are cngsged In pay .r.(; cut gold cerilflt ates, I .stead of only one, a.? previously stated. Ibe' mral Amcnran Ira;.sit Com any have made a call for live dollars on ea U tharc of the capital st? k. to be psid oa ttie ?6tb Iret 5to? k Exriiangt. Tttri-J^AT. ACri; 14?IO SOA. u. $100 1 Mi eou. I?s ?w? s<')itcAA',un RB 'U5 ftdflO C M 6'a, II, reg 115 , 14 i<1?on Rlv HR. . 15.51. H0?> ' 14 ? a '141, eon . 11(- mi Co...., IV) 1 liMO ' H6's,5 .0 ? r ex t. ly? jt?> Uar.ctn RB .... Kg ft wn f t? r.'a f.-iVa, co . in , tO" do ibm I'.KX -io II'. tifl do ?:*) 17? SW' U f B e t,\ r Its 2efl -o <KI 177 2t?i US 5'? '74 eoi u, 112 600 do 1?5 5 0?V? Ire til*73 III 0*A 114 2''> do. .... si*) 1*0 6 mm do ...... lift in. .Io . st'i 1-2 ?W?*) do OjkAlarce 1 ?% ufC 00 . 1-t I .ml 0 St* lyrcei ?f .' e 1X5^ C'Cti Ti-m e??? e 1 ill 2 10 *<0 170 ??' H'*%.iiii1 6 * 7' o *6*) I - 5 l2?) do .... 75 . L01.1: ? and UK . 10"! 1 ? it Hi ib 4 I <?0 Readilti: KK I t *?? Ca ilorata 7'a ... 4' -."O do Jii;% lOtl b<>w .orki'a. 74 lot l'4W do ]t'2 I.Vr?) Jt'.% ."0 ??? blo P 2 ion < n. ? ? '?y no ir>) !? iu io\Mlitec*r.b3U ? di . ji-i f -j 1 <tj f !.o0Mich 1'emral RK . i?: 1 11 1 d-i 1.4 . ' 0 do ? do ...... .... ti iStri do J.w % HO di 1.4 1 .< d' ... If. , t Ame-an gold ... f do 157 a> 1 ito 4 Ci let we a Alton Kit '.*j hi 10 J' 511 Ho bo I Krt^ nr. ul iu i: limlSlicli So* M I KK 15% 1 Ait .n A T H 3d <n p :7it r iV<> 111.4 ' ? !> ' - . ?. . 118-4 1 II mm*('eotrai b?'* >74 < Ml**1 >0 A N I g'iar a'o 1 i It int?'- 9? _??' !1111 * ? ?ii f 1st It 1.4* 4 hi A N W l-i 410' lit ? n KK ? ?', I <3 Chi A H W ifb'i" W d ? I.',l ? li; .? !? V?' la'i IM. i ? ? d...? i,vi I>?-1 I^*Avrl?ml' 3-0 <> . *'5 180 I'm 4 W#C i m I.. 1- o ........blo till ,t pitta 4ih in 1' 4 r d ... 149 Mine A >.ia land g. * r-? lo .bl 149 do . 7 " ?? i do 144% tIlnofijuiiiuii!i(% i fr (i do.. b5 Ml'% in Kant: ... I i it ? .14 , ? H-aniil/eaiherUk llC CI ?.? A f'luc KK '<1 it HaOk ... 14't i!" anion ilemiian- 74 ."11 ? . |"% I li. A 11ii I < mi i ..i 2:' |l ri < ....13!-, > i r in coal Ce . ?? .1 Wi% ? in -? '? i?Ua ' na A Otfl RK tit 1 Oil'.1 OOIIU. . 55 ? Ilo 1)8 lot ,|t? bt ft\% i do. -.ii '46 l*i di .... . biO !*:? Si do.... *10148 Mu d'> ....... W ??? do 145% 4 4' ft til I ? ?t pref ... w. do. ... V "S j* ? : ?M 96 ' ?Cl?ie , a. '? Ar<"jj mi' ( ? tt' ' ? ' , ~e.KK.ej il i/v| ."'r'll|('?,Hi A? wiemtj-,., 1. " M. ? " m.4%' ? ? ?'? ?? ? *'? do" ? Ml a ' < ? ??'* Am TruiSu 84 f,',' *?r *"* ?R ! 'J? w?iai'?ecr. tfut ici' I'kjdBr Man r#. *v i.% do 2J;H A? do .??? **> *< 4 bS-1 ? wo *"? lii5 do ?5l N 1 CeMrtl UK l?t 'X .... da., ?nut do. i?m iio 6*1 yip T*00 no !\ri* UK. bit) lit ... 143^ do '*2 '? do . ? . US > 00 sM l?'t .... 143*-: i ai '^ ... r-'C . .. t* * .t*J 137'. .sill 125 >t ? l?V da.: ??> ^ ?> d>? i 4 m 1-raRK pre! )?3 ?JX) ? I* .-;, IjijO do i 4, 2ii.t Hudaoo River HK 1W>?. K*l do I'O 16(5*. 401 Mar A Cin Jsi prel. 87 <0 do 5' ? StW do J** gH 500... oo ~T1 !V? '.TO 5VI S t) do do ... do.... do ... do V))T?| rV%b p |? 3oi do.. <m? , Jo 7?'4 |l? V| W A C KB !*.%'? I :?t?? d? ... U? ISO do .MO ll5'? I'M) do. ad 141.H 1JJ Alt A 1 llautf SR.. 8> liiO AH4TH??trprfRH 10? MOChlcaco.4 N W UR 70 4 k) do 7 0X? 3U0 uo.. 70V, 400 Due J NW pref HR !>o 13(1 k*- A ('so 2d m pref ?>.">1 4 I.lid uo ... .6# 1(11 Peninsula RR ??H II,J Uiib-ago A MU Kit 1>0<s, -JO Miw A Mia?ourl RR (V 51ft do 6? lift B'leXi Co Co l'? 300 MniipoK* Mining Co 3*1? MO .In .1" '.W <lo 37 100 do V\ ) f Interna'! >oai Coal. llf> 100 do 117 ?>' Hull in 1 Mnrbl'' ?:o. 2'? 300 do S4'i 4'J <Jotd M Co !?> <5 117 *20 >0 I.IK) U S fi' ? H'l I'Ott ROD'Ml Ohio * tola* ?'r <?* 1 00 Ainencai: sold.. 170 11)0 hlia (,'nulon Co h'M 7'iJJ 6 *> BKCOKI* BOA?!). K111 ,-A-T Two O'Ci or* P K ou n:? liH) ?I>| to rb So .N I,#. TOO Mlcli On RR.... 7(0 1" ....... 1 00 Mich So* N I RR 10.1 do .. 7"' 1 u Cumb Co:?l prcf. . 84 :,m .10 83 600 do 83 H 1IKI Ottic&ailver Mining 8't 1500 do 8! fjl do blO S3 25 Pkciiic Mull S 8 Uo 244 110 do 2.12 100 do -1) 100 K Y ' eutra! RR b5 H2>:. .1",0 do 14* 3t0 do. . 141V 2<i) Erie RR .1-1 3t>> do I2S\ iSoo do BR r>'iO Krto H'* prer 11 1 |ili| do ,.I>I0 II* ft'vi Hudson Ri?er RR 1 l.'j "Oi lo in?'i 111 I do MO IM1, 101 do 1?? 4dt it" 15",i 2') H?rtom nx 1?) <0.. . . .s!5 1K0 101 do >-:;o 18' 40(1 do . 18.1 l' 0 do 'H'1 200 do . I "i 2"0 Rending UR. bio li '" ?1o Wil ^ '4)1 111 Cen Kit K' rip. . 2t>0 101 ?fY) M>> c 300 ( 111) < HID < 3.m Cle?e 401 < .kh do.. hIO '00 Oat ,V Clilc RK l.MNI do yoat'leve (? Tol Kit 100 r.*? do ,i'0 d.i ltd tool do bio lfii' 2ij(XJ do 16'1 liHJ t'.liic .V It 1 RK 80l> do 200 >T A I'M 1 4 ten Bit IOOO T"i i- fall R't. . 10! Pitt* FV A CliRH '.MO do lOi) do w>l do M') 111) A't .? T Ha'ite RR till All A T !! Kl? prof ?0)4:htc t N W RK blo lOi) '1? rJ?0 do liMChir A K W RR "ref 0 il* 2lM do. 158 156 155 1IHS IK I lki l1H'i 149 149'.t' M;"-4 149 I Si) i2>\' I2J'. 141'j 14.H ' 149 i4^j 14^ 147' 1 XOs 4^ 72 141 llili 142' 142 S3 1 iw mi 20 in ?hs OhloAMi's cer ''?'> 111(100 do., 3i)0 N T C<-u RR l'V) do 50.1 Erie Kit MIO do ICO Siilcx *1 the r?u??IIc Board. IIaii-mm Turn o'Cuoe* r* ?n*h. Cleve APItttRR r? 0 Clfte ATol Blt.en.d 500 do SOU d( blil 200 flu * Kk 1*1 KB ? 200 4'hi A NW RR...... 10<t do HflChi A NW |.r,-f 6.H, 112 112 | 124 ... I?i:, bib 124.Li iijjElie RRpwf:::..:. .^6ix Rk 500 Hudson Birer RB . lftl j 100 do 30O Iiailem RR 1J* 2!'<) do aiiU 175 Hi 0 do t>V) 1S2 200 do sSO 183 21X1 do 000 do ? V) 185 100 Readme KR 161 2Cl .10 16-".; 10) MIchSoAKoI ira.buO 156 200 Mich Cen Rlt 155% '.'00 do 1611?* 300 Mich So AN In RR 113"1. 100 do 114 800 III Cen RR 150 WW ( lev A 1'itts RR 130'i 100 T II A Aiion RR 200 Thl A Alton Di-cf I'iIO ToledoA Wabaah RK 1(10 Miss S Missour. RR lSI'i 50.1 Mai' .* Cm 1st pref. 100 canton Comp'in.T ;iOiCuini>erland >'oal . KO do 200 Quickailvoi Mm Co. 200 do blo ?Ot do |i Rutland Marb'.o h3?) 1110 2<*! Ooid M in t ;o of Col. 300 do r.o (18 HO H9X M. 131 150 151 >i 151 >, 133 i<9 70 OO'i 142 141 ^ 83 105^ 72'. 64 " 87 7:i 84'.t 82 83.^ 83 25 s y. CITY COMMERCIAL RRPORT. THrRSiar, April 14?6 P. M AshM.?Market inactive and quotation* entirely nomi. QUI. nRFAr.wrrg-Receipts 5,M9 bbls. flour, .T8fl bbls. and 605 bags corn meal, 8,400 bushels wbe t. 8.184 df?. corn 15.9*0 Cct oat?, 87 do. rye and 655 do trial'. The upward' movement of the flour market continued to-day the rise In prices rangmg rrom Id . to 25c. There was le*s acCi vitr id State and We.-tern. the speculative demand bar ing l>e"n t ansterred for a time from this de script inn to Southern brands. The advance took oiace early m the J day. when gold reached the highest attitude; lint when it Tell back the flour market became le*s buoyant.and finally closed tamely. Sales 15.000 bbls. State aud Western 7 000 do. Southern and 1,500 do. Caaadijo. Kye Uour was a shade better, with a f*tr Inquiry, and saleR or 300 bbls Soutbei n flour was dealt in to the ex lent or TOO bbis , at slightly Improved pries. We quote-? superfine -tale ana Western flour *" ~n ? t ? Fxtra State. ? I _V Common to medium Western.. .. J,.* ,3? '-ood to cWe do a?n!i2 Kxtra St. ton,* 2 2? ? Common to R,,uthern; a *1 I ,n tiOiid to choicp extra do ... "' ? f. * ,? 0 ^romuii ?\iri<?<Min. a roodtochoire'exVrado.....5 70*10 ? "ye flour e i, 2 ?' Corn n.eai.bbm ? J'1 * ? ? Corn men. puncheons .'no 00 a _ -A further advance of 3c. a 5c wase'tablished on wheat, w,th .a moderate business, in v.ew of the dearth n<Zmka ani ,he ",ron,ft "rir* files ^0.000 bushels, including wu.te Kentucky at $2 or. a ?|2 yj!!*'*"" i2l r? ?'"?Her fl 00 red Weiforn " i.'j.-'ri I.V **** Vnrn adv.a ee.t 2c a r,r t'l MiVi! vu'?"*'1 m**1"1 roo,l"P 4') (XX) bushels, at ?! ?" ?/ "I* Western mired, in ?tore, and t' "S dellrered, .id now yellow $i a *1 ;;8 ?nts wer? *:1" ""'re inquiry, at ?Jc. a 01 j;r. f.-r lange. i.jrJey wa> held firmer at $137^ i ti ni fOI. 13 000 ?*"'? ma't* parUy at . ' ' I r ' :0 was v,'ry Ann at nreriou? prce=. In other "Ctu'rs we n lice sates ?r 1 'too baas Java al'X an.; 800 I. ,g? jamais rn nrjvil,? ^mn ~V,,1Vn,:""nrr "r ,hc i"'dtbe o'o-se u"> * 83C" f"f mUWMnS h,i? ? the , ? market was oou-inally dull. the , ,|e? were altn\<| : .000 bil?s ' *?!!?'III! an'1 ""P'W'I. T. f ivorneol per .ill r,. ati ,lag.^J) 000 b i.-U.-l;. wUeat at Id. itfO bbls fw.rtc ' 4. /! v Ot"CS > rov.- One at 2a ??,J ton I?-r r," i mng (?, i -,i i_ Od., ih,o tierces lar l i> led. r' 'Ot 'i' r !>Pr ? 20'? ) r.X.'S '.aroo .08-?< 1. ?. .and 2J0 bales cotton at 3,d To Ixindnn bBCAna' ,5h ,na ^ ?' rrC8 ! ? .at.-. To ?iar?eill>>?. per ne> 150 tierces ur.i ?;tr:,^ ToHarre '00 t.erces lard ni ft: frauc/ a n7: / C r ,Vcr lu,nb*r :,t *"? ? foreipn br.g Lh ! A * ; or vy tm'-^".'l "laves, two Itfiti.h ' t0 Acapnlco, coal at ?12 a 114 |>rr ton nx rr.-We note s,le* 01 2.00J e.-,v#< sardine, at ?sc. 1.1"! ohia noxes Mei ;.ia ..rani-en br.'Ught 0.'. n.n to do. ?2 05?$'I 70. and 171 b-.x-s pT;,r orter. M' ofbrtg New York, iu baloTat rivsi"' "rm at nrwc-' Bales 50 'uies at i c a .'7c for fair to g.wwt grade-. w'"' "?>* "f lOO bbls. .Ve-.r Or. on prirabBterms.' 2,500? 0,!t 6f ?b" ^? a??l iT.fl C3 of?10?r0M' c'allws l Vhrew* vu r ? hwn ^'^n iu and .lone for a 8nr<?w(i r bi!*idp|i)hia < ^rator who !nnnif*o<t tH.?sesv ?n of contraetsto# |.1rK, e,t)>D, w, *d this month, and * bo ha, m- nawd. ?sbtVd h? The hm I ed arrival! during the m^tlTlobuy enough nr tb?oVl on hand to prevent the issuers of contracts to till them I",,, '? ' i"D7rh,ed,r #rrw'"' harvest (br .uali settlement* Ihe price nf crnde oil n entirely n. mlnal ?ind .antiot <-f course be ascertained by a reference to the sales reported. Refln^d. bond and free, wis ouiet bit flrtn the 'ales were s.OOO hbls crude, at .17 ".c. a42c n cludmg 4 000In Chilade'pbia at 3--.Hr.. . and theClVof'C ba|anre cusisted of contracts, and 1,900 do. for May *t yc!^. an<' Mller# ?P?t?o: I ooo do. 're An a In booi], Wk. a 5, i^c.: 3.600 do., fre?. 6r?<\ a #?7 on the Slot, and l^Ofl do , for May.?7<;c., buyt.-?: 0D' tion Pei-me was quiet ' op lYo^HLna-ner^ip,. :o9 bb.s, i*>rk. 260 nackavl beef, 1,9 ., do cot n.ea:s and 2,^2 do lard Provnions Paeon was in mLd?V..? r* ,,nl?1 b,|t nrm :jrwsV3rJH:? ?T-' ! : r??i? ? p Sit: T. Tm -anJ' ^l'-V 160 ,aMer ? *'? ^r old !, d' eew l ooobbk ,,r,T raM' lor fu^re delivery T Awii lor Way, buyers- option, nt ?2: limit try ?:LVn f.:,1?,or ro,,nlrr m'*' *'? ? *fir S eur. m ?17 f?r r'P,r?^ ??"??, ?n<1 ?I8 a ||? (or Mm ,tr,. r,""ll?' ?w' nkn. at 1! i;c. a is- f"r ? t I r I ,n ? ? ^?r Banon, 000 >v>xeo for toni' r . I ,l>e""^ O". l?J.c tor |nn(r near, J?w" larl *o<-'i obls'",'^*?- 1&C' f0r Mj#rl c|,nr m><i<')e* btH 'lorT.ture dV ivtr M^ "?*?C ,"'???= ??? a 3>. ror <>|.,o and 22 J , wVi?ot? b,,,,?r at 2.V 18c. for com noil to p?tV '' f"r ^Ul? ChcM# 17c * S.",' " v :V!? R- ngoon at 9'(r, s |>irr. Co' ado atY.?'mbM* ' Cub. Skk- _^ la-.c ai2..f mi <? 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The court room was again crow 1ml with spectators anxious to hear the con clusion of the trial of the quadroon Daniel Brooks, who for tbo two preceding day* bad been on trial for the kill ing of Wm Smith, a barkeeper In the employ of Mr. McXinley, on tbe 2d of February last. The prisoner was attended by his wife and at otbor female. He held his youngest child (a little girl) m bis arms, a:id hi* b:'ti oc cupiod a seat near htm j dv.i prs.**i * <???? nr.* 1ha itirors having answered to their name*. Judge lint pt>i proceeded to charge them by stating that the prisoner Pauid Brooks, wn charge I with thu homicide of Wil liam Smith, on the 2d of February lust. It was a crime of I'reat magnitude and one which required gre?t care 00 their part in its o "-iisldcr ation. Undo.' the prosent in dictment there would be thr??e branches presented for thoir consideration, under either oi which they could, if the evdenee warranted it, find oio of the three following verdicts - First, murder In the Ornl degree. as charged in the indictment. se .rd, m. slaughter in the tl ird degree and third. justifiable or excessble homicide. Murder by the statute was deiued to be the unlawful killing of'a human being with a preujedit. tod design to effect flentb. Mu'ice was presumed l>y the law frou tbe Uiere art of billing, hoov.Se the natural and proli .!>le consequences of any ilelil.orate act are presumed to have been intended by tbe author Beforo c^lltnv tf-etr ati-n tinn to the evidence on tin- branch of the ease there were certain principles of law uol o> he disregarded and which they most boar in mind. Tbi-itw in it? clemency pr? Monies the prisoner to be Innocent until the case is clearly made out by tbe prosecution. A not tjpr principle was that they wore to give the prisoner tt.e benefit. of all reasonable doubts. To obtain a verdict o' murder in tbe first decree ii was neces- iiry lor ihe pr serution to prove that a homicide bad been < rnuiiued. that it was the act of the prisoner, and that at th? t'me it was, committed be intended ti take iho life of the doceased Tim liret two prorations were < kiriy proved Die intention stltutod tbe crime as charged in tbe indictment, ihis was to be leathered from the cliar-o for of the weapon used, tbe nature of tbe wound and all the eircimstnnres surrounding tbe case. The .' tdge then called their alien tion to tbe evidence on this branch of the ease, staling that whore there was a contrndiction of testimony it was their duty t? reconcile, impossible, all tbe conflicting statements. It ??= also their rich' to 1>a>i?ve or to dm believe any witness when be was plaedfi on the stand. 11ie witnesses for tbe prosecution. Nagle. Flynn iid Barry, all testified alike und i-wore to iho same facta Opposed to them were I.aney and McKeel. witnesses for the defence -vho swore that tumblers had been thrown. Apart from these were tno two disinterested witnesses, Barker and tbe policeman. It mattered not whether tho witnesses differed as to the firing "f the tumblors as bad Brooks drawn his pistol and fired at that tine perhaps he mi?ht have hern justified. When the first difficulty was over Smith had pushed Brooks out ou tbe sidewalk, as tf-tilled to by the poUcemnn. The second porti"" of tbe aPVay commenced when the de ceased ran back to the and srranc over. Brooks fol lowed bira Into the barroom ord fired his i.istol while (ac cordin* to the tc.timony for the defence) de- eased was abo"t to strike him with the icepick. On tbe other band, tbo witnesses for the prosecution testify that the do ceased, in springing over the bar, tripped against a Tom ai d .lerrv b ?>vl anil fell, and that the prisoner leaned over tbe bar ;ind shot him. Thus tbe testimony of tbo two part'esc nfiicts They still had the testimony of an en tirely disinterested witness?the policeman?who saw Smith pnslnrg Brooks out on the sidewalk, and he then tinned and wont into the barroom, cb sely followed by Brooks, and in a few seconds he heart the re. port of tbe pistol. They had also the report of Mr. Barker, who was in the water closet during the whole *ttr?r, and the testimony both of Barker and tbe policeman corroborated that of the witnesses for tho prosecution. To sn a littlo further and look at the medical testimony, to snow in what position the bodv might be to hive a wound of that kind inflicted, Mr Hali t. thoory was thm the deceas d wag |n a rronch iog or stoopinp attitude, while Mr. Brady, en the other hand, contended that it might have been caused when his body was bent forward in the act of throwing tbe ice pick. There had been no evidence offered on ei'her side, and the question would be one 'or the*jury to determine after examining tbe medicil testimony given at the in quest If, however, they were sat'sflert that tbe wound \vii9 inflicted as described by Mr Hall, it was undoubted ly a cise of murder: or if, accordinu to the policeman's testimony, the prisoner and deceased were at the door. If tbo defeased ran back in the barmom. and wis pursued hy tbe prisoner aod shot, with the Intent to kill, then ho was guilty < r murder. They had heard all tbe evidence? that to estahlishthe intent, and also that for thedetence ? aod it was for them to sav what degree of credibility was to be attached to it If. however, tney were not satisfied that it was a cafe of murder, was it a c??e nf mnuslaugh tor in the third decree* which by the statute is defined to be killing in the beat ot passion. Did tb? evidence satisfy them tbe act wss committed in the h< it of piss ion. and was tbere any particular difficulty calculated to heat the blood' There' wns an additional fact, which was that Brooks could have gone away, as hi- com panions did but Brooks remained and fired his pistol, and it was for the jury to say whether it was done in tho beat of passion or not. If not satisfied that it was manslaughter in tbe third dceree, was it manslaughter in tho fourth derree, or an involuntary killing on tbe part of the prisoner? There was another view f the case to be taken. Coun sel for tbe de'ouce contended that !t was a ruse of justi fiable homicide In forming an opinion as to its hems a case Of jurtiflable bomh ute. they should bear in mind that tbe law says a man mvst avoid a rombat if possible. ' id 'ir.ioks doa'l! in hi* ixjwcr to avoid the combat The prisoner, when placed In a difficulty of that kind, and when he has reason ible ground to apprehend that some freat bod y harm would hapnon to him, has a right to defend himself and tike life, but at tlio risk of a iury saying whether tbe circumstances weresueb as t') infiify him in so dotne. ;t was thoir duty to look M tbe threo branches of the case, and ir th"'v believed thru nt tbe tini" he flr?d the pistol he in tended to take the life or tl.o deceased It was mttrder. if fiep stol was fired 'n the h?at rf passion It was min *! ivgbter in the third degree: i' done under the Imnres sion that he was tn s eat bodiiy dmcer it wa^ uist flnblc homicide. Toe evidence In relation to the oretrions good cha' i " ol the prl.'oticr was nutit'.edto^ was mi ortar,t because ;t nr set tbe pro-iumntion ol emit. After a few rema'.>i on tbe imt> rtanco aa.! solemnitv of the duty they bad t" perfor m tl o ury retired t >consider thoir v -rdict v' s-?i.~r (?? ? hs i'bv The uirv remnno.1 out nearly six hours, and on re entering tne court -endered a verdict ?2.>'n?t the prisoner 01 gnitt'. of uian-'i.inghter m the tlnri de r^e, iho prteooer'sfriends greeted tbe atino'i. emeut with a sjigbt cheer, which was promptly cbeckei liy tbe office g of the court. Mr ( bsrles 8. Spencer, addressing the ludge, s mi that oountel for the prisoner. In view of all the circumstances surrounding the cusc, did not intend to take any stoi* to di'tcrb tlie vet<*.'Ct. Judge ' sei .-aid he would sentence him on Vriday niormt.g, as n<> arrnngem -its bad been made for holding ciurt ou Saturday Before the priaoher was removed a large number of colored men crowded around Brooks and congratulated him oo liio result of the trial '!he pun s'iment for the ounce of which nc mnds "invlctcd ranges frotu two to four years confinement in Ibes'l ile Pr'sou. PI KA3 IiF OtTH.rr. Sir ill D'ltfy, an I risb servant girl.w.Tj pla cd at the bar, cbargcd with having stolen a pnntity of wearing apr-irol, vnltted it ffl'i AO. from \o. 36 uroene street, on tbe tilth of March last barab pleaded guilty, and Judge Riissel sentenced ner to the State Prison for two years. William Sasa, a Herman, pleaded guilty of l aving stolen an overeoit, valued at $40. the rroperty of Mr. E h l.ieber, of No. 104 Fourth avenue, on tne 1st mat. He was remanded for sentence. Coroner's Inqiirit. rATil. OTABIINO AFFRAY IN ELIZAnitTH 8TRIIT? 1 TUB PERPETRATOR IN CISTODT. On Wednesday afternoon two roen,mmed Henry Gib ?oo and ?etur McArdle. who bad long been friends, im bibed too fr.^oiy. and while muab under the Influence of liquor, repaired to tbe apartments el MeArdle, In ifce leuemtnt house 172 Elizabeth ilreet McArdle. requir ing mi ABd i ntc to sober himself, retired If. hi* bedroom, whither be wss n^n followed byGlhson, In a Tew mo ments alt??ft?ards McArd'.e rushed fr< ra He room w th bn binds lo hit breast, and siid to his wife, "Msry, ?*nd for i a doctor, quick, I'm subbed." At first tbe thought be was testing, but s^lof tbe blood flowii e from a wcund in hts breast, tbe trutU McArdle's rrnwk was r**'" tzed. . J At tht* timeiiibion cslX frem Ine t.edrfiOm holding ? kuife in bis clenched flst, tfrrt said, "Mm. McArflle.bave me arreted?! stabbed your husband. a doctor was then sent for, but when lie arrtvM M Ardio wa? lying d?ad on tbe floor, officer Hwyer, of the Fourteenth pre cinrt w is soon (in tbe spot, and srre*t<-d tSlhsrn whim ho found concealed under tbe bed, aprufntly very drunk. f'oroner Wildey yesterday held an It, ,'ie-t at the Four t-ente ward police station on ih< body , t McArdle, when tbe above Tact* were developed It ?id r o? appear. hr w *vur, that dec?a*cd and (iibeon hid hoe;, q'.arre Img, or th t tf??y tiad iny woriii whairver nim^Jiatrty prece dn t tn*1 atabb'ng, and what prompted thr prix'Eer to Inflict ttie fatal violence I* yet a mystery, l?r. George U. Houton made a post m >rtom eramina tlon on the body of deceaKed, and found two stab wounds in tbe left lireast, two incbo* from the median line, wr ing th* rartilsge* between the second and third ribe: twitli womds j>on<;tt>ring tbe Uctii. Il< tnorrhage from the wounds Caused death. Ttie caee ?n then submitted an I the j-,ry found "Thst ret'r Mi Ardio caiiw to bis uealli from iieriv rrhnt1 fr'tn stab wounds at the bald-? of Henry Hilton April 1.1 H?4." Hie eccofed then committed to tbe Toml>s for (rial. Gibson Is forty ?<ur ycirs of ?ee a nitiive of 1 i.nice, at,d lives at ii4? Mom -e street, lie had nothing to say in rei.iMon to tbe charge prefe d agam-i him He l.a* a wife and Ave children, Deceased wan forty t*r? years of eve and born In Ire land. He has loft a wile, but no children. Deceased and tbe prisoner had been night watchmen together, and were preparing to go to s?a a* common sailors. The New Jrricy Lrglslatirt. Trrnton, April 14,1W4. The American f>ock and Improvement liompauy bill has imsed both bouses nod i.een signed by tbe Governor. I'm *<!<-. of C olored Kuidleri. I'mi.iiii.i-H'i,-April 14.MSM Tne colored troops fro? Camp William Penn. twenty one hundred sirooj,m?ie a street parade to day, and proceeded to tbe Mroefcmett ijai /09. They mads a verr ue iitabie display MARRIAGES AND DEATHS, Slurried. Ort*?Hark * ?On Thursday, April 14.. by the Ray A , B lUrt, Mr. Kiunoia K Cox, of geotuviU*. Monroe caunty.N- HbuhihttaM Humih,of thl?> city Ci-iKk?Hokkuy ?Ou Wednesday, April 18. at Christ He*. K. C. Ewor, Mr Wn, W. (Jlaus u Mauuik L Hornhy til or I hie city In vr-oiMi?Jamkr -On Wedueadsy, April IS, al ft Paul's cmp^'.by the R?>v. Morgan Dn, rector, Mr J Hr?iw:i IH'.nsooim, rou or tho late cctonel Daniel E Ihitscotub, to MihSSarah K. Jdaughter of tbo late Colo lei J Oissny James, of California ?i us?Moid?Uu iburaday, April 14, at the Church of the lloiy i^mrounuw, by tbeltev. i beodore Irving, 1). I) , l.oi 18 1 to Mau<iir, youngest daughter of John Uovd, all or thiR city. No cards OiuRf?Rrmm.?On Wednesday arming, April IS, by Uie Eev Mr. hilva, at hia laaideuoe, Koai-ia W. Uka>.- to Christ: *w a Rirrw, both of (hi? city. Hark.-?IIakkir?Ou Woduoadnv, April 13, by the Rev \\ i: I'omf.klns, lino. ],. Harrih, II. 8. N., to Bathk K., daugttor of J. H lUins, of llrouklyn, K. 0. l4*iiR?Cujy*i8?On Wednesday. April IS, by the Uov K.f. Hiscox, < itari.k ? to Ida I)., youngeet daughter ?' the lalo Wm. Chi wig, l>ouio( thia city. Tv:fK? Lotku?lu Bedford, Wivlcliesler county. N. Y., al th reaiJoooa of William Wilson Esq., ou Weunesdny, April)', bv tbe Rer. I* B. Hcroy, Ciiakir* H Tym.r. of in?(, i?y, lo Maky lv, youiigcft and ouly mirviviug child of I t> rt l.ittoll, atcea?ed WiMP?Wawor.??>n Thursday, April 14, at the Churcb of Uie lucai nation by tbo Rav. Dr. Montgomery. Uknky B. Woon. oi llurri buig, I*j., to Muu Sauau R. Wamh, of tbiscity. Died. ,,H .(is _At Fordham, on Wednesday morning. April i;; df o tisumption I gwa V.. ycuuKOot sou oi Josiah aid M in.i Briggs, iu ibe 2*1 year oi' uts uge. ih, rclaurea and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the lunera!, from the Reformed Dutch rhurcU Kordham, Westchestercounty, N. Y ,tins (Iri ,i'a? afternoon, at two o'clock, witliout turtlier notice. itKovTN. t'n Wednesday. April 13, of so.irlet fever, Mary 1'rawss, youngest daughter ol .iamc-> R. and Nellie Urown, in the 8ih year ol her age 'I lie friendd and relatives of tbe fatm'y are respectfully Irn iiiul (?> attend tbe luneial, tbin (Friduy) alternooo. at Z oVlrx i., troui 60S Hudson street, without further inviia "rj .-KTi ? lu Brooklyn, on Wednesday, April 13,' apt. 1 ?u-Uknnbit, aged i'.i voais and 4 months, for many years an out audi respected shipmaster out of tbepouof N(Ttie\?eruttva6 and friends of tbo family are respectfully invited lo attend the fuoeral, un Saturday "Herniton. M lUreo o'clock, at Oraco cUutcli, Hicka btreel, Biooklyn, * Philadelphia,on Monday, April 11, Wiiuam Of hi, hrothcr-in-taw T,?>mV Hca'hor, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from t'ortiandt street ferry, Hub (Vriday) alternoon, at three o-c'ork. His remains will be Ukeu to Calvary ( " Tiika^hkk.?Ou Wednesday, April 13, Awn Carra(u?*. '"ibe fnondVaU^eWlvM of tbo ramily are respectfully invited to attend tbo funeral, thin (Friday) ?fWrnoon at half-past two o'clock, from the residence ot her daughter, i athanue Grimes. 246 Stanton street. CAwrBBLt..?Suddenly, on Thursday morning. APrl' : .IruA FAiKUt, wife of Allan Campbell and daughter ot the lato 'I liotnas A. Cooper. Not ico of thofuneral to morrow Catoe.?On Wednesday, April 13, or croup, oarAti VkahciS Caior, aged 10 months and 14 days. Mv parents, dear.dou t weep for mo, I am not dead, but sloeping here I was not vours, but Ood'B alone; He loved me best. and took me homo. Iioston, Baltimore aud Now Onoaoa papers please copy. DrvaK. Oq Wednesday, April 13, Mo.-'iw Urakb? forpief* lyFMnorn^at residence oMits eou^todaw, E. R. Itogardus, W'fflW 13,Wof? Michakl Bk':nahi> Di'NJia,a native of Dublin, aged b4 'The friend* and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, trom his late lenideuce, No. 1.4 ? t ^eUieotilb stieet. this (triday) twoo . lotU. Mi l Tvlavi k - On Thursday, April 14. alter a severe and lingering illness, Isaac B.. youngest son of the late 1 e Lamater, are respectfully invited to attend the tune r?i m Sunday afternoon, at three o'clock, from his late residence 517 West lvreuty-third street .without lurtliei rc8ioi.uce. o? u be jeiostied in the family vault at the Reformed Dutch church, In Twenty-ilrat "V' -Van Tins?On Wednesday evening, April 13, at 10 o'clock Hahrv, youngest son of Krai I y and the late Samuel D. Ey tinge, aged & yoam, 1 month and 13 days. Those whom the Gods love die young. ma will place from the residence of his raoTcrlTrs. Charles Van line. No 128 West Forty elght Bimei this iFriday) afternoon,at twoocloolt. , FilaliAK -On Wednesday. April 13. Hannah. w,re of AHftTT-i't' lTtnuzan iu the Goth year of hor age. Th? relatives and friends of the tamiiy are re?i>ectfully .ni aiten.l the funeral, from her late residence. Ninety-second stroet, near Fourth avenue, this (iridsyl "pw'a? ?On^Thnnday^morn ng. April 14 after a short but severe illness, Deborah Fooal, relict of, '"Aer anMnds are respectfully Invited to ,ho ,?noiai on Saturday afternoon, at ne o'clock, from ^1 Michael's church. Broadway, near 100th street. Her reman s will be taken to Ore^nw?iod. Bin 2U.?On Tbursdav, April 14, at bis residence. No en-2 Second avenne. Wm., iu the ,0th yoar of hu a;!he relatives and friends of the family are resnectfully invited t'< attend tbo funeral service, on Minday alter ur on. at two o'clock, from tbo mt elin ! house ot the Hrsl ttinti'st clKirch,coruer oi Proome aud hhaabeih >treeis. T,? JSn'l ??d,v. April 1?, Vaw k Holm a na live of Bnckstowo, county Kilkenny, Ireland, .iced IS y<The frl?nd> and acquaintances of the family are re giecliully invited to attend the fuueral, from 4>J Madison air <?t this f I riday) aiteruoou. at one o'clock precisely. .Jauvi (?n Wednesday. April 13, Lorknbo Jabm.-, ,CThe4relnHves and friends of the f.imily are respectfully invlied to attend ihe funeral. Irotu his lato residence. No. ly<5 Second aveuus, this (Krid.y) atternoon, at one " ti'r-im Thursday, \pril 14, Ki.WAHrrH Mn.R*r*KX, wife of MichiK-l Kelly,a native or Castiereagh.county Ros rnmmoD. Ircluud. U{JC(1 -? j curSi he ? rieiids and ac iUMntancoB of tbe family are resp rt. ful v inviied to atten-l tbe luneral, on Saturday afternoon, at one o cU k, from :9i New .rk avenue, .ler^ey Cuy. I.o kwooii.?In Milford, Conn., ou Weine day, April 13, Kmily It. IioeKWoon, wife of Frank .1. l.ock?ood, of ' '?"u'nerat 'ibis (Friday) aflern< "n, at three o'cloclr, from th residence of her mother, Mrs. l.ucy Daldwiu. in Mil fl"?.i*A(iiiKK.?At his residame. In Hover Plains, on '?l'"'* ilnv \nril . R" it.'R" MKAii.iKK. a nauve of Mnllinahone. county Tioperary, Ireland, aged years and 2 months, fienr Rii hard, you have loft us. And yi 'ir lo- s we deeply feel But 'tis God that lias bereft us? He ciu all our sorrows haai. Maskin.-AI Glenu park. WeMcbcsler oounty, on Ttiursday tncrninc, April 14, after a painful illness rf Lrae weeks, llr. Isaiah Man .:n, late a merchant of Bai timore, Md.. In tbo 80th year of bis age. Jlis remains will be Ukeu to Baltimore for interment. Baltimore paper* please copy. Maucnkv ?on Wednesday April 13, after a short but painful illuers. Mary Ann. daughter of Michael and Catharine Malionoy, nged 19 years and a days. The frier ds ard rolativcs or the family are requested to attend the iunoral, this (rriday( aft,moon, nt 2 o'clock, rmm the residence of her parents, 22 Stone streat S^MOT.-At Hoboken. N.J.. ^Thursday, April 14, Mary Mono*, .laughter of the late Thomaa Moiloy, a na iveofco?nty Kilkenny. Ireland, aked )? years The funeral will take place fr< ni St. Mary's church, thu iVrMut) afternoon, at two o'clock Mochas ?On Thursday. April 14, of congestion of tbe br'nin Kutarkih, only daughter of James and Maria Mor ran aged 4 years, 2 months and 23 days. ^The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully iniiicd to attend the funeral, from tbe residence of her frindmf UiVr, Mrs Mulgrom, 341 East Eighth street, .n wiiiulav afteroooo, at two o'cl cW. M,**RnY._(,n Thursday, April 14, after a lmgerlnR 11 ness.StAiuiAtirr, wifeot Alexander McElroy, in the 46th 'e,?be relatives and friends sre respectfully invited to at tend tbe funeral, this (Fridsv) afternoon, at two o clock, from her late residence. 1M Weal Twenty ninth street. ?'KlW^'AP'il 14. Pits* McCatrnr in the 24th year of hts age.analive ot Fcrmoy, tonnty C?The rela*"vos and friends of the family and those of his uncleV '"mes and Thomas, are ruefully lav t?d to Jfi.mi hii funeral on Saturday afternoon, at two o clock, the residence of bis uncle, James Dlnneon, 16? l ast Tbirtv-slxtb street. rork papers please copy. j'uitY-on Thursday. April 14, Mart Ann Rii it, ihs ^.'nved wile of .lonn Kilcv, in the 30tb year of ber ago, a , * of county C*vsn, Ireland. n*lt . -htivr* and frlcD.ii o: the family are rcnieei*! io 7?h? funeral,from tier iato residence, No. 233 West nttand ll on Sundav One o'clock. TWvi?'nrtnnd i>0?Mei<v> papers p'-a-e copy. u!7vom -in BrooU'yn,.n ihurs-isy. April 14. Mrs. K'n'Wri-nds and*the'fn^.i'd-V' "her brother. B. F. Wey "ih .nd of her son m law. David Kdwards are re^ ""' w'.uv invited to .tlei.d her funeral, on Saturday ,pe?;Uully ln^ '*e c1, k ,f> n, the residenec ot her son "?pr '"l "f Hca,?r- BV0' s. MAS in llSNRY. Mary E. Rogers, aged 2 year,, 7 month * *{J|{,yp(?*nnd fi ends are Invited to attendU'* , m the renMet.." of his nclo.Johul Mirtin,, ,r ? lreol , r0oklyn, th s (l'riday) afternoon. 2k I'lsrn l k at three ??^Ju uu,n Monmouth comty.J'??J Ill.-f\r^ ' ,,i i |i? mil. p.. ?. si.I, widow ol Wednesday 0Pt, %r,r ,0Ung?t daughter Of^tho late liam C He* ' ? ( ^ ycari R months and - ' days, n.nry T. Iliut Brooklyn, on Weune day, April 1. Httvm oi.-t , of MallordslUre, Euglsud, iu tbo 64ih ,fo?t t'fl STsv?:?so? ' year of hts ngc. iiand) pape.s ptsass eopy. Staflordshire V11 on Wednesday, April lJ,jA*rs TRAf*.? In Br?* ^ II. insrv. aged 22 ya * tt)# fr|en<i- of his uncles, flenr.v His iriends, aud ab #re reAlwctr.iliy invited to atumd and James MoTloekey, 2o'c1<**,tr<4nihr tbo funeral, this (Prida^ ,?her AMrs SaraJi Mct:io?key, rosiden.-.e of his grendn. wlB-\>e interred in Uio Cemn Heet street. The remuMn ?imtAi. .. Ury of tb? Holy qrosa..FUa in(ii, on Frl<Uy.. March Jo Vok.? In l'lre< hi. Nelhert m>tb yew of her age. Mrs. Ann a Maria Van, In the rlU4, Wn.UA* O., yonnges' W A>?.A<st _^*u3htiraday, At. ago 1 4 yosrs anu t too-dr John W.Hfcd Nancy VT* Biontta rospectfully Invltol b Iho relaSltns sod friends are aooce of b? fatter |itlpidlh?(upersl, (rum tu? res Fourth avenue, bet ?eon Highly -nth uid Eighty ae/eoib Ywkv-llle, on Saturday utornnoa at <>ii? ovdoclc. WK-rO? ?t)a TUursdaj, April 1?. Ki>w?rd It. Iwmi, a*:cd 69 fflnrt Tbofuu(*ral will lake plaot' thi* fFrliUy) Hfternom, at throe o'clock, irctu Ina UU> rwi leur# lju Waireu Jersey Cily. The remain* will Ukou w iyou, Mum., for lDtermi'Ut. t lis LI ARTS. ? BEAUTII OL COLLECTION OK PAINTINGS By I\ orlebrated artiH'.a, a'sn Statuary by Dupre. Florence selected by the owner In Huretie The abnvc will be sold at reasonable prices, the owner lrtrin^'for Europe. mid i* de Airoim of making a prompt disposition of them Apply from i in 12or after & P. M. at II We?t Jlnriy eighth ?tieet MATH1UONIAL. AYOtING LADY. OCCUPYING A KESPKi sot-ia. position. of a good disposition. feeling lonely without a peotoctor wishes to form the acquaintance .if a true arid uob.e hearted 10411. with a view to matrimony ; the lb a ko id iDiivici in and has W(*lviid ait unexiieptiouible education. Aildiess H. ti., bo* lis Herald ottice A YOUNG V\N DKSfltES TO CORK!- Hi'OMI WITH Xa ayo.ngl 1. Mia agr is 27 years . lie was captaiu of a suiii, uu 1 on 1 the w or!;l and has got noma propuity in Oh 0, 1* posses* d of the licat moral and re i?ious principles, Mnl iv hi es a partner of the i?mt principles No 1 I'ler* will unawi-r thta If any good hearted young lady should lsl:e ti'iiio*' o' lbs, ?he would be no kind a* to seud an answer to Charles Duller, on board the United States abip Of wai > tncr iiues, WeitOuir Blockading Sqi adion. Ship l.s'aud A YOUNG MAN OP 23 YEARS OF AO*:. WHO WAS -V good morals and reapeotablc parents desires to lorres pond with a young lady ol about thn same age Though only a sailor, he ik a kind hearted fellow (wi h< ul blowing awo it himicit) and wishes a partner ol (ho same principles to whom he cou'd trust bimaelt and that ainall fortune he lias made during ' this cruel war." X inking about 1, as the writer is in earnest. The vourg aii-j noble minded lady who tikes no: !c.- of this willjie ao kn,.l as to seud an answer to Theodore Thnrell. op board the I'olted States ship of war Vtncenues, West Oulf Blockading Squadron, Ship island A young man, latrly from enolakd. wish ea to lorreapoml wllh any vonng lady lietweon the ages oMft and 20. with a view 10 matrimony: mils' be pre'ty and of a loving dlspoa.tloa; iuoue? uoob.eet. Lad e-i please ansoer this Addi-ena Wallac? S. Green. stat-.ou D New lOik euy. r (IFNTIiRMaH good disposition, fort? years ol age, wishes to/orm Hie sicQuaiiitatir* o'- a well .?W- e well formed lady, poi older than him ?eir. with a view to matrimony. ArtdrcaaJ. Hatii.-o.-k B-oad way |io?t oflice. Now York. ? E H.SPA PK U s. TOLLY JOKER. JOLLY JOKER JOLLY JOKER ?IF ey you want to have a good laugh send a five cent Htainn and receive 1 wo sample ejpies of the JOLLY JOKER post pain Adtliess Goo. Pock A Uo . 13 Chatham stteet, N Y, NEWSPAPER ROUTE -FOB SALE. A NEWSPAPER Home, on a railroad running j'rotn New York forty miles out with privilege or seilius papers on all trains going over the road. F01 particulars addresa N Herald o''lice THE BOSTON POST la the largest Daily Paper published io Koston. and has a clrouia'tou sui pagmug all othe.- coiniuet-u ai paiHii a tu Mij .v hugiaud. Tiie atteutioii of aDVKRTISFRS wishing publicity In New KORlaBd. and eapcelallv In Hustoii. is directed tu ilje B inton Post as an advertisiiii; medium Its column* contain a large numbei of New York advertise tuents found in no other paper in New England Advernaenicut* inserted at reasonable rates by a Idrejsiutr BR ALS. ORBFNK A CO , ' B Publishers N'os 40 and 4'J Congres* street. Boston. WAN'TKD?I'IIjFS OFTHB I1KKALD (DAILY). Imund and In good condition, complcie, for yeara 18liO and 1801. Address, with terms, Ac , box UO Herald olllco. A LOAN OFFICES. T 77.?MOM KY MHKRAI.LY ADVANCED AT 1! O.N DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JKWEL.BY. Au. AT 77 PAWM8ROKER3*'m:KET8 WANTED AT 7 Of Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, \r , an I uioie paid than can be obtained ?i nuy othct- placeia city, by applying at 77 Bleeckcr a'rect. up stairs AT ST.?PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS WANTED I 11 will pav GO per cent more than anv other person in th-a city to>- tr-Uets fm- Diamonds. Watches'Jewelry, Guns P:s t'>ls. Siik'. Jtc.. Ac , at 35 Chatham atieet. room No 3. over the hat store. AT 6'19, MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON Dianmnds Watches. Jewelry, Silv?r Plate, fluns. Pistil*. ,?e. Alto Pawnbrokei s- Tickets wanted of Diamon-*. Watches, Jewelry. Hum. flmols. ,te. for whlcu I will pay 50 uer cent more than can be obtainod at anv otaer placie in the cily. 609 llroa iway, corner ot Housioti street, up stair?, room 5. AT HENRY H YMAN'8. 65H BROADWAY. CORNER Of ** .Ion ' street, room No 5. up stairs will pay the hl"h. eat caah pi ice for Diamonds, set or unset: Watches and Sil ver Ware, or advance* made 011 the tam?; and a'.vo on Planot. CM Broadway T 2li BROADWAY.-ON DIAMOND*. WATCHES . Pla'e. Jewels. Optica! Inairiments, Ac., the mo*t ) hcra advanecs msde. or the same booFh; at their utmnat ? ash value, at Ills private rooms, lii kets of Diamonds >\ atches. Ac . bought J. If. BA.RRIXGEK, "J12 Broadwav, room IX, cor->erof Fulton siree: Advances made ok watches, diamonds .lowt'iry. Dry (Joo<Ji and Pei?ounl Propi-rty of everv desorip' on or the samo lionght and sold, by .1. A JACK SON. Broker and Commission Merchant, 111 Giaud street two doors wrst of Brondwa w AT 06 NASSAU STIU.ET. HOOM HO. J, THE HIGH -TV est p: ie -a ore paid for loo?r nr set Diafiiond* Wstcbea "iirt.iewery of ??ery description Also, the most lib-.ial vou"flof 'he above articles, be A tiO.N KiMAi^, Diauiont! Hrolcer PAWNHROK! RS* TICKKTC Pt/ftCHASBo! op ( "f <' othin:: on hand, < oat^ $.i; bia? k I rooks. $5; Overcoats, $5; casilmere Paius, $J: 8atiU?-t $.?; Ytstn. USOKGE L1 VIE Hroouie stree'. Thk inghrst cash price paid for camel Hair Shawl.-. o:d Pur Car es. fiu?* Lareg. old Gold ;?u<i Yoi*fHot?h ANKICII. H, .a,way, under the New T THE LECTURE SEASOIV. mportant lkctcrfs daily, for gevtli men on y. at the New York M isentn or Anatomy. C1.-4 Broad - *-v 1 '""lies nnah e to attend these leituies ran have th. m "XiV"' p,ul '**"?"? addressing Secretin 0 York Museum oi Anatomy. KPUUT1HG. i Sl'LFNDfD BRACE or POINT BR DOtlS, PEdfl'LC I '"^Z,ZZ'a i l>1? -d. shot n.-r two season-. o( iiea eii<.ur.tnre. aorf perfectly broken; lowest price $:.M a.i wi s-aii i t the owm-r's, n 5?w York bv addressin - to lii^ itistance Drop to shot. Herat t officii. * J)0''*. -^ALE -NEWVOl NDLAXD AND ST in,, t! " ?ar(l 0os' B"" Terrie ?. seoich teir"i. BVk O0? <? "la K and Tan Dog, not 1 f V I^'i' s GO"d raiter* Pair trial given. Call at II Kootetelt street fli-st tloor J(iilN ilR i v I^RAXCIS BI TLER. NO 3 PECK SLIP. HASALLTHR a ciuue- breeds .or fale and stoc^. Bath-i s Jnla.i.ble j, "f. ' "ie JJd Eiterminator. 75 cents per b.ittie UDM lor'airill'ease) ??? ' *?>? F?m i,VLr'' -"!: CELEBUATEI. SLOOP YACHT ? II. ". Dta n, nineteen tons burtUin; Isaterrf* t sailer ami a siileudid sea boat. Also th- Yachts Wsv'sik! ? irail Anna, all in tirst rs'e order for furtner rarii'-ulk-s nup.y to LEWIS sI'ROBEK. smith end of Warreti sir >t t ? erifv f?ity. I^OR SALE?A VERY FINE YOI'NG POIBTET. IK'G i.-t-T'.1"? w,l"r- ""ll 1,<rer ol"red head; the pretJesi marked <iyr. fn his country; will tie so, I cheap; i-itn he wen st'ree tuoui. t>19 Slttb avenue, near llnrty alvf.i GMMtTflfa - a CHAMPION fOOT BAOB WILL CO HE S ,? "l Oieenpolni Monitor Skating Puurt, roi f'OOa side t W ? h",",',?'i ?'rank Pnntj and .lolm llarr.son o* Lrooklyn, on the lKtli ol April, at 2 o'clock P. .VI WANTED-A SOl'ND SECOND HAND ROWBOAT shout Ij teet long Parties having one for *.iie ' besii mav address, stating price and wliete abecan b? seen 11 B Herald oflice. OCULISTS AitD AURIBTH. A RTIFICIAL HI MAN EYES-MADE TO ORDER AND -TV Inserted by Drs f. BACCH and IV GOUoELMaNN (formeily emtiioyed by Bolssaneau, of Parisi, 5ys( IIrosd? way, New York. DEMTISTRV. Anew and better way of inserting par "?!?'" of teeth, alao a new style of lower sets very loeap, at 239 Sixth avenue. ?*l'f leeth, also cheap sets of teetn. with plumper* T. ?Jii u ?.Ui.1 : ''hef" "t'd restore jcuthful appearance, streets srenne, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth '?'ine gold niiiogs ai U9 Sixth avenue, tha cheapest placa 10 Wew ior*. Mo advance require I at 239 Sixth avenue Oflice hours irotn 7 In tha inoroing till 9at night. Nt'rous oxide WM given and teeth extracted withoat psln. Wedical attemlsnt always present. A SET OF TEETH MADE IN THREE HOLRS-EN. the ratiafactien or no | ay-at 2^:? Sixth avanue. Per aons applying bare Id the forenoon enn h ve seiso' teeth on aiiver or ijoia made complete and iuacned in the after noon of the satre day. No advance is required. For l?atina routlnuous gum aeta or anv i.iher kind of Itne work. |ieraotia Can have the n made hi twelve or riiiirleea l.o.ira sltei railing at 2-.)y Sixth avenue, between ? ilteentn and nixiecmn atreets. see other ailverti*e>n?uts ARTIFICIAL bone FILLINGS FOR DECAYED -? k. ejii,, u|d roots b .lit up, ivre shells, aching teeth and evi rv va iety of ea. ty l.lled without pain bv the discoverer, at lua rooms. ?.vi It.oadwav, anove Seventeenth ttr rt ? tvei Itl.ugo testimonials. Will remote May 1 io Fourteenth rrei't. one door ntn of I'niou squaie \ MOST WOWDl-.UPUL DlMCOVERY ?TEETH EX j\ Ir.-ulod wltlioul |i?ln or no comge. Bountiful Teem Inserted, $i i-arh . .. i ,,n silver, $10, lecth Insi rled. with or wliliouti i-lI aetiug ihe ro"ts ?' IaT VILIiKIIH, ifi'i iirarii! sireet. two'Ioiks i io-u Broadway. / 10LT0H DENTAL ASSOCIATION, HEA t>VCARTERS \J "I the nitto t? oxide. ?Dr cOLTO > ha-. had id years' iijet th the ga ?1'> leara mote than any deptlst III the I ni'.i'd Stall ?? I n i olieti sdnnn'sieis II in | arson V" I!. GRIFFIN A BROS.. 258 GRAND STREET WP.W i v ? York. at. i 2. 7 t "lion stiet-t, 11 ro kit n, extracting 'iee-h l?M|ivelv without pain by the u?e of nitrons oxide gus No i liarge lor eitrn lUg WSen aruticisl t-etii aie to be 11 serli'd. 'I hev are also inserting full sets ol teeth on gold, ?/a; plallria $25 atlver >10; robber. (III. sets on Mi". #?'. .liver. $1 Kali acting, 25 tents. astrulort. oiling to the I lowdeii state of our columns we ate c im pel. ed to omit all advertisement* coming under tv a ie hsatiiDg EVPIIESSE".. BURNHAM'S FlIBNITOBR hX PRESS?BURN fl a M S ?Eurnliure Express?Hurnham'a riirnltore Expo-sa IK. West Rlcventh street. Itetween Tilth and fixth s^eiftiae Furiiitiice stored AH kinds of furtviluie bond and ?ht|iped Furniture of famlllea moved In city or to country ?imuii. Owing to the crowded slated sir eolnmns we are com pp-ted tu imni ail a ivetusruievio *.o??? utulf the abov# Mating. ^ PCRKMAk. 4 -BATUBUAf. At 11 DO NOT DISAPPOINT ^ ' ? ' _ B 111 KhIK, OP NEW JFBKBY ?I DBSIB8 TO BEK OB \1 liMr frtui v?u iiuimiliifl;. MAKBY INFORMATION WANTED?OFTBOB AK WOODS, WHO 1 latl Harannah. Ueorgi*. about three vi>ar? ago Wbet lent heard of waa In Hrir Yortt Any information of hU ? hereabout* will be thankfully received by bia wife. Mr* There** Wood*. 112 ?ui Houitou atreet. third door, in tl<? drawiMktn INFORMATION WANTEO-OF MRS MOORE. ? FOB marl.v Iiiiev Atderarm ITlrkhvo. of Baih England Ai?? onr knowing her wb'ie .bouta i>i ' arttie proof of tin le\ta will he a iliabiy rewarded by ?ending audi informal >a U? Arthur A. Kirkhain. DIH Uroadwir INFORMATION wantbd-BAKTIN. MAtfOIE K AT* or Anny *r,anlah, l>y calling at i?r K I> Connerr'a, flOt See ind avenue. will hear from their alster Kllen INFORMATION WANTKD ?ANY information O* the whereabout* Of William ,1 dm or Marram. Lnd ley, would be thaukfully received by Tlwrnaa Ludlay, Jamaica lioon laland. TF JENNY. WITn FA IB HAIR. FROM RKOADWAV j Oardeu. will aJdrea* T. P., Brooklyn Poet oflloe, anl Ma'e how a letter ran reach her It will l<e to her advantage TF ANNA fOYOK. WIFE OK MIOII \KI. JOYOK WHO 1 arrived oil thetith of Dc-mber. 1X63. In the Jamet Foe tor. will answer thi? advertisement Hhe will hear of mium thiol? to liei ndv^nini'e. Addreaa Michael Joyce One llira died auii Ktxtv sePond N">v York Volunfeeia fdeo. B?nk? ariuy). Departmeui of the Gulf. New OrieanK or < laewhnre If Tni ijAi?Y wnn rrnciiASMi a iu.ain hi- i in n jewelry store on ltroadway. and had it marked "Mo ther to W lllie. April. 1?C1 " will oa'l at 561' Broadway ati? will huar of aomctliiilg to her advantage IF Mil STII-PS RA[jOWIN, FORMERLY OF WIL niiD|>ton. N C will send bin artdreai to J P llopklo sun A Cn , 1U7 HmaJway. a friend will call. IF captain KAMUBL MeCONNEY IS IN THE PITT. I will he pleiae aeud hia ad ran to K O.. !' -ra'd offlo* T O. H ?If THE QliNTLEM AN WHO fiO KINDLY e" , >in .were ! the yo'inff Ifidy'a advertisement for UoarA. a ill ca!I hi atatiou E, he will Bud a not# to hla addrcM. Ka cuae n?y>leot. K 0. TOP. E*"M>S.-l am IN NERO OF A FBIENO. BB ?J member your promiae.. Pieiae drop ?line. Addreaata niv name in thu Piat ollico. at:itlo>r where a letter will reach you. MA BIOM. MR PAUL KRtltRT. CABINET MAKER AlfD cai ver, will p'eaxe sent hiaaddre*' to Mr Jordan.''ff Wntei street, New York, and he will h<ar from his blither in law, Cerbeu Attea Mulder. PARTI BP OPKRAT1NO IN STOCKS CAN I.RABN aoioeth a to iheir advantage by addreume atoooe Information. Herald offle,e, N. Y. PC ?WII.L MEET YOU ON EVENING NAMPD IB your note, at 7, corner of Eighth street and Sixth ar Robert swinton. a coachman, is rrqukrtbd to call immediately at the odicc of Cllft ft No ld> Broadway. w ILLIAMS WILL FIND A LETTER AT STATION G, Broadway, from Rata Moustross. LOST AND FOUND. Found?on tite uth instant, a pocketbook. willi a small mim of money, which the owner can have bv proving pronerlv and paying expanssa. Call o<i Hannah Gallagher, M Grove street, corner of Fourth. TOOUND ADRIFT?A NOMRP.R OK BARRELS. SUP I onx.-d to h!> oil. The ownor can have'hem by proving propertr and paying chargea. by applying to Jamei R. Mitiugh. Oommimipaw, M. J. rOST OR STOLEN ?THE FOLLOWING OFRTIFI J cates of Stock in the New York Oold Mining Company o' Colorado. which had been surrendered to the Comuany oil the transfer of the sharca heroin named, have bee* ..r stolen this day. between No. 37 William street tai No 21 Nasiai; otrcet, or 21 Nassau street and 52 Wall street. tit ? N't. 9. to Mrs. J. H. Stebbins, for 10) ibares, dated Aprilf, I HiVi. No. i n to Mrs T. J Edwards, for lOOeU&res. datcl April 9 IStH. ^ No 31. to S J. Edwards, for <00 shares, dated April V. N? 74. toF. S. Walter A Bra. Tor 50) shares, dated AprU ?I, I1C4 No 122. to H O Stehblns A 8ons, original l.OJO (500 cm csKodi dated April 9. 1354. No. I.'57 to W J. Llbbv, for 350 shares, dated April 9. 1*4 , '92, to J. II. Mulford, for 500 sharea. dated April II t 1 .4. No. 237. to J M. Drake, for 500 shares dated April 13.1864. Each and all signed by HENRY MORtSAN. Preaidenl. Khko E. Ron.omoN. Secretary. Aa the said certificates, having been surrendered are null and void, no transfers will be allowed thereon, and th? p .blic ar.- hereby notified and warned against negotiation tlieni Anv pers .n returning said eertllcatee to the olTloe of tk? Company *<-' Wall street, will be auitabl y rewarded. Ni w Yokk, April 14, 1864. IOST?A MOSAIC BL3EYE BUTTON AND CVWT, J e ther in a KonrtL avenue car or stage. or while walk ing down Cedai street. The finder will be suitably r .vanM bv leaving |i at 100 East Thirty third street. IOST?APRIL 13, BETWEEN AVENUE D AND PIBB J Ml East river, a Memorandum Book, marked on tba Inside "Captain John Chllds. ship Compromise ? The (iodar will receive a suitable reward on returning the same to tte odlcc ol Charles Carow. 76 South street. TOST?PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY'S convbbt J lire Bond, No 2.0"7. application having been made f hi.I company for n settlement of said bond A liberal r? naid ? il lie paid 10 any person giving mlormalion or dell* eruii: said bond to the undersigned on or before the 1st da* Ol Mnv !ie?t WM BO A RDM \N. Neptune Iron Worki, foot of Eighth sireet Fan rlrer. T OS1-ON THURSDAY. APRIL II IN MONTAGU* J J Mreet, Brooklvn, or In the Wall street ferry hO"ee, a Mink Collar. The finder will be suitably rewarded by lea*, lny tt at 119 Hudson street. New York. Mrs. COOK. IOST.?ON THURSDAY MORNING, FROM NO m J Cedsr street, a fawn colored Neapolitan grr. hound sliu with nhile neck; had on a smsll st. .p, with place of a chain attached answers to the name of Kannv The fiuJee will t>e rewarded by returning her to Haward. ?49 Cedar at <lx WHITE PINE STICKS LOST-FROM MY YARD. J loot of .Taeitson street. East river. The Under will be si.iublr rewarded bv returning the same to above pleea ?r ;i.lng Information when- thev ran be found. M. P. DELANO. y-TOLE.V-ON FRIDAY. THE ?TH INST.. IN ONE Of th" Kigiitb avenue cars a Wallet, containing among other memoanda a call on J W Hancocks tor IPO sl.ares of the stock of the Erie Railway Company, st 108ML laie l December 7. 18(3, due December 7. 1*<>I. The poblte ire cautioned against negotiating the same, as it has bean stopped. otolkn?wiwnbsday fvrning at 7 o-cLocr, O while ?< i ng goods to the Sanitary Fair a sorrel Horw, ibj t ; crn hand* hinh. long t?iJ, (Canadian), *a4 Jlroecr s 'T i l ? ib the name of William S Corwm It's, fur the're*' ? *? r^t. * "hcral reward will be giwa ^ CORWIN A CO.. 900 Broadwar ~ kewardi, ~ <tZ RFWARD.?LOOT, A SMALL BLACK AND TAW V?l I i ?. neighing between eight and ten pounds, cropped < m an lame un one bind leg. Anybody ret iming tha a'i?i dr./ to M. Loughlin,311 East Broadway, will receive (to ?;)uft rjward. R R W A RD ?LOST. ON 8UBDAY MORNllfO, ?J!<' April 111, a large black and tan Terrier: aoswera I* the name of Crib; whoever will return him to 9# A?a street, or *76 Front street, will receive the above reward. 0{C liRWABD?LOST, ONR PACKAGE CONTAIW ?s"' Papers, going inio Ninth avenue car corner of Canal ami Washington era is; of no use to anvliodv but the owner. By returning the same to .130 We?t suteenth street, will receive the atove reward and the thanks of tha j. KELLY. n reward.-ixist on the nioht of the btht "I'l" Instant, a large Mack Scow, from Ward'a Island. The above reward will be for inlortnatlon of lu reot ery. bv .Issues F. Pugan. root of 110th street. East rtvor. <1*11) KBWABD-LOST. last MONDAY, OH fll' Llahth avenue, a small white Poodle; has a blaek n iaa; answers to the name of Megro; whoever finds Htm la earnestly begr-d to bring bitn back to No 9 West Fortv flrat sneet. near Sutb avenue, aa he wae the oo'r pet of a lonely person * *10 KBWARO.-LOST. ON THE AFTERNOON OP WX'J the 12th Inst., a black and tan Dog; uo collar; loaa a?rs, and answers f the name of Midite Anv one ra mming him to 211 Esst Ninth street will receive the abort reward. <K9n REWARD-LOST, IN JOHN STRKKT. A SMALb Wver Horse, with a ring on Its back, of no great value ?ir?pi as s keepsake. The honest Under will recelva the above reward by leaving the same at No 6 John street.. J. J. KALDENBRRO. 490 RRWARD?LO?T OR STOLEN. PROM THE upper hsilaf the llaward Hotel an Overcoat. An* one returning It will lecelve the above reward and no qua* tlons asked .1. TOKKKT, 71 Maiden lana. fljOp: REWARD,?LOST. ON THURSDAY. I4TH INiT., In going between 48 ?f est Fourteenth street and lha corner of Fourteenth street and Btith avenue, and dows Suth avenue to Thirteenth street and baek, an oval ?kape4 Diamond Ring, with three stones rnnnlng down the centra and surrounded bv smsller enes. nae of which was missing. The above reward will be paid on returning It to I). O Wotherspoon, No. ti Hanover street, or to 4* West Fotmeentb street. (JfCn REWARD?FOR THE DETECTION AND CON vletlon of the ihtef who broke a pane of glass an! sto e a r a?e of 14 Oold R'ugs. 2 Scan Pins and 4 psir o' Ear rings from the store JSi Ninth avenue, on fie night af Wednesilay, April 13, and return of the rmg<. K M IMLAT. ?r.n H15WARD?WILL PR PAID FOR A DOUBLN ?OU Black Hec. the propyl ty^rc y T mliSng 5SS Toesdsy eveulnp. The conienu sre clothing te Also na pers ol no value to anv out hut the owne. The letter C is r?un?,;d.b:gw?0,Xer,vj!',r;i ^ofMrrtisn^t^r""1",nW K ^-.f?Tyb,?a,n?; " ?. ^' a HLI.IME11Y. A LARtiU AND FLKt.ANT ACSOR IMKNT OF RPRINO **. :'1"1 ' ir?"'t '. Ilinei v and Straw (KkmIs ol II ?? new net srs.^rr.rT'i&ir'',!,r j\OR CHOICE PARIS FLOWKKS buioal seih and siuaw BOMNFrn IlUE TLCKKK'.-I IMPORTATIONS 7SJ IIBOADWAV. 1 HA\K THE HONt)R TO INFORM Tf!L La III Km n? J No York that 1 hsre received (roJ I m sortmenl ? Bonnets. FWwers Ac , whH, | will offer for sale on the I4lh instant si ihe most moderate mi.ea I JIa? rOKTE.ofc Iboadw ty, up I.eK, a'ot^ * . "ARRIS BEGS TO INFOflM HER fmi i'J. li?i J'"'1 She Is now ie,-,.|vi.,g. r-r, from larls Ronnet- Flrfwe,, RomiMlsts C.udura* As No 729 Broadivay, cornet of Wavsiley place MMn Wf>"M> OALL TUB ATrrit tlon Of Ihe ladles to the new airl??l of sererst eas. a of .(;??'"r*S Ho ni HSte, Ribbons Ftowar. Ac . at W? Moth ??,, uoat Nroadwvr *

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