Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1864 Page 3
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I jnrnmii wahtid-vbiiialm. A HOMBER OP WBIJ. UCOMMBNOKD ORRMAN A fem.ilea warn ultiiallooa ,w i<hi?>. ehamherwiaida ?ml muodrfNwi unraoa. ;;L.? lor general hoiiaewnrk. A? , al are. IiOWK'8 Herman Inalitute. 17 HUotou at . mar the ??wary. * I.4DV WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION KOR A ?n excellent I'roteatant woman, with atfamlly go'ag ta ?top< either to take rare of children 01 IP ? ail upcu a laOy A(i; ly at aa Mb av. Actuation wantkd-by a YOUNll WOMAN, ah chambermaid waiifeaa. goo<t rn'm wrs, t ail at mn w< ?i .61 u ?t. APtrUATJON WA?TBn-BV A YOUNli WOMAN, AH chambermaid and wallrem. or to do hou*e*> i rk , iu > au.aii family Call at No 14 Tbornpaon at AFfiKSON WHO HAS MET WITH RRVK.N.SI'S AN1) been thrown upon her own reaonrcen f n ?> rpnit waiiki llki' tu 1 Hd a al111 it ton lit* hnnaeteeper; haa ir<x?i r<te ratitr Can be aeen uulll aulied at 33 Henry at Brooklyn. A DRESSMAKER WHO THOROl'rini Y UNDER A atanda her lni?uies*. wiohea to obtain work bj the day fall at 172 We?t 2Mb at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT J\ young woman, am cook In a private ramily, 1* !i good ?Mail ami Tilacnlt liaker, Ac , no objection to yo 10 ihe laun iry with a family for theaiimrner moatha be*t of city me Wow (,'ivea. Call at t>0 Eaat l ib al , aecond Coir aecond bauae front lat a*. A *B8?E0TABI,R WOMAN WOULD I.IKE TO TAKE A the Aaghiag of a few Umllies to iter v?ti reaulence. Qood rol'ereace. Call at 207 Weal 2t ih at AOKRMANOIRI, WANTS A SITUATION TO DOIIP alair won. Call at 163 Went tut at , between Pth ami Mh av*. A ARESPUOTABLE C.1RI, W4NTS A SITUATION AS rua:nberru.u and nurae ?>?Hklnd and ;i(r ?< il?na'e >0 child ran Apply to day at 63 Waal 4Mb at . her la?t place. A FRENCH PROTESTANT DKSlRfiS A PLACE AS children'* Burae with a family a I. on I to travel in Kn |*H*' Aildiean H. P . cure of Mra tWauvaia, 220 Weil lOih *t A RESPECTABLE <11RL WANTS A SITUATION TO do ( han'ierwcrk and waiting or hmno.vork in u aiBail. private fan llv: the bent city reference. I'in t. a 10 for two teya at '15 Wen Hd at , between &'h and 6'n av*. YOfJNO WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION AS WAIT ms in a private family: lia* the. heat of cltv reference; me objection to the country Apply at HI West 2Mh hi AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IK chambermaid and to takn caie of ibm'ien. taagoi d plain aewer; hr,a city reference*. Cab he ace u al VI Wad 1Mb at , up alalia, front room. AS CHAMRKRMAID ?A CANADIAN PROTRSTANT giilwlabc* a aituation to do ohamberwork himJ plain aawlnc; ha* been over three year* in licr last place, baa tin beat of ci ly reference. Can be teen for two duya at i(C WeM lid ?t., In the rear, AYOUNO WOMAN-A PROTESTANT. WISHED A aituation aa waitreas. ( un be aeen al 77 Greenwich ?ve , third, floor. SITUATION WANTEO-BV A YO'JNO UIRI., aa i-ood plain cool:. city refeience Tall at 116 7th av SITUATION WANTBD-HY A WOMAN, TO COOK wnah and iron, city reference Call at 6706thate.. * ayih A YOUNO (URL WISHES A SITUATION TO COOK Ja wash and iron in i> atnall family. Call at 107 We.t ?9lh at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RF.HI'ECTAKI.R voung girl, a* chambermaid and waitreaa or to asaist k *a?kiii|> ami ironinf. Best clly reference Call al 4U'J Waal 28th at Abituation WANTRO-BT a VOUNO WOMAN AS fir Hi clni.i waitreaa. Real city refcrenie. ('ail lor two day* at 2.MI flth av m the fancy store. A youno (ii hi. wants a situation ro cook W&cb and iron ;n a ima!! family. Call al llti Win nth at. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION FOR A wet Hume whom atte can recommend. Call id 53 Weft lVtb at. ATOUNO |.KI!M AN UfRL WANTS A PLACE IN r??|)?> Aim ncao family to take earn of hi;<Irr>n and do newinc. or a? chambermaid acd naitn ?s Cal ;i< 7. * ill ?v.. top lloor, buck. ATOUNll woman WANTS a SITUATION to TOOK waah HL.I iron; city re:crepte. Cbl. at N Brioi;. n hear York it. Brooklyn ABITUATION WaNTED-HY A respectable yoimp' pirl. aa n.irae no.) to do plain ???iut uooilillv (?Terence. CaJI at 11IX Weal 24th at. A VOUNC. PROTESTANT OIRL W.aNTs a KilUA. JX tlon aa chambermaid aod to aaaiM id waatnrit ('?:] '01 WC day* a t 4IU Gtb av AY0UNO OIRL WISHER A situation A* CIMIF. or to do general housework . good citv rel?irn< e? < nil ?I 1M Weal 24m nf.. be:w?yn fith and 7th av< A8TKADV PR TESTANT WOMAN WANTS . atton tn dn hnnaewotk In a amall lamilr 1* >? ?<??'!t VHiiri ami ironer fan at HBfitb a* A healthy fWWO woman wants a s.tua t.on Mt *n rue. Can lor two daya at UAj at., Brooklyn. A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WANTS a SITU/i. tlon : understanda cnttiru and fill.nn lad' ? and chil dren a dre?aea: no ohx-cuon 10 go aa lady ? 11. am cuy r*i arenee fall at 77 Went 1.1b at. 4 DBERSMAKER WISHES TO OO out IV 1MB day nr week. In rut and Ll iadtet and children a fnll at 108 Eaet -'Rth at Atol'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS < hambi'imaid and watlreta. thorotichly nnrters'an.ia Mr work . good city reference. Call at 74 Went Altk -? , t> Qr rfir briwfco <!ih and 7il> ave? A situation wanted-bv a youno rnoush woman, aa cnmr elent nura? . baa Ural cia>a --tiy fljr MM Call at K5 Weat l#th at ABITUATION WANTED-1IT aN KX PE HI KNCF.l 1 girl, to rank waah and Iroo. Call al *7'.i 7tb ate. oe $ween .tilth and 40th ata. A STEADY VOUNC. OIRL WISHES A situation AS A chambermaid and wallreaa. or wmilil tat.- 1 are of efct ? ?van and do plain aew ni:. nn objection to go to 11 r ?? mnrr lar the numiner (food < 1 ty refereu e. Can be teen lor tw o Mya at 2ti<> Weat 31>t al a SITUATION WANTED-BV A FIRST CI,A^S M.'AV A i:m cut nnd lit, and do all kiud* of nr*inc < (? fttrrencr gwtn. Call at 85 Weal IPlb at. A WOMAN WISHES abituation AS FIRST CLASS cook r Ity rrfereni e Call at or addicae I Derbrcaat 1 |L, between lludao . and (lieenwicb. A SITUATION WANTED- BV A RKRPF.'TAfUE room: won an. aa nnrae <40 take care of a bitu r rtno children nnd tin chamber ivork. 'wo tearr n f< ?k Ca!' al ?(>l Wext J6tb a'., id the rrar. r;: A RESPRCTABI.E OIRL WlKIIES A SI TUATION Jik tn eook. wash nnd *ron o* dn e ieeat hotteework 1 a M>aii private family m"' ' City lalerein* 1 mm hai iaat p<a??. Call at 175 Wen Svtliav. l?i?ttii 7th and "tb av? , front Mom. aerond tloor. r ROTEVT A NT OIRL WISHES A SI Tl'ATION TO dn rbatroerwork and acwi>i|{, illy re crencOa . a; 71b av a RBSPl'CTABI.B MARRIED #0MtJi WJS'IES A A bai y to wet unrae at her own e?M nee. A| p y tr> Ira. Too- a. Ill I All ena -.t . aee nd foor & 11 A TC'UNO OIRI, WISHES A SlDMIlnM AS SEAM atrraa and to take rai* of *roi* in fhiid'en, or a>*'?i n ?bamherwnrk if ? ?<| 1.! re-t. Car a' w a-'C ?? I J- tV t ?: >7ib at raaaa No v AEROTEHTANT OIRL W^Mti A SITUATION AS aeatnatre.aa or cbarnberma d ? a l a: M ChrtalO' het at. a Y<|> N? < Ittl. ? I--nr; ? a :? 1 at:c v AS < n AM A Ixtrmaid and aitinr" n t i 1i flr.? waul lac and iron nr. )mi ? : 1 fen nee. ValMM ,4 '? I b ?.! ABITUATION WANTEO-RT A VOUNO OIRL Tti do batnbr-rw' rk aod aewinR. m a a? '?ata fan ily hat aood referrnee. Apply at 74 Eaat Warren at, betw?r.n lralib and lloyt ata . Brook j o. fur two dayr. If nnlaoited a SITUATION WaHTKD-RV A RRSPEOTA RLE J\ yoiinc woman, aa chambermaid and wailre?a h?. the Seat lif r.ty ra erema from her la?t pla'-? Can h? teen tor two dayaat W7 Weal ?>tb at between 7tb tad Mu art. ARESPECTTABLE VOUNO WOMAN WAN1S A ?ITU. atlor aa plain < nok. wa?her and Ironer. 00 h e t'on ?*? an a ?hort di?taure tn the country Call tor two 1a?r at W Waal SJd at ____ a SITUATION WANTED-BV A WOMAN AS COOE v\ and iy auif tn the waab o( and iroulns, cjty rvfe tatH'e Ca . at '.'00 Hast ISth rt resprotablb younu woman wants a sirt*. anon to do chamberwork and lai car* of etijdioo. referenre Call at W Waat W"i at. A FIRST cr.ASS COOK DESIRP.* A SITUATION ? Oood my reffrebce. Call at W 7th a*. (? r two day-. a OIRI. WANTS A SlTDATION AS CRAMKERMtlD A and w?lt<eaa Inqnlte at 11 Ea>t Atlantic at Bro il lyn firai t <>oi back room, for Itrld;;et Healey a VOUNU american WOMAN WISHE' A -ITUA y\ ten to iravel to in* Part of tlw world 10 aov o.ipn 'i? Oall at No IS 5th ?t, for lira, urnen. AMTUA TION W*XTf:i'-HT A RKSPI'CTA I.LE (ftfi aa - ink. w iaher ?' 1 l o.:er taa f?ud eitv refe Mce. Call for t'?o dava av IS.< Hen ?'illi at. ABITUATION WANTED?BV A REepECTAFl.E youuKfilrl. ?i . bamhermaid and ,lni? nrast.rr or ?a 1 ?Ma In a prTra'a faml'y; coo.1 ei't ii-ferpn< a (t'i ?n. Cal' at 117 Weat .'4th at., between Mb and 7tb ava. A DRESSMAKER WISH! S A FEW MORf, CI ST >V. er? in hr tbe da* or to "it and M ?di ?'?t il abtidren a draaaaa. t all at or Addreaa 115 Weat 34' b at. 4 VOUNO OIRL WANTS a MUTATION A*- H f <4 XV barmaid aod waltrt'aa City re.,er?ntc. at at 11?7 fytb at , between 7IIi and 6ih ava a NESPKCTABLK WOMAN WtS'lES A PLACE 10 V* talieiare or an Infant. Can rtve tbi ?atv l ealo'te Itiwii e aa ro oapabtlltr. 4?an t? ai.en toi ana . ay at 1 it tiih ?*e , brat lloor. troat room A situation wanted?kv a rsrpbctani h flii ?n (cmi! eonk. waaher and ironer ic-il rftj e'e a*naa Can at t'.f fih at , third lloor, back room AREsPFCTARLK WOMAN WANTS A SITl'AT'ON a? nnrae- (a!a n t^klnn are of a < at-i on te aa>en at her mat pin e.iv Weat 75th ?t. AS CllAMUFRM AID AND SE AMSTREtS W A N'TRl 1 by a rea|ie MMfglrt, ? ?'t'iaitrni to On rhaviherwerk Mdiew. te u illnif *0 itMko brraell rtKnftit. tail fir 'an *ay?at bar late employer*a. I7tft, Weil at A SITUATION WANTKD-RV A TOUNO OIRL A* . batrbermaid and aal'reaa. city a . f?r mo daya at K2 Win' Jntb at. a situation WANTBli-llV A RRSIFiTAtLR J\ young woman, tn do|iin*rtl hamtatnt. (11 airtaii tiermald and watireaa. In a email prl ate family or a pr 'a a boar lmK honaa, ran be racominanded from her .aai r aie fall at 117 Eaal Broadway, cornet of Pike at A situation WANTKD-BV TWO RRSPEcTaRI E (trie, .me aa emtk. haa tired aaven yenr? kml a.* Minnthx In her 'a?l | la.r, the n'lier n? rbnmiaimai.: I k" livrd four yeai a lt? her laai |>4 iee: elty rrlarei .w l a at'. I Wi n' Wth at between 7th and *?'h ava. RITl'tTIOia WAPITKD-FBIIA11.11I. ACOM''BTFNT NPBSE AND B?A1INTRMS !!L!,555? ? auuntion m well experienced in the care of ohliairea, la *ii.ion U* .eke cbaigi of m? Jufaol, tutu au jeare ' rente Call at 211 Weal 2fitb at 1 SITUATION WANTBD-BY A R B S PRJ 'T A BUR A ;ir! tinier. Seeen *t?re cny lelereuoe iroui ber ml ptact (.'all al 1*0 Weal 32d >t. UOUSKK EBPEB.?A LADY. F?8RBs'Mi',7?V^T?.,T,!LR oi. auli._auentt ?s<iuiaue in the MBatptMull ?f ?fcoiiaa> hold, ile-ire* a auuetlon an !iou*ek#eper : 1B?,?" to ?'t* rQnntrj. l?Wr?-M, itilliij partieulin, Mri. W. N W . kUftlion fl. CMTI'ATIONS WANTKD BV TWO RKSPE-'TA BUB O vouim girla; one ?? *re? ' '??'* Ian nil res*. tbe "l'1"' a??niii*?* or would do wailing apd ?lhamberJ1, Dost of city r>-teenco <??? 1* giecn. < an b?- <e?n at IM Kan 2Utti Ht S:1 [TUATIOW8 WANTRD-BY TWO BKSPEOTABLB k' younr women, one aa chambermaid and waitm**. the othri ?? ? ook and to a**l*t will. the w.ishine and lrnnlpu; ihcv are i.olh eapanle, wllliUB and obliging; the* ba?e Ibo i.e*i ol i itv leicienco I'rmu ibeir iMt plaiea. Can be ?e*n at a. 7 7tii ave.. until amted. vJiri'ATU'N W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO O ni'ti. in Ml mime t'.nl for two da*" at 196 heat ?! OITt'ATION WASTED?BY A 00MPBTBNT COOK ; O iiittlfrKliiiidv RicHlK aii'1 l>antry, rtltwucfl. t a.l lit 12 Union SoutU Hrouklyu. ______ SITUATION WANTBO-HY A RESPE'"TABLR OlftL. a* plain >o'.k, wasbei and irnuer; city re'eieme. tali at 27 Amity *t s w lM'H'ATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, r*1 waslier and ironef, city lelorence. ? aT ul IVb Orchard at., near Houetoo, tJl l-t ' ATIOl* W ANTED?BY A RKSPP.l TA h I E YOUNG k*1 wAiiiiin, chambermaid and waltrcae Good re>ren< ? from bvr 'a*t pl*''c. Oall at M Wiist ?0th *l. _____ LMTUATlON WANTED?BY A VOUNG GIKL. TO DO o ??haml'fi wor.-and wi.-i n ;? good rite refetenee ^"pljr bt i e fnit brick bouse Irom Vaiid. rbilt av. in b"rgen it , Brook ijru CJITLATION WASTKD-M A FAIRLY EDUCATED 0 Herman Kirl, daughter of a teacliHr, hh ii\irce lor chil dren. wi. ild doh-.'ine Iiontework and leach children ulioaie b< ulnmny lo learn, luijiure at ^07 Giand a; , top Hour. wtj KT NUR<E?A HEAI.TI1Y YOUNO WOMAN WITH VV a:r?Hi 'f milk. ?ann a ?iluatun: sbe hat *0 d refereni e I r>t|nire at 1!" 7th av. th id floor. *ArANTED?BY A ,NKff ENGLAND LAD)'. A SITI A non i?i* hou^nkpiiper o lo ta e nf a f.nni,v of <li difO A<ldrc>.* Mr*. R. rt., >Ui on <i. T^'aNTFD?HY A COMPETEST AND TRUSTWORTHY \\ wntoao. ft iiination to take i-hir.fe of ;i tirntleii an'* hciupe (<>r ilie Kiniiin^r. or would preter the < nrc ol a unite of oil" c? or a public hniloint'. Apply during ilm week at h'T pi'i "?'Di euiployui k 'M2 5lh av. ilcw Yoia. T\*AN1FD-A rniLD TO Nl'RSE. A LADY. 1MV1NO V? l onmderaMe Iciaurc time, would lake a chiid ton irae for a mndeiaic compcr.naiIon. Bent reference sivt n. Ad dr?ss Mi?. W . Newtown Post offl- e. TANTKU?BY A BESPEt'TABI/E GEI'.MAN OIHI,, A Hiination a? cbaniberinaid. Inquire ai >4 2mli *t 117ANTED-A SITUATION ASCOOK, WOULD ASSIST Vy with'he wa'hln ", can make rood bread. lil'Tiut ai.a j^. -trv tJooil ? itv r^ferenw from her !ftst place. <"?:) at 212 Weft 2i th ?i., oet?eea sth and '.'tb avs. UfANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RR?PE< TARI-B vunii); won.aii. to (!o ucneral hon^eworli C.ill al l.b I.aei 2kUI mi. \\J ANTED?A SITUATION A? WT VI'RSP BY A V? liealihv vminc woman: her child i? two weeks old. 1 no ire at <02 WeH 2(iih at , ill ? lie more. 1AJ ANTED?BY \ ITOM tN, A SITUATION AS < <iOK *T waalier and ir ine in ,i pr-rato family g- od ty le feren e* can be yiven. Call at '17 Wei: lMib ?t. U' A NTED- .A SITUATION. T>.Y A R ICR PR TAI.IE Cl'l. a? s??iimtr"'?* or nurso, In a prltale fami'v; nn t'erMandx l'?i'b'.iAinm*. >"d ? an do all family eew ing r" i, ^.|e i:re*smat Ir.j. Ac . good und r*'l'.il.lo reu h i-. p from her l.i*i place Can i'? seen for two d?y* al 2l'J Rjtt 13 b ?I . >e iml iloor, ' root room. T^ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W 4u" ,in. a" .'h: i Iteriniiid, or would ?m?t in wus'iini or ? mtlnr. Hej- o'' c '> refe ence Call !or two <1av? at 93 Wee 3M ft. IVAKrKD?BY A RF.SPi;i*T,? Bf.K VOUNO n'RT, FA VV roU cs' rewi>itf: lo to o il by tbe day or ??.< k App y ;.t No. 5 ? 'it 11 Wanted-a si ruatton to nn nn: hoi'?*:work of ti i, > ail ( >.illy; city refereute. >al at 21o Went h ??.. iioni baxemenl VJLJ a^TED?A SITUATION. BY A BRSPKCTABLB ?1 vo.ini; woman. io do ? I ft'?i?er".<jrK and wa itnc or 11 an.i V rwork an''"? ?*Aift in the n elilnp an<! iroui- i' ii?? |iv.) in lier !i 'I i ia e eliihi ycn; s. Cfeu be ?ef|j lor t>?o iaya at rzi W' n M'b at. W'AsriD-A biTITaTION, BY a'roMPRTENT ri V? ? its Meamatiess. ,'nn cot ami Hi lad ''I- ,Iri urol do nl: *iijdfc of tamity ??':;(?. operate* on Wlier rr A H'il *ot *rn*''iirne. t'an be seen at IliM"' neir 7th nr. \\T ANTED? A SITUATION. BY TWO REM'E' T A I I. K V* Bit' *- one it, ihornugli ?eamslr< *?. toj obie tion to ehildr'ti; n.e > th?" a?ohamoerrnaid und w?.ire?s. or *r ild do |i?Mi*ral I ouw.nork; has ^ood city refercitc Cat) at 1^6 Woet lftb si. TANT? D?A ?TTITATION. BY A VOUNO UTO !.'ht r>?trib?rwork or a* * at'ress; Ity leierente. 1 ai 327 Ihi av , dial tloor. r*srvi?? A SITUATION BY A KKMP..T ABLE jir. a? Uamoenitaid or waitreaa: city re!er?-oce fail at 174 I ast 4!lt ai^ ' 11".ANTED-A VOIIVO WOMAN WISH'S TOGO TO Vf >Viln'i: a. Willi a iadr or fnmilr. Inquire nf Out ha rm* o?er '.lie *t?re. No. SI9 Cib ar? between 47lL and 4S-.h ulr'd". UT A.VTED A SITUATION. BY A TOUNc WOMAN as ? oon washer and ironor. Oliv reference Sn oh ie, | im lo the : nmiry Oan be teen for two day* i.[ IhJ< l.a?: Ullt ?t. liter let a* * W' ANTED? A 5ITUATIOH. BY A RBSI'P.i'TABI.E. i pahle vitrnp woman, as *eam*.r* *s Ite'ers In nei la?t pl.t i' Aiuil* at II sk* b( . be'WirB Ccisr"'s and Ain'tv. front Ni*err?i<t. Britoklyr ?1TANTED-A >'ITU ATlOft. BT A PHOTKsTANl V\ Tr ine udmiii ?? eook and ton??l?i wiih the wasmrg en ironing, ttood refei?*nce. Call a! 22b ftni 2-?ib *t U* ANTED?BY A r?>PP.CT A BI.F. POTP.stANT U.1RU a ?fiatior. as .?hnnitjorii..????! ai I ".-lire - or rh. - p>. in ?MoT' good fit v i-eie-eue" Mat lwi'?n at it ipnii!' nrf ol berp'eaent einp'oyer. Ho Wei-t Mitn si. "IIf ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUN.l W.iMaN VV ?- i.uise and s?a "iMre?? .i in .In i^nt h(.ti??w rk . ,,?? lire,, e AI p y ?i 116 W i?l 2Mh oinei of 7th %* , fur two day* ___________??? UfaNr D-BV A OOOD MRI. A ^ITI'ATItlN AS | \f mok in (! ? ft do wr *tiine and It -r t . l.?"trt*.v re'rr i en.e In, ? at II Snulu 4Ui *t Brook,yn. E l?.. Friday | ? in' ttoM'daf. , I n'ANTV.D?A SirUATTON. BV A ?M)T.l '.V UltT r,? el ainkfrmairt and ? .itire*s. ?r wori <? hi' l et "oik an ' i,ir lia? c<od .efereme ?"a'l ai 12! Wni .-lb *1 . lop I'ror front iooit. _ IVAMKI' -IV AN EX I'HBIEN'ED WOtfAN A SITU *V .on *? nnr*?i and *eaui*ne?*. lias :be t-*--* iiv re fereiee would like it rv In the ? ountry for thc*nn?p*r Car no set-ii a I -Ml l?ih ?' ? between Rth anil 9th a-* ll*ANTKD-h\ A YOINH WOMAN A SITUATION VV .t* ? ?'i i?riiia 1 n ii*'-. ? nr . "f^rerf" At!i!ie'*or apply at No i. W. ?l 1Mb *t.. White'* plare U'ANftD-A SITUATION BT A RKSPK'TABI.K tJi-rmnn clr' ** ihaiobeimaid and vo ia '? "*re of eh'Uren *hr nderetandk the are n' children pei Ircilv fca* enoi: eily r?fer<"no? fro.-n ber la*t pla-t. ? ai *' 2t2 ith iv heiwei n end *l?4b *t*. W AM'KD-BV TWO PltOTKSIANT OIBLS Slfl A V? uoiiA'one a* oi'aivliertna'cl anil io asaist wiihjM a*b ?x ? ihr o;l,cr h* wapr'a nr , .'iahiItert*ark bawe 'Wk of reier.n r* from a'e Call at S7 Weal 2Mb ?t teta.en tit, and 7lfe a?a . in the rear, I ru tloor. W* an run a sirtArioN BT a To- NO <,IRI* ru VV ?* on a de cate lad\ and do ? lain t? n^ ot woo d travel i?o I one. can p '-e reference from ber Ian p it e. ?alt ki vf" ftb . better i, 'Jf:h and /Sth ate. UT AN1BD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNIJ woman, a VV ? in n prltaie family. t? do eh.tmhernork nr to ?*? are ot eh liti'n. fall *t 16A Eaat 22d it., between lal i ard Ic iiv? thin: Boor, front ro^m. w Cu w IIKI.P WUTEfl-JHI.r*. A C.BSIS r.U AF AN rKED ??t Pt'R DAT CLEAR. AND /\ a I en ill f til gold or liiin hinting ??e ei w??th >,reset n! free lo 'a b aieut wlm ?el!a the great 1,0'el t< tie Antpi ? *u Pic r*ik?ce. e?r.h o! w li: h (on'alB* ?r?e noanilie* o' rn? wri'lnu maieriale ei prai in- ?*m"?. ; ti nk< c I oii.ns in.t?> way* to eel rie floe pre*eiit? of i ? ??e'\ A Ac., worth man* dolura If beiifibt *erar*te r. 1 frr ofi v l'- ens. One hundred park a ire* with f re?er.'* ani mi. i o; * ? .p. i h wateh. *bow bill*. *nd eule right for * town or o-n'T *ei t *ri?nliere nn receipt of flit One bund red an oe soil in a tew hour* Sa'e* Immense, prof. I* , nne Agriii* ?r?n?n in every town aed -amp Seni 'or ' tbe t'f*a An rr ???n l'i.. e Pifka.;e Companv * necilar. eon vi ncrii i,. * "i premmoi ntfiii?n enie 'i?e Add'e** r>n *' Arr?r ran P. t/e t'acrt*g* i"on |>aoy. Iil'i N*-*a . ?tr?et. Y \0PNTI,r'AN MAKB$W0 A MONTH e* encai;ioi; -n *ne *?l?* ol oor i H'.AI NONKI.TV Pr.l/h MATIONKHT P Ai" b **T * N D sn.KMilD SlKCL KS(!t \V (NO* We ol ei ihe jn-ult*' -i.ame to n **e inoney ? < r *owtv a< i, i ?*''!.* ti' > agent ?nb a tine wan. nf t ' i ?p> m I ill* rei r-ei pa,i . ai* m ?',rv la*. u>a, ad fiee, <? f I.AtkiNv ^ ( <? i p, ? e? ii, a i *?!??? N T.o gna; aid ? den prie pneangelo ?e i he Untied Stale* . . R. ' ri A>< V AN WAITER WABTED?(PRBWi'M Jv ori-erins >n ? pil< -e family ; w*g> * *..'i a mopib, , ,,. - ? r e Mi ? 'iiied. A all at I lie 11eta ii, oU t t o ? rrir i !.AS? rOACMMAN WANTBD-IN A PHI \ >*"? '*?? ' ? n he a fow-l pi#n *nd und#e*taiid tie ?ie i ? ii r-es ? ?? Willi giiod 11, v n i ?r' io?* I torn b * ?i>ti.gA-e. C*:. el the ILreld mine Ibia day < Kmuj ?t oi.e OliOCk ; . n-.vr^t PO'lKKFt PEH Bt*OKKEw.PKR FNTliT '\ ?rk- ort i '? ' ,e->, '->r* for a ?'ei,n?nr . oad .? 'lit, I .1 , e tone nut on- ? ile*'Can eecen i?| ? <k ? 'Hi |.e ikLd rvPI??Moi.n Winked, .11 '.he werebanl* A ' .ert* .' ni i ? oi nr- ei. Otnei *it latioi.* op. ,i . am Ki t ? AMbll-HIHI HM AN >\ , m*i i, rmc,'|ii" k and ejper>"o<-e m toe i it Hill > ork wlioesH'e in < Ai!i:rf*i t-oa I }'.<!? Poll ?|| e MH ng 11* a.i'ai j * e. i trvir table m w wanrBD?wiTK aboi'T f ** tr, e?st?t Id r cbl 'ii rem re, at:?e t?i?lli*se a, -# ?s > i-i". 1117 lei aid ullnie* A oil Ak I Bti'KKKEPER AND OFF IOR OLRfiR vs nan lee * -o nhirnu.' anil retail tro-ery and dry ?writ* tier.* e.ort rlcrk e *i* in a ' x I,#, I erk* tc r .1,. *n,l ral.rnad ol ?? ll??t mitr. e*ii*nd*r*rd I ,r rr Uiher r a ?' o^n and_ re *? tr ctRft * spi Iv ijrmtMi Ai | ly at Nn H Na*?au ai , Men ban'O Cle??* A|ifM) AWAITFB W ANTED-Al'PI Y a I WBLI BB A H UD ?tin * tee . r?ani *au? n a?d ie*ie, 'in l'Md??Ji beiwer i> 1 Iik and t2th *1* BfOKKPPPFB WaNTFD-A YOI NO *aa WhlT. tee 'i gnod I *nd and i npi,ble of tak'np rliarge ot n *ei or ? euitl *ate* toi ls t'narant*' peynonal habtt* iBd teferen < >s nun he ii dot t ied 'lo the neblman * libef*' " "t will i<* ist<t *4vt t>r?H,it? mi tlera1* t>lb>? HELP WANTEO-HALER. _ BO* WANTED -IN A PAPBB WAREIIOIHB. TO iMrn lb* bus|ne??, ftn American from the aounlry preferred. A ?o?m1 ibauw toi atioJ boy. Apply at "? ' Beekmau ll BOT wantpd-PROM 81XTEF, N to eighteen yearn ol<l, to i uu erritin.1* and w ta nbout the utoro; muil romo well recoinmei.ded Apply at 110 Chamber* at., up HUirr. BOY WANTKD-A LAD. ABOI J POUBTBBN TI'.AKS ofaae. ui run of errands ami i >>o himself general'? useful. Oood references required /.ildreu, in band*' of the applicant. bo* 6.&.14 !'< at olbce. (lANVA^SFRS WANTED MAP FOR #1 W i LLOYD'S OREaT TOPOORAl'HK'AL MAP OK 1TIE HUDSON itl'i EH fhOMi 100,000 irsidrmea and oa/wrs' name*: took thre? yearn' time to niaka it and cost $*0.00tt Knraioil iu ateel. tlx feat large, and anils for only ?' a,i mounted and varmaht'd $10 ?? dav cau t"> made b? mule oi female eaaruaaera In New York ir along the hanka """ noble rher Printed instructions bow to canvass lornlahert amenta Anv one calllov attcnt.un of cither male or female amenta lo tbia will p-ielte a lull art of o ir mapsKratie by writingto na ' T l,L<JYD. li,? KromlHay. K* IDINf* Of TH* (?(IKR^C rNiri?, Or THIM MAP. Ron. Samuel Sloan. President of the lludaou Rlerr Rfcil road, aaibacrihe* $100 for Lloyd's Otaal Topographieal Map of the II nkson River. / tANVA88KR3 wanted.?two HODRKD PER rent made ?>? selling the Life of ?ArchbteSnp Huglm*, Sermaoa. *o. Apply at the office of the Mcti. poliuu Rt eord, <19 Broadway ("1A It PET RKWi'RS wanted-apply to a. t J Slew art k Co . Hroadwar and 10th at. ("1LOAK SALBM'BN wanted ? FIRST <H,ask MRN J will be !lborallv dealt with at.d icin.aoenl altualioti*. Apply to S. Jot.ea. 310 ( anal at. ORI'15 Cr.KKR W AN TED-A VOItvil SINOIW MAN with ood rafmt'nco* \ppiv to Walter <) J.Wheeler, Fnarmacimtlat t!72tfth nv., near S'tth at. DRI'O i'I.KRK W\jtTED?A STEADV UNO 1NOI "? irioiiB yaoua man. wi 0 nvit-MataudK Ul'' rctgil apd i)rp acrintlon nttsibasa Apply st once to Thus. Junes, curner 1* ullou and Chiasou av* , MroolUyn. , DR"0 Cl.KRS W\*JKD-AM RXPF.CtlHNCliD MAN. capahln 'o ia?e eot'ro cinfgoo! u w?n k ; i iom in a large eat.ibliahmeut. A(idn*^K Dnit'giat li?'r?ld oflice, i?itb full audrfhs .iliI referencca, T7IVPRR1BNCED SALRSMKN OIC L* PIES?FOR V JV faii'T m'l n<'rv 1'nnin.<-nn find a co il aitu itlon No othTa need apply it 'J'-i Fn.'U,n St., Brooklyn. L^ARM 11BLP WAN'TIiD.?BXPKRIEN08D HANDS. P Alao men lately 'and* d to so a s'^oii disian-e in the couBtrv. wiicfts $M t '420p"r month and found. Apply at the large Rmployinent rlonae, IDS llth at . ortifrfith a*. Important -men of knterprisk *kk invited to rail at No. 20 Oorlliindt ??'.rpt-t. and ciamine a nfyr and useful Invantiou, in win li u oioiii'r.itc iuveilineut will iuinrea fortune. Important voti^r-wanted, at fhk mrr^an tl'm Auency. 2t'6 Broadway an at-ita'ant hookkeepcii two entrv ??1'i k* atfv#rtlarn? at< ni fot railroad, clerk inin nr. an 'e ' Hi c boot and alio# (alcainan clck for hotel, i?'o;r? ? prv "rks a eollertor for tii? . 't? and a copyist, other po ait in* aUva-1 OOPI Ins I ' ing the only aatv li?l mi nt con. (??icted undpf a| t'ciai IIc^usp (iom thp Mayor, pspectable men i an alwiyK Bnd ?mplo?nienl osobov.'. N I!. ?Mpi .tnd othert (upplled Ori!ioi/.e'l 1J" . 1IONGOM K It Y k CO. T17ANTRD?FOUHTEBN MBN, BKTWtRN THK AOKS ?? ol IH and 25, at the delivery department of the Atner! can Tc-'Pgraph Coni|iauy, M.'j Broadwai. <"a i for onn ?<???. K D. VINKIt. Manager. ANTED?A FEW MEN WHO WRITE VERY PLAIN |y. "imist In the vfepnratlon of Frow'a New Voile ?'ity I'upi tory Addre?a n tiie u rittoii of the aupll ant It Wi'? p, ISJ <Jrp?no it. Applicationt1 in pprspo >\(l; in t be at tended to WANTED?IMM KIHATEt.Y, MEN WHO WISH TC eir asc In a ir-Kitimite btislnpss in wh h thPV c)in make tSf> cvprv dar bv ? small InvPHtmeir of ftom fiOi'to'o Call at 60U Brcad?ay, room No 4 .patair HOWARD Tit DEN} TITAN TKD- <iN HONEST. ACT1 VF. AND1NDtlRTRIOCH V? lad. 17 o 18 years ol ane. wltt. a :nr. hanical turn of mind, n tho Uiir^'ar Alarm rpievraph hmiln<a? Xpplr bi* itvprri s and'i o'clo '^ in th? mo, nlni; ou'y. to E Ho nic.a i?t the OKI e. i'i2 Broadway. \i; AN FED -A VOL'N'O MaN WITH f"<MR OVIOE eiperi" e. io a dry good* dOtoMilc bo nap. muHt have ?he I'pFt of refcteucta Addrcia. will) references 11.. boi 141; IJrrald oflioc. TT7ANTED?A I. \D, FROM IB TO IN YP?,RP OF AC.F *y who unilejretanda the care of horg.-n; EoiJian, Amuri* an or fiertfin pfefprrpd Apple at 112 Mn 'omi l ?t. a rp'ta irant. App'y ai 20 W"?f at. \V ANTED?A CABIN COOK AND RTBWARO, tt for Cliiti'd K'atpp ali'Rtner Nefe .?. ('ttptnio H wpII Apply at L yce ttn. Navy Vard. ^etw<:en It und 2 o r'ofk. Wanted?a first class doorlr entry rook kppiipr lor a coinsa'ason ho i?p Adilresi.. n own han<',nri>iiig. clving references atd salary eappcted, ft A li. Herald olflep w TTrANTED-* A "LIVB VAWRBF ? TO RRTX AND ?T tr.'.rodnre n new trlMn \i?cl In evprr limilv to a vr.unp men of ability urd interi .it tln? |? a good o|>p.iH'inUy to n.Mce mom v Addres* B. M S. Herald olio e. WANTF.D-A TOHTI1 OF SOMK BXPF.HIENCE TO net n?.!c-k .ind HTByiat if a ifctail bonk?lnre I'he beat < f rnt>rer-"???<?'!Kir'1 Addreae, iu lnudwrit ni; of ki ll ram. L ot 3,7!i7 POAt Office TXT AN TF.O?A ROUBR 1TF\PV YOUNO MAI. TO it i vp n -atriaf;* TTe rri'.?i drains 10 fbc city Oaiiat 121 Kan 36'b at . corner 3d hv. WANTED? AN ENTRY r!,P"K IV A tt'MOl.KS?I,K rir* good" bottae Addre?< ?\ C., H-rald oflice in tl.e > aortw' of tbe applicant siul >ifc "alary. \MaNTI^-1N A STORE. A VAN WIIO TBOROT'ID ?* It undrrxtenda clrainRg allver j-'ute. Ad. rrn box 1.2.11 Post ntlee. ?\iTanti:p-a fjnor> penman as assistant r<>ok ?t kerper and entry clcr*. Addreaa tor one dae bo* t,C& Post o:iire. TirANTED ?TWO WalTERP APPLY AT THE INTKR V? iiHi onai Hotel, 9(7 Broadway wanted?A* EXPERIENCED PORF.MsN BY .1. ? * Jmlnu A NAw'uue- who.e<?:e clothier*. f'3 l iainliet* B'^ret >'u?t befell r*. otnn eoded. Good ?alar> ?.i be paM ANTFD-A KM\1T ACTIVE YOCNrj M\N IN A ? ore. m i>it he ?-ii** -n-d to hu>. t csa. an 1 hare good rrorri OEO A. CHA PM AN. ?S D'taue kIimi w w \ITA\fKn~A BaTESM*!*. Ai'iH AlHTKO WITH THE ?? ,inrt ruiHtr\ I;?ir ! nrr? tr:*?'< . Arid**** |u'i|w?f , ? ?M-r# W AVTrn-.'O MKH K)R H MING *\|) V? irb%l>n? voTftp^?. fmro ? l' ' wf*it1 v mot V ' Ij m? iNii t: ft i tor in?u 'h.4i't % or a"' ? nnd tli? n.i\ * >P.K) ??# < ' b??-. jn id. cftftli tn .i!?'V H \NH\t4L Pni RTNRT tfi f (?.' rhnmbrrF mid W*?ftt t?. up itairt. "\Ar**Tf o- a noon rktait, ?\*iu?Rr m ui *9 l)r**rv ? < oicpf'trnt mm. a nil r>?* tr? I' r .'iM nnrf otb 'r r:ef(i -ij J*. ?'?! from ^ to 10 A. ?? ;hte?Jav f AN TK P?^ SMART BOY. oK aBO; :r |i Vfc\R40r' I;- ir aii ofLc?? Ap| y to K ruifLaii, -1)7 I'^ai "t fTAMtD-A T.O0D VAN TO CANVArtP VUNKKRS ff %!>.! vi in??T. for orrl*'t? lor pb" ogr?ph?? ' ipn* h of r?'ti Ac.. w ?(?"> nn?*f? r8im: 44 ol*. aP on the liiiflton river. ?'? , one fo- I'laloli** d, N .1 *n*t vtcioitf, ? Sit ??.<* romm 0 a i-* rfc ?logr?pti? 1. *.a Hon L. FOit 117 ANTED?IS AN INSURANCE ftFfl r. |A PM tRr " ? "lif M ae'arr. firm jear ||i A<1. r w In t .0' ?r'l n| ul aj pli<aut. w>tb i?l?it>nac* ?.o? . b.V >**? ^ 'i* Pn?l o' fl'aiitbd?A VOUNO MAN TO CiO ON EERAKOS. ?T ?nd "lake !ilm?e!f genua r nao''iU Cooil r>- ' rice* >rei! Wane* 9*> (cr wee* Apc'y ieMairr.1 KaApi'. **v Broadway. WANrSO-A BTOI T, A' TIYE ROV TO WARP HIM. ?eil -efiii in a lienor ?lore. ''?!lat 2'ir, Writ fi ita ton (t. ANTED?TWO IVRPMRV TWO HALT P0T?, ONE l?ou man. Call earl* at ibe Oirsrd tlouae w w \%T ANIF.D?A SMART, ACTIVE TO! NO AMERICAN TT rem JO lo 2r. ???ranf ag" >0 aaeitt in a retail bo-aulo atore. Tn oni ?lo i> act afr*i'i?f * >rk a ('xxl bom* *ad fair wacen will be off' r?il h? Railing thia day. V" tt*e*n 9 ,it)4 III A. X . upon l?r. I'. K. Irtab, Ho iMl' .N V ANTE?-WAirBR<?. AT IEUOETTR nOTKT, AND dining aaloon. 4A and in Chaibam at. rt'AVTED AN EXPRRTENi-ED YOUNO MAN IN A ?i fir?t ela? grocery . one who can cl ? the im at of ' if ttfrrence Apf ly ?l S."1? Hudaon ?!. tiei?ceo 1 abd 2 I'. M ?rANTbD?A M\N OF QOOD AI?I?RBS?, A? STORE ?? *?U' r,nomtetent to drww wm Iowa. Ai >t? "?* ' A V In R fl Ma t. -IM and Tlh Ml av.. two ddorf "rlnw l?:h at. TITAN TED? A Sttft'T hoV, WHO IP Wll.t IRC ?? " nake blmnelf genaraily u'dui. wagc? js jr ?rck Inquire at 'i< Cwtianlt ?i.. ?.?ciinrt floor U' an rK!>?AN EN1KY clerk. gt.ICK AM" I'l* reel n flg r*?. Apply by u te ;o tord A Tayic, Oraad at.d ?tnt *'?. W* b TP - ' V A CO tit OFCf^E, A VOT?N( >MV i i c who lia* ^ a rt tu me evpe .ten e u th? bnatnesa i ? fcrred Addreaa tn own handwriting, A. l'rt?t?' ii !?' Wa??'fiey pi -c with r-'feren'e U'ANTKn-AriKlORA.ND PTRRl'l AN 0T<THR*AN " who nnder?(and? 'be ?..i?(neaa nnd *? fll n ?ne I n ?' uaefut. Apply Irom II A. SI to I P. M yorilfl MAN 'VAN TEH?TO ATI KID ARI> ACT A* L a.'loinan m ? rnai! cttilary and bi>u?t f irnlahinn ?< r? 'iri? wh baa bAAn In ih> biialn??t or t' r . -r?n?i v i> preletred. Apply to f. M 'lledy, at ntcrr ?Ai? ani?l at. Re tin. ? required. r.A AOBNTf WAETKD?FOR CIIY aNDCOINTRW */Vr A -a-t chaw! lot ani.e, enct^'t men to iba*? money ' all up. n or ?i?(ir??? N W er a ?" I Co , 7* <> i?r ?Vit ei. romr 3. 1 nnn A??NT? WAVfun-ro sfi.l an arr: I \"rv" '? in '-itv ?ud oiitiri i f great Jen,nad ' liini'ff or fftlneT>a<i A No h i?e> n N. V llMM* WAWTKD? PRUI A LRU. ? r MR" wmrriKi.ns "?OR^pniv or *ink J\ Ob' f b II.line .I** Ilka* i."t* ? en 1 tn and 2'*'b ?'? . are (varied rt fri'ifiiailt v* Ok Lfciuirir - lien h^rmali * a trc?? and a fir' tor gene., tl itn-eewe' * ?-b. bnder?*M?'i? tiir can ill n.itb. ur ihe eu ntry. AI: Ki rvau's atiogil* 'ii'ely let. >ed wn ilnd trnne.uaie eniploy^uei I Fehti l< ?% city And rmii'.ri'. *n|*| < >i ?ith it: enle ne)p. Ordf .a I rumpll/ aitt nilcd if A >'KAMBTR1 ?9 WANTED?ONE WHO C RDHR -i aiebila ciilting aed rttlng < hli'trwn at ere*??a. operaimg oti ?? w ng n acbmea and nai? dieaaing Apply ai N< ,i?7 heat tbu at belore 12 A K aoit after P M \V?n RO WOMAN WARTKO-TO DO OENF.BA' lie ?ewora mna' hare ?o..d refereace 'roif bet ia?t "?lata. A| ply from .?to 12 at M Kaat iTtli ul At IIAMHKRMAIO W ANTRD -VERM AN IM IT . ??< t! cr a Oerineo ot (OWN girl Apply at 24/Bib a?? . eoreer of ftth al AWAURRSS A NO I'flAMREHMAlD (COl.Oftll wanted at 24f Kulinn at. HiontWn CIIAK. U WJUilAMIK'N WBLP WANTED?VBHALRS* AN IvPBRIRmJED 8 MKRVVOM AN WABTKD-A? Nortii'? Millinery Eilablltibmen1, 190 Fulum ilntL Brooklyn Bead work-wantkd, mm hands imm kdiatk If, fiir beading ?" ailk, itto i .chest umua DAid. An Ijr ufirrlOA M ..t 2a Ruilwit* M. (1COK WlRTKD-IN A PRIVATE FAMlLf. T<> '10 ^ J abort iliatanft fro.a the lly uUewno iln ro?nhly i.u deraUMMx her Uii?.u?m an i run k.vd (jod ritirttc" may rail ttatx d .y at 155 W. <i .".ii n D?:tM??u 7tb Khtvi, after 10 o k ("IEKM.1N NDKSK WA" !'Kf>- oNB with ('H)od A" T <ent ,n(t ???;. rn-n ;?<> tn B< ttmi. to trod a child Ibrti' ytftraoldaud <loother li?ui work Apply ut IT. Weit Mt i ?t, inoieitlafT) ("iTRi. want :i>? onr Who !'Ni?Ri:.^TANr>s HENB J r? 1 I.M >?Mork ran have a goo 1 ?lt union n? applyinl at 1.'4 Bait 2l>t i. a tomi, ii pieferira. Tin bett ol iWr eaona ri iin ?ii G1IRI.S wantkh ro vmkr amrs* i-athxt cLasf r UOi p ike. A.I ly .it ,Jt I'orl.amll (URL IF YOU WANT TUB BfcK'f SITUATIONS FOR T ai mar- of houaei* rk you ! .-'C, n tii*"t ? ?!(!*? f.uni lie*, ho'i stir i an!?v houseg. mth .;ood wmkc? imd co n foHal).' union .ii rlty nr ruomrv. caBiiniBort! iU'Ijt at tbt large Kmplo>meat llouao, l.lH ink su, rornerOtb av. NIHInK WANTED.?A KIND. UOOU NATURtO fJlRlj foml of t'UiiUrfn and oxBeii'iuee'!. who id .i sooil plain ?fver. ay nht.i. i goi il pUi <? tp .v outpany a lam ly to the ?M 1 .leociir Button. Unexceptionable rpftrencM ;<? toohura tur ai.d itulUly risniilrod. kpply before ID *Voek at the l uu rof' llo in '.'Dili m. arid Hroadway, room N >. 4 CKIRI TRI'lMliltrt WANTED?nonr BI.'T ?X H |? ? ii e.i humlx reed - 1'j l.v to "OO'I ban-In *l< adv e n ployinenl A t>p' v at J. . Biaulev a ak'tt iu*ii>;lav<urv. Entrance til *ti"eU qhtrt hands ..wabtrd. a i-kw fikst <n,\ss O fclv t anli, alto a llrxt nlli ojwrator #n VVhect?r A Wilw < lii-win;; rifiilim '? r . ij>- custom ordered "ra. fall at ! |?|)' h'^. iAjl, N. V. Wl : MIR8K WaNI'KD-ONK ENTIRELY PRER ' <,in eivniinbranoes; wane* $12 Ai>i>iy at the liitl bout" auove 1* ittb avenue in Tlnrteonih atTet, Hrooktyu. W'l i:i>?H1KI.S TO 1*A?'K TOBACCO. AI'I'LV at - !i Water at WA N 'I BD ? A GERMAN COOK. BY * FAMILY k ibt micnmer in Ilit? co.:ntiy, n -ljo t -1 s'.upe from the- iiy Apply, between 10 and 1- o'clock. at tW Kciu *ph n . Ui okiyn. UJ AXTEP-A NR AT, KIND. WILLING GIRL, ONE iuilycomp tout uh n hH! and 8"ainsirfis. must new neatiy o >?:.*?? eaie oi one ?*hiId lor a iatly who boarder, mu? on* w"ll r?v onrmnended. Protestant preferred. Apply this wi?f*k ft' l?l La'av?.it? av., l?rookiyu. \lLJr ANTKD \ WOMAN. XO W BT NUR8K A CHILD f? months old, at home; most have good r i* reoyes Apply lor two day* i>? t we<*u 10 auJ 2 o'clock at JO Went 3t?!h *t. \VANrKD- YOI'NO LADIFS OP PT.RAS1NO Al> i t 4tr- ^h, ?o w ? n on table*. Apply mi the K-'veiiie Kalo ?n, 594 P. o dwav rom I to ?> P M during tills w? ??k V 15 ? Ladies o? ?<i u.tijrfHH ?iu<1 ?'iii ?')If; ol waiting 'ipon gentle men tin! oiidiiCtm# thein selves iii a proper and lad;.'.ike rnnff?u*T, ? ati ? iwny obtain mtnauona In the above eatablniij went, rt liheral suiarjes IS A &1MONBON, Proprietor Uf ANTBH- A WOMAN, AS LAIJNORKSS AND CM AM ?mi. i; mofct'be witling urgotodie < o um v n h< Enrnni'T uood r^feienvB r?Mjuuvu. Apply at 177 Madtfloo I avenue &n?v'(en *J and I o'-dnc^. I 1VTANTV,0? A GOOD PROTESTANT GIRL. GERMAN, ? f 1 Mh orbc'-tch, I ?r gune al Jinusuwnrk ju a small ia ' inlW <nly' i 2 r!s n th i?ood My reier?*o<e mitd | apj } at ?Iii W"?t '.*d Wax*"* | Vl'AMKO-A STROKO MIDDLE AGRI> WOMAN. ! f ? who knows how to wash, iron, < ook. and who woiiul I be wilnou to luake her*elf general) v nafttul in a Mingl** *;en tJ* man? ho <'*uoi?l in Nlrara^';*,<-antral America. An on . gg&ftineai for foor yeai* will iio made pasaage out will lie i paid jud wjifjea$'0 per month, in i;Old, given. AtSdreaaC. | 4 0, Herald offlre. \\ ANTHD-A. (,oop OFCRVAK COOK, IN A SMALL ?? i i i\u:e anr.i.v, at No. Eatt lOili -t. O/ANrKD-A GJKL FOR OfcNEKAL HOUSEWORK. V? < ??, at ?? Wei" Ft. ANTKD- ^ GlftL. TO COOK, WA*H AND I HON. IN ? v M f M, ate l. nily . oitv miert*in-fH pM'nreJ. Apply at <41 Went .?'Jd ?t., new n .inber between Mb and *.Uij av?. .N r I> IMMI DI AI RLY-FO' R FIRST C\. A&S drrnsmaV.Hr#<. uIhci an opera?or on (irovwr Sc Bftrcr r a "?w ng n^a? bine. Apply at oj b eecicer ->t., ea??i oi JUioad V\ w flTANTKD-A DWKSVMAKF.R; ONBJ WHO PMDKJt *> slauiin lier butiLc??. Soiut olliei uretl apply tl US Wc?' Ki'h si. ANTED A fiU<>1> CIRL. Wltl.lVG .AND ORI.IO ii.B, tu iti> eenci'a.l hnu-ewoOc in o lamilv of tlirru i ?-? m?; ii,ii*i i"ni<? hvii r?votnnipodrd No ollifi u-ed k It) 4'h M. \\TAXTKD IWMEI>! ATKI.V-A FIRKT CLA?:S Mil.. ?? Jim r Afj .y a: Mm. Jti/rcy s a.iliinury at ore. HJ 3d a* \ITANTRD -AV APPRFNIf'T TO TTIR TIAIR r>HKS< in;. !".? ion-., a yonog fi' , :il>on t li J?QI? (if ?.c who will !ii? ?? i:.l>l 'hi* bu^in. 's ? I'. ioii!!hlv Appiy bi-tufi'u U kuit I; A M , lo A S. H . Ill H*. r.,i?i lOlli si. \1;aNTED.-A HERMAN FAMIIjT IN NI W TOKK. ?* invi'i'iitn^ io go ti.ick to li'irnp* in t.iic ct"r?e of thl? aprtn.'. vvftutt a well rwjomm'tidnrt. ri>?t anil rtilli-'fini I'.iic IikIi nf 11 ui. wim iv willing lo jo iiWuiB in tin- uaraciiy ft 1 m. 1 v'n map: and nitrH' io'wo "lillili*'!. ami in *iav will, tbe linnliv in ii?rma.! urn lonj: ilnti. Ad lr*?i*a. Ktatini; ni.ine ami fH ikme O .) . Iioj IK4 Herald nfl cr. 11TAKTRD-TWO VOPN'I r.AniltS IN AFiNOV and *? ''o i?l? ?iurp Ni Uff m'ud appiv hiil v?ll e?pi r'l-ti-cil tin !n i"ltj: rflfeten'-e^ re'inired. Inquire al CSS CiK a>Inr in v ilkjra. IVANii-n-A oittWM cbnbkai. hoi^fwork. T? 1'alini I.V <th al.. liairQii'iit iln. r. A Rood reootn011'rul anon r>'i|inr?d. A Fioimunl prnferrt* . ur German. ? hc unii ?|>'-al; Knullah. VIMNTKD A (jkrman OfRL. TO COOK. HMSII ?? and Iron anrt Ho i-rneral liounewok In n amall prlvaie fairilr Apply a? fta Weil 22d I'. Ur an F'" i) - a Xi7at. "krisk~and hbaltht prTT tenant irlrl (Oennan preferred!, lo do teneral bonie ?ori; anil In iak iia eirr of 11 cbild one year old, In a i tinall lanitlv. *ln inn-.' he ?rll recommended, and tble ami t> li! ny t" make Iteia^ll ihomnulily uaeful lo ailhor caput <? ' it A ui* 'kiadav. tie.weon ibe hotira of 12 and 4. at l.'.j La.'t I !lli i Kit?IN A catholic famuJt. a firstcuabr i 1* .out. Alu'lti on I'rtdav morn ins. lielween the lif.iir? t.' 9 aci! II, al -hiO itt? av. None b>H Iriili l.'a'.iiiiUi.a Di'Cil I ?Pi'if _ ' \ir<VT"0?A *F.AM8TR'-'P*. WHO rtV TIT AS[) i ?? lit i?i!|r?'(lie^a'-a None neeil apply who do no* ?or* [ upon S lider aneieinp mti' hme i"a I at 1J7 F??l I''It *1 At" A NCR 0? A (.linn I'OOK t'OR A SMAI.f. FVMII.V; V ? inuat ne an exeellent iainilr 'n?. reiereu. ea reqiurivl Al 1 ' al 4'| lr>;ns pla r. Iietv r< n fO ?d.| I o'cloctf. W^ANTi D?TO.DaY. TWO 8RRV\NTR. ONB If) DO *t |iie?n?' n. ami na?iat mmi'i chaiiih-i wort: ??? 1 ill* i V r* ii. i*?it?????! ani! rl ainlirriin*..!, r*I.'tenors je1. ! ied | | mm .i?i | iar" Applt at No. Ki W?i Jiith ai Want: i?-a t-HA>iRBRM*in. waitress cook. ?? ir.dr"** ru'?e ami ?e im?lre?a, lor a :ir?l 'lass pri ! \ui? 'an ll* win' i>av kooiI ?a n,. Anplr at N, t W?| llth ? i . heiween ll, o,.o?ay and I nivermiy place, from 10 to ? ?W< I flTAVTBIl-A f.FIUM ? \ NO MB. OVK Wl'0 BNMft. *? ?tau Is iln- .-arc of jrouuy cinKlreo. au J ape.i.s F.n.lish ; r1*v r?f?reiif*a re mired. Apply ai 47 Kimt 29lh ?!.. belw en j iOi r,o' '.land Io cU) ? Wantf.d-ih a privatr FAMILY. A good cook, ? r.?h?r and iroiier one w ho i? wi.lim; to in ke to r | a. i tret era'ly naefii., ano nnt afraid to work; wajei a I Pioiesiaul nteferred. Call for two datri at 21.' Kasi lotb al . | neloa .'d ar. I ll'A!?TRn-A I.AOT TO LEARN TUB ART OF "? . .lorn* pbn'<i|;raph? Aft'r two fr^eKa lo-iti rtlor, of one hour per wnrk wlH tie *i?en out. Ivontypea. li.HWin^anu I'an. .ng inichi, at 711 Bro?n?*:iy, room i'.l (I KONIOSBKRO AlTANTKn-IV A MAM. PRIVATE FA MILT. A OI RT, TT to eiNik and wasb ro .i (nod one with refei'-nee?. (, od w.n -? w*!'I h<> paid Apply Ivlween !l aim IJ oMock A M. at !H. We.l %>b al . belwero eth and tftb a*a. 11'ANTKB ? A OIRL TO DO CHAMBKRWORK ANI? ?? nal'i ig At i Iv w ;th good'iiy rrfereni * at. Irving piare, from HI In |J A. M U' aNTBO?A C.frman (IIRU A?t CHAMBERMAID ?on w niter who in willing lo a??i?l in washing *ad Iron'ng i ?m waft s paid Apply w A. Sebnieniuit, "0 W?i Jin al. Ii, \XfKD-A? M RS':. A Nl AT AND OK IUIMI " Pro?e?ianl girl, lo go to Sta en lalnu i Apply at 14 and li. Veai.y al.. le-ilay. b*t?>-eii 1 and .i o Uouk. Wan rUD-A FIRST OI.AHH COOK IN A PRIVATE ?i?mI s None need apply l ilt 1'ioae having )<em of ly i r? "renci s Call bel" ?? and oVIoeg at 29 Ho nl at. I 11 f A NTt'D?A OIR!, TO DO iHAMKKRWORK AND " pain aewing: Preicsian pteiirr'd Apply at -'II vv J A NTF. D? A PROfPSTAVr Of El. To DO OBNFR A I. ii.ian'o.i. A|| ly al If Prrv ?!-. Leiwe-'n In and TV' A\ 1 r.D?A RESPECTABLE vo: Nl! (.IRL, TO INi ?T ?i.atn rrwor. and watting lit ? pn??ie tn uac. r?' t llll !.?? nurd at II" an I lil>?A OIRL FOR IIOITsKWoUE. H 1 ST Hk * tl ,*eod dials 'oO? wash, r and inner lined refereme ii ? '! \pbiy, b*tw?eti lu and II onock a. M at Ii-H u , ? 1.1 it iy ASTI?D-A GOOD f'OOK -Al PI.Y AT N't) 31 WHT tl* aRTHO -. A y AMfl.T on PI R-trtN 0?"KO TO CAM ?? le.nt iteali ,?n a gocl servai'. etner ti lake > nl ih'"fun oi l o ?e ork. w'.II I d a unofl and fellhfnl tiers.Hi, rt"s ting.i ptea?? by *.liire.> ng t.r tiling at ili Brjadw.ijf, ,01 ior ll'aNrFD-A < VlAMRFRttAID ASI? NI'R^F To ?? ia. ? eere of a rhnd of roni y sra ?he mint lie a good ti.a'f e? ve,. Anji y helw-'m 10 and 12 o clotg at it>l l.?ei K7tb et. IVANTKn-A WOMAN Id TAKR riUPeiB OF ANO t? tin t f wots at ? rami binf. "he ?t.i?l l>" a ,.ood i#, i>,ekar inil good bread >.sit?' a wonian wtth a.liHd w uld b-' p.elrt re?t )B'|Ulge gftnr ^ o ahf? at III l"ih ,'t. WANTIiD-A NU AT, TlDt OIRU BP.I WKKN I UK et!*'s of IT a*id 20,1# lake'n'eot i'nh, siimmili o ii tiiilV- ?' taiih light work Apoly f t two <layH wtib f*'4 ?ei.tiff ' "le.en |t>e lonra of III ami 12, at A'2 W'rst J<tn at . b'Mti en tftn and Itnii .its ?*ai "s \ N f i: 1)?f ?'L*AN riDTGIBL. TO TARE OA RB of * i.?by. /l aM a. 147 Wa*er!ty flu*. RITI ATIONR WAHTKO?1UAI.K!). a N RNFKKir.NOEO MAN, A FIK8T CLASH OPBHA i;\t tie, r>'* ttu .'ngagert enl aa inana ? n ? file voila, Adtlteae (*r"fgw Senior at tbe die work*. Middl*t0*?. Oiaiger sty, New V irk. ARB^I'BCTARLK. sorer van WISHES A *IT0A ti?o >? p< gler in a atorn, will vase himself generally i*ef tl. I.ali at 111 c ty Had place, 'bird (loot , 'or two d?r? . tOI'Hfl M *R, AORTt 1(t TEAR* WISHFR A R' P'f ji at ti in a atorr . ia willing lo mak" untnell gemtial'y t.-??fiii a g.nt't writer ami can pri.dmv ?h" ' est of fefer /mil' re ? A.. UeiaiO i lU' a. f?l iff* tl#?? w ?ITU ATM ? MM WANTBO-NALB*. ANIMATION Aft ROOKKF.KPWH AK8IS1ANT ??ulert?By ?ynuun iu?n. wUo l.?-!.*?! ion ujer ? M? (tptlltuw il4uU?lmit (HUMittii, ? t'.nnl ?ul?iin?i. *u?l would tie wiiluiR t* lAakr himwir fi-nerAily OMiul. A<Mr?n> U R. C.. HeiaJil oUi. i 4 tl>UMM MAN. 1? VHAM ok AlUi. DK.IIlim A j\ (iwaotiamot'iw'hivan iw ? private wwl?*? to (!?> * u'lort ilixianre iu ihe cmntry, would it)?ka humr/ K'??-iA.iv UMfwl tolKn.S (lit! liuUM) 4ddie?* ??i --<! err d oMxi: ronie we 1 r<v ommeurt it|. AM: l'l.crAI?L.E (iUKM-vn 4 8?Il>Ai'ON it* ilry i l> ?. or as ? unv<iw>ni! ut hi tli? ilermni : renrti vr O. '. u Jarijj i?k' ? Adilrea? 8 boi 119 ll.m ? all |? A t'tiM |',J4X s SITUATION WANTKn-BV A J\ ? f i ?? b?i ili41) :% i'ruli s ?t:t AU?1 d> U4tlTi' #1' sVr m . ml !i\ nlen'tite froifi "1* *Ht ftnployfi' i whi-f he livi . over ibrci fe? *. A'lilre?? (I. f.. bo* 118 , II cm I.j . II Cl AOIIMAM?A YOI n?; man XV ll? > PK,;KKOTLV uriiit!f-?-',aiid'* 1m* li nuu- h4? tlie pe?t of ''il> nif'* reme. < i ?t . r?n r'* mitiiirn corner of Asfor ji'at and Bi'i?d? iy, k,r li i' h ,* TOITKO man W.srPN * oiti'AT r*v iN A S\ ' ri.rtt.'fu i iv ii ukr Lire <>' tk ptiir al Iiorien. un >r* Hl " ,l i i>iiim;tily li,i rim Km <>ii- >.iiiirv; tie bi-nli.t ily r?ferra?e>ieuh l>? fcivwu A<lJ.eA?K A., but Mil Hi .iklU u A YOINW MAN WANTS 4 WTIT4YTON 4? HAR Z\ U'lilfl .1. .? 11.I* j; ixl I ..V r<- c? 4il'fi>i.? or r? al ? lmrie . ten',, ..mi M ?v ? uicruj Jliil St. ohm AdON wantkii-hy \ ktopv yoi \<. man.i* n y?*-?'v AK? lo *.?? .? ( lIlHlail-M* li'li'M |||t| f, to | take i of hoi*???< or to <Jo l ilt wm k on a 'a m ?? ?. |H iu ' t? ii & .?? Ih;iim*U' ?4Mtei?tll> *oi ul. UmMrolu' i a* iiueii. Apply nt 5" 3d *t. CHTUATION W\N,IKI)-HY A YOI NO MAN "DYRaRH n ??!rt nn i??'r ??i* i-fitrv b k ?n a ????? miim? mi 'hhim> q>' apiptt'iv <-1Ji(e i *i"'-?i; fa wiiiiint? um?Ia <? $*2Ao in b id? ul h" ? ? ov'T ; . ?i'\ li I,;h none i> . * iiln?| t'? malt** hi i.*? **lf 'n?* - ;iMv <????*!?; Addre** s W '%?i!I?. gh, Or si. Hi.iuiig wii?*r?' ah interview can hi? bad. V^ITUATFON^ WaNTKD~?OR WOrtOIMJU^Y COM ?3 i'f ? ni t<urm huniiM. L'f. -l ii'ms, " .h'Ihii^", ?.rooms, ors. i o. tr . hi*r *, nnt*> rd i>o * Ab<? men iat*'> Ian e.d flood #? 11 ot r rv iff 1 i tinn H?ip- 1 "*??( immediately at the li I'.'rt EllM'.UVIofii I liO'lM*. I.IS 'I III Nt . lOlD'Ttiill AV. mo whui,i{sm,k tiiun i kk and oruKtti?Want. 1 ?il, aaitnatloo ?n trav^.ioi;' a^cut; lia* had liimou experience In *hr wUo'? <\r bnv m ? it. New Ynru ami hat a \ "ry **t?!iiMue mow a u ance w ,th many of the be*t i?ouv? ; in tio* WfM'Hrii Slji"-s in I'.HVr I' ?n:li?s, can jnve the be^t reference as to ?iuidnc??M -kpaipy A'* ItY ail 4ll6?Hi'ik( l< .HlueMf, OOI lyu ot' CO, Will luCOl Willi prompt attention fpl> WUOUiSAU* OROCKJ18 AMI prodix'B DEAL J .WHIll H Mill If ? . ? ".if Or !(*?* mm: I mn extensive aeqn .unlet. e In the Northern ami WWun Stales; ban had CI'.pmi years' e*p#?t lence iu the tnwinem. refer uee given. Addrr. W. !!?? ale! oTn e mo STOOK BROKURri V Y O U N < * M \ UfORyUClT 1 ' V ar^ tainted wltl- b ?ok |ct?? rii- j ul *!o k broKCMI'j ten veaia' ? ?|h* eurf i>u4 "(ifii2*Ml t! e two Ihhi v*.i u :n iin?. u?.? t ??i I>ii?oth?*?. ? ? a :a ii a tnation In k iffir*. fur t%vorv ?m*'! salarv. of . jiy r^leionc^H a B., out '01 ilcraUl oflice. TOIiOTRI^I ROPPIK POR8 ?A Sf Tf'ATIOM W ANTEp. SHolfi ii or MooK ki;ti|i? r# ?r 'n '.%**> cliMi'y <?f a htnisi?. bv a vounj? Man who'>a* rf* w s my "o? r, and a thorough | ?% anowl^dfiH of th?* ?Iniif?'* -n a lAf^p bo- se ; ja o! goo iiiMp k" iiaivi- .i.n?i u iiiing three days iTo'.e , lint ?ilH H?mW ortuT WANiBD-liY aN KXon i KK UK FHH VOLUK ier sirvrr. a na! m ?? of lb ? v f a ban*''* to ??arn an hoiiflHi iv in j.', oitbrr m? kri. no^*iti*r or pofifir*: ? v 111 wori. Uiithlul!' lot i? Hind'* i?'? ?.ouipvm r ioii. A'lilifa^ W II V . ?riM>t'\n iVtoM-p flfANTED. ? A TOUNO Man, FRK^H KKOM ?? 'HOOL W <iikAlro>? a ?itnatlft iu a ?lrr ????o?M i*om l^i.m or mi oortmn ItO'iMf. Kn^hsii him! Our map fl ? rtlv. ami tft an *\c?*'lont p?*n i in lan.i-- h v't* ijrl ft" i mala hk tooharAnlnr aou ability. Halarv not a ooD^lilrration. Art droMi ii. R lie:aid pUu^e. WanrFi>? a situation. \k ooaowmaw. by a Mln!'" irHO. Iia? be b?*at rnv teforfn. e*.. ha< no oo l#???ilon lo ihe country <"an i??u P Tialnor^a bari ens atorc corner of 14 road way and A-tor pfar-e. 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