Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1864 Page 7
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? ALBS A.T AUCTION. a LVAN C. BAKKK A 00 AUCTION KFR9 i AoNiK,ctNBrfi,iT ,UYW00D A"cuon"r QOVSEKOtP 1*1 ANOFORTI', DhAWlNll KOOY FPtflTURI EN SL'ITh, BgOCADK A MO LA i'K CONTAINS VfeLVBI ANJ? HK < BSKLss I A'tPKTS Oil. PAINTING, KBON/BS MAKBLK S". ATUARY, DRESDEN AND hnVJiBS CUINA VASKS, in I 111*IIV raie ft)<1 ??tiy Wufi?>or Art an.1 articles of virtu, A1 PUBLIC AUCTION". On thl* dav (Mil DAV). APlilL 15. At the ri.'jjuu residence 4S West Sixteenth sCeet, 0"[n'ffti Kitih and Sixth ?WDnf?, Sal? commencing st II o'clock. The auctioneer w^uld cm. ihe rariicuini attention >f Lis rriiu.I? anil the public 10 this sale the citalo ueci'.inrhng the largest and rlclieti usso.tmeiuot Household Fmuiiuro, A'' oil-red at unci on this season Hale peremptory. I Haw in* Koom Suits. superb Soils uf Furnl'ure, With Urn atei of t.??* rlepest inscription ; elecaot beta W in to.* Curia un io nuitea the milts, blngem*. plat-: glass >1 ore; gseietsry and Boosciise : tre rubles, sistuur" oarbliiloo; Kunoiatiuroa, bronze aim Ormolu OUamiali":s, laoiuon, to I,lite., . Ormolu ?uJ Dre-den China Oriisuv #' v rids Statuary, Hroii'e Figure*, OH Paintings tiv eminent artists. French Liiib EngravinKs NAtlNlFICLNT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Rlohe?t instrument " 'l"v\1 t auction thin sca^o'i. fullv 81 uanleed by this i tieri; mq>1, Brocade Cot r, Music fiuud. Books. Ac; If. stand. Cham to u.atcl ; oitk Bullet. K.tension Table chain. K.i'ai, Cut ami Pn .rni'il o ,i?. Chin. Dinner &.t-,, impo-ted ft -hi "i 11 fur ti>e pre ii iit wnoi; Suvei Dinner and Tea Serv.oes. C<l rs. SpooiiH. Forks, Oru, Cube HaiiU?ia. Oyster i?iah.:'iiiiei?n, Ta h'e Cutlery, Liuen. rosew od and wa.uut yret>.>iug B..renin. B" isteft In, Armoiro-a t.lai e, en suite, Ifnli- n id Rtilnjt M ittrene* 24 pairs Llnei. Sheets, I'l pairs Linen Pillow <'a es IJ pairs French Biankeis. Tow#|x, Counterpanes, Marseilles guilts. French Toilet Seta, niuho^anv Sofas. Bed steads. Chairs, Rockers. Also Furniture ol - ervsnts'apart Menu I" .riles wishing to att nd t'lls saUs wtil take the fifth oi .Sixth avenue ears .?r staces Iron4 Agtor. St. Nicho las or WetropMitau Hotel, leaviuj at Slit, eath otiect, tt fevr dpors from the house AI.VAN C BAKER A CO., At'CflONEERa?ALBERT HAYWOOD, auotionuer.?Kxe utors' lain nf s> perb Bouaehold Furniture, this Uaj- Friday. April 13. at No. lit Tenth street, between Broadway aud'uy p.aee, sale conimenolin at two o'clock,,con >lstlug of Dinlni; Itoom? W limit aidnboard, Ri enslon I'able, ti nt Chairs, ninner r?n I tea Sel?, ruby aud w' ue tilassware. Table Cutlery, *il:ver i'lated Ware, : ; oval Mirror*, i'arlorw?Kosewood and walmi! 1'a n Kuruiuiie Brr.siiel* Carpets. Ktazeies, MiKikea'-,' Tables, Pier and ,*aelel Mlrrots. Curtains, Paint fnit*. Ktati iry. Bron/.e Cn-Jks Sevres a i J Clitna V i-ies, Kn:'ravines, Chan l ? iers. seven o. lave rotetvood Pimoforte. Stool and t ver; Music Stand. , neol -oeurea, Bociini; Chairs, Lonnyes uutstand. Chairs to match. B'-'trooo's?Hureaus, Be <te* 's Washstatids, Commodes, H M' ana .spring Mntties'-es .iolslers, Pillows, Lae.e Cnr. ? II and Shades. Also, B.isfmeut and Kltohen Kuriiiture A J BLKSOjrBR s?t iN CO. WILL SELT. AT At'C ? tiou i uesday, April I'.i at 12 o c ock ut ttie l'.xe!iai<:e Ssle-noo'n, 111 Broadway, a larpe Gothic built House (tilled tn wiita back), with ten lots of l?round, on faciilc ami Dean streets, commencing 200 feet west of avenue. The liouuo Is 42 feot square, with a I irge extension, all in jt i si o .Wr. I as healers, lan^eand Rlilg wood water: eonch nome an I s able on prenil- s The iirmnds 'ire bnn l iomelv laid out wdh alirtbhery, ;;r:ipe vines and fruit trees, and in ?t. res: ccts well calculated fur a csui em an a riwidenee. A J. L SMITH, ACCTION liEK, WILL SELL THIS ? d?", a; II o'clock, at 17 Ninth streei, between Second ?nd Third avenues, three Parlor SuHs, rosewood sod black ?walnut lledrooin Bulls, Chairs, rabies. Rockers. Pi?r >3la-.seH. Brussels and Ingrain Carpels. Oil l*aliitln?s, and civeiythiug belonging to a llrsi class house. House :o let. AUCTION NOTICE -l.AK.U: SALE OF MAtiNlK1CENT IIOCSEUOLD FURNITURE. Vhe properly of a private family, will be sold at public auc i tlon this day (Friday). April IS. at 11 o'clock, at the rest dence 110 Clinton piace Eighth street, west of Fifth avenue. The sate comprises the contents ot tho bouse, and most of It was ma x to ordor tor the present owuer by celebrated cly makers, and used but en months The whole will be sold peremptorily, rain or shine, ollering extra induce ments to purchasers. PABI.OK AND DRAWfNO ROOM FURNITURE. Thiee b -autifiii solid iosewood ana blact walnut Parlor Bu'.is. covered iu rich French satiu hi njitul and reps; Turk ish I'tsy chairs and Lounfte* to match: io?owood Centre and Pier Tables, Etajjere", Corner and Bookstands, 'Jl uay bronze Clock, rich China ar.d Parian Vase-, 1'arlor Orna tncnu. elei'ant brocstel and I.nce Curti'ni>, a tine eol eeti in of till Paintings Engravings, laige Mirrors and liiuNIFKENT ROSESTOOD PIANCFORTB, STOOL ANT) COVER; COST 5 "0. . AC elegant Instrument, with round corners, b"?':tifti!lv carved lega and case, with all toodern improvements ovcr airun; tisss. full Iron plate. French action, full s ven octave; rosewood aud inahoLanv Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wadisiauds, Solas. Chairs. Kockers, Minors, Clec'as, Tables. Bed Lounges Sprins and Hair Mattresses. Beds. Blankets. Tea Tables Extension Tahlo, Ola's, China aud Silver Ware, Ta ble Ciltlerr. Ac Sale positive. Deposits reottired. N. B.?Psities wlfhins to attend this sale c in take the Sixth uveuue cars or stages, leaving at KlRhth street, a few doors troni the house. Carmen in attendance to cart, pack ot ahio goo U for purehasuis A UOWON NOTICE ? PEREMPTORY SALE OF rtPLE? D!D SOL1K HOSBWOOD FURNITURE. AND MAtjNlFICENT MaKUI.K LAVA AND BISQUE WORKS UF A UT, Wi'.h the entire sup-rh . urnnine, rich Carpets, Silver, China ?c.. of the house, all in perfoi t ord<-r and cost over $14,011 To be sold without reserve. Terms cash. This (Friday) afternoou at ?! o'clock, at the snse!nn? ?residence, No. IS2 West Twenty-first street, between Stiver,tn <an l Klglith aveuues. by 11. R. vVESTCOTi'. aumio .utr, one double and one single solid rosewood Parlor Suit, in the richest silk brocade; Receptiou Chairs, in sobclin tapestry; oiegant Kiseerc, Turkish Lonnces and Chairs; Centre and Fancy Tallies with aud S atnarv marble tops; e!e vani seven octave Pisnotorte. Music Cabiuet. S-ool and Cover, superb English Tup-sity Carpet, Laee Curtains and Shades, costly Brourcs. marble Urnips. His pie Figures, Lav* Orn aments, Mantel Vases, Bronro Clacks, A ; colle - (ion of elegant l'atntlngs, Hronre and Ormolu Cjandelicrs, marble top Sideboards. Eacretoires, Divans BI.Ehi'lNU ROOMS, DINING ROOM AND HALi.. ? Superb rosewood Burea is aud Bedatends, Spring and Half Xattresae* Walnui tiiiis, in green reps; Frencp, Cotisge And Spring Seat Ch?us. cl runt B>ds aid Bedding, Oval llirr'ra Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads. War irolte.-t. Bookcases, rosev jod Hall Stand. Oilcloths elegant China nnd Class Wan, Silver Ware. Tabl" cutlery, ono t!n? Wilder Iron Safe, throe teet square; Extension Tables, Buff -is. Dining Clialra, ,tc The sale will t ike place rain or shine. Cata logues at the houso. Deposits required of purchasers Auction notice. LARGE SALE OK NECKTIES. We will Include id our halo THIS I?AV, FRIDAY. April IS. ?.roo dozen kii.k neckties, tnCuding a very large and clol<? ASS iRTMKNI OK THESE GO IDS IMPORTED AND MASUHACTUKED FOR THIS SEASON'S SALES ?nd wel! worthy the attention Of allbiiyci*. Catalog'.''* and g?oda are no ir ready. WM. TOi'PINO A CO., Auctioneer*, Ni? 9 and U Park pace, aud No. 8 Murray stre?!. AUCTION SALE 01" GOOD FURNITURE IN BROOK Ivn, :iy COLK A MURPHY.?R >*ewood 1'iano, ro*e. ?rood H?ol. i-se and Tetc-a T^tcs. Pier G;a->ea maliopat.y and blark walnut Tete a I'ete*. Keditead*, Mattr.-sae?, Yel 7?i RruMtla and Ingrain cat: et*, Oilcloth*. black fctten** mi Dlnhu Tabic a:id Clvalr*, mahogany Bureaus and waalis'ind*. Kitchen Furniture, &c. AUCTION' SALES?BE Wl.K DRAIN PIPE.?FHIDAT, Apt.I 'f>, at l>o'c!o k, at the ynrl. rorn. r o.' .lay an John atrriiia. Brooklyn, Sewer Drain Pipe For an o int of * burn it may concern, to pay char e. alar.: nu'lti of Olat Sewer Drain Pipe a?<orted ai/o, with r ii.,h and branch#* Alao. Snatch Fire Cement. Su e p 'sttive. 4 UCTIOV NOTICE?WILLIAM IRVING. AUCTION i\ eer ? I onychoid Knrnitur ?, at lH-i CI In ion atrcot. Itioog A*u between W>?i Haiti- ai, I llari on street* -UKUOOH fcOOKI will *ell, on Mon 'av, Arr'l 1>. at In' o'cock ti'e ?lirniture of the above htmni oonaNtlng of Pailor, be,'., room an.l Dining Room Furimuru. Particular* to morrow Auction sale of glass cutiehs' tools WM. DOUGH . V Auctioneer. will aall no Ft May. Ajirll IS, at IO>j o'clock, ai room I!", over the New llav.'n depot bn lid in rr. corner of Fnnklln xnd Bltn atraeu, Glaa* Cutters' Toola, ooioi-cinj of *otne iSH, ht'inca, with an 1 a itnout *piudlea; Mill*. Sualting. Retting. Turning Lathe*. Rntti'igand Siopplng Lathe*. Ac , Ac, and everything uppertainllii: to a <'ut Giaaa Manulaclurtug E*'abltahment. a UCTTON lOffOl-MAOHIItaKT AID NEW STB AM A Engine for aale at auction, on Kridav. \prf! 1 >. I tH at II n'c!i)< k A. M? at 117 Liberty aire t b-tween Greenwich street aad Broadway, by \TSLLIN' TON A. CAIITKR, ? ic klonee'. c<m?l*tl?g of lirt'' ne-v. hi.,uly flmahcd gtcun En file. Turning Lathe*. Shaltlng, Pulley* and llanger*, umi?, lro4 Bolta, Pattern*. Ac.. Ac. AT AUCTION.?TOB 4CCO CUTTING MACHINES, Shafting, PuiUea, Ac. W. A CARTER v.ill acll thi* day ai II o'c'ocW, at 117 L'beitv ?:r.?et, Bear Gr?eawich, two ?f' Ks.-en' Tobacco Cutting Machine*. Pre** Rote* f r Tobaccollutting Mactiinca lot of S.iattlng, L.itbe*, Ac T?BN.T p. FAIRCniLD. AUCTION EBB?WILL SELL J> an friday, April Ifi. at II A M . at DocV. Jeraoy CKy near Pc\onia ayenua tarry, two Mud Scow a. Ml feet long And 14 feet wide, With dumping gear complete. Sale per mp ??ry. CIOUNTRRS AMD STORK SHELVING AT AUCTION > thia day.?W A CARTER wlllaellatll o eo-k, at 117 Liberty atreet, near Oreenwlch a aplendtd iot >i| black <val ant Coimtera. Store She ring. Ao., Irom a tirat claaa atore. Alao Gaa Flxtuiaa, Ac. DW. IVES, AUCTIONEER. ? D. W. IVES A CO. will n'rt their peraoual attention jo aalea of Fnrnitiira at reeiilenoea, or at their aturea, ISA, 367 and ^0 Bi oadway. Alao a.ilen of men haadiae ganeraMy Attended t ?. DW. IVBS A CO., AUCTIONEERS-rUKNITURB . Saie?room% IM# H; i^dua--?wl'l aell at hi - :!f n, on <a >irday. ApHI Id, ai 13 o'clock, a aolld lua k wa nnt Hotel Counter, with drawera. lettei rack*. Ac Now on eihlbnlon. DW [VI-s A CO., A0CTIONBBS8.?SEA SHELLS. ? We ahall continue the auction of theae rate curtealilM vhta day, at 11 o'clock, at our Mere, 1j5 and 16/ Rreadway. A magiullceat lot will be ouere. TA W IVES A CO., AUCTIONEERS.?FURNITURE J'. aale?rooma Hroai'way. Aa?t8"C?'a ?to k of au pert Furniture: Alao pari of tf" Mock of Georgn llmeala: alao Mtrrora, Painting* and Engraving*, CI,ma and Gltaa Ware; Sii*ei Plated Ware, SnciU. Ac. , at private ?ale. "T\AVID D. F.OAN. AUi' flONFER?OFFICE 4fi IJ t'ana: atiaet DAVID i>. ' ue-r ?ill?-:i, Oa Monday. April IS, nt I ?juc'o ?, the eniti'n I uuil' re ronaiatuu of Car) eta. ?'h? i. Tab ?*. He laie > I Nt d* Bed ?Slug. Ae , of the large flic atofy home, n II da< n ?'i-et, lonaiatlng of thirty lonma *|*o. on Mon lur a L ? or Store, with the tiiumter*. Imr Fi'turea, 'lin'i* I .hlej ,vc. Va 'inilar* hereafti r. A a >, nn 'flniiaipiy n Bio meafcet, Honaelio.J Furniture. TYWID I? EUAN, AUCTIONEER J ' '?m *e A1'', Onn?; ?tr#^t RICH HOUHEHOLG PUKNlTI Kh ?.'a. pel* I rench plate Mirrori Lace t'u talna Milrtr piated Ware. Painlinin C'h'na, <llaa? Crockarv, ,te , ihiadiy at o'clot^k. the entire i'lirnlture of tiie no i ?e 770 Weat I turfr tlrtrd atre.-t, i.ear Ninth avenue < ungating oi pat lot :->uita, cnv"reii in I'rrn h broatrl; p. . '..r. Dung Room an I Rertroom Rr"??- l? nd W.b< r t a rt-l* t'na'rt In dffMiaalt Fienrli plate Miirorn, Lace Curt una Sine | lati'd %Vare. It' ll". Holaieri, P ?>. Oilel nia ('.nifia, G a-?. tjroekeiy. Ac. N. B.?Th. Fnrnilute i* l-otn ti e ue knonn jiaourai" rer B NcwIiuiim EDWARD SCHBNCK. AUCTIONEER, >\I,V: ROOM NO <0 LI HKItT i STRE'-.T IUMWMIK ttOlTSliiMLO Kl'ttNITUitE By K >VV vKD SCHBNCK. Thla Day. the I.Vh lra| at JO'i owl k-? nl No 4-< VNeat Washington place, thi1 hmidhoom Fmaitui'' loutained in the him*.', i.otial*i ng in i art ot ro>e womI I'M' oiorte roaewood I'ailor Furimarr, Iiiocaiel and Lace Cuitiiin*. Mirrur*. Iliuaaela nnd Ingrain Carpeta, 4"i?mh"" Ftirnllurt. Ol'c'oUi*. Kngtrnvlng*. ill*** nort Oroekery Alaoihe Kltohen Utenaim, with which the aTle will commence E jr? ORT HAMILTON fROPBRTY.-TltOS. E CHURCH, AuAlotieet -.will Hell ai Atictian, on Th*r*?lay, April ill, 18 o i* > ,.ti the groun : fourteen yei i d. alial'l.' Build iim Lot* i ll I nlted State* avenue. Wa*h1ngton *'reet ai d uelaton avenue, lu front "f five new l>aTr*c<* now eiecilng On the government latil at F?i t HsmWoll. l or pariitularj ?M baud bill*. \ MA.MSS AT AUCTION. Fcor,TOM, AUUTIONbRK. WILL UIVK B1H .'BR ? s rial atuntlon to sites of PitrsMure at Hie reslden"** , of desltniug housekeeping or ilia i:i> <ti r*u '?? re ; to f!.( u>; una saitisrooms 7i* Bri?adwej, IWMUl ' U>c tie Mr tor*. Hotel. I Tj? COLTOM AUCTTOHKRR.?LARGE HALF. OP ! I ? Hon enoid Furniture, Carpet*. Oti'lotli. to-ewood I Pianoforte, Ac.. 4c. tutu day (Kri'i*>*?. April 1?. n! 10*4 ; Io c irk, at ' 10 Wavsrley place, n??r SUth areant>, ilie entire Furaituru >/ tlio liouso. comprising, In part. oiaiinuauy, | bin k and rosewood I uriitlnre, or various M' Uc*, also Cur pp. a. oilc.oU?. Mlrrura Falutiau*. l?rc??u l1" I roans Wardrobes. Cnntre T.'>bie<. Sofa* Loua0*. Usteusioa | , Tallies Fes'lier Beds, Hair tUUWSSM Mga'V-i with all the j lion.]* ihro'i.;'jout Uw k"ip; ?mn om rowwoul I'lmoluri', ) In g.W orfliCatalog!tea e.uly tbu uioru'ug. ami ?at? i I peremptory HENRY n MINER A0CTI<WIRF.R SALESROOM 17 ' Kaasfcu Btrei-t, opposite the Post ofllae Elegant Hon*? bill < l urn ! r. ratnovcd for oourentence of avlp. MINKI v 80MKKVIL.Lt: will salt at auctloii <>P Sil ir it iv, A'l il l?. at ID1. o Hook, at ibeir aatasroom. '.7 Nassau 1 hir t, r i; ?? ani :i- sOrtluuut '>1 HoiMhok] Furniture rn moved fr i.o a private cit v residence, all "f which * is Hid>j ; to order by oni be?t city makers ?o>1 not In use oue year, j conslatii of ni par a.< follows. \ i/ ? ! I* A KM) 1 IS?K ngl m!i V.tlve- Medallion Carpets, car ed rosewood Suits, ai ciimeou nl 1 k. brocade r >aewood Bewe- ' t?rv K i"k !. rosewood Centra and Sidf Tables. Lace C?' t n* u'td Cornices, Bronze Mantel Oinam alt, Clocks. fiua ! or g nui iiioucm On Paintings, Ac. I UI.-ING KOOM?fcll-l-ih | i raM? Carp*' CA'?e t ??'! | Bulla, u. ?:?<?! rep* ri> My carve 1 o?U marble lop Buffet, Oak En'-'i "n 1 iMe, tin" Frenc'i t'Mmi Cut Olass. Ac lSRPinOM1-'.?English Brussels, Velvet ani Taue.atr? 1 Oa,rpatn. c ii ve l ro?civood, black walnut and e!ie?tnut KoJ 1 steads, Kurnan* WmbRtinil^, AmOlr-a-Cllace Comniod^a. i Limns" iind Chairs, in bn?<'^te! ami tllk.r''p?, rowwood ? ?u4 niiihoKUQ, Tublnn. but OurloJ Hair Manrcaaea. Krenoh i Ho sinr- a:id l'lllow. c'roekury Ar Alao Oliclotha. H'mr C'ipi't anil ltd '.a, B* rift.1 rat or, Kitch'iu UUuillw. At I'ho ! ft' ovf i ? nnxr rtjl lilh!M"U . .... WKONK-O.VV. Al'KILXl. AT NO 1 HOMBOK PtiAOB Brooklyn. EL.EUANT HOPSEHOijI) FiiRNirUJlE MIRRORS, PIAMO. Ac. Alao 8CPERB COr.LECTlOKOK VIjUKRN Oil. PA1NIIN is. Al?o PirrVATP I.t Bit A ttT ok STANDARD WORKS Partlculaia of which wi l iw given m du^ iline. | TJERRY II 1>EB0S V CO . AUCTIONEERS j H HUNRY U. LI RD3 A Co. 'v,|| soil at a'Mtlon, oa ; Saturday. April 1(1, at I'i V 'locli. nt thuir *i'"-ro mis. No ii I Nnuau atre>t ? mmlwr of (Jas OtitBdollara. all Hi rood or ; uor niul removed t > o?:r siore for eoov?au oee of aa!? HENBY H. LEI'DS CO. All riONKERS HENU V II. I.KEDS A t'O will aril a' au lion on I Saturday April 10. at lu. . o'clock, at our aalearoMi. Nn. 13 NubH.iu stre'-'t, HOUSEHOLD FURMTHRB ! oupsiatlns or Brussels and In/.rain I nrpetv. carvi- ( roi -won I i Su t. covered In brncatrl; Hair Mattreawa Bo.?'.or? m t I'll- i ' lows, I'm laaM^.tualioitauy Rookeri uid Cliiaiia 'rate-1 Tetna i buiI SofiiK, in haircint.ii; nalut"'1 War-trobea. Ijice Window : Curtalus, Kilt frame Pier Mirror* lilae.- wnlnui and oik Slat 1 ttaoils. iron Setfen. Imp icik CottAV Suit t nlrtotli. Ac., Ao CHINA CROCKERY AMI) OLASS WARS. 1 R?"e PntnliiRiies. I Also, .it ll o'clock, for aee'iunt o! whom il may c mceru. a ( 8iugte HaraeM. Boils and Uobe. HOr.-EHOLD FURNITURE SALES ?WB will Oivg our ltersoiial attention to aalea of Household P irni Inr- Woifcao! Art and n<meral out door S.'.Ich, upon liberal l"rm-. I'artlej urop islii". giving up housekeeping or buai ne?K lavorintr i;a with tlieir commands will be trr.itvil libe rally. our laiilltiew belnij audi as to Insure protnn' ml caru ful attenilou lo the interests n! our p ilnios, J. K. HALSEY A CO Auction? t* No 10 Barclay stieet HARDW ar1'. CUTLERY. SAUDI,KBY HABDWARB AC J. E. UALSEY A tiO.. auctiooeera. will *11. THIS DAY. (FRIDAY), APRIL IS at ten o'clock, at tUe auction roorm In Barclay stroat by calalOBue, lor uahh. a liue assortmcTit of SADDLERY HARDWARE, comprising in part silver plated t'ol'ars. Po iahcd Stis'lles, '! and 4 ring Port Bltta, silver Dnsh Snapa Pad Hcrewa, Stir rups, Coneli Steps, Ac.. Ac., worthy the attention of the *ad illcry und bardwaio iraila. Catalogues ready early uiorulog of sule. Hardware, cutlery, plated ware, ac J. E. HALSKYAtTO AUCTI0NEKR8. WILL SF.LL THIS DAY. (FRIDAY). APBfL 15. at 12 o'clock at the auetiun rooms. In Bit-clay afreet, by catalogue, inr eash. a K?neral assortment of HAHDWAHE CUTLKRY. PLATBD WARE, &V.. In tots to suit niyau l country buyera. Cata'oatics resdy earlv on morning of sale. ALSO, At 1?o'clock, within the store, Sereu barrels fine old Bourbou WHISKEY. strictly prima. HOBOKRW.?8 ROBINSON, AUCTIONEER, WII.L ??? l at two o'clock P. M . on liiu nri'iniUN ou Mond**, April 18. Itf'4. (wo hi Irk nous-*. kn'i*n aa No* C-'anil til Garden street, Hobolten; loin each 35 by 100 feet, with two story building and ten pin alley.billiard room. #<\. In tl e rear. The above properly in very eligibly ai'.uate.' tieirthe ferry, and at a small cost might he made arltabtc fO' a man ttfactorjr, Ihut hear, or liverv or other atuble*, and in Ita present conation la anitable in every rcstiect for a dwelling for private famillea. Male positive. A portiou of ihe pur chaae money may remain o:i bond and mortice at Ihe on iion nt the nnmhasttr. For further participate apply to W. (K PLI'MMHR, 71 Washington it rest, Uobukon. JOHN H. AUSTIN. AUCTIONEER. The Cnnifnitt"e onlArt of the Metropolitan Fair wilt ?ell. at auction. hv catalogue, on Tue*day evenlnn, the I'.lth inn'., and the following evening* until completed the Paint ings and other workH of art now on exhibition in the (al ien. belli-' the e mtribiition* of the artiata to the I'air in kid ?f the ITniie'i Slates Sanitary Commission. The sile will roinmenee at 7P. M Adm uatice durum the sale. 30 cents By order, JOHN P. EENSETT, Chairman. JOHN W. ROM PHI N DYKE. AUCTIONEER?OFFICB 1.'Chambers street?will sell this dsjr. at 10!j o'clock, at 320 Third avenue, near Twenty-tirst street, an assortment nt Houselio d Furniture so d on account of removal), com prising Bedsteads, Chair*, Carpets, Oilcloths. Exienilon Table, Ac. Deposit* reduced. Goods to be removed same day. JOSEPH HKGBMAN.-SATURDAY, APRIL 16 AT 9 o'clock A. M., at 111 Oxford street between l'ulion and Atlant'c avenues. Hrioklyn. mahogany Piano; malio.any. walnut and painted Chamhar Furniture, oak Kxteii*lou Ta blc. IbtcA ply and Ingrain Carpets. Mattresses aud Bedding. Cbina. Ola**, Cutlery and Kitchen Furniture. Same day. at I o'clock 1*. M , Bedford avenue, sixth h'Use norto of De Kalbaennn. Brooklyn. malio.sny and walnut Parlor and Chamber urniture: Velvet Brussels Three ply nnd Iiura a Carpets; Oilcloths, I.a-e Curtains, llalr Matties-en, Feather Beds ami BeddiiiK. Crockery. Glaus, Bluve*. Chest of Tool*, Kitchen Furniture. Morius wii.kins auctioneeu.-yam;abi,r pronertv on First place and Im'av street, Brooklvn, at anc.lon. E II. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction. On Friday, April 15, 1SJI. at 12 o'clo k, at the Exchange Sa'e* loom. No. Ill Broadway, Trinllv Bnildinii. New Vork ? Firm Pi. n'*.?TI.e 'aliiablc first class three *torv and hone moot hl^h sio ip hrown sioi.e House and Lot N ?. !l| First i ?? e. i n t ie noith sni<', h"t i een Court and Rant hitee-*, Il.s ie*t east of Court sreet. The h.nise lias gs^ hoi and enld *? ster Satli snd fl itionary tubs portable . urnace. Ac. The ho is? is .'3 l?et trnnt and i "ar. bv.ibotr 43 teet deep, with extension ot one *toi v about lit feci. There is a court x ai ?t i-f about afeel The lot la 1' feet front an ) iear, by let lee 3li loc.hei deep f ?" sv Rmrst.-'The two desirable tlir e slory brick Hoi ses and l.ot* on the eas' nnlc o( Imlay s'i- e\ between E-ven and William strceta. 2 'ii feet n rt'i of William street. Water tu the yards of e:v h house HmtS'S IT feet front and iear by alxjut *6 feet deep. Lots 17 (eel fiont and rear bv 9n feet deep For maps and further par ticular* apply at ti'" oflioeof th" auctioneer* li. II. LUDLOW A CO.. No. :l Pine street. N. V. NEW STEAM FKGINK AT AC' HON THIS P\V ? W.A.CARTER will aell a! II o'clock, it 117 Lilwrtv S'leet, near C eenwirh. a new S earn Eni'ine. sboi.t forty Uorie power, lie. A'sa a lar^e net of l.atbe*. Tools, ,tc. XTEWSPAPERS AT AUCTION. l.\ The editfi: and pro: rieter or the Nf.WBURO DAILY AND WEEKLY TBLBGRAPII. fintlinjr Ills health uo[? lensijr broken down, and ho !? thereby utterly inrapaei taten from continuing businean, n co pi lled to odcr Ihe e? ?bil?hment for sale at public am tion. The Type and Ma terials on whisli the above papers are printed, with the Hubs rlption List* aud go.?J will of t.'ie l?us;ne?? will lie sold at auction at the 1'iiMed States Hotel. Ne<vlmrg on SATURDAY, Ai'RIL It'., si lil o cl K-k A M. The papcra are doing an excellent business, and are only gl?en up because ol the p'Ohtratim: efl'eet oi n >i< kness which has contiii od Mho ;t a yesr Full part rulara of the builnose given od app u-atiou at theoOice. by mail or otherwie<?.. PC. BULKLEY, AUCTIONEER.?BXECUTOR'S ? sale.?On Tneeday. April II. at 12 o clock- st the sales room HI Bco.ulway. three storv In ii k lloune 172 Leum ton avenue. Also the valuable len-ehold property 175 Wcet Forty ilith street. Oilice 411 Wa'l street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE THIS DAY?B* .UMES AGAR, at HI New B. wer?, 400 lots ot Women's Wear I Inr App?iel, Uresaei ol all descilotions, shawls. Cloaks. Bed' lotl.ea, and other goods, by order of B COHEN, lata 1 l'ecare A Co , r.<7 Grand atreet. UR ROLLINS, AI'CTIONRRU ?BY MULLIDY A >? ROI/LINS ?This dsy. at l i^ o'clock, at No 39 North Moore street, Ihe genteel Furniture oontaincd in an Id house, consisting of mahogany Sofas, chairs. Hruasels and Ingrain Carpets. Lace Curtains tnalioganv marble lop Dressing Kn rcans, mahogany and blaes walnut Beilsti'Ma. Hair Mat tresses, Festher Red*. Bolsters and Pillows, Coirforteta, Sheets. Looking Glasses, Wsshsisnds sml Toilet Crockery. Wardrobes. Dining Talde an I Chairs. Dlntog Boom aaa Kitchen Furniture. Catalogues at the lioua*. Rt. havll. ai ctionrer . THIS HAY, I FRIDAY > AI'RIL 15. at I0U o'cloi k ai eur salesroom. * 2 Liberty atreet, IIA RDWABF and CUTLERY. SILVER PLATliD WARE. ?*e. Ac. Ar. ; comprising s general assortment, in lota tn suit city and country buyers. ALSO, DRY GOODS. Ac.?Invoice* Clothe. Ibices. Edging*, Hits snd Caps, Oloves, Belts, Ai A' WHITTRMORE A HA7.ELL, Auctioneers, M Lilierly street. UK. ROLLINS ACCTIOSKRR -BY MUM.EDT A . KOU INS,?Saturday at I0>% o e ock. at ?SS llroadwav, i t ie Siocn end Flktures n: a Saloon?I a.' Counter, Ol!. Cl? lb*. Ac.. <o. | 1) p ROLLINS. aUOTIONKER. -BV MULLRDY A I lt? Ri I,lin?*, this dev. a'2 ' 'oi;, a' 4.V ('anal street, a I lot of *' i on 1 hsnd I'urnitura?H rea ?, Tables, Matirasses, i buiia. <;ari?'ts, Wardrobe* Chsni. er S ula Har Glass, Ac. I ,s VAN ? INRI-fc. \CCTIO.NRKR?VAN WINKLE A l WIN ? NS will sen at siieiioa. at II o'clock on hririay, j April I.' ii >4 II *eiy lie .ontenls of Ihe .Manhattan Racket Club. >>nil*t nj ot n i Phe sn Rililaed Table, Bar i'as: n. a, future*. Tables,*. Ac 0 A J. HOG A RI. Al'CTlONKf R3. WILL SI'.LL ON O# Saturrta.. \iril I', at |l", o'clock, a1 Ihe snctl n room* No. I North William street. Ilmneho'd Furniture, it' insist in. oi' j-'nrai. Tabes i hair*. Bfussrla, Three ply snd In^i-nin carpet*, o?? D.mnj Rou.u Clisli*. two Pianoiortaa, Gi a If*, aiicy China are. Leol>Iin; <? lasses, Psrlor S .It. Wn lis ai d*, 'I lea-Teie in r.<tis, l.oun?es Hcdsteaes. h .'sand 7: illfitg, ?{ Iteh'n Fur Iturc, Ac Also one atforio >p r ; Fee# or ^llrnlture Wsgon A'sn one brown mare, IS baud* nlitli suvesrsod. otic nay Hoi*e, .6 hands high. c A MOGAItT, Af'CTIONF.ERS, WILL HULL ON 1 ? Fri'lay. Aur i 13, at 10 O i l' Ck at Messrs. Post A Nlch uls S'ablea, p'4 Fast T*eni y-iourtli JI reel, on account of 1 whom it tnav con em. to l ay k> -ptng and enpen-e-, oue Roval Geurg* Lai M* lion. Six resrs Oltl, about I6lt hand* lngh; lias irotflld In 2 to. ! JART. AtCtlONI P.RS-WILL PELL ON | O. Wed ii. aitay. April ani| Thuialaf. April II. a^.O oelock, *t 'he corner o Frnnkf'rt and Nassau streeU, I Tammany Hall, the enilre F irultura of the above hotel, I consisting In oart of a large lot perb.r . or'eil llair Matiresse., an One Festber and Down H*de. nilowsatid StHsiers, Palllaotea. Sheet* an < V*oolen Rliffiliet', Comforter*, iron and maple Bedsteads Wssh aland* Toilet Cro. ken. I-ookinit ttlasee*; ,Barroom Furul t n re, I an," V rencli u ate MArors, CounlersHtbalr*. Restau rstii Fitriilliire an l Ulen>tle; nilliaril Room da Cataioau** will l?e rea ij on Tuesdar tnoraine t'pi. IUiW tt arc-Tionr. QJ HKHMaN ft CO AUCTION KEI'S HULL THIS DAT, i >. April 15 at II o'clock at'ha ??'iMrnftm IS Bower*. 411 I bill* Hntirhoo and tf bhla M' nonvah?u* Kvh Whlekey; i iUia rankn of Hr*ndlc* Or. i*oiL and .-lie . ytfme*, 4!lialiipH?iie* hi 10 !??? aiorage and wUloou I ?r ? far and upward* To whom It may cooc-rn QALEH OF RPVMHOU) FU RN ITW RB I. i The uudcralened u prepared 10 gi? ape nl at icotton to P LPS Op hohskiioi.d hiunipurij ?l maidenee*. on llie moat favorable term* I'iurueaconiomp'atiog riaklnc *al?e tin* neaaoa win do well to rej.1 kier tbvli oamea early u> h?c ire ? l.oioe if d.-iie. A JOURNLAV. Auctioneer Mo i 1'iue atreet. 1XIILLIAM ABBOTT AIICTIONBKR Ol yff!B NO 4 t\ I'm. ilia.?dw#v will hi'll tldadn a HI', ,,' !<)Cfc. thl content* of ilie Grocery and Liquor burr N ? 111 Vi Incrry hi n-ut?Counter* Cam-lcra, Ke:a, Beer Pumya. Flour, Meal, I'aiU. Crockery, ?taaaware. A3 V?fM WITTI'RB AUCTIONEER HOfKI IT T' <)Tf)(f f lor itale or to lei ?Tlin Kt *el*tnr H < .*1 at Cr aan Dam Wealehoater county. i? now oTe.-v' t i ilc, a w.'! he l?l to a good tenant. Apjdv to AN,.",f'.l'T Pl'RDV, near Croton Dam, or to WM WITTKRtf. 4'A C*n;?: ?tr-et Ur M W rTTE 118. AtlOTMN! Kft WIL' 8' r,. THIS day. lit 2 o'clock, ?t 4.14 Oni*1 e'retl i.w S-u|* Pier ami Mantel Mirror* fiietaln* flail Ollrdot a. 4 ' ?.p a ? I til Medallion Vc vet Tapestry, Tli i j?! v and ?>'!? 0&< ? |wl?. Centre Dluing an ? Tea Tal I ,i it, . mj, I t ,!? wai nut Hid toaowoou i'.rl.lcaaa, "la.; * .t'.ei- ' llede Bedding, inarbl* to*) On "?a ? Itur in. '-'.a*!'-, in Ik Ohlnry. O'n H Sil"erV'<r Sir ? a, Lohh^m* Chan i tad all otliet good* lot housekeeping. FOIt Ml.If. ARARP CIIANOR -POR ?AI.K A COItNF.R <IRO Cerv un l l.lqnor Store, * 'i Meat nn<l >"?ti V .? r?rl a Hoe. Ifoiae and two W,i::iiiik. iii e beat loe ilily In tlie oily nnd lias ? irood r in of cuatoiiier- leaae ol wliole bmia*T or the en vpar* at ciiean runt for oartleularn amiiy to H PHRYKR I4.r. Kldrlitjjn utieel ARtRK ^HANCK ?POR SAIjK. A BWTOH Plt'S Slioo Willi aaven #eara' rieaai'. 17 nitlex fn>ni Ne'V York HI:tnf{hlAr hon^e bo-- i??; vra^'oia and evorvtlrnn < al C ila'.'d tncar.v on t'n-bit?ine?a A(>;><v la A VAN WI'RT. Ii i anj.m street, Rnl!'? lle .d, AUMtR OPPORTIfWITV.?TUP A DVBP.TISPR, t N r.?nie^iienite of continued ill hca'tli, propo-ea to n?il hi* lombrtr bnalnen" with monldini; tnil plan'n ' ni' 'a eon itei e,t, on Secoi il avenue, Pifty thii'd an I Mil, fo i-tli eiieei? riie bn ane^n n profitable inj will lip aol'l ' .a y favoraaln lei ma ^erv htt'e money re rilred oTn r iol i-iaii, in wl:i be exitliant;ed for A f irm. Ainity on Hie pm, to THRODORP TAVr.OK ARARK CHAN' K to MARK \ POItTONR ? A PIRST fiaa* A No I I'liotosrapb Oallerv In Italt'inore for aale, dnlng an e cellaiit hualuea> tli ? proprietor ?? ali'ai i<jie-rik Irn'n b latuoaa mil go In Europe Aittrem .'olio I'lae*. lieraid o lice. APAPPR Mtl.l. ANI> PAOTORV. NKAR A WATKR laud*nif III Rrnoklvn for?al' ivit'i !W> borm? |Kiw*r vn g'Ooa, Boliera. Paper Va 'lun. rr Ar To to i ? i? pat' a v or tor.e|,ier Apply to f. BON,>, Mr i*J? :iy. A r.AROR IX)I SK'IOVO HAND HOARD Kf.TTI R :\ HeiRitea for aale cheap, at tUe Public Stock Murliance. 1 vriiiiatu atroct ANP'R TRA. CO'.'KPy ?MI (INK (jPOCMIV Store for aalc ou the loniliiu* avenue, fir*! rale lo-a Itoti old itintl b'lHlneaa Rood an I a'' r-iKh crm.ial re "ilred. Sill VW Rood openlna. Apply to !?. D KIUIIA Rt>HON A t:0.. S3 and B4 Naatau utreet An KNiiM-tii siiadfr ok chop ttockk POK ?aio ||n14w<t Mm RMaumu. c-n Km Mm* k*l. Alan a cool M'lk Itouie AIho a Provuioaa Kiore. Alio a down town l.<(i)>ior Store AIho lluke ina. W. H MITCIU'.r.r. 77 Ceaar atccct A FURNISHED RKST AU1A NT A.S'O BARROOM POR l aile or to let. suitable for a'ady or ceat'eoian. l,oiv rent and a three yenra' leaae. App'v ou l' e pie.mia-i, 7:1 Weat llniiaton Rtrect, fro'ii 2 t? 8 o'riock P. M B II.St MR.-.8 CHANCR? A I.IOHT. fP'NThltl, iiraa. located on the aecond. Pmir, front of njili aamt liiil'diufr. lielweifii Walker and firand ei'-i^ota. on Broadway, wills le.tae until May, IAt.5 At a low rent; ba^inoHH it?uir ?Iricily for ra?h. well known ui I paying liandco ue d^t?? p-olld wlllbeaoid. for apecitn reavoe.a. viih (|"? tood will atockon band, Ac., Ac. fo -M iv '?in c an 'l 'ie l>over baa no hlnc to dn bul tahe nomeaaion: iroi paid till Va*: mock on baa I, and e?erytbln? complete toi nitun e llie Iuih nraa. oa It peolila never leva ilian $|P. and often reaching 8*u, and even moT The owner tin at leaie the e>t/ no llie ?<t'!i. if he can Tnd a cwdomor. An lulerrinw m?v b" iuut b? addreaaing A. B. C.. BrOadwai' Po*l o'liee No lelt- raot Iniuiry aucwcied. and none hut print pnla dealt with. Root and khor manupactitri rs.-i or ram a I'reaa, wllli tliei fitted tlien" for glrm^ (lie crimp ln<t impreaalnn lo vntniu. of genta' faticr boota and eait?ra. now *?> f.iahionabie. Apply to J. O WH'K'OMB Macliuitht. Wl I !tn at t net. Howling am.rv kor ralf?thk hame is \l moat entirely new. Inqnti-e at 3'.) VVaircu atreet, up ataira. from S to 10 o'clock A. M T\ROOOISTH.?V ALU A BLR AND MOST PERPfr'i.y I' lilted Dru ? Stoic In tne city lor aa!e, dealmhy Im j'e.l and wall atoi-ked. and doing a goal buaiuesa App y lo HALIi. CI Ann atreet. I/IEXOI r foi fe F _ WHIR ?A I.AROP. UOT OP WIRR. RfMTAHI.R .... fencing or vioerlea, lor aale ctican by RIjII'PHK v CO., 231 Peari atreet tilOR HA LP.. I' One of Itodgera' Patent Tnbeceo Cutting Machine*. Apply at 2)7 and 2IH Water atreet. Ftik BALR-A HOTRI. AND BARIOOK. OOIVO A large biialueai. Will be anld fur $'J.(|0'l worth $:i.U K) I ? any one who wanta a place of the k'nd Addrooa hox t#l Herald odlce. Itcaa .u for aoUiag the owner la going to California IPOR HALR?STOCK AND FIXT0RB8 OP A CROCRK ry. Glaeaware. Ol and Lamp Hloic, now MM ? (OOd hutineFa. It i? one of the most ta*t<- atore< of the kind ? ti Itiooklyn; tbero la llkewiae every facl'lty for Inereaalng the btHincM IT dealred To the right party t'ae rent will lie ie tnarkabfy low. Hatialai torv renaona given lor aelling oul. Apu'v to Me art MATTHEWS A GRBBN. No. 24t P-?rl ?irect. New York. For mai.r.-iron railing for salr cm ap, twenty three feet, la mice divialoa*. in .iodine gate. Apply at 21 Aun atreet up ataira. JOHN COCGHTRV A CO. r;CR Milt?tS> mood Wit* OP A PBBD RTOBB, I' fnv .rahly altuatcd with a coo I and trowing lutalneaa; will be a.ild al a bargain; doing ?? good a liua'tiea" aa any lu llierliv. Can give good . nd aatiaf.icinrv reaaoti* for ael;in,j oat In'iuir ut 42 I Co iiuaia atreel, H. IIAI.8TF AD, .lr For rale-thr stock and pitturks op a fancy goods and trimming aiore; Me amok ia well ae le led and la doing a trood limine** in one of the lien a ? ni.ea in Bi o?-k'vn. wi'I lie aolo low on icniat of ill health. lu<|uirc a' till Myrtle avenue. Biooklyn (^i)R SALK-FIVE YEARS' LK ASK. ATA LOT P.RVT ' of Ftore and Bu- 'iaent, norifiwr at cirnT i?f Second avenue and Portv nl.nh al e'l, < v *r? anpcrlor anil notce location for a froeeri and IWidor aiore; e?eei|eni local on; onlv to a en lie io plcaac. Apply to P tMIKKIOAN, Jr., 7ti Tblr i avenue, near Fiftieth street. For salp.-a oroci ry and liquor siorp, sit i ate 1 in tne l ira: Ward Atore ivel! ?lo< <ed, nnd a leaae of four "earn from tbo fimt o! Seniemher nc*t. Kent Co lera'e, md paid tin lo the ? ri?t ol ,l ne *1 uat b" a ild on account of |h" owner being about to le've the country. In iiuifrall04\Va .bin ton fcireet, com ro Liberty. noi S4LK-TIIE I,RASE AND POMITVRB OF A I Saloon, in the central pai l of the cl??. dolntr a nrolita ble bngineai the nreaent proprl'for lea . In3 tbe entintry la the rnaaon for ^etfiiig; it c\n bad eltber wll'i rr ultlioiit l'ie I'rrnlt re Apply to TIIOM \8 OKAY. 182Grand atreet. ba>e:' enl. Fob sale-nf.w ?nd skcond hand machtbb ty of all kloda, at ?4'i Pa?t lloiiaton atreet by i HAS JORDAN. D*OB S* LP?TO MANUFACTURES (IF PLVTiTD r ware and other*, alt the Toola Machinery, n>ea and Mxturc* with flood Will of a well eaabilahed buaiiicM of I eighi ye.-ira'H'atnling. u ifh a good and i eliaule nulom For pirticuinr* in pi tre of J. IORKIjKFP. Xt4 W.iahi.i.Mo i { strec. Bo ten f;V)R 8ALB?CAST If.ON DR\I\ PIPB.-4JWI PBBT ' of II Inch Pu>e: 5.0ua feet of ft Inch I'lpe: S.nKt fe< t Of 4 I Inch Pipe. 3.0C0 reel of S Inch Pipe, with i iltina* Al?'i a large !o< of Camair d Pip". Pit mber*' i 'acllug* ot all kind* on hand and u *oe lo order, al t ie pipe loundrv. '0 Greene ?treat. A RK\DY FOR 8 \LE ?A PORT 4BI.E STRAM ENGINE. OFTFN borae power, with gear tor bniitlus. in good order, I aultt' le for * dork builder or Ktn-Tdore, Price JfitlO Arply I to WEED A DKCKl.K. taiiiitoune Skating Pond. Pulton ? nd No**rand avenue*. Brooklyn FOR RALE?ONE OF THK RKST CORNPR MO' OR Store* In the city. None but a oaah eualomer need ap. plf. Addreia Wttllami, Herald office. CIOR SALK?A WRLL ESTABLISHED FRED AND r Livery Stable Bu*lne*a at H' nter'a I'oint nproalte Island depot. I be nr <prletor bavmn other bu^no* requlr Ing hi* attention would olfer lndi.cemc?t? to the rli;ht man. The bullillng could he turned Into a hntrl. which wo Id ? av. For narticiilar* call on A. L PIM*BT or II 8 HP. BBVOIBB. IS* Naaaau atreet. New Yora TpOB RALE?TUB 8TOf!K A?fD HXTURBS OF A CON r feetlooery. To? and Paper ytore doing a ?ood fcu*ii e**; reiaon* for *e ling, the owner going in tbe country Apply at 2SS Third avenue. FI^OB RALE -*i>0 i'ASH WILL BUT THE BIHINKSS t'oftee Room and Par Furmiure, Htgne, I'olea and Flag*. Ac . of the Hotel B"llevue. corner of Deinett *treet ami Paliaade arenue, Weat H di.igen Hummer amine** ?plendld. ear* (topping before the door. T7IORHALE-A lot or GLASS PARTITIONS, EI.RVI n I feet high Iilld *itty leef long with door*, lu rare of H. LIVINGSTON A CO., No 7 New ?treet. rftOR HAl.E?AN EVGtNE :M nORSE POWER: TRRBB Cylinder I: alera. t?! Inche* In dfanieier and ,T3 if? ? lone for particular* apply at IliFra-tklin street, or at ibr di* tl.lery In New BruniwloV, K.J For salr-a plvmrjng and gas pittino rs. tabllahment. will, ?tnck of Lead Pip Rraa? Cocka. !lr dranii.Gaa Flvtorea, Tool*,Ac . wl'l be aold.n^ the on urr uaa Otiier 1 in una to *?ten ? to The above ah p i* doteg n nod bu* nea*. with a griod rnn of cnucnaer* and In * gone Icca lion. Apply at 2!U> Sccoed atieet, Brooklyn, K. L> , f?r five day*. F>?>R 8ALE?A PIR'IT CLtSS RRR I'AI'RANT IN THE be*t hualueM location down town Addten* P. I' , ||cr ?Id oiiice. L1l|R SAI.R-A WKLL B8LABLISHPD PEED \VP I Livery ftable It ainea* nt llonter a l*tiint opiioatte Long l*li?id depot. The proprietor l'*ying other hu*me?* renin big hi* itt 'ntlon ?ou!d o'fe? IndncemenU to the Ight irar T!>e building cmld he turned intoa hotel whlc i would p.iy For pirtteulam call on A. L. VINNEV, or H. S pp. BEVOItIP, IS.' NaNcau (freet. New York. |^OR MAI.E-ONK OP THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR I Store* down towiL, known a* .1 ffnt ?ttecl. oppo* ? the New Orlo in* and California atcamcr*. Inquire on tue pre in tie*. FOR RALE?A WHOLI SALR AND RKTAIL LIQUOR Atore. with or without Stoik, Apply to MATTIIKVY TI'LLY 41 Mott atreet. .. ,. |A>B RALE?IMPROVED STBBIi COFFEE WILLS JF iathON Al* feet to i ? L et gear: a two hore? Engine nnd Bat'er, Cliopiiing^Ma-hlnc, amall Portable Rii'lne. *ullahle ferjlgfct work amtth a Bellowa. .tiilnrh; ? rew Fnirhank* S a^e, |I,I1>? lb*.: 20 Inrth Htone Mill, ?m*!l ln:| te?alon; Koilei, with blawk platna Apply at t42 We?t Hlxieenth at. litOB salp CRKAP?POMBSMQR MAY t?LBABB I" holtl two Mory and atilc-hrlo Dwcnttflg IB Amity ?treet twenty taie yenr* Irom laftj rent $*>'. taiea and aaaeaat nient*; prl/t ege of purrliaaing at fft u?i Ihe fee elinpf# ? In rtv mi, *lili alleyway to rear ?' <o? In mite if (1 Dtl rdcIIK, 126 Grecoe airei't KOR SA liB. flOR rtAJ.K CUBA. " *U,E CABH-ONE OF Tll|<! HUNT w boluMle and rt\ ?? Llniior fcioio? in Uie 1'uurtuaiiui ward on a promluent ^ rner- 1loiuy a fcood bu.sicie*jL Amu* to W M ABBOTT. No frfc ^MSnmimuy kn ' FOR *Al.K_f IIKAf K ,'OT,?1 LHlUKH AND Saab Partition A< * % b '' '<?r a parly wi-btur to build ?11 ollice W Liberty a.real, 1 *?nt " : H, lUlrU liuor Fob balk chbap-j ,v? ' am taiilps with ok without Hollers ?u,i > Veg^ubie .nd S Copper CoHgc aad Tsa Holer* 1 Bar A* ,UI lAI.' l'uni, ?,n? tie loi i r ..ajtaj' , I . Jr ? ""o AJdroaa A U C Herald ..mco Ij*OR HALl! CHEAP POR 01 SH-K OP THR HP8T ? wlioli-nale and i- iH u n-or ' ->e> < in tlie Mlitli w i i with Hi* iv - - not j!,t^ i.ikm. ? \ i r?iy to wii,i.uir AIIHOTi. No. i East Bro-flwar |jt IX Tti KKn OP A V. i I,[,IN lav AND IMNi!V tfOIti: ?I ' nuiiwtiiii, of Hr h im. i! ,4., CAtU, ? Oi.iK.tar mid <? r nil* W Uf*. W?H llMIV -.1 nr)(| J. ,,, I V...IHI Ha. to I..- M>:j '"heap Ipure at 4/1 Kit ill, avenue, l? twe?u J wentv -miatli an.' I'weiity-aev -011 *1 net* Fmxtukks Kor -iAi.i-.-rim pixti'J1'i:s w rn? hat autre No ;H Hrimdwai ^ ,r ,Vid> V, HONl IV Kill., Oil tlu* 1 J ?'' il applied, ?"'??< patent!.- I iiiven ii.? aonie mine lieu ol a v invi.ed toc.iw <im>i ctainiiic ?? tbo "tlivculoa' Agency." 11J Naa-.a'l H'r?et C'iirARTriCRSIU?. A I'.IRTNKR V.'ANTMJ -TO M AtVrtPAOTi'l'E A MA l\ cinae railed Improved Ve^.-.?c!?: I uttci. patented Mnrea 1. lint; or. 1 if hi red. i:e vail* pilou! riyUt u-ill l;o ?ciu. 1 ne >im> hinr ?v; up 10 tlie ps-ini Liin'mr hoc ?tk it'.' for liuiel*. 1 m i ir.'ing, outer k i >j ih j 1 .,i.- hu . Iioukci a-* it will *? 1 as in < U vr^etilile^ to *nr iliicliiirca' in ll. e to 10 ii I '.s HS 1 an lie cut wit'. .> ,,e a| paraliib III :i 'IV . "? ?'"""?i "M eomiiiiia tii?'e. I Ik- tili'O n 1 still ne sci (., ? >: ordinary nnrnn-ji wiUioiil nitei (ci'in.; \vtth thf worki j-; t iho m?i iiino In onlie ol C DaaiiL JH Rt, ,n,.? M ti^e the ra? rnuif Uti ne fciH-o. AI'AKT-HM tt'ANTKD?WITH #St) IN CASH I H A aa r an(t l<icratlt?i liuHluetH v? iei ? ilitiei in Of doiibifl itie atuo iut c eaidJ every mimtti Appty at IS;) Kront Mlrttei I'IjOYKO it CO. L'OR SM.K-ONK IIAf.f IHTVUKBT IN A WKM. Knon'ii 'irai (l:i? e<nibHioi, noiv preparing 10 travel ton.ive iKi.ibe nppili'aotx 10, tUe eiiance mu? n.e fi: tun' Addr<<si O M.. Ili raid olllne [TOR SAl.fc ? I1AI.K OK A VAMfARI.I' OOWN TOWN l e-tai>usii"d buiniuM. j-l'ii: proniH , i>0 1 yearly, wr 1 rnain?fnu nt a baiuam Si ponoi Diuiu4 ind I'luikini; m. loon m llM'laon avenne. Hrooklm jin'l.i, ureal biirtf ? ia Ad dremi Y., He, aid otliee, lor two day* | NTK11K8T WANTRD?Ol TH It UK IIUMlKP.D l)Oti I lar?, IU a aiuail ireisel or raua' I'M. <111 me iiriviieae of riioiiliits her. AUdrumi T. 0., lie' aid 0.1 PARTNER WANTED?WIT1! A SVAl.l, < aI'ITAL. 10 _ piirt.ia*e one Ira I lutereit of a ietlrint{ onrtnor 10 an e,l'?bii?li.! 1irnii rnaiiiifartnrniit busiuexx. Apo'r to SYI. \ ISSl'KIt A CO.. O'.'i Itroadwny. PARTNKK WANTI I) ?Willi ?j,W CAPIi\l, IN A peaaanl atiri proli.nbic cartli b ihiiie.,. O11I. iiui-b a/. !t""uov "r? r,>" "( iKeii-it!?, iTera'd ?m?*7 *"U A"Jre? Jamea. q^O PRINTERS-A I'RACTICAt, PRIMTKil. WHO nAK J. a M'w iim. -aoa uoIimth In <u#?n?? .* or n\AilaOIr property mny af'iuna an mi rf*i in a 'n. tc 100 olllne In ililn city, lb it 111 bi 111 in -i rutin n id $.1,01)0 pei anntin None but a prar 111:111 -unable id managing tbo entlra me. nor tiuo ol tbf 'tiKlurai will auiL Addrem. aitli rele-em en ry|M>. care 01 JoSiu Uoopei A 1 a.. adi-citi-ilnK ail-iuu tnuei building. rjUlK KiltM Of OKORflK W NATHAN H IIRNRY I Nathan do ok bu?ioe<H a? Kxcbance Itrolcera a I to (?reonw.cli >lre*t N< w Vorx eny. h.ii,ih tliv mskoitcd bv mult ?: . oiimiut, ueuige W. Na iian rcl' iiii 11 H N K Y NATHAN, v v . .. -r 080RUB W. NATHAN. Ki'? V.i t*. Ap II 7. I8IM. t*rANTKD-A SPECIAL OK ACTIVE PARTNER "I with a t ?pil?l ol (i?e mo .sand dollan, lo 1 1 1-ii' 1 i/-. 1 ?'' I eMaWialinil. m vrlilch t ?. .n, nil , ? 1 l e lie-1 of rati reni-e gireu. Ailnre,. )< I'.bM Po?t Ollice. WAKTED-ltEI.IAIil.K PA'rTIKS, T.i t : '. IK HM ?I >.1 ? H ? 11 an'i 1.1 ,.tia; mon ?? 11.. ? . ,. , | q Iv; 01.1 K .??. all to 1 capital re]., led. am, ,j t, tl IlUt > OOu. I? I'ifcr Mri'i'l, roo ,1 No. : XI'ANIl'D?A TOUN'J Of- ffj" VAN, 1?IP |{I?UC\. >> 1.1 -iKi.l ?ddre*?and e 1 - y wi b rr.i-u $:?? 10?smi at nu romn..intl in lake a l.n.f: ?-l?i --f n t;?. mblioatlon 0 ;w *U ?? t Minis,I A Id 1 u*9 (' lion ,U1 lleia.d OiitC*. ' 'SflOO ? PARTNER \CA"15.> U-iTII THE ABOVE VUUU. --I 11. in i;o ;l , H LI ,i am rear* an ener^fli foMij man t-e'r. I wuj rnuld t ike <liar"e ol ? ' ??i ?; - Aa*~?r Ci7n/1 IN" ? ? I.I.KN I>AOK.S TO INVEST IN - -Ml' I \/'J la'f nio-iev malviog biMlm, * i',?t wj|| |,P>rt(l0 r ? *c?t niveau., a n. |Adtiie?? II. M p., ,, j.0? 0lic diving pirticuiara and v lieie an in'*mew may be bad. QTnn -ANV iy'00 PAEINO fUISINKSK THAT HE | w ? t. quireii $,0? lor an Ingram in name will add* 4 lii.nicUuteiy A. U. S? Herald ollice Q I **?()() ??T"K \DVEKt-8|.:r.; 0R8IRB 1JIR Cp l?Uv v# fti ov? ci|>itil ajjij c ? 'iporiitiiit) of & ffiiicn. All'!? |-jr::.r lii orgniii/atn?n or a mnalt oinr n\rv?k eorm>?n? tliut ^ Hi l?e taglitnmte. My *00,1 dividend* an.1 tlie tiock be e?s?r!ly nought for. AUdrrtt ?'mr, i!era)<l o ti^e. C'Sj ()00 -''^"KRIWANTKII. in a RESPECT. iDC.'/uU. abh .in l In rallve bi aiiicin. with an fti.e ncDC. ,1 man. A| ply lo Mr. MOROAN. .'?l l ine Mreet room 22. between II and 2 n clock, or 10 I'OKTI.R A CO 3M Broa<iwMy, room &9. .?VEtl'fOKs- AO I K V?111 VAK.SAl) IlltlCr \' IfKBIi ran be f ..unine I . ??e ,.k ?.v,ph1r.l> >, rd I1? |, v,*",l' tI'll" p|?, t IIIUfM winch til, y ) < a. hi I or if mi e a hi- i super, ir I -.rdri-iry me.- ini iij. vuatiitaat?' ii'iioli be' '1111111 imirar ? fNVENTORH' Ai)l*' i V, lip Nas.-MH KTI'^BT --fl.'i/IK I I may tv? Hi-eo the flotiijiron iv Wa .hltit Ma Inn ? |tj. only aoirmon Ni-nae 1 1. f4r w ,1,.,, lllv. j j- . ? il<viirinit b-iaineat, hI>o d .|?t (all t ) ajtin'l'n.) ii Stale nrtit-i ? loroa'a. lerm* in" rs!/i 1 KPVERS'IN Ma'KKT?OMR ?)(,? fllP I.ONtiril' tl -mahl'sjed Si lo.-nie 1 liir'Vr '? tii'1 1 in tlna it lot ,at*. No li lu pine ,t a V &N WAK'I N > 57 Oruvo street. | AOIE.H' AND 1 IIILDREN'R rtriOT'* nT 'r?p port IJ Half.?One of III . ??! ,,, 1 .,1 and ina-1 de 1 1I1! ? in Ho Imi fit, e^ali atocke i 11 fatly lit' "I up, a 1 I do in; ? . hj 1 , a?li business. A iian r> 11 r.-.l r'TW I' iC ? Wi>f?l> M Pine mr??t MACIIINI lt7 AM) NIU7 BTP.AM PN(|!N^ KOR eMr at a,n:l..i I,'lav April I'1. IH1' 1' ' .r Im-li A V ?I 117 I.ile-r v i eft. hf-.w-eti Or .'riwicll .treei iud Broadway hy w .1,1 )T(?m a OAHl'i'it .? ? n ? ??? iviivlalim o' lir; ? w 111 ? m Inn-1 ,1 STant Tnnili'l! but i -? . (j. i*iiHi-? a ??j Han." - . r i-nna' Iron r u .vc , v.i* ON E Cil AN OK IN PIVK riMOStNl) -H1K RAl.f. A 0?wn HUUt. loilig a lar.-ie aab |J'is,11 ?'ss. nti oi? ? of Ibe great .-si t nore-.m-.i ta Unitlyn Addreia It W, OiiJi ?oi H(*ra 1 ulJi !o'" "iie v(?el: ONE liAlli'K I>lHl.t.,t IJOO:t II ItUlN.rS MA II /(Nil ton unvtiii:a si . . .1 . I.ur i( ?. for K?lc -lo clone to an estate?in tore No. i.ilifrty Htre 'l. pilTMClAN3 ?AN Ot.O K4TAKMSII: l? IlKti'; I .More 'or sa-? .11 Tl- i.lvn, anrablf for * pli^H.e an? $J01eaah Apply lo 11 ai/.; ?: An 1 ?lre , Nbw Vnrii. V2TKAM I'NUINE ;??);{ SAI.P ? A STAT1(>?AltY I'.tl k? glue. e>~!ii n,i. imwer, rom..l.ete vi 1:1 r.a r 111- u ih Iwelvelni'H t'lbolHr > 11 en te?'l/ new never been i.aed. App y lo III- UV t.. Hlfll )l.... Maidoo .an fflO PRINTIiPS. ?? OOOO PMANC.E TO WTiltl' IN J litr.iness Pn.' i*a e tbe Htock 04 Preancis and I'yp" in an < stall tulie l pimitu o:br< wuli a g.M>i con ,? ml plen'y ?r work oil. M-iag. App.,(oi.l HANKY. UiNi-a Ktr?*<?t. roo it No .'.4 IPO RAKERS A 10 OTIIKRA-FOR Hf.:.". Till-. ' a >i) "in", Home hi, I l,ol ?n n n t!i a.?'. corti"i of Ore-u>?i'!i and I er, H'reels, wllh s;, o-n- ml va. Ita I.udei skI?.i?;?. t upiial ilj, loi a lijnoi moio 01 ?Hakatrr U II Ml I t'll I I,:, 77 Collar at 17r. BltAirilNH M Af'H I li !{S. WITH lAIILiliS ANO ? l*? Kivt.iran In.iilre or U. TIlO.Hl'si>N c.irner o, Twenty-lulit Riw?t ami FU'Ht avenue. '^'VrO ,!"V 0f"'; f)' *,Jh B'5ST PAEINO ?|Ptt lM Oiiiuiu. Iiriiikiog U.lliard .Sai ion* in a mod locilain anil a yei y la. ren.: . nl.n i! ? ?ii.h? of ecloii Apply a .slnppnit', On" e | o 0.ii.i,mi ?tre,M. OOf) " OI-POKTIINITV IN A MANU . t.9, Jt^Vr, laciiring business iimlu'j ineana can ne THE BALL IBIHOH. Ci BAND INVITATION HALL OF THE MKOOND KHOt J ii.rut. N. V. h Militia (fclf hiv-1'ronil N. ?. Vetei no Volun" er?.) a* the Appolto Room*. <ni Momlay. the lRtli <1ar of Apir. II'* Ticket! can be obttlneii from any of the follui 'in; lientlemen W*. LUDilATR. IVealdent. J,, TnoMrtW. Trea?urer Hk> A U<K??r, Bpi retarr. ri.ooa Ktiinii, WILMAM LUOOATR. ri.uoK conMirii ?. Jubii Lear/. William Oradjr. Lewi* l>U?aU. Bnui A >1 iruef, Mlclixi i roicT, Lewi* /.urn, .Iiihn Leonard, Luke (J linen, Icilm i.ibaon. Will, Doel iig. Jam*'TIiotP*'"- Henry l! Amtia. STi ih'U II rranri*. Oeorge H. Burtu. KKCirrio* COBM r;i" Will a to I< i iiaie, Ckai le* Iteilly. Jubti l,<'*rv Henry O. Auatui M ,>Iin John Travn Win II Prancli, Kran' ? vlcl iraner I'UMHiriM Of AMtlflKMSNTa. Jame* Tlwnjiieon, tleory Auvtln, Wi lli1" II l'i uieia, dearie Mathewa John rm? l?. le* iteilly, \\ .i m LndfaM, .lo:m Isvtrr, M t mi Oearge iHurt I ? \\ ii <? ail< Krjuci* Mdaraney Wm Ue'?'iey, U ATl'IIES, JEWKtiCf.T, 4tC. ? t 7." BI.Ki;> KKIt KTRKBT TOU 0\S illtl AfN 35 J\ i,r r?. more lor Dlam< mla, Watciie? Jewelry, fill rer Plitl- (inn?, I'istol*. l>ry Uo<?d?. ,*<> N. It.?Also I'iwb. broken > -*t? nfchl the abbrc <ir etc*. ? T t v WAlCHKR. DIAMONDS, JKWKLKV, ULVRR A Plate,tJ'uia, Pl*t?l?, .* hoovht.-- I will iiav M | er r> nt moi ii-*# CkO l?e obtained at any othei tun tie in 'lie titf V B.?-Ai?i? rawBbroli#ra' Ticket* warn* tl f?r tlio miiiTf ?rti. e? at ih? came rale. (1 y hi'ad way, coiner of lloiutonatiee:. up metre. moms. \8fll RfclHA TUB RIOHBIT VRICK PaII> FOR Diaun ?,W."triO* '"welMT. ttiieer Plate, .><? Being a thorough j ulge. tbot# "lalitng to <|| ,|>ose m the atium ur tirvm in i?-v .n reiTlni; their (Mmuat raine: or, if pre farreit, * >?" " iuf<teon the same, be joa fHHiOMUN, du ir broker, <!' Broxjway, above lloirard atreel D1AMtOLu'flOLP AND ,IV^RR DIAMONIM, OLD (?OLO AND SILVKR. Person*?!?' wiah toaeil Dumonda. rtiii uom, HiiTer, oran* , k:n>l of o' 1 '-blo'inl Jewrfnr, go to LOUU AbHIt'lL 7.M Broadway. A |?*UiTe fan lie jiay* Sil per rent more tlmn I any Ofher person HmmMw In New York a nreth.-a t I minUiraiMt tbo late .Warliii Van Hmen Make no nix take??S Bieadway, unde< the Mew Voi a Hotel. M/ATUBR* *N" ?'BWKl,KY W Of AIA 0BB0RTPT40NR ' r fiRO C. ALLRM (16 Rnmlwif, One ilv?r below t. anal attoet, furtuyri? II Wall ?ti?ct, n?rBbi<ANHOiii>. i COMMIHRIONKR OP dkedh for NEW Y'HtB. /V Ht-w Jortey, Onnfrtlout. Oillforoti, Main#. II jum* rhtr tin Minannfl. Michigan Ohio, !V?tu*rl*anla w*Hf Vlrginii DalAWirtf, Wfacorafa, Idaho Colorado Novada Ac.* ui at ?jkk> liiundo ay, Moil'at Building, room 17 4 J. RKSZ fR! Rfl!\N VlfThRINARf iUIMf BO*. OF JlL* KIt'Hl t, Will U'Uat all dla^aa#* Of animal* U.Ucrt Z16 tueyUi autav _ AKARKKR. WITH I If \.\ MIIiRH OF THU urnf.oi iir?? * to make a com *???. far the delivery ol IVJ n*>aiia of milk dafir, Suinliv ow?pt*d a* tt?? Fallon m?rkit ulip Apply lo K K H A KRIOIT 14 Pin?i atroat, ha*>tn*nt Aftl.W fOR$l rAT TfABf^K RKCIFRRWFC FiWK. and in?t?* ** AV, to make Sherry Wine. J* mai< a Hum Oinwr vVin** ind Loudon Otn at half the o-nal coat All i'bOHv wipAh fe-ul poaip-ll f ?i $!. Addreaa P '/? Urow i?, Ma*t mi U. N. V Any r \ rtt r.h iTArtwa BirsrifB^s to ihsihmk ov ."?n comti.'HMion or by apeoia! agreement. am'.h .ia aidting ou> obtaining rin ' uf 'a h inv?'stiiii* iri good mtf.* Uu*in ai ebuncoa. will pie*H? oat! on J 0 MIL ION AC O , 24)8 Broftl war. pBAUTirUr* FaLKR MOfWl AO" Ml?CAN NOT Hft 1.1 'leteir'-' l w >*?u !?r? cetiU iu a pit n?mt ft-e* !?) moil, >' nd at amp f ??? "? fOMl'V"1* A ldr?iw tfluiN Um I \)r> Poaf oflieo, Nrvr V irk T\ r. M/PSMALf'S ATARRI! ANHFK M TUff RKiT J t mn#*dy Known i > caturt b urtrt ill dw*.?i?* ?? **i i?- \ hy a cold ?n tike rt04?i r?r H druggim* nfVORCK* LROAli^V PltO?HlttKD IW AN^TH Kll S'j f'">' pr'.vionn fVorri *ny or country, without pnblk ur or ohaai#e of reaidciimo !i?*mpa.tth. -f\ ,lo-..?r?i m 5t.ll ,lr?inkfMin? H? Wifflfietll ???"??? Ki.ww^itniil I A 1 n .? fM?? and '? mr?ii#*riti?l A?n>iytoI! 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Tin: vj.jobok towrii RRSTOHSra l\* iii )'?ir Wfrtk* l>v ilr Rlt-'ORO i |.a*..mi-?* oi v* l>' Tin* wonderful umt will "l>Ht U i - I wln-tticr iriKtn ? ??" .il.-i-f ili^ ol rltiliAt- >r n?tn> *l Hi" "in ! r?'ni'*o.| (?? mi'r tli? u>o?i inv.itomi ' -^?f> i? '?"ir v.^Kn K:iilinr i* iiil|n.s<l!il" l?f iiir iH>* K??jn?*-if Mftt ? i? with iu>lrur'ioit* ( .. ?.???. foi ?r I'Vir lysnt.',.. ? r> ori?* tor i> I "ii-nl Otrnf>illr |i:i "II r r.""il i'.-ic ? Ijv I.. 1'N"|' <.'ir>"ilai i^i. fru oil r?vi|i'. (,. lour ?t.imi?. I'llII/!' Ri)t.AMI) I''? ?7 [?:???? Vork ?>>? I i<?r 'Vint ??? Hr??ilw%v k*\R3LF mawtr^s.-the Br?^r i-lack in tiik M , lit ? ? !? Trim ' ell ? ??! I ?"?? ''"??"I""' '* y. \ KI.a;?:'.R-s Mantel Mitii'lf* t?rv 1rt Ku l i;.i-?>aUi hi f?- ii-'u Tliir-I iVBiiue N>'? Vorli (Jilt thiH ml IfAltWjR MANTKI.S ?A F! N K HKI/?,.'!1'I>).V OK M \ :i jVa l?> M int ?!* ?? h:i > I ?n l <?'! ?? ???! ",HM i:"' a,.. hI S KKAIJKK'M M ir!>io Ya- I, r?l I'lisi *vi>ii>> ?. in-ir Tlitrl Hn-fl. 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Pl'RIIR1 ? ANO 0N ( / furmaUo l. ?Two ai Aatona. unt I nrt !' at Itahway. V one on llndaOM iiv.-r, one >< !?? >l ?l le. N I Konia #i>> lo CflO per aniiuiii H CIIAItLKS K MILLS. M f ' larafrpot DnarRAiiLF iiookm to let?^run i'm i.oii floor fi'i ernomH nt l?o-:?- III Teul!i afree' '!! Breroort place). (Tan lift ae?'u from II la t ^ PORNIIRRD IIIIFSE ? A pamilt. OW ' I V.NO A r ania'l ltr..? n ?t?.n? liO'?e. In a vary .lo .irvhle lo- atlon hel veen Mailiaon ami F-nrlli a' -n irv T? nl> ?l?t>th and Thirty.iourtIt street. aewlv f.:ril'?hP.l ?!?!< thn .'realeai rar?? in tl?o monf plctjaot and *o nn ?*to asv.t* ' iron jliont (a perfect boudoir), will * *11 til* ??ntnho ?* u with one vnarw ifiao from U? Mav noxt t-i ? ?. r. wil'ina to pay afa?r prim. Art?lri*at Oaa.i. atii- on i> I oat 7 UOHNIRIIEO MOUSE TO I,El X ? O -V. )"* i.|, a mily loeatel llo ??? ?n TI>irt-.M.,..rt'. *?>,..?( Rent fv ) n B. near |/?w?- -n I a' C*nlr.! I ai < V? ; '? '? r' * itlgli si ">|. I'ott.'.aea doul>e lota. Ha at $?."> A|i|?ly ?t M I'lnestii el e.ia'ollic". nOT'-spS TO '.FT? PITRXISMRP VHP UNI' IRTISH p I alao a l .r e nnir.tN' tor aa> Rent I rotn $r0'? to S'llh'K) I'rio"*. $f..0?>to$i^ * ? charles K MIf.LS '? Tet ar Uree' rro Li r sproND floor and okr i.\roe rook I on ihir.1 I'OOI I'iM'ae ronlilna all iiii>leni lmi>ro?e meni'. Rent *"*.tK? ReterBm-oa e*c langc I. la'i'ilre on the premise*, 1IV> Allen atreel. mo TjRT?AN OLD RSTARLISHfD OROCKRV WITH I Stock and Kivlurea. foi ?ale I,, alert at If'' l.aat 1 wentr r.fih . treei aeveutv live teel we.' of second avenue, with of from thn-e to fiir^ veai 4, and doing: a goo t mialneit. Rentrheip. In itiir^ on the prcmiaea 1 rw> IET?AN E LEO A NT I'OI'R sTORT HIUII .-TOOP J brov n "tone lVjae. Heyenleen i I (Hover lonkimt Siiivveantit ?< inara rriitj$-.4'>t Alao ele^anio'' nlshed ll<ine? on Fifth a veil re Apply At .? Plae nttAt.coal odice. fPO LET??? ORNISH '? t}. A UK i#v STO.VR BNOLIRH I llooa ' Ml F**t T'it lle'h att-e-t, IrJiu May I Apply toJAMKS DAVIS. Jr. ?WMedar at. __ _ riH> LEI-THE WHOLE UPPPR PART OF A HOUSR. I tf.r hoarding I he lent would Oe partlv laken n Board /ppty for particular* ?i No I9U T!urd avenue, oorn?r of Elithtoenil. atreel TO LPT THE riVR STORY AKO BARKII?KT STOPP. Vo VI Leonarl *'re..f. wlin immedialo pimeaaloa. App y to R D. LAWRKWCK. Weal Thi.ty ihlid atreel rro LET-A r URN I SURD WIREE STORT HOI'RE. IN I P.> rth alreet near Bowerv I rum May to November, lo a amall lanntv onlv . alao ta amal. nwell.ns ol , room* and; rant?t-V?; al*o a laree ( one hour from tba city, partly f>iroi*h?4 Apply at W7 Puurth atreot. TO LRT-IN WILLIAMSBURG. LOWER PART OP no> ae 14 Sn.ith Si-ihaireet water ca<..*r: r>ut?S,5 Apply to CRUMP BROS., 00 Na*?.au ilreet. N. Y. my LET?THK I PPBS PART OP HOIHF 1W .BASt J. fhirlv nintn alreet; ae'-ond llu"' aud part ui tlitr<l. w' jf* ,Me of waahtoom. All modern Improvement* Apple in KDWARD IIINK. lMlowery. rro LET?PU UN I HI! ED AND !JIiri'RNn?HBD. I norsKs iix arATBN islvrd. .t renu ranalni: from ?H>' ie ?i.'?0 r<r ?nn m. Permit* Of A. JOURNKA Y. No. 81'ine ?tr?*t. rro I T T-A COTTAOB IIOUSK AT THR CORNER OP I K'fln avenue and 127th atreet. II ro >m*. with nil the modern Imi-ovemenU : rent $I.W Apr'y to JOHN Nil I'M IIT HM*tlt ?ti?el and Tli.r l ?*enu*. rro RtNT?A PU aS^T (iOl'NTRV *Rh8?I.KK0K OR I dinar 'v fiirnlahed. with abOui tlilriv * re. of Land In a hlwh atate of e nllviillun . an annla orchaid ol verv choice fruit. w|lh Inn to 1.0'reea in full 'learmt, nlao a pencil ?r cnar.l ..' ilie Heal varely alao nee rirrrjr. and all H>e nuiAller friilla, with an eicellenl car.len The h .uae 'a ahmt ui11 ted . tua/^u in faout an.l c .r; wing <>? each end nlmr-t Ki I. oontaina thirteen room* wlih hall 'liroueh the ceo I re; ie!lar undo tli* wliot# houae. nt? .? tenani iion?e oo one toi ner of the premiaea; three lent wella of aott waior Tne location I* aboui twenty on* nil e? >y >iouhe r.i road; one 'loui'a ride from the C|I> can inn almoai every hour ilallv the ep,?i inartcr of a mile fro n the prjmiaea. co*-a. f iim wa ua, variety of farmiusf men<? wiin po.ilirv can he had II Paired; would fr-'fer ?i ?eU a lie f?J? ?r ?,?r r ., .n |,or.?a with oirrtai*. l.aroe?? .le The a hire pro I,..r.y will he ?t fur one yea' . a tlie i?> ?at !??'noVtT Fi.r further pnrlica'ni ? In pilre of BRN ?* wri ist.un ai. the uill -e of A. H. Stbley. ri P>na atreel. I OF1N TO LRASF-THRRK UPPPR 4dt?7, NEVR J J Hi.milwn* and Dannl. Three upitM "SxT.i He,.4* lie*. ( hnr . >i ... 4 >.nd Third."T I, < anal; aii letiiin fl leafia, I via Firat or Smri, an Hru lway in Twn tipper. I" "" Whl'e alr*et ?is Itow- rf. Heeonil L*fl ' ' hea*. Sis no we ry. ,, ? ORItKLL SMCednr a'r*?t liriiLla FURNISHKD IIOUSK TO I.EI-IN A OOOD \V Mention. Mo lh Bro-ikiyn. teaa .nahia rent A.ldieaa A. N riemld <> .ce ,)7- FOURTH firBRRT. NEAR LAFAYRTTR .Sl?) plate.?To let waihoui Buar I lo cenilemen on,y a harOaome anil of Par < ra. ti. ee deep. : urniahe l or un luru ahed. flom lai of May. Alao ?ihe Boom*. IIKKIR AJICK. Firp insurarcb RI mn:'ss -hnr op. two pap. tic- ,ff' the right kin I nt wanted, to loin advtittlaer. a, man. Ir Mrm.i? ? now 9r*t claaa H, , Inanranc- iMtnnn.y Addreaa. with paifeulara, Pirn lo anranne 11 era! n ollir# 11SI KAM'F special NOTIfP -PRBSONR I'ORTBM I nc Inaurlnc their live*, or Itneri^te I in Ll!e luaur an ce would do well to . etuinunioat- wit i Jhe unlrr?ignel and ohtalii information of ImpwiiaM t" 'nem Ai i **< A AndfCW*. l*>? F & ?<*?*. Now *?'? ^IHI. O'ri ilAitllKN **? ??IK iadip* or *?? in ,?.. U1., 22**i*w' "? v "A ",,UM v - , "***?? *iiirci'.R. ,llH/k KNriiRor 8/oirtortRh NAM fTAKY AO tfc* |?r') ??>%. J!' ' <'"?"** R (Jmlrrtlli ? ? Mim Hiiiiih (!n.|kM T*i? I'-Airy M.ti'Ih ? " " ? / ? m-'nR' Oil. nil V - PieiA Ki,>t Mu'lljllty K I . - nn>(nr? iriiu 1 liau?|bt/ -?>!?? -?r . M.- If ll*?kin l.A lll?! If >UA T? r^-? M*.Cl.?rli"y Pri* i?i,i Kirnr. .. ... . *??t?rNliiPlmr Droriiio 9. ^Mlei ' Oifi?liw)?fi Rr*.*'' IC'?????! 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