Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1864, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1864 Page 9
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE HERALD. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1864. <??.? J ?be ground presented IW Lv^n. . bo,HJ re4ufor<-?J meantime) aftor Wmiuuu*hiT^ lh? P"4*"""8. of Oeterhuus' egimonu baU tieon sent forward on u,e Chattanooga J.hieY? of hit, and Cruris div.a.ous b?d fiS (,?*ry *'? lbero?xl ellorIn 10 resist uk only ro. h ron'?rl"8 our "uccom more thorough After *r.UOr. '"I?" ^ bul aharp conflict* the plaieau waa Cleared Tho euemy, with bit* reluforoements driven from ILe walls and pit* around Craven 'a house (the Inst potm a< wbicb ho could ma Icq a ruou lo force) all broken ? l destroyed, were hurled groaV Duabiw o,? ^2 rocksaud prociiiccs Into Iba valley " "d ZWZVW2 0C,OCk- ?0(i 0?r operations were zt'z"'r,r?"" SSS&k3 r!5?Tn ! ,'0<l h? occasional glimpse our com thfflh U? y coull'citoh of our lines und standards that they know of the strife in its wo?w 3.?.n' ZZ^VnTrrZ' tru? c"ud"l0u ?*m'revealed to ifh.?h .ir painful anxloty yielded to transports of lov daJ^n !uld,er,"*? '*?' ,u earliest movements of dawning victory, Deeming ? descent into the vailev im m?,r? .ftocnr?t? Information of its topo' frephy, and also of tho position and strength of ih? ?wmy. our line was estatXhod on tho 5m ,'de ?? the r^Ti0^?' r'gblreetlug on the iwliaades, and tbe left ? ??r the mouth of Chattanooga creek and this w> jUeOKthened by all the mean! at band, worktw unm tnfn C h?1' w ltie commander of the department was nZZ^T'rT >*",l,0n wa? toPregnlST "M During alt of these operations the batteries on Moccasin from Ik,? .C?'iU,n N?yl?'. h?d been busllyatwo" ?l?A,^?rlb baDk * lh? Tennessee river; aod had ?ootributed as much to our assistance as the Irreeulari ?dmu of * rUDd'"d We wou.d Si?'' ?f- , '"'om Position we commanded the oncmy s M e^l,idlnaCen8 '"i f acr088 Chattanooga valley, by SImM ?nrni ,r ?DlI 111,0 by ? *"rocl "r?. many of bis S?? * f . which wero In our Immediate vicinity also direct communication had been opened with Cbatta Carhn 'ftf,'1 hUarler PMl fiTe o'clock Brigadier (leneral Uarlin Fourleonth corps, roportod to mo, with bis brigade Ite?rfa?SigD 10 d,!.ty ?n tbe rl?hl ot lh0 "no. to re' r'1'1"'8 coin maud, almost exhausted with the fa Hcue^and excitement mcidont to their unparalleled To provent artillery being brought forward the enemo J* uOder mined tbe road and covered It with felled n.n awsssi *s \z\z This was on tbe right, and was at onco fl l , TBt caesi OALSKD-IIIB MOUNT A IM VSLC? OS tur ^ . *"* OPgRATIOIM. ?tK. ? .!.' anticipating tho withdrawal nf iho ?evoraf rp'i ,U'0h'"mrnlt( f th? mountain, parties from SSIhM i/ a'.lln?a *cr,! doapatched to 8c:?le it but to tho Si?n r'. y tT"IHt bdlu?g ,ho distinction' or bavine kMB foremost to rcach the cost, and at sun/rte lo d?s mtloo?,i rh tbe pcal? or I.00lf0ut, amid tho wild and Wue U lo tbT^nt me" WU"#e UttUDUeS8 valor b^ iJ' the nlgbt the enemy had quietly abandoned the 2mn^ i' lcav,nS bPhtn<l twenty thousand rations the g?P ana garrison equipago or three brisades and other mist still covered thersceortbe vailev Prisoner8 reported that tho enemy had abandoned it but ?e?miog it imprudont to descend, a roconnonsarce wis S *"cr ?"ine o'clock report caml in tbu tte rebels bad retired, hut that their niclcou stilt h?irt te: ^ssrr ??-nWuS!? s tob^sln ^.h?ii. V"s ^"'SOed. and nothing was ?Smpsof^tho enemy lb# dMertea Ou'ru.og Among the fruits of tbeprecodine oneratinna m?-k? Mumarated tho concentration o| the arSTy IhTab^Sdnn jaeut oi the defences, upwards or eight miles in extent ftd?inV?Srfrla" lde advu,u^" * PnsitlM the enemy ?ad gainsd irom our army on the bloody Hold or Chicka suau^a, siviug to us tbe undisputed navigation or the river audita, c ulrol or the ra.U-.Mtd, the capture of Z tsjeen two and three thousand prisoners, live stands or mJZetrir?01 arl"'er7 ? upwards offlv.Tu..^ w2L-?.! !.ro01^ 10 u? "ere four brigades or Wilkcr 8 <Jivision, H.irdco's corns' a Dorftnn nr ci,ln>. If ^t..on,or Breokln ridge 'a carpa-' 3ou IhTuSTS? ?touuUia woro lliree brigades of Stoveoson'n division - ? PCMOIT-init K1GUT ON THI KfOGC In conformity with orderg?two regiments were dm palchon to hold the mountain. Carlin's brigade was direct ?f,.1"'"*'1 order, ou the Summertowo road T" atTon ?????) th^.|a?r,nVn"g *' ,,h?"?oooKa creek It wa. discovered ir'' * ? y h"'' ''estroyed tbe bridge, and in con ?equence our pursuit w?s delayed nearly three hours Aasoou as the stringers were laid Osterhaus managed to ?Son after" V?f TV5' S?"D,b Ml8"?ur' re8!m?fl", .nS MOD after all of bis inraniry. The former deployed pushed forward as skirmisbers to the torgc in Mis tT hd.rH?W tbe "r? o* Uie artH 2l ih?. .h y holdiug it. and also discover ,;bu en-,ny wah attempting to cover a Cm wajjooi, lobdu.g with stores ai tbe A* 1,10 lK's,"UD ??8 one presentinc S?ied'i?" .1* '"r lk'fa"c". ,l)e skirmishers ??ro d. ''i n.,!n,jr <,u"a^0(1 10 trout, while Wood's ?rau o.WW.iT?." "? rl<1ii0 0,1 the r'?"1 ""J four regl S ?h? I r?,. a,8<'U * "D tb? 10,1 Two n,h?r reg meritci ?f this brigade were posted ou tbe road leadine to Chat. S2't^ni 'J'rZe"1 M,r,:ri9? ^?"cuttng ,U8e,r du"ios lerV b .t^ 1 . ?a?e","r"y '"Posed to the enemy's irtil. mil* it!, ? " L M " W:ot discovered that his flanks i".l ' *1"1 bl" rulr,,ii' threatened, he baslllv ",0 f*P' l??vi..g beb nd large qimutltles of ?r ?Hd a I H,Mr ua,S"; ?mn,,,n,t,OD. w ambulances ?nd a i. i.ise ruil nf cimintssary storea. Tursuit was K:.r;rR"l3.ri?leB, wub ?? Mean*hlle tho bridge had been completed, and all the r,."r Osterhaus rereived inatructiocs 2L.m ve. with bis division, p.railel with the rmne, on ?he ea?t ? (. rult t.n the ridge, and Geary in tho valley, tc the west of it. within easy sunportlng dxtame The ""lrr- 88 " WHR no" kuown that fw?d? could he i. und lor them with tho other divisions, without del ?> inrf the movements of the column General Outt. wnii bis staff, preceded Ins column in ;i", ending the r?di.e to supervise the (ormatiouol hl> lines, aud was at ?ac. metby a I no of theeoe.nvs okirmisbers, .dlwrn T ie Niiith atiJ . Llrly .sixth Indl iua regiment snr.ini: tor ? ; r'" IQt" 'll,e un'l<,r their lire,and, lUKtaotly < harir tag, drove b irk the rebels, while the residue " the (:ro?' "rlgado. W|,h the Kilty .ir t Ohio -.;id rhlrty llfth Indiana.of VThlttaker s to advance, the balance of the latter closely suptiorllm:' the from i,?o It was. however, s,?n fouud that the T%S 100 nnrruvv 10 ??luilt or this rorma!Ion, ?nd the division wit* lurowu into four lines Hv th < limn the divisions ol (>eary aud Osterhaus weroabieast ?na an advanced at a charging pace. <>i it. fenr?''ih,;rniy .b'" for bis advanced line or de fence iht breastworks thrown up hy our armv on its return irom IhtcKtunaugn. but such was tbe impetuosity or our advance H at f,.. ,ront |tce ? ,s routed hef .re an 252ST' twni'IOIlle!' blm l" ' rei'"rc |or a determined ?h ! i' r fugitives, to escape, ran down thec.a t slope to tue lines of (h!ierhaii? a tew lolbe u.-i and were picked up by Geary. The bulk of th?m. however." ?ought r?.uije behlrd the se ond line and thev In their tu.n were *oou ru.itod, and tbe tight became aim at a tiS. be0*^W ,1"> "CCWMia of tbe ground eoa. di ?l th< rrh Ih to make au advunt.iueous aland (.'earv uoj O*lerhms-a.ways In the rutnt place-wo0Id pour a withering fire Into their flanks, and again the ra. e w?s renewed This continued until uear sunset, when Ih .-e ?f tho enemy who had not been killed or captured save f?11."1"' 10 CMa(* along the ridge, ran ?t. .no* of Johnson's division of the frourleeutb corp^. and were captured. Our enemy, the prlsouer* stated, wa; Steward's dlvi ?tou. rew escaped, (i-terbau. alone captured two ihoimud of the?. This oinccr named the Fourth Iowa Bevcaty-s'.xihObio and Iweoty aeventb Mlnsourl reai! menu m having beeu especially distinRli sbed in thiv e,i ?agcm.!nt Laudgrabor's hatte-y or bowtuert aisj reu ?eroil brilliant service on this Celd. Here our business for tbe day ended, and Iho froops went let" bivouac, with etifler:: and re, ucing, wb.;-u .vera eiught up by other troops in Ibe vicinity, and carried ?iena lho ridge, until lost Iu the distante. IH? rt'it cit i ?*i:*i >.n?KiMiMiru u?ins sxritr ovsstskfw Soon after daylight every . Hurt was made, nv recon noiseamo and inquiry, to ascertain ibe whuresbouts of the enemy, hut to no purpose The field was snoot as the grave. Koowlng the desperate extremities to which be must be reduced by our sue o*a, with his reireit ?eri ousiy threatened by tho only line left him with a hope of luccffi, 1 ft'll MlKfled ib?* enenif musi l>o in full ro treat, ..od a.A..rdicgly suggested to tho commander of the department Itiai my column march to Graysvl'le, if pos ? loio, to intercept him Ibis was approved of and rein lorced by I'aimer'a corp?, all moved immediately to that fllrnctl n. I'aliner's corps In a<lvance f'u arriving at the west fork or tbe f'btcktmnuga river It was lound I bat the enemy bad desfroye I the bridge lo provido for ibis contingency M ijor (leneral Hotter Held, my chief of stall, hail In the morning prudently requested that three pontoons, with their calk:- and chesses might be despatched for my use but as they Bad not come np, afler a detention ol several boufi ? bridge was con*tructed for the Infantry,thooflicera swim *ning their horses. It was not until arier three o dock that .be regiments were able lo c >mrrence crossing, leiv ?i? Li 'ir,l""rT anil ainbulancea to follow as anou as prsc ? k ? J ?|!W * regiment of intanlry as a guard, to complete ?be'bridge, if |<os?.bie, lor iho arrilery, andelso to assist t?*rii?n!![. ?.?*<,r ,bc P"0l"o0 bridge as soon ae it arrived ^"eiuence of this delay, Insirurecna were BHea to III. ?r...7h ^7 J Strike the railroad Ove or lis srt 1.1 ?mcX* of hm sUfftbT^bsdVonTe [p'Th tbe noemy, reported lo be a batterv mji.... J"? tbniiaard infantry. Inalrudlous were eeot him to attack them at once, and while forming hie lines to tbe left for that purpose tho rem lining part of tbe oolumn ??I ?waiting tb? movements of Palmer R|s enemy wa? di? Covered to be a battery of thren pieces, with a small as. from ;; ,rT, ,h* nS4r of.n,e r*b''1 ?rmy on the road 1"^ . "mgfoid Three piecee or artillery t ' *. subsenuently an additional piece. H?ri fr\m ihT?Am l>r,,?,'pr" 1 hare received no r?. port from this officer of h.s operationa wbllo belonging - Jkl Con?*Ti?tid, although miuo has been delsved six weeks in walling. We were now rairly up with the aB*?y. This was at ten o'clock at night. CruM's dlvl "** l"T ", ,00k POB?wslon or the crest of Chirk ?manga hills-lbe enemy's abandoned fires sill PurBjnl Irightly on .he ?. Si wiTt lot. My artillery van mil yel up, ?nd h? tbie conueciioii I dtsire ibat Ibe miecial alieuiioo of Ibe commander of the department may be calked lo thai pml of Ibe report of (>enerttl Oelerbcus which routes in the conduct of the olll-org who Dad the pontoon bridge in charge I do n t Koow tho name* of too olllcere referred lo, w?? ont 1 ruruMbed wlib a copy of tbeir instructions, nor did tbey ! rop-iri to cue The pontoons were oot brought forward lo tbe point of crossing at all, and the calks and cbesa planks only reached their deetinulion between nlo? and ten o'clock P M.?distance from Chattanooga ten miles, and tbe roads excolleol Then trestles had to bo framed, aud the bridge was not finished until ?m o'clock tbe following morning. Toe report of Lieutenant U C. vvhiirioo, of the eugloeors, aud temporarily aiuchod to my staff, who was loft behind to hasten the completion of tbe bridge, Is herewith transmitted. No better commentary on this culpable negllgenco is needed than is furnished by tbo record of our operation* in the vicinity of Ringgold. The town was distant Ave miloe. At daylight tbe pur lull was renewed?Osterbaua In tbe ndvance, Geary fallowing, aud Cruft in tbe rear Evidences of the : precipitate Qigbt of tbe enemy were everywhere appa | real; caissons, wagons, ambulances, arms and ammuni tion were abandoned In tbe hurry and confusion of re treat. After going about two miles we came up wiib tbe camps he bad occupied during tbe night, tbe Ores still burning. A large number of prisoners were also takeo before reaching the east fork of tbe Cblckamauga river We found lbs ford, aud also tbe bridge to tbe south of Ringgold, held by a body of rebel cavalry. These die charged tbeir arms, aud quickly gave way before a band ful of our moo, and were closely pursued into tbe town. 1 rode to the front on hearing the tiring, where I found Osierbant ont with bis skirmishers. Intensely alive to all that was passing, and pnabing on ward briskly. He Informed me that four pieces of artillery had just left the rebel camp, weakly escorted, and ran into tbe gorge, which be could have captured with a (mail force of cavalry. The gorge Is lo tbe eaal of Ringgold, and we were approncliing II from the west. A little firing occurred between our skirmishers as they entered the town and small parties of the onemy's cavalry and Infantry, tbe latter retiring in tbe direction of tbe gap. This Is ? break in Taylor's ridge of sufficient width for the river to flow, and on its north bank room for an ordinary road and a railroad, when the ridge rises abruptly on botb sides Tour or tlve hundred feet, and from thence, running nearly north and aoutb, continues unbroken for many miles. Covering tbo entrance to it Is a small patch of trees and under growth It waa represented by cltizeas friendly to our causo, and confirmed by contrabands, that the enemy had passed through Ringgold sorely pressed, his anlmali exhausted, and his army hopelessly demoralized. In a small portion or It only bad the offi cers been able to preserve regimental and company for mations, many of the men baviug thrown away tbeir arms. A still greater numbor were open and violent lo their denunciations of tbe confederacy. In order to gain time, it was the Intention of ibo rear gunrd to make use of tbe natural advantages the gorge presented to check the pursuit. Tho troops relied on for this wore posted bebiud tbe mountain and tbe trees, and tbe latter were also used lo mask a couple of pieces or artillery. Only a feeble line of aklrmiabers appeared lo sight. Tho only way to ascertain tbo enemy's strength was to reel >>r him and aa our success. If prompt, would bo crowned with a rich harvest of materiel, without waiting for my artilie ry (not yet up, though after nine o'clock), the skirmish ers advancod. Wood deployed bis brigade in rear of them, under cover of tbo embankment of the railroad, and a brisk muakciry Or* commenced between tbo skir mtsbera. IBB FIGHT AT TUB GOBCE?TUB ll.iXK MOVBXEKT? SIC 11 R8t> OAU.ANTBT or TUP IHOOI'S. At the same time tbe enemy kepi bta artillery busily at work. Their akirmisbera were driven in, aud, as we bad learned the position of then battery, the Thirteenth Illinois regiment, from the right of Wood's line, waa thrown forward to aelze some bouse? from which tbeir gunuera could bo picked off by our men. Those wore heroically taken and held by that brave regiment. Apprehensive that he might lose bia artillery, the cnomy advanced with a superior force on our skirmlsnars. and they fell back behind Wood'a line, when that excellent officer opened on tbe rebele ana drove them Iota the gorge, tbey leaving, aa tbey fled, tbeir dead and wowaded on tbe ground Our skirmishers at once reoccupted tbeir line, tbe Thirteenth Illinois all the time maintaining Ita position with resold tion and obstinacy. While this waa going on In front or tbe gorge, Osterbaua detached four regiments ooder Colonel Williamson, balf a mile to the left, to ascend the ridge aod turn the enemy'a right. Two of these, tbe Seventy sixth Ohio, supported by tbe Fourth Iowa, were thrown forward, and, of the enemy appeared In great force, whea they ha<l nearly gained the crest Geary ordered four of hi* regimenta atill further to the led, undor Colonel Creighton. for the same object, wbers they also found an overwhelming force confronting them Vigorous attacks were made by botb of these column*, to wbicb tbe troopa exhibited extraordinary daring and de votion. but were compelled to yield to numerical superi ority. The drat took shelter in a depression In tbe *ld* or tbe ridge, about lirty pares In rear of their most ad vanced position, and there remained. The oiner column waa ordered to resume its position on the railroad. All tbe parties sent forward to ascertain the eaemr's position snd strength wero small; hut tbe attack had been made with so much vigor, nod bad succeeded so well In lis ob ject. that I dee-ned It unwise local! uptbe commands or Calmer and Cruft and tho remaining brigades of Geary, to deliver a general attack, without my artillery i therefore gave instructions ror no advance to be made, and for Hie firing lo be discontinued, cxcept In aeir-defence These orders were conveyed and delivered lo every officer In commaud on our advance lino. Word was received from General Wood thai appearances in hi* front wars in 1 dic itive of a forward movement on the part or the enemy, when Ireland's brigade, or Geary's division, was sent to strengthen Ihem. < alhoun's brigade, or the same division, took a well sheltered position behind the knoll, midway between the depot aod tbe open lug to the gap. These officer* were also or dered not to attack or Ore unless It should become necessarv. / maw here state that th? prratett dijfi cutty I erpertrnct'l with m>i new commands, anil the one which raus'd me the m?ft solicitutb-. was to rherk and i ur> thrir disposition to 'nrjag', reyardUfS of rimunsfanrrs. and. it ap/?tired, alui'Kt, of consnjuenc's TbH bad also been tbecasefon I o Wout Mountain and on Missionary Ridge Despite my cmpbitlc and repealed instructions to the coutrary, a desultory fire wa* kept up on tbe right of the line'until lbs artillery arrived and you will see bv the report of commanders that, under cover or elevated ground between tny position and our right.several small parties advanced lo capture the enemy's battery and harass bis flank at the gap. It is not witb displeasure I refer to these circumstances In evidence or tho anima tion or tho troops no tber is it witb a feelin? gt resent ment. ror of that I w as disarmed by au abiding senF* of their glorious achievements. It ha* never been try for tone to serve with more 7eaJoi>* and devotpd troops Betwoen twelve and one o clock the artillery tamo up, not having been ablo to cross the west rork or the Ch'c^a muuga until eight o clock on the m 'ruing or thc27tb. I'nder my acting chief of artlllerv, Mm or Reynold*, in couiuncnoa with General* Geary and Osterbaus. one see tion of twelve pounder howitzers was placed in position to bear on tbo enemy te front of our right and to enfi lade the g?p another section of ten pounder Parrntts was assigned to silence tbe enemy's battery, acd one section, further to tho left, to bear on some troep* held In mass in front of Gearv's regiments At the satcefime a regiment 'rum fruit's division had been lent around by the bridge to cross tbe Cblckamauga. and. if possible, to gain the heights of tbe ridge on the south side of tbe river, tbe possesion of whlcb would give n* a plane ng fire u|>on the enemy In the gorge Two companies had nearly gamed the 'summit when they were recalled. The artillery bad opened witb marked effect, the enemy'* gun* were hauled to tho rear, bi* troops seen moving, and, berore one o'clock, ho was in full retreat Williamson's brigade followed him over tbe mountain, while skirmishers from tbe Sixtieth and One Hundred and Second New York regiment* pursued bim through the gap Efforts were made lo burn tbe railroad; but the rebel* were driven from them, and tbe fires extinguished. tmk reused ABASnoxto?TA*rALTii#?emtBsC**! owu T10N9. Paring the ariit|.-?ry Oring tbe Ma:or General command ing tbe Ptvitlon o| tbo Mississippi arrived, and gave direc ttors for tho purtuil to bo discontinued later in tbe day, soon after three o'clock, I received Instruci'oos rrom him to have a recoonoissaoce made In the direct loo of Tunnel nill?the enemy'* line of retreat?for purpose* of obserystion, and lo convey to the enemy the tmprcs sinn tbat wo were (till after bim Grosiv hri g< do was despatched on ibl* service. About two miles out ho r*n ur*f? a email force of rebel cavalry aud infantry, and pur-ued them about a mile and a half, when he tell upon what be supposed lo be a division of troops posted on the hill* commanding the road The brigade returned al eight o'clock, *nd went info bivouac Colonel Gross' report hi ibis con nection closes by saying that "we found broken caissons, wagoos, deal and dying men of the enemy strewn along tbo way, to a horrible extent " As some misapprehension appear* to exist wtih regard to our losses lu this battle. It Is proper to observe tbat tbe report* of my division commander* exhibit a lose of ?Ixly live killed and three hundred and seventy-seven wounded, about one hair of lbs latter *o severely tbat it was nece*sary to have them couveyed to tho hospital lor proper treatment. They also abow or tbe enemv kll'ed and left on the Oeld one hundred *nd thirty Of bis wounded we hid no means or ascertaining, a* only those severely hurt remained behind, aod they filled every house by the wayside aa l*r a* our troop* penetra ted A few of oir Wounded men fell into the enemy'* band*, hut were noon retaken. We captured two hundred and thirty prisoners aod two flags, to make no meoiion of the va*l amount of propertv aod materiel I bat fell inlo ouf hand*. Adding lo the number of prisoners and killed a* above Hated'lbe lowest estimated proportion of wounded to allied u*ual tu battle would make the loesea of the enemy *t least three to our one Krom this time ibe operations of the right wirg, aa It waa now called, became subordinate loiboee of the col umn marching to tbe relief or the garnaoa at Kooxvillo. Instructions r**rbed roe from the headquarter* of the military divld m to remain at Ringgold during^ the 29tb aod >Olb. unless It (bould be found p-actlcable to advance towards Paltoa without fighting * halt:*, the object ef my rematolng, ** slated, being to protect Shermea'e flank, with authority lo attack or move oa Daitoa should the enemy move up the Halloo and Cleveland ro*d. In re treating the enemy had h*lted * |>orti"B of hi* force et Tunnel Hill, midway between Kinggoid and Palton. and, aa bo evinced no diapoeition to molest Sherman, my com mand rested at Ringgold I was kept luily advued or tho rebel movements, through the activity and daring of the vecond Kentucky cavalry, which had Joined me on th i Mh In obedience to verhal direction* given me by tbe commander or the division, Ibe railroad was tt?or oughly destroyed ror iwo miles, including the bridges on each "Ide or Ringgold, by Palmer a and Cruft'* romir.anda: also tbe depot, tannery, *11 the m'll?.and all matert l that could be used in the support of an army We found on our arrival large qoantlilea of forage and flour Whalwaa not required by the w mis of the service was either *ent to ibe rear or horned Our wounded were a* promptly and M wall cared ror aa olrcuoMtaocea would permit. Mr ??<?0 Moore, M*dtc>l Director of the Army ->f the fw#M mw, voluntarily left bis chiel to di'vote himself ib^ir leiKSl, ud uuder his active, skiltul and buu>.iue nuepieee, ?ud lbase ol the medical directum witti itie aivieioiie, trey were comfortably ramoveJ 10 Chaitnuoouu on toe 2ttth My sincere tn.ii.ks are teodered to all ?b<? officers or the medical stall fur tbair Mftlou* and careful atwo lions to tbe woun'led oo ttim an we.i a4 ?>n former lioWJs Imperially are tbuy due to Surgooo Ball, Medical Director of lieary s diviaiou. and to Surgeon Menzica, Medical Di rector ol Cruft's division. 00 the 29th Maior lienersi Palmer returned to Chatta nooga wild bis command, having in charge aucb prison era as remained in Kinggold Oo the 30lli ibe enemy, being reassurod by tbe cessation o< our pursuit, scut ? flag of truce to our advanced linns at Catoosa, by Major Calhoun Bcnb iro, requesting permission to bury bis dead nod care for bin wounded abandoned on the Held of tin last disaster at Ringgold. Copies of this correspondence have oereiororo been (orwardod. Also on Ibe 30tb, under instructions from Department Headquarters, Gross brigade, Cruft'a division, marched for tbo old battle Bold ?? Cbickamaugn to bury our dead; and oo tbo 1st or De cember tbe infantry and cavalry romaioing left Ring cold?Geary and Cruft to return to tbeir old oamps, and Osterbaus to encamp <o Chattanooga valley, nis loss as?rn? caitprss. Tbe reports of commanders exhibit a lors In tbe cam paigo. Including all tbe engagements herein reported, in killed, wounded and missing, of nine bundroo and sixty Inconsiderable in comparison with my apprehension, or tbu ends accomplished, uevoribeiess, thorn ih cause lor tbe deepest regret and sorrow Among tbe fallen are some of tbe brightest names of tbe army Crelgbt"0 and Crane, of tbe Seventh Ohio, Acton, of tbe Fortieth Ohio, Huslioell.or tbe Thirteenth Illinois, Kiiiott, of the One Hun dred and Second New York, and others who^e names my limits will not jsllow me to cnumnrnto, wl'l be remem bered and lamented as long as courago and patriotism ?ro esteemed as virtues among men. The reports of commanders also thou) the capture of tia thousand Jilt hundred and forty teren pri/oners (not in cluding those taken by Palmer at Gra< xvtlle. of whtch nr return hat beo> r;c?twd); nise seven plocos of artillery. Dine battle flags, not less than ten thousand stand of mall ot-mi. one wagon train, ab<1 a large amount of ammunition for artillery and inlaolry, forage, rations, camp and gar rlson equipage, caissons and limbers, ambulances and other impediments Tho reports relating to the capture of tbe flags are herewith transmitted lo ibe foregoing it has been impossible to furnish more than a general outline or our operations, relyiug upon tbe reports of subordinate commanders to give par titular and discriminating Information concerning tbe services of divisions, brigades, regiments and batteries These reports are herewith respoctrully transmitted The attention or tho Major General commanding is espe cially invited to those of the division commanders. As to tbe distinguished services of those commanders I cannot speak in terms ton bigb. They served me, day and night, present or absent, with all or tbe well directed earnestness and devotion tbey would have served tbem selves bad tbey been charged with the responsibilities of the commander. The confidence Inspired by tbolr active and generous co-operatloo early inspired mo to feel that complete success was inevitable My thanks are due to Oenora' Carlin and his brigade for their services oo Lookout Mountain on tho night of tbe 24lb They were postod In an exposed position, and when attacked repelled it with groat spirit and success I must also express* ray acknowledgments to M:tjor General Palmer and his command for services rendered while belonging to ray column l.'eut Ayers, of the Signal corps, with bis assistants, rendered me viluable aid In bis brancii of tbe service during our operations M?:or Reynolds, the Cbiet or Artillery or Geary's division, proved himself to be a skilful artillerist, aod requires especial mention for bis services, flis batteries were alwavs posted with judgment, and served with marked ability Tbe precision of his Ore at Lookout aod Ringgold elicited universal admiration To ray staff more than ever am I indebted for tbe assist aoce rendered upou this occasion. Major General Rutter Held, Chief of Staff, alwnva userul in counsel, was untiring and devoted on tbe Oeld. Captain H W. Perkins. Assist ant Adjutant General, Colonel J.imes D. Fesseoden. Maior William H. Lswrenoe, Captain R. H. Hall, Lieutenants P. A. Oliver and Samuel W Tavlor, aids-decamp, bravely and intelligently performed ail their duties. Lieutenant H C. Wharton. ? promising young dflrer of engineers, reported to roe from the staff of tbe Major General oommandlng the department, and was unwearied In bis assistaooe, boib w in eagiaoer and as an officer ol By personal staff. Mapr General Howard has furnished me for transmltta1 bis able report of the operations and services <*f the Eleventh corps from tbe tirr.s It passed my command, November 22. to that of its return. December 17 Aa it relates to events uf which t had no personal knowledge. It only remains to comply with bis wishes, with tbe rn quest that the Major (ienerai commanding tbe department will give It his especial attention. I may add that the veal and derotednoss displayed by this corps and Its com mander, in performing &1' the duller assigned tbem. and in cheerfully enconntcnng its perils and privations, afford me great satisfaction Very resptctfoily, your obedient servant, JOSEPH H<X>KFR. Major General Comnaadlng. KNDOKSEMKVT. Hr.ADQCARirKs. abviks or thi r*mtr> Stats*, in thi Fibi.o, Ccu'sprki < orm Horse. Vs.. March 26. I3S4 Respectfully forwarded to Major General H W. Haii sck, Washington, D C ? 1 know of no nbiectlon to the substituting of this for MMo* General Hooker's original report of his operation s lo the battle of Chatianoope. Attention Is called to that p?rt of the report giving, from the reports of the subordinate commanders, tbo oumber or prisoners and small arms captured, which it artaler than the n winter really captured l>y the whnle army " 0. S. GRANT, Lieutenant General. Cnited States Army FINANCIAL. Alpine gold company. Capital $1,800,000 Share* $1" each The property or this company i* situated to Ollpin oounl? Colorado Territory, an i conaieta of an hnndred feel of mlnine claim* on the foltowlug rich gold bearing lodea in Nevada dittrict ti/ ? "ALPS" AND 'CALIFORNIA." The?? c'.alms sre amuog the very riclieat and best in Colorado. An ample ea?h cental of One Hundred Thouaacd Dollar* bav heen auliacrlbed for at par The boi<k* o; ?n for ?u ?i riptlon in a limited number Of onareii at bte dol'ar< p^r th.ire. at the otflce of k P. H. uibacrn E?q . No. &t \\ tl mm airaet. to day, at ii o'clock OFFICERS. k. T. h albion Pre*!deat M. V. poor ... .... Secretary and tre..*urer TRUSTEES. N. b PALMER. COKNP.LICB S dl'SHNELL, henry ,1 bkialow, iienkv v POOR. b T. II. oibson. ME ma LEAD COMPANY. OF DUTCHES* COUNTY, N T. a OFFICE NO. 77 CEDAR STREET iou.000 sua RES?nominal PAR $5 each. _ . ISSUED FOR hi 15 im ik IIASF. OF THE PROPERTT AND work1no CAPITAL OF THE COMPANY. S'lbwript'on* for a llmlle.i of *haree, at 12 rci ?hire, not mbjpct to ar.y aaeeaement and free irom pT? n al abrtnt. will be rerelrnt ai the ofliee ef ti* eomtany, whi te full information win be given. rnC?r?k? jerfmiaii LO0ER, O rurmalt. O. H A fi l.FG aie. L B LODF. R. o A waitiii. roi:*?*i LODER A pomerov. o ii URMAN. Secretary. Atlantic savinos banr _ ? w Chatham new York. Orel) <1?i]f SIX PER CENT INTEREST ALLOWED depoiiu ma^e t)-w e? on or before the wth will Iraw la'.eren from Apr .J i M d. van P2LT, prealdenk cliarlf.x l BAILBY. treaittr?r. Jo<ira P coeeii. hecttiary BRIOOS f)old COMPANY MINE*-hrlotlh A orb gory l' art, ui pio eo'inty. Colorado. Capital lu.iaw ?haree, >101 each. TRl'STBES. .1 kn.itb Brgga. Colorado Oeo m Pullman. oklca*" Anthony arooul New York. Henry Ocgglll. new tor* R ci melt White. New York. *m o angrll Providence k i. preeident?smith RRIOus treanurer?walthk k l.awton. Secretary ?d littlrjoh N conoaai?J s woodward. kliqlng Superintendent ? ('iiarlf14 fl BR'003. Office }s CHIT ?treet B LACK HAWK SOLD mining COMPART. m1nes-BORTAIL. antoorv ao LODE8 (illpin COUNT*. COLORADO, CAPITAL. ?> r>0i> MURES. floo EACH. rnn*vkn T. H jtdd. new York W L coorado ANTHONY ARNOl'X. N'W Tork. oeo. bi.isr, la . N?w tark. o. W. CHILD. New York ,f * WILLIAMS hew Y rk j hall PLEASANTS. Baltimore. LEONARD SWP.e1. Waal'ington. CARLOS PI MICK, boatcn preekent?f H ii'i)d viae preaideai?w L. LEE Treaaurer-WALTER e i.aWion. Secretary?d. LIT i'li.john Coun**l?JOHN S WOODWARD General Director?MYLO LRE. OFFICE NO 28 CLIFF STREET, NEW TORE. Cincinnati, Wilmington and zakesvillr Railroad Company ?The ?nbeerlber la now read* to ia aue, la etchange for the Trtmee*' re'etpta ai?'k certificate* for (be new abarea and reuiflcaie* of the traitcea. under the new mertgare of the clneinnail and y,ane?vilie Railroad Company, for lb* new bond*, in whieh the rarme* in the re. nrganltatlon of the clneienail Wilmington and laneevilte Railroad Oomrany are ?c?e'allv ertlUe | CHARLES moraN. Truatee, 18 Wall atreet maw Toaa. April 2. IV<4 lmn awi i al, n'r salb. A MORTOAflR FOR fs.(<00, f at aeren per cent, on r??i eaute in r?k?alc. New ji r eey, worth double thia amount. addreai b< i j.679 New tork Po?t office GARRISONS' mining COMPANY NOTICE TO rtocrholdbrs. Certificate* foi (took are now ready, at the nfflre of the Company, ho. 7% wniiam eireet. where the proepertu* and report* and apoclman* of the >ro taken. al depth* of 20. ?v eo. *) and 10u 'aet, nay be *etq. ^ _ __ 0. Q. ml All, Secretary. KINilKCIAk. JOHN H MURRAY A CO H A > K K IIS AND SHARK HltO K ".Hi II Hi'>n?l street, ||? i1 Wall, New York, B'lv Ami ?. il Sb.iri > Honda au.l Gold oo ? .miosslon, AT TUB KBOULAR AND PUBLiO SOA.vOS MININU STOCKS? AH WKU AS ALL, 0TI1 SB KI * ?B 01 aecorill.-s bought aud sold ul All lliii Hlok Besul* In New Yo.k, Uoalou, Philadelphia. Ac., or otherwise oo eomtinamou, by ALUKRT II NICOLAY No. -Vi W iloaio at. 1AKE OOLD MININO COMIIA.NY, J COLORADO. Hooka ere now open at Ihe ollice of TAVLOR BROTH KRS, <6 Wa I anret, lor anbarrtt lion 10 tl>o ? a|>l al slock of Ibia ooinpaoy. m itic subscription price of $1 '<0 per share. NOTICE ro THE ABSENTED CREDITORS OP TUB late Chicago and Mlaalssippl Railroad; the Chicago. Alton A St L- u? or SI. Inula. Alton and Chlikgo Railroud Computes ?Ta?o notice, that (by virtue of powera vested in them n Oder lion ilmldeia it reemeot of lOtb of January, 1*0 and under . i.e altcrittious ami modifications thereof, passed '-'ib ol Juh, IS6A 23d of July. I8A2. and "<!6ili of Octo ber IBM) the trustee* require you to bring In and uaaigti aur end all of llie absented bond* and coupon* *hl li you may hold of the Chicago an I Mississippi Kallroad; the Chicago, Alton and St. Loul*; or St. Lo lis. Alum and Chicago Kailroad Companies to tbem. at the olBoe of the onderslgued, 40 and IS F. tchan.;o place, rooms 16 and 20, ou or before uooo of thr 1Mb day of May. ItMM, together wltb froof of the Ave per cent having been paid thereon. Take urther nonce, thai from and after tho above named day aud hour, tba trustees will oo longer receive said bond* or coupons, or acknowledge the same as eutitled to the bene fits of tbe acreemeiil lor reorganization. and will proceed to wind op itieir trust In sueli manner as, under Advice of counsel, they (bull deem legal and proper. By order of the Trustee* L B. MEYER, Chairman. Nk? York. April 8. I??4. OPPiCE OK rue COLOMBIA FIRB INSURANCE go., No ll>l Bioaduay, NEW YOKE. APRIL 11. I8ti4. At lbs nnnual election for director*, beld tbla iky, the fel Iowibv r.uoilemen were unanimously chosen:? 1 TIMOTHY O CHURCHILL. ! IIUIIKOK OI'DYKR. MONTAONIE WARD. JOSKI'll W MEBR8. EUKN SUTTON WILSON O II (TNT DA NI EI. BUTTEIW'IELD KLLIOl' I J. COW DIN mow in o tufts. of Boattn. JOHN L IlASBROUCK. JAMli8 ENGLISH. ISAAC N NEYMOUR. JOliN OIBNKY JOHN ARM.STRONO. Cll aklks denison. UKOROK II bATTBRLBB. A M C SM ITII JAMES A TIMPBON. FRANCIS lklanu. ED W AUD SATTEHLEB. A I. HAVKK b h van ankeif. KLIAH O BUOWM. KICIIAHD S. CaLMP.K, oi xTHit a. iiawkins. p. r kauuri JAMES OLWELI*. ENOCH CHAMBERLAIN. THOMAS P. WAt. LLOYD L HRITTOM. CIIAULKS B Cll U RCRILti, OKO K COOINOTON, J H? Til BO B. WOOL8E* Ell W A HO OOTIIOUT. CIIARLKS M. CATLIN. JOHN DE KDYTER WILLIAM U LEE. OKOKOE L KIM0SLA9D. OTTO 1.0E8CHIUK. WILLIAM H. OrOYKB. _ - At a soliseiiueul meeting ef tbs Board, TIMOTIIT O. CHURCHILL. Eaq., was unauimoualy re elected I'reeidem k EOWARO KEMEYB. SecrcUry. o mcB or the rirrsBURO, port vtatne and vy Cblcage Kailwav Company, April 8, I8M.? Dividend on stock Toe Board or Director* have tbla day declared a dl 11deod of per usut oo tbe capital a lock of tbe company for tbe quarter ea-liuj Murcb 31 last, and out of the uel earmncsof SAid iutrter. payable (free of government tax) on an! after lie itilh day et May prox.. at tbe general oKca ef ihecjinoa-iy. In tbeciiy of Pittsburg, to the stookboUers wboaeat Mkt.aodaoD the book* there, and al tbe agency of aecouipa-iy ( Winalow. Lanier 4 Co ) So. 63 Wall street la the citv af New York, to lb? stockholder* whose slock atanlsou tne book*there. Tiio tr 11 sfer book* of tbe company will cloae ktS o'clock r M.o 11 i ? JO of May. and remain closed uotil luo'ck^k A U so tha 17th day of May thereafter. By order of the BOAKD OF DIRECTORS. W n. BARKtk. Secretary. OFKICB or TBE CENTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT Companv, New York. April II, 1864.?Notice is hereby glveu tnat tbe director* have tbla day tnnde a call or an In elalm?al of five pet cent, to wit ?roe doliara au rach Khar* of the capital atock beld bj the stockboldera of aald com pany, to be oa)it on Tuesday, the Ztjlh day of April. MM. to lohn A Morn*. Treasurer, at No. 8J Broadway, and that tbe shares of stock ou which said Instalment shall not be paid al the time aforesaid will, with all the previous payments thereon made l>e forfeited, the entry of which forfeiture for the nou-payment of fcaid instalment will lie made on the SUtli of April, 1404. Tbe transfer book* will he closed oo the 22d and opened on tbe 2sib of April, 1-W1 A J. HAMILTON. Secretary. OFFICE ARIZONA MININO COMPANY, NO 3/ PINE STREET, Nkw VoRk, April 7, 1^64 Notice is hereby Rl?-en. In accordance with a resolution of the Hoard of Truticet of the Arizona Mining Company passed this day. thst book* will be opened at tin* ofllue tor ten days tram tbe date or this publlcatiou for subatripllon ror tbe balance ol the reserve stock of said comiwuy at thlrtv five doliara per share, ta gold, payable Id four monthly lusialmenta. a* follow* ? Ten dollar* per share, in gold, on 1st day of May, 1HB4 Ten dollars |>?r anare. in gold, on 1st lay of June, I%14. Ten dollar* per sh.ire. in jpld. on 1st day t f July, liftt Kir* dollars per (bare. In gold, on l?t day of Angutl. IS<'.4 The stock will be issued on pavinent of the last Insiall men! 8AM P. BUTTER WORTH. President. STAK G<>LI> MININO COMPANT OK COLORADO. CaPMaI. am oo i shares ISSUED rOK THE PUP.CIIASE OK MININO PRO PKKTY, The prnpertv of this Company cotnprlaea IS,ftSI f*et on Ihe !>e*t lO'lCi in Clear Cieek county, over 4.'WO feet of which *r* aln-adv developed, produciux from H ?l h. $300 per cord, with tiie orJinary stump mill: alio thirty uiue bondre l feet of valuable wat'-r power, and a twenty-four stamp mill io working older. Title undoubted. TKtWIt**. NATHANIEL HAYDRN. PrcaidentChatham Bank. J NO W. MOrr, President 0 S Wareliouae Oouip^oy. .iXMKS I DAY. President Providence and Boston Rail road Company KAMI F.i. K PLATT. Adrlanee. Plait A Co. WV K BELCH EK Sacketi, Belcher A Co. SAMUEL A Walsh. No Tl Piatt street. . WM H. RUSSELL. Colorado rRCMDIKT. N A 111 A NI El. IIATDF.N. RkVMBTARt JOHN N POWER. SAMKkS CHATHAM BANK. Mesar* PLATT, OEKARD A UUCKLEY. New York. Me-i< WAKKLV A Rl.hD t olorado. Kt!IOI>l M?NS(iSK SMt> SI IKRI M*N Dk> T, JOHN HLAWSON. Pirtnerly of Cliff Mine Lake Superior. 30 OOC shares of tbe slock are oilered lor sale at $10 per share Hooks will be opened al the ofllce of OEOKOE A SAMUEL HROWN. Hanker*. II Wall street, oo tfbnduy, tbe 19th ir.*tant. at eleven o'clock A payment of $2 per share will be re-jutred at Ithe time of snbscribinc and the balance on the Hit inktant, when cer tificates will be delivered. SIX PBR CENT INTEREST. CITIZENS' SAVINOS BANK. corner of Bowery and Caoal street Open evert dkv from 9 te 3 and on Mondkj. Wednesday au 1 Friday evenings from t to 7. Deposits irade on or before April !0 will bear interest from 1st last. Bank Book* in English. Herman and French OEOROE FOLSOM. Preaideot. .?sTurrn A Brnc?. Secreury. _ OILVER DOLLARS O WANTED. 46 STATE STREET. UNDER CITP HiSK, ' WM B. CONANT, Broker. Albanr. rpiIE PEOPLE'S GOLD AND 8ILVBK BIN J NO~ COM PANT. Cbkrtered ty tbe State ef Californ:* December H63. Looat:on eoutbern slope of Ihe Sierra Nevada Mouatkins south o' tbe celebrated Qoaid A Curry mice. Hen. 8 Newell, secrelkry. resides at the mine and taper Intend* the working*, which are vtgorcutly prosecuted, olgbt and day A few shares nan now be secured al %S per shire, and no aa?>s??ier,i hereafter. Rich sample* <.r the ore from tbla company'* mine can be seen at their transfer o NO n PINE STREET. ROOM JfO. I T HB bboadtop aso ^ c0MPA1(7. CAPITAL *0.000 9HARLB Or $W BACH. Rook* of subscription for ? limited number if share* of this I'nmpan? will be opeued al our olnts Wednesday. April li _ JEROBE RI008 A CO.. 44 Eschange p aee.l Tiie anthracite oas liohtino and iieatino Coinpaa? ?f New Yerk?rtpltal. r share*, I $liX) esch Hook* of subacription for i"? share* of lb* rapli*l etoeh of this company wil> be opened kt our olBce.oo Hamrday April lO^The timm n Council baa granted to th>* Company the rlgbl to lay up * *-?d muins Ibroughkut the entire cltv of New York. Ten pei cent payable on sub serit'tloa, the balance In Inilklment* aslbo work i ro*re*se*. Wm H Appleton, O De Forest Oram. Ahrahataa. Cor icos, trustees JKROBB Rtooa A CO 4C Eichanje p ace UNITED STATES OOLD MININO COMPANT. ORUANI/.BD ORDER THE LAWS OP THB STATE Or NRW YORK CAPITAL STOCK? $l,M>000, IN Jj.oOO SHARES Of $20 EACH. _ TRUSTERS. WM wiutrwrioht. Jr , New lark. WM. A BOOTH New York WM B SCOTT, New T. rk. JAM BR D riRH, Rew York. W B OODKB i hlckgo H II. BOODT, New York. LOWELL HOLBROOK. New York. ..... OFFICERS WM WHITBWRIGHT, ff.. President. ? ? v,c President. '! f. TS.rfL^J Beerei-*ry and Treasurer. J H. SCUDDRR. Oounnel. Hook* of subscription for the aale of 37,800 aharrs of the ckpltal alock ol thi* company will be opened. ?l the oBee of H T Morgan A Co , Ro 3A Wtlliani atreet, on Wednesday, taeH'tb day of Aiirtl inai . at II oclock A M.. and eloae *1 3 o cloca P. M. of tbe aeme day Should k Ikrgkr number of *hkrea than ihkt klwv* indicated be subecrlbed for, they will be allotted by the Trustees Snbeeription pri. e, $io per share, payable $3 al the time of ?nheeriMn*. ibe balAnce <w* vbe eeu ol the Treaxirer.'' The Trusieee wiU receive ?l?MmO as a Wotkliu Mpllal . - ?_..?? WUlTBWRIOUT,Jr,fre??d*?t. N*w Toaa, April U, INi riNANClJIli 8 AMRHICaN UOLO MIN1MO COMPANf. ?if VOLOKtUO. rmiirms. WA3HIII4TON IIUNT. PHILIP S VAN It KNSSKLaKR. fKKII B. HKTTM. Calvin ot'iUNU, JOHN VAN NBSr. IIOHAt'K DAI.i'KN. N M il AN I baldwin Tbe prop ty of tin* <<>n>i'auv no' ImnKiiH (tlor ana ROtni* of iUo i!0?flojH>it ? latin* au tbe Kuk. H*u*? and ntlier Lodes will yield. it i* esllmated the premot fur over S'On.ltnO III Roltl A Hunted ouiiil?'r of ahaiea are ottered hub?rrlptn.u price. t'<!S p?r abare The bouka ere new oi?u at the oHIcc oi LIVP.RMORK, CLBW3 A CO . M Wan llreet Third avenub havinos hank. Corner of Ttiird avenue an I Twenty ilitb ?ir?et Chartered 1864. Ilank open flail* from l.i A M toP. M . and on Muu4af. Wi'dneaday and Satmday evenings from 0 to H I' M SIX u?r ceul internal allowed ou all ?urn* ifrom SI to SI.UUO. All moneva depoilted on nr before APRIL ifldraw Intereil from the I at. RI'ENCER K. OttthN. Preiid.nt. Kiobabo K?tLT, B?er?tarf ?1A Jinn TO LOA!". *T SI* PER CENT, ON tirat bond mill morita^t on good elty pro party, for a term of three or ll>i I'nti. Applicant* rnuat atate location of properly Addrtea Antic. Herald olUce, $1,000,000 ? or tub COUNT! OF HEW TORE. PBOPOSAL8 rOR $1,000,000 SOLDIERS' BO0NTV FUND BONDS, JBtloj; the balance not awarded on blda for $2 J0J 000 Opened April 2. IBM). Scaled propoaala will on received at the Comptroller'* Office uDili Saturday. April 10. IH?H. at 2 o'clock I' M , when ibe (am* will be publicly opened. for the purchase of ibe whole or any pari of tbe aurn of $1,000,000 of tbe "Soldier*' Bounty Fund Bond*," authorized by an ordioaoce of tbe Board ef Hurerrlsore, paused March 18, 1864, and by an act of tbe Legislature of Ibe .State of New fori. passed Febru ary & 1804, being the amount ooi awarded uu biua for 92,000,t'OU opened April 2, 18W. Tbe said booda will bearmturesi at tbe rate of ?ii percent per annum, payable eeml-nuiiuully on tbe (lr?t day of May and November in eacb year, and tbe principal win be re. deemab!e aa follows.?Five bundred tbousaud dollars No vember 1. I Hay, and Ore hundred thousand dollars, Movem ber I. IWO. Tbe proposals will slate me amount or bonds desired and tbe price per one buudrcd dollar* thereof; and persons whose proposal* are accepted will thereupon be required to depoalt with the Couuty Treasurer tbe sums awardedtto ibem respectively. Oo presenting to tbe Comptroller tbe receipt* of tbe County Treasurer for such deposits, the parties will be en utled to receive bonds for equal amouota of tbe par value of tbe sums awarded to them, bearing interest from tbe dales of payment. Each preposition should be sealed and endorsed "Propo sals for 8oldlers'Bounty Fund Bonds," and encloeeo In a second envelope, addressed to the Comptroller. Tbe right la reserved te reject any or all ef tbe bids If considered neoeseary io protect or promote tbe Interests of ibeeounty. MATTHEW T BRENSAN. Comptroller. Cm or Haw Tobk. UirtiTSiKT or Finance. ) CoMrtaoLLaa's Orrica. \ April 4, I.H44 ) CLOTHING. ATTEN TION.?AT 1:: SRVENTH AVENUE. NEAR Twenty-'lfth street. Ladies and gentlemen. I bnve tbe pleasure to aunounce attain that I have receive I n laige order I rom California end tbe Western mnrket* io pav the highest p tees for ladles' and peul i-mru's Wearing Apparel, Carpet*. Furniture. Jewelry. *c.. by paying 50 per "tent more than anv ? Iter <l?aler in the city. We guarantee tr> pay for ladies Silk Dieear s from $6 to $t0: Woollen, from $ < to $10; also CaHco. Or'aine M iclln. Ac. Uentlemen'e Coal*, from $S to fI'nnt- fr itu $2 to $7, A': Ladiea and scntlcmen. don't forget the right ontnber M MARCKS Til Seventh ivenue. near T wenty filth street By calling on or address inn me you will he de.a't with bonest'v. Order* will be at tended in from Hroo'<)vn New Jersey. Hobokeu, Ac. La dies punctually attended to by Mr* Mareks ABltlTfcK CHa.VCE ? LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN. If toil wish to find Ibe fair ami honesi dealer. B Mints te whotn von rnn dispose of your Casl OH ('lotlnne. Carpets, Furniture and tewelry, at the following price* ?rrom $li tn 143 for Silk Dresses, from $4 to $H for Coals, from to $ti for l'anli; alsoNhtiwl*. Cloak*. Woollen and Muslin f-Jressrs. for which the highest price will be paid; pleas* call on or adiKess a note to B. Mint*. 23."' Sixth avenue near Rich tee nth street Ladle* attended to by Mr* Mini/: all orders from flrooklyn. Williamsburg and Jersey Cltv will be punc tually attended to. I'leaae remember (be original B. MINT/. No ;M3 Suth annue. A TTENTION1-AT2I..'SEVENTH AVTBNLB, II ROSEN l?EK'l, llie California und Western agency store, re re ed lari;e rirdi?rs to purchase $7M.iM) worth oi Caul Off Clothing. Tlieie order* mitet be fulfllled In a very short time. Ladies sn l gentlemen. I wlab you asould take par ticular notice and look over your wardrobes, aad aeeif'you have anv r.otbtng you do net need. For Tour satis faction I will mention some of the prices Silk dresses, from $G to $J0t route, from %& to $?5; pants from $3 in ?7; ai*o wooiien and mualln dress-s, carpet'. f run re. Laelry. Ac. . iiy calling or addressing il. UOSENHBKO. .diea aile.nded to by Mrs. Rosenberg, In aui but ol the city \TTENTIOIf! ?LADIES AND GENTLEM l-.N. AT IV. Seventh avenue you will be asu.nislie I to *??? the price* F. HARRIS pays for Cast O'J" C'olhin C?rpels, tew. ?Iry and Furniture We flatter ourselves of ha* ng been pronounced by many ladiea and gentlemen lha'. we p >y 50 per cent more than any other place In tbe city. We ;>iy the following priies ?For silk dresses (tout $3 u. $10; for coma, from flto $.'0, tor punts, from $1 to S8. I*!ea?e call or id dress F HARRIS, IMS Seventh avenue, three doors from Twenty first street. Ladies aliened l.y Mrs Harris ASTHROLDSAYINGIS. HAMMER THE IRON WHILE Il is red hot ?La lies and gentlemen ran receive a higher price for their cast off Clothlug Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry. Diamonds. Ac., than ever be'cre a? we must have tbe mentioned sr.leles to supply our California markets no mailer w.iat price we pav. as long as we get the art . les Ladles *nd gentlemen doo't neglect a goo I chsnce as we say n > humbug and call on or aJdre?s H HAKRIS. 164 Sevenih avenue between Twenty first and Twenty secood street* Tou will not regret it. Ladles waited upon by Mrs. II. Harris. A Attention, lad;es and oentlbmkm.-mhs. r. GOLDSTEIN, of 19? Seventh avenue, I* pnvint fifty per cent mois than any other dealer in ibe cltr for Cast (iff Clothing. Carpets, Furniture. Ac , for the California market, Fav r i s with a call and ?Oit will he satisfied. All orders prom the VP Inity will be punctually attended to bv Mr. aud Mrs. Uoldalein. Attention -at the kevt store, tt? third avenue, ladiea and g<-atlerren are guaranteed to rerrive the hi |best prices far eaeb *i tide of cast off Weariim Appa rel. Furniture. Carpe-s. Ac . for the Southern and We>tern markets I'lesse remember, an l trv C, MISH. 114 Third ?venue near Fourteenth street Orders from Brooklyn aad victclty attended to. Ladles attended bv Mrs. Misb. 'iKBAT DEMAND M)R CLOTIllMi.?LADKB AND _ gentlemen having any Cast Off Clothing. Fuin iure. Carpets and .lewelrv will receive ihe highest prlres by ca I ing on or addressing A. HARRIS Ml Third a<-enu? be tween Thirty eighth and Thirty ninth streets. Ladiee at tended to by Mra Harris, Attention -fifty pbr cent more than at sny other store In the Seventh avenue for ladies an I gents'cast off Clothing. Furniture, Caroeta and Jewelry. I have a great demand fer Ihem R? railing on or hvp st Mr Abraliains, gyt Seventh aveuue between Twen ty ft'th and Twentvsltib eireets. Ladle* attended to oy Mr and Mrs. Abrabauia. Atxm BOWKRV -II KOSP.MTUAL RAVIKll A orfat desire io putchsse a lat<? I'lant t v of east o!T wearing Apparel Furniture t arpon, .lewelry. Ac . by calling on or address ns him ladies and gentlemen can obtain the ittmn<l value for each article La lies attended to bv Mrs Ro*enths' Please remember and try ,?&S Bowery eppot.te Ore at Jinei street A T 137 SIXTH A VENUE?LA DIBS AND GENTLE men, If you wish lo receive tbe highest price for your Cast Off Clothing, Pat pets, Furniture Ae , the br?t you i in do i* te call on or sen J a note to K M INT/, at 137 Suth avetjue two doors flout Tentb street Ladle* attended by MrsgMiou. True, you will be deaitwltb to your satlsfac tionT AaiiT 342 SEVEN I il avenue" corner of twbntv siath street, R HART wll ok?ihe hifhest prices for la lies'and gentlemen's Csst Off Clothing. Carpets ? i.rm lure, Ae., by ealliog or address ng a note. Ladies attended by Mrs Hart Attbntion. ladies and gentlemen -if you want lodlsp<?se of your cast o.T W earin* Apparel. Car ()?ta Furniture As I want ibem for the i'a Ifornia market. ?it oaillng oe er sendint a note by iiost to II.COIIN. No -40 Seventh avenue Ladies stieoded te by Mra Cohn. At the sew store. ?'>o seventh avbwi e. ? near Thirty tilth street, ladle* and gentlemen ran re reive AO per cent more for Cast OS Clothing. Furniture Carpets, Ac hy calling on or addressing S. HEKRISON Ladies attended te by Mr*. Herrtson. Attention-LAUits and ubnti.embn having csst oil CiutVng and Csriieta lo Aispose of can rely upon n tbat we pay b gber prices thsn elsewhere Flea** oall ?n or a.l'liess M KOMNHKY ^.<1 Seven ID street. All ortleiefrom tbis and adjoining cities pnunplly alieaded to hy Mr snd Vrs K. Attbntion. ladies asdgenti.bmkn -ii hart. of T}% Seventh avenue. Is bu/iug large jiisnlil es of tast off Clothing. Carpels. Furniture. Ae. Favor ua with a call. Orders by mail attended la hy Mr snd Mrs Hart. LMBadies. look to tour interest-FROM till TO $3fi pal I for Silk Drefsea Tbe highest cash price paid foi gentlemen's Clothing Call on or address a note tn ih* office ef L CASH HKRO. 4S East Twelfth street, near Bread way badies attended to by Mrs. C. iPin n<w| WORTH of cast OFF clcithino wanted?I will pay the highest Jrice for Cast i 'If Clothing, Carpets. Kurnliure. Call on or address H H 8THAUSH V.J Seventh avenue, between Thirty third snd Thirty fourth si reel* Ladles aiitadeJ by Mrs. Mmm suiPPiao. THK HRIfUll AND MIRTH AMRRICan "oval mail ^ikaii's BfcTWKEN Ni.vV VOHK IMU LIVKRPoOf CALLING at cork haiui ) L AND BETWEEN Bo ION ANI? LI VK u| i>'il CALLIN(J a?.0l. AT UA,'I,-AX AND CORK llAHHuK ' ' .i. ? !??????? Mu*r Yor*. W* <* ir?s i,? / i.|h Alf,i I AifEiV*' le** e# WrUn- - %y tub A?rtl AMU? ' *" ?"'? J'Ji'W '?11 April An IA. leav. v Boston. Wednetday /7iii u> l AI ? fit A La 31 A N, leave; Men Vork We.mes.l.v ith Mi/ ARABIA. !?*>?> Mostnl WedO"l>d:iv I III) \lt? BCOTIa. I?aves New York, Wednesday iljlh May . WO* ?I* roKK TO tlVkMCuOI. Chief (.abln Passage $:32 V) Second Cabin Passage . ..i . .... *1 dU ? .. ? 'K"', *moh to uvkrpoo .. ? bief Cabin Pas*ace |U2 Becond Cabin Pa .a >K? " ' oil Payable in gold or lt? equivalent lo Called Stales currency. Berths not secured uafil paid for An experienced surgeon on board. Thr owner* of tliene ship* will not be accountable for *pe elo or valuable* miles* lull* of lading. Laving the value ei preased, ?r? signed therefor For freight or passage apply to E. CCNARD, No. ? Bowline Green. CTKAM WKBKLT TO LIVERPOOL TOUCHING at V'"!,,n,"o?0 (Cork harbori ?The Liverpool, N. w Y.,rk ?iid rhtla.leli hit Siennubtp Company Intend de-pat.bin..' 11 Powered Clyde? liuilt Iron steamships ?? follows ? J,ili t)l' LONDON. Saturday. April Hi. 57N A Mt.,r |,r April 2:5 ,T*NKW YORK Saturday. April .10 ?nd every ?ucceodtug Saturday ai noon, froin pier 41 North river. RATES OK I'ASHAGE. 1 CI..I f '"?'??I* (told or Itn e.inivaleut in currency I n . . 5 I Steerage $10 ,["? to London. . H.'i Do to London 34 Do lo Paris <>a| to p??, 41 P?. er.0.-r. ,J"' Uo to Hamburg V d.m Bremcn-Rouer *105 '"ufiVVaJe'0 tw ?Kirn Cabin, ?75. ?f?, friends o?n Imi iie^L.^T w!10 w"'h lo 88,1(1 f?r their 1 ?*n b"T* here at tliege rate*. iroTs aJV^m.ei!! l'?".':.R"l>'irlor aecnmmndatlona for pannen gera, ai? etronu y built n water nectl .na nn.1 . an? to ekeli at?a'ni'e'r ? Experienced aurgeona ?r? muche.l Ti?u?fM rli"!r "'r?,"n ?PP'y ,n Mverpool lo WILLIAM r o Water itreel; In (.la-sow to ALEX. !m n oroV.0;.!;!! I'.ntwh a?|nare; In yueenainwn, to e. ^r>- SHv\lOCR .? CO In London, to KIVFs I ma Ch.r.01 Kinu Wllllan H'reet In Pari* toJULES DKCOi'R 4^ rn? Notte Dame des Vlcln|r?a Place de Bourse in Hhila' delphla. to IOI1M o. DALK, 111 street, or at Urn eoinpanj' JOHN U. IIALR.IAnent. 16 Broadway, N. V. CTEAMSIHP BTNA WILL COMMENCE TO 01 S'CII A ROB under general order, at pier 41 Norm river, on Satur day morning, at 7 o'clock Good* nol removed witliln ?4 hour* will be stored at ran eigne.-'* expenae. JOHN (i. DALE, Akciii. FOti LIVERPOOL?CUNARP STEAMSIII P HBCi A. ( aptain Mdlr will nail on Saturday, Atirll Irt Cabin l>aaaage $ftt puvable in gold or il* equivalent. For frei-ht or cabin paasege apply to K. CUNARU. No. 4 Bowlinu Oreen. " TOE LONDON AND N|.;w VIIRK STEAMSHIP I'liM Piny will dexpatch semi monthly tlieir new and lirst claaa Krttiah iron WeHinshipa CELI.A, KELLDNA, Af \. lanta. iowa. Indiana and Manhattan. eu?h t:i mm tona burthen, between London and New Vorn calling it Havre on the vovii^e from London Kates of iiassnite, pay ?ble In United Slates eurrencv?Fmm Mew Vora First Cabin, ffl); Second Cabin. f.VI Steerace, $ Vt From Lon "O" or Havre Klrat Cabin SHIR For passage aui lv to CHAS A. WHITNEV, at 2S llroaitwav Fcir frelglil apitly at M Sou til atreet. Advancea made on merciuindlse oon aigued to the London agents. HOWLAND A ASPIN WALL, Agenti. The Hamburg American packet company s IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From Southampton. From New fork TEUTON IA March 111. ISM April to. Ih>'-4 HAMMOMA April 2. IWU April JO. I** BAVARIA April 1#. 1*14 May 14. I WW OhKMANIA April Sl?. tw* May 28. IW.4 From Hamburg pier, foot of Tlilrd street. Hnboken. taking pMsengera for natoburg, Havre, L'.ndon and Soiitbampton "t to'' fallowing rates ?Fir?t cabin. second cabin, ?(w SO. ateerage, $37 Ml?pty*ble in eold or itaeoutva out For freight apply to KOKHAKOT A CO., 4# Eichauge piAO* For paaaage apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, No. 181 Broadway. THE NORTH QKRMAN LLOVD'S STEAMSHIP BREMEN. C. Meyer commander, carrying the United States mall, will sal! from the Bremen pier, loot ol Third street, IJoboken on SATURDAY. May 7. at 12 o'clock M . roR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pawncer* LONDON. IIAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BRKMBN at the lollnwiug rate*, payable la gold or lie equivalent In currenov ? for the Oral cabin, $105; aeoond cabin. SO, steeragn. $37 50. The HKRMRN will be followed by the II ansa, May 21. For Irelgbt or passage app'y to OELRICUS A CO., M Broad street. Steam from and to quhenstown and liv ek fool. CUNARD line rrom New York ;V15, currency, to New Yerk, $14 gold, or equivalent In currency. KEDAR satis on Saturday, April Ifi national steam navigation company. From New York, cabin $HV, steerage. $li. Payable In ettriency. VI Rfl INIA sails Rat ut day, April Jill. For paaaage appU to WILLIAMS A OL'ION, 40 Fulton street. Tapscott-s emk;ration ANO FORIiIGN EXCHANGE. C*?Ko "I South Htreet. New York. t h re eel a y "o" Liverpool packeta sail every X line ol London packeta sail every ten days ""'"H" to aend for their or remit money lug to Couni'y can dn ao at the ralo by apply Tapscott bkothrrm A CO , No. "6 South street. Quick passage. TAPSCOTI'S LINK FOR LIVERPOOL, rot* (Dft^ulQcent new cll|>|>?r nhip . . ^ , nk plus ultra having made the nas^ge from Liverpool lo New York In ?atl'aJuiMI?' ,oad'u? <?' Ut" above p?rt and will For iMaaage apply to TAPsrOTT BROTHRR8 * CO., No fiti Mouth street. Ti^OR LIVBRPOOL.?OLD BLACK BALL LINE?THK P "Jt.'P ISAAt' WEBB wall satl punctuallv on Xatnr.t i April for 1'iiaajtB# ai p'v on boar i, f ol of U'eKi.iun street, or to KOCII K BROS A COFFKY. IM? Mouth atr. et. rilUE MONTREAL OCEAN STEAMSHIP company'S J rova mail ate.iriishlp H 1IIERNIA V. Irom Portland u> Lijerp-K.1. April Hi It.n. s of ra-aage $?? f, ln%, w siS't. Hraffs ..o the National Hank, payable at all lie branches in l- n.laud and Irelaad For pasaage apply uj S VBfiL A SEA RLE. 1^3 151 oa I way. N??w York. \TEt"TRAL FLAG ?AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINK ah (Ti[rr?.S,\,l,?urt 1 Th" ?'?* AI H'Ht'h ? h.p i.t-.hTI l?l"N. (.loniwell. cmimander. wi'l . ome to |,,.r berth on the Utb .est" with one third of h?r <tar(o already on board, and will have unaatiallv rjuicV: despatch Tor Mei Jil'i . *!"* fit* ship. SO favorably known to the Liser leiol trile luanres nt the very I.. vest rate* hero and in Brit4ii). Atul is a rdniarkablv fintMilrr The AI British bark Westward llo. Wiiliama. commamier. dlreot """ Evenlng star* *D'1 liave despatch (or Sydnev Shippers per Evening Star will please hand In their bill* of lading before Fridav. I8ih lust .to R w CAMRRON. For California via Panama A,"rat c'aas steamer wi-t leave New York on the Id. lift !? .1 T month, eveept !,en I'.e.e date, fall mo 4-m Sow'ag *'f ?( <"P*''ture wilt be oa the Men lay r*. t*?,r rr"">? or passage apply at th* only olllce. Xa > Biwj. tegUreen *v A>. U. ALL.UN Ageut. For California ?m o roberts' line to San FRANCISCO AND tlRhUON, V.? J'aoaina Railmad The steamtnip ILLINO^. i fti>. ,on? ... . , Oi. HA rl'KDA Y April ?1 at noon, the naeat. failed and atroote?t sleamablp in toe I'aiilornla traue wi, aan ?? above fr ut the p,^r fool of Warren street. North river For treiulit of passage Apply to D N CARRINliTON cor aer ui Warreu aud Wed aiieeti PGR NEW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA. TO SAIL ON Saturday April m atSnvio k P M. The tnitid States Mail ax.ewhfel steamthlp morning star, Henry L Hepaurn. Commander. nver**" ** alJove' froni P'-r 1001 Kn.g alreet, Narlb For freight or paaaage apply to JAMES A. RAYNOR, _ lot Broad" ty N. R -The Evening Star will follow, and fail on ;amr. day April ;iu. H<,?. For new orl' ans direct The fast and elegant Unite.! tttatet mall sleamsSlp CRKOLL. John Thompson, eoramsnder. wll leave pier IS North river for New Ot Maris direct >n Wed nesday, Aprils at three o'clock l> M precisely .v#frel'ht r eeive.i or bills of lading signed on tue da/of *aillog. For rreigbi or passage apply t.i LUDLAM. heinkkkv A CO., II& Bit a.lway. F'OR new ORLEANS DIRECT rtie new United m It ?'e,?msltlpGBOBGF. W tH I INGTON. ('apt Gag"r will leave pier No. W. "4orth river on Saturday April ?)d. st't P. V t'?a*age wah in?.irp>...ed accotnniodattan. j?o Apply to U B. t'RUMWKLL .? CO.. "5? West street For Havana direct. To* I one i Stale* mail aide wheel ateamsblp EAGLE , Richard Adams. CommanJer. will lea*# pier No 4 North rtver, 00 We ineadav, April TO. " . . M Preclaely, for Havana direct No freight received or bills of lading signed on th? day of lal.lug All letters moat paaa ihroogb the Po*t oflice ror ircight or passage aj.plv to SrOFFORD, T1LEST0N | Ca. ti Broadway. F"Id,m?hrlf ?TnL'. S, ?' -^E.Jl?LAi: LIVF. -tub J.. .CJ L' 'f.6r,? A R COOK. Capt. J R *peed, is now at &fli?i i/?\*L 111 r' 1'' 1(1 freight for Hllioa Head and Beaulort S C , 11 Saturdsy mm inn BIXIIY A CO ^ raONMUi ~ np^'E CROTON AVUEDVCT BOARD. AI'RiL 4, J'*4- ?lo 1 ontract rs -Sealed erorosa.'* wi.l l? re .?eived at ih * olt # until Friday, Hie IMo da. of \prtl neit, at twelve o . ock r.oon, WLcn wi'l be rnblicly opeue.1 10 Inrnlshipg stu! cut :;g a" ut twenty live ' indred (..IMU aquare feet cf cine sieoe t sjg ng req dre.l for ihe l*i 1 ut |h > ^H'e l.oua * ( 1 .' e n? v r.'-e'vuir. I ans and "rei.fcatl li* l^r the aarre m be seen mi app ieat on st (hie Bflie* rtluMAS STEP HENS, 1 Ciotoo ROBT L. PAKRAOH, } Aqoedue4 A. W. CRAVEN, ) Itmr*.

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