Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1864 Page 3
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MUM Q? MUb l 8lng Slug. with orory requisite for a genteel ?ummer or Winter residence; fine bulldiru. boautlfuNlowg. g"?d fruit. Apply for particular* a? in Wagbinglou ttrtcU llM FIRST OLA88 OOUNTBT SKAT FOR UUMUB g1! _ ri?ltoro If tfertwd ?aa tx had ataa. 4 FARM ON 8TATEN ISLAND FOR BALE?OF TW EN A It seres, with good Dwelling Hon*. aleo out L?mim>?; raJm 1q flue condutoo^ prloo $6,<x*. Apply to A. JOUJi MAY. Mo^PineiureotZ A FIRST CLASS THRBB STOR* AND BASBMBNT A House In William sbusg. all uo4ero Improvements, tar sale cheap. Possemi on lal of May If desire,1. Apply 10 A W KLL8EY, 44 South Saveuih street. WilUamsbuig. A COTTAQB, WITH ONB QUARTER AORE OF LAND. J% for s?l? at Tramoot; neighborhood good, four mlnutet nw depot; eontaln* It ronma; water and bath In seeoud atorf, surrounded by shade and rruil trees, grapes berries and tlower*. Price $3,000. Cash $500 Apply to BDWARO O. (JO LB8, 68 Wall street room No 4. back aUira. Achoick fabm fob bale?op ios ACRES. SB mile* from New York by the New Jersey Central KalW d; highly cultivated, choice fruit, 6c3 young peaoh tree*, vonlent bonne and outbuilding* Inquire at 3C Sou lb " atreet, Williamsburg, AORNTLBMAN 8 RE8IDENCB, 1* ROI'R'S R1DK, oa Loui< laland. heallhv location, near depot surround ad by doe lawns, blackberry and currant planta'loos aapar agws and atrawberry beda, pear and apple orchard*. aud a yery productive Farm or 76 aciea. Farm ho.iee large out Vuldtug* uad feuooo m perfect order. Title perfect Valua 1)0 a* an investment. Terms cosy. Immediate poaseseiuu. JOHN FOROIK. No. o Pine atreel. third door. A VERY CHEAP PLACE-$1,550 OA8II. $150 BOND A. and morigago?Cottam, Couch and House, all in best repair. with nearly half an a re ef Land, weil atocked Rth fruit, healthy locauou and within one hour's ride of iw York city. JTor particular* call ou 0. J'. PtiLL. 27 Cortland t street. W3? AB.VROAlN.-KOR SALE OR BXCHANOR. OR TO let. a Choice Country Residence, on the Uudaon with an aere of Harden laud; Brat n!a*s House ; 33 miles fioui Now York. Also one hundred other plai ns for *.ve or ei thaoge. A. 8KIU1K ANT, 15 Wull atreet. A NEAT COUNTRY RESIDENCE?23 MILES ITP THE Hudson, eou'alning two acre* of ground, a two ?tory hunae and new barn, with a water frout ot 400 feet, and a freealone quarry; first quality stone for Belgian pave, ?tent or building purposes, all tor $3,Wo, and 10 acre* near, with a water frout, for (1,1110. Teruia easy. A. HEROKANT, IB Wall Street. A BEAUTIFUL PLACR-8'; A0RK8, OOOD HOCSE an 1 b<rn, fruits, Ac., Iml'e from Tompitin*v||le Land big. Suien Inland, $2 0). Alao. In the village, Cottage tome rooms) aud Lot, very nice. $1.7''0. W. II. MELICK, 407 Broadway. A YRRY PLEASANT PLACE FOR SATE-AT NYACK. JX Lit 8-x9U; yood House. nine ronma larse ouant'tv of rruijt rer. de Iraule and coar house, aud called v^r* ebeap: BS/IOO. 11 AY WARD Jk DKilAKEST 111 Broadway, room 4 A GOOD CHANCR FOR INVESTMENT OR TO PVR cha?e a homn?Within one mlnute'a ?a!k ol Moi.nt V?r ?oa depot, a good doble House, with nine roonm. Ham Bttbie and four Iota of Oround, at the lo<?p;i>;eol 42.SWJ. Inquire of JOHN STEVENS, Mount Vernon A ORRAT VARIETY OF PROPERTY,POB BALE-TO A' amt the domanda of all. Iiivellinaa fn and near Monn t Yonioi., I a; J/00, $800, t'JGO, $1,000, $1.1 OUL *1.-00, $l!,U0O, B2,5lM> J3,(?I. "11,50c $4 000. Ae. Farcy lard*, from I acre glo 'A> Farm*?t?ne of 5 aerea. at $3 (100. one of HO acres, IW , one .if 1314 actea. wa.l cultivated aud fru ted $.u, ; one of 8tJ acre* surrounded bv vlliaee impr ivemenis, at $Ij i.txi out* ol 87 aorea, with mansion, outbuilding*, ei tensive ? ? i| ;n of ihrnbliery and lloivcis. wltii farin ho tse, Aa, $30,ih. i; 0110 of 114 rere* well Improved, fino hoimn. wlthvi.l.iii outbuildings, $.15,000. All iu oa?y dlsiance of Ifcoefly W1 ih other Property luqulre of JOHN STEVEN*. Mount Vcrio.n ..Acre Wuru T FM'PfllMO L. 1 ?A NEAT, SlODBRrt TWO RTO ry Kuaiiiencn; ten Reridenees in Unu order, a quarter t'liolco a kn, frutt shade. Ac., Immediate poaweaioo. rniture if d . ired. For sale very ch.?*p. W. P. SEY.'aot'U. 166 Broadway. AFI'fST 0LA89 EXTRA WIDE TMREB <STO"Y AMD aitic Uoi.t.e tfa-i President atrui-t. with four lots fl Ciuud, bi tween Clinton and Court streets BrooKlrn. hul!t the bCBt manner, by day a work, for the taw Edward Kel l<>!g. house -R Teet with plalo g n?* in v\ indox s; pai l<;r? and halls Ir. seoed. w <uld he sold w thout adjoining lots M desired. Apply to K. K KKLLOUU. 139 Pearl street. Mew York. a TWO bTOKV ATTIO AND BASEMENT BR10K jfV IIou?e, on S.inda street. near Jay, Brooklyn, Willi let ?00 feet deep. running t!iro;,irh to Prospcct street; b??mo dvn Improvement Pilot) SSSOO. K R, KELT-OOP, 139 Tori street, Now tor^. At orange, n. j.?for sale, a first class Residence. onlv Hve minute*' walk from dep t am) one hour from New York Tlis lions? In largo, uiiv, inoilern Xjla and very complein; 1'iuu and large giirdtu. with Ir? 111, Aa Apply to E H. ENSIGN. 158 Wil Urn atreet. A COTTAGE AT FL0SHINO FOR BALE-TWELVE room*. bandaomely llmshad; Bon garden fruit and araameulal trees; plcu<antly located. May be bad. eiln'-r ftfrnln'ed or unfurnished, at a barg.iln. Apply at uo.-a 10 H. H LUDLOW a CO . No 3 I'ine street. T 319 FOURTH AVENUE-RY DAT A CORB?FOR ?ale, No*. IfiS and 16'i East Thirty third street, north i, between Se<ond and Third avenues; four story. En: baeemcnl. Price (6,250. Possession May ) Term* i] E SI ILL1ARDS.?FOR SALE. A CORNER HOUSE AND Lot In a flnil rale netgh'whood; house three story. ?'meni ?nd under collar; lot 27?*9,^)< feet: upper story one large room: situated on Brooklyn Heights about lour reka iroin Wall stieet ferry. particulars apply to K. KEELOOG. 189 Pearl street. New York. _ /"JODNTRY RESIDENCE FOB SALE ?AN ELEOANT, \J lame and very commodious Mans'ou. near Flushing. >a I., replete with all the improvement* of a fir?t c a*s city fealdence, admirably situated, oo high ground, overlooking Us bay. itvcr, Palisades, Ac., on the road lending Itom Whlleatone to College Point, about one mile from the depot, flu grounds are lieautlfullr laid out. and house and lawn ghadad with fine old forest trees and evergreens; about II ?area, blghly cultivated and abundantly (rutted. One large ?Milm capacious hsrn, carriage house, lodge, laundry, ice Ban St md outbuildings, all In corop'eta orher Cornmuui Mtlos hourly by steamboat and railroads. Apply at the rtgi i of the Globe Fire Insurance Company, comer ol Ful |sb and Oreenwlrb stroeta, K, Y. OOVNTRY 8EAT FOR BALK-TWENTY ACRKH OF fj Laud, one hour from New York by cara. For particu. kin Inquire of A H. KELLY. .190 Broadway. New York. /COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE-TWO MILR8 NORTH tJ of B titimvie. eut Charles strest avenue. between tea and t>vel* e a<-ree of land. Improved by spaciout dwei Si and outhouses. select grapery, fruit tree* and best of water will now be sold at a bargsla. Address bos 249 Hal Oaore Poat otUce. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-DELIOHTFIM-LV located, on half mile from ilie depot, ?t Jnmao-a. L. large bouse, barns. Ice home, Ac.; grounds beautifully l>M cat. with nine acres of Land, plenty of fruit. Pow-e? aton at once. Inquire of D (IAKK1SON, iJixlb aveo e, Mar Thirty fifth street /VoUNTRY SEAT ANL) F>RM. COMPLETELY Ft K \j mshed. for sale or exchange.?Nearly 21)0 acres. on tbe Bound within nlue miles of Harlem. The Improvements o n tha shore front al me cost over $100 000. There arc se oral Baautlfrl building sites lying hack, which will be in great re wueet when the shore Line Railroad Is built. Buwugb i'?ii * n all cd from ihls source to re|iav the whole amount m * ?>. vl for the property, leaving the enure front, with all it e ?V SU. Improvements, free of cost to tba purchaser. App v laWARt^Hi'LEAN, 19 Wall street. ?V^'lNF.R STORE FOR R.*.L* OB TO LET-TIIB BBS f fi '<? * gmeei y or. oiintry ???'te sssortraeut st Bill etann . . il.. most uromiuent corner it) the if;iv^d7as bou?e four stories. Apply iu t^LKYA nBU>Rl^- Bluabempon. or B R. SELLUtjO. 139 Pearl street N ?. COUNTKYTfcAT FOR SALE OR TO LET-URL.'0'|J I Sully lotvied. al Rye. Westchester'county,* Mb_ Maronecs harlw. Fine dwelling and outhouses IJ-sSCTM ?.( sul trier Uiud, choicest fru.t, location uneicepihiuabli , ?law unsurpa?ei". surrounded on three aide* t'.v n sters of she Sound superior facilities for bostlng. batbtu?, [ l ^.r. Terms accommodation Full particular* and pvrmil* Sr A. jyy HN B A Y; Ne. 8 Plot St ret. (V1KIRARLE LOTS FOR SALE?ONE 30 FEET 3> IN K? YKBrtamii, OCR PROPERTY FOR SALE?WITH LARi'lR sIoRB hoiiae Ar ; an eicellent ligation for an Iron. Inn her ' ... W..a Ii'ji fani malar Irnnt with track (.'Oil M m aaQl 1W* n" I Mae ?v" 1 v * i^a. coiuLaay h?s Ifiti reel water Iront witii trscH JLiung wlththe Central Rallrom! or N-.v Jersey-is sltusted MBli'abetbMrt, N. J. Far particulars apply toE R. KEL EOOO. 139 I earkaueet, N. Y. B^* RALB AVENUE, BROOKLYN -FOR SAI B. J 1J Hue i*'0 story aud basement Cottages (lull lots). twb iltb eight rooms eicb, ona with twelve room* gas water. KJi! uiari.le, Ae.; gaod nsighborh od terms easy . ptKea B0 $2,fi00 ?i.""<? located at M>rner - f DcKa^b and Yaies "*" ??".?t"'TSi!5ii y* JOHN CAHR. lakQB HOUSE AND STABLE FOB KALE ? i^um was built by a gentleman forh.suwu use JPjL ?? ir ?eat and Is to every reapcet a tint cmsa astab JSf ^ hrown atocs front, rosewood doors, walnut stairs. rirOTTha'.ement to attic and in the most fra*'1. 'IVit Tha f^rnitnre, which I* nearly naw. and C2*niade^?' order by Roul, i'olUnr A Siyiuus and U iuh ??? . ?, i<; w p.b |L If i eslrad. It is fltnsted or one of eftfes suoetfc tha siabla la Oral cla?. and will sc .i. iioraes and ai ninny ^-arrlaCes, 1"as 'si gehos p*'i wHhout furniture, $M,"i0 A.'. res. to. ffew ?a, grj ?LJLi5i " " ?? FTfl AVENUE?HOtTPE HO. 141 (NEW NO 4?6) F< B ?ale or to M, furn, bad Airly M -he _ ahm AN1) r aHNE- V PBoPERTT FOB SALH-RIT a> uaSao In Dcmascus, Wajne co mty P-on- v?. s , n|irs Irom the Cw heotoa dep. I on the Erie Hs ioai. n laining 661* seres of and. Klol whlcii arc imfiro' ?' bam and she Is, lee and woodhouse, sj'p e ojcl arc. stirt ether fnitt On the prem'srs Is a beantlful Iskc. 'I ?A,'*.r a mile long, the outlet aflording three *" ?r .e laV d aultablc fi r running a wimb^r oi mi lib- TK h< e a? t Cms. and is handsomely situated, within a tew ro. o ' a. The lo.atien la unsur|iasaed for health 4 ,l.~ 1 *, acaaery snd betn^ easy of ?ec;?? would bs sil? n v ?l*>i far eltlran* seeking comfort and amuarrnanv Tre ase abounds wtlb llsh, the forest wltb game. Ths ' s.atiie o. tha bad Is coi e'fd with hemlock, beech snd inst'le tltrl"'r. 11 e bo"*e oat building*. Itmacresof land aad the iake. wonld ba eold sepai ateiy >t daaired. For furling p r irulm i n|<! V SWM noU'HITY. on ths pre:nla'?. or to N W VaM,. 11>I aary sliest, New York. 1A H M AT BOOTH OVSTBR BAY. I.ONO l?LAvD. ? F t Kahm at sooth OYBTBB b H for sa'#.?Tha very ral.iab-a Farm, tha ir |?itv ben W wnl'e Jericho, Is sltnuted alent ihirtr av-i"?W~ ft. m Brooklyn- on tba grwat Hauth Turnpike to r.sryli n, ni?|te io the residence ol -Judge Bronson, ra lcor.uts r ?l O. Vsndewater'a !lot?i It rnnuon* >0(1 *? rea ? f aatan ' and \a sires? masdaw. running dnwa >o il.a bay woarc game and lisl. abound, a Rood sadlng for u abiire, hm ann iullAbl# <?r maftutictur ptirpvvVt. ??i 'J?i |kim la considered a? destrnhle ?s nnj on the ?'->'h ?'<He. Ihare s a line oarn, a small cottsg". and other ou bo l.lln^a, la. lu< Ing seven novefwl walls, on the l'lsj*.n aking it talu. able (or klnr* raising. The Long Island Bal roau r- r-> ? ith !a"ii*e it.lies, and it ia highly probsble that a latirbmi fri m ?rouklyn will soan ha flnlahed within ona mil* cf the i s-e. uak'ug this faim also attractive tor gent enter r r en-, e at t>uifn?ss to eiainlne. For terms snd par'teatars sp| ly to John M WHITE *t? rmai sireat. ? ??< H BALB-THE < tiMPLPTKI Y F BN 8UI D Ol V. Kirv I laot of tba lata.l 8 Pellia, on the North Bhrewshiiy M?e> nrar Red Bank. N J., and tweiuy HVe ml ? S I veto tl .* HiT-'moilern snd well furnished house, gtounds highly ern> ?M.p'ofustan of sN klndaof fralt, oyster bed In '.or- a.f Krared bana and every appliance furs grstyiisi. real lu. T ? s vte? ean be eoea aad laformstlon cbtaine.' I t ni ?TytaV'* '? M PKTBIE.?? Park place or W m. SLCANl, Kil Broadway. .. asm. IIAIF?AT BAIIWAY. M J. THE TWO STOI Y F do,"de House, slftsted corner ot Milton snd f >ih ?trsi'I one Wock from dap it, etfttalntbafMna rooms Fniirth >W*el, ?? VnMr^lo msntela. le . lot i v l"' 'en. U*!*a-'i^ Tsimseasy Apply t? Jevi rot?oM, -a fitdaS n'y O-nt i 1 " ?aa?i a?ir. _ BALKS OP RB&Ii CmTB. BALB-CITTFROrERTT, FATINQA laAROB r per MDt on S20.000: would like > resitHnoe worth 80.OOP to t&ouo, some cuh; balance mortgage. Inquire al 9U ba relay urwt, up siaire, from 1 to 2 P. ?. ? m llou^?7?tu ^i4"8 ,ROM HOBOKM, n. J . Jrult I"?* "I0*imo ut L??d- l"?DV o/ ilrtu. 7. ?*. c*r' 10 1110 ferTJ ?*?ry afleen minutes For ^erUcuiaj-? Inquire at lite tfuai atore, Jto. 4 Ann street, New I POB SALE?in brooklyw, hi place. Brooklyn Heights. Third horkood, furnished or unfurnished. t ? Wall atreet or Boulb lorry; brick, three atorj. baaement. ?uh-cellar and atlic, modern Improvement*, In 'omplat* re lair; Immediate posaeasioo. Apply 10 J. m. LEwIH ot F. * DANA, 67 Wall street. HOU8B BO H8YDNB1 il ward. Ant elate neigh Ave minutes' walk from B I POB BALK?A FARM, OK AHOUT ISO ACRB81 OOOD ' land oomfortable bulldiuge tnih-s from the village of Huntington, L I FrlVBt.OdO. Apply to JOHN F. CAKLL, No. 7 Bui clay struct, K. V. FOK 8ALB-A SPLENDID BUILDING SITE. CON talninv 23 acre*. lo lots to an It purchasers. lying on the Jtew York and Pater-sou plank road 10 mllea from New Turk and three quarter* of a mile Irom Passaic village ad loioing the New York and Brio Railroad; the location la eminently healthy For further partleulnra Inquire of A B. MoKEON. No. S40 Bfoadway, up siaire. FlOB RALE-PRIOR SS.SOO-TWELVR THRKR STORY Ho sna, of ik new aud teautiful design, delightfully sit uated fool or East Fifty first alrent and lei race wall. Ap ply to the bullder^on tut premises. FOIl 8ALE-FOUR STORY BROWS STONE FRONT Hon* Roorman place, We9l Thirty-th'rd street; una bonaa. hall ulea. Ac , fleslruble location A bur am If take a an. n. J V HATCH. 37C Ninth avenue. IPOB SALE?A TURRB STOUT BASEMENT AND BOB cellar framed llouae filled In from top to bottom. water aod gas ou every Moor; fourteen room*; in a good neighbor hood ami all In cood order, lot "fixlUO lent, in One 11 md red and Twentvtlrat ?treot. Harlem. between First and Second avt unt'H. >3,0 4) can remain Lota lor 8460 JaMES M. EDNKY. 47-1 Broadway. F10K BALE-CHEAP, two' brown stone front Hon>i!?, built by th?- day, In (list class neighborhood, with ail the latent tmprovciaonls In them. Apply al ln7 Last Fifiteth street. FiOR BALE?ON Till IITY SEVENTH STREKT. BE. ttyecn FiTtli and Hixtb avenues, a Urn Rlaxa 'our *:oiy brown atonn. House, roniamins all the modern Improve mem* aud In good ordqr: price $18,000. A!ac a small brick llO'iae in Tliirty aeexnd etreet, near 8i*th aren le, very Cheap. tH -MX) Atipiy to LEHMAN A BROWN, 1,274 Broad way oe*l looorncr of Thirty -lourlh atrcilt. FOR 8ALB?IN MOBOKEN. A rURI'.E SIOIIV AND b.iaemcnt brick lto(i-.e, knoivo ks No. 13 Wa-b|n;:i"n alrer-i. being near the ferry and tlniahed throughout in the hesi manner; poesenalon '-an be 'ad on the fl'tn day of M.iv al/e 22 leet II inchea front, by ins foet In deptb Apply <o THKOPHILI'H BUTTS, .No. 24ft VYaablngton atreet. or io WILLIAA^O. PLl'MMKR, No. 74 WaiUm^ion alreei llobo kea InOK SALR-HlHLDlNliS SO*. ?2T \NH1S) STANTON ' ?treet. ?iih Loaae ol No . t-'ll and .Tit, Including i'O h rge rr.Kme and (O-horta locon otivc Imiler, just put in I erfo i Older The biiildiii^e are egpecia '.y adapted for brewer" or maltster*. Applv io ihe New Vork Dealccatlng Company, 159 KiOiU atreet, corner Maiden iane IrtOR SAI.R-8BPARATRLY OR TOOBTHER, THK ' three three siorv brick Bulldlnua. Nm. N7I 57t and S7f> Third a venire. Apply to WM. 8PAHK.S, o74 Third avenire. IflOB SALE?A KARM OF 168 AORKS IN THE TOWN a1 of Bainbndge tJh' uangu couniy, N. Y ; 1110 ImprovrJ ana covered with Valuab'e pine, ank and chenont tim ber, builiPnga com!. woll w.itered mid isoced. choice (rolt. In healthy location, and only four mil' s .rom the railroad depot, at the low price of B30 per acre. Teruia ea?v and a tiamuin to the purchase. Inquire of (I.E. SMITH. No. 4 Erie Buildings. Nc-.w York. fjloR 8ALR?DESIRABLE BE-'IDENCE, AT NEW arK. N .1 : l!io prop -rlT N'o. 108 Orchard street, witliln three mlnntca' walk ol' NewJoraey Railroad station; house contains twelve fnrnlaberl rooaie ?itli k*'' H,,d marble iniMitela; t)ie lot i* 6 I*1W feel, well atocked with l aes . Tei < n ,o;iiii), d.itinc. Apply on the premlna to JAS. H. LINDSLEY. IilOR fi*AT,F,?FIRST OtrASS KOIT!? STORT BROWN stone front lions -. '1 fertwide. on Forty-aoventh ?tr<>et, between Fifth and tliitb avenues. Inquire of (ll-'.ORflE (?', s riTT. 1M Hroadway, or or D. OARftlSilN, .ri'.?2 Sixth av. IjIOR SALE?ON THIRTY.KOttRTH STREET. NEAR " Broadway, a flrit c ns? four aory hi :h sioon brown atoue Hi.iise 23 feet Iront; e nmna all ilie modern Impiore menta, bu'ler'a pantry, private stairs. Ac Priee #H%,ikip. LEHMAN A BROWN. 1,27:. Broad ? av, Next to corner of Ttiirty lOiii ia a rcet. filOR SALE?A TURKS STORY BRICK HOIJBB AND Lot on the .?rner of lilrh str -ei an1 Fourth avenue, kept as a liquor atom, doinj.' a Kia>d btialnesa; Ihe owner has other business to alleml to. Tonus cuny. Apply on the prernHiea. For sale?okperkd kor a fi;w days only, as tkOowner Ih about to leave the rlty, 127 Lots, finely altnaie.d In the, villas ? of NewtoWn, L I., near depot of ;'ne Fluslilns Railroad Inquire of BENKPICT A COIT, No 4 Pine street. Ij^OR SALE?THE BRIOK STlMtE AND DWBLLINO J ' No. 99 Division airoei. with leasa of Loi, 14 years io run and renewal of 21 yeais; Improvements to be paid for at the expiration of the leas-1: House '.'St-I ' leet. three no rltix. hasMineot and subct-llar. Apply to I. O. WILSON, bfl Canal street. IrtOR SALE-LEASE AND (100D WILL OF TWO ' eiegantlv fiirniahed Wo i-er. io ned t-iae'her. Oil! o' pood pajlng boardera; .-heap reut; lar/:e gar lens: a rare eiiancc; an Interview will satisfy Tne o*ncr l* coin? to Europe for her beait'i. Apply at 107>4 or lii# Orecne street, between Spring and Prlncc sireeta, io Mra BURNS. DOS SALE AT MINERAL QLBN-10V ACRES, BE. r tweeii CroloD PoMtand Sing sins a line Mansion and elecani grounds, irulls, springs, cas.-ades, Ac. Price $I60(K1. Easy terms. Photographs can be seeu at .IOIJN 1J HULL'S, 24ti Broadway. FOR BALE?RPLENDID COUNTRY RESIDENCE. ON lire Hast nver fThropg's Neck i; 64 of land, dwell Ing house, greenbo is?, i;rk)>ery. stab e and roa'-li ho'ise; all In j;ood Order. W. I* UVINU8TON, t. Wall >t FOR 8ALB?SOUTH OK TWENTY THIRD STRKRT and iust aast of Broadway, a firat class, full sued House, with stable and eirra lot. The property lain fine order and Possi-Hsion can he given 1st May For full partlc nlars and iiernuls to view the premises apply lo E. II. LL'D L< 'W A CO., No. 3 Pine street. I For sale-an elboant lot. on PiFrn avw i nue. 3^xnw feel, below Kor'y seeond street Also for wile, a splendid House, below Tweutv.ibird street, extra | width Also for sale, an extra llotise and Stah'c above ? 'flinty fourth street Apply to E H LUDLOW A <'0 . No. ! 3 Pine stieei. FIOR SALE?A FARM. BEAUTIFULLY SITI ATED 1 one mile from the village of Jamaica, L. I . on the > Hempstead and Tamal-a turnpike, containing 126 a.of I land, with a dwelling, harn and outhous-s. also, a go. d well , of water, plenty of fruit ireca, Ac. This Farm will be sold rlieap ll aeirlled 'or immediately to Mr HENPRIfMt SI'Y DAM. on the premiaes. ur to JOHN CON TRbLL. at Ike -ourt room, 64 (etlar street, N Y. DOB sale-A COI NTKY BBSIDEVCK and FORTY r ncies of Irfind. large house,!v new tn peifector- ' tier lifteen nlc? in N,".v Jer|.<r For particulars loq-jire I al I'aylot's carrtag< rep >si|<?rjr. 06 Cadar street. LIOR BALE?AN ELF OA N f COUNTRY SEAT AT L Yootgia. A pi y lo E II LUDLOW M CO . No. 3 rifle *{reet. Ij'OR 8ALE-A HRST CLASS HOUSE IN SF.TEN leenth street, with aiablo in tbe'rear. Apply to E II. LI DLOW A t-o . No. 3 pine streat. L^OR 3ALK-FOUR POUR STORY FIBSTCLASS HIOM r stoop brown ru>ne Houses desirably ioiatted Id Forty etghtb Sir-e. repli e with all modern iniprrveioents. ISOx^i", lota lun.6. In i*-rfeet order: pc.a>ession on or ber^re 1st Ma\ f-ice Sl'i.'ti Terma eaav I'eimlia of A JOPKMiAY. HalflwiliMI F>ob ba?b-at a low prick, to close an ?stale, a l*?rm of one hundred ncros. on Siaien Island, ibout I r?>i r mi'< a 1 om tlie Vanoerhilt lain'mg. and near a ruilroail depot Apply to A. JOI.'RJJKAY, No 8 Pine street. For sale-a well bvilt three storv brick House, 22xtb frel; lot ?* a I < t) fee': SI lr<) es>-h : the r4 mainder m inort?;age.. . r wo tiu ex-iiatife f> r a vacant lot. Inquire al 170 I-.msi Fi rti?tb street 1 " ti*i*i- a - ? - --?>?? - ? ? ' l/OR SAI.E OR TO LET?AN ELEOAST RBSIDEN' E. r on ihe Ktncabrldge road and 16,'d stieet. about nltio Irom the Cllv Hall and in tho vicloliy of Fort Wasb liigion, < o-niiiandiuit ? splendid wster view, einbrsclng alxiut e'pht acrea ol lanu, handsomely laid Oil with ortia tnenl .i and fr id trees, grapei les, gravelled walks, conserve. lo.ies Ac., brtek house recenllv built. Ol stylnh archltec lure, fieseoeii callings, 60 feel front by W feet deep, contain log gas mnier and all the modern conveniences. stablea, outbuildings. Ac . Wx-atod on the Harlem river, within ten mlno'es walk of the Hudson River Rstlroad depot and two steamooat andinits. fifteen ni in ulea' ride from the Third avenue ami irom the Har em railroads and fortv live tnln ii tea ntfa Irom the t'uv Hall, inquire ef ANDREW j. SMITH. II Chambers street. POR BALI ok TO LltA BRAt'TIFI !. t.tirnic House in the village of NtWk. eonlainlnu twelve rooms; the grounds are set out with every var-oly or fruit aud her ries. Inquire of J V. <>NDKR1K)SK, on'be rrnrises Coo. venmnt uy boil of eara OB SALE OR ro LRT-A CoTTAOB. WITH 16 TO 50 arret of aood ground, in village of Jan.aiea. Long Island a large nain ac-odwellol water, vni eivof frun, larce gart en. Inquire of Dr KL'YPER. corner ol Sec-nd gvrpue and Ninth at , New Y< rk. I'oaaenion iiniocdia ely F-',B SALR OR ?8 let-a DBRIRABLB VILLAOS Keauien?-e, wilt a hair acre of ground in Mount \ crnon (aiiti-i n mile# Irom CUT Hatl|. on N -tv Haven Ra'lroa^. lnoutre of O W CCXiPBR, 161 Eaat Ftftv elrhth street M. v ni J C ii ANKIN. mm dopol. Mount Veraon. ot of j s ?0rbY<W rVT" ? vri? ^ . IriOR FAI.R OH TO I Rr-STArEN ISLAND I ROPF.K 1 IV an rle,ani Cotla*e 'ainriinlug twelve rooibs yu Pi ner'a Hay, i re in tie fr'tn railroai depot, ?nli bar n, ancds. sisr .es -artiage hen. Ice ?ummer ami bathing btusea In eiui pit-ie order; fruu in ato indsiuo; excellent gardeu. well and rain wa'ar at door, gn nu ll 'attciully arranged, sbe it Mi ar es will the whole or i>ait thereof Alan 2il acres la a high stale of r iliistluB. wpIi good Dwell ng, "Bisrter ii.lie from ItossVlle. Also three siorv Dwel'tng and base, meal, conlalnlng i< roon s, barn, stal'les sad aheda, well cali.ilan d f'? l-oaiillog puhi . ho<aae. or schobl, three quar te s of s mil? Iron *?' r? ol dejioi and he-eh Also the pro tiertv foto erlv stare Island Oil Co. wharf and hulldin*a. suitable 'm in o>i anv ?'n< of manuCactwrlng piirpo?i-a. spi-. j loALBKHl <il HMEA Y? No 8 PlM Slieel or II.M . hA'I.EY 2.. hroomes'reet r-0R ?AI.E OK TO I.BT.-SIXrEKN T.HRRR ri.X 1' t'arfet Leoms Rtlllni and Slicantlg M.?ehl"?, ftpoel. inc viacilre, P? mum, Cuiils, A--, witr or witho-it li-e Hons, Applv to W M. REIKI", fil H u av sneer nr on the rivmiscs r mar of B naduny atil K i.eia it street, as loiia. U I rfUR FAI.E to I.HI' OR TO LF.ASR?THE MFW r iror ? ory tiri. i H tld'ig 95x24, 'n Monroe sliest, bo,, Mrtfi'i-erti' rv and I'lmlon stre ts with nr without sirnii ,e.v?i Apply to ^Oil? f- WILSON, cwraeroi li|. ion ai.ti I'rari si rivets. _______ H'OR SALR tlR rn LET?A FI NB COUNTRY HSAToF ai-< It rive Acres In Stamford t'oao abo ,i ha f a mile from N- w iiavrn d?|s t and aleambuat laidmil II Co n nisri lea fine slew ..f ibe sokdiI and -nn ounii-ng 'nun r>. For r*r'le ulaes apply ?i as I We<l Forty third stieet. No sa*nls need apply. Y.^OU *At.B CIIRAP-BBOWN BTONE DWBLLIBO, I hetween Filth and Silth aveouea, gas fisturet, to hIi rn liui n.yen enta, m tmiipleie i-rdi r; possession unrneipstelr. Api-^ 'o tbe nsnef at 3| Water strr et, from 9 A V P i P. M , anil 4 to H I* Al . L^OR SALR, TO I P.T OR F.XCIIANOB?THR 1IBAITI F fill llomni|aati on Vandaro it avanoe, flia'en liland. ht.owo ss the ' rtu iroe-ry," loi inerl* ihe resideooe nl J-id:.e li'meraon, more re.<i<it|e of vv?,. I' rr?.l, Usq about three anroa, in e house sn,| barm ,*h ind tn> 'of fi ut 10,1 sliruberry. For paillc-isi- >ie->cript'nn tpnly'o V i N >V IMKI.E .t WINANS 14 Flnasleeri, Nevt Vi ,a ?<? <-? n sa r'auasery. Il.walit oiilco F IA1JU OF KBAIs ??TAT*. ^ FOn BALE CHEAP-POSSESSION MAT J?LBA8B. hold two (lory and a'.nc brtcv Dwelling 123 A mil* ?lrtt iweoty-one vuri (roin 1863, rent $'??, taiee an J *??*"?? mentaj privilege of purchasing at ffi uOO. the fee alniyleilo 23>100. with alleyway to rear of lot. Inqulro of Q. DO BOCtfB, m Qroeue etreet. . ?OR 8ALB TBRV OBEAP-SBVKBAL HOUSE? AMI Stores In the city of Rahwav, near the centre, No* H l?, tS.2U.2t, 21. 26. 28 and SO Main etreet; 20 miiee fro* Mew Turk, In New Jersey, by New Jcisey Railroad. The owner le fery desirous to aell. Call on Mr OBORGE MKAD, on the premises, or on A. U. UOI.HEAB, near I'niontown. 2J+ milea ueyond Hallway. Half 'ho money can remain on (he premises. Will be eold all together or Id par eelstoettil purchasers. ?*OB SALE AT A BARGAIN -THE BANOBOMB f*0 and a half atorv brick Donee to Monroe street, <e oHer ed at the low price of $4,400. All ilia modern imt>roveinenio. Apply in the dry gaud* ?tore lulcli ambers etreet. HOU8E FOR SALE?IN GREENWICH. CONN., WITH Ave to ill acres of larnl, entered with fruit and (hade tree*, and having about .1ve hundred feel of waterfront, with convenient-"* for salt water ba'hlng and boatingi the house, stables and outbullduiga are larxc. commodious and in poi feet older, and every way suitable .or a large fauitly Apply so the premise* or to 3. > TIFF AN Y 38 I'urk place Hoen AND BTABLB FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE. No. SI St. Mark's place a three siory brink House. 26 feet front with stable on rear ou Ninib street. Apply 10 WM H RaYNOII. No. 6 Hire street. OTIiL property FOR SaLB At A GREAT bar gain.? IK1 unrea . taolcc Land, superior location. e<lensl?e buildings, and all in good order, or wl!l *e>l in pavceJa to suit SOUTH WIPE A WOOD, 13 Plne?treal._ Lots for sale-on tih?, north side of forty second streijt. inldwnv between Fifth and Slxlha*e DAM, threo Lois Moh. 2ftx2uO.1V fronting on Hie Park. Thsae Lot* are not sitrpnued uy any Lota on .Murray Hill Apply to BPFU 11 NIC JOLS. 41 1'fne street. ?J^OW RKADT?PBICR. $12,300.?SPLENDID RR8I H . denoe for rale, a* Sou'h Her-en, ,N J. two miles from .Icrsev City fer v, b\ horse ear* ever* ten inltidtea, c mpr'S ini? parlor library, reception, dining bathroom ani U-o bedroom*; Hot anil eold w.itor throughout and every con venlenee for a flint clans family Lo's for ?oile. 7SX.H7' (cot. A "ply toJOSIAH PAYTON, care J. A J. Eager No 31 Ciiff street. ON NORTrtBRH NEW JERSEY RAILROAD-A DN sirablo Residence 16 rooms, neat outbuildings. 'wMtty aces superior land finely fruited shaded Ac choice -vs. Hon. Id miles frmn ritv Ala Farms, Residence! mid e* tifiil Building I'loiH. 1 to 200 acres (soma fronting on the Hudson], S to 30 miles fro.u >'ity. W I* SEVMOi'H. IJtf Hroadway. QTEAM POWER.?WANTED TO BUY OR H1BB A i? large Building with steam power. Add.-t**, wulii'ill particulars, box 1,7tK? Pout olllce. TO IRON FOUNDERS AND MANUFACTURERS HE strou* of champ mt loeanoo or i-taiUog auew ? Your *t lent.on I* cal'ed vo E!l/.ahethport New Jersey, as being the best point near New York on account if the low noil ol ami, Iron and lumber low taxea, and offering h! 'he sdvi.ntage* of the city Pleiiao examine the plnee t)0fore loc&llnc r'ne where Lot* for ?ale on er> fueorable terms For purll.- i iara apply to COOLBY A itEIDP.lTTEB ? ,.sn<- Eli/sboth port, or E K KBLLOGO, l lii Pearl stieet. New Ynrk TO BXCIIAMOE?A FARM 1*N Sl'LLIVAN OOUNTV, <ire in Pennsylvania, one en R'aten Island I.i-ts In Weftchestr r W III em-uvise for BrooVlyn oreltj prepcrty. lnii ire at 11 Nt BHini btreet, room* 14 and 16 of'tlie otvner VALI'tBI K PHILADELPHIA PBOPKHTY FOR ? *iile ?The linilding known a' 'he i.iraril Honae. frim' ing 7# leel on Chestnut street, and i/h f'-oi In depth, now In thorough repair and under a Munctna'ly paid rental of $13 0<K> per annum, will he sold at a considerable dice-mint on its original cost. Appurtenant <o the hulltllnj: ave an excellent sieam engine two new holler*, withal the ripe reqi isi'e to the heating cook Inc. washing and ligbting p<ir t'o of the hotel T Tins-$100,000 can remain on ground i er I. the balance cash. ParMea wlslnne lonegiloate can addre** ihe snhscrlbor, at the Olrard II uiee, i'bdailelpr. *, whete he enn l?" seen daily irmu ! 'o .11* W. T 'A?'KSON. A so rW ?ale. ISO conmicidioua naw Pvtriv hi rom t *J 'Jiiti io $4 aOOeooh. atVoatoJ on HAokllt "? Bprlai OardMii Marvlne. Comae. Eleventh, Twelfth and Tbn tccoth mieeUi, Philadelphia \TALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE?IK RAIUYAY, V N. I., 0| p^ite ih? railroad d'!prit, consisting of two hrlck 11 elites, one Lhre" alorr, the ntliei two aioiy high, 23 by IP, with extension of-6 f"el rootainuii. kitchen: loin InO feet deep, with two ex'ia Lota on fhird atreel, laid out in pMrden. atocked with a variety of etioiee fruit. The above proftetiy oil*'i*h ,i very de?lrahle chanen ns a countrv re i oenc? lor a gentleman doluc buslaeaa in New VO'k. oi for anv manul'actrir ng bnslneaa. Perma eaav Inoolre on ||ie premiaca. of >ir L Zli kykr. or at the oil < e of Messrs HIUtMANN (>. HOKKR V i'O , 30 Cliff atrer.t, N. V Valuable city property for sale.-the V entire Slock iwi Firm avenue, running from Cecond to Third street, nod for no.Ov oc> "Pled by tuc soap anii catid c manufactory of \ lao liar A Co , foi sale on i.tvoraliie terms. Apolv ti> ALLAN HAY. S3 Itroiul atreel, or to Mcji?ra. A. H. MULLBR. P. R. IVILK1 MS A CO.. Ma Hi ?06 ?t WILLI AMSRfRO I'hoPURTY FOB HALE?RARI" IN ? v.-a'Hient a * slorv double Brlcg Honae. with 4il rooms, bm i iu t'ie he*l manner rented for $?20 and Lot of Ground, Ne. V1*! Biith Third *trect Apply tot* W. KEL SEY, 4t South Seventh street. <51 nnfl WILL B<>Y BY NEAT NBW two STORY ?DI.'I'vV/ frame House, with full lot al Rlitahethcort, N ' M r" loi if desirable. Term" fArOrahte. Apply to COOLHY A IIEIDRITTER, agenta, Ell7.abelliport N. .1., or t*? B. R. KELLOtlG, owner, IS'.' Pearl street, N< w York. JO A [|(1 -FOR SALE, THE Tllh'EB NEW TWO ?T'>. 1 l/v7. siorv and baaemeui breik Houses, with *ul? telln a gas and waier. located on Walworth atreet, 10 i fe?i from lie Kalb avenue, Brooklyn, on whle.h the ears run to Fulton and Catharine fer.-iee Terms easy Apply to J. OLAHKE. on the p emlses. ?>r? AAA -< OINTRY RK8IDR>fCB ?A FINE wU<''vU. Ho ise end outbuildings, fronting on the Paaaaic river and "N eet a of Land, two miles rrom Pater sod, 100 cherry, 4m) peach, M anple ?es nnd WI0 grape vines. W BLL1 N?{, 42 <>dar street, 2fl ACRES or LAND FOR 8ALB-ON THE ?y.x/Ul7 line o: the Dela'va^c and Raritau liav Kali road, between Philadelphia and New York. This If one of the most valuable ti ?et? m unimproved land in Ne ? Jersey, and will be sold at great bargain if applied for anon. For terms, Ac., address i>o? 32* Piillad"lph!u Post oilioe. AAA ACRKS MINERAL AND AORICULTt'RAL t/u.UU" Lands?A responaiblo person, having abt.ot 60,i<YI aeres of rich mineral and agricultural lands in Mi* ? sourl and <.tl er Western States, <l?slio* to open a ?,orre> pt ndeji 'e witu a reliable and InO'ien'.lal party who will co operate In Hie sale of said lands To such a rartv a remu nerativelot- rest wuu'd be offered Oompaoiea aie alreadv in proBtat'ie operations in and adjoining ihe vl iulty of the mineral land Full deaerlptloo ??f lo"ation and ipialilv ?>f lands furnished witb township plo's. Ac References ei changed Address boi 4.00f> Posl otllce. St. Louis Mo. THE IIMX 8R^M)IV, 'TWELFTH BBCII MENTAL BALL. X in aid ok mi; widows and orphans or DECEASED NKW YOKk 80LD1KIIS ACA DEM Y OK Mf ic APRIL 2S. 1864. AS80ruTK~oi)M?i:rTRs. Mtjor Oei.eiAl HEOBftK H MiCLKLLAN. lion C QOP''RKY Ol'NTHKK, Hon IOIIN r HOVKMaN. ORISON HI.I NT I'?C? AKIHIJK LFARY Fun . JAM KS M motley E?q , I) P. RaUKII-A. ha<|.. UEWHUF.K BKaNDOK, Ecc, lit* Eaeel'cnry 110P AI 10 SEYMOCK. Maior Ocnml IOHN A. D1X Hon. WM M. TWEED. H<n HIRAM WALRHIPdK, OEO WASH JENKINS, U ? THOMAS LITTLE, Eeq.. iir:sr. v a no? r w i< k. r*q? JAMES MI I'.PIIV F.?1 . SIMEON 0 R A "EK, En JAMES B NICHOLSON, ??,i. GEOR'. Ii A PETERS. E?i W P. B' CKM ASThB. M'l. TJrkei* Fire DoMarr *a?-|) mn le pixuiril g' anj tn?iu bcrc of the Recimeoi, ?nd it ihe r>rin -ipa! lioieia of thi* oily Lieut t'ol. L PATTER l,EE, 1 kUjorOEO. A 111 I.TON. I c*i>t w v nvRyr. I Cnpt. N. I. IIANSKN. I Comma'#* Cnpl JOHN WAKO .lr . I of C?:<, 1L U Jr.. ? taut. Will K *VM)K, LWnl. R M1LHANK Lieut. JOHN E VOWLEY. Arr*og?u.?at*. PI'RMTORB. A rare CHANCE FOR HOriEK EEPERS.-8 UPERB Hauachold Furniture for ule at a .a. mice. The tub Ccriber wlllcclt to lot* to ault ptmbaa^r* a.I the Furiiilu.e. Ac . cao'.alnrd In bl* realMDca, No. llSWeat Tweuij third ?tract near Blaib arenur Plannfor e, Parlor Bulla, Win dow Curiam* to match. Etagrre*, Painting*. Rion*e?, Car pete. BiNiksMe. Mirror*. Dining Roc in and Chamber Fur aiture, co eultc; la uec (even naontba. M MIDDLBTON. LOT OP SECOND HAND" HOTEL Fl'RSITl'KR lor calc cheap. Howard Hotel, corner of Bmndwaj anil Maiden laae. B|U"!NITtrR!-; WANTRD -THB EST! KB Pl'RNlTC'RE. 1 Carpeu, Mlrro'*. Piano, *c.. ?f a liou*e wl.l br pur chfteed at the precrnt n.nrkei rat.* foriaan Pariiv* brrak Ing up hO'i*cke*piog mar apply 1? or nldre?a T. Maibewa, 7i'4 Broadway, until May I. L?DRNlTrRfi iARPEtS. BOOKS. TAMPHLBTS AND I? Liberie* boueht for ra*h, at IM Siath ?rectie or tween N a h and Tenth *trceia. A compiri# *et of Ya'en tluc* Manuel, ai*" a large Hock or Bonk* lor ?eie. FCRNITI'HE.-POB SALB rHK.'.P, A HANDSOMF hull of loiewood and kalroloth. near!) new, at 188 W**t Thirl; ceeond ?n?et, near Eighth arcsuc tpOR 9ALR-TWO PLYMPTON BBDSTFADS in PBI{. P feet ord' r, baring N>en ua?4 bit! a chort ilrae, * aJr'ia H W SIH WaabingMn *iract. N. Y. Secretary ?KDBi|;i> fflk balk -a vi ry Mlld*6fnl*'P!iii?1>l?'tj,? ImproTed Patent fcretaiy I'cd Itcad," made of b ack ?ra nut, r cd, been In u*c live muntha Appljr at 7/S Broad* at. b?twe-a the hour* of I* ? ndi wtec It cao be ccett. Prfoc $188; co*t $178 BILLIARDS. O A-PLBNDIDRTOCK OP Rll-LlARD TAHT^S FOR ?ale elicnp. Icr ea*ii?pon.Uttng of roaewood. e?k ai d mainut. witli Decker'* patent r i.tiloo*. eTCryihlng war ranied ?trlclly em caw AI?o Four Pooket Table* and Trimming*. L. DECKER, 141 Fulton tlre.l Billiards -plbabb call and bxamirk w h. OKlpKITHS' Improrod Tablec and t'ombltiaiion Cu*h Ion. brio e buying elaewbere. Four I'uckct Table* for tale at WO Fulton atracl. BILLIARD"-FOR B ALE TWO R1LI IA II 1> T a0LR?, In goiid order, Apj,lj al Cioion Coliaie, ?07 P'Lh ttmnt. ? yon salf-twelvb first clam fii.lmrd l~ Tab e., with illot ifce flatuee* ronoe?tcil, *nrh a* Ha a, t.'baira. Side labia* (marble to|?l, Ona Future*. Dar I'I'ttV Mirrora, &r, Ai ply al UOUI.N8OS S SUM Bioailnay yOR <ALB'A FINE STOCK OF NEW AND BR CON D r 1 an'l Tn'-laa at r**enn.ihir prn?*. Order* h< mi'lfor Table* and irtnim Psa aiieudcd to by W. H ORlKPITH, 14* Palm aticci. I^OR BALE CIIRAP-A FRBNCH HILI.lARO TaI LR L with 1 orkela Ii1, f. M Ion : Afr.l ?l<le auJ m 1 in e ?eil'rt nlrriy, in pcrrect <?nl?r with n r.* *ei a' C tea 1 1 >11 aonetaor'C*. Inrjuire al 41 I'roome t U. DVBRt'A filOB SAI.R a ?< ?' KB1.H TOP Rlf l I A IID T t R? F 1 In siwvl r .It r, al # b ? S*"| *PI 'Y at 4J Ailanii'1 alrcet. Hr.ioaiyn HKUAKB 4NO fOIACCO. Ij'Ofi H vLR TO CLOSB MiBfltiiNMKNTs |i,o.ik?> ' ?r?, *1 lli? Nn* (ml '-.*! A| n? 'Ian in Im * ?nil 11 <ile>*ereommMati-il ir<"' of 'ii?i?e with 111 n Ine ?hiiiP'm .whloh ^r?? .Inly ?'?cr*. ittr.i rai* j W D* m. 1- kraut. <H> i J-C'ij alrp'-l. TUB TtJRF. TBETt'RF-AT TUB HONH nOl'SK, BROADWAY, ? amcctlng of <b<- Nnw York Jockey I.'iuh, f>?r the t>?r poso of. oegs filiation, will beheld *1 81*. M tnls oeOumifc Everybody Interested In r&i iag, and all the uiu.nbers, aio earnestly requested to attend BECRETA HY pro lent. HOUSES, CARRIAGES. AC. AFINB SADDLR B0B8K, SUITABLE KG* A LADY, for *ale Apniy at thn stable, iiorU.eaat eorner of Thirty ei?kU> street and Fifth avenue. A WELL BRKD BROWN MARK, RKS[N() 8 VKAIH old, very aliiisk; i;.in trot id '? 50 to the pole. An* gen tl' inan looking lor a match will do well to see Ibi* sohusI. Sold for want ol one, and will be disposed of much below ber value rf applied for Una week. Apply at WillUttua M Co.'a liable*. Court stroet, near Union, Brooklyn. A RARE CIIAN'OB.-A GKNTLKMAN WILL Dis pose of kl? hanlsome I'oiii-a. fine Top Bnfgy. end new light road Wagon, MrUlng cheap for want of u*o. Apply at Cleary'* *t?b)e, IV Hast Eighteenth atroet __ ACQUFR ROOK AW AY POR BALE -OLABS SHIFT log front tiar.t! side* .ind back, recently repainted, to all api esranees as sood aa oew Price $'.'75. Inquire at M Veney etreet A PAIR OK QUAY IIOKHES POR 8ALB-AI.SO A very One seiajnd baud Coach and a double act of liar nee*; all In perfect order Will be sold separate or together. Can be seen until sold fm\i?iie In the' Twenty-third <lrect, renr Third avenue. A STYLISH BLACK HOUSE POR BALE-U HANDS _ hh<b; would wa\o a splendid coupe or doctor** horto. Apply ai private stable No 7 Faat Twenty *? loud street front 8 to 11 aviucK or l>? to S o'clock. A BARGAIN POR HOUR ONK -TWO GRAY U A RES, well mat. bed. oyer sixteen hands, six tears old, free and stylish Irlve.s, warranted sound and kind; $30fl for , ,ii, * |, ? H..i <? ae new f. r S'.vi A ae' of Double Harness. -1ty make, ibout two months, for StlS The mi-nan: ? ? orih ? ore money is naked fot tie whole *e'?bl.?>nniiuL Sold separate Apply at Mil Pearl alrcei k BRACTIVI'L IKON GRAY MOUUAN MARK FOR \ aa'e 1 , hand" high, uns irpas-eal In -t?le and sct.on. under li e ?a Idle oi lu harness, aider* * rears old, an warranted in -'very respect Frfci $ia0. luijulre at liit Weat Fn'teeuih street. Antrim last wbbk~mtom Livingston cocn it N V and now rea l* to show. a 'artre lot of very superior Carriage Horses, one beautiful pair dark dapple #ri.v? one ralr browna exceiienl roadsters, one pair crn?? ii.a'i bod -an 'n shout thine minute* and never ha'* be. n trained, also Ave or m lino single drivers. CM at Mi-iropollfan elables, o - ner f'vlnee and Crosi y steets.^ a BffAnTIFIlt, BAY SADDI.B HORSR. SIX YKAHI J\ 0|,j 'in .h!? ai iii? Mi'iiopoiltao siiil/le, coruei I no.'a and Croab/ streete. \f PI RN f'lD ^ A ODlK I'ONY POR SALE?IS 14 n?nd? hit' ? old. a l?ri?lil bay. Mack n atie, lai ?ml !ej;ii warrnnlid loiind. kind and j.entleine\i y w .v, will hf ao'ilj't- up, as Hie ovwior h.ia uo '.ae for lilin. rell tn tb<- ^l'jihinx ator; 4.'7 Pearl atrect. /1ARR1AUP.R -PARTIHH nRSIROl'H OP PIIRCHAS Ing ni-av alyllali. durable bo* top road Wagona. llitlit raahionaljli tuniout aeat Park Hog Carta, or Pliy?ieian? o nnfort .olr. eonreni"Ot. tasty I'll obh. will llnd It lo their advanune u> al' at K!.A?DRAli ? Factory. 2S0and Jdt Nlnt' aven..e I elwoen Twenty-sntli auri 1 wenly aureuib atreen i^ARRlAOSS FOR SALE-OVER 2U) NEW A NO SE I.,' yinil hand Panilly (^arrlatea, Phaeton*. CaltaliBe, It rkanayn 0Pimd0i?i Ru^flea, Depot and Wn tons i,ud ' . ?e lint; off at low prices. IfH t ultoo ave nue, iirnoiti) ii. riAUMNIB, HARNESS BLANKRTS, ,VC.'? A (1FNTI.K \J man I'.lvuij; up hia eniriaae, wlabe* 10 aell hie city JL'"'1 Oalecbe with two s?ta of double and one set ol alnsl" nar ni'a;. t?o i sirs ol Blaukata, Ae App!* ?t tlie Muo .oy itaM.-a, T*. third atreet, a few doora West or Sixth av. I7IOR SALR-A I'INB BOLL AND IIP.IPER. T1IRP.R r yea:?''li, Ihe buli is pni-e Aldernov breed, anil the h< lf?r between A'd'rn^y anil Durham; ahe la within two w-etSOf ealvinc; belli are ue ferf.r ftnt;.-' *u '-.e {ft 1 for ti e i wo. Also Sij l-iie niileti Cowa from $ )0 to $I"> eaen. tlao a two -inrv haaemenl House and large Rani. Apply to nut II fil'TII i RIj \ N D, Carteret aeqnue. Ciarern ni, on Bergen Poiui ,.lank road two tnilca iioin Jerney,Citv. MOR SALE-A PAIR-OF 8TYMSH BLACK HORRE^. r rul! 1 hi,tide hlth. und byears old A an n IU ht'. with Pole noil Shafts mil double Harness; to he sold for v ant ol use. Inu'ii eat King ? Stau'.e. forty llrcl, between Madison and Kounh avenues, between 9 and Z oenpk. Hrnii ? tl^K?A I'INR PAIR OF HORSES, HARNESS, I'haet in. and a tv.itson ? rial." Philadelphia I'ariyall, but little uaei . HENRY KKIMERH. f7 Wall EIOR BALI'?A PINB r AIR OP B>Y MUM. ftt K r -old sixteen handa High, long tails, anil p rre-j!y sound find anil gentle, lnnuireof JACOB CARPENTER, 61 I'.JiCUs a?-e parr, from II A. M Mil 2'J P. M. For !? *lr?a chrstnct mare. fivr teahmiIjIi soiiii i and kind: can -rot leas than three minutes; with ai'has. I'e irdslev shrung 'op Wagon Duneoomlie Single Hai ne?a. stal l^Rlanknta Ae,, at N. II. Leabetier's stable. WO Sevenib aRnue, between Forty Sfth and Portv sixth atreeia. ITtOR SALE?A LADY'S SADDLI-'. MORSE fSOl-ND I: and klud, 15^ hamls high; amble* and ''enters < an be seen at GM Bank sireet, near Bleeeker 1.VJK SALK-A SIX 8RATED PHARTON. IN ROOD r order Im otre at 70 Banic street near llleeeler. I/OR PALP?A BROWN HORSE. IS IIaNDS HIOH 1' sound, l.ind, and trots in S , nuuutes, very slyiish. Also a two ? tl no tup Dusenbnry Wagon, lniiuir* at ?? Hank slieet, near It'eecker I ,(-R HAI.R?A Kl'LL ARBORTMBNT OK PHABTOWB. I" Hrftts Coaches top Wagons top and no top Ruggies Roail anil Express Waeons. Also iSseeoml hand Ca.rlagea and Wasons. to (my storate. by I*. W IVES A OO., Iflftaod l:.7 B.oadway. POR SALK-A OOt'PR ROCKAWAV. IN OOOD OR der: pn.-e %M1 Apply in the tea store, corner of Ful ton and Main streets, P.rootlyn ifion SALE-A YOUNO AND HANDSOME PAIR OP r family Horse*. Apply at ?? Clinton plac *"SOR SALE--A VERY STYLISH SADDI.R BOMB, |' gentle young and free from defect Applr al No I4u Waverley place ? T,tOR SKI,E? A LAOY'B HANDSOME SADDLE HORSE, r ahoul 14>, I.snds, light euaatniit color nerfaetly kind Iini! gentle, well a ir.ed for a young lady or gentleman. May be seen at Mr Dicker* Riding Se. ool. rhirt anlb ?treel. ?ear Flftk kraaiM. ijioB salk-a I'ISK larur stylish KLai-K f Mare seven years old. trained <or the aaddle n pai-e In three "iIb U' S t ots In lisrn*** price $415. A so a stvilah nit Saildle Horse, price Can be ?rei> al KAMI' \ CO S .tub Stabies. a and ii Wi st Thirteenth stieet. 1/OR BALK?A TWO >"EATKD ROrRA'.VAY. ALSO A r siiittin I'p S'in.ire !??? P.OS I Wagon. In c odord r cheap In-i'iire al I Si I Brosdw,y. corner of Ihlrtv sixth stxei '? I.iORSlLK?A LIGHT WA'iON COAI, BOX STYLE I ?-tli a inovanle b^'-k, wmglit aneut 2,0 lbs ; has l>?'?u uw a- '-a'ly nut four limes price Inquire al ptlv.Mc ?iable IU5 Bosi Twenty third str^el. F'OR BALK? III REE L10IIT CARRIAQKS *ND ihree aets of Harness snd thro* Horses ail fast and kind, the harness and wagons ars all city b. III. by lbs l.*at makers, all light and ifiver< d .- ne I* doable sol ' all al I-11vs e stable, ift W?st Pif leib siieet near Eighth av?oue. before "A M . until Monday i/OR SM.K-A PINE BBBB BABBLE IIOFSR i/'. r htnilsh'gh Hr' i llrohed color ilark brown, baa Irju* tall and earrtee hnnsolf wcll.kasti tied a n.l e in 2 K an be uurihasad al a iax luq die at Lr.wry s staid'a. <-orn<-r of Fifth **v?nue, and Thirty etijhib street for Brown Dick F^OR FALR-* BLPP.RItiR SET OP UIP.StlN S LIOHT single llarneas; prleo a set of exercising Harness) pric<-f I', am: oae doublr set with two pairs of K t ollars. II..V all aeariy *? w App.y ai prna'.e suhl* <t Qieat J opes ttrtet. ? F10R HALE-VERY STYLISH P(? R AND SIX SEAf Pha' ion*. Ai*o coa; box Waxons, su iare hoi, top and re top Wag n*. Oali at WIEZfL A CAREY S, 86 West Twenty fourth st^eeu FORSAI.B-A VERY HANDSOME BAY MARE. BEV1-N years old 15 bands high, xiund. kind snd gentle, and ean show ' lose to tbreo minutes Can b? seen al Mr J. w WILSOR s stable, 87 Tenth 'treel, near I niver*!ly P'e<*._ For hali-a PAIR op yfrt pine MATCHED sor rel llor*es. 8 yeara old, IB hands high, and por ''Ctly sound, kiml and gen|l? Th ? is a good ebanc* f0f,?ny tau w sh ng * lino earriace team or thee wffl be jom ?eparsta. Also a iery fine dapple gray Mare, I# band* high, ran-iy neek fine eara, and eirtafi hesd. end Is a eery mperlor saddle be**l a wriltai jus ran tee wBI be g'?en a* to their soiin<ln' s? This Is a chatioe seldom aTeeei'. They are sold neeausc ibe ssiisi haa more horse* tkat> n* want* to use al present. Apply to Or LEWIS. No. 7 Beach ttreel. tlOR 8ALB-A BAY HORSE. I5>i HANDS HIGH, f 7 rear* old Ihi* *pnng. warranle : sound and kinu In all hatn.'Se, and sets qf single Harness almost new; alao a hghi oi-Brewster Wagon, a light no top Watnn. I8n lbs.. lien si set of light Double Heme**. To bo *e?n al M 'fray * li'.ety f'.ai'lea. < o.umbia gtrail. near Atlantic, Brooklyn. I/iiR S\LR CHBAP-A HANDSOMB INDIAN PORY. r warrant.>d soum! and kind I4'? hith, gool saddle and wa?on ho-s?; amlabio lor a boy Aopiy at ITS Eaat Plur tlrst s reel, between and Third avenuea tVoR SALE OR BXCHANOE-SO YOL'SG noRSEB. f i .t from the eountry. I? to I* ksiitf* high. # to 7 eearj O I .me coune hor*f, an fci infl aad kind. Injure in tbo hlarxsniltb ?liop, *lreel. IT'AST TROTTING HORSE AND ROAD WAGON FOR r sale?or will ex<-haoge (or a Horse of Isse value. ThO horse Is sound and kind, aevjn yenre* iaid. and ean sh >w a natural g?i? 1 ?? la Tl RRILL, m Broadway^ nAST TROTYRR POR BALE-CAN SHOW J M TO H wagon; Is sound and kind, to y. are old, easy on the bit, w'll xe 'a ant harneae. Uty hands Mgh lias great bottom, I* ?sreedlagly honest, and doe* nol break ahlH iioli ng. A? dicas Violter. Herald olDee. ?-s i a K ^ Of SO THOROL'GH BRKD HORSE# FOR 14 ,,(ir-at *12 DnHlehl atreet Brooklyn, near Fulton ava il i?i ?oe gray M reo. !?', i.lgk a line stopper, one hav Mare lt>< handa; one brown Horse. IS hand*: one brown rolt. ?e'a bands; veer ulyiilh and ol One stoi-k OenlMtnen will Rad the abnvo stock of lha finest .-| i?s In the country A en one nice business ill* on* .-liter* A Smith X ros l wagon, ltd Ibe , for oale cheap HiRSBI AND CARRIAGES at aucth n BY I COLE on Thnreday. Auil 21, al II o'o'oek. al the ?lable*. II to Si' Liberty Mreet, Brooklyn the entire Stock of * livery slab e. eonslallog of twenty lloreea, Coeebe*. ouiheo, l.lghl Wsgnos. coach and llaht Itsrnesa. sie'gba. llnbes i>Ila, Bl .oVela Saddle*, Rll lles, oR iesnd ? able Furnlttii'*L_ nOBHB DIRt CURT AND UARNRSS POR SALR tie.p?for waul of ae Th" hoese I* suitable for onv kmd of *ork. Will hi* sold seoarilelv or legeiber. In. uu'ro In Ihe kuCkluj box shop 107 F'nten street, ? - ar tueich. fAO* FOR BAM',.--A F'RtT ri,tS"4 FIVE Y B AII #' old Jai'k, on ? of the hesi in the couufry for sale by J. p.AHRit A CO . 4t Itrusd 're-i. r nO'i it* \r i?ROW < ?' syart,*;, cormp.ii robri'M 1 I and Vlatn t ' as"Hrui l.n, If yn>? Mailt to "eeao-ie Atr i i i* nslfe af ''jhl in* |t r-:e ? II', bani** h''>: "i" pair ol * r* i.tys, bT?flk f.i-i.ta 16 miiflt. ene pur r bay \. - , |,i l,nn s v>y -ty ll-*h ?l'i !l?ms rhiue s.n 0 Hoi?'-s, in.l A?m? son el \? >ra 1,1 har.ts, oio iroi In S inln.u S oi I etlee HORUI, CARRUOM. *C. ON IIOBM TRUCK AND HARNKSM FOR BALK Neiulr ocvr. Can ho ? <o at Ifo. 7 W??t fourth ?treet. Inquire m the bltckamith *bop, liSOraenwl- h aYenna. Ohio horxrs roR haib-a pair or dark graya. long talta, atrtlah drtrera; alao a handaoma roan Maia. gentle anit kind. either for hvueea or l*ddl?; alao a fine bay Hots* unliable for a bugs* or "addle. Call at TlO NKV's. Mnmr of Love lane and College place, between Hicfca and Henry atMeta, Brooklyp. OMR IjlOHT TWO HORRR TRUCK. 8UITABLB POR \J f .'tiiiiire i npraaa or flour; a'to aa>'eral eiprewi urooerr. (i i.I but'tn m Wfu;i.n< for *a1? at tha KfCrcu Wagon M?uu factory, ON) an.I Ma Tblril atcont. PRIVATE HTARt.R TO LBT?TUR WllOLK OR HALF of ihe private MUble Mo 1 Kaat Twenty eighth aireet near Ku't'i atenue; in si eiasa in a*fry rispeet Superior acromion Inllons tor eoa. lunan'* faintly. Pona-'isioo May 1. Apply to KDWAitU T YOI'NU. 8y Wall *treet STAPI.K W?NTRn-KOK A I'Rl VATR FA MILT. TO accommodate g* home* and two earriaam, location hetwen Kuhili anf Thinia'h stienti and drat and Klulit'i avenue*. AddreqeO /, ??are of Mile*' Livery liable, Nine teenth atreel, between Klflh and SUih avauuee. OTARLR TO LRT-THRER OR PTVK 8TAM.R. WITH kJ irui K loom lor lliree or lout carta, all under Borer, and gaa and water on the preml<w?. Applv at MO Wavrrley place OTAIH K TO LK r ? ROOM ytiK KOUt HUUSKH, HAY O I#oft and Cellar. Two Dmughl tier**'* for iMe for iy?j?i of u?? Inquire ul 60 We*t atreel. xt*b e? near 1' ?r ulieet. (tTAMf.R TO RENT-IN HKAK OK I 11" || AVKNI'K. O ucar Klgliteenlh a'reet. Apply to H B. UUOLOW A CO SIM.rNOlO YOIJNO COLUMHUR IIOK'IR OCT OP A Mevttuger ui.ire, promise.-. ureal apee.d, -pliO'lid nation, ureal ntyle md beiuiy; loiv llowing 'ail and mane. v?rv oa?r under the saddle : irol'ed lo Dole lint lull In t n '. in iumi five yearn old . a rcliab'e wunaiiter w ill lie ;;.vcn us lo sound nee*. ledinrro Ac. Addr -X ColumbiH Home. licrald olfU'e. Price 'Jdiiu cash. Trottino HORPH KOR RALR CHEAP?!?AMRO Ben Holt, vwitli or without n Top IIUKKT. H ?ritg?a Blan ket. Ac. Apply al 44 South Seventh atreel, Willianmljurg. WANTliO- To PUHOUAPR A PAIR OF HORSiiS? not nv. r 15 hamU hu'h, vood lra?el|er? rerfaetly aound and w?l! biok"n, A Jdieix ft. Ooj A l*i?t oillee A Mrnrtl,.N'?l,'-IVr'VNT j'*rncTAV? ROSVOOD PIANO , "or,'\ "IMP (0 <>rdi?r lur pr?,ent mviMr hH> ?|i mrdi'm Improvements. round cnynor,. ?|,. * , ? o.l .-nse; on?t nr|i| |?. ,?|,| f,, s . 1 '"?? oovKroJ will, tnooado. <*? $400* tot tM>. litn ?. rei Carpel. Palni'ig. *c sewn u?,0ths will be wTal ? J21h. I Xn? Inlt? nt II j Wo,. Twenty tlilr.l utrrei, nr Snh av A tisnor, with uood votok ANn ABILITY /' wl?h?H an enuii.'?m >ni in a flint r)??? j,oli from .lay i. HiamHiMi with and preiVrii tue iMua'-oua hit >Jte. Addresa B U , bo* l(M) Ilmald otflcc. A LADY A KINK PIANIST. AND RULLY QUALIFIED ? ' ,n,'n"1 In'iiuatr I'.nsliah nnd Froii. li >li?irM n> n, (Moment in a Moh^ol or family (!r>^i0nnt,j(, ianiishntl AdilwM A. T . bos Ug> llariVui " o- r#fertn,'"e# BASSO?A HA<HI) PAMTI.IAR WITH T'lK FPIflrO pa! sorvk'e, is il?*sirom ?>f an eir jr riic ni fmm ? j? i. * Of A?ijlr, ? ft. hiv A IW I^^l.m^ N^'York /"1ALRNBI4RO A VAUI'PL. M\M| PaJtURKRS of IJ. '"''TKiriinn t!ani| ,n.l urp /'..oofnr.r., T"v? n?ovna??P*"l?II.?^,lI. i"",Rr't"i: wnrr?"""? 'n writlm, for """ ^jOrgptsat -**? F??.?S,A'?,5t712,8u?'KH1 ?R piano':outks. sevpv ? o<i.nw??. Iron frann*o, ovf?r*fr?ini'bawo tit m? m/,?i i,?' rnTTJl !n"": h lV#,a,< mo',cr" ????nrov#? m.'HI*. *m! n%r * ? n ?V*ry r,,"wct Will b- flohl low, ttn ihc mal.- .M ,jtowSrV.,cx;?.n,,','',,,r,nK ??n ??*? Mason a ramltn>r cari nist nni.A?-mit . mnd n.-h i ."'i'"1'14' l'rn/' w,on a* Birnilv Hiipf,i?r in linn,,,,,,,,, hmlm? r 0"'"r B,"*l! "'???"I" 'St* O'lr Cfttalo,4nc fo explicit testimony to iht'ir kiid' rinriLv r ma In, llv of tl,? tonal eulna,, ' L"B - N-l In r'i ' Prl<-eJ t*b in $A?H) ??jirh. IMUI'IOfif TO Plfftt 'fA^KRfi ?'The ^W'-'niioa ?>( owrcufilnot Owu i adc! the 'SSSltS"- &SK T.-.U" S??w?rjs &5S2SSI 'lrU":V':: r o'!T.S'dr}.'r;,':rk:"""h'"b,11 ', *?"?aiiurtl11.?!'* ol cunHirnotlon, ulil. h neii.i i?ipiu Li,^U" >we ""11 1,1 """" From ih?^ iriJp .h"r, ?^n pT' J4V aud '-ai' icilj for r pre-. n,i;. .h! wnrd* iTc\ Only war?roum? In Nr?, York Ko, 7 Mrronr ?trret mason BnnTiiKns. TJUNOS MBLOnRONq. HARMON I CMS. i'ABINFT M.i?lt"M'S1''"iP^" ?U>o1' ?nd <'over?, Sheet I 5 f-i ?i ? Boolrs, Mf*rohnndl.'V. in I a!) i imfs of 7boiM*,e 8r*cond hnnil I 'A'lo# iinn Mnloijnnnw nt prcxt bArciina v??> ??: ,, . Melalenn, to I,!, ami rent ^lUed^f puwhawd "ionth^ "OKAI.B vv AT EKS, Acent. No 431 Bro.i.lway, N. Y. j pjANOFORTB kor SAI<R TH1R WKKR -AN KliR ifin.f. i i rr"*w".?'' Pianoforte will i>e kol.l foi 1140 n >? mo*e.l I nmedlatM, . h,. > rllli.M ,rd ,,o',V| "'l T.'nn irlTn ttwi'.niwVhlrt ""une:00' *? Ap,"} " T^.ia.eih piAMOFORTR FOR WALK OIIP.AI' -ROSRWOCM) I aeveu oclavc. fine tone a.,.I In ik rf. i or.l.M lL. Uaho^r V"1 * l'h0", R'?Bn for^Hln, ihVown" ! Br5lk4n * t,ly- A,'pljr "U-'& W'"' ?'hb, .ueei. isrpxti.raa?a;'sa cnRRT *irsrr. music, mr?Tc -tpaohfr? *^7, -rMrawsar SS;SS"M 'AS: -, andraamlne'roTtre*:^.^^ r?r;^e?' VAT ANTRD?A FIRST OLARH LAI)\f PIANO PI A VP R JL;5^^?Jr,,y -K? HVHTIUtTION. ABIISIMRSS KOLOATION -OPRN day ANn RVPu inr-Thp K,;war,l. (M-r-an- li Ar^.n/^if" oo*Pii. 11 Oen'Virer and adl' < in?lr n?; .. ,lt,. Ing. A^iTV4W?,,C^8, BowVry ?m n"rl''*" lh"r"v 'errlea. Harle*. Mr . ii? AT doi.bkars roMMP.Roi A(j a^adrhv cm r-:r?? fear, /l l^rdln gwli^l,""ln "?'wn""' '???? '? A t:,.BRANt,IlKS, BOOK KKKPINO WRlTiNl) ronn.< n, w^rv ami ? v AINK S oil. rmihitisht'cf rvoiria, f,. Mt.wrry, and Jfi. F(ll on ?ln*cl, Hfc nkTyn. ASSISTAN1 BOOhKKI'I'ER. BOOKKKF.fKR FN TP v Werk dry cod* rlert, . >r|c for a sir.,,. , iTiertTn^'p 'v,,"r ft"???or?n)e*fnan. reeeirin*; lerir iNinMnt iwsresw'w! - 'amM ai TOWNMRiTd S ron?Lr. ?T^il*J*r' igbf ATMANOMA A II'RNS. Ml CAN A |j rtrrkt Y<1LN? m-n are pra^ f?r ,h,4c, ,rj;J '??*> epin?a.uMomiimreUi 4r (, .eiir ta rhl a# ?i rllerf in hiuinef. rer,.,. r.??- n*h>. Wr"ni l"eio?P Ai ?fparate a pa/ men Tor ladleo Ore., da? a'n.l ereninf An rxperirmiird i.ady traciier wol'lo iic* a .'.w pupil, y.r,; , FrerV M ,7r er nm"n? IrtTT-?? r! /"P,l? ? *<1 ai Ihelr rwn re.l.l?nr. i. Addretf for Ibre* dayt Tea< btr, aiaiion C, N?w Y?ra. Kr?7;v:i:r"r, BALL8TON sf?A ACADEXY. N V -A COMMRHCfat iJiU*1-" ?"'li?i; Si-hn . lor Bi >? rerom ?./JJT luarler A.I.. i,.,nn ,1 all l-.r e. ?if,- . MOOR*A V r?r ,n "?? JAMFS oh* /1ALDWELI. I*Hill s.-HOOL-IMB T? RNT1KTH act-Ion wil i e^lh on MoikI:.,, M,, ?, A |rK hot, ttken a? l?oar.ler? Apply 'e ARrfli'R F NcM.I. I'r. i., Cai.pwki i,, n. J., April IJ, leM r ' " FRFNOM t.AWOIMOR AND MTKR ATI" R V. Mrp-Ol* by ? I'analAn. inentiai.-ol Uie Ualv*r*ltT nf I ?' ? M. LANOI'KLI.I KK, No t W.? KvJino.h ' ne*r Bio,.'?,y MRRrARTII<R LIBRARY ASSOCIATION AFrnit ..Pl.y*..*njiWoin.',>-? l.ihrarv OniTeratt* h.n!.|lr,k , p ?yl# WaaliiMun ?.?rk ' 11MB M M UKLIlUIW li to i?tnm?nTafmi,M ?f Kr? n h t.y h!a new ?Imilfw ami p actual i... i i ? ?.t A pplj at I he <le.?k of ? bfr ,, $100 frn i*K\R' 'i"H TWEI.YR. HIM KII AND ihirM pi I'i" ^n?h?h' fincl e* orrr twelve etira MfaraP.Ta' V,""T^ ?' ? ?' a v?'i'r bur* Coud *tel WbM.nrk Dan I UKNTINTHt. A "*w ABD BETTKR WAT OF INSKRTINtl PAR :?t? *0ta of ie?'h, ?l?o a new itt'e of lower ? ? ,tr? cbeap. ai 23??,*t|| _ '.'ii*.**.'* <* Iwtb. alao cb?p aet? of ttetfc. wtb 11 tn|?r* | woien liol'l nu| ih? rherta at A r??ioie fuslbfut appeaean. ?, *! ?~?_ Wloliili a*ei lie, lainern Ki/tot alb and t ?'.<i,ih eilie gol'l Blnni* al W * ilh aiecne. iba rheapeti | <?? in Mew York. Mo advaiui' r*<iulrnl al M Si* h at'r.ue. Om.* hon>a from 1 Ir ihp mon n* till 9 al tiit ht NHrnua o>ldei|kii ?neii and eellj aaiiactrC aiihout ran. Mrdlml allerdanl alwaya preeerl. ASiroriEBril WADP. IN TF1HKK not RP-F.N- i lira aallalaciiaa cr no i?iy j:n? Math a??nue f, r aooa applying here In the fnrrnoor can har? aa.anr lech ?" allyer or goid .de roioplria aoil maorted In Ibe afi-r. noon of th? *?n e day. No aiiiaoi? i? rei) ii?ri foe p' tonilDnona gi.m *ait or any < iher kiO'i of 1 fine work, persona can ha?e them uiai e in t?p|?? >r fpiirteen houra after o*l Ing at /3# Suth atrr ie itetwea rlfteppib and Smecntb ilreeit Sar ?tber ??irtriiM.nynta COL TON DKNTAL ASSOCIATION, II K A IKJ I'A RTIRS of Iba nltrn ,a nude ? Dr < OLTON ha^ had ?U yrnra' etrenpii e wtib H e fa> ? I* jeara iro e than any dennat in Ike I'nlipd gintca I r Ctrtltm a?lni l ibera It In |*r?<o V B OBIFFfR A BROS ?ft? OBAND Sl'RKKT NRW ij ? Vi rk. ami V>1 Fnlion atreet, Bro- k;.i a, art aurar'nil Ir-'th toalll' Ply Wllhont pa n I|? Ihp u?e of nnro ,, Norhatfn for e<lr.u<ln( wh>n ariiHciH'.lreih are to i.a rnaartcd Tliev arr auo Inanllng lull ,< le or teeth ua roi.i I ?.'?? niailo. ,iieer, #10 rubber ?|n ??ri,,| Ko d, ?k| aneer. ?i. Hairaotlag i6 :enta p" orvr.tRTM \mn \ no m ix. : i c. wtmoiAt. A HOT VIVTSO FOR ADOPTMV^ffFTrr OWI ullwKUSttattJ^ ',om la lo2j?*re Ola. AndI?oioi'"H0 HAV pajahoh EN LOM^IIIDOS AL-FORnTR 4WAIM A lett Sit FRffir TffP* t_darkey ed obild of th? foreat. IDE A L. ANT I NFOKM ATION Of DELIA # fAPLKTOM WOl'LD be lh inkfnlly received by her bother William from her laat place of re-ddem e *ud direct t Mrt H.-Onaou bo 07 llaust'ia atreet, or Patrick Carina, .14 Wi.worth iu?n. ' a. leach wh.l rUAII call on dr Flattery, at l.ovejoy'a Hotel, Me???? Torfc. INFORMATION wantrd-OK rilOMAP WOODS. WHO left Savannah. Ueorgta, about Ih ee yean ai;o. When lait hea'd of waa In New York. Anv information of b'a whei eah.'.ut* will be thankfullv received by bl* wrlf*. Mr?, Therena Wood*, li. Km! Houaton itreet. third floor, ia the d riMro ?ker's. INFORMATION WANTBD-OF MRS. MOORE. FOR. trer Luey Anderaou Iflr'.hara, of Ci:h. Ru -land Ant one know u. her where, tiou lor hnrlnu proof at' her ilei?tb will be aiiltabl rewarded by tending mnb luformetioa to Arthur A. Kirkham. IH8 Broadway. If ISAAC DTLLOn' COACHMAN, WHO LIVBD IN Ntw .ItriKf M ?Drint will addreaa hot a.Ai'J Pml of lire, or call at 7?Kc? le a're^t, will aometlimg to h*? advantage. _____ ? T K MlflS ANN K. CLARK. FORMRnf,* OP HARLEM. I wiil forward her ad<Ireaa M H. A.. Co u, Rewarteanth rnrlment N. V. Ve'.unieare. K??<:ond brl*. le, Fourth dJviaJon, Rixlaentn A. C , Via Oalro. aba will reeaiva ?? reply. TTATR-DO YOD HRMRMHBR THB 4TH OF ARRIU ix and Fourth ulrcut. where 1 left you. ne.<r fHith nv*nue? Kxn t. ^ 'ri b?ve ?een you tiri Wednesdav ?? "nlUM, but waadlMt>i>A'l V n ?||| Dud a letter at eta'ion A, addremte I to Mir* Kate Hudaoo. Kl>. H MR PAUL KflRP^T, CAB!MKT M ABRR AND evvi'r, <?||1 ]>\(ime ?n i hi. it H dree. *0 Mr. .'ordao.'<*7 W'ttar iireei, Ni'w ? t'<, h., i be * ill ii'.ar Irun hi* brother In law. lierl'i n At'ca Mttl ier. ONTRBYILLB LYVRRR >VII,T, CONFER 'A FAV?tt bv catling on a friend at room 117 I.ovejoy'* Hotel, M N ^ M -TUESDAY, 10 O <"LOrK. M B J. UORRRf RWINTOR. a rOACHMAN t<* RBQCKHTKO to call iiiiii o ijr al the u lur of ('lift A No. im Broadway Thk ornitkm v who on la r !'Kir?v\f kvk ninj: ran a t'-r a in l? io ?p?ak with her, cun Me her nt tbr vaiiK-(ibiee an hour e?; llfr. I.. M. WAM. RTItRET RTAOR.-l WENT TO THR Al*. P' iilleil nl?' - at ih?< appolatH lio ir. and waaveiy mu -h dliiippolnte ! I i not mr-Mi,' ton. P'ciw write aitain and adrlre^i na b?for% Can jron not name any time alltr t o'tJ'i I1 M . and oblige your WALL STREET 8TA0H. LOMT AMU FfltllVD. Don l,OcT?$10 KK.W \RI)-A RL \ !K ^NO TAV Terrier dint; answer* lo tha i-a?n'* of K.inn*. had a leather collar on "in ' en t badly Ore; p^d. The abore r vmr 1 w II lie raid on herr tuin tf>i) S.Kir nulleld, 441 Weil Twenty anvond "lr*ei, beiiveon N.ntli aad Tenth avenuea. fOUND-A RMAIiIi SUM OF MONBV ON THB #TH " li The owner ha?e 't l?y ealltog hi Weal WashluKton plnce, Uiird Uo"i FfOUND?OH TilR rREMTSES. A BI'FFALO ROBK, 1 which t!>e ewn"- Mn bav bv prnrfni: nra|ieriv and pay ? lug charges. |#^ulre at Sn? t>4 and Maiden !anc FOl'ND.?ON THR I TU IN.-T. A SIIK QO\T < AMI? >o mv pre nlao* The mvnr "an hare her by |)t"?ln| Mnpt riv anil pavia i evmns w ''.a'l "n or edtir^H* Mleha'-I Flvnn. corncr h'ort; )B I itvi't and FoQrlb avenue TOi^r-ON FRfPAY. APRIL 0. RETWRBN ? ANI> 7 P. J M . In -;oin fro n the ? oru ir of Hi'm 1 v ?y and Broom* s're-! thro igh Oaral street to \Ve?t Rroad vay n Pix k'-l boi.u. containing between SM ,in<l * W and an expreaa i*. oelid TI.e hnder will >m i'?erally r *a <Mri on returning It toThO*. O. "'oR: ?:0 Oaanl ktnet. Tost on ttoirroay aprici i?. a m\la^ihtr j Brnonh w rh a n nil to the lentre, *el in rtrn'.Ma cold. A siillaMe reward will Oe paid on Ita-lng it at 14 Baat Tlilrty-th Ird street. T08T.?ON TfTR 12TH IN?T . AT OR NEAR A. T. J Stewart'* a n.oranco porletnonnala, eortalninn a leu and Ave dollar bill, with amaller on?? A ^ litahle rttvtard will l?e pi id t> the finde' If M WRI leaie the nmi at We. IM Broadway, room 1-1. T OST.-NEAR OIIAND STKEET FRBRY, WILLIAMS, li bursa Retlrnle, oontaloln^' abiut $H and a tairof gold upcctactca. and a f?w Otter at tlcles. The Under will ba ?nifalMF rewarded bv returnlni the ??me to Pecker .% Brown'" ofllce. N'o. Sfl7 R??t Ninth yrerl. New York, or al South flrrt street, Wlllletu?btirp. LOST?A RAVR BOOB. ON' TUB ROTJ RY RANK. Mliai'd aotuetluie b< fore the i.".th innt T. OR A IO, IJ. Ridge altael. IOST?TIM'RTAY F.VBNIVO. UTitlNST NEAR OR j nt Wa'laek a theatre, a Oo'o MednlUaa Braeeiot. Tho Bnder will b? ttiilably rawardtd by leaving the aame with Mr Breok, 25 Park pa e. IOST?ON FRIDAY MORNINO. I* WAUL BTRBRT, J hein eon Broad ?tr?et aud Rrugjwgy, ? Letter ad dreawtd lo n pirly. cure of Wm. .1 W 104 l''iankltr> a' R"t, Ne v York Tin- llnd' r i?n returning il to th* ad dregg, will be *iilt?tily rawardad. TOHT-OR WEDNESDA*, Tit E 1?TH. A WHIT* POO ? J die Doi- lit Woo?ster *treet: the Ander will bo liberally rewarded by returning it to IDS Worwter-or 174 Orand atrgel. rOST-ON TITR 11TI1 IN8T, A DRAFT ON ?. T. SHIT, j New York, for $1.inn, drawn hv We'lar A Bneknor, Loulavillo. M irali J". 1"?.4, at len dayo' night. aenarted April 2. IWM. am! endowed by Weller A Ruckner nod iiiraeir- pat tnent having been atop ed It It not negotiable. The flnde* will t* rewarded by ri-tiirnioz't to roe KRAN* ElBI.DINQ.W Broadway. LORT-A FIREMAN'S BADOE NO ?. Or BNOINB CO. 47. The luider w'll pleane return it to A. P. I'ronk, 29 Bedford *tr#et. and rerglro the tbanka of the nwnor Ogr-FROM ON Board RARR BARRIRT. Pir.R li J Fuel river, a blm-k Newfoundland Dog. the two for* feet wlilio Any nerion returning hlrn os board at gior II Eaet rtrrr, will ho anllably rewarded. tX WHITE PINK STICKS LOST-PROM VT TARD* I s foot of Jaexeon (treat, Rant river. Th# finder will M aultablr rewarded he returning the aame to above r'aee 0? (i log Infor ? alum where ibey cau tie foiled. P. DELANO. QfOLF.N-WEDNBftDVir EVBNIV<1."aT 7 O'CLOCK, i. ; while d'-liverms i< *>d? to the Ha'ittary K?lr. a aorr?l flow ab?> I ffi?en h mda high innc tall, 'Canadian1, and flrocor'a Waeon. with the name of Wi nam B ? or win A To., ft" Bro? lway, on 'Mb (Idea. A III ? rai reward will be firea for tha rerove-y o? :t. 'vII.T 1 aM * ronwiv k CO.. ww Broadway. RBWAMM. " j A reward or rivH dollars will ke paid for In or-natlon. the dav, whe-e Mr 0'iar'ea Pnrvl an eg c >n be aeen. App;y to II M<LK*.N 1,2-Kl Broadway. HHWaRD-t.OST. A nLACK AND TAN DtHli vi< an.wera to the fain.' or Dan. Any one returning l.iui io ">J Lexington a?i one will receive ibe above reward. <E?C tlF.VV \RI) ?LOiT UN Till WOUN1NO, ?n?l In flli'li a?enn's oe'veen Twentyfourth and Thir ti<- h atreeia. a I'nrVr'hiiok r ? .taming tit) III tiilla anil long paper*. Intiniro of KXMcCNNI.LL lifl I'bamber* alreet. ?in R?WARD_LO?T. on the uth inst. cUF either ii t ? <"V-irh of the ln<arnallOn a?rner at Matron avenge and TvMK-tlcliih etreat, or in Twenty eiclitb ?tieet, batwaen Mad on mren ie and flro*dwaT. a ft"'Icakl'i Pm*e. ronta n:iij{ i ( ney It waa marked, with InK. eitUnr II. "d or II. M., Jr Ttie ?bA>e regard will bo paid for ile ret irn la 41 ffeit fwentr'nmlh ureet. ifl A REWARD?I.OT. A DIAMOND BREASTPIN. OiW Ap^ly at i>2 i ifUi a?en - a* os re warp.?lost, on rurRSDAT. i?tb ibbt. Miaplo!! tiatwean in W?-t r i rtrenth atreet and tb? corner of Po>irt''eot'; ?tr*f t and Si'th a?en'ie and down HfTth arenne to TUrt<enth ? reel an I ba< k, an oval biped Iliamon ' R II*. Willi tlrew n,)ne? walM down the eanlra an ?ii^ronnd?d by (mailer area. < ne of whleh waa mining. Tne above rewar?l will be n?td on rei uniot it io D <7. Wothertpoon, So 1 IIanerer aire I. i r if. 4/Wr.l Ponrtenb It; eel. (Sinn RKWARD rOR TUB kBTCRN Or A BREAST. ?T H-" F p n 'aapphlre atoee ?ei in iliamonda) loat in 4kg Sutb aren >e e?ra on y.-li1?? <v?nlnr ^4b lijet C PARTRID'.B, K Weat Fifter ntL alreat LldAli IUT1CU. I>t B?I ANT TO AN ORDER Of 1 HB RKIR COCB* nf Ciinn ery made in the rne'ier the eaiate of Ooatav Dre??ler. late ?( ? orbet co irt 'n tha City of l?r <tcg. io?r rhani. ^r.e*o?d, and in a ra iae I'euiy Dr-aaier *i d 0 l.era agaleat Lu'inoe Hre.aler an1 aao<her Th# crt^'.lgra ?f ttie ?* d (Itiata* Dialler lata of Corbel o'iri* ore?alii an i of H4r??ihan* 'be wnnly gf iarr^y. Fry and mer uknt. who died In of abo tt the monrh of De er ^>her. 1S6J. art by ihe>r aoi ci or? eg or ??efrra the aerond dar of Var io oine In ?nl f'ova ti.eir 'aim*, at lha ? bamtiar* nf tlia Viw cfcaaeellor, Sir .tnhn Stuart No II Old Riuar*. I?in <dn > fnn. Middlr?4<. Klimmi. or lg da fa lit ?her?nf l ei will ' e pertu i ?< ilr ail idfld frgm thg baneflt of the *ai I or ler. Monday, the uin'ti .lav of May. IM4 at ri.a oVloelt in thg afternoon, a' tb- aald Cha-n'-ei* ? ai printed for hearing gn i adJHdlcatirg n-"?ifcg?lgte? Dniad in ? t? 'lU-flral da? ?>/ iw' 4 w Ar.FUBn hai.L ChefCirrt W. A w A W?ti?a, 27 Kir g ?treei, Ulieapaid#. l?adoa, ru.ntlffa Sol:eitor? ~rr rr-g HOT IC 1.9. HotkL-MADlsol agt'ARE MOTEL. COBNBB Twenly-hrm ?tree! ao i Brogdway. wnl nren ipon thg E'irrpea- i .an M .y 1 I'artiea d"* r ng uirge and t eganl eiilta of rt>i ie* < at enate tba aa-ne ? nw 1>. !' I'K rfcRB. Proprietor. CBaKIDH si MMRR RRBORf?PAIRrTBLD HOITSR O Kair[leid. Conn -Th ? fa rru? and ap'ewdi I ?? mmar W. aorl will h* u, 11. 'or ? ?itma-wsuheg tian ieat or prma neui?on thg I?t o v .v The ?r <? ?,i ,? rew anl ban l?ome ly f irnlahod; n?? t . U ? tno.iarn .giproremenia; la lighted ? ith 4** thm iguoi T^e h??t i tor Ualh.ngj* the One?t >? t e Sound, There ? gorl Kl nc ?n<i e!et?ntdHrrg Par ma making earlr ari?;iaeai?nU !'?i '.l?e ataai-g will be takaia on faeoral"e lermg. P D ClRBty^E. ? ? luiw ^..;'.versa IMVIIAMCK. fIRE tNSl'R 4NCR HI'SiNF *-" -ONt OR TWO PAR l|e? of the ri ,ht v n t are wantg.i. |1 jola ad*erH*e^ a ptaeucal I'taurtMca utan. a forwiini; * new (Irat 'a'a Flrg laanrggcg I'miiupy Addreta. v'th parti?t,'ar?, Plrg fn ? nniMce. Ilarald u ' eg. P CROBIEB, AftR.Nf, I'NITED NT<TSS Inauraace t'iinn>anj. No. *?> Mali *tjeat. Now VorB* Aeciiniulated ea?b nig : f 1 Oft" INRHRANCR SPE? ML Norii f ?f K M< < S S CO NT R M t lat ng Inanrln i ;helr Mega, or intercited n IJfa Inritc* agce, wonlil do ne I lo fominunlcate ?ith ibe und?r?lrn*d? and oln.\in Iniornintion of itnpui :an,e u> tfce?. Ao>iraaa *? Andrew*. i*5i 6.K~ T "Hoffiia, New tor* ^ t (HI,. /lOAL-l AM DSMTWRINO T"R M?t V ag? Loqggt MotMUm t i ' * ' '"l.J ?'r w qiiamTgu.rvf e'Oi-t H e .r .n ard -'> >? r im oar. Alii! I bill V I?11H are. t TBt>* W" ?.,e nerofl't n

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