Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JANES VOlfouM BKSXKtft Konou AND PKOl'UETOS. *. w, counn or* ai>? suJii wi V*1??M X1IX >00 iKCMMNTI TBI* EVWIWI ACADKUY OP IIUSi'l, PIaob ? lfeAU** OrMA? MkUuvc mv One u'i"lo> i ? Dun MBL0 3 GABDLN Vr<?dw.-Arttrao?n-Ci*D**tb i* I'> rn'.ng?I ft vn OB<"s.t?Katb WALLACE'S IBEAYRh. Broadway.-Boski>al? W1NTIR OARDEM Br adw?T~S? R?N*V,"I<?1 ?LTMPir THEATRE. Broadway -Orrt Wirt?Lota u?? ? BBW BOWERV TUEATRR. isowonr -Ci :>J0"s ?Art? 8, AH Rr*N?.T?C> BAMRlk? Li???TH-W IL *CI Ml K1" * BOWKRV THBATR*. B?werr?Pour o: Cowo's Oat?? SjO* a;?i??8 *x? Hrcuh.x. BARM W ? MOSKl!M Broadway.? Two Our<. *"0 V+m.i* kt'tooi What Is li. AO. M al. fcoura. AfHBO ? j or r . IT or lt> c*viv?At I'aadTy J?. M. RRl A VTs MIHSfSBbB. Mwhwiic*' Hall. 47- Kroad. ??j.?Bhioi-.A* L'iM'll BeltisaUM. AC.? 1 Hu Hv KiO T PaKILT. noon s MIRRTREL HALL, 6" Rro..dw?f.? Ethiopia? Fe c\ CilCtl Ac.?Gui??. to T?t t aib HOOPER ISITlTDIE-Ot tftO!) it Com JoA"?Kt? A A! I- 810 an THKA1KK. N?. ?44 Bro?<lwar.-BAI.Ln?. r??TOVi*M, Dc. lasqvu. Ar.? Fnouns or Coco. Hirj'OTHEATUOK, k'oiirlMuih atrert ?PsRrokuiNO Duos asi. Mon mrti. AflArnooa and liveuing HOPE CHAPEL. 71S I ioa1way. ?BTFfivoaoo/ncJt en Mirror or and Twkrtt iitimi Stkikt Ghost. HEW tore MP BE CM OP ANATOMT, 618 BroAdway. Cvmios'.tu* ami Leciurk.-, iromOA. M. till 101' M HOOLP-Y'S OPERA HOUSE, Brooklyn.?Ethiopia 80' c-s. Bcrlbsqck*. Ac. WITH SUPPLEMENT. New l'oi-k, SHlmiiajr, April 16. 1*6*. THE ilTUATIOJi. Ihe tiews from Fort Pillow is of a disastrous cliarar ter, fully true, repre-scuts the humanity of the rebel guerillas at a very low standard. The flag? of I race wbi( h wiro twice rant to tbo fort by Gen. Forrest, d?mandmg a surrender, were re:used to be acceded to by Major Booth, when a vigorous attack was made by tbe rebel*, which resulted iu the compulsory surrender or the Tort ?t three o'clock on Tuesday- Major Bo^th was tilled, together with several other officers. But the moft lamentable part of the atery remains to be told, and, if It be not exaggerated, U a terrible record against the roving gangs or br&vos who tnrest tbe whole Southwest, and cenaitt alnost limitless depredations opon tbe I Dion pen lc and the troops or the Union wber ever they dnd them at their mercy. Upon taking pos session of the fort, wbieh had only a garrison or six hun **?4, tho fnerll'ss crmmeijced an Indiscriminate botcherj, not only of the soldier*?black and white? but of tbe woman and children, kliling in all some rour hundred persons, mutilating toe deaU, cruelly hsyonwing tbe woouded on the field, aad shooting some of then In tbe hosp'ts'R. This story may be, and we trust it is, exaggerated. l'he negroes became utterly de rooraiired arid flerf to the rear. Six gun* were captured by the rebels aad carriod off, including two ten-pouader Fairotta and two twetve-pounder Howitzers. A large amount of stores wag destroyed or csrrled away. H wa? m?>oeed that the attention or ihe rabelt; ws* to evacuate the place and move on or towards Memphis. The rebels ar? also rcj ortel to have again attacked Pa duoab There is no doubt that ttm force is commanded by Genera; Burord, who, on the 13th instant, demanded the surrender or Fort HaUeot. Columbus, and who is ?aid tu nave left tUat vicinity when his demand was rafused. There la, probably, a deeper lotent in these movements than may at present appear. Tbe Southern papers, it will be remembered, announced some t me agj that the rebel General >l'_?rgau was ''about to undertake one of tbe i>o!dest expsdlt.o:is he ha? ever yet mide,'' and it is more ttui probablo that tbe operations at Fbrt Hlow arid Paducah arc mere side L-suea, intended to draw away troops to three placos, while General Morg n attempts to I. is fraud scheme In arother part ?f the military division of tbe M-iiBiesippt. The ieids In the vicinity of the Potomac Army were, a' ooon yesterday, in e\celi- tt condition and presented o>obela~le u. an lvaace moveinoat lbs rebel Hub v. e' ihe I, ?( < of itbo t Oto hundred rebei csvst'y, made his appear- ?. on Thursday lOinlng on the line or tbe Hi an, e and a . xandrii Ra. ro. J. nc ^ Br.itoe ?iatlon, r rndi.-ly a to take by surprise ttis p\trol ror the pro tect! n of the road betweeu that place and Manastas. Fr m t?en:y to twenty.Jlvo of our teldiers were cap tured Tlie rebels went in tb? direction of frre ter cks b'jrg. An e?iw iitii.n went out on Thursday a!*bt to Occa^um, an-' some prisoner? Tlie Hie. mer Coot oent*l, f.-.u, sew Orleans whxh ar. r rod a< tl i* port yesterday, br:ngf new* from Alexia ? drta, r.s., 10 the cth inst. Genera! Bank* had reached Grand F re Alexandria was p it io a stats of de.encs agemst the re)?et alts k . Tbes'ev.iwr whle.^ u>ok Goners: lUak and sia.l to Grand f - we, oa ber return wi< Ared into by thirty foerilUt., tweoty-Cve Bi 'sr. be'ow Cr&nd le w#, wo:ad tog Majir i: CifTo.-d, paymi- Ier. and so engineer. On -vedfj ihi-2d mat . Caj-tvii Smith, thirty, two n or the Fourteenth New York cavalry, while ee.-v tu g :,e?r Barranca. Ms., net a squad of the Sev tth Atabar.m {rrtisi;, and a fljl.t .-n ued The enemy |nef hearuy. tin aie e-ppaetd to be killed. st.d ten or twelve v Terr.biO',irtsr#tl'j?s are ea rf to b? indicted on tbe Bouthertyer.j -.e it; Alabama wl.o try to evade the con ecript>no. Hi' .dr^ds of m?e. women and i-hiuren are ?on sated in the swamp i, an 1 number die ot star ration. CONOBZII. ihe MiSK'B of the cen?'" yesterday wa* maiaiy occu pied ta debate upoo Mr. 3'uermaii'f: bill to prohibit specu latloo In gold. Several sm<,ndm"nts were proposed and re;eHed, and the S>nste adjourned without takiag a rote on tbe propevtioa. la tbe Hous? of Teprr-ebiative* e bill auihorlrlog tbe eeubiiehmect of sa (M ean mail steamiihip service betweea the tolled State/ an l Bra/il was ps-sed. The hlU MthorlMi the I'onraaaler General to uuiie with (he roet Offloe Department of Brar l in establishing dirtct mall oommanioation betw. en the two cour'nes, hy means of a monthly lint or first class aeagomg steamers, ?T not teea than two tbon'ind tons each,of eufficicni num ber to perform twelve ro?iijd trips per annua betweeo a ^fl*l*d State* port oorlh of the Potoansc riser aad Rio Janeiro, umchmjr at M. Thomi?, ia the Wwl fn lies, a> 4 at nab>a and Peroambac'v jirovlded that the eij eme to the Tielted Buies sha'l not ei'-e? $200.OW par ai.o .m. 1** F??l?aet?r General ia autborireJ to sdvs.llft ,rer propneala tor such eervin- *iy n, tr eewepapers la Wash:rcion, D.ii m re, f'niisJa , r.,. vtv Terk and Bo tea, such eoniraot to go iatn e!T*cl ?e heiore September 1, liat. Ri>:, e.tsbiisipc, a pasts moaey order sytem, and ( mpeiUng at| re?!rr*'s io ?arry the mai'Sj wet* ?l*o pi .-d. ins ^int rei^trt"ii ?o tfiepoee of the unemployed general* ?as n-.'t;^i.d, ( Home en important busioe/s wu Iransscle.l and he IH e ad;oaraed. THE LEriSLATUFi: li the M.< - ienaie yeaterday the bills eppreoriatlug ||M,noef>r inesvtcneton if ihe ( canst to tbe PeMe;!rei .aCoe, aed (>-t tl>s im|.m? i,or of im rbsm' l?.u raru', were j ar ed. Tbe*e !? ? ii vaboth leeaed tbe \ < ml.|y. A request of ti.? deii? i?in ir ?n *"?fk Ts oayers' Assertitlon to be beard by the : ?aale was pre'so'ed end hud on the labia lt,<- P j>i *y | #10 sras iiadei of nsi ler*Hon for come f mo u Ihe t ga/ j ?'U*o of ae Uir^e aad was iie-1l y reon'iiin iat A ??"ber*.f bu s i?f httle inttresl *tre slfo c* ? t . j i< I Comrattee Of the Whole The Railroad P-rted mvoraMy un the Aanenibly wll tr*,gbt tariff on the Hudson Ww !^ ^fs Loux Island introduced te lucorpocate tin MaahatUn wJ ? r,,,orled again.! printing extra copies of the ??*?..??.~^ZklZ,"Z. EU-.rrti ?.??-?? B,m, disV>yal sentiments and. uncalledfor attacks o. *o IcarvCbaae Tbu ..porl wss adopted by the House, ,hch nlao decided sgalnst printing ?r copies i t m*ortV report of th. "?*<????? h? 4- 10 M *>tee. Reports were also made from com nitttofs of the bill* smofldlng the Mt egUblt.htng the Hoard of Oouimtoslonere ol Churlties and Oorreotlon.for a nub!if market io Brooklyn, authorising the &oood .\reoue Railroad Company to extend their track, to moor porate n>e National Savings Bank, authorising additional b^cds, to the amount of eight hundred thousand dollar.. to continue the construction of our new Court House, to amend the charter oT the nudaon and Harltm Rivera Canal Company, relattre to the more complete inspection ot building Id this olty, and to authorise the expenditure l>y our Corporation of two hundred thousand dollars to build a reservoir and aupply the upper eod of Manhattan . Island with Croton enter The delegation from the taxpayers- association of this city had another hewing yesterday before the <omm- > on Cit ies Vhe use ot the Assemoly itoamkoi was *' '! ior the occasion, the Assembly taking * recess or e purpobo of aiTurdlos this tawor. and aiao to onubic such or the members as desirel to listen to >he ar^umeu . Judge Edmonds si>oke in behalf ol ttu> taxpayers. an was replied to by Mr. Purser At the eonclu W of tbo add.esses it was announced by cue cheirsaau of Uie C" tarn a tee that all t^air session.- lieresftei would be one* MISCELLA.N F008 KEW*. A terrible accident oconrred on board i>f the Unltod^iata" punboat t henfuRO yesterday. While going down thebriy sh? explode! her port boi'or, killing several and scald ug about thirty persons. S me ol them wilt probably die of their in.inries. l'p to tlio Urns oi goiug to press 1 waH impossible to obtain a list of (lie in tared. The r.ish fur gold oerlMcatnf ye*terdar ?t the 3u? Treuiury was la; ger than ever, and the dodge of sell ! jug chances was rev ved, to lb* greac proat or certain , worthies. ?Uo received at the rate of from twenty to one hundred uo.lars Tor thoir plac&s in Uie queue oT eager ap plicants. Some of the applicant- were nolloed with bundles of greenbacks a foot high, f'ome arraordhieats 1 ougtit to be made whereby the issuing of certificates | could be transacted iu a rooro expeditions manner The interest in the l air seems to have suffered no abatement. The attendance yesterday was as targe as ever, aud the receipts amounted to nearly thirty Ave thousand dollars. It is estimated that the total rece pts thus far exceed six hundred thousand dollars. The schooner J. W. Webster, Captain Ulske, from Port Royal, 8 C., bound to New York, went ashore on Long ! Reach! New Jersey, on the morning of thol3th instant Ibe master, bis wife and the crew were all safely landed by means of ropee. The trial of James H. Nixon was brought to a clos3 yesterday, before Judge Barnard. The jury returned a verdict of guilty or manslaughter in the third degree In thanking the Graud Jury at the opening ol the court, Judge Barnard announced bis intention or causing Horace Greeley to answer n charge of l\be! on Wednesday ue<t In the Court of Genorsl sessions yesterday, City Judg* A. P. Russrl sentenced Daniel Brooks, the colored man, who had been convicted of manslaughter io the tlurd degree, on nu indictment charging him with the homicide of William Smith, a barkeeper, on the 2d of February last, to the State Pi ison Tor Tour years. Louis Andres ! sen, who had pleaded guilty of receiving stoieu joods, was sent to the *<ate 1'risou fo* (wo years, and I-oms Sua received a simitar sentence, on a plea of gnilty of grand larceny. The court tbeu ad<ouri.od uutil Moada; next at eleven o'clock. The Mariposa Mining case, which has occupied the time of the courts ror so mauy years, still drags it* weary length along. In ibe .supreme Court yesterday, before Judge reckham there was an argument on amotiouto compel Mr. Ftsk to givofluO.OOO ball during the continu ance or the Injunction which he procured against the trustees a rew daya ago, preventing them from issuing any more bonds , while Judge Ualy. ot the Court of Com mon Pioas, sitting as a oommiss.onsr, was engaged in the examination ot Mr. Oarrlson, whoea evidence is Intended to he used iu one ot the California courts. Hardly a week pusses bus that this tedious ease cornea up belore the courts io some shape or other. Th? lawyers are making a nice thiog of It. It is a i'?td mine for them, *>re enough. In the case of flraio rs. Doian. which fans beea oa trial in the Court of Common Piess for the last lhre? daya, (he .jury brought iu a sealed verdict yesterday roi the de fendeat. The plaint 10, it w!H be recoHerled, fell lnt? ? ooal hole in front of defet-dsnCa premises, and wa* m jured for ilfe. Ttia oaW'ft foe tue pU.uliff inieud *pt?sl< Ing 'be case The Senator n?urance case wa> ooatln'ied he ore ? udg# Osrviu. in the 6 ;pertr.r Court, yesterday. The cace for the defence was ?ipooed. and a number or witnesses were en.tpiiied lor tb? purpose or ahowlng the unfceHAortuio> -s ^ of the cratt. The trjal will be re?ome<l again on Mondsy. | In the ca*e <-r t'bo United States against the schooner C. E. Jay, seited and ilheiled some Ave years a^o by the United States District Attorney "pou intormtHW tin tiisbed at the lime by the Uuitod eute- Msrshal's ??fl eers. decWen was yesterday rendered l.y Judge Rctts Votion ru made to dismla? the libel. I vidoo'e ass given to nbow the te^al character of the voyage, and as no rebutting testiiu?oy was given, the libel we* d s missed. Judge Hill presides in the United States Distrl. t Court next weok. The Court will open at eleven o'clock, oh-n the ca'eudar will gone through Br decision of court martial, prlvnto Win. H. Cibuey, of the Seventh reginaeut New York buto Volunteers was reitsoced to be slu t at l ort < oltimbua,Governor's Isiaud, between the a ours or ten and two o'clock yesisidsv aftei noon. for desertion. A teprleve, however, has bt^-n re ceived trom Washlngioti, a?d it ?s p- "l^b e that theprl soner will be pardoned. The slock market was weeK yesterday, and ertrj share on the list exoept Harlem declined at the flri-t board from one to Ave per cent. Almost a panic was creeled in the morning; hot n better end more quiet feel ing wae manlleatel in Uie a'ternooti. the gold market was 'osa exHted, and the premium Mil oT to seventy twe. but frequently floctuated bMw<-eo that ttgnre and seventy tvo. ooveramsnt seenritiss felt the pressure, and submitted io a decline The mousy market wss essy, nnd tbs rate .1 interest re!l below seven per cent. The dec'ioe in gold bsd the efl'ect to unsettle srade yes terdsy, and Ihere was but little doing in a bnsineas way, except is a few nrttoMs. The merchauu had but tittle dssiro to operate iisoding the settling dowt of gold sod the sst'lenient or the tsriff question. Imported merchan u se was verp quiot, but mostly nominal. Petrolnum wn uneett od. Ostf-n, groceries, wore irregular and somewhst nominal. The drop la gold carried with it n dsciloe m breadstufls. Hour was 10c. a *6c. lowor, wheat 8c a 6t. down, cora and wbiskev 2c. a 8e. cheaper, wb'.le other commodities were without decided | clisnge. Pork wss sustained through the ellorts of tbs 1 Western Interest I.ard vas a little off aud beef flrmly i bsld freights continued d?pre<-sed. and swssrsor ton I nage rather despctiieni. ^ % I Tuk Ho.t. B* s Wi m>i? tis Pnorrrs.?We tr? almost sorry that we lis'oi bed the tender sen ?fbilitiet of the Hon. Bcu Wood upoa tie sub Jtct of Corporation ?drertisiug. Fin really si-cms to f<?tl deeply about tlie matter. We imaginod that he bad been a political and peace patriot nnd a lottery- manager to Ion# that he bad go feeling* left. In the midst of bi- tears, however, (bis eminent patriot blubbers out the remark that the Hkiui.d cares for nothing but ilanrno-t. There the Hon. Ben Wood make* a ruisWke. We do not care for Mammon?It w Mammon thai cares for us. We only Care to mtkc the b??t newspaper to bo found in thia or any other country, aod to give it to the people at a fair price. I! Mnmmon comes along, like try other spoils politician, and ask* to be In* troducei to m. we decline to be troubled with b'm So. If we make money II is io gn lioneet, legitimate wtty, by the sale of our paper? and by advertising. But of this we are certain: wo do not tnttke monoy by swindling the people with lottery tiokelt or lottery policies, or by jeH'oj it{? job* about Ibe streets, TO at to re ceise [' iv w.ithaui eleioitij Ibcm, or by turn ing M' Mitii Is'nni "i| Hall Into an wicWoq room for the %al > of c ity an l ^ t'ifi' g'lHMi bU'ltjr'. Ttiit i* ?'l Oraeral (Irani (ad tk* War Dtpart* rntDi??igntactai Kaaari from Wa?i? From the day of tbo promotion of jSoneral Grant to the aotive command of all the armies of the United States we have been apprehen sive that his greatest embarrassments Id work ing oat his plans and combinations would be found in Washington. From certain rumors afloat it appears that these apprehensions were well founded; but from the facts communi cated to us upon the subjeot, by a care)ul cor respondent, wo are happy to say that President Lincoln refuses to Interfere, and that Geueral Grant, therefore, remains, and is likely to re main, the master, even at Washington, of tie military situation. For some days past there bad been myste rious whisperings in that quarter of a difficulty between the General and the War Office about some question of red tape; and the little breeze of excitement thus created tho Tribune yester day undertook to sot at rest by the following statement, to wit:?That "there is the best authority for denying the truth of a rumor c nr ront here (in Washington) that General Giant btr had trouble with Secretary Suntou respect ing the movements of troops, and that the Pre sident had sustained General Giant. It is averred, however, that General Halleck had been remiss in carrying out General Grant's instructions.'' Quite likely ; for his official correspondence shows that in any movement conflicting with hfs peculiar notions lie is very apt to be remiss or exceedingly obstinate. But still we prefer the statement of our own correspondent upon this matter, which is sub stantially this:?That Mr. Stanton had com plained to General Grant that in ordering the transfer to the front of various detachments of veteran troops garrisoning certain foils, and the substitution in those forts of now recruits or men from (he Invalid corps, the General had assumod authority which belonged only to the Secretary of War. General Grant con tended that his action in the premises was clearly within his authority as General-in Chief, and moreover that, having issued the order in question, it could not well be changed. The Secretary appealed to the President, and he, washing his bands of any further responsi bility as a military leader, wisely dccided that, as General Grant had been called by Congress to take the command of all the armies of the Union, it would be best to let him have his own way. Such, we presume, was "the difficulty and the settlement. We thiuk it altogether probable that General Halleck may have supported the technicality of his brother lawyer, Stanton; and so we leave tbe?e two Marplots and marti nets to divide the honors of this affair between them. Its redeeming feature !s the decision of the President. He rightly construes the action of the two bouses in refcrenoe to General Grant. The responsible representative* of the people expect him to be allowed to man age our armies in the bnsinen of this impend I ing campaign with full authority, and with j out restraints or embarrassments from the War j Office, or lrom the President himself. Mr. Lin ooln, we are glad to believe, has Absolved to to recognize tho wishes of Congress, and that Geueral Grant ahull be supreme and untram melled in liis control over the Union forces, whether in garrison or in the Held. This i> a point of the rtrst importance gained in behalf of General Grant. We are thus as sured that he will not be McClellani/.ed by remonstrances, crippling orders or any inter fi-reiices from ihe War Office. In this verv matter, too, of transferring to tim front the vote ran troops doing garri?on duty, and In supply i ing their places from the new levie* 01 the in valid corps, (he intelligent reader will cor dially recognise the wisdom of Giant, and the stupidity of ihe War Office in attempting to in terfere with him. With all the teachings of the numerous disaster* and failure* resulting from this great mistake of retaining large bodies of veteran troops to bold useless or unimportant places when they aie wanted in "the front," the blunderers of the War Department still ad here to their folly. We congratulate the conn i try, therefore, that General Grant's war pollcv i* sustained by the President, and that theirs i* rejected. For the last two or tbr<?e years we have from time to time urged upon the administration the policy of calling out for six mouths, or lor three, forty or fifty thousand of the militia of the loyal States. to garrison the forts around Washington. Baltimore and otbfr places, in order to strengthen the Army of the Potomac by the addition of the forty or fifty thousand tetcran troops that would be thus relieved. General (irant, a? tar as possible, without call ing ort the militls, is now pursuing this very course, liis object is to erush the main armies of Jefl'. Davis, and. first of all, the rebel array of Virginia, which is (be lifeoand soul of the rebellion. He is right , and the President is right, in yielding again, a* at Vkksburg, to General Grant's superioi military sagacity. I*t General Hslleck obey orders; let the Secretary of War ke^p quiet and cheerfully .supply the ways and mesne let Congress, hav ing disposed or Mr. Long and Mr. Harris, do what it ean to strengthen our armies and the Treasury, and let Prefcident Lincola continue to treat in General Grant, and as sure as the re turn or summer will be the ffujipression of the rebellion before the summer is ended. t Tiif; Massacrk at Fort riu.ow.?Our news from lort Pillow is a confirmation of the worst that was feared of the rebel operations thore. Forrest seems to have carried the position by storm with an overwhelming force on Tuesday last, and then to have fiendishly massacred far the larger part or the garrison, both whit* troops and black. We venture to hope that this news may prove to he exaggerated, as such news so oft?n is. It is difficult to beliove that the circumstances of the barbarous transaction lime not received an sdditional color from the excited imaginations of those who escaped to tell the story. But it is bad eno ugh, at the very least. Thus the war, as far as tbe South can affect it, has taken one moro step jn its degeneration towards mere barbarity. Such transactions y this at Fort Pillow stain tbe annals of war only as it is waged by men the lowest in the scale of fit ilization, and in whom there are noue of tho better qualities of the human race to temper tbe fierceness of mere brutal rage. The Chinese and tbe Sepoys have become the thosen models of Southern men. uoil affairs as Ibis sontd not occur without tbe most culpable negligence On the part of tbo government Why is a place oconpted at all If It la not occupied by men enough to hold it f Tho foroo In this fort was too small to bold it, and too large to be lost in the attempt, and the s une In prolyl - 9f ,.r9r. pf>,n,},a In For rest's W*7 IMPORTANT FROM AlBAH*. Aint if, April IF, ISM. awTKKnif or* m hawk ocmhhttm'* lutroar -Tbo Committee on Printing made snotbor report tl it maming up*B the reports wade l?j tl>? majority aud minority of tbe Committee on Hanks, create do little excitement In the Houm. The report of the committee, denouncing the majority report and favoriogthe minority, started a bref'7.o. Ttie previous question being ordered, a vote was foroed on the adoption of the report of tbe Priming Committee, which waa cooourred in by a vote of eixty-Ave to thirty-two. The following is the report ? The Committee on Publlo Printing, to whom was re ferred a resolution to print extra copies of the Minority report from the Couuuillee on hanks on the aubjoct or uational banks, *to , lespec.Uuliy report ? Tbut wboroif, it. the opinion.of your committee, the majority report from said Rank Committee, also referred lo tbla committee a few day* alnce, was oUarHCtorixed by the moet rcinaikabio and semi dlfloyul language toward) the general KOrernnaat, and especially towards .Secretary Chase aud'whereas, at this peculiar crisis or our coun try'a history, w hen more than ever the arm of the gone ra< goverumeat needs the sup|>ort of eveiy loyal citizen iu putting dowu ibid accursed rebelliou. and wbereaa, language, which in times of peace might, as a party measure, be deemed justifiable, when criticising the ovlls of the general govorninent, would at u time like thif be not oulv wrong, but criminal; ..urt whereas, in this respect said majority re|>ort, in the op.hion of your committee, is clearly subject to the charge of dlslo) alty; and whereas, tlie minority reoort from Mild It ink Committee, made by Mr. Hraudreth of Westchester county, wu in tl>e uuiin s'^ud In its prim iples suit con clusions a? regards the views of the propriety and rcce*. <ity ol taxing the stocks and bonds of the gioeral govoru meal aud the stocks of the national banks: and whereas, tne financial policy of Mr. Chase was so clearly defined iu Mid roport; and wberoat, the crlticl'm mudo in said mi nority report upon the character and eflect of tbe language expressed in the majority report was so eminently just, trulblul undpropo: , and the censure is justly deserved, aud whereas,-In the opinion of your committee, tbij House owes it to lb-elf, Us dignity aud good name, to re buke, repudiate aud wnsli its bauds of any quus: en dorsement or that wbi<-h, by any possible construction, might be deemed disloyal In spirit or iu loUor; Ihereioio, ltesolrod,That there bo priuted, for tbe use ol Ibo members, oflicers and rei*>rters ol this House, lour thou suud extia copies of said minority roport. H. K. CROCK Kit. I.KW1S PALM Kit. CHARMS XTANKOBO. ra? majority a si-out. The report of tue Printing Committee having beeu j adopted, with Hie charge of disloyally upon the republi- 1 can member who s gned the majority repoti, fue question or printing the majority report was called from the table, and a spicy debate arose upon If. Mr. Andicws, the Chair man of the Raik Committee, spoke in defence of his report, holding that this quest ion of tutting the banks ws? que (bat the farmers or tbe SUP1 were vitally leic rested In. for, if the batiks were relieved from taxation, it would fall upon the real estate of the c -entry. aud eoiup I it to bear the buidens. while the wencyed capi a! and the financial corporations are exempted from pnyiug their share uf (he taxation. Messrs Redlngtoo, Crooke aud BrAadrelh denounced the malority report as being uot only uuealled for, but un ;ust. Mr Crook0 Eaid that ho bolieved the report was written l>T the democratic member of tbe committee, Mr. James B. Murray, or New York, lie also looked upon this as the commencement of another content be tweeu the bauks and the government, like that which took place in 1837. sod, if lie remembered rightly, the j name of T. W. Olcott w&s then, as now, at the iie.vt of the contest on the side ol the banks A vole was Anally reach ed, and the report of tbe Printing Committee,^a( more be piloted only as tnsuy copics ol the majority report as the twelfth joint rule requires, yaj voted dowu. and the Speaker announced that tha (ionae decided lent there should bo no copies printed. I'his conclusion of the Speaker?also many other decisions made by him?i? as wide of the mark ss the east is rmia the *vo?t A joint rule, adopted by both houses, require; that a liteti mini her of copies of all reports or committees shall be priuted, and the nouso can uot prevent it unless that rule ia sus pttided by a Iwo-th.rds vote. Without thai the printer Is obliged to print the report under hie contract, and Speaker Alvord may ale a million of decisions to the contrary, and it will make no diflereuo* as to tbe real fact. BEfoiria or coMMinxm The standing committee-of tha Assembly reported several bills to the House Msnf of them were reported complete. Among the number was a bill to regulate the use of wharves and slips iu tne city of .vew York wbieb xhall be leased to steamship companies also tne Senate bill to amend an act entitled an act lo incorporate the Hudson and Harlem Hirers Canal Company, passed May 2, 18tt8. also to emend the charier of the New Yurfc Warcho ?e and Secuirty Company. iH* K in.ROAI> ??OHMiTTI* reported complete tbe senate bill amending the general railroad law, providing that water should be kept in everr passenger car, also extending the time tor complet ing the railroads from Ore to seven years also com plate the bill to authorize the use of dummy eueines upon tbo raitroads of this State. The Senaf; bill lo in corporate tbe National Savings Rank in the city or New York was reported lavorsbly by the Sank Committee of tbe Assembly. tub ojufum os eit.M reported complete lb" Senate bill relative to tbe Inspec tion of bulldmg* in the olty of New York also the bill authorising the sec. nd Avenue Railroad to extend its track slso, complete, the lull to .improve overtli avo uue. I'he Sensle bill increasing Hie Court Mouse ?toei: niglit hundred thocssud dollars was reported favorably to tbe Hotisn and referred W Ihj rj^nmj'.!"" vf llie WfeaJe; ?'?o tor tre ieTef of tLS Bro- tlyo, fisst S'ew Y'ort and Hoclcaway'rcad ( cmpacy. The sen. le I?1U to amend the hrookGn r.irk sot, aud the .'-eaale bill to authorize Hie Miy.'C, Ald'-men and (ommnnalty of the city of New York io borrow i wo h-indred thonssnd dollars to extend Ci "too water and build a re?erroir in the city of New York, were both reported 'avornbly sad referred back to the committee to report comidete. TheCroton water bill te fo supply th? un or end of Mauliaiiau >lira with cv*tor. ? t ]Ji i ia* SCh'OR r.r>ki> **,tr.o.*i?. lhe As*, inhly bill re^ulaffng the fre ?ni nr H on ilia Hudson River Railroad wan reported favorably this morning uy a majority of thi Senate < amimttee on Rail roads It reduce? the iitte to ail enoi moils auiouni upou the pric? charged tins winter. Several other ntlis were rep-irted by the sounte ci>mmittees. bu' none of any je.i?' ral iru. i'it'<Q.'e. 1.1* <??\ IN^O CASA'. aTHK.ON stir. l>a?scd tbe ^m.te pre ise'.j m tne same mauner that It |w?ved the AaeemMy. aqd now only awa^ta Hie sigr-atur* ??r tbe Covemor to her >me a law. The Ah embiv bill for the imptov m -i.t of me Uiampt&la Canal also p.ia.-ed the Penatr without any amendment, and ^o s wilii tl.e Che nango ( ana' exieueion lo the <>ovtrnor (or hie cignal' re vrr Rmi The hoi providing for the delioicncy in the Appr?|irie t. ... ti. ? ,,?0? ,iur. r ior sonv Mtro in the *?' nate morning, and dna ly reemmitted to the committee, with Inslruoti^i io amer d by sinking out (ertai^l HWM A large oamber ?>f bids were considered tn the Com mltloe ot the \\'u?>'e in that bodf, but none of tny public ' imporlatice. 1 THN TaXPATOS. The Aerembiy t >oV a recess at ooe o'clock, fur tlie r ur P?se ol giTiug the rcprefetitatives o: the( itisena' ? stiou ef sevr Yorft an o ocrtnnlty to speak before tbe Af-tembly C??mltlee cn (itfee In tt?i- \< emblv ch tm bor aLd before as many of the uwfttbns as migut t-j hetr the argninent The s.tnie parties wlto sppesre<l bef?r? the .oeaate cam mitlee last ? .gut vie^nted Ibbinselver onmeuia'eiy 'lpou tbeAsseuiMy luking lhe rcoes?. Judge Kilinnnds ad d eeeed thtMnntlM very mek in the same style of argiimenl a- he n d last nc hi !b, however, at the ?ominen'.anient, alluded lo tue eii"rmo:i? inrrea<e in ell the coainoditiee of life, and thai U in?atl wnl upas last as butier they would hare to starv* a*?t all th is be laid io ibe increase o taxation. He alluded in his speech to a large number ol m an -s and cmpiainti in regat d to tbe way that the lates of the city had aeen In rrea. ed from time to lime. He went over the ttf ies and items, sud held th it Ike tax Jery could be reduced u ten millions. Mr. Purser replied lo the statements of Judge Cdmcnde, end showed thst tbe revenue which he fUdmorde) held could be applied lo tbe ?x:<eueee of the goverusseut were pledged by Jew to Ibe smking Hind, and could not lie used for any other purpose. Mr. Purser also derfftd that there was any oflbr lierore the Common (onncll to clean thestreeisof Vew York for one hundred thoiisand dol lars. He alM stated mat, while be was ready to unite with them in tbe reduction of tiues, he tbougbt that tbe Citizens' Association would do well to look after tbe reve nuetof tbe city, end see if they conld net be loci eased, and referred lo Ibe Kxct'eCommissioners, who nre appointed the Conri of Cotntaon Picas. While the liceuee has been increased almost lenfo'd, the city does not receive over seven thoussad dollars The county of Albany receives from license fees more tkse double that amount, as the ofllcial returns show. He alto alluded to several other points in tbe speech briefly, * ben the subject was brought to a conclusion, and the committee announced that all their seesions bereatter should be executive seas lorn. It Is positively denied tbst the Common Council "'ked for five hundred thousand dollars for tbe City Inspector's office. It is stated that tbe amount aakct foi was but three hundred and fifty thousand. ronewtto*. In my deapeteh in regard to the speech of fudge Un ion la reply to Jobn I . I eveiln I may have doae an ta Hielioe lo Mr Ullt^n by not giving his statement in (ml. lie did not oppose employing additional letrst counsel on tbeapait of the city, but ob ectod to tite pewer hemg limited to, or exctnsivelv in the bands of, the Corporation Counsel, sad bctd that the f Comptroller and Mayor should have a voice in lhe matter. oRKin.r, as a noo* Horace Greetry appeared in the lobbies today wilh bist'llistorv ot the HettetMesi,'* exolalnlng II snd ttyiog to sell It te tbe members end outeldem. run Tax < oMMtsaiosasf'. Tbo bill extcuiiiug lite teriiis ot office <?' the or<Ment Tax Oimmls-ioners In New York name up be,-or tbe -cu ate OMSinlttee on (ities this evening. Mr. limns An drews sppeartd sgalnst the hill, and piasentsd'throe or four affldavita In regard to tbe workings of the officers. Hie argumoot was mosliy in oppoeltion to the sysu ,u of tbe legislature in extending the terms of offloe holders He contended thai It waa all wrong. He argued at much length, going over tlie entire provisions of the bill. Mr. Waterbury ar^ned that If sny bill wa* passed there should be an impartial eommissloner named to appoint the Tax Commueiouer-i, but not to extend their ottlce. Vt A'derman M>dt duiei.iied the bill, and held thai the monov that tbe atlirta\its charged was levied upon ti e subordi nates in tbe (>T(e w.ts tor political and pnrty pnrp?ees, end no other, ne rrferrod to the polltlons asking for ibe pauses of tho bill, aignol by men, as ho held, representing two hundred in ill I n of tbe taxable projierly of New Ycrk.amoagat whoso names were Win. B Astor, Peter Cooper, W. V. Brady, John J. Cisco, A. N. Bredfi rd, f>bepbsrd Koa| p. Yin. Curtis Noyes, .tames Km pp, Wm. Harper, and others of that rlaaa, and atatod that ths only qne?tlon now was whether Ibe petilton of (hose men, or the alildavits or four or five men who hive been < os ployed io tbeofllco, ahO'iM be regsnled hy the eomralltee. Mr. Dnvcw, a I?eputr TsxOommisslon?r, a'so urged IIS pawsgs.aed was woo* aueelK>ned by the comin'.'.iee, ns vsee alee i, L. *n Vh # tee A*sesB>ir. bW; fore The comoititM rm6tw?4 tU <l?rl?lfci upon Ute but. run iUAKT m mm mc Tho Metropolitan Polio* Salary Mil m Mi iew?f?r ooaaideratioo to morrow Bight. THH FiaNMONI AMI' BA0<J4(UI Btl.l The AwsrnWy wai in (v>mm!tu<> of the Whole ail the eveuing Among the blHi ordered bo a third reading *M on* to lucorporale tbe Passenger ami Baggage Oompauy In tho city of New York, or, la other word*, to take paa eeocers to aud from the railroad depot* and stoaaboet laadl.'ge, with tbair baggage, on tha <tama pita mow In operation ia all Western eltiea. rur ammu1 voting mu lt is thought by thoae in a position to be posted that the Governor will veto the Soldiers' Voting bill; not,bow ever, on the ground of opposition to the principle ofeol dier* vetiag, but to the provision* of ihe hill. OOII) Ml NINO 00MP4NIB*. There were three articles of association tiled in theWeore Ury or Slate's otlioe to day lor gold ?lining companies un der tho gpuorjii mining law, the aggregate capital of whiofc amounts to eight millions, to operate id Colorado and Idaho Territories Thore have boon aruelo* or association fl ed aiaco tbe 1st of Jauuary for gold mid silver mining companies the aggregate capita! of wluoh amounts to the enormous bum of one hundred million or dollar*, for oop per, lead and iron, about Afteen million* ARRIVAL OF fIIE CORSICA. Ntwi Cram Nntiau-liaii of B Hiockadi Runner, Ac. 11)6 steamer Ooreioa, Capt. I.e Me-isuftsr, from Hutit on tbe otb, via Nassau on (ho lltb iost., arrived here yeeterday morning. brings no later news from tbe first named port. The schooner Petrel, at Nassau rrom Oharlettoa, re ports tho loss of tbe steamer Juno, from Wilmington fur Nassau She brolre io two, and nearly all hands on board were drowcod. The full particulars are thus given io the Nassau Guardian or the iOili tilt .? Tbe steamer He1911 (forioirly Juno) lefl Charleston about haii-past eight 1'. M. on Wednesday, March 9, lor tl>i3 port. 1'Ue noaltier woe moderate on starting, but about midnight a stiff bretse sprang up, which in creased to a pain at noon tbe next day. The wind wan blowing from south to southwest. Tho vessel was theu In Ilio Gulf Stream. About forty-five or fifty bales of ootton on dork, besides coal, \c , were thrown over board to lighten ship, an t the was pul before the gala about four o'clock id tho afternoon. She had previous to this taken ill a considerable quantity of water, but turn was pnrape 1 out. A iresh leak, however, was started lu the midship compartment, which extinguished tbe tires. At six o'clock P. M. the Kale had not abated, and tbe steamer, which was then under gall, unfortunately parted amidships and sunk tn three minutes. All liands'were on dock at the (.me, and it is teared that many of them wont down with ber. Two of tbe officers (Messrs. W. J. Burke sad J. II. Dent) saved themselves by cliuging to a piece of the brid >e deck, to jpblch they held on liom Elx o'clock in the evening till ten the next morning, whe.u they ware picked up by Cap tain Habernlcht, or the schooner 1'etrel, from Chat lesion, bouiid a'so to this port. Some of the crew got iulo two or tho h at*, but one of them was capsized by the falling of the stuoke stark, and tbe other was swamped, I'he.ewere night oflioers, including tbe cap tahi, belonging to tbe Helen, and twenty-two seamen, &c., besides one stowaway, who, it Is feared, all met with a watery grave. Tho bridge on which tbe two who were taWrn on board tho Petrol saved themselves was uot more than eight feet long by about four teet wide, and this parted in tbe night, and it was with great difficulty kept togothor auuin. Captain H's attention was first directed to the survivors by seeing iome of the cottou and pieces of tbe wreck floating about, who.t he Uckod ship and stood towards (hem. \ report thai the British gunboat Cygnet had been fired info by the Onlted Rates gunboat Rhode Island, ol Abaco, proved to be unfounded. ? The steamers .Syren and (kxiuette bad arrived from Wilmington, and the Greyhound, Will o'-ths Wisp and Syren had bailed to run the blookado. Prince <.'bai las Bonaparte, cousin or the Emperor. hid arrived at Martluiq te, m rovti to Mexico, with * raiment in whtcn he is captain. Hie Qi'arrir'tiot the 6th iust. says:? Iler Majesty's sleatner Medea, 31 x, 845 tons, .160 horse power, Commander D'Arcy S. Preston, arrived from Her luuda on Souday 'ast, to relieve her Msiosty's steamer Vesuvius. Pno experienced very bad weather on tbe pat-sage. Her Majesty's steamer f-hannoa, tb riy-five. 2,6tsT tons, 000 horse power, I aptain Oliver J. Jones, arrived from Bermuda tins morning We understand that Vice Admiral Sir Jame? Hope, K. C B..our new naval commands m chief, may be ex pected bere next uionlu, in the flagship Duncan. The same paper contains the following paragraph: ? We are happy to learn that sponging has revived at Ahaco. between forty and titty small vessels being now engaged in that occupation, i? con-e utence of increased prices having been offere.t by M?s?rs. Haymaua t reres and otber merchant;. tbO'it half past five o'clock 1*. VI. on Monday !aet a ooner rigged fodsrnl paddle steamer passed ne.<r Cherokee Sound, and at sunset she hauled oji to esit north . east Dytfi. _ . There Is no tfitlh in tbe r.uuor that the dm.*t ba-< been postr 1 oe'I until the 1st of May, as will ba *??n from tbe following telegraph c despatch from Provost Marsh*! Fry Wjsii ">(;ii.<r,yprll 14, lgrtl. Oneial Wx. Mars?'redIts wilt be given for both veterans and recruits to iuc'ude ttie 15th instant. Be propared to make tin- uraft immediately thereafter in sub districts then deflc.ent but do not commence it ualll further order*. -'A!1. B. HtY, Jh')n the Bail for Ave bu iJred thoa-'auu men KoW Vork< Brooklyn and Platen Ie'and are in excess of the quota. In tho l?iith district a'so there is an excess of seventy six. From the above order of General lYy it appears that no crsdil will be allowed alter the lf-th instant. Movement* of Secretary Chase. --cretary Chase, during tbs short t me he has been is this city, has sue *?led m completely baffling every body's curiosity as to the obied or his visit. A large number of gentlemen < ailed it the l'lfth Avenue Bole! yosterday for the purpose of seeiug him, but were unable to -lad him Everybody r<>cetved the tame aaswer?tbat he h"1 g< no down town emriy In the morning, and would not return mtil evening. It was rumored around the hotel lhat h" was at the Sub-Treasury oihee In Wall street, which war doubtless correct, although a bum her or the ffe^ne:\tffl oj Mis' [ocaiit* bad fsil*d fo hoar of it. ine t-eoretary is a shrewd man, a very shrewd man, and covered up bis tracks yesterday id ? manner to oxrts the envy Of an Indian. He did return to b a Intel in tbe eveurng, but nobody saw him. He ma icuhaslv toilet, and was oft agai'i ii a few moiaeatr. "He lias gone out tQ dine, air," was tbe onlr aonwar received hy all wno asked Tor mat. Whelh*rtbe answer wrw true or not of course we ciiunot sat*. Out we can assure everybody tbsi be eats like any ordioarr mortal, do eats heartily, aad does not scb/ift on gtsenback* or Troa-nry noten Tije gold market was dull and quiet yesterd.<jr. Mr. ('liase s pre* sauna in the city d"ubtie?* exercl-es a wholesome re. btraiot ?n the speculator^. ?? learn that be Is ilkelv to remain bere for s few dsya onger, by wliioh time we hops he will hive reduced the prsnriistu oa gold and ar ranged matters to prevent spoculailon in It for<he rutitre. The Soldiers* Itunsr. TO TRC IPITOR or TBI MKBALD Fu?t*, April 14,183! Coclos?d you wlil receive ten dollars towards the ruad to establish e "Home for Discharged Soldiers." Nothlag at tble time csn be more seeded, foroi all Ood s crea tures many of tboee who are discharged from the service (rom wounds or disability are the most helpless and suf fering. Fa?hion seems to bsvs lanet.Ael the "ttohitary " as the oaly ehaonel through whiob our aympathlee and chart ties must flew. let thl< be oorre ted, and, by establ.ali ing (by donation 1) a ''Hons for Discharged Soldiers.'' let tbe ciliseasof the l mpire-'tale prove that tbe ssrvioes of their brave but unfortunate detenders are appreciated. Tiie "liuh or tbe I'niverse" has taksn tbs initiative m this most noble work, as you will see hy the psmpblet I send with this. Having been connected with that institu tion sin e its first formal ion (uearly two years since), I reel most deeply the wants and sullsrings of dtscbsrtod seldiets Mi". (Oi. daV. Kalian Vpera. Tbe public witl have a last opportsndy, at tbe graed gala matinee te-daj, to bear Medori aad BeignnK in Robert le Diable. which we have no doubt they will avatt themselves of After the brilliant sacce** which has at loaded the production of Msyerbeer s greet oom;>osittoQ. It ii n?fl probable that tbe admirers of the work, itnl of tbe ertists who lisve done so much justt< e to it, wilt slight tbe opporiuuity sflrorded|ie 'ay. sod, therefore, if a brilliant ana very large audience should be preeeot at the mat.nee. we shall not be disappointed. ? 'an*; was glveo last night to a very fine ne* se Mas solsui deserves all the good words we aave written of < him. 1h? Satve ?)imer> was usual. Misa iiriiv? aang srell. mid was waimly reeeited. Her manns wa> enrnred re;>eetedly. His sereesde, in the fourth act, waa loudlr at p'auded. Mile. Hul/er got an en- i core in the flower eon .? "n M"Qday otglit It.m i w??I be repeated 'W tbe isat 1 time. Tit* Wii*(mh Oasosx.?Medea and tbe Honeymoon were played at this theatte last night, for the bonefit 1/ miss Avonla .(ones, to a rather slim house. We cen attribute | a thin h*".M on such aa occasion only te tbe attract on* of themmtary Fair; for it is to be ho pod that nothing : fata than patriotism ooul<l indues New Vurksrj to uoglec.t ' so rare an intellectual treat aa Mia* Jones' performance Of Medea. Her interpretation of tho character w an lotonse stndy of the whole range of I'taiuita Mi a I may stir a woman's heart, and is quit'" e(vi ?l to tbs highest ooooepttou of the old story Kxrcatlon of a Murderer. ~~""~ ? Damon, Ohio, April If. IM4. ' >hn W Dohhins, r.i 11 dieted of tbe m-tr ier of ?eorgi? Idadornii th, a vsar ego, ?sh hun| In tbs'.'onn'.T leu t? m NEWS FROM WAMMMTOfc. Synopsis of the Now Internal Tax Bill. IHTHISTINO BUSINESS DKfOKI OQflfiUll. Actios of the Senate 01 the Bill to Suppress Speculated in Gold. Subildj (or Mail 8teameri Bitwm (hi United Statu and BraiU. Tfee Postal Money Order 871(11 Adopted. M SLatlroads Compelled to Carry Tffnffir. Ai.| ki?i im* WaaswicmM. *pr?? l?, i4U. MOttliaMtt Of GENERAL QBANT. Lieutenant General Grant ler* Washington this morn ing for ths front PBOUIBINOH or 80LD grtOBUtlOKI. the gold bill unexpectedly failed lo reaohlng ? 'Ml rote In tbe Senate to-day In consoQueuoe of tna remark! of "Mr. Oollomer, and II is believed tbat another protracted discussion must ensue before the ultimate result la attained. Tbe aession was extended until near ni|ht, with tbe hope or dlapoelng of tbe subject this afternoon; but tbe vtewa of Mr. Oollamer, in the opinion of some, requiring a reply, the Senate adjourned till to-morrow, refusing to entertain a proposition to ob serve the usual Saturday holiday. During the debate Mr. Cbandlor took great pains to vlllify New York, declaring that Jeff. Darts would receive more votes In tbat ottr than any otherman, and tbat tbe speculators as a body were rebel sympathizers, keeping up tbe price of goM from treasonable motives. His views npon finance did not seem to impress tbe Senate to any extraordinary ?t gree, attention beiog directed to thoae of flnanoHl RbW?r and experience. ^ MAIL ETBAMSHIF COMMUNICATION BETWERM UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL. The House seemed to be In a working humor to-day, after its recent extended forenslo exertions, and aotM important moasures were pot through with but lit* debate. Most of tbe day was devoted to bills reported bv tbe Committee on Post Offices and Post Roede. TW passage of the bill granting a subsidy of not exceenlRt one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per annum for tfca establishment of a line of mall steamers between the United States and Brazil Is regarded as the In auguration of a new policy In such matters, end tbe abandonment of that wbich bas eo tyng prevailed, and which has resulted In the mortifying fact tbat at the present time there is not a single Auasrb can steamer running to any foreign port, except to AapSR walt The speech oT Mr. Alley, of Massachusetts, wen a most convincing teejote of tbe folly of this oourae, wblsfc bas destroyed our own commerce end hnlit np that eg K .ropeao nations at our expense. THE rOSTAL MONET ORDBB a TOT KM ABOfTEP. The bill providing for a postal money order system WEn inaugurates a measure which has long been needed, ?s< caonot fail to be valuable to the people and remonefntlrt to tbe Post Office Department. Ifrete waa nooppoelMam to this measure, tbe only difference of opinion betagep regarded tbe maximum atjtount to be sent, which tflwM members thought should be obe hundred, Instead of thirty dollars, as fixed by the bill: If the Senate wUI for a IM abandon abstractions and p? ?eee bills V rendering a real service to tbe country. * * TII? OHO ANIMATION Or MONTANA fKBRfTOBff. The House is determined not to pass tbe Senate amend' msnt to the Montana Territorial bill allowing unbleaohe# Americans to vote at tbe elections In tbat Territory. Several of tbe republican mombere voted against a|f<e ing with tbe report of tbe Committee of Coufsrens^ striking out the word "white" from tbe suffrage claw* A* the debate declines to agree to another Conreren* Committee Instructed not to agree to any propoeition Ri strike out the word "white," there it a probability the* the l?t:i will fall altogether, In which case tbe gentlemen who bare been felicitating themselves on appetetqm* in tbe ne w Territory srlll be left oat in the ..., ? ? . ' < H0MIKATI0K8 CONFAItllMtt. Tbe aominatlons of Captain Hawkins and Colonels Wdl, Birney.Cbetlaln and PUe, as brigadier genorala In ?? voluoteor foroei, were confirmed yesterday by Senate. Brigadier General Pawlina, chief ef Oenerm Grant** staff, was confirmed yesterday by the Senate. ^ THE MISSOURI ELECTION OASES The committee on Elections are stUI engaged oo Oft Missouri esses, having had np tbe oaae of Llndaef P, Scott tbia morning. Mr. Llndsey will finish hit ergusssai io-morrow. ARRIVAL Or GENERAL BPRN31DK. Major General Burnaide arrived In town to day. TBE BIDS FOB POTATOES. During the past week blda have been opeo*lat ? . Chief Qoartennaster'a offloe for mrnttblnf tbe gu>ef> ment with ten thousand bushels oi pOUtoea, all.of wMs* bave been rejected, In con serenes ef the high pcMi dttjunded. THE 0A3E Or COLONEL 0. MOORE. Colonel 0. H. Moore, who last summer gallantly rn? pulsed Morgsn's foroe of live thousand, with two hundred meu behind an abattla or fallen treea, In Kentucky, has arrived here upon a mission connected with hie nnec I>ected dismissal from the service, based upon the fact eg bis aboence oo account of alckneaa for sixty days. Th? Colonel haa been in tbe aervioe eight years, and com manded for some time a brigade In Bnrnslde'a oorpe He declines tossk to be reinstated, having alsapty laid bn fore tbe de|>artmeot a stats ment of the facte caaseted with We illuess and absenoe from daty. APPOINTMENT. Victor Bielaekl haa received an appoint? eat to a W class clerkship in tbe Fourth Auditor's office, Treasury AFFBOT1NO SCENE IN COVET. one of the moot romarkable eeeaei ever witnessed la * court room tranapired here to-day In tbe trial of Tuell fa? tbe murdsr or bis wire. The only wilneeasa to the deed were the little oblldren, tbe eldeel of whloh Is B lad of tea rears old. When brought into court the soene was IBM* preaaibiy aflbotlag. Tbe hoy la unaenalty intelligent, and gave his convicting testimony with suppressed cobs, whOS bis rather wept convulsively with suoh Intensity as to I* terrere at ttmee with the proceedings. Tbe Judge as we* as all present manifested great emotion, pertloularly Sa bis oMmlpation of tbe boy preparatory to patting bias ep the etnnd. thirtt>rioi<th OOBSBW rtBBT SfcSBION. Iinats. WasanrtfTOK, April II, IMA. juoiitii. BavraBa. Mr Hwnano, (rep.) of Mich., Introdueed a btu ? unsnd the aututee In roroe in the District of Oolamble, tiiealing the aarlng clanae In faror of penal^a ?eyo?? I,roe oo tbe old Maryland laws, for tbe limitation of eer taln aotioee for avoiding snits at law, the administrate or lust ice in tesUmeatary aflairs, *0. sax OR AORIOV1.T0RAL l*fI.RBRBW Mr. KeaurrtR, (rep.) or Wis., preeented tbe maaoriaA of the lsflslature of Wisconsin aeking -that a tails piacsd only upon proSts of moosy investsd In tbs naen lecture Ql agricultural Implomeuts, Instead or tbrss par cent on ifli sales. It represents that iUmt m^nufaclnrea are Ave times ths value of the capital invested, equal M ill teen per oeut oo the oatnta!; tbat tbey have greatly IwnentedUne We?t, and widtont tbem tbe development of airIcnltoral reeourceo would l?e retarded. Tbe nwne riaiwts referred to the Committee on Klnsnee. rKOHiiuncR o? srWH i atioks mnni.ii, arc. Mr BHsnnaw, (rop.) of Ohio, called up lbs bin pro hibiting epeeuiativs traneacttone in gold, ?8:, lisbed in yosterday's procesdlnffs. He sa d the objeos of tbe bill wae to prevent gambling lu g<M. Tneoow mates thought that at this time It bad an Inmrtous elinca. aud that the sail's of gold bj parties who gold *a sell was tn offlaee thit wss dsily committed, liepreeenin* tbs following letter (rum the Beoretar/of ibeTreasurf tbs subject. In a tetter to Mr. teesondeo,chairman oMnni Klnanoe dommittee, under date of the Trra?ury :ieosra. aseot, April II, l*M. the ^salary of the Treean'F "ViR-Not' Itbnianding the diminished w*)Udra'?riM Rials* note- in elro^Uiieu, snd our grynai trom uae a? curreocr m Inle.-eat i>narln? Ua' ? . ., ,?n. made a Ifgat I wdar fui "?e'r ' *,?.r';?ri? n) won tin to vtra?-e 'an oo't IfS e?tr ? "

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