Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Nisan 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Nisan 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW ? WHOLE NO. 10,074. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, ORK HERALD. # INTERNATIONAL MURDER TRVAL IMPORrjiT IAVHCOUBTI21BTIA1 Trial tt letiig Matter Charlei Daofikowcr, ?I lia Vailed foatea Steamer Tanilwbilt, ?t Pfailau&alphia, far the larger of Jfcmei Gray, late af m British Bark Kaxoa. history of the case. The Saxon Captured m a Prize by tke V&nderbitt and Mr. Gray Shot On Her Deck. Sari Russell's Letters to Lord' Lyom, Vmre itanaval court marital in session at Um Pblla Mptauk Navy Yard o Um trial of Acting Hultr Charles Beeeobewer.ef the OaltedSuiee Nary, uiiee charge ol m rder on the high eeaa, in shooting Jamee Gray, mate ef the British bark Saxon, In October Int. off the coast of Africa. The charges are preferred by Mr. Reward, Secretary of Mat*, npon the information of Lord Lyons, the British^ Km later. The case wan submitted to a court of Inquiry, after the return of the Vanderbllt, on which the accused wm serving, and he was fully exonerated from blame and jmhwjui for thn act, aud the finding, it U understood, was approved by the Secretary of the Nary. Hts Urdship the British Minister, not being satisOed ?Hh the result of the proceedings, has induce'! the gov arament to convene a court martial for the trlai of Mr. Daaaniiower, and the case is, as we have said, In process ?I trial. lllatnry of tt&e Case. Ob the 30th of October, 18C3. the bark Saxon was get Ung ready for soa on the Afruau coast, when a Urge sieamer, which proved lo be the U tiled States mnirof war Vanderbllt, was eorataK into th- harbor of Cape Town. 8he anchored iff I'en?um I-land, a little way from the .-'axon, and sent ? boat to ber The boat waa in cbar^oo Lieutenant Beld.m, United $ta ee Navy. boarU'ng mazier, and manned by a crew of twe ve men,armed wiihc tiasses and p'stols. Lieutenant Beldoa deininded the sb p'? papors, w icb Captain Shop bard showed to him. Tnoy wre ths vessel's register, clearance article*, and bills of lading lor tho cargo They were taken by 1I-. B '.don, wuo returned on baard the Vanderbiit. /?other boat's crew, in charge of Lieutenant Kcth aad Acting Maker's Mate Oanenhower in#.nwhile cime ?loi gsido the Saxon, t >e 'irew of w ijcti wore also arinoi. The men acramblcd up 1'ie visit's sides, and sp eat themselves over every part of h r, while the (senior ?Acer relieved C pialu 8u< p mrd from the charge of ihe ship When Lien tenant Beldon 1-Tt to take the ship's papers laOapta ? Baldwin Captain^hephard said be must not be detained there, as he was r?*dy for soa, anl he would go at once, wh.-ihjr the officers of the Vanderbllt were oa board or not. 8hortly alter this a wbateV-oat came off from the mainland with somi fl hermen, who hedged, as It M alleged, to get pome provisions. As thesd man had bMa working sal ore as*lstlnrf in shipping the cargo, Cap lain Shepherd told bis first officer, Mr. Gr , to givo them An xltercatlon then took place between the officers of Ihe Vanderbllt and the men of tho Saxon, whi wero handing what they said was provisions, but what the Called States ofllcers cal 1 was contraband of war taken from the privateer Tuscaloosa, Into tbe fishermen's boat; and as Captain Shepherd, when appealed to, made are mark In their f^vor, he w i?ordered under arrest, aud plaoed lo his cabin with a sentry over lilm. Ten minutes after this, Mr. Gray, the mite, who had . haen in the Tore p^rto the st.ip, alUudloK to the iswie af tbe material In dispute, walked aft, to go on tbe poop hut had only got to tho b itlom of the poop ladder, when the officer, Daneotoower, told(hlra, with anoath, it la nalrt, lo go b? k, at tbe time shoving him Mr. (.ray s foot seems to have caught In tbe l-.dder, and be turned roand and looked np, *s If wondering what it was for, srhen Danenbower said, ??I'll ehoot you," at tin samo (Ime drawing a revolver from his belt, and shooting Mr. Gray, who fell down aud expired iium dmtely. The ball Wtered near the back of tho neck, aud passed down the j body. ' I Tbe second mate of the Saxon, who was landing -lose ssys that he heard ihe sunior officer^ Lieut. Keith, glva the order to fire; but Lieut. Keith st 'Utly de ales this. Panenhower still kept tbe revolver iu hb hand. El* was beard to observe, "lam sorry for the mau, but I am bound to obey orders; I do not know how S'-on M may be my turn next." He then added some '?marks about the men in the boat nnd on ahore, and laid, "They are all Alabama men, and tbia ( to lhe'b> dy of Mr. Cray) wa? aa Alabama man. too.' After tbls event Ihe crow of the Saxon (who were de laooelees, there r.o' being a single weapon on board the vaaael) were sent forward, and their eaplors, tbe men ol Ihe Vanderbllt, tec-mod to delight In their having taken a (rise. Next day a post mortem examination ef the body of Kr. Gray was bald by the surgeon and surgeon's assist. ??1 of tbe Vanderbllt; aud in the evening tbe remains were burial on shore by the Vanderbilt's crew, t aptam Ihephard alone being permitted te be preseut. By t:apt Baldwin and other cflWrs of the Vanderbllt taptam Bhe;>bard (by bis own account) was treated la the an at aaurteous and?gentl manly manner; and Captaie Haldain acpresred tbe utmo-t regret for tbe death of Mr. Gray, and placed Mr. IVtntnbower, wl.o flred th? shot unler arreat. . JAMI9 IB AT, MAT* OF THE SAKOW. wet a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, and a man of very axoellent ohaiarter. Ihe news of his death at tbe hauda of an American officer | roduied a very considerable ?en aatton both la naval atid commercial circles In Oreat Britaln,and on theMthol January, 1864. several of bia relatives and rrlends tn Aberdeen wrote on to (olone' ftykes, M.f., asking that the matter should bo brought oader the attention of tbeVnglish government, y- Ob tbe 80th of the same month Colonel dykes wrote, ^ooloatng an iITIcial rep'y from tbe Foreign Office, ai fol. I am directed by Farl Kus?ell to acknowledge the re. _ .* _* la /tntd aBl>l?alttff ft liiLlhf Poqueoa. by Lieut. Denemnower, an mswr . Staler ateamor Vanderbllt. I am to sts'' ?' ?^?J'? fa Mmr the -matter was elreadv und? con?iderati?>D?m Sat. the apinion of the law offi<^? testr uetmiw bave been sent I" ^ mata Jrf .Wtfii Him ir the dopoflton by ihe .J* II Vs flaroa Is.trae, Lleutaaoai Iianeohower ought ti be la X.votly tried n? wilful murder. * 1 rSS OFFICIAL OOBMSPOWDUrcf ? Ati ^r iha tbe circnmstanoes attend lag the death of Mr U i ay were frequently mentioned IB the English Par liament V LardPslmaretoa aad Earl Russell replying, lo both bo? **>"? I? ,b# queatiope put to tbe govern men t con Mrntna t\ V ta lfrln" * m^'g U lb?* ?mf?'>Ted by _ , % fa bis Bote of reply V? Colonel Rykaa. At b ut r Period ?*? Cabinet submitted thafollowiug 'virraaDondenv % *? ^erllsmeot: Wi arssau to lobd ltow. r?BBiim Ornc?, Jaa. 81, l^M. .. ti? <?*"' of 'he capture of tbe British vessel MfLown-TI* on tbe coast of Airioa, by the faiun. at Angral. w of war Vanderbllt, will have been I'Bltea Halei staan s bj. lho ,rr<vm| 0f that ves made known to youi ^ ^ a prlte eraw. I enclose, sol at New \ 1 ef Uie papers relating lo the for your Information, cv t0 this dffloe transaction which have frem various quarters- Vugra peqnena la >ot a pos 1 should Inferm fob wm*. no great session ot- the J**?"** 9f? , ' meeslooa on that oowat. gutancs from ber Mai'Btyepp ^,(^,^1 iniormailon be at.. Imiurl nlVO UVl Jo* > A MlaiAh ..M letter amen -- Admlraltf,t?th?0?k?iali l H>mlH? k c?w, tbat 1 am M4*aT*rk? to obtain It for tMOaB. Ik III MMtlM, kMNTW, 1 k>H !? MrMl J oar InrOoMp to rail the ai tanltoa m I bo (ororaMul af l bo liaMod H*taa lo iko imomui nirtorOKr; etream ? moo -A ike oaptaro al ao grant a dwuoee troa Amert eoo wAers o< a Brtttab oohia al veaael, which waa oar Ututy not exposed le Iko saaptelon of oontempUliug any broaoh of bluokado. or, oo lor ao appeara. or oarryfeff contraband of war to Iho anemtae o> I bo Colto* Metna; and yoor lordablp wNi r?|uo*i I bo ?oventaseel of Ibo United SUioo onbar lo direct tbo immediate release of Ibo Sewn, with proper oeasDeoanileo lo ibo ownere. or at least to 01 plats (ho ground oo which hor aeiswre and detention ore auppoeed 10 be justified ? 1 b*for? yaeterday from Mr. ComoI Archibald a oopy oi ibo deposition which baa booo ? m an untested to yoor lordablp roapovlli g ibo murdur of tbo ?mo or iho Haxon al Ibo lime of ber capture by ooo of Iho officer* of tbo Vanderbilt, and aa toon aa I ahal) bare been able lo ascertain th- views taken by tbo law ofllcera or the (tanaacilon 1 aboil fum'sb your lordablp with luob ?poola) instructions on that feature la the oaao aa ihoy aaay recommend. I am, Ac.. RUSBKLL . Forkkw Omca, Fob. 16, ISM Mi LORD?I sin led to you la my deopalob of the Mlh < of January that I waa about lo consult the law ofllcera oo Iho farther I'Opera whiob since tbo dale of my doa patch of tbo 2lal of January had boon communicated lo this c**e capture of ibo Saxon by the United Statoo aloamor of w r Vanderbilt. I now aend to yoor lordablp copiea of aucb of thoao paporaaa It la neceasary yoo should bare in your poo 16881 D. Tbe conclusion to wbtcb, after consulting tho law amtera of ibo orown, 1 hire come on the aeveral do lota In thla caae are aa foftowa:? I 1. Aa regarda ibe cai ture of the Saxon, aa Angra Pe Cia la not a British poaaoaalon, but would seem lo ho a P"'and M I** proclamation of Governor Gray, f* of August, I8fll, purporting to extend tbo turlsdlotlon of the orown over Pengulu Island waa nol previously authorized, and baa not since been oonflrmed bv her violation of neutral or British torrl n7.r",fefr.'10 h*T* utreB I>U|0? the Jiirlsdlctloa of the United btatea prize court could not bo oonteated on tbo aasumption of aucb violation having been committed " aeema, moreover, to have been admitted by one of the owners of tbo Saxon to Governor Wodebouse that the vessel bad been actually engaged In taking on board part of a prize cargo landed from tho Tuscilooaa, for tbo purposes of conveying it to market as the property of. and on account of, Captain 8emmes, of the Alabama. I nder these circumstances ber Majesty's government see no ground for seeking to withdraw the case from the Jurisdiction of tho price court. 2. As regards tbo murder of tbo mate of tbe Saxon, I have already instructed you,by my despatch of tho noth of January, to express to Mr. Seward the opinion of her Majesty s government that the officer of the Vandarbill by whom that murder was commuted should bo brought to trial without delay; and you will further state to the American Minister that pecuuiary compensation to tho widow ought to form |>art or the redress which tbo gov- ! crnmeut of the L'nitod States should make for this atro cious act of ihelr offloor 3. .*s regards the coal taken by the Vanderbilt from lenguin, lier MajestyU government cannot doubt that the government of the Unite.! States will tuime dla.eiy mako to be ownera thereoi full compensation for the value or ibe coal and for the loss they may have sus tainod in oon?e<iucnoe of the violent act of tho com mender ol the Vanderbilt in impropriating it for the use Of that vernal; but yoo will not fail to call the terlous I atten ion i f Mr. .Se?v*rd to the proceeding of the United Status offlcor, for which no mstlflo itlou or excuse can be I discovered in roports which have reached her Majesty's government in retard to th ?e matters which form tbe subject of thie despatch. I am, Ac., RUSSELL. TUB BARE SAXON. This vessel was tskon a pr ? hy the Vandorbllt, and, ae will be h-cen from E.rl Russoll'a letter of tbe 16th of lebnary, tbe British government does not dispute the legality of the act. The S?xon was at one time the bark I.ucy Thomson, of New London, Connecticut. ,cho was wrecked m 1'ab e Bay, and purchased, as a wreck, by the tngli?h firm oi Ander?on k Saxton.of Town, who employed her in the coasting trade principally. The Saxon, as a prlzo bark, reached N.-w Y?rlc on the 22d of December, 1S63, from Angra Prqnena, In charge of Acting Master E. 8. Knjser, of tbo Vander bilt; end on fhe Sth of February, 1864, tbe ctse for her condemnation camo up lor trial In the In I ted States District Court or this city, before Juage Metis, the Assistant District Attorney appearing in support of the libel against the vesrel.and Mos?rs. Choate and Scudder appearing for the claimants ef the oirgo, while Mr. Ed w?rds represented the owners or tbe prize, Messrs. An derson As fnxton, of Capo Towj. It was argued that the cargo found on botrd tbe Raxon waa tbe original cargo of the Conrad, an Ame; o tn vessel seized by the rebel privateer Alabama and taken to Capo Town, where the cargo or tbe Cocrad was transferred to the Saxon, and as it could not be there sold, tba Saxon was sent to the nast or Arrica. Bbe waa attil there when a deserter from the Alabama arrived at Cape Town and Informed Commodore Baldwin, of tbo Vanderbilt, or her whereabouts. The Commodore aiaried In parauit, and (ound tho S.-xon In tbe place described, which he seized and sent 1 omc. Oil her arrival here tbe orlglual owuers of Ibo cargo of tbe Conrad discovered their prop erly on board, which they claimed. Opposed to this was tte application of Mr. Edwards, on Ibe part or the loreigo owners or the Saxon, who claimed the intervention or the I'ntish govtrnrr.eut, their vessel, as they represent, be ng aeued ia neutral watora. The United States gov ernmont wltndri w the libel against the cargo, and claimed salvage from the owners or Ibe cargo, which the claim ants' attorneys grnuted their right to. Mr. E Iwards op posed atiy arrangement until further instructions were received from Knglat.d, and Judge Belts postponed tie lurthor hearing of the c <f e. Jt'DOE BKT13' DECISION?THK BARK 8AX0X AND HKIt CARGO RSSTORKD TO THE OWKgllS. The adjourned caac ef tbe Saxon was called up In tba United States District Court of New York on tbe lS?th of .Varch. when Judg? Betts made the following doc is ion ? fl?'trr> STATW !H?TR!CT fv>rRT. 19.?Th' I'ni'xd Statu t?>. 7V Hark Sarcn, h r t'irkit, di. , ar,il urpe.?The followiug decree was this dav entered in this rtuse ? This oatise having been heard en the libel ai d rroofs and testimony takeu in preparatnrio, and counsel* tor the respective "ertlW Dl^lPg been heard. aa?! duo deliberation being had in III ]WtuT?ei and it appearldl that no grounds exist for tho con demnation of tbe said vefsel or cargo, now. to motion of Charles Idwards, EJ14, proctor for the ruimatts or said vessel, II is ordered, adjudged and Jlorreed that tbo said ves-el be restored lo the claimants thereof, ard that tho Marshal, upon the production lo him or a'eertlflea ropy of this dvree de loer to the ?ald ciaimnnts, or their said proctor, the said vofscI, free ol all costs, charges and ex|<eo*-es. And on like mot.ob of Townsend Scudder, rtq , end Joseph H Choate I-si., inroctora for tbe clainmots of said cargo li ifl furthor ordered, tdjurtgeij imd decreed tbat the cald csrgv be restored to the claimants thereof. and that the Marshal, upon the presentation to blm of a certilled < &i?y of ibl< decree, deliver to tbe said last montiooed claim ants, or their said proctors, the aald cargo, free of all c?at3 charges and expenses. Tbe qtiesttoa or saivnee and of probable cauoe of M>lrure being reserved for the I li tber c>n<lderation or the court Tae case has "remained as a aubject of International cor rsapoudence more or less ever siaco, and tbe trial of Mr. I>ancnhower will, no doubt, be greatly Influenced by tho opinion or the Court as to wbelher the officers of the Vandorbilt had a right to go on board the 3axoa and ar rest h?r officers and crew. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Foitrm Mo.iftoa, April 14 "M. Dipt*.a Ain? worth returned from the sea~? tha ateamer RcMI on the atc.mer Wlo?n?- The steamer 9.0. Pierce bu also returned. 8r>keu, April 12. at 6r' *'? rt,p *"?"? Stuart, for Bait.more. 13th. ?? A.M., (llty-Sre milM from Gape Henry, at?"?"r ArafO; at 2 30 P. M., aame day. off Cap* light, beariag aouthweet, spoke steamer Victor, .i-om New York for Hilton Ifoad; aatnc lay, twenty miles northwaat of Cap* Henry, saw tie atoamtag Pilot, with a ithnonw in tow. A French armed transport, with a hart la tow, started up the Jamet river this mornlog, Intending to bring down V>hacco from llichmoal, belonging to the FrencB govern meat. the steamer Mont auk. from Beaufort, 3. 0., has ar rived. The iteanrr New York sailed for City Polat this after noon la charge of M*)or Mulford, flag ef true* officer. The steamer Kennebec, from Baltimore, arrIvod at twaira o'clock noon to day, in place of the ateamer Georgiana. Ilictiefal Biptdltloit t'nltr Otarral Orahaat. CoiTUH Mntwi, April 16, 1*64. ? An expedition, under command of General Graham, con slating of the army guaUoats, the Ninth New Jeraey, Twenty-third and Tweoty-flfth Massachusetts and the One Hundredth aid Eighteenth New York regiments, and two gectiona of artillery, under Captain Easterly, le t here cm Wednesday night last, and landed at dlBer?nt polott. lUey concentrated at Smitbfleld, Va.,on Ihnrs day evening, and auccsvded In rout log the enemy, cap* turta* one oonuntaatoned afllcer and Ave mea?nil wound ed; also several horaea and oarringrs ami sous rommia eary store*. A rebel mail and one pleoe of artillery, foraaerly taken from the gunlxAt Smith Rrlggs, were also eaptured. Fifty contrabands we."* also brought off. Our IMS WM one n?lsst*f and Are slurhi/v wounded. NEWS ROM TNI SOUTH. FOftlESFS PAD OCA H EXfEDITIOW. Tk? gtrtifth if Crinft'i Amy Bcfiiitily Aiecrtitned Throng Icfel leouti, W? bar# r?whr?4 Rkkmmtf p*ptr? of i*t 111k tut, from wkkk w? Uk? tk? faUowlag laiciwtlai aumiMry tt MVk OActal Aceoaat of F?rr*il'i KifitltU* to Padncati. [Frem lb* Petersburg (Va,) Expraaa, April ?.] Th* following offloial deapatche*, referred I* to our tel* grapblc column yeeterday, giv* u* mm of lb* partlcu tera oi Gcoeral Forraet'a operatlona id K*atocky,of which tb* enemy 's papers brought u* tb* Oral sccount* The ItancMN river in tbe latter pari or Ita oourse cr< ism ibo sWl? of Tudmiw almost duo north in direction; and a<ao nearly parallel 10 ibe Mississippi, which w abool a hundred mile* distant to the west. Forrest'* route lay about midway bet* sen tbeee two rlvera, ana terminated at I'adacah, oo the Ohio river, at the mouth of tne Ten neeaee. Dresden, from which bl> dee pa ten to General Polk waa dated, when oo big return from Paducah, Is near the northern boundary of Tennessee hundred and nine miles'west or Nashville. Hipley,at which tne prison art have arrived, la In the northern part or Mississippi. In contemplating thla great advanca or Forreat, one cannot but ask where la that mighty cavalry beat, under Oriersoo and Smith, that lately moved down from Memphis, to co operate with Sherman? Forreat seems to have had every* thing tola own way. Buorous, Aprils, 1864. To fieneral 8. Coopkb:? The following dispatch from General Forreat haa Juat been received. L. POLK. Lieutenant General. Pkbbdbn, Tana., March 27,1 Vu OsauMU.Aprll 2. 1K04. J To litcnsAVi Gknrrai. Polk?I leh Jackaon on the 23d ultimo, and captured Union City on the 34th. with four hundred and fifty prisoners, among them the renogade Jhnklns, and most of his regiment, about two hundred homes and Ave bundred small arms. 1 also took possession of Hickman, the enemy having passed It I moved Durlb with Duford'a division, marching direct from Jackaon to Paducah in fifty hours, attacked It on the evening of tbe atJtb, drove tbeeaemy to tbeir gun boats a: d forts, held tbe town for ten bmir*, and could have beld it longer, but found the smallpox raging, and evacuated tbe place. We captured many stores and horsos, burned up slity bait a of cotton, oue steamer In the dry dock, and brought out fifty prisoners. My lofs at linlon City and Paducah. as far as known. Is twenty-five killed and wounded?among tbera < olonei Thompson, commanding the Kentucky brigade, killed; lieutenant Colonel Lanbum, of tbe Faulkner reg meat, mortally wounded; and Colonel Crosslin, of the Ninth Kentucky, and Lieutenant Colonel Morton, of the Second Tennessee, slightly wounded. Ibe enemy's loss at Paducah was f.ftv killed and wounded. Tbe prisoners, in all, live hundred. N. B. FOltRKST. Pmuror.u', April 3, lbOi. To General S. Cooper:? J The following despatch just icccivOT from General For JiCKfrOH, via WirKsi 0R!>, April 2, 1804. Six hundred federal prisonera will arrive at Ripley, Mijs., to-day, rn rouM for Denopoll*. Colonel Neeley engaged Hunt (?) on tbo 29tb March, near Kolivar. capturing bis entire wagon train, routing and driving him to Mem ;>!??, killing thirty and capturing thirty-live prisoners, killing two captains and capturing ono. L. POLK, Lieutenant General. Relict Conjectures of Forreat'* Move uieu ta. [From the Richmond Daily Kxamlner, April 11.] Tlio movements of Forrest, until he la again within our-lines, will necessarily be tb* attraction in tbe Wejf. Tbo public speculation maps out for this gallant and ad venturous command an extended field of operations and important results. Some supixise that Nashville may be the object, while others Imagine Forrest's certain cap ture of Memphis before ba returns to his origin*! bsse of operations, llut this, of curse. Is all conjecture. Bis Invasion of lenneseee and Kentucky may be a part of a general plan of campaign, involving other Important movementa, or it may be entirely Independent of all connection with the movement of all other armlea and commands. Tbere was a rumor yesterday that Buruslde was land ing troops at Newport's News. It was not confirmed at Ibe War Department and we do sot know of any reason to treat U as probable. The Siege ef Charleston. [From tbe Cbarleaton Mercary, April 2 J A new embrasure for a three bundred pounder ParroU gun, bearing on Fort Sumter, was opened on Friday morning. During Thursday nubt four abota ware Bred Irom (irepg at Sunnier, alt of which struck tbe fort. On Thursday the Yankee working rartles bad raised a gin for tbe purpose of hoisting a gun into position, when suddenly our batteries opened upon them, causing a rather hasty lowering of tbo gin and dispersion of the bluo coats. Sluce then a slow, desultory fire has been kept up against the eaemy'a works from a lew of our guna. We heir that of late the enemy'a gunboats have been amusing themselves by shelling John's Island, Rebel Torpedo Boat David tank, [From tbe Petersburg (Va.) Kxpress, April rt.l It is btllevod at tbe Navy 1 epartnnent that Lieutenant Dixon aud Ins little torpedo boat, tbe David, lie aide by Fide with tbe liousabnlc. at tbe bottom of tbe water. Ti e big ship sacked the little one dowa with her. All was ever in five mlr.utes. Strength or Grant's Army. ? [Iron tbe Richmond Dally Examiner, April 11.] It la aatistactorily ascertained that Grant has as ye! received no organized reinforcements, iro far the ar m tiou to the enemy 's force* lu Northern Virginia has been from furlougtied men, sc., and is Inconsiderable. Ia the reorganisation of Grant's army there are enumerated thirty two brigades, which, tiiiitoaflng the average of tbo Y'ankeo regiment*at three hundred and fifty men. w-'.'.li give Grant about forty-four tbousand Infantry These ugnree are not the result of idle apeculat.on, but of an luvseiigation, the full particular* of which we need not give here It Is supposed that Grant cannot conveni ently or pre lantly draw any large reinforcements from Tennesaee or Mississippi, as ba certainly could not replace his garrisons in the West by colored troop* or other in different material He will bave to look for reinforce ment* 'rom unimportant posts in the North and from Ms coast lines, and from these if be drawa twenty thousand meu he will hare gone to tbe erwntof bis prese&t re sources. The Blockade Manners?Wilmington the Great Rebel Hart. [From the Norfolk Register, April 7.] A Northern toan lately from the Seuth, who par-ed a portion <: last I ecember In Wilmington, gives ua a few facts or a rather Intereatlug nature. In comparing the relative value to tbe confederacy of Richmond, where he ba* tired upwards ef three years, and Wilmington, be aaya Kichm ad Is nothing, Wllmlng ton everything. Tbe first is tbe decoy, the t-ecmd tbe heart or the confederacy; for through It it Is fed, clothed and armed, and through it It obtains an outlet for Us mean* or purchased cotton It has long bNi koowa here that the cotton of the confederal v ?aa mostly owned or claiaaed by it' wily government; but tbe meana it now taken to ob tain ?astery over what they have not bought cannot lift to astonish the roader. Wiimiogtnu ta the pert through wbich all imports are recolved, all exports forwariied, a*d no railroad I* allowed to carry tur amount of cotton to that port unless half the Invoio* fit government property. If It I* not, lb* gov em met I authorities seize tbe half and pay lor It at the rate of fifty cent* per pound in Confederate paper Now all (be government cotton, seizure* included, is sold to blockade runners at su cants per pound, in specie; with this spe cie I* purchased all *ueh goods as snterpriae and pimg can run through the same hteckade which the cotton b:?s to risk. Tbey fight en a oottoa capital. This bkvksds our informaat descrlb** as far le*s offer tire than It Is generally supposed to b* at the North, ow ing to the style of craft which British and French oupldlty and skill have devised. Your regular Nassau blockade runner la a awift steamer, painted white, with tele>coplc or folding chimneys, spariess and almont nolsel?*s, sitting so low in th* water as to be entirely below the line of horltontal vision st any distance greater than from two to two and a half miles. Now our blockading vessels an ohor, and generally keep steem shout half up Whon one of the runners is seen, like an eager gull making in. ward, she Is generally only two miles or ao distant, ard before the blockader can have all banda up, tbe anchor weighed and steam suiliclent on, tbe misty craft Ins passed sod left the range or vision. With these regular violators or International and maratlme l*w running the blockade Into or out of Wilmington has a chat in ot excite ment In it somewhat akin to that of an Irish steeple chase with about one tenth tbe daager. "llow about food!" ssted we. "They have enough." was tbe answer. "The army Is mostly led on Ohio bacon which vK New York finds In Krlttsh bottoms its way to Nassau ana the fleet ot block ade runners, tbence to Wllmln.ton " So far our friend presents sn enticing picture of adven tuie coupled with profit, and to some spirits plessure. In some subsequent remarks, however, he conveyed Hie ld*a to us that thla buccaneering waa In reality lesa gon ervi than hi . >vord* led na to fear. For If so much is brought In au l *o mncb got out, how comes he to tetl us In* l o llow lag startling farts aa to tbe atatoof living of nr. and Mrs. liniioryf We'll glv* hi* statement In his own word*:? "I lived within a few doors of Mr. Mallory, tbe Con ??tfaeat* State* Secretary of tbe N*vy. Ills wife, a Spanish lady, la most anxious t* r*ach lb* State of Hs? s?ehuseti*, where berswter now la living. Ihe Secretary sad ale ledy are actually very i>oor,ao p.or that wbeu g?est? were st their houae they usually bad to borrow Irom us table equl|?ge and IMt ol the simp est During * temporary ab?*?oe I mxae t*e Meretary welcome to th* ailik i>f my sohury now, and he esteemed it, for bis i wife's sat*, aa sxoeedtwgly grant kiodneetu" THE Mm OF THE POTOMAC. Mr. fc. A. II?anrl?k'i Deep*??h. ?*ar? urni, In tbb fitu), April ?, IMd. , ?iMU 1WT AT ?ou. ? JTr . ??????"?? 0* tha Fifth army ~*ntr Tiir'^m i"*'" ?s'iy of hi. cha IJ2? "w"' b~n ? P~-?M?uy .I" "i|h^Urm'M"eo 10 *??? tbags ge on M thsy whether in camp or oa tbe march, or to a n?cbi. ' pa**t ?*B#ral w*"? "?>?l h? )t_. major iriTafir ifi.TV"1* Toun*"' m^lor geaeral jUSSa* ^ Jr.7*THf"t*"lnt Coi?"?' N C. Rank head T. Locko JU'a"' 0**rat?l leuteaant Celonel Fred. M^2r'<r~IJM,,'u|('*IMl w v Owens, tollh ' tommmary of A^?.to,to_CapUla P. L. Onnnrirnary ?/? i/u,Ur?_CBpi?in w. T> G,Dtry rrotol Marthal?raptaln H. W. Hyder j$,L.?"r Nan\<u~-Lieutenant joa Hilton, Jtd-de Camp?Lieutenant Robert Warren. illr leu tenant Wm. Koebling. v ^ . n"'p?,,i,uU,,*Dl G*? H- Hlgbee. Medic,II Direr or?nr. J. J. Milbau. fjwwtor?IT. V. b. Hubbard. Signal Uflcrr?l.ieutenaDt J. K Holland. .Mn?h i^C4,puln N- F* **"?? .... *?%}imxbswss*? 1 ? ? oaxaaiL baxooor's wtatt. SK'Sy,*!"??""<" ?" ""r?i.wmm CoL c!A,",tant Jnsf*t'or Owwml-Llaut, Walker""* AdjuUxnt ^?wal-Lleut. Col. Franc* A. wfisn *?? p OW ?uar;rr?M?/#r_lJeat. Col. R V Batrh.M.. cl',ifr!!L^ar'ermVter~~C*pUin A< Young. v 0?ffu4??k"ee?Lieut. Col. J 8. Smith. m^rSFSr**"? c""" ^rf< r1.wD-Major W. 0 Mitchell. .did da C<?in/>?Captain I. B. 1'ai kar Md de ramp?captain w. n. w. Miller. >e2ctuVoto^lanw-C,ptalnJ- ,,elt0D' Kth Con P. Brown'',7 urMuiUri*nd national Ai<L-Captain E. W H* "? iwth P?nn. Vote^^'^af-M^JorS. o. Bull, i3J Penn.ylvnnin :4ltr;vo;,,vlrrvoieVa'','itt:-ripuin a,?- m ***??. NeC"^'*k%^ t,,WWa'M<T-C*?^,I,E- Cl CMvet,42d Chitf Signal Officer?Captain.I. Thinks ton. A>. '.ttigXiQHat 'tjfirt.r? I/.outobaDt \V. M. NeiL RRK. OKU. URmiJf h.viue, a*. his own request, been relieved from the court martial in Wa?hlugton, of which he wa* a member has returned to tb* army, aaeumod command of the Kim ?livltinn of tb. Fi th oorpe, tn tho command of which he was aligned under tho redout reorganization of tho army Hls d.vigiuo, a. now constituted. 1, made upof his former dlvlalon and the dlvlelon of regulars so ion* commanded by Major General Syke?. Bai?j. ?;k* ayhjcs?ool. swfurxaa. The roKulare, formerly *>.-..Dd dlviaion of the corne comprise the l lrat brigade, and are commanded by Brte' ?.ller General .\yrea. They drop the old white and awume the red. Mou of (he offlcere havo been weurta^ Mild silver badge,. Vhe form .s that of a Malte.a croaal M M now ,nu?, ^ thrown aside, only to be kei>t aa memrntcea of the old dlvlelua organization. mh0< "nC*T the flrat'aaalgnment fit brigade commandera, waa thrown out of the command of hU brigade, under a new arrangement atlU command* ti.e brigade By thla new arrangement. I under.,aad tZ when the three yeara enllatment of Colonel .?welt/ar'a .reftment expire., which will bo In ibout sU wpek, Colonel Tilum wUI .uco^ him aa brigade commander n.Me two officer, bare commanded brigade, ao long and with such distinguished credit to tbom?elve., tbattha lojuatlca of throwing them overboard L too ap, arent to be Instated ui?n. entirely became IIRKUDIKa l.-kKWL CSiirlbln they retain their old h*dgo. e"'*u?tton la the aame, IIIST>>RK'I'S AH 1' TUB Om URST DIMM Among '.fliers and men of the old i |r?t dTri.'i?. th U a gotU of feeling regarding th? aui?lS! i? ? by "Uiatorioo.." in the Hi!?4ld that tbei ut i" IT1*de the battle of Gettysburg and alliweu otLo^tr^w'io ssusuk 2 vsloror the trnope. laskad of anv ????* "J?? ? duct, It is lr,ai?led that the Mfth corn * ??n ? cttTPbura and ao u Jiii 1.^ ' *ve<1 th# ^ ?t Sfkes Sia&d ta hte'irte Tariwefi * There la special indignation at the attsric ***? corP"; liarne-?. He waa wounSed on the aXd tofoMtX'h?1 ?o?! on Ibm accouiiI. tod ou otLor anv* mA-a tb0 4ivHut this Is not tie place to roviow"In?.! ^ cu.? I have written thla rntu li, bacan?e 1.??lnl ?!! ? k * old I irat <1 iv I'lot. demands it and a. kIviuv iwth to the inent of any single lndlvidi.l?b?t^ t& mC or every member of the dtvlaion. atateBjeut **iw moa* aki> n.= Bir* n >???: xsvsizssi 5-g ir sajiKrwKfi" !X?yr,rre?jK t. .? JiVWs??yS 91r* N. Davtdaon'i Deipatcht Cn-vitrrBR Carrr Hopsk, April 10,1W4. MARCH rOK CLERniA?. BngaJier General Torbert, oomraanding the Firat civ* airy division, sent Major Anderson, with detachments from rveral regiments, In the directloa of Caat:e Moan tain, 00 a acout in search of guerilla, or enrolling part if lot the enemy. The party returned with three man and eight boraes. The game they ware In March of bad left soma day. previously. Soma valuable informa tion wv gained by tha.expedition, which 1. of uo interest to the public. i>?Bsrans anp asrroBa* obis.i r?. Some de^ertor. and refugees are con.tantly coming In, but the intelligence brought by them is ot a vary ladefl nite character. rvtcr* or oasnut. oratt. General Orant returned to day from Washington. He waa accompanied to Brandy station by Generals Patrick, Canby and Cuater. hbatb or hiahaii ornnBR. Rev. W. n. Guilder, chaplain of the Fortieth New York. Colonel Thonaas Egac, and the oldeat chaplain In the Army of the Potomac, died yentorday of tbe vari<> lold, after an UlnaM of three or four day., aged fifty two. Hts funeral aer\ Icea ware .oiemuised to day at regiment*! <iuarters, and his remains werd followed to Brandy station by the whole regiment, one company acting aj esc. rt. His son, William H. Guilder, Jr., Adjutant of the I'ortietb, will accompany them to his residence at Bor dininwn, X. J. Mr. Guttder Joined the regiment at Vooker., N. Y., in 1801, and has resaataed with it ever since, having been a faithful and revored minuter of the Methodist persuasion during tbat time. ubxeral bilfatr'ck ritucvtp. General Rltpatrlek waa relieved or the command of the Third cavalry division to day by General Wilson. CAPTAIN H'RKa'S 4?SA*IX RII.LBK A vldette af the Seventeenth Pennsylvania civalry wis attacked last ntght, neer Cutlelt's Ststion, and shot throuib the loft arm, by tbe guerilla who killed Captalu McKee a fow day a slnoe. Tbe vldette raised his carbine with bis right band and ahot the guerilla through the hesrt, killing him Instantly. Captain MaKee's body went to WiiHhlngtoo oa the train to-day. The brave vldette is doiug well. Tlaa Praae Drapatrh. WASinsfiv>*. April 10, lS';t lK'<pstcliea from tba headquarters ot the Army of ibe Potomac state that yesterday, about noon, a psrty if rebel cavalry made nn atta. k < n the pickets at Urist' S tuition, but were driven off after a brisk skirmish. One man was killed and two wounded, belonging to tho Thirteenth Peuns>lvania. Several of tho rebel, were wounded, but were carried otf by IMr comrade.. The mail train, with General Urant on b<?rd, bad jnet passed a few minutes before the attack was made, and It Is sup [rf-aed the Intention waa to capture tiim. The tv dy of Ciiptaln StcK -e, (4 tba Hecond Infantry, who was killed by guerillas on Monday last, waa for warded to Washington today. The tnan^wbo eh >t blm was nimed W. flandera, aad he, with three others, made eu aiuc.r ' it n picket peat naer Oilctt's ou W?dneed*y, When he was sb?t daad by a soldier of the cawcd ia- 1 lantry. Article# taken from the body of Captain MoKat were ound lo bla poaaeaaioo. G?ti. OibboB'H dlriHtoo of IM Second oorpa WM re viewed y*tarday by General Hancock,-Oeo1 rale M ?d?. Sedgwick and and others belag present. The dWIeloo la ? i?r*e one, wall dlaalpltned, aid waa aulogtiad by all praaaat. General Kllpatrlck baa bean relievad from tba com Band of hto cavalry division and ordered to report tor duty to Geaartl Gregg. Bo will taka com maud of ? brigade under tbe latter. Greytf'a divialon wm to have baan reviewed to-day by General Sheridan, but a storm having prevailed aloco leat avanlng, It baa been pontponed till next week Butlers and cltlzeoe have all leit the army, and will not be allowad to return before next autumn. THE CHENANOO DISASTER. Additional Details of* the Shocking Catastrophe. Iotereitlng Incidents on Board of the Che* Bingo at the Time of the Explosion. Scenes at the Marine Hospital, Brooklyn, ACCURATE LIST OF THE CASUALTIES. Nineteen of the Sufferers Dead and Twelve Others in a Hope* less Condition. ONLY FOl'R PERSONS EXPECTED TO RECOVER SKETCHES OF THE OFORTl'NATE OFFICERS, (l?i iMn M? la and about tbe Navy Yard nothing was talked of yesterduy but tbe Chenango disaster, and In every quar ter one could notice that something bad oscnrrod to throw a gloom and despondency over every one. Group* were scattered over the yard conversing about It, and discussing tbe various points connected with the affair. Tbe persons who made the bollera came In for all tbe blame,and many bard things were said against ibem. A large number of persons came to tho yard, some to In quire for their friends, while a large number were prompted only by iceltnga or curiosity. M>it of them ex pectcd to gain admittance and gare upon tho wreck of a vessel. In this they would hare boon disappointed; for she shows no outward marks of tho dreadful catastrophe which occurred upon ber deeks and in ter engine sun. On going on board tho Chenango and fairly upon bar decks, tben, anil not till then, do tbe marks of tlie dreadful accident break upon the vie*. Tlie blacaeued paddio box, tbe inky paint work, tbe de id and musty smell of steam and burnt felting, give tbe outlines lor the picture of borror whicb wan iminted on ber decks a fe.v hours previous. Tbe saddened fac* of tbe fortunate ones 'plainly spoke of tbotr feudngs and of tbe excitement and anxiety wblcb they bad passed through. On tbe port slda, just forward or tbe shaft, the declt la considerably torn up,commencing from forward, tha damage extend* Ing some twenty feet, more or less. Up to tbe present timo tbe full extent of tbe Injury to the boiler bus not been ascertained. Tbe explosion took place In tba crown of tbe port boiler, blowing out quite a number of tbe rivets, and tearing off tbe edge of one of tbe platea. as far as we ara enabled to aeo and say. It la tbe opluion that tbe boiler was de fective, or at loast weak, at tbat point. Tbe beat of the eteam was so great as to melt tbe lead covering over tbe boiler, and the forco of steam ao great as to blow some live coals from tbe furnaces out into the Are room, and aet tbe vessel on dro, wblcb was subdued by tbo faith ful and prompt exertions or the crew with the hand tire pumpa. Amid all the*e acctdenta of-explosion and Arc the steering (tar was brokea, aod the Chenango became unmanage tble. Fortunately tbe tugboat \Y. F. ( honey wsa near at band, towing up a bark and a brig, and as ?oon as ber pilot, Captain tY. T. Francis, and her owner, Mr. Hill, saw J , tbe signals of distress they cast otr the tow lines, and ran at full 8|>eed lor tlie disabled vessel. Cai lain Francis immediately boirded the l houaiigo, aud,nt tbe request of Lieutenant Commander i'illebrovrn, set to work to render every assistance in bis power. Mr. Tiiom.ts B. Nelson, of the W. F. Cheney, also came on board the Chenango, and, forcing his way iat< tbe strange engine room, groplog through the clouds of ste'itn and through hot water up to bis knees, found the sarety valvos, and opened them, and then wont Into the fl>e roim. wtier? be found tbe furnace doori closed and a One fire burning under the boj;t?s, which weje by this tlmo red hot, ba\ in* no water in theiu. A.den by soma of the crew of the ( ueaang", be imtnedi itely hauled the Ore and thruw stream-i of cold water U|>on tbe boilers to cool tbem, so tbat they should oot set the vette! on.Ore. For over two boura did this volunteer work, until bo bad everything in the engine dopertmeut in the best order that circumstances would permit. During this time the revenue cutler Brm had bean seat to the Quarantine (or all tbe rxtical assistance sbe oould procure, aod quitq * Dumber of doctors went to tbe ass.stascq t?f the Injured men on board of tbe Cbenango, r>r. Ooodhue and Sur geon's Steward C. B. Madge were doing all In their power to alleviate tbelr sufferings. Tbey used up all the chloroform and bathed tbe poor fellows in oil, while Commander Fillebrown ordered barrel* or .flour to be got op, and tbe men were covered with it to keop out the air. As soon as~U could be done, a dozen or m>>ra of the lHJurod men were transferred to the W. K. Cheney, tbe on cers and crew of that vessel freely rurnsbmg their beds, and berths to make thorn as ooinfortabl>> as pos-mle. tiaving received ber suffering load, she started with all possible despatch for tho Nary Yard, arriving there, and belog the first to bring the sa l news The Ho s too* the remainder of them, and followed the ( bene) , aod landed tbe men at tbe yard. As wo stated yesterday, Commodore Ila lford h'irried them forward with all possible basle to the Marine Ita-pl tal, where burgeons Thomas I. Smith and Remamiu Vree land and Assistant Surgecns II. C Nelson, A. Kltade aod E. ?. Itogert, of tbe koai ltal, and burgeon II. H Uur llnjani?, and Messrs C. I.tttM, I.yman and others,from Ilia North Carolina, did ail in their power to save tho men. There was but llttlo hope for any nf them, as tbe sequel show*. K very thing tbat nsedlcal science has taught was tried; but, alas, tho injuries were too severe. Ona by ono sunk sway, at almost stated inter vals, leaving a few more lo follow. A visit to tbe hos pital late yesterday afternoon enables us t> roruish a correct list of the name* of the sufTerers. The number atill alive at tbat time wllI bo seriously diminished by noon to-day, ss life was mat ebbtrg from tbe agonized bodies o* met of them. The foil-wing Is tbe li;t oi t!f>*e who died on board previous to being temoved to tbe Marina Hospital:? Xamr Hal-. 1? Ji.hii Maber ... .Coalhcaver. 3?>febu Mrrrdty 1st cl.i*s Drama*. 2?James Smith (inru er a mate, f Ihe fo lowing ;>ers'ns *ii*d a ter being removed to tbe i M rioe Hospital We give l*eir nafhes In the order of death, w tb Ibe of tbe oo< ;rrenceof each ? A>m ? lf?ft. Time. I 1?Henry l.u ngston. .Coaiheavor 9 30 1'. fl 2?Jo,in White...... Third A?.-l. Kngioeet.10:20 I'. II. , 8Tf.r}"- "? - ??-?u ?? 4? B rnurd Uoyl* l-irst class (Iremau.. 12 A. M i 6?Archibald II' lumg..-ivi.od ?W?S* Hitman. 1 ;*> A M. 6? I'r.iiikl1 lbot Second Asct.Fagmier 1 30 A. M. 7?A.h"'t ShCiiwat oiitl Asat-Kngtuesr A. M, I ?? Mit< hell RoUy." <oa bearer HMO A M. ? ??.Miu M. Smith Kirat cls?.-boy,. -.4 A M. i 10?J A.ti'hlll Aet g Chlel lugloeer. 4 10 A.M. I 1|?i.eo. W i son eeaman 11.44 A. M. 13? I'm. l^cns ships cm* 8 A.M. | 13?Martin Mitchell.... Landsman M A.M. 14?John R otlf....Laarfaman u ;>0 A. M IA?Whi-nler >hennaa .CoxsMraln. It a. M 16 .fas. I. Mnconibey.. ? I.5S p. >| Nioeieeu had died up to live o'clock yesterday after ?nn^ The following were lb ?e remaining ?? lb* hospital. Tkoa* reported "seriously" will die>? Va?K, MmU. 1?June* U?oney I-endsmsn *? J?%m i ickey. .....Ordinary win Seriously, 8? mho Plegeorge. ...Cu t-ila,alter guard... ? 4? laraayiJuouUighaaa.Oaaibaever Hurtounly. t? lotia Wsleb Car i ?n<r '? mat*... ^- er lou- ly. <? harlee W ild <oiswslu Heriooaly. 7?Alfred Yatea Laudsmao Mriously. If?William War* yuaner\uauer 9?Samuel Ran doll,,.. I ox* w aio seriously. 10?John Klely Seaman ? U?vv. u. Wlight .HrstoUas fireoMo.. ..ferlously. 12?1 rank Mlvsr -aimao Herlouely. 13?/"bn Klnnea ey Laodaman and cooper..fterkoualy. 14?KugeoO Imt/ Ordinary seaman ? Total Injured tbirty-tbree. Oaly four of tbaaa are ex* pecied to survive. Two men are mlealng, who bava not baen beard of nioca tbe accident. We care not to Indict upon our reader* a description of the horror* wllnes.ed in tbe boapital. All of I be men, or a grout majority, were ao badly scalded ibal tbe alt la waa aimoal entirely removed from their bodlea, pretext ing a moat sickening spectacle?lome were quite black, their eyaa wholly eloecd, while their agonise were breathed out la tones wblcb chilled tbe blood. Other* were too feeble to speak, but tbe imagination did not (all to picture some of their Bufferings. Just before Engineer Cablll died, be said to tbe attend log surgeon, "Doctor, thank God tbe boiler was full,'* thus establishing tbe fact that no careiesnuess can be attributed to. bta. Win. Hlckey, whe atill llngeri tble side of eternity, was complaining of feeling cold when we were in tbe ward. Poor fellow, be bad not many more bours to feel tbe cold of tbls earth. Some of the poor fellows are completely skinned; and to show bow tbe steam acted opoa some, we bare only to refer to tbe I as lance in wblcb tbe complete skin of a man's baud waa found In tbe engine room of trie Chenango yesterday morn log, wltb tbe nails still adberlag to it; and but lor tbat fact It would bare been taken for an old dirty glove. In lact, wbea it was shewn to Captaia Ft lie brow a be said, '?Throw It overboard; it la only a glove I" Some few of tbe 'rtends of tbe injured men were at tbe hospital yeeterday. The dead cannot be removed until I after tba Coroner's Inquest. saw one sorrowing wtfa or sister sitting at tbe bedside of a victim to tble dreadful catastrophe. Her beart was full; but she bora up under the trial aa only a true woman can do. It was a sad sight to see ber as a ministerlof angel in that ball of horror, amid tbe dead and dying, pertormiug tbe lust sad acta of love and affection. Whera will not woman go to ailovlate our sufferings In times of distress and agony 7 Thus Tar no ollleial report bns bee t mado of tho cause ot tho see.dent. During yesterday afternoon a beard of luqulry, consisting of l.iouteuanl Cotntnainier Howell, Cblo. t-ngincer Henderson una l.i uienuut K. liey , wont on hoard lo,ft the dninago and to report thereupon, and to ascertain, If |>os iblo, the cause of the accident. Ih'iHfarlt la shrouded In mystery. It Ih known tbat tborc were but thirty-two pouud-t of *ileim iu toe boilers at the time, aud wp have tlie dying uuuiucer'H losltiuouy tbat the boilers were lull of water; and a'.ill another man says ho heard tbem trying tbo guano cocks an instant previous to tho expluslon; so that it does uot possi hie that tbo accident was the result of carelis.-ness on tlio|>nrtof the engineers ot tbo obip Engineer Murruy is repo. iod t bavo said Just boforo he diet thut be ' had aiwiiye been apprehensive of ber boilers " Captain Fillebrowu says thut Mr. Cahill toul him just prevl us to tho accident tbat tbe ungluus were working beautifully, end. In fact,- their performances by far exceeded bis expectations. At the time Co. taiu fillebrown visited the engine room tbe guago showed a pressure of twenty-six pounds of steam, end be then carue up the engine room butch, end Just as ho pot hla foot on the deck the explosion t>>ok place. Had he re mained below two minutes longor he would have been scaldod, or eveu had lie come up on the port side be would have atepiied directly over tbe boiler, and In alt probability beeu scalded to death Instantly. W. G. Wright, who is seriously Inj ired, waa in tba engi >o room, and waa about to oil tbe eugiue as ibe boiler exploded. Ho lmm<i.llntuly fell on bis bands and kiioc, and inb ded but little steim; nevertheless be is very billy scalded. Acting Master's Mate i'. R. .Taut- he is highly spokon of for bis cool bearing and wouderful activity in aiding in the reile: of the suffering men. He was everywhere, and by bis determined manner and olBcorllke our,duet, elicited tbe warmest adm nation of his commanding ol'iror, as well as that or bis brother olllcers. He bid I some experience In medkwil matters, and b? knowledge I proved to bo very valuable amid tbe tryiog scenes of tbat afternoon. It is a retnarkuble fact tbat out of tbe engine depart ment only one I'tfl'-er is'spnred?Mr. Jamea K.'eulilvan? wbo was on doty at ibe lime at tbe engine b?-ll in the pllotb 'use. The mortality bill shows that the Kroner |orti"n of the sutlerers were petty oflieerc?in fact, very valuable persons at the present time in tbe naval service. They must be good seamen before they can be promoted to that rank. First Assistant Engineer (Act ng Chlet) J< seph X. Cahill was b'>in li Virginia* and was appointed from North Carolina, and was a riti/on of Virginia. He eniered tbe navnl service Ju!j 21, 1H58," and was promoted lo be a (list assistant ?)Pf.:iuJ' r Maroh IT, 1S'<3. Ilia total sea service was four vests and ten months; iwo months on Shore duty and tivo month, unemployed He waa in tba Service iitirly tlx years lie km highly esteemed aa aa ? Mi er and a social err. pan ion. Ho look an active ptrt In ?opiTessing tbe rebsliion, and t ever faUerel iu hl? aitvch ment to tho flag of his country. In a moment, w thout warning, this promising younj ofiicer was tsken from o?, bc'ored and regretted. ?t John White, Acting Third Assistant Fn^iuber, wn appointfd to that grude .Novemtio.' Iff, 1849. lie was a native and a citizen ot tho State of Maine. llq leaves a family to mottrn his loaa. ?rank 1*. ltooi, Acting Second Assistitit Foglneer wit a native and citizen ot Connecticut, and was appointed to tbe ( hocaogo fictober 3, lSrt.l. He leaves a wife a*d three small children uu provided for In Brooklyn. He waa a tine gentleman, and very much rvapected by all wbo knew bim. Albert R Murray. 8econd Asalstant Koglneer, was born In and appointed from the f'tate of Maryland, bta war rant bearing dale February 21, 1161. Ilia peeaent war. rant was d.ted January 1??3. His total sea servioe was Iwo years and seven mootb", and he hid been unem ployed only three months during the war. Hia 'amtl^ are in onltimore. At an e.vriy hour yesterday morning Coroner Norrfs vi-lted tbe Navy Yard, and proceeded to make ao e\?n?? oatieu of the vessel on board which tbe di aster oocurred. He next proceeded to tbe bosp.tal. and tba de?i bod es At ten o'clock this morning ho will enipmnel a Jury and proceed wltb tbe Inquest, so as lo admit of ibe interment of the boflles, nr tbe delivery of them to their friends, at tbe earliest possible moment. Ths Chenango is st the mooring buoys at tbo Navy Yard, and tbe Mattabesett will probably take ber place, aa tbe tow sod convoy for tbOnondaga. Ibe Utter vessel la all ready, and but for this accident would hava been by tbls time on bar wav to Kortraea Monroe. Political Intelligence. Mstmvn or ma T.inimky So, irri l?asr Kvagira.?A large informal meeting of tbe members of the Tammany Poriety waa held at lammany Hsll last evening. Mr. Wilson Small waa ID tba < bair, and Mr. Junes W. Kowler . acted as secretary. Tbo fib-conimittse appelated at a rrevlous meeting tosubmd a ticket to be supported at I tbe ensiling election for eflicera of tbe society reported the following:? For Parhem*?Isaac Bell, Daniel E. !>elavaa,Charles (1. (??rneil, llaitlirw r Hrvonan, iaxigiaa Taylor, I'eter R Sweeney, John F;. Iiereltn, William M. Tweed, James B. Nieh. i.-on, rdwsrd Coo|>er. John T. D ffman Albert Car doxo and Jolin Clancy Treasurer? Henry Vandewater. Serratury-tester f'. cbilda. ^agamors-d. ?. Msaaervs. Wkklpskte?v. C Dnryta. -? The election is to take | la<*e lr.morroweretileg at Tata manv flail. There It, wo understand, a threatened op prsltlop front a portion of the McKeon party, with tbe aid ? be "streheads" generally, which will proba bi> lead to ao exciting conteat. 1'xoru'i) IN ion Citra m Bmnatv*, F. H?At a aseet of entt-I.lncoin I'nion men held in] T rner'a Hall, Itrr-ok'yn, E. 1> , on Friday evening last?George Fields, I a<| . c <aliier of the Wiiliamibarg City (tank, in thesbalr? il was dwided to form a "I'ooi ie'a I'nioa tampolga flub cfflrub >u. I astern l Islrict," and a committee aasap pomtS'i tu pelect |s imai.ent art vers and lo make arnnge toents for a grand pnblk rteuo*na|r i?m la favor af tre oont as a oandldato fur the 1'rosnlseoy, Tlte llble .Hoi.tirta' Verlag BUI. I isvsi ?sd, april IU, iWt The huiirsme Court of Ohio has decided ??e .'aM?er?' Vutiog taw

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