Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Nisan 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Nisan 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. &4TVR1UY, April 19?? P. W. Tm stock ms kei *?l struck. with a panic io-day, and ?very iom on the list, with the exception of Pittsburg snd Port Wayne Kallr*d and Cumberland Goal, declined from'wo to tea per cant. Compared with the highest cnsb s?les at the Brat meeting of the Brokers' Board on Irlday, New York Csuiral declined 2>i,Krie 3\?'? Erie preferred 1%, Budnou River 0, ia a fating off ?f 1?X per eeut ainoe last Mondaj; Harlem very nearly kold fast. Heading Railroad went down 8, Milwaukee and h-atrle du Chlen 6, M'.chijin Central 4, Mktaigan A utbern t, Illinois Central 0, Clevrlied at d Pittsburg 7>?, Gslana sod Cblesgo 4, Cleveland and Tu ledo 1^,.Chicago and Rock Inland lO.f, Alton and Terrs llaute 2, Chicago tinS Northwestern 4, Pacific Mail UK Canton Company 2'f, and yuickAllver Mining t'j. The psaic subsided a lltl'e In the afternoon, and soma or tbe fchsrea Improved a fraction eu the s^i"* tbo tnorufng. but the majority submitted lo a stilt fur'her decline. New York Central cl *?d at 13! ?, Erie Fxie preferred 110, Rud?oo Rlrer HI, Reading 143, Michi gan Southern l?>2 . IfirU-'n If*> Cleveland and Toledo 141 Michigan Oetitrsl 14B. Illinois Central 143 ^, Clevc li<nd and Pittsburg ISO'i, and Catena and Chicago VW. Tbe gold market was quiet to day, the attontion ot speculators having been attracted by I be panic In stock- the premium ringed between 71 and 73V The 'elier of Secretary Chrme, which vtt road tu the I mtmi Mate* Senate on Prid it, in which he anQoiiucas a ron'rattion of the cnrr"ricv. and a gradual withdrawal of the ;i.tereet-bearing TrosMiry notes, the eflu t of tightening tbe money market a little to day, and forcing a ureal many to n'ler tliei' stocks for cash. The 'allowing was the bti-me-s at the *nb Tre iBnry to rt?y ? 1 otal i t-oMiUe $1,R22,S21 07 ?r>r i.-ionia i oo PayneiU 4,?CT 91S 43 Ha'arre Ss.tftv 310 1ft Tb? ?nb-rrii)t"?n? t?-dar to the ten-fortv lonn at the Suh-Tra>atirr tm'om'wl t $1,07.< fiV). nf wbt< 1) sum the Panic of Commerce *iw?-crit>cd $i :00h0n0. Tlie ?t earner City of l/?niion for Liverpool. took out tod.y $881,*70 in specie, and the Teuton'o, for 1 iam bi. r? had on board $118 TOO The tola! value of import* oiher than dry goods, at thh purl I ring the we. Ic p ..llnj April 14 WAS tJ,4 77,Zt3. Tne ne* tag bill contain* the following item, which is \rup?tt"'it to broker*, .str.iet operators sud gold room j*mblecv? Ksnh Mieof g* ld a d silver bullion, sterling- escbin gv. lion c i real u.ouey, |>rom - rv upuv . sio, i, ,.,d- aim other -.e-untie*, n iw?ll g tW sum of fTO.'tOO, will b? taxd ll'tv cent* e<ceeu n>* $10 "00. lor overv liotial .000 or fracti'Su! part tliereof, twei sv.Hvc c ?> ' itreveled that any person. !!? m or comtwny not l?'iue /icensvu .? a broker, who hall sell or o.Tcr !.> s: 'i my go'd and silver bullion, sterling excbmjje tv en? ?????>! tnonev lTOtuiSHory uotur stuck^, bomls or other sentiri tics, aha;* ne liable, in add tiou to at! oibet' |ieua:iii > mo vtdenl ;i such cases, to (>?> firry per rent In add tIoii to the forceuing duties and rMes "of duty. The T'::;k'n Rank of this city has declared a ?ami an^ua 1 dividend of ITvs (>er cent, free from goven raent fix The i eniraV Hailroad "f Sew .lersey will i>iy. l&:h Hi?t , a quarterly dividend t>! !>er cent, free of lax The receipt* of the pa*t sia montbs mIio* a isrj; ? iuc.rBii^e over last roar. The Supreme rourt of Mus^achnse'ta h ?? decided that & corporation in not taxtble f ir Its personal pr'n^rt?-, e.c cept the machinery of a m .nnfactin lng coi i?? by ? special r>eovisioD The Ina noon real properly is hy en assessment u|*>n the stoclcholderi for the vn::ieof the'r ?bares The e?ra:ugs of the Hudrou River Railroad In March Of ttw years 18dj sud 1^<54, were re*pei:tively as fal lows ? March, lHtv'. ?3lUt ?)! H* Marco, 1H04 94 Decree** *10 17.". oo The ?*ruiai;S of tbe Pill burg, Fort Wayne and t'liimgo Rtllroad during the month of Slurch are ?hc? c ompared with the rnneipfs for the satue time M-H year. karfinga d March, 18G4 fSfi1 cos Vartnngs in'JS ?Iti:.#rti Inceaae $140 6"f' Tho.? naming* are represented as being the tubes' iu MM hUtory of the company, and are ivc .?>: . nmi $40 inki tor the transport a tiou or ir.-'if. Ths ? ?irtu? since the lsl of January amount to $1 .ru*Khi. ii |? $tS'i,r>TT in egress of the earnings during the same en d in iMX A singular teil-loa wa? m .d^ iu tbe Hislnc ? our: of 1'h ladeiphia, by Judge Hare, alio delivered tbe op'i on of a majy'ty of the r nrt, on NSturdiy lagl. Tbe ??ft i* tuns reix.r'.cd ? It involved the i';est1";tl of a tender of f'nlte.l ^t iir ?ote* m pariiietit of a crooid rent, the eve .ant or i lie deeo be ng ' lawful Siiv -r money of the Culled r?n>s, each do'J*f weinblng seveut?sn pouny vei^iii < ir. i it grains." 'A hen the hill: yearly ground rem be-rue dun lie payment wae tendereu n t'nltert States u i-c, ;hl? frtn ie'f'iae.1. ?i.d suit WV brougbt ag;t:n!il the a: IV. (be de endant p'eaded this tender, ri'wh eh th- ??>?!. t! H|dle<l that the deed tcjtiirerf ?nver do;|ir?-. t t)? de f udan'.a lo liii.* AM a special demurrer, ?etti"i? no tt?it t B uo'.e- tendered were lcg'? mon-y o: li.c I i- i -t. ! , I id a le^-al ttHidei iu |>ay men! <if all debts Mi" r> '?c!den ibis to be ? good :ia\ -nent, mo theretnre ?ii'? ?j judgment tv>i he de'eaUast The ?(|Kiriatiofl* or Specie from Kao rrauC'en froi> .lannary 1 to March 22, ?:'iuiii>ted to $!>;. ?>". l >rr<wi??ndlu^ ???(!'?l a*t Jcar II,3.;t,ti ? ? K?e?*?ih f".,2l*?67 Stork Kxrlisngr. .?>????????; Sr.:-.. w o 'iOOu *K *'>' ?*'"Mle'. k?*X|'rr' |.*'t 3 w kii.ort,.* , h tu l** "ii !> AW) Onio I Nn m-r, m ,, *W*i M ,1^ 2^ I'r ;? ?w m ?op JJ? ii i?. 5 "10 Er s 1st log f>da. !?t - o ri0 )* * 5 eOA .4 T H Jti mgt p. '.*s ,!o .'.S. S.ilO* ft W 1*. uTgt ?i Eft*, Win o. v 1 Tot s f blli. tin w % f|. ?WOPIII*. rwAOtmt. tie 3ft, : lOTOi M m A M lanC gt is 16 O da n"' i! m'{! 'l0'* 2,k' f'leve a'HA'V f!R ?' ? ^ X \V,' hi Hk V?.' ""iere'coiic n PR '?o'* i.mpnoy 70 3,1 ^ 'uo ^ ** ,'S *?? ** * ?o. fry; ? t? ,j* - ^ >*'i > v dJ::: k?. 2? 1'.... mCieT{yoV^','t ^lAJudCanalCo^ g ^ g B |: SS %?EZfc< > 6 ? ?????? fll*l (|f. ?; f ^A.e^a. v^d1'' it*.* ?/?; tv:::.: ?*' ill;.; M? 40..,.. ... 77*' ^im J7 iV-i ! Hm.,:,... rr S90 IK "u ^ ? ?.:.otv.i ft ?1 *r*, Mt: A PdnOhlen ttK Vt, 4 -?v JS::: r? iff'rmirw'lW 4CI" is. 1 l?i ? r.^rs i.on Ktt bl", tail y)0 am ? : *?? iu 1.18 *CJ 8 g4. Iff {??- "? d?.;.; ";*&? j 2^ H ?iJ * A!tea A T Haute rr 7" ??' _ 'h* Sl? J(?i do bl 1 7? ' 100 Prte HR ItV*. J ul ,1" ' fit Kp" ?? tjL 100 AimnATiunt nf ?r* ! *? ''*!? tuicbie ASM' It if bi ia "M ..... e U?*4 >' ?, ?t 1 IIS\ mo ?o *!! ^s ?At ??> ,.b? lf?'i 400 lot iu 1>I 1 tll> ? -U do . in in bio 111, HWiCb ARWi-et "7 l? IS .... !l?t SiSt fate A \li ? pi?f ?w I 40 'E e hr ,,r?r C 110 lis) MansiACIn latfef *>> 4 . tlOt^ ?i?i Martetia*rin M t'l &? H 100 Ite UU-, I?|C p??' Iron Mm? IS j<?i It? t.f.. ttiver RR. '41 100 do '*X mi ??.... 112 7IV>Lehigh AC 1?C*| l? msi ie .... .. 1411; tOU Vuart< MillMl? tie It |i?i do . hlO f??>. Irt) do AO In h# Ml |i?l Mariposa Mln f'e all ?? 4o Hit. 60" de * |iti M ** A Mo VI* W RalM al tUe Pnhtti Rnartl. Hurr.n Ti>??? n'Ciw. I* V ?n >n> a (Cm. KK U. '.??10 .hst'l'V Ar e? d si ?? 147 rM f.tie HR 118. do .It; 41 de .. IIT', ?<" do .10 H? ?MI I-ne Hi'p.ef lie ?s fh'i.go A Rk I RH II7V iitfi find Kl? ItH htO ?? 10 ' 0 i 1 - | nil do.. ... 010 14^ 4 0 do. ., 117'. Id) 4'. ? 141 4 *? Pills, rw ACb, RR ,1 Mi tm mi ton <?-. ?0P Harieoi RR I? SO Mil A Pr du t'l. i:R 74', 4i. RR,... lit 4"'Tolelo A W ?b RK . 71 n>, t?* vm do 70S nil Mieh lien RH ... 14* Ition# r?ii|,. A MU? ?er si '00 de...^,. ...J I4? #UC?uM?s Cou.^SD?,. .7 S"-.r,?it Bs 8&s3?.5k Spgjbitif is" r liM ito ..... . I*** ||??) Bti'-kS fount v Lead 1. >5 C?v rr.tlii ?a . iw Runuiai. ItCiAOlbolnib H 1^ d.. !*>!? I'?U dt' ? BoM AtW fc* t HE fc,,u io no so . ? ae...... ? the t liriisnge t'ASS I Kllenslait. ?1" " " O-trw, M V , April IS last 1 nere is great rMMI'4 fc^e over the ps*ee?. o the li^^ngo (W?al ICrt^eMW IMII A (ergs meel rurog^s st MB tt of IArfe*l h ills In h'rftor of lbs ?v?i tpee. lies, m =?ie ?ai the erie. t^ fins art lh? aitsr ?? MARRIAGES AMD DEATHS. Married. Fntwo-J-orm-Ou Thursday, April 14. at 34. Merj'? churci, Burlington. N. J., by the RlfttRov. Wiu. H. OdeiiUeimar, U D.t J. Maw Kttutq And MABGiRWTA Kmh it, daughter of tb6 laid Chan. M> Pop?, ltoDli0| AI a. H tml?Kijiwobth.?On Wednesday evening, April M, by (lie Rev E. T. iliaco*, JoumU. IUkw to MiM kan.naia Eujwoih?., botb of this city. ........ tUceukxio'RK?-HouTtwm.?(in Tueaday, Agtrll It, at the "tvuesuot lpl?eopel Kreaob otinroh du St. Kaprlt. bf tho |Uy I>r. v'e. reo, Oecaa Schibnihrr, of GUnaUan.&axouy, to Miss Julia 8 rou i mat, of New York. . . X???t. Br :i w. ?Jn Prooklyn, on Friday evening, April 16, after a protracted Illness, Oolonel Cowokt Bun as, In the 78d year of hix a*e. r?ie relative') and Meuds are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from bU late reeideuce, No. Ml liar risen street, this C?undny) afternoon, at three o'clock, rtina papers please oopy. " Hh<iwsMima.?Ou Iridaf, April 1A, Csoaca Buown rtook, ajied 40 years. The rest i vet; and I'rioada of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the fuuaral, from his lata residence, No. Ti Kerry street. Greoapoiut, Brooklyn, on Monday after [ mum, at ouo o'clock. ISO- ri'.r.?On Friday, April 15, QieoitC)* flows, son of Thoodore P. aud Rliza T. B>>gert, aged 8 vnara, ft months anil 4 days Theriuialu will be taken to Bristol, R I., for tutar ment. Bovrn.?On Friday. April ir>, .loui a. lion-*, erred 7,1 years. Tbe relatives and frlouds nf the family are respectfully Invited to atten<Mbe funeral, from lii?lit!? residence. No. 2.*>ti West Thirty sreond atreet, this (Sunday) iiftemenn, at two o'clock, without further iuvitnti<??>. lilt remains will be tnkon toTrtntfr Cemetery for In'erinpnt. Cmsver.?In Oreeti|>oint, I? I., on Priiltv evening, April 15, .luSiAn Carvkr, iu Hie fiTtli year of h?s ape lite relalivtt- uuil friends ot the family, also the si ckViihrs ot tho Oroenpoint (las I.lfchl C%imp:uiy, are ro-:poet Hilly Invited lo attend the funeral, on Monday attpriui n, at uoe o'clock, from bis laito rapnienea, .lava stieet, Cncnpoinl Xewhurj; and FUlikill psfiers oopy. L>k I.avathi.?Ou ihii"lay, 5^?ril 14. aMt-r a ?.evere and Iitioirinir Illness, las*c EL, youngest Ron ?! tho late Samt.el i>a I.amattr, act J 21 years. . Tli Mends of the f tnity, and of his giei dfnther, .fohn Pe l..imater, are respe' l n Iv invited to-attend tho funo ral,this (Sunday) aierimoti at three o'clock, from his late roRid u'-e, So. 517 West Twenty Ibird street, without further notice. HI? rem; ;ns w ill he deposited in lint family vault al the Ketortued l>nlob church in Tweuly Nn-t street. IVivt-Oil Sunday, March 27, at the reeideni-eof hix eraoufnthar, at l>romar.i. cmlily Down, Ire'sml, I kam .? P., aecond eldest son of th? late Arthnr and Bridget Dtiyle. a ed 21 years, 2 months and 14 days. Shi?.if< 3.i county paper.-, pteise co;iy. 1'n mu.?Sud^etiiv, o'. be.rt di?e.'ise. oa 1h'ir*tlay. Ap"il 14. Jamks Kt t.fltr V'od yeirs, 9 manlhs .nd 1R" iU ^ s As io ' iliim a'.l die, so in 'hrist sh^ll afl be n;i- eslive. f u-toinli i?<-N'iphi Ins|ie: torf? Thirteenth ward Union Af'Siie'ali ti anil ljoya! Ie i 'lie, I>>ri'?n W>due V?i "ft |> an:) A. M aijit friends of the faintly.are invited to aileod tba oli c ..i s. this (Suuduy) atlernoou, at two o'clonk, from No. "'i (;r 'ml ?'re!<(. I'M i <>n Frniav, Apiil 15, or congestion of the brain, Kow >nt> I'. Kom-a. iu tbe :t0ih tern ot tiib ai?n 1'lie ineinbtTS and friends of the family aie res)>ecif'itlv invited to attend tha funeral, from his tale re ,aenee. TT Montgomery street, this (Sunday) *f term ion, at two o'wihk. His remaius wilt ba takes toOoiioe- for tolar ment. r'nt. ?On Friday, At?r'.l Mrs. V.ut.k foi. ?red 37 years "tho ri tMtive- and fiten's of the rsmdv arerespa>.*lfally reqitf -'sd to attend the funeral, froui her';-le residence. No. I Hio.dway, Brooklyu, V. 0. this (P!md?y) e'ter no n al two o'clock I'ai/ ovn - Sndd.-nly. on Suturdnr, \;irit l<t, Ti If intra, Ihedeariy beluvcii wile of Wm 11. K'ulnoner, nnd dmu'b ter of'os-i'h Wiley, ??'"'..of Morrfistii'. Ihe It lend9 nnd rel >l i ve? tho lamilr are resi-ectfollv h" ii?'.l to all end the fi.tierai. from Iter laie residence, 'it ?u end ?treet, oti Mondav aiierno ju. at twoo'o:oiA.. imvvRTT?do Friday. Ann' 15, Wu^mm l<is\SRrv, ?^ei! S" ?e ts. Tbe friends and re!stlvi*? sro refli^rtriillv ini'itel to a! tend f ho titiorai, fri.m the residence or hi-brother In-law, Jame.? (Cearnev, cotter o: Kli/abelb ami Vnn !>nnr siripts, nrookitn, ?i?i- (Sundavt a(te*u^?. ailtalt part tiro o'clock.,?:in watn-day April i?, liif.nt daii'htet of V. illbm a'.d Harriet i). in lite second ye*f of her age. Tlie relslivi>* and fri?nd.< of the ramitr are eesp-c'fiiltT laVit? I to alteiid (Ue aiuarai. fiorn (he rr. M:-nce of her parents. No. 4'.1 UfU rtiirtv ^ove-iib street, on Vondar afternoon, at two o'clock. IIkss ?On Krtd.y prfl 1.1 n fur l-'ockin?r. f. I. I;>i l-.^'a. tbe daus'hicr-if .lolto It mtl fCmolins Uiek", sged lo months and !5d?ys. QaRImMO.?lo Brookl*. u, ofl Katiinlav, tpril Ifl. ! r.?r?('K* Writ n ?rs*. infant da> pht'-r of Huti^rt and F.mnri I. Hardttt. a?ed H moot lis and IS dayt tin . t lativos and t'-ieno- ot the lam-ly ate re-ofCiruily iu. i'.ed t" attCi'.d lire fiuiera'. Irmn tit** re~ida of har narrr;re tlrnnd avenue tiurdh naeso .th -?r Kutton, the (-'"ti i?v > atteruoon. a? Mt v oVIoeV. Hair.tvun. -On Kiiday, \pru is, n. heun dtse* e. U?MM. I. aii-ii. ?r fii k oily, a^e.l ;!> ye>ts, 7 months and 1H d-.ys. ! ?r t elativpc ao<l tttei.d^ ,il the <4rue ,se?t are invited to ? Head tne iun?-rs!, rr>??.. in* |_ti; ?n I'ia- ? s :Sno d?\ j ariernat Hi, lit Vtalf pti<?t fine oV.lo-tc Haujnw.- OK I'lhi y. April t.'i At (U :??.*, ned 24 ve?r? and 7 moon n The friend* auu n I live ol the n'.n - are re?|ieittiiiily |U\tt'^d to 3ttf i| * ti* Itinei -I, ("to ii I'll. (? ?.1 -^ii,a (,r ?,.ia parents, Nu. 7 Wr it-street, th:r r-umdat afternooa at ?no ? oto'k'. Ihl'k ? 't. S-.inrd.) in.)iiiaJ, Ipri! Ifl, Ma*t If wt'e ai - li n e! I!\ d? lb- relatives and fri"nd? *ru r , .?'?i i , .in n>t i|>? fcoer<: tfti'ii 'Itor-b'*f 'lie Afimirr-ation, Ko trten.ith ni.'i t, tia ?ii Inv i'tern>>.-ii. at ItaiiVf.v. ?tn :?i.T?-.y >;?;? Jo ,j, s f-?? - -r . the -ti' a d . i|jb'?r or Peter and W I. ?(? rey, a?ed 7 vsir-t, 7 inotiill- 'tud il day *. Tvs? ?i >n i ritlay 'nrlt If., I? (?*., w'fe ..f ;n id \\ . 'fves, ai ?' d ??? lite ?>' -ts-i-lji-n - iicv t ^ ' fee,* Htvee. i nun arett yi , 1 nuri.h* and I mr, Tbe relalite- io t frnaut* ? l^.o (:tn,i!y antl Ih iat o' her orutLsra, Krederti l* H. .imI - Mow, are ,-e",-e<-i Invited to alletsd tli" funeiel ?a; f^iiitdav) ; tier at two o'clock, rorn ilrsc-# rburcn, Itr'Midvay, w-'hriit furitier iovl ilioii r\ 'hi In ai- even r.', April 15, o. lyji-mid atter a siMNt iliness, iinNti: I Kiaa?tj., In ihe ? r?r of bis ??' . Tbe reui nn.i tnken to twkba-u, Va's., for Iniarninfi Kjivwrv.? 'void'y. April 16, ? s*ki.:-j> h isiani j Kjnvkv only of n aim Sta< ah Keaitev , n^ed l'i ! dt vs. iue Itieud* aO'i ae in int in-S'- ??,' tb*? fatn.iy mere- | gpi.-. i'- tl; invtlrd tu .I'luui ili* funeral. thi? (cu??iay , I a l'-mnoo at tw. o'cio- W, (rem the residewe "f til- ! P'rAn'.s No. A firrenwujti ave'i'ie hrs'fR.?Ou r.nJij, Atiiil 15, C-ust^ Iu III llk,%sr, .?t\ son of .>y'te<?let ^n<i Kveier a^eii . mtmth and i; dav*. Tii? relal.vea and tjH*nds are invited tna.iand the nne ra . Jit if ?'???? la t a'H- in 'O al two .? i! o!r, from lf.ft Trophy -?re-t. The reiflni * lit 'ie Uiken t< Cree -wnnd. I vos -Mn# Htii*- i' -aiurtlay Vp, in. : on tbe ?? f*' '? i f tlir e"*it" *h>u no !*..rd ; tie 1'i-ned > s-r (jnolKiat ( Qrtian.u, .lovKi'M l.vua-<and M ari ?., 1 heir rela'i\es ^<od 'i le- d? are r ? r?rctfiitly rivili rt to altfiid tli- -tneral, on \,utid:iv tiSSmuf. at IPil o.toffc, at toe ObitrUt I'ornot ..| .lay and VmK -leeti* iim- kliu. JRthih. ih> -on -y, ii iiuy | ai hi* re- d'-nce, I.oiii! ii C Vf.. W?t. i. .'-hi it. late M the Seventy nuth Hienlitd re-.iuietn. -"oiluo. UivstK.- At < >fif |iaik. VMlriKMur n unljr, on Tlull-osy tU"rBii'r, a|'rt? l?, ?f:er a fs Infill il!iie?s o; ???me ee^?, Mt. l?A!.tit laie a niureh ni o! Its! turn re, Mil . in the stub yefi of Ills t?e. Hts fBiama will li? tMksa to tuuniiv^e iot )iiie<m?tit. lia'lnmre pan rg ples -o c t>y irnsB -?<?N. ??>n fhisr.-idsy nto'nmj;. A^rd 14. after a fbo-i b't ev^re iHoeiS. Mr'?. A\.v-. I 'jcsnsiK Maunt^sia, lbe l>?io?Hit s'i'r of (ai'tieiins Moriivso't. m nftlre uf the par in. ot r,ranaid, touoty l^li|i i4, lrtrl<tnl, ig?*d [M f"? rs. Tbe friends am! aopnao tan- ?? of ttie fssiity are re ^pev.lf'Jtiy iDTite-l to atieod (be fuaeral.4hU Siindar) af terr.'ion. at baii-na-t one o'cl '-k. 'rout u*r la-t tesideuce, Ibir? Street, neat Soi lit >isib, \Vtlliiiin?t?trj wyotn^ig, ra., pipers tiieas-; ewpy. M r^iMAI O ? Co M'Wday. .yprll II, R-r irs n ! tne be t-vrd wife ol James Meltoin.ld,ajpii is mar* ,Vum koeiv b.-r but to love b.-tr named bsr but to or.use. Tbe e'jliv?. arnl inetul- ot rhe tamlly ara r?t|?;, tu: jr Inv i#rt to snend tb? luuet al. fiotu her lata ret irtonce. 624 Hudfiu slieel. ibi? (^undar; aUntn'ton, ?t b tlf-pnat oaa 0 clocs. 1'otiks ?itu Saturday, April ie*ia??n K't4-a I*'Ti*?, w .ti >s i ape - ii. 4#pn f'ntia, a tu* J4lb yeat of hei age Tbe re atives and friend* of the f?nnl* ?r? reetiecllully lui :t?tl '.e attend ibe fr. m her 'ate residence, l? Kybteentli strp*i, Onwantts bttwemi l .nrto iml Klfib tvei oes, oe M-nidiy altei ihkni, ai thte* o'clia k Reririudn and Nura -Mv.tia |uoers piea-e copv. Wf?vv-Oo ^utnrJav. \pm ir,. nainiat tjii,a<. a aalise ! ot t/nia. county Tyrone, Ireland lie- trtanda and actiualntnuce- are rsanectfu'lv re qoetted (0 attend lbs fuBeral, tr nn n*i Utt* lee dnttra -?? 1 i?ik street, "ti Monda* afteiaooa. at Bal.'.pa>l oae o'clo a. Ittisv ?ik. Ibnradar, A|trll 14, Mast Ass ltii.s?, tbe haoti'd wre m .lobn Riley, In the Wth ye?t ol bei <je, a na -v* of county t'avsn, lrelaou Ibe 'einiives sod frieuds o! the family are re |u*?tel lo attetl Ibe fiioaral. from bet late reajdnn' ? Vn m West Twecty s ib strsei, Ikia (fcundayi viiimnu. at <hi? o'clock. Newark and Prevideoce i?|iera plenae ropy. Wo. ns.?tm Friday, Apt II 16, but sev*ra IPnese. David R<? as. a native of part'h I din, Townland o! ismeatowo, county l.lmertck, Ireland, aged Sf> years. IIif friau ts snd aciuaintam ei and hi" uncles, William ai d lobn Coughim, sre reepsctrully Invited to attend ibe funeraI, this (Mvl) afiernooo. at two o'clock. Irom his laie residence, 003 For rib street, rite remains will be taken to i aivary Cemetery for lnt>rment. K/S?*ar ? fm Iriday mornin(, April 1ft. at balf>past two o'clo.k 1 astdrrii'K Ccriis, jounge?t .bild of .lobs J. aucl ADO Klirabeib Rabloeau. I The remains were interred at Hac.kensacfe. Hoot ? Suddenly, on Irtday, April IS, io United fltatoo Wnr.oe liospits , fmm injuries received on board the gun ? ? Boai ihetatifi , huNa P. Bool, Second Asalstaut Vn|inoor teu Males Navjr. lb' reistlve? and friends of the family, sod also tbe fi?mher? of lloboken lodge, No. S5, T. aad A M.,are I reapec fully mvited to sttend the funeral, from bis lalo re'.leios, No. ? Kapolyea street, Brooklyn, tbls (Sundsy) afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. Bi ! s ?Oa Saturday mornlnf, April 16, after a sboft iliyor., iiasisr itoiaiti, In ths 47th year of bis aat. I Tlie t el at Ives and friends of tbe family aro invited to attend ibe Timers! from No. 3 Clark street. Ibis (Sunday) 1 a-ie-noou, at itaee'clock Ills remains will betaken to tbe cemetery of ihe i vergreene for lotermoot. hi ?*. s ?t?n Friday moramg, April jr.. of moabrMOUS C'Oiip, Joan II fat-rat s, youageat aos of ? U. Spoofs, agod 14 years and 6 moot ha llie frlenda t* the faun I r aro lovitod to MI?o4 tho feuerai, fr .ta 175 West Knrl ?th street, ?h?A CHm?eyl sfiereoon, ?t ose n'e*?i t Oa Saturday mom lac, April U, Jin M<m bj?, ?ulv child of turj U. and TbonM TUnjuwc, *{?d 1 year ml ? nimtba. The re alive* and friends of the hnllf an lavtted to ?tteod the Mineral, at tba raaldanoa or hla parents, No. II Wm? Thirty fifth air eel, oa Monday morning, at half paat taa o'olock. Tibkkb*.?Suddenly, oa Friday morning, April 1>, Rami Tiaima, only a?n of Eta* and tba lata Henry tleaken. aired 10 yearn. The relative* and friends of the family are reapasWully lor I tort to attend the faaerat, from the restdenoe i.f bis mother, 178 Hevroth atreet, on Monday afternoon, at one o'olock, to breaairood Cemstsry. Trust. ?Suddenly, on Siturrtay, A?rlt Id, of heart dI* ease, Fbancks C. Ttibr, beloved vrlfeof Kdwia IL Tyler, daughter of Samoa! and Maria Oroaa, ' Funeral to lake place fr.>m the resident* of her mother, Third avenue, between Twentv-seventh and Twenty alubth street*. Krooklya, on Monday. Tba relative* and friends are rosiieolfiilly invited to attend. liar remains will be taken to Creeowood for interment. Taatwrnf.?> On Ffeturrtay, April 16, .!**?, son of to and Strah Thompson, aged S year* and 10 month*. The relative* aod friends of the family ara reapaotfully Invited 10 attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, st two o'clock, from the residence of bis parnnta, No. 114 avenue D. Wkrii.?Suddenly, on Thursday, April 11, AunAxnsn Wvnn.aced 11 yetr*,8 nvinlha and 6 days. Tl.e relatives and friend* of th* family are Invited to attend the funeral, thl* (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'olock. from tbe residence of his mother, M West Broad way SHIPPING NE WS ?H??M ro? W?? TOMB?mi* D*V em .. ft Hi ttrtON HkTK mora > SS ?DN mill (4 401 man wtticn morn 4 43 Port of W?w York. April 16, 1964, CI?PARFD. Steamahlp K>d?r (BrV Mulr, Quocu-tmvu and Liverpool? F. Outlaid. Stcanmt.ip star. Hepburn. Havana' ?n<l Hew Or It n??,i*me? A -ttmi.ui Ship Ne Plus I'llra, Taft, Liverpool?Trnsk * Oearborn Ship ItrulccwaU-r I'HriHoh, Liverpool?William* A Ouloa. Shi|i Berkley (ftr). Snow. Bremen?Roger Bros Hurk l Cummitiga (Br>, llookway, Liverpool?H J AC A Da wolf . ti?m Man* 8. mm (Rr>. Mel<nau. London?T Dunham. Bar* toaar (Bclgi, Vood*r*t?en. Antwerp?HolniUoe A Balchoa Baric a Tagtiavla (IUI). Pirandello, Tarragona?'Tapper A Bcattie. Baric Tlvola (Rr. Clarlr. flt John. HH?J McOolHek Brii; Bachelor (Br) Miller, Ktugston.'JTa ? ,1 Royuton'* 8on <* Co. Brit; Hound (Br., Patterson, Chariotletown. PRI?'Tjrnea A Rimth Brig Baleitill.a (Br>, Bowd*a. SI John* WP-R Dlnwlrtd'o. Brig MorganiiQr (Br), McLeod, 8t Johns. BP?C II Trmn out! Brig India (Bi). Card Hallfai?D B Dewolf. S.-hr Nor? e?ter, Omrorv. HI John*. NK?I B aar;er Rohr Kathleen (Br) (l.iptill, St Jolm NB D H Dew. lf. R'hi r,*A Orojjor. Sfwo mb, Vork River?Crosielt A Paine, gc.lir M \'au Name, Van Name, Tork River? F J CambcP. Bchr A KcPjr Prior Vr rk Itlrer-P ,T Campbell. Soiir (liS Kogerj, Hoi men, Tork River?F J CambalL Solir Ijlttle Mac Stncv, Yorl. River?P J Oamhell, Bchr .lull*. Van Name, fork River?P J Cambelt. Schr .1 H I.' an*. Vortreaa Monroe?F ,1 Cftin'ielt. Schr TT Majr, Parker, Washington?P J Camhell. Bclir Si rah l-anna, Parker, Washington?Rootle*, Sml'b k Co. Schr Caroline 8p*l(1(ng, O'orge'own?W 8 Brown A Oo. Bchr Ocean Qticen. S*e?l. Iieara Island?Crowe'l A Pain*, sob i T. Hopkins Cromer. Hear* Te'.and-J B Black. Bclir I inm% \ Reaver. Philadelphia Rttir Albion McLoou Kocklxnd?W 8 Brown A Co. Rohr Flenrto Plash. Aver*, f)louc*4l?r?J A Stelton. Bclir Kaglr llul'. Bomou? W 8 Blown A Co. SchrPta Cr w'ord. R .? .-,n-R W Lewis * Co. Bchr Jenny Mud .(Have* B.jion-W 8 Brown A Co Schr ,lowph<ne R.trn* Providence?H R Rarkrtt A Bun Bchr A Hn I MrC'enn Mlddletmvn?If fl Rs-kett A s?u. Stoop ron'iila Ma-tln New llmen-M Bilcr;?A0o Blimp Helen, Bai'Cck. N'ew Haven? H B Racket! A Son. RIO' I- H HUni-i 1 Vnit, N'-w Haven?II R Ba'kaU A S?ti Artisan .Kirk. Baltimore ARRIVRO B?. ?mfMpC*!edoiila (Br). Ofalg f?la*.ow Va<vh va St Join.. KB ai.r IV, a-. J feiilanJ Htli. wuu imi*e ?Td !??< p?ueitei-rr ;o P-a> M raid A C? Btea'ii^hii. Continental. Sumrer %-'w Hm -^n, BaiV?|. |,i.He't I.ehi-Rii (VerWt Dale t. milo i, 7.1 ?1aj*, whli mdne to Tho* Dim'am. B.'.rk Jane (Br). William*. M 'ati -as 2Jd?v* with ?it >r tr, niaatei- l.tiii^r-t, lat to .V,, ion 7M Uf. i;>?te ri.v, of au l fer Bo*t >n Kaik I leet Wlnj> Davif Mai*n/a< 14 lav*. *i it iuduim, to v'ai. It. ml A 8I..-Ht, Mnrk slmoner (of S?^r?|.oi (), T?a'<i>l.'er ^ai(1?ii*4, '1 d*?*. r'th *ni';.r to B P ?trk,f(.lia of *???.?.i) Bi.mehard Oien<u?e j? H <Uv?. (Ti?l. incur, t'? ?" A I?.1 P#tev?. B*rk t'llfton (of Bali), Seilt, flew Or'aan* Ift d *?ii. 'i b&ll.ia. ???II i?t-r Hai-k All.I.I itoi.Tivtt N'Or'wn* II da- m with giirar. Ac lo Ovikiu A Co . Bri? "lenl'vet f Br>, Pow?r RaM* March t w.lli e,?1e?. io JMP t'.* I Ui .not. tnt W .V, Ion 70, anoke Brtirle'lvro frorn CiiT-.i (m fltf'ltan. ? Br'*.l*i>e (BiJ, MK' 8i*a'. W dava. with cotloli, ?o .f r Wht nev A Co. Ha* hreo ?8 dav* N of Hatleras: f.ih n?t ?V, loa 7." spolie ti*i k John Truck* I'l dav* from Malamo. >a for Philad. li hia. Hru Mi, v .. ee Mcl'tMi. Lae .ua. t' dav* with loenoud. to Mrif il; ,* Puiiran p.i . iv. '..i.v.n ( r? Piokeit. Ma*. 40 ilar*. wittj eon II i tv ?; ft Oli.i I h. Hh* be -n -M d<? ? N of HaL-* ih; liwt end ?? k?i ? > Bii^.i B K ni!.ltr>. Ciithl:. Kmr.alni.. .1* 4? ilnya. ?m< nl oienm li, * "tm'tlierf, % Co. I.r.*' n>n'4tii, and part ot dpi k. load Mn i ll 17 lal in i 7S, fc. hr llifklandf - h?.ir^ fo- di'eaiin lire '. i-Kir, H< m. Ai-rovo, fR.'flftiii with nncar Ic B- nlrtl A I vere'i Bii *da;Hr' card V*nai.o. fR. V Java *1h *. Kai t? O ii tiv nlf. 1 .<? .Ifrk load. *'?vi- tioai*. bulwark* .te; ion and at .!? ^.i< * R.i. s*rah M N'e??h it- r H > > Kl|.? Jarnie. ?B dav* wl-l< eoUee t<- ir. It,ell Son A t'O Hr i J|. ne P."II {It., Au er. fl?in*|vea. .11 dava W'tl? Wood, i/i Itrcl S'W. .V Co. II*- liei-ii 17 (la,* \ of lfr,l:A! Brl" M n.r? I.ctfiiif iVil'.i.J' v.-c?.ooit. Va:*,,. s 23(1.y*. V.lih i.H.'a . t,. >nii.l. - Mil. mat. lal 3&.10 |.?| 74 St ?poke B' ..'I.r Ir-i.ifHill'p. io. >e,v Vo.k. Br-.' Bi.vcr fl*. I. I <?. veil V tiai, **, 3? data, with ??? (?>.*' u.CCiii.w.n ? I ., Rptli ??l!? tr (trif I'-i'l'' (Of K ii'ii Thnni**li>nI lf?<?M>r, Oardenn- 12 la . ? , .ii, maai*. Bri: IKIIV nfi ? ,1) W .1 nnlmi r.l, Hastinir*, Ceriiei *1 dfc; * wi:i .Ki 1 e* ??>??:*.* I'oriT eld. I r.-i f(.i?a . lov e. *1 bim and fmei?pm?*t atavaails. arlit in:.'o*?i' a .u Til< *'o . M?ji ? ho .i? Inat b;in-ier* *nd 4''! hd? i?1 drelf *, wa*> l,'o \ ?, 11, r e** ? 'nen from Hie Ca'."*. of !he |i?,???:?' the ?:?jIr Bili: \"na W -Ml h ar i f Br I. Johnson. i'a>drn>? ?d.ier*, willi *i -vr 1 . df r. i|u . '.eeti I.H (In a S o' Ilace.a? i*?lh tienvy re :? wli.d*. Bi ig SI. i> <ti fHil Sin I !? C enf epos ?t dava iviili * a Ar tn I ' W hn fv ? c?. 7ih Ii ?? lit : r. 47. Ion 74 <0 i.% a d'?? ? a-.' *1 *1 t?r (I* ?ire I1. Karrli St .liilin r*a nt'iItn, ui P-?.o i-n. l-ad a Irp Vrn I,? ll?e n.atn at,enf. Brig : ai.ii (.<.u,( a<1 <11 ?- m^. ? "rowtei. Cie?tne?t>, |'i?la\- . III. r>'.,?-. . I., inaaler Maruh ft 4d lea ur* irimi Clenf p..i ? rn oir..*d fr?m ''R g- >n >i?t K,e* n. adei he in'J .' red.inio B?'i Kmiti I'el.erfor T??vpivt), IVun nil Ci?nfn^co? It I 4:, ? ?i.h?iu_'sr to B ' S.m A Co. Biia S .a'.i I'ertiiff ( .! V ?,'''. Ca !?(t>i?i Clenfneroa 1(? 41 ?? ?? .Ii - mii. to'l M Va hew It' I? -f (?' 1 r. Mrrr * fd' B.i?h'*li I'opkin*. Na.riia-. II da -. il! II" tr. In 1 ? !? I ? ?ipr, |;ti, i?| s; ??. IOII 7? *?< 1 I.ea';.ie. Willi Ion- o' fn r i.a-i and le>w. -1 1 fin '1 1 a in: atuirent'f I ad l.aen In ,'oli aun; d ?! I ??i ' -1*. ars"- *n/*e. Bil-i ^r.e ia 'Kr>. I'riuai. Ra^u*. I', dav*. *"2*' 'o l!ie 1 ?<'?: A f Hi " "?i in Adam* 'o P.Hl nd , Hopk n* S* n* II da??, w ill. innihlv B114 Ari-I .V P 1". I l.?rl in, ll*r .0 O are MP. Mil ,-a wlili n-1. >. f* Bo *k ^ ('.? Hod vary he-i'/v weathe. I?.l un taf.'.l Is. - .u a t. ,'a-Ht?-and ~oi .nr tli k Bin; Ol 11. '? - i 1. ? V '.v (I I/*-,r? I Borland t 1 ? ? Hr'f B ?? Ni h l.knrev. >? w tir ???.,?.? 'fid* a in U> Rr?i|. So < n:... 7(b iml la '". |nn "4 . ?i,r ..), ni t??h. Ma '.roiii Mattii as : . \e? Vor'. ha < a man on * ..rd, Itrii t! rid? Wlr*' Vetamlil* Bri M.,11* f fT(?wl\nil ite-*'. Row ind. Rrookh?^*n Bchr Hlr ne (fin:, h), Sh?0T'er? I'tdi/. ,2d v? wl'h aid**. Oi llmd -V A ( o Hii. ? ?ji rt?ne?.i a *<u"*'.?l(i, l(f ibe en ir* m.?a?ae. lilew uu.' of lb? ?*il? a |ueo*? m<,v* I. ,| aa'L* (o?i iili'ioomind fn'i-tonrnMI. w*a iak*n la >w IVb rial. nu e* 8K of tli<? Hi?lt'*i)d* hv pilot b?-t B f Wii. It*n.?, No II, *n?1 UrO'i,;',il to till' po.t. Relir J't* I, fleiafa Ma-en H..i Hon. will, loewnod tn m?a Pa*te.i H?ti*r,- V*>-oh 19: bis b^en X ?.[ Bu'neu*. 1 ti..i#>? and t>'.,wn R: carried aiv*r m*in''noin, sp"l <4jilla atove nkier ra**". toile al ia and l**k* Oad'jr, ken :ni< old iinmp going mnauntlv. M 'rch 7.1*1 1!* t't Ion 1r. :M John Pre?v of Pnu'*ml, 1 afik fell overV-arii mill aia o?l: 4lh ln?l. I*t .17(1" 'on 71 "A ?pike Dutch brlr 1.11 nrita llnlrk. from Omnn for Be-v V< .k. a liO kludlv iiinplifil n* wnli uiu vlaion*: for '.be la*! C. d*v* bnd varl'bi# wtnJ* and 1 n'm* !<4-Ut fc*ptre : III?. Pin* Belue, Hon ?< d*ra, wtih ced*t. Io D R llrwnif Bi ur Alb~rt Edward 1 of Rt John, NBi Cimi n?M, Por? vta. rla (Ta ut, ?l dnvr with lojwood. Ae tn Bran Hon ft Co ?th Inat. l*i 411, in?i 70, ?po?a brig J B Blllott ii*n<a for f* n lien. IHir t; 4 Fnrnaarntth (of Hirtfnrd). f->oa*ii, iVmea *S linva with *n??r to fc | Mmith Vir. h W, In * NF r*!*. IPs' main irafl and rccelvrd olh*r damar*: J4th. 1*1 S?4(l loo 71 JO *ienali.-"?l ahip (l*rr?'. of Hoaioii.ntftetinK.NK Mckr Bt Lawrence f|!r). B:.l?r, H macoa Tf! *4 dav* with niol**ae?, to Oeo Pemston L04t tlbtiooin fure g*f, lo*f and Bp:i* nail*. * m*tnm*at Rein P R Batft (of Pliilarte:pbla>, Ira'ai) Matanrns IS day*, with mul*?ea to P V King A cn. Belli Wtn Hnnter. F.i !i d?-e, Cardftna*, t data with* tar. Ae, to M.?.!?*? A Bei.h?w, Railed le yomr*n? wHhHiice Rarili for N)oik. A Park fin- PorlUnU. Scl?e (? D' Tlnir fof Ilarn** ellKRan'oflf Ciiieoat, it Jay* with mo *?***. 10 Waleb, Carver A Ca**e. Bohr Roifer'oo (B*;. I^iwior,, St JagoJB dav*, with tn{*r. to Brail ft n A Civ t.o*l Jthhoom ?r d to** ??*, |u*t *nd aolit *ail*. and ba* l een 17 dayi S of Natterat. *th not. 1at ?tr. 44 lou 74 SS, ftpok* *ehr Ocean Ka iger. frntu PimlKo for Ba'ii. Bcbi Prim*** (Br I. W"l*b, Fort una la'.ao*. V, dav*. wfth aa-i. lo Tj M* A Smith. Schr Rh*nnoa ( Br J, B?te*n*. R*r**o* 1* d*v*, with fi-nB to Ja< Don la* Krhr Ai -tic (Hr). Jo^ltsnn. (Ir> el llarhoi Bihanria .11 davt. with ..all to Brett, t- <n A Co lla.i 4e*k* *?ani of nvn'ri thing mnve*bl?, lo?t *nd anlli aa l?. Ar B<t In c0 with lutg ? ".yde, Clare, lur Si Juhn. NB. l.ih Inaf, lat >2 0t. Ion 74 if. waa In n with brig Ari-1. (r<n Nftwfonod'iad, with Cik? lia-i bniwn.-K* all w??li.-d away Poc Bovsl >0. II dav* 9 dav*. __ _ . _ dav* Bcl.r Peati, Broiru, Iteauloit, S C. 16d*y* Relir Ptt*. Cnraon, Bewbnrn. 4 davg drhr K ra. Uaranti. Ma Hera* 4 Any* a i Miiiwarn* an wnti-o awav Rohr p h Warner. Kenplon. Port R ?eiir Radian, Bftaton, Chkrlftston Bai, ( Krbr Air let no. Iron*. B'aufort. KC, Rchr J P and F I, Parker, Fortre** Mnaroa 4 J,.a Hchr Marl* Jan*. Jone*. Vlegiula, 7 day*. B hr C S Walaon. Bnv IM. Virginia t'l dsva Jjchr J a Fftrrl*. Marthv. Virginia, S day* R hi J, Bramhall, Virginia. S d*v* hr Hmill. Cranmar, Virginia. 7 dava ?"In C 11*11, Mauiaon, Virginia, il dava, 9 :hr lohii Foravth, Hlrdaal'. Virginia 8-lay* Bchr A I Rou laud, Nftivtoti, Vitgm'a. Bchr Rllra Jana, Watta, Vlrgtni*. Bcl.r D McFb'ft, Will*u 11. v'rglina K' br Id* Dell* Torre, Tlenelt. vlrjtnla N- hrU M Smith, I'Immou, Virginia. ?chr AJ D?Bi*e#ti, Hiilman. Deo>g?l?wn 0 C 7 dava gcuri) B Wllllama Williams, rtmwgetown ' T Bchi Dc llnlae, Mlldretl. BaUimarr J7 day*. Bchr Kll/abetb A Rleanor, Ctamar. Balllmor* 10 data Mil BA W ood, Cramer, Baltimore. 8 dty*. Schr J Spark*. Willett*. Baltimore, today* Bc hr Ti ree BMtherg, Baowina Baltimore.' ? ? ?**?<? R ckenwn. Balllmor* for Boifon Loat jlbnoom, S-br II Anderann Rtrtof, Baltimore,M dan far BoaO? Brbr Diriga, Cook, Baltlmora, 8 day*! 7 Bohr J C Riinyan, Mathew*. Maryland. Brbr Wtn John. McDevltt Philadelphia for Rorwallt Mebr J*a Bamusl, Boa |*mln. BUzatieihnort for Ktw Haven, Bohr B?itlmor* HejnlBgw?y, glloibetliport Tor W Haven. Bchr C S lla*tid, Wit*niou*a, Kllrabetbport for HarUord. Schr Teiaa, Chamulln, Rilrabcthnort for Norwleh. Bohr Wm Pcnu, Rhode*. >.H/al>ethport for Rr4d?eport. Bchr N all v* A mar loan, Wewbnryporl. via lliapton Road* f "t?** uPi'.1 ,n.l?,b* '*** ,0?v*llh !o?* oTaall* and Inking hadlr; I* no* laakTng soo itroka* par hour. fohr Boavtr*. OraaJiy, lindaoa far Warvkam. Steamer New Jeraey (0 H tran*p).rt) llo?la, Wa*hl*gtoa Vta Vortra**Maaro*.ftlhour*, ton g.iart*naaaUr MU)W SAILS. ISth?ghles Starof the Weal, feecort, bark Oonrad: ?r1*a Time, Krowf**, Salamaadar WUheltaloe, Maine, ntttotti Mn PS.nB*. till*. BuenatlMa. ICth?Steamers CHLjr of Loodoa, Teutonl*. Morning Star. Orlfiamme. Wind M luBMt BW. DliMttri la tbe Bahkmii. If a Mr* /ecttfad fr*a our correspondent the folio wlnf rei>ort of wrecks tad disasters In ILe Bahamas during tbe month of Maroh, I8$4-? Brig Ns itiius (of Liverpool), S win ton. from Boston for Haraaa with ^-eaeral oargo, m total if met on Atwood'a Ca/ Pah il; but little aarfla Mead. Hot beTam reported. Harsh 10?Ship Ohace, Edwards, from New York for New Orleans; aihore at Blniints, assisted off and prooeeded; sal rase #10,00(1 llth?Hrt* A D Wlddea (Br). (Umbel, from Aut Oayes for GInitio* : total lose oa Motasaea Hoof, Inagua; IHUa saved. IS h? Hark Pocahontaa, Rorrell, fram MYork for Bavaaa; aahuro at Ahseo, assisted off for $SOOl\ and proceeded ? Whaling bark KotbsohlLd, condemned a* unseaworthf at Abaru. VA Br schr. nstne unknown, from Jamaica for Inagua; to tal Intt on t?W point ol laagua. *7th-?chr Tvphooo, Orcutt, from Philadelphia for New Orit-aas. leaking badly, and dlaoharged for repair*. 28ib?Rile .'ufla Antoinette (U/j, Webster, from Grand Csymsn for Baltimore; total toes on bank near Stirrup Oey; part of the cargo saved. ? . t fltieellgatoaii Srnm-mr fur or London, Capt Petrie. or the Inman line, n? ?l jesteday, at aooa. tor Queens town and Liv erpool. SiK*?i?mr TairroKii. Cant Ilaack, nailed yesterday for Southampton aud Hamburg. SntiMSHif Mousino SrA*,Cept Hepburn, aalled yeater - day <et Havana and New Orleana. SnuHMiir OiTT a? Naw York?Queenntown, April 1? D r-.-a report that. with exception of one hole near the for ward bunker, the Oily a? New Tort appear# to hare sus tained uo Injury. She alta firm and upright upon the rook. flHir t'KiTKHiOB, Stetann, from New York March 8, for Han Franoi-co, ws a spoken Ma roll 24, in lat 37 52 N. Ion 78 30 W, In distress, leaklug, Ions of main topmsst, mainmast head, fore and mii/on t ('gallant mints; was steering NK underthe fool or the roi**en and part of mainsail Wanted no aaiiat ance Bars Hr Jambs, Wood, from Philadelphia for Boston, at Holmea' Hole, re|>ort? <th inet la? 37S5, long 75 30. was bnsmed by a boat Tram an English er'.xooer name un known, .to days from Trinidad, Port Bpafo, for Boston, and supplied tier wltli provisions, llth. lat .19 0!*, Ion 7137, i>as*cd'*rge quantities of w.rcok stofr, consisting of trunks, berth boards, cabin doors, casks of liquor, darils of a vessel or about aw toaa. palmed green: 13th. passed large quanti ties of square cakes of bread Hosting on the water. Brio IliBRiKT, Fredericks, frt>ra Mslanzas for Portland, at Koines'Hole, hsebxperlenoed verv heavy gslea during tbe p?i.isge. .Id inst, in a gale front KB. lost deck load of molsssi's. aud had savoral stsuchlons broken, split sails. Ac. Spun Tti.?a*?rH, of Harwich, 112 tons, from Elizabeth port foi Boston, with n car<jo or cos!, was sunk near Hyan nis breakwater, ou Ukh Inst, by ruumns on a rock. Tbe vessel. without curio, has been purchase!. as ahe now lies, by Can' Han J Baker, ror $1,900. Hem: Rkown 8ton?, of Prortdenoe, before reported drift od ahliore near Sand* Hook, has gone entirely to plocea Hhe tvss 4Ti tana, built at Middletowu, Cunn, tn lft32, and with her cargo ot 20 tons hay, was owned by Darid Sisson, of Providence. Konr OcOHdiAvA, fiont NshSaii. NP, 37th ult, whloh put Into Rsllimr>re A M 151 h inst, was bound to New York. She eiperlein ed the Istr csles. In whicli she lost bowsprll, ?prnnf a le >k, apl't sh U. Ac. and put Into Bsltimore for re pairs. Sohk Herorh, from Baltimore for l*ew fToren. pre, oualy reported as harlng Inst ifowspril and cutwater by collision, put back from Hampt->a Koads to Baltimore 15th inst for re pairs. Dm* Pis?ino P: kki ?1The (lloueestar Aiirer tlser says ?We lately pubitabed the names of those resaels which were missing, and now that another week ban passed sod there has been no lldto .a from is reared that they must be added to the number ot Ih^se which have bean lost. Si br .t O Deflnls eld for Oeoige'a March 15, with ten tnea Ahe wss 8* tone, built at ftalem In 1859. sad owned by Mesars Shutc A Merehaul, valued with hot- outfit' at S'.S'tu. and Insured at the Olouceater Mutual tnr f t 509. Sriif Light or Hon>e sld for tleoige's March 15. Hhe wss 42 loos owned by Mees>s Kpes Savward A Boo. built st En sf? Is lt.r>!>, valued wilt, her oiililta at $t>.0Uit, aud insured al !b- Olouceaier Mutual for SI 375. Hrhr Oliver Burnham left Maroh g. with nine men. She wss 76 Una. owned by Mosara Charles Fr.and A Co built Rt Fsset in liUM, ral-jcd tvltii har otilflta at tVRPO. aud Insured a' the 3!oiic#;!?r Mutual for II.Ml i'et.r Na^artaha left M;.rch 18, with nine men. She waa 93 !v s ?>>.>:i H K*-.e? in ItSU, owned by H t Knapp A Oo rained ?'i!i hi r ontflu at $7iW,'and luanreJ Tar $?.UXI at the Olouoesle,' Muhta* snj tUJU at the Wa4?i!ng:fto odlce, K' -'on. H -In ffr. tna Kf at.'-ss <>'u Vsi\!i !2, with nine ui?n. She was l>o it a' fc-s*> in 1 rt."VT, was 7!' tons, valued wit;, bar ont flia at Writ? and msi-red al '.he Uloucaster Mutual for $3.1.10, hi-1: k Sp .ir..<-<< .'ait Maroh 17, with ten o>en Bi e was loit ions. own.~d >>f Messrs Bust. Clark A Co , built st K set 'a KVJ, rallied ?i'.h her outflla st ^8,000. and insured *' li? Uiouoe 'er Mo' for at.'W. fiiete are alim two olbec vesai-.s. tiie Charles Csrrol. 1 and Ranrarl. winch lis ?e been o it onwards of three weeks, and fhere ia eousiderabir ankiet.r as to their safety. Tbe total Miol prone'*y st *s real valn it^on, amounts not Tar from S4': <X*?. TIi-> sinks to-'o inmsolaraooe with the Tearful loas r?r lite whicli is pi-eaenied. 3d enty elcht men. leaving be hlmi thirty one w ?dmv< sod iftr-eight fat her leas children h.i.e Kunadowu beiirslb tiie waves, - ("O? lisiok?Bosloa. Apri' 15? Schr Samuel Flab, rom Hrisinu tot Pot i isn't. Collided tbli A M wllu steamer P. sat era ^'i.-eu; b %d starboai I how stove. Steamer lost cutwater ln-t had upper works damaved. Hoi lee to tlnrlnera> ! siren from a report or I lit Bretnm Consul at San Fran oaco t'a' anted Prb 2?. 1^65.1 t'siwsin F Oarde?. of the Bremea brig Emilia, arrived *ere on he 9 U of .Ian Iro-n Ido Jnaciro, and rennrts as fol Of s ?du the mil of November, IAu:t. about 7 AM, saw a I'es 1 Isiano, appr-aelied tbaaaiue up to about a quarter of a rr.lte tintk severs' observations st aliout 8 o rcvu, measiired al the same ttn.e sa.d IsUnd RNK ',h [vri o?n|iaas >nlle fr? n us; H was about 100 feel ionv sod 15 lee! high and Is, according to chroiiotoelt ira! .iiKi- vslioris. in lat ?9'.H 3, lou KT "I IS W, ac-ordin*to sood un rtb*-cvations .t tuns. After artlrai al 8an i'taneisno fix. id o -i chi ?no-m-ier coirect. Tuihir Hitnwi I.OrmoH. Aiaivli 21. 1 *il. No; ,<? !? ?;.>? itivrn ti.ji ? Cirrcn Bi.or, murk i n with (ha wrii i wvi, ' n?? l? <1 is (mln?n- fi o< a .ev>el annk in fir f h .1 flvs in. The Huor l>e? In 9 ta'tiouiii ?l >'?w wver aprliifc tide*. if" nl'nw :na mark* anil** t?eai Ins* ? <J ,? ,? ?-??< ! ((bllionae N ? . dialaul 2 milea.'i-t Bt...y MV'.jV. d'alant ll.j mite. Uflih H.i?> KU 1>> W ,W. dlxlant S'i milea. TIh? el i-.r i-f a mini Hin-m n; ?!? ? liitl fbb. Il.n i?- P li BKRTHON, Be.-reary. HNS F.tiitVAi.'1*. iriuiWHi. De? 1#. IRCS. I) - ?.-.?!> r? of a Hun hi ? Itork :..ul niarkril on the char;, in tli* etilrm.ce 'f> Oil' Koin^o C .annc , tiy Mr Itohcrt Simp. >011, iiiasinf of Hi lurk No if. Pi>. ilhn ill r.icfc. f.:il!lnde SI IS. Lntig little 131 42 E. Ov" ? w, by cf. ... a? Tlie :??r?i in ?li?> ? clnily nr I '?? ioo* ? d'?tln *ty se-n. iih wx' v1 I irli iiiiifniiiiiit. FO in.l ng? m if oli tained in < ari.t 6 r?;|iom- f n * la ? lie rook. . tillV I,I \ II niiankK Scne.arj i'. tnp < mniiianiisr In Chic' \\ ImltiMra. An a: New Kr.lford Ulii toal, tie k Kublteu, Mrioncra. tiullan Orran, M^iiiltiilf Oct N. t>l lit ei,a, wttii i.b!? ? no. lull tumid: left ?l Si Helena bark ?.'* Brae e. W<?k', m B. ??!' n I I ?<? .lil? a'.' tr^d a cm' i Hi. hark .\*j? 2d, Spit" %nt- iniii'.n Ocean and M* 'i Ina Oi" wi ll I.IiVI boil up anil IV'do nrh ul'. on ?Olirrl. \r Mill, bark I'annr Blivi* i. An-tlc O run, Honolulu; haa tieea M the eooat IN datei rWm<yt>. left ai W liyt(>ot?ck ?hip > Inoyartt. Oaawell, Kd;arimvn. mm Aretic Oc-an, bavins Men 44im bble *u oil thla aeae'in. ?:|il II, hark Maiiena. Ilildreiu. cm Sag llatbor to fit fo wha'lnf * ,?. n Wi iiuift rmil 14th mat. Imrk Mallu m'actt, He" he lam (r ,U t It..I ??. with m? ap n il !) ilo wn .ti oti noi i I. ?' at ' Mm.i Itqtu . ' tVi it fmlli* a-hr* ? uina I ??tel. Prnvlin rio'.*n. II hhh |tnii|i'ik oil; E?le' > Si.i.v ,ln.T. ?u <1. bmiwi: I :>n II Cornell, Smlfli, do 5' Mil' 'Binlrk: Ari'ima. Hook, d? ap WhBipbk; Sarali K k.r'Tl? I artir'l r.'?ion, ;ai> ?i-^n'l ;*) n piik. Arr al Sew Hi'dfnrd lAtli, ani|i laa*c llnwlaml, fllixon (lam l.nnu , 'ruui (K-lifUk Si L. r . b 7'A3 hh!a ??'. n oil. ,\rr al Hunolntn Krti 'J9. ahtfM )?'( .fonea, llnwr*. VB, fioiu ? eriuae; Mmcli I. Oriole Je, ne;an. ilo '? m.i* out 265 tp MS wh ^000 i*>a bono; 41%, f'liropa, Cmahv, Rd^e-own. Iron M*m?rli? B?* . 16 wlia (4<hl tiu'al llna teas n ? lfi()n >vli MO inn II" alt I Id l^fl (lov I roup, iehlef, H d?i; Fa lii ii ? Wood, flo, du; Cailii-i lua, I'litiitiia, M, tido; I'a.rei 'ane. Ottii VB. do; II Orianold, Itn'l'-- Uo 2 do: Howard a im, do, *1 'to 110011 hlilt). K- 11 w: i.m. KeliS?Arr liaik.laraSd 3paii]dtn|t. Mautiifua f r NBnronl, ^rilh I 050 '|' 15" w,,l Htli. (loinolia. l'ooie. \ K. Willi <a??ap fW< ?H. to orulae and home m i:*!M'A:.n. Mar b I?Arr lat nit, bark Euward. Smal ler. NB. fift' an: ?d, abip Goli'oiida. Wioalow. do. HU ap elm* ?envini* Tiii ?imano: :;d, Imrka K rran'.iin, Maurhaater. do, .<t<i i up: 5?h Mer'tn, Ha'.ei. do. 99 ap: Hh. I'reai'tent, Maer, do I .MOO up, l?akiii?. Till. Namilua Rwaiu. I.S ?> ap; 6lli. Ben i OamminM. Mii*ua. Da'l. ISfep,?i<i) wb; Vl?tlani. Cole, jin ?;m> -.b- 4<vi ap. 1 ;h .MiTlt I'ettf Sb?rmau, 1,900 bbla all (ni l. till lat. thipMarjr and Hnaaa. Hoelami. loOiulaa aud lioma. _ _ Ipakaa. <*??. SUip Mlrnheiin. Marahall. irom Uveipool fo: NTork, Apiii 10 lat 40. I"? '"A Mark Keaamawd Fiaber beni* for Uadlr. Aprl' IV, lat !>< i,V.0rk lilJi<?ena, fr-nu Matanxa* for k??tna, March 2J iai "8 la? 73. v ^ Bart: Aid, f om ( ardenaa for Bo toa. Aprli 14. ?t n>:;?a s by F of Hitlilaiid WgHt Brit; Amanda .fane (Hr), 39 days from Ttirka lalama for KYnit. April S. la 37. loa .4 W-and waa aii[.pited with pro Bmm Mew ill'il'*, f'nai Baiiimura lot Boaton. April 8. lat fi| |nn 74?fce-l Mn Mdwaika an'! imii I of ila -k load rartl(a Farla. 4ai <BHr. Mai B 0?Air ?I'-lpom iod* Blo.-k, NTor^ AC*rni,io. March I.'i-Art ?U!p Zephyr J Btgclow. Stork, 'ho'i'iiui, March Jf?8ld Olaneur. L?nn??rana, Sao f 'ii'iiiT'Marcli I?In pott bar* Bwalioiwlfi, for Bo^ioo * (fioaiiM, March llior, ripping, ftaa Ffiki'iwo. Oau'tma, ii?An auip Joaiah Bik<i>?e. M.-ho a. Mar.* SI?Arr Tnp!a Vnaarlek. Mfork, K?i ?oi rit. M?<cb <1 -On t oiiolM from KTork, for Bl(Ii."?'*ow, Marati II?Arr 41 An.iraw (?,. NVork and Poil "'inkoo?. MarrhH*lrrlirteorge ai). Alrd. HVork Kimkaital March it?Arr Modena. Heard M(*(la* (aad rlil 14lh lor B?aton4 Hara*. Man h SO?Bid Beliona. Pmkkard, NTork .laonni. Match fl?Bo Am reaxal la port. l.trvarook, N*?fc 31?Ait Ofciaa. NTork; .t?r TkompaoD, 'lltd%Ut> Bathhona. Fr*ti, VYork; Fomona. Attdor iah Rutb < id Slat, Onjr of Ltroerlok ftp, .'one*, NTork; Melbo irne, 1toi'Sli Ol4Wf?w ($\ ML NTork Albort, K amp. ?altimora, Tuaaftror*. Uunl^r/, (Jaltuiu . _ . l^iMinn, March Si?Air at Uranaaend, Hopbia lane M a eint.ta?, Mar? h 29?t^ld Hermea, Motlftcb, NTork, Arr M Manaanlila lat Inai. brig Hanoouk, Oibba, Klniataa, J. to load for Boston. In port lat, Iwrntl Liadaay. Clark, for Boa toe. Nvwrtan a. March J?-hn' ant, I^iadrlck ioaliA, Woack, "KhrJiaoSi".1, March Sl-Paaael by, Daniel Wfl'Her, ?f?Baar. from Ixntdan for NTork. Yiat.a Bar, Jan ff?Bid4tnlbara(al?. NTork AM*rt??n BOSTON, April 19?Arr an dalphla, yla Dannla rtaNTatki VB ahl| Peaaacola; ahlp Ho? iwrj iTmrj, Higgtha, I'alaa, Taa*lar; lldal Wan Kbr SamnarrTah! iJarlA hencalS* Portlaad."Belowrbarka Maoabeater, from Capa l oad. Afrlaa; H^allow, from Ba klai f laranoa, from NawOriaaoa, and foitrbrlga. In tba bar. ahlp lihll from H-n liln; bark Acaata,from Ciaa fuacoa; wla* four ahIpa,three bark* and thraa brl?a Cbl ahlp Manatalawara, Uoakint. New Orlaan* bark VaUta. Nb k araoa. AlataadrUk Va; Clio (Brain), llatierman, Ll?arp ?l. brlga Ittlalfca TV). Abl?tL UR Gotland, MiLel ton; MataiSAil1 M'J. v'*"1 N w, fr??h In tha morning, afisr warda IS. ahtp fanny Kern, rfnaluoklaa Bpark the Onean; barka J f Chaalla. Acaao; brim ?wordftak. Bird af tha Ware. BhIMMalh, IfarajnaMbojMatiaad Bhlp Waahlagtaa. froai Naw Ortaaaa for Rannabea, waa to tha bar yaaiardaf, and ai saaiill thla afternoon. _ . cm; Www*, UOrteans; MiUhMiwi, Tnta IsUttu tahr K How*, do. below, skips Otwat from OalcutunKt Union. Atfrr, from dot HHt BitW, Donnall,' ulVitli. Ingtoa. Iwiii. tfm NOrlsaua; IwA K Onddard, from Fa lermo; brus Albertl. from Kuont Vtsta; Canute, from Ma tantaa. Off Highland Light bark Kaatern RUr. l April 1ft?Arr ship Mu; Russell, Thompson. DIG H ION. April IS?Arr schr John Lorler.Vhlllips Riwa bethpon for Taunton; sloops Olio, Nuroutt. ud Josl Uall, Plata. 4* lor do. 14th?AiVsehr Charles. Norrls, KTork. DKNNIS, April 14?Bid WMmtr Safuu, for BostOD. la tow of liftiftfi* Ohi^rlM i'Mrvou. KDOaRTOWN. April tO?Air sohra Omega. Brtggs, Nanasmoad for Boston; ? i Chapman, Wolaa, New York for Salem. April U?Ait steamer Bolls (new). Baker Philadelphia for Bssioa; sshssntrriet, I*sssa, Mow York for do; Unios. rendtatoa. do for Portsmouth April IS?Arr sehrs Mlanle Oobb. Iograliaaa, NYork for Salem: Quail: Inwuw, do for Partsmaath; Bath 8 Hodr dpa. HaH; Yankee Maul. Spear, aad Forest. Ooawar, ddf for d?; Cor belle. Hoi tan. HUataburg. XT, for do; Joalah A', Gregory, NYorkfor do; Mar* Langdon, Oobb: Pal las. Ortan, and A rural In e, HI*, do for 4o: Adrian. Em err, do for Portland; John Adams, Hatch, ao fordo; Utili 1^^Sk?p<?lf'or^o5oaLlf*rti *loop M**7 Burol>. Hudson. KALb Rl VBR. April iV-Arr, aehrs Hoary OaaUUT. AJbrr NYork; Trimmer, North do; Rfbaoea Knight, Lear, and Brandy wine, Corson. Philadelphia ; sloop naidacrable, Simmon*, Bllzabothport. 14th?Sid sehrs fanny Moss, Davis, and Orion, DtvU, M Y ork. GLOUCESTER, April 9?Arr brig Mary Imni, Tlbbeta. Rockport r?r Norfolk; aoha Radiant (Br), St. John NB for IS York; Ida Morton. Butman. Vlnalhaver for Foilreas Monroe; Rollins. Preseott. hast port for N York; Flora King. MoParlana. Calais for Washington; William A Arthur, Hast k?ll, I'Orilattd for Philadelphia; llth. Hannali Ne il. GodJ frey. Calais for Georgetown DO; Enchantress, liunkius, and Mary Wlloot, Lubec for N York 1MOHLAND LIGHT, April 15~Passiag Out, ships Ken tackiaa sad Winged Banger. HOKMB8* 11 OLE April IS. P M-Arr -grhrs 0 W Locke Huntley; Wl'llam H Dennis. Lake; Northern Light Ire land; .lohn Uadwallader. Williams, and I<a Plata, Btralton, Philadelphia for Boston; Budora. Lord; Charles Bd wards, Higvins: Mart Alloc, Perry; I'henix, Henley, and Andrew Peters, Lord. Bll/abethport fordo; Princess. Lor.ll; Yan kee Blade. Coombs, and Melbourne. Parsons New York for do: Union, Post. Baltimore for Belfast; Ida L Howard, fTc Duffle, aad HN Farnham, Nicholson, Philadelphia for Salem; Laura M Maugham. IIiItr, and Leonard Me.Ken/li'. Smdley. do for Rock port, Mass; Halo, Short, do for I'ortswouth, Exchange, RaaJail, and AMopn Collamore. Kll/.abothport for do; Julia Ann. Lane, do for Danverapo. t; Saxon. Oassidy. do for Newburvport; A14. Bunker, aud Benjamin Patch, NTork for Eastoort; Boliert Ralkes. Tar and Unmet Webster, Thomson, do for Olouoester; Ospny (Bi>. lilc', glas, and Alloe T (Br). Thompson, do for Ht John. NH. Bid sohrs R H Atwood. Ril/.a J Laugh ton. J Pains, J 8 lllg rins, Wm 8 Parker J E Niokaison. Tidal Wave, Prairie Flower. >nd*David B Newootnb. April 14?Arrbar'< Linda Stewart, Perkins, GtianUoamo for Portland: brig 1 lei Ian thus (Br). Robinson, Ponce. PR, for St John. NB; sebr Fear Naught. Ooodwtri. Eii/aliotb. port for Boston. 8ld solirs Camille. Bay State Csbot. Ply ing Pish, C M Watlon, Qentlle, Charles "K.Iward. Princess, Laura M Mangsm. L McKeu/ie, Robert Raikes, Daniel Webster. Allee (Br), and Osm-ay (Br). 14th, PM?Arr bark St James. Wood. Philadelphia for Bos ton; schr Oliver M Petit, Clark. Boston for Washlngion. DC. Hid brig EP Swcit; sohrs AleianUrla, Phenii (Br), Pavlllloo, A (Valine Marecalbo. Juno, Sarah B Harris. Prau olseo, John W Hall, 8 V W Simmons, Elirabeth English, Caroline Knight DeKware, 8 B Wheeler. James Kng urn. das Lo.:an. Saratoga. Julia A Rloh, Z A Paine Clara Mer rick. h A R Smith. Chrjrnolte, Mnrt B Oaea-Josish Achorti, Forest, Corinthian. Augeime. Plarllia. C W Locke. Win H Dennis. Northern Deht, Kudora. John tladwaliadnr. Mnry Alloe, Pheuis, Andretv Peters, Melliourue. Yankee Blade, Union. Ida L Howard. II N Fnrnham. llslo K?ch?i-ge Ale'Ope, Julia Ana. Saxon. Aid. Benjamin, and Pear Naught April 16?Ait bark John Aviies. Rueknsui, Ifavuua far Portland; brigs Waccataaw. Nichols, Cardenas lor Uostou; Harriet. Fredericks, Ma tan as: Trenton, Atherlon. C'-argn town. DC, for Boatoti; srhr E J Talbot, Ameshury, Hsvans, for Hi John, HH. Rid biirks Linda Stewart, Si James, John Avlles; brigs Hellauthun (Bi). Waecamaw, llurrfet, Tion ton: schrs I? Plata. (Mlver M Pettlt, and K J Tathot MY8TIC, Ct. April 14?All' ttlir Barker, N York. Bid lMh, sloops Apollo, Muuhejr, NTork; BA Jayae. Hil lock. do. NBW BEDFORD. April ll-? Arr sohrs Emily C Beunisoa, BvlggS, 4tid II S If Alios, NYork; Harriet !' Kly. Stokes. Staatsbmir. NTork; loth, schr Henry C'ay. Handy. Elltahetbport. Sid I4rh, brlr Kllsha Dudley (not an bel'orei. Uopklns. NYork; schi t'alhaciue Heal, llasknll, do. NEWPORT. April IS?Arr schr* Knltou, B.a<lley, Haiti more lor Newlmryport; If.True L, Frauds Ellrabetliporl. NKW HAVKN, April 14?Arr schrs BrlMaut. Merrill. RlUabeitiport; R F, Skinner, do; Joseph, do; Connecticut, Kiio k. Philadelphia: Signal. Denui-u. Hl.a beth|x>rl; C Lswson, Snow. NYork: Marr Brnckwat, Oau son; Mary LoiiIsd Sn?w; Daniel Rus?el! While; T C L.vman. Stanna'd'; sloop Teuioaranee, Msckle. Bid bark Keening Sin. MansHeld. PorlO Rico PHILADELPHIA. AprJ IS?Arr ship Ms;e-.tie. Hoi llday. Liverpool; bark Bril iant. Colbtirn. New Oiteaas: brig T<eonard Mvers. MtinJnr, New Orleans; ?chia Alice B. Chase, do;" Village Hem. llarlln, mono Inlei. It H Howlett. Souier< Key West; Spray. Adams, do. H?iow. a Ship with loss of main toniusit; s nark, supposed to b? the Vio'ona. CM hrig Dudley. Carter Poit Royal: schtsJR Houston. Llppln<ott. New Orleans: Monlrose, Motl. Port Royal; Wm H Tiers. Hofl'man, do; Bo'lrar, Wallers Ro? bury; V Shsrp, Shsrp. itosiao; L Audeorled. Bsriifit, d?. Crisis, Rntis Newport; John Stroup Lake Boston. Lrwxs. Del.. April It?Tne suh&iJIng of the heavy sea and a high wind from the south hara enabled t>>e wrweters lo commence operations on lire ship Sea ('rest tiinl oh I Us stranded vessels in this viein'ty A ?bark, sin bras and some twenty sehoonerr aic al anchor in the roadstead. The steamer Burnstde, for Fortress Man roe ; schooner* Tunis Depew, from N'Ynrk for do: Active, fat Boston; CAT Ciea mer. for Baltimoie; Nye, from NYork for York rirer; PH/* Jane, of NYork; Mar> Pesrsoa, from Philadelphia for Hot ton; B Rgtaotlne, for Boston, and many others treat to m*a 13tb. Weather mild and clear. H tb?Arr ship Westr.eid. Trersiliek Lirerptv.;. PROVIDE NCR, April lfr-Arr Kngtsher(a). Ny?, sad Sea Oull (s>. Kenney, NYork; ?e)us ft t'owlei. J'm?. <slr more: Daniel Webster. Perry T Benertl... Kl?.:; Peer freen. Poller; Nlghltugale, Keebe. aud Naiad 7"e??. Daniels, Philadelphia: Mnr? Stewart Denn's; t i.#*e Tillotsnn: N llol'oes. Arnold: Kipedlts, Beehe, sod .tsn. ? I. White, Davis, hli*abethport: 1'rankiin Pierre, llall. t*??ti incton. N.I: Choctaw, Farkrr, V.lir?beihpo< t: P.mpire Dayton Eltmbetlipori for Puwtucket: Msry Me-.tion, Bri h'uian. Ell ab.-tbpor!: Cap* John. Torrev. dm Cbaoi pioB. Sawyer, do; Marls l.'oilss, Hlieftield. P.1i/aheib'|>oit; Ell alieih Regar, Lincoln, NYork; Robert n Keller. Rctbiri, Pat^hogne, LI; slooi s Vletoi*. Cole, H|. ahrt\|?/> i ?. If trvesi, Corwlo. NYork; Oregon, Rhodts, NYork; Rise' Allen.'NYork. Below, aluop Kii/.t,. Wntd, I'.ii?al>eihpoi'l. Std schrs Cliase. Mlllf Eli/al*thpai|: Tunis Bo I i.e Ktmee do; Cabinet. Btirdiek , do; Ctosade. Witnu. do; Ssoua'virk. Allen. NYork; Orlando H iih Kuvtlnr sud Ida, Knaois Itacerstraw, K York: sloops (leorgs II Darl*. I>ewl.?it. and Translation. South. NYork. ?l?o s.-hrs C l? Bar'es. Vro man and S T Ourr ?oi Kllawot'h, Phllsoelplna; Ami Caro.ine, KfOn NNorw: ?'oop Mar, I, Karles. i*a?!s. N Toi t. Hid lion the West Hai IS'h. Br ship sy!'''a. Mc?'<<llo<h. from Liverpool foi Bo?lnn PAWTt'CEUT, Aptt it?Air sclu Fa-^nimaiu, Bu.lgi *. NYork; s'nopQoldeo R'i'e W?"? Ell sheth|?orl SAN I RANC1SCO. April ll-Ari ship ,laioe? It Keeler. Delano. NYork. SOMERSET. April IS-Arrsloop 0?:. Dsvla, NYork SALEM, April K?Arr rchr. liiiJaheih (Ir-cn'sw, I slais for NYork; Metiean. lief ? ? r . Btiebepoi t for Philadelphia Wrr Arthur. FTasUell, PeriUn.1 lor do. STONINOTON. li Arr lllgMr.nder, Meke son, Rlirsbeihpoit lot t'. nii.h TTwvrlet p Kl?, Stokes StiSlsbtirir, NY, for .New H' tioid; a muger. Binilli, Nt fo? <!ohas?e(. Nariows fIF.I.P W AM'ltU?PKNALCS. (tLOAtc makers wasri o?"rRsi r\i k uani?s .1 JAMF.S A. HI.'RN A RON 7ift Rrrmrttrar. RP8T ST WKRR WAN'IKD -VPP1.V TO A Stewart ? Co , Rroailv.xjr ami Truth "l^t. c\ o V AHH MXPRS AND TRI MMI'Rs W \M'I PT)?.il.BO use wo apprentice* at.o ?> it ^ovrr#. A|> !? M?H H*OOP PKJRT H1HUP. WANTED. 8KVKRAL UOOI> 'o i akr worm ? n?. !a?n?d tap' ?nd knolled ?kirta- raiihtaat ruip> -?u.. i.t a'l Mi. Iu|?)4 haa.t* ?ai ranted A?p!j early at IS" a 'n'.c m.. Brooklyn. OPERATOR WANTED 05K HATINO A flROVRR A Raker martlir.* <tia.< a?p!) Willlama. ai l?,W?t Broadway. co net Ka?..? ?.. np ?u?tra perator WANTED \ TtR-T ( f.ASS 0PR?M1 OR on Wbre'rr A IV : in'. ?rwi.ig m? Inn*; our ?'<t t ?(. ed with thej-tilrt ?;n??- if' rfd. *'?o wanted, ah'tt lUiiiUerr. "vailh> lien it's *'"7 Bfaadoay. PROTEST A NT WOM AN WANTbO?TO COOK 1 and Ir n. Apptv st 47 W>? 4M ?? SKRVAVTf WANT PLAOEf.?A L *RCK M'VHER OC w*!l ?"lreteddbervant* for hote r teoai dtngtbonar-an t 01 Irate fiimilic- to be bad ai Vu ? I 'n;<?meot umc?, tlf' Dro>?e ?. O. WALTON A <lO SITCATIOJN WAKTKD-rOR > IIOROUOIII.Y CoS pei-ut female he'.p 0' all ballon*: inch a? firct c ata cook*, t hatnbermaid?. waltre?*a laund w iMmairrwi, tiuraea, cook a to ?t a*t- *nd fiou ?m*n itirla and 1I1'* !?trl? 'audrd Apply at CARPENTER S I.arse Bmpl nuv ut Home, 138 Elerentli at . -0 tt?r fi!?tn ar WANTSD?TOUXO INDIES OK PLRAfllNO Al? to w ilt 011 Mb ? ?. Apply ai the E-?eilla Saloon, MM Bro?dwa\". Irom 1 to 3 P M. itmlnt till* X B ?. Ladieaof |M add"-** ?'>?* *fab!e o' wait'ua 'men *rnt'? oten and londttc'ing tbeu ?ehea In a p:opee and ladvlike aiaaner. can a:?araob'.an attoat'on* In tbe nbnri oMal.liah taent, at libeta! ?a!?t i*"* E A. 01MO>I<'N, Piaprlatof Wantpd-A OIRI, TO CO WFST, OMR rtH,t,T r-omrctent. a? imrw and ??ani??rr??, and w>liln* ?o ai^ko h'riwlf me orally L??fn ; a i<-iman prer?ri#d. App'r ?t7? T;H?t Ulff ?t WANTED?A PR0TP8TART TOtJTO WOMAN AS child ? aui??. One mi'ii ?| t? ?? to Ohio f'>r kIi bann| g.K^t f.i? >??.? u'?y appi? imm* >'*?*--T ai '.tyi ivmi WAi!!?S^nJl?<*?>P OOOD OPERATORS ON STT RraaSaa* SSraSS1 fo1' ?bf?l? aBd draWW*. at J^ily M-Oal atH., ,Von? bill good haada iiwj TO rant he f*7ANTED?A OOMPFTFXT 1, ,_rtw T? taka rbaraa of a lart.a* and ftif; . None prod apply nal'M the* ar? w?-t ?"a"f'v , i)'i?liiwiii4?ti|W?|o<H! ief?i#a ??. Ad<lre?? l?.Tli" ' ,5 oa^?. ?raia WAXTRD- \ N'l'RlR AXO UVAMRritrsM I'lT T reforoooci ro?|t?trrr apn.<r ?R Moiniar, before i2 M., W J9i U?ui ? a?.. Brook:*n. WANTEl*?4?E\ KRALi P. X f*RI KNC'FD DREAM M A ?tl. Alto Mine p!i!a Huen aj p.y at IT* Kan ?th Mrott fETANTED-A (MR!. FPOM IS TO 14 TEAR* Ol,U l"0 f? takoimreof a ur all ehi'd aad n? ernado To ?n??h aaoaeiSix-i month wll, ) aid ard a food hune Apply al EM Columbia at , c*ai Cario:i< la ike atote Sontu Biooktya, WANTKn-ORVTRiL DRRH^M\fPn? N0*1 BUT ?ood kaud* who ti?ri*r?taad -Hwnnnit aad trfaklay eeerrthln* In a dre?* need ai r'.r. to c< od Uau<i? tbo boot ?alary glvot. Apply ?! IM Wo? 'iSd ?! . ?Mr ""i ae WAVTBD-A YOt'XO LADT, as iAl-K^WOWAM, 0110 kaowlaff tlie *?le 4( embroidery Preferred. Ap fly, with food referent, at Do P- r e?ar?. 0.17 Broadway t iiuduo"??>?! 1 taappl* wltboa! oa>nif '""ea In taa o??' Ma>. ,t - ^ >?mJI Iffftft* WANTED?AN UONE8T 01BL* TO DO OENBRaX. boi ai'Wct(; a Oerman pr''On?'l. nano need apply without tood oity refrrenco JCai at W Weal Ifth at. ^ WANT8D-A NURRE, TO OO TO * yoong oua and a Prataatant prafairad. oood rofat ancea aa to rharacior require*. WW?> <* IB* ply al*o, before 11 k. M , ar from 4 10 7 P. /? Baot losir ^ XXTANlRD-k FIRST CLAbS WJlh'ZaaSfciS^iJBl?' Vt mf; wagaa ao objtct. Apply ai 144 4tk a?.. beiwaea Htk ax lltk iST WANTED?100 MANflLfcA AND CLOAB makers 10 maohlao operatara, with tkalr awa raaohinot Nona but aiper enned aaade need appii_to Oha? 11. (Irtdia. Mu Broadway, at iba rearaatraaee. ?7 Pfaahlfr at. WANTRD?A* 8ALB8WOBAN, AT TUCKER?. & Broadway. , UTABTRD?VTLLINKRR AND. TRIMMERS ?P. TRIM ?f nara aad 4 tatlHnaro wan tad. alao ft goo I boyat oity reforeooe inquired; I mad atraw aewer waated; aupnnitioe wanted ti lairt ?ka MMtr. Avvtf W !?> ?-*?? ?*< HELP WAinrBD-f RMA LKH. WTW-T5rRL. TO DO QBMRRAL HOllSRWOl ft* 4 email private familf. Aim* at 78 Went IStk I nur Mb av, TXT ANTED?A PBWOOOD OPERATORS OS BINOBM YT mIdi maohlne, to work on ooreele, thote laomm. (01110.1 to whits work preferred AUo * few small drUiiki light work. Apj?iy at Uroadway, fourth floor. j WANTED?TO WORK IN A COTTON MilA*. I* g pleasant village od a railroad aear Hartford Ooaa.. either families or alogle hands, fetnalee pieferred; garni wages; houses with gsrdens at low real. For partiftuka* apply to W. WaHard. 1T> Waablagtoa at. OTABTRO?A SEAMSTRESS WHO UNDERBTARBB VT dressmaking and can ojierata oo Wheeler A Wlltoa'a sawing machine. Apply at 147 East IJth at., la ths baaa? meat. TITANBBD?TWO BEAT. IMDDBTBIOUB OILS. TO ?| " a short distance In the country; oae as ehambenaafl and laundress. tha other as oook and to take eharge doss? stairs. None but good workers and with *ood rerereaaaa aead apply at S-U West S2d at, between 8th ui Mb av?k. Basemen t door. . WANTF.n?OIRLS TO PAOK TOBACCO. APPLY A* 809 Water at. WANTED?TriE BEST HANDS AT DRBSSMAKIM*. to trim and finish. Apply at 288 4ih ay. for on a waafc. WANTED?OTRLH TO LBARN THB GOLD CUTTIBB; those applying early will be paid while learning. Af nly at W. 11. Kemp's gold leaf worka. 179 H udsoa at tEFANTKD IMMBDIATELT?TWO ORRMAN OlRIBs M one for general tamjsework: must be a good plain sow and an esceileot washer and Ironer. The other ta toko east ? of children. Apply at 95 Bast .13d st. SITUATIONS ^AWTED?WALKS. _ AFRPNCHMAM. WE T.I. REOOMMKNDBD. WOVU like to travel with a family or pet any employment whatever. Address Mrs. J. Juerln, 88 East 18th at. ASTTIXATION AS BOOKKEEPER. ASSIST AM* bookkeeper or entry clerk wanted, by a young mm who is a good penman aiyi accountant, with goid oily refbr enre an to character ahd ability. Address C. P. 0., Hereto oflloe. ? Hotel and steamboat proprietors -a sttw. atlon wao'nd. as olerk or bookkeeper In a hotel or oa a ateambdat. by a young man Cully oomoeteot; best rtfMSMS el re ii. Address A. B. C.. oars of W. L Know lea, 1ST MB at.. N. Y. SITDAHON REQUESTED?AS RABKBBPER. BT A voting man well up in the business. Apply at ti Ore? wlcb,?t. TO HARDWABB MBROBANTS.?WANTED. BT A young man ts years of age. a situation either as olerfe or salesman: can preduoe (Irst class testimonials, and omM enter upon his duties Immediately. AilJres# Ironmonger. l>nx 1.10 Ilorald olBoe. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS -A SITUATION WANTRS, as clerk or bookkeeper, of to taVe charge of a house. If a young man who has several years' city eiperlcnoe. and a thorough practical knowledge or the duties ia a large koaaag is of good address, active and wiiliug Addreaaror thraa days Hotel, box 808 Herald oflloe WAITED?A SITUATION, AS COAOHMAN. BT A single man; haa the beat city raferencea; haa no M tectlou to the country. Can be seen at P. Trainer'* baraeaa store, corner of Broadway and Astor place. ftf-ANTED-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO MAR WH# iv has had ten yests' experience in a first class DnUta giooery wArvhauae. N. B.?Haa never done business la tola oountry before Address W. M. C., Herald oflloe. HBLP WAKTRO-NALKS. AN OPPICB BOT WANTBD?PROM SOlTOOfc, Br.nj; character. Apply to Morris L. Samuel, ageak 40 at., from 10 to 4 o'clock. . AN RRRANO ROT WANTED?AT NO. tl CLlNrOB pi'.iee. 8th at., where apply on Monday morning. A NUMBER OP TOUNO AND AORD MEN, BXPB. rlennml or aot, wanted as nurses la hospitals, near tha citv, at (rood wages Apply early on Moaday, at It 8th as. , near Amity at. _____________________ A SMART. ACTIVE TOUNO MAN. PROM IS TO ? /\ vears of age. aa light porter. One who can give 8rat .-)?>hi rliv references ean Bad a permanent sltttaUoa by apate* ing at W Bleecker at. noOKKEBPRR WANTBD-A TOUNO MAN, WRTft 13 lug a good hand and caoable of taklug oharae of a aat at retail suirs hooka. Character, personal habits aad roferea <tc.< n.aat he undoubted. Ta the right man a liberal "Sir w(!l lie paid. Address Broadway, Herald oflloe. TkOOKKRRPKRS AND OTIIRRS. ACCUSTOMED M i> .bensenf ti/nraa, can make money by selling a aaw patent addinir machine to all classes of htisiaees men. st tne office. Six Kroadway, room No. A BOT WANTED?IN AN OFPICE; ONE WHO IS Wtt? ling to make himself generally useful; oae wka Meat in Hiook'yu preferred. Call at 43 John sc. up atalrs. /I.tflll ROY'S WAN fED?APPLT TO A. T. STBWAMTA V > tlrt.. Broadway and Tenth at. /1I.P.RK WANTBD-A VOUNO MAN, ACQUAINTM ?llh loreign surreacies. a rapid writer aud quick al flg'ieee. with goad releraucea. Address Clerk, bos SSI Haw Vom l*oa> office _ DR.vriSTRT.-TWO STUDENTS CAN BE TAKBM BV ? ui-iilist of great experience, who will give them gOM ?ag-4 ao -n a# competent. App'leani* will state age. MS rea?oi>, *<? Address Dentistry. 4Broadway Peat OMg Dltv i?OOdA BALKSMBN WANTED.?APPLT ?? .'.?a. \. ilaastiA Son. 778 Broadway, ab-ve Wh st. nur "u<>OI>8 SALI8MAN WANTBD-AT IMT OR ABB *tiee>; also two Oermaa aalesmen, at Hardy A 0*.% U5 3'l. ?v. nRtIO iM.P.RK WANTED-A BTBADT, INDUSTRIOOB ? >i*o who understands the prescription hualnesa; aaa who ran apeak ?ei man preferred. Apply, be twee a IS asl t* M.. on Monilay. al I6.t ar. A. LUTRT CI.P.RK WANTED?IN A DRT GOODS /OB. I i 0:ng house: nonn evcepi eiperlencn l need apply. AB> gram in handwriting of applicant, hot f 0<4 PostOlHaa, VRT LAD WANTBD-PROM IS TO 18 TEARS Ot Z* nire. 'o lenrti to sell goodn A good opportunity far A :>t tcM rnuib one who hss some knowledge of the paaaf banging bi.xlnesii preferred. Must have unexc*p(!ouaiMl ? efercire. ami reside with his parents. Addresa bos I.MV P ?i ofl ce. . OALKSMRN WANTED?Pf>R BILKS. CLOAKS AM O I'ff- ut'ods ileimrim-ni. Also, Pienrli and German Hale?nien wanted. Apply to n.TlON A JOHNSTON, T74 UowttT. ? WANTHD-IN A STORE. A MAN WIIO THOBOUOB. Iv undeislands cleaning ailver plate, Adureaa kaB I,rt2 post olBoe. WANTRB-A SMART. ACTIVE TOUNO MAN IB A *io>e; must be .tcruKtomrd to business, and hare goag referaneea. OEO. A. CHAPMAN. 78 On see Streak. W"antp:d_an pxi-prirnceo f?iti?t oi.erk in a ? V dry k!"*ds lohbini bouse; one familiar with the kaiH cess; none oilier ueed apply. Address Dry, HsraM .lWr? WANTRO-A FIRST CLASS BOOKKEBPBB; A TOUBB msn preferred; nseirho tiaderslanda Bis huslneaa uiri ean plve coo I reference; a liberal salary will be jl??as Address i:.>oskoeper It. V. U., Hsra'd oiiee. with adareaa 9. SWISS oft r at IS Wall SB. WANTKD?\ MAN WMTRK, FBRNCB, 'ieiuiaa. !>y alpriva s family. Apply i room II WtNTP.D-A BOV. FROM 12 TO IS TEARS OLD. jJB serwekerv house, to siraw ge>*1s: oae aeonataia* wBfc *.b? di pi^foirwl. 0*ii 4i Joku from II to I P. UTaNTRD?A PORTER IK A LACS IMPOBWBB W ho .se. one who*boro"gh!y undarsunds his buslnaafk Nose ottiei iK?ed appiv. Addre'*, stating salary em solas, witii references, i>oi 489 Post odlje. WAfTI R WANTRD.-A WHITR WAN, ACCllSTOl in '?sliin? In private femlUas, is wsu'ad In Balllnsara. AUdi-ese g><log -es|>e?tihle refer en as. W. M , Herald aflat WA%1 (in?A MIDDLB AOBP axbrican MAN, UB ed. to take cbsrtre of a bar; mast be capable ?nd willing to make hlruvelf ueeful; no other aaed apply, ? ith leteiencrs at the Mansloa lie .as, 78 TrankUa at. WANTRD-A LAD. A BO IT U OR IS TEARS OP ABBL willtng to make hlmtelf seaerally useful: oen has* ? pei ms'ient sitMstion. Apply at Rsrtla A Rutaak'a Hal, Oa* si>.l ?'.ir Store. JM Bowery.* WANTkD-A MAN OP GOOD ADDRESS, AS STOBB walker, competent to dre*?i windows. Apnlr before# A M to R n Mary, AM and 404 fth av., two deora bete* :?ih st. WtNTRD?A PORTER IN A CARRIAOB RRPOBI tory. one who uss been j?'d to aeaatag carrlaaw. fat! b-'we?ii io snd 12 at Taylor's gft Cedsr itraet. W.VNTRO-rOB A CASH DRT GOODS JOBBIM twa salesmen ler sear br and StAla traSa A.|;lr--s >?e? IS Hetald office. WAITED-AN OPPICE BOT. PROM tl TO 19 TBAlB >r age. aaewcll scoi aini'd w'.th tka city aad ?M ?a sad snd wute; selai vfnl* |1S0 annum; Ihe baataf recomuienuatliMis required. Address. J. C J.. Herald la sppiicant's handwrlMng. Wtttp.IJ?A BOT. ABOUT 14 TkARS OF AOB, !? ?in nt errands and msie klmse.f loot r^ipr^lcM fPlulrMe hM4wrlHii| of ^ nl.esnt. 'ion li,5M I'aet ofttcs ti.?- - \Ar tKlt.O-A TOCNG MAN, IN A BROADWA* M r ot lung store. Reef need addresa "alese be aagar Hr'neas sreli; als ? an atiletani citier waaled ?? ?:.e ?s Addrtw, with rarttcniars, B. B. C., Uala? equate !?<??; ______?? Tl' A S IHD-A liotu. (JOAORMAV INQfIBB At tl YT it Mai k'eplaee. refereeoe required. WASTf D-two mkn WHO CVDRRSTAND DRIVIMI bsck: to tbosa who uaderataa4 ike buaiaaaa llbarat wages win be glrea. Apply al 118 niatoa place. Wantbd-a gOOD, strono mar to turn a wheel; also a waiter In ?n lce erss^i ssleo% *Pjtf at the wholesale lea ciaaaa depot, iSS 4ih av^, near lM st. Wasted-two first ci.ass white oooob sn'esmea, at Lagraln a, 729 B.oodway w AMTED?TWO FIRST CLASS DISSS 04OBB sa'asmen st Legraln's, 779 Broadway. T*7AWri'P_Hr v RIU. (lOOD DRT GOODS SALM? pVl. tn';" a'^iTyn'1 APP,,l? H#rt0" * BoD,'1S WTaNTRD-A stout TOCTH, OF OOOD HABITS. M vT or 17 vests of ags, as aa a;{.rantlra to tka ateefpiaia ptdntiag business A ronth residing with hla parents paa. ferred in^uira at Joaneaa, Pry A Co. 1.37 feeakmaa at, lop flimr WANTID?PIRST CLASS SA1K9BAN FOR THM sitswi departaiaat. April lo A. T. Slswart B Oa., Broadway aad loth at. WANTBD-A SALBSMAN FOR A IS BMRBOIBBBV aad laaa depart meat; ane competent to toka toa obaige. Apply ta Strang A Adrlaaoe. Mt Bresdway. WaNTBD-POUE WAITER MSB POB a LA DIB# salaaa . thoae wka undersland tka buatacaa aaly; gaaA pay and permaaaat ettnsttcn SSI Braadwag. WANTBO-SITBRAL OOOD DIMINd BOOM WAIT. tlf ANTBD?AN IBTRLL1GBBT ABB APT1TB fOUBB W man, IT oi is vears old. willing to make tiiasetr gaagL rally.aaifHi; gaag rt(?raw*? to?WUkk?. (HI MTV

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