Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW Y "ii ? ' ' 11 1 ?" ? ' " ' WHOLE NO. 10,075. NEW YORK, MONDAY, ORK HERALD APRIL 18, 1864?WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. OCVL1ITI AND AVRHTtl* jQBArilKM, dbaknbk8, lMPAlKM) KKJUT, BOI8K8 IN THB HBAD, BAYARRUALTrrBCTlONS II* THM tn ho at. OHRONiU CATARRH, OATARKil oFFhB TYMPANIC? mucous mrmbranb, OBSTRUCTION 0K iTiITkUSTAOHIAII lOBBk CURED, OBOSSBTB 8TRA1GHTBNED IN ONE~m7nUTB, aad e?#ry ftemr ef the Bye and Bat requiring either ?edt? eai or eurgieal Aid attended to BI DR. YON ~BI8ENBBRO, DR VON BISBNBERO, DR. YON E1HBNBERO, * BR. VON KI8KNBBR8, Aether of "BurgtoAl and Practical Observations on the Di? Mueti of the Ear, with the Nrw Mode of Treatment," At hie ettM. sie broadwat. OPINIONS or TUB NRW TORS PRBSg OATARRII RURBD. (Prom (be Journal of Commerce.] THB case or uutciij*gh, ths "liqhtmiito oal OULATOR.' Hurt vu published Id IhrM cduniw a Tew days since ft* remarkable cure of Hutuhln,*, the "Lightning Calculi tor," so well known to the jiublte during tbo maay year* be exhibited bis wonderful arithmetical powers el Barnum's Museum, by the celebrated Oculist and Aurlst, Or. Von fclseaberg, of this city. Huublngs Is repreeented to have been at tbe point of death, and but for the Mmely Inter ference of tbe doctor, w. uld now be resting In hie grave. This Is a remarkable case, and worthy of the attention of persons similarly afflicted. We think It )? but just to Dr. Von Elsenherg to call pubHe attention to tbls e so. There are hundreds in the eemmuuity suffering from catarrh, who. like the "Light ning Calculator," It ftkl actuary praying for death, aro ready to aocept of anything lliat promises to relieve them from their distresses. To such we would say trifle net with faeipertenced men, but consult, without unnecessary delay, Da. Van Klsenberg, who, at least, has the honcaty to assure htapaiienla whether It * within bia power to make then whole or not df.apnkss curkd. DEAl'N ES~UUKKD. DHAKNliH.s CURKD. (Prom the Tribune.] EARS TO THB DEAP. Every nan, and especially every woman, believes in bis sa Iter physician. There are philosophical mind* which SaM to an Abstract faith in Allopathy, or Homeopathy, or Bydropathy, or aome other form of scientific cure; but with to* world at large the belief Is not in the ivstetn, but In the doctor. Eapeeially la thla true as rt^-arda auriaU and oeu list*. Tbe patient who has recovered his sight or hla he jr toe I* aure that tbe blessing could have been restored to him fey no other practitioner tban that particular one by whom bla eyes or eara ware opened. Dr. Von Elsenbtrg la ameng our best known auiista. Ho haa not lent ua cars as a brother practitioner has eyes, and In whose skill, there for*, w* believe above all other*. But we hear of him j from those who esteem him not merely as a surgeon, but as a benefactor A recent cane has been related to us, for the truth fulness of which we can vouch, though we can name no tin*!. The patient waa a lady who had been deaf from Infancy, sa a consequenoe of some of tbe ailments to which children are liable. Latterly the disease had taken an acute farm, and the patient was subject to intens* mffer'ng. The daaineaa waa rapidly becoming complete, and tbe general haaith breaking down under title physical exhaaalton attend ant upon constant pain. Ordinary remedies and ordiuary advice were useless, and Dr. Von Elsenberg was called in. We need not repeat his diagnosis; for that would be only * Bat Of bard names to the general reader. But be detected at Sight the aeat of disease, first in one portion of the orj ansm. then in another, and with manipulation as skilful a* bis tonight waa aecarate, he removed the cause*, and she who, from Infancy, bud heard with difficulty, and latterly hardly at aB, waa restored, first to perfect bearing and then to per f**t hea th Dr. Von Eisenbergs advertisement reminds us at thla caae, which we thua briefly reUte, though net at bla aoUcltatlon. Let him that bath nol ear*, bear. [Prom the Christian Times.] SIGHT ~KK8T0RED. OOXCERNlNl) BYBiTaND OCULISTS. Of the fivs senses, that which we call seeing is tbe moat Important and most valued. In proportion aa thla sense fall* ua. we sr* reduoed to helplessness. If entirely desti tute of sight, how slow would be our progress In knowledge, tad bow limited our spberf of jftlon and usefulness. En tewod with It, the universe t*eoRiea a new creation, clothed with beauty and diversified by that infinite variety which ?aver fail* to attract tbe mind and heart Par several months past this haa been a practical subject to ua. An inflamed condition of tha eyelids, communicating Itself to the pupil, rendered the discbarge of daily duties ?at only painful, but dangen vs. Attributing it to the of f**| of a cold, we endured it through tbe spring, with tbe hope that wiUi tha return of warm weather it would en tirely disappear, Bat In thisw* were doomed to dlsap yaintment. Bummer returned, hut not our wonted sight. What might havs been the result, either of further negleit a* of Incompetent treatment, wn cannot say. Slating our ease Is ?? friend, he assured us that a similar ?no In bla own family had recently been treated with entire aneoeas by Dr. Von Eisenberg, of thla city. Satisfying our. aalvee by more particular Inquiries that the doctor I* no em ptrlo, but a scientific oculist and aurlst, we concluded to sack the beneflte of his treatment, which we barn bow rea aaa to acknowledge aa very great Though but a few weeka ?Bdar hla oar*, the appearance of our eyaa ha* totally Aanged. Tbe pupil la now full atfd clear, and the lid* are intirely free from Inflammation. The doctor ear* that the cpUa nerve haa been weakened and tbe retina assumed a chrome Inflammatory state, af feeling more or leaa all tha other tissues, and threatening, if neglected, to end In Amauroala. Opthalaitls, we believe, la the term which oculists apply la *yes affected as ware ours. Having obtained the much desired relief, wa lake great plaaaere in acknowledging cur Indebtedaaae to tha talent of Dr. Von Blaanbarg. and of .?oiling to II the at tention of others who mny be enfTerlng from a similar or evsa worse condition of their eye*. It Is said that Trovl dence provides an sntidote for every bane. It Is certain that tbe eye la, In tbeae times, enbjeet to eeverer trials thsn formerly. Let ns be thankful, then, thst as we increase iha tendencies which destroy the organ of vision, the progress of sslenee keeps pace Willi these tendon, lee. If not in ad raaoa of tbem. ? griGM no. rio broadwat. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Our London, Paris and Berlin Despatch* & MOVEMENTS OF THE REBEL AGENTS. Organisation ef an Engl is* BUekade Running Company* MAXIMILIAN'S TROUBLES AND DELAYS. Official Account of the Prussian Attack on Bnppol, Tfca steamship Asia, wbloh arrived at Boa ion on Satur day morntog, brought tbo Buropoan ma.In to the 3d inat. Tho totters of oar London, Parla and Berlin oorreapond. ooto furnish details of much interest, additional to tbo naws by this steamer pub I Is bed in tbe Bbuld on JPrlday iaat and yeaterday. ?, Oor London C'orr?ipend?ne?> Loudon, April 2,1804. More RtM PlUlingt?A Ife* Way I* ftatu tJu Wind? effect of the fieturn of On Bark Saaofi?General Grant'* ?Appointment Highly Spoken Of in Military Circle*? Cott of Ormgrtitional Printing U* Compared I Pith That of the Knglieh Parliament? The Danish War?The Shakt peri an Celebration, 4c. I bare Just learned the lost rebel move on thla aide, and oae mat bodee no food to you If it is permitted to be carried out. The facts are undoubted, aa 1 get them from a source high in tbe robot conferences. Mr. Word, formerly Unitei fltatoa Minister to China, has just re turned to Ko/land from Secossia, with an important finan cial mission from tbo rebel government. Finding iholr ways and moans for obtaining Important supplies?like arms, powder, munitions of all kinds, clothing, medl oines, luxuries, Ac ?^roatly curtailed by ttio draw log around them of tbe Union lines, and by movements liko those of Kllpatrlck, Sherman and Gricra>n, they are going to mako berouloon efforts to miko blockade running a groat success. Ward Is author ized to raise a hair a million sterling in Europe, and form a company for equipping a Ueet of fast sailing steamers to run the blockade aud fight when necessary. These steamors are to bo employed between Bermuda, Na?sau and Havana and tbe porta of Wilmington, Charleston ana Mobile. General Me Rao, now in Paris, is jointly charged with Ward iu blowing tbis monster bubble, rbey are trying to Induce lata in Paris to subscribe capital. ho many Rngtisb speculators have got their Augers burnt In blockade running adventures that I doubt if the scheme will go down vory well among the bangers on of ( a-el Ta irrr"!'0" ,re 8^"r-partner2r M.JJiu 1 . y.\ . ' rb0 w"8 raade po notorious In M.ijor 11 use s letter in the Intercepted correspondence? his chum, Gillie, of Leadonhull street, and one (a, U,n ^ Kerstraw. The managemont in 7>.n^u *nt,.UBVed to Stringer, who is to have the or doringor yurehaaim? of all the stoamors, and who will l^"91 ommi"Slon8> "" 1,0 ?t?d when ein' Ptoyod by Major Hose. Half of tbe atesnwra ara to be built io Glasgow by Thompson & Co. (striker? X,? new), and the others by frieivls of his on the I'hames ^ i*hK?r' ?' hM boen to to join tho soiiemo ,P r*'8? t 1,11 ; but he *?* b'1 B0 ba<lly m the Pan ?i^?llllhhe W'" bava Dotn,n? '? do with it? . Of the scheme consists of employing a nor. J ?2Li fun?h? of the company in buying rebel -ot "OW. '&!'De a' ?*-???. equivalent to tbiny" rl?? ? .'8C0,iD rebel government is obliged to .to 1618 *??ma for " raising the wiod." .is their nfh .i'rfni?0 ^ m.t^pe,h*1 lhe' rj,,M,0t borrow an other dollar, or get further into debt for neoessary fiid by bTDg UP lhe rehefTS bond, ? pKr' 80 r'rf'f)*r# th? European market for another loan of ?10,000,000. This would be a nice sum, and no doubt Mr. Davis uud his crowd wish they may get it. Perhaps John Hull is such ^sulfas to be taken io twice by slaveholders' promises , _ "^le ,r>0'y ,w*y 10 n'P thoso nice schemes In the bud is to render blockade running noxt to impossible, and, above all, to capture Wilmington. If millions of dollars were J"?1'' x" ,ne 1 nlt (d Statea every month. It would ,,ol com pensate for the shot, shell, nowdor and munitions or war that go into that vast mouth of tho rebellion from this precious nest of goc.eth sympathizer*. Tho rottirn of the bark Saxon to ber owners has created a good impres ion here, but I verily believe it has given t ie tones gome chagrin. Tbey want something to howl aboct. Now. ir the Su| reme Court will take up some of ineir si urgent of tUo dinputod prizo cases and ndiudi caie upon them at once, and In a spirit of liberal and Just n l?[Dhlf ?'? j * """'d "P'i? lho last gun of tbe British fau't flutters, and show ttwm that yon were readv to do tal! and exact justice to British subjects, notwith stanOiog tbe injury the* shipbuilders and politicians have done to yon. Tbo owner of tbe tipringbok is a man whose sympathies Uy entirely with the I'nicn government and the North, while tbe highest legal au thonties In the ktng.lom ?ay the vossol and cargo were wrongfully condemned. H better state of public opinion is growing up here, and the right side is gaum* converts , T. e ?PPointment of Grant as I.lcutenant General and Oommauder-in '"hief Is spoken of in high mll'tary clr?Jes bore as tbe w isest act that President Lincoln has done In si? months But. oh, that reign of .l.loon, and the contempt with wbi. h your noval opo^a tions are referred to. It surpar>ses all daaorlption and . r weaknesses John Bull may havo, he is ?:1 8 '9?' 'n matters, nor docs he aver have n fool 8? ^I?.^,ea(1 of ''"?Admiralty. Had be done ao. the song or pritaDnii Kule? tbe Wave*'' never would Lav? been written. I see accounts of millions of dollars being exrendod in the United States, as usual, io printing government reports, latent OtOce records, and blue hooka of every description, all to be given away while they swamp the mails, bankrupt the post uffico and' then aervc to kindle tiros or soli for wa?to paper Wbv not do as Parliament doea v-prmt a o;,y tor each mem Jl?'u!iV,and 08 !uany moro nre likely to be wanted lor the public, and then sell them at cost to all who choose to buy. Here, as in tho United States every important fact and atatemont is culled out and sent' through the country in hundreds of thousands of news papers the moment the hooks fee the light, so not one person m half a ?||i jyw ff'uirea to see tbe ofljrtal I reports themselves, iTid ifl wlTwanf (5?bur TO) i {? or Parliament thinks he makes a n-ech which hiet n i h* sometimes it in a pam phlet und rends copies of It to b.s frlonds. , The dissatisfaction of tho public at the continued so elusion of tbe yueco has at last roachod her Majesty s ears, and she has e. mchidad to r.ava some balls, recop tiona and dinner parties. It is a wise step, and givos much satisfaction. y' ? There Is nothing new in the diagnosis of the Oanisb war. it has pa?so.l the Inflammatory and got Into the chronic state, like your struggle the other side of the Atlantic. (?ne curious tact has boen develops in that wo nationalities- wherever the Austrtans have gone tlx y have made themselves popular, even among their aoe mies, while the Prussians so conduct themselves iw to be "'S1' de!^)cf- Wherever I have travelled Ofi the i ontinent?and it has been over a wide circuit in f*ru?. * ?i" .,,8lr'a? ^enetta. Italy, Ac.?I have found Austrian ofllchtls, in everything relating to frontiers, custot^ houses, passports, post olllces, kc., most courteous and obliging, while tho contrary has usually been the rule among I russlans, and, I am ssrry to say it, Italians The tatter are often positively brutal. T?s |, contriry io all my theories, sympathies and expectations but I seo it corroborated In this Danish war. Let truth be srv keo though it shame the lievil. Your Austrian Is half OheS' tal, and when he is polite, nothing that Walks the earth aicela your native of the Kast ?.n'^V"rV"<.hl "ialr8H??"' ^ an intention to celebrate the three hundredth anniversary of the birth of Shaks|iero in America. I am sorry you have not somo margin to do this, beyond tbe hercuitin effort, male to conquer the rebellion. It would . how your uste as an educated people; besides it would be a very graceful thing to givo a little recognition to the Mayor of tUratrord upon-A von by realizing and sending over a remittance of money to assist in tho erection of tbo shakspcre monu ment. The Mayor (K. K. Klowor, Esq.) has done a great d?at of good In this American struggle by advocating the I'nlon side on very many ocaasIons, both public si.4 private. I shall yet hopo to hear that you are to havo a great Sha*s|<erian ball and a banquet. besidM per formances and banoflts at some of your best theatres Born when tho t'nited states and Great Britain wera under the same government and flag, of oosraa Sh.tkspere can be c imcd as ao American. Oar Ftfta CutiVMMllct. v <4 ? * T/&, Arwl.lbtw AHxtfh in <A? Metic+n Sthme?ne CMh ef(ktiA?I enlty?Th* Cmftrenqe Ppfn the DnnUh <tl<WH> A Amu French Ci mdsir?MojiitU Tried by DefUltU (MM Von demn-d?Srrgrant tfapoUm't Dinner, Sc. * , * The Archduke Maximilian and bia ?? noxt frHWd," tbe Kmperor Napoloon, have Moovered that "the beat laid schemes of mice and then aft gang nglee,-' and that their Immense schema for garroting on entire na tion at its very outset encounters a difficulty which, if it flonot entirely deatroy ita chances of success, will, for a^ time at leaat, delay its realization, In whicb interi im It la ?o be hoped the Mexican people will come to their sen*, and our government and country bo plated lo a condition to interfere with the most outrageous political awindlo and national robbery of Modem Midm. It was oo Sunday tost? Easter 8?? d?y_S day <*mo,M t)M Mtmfiui fHpUm**T" stated, booawe ho wwhed (? associate tho re*orr?ctk? of Meaioo with lUI of NT BtfMgr?llitl the Arohduka HhbIIM was ?o bava received ibo Mexicau dentation, and oepted at I heir Ueoda the crown of tt? Mootesuroea the ltnrhldee, aad W-saorrow morning, amid a display of tags Md banners, and in the presesce of I bo Emperor, hit* brother and all tbe dignitaries of the Aoetriau em pire, tbe Archduke Maximilian was to have aat fool upon Iho No vara at Irleste, and dlreeted bla eeurae towards bio bow ooiptro. On Puuday last, however, ibo deputa tion was aot reoelved, and their reception wan indefi nitely pootpoood, and the Novara wHl not sail from Trieste to-morrow. A "little difficulty*" wBluh It lo strange should have boon loll for arrangomonl until tbo laat moment, baa arlaon, whtob, although the partisan* of lbs Mexican swindle bopo will not result in an aban donment of Iho soheme, will at least delay its execution. Pymptoms of this difficulty were evident when the Area dnke and bio future Kwpress quitted Vlenna wtlhoiit any of thetr Imperial relattves oomiog to tbo railrmd gtwlon to mo them off, anil when tbo arrangement*, whichi ihd Fmperor Francla Jooepb had roado for going to Trieste to see hie brother off In Ibo Novara, were all ?J?gedandit was poaltivelv staled thai his Majeety would not "assist at tbe Archdukes departure, . The difference of opinion, ao yo? know, between the two brothers is in retereuce to tbo contingent which tbe Archduke Maximilian has to the Austrian throne. Maximilian * tbo son of the Archduke Fraticis Charles and the younger brother ol ibo kmperor of Austria! In I84H, at OlmuW, the Emperor Ferdinand tbo First dftsfftifltod with poliUoftl life* tormented wiln the stori^of rOTolullon andof ww, abdicated the throne in favor of hie nephew, the present Kmperor, but at the same time ho divided his large fortune unequally be tween lh? two brothers, greatly lo the pecuniary ad vantage of the Arcbdake. file flot ^Id^baveb^. the cause of frequent personal squabbles between the brethera. and now these troubles are ^ another difficulty. The Emporor Francis Jooeiih has an kilr?hit son?scarcely two years old. In case of the death of tbwchild the imperial heritage will fall to the Archduke Maximilian. Tbe Emporor formally demands now that tbo Archduke, in assuming the Mexican crown, shall reno?nc<i all oventual rights to the throne of the Hapsburgs. Iho Archduke, on tbe other band, doe* not ??arem ?o see it. and. appreciating the uncertainty of all things, prefers to have at least two strings to bis lx"?,?ndto hold on to all he 19 entitled to The Emperor Napoleon was telegraphed as soon as this dimcoltv sesntned its present serious shape, and the younger brother ofMax l milian. the Archduke I^opold, and the Raron do Mejsen bera, Secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, imme diately startod for Trioete Considerable excitement oxlFtn in Vie-inn relative to the matter, and tho Kmperor Napoleon Is having Sequent interviews with the AuHtr an Ambassador. doubtless on tbe sub ect. On last bo despatched lo Vienna Oenoral Frossard, an officer of the Freucb army, with a plan of settlement, in which he is Raid to have expressed great confidence This difficulty of course puis a stop for thoi presentJo the attempt to negotiate the new Mexican loan. which was to have been nut upon the market next week, m ease the old bondholders could have been compromised witb, so as to prevent tbe loan from being "banue>d un thfl ?tot-k Exchanee; and Indeed, for the pro?cnt at tho whole scheme is at a sthnd still. It ?ej"lnl" Htrango lhat so Important a mallor as that w#n,n is ; leited to he the canio of this difficulty should hive bee.i left unsettled until the last moment It is probio e there .e som thine more in all this thin a more family q''->rre It is said that during the Archduke s visit t" lirua em tb.t scnsihle old King Leopold manifested to hlrn^ Um most unequivocal disapprobation of the MexifAti scheme. Mnnv believe, the Archduke's heart failiop him. ^liei h'is de termined to act ohstlnatetv in the succession matter n?a Pretext of getting out of the ^xiean difficui y. as some I m utlis since it was veil nndorgtowd that in aciep _ng the throne of Mexico ho intended renouncing all his rights to that of Austria . . . At any rate the schetnc has met with a ch,,ck wh]ch will be taken advanfcige of by tho Mexican pe"|ile.: they have any patriotism remaining. Mr. and Mrs Mjrei milian niay never greet thair faithful Mexican lubj. ?We shall knuw in a dav r>r two what tbe Diet mean to do with the I ngltsh pre|>osition for a conference to meet in Ixjniton on tho 12th instant It i? not probable, how ever, that it the con:erenco ss-embles without any I re limmary basis cf action, it wdl ? Hanisb difficulty and put an end to the^ ^ar will demand a return to tho treaty ofl8f2; Pj""siaaBd \n-tr.a a ncparate administration of tho duchies, with a mere t^rsonal union under the Kine of I?"ray*. w,h 'Pl now it is well known that M. Prouyn de Lhuys bftv just addre<se<l a circular to the English ??*?rnment other Powers which slKiied the treaty or 1S62. in ?bii h tbe vote or the |?pulati?ne "f the duchies Is proposed as the only Glutton of the Oanlsh difficulty. This Moms 1 t.ow to he the only mode of bringing about ? "'". aiid this would Inevitably result in Uiechcic.e of the Augnstenburg as the ruler of SebleswlgHolsteui.very much to the delight of the secondary SUtsa. ^who >.ouhl thus gain an ?llv. and exceedingly to the diagua* "f ustria and Prussia, who would thus bave opponent to their centralizing desires. Ibo Em.eror Nap?leon. seeing in the choice "f the P"h? ' bur* an opportunity to put another check upon Austria andPrusM.i .will never yield this P-'l?tbya^tsr.V in tbo duchies* and if Krancli Joseph does thwart tnj Fmreroi^s lilexican acbem. w.r betw^ Kr^ .rd Auntrla may be much nearorthan wo bare been tnimcmg '"?The Krench courts. In trying criminals, do not seem to ,hP fr,r< 0 or the advice ol Mrs. <?l?s* about tbe hare, and formal trials and condemn .tions of "Mused who do rot put In their appe-rancoarc by no uncommon. Ma/./.inl was yesterday tried in this manner betoro the Asaizo Court for participation in the recent plot against tbo life of the Etnper . evldtnce aguinst him wan the correspondence found upon tbe person of firoco.and the government advocat. soen ed to tats particular dallght in lihpres nig upon the*>?ii? tho connection outween Mazxinl and Mr. feld, the English Member of 1'ar^.atr.ent. Ma//ln^?ds ?eniencod to deportation. TBts is the lecona i,m#.,^.?ar grten^U'/ThrUtsLeh:^rir-the first one having been rendered in the' V.^Vportlsnlar affair in 1837. Of coarse Mazzim will take pnrtieuiar pains'not to |>ermit either of these senUncw to be<c*rt ed into practical effect, and will always in his travels gl\e ' rrhe#dmner which the Prince Imperial annually B'J*" to his comrades of tbe Erfans du Troupe, a company of bov soldiers, took place in the Tuileries on Wednesday. The I'rlnce himself presided, and on thia occasion wore, for the Urst time, his sergeant's strips.. "V^TreV? as a corporal, and it is intended thst he shall pass rego larly through all the military grades. Onr Berlin Correspondence. n, March 30,1M4. The Sir/ft of Fredericia Converted into a Blockade?Bloody Engagement at Dvpvel?Lottet of the Prutriant?A Sr ond Edition of Sebattopol?The react Conference?Politi cal Phantamaporia, <fc., ife. It Is difficult to get trustworthy information from the seat of war, as no private reporters are admitted either to the Austrian or the Prursian camp, and official account* are never distinguished for their strict adherence to truth, but from the progress of ovents It la evident f?>at thing* are not going on so swimmingly as we were led to anticipate by lust woek's telegram*. The bombardment of "rederlcta on the Drst two days was reported a* tx if so destructive that, if continued for a day or two longer, the Pane* would eitbor have to capitulate or to evacuate Iho fortress; but since thee tbo cannonade ha.* proceeded for several days without making any per ceptible impression. The summons of Marshal Wrange! to the Danish Governor baa been rejected with contempt, and we hear now that tbe Prussian corps has with drawn to some distance from tbo town, and left the lark of blockading It to the Austrian* Iho only con clusion to be drawn from there facts Is, that tbe project of carrying on the siege of Puppet and Frederlcia simulta neously has been abandoned, ami that the Allies intend to concentrate their energies against the former position, while they contcnt themselves with Inveiting tbe latter and preventing tbo garrison from undertaking such a coup de main as tbey performed In 1S49. By this change of plans the Allies will have tbe advantage of being able to employ a larger number of troops In tbe attack of Ouppol, the capture or which is undoubtedly of far greator Importance than that of Fred cricia. but on tbe other hand tbe Panes are relieved from the necessity of defending two fortresses at onee. and have reason to congratulate themselves upon the effbrts of the enemy having been diverted from the weaker of the two and directed exclusively against the one which tbey hare been doing their utmost to render Impregnable. At I^ippel, loo, operations have been languishing for some Uhvs. The idea of tak ng the formidable intrench ment* by storm appears to be Anally itlven up, and tbe almost total cessation of hostilities after the action of tbo 17th Is ascribed to tbe vast preparations that are required before commencing a regular siege The batteries erected on tbo margin of the Weuuingbrod kept up a Are which was returned by tbo Danes, though with littlo effect, their artillery being neither se power ful nor so well served as that of the Prussians; hut. with this exception, nothing of cnnke<]uonro occurred till the morning of Easter Monday, when a most determined sally was made by the Panes (or the purpose ef destroy ing the works which tbo Prussians wsro beginning to construct In front of their lines. Their first attack was completely successful; tbo rrussian gabions wsro overturned, and their soldiors driven from fho rifle-pits, In which they had ensconced tbem*elvos; but reinforcommts soon coming up, the l*nei wore repulsod with the tot* of thirty ?rls?ner*. In a short time, however, they retuiMe<t to tho charge with iresh troops, and a desier.tte band to hand light en*ued among the ruins of tbe village of I'pper Puppel, which had been burned to tbe ground in a previous skirmish. Tho Danish Rolf Krake approached the scene of action and flrod off a single sb?t with snch deadly s>ct that no less than twenty-one Prussians were laid low by it, but soma heavy shells from the neighboring Prussian batteries forced lier to haul off before sbe eould try the experlmeot a se- ond time At let pth, aft* the battle bad raged for nearly throe hours, the l'aneg retired In good order, having apparently attained tbeir object, which oimld #011*1-1 it* nothing else than in annoying the besiegers and Oiling up their trenches, altlioucli. as the Prussian* remained wasters of tbo Delil, tbey very naturally claim the victory There lost, however, la mora considerable (ban in any engagement during the would war. A mugle regiment? the Brandenburg i.reuatlieri, who were on service In the ireiiobea?had fourteen killed, Afty tbiee wounded aud ?area Missing and altogether tb > caanaltiee are estimated at one hundred and sixty, Including maov wfllcer* Hither to the oBlcial bulletin* UaVe always uhdersuwd their leases la ibe tlr?l instance. At Mleeuude the correct*! return? showed two bundled and fif teen. iut<tead or one hundred te <*ie hundred and twenty at originally announced; and to tbe action of the lltb inn , in which the loan waa aat down at lets than one hundred. tt is admitted now that It amounted to thirty two killed and one hundred and Ave wounded To judge from ih*ao precedente, therefore, we may take tt for (ranted that ihe aisu ililes of tbo Prussian* in this last encounter did not fall much short of two hundred and fifty, wbioh proves that tb-* Munes must have fought well, and tbat the atones which hare gone the rounds of ibe German papers ahoul their berng thoroughly demo ralized and dispirited, wero mere botb. In fact, enu at this early si age, the siege of bupf.el reminds one forci bly ef fiabostopol; tbe i anes stand to their gone a* stub bornly aa the Ruasiane, and repair the dumage lalllctod on their iutrenchmunts with the miio rapidity; aud If we consider tbat poor old Wraugel la no I'elinstor, and tbat tho young Prussian cmscripts, tho.igb bravo enough in all <:otd*>Vnce, snd ready to do an> thing Uiey are ordered, are not equal to the Zouaves or the f'liH-j seura de Vincennos, we might be Justified in entertaining carious doubts of tbo result if tbe rhtnuu were in posses slon of the almost unbounded rwourcea ;u men mid ma terial wbloh armilied tbe Muscovites to resist tbo assaults of tbe Anglol'ronch host for so many mouths. Bat this is uot tbo case. Tbe troops tbat compaso tbe Danish army at Duppol and Sondorberg cannot he replaced by fresh levies, nod if their losses are at all in proportion to those of tbe allies, they will Anally be obliged to give In from exhaustion aud want of men to defend their lmprograble positions. It 1b possible that tbe unexpected difficulties they met witb befare Duppel has Induced tbe Prussian govern ment to agreo to tbe propoeed conference after having so long turned a deaf ear to tbe persuaclvo eloquence of Earl R:i:-'-q)I; but tbo London Ariel Is either misinformed or wilfully Incorrect in asserting tbat the conference is to take plot* 'a tbo barda ot the treaty of 1653. Prussia bus refused tl ildedly to bind herself by such a proviso, and aa Anatria, though anxious for peaoe at any price, cannot separata from lYu'-sia in this question without losing caste as a Gorman Power, the conference baa only been accepted on the understanding tbat it ia to meet wltboat progr tintue or any kind and without Interruption of tbe hostilities that are being carried on by land and sea. It ia easy to foresee, tberurore, tbat unless soma groat military success is obtained ty one |>arty or the otber, tbe negotiations will lead to no practical result, as the very Isaet that Prussia and Austria con bo satisfied wttb ia tbo autonomy aud legislative union of tho Uucbies, which tbe tauos. as Bishop Menrad .says, will never consont to while tbey bave a rix d >llar left. Indeed, tho whole conference may bo re garded aa a political phantasmagoria, got up by the British Cabinet i Jim : o ibe people aud Parllnnont. wbo ?re beginning to murmur ?t their rulers having made old England cut so exceedingly rldiculoua a Uguro, and wboae wrath they hope to oppoee by pointing to the suc cess of tbeir labors m persuading all parties to meet at a peace congress. THE VERY LATEST. rile Dunlftli War. O 1'FIC IAL ACCOIT.T OK THK PRU8RI J?N ATTACK PFON M'lTKL. , Rerun, April 1, 1M4. Theofl'cia] S/aaC<afi.tif/cr ot to-day givrs the following accum i.f th? tngagemcot In tl.o iretchi s before Duppel on the 'Jbth ult. ? It ?hr intended to press back lie enemy s oulposts behind his intreochmeiits. in order to mono undisturbed use or the grourtl required for tho siege workp. Thanks to the extraordinary valor displayed by tbe troops, al though for the first time closely engaged aud almost without Intermission exposed to tbe tiro of heavy nrlll leiy, the intention was perfectly attained. .At daybreak the 4'usileer battalion of tbe First I'osea infantry regiment, No. 18, moved up froin the right of tbe road leading to Sonderburg, while the First and Second battalions cf grenadier guards regiment No. 8 advanced part Oklur-Duppel. Without Uriug n shot they rushed upon tbo enemy and forced him to retreat. After a short but severe bayonet fight our troops established themselves in tbe rllle pits at tho foot of the Rlacis. The enemy now opened a murderous tire against this position from all bis works, covering the Held with gra|? and all kinds of proiediles, while the Kolf Kruke >i<arae<l tu'.o the Weauiughrod, close up to tho right wing of our tKlfmlshing traps, and tired into tbe Hank and rear or the fusileers with grape and schrapnel. A Danish lield battery at the same time came out of Fort No. 6, and wi>eood with gr-ve upon the guards light ing on the left wing, and its Ore was support oi. by columns oi infantry, which appeared at tbe name moment, Under these circumstances it was thought ad visable to give up tbe extreme and exposed position at tbe foot of tbe glacis. !be 1 ighteenth regiment, however, still held the slopes, about three hundred paces In ad vance of tho pusitiou oceupied Injure tbe attack; the guards partly their original position, partly ilie ground furthnr in advance to the north of Puppet This position Is stll I Dislutnlnoil. itic flraudenburff J usifeer regiment, No. 35, which had beoti thrown :orward lo the Ruffel Koppel.was not brought into action, as tho object was already attained, and the llanos, after the Rolf Krake had received four shots from our batteries and bad with drawn, conteuted then.solve-with keeping up the tire from their works a short time longer. Tbe troops behaved admirably. Tbcy advanced with great Impetuosity, endured the extraordinarily violent tire with much valor, and were m no way dispirited even by the comparatively heavy toss. The ene^r loel Mxtyone in prisoneri and a consider al3le number of killed and wouxidnd. tjin precise amount cannot as yet be stated. Our l'*s, also'not yet exactly as certained, amount# to about one hundred and (illy men. Tbe names or tho woundod officers have already been for warded by telegraph. It may be added that Lieutenant Kasper. of tbo Kighteenth, staled to be slightly wouuded, is now refwrtcd missing. Bamrtkr, April 2. 18fl4. It Is said that tho Austro-Prr.ssian troops intend to turn the position of Duppel by crossing over lo tho Island of Alsen very shortly by meaoB of Austrian pontoons. Fverylbing is said lo be prepared for an important action. The llambvrorr JimXrirhtm announces that six thou sand [lanes have beaten tho Prussians near Velio, at tbe positions lately abandoned by the Austrlans IUnovkr, April 2, TS?4. The Minister or Finance has published a notiOcailun an nouncing that the Austrian squadron for tbe protection of German merchantmen baa received orders to extend its operations to the North Sea. Rhrlim, April 2, 1804. Prussia and Austria have addressed circular notes (Identical In substance) to the minor tGerman Slates, with the object of inducing them to send a Joint representation to tho conference. NEWS FROMJTHE^ SOUTHERN COAST. Capture of the Blocfcatle Runner Alli ance?Her Cargo Valued at |8t,OOQ-> Heavy Mortality Among the I'nlon Prlaonera la Georgia?Payment of the Soldier* In the Department of the South?Bnrnlng of Quartermaster '? Store* on Polly Island, Ac. Fortrws Monro*, April IT, 1864. A Fort Royal paper of tbe 14th reporta tbe capture of tbo side-wheel blockade runner Alliance, oo the 12th, near Dawfuskic Isl >nd, in tho Savannah river, where she run aground. All but six of her crew were taken prison ers. Sbo was from Nassau, with a cargo of aaaorted stores for the rebel government, valued at eighty-five thousand dollars. The Alliance was built on the Clyde, aad has three smoke stacks. Tbe Savannah Republican, of (be 4lb taatant, states that tho Yankoo prisoners at Andcrsonvtlle, Ga., are dying at tbo rate of twenty to twanty-flve a day. Ni?sau papers of the filb Instant stato that Mobile, Savannah, Charleston and Wilmington are less rigidly blockaded than ever. Tbe papers also say that fast stoamers are c<mlng in with supplies for tbo rebel*, which promises large profits. Paymasters Uerrick and Lock wood arrived at Tort Royal on tbe 8th instant, with a million of dollars, to pay all the troop* in tbe department. Jacksonville, Fia., dates to the 11th instant glvo a list of three hundred and forty-nine of oar wounded men in the bonds of tho rebels. A fire broke out on Folly Island on tbe 8th Instant, de stroying a large amount ef quartermaster's stores. Tho government lcs.4 Is twenty thousand dollars. Coroner's Inquests. Fatal CAsratTiB" ?Coroner Wlldey ye-lerday hold an Inquest on the body of Patrick Pol an, a natlvo of Ireland, twenty four years of age, wlio died at the New York Hospital from tbe effeats of Injuries received by failing Into the hold of a French ship at pier 43 North river, about a week since. The Jury rendered a verdict Of "Ac cldmtsl death.'' I>< oeased llveM on board a ballast boat, *t pier 43 North river. He h?n lo t a futnily. Ttiemime Cor ner held an uiqueet at Bellevue Hospital on tbe body of Thomas Mul'en, who died there on Saturday eveumg recoaned wan at work on a new building in Brooklyn when accidentally fell from a ladder to tho ground, and received Injuries which terminated fatally. Mullet) w*s fifty years of age and a native of Ireland. He lived at Ko. 184 Third street l eceased has left a widow and several children living In Ireland. Fow Dsowsbd ?The body of a man, whose name It supposed to be Andrew Thompson, was found In the dock foot of King street, North river. Deceased bad been nv .sing over four tn nths, and Is supposed to h ive fallen o<? board while Intoxicated At the time ef his death de< eased was a senman eu hoard the ship Lena He *as atiout thirty five years or a.e and a native of Soetiand. Corocer Wildey held an Inquest vetlcrd.iy, THE CHENANQO DISASTER. Inv?itl|?iloii Into th? C*uc of tkt Ae> rttlrlit by Coroner Norrl??Llll of lk< Deail ?ni Injured, Ac. Coroner Norrls y?ti rday emtiannelled a Jury to *i ?mine Ink) tli* uiw ?f Irte theater or th* United SUM Chuoango. The following gentlemen were ?* i*ted ?Abram Alnslee, Wm. Arthur, R b*rt J. Hutch inson, lAuncelot Keskup, Nor Hubbard, Robt. Andsr ?on, Theodore Ovington, Wm. 11. Rtgh>w, I bom as Kolly. The Jury,accompanied by tbo Coroner, proe*"lod to tbo Marine Hoaplta, and, ariar viewing tho bodiea of tho dead, woro formally sworn. Tbajr theu visited tbo Navy Yard and boarded tbo Ill-fated vassal, where tbo? made a* thorough an examination at waa poxaiblo under tbo cWtamstances. Baveral piece* of boiMr plate and eome broken brae** were ?ecurod for the purpose of baring the quality of the Iron touted; but. ascertaining that the deck could not be removed befir* Monday, no uh to *xpoa* the boiler to full view, they adjourned until Tuesday at on* o'clock, when tbey will mAke another knd ft mere Marching ex amination. Tho gentlemon composing Um Jury ara, with two or throe exception*, practically familiar with tba manufacture of Iron, and tberofora able to pane an Intel ligent opinion. It is thought that the fracture ia mora ?xtenslvo than can be made plain now by the limited viow alTbrded, and, as ibe Coroner and Jury ara deter mined to ascertain all the circumstances In regard t* tbla deplorable occurrence, tbey will spare no pains to extend their Inquiries to tho utmost. The coatractors for build ing these boilers will be subpooaued as witness**, and all rolatlng to th* manufacture and quality of the Iron used In (heir construction will be inquired Into. Th* jury will also endeavor to ascertain whether com plaints bad been mad* that those boilers oould not b? relied upon. Direct evidence upon this point cannot now be prooured, aa all tbo witnesses are lead; but It la pre sumed that It can be shown by parties who hid oonversa)lone upon tho nub rut with Kirn Engineer Cahill and Acting .Second Engineer Murray that tbey had pro tested against the iibo or tboso hollers. Tbey aro known as tho Morgan boilers, aad have boon adopted bv the naval authorities, as understood, on the recomtnanda tion of Mr. Isherwood, tbeEngluear-in-Chief. Mr. Isherwood. Mr. Morgan and others will, if necessary. be summoned as witnesses, with the view of aeoertilnlng some facta , ccnuected with the matter The investigation will be commenced at the Coroner's i office, in Montagu* Hall, Court street, Brooklyn on Tuesday | (tomorrow) afternoon, at three o'clock. The lollowing is un official list of the dead and those who were still alive yesterday, x-i furnished by Mr. llenry K. Donovan, the apothecary of the Marina Hoe I llul ? PIKD ON BO AMI TIIK UHMNA NGO. John Murphy, fireman. William Bone, second class flremm. .Foha Malier, coalheaver. James Mnlth, guoaor's mate. II1RD At' THB HOSPITAL. Itarrv Livings'on, coalheaver. John White. Acting Assistant Kngineer. Bernard lioyle, tlrsi class fireman. Frank P Hoot, Acting herond Aaoiatant Kngineer. Archibald Fl'ining, second class fireman. Albert Murray, Sec >nd Assistant Kngineer. Mitcnoll Ito.ty. uoalheaver. John M. Bmith, first class boy. J. A. Cahill. 1 AsKi-'tant Kngineer, acting chiof. George Wilson, seaman. Joseph I.yons, seaman Martin Michtl, landsman. John Huildy, landsman Wbeelor .Sherman, ordinary seaman. Joseph A. Macuiuby, engineer's yeoman. Sam I. Kandall aeamnn. Wm. M. Wjeir, seaman. Charles Wild.seaman. The following are the name* of lb* survivor*:?* Mooney. landaman Wm. Hickey, ordinary 'eaman. Alfred Yates landsman. Wm.U. Wright, accond class fireman. John Kile?, seuman. John Welsli. ordmiry seaman. Harney Cuun ingham, coalheaver. 1 rank Sl'ver. setuui.u, John i'ye^eorge, able seaman. John Fennes?ey, laadsnian. Eugene l.oary, ordinary to iman. Thomas i'yne, coalheaver. Michael O'Teole, ooalheivor. The total number Injured was thirty Ave, of whom twnuty two arc dead, and three more were not expected to survive till this morning. %'I'ho bodies of Kiigineers Ca!iill and Murray, whose families reside In Baltimore, will bo conveyed lo that city to day. Ibe funeral ceremonies, lo accordance with Maaomo rites, will take pi ice at the Marine Hospital, at balf past two o'clock, over the remains of tbo latter. . A committee of Fortitude Lodge, consisting of Messrs. Wm. Taylor, John J. White and >etb Shirley, will accompany the remain* to the Monumental City. The unclaimed bodies (and tbus far some half dozen only have been claimed) will bo Interred In the Ma rine burring ground, ?t tho rear <* tho hospital, at two o'clock I". M. today. Tbo reremonies will be con ducted by Chaplain Charles S. Stewart lh- hospitHl flag Has yesterday displayed at balfraaat In honor to the memory of deceased. ONR or THK MIHPINU MBN FOUND. William MctJutre, one or the crew or the Cbcnaogo. who was blown overboard by the explosion of her boiler on Knaiy afternoon, was picked up by a fisherman and taken to Fort Richmond, where he now Ilea, receiving every attenll' a from the surgeon if the fourteenth heavy artillery, now at that p>sL Mc<;utro Is badly scalded; but we are trit yet ablo to hearn how seriously. Mr. I.evi P. White, of 140 Kim streot, Is our informant, and he as sisted th* lisherman to carry McUulre to Ibe hospital at tba fort. City Intelligence. Thf Frvs Cbnt and Tun Cwn s-'TAnrs?Corrrtio*.?We are requested to state that the Uleecker atreet line have had boards on the top of their stago-i with the words "Tare Ave cuts*" ever since the timo when the far# was reduced from ?ix cenia to a half dune. The boards are, there ore, nothing new, an was previously stated. The atari"* which sctil run ror five cents are Uie following ? rvi ntjrr stai.r*. Hroadway and M'eccker street ilea. Hroadway and Houston street line. Broadway and Second street line. The Bowery Pnea. The firatid street lines. Tbo Kaet Hroadway line. IK* CETT nillR * The ten cent stages arc uio following ? The Wadlson avenue lino. The Kiitb avenue line. The Consolidate'! <t*to line. The Twenty-third street and Broadway Moe. The Sixth avonue and Hroanway line. Crrr Taxation?All interoated In tbe welfare and pros perity of the city may congratulate themselves upoa the sueess which has attended tbe eftorts of tbe committee of the Cit'*ens' Association. who have visited Albany during tbe past week for the purpose oi reducing the tax levy a^ked for by our municipal government Through their exertions some three millw-s will be saved to those wh' se burdens are already grievous enough from this source. We bope it will stay saved. LiDira' Fair it Sr. Mart's Mohan Catholic Oiraoi.? This wee*, the Fair which baa been o|?ned In the basement of St. Mary's Roman Catholic church In Grand street will be continued. The thus fai has been quite larg?, and from the praiseworthy objaet for which tbe Fair bus been Instituted?that of purchasing au or an for lhe church?thero is Utile doubt that a ivge amount will be roalired. The Kev. Archdeaeoa !' ? irron ia tbe talented aud respected pastor of Uin cbu'ch. Kir? in Clot Ftrcrt.?About two o'clock yesterday morning a Ore was disoavered on tbe fourth floor of building No. 07 Cliff street, tn premises occupied by William chandless A: boo, silver platers. The flames spread to the llfth floor, occupied by tbe Tulcaoite Jew elry Company, and also burned through to tbe third story, occupied by Janes, Smith A Co., jewellers, *t which place the ttrrmen succeeded In ex tinguishing the fire. The two upper Doors and roof were entirely destn ycd. Cbandless * Son's loss wiU be about $1,000; Mid H be'lnaurcd. King H Keiton ma chinists, occupied tbe front part of lhe fourth flo<>r; damage about f1,200, Insured. The loss of tbe Vidcanite Jewolry Company Is about $3,0C0 said to be Insured. Janes, Smith* to s lore will be about $S0<) Insured. Tbe second floor la occupied by Poekien A Htschlen. ma chinists damage about $400, insured lor $J,t*)0, In St. Nicholas, Astor snd Grocers' Insurance companies. No Oft la occupied by II. lenn A Co., manufacturers of fauceta, aod by S. Kurt*, mnchlniat. tbeir stock* are somewhat damaged by water. No. 99 ia occupied by Henry A Burr, matiufaetarer of hat bodies, and also tbe first lljor ol N". #7, stock damaged by water about $.1,000 fully Insured. Wood k Hughes, Jewellers, also occupy the third flo,,r of No. P9 their stock and ma cbirery is damaged l>y water about $600. said to bn In sured. The buildings are owned by Henry A Burr they .ire damaged si out $M,00a. fully insured ia tlj?- I.o rlliarJ, Peters oper and other cmi anies. The Are, it If supposed, was ckuaod In some way by tbe forge,around which II nppeaim to have commenced. Anothir Ar?iui. to twr Ijsrrai.itt or rn* r?m? or Naw York An influential eommittee of U?e cltuens of New Tork. appointed at a meeting held In the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce on tbe 31tt ult., appeal to our citizens for aid ia behalf of the people of fast Teoaesare, tbe accounts of whose sufferings and misfortunes during the war hare awakened a widespread and heartfelt sy? pathy. The ."tales of Pennsylvania and Mas'acllti>elta have already nwveV In this pra seworthy cause, and eon. tribute I liberally In tbe?e sr. ering j?e-.ple, (ouiribu lions in the sl.aie of clothing, shoes, bats, dreseea, Ao , asrdMi seed" sii l mercbsndi'c generally may be sent to I! be ft H Rosevelt, Isq , chairman of tbe UMutlve committee, ami money may be aent t" the Treasurer, I John a. Steven*, Is j., rroatdeni A lt?? .auk A C.n?:nerce. I IMPORTANT FROM TENNESSEE. Reported Departure if iardM't C?rM for Virfiili. XHstppearane* of th? E*M forew from Fort Wow, *??? riiniMWU. AprU M, *W. All la quiet II lb* front, aud ibes* la ?o ebeago 111 situation of the rebel Hues. A rebel lieutenant and tUly two non-ooramlealooed offl sers ud privttw Mill" kitn our lines tui night. They report that Hardee's eorps ? ordered Away fro"* Dalton, end thai several traiaa had left before they eamo away. It km believed In the rebel camp tbey were going to Virginia. A Ore broke out to tbe brick block adjoining tbe Mili tary prieon here tble afternoon, end threo buildings, jointly eccnpiod by the tluartermsster's and Provost t Marshal's lie pertinent* and HauPary CoinmisekoQ, were deetroyed before tbe program of tbe Ore was stopped. The jail to which rebel prisoners are oonfloed wa? saved with much difficulty. No prisoners escaped, i No government property wae destroyed. Tbe toaa oi? the bulldinge is twenty tbrosand dollars. Major General Newton goes to Cleveland tamorrow, end will have command of the Second division, Peoitb eorps, formerly General Hhertdao'e. Emancipation H?etlug !? KaeitHU? Knokviilb, Tsub, April 16, 1864. A lar^e mew meeting wae held to day In front of the Court House, at which roeolutione offend by Parson lirownlow, favoring emancipation, recommend tog a coo volition to effect It, and requesting Governor Johnson to call the same at the earliest possible period, and eod<-rn log the ed in to is tret Ion and the war policy of President Uucoln, were unanimously carried. Go?ernor Jchneon made a powerful and telling speech, rebuking In sever* terms the eopperheads of the late convention. Cstpfsirc of the Gnerilin Chief Reynolds. KnoxviuS. April 16, 1864. The celebrated guerilla Reynolds and bis command woro surprised yesterdny by a small force of our cavalry, and ten of ibent killed, and Roynoids, with flftesn others, oaptured, with thoir horses, equipmeuts and arms. No Rebels In the Vicinity of Fort Pillow* Cairo, April 10, 1804. Tbe etenmer Olonrtale. from Momph s, arrived on I be morning of the 1Mb. Hho passed Fort I'lllow There was no appearance of the enemy at Fort Pillow, and the river is all clear. Nothing romalus of the fort bill ruins. The tilondale brought on 0?0 bales of ootton for Ctoo.n nati. 6ho brings no papers or news from below. A number of sloumers are leavlug here for tbe south. ~ Cairo, April 17,1864. The mam body of tho rebels loft Fori I'lllow on Friday morning, their rear guard In ?bo afternoon, altor destroy. s>g all tho ammunition and everything eKe dostrecllblo. Cimo, April IT, 1864.< Tbe steanv-r Mlna was fired into on Tuesday night, near Port Pillow, by iWty rebels in Uulon uniform, supposed to have been the rear guard of the cnomy.wbo are with drawing lo a northern dlroctlon It la believod tbat Korreet has not yet removed bis headquarters from Jackson, Teon. The Memphis cott >n market is Inactlvo and unsettled. Good middling, Mo a 66c.; middling fslr,67o. Mserius, April n, 1864. There is not much said, but tbero M a general gritting of leeih among tbe ortteers bore when the massage of tho brave garrison of tort Pillow Is alluded to. Several of fleers have beon heard to say that unless tbs government take retributive steps, tbey will sonsldsr It their duty to shoot every man of Porreet's command they meet, aud take no prisoners. The ^Idlers threaten to shoel For rest's moil now In Irvin prison, If Ibey can gel ft ohftoce. This Is the general reeling. Repnlee of T?ian llehrt Vavalry In Ar kaaMS. Cum>, April 17, 18*1. On the 11th Inst, four hundred Texan cavalry at temptmt to surprise a camp of iwo hundred and forty Unionists at Rosevlile, on the Arkansas river, but wer repul*od, with the loss of twelve killed ?nd a large num ber wound?*d. Our loas was Ave killed. Lats advices from IKivall's Bluff report the country In fes'ed with guerillas, who are constantly r> bblog the people and committing all manner of depredations. Mr. Nixon,State representative from Krankltr roimly, has boon murdered.and the representative from Arkansas county kidnapped, as nothing had been heard Irom him. Interesting linn Krnnnleoo Wows. Has Ksakcihoo, April 18. 1H64. II is ascertained that the schooner Potter, whleh sailed to balisst for the Colorado river on Sunday, claedesimely took as cargo, alter clearing from the Custom Hoose, three thousand kegs of blasting powder. It Is believod that this pewder Is destined for Northern Mexico fo. mining purposes. Tbe authorities having prohibited such shipments, tbe mines of Sonora must be closed, unless mesas are devtoed to introduoe p-.wdor clandestinely. Sam Ksascisoo, April 16, l*d4. Sugars, teas, rice and most articles of forsign iini orla tion are tlrmer, in anticipation of an locreaaed dety on tbeni befere Oongress adjourns. A letter dated April 1, rroca La Pas, on the O?lorado river, says that the Indians are killing people, stealing Stock aad preventing miners from working district. Unloii tBtrgmlo measure# ar# Ukeo bul iitiit work cm t>6 done tin* lienoral Wright Is urged to Mnd do*n ooe hundred^ diers. Most oi the lndl?us along lbs ( olo^lo arepe*. ably dlspcw d. and will remain so lf tbe further P;iM are <iuintcc! ft ^ i II! Importance to have I ra-tvb. .,-edlly ?>rouBbl b^k from the Atlantic States, as ho sxercises great luOusBce all lb# Indians in this part of tbe country. The ?lilpwre?tie<i K?|u strlam. A brief paragraph In oar marine columns last ween reoorded tbe wrock of Spalding h Rogsrs' brig llanaah, near Uarnogst. with twenty eight artists, twenty bortes, the portable amphitheatre, and the pr?|*rtie? and ward robe of the Ocean Circus, on lis return irwm a two years' cruise to South Aroerloi and the W?st la***- "*'? aud only two of the least valuable horses were lost, but tho brig, amphitheatre aud ""turnes were i.i tot.0( with most of the private wardrobe of tbe ^ists ?na numerous curiosltlsS carefully garnered ai^em^toeeod 1 the long tour The,e trav.lled 1 i.,.t rnarhed tho city, and are exulting ? .r.bs7re have been received with unexampled favor by r?y?Ky nobilliv and democracy In Ibe various eaplla's m tti.- r rente rospiug a pecuniary harvest unprsoedente-l ia elreus aunals left sollil memorials of ^r r,.m,rn ^ Rio Janiero, lloeoos Ay res, Montevideo, ' *r wardrobe for lbs Ocean Clreos, so bat the cmt m i<iated visit to the Hellespont Is still to a fair way ? being rsail/sd; and It is rumored th?t Ibey have mado arraugements to mtrodnce Ibe co?paoy l? Ibh the Iron Hlpi-otheatron, while the preparatioiu ocpwi irlp irt proftrwip. i*nit*ti ^uiifl two Besides the arlleis ukeo from lbs l?U' ml>orUul u? years ago (naturally selected for so Jong aud I exiM dliioO for tbelr superior professional and irnaie merit) theso mauagers brins back with Hism d,tVa? to tbelr troupe of two omsetriass of ?^ the other Side of the e-iuator-one a full binude<I deewi no snt of ibe i rlncl^l a??rlgioal ,b, Df.tetfeof tlie K"mperor, with a e<.minlssion ir> m government for the insulation of antmuertaihitr In Rio Janeiro; the W her a Oauebo Irow the Mns?* river, tbo most celebrat?<l amongst the rnce of n herdsmen, wbe alnuet literally live an to'whack ? ^ interior of Soutn America aud an "ddition to thei of five native horses from Hie l amias.^ramo.? beauty, Intelligence sud spirit, and alrea y grossed to traluiug for tbe ring. A Gsasi> Hai t is An> or a Oooo < ai ss ? T1 " Tw< regiment bsll. to aid of the widows and "J**" ceased New York soldier., will i.k. my of M?.?e on the evening of the ? mi.tee hsv. ,?do sn.ol- snd 1% render it ode ..I the ro. st ) yo"S of Isstivi ?. ?|,l ?? irt 111ii oily .Utu led.

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