Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Nisan 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Nisan 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ?sweat, April IT, 1M4 1k*pM?NkkM tati oo* ot extraordinary exclti la ftnaactal elre<ea. Gold ftuctuated b*i?t*o IT tad lt?. at liases restoring th* ?peculators almost wild ?nd a panic seised the alack martn and nearly br>fc dowa every eh are aa tie list, lb? decline rangiag betweei ?mend tweaty per reel. Ibeee clrcumatances, adde< to tbe extraordinary vUlt of Secretary < ba-e t< tbiaoily, tbe ausi ernion of tbe sale of gold certlflcatoa tba aanoubcemeni by tba Secre ary of the Treasuiy thai tba carrercy waa beii g coi'tracted. tbe Mil In tbe foiled States Seaaia ?n retail a to Iba traffic in coin. ?"d tb" government lax bill, ?bich bas been reported io tbe Bouaa of hepr.-eea'atnea, all traded to muke op a Boat extraordinary week or imiortaot Inrideuts af feeling commercial and financial c/a??e*. It Is to be hoped tbat a ew dam o quiet will be allowed to ?nc. ceed. and ibat monetary mailer.' may be permuted to re Hint tbeir former loaiiina. The time for tba great clootag crtala baa not yet ?r< tved and until it does it b". boovea na to be a? calm aa posaible and prepate our narvaa lor thecranh tbat tl see t-mall events m> rely fore abadnir. It l? fry amuaing to read the reranrka of pome of the member* af Couurcaa on the varioua sugtoKii n& and plana toat bave ba n re ently introduced in both booses to tinker tba currency and to check the upward m rem en t or tba premium on-coin. On Thursda* last Mr J bn^bemxa, of ??bi<?, tKfered another bill In tba Janata which baa autre paat-rd tbat body. having fur Ha object tba euppreaaioo ?<t camb ing in gold, by which It is made a penalty of one thousand dollars and a year's im prisonment lor a person to oner aay amount of gold or foreign bill of exchange lor sate wbicb be does not at tba time potaaaa ar wbicb ha cannot produce immediately upon tba close of tba contract, and, a like penalty upon tbe purchaser, If ha proves unable to m< at bti obligation by ao immediate delivery of tbe necessary amount of greenback*. In opposing Ibis bill, Mr. Edgar Cowan, of I'snnsvivaala, who la a member of the Fir ance Commit tee, atated th*t the operations of rpeculators had nut the leaat effcct on tbe price or gold, and thai coin depended oat I rely upun Ha material value. We dare say Senator Oowaa baa not apent much lime In tbe gold exchange, or watched the manoeuvres of tbe operators. If he bnd it la doob fal whether he would h >ve ventured upon such aa aaertion. We cannot think that he would endeavor to coo vines b mself that coin can rise In in trinsic value, without the shadow of n oause. four and a half per canl la Iba apace of five minutes, and lose Ave per cent of in woith, going down by the fractions, in tbe next three minutce; Ihrn rise a rain in tbe course of ao hour eight and afterwards fall Gfteeu per ccot before the cltae of buaiueas ou thu i>me day, as was the case on Thursday last. I Mr. Cowan's assertion la correct, it ia very plain that gold can alter ita value in lsas time than tbe chameleon requires to change lis colora. senator 7achariab Cbandier, or Michigan, has ahown that be kn>wa but little about Ibe seoti meats of Ibe apecuiatora tbat throng the market each dav. He says they aro all persons ot disloysi opinions, who use all kiuds or methods to break down cooQdence In tbe government and to destroy tbe curreecy. 1 hat their practices, which are superinduced by tbelr eagerce** to make fortunes, bave that tendency we admit, and in this resi?cl they m >r be cl issed with shoddy, pun and other contractors and government steam boat agents hut we deuy that oven a majority or them are disloyal ia feeling. Out of Wall street tbe largest portion of them are aa patriotic and t'nion loving as any of tbe mea in Congreaa, and tbey would go as far to ?uHtain ibe government; but during their gambling operations, which to them, ia their business, they are Mind to evory thine for the time that does not aflord food Tor Ihi'ir morbid apatites. If they bave Hold abort tbey pray, of course, for gold to decline, but if they have purchased oa time tbey are anxious tbat tbe premium should advance, io order that tbey may reap the advan. tage or the ditlerence, and fo tbey may be callod, if tbeir desires white In tbe atret-t ia to be tbe test, loy <1 oue day and'daaloyal tbe next, just as tbey happen to bave the bear's akin or the bull'a upon them. Their only ambition from Ibe time they commence tbeir business until they leave it l? to make a fortune ?peedi|y, entirely regardless aa to who may suffer or how tbe government ia to be Bflected by their operations. In relation to Senator Sberman'a laat bill, without stopping to inquire whether it comes within the power of Congress to enio'ce tl. we are or opinion tbat, so far as H is calculated to prevent time Baton or gold, it will bave ? gtod effect, and will <end to check the transactions of that clans or gamblers who are tbe most un ocrupuloi'S; but the attempt to couflne opera tions lo the offices or regular places of huainaM of those wbo buy and sell will prove utterly imprsctica bie The uttice or a lar.e number of tbe tpeculators, aa wo formerly stated, ere either la their hats or overcoat pockets, and their place* of buaineea are the gold room and Ibe curbitoae, where the operations of tbe day are carried on, and trom whence emanate the ruliBg quota tioas of coin. The Hoard or Brokers and the Public Beard are both Influenced by the tranaactioos which datiy lake place In the Kxuhaoge, and It cannot be deoiea that the gamblers give the lone to the market. Secretary Chase haa ordered tbe Assistant Treasurer in Ibiscity to sus;*ad.for tne present, the sale of gold certi tcates, and to collect Ibe duties on foreign goods uniformly ia ooia. Tba following wsre tbe quotationi of slocks at ths close of um put in weeks ? itar It.itar.2#.4?IA Jpl9 btlaeocrl 8's 73^ 73^ 78U 73V 73 ?? Teunrwee<e 8'0 ei 61 ys 61V 81? r# Pacific Mall Ii33* 228 231 ?H 1291; N. Y. irnlral 141 140V 143,X 143V 138?; ?* v WX 126 124*4 128 119'; Krle preferred. lOtf 110 113** 112 ' 110>, Hudson River U7 165X 102X 180^ 142 JUrlem 141 101 137 2 175 192 K*?diag 141X 143 167 185 160 %.'Chlgaa Central.... 141 \ 143 160 15# 160 ^Mtan Southern.. 117X lMtf ilg 109 lllaaifc t*?troi ....138X 147 148X 149'i 141 CleTe.*.<'l"?*?rg...l24X 120 1 *'i 131 121' PortWnylk* 1?1? 143 145 143!*' 142'j Selena ............1?1 X 123 12?!< l?U 13S Cleveland k T0K<1*.-144K 149 X 14VX 162 147 ltock 1st'ad ?vl25S IM\ 122\ 128 X 120 Prairie du < h:eo .... 7?,X 79 87X 80 X 76 Terra Haute 85WT 87>j 84 79 Cbicac*& Alton 90 M 100 _ Northwestern W X M 60^ 64 Cumberland Onal.... MS S2'i 85 &3.X R3?. Chntnoi omrany 00 89? 72X 74X 70 Quicksilver Mtolng... 04J? 69 87X S2X 79V Mariposa 39 40 41 Jf ? ? The fallowing table nbew* tbe decline from the price# of Saturday tbe 9ib Instant ? Dtelined. Pnrlintd. Pecific Mail IX PltU. end I 1. Wayne., IX New York Central.... 6X <?aleiia and i.btcaf0... }A Krie 7.X Cleveland und loiedo . 6 Krle preferred IX '"bicsiro *ua R. 'stand.. *X Hudson River ; 18X Pf?i'ie'du< hien 10X Reeding 15 Alton sod I. Haute... 6 Mlrhiitaa Central.... 6 Chic iiro and N. W 2*; Michigan Mouthers... 8'i ?'aet' 0 Company 4U mint la (vntrai 8X Quicksilver 31. Cleveland and Puts... 9\ Tbe following were the prices of government s'cu rittee at tbe cioee of the past four weeks? Mar M.AvK 2.A,,19.Api 18 Registered 6's of ]H1 112X 114.X 114 115?' ( ou|KM) 6 e <X 1881 112X 113'a 114V 116 Fhe-tweotv cou|?o lov^ 110X 112', 111 l ive twent) registered. 110 111 112 ua One year certificatee 99X 99 X 99 V 90 Seven and three teatlM notes. 112% 112 111X 112X The government baa given official notice tbat a Ave per eeet two years intereet bearing Treasury note, w ith 4be capons detached, reasss to be a legal tender until the 1st of June, 1885, after which it will assume tbe positiou of a greenback. Tbe transactions at Ike Sub-Treasury 0 this city dtiriog tbe past week hare been as follows ? Uteripu frtm Total Subrript tow* Cmlomi. Rer p'i. Payment!. to loan. Monday 8430,000 1,472,238 0,222,972 128 460 Twday ... 434,800 3.228 721 4,784,000 3*6,760 Wedaeedey 8*8,700 1341.080 1.418,305 252,400 Thursday ... 343.000 2.390,497 3.0.0,697 118, #rt4ay .... 1,067^108 16.H48 404 8.981.019 170,250 aturday 1,013 000 3422,321 4,639 >15 1,075,560 total ... 93.033,700 27,828,190 27.048,098 2 07M60 The earning* ef tbe Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbien llauroad during tbe first week in April compare as fol lows Willi tbe receipts for tbe Mine time last year ? first week In April, 1884 928,682 * rst wee> la April, 1MB. li,86i lacreaae 9V*W ?11?e l< gisiature of Wlwosln bas juet grsnted to tbe above road the rigbt to build a bridge acroe* tbe Missis sippi river at I'rairie du Cbien, and aUe one at iHibuque. te which petal the eoutberu breach of tbe road Is to he e< tended Tbe following table shows the rreelpta or tbe Atlantic and Ureal Western Railroad for tbe three mouth" ol the preaoot year ? Jeeuery. PW<r>?irv. Mirth "awengr-rt, malla, Ac $vt.815 50.1HH 80 5l? reight. ....181.883 178862 166.3H Total 9207,298 229.041 :20,73T ItKk Kmlisnge. *bC'ONi> HOARO. HtTi-epiir. Apri; 18?1 *1 P m a??# frK f VOI Ap III ??tab. Kee-llwi RR..W 1WV ^ Dhi9 4 MIS* eer 61 MO mti Us rai KK lw eoT. o .. #7 ??> do 147 "7 u in nRiafr*?M 1*^ 1T*H ?* }? van mmST" ???? "S ,l?' Mk* *o A ? I ?? M H^Oautr* TO W> d. I* IUU do.. PV| w' ?? ,77. ?*l Cumb Coal prrf. .. 8S IW? {?* ?d do M*i 4'? |w\ I on Qslcka.iver Ms Ue . 78 iw * 'eh a M 1 |U> 141 JOO <"> JT lt? <Je '? m r?eiic m?i a a c? ttt *? da... ua UO rt? at tW I" Oeawal RR lertp I ? itiHT C?>?lral uK . l i*H J" de ... 138^ IOi) d blO IS*V *? do blO I4*? 4 0 de u* iio> ci*<e a run hk la li4V B(1? KK J'?K toil Ualeaa * Chi BR . 136 ?? do H" #*> do :? 'M .01 do 118'i 60iCU?e A Toli-do RR. 147 ?( d> liS? 50>l hi * Rack 1 RR. 1*2 .00 dn It8\ WW do I 1*4 n? d Mi ltMl Chi. Hur * Qj RR. 140 1 0 Erie RR pref 110 2 0 do 142 I l<?> do Ui"? 4 OMll A rr duCh RR. 7?S 100 do 110 V l?i do 77 2 V Ifudaon River RR.. I4l?t 2S Nor A Wor KR lilt 2U 00 141% 600 Toledo A Wab KR.. 71 ?<0 ?!?? 1 > *?? do 7l?i< 10 do 11.1 LVOHtt.. FiWAChiKK IU'1% HI llirl'm KR IM 100 All A T H prel *.<8 2.V4 Reading RR I V)40 Chicago A N W RR. (8 N?? An. blO 151 3*00 do 61*? WO do Ijl C1TT COMMKUCliL REPORT. Saturday, April 10. lsOl. *?*-Receipts 70 bbls. Pots bave advanced to $9 and pearls to $11, but transactions are very light. RMAPmrnra Receipts 10,7.' 4 bbls. flour, 138 bbn. and 733 bags core meal, 19,846 bushels wheat, 13,500 do. orn, 13,672 do. oats, and 2,230 do barlay mall. The market for flour la declining quite aa rapidly aa It ad vauced a few days age?the fall la prtcea of Bute and Western, Canadian and Southern to-day being from 16c, to 30c., while aome grades were fully 40c. below the top figures o yeaterday. lhe fact la, with no export de mand. ard island navigation open, boldera reel a little oervoua about carrying flour at the steep prtcea paid for It daring the week, and at the close tbey were offering their suppllea freely at the reduced figures. Sales 6,000 bbla. State and Western, 760 do Southern, and 300 do. Canadian Rye flour and corn meal were moderately dealt in, and prtcea were not quite so strong. We quote;? Superfine State ana Weatern flour $7 26 a T 60 Kitra State T60a 7 86 :::::::::::; i E2?? ? Sin ? SSST^!^m Western. . . . V."'] 7 76 * 8 20 ? t (Ol (?o<>d to choice do 8 26m Extra St. Louis 7 60 a Common to good Southern 8 00 a 8 30 Good to choice extra do 8 86 a 11 00 Common Canadian 7 76 a 7 00 Good to cbolc? extra do 7 06 a 9 76 Rye flour 5 76 a 6 36 Corn meal, bola 6 76 a 6 30 Corn meal, puncheons 30 00 a ? ?Wheat was very much depressed, and, though the buainesa was extremely light, prices may be quoted nominally 3c. a 6c. lower; sales of 2.000 bushels prime wbUe Michigan at 92, an extreme figure, and a few thou sand bushels amber sprng $1 78. (Quotations for all kinds were merely nominal. Rjrs was dull, with small s ilss, at (1 32 a $1 33. Corn was 2c a 8c. lower, and the market inactive ; sale; of 10.000 bushels atfl 82 for old Western mixed, in store, and a small parcel new yel low at $1 34. (mis opened Arm, but closed dull and drooping?ibe cloatng transactions being at 88c a 90c. f>>r the whole range. In barley and barley malt we did not leirn or any transactions or Importance, and quota tions were nominal. Cassia?3.500 m >ta aold at 75c. a 77Kc., cash. Corrxa was firm, at 44c. a 45c. for Rio, without sales of moment CoTpiff?Ttj the forenoon the market was dull, but at the close titers was a more active demand. Fmiuhts ? ore wholly inactive and rates unpreeedent edly lowor To I.ivertiool, by American flag, 600 bbls. flour, at Id. 400 boxes bacon. 2a. 6d.: 50 bales hops, 10^. per Inn; per neutral, 500 boxes baoon,5s.; per steamer, 200 bales cotton, K?il ; and bacon reported at 5s a 7s. 6(1, To London, l'er American, 1,000 bbls. oil cake, 15a.. . and beef, 3s To Bristol, per neutral, 100 hbda. tallow, and 50 b>>xes bacon at 22s. 6d A British bark, lience to l.iverpiol, timber, 35s. A British bark, Irom St. An- i d ews, N. B. to Warrenpolnt, deals. Ms. The Shipping Li t re|>ort8:?A British ship, 885 tons, from Quebec to Cork and a market, duals, at 90s. and timber at 31s.: an American ship. 1.148 tons, from St. John, N'. B. to Liver pool, 6Ss.. a British bark. 194 tons, from St. John, N. I\ | toSllfo, 75s.: a Prussian bark. 410 ton9. from Mirtmichi to Bristol Cbaunel, deala and sawed lumber, 75s., and deal ends ."'Os. . an Argentine brig to rfcdix, light pipe stavea, 92C. ?nd heavy do., $31; a British schooner. 120 ions, to Wesr Indies and b <ck, $1,700; a brig. 2.200 bbls. to St. Itominno city, $1,100, gold, and back from Mausmilla on private terms, a bark, lo Havana $3,000; a schooner, from Tabasco river to a Northern port, mahogany, $1,150. hKrrr ? At auction 3,005 boxes Sicily oranges nrought $3 60 a $5 65, and 1,900 do. lemons $3 50?cargo or bark Scb >myl, from Palermo. Flaxskkp.?2,500 bushels rough at $3 45 a $3 65 cash Also 3.0<<t bushels to arrive on private terms. horn steady, with sale.s or 10O bales at 25c a SOc. Hn>ra.?^aies of 1,000 central American at 28>;c. ca=h. dull, with sale's o 50 bbls. New Orleans at $1. PmoviM0S8.?Receipts, 1.3f>5bbls pork,6 packages beef, 2 S51 do. cut meats, and l,?ludo. lard. 'Ibe top ladder or the round in provisions waa raacbrd on Friday, and the stepa to day were backward The hog product sur rered in sympathy with gold, which ruled lower Por park the demand was moderaie, and holders had to yield about 26c a bbl. Beef was steady. Beet hams were quiet. Bacon was wlth' nt change of mte. Cut meats were in Talr demand, but pr1<e? ravored the buver. Lard was also in fair demand, but at lower prices. Butter and cheeae were without decided change. The sales were on the spot: pork. 1.0c0 bbls. at $25 75 a $26 for old mes<, $2i> 621,' a $2* I'ur new do., $26 50 for n w prime, $26 75 for prime --tern mass, $23 50 for sour and musiv mess. $2>) for thiu mess, and $26 37)i tor clear do . for future delivery; 500 bbls. new mesa, buyera I option for this month, at $27 2V f'eef. 1,000 bb.'s. at $15 ' a $17 76 f<T plain mass, and $19 a $20 .'or extra do. Cot meats, 700 pecUares at 11 lie. for shoulders. 15,'Vc. a 15','c. for drr salted hams. 15,'j'e. ? I9*?c. for pickled do. f.ird. 1.400 bbla end tierces at 13\c. a 14Uc. for No. 1, lt'j'c. al4*,c. for talr to prime stesm and kettle ren dered, also 1,000tierces for June delivery at 14Jtc- We quote butter, fair to prima, 37c. a 44c. Cheese, 16c. a 1 *c. for fair to choice. PitTKOLsrM.?Receipts 4*:> bbls. The market for crude was Ormer to day, and prices were rather t.ig*~er. Refined, la bond, wan dull, but unchanged. Free was alao dull and imchaoK"d Ben/.ine waa higher The sales were 4.000 bbls crude at 40 a 47 gravity; on the spot at 40c. a 42c.; 2.000 bbls. refined at 56c. a 56c. on the spot, 66c. a 67c. ror April, May and June, buyera' option, ?early all for forward delivery. 1,2c0 bbls. Tree at 64c. tor light straw, 66c. a 6?c for light straw to while, 66c. a 67c. for lorward delivery ; 405 bbls. benzine at 36c. a fji OAS.?Kaw was steady, with sales af 760 bhds. Cuba muscovado at 15^c. a 16c. Whiskst.? Receipts, 840 bbls. Market lower, with sales or 2,500 bbis., closing at $1 16 a $1 17 for ttate and Western. SITUATIONS WANTED? FKMAl.ES. A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES ? situation so plain cook la a small family; Is a good wa?ber and Imct; bu oo obiaction to assltt in pari of the ho t ??.?ark. Call at 279 Molbarry st , la the rear. ARESPBCTABI.KGIRI. WISHES A situation as chambermaid ant waitress or to do chamberwark and take care of chi'i'ren ; hest city referenda. na objection to '0 <n'r? Call at I3ti East Slit at, between lit and 2d *?*, lap floor, front room a respectable yoing woman wishfib a /% situation to mt, ws*k and Iron. ha* I ?? years refer ? nc? Can to Been f r two <iaj? at 4ikJ ?Hh at , room No V. A situation WANTBD-BY A COMTETEXT Miinstreaa: Is experienced in all kind* of family few lug aud cutting. is wllltui: to take care of one child: ?an ?*p:ioo*l>.a city raferenc ? ghen. Call at SI Woat l?tta at. * COMPETENT YOI'NO WOMAN WI8BKS A SITIA j'l Hon an ell a III lull maul ?Dd waitress Bc*t ellr re e react Call at '?i* We?t 2Ctb at., nsart h a*., aecoud floor, frost room. A SITUATION WAXTBD-BT A WELL EXPE riencad girl. to'?oak. wash and Iron; Is a good hakar Call a' 28 Wr.^t 23; li si , between ?th and 9th a? a. k SITUATION WANTED?BY TWO RE8PECTABLB il girls, itee aa cook, baa Head man year* and sli mouths in her lust p.ace: the otbar aa chamb?rntaiu; has lit ad four years in her last place. City refereac*. Call ai 9J West 4lit at., bdtween 7th and ML ?v? ? RFBlRCTABLE MAKRIED WOMAN. HAYING A leather baby ai Its blrtu, wants a situation as w at inrse Apply for tw . daya at 216 West 40th at., between tfth snd 9tb avs. Uood reierenca given. AKITIATION WANTED-AS CHILD'S BUMS, BY A respectable plr!. who understands the <:are of cbllrirea of any ag>-. <>u nrlng tham up by band, is at< e to give the best raferenc* as to capability and character. Call at .147 Ho?ery. entrance ou Sd si. between 12 aud 4 P. M., or a tote directed to aam> plac* will u.eet with prompt reply. ASlTlATIoN WANTED-BY A NICK ril?Y AND resp?-<.taM' girl, to do general housew rk tor a small private tamily. Is a ,io*iS wa<hrr and liener, beat ef city reference from ae> latt place. Call at IM Bank at., ecoond Boor, back room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH woman, ais nurse, or as cbaaberuuiu. Apply at IS! I- *?' 14th st A ill? fF' 1 API F. YOl'NG t.IBL WI8HBB A SITI'A Hon as plain conk washer aad lrooar or to take oar* of childien: good reference. Call at 333 W eat llltfc it., eecoud iloor, froit room. Auhbt class coot WANTS a situation in a kotel or laloon; to abjection to tha country Call at Wo Greenwich st A situation WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOBAIt, TO cook aad assist la washing and ironing; no abjection to tka eountry. Good city rerereuac lion har last place. Oali at ItB MaedeigaJ at A vol NG GIRL WI8HBS A situation TO TAKE care car* of children and ta do ntaln sawint, or to do light ebatnberwork and wauiait; I* willing to go to tfee country Call f< r two day* at Jim East ?th at. A situation WANTKD-BT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do cnaiulierwork and waiting and <j>ni*k? harselt gei* rally useluL Cllj refarano* Call at 2(3 1st sr. ARBSPECTABLB GIHL WANTS a situation?AS cook. washer and Irnner, In a stnal private family; good city reference. Call at Ml Baat 2Vth at. ADRFBSMAKKK. W1IO THOROUGHLY UNDER *:an<l* hor business, would like a few inore ?linage mens by th> day or week. Apply at Wt Uh a - . In Ine store A situation fl ABTBD?AS WET NURSE, BT A respecialde yonag married woman who bas re enlly law her child; Is well eiperienci.u in the c?r* of cblidi ?n. and ha? no objection logo to the country; the l*?t of fliv r*f*rein-e given. At ply to Br*. McKeener. ^!IH Ka?l l7tli at. A8ITCATION WANTBO-BV A Vol NO WOMAN TO go a short diiuucn In th* coonlry, aschamt ermal'l an'4, to do p.aln sew Inij, h?s no ot jnr'i n to aillst in the w*v>inc and Iron,tig The best of city ralcrenee gte*n. C i latli" Wast 16th st \ SITI'ATION WHNTBO-BV A (.BRMAN GIRI. Ah 1.?V crok iisnlltg to Mtist in the wMhlnc Slid Iru 'n?{ 'r a i rr at ? tatn i? Call at '.'4 Wen \'4 ? " , e;aec if d i-fc s A - WANTCD-riHALBI. A Jr.L"?0?"""0"? UuUrru.1. .a^, ,trhTfo?^- - ***?>?>? .?*<? *nd ti isjrnssrgis s A IS'ii ? Jf.5' * ot?mio? ,?<*>? muair ,0 >own/ 'adrnJA*!"* ,u * a ?? day and fuearia* at 24S 7U a? . ooraar X6U al frjt fliSJ front room, iwr the btttrher'a. ? u w noor, SITUATION WANTRD?B? A TO UN 1) Woman to d??-?.ra. h?.?wo.h; eltyrefewace CWe* 11?We4 13th at. 11 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITU I it'OO II wmk, lllluriollfoiir 111 ? rrinnrn liln fa im 1 ly. C*2?i 22;' W. h >6th at ' * respectable fiotl A SITUATION WANTRD-BT a MlitDIK AflKnwn ?n??.Mpl?tnnoc washerand "*ar?tod0?nT?i ^rr?iou,tz: ,M"': ?u" do hRo^?0?7A.?^ AOOMI'KTKNT SEaMBTRP.KS AND LADY'B MAID --uJm and ohildiou's no obiecUoa to traral CU? reference Oil at 77 West 19th at. w lr?rei. WW A Rks'kctablh girl WISHBS A SITUATION AM V?U??ferd0|>""1 ^klnT A S?Bd ^himhji!^77BI>?BTWA Wolf AN, AS Nt!Rgll Mitt. i5i. T d: <*? care of ? baby from lis blrUt referenee.^Oall at 111 West 15th uT LADV'B MAID WISHBS A SITUATION UNDR ?V7, ?ew Mth?**m*kln* **d h4""dr?*la< Call at Sit <U A situation WANTKD?BT AH AMERICAN ami! A w *??S22?MEfc __ ]2ffl2R32SK ifift Ml di ?i.m no MMtalVu STSuSSfiS tha summer; beat city reference from leal .a., for two da jr. a> & We.t'siS ST A AND TRUSTWOBTHT w.rS? A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid or Minmrgis? rab mu i ham rtrM!!^.*.nd d01*U k,ud? nf ra'mllr .e^lnr can t? r5?m* mended from her Call Z m'eiEM.t^r A WjWOTABLR VOUNQ WOMAN WISHBS A HIT A. nation at cook and to satist In wwhlni Md iron?]? nty reftrenca. Call at H6 Weat 18th .1 ironing, YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO ORN~ f- ?rAl housework la a amall private family ? baa cood re K#?Kd P^.? CO?k' w"h? and ironer: baa tio ob ir"b?waKWhTndl,?Srtil,Ue co"nlr-,,? CHI at 1*6 3d A Srwo?r"AM ?r"Hof ?0 do?"S T?^ family; beat city r.ferVbce^ ^ll".'^'^.^ ^!^.!'' * ,mt" A ^K0U>j0 *10*AIlf WISHBS A situation AS eh'i'iibf rmald and ?eamitresa, or would aee to Krowlnr up childrrn if required; baa all viara' city rBferenre , ?? operate on a aewlng machlna. Call at 80 Weat 17th ?t ARE3TROTABI.E WOMAN WOULD TAKE A FNW Keutlemen'a uasnlng. or that of a few amall rlmiiuW on retainable tertna. Krench Uuiln* If linJFZd? ?22i i?i j r_ ea- Ayply at 132 8th at. cffnlon'ggjoSN,0'^ ATrOUNO OIRL WISHED A situation A8 CHAM berroald and waitreg* or to aaalat In washing and iron, ing, bM good city reference from her last iihice ran b? and Ith'ave.0 "V* M 26 *"< " ? bSwSe.BrJS^i? A situation wantrd-to takecarkof CHIL dren and assist in chamherwork and wailina- cit* references. Call at &3 UnlTcraity place, in the alora. A K.TrTHOt:T INCPMBRANCK. is DE 'TntiS .! i?1In,n?? '"ual'dB aa bouaekeepar In a frpntleman sor widower 8 family; in rotoppteni to takA th? entiro charge of a hou#e; the best of reference# fan h? ardTt. ** 10 chM*cter au<l 'I'lAlIflcaUons Call at 10 Bay A SKI;L EDUCATED GERMAN GIRL WISHES A J0D 'nA" Amarican family aa lady a maid or m?r 'i'1 i BO 0',j'ot,OD!, t? go to the country for tbe aum ? a ".rV? MoD?V or Tue.s,lay at Mr. Carten , '<? Vveai Jvth *t.. between 8th and l??h aral ' A?^y^'ATI0N WANTSD?BT A AK8PEPT4RT F glrU aa cood plain rook, and excellent waihi-r and ironerj.has good city reference. Call at 206 26tli at he lween 8lh auJ 9tb ava., aecond floor" I *ck rifom A SITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG GIRL. 7* aeamatieaa in a prl?at? family; doeaVl lalrU oflimll t jewing and operate, on Wheeler A Wilton** MwtnVma chlnea; can giee good city refar.ncn. Call at SO Ueach at. A SITU ATI ON WANTED? BY A YOUNG GERMAN j, 'i M "r*' Main.tresa in a private family" beat or city refeienr. giren. Call at 419 Can^ lit third ' A Vl^^t WPM AN WANTS A SITUATION AS BUBBK; ??*?? * b*bv or grown children, or di. ch.mberwork and plain wwing; two .rear.' ref.reneea: tin obiectiona to the country. Call at m Wei: gjtb ?t. in the A J?tN2 U,HL WIS?RB A SITUATION AS CHAM &i?n ?t ror?two d"?1 ^ hat".work. lagulr. a. ?J AS LAl'NDBBBS?WANTED. BY AN BXPRRIENCKD woman, a utoatlon a. laundrea. lu a nr.1 ci?? family; paa ?o?d clt? reference. Can be a?en at 40a?ih av., over the French woman ?, for two day*. A !1T.P>T,?? WANTRD-AS HIRST CLASS COOK. aT. i "tbereJr1* *' 41 111 We" 16th *L- "??' ?"? A SITUATION .WANTED?BT A BKSPBCTABLK gill, a* chambermaid: can do neat .cwing and take ^.17 r children. Can give two year.' good eMy roremce. call for two day at 36 Hfck> ai., Brooklyn, back room. A 9SAMSTKBBB, WHO CAN CUT Xm> FIT. OR cil ai U1 tL'uii';?1' * h'"lit,on '? ? "rtrMe AB COOK?BY AN EXPBKIENCBD WOMAN, WHO thoroogblT und?r.tand. her bnalneii. in all It. branches v?y relereocei Call for tw? days at S4 We>t 20'h .L A 25m*?AN ,??? *AJiT8 A SITUATION IN A ?*X amal! Amarican family. Apply at 131 Korayth at ASBDATB YOUNO WOMAN WISHER A situation 8J* Jborou .hly understandoall kind, oi laml'y aewlng; can do It up neatly b* hand or machine; would be wlihnu U> do licht cnamherwoik. Can ale* eoi d .Ity reference. Call for two data at 217 6th at. ABITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS ?ur"T^ C,J* *f *rowlng children .,r a baby from na birth. The ra.aon for le.rin* her pie.eni employer I* in consequence nf b.a .amily goin.; to Europe. No objection to si;grcj'mmTji&z. ,h#iummer- B"t9f A RESPKOTABI.B YOUNG GIRL WISHES A B1TUA ftnd vrt'twr * K o" jeV^on "> To 'lu' pteye? a. 68 W& gtfc atl C*U Men prewnt em A situation WANTRD-BY A RB8PECTABLK ** ??'??."' ?|fcr')*le fcr"l|TJ l? an excellent baker; ii obnging, no ohjectioD to go to the country for the Kum mer; ba. the beet of city reference, i an be aoen at 2*8 f bom pa'.ti el . oorner of lib. t,,r two daya A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TOGO OU1 TO waah. Iron or houae.-iean Can be van at 1?7 Weat 83d itreet. In the rear Inquire for Mra. Kel:y. Ab lal'ndbbxs?wanted, a bituation ab Uundre. br a re.peotableyoung meman; underetand. net- bualueoe perfectly. c*n .ive i< fe;?n-e Can he mmmn at 127 ftth aee . tetw.en .THh and Slat at" A 'ATIOB WANTED?B? A VOCNO WOMAN. AS XV chambermaid am' waltreaa in a hotel. Call at 23416th ?t . J^etween 7th and 8th are. . between ? A. M and 2 1'. M A SITUATION WANTBD?b\ \ RB^I'BCTABLh, I!!V " reck: ??<>'r?!.od. all klnda of ?.upa. flah.meata, poultry, game and 6-ttrt^ot all kind.; beat city refareice; no ft^j^ctitii to ibr> eountrv Can be teen forlwotoyeal* We.t 13th .1,. bat.^^tifand 6th Vrl^ A ?25iL-T!.Ar!II? - WTPATtOB am CHAMBERMAID ?nd wamw, or would do bo'iMeork foi a small family. Call m M iaat JOth .t., f?t floor AfilTUATIOJI WAVTRD-BY A RIMPKOTARLP ; un^*1 .tanda her biiaineaa "TjrT*' t J- *5? .TV." ?/ *vla* her pre nt place 1. in 10 Eurout; fceal dty ref A FI?ST|c? LAPSBBBBB WAMTB A bituation; I\ would do rl a?l?rwork and One waekiae bc.teli* reft?renoe. Call at 872 Alh a*. w?'~ng. De.teny AflTUAIION WABTBD-RT A RBRPECTABLE , young woraaa. as tool, and to ai*4it la tha waah ing andirooiag; uadtrMaii<1? "afl iindiof family baking; tha and I?4 M* reftroacee Call at u? 7th at, between IStfc A^*?7 WOII4J' W'RHEB A BITPATIfYN AB aeam.lrew; can cut and tit ehiidron'. dienee*. cm aew nui?e!i 'wlli ?T|,"l't ?J1*, W"1' ?B* chamberwork If in quired; bae good reference. < an b? aeea at si WeM Uih el. Ab laundbbbb.?Wantci) rv a gibu a situa ? ?koM"11"" lr> ? prleate, would i* * ahorl distance ta the cotintrv .'an aiye cood reference ( aU at or a idraat 19ft Baat m Vi l ,Wi p,IWB?t A -M1 ^W-AV*D.~"Y * YOPNG WOMAN AB iS^^5T!ufrLS? ^wadrt?f, or to da genera! kousa I9?h ei lamily. s ly refertneea call at 119 Weat A AGBD WOBAN WISUBH A BITUATION feotn ?t? kirt? ?' t .?"rable of taking < barge of a baby hnn. li i^ .VVi f if r*? " '"IrrMnoe from ber laat; none but a ro.|?oiable family need apply Apply at 11 8th j A 1 ?,M?K;TRmT. V,rs" Wf,M*B WANTS A SITUA j lrt* ?"<! ?enma'.rraa; i-.a take charge of a bnliy I /aa r n an't tit 'adla.' and ehildrem' dreaaM, , atin doi all Ii nda of family ?.?wing; city fe.'erenoe* alren. | Inquire atVi Orenwloh av . near H.nk ^t? for fvu daya. j V .2?!? ?2!'A5 WisHEH TO OBTAIN A SITUA ' T..,t i- .i " ???'""??I" or would dochn'r.ber^orh J!i-I Wheeler ,t Wllam aew ing | L.TL . / referenoea c.n be gl. en Can Ih, acen ?iM floor. f roM r J?,,'. "'"1 11 ?,er lK,'MW atWe. I A ^kILk" WlfclfES A Bill ATION AS .{* cbamberta.ld and to a*ala. th? vexing and Ironing ' a nt f,?( curt av, Brooklyn fi' rd'i ce A I'fti'TEST.tKT YOf'Nit W(iMAN W'SIIF.B A KITUA i. ,'J1 nj"l?t?ii'. h ni^teeper. end to wait on a lady ' tij? " ian a d < oarnaktr.g ?uj nil kloda of family eowli i and la wi IK nn.r |i?r,e,f Iiee. ir o,in r?lrtr to^Aa ? 'a?l ??I| ? ?r r . ,1 of I" r,'?re.?rf t V I t?0 rfv a %? J' \> ?? It . ?t nea; o'b a MTIATIOil A~" SITUATION WAMTKD?BT A TOUBO OIBL. AQB1> II to imod ofcftHroo; It willing U 4? M| U|M fteffcreo ? fire?. Call 01 Uj Wmi 8M 9L NUUR.-A *ITUAT10N A? OHILDB BUBBB WABT ?a. by ft very rf>i?*UM* rrataat?l ? linMla Me car* of okliiiTi of My MO. ?? brine the? uii br bs?d. and is able uigtve Ike boat of city __ relercaoe m to chft'ectar and capability. Ia.iuira lor two tofOil Ho.M West tiHH.. batwaaa M 1*4 Mi nvft. SITUATION WANTED?BT * To I! No flu raio Iftnndias ; ta riillv rsswpdflat; would go to till* POO mry ail i ft family for t'O t" gu s.-at of all/ retareoca Caa ba aoeo at 111 tw IMt W SITUATION WANTRD AH BUBSB; CAN TABB THB rati re chftrg- of ? baby fron Ho btrtta_a?4 ntaka Mf Mlf nsefuf Oo 4 rol'oroooea. Oftll at IfJ Baal HtBs*. riBWINQ DONE IN Ka MI LI KB- BT THB DAT OB h ?<-ok. by a la y with Wtioe or A Wtlaaa's nsaohlao. OftU )a or ftddresa Mlaa U>ooa, SjO Waal IflU at. CI ITU ATI OK WABTBD-RT A BBSPBCTABLB WO O tnaa locoek wash and iroa, far aamall family. Qaod ctii re rrraoe Call for two 4a a a* 4J0 4th av. cTtUATION WANTED-BT A BBSPBCTABLB WO p aise. aa good plata on ok. and to assist ta the wash tag and noalax Tke boat af otty reioroaraa glvaa. Na akjaa u?a to g? m Ike oouolry. Ca l at I&4 7th av., botweea KM and 3d ats. (JITUATION WANTBD.-A BBBTKOTABLB TOUBO r) iter>0a desires ft wiufttl-a ft* chaml*rmaid or child's aursein ? email famU.; aha U trustworthy. respectful t?d aWtflnf Caa bo soon for two day* at Bar lata m ?(oyer's. Byaraoa at, lourth houaa Iram Fulloa ft*., BrooKlyft. rt ITU ATI Ok 8 WANTBO-BT TWO BBBPBOTABLB H girls. nap*rata or tocather; oaa ia aa eiooileat dawn a tun aarvaat; tke other for aay kiftd ot up elelra work or laundry work; bars ua ekjootlsns ta the oeuatry. Call ftt j n 6ih *t. . OITUATI0N WANTBD-BT A RBSPBOTABLBTOllBO I> woman, aa eook; ta m ?xoelleai washer;?n4Jroner. llaa good city reference Call ftt 1M Weal Mtk at, Arat floor. ANTKD-1T A OIBL WOT LONG IN THB OOON trv, ft aituftUoa to waah and tr*. Caa bo ?a?? at K? Baat 1 th at. ? WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A BBSrBCTABLB W girt, ift a prlrftla family, ta da waltlm .?ad waahlftA; fto ok oaiioft to tbe ooualry; city refereftoe. Ap ply for twe daya ?t W Laktitaa ar. COJCPBTBNT PBB Ift ft prlrate TTTaNTED?A 8ITTTATI0N, BT k COBPl W a oo. aa cook and U ftaalat la waihlai. anally CftM ftt 1ST l?th at.,ftftrner ftf 7th ?r. 4HTED-BY A BF.BPBCTARLB marbibd wo mao. ft kabr ta wot nnrae. Dootor'a roforoooo If requirod. Call ftt 316 Wont Wh at. far Mra. Moftftghftft. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A ffirL to do houMwtrk. or to oooka WW? ??<! tfti ?ftr ? amftll prlrato fftmllr. Oft'l ftt IW Baat fed at. City reforaaoo. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A BEAPROTABLB young girl, to do ohamberwork ftftd M?t|, or lo?ftJ? can if cbtldroi ?nd aew; baa th* boat of cKy reference Call ftt 123 Weat Md at. ? mrANTED-A SITUATION, BT A COMPETENT TOUNO \V woman, aa aeam?troaa; undorstaftda tjatrareaaln?, la wtlllnjto^mako herself generally ?aalftl. Cftft b. .eo. tor two day* at 91 Wot 19th at., near 6th ar. WANTED?BT AN KNOM8H OIRL, A ?ITUATION aa ebambermalil and waltraaa. or m ekftmbannald ftnd ntiraa: no objection the country. Call for two daya ftt 218 10th ar., eec?nd floor, front room WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA_ lion a* chambermaid and waitreaa, or to tako care of childroa and do pliiln aewinf. CaU ftt 441 Columbia at., near Degntw. Brooklyn. ANTED-A SITUATION IN A RRSPECTABLR fmmilf, by ft ?oung girl. M ?eam?lrot*?. wh?? ha? ac quired soniie knowle igr B^oklrn encci cun be gtvoo. Applj ftt t70 Amity ?t, Brooklyu. WANTRn-BT A COMPETENT WOMAN. WASHING W and ironing, or lo to out to daj'a work. Good refer ence. Apply at 95 West SM at., aocond lloor. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK. BT A WOMAN W who thorouthly underaiandH bar ? 'JL'^ branches, and can be highly reconmicniied. catl at 7H West 20th at. WANTED?BT A REBPRCTABLK TOCN.i WOMAN. W a ?4tuati"n a* afam?tre*?; lia* worked at drcnamaking. would bo willing to an?l?t in obamberwork. Apply at No |J6 Douslaas at.. Hrooklyn; Wanted?a situation, by a touno enulisii Hrotcsunt girl, a* nurse and plain seamitrens cood city referenre: eftber In altv or country t an be seen for iwo aays at S69 7th ar., first tloor, back loom Wantbd-a a stbadt.respect able woman, as tirxt c as* cook; ness in all its varbm* branches; would bake oi manage ft dairy if lenuired; haa no objection to go to ibo country. wo u id n ot w as ho r Iron. Can U seen for two daya at No. 11 Union court, between Hth and 12lb ats. yiranTKD?HT A RBSPBCTABLE GtRL. A BITUA W t,on as chambermaid ftnd wallreaa. Iniuiro thia day at tbe bottM of her employer^W W ?12Uin ai? WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RRSrECTABLE WO man. aa cook, washer ftnd Irnner. in a small Pr'",f rurally, tiood city reference. Can be soen at 1? WcatiMh at. ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Scotch woman as fiuerienced nurse and seamstress, or chambermaid in a gentleman's famllt; ?? ?^J'nc1,M*,?,.27 go in the country. Best ol reierenco giren. Apply at l.< Dleecker at., room 19. for two daya. ANTED-BY A RESPKCTABLE YOt'NO WOMAN, a altuatlon as a<'ftmstreaa and nurse, to travel with a family to any part oi Europe or America; haa rlly rere renae irom som> Sf the first fam^sln tljecl.y; baa l.ved .n her la?t plare for nine years. I all at -60 West S-d st , lor one week, second story, front room. Wanted?a situation, bt a young woman; is a cood cook, escellenl baker and nndersl-ni'la all kinds of uastiy; willing to assist In the waahlac and iron Ini. City relcrence. Call at 207 Henry at., Brooklyn. WA-NTED?A SITUATION, BT A RBSPBCTABLE Prnteatuftt girl, fts ehftmhermald. CHy i cfnreme. AprlT ftt 10b St. Murk's place. N Y. ANTED-BT A BE8PK0TABLE TOUNO W?MAN. a aituatlon as charobdmftid tu a private family; la willing H> aaslst la the wasMug. Goo?I city r?:terence. ift 4uire ftt 373 7th ay., betweeu 3W aud Stth ?U. ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITl'A tl..n as first rate i ook ; understamla her business In all iU branches; no objection to a private boar.iing honft* or the countr*. Can be se*n for two da>??t.tl3 Hicka si., be tweeo Coni;rcsaand Amity sts.. Brook.yn, front base.nent. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework, is ft good plftlu> cook, washer and Ir'Ber; cood Lity_roferenre Call at 2.4 Wei-t l^tbStt., lo the rear, w?wren <th ood wn WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and irouer 1" asm*" family; ia a good bakor and pastry rook; ca* glre good tl'j ESSim. Apply at 7U West 17th si. WANTFU?SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE 'an Is on" as plain cook, waaher and ironer; the oitier aa chambermaid In.t to take , are of ch.ldren, or asaiai with rSe washluit and Ironing, have rust (Isss rity reference; no ohj?-5on to coontry. Call at 270 M .v., ^coad tloor. back room. ? W ANTED-BT a ttdt PROTBSTAKT c.iru a siitiation as < hsmbermaid and to do fl?r w.-Mng or ?a aeamstresaand i hambcrmaid. Call at lif? Esst .1st at. AXTKD-BT a respkctablb woman a situa tion to do bouse-cleaning, or go out at day s work, call ftl ?7K Waal 1Mb at.. Ift tho roar. WAMTBD?A 8IT1'ATM>N. BY A COMPETENT WO man as norae and good In sicsness. hss elirbt year? reference in thia city; I, capable ^^ln? t^arge of .,Hn fftnt. from iu birth. Can be aeen for two daya at Its Kasi ?d st. _ _ . ..... ... WANTBD-BT A ME8PECTABL1 WOMAN. A SlTL'4j. tion, to cook, wasli and iron; a steady pii?'e ptelerred. Cftll ftt 98 Christ ophar at. -?IT-ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. \\ K nit'istien as cliftmbermaid and waitresa. or waiiress. baa the Sstof itr references. Call f..r two days at Vi .Id ftTO . In the ? iolhing s ore. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RE-PEC rABI.B Protestant girl, as waitress; has no obje< Ion to ft ?nall boftrdlng houae. good city refr-rence. Apply ftt 11.1 West 39 li st , near 7lh ar., flrat tioor, back room. ~~ MlTtlATIONB WAMTED-MALHS. a YOI NG MAN. HAVING KOl'R YEARS KXPEl'.I | A enco in the retail tra.le. would liko to get a aitufttinn in ?ome wholesale griK ery. provision or produce commnstou house Best of rrferenocs from emplovers and othar?. Ad groaa Joaoph Ball. etatloft B. T" TOI'NG man WANTH a SITUATION AS ?"R'vATE , \ C arhman; he understands bla business well, and <*n 4me well re^otnmeuded , tbe country l]LS1f"r,d. App T f0 two dTys ftt the feed store No 13B Baa; 2Sd street a YOUNO MAN PROM THB CO" NTKY. AJ'BD IS. A wtsb>s to learn tbe crocerv bnalne^st is a good writ r. a*l ran produce the beat of rorarance as to hanosty ftnd ao brtoty AddreaaM H.. Ilarald cfll :e. oleHMAN -WANTKD, A SITl'ATION AS COACH aifl,B *by ft rastertahle, induatrioua ftnd sober Ofiiman; haaotty refereacs lor ifght yrara from blsla., smploy.. Inquire at 814th ft'., to ?. Cftmpkoll, hftraeaa mftker, ror twa daya HOTBL AND STEAMBOAT PBOPBIETORjl ?A JJTU ation waft'ed. as elerk o. bookkeep-r In ft hotel c* oftft srTMKTr riffjrvrfcssrsrs. ft., N. *7 SITUATION WANTEB-BT AN r.^?nflili h'i 'ir? wT? 1 to Vs Thai11hermaId or wftltresa, o. % .Msrvw ru'vtm-c*'d tisaful; tba couBtry preforrod. Addrftfta ?. ?. iseraio offlt-e. , r aft^asuisit ran pibduie lirst claai toall^ionials. and could hi?^du.les im-edla.ew, A*lresa I r.ouM,?ger. bug l? Herald oil oft. rro DBUOOIBTB?A MAN. WHO HA1. HAB EIOUT T veftr* eii^rienre In ilift buainesa, deaires a alKitlinii wlber a? oriier or pros' riptlon H-rk. or to lako ? barge of a ?t?.re Plrst i-lass references. No objection t<? g? l<? the country. Address T'arkes, Iferald twl.ce WAVTI I*?A SITUATION, A? COACHMAN BY A ?Ibl'e man has the beat city reteiences: ha? m? on jectUn to\V;l" ntry, C.n be jr.alP I itaW. store, coram ol Broa lway and Astoi P'ace ?? ANTED -k TO! VO MAN, PBBSIl 'ROM ScnO?U W dssirra a sltustkon In a dry to?nilaai?n or inv w.rtlni 1 c?i?p sp.-aks Bngliab anAOeraisft S'lentW, arid ka Keull'eVt penman 'An t*r> laS tbn lug .est -a I ...-niftts "toci araotfr and ftblnty. Sfar? aot ftCoftsf<|er?? on. Ad drwa ? B , Herald rOf?. Vl' A >rfci>-BT A YOUNG MAN. KIII.LT (JAl 'f'Hi. W a slvia'.lon ' of % aiatlcn?ry a 'Ithr' tn or aut of the Add-as. tarms, A R . 'wi 3,*-? o?". N'*,? Tort tlTANIRO-A MTUA1H1N As BOt.RSBI'.PRIt <:I.NR i : > : r. .,? 1? ??. 'or '.'.re- I?Vm HELP WAIITKIV-raMi i-pw Abu ?iitaiti, both protrstant and oatro Ira, '? nil af UBNlMa npl?f*MI. la oIit ? ladlaa* maida, ? iDHrtwN, trai din oooka, o< ahambermaida, ?nln>nM intent nurara, iMwnrk a aa a a ma bar of girta lately at Mr? WMITPIRLPS (forarrl, af lb* MT Mb a? , balwaea 4ih a?l 2Mb eta. infant aurara, an4 far gannral U?M ?uM ChurgA Mome), A' C T BRDRLL'S, SOT 4TH AT., RMPI-OYVRg MAY a L tod a large omnber of Brat olaaa a*r??nta. moka, Uundiveaaa. obamber ^atda. waureaaea capab a of taking aera'* pla ??, auraas, aeainatraaeea. ladlaa' maida, aad glrLe foe erery work AT THR SRRY ARTS' IN8TITUTR. 149 ORAMD ST.. waalrd Immediate J, a large number af e?perl<noed ariTMM?oooka, oiiaiubem a Aa. ?raltrr*a?. * a n?uraara, narae*. gtrla far bo<ia wort, aa I tho?e la lei/ landed. Em picnera aupplled with oanipotaal arrraau. Afl RUT CLASS MB AT AMD PAhTRT OOOIC wanted bt iba Whltary Bauae. Rmalway, corner af 1Mb at Nana Bead apply ?*a?iK U>ry bars ban eiparieaoa bad oaa furaiaa hotel or a rat daaa reelauraat refereaoe. AF MAERRS and OOOD PLAIN SRWERS WANT. otf?Al 196 Bbot Wth At. Appir for one week. DRRS'MAKRRS WANTBD?ALSO AN opirator oa Wberwr A WIIWi machine. Nnae but goad hud* aaad apply at 10? Wait 1Mb at., aear fch a*. First ratb ooor wantrd-por a laror rami I jr. aian to aaMat la tke waabiag aad lroalag. Apply at 167 Lanagtoa a*. /MRLS WANTRD-por RXORLLRNT situations, IT la clt* and ooumry. at cnaita, rharabermalde wait run. Ibuorireeeaa, eratnetreaaea. nur<??, bauae vorkera; alan email glrla and girle lately laaded Apuljr at Uarpenter'a large Koaiiiotmeut lioiue. US K lores th atroot, ooraer af Slivb avenue. nOUSRKRBPRR wantrd.-A WOMAN, not otrr if yean of age, a goad aeamitrex* enl ntlfnrwlae capa ble. earn eacnre a good aUuatlaa la a email family. Add rent, wltb refereooea, A. I, Veltaeqaare Poet oBoe M1LLINBRS.-wantrd, TWu PI ROT CLASS MIL libera and a competent aaleuv ?****. Apply to R. Matbar A Oa , B?1 Broadway *URSR AND SKAMSTRRSS WANTRD-TO TAKE RN lira charge of aa Infant eernn month* old; muet ba good tankpared aad bare unexceptionable refarenoee. Call at 1ST Lailagtoa a?? after 3 o'clock. NRW SHIRT IRONRRSi ALSO OIRLS TO LRARN aad a forewomaa wanted.?(lond wage* aad onnatant employmeat glren al tha Manhattan Steam Lauudry, 141 ??. D. comer at lOtb et. SINOINO OIRL WAItTRD?A LITTLB OIRL, IS OR II year* af age. who hae a rood, powerful voice, will be uuaicallv adticaled. recrirecood aalarr. and ba oonnected with the moat reipaotabla and popular moalcAl company In tha aauntry. Apply at t!9 Tariafc at. TRIMMRR8 AND millinrrs, ALSO APPRHNTI0B8. wanted, at 14 Clinton plaoe. WANTRD?200 hundrrd OOOD OPRRATORS ON SI nger'* rnaeh ore far making abirti Aad drawer*, at S77 Broadway, aecaad floor. Nana but good haada need apply. Nl urrantbd-a compbtrnt youno woman, to VT take charge of a ladles' and gruttmnen's lestaurant Mob* ufM apply unless iliey are wetl acquainted with the buslnees and can give good reference*. Address B? Herald iflice. WANTRD-A NUMB AND 8EAM9TRICSS. CITY reference* required. Apply ou Monday, before 12 M., at 29* Hoary St., Brooklyn. WANTBD-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIM mer; warn no object. Apply at 1M 6th at., between Utk and 12th sis WANTED?100 MANTILLA AND CLOAK MAKERS. 10 machine operators. with their o >n machines None but experienced bantu need applv t<> Chan. H. Grilin, 56 ' Broadway, at the rear entrance. #7 Franklin it, ANTED?GIRLS TO PACK TOBACCO. APl'LY AT 209 Water st. rfTANTBD IMM RDIATELT?TWO OKRMAN GIRLS. II one (or general housework; must be a good plain cook and an excellent wnaher and Ironer. The other to taae care 'jf children. Apply at M Kaat ?Jd at, Dl'ANTED?A LADT TO LEARN THE ART OP TT coloring photographs. After two weeks' loatr ction, of one hour per dav. w< rk win he given out. Ivoi'ytypes, Drawing and Painting taught, at 71S IUo*d??y, room 19. U. KON10.SBBR0. SILK WINDERS, UNDER w wanted?GOOD SOt'T SILK ' VI standing to part the silk, at 419 WANTED?TWENTY FIVE OOOD CLOAK HANDS, at 3^4 Canal street: also a good operator on Howe a machine; cloaks given oat to good hands. W ANTRD-A GERMAN OIRL. A3 ORAMBKRMAlD and waiter, wliu is willing, to assist In washing and Ironing; best wages paid. Apply to A. .schnlenind, 90 West *1 st at. TJIrANTRD?A COOK, WASHRR AND IRONRR;ONE Tv who understand* her bualneas; good crty reference required. Call from 10 to 3 o'clock al 187 Clinton street, Brooklyn WANTRD-A HEALTHY Wl.T NURSK. WHOSE child is not over six weeks eld. Apply Bt 99>ii Atnit) ?t., trom 12 to J o'clock. WANTRD-A GOOD PLAIN COOK. WASHER AND Ironer. A neat, capable and pleasant girl can find a good aituatloa with a smalt family, inquire at 60 West 14th st WANTED-A WOMAN, COR GENERAL nOUSE work; sbe must be a good wasber and ironer and good plain cook; also a girt 19 veers of age, to sew and m>nd two :Mldren; two slaters preferred. Apply at Si!W> West ISHh St. rtfANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS COOK AND Vr laundrese; food refereuce required. Apply Bt lift East 17th at. WANTBD-BY A LEADING HOUSE ON CLINTON p ace, an experienced saleswoinaa for the millinery rooms A<ldrc<a, with reference, salary cipeeled. Ae, Mil liner. box 140 Herald etllee. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS CUSTOM VEST MaKRK; one who can make good button boles; no others need ?pplv; alto a young girl to learn vest Baking. Apply at 174 Bu.?eiy. before ID o'clock. WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID-, WAITRESS, COOK, lauaaress, Burse and eeematrese. for s (Irsi class pri vate family, who p?y good wages. App y at No. 7 West 11 in st.. between Broadway and University plaoe. from It) to 4 j'Tlock ANTED?TWO YOUNO LADIR9 TO WAIT AND AT tend in a iree and easy saloon. Apply at 107 Orand si" ANTEB-10 GOOD DRKSS AND CLOAK MAKERS Apply at 29 Bleecker si. w w WANTED?A COOK; ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS her business. Apply at Concklin's resiaursM, 1,179 Broadway, near ISth st WANTKD?A MIDDLE AO ED WOMAN, TO DO OEN eral housework; only three In fsinily; also a girt to cook, wash and non. to have no objections to go to country Humsner meirths both must ham i Ity reference from last place. Call te-day, from 111 to 1 o'clock, at 15J Weet 22d st.. I new No. 221.) WANTKD?A YOUNO OIBL. ABOUT 16 TO MAKE herself generally useful. Apply at 74 8th av., hi the jandy store. WANTKD?A PROTECTANT COOK. A OOOD washerand ironer. Bent recommendations required. Applv at 260 CHtiiun St., Brooklyn, between die lio< rs of 8 anaflO In the morning. WANTED?IN A BM M.I. FAMILY, A WAITRESS, to assist In washing aad ironing. She mum bring good ally reference \\ ,i;es $H. Apply at \ fo Madman are., between the hours of 0 and 12. WANTRD?LADIES TO LEARN ALL STYLES OI coloring photographs, cat tea de \ Isl'e ivorytypes, historical. Isndwape and ilower iialnllng. with drawing. Also, a class for bovs. The art of making the liquid colors tmight Apply at 2tf East 24th St., corner of 4th fcve. Everything found. \lrANTED?A OIRL TO DOORNRRAL HOUSBWOHK. TV She must be a good washer and Ironer. Inqr.ire at 172 Bodge st., BiooBlyn WANTED-AK COOS IN A SMALL PRIVATES KAMI ly, a young woman, with good relerence. Apply at 2.19 West 34th St., between 7th and 8th avs. vv ANTED-A NEAT, TIDT GIRL. TO DO OENRBAL housework. Apply lor three days at 236 Bowery, Ilf ANTRD?A KMART GIRL. NOT OVER 14 TEARS OF v? age as a companion for t?o small children, to so in tbecountiy. Apnly at re.'Ea.-t 3>th at., between 1st anil 2d avenues WANTRD-A GOOD DRESSMAKER; ONR WHO IN derstands trimming Apply at No. 4 Washington place. South 6th st. YViiliatnsbi rg. WANEBD IMMRDIATELY-12 EXPERIENCE" OFR rators on Grovcr A Baker s and Wheeler A Wilson's mrchlnei; also k) good cloak ler dress trimmers; also 2tl l for"'" * girls for basting; afro 12 boys for folding snd peeking Ap plv for two days st 1,10ft Broadway, between 24th and 2ftlb sta WANTED-AT A 1'ARM HOUSE, A WOMAN. WITR a child, to take charge In the absence of the family, Jo the work, make good butter and bread Inquire at 111 nth st. WANTED-TWO GIRLS, IN A SMALL PRIVATE VT family: one aa good cook, washer and ironer; the Jlher as eeame'ress and willing lo assist m light chamber work and waiting; both m>nt be willing and obliging and produce go >,i city references Apply at ft 7tb av , between I.Vh snd 16th sU. _____ WANTED?A RRSPRCTA RLE TIDY UIRL. AS NURSE fer two i hildren; must be a goal eeemstress ; ctlg re ferences required. Apply at ll>4 Bast Mlth st. / ANTED?A YOI'NO OIRL. TO ASSIST IN HOI'SR work, wltn good ctly reference, vfell al 186 Laurene si. w WANTRD-A GIRL TO DO ARRF.RAL HOUSR work: on? whs understands bar business Apply this day st No 6 Cottage piaoe, neer Rleecker si. Wagee (7 per WANTBD-A COMrRTBNT GIRL TO DO PART Or I he housework, wash, iron and understand plain cook ing nt a ama l private family, goo? wages to a geo.l girl who will suit Apply at 16 Weal 22a st. basement door WANTED--IN A HOTBL. BY AN 1NTBLLIOKNT sung HrtleM mn?n. a situation a? ssaistant house keenerI? ea|>rrfnt*ud the linen; wilil?g to make her m i o>ti#tM'Mh i met ill Goo> referenee. Addrt-s Mtss I'orlei', bo* 187 Herald oMee. \,V ARTRO- KOR AN EMUbMll AtlAIHIS. A GOOD ?f ikkiR. washer and itoaer. Eeleret<?* ie juwed Apply at II Wlilttugrtt'.v st , HrooWyn. WRY NUKKH WANTED?ONB WITH NO CIIILDREN. Apply at tne '.?at house a'.ttve Ulth avenue Ib l lili t??ntn street. HrooJusn. W'AMTK.D-A SMART, ACTIVli OIRL for. (.liRERAt. ?1 b> aework.t'OBking and wnsinng. Also a >oung girl to mind children. App'/ ?< '67 I as' ,'t ;l, al b. twgru 2d and "VI av?. U AN fKD?A NURSE. <?K i.O.M, RXPERIRNf.R. TO f? attendi > a gentleman wii. < ,nrfi liun, a,t, ,?<. ,.r the heart. To s icb a pcr.on a liVial salary Miistlea w?m;!i i"r?">"0 to iO yt aisol s? - Applv to Itarei Alt i rr III l.eonaett a second I'mlr li *>t from 10 to ISo'- IBck. WANTRD .??<,[ a PRf?ATR 1 4MILV TURK* KPR ?ants; our a t< ait sad hs> la Ik'iAiiry w rk on ?e oham'xj poai I smf watveae. t i 1 ens to niiril y asfui Gail a. 'Hit t OT81 B0YR'?TWO GOOD B0Y8 WANTBD -A OOOB 1 pUoe. r>lin Weioott's nmee, 170 Chatham m. AOBBTS 0AB Kill im A MORTB * by aaga* ing >?> the Ml* ?' Mr 0*ts VT NOVELTY PRIZB BTaTIOBBBT PACKET AND 8PLRNDID 8T8BL BRuRa finnm We offer the Kre.tesi ehsnoa to make BOM, ' /J* ^ wass A^Jiifva py<a?B htuM la the Ualtad Statee. hT niZX?'*?.* BBLBCT AOKBCT. IS COURT BT. wealih.?T?oatabllehed and patronized y ?Sri. ?.?y"u*?> ?ant*d immedutelt. maka ohaintne ?-?-?*? Tall^T!*- .l d?"'* ?"?<* aeamstrassee. laoa ttZSTSJ*,! **. bo??okeepors K.ceKent Kim*. ' W" to ?* ATW?2?aI]!I5u*.?7,I1'B AOBNOT MA BROADWAY? rr"er>"r"fl*r' Advertising agent lor railroad iiom knarar for mhaiifaciorr. hate" elm iVht' hI5f kaepor, Miry otert. u.chrr fee ^m.r,'arWl '.T0"^ ej? bOOlkM|iflr IQd A CO'tfCUr^ Other llUntiAAi nnnn ? nftfi 3 of vaeanciaa. Owing u? the I?c 4.1,, omlSSfc ST ? beta. respectable man kr e lltng earl, csnaiwl"? ???*a2 ?" nad emp oymenl Ot*aulied ud oandnrted ..adar ilo nae from the Maror, do. MoNOOMkRY AC?. A Jtr??T. ^?UiI?a BOT. CAPABLE Of RUNVIja AiUIHTABr ROOKkERPRB, R??KK<RPRR BWTRT el-rk, dry gaada olerfc. clerk 'ar a ataaoer, enadmixr Barkeeper, i .> -t*r, outdoor salesman, rwl i i clerk, ahtw (rtntolerk ?od etpmseman wanted at the Merci ante' a2 Otarka1 Registry, 131 Kulioa at. Other situationouaa. AOBMT8.-BIB CLEAR PFB DAT?ONB nUNDRRB at our e Ira laree ai-a PrUe pa kar?a, with KM pre* anta of jeweirv and 'arse Ml a lalt agency far a to* a ? vmatv. and a heantlfu watch as a present for the a ewA Seat an where an reoelpt of t'5. eaa beaald la a faa 10'ira: enormous profit*; cl>-cnlara fr a. B RlCKAROs k OO. (Uia Orifiiiii), lot Baatau ad. ,B. | V DRIVER WANTBD?AT WHITBS I.IVRKT BTA fcla. 86 WaatSHth at.; oae wha undarauarta hlahtulnaaa. ?OT WAMTRD (N A RTORR?MUST 00MR VB1A I) reoommradrd. Apply at OS Bread way B JZZ_ BOT wABTRD-IN a jrwblrt shop, tcbpr pb. randaand make himaelf uerful In the etora; aa hooatf Oar-nan boy llrlnc up trim preferred. Ca'l at A. Knr-e'a 106 WooatarM, near Spring at.. between 7 and 8 evening. BOT WANTRD-OF II TRAR8 OB CHTARDS I*"a real aatat* oTlo?; Mlar* frarn fS 60 to $4 prr ?Mk Addraaa W? boil 19 He.eld offiba, etatingaga. refarenee,raS 10HO6, AC. DOT WANTRD-A SMART. ACTIVB ROT. ABO'T ?? K?. ,"> ?? a. light looter; m etbrw II tZ *?an?and I^JlU #f 300 ClM*' k*~ B?!..Wai,Led-a* ACTITB. TNTRLUORNT BOT. not over lj yeara aid, to run errande and make Mmaall an?oe u*fu' IdJreoJ box J,787 Poet ouica, with refer ?DOOKRKf PRR AND ORNBRAti OLKRK WAKTBB ' * for wholeeale bonee: nan aasiatant bookkeeper and a hipping clerk for jobbing houaa two whole aale . raeen olerka. aaleatnan m<\& aasiatant la produc* home bard wan ?aleemnn, odlce c'erk. rlerk for an Insurance nffler tafc Clerk, dry gaoda Mleamen. etaamehln Herk two oendn torn Su^aaaau at"* P?rler" Appljr M BerchanU' OlarU' Agoaq* C1ASH BOV8 WANTED?KROM II TO U TBAR8 Of ) ace Apply ta Lord A Taylor Orand and Cbryaila eta. CLERK WANTED?IN A GROCERY STORE: OMR acquainted with the flrat ela?i i-lty trade and hae unea certlonablf reference fram hla laat employer. Apply at M ttli a?^corner ofjmth at, bafare 10 A. M or after I P. M. DRNTIRTRT.?TWO STUDENTS CAN RB TAKBN B1 a dentist of great experience, who will glra then gaod w-*R?a asaoi a aa competent AppMcanta will iuie age. pra feaaton, Ac. Adtlrest Dentistry. 4Xl\ Broa Jway Post a&M. "TkRUO CLERK WANTRP.-ONB 18 WELL AO J ' quainted with lb? oity retail and preacrlphon htialoaaa Ui>o1 cit* rn o-nmendation require I froiu laat employer Salary $6<> per inontli. Address, with real name and refer-' ence. Drum, bo* 10U Herald olllee. Droo clkrb wantbd-one tbat undbb. sUnrta the liiistnesa. K?-l ere noes required. Auptr ta H. Nott, and S") Knlton street. CjNTRTCLFRK WANTED?IN A DRY OOOD8 JOB IJ D!nj{ house; none escepl evperlenc.-.l need apply Ad dress in handwriting of appilcani, boi '.'Oti Postadlea, Farm hands wa*ted-to go a short dir Lince In the country; waeea (IS to (20 per inonth aad ^PP1' at CARPRNTBB'B Ur^eUraploymeai Uauaa. I.1M ltth at., corner of 6th are. SMART LAD WANTRD-FRO* 16 TO 18 TBARS OF ate. to learn to sell goods. A goad opportunity for a bright youih One w ho has soma knowledge of the aapai hanging business preferred. Must have unetaeptlonaMe retercnrea and reside with hla parents. Address baa |,M| QJITUATION8 WANTED? FOR THOROUGHLY OQM O pelcnt roachmen walwrj. Rardene a. farm baau groom a, p rtera. Ac. Also userul boys Men lately laadad and help of every description Apnly at Carpenter's larva Kmploymrnt House, 139 El. renui atraet, oarnar of Mctk areatie. UNITED STAT&8 NAYT.?WANTED, FOB FaBI stesmers going on blor&ade aerrica. ship for oaa at two years, seamen, firemen, cr?l passers, b'aekamltlis laada uien and creen Imnds. (300 bounty, cash la baad. Htad quartera. United States Naval Rendezvous, 17* South atraM WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED ENTRY CLRRK IM A dry goads jobbing honse; one familiar wKb tba bust cess; none other need apply. Addraaa Dry Oooda, UmbM affica. \trANTRD-A PORTER IN A L4CB IVPOBTIBB " bausp; one who thoroughly uudarstanda hla bualnew. Nona other need apply Address, stating salary si pouted with relernnnas. bos <W Post olHce. WAITER WANTBD.?A WHITE MAN. ACCtT8TOBB? ?? waiting In private families, la wanted In Baltlmaf*. Address, givinz respectable referaneas, W. M.. Herald afla*. WANTED?A MAN OF OOOD ADDRESS. AS 8TOBB walker.oompetent to dreas wladowa. Applv before ? Uth^ai10 M4CJ- **?<??? 6th av.. tw?"oa? betaw WANTBD-FOB A CASH DRT OOOD8 JOBBIBO house, two Alesm<*n far near by and Stake Kada Address bax 26 Herald offlce. llf ANTED?FOUB WAITER MBN FOR A LADIBB* ww mIood ; thorn* who unUeratand ihe bntlacM only; g>o4 pay and permanent altuatlon. Mt Broadway. VyANTED-AN INTELLIGENT AND ACTIYB VOBM rillv ,71*?' i ?li? "V* oM- wUltng to make himself gaaa raiiy uai ful; good referanoes lndiaprnaable. Call at 71S d roftu VA|^i WANTED-A TOUNO MAN ABOUT 17 OB 18-TBaBB ?r.f 'T; wh? wlrU?, * *#0<1 P'?ln h*nd.*? ??c?: ?? wceptlonible ref^reaoii null be gimn; salary $9 per wmIi Address for two daya, Eugene F. Banaan, Broadway Peat BFI8COPAL CLEROTMAB. KUr ?a a ? . l?#. ^7'1 froiiiUol man. to art ta th# capacltv ol aettou of the chnroh. and to make hlaaaalf acoa rally useful In the house and npon tha grounds; must un derstand the car* of a horse and cow. and bring aatiafaetor* recommendations from his last employer. Addraaa C. iL.. bos l,ll>6 Post olHce. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILT, A TOUNO MARL aa waiter. He must understand hla buslneee aaw bi lnc good reference*. Apply between the honra of 10 aa* ii o'c.oc*. at ?7 Warren at, between Henry and Clinton at*. South Brouklya. TITANTED-A WAITBR. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. ?Y either oolored or while. Apply at No. * Weet 37tb at. between II and 1 o'clock. WANTED-A TOfNG MAN, AR LIGHT POBTBB and to pack line silver and glass ware. References as '? honesty aad capability required. Apply ta G. C. Wbita, 19 Joho st. yXTANTED?AN ACTIVE. IRTRLLIORNT MAN AB .7* .^cllvarar or co<intiy agaat Apply ta W. C. Browa A t"o , 62 ,lehn at., room 11. WANTED-A STOUT BOY. TO WORK IN A GROCKBB " nnd tea store, take car* af a horae, Ac. Apply this mornlncat .ilBrooMieet. WA?TEI)-A YOUNO MAN, IN A GROCBRT STORB. YY one accustruned to taking orders aad tba oar* af a horse. Applyat S<2 41b ave. WAITED?FOR A WHOLESALE DRY GOODS STORE, a atout bov. about li or id years of ago who resldea witn bis parent*. Addresa, wltb reterences. O. F. T., Herald oilier. WASTED-A BOT. IN A LAWYER'? OFFICE. WHO I. rnJ"?? IT00? ;? '"?? rom? *<11 re00maianted apply to R. II. Uaderhlll, 37 Pine si. WANTED-1U0 TOtJNG MBN. FOR FISHING AMD wna Ing voyages, from sit to twenty months trip, list men lot icrchani voyag.-s and tbe navy. (I&l to |W boon tv paid cash in hand. HkliDALL A t:ot'KTNByTearaar af ?chambers and Waat streets, up stslrs V\TANTED?A YOUNO MAN. TO ATTEND BAR. OWB YY who understands hia bnaineaa. and can coma well rw commended, may apply at 662 Myrtle av . Brooklyn Naao nthera need apply. n7AVTlP-TBN MBN. FOB A BCHOONBB. TO OA YY after oystsra. (30per month paid, aad employaeat for tbaaummer. RANDALL M COl'BTNEr. . oraar of Cham bers and Wast ale., up atalrs. XJK7ANTBD?A OOOD. PRACTICAI. FARMER AMD *Y gardener who la wltllag and (Salable to work, aad aa dorataads larming. In New Jaraay. #art ot a hauae aan bo ?vea to a man aad wife. Apply, with references, at 18 star st. WANVED^-A SALESMAN FOR A HOSIERY AND fam-v aiore; oaa who apeaks Garmaa preferred; aaad refereoce. required. Apply to 8. I romkeaa. 5m Boweey^^ WAN1_?i!~* I'AP,K"^* l? TO 18 YE ABB OLD WHO write* an ainalkot band and who onaira oarraeliy; rrraraat^a nuiat natiafftcfory. ?alary SIS'* oar ?rar oar able weakly, Addroea I ns-iran -eTo. fll? ol?Z: * \V ANTKD?ABOYTO WAIT UPON A-I.UNOB COON " >f. Apply at I IS and Bl loha at WANTED-AN I IlIUND BOT, AOBt FROM IS TO r?" Call at 871 Broadway. WANTED-FOR a SIX MONTH*' WHALING VOT *Y ac* ta Hudson Bay, ten joung men. Also wanted, for a nine months' voyage ta loelaad aad the North Atlantis, at* rsen The going Wn|;ei out of this poitgiven Advannaa made *r uutnis furnished. Apnly tbla day at (7 Wast at.. 3oi oe r oi Rector, la D L. Paart WANTED-A KRW BOYS, WITH BECOMMBNDa' tlons. Wagr. (2 nntl (1 per week. Apply to A. H. Ilart A Us, earner of While and Rim ats. WANTED-IN A'RETAIL GROCERY STORE, A BOT, about 14 years old, who la not ai raid to work. Applv allot 3 o i lock at S03 6th av., corner of 47th st. Wi NTED-IN A FIRST CLASS RRTAll. OKOCKRT al.<re a youae man who thorny hlv understands tha business and la willing to work. Addresal elating aalary eg !??? ted and reiereu es, L. 8 8., station G. \a: anied-a vooro man to take t habo* of J *?' make htmaelf generally iiaeful. Apply ta M<iMo< n bi .s . 4t-*i Grand at. . ryAMFD -A HI f \DY YOt'NG MAN. AB WAITER ? v iii a rest turant and oi ster ssioau one that ran op<>a Sisersprefe.-et I'v avUl Atiaovc st..cor?#r ofW n-..

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