Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1864 Page 6
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? HTin W*~ Vthci E(M B?iMt KfiitlMMili ??? 11*111 P?f?. k It**?"1 .^KMMTTilirkot fob lam b# kighia ?m( baMkwtm 8??ad uau Tkw are *<>aUi Biooktyii take Ute Cuuey ialand ?.ass. at^u! fc." 1' tarma ?MI Inquire at ;.?/ 8eua4?aJ. ??f *klrv) nmiUML J A. UA.fiQM^ CHBAP?VONKT MAKINt) -WMOOMIV ?UU. ?Mritica. |Hit |M< per ?<?>?. pail raahi itub Boil. new fc? har.s, leaf*-. wood. *?>??? frulk. for grain, cattle, weal. dvi/ or > tana ci w inm w W nBTMOHK oaner. 14 Chancers street rRKAL*?IN THR VIl.l.AtlR OP RBKPyrF AD L I. ti mkle? from New Y<wk four b<-res of good I woo wMfc ? M? Hwi. I?nlalntn? aitie monk awl ? l?rs* l?r? f? fcnrtas Ac . Ave in mutes' wall frani tbe depot y>? caa be ??i la Ut bo .se if rsqutred J im* Aptl} Ui a B BARK8B 43 Park place, N 1 rOb KALE-AN K1RMANT COUNTRY la PwiaitMl, 01' llH' ilodaon. containing ail lb* '?"J1*?? k>l>ri" ?m. nt? and nm.omorlini; a m^gn'M*iii VP ? or trie ?ktat.lanns bi nr araMiraiofr aeros of "??<> ?vitL fruit and ornamental trees; alUM.****1*** walk a* tbe |<1?p<vi I'l l paiiMulaia address < oroell* Townaend. rR CALK?OK BTRRAT HII.U POl'R F1 HST CLAM high aUM'i' #tr. <rr ?to?ie Noi.sea. MVlftY; kh? IUK.6. re Mete with all modem issl KfJM* ?? pel I?ci order t*is trur'im on or before *Kr I trl ? fib U *1 each Ft riml* of A JUI'HNKA V Ho * hot straet r)R HA Mf?AT VONRKRH A I UTTAOK HOl tJK, elivro nou n; gaiden, |ffn|ery, frnrt r??B. btriKt, ?awi ? nr? ho ' '<1 river ar. i Highlands water ??? gas ?e> et> n.m>iie? uau frati <n pot Apply to ?7 rBAN", Yorker- or to rHOB WuOP. ?6 Naasatt N V. |j*>h RALB?THK TPRK'- HTOKY A?D WAKKMKNT JT brn* Huiim ati>i Lot No ! 10 W>"-l Twru:y-fo>irt). Kitc?>t W-1 to th< i rfneui <*< iipanl for viio enanink 5??r. or p<>? amtoi. niH? ha<' if w.iuir??t. piinp ffi.WO Applv to JM<> ?' (IILKP. Eieculor 11 Kvuiti UrnHl. WOK HaLE 1 1,1-A1'?LK ASUI1''I D I'ROPKRTY. POR aoasioo May 2 the two atory and attic lirick House. 125 Am lit utiret. near P >t>i STODlte ivnili out ?earv lras? (*o c rent l?Ui w right U1 pun'btttie >?t lot UsI(M, alley??y to r*i?r of <ot; teium n? Ari'-y >?< No ?M Ureeoe atrtf t POR BALE U>W-A NEW TWOBTORY llOrBK. WITH l?ru a< ?i? ol >h0!! hiif.y laitl out ui lawn. ( iird'T. Ac., ?a the lina of tte Krtr Railroad, nine u.ilen jthirty (inooirs) from Nr? York, witn ti-D ;rfctoi" a oa? oach ?.av prico ?.tU) W N CKANK, ?t?nd W Wuiktr *treeL IpUh HaLR (IH TO LKT-A FIVE KAKM OP '!<> Ai\1E8. r sin kiuit anoal turn- tntlea north of l^akolkud Siaiiol, &? 1 . rtoi: iluiut two milesfrOLO ttoiitlitown Uranrh, undor a uwHt ?tu??f iQiiiYalioit, j'leaty of fruit, good t bud fentoh, ail iC coo l order wll:. b> ?c>li! ni a jr at 1>ki fkm an Uie o?iie< .* at<0nt to lea,-e the Sia.e Or Hie i>lldin|!k ati i pario? the land will bo let low to ? rood Eiaot, wuh i,M' ol u hor-r i.c carrnfe and cow Api 'v M?diaialy to AARON STCM; a 80>, MB Atlantic ktreet, BrooUyn FOK 8ALK OB TO 1KT-A OOTTAOE AT LONO P;-in I., N J. nen tl>< ijulrofci. depot, ?ontr.mniB a!ne ro'ii.a, ?itl. at mt'Ch land ?? wanted Inqulra of tESSCN. CAHIiRlKiM .? ??(> 17y Wt?i mrce:, N. Y , cr N W I'HOl'TMAN, L^r k Braui'L. V ,1 EOR sale OB TO LET-A DKHIUABLE VILLAGE Reaitlciici.. wuL ? hu ' acre ol <?ioliuc in Monat V. rnon titeen iniii? fr?iiL> Onv Hon V w M*.t-n Railroad. i?ilro of U. W. C001 ER. 131 Ea?l FIHy < >uhUi street, N. T., of J r RANKIN, pear'letot.Uouiit Venon, or of J S. ?UJUiTON, 2iM B ? ory. EOB SALE OR TO LBT? 81XTBEN T!!RE?: PLY t'ai |>?t XiOOMi- KcliiOK uiul Stieariiic Mueblne, ^pool Haclitne, B'?bi n?. Vi it*. .t<'. with or tboot D?e ??"' '->? App'v to WM RK 'Sill 6i B relay urect oi on U>? piripipi'x, torne; o! Brucdwaj ai u Liuc... o street. As kirla, u , FOK SA1J OH TO LET?A gl'llMKK HOTEL AND Ti a<ie?ol Land, on the eaMi bank of th? Panaii rl?er, Jnlki Irom Hip Boii og Spriuc aU'ioii, on tne Now York bnd ? rw Kainoao House UOiOO feet, cunuimn;: >arge dlninn rm, tniee 'arce piirli r?, anchei. aM aervanU' roouin, end bedrooms; >?iii>- barn* and ntai' t? and Icehouse; :aife Brileri and or'hard on t|,e premltee Rent $600 fier annual d taxes, for Ifct*. >-ark An ly to R C. rJHLHbL No. -7 Wall kireol. New \ui c F<?K SALE OH TO LET?PINK RESIDBKOB. KINK 4Sro'iurlH knit plenty of frill;: Klnsblnc. Long Ikl.itii , Ee-quaitere of u into fit-m depot prii't or reiu ). ln.ojrt ol SrEl'lIKW A FIERCE A CO., No. 17 kau atrcel J3H)R PALE, TO LOT. OH 10 LEASE?THE NEW " four etvry brick Building. yrn24. in Sn. nrne etroet, to iwe?>n Monljniuery and (",,nion stre-U. witn or wtthont W?m liowei A| ply to JOIJN 1 WIL-ON. corner ol Pul taa and Feuri ktieels. 1r?0B 8AI.E OR EXCHANGE?A OOl'NJRS PL A' E. 38 minute- from !? m ty-??conO ureei nnd * reln itex wal* fron- depot A larpe nr?l <?!#*? ti.odcrn Houee unu five * res of Ti ult ( hide ar.U w ?ler view incolre of Ute wmi. HEf RV tJKANB 23 Ni nib street. ER8T CLA8S HOl'SE FOR KALE-NO. 121 LBXTVO ion ..verue, th? .our story Wow. sion. hi^li ctoop Me with all the mouprc imprevt'ueata, i.nd In arder, bouse '/I 10i52, kit a feeL Apply tt ANORL'A* (I Nil. II* Wiillaio street Jj?ORT HAMILTON ' ROPERTY-THOS. T COCRCH. P Auciioneer. wili s?ll at auutloe. on tho ^rounJ, al I'ort ? aral'Kio. on Thtirs lay. 21st tost , at I.' o i lot k M 14 Lou baaimfully situatod on United Slates a<enue and o:in-r elreets, m Iront of the large government bar; ackk now erect Um n|i u the ands of the Tnlled t'vr parlKuiarc see kandUiils RT HAMILTON PROPERTY ?14 LOTS BEAlITI fully situated on United Kiaies avenue In front of the !OV> rniuent barrack" now erecting on the lands of the I 8tate? at Fort Hamilton (See notice in auction :>mn of to day's Herald ) P?f! ta LOURING ?:u, FOR SAL*, MISERABLY rHF\P. It 1? well located itH .:au be. on the easterly utile of the odeon river, one bonr from New Yoik. ha* a god wttcr mmwvr and might easily bo ad a; tetf ic a variety of w-ti rrtce $? 000, worth iiratlv $6.(100. C. O. PRATT. 36 l'lne street HODRE FOR bale?TK GREENWICH CONN.. WITH five to (In acre* of Lund. eoven-d with fruit and ?bade br'? Hid having about five hundred feel of water front, With convenient for salt water bat...inn and D'lA'Ing The Bause. n'ahies and outoiiildings are lan:<*. commodious and *i perfect order and iu every way suitable foi a Jar,-e fam. Apply OL tbe matter or to *. t TiFJAN V, 2f Pari 5UA NYAOK PROPERTY FOB SALE CHEAT.?'THE OLD Homestead. with seven or fifty merer of Land if re ?aired, two Hcu?e? large uarn. Ac , a large apple orchard a?d otber friilta; fine hulidina sitee; a good wtw of the Badhon. only n few minutes walk or ride to steamboat or r*l>road. f. e ehnrchesand brtt class male and female in MHutes iu (be vicinity and near tbe Hoi. Hugh Maiweil's Apply lo Capt. I>. V SMITH, ofltce foot ol Har staou mreei K P 1)aV1S. bS Walker street, or JAMLS ALLKN. on the premises XT'**? -for s a i.e. a two ftory houbb. in good order, containing eight roo-r ? kitchen and cellar, ahem onr mlie from Nyaca. near Ko< - .and Cooaty Female Institute, with about half an a-re of land grape*, cherries and email fruit* <o tbe preiimes Arpli id be store 17C n.' ? street. OH N TUE WEPT BANK OF THE PASSAIC RIVER N J . a delightfully equated Country Hesidenre for sale ? A eplend d river frnnt of 20 aire*, with dwelling, various outbuildings orchard of fruit Ac ; tin? advantage of tisb log. touting :vad bafi'.ug In eeaaon, and alwit one hour from the city a so adjoining, an elegant river 1 root of 20 acie.s of aboiee latud, a vcr> tieauliful Building file, with fruit. Ac., together wttb 40 aires In the rear and sd.oinlnti tbe above, ioai'naiidtng a very e'egant landvarte view Apply <>? 'be & remises, between Pa?-Miic and Paierxoi., to JAMKH SIM IONS : or to his address Pal*-son N. J.. or to C BROWN, M Bund street OBANC1E. ?FOR PALE, A LARGE DOCBLE MAN sion Houaa. wltL newhenery, toehnuse, cariiane tao-iae sad oecesaarv outhoun** with ahont 70 acres of land; large frontal on the road: laid o it and adapted for country re?i Accessible nourlv from New York city Apply to JOHN B 8TEVEBS C7 Wa . street OB FIFTH AVF.BUE. For sale, a beautiful Comer Ilnuse or Fifth avenue, atoie Thirty fourth street Poeaess on May 1. Appijr to E. ?. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 Pine street. ipo CAPITALISTS otBLINO INVESTMENT-WILL X be sold at a bargain this week separate:? or togetb"r. fvur three story brkk Houses, on Fulton avenue, ana three line story brick Cottages on Tompkin avenue Brooklyn; 6jut&i per cent of tbe rurchaae money may remain en ad and mortgage. Call on or address 8. F Allen, toner Irty-fourth street anil Broadway, New York BAKiRf-" ANO OTHEK - ?FOR 8ALB. THE three story brick House ai*d Lot or. the ror'.heast' #f ?*reenwH?i and l/?roy ? tree la lias s|ilenaid ovens and va itis nnder the aidewalk. It Is a capital place for a liquor artove or bakery. W ft Mil IltLL, 77 Ccdar.atreel. ?PBIRD AVENUE LOT? FOR BALE-TWO FULL LOTS 1 < n the eaKt side of tbe lb rrt tvesMi, 8f y feel north ?f Fifty.third rtrset on both sides are four story bncg taiiMiaga. a >ne business location, three fo'irtbs mar re rlu on laor'gage for five or teu y?ars >1 dturcd Appij to H^ K1NU, ai and a3 De.7 atreet. ipo IRON FOUNDERS AND MANPFACTl EEBS OE A eiroua of chacgiut loeat.on or starting anew?Your al lantien is caliad xo Kltratotnpori. New .lerser. as being the Cm point neat He-v York, on accouut of the To w com of coal, i ana lumber. Ms tasea, and offering at the advantages ?f tbe city Please examine ibe place before locating srl.era. Lots for saie <>n ?er* favorable terms. For particu lars applv to COOL.BT A 1IB1DRITTBR agrnts, h'.natell. ran, or B R KBLLOOO, 138 Pear: street Is* York. WANTP.n-A FAR*. QOOI> BOUKB. WITH A HUO eon River rlew, heglthy plaee Prli e not "ver $7 (Wi JL'ttie. tl any. money f rs? year Prefer to rent, with prlvl a^e Address J. P.Webber. 4ft West FortyseventB at WHHABTEb TO f: B' RAPB-POME TENEMENT PRO oerly, In tbe hlnh Seventh or Thirteenth ward, bat ? ^^aoromnodatk as l?r ai least twenty famlliea Apply to El-rase giving .'.esrripnotj and S Attng lowest caMi prior RETNObDS, Hi West tony-third street, or boi 2.26A Ml allue. ST"enn will Bt'? BV NE?T NEWTWf. STORY Vl.OUli frame House, with full ,ot at Bhtabethport, ? J. More lots If denrahle Terms favorable. Ai p'.y to fOOLBV M HEfl'RITTER. agents, Blliabelhport N. J., or as B R KfcLLOtiO. owner. 139 Peurl street. New York. ? i Q/m ?rOR RALI, A VERY CONVENIENT House near the corner of Filth avenue and Fifteenth street. Biooklyo. ? utain" seven ro"ms and 'arge aellar, cars to all tbe ferr w psaa every few mmules, fVW w $.>i oaah required, balance in lostalironts A| i 'y lo ? ANIP.LB t HOOT, uoiuer of Fiflt avenue and Ninth ?reel, Breekiya. O ?'ARM OF ?? ACRB8. BLA' K LOAM soil, bigbly productive two nory flouse, <3 *<\ Vt Para. *?., 'mlIt eight years. -J mile* on Long Island. A lee ouiers to aell or ?scbange WBLLINO, ?J Crdar street. $i(' ^(Wk -FOR HALB, A V hIt V COMPLETE. 'l.i/UUi brown at-uie troat Houaa, high atoop. oas? ?vient. three stvrie* and altk . i n shed with all lonrenlen'es: Hist ? lass nstgi.borhnxl Applj ai 121 East Fortj-aigbib ??reel, near Tuird avenne. F/l ruin ACBBi MINERAL A Ml AGRICULTURAL tJUiUUU I*?nde ?A responsible pereon, having alio t ?u, ?i acres of rich mtiiersl aud agriniiltural laads in Mis, ?aurl and i.iher Westun States, desires to open a oorrea gvu.rtenca with a reliable and lalluential party who wi ' co ?|e>ais la the sale of said lands. To such a party a rem <? ?era ive iatereat woald lie offered. Companies are already In | rofltable operations In an I adjoining the vicinity of the Mineral and. Full dew'lptlon of lueaUon and quality ?f Ian Is fnralahed. with township p1"t?. ic References ai sd. Addiess IjO* 4.0M Post ofllee Ht Loula. Mo. OCUI'ISTB AID AVIIIHTB. A KTIFIf'lAI. IIPMAH KTBK MADE TO QBDIB AMD J\. ?nse.ted br I?rs F BaIJCH and F (HMJORLMANN mvibiM 61 Bo.^inMea^rjjri-r ^ ^ AUM UU, M C1X)M THE WSnCEwWerU TklM km r?MfclM U* ?N> Pre? itHck1* ?aU?t). b law MNrtMW al Pit' TuuU. ruiiti m of Chiatla, K.orkM I Mi*, few* Wnwekaa. rtyera. Jterew l)ri?e?*. BoaakuM, *apa Kd Kit* ?mhI DrHUig Machloae, |< ii.JWfM V?r?*kiTr3u ft a* . A*aort?d. 2 taek. 1 met MKi fc I act. 34 far oral off Jal pikes; Rivet* Buita, it , Countai SkafU Banger*, P..H*y?- ie , Anvila, I iron Cnlliag Black*. Ac , Aa . Foundry Aeparato*. Cupola for three toaa. W*od awl hum Raaka. k.Dllkt Iron I'aU irru t*lei t'?* la Ike establishment. Ail will be aoM al a bargaja if | urclaaw d ak tire Apply to J. b WICKERS HAH, Ma. #7 Leu U sirec Between R'.viagtoa aad l)*ian?f street* ARaHB CHANCE ?ONE BALK OH THE WIIOLK lubrfl in a flrtt ataaa Saloon locality unsurpassed tij ai<) U> Uiaaawe part uf town For further Information inquire immediately of A. V. Hl'llK. No. 7 South atreet ALIQCOR STORE KOR SALE?IN T1IB LOW BR part or tha city of New fork, doing a good business at present. Satitf u-iory reason* given for selltug. Kor partic ulan- Mature at 57 Fulton street. Brooklyn. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE OR TO LBT? Thoro.ighly furnished. A Dining. Oyster and Printing Saloon, will be sold or In on vary easy terms Call *oou and arc BpicorUn. MP Broadway. A MILLINERY AND FANCY OOODF STORE FOR halo. wllb Stock, Fixture* and Oo<m1 Will. doing a line bio-lticw lnnii established, and in one of the bent location* on ?>Ulb avenue. Address MilUueiy, Herald office. ARARK CHANCE-FOB BALE, A BtfTCBEE* HUop, Willi seven years' l'ase. u lulles from New tork Slaughter house horses. watjont.. and ?svor>; raj. iM'iif.' to >&i ry on ibe bus.aeis Apply ml' K OHSdR, 103 ban.ay street. An oyster and drinking SALOON for salh Witli L<' i?e. Future* Ac . ail complete, tor $SX? cask. Located on Broadway. Apply to li P i AhBV, 114 White ?trod APROPFLLBR TUG BOAT FOK HALK?Km TONS; cylinder 2u inches: a powerful and good sea no ?; cat: be bouuhl low. Inquire at .70 Pearl street. ASOOD CBANOB FOR Bl'SlNEHS ?THB AIiVER nner wiibes to dispose of hi? lumber Business v illi moulding an<1 planing mill connected. on Second avenue. r?-t r?eii Fifty iturd and Fifty fourth streets. The business Is ?r' established and prolitsble. nid Is 0'1'ered Uiiely on arnOMni of 111 health. Very easy t r*n? Will tie alveri a good man. Apply loTHKOlXiRF. TAYLOK. on the premise*. AHANI'SOME. WKl.1. FITTED I'P DRUG FTOKP for sale In a yO'Xt lm?ln** m?"e nnd now floinc :i j;noil j biulne" and will tie Hold eheap. ae tbo owiiiir Ik coiuc w }*a\*- it; tin4 ** u rare rhain ^; It in frr. vwn ePMhUsh^il; | te-m*fia<y; prtee on y fl.UtKi. Apply to JOHN FETTl.'KTCU I '4th Third avenue. A GOOD. legitimate CAPH BVKINE^FOR RAI.K? 1 In ?acee?*ful op<,ra.Uon and pnylm: a net pro it of f!5 I a ilav Am urn! of capital re inln d Apply to F I?. I RICHARDSON * CO., 8'.' nnd H4 N*??aj ?tie^t. A NEAT tea. COFFEE AND PINK GROCERY "TOHE for ?*]? on a leadtntr arenue; old ttand. Loration and biiNine** good aud all ci^h. Cani'Jil re mired J1.C00, Aprly io F D. RI'"HARDHO.V Je ( (?.?.' and M Nassau street. t IJQrf'R STORE FOR $ ALB?LOCATED DOWN J\ town, in i. good bu*>ne** iilare. Alio Bakerien. Kern m ran'a, Crocoief, Provinlon Storey, Corner Li jnot Stores. Diuif Store-- Bill'ar'l SuIo^iih, Me*t Markets in a!) part* of of this eltv and Hrooklyn, at low prleen W. 11. MITCHELL, 7" Cedai street ABAT4GATN.-FOU RA1.E. A NICF SMALL. WELL an-urted titocl; of House Furnwhlng Good* and C'oek erv. Will be. sold cheap, a* the owner is goirc lo tbe ennn t:v on aucounntof ill healib Kent loir and no priving for lixlures. Apply at 826 Jlyrtie avem.e, near Tutupkiu* avi-nvie. Brooklyn. A CORKER OEOCEBE AXD LIQTTOR BTOKE N Kelanoey street, cori.ii wf Kor^yili utreo!. witu Hnr* ? and Wa.-on. tw o years' le.ise from the first of May niiit; 1 it 'ire stock and <!oin:: n eood b isini ?s . IF to be "-old cl-.cap, a* the owner of it is a w dow In.\uire in ilie*toie.. Boats of all drscriptton'S. nf.w anopkco-vt.! -hop of 8TEPIIKN ROBERTS, fool of 114ib street, li irli ui river, linw ih ;lie time o *?e tlie ne?- *h?:. boat building thi? fbop. to raue wltb (bid Ni.intrier. T><>arding IIOCSF FOR 6ALH-IN A DBFIRARLE I > 1 .canon, with twenty neri aiic.nt bOAkders. Brice $1,010. cam. Apply for twi (lavs, irwm 2 tili o clocl', at !3 West Forty-first street. Bargain -tmk stock and fixtcres of a va rietvan.i Fancy Store Applr at i ?e store, 440 Sixth avea'ie between Twenty sixth and Twrntv *eien'h streets Store to )*L C^^NAL BOATS FOR SALE?OF THE LARGEST SIZE. / In .uirc at 107 Broad street. CTTY EXPRESS FOR SALE-WITH TWO WAGONS and noracs, now doirc a isood bnsircF*-: sattsfartory r- ason? given for sa'' d% tr<inlre at the oflice No. 3 Astor DRl.'O STtiRF. FOB 8AI E?CHEAT. OS A PRINCIPAL tboro'iglifare; choice atoen.. liandmisnoly litt?*d jp and doinn a good lmalne.-* ; an excellent place for a pr.ii.tlnine phytiiCton 80UTIIW1CK A WOOD. 18 Pino atreet. Drug store for rale.-it wilt. nr. fold ^f.kv cbcap An eJtraordlnary opportunity I* ofler d to any t.erhi.n w'.kMdk to carry no the dru- buftinem. Call andei amine for youraelvea, it 20C Seventh ave'iue. DRCG STORE FOK RALE?at a GREAT SACRIFICE; > a good ?un<1 for a roan with mean* to properly mock It; will he aold to rtav or tomorrow. torether, or k tor It or filturea aoparate Call at 120 Pavouia avenue Jir>?j Cilt, near N(W York ami Erie ferry. Drug storb-for sale, a profitable old eaiahliahed Drue Klie in tbiarlty. prlc Jt.OflO, part of which '?an remain on bond and u'criga .e it d?*'red. A '? drefia, with r al name (no olbera wii! be ni'tiaei!). Or box Itio Herald office. IfXGLTSH HOOP 1 RON?ALL SIZ'iB. FROM \ TO 2 J inch** wide, in Rood order: Mao .i until lot d;. rna.r J. For a.iie by 3LIPPKR .4 CO.. 231 Pearl s'reet. FV)R sale?stock and fixtcres OF A crocrk ry, ClUK trn, Ol! and Lamp Sturm, now damn a food buafnew. It i* one or the rnoal taatv store* of the kind H? Brooklyn: th?-re la likewise every laclllt? fur Ineroaaing the buila.-is. if dcalred. ro th? rig! t rartv the r<-nt will be re markab'.y low. Sat.s'a torv reaanna ?>cen for colling oof Apply to rfewra MATTHEWS A GREEN. No. Ul Poa.l ?'.reel. New York. For sale-the stock and fixti-rks of a 'ancy good* and trimming store the a'oek l? well le> tod am! la doing a go?<i buainoa* in one of the beat ? o p'.en in Brookivn; will be aold low on ac ojnt of 111 health. Inquire at 641 Myrtle a\enue. Brooklyn I?0R SALB-A LiytJOR AND DININO SALOON. WITH ? toipper roo nt attaohed. in the beat part of lie Ity. Reason for selling the owner la rick Half cash and the ha lauoe on wcurity. Apply at 2.1 lltidaon street, in the oUice. IflOR SALE?TlfE STOCK AND FIXTPRES OF A well eaubluhed Liquor and I'r-tt Store, nith Sample Room attached, d?ln? a good t?iBln"*a Aipiy op the pre rnises ill* Fulton street, or to ALEX EAGLE. 70 F-.Iton *tre?:, Brooklvn, whaie i-eascni for aelllmj will be riven JOHN C. WELCH. TTtOR 8ALE?TUE SAFE. COTNTER f23 VEBT LONG . r Hc*n and Furniture of the City Bank, of Jersey City. The counters and aafe are &r*t c'asa. and will he aold for mu-b les* than tbair value. Inquire of WAML D. .MACK. 87 Warren atreet, N. Y. For SALF-S FOr B HORSF ST F.AM ENGINE AND Boiler, in 'Omplete worklne order alao a Hoiatlng Ma cbine, t( be aold before the lat of May on account of re moral. Apply at 126 Mutt iireet. In the machine chop. For sale-at a fair valuation, a corner Gioo-tt and Uuuor Store, with a (tood run of eua tomera. il.ree veara leaae. on acoourt or blokuea* Call at 332 Madia m stree', currier of Seamuiel. fur fliree day*. For sale-the tatlst right kor a iirst cla'? Hand Pr.ntinp Pre#* Sampl*** .-an bo ?"n at the olliue of J A. 9.. 344 and J1C Wc*t I wen ty-fourth atreet. For sale-a sh.-db and crop hocsr. in a first rate lo a'.iou. eatabliahe I In iftfltl. with all yeara leaae to run, low rort, with plot tre? slaw ware rooktnf; uteoalla and rancea, in complete wui kmip oruer to Iw noiil in con?e'iueD<* of the proprietor bavin* a bonae .n Broad, way whieh renuirea hia entire ?:ten.t<)a. Apply to T. McLol'OHLIjr. 2.V, Broadway. For sale-a fine grocery and LiguoR storb, ta the Ftm ward. Store well Mocked, and a leaae of over four year*, rant moderate ami paid nptolfttfif June. Mi ft be aold. on ao oount of the owner being about to leaTe the oountry. Inq.ireat IM Waal niftoa. corner of Llberty ?treet. FOR SALE?THRBB CANAL BOATfi. one Bl I.L Head and two auowa, one in periect condition, ono low pri-od, to be aold cheap for t^sb iD'ilre io iba litiry atable, St New Bovtf of M L. I'DILLIPS. 1.10* fiALB-THE LBASB GOOD Will AND FIX F turea of a handaomelj titled tip barroom, with b?> k roorua attached. For particulara apply at ibl Fulton atreet. VOR SALE-A MILK ROUND. WITH FIRWT CLASS r llorae, Wagop, Harncaa and Cai.i. Apply at I1Z Ninth avenue. FOR BALE-NEW AND SECOND HAND MACHINE rj of all kinds, at 24C East liouaton street, by CII AS JORDAN. IilOR BALB?ONR IROS G1KDKR. WKOf'IRT IR<>N teaaioa rod, length IM. Inquire at 77 Mott atreet. JjVtR PALB-TOBAt'CO CUTTING MACH'NF. ro gera' patent. Cau be uaed b? band or ateam power. Appfy al 2?7 and Water atreet ii?OR SALE-ONB UPRIGHT Tl'BrLAR BOII.EH ' twelve borao p.,wer. alitv tiitiea, -oaotber w)th Heaier. Pump and Steam G lage, all ,n j<erf??t order. Sold for want Of nae Apply al East Klver Hieel W orka. comer Arenne H and Eighteenth atreo . I'OR SALK?$S0O? A BOOKBINDFR't SHOP. WITH complete Flit urea. Inquire no U>e pr> aitaeii. 8f Walker at re?t fourti floor. I,''H SaLB-A L1QCOR AND B1LMARD Sa " loon a* ^ood a loratlen a* there l? In thecitvfora laror be?r saloon, aatlafaetory r?-H(ona for eol Ing w|.l bo giv?n Kor )>artloii)ara apply to Mr. FULLLlt. fci lllrd ?ven'ie. In the oyatar aalooo. For salb-a fine collection of rare coins, aarient and modern , the aame tbal hra been on exlil i?ltl<>? at Hie Sanrary Fair. Can bo eeeo al S Deiter'a, No Mt? Mroa ?a?. Vor pale-i steam bnginb :".noRSB tower r and 1 Ift-horae I Steam Boiler. V) horie power, i Hydraulic P'eaaea, al 4S Ann etre<*t. william M'KEN/IE. rnacbin* ah op In the renr. BALE-THE FUTURES Of A ill Tt'IIER S ah op an 11 Store to lot. <aU at 29b Weai IJoualon al., near Greenwieb. U?0B SALE-A 8BCOND HAND THIRTY /lAI.I.ON F farmer a Boiler, with ftimaoe attache'!, in good condi tion. Aj plylo HODGSON BRO S, 48 Walker aire?t. ?L'OR SALB?THB SfOCK. FITTIJRFS, ONE TP,ATI F l/oaao and the good will of a Fancy Uo^da Store, well ?to ?o.iand dolag ? good naah trade- altuafd In a oi ..?en ?e and firat claea neighborhood. aatiafaotory r?aaoo for aoliina Atipl* from 9 A. ?. to A P M.nCWMot* atroel, eeeond foor, back room. FI*OR PALE-A TKA AND OBOOF.KI STORB. DP town, ratab laheil for the laal Are year*; a rare rh? >oe for any |ioieon wlahing'0 (?. In that binlneea. (?ortnnh'r Part" ulart apply to TU OS R ACKLAND. Ut ?-??? w.r# ?I rook ^ FOR BaQI. u?*r paroouiara apply on ike miiIm^ U Eighth ?*?oue, i<?rV>i?rtMilk?rMi Fob halm-\ iiihhsk or fagging casus. UMd Wllkiu. Apply Mr 67a Bru?d?ay u| alalro. |7?OH BALB-TEBY LOW WR OABH, A BOTBfc. FIX P lorea i?d twn, fo?r ji-ttt aimpm^ from *?J ' ? <me of the host koistioua on Lu>| laiaad Apply corao* of Mvrtl*aud Buakwtokavaauea, BrOoklyu, H. D.,ot> Uminn mtme* For sai.e?two large corrER boilers; ore JttInches long and V niche* in diameter; the otber ? ftKhe* long and 40 la dlamtter. nearly a?w. Can be seen at ?l Hprlug itreet, la th? floar p?M* factory. ? ijioii sale?a wrlx. established family hew r tan Bualiu a-i<>o Wbwu'er A Wllaou'a mailuuea, now la fall operation, with home Stock and rliturea, Id a good lo cality lit lliooklyu; niuHt be sold Immediately on account of Ike proprietor going abroad. Apply at ?J6S Court stroei, Brooklyn. _ FMOll SALE-IKON TAHKB, OF VARIOUS BIZB8; round and square Va< uum aod Liquor Pump*. for sugar rttlinrra. iron Gaoler*. lithe and Loaf Sugar Mould* AV-o a small Cottage in Harlem. and four Lot* iu Brooklyn, K. O. P. N. 8POF?ORI>, 17 Broadway. For salk-a superior hkw iron sakb made io order: dimensions 34*40 inches. Can be Men at 383 lhIM avenue. L'tiR KALE-ALE BREWERY, WITH ALL ITS FIX r turn*. now running and In tinr order; a good ehsneefor a man to step into Knti n?s? and ir|V? money unou thesiait. Imjmre of STEPFTRN A. PIPRCE A I'O , 17 NaKwau street. FOR SALK-AlU) PAIRS M1N9 SF.fOND HAND I..kih, Shoe Trni'ii and Hoot Truce. Auyli Io liALL, SOUTHWiCK A CO , -'I Tar* row. Ml SA7B.-A FINE LOT (IK BBM TEA PUT IK r tln.anh ojpresnly for hospital, army and navy line. Warranted A 1. Apply at 71 Barclay street. FOR SALE CUEAP.-AN EIlillT HOUSE POWER upright Steam Boiler and KnJne. complete. AUoiwo larac Peddling Wagons Apply to R AO. WOOD, 1*75 Pearl *ucet. N. Y.. and LaiiHinghurg. N. Y. For sale cheap-a vegetable, butter. cheese and Bag Stand, in a good location In one of the principal mar^et-i iu the city. Inquire lor three .lays at "<37 and 83U Broadway, corner Thirteenth atrcet. in the fal 'oc For salk piieap-thrbe splendid oilt Mir. rurH, arc verv iarse; alxo two Oil Pair.Ungft. and one seven octave Pianoforte, Stool and Cover. Apply at 260 j West Forty-second street, near Eighth avenue. Grocery and liquor stork FOR SALE.?THE Lease, Stock and Futures with twelve Stable* 1n the i-eur Httacl.ed to the premises; there la f'.'OU made aunuallv !>? >ide? rent fn e. thli i? a chance that la acldooi otl'ercii. Applv ou the preiniaes.ilH Madis n ?treel. HOTfL FOU BALE.?A country HOTEL FOR SALE i.tuaieii on the Hue of a rail>-oad, aevnntv miles from New Yor'i. now lining n full b'.istnes". For partlculara In i, r? or D. M. GRIFFIN. 78 deilar street ? TTOTKl OR RATIN? J HOVSF.B. ?FOR SALE. A TA 11 Me and Steam Boiler, with Pip" und all complete, lor saie at the dWtlllery i-h Eaat I'iiirty ul'ih ?ir?"t. p. CAP* Kindling wood yard fob salk-poino a u good ea?K hii?iii"n?, with Enirtne. Roller, Kawa and Splitter. Everything cornrhte and in good order. Imjulrc at vt Ninth avenue. 1 ADIK8 AND CHILDREN'S 8IIOE STORF FOR tj mV.?i >?'j of the t est located and most desirable in H.ihok. 'i? ;,ood stoc*-. nicely fitted up and doing a good cash business A hargntn nttvred HOUTlIWlCE A WOOD, 18 Pine aaeeL * I*:ta' <5 FOR 8ALB. iVJ "iO poun>U ()lJJ LEAD. Ii 000 pounds OLD KUKATBINO COPPER. ;O.i<10 ptmnds OLD COMPOSITION. ?"i u po inds OLD HELL METAL. For wile, in low to suit, hv Wjl.LlAM D. ANDRKWP A BRO . No. 4U Wamr sirect, ONE CtlASCE IN PIVE THOUSAND?FOR SALE. A Or onry Store. <loln^ a'aran'-A?h businc**. on on'- of the g-'atest" thoroughfares n Brooklyn. Addrea* R. W, bo* 180 Herald Offlie. JOr one week. COQOOm FOR S ALE- SOTONH BURTHEN, LIGHT >? i'raiv?t of wver pri e $400 Can be seen at Twenty fourth street, North nttr Apply at 405 West Twenty fifth Htrect. M TP AM TANK i-'OR. RFNT>F,RINO I.ARDOR TALLOW O Id perfect order, for ?a'e cheap at No. 3 From street. QTRAM ENGINE FOR SALE CHKAP?SUITABLE FOR 0 k manufactory or propeller; cylinder 22 by 24 inches. Con be r. n at 10 1 hors^ power Has never been used. r k( j H p.. bus2.960New York PortOflioe. TO PRINTERS?A GOOD CHANCE TO START IN business. For ?aie, > ho stock of Pres?es anil Type in an established printing office. with a good con'ie<-tl"n ami plenty or work offming. App.y to J. C. HAXEY, 111) Nttit'i ?tr<et. roo ii No 34. mo BB *OI n ,J!FAP-^ UQSOI S rORB. IK A OOOD 1 neighborhood near ibe South ferry Brooklyn, reasons Tor st-lllnc. 'be ownor I* going into oilier bu-io<'u?. Inqoire iM ii nrnernl Oolutnhia .'U<1 Amity streets. Brooklyn, to John Branneo. I rras OLD B8YABLISBBD BOARTMNO BOtJBB ANI) I Dlnltfr Sa'rnn for eale ihrap-for rash: everytnlng ne cessarv for the bnslnese. Ca'l for "ne week in "avenue C, rent to Twelfth street. THE Sl'BhCRIPTION I.18T FOR A PEW WORE chance* <0 purchase a tirst claxw s'.surant, Oyster and Dining Saloou on Broadway. u'iar Wall S'reet, will be open for a few days at fri Broadway. <s*?> \r\ ?FOR SALR. A OOOD OROC1RRY STORE. C?N a leading avenue: will be sold for $:v>0 cash Ar< nte ne# 1 not apply. Inquire at 4<*7 Third avenue. (J.-1H1 WILL BUT ONE OF TUB BEST PAYING ijlt/UV Dining. Drinkina and Billiard Saloons; In a good 1'ration and a ?''iy loiv rent:'lekn^ss the cause ol selling Apply at Shipping Otllee, 170 Chatham street. ? CO]PA ltT> KIUMIP. A >' EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY.?WANTKD. A person with gL' .oo ????!?.<<? invent e,U'il!ywfth the ad rert'vi ip so enterprise bv ? hi. h more than $ 100.000 niav b? divided iu twelve months. Address <>. 11. Ulilcb, Post ofll. c, appointing an Interview A PARTNER WANTED?OR WOULD SELL A OOOD and very profitable caso business, established lor the ls?t ten years. Any person about to purchase a good paving business hat will bear 'hi e'osesl Investigation, will please sddre*-.1. I'., box IMO Heraid ofllee A cents need not an swer Am a v wakted-a* partner, with $i'.boo "'aim w o act as cashier and share In a money making euterp i .e paving a ver\ lsc^e daily meome. Apply from lti A M till 3 o'clock P. V.. at 5i>3 Broadway, room ti. Mlt. LIVINGSTON SATTERLFE BECOMES A PART ner In our bouse frotn this day. S atTHRLFP, \ CO.. 4# Exehenr.e plaoe Ago B fiTinntit, HbkktA. Hosieries. A'H't 1*. ISfl4 11 Tin t AHKttn. Liviigktus StmKtfl. PARTNER W AM ED - A PARTY, WHO HAS A lar^r solt ha; faetorv in optrntlon and who has an ex tens tp b- < alntaneo in the trade throughout the country. d - r<w a Partner, with means t ? fldlllw ihe ssuie. Best ol reieien'-es <iveu. V J '.rim- w'tri reai banic and amount of capital. Caput, 001 2.120 N. Y Pual oifioe. PARTNER WANTED IMMBDIATBLY-WITH a"ca?>I tal of about !e a IWIit. renteel and verr prolitable business Address O., box 136 Lerald ofllee. Q ".(in WILL PURCHASE AN EQUAL INTEREST IN JJptJWI I the man faetnre and sale or three newlv invent ed arti - es. pa> ing lar,-e prolts and no risk. Warrantei no humbug Address .7 W 11.. hoi 140 Herald oHicC, stating where an interview may I* had. jfcfifin ?PARTNER WANTED. WITH THE ABOVE ipUU' sntn," in a go- >1 business of!' years standing: an energetic young man pr' ierr il. who ooiiid take cbar?e ot the butinesv A g . id hanoe for an engraver. Address F. O. P.. box 160 Herald ofDce tin hiin -1 WART A partner'i"n A nur sJpiU.AM IVJ, rate hesvv pavuiK bustiess, wsllestab lis!i??l Pur an interview addr ?? H. Martin, >.are of B. B. Merrill. N . ? Aftor Ho jie. COUNTRY BOARD. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIYINO in FORDHAM. WITH In one hoar's ride of the city, could areommodaie a few adults with Roo ns and B-isrd Pieossnt lostion. good table, pure milk andpienty i.f Ircsh ? -geiabies in eeason. Addtess Kordhaa. Westchester county. S. V. Hoar:-* at the rikooold house for the be*. ?on ?A fire, healthy lo-*tlon; good bathing and fishing within one hnndrwd yards if the hous- sreess to tbe ellv and back four or five times a rt iy by boat from pier No 2 Nor'h rivet and Dey street; aio bv dummy railroad. Jersey City every boor. Apply at 17 East rwuiitb street, New Borfc. Hoard for tub siatmbr -in a farmers familt at C eenwirb ilorn., thirty miles fr-nn New Torlt by ?New Haven Railroad r?n be obta nei st reaeoaable terms; location perfectly health?; stabling fur horsea. Apply at 79 Cedar street room No. r, third flo, r. COUNTNT PO AKD?AT A FARM BOUBB. TN A healthy location, in Dsnburv, Conn. Per part'c^lere and Mfm? addrese T. R't'klev, hot Isf Danbury, COUNTRY BOARD-WITHIN TWO HOURS RIDB OP is the city, for a child <<even << srs old) and nurse; farmhouse preferred. Addn ?? George Clifton, New York Hotel 0???. . V* WITHIN A SHORT V ?'"'anee of the depot: lo.? |.n tilesssnI Per fur. ther psrtleulars sppi> at 117 kas< .\lnih etreeu (*OT NTR7 BOAPD,??WA)fTKn in a pl.t1 acaNT ^rk^Board fara'ue tie ? kf,!'rs'distance of New ?ork lt"?rd for a grntle'ean. ?i'? nr child aaed 2 vesrs Poet^?li*i?OL rt,tB* '-rm?. I ox J,90rt New forli /IOJ flRV BOAHH WANTED A PARTY OIP PROM V thr^r to six prr-orii Hmilrl ko t0 fiml iroo#J nl^fn Roat/i Uectut5'^0nrTo.V TT'u*"' " WOhin'Sn ho??5f ?mn er Jt' lT2'' T'"'"'" the whole CWM NTRT BOARD W ANTED?ON A RBOI LAB FAR*. J with pi?nty of fresh milk and ?e?etables, for ? '?J'* uurv two fhlldm in<1rrft y*&rt ?location inu?t be dry S?d hA?hy Zddreee O. w i,? & terms, mods of s.-cees and particular!, fin Morris and Essex railroad preferred. | 'Ol RTRY BOARD WANTBD?BY A FAMILY. CON \y ustlng i.f gentlemen wi/e, two small children and nurse mustnear the e;ty mm'nrt desired more than elegance Address, wllb tern s At Martin, box 130 Ileralu olihe. / tOONTRY BOARD WASTED-KfiR A OKNTLEMAN ' / and ?lfe; must ta? i-ssv nf .c-esa, and near the city. Address J. A. II ,b?i 4,&>i l'mt oflee. /tOUSTHY HOARD WANTED-POR A OP.NTLPMAN s and iaoilly, who "vlll pav liberiil? for g*o< aceemmoda Hons. AUdre<s L W K . i?u ay, t f;,.w fork Post ollicc. WASTRD-TO RF.NT, PVRNmnBD, FOR ABOI7T four months fro'i, the middle of June, a Cottage near the snaahore, eon'alniti(j ??Ijcht to ten roomi; must have gart!?-n bsthmg and lisiiing and he w 11,In easy distance of New Turk, the family requiring (? tot.slits of a gentleman, wife and one child I'm s > ptionat 'e referkneet. Address W. .1. B , box S.W7 N V Post ofl ty. WABTBD?WITHIN PITB MM-BH OF THE CITY Hell, s Purn sbed Room, facing the eunehine, will er without board. Address Connotes, hox 2*2 Herald ofliil, stating lerma "VTOR1 VIl.I.R HOARD ORntLBMSN OR OBNTLE I men ami wives ran he s roi ,modeled with Board 'n a private family IB * nets Mint m third houso from Tb'rd aveoue ?oiiuniwp amd ufoafMB. A *>*?>"? Apeivatw pawttv, ooctiPTiiKt a nut olam house. convenient to KWTh Avenue Hotel, would inom modate Me or two gentlemen with ^inmi suit of (MM UMma on aeooad floor, with Board and ?U home comfort*. ?* '81 WW twenty third street. Beftrwewi em A ',S8!fiVtt? BISWUUarSES: uouBfuttaf. wiUi Board. to two persons Noue need apply b .i those who are desirous of ft good t*M? >id bent Mm lorta aud wllila u> pay for them. Good relereuce rquirsd Addreoa A. R , elationG. Ar NO 29 CUNTO* PLACE, BTOTfTH STREET, TO let to *, gentleman or gentlemen, a front Mali Bedroom on the third floor, furnished, with or w thoul Board. AM GKNTLBMAN AMU HIS W1FB WANT ONB large unfurnished Room, with exception of carpet arm linen, with undent improvements and Board. Address W. C.. Hanud ottoa. Afrivaxb family would jjbs to dispose or a handsomely furnished back Parlor, to a gentleman, wlthoat meals; also ? third story Frout Bourn. Apply at 1(16 Writ Twelfth street, near Sixth avenue. SUIT OK BOO 118 ON THK I'M I HI > FLOOR TO LBT, ? . to gentleman, with or without Breakfast, ftt 'JXi Weal Foorteeuth street References exchanged. AH GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OB TWO SIN ,1.8 gentlemen, can be amommudatad immediately with ? . tioi'*e of fine large Rooms, furnished or unfurnished. and good Board, Ift a private family. at lift West Forty-Sixlk street. \ PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A GUN tleman ami wife and two single gentlemen with p'eas I or it furnished Roouia and ttrsi <:Unh Board, at Id West Twelfth street, between Fifth and SInh avenues. Bere. rcuces roqulrtd. Servants uuil children not taken. A PRIVATE FAMILY, CONSISTING OF GBNTLB man and wife only. occupying a first claas house, be tw?M!u L gnu cuih aud Thirty flist aticets, near Lexington and Fourth aves.. w old let a l'arlor And three Bedrooms, unfurnished (except carpcta), with Hoard. to ? uub.e par ties. First c'a-? references given and required. Aiidret* J. J. A., tlAtion F. PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A <!EN man and wife, or one or two single gentlemen, with ple..i>ani liouuis and llourd. Apply at 3d Went Twenty fourth street, between Filth aud Sixth avenues. A PKrV.VTE FAMILY. RESIDING IN FIFTH AVE JX. ntio, In tlie vicinity of the St. James Hotel, are deslroiv of lotting a Floor, with French and American Hoard, lor the 3d ol Hay . to a i importable and iiermunent party ot three or lo ir. Terms from $5 > to $ 0 per week. Addre** J. B. K . box Post oihef, with name, aud placc an interview mar be had. A^m LARGE FOURTH STORY FRONT ROOM. SUITA blr lur two alu^le genlleuieu. to lut. In tue lirat u.s rhoufe No 5 West Tw enty fourth street, near Madison Park. AM LADY. IN REVERSED CIRCUMHT1ANCKS, WHO resides in a central loeati u. aud has a, unlet bouse, would let a rooui to a lady and teutlemuii. without Board; cone but th-se who uan pay liberally for xnch atxomuioda tion? need apply The best or rolcrencus yiven if reunited. Addrens M. U., xtav n U, .N X \? THE GRANT HOl'HE-44 BBB BOWRKY, Hi.. tween Clutiban siiuare ami (JUambi'rs street, new house and furniture, Rooms to one 2.1 to SI ceuls per (lav; (1 2."j to $3 per weeK; convenient to business; live minutes' walk from Broadway; open all night. AT 2? WERT FOURTEENTH STREET?A Sl'IT OK laigo handsomely furnished, second story front Rooms to let. with Hoard, conslatlnc of Tarlor. Hedruou., Dressing Rootn and Pantriesi No moving on 1st May. AT174.176 AND 178 BLEBCKER STREET, SIX BLOCKS west of Rroadway. pleasant Rooms, fur.i'shed. with excellent Board, from 56 to f 10 p<T week. Families $14 to (2A; breakfast 6 to 'J; dinner at 12,1, anil ti. A NEATLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM ou the first lloor to let, with or without Board, in a amall family, ut IKo X.a>i:ens street, near illeecker. A T IP AND 20 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH /V and'riixlh avenues?KuIIh of very elegant Rooms, In cluding a must .pleno d parlor I oor Alao bicglc ltoouis can be had, ? th liist c' Board. In French and German kit es. A G? inau Jamil; ol the highest ie spec lability aecps the houses. References exchanged. A^m PARLOR AND BEDROOM ADJOINING TO LHT To gentlemen, wi ll iirtt ulaub Board, at Mi Kaat Twau ty-ffth street between Madlaeii and Fo irth avenues. ARESPECTAHLB YOUNG MAN (AMERICAN) w1she.? Hoard in a Spimali fatnilv, where K111.I1SI1 is numlerstood. Address immediately by letter J. C. R., 2D4 Canal street. Mating terms and locality. IT 17 CHARLTON STTBET-TWO UMB POB ? V. nlBbed fron! Room* ?o let, wltb Board, suitable lor families or single gnntl?nien. AH COUPLE OF GENTLIMI-iN CAN OBTAIN A SUIT of Rooms, or Parlor and Bedroom, in a small private famllv. in The rleinlty of Carroll Park. Brooklvn; accessible by railioad to a!l the fornes. Address C. Y . Herald olfice. A N ELDERLY WIDOW LADY WANTS ONE BOOM IN A the vicinity of ThlrJ avenue. If suited will engage for Addiesx 'or three dsys Board, box lit. llerald oQice. A LADY, WISHING TO TAKE A FEW GENTBEL boarders, will ba\e a suit of Rooms on third lloor, alto an extension Boom, to rent by the 1st oi May. Hons - oun? ta un all the modern Improvements mil if. pleasantly lo cated. !ni|Utre at 190 East Twentieth street, near Hecond avenue. AT EIGHTEENTH STREET. A FBW DOORS WEST of Fifth avenue?Handsome Apartments, elegantly f irnikiird Rooms, with or without Board, for single gentle men or gentlemen and their wives, wlih all the comfort* of a home. Also an oliiee for a phjsietan Best of references required Call at 44 West Sixteenth street. None but first clasi boardcri need apply. A ROOM. WITH BOARD. WaNTED-HT a WIDOW lady, no objection to gas and c!eanlln?aa; will not re quire any attendance, and would prefer to be with humble people Address, stating terms, Ac., Mrs. De 8.. Herald ofliec. A DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOM TO LBT?WITH Hoard, amiable for one or two alngie ?collemeu. Ap ply at Nil. 7> Weat Fo.irieomh su**l ALAIUIB FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-TO two gentlemen, with full or paitiai Hoard, in a pri vate family: hou>e has all the mo tern tmpro. rmenta, and ttie loeatlon la very desirable; references re iuirel. Apply for two days at 130 West Twenty.fifth street. A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH BED S\ room attached, to let, without b iard, In the house of a pi ivate family, to oue or two ?iuU? geutieinen onlv. Apply at No. 13 West Houston atreet. a few doors oQ Broadway. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB SINGLE OBNTLB men can be arcominouated with Board and pleasant R-oma. ne illy furnished. ?at 8* Bait Twenty nlntn street, near Islington avenne. No moving la May. A^m WIDOW LADT HAVING MORE ROOM THAN SHE rc'iolre*. would let the back Parlor, or Front Room on the second lloor, handsomely furnished, with or without Board, to a gentlemau; no other boarder in the house; re lerenees exiJiaiured Apply at No til West Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. A^m YOUNG AMERICAN. OF MANT TBAB8 BEfil di nee In Europe, wishes a lnrniahed Boom, with or without Breakfast, in a private family: foreign lainlly pre fe rred. Address P box 130 Herald offlee. AM SMALL FRENCH FAMILY. OF WELL BRED PEO ple. will have Booms, with hoard, from the first of May. very lievt references required aud given. Arply at 170 Fast Eighteenth street, five minutes' walk from Clftren A WIDOW LADT. LIVINO IN A SMALL HOUSE, would let, to a gentleman and lady, an elegantly fur nished Suit o( l'arlor*. with Boa'd Tor the lady. Apply at 160 Basi Thirty-second atreet. near Lexington avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE CAK BB ACCOM modeled with two very pleaaant front Jtooma, on second floor, with Board. In a private family; referemesexchanged. Apply at 170 told number) West Twenty-second street A NEATLY FURNWHED SUIT OP BOOMS. ON third lloor. to let, with private table only, or would ae commodate a few single gennemen, without board. Apply at US Waverley pla<?, near Washington square. A IBECOND OR THIBD FLOOB. ENTIRE. FURNISH A ed or unfurnished, with Board?IS Ashland place, near Oreenw.i h avenue. None but genteel partlea need apply. A NICELY FURNISHED SECOND FLOOB-EN suite or s?narate, to let. with Board, to a party of gen tlemen or a family of adults; location good; dinner at 6H o'clock, can a' 37 Bank Ftreet. near Fourth atreet. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, ! front, with ail the modern improvements, to lei, wltb first cia?s Board. Will be vacant 1st of May. References exchanged. 24 University place, corner of Ninth street. BOARD -AT 133 WAVERLEY PLACE. NEAB WASn ington square, for one year from May 1, entire Second Floor, large rooms, with ample dose is, water, hathroo:n, Ac. $36 per week for two pmm. Also two or three Bedrooms^ Board-a nice, furnished front boom to let. with or without Boaid, to a gentleman and'wife. Caii in Verandah place, the'eigbth house from the corner of Clinton street. South Brooklyn. A uiocr entrance on War* ren street BOABD-TWO GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE A LARGE Boom and Board (dinner at elk) above Tweaty-flftk atreet, weiit side. private family; modern bouse and brst cla?s neighborhood; price $A); use single Boom, price $K. Address)' <'rocker, box 4.774 Poet olftce. SARD ?A GKN1LBMAN AND BIS WIFE OB SIN gie gentlemen can obtain Board, with froat Boom on ind lloor. .^urnished or unfurnished, by applying at k'J Board-a gbntlbman and his wife ob sin gie gentlemen ean obtain Board, with frost Room n* aeeond floor, ,u -IreeL Board.-a ba< k p*ri,or and recebs off and a Square Boom on third door to let, unfurnished, with Board, at 21b Bergen awoet, Brooklys TIOARD ??* GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAW BB PLEA J J sanllv aocomiiinda'ed with one large front unfurnished Boom, with Bedro rn attached, where there are very few ?e eet boarders by applying at 40 West Thlrtv ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. Possession can be given by April 20. Boabd-op town, a handsome suite of Unfumlrted Knoms on second floor; also a Front Room and Bedroom on thud floor Flouse and location first class. References required. Apnly at Ml West Forty eeoond su BOAED.-ROOMS TO LBT, WITH BOA ItD, FI B nlshed or unfurnished,Jo gentlemen and .heir wltes, or single get,lien en House first elasa brown atone front, has all the modern Improvements Inquire at 112 East fifty litet street liefer u> yr. Br mm, Cooper lastit ite. Board?Washington a^t arb. to let, with Board, from May I. a suite of elegant Apartments on M>"Ond floo': alio one or two other very desirable Rooms Those de?lrlng Oral class accomodations are invited to rail at lit* Waverley place. t'nescepiionab'e referenda given and required. ? Board-witii pleasant booms on T1IE sec. oud and third floora, hot and cold water and bathnorn. To l>e vacated May 1 Those who desire a good home may call it 15* West Twenty fourth street. No eh,I rrn taken. BOAED -A SUIT OP WELL FUBN1HHRD BOOKS oft second floor, suitable lor families, alao Rixnus for gentlemen Houses first elass. Dinner at 6 o clock. IK) sod 191 West Fourteenth etreet. BOABD -FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. TO LAOIIR and geutlemen, traaaleni or permanent. House tery quiet and convenient to stages Innire at 142 Weal Sli teenth atreet. between Slith and Seventh avennse, Board at n west twentirtii stbfkt.-fob nl?h"d Rooms, suitable foHg<-ntlemen or ent'emeu and their wives; hense ?" "?"^een imnrevenienta Dinner ?' <1 o'eio< - ? ?QMtpnhi M.wp iroonrq. ? for good Board ud a private /arjor and thro# Bo'l rooms, with a genteel private family of ?tM4?ag. having wet hot>ee. told epjx>intm<-nls; a < athofr'Smily referred. Address. ??t?gio<*tlon, MM and inference J. r O,, In cam of ?tlharlea Ma|itn MM Front street A liberal price allow** It all thing* eult. BOARD WITH A fMTiTB FiilLt-4 8BCOID siery Froal and Bark Koom with jM. hot and told water. Address fer three days M Charles street. Board WtliTRD?by A OKNIUUIAN AMD WIFE; a umUvferniehe.t Boos, wit? Beard fer the lady only. Terms mual not exceed |7 per twi; ??u" terry would be qcairaWe. Adiregg T. M*. Herald office. T>OABD guTKlWIM THB*8DBURBB OF BBOOKLYW, B for two gentlemen tJocallSr In.or ?e?J" ?*?" irrred, not more than ??f hou?e ride from the irerrls?. Ad drcM, nuuiii ter(tin, full ji0MrlpUoii, Ao., B. & B.? wn li**? Foal oluee, N. Y. Boa bd wanted?on ob about the ist op mat. by a gnulieaian. In a private Jmllj; location Twenty third and Thirty second streets <cd Fourth anil Sixth ave uuos; aaat aid* preferred; If pledged would p*^?*nint Best of referenoea given. Address box It" Herald office. Boarding houses nor amenta need not anawcr. Board wanted-in a small quiet family, rrencb prelerred, at moderate terma. by a gentleman and lady. board lor the lady only. Address, stating location and terns, A. L? station O 1'oat often. Board wantbd-by a family oi? two ladies. two gentlemen and unrse. In a cooil hoarding houje or with a private family where they win have all the comforU ol a home; French hou<e preferred: location between Binth unit Twenty eighth atreeU and Third and Sixth avenues. References given and required. Address, stating terms, A, L., Herald oiLcc. B"oabd wantbd-with unfurnished booms. by a gentleman and wife. In a private family ?r In a gooa boarding House The location moat be pleasant. Dinner at an. Best reference given and required. Address, giving location and terms, F M., 204 Filth af Board wanted-kor a gentleman, within a moderate distance of the business parts of the city. ne rwouir"* a good Bed and Room in a private family, or where there are but lew hoarder*. Terms to be about Jo per ween. Addreaa A. J. 0.. Herald office. OARD WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY OUT DUB Ing the day. Addreaa T. T., station D, stating terma. OARD WANTED?BY A WIDOW LADY AND DAl'GH ? * tor; furnished or unfurnished Room; location between Vourth and Eighth avenue*. Eleventh and Forty-elgbtn lit ? ?te. Terma not to exceed ($11 per week, ltefcreu. ea exchanged. Address for two daya Mra. W., box &.-08 1*081 ofllce. , _ Board wanted -unfurnished rooms want ed, in a small private family, where there are no other boarder*, for a lady, ihtlJ and girl. Aildres* box -D7 York ville Poet offli e. or station H. Mew Yorfc city. Board wanted-bt a well known first cI&hs teacher, in exchan?e for lessons. Addresa If. n., care of C'hlckcring A Sons. Broadway, B B Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife. In a private family-Ninth ward It possible. Reference! exchanucd. Address, with particulars. II., oar* I'orter A FalrehlM, 415 Hudson street. __ B~ OARD WANTED-IN NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN, for a gentleman, wif.- and i hlld loui years old. AMdreaa, stating terms, box 4,9-1 New York Post office^ BOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN?BY A SINGLE man, an near as possible to to the lower part of Ailauiio street, a Single Room on the second or third story, and full, plain Board; terms not to exceed $4 50 per week. Address B. B., box 189 Herald office. B~ ROOKLYN.-A BACK PARLOR AND A FEW smaller Rr?on to let, furnished with or without Board, to single gentlemen or gentleman ana their wile, in a first class house. Location desirable. Appiy at S5 t'heever place, Brooklyn, betwoen Harrison and liograw atreet*. BROOKLYN.-SUITS OF ROOMS, furnished OR 'infurnished. to let. Willi B^ard, at 24'.' and J14 Kulton^t^ Brooklyn heiqiits.?pleasant furnished Room* to let, will: Board, for ainglc geutiemen, at ol Columbia street. Brooklyn heights.?handsome kctrnisiiep Rooms ou the fecund lloor to let. with Board. Apply at Tlo. 6 Willow stroet. Three minutes1 walk from *uitoa ferry. ? Brooklyn board ?a ttandsomr alcove room c.111 Lie had. Willi Hoard, at lOfii Lawrence street 1 he house is pleasmtly located near the City Hall. Alto one or two other Rooms to lot. . B~OARI> in SOUTH BROOKLYN -A FAMILY OOOU i)vinir ? handsomely furnished house near the South ferry wllihave a suit of rem for tab ie Rooms di<*engHgedin a tew dayi. All the modern conveniences. Apply at % Con gress atreet. _ _ Board in Brooklyn ?after tiik ssth april, gentlemen and ih<-lr wives or single centleraen can have Board, with furniabod or unfurnished Rooms, in ttie very Dl? aaantiy slt'iatod inoWu ston- dwelling huus>- 49 Con enrd ?tr et Choice of rtxim* an be securtfl up n enrly ap iiiication. The ho tse has nil the modern Improvements, with an unexceptionable tab4e: convenient to the Wall sua Fulton ferries. References eaehanged. OARD IN BROOKLYN?WITH A PRrV.ATE FAMILY ; larito Front R ?m. aoeoud lloor.jjeil furnished, beautt ful location, Lafajette avenue. Address A. J. C., Herald office. Board tn Brooklyn ?a gentleman and wifb and two aingle centlemen can be aceomirodaied with Board and pl?*??ot Rooms In a modern bul.t brown stone house, in a pleasant neighborhood and convenient to tne ferries. Apply at 47 Concord ?tre?t; Desirable booms to lbt-with boabd. on tlrst and sficouil lloors. No'movina 1st of May. Apply at 148 Waver leg, place, near 8U'h avenus. Ii^ORNIBHED rooms to let?withoct board, a Jr family having a larger house than they require will let ? few Rooms at modmate price. Apply at 378 Fourth street, near Broadway. ____________________ J~~jn?RNI8IIBD BOOMS. AT NO 1? BREVOORT PLACB. 1 Tenth ?treet, near Broadway ?Two Parlors, with or without ??*tension room. I'aiior and Bedroom on second floor, front* to rent to gnntleiuen only, without board. Brcakfant if danired. ^ ? FCRNI8HED BOOMS. WlTBOtJT BOARD. AT S20 West Fifteenth street?One large Room, suitable for two gentlemen, with gas and bath. $1; one nail Room, %2. Private family. Reference required. Apply for three days. Fcrnishbd BOOMS TO RENT-TO GENTLE men or a gentleman and wife, without board or with Breakfast, ai 41 W est Sixteenth sireeL Furnished or unfurnished rooms to let? with Board, from the first of May. at ill and I6S Hud son street, near 8t. John's park. Dinner at 8. Furnished rooms for gentlemen?without board, can be had Trom the 1st of May neit. In n very deairable location In Twenty sixth street nearly opposite the St. James Hotel, including one front English basement room, snliable for a nr*t class physician's oOce. Unexcep tionable referent** required and given. Apply at 67 Bast Twenty eighm street lor furtner particulars. FUBNIKHED BOOMS TO LET?AT NO. 40 LAIOTIT street, opposite St John s Park. Oood reference* re quired. Furnished booms ?gentlemen wishing nice Rooms, in a private house, anplv at 172 Bleecker straeu six blocks west of Broadway. near the first elsss hotels and theatres; the house ba? all the modern improvements. Furnished booms.?a pbiyate familt will let two larg1- Booms on tbe second liuor. with all the modem improvements. In a pleasant location, to one or two gentlemen, at moderate terms. Apply at 1U0 Waverley place, one door Trom West Wnshlngton square. FTNE, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH or w ithout Board, to let. In the first class house 48 west Fifteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avonuW Refer ences exchanged. Hall bedroom?on third kloob. suitable for alngln gentleman, to lot with Beard, at 56 West Twenty eighth street IN TWENTVTHIRD STREET, NEAR THE FIFTH AYE nue Hotel, one of the finest locations In the city, and in a strictly first class house, can he had two entire Flooia, for either a party of gentlemen or two families. Addresa for ene week A. B. C.. box t,40V I'ost oSloe, N. T IN A HIGHLY respectable FAMILY. ON TUB 18T of M*v. a Suit of Furnished Apartments, with Private Table if desired, to a deemblt I nation. Addreaa C. L, He rald ofHee JERSEY CITY BOtRD.?f'-HASANT ROOMS, WITH go<>d B <aid, nan be had at 18 Psvonla place. In South Fifth street. J*r*er 01 Iv t ar* * uhln half a block, going to ?oboken and Jersey CUy ferries. OENTLF i* large _ , stating location, term* and ether particulars. _ _ Ladies and gentlemen can find nbatly furnished Rooms at 110 Wen Twenty fourth street; also a very handsome Carriers Kobe for sale. ONE LAROB ROOM and two bedrooms to rent, to gentlemen only, with or without breakfast. In the first class bouse, 33 Weet Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. __________________ ONE OR TWO FAMILIES DESIRING BOARD III A suburban to<-ailty in Elizabeth, N. J., with the comforts of a home, only sis minutes'walk from the depot, may addrese M. B. J., Jersey Olty Poet ofllce. NB LARGE SIZE HERRING HAFB AND TWO ME. dium ?l?e Bsfes for sale, in store No. 2 Liberty street. ONE OR TWO ROOMS WANTED-IN BROOKLYN, nrar Wall street terry, with Board lor a gentleman and wife. Terms moderate. Address, staling terms, J. 8. W., box ITS Poet offl. e. nTy. ?PERMANENT BOABD WANTED ?FOB THREE JL adults; on* large Room and small one eonneetlng* un furnished ?Yrei>tlii| carpels: must hare good pautries: prios not to eicetii $ J1; location between Twentieth and Thirty fourth street*, and between Lexington aad 8lith svsnues. Reference* given and required. Addrdfi Mr. Wv, Madleon f'luare Poet office Rooms-en suite, fob a gentleman' and wife; s so single Room* for gentlem^i (will accommo dale two), to let, with Board, from 1st of May . locallon anj premises among the most desirable In the city, Klv?n and r- |\i*red. Apply at 104 Eist FlftO'nth stree ROOMS fob gbntlembn-now vacant at 71 Svvuu a r Tf AMDflOMBLY FURNT8HRD ROOMS OR floSr of ? reveeuble house to let. with BoaAf, o^reaeonable terms, suitable for single genilen.en. Apply st No. 1# Bond etrest. To i QTMnLB GENTLEMAN?A HANDiOMELY FUR nUt i,?Killing Room aud Bedroom. In a firsi class prl vale filnSy BwMMt ?rvsd lu room If dtaired. Addreaa L B. Herald efflce. Two LAROB ROOMS?on the second floor, with cioseis attached, to -eni. to ?entiemen In, a pri vate family; Breakfast given If r?q ulref, Apply at 7# Ami ty atreet. . X" n let-fro* the ist of may, several dba airsble Rooms, with first class Hoard, at So. 5ft ''?J* enty eighth slrset. Can be seen from one till three P. M. TO LET?WITH BOARD, FROM MAT I, A FRONT and back Room, on se<?ml floor, suitable for gentle men and their wives al N" ? ?' *a?k>a place. TKR8EI CITY BOARD WANTED?FOB A GEN *J man. bis wife and little flrl (?J< y??rs old); one Boom. Address 8. L ft , bog 4,760 N. Y Post office, st 0 rf*0 LBT-BT *4* I. A BAWDSOMBLT 1 Third Floor. to two or three gentlemen. with or Wife Breakfast, in a Oral class house la Fori* sixth street. ni Broadwsj. Address, for oae week, bos 4,747 Poet office. mo BBNT?-W1TH BOARD. TO ORNTLSMB* WILLI HQ i>. TTBPORNIgHED ROOK AND BftDftOOM, Wfftfe (J breakfast as Sunday, wanted, by a feoiWrsaa of IqM hjtbiU; a religious fsnilly. having unooowpled roous, vfn find the advertiser ? suitable tenant: the reel side preler^d Address for four days B. P. P., box 210 Herald ?H?e. TETAKTtB-BY TWO SINGLE OBNTl?BMEW. FUN alahed Room*, a Parlor and two Bedrooms, without board. In a home with an tbe modern eonvealenceej west ?Ida of the city preferred, and not abov* Twenty-third street Addreas, with full particulars, price, Ac., box 8,041 Post offlet. TIT ANTED?BOARD FOB THR BCltMBR, BT A OEN TV tinman, wife, two children and nurM; also for lady, three children and nursa; eblleren all under tlve years; farm bouse preferred. Distance from the oily no objaeUoo. Address R. C. W., 130 Wall street. WANTED-ROARD IN THR COUNTRY. WITHIN ?v one hour's ride of New York, by a gee tltmas, wife, two young children and nurse; would furnish room, wiUh exceptional carpet: want one good sl/ed room and plada for servant to nleep In: location must be healthy and terms reasonable; references given and required. Address, stating terms, M. W., box J.U70 New Tork Post offloe. XJSTAKTED?A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, WITH vT Rnard, by a youns lady. In the family of a widow lady; must live retired and respectably: iswflllnn to pay a fair Eric* for good accommodations. Address, for two days, A. i. E., station P. _________ TirANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, GOOD PLAIN Vf Board, for a young man and boy (room together), where tbey can enjoy ine comforts of a bum*. LoeatiMj not to be above Canal street and between Uroadway aM Washington street. Terms must be moderate. Address C. H. T., Greenwich street \IT ANTED?BOARD FOR A LADT, CHILD AW) vf nurse; city or country; would furnish. If required. Terms mint be quite moderate. Would prefer giving lesson* In music as part payment. References exchanged. Address A. B. 0.. stat on G. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN. A BED room with Board, In a private family, where there are no other boarders, Location below Fouiteenth street. Terms low. Address J. H. F., box 183 Herald offloe. rANTED?BY TWO GENTLEMEN, A FURNISHED . . Room, with partial Board. In a private family, or where ?here are very few other boarders; location between Fourth and Twenty-first streets, and Third ami Eighth avenues. Ad dress, slating location and price. A. B., box 4,641 Post office. CTTANTED-A ROOM. CNFURNISHED, EXCEPT CAR vv pet, with a large pantry attached. ami good Board for a gentleman and wife; location in Ninth ward or vicinity. Terms uot to exceed $12 a week. gas Included. Addresa John, box 180 Herald office, for three days. WANTED?BOARD. WITH GOOD ROOMS, FOR A v v lady and her two adult sons for the summer reaaea. The location between Yonkers and 15id street, Hudson river, convenient to the depot. The ohiect demred is a pleasant home in a private family, for which a full price will be cheerfully paid; unexceptionable references given aad re quired. Address K. 8., Herald oITice. WANTED?A PARLOR AND TWO BEDROOMS, JN A first class neighborhood, with Hoard, for a gentleman, ladv and two daughters, 11 and IS years of Age. Is willing to furnish his apartments, except carpet. And gay $40 par week. Reference required and given. Addrgta box 2,783 Post office, N. Y. W ?firANTED?BOARD, FOR A LADY ENGAGED OTJt IT during the day, on the west side, below Twenty-third street. Address, with terms, A., box I IJ Herald office. WANTS U?BOARD, FOR A GENTLE HAN AND LAD* (partial board tor gentleman), witn a widow lady oi where then- are few or no boarders. Address, with par ticulars, B.. box 110 Herald office. _____ WANTEU?IN THE FIFTH WARD, A FRONT ROOM, unfurnished, in a private family, Willi partial Board; for man, wife and child five years old; terms moderate; r? ferences exchanged. Address for three days W. 6 R,, He rald otilce. * err wbst twelfth street?between fifth jU?J and cilitli avenues. A Suit of lar?te Rooms on second floor, with closets, witter. Ac., to rent, with Board, together or separate, to a family without small children, and a Room for two gentlemen. References exchanged. I WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A SDIT OJ v)*t Front Rooms on second floor to rem, snd a media* sized Front Room to a aingle gentleman, with exchangee< references. in? NINTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF J.VJU Broadway.?To let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife, a large Parlor and Bedroom on tbe ftrst floor; also one on the second floor to let, to two gentlemen. Referenoee exchanged. Dinner at f>ix o'clock. LOST AND FOCUD. DOO LOST.?STRAYRD, FROM NO. 7 WASHINGTOB p!*-e. corner of Mercer street, a buff colored Italia* Greyhound, with a red collar on. $6 reward will be given for his return. FOUSD-ON SATURDAY, IK BROADWAY. A LADY'S Gold Watch, which the owner can have by ealltof ? the outre of W. McDermot No. 3 Naomi street _ FOCND-ON THE 19TB IN8T.. IN A BROADWAY stage, a Silk Purse, containing bills and papers. which the owner can have by calling at 49 Wall streil, provlnj property and paying expenses. Found adrift?on the hth, the barge lb. Davis. For further Information apply to Captain Cor nelius Cole, at Quarantine, State n Island. FOUND-A SMALL SUM OF MONET, IN THE YT cinlty of avenue G and Fifth street, wbleb the owns? can have oy applying at 389 Ninth street, third floor. Lost?left in one of thb small eiohth avonuo car* last evening, one piece of Black Silk. con. tainlng fifty odd yarda. The finder will be rewarded by re turning it to 321 Broadway, under the Hi. Nicholas Hotel. Lost?on sunday. april 17. a black and Tan Slut, with collar and ?lip, In Spring street The finder will receive fill reward on leaving it ai 173 West Tenth street PHILIP FCRLONO. Lost?on Saturday, april is. a pocketboob. In one of the Fifth avenue xtagen. or In Canal street, between No. 312 and Broadway. A suitable reward will be ?iven on returning the same to No. 179 Lafayette avenue. Brooklyn. LOST-ON FRIDAY NIGHT, 15TH INST., IN GOING from South Ferry to Spring street by care, a Black and Tan Slut, partially In beat, extra large site, ear* badly cut. A very liberal reward will be paid to the person who shall return ber to the subscriber, 377)* Atlantic street Brooklyn, any day between ? and 10 A. M. JAB. KIBRAN. LOST?PANAMA RAILROAD COMPANY'S COMYBKt Ible Bond, No. 2 Oy". application oaring been made to Mid company for a settlement of raid bond. A liberal re ward will be pa>d to any person giving information or deliv ering said bond to the undersigned on ur before the 1st day Ot May next. WM. BOARDMAN, Neptune Iron Works, foot of Eighth street. Bast river. LOST-IN MARCH, A BOOK ON THP. SEAMEN'S Hank for 8avmgs standing under the name of William Ke>sler, Eaq. A suitable reward will be paid to the finder on delivering It at 31 Broad street New Tork oral the Bank. WILLIAM KRB8LHR. LOST-ON MONDAY. APRIL II. A LAROB BLACK and Tan Dog; answers to the name of Jaek. A liberal reward will be given by returning the same to 3S7 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. LOST?$100 RRWARD?ON SATURDAY NIGHT, A Hunting Case Gold Wateh and Chain, la going froaa New Terk to Williamsburg. Tho above reward will be paid by Wm. M. Parks, IV Broad itreet, and no quest lone asked. LORT? FROM ROOM 1S2 INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, A Coat, containing papers. Will parties or persons have the kindness to send or return the papers to the olhoe of tha above hotel. *'? Lost.?a man, aged ? years, by the name op Peter Zimmerman n, lett hie home on Satnrday after noon to tide up town in a Third avenue car. and has not been heard of since. Anybody who knows anything of him will please let it bo known to his daughter, No. 8 Bayard street, room No A Lost?in fifth avenur, on runday after. noon, a black and tan Scotch Terrier; had nn a red and white morocco collar, fastened with a patent lock; answers to the name of Pink. The finder will be liberally rewarded on leaving him at 9t) Madison avnnuot LORT-flO REWARD-ON APRIL 17, A BLACK Pointer Bitch: has recently weaned berpupo; bad 6n ubaln collar, with owner's name and place of business. Re turn her to Castle Garden or to Splagler House, Cnloa square. LOST-ON FRIDAY. APRIL 15, A BLACK AND tA* Slut, with gray on both sidee of the nock; answers to the name of Flora. Any one returning her to tho owner, 12 Deneth place. South Brooklyn, will be liberally re warded. CQA -LOST, ON 8UNDAY MORNING. APRIL 17, VwU. the sum of ninety dollars, oa Third avenue, be tween Tenth and Thirteenth streets, thelQnder will be llber? ally rewarded by leaving It with Mrs. Staoey, No. 94 East Thirteenth street _ RBWARDI. (BR REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY MORNING, A ?P?J black and taa Terrier Blul. rropped ears: had on a rrd and black leather collar. Whoever will retarn her to HSU William street will rooelve the above reward. B. A. SMITH M BROS. ?in REWARD-LOST, ON SATURDAY, APRIL IS, ?J>1U 180*. a black and taa Dog; weight about six pounds; bad oa when Inst a silver plated cellar, front teeth In up per Jaw somewhat crowded; answers to the name of Tony; no qiievtlons asked. Address W. 8. L Jewett, Jersey City Feet otllce. ?in REWARD-WILL BR OIVRN FOR TRB RB ?P1U oovery of a gold and jet Bracelet lost on Saturday. April Id. IWM. between Forty fourth aad John streets, by A. Belknap, 77 John street, B. Y. #10 B*"[ABD.-THB BDBSORIBER LBF1 IN~A ?iy Fourth Avenue Railroad car. at about four a'cloek ?.? WMI I8th last, a private Letter Book, marked "Letter Book No. I. Rlrhard Busteerl." The Under will re ceive the above reward on leaving it at 102 Madison avenue. RIOHARD BU STREP, lia Madison Svepns S52ft BB*5*!?DAND NO QUESTIONS ASKED?LOST, ?>A\J on Friday tilgM, 16th Instant a white Bull Terrier ZiLTPI' * j "jnnthe old, with a brown epot on hln right eye, and one on hie back. The flnporwlil revive the hil*!?].. 7SKS Vl.Ul* ,h*nk? ?r owner by leaving him at No. 3 W hltehall etrret <J?Kn RRWARD.-LOST, ON SUNDAT, THB 17TH Instant In one of the Third avenue oars, a Porte monnale, containing about two hundred dollars In bills, a small breast pin, and a draft drawn on and accented by Roo ster A Co. la favor of J. R. Oiffnlbe, ror eeven thousand dol lars; payment or the same baa been slopped. The finder will rooelve the above reward and the thanke of the owner by leaving It at the ollloe of A. Jakobl A Co., 3/3 Broadway RKWARD.-LOHT or RTOLlW, EITHER IN *Py\J the Merahaats' Hotel coach or In on* of the depots ?.r IT? Krla Railroad Oonpany, on Friday taat a Pocketliook containing one |100 and 7orfr ?.'? IBM ? per cent i (RKfiiiwK noniaining one (100 and roifrISM ? per oent TreMury Notes with eoupons attach, d. aad abeotSan In smaller bills. The above reward will ha paid on the return the_mqgey to the Merchants' Hotel, or at tho Ji ?tor* iw noifirf. DABC IRIW At AUKMIEI. B ,>ANC,N(, AOADRMf, Ml BROOMS tows lQ una 'x>ur-<e of lessoi fSMKE JJYBRf WEDNKSDAY SVENINCI THE SCHOOL IB OFBlf ALL TIIB YUA

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