Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. A better feeling prevailed at the flrst board to day.Bad the opinion was current that the crisis bad passed These temporary revulsion? bave become a part of U>? ma cbtMry of stock jobbing, mid when prices are raised far ftbove the intrinsic value of dividend paying slocks, and a peculation on the (auotes and various mining bubbles runs wild, the time for s reaction is always close at hand, and all thoee who refuse to heed the teachings which bsadrede of such occurrences ofler them hare bob# bat themselves to blune if the oonsequenues deal with Utem raiber roughly. Many of the leading shares were run down to so low a point that the attention of capitalists who desired to mai# perma sent invent meets was attracted towards them, wliich bad the effect of producing a comparatively steady mar het, OBd of diffusing a more satisfactory tone generally. la the afternoon the market became quite buoyant, and B general rise took place, The followiug were the closing quotations -Krie Railroad 111*. Erie prai erred 106.V Hudson River 130'*, Jls.iem lSlt. Reading 169. Cleveland ond Toledo 146. Cbi^o and Northwestern 57??,t hioago and Bock Isiacd U*%, Michigan Southern S6, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 106>4, Michigan Central 141 Illinois Central Cleveland and 1'iltsburg 110\, Galena and ( hiovro 129, and New York Central 1S6. Government seourities wore pressed lower to day, the flve twentiee going down to 104. Sixes of 1881 sold at 109, the seven-thirties at 104 and the one year certifi cates at 08. The money market became easier, and loans were efffeot ed at seven per oent; but the ruling rale was abovo that figure. An attempt was made to stir up a little excitement in the gold market to-day; but It produced no startling effect. Gold opened In the morning at 170; but before ooob H fell to 166hi, from which point it took an upward turn, and reached 169. The Assistant Treasurer reports to day as follows:? Amount on hand (37,277,748 Receipts from customs 615,000 from other sources 8,64.1,067 TOUI 146,441.415 Payments 5,448,654 Balance ?40,992.701 The subscriptions to the Ave per cent loan at the Sub Treasury amounted to $78,450. The interest on the certificates of profits of the Hudson River Railroad Company, due April 30, will be paid at the treasurer's office. The aggregate value of the exports of producc and mer chandise, exclusive of specie, from this port daring the past week was $3,669,907. Ti bsiht , April 19?fl P M Stork Kicliaage. Mm*! II a *?. .9. .. Tcmbat. April 1!)?10:110 A. M JfiOOn In C0U-C 'if *>00 Hhb Hudkon Blv HK la 3 ft:::::: |g* 88 t:::::::::::; S # is {.'?? *MMTr7*>?.OctAApl luS aoi 1M <j? 108'i 400 do blO 127 ?558 ft:;;:;::::;;:: ^Re*diSsBB }5 louo U SiC'i 1 year otr 93 i 12?V do'."."'.".'.'.'.;;/. Us Sjjjj 2wm>uh ? K! "?*????; ??3' j| SOU do.. 67 1U0 Ho ?tW0Ohio A Mlsscer c 48 500 do.;; ' }?* s u&mk i 2(*)0AAT Ha2dmpref. $ 200 do so SOOOCh. BuAU.8'a.lstm 123 S00 do aa ,J0U0 PllW.KlWAcii.lit 116 fti? <1n ? lOOSOMi* Mo Id grinL 65 CfI ?0?? A AO W lit, O dlv.. loo i,o jficj, jj ??; ? ? ? ? ? & ?00 American eold ... 108 VV a? * * 1 }? & aftii?*:; IS SSo1" i 7 Bk of (he Bepubllc. 110 SOD do ?w! i^^oomw... 80 do.'.;;;;; S L i9X l?? do . m* 2? dS.: ;;;. $ ?5ScleTJr,t,i ??" '? 100 ^'."d C*? C0 B ?? A Chi KB '. 12 MPeoo Cuii'Co .'!!!'. 100 lou d<? ??,. 1 ?ee= | rrSl ?! ^ & 200*'?APrdu ChKi HftSSHgUfcA a9"****'*'- ? ,? ??> ji3 ?i do;;:;;; Sr.* JJJ ? Yo?k'Cen RB..'.' 1:15 no WU*'dJ.^ 4 Ch *B {? SL Bk S S.::::? IS 6do.:;:::::::::;i^ "SaiuAth wai'S ? do0 JJg> ir'^THprr. ? a? iw ii? do...;;; ?L g;c"cr*?*? ,1* j? *" io:.n 200 d?::::;:; ?;??? ?}* IfU fludsw: BIT Bit"? 121K iSchlVihl1!!)?*'"- i? KW Marijjusa Miofn^Oo 3. 10u j||? A HIinhH "a* ? rj, X? ??? ?i J*? Iot?r*?iten?l Co*l. IlJ ^ ??& ^wu'r^.H'.".1<?.Co;- /? tXCOSV BOAT7D. M4W U SB ?.6-a0'?.oou 11^*' VIuI?T?*c?Con'KK Pj*' !'?>' do . 110?f Mil do... "u^ "3** ,.d? : "W W0 Hteb Still BK.'. p i w" I 8 6?, Iyer. US', 200 rio... a' 5 <J0 Ohio t Mlb cer. 52 800 do <? *???? ... ... si soo do ; tlS! ?o:d - l'JJX W0 Mich So A > 1'i'uar S.OII do |?7 5ii do .ir l? ih' r?"I >n Go- !W 400 IU rent BIl Krip;; lii 600 Cumb Oo?l pref.... 280l) do }<? ?U do .... . (*'i <jo iSSu WI QoickillTer Mining IVO CleTe A Pitw KR . lii# WU do ,? .vio do . lio do 6?'4 5"W do .. in S>? 66*5 ?'? ?o , i, 5 r., .'?.,Y?8ci'm K0'"S"?'c" "" J"' ?" * dt s sc'-^; T""a""" S ?8 p.::.-:::::::: IS" ??"Vr'."?--'-{g* 1? !?H MjmiPr'i'uCKB ? ]'**' do lis .mi t?i \ Wftbuh an 71 2? }WK 35 0 1?lu?.Ft WAChlBK 107 ?nli 4o-... 11-1 ? 3UV du ... JOB SPf(J;..... ...M0 11? 20i Chi A N W BR 51 lMBneRBpirf. 109 200 do M U*. <?.. iumj nno do 55 SO Bulaon Rtier BK 129 30j do ? ??B??d??RR ,5-X "o J? ?5>i M'Ch"(>Btri'. aR '. 143 ^ A" * * ,Um? KR ? 68 C1TT CO.IIMEKCIAI, REPORT. Ti'hoat, April 10?6 P. M Asu* -R-r-elj*., 21 bblt. Murkft qmet and iteady, with trifling nlea at |8 87^ ? |<. for p?i? and fn for p?arl(. B?riu?Trm.?!>cetpt?, 9,?47 WMs. flour 62? bbls. and 1,009 bags corn meal, 385 bushel? vrboni, 18,853 do. corn, 3,125 do. oats and 8.237 do. barley, lb. d?preoton la U?e "our market continuad, and prim again de. llu?id 15c. aitfc.witb only a mod?rat? business at tbe redartioo. ?*?!?? 8,000 bbl# State and ffwtcrn. 1.JO0 do Southern ?ad 600 do Canadian. Rye flour wan also lower, nailing 4own a? lev aa %i 35 for aaperflnn up to $6 25 for cbotoe do. Com meal wan In imall supply aad tolerably vol mstaiood * ^ Supernne state aoo Wentcra Hour $7 00 ? 7 15 Ohoiocsuw...".".'.''*'' * * 7^)1 7 to Jsfrxs%"rrr :::::: ?s:t :s Katra m. 1/nM I..... ? rj Common to good tV>utbero " 7 So I i ?? ?ood tocho.eeeitrate V" J S*,? " r latnoo ran-dan 5 2.;?? flood to obMce extra do eoa 7 5.. Rye flour i ! ? Corn m?ai,boii> ? ? ? Corn moil, puncbaooa i?'.!!!!.'.';!?# oia ? ?the wheat tnerkM continued inactive bnyam and sal tora baing apart la tbeir rlewa sales coald not bave bean eflecled lo aay coosidarabla aztent, unlaes at a ma teri.n :o,,rr. no and qur'ations would be entirely notnl ^7r? 10 * ** ?bo.i?and buibels, Z22U S2r'or wblt# II *> for amb*r Jersey aad 91 W for smber Miflbitan Rvo wa* ti'?i??Mr f 1 >0. (torn wa? a ibade low?r ??lth ??l?e of 1L7, M'aaV! "15^^ aad f I W a |l 38 for new yellow. Oats were dnil an 1 dr.-. ing, (U racge ben g KTc a (Kc. in barley and bar lev mail nothing oi mrnreai trao?fHred ^ Kaanwai ? ** quiet, and we only beard of silea of 1 001 ?lH ?! f> C. A ' jro? wa? doll and lower; about 700 bale* told nn <ba ha?n of 7V . a 7#a for ait'ldling. Hard wu qniet, 10? ton* Hwt. h steam sold at Cornr ? Kemar ad qniet sn<l prlo*s w re a trifle lower RIO wis 1 U'Hi. 1 48c. a45 'jO., wm ? 1,%| sales was quiol but firm, ino.n00lb< sold at 4.'l Ur far Baltimore and 44,<<c. lor lake * i>?r. A-&00 "kgs bi < sr^ soda */i'd at *'fc 850 casks, hlasrbiot powders, n\e. s 7r 100 t.*s stkIs aab, 4?ic 8ojl 1. cam tic, soda. ?"r 76 do. sal soda. 8',e ' ... ^w,Kr*?26" tons Jsaiaira logwood sold atf28. and 150 do ruattr. fJ?. Karri ?We aoie sales of 35,fi?o Haracoa ccoat'its *t $46, snd '1,000 buuclios banaoai< ai |1 25 a |i Pajwim* w(?re flat, and rat-s to i.reat Itntmn mmin?l, Hmsll en|ave?amt? to f.tyrioul. nar An.eriran l as were re|K?rie<i at rales wbirb will not oorer <inet of loadmr p#r naiitral, loo boxes r>ai;oo and it toes tallow at 6? and .W) bag* bark at 1*0 To Rr.?tol, pe-- neutra' bona at d , and bearr pipr starse it y,s. 70 llr. men 800 lilt's tobicf") at 20a. a ?>s ivi Dm bMa. akne oeK< a? gs 200 bbls. oil al to*., 60 do ethos at 1ft* . 6no '?o?es attract ligwuod al 15?.. and 16' naiea lo'.arr/- at 60c. A fmttati brig 3.000 W>k.. lo llarsna at 11.760 snatbsr earn* royage, 2.000 bbU at |l 2?i0 another. 2.2ofi )>Ma , same roya?;e al p. t. A British arb.?-aar. 190 toi:s, to New fmiuiflaad aad hark. 11.260. half gold. A Hrititb brig 1* tona to West 0?-i of Afrioa end l.nctt, al p 1 and aooibar, S70 tons, to Mstaaioros, atfl 20 a tl 26 per hbl. and 90c a 26c per root. Htr s^'d to lire ati?at of tat\ Hales al tl 90 a fl 36 Tor Bwr.-W? Koran of rurtkm mim of 800 baieajtaa?* fSafii* ??<> prktt a down wordta?i?sney. fljfe* 7,(XH) imliT'1" *1 1,000 Tmui|itoo a( won Qutel: 1*0 bolss oott al fro* *>c. to 3#c. for food to prime. Iko?.-W0 ItH Garti?ierrie were sold ot $64 a |J4 60, ?o<l about -m toon hugltah bo?|? ?t aboai $]*? |,n? Thr market ?M armor, Wd prinoe bava further advanced lo. per lb. We quote Buenoo Ayreo, all weights, at S3HC. a 36%c.; Orinoco, ft*., do., at Mo a 54 i,c. The receipts and atook were small Uau? 100 loot foreign, to arrive, sold at t\o , io (Old. Ll'hbsr. ?Sales of 100,000 foot Kaolern spruce at $32, tbreo MMKt* Mot Assin wan Arm bat not active. Ttie nalee were 150 bbia. and 1,000 hbds ? tbe.lattor, mostly clayed Cuba, on private terms?aud the former at #6c a $1 for Now Or leans. Also, 100 <lo., at auction, at 70c. aOSfcc. Oiu)?There were sales of 100 bbla. oapqaiAod rod at TSc. 0:lCam.?There wore further sales of ISO toui Western, in ba(s, at 949. Prov-8'ons.?receipts, (16 bbls pork, 210 pkgs. heof, 421 do. cut meats and 1,209 do. lard. Provisions were utill under the inlluenoo of Mm panic, and there was still s lowering tendency In all the hog product. The fall in gold seems to have destroyed the confidence in extreme rates which was lately manifest, and has begotten a dis position to press sales, it would seem. The demand lor pork continued light ami prions favored the buyer to the extent of about 26c. a 60o. a bbl. The sales were mode rate eveu at the reduoed prices. Beof was id moderate demand at yesterday's price*. Reef ham* continued quiet. Bacon was-dull and declining. Out moau were in light demand at unchanged prices. lArd was dull and lower. Butter was dull and lower. Western brought ?28c. a 32c and State 32o. a 86c. Cheese was steady at 17c. a lWc. lor common to prime The sales were 3,000 bbls. pork, for immediate delivery, at (25 25 a $?/:"> 50 for old mi-BS; $'^6 12 a $-6 26 lor new do., $22 a $23 5 for old and new pi tine 1,0(0 do. old mess, lor May, *26; 1.000 do now do. for May and Ji^ne. $27; 760 bbls. bee! at $15 a$17 76 (or Wcvteru moss; $13 ft $20 for extra do., and $0 a $12 for country prime and mo.?s; 600 boxe3 bacon at 13c. for Western Cumberland cut 600 pkgs cut meals at 11 >-,0 a 12c. for shoulders and 16c a 10c. for hams, including 100 pkgs. long cut at tbe outside price; also 40,000 lbs. dry salted hams at ISc.; 1,500 pkgs. lard at 13.Sc a 14?^c for old and new. PKiitoi.ictiM.?Receipt*, 756 bbls.?the deadlock en* tinned. The Philadelphia dealer, before referred to, has the "boll by the horns,?' and stands in no fo r of being gored. He has oileciually "cornered'' the entire trade. Contracts for crude to a larae amount will soon mature, and tbe oil to All them cannot lie obtained ex cept from the dealer in question, and big prices must therefore be paid, according to general belief A few thousand barrels are in oibor hands, but thev will not be relinquished excopt at a big price. Refined, bond,aud free were dull and nominal. Crude was nominal at 40c., and rellned in bond 62c. a 64c.; free sold to t be extent of 2.200 bbls. at 6lc. a 02Kc. on the spot. aud 60c. to 62c. lor all tbe month, buyer a option. Benzine was dull, aud nominally lower. Considerable was done in 1'htladelphia, the particulars of which we did not learn Kti 160 bags Rangoon woo reported sold at previous prices. svuak was firm, under a good demand. 900 hbds. sold at 15lWc. a le^c. for Cuba, and 17c. for New Orleans; also 200 do. Mew Orleans at auction, at 124?c a 15\c. Skkds ?We have only to notice sales of 1,000 bags rough flax at $3 50 a $3 57>ic. Salt.?A cargo or 5,000 bushels Turk's Island sold at 63c. a 66c.: also 2.000 bags Asbton'g Liverpool, at $4 26. Tea was quiet, with sales of 600 packages on private terms. toiiACCo ? About 375 hbds. Kentucky sold at prices ranging from 10c. to 30c. li*.?There wore saioa of 4Su slabs straits at 61c. a 61 *0. Iai i.ow.?40,000 lbs. Western sold on torms wo did not -earn. W UALKnovB.?A salo of 1 000 Ibs. North Sea was re rled at $1 46. Whinky.?Kcceipts, 70T bbls.. market 3c. a 5c. lower and dull: sa'es 1.000 bbls. at $1 10 a $1 12, closing at the inside price lor State and Western. Saleo of Ileal Estate. By Messrs. A. H. Mullor, P. R. Wlltcins & Co. 1 lot n. a. ot White St., 30 by 103 ft. 10 inches.. ..$30,000 j SITUATIONS WANTED.FKHALEH. A PROIB8TAST YOUNG GIRL WI8HR8 A SlTrr? A (E?i?i.co9k awd pastr? bakbb. IN ALL its ?"'""on; would do im? wwhW A SITUATION wanted?BV A RBSPKr'TAnr . 1? W ar.. *1^?'"*- CM A* defau^K?? ?n??U sncea. Call at 124 West 36th at br?n h"?- City refer ^SS -"M SsSSSffi A Protestant young woman wthttra a 01Ttf ?MWtS^"? E.g^M A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AM mri?. ffsfsmMmm wen for two day. at 3?S We., 3j? f J ASESCKVTAtLB GIRL. WISHES A situation AH waitress or to take . are of children Seven yea?.'E<?? ?ui ",'"ce ,rom her '*?? I'lacc. c*H at 26 Kaat .8th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A.N experienced . -ToW-.T*n' t*J0#k- ,v"h *"d Iron: '? a it; ?7tf , tit ay.. Jxuweeo 39th and 40th at*. *" A situation wanted?BY A REHPKPTAnT t nru7 A ?. chambermaid or ? ai< n-o o , pa[os, k^.J; resizable family Oood reference ftwTlKr Ua? f.liS* gSr'sussa*"*"?? s^asr A \KSS.fg1' W,9H8S A SITUATION AH CHAM ? ! wuirei?; would mkhibL in vi'.aiiirw <?*???? be sen for two day. at 4(1 West lOth It. 0if c*u Sy?mTJT C'" M 068 #,h i"i A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN~A A purate lamliy, ?> good cook, la an eicel ent hil.^ h,. the best Of city refeiences. clu "add^a aSSf ATOUN'l Woman Wants a situation as wit nurae baring loat her baby, one mould old L.I g'??t c"y refere.n en. Apply at 108 -Molt at. ' " A situation WANTED?BY A Ki HI'PPTa kt p young girl, to do ehatnberwork ,? ! ?. ,BLE good city reiereu.cs en boM,ve? lu,J! &r.-??h': *18 West ,?6th ?t? ae.ond It.". W ' fo' two a*'h" ARESPECTaRLK TOUNO WOMAN WISHES a MTI' 00 Object,on ?o docMamierwSk srwraggaagasigg A TOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AsThTm l*nnaid and wanteaa, or would take car- of chll-iren zzWtwsn&sr be'?,ieo a TOUNO woman WANTS A situation TO OO A XP^"^ SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION All ^er^t^.""1 " A TOUNO G1RI. wishes A situation To T?T? .'ldreD 0lLto d0 1,ght < hamb?r?ork and wj^i? '"?? '? ?"W"I to go to the cuaairy. wt Kaat #th at, A TOUNO 01RL WANTS A SITUATION as con* .... a"- - "? "rt*< <kna O.U a* Ve?" A *OUNO OIKL WANTS A SITUATION ASCHAM A1* aMerioa* woman, prom thk oolmtbt app)t ?^^BSW? A W?a ? o*r A STJSZt?jc?2Efc**ni!* situation ?ncr? Ai plj at (?3 :th at near SSd at 7 r,f,r A SITUATION wanted-by~ a ^UlHPIk tid. ? /\ woman, aac-ok wasbcr an" iron- in . .?.V.TA.BLB family: 1* a xood oakrr. Best r*f.roiir..a fT/i tH?**14 "?>' ?' We.t _6lh at., between Sib Lid 55, ,WO a w istjsrx: jasfc ?9S"Ssrsina a -"'.'ssAiram sr/s?K'f?ww&.*"""" *???""? 1 A 0|'0D KNOUSII SERVANT. lately ARRI vi n J\ wishea a ?iitittloa, is a good plat,, ",o? wf.h.,.?i Ifrnwf, or would do h !? a r.m,i seen for two day? 0,0 b* A 0,V' W,8?ES A situation as SEam ? arfBSSSy' A^TUATIOW WANTED?HY A RPRPIfTittf ? ro.,n* fM M clumb?r!Mtd and to .mm with H to',",re'n -v^u^i?.: A OBRMAN lady. W||7Ttai7ks~ A LITTLB MO. .1 llsh. Wishea to lire in a, table Amerlran fkm i^ * *r *!"'*" Ir"rn Knjllah w?|| an will asai.t the ladr of Urj in U., I.un" ||".!S A y?VHn W4f,T'' A SITUATION as r.ADT'S r, i *" ??ainslrc..; understsnils hairdrca.iiMr ciV? r"fr?i,10 'i;ht ' harnberwork "hi' ifci b"r& * *,,n t"" kc?" for t?o d.>a .it l>tt fith a> . A ?'T,ATIf>S WASTED-iT a RMpiotllU '-rinaid sal >? IU, fill lw"*"' *' ?*' Wh " 1 ?*>*! * JlTDATIOai ?"?Tin A or WRI'L RiecoiuiBHDKO oeiian JX fniMlaa mi altuaiioaa aa oooka. chambermaid* ?iU If*??rl? for fmSB houeework. Ac.. al ?f* Wffi German laaUMnSTlf Suiilo* at. near the oowerjr. m A SITUATION WANTBD-BY AM BNOL181I WOMAN. ? *? S^nS.1? ?*e or L"? children Mid to do plain aewiag. U4U at U)V 4Sd at., bmi M w. A COLORED WOMAN. WHO HAS BBKN STEWARD eaa of a sl. ainer, and-cae give moateicelenl re/ferrnoea, wiahee to co to Bm fnidna, and will mi aa eer*ant wHh out charge to UJ lady or family going there wbo will pay AddreaeLucy Uitiler, 18 <Jed*ru., New Bed ford, Maes. AN 8XPBRISNCBD NUBSB WAMN A PLACE; CAM ?1* take the rnilre charge of ehlldren from their tafMCf i beet or reference from her laat employer Apply at 37 Moa roe plaoe. Brooklyn. AOOOD GIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS CBAM bermaid or to wait on table, Id a private family Caa beaeeaat 141 Weet 47th at., between 6th and7th a vee. AVKKY RKSPBOTABLB OBRMAN PBOTB8TANT girl wiabea a altuatloa a* lady's uiald or aeamatrese In a first claaa iaiully, aha ia a fool bead dresser and One eewei and well roc.>uimended Oall it 181 Heater at., flr.l iloor. A SITU ATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, aa cook In a private family ; ia ago>>d broad and biscuit baker. Ac llaa uo abjection "to go a short distance In thecounlry with a fatuity for the aunamer month*. Boat oi city refe, ence given Call at 17".' West 25th at., oue door from 8th ar, An bxterikncrd person wishes a situation a? nurse or aeamatreas in a gentleman's family; ran take the entire charge of a baby from ita bltlb. Caa be aeen lor two day# at 88 Weal 13th at A YD mi LADY. 8PBAKtN<l PRKNCH AND BNO lish, wishes to learn headdresaing. Hall for two day* at 180 Church airaet, firat tioor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, to do genital housework; city reference. Call at ilO 26th at., between Mb and 9th ava., in the basement AS NURSE.-A TOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUA tlou aa nuiae for an Infant or young child; will also take carc of a nursery or do light chanaberwork. Call at 145 West 27th street, oue pair of stairs, back room. ADR! SSMAtCKR WHO UNDERSTANDS HBR Busi ness iu all lis branches, wanta employment by the day in lainiliea. Call at or .ddrees la.'l 7th ar. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A YOUNG WOMAN. AS plain cook, washer and ironer. City reference Call at No. Ill* liudaon avenue, Brooklyn. ARESI'KCTABLR YOUNG WOMAN WISHB8 A situation as chambermaid in a private famiiv. Cau be aeen at her last place. 217 Mulberry at., in the cottage. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, A8 wet u rae; city releience. Call on Mr. Karrell. corner oi Dean aud Uuderhill sis. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE MI DDL I'. AGED WOMAN WISHES a situation to take charge of a house duriug the sum mer. Can give the best reference Irom ber present eiu pm/er. Apply at 142 East 17th at., Stuyrcsant square. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant Kirl, as child's nurse. Oood city reference. Caa be eeeu at iSl West 17tn at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL. AS nurse and seamstress. Apply at lUo Charlton at., from 10 to 4 o clock. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A9 CHAM bennaid and to do up ladies muslins m the neateat man ner; alao French tlutluj; haa the best of city reference! Irom her laat place. Call at 56 Weal ltSth al, betweeu 5th and dth avs. f ?;T A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITUA lion; wo.dd docbauiberwork and ;iue washing. Best of city reference ^iveu. Call at 123 Weal 18th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WO man. aa plain cook, washer and ironer. City lefer ence. Call at 77 W eat 25th at. A LADY DBSIKES A SITUATION KOR A OOOD gill, who has lived with iier lour and a half years; she Is well qualified aa nuree and chambermaid or chambermaid aud waitress. Apply at 126 Columbia at., Brooklyn Heights ABRSPECTABLB YOUNG GIBL WISHKS A situation, aa chambermaid and to do plain mewicz, in h private family; good city relei uuce. Call for two day a at 210 Weal loth at. AS CHAMBERMAID?A REKPhCTABLK YOUNG girl wauls a situation aa chambermaid; ia willing io make herseli generally useiut; haa the beat of relerence from ber laal p:ace. Call for twu amy at 3U> Bast 11th at. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ASBBAM atresa and nurse to large children; ia a neat aewer and baa go 4 city reference. Call at 373 7th ave., between 3 Id and 34th ata. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermai I and waitioaa. or to aaaiat with the wavuing and ironing; willing to go in the country for tne aiimiue.. Call at I3? West litb at. A situation wanted?bit a respectable Sin. ae chambermaM and wanrea*. or wumJ lake care Of childieu; uo objection to the country. Hem city ref leoce. Call at 4.5 3 sin a*.. betweeu j.ta aud 34th els., id t:ie rear. AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS -A SITUATION wauled, by a young wouiau fully competent; gonl cny referenda*. Call at 247 Kasi uth at., top uoor. A SITU ATI 'N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE youiu woman, aa houaemald and aeatnatroaa; under stand* operating on Wheelc.r at Wilanna aawtng machine; baa good city reference. Can be aeeu lor two day* at HI 6iu av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to lo cuamoerwoiX and take care of a baby. Ap ply at No S Carrol let., South Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A A ailuuuon aa flraiciaas laundreaa; underatan.ia ail kind* ol line wiis .iug .mj it h^hl? reoommended oy ber laai ma I'lover, wueie aba baa liiei two year*. App.v at 13y Kaal i2d ai A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUV<? WOMAN. AS cnanixirniaid and wnitreaa or to do ciiauiiwrwora and line waaiuua >?> a mn.mii prirate family. H?? three yeara' rer crru.o? fiorn her laat place. Una be aeeu for two day a. Call at liAJ Kaal Ztd at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to <lo general homework lu a private family. Ca.l ai ISO tan -tftii at., first t our, back room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES a auuat.ou Ha cook lu a private family; will aaalat with uo waautog; sood city reieience t all at 377 -d av., be> tueeu 21at aud --d at.-.. aecoud i.oor A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH SERVANT, LATELY lauded, wanta a altuatto* aa chambermaid and waltresa. Apply at 446 3d av.. third U"dr. bee*. loom. AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ne nn?trea? and to aaalat with chambarwork; cau perate ou a uiai bine Call at ber pieaeni emp oyer a. 310 W- ?t 3ith it,, where alie baa ii>ed live ycai*. A MIDDLE AOED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION to take care of ah elderly lady and make beraelf geu eral y uaetuJ; baa good reference tail ,.t bin ave. A UIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK. WASHER it and Ironer; baa no objection to be a lai.udreaa In a pri vate family. can sue eiceilent. city i*te.ence. Cad a; isS Tho rn eon etreet, near HIeecker. A A GERMAN COOK, AND ALSO A CHAMBERMAID and waitrAee, ?lan ntuationa in a gentleman a lamily In the oo intry ior luc eunnuar; they uudeiatand then bum. u??a |icr:e :ly nave good cuy reieren> en; ?a.:ee tb aud *10. t'au he ?e> n a: J,"8 bowery, corner ol Houitou at., m the I amy atore A RESPECTABLE liIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do bou*ework; aue la a good coon and au excellent washer and ironer Call for two day* at :i3n let av., room No. 16. net ween lyth au 1 ?nh *u A8 COOK?IN A PEITATE FAMILY. AND If RE quired would aaalat in waah ng t.uod eitv referent. Apply at ihe corner of 6tb av. and 26tb at . entrance la -?tn at oa uie rtu av. eld*. oppmiie tue drug atore A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VOUNO ENGLISH woman, M nnree or aa chambermaid Kirat claaa refe rence. Apply at (VJ Weat lyth at. AN AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS hoiiaekeeper or wamitreaa. unlet.laoda cutting and fitting ladiea and cbildren'a drenaea mi ail kiude of family aewlng can operate on a macblue Can l? ?een iibUI ault ed at Jjii 3d av.. near 23d at., over tbe candy atore. A RESECTABLE lOl'NO OKKMAN OIRL WISHES a eiuatlon to do general homework la a aiuall privata family, ua good plain i-oak wattiei and Irnaer. Clijr rata raace. call at No. 8 Uauaavovrt it, between Hudaoaand 4th ata. A SITUATION WANTED-ST A YOUMO WOMAN. AS chami?rmald aud waiireaa. uo- d olty raferenca. Caa be aera ior two daya at 113 ?c? ivth at. ASCfMiE AN? CHaMSEKMaID.?TWO THOROUOB y nr elert <nd higkly r? :otnmeadM aarvanta daalra ailualiona. together Ol a? wrala. one aa arat claaa cook and laundreaa. the oihw aa ibortugh *allrea? and ekamkermaid, at nur?e City or ouatry. Apply at IS Court ai.. Iiraakijn, oppuaua Ctiy Hall. a YOCNrt OIRL WISHES a SITUATION AS M.AIB A oa<?k, waaher and ironar rhrae yeara reference from her laat plaua. Call at 61 Rant n i at. AYOUNU OIKL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO general bai ? Kl Weat .3d et teu rai bouaawork city reference. Cm ba aean at AS BXPKR1ENCED TOCNO WOMAN WISHES A ait'iifon aa nurae and M>,m>treaa; can dr-ae hair; city releieoua given. Call at lm at, bat ween M and Lea ington ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A PROTESTANT young woman aa chambermaid and plaia aawar, or would take care er a >?hy and tew, >inder?tanda bringing It up bv the bottle; ha* good city raftrenea: no objmrtiona to go a ahei t diatanoe lu the country. Call tor two daya at 61 We?t ? h *t ' A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE . i woman, aa c<?>k. In a private famllv, la an eieellent baker, le obliging; uo nbjeau -n? to go In tba country for the a iiumar; haa the beat of refarance. Caa b? aa* for two dare at l?A haat Nth it A LAD* 18 DESIROCS Of rSOt'URINO A OOOO ?'?uat an for an eveiient ? ??man to take charge of aa Invalid. She la vary obngini, cai ahle, faitaful and truet worthy; ran be highly recommended by har laai einpVoeer. Apply for two daya at the fancy atore MM 4th Av, A TOCNO OtRL WISHES A MTUATIOX-TO AT "end a bakery or ran^y n0re. can be aaea t <r two dayi !LL ncr "lor* 6,1 aveane. WOMAV. LIVINd ALMOST ALONE WOULD LIKE l u> take obarge or a ho we during the outnmAf abai ? family. Oood referaoce Apply at Itt Waat 27th abaaaoa Bret Boor ARERPErTABLK PROTESTA*T OIRL WISHER A Atttifttfon &? cook or sencritl hooiwworlar In ft mmili Bivate family; la a cood wether and Ironer Oa? be aaan r two daya at lit fat av. AS KIRST CLASH COOK IN A fRITATE FAMILY? bv a very owr.peient girl good altv releranae. OaH at lis S'llllvan *t. A SITUATION WANTED- Itv A ?EBPBCTAELR young woman, aa li ret . laaacxvk, city relarenaa. A? ply fur two daya al 210 Wot JMh at a SITt'^TMIN WASTED-IT A VOI'NO WOMAH, AS SWeNmeM and waiter. #tr re/ereaoe Call al 81 *Mh it JATIOffB y ?! ??RHW SITUATION WANTBD-BT i TOftlQ ,? understaade her butiueu perfoous. beet ciif 11; no objeotiu* to do chamber* ork ud line wash Itor two dayMTT Wet Hthet. ABBSPBOTABLB OIBL WI8NB8 A SITUATION IK ? respectable family, as good plain cook. washer aod Can b? aeea for twe da)a at tStt Abmpbotablb YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A MTU . !fl2* f 00*k* ***h a*11 lr*? or ?o geaerai homework r f r81?r*?0*' fall for tiro days at SU let avenue. third Moor, back room. ABBSPBOTABLB PROTH8TANT YOUNG WOMAN 7MU ? ?w**u** M baby's nurso tad take ears of grow ai1 . J.75i '?J'-t*** P**l? sewer; good our reference. _ isl U? weat KU? et Mar 7th av.. eoooadioor. ARB8PBCTABLB OJRL WISHB8 A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waltreM; has good oily refereaoe from her last nlaoe. Oaa bo ssea for two days at US SJlh st., between 7U and 8?h are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RBSPBOTABLB youag * Oman, as chambermaid and seamstress, or as waitreea; is experienced and ean (Ire good city refereaoe. Apply at ar.. corner ttth at ? A situation wantkd-by a youmg woman, as chambermaid and waitress, good reiereuce. Call at M Pacific st., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKD?BT A BBHI'BCTABI.E young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or lo assist In washing and irofling, boat city rererenre no objection to ihe country. Can bo area for two days at ill Weot Wth St., corner 7th ar. SITUATION WANTED?BT A Brofh 'TABLB rse or to do I Jlil rtiam betweee Broadway and A young girl (American i, as nurse or to do IjIiI eliam Iwrwork. Apply at 88 West 39th st. " A YOUNG OIBL WI8IIK8 A SITUATION A* CHAM bermald and to aaslst in taking care of children. is s rood newer; has the best or relorences. Dan bo seen at 338 Baal 10th St.. third floor. A RBSPBOTABLB TOUMO WOMAN WIBBBS A SIT nation as oompeteal laundreM; civ* reference Call at I1T Tth ar. A SITUATION WANTBD?BT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do plain cookiog, washing and ironing: city references; no objection to the country. <Tsn be seen at 187 West lath st A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RP8PECTABLE girl, to do ehamberwork and aaalst in washing and iron jug Call at ?7 Bast *(Hh st. AYOUNQ UIKL WISHRfi A S1TUA1ION AS CHAM liermatd and to do flue washing sud ironing, or oham berwork and plain sewiug no objection to go with a family to the couniry for the summer, flood city reference from her last place. Call for two days at SWK 6th ar.. between 18th and 19th sts Apbotestant girl wishrb a situation to take care of children and do ulaln se-viog. Call In Kerry St., second door from the lerry. Hunter's X'olnt, L. I. Good reference. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as chambermaid and nurse; no oblection to go a short distance in the country. City reference. Call at 98 Bast 12th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tioa to do the general housework of a small private lamily; is a good plain rook and good washer and ironer. Best city reterence. Call for two days at 214 West 36th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RK8PE0TABLB young girl, as chambermaid and waitress or would do eeneial housework in a small lamily. Best city reference Call lor two dsys St GO Not lb Moore St.. In the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tlou as chambermaid and wsitress; the best of city re Terence tan be given. Apply lor two days at 207 West 26th St.. between 8tb and 9th aves. A RESPECTABLE M Alt It IK I) LADY DESIRES A situation ax housekeeper. Iuquire for two days for Mrs. B.. at No. I Monroe st. ARKSl'ECT VHI.U WOMAN WANTS A situation; is a Rooi plain cook, washer and irouer; oity reterence. Call at 386 Bast 8th _____ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A rrspectablb young womsn, as chambermaid and waitress, orcham bermald and plain sewer; good city refereaoe. Call at 93 West 19th st.. In the store. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situation AS GOOD cook and an eioellem baker; is willing lo assist in the was' log and ironing; has do ol>ie<tion to go a short distance in the country .'good city reference. Can be seen at 93 West 19th st. in the store. APIBST CLAS8 COOK DESIKES A SITUATION; IS a good baker; no objection to a boarding house; city reference. Call at 12 Union court (University plaoe), near 12th si /IOOK'8 SITUATION WANTED-BY A SCOTCH WO \ J man. Apply st 133 Bast 28th St., between 2d and 3d sva., first floor. DRKKSMAKBK -A SITUATION WANTED IN A PBI VHte Krea<*!i family ; one who does Aril olaae dressmak ing, lace aewiug. fluting; opcai'i on Wheeler's machines; lias one of her own; also tinting, unexceptionable reference glren. Call at 93 4th nr. GENTLl.MKNS OR FAMILIES WASHING WANTED, by an experienced woman, who ha* lived in thai capa cltr for many years. City reference* Call|m or address t.70 Greenwich ?!., front baiemem. SITUATION WANTED?TO TOOK, WASH ANDIRON; good city references. Call at Sly 3th St., between area. B and C. SITUATIONS WANTED -HV TWO TOUNO GIRLS; J one as chambermaid and ?itirm, the other as cham bermaid unu laundress; be<t ot city re ereuoe. Call for one day at 120 West 16th st., corner <>f 7th sr. SEWING DONE IN FAMJLIIS BY THE DAT OR week by a lad*, with Wheeler A Wuson's machine. Call at or address Miss Lyons, SOU West iStli si. CITUATION8 WA.NTED-HV TWO YOUNG GIRLS; O one an chambermaid aud waiticsa the oilier as cham bermaid or raundress; besi of oity refeiences Can be seen lor two daysat I'M) West 2ti.h si, uea<* 7lh are. OITOATION WANTED?TO DO CFIAMBERWORE AND O waiting or chainberwor.. and jilain tewing; ciiy refer eucev Call at 4(? 7th st.. ooraei of .151 h si SITUATION WANTED?Br A YOUNO WOMAN. TO O cook mid assist with the wash tit and ironing; city re ference. vi West lath st SITUATION WANTED? HT A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ k girl; is a i{ood plain co-ik. and an excellent u a tiler and ironer. Has two years ritv reference from her laat place. Can be seen, for two days at 2#."> Went 37tli st., between 9th and loth avs. SITUATION WANTBD.-WANTED RT AN INDUS trloiis you ug girl, a situation to do lisclit housework or mind children. Good rity references. Call st iiv.' I5ui ?t. SITUATIONS WANTBD-BY TWO RESPECTABLE O girls; one us good plain ">ok wa-h?r*od Irouer; Hie ot'.er as experienced nurse and seamstress, or would do chaiuberwurk; both are willing and obliging, and have tne beat o c tv reference from their las. plates, ("all at 136 Went 33d st. SITUATION WANTBD-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work er ss laundress. City references. Call at ;v>7 l< ?h ar , between 32d and 33d sts three logins of stairs, iu the frout. SITUATION W ANTED?B Y A TOO NO WOMAN. AS O seamstress; understands dre-4 and shirt making, can d? all kinds of family sewing, (an be seen nt lier present employer's,!?? Madison arenue. SITUATIONS WANTED?FOR THOROUGHLY COM O peteut feuiale help ot all uatiou*?s ch si t.rst?lasa cooks, i bambermaida, waitre?s>-?, lanadreues, kssiusin*?< Dni>ei, coi ks o wash and Iron small cult and (iris lately lauded. Apply at CARPKN il.R'S Larue Employment House. 138 11 tii at., corner of 6th ar. Also male help T\T ANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL. THE WORK OF A Tf lew i r >atef?ratlies by the dar or week; has a know ledge of dressmaking unde atand* tewing on W heeler A Wllsou's machines; lias a ma< lime of her own; would take work to her house. First c-aas cty referenoe. Appl? at 76 3d ar., between Uth and 12th sts.. flrst tioor, front room. TV ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A ?r ultuatiou to do general housework. Apply at 7M Wash t.gton st.. third floor back room fV ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESJ'ICTABLE rf Protestant girl, to do general housework Apply In Kent ar , three doors from Pai s ar.. Brooklrn WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS nurse or lady s maid, er to travel or go to the country. City reference. Call at 1M East Uth st. \\l ANTED?A SITUATION BY A TOUNO WOMAN, TT to do rhamberwork and assist with wasMng and Iron log. Good city refsreaos from her last p ace. Ca]|atJ66 bit Sr. Wanted-a situation, by a respectable girl, todn chamberwnrkand waiting. No objection to ge a snort distance in the country. Good city reference glren. Call for two days at S* West 43<l st WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNO WOMAN; la a good 'oo*. can make good bread and bisouil aleo paairy we-io aasnt with :he washing. Good roienine i mm lam place Call fef two days at lo tioerek at T1 ANTBfi-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ft anoa as laundraee or to do general housework, no ob jecuon to ?o in the country. Good city refereeo* Can be seen for two daj? si (J5 Klngst , flr?i floor, bacs room. flTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YT girl, a situation as chambermaid an4 s-amstreea: hag eStne kaowleiige of sewing machine t'ood refer?nffc Can be seen for two daya at 810 Washington su. second Door, frIIat roots ' 9w ?' T\"ANTED?BT A It ESI* PC f A H1 .K COMPETENT PER VT son, a situation as rhsmberraaid; is a good *eainstre?s; would take eare of one or two grown oktWreii, leares on ac count or the ftmiiy goihs nut of town Can he seen at her present employer's. M ?ui plane, South Brooklyn. n/ANJBD-A SITUATION. BT A NEAT, TlBY GIEL rr to de housework or rbaenherwork; is a good wa>het and Irener and plain cook, city refeience given. OailatlilA Weal ^tlk st., third floor, iron' room, WANTED?A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE young aoman, aa waairtaa. Beat of city lefereneea given. Cail at 261 7th ar. WANTRU-BT A RB8PRCTABLE TOUNO WOMAN. a alt nation aa seamsireta, wilissiist in chambei work and ha? no eti| eotion in gn m the country. Can give good eity reteienrs. fall thia day at itattbaf , .- vr WANTF.U-.HY A CONMtTENT PBRSON, A SlTuT lion as lady a maid and eoematreaa; would I* wnling. If required, to assist In ths care of children. Call at Ml ?t,th st between Broedway and t?tb ??. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO OIRL, AS plain cook, washer and ironer, or to de general hnnse> work in a small, prim's family. Hiiycers references irom last place Call lor two daya at 164 West 30th at. WANTED-BY A REHPMCfABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA tloa aa chambermaid |and seanisiresa; would assist in taking care of children. Apply at 'JDt 3d are, WANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITRESS OU CftAM hern aid In prlvnte tfaniiiy. ibty referenoe from her last place Aupiy at I Bo East :sdat. W? ANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RMIPRCTABLB young woman, tn <io rhamberwork and waiting, haa no objection to go a enort distance In the country Call far two days at MS f/th at., hetweca ?th aad 10th aria. WANTSD-BV A RESPROTaBLE OIRL. A P'Tf A turn lo oeok, waah and Iron B?at cur reletenoe. Oall at lit RsetlMd A SITUATIONS WAITED?rUULfl WKT NURSE ?A fOCNO, TIDY AMEBIC Ml WO ? MM waoUasiUMMaa u la felly?xnp* Wot, ul lu DO objWti 'M to (he country. Apply to bar j>re.?BUN?|>l<>7er. atHWir, imv Stftti ?(, rrouTXl A M. WANTBD?A SITUATION, BT A JOURNEYMAN tailor, who understand* hi* bullae an wall. Apply at >?. ? Morris at. between Broadway and Ureeawtoh at, In tha grocery (tore. W*** RD-*? A BBBPIOTABLB YOUNO OIRL. A V V altoaUoo to da cnambei work aud waiting. or to take care of cbildran; would go a *hort dlataaoe la theoountry. The baa* rafareuoe. Pall at iiW Sullivan at., la tha rear. WANTKO-BT A RESECTABLE AM Ul QAM WO TV .a**, a situation ta cook, wash and Iron for a until fainj|y~0?n ba ?oen thu day at 67 Oannon at.. third floor. WANTBD?A 8 IT 0 ATI OK. BT A ItSBPECTABLB young woman, aa oaok: would aaaiai with tha waaklug and ironing In a private family. Beat oity refersuoo. UaM lor two day* at bu North Moor* at.. la tha roar. WM ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ? clrl. a situation aa dreumaker Can out and flt ladle*' and children'* dreaae* and aaalat lu chamber work. Call at 194 lui 18th at, seooad floor, haok, for two da/a WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE MABB1EO UADY. a baby to wot nurse out Inquire at Bra. Barry'a, 481 Oreeuwlch at., N. I , for Mr*. O'NellU for two day*. tlTANTBD?BT A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN. A TV situation aa chambermaid or to do plain sewing or general housework; baa good oity reference. Call at IM west 17tb at WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A BITUA tlon In a private family to do geueral housework; la willing and obliging. Wlsbea to go a abort dlatauce in tue country. Apply at 101 Bast 17th at, near 3d ar. WANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch woman, aa eiperlenoed nnrae and aeamstresa, or chambermaid in a gentleman'* family. No objection* to go in tha country. Beat of reference given. Apply at W Bleecker at, room 19,lfor two day*. TIT" A NTE D?BY A BB8PECTABLE OIRL, A 8 ITU A '? tion to do general housework. Good oity referanoo. Call at IM lieiter *t WANTED-BY A KKSPRCTABLR YOUNO WOMAN. A situation aa seamstress aud nurae. to trafrt with a family to any part of Europe or America; ha* city reference from some of the lirst families, ha* lived in bur last plaoa for nine yeara Call at 2t>6 Weat 31d at. for one week, sec ond story, front room. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, a* Rood plaiu co'>k and an excellent washer andironer; ha* no objection to do general housework in a ?mail family. Best city reference. Call at UI Kaal 41*1 st WANTBD?BY A RKSl'EOTABLR MARRIED WOMAN, a altuation aa wet nurae. City reterenoa. Call at 6M 6th ar,. between 861 h and 88th sta. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation to do chamberwork and assist with the wishing, or |chamberwork and plain sewing; would go a short Ul> tame in the country. Can be seen for two daya at 30 Bast 13th st Bast oity reference given. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do general housework. No objection* to tha oountry. Call for two day* at 8U West Broadway. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE, BY A RE suectable Protestant young woman; can take caro of a baby from it* birth; has tbe be*t or reference from her last place. Call on or address Mr*. Bell, 37 West 13th st, WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTE8TANT young girl, a situation as laundress; has good oity ref erence from her lasiiilace, where she lived two years. Call for two day* at 111! West l#tb st. WANTBD-A SITUATION. TO COOK, WASH AND Iron in a small private family, by a respectable girl, with good recommendation*. Can be seen for two djys at her present place of aervice, 190 Bast Broadway. TOASTED?BY 1 RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL A TV situation to do general housework; 1* a Urat rate cuok and an excellent washer and irouer; ha* three years city reference. Apply at 16ti Mulberry St., room 16. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and flne washing; has the best of oity relerenoa from her last place. Apply at 73 West 2ilth at. WANTED-A SITUATION A8 FIRST CLASS CHAM bennald; would assist in washing or waiting; city re iarence. Apply at S3 Unireraity place. 1A7ANTED?Bf A RESPECTABLE VOUNO WOMAN, TT an infant to wet nurae at her residence; would go out to nurse. App:y for two days at 221)* East 17th at. * IITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE 11 young woman, to do geueral homework; la a good Slain cook, a lirat rate waaher and ironer and an excellent nker. Beat of oity referenoe from her Inst place. Call at 136 Eaat 29th *t.. between 3d and .'Id av*. WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL. A situation in a *mall reaped able private family, to do general housework. Beat or city tel'erence from her last place. Can be aeen for two days at 8W East 14th st. aocond door, front room. WANTKD?A SITUATION. BT A RKSPBCTABLE Protectant woman, a* fir*t clava cook and baker; un deriland* ber business thoroughly. Tbe mint satisfactory city references. Call for two days at 134 East 23d *t, fourth tloor, front WANTPD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE voting itlrl, ti> take car* ot a child and do plain sewing: would make herself generally useful. Call for two days at WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl. to do general housework in a small private family; city reierrnct-a. Call et 132 Baal 22d at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL A situation as cbsmbermsid and to do general house work in a small American family. Can be seen at her pretent employer's, 94 East 7th si, far two days. WANTED?BV A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AS lady a maid, Is an excellent sesmstreps and hair dresser; has two and a Lalf years oi the best city reference i a II at 647 6th av.. corner of MB St IVANTKD.?A YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN DBSIRES TT a situation as rhsmbrrmaid and atirae; is willing to take care oi children; is perfectly competent In either ca pacity . speaks hu?u.h fluently. Inquire at 66 Norfolk St., iu the rear, second Boor UTANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A MTU A m tlon as seamstress and to do light rhamberwork; best ot MMM uiven. Apply at 277 West 12th st . second Door. \V ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. Afl TT chambermaid and waitress; lias good city reference, (.'all at lid1, 7tit are., lirst Hour. Irout room. WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY A RESPECTABLE PRO te?'atit woman and her dauchter : one as nnrse and the other as waitress in a llrsi c an ;amlly, Have hn beat city ra erences. Can oe *?n for two day* at 243 6th av.. between liib and Itith sis in tne rear. WANTED-BV A NEATi YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL, A situation as waitiess or seamsirrss. Apply for two days at 132 Varlrk St.. tirst floor. TIT ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young w imau. to do bamberwork and wh|tin*; and haa the beat of ctt* refrreace. Call at 1J6 East 2Vth at., be tween -'?! and Jd avea. w ft; ANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE TT e:rl. as chambermaid, or to assist with the washing and ironing; the best of city reference given. Can be seen at 6i*3 3d are., between 47th and 4!*th Mk, ?e nd Door. WAN I H.D-BY A Burn TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as nurse and ?eartistrrs*; good city rele reme. Address 289 Vth at., uetir Tompkm a square W ANTED?BY A RP.SPECTABIE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid; ha? no objection to take tiare ot Krown children; haa lited six years in her last ptace. Address -8'J nth ?t.. near Tompmn* square. WANTF.D-BY a RF.SPKCTaBLB GIRL. A SITUA lion aa or waitress. Apply at 139 Pearl st.. BrootUn. lor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young w oman ae child s nurse; is a seat sewer, aad fully competent to take chaige of an infant; haa two year*' cliy reiereao*. Call st 260 West 2<tta *L, between ytb|snd lUiu ares WANThD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. a *lloatloa in a novate family to dt> rhamberwork or tale care of children; eeod city refrreace given. Call at 168 East /.'d *t.. tbtid toot front room. ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE SIRL. A SITUA TT tionaa chambermaid aad waitress, ba* the beat of city reference. Caa be seen fer two dayaat it)7 7th art., comer of 40th et. I*ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, T aa ceok or to do general Bouse work; la a good washer and Irooer. Can be well recorr mended from her last place. < all kt No. fi Dean St.. Bro. k >.. tVANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV wemsn. secookand to assist in washing sad Irotlag, Is sn etceileni baker. Good citt reference From her last piece caa be seen St 176 West wth st, between 7th aad 8th avs second floor. WAV I ED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl aa coek, washer and iroaer. The best or city refer*tice t rom her last place. Call at 173 31 ?t at., near ?ib s?.. for two day* \1*ANTBD-BY a GOOD GIRL, A SITUATION AS TT chambermaid and waiter in a private family. Can bring good recommendations rrom her laat place. Call at let av , between 14th and 16th ft* , seeond tioor, front WAN1ED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation a* chambermaid and waitress; can aseiat with fine washing, If required. References given. Call at 2?3 West S4io at, between 7th and 8th a tea. WANTEII-A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, werk in a small family, by a woman, who can give the best of isfeiroc* s tor eight year*. To be **> n at her eld employer s, 136 Madisen a?e. ' WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl as child's am set willing to lake care of a nuwetfj < an do plain sewing if required; lived three rears anu sli month* in her is*t place Call at 73 Weet 17th st., three doori tress t>lh sr. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTBSTaNT young woman, a situation te do general houeework, m a small private fsmliy, eiyr reiercnce Call at ft'A Sd av. 11/ ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT I'rotestant young woman. a* chambermaid and wait ress; rtty t?terenee. Cell at 6.7W av. tl'ANTBD-^ASITUATION, BY A YOUNO 01RL AS V\ rhsmkeresaid and waitress, or to assist In washing snd Iron >ng. C*tl at 388 7th ar? entrance 34tli st ni ANIBD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE W girl as waitress or chambermaid and plain sewrr. Call ler two day* at TO > Bast lath H WANTED-A SITUATION BI A lOUNd WOMAN to take '-are "I children and dn plain sewing, has no ebieotlon* to go la the country; good city rsfaredces Apply at 274 6th at. . WANTBD-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS. BY A young girl; go"d city references. Apply at 28 2d af., Hid Mor, www If. SITUATION AS COOK. BT A BE ensctanie woman. ts a good haker and etn give good reference. Apply for two day* at 117 Waat 26 th at, near 7th Ifk *1T ANTED?A SITUATION, AS NT7RSE AND SRAM etreee, haa the beet of cily references. Call at 84 West ?rr* SITPATIOII WlRTEO-riBALKI. WANTBD-A SITCIATlOjk ?T A GOOD PLAIN OOOC, Jp'.*" 'Jf Jwt *V referencee Gen hf 55fc*? ? P'?"o? ?luptoferx at new Ho 46 XKT ANTED?B? A GOOD DRESSMAKER A FEW TV days' ?f?riDj in private families every wwk. A.d.Lrees A. g. Herald office. WANTCD-BT a RBSPSCTABtB WOMAN. A BTTOA uon to do house-cleaning. org* out at day's work. "-" at el7 )? W set lat h at., in Uie rear. WANTBD-A SITUATION TO DO WAITINO AMD chamberwort. Iuqulrs at her present sltuaUoe.Ai WMtldkM. WANTED.-A PBOTB8TANT OIBL, WITH B WTO ITT ? rahfmii wants la uwdhui a family ta Califar AT TUB MBBCANTILB AOBNCT. I66BROADW W anted, eacJy this day. asslssiaut book keeper an reapondiag olerk. dry goods (hipping olerk. clerk " reran am. wants i* aoeompany a family ta Catifi aiaaa euree or lady's maid. Calf for two days at S87 bib < WANTBO-BT a vf.ry active, BNEBHBTIC BNU llsb woman (Protestant). a situation as housekeeper, both competent and willing to aaeist in any part of-Hw household; haa lived with tw? ramlHea lu tbierl'.y in K above capacity for the last aiae years. Apply lor three data at 69 West lutb st, aaar Kb ar. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS GOOD PLAIN OOOB, washer and Ironer. or aa chambermaid and tlu? wash or and ironer. Inquire at her urea*at employer s, No. 1 West 38th si. UTANTBD-A SITUATION AS A OOMf ktent. bb. t V perienced nurse; can givegood city reference Call al 179 West list St., between 9th and 10th avs. HEliP W AN TED-HALES. " T THE MBRCANTILB AOBNCT. S66 BROAD WAT-? ? and cor _ , ___ _ rk for % steamer, grocery clerk, advertising agent for railroad, tlaaa keeper for manufactory, hotel clerk, light porter, bar keeper, entry olerk, teacher for primary school, single entry bookkeeper and a collector; other situations opeu; see lint of vacancies. Owing to the Increasing demand on us for help, reapectable men by calling early can always be certain to And employment. Organized and conducted under speelal lioense from the Mayor, Ac. MONQOMBBT * CO. Agents can make *soo a month by engaging in the wle of our OBBAT NOVELTY PRIZE 8TATIONBRT, PACKET AND 81'LBNDID STEEL ENCRA VINOS. We offer tbe greatest chance to make money ever kewn and present every agent with a fine watch free $15 capt tal only required. Full particulars in circular, mailed free. O B. HAWKINS A GO,. 33 Beekman street. N. T., original end oldest prise package house la tbe United Slates AOBNTS.-9I5 CLBAB PKB DAT-ONE HUNDRED of our extra Urge str.e Prize packages, with 100 pre* ents of jewelry and large bills. Sole agenay for a town or county, and a beautiful watch as a present for tbe age*! Sent anywhere on receipt <*f 9IS: can be sold in a raw hours; enormous profits; circulars free. B. R1CKARDS i CO. (the Originals). MB Nassau at ,N._T Assistant drt goods salesman, competent do., wanted at tbe Merchants' and Clarke' Registry. 1.11 Pulton St.; also shipping clerk, porter, grocery clerk, outdoor salesman, bartender, entry clerk, expressman, cow* dactor and receiving olerk. Refer to and supply over BM houses. Assistant bookkeeper and office clerk in an importing house wanted; also entry clerk. ship ping olerk, clerks for hardware and grooery houeea. in surance dark, steamship clerk, two conductors, porta* and bartender. Other places open. Apply at 80 Naas street, at Merchants' Clerks' Agenay. A GOOD WAITER WANTED AT 645 BROADWAT, understanding well hU business. A BOY WANTED?IN A FIBST CLASS GROCER* atore In 6th ar., to deliver gooda. He must be well re commended for honesty and activity. Address, with refer ence, Sixth Avenue, Herald oUioe. AQENT8 WANTED?TO CANYAS8 FOB A NBW PUB Uoation In this city. Addreaa L. M. C., Herald office. A RARE CHANCB.?WANTED, THREE GOOD BUBI. oess meu, to open branch depots for the best twe shil ling article for family use and tbe trade In the world: one I* Philadelphia, one in Buffalo and one In Cincinnati. Alee an aeent in every county in the New England States. One hundred per cent proiit. Smart men can make Ave dotlaran day. Apply any day this week at 476 Sd av., New York, third floor, front room. ANUMBKR OP MEN. EXPBRIBNOBD OR NOK wanted, as nurses in a military hospital near the dtf. Apply early tbla morning at the offioe, M 6th av. Assistant cashier wantbd.-must be a good judge of money; a liberal salary will be given AA dress or aouly to A. T. Stewart A Co., Broadway and 10th at, A YOUNG MAN WANTED?TO WBITB IN All BB change office; one who understands the busiaeea. tm* quire at ?ot Canal at AN bxpbbirncbd clerk WANTED? fob THB retail Tea and Coffee Trade. Apply to John Hal stead, 190 Bovrfry. ? A SMART YOUNG MAN WANTED.-NUBT BB M plain and rapid penman. Also one need to tha focwar* log busts ess. Wages $5 and $7 per week. Addreaa X. T? Herald offiee. ARESPBCTABLB TOUNO BNGLISHMAN OB PRO] iest*nt Irishman, aceustomed to the care of hone* aae cows, can bear of a good situation la a gentleman's feasily, should bis references shew that be la deserving and aertond to make himself generally useful. Address Country, baa 1.806 Post office. (CLOTHING SALESMEN.?WANTBD. TWO PIBM J claas salesmen; no other need apply. Inquire of DevM Close. 102 Fulton at. BHOT WANTED-BETWBEN It AND IS TBARB Otf ? age, lo apprentice at the sign and ornamental painting must reside With his parents and have a taste for drawing BO* WANTED?IN AN OPPIOB: SALARY viumi year $75; if be wriieeagood hand $100. om juatfrM school preferred. Apply at llWall at., rooraS. _____ BOt WANTED?ABOUT l|. TO ATTBND IN A (1RO. eery store in the country. Salary $4a inoath Mi klfli Address c J. Dotle. Port Hamilton, L. I. Hot wantbd-in a law office onb who write* a good p ain hand. Address, lo handwriting a4 applicant, with references, W. k L., Herald oQice. Bot wanted.-wantkd a btbadt boy to at tend an office: one maiding with his parents preferred. Address II. L.. box 2, #81 Host office. OYS WANTED?STRONG AND ACTIVE. APPLY at J. W. Flake A Co 62 John st. B Bot wanted-to work ib a retail store m Broadway. near 4th it ; one who can put up shutter! and can bring good recommendation from his employer, MM who Iires with his parents Address A. D.. station D Pad silice. Boy wantrd-to put on larelb and barb himself generally useful. Apply at $53 and 267 CenM it, in the basemeni. Barkeeper wanted-at 86 henry st.: nonb need apnly save those having good reieranoes from iaa employer. Call for two days. C1ANVAS8ERS WANTED IMMBDIATELY-FOR A J large and b?autiful aieel engraving of Lieutenant Ota eral Uraot. the only portrait published In full drees ant Iorm: extra inducement. llb'ral percentage Apply H Ueo. B. Per ne, 16Cortlandt St., V. Y. /1ANVAS8ER8 WANTED- TWO HUNDRED PBB V,' cent made by selling the Life of Archbishop Hughe* Mormons, Ac. Apply at the ulKoe of the Metropolitan Re cord, 41V Broadway (1ROCKERT CLERK WANTED-A TOUNO MAN THO J roughly acquaint* t with the wholesale china and sarlfe tnware business. Address 8. T? Herald office. Drug ci.kkk wanted?onb who thoboloblv uaiiarstanda the city retail business, will hear of asika atlon by addressing, with rslereuce, Stevens, Herald oBc* New York. Drug clerk -wanted,? a competent man; well recommended. will par $10 per week te bagtoj more If satla:;edi Apply to ,1. E. urey, corner of Byrtla sad Franklin avenuea, Eaat Brooklyn. DRITO CLKKK WANTED?FOR THE CITY BETA IS trade. Address A. K. P., Herald, offloe, with refe*? tnee. E' DRUG clerk WANTED.?aPFLY at TAOBAB * Co'a, II 8,seeker su Drug salesman or broker wanted?hayinb a large oonnerNen with tha wholesale and retail trMg and about $l.ftX>, to sail a staple article is area! demand Libers* eommlsstons. Apply at447 WestOdat. NTRY CLRRK WANTED?IN A DBY GOODS JOB. > bing house; only these who fully understand tbatt business need address box 2,142 Peat office, in applicants own handwrfitng. 1 ABORER8 WANTED-AT nOODLAWN CEMETBBT, Li Williams bridge. near Fordhsm. Best wagaa. Apptf to Taylor, on the ground. PBTKR WANTED?IN A WBOLRSALB 8TATTOB> ery house, a thoroughly reliable nan, acquainted with the city, accustomed te mark, pack and ship goods. Addrsa W. K. Herrlsk. 7? Jsha st _ Ribbon hand wanted.-to an expbbtbncbb salaam an In this f articular branch, a liberal aalMf will be given. Apply to M. T, Higgles, 136 8th av. RT bot wantkd-to tend fruit stabd. dway, corner Prla e st. CILK AND CLOAK SALESMEN WA MTBD.?APPLY O in tha rstail detriment to Lord k Taylor, 461 to Ml Broadway. Salesman.?a yovbo man or nNBXCBPTioB able character aeqnamted with ladles' furnishing goods and hosiery, is wanted bv a new house to baopntadoa Broadway about 1st Ma.i. Address, with rafereaoe.boxl, IH Post offlee . i ? THRBB BOYS WANTED-THOSE preferred who understand work In a crockery store Apr y at Lawtoa k White's, 11 Murray st UNITED STATER NAVY?WANTED^ FOR FAST stestners guint on blockade service, ship for oae as two y?*rs, se?men. firemen, eel passers, blsckamltbs. lands men and fi?en hands. $:#?o bounty, rash in hand. quarters tinned Stales Naval Keftdexvotts, 174 South strWk ttnbmployrd bookkeepers OR OLBRKS, WHO . i VT"?' M J* ,re"l C*B ""**? a go<'d living by s?tlln| W*1.merchan s a new Invention, invaluable to that risf? oc the ? -"mm unity Addresk or apply to Yowlat Adding Machine Co., 212 Broadway, room No 5. WANTRD-A MAN OR A STOI'T BOY W HO UCDBR stamls working in a second hand furntture skoca, jobblag and upholster ng. Steady work for the year ak4 good wages, at 180 Hudson street. WANTED?two fOMPBTENT 8ALESMKN IN 00ft upholstery department. PATON A CO.. 841 Broadway. WANTBD-A ?LEVfcB. BTBADT TOUNO MAN. AB night elerk. Apply at ike La large Bouaa, 66? Broa4 w La large a?.t.f^TAi ",00I)? "nT OR Ban TO OPEN ? . . ?Tkters. Apply at 11 Bowery, in the basement, from J ton. (letm?ns preferred. WANTMO-A muff BOY Ik TO 18 YEARS OI,D. who understands the care of a hnrea, at Wiggins' Hotel, Oreaafteld, tieney Island Road. I<. I Clonal lalaad care from Fslton tarry every hour la tha door. TTANTBD-A TOUNO MAR. AS HEAD CLERK IN A a jiSusriTf:i? ?vs.. Brooltf^, *

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