Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1864 Page 3
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f wyi ? 1 ? " I ?? ?? ? ? \u ANTED?A OOMPBTBNT 8ALB8MAN AND TWO A"lr tjTANTID I MM ? DIATEL T?M MN WHO WISH TO J* UMtln legitimate bMfHM. ta wMeb Btey "*?" JJJ* tlajwery day by a small Investment of $2U0 to $300. abd tildbn. 809 Broadway, room Mo. 4, TD'A NTED?AT MR W. VAN DTRB'B HOTKL. TV Catharine slip. dm or two food waiters udauu ?o? to uiaks himself generally uatful. WANTED-A 8MABT BOT TO WAIT IN A BILLIARD room and make himself useful. A good place for a food boy. Call at M Bast 17lh ai, Onion square. XHTfABTBD^AT TUB INTERNATIONAL HOTRL, TWO If pood waiter* WANTED?IN A COAL OFFICE. AH INTELLIGENT boy, from 16 to 17 years of 1(1. Must write a jood kaad and come well recommended Apply at Mo. DO West fist si. WANTED?A TOUNG MAN, OP 1? OR 30 YEARS OP age, who understands the drug business. to go to South America Apply lo or address T Aniirevou, <1 Clinton place, between nine and ten o'clock A. IT WANTED-A MAR TO DRIVB A H0R8B AND ?Printline cart, one who is well acquainted with the ?tty, and well used to the care of horses. None others need apply. Inoulre at ?M Hudson ?treet. in the feed store. WABTED-A BOT. IN A MERCHANDISE RROKRR'H TP office. Address, in handwriting of applicant, box ?,043 Post offlce. WANTED-100 YOONO MEN POR FI8HINO VOY ?gen for codLah, mackerel aud whale front two Mallii to twenty, In schooners, brigs and ships. Fay per ?tenth $S0, and outfit furnished. Applj to RANDALL A COURTNEY, corner of Chambers and West ate., up stairs. WANTED?A TOUNO MAN, PROM 18 TO 19 YEARS of age. recently from England or Ireland, to do general work on a ?mall place. Apply at 601 Washington at., from4 to 6 o'clock, on Friday, 21st Inst. WANTED-A CASH BOY. WITIT GOOD REFER encea. Apply at 631 Broadway, under the St. Vicho las Hotel TX7ANTED?A MAN TO PRINT 8atinets. A PRESS TV man and three boys, from 16 to 17 years of age. Apply to E. Reed, Onion Print Works. Mtb st. and 3d av , New Pork. WANTED-A PIR8T RATB COACHMAN, TO DRIVE and take care of horses. None need apply except they eaa bring good recommendation* Apply at 3<i Park place, ?p stairs, between 9 and 10 o'clock. ANTED-A MAN WHO understands THOR M|i glble House. WANTED-A 8ALE&MAN. TO HELL GOODS ON commission; one about to tak'e a trip West would be preferred. Address A., bos 133 Herald ofliue. WANTED-AN ENTRY CLERK. ONE FAMILIAR with the work, who is correct and writes a good hand, ?say address, with ralerences, salary expected, Ac., box 880 Mew York Post office. ANTED-A BOT. BETWEEN TWELVE AND FIP teen years old. in a lawyer's efllco; must be ne&t in ap. auce and a good writer; wages $3 per week. Inquire at John street, room No. 3. onghly the working of phantasmagoria apparatus and nufacture of gaaes, Ac. Addresa Howard, station JJ, w BjoS XXTANTED?A truckman. ONE WHO 18 THO TV roughly competent, and who perfectly understands the care orhorses. can o' lalu steady, employment, at good wages, by applying at 262 South slieet, before 9 o'clock. TOANTED? A BOT, SIXTEEN TO ElOHTBEN YEARS vv old; one who can bring good leoomtueniiatiuns. Ap ply to P. H. Applegate A Bro., SM Broadway. WANTED-TWO GOOD CARVERS. WHO UNDER stand checking: also two good waiters, at the GiraM Bouse, Chambers street WANTED-A TOl'NG MAN TO DRIVE A BBBAD wagon and make himself generally useful; one who understands taking care of horses. Also a boy to work in the bake house, with good reterence from their last em ployers Apply at 6tli av. EANTED-8IX men, who UNDER8TaNI>MATTING gfu^Biiure for shipment. Apply at Degraal A lay. W' ANTED?AN ACTIVE YOUNG man, OF INDC8 trlous habits, who nan come well recommended in ?vet? way, to assist in a mineral water store. Address fo( two days Eiders! Water, box 1?) Bjrald ? WANTED-A GENTLEMAN OR LADT, TO COP* thirty six pa#M in a plain bold band. Audress im mediately R. 8 , 16 Laight st. WANTED?IN A dry GOODS STORE, A 8TOUT boy, abont 16 years of age, who resides with his parents. Apply to James Elliott A Co., 143 Duane st. Wanted?an Office boy, at si liberty st.. room No. 6. Call at 10. ABBBTf A PULLBR. WANTED-AN AMERICAN BOT, 16 TEARS OLD, IN a wholesale drug store. MORGAN A ALLEN. *6 Cliff et TKTANTBD-A SALESMAN WBLL acquainted VV with the West, to travel ami take orders for hard Address, with reference, Hardware, box 210 Herald ?ANTED-A SMART, ACTIVB YOUNG MAN. TO wait on table, open oysters aad make himself generally noofii) lu Mason's restaurant, 436 Bast Houston st. MEN, LATELY LANDED, WANTED?EITHER v Scotch, English. Irish, French or German, to work on Awma; wages il4 to $17 per month, and found. Applv at CARPENTER'S large employment house, 138 11th st, cor ker of 6th ave. C|? AGENTS WANTED-FOR CITY AND COUNTRY ; O*.' a One chance for active, energetic men to mike Money Call upon or add/Ma s. M. shale r * Co., 78 Cedar street, room No. 3. rnn agents wanted?to sell a new and ?JUvl very saleable publication, unsurpassed for usef ul M, so family ean afford to do without it; sold only by Meats and la decidedly tba best paying agency business that ladies or amart active young men can engage In; circii lawgiving particulars sent free. AddreaaA. Holland, 113 HTUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A YOUNG MAN WANTS a 81TUATION IN A hotel, as bartender or clerk; respectable parties may address J. W. Tbornber, 108 Wooaier at.; a one other* seed address. A CLERKSHIP WANTED-BY A YOUNG 8COTCH man, 22 years of age; writes a good band and Quick at aaeonnis: can show good teetirnotilala. and Is willing to make hjgaaelf generally useful. Address J. H. K., box 184 Herald SITUATION WANTED - AS ASSISTANT BOOK keeper, cashier, shipping or entry clerk, by an eipe I young man. who can give good reference. Address i Jlr " ~" '., boi 210 Herald office. A NAN OP RE8PECT ABILITY, SPEAKING BNG . German and French, desires to travel with a gen to Europe; good references Add re as ?. D., Herald AOKRMAN, 16 YBABS OF AOE. ACCUSTOMED TO business, speaking English fluently, and writing a good hand and willing to work, w ants a situation In a whole sale store, references unexceptionable. Address O. ffo. 9 Jay st . N. 1. TOl'NG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CLEBK or porter In some wholesale business, where he could ke himself useful; best city references given. Address "" , Herald ofllca. . ?... Tl <oneed H.. boi SITUATION WANTED?A8 ASSISTANT BOOK keeper, eashler, shipping or entry clerk, by an eij>e ?d young mas. who can give good refsrenee. Address box 210 Herald otboe. B A ? COACH MAN.?A YOUNO MAN, SINGLE. WANTS A a situation aa coarh man; thoroughly understands his Cosiness; can give the best of city reference. Ctui be seen Mft West 18th st. ASITI ATION WANTRD?BY A YOUNG MAN. AS porter; one who is not afraid to work. Has the best ef elty reference from his last place for four years. Ad iras Young Man, Herald oOce. A SITUATION AS JANITOR ON PORTER WANTBD Bv aa Bngllsbman; has been these years as such. The Bast of character given as to capability by addressing for two days J. A. Harald oBoe. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A situation AS GROOM A or coachmas in a private family; geed references Call at No. 7 East 38th st. OOKKNEPINO DONE CHEAP.?THE SUMftCRIBER offers to keep the booka of any store or oapitallat at ? 11 salary, by calling at them An hour or two each day. Addrsss H. Bernard, Herald ofllae. Coachman's smurrok warted-bt a Young man of undoubted character; uaderstands his business thoroughly aa groom and coachman Good city reference. Call on or address w. B., at Mr. Tralnor's harness store, parser Broadway and Astar place. Coachman -wanThd, a situation as coach man. by a single roan, understands hie business perfectly in all Its branches; has first class city refeieoc s. Call on or address for two days R. A, at Mr Walker s har ness stare, corner of Nth stmt and Broadway. 01UaO18T'8 situation WANTED-BY A YOUNG married man; la competent for wholesale or retail. Address Druggist, box uh Herald elDoe. kRtfGOTNT ?situation WANTED. RETAIL, I* ?e alty or country. Call on or address for ,iu<-e days (wall, ttS BroAlway situation WANTED?RT A MAN. AGE. ... O penman and quick at figures; willing to make himself MMrnllyjMI ul; understands single entry. Address A O.. QITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN. AS O salesman. shipping or rsoelvlng clerk in a wbeletsle liquor or produce business; has had an experience of four years. Good referent gtvnn. Address J. P. *., 17 R*a wlek St., N. Y, SITUATION WANTBB.?A YOUNO "manT who pspeaka, reads sad writea the English. German and Rrencfc jauguages, is well ?eq<>*'ni?d with eommertiai aniTbtnk bookkeeping and who It a good judge or money, desires a tftuatlou in a large establishment where hta qualities me? be bron^ht Into use. Best of refferancee given Address P 0 M. B , Harald oiTioo. OITUATIOM WANT?D-RY A YOUNO MAN. 21 IJUlD O of ace, of good business habits, In a wholesale lionse. stationery preferred; best of ?Ky reference given- Addrrsa. stating pr be 61s salary. 0. H S,, Herald oflnce OHU aTTONH WANT Kit- FOR thoroughly com O petent coasbmea. waiters, gardenore, term hands, groom*, porters, servants. Ao ; also, useful boys, men Istely landed and help of every description Apply at CAR TENTER * laitfe employment bouse. 138 tlil St., corner of ftbeve _ IO HARDWARE MBRCHANTB?WANTED. BY A youeg man. tl years sf age. a situation either as clerk m sale am a a, can show A rat class testimonials and umld en Mr up* a t. is dutlee immediately. Address Ironm nger box ltd fleiald oTi-e w rANTED- HY A USHPBOTABLR MAN. *1 YEARS of age. a ?Itnation as cutter; lias considerable eipe . mr* mil geo'l reference, no objection M the country. Ad Sreas Cottar, boi 205 Herald odlce ll/ovriD-A nitt'AtlON AH (JOACIIMAN. NT A Yr vnungmMTWi m*B, ho no ee-loti to Iak* <1i4tK*?tf a ginall tiardsn Hugi nRoud tsf<M*rtA Wtll on or address fjt nb.,* ' s' ' ?* 'J Dav sa ?imrma waiit?p-??i<ii ^ajAirnn^A. 'ettuation. as coachmaw, awp W groom ta a private family; has the b?* ref.??*2 from b? um employer. Call on or address M. L. UoiaM office. Ihfc day (Wodneeday) WANTED?A BITUAT10N AS COACHMAN AJID GAR dener, by a married man; the oouotrypj^^enped. Oeod PBlerenoc Joqiurt tor Ttoui Ccnly. Ml> tlTANTED?BT A TOtTKO MAI? OF B01IR BXTBB1 Vr eaoe, tMd it. a auilM*? awtstant bookHeeper. or ? clerkship. In some flrst class ?!??, ?'sn ?' referent*from Ma former plaec of business 'Troy), also eity reference. A ddwes F. W. Shear,Herala olhoe. ANTBD?BY A TODMO ?Alt, FULLY QUALIFIED, a situation aa bookkeeper, clerk or copyist; lest city reference siren. Address Bookkeeper, cure of Squire A Laader, Wo f7 Fulton ak WTARTED-A BITOATIOH AS BOOKKBEPBR OR Vr assistant bookkeeper, by a young man who epeaU and wrltea fluently the English and Prench languages; a wholesale house preferred; beat city reference* given. Address F. 8. B., Herald eUite. TIT ANTED?1N CITT OR COUNTRY, A SITUATION V? aa bookkeeper, assistant or clerk, by a young man not acquainted in the city: reference" fiora last employer*, stationers, Ac. Will accept any honoralle moderate paving Smition. Address. elating place of business, Ac., J. Frank Hard, boi 170 Herald i-fflce. TIT ANTBD?BT A YOUBO MAN, WHO WRITES A " food plain hand and ha? some knowledge of boi kkeep tog. a situation In a wholesale house <>r office Can are goon reference. Would be willing to go to any part of the United Slate* Address E. A C., Clinton, Conn. WANTS A SITUATION?AS COACHMAN, BY A RB spectable young man: truly understand" the care of horses; I* a careful driver: can get the best of reference for his sobriety. AUdrsss Coachman, box l it) Herald ofliee WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN OF SOBBR AND ?' steady habits, a sanation; produce commission pre ferred. He is not afraid to work, and ia willing lo mal e himself useful. Bestof references given. Address Energy, box 2IA Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS bookkeeper or shipping clerk tn some wholesa:a bmiae. Can furnish unexceptionable references. Addreaa O. F. D , Herald oflloe. WANTED-A SITUATION. AS GENTLEMAN'S ?nrs* or body aervant. by a respectable colored man Call at 1)7 West 33d at. Inquire for Lewis Ward. WANTBD-BY AN IRISHMAN AND ITS WIFE, a situation with a farmer; he la experienced in all kinds of farm work and ia willing to make himself goner ally uaefnl. Arplj for uae week at 110 West 18th at., m the rear. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS light a irier or messenger In a broker's or Insurance oflloe; would like importing house. Cnn gi'e satisfactory recommendation*. Call on or addreaa Charles II. Soars, 142 Grand at. WANTED, EMPLOYMENT.?A YOUNG MAN. 18. TO drive a team, or to work on a farm a short distance tn the country; he is a good scholar and ia an Ainerlc <n, and ha* been on a farm for the last two years. Call lor three days at Mra. Dieuer'*, 260 West S.'tl St.. N. Y. THE TRADE8. A VERY SUPERIOR GARDENER CAN BE HAD, wbo speaks French, German and English; can coine well recommended from p'ace* where be now works, and ha* done so for the last fifteen years. Parks and gardens laid out in anv stvle. Plant*, trees and shrubbery of every description aiipplied on reasonable terms. In.^ at Thor burn's seed store, 15 John st.; also at Tadman .t Co,'s drug rtore, Third avenue, between 8tst and 82d >-ts., Yorkville, N. Y JOHN P. THIE9SEUN. A COMPETENT BRASS TURNER DK8IRUS A SITUA tion. Address Turner, Herald ofllce.i A SITUATION WANTED?AS GARDENER, BY A MAR ricd man: no encumbrance. is competent lo take tare of a gentleman's place, best reference. Call at or addreaa 11 Wyckolf at., his pieseut employei a. AN ASSISTANT FOREWOMAN AND CUTTER wauied. in dur mantilla and cloak room. Also one hundred lirst class mantilla hands. Apply lb is morning to Peyton A Johnson. 274 Bowery. A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHIC OPERATOR, A MAN OF experience, will find steady ?inp'>tyraent at Pb. Rapp a gallery, 13 av. A. A Herman preferred. Bookbinders-wanted, a first class stamp. er; a.-o an assistant lu.siier. Apply at llyan a bindery, 02 and 64 DUano at. C^OACtl " TMiltil WANTED ?ATPLT AT THE United Slates Livery 8lable, 30 City Hall place. I engravers, SILVERWARE ornamental AND J Letterers.?Two first class engravers can find go'd w?i;m and steady employnr.eut by applyiug lo Tiiiany A Co.. 550 Broadway. T7XPBRIENCEr> BRASS finishers WANTED?AP r> plv to C. William", Jr., telegraph instrument maker, lc9 Court st , Boston. Mass. Fire BRICK.?WANTED. A man COMPETENT TO take charge of a smail *-staolli>timent tor mauuf&ctur Ing fire buck Apply on Wednesday and Thursday. Ar ril 2') a::d 21, between 10 and 2 o clock, at 98 Liberty street, <ip stairs. Four good carpenters wanted.?wages $2 50 per day. Apply to B. Bootes. No 7 Morris at. FEESCO painters' A SBOOI ati ON.?EMPLOYERS wishing good freso painters please .ioply at headquar ters. :i87 Second aven'i?. between Twenty fourth and Twen ty-fifth sireeta. FREDERIC ROSENBERG. Secretary JEWBLLBRS?WANTED. TWO FIRST CI.A88 PARIS workmen, one to act aa foreman; must be a competent draughtsman and diamond mounter. Apply to E. B. Ballcy, 175 Broadway. Photographer.?OPERATORS OR THOSE WISH ing 10 learn the art can procure good situations at J. KON1GSBERO 8. Principals in want of sssistauis freeof clisrge. Also several tine Photograph Galloriei tor sale, at 713 Broadw ay. PLUMBERS AND OAS FITTERS WANTBD-ONB FOR Pennsylvania and one for Nfr York State. Apply ?t 84 Beekroan st. UAVDK.V, UBKK * CO STAIR BUILDERS?WANTED, TWO OR THREE journeymen stair builder* and two or three boy* or men who harp worked at the business; good wage* and steady work Call at ahop. 113 Baat 27lh at., N. Y. TO BOOK EDOB GILDERS.?WANTED. TWO Com petent edge gilder* Liberal price* pild. Bteariv em pioym-nt cu?-anteed. Addreta Altemua At Co.. Bookbind ers, Philadelphia. TO HARDWARE MANUFACTURERS AND MA chini*!*.? An experienced, firit clam machinist I* now open to an engagement a* foreman or superintendent in a concern where his experience ant} mechanical abilltv w II be or ser. i.e Address Marshall, Post ofllee, Newark, N J. TO BOOKBINDERS.-WANTED, IN AN ESTABLISH ed book bindery, doing a aucoeasful and increasing bualnenn. a competent man as foreman. The right kind of man desiring to in real part capital can c< nmnaud a proml netit interest. Address box l.lui Pittsburg. Pa. TO BOOKBINDERS.-WANTED, AN EXTRA FIN taher. with 0 an equal partner in a bournes* cstab lllhetl 26 years. Address W W. F., Herald ofllee. TO JBWELLERS.-W ANTED, A YOUNO MAN WHO understands the repairing of jewelry and clocks aad 1* a good salesman. Must have good recommendations. Apply in the jewelry atora 138 Grand ?U. Williamsburg. TO CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS.?A STOl'T >"Ung msn wishes to finish hla trade with lome re spectable builder; ha* worked two year* at the trade, and is not afraid to work. Addreaa 123 Went 19th st. TO PRINTERS-WANTED. AT TOHN W AMERMAN S printing office, 47 Cedar st., four 11 rat rale book com pos tors Tinsmith wantbd?onb accustomed to ship work and light braaa work. Call at 231 West at. XTPHOLSTERBR WANTED-APPLY TO HARR1NO ) ton A Stone, 770 Broadway. WANTBD-A PATTBRN MAKER, ACQUAINTED with work for aand and loam castings, and alao gear patterns; liberal wage* aod a permanent 10b will bo given te the right man. Apply at Amaa' Iron Work*, Oswego, N Y. TIT"ANTED?TEN CARPUNTERS, TO WORK ON N1W ? v houses, al Carraannvitle, lMd st. None but the best workmen wanted; the hlgheet wages paid. Inquire of R. P. Carman. 1.254 Broadway. WOOD TURNER WANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY U E. Detuaon. Wintbrop, Conn. Liberal wages and ?teady employment will be given. WMANTED-A TAILOR. TO OO III THB COUNTRY immediately. Addreta box A. Herald o'Jice. TJPABTED?A OOOD Pl.t'MBER, APPL* TO CBR1B TV tie A Cochran, 288 Court st., Brooklyn. UT*OT*1>-T*>f GOOD ITPHOL8TBBERS FOR PLAIN FT Work- will nay highest wages and glee steady work. Apply at oegraaf k Taylor's, 87 Bowery. "117ANTBD-.A OOOD SAW GRIND** APPLY TO C. YY Tw. C. Rlehardson, IS Railroad a*., Newark, It. J., ot to .lohn Scott, 10S Hester St.. N. Y. TV ANTED-A GOOD COAT II MIA. TO WOBK III YY the store. Good wages will he given Aleo a good talloresa. accustomed to making panta. Inquire at 13 Car roll place. Bleecger SL TBTANTBD?A PIRST'cLASS CUTTBB, apply AT 71 TW Chatham at, to C. 1(7Church. en"0OOI) HOUSE CARPENTERS WANTRD^FOR ?Jtl the summer, at (ilea Oove, L. I . 2u milee from h? city, the highest wage* paid. Inquire of James P Isaacs, 49 Grove *t.. In Thornss A Brawn's aarpenter ahop. IIKI.I' WANTED?FEMAI.BI. All bmplotbrs wanting oood servants, <rl1t or country, and all recommended servesta and. ed in *ne4 situation*; eoekfc chambermaid*, wattrraeea, seamstresses, girls far housework aad tkoa* lately landed, at the laautvtle, 140 Mrand street, A LI SERVANTS. BOTH PROTESTANT AND CATH o'le. and girl* 'ate'y landed, can And Immediate employ meni. either in cljr or coui.try, at Mrs. WHITFIELD*! iformerle of the CntiHh Botne> No. W4lh ?y, between ax tit ?nd Ath s? Orders pron.ptlv attended to. Aim competent seamstress wanted-onr who can cut and lit chi.drens dresses and would uaderuke the c,re of tworhlldren. Address, with reference*. F W , ho* :<,4P? I'oat eftoe. A BOUT 10 SERVANTS ARB W ANTED THIS DAT POR I\ i-o'fl s tnation* ia eitr of co<intt7 at high wstee. Rm. plofer^ ?i iied with ehril and enpahie he p st modest salaries; Oernian.lEngllsli, French Bout h ao ! CQiOred. B79BIB av_ "iTM'MBKR OF MaNTILI.A MtKER- WANTBD N?ne hut thoe a to ucdarsiaLd ll'? ??*"*?? need at ply at 19 Sib av. Am' FIRST CLASS TRIMMER WANTED-AT FLEM log's millinery stoie. corner of dtat at. and fth a*. Wag.s fin per week. AIM GIRL ABOUT FIFTEEN V BARS OLD WANTED , Appiy at No C Lew.s t ace. id st, btlwcau 10th and i_nh. WiliCanub'irg. flRAIDBRS WANTPfV-AT LORD A TAYLOR'S, IJ ltic?cl??f. Btiiraaoe to workroom lu Grand street Work given out. (UtAVBKRMAUJ AND W AITRESS WAN rED?MUST J be uapaiile and n Prniestanl. Apply ?t 2*' Writ 11*1 ?t. CtOoK TO WASH AND IRON WANTED-PROTES ? / 1?n fleemin. Ktigttsn, Hootch er French nrefei*it. ly'I " ?' " nl 1 AWtNTIII 9 largo etui'loj niei>l 1 o ic ' f jju. *. Lur?,ii u| Hk?r?, ^ ^ HILP WAWTMP?nCW A Ml. ^ /WOK -WAKTID, A PIB8T CLASS COOhTONB WHO V> thoroughly understand*'her business ta all lta braneho* to new ud cleanly, willing ud obligiug. and bu good city rrfe renres (moot others need apply). ean Had a mod sana tion at No. 8 Garden it. Brooklyu, by o*Hing Tuesday and Wednesday, bet wee u 8 and 9 la the morning, and I and ? IB the evening. _____ (lOOK and NUR8K WANTKD.?APPLT AT 14 BA8T J Sixteenth etreeL between the hour* of one and three ?'dock, on Thursday, April 21. None hut city referenda* akeo. (^LOAK 8ALBRWOMRN ?THRER F1R8T CLASS > nlook and mantle saleswomen wanted, to whom the highest wages will i>e given. Apply itutnadiaialy to A. B. Graham, MT CMal et POLORED COOKSAND CHAMBRRMAIDS WANTED.? \J Two cood cooks and one chambermaid ean flpd excel lent situations in drat elaia fa ml lie* r.nd best *f wiges bv applyia* at CARPENTER'S large employment htmaa, 138 iftb st, corner of 6th sve Good hands wanted-on hoop skirts, to whom thirty cents per hnudred will be paid ou tape. Alto a rirl on rpanptlng and one on sewing machine Ap ply to H Dohertr, a rent. 8S4 Broadway, oorntr of Worth (t "MILLINERS WANTED-THREK OB FOUR GOOD J?A millmera wanted. Inquire at E. Gallagher's, 224 ith av Nl'BSB WANTKO-A COMPETRNT NORSK, POR AN infant; none other need apply; t>e,st refereii"<s reuuued. Call at NS R<m*en at . Brooklyn, from 10 to 2 ibis day. OPERATORS WANTED-ON WHBRtiRR * WILSON'S sewing machine, m make '>no white sbirta; slso barters None but good hands n*ed apply, al 804 '.Ith av and 47th st Operator wantep-a first ratb operator on Whee er A Wilson's sewinu machine; one acquainted with ahlrt trimming preferred ; al- o (.hirt hands for fine or deied work. Call at French's. 6d>7 Broadway. SALESWOMEN WaNTEP~FOR RIBBONS. TFT*, niingn, Laces and Hancy Uu<mw a'so three smart \ninic women to learn the business. Apply at 880 and 882 Broad way, near Nineteenth Mrtei. WANTED?OIR1.S TO PACK TOBACCO. APPLY AT VOy Water tt. WANTED-A PROTESTANT SBAMSTRF.SS WHO < an sew on a Wheeler A Wiikon's machine, to go a few inlies iu t! e country. Apuly at Ifi'J West 23d at. WANTED-A GOOD NURSE TO GO IN THE COON try to look alter children ami do chamber work and p'ain newint:. Ari'!y ft '#? West 2Sd at. WANTED?A VKW FIRST CLASS EMBROIDER esses. vAppl? between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. at 60 Wesi2Clbst. _____ __________ WANTED?AN ACTIVE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN TO do the work of a small family (waat.iug excepted); one willing t<i assist in Ihe care of two children. Amer can tier, man or Scot b rreferred. Apply at No 1 South inth st, Wil liamsburg, L. I. \lf ANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAM1LV, A tv woman an waitress and chambermaid, also to (insist with the washing and ironing; co'd refeience required; m ne but those who are willing to live in the country need apply Call on Tuesday and Wednesday, at 30 West 39ili st., from 11 to 2 o'clock. tlfANTED?A SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO UNDER TV Ktaods operating on a machine and fine ironine Call between the hours of 8 and 10 tins morning at the Mer chunta' Hotel. WANTRD-A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS Nl'RSB for two children; inuat porfectljr understand the care of children and be a yood (wainslresx Apply at 3.V> 6th av? tirst door below 36th it, betweeu the boars of 10 &i.d 12 A. M. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK. WASITF!t AND Ironer, with goo l ciiv reference. Apply between ten ami twelve o clock, at .''2 West 3t)th st. TV-ANTRD?A HOUSEKRT.I'BR IN A LADIES' HOARD TT iiik bouse; a inl?ll)j!e.nt woman, who lias l>-f n acMttomed to p iblie business; she must be a good seam stress and know how to manage aervants. Apply from 12 till 2 o'c ock at 143 East 8th xt. WANTED?A VOl'NG. HEALTHY WOMAN, AS WF.T ntirao; ruy reference required. Caii at 31 VVyckoll' street. South Broek'yu. w w WANTED-A STEADY YOUNG WOMAV, AS COOO plain cook waKherand ironer also a steady young sirl. to do chain' envoi-It and vraitng unit make l.ersnir pen erally useful. Cali liefore y o'clock at -15 Scleritcrborii St., between Bo;id an?l Nctius, ANr8D-l.M MEDIATELY, COMPETENT DRESS tnikerr, at 1114th av. ANTBD-A GOOD MILLINER; also a SAI.KSWO man. App'y for two da>* at 221 3d at. WAMTF-D-Afl COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. A ?i well recbmlnonded girl. Applv from 9 to 12 o clock, at 12 Boorman (.-lace, 33d ?L, between Fth and Otu av?. WANTBD?A PWA RT, AOTIYE r.lRL. TO TOOK. w*?h and iron in a small private lamily, Must be willing and obliging. with co d c ity reference. Inquires! 40 West 33d at., from In to 1- A. M. WANTED-AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, TO Tv do ceneral ht usework for a small family . goon home and good w;.g?s. Apply at t.'i3 Bchermerhom it.. Brooklyn WANTED?TO GO TO YONKEK8. A MIDDLE UIF.D woman as cood oook and to assist in wai-hing and ironing: mustb* thoroughly an-namted with her business, willing to be part housekeeper, and competent u> manage in the kitchen To such a woman, with i,rst class refill-i.ccs, good wspes will be raid. Applv on Wednesday at 'JC7 Broad way, be;wi'?n 10 A M and 3 1*. M. WANTED-A PEW GOOD MILLINERS AND TWO apprentices. Apply Wi Mr*. Hopkins, 252 Ko rtb ave nue. near Twenty-second stre- t, up stairs. WANTED-A WOMVN OR GIRL. FOR GENERAL housework in a private family: one who can wash and Iron we. 1. and come recommended; good wages will be given. Apply at any time at 79 Jane st., N. Y. TirANTED? A TOPNG WOMAN FOR UP STAIRS TV work: must he accustomed to children. Apply at 26 Macdou^a I ?t.. between# and 12 A. M. TENANTED? IMMEDIATELY. ONE HUNDRED AND TT (j/ty piris for fancy work. A pair between It) and 12 o'clock, to Wm. C Dougherty, No. 3 Front St., up s tars. Fair *?t's git en. WANTED-A CHAMB1' RMAID, TO ASSIST WITH the washing. Apply lor two days at 11 Waver ey place, corner of Greene ?t. WaM D?a GOOD GIRL, TO TOOK WASH AND iron, none need applv unla<s tbev luliv under* and their business. Apply ai the basement door. 49 Wiitpidi tt , between the hear* of 1(1 and 12 A. M. - TITAN TED-A NEAT, TIPT GIRL, TO TAKE '"ARE W of a child and do chambei work. Apply at 214 West 20tb st. WANTKD?TWO NEAT, INDCSTRIOl'S GIRl.fl. TO go a short distance In the coontrv; one as chamlcrm;iid and la .ndrecs. the other as cook and to take charce down stairs none tan good workers and with good references need ai'pty at 32b west 22d st, between 6th and'Jth aves., basement door. WANTED-A WAITRESS. CHAMBERMAID. COOK, laundress. nurse and sean.stress for a first class private family, wbu pav tood wages. Apply at .No 7 West iitb ?:.. between Broadway snd university rlsce, from 10 to i. WANTED-A COMPETENT PERSON TO TAKE v? charge of a small household; must be a good ccok, waster and ironer Apply at the store 493 Broadway, oe> tweeu 12 and li o'clock. *17ANTED?IS A SMALL FAMILY. A GOOD GIRL TT to do genera! housework, one who can come well re commended Apply n< 149 South 1st St.. Williamsburg. IT7ANTRD?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A FIRS r i'LAi-S TT rook: tnnai understand soups, side dishes, creams. jeJliea. ike., aud cunie wall recommended. Call at room 32, Alt errarie Motel, between the hours of 9 and 12 o'clock WANTED-A GOOD DRES8MAKER, BY A PRIVATE familv. to po to Islip for three or four weeks Arpl? ?t room 77. Everett House, between the hours of H and ID A. M. to day WANTED-A GOOD COOK. FOR THE COUNTRY; one willing to assist in the ironing; Praestant pre ferred; wages $!". Those with reference can apply at 2M to assist In the ironing; Pro:estant pre , Thoae wilh refer* West i9tti st. between 8th and "Jtb avs. ANTED?EXPERIENCED RUCHE PRRfeSERS. Apply at ?i Leonard at., up stairs WANTED?OrKRATORS OR WHEELER * WIL son ? and Wtllcox's machines Apply at 81 Leonard st., np stairs. w WANTED-A respectable PROTESTANT GIRL for general housework: must be a good washer and trader. References required Apply at 70 West 43d su TirANTkD-A FIRST CLAM COOK. THOS2 WITH II good city refersnoe may call from 3 to 6 o'clock to day at 91 Montague st, Brooklyn. ANTED?TOR A FAMILY OF THREE PERSONS. A vonn* woman of good character, to do housework; ?be muat be acpod wasber and lruner and plain cook. Ap ply after ? A. M at 108 Eaat 2Pth at., near Jd av. AKTEO-A p r OTB STAVTWO* A N, as cook and iatndrcea. Good reference required. Apply at 116 East 17th si. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE TOl'NG COLORED ?T girl, to take eharge of an Infant: best city reference re quired. Apply st 122 Leiiagton av , between 9 A. M and 1 P. M. TENANTED?MILLINER TRIMMERS. GOOD M1LLI TT ners and trimmers can ba<e good situations at L. Etnas' mtlllnerv Improver* wanted Seven trimmers, who are worth 98 per weak, can have employment immedi ately. L IIIN No, W1 Broadway. WETANTED-A* NUBSE AND SEAMSTRESS. TO TAKB vv chnrgaof a child four yoars old: ene capable of eut tlag and fltlmji children's clothing; cny reference required. Apply at 133 west 44th si, before S o'clock P. M. nrantbd-a girl to do the hocsework of tt a small family; referenea required. Inquire k> day ?I 451 Hudson street, between ten and four oVlock. TtfANTED-A FIRST PLASB DREaSWAKEIV WHO TT nnderstands Wheeler A Wtison'a sewing maehlee; also a good girl for geaaral bousswora. Coil for ona week at 091 Broadway. ~ WATCHES. JC WELRT, M.' AT 77 BLEECKB H STRKST TOO CAN OBTAIN Hi A per cent more tor Dtaaioni'.s, Waieheo, Jewrlry, Mher Plata. O'ltis, I'jstols, Dry Goods, Ac N. B ?Also Pawn brukera' ticketsbO' ght for the above artlalea. At ?*. WATCH FH. DIAMONDS. JEWBLRY, SILVER Plate. Guna. Pistols, Ac., bouabt. ?I will cay VI per reat more than can be obtained at any other place la the c ty N B ?Also Pawnbrokers' Tickets wanted for the above articles at the same rule &iv Kroadway eoraer of Houston street up stain, room 3. /^OGulNS' cblbrratbd IRISH BOG OAK. t'OKAL, VT Hair, real Tet, uut, carved Ivory and Intua Rubber Pri>e Medal Jewelry, 723 Broadway, N. Y., and 74 GrmJton street, Dublin Ireland. TVAMONDS. U OLD OOLD ANA SlLTRIl. DIAMONDS, OLD GOLD AUD SILVER. Parsons Who Wlah ? sell Diamonds, old Gold. Silver, or soy feted of old faatitoned Jewelry, go to LOUIS A*RICH, 7*1 Broadway. A poaitlve fact hares 30 per eenksnors than aov other porsoo. Establish** ip New Tork sffioethead aiiatatratiQu ?t the late Martin van Bursa. Make uo mia take?72J Broadway, uadar the Haw York Hotel. i X%TATCDIS AND JRWBT.RY i tt op all fHrfeiFlTOfr*. I Foi sale by I GK.O. C. ALLRI*. 41ft Btnadway, SUtlAt l<U*U Wfb MiTBccnoa. AT DObMURR OOMMRRCIaL AOADRMV. ?? Broadway genilemeu or boys cau have private le*e?os In rapid Bu*ine*? Writing, Practical Bookkeeping, Arlth *aeu?, Ac. ud iMru mora of Huaiueu ABalr* in OH mouth than in year* at ordinary acbuol*. A* MANCHA * fll'KNS', 95i CANAL BTBEBT, 10UNG men ?r? pracin ally prepared for the equating room. Bookkeeping and Commercial Arithmetic taught aa applied In business. Terms leaaonaiil*. Writing, twelve leaauns, |1. Separate apartment for ladis* Open day and evening. At towMsiNoa commercial acadrmy. m Bowery, below Houston street, thorough lQgtmetion li given. day and evening. In Bookkeeping, writing. Arlth ?l.'UC. Algebra, Geometry, Reading, spelling. Oram mar. It Separate apartment* for fadie* and for private Instruction, Noclusae* Ten lesion* in Writing, tl. Satisfaction guaran teed to all. AGRKAT RBDI'CTION -Pl'PlLH COMMENCING illi* month will be received at oue>b*lf tbe regular charge* Instruct on in Prokkeep III' Penmanship and Arith nettc. Iseparate room* for ladie* anil for t>t ivate nistrno Ufu. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. 766 1Jiu?U?ay. a N BXP?R!ENCRDTEACHEB, WITH THB BEfcT OF A reference*, would like a situation a* preceptress or as sistant, or (?> taK? charge of a select echo I. Andre* Sarah N tirecn, Herald office. Ahjuhi.v educated misQ gkrman lady, bii experienced teacher, desire* a situation to tench French. Herman and Music: the beat of reference given. Ad diesx A M . Ih)t "4'i Yorkville Post office. AT BIO.?IIUNI'KUDS OK I'liRSONS *'<>noratulate themae "?'* mid Mr PAINK upon tlielr improved Pen in a null 11 and skill in Bookkeeping and Mathematics, aud their Improved condition in life, after tilWng Yennne at M Bowery or SMS Km ton street. Brooklyn. Lad*ea, 20 lei-nun-, $2. Attendance day or evening. Aladv w il experienced in teaching llir Engliali branches ar t! r reneb, desires an enrane. n,?t>l ill a ?il.ool or fanniy or would .icceit a situation ;>* travail ne companion. Boat referenced. Address A. B ,?16 Sixth a\er e New York. A FRENCH PROTESTANT LADY DKSIHRS TO FIND a private family, residing in ibe nonntrv where French lessens wmild be uonsulercd as payment for board Refe rence* given and required. Address B. G., box 1,0M Post office. N. Y. ALLSNfOWN COLLEC.IATE AND MILITARY INfiTI lute. Al.entown I'a , cbart'red t>y t: o Legislature on Peiinsvlvania, with lull collegiate power* and suecuU inili taiy Privilege*. will be opened fur the reception of I npil* of Tueiaay, May 10. The lest niHItarv andeducational latent t* employed In the varlniu deferment*. For* a\i dress M L Hofl' rd, A. M., Pre?ldeut. Ballston SPA academy, n y.-a commercial and Classical Fain ly Boarding School for liois. Term*. (42 per quarter. Admission at all time*. Next lerm begin* Monday. May.'. Send for circular* to Rev. JAMES OIL MOCK! A. M. FBKNCH AND OKRMAN LANOHAOES-PROF. E TELLEKINU, M9 Broadway, of Tweltih sireet. will receive application* for private tiiltlon In French anil Oerman co.iverta'iun. as aUo in l ai n, and mat" tiaua a tloii*. I. an^ials aux eti.,nsei*. Kstabliabeil ?i nee 1(V2. Govebness-a young LAPY. WHO 11AS had ' e\perl "nee In teachmir for seieral yeirs. d<*Blie? ihe ait'iation of j;overiiet.? In a faml'v " here several s uall chil dren would require her care She an fnrni*li *at sraetHrr teettmonlHle, aud would ti*capt a moderate rco icense for her services. Address L M. S . brx '29o. Provmeace. R. I. IECON8 DE LANGUR FRANPAIRE ET OK Ml'. J slq'ie par une dame I'ariaienne (premiere ca?ae). S'adres-er <.iiei Mrs. V rfnlct. >'o. 5 Clinton jilace. SPANISH LANGCACE.-A NaTI E SPANIARD IS prepared to give Le?*onn eltlier in 'lass's or privately Good reference oven. Address V R fox 1.2U Port ollice . TVANTRI)-,,y a lady competent to Vv toacb the rudiment* of the English an i Fr-ncb lan guage* a st .inlon as nursery governess or lady's com. panion; would not ofcie I to sew and take part in houiekeei ? ing; also willing 10 mane fcerieif generally utefal. App.y at"U5 7th Av. flCIAA* TEAR-UNDER 12?hoard and eno. iJSIVv llsh nranehes; over 12, extra. Piano $7 S> a quarter: French f.'i. Herman <Htv reference* W.ll rail. Healthv ! at. n; ex'-ellen* care and* e?mmod?'!f>ll* Apply uiimi'i ai iiy. ABEL WillTLOCK. Danbury, Comi| LOST ANU FOUND. \ RED STONE WATCH SEAL LOPT-ON MONDAY a More its val .e wi'.i to i -.'J lu ilu toiler ty Itav lng it Mcfcabtiie Aginc^. 298 wOiaViir. FO' Nn ADRirT-ON THE f7TH, THE PAROE L B. l)(iv 8. fc'or further information ai ply to Captain Cor nelius 0o!e, at ('m)uub'. Stateu Island, FOI'ND-NEAK FULTON FEBRT. A H'RSE CON tainlnv a mini of money; the owofr can have it by proving properly and fuy .ng espouses. Adtlrcs* S M.. lit r ? lil o'X. Found-in the vicinity of twenty third street ar.d Niniu avenue a Bit ?s?.o I'ursru loutaiu in:: a email ano:;nt of money. The owner ail I are the tame by ai piyio.; to K.J. Wad', 11 Wa.l strfiet. FjlOUND?A SMALL SUM OP MONEY, WHICH THE 1 owner have bv rrovmg propertv and pajiug charge# by railing upon Oeo. A. Cowles. .11 CortUndt ?t B^Ol'ND? A sr* OP MONEV. OWNER ."AN HAVE r it by proviug , roi erlT and paving charge*. I u*i ?ire for Cbar'es F. .!.. eaie of C. T. Baiubridge, 1S4 William ft FOCND-ON 8PNDAY, 17TH INST.. IN A NINTH avenue car. a Pcfteibook, containing a sum of money. The "wnei ran have It by i rov'ng prt>" riy #i>4paving penses. Call at C A Cblrney's shoe ?tore, corner of Car mine and Bleecker >tu etn [c^T-A DARK BROWN LrATIIER PO.KKTIIOOK. J in a Br ndwav an 1 Madison avenii" stage, riding from Fo;irle?nth street to John street, on Tuesday. lvn inst., be tween three and f.Mir o'clock, containing an tmn tnt of monev ami memoranda. Tbe tjuiier will be mutably re warded on leaving II a: M Wost street. LOPT-OV MONDAY EVENING. APRIL 13. A TOCKBT bonk coutamiuif about $.4 in bl> s and change, in going from Fourth avenue and l-'lfteenfh nt-eet to the Fair build In*. n??r' ?mb hwoiia X iioaral reward will he |.?jd t>t leaving It a; ins weal Fifteenth iikci si ib* ?wn tnl'i office of the Sanitary Pair. Tost?last wkek, in going from thb ccstom J Ho .'?e io t!ie San 'arv F ilr. Ibree Carbun -le Studs, in Ettviu-ao gold; tiiey were wrapped In a niece of uaper A mi inble reward uaid f r ibem by applying at dcak No 4, W II Department, Custom Hrnse r O^T-fiN SUNDAY. APRIL 17. A PLACE AND I J Tan Si it. with ooliar and *1 p, in Spr .ujt street. The finder w II receive #10reward on leavir.i: it at 173 West Ten! stteci. I'M I LI 1' Fl RLONG. T 0ST-ON MONDAY. APRIL II. A LA1EOK BUCK I j and i Dog; answers io the name of .lac* A liberal rewar.; will be bv returning the earae to 337 Atlantic ureet. Bronx jn IOST-SIO REWARD?ON APRIL 17, A RLAt K j Pointer Bitch: ha" recently weaned her pvpe had n>. el.a.r. rolia-. w nU owner ? nan c and piaee of bournes*. Re !t;rt her to Castle Gmden or to Sr n; tr House. Umoe aq'.are. II 8T?ON MONDAY EVENING. APBIL 18. A MOURN J ng ''n, cents hair. The i ndcr will be lipera '} rewarded by addreeting I], C. P . box 713 Po*t oil oe. IOST-ON 5ATlTRDVY AFTfcRNOOK. AT TUB FUH J n nion fq'ure. or on :'ne way through ihe l am acrefi t" Fifteenth ?trf?<i. through, to and in Irrinu r'ace. a (in! Briiie'el and tlolri Sleeve B'.tt t,. with oral centre. The (r,i'?r will be enitably reward?d byieav:ng tbeinati-.l Irviog ilace. 10ST-ON TUESDAY, APRIL !?' A HANK BCOK IN J a-count with Bflrecker street Sa* in~? Bank. No 191.27ft Was io-l in *h<*<vening, :n tbe vlctnh? of Uroadwav and Nlnrieetdli atreet- The Under will $2 reward l>t leaving a at the Ban*. L08T-KTTHER IN NEW TORE OH brooklyn, BE tween Saturday night lax aad Monday morning, a chfck for b .ndred dollars draws bv the Jtechanlce' Bank. Phi tideiphia. on the Bank of 0 -m'.iercf". New York, io 'he ord'-r of .iotr. r. Clark, and numbered liltgt t.ii.e h.ini'red anl eiubty four, cot endorsed. Payri ent baa bean stopped The lutder wi'l pleaee return It to hoi No 1.1V7 Po?t office nr to the on on of the Penraylvania Railroad No 1 Aitor Qoiise, New York, ; ud grtatly oMlf the losar I UST-A LADIES' GOLD WATCH. Af OR NEAR THE 1J :alr on Fo'ireenth street. Saturday nlghl last The finder wlli be suitably rewarded by i oar lug it at 114 Bread way. I OST-ON SATURDAY. APRIL 16. A l'0< kETBOOK, IJ in one of the Fifth aeeoue slagee. or m Canal street, between No. 812 and Broadway. A suitable mward will be given oc retnrnirg the same to No. 149 Ijifkyette artnoe, Brooklyn. T ORT-ON MONDAY ?BVENING. 18TH 1N9T.. BE \j iween Corti*BdHtr?et ferrv ami Foiir^entb atreet, by ftitth aveene ears, rfi at the Fair, a email Diamond fleerf Fin, for which a suitable reward ?ill be paid by the owner, at 14 Cortland! eireet, up irtatre. F SCHMONSEES. T 08T-0N MONDAY EVENING. APRIL 18, A CHASED I j Band Bracelet, whne rldlne In or leav-io* ear IIo. (W. Suit ??emf and Broadway line; euppoeed to hare been Cropped while go'llng o?i of tbe iNir. corner of Twenty third street and S xth avenue Tbe finder will be liberally re warded by learn* it ?t MS Vast froadwsy, in tbe store. lv ^R^MhVn1i,pirj*^*TgW ISLAND. ON APRIL. L09T-ON MONDAY, THB 1PTH. IN BLEECEBR street, betweet Harrow and Leror or In pass ng through Morton to Bedford street, a Po keioook, ronlainlnga small ttun of money an I a liiyter ring. Tbe Under will te re warded t?y KaT.nt <t at 87 Bedford street. Lost?krom a carriage, on toesday ivth Instant/in go igrrom Sroa<]way and Fotirieenth street us fweniT.fltst sueeV aracnage ,-onta mr.g fou/umbrellas and two parssels. A tloeral reward will be given oil rettirti ii.est.-ne to 1M weat Fourteenth street, between Seventh acd Bigh'h aventifS. HBWARDS. Cf%l rfward.-loht, a bank bock, no P 121, OF ihe Citiseo- Haetnga Bank. Tbe finder will receive the above reward l J' returning it to the tauk^ REWARD ?STBATBD OR STOLEN. ON SUNDAY, ti-e 17th met a Ma-1 and whit* f?lier SI'it. heavv wllh i, u. Anv one re i mlna ber to tVl Ka?t ,n str-et Shall receive the a'ove reward. A M JOHNSTON fiTer F.FWARD -"TRATED. FROM t/> PET STREET. A $i) sroatl black and uin f ut, with leather cellar on. An swers i tbv narnt u Belle " Any persnn returning ber'.0 ibe crook >ry 'lore 'iil rewive 'be above reward ?r KRWARD-A LARGE BLAfE D<W?, WITH A JpO white snot oil me breast, was lost yesterday afternoon about orand etteet whoever brings Dm dos nack te .W Bast titoad-va>, baai meii. wllirecelye tlie above rewtrd. AI 1\ REWARD-LOST, NEAR FIFTEENTH STMJSFT and Suth avenue, on Tneaday. a Lady's Fater.t Levr Watch, enamelled; Tobiae maker. Apiily to Jo*eph Kaiiobe. 23f sitth avenue, who baa full deecriptlon of thn oaeie. . ___ tin ??ward-lost, in thb yicinitt of car. ?plv mine, Blee<-ner or Hndsen streets, acme payers, being abetraete of'itieof no see''anyone bot tbe owner. Thelinderwill refirn Ihem to Wm. McKeag, No 7 Cham bematree'. and receivetfc? above rewera, er addreeaa note stet>a* where they can > e bad. iiioo '.it'-r.*.? m^ESEre tbe hO'irs of i at?d ? * M., corner Twenty elgh h street, ami Kir-h avrene. a Gold Watch and Cialn; maa?r. Jo-epb r*-' liin'cn, Livcrj v#i( Vaiued a? a yft. ^ tdrtee bv* 6,W ryUjih* ... UUTABV AID *4VAX.. A TTKNTION, Z< lUAVBH ? A FKW MOKM RRCRUlTi J% wanted, for four new cowpuuie* oow forming 'or ibe lC6ib mlmtiil, Metoil Duritra Itutmi. now doing pro duly our Maw Orleaaa. A raw good men wanted for noir?mmlimiiatd otlrrri The high ant bounties paid. In quire of Major FELIX AON 1)8, rem i ting off car, ?M Brouiway. AFKW RBCBIIITC CAR RKOKIWB $4M CABII IR HAND OVKR OTHER BOL'NTI A8. FOR CAVAL RV, ARTILLERY. 1NKANTRY OH Tllli HIONALOORPW AI'PLY At *? BROADWAY. IN TUB TKUNR UTORR, TO F. BOULDINO. RELlfcK FOR KAMI LI KM. A NO 1 C HA NOR TO DAT -FIVB MEN WANTBD for special service. permanently attached to agen"ral'a headquarter*; must be able to read and write, and intalll. gem, furnished witb horse. Ac., and full l>ouuli<a. Caah down. Apply at 243 Grand street, and avoid the draft. Any oood, sound man fan aernre $428 Bounty. Relief Ticket for hia family. Without any dedu tloq. At 84 nnd M Kulton street. ARTILLERY, aRTILLBRT. ARTIt.LBRY.-YOLUM term wanted for heavy Arftllery regiment*, doing garriHOO duly io the vn inity nf Baltimore ann Washington, fiountv $475. Airly to Cai tain JAME8 WELLS, 152 Centre street, corner 01 Waiker. Army orNavt kTRANQBftR andothkrs wish ins to enlHt in the arm/ or nary can get the highest txiuulua paid aud choice, of regtmenis. Oood camp and oficere. Apply at 98 Went street, eornrr of Cedar street, up stalra. Band? two per month will be paid to a good leader, and good, ettra pay ton few morn piecea for Ibe hand of the One Hundred anil Thirty ninth N V. Volunteer regiment. Apply a* mon a* Does I tile, hy letier or in person to Limit. WM II. MALE.One lluuoredaud Thirty ninth N. Y. V., Hart Island, N. Y. Harbor. (1AK1I. C AMI. CASH. J BOUNTY. BOUNTY, BOUNTY. *42.1, $425. $4ilii. Any branch ol the mi vice. Re He! Tickets for Families. At 84 and 86 Fulton street. COMB AND OFT THH BIO BOUNTY PAID IN THB navy, at H7 West Ktreet, corner of Albany Mrnet, up htaira AIho warned, men for abort nnd long whaling voyages aud men haul .hips. Apply only aa above. ML JAME3, AfnL HEADQUARTERS I COMPANY, TWhNTY-FlFTH SI1W York caralry.?t ome forward, t oys I want tour non co i.misaiuned ? iieerH and a teaiusler ite dtnent ouvanipeil at 8.iratrf!?. Bound for Teta*. All bounties paid. Apply early to Capbuo HENRY LOUIS, at Centre* ktreet, near Pearl street. ^BW YORK COUNTY VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE. Oni k New CCRNBH I 'HAMHKkH Smurinn BkOADWIT If nuance on Bnuuiway 10 000 VOLI NTRKRS WANTED. "} The f<!lowln; ar? the pecuoiary Inducements offered? COUNTY BOUNTY, can. d. vn.... $n<M CD STATE BOUNTY.. *7.1 00 UNITBD 8TATB8 BOUNTY, additional 11)11 HO 178 00 Total . $474 00 Application* to be made per?oiially at the otl re of Hie Committee Any person bringing a recruit for the army to this office will reccive a county premium of $1" 0. GODFREY UUNTHER, Mayor MATTHEW T BRUNNAN. Comptroller. ORISON BI.UNT Supervisor I- Lit'All ??. i'UliDY. Supervisor. WILLIAM n 8TBWAKT, Supervisor. WILLIAM M TWKBD, Supervisor. UKtittUB OPDYKE. Auxiliary Member. County Committee^ 0RI80N BLUNT. Chairman. New York. April 4, ISfit. SOLDIEItH DISCHARGED BY REASON OF WOUNDS received in hatLlp can oMain their $10*1 bounty l>y apply ing to ii*. Pension" prtre monev, hie* pay and all rovum. inent accouiUH coll*. nil uy CLaKKU A ELLIOTT, 031! Broadway and 34 Pine ktreet. TTN1TEU STATES NAVY U AND MARINE CORPS. NEW YORK COUNTY VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE, OVMCK. NEW BU1LDIN08. CORNER CHAMBERS KT.'tEtr AND BROADWAY. FIVE THOUSAND RECRUITS WANTED FOR THE NAVY AND MARINE COUPS. COUNTY BOUNTY OK $200 AND flOO, CASH DOWN FOR 8AILORS, AND $300 FOR MARINES AND PRIZE MONEY. ti e United States atithoritlus hiiviDG, in order to fill "P the Navv and Marine corps, authorised the ralslm; of re cruit* for that (.ranch of the service. aa<l guaranteed that recruits for the Navy and Marine Corps shall lie counted >n Ihe (|i!Oln of the place! v here they eleel to bo credited, the hauk ss )X they weio >fcr>iita for the army, the County Voflinuer Committee l ave resolved to pay recruit* fur the Navy ?ml Marine corps the IoUowIdk bounty, cath down, upon 'acincduly mustered into tho service ? When enlisting for one yenr In the navy $100 When enlisting for more timu one year in lite navy.... 2?l When enlisting for marine corps ;?*) ANY PKK?ON BRINOINO A RRCRl'lT FOR THR navy ok marine corps to rim office will ub CEIVP, A COt'NTY PREMIUM OP $l<i. FAY OK THE UN ITEI> STATES MARINE CORI'9. CHADS. First or Orderly Sergeant $2" f>0 per month. A.I other Sergeant*. ca-b 17 (JO do. Corporals 13 <10 do. Drummers and Klfers .12**) do. Privates in barracan at Navy Yard IS 00 do. Pr.vates at sea 14 80 do. Seamen aim ordinary seamen who will be shipped for two year*, will receive. In addition to the aiiove bounty of $*?0. tLiee months' p;iv In advance, anil three months'ex tra pay a*? government bounty. The ratcs-of waxes are as ful'owe Klrst clasn firemen $30 rer month. Second 2.1 do. Ooalpassers.... 1" do. Seamen lb da Ordlnoiy seamen 14 da LftnitsmeD. 12 <lo. bora 10 do Hoys win not be taken nniess they are 1A years of nge, stoui. in unod health, and not below 4 reet Incheelu height. Ia all cases the ouaaent of the patents or guardians mu>t be flist oblalnea The rruntT a...,.i]r sad the three months' advance par will he paid to all recruits. Irrespective ?r ?<???< ?ut half monthly par ran he left at home, by application to the paymasters ot the vessels to whiuh the recruits may bo as signen. All needful Information enn he obtained by applying at the Naval Tent in the Para, and persons can be enlisted arid Hworn in at either ol the following renrtetvous, which are the only ones authorized by the Navy Department in this cny. All recruits thus enlisted and reeelving the bounties afore said will be credited to the quota of toe city and oo.nty of New York CAPTAIN OSCAR Bl'LLl'R. V. S N. No.!?. Cherry sticet CAPTAJN EDWARD THOMSON, U. S. N , 34u W ater street L11UT. COM'Q J McLEOD MURPHY, U. S N., It tftate street. ACT1BO MASTER JOHN W. UOIN, U. 8 N., 15'' South street. CAPT A N BKRVOORT. U. B Marine Corns. No la Boner;, WM WALLACE. Lieut.. United States Msrlne* t o .sty Hnuntv ki oma C. GODFREY OrKTliER Mayor Matthew t hkknman. comptroller ORISON HU NT. Supervisor. WILLIAM M TWKKD, Supervisor. WILLIAM R STPWAHT. Supervisor. ELI IaU S PIRDY, Supervisor OEOROR OFDYRE Auxlllsry Member. County Volunteer Committee. _ ... ORISON bLUNT. t'n.ivrinan. Nfcw Ycss April * 1864. WAN1ED IBM EPIATELY?FIFTEEN CONTRACT pbysir an? for service id the Department of Washing ton. and six lor service iu the Department of the <*ulf. Can d.uates are re,.cited to make application to the Medical 1)1 rector 4SH Rroome west !tf? York by letter, with testl m -Bials st?ingaun,Ae Jf satisfactory they will be notified to api-ear before tnr Meilicai Examining Board In this city. YVANTKO IMMBUrXlELY-KOIR SEROBANTS. vv night corporals and two lieutenants to complete ? eorr pany now attached to one of tbe best regiment* in the Second arm/ oorps AjjJy at ihe reoruiUms office No. lid South st WlAK1ZD?A PEW OOOO MEN FOR THB TWENTY vv firth eavalrv, now encamped at 8srsto"a. Also Ave i ate I igent men for the United States oicnai eorpa. one hun dred men for Iniantrt and hca<y arUliery. All bounties paid. Aprl? at42? Hroadwar I 51 n RtOIMEVT HFAYY ARTILLERY?PORT8 OF Haltlmore Csntaln 1 'omba. 80 Llspenard street. Is ee tieci*ilf authorized by Coloae> Murray to recruit good men for this fiverlte regiment No fatiguing marches, no knapeaeks to earry: nigkeet cash btiontlee prompUy paid; rc'lef tolamlites. l>ewafe of (wrsons without authority; everv man enl sted by me snre to go to this regiment. Apply e?riir to B. COMB*, late Captain of Company B. 8th Heavy Artillery. ?1 AH BOUNTY FOB SOLDIER* DISCHARGED ON LUW account of wounds received In battle now collect ed ?y NBTTLRTON OILBBRT 4 CAMP. Ill Broadway, New Yets. Boidicrs may or send their address. 1 /f QTH BKMMERT, N. T. V -HBADQT ARTEKS ?? lit' Broome strset N. Y J30 hand money, above all botmtiee Jfon commissioned olfc rs wanted. Men sent to Auhuro, N. Y. Tbe position of second 'Icutenaat toafoad man. ?f fill CASH IN HAND, AND AJ.L OTHER OOY. ?P eminent bounties, for sir good men to fill a coun try ouota. of fMH> for the elty ApplvtoC M NOOWAB or P. F LAN.N AO AN 78 Bowery, nest door to tke New Bowery theatre. OMJWl CASH DOWN.?ALL OTHER BOUNTIES. ?T"" Choice of regiment Call at 107 Bieecker s'reet, in the h >tel. _ A. VE8BBX. {UW1 CASH DOWN PAID TO VOLUNTEERS AND <rlU'' all titer boon ties, relief to fatriiiies; chotee of service, army or navy. Call at 17 North Wl.iiam street, near Cnktham BOONTY-fW BOUNTY. Choice of Artillery, Cavatry or Infantry. Belief Ti<*ete foe Kamu ee. No deduction. At M sn t?6 Fulton street. -wanTed.-a man* in~tbb>tbam box man ifacturlng boslnees, as partner. Sell all sevea aten au make eopstantly emplaved, to cash custom ers Have saws, benches, belting, machinery, taols. Ac., and bor?e and srapon Very low rest Appiy on the premi ses 168 West Twenty "ivsnth street. ssnr -rOl'R HI NDRBD dollars down, all other huubtica He.i|e| (or families. Choice of arm) ar nary Call at 100 West strset. New World Haueo, >ppesu? Albany sieaalxiat landiag. AQrn ?MEV W??TRD. rOB 9IONAL CORPS: $tU en', and twvt.t/fs ir hours' furlo igb Al?o fhr the *rtnlerv sod fsva'ry, fcror men wanted to day. Apply ui ;. e, t I Ob r, VJ Broome street _ l'/tnn CAVAiRY HORSES ?ANrH>? Is"' 'V from loiirteeii an?l a half to sixteen hand* high, from fve to nine rears el'l. sittnd tn all particular^ full Oesbed i?d bridle ?ise, to ha dellvnrml at toe QOVkRNMRNT stable, in New York. satjsct to .ustml^jv, l^l-d for haj i hor^i on tb^ir br Hit Uftiltd fiSAtM of5??ttr t. GOOD ELL, at Bull e Head Hotel, corner of Twenty fourtk street aod Third avtnua. *??? York, April Id IW4 FKBNC'H AUVBBTIIIEnKNII. OM DEMANDS 'INF. SONNE FIlANCAtSB OH SulS'". qui nt* par c i<rta 4ng!.ila, pour alter a tin* eottrte dt?tarc? * Is es'?ir!t? ie pour sotitner ttn enfant <te deux sue; II faut -"avidr oou.ire par'aiienimit. S'aJregser an btirsan ite Messieurs Condor. 49 Wall street, jeudi, ou're dMtiumres et mi'ii ? ? ^ ROOM*. AO., WANTED. A shhls rJza is per month <|f Mr.jta??. ho, l.?uWoal2? ,W A 8VALL fAHIliT WIKHK* I'ART or A ici bbt A utuw Willi "?*?? Rnftll Ud Eight* avenue* and aW. Korty ?rond ?fr*? **_!***? ?l*M|X. *<Wew U L. W f 2222 G, New York. " ?>????? A HARTMESTS WAN TED-SUIT V BLR FOR HOt'rtR -T1 K^ptnc. b?r a "mall family, <'on?iitintto* a man w\tm and one chllii, rent not to uoaM ?li; tuoality rorly *coond and Flit* fourth atre.'ts, and w.-st of Smh avenue. Addis** W If. 8.. at ill ,u (i, terina AVKKY RESPOND I BLR PRIVATE FAMILY WANT t<> hire a modern llouae, with autblc preferred, I *???.?a between Leiingrtou ami Mlith at. n tie a, below Twenty third atreet. Leave particular* with Adam* A Co , 'JM Broadway pOTTAGE W ANTED?CONTAINING K!< j Ir r OR TEN " > rooms. with modern uuproveuientH, in Vorkvill* near tie Third avenuu or Harlem. la th<- ne igbbot hood of the steamboat landing nreferred. Would like to nam tor two or inoie \ears. with the j>rivHcgw of purchasing in the mean time. A.Ureas, ktatluf rent ai.J location, M J. C., II .raid illi.o F^URNISIIKI) HOIBE WANTED?IN A RB8PECTA I In neighborhood. ? well fnrnisneil IIoum, for a lamily of nix persons Tor in r.r twelve month*. Rent for the whole time or the l.ease will h.' paid In advan.e If required. Ad dreas Immediately 8., bo* J,<77 P at uflire, N. Y. Room wanted?ow or bi.fore THE 1st op* May, by a lady of the highest esM'ctahllitv. who will n tla.v; ;v second 01 third story Knoui. with f'loset or Bedroom ronac ting, without board: can furnlh her own rooti evcent carpet If de*.r-'l, must be In ft eood neighborhood. convenient to stage or rai'road line, h* iwecn 'l'wellth nnd Hixti tli aueeu and First and K I'hth irenne*. Rent paid monthly In adrance Addrest Manna, Ili-raid ifllre. giving full particulars of lo<\ition nnd terms. No ot'ue: will be noticed. Rooms: wanted-two or thrke unfurnished Room*, in a quiet and reRjie.-^able neighborhood, would prefer .1 private house near tnnetton >>f Broadway and Fourth slr-et, answers must xta'e amount of rent; best of .reference given and Bfrinired. Address Artist, 4?1 Br isdway, TWO TO FOUR ROOMB WANTED?IIETWEEN FOUR teenth and Tlilrt'etb street*. in Broadway, or between Broadway and Sixth .venue. Tor a milliner. Addreaa U.J. K , IS West Twenty-seventh at ret. TIrANTED? IiT A gentleman AND WIFE. THE V? lower part of a house wl.Ii all the mod.'rn Im iirovements. comple xly and nicely Kurnlaned. location belliw Twenty-liitu street, between .Sisth and Third avenue#', highest reference given and required. Addreas W. W., Herald oilioe, stating rent and location. WANTED-A HOUSE. BY THE IriT OK MAY, WITH all tlto modern linprovementa, by ?> family of four adult*; ri nt not to ?\oeo(l fptim Sim) to ft:: (Is li.ivition Nine tcenth to Koi ty alghth streets nnd Be oml t<> Sixth avenues. Address J. O. B.. station F, Third avenue. nTANTED?A ROOM OR RODM AND BEDROOM, V' plainly turuiaue.1, .s;iiuthle for hou.-.akecpinu, for a gentleman and his ^yife. ina'iulet larnnt; rrfercnco given; term*moderate Adilrcsn O. W . ll^ral.l olllca^, TVANTF.D-PAHT OF A HOUSE, FOR A LADY AND Tr daughter, IS years old; rent moderate; must be within ten nUnutsM v\alk of th? City Hall. Brooklyn. Address, wllh particulars. E. S.. Eng e ollice, Brooklyn. WANTED-AN tTNFrRNrSHICn ROOM. IN A QUIET house, not far from the Oily Assembly Rooms. Ad dress E. II., hoi 1*1,310 N. Y. Post ollice. WANTKD-IN NEW YORK Olt BROOKLYN, BY A ?mml family of adults, four or live rooms, reron-l and rart of third floor: If In Brooklyn, a abort disiance from the t niton .ferry. Address or oall at KIO Leroy street. WANTKD?BY A (JKNTLRMAN. WIFE AVI) HER. vant, lour unfurnished Rooms f..r h'luaekceping wltll modern Improvements. In a good location. Rent not to ei cccd $J:^? A l.lri ss L. K. E? Ueralil odlce. WANTED-A GOOD SIZED HOUSE TO RENT IN A oentral location In New York, or one ftinilahcd In the country, easv uf acccaa to the cltf , fioni May I t.> Octo. her I. Rent moderate. Addreas Immediately, stating par ti. ulars, G. M., station C. t., , , . , vvtanted-in a RESPECTABLE HEIGH BO RHOOD, vy and In a hmiae occupied bv .lie family and having modern Improvements, a Floor, couslaking of iiiree, four ur five rooirn. for a tamlly of adulta. Address E. IT. B., Herald ollice. _ WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, A FLOOR OF five rooms, unfurnished, in a central locution. Ad dress, KtalUig terms. Ac., A. L. W., Herald ollice. WANTED?PART OF A GOOD HOUSE. FOR A (JBN tiemnn, wife and daughter. 15 years old, Americans. Beat of referenoes nlven. M ust b" a co'id location and gen teel family. Location lietween Twelfth and Thirty fourth streets and Fourth and Ninth aveuues. Address for tw.? days F. G. 8., Herald oflloe WANT15D-ON THE 1ST OF MAY. BY A PRIVATE family without children, an tntiirn abed three or four story House (high vtoop preferred 1. In a lirst class location, not above Thirty fifth street: must hare aJI modern Improve ment* Rent not to exceed $1,990 |>er annum Addreas Im mediately, wHh Mill nartioulars. M. V . Herald office. TIT ANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND LADY (AMEKI vy nans), two nr three Room*, with water b?low Tbirt.y ilrst street. in a Kood locution, for housekeeping. referencea given; no objections to lersey ("Ity or Brooklyn If n. central location. Address box 1&8 Herald oOlce, stating term*, which niii*t be moderate. , , . \lrANTED?PART OK A HOUSE. Fl'KNISHKD. SUIT V Y able for housekeeping. tor a gentleman and wife. In a quiet family. Addr-ns S. V. H. L , box 1.8V0 1'ost oQice, N. Y . sta'ing torm*. location, Ac. WANTED?BY A BMALL AMERICAN FAMILY (NO children), five or six Rooms. wli!i ni'idern cnveniences, on second or third tloor, In a respectable neighborhood. lo oted between Fourth and Thirtieth stre' ts and Third and Eighth avennee. Address H W. M., 132 Lcxing'on avenue. WANTKD-A PART OP A HOUSE. FOR THREE adult*, in the neighborhood of the Fifth Avenue lio ti?), suitable for housekeeping. Reference! exchanged. Ad* ilreaa M. <1., Madiaou square Post oilke. j, (XT'ANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OF THREE vr adult*, a *tnall House In a go"d neighborhood on the west side of the cliy, not above Fiftieth or below Clarksoa street*; rent not to exceed $400, Call at or address 177 West Twenty kluh street. J WANTED?A ROOM AND BEDROOM, PLAINLY furnished. suitable for housekeeping. foreman and wife, In the Ninth ior Sixteenth ward. Terms moderate. Addrew, with particulars, D, station 0. WANTED-RY A FAMILY OF ADULTS, PART OF A House In Brooklyn or New.York: If to Brooklyn, mint be within a few minutes' walk of Fulton ferry Ad dress. stattnx what number ot rooma, and how situated and rent, or call on I'. D. BKUTINE, 76 Maiden lane, up staira. TTTTANTRD?ONE OR MORE ROOMS. ON FIRST OR Vr ii -onrf toor, for a genteel retail business. with or without dwelling for a small family, in the vicinity of Union Sqnsm. not above Twenty.third street. Address, stating particulars, A. A. B.. Madison square Post ollice. WANTED?SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR OF A Houue. tor a famllv of four?a man, wife and two daughters, be wen Second and Nin'li ave.nues and Fifteenth and Twenty eighth streets. Rent not to exceed $18 to $18 I er month. Undoubted reference given. Address J. T. B., Msdlson square Post ollice. TKT ANTRD IMMEDIATELY?tW THB YIC1VTTY OF iv Twenty third street and Fifth avenue, a Kootn, with out meals, by three gentlemen. Address M. ft U , Herald ?Ace. WANTKD TO HIRE?A SMALL COTTAGE NEAR New York, convenient to line of railroad, for one veai from May. In answer state full particulars as to location, rent. fte. Address E. O. D.. box 4.W7 Tost ofllce. WANTED TO HIRP.-A MOI.ERN HOUSE (HOOD vT sizedi. for a highly respectable and responsible prt> vale family; English baaetuiat preferred; 1'cation any i where from Lexington to Sixth avem.e and Tenth to For. II Uetli street Apply to ADAM8 A CO.. I'M Broadway. 1 ll/ANTKD to hirb-thk whole oe past of"a vY nice House, below Twentieth street, on the east side. Address Dr. Lawyer, 74 Rlvlogton street. WANTED TO RRNT-A THREB STORY AND ATTTC or four story Muse high stoop, actuated la a respect able locality, between Fourth and Nla'h avenues, from Twenty fifth to Fiftieth street* Address O.. Herald office. JltrANTKD TO RKNT-A HOUSE FIRNI8HBD OR IT partially famished. near Bruadwar. not higher up than Fortieth street or below Fourth street; rest not t? ex ceed $*?> per moath. Apply tor three days at IT Rtujrvee ant street. IPECIAL ItOTIcil. ATA SPECIAL MEETING OF UNIT?D COOPBr? No. t. held at 98 Fast Broadway. It was unanimously resolved that en and after Monday, April 28. we demand $S per day. JOHN SHEEaAN. President. Mu i.rrTwir sB, ) Nsw Ton*. April IS, 1864. ASTOR HOUSE.?DURING THE PRESENT BUSY season our friends are respeetfutry Invited to gtre no tice of their Intended visits, so that rooms auv >e ready for thetn on thetr arrival. STETSON A CO. Dry goods clbkkh' early oloeuio Associ ation.?The regular weekly meeting of this association will be held at llo^e Chapel. 720 Rroedway. thle (Wednes atl<m.?The regular weekly meeting of this association be held at Hope Chapel 720 Broadway, thle (Wednes day) evening, at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance Is re<iorst -1. By ordsr of O *. MORS, President. t. M. Oavair. Recording Secretary. ASS MEETING. ? IIIP JOINERS, ATTENTION. M A mass meeting ot the ship Jolnsrs of New York win b? held at No 187 Bowery, on Thnreday evening, April 21, at S oeioek, for the purpose of taking into oooaMeraden the )>r< pristy of demanding an Increase of wages. Let it be the doty of every ship joiner to be present. OFFICE OF TilK ATNA FIRE INSURANCE CO*, pany. New York. April It, I8t>4 ?At a meeting or the Hoard of Director* of this Company, held this day, the Kee retary. Mr. Livingston Satterlse. tendered his reslgna ion, on account of ming Into another business, whereepon It wae resolved that <hu resignation ol Mr. Ha>teri?e he accepted. Re-olred, That the Board expreM their high appreciation ef the ability and integrity of Mr. Llvlnasion Satterlee, evinced In hit course as Secretary of this company. Rev ived, That Mr. H. O. Beach beappofnted Secretary In place of Mr. Satterlee. Reso.ved, That Mr. Wm. H. Barbour he appointed A stilt ant Secretarv of this compsny. fhe above resolutions were carried untnlmouslv. JAOOB HROUWER. President THB PAl'ER STAIN"f- RS IN THB BSTABLISHM ENT of M"ssrs. Christy, Constant ft Co. tetnrn their acV -io v. 'adgment far an advan -e M tnelr wnifea. <?n behalf of tl e , (taloeraiu the above iirtn, FitBDRRicK STBUN. Aran JO. I?M. _ JOHN^r ^Fff/ ' rpUB ANBIYERStRT OF TUB NEW YORE LYING IN I. Asyinnt will take place at *5 Marl-n street, on fcednes day. April?, ail jm. , , ? , 7^, flTATOHMAKBRS' ASSOCI ATION-THFRE WrM, .1 .betmMtJog of the oatebmasers of New York and vicinity on Wednesday, AprlH ?). at 8 o'clock P. Jf. in the Liberty GardenjUM Bowery. Order f the day, election of a President, dlsmhut.on ortherr' p 1st, ic., fta , _ _ WARNRR, vloe President. L Pure, Secretary. J. JaAKJBMXT, Corresponding Secretary COAL. COAL.?DUMOND YEIN EGO COAL FN^E FROM elate or cliaker. a prima artio.e ior trai-te, ran^e* or steam purp'ises, screeued and delivered to any t^rt at tlw city at |<> lie- ton. TIIOS. 8fi)KFH. Corner of Thirty second street and T> std aren a. 4?Q ?'BR TON-RBD AVD n HITB ASH COaU sen -ned end lifilv^rsd. Stete sg? serf fnreaoa, f a 71- Ini . ? silt. |A *?P > ?? 14" * iv-H' psc?. .I'JT sHtli avoo ie; 9i uewert. etii'r fhi'd* ?**' ?? 1'tat, it;e?-, 4 rUKA^WhW.

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