Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1864 Page 6
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.f r> ME. ?? UU MTiTB. Ht?i Etuu AUunittnttuli S?? Win ilk Page. OKNTRaL PARK PROPERTY-BEST LOCATION OR <*>inii?Uidl?g a iwnrhi <?? at ite Park Md lbs HMmki , IIoum It W?l H.ji,nil street time and h?*eli.eiil thirteen roeu.i mart te mantels, slidtnf o.ora |iiiu furdrii kBil ini*r; -tit L'rt-fu. tlUs (oed an* la good m*ir L?t?iKVft f4.MW %ktMt MB mull, on bono II wanteA THOt St'ANLON. )C Wert S.metb streeI B SALE'-THE HANDSOME FOUB STOKY AND bAHKMfc.Nl SRUWIt STONE lllU'oK, CM p.srr Rt."> l pnuwn pivna in I L'rn, Dm Pony e.^ (th ul feel we?t . f Breau MJii rei.i.K with all the ri.odsrii nr.prt vert.. cu km: u S" M oroer nj? #fhouse 14 by f fMI 10J 1WI WJIdJJP. I paved with Belgian |?vrn;rct j rlee ontv $ v??? u iu remain ou m< iiia^e-oi Ave years. l*' taut For further part .1 ulars apply u> DANIEL A. MATHEWS, fo NA&fAl' FTRLBT FOE 8ALB-ON Ml'RBAY HILL. BOl'B FIRST CLASS high ?U? i brown alone Houses. IK S'S- ? lotsllHo, re eu with a. n.odert mprottnnii, id perfect order po* ?ton on or i etorr Ma> I prk* (JC 0 <' each. femkU of A ,?orRM AY No )? Pine street E r >U>K 8ALE->EPAr.ATELY OS TO(.ETHER, THE I 11>thf?f itrrv Hriffc Boiicmp' Nop 571 ifld i?76 Mm ivmi if Arj,:' u> W M Si'AKKN. t7!~ Third aveune R SALB AT A BARGAIN -THE HANPKOBE TWO aad a half *lorr hrirk Ho.i*e,* ?lr?ei is of. ? the lew price Of #4.#00 All the inmfcrn m.prcvf neniu Apply hilbAdry goods sure, ill Chambers street. F"~OK FaLB OR TO LET-A DWELLING HOUSE. ta n Ac . wiih fite acres of Land. p.entv of liuit. pieaa (atIt ?'!? at?M. Broadway Asiorl.., L I. w.tniu a ahort dm ?a*" ol Hurl Gala ferrv. Communication wun N'? w rerk i>i All during the nay, either bysnambeat or <ajiroad. Bor particulars iHi cf fXJUH, SON ? CO. no iffi! Broadway. For salb or to lf.t-a finb residence, l ne grounds and f>l? m ol fru.t, at;. Long is land. three quarter* of a uuie from depot; price. ; peal, Inquire of STlil HfcN A. PiEKLli a CO., 17 kiaM> street. p. )R SALE OR TO LBT-TKE PREMI6EP Hi CHERRY hueei, near new I'lkinuit ?iree(. a:h1 ? ih 11 nne 'no k ti. :r ierriea. Applj 10 WM. ALFRED NELSON, C8 poutti strett. nnn -PLACE wakted, within twelve JHJ.VUlf. milrs if the Clsy !Tall The h?st rlA"''ihAl ?an boii^l t for the rrioucy. of not vxm -.inn fivr acrt-n. wilb Address, hi..nog j.aillorlura aud Mb price, box 210 Herald ???<.*. 199 CAf) -l'? B PALK A VALPABLK KOl'R v'U. story tunc liwit Fl ? on Murray Hill, aear Path aTer.i.e T.1 feel from: $14 1100 may remain 'or ??r rear* at *u per cent lni^r^"'.. imwoii '?.f May; ?rRI rent for $2.wm Af t'.y to P. 0. ANTHONY, iv? 2 Pn.e Wreet. frmu 11 to 3 o'cloi k. MISC F.LUVKIX ?. ANY PERSON WISHTNO TO MARRY OR SPCVRE thi r.tteciion* of the oppoaite se* nho'.id buy the r?rk Mb perfumed l i re Mc K?er. dolieiout perfuree. Inralit*^ e foemelrc. I'nre $1. Send nanr.p for circular, Muukint ? ytBRA boi S.A2J New York Post office. A SURE CUBE FOR HABITUAL DRl'NKENNESS ? zY Dr K.n^ b Salvation Pi wderA >.iven without ire kocwiedpe of the patlert. Price $1 a lx>t, at 8t Lake * Fharii.acy. 4(v? Hudson street, corcci of UroTe. N. V. pASn I'Ain FOR RAi;S AND OLD METAL?WHITB Kara. ll>c.. Go orsaD.l Wooiietis. Jt pej It). ; Hooks and Hewepajn- k, 7i. pei lb., old Brafii. -Ic., Copper and P' ? i?r, He pel t , old Lead, & , at No. 15 New Bowery, corterof Reofcu'ell street. * CONTRArTORS HAYING A MACHINE FOR BREAK. iav ktw&e for uiEcadamii'lnc to et, for sa.e or wo--id SOClrart to breiik atone n?ar the ctlv ran apply to AAKON A. DEOKAl'W, 242 Bc ih street, ii'-w Yorn. DEALI Ii? HAVING SMALL LOTS OF FANCY flood*, such as Prrf-.rr.rr? Soaps T?:et Powders, ,v<~, Ac., wtiwh tbejr will keillow lnf addiora room Internal otal Hole), New York. PI KINO. COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR ALL ? the St* eg and Territories. N<\ M H road "ay (Mural kulldmt' . ro<m 17. Passports obta't.ed lroni Washirictcn In tours. Sp4nt>t legal e.ocut:i?ntg prepared correctly. gBOROE TA8S\Tn. MANUFACTURER AKD DEALER in OH'-ers' ?worfi Be'.tv Arrry and Navy Officer*' is 'f every desenpticti oottsianUv ou Land, who'.esalt aiid retail, at o? pricea, at 46 Bet kn an strevt. New Yo- * IMMENSE PRICES PAID FOR OLD BOOKff.-MH* old wcKsou American History on bard. 1C,'?HO Stam'.ard Work*, rcsgnil) ent binding*, at half pri-e. lO.OllO Photo rrapbtr A'b ims. Almost given anav 10fi (KH old and new Books at hulf retail prioe. LBGi3aT BROTHERS. H9Nam?u street, near I BATHER BELT WANTBD.-Ml'fcT BE IS GOOD J eonr,)iio? ai d about 70 feet.lore and iJ Inebes wide. Addrras or apply to D ELSTON. 36f Cherry strce:. I AW BUSWE88.-I PROSEC TE OR DEFEND J good (*?*?> in aii.v of the c rrt*. and have no 'ee if 1 do Ml IAJO tt.e i ase Adv ce always (? ee M. HOWBS. Attorney and Counec .or at La<v, 7t Nassau street. Marble mantels -a fine selection of mar ble Mantels on liai d. and offered cheaper than any where e at 8. KLAhSK S Mari e Yard, M First aver ?ear Tbuu street, Utw Yoik. Call aud examine for your M Marble mantels.-the best tlace in the my I atiea) and well Cn.sheJ Manteis is at A. Kl.AliEKS Mfcnt?l Manufactory, East Eighteenth Rreet near Third aven le. New Yura Cut this out. ARB1<E MANTELS. ?LaTE MANTELS A choice (erection, sijd at m..uti lower price* than any Hber p'.are. T. B. STEWART, 412 Broadway. N. Y BBANHOOD AWL? THE VJC.OR OPIOUTH RESTORED fll in four weens ty [tr RICORD'S Fsset.ce of Life. Vfcie wonderful agent wil restore mabood U tks most that lered consittulioDs. wtie.her ariMni; from excesses, self abuse ibe eflects of tliniat* r nat iral ca ise*. The tn.e rseulred to curs the most inveterate "ase is four weeks. Failure M impossible. Pr Btcord s Es"noe of Life is sr? d In casts w ib instructions for use. for $A, or four ()uanlities Is or.e for $'.) Sett carefully pacsed. on receipt ef remit lAnoe bv t.s accredited acent. Circular sent free on receipt efonr'stampa. PHILIP ROLaND. No. 4<7 Broome street, w York, one door west nf .'-roaJwav. MRI? M 0 BROWNS 'METAPHYSICAL PJSCOVE ry for deafness, catarrh. neura:g.s. rheumatism <J:r Msed eves and all diseases of head, throat, Ac . Ac., .'an be Sbta oen at her principal office. 2A Bond street is ter Mar 1, It 16 Pond strati. New Tork. md 410 Arch street Philadel Cia- also of druMists generally. Price $ft, No medicine ?red down the throat. No boring with inurnment*. OSCANYAN'S ORIENTAL ALBUM Ibe gin o! a copv of this Alb..m to Eewspapers sdrer. Using t is Mtbdrawn for the present, in cocsequence of the rreal istnanu to tnis .nique and popular collection of pho ? loerapbs C s:s ( lit t\ Sent free ty nssll ou re. elpt of prhc N. B ?To prevent counterfeiting ?? h package :? a? vmtar.ied ry tbe proprw-tor sown autograph n four differ est Aug'^awts. vu ?1 arkish Armenian. Creek and English. C. OSCANTAN 37 Lafayette p ace. New Yor* SAFE WANTED-IN GOOD ORDER PERSONS HAV inganv to dispose o! luay at .ress Beardsiey A Holtoik. ft Pn.ton street COMBTHING NEW IN PLAYING CARDS. LOVE" SCENES. LOVK WENRS. LOVE SCENES. LOVE SCEKES. DF,ST(U<S FROM french ARTISTS. Tfce m?>f new < ard ti?? Bftviwo beautiful picture*. of ?teCfci . detujn. ud iV ey var. j?lro be -.ted the nmf a* or+i Mn pla?rtnr card* '.b''* mmbinlnit r eaaure *?j1h air.uae Lv ?? M> cemt ?i,c 1*0 red auc rood for i'f iimtk. tip*i <h>ten. Libera! Cisroi.ijt to dealer*, r. C caswell, ?>'Nataau room Su ) up r.tirv Jl'RVBV i r> INSTRUMENTS-WAMTBD. i HE LEGS of a H'lrrojor't luttriaien*: F.Lgl'nh preferred; 1.00b tion to "iber* Alto ar Hop *h theodolite or other rir. ?:n? r,?lr? menle App y at ibe v.b >rapfcir etut.ikb *>eLt of Kj-d Majer A Co 96 PuitcB Mrcet. rJ'l BLifHERS OF NEWSPAPtRS Tfca pnipnetor hkvlaf not joined the 'akrnritill c to rmwe tbe > * e of pr)<??? loan er.orrno ? deirrt e, (till pro ???* to ejr ie priEilnc plain and iV.-.tiraieU. at a mode W rate WM M KA1EH : I Kf r ,ee nrrei. TO SHIRT MaKBRS-STBVF.NS sf:rt bosom folder, by which ISO dorei, rer dar '-an le folded. Id jJk.u of a.. tavt. Tom one ?i(fMb f it inch upward* Sold 1; ifce Patecler only. at Ift E.fht armue. Trrt ketai Ml> old LEAD wantfd-cash ?will t? p?iaforafew hundred wifbt ofTypeMettl ?Mlwlrf bate Apply M ike dealt of tbia olliue. WAJITEIWIOn PA'KS OOLD LEAF; MIST BB 3*< incl.ea ?,i.?re. and of food >)ja ty Apo.y to Oeorge ?teCect.r, 1 Wa ter ??.,mi. 71 CPNT? T-F.R POI ND PAID FOB OLD BOOKS, 4 N? ??p?peta, I'aiBpUeta, Ac. VANAnAV A MILLAR. Wbt ?ta? Paper Warehouse. 10 bpr.ce (tree:, Hew York. Ci.i 1 -MAWOLE* AT TUB OLD STAND BSTaB yv"i llltfdlt l*JI J.O WEST. late Duncan A Wen ? auilea |>ropell?d by ei?e- or V band: |t r?> ?if> |?t. B*-, JW. ?"0 |l?l Qaahplng PI iinbtnj. Lockiimh n? *im] ?f v,r ar.giat D'.artwin'. te tpem No*. ? and 10 Lib ?ri) | U e i.aar the New Yerk Puat office. CA fWlfl PODNDc OP OLD NEWSPAPERS BOOKS. 0"?"" ' Pamphlet* and all kind* of paper mater* ?to k wAtuum per wtit, for which I [sy, &?h tnc kir e?t nor 1c thi ,ty One t*:' l? ooltt ted at THOMAS t" HEM HI I U |Ape/ utack warehouae. ?t< Atit etreei. Fi DENTISTRY. 4 BBW Af>D bE rtCR W At OF IN?fcRTrSO TAR A tia ten of teetu a a?w ?iy.? of tan ac a ><rr A rap at XSUH.t th are cue. Pine aeu ef leett. al?? 'beap rei? of teeth woh [1unap<^i ermrk br ld out the fbeaar aaa re?M>re at pearai <e. Na iJV fc 11* arro ie. Mt?eeo F.f.*n.iL S.xttCLth kkreeta. F i.e (otd fiu.Bf* at lit s? itb arenue. tt? 'heareit p;&ce la Be? v ork. *<? ad arce r*tjiii?d at 23S Sirlh arer <je ?(Ire bonre iron. 7 In the mcmog till {? at c'sbt lliirou* oitde ?*> |<ren apd tertk riiratted without pan Heiliral atteocaot al?a?r |?M ? t A'ET f f TEETH XAl)>. IN THRBS BOl*BB-<?l< urr aa'ofacvien or D' (*y?at I3V >'ii^ uto per ?c?? applyu 1 Nert ir. the forenoon Can 1 a* ? of teeth ?? atirei ar ? id mtiie rorrf .ete and > e ? rhe afik' ao'0 of 'le ean r o?y No ad<ae ? > 'et ired For a am a eoi un ?? ? p m aeta rr an ?t er a>nd nf Hie worn (?r?01i? can bare 'He tr *',? r or If trteea u 11* a'ter >. 11a ii'i f 11 ? ?i e t>iwen Sftatijtb aiid 8^i terhlL iireo ve< elbr- a'ter tenrtii Apit (>F tevth Made rv pieax SfVEtfiiJia n in 'y new) for 11" ?Ai! t > ?r ? r *.< ?f Art:l U,1 Ireu 'at, now be aoc n "d. :ec ?ortr. ? Teeth ei. Wariert with'111 pain by m> tew eLaiLi.a ?j rtledcuiuro fwrto wairanted harniietF 11R WAJI 9? Fo nh arer ue op| me K ev. mt Mr'iet. \T P (IMFFIB A *'!? * yf OHAND MTkHKT VPW EH, Y"rt. au<l JA7 I niton rtrret. Hrt I a eil**? 1 mf lfflh It.j altbout lk I. by tbe u? nf r n . |,n? aaa No chaitf' 'ht ettrattitg wbes art hr ?i i?i? ??, to he TfceerteiJ. Tl *J are k.aO !r.?er 1 np fnil *r ? al leetb r |% p.atira f?'. ?U?rr ( i>, r. lfer ??? parua, eM> c? gad. %'i ailrer $' Bit'a'i.n, it remt 1 4'4 - , r.RWTI FIC/TkS ?HAV'N* I.aH I" irtli ellrar 'i. W.ttl .1 r I' P' .'A * SLl PS1 'V Orand ttreei. t?o bl' ?e 'rotr p-<adw ? | rherr I? ? p? tl ihl? [* rr met. la'lot in u, ?. n,1tert#| fniii K'l tat .'i *??" F Dai t. M'? Ht Mark I1? ?, B 1>4MC1BI?I AlAltptllK*. Hf hfe? p 0 tiki r*?l A^iiTrEtfr Pr?0"VP. r AM the laah oi l.le dan ** ooe oourae ?' .e ?t r.i HOIItBK K*BRY WKDNEMDAY B ENIMi remiub. . ... i ? itarnl ITOU rOB IUM II* TBI LOVIl A pSi el th* ctly of Bow Tork, doing [ntt|i t^rfoctory roa?oas gi?on for temBg. For fvl? ular* inqmr* al 87 Firtfn treat. BfCTklyn. T kls| CB4li(X-n? 8 A US OR TO LIT? A Taoruu?hly furnished. a Dining. Oynle? ??,'*klo? BaJoo?i. wlllfce Mid Or let M '? ?? Call MM aiui ?ee Bpwftrtftn. US 1 i MILLINERY iND MiCI GOOD8 8T0RB FOR I A ?aie with Btook, Ftxturon and Good Will, dwing ft Id* ti.rlr.tka Ion* eslabliahod, ftftd in one of tbe best locations | c? Sixth urtM. iUraa MUltnery, Herald ofboe. T~RAR? CHAIIC*-rO* Pi LB, A BCTCHEB8 J\. tfhor, with seven yeare' lease, IT milea from New Tor*. Slaughter bo.iee. boroee. wa*ons. and everything ual mien* to carry ou the buamaas Apply to L B 08SOR, 103 | Barclay street. A GOOD CHANCB FOB BUSINESS -TUB ADVKR itaai wishes to dispose of bla lumber ?uslness. with moulding and planum mill connected, on Setond aveuue, between Fifty third and Fifty fourth street* The business la well established aad profitable. and la offered solely on account of til bea.tU Very easy terma will be gVren a good man. Apply la TUBOOORB TAYLOR on the premises A HANDSOME, WELL FITTED CP DRUG STORB fur aale. in a good business place and now doing a go<*l buslne?s. and w'.ll be Mid cheap, aa the owner la going to leave it: Otis is a rare ehanee; it !? ten yenrs estab'iAed; terms easy; pri"e ony $1,0UU. Apply lo JOHN FETTRBTCH. 41t< Third a?enue. A GOOD, LEGITIMATE CASH BUSINESS FOR SaLB lo successful operation, and paying a net profit of tin ! a dav Am r.til of capital requited $4,00 ?. Apply to F I). RICHARDSON * OO. 82 and 84 Nassau street. ANKAT TEA. COFFEE AND FINK GROCERY STORB for sale. on a leading avenue; old aland Location and btiainese good and all caaii. Capital KeoUind $l,e0a Apply u> F O. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 64 Nasaa.. bireeL A FINE JEWELRY SAFE, TWO SHOWCA8F.S AND Looking Giaases t< r aale. at jewelry store 400 Grand st. A REAL ESTATB RUS1NE88 AGENCY, DOWN TOWN, . will tw sold at a bargain, it baa a urge aiuuum of valua ble pr> petty Inr hale ?uu to >el. Apply ;o Mr. FlfcKE, 114 Nassau street, up stairs. A PLUMPING AND OAK FITTING SHOP FOR aale?with two Wknonn two acts of Harness, one Hay Cutter ami a handsome Canadian gray Pony; rent rrryjow, the work of an agent and considerable diatom jobomg, a good chance for a young man nnteitug into bunnem with small carnal; will be gold separately or together, selling on uc. cerict of sickness Apply at Seventy-fourth street,, second house weat of Second avenue. A handsome iieb mirror, cornices and Bna<' tor aale. all iu perfect order. Can be ?een at any time Inquire at 18? B.eeoker street, corner ol MaodougaL A RF.STAPRANT AND BAR FOR SALE-LO' ATED J\ on F^roiidwav. Ttiif i??Tjr? rhancf at it will be s.>1<1 at a nartawi. alao a Bakery fur aale a a low price, in a?<>od biikio' iw location; nl?o Lin-.or St re*, M?-al Mailieia, ijro cerxa; a.a< a Couotry liaaery for Rale on Lone Ularnl W. H. M1TC11BLL, 77 Cedar ?treet. BOOKSTORB FOR SALE TO A CASH CUSTOMER.? TUc b'ti? a. Fixtures and Good Will of a lmok. inns e and itutionerv ?tore. aituaied on the WPat aide of New York iitv, and now dring a cood buameaa. Has beeu established over twenty year*, ana b?s an unexpired lea^fi of threo years from Hav 1, ISM. Hrr.t moderaie. Sati*faclory reasons for fell ins. Price (4,Utm. Addreu B. A., box New York Post offce. Clf.AL YARD FOR SALE.?A FINELY LOCATED J Yard with all it* fixtures, torte and e.irt arales. anil everyiMiig at'srhed to a first clau yard, di.lnp a tine bm i i.r-K llie pioprlcmr l.aa other b^aineaK. Ai:0r?>s L J., rial ion E, Eighth Avence. Cor: HR TOKENS FOR 8ALB?BY THE 1 (W; ALSO Su'ler's Checks, nnil co'lei'iions of Tokei.sand United Staii'H ppi.niea. A OUDEN, No. 1 I'arK plar?) first dour fioiu Kroauway. N Y. /11TY EXritBSS VOR SALE?WITH TWO TIORSKS * ' and H'acnna; now doinp a good business Saisfa, i "-y reu- i.s ^ivcn for aelliu^. Inj ure at tbc ollice. No. 3 Ax'.or place T~\KCU MOKE-FOB SALE. A PROFITABLE OLD J t i*iaVll?h?d DniR Store in this city: pri"e rsrt j of wbitb an remain on ticml and innrtoa^c if de? red. At' urras, w.ih real n.une (uo oihers will be not'eed), Dr'ig?>t, box ItH.' Herald olCce. DRt'C. STORE FOR SAI B FOR J1 T.V?BLACK WAL ntn Fmnres and Coilii'.nr, two Show CaBM, bMnitlful ?. ass Ware and Labels, all near y new with all the ijoaCn, ? i oe so'd i y the wb< ie or kejarately. A; ply at 91 VVe.?i Houston street. DRIO STORE, IN A TTTICKLY POPULATED neiibhorhooii. doioc a good Business and a vond crac tlce ansi lii-d. wi!' bp fo!o chrap. as the owner (a physician) is ii .delicate l.?a Ui and coiog tu the cour.iry Call for on? wee- .i; Tenth avsnue. EN?:NK FOR 8ALE-A horizontal STEAM EN. Kir." h it litt'e use l. jti nch cylinder and 4 stroke, with tour F^ne Boilers.,10 fee? tone". JOHN JjTl'AftT .V5 Broauway. oeiween Dey and Fulton streets. I7NGLI&H UOOP IRON-ALL SIZES. FROM , TO 2 U inches w;,;e. in ?>ood order; also a small lot damaged. For sale u.v SLIITKR X CO . J3I Pearl street. TJIOR SALE-the STOCK AND FTXTt'RES OF A ' we.l esiablished Liqe.or and Fruit Store, with Sample Room attached, ucinr a good business. Apply on the (ire rrites. .is Fulton 'treet, or to ALEX EAOLE. 70 Fuitoo street. Brooklyn, wheie leasons for selling will be siren. JOHN C. WELCH. F?*?rt aSTr ^ec!,TyEBa^kSoFfEjV L0?0( The counter, and s.fe ari tim Vli."^ ^uSTa?,1' ^Whar^^,u5'.7"je- ln<1u"e J IjlOR SALP-A FOUR HORSE STEAM ENGINE and ' Boiier in oiipleie working order; also a Hoisting Ma chin", l be sold the 1st of May on account of re nioval. Apply at lib Mott street, in tbe machine sbop. i MR SALE-A SHADE AND CHOP HOC8E, IN A r first rale IO' anon. esuiMishe.l in IHilO, witn six ) ears' I les?e to run low rent, witt; pictures, glass ware cooking I utensils and rallies, in eomp.ete working order to he so.ii in conxequeB'* of the proprlelor Laving a bruise n Broad War win. h requires h s enure attention. Apply to T. I Mcl/"l'GIiLIN. 2-.J Broadway. I FOR SALE-A FINE OROCEBY AND LIQUOR STORB. / ju 1L-First ward. Stote <re:l stor-ked, ami a lease of oeer four rears; rer>* moderate and paid uptolstof Jiiue. Must be wild, cn a count of the owner about to .eave the ' o mtry. Jn<ti.ire at IM WtshiLgtoa. corner of Liberty street. FOR SALE-NEW AND SECOND HAND machine ry of aJl kinda, at '^4i'. East Houstou street, by C11AS. JORDAN For salb-toracco cctttng machine, ro gers' intent. Can be usee, by band or steam power. App.y at ^t7 and 2<i6 Water street IT10R SALE-A THA AND GROCERT STORE. CP r town. estab.ished for tbe last lite years; a rare < bance for any person wlkhing'o to in iha'business. For further part culars apply to THOS. R. ACKLAND, 2IG Greenwich street FOR S'.LE-TWO NEW COOTERS, WITH DRAW ers, a.s a Case of Drawers ana a J;?,n of Btns Apply at 24^ Canal street. ti>OR SALE-A FINE LOT OF RP.ADY MADE WAL r nut ard insho^anT Oeaks Counters Tables Once Ra licgs. Saali Doois, samp'e Counters, 74 Diaweis. ami Screens Orders for Store Fixtures taken and i.nisl.ed in tune. Apply to JAMES HODGE, V> Jane street. ii>CR RAI.B-A HR?T CLASS RESTAUR A NT AND 1 Saloon, down u n. n?ar Brea 'way snd the Post oiler, now do ng a good business Tbe piesei.' owner selling the same on account of going into other business and cannot attend to tbe same. Inquire of J E HEATH 12 , Cham bers street, from 1 to 1 o eh rk. b^OR 8AI B-THB LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTCREB. with Horse Wsgen and Harness, of a Oro ery Store MaitgiMwttna in Mdm MMMMttftMAtt, m a very desirable bus ix ?s !? cslity For further partie . ars a|plr on tfce prttr.lses, 1?14 P.rataienue, cerner Ih.rieenth ?troet. F For SALE-THB FIXTURES 07 A BUTCHER SHOP' con^iting of Co-inier Rnfl?, Heoeb?e, Kloflfe, Corn Baef Tray, lew HtnK <"hopi*r?, ??**?. Lard Kettle. Pivea, Ac.; a!*" Home. ijro'er e Wi|uu ard Harn??? Will be Hold 10 (f?:b> ri r in Iota to unit. Inquire at 42.' Hudson ?tre?t on WecuMdaf or Thuraday. 20th aud ilet, or of A. U. FOB KaN, No 2 Bavoib averi'ie. F-?OR SALE-TWO PIER GLASSES. 1?0*42; ONB DO., )2U?44; two inkle gbow Uuei lo feet long.. 2i? brrmd, 12 irebe* AUv ail artieiee id the Confectiouerj buai Lft> Apply at I* Union eqiare, between 0 end 6 PM. FOK PaLB-ONE OP TUB BUT RBOAB STANDS in .New Yort, tunaieil under a firtt clua hotel on Bn.atl Wfcj, ueiBg ft large 'rede present owner goiBii abroad A b"Sir.t?? mar. with mi ) capt'.el. can make a fuitune. Ap ply by letter only to O H., Litis Broudway. OR 8ALE-BNGINB LATHE ? PBBT SHEARS S6 _ ID bee awing: one 6 feet Kheera, 12 inrhea ewin; one ZCiochea awing. 14 feel fcbfar*. Planer A feet by 241tehee euuerr. Planer 38 mebet equare by 10 feet b? d, large rail roeu Drill, .4 Incbee u> centre; Vice*. Anrl.a Ac Aiao. P. r;?bl? Steam Keg ne? of fcl? aire* HO AO k HAMPSON H Maiden lane. If. T. tjtos l> A i J- A PINE fiKT OF ( *L TBSTS AND 1 M?ft(enie. together witb Chemical Furnace Scalei. Ac., suitable ;irk? hool er as amateur rfcen.iu. Addreae A. B. ( i.adwn *. M. D., JVQ Court at., Brioklyn. SF)K KALE?A CBCOKD HAND TlilHTY OALLON Karmei a Bciier. witb f'lraave attached, in go-M Condi Apply 10 BObOSON BBO.'S, 41! Water MM. t,10B 8ALE-AN ALB BREWERY. WITH ALL ITS X biti.iee, n w r innni and in Doe order a rood '?hancn for a man to ?l?i Into 0'i?ineM> er<! n.*** rrunet op"n the ?t%ri Inc,u.reof hTEI'HKN A. J'lERCE A CO.. 17 Nk?*au aweet. FOR SALE-AT PRIVATE f lr a second hand large <?al Mirror, Hrtly orrnn?B!?i frt i e oruinal eoet |M. snee $1 a Apply to coom Auction per. 141 Broadway. For bai.e-a pivk hor?p port\blb engine and Holer. on' yeer old. 'agin* 4x12: lo oitoti?? t ii?r Cat be ??*n running to-<!aT at v (iiro . I A Co Y IU L< >?ie aireai. ir apply to KAVitON, DKhi&bO> A CO., .?'ii Br^.art way. For salk-a corn* warp.roo* and cnder tak r.f litejneaa. with 'i? appurtenance* bunueu eotabi li*4.i eltueted in Urft'fu Wine tr,o?!*;ai> BatltfH -ory ^misi ter eelling win begKCL. Addrotj. | K . Merale ODiae. LVi* --AI.K-CHBAP. A LI OUT DRAI (JHT ?CH0f'N JT er carnea eighty tooa. reuuiit In !?*; acMieltmner vettei < ariiee ail cu dtva. lr ,uu? el ^OIJN ctRTIN, We*; etrft. fVjR SaLE-A LfiT OP PENCjt, i"A?R WAKEN P Tc( ' aluo :td ?rge 1 nt? ?? atfl ?tir?*er email ouea en po't P?'?-?e. Heeeh*?. Ranfre *Bd Maftiig, P'tllfre, Ai< i ? Orli.iig Bion#e Ar iBqalre at 47 OreeBeaireet L'OK SALE-TWO DITCHER HTALL8 IN CBNTRB I Market witb a food r m of eun.iB-ri. Natihln 'ory i'aw ?* '. r aeiiiBgcM be gives. '<*?-? avenue D. tlu'R RALS?THI LBA8S. nOOl AND FiXTUBBK t>P ' -r..-L:<ivior ?tore 117 M Jberry aifWt a welli?U?d 1 euto ' . Will be wid at a *a<r ? <m a? the owner ?MtOI at trr.rt 'o It No a<,rot nr?n an r _____ L*' R HALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED riR<5T CLABS i r setup at,4 CanAie F*ei ry, favniiar to io nt a'l lim iK/yan* in the city, boil, in the wLbletale as well aa ; u.tpe ratal) trade, 1b? ifat.u ri i* mieurp mfj. Aditreae I 0 * <" >pot Herald fltre witi reel natre ana r?aldencet I1 kr,dii>i lair tne i?d will >t*ill begi?cn. Noa^o'i t>ee# ii rp> ?, I'll A I.I A MlAT * APE OP DbNTAL 1NSTRT7. I ii ? i tr Lotl" '?! >i itnntt. At all of go <1 quality I ?t m itr,? m ? Am 'V* rnRiii?re anl Ciirjiet of a neat I JU' hi '?,i 9n i*i,iw?aj? a44^wM A/eHBlt. ttoUvb A _ von mjkjum. For Riii^TKi ?ood will ahd niTouu or aflntelaae Bakery IB ??"?4 neighborhood. For fur ?Mr sarueulftre apply om Um praam* $4 Eitfri* MM A IT?I. rS * ALB-TWO LABOR OOFFBR BOILBRS; OUR 3f inches long and SS Inches )? diameter: ibe other 48 long and 40 in diameter. nearly mi, Can be seen al 281 Spring Uwet. Id the low paste ratify. _____ POR BALE?A WILL B8TABLI8HRD FAMILY BKW P tng Business on WlMl?r A WUaon>s maehinea. hi full operation, with some Stock and Fixtures, in a goad lo cality In Brooklyn; ium be aoid I ranted lately on aooBBBl of the proprietor going abroad. Apply at 263 Court street, Brooklyn. For sale-iooo fairs men's brcobd hand Lasts. Shoe Trees and Hoot Trees. ArpW to 11 ALL, SOUTH WICK ACQ., U Fart row. FOR 8 alb?a fjnb LOT or bbbf tea PUT IB tin ran* expreaely for koepltal amy and i-avy nee Warranted A 1. Apply at 71 Barclay street FOR 8ALB?-ONB GLASS PARTITION AND ORB Counter, all la good condition. Apply at 69 Liberty atreet, op flairs. For salr-thb splendid enolish iclydb built) Iron aide wheel attainable Diamond, 460 tons register; baa two oscillating engines, 40 Inches by 44 inchee, la considered to be the fastest tea going ateainer in America, and ia In perfect order and ready for so*. Apply to W M U HAZARD, Jh , 34 Burling Slip. ' ___ T7?OR PALE?A SMALL. LIGHT DRAFT. SIDEWHKKL I steamboat suitable for a abort pnaaenger route. Apply to WaLK.-> A CROCKER. 87 Wall atreet. _ FOR 8ALE-A HAND80ME IMITATION BI.ACB walnul marble top Counter, fifteen feet loot: and three leet wide. Apply at Franklin Codec House, 88 Maiden lane triOR SALE?Til REB BOWLING ALLBYS. BALLS 1 and Pma, suitable for Uie country; will be sold cheai Apply at the Gotham, 2ii8 Boweiy JOHN BOLIN FOB SALE?TO MANUFACTURERS OF FLATED ware and others, all the To< Is. Machinery. Dies at,t) . Fixtures, with good will of a well established busmen*"' eight years' stand in?, with a good and reliable custom. Koi Particulars inquire of J. TOKSLKFF, 334 Washington street, o<i ton U?OR BALE-A RARE CHANCE.?A FINE BILL1AR0 1/ Room will be sold very cheap, in consequence of If*' ingtheiuy. Call at 692 Broadway, up stairs, between 9 and 12 o'clock A. M. ? _ FOR 8ALE-S00 ROSES OF 8BARON. 600 RUNNING R,?es. and a lar^e variety of other Shrubbery ai d Plowi rs. aM of the best ii'ieHty. Apply at 421 Broomfistree , In the pianoforte wareroom. For SALE?one of wilder'8 patebt SALAMAN d< r Safes, medium sue: aa Rood as new, Wiil be at a bargain Apply at 196 Water atreet. If OR SaLP.-CIIEAP-A BUTTER, CIIEESB AND 1 Vegetable Stand. In Sprint; street market, in a good lo auoo Inquire at No. 104, Spring street aide, of Mr. yi'IMBT. __ For sale-thrre hydraulic presses, one Steam Engine, 26 horse power, and one 15 horse power; one Steam Tubular Boiler, 40 liorae power, 81:afting. Pul 1' yt and Hangers, at 45 Ann street, New York. WM. McKfcNZlB For sale-a first rate paying liquor store in the Foi.rtb ward, with a goo 1 stock and fixtures; must tie sold this week, as the owner takes charge of a gun boat. Arr y to WILLIAM ABBOTT, Auctioneer, No. 4 Kant Broadway. For sale-one woodworth planer-, planes ?! ' double surfaccr, and tonguing and grooving, at 79 Mangle street. F N. UUKE For sale cheap-a vegetable, butter, Cbeeso and Egg Stand, in a good location in one of the principal markets in the city. Inquire for three davs at H'M and 839 Bro.idwav, corner Thirteenth atreet. in the saloon. For rai.e cheap?a nice segar store, ap ply at t'?6 Hudson street, near Eighth avenue. IiMXTl'RES FOR SALE?CONSISTING OP COUNTERS. 1 sielving. Gas Fixtures and Window Caainga. Apply at 419 Sixtu arenne. H PIXTCRES OF A MILLINERY AND FANCY STORE, Shelviiig, Iirawers, Glass Case and Counter, in teed ronditinn. to bo sold Cheap Apply at 819 Sixth avenue be tween Forty-seventh and Forty eighth streets. Grocery and liquor .store for sale -thb Lease, Stock and Fixtures with twelve Stables In tho rear attached to the premises; there is $200 made annually besides rent free; this is a rhunee that la seldom offered. Applv on th#premis"s.;il4 Madison street. Grocery and fixtwies for sate?doing a ?lirst rate b isiJiea, Reason for sellins, going to the coun try.^ Apply corner oi Garden aud f ourth street*. Iloboken, OOP SKIRT MACHINES FOR SALE.?175 BRAID. ing Ma inne?. wi h Tables and Fixtures R. THOMPSON, Twenty-Utth street and First avenne. Liquor store for sale-with stock or with out, a good stand, over 40 lamilies in the bouse; leape runs one year from M?y neit; rent low. Apply at 2y7 Mott street Metals for sale. 20.ut>ti pounds < HJJ LEAD. 16 000 pounds OLD SHF.ATniNO COPPER 10.0UI pounds OLD COMPOSITION. 3.000por.nda OLD BELL METAL. For aale, in lota to suit, by WILLIAM D. ANDREWS A BRO.. _ _ No. 4l4iWater street. Machinery.?for sale?steam enoines and Boilera ?Oue Steam Eui'lae. SS Inch cylinder, 48 inch stroke; one I6*:?l. 15I4*. 1C?S6, I2\24, 10i24. yxJ4' alao a large assortment of smaller Engines Portable and Sta tioi.ary Bo.lers to auit the a'oov?-,engines; Flue, Locomotive, Upright and Horizontal Tubular of all aizt.-e; ala > several Low Pressure Bo.ieis. and a larg'i asaoj tai^nt of Tanks of a.l si es. Apply to P. CASSIDY, Nos. 4 to 10 Bridge street, corner of Plymouth. Brooklyn. Mills for sale?five bogardus mills for paints, three Stone Mills, Prentis <t Page's mase; 42. 32 and 16 Inch Stones Inquire at Vl? East Twemy-aixth street. *| EAT. VEGETABLE, FISH -AND OT8TEH MARKET Jfl for Skle?all necessary tools, patent ler and smoke house, and machinery for packing porfci established three, ararechanoe. Particulars of J. C. MIL'ION A CO.. 2m Broauway. PHYSICIANS.?A LONG ESTABLISHED DRUG Store In Brooklyn for sale; price $$K>. App y to BALE, 61 Add street. N. Y. PLANTS FOR SALB-AN OLD AND DESIRABLE vnvate <-oi le"t on of greenhouse and hothouse Plante. embracing over two thousand pots, over thirty varieties oi Cameras. For terms address box 4.300 Post office. New York. PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLBRT FOR SALE?ON BROAD w*y, with privilege of case on sldewaU: only reason for se.ling is sickness. App'y at 46 Yesey street, in store. RESTAURANT.?THE LEASE AND GOOD WILL OF a nu-ely I rmktied Restaurant tor ?ale. Furjartlcn laraluquire m the basemeut202 William street. RE6TAI RANT FOR SALE?IN THE MOST BUSINESS part of the eity. doing a fine hnafness. will be soldata great; rea*one tor aelling explained Inquire of Mi ( LITE or ISAAC A ULADVELT, 229 Broadway. room 29. CTEAM TANK fob RENDERING LARD OR TALLOW O in perfect order, for sale cheap at No 3 Front atreet. TWO PI BR GLA8SBS, PLATES 112X32 AND 11JX30, with Corni es. Table* and Curtains, can be bought at a low price. For particulars inquiie at 4.i4 Broome atreet. WOOD PLANER FOR SALE-A IS INCH WOOD wcrtb Surlacer; Widplane from to 3;, Inehea In ihl'knessr but little used and n perfect order, wanted, a amall Slide Lattae second band. 4 or S feet ioni?. HA WES A BROTHLKti. 21 and 25 .Sheffield etreet. 1A flAO CHBSTNUT CBOSS TIE8 FOR HORSB J.xJtXJ'jyj railroad, 6 and 7 leei Iodr 1x5 and upwards, r sale to order. Also 5.UOO Chestnut Posta, 8'a, Tu's and 12's. Address Itbipman A Martin, care of A. L Sblpman. 35 Ann street If A VAL PRIZB MURKY, 4tC< AFEiMAN 8 PROTECTIVE PRIZE ( LAIM AOBNCY la now establiibeil at l?7 Torn air<-et Brooklyn. for tbe protee'Ion of ????men in lollachng ibeir fritt Modm. All government claim* ad.iuatrd and act.led. At*nt? wHelled throughout the ?<ate? and in the n?vv wbo will be paid liberally f 1 <?*> will be obtained Tor all wbo wera at fb? capture af N*w Orlean* and the Mi?i>?|ppi river. OSr?ra and aearoen are requested tto aend in ibelr elaima i Imne dlatelf. MOLLOT A KRObSAKD. Naif Banker*. 187Tor* etreet, Brooklyn, and M Oliver ?ire?i, New York. A HOT-PRIZE MONET NOW BEING PAID FOR rapt ire a made if 221 II, 8 vetaela at Seamaa* Bank and PRIZE MONET ottce of EKWAED BISSELU Licenaed V. & Claim Agentand U:i Poraer V. S. Navy. J71 Broadway, corner (Umber* at. New Turk. A Lt MUM MONET A NOW PAYABLE CAN BB OBTAINED AT ONCB by applyint to W ALLIEN A W1LLARD, IRE York atre*t, Brooklyn. JLBERT, fOR HURON. ARIES and 8T. JOHN*, for STETTIN. ASCENSION. Bl'RPEISE an<1 Where, for Hl'NTSVlLLE MKRRIMAC and KATE, for IROQUOIS Prlre Monej now ready, an I ?,i| be paid on application m M. SNIDER. J a., M Saaaa , atreet. CAROLINE. FOR MONTOOMKRTi CALtfSO, FOR Florida. Clrca?aian. for Fomertet. M<*ey now rea<ty. Apply to WALDEN A WILJ.ARr ISO Tcrk at , Srwklyn MSNTDBR. .IE. . Late of ibe Unit?d Stat?a Tr*a*nr9 Departmaat, AUNT and NAVI AUK* V and I'ltl/J MONEY OFFICE, 3# Nwhu atreet, oppoaue ine |'i?t o(B<e. Mew York. Oflicera' Pay An- <uM? r ?h*d I* advance. Claiuia for PrUe Money, Arraara of Pay. Me., ealleeted purchased. PRI7.B MONBT -APTKR T't i [>*TE THE SEAMEN S Rank will collect and cay all ibe Prue Monet. under direction of tb* government He, r,Dd edition of April off.ciai ii*l now ready. REl i:LN Y0S8. ttjrSu *tr**t PRIZE MONET I for every vetael re? ravage ran be oitnlned *1 0?r* by app^j't't ? CLAKKE A ELLIOTT. 34 Pit* air*ct. New York My. A ran pleta lial raair. I>BtEE MONET. NOW PAYABLI CM beotianeu at oi<? Bf an!y >.| ?o . r Dlf'KET h CO . i)t Hroeflway, N?w "Tart PRIZE MONEY-.TACRKON ORK, LATE OF THE f?avv Agent * 0 ' e wiii infero atton *c that wa rren ran 'ol ect their rr|?.e mnD-y w ihoot applying to bro? keia or wil. ebtkin U?nr ihem, without ibe .anal delay, by applying at bienfflrr, 174 South Ureal. S. NATY PRIZE MOM.V OPTICS. BltAYNAKD A ROW1NO, M WaLI STREET. Will r*m#?e to No l( Nurau ?tr*el on l?i May. WTATLOR. a UNITED STATES NAV? pRJTB MOWET _ . . . Offlor !i? Wall atrerb Prlrea eaah*^ and oqlleeted BILI.1ARDS. f,ion "Ai r ?twsi.vb He r cuss hivi.tarp? Ta b'** :b a'l um i;n < . roaned' I, a ic!> *? Sallf, fftDie# fmnf. r tougl Uik? Har. C)va, *11 mi Av Ami] H MUA1NSVN ?? #W HraaJvraf, u. unwtia. _ A *2? 0A5 OBTAIB BOARD AT it B?wick street, cor?r of Spring Apbiyatb family cam AOCOMHODaTB a ohh. MMdwIh.trtMW l?o single gentlemen. witk t?,?M B*o?a and Bo??t AVply 14 38 Weat !????? fourth sArest. between FUU and Sixth tteuuei. a? thb grant novan-u wew ??wiry, be A. I?mo chatban* *<<iare usd chambers street, new i?Vr.w^.furnl,"r*' Boom* to om25 l? (0 MDla par day, 91 ?to $0 per week; notmimi to boaiaeaai ??? Siioutea' "?>* frxuBroadwm ??? >g mgln. A T178. 178 AND 178 BLEECKBR 81 RE EI. SIX BLOCKS ** ?f Broadway, pleasant Room*. fnrn>*hed. with excellent Board, frontis to $10per week. Families914 to t?8; 8 to 9; alii nor at 12)< ml 1 A* *. fi"? 30 **??? street, bbtwebn fifth aad Sixth eveooea-luMe of vary elegant Boom*, in cludinga moat splendid parlor Coor Also Single Room* can bo had. with Oral elaa* Board. In French and Carman sty e* A German family of the highest respectability keeps the hottsee. Reference* exchanged. Afablob and bbdboom adjoining to bbt? . ,x? gentlemen. with first ciaaa Board, at 20 Fast T we li ly-tub aUeat, between Madison and Fourth avenue*. A COUPLE OF GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A suit of Room*, or Parlor and Bedroom, In a small private ramlly. lai the vicinity of Carroll Park, Brooklju; accessible hy ralltoad to all the ferno*. Addraaa C. P.. Herald oillce. A GENTLEMAN AND B18 WIFE CAN BB ACCOM IV modeled with two very pleasant front Room*, on second floor, with Board, in a private family, reference* *?ci.aimed. Apply at 1,0 (014 number) West Twenty-second street A FRONT ROOM, $18; A BACK ROOM. $14; AND A ?mull Room. $7, may be had, with good Board, at ford ham. a snort distanoe from the depot, by applying at Mr*. O. Fuuuair*, Fortluani, Weatcheeter county, N Y. AT 302 SECOND AVENUE, FIRST HOU8K ABOVE Seventeenth street, a nicely furnished Second Floor to let. either separate of together, with Board. I O atlon good, and house Urst cias*. Dinner at 8 o'olock. Raterenceao* changed. fe'MAl.L FAMILY WOULD LET A SUIT OF WELL furnished Itooms. on tbe first iloor, to one or tw > gen tleiren only. In <i deniable locatiou Referenced exchang-d. Apply at til Weal Eleven lb street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. A FINK SUIT OF ROOMS. WITH BOARD, AT NO. 10 W<pt thirtieth sliceL Kelereuees exchanged. A FRONT ROOM TO LKT, WITH HOARD. WITH ALL the modern improvements, to a single gentleman, in a private family. Inquire at 251 Bant Tentn atreet. A SECOND 8TORY BACK ROOM TO LET-TO A gentleman and wife, furnished or unfurnished, atol 8t. Murk'* place; dinner at 1 o'clock, only a lew boarder* taken; a!*o a Hall Bedroom, Possession tbe 1*1 of May. References euhauged. A PRIVATE FAM1LT CAN ACCOMMODATE A GEN ! tleman and wile or two single genllameu with pleasant furnished Rooms an<! first class Hoard, at 49 Wnt Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Relerence* re quired. bervautu aad children not taken. . I AVERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED FRONT SUIT Of Rooms, on second floor, with ample eloeets, to let, with Board, for tbe season; a very pleasant location. Apply ai 3(1 bast Twentieth street, near Broadway. References exchanged. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?WITH Board, ui No. 51 West Twenty third street. References exchanged. A T 39 ST. MARK'S PLACE?A LARGE FRONT ROOM JY and Bedroom attached. on second stoiy; al-o a large Kaom on third story, with Board, may be obtained on ap plication as Above. ., . AGF.arLEMAS AND WIFE DESIRE BOARD IN A p.a n private family, where there are no other board, eist will pay a fairprice and be permanent If aimed. Ad drena, with terms, 8. J. K., Herald otllce. A small family will lbt a furnished Room, on the second story, with Hoard, to a gentle.wan, or geuilemun and wife, the house contain* all the modern improvement A and Is pleasantly situated on Murray Hi.L Apply at :81 Lexington avenue, the third bouse above Thirl), eighth street Relerence* required. A SMALL FAMILY, LIVING IN A CENTRAL LOCA uon. will let a fine large Iront Room on the second liooi', handsomely furnished, with Bo.ird, to a gentleman and wife. References required. Address C., box 3,719 Post office-. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WELL LOCATED, DESIRE to let, with puruai Board, a lme iront Koom, to a sin-te featleuiun Rc.ereuce exptaed. Address S., box 11,7'V 'o*l olDcfc , A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE SRBK.NG THE COM fort* of a home, can find at their rfteposal a Suit jf Rooms on tue scconu t oor in a Lrst clas* |> ivale house, bandsomeiy located, in Twenty-third street near Madison square Addie>* W. U., uux ill Heraidollice. a gentleman a\*d iiis wife ca^ he accom A niodated with a fioui Boom on second floor, and Hall Bidroom til.ached, ultli Board; also a htruo tack Room on ttiird Hoot, to two single gentlemen, at 1SU ta?; lento street, hvtwecn Second auu IhiAl avenue*. ii PLEASANT SECOND STORY ROOM TO RENT 2x with Board, at ICS We#t Eighteenth street; w<-rin and coid water in the room. A PEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Board, at 10 Jones street, between fourth and Bleacaer. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE A Second Floor, nandaomely furnished, to a family or a party oi gentlemen, with private table; house nrsi c'iase, located in dixteeutn street, between Fifth and Sixth a f nues; reiorences oxciiauged. Adtires* A. H., b x 1,.Ji Post . i A BOOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, FOR TWO SINGLE geut emen, >r gentleman *nd wile without children; terms I il fer week; r> lerence required. Api>;y at 145 Went Twenty-fourth street. A8UIT OF TWO OR THREE ROOMS-ON THE SE oond iOor; also a ilxll Koom. lull Board, at 58 v? esi Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. A FURNISHED HALL B8DROOM TO LBT?WITH oreaklasi, at 68 We*t 'fwelftn street. APRIv ATk FAMILY. RESIDING AT 67 HLEECKKR street, near Brjiwway. wou.d let a baca Room on he second Hour, to a centletnan. References given and re. quired A PRIVATE PAMILY OFFERS superior AC.'OM mudations for ma: rteo or single gentlemen; location eligible. 74 East Fourteenth street, opposite Union square. Reference* required. A SPANISH GENTLEMAN DKSIRES TO OBTAIN, by a liberal ? otnpenriaii >n an elegantly furnished Room acd B"dronm, with Hoard, in the -ami y of a lady or gentiiman, who may be u illtUL io imtru' t biui In tl e Kng iub language Hie house mua be *r uated either in Naw York ar in tne country, wnhiti -U miies o! uie city. Address, ?laung term* and other paiUcul*r?, A. ?., bax Post i-llice, N Y AT 128 NINTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEPT OF Br ladway, a lire Sun of Boon.*, on t*eeoud and third floors, conii'-titiK of Parior and one or t ro Bedrooms con netted, mav be obtained by a party of three or lour adult*, with Board, llie best of refeieuce* given and required. A HANDSOMELY FTRNISHED PARLOR .AND TWO large Bedroom* to let, with or without Board, from the beginning ol May In a tirst clas* house, near the Fifth Ave nue Hotel. Relerence* given and re .utred. App.y at 47 Ba?t Twenty-third street. A DESIRABLR SLIT OF FKONT RuOMS. ALSO A J\. large fourth story front Room suitable fo. t ?o single geoOemen ln-tbe firm class bouse No & West Twenty fourth stieet, near Maatson Park. AT 18 WASHINGTON PLACE-IN A FIR8T ('LASS house, seve: . verr nicely ftun sLed Psrlm ?, corntnu mealing ou tue urst and se< ond floor*, also a ai> e Basement to let, with Boaid. French spakeu A NEATLY FURNISHED SUIT OF BOOMS, ON third ':oor, to let, with private table onlv. er would ac commodate n few sluitle gem emen, without hoard Apply at I1U Waveney place, near Waabicgton square. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH BOARD. CAN BE obtained in an American family, residing at 14J Grand street, lor three gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, east of and near Broadwav. A HANDSOME suit OF rooms TO LET-TO A gentleman or a gentleman and wire, the hou?e la new ly papereo and painted, and M itj quiet aa4 genteel; do boarder*. No sign at the Moor utter lat of May. Inquire at 313 W 'JI Fourth street, near Broadway. AOESTT.EMAN DESIRES A FURNISHED ROOM, without noard in '.be vicinity of the Fifth Avenue I HoteL^ Address, with particular*. tWWr, lierald oifice. AT M EABT BHOAIj w at?tureb OR pour si SULK gmileiusn oan be aoccmtoodaied with Board. T?rml ? moderate. . SOAR!) -AT 123 WAVRRLET PLACE. near wash itigton square, for one year from May 1, entire Becoed or. larye room*, with am Die closets. water bathroom, Ac. I |M for week for two persona. Atau twcKir throe Bedrooms. I UpARD-TO LET, TO A UBNTLRMA5 AND WIPE, X) a esirahle Prunt R .otn, with small Room adjoining, on sccjii* story, furnished or unfurnished, with Board; closet* and Crnton water, hoise flist clan; dianeratali. Ai plr at MO East Thirtieth street. Phelps' place. Board-two larob parlors on thb first Cuor Ui let, unfurnished, with or without Board, to a refpocmble parti, without children Also an entire Hccond Floor, from Ihe 1st of May. Apply at 17 Mi nth street, two doors east of Fifth avenue BOaRD?A small pbtvatb familt would let handsomely Purutehed Rooms, en suite or Septra wily, with or without Board, to gentlemen. Breakfast served in rooms If routined; house Aral rl?ss. References enchanted. Ai ply at 1M> E-.s! Fourteenth street, near Hcond avenue Board-FirTii avbbub. between fourteenth and Twenty-third streets, with urtvate tah'.a. the whole Seeoail Flix r. with bath room, Ac . to a party of not more than four persons; f?iOU l"T month ifltaken by the year, D trlng sumin> r abaenoe hatf price. Address A. B. C., t*?i (08 Post office, glviug name rto addrest Board.-a suit of ileoantlt FCRNISHID Rooms on second floor of a firm class house fronting the south, with a large garden and fountain in the rear; vicinity of Tenth street and ie ond avenue Addreas V o. M? station I> T20ARD ?A RICE, Pf'RNISllED FRfiNT BOOM TO Xj let with or without B'erd, to a gentleman sod Wife. Call In Verandah place, the eighth bonse tfifn the turner of Clinton street. South Brooklyn. A nicer vntrance on War. ren street BOARD-l'P TOWN, A HANDSOME SUITE OF Unfurnished Rooms on second floor. al?o a F tout Room and Bedroom oa tblrd floor If use and locat.on flnt mass. Reference* required. ApilyatHI West Forty second It, BOAKD-WABHINUTOV SQUARE TO LET, WlfH Board, from May 1. a vgte of elegant Apartments r<n oei-ond flos : al-o one or twiToiher very desirable Ku< tns Those de.tlrliiR first ? lass ar-omo?iatlous are invite I lo rail at lira Waverley place. rnesce|iiionab!e re re recce given and required. BOARD-A SUIT OF WILL FURBISHED ROOMS oa second floor, suitable for famtliei; also Roorna for gentlemen House* first elss*. Dinner at <t o'clock. IH9 and 191 West Fourteenth atroet. Board,?furbished. ' koomb to let, to ladie( aud gentlemen. trantleut or permanent. lliinse very quiet and convenient to etage* In nitre at Id W??t M|. teenth otreet between Sllth and Seventh avenee*. Board-two rooms and'a bedroom to, furtithad or unfurnished, wita fi nrd w II lie let to gether or **parai<< Sma ler r wni tor single rsulliuien, A>>V at iW fMrttftit itfie) I ?OABJPCTW AMD MPOCTg... Bniin _tHb"BHT1RR BBCOMD FLOOR. WMWB ?tTVHou* dm ciaaa A 1-ro*. .... dsalr*4. Heferencs eicbanged. H*. ? c!i^syr^*r!s. *???? ^ rwu ?VC'ie*. Bn*an aMD APARTMENTS WAWTBD?A GBNTLR ?t?? t-aVouns Mleannd ? ^y". maid. who ??tend ..***'B,',tr?hVVi? the fall. orioMir, wmiI to cuuwct ^So xgftsw fir/aa sussssss. "oft W^ln*^ 3SK?*?&?1 price .llow.d If .11 thinga suit. -? ? caption of bflir?ri. Table d hole. .? b Trrnt null ao( e?ce.d $7 iy _????o0" Mer.'d .floe. ferry would be desirable Addrea. T. H.. Her.ia.u^? ViNTGD^BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB Flslrehlld. 41# Hudson *r?t. .? KSp I .ad lSdr!?m adjoining. Andrew U. K. ft., box US* F... I office, giving teriu*. taction, *e._^ n .rin WANTED TWO SINGLE ROOM8. with R? v?rTi.iH^r Ll"v and bt-r brother; the lady.? ?mWie*. cloiet. .nd Mm to b? be,ween^?urA .nd Twenty third street* .nd Third .nd 61x1b .venue. a> dress 8 B , box airt Herald oMce. nn.onWANTED?BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND with term. X. A. B.. Herald ofllce _ ?ooakd wanted.?atoonogenJLEman d^bibes JJ . iid.11 nicely furniabed Boom, witlt iuii ?r u?rii?i Bn.r.l west s.dT below Tenth street, preferred. Addreaa, SitU piiUculars, K. P. C., box 210 Her^d oJloa. T)OARD WANTED?FROM MAY18 TO OCTOBER 16. ? ? f(,r n iiidv servant and two children (ageu *>?uu? In a farm bouaa or country town, within one hour * ?rrm N?w Yoite by rail or steamboat; Hudson r{*?r preferred. Address. stating full .^Vimis^box *10 Herald aiui tcims, which must be moderate, James, Lox ..0 ueram office Beat of references glyen ? B'~ OARD WANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN. WIFE. TWO rhlldren taged two and four yc:irB) and nurje. with laundry privilege Addreaa, with full particulate .nd term., Barclay. Heraldolloe. . . ?, Dti u iNTPI)a*BY A FAMILT OF THREK name and loe?uon, bo* 1,301 Post office. _____ ni?n WaNTED-FOR TWO GENTLEMEN AND A urt? with a urivaie lamily, Where ttey will hate all wa^43^?rc*?sa ofliee. o?Jun?.^thV?in the Holio'eii jersey City; or somewhere within half an hour a ?;j;ggj. Add" B?&ft ^"Jr^nT^.trl^e-la^^w^d^pS D., Herald olUce. wlth^terma and loctlon. TTTurT UiNTKD-FROM THE LAST OK APRIL, IN ? prtrau Um?ly. or with but few oihT boardem. by . i ,2, i iv aud daughter. Unexceptionable refcrouce Tiien and required Those anawerlnjs will state terms and t?r?cuUnJ: Address fo^twodaya Hoa.e, iwjon 0. l">OARD WANTED-FROM MAT 10, FOR A QENTLB B?man, wife.' two ^"drjn (ag^s .t l o-cloclt prelerii^, P dLMn or waahinuton aquarea Te^ t? f Ui po^month, aceorrtlnK to the Imn* ir rm j. , if Buitprt arrHniiPQient8 will b? madetora y^r. *Ad,tlr^djgA* O. D-box ? Th4 Po.t o^. ?rvTilin WiNTED IN BROOKLYN-BY A BINOLB IV .. || possible to IO the lower part of AtlatiU.. b B.. box 189 Herald ofllce. TIOIKD WANTED IN BROOKLYN?BY K?',BU JZJr w,J 1>lUr within a eonveoie.t distance or must be moderate. ? ZT~ .Dr>t*n _nnR OR TWO FINE ai'ITB OF ROOMS B w let to families or aln^-Ie |fcntlen.en, wiih flrst oL.aa Board; private table if preferred n. moTU?? ?n May. Ap pjj m 17 W.verley place. ? Safer s.?r a1? r%* eighth street, near Fourth avenue. ? BR.m^lltrV^l?Vn^0^rnUh,a^Uh'>rtwUho*itB^*frt. Brooklyn, between UarTlaon .nd Degraw atreeta. -r^nnnyI TN BOARD?10U PACIFIC STREET, CON '%a3BSSg&SSM& fflSwteS Reference, exchanged. Board in brookly-n.-pleasant rooms, wito all ibe modern conveniences, m?y bo obtained by ap plying at 107 Amity street, tirat door from Henry. -T)OARD IN BROOKLTN?NO 4S sands street, B ^ve minu fyorn Fulton ferry. A large. b.>dM<aa iront Boom, second slory. for (infortwogent^rnen.Fam If Hinall and eelect. Dinner it 6 o dock. Rer.rencea ei changed. ? Board in Brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife, alito tw i single gentlemen, can be .ccommodal'd with rlciiiini Rooms and Board In a quiet hou?e, b? applying at K Bands sireeT, tlve miuutea from Fulton ferry and the Nary Yard. Dinner at six. BOARD IN 80CTH BROOKI.YN -A FAMILY OCf'V, rvlng a hsndsomely furnished house r.ear th. Boulh I ferry will have a suit of comfortable Rooms diseng^Md in . I few (lavs Ail tue moderu convenienies Apply .tw Con grtaa street _ DBSIRABLb" ROOMS CAN BB OBTAINED AT NO 1118 Decraw street, between Henry and ? linion streets, convenient to Atlantic and Hamilton avenue feme. Ti?r?on HOARII-RO 12 UNION SQUABB. ONE F ??0'l site i ront room v.r.nt on the .ttkr, with fir. and |M. French language. Rtlerencea. _________ T^RFNCII BOARD.?DESIRABLE PARTIEI can BE F accommodated with a fr?ntl,^:!l0r,n0\v^VsV?ty*e ?nd B'drooro .djolnlns, with Board In th' best awe. Spanish, (iermmn and English apok'" ppi' *l39W?,, Twelfth aireet, between Fittb and Sixth avsnuea. Fine bandsomelt fi;rnibhed roomb, with or without Board, t let. in the first class houae Ml Wast Fifteenth etreet, betweeii Fifth and Sixth .vane Re-ar eiires exchanged. F~"ornibhrd rooms to lbt?to gentlbmrh. by the d.y or week, .t ?<34 Broadwij. near I nlon aquare, Ft-RMTaMPn ROOMS AT NO 19 BREVOORT FLACR, ?VnthaueetTnear Broadway ?Twe Farlora. with or houteitension room Psrlor and Bedroom on aecond floir front, to rent to gentlemen only, without board. Breakfast If desired. TOI'RNIitHBD BOO MB TO BENT?TO GBNTLR F ^u "agentiema..nd wife, without boud ?r with Bre.kfaat, .t ? Weat Sixteenth alre.U . ffURNISBBD OB UNFPRNI8HBD ROOMS TO LET r with Board, from the flrat of May, at ir,| and IN Had am >tmt, 11 ear 8t John'* park. Dinner at I EURN1PHBD BOOMS FOR OBNTLBMBN?W1THOCT board, can be bad from th? 1*1 of May not, in a vary Irable location. Id Twenty auth atreet, nearly oppoatto the 81 James Hotel, Including on* front English basement room, ant able for a drat claaa physlciau'a olDca. Cneictp tlonnMe rafarenaaa reoulred auitrri, Apply at 67 Bast I wenty ei(i ith street lor farther particulate. ErRNIRIIBD APARTMENTS FOR ONE OR TWO BIN ale genr.eman only, la a pleasantly loated bouae. near 1 Clarendon Hotel. Family email and atrlctly private. Carls of Mdivaa at Tadmttn'a, druggist. Fourth avenue. *>rner of Twrolv first street FURNISHED BEDROOMS FOR GENTLHMRN, WITH ?r without Break faet and Tea Apply at b2 Weal Twan tyaevenih atreet. FURNISHED ROOM WANTED-FOR A SINOLBOEN tletnaa. with or without breakfast Terms muat be moderate. Address, stating situation, size and price of monk 8. M. A., station C. CTRITSHED HOISB?A PARTY HAVING (IOOD L Carpai*. Bedding, Table Ware. Kitchen ("tenatla and Furniture auflicieiit for a lAr^e hnuee. say of fourteen or if teen rooma. will let the same te an owner ..r l*?e*eofa, and receive rent In board or oiherwlae. Addresa Waieon. Herald olbee. Furnished or unfurnished rooms to lbt ? it!' or without Rosrd, at 41 West Twenty-fourth street, between the Fiftfe and Sllth avenues. References ai chanted U'UKNISHF.n PARLOR AND BEDROOMS?WITH F bath?to let, at B7 Real Twelfth atreet. L ie of Are for aaleai tbt same addresa. Gestlemen and thbtb witfs. or pinole obn tlem'-n, can be accommodated with rooms en suite nr ari arat". in Twelfth street, one bloek from Broadway. May I. l'mate table If deslreC. Reference* given and required. Ajjm'j a> .'4 Bust Twenu nrst street, between Broadway and Pfrirth avenue, for Atriher | Articular* HARLBM-A I'IjEASA NT THIRD STOUT ROOM TO let with Board, to two gentlemen , house has modern Imprmenanlat easv of access te host and care Apply at 12. ih ?tract, second brick heuaa wast of Third a-eoue nortH aide. ONE LA ROB BACK ROOM ON THB SECOND FLOOR f let, furnished, with or without Board, hot and cold water si MP Beat Tenth at re at, N V ^ ROOMS-WJTHOCT BOARD. TO LET OK MAT I IN Twenty'first etrett. between Seventh and Eighth ave. ? uea, to single gentlemen, er a gentleman and mfe. bemg the second Boor, containing two good room* and privilege of bsth and one room oti third floor. Three In family, only fodr roitma will be let in the henae, and to desirable parties the? would be newly fnwtehe.l, a* desired, or let unfnr ntahed. Bfat M ? ? 91 * per week. Addresa bag I V7f Fa??AaV r _ _ ?00M? TO LRT-WITH BOARD, in suits ano single, 10 families ana Single geuiletrien. handsomely nlahiid, house flf*t flake. In TWenly nlnlh street, neae Hroad*?y Aisa a deetor's omee to hit. Apply at 10 Ba*t Twenty-eighth street (JUI'RRTOR APABTMRNTS TO LET WtTH BOARtf O i n ?uite, *ln?i?, at 21* Weal Tneutiallt sirc?i. Reier- I enceg wciattgoa, J." BOAKKfe ajtd Loowna. ROOMB-H AN DBOMBLT rU?NIBMnn_^ auita, to aingle gentlemen. with or without BreakfaaZ Family ?mull. AOeo an Office for a pbyalelau. u 3ft Uxmum wkb avenue. www Room and board wanted-by two gbntlb" man. In the ? Icinlty of Sixth arcane u< Bhteentk atreet. Teriua moderate. Address, staling lenaa, W. K hT ataliou li. * SINGLE GENTLEMEN. OR A OBNTLBMAh ABD wife, desiring a large, handsomely furnished buck Par. lor. with first claas Board, lo a private family of the high eat respectability, can have the aame by applying at 4V Waal Twelfth atreet, near Fifth avenue. QEVERAL CHOICB AMD DHS1RABLB SUITS OB O apartinenla. in the capacious and elegant house No. Ma West Twenty third street, residence or the late Clamant G. Moore, Esq.; will be vaoaled about the lal of May, whoa the* will ba let to select families with board. Private tab.? If deaired. Referaaees eichanged. TWO LABGB ROOMS TO LET-IN A PRIVATE PA*' mily, Partial]j furnished, with all the modern improve* ments; rem $30 per month. Apply at 122 Waal Tweaty elghth atreet, near Seventh avenue. TWO ROOMB, WITH DOUBLE BEDSTEADS, FOB ? 4 young men. or 2 tenia and wives, will be let, witH first claaa Board, from Drat of Bay next, Referenoea ex changed The house la elegantly furnished, and all the eomforta of a home can be realized Terioa moderate. lo? cation unexceptionable, la Seventh street. AJ..rcas Marion. Herald oibce. mWO OENTLBMEN CAN BB ACCOMMODATBD WITH L a large front Room, with Breakfaat and Tea. in tba Gleasantly located houae 38 Hammond atreet; private faotfc r. AJao a a in all Room, suitable lor a tingle gentleman. TWO GENTLEMEN CAM BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Board In Harlem. Unexceptionable references given, Addreia L. M , Harlem Poet office. TWO 8INOLK GENTLEMEN WANT A DOUBLE BBD. ded Room In Brooklyn, convenient la aome of tbg Union terriea; must be respectable, and In a atreet wbl<? does not "exhale all the fragrance of swill tuba when swir! tuba are gone. " Expect to stay,allisumraer. Address, with particulars, Yerrot and Benrie, box 166 Herald office. TO LET?SEVERAL SUITS OF ROOMS. ON OR BIT. fore May 1, at Madison Square Hotel, Twenty Ural atreet and Broadway. TO LET-BY MAT 1. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Third Floor, to two or three gentlemen, with or without Break last, in a tint class house in Forty sixth street, neal Broadway. Addreas, for one week, box 4,747 Foal office. TO LBT-TO A 8INGLR GENTLEMAN ONLY, A WBLB furnished front Room, on fourth atory. Apply at 1} East Sixteenth street. TO LET-FURNISIIED. WITH BOARD. A HANI> t.ome front Parlor and enclosed I'la. *a; also oihea Rooma In'iuire on the premise*. No. 4 Depau place, Bleeeker atreet. Single ladlea need not apply. HO LBT-A HANDSOMELY FUBNI8HBD PARLOR J. on aeeond floor, in the new Engllah baaement bouae SI Second avenue; suitable for a lady and gentleman or a co u ple ot gent'emen: also other Rooma, furnished or not, w itC or wituoui Board. UN FURNISHED ROOM AND BBDBoOM, WJTHI breakfaat on Sunday, wanted, by a gentleman of quiet hablta; a raligloua rnmily. having unoocupled rooma, will find the advertiser a suitable tenant: the east side preierred* Address for four days S. P. D.. box 210 Herald olllee. VERY PLEASANT 8UITB OF ROOMS-WITH GOOD Board, for men and their wtveat also two or three ?Ingle men, in ag >od location. Apply at 768 Third avenue, near Fifty-first street. ANT ED? BOAR DFORTH K8 U M ?ER, BY A GF.kI tleman. wife two children and nurae; alao for ladrt three children and nurae; children all under Ave years; farm house pteferred. Distance from the city no objection. Address R. 0. W., 120 Wall street. TIT ANTED?A PARLOR AND TWO BEDROOM 8, IN A vv tlrat class neighborhood, with Board, for a gentleman, lady and two daughters, 11 and 12 years of age. Is willing to furnish his apartments, except carpet, and pay $00 pe week. Reference required and given. Addiasa box 2,<H Post offloe, N. Y. _________________ TtTANTBD-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, BY TUB I8< vv of May. a Furnished Bedroom, with use ot bathroom. In a resperable private family, where he could enjoy thf eomforta of a home. Location between Seventh and Twen ty second streets, and between the Second aud Fifth ave. nues Address, stating terms, M. B., 762 Broadway, up stairs. TTTANTED.-A WIDOW LADY AND SON WISHBB TO vv make a permanent engagement for Rooms, with oj without Board: location not above Eighth street, east Bit) terms moderate. Address Board, Herald office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN.80N AND DAUGHTER, a Parlor, three Bedrooms, furnished by the applicant: Beard If required: location desirable; private family prefer, red. Keferenoe given and required. Addresa Win. H. H., box 4.&17 Post otllce. 11/AUTBD?BOARD AND ROOMS FOR GBNTLRMAN, tv wife and daughter (Americans) Ca&glve the bast ot reference. Must be good location and genteel family. Lo. ration between Fourth and Thirty fourth streets Wishes la engage for one year. Will pay weekly in advance. Addrtsg L. J., Herald otllce. for two day a. WANTED-BY A LADY, BOARDING AT HARLEM*, a neat, tidy girl, to take care of a child a year aad a half old; she must be an excellent washer and Ironer, for a family of five. Including the child; also understand sewing) good city reference required; wages not to exceed $4 per month. Apply at 32 baat 2iflh st "WTANTED-ROOMS AND BOARD. FOR"fwO~YOtTN& vv meo, in a German family. In the vlclaity of Faarta atreet Addresa Daniel. Herald office. WJ ANTED?BY A YOUNG GBNTLEMAN, BOARD lit tv Brooklyn, in a respectable family, near Wall street ferrv. at $4 per week. Addresa W. T., box 3,435 Poet o&oai Mew York. TtT ANTED?IN BROOKLYN. FURNISHED ROOMS VT and Board, for young gentleman, wife, lafaat and nurae; must be near the ternes: dinner only for gentle* man. Addreas H. C. A., New Yoik Post office. WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM. BY A YOUNCJ lady; wltn a widow lady preferred; must he abovt Twenty third street. Addresa L R., Dot 140 Herald otLce for two days. ' WANTED-FROM MAY 1, FOR A GBNTLEMAN AND wifa. a Parlor and Bedroom, furnished, with Boar of lo< alioa between Fourth and Slub avenu< s and Ninth amf Thirty aeeond streets. Unexceptionable references required. Address dox 3.U08 Post oillce. WANTED?BOARD, FOR A GENTLBMAN, WIPB ABO vt sister, in a fair neighborhood, between Eighth an# Thirty leurth streets and between Third aod Ninth avenues Addresa. staling terms. J. M.. Herald office. WANTED-IN BROOKLYN, NEAR PULTON 08 Wall st'eet ferry, by a married couple. a second stor* Boom and Bedroom, or one very large Room, unfurntsheq except with carpet Dinner at six for gentleman. Addresa, atating terms (moderate) aad location, E. H. L., Herald office. ANTED?FURNISBED BEDROOM. WITH BOARD, vv for two young ladies. In a convenient location Terms moderate. Addreaa R. R? station D Fast office. WANTED?FROM MAY 1, BY A OBNTLBMAM AND wife, a furnished Room, with Board; wili furnish batf andbeddlng. Terms 911 per week. Addresa B, staUon P, Bible Housa. WAXMBI> ~>BPPT810IA,, w?HE8 TO OBTAIN AN Jr!t ,-?:"feAndKB*,lroorP- Tuh Bo*r<1 f<* himself, lo a da. elrable aelgbborh od and with a respectable family: loc*. lion preferred between First end Tweaty-thlrd streetaanf Second avenue and Broadway. Addresa, giving localitr prieeand other partlcoiara. J. W. B., station D Tost oflloe 3WBBT TWENTY FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE TUB Fifth Avenue Hotel,?A suit of Rooma baadaomaly fur. nished. Dinner at six P. M. UWE9T TWENTY SIXTH STREET, CORNER OB Broadway, opposite St. James Hotel.?To let. perma nently. Ftira ahed and Unfurnished Kooms, In auita aod single, to respectable families or single gentlemen, wilb at without Board. House first claaa la every respect. 07 WEST THIRTIETH STREET-TWO SELECT Fa! OI mlltes sad two or three gentlemen can be aecommm dated with suite aad single Rooms, wltb Board. The loca tion is very desirable, between Fifth avenna and Broadway* House nist claaa Referenees exchanged. ck wbst Washington placb.-to lbt a *JU second Starr Front Room, nicely ruraiahed. to gentla. men oa y. Breakfaat If required. Terms moderate. 4-O^t rO?RTH ITRBET.?ROABDINO.?A CHOICK XUt) of verv desirable Rooma la offered m thaee wha wish lo make a permanent arrangement. Mouse first slaaa. Baiaraacea exaoanged. ? r -- . ? ; ; ? 3 tOUJITRV BOARD. AWID0W L4DT RESIDING IN TBI COUBTRT, tad having no amall children of her own, would lake a few children 10 Board, whir* the7 would have the *om forts of a h?me. for the lummer or permanently Addreaa 8 A. M., Uempitead. L, I. "DOARD fob childbeb-ib thb coubtbt, JJ from four te ten Tear* aid. whera they will be wall cared for. Inquire at 293 Baat Broadway. CODKTBT BOARD?AT A FARM BOUBB. IB M health? location. In Danbnrjr. Conn. For particular! lid terma addreea T. Balkier, hoi IBB Danbary, Ooaa. i C100BTBT HOARD.?A FMW SELECT BOARDSBM I will he taken la a private family, where theraflae raenta and comfort* of efty Ufa. Including a mod table, win be provide*. The location la beatillfaf, vary bdaMhfaaA free from menqultoa. Apply to Dr. KIBBT, SI Wart Waab-, lngton placer or to HAMUhL CURTBLL, M Booth atreat. rtOORTRT BOARD.?A LADY WOULD UEB TO MBIT V/ with a rarty who wonld loan her tUO, for Which ah* wonld giro nrai claaa Board on the Nortb flrer, within 23 mm* of the ?rtly. F1r?t olau referenraa given Addreea O. B. A., Peatomoa, Braahlya. fOUBTBT BOARD WABTBD-BT A TOUBO QBBTLB \J man and wife, within a half bour'a rlda of Bew fork oitr. where a goad table and accommodation* ean be had. Addre**, with fnll particular*, term* and location, H. 8. B., 7d Fulton atreat, B. >? COt'BTBT BOABD WABTRD?OB A BBdl'LAB FARM, with plenty of fra*h milk and rmiaMM, for a lady, nureo and two ablldran under 6 year*: location muat be dry and healthy. Addre** O. W? box 3.B7 Po*t afTce, *tatlng term*, mode of acceaa and particular*. On Borrl* and Sanaa railroad preferred. COl'BTRT BOARD WABTBD-BT A FAMILT, COB attiing of gentleman, wife, two email children aa<* auree; muathanear the elly; comfort deaired more than elegance. Addrtaa, ? lib tarma, Ac . Martin, hot 130 tier aid ofllc* POITNTRT BOARD WANTRD-FOB A OBBTLKMA1* yj and family, who will pat liberallv for ?aod eeeemmad* tnn?. Addre** L. W. F.. box S.flM New Tork Foet oflice. /"10UBTBT BOARD WANTED-FOB OBNTLEMAN, \J wife, infant and nnree, witlun one hour'a ride of the city by boat or car* AddraaaC. w. A, elation O, Bread way alailng tarma and particular*. CIOUKTBT LdDOIBOS WANTED?FOB A BIKUt.F; y gentleman. from lit of May, a Bedroom and flitting! Boom, with Hreakfxat and Supper dally, alau Dlnaor oft Sntnlaya A good, healthy iltuatlon mi Btaten Iiland 1 re ferred. Addreaa, dating term*, W, tx.x 2,908 I'c?t 0 j cat Bew Tart _ WANTBO-TO BRUT. FURRTfltlKD, FOB ABOUT four month* from the muWle of June, a Cottage near the eoMhor*, containing eight to tea room*i nnii have gc?>4 garuu bathiifg and llalilng. and be within ea*y dmtence of Bew Tor*, the family requiring ll eon*l*t* of a gentleman, wife and one child Vneieepilonabie ref?r*nc?(. Addre*# W. J. R, box S,<h?7 N. T. Coat oniee. WANTKD-FROM MAT I, COHNTRV BOARD, WITH VV private lahlr, for a gentleman wire, ohlld anil nur?e. Ijocaifnn not o<vr one luuir aud a half 'r^tn City llall Ad" dient bva fcWii ton oflit*

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