Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1864 Page 7
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TJF- ~ SALBI AT ADCTIOI. Tltan 0. baker a co, auctionkebs. ftu?iriOMTaMT HATW00D Auul<"ear HOUSEHOLD _IA FURNITURE, riANOrORTB. DRAWING BOOK FURNITURE EH SUITS. BROCADE AND LACK CURTAINS. VKLVRT AMD BRUSSELS CARPETS OIL PAINTINGS, BRONZES. MARBLE STATUARY. DRB8DEN AND BHVBBli CHINA VABES, *ud maay rare m l cost.v Works of Art and article* of virtu. AT PU'BLIO AUCTION, On this day (Wednesday). April 10. At the <-le*ant residence of >1 Blair Chaimian. Ks.j . 48 West Sliteenth street, between I'lftb and Sixth avenues, Bale commencing at 11 o'clock. The auctioneer would call the part cu'ar attention of hia Tr cij J* and the public to this sale, the cata'ogue comprising the and wheat assortment of HonseholJ Furniture, Ac , oHered at auction tta ? season. Sae peremptory. Dmwiug Rooms?Su[>erb suits of Furniture, covered with brooaM of the richest descriptor elegant sets of Win low Curtains to match tbeauits. Btagerea. plate glaiia doors; Buooignurea, Socretarr and Bookcase, Centre Tables, statu ary marble top; Bron/e and Ormolu Chandeliers, Cabinets io maiofc; Oiinolu and Dresden China Oruaments. Marble Blatuaiy, Brauze Figures, OU Paintings by emlnsat artists, French Line KnumvlniiH MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE R.ohest instrument oilered at auction this season, fully Biaranlred by the makers; Stool, brocade Carer. Music taud. Books, Ac ; Hatstand'. Chairs to match, oak Bullet, B (tension Table, Chairs. Sofas, out and engraved Qlaaa Ware, China Dinner Set. imported from Pari* lor the ore seat owner; silver Dinner and Tea Servioe, Cas iers. Spoons, Forks, Urn. Cake Baskets, Oyster Dub, Tureen, Table Cutlery. Linen, rosewood and wataut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads. Armolre a Glace, en suUe; Hair and, Spring Mattresses, M pair linen Sheets. 2? pair linen Pillow Cases, 12 pair French Blankets, Towels, Counterpanes. Marseilles Quilts, French Toilet Sets; mahogany Sofas, Bedsteads, Chairs. Rockers, Ac. Also Furniture or servants' apartments. Parlies wish ing to attend this sale take Fifth or Sixth avenue cars or stages from Astor House, it. Nicholas or Metropolitan Ho tels, leaving at Sixteenth street, a few doors f rom tbe house. ALVAN C. BAKER a CO., AUCTION EBBS.?ALBERT 0. H At WOOD, Au-ttoneer.?Superb Household Fur alture, Ac ?This da> (Wednesday >, Api 112 >, at (be fire story brown stone residence, 123 Bast Tenth street between Broadway anil University place sale com'untieing at two o'clock, bonaUtlng of?Dining Room?Walnut Sideboard. Bitension Table, Armchairs. Dinner and Tea Sets, ruby and white Glaus Ware, Table Cutlery, Silver Plated Ware, Ac.; Oval Mirrors. Parlors?Rosewood and walnut l'ar.lor I ur nlture. Brussels Carpets, Etageres. Bookcase, Tables, Pier aud Mantel Mirrors. Curtains. Paintings, Statuary Bronze Clock*, Sevres and Dresden China Vases. Engravings, Chan deliers. seven octave rosewood Pianoforte. Stool and Cover; Music Stand. Encoiguurea, Rocking Chairs. Lounges, Hat stand. Chairs to mutcb. Bedrooms?Bureaus, Bedsteads, Waahetands. Oommodes, Hair and Spring Mattresses Bol sters, Pillows. Lace Curtains, Shades. Also Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Auction notice -d. d. caulkins. auctioneer. SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND WORKS OK ART. AC.. At Public Auction, on Wednesday. April 20, , At the elegant residence No. 208 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. between Blghth and Ninth avenues, sale commencing at 2 o'clock P. M. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. ROSEWOOD AND BLACK WALNUT SUITS, BBONZfe. AND ORMOLU CHANDELIERS, MEDALLION CARPETS, BEVBUS AND DRESDEN CHINA OBNAMENTS, ^ w PIER AND MANTEL MIRRORS, BBOGADE AND LACE CURTAINS, ARTISTIO BRONZB STATUARY, OIL PAINTINGS BY EMINENT ARTISTS. FINE WALNUT RXTKNS10N TABLE, BOOKCASB. BTAOLRKS, CENTRE TABLE, CHINA, OLA8S AND SILVER WARE. SHEFFIELD TABLE CUTLERY. TABLE LINEN, Host: WOOD CHAMBER FURNITURE. Louis XIV. style. The sale comprises some of the richest and most elabo rately carved Parlor Furniture everoffered at publloauction, and to be sold without any reserve. An examination will ?well repay Intending buyers. Parlors oontaln three elegant full Sutta of rosewood Parlor Furniture in rich crimson and maroon, blue and gold, and orange colored broeadn and satin; rosewood Etaseres, splen did And costly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases. Ae, MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Stool and Cover, an elegant instrument, with round coi ners, beautifully carv ed legs and case, all modern improvements. Also a magnificent collection of rare Painting*, rosewood Turkish and Easy Cha rs, In fine reps; rosewood Centre aud Side marble top Tables, richly carved; Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Ac.. Ac. Chamber Suits In rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carved Bedsteads, Washstands, Sofa Beds, In haircloth; ten pure Hair Mattresses, from 40 to 60 pounds, made to or der. In excellent condition. Dining Boon Furniture, consisting of fine walnut Bxten ?Ion Dining Table, oak Arm Chairs, Stiver Ware, rich China. Ivory aad Sliver Cutlery, Forks, Spoons, Ac., with heavy Gut and Engraved Glassware of every description. Carmen In Attendance to cart, pack and ship goods fer pur A UOTION NOTICE.?POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY JX. sale of magnificent Household Furniture, Carpets, Paintings Bronzes elegant Pianoforte, Bilyer Ware. Cut Glass. French China, Ac., The entire eootents oi Use bouse, _ to be sold without reserve. _tW day, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at I A3 West Tweaty-lirsCstreet, between Seventh ana Rlglith avenues. 2*01 be sold the largest and richest assortment of elegant Furniture aad costly Works of Art offered at public auction this season?One elegant double suit rosewood Furniture in three colored brocade made to order two months ago; one rpeswood Suit, richly carved, seven pieces, in silk brocade: ventre and Pier Tables. Turkish Lonnges, with Arm Chairs to match; superb seven octave Pianoforte, marble top Music Cabinet. Stool and embroidered Cover; over 000 yards of Tapestry Carpets, elegant rosewood Etageres, style "XIV.; four superb Bronte Chandeliera, costly Bronzes, \ asee and rare Parlor Ornaments, Lace Curtains, ^ _ ooileotion of largo and valuable Paintings. SLBBPlNO ROOMS. DINING BOOM AND HALL. , Rosewood Bedstead*. Dressing Bureaus S. rlng and Hair Mattresses, walnut Suits, la green reps; Coitage ana other Chair*. Bed* Bedding, S'Ta. Sofa Bedsteads. Oval Mirrors, plooka. China. Cnl Glass. Silver, Table Cutlery, Oilcloths, hteewood Hall Furniture, Ac. Ssie rain or shin*. H. B. WBSTCOTT, Auctioneer. A DB1AN H. MULLER. AUCTIONEER. J\ Handsome Household Furniture. Pier Glass**, Brus sels and Ingrain Carpets. Rosewood Pianoforte, Ac ADRIAN H MULLKR P. R. WILKIN.S A CO Will aetl at auction on Wednesday. April 2U, at 103tf o'clock, at Mo. 48 Bleeckar street, all the Furniture contained In said bouse, consisting of iosewood I'arlor butts, I'ler Glasses, (toss wool suven octave Pianoforte, richly cawed oak Dining Boom Furniture, carved oak Bookcase, Damask Wludow Curtains China and Glass Ware, rosewood, mahogany and black walnut Bedsteads; black walmft and mahogany mar ble tot) Dressing Bureuis. marble top Washstands, pure Balr Mattresses, Feather Beds and Bedding, Brussels snd Ingrain Carpets. Bng.lsh Oil-loth. Ac. Also, a quantity of Hlicben Furniture, with which the sale will oommence. I A JOUBNBAY. AUCTIONEER. J\., UAlce No. H I'lne street. BALB or IlABDSOMK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. VELVET CARPETINO, Ac. A .>01' RN EA^ will sell on Friday. April 22, at 10 A.M., at the residence US WEST TWENTIETH STREET, ? large a*sorttr>enl "f FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. In roeewood. mahogany an<l oak. consisting in part of Rose wood Suits, iu plush ao.1 rt'ps, matble top Centre Tables,|Vel vet aa<l Hrusaels Carpets, enamelled Chamb-r Still.*. Mantel Ornament*, Bedding, Hair ami Straw Mattresses Chtha. Cutlery Glassware Ac.. .4c.. and an a?s.irlinent of Kitchcn Vtensfia with which the sate will commence. a JOURNRAT, AlCTlONRKR, OKFICB NO. 8 PIN* Jl . etreet.?Sale of genterl Household Furniture, Oban doners an l Gas Fixtures in Brooklyn.?A. JOl KMEAY. auctioneer, will sell, on Thursday A t ril 21, :S<54, at 10 o'clock A.M.. at 19 Plerrepont street, Brooklyn. a general assort Euuatol liousch >ld Furniture. e nsieung in part of roae 'wood Suit lo damask; rosewood and mahogany tnari le t ip Centre Table* Bedsteads. Dressing Huieans. Feather Beds, Bedding, Matin-**e*. Brussels, Ingram and Three ply Car pels. Kitchen Utenstls. Ac. A J. BLEBCKKR. AUCTIONEER ?BLEVBNTH J\. avenue Lots at auction. ?A. J. KLKBCKER, SON A CO. wHl se'.I at auction, on Thuisday, A( rlJ 21, at 12 M.. at the Exchange Salesroom, Ill Broadway. Eleventh avenue Lets?Two Lois, beautifully situated, at the northeast cor ner oi Eleventh avenue aad 100th street; each lot 26 feet 5K Inches on Eleventh avenue by HXi teel In depth. Eleventh avenue?Two Lots on the southeast corner of Eleventh Avenue nod 100th street; each 25 feet 5)? inches on the ?venae by from 105 to 109 feet 9lajnch'*e. The soli Is very 0ne, being a choice garden spot. The title is perfect. $4'io on each lot can remain on mortgage two years from last January Maps at 77 t v Jar street. A UCTION MOTICE THIS DAY. AT iLEVEB O'CLOCK, Large aad attractive sal* of STRAW OOOD8. All fresh gor>ds, comprising many new styles juit finished for this ssason's sales Particular attention ef buyers Invited. LOOKWOUD BROS AUNDBBH1LL. Auctioneers. 29 Murray aad IS Warren sires is. "a dminisiwatobs s vlf, or household furbi. J\ nit u re.?A. M. CRISTaLAR, Auctioneer, will eell this day < Wednesday i, April 20. at 10 o clock, at B7 Amity atrset, the entire Furniture in Mid house, oonstettag of Per lorand MMoa Puruiture. Mirrors. Lootiag Olsssas. Car Betlng. Ol cloth. Dining Room Furniture Beds and Bedding. Kitchen Utensils, and a large number of articles appertain ing thereto, together with one Llilie's Fireproof safe Ala* on* isaswosd MelOdeon. and one very fine Extension Dining Taiile, ooo Wheeler A Wilson's Sewlnf Machine. Oataiofluee at sue By order ol B. J. HABT end H. PI KB, AdminiaTratoss. LIT1I At'BH A CRISTALAR, Auctioneers. a ccTrow woticb. A BOOTS AND SHOES. WM. M. HOLLINdSHKAO. AUCTIOREER, BT J. T. WHITBHOUSE. Salesroom 25Cortlendt street. WlD as 11. OB Wednesday. April 29 at o'clock A. M., aboet 1.000 cases Boets and 8hoes. Catalogues ready on an orelag of sale. *"~OCTION 8ALB OF FURNITURE?IN BROOKLYN, by OOLB A MURPHT, Wednesd*v, at 10* "Mock, at Pelt n et reel.?Mahogany Sofas ro*ewood Centre Tables. ?akngssi Card and Tea Tablss, 2 oaintert Chamber Bulla. 12 Belated Settees, Urge Washsiand. marble tup, with three vaaias; I naWany Bar Counter. 1 l'anel C">inter, t ane Seat Chairs. 15 Brussels ai>d three-ply Car, els. 1110 small Sewing Machines, Otic oibt, l'tuniings .? A J. U SMITH, ACCTIONKER WILL HELL THIS A, day, ai II o'clock, at 17 Ninth street, between Second end Third avenuea, three Parlor Suite, rusewo"d and blace -waleiiI Bedroom Suite, Chairs. Tablet Rockers. Pier Glasses. Brussels and Ingrain Can eta. oil Paintings, and everything belonging to a Ural class house. House to let. A UOTIOB SALES or PORNITi'RE, IB BROOKLYN, JV by OOLB A MltHPHT, on Thursday, at loH o'clock. In Bast Warren street mst hoitae west of Bixtti avenue, Blaefcwalnut Parlor Suit in lisir .loth, mahogany Bureaus and Withstands. Iwshossnj Soissand C..aira. Be >?ie?<la and Bed-ling. Brussels, Ttire-- ply end Ingrain Carre's; Lace Curtains Oak Chairs, China and mass Ware, Kttcben Fur n 'ure, K _ A UOTIOH BALB OF H ANDSOME HOI'SBHOLD FI R. JY. elture?This day (Wednesday), April 'ill. at IO)a o'clock A M , the entlrs contents nf tlm iiweiltng house lid Clinton felace, Biehth street, west of Fifth sv< t,'ie, c misting of brusaeta. Velvet and Incratn Careets; msew.<od black wsl put and mehotany Parlor and chamber Furniture- three elegant Parlor Suits, covered in rich French satin brnrstel andrepe; Laee Curtain* anil Corivoea l"ier and Centre Ta blee, Turkish Bssy Chairs, Lounges. Rnckern, Curled Hsit itattieaaes, Beds Blankets, t'r-ckery, tilas* aad China Ware; Table tlutlery and 8i'ver Ware, #e. ; sten a non.1 rlely of Household Uo-kIs, In ejeelli-ni r< nditlon. Bo post poneeteuton aoomint of the weather. By order of T. CAR rBNTBH. Attorney for M rtgagee A OCTION SALE OF FURNITURE, IN BROOKLYN. A by COLE A MURPHY, oo Thursday, at 2 o'cock, al SUA State Street, near Power* Rosewood snd iraheganr Parlor rnrnittire, estnted chamber Htttt, oak Rvtension inn ing Table and Chairs, Carpets and Oilcloths. Bareaus. Bed. ?leads. China. Retrlgerater^Ae, A" UCTIOB NOTICB-WM. 1RV1NO. A0CTIONEBB. Household Fumllsre, Carpets. Mirror. Ac.?QSOOOD OOKE will sell on Fridsy, April 21, at half past Wo'clock, .1 their saleeroon, W Cedar atreet, neer Broedwar a lar*e ?Uirtment of Household Furnltnre, removed to the store I^ZvWlMwUMi*. ratUsiUariW Borraw, "x*?rrrrr, iif,BAUMM AX auction r Airo;Ti?:. "a,a yauanon^ks BHTA1L 8took of BOOTS ABD SHOES, at auction, on ThursJsy. April -1. ? ?t 10 o'clock A. m . el the store* Mr o. 8 fowlsr. 4M Oraud atreet, comer of Pitt street. TWj? aale ?lll consist of some tju i<aoka?es of Boots and Shoe* to Be told without Catalogues mlf aaib* more lag ot tale By b. T wills AUCTION EBB?AUCTION NO lice. ?Sale ol Glassware. Parian Ware. Ac.. On Wed nesday April iu at 11 o-eleafc. ?l the ???* 0 **"?*? a lai?e asaurtmeol ix Ik* above (ooda. suitable to the trade. Alao Earthen War*. C rocheron A WOOD. auotionebmn Larue aale of fifty four disirable Building Lots and a beautiful Beaideuoe on Bergen Hill, New Jersey, at aucilonc(|ooHBlloM & WOODi Auctioneers. Will aell at public auction, on Thursdwr. Aprlt 21, at three o'eKiek P. m . on the premier*, the beautiful residence, Intel? ocupieJ by Dr. Cadmiia, nitualed on Ouucan avenue, south Bergen. on tbe wesiern slo|ie of Bergen Hill. over looking the announcing <t>untry ai far as the eye can reach. The houae Is first clan*, finished in the beat manner; marble mantels. bard finished w.ills, ornamented ooraloes, filled in with brink, gas pipes through the houae. water In kltohen. Ac. Alao after the above. m beautiful Building Lou, ad olning and weat of the residence, lit 128 feet Bale pisl tlve. Tei uih easy For particular* inquire of the auction eara. 88 Montgomery atraet, Jersey City. r\avid CLARKSON, jb.. AUCTIONEER -bale or U Ita iaii Marble Monument*, Headstone*, Mantel*. Oar den Figure*, Fountain*. Vanes; alao Malta Stone Pouulaln*. garden fume*, Chairs, Bofaa. Italian Marb'e Busts. Salues, Florentine Tabic* Ac. PF.I.f.s A CO. will Mil on Kridav. April 22, al ii o'clock, ou the premiaee, No i.uft Broadway. corner Twenty seventh street, the entire stocg aa above, ou lour inontba' credit. Stock now ready far ex amination by catalogue. DW. IVES * 00.. auctioneers?will SELL AT . auction ou Saturday. April 23, at 12 o'clock, al ma Broadway, asuiierb black walnut Bookeaae two solid roan w .od Console Table*, revolving Btagere, Parlor Suit, au, made by Geo Hinckle kNow on erhliltlou DW. IVES, auctionebr-D W. IVES A CO WILL ? aell at tbair store. iftft had 167 Broadway, Horaea. far rltue*und Harness. on Friday, at i o el ?ek. chestnut Mure, li>i, hands high, 7 year* old, warranted aound, kind and gen. tie In any harness; can trot In 3m .; a most splendid animal. A % Wagon. made by Duaenburv A Van l>uaer. and Har nes*. Biuc'< Mare. Ill han<la Uigh, 8 years old, warranted kind and gentle In any harnnaa. DBDBKE. AUCTIONBER, WILL BELL THIS DAT. . Werin*Hdav. 20th lust., at half past ten e'eioek. the Lease and Fixtures of the Drinking and Dining Saloon 70 West Houston street. Oavidd. KUAN. auctioneer ?DAVID D. BOAN will sell this day, at il>'i o'clock, at 3/ Montgomery street. Household Furniture Carpels. Crockery, Ac. ?Bu reaus, Bedsteads Hair and Straw Mattrease*. Three plv and Ingrain Carpets. Store*. Pictures, China and Glass Ware, one Melo .eou. 1? ROTH. AUCTIONBKB. WILL 8BLL THIS fWKD J. nesday) afternoon. at 2 o'clock, all the elegant House bold Furniture. Carpets. Ac., at the elegant resldeuce 123 Wjst Eighth street, a few doors from Sixth avenue, uenr J eilerson Market, consisting of magnlltoent Parlor Furnl tore, in suits, covered In rioli Freuch sstin brocatel. silk reps and haircloth; marble top Taolea. Pier Mirror. Pier Table, Lace Curtain*. Bron/.* Bight D.iy Clocks, Parian and China Vases. Easy Chairs, Turkish Lounge*, solid black walnut Extension Table, Dining Chairs, rich Cut disss, cl.ina and Silver Ware. Ivory Table Cutlery, line Paintings, roaewood and black walnut Bedsiead*. Bureaus. Mattresses, Spring Mattresses. Blankets, Chair*, Roe leers, Lounges, Sofa Bed, Ac. ____ FCOLTON, auctioneer ?CENTBF.L HOUSEHOLD , Furniture. Carpets, Mirrors, Parlor, Dinlngl Room, Ac. On Thursday. April 21, at Ms 23 Bleeeker street, the entire centeel Furniture of the bouse, embracing every kind and deecripLlon of good rosewood, mahogany, bluet walnut and oak Furniture; Carpets, Oilcloth*. Piloting*, Chlua and Olsssware, Ac. Ac. More full particulars on Thursday morning. FOR SALE?at AUCTION, THE VALUABLE PBO perty situated on the northeast corner of Plrsl snd South Eighth street*, Williamsburg, directly opposite the ferries, will be sold on Monday, April 25, at 12 o'clock, by A. H. MULLER, at the Mercbaula Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway, New York. George cook, auotionbf.b-carriages and Harness. This day, at 1 o'clock, at 141 Broadway. Rookaway Carriage, two seat Wagon, English Dog Cart and alngle Harnai*. Henrv. h. lkrds a oo . auctioneers SUPERB AMD KECHBRt.'HE pkiva'fK OOLLBC TION of PAINTINGS AND STATUARY. HENRV h. LEEDS A CO. will *ell at auction on Thursday evening, April 28. al 7X o'clock, at the old Dussetdorf Gallery. 648 Broadway, next door below Tiffany A On. ? SUPERB AND rbchbbchk PRIVATE COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS AND BTATUABT- i Being tbe cat i re gallery of B. Brooking. Esq., of this city, and purchased by blm principally In Europe, from tbe ar- i lists, durmit tbe pest six yean, and sold only aa the earner Is about leaving to reside in Bo rope. We cm oeafldentlT say that this collection will be fen ad equally Interesting with those heretofore offered by us. Among other choice artists are the foiiowlug:? Professor Ed. Hlldebrand, of Barlta. Jobbe Duval, of Paris. ?pringer. of Amsterdam. ou' luls Haghe. of Loadou. Florent wlllsns, of Brussels. E. Le Polttevlu. of Paris. Louis Meyer, of tbe Hague. J. Couture, of Paris. B. C. Koek Rock. b. Is*bey. Beckab, of Berlin. H. G. Ten Bate, of Amsterdam, P. Bossiiet, of Brusae:*. Guillemsa of Pari*. Trovon, A. Acbeobach, Ourifa. Lambioet, Boddington, Coutourler, Linton. and other equally distinguished artists. Ther will be resdv for exhlbttloo on aad after Wednesday, loth Instaat. a* above. BTATUABT. statuette by Bartolinl. Innocence and Fldellly, from the collection of the late .loseph Bonaparte, and Is a portrait of hisdsugbier. the PrincessCanino, when a child. N. B.?No other pictures but those belonging to this col lection will be oQered in thi* aale. Henry h. lbedsa co., auctioneers, HENBY H. LBBDS A CO. will will al auction, on Wednesday, April 20, at 1um o'clock, in front of our aiore No. n Nassau street, a very floe square >-ot Rockawav, with top to seat four persona very nearly aew and In good order, built by Brewster, pole and shafts. HEMRY H. LBKDS A CO.. auctioneers. ELEGANT MANUFACTURED STOCK OF FURNI TURE HENRY H. LEEDS A CO. will mil at auction. on Tuea day, April iv, and Wednesday, April 20, at 101* o'clock, at the waieroom* 581 broalway, elegant houaanold Furni ture, all of which waa removed from New Orleana to tbia city for convenience of aale. conflating ol mahogany. roae w 'ol and black we'nut Bedateada, mahogany and black wal. nut dreialng Bureaus, inah cany, blaak walnut und ro?e wood marbl? tup Hall Stand*: roaewood and mahogany marble top Centre Tablea, Extension Dining T able oak, ma boganyand bla-k walnut carve l bultrte: Hall Chair*, with box seat*; superb rosewood Sulta all ol which are ?naJe In the injnt subatautlal manner. ac The entire atock will he aold without reserve. and every artic.e guaran'eed aa repre sented. Hhenry H. LBKDS A CO.. auctionkkr8. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. HENRY H. LEEDS A CO. will aell at ancilon, on Tbure day. April 21. at 10*{ o'clock, at 27 weft twenty-secoud street. elegant Household Furniture, consisting of Velvet and Medallion bruaseta and Ingram Carpets roaewood Suit In orange latin, roaewood marble top Etagere. rich orange -aim daiuaak Window Curtain*, rosewood marble top C?n tre Table, roaewood Piano, made by Ladd A Co.: fancy re ception Chair, gilt Iraine Freu' h plate Pier Mtr<or* Mantl Mirror*. Ac.. black walnut attention Dining tab e. b ack walnat Cbalra in green rep* Hofna in freen rep*, black wal nut marble top Sideboards. China Dinner Set*. Tea Set, olssawsre, ac Lace Window Curtains, black walnut sof ia ?o crlmaon pluah. cane aeat Chairs, mahogany Secretary Hookcaae roaowood Sewing Table, black walnut aud ma ho ganv marble top Dreaalng Bureaus do Wsshstands, W?rd robe*, Feather Beda. Hair Mattrenc*. Straw matireufs, kol?tei**nd Pillow*, China, Crockery aad olaaa Ware. Henry h. lebds a oo . auctioneers bxrcutor s balk OF HOUSEHOLD FURBI 1ienry H. LEBDS k CO. will aell at auction. on Thurs day, April 21, at 10s o'clock. m s3 Morton atreet. Executor a aale of Houaehold kumliure, oouflsiing of Velvet Carpet*. Brnaaela and Ingrain Carpet*, carved roaewood Suit in crlmaon figured brocatal. gilt frame French Plate Pier Mirror*, marble t ip Pier Baae and Cornice*. rich Lace Win dow Curtain*, mahogany. Egyptian, marble top Centra Table. Ormolu Chandelier*. Ormolu clock. China Deco rated Vaaea, Mahogany bedateada aod Bureana. Mahorany rookcaae, black walnut Cane m?at Chair*. Brnaeel* Stair Carpet* Oil cloth. Oaa Fixture* mahoganr Rooter*. Chair* Tete a Tetea in haircloth. China, Crockery, aad (ha**ware. Kitchen Furniture, A*. Smm enrt D. MINER. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM j7 Na**au ?treet, oppoclt* the putt usioo ?MINER A ikkvillk will Mil at auction on wednesday. April iu. at 10x o'clock, at the private residence No. 1 Monroe place, corner of Clark itraat, Brooklvn, elegant Houaehold Furniture, Painting*. Ac. Parlor*?Bngllih Velvet Medal uoa Oarpeta. brocade Wiadow Curtain*. Freach plau Pier Mirror*, elegantly arved reaawoou Soil in threo colored brocatel; bronte ctoak and Candelabra*. roaewood Centre aod Bide Table*, Maatal Oraameau. on* roaewood 7 octave Pianoforte, full round e*ra?r*. maker. Ha rah on A Btoe.. New York. ac 1'iaing room?engh*h bniaaal* Carpet, black walaut Bullet. eiunaion Table, black waiant suit. Fraaoh China, olaaawaro. Plor Mirrora, ac Bedroom*? Bos*w<?d and mahogany Bedsteads Bureana. waetiatanda, Commode*. Chain, Shaving 9tand, hrnsaels Carpeia, Crockery, ,1c. . alao roaewood hatatands, Oilcloth*. 8uir Carpeta and rode, oak kx tension Table, main.tuny Buffet. Hair manreaaea. kitchen oi*aei|e, Ac Alao, atiocloek, a ilm ciliecuoa of orlgmal modern Oil Palntlnga, among which will be found the work* of the following eminent 8tists, v|t ? purand, caaalliar, Leut/f. l. Lang. mai art. Coleman. D. John*-*. thompapo. L enfaiade Met*, leadore Frera, Hendrltx. Carand. Montus and othera; i also, a private library of iflnstratad and Standard Warka. Household firniturm bales.-wi will give our personal attention u> aaio* or unoaebold Kuril i tore Work< oi Art aad general out door Sale*, upoa liberal teini". Psrtlee proposing giving up bona 'keeping ur bu*l neaa larormg n* win their commands will taftrab-ri like , rallv. our facilities being aneh aa to ln*are prmnt and eare . fnl attention to the Interests o' our pairona. J. e. halskv * CO . Aucttoaaera. i ^ , _ ( f No. lu barclay airtat. H^hrnry 1). vivbr *1 ctionrkr-salesroom 17 baaaau atreet. op?>?*lle the fttat oflioe-ml vrr a : homekv1ll. will aell at auction, nn thitraoav, April j| at | 11), (h-Iock, at the private re*iden?i No. 74 Weat Fortv alv lb a' geateel hi naeh'dd fiirnllilm. roeewood Piano. 1 Mirrora, Ac.; lan.e yeaat carpeta. oral Pier Mirrora Man tel do.. roaewood V nrla'e i' ano full rennd f orn?ra. marie r,? i.ift Co. of ttaia i-tu. roiewood Eiagere, eletiant carved roaewood Suit, tmfnrh'n 'o ohlerr ailivfe |tron/i ?, t'hlneae \*?e? line oil ramtiuii*. Av., mar-wood fcitenalon Ta le, rlihiu' ?hl'e and sm Dinner Service. tTflt lilaaax are. oak Lining Chan*, roaewood and m>ab<)gan) Bed*i?ai'.a. bn"caua and Waalia'nnd* and chslfa. >-e*t nirled Hair Mat trea*ea Heather he-'a boiater*. pillov*. Kngravlnga, oil doth*..kit'hen Uten?1l*. Ar. Hi ENRT D. MINER. ACCTKinker-salesroom No. i'7 nh*?u aliret. oppoelte tUa 1'oet odice ?MINK it a homrrvtllr will hell at auftlun, on Friday, April a. at ij oolock. at No. 411 Veaev alreei. a large u'laeiil* ot Teuta, Knnpaack-. Cup*, Ac Bv order of Ma or General 1)11 f i'. moklkath. Acting Aa*"t oiiarternia*er. nl'.nry D. minhr, aucuonkrr-SA1.bsroom No. 37 na**au *tteei, opi/oaite ihr pn*i on i* ?minfc K A somkrvillk will aell at aucltoo, on Thuradai. April si, al i0}{ o'clock, at the privato realdenc* No. 7 Lamartlne i'la- e. Twentv ninth street. Intneen Eighth aad bmth ate n ee genteel llonaeholil furutluie. roaewood Piano. Paint ing*. Ac. ? Rruaaei* ('arpeta, Pier Mirror*. ro*ewo?d rta gere*. roaewimut ault in rep*, roaewoo.1 aeven octave l lano, with Moilan a taehment. full roundoortiera, flalahed liaek. ! made by Halleu, Davie A Co., of Bo*lon; Oil Palnllnf*. Curtalaa and Cornice*, mahogany Sofa* and Clialra, roae ' wood cenirn Table* carved oak Bullet, oak F.<tenaion i Tab e and chaira, white and ?lt owner Set, Silver plated iv tr^. k<\\ niahn?<i?i? mid bwrfmi. f i cotu?f> jniui lulr mmtthrn holnirm *n<1 pluoirt; i vuTm. i i^^'-ng-r',sr>u't- totlw l,ron"" huu ^"41 }A*Ni i; jQf 01 >i I I ?* | o I 1 r_ ?ifilll AT^UJffCTIOBf : H^H0!-ku(H.'? WMmn?aum ** i-rivatb ?? BK??lOkJOEa.-DANIBL ATilATMBW*. AOO TTTiHhKK, u6 ?a.S?AU gTHRBT. will alv* Ml rwtjul at tention In ulna at Furniture at urlnu residences, or. IT pre ferred. wiu remote t*e setae? Vis spawou. baLKhboOM. Sits. 'aLduSr**? .?sat'itf J. HtLtlKt, ABCTIONKER-BT #. 8. HALBRY 00. special hardwabb salb. t'? will Mil oa HON DAY. APRIL K, To be continued oa TU BMOAF. APRIL M. Comtnsnoiag ?*c*i da; st 10 oolucfc, BY 0ATALOOUK. FOR 0A8(I. on Ihe prrtiulaee. NO ? WAHRKN STREET. * A General Assortment of kugiieh, Gerinau and Amerlcea BF.AVT AND HHEI.K HaRDWARB. TAMLB AMI POCKET CUTLKKY, HUE ENGLISH DOUBLE GUN8 AND RIFLES, SPORTSMEN'S AMD OUN MATERIALS, EDGE TOOLS, FILES PLANES. LOOKS. JAPANNED TBA TRAYS, Ao . Ac.. ?being the entire balance af a too* of aa old ami lone estab Imbed . . importing Aim jobbing house declining buMneaa. Catalogues realr (?ad goods open Tor laapeotion) aa Keluriav. April S3, and mar be had oa tba premises, or on application to the Auctioneer*, No. 10 Barclay alre<l JK HAL8RY, AI'OTIONKKK-B*. A J. B. HAI.8EY . CO-ADMINISTRATOR'S 8ALB. THIS DAY (.WEDNESDAY), April 20. at 10 o'clock, Ou the premises, Noe. M and 22 COMMERCE STRKBT. near ItLbRCKER, to clone the eatate of the late Win. H. Tibbala, deceased, comprising Chi'dten's Carriage*. Hobby Horses Propellera and Chair Rooker*. finished and unUntshed; Carriage C.otb, Carriage Trimmings, Lathe. Forue. Hoop Iron, Lumber, Ac Alao. a lai -e lot of tinlliiiahed Wheels, Bodiea. Frame* and materials geaerally. Catalogue* may be had ou application to the auctioneers. JOSEPH HEGEMAN. THURSDAY, APRIL II. at 9 o'clock A. M.. at No. 17 Secood place, betweea CUatoa and Ilenrr sireots Brooklyn, handsome French plate Pier Glass, rosewood Sofai. Chairs, Centre Tables, Secretary Bookoaae, Lady'a Dealt, tuahoga ny Dressing Bureau* Bedsteads, Hair aad Spring Mat tresses. Wardrobe* villi mirror doom, mahogany Bxtensloa Table. China, Ulan* Ware, Velvel. Medallion and Brtnaela Carpets. Ac., Ao. ?SAM i'. DAY. at IS o'clock M . at 26 Butler street, between Court and Smith, Parlor Furniture, Carpeta, 4c., 4c. SAME DAY. at 1 o'clock P. M., at No 91 Doan street, between lloyt and Smith street*, all the Carpets and Furniture In the house SAME DAY, at 2 o'clock P. M? In Paoilio street third house east of Clove roal. rosewood Parlor Suit. 10 pieces in greeu and gold; mahogany Chamber Furniture, oak Kitension Table and Chair*. Yelvot. Brussels. Three-ply ami Ingram Carpeta, aud Oilcloth. Window Curtains and Shades, Matlrcsaea, Ac., Ac_ lOHN H. AUSTIN. AUCTIONEER. tl The Committee on Art of the Metropolitan Fair will sell, at auction, by catalogue, on Tuesday evening, the l'.hh Inst., and ihe following evenings until completed, the Paint ings and other works of art now on eililblLioa In the gal lery. being the contributions of the artists to the Fair in aid of the United States Sanitary Commlaalon. The sain will commence atTKP M. Admittance during the sale, W cents By order, JOHN F. KEN8ETT. Chairman. JL. BNGLBHART A CO.. AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE ? V5 Bowerv, will sell on Wednesday, April 20. at 10k o'clock, at No 215 Bait Houston street, between Ludlow and Kasei streets, the contents of the Dry and Fancy Hoods Store, consisting of a general assortment of Fancy and Dry Ooods, Ac. Also, two Show Cases, Countersand Flxtuie* JAMES JENKINS. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT auctiou on Wednesday April 20. al II o'clock, at I 401 Broadway, lietween Fortieth and Forty first streets, llorxes. Carriage*. Wagon*. Rocks ways, ,1 agger. Business and Doctors' Wagons; Double and Single Harness, I Furniture Truck, and Harnesa. Saddles and Bridles. One pair of Ponies at private sale. JOHN W. BOMRRINDYKB, AUCTIONEER.-DK.8IRA ble Household Furniture On Thursday, 21st Inst., at 10'? o'clock, at S'lS Broome street near Mott, the Furniture of a family about to remove comprising good Oilcloths and Carpeta, inabogsav and black walnut Bedsteada. Sofas and Chairs, Bedding, Chamber Furniture. Eitcben Utensils, Ac. Terms cash, (foods to be removed same d*y. K FARMER, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. THIS ? day. at 10^ o'clock, at '<74 Hudson street, a large aa sortment of New aad Second Hand Furniture, Ac. Every thing necessary to furniali a house will be round at this sale, and the Block so large that it will be necessary to con tinue the sale ou Friday next, at the same hour. MORRIS WILKIN8. AUCTIONEER. Southeaat Corner of West Houston aad Greene streets at Aucilon. E H. LUDLOW A CO. wil. sell at auction on Thursday, April 21. ISM. at 13 o'clock, a* the Exchaage salesroom, No. Ill Broadway (Trinity Building), New Vork. SOUTHEAST CORNER OF WEBT HOUSTON AND OREENE STREETS ?The valuable plot of ground on the southesat corner of West Houston and Greene streets, be ins 100 reet square, with foundations and vaults. Terms at sale Mapa. Ac., at the offioe of the auctioneers, No. S Pine street. New York. Morris wilkins. auctioneer. Valuable Leasehold Property, No. S3 Murray strett, at auction. K. H LUDLOW AOO. will sell at auction on Thursday, April 21. 1861. at twelve o'clock, at ihe Exchange Salesroom , HI Broadway (Trinity Building), N. Y MURRAY STBEET?The Lease or the Lot, wltli the three story. |has:ment snd sub-cellar brick *tora No. 38 Murray street, south side. 52 leet west of Church stteel. 8lore lias ga* and water. Re a la for $4 000 peianuum. Lease baa 71 year* I mm October, 1849, with two renewals, around real $250 per annum. $8,000 on mortgage, which can remain or be paid off. Map*. Ac., at the ottice of the auctioneers, No. 3 Pine street, N. Y. M ORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. Elegant Country Seat ai Hastings at auction. E. H.LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auetlon on THURS DAY, April 21, 1864. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Sales room. Ill Brosdway. Trinity Bulldtug, New York:? HASTINGS?Large stone House, with about forty acres of Laad. on the river, adjoining tne country residence of Robert B. Miuturn, Bsq. House built In the most substan tial mauaer. with barn, coaob house, stable, carpenter shop, hennerjr< Ac , all Id the beet order; ground* banuaomely laid out. There are three splendid building sites, all having beaiitit'ix front views or the Hudson and Pslisades. Plenty of fruit. location perfectly healthy. Maps, Ac., at No. S Pine stieet, near Broadway, New York Morris wilkins. auctioneer-choice lots. nortli went corner of Second tmue and Fifty ninth itrnt. being southern boundary of Central l'ark. I. H LUDLOW ,t CO will *ell at auction on Friday, April 2'.'. lH#t. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Saleroom, ill ISioadway (Trlnttv Rulltiing) New York:? SECOND AVBNCK. northwest roruer of Fifty-ninth mien?One valuable Lot. 311 5x91) feet st-OONP AVKNUR?Four valuable Lot* adjoining, north, each 20x'lofeet fifty-NINTH HTHKET?Seven valuable Lota, north ninety reel went of Second avenue, with the lar?e double three aiory and attir House, tilled In with brirk, feet. Hoisefhaa water andga*. Lota each 20x100 & feet. Tonne eaay. Map*, Ac., at the auctioneer'! O'lice No. 3 Pine slreet( near Broadway. METROPOLITAN FAIR. LDWaRD BCIIKNCK, AUCTIONEER. BY EDWARD 8CHBNCK. ON Till RSDAY, Al'KIL 21. AT THE CATTLE 8HOW OF THE METROPOLITAN FAIR, tn Fifteenth atreet, near Seventh avenue, at 4 o'clock P. M., the following valuable animals, presented '? tb? Fair, vl/ ? A nui-crb black Anda uman Stallion, Imported by Win. H. Aspluwsll. Esq. and presented by him. An eie^nnt brown Marc, 15 hands, 8 years, perfectly sound and kind: can trot cloee to 3 minutes, In harness, and a line aaddle borae, preaented by Guar lea Aslor Brtated. Eau. A valuable aorrel Mare, preaeuied by General H. H. Bat ter, of Rutland, Vu A yoke of superior Oxen, preaented by Robert J. Livings ton. Esq.. of New Brunswick. N. J. Ibe celebrated premium Durham Bnll "Great Eastern," presented bv W. H Walker, Esq., of New York. A Coiiawol'l Buck, well bred, pieeemed by Nathaniel Hal lock. Esq.. of Milton. N. Y. The Calf "Italay." preaented by B. F. Robtneon, Esq , of (iodwinvllle. N J A Sheep, with Are herns, presented by P. T. Barnura. Esq.. N. Y A superior Blood Hound "Jiff. Oaris" waa captured at Meridian, Alabama, by the Tlilrtv aecond Wisconsin regi ment. presented by Major Brown ef the United States army, now at Cairo. A valuable Newfoundland Dog, presented by Alfred W. Craven. Esq , N Y. A is. a Peacock and Hen, two pair of Rabbits and two pair of Figeon*. M DOUGH TT, ACCTIONBF.R. . Will sell on Thnradav. April SI at 10* o dock, at No. 22" West Flftv rourth street. aesr Broadway, OSNTBEL HOI'SBHOLD FIKNITURE. consisting of Velvet Carpets, isiah.gany Sofas Chairs, Mir rors, Oilcloths, Extension Dtolng Table, Crockery, Cutlery and Olaaa Warn; Bureau* Badsteada. Hair Mattreases. Feather Beds. Bolsters aad Pi!lews, together with a general aasertmantof Kitchen Furoitere, An.?the whole to ne per emptorily eold. MICHAEL KERRIGAN, AUCTIONEER. NO. IW CHAT bam street, will eell at auction, on Thursday, Slat ln*t., 0 o .-lock, at No. West Thirlv-eeooa4 atreet. between Eighth and Bluth avenues, all the splendid Furniture, con stating of rosew"od, hlsck walnut, mahoaany aad enamelled Furniture. Bedateade. Boreas*. <;esus Tables marble top, Ae . Beddiag, Tapestry, Velvet, Bruaeels and Ingrain Car nets and Stair Carpets. F.ilroaien Dlattu Table, one Heater, Ratlletl'e patent; China, 0 ass and Crockery Ware. Cata logue# will ba ready oa the moriuag of tale. MORTGAGE BALE OF HOT7SRHOLD furniture. BENJAMIN P. PAIRCHILD. auctioneer ?On Thurs day. April SI. at 10 A. M.. at 4# Weal POunaenth street. oon eiauaii o rosewood Parler Suits la green and red velvet; rosewood marble oo Tall lea. rneeweod Bureaus Hedeteade. Wardrobe*, mahogany H'daiea s. Bureaus Wssbstaade, oak marble lop Haislaad Lace Curtaiae aad Cornlcea. Br ?sel? Tapestry and Lngra n Car pete. Hair Maitrcse Oil - etoths. Ac By order of John H WVson, Attorney lor mort gagee fAWNBROKRR K SALh?THtS DAY. AT MS O'CLOCK precisely, by JOHN MORTIMRK. 15 fcaat Broadway, of flftu lets It ple-'ges. oansienng if Bilk, Merino. Calico and other Dresses, Skirt*. K<-ma?ats. Shawl*. Velvet Cloth and Aik Cioer.s. Shee s. out it* Hlankete. lift lets of Men's Olothta*. Frock and Buslneso Uosta, Canto, Vest*. Boot*. Ml snd a large 'ot or sal er goods too numeions to men iiei well worthy tkeauentloa etdealere a? ' hoesekeei ere. Hv order of B B. Sol. mon A C-o , ttld Hudson S'reet N B?llie above ?at* wn? to have taken pta<"? veeterdav; but having neglected advertising In morning papers, post poned the same to this morning, at 10]% octyk. ?AVt MIHOKI H x BALK nil I'AY.?IAMBB AGAR Will eell at M N*j? Bo?crv, atlOSo clock. Ml ts of ri s and Wnmeh a t>. jung Ai ward, terslilltig oi Bilk, calico. Mu*1ln ant Other Dir'asc-i ' tape and Siella Shaw la. P #l|l em at si Boa Men s and Women's ffwi tng Ai parrl, rerslilltig oi riilk, < *||,-o. Muslin aAd other Iln-'asc-, < ia|'e ac t Siella Shv-rla, Unlerclothe*. Hhee *. spreads. Table Cloth*. Townle, Boots sud Shot**, and * *arlety of othat goo.I* By . rderof J. TWYBLK3, So Bnyard *treet. Pawnbroker s 8^,le.-w. n. lewis, AUcrioN ? eer. will sell, this day. at IS! Bowery, up at..Irs by Jfo4r of W. Hini*n ,t Co.. a larne .iiiaiu ty of tUothlug, alao a lot ol Bo.'.* and Shoes. H*le to commence at IQi. o'clock. IIIC8AKD-WALTERS, SIIERIFPS ADCTTONBIB, Jv (Late New- F.nglgnd Hotel! MOABDINU HuliriR ? riRST CLAtiB FURMTURE. Will eell on Friday, A p. II -X at IUS, o'clock. Ihe entire Furniture of the late J?ew MukIsuU Hotel Boar.linii Holier. No.rt RmisoreK atreet coaeietingul l'srlor Furnltine, m-nrble top Table*. Bureau*. Washttan*>, Fier Mirrors, seerstsry. Boohcaae Wardrobe, Soia* Chair* sod Rockers in hair elnth, chandeliers. French (Mucks. Vases an.I oth"r Parlor Furniture; superior EngHah Three plj Caipet^ Ruga. Cur tain*. Bee chamber Fwraitnre, Freneh ami Cottage Sed ateads, Bureaus. Feather Beds. Pillow* Roisters, llalr and ulher Mattreasee. a quantity of excellent Redding. OailtS. Htaaket*. Comfartera. BhealS. Oroekerr. eplendid Kitchen move and Klti han Furniture, tn r?ilelv and unantlty. Bale oeaitivc MM ?u?etu# R. ? i' \1 , ?'\? ?>, 1 pry . ,,,>*>??? At AVCttOB. t. U1ULU AUCTIONEER HOUSEHOLD FUKNITUUS. THE rUEHITUll, <UBP?B. CUOCKEEf. to, *o.. contained In lh? above mentioned bouse. WHITTKM04UI * UA4BU* Auctioneers. Tu UUMllM^ RICHARD WALTER* SHERIFF'S auctioneer. JV solicits sales ol llouseh >ld Kurulture aud 8Uues 1 ruin parties breaking up. Term* moderate. Mouey advs?oed on Furniture, Merchandise, llortrt. W*.:oas. Coaohcs. U*r #f- All al?da of prune t> 8u ails or storags Apply St auotloa stores 18 and 27 Bui Broadway. SA f. BOO ART WI I.I. SELL THIS DA*. ? Aarti 2$, at jo o'clock, at Tammany Hall. corner or Frank fort and Muhu streets. the em Ira Kutuuuie of Uta above hotel, MOMkUOM Of a largo quantity *1 superior Curled Hair Mattresses. (On finer Ftuther and Down Beds. Bulsiera , aad Pillows; Bedsteads Paillasses, Wool Klaukola, Counter , panes. Sheets, Iron B?dsteada. Brussels an.I lugralu Oar | pets, Oilcloths. French l'lalo Mirrora. Uas Chandelier*. Bar room and Restaurant Furniture, Counter. mahogany Tali ea. Casters. Table Cutlery, Crookery and Glassware, (Hooka, I OUIce Furniture, Secretary Bookcase. Iron Safe. Ac.; alao a I lot of unolalined Baggage. Catalogues will l>e ready ou Tuesday g'CRANTOM COAL AT AUCTION -OmCB OK TUB ) Delaware, Lackawanna A Weeieru Railroad Com pan?, ew York. April 11. lHtH -Tbla company will bold their lifteenth regular moutlur auu Ion ou Meduesdsy. the 'i7ih day of April, IMi. at 12 o'cluok noon, at tbeoOioeof the company. No. 34 William street. al which tiuie they will offer, by SIMEON Dlt.WKR, Auctioneer. twenly Bve thou aand teua of fresh mined Sirautou Coal ea rat ing all the usual si>?s. anil deliverable at their depot. Kluabelliport. N J., duriiiK the montli of May uext. The sale will be posi tive. Bach lot put up will bo sold to the bight at bidder, no bids. Id any i?rm whatever. being made for account of or on behalf of Hie company. The terms aad conditions wilt be the aame aa heretofore, and will bo fully made known at time and place of sale. john UKISIIIN, President. SHERIFK'B BALB. A LA HOE LOT OF GROCFRll'H. 1 WInKS AND OTHKR LIUi'ORS. | RICHARD WALTERS, Auctioneer, will ueil ou Wednes day, April 20, at II o'clock, ai auction atore 27 Kant Broad way, a large lot of assorted tirooeriea consisting ot Greeu and Black Tea*. Sugar*, lloaated ami Uround Colleen, Soap, Starch. Hlue, Hire. Molasses Suli ea aud other groceries casks KINK COGNAC HKANOIf. BARRELS UK BOURBON WHISKEY, HOLLAND OIN, WINES. Ao . In ratten aad packages. london PORTBR AND SCOTCH ALB. Aituaaw L. UrKNb. Deputy. JAM KB LYNCIl, Sheriff. SALB OF brandish. w1nbb, WHISKBYS, AC.. AT public auction.?H HERMAN A CO., auctioneers, will aell this day (Wednesday), April 20, at II o'cloek. al i:< Bow ery. the entire KUx.k oi Imported and domeatlc Liuuora fit>m V Lopine A Co., ?i/^lyiut 4f> caaku pale and dark dies, Oin and Rum ; P.'0 hbla. old Koiirbon, Rye and Scotch Wblakera; Port Hbcrry, Claret nml Khlue Winea; h? ha* keta and oasea Cliaui|iat;iie, Cordials, and a large lot ol other Liqunra, Klttures, Ac. THOS T. ClIURCn, AUCTIONEER, WILL .SEI.L AT aiictloo, on the ground, at Fort Hamilton, ou Tlmi-Hday, the 21st Inat. at 12 o'clock M , II Lots, beautifully auuate'i, on I'mtrd States avenue and other streeta, in I rout ol the large govertitnent barracks now ersrtine upon the lauda of the United States For particulars see handbilU. WA. CARTER. auctioneer?GROCERIES. . Store FixUreH, Horse, Wai;on. itr. Thursday, at td o'clock, at 1,1UW Broadway, cornei ot |Tbirty-secend street. Lliuora. rteRsra. Tea, Coffee. SuKar, B'lau. Ac. A good One cornqr Awning, together with Ue usual asaortmeut found In a lirat clans store. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 4 Kast Broadway?will sell this dev. at IU% o'clock, the eontcnts of the Grocery Store 94 Banter street?Soap, Candlea, Glass Cases, Counter, Beor Pumps, Spices, Bottles, Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT, auctioneer, OFFICE NO. i East Broadway, sells on Thursday, the 21st lost., at 10 o'clock, the entire Furniture and Bedding, at 46 and 48 I.lapenard street ?Conaistlug lo part of mahogany Sofas ana Chairs, Brutsels and other Carpeta. Feather Beds, Hair, Husk ana Straw MattrkHres: Feather Pillows, walnut ami maple Bedsteads. Oilcloths. French Plate Miirors, Extension Tables, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, two auiall Pianos. Also at 2 o'clock same day, wiUaell two splendid Sharp's Billiard Tables. Balis aud Cues, at the Dupjnt House, corner Laighl and Hudson streeta. De posltes required. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at 4A4 Canal street. 2 Pier Glaaeee, 1118x31, iu gilt frames; - Parlor Suits. Centre, Dining aud Tea Tables. Lace Cnrtaioa, rich Velvet Tapestry. Three ply and other Carpets. Ollolottis. llat Racks, mahogany, rose wood and black walnut Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses. Feather I Beds aoit Bedding, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Waah stands. Chlua, Glass aad Silver Ware. Wardrobes. Bxteo I sion Tables, Lounges. Rocking aad other Chairs, Sofa Beds, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture. Ac., together with evert thing for bouaekeeplng. 40 fine Velvet and other Carpeta. ~ PERSONAl?. ARRIVED SAFE AND WELL. preston (1HILD LOST FROM NO. 124 WEST FORTT-FIFTH J ?treet ?A little girl, 3l?yeareold. Her dress ?Plaid delaine light cloth ooat, trimmed with black vslvet; a drab jockey hat. trimmed with green velvet and feather: Bal moral boots. and light leggings. Hsr name is Marv Wood homo; answers to that or Mamie Wood bouse. Any Infor ioam>n nf her will be 'iberally rewarded. CtLAEE.?INFOBMATION WANTED, OF THE AD J dress of Miss (Maugle) Clark, who nsed to reside in Pre aldent street. South Brooklyn, and wbo worked in Fulton street. New York, last spring. If this should meet her eye. or aov one knowing of her whereabouts, they will oblige by addressing O. L,. Post oaioe, Boston, Mass. Carrie paul?^Washington cars, letter at Madison square Post olitoe ior you. Dave-come home immediately, c. is veby iU. Dick?everything is all right, why dont you come back to your little ZIP I U*VANS -MY darling, I CANNOT HELP THINKING Jlt of you, so put this In. 1 wrete yesterday. Please ri' ply promptly or I shall fear the letter went wrong. Expect me as promined. Do try, then, to arrange my flrstpioimaal; it will be se much best. Ever, EVANS. 1NFOM.MATIOW WANTMD-Of JOHN KELLY. A NA tlve of Dublin, a sailor; whan last heard of He was In Liverpool. Any information of him will be thankfully re ceived by his slater. Mary Kelly, St Cathsrlne's Convent. * East Houston street, Hew York. Boston papers please copy. INFORMATION WANTED?OP .IP.RRMIAH SULLIVAN. 1 who left hi* home on Monday, the 18it> nut. II** but one itrui, lilack eye* Had dark hair; height five foot seven inches. Anr information of hi* whereabout* will be thank fully received by bla mother, Mary tiullivau. 56 fork direct. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MHS. MARY AN O I Juuii Kil/*lmmon?, who, when la?t hoard fro 11. re. aided la New York city. Any information of thetn will bo gratefully received by addressing John Kit/tiiuruona, Co. C, 4 ah N Y. 8 Volt . Washington, O C. INFORMATION WANTED-OP MRS MAXWRLL (mailed nm o Jane Craig), formerly of Dowiipa>riclc, count; Down. Ire and. When Mat heard from a bom sit m<>?'b? ago. her husband ?ai in the employ of Mr Cro ilei i lannfacturer. Philadelphia, Pa Informally of her whereabout* will bo thankfully received by her nephew, Alexander Illll, at J. McCaul'a, 261 Eatt Fifteenth tt reet. New York. t INFORMATION WANTBD-OF thr whereabouts I of Patrick O'Sulllvan, who tolled from Limerick, March. 1814 I* a native of Kilgarvln, countv Kerry Ireland; when laa' beard from wai In Lapratrle. Lower Canada Any in. format on will be thankfully received hy hit muter, Honor* O'Nnilivan, 125 Ea*t Eleventh atreet, New York. TF THIS SHOII.D MEET THE EYR OF CATHERINE 1 lllfilin*, or her ion and (laughter. Michael md Mary, w! o. lo l?i. were living *t LUchl eid and New Mllford, Conn., and formerly of the parlab C reeve. Roecommoa Ireland, ther are requeued to write to William Hlggina, formerly ol Hhef ? field. but now of No. 7 Charlea itreet. Maurliemer, England. INFORMATION WANTEO-OP CATHARINE StNDY I h hton will be thankfully received by her a tier, at 107 Waahuig'.oD aireat. New York. IF WILilR MINIS WIl.L CALL AT THE FIFTH AVE 1 one Butei. in the barroom, oa Thuradav, at 7 P. M, he will bear of aonietbing to bia advaatage IP MR. 6TF.P1IEN llILLfl. formerly OF IS BROAD | wav. will Inform the aubecrlber where Meaera John Webb or Samuel I'enob are. he will oblige John Webb, Jr, Belmont Hotel, Fuiton ttreet. Mil. o. o. NELSON, WIFE OF CAPTAIN O. O. NEL too. formerly of New Orieaaa. la requeated to addrete i a Herald office, Mating where an iotemew can be bad , to give her information greatly to bar advantage. M-I WAS lUST A HALF HOUR BEHIND TIME; . my detention wae unavoidable Meet me at the aauie time and i>laa? on Prldav; If it raina Saturday. I will be punctual. Do not dlaappoiot me. M.E.J. MltrHV-TOCRa RFX'EIVED 4T I,ART VBRT g!a<i to bear from you, am living la the olty now. WiUe agaia aooo _ PHOTOGRAPHIC OALLhRT. BROADWAY?IF agreeable io the young lady who (with ihe aid of lha mirrori eiebaagcd tmliee wt h the geatiemaa who mi on aofa ae would be pleaaed to make her acquaintance. Ad. dreae Vignette. but Lf72 Pool oXoe WILL MRS WILLIAM ), DRVENS PLEASE WRITE or tend her aMvaaat Bar alienee oauaet aailety to bar frieade. m?aw or r icrs. AT HKNRY HTMAN'B. Kg BROADWAY. CORNER OP Bond atroet, ioom No S. up atalra.will par the high ettraab price for Dlamonda, act or uaaet, Watchea and till, ver Ware, or ad<*ncea made on the aame, and alao oa Plioot. (<i8 Broadway. AT 77.-?? onEV LIBERALLY ADVaNCBD At 77 ON diamonds. WATCHRB. JKWftLRT. Ae. IIORSif. IfAKNBRB. WAUONH. A". AT 77 PAWNBROK1R8*'ticK8TS WAITED AT 77 Of Dial. onoa. Watchea leweliy. Ac , and St percent more paid than can he oMa.ned at any other place le lha civ, at 77 Hleeek e r at r eet. At <*w. monky liberally advanced on Dlaoi nda, Watchea. Jewelry. Kllver Plate, ttuna. Piatolr, Ac, Ala< 1'awn broke re' Ticketa wanted or Lia"ion> ?. Watohe- Jewolry. (tuna Piatol*. Ac.. f(.r which I will I ay US i>er ent more ihan can be obtained at anv other place lB ;ljd c. W# Braadwav. ooroei ol Houtton ttreet, up ?uira, rona ? __ a T M NAMAlJ STREET. Rti'iM NO. 2. the HIGH j\ rat pri(*a?ie *la for looee or ?et Diamonda, Waichee and Jewelry of every deacnption. Aiao the moat liberal advanced trade on coneigiittieota of the above articlet, by A. HONIOMAN, Dtan ond nrvhev a T ? -PAWNHROBBBS' TICKBTS WANTEDI. I J\ w II |*v 'HI per '-ent more tbaa any other peraon In thie city lor ticket* for Piamoada, Watchea. Jeweliy, Ouna. Pia tola. Bi'ka, A*., Ae , at U Chatham Mrret room No S, over the hai ttore PAWNBROKER? TICKBTS Pi: BCHARFD OF CLOTH ing. Ac. I<ari' lot of t'liiihing for aale Ruatneaa Coatt. |Bi black K'0>ka. |5, Ovenoita. |fl; Caa?innere I'aota, $i. S.itlaet,fi| Veat, Si (1E0. LEV IE, 427 Broome ttreet. rflHF. HIOHBBT CAAH.price PAID FOR CAMEL 1 llalr Shawla. aid Fiir Carw* fln- l.aoee old O -Id and Silver, by I-OwIS AXRICH, TM Itr .adway, under the New York Hotel iwiiSiiiioe. QPBOIAIi NOTIC" -PERSONS COMTRBPLATINO O Inaunof their Nvet or thoea already I a to ratted in Life laaorance would de well to eeaaniuairote with the under F % ^ . ?y ywKFj uiuaioi i'ukakuhb i**>u*d*-trotti?<j -on P Wednesday April W, at J O'clock P M.. Batch f* H.tfc). mile heat*. be*t two to Utree, ?? tiune? Patrick Wattgreoa iiHMb.1. Patrick Henry, W Martin ninui Roan Maij. Hoata from J MHM sHp at two o fltook connect wlthUi* Ktu?k Ing train wbtub Imim Hunter'e full al V% MlMk F M UNION COURSE. fc. I.-TBOTTWO.??? WTOHM day. Aprtl n, at tk o'e*ock F M.; puree of f30 ??tle heat*. Mat three ia Ave, t? hanieas James D McMeM en ters b g. Cardinal; Itaa Maoa eatara b. K WonJMtfal; Swnar enters br. at. liaJly Cusne Up: B. Woodruff enters m Molly Pitcher; U. PUler euleras. a. Ida. Owaerentere Brawn Mare. The Restaurant Depart ootni to let tor the Maoa. Apply to BHAW * WHITB, Froorietora. HOUSES, CAKUIAOE1, dfC. AKtOR FACIRO H0R8B POR 8ALB-8IX YEAR* old. It handa high, aound and Wad; nan efcow a S 40 fait; k>treat prtoe, ?J0U. Imjuire of 0. FIRM R. t? Uorilandt I atreet, up ataira. A BLACK HAWK If AM, ? YBARS OLD. 16k HAN DA high, trots S.10: soind and Hind, fine saddle mire I Alio a net cit double Harness. covered mounting*. made br Duaseomb. for aala Apply at Lemigion ?uWe?, ttt Kant 1 Tbirty-aocoad atreet. A HANDSOME St'AN UP ItBAUTIKULLV MATCHKD blood hay Ilnriea, full 16 hand* high all and aevnn I years old. vr rv alyllah and good traveller*, warranted Round and kind, single or double Inquire at 900 Third avenue, crtier of Twenty-eighth atreet. BUfetNBSM WAGONS OKKVERY KIND GON8TA NTLY on hand, aueh aa Grouera', Bakers'. Milk, Mmera' ami Biurets. light or heavy, and made in the beat manner You will llud this place aa favorable at any in the oily HTf.W ART'S Wagon Factory, Fifty-third atreet, between Uroal wa* and Eighth avenue. F1A8T TBOTTIBO HOK8K ANI? ROAD WAOON KOR sale?Or will eioliauge for a llorie of 14^ band* high, of leaa value. The liorae u aouud aud kind, aeven yeaxaoM. aud cau ahow a natural ualt of 2:4). WM. L. lUUKIt,L. 4U3 Broadway FOR 8ALK-OARRIAGEH OF RVI'.ltY description, liretts, Phaetons. Kockawaya fop and Wagon*, Krpresa Wagons. Harness, Baddies auil Brldlea; alio 2A kcv>iuI hand* Carriages to pay atorage, by D. W. IVES A CO., lUud 157 Broadway. For sale?a finr young gray horse war. ranted a mad and kind. li year* old. I5l? hands high; can trot I'loae to three minutes: will lie sold reaaouable. lin|iiire corner of Broome and Tompklna streets, Bast river. L'Olt 8ALR?THREE SOB8B8, OKB BLACK HAWK F la ly'N aitddln liorae ono Mi nt riit? iloator'a liorae, one cowh liorae; warranted aound and kind. Inquire al 'iil Bllxabeth atreet ^ If OR S A f,R?A MNB 8TA1.LION. 0A8BI0I M. CliAV. 1 at the Hook Tavern, near Uoaiien. Oranite county. N. Y. He la a dark cheHtnut aoi rel, aixteen bauita hitfh. well pro portioned and iu good ooml'tion Will lie eold reasonable by applying soon to A. K SMI I'll, Bock Tavern. OR KALB?OffR SRCOND HAND LIGHT WAOON. Apply at 111 Cannon atreet IfOR RALB?A FAIR OK STYLISH DAPPLK BROWN narriRile llorsea, 1>>^ hands, well matclied, kind, and ano'iatoniita to the city. Iiavlns been driven togethne by the prcaeut owner for the last tliteuyetra <:?n b>> eiitilliiitd al the atab'e of D. Tallm.m, otiraer of Thirty eUhtli atreet and Broadway Oil 8ALK-VRRY STYLISH KOUR AND 8IX SEAT Pliaetotis; alai coal boi Waitona, sjnare hoi lop and no top Wat'ina. Call at Wll'.OKL A CaHKY, carilage makera. Hfi West Twenty fourth street. BtOlt SALE-A LIOIIT ROAD (CITY MADEi WAOON and Harneaa, in use. Call at *3 East Twenty eighth street, between 0 and 2 o'clock, FjV)R HALR?1IORBR. LK1UT TOP WAOON AND HAR 1 neta The lierso is five years old, perfectly sound and very gentle; Harneaa iiaa oeen used but a very abort ti ne Can be aeen at the grocery atore. corner of Hudson and Clarkaon atreet*. any lime alter 7 A. M . to-day; price $17&. IriORHALE?A SPLKNDID 8ADDLR liORSK. THOR 1 outihlv broken for lady or gentlunian. live year* old; color dark brown. 1ft hands 2 Inches high, long tlowing mane and tail. To be seen at No. 3 West Thirteenth street, for two days. Fob sale?a good sound horse, harnrsa. and a Builder's Wagon, cheap The owner la unwell, and haa no use for tbein Call at 138 Wooeler street.^ For sale?a handsome seven year old dap pie gray Mare, with foal; or would be eichanKed for ? good woilt borte. Inquire at 78 Mott atreet. till sold. IVOR 8ALE?TROTTINO HORSE "BEN BOLT." $129. J? Apply at 44 South Seventh street, Williamsburg. PORSALBCHEAP-A COACH. APPLY AT MO. 162 Wesi Thirtieth atreet. For sale cheap-a splendid new lioht road Wagon, of one of the ttrsl class makers: coal but body, Swedish ateel springs and steel tires; weight 181) lbs. Iuqulre at B. A C. FKASBR'8. corner of Reade and Hudaon su. TJORSES AND CARRIAGES FOR SALE?ON THI RS 1J Uav April 21, at II o'clock, at the slablea Nm. 31 to 37 Liberty street. Brooklyn, bv J. COLK, Auctioneer.?The en tire stork ot the above atables? twenty Horses. Carriages, Barouches and light Wagons. 8ale positive Terms cash. CECOND HAND CARRIAGES KOR BALE.?TWO OUR O tain <iuartcr light Coaches, one lour seat Rockaway. one Rreit. with amall seat In front; one top Wagon, on* no top Wa?on . will he sold low. J. M. QUINBT A CO.. 420 Broadway. SECOND HAND DOCTOR'S CHAI8B, POUR SRAT Ktc>awav, Park Phaeton. Concord Mail Coach. all In gnod oner; also a large aasortmenl of new Carriages, Har neas, Ac , at TATLOR'B, 06 Cedar street, opposite the Poat otlice. qiO RE SOLD CHBAP. OR EXOHANGBD F"R HORSES A of leas value, five Horaes from the country, trom five to seven yars old, alileen hands hlgb. fit for cars, trucks, ex pre?a, or an* business; warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 2o3 Wrand street, N. T. fl/AGON FOB SALR.?SHIFTING TOP LIGHT WA TT g .n, with or without pole, and Double Ha: :ica* All city make and in good ord-r. Apply al 31* West Twenty eighth atreet Wanted to purchase-a horse, with or without Wagon and Harness; thn horse to trot or Bee In thiee minutes. Address, stating price and where to seen. J. Thompson, Herald office. F MUSICAL.. Brooklyn.-a magfificent 7 octave rosr. ?rood Piano will lie (old for balf its value ; overstrung bnss all modern Improvements. Com $600, will be sulil for t-JS Call at I JO .Saint11 street, Brooklyn FfOR SALE?A SEVEN OCTAVR PlANOFORTR FULL ' round corners, t.nislied back and front, rosewood cane, ma-le by Lemuel Gilbert A Co, Boston in periecl order. Can be keen from H to !? A M. and after 6 I'. M , at 1 M Kaat Twenty lonrtb street. seven doora east of Fourth aveun*. MUSIC.-INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO AT $2 PKR mouth, with privilege of d'Uly practice, on a pleuaiug and thorough method at Its# Hudson strew tear Canal, and 138 Thirty-tilth street, near Seventh avenue. rIANOFORTK FOR SALE?AT A GREAT BARGAIN; pile- I'M: has Iron trnine. French grand action Sweet and brllliaut tone and Id periect order. Apply at 10 Allan sweet, near Caual "CANITARY FAIR GRAND MARCH."-INTRODUCING tlie relebrated "Pirat-fa' Choiua." from th? upvra Eii chanties-,." Beautifully an-HUged, by N P B. Curtl^a Also, "Tha Fa11st Galimi splendid*/ arranged by Halmarauller. Published by 8. T. Coidon, MM Broadway. DRV GOUIIk. /1HEAP AND FASHIONARLE CLOTHING " J i. En. LKVIt 427 Kioiiuie s reei. near Broadway. Buainc.s Coais, English uiJ other styles Is to $10 Black Fro?k Coata 5 lo 30 Overcoats. caaior and Esquimaua bearer... 6 to 20 Casannere I'anla S to 7 Bailnet t'aata.. 2 to 3 COPARTNERSHIP. AN extraordinary opp?rtunity.?wanted, a person with $3,ijilu usih, to invest equally with the ad vertiser in an anteipriaebv which more lban $!U0.U00 roar be divided In twelve months. Address G. U. I Inch, Post offl-e, appointing aa Interview NY GBNTI.SMAN HAYING $1 000 CAPITAL, AND _ A wishing to coia money rapidly, can meet is lth the very best opportunity offered in tola city, by n<|Utring fioui 111 A M. till 3 P. M , at art Broadway, room No. 6 HA. TONNER WOULD call THE ATTENTION OF . hit frieads to the notie* of the diss lotion of the firm ofTonnerA Fuller The business will b* condm ted aa usual at tha eld stand. M avenu* A. by tha undersigned H. A. TONNER. MR. LIVINGSTON HATTKRLEB BECOMES A PART aar in our houaa from thia day. SATTRRLKR A CO.. 49 Eiahaag* plaaa. Geo. B aamBLia, Hiskt a. Bosrwicc, ArRii.18.lP64 H Taacv Audi d. Litisosio* Kattk?s.s?. PAKTNERSIIIP OB OTHBRWI8B-WANTBD. A steady, active, busmaas Man. with capita: In a whole sale business, with standard articles In every day use, which will yield an uausuallf larae profit. A very m derate Spital will answer and there will he uo rlak Addraaa L. Rldgewoort. Post office The partnership hbrktoforb existing be. tweea neo. W. Sylvester and Henry 8 Hajnea. under the stvle of firm of Syivester A Co . WS Broadway, for tha sale and manufacture of nitrate of itrmonn sod nitron* atide (aa aparatn* la this day dissolved by mutual canaent. The bustnesa will continue at the same plsce. aad all amount* due will be paid to the understated and all da ?ande will be Settled by HBNUY ? HAYNEB A CO . t.t" W bvi.vmtbb. MM Braadway. H. a. Hat a at. Tub pabtnekship hebrtofore existing rb tween the ooiiersUned. under the nsme of Toaner A Fuller la this day dissolved by mutual consent. Dsted New Yerk. April 18. IS64. HENRY A. TONNBB. HENRY FULLER U' VAKTED-A YOl'NO KAN OF GOOD BUSINESS hab is, with $**> >a?h capital, as eyial in a I lucrative bu*in*s*. In this city. App.y lo il. H. ilARWOOD, I. i' ue s'.reet, room 12. -A PERSON WITH THIS AMOUNT WOULD ! like to oecame ialere*te.l in some established paving business, wheie be could devote bis own time. Tha I be?t oi referen e g v?n. I'arflea of s r'.ct Integrity may a4 1 d leaa W ii bo? S.WB Poet oil <*. C'lift-A PARTY WITH NOT LESS THAN ?Y? IJSJUU. cun -ng*?;e In a genie*! an I prolltable o i ce buainos that will leali/e him a good Income and bear Inves ttgatMn. Apply to k. L THIPP, ?d Cedar stree.t third fleor Se/tn -partner wanted with this amount tJUW, in a manufacturing bnslneaa dowa town, large Countr. tr*'le, *ntl making more; fait Boarding Uoiisa and Bar. Uraoil street. u"ar Hioad^a/, lor sale, $2 MM. Address for two da>a Y . Hnald o lie* (DM ntlM -A!* Bl'SINBSS HAS DESIRES to Invest thte amount, with his own ser vices In a sound, paying bneinesa. Uadoubtad refereauaa given and required. Addreaa Industry, Herald oUce. 1IATRIMONIAU AGBNTLBMAN. AGBD SB YKAK8 IN OOOD CIR camstaares. seeks a wile lo render his none haopy. One of domestic tastes, having an affecMonate diapoaiti** aad alneere In her view*, may nddreea, a aaufldaaee, Robert Herbert. New V*rk nM o*ea. WANTBD A SITUATION AS SON IN LAW. IN BOMB respectable famiUf, by a r"?mg man. I* yearn of ag* vbbW?- *?Ci Mna* AnuftR-aKirr* niHH uirroruRiriu,!* WSSES HOtt M *lWi.RHH rUWTIVlLr T?IH UAHT-THH l'1? at Mr HBMBY 0001 K ri famous'Ira! ?ad ? PRBPOBMIMO l>O0n AND *0* Kuril APTKBBoON at JW. iVKBJ*" u , J2L* ltRMkMBf:R~-ttKM?.M Bf.ft A MBBII.XL >*KK OKNTAUK of tH> ilttOS* JiAil.V RECBIPTti IS 0'>MATBli TO THK PUNOS Of TUB METROPOLITAN PAIR a pekpIsct host or star* BQVPSTKI AN OYMNAHTIC AND ACKOB ATIO The HBAOR1ST till KAWK1NO PAMIJ.IK4 KATOK STUNK JAM Lotto, JAM COOSB. Till* AKTKHNOn ?l IK. BVKWIHO at ? IN A BKWILUKKIN'l SERIES OP MAMMOTH AND MATOllLBSS PROiJRaMMEB. The pneea will reman at us isl hi ? Hewe-ved 'ulu H emits; Drees Circle 80 e*uta (rhlldreo hair price), AStuhA thealre, Moeals Doora open. aftern too at i)f ?venia? at 7 ?. MHaw wuineiirw at Is evening perfortuaaee Ml rU'>J -MKLODKON -M3 BROADW.lT. M ?f\ Iff The only place In the world Where no i-tiaige I* made far admission And snob Mammoth t'srfunnancee MrH, To uight, Opei.iof JACK THK UIANT KILLER Buries )iip Oiwra* of IMUo'S Motlo An 1 SauiUrf Pair. Violin Solos, oia hundred Aire hi oae String. Bjr 'ho great Bogfolna, or wandering Im (Iran I laughable aul Bui letme rtroua I'erformaU' es Clown. P W ilitam*. In hi* Menage AiUlea. Mutter of the Arena, the polite Nona. lei Solomon. W I'o.ea, Uie liitochliAr.A. a.iMiin^ aini larmg rl ler, la Me Hereliack Aou on the f mined Win. float. Braham Ma lame Sided an I 7t lailiei and genta, lu Houiia. Opera*, Glee* and Duet* Wanted, 40 ladles to serve refresh menu Costumes fW0 d lab ed. OBO. K UBYDON. Director. Cur Amuicmrati anil Other Atlrcrtlaa mrnti l?? Nlntlt and 'l?n(h Pa|m> SHIPPING IjlOR NKW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA. " Ttia firatciaa* lliuied Slates man steamship HAVANA, R M Greene, rooimaa ler, Will leave I'ler t, North river, for NKW OltLKANS. tougha Inu at HAVANA, ou MONDAY, Ilia 25!h 41 April, all O'doek I* M Kor Iretght or passage app'y to TtlOB ABESOIO A CO.. 17 l)n?l?tf. S1KAMPSIIIP SI IXJN WILL DIHi'H AKUK, CNDBM Kunttral order tlua (Wednesday) morning. 2Utb waL. at the ( jiu|?u> ? wharf, Jeritey I'iiy. K OUKAKD. No. 4 Bowling Oreaa. HOUSES, BOOMS, mo,. TO IjKT. APIRST PLOOK ANO HA8KMRNT, ?'J) Canal xtreei. Ihn>u;it to Walker aireet, aaaa Kr Midway. Willi or wltlioiil HI BAM POWKB. One to fifteen horte lu<|iilr? at the engineer a oQlue. 103 Walker atreet. ANOMHRB OP APABTMP.NT8 TO LKT-AT fl> ftB $2d. $17, $16 46 and #7 50. None but aniall. ckUlf futallie.t need apply. A. KLV. uuruer of Pourtb avenue aud Porty-flralat. A LOWER PABT OP A HOtfSh TO LET -OOlfSIBT Ing of two HaimneuM ?ml pautriea lioi and cold watw, two |iai l irn aud Iwo piiiurie- . alio Iwn lie.Iruoiirt halla oM< clothed. Inquire at KKBKM AN A BKO'S , MU Third A??> uue. corner of Twenty-elgnth itreet. AS BLBOANTLT PUBN1SIIBO AND PRBWOSB three Ktory biown alone House to let. to a family of ailulia: lo< a'e.i on town. Kor full pai'liiularg apply to J II. P,N?}LiI>U. No S Aator place AIIOUSK IN NEWARK, N. .1 , TO I.P.T-POR OM? or more yeara The commodious three atory lloasa No. 100 Bioad aireet, In Hie city ol Newark. Thla Is wtl calnnlaieii Tor a rcap?<lable txiardlng Uouae or lor twa I'aniiliea. coataina 1(1 looms, la beautifully situated, frontlag on the MHItarv Park, In ttie centre of the city and wtthia three minute*' walk of the Centre afreet de|>ot of the Raw Jet aey Kadroad; tue house is in good order, has eicallaaA water attached, gas fixture", Ac.. Ac Rent $4>Hi. None neaM appW wh > cannot bring mitUf joiory reference* as to Char act.-r an I ability to pay the rent. Ap;jly to JOHN M. S'l Ei'll I'.NS. lot Broaaatreet. Newark, N J Apartments to lkt.-bix ob eight boomm, with every modern convenience, adjoining; strletly private; no children. Kent $-*a. Alao a line business Baaa inentand Vaults, at tA3 Hudaon street. Apply at Na. ( Teotli atreet, batweea Piflh aod Hlslh avenues. A MODERN HOU8B TO LET?FOURTEEN ROOK* near Weebaw??n; aoceeeible by care and ferrv, oar riage honee. burn. altade and fruit trend; lit* Mire* of land, good water, no naoaijUltae*; furniture If dceired Beet |Uk Apply to the propiletor. ai the restaurant, IIS Broadway. ClOUNTRY MANSION To RENT. KU RNISII B D?WITH J about itwi? aoies of Ground, for the aea?on or the /oar. ?t SleenY Hollow. Tarrylown. It la large aadcoutmodiaafc in rood order, with l am. Ac., and handsomely furolafcaB. It I* just opposite the old Dutch church on tne Pocaatea* river. has a Que view of the Hudson, and la ? ??r pi ????? and romantic apot. J- B. EDWARD* 277 Wed Twenty thud HreeL (lOUNTRY UWtOI AT SINO MHO (FIJRNISHBDK J toront? \ double House. hall In centre. tX rooma, M perfect order, completely furnlahed; gas and water; ground* HoiiMi feet, line garden and lawn, an abundance of trull la variety, but a few momenta' walk from depot; rent $IM pm month. If to a private family. _ _ J. R. EDWARDS. 377 We?t Twenty third at reel. IilURMHHHD HOUSE TO REHT-ON TWENTT ' Kecond street, wen aide; a Tour story Buglish BmsmsL SO feel wide in beautiful order and veiy nicely furnish a< thruiubout, furniture moatlf new and In perfect orde*; rent $i O-U J K ED WARDS. 277 West Twenty tulrd **? T UMBER AND COAT. YARD TO LET AT YONKERR? 1J from May 1, in a central lo> atlon and doiag a splcnJM butanes luqitlre of T. O. CORNELL, Yonkers, or H. W. HA.SU>OBI), ho. 4 Broad street. OTORK TO LET-AT 171 LAURBNB STREET. 8UITA O h.e for a me*' market or furniture business, or will fe* let for any other business except grocery in (litre at MB Laurens. corn?r of Houston street. In the grocery T > LBT?H'RNfrtHKD AND UNFURNISHED, IIOUSBS ON HTATBN ISLAND. at rents ranging from U<l to H.WJU per annum. Permits of A. JOUltNKAY, No. g Pine street TO LET?THE LAROB ST6BE 43 8PRINO BTRRBT. wllii cellar; I' biabeea used M a Kroner? ait I liqaOT store for the last thirty years. Apply ou the premises. rpo LET-HOUSE NO Kit GRAND STREET. Til RES X Hiorr brick: In good order Apply to WM. H. KtTNUI, No. fi Pine stieet. rro LET?THE LOWER PABT OP HOOBI f.Mf I stieet. two psrlors snd extension. kitchen, with rtus hot and cald wai?T. stationary wa?!i tubs, Ac.; room Tot servant, Ac Clian Idlers, two blocks iroin Cooper Inatt tute. Rent $M0 rro LBT?WITHOUT HOARD. A NICK AND OOM J p: lely Furnished House In Tenth street, oeir Hiitit avenue, or a single Room or Suit of Room*. Tim ho*a* bat iiat be n tlioiouglilv painted, both ln?IJe and Ouisniat au 1 is lu a most desirable .? ation. Heat reference re |U red. Apply at 51 West Tenth street. TO LKT?WITH BOMB FURNITURE. A TilBEB STO rv House. o' It rooms, with modern Improvements and gas luturea; rent II'ml. Apply for three days at .4 Amity street, to O BROWN. fro LET-TO A FAMILY OP TWO PIK20K3, A 1 Becond Ktory, co . pining three rooms with use at bathroom and cellar In a house with all the tn i lern Im provemenli and in a I i.rab'.e location Inquire at IN Allen street. TO LKT?TUB SECOND FLOOR. FIVE ROOM.4. USB ol bath and cellar, privilege in kitchen foe washing. Is the high stoop brown stone house 157 East Thirty Oral Street. Kent $.150. TO LBT-THR SECOND FLOOR. WITH PART OT third, in a lint clsss bouse, suliakle tor housekeeping for a small family; house has the modern Improvements, te In eioelleui or lar, and neighborhood unexceptionable. Ap ply at 155 East Thirty-ninth street. TO LET -TO A OFVTLfcVIAN ANI) WIVK, WITHOUT children, a pleasant Bolt of four Rooms. In quire at IB* , hast Twenty rlrst strait. near Second avenue. fllO LKT-IMMKDIATELY. SBPARATKLY OB T?. J getber, a (lily acre Farm and Coltsga, one mile north a# Beiril.e, N. J on the Passaic river, rent $.180 or $3UU. la quire of B. FRA/.EB or P MUNN. JS West Fort/ drat St. TO LKT?IN THB INTBRIOR OP RTaTRN TBLAB9. a large, comfortable House about one mils fross and one mile and a nair from sieamt??t landing. I -e hssM (filled), carriage Mouse, garden, wltb three or flr- icr.'S of land If desired. Possession un or before May I. Rent low. la julre of A. JOURNEAY. No. 4 Pine street. TO LET?FURNISHhD, IN NKW .IRRSKT. A WU? furnished and pleaaemlr I cated tlniiae on tlie henka ot the Pa>saic. with the h >ase N acree ol land with tba re?(Uislie farm impietnents. wagons, Ac The garden la planted la part, grounds in gra-a and grain. To partiee eaaa leg a country house, aeoessihie to the elty almoet even hour, the pre?-at offers grest inducement* Permits ill lurtber partlcu ars of A. JOt'RNBAY No. A Pine street. T> LET?A HANDSOME KCRNtSHKD TWO STOBT aad basement Houee brown brick froat, high steeps with all the modern lmproremeata; suitsbta far a pilraie family The house Is la a splendid condition. For parti culars address or apply to Mr. A. STRAUHWIHTZ. M Chat ham street Possession Bay I Situated In Washington street. Hobokaa. 17. - TO RBNT-AT NEW HBt'NSWICK, N. .1., A HO UBS c nU 'iioc seven rooms, with alee garden, wltnm twa mm lies' sail of depot; pleasantly located. Beat BtUI par anntllD. Apply to A. DOHBM. St. i)?rinam llo e aP.NT-A MOI'KK.N Til RKK STORY HKIR ?toop browa sto ie front Heuse. J iU. on West Pnrte aaooad street. No. 5ib>; wid he P'tl in igo?d erder, resit fVUB Seen between - and t hi p mill J R EUW |fttfg. J7r West Twenty third street. TO ?W0 RBST -KBVBRAL HOUSBB OOUBT U>^i?JU yards ?nJ veranda frome, seven raoais, to lei. For sale, a Mansion. IOi.'iU feet, tm ea run ha loc udia# live lots, neir sositli end of Central I'ark. Lota to Inaae for Ave to ten years, on Fifty Hret snd Fifty second streeta. Troth and Rleventh avenues Applr to Uen< rat Slrykar'a Agent. Fifty seroad street aear hlevenih avenue. r. M FINAtCIAU. OL'NT t ISTA UOLD ?NI) SILVER M TBI NO COMPANY CN A It TF, K OKANTEll fbb ism. CAPITAL STOCK $51101 id) J a PORTEB. Es<i,, Engineer and auperinten lent of the mine, (lowing aciotinta; fresh arrival of rich ore; Increased width of the vet*- probah'e yield from |l te (JHO)ta rhe ton. books about to be doeed. only aliuiued number ef sBarestobc had at the original subecrlptiou prn? oi 1A. Persons wishing to tec the o>* and l^arn l ull particular*, should call at the eonipany'koilice, uroad vay; N. T WANTRI.-??llOO. ON t'NIBPROTF.n PROPBRTY IN the Ntnth ward of the oBr of Brnokirn. wirth at least 915'?u. Apply to IIBN Ry H MOB \ NOB No MS Broadway. <ni n nnn T0 two or threb s> ** *? L"."t/Vy on drat tv?nd and mort^aje on improved rtir mronerty. or 8r?t mortgage* Iwight. A llreas rrisoi:?l. hot 191 Herald olflce. RP0RTI90. BlOOS for BALB.-BULL TKRRIKR.S. SCOTCH TBB ' riera, Bla< k and Tan Terriers Also ee small KiM irlee Pub, one nandsome <mall Sky* Terrier, one band soma little Poodle Dog. weight one aad * bait pound. Aoplf *t II Iteoeevett street. BrA laor.Jrer sale, a very haiJstia* OrtfBnad. IHr ??*

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