Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1864 Page 8
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MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. ?*rri?4. iuiiw-Tihti?to Moolxwito, H. T , m Master. E?tt by um tkm. C. lwlir,M*i mUmirf tbe te'e i?<>u*er, EowAfto C. Arum, Jr.,o< New York, to ? *"> r. tmn. of tbe tonuer place. rfcwt? Hmm-Ob TWday, April IS, *1 tfte All?* Mi PmtlitwM church, bv tbe Kn W. W. Newel], T . Johb R. Ratvt io Mtae Am a Moou, daughter of K Owwit, til of thieeity how?Hammml?In Brooklyn, oe Tuesday, April 10. M tbe Strong place Baptist rjuiirt.b. by ?be Rev K. E L wjles. P 0 . Hot T Kpwiw H*ow?, pastor of tbe Taber paete Baptist rburet], to Kin lazvia C.. daughter of J K ??MM*, Ka>| , vf Brookiyo ?torart. ?Ob Moaday, April 18. at Rt. Oeorge ? fbarcb. by Re* cw-pben H. Tyng, Hr. Bmi U iU?* to ?hi Aamm i. ftcrin, daughter of Adam btodarl, ill Of )y? C.iiy fRim?Hsu** ? In Fl Peters rhar<b, West Twentieth (kwi on Ttienday. April 10 by the Kev Alfred B. Hoacb. % E , Jamb* I )mii? Mis* Uru L. ?Ji o* tbn My. \/wn?wAt*n ?On lfoaday, April 18. at llto rtKwli'iMt of tbe bride s father. Harlem, by the Rev. t Draper P P.. Wuxua ?;oot>n?arr to IsAraixa H., (bier of t iarkson Vaodewaier. all of tbia city. Hov-r?i'wtn> ?Co Thursday. April 14. at New Durham, kyjj^e (wv W V. V Mayboo, Mr. W*. T. Hoi to Miis Harr -fio nKi r ? On Tuesday, April 18, at tbe Wash Kd avi'one Metbodwt Rpiaeopai church, by the Rc?. n Hcircb. a?si?ted by the Rev. R M. Hatfield, Mr Ikwr, of flew York, tc Miss A. icorai Suoram, m Brooklyn No i aru*. Bcki.rk ?<to Mondav evening, April 18. at 'be Cartonce ol the bnde'e father, by the Rev J. 8. Word, r J oh* Bbot tc \t:Fg En a Biuorr. No cards. "owukd?Waki.ku.?On Monday afternoon, April 18, ? two o'clook by tbe Rev R. FI I/iomie. Mr. R. M. Row Uwp to Mine A*v Wahiiku both of thin city Norvt!, Oairsm ?On Tuesday, April 19, at ifelvary <ii?rcb, by the Rev A. Cleveland Cose, w*. Rkpmunp, I? i iO Mah Uwhwick. <Ut<igbt?r of the >aie Win Prettou ?rltliu ' Wai*?l.rwia.? On Toeeday, April 19. bv tbe Rev Beery Blaiicli.rd. K>.nk*? 1. Waiz to Amu*, M., daiifctiior M tbe Hon Win. B. lewis, both of Brooklyn. Died. EariOw ?On Tuesday, April 1C, cf typhus fever. Rkjo ?amn R. Rakiow, snpennlondcnt of the Five Point* ?Bane oi inrinstry , in Che 44tb year of h:? age. Tb" rttoiKlH of the family and of tbe inetitntlon arore Cwfiilly invited tr. atlood the funeral on Tburertay af noon at lwc> o'clot^. froit; the Mnrket ?lreet church. CiiKMmJUAM?On Tue'iliy. April 19. Kor.wm OnsN'tsx ?**, native ot tonui, county Cork, Ireland, aged 35 Ibi funeral will lake place from 1(19 South First street, raay City, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock bo interred at Calvary Cemoiery OnwLin ?On Tutsday, April 19, PAm:<ii Cotwxt, ag<-d 4tl ve.?iH Tbe mlntivoF and friends are respfrtfolly invited to r.t tad the mm rai, fron. iSt- ViiK^ini'B Buepilai, tieveoin a?r??'i. on Tuurxday aftfruoot, ntone e clock. Ihibfin papers please copy, Oohwta *it ?On SiiturdHy". April lfl Pitrb Cowrjijrr, at ?la residence in Brooklyn, 1 1.. (located wuf * native of Mallow, county Corn. Ireland anfl died <u ttie 33tb year ?f bis ace Tbe rem.Mos were interred id tte 'emetery of tbe Boly < roN8. Klatbusti, on Monday, April is. OlYWt ? Stiddooly on Tuesdajr, April 19.Wnt.tAii Rr> f?tn, son of lliotmiB and .sar.'ib Hyue. aged 4 yours and ttfays Ttie ftii (inl w ill Utte place from tue residence of his parents. No fi l^tiie'y^'1 fiti eel. fo'.tb Brooklyn, on rburs toy afteroooo at ball past two o'clock IIawd-'on. ?At Wiimmptotj, N O . oc Snndav. Anrust M, 18tiz Roic.ri r>Avii,.-ov. aged 2b years and 6 moutlui. Aberdeen (Scotland) papore please copy. Dow.?Ob Tuesil iy, April IP. ubacf F... daughter of |Areoy.o (Kiw aged 4 veHrs, raonttK and 9 oavs Tb*> Irteoda of'n<> family ure resiiectfuilv invted to aMend the Inner il. frotr. the res deuce of her parents, 104 W"*t Thirty oimb street this (Weilcetday; morning, ?t e'evfin o'cl r.k Book.?At Bui) a Ferry, N J., on Tuesday. April 19, Ino l oiip, ai-od .'?C ye irt. f rnonttia and 14 days lhe relatives and fr ends are Invited to attend Ibo tkMrnl on ibursday afu rtioon at two o'c ock, from tbe Metbo.lisi Kpiscop d cbcrch, bull k Ferry. Dixon.?In Jersey Olty, on Tuesday. ApriM9, after a ?bor1 iiluesB, f ame! Dixon, in tUe 39tii year ol hie uge. Ibo friends of tbe family and tbosi o' bis btotberfl and hroibera-in law, art' reque ted to attecd the funeral, from Ha late repidunre, lf>? tlorgac Btrevt, .leney city, tbis (WelncRdny) aftornooo, at iwt o'clock without farther Phltadcipbia paper" picire copy Ekwtu.?fin Tnt'Sdny, A|ril !9, Fjiiii L<t)t only Aaogbtcr of Cbarles 1 und Fluiira M. Flweil. ageu 7 years AM 24 days Itie relatives and rrierds of the ffimtly are invited to Ed the funeral, from me re<,deti. <? ot bcr lather. 80 t place, Brooklyn, tt s (Wt-dnuday; afternoon, ai o'olook rwt .Kt.~In Hoboker,on Sunday. April 17, Mr. 7boma? VtaiLkv, in the 30th year ol hm age Tbo funeral wilt take plane from bis late res <leece, No. !?# Wa8hln(?ton atreel, ilotiokt n th'?'Weitrefdiy nfttr boon , at one o'clock. The relatives aod frmniig of the Ikmify are respectfully inviicO to attend the funeral w-.tb pat lurtbei notice. Frzsimonh.? On uesday,April 15 af'e a b it illnes*, ?Mhmah l"'ir/S'iu">x, agod VJ years tbe relatives an J fr.ends cf the family are -espertfnlly ?Vite4 to attend the fmierat.tbis (V'e lueeday; after poon. at two o'clock, from tu iate reeidouce, 4C Green art Oil HtrrcL rbiladelpbia and Boston papers please copy Falkknrtfin ?(in Monday. April 18 Fairs* mi, a?ed 28 ye.-irs Bm relatives and friends, and tbrse of his brothers in law , Jobu 1 VlMk and Henry K.n< a, are res | lectin I ly re Emm to attend tbo funeral, from the residence of J. T. ck. No. 36 .lay street, this (W< dr esday) a'ternoon, at i o'clock. Tho remains w<li be taken lo tbe 1 utberan OMaetery ioi interment. FmKoHhjH On Tueadny. April 19. after a sfcori illceen, IXiatiiiTii fimMOKKi". formorly of I he parish of Ba'ly ?, yueeut* county Ireland, d tb? OMn year of ber tbe frienda, and these of ber son m law, Patrick Mc Booa'd, are res|>er.trt]||y invite I to attend the funeral, on fitasraday alu rnoon at one o clock, (mm tbe reaidence of W sou in law, Patrick McDonald, No. 407 NintU avenue, md from theme to (alvary Cemetery. Hmoem?On Tborsdny, March 3, frrra wonrds received to the battle of Olueire Florid*. February 20, tod a captive in tbe enemy'? hands, Corpora' Thomas OaoaaR, ?bm;>nny C, Forty e,rbtt rty mctil. N Y. V.,to tbe bUh year of bis a^-e ei^e-i son of Tbcusrm W Groser.oi fcookiyu.l I) Que. ?{suddenly, on Tuesday April JO, icut Cjuf, UK) 48 years, 2 months ami D ilavs relatives and friends of the family are respectfully fcvli?' to attend tbe f.,m*ra: from bts lute rot idcnce. Vo. U7 West Forty sfrond street, tbis (Wednesday) alter km, at two o'clock Philadelphia and l a sley (Scotland) papers please copy. Bunci ? on Monday. April 18, Fa* tret M. Hkant'*. |sb of Mrs joha Hnanev, Jr., of typhoid fever, a^ed 11 fears months and e days the relatives and frlunds of tbe latnilv are respectfully Kit to attend tbe luneral, from tbe residence of bis .26 butniuick street, mis (Wednesday), at Mb o'clock Bam ?On Suuday April 17, al tbe bouse of ber fatber. Ml Raymond street, Brooklyn. Et*ai?tih fc.. daughter of Vb and Maria Ran, aged 9 years and 20 days Ber remain* were placed in tbe vault of Holy Cross ??SDetM y, Flathusb. H' ii-kk.?Suddenly oc Monday, Apn 1R Cars t. eld ?kt daujbter of Abiaham 1 and I Aura W flfcj per. aged B run and 9 mouths Tt?e relatives and friends of tbe family are reapertfnllv iMrtted to attend tbo fon? ral, fron. ber parent*' res, bsece. 22fl Blee<;ker street, Uiir (Wednesday; mori.jng. al MtC-past ten o'clock Bat; On Tuesday, April 19. Rokait**. ron ?r Coward uDd Aouo Hal), afe<l 6 mOBltH and 1(1 days Tbe friends of tbe Family are invited to attend tbe fn Mral servloes. at tbe r'wd ?noe of bis parents, 17* West Iblrt is lb street, this (Wednesday) evening at balfpast ?even o'clock without further idv ut ,on K*kt ? In Brooklyn, on Tued.y, April 19, Mar. a sa, wife of Tbos J. C Keiby, M I) ifnood-i of tbe family are invited to attend the al, froij, ber late residence, Wi President street. Raisid ?On Tuesday morning. April It*, a'Lor a [a.nful Mbeee of four weeks Km* wife of Jean Raiser and eldest tMgbier of g. S hingier fZa&bgeo Swim), lb tbe3Ht year at bar age tta remains will be takes to Greenwood Cemetery thie (Wednesday) a'ternoon. ai tbree o'ciack, from ber late laatdeooe. No. 21 Ho leon street. Lavm**?<>u Tuesday, April 19, after t short illneM, lagws ijtmcAn.a native of New York, 34 years of age. The relatives and friends ol tbe family, also tbe mem ban of tbe Suib precinct police, are respectfully invited H attend tbe runeral, ft "in bis iate residence. No. 49 naakilo street on Tburs lay afternoon, at oae o'clock Mown** ? At his resideoce. hi tbis city, oc Tuesday, Jfrll 19. Captain h E. Moruas. aged 68 years. Bis r amnios will be token to Bay brook, Good. , fcr in tbwnt Mcttrwrsv ?On Monday April IS. after a short 'lines*, ln?i, duughier >f Bridget and tbe late Bernard Mc Maakey In tbe 1 Ttl. rear of ber ig" The friends and relative* of tbe family are respectfully bnited to attend tbe funeral tbis (Wednesday) after sssa, at two o'clock, fro* ber late residence. 167 Baal ?Mrty-foertb street ?rCirrv?On Sunday, Aprlll 7, Fuaw Knit, wife of fMrkk McCarty, a u*nve of Baotry, county of Cork, PHMd. Ike friends of tbe family arc r?e|ierUnity invited to at tkBd tbe funeral, from b'-r late ren<l"tioc 2?? Monroe (?wet, tbis (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'etock Tbe ?analog will be taaeo to Calvary Cemetery Nkuoll* In llarten on Monday, April 18. Fiunr 4t**sn. only son of Alfred a?d.lsabelle Nicbolls, aged V years. a months and 2* days Tbe rrleoda of tbe family ira Invited tc attend the To I, tbis (W?doe?diy) sftornoot, at three o'clock, from late realdeace.iaotb street, between Tbird and I'oortb ?era i E O Knixv.?On luesday evening April It MAitcAart rusres, yenngeat daufbter of f and ,'iine O'Reilly, a^od year and 3 mouths The relative* and rrintj't* of tbe family are respectfully ?vited lo attei'd tlie funoral, tbis (Wednesday) after rt, at two o'olork. from tb?< nisiilenoe of her l^reota 1(M Peventh aveon" PnrMOK ? Al lyon's farrai.on Sunday April 17 Jow Muii, wife of UrDjamib M. I ie>sou, aged 24 ysar> Funerai servivs will be held on Thursday afternoon, |t ooe o'clock. from tbe fresbyteriao obnrcb al I yun's Maw Tork papers pleare copy. ruWVLL.?On Monday. April 18, Mast Itmsu in tbe Hill year ef bar aga. a native of tbo county Kilkenny, Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family are requested |a atl?od tbe faneral, from ber ate residence, 2U'i Hi ks ?IrdM. Brooklyn, tbla (Wedretnay) afternoou, si hn'f ?bat two o ?.ock. tbe reaaloa will ba taken to Olvary Kamsiary for loieia>ebt. Pmr.-Cn Mocday, April 18, al tbe restdpuic of ber ?areata. No ISCUtb arentie Mast Asms "but, fiafftter of Mary aob* tad (by love and adoption) Jwbn PMrd?n Device, aaed 1J ?eate, 1 a?iu ? days tjMrattakkb will be lakob to Newark, N J., lor inter iJy to ftefffday oirtla|M * III M to ? lbs ailiri of tke tmm MMmii INa Ham Yorfc far Hi Vawvm? BwMP -Ot Taiaiiy afternoon, ifrt 19, Mrs. Eiiaa A.. reliet at Buso#l D Vh4w bcyoea, of TNf. Dm muw *W be |mi at the mimni. Vwc-k Broofclya, ? Msa?ay ?n?Ni i*rl M, Wmm Bott, ywnM>m of 8ea?sn ud ABtUMOA A. Wastes, AT* a years. i (BOOMM ?Df ? d*7t. Ike mm vui take nfasa tins < Wedaasfey) aftsrsooa. at two o'clock, from hie father's residence, N Bo;I ?tree*, between Hetgec u< WyckeO. Watmm At Hsriea, am Mob<m evcataf, Apsil it, Calbs Witwom, n> tbe 50th year of hie age. Tbs relatives and fTlmuls at the family are respectfully mviied to attend the funeral, thle (Wednesday) afles noon, at half-past two o'clock, from his late roatdeuio, 132d street, between Fifth and Slxtb avennss. Wmra. I?r W , third eon of W. C- aad Q. a Wblte, a yi uog aad esteemed volunteer, who lost hie right arm at the battle of WilHnmahnra, aged 2* years and ? montbe. Hie friends and all acquaintances are reapectrally In Tiled to attend tbe funeral of their beloved son, from the residence of bis parents, at Sooth Bergen. Willis.?At Hobokeo, oo ttunday, April IT, after a very brief illness, ftsosias, wife of Oscar W. Wulo, seed 38 years. The funeral win take place from the residence at her father, at lsllp, L. 1., tbts day (Wednesday). S hTp P IN (ST NEWS. smmwas roa nv tori?this uv. ?its amas ft 131 moon saia mors 4 17 ?0* ibt* ?... 6 44 I Hiiiu watkk mora 7 04 Port of New York, April 19, 1804. N 4*'" CLEARED. ^Uamstiip Persia <B*1, Lolt, Qiaenstown and Liverpool? B (lunar? S'eatuHlup Ha d. Merrill, Bermuda?B 8 Seocomb. Ship Bveniog Siar (Br), Hill, Sydney, NSW ? it W Came ron. Ship Arkwrigbt, Caulkins, Liverpool?BpoCTcrd, Tileeton A C">. Whip John Bnnyan, Oar.n. Matanzas?Walsh A Carver. Ship Carl (Brj, Olwn. St John, NB?Rtiqer Bros. Bark A^ncourt (Br). Kaiiln, Melbourne?Mailler. Lord A Queroau. 4>ark Reindeer. Hoy*, loelaud?T A Llllendahl. T):vrK Robert Sims (Br), Baker, SI Ueorge, NB? Edmlstcn Brn? ri|iu )er A De Vertu Brig Challenge (Br), Libbe, Rio Qraade?Punch, Mcincke A Wendt Brls Abby P Fenno (Br). Webber, St JohB, MB?Brett, Bon A Co. Brie Martha Washington, Lelar.d, Elijabethport? Miller A Houghton Senr8. nan Witharn Maranham?B P Sherman. Schr Alice A Bunde', Cranioer, Baraeoa?Van Bruit M Slagbt *cl.r D Gillespie (Br). Smith. Msncton. KB?D R Dewolf. 8chr?wan (Brl. Taylor, Moncton. NB?I* I Neviim A Co. 8?hr Bmprrsi (Br), Outhouse, Sackville. NB?P I Nevios A Co. . Fdmor.ds. Fortress Monroe?Mott RetlelL Schr Diudeno Fisher, Newburyport?U C Kulier. Solir Planet. Dertnot, Qulncy?W S Brown A Co. ^%i?*niar KW Brune. Potter Baltimore. ARRIVED. RutMan steare Corveite Vitiat, C&pt Kramer, St Jauo, 16 day* suamahip Sluon (Bi). Martyn. Liverpool, Aprils an<l (Juernstown 7tb, 2 i5 AM, with rndje and 371 steerage pas sengers. to B CunarO. Steamship Whirlwind, Rogers, Beaufort, NC, April 16. with radae and passetu-'crs, to Murray & Nephew. f tip Jii| Iter. (Nor), tosephioo. Lisbon, 44 days.lwilh salt, cork. Ac. to Punch, Meiscke A Wendt. Ship Charter Onk (ot Searsport), Carver, Ma?.in?as. 9 davs, with sugar to Walsh A Cefver Bi,r? Prin* Oscar (Swe), tiurv, Qottenbnrg. 110 (lay? with iron. In Funrh *i?n ke A Wendt. Rfh "It 1st 28 43. lou37:i7. was boat ded by U S steamer Wacbuseti Irom Philadelphia cruising: put a leitei bag on board of us. Barked ward Hill. Hallett. ('arthagena. Marco 81 with hides. Ac to Ribon .* MIltbinat, oil Ureal Bahama iKland, spoke brl<r Charles W ft.og Hrlg Cervo (Ital >. Loniinbariiii, ^aktlelamar, 70 dars. with fruit, to order Hri. Satnson. D?lano, I'alern-o via Bermuda 11 days, with *:ilrhur Ac. tojacqurit ol ft: Christmas. Rrlg OaK i Br), ??.Sierra Leone, Feb 14. with hides ami t>alm oil, to B R Ware A Co From March 26 to ADril 13. experienced a sucrension ol' heax y ga:es and calms all around I he com |irineipaiiy iron, eastward; split sails, A Feb .'7. Capt (ieoige, Francis Klson dlod ol African fever a?'nd 47 Bug liercules (Olden). Von F'giorn. Uahla. 57 days, with eo lee and rogew.'od. to Kirkland i Von Sachs. 3Utn ult, !at *f. Ion OH. hpoke Br s< hr (Duquette, of Turks Islands, bound S. had lost topmasts und two meo. Brit B Drummona Couwav. a spin wall, 20 davn. with wdse. to J F Joy. 23d inst, Allen Goutd. seaman, fell over board from the ilbboom and w:i? lont: 12th ins', lat 27 80. Ion 79. passed bri'i (jolden Lead, bound N. Brig t) Trowbridge. Lyon. Poncn. 1*R, 26 days, with mo lasses, to Daniel Trowbridge Kr.g lleur eita (ol Bermuda), Hodson, Bermuda. 13 days, In ballaxt. to MnOVU ft Fr;tb Brig West, Oulbrandeei New Orleans, )4 days, In bsllast, to John C Connor Brig Ellas Dudley. Nye New Bedford Sehr A<ixia (B> ) 'Martin C-trdena*. IS dav?, with sugar, to 8p?i.ce Montague * Co. vessel to P I Kevins A Bon. Si hr (Juesn of Clippers. Da'idson, Windsor, HP. 13 day*, witb potvocs. to A Smlthers A to Sciir Loumvllle Taylor. Dorcbetdcr, 19 days, with stone' to P 1 Nevlns A Son Schr Telerraph (Br), Cnrry, Cornwal is, 26 days, wltb po tatoes. to D K R Dewolf. Scnr is T Hubbard Smith. York River. Hchr Ohas M Donald. Baker. Virginia. 8cur Grapeshot. ?, Virgioia. Set,r Pierce. Daniels, Virginia for Brcokhnver. "clirJobn B HpofTord, Longstreet. Fortress Monrre, Hchr L W HJerse. Loring. Baltimore lor Rockland. . SiurCyri.s Foseett, Foal, Baltimore lor Bo\;ou, Schr Three Brothers. Knowlcs. Baltimore. Ktfcr Mitn.onetie. Jones, Italtin.ore. BcnrQ Willie. I.acv, >4llton achr .Mexico Burdit, Ell?io< thport for New Baren Hchr Ma-y Cleaveland. Adamt. Blirabetbport for Bo?U>n. Sckr Ssnepuxent. Brown, irom bri^s Karosk, and Ln/is B1ie? oaho.-e u?ar Barnega! Schr Dwicht. Hill. Poitland. Sckr J M Bralnerd, Harold, Portland. Schr Hannah E Uray. Sloaoe. Portland, Schr Granite State. Hallett Boston. 8i lir Empire State. C'arr, Oloueester. 8< hr II S Rarnes. Joties. New Bedford. 8chr Justiee. Taylor, Newport. SchrJsnaT Boyd. Roberts New Haven. ? S<hr Hudson. Penbndv. Ndw Haven. Schr Messenger. M.irpby. Harlfoid. Schr Superior, Smith. Mystie. BBXOW. One bark SAlim 18lh?Steamer Tatntrtpd s'lii* Chnttaooca, Bflvldere; brits Hound, Jr.ortansei, Confideuoe. Clfassian. Abemerc; schr Maria Louisa 19th? C S guoboat Mnttawan (and anUioreu at Quaran tine). steamship City of Limerick, sl^ps Bridgcwater, and Wisconsin Wind at Mint B. AatrMiiM ?MfmaiMH' \itaeUttoa, Mo Si Wall 8tuk*t? Rocas 33 akl i&. The fallowing approved Masters and O (Leers bar* reoeivsd oommiMtooi from this Ajssoatatlon ? Captains Wm McCreary. brig Olereragh; Lew's Hlcg r,s, Jr; Wil iam Dawaon, ship Bridcewater, Israel T Wad*, hrg Fearless: Richard P Bi-ard. ship Florence Nightingale; Will am Lartm brig Fsahion. Frie . ,ch firm:. |.r.c Bin men'bal' Amos B Godfrey. bar* O W Hall; lolin C Phi;lps, bnrk Augusta Kelley, Jo;>n 1 Miller mate), Jabex C Nwr tcc. niHtllanrom. Awrmc** Luiim-Supplement to trie Arr.eilean Lloyd* Register of American and Tori ign Shipping for Aprii It, la out Ibtae supr lements appear twice a rauc.ih. and are *?p plied graniltoesly to subscriber* to Uie annual to nice. They are of groat service to oommerelal men, aa tbey de scribe the condition of every vessel down to the iaiest mo ment .Ve??.r? Taylor, Hartshorn* A King, proprietors, No 3ft Wall street. Hntnimiir Potowac from Portend for !?"w Tori, was passed, pla>*. Ac. not given, with a ? reck In tow Bars S H CliMix, Doe, from New York, arrived at R?v anuria on the 2d inst, and during a t?rr lie cue on the 3d broke away from hergaoohois in Murrav s anchorage and drove ashore close to the Navy Tacks on the north aide of 81 George's Island, about eleven o'clock at niyht. Pliehas become a Mtal wreo* H?r bottom Is beaten on I and tlie wsier over the deck aft?ly'ng or. a lee shor? and rolllca and bumpin? heavily with the aer.d <>' the sea. There la every probability her speedily breaking op. Bask E[>w?sr J^rsstrr. Harding, reporta having salted from HamDlon 1'iaot. M.,rh 8, and liua had ? onimua) gale* from the S E durit.g the wb< .? paaxtge. On tb? 2Mb, of) Fire Island ah:pi*d a ara and iost de k load and filled the cabin and forecartie w tb water; w*? blown off to wtth.n twenty miles of Hitman, was three ttme.s drove socth of Cape Henry. 12th Instant, pieied tip a sailor s cheat paint, ed blue containing letter* directed to Robert H. Must sign, ed by Mrs Oust, also dlacharce from I' 8 steamer Han coca. Bar* UfDisr. Thompson, at Baltimore from Liverpool, report*, Feb 1G, lal 47 27, Inn IB 10, is'.scd a ship of about (kg) tons, dismasted and w?ier logged, Lad lull figurehead, with ? scarf, painted blue, running from the right shoulder to the left Me; poop running to the ml.:;enma*t. with skylight and gangway on the same, painted -white. two hencoops on each slfle of skylight, forecastle extending to tb* fore hatch: ironwork painted red. It blowing agaieat the time, oouId not board her. March )?. lat 18 30, F*n t* 10, hoarded the bng RatnUee, of Nova Scotia lumber laden, abandoned; mainmast gone, waterlogged and decks stove. /7th. lat 36 <0 loa ?ft M, was boarded by a boat from barb n Gregory, from NYorV for Aspinsrali, and auppllod tbem wltb a eons pass and wheel. Baos Iomr. at Portland from RernnHo", bts been 21 dv* N of Cape Hatter**; h*ri a succession of NE and SK gale* tb^' entire i aaaag<.-, lost sail*, spilt rudder head, stove long boat, bulwark* skylight. Ac; tad tie cabin and forecastle several tines filled wltb water. % PA*".Hasso.n Oaaooinr, Gregory, hence for Asptawan, when tbr*e days out, aipcneuced a heavy gale, had deck* ewept, bulwarks and wheel stove, lost olnnaele. sod was leaking badly ?a? iigjM wlu. cotnpaM and wheel by bark Cndine. March 27. lat K 40, Ion 6 4C OaaACA*. Laoke of aad from New Tork. btund to Maumoroa, anohored about an mile* of! Bermuda 1st tilt with a pi ci on board parted ebMn dur'ng the algbt and sat driven te sea The wind having moderated and again Chanced to tb? southward for a abort time. *he on the 2d last again made her appearance anu anchored m Five Fathom Hole. The Caracas t? ,.k th? gale on the 24th the oIg 1,1 of the day on which she sit had her decks swept of everything, Including provisions: lost sails. Ac Has eight passengers wbo, with the erew, bare been living on cracker* and water aicce (be abere date. Itmi Aaaorr Laws' sea, frcm Baltimore for Boeton with eorn, pat lato Philadelphia I7tb, harmr had pumps choked Vth insi. during a NE gale, off Cbinooteague. Will repair. Bint; II O Baaar Duot,, from Matanras for New Tork arrived al Ri (leorges. Bermuda, on the 1st last leaking and with loss or sails; had been np on tbe roast In ten UtLoms. wltb a phot boat .n aigM, tas had fearful weather sinoe the 26th tilt F' ns Rr?rowsiri t Parll,?. frt m Philadelphia 1Mb sM for Nt Thoiuaa, on the 17th sprung a leak, caused by ? heavy cross ? a In the Gulf titrrana. On the 20th. vessel leaking bartly. waa obliged to beai up '< i Bermuda In icpau dsm a?ea. 9cm? r cm ,li i?r? from BaHlmor" for Boston, was aebnr* t>n Great Point IBlh tin The i rew sre safr and the vessel wltb her oargo of eoal may be ssm-<i Bi-nit SlaotAToa. Darls, at Fall River from Remedlo* ei perlenoed veiy rough wealbtrc dvi'ng tlv- passage, ? pi it ?alls, loot jlhboomand stisialned otbe.r ilamago ftrim Pwsciw, llopkla*. at Ho mes Holo, frnr. Rurinam. egperleneed heavy wealhti during tbe |u>saa?e On the Mb, In a male, lost b?ad of malnuiast. foresail, and split other sails Morning of tbe Iftb, off Tirna i<ln Cove, was (n coniad with a schooner, name unkno#V, snJ l ad rail, iihboom. bulwark*, two atanchioas and anehoi on tbe star bnaed bow broken* damage to tbe other erlooiier unknown Rrn>> ?l O O/st. Rawley. from lailtmorc for Buatoo, at Hoima*' Hole, teat malnbooir. mala topmast, boat anllt sail*, Bi tta OiRArra before raMrtrd ashore near the Best Chop. HofTB' a' Hole, csme off full of water 17th, after dischsrflni desk lnad. and whsa off Hast Chop capslted sod was towed Inte tb* bai nor. Has will be kauisd eut Sena HnoarMAi.oa, Mslatseh, at Rnetoa fcom Mlragqane, Joet part of <te*h load. J7A" 'W tBf). Forest hi Boston torn Matanraa. Rumt Tmoht. Ixb tlMMmi ?Mk eoai, wwmt for Mew Htvti, wIMrt with t* iltMwi f'ere aad ait Mb* ni*-^ tu *mwm* LTtX"?ia! ?tkuwiM lajmi IIMkM, Mm, Steamship Otrapiu, from NYork for Liverpool, April Ml I*MW* fcr Baa ffiaaataae, Jan T lat S N, loo jfV _ Ship Missouri, Iron Bombay Mr Liverpool, Ju KM V ?,1m ? a ?fa.iffiissr-'-ou? ~ ??? uKK'-.?*" "" ,k~~ - ""*? Hark OaaUeton. Hill. 57 day a from NYork for Melbourne, Feo 5. lat SO 8, Ion 28 90 W. Bark 8 W Holbrook, Small, from Portland far Ouba, April 14. lal 42 33, Ion tSfl 41. ffjyy, from Matuua far Beeton, April 13, off Oaryn Brig Frontier. LiHlefleld, from Bamptoa Beads for Port land. April 16. off Monuuk. ?rig Jobu SVpboDa, steering W, April 9, tot 3S 64. Ion 71 Pwmtflm Biuroi, March 31?Arr brig Pa again, Conyere, *T?k; 22(1, acbra Palmetto State, Nckerson. do: J Davie, Gordon. Wilmington. NC; *9d. Responsible. SavilW Philadelphia for St Thomas, III dlatrees; April 3, bark 8 R Chapman, Doe, NYork (slere wrecked, aoc Miscel); briar* H O Barry, tHion. Maun/an tor NYork. In dlatreae: M, Caracas. Lock' NYork for Matamoroa (see Mlneel). OKI March 30, bark (trace. Siowe, Philadelphia; 39th, ncbr Palmetto Stale, Ntckeraon, Cuba. Carthaotim, March SI?In port brig Bocota, Clark, for few day*. Bid previous to Slat, brig H Bavelock. Smith. NYork. Dunamiu, March 16?In port brig Wm Alton, Stubba. from NYork, dlsu; arhr Metoor, for Bermuda|20th. Sid 13th, bark Janet 81 Thomas April 15? Arr brill Advent, Crow, NYork for St John*. NC; achr Amelia. Riehau, New York. Cld Gtb. ecbr Relnder. Rood, Baltimore Rio Jawkino, March 8?In port ship 8 Curling, Mohan, nnc; barks Adelaide, Etehberver. from Raltimom, arr 6th, diag. 8a!wem (Br), Scott, lor NYork; Orient (Br). Young, for San Francisco; Abiuali. MeFariand, unc; brig* Cleopatra (Hwe). Danolwrg, for NYork; Venn* (Br), Colfard, for do; Carl (Dan). Petersen, forSan Franelseo; Virginia. Harelay . nnc: sehrs Ideal (Br). Besogic, for NYork; Palme (Brein), Krufte. for Baltimore. Rkmkdioh. April 5?In port bark* Sierra Nevada, for San Francisco, fd?; TaJivera Merrithew. foi Ronton do; Blleu Dver, for Portland, do: aohr Dviro. fro';. Machtas, arr 1th. Sttkinam. March II?In port bark Edmund Dwlght. Her rlrk, for Ronton 26th; brig Milwaukee, for Turk* Islands 13th. to load for Boston. St John, NB, April U?Cld ?ohr Flora, Cathers, NYork. American Porta. BOSTON. April 18-(additional)-Arr Br ship Lady Dnf ferin, Jonas. Liverpool; Br bark B F Shaw, Cann. Havana; bark* Acorn, Parker, Beaufort, NC, Sicilian. Lavender. Philadelphia; St James, Wood, Pliiladelnhia; Mary Edaou. Nickeraon. Philadelphia; brig Lorana. llapeuny, Trinidad; Brbrg William A Black. Douglas. Trinidad; brig W R Saw vcr (of Boston), Tmcey, Card push 13th nit; Br brljjs Kirtland, Fmigere Pictou: Oharlea. Smith. Windsor; Br achr Pawn. Wright. Port de Palx; achr Adela. Know. Havana; Br achr Twin Sons, Porcat. Matan/as: schra Merriman. Snow, Nanse mond. Va; Ruth N Atwood. Rich: Wlntleld Scott. Cole, Tangier; Mluiioota, Daniels. Tauirier; Nil Deliberandum, Rich, Craney Island: Queen of the West, Roger*. Baltimore; Mnrv Standiah, Parker, do; M A Rich, Tlsrrlv, Philade'phia; CE Elmer, Howell, do; Com Kearnv, low. Eli/abethport; Florida Kelley, do, Augusta, Orowell, do; Charles Edward, tliggin*. do; Loulsn, Snow. do. Corburo, Norton, Staatsburg NY; Harriet, Pen*e NYork. Telcitr.ipbed, bark Champion, from Philadelphia; Brig R 8 Hansel I from Nuovltaa. Below, two ahipe, four barka and thirteen brig*. Cld bark Bay State, Sparrow, Alexandria: Dutch bark Jndah Capne. Capt>e, St Thomas; brig R M Heslen, Jones, Baltimore. Bid (wind NW to R, light) nark Clio brig Loraua. 19th?Arr bark* Thomas Whltuey (Brj. London; W H Randall, Phinnev. W C of Africa; brl^a N Steven* Haskell, Mexico: M Shepherd, Cook. Omoa; Jeroiniah. Ford Cardo nan; R S nasscll, Shute, Nenvltt!*; Eacle, Parker. Cienfuc poa: W A RoK''r*. Croibv. do; Almcre. Cook. Remedios; C K Allen. Graven, Honduras; J W Woodruff. Eaton, NYork; *chrs Dwlna. Martin Cap" ITaytien: July Fourth, Cnracou; Brave, NYork. Below 3 ehlpa 4 barks and all the Vineyard fleet. Also arr 19th, bark Amv. Mes*ina; br'c H M McGilvery, Sngn.'i: *ehr Mary E Walker Cape Havtien. BALTIMORE. April IK?Arr bark* Mnnlton (Br), Pills, bnry Clenfncpo*; I'ndine. Thomp?on. Liverpool: brlir Mng eovario (8r). White, Oemarara: schrs War Eagle, Serlev, NYi rk; Trenton, Mortin. Perth Ainbov. NJ; Occan Travel ler. Newhall, Key West; Helena F. Warren. Ja"ksonville. Below *cbr Alexander, from Jamaica. Cld ship Arnold Bo ntnger (Pros). Bratt, Rotterdam; *chr* Mnrv Willoy, 8ptn nev. Portsmouth, NH; f.orene, Cheney Jersey City; Swan, North, NYork: John .1 Houseman. Wishart. NYork via Pocomoke Sid barks Clifton, Oavet, Rio de Janeiro and a market: Ann* (BremJ. Melnem, Bremen; brig* Roseway Belle. (Br), Miller. Mayagucz. PR, W J Treat, Parke, Arcc Iho, PR. 19th?Arr achrs Sir Colin Campbell '(Br), Ylgui,1 Guano Key; Young Tea/.er. Morton, Cardenas. BATH. April 16?Arr.ihlp Ann Cray (Br), Liverpool: brig D B Ooane, Rnowlton, Havana; 17th. ship Mary Russell, Thompson. Liverpool BEVERLY. April 16?Arr aehrti S R Smith, I.nrvey, Nevr York; 17th. Hannah D, chase, do. BRISTOL, April 16?Arr sehr Fleetwood, Johnson. Carde na? DIOHTON. April 16?Arr schra Ann B Brown. PJillIlpi, Oeoreetown. DC- Salmon Waahburn. Thraither. Philadel phi,, Chsrie* Loverinc. J on e a. Ell'abcthpert; SJf IjjJ?'1 pbllllpa. do. Wfllatler, rreabrey, NYork. Sid achr Charlea, N DAN VERS,11* April 17-Arr tchm Jall?ll^n^^p5,0EIV1S" beIhport; Com, Kelly K Davidson, Kelly, and Palo Alto, Krll* NTork'. 18th, A Herbert. Growell. do. FAL>I< RIVER, April 16?Arr achr* R;chard Bord'n, Bor den aeorpetovri. 1)0; Cornelia BUrabcthDort; aloope Nep nine, an.l New World, do; 17U?, achr Henrietta. Little. Apn b0HOLMES- HOLE. April 16, PM-Arr berk Bphralra W" vu?i>prr Georgetown, f)C. for BoJilon; brfjjs AI01016, & R^^oTOBo^on; J HWtetlujm, Arrtngtoo. Cnrilcn .il for Portland; Clyde < Br) (.baae. Loo* I?l-ind, Ba ham*, for St .lohn, NB; J Bickmore. Trary, Georgetown, DC Tor Boston: Won C Clare. Ttieker. and Kennebec, Blair. Rllcaheihnort for do; 8 E Parker, Fitzgerald, do for Ply month; Or Kane, P.yder. d<> for Salem ; John B inera Philadelihia for Marbiebead. Union. nambVo. i8. Mlch*e 1? River, Mil, forNewbnryport: Jae free man *? <"}<; I'mtland for Baltimore; lam. HariH?tr, do for Philadelphia, Dta Morion. Buekmaater. Vinailiaren for Baltimore; Tbomna llii Hall; ilurd. Snow. Luct Amea. Plnndera, and Pld^k UnifAne Crockett. Rockland for NVorK; Corvo, f rockett, .1 uhet! Phllbrook. Frankfort for Fort belaware. Bid phraOcenn Herald, H P nuBblns. George Parker (Br). Hloomer Sahwa. William Arthur and HarrlatWeal. ^ 17th- Arr berk Champion. ^''?^"|Phi%f^?0JjSni?raon. Frontier. Uttlefield. do ^r do Ifatfl. Boeton for s&vNfsarWisZi x x ?x^?SJgt ter Lord: Koaenth, Vayo; Jane HMkell and Onwar Hi.-Kln- Rll/abe'hport for do; Bl2?w " ' h Bultana. Fletcher, and Senator. Faulklln. new Vork' for * GaWn?. Smith Blhabeth rortforrortland. litela I Br> Knight. NYotk for llallfai; William Carroll, Wa?hinci"0. Dr . Imduekia. Smith, Bath for do. Me*kan, v(Oar!t B 'CkHport for Baltimore; Hannah Rew&Srt forlo; Catawamttrnk. Snow. R*ktend for I'hllndeiphia. Anita Oamon. Torrct. Cnlale. for do aaum. Bulger do or NVork; S'waa Ta?lor. Uord. Rockland_for do, Lig'ire, Robbma. Tremont for do, Adelaide. Harden. for ilo' Albert, Joy. Joneaport for do: Eldorado, Young. ShueeBS for do. Vendors Bray. Ylnaiharen for Phtladaj Chiloe. Rlata. Ronton for Vlenna.Md Bid harka Orient B WllHame and Champion; brlga.Jegmlah. Baga / ur i M tfbepard. Ocmd Wave. almore. J[U DUliagb*?* fivde (Ri) J Bickmore* Wm C Claik. Kennebec, JS \ ? tiewetl. ilenry O'lbert (Br), J^rliRht (Br). P jmce of Wato \i fir) CasttUan. Elizabeth, Fr ntler; wshn B11rd<ti Charte r tlak.J ill .a A Marv.S E Parker. J B Clayton. Union. T Frerm?n. lata: Ida Morton. Tljoinaa Htl ltnwl. i-nel Amea, Cor?o. Fre lerick Kutene. Henry. Knl?ht. Woneta. IIatt>e Coomb*. Cnlon Flas. Koaautb. Jane. Onward. Mada L'aKctr Senator. Galena. Wm Carroll, laabal Blake. Grace f.irxlier, EJa. l.odna*ia, Me,lean Kelle. Baj SUt., George Waablngtcn, 8u?an Taylor. Mary, Terdovt. Cblloe. lflh?Arr l^ark Pebm Orook'r, Cardena, for Pertlea^ b'ln Sarah B Croaby. BTorH for do; Uiggina, Haltlmore for lmton; Tornado ???? and Qliy? Hand, l^hlladelnliia for do; ahm Lydia Par la Cardenaafor Portland; Btepfien O Hart, Ba^er Baltimore for Boatrnn. Hilen Mckarland and Bliiwbeth, Wnrht, Ba'tlnjore for Boe ^ WmMMarcyjllarrett; Rachel Leaman, ?ia0~' Mary liomaa. Fo^a Thomaa Jeffemon, Fnaa: II BMahoner, Mire.n her. and Brhraim k Anna Dole Ph i ' ttarati Jane Vaughn. Smith, do for Salem, Bailie T ?-hartr^ Smith, do Mr Lvnn; Ida F Wheeler. Dyer, do t^on^A, Camilla, Arpleb*. do for Bewhiiryp^rt; Samnel Oilman Cr. ?el. BVort for Boeion. O W Ra?ley, Allei^ OhopUnk rlrn, Maryland, for Tbomaaton; Evelyn. Crowley, Addleoii '?N Bw"h itOFORD, April 1?-Arr brig Catharto* Yeaton, NTork; eehra Electric Spark. Kendall. Port Royaj, SC. Horn a statlea Olbba. Pbllaileiphla; Copy. le??y? NTork; I7ttr, arhri Baltimore. Frank, Baltlmore. SplJ* di'l. Barlow. EJ'abethport, Ancler, Heeale. 1^?"^ NTork. lMh. arhra Mary Fleuher, Tracy, FWadelpw* Adelaide. Blekrraon. Bamttahle for KVerk. sid l^th. arhre J *?!? Btwlman. fUckerean. a?d H 8 Barnea. BTork; 17th. E M Smith, ChlW?.dn, iSth. jehra Ellen Rod man, Bowman, and H P HT, , % . ? u, B^WBURTPORT, April 17?Arr brig A Light. 8?hl. BW UmNrWPORT. April n-Aw.brtg^hlhbotoU. ..f ton for Philadelphia, aehra D R Proctor. SaiItt/Bwrtgijof Port Roral: Monterey, Ctalg, Delaware City re?K^lde?oe. Magnolia <Br). l^ockhart, C?rawalli?, MS, for BTork.Jwagj * Snow. Aebora, Portland for de, H f Cuatolaf. Bo*?? f?l8tb "if^i/^Arr brig 8 T Jhf wn, Whaley. rarde?a|; achr Emerald. Keen#, Philadelphia, "loop Amertean ?ai?, Ward. Havenyraw, BT. SM brig BolM>ol?lb, ?ch?e !**?! ?> ""phIl'aSbI'BH'*- April 18?Art bar* tted?. BTork; brig John Robblna. SlekeiieB. BT?rk: echra W? Coll-er. Rarrer. BTork, S Caatr.T, Boblaeoa. Port ?<>y?lj J Paraone. foowman. do; Catrpbej', Soulip, Port and, A 4 Bnoaell, .Ho?lgea, aod C Carroll, Matiaffey. ItMdIetowa. r Hall, Ingraham. Portland; Aetrea. Hal nee. do; Preabiey tai?u4; R B haley. Kande?: JM Wateon and La-onla, Proctor. BTork; D ? laar. m*J. w* lobn Rlw; "c Baiter. Sleteer P^t %al CId hark. <?k Rriler. BoeBrc, Pleladee. Miller, Key Weet; brtg?a?o mla T>anl. Rnara. Wrnamhnno; arhra J f *r?ona Sirow man Port Royal; W Tlltoti. Tttl'-n, do; WllHam. Fletcher, Bath: 8 Caatner, Bohinaon, Marbleheadi C Metww, Robl* aon. Brain'ree; fc Carroll, Mel>?lfer, Farr- Moller, Salem: B Bnlman. Smart, Boeum. w?? wai*. Bai?&*. do. WCAtwater Baokett. Prorldenoe; R Halaey. Peaay. do; Laconta. Proctor Sao l'rwr*. Pel Arrfl '? PM-?ld ffKn the Breakwalar ?l?am " *le Baker; brlg Belly; arhra Arthur "ampanw. Enocn Wenonah, ?b4 Cbaa Mrlknald. ail for BTor*. )VII)ENCB. Anrli 17?Arr bark M Metoalf. ttrieara achM Wlltow JIUrK Dana (JwnFtJWJ^DC, rah. Drieko; W B narthiH Paiier, 11 Hfll, Wbeldea, aon B Watem rn, BharpleV, Baltimore; B Baker, Baker, ** ? Sciidder. fllggina and B Baker, Htgflna, WBg ? Kin. tfliey; L .? Wafren. W.rr?u Oen Lyona, RIIOMfJ. and Peer.eea, Know lea, PaU?*M t Potter. Biekett, Daia ?are City7*loneaoU 8milh: ',eo F.ilea Nlekereoa. Ptan Dean. T Borden Wri*hllngton. and Philadelphia; Chnrter Oa* Itudier, and T W Thorn. Sear a, Rlitabethport, Mora. Chadwir* do rla Plermoat?will pr? r*e<I to Ho at on with her <-?r*? of noal- Ed woollen, TO'lai. Bewburg: Anr Amelia. Haliork: Sarah, Bo'.den, and Pann ay Irama, Warner BYnrk, alnot Thomaa B ill, Hull, d* Bid achra B lloimea. Arnold, and New Regulna Crowaon Jjllra? hethror!; J, Bralburi. lUteratraw; aloopd rmti, rolilelKl . do. Bhode taiaad. W^htm.ui, BVork. . _ u M 171b?Arr rummer Pell?*t. Wa.den, BTork; *?'? " " Free?iar. Howee: B Cldord, Bhnte, and B A Cooklln Pjo' ten, Baltimore, Speedwell. Bnhblne, Patu?ent; p O rioyo. lUi.kett, H Wi'lrta, Pnraooi M^ry A Piltahetn. Coraery. and W U Andenileii Hewitt. Philadelphia. Jamea<*ornaa?. Smith; Delphi, Smith Pctral. "oare. and Wa?blngtoo;_Ha ren? Rllrabethport. V Harkeiew Coagiloa, Hw*era?raw. Hid aehre l> Wehat^r, Perrr. Tri phetiia, B ir.iteraon: Tlymwv Albro; T P Abell. Bragg; M B Well. *?if; BipadHe, 1B?e^ aatl Mtuer?a. Bnghlman. BTork alona B "P^f'.e. dO I8tb?Arr arhra H Wea'brook, BarWI. a?J<J Danlol Mmmea, Ho'nre, Baltimore 8 A Taylor. D iked. i?' , Ja? MflUne. Halloek. and M Miller. Darte*. Wrabdibportl aephlne. B"rna. BTortt; aluope k Brown. Carr. and Mjani, lompkina, ito Below, arhr Menteree. f mm Dela^reoity BM arbra Baiad tjuean, Daaiela. pb.iadelpWd; t? * B*?J?"i (Jedadj ; r Pierce. Hall; Joeepb nefcbT??a. BdtrlhamtCW folia, Toirej Lad? Tillo wn, Arall ,' artor. aod J ? Cnrtla, Cronelfi BTurk; M??a, 'ihadarlak (from BHaaBetB P??/l'wrffc|rET, At"lll6-An whra H W BenedW'Ciae, Pkliadelokla BmiBrf. DdiWo KiiiAbethpMl . ?> .yvWVWVA.WW ?UH raw ilMBUf BOMMB. M>irf ruMiin u?oU. ^9NMM| ?*MHi COT 84IB. HMM^WRMRrBn ova mi. lH"S?HJ_41,D TU* WOODEBLBGGBD AMATEUR ?,..0?tf.A.BS *"!?*"? "IOGRB BARBER. . Oj* A^^J^e^-TbaQ?lataBaa?o^rfPf?ald>BtlilMW Vrim ?ad MMMMbwinwkm. T. B. DAWLMV, Partaker, 11 Park row, M. T. A -<H>BN8. B0*101*8, IAD BAILS, TINDIB PERT, A" **?? ????4 by Dr. BRtoOa. Bnraaoa OMt*m4IoI Prim clpai oltee W.bMMk ttl Broadway? ii-tage' lUerlaioraBd Curative aogby droggtata. 8?nt by ??MTB> oeata ?4?l. ^JOHTAA'B BXTBJUHBATOB^^^^^^^^^^ ^?prAR'S ? ^KsTAR>8 ?> "OOBTAR'B ? -OOSTAR'B ? ? COSTA R'fl ?? " COSTAB'B ?? EXTKRMINATORS. BXTBRMIN A TORS, FOB RATS, ROACHB8, ABTS, BEDBUGS. MOTHS IB *UR8. INSECTS OB PLANTS, FOWLS An?> ANIMAL0 " IB yean ealabltshed la Bow York city." "Only Infallible remedies known. "| " Free from poisons." " Not danceroua to the hnman family." "Rata oome out of their holeu to die." Bold by all drngglet* everywhere. Beware of all worth ten* Imitations. - COSTAR*B " Depot. Wo. 481 Broadway. B. T. CORKS, BUNI0N8. BAD NAILS, AC.. CURED WITH oat pain by Or. RIC?> Burgeon Chiropodist, to Bowery, over Citizen*' Bank. Riee'a Annlbllator cures Coma, Bunions. Chilblains, Ac. By moll, 6# cent*. Refrigerators? Free from moisture and damp air. WILSON'S PATRNT AIR CIRCULATING REFRIGERA TORS. They effectually preserve meats, flsh, fruits, Ac., for pro longed period* during the wannest weather, without any one article imparting Its flavor to another, and will save their coat In ice alone In one aeaaon. Call and see them. WIL80N A GRANT, <98 Broadway, Opposite 8t. Nicholas Hotel. 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Thomas a agnew. who is famed por sell X log Teas, Collces, Flour, Sugars, Molasses, Syrups, Butter, Hams, Ac., Ac., cheap for cash, baa opened a whole rale department of his business right adjoining his retail more. So everybody can now bo supplied m any (juantity. Either families or Krocara wishing to save their mounv should at once call aud see for thoineelvea One price. Cash enlv Greenwich and Murray atresia. THE LBCTURB HE A SOW. A RARE TREAT. MISS SUSANNAH BVAN8, SIXTEEN YEARS OK AUE, whose extraordinary oratorical powers have excited the wouder and admiration of nil who have heard her. and whose earnest appeals in tbe cause of temperance have won tbe hearts of all Christian hearers, WILL DELIVER A LECTURE ON "NEW PICTURES FOR OLD FRAMES," AT THE COOPER INSTITUTE, THURSDAY EVENING, April Jl. Misa Evans delivered a lecture in tho Tremont Temple, Boston, when hundreds failed to gain even standing room. Whiia she dail&tita her hearers by tin; cbarins of her elo onence, see often melts them to tears by her touching ap peals. Her lectures are a wsrniug, a boned ictlen and a blessing. Tickets 29 cents. Children 15 cents. Doors opeu at 7*. to commence at 8 o'clock. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY, FOR GENTLEMEN only, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 018 Broad way. Parties unable to attend these lectures can have tbcm forwarded on receipt of ten cents by addreaalng Secretary of New York Museum of Anatomy. J^BCTURR IN.BROOKLYN. I J Mr W. P LYONS will, at the request of many dis tinguished citizens of Brooklyn, deliver his celebrated Leo ture on the "IRISH IN EXILE," at the Athena um, Corner of Atlantic and Clinton street*. on Wednesday evening next, the 20th instant, at eight o'clock. TICKETS 29 CRNTS. To be had at Swayne's bookstore, and Nevln's bookstore, Fulton street, and at the door. POLITICAL. DURST GUN FROM THE OLD BEVBBTEENTH.~AT A P large and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens of the Seventeenth ward, held at tbe bouse of Mr. James Egan, corner Ntntb street and avenue A-on Monday evening, April IK an organization was rornitfd, to be known as tbe Seventeenth ward Geo. B MeCielJan Democratic Associa tion PATRICK O'KEEFJS, President TaOMas B. Ndgxht, Secretary 4th ward mozart hall ward committee - The member* of this committee are requested to meet at 275 Pearl street, this (Wednesday) evening. April 20, 1861. at 7 o'clock. By order of Geueral Committee of Mu/art Hall. fVRNlTCRB. A RARE CHANCE FOR HOUSKKEBPER8.? BUI'KKB Household Furniture for sale at a sacrifice. The sul> scrlber will sell In lots to suit purchaser*, all the Furniture, Ac , contained la his residence 113 Wost Twenty third street, near Sixth avenue.?Pianoforte, Parlor Hull*, Window Cor. lain* to match, Ktagercs. Painting*. Bronzes. Carpets, Book case. Mirrors, Dinlo# Room and Chamber Furniture en suite; in uk but seven months. M. MIDDLRTON ALL THE FURNITURE OP A THREE STORY HOUSE for aale; rosewood and mahogany in Suit*, made by Camphor, to order for the owner, also splendid Looking Olax?es. Carpets. Clerks, China, Ac. Address J. C.. 186 West Fifty fourth stieet. . . -1 * BLRUANiFCARTEO FRENCH BEDSTEAD, 7* laid with marble, with Washstand to match, for sale cheap; been used seven months. Apply at 16U Blm MMt, LADY WILL BELL OER FURNITURE AT PfU rate sale?Parlor Suit. Feather Beds and Mattresses, single Iron Bedsteads. Ac ; also a handsome mahogany Wardrobe, at 22 South Sixth street, Williamsburg, L I. A PARTY WHO IBTSND TO REDUCE THEIR household will sell splendid parlor and ordinary Fur allure, parlor and other Carpets at reduced prices A good chanoe for an?body intending to bur for bonsekeeping. In quire at 244 West Twenty fourth street PARTY ABOUT MOVING WILL SELlT LOfljp Carpets. Stores. Gas Fixtures. Sofa Bed. Ac.. at 'heir residence. Apply before 11 or after 3 o'clock, at BART ? LETTS, 442 Broadway. Also some 2,000 small Iron Wheels and other 1 ron. ABINET FTRNfrURR7 $126.(110 worth of Furniture at manufacturers' prices, consisting of rosewood and walnut Parlor Suite, Library and Chamber Suits, oak aud walnut Dtniag Room Bulte. all made under the superintendence of J. E. Brauusdoif, in the latest style, aaa warranted both as to material and workmanship. WKIL A BRAUNBDOBF. 12ft and II? Risington street. New Vork. Factories ?, 97.99. 101, 103 an.l 108 Suffolk street. N. B ?The Broadway and Fourteenth street (gridiron) railroad ears pass within two blocks of the warehouse URN1TURB STORED IB THE PI BB-PROOP'BUILD ing W Sixth avenne, opposite Eighth street: families declining housekeeping will find this a safe place for their property. Apply each day from ? to 12 A. H. Beferencee given. UBNITURR, CARPETS. BOOKS, PAMPHLETS AND LOrlrtee bought for cash, at 1? Sixth avenue. between Ninth son Tenth streets. A complete set of Valentine's Manual of the Common Council. Also a large Sleek of Books for sale. A RESTAURANTS. Grand opening day nf the new City Hall Shades, Be. II Centre street, eerner nf Chambers, under lbs management of Ifr. P. J. Klemaa. The best of Wines, Ales, Liqnore, Chop, Steaks, Ae. The saest splendidly ? fitted np ptaee A good free hutch served dallj. KIKRNAN. eRBBN TURTLE SOUP SVERT DAY BY THB WORLD renowned Pete Byard, at the Washington Laneh. No. I under the Washington Hotel Peas Ulee sup Broad* filed. PCBLICAXipHs. ? ^pHYM0Lb0ICAL Y1BW OP MARr7aOB-CO^ ?? Mining nearly 300 passs and ISO fine plates and en I gracing* of the saatocny of the humaa oraans la a state ef health aad die*ass. with a treaties on early srrors, Me de plorable consequences upon the mind and body, with the A. tain Ing^nearly 300 pa^ss and ISO fine plates and en_ diesa* author's plan oV treatment? the only rational aii(l'successful mode of eufe, a* showa by the report of easee treated. A tra tbful adviser to the married and those oontemplatlaa marriage Who would know their physical condition. Sent free of ysstage to spy address oa receipt of M eente la stamps^r postal currency. Address Dr. La Croix, >1 Maiden PURSUANT TO AN 0 r of Obaneeir made in Dressier, late of Cbrbet n LB?A1< NOTICRfl. TO AN ORDRR OP THB HIOH COURT the matter of the estate of Oustav tier, late of Cbrbet court, In the rlty of London, mer it, deceased, sad la a cause Henry Dressier and others against Lutanse Dressier and another. The creditors of the laid Ousta* Dressier, late of Corbet court aforesaid. ?nd of Streetham, In the county of Surrey, England, n erchanl. who died In or sbent the month or De somber, are by thrlr solictors, on or be'nqs the second dny of Mav, MM. to eewe In and prove their claims, at Ihi Cbamhers of Uje Vioe ?hanoeiier. Sir John Stuart, No ll Slid Square, Lineoln's Inn. Middlesex, England, or In de. auli thereof tier will he peremptorily excluded from the beneflt of the ssld order. Mender, the ninth day of May. UN, at one o'clock,In the afternoon, st the Mtd Chambere. te appointed for marina WAK'DU m _ AI.PRK0 HALL t:hlef Clerk. W. M W. A. Wim?, 17 Rlag street, Chearslde, Londoa, PlelniKTs' Solicitors. TOO L.ATSJ POR CI.ASKI *i<AH0V. (eii RKWA^D-BfOLBN, ON MONDAY BVI'.NINtt. J April Id, from W svenue D, an hon gray Horse, about 15 hands high, 7 years oldj has a smsll ho lew In the forehead, short hair, gray mane, very small fset. ineg switch ?all, shoes eisrked ? root." a??d 'Mo.mnilir i0 fj Mamie, as' area tie a tuaim ^ OB. ihs&AATB ran nuom oobul WILL COM OOMWOTIOI. OwwtpUn ku Irti^il aor* of the human fWrnOy TNK km ImhIhI of i nn, or ? remedy IkK would hoot the Imh, m tm more (baa two knlnt years tho whole ?aedkal world boo been taprcoood that there wu a myste rioae power aad eSeleaey fas the Pine Tim Tar to bool tho immi therefore they have reooasmeadod Uo nee of Tar WaUr. vklek In nany mm bad a good affect; tat bow to eembiueIM aodteal properties n hio noal tbo lungs, baa ever been a myetsrr antll It waa dieeoversd by Dr. L. Q. 0. WIBHABT, Of Philadelphia, Pa., tho proprletetef Wlab art'e Tine Troo Tar OordlaUaad baa booa put la bottloa, patented by tbo United State* lowratBt Wo My to tbo afflicted tbat Dr. Wtehart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial wffl produce the INVIOOBATION Or THB DIGESTIVE OK OARS, THB STRENGTHENING OP THB DEBILITATED SYSTEM, THB PURIFICATION AND ENBICHMBNT 01 THE BLOOD, wbleh must expel from tbo system the con niption which seroftala breeds. White thla l( effected by tb? powerful alterative (changing from disease to health) pro perties of the Tar Cordial, Its healing and renovating princi ple Is also acting upon too irritated surfaces of the lungs and throat, penetrating to each diseased part, relieving tho polo, snbdulng inflammation and restoring a healthful tendency. Let thla twofold power, the healing and tho strengthening, continue to act In conjunction with nature's constant recu perative tendency, and (he patient is saved, if he baa not too long delayed a resort to the means of cure. PINB TRBB TAR COBDIAL IS AN INFALLIBLE CTTRH FOB 80RB THROAT AND BREAST. Dr. Wish art's Pine Tree Tar Cordial is a great and effect-, nal remedy for BL1BD AND BLBEDINO PILES. BLIND AND BLBEDINO TILES. BLIND AND BLBEDINO PILES. Thousands have been cured of the above dteeaae wben aQ bope of ever receiving relief waa gone. INFLAMMATION OP THE LUKOS. INFLAMMATION OF THB LUNGS. INFLAMMATION OF THE LUNG& There la not a medicine discovered that baa so much power Undissolve the thick mucous that ?tops up the wind passages ?f the lunge as the Pine Tree Tar Oordla), which subdues the fever and Inflammation that destroy the power and vitality of the lungs and consign the patient to the grave. We say to all whose lnngs are affected, uoe Dr. Wisbart's Pine Treo Tar Cordial with great confidence, as It Has restored tbon sandaof cases to health that were hopelessly given up to die. COLDS AND"COUGHS COLDS aFd"COUGHS are speedily cured by toe use oi Dr. Wisbart'a Pine Tree Tar Cordial: it does Its work at once, and tho patient Is cured before other medicines would have bad time to bare any beneficial effect. DR. WI8HABTS F1NETEBE TAB CORDIAL DB. WISH ART'S PINE TREE TAR COBDIAL DR. WIBHABT'S PINK TREE TAB COBDIAL DR. WISHART'B PINK TREE TAR COBDIAL IB A GREAT REMEDY FOR SCROFULA. IS A GREAT RRMKDY FOR SCROFULA. 18 A QRBAT REMEDY FOR SCROFULA IS A GREAT REMEDY FOB SCROFULA. The Pino Tree Tar Cordial will purifv the blood and steanse It of all scrofulous matter that Is constantly breed ing sores7 Interna] and external. Saltrheum, sore lege ana all skin diseases are especially enreil by Dr. Wish art's Pine Tree Tar Cordial: it ie good to be applied Internal and external In tbe above cases, as it has great power to heel where It cornea In contact with the human flesh. P1NB TREE TAB COBDIAL PIBB TBEE TAB CORDIAL le a great remedy for chronic croup and dlptherla, w&lcb Is sending thousands and thousands of ohlldren to a prema ture grave. It can be cured by Dr. Wlshart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial. Out of Mo tbcueend run where it bu been tried In the peat two yeara, it bu nevermieeed a eaae where It waa taken In time. All families ehould have It an hand, aa it gtvee instant relief in croup and dlpthena. ASTHMA ~AND COCOa ASTHMA~AND COUGH. ASTHMA AND COCOH. ASTHMA AND COCOH. The Fine Tree Tar Cordial glvea Inetantsneous relief In eaae* of asthma and hooping cough. It often cures hooping before it rune half Its course. an it acts at onee upon the phleem an>l mncca and expel* thpni from the throat, and tne sufferer UrallQTcd. In rase of nsthma use Dr. Wlstaarte Dyepepala Pill* with the Cordial, aa they hare never been known K> fail u> cure that disease. 1 aak all 'c read the following certificates They are from men and woiaea of uoqueitinnal le worth and reputation Da. Wnniir ? ~ Dam Sir?I bad a very dreadful couch and aeTe throat for one year, and my whole system wai fast giving way, and I waa proetrated en tny bed with but little hope of re. covering. Mr disease baffled the power of all medicine*, and in a abort time I re ait have (one to my (rave; but, tbank Ood, ray daughter in law would not rest until ?he went to your ? tore. No, lo North Second street, and related my case to you, purchaaed oae bottle of your Pine Tree Tar formal, and I commenced to use tt. and tn one week I waa much better; and after uain( three bottles I am perfectly well, a wonder to all my friends, for they all prnnounoed ma past cure. Publish my aase if vou think proper. RE BF.COA. H AM!1-TON. Ha 1,871 Wylle street, Philadelphia. Mr. Ward says:? Dn. WlNWABT ? But?I baa bronrbitls. Inflammation of the lungs. ahort ncsa of breath and palpitation of the heart in their worst forma T had been treated by several of the most eminent physicians in Philadelphia; but they eould not eton the raiiid course of my disease, and 1 bad despaired of ever being rejtored to heallk. I waa truly on the verge of the Crave. Tour Pise Tree Tar Cordial waa highly recom mended to mo by a friend. I tried It, and am thankful to aay that, after using four large and one small bottles. I waa restored to perfect health. Ton ean give reference to my honae. No Mft North Aeeond street, or at my office of Bo ceiver of Taiee. from 9 A. M. to J P. M., comer of Cheat nut and Biith streets. JOHN WARD. Bead the following from Ctica - D*. WintAir: Da*a Si a?I take pleasure la Informing yon through this source that your Pine Tree Tar CoralaL which waa recom mended for my daughter by Br. 3. A. HaM. of this eity, haa rand her of a cough of more than Ave months' standing .1 hsd thought her heron>1 cure, and had employed the beet of medical aid without any benefit. I ean cheerfully recom mend It to the ptriMIe aa aaafe and en re remedr for all tboee J_"? 'Of RK ? ? similarly afflicted, aa I know of many other eaaee besides ghat at We have thousands of letters from physicians and drug flats, who have pifllll and aotd the far Oordiai. aaylng that they have never need a - " that af nay daughter thai It haa entirely cured of Mag stand Ing oongfc, Tan re reepeetfully, JOB* T. PARKER. Dognerrean Artist, lafi Oeneeee street, Utlea. e e e e j |,aTa need Dr. Wlshan's Plae Tree Tar Cor dial In my family, and ean cordially recommend It aa a valu able and eafa medicine for ooida, oougna and to thoea pre Ultpoeed to consumption. Dr. O. A. POSTER, 180 Oeneeee at root The above eee a few among tha thousands which thia great remedy hoe aaead from aa nattaely grave. altera fifwn physi laadaoM the far . or aoM a medicine which gave eoo* narveraal aatlafaetloa The PTNK TRER TAR CORDIAL win cure Coughs. Bore Threat aad Breast. Bronchitis. AdUnaa. Hooping Oough. Diptherla. and fa also an etcellcnt remedy for dleeaaee of Ike kidaeys aad female complaint* BEWARB OP COCNTERFBITB. BBWARR OP OODHTBBPKITB BEWARR OP COCNTRRPKITB. BHWARB OP HOtTBTERPElTSL BRWARE OP COCHTRRPHITB. The (enuine baa the name of the proprietor aad a e tree blown In tha bottle. Ail others are spurious imitation* Price Fifty Cents and One Dollar .per bottle. Prepared only by the proprietor. DR. U Q- C. WISH ART. No M Berth Beeond street, Philadelphia. Pa. Sold hy druggiate eve rye here; at wholesale by all Buffalo and Hew Torb wholesale drug*lets. BMW TORE AORHCT AT HRLMBOLD'fl DHOO AND CHEMICAL WARR Houra, BRbVBOLD'S DROO *AND OHBMJCAb WARR HOI SR. HO, Ml BRoXoWAT, H. V> ?ft m sboaowat, h. * HEWS FROM TEXAS. Trouble Between the White and Begrt Troope at Fort Ihperansa. Till Jlegroes Kefnie to Receive Their Pay iad Comidir Themselves Ont of the Service, By the arrival yesterday of the (teamar Havana, Gap* ta'.n Greene, from New Orleans, we bare intereeUng now* from Texas. Oar Tesai Corresptmdemee< Fob* BspamaazA, Texas, April >, ISM. Wo bad rather an exciting time here day before yes> terday with the colored troops garrisoning the fort, who consider themselves on a tooting and equality with the white soldiers. A few days since, In an altercation be tween a negro and one of the latter, the former told bim tbat they (the negro troops) were us good as the whlU ones. "What is tbat yon any?" asked the soldier. "J nigger as good as a white man, hey? I'll show you whe? tber he to or not." And, suiting the aotlon to the words( be would have seized bis musket and shot the negro on the spot bad not those around prevented bim from doing so. On the 81st of March one of this same colored regV ment?First battalion.Fourteenth Rhode Island heavy ar tillery?was in one of tbeir officers' tents for tbe purpose ol recoiving orders; bnt, as they did not altogether suit him, ho demurred and began to grumble. The officer ordered him out of the tent; but, the Jnegro still remaining, tb? former advanced towards bim and pushed him, with tbi Intention or facilitating his progress to tbe door. In an Instant tbe negro seized a revolver which lay upon th? table; but tbe next moment he lay upon the ground, with a bullet in bis brain; for berore ho could raise bis band to shoot or strike the officer tbe latter drew anotbei pistol from bis side and shot him in tbe bead. The negro was not dead at last accounts, though bis recovery Is considered impossible. And now the whole battalion swore vongeanoe, and but for prompt action would have broken out into open ma tiny. They went about in squads, with savage looks, many refusing to do further duty, while others wers furious, swaggering, swearing and threatening. In the meantime the Sixteenth Ohio was ordered np, ana a battery of artillery was stationed in direct range of tbeir camp, with orders to open upon tbem at the slightest show of violence. The Sixteenth Obio took possession of the fort and tbe I ris nors therein, tho whole colored battalion having pruviously received orders to assemble outside without arms. They wero then furnished with one day's rations and marched^lown tho ooast four miles in a ookl noribcr Charges and sentences, passed by court martial and ap. proved by tbe Genoral commanding, were then read te them at guard mounting, and the whole aOair probably ends by the sontencing of twelvo or fourteen to hartf labor, with ball and chain, for one year. The morning that this difficulty occurred they stole and sccretod three barrels of whnicoy while unloading the transport Clinton of her freight, and several refused to obey the direct orders of their officers. And now I will give you tne history of this battaliou of tbe Fourteenth Rhode Island heavy nrtlllery:? They aro all freo negroes, and wore rccralted with ths under standing that thoy should receivetbe same pay and emoluments as tbe white troops. This was done for the purpose i f p rsuadlng as ramy negroes as possible to enlist, and thus avoid the drart as much as possible. They were pitied In Rhode Island and petted In camp, and the consequence was that they held up their beads, made a fine appearance at dress parade, and gave promise of making good soldiers. Out, alas, they were poorly ofitoered, and the case I have related Is tho only one In which prompt panlstmrani was given tor mutinous conduct or disobedienceot orders. It was no unusual sight to see an officer attempting VP sonthe a quarrelsome negro by taking him on one side and talking mildly to bim, instead of ordering bim under arrest. And now. to sum np all, these froe negroes hare refused to receive their pay, and declare that tbey are not In tbe service, becauso tho paymaster will not pay them mor? thau tbe amount paid by Congress, nod the same as the white soldiers I heir officers told them tbat the State of Rhode Island would make up the amount as agreed. Thlt tbey pledged their honors upon. So tho paymaster r* turned to this city without paying them Oil. Everything is quite in Texas. IMPORTANT* TO ?RASTO JURORS. Judge Rnwri'i Charge to tht Ona4 Jury?l'bolr Duties Clearly OeQu?d? T rlali, die. COURT or GBNBRAL SBS8ION0. Before City Judge A. D. Russel. Ami IP?Tho Court of General Sessions opened ll eleven o'clock this morning, City Judge A. D. Russel pre siding. Assistant District Attorney Robert C. IJutobiBg* appeared as prosecuting officer. The following geutlemen were sworn to serve as Grant Jurors:? Frederick A. Oonkllng, foreman; Francis B. Amtden, George D. B. Gillespie, George W. Bruce, Robert Bay deck, Win. C. Barnes, Tbos. M. Lewis, Vn. T. Clark, Chas P. Minks, Styles Curtis, Adonijab S. Queckonbuab, Sidney F. R. Coddington, Robt. J. Randolph, Nathaniel Ellis, Francis Tryon, John Endlcott, Cbaa. R. Wbltlenaore, Wid. Grnydon, Oscar Purdy. JDIIGB RT'SFKL'H CHARC.E TO Tit* GKAKD JVKT. Judge Russel tben delivered the following Important charge to tbe Grand Jury, in which be clearly define* the limit and extent of their powers ? Own jar** or nx* Giu*d Jcry?The judges holding tbe criminal courts in each county in the State, when a grand Jury isempanneiled and sworn, are required by law to call tbelr attention to certain special enaotments, such as tbe statute against usury, tbe statute against extor tion, tbe statute against lotteries, tbe statute protecting iho purity of elections, the statute to suppress Intemper ance and to regulate the sale of intoxicating liquors, an4 tbe llcket Passenger act. Tbe violation of either of these acts is declared to be a misdomeanor. and, aasuob.M punishable by dns or Imprisonment, or both. In tbe dis cretion of tbe Court. You have jurisdiction over alt oflences committed in this county, and also over offences committed In any other county In the State where tbe property, tbe proceeds of a felony. Is found In this county. You can tlx your own hours for meeting and adjournment; your foreman is empowered to excuse any of you from at> tendance without an application to the (Sort, and yoa can select one of your number to act aa secretary to keep minutes of yoir proceedings, and at tbe close of your official term they are to be delivered to tbe Dlstriot Attorney, to be kept By him as records in his of fice. It takes twelve of you to find an Indictment, tbe like number to reconsider It after It has been found, and sixteen of you to form e quorum for tbe transaction of business. You have the legal right to orlglnato, and cmm. act epon such offences as are of publle notoriety, end within your own knowledge, such ss nuisances,seditions, or sash as shall be given yon In charge by the Oourt of by tbe District Attorney; hut In no other oases wttbont ? previous examination had before e magistrate. This question ss to the rights and duties of tbe Grand Jury has been Judicially determined In a case in Psnasyl* vanla berors an eminent jurist, Judge King, which Is ap? pllcabie to you. because tbe provUlon of the con stHutlea and the laws of that Sute are similar in all respscts to oar own. in a case originating with tbe Grand Jury, and apon a eommunloailoo being sent by them to the Court, stating tbat charges had besa mads by one of their number, to tbe affect that one ol more members of a public trust company bad been guilty of converting to tbelr own use nubile money, and asking tbat Witnesses should be furnished Uba to snabla then to exam ins tbe charge. Judge Kinftfo a very able and elaborate decision, refused to permit tbe Grand Jury, oo tbelr own motion, to Investigate tbe matter .and said, among other things, in spsaking of tbslr duties and rights ?" Grand Juries are high public fuactlooartee. standing between accuser and aoeuaed. They are the great security to the dtlssn against vindictive proses* tloa, elthor*by government or political partisans, or by private enemies. In th?*r Independent action, tbs perse cuted bsve found the most fearless protector*: and amongst tbe records of their doings are te be dlscowtred the noblest stands sgalast the oppression of pnweJ; tbs vlraleaoeof malice, and the Intemperance of prejudice. These elevsted ronetlens do not comport with tbs position of receiving Individual accusations from sny source not preferred before them by the rssponsibls public autborltlss, ssd not rsstlng in tbslr own oognlsanos sufficient to authorize a presentment. Nor should courts give unadvisedly aid or onuotensnoe to any snch innova tion. For ir ws are bound to send for persons and papers to sustain one charge by a grand Jnror before the body aalnst ons citizen, we are bound to do so upon every arge, which every other grand Juror, present and fit ture, following the precedent now sanctioned, msy thlnfc proper hereafter to prefer. Our system of criminal ad ministration is not subject to the reproach that them exists in it an Irrespcnslbls body with unilmltsd jurisdio lion. On tbe oontrary, the duties of a grand Jury in direct criminal accusations are confined to the Investi gation of matters given them In charge by the court, of I hose preferred !>elore them bv the Attorney General, and of tboee which are sufficiently within tbelr own know ledge and observation to author!70 an offlolal pre sentment, and tbey cannot, on tbe application of any oea. originate proceedings against olllssas, which is a duty Imposed by law on other pubilo agent*. This limitation of authority we regard as alike fortunate for the citlxsn and the Grand Jury. It protects the oltlteo from the persecution aod annoy asss wnkb private malice or personal animosity, introduced Into tbe Grand Jury mom might subject him to, and It conserves the dignity of the Grand Jury, and tbe veneration with whtoh tbey ought always to be regarded by tbs people, by making them an umpire Vtwe-jr the accuser and tbe access#, Instead of assumlog tbe offiee cf tbs former." XT* oe r,e'?lty of this rule must be apparent, because the statute has thrown around a person accused of erlate a serial* III DVrPLaUKI tESXS

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