Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^? t- nlT 01 lflp i wtttt qttppT EMENT PRICE THREE CENTS. WHOLE NO. 10,078. NEW YORK, THURSDAY,- APRIL 21, 18b4.-WITH SUPPLEMiilN T. oovum AMD AUHISTS. o-v ^ DBAKNKtifl, IMPAIRED SIGHT, HOISES IN THE HEAD, CATAKRBAL*APFEClTIOVa IN TUB THROAT. chronic uatabbb, CJLTABMl OK TBB TYMPANIC MWOOU8~ MKMBBANB. tiMTDicnON or theTkumtachiam ttjbb. oIbbd, CB06SBTB 8TBAIOHTENED IN 0?B~MINUTB, ?M every tneue of the Eye aud Bar req-.irlog either mtdt ?U or ??egleal aid atten ded* to ?T BR. TON~BISENBERO, DR. VON EIKBMBBBO, DB. VON EIHBNBERO, OB. Tt)If~EI8ENBKRO, Atltfeor of "BnrtHcal ana Practical Observations on the Die ?an of tba Bar, with the New Mode of Treatment," at hi# No. 8io BROAD WAT. OPINIO* B OP THa Nfiw YORK PBBSSL OATABRH CUBBD. [Prom tba Journal of Commerce. ] rax Cask op hutchinosTthe -lightning oal cd?atob.? There waa published in these oolumna a few daya since ?be remarkable ewe of Hutcblnga, the 'Lightning Calcula Mr," ao well known to the public daring the Many years ha ?abibited bis wonderful arithmetical powers at Barnum's ?uaeum, by the celebrated Oculist and Aurlst, Dr. Ton iberg, of this city. Dutch togs is represented to hara at the point of death, and but for the timely Inter of the doctor, would now be resting in his grave. Vfcia la a remarkable case, and worthy of tho attention of yeraone similarly afflicted. We think It ia but Juat to Dr. Ton Eisenberg to call p^Wle attention to this cjsa. There are hundreds la the aoamunity suffering from catarrh, who, like the "Light ?tag Calculator," it not actually praying for death, are ?sady to accept of anything that promises to relievo them from their distresses. To such we would say trifle not with Meiperieoced men, but consult, without unnecessary delay, Br. Ton Eisenberg, who, at least, haa the honesty to assure Ms patients whether it is within his power to make then whale or not DEAFNESS " PREP. ? DEAFNESS CUBBD. DEAFNESS CORED. [From the Tribtme.] EAR8 TO TBB DEAF. Every awn, and especially every woman, believes In his m her pbyslciaa There are philosophical minds which MM Man abstract faith In Allopathy, or Homeopathy, or ?ydiwpaihy, or some other form of scientlOo cjire; but with ?ho world at large the belief is not in tbe system, but in the ftactor. Especially ia this true aa regards aurista and ocu UMs. Tbe patient who has recovered his sight or hia hear a^g ia sure that tbe blessing could have bees restored to him fey wo other practitioner than that particular one by whoia eyeo or eare wore opened. Dr. Ten Eisenberg la ?sasag our best known aurista. Ho haa not leat us aara ?a a brother practitioner has eyes, and la whoae skill, there (fere, wo believe above all oiiiera. Bat we hear of bias Mora those who esteem him not merely as a surgeon, but aa a benefactor A recent case liaa been related to us, for tbe OTtUfulness of which we can vouch, though we can name na ?ernes. The patient was a lady who had been deaf from WU'7, as a consequence of aome of the ailmeats to which ikCdiea are liable. Latterly the disease had taken an aeute tares, and the patient was snhje-'t to InVnae suffer'ng. The Aalness was rapidly becoming complete, aud the general kaalth breaking down under the physical exhaustion attend ant upon constant pain. Ordinary remedies and ordinary ?dtlce ware useless, and Dr. Von Eisenberg waa called In. IVkaeed not repeat bis diagnosis; for that would be Ouly a Mat of hard to the general rsnder. But be deiccteU at gjght tbe seat of disease, first iu one portion of tbe organism, ?beam another, and with, manipulation as akilf'il as bis laalght was accurate, he rn.ortd tbe cajeee. end she who, from infancy, bad i.eard with difficulty, and latterly hardly ?tall, was restored, ?r*t to perfect bearing and then to per Act health. Dr. Ton E!r?nlx*rg-s advertisement reminds ua Of this case, which we thus 1 rlolly relate, not at hia KM.Ration. Let him that hat.: not ears, hear. [from thi! Christian Timet. J SMUT ItKHTORED. OGKCEBNINO EvTs~AHD OCULISTS. 4H the <We t'DW, that which we "all seeing Is the Important and m?l valued. In proportion as this sense inile ?i, we ire reduced to hetpicssues*. If entirely deetl tvto of sight, how alow would be our progress In knowledge, y<t hnw limited cur sph"ra of action and usefulnrse. En wltb '! til# become* a new creation, clothed oiv?r?iiic3 Infinite raxldj wlioh Mtu flails to nttra t the mind and h?art Tot sereral monihngiast thU haa been a practical subject In ne. Ac inflamed cendion of 'he eyelid*, communicating rtaeif to the pnpll. rendere<) the discharge of daily dutlei act only pnin'ul, but Jangcrtui, Attributing It to the of tot of a cold, we andured U through the spring, with the tope tbat with the rolnrn of warm weather it wonld en tirety diMpi otr, But In ttiierre were doomed to dl*np fointment. Summer returned, but not our wonted sight Wfcnt might have been the result, either of further neglect ?r of incompetent treatment, we oannot say. Stating ?ir osoo to n friend, he assnred us tbat a shnllns sm la Ma own fhicily hid recently been treated with entire Mnens by Or. Yon Btuenberg, at sh's city. Satisfying oar noirsa by mere particular inquiries tbat the doctor la no em ftrto, but a rclentKk: e>vili?t and a<wl*t, we concluded to ?oak the benefits of hi* treat maut, which we hare now ren sms to aoknowiedge an eery gnal. Though tat a few weeks warier bis earn, the appearance of our eyes haa totally Aaeged. The pupil Is now'f,.!! and clear, and the 114a are onnre'y free from lnflammlltlea. Tbe doctor ant a Ost 'be optic nerro baa been weakened and the ?wtloa as? mod a chron'e Inflammatory auto, af. ?Ktlng mom or ?ese all the other Uenoo* and ihrnn'ening. if neglected, to end in Amauroeta. OpthalmMIe, wo believe, in the term which oculiata apply tn eyan afhu|a< ?a were our*. Has lag obtained the re ash ^cetrod relief, wo -take great pleaaire in a.kaowVdging our indettedMss to iM intent of Dr. Ton E'son bora!" and of calling to it the at Sent ten of other* who may be an luring from a similas or wren worae eonditioB of thotr oyen. Tt ie anM that Trvti 4anee provide* an antidote f?r every hane. It la certain that the aye la, la t*??e tfcres, ?it>je tt to sererer trlale than ^rmeriy. Let ns be thankful, then, tbat ae we increase tbo iondewlee Tbieh <???tr?y the oi\an of vletnn, the propm of oeteeon keope ;>eee with thee* lendeatioa, 'I not la ?t |MA* ?*' l#ew w#iv* K9." WAf, NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Australasian with Vhree Days Later. Enlistment of British Subjects in the American Army and Navy. Neutrality Advised by a Cabi net Minister. MAXIMILIAN'S DIFFICULTIES SETTLED. Tlie Emperor About to Depart for Mexico. \ Progress tf the Danish War and the Conference Negotiations* THE GARIBALPI RECEPTION. Attempts to Float the City of XTexv York. Wreck of a Rebel Steamship in the British Channel. JEM MACE'S REPLY TO J0B COBURJ, Tbe Cunard steamship Australasian, which left Liver pool ?t hair past ten o'clook on- tbe morning or the 9th and Queenstown en the evening or the 10th April, arrived ?t this port last night. Her news is three days later. A privy council was held in London, at Downing street, on tbe 9th or April. Queen Victoria came to London on the 10th instant, for the purpose or holding a conrt at Buckingham Palace. Lord Aahburton has retired from the firm or Baring Brothers JLondon. The Right Hon. E. Card well waa re elected without op* position for Oxford on tbe 10th inst. He succeeds Mr. Etansfeld as Secretary of the English Admiralty. Mr. Card well, in bis speech at Oxford, said that be thought the conference on the Danish affairs would lead to a satis factory result, and strongly urged neutrality In the American war. Placards were issued in London, on the 10th of April, by the city police, offering three thousand pounds reward for information respecting certain eases of gold supposed to have arrived in London from San Francisco, forming part of th? twenty-five thousand*pounds, portion or the treasure in tbe wreck of tbe Golden Age; supposed to have been stolen. A Swedish loan was issued at 92;i in London, on tbe 10th of April. Tbe Paris correspondent of the London Timet is assured tbat a very friendly understanding, Instead or tbe cold ness wbicb has prevailed since since the affair of tbe Congress, now exists between tbe governments of France aad England. The Paris Bourse on the 8th instant was firmer. Rentes closed at 66.15. The Dalmatian Diet was dissolved on the 9th inst. by an Imperil! Austrian resolution, on aocount of tbe party Intrigues and attacks on tbe government which have occurred. Tbe affairs or the Atlantic Steam Company (Galwsy line) were be4ng wound up. Tbe steamer Hammonia had been purchased as a rein forcement fonpthe Canadian line, which sbe enters under tbe name of tbe Belgian. Sbe left Southampton for Liv erpool on tbe 7th, and the gun fired on board at ber de parture exploded, killing tbe gunner. Tbe City or Baltimore, rrom New York, arrived at Liv erpool about six P. M. on tbe 7th Inst. Tbe steam? hip Jura, from New York, arrived at Green C istlo on tbe 10th. Tbe Nova Scotian left I iverpool at balf-post eleven on the morning or April 7, and Londonderry on the Stb for Portland. The Cltjr of New York. Tbe Board of Trade had directed an official inquiry to be made Into tho accident to tbe City of New York steamer on Dannt's rock. Attempts to float tho vessel were commcnccd on tbe 7th inst., but proved ineffective, fhey were renewed on tbe 8tb with a like result. Tlic American Qntntlon. KlDNArriKO FOB Tan UNION ARMV. In the House of Commons on tbe 8tb Inst., in reply to Sir A. Ajnew. Sir. I.nyar.l begged to slate, in answer to his honorablo friend, that bar Majesty's government bud received reports from our Consuls at Boaton, l ortland and N?? York on tbe subjcct of tbe kidnapping or Irish men who had been ioducod to go to tbo United States on various pitas. Tbefo reports agreed in tbe main with tbo information wbicb tbe public bad been able to derive from tbe newspapers. At PortlalB forty-revon ond at at Boston ooe hundred and two Hntish subjects bad. it appeared, been kidnapped. Those persons bad been tempted under various pretences to leave Ireland, and on arriving In the United States were actually ira pnsoued (or some time, kopt without sufficient food, and then piled with whiskey. When in a slate of Intoxlc* tion they wore prevailed upon to enter tne army of th< United State?. l ord Lyons bad already made a report on tbe subject to her Majesty's government. A* soon ai tbo government reccivod information of what bad taken placo at New Yoik instruction)) were sent to Lord Lyons to make inquiry and to ask for redress; and farther to call on tbe United States government, in future, to protect British subjects wbo might be induced, under false prej tences, to proc?ed to the United Stales. He trusted soon fa I?celvo*from Lord LyoDS an account of what he had boon able 19 iO tbe case ef the persons wbo bad been so ill use ! at Kew York. (Hoar, hoar ) THR KBAR9AROR BNMSTMRJTT3. The commander of the United States steamer Kear sarge bad addressed a letter to the Marquis of Clanrlcards relative to some remarks which his lordship made In tbe debate la the House of Lords on the 6th tost. The cap. tain domes tbat be eulisted any men, and says that tbe Kcarsage has more tban her oomploment; tout the fre quent applications of tbe Consuls of tbe United States to send American seamen to ber have all been met by a re fusal, and tbat many of tbe Royal Marines at Deal aad sailors at every port touohed at in tbe United Kingdom have offered themselves in numbers, and have all been rofuied enlistment. Jo the Houf? ot Lords on the 7tb Inst tbe Pari of Derby ?aid be wlabcd to correct a mistake which bad appeared in the papers to tbo effort tbat hs bad stated Inst Mr. Adams did not deny tbat tbo men on board tbe Kesrsag? were examined by tbe medical onicet: tbat their namci bad been placed on the books of tbe snip, end tbat tbey were olotbed In tbe uniform of tbe United States Navy <Mi (be contrary, what he stated in answer to tbe obser vations of tbo noble lord opposite was tbat if Mr. Adaau did not deny tbe placing of the names on the books and tbo clothing In the United States uniform, then It would be imposslblo tbat the officers of tbe ship should not be cognizant of tbe facts. After a few words from tbe Earl of Ponoaghmore, which were Inaodlble, Earl Rufsell was understood M say tbat be bad called Mr. Adams' attention to the statement made the other evening, and tbat bs (Earl Russell) had also called tbe attention of tbe Boas Secre tary In It, TB? f.ATRD RAM*. In the House of t'essmon* on the Stb Instant, Mr I* PaHc, In rising to oall lbs attsatlon of tbo Attorney dsn* M to tbe evidence which was being obtalosd ?o Egypt oo tbe subject of tbe steam rams at Birkenhead, said he bo> He vet tbo ronton BdIMsbooI act was framed to prsveni atmsd ships from leaving osr porta with tbe lsteotle* ef ???tea wart Hi a war againet belligerents in amity wltb SbfbMia. Ibis qoestios wss intimately connected with tbo gwsstlea ef osatral ssd belligerent rights, sod of tbeoe rigOts NO eosM set giro a better dednltioa tban *?? oooUloed In a letter from Karl Roesell'to Lord 1 yoos dassd lUrob tl, M?3. Now, Lord Bossell wrote to Lord Ljlli:? . 1 *r. Adonis that tke meat stringent enters had oeengljen leogsno towatcathe proceedings f thoie who might be sutpsdiee of fitting out vets*;* of war for Confede rate purposes; thai if there were sis Tfsscle, salt wan alleged, titling out In British parts for aoch purposes, let e\ lenee he tvrihri>m)?f .md /he g,v srnment wuu. l not ht-alltsio to to bring the oirendei * before a court of J'tstlee, and that Mr. Adam* wss no doubt aware that th? eotornment must proceed according to the regutar pro'-ese of 'aw, and upon sworn testimony. It was not Inteii'ied bytbajaw that tbo neutral wss to find tne evidence tenoii^B|? wt* the duty of snou y-il to tcfjl a roving ctml^p k, ^ rvv. dcnco, one would mr pose it was *.hetr duty to a^t ,when there could he oo difficulty in ob'4iumg evidencd'at home tliat arms and cannon and men were nbiuped for t M ligetout. (Hour.) Tt<J honorable barorift preceded to ?reaiVexirnela from .? oerreapoudence between Mr. Ham mond, oi tbo Foreign < ifflce. and Mr Uumiltnn, of the Treasury, from wfckti it appeared tbat tbo Collector of Customs at Liverpool bad stated to Meesrs. tClen?cnd?r Ac Co. that:ii' certain fort gun* which th v Intended t?> ship on hoard the Gibialtir wen* (or tbe federal govern ment no obstacle would be placod In (he way, and tbat such shipments to Now York wcro very common. It appeared from tbe explanations given by Mr. Hamilton that tbe Collector referred to buss shipped as merchandise, aod net as part of an armament of a vasei of.war, so that according to tho policy of ner Majesty's government, guns migbi. be shipped as roercS.iudiae to New York?and were com monly?but that if tbe guns wore intended for iho">n federatea they would be contraband and liable to relzura. go common was this shipment of guns, Ax., become, tbat it wax only the other day that he bad read an account of how tho German;* was detained at Southampton for some time shipping some heavy siego guns from the )x>w Moor Iron Works. If It was tbe duty or tbe government to send out roving commissioners to 'oek for evidence against the Confederate ritaie?, on what principle did the Attorney General justify tbis permission to tbo federals te ship guuB aud ammunition In tbe broad light of day? The country would support tbe government in au honest aml fair neutrality, but not/tin-/ iooutd be ?o unpopular at to mete out one inrusur*. of jwlicc to one tide aud anoher measure to another. Ike noble lord at th? tucuI of the gov ernment eughtto beware where kin fortign policy fas lead? in/ hint. Ho supported freedom wbore it coat nothing (hear, heart, bu*wheii bis asslstauce was mcst win'od he deserted his friends, as be had deserted Poland. (Hoar, hear.) The honorable baronet concluded by asking whether the atteutton of the Attorney-General bad been called to a rnle obtained l'or a commission to examine toe Pasha of Egy pt and other witnesses at Cairo, to obtain evidence against tho steam rams detained at Rlrkenbead, how long this Investigation was likely to take, and tho probable expeueo of It. and why tbis rule was not nppliod for when vessels were first detained. Ibe Attohxky 0' ?r will simply reply to tbe hon orable baronet's 'laestioos. With regard to his first question, 1 have to say that, of course, my attention has been called to a step which has been taken under my ad vice. The honorable baronet does not uudertUud the nature of these proceedings. There are persons In Kgypt wbo wo heliove are witnesses for the crown. Of course we know perfectly well already what their evidenae is, and when wo got tbe commission wo were obliged to give notes of the particulars, and we gave a pretty full note to the other side. Ibe honorable baronet asks how long the Investigation will take, and my answer to tbat Is that tbe commission is returnable on the 10th of May, which is earlier than tbe earliest day on which tbe trial could tako place. Theroforo, if tho arringement8 of the Court will permit of the trial taking place after next Easter term we shall be perfectly realy.aud tbe commission will cause no dolay. As to the expeneo of the proceedings I really cannot undortake to say. The crown has taken the least expensive mode of proceeding. A single commissioner has been sent out? a cons il fr< m a neighboring country. Of course, II tbe other side go to more expense, tbat is a voluntary action on their part. An to why wo did not apply for a rule when the vessels were first detained, my answer is that wo were not ready to proceed to trial at an earlier period than we aro actually now proceeding to trial; and to ap ply lor a rule earlier would have been unnecessary and | useless. WRECE OF A REBEC STEAMER. [From the Manchester Guardian, April 10.] On Wednesday morning tbe captain and crew of the pplendftd new steamer Matilda, of Glasgow, arrived at Cardiff, having been taken off Lundy Island, where their steamer had been wrecked In a fog. The Matilda leit Cardiff on Monday afternoon with a cargo of steel, iron and coal, which was currently reported to he intended for tho Confederates, and is said to have been reported by the American (Consul to his government. The steamer was built at Glasgow, at a cost of nearly ?60,000, and her trial tr|p had been made from that port to Cardiff. The crew only oscaped with a few things, and tbe vessel now lies many feet under water. Among tbe persons who were on hoard, and have since arrived at Cardiff, is Major Pearson, who states that he belongs to the Confederate artillery. RAILING OF THE LIT HSR BE FOB SABSAV. Tbe new (steel) blockade rtmnor steamer Be sailed from Queens town for Nassau on tbe 8tb inst. The Daahh War, VIOLENT BOMBARDMENT OF S?*DERBURQ BY THE ALLIES?THE BII.GE OF UDPFBL PROGRESSING?THE DAT OF MEETING OF TBB CONFERENCE FIXED? VIEWS OF FRANCE AND ENGLAND, ETC. The bombardment of Dnppel was vigorously sustained during the "lb inst. Tbe Prussians had finished their second parallel. The bombardment of Sonderburg was recommenced on the 8tb instant with extraordinary violence, and upon tbe left wing of tho Dane?,the Prussians were within one thousand five hundred yards of tbe Danish intrench ments. Tbe assembling or the Dano-Getman conference r* ma iced fixed for tbe 117th of-April, and unless some dip lomatic obstacle should intervene It was expected to he opened in Iondon on that dhy. It was still uncertain whether tbe Germanic Diet wonld have appointed Its representativ by tbat date. It was reported that Baron von Buest or Herr Yon der Pfordten would repreeent the Diet. M. Drouyn de Lttnya, In a despatch to tbe Freaeh Minister in London, dated 20th of March, attesting to tbe conference, suggests that nothing would be more natural, in default or a course unanimously accepted, than to take as a basis the wish or tbe populations. La France says tbat tbe British government is mora Inclined towards these vlows or Franco. An assembly or Holsteln notables, which was to have been beld on tbe 8tb inst. atFlemberg, was prohibited by tbe Austro Prussian Commissioners. In the House of Lords, on tbe 7th inst., Lord Siums bcrt asked if the government bad received any Informa tlon confirming the telegraphic despatch tbat rionderburg had been bombarded for twenty four hours without notice, and that eighty women aod children had been killed, fifty houses destroyed and tbe town deserted. If such was tbe case the Prussian government and tbe mill tary authorities of that country ought not to be counte nanced by any civilized nation. Be hoped tbe Ifeglish fleet would be sent out for tbo purpose or preventing tbe reoccurrcnce or such droadlul and cowardly atrocities. Karl Ri fsa.r. said be bad telegraphed to Mr. Buchanan, the British minister, lor information, hut bad not yet re ceived any reply, and should not be warranted in express ing any opinion till he was better acquainted with the factp. In tbe House of Commons, on the same day, tbe Dmish question was debated;and lord i'ulmerstou predicted satisfactory results from the conferonce. I'rusiia was strongly denounced for having bombarded Sondcrborg without previous notice. THE LATEST NEWS. Lomk>x, April 10, 1864. The Dutch steamer Kewbrandt, from Stettin to Am sterdam, has been captured by a Danish man-of-war and taken to Capenhagen. The JUexicM tttritlOB. MAXIMII.TAN'9 DIFFICULTIES KKTTLED?THE CROWN TO BE PROCLAIMED AMD THE KMP2K0R READY TO BET OUT. It is confirmed that all matters relating to the accept ance of the Moxican crown by the Archduke Maximilian bad been satisfactorily settled. Tbe lCmperer left Vienna on tbe 8th instant for Mira mar, where ho would rccclve the Mexican deputation on Sunday, the 10th lnstool, and accept the imperial crown of Mexi.o. Tbe new Emperor weuld take his departure for Mexico on the evening of tbe lltlt or morulng of tbe 13tbor April. It is stated that tbe terms to be proposed to the Mexi can bondholders will be more favorable than was at tirst contemplated. Tbe Kmperor of Austria lias allowed tho formation of a corps of six thousand volunteer* and three hundred sail ore for the empire of Mexico. TH? NBW MflXTOAV tOA*. [Paris (April 7) correspondence of London PoeM The subscription for the new Mexican loan <4 two hun dred million franc* will bo opened on tbe IStb or 10th of April next. It will be issued simultaneously at I-on don, Paris, Frankfort, Brussels and Amsterdam. Tbe Comptolr d'Escompte will probably be charged with tbe Issuo of tbe loan in France. Thirteen francs aro to be paid at the time of subscription, and further instalments of ten francs on June 19, August IS, Octobor 13, I'eoem ber 18. 1804, and February 16,1896. Tbe payment of interest will take plaoo on October IS and April 16, every year, at Paris and London, without any deduction for rate of exchange. The minimum subscription will be tlxed at SO franca of rente. THI LATEST XEW*. a Loffioj*, April 10,1?64. Maximilian id tree Trieste for Mexico oa the 13th. , Great Brltalt. TBI ANNUAL BtJDOTT. In tbe ITouse of Commons, on the 7 th Inst., Mr. Gup. ?hub, tbe tTisocellor of tbe Exchequer, mado his annual financial statemont before a very crowded houses He stated that the estimated expenditure of tbe past Ureal year wss ?68,389.000 sterling, bat tbe actual expenditure was only Ml .040,000. Tba revenue or the yesr wss ?70, 206,000, which, arter deducting ?800.000 expended on for tification*, left an aotual surplus of ?1,852,000. The fWlow ing sre tbe tmporUnt changes in uxatlon proposed for tho current year ?Tne duly on corefwbeei) Is reduced from la. per quarter to 3d. per cwt. The laoome tax is reduced Id. in tbe pound sterling. The duty on high Classed pilars Is reduced 6e ?d., and in tbe lower sortsas. 4d. The duty oa fir* insurance oa stock In trade Is reduced from 8s. to le. ?d. per cent. Sundry other minor and unim portant changes are proposed. The estimated surplus lor the year 1804- 08 is l2.hojM. Mr. Gladstone spoke for three horrrs, and at the conolu ?tan of Mb reroarka he was grated with loud cheering. Neatly all the papers expreea admiration a* tbe eon summaie art or Mr. madstcae'n speeeh, sod bis recom mendation* sre generally regsrded with satisfaction. The Ixwdoa rfjfctsuye It Is a tresy sensible budget and also a 0 ladstoutan work of art. The London P?u looks upon II ss emphatically a peace There was *ome carping, however, in the sugar trade Meaers. tllsns, Elliot ft Oo., or iJindon, have purchased the entire works of tho totU rercha Company, and formed a new company, under (he name of the Telegraph <:???ctlon and Maintenance <'omp?ny, with a capital of 11,000,000, for the purpose of mnnrng and maintamin?r lewgrniih lines of communication, boto submarine and en land, in every part or tho world. The now OOWpaay are to carry out Messrs. o>se, Bitot h O.'n contract with the dlrp( tors of tho Alanine Telegraph Com; any, to mar.n'actnre and lay down, in tbe BUBiBMf ol lie.' ,tte J/*Mc fwijrftu i'6]ai>t) f d HtafeundlanA. Oarttmtdl In Englaad. rawrxTi at ana for his heckp hon in London? LOUD 1'ALMSH TOM TO KNTKBl'AIN TBS OKNKKAL AT A BA WQtTBT, ?TC. t.?rihaidl remain d tho guest of Mr. foeiy, M, P.. ?t tho :??? >f Wight, where he bad been visited by Maa.lnl ah J omi r man of no'e. Ho wur.ld enter I/Ouai n on the Lilt) of Apr4. ami preparations were making to give Utui ? barty reception It is paid that tbe soene promises to be almost without ? parallel. ibo Common Council of London had agreed to confor np >n Ibo Uonerui tlio freedom of tbo city of London. There wori ooly t'*o di Mouiicut votos. lord r.iiineistnn will out'-rl^in <?aribaldl at a banquet at Cambridge Hour*, au?t * urand banquet was also being organised at fho Rmorm Club. (iuribaldi visited Portsmouth Bock Yard on tbe 10th liiHUnt. lie was r? eived by Admiral .Seymour and Lord William I'aulet, and aitorwards lunched with tbs Admiral and b*s staff. The Polish Question. Tbe Polish insurgont detachment had crossed Ihe Prus*Uii frontier in to Poland, and had a sanguinary con flict with Russians at Laptnogka. The Frtse Ring. 1 j*y mack's uply to joe cobubn. [1 rom Boll's Life In London, April 0 ) Tft outcast api <rared an uffer from Joe Coburn to romo over nntf firht Maco in Ireland for ?500 a aide, if Mace woiildslve him ?200 for expense.?. Since then Mace baa called on us with a copy of tbs New York Clipper of March 21, In which Coburn acknowledges an offer <>u tbs p?^t of Mice to give htm ?100 and guarantee a lair tight, I and says ho will take the ?100 lor expenses aud send > articles and ?60 by the next mnll to (trove be is in earnest. Jem says that, immediately on the roccipt I of tbe articles, ho will sign them to light fbr ?600 a side, and will post ?50 in our bands to cover j Coburn s ?50, or, If Coburn prefers to light for ?1,000 a side, he will give ?200 for expenses. On tbe other side I of tbe water it seems to bo concluded tbe match Is made, ( and from tbe read lues* of Mace to sign and stake, we I take it that if it tails through it will be from do fault on | bis part. Coburn has advertised bis saloon lu Grand Kraal, New York, for sale, and previous to starting for I England ho proposes to givo sparring entertainments at i Boston, Philadelphia, Troy, New York, 4c. Tbo Ctipptr j states that he will sail about tbo middlo or May.t The mateb, if It comes otl', will excito quite as much interest as any of the late great battles, and after tho lull or so many months in tho paifillitio world tbe announcement of tbo articles being signed will be as welcome as tbe (lowers m May. Commercial Intelligence. THK LONDON MONI.Y M AKK1.T. [From tlio Manchester durdian (City Article) April 9.] Although the falling oft' in ihe stock of bullion shown In the E>nk return of last (7th) ovoalng was greater than had been auti?i| ated?md II appears that a further sum of 200,000 Fovoretent) was tak^n out yesterday for liro ail?the funds opened steadily this (8th) morning at Ihe improved prices of yesterday, tlio transactions in consols being at 91*; a 91Jf for monoy and 91?; a 92 for tbe 6th of Huy. There were no gold operations at tbe Rank to day. The continental exchanges this afternoon wore rather less -jnfavorablo than on last post day. In tbo foreign mirket there have been rather nume rous transactions In Moxlcan, at a renewed improvement. Tho closing price Is 46, or ji higher than yesterday; Oresk remalns'at 24?; Spanish passive is '< hotter, at 36.";. and tbe cortincates are >{ worse, at 13,';. A prospectus is about to be issced of tbo Imperial Bank of China, with a capital of ?1,000,000, in shares of *Ea0, half to be llrst subscribed. The Oneida, for Brazil, takes out ?205,310 in gold and ?17,700 in silver. Funds.?Consols, money, 91); a 91; consols, aceount, 91j; a 92; consols, now throes, 89?; a 89%; exchequer bills, 7s. 2d. discount; Indian loau, 104?; a 106. fho discount demand at the Bank was of an average character. ? The market for Rank shares continued active but de void of excitement. Baring Bros. U Co. quote bar silver at 6a. lj;d., dol ars 6s. .T'jd.. eagb s 76s. 4d. Tbe bank bad lost ?644,760 liu bullion doing the work. There was no abatement in the Inlro I notion of new Joint stock projects; on the contrary, schemes of great magnitude were started dally. Tne Stock Exchange Committee bad resolved that no transactions effected in the shares of new companies prior to allotment would be officially recognised in luturs. AMERICAN snccRiriss. Bering Bros. & Co. say United states securities retrain almost without any bssiness and without variation in prices.' Some live-twenty bonds have been sold at 61 I/txnon, April 10.1864. Consols, alter official hours yesterday, a 92. UESSItS. RICUAUCB JN, 8FKNCI * CO.'3 CIBODLAIt. Ijvtrpooi., April 8, 18<>4. Cotton.?The demand throughout the week, although of a fair general nature, has not been sulDcient, In tho ab sence of all excitement, to seep up prices. We conse quently have to reduco our quotations for short stapled cjtton from }?d. to ?;d. ]>er lb., while American have beer pressed lor s tle at a decline of from >?d. to \'d. per lb. Brazils are unchanged; Egyptians ?<d. per lb. dearer, on the spot and to arrive. Tho quotations are:? Middling Orleans, per lb 20 j;d. Mobile 26 yd. Uplands ..29d. In Manchester there is rather mere inquiry, but little actual business. B?Aimvnm. ?The trade oootlnnes very dull for all article*, at HHHi market Hoe spring wheats (beta moderate consumptive salo at previous prloee, but other kinds were neglected. Flour wai very slow of sale. In dian com quiet at 2Ss fid. per quarter for mixed. At to day's markot wheat sold m a very limited extent for cons imption, and prices were barely maintained. In low qualities of spring a few speculative purchases were made, at a decline ot Id. to 3d. percental. Flour still neglected and nominal; French is presskigly offered and cheaper. Indian corn slow at 23s. 3d. to 28s. 6d |>er qiurtor (or mixed. We quote wtfieat?Red Western, 7s. 9d. to 7s. lid for Chicago; 8s. to 8s. 2d for Milwaukee and amber Iowa; 8s. 3d. to 8s. 6d. for winter; white, 8s. 9d. to Js. 6d per 100 lbs. l'lour?F.xtra States, 20s.; extra Ohio*, 21s. to 22s. per bbl. Hki.k again St. 6d. per tierce lower, witb small bsIcs. I'ork neglected. ll.i'OS bar generally declined 6d. to Is. per cwt., and tbe trade Is still very quiet. Illnis Is. per cwl. cheaper. Shoulder* not so much inquired for. Cutest in fair rouuett and steady in pries i *sn in limited demand, and sales are roported at 160 tons, closing qolst. Tiit.LOW quiet and rather easier in price. 0i ! R. B<rs dull, at 7s. 3d. for Philadelphia. Tbe large supply of American cloversoed de presses tu? market, and new is offered at 40s. per cwt , without buyers. New York flaxseed sells is retail at 86s snd timothy seed at 20s. per cwt. Pbtkot.kum In rotnl domand at Is. 9,'^d. to Is. lOd. for reOned Pennsylvania, and ?1610?. per ton for crude. LONDON M1KKBT9. Messrs. raring Bros. & Co. report breadstnflk quiet at l.ift we-K s rates. Icon quiet. Rails and bars?710s. a ?715s., Scotch pig 68s. sugars active and Is. 0d dearer since tbe announcement of tbe budget. Tea steady. Com mon Congou Is. >3d. a is. Id Coffee?|uioter, audtgood colony Is. cheaper. Rice quiet. Linsood Is. dsirer. Unseed cake- in fair demand at late rates. Spirits of turpentine?FrencB, 81s.; American, 90. Crude loutn ?16 10s : reflned Is. 10';d. Fish oils unchanged. Mn. eod oil in demand and advanced to 39s. Tallow quiet; now Y. C. 41s. TUM LATXST MATKETf. London, April 9?Evwing. Consols, for money, 91 \ a 91 v. Illinois Central shares, 18j, a 17j; discount; ErM, 68 a 09. Livwipo. i, April 0?Evening. Cotton.?Pales to day, 16,000 bales, the market clos ing buoyant, with aa advance of a ;,d. The fair qualities' have improved most. Of tbs abort sales specu lators and exporters took 8,000 bale*. pM.vietnffs rtoady sad inactive. Provisions dull. i ?u?ar advanced Is. 8d. since the bad|?t. Sp rits torpentine firm. d:igsr tending upward In London. HAVRI COTTON MARK1T. Cotton dull. ?ales of tbe week 7.A00 bales. Tres ordi naire, a50f., bas, 340f. Stock of cotton la port 30,000 bales. Tbo raris Bourn was steady. Rentes elosed at 66f.ltc. The Ikakipart Toreaafanarjr. The ?pot baTiDg been selected hi tb? Park for the erco l ion of a monument to the memory of Shahs pare, tbe ceremony of laying thecorner atooa will take plaoe on tbe three hundredth anniversary or hla birthday, which will be on Saturday next. The proceeding* will oom mence at noon precisely, uJ all the principal actora In tbe city will be rreeent oa the occasion. There will doubtless be gathered together In tha Park al that time one of the largett and moat Interesting asaemblsgea that tea takea place for tome time. Tha erec tion of tbia monument will abcw to tho wbola cirilized world, and to posterity, that In America tha geoiua of England's dramatic poat la fully appreciated, and that ha la hare, aa well as there, not for a day, but for all time." Ever?actor should remember that whatever adds to tha brilliancy of Bhakspare'a lau relled crown, and to tha perpetuation of hla name and fkue, tbedi glory on hla art, and hagala tha admiration aad sympathy of tbe worM for Its professors. In tha evening tbe proceeds of the performaacea at lha Academy of Music, NI bio'a and Wiuter Harden will be devoted to tbe fund for raiatag tha mncunaaat; and Mr. Wallack, iniiead of giving n benefit, will hand over a check for one thousand dollar* towsrda the same object. On Friday evening tba Barton Drxmatie association will celebrate tbe event by a private masked Rrnksnarlan soiree at Irving Hall. Tha reason why tho association chore Friday for the *elree Is thai tho aasembled gues's m it be the f rat to wslennntba natal day ?tth marnnent, as doubtless they will ha in blgh glee during tha Brit hour cf Saturday naming. ? Gen sen alb n? Bsoosiv!*.?Th'? evening Mr. Cottaebilk will give;?grand faresteH con-ert at tba Itrocklyn Aca demy ?<( Music, ar? sto-i by a lumber cf eminent Tbe prrgramme ia an mtisnaliy ri ;b one, and w ill In clu'le Ifce graud march from Fat.M, transcribed for fvo pl.t not. Tbe performers ia Mila will bo MWa. Ttarnetcbe and Me*?re. Laanrve,Trsataar, Bshreta tad cottscbaifc. Tbo voraiiets of the evening will be Madame Blrafces-h (*>' Ulflan.c Ucunttt* Bebrw* THE F A IR. Th? attendance at the Fair yeatorday showed very lttlii falling off, excopt in (be segson tlekot holders, who bare ovldently got a surfeit of tbe exhibition, aud remain at borne to tbe great comfort of transient Tleitors, wljo for merly used to stand no chance at all in tbo jam of tbe five dollar seaaonltes. Aftor eight o'clock last night the crowd ai the Fourteenth street building |oemod as large aa'on any previous occasion; but tbe faccs were nearly all new ones, and the moro welcome for that reason. Tbe sale of tickets amounted is both buildlog* to near $3,000, and the total receipts during tbe day were |28, ?06 34. ? TH? SWOnD "CONTEST? H'CLBLLAN VOTB3 FOR GRANT. The exciUment respecting tbo sword contest appear* to suiter no ahatemont. The voting yesterday was quite spirited. Several large votes were banded in, and am >Dg them 104 votes from tbe Scco nd Fire Zouaves In favor of Little Mac A man named G rant excited considerable merriment repeatedly dnring the eveuiDg by voting in favor of McCiollan uomethiug like one hundred time#. The tot* 1 vote so far is 14,112, "f whicb McClellan has 6,683, aud Grant 0,000, leaving VloClellan again ahead 193 votes. 0rr03iT>0M to thb sealed contribution flan its UNFAIRNESS AND INJUSTICE. In connection with tne vote on tbe sworl question we stated in our account yesterday that tbe committee bavl&g charge of the Arms and Trophies Iiopartment bad coino to ibe conclusion to close tbe books alter two P. M. next Saturday, and thereafter to receive subscriptions in sealed envelopes until oigbt o'clock tno Mtue evening. Ah tbis announcement has caused no little surprise and indignation, wo deem It proper to publish the notice of the committee, whicb Is as follows:? Nkw Yob*, April 18, 1664. ARMY ASIt NAVT SWOHCS. The subscription for the arm? end navy (words In ths Metropolitan Fair will finally cJo?e on Saturday, the 23d instant, at eight o'clock P. M. No subscriptions will be taken on the books alter two P. M of that ilsy. Hal ot boxes will be placed In the Fair buildlnga at Fourteenth street and Seventeenth street, to receive ail subscriptions from two O'clock uutil ?'aht o'clock P. M. in scaled envelope*. the subicrlber encloslai the mouey or certified check on hanks In the city of New Vork, w tli his name, which will bo p.a.:ed on tkfrtoiibacrltitton book- the same evening by a committee appointed for that purpose. WTLi.I aM T. BLODGfcTT, Chairman. In tbls official announcement it will ltc noticed that no cause whatever is assigned for tbe extraordinary resolu tion wblcb the committoe have recn fit to adont. It iff not a matter of woudor, therefore, tbat tbo outside world are placing tbeir own construction upon tho action, and that that construction is decidcdly hostile to tbo commit tee. The arrangement savors very strongly of. unfair ness, and has tho ugly appearanceoi a deliberate attempt to decide tho sword question in an underhand manner, id accordance with tbo wishes and prejudices of certain fontlomen wbo shall remain unnamed for tho presont. t is a well known fact tbat a majority of the committoc, the originators or thj sword enterprise, nnd most of tbe parties connected with tbo all'air?even to tbo bland and nuavo young gentlemen who have charge of tbe voting books?are all very thoroughly imbued with prejudices in favor of one ot* tbe distin guished generals whose names have been mentioned in connection with the sword. Is it not, to use tbe mildest language, in very bad tasto for such persons to plaoo themselves in a position where tbeir acts will bo open to sucb peculiar critic,smf Is it an act of delicacy on tbeir part to constitute themselves a special committee to de cide who is entitled to tbe sword, when they aro unmis takably interested parties? If tbe committee bavo beon unable to see it in tbls light before, they would do well to revoke their resolution witbot delay. It will not go down with the outside rrlends of eltbor of tbe gene rals, who have already voted, or wbo have re served tbeir votes until tbe last day. No under hand, sccret or unfair means in deciding tbe question wiH bo tolerated. The publio want the business settled openly and above board, not privately and by a few Individuals, who might very readily be tempted to change tbe result by a piece of prestidigitation, in slipping In a few thousand greenbacks for tbis general or tbat funeral, should tbe stato of affairs bo fouhd to require it. r tho voting books are to be closed at two P. ?l or at eigbt P. M., let tbem be closed; but let not another vote or another dollar bo received thereafter. Let tbe vote also be decldeit cornm publico, in the presence of oil who may happen to be there at the time, lbat is tbe only fair, proper, just and equitable manner of doing it. Besides, there Is another light In wbicb It should be re garded. There will ho intense excitement on Saturday about tbe sword, and tbe voting will be very heavy, ft is said tbat many gentlemen are ready to put down thou sands. These parties will be very unwilling to part with tbeir money unless they can see how tbe vote stand* up to tbo last momont. No one. to use a common siting likes "to buy a'ptg In a bag " If the committee persist in tbe coaled envelope system, It is very likely a good deal of this money will be loet to the Sinitary Commis sion. It Is to be hoped, then, tbat this worse than ab surd idea of feecret contributions will be abandoned. Tbe people don't want it; It will prove a detriment to tbe re oeipts, and it can do no good in any manner whatever. TO IBB EDITOR OF Tim KXULD. ... .. . **W Yon*, April 19,1804. I bavo beard it reported la several quarters that the Committee of tbe Fair will not allow HcCleJIitn to set the sword if be obtains thrtoajoritj of votes; tor they wili be able to rote > themselree after tbe polls are offlciatfr closed Now. J propose tbat tbe rotioj be stopped at some hour, say balf-past nioe o'clock on Saturday evoo ioir, and that the result bo then made public. HodIos tbat you will think this subject worth/ of viur kind a" t ant ion, I remain, yours, Fair PLAY. 8AI.E OF PAINTINGS IV THE ART DKI'AnrilENr The auctioneer cootlnucd his sale of paintings in tbe art department lost evening. There was ajlsrgo number or parebascrs present, and bidding was ';ulte spirited rhe following will give tbe result of last night's sales ? Title. Prict, I'urthatrr. Ruins of Messcne, Greece $25 OO Vorrlam. Grapes 17 00 Genera) Fremont s oo Moonlight 10 00 Sea Piece 2o 00 VHlaije Church 10 00 Snnriso 17 00 Madeline, from the Erie oT fit. AgraoS CO 00 Copy from Grenre 3H oo Twilight on Bergen Lake 100 00 Autumn I.eaves UO 00 Moonlight ?) oo At Homo oo furlough r.s 00 Waiting for tho Pot to Doll 37 50 on tho Road 13 oo Winter .-:eene OS 00 Portrait of Washington 2100 (Jrlfby Pond 21 00 Goo J Morning. 17 00 Moonlight M oo Ao Autumnal Walk 00 The line' peeled Friend 47ft 00 Autumnal Landscape 200 00 Godi'ess of Union, attended by Peace and Plenty, dismissing the Fury of Rebellion and her Victims ?... 378 00 Venice 160 00 Autumn PustliM 103 00 Coast Hit 80 00 Island of Grand Ifeoaa, Coast Of Maine. . 325 00 Apples and Tin Cups.... ^. 3 5 00 Evening 60 00 landscape and Sheep 80 00 Bparklng 37 60 Sunrise in the Mountains 00 00 French Peasant Girl 400 00 Landscape 100 00 Penslveness 60 00 Sunset with Peer 460 00 Apollo Belvidere (statue; 375 00 tnion 300 00 View near Ilyde Pnrk, Dutchess county. N. Y 44 00 A Woman of Romiun TOO 00 Sunrise from Indlvn Rock 3.>0 00 I be soldier's Widow 220 00 Pass or tbe Gotida .190 00 A Summer Afternoon 180 00 ^0 Berry Field ISO 09 Daisy 180 00 Landscape ?? 2*0 00 Tho Orchard. 186 00 Landscape . 175 00 Kew York Harbor 46 00 On the Shore 00 00 ?oeno in Scotland 36 00 Bcflio on the Ulgh 65 00 Kdgerton. Corrous. Keosott. Merrlam. James. Davis. Arnold. Thompson. Sturgcs. Bulgers. Slmoosoo, Hogg. W urn pall, I lav in. Clarke. Bliss. O'Xell. Sago. Dftvuj. Ford. Greenb. ck. Mann, rash. Conklin. Harris. Cash. Hart. Hatch. Thompson. Ollpbinf. Murray. Koosett. *>livsr. Chnttiik. Aroei'i. Sturgis. 80 00 landscape View from Barreoo, L. Maggiore. Coniinles iry Stores Abandoned.. Spouting Rock Beach, Newport.. On tbofraco October F\ enlng. 80 00 Coast <4 Spain 140 00 Tbe cennty Bouse 20 00 landscape 38 00 Rebel Prisoner 150 00 White Mountain Scene 68 00 Winter Seen? *0 00 Tbe Young Artist 40 00 Study of a l-arge Pfcturo... 115 00 00 Bork-Wre Scenery 376 00 Pond Lilies J? 00 Hudson River Sosne. 60 00 Head of a * iiing Girl 1,300 00 Venice Maries 050 00 r?m river..,o ,*? slight Mountain Scenery MOO Haying " Valiev or tho YoSesiie,?...,..1,000 00 A String ef Pearls 331 00 The Setting MO 00 mrawberrise woo The Bairn ? Oo tho wuo Kk>*er Piece ? 00 Froaont 10 00 In toe Htabie. ?????? " At Ik"? Fuuntaio <0 OO SSVnwt 20 00 Tba iiiiug Wout't Go 60 00 ?? W ?tAWABT. A llust Of Ryroo 100 00 I. ttie Kelt .. 234 pu>t of Wa?W|tOB 126 00 A Best of llortfof 150 00 Paris >rgcr i|| 29 Bits*. Wiley. Anthony. Kctebum. Hllss. Hatch. Cameron. Lewis. Arnold. Lewie. Stewart. Young. Hswott. flnwett. Inland. 460 00 Faston. 878 OO liewett. ? 820 00 Anthony. 276 00 M. 0. Robert* stewsrt. Cask. Yearn. Bremer. Avey. Venot. Casb. Butler. Cameron. Venot. Butler. Morgan. IV, WO leg. Morgan. J. H. uourlio Morgan. HalcD. Renseit. newart. Thompson. Davis. Young. Casb. Abbott. Hurgese. Lusher. ? 'sab. Young. Young. Mocro. Thompson. Mntler. Thompson. Coners. <'ash. I'OKievr'uM A ?> nttiouy qiftobauu. _ JW*. met Purdkamt.^f Cooera) Dlj.... leo to Rmwii A Uu?t from Rome 56 oo Vitam. W. H. Sewurd 175 00 1'ti loptOO. Bust of Wisbisgtoa 300 00 Cauwngbt. Composition la <;l?y 30 M> Cash. The total amount of the sales last eveuiog will ret* fi close on (22,000. Two black walnut rackets brought $5,600?ene be>cg ?old to Mr. Olipbani and tbe other to Mr Cha? <)ould. "UT.E np PHOTOGRAPH-!, EV0BAV1NO9, ETC* A One and collection of pbaogra.-bs sod sn^ravin/t win bo Bold at auction ui half-past beveo o'clock this evi-nlng, lo lb? Art Gallery of tU<i Meiropoli tan Fair. Thn collection embraces proofs of somoof tbe fluen engrav ings over Imported, many meritorious pen and Ink ?k"tehee by known artiste, portfolios of original sketchce hy architectural contributors, with photographs el '.S>eir finished works, and a most valuable collection of photographs, embracing highly flnlsbed imperials of die tlDgulsbed public men by Brady, (iurr.ey and otbertr. Am ing others, Hrady 's splendid i holograph of tbe Eietu tive Committee is to be sold. KO MOFIB AUCTIONS THU WKW. Tbe Executive Committee held a meetiug yesterday, and among other tbmgs resolved to have no more auc tions this w?ek, except those In tbe Art i.allery and Curiosity ;B?op. Tbo regular auctions will take place next we-sk, after the >.lose of the i air, commencing on Tuesday. Homo of tbo goods wiltfpo tokoo down town for sale, whilo '.lie rect will be disposed of ?vbcro they al prosont Btaud. 'i be cause of the stoppage <>f the ouc tlonooring Is to enable tbese who may ?ititihe Fair on Friday and Saturday to see all the sights, utid not merely empty tab'ea. Another subject which was <-oo?dered ai the meeting was tbe proposed establishment of A ROLCIBRS' The Executive Committee have acreou to have a meet ing to-morrow, as will bo seen by tbo following notice ? MX HCVTi V B COU JUT! EE. . Jt*w York, April 20. 1861. A full meeting of ihe f?lnt Kfeciuivn Committee Is ie quested for Friday, thattd iBstaat, at twelve M. The Stami InC Committee oi the Sanltarv OommlMiMt tia. heou lovaed to confer tbo K?e:utive Committee upon ? li? aub ject of a Soldiers' Homo. C.JJO. ORi&WOliD'IHM, * Chairman Executive Committee. Tna UROSS RKCKIPT8 MOB P/>K. According to tbe report of tbe Treasurer of tbo Fair Ihe actual amount or tbe cash received 1^ $040,000 up lo the preieut tluie. Ibis Is exclusive of Ibe incidental expen ses, an well as tbo receipts ut the Union square building, tbe Restaurant, Kiro Department, ludian Iepartmont anil ix number of uncollected contribution". A iding the re ceipts from tbo departments mentioned above aud from other sources, we have the following tabic, whlcbwkll allord tbe public somo Idea of the ki'o. m receipts up to tbe present momont:? Cash received by Treasurer, exclusive of, expen ditures .fiWO.OOO t'Dlon square building 66.010 Restaurant <15,200 Fire Department 38,000 ludian exhibitions 3,560 Sale of paintings. .. . 33,000 Total $744,100 SCHOOL CONCERTS Till* SVEKINO. The Soiree Musica'e, in aid of tbe United State* Sani tary Commission, to bo given by tbe pupils of the Kemalo Department, Grammar rchoul 18, will take place tble evening at tbo <)cbool house, Fifty-first street, near Fourth avenue. The music will be under tUo direction or Mlse Marie L. O'Donncil, and tbo is well selected. Tbeso concerts are very attractive, Indepen dently of tbe ohisct for which tbey are given. IMPORTANT FROM THE RED BIVER. Til? Repnl*e Turned Into a Victory. Additional Particulars from (bo Battle flrtUKd in Louitana. Two Thousand Prisoners and Twenty Cannon Captured. Official Confirmation of the News, Despatch from Fleet Captain Pen nock. Cairo, 111., April 19,1W4. Hon. Gidiom Wiua, secretary ef tbe Navy ? I have received private letters from Red river, one dated Grand Ecore, La., April 10, <uid one d.ued Alexan dria, April 12, stating that the army under General Banks met with reverses on tbe 8tb lost., near Mansfield. Oar army Tell back, and on the noit day the reben attacked Ibem and were handsomely whipped. Tbe lose is heavy on both si lea. Tbe Admiral (Porter), when last beard from was about forty miles above Grand Ecore. Tbo river waajo w. A*. 11. 1'ENNOCK, Heel laptajo. Htpotti to the War Departrntat. WjiranrcTQS, April 20,18C4. The military authorities here Urto received tbo fol lowing despatch, dated Cairo, last niptt ? ? Two l?tten arrived tore tbis afternoon both from naval oflVeri, one from Grand Lcore, half way between KaichltocLcfl and Shreveport. dated tbe 10th, tbo otbor from Alexandria, dated the 12th lest. Tbo battlo was near tbo place first named. fte*,?ral A. J. Smith appeara to have boon worsted, aiao tbo Thir teenth corps, which cam* to bis a.d. Franklin took part, and tbe enemy were beaten. fie Chicago Oeipatrhct. Cmcafl?, April 20,1844. Extracts from private letter* from members of tbe Chicago Mercantile battery, dated April 12, aro to tit* eflfoot that oo tbo d.?y after tbe recent disaster to tbo Thir teenth army corps General A. 3. Kmltb, with the Nino teentb army corps, engaged tbe eaemr and defeated them, capturing two thousand prisoners and twenty cannon. Cbk'aqo, April 30?Evening. A letter, dated Grand Eeore, of tbe 11th lost., from a private In the Chicago Mercantils battery, giving an ac count of tbo part taken by tbo battery In tbe battle, confirms yesterday's d.spatcb In regard to tbo disaster to a portion of our forces composing tbo Red rlwor expe dition. The letter says ?Of oar whole division, numbering three thousand men, hat one thousand are left to tell the fearful odds against whlclr ftey contended Two regl ?entsof tbe dlvioton www Consolidated, and lud hi al| one hoedred and forty men aad seven oOoers, the high est in rank being a captain. Tbe Nineteenth corps checked tbe rebels and held then (Or about twenty Ave minutes, when they were forced to retire, which tkoy did slowly; and aa night oame en lie bloody conflict ended. Tbe next morning General A. 3. Smith cam* op with his eommand and relieved General Freak I in, aad whipped tbe ftbela badly, recaptured twelve gone aad took sight hundred prisoners. A letter from another private In the same battery says:?Onr corpa (tbo Thirteenth) la all cat to pieces, and we fell baek to thie place (Grand Feore), Cve or six miles from the settle did, to reorganize. Wo Vast tweaty four piece* of artillery?all that war* in Ut* Ight. This letter saya that General Smith oapturvd two ItM tand prisoners sad thirty stx gun* la a* *ght on Ike Mb. Still another letter say*>?W* get all aerU of r*fsr<s rroas tb* frost. The latest I* the* Gsoerai Smith whip ped 10* rebels, taking two tboosaoi prlaoaar* aad elghteeo guna. The expedit?a I* no donbt broken op, aad oar trwyi Mllag hack. . d*Mtal Bank* l* aaeatlon?d aehavlsg been eo ikofeMS on MMttb. The Call* Despatekts, Cajxo, April 20, UN. information obtained from a reliable soarco, con firms the statement* of the Chicago rlv*r letter of tho 10th Inst, eoneernin* i?o be?* tie of Pleasant Rill oa the Sib, that being mainly correct, tmrs, however, was greater la thereie sta td The (Ight wound ep ia the eeemy handsomely wb*peJ anJ tnrvff 'row w"" b*?> T !<%.

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