Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. aMBI DOROOI BUim bmiob amd nwrmmoa. orrtos m. v. couB or rvunw am> iuuiv m XXIX 113 ilDWIUTI rail ETKMNd ACADEMY or MUSIC, Irrin( PlaM -Italia* OrlB A Mabaee Om ?'Cloak?La Honnabnula. BIBLO'S OARDBN, BroAdway.-EiKQ Hiitbt IT. WALLACES TUBA TEL. Broadw?y.-Rosbdal*. winter OARDBN, Broadway.?Rob *o akv Jvliit. OLYMPIC THBATBB. Boadway.-Ot'B Wira-LorA una. MRW BOWFRY THKATRK Bowpry?Rathum** anb Ftruomo? Mat. V ANpiBrAKT'j?1'at'j Bibndub^?ahb Kmuun or tub Mm BOWBRY tiibatrb. Bow?ry-Poar or CdWO'B CatB Cabin Bot?Mb and Mk* VUiitn RARNUM'S Mt'RBl M B.-o?dway.-Two OiAirrs, Two Dwabtb. Alkiros. What 1* J*. *<>?? ?ATJ" Bin Air* P?tbpcb?o-I*' ?? ?bu.b?At 3 aud 7K P. M. BRYANTS MINSTRELS. MechaalOB' HbII. CTl Broad. %k|.-Ktii?ru? Somm. CBS, Buklbbocba, Ac.?lu* Vnio* Aiuir. WOOD'S MINSTREL HALL, 514 Broadway.?Ethiopia* fCt-Ct, l/twn. At?faH-nAKaCNICOBBMAKIABKUBABAAl. SALOH DIABOLIQUE. 385 Broadway.? Bobbbi Hbllbb. COtlCBI institute? Ob (TI01I BT Co TOT J OAK NBA. AMERICAN THBATRE. Mo. 4U Braadway.?BailbiS. Panroanuta, Bwmmco, Ac.?Do* ]?a?. H1PPOTHBATRON, Pourteanth Btraat ?Piar OWUM* Doob amp Monbbtb. Afternoon ud Erasing. BOPB CHAPEL 71S Broadway. ? Brtaaoaooraoor ?a Kibbob or Lkitkbab, and Tw?btt ?bt?nth Stbbbt Ghost. MEW YORE MUBRUM Or ANATOMY. 618 B road way. Cvbiobitibs AMD Lbctobb*. from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. nOOLRII OPSRA HOUSE, Brooklyn.?Eraiopuic to*OA, Damomb, Bqklbsqoka, Aa WITH SUPPLEMENT. Btw York, Saturday, April S3. 186*. THB situation. Oorernor Seymour has takon ? very important Flop relative to Ute disposition of tbe State militia, in which t?e will bo doubt be sustained by all patriotic person?. He has tendered to the War Department the use of the militia of the State for the do fence of the forts around this city and on the frontiers generally. Tbla will enable the rnioo gOTernment to put all the strength of the army, both volunteers and regulars, into tho Held for immediate serrioe in tbe campaign about to be commenced. The geoerals in the Army of the Potom.ic are all ac lively reviewing their troope. and putting them in con dHioa for the approaching fight. a scouting party sent out from General Tyler'a headquarters, at Fairfax, tbe other day in ee.rch of the guerillas of Moaby, who were raiding about Leesburg, captured twenty one of them and two deserters from tho Union army, together with twenty-Ore bead of One beer cattle. further newt of tbe lato disaster at Plymouth is re ceived. A rebel ram came down the river about three ?'clock on Monday morning, she floated down with the current, and waa not discovered until close nndor the bo*s of the Miami. Commander Klusser rushed forward, ?Ightod and 11 red tbe bow gun, tesded with shell, which struck tbe ram, rebounded, and Instantly killed him a piece of tbertioll penetrating his breast The ram then ?Hacked the South field, and she saak la Ave minutes. The ?Ulmi was somewhat injured. The ram passed the guns at Plymouth without being discovered. The North Carotins paper* sjeak gloomily of tbe pros pecta of the confederacy. * P Our news from Florida la interesting. Our troops have evacuated Itlatka. carrying off all the atoms in safety Ge?*1 H?Dlar' whtl? ?own tbe r ver with a portion of the provisions, was blown up toy ? rebel torpedo ne ir Buckle s Bluff, twelve miles above . "Citrtonvi'ie. The officers and crew escaped In tbe boats. COI0KX8I. In tbe Senate yesterday a memorial from wool growers of Addison county, Vermont, was presented, urging s revision of tbe tariff on wool, aa the existing tariff neither nflhrds revenue to the government nor protection to the ?rower. Tb* bill amendatory of tbe PaciBc Railroad act waa made the special order for Thursday next. The House bill establishing a bureau of military justice, con mating of tbe Judge Advocate General and two Assistant P**~d" ** Army Appropriation bill wns then tafcea up and a number of amend meat* in Eluding me firing colored troops, after tbe let of Jaauary ?Ail, tbe same pay and allowances, except bounty, ss Jhlie S -idiers, waa adep-ed, and tbe bill was paased by a rfttc of thirty s x to onr?Ur. Powell, of Kentucky Committees of conference were ordered on the bl Is relat ing to tbe appointment of naval offioets and relating to ?aral courts martial. After an executive session, daring which several appointments wen confirmed, tbe Senate JQdjoorned till Manday. , ?he entire session of tfce House was occupied with tbs fax biU In Gommitteaof the Whole. Amendments in creasing the tax on wholesale and retail liqusr dealers, commercial brokers, passenger vessels, bowling alleys nna billiard tables, builders and contractors, Illuminating oi s.iatroieum, soda water and other beverages, iron, and numerous ether articles wers adopted. THE LEGISLATURE. No time for the final adjournment of our State Legisla lore has yet bean agreed upon by tbe two bouaea. Tbe Assembly baa adopted a concurrent resolution to close the se**ion to day, bat thle has sot been agreed to In tbe Senate. It Is thought, though, that the final adjournment win take place to-day. 5n tbs Senate yesterday the Assembly bill to authorize the State banks to reorganize in accordance with tbs Na tions! Banking act was taken up and passed The con ference committee on tbe disagreeing amendments of the two Ir nsss en tbs bill raising lbs salary or the Metro folltan polios and smsodlng tbe Metropolitan To lice law made a rep rt, retaining tbe clause to punish tbe selling of liquor on Sundays, striking out the one abolishing the Board of Excise Commissi ners, and raising tbs pay of tbe police force, with the proviso tbat when specie payments sbsli be resumed the com relation shall bs reduced back to Its present amount To Is report wa* accepted, and the bill therefore ?i?fds p isaod, Tbe bills extending tbs terms of our Tax Commissioners and making approprla tioni to tbe charitable institutions of tbe State wers paawvd Both of these have passed tbe Assem bly , but tbs latter ons returns to that body for concur rence or non-coLcurrance in some slight amendments male to It in ths Senate Tbs bills providing for tbe aale or the Quarantine Inn* nnd to p?iMah frauds on votun teers wsre also passsd A number of otnar bills wers passed, Psw of which era of sny general Interest. Tbs snbjnot of appropriations for the State was taken tp, and the Senate, in lieu of the Vlil paased by tbs Aaaembly, substituted Its own, which, after corns consideration, waa ordered to a third ibaling and passed. Tbs amount appropriated la tbs same aa lb the Aaaembly bill?three bnadred nnd firty thousand dfatiars; buKlt differs from lbs Latter la leaving la tbe banda of the Oovernor tbs power of organ I ring regiments and In other m port ant rsapecta. A rseoiu. lion wss sdopied esapoweriag tbe Attornsy General to take aucb action as may bs necaasAry in reference to tbe cases r >?'* iii tb" Palled States Circuit Coarl with regard to If between this State and New Jar t ><? r Ksr'isn l< y 1 ? Mil appropriating one bun <" * "m 1 d* am t(>.*?! ,> ? orsRtim. -I .v p| !'? Vmltlinga wa? pi<.as>i. Mi It i ,1 iy s i- rge , -ii .of the day was spent I 1 ? I'" l i" ui,# ror the Msw York Wy Tsx 1/ry MM H?t ,-viloa girmg ealarlea to the msnbers >?f tl ' r (onncll wss etrtekenout, atxty thousand 6 .'.a . IMS added to ths Plrs Department appropriation, noma Items wars cut down and sons nsw oues wers added, and finally the bill waa ordered to lis third read ing and lea ed, aa aleo tba Oouuty tax Levy. The Con feieace Committee'e report on tba Metropolitan Colics bill WSS eeerpted,fcaad tbe bill, Iterators, now only needs tba signature o< the Governor to be a law. The Senate bin la refsraooa \r lbs Onamlsaioaers of Emigration wss leased A concurrent resolution waa adopted authorising the Ooraraar to borrow, In caae of deficiency, sufficient money ta pay all Mete beentisa doe to volunteers The Bonnie Miliua Wfl wna taken op, and, alter a warm dia ?aatan, pamel by the Aaaembly aa a aabatltota tor Its asm. ft" Vqw Terk r'uy School bit] was alao psaaed ?nennw.' fuymoor yesterday aant a mesaaga to lbs (*t jwtoetln# againat the concurrent recently ?*>PU4 by the tw? bourn ment <X tbe interest o. ths SUts greenbacks to fereltra as #** ?? 10 *** MIBCELLAHEOVB flW By tt? stsamship Saladla, at this port hare news from th. Wast dated at ^ mate, to the Mth of April. A v.ry Urge * cotton .a. being planted in Jamaica. The that Island promieed an laoreaeed yield; but the reports from Antigu*. Barbados, and Granada an not M ??op?r?l We have advices from Ht. Domingo dated at St. Do miogo City tbeilrt, and Porto Cabello the $0th of March. The S;>aul&h garrison in Porto Plata mada a sortie on tho Piiminicin outposts on the 21st Of Mareh, bnt It ?M repuwed, with heavy loss, by lb* Insurgents. General Fiorentioo, tbe revolutionary haro of A sua, was shot la a summary manner by the Spanish General Roudon. The Spaniards had retreated from Moot* Plata and Cuanumo to the city or St. Domingo. It la said that Senor B. do Rojaa had resigned his office of Vice Presi dent of the provisional (revolutionary) government of Santiago. Tba Spanish blockading squadron had had some prizes awarded to It by tbe Admiralty Ciort. Among the prises was the schooner Rapid (supposed to be an American), captured laal February by the Spanish war ahlp Africa. Oar files from Turks Island are dated to the #th of April. Ths Standard says ?Not a bushel of salt has been shipped this week, either at this port or Salt Cay, in conseqaeoce of the heavy surf, which has prevented vessels oooaing to the anchorages. A email quantity hsa been gathered sines last report, and the prospect Is good lor a larger quantity being raked dnrtng tbe coming week. Price ten cents. Mr Newport, Consul of the United Slates at Turks Island, bad resumed bis duties, after an absenoe of Ave months on leave. on tbe tfi insHint tbe greater portion of tbe business part or ths town of Demerara, In British Oulana, was dsstroyed by fire. Owing to the scarcity of water from long continued drought, it became necessary to Wow up a number of buildings to save the town from entire destruction. Tho legislature of Demerara offers a bounty of twenty five dollars a head for immigranU (rom the United States. Tbe great feature at the Pair yesterday was tbe sword contest. Tbe vote was very large and the excitement intense. McClellan was sixteen hundred and twenty ahead at the closing of the polls. Tbe receipts up to the prefect time reach close on a million ol dollars. In tbe Suprome Court, Circuit, beTore Judge Miller, tbe case of Joseph >1. Hartley vs. Jamee W. Bookman occu pied two days, and attracted considerable attention. The plaintiff, it appears, bought three houses from the defendant, for the sum of eighteen thousandjdoliars, with the proviso that they were to be finished by a certain date, under a penalty of fifty dollars for every day be yond the agreed time. Defendant was thirty seven days behind time, and, besides that, did not finish the houses In exact accordance with a certain "pattern house" In Fifteenth street, ss agreed upon. Tho jury brought In a verdict for tbe plaintiff, assessing the damages at (990 44, with an allowanee of fl re per cent for counsel In the Court of Sessions yesterday, before Oily Judge A. D. Kussell, Sarah Jane MoPberson, n colored girl, about tweoty years of age, pleaded guilty of an attempt at grand larceny, on a charge of having stolen s diamond ring valued at rorty dollars, I rom 153 Bleecker street, on the 30tb of January last Judge Russet sent her to the Peni ? tentlary for one year. Catharine Connolly, an Irish wo man, pleaded guilty of forgery in the fourth degree, oa n charge of having passed s fivs dollar counterfeit bill of ibe Fairfield County Bank, Norwalk, Conn. She was remanded for sentence, and after disposing of a few other cases ths Court adjourned until this morning at eleven ?'clock. The case of the United States against Wm Poyntoo, charged with counterfeiting fractional United States cur rency, was heard yesterday In the United States Circuit Court, before Judge Hall. Tbe accused p!saded guilty, ind, on application of bis oounssl, Judje Hall withheld passing sentence till as application he made to the Preai lent to exercise the pardoning' power, as there are cir cumstances In tbe case which, In the opinion of counsel, warranted such as application. In tbe case of Charles M. Munzinger rt a'., against tbs Collector of tbe Port, Mr. Barney, a verdlot was entered prv forma for five thousand dollars against tbe Collector, with the consent of the District Attorney, subject to tbe opinion of tbe Court, on a case to be made and submitted. Tbe stock market was quite buoyant yesterday, and a general rise took place on tne railroad and miscellaneous shares. Gold opened at 1T2V{, and sold up to l?S, bat | tbe quotations in the afternoon were between the opening prioe and the highest figurs. Money was more eaay at tbe legal rate of interest. Government securities were firm. Pending the settlement of tbe tariff and tax questions, be., business operations continued on a moderate scale yesterday, and, with (ew exceptions, merchandise re mained very quiet. Prloes were very irregular, how ever, tbe variations In tne prioe of gold unsettling values. This was particularly ths case with imported n?n>i?llM Cntum eras Arm. ?** * <Mr lemsnd for export and oooeumptlon. Petroleem was lomloal for crude and active and higher for refined. On Change breadstuff* were higher. Floor advanced 10c. n 16c., and wheat wss nominally lc. a 3c. better. Oorn ipeoed decidedly higher, but afterwards reached nod told at 91 83)4 'or old Western mixed. In oats th?r? ,as a breakdown in pness of ec. a 6c. Pork again ad rance<l,mees closing nt $27 and prime $24 Lard was Oso firmer, as were other bog products. Beef firm. Tbe irhlskey market wm very much escited under tbe latest 3ongreseioml action with regard to taxation, and pvteee idvanoed 18c a 20c per gallon. The depression In Heights continued, and business was very light. Tks War-Onr State Mtltttn ts be Use fully Enploytd?Hovsaitni of W?sura Governors fsr Mere Velnateere. The Secretary of War has applied to Gover nor Seymour for the State militia for garrison duty temporarily within the fortifications of the city and State, in order that the Union troops now in this service may be relieved and pushed forward to "the front;" and, the Gover nor having cheerfully complied with t'lU re quest, we presume that at least a full brigade 1 of veteran soldiers will thus be aided to tbe gallant old Army of the Potomac. Governor Seymour, in this matter, will com wand tbe approbation of loyal citizens of all parties throughout the Commonwealth and the country. We are sure, too, that the patriotic young men of the militia regiments that will be assigned to the light and easy service specified will accept It as a special honor conferred 1 npon them, and as giving them maay desirable ( %d vantages for becoming thoroughly disciplined soldiers. We would suggest to the Governor, however, in view of the departure of the Union troops indicated, tbe propriety of such an organisation forthwith of all oar established militia regiments that they may be ready, one and all, armed and equipped fog active duty at a moment's warning, whether wanted at Wash ington or at home. The revolutionary ele ments which broke out in thl* city tn tbe terri ble riots of last July are etill amongst us, and will require careful watching, because of the accessions they have doubtless received of scheming and desperate traitors in various dis guises and from different quarters. They have their peace organs here which are insidiously working to revive those bloody peace move ment* of last summer and their incendiary Illuminations. Let it be made apparent that tho military -'erves of the State are In roadinoM for tL it -ttaat suppression or such scenes of violence and anarchy, nod tl c will be peace Other* is* those fearful dis turbances may again be attempted. In s?tcb aa event there will be no excuse sufflc'.out to save Governor Seymour from undying disgraoe, *fter the solemn warnings Involved In those dreadful scenes of last July. Let him then be advised, while placing tbo State militia in tbe forts around our harbor, to provide at the same time for tbe maintenance of law and or<^ r ftwong our riotoui peace agi tators, and all will be well. Let them know that they are watched, and they will keep quiet. We conclude, In this connection, from the modeet requisition of tbe Secretary of War, that General Grant Is Mtlried that b? 00 militia auxiliary force at Washington to 40 **!" *f trMk*0?iohmo?<L Wo tWnk, however, that It would be well for the Governor of Peossylranla, as well as the Gov ernor of New York, to here hi. militia reserves equipped and ready for any peesible oontin rency that may require their eervloee. We see that the Governors of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisoonsln bare been for tome dsys in Washington, urging upon the President the pro priety or calling out two hundred thousand ad ditional volunteers for six months; and doubt lens this movement is suggested mainly from the heavy drain of troops required to guard our numerous military stations and depots in suoh States as Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Ten nessee, Mississippi, and along the river borders thereof. We hope, therefore, that, even If the administration does not oonslder that an addi tional levy of two hundred thousand men will be needed, authority will beglvea to the North western States to raise a hundred thousand for a short term for home and garrison service, in order that General Sherman may be amply supplied with veteran soldiers for bis aotive operations. East and West, in view of a decisive cam paign, it is the manifest duty of the govern meat 4o bring-all its available foroes, veterans, new recruits and militia, in some way into ac tive service. Bubbles. ' Although the Hon. Fernando Wood bas sometimes misrepresented his constituents and done Jeff. Davis some service, yet the resolu tion which be recently introduced Into Con gress, giving the government the control of the rich gold, silver and copper mines in the Western States and Territories, bas the ring of the true metal. Should that resolution be per sistently pressed upon the attention of the House snd a vote be taken upon It, Mr. Wood will soon burst tho mining bubbles that have deluded innocent people for the past few weeks, and be will be entitled to considerable gratitude for so doing. If tho mines of Mexico are of sufficient importance to induce Napoleon and Maximilian to attempt to set up an empire on American soil, in order to gain possession of them, surely the W^tern mines, which are quite ss valuable, deserve some consideration from our authorities. The bubbles blown by Colorado Jswett and the numerous speculators who follow in his train may be turned to practical account yet Newton discovered the law of gravitation by meditating Hpon the fall or an apple, and Sec retary Chase may discover the way to pay off our national debt by reflecting a little upon Colorado Jewett's bubble schemes. Of course the schemes themselves amount to nothing. Tbey are supported only by suoh journals as tho World, wbich try to depreciate the paper currency of the United States, and yet advo cate this other paper currency of Wa'l street, based upon gold and silver that the speculators never owned. But the government does own these metals, and may make something out or tbem by insisting upon its rights, as Mr. Wood proposes. We see no reason why the copper mines should be left to the copperheads. Certainly some practical plan may be devised by wbich the government oan take the wind out of the bubbles or the specu lators and derive a vast revenue from Colorado, Arizona and otber mining regions. With so moch specie underground it will indeed be strange if we can find no otber use for It than that to which the bubble blowers and kiteOyers of the Stock Exchange are now putting it, to the imminent dsnger or those who invest in such fancy securities. A singular peculiarity of the mining specula tions is that several of oar best foreign mo4 na Mre bankers and financiers appear to be deeply interested in these projects. There are n? bet ter foreign bankers than Belmont St Ob., the agents of the Rothschilds, and h better Ameri can bankers than Duncan, Sherman A Co.; and sauMt of tbeee gentlemen, with many others, are very proml^nt in the advertise ments and the circulars of new mining- com panies. It is surprising that Onaneiere of such reputation sbonld commit themselves to schemes which seem to us doubtful, to say the least of tbem. Some of the mining com panies may perhaps be bona fide; but where all promise eqnslly large returns, where sll are backed by spparently responsible names, and where all the circulars glitter with as surances of speedy returns and dividends that seem fabulous, even in this expensive and ex traordinary age, we find it impoesible to dis criminate between the false and the true, the bogus and the bona fide, the gilt and the gold. The general publie. to whom such a discrimi nation is still more impossible, and who are altogether too apt to bite at the wrong bait, will do well to avoid all such investments until fuller and clearer information can be obtained from responsible offielsl sources. Mr. Wood's resolution would put the whole matter in the bands of the government; and wo hope, therefore, that the resolution will be called up and passed immediately. Srcrbt Attempts at iNsunnKrrrox m Nsw ^ 0R*- The riots of last summer very clearly showed that there are numerous unblushing Individuals among us whose chief interest and design are the instigation of riots and violent demonstrations ia this city. It is ths duty or the Governor and all others in authority to keep a sharp watch over these fellows. Their plans and machinations, though hitherto aecretly conducted, are not now altogether unknown. In 1861 the New York JW/?n? and other radical abolition papers worked bard In the cause of public riots, and stimulated dis turbances by every means at their disposal. The objeet of Greeley and his followers has, In foot, always been excitement to bloodshed and the breaking of the public poaoe. This hlea, so long preached and sustained by the black republicans, has come at last to be the watchword of the ultra radicals on tho copperhead side of the question. It waa I ? 'bat st-.mulated tbem last year to gat up ioe riots in this city which proved so destruo tivo to human life and to public as well as pri vate property. These lamentable results may sll be dlrestly traced to the teachings of parti san papers, such as the Tribw* and the wall known copperhead organ?"in the city. In the year 1862?a period of vast Importance to the public?ths city af New York s^nt her repre sentatives to Congress. The men tliou elected con coaled their real sentiments from the people who elected tbem. New York was then, as sha Is now, for tbe war and the Union, and her (kmooratlo representatives were elected as war democrats?rr en (Irmly and unflinoh lagly pledged to the prosecution qf tbe war for tbe restoration of tbe Pat?* As toon m these moo and their friend* got Injf imr aA< felt themselves safe, their first act wal |o vio late tbe solemn promisee they ha* made; ?ad now, instead of sustaining the view of their constituents for tbe good of the oonntry, tbey bare taken aide* with armed rebel* and trai tor*. *nd ?re using their best efforte to stimu late trouble and disunion in the Nerth. These are among the moet undoubted signs of incipient riot and turbulenoe, whioh the authori ties must be prepared to repress with rigor and determination. Tbe representatives of the peo ple of Now York who hare been faithless to their trust will be held to a severe account; but their dangerous doctrines, whioh may at anj moment end in open riot, can only be met by timely and well organised preparation. Let Governor 8eymour, then, consider the serious nature of tbe case, and be prepared to orush any attempt at revolt with a strong and irre. pressible hand. Let the Polioe Commissioners and ?U others in authority also take all timelj precautions for the public safety; and in this way alone we wtti put an end?final end com plete?to all secret attempts at insurrection in New York and throughout tbe North. ' T? Republican Presidential Gon tkst. The squabble between the bfcok repub lioans concerning the next Presidential nomi nation is increasing and widening every day. A grand row is trowing among the friends of Lincoln and Fremont, and it is ourious to watch the movements of both parties. Tbe black republicans are greatly exercised over the matter, and each side of tbe divided oamp is doing its best to secure tbe victory. Fre mont has his organs, and so has Lincoln, and tbe oontest between tbem is now pretty sharp and bitter. Thurlow Woed, Forney and Ray mond are, or have been, Lincoln's backers, and there is no doubt that they have done all that they could to bolster up his cause. In this dovout occupation tbey have been aided by some border ruffian papers ont We3t, which are scarcely seen, much leas read. The Fremont faction, on the other hand, is very strong, vigorous, healtby and deter mined. It is composed of live men, and is not, like tbe Lincoln party, a mass of "deadheads." It is fairly and manfully contending with tbe Liocoln faction, and has the best prospect pos sible of beating in the struggle. The New Nation ^ represents Fremont; the New York Times is the reflex of Abe Lincoln's opinions. Par nobile fra'rum! For several weeks past these sheets have done nothing but pitch into each other with abuse and recrimination con cerning tbe imaginary virtues and excellencies of their respective candidates. With all this there is a curious feature connected with them, and one well worthy of remark. Both fac tions seem to be afraid of each other. Tbey do not speak tbeir sentiments plainly, nor do they give the public to understand wbat they exactly mean. Dot wbUo tbey have been hesi tating to dec'are themselves plainly a new disturber?a modem apple of discord?bas come into tbe field. This is no less a man than Benjamin F. Butler, of Fortress Monroe. He will no doubt be a formidable rival to the Lincoln and Fremont abolition parties. Butler is at present of no particular use- to tbe army. Dis gusted beyond measure at the decisive action tbat took all military authority from his hand, and reduced him to the poeitioo of a first class police constable, he has been brought before tbe people in another capacity?as a candidate for the Presidency?and as such he is likely to give trouble to Lincoln and Fremont, backed as be undoubtedly is, by a large number of friends in the East and' by an hrasbaustible sup ply of money. Thus far Butler's chances are good enough, especially against Abe Linooln For some time past Thurlow Weed, Forney and little Raymond have contrived and regu lated Old Abe's Presidential affbira. But at this moment poor Forney is a* his wits' end and is of no manner of use to the cause in one I way or tbe other. Tburlew Weed is up to his eyes in and other stocks, and the rise and fall in the gold market i? aaore distressing to him than any sufferings tbat Abraham Lin coln may possibly undergo. The whole cam paign is therefore left to the Wight and won derful genius of tbe Chevalier Raymond; and if he succeed in carrying it out to a successful ter mination he ought to be- appointed, at least, Minister to France, under the next abolition administration. The Great Sanitajit Faik.?To-day is an nounced! as tbe last of oar Metropolitan Fair* which baa so su oessfuRy arou-ed tbe interest of our clkicens. New York bas proved her olaim to being the great metropolis of tbe country by tbe unexampled geoerosity of the contribu tions to this Fair. Over a million of dollars 1 will probably be received .thus carrying ou* our original estimate I, now becomes the duty of the committee to see tf at no mismanagement of this fund take placo, and that due'pro vision bo made for a '-Soldi? ?' llome,'" so that a lasting benefit may accrue to tbe. maimed heroes of the war. Other cities are following tbe example set in this business. Baltimore bas its Fair at present. In Pbiladelphk, St. Louis and Pitlsbarg fairs are to be held. In St. Louis the eitisens have contributed most generously to tbe support of tbe soldiers and tbe refugees who crowd the town, and in tbeir Fair tbey are to make a last effort to crown tbeir good deeds Is behalf of the defenders of our good oause. It k to he hoped that the Baatorn cities will eon tribute to this Western Fair with the same liberality which has diatingnished their efforts at boms. Let there be, by all mean<?, enough money raised to insure tbe soldier a refuge, both lasting and comfortable. Ofcltwary. KM. BASSIST D. FIELD. Mrs. Harriet D. field, wife a( David Dudley field, died at her reetdoaoe, la Gramorey P?rk, yesterday moral*, or bilious Haver, presooed ?y exbsustioo from hsr eevere labors la behalf of tbe Seaitary hlr. it to-oal/a'taw daft ego that we were eailed upon le aaaeaaee the death of Mrs. Klrklaed from a dollar cause. Italian Opera. TBI 8FAX THUS OatttO MATIHIE. Faust drew aa eaoelieot boots at the Acadsm? Iss eight, tbe closing one of the prsssol season. To day, while every one la received spoa doing Honor to the msmorjr of the llluatrloee "Bard or Avon" on tbe aoalveraary of his Ibroe huedrsdlh birthday, Mr. Marstask lays his laorels oa the shrloe of the great poet aad dramatist by giving a grand matlase, aaalnly eonelsting of eeleetleee frsm the must oal illustrattoas of ?hakspere'a plays, la addltloa to Bellini's opera of La Booaambela, la which BrtgaoU, MISS Kellogg aad Bellini wMI All tbs prise I pal refcs. we are to have Meaatafa grand doe from Otaello by Maasoleal aad Bellini, the eborus, arte aad due from Nioolai's Merry Wives of Wladeor by Beraaaaaa aad Weialtoh, ^ the Weddlag March from the MMeumaMr Kmbi's Dream. With such aa atwnetlaa tbeJwuse e^t.t & bo ailed to rewletlea aad a large eem^be reality* for the fued mhlg H te bf toaroerleted is th^ teatopsrlaa $CttS FBOM WASHIN8T0IL i * ? Important Amendment* to the Tax Bill. fAioxi zmov douixis Passagi of (hi Army Appropriation Bill by tbo Senate. Imniii t the Pay and JUImncn tf Celtrtd Troi^ The Bill Kitabliihiag ? Boren $t IkUtary Justin Piim4 bjr the 8en?t?, *?. . \ % WtHMiw, April n. not. ^ thi nrnwiL tu bill. Tbe whole time of the Houss to day baa been deveted totti-fci bill. H hM t?N more than ha* iTiRjtflU Bslh site or the Boom m srorkiag ?Mk nimiimifclli industry te perfect H, mH no factious or unmeasuraMs oppoeitiea bee tbas (far besa developed teeny of lie pro visions. The opposition Bay that tbor an determined te> ?bow that they aro not disposed to crtppis ths adminis tration, but that they will sustsin the credit or the for oromoot by Imposing on aN articlss aa largo a tax as they will bear. To-night the datioa oa Iron were doubled oa t>v^? re. ported by the Committee of Ways and Means. The Iron Interest waa ably repreaented by Thaddeua Stereos and olbers, who contended that It oould not etinrnssfullj slasd any greator taxation than that Imposed by the commit tee; bat the majority did net believe this, and acted accordingly. The Pennsylvania delegation, with the exception of Mr. Scofleid, voted agalast aoy increase of the duties. It was alao attempted to reduce the tax on coal oil aad petroleum, but this was a failure It waa i nor eased Ova oents per gallon over the committee's figures. There Is not much discussion, the speeches being limited to live minutes, and whenever the debate be oooms discursive tbe committee rises and oloass It promptly Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, who baa charge of (he bill, manages It admirably aad successfully, aad in snob a manner as to avoid exciting unnecessary opposi tion and delay. Tbe attendance to night was very good, aad tbe- mem bers present were In a very good natared aad jocular humor. It is eaderstood that most of the tlase to-morrow will be devoted to K, aad although tbe pri^i sss on the part 0( the Wit now under ooaslderetloa cannot be as rapid aa on that already considered, still It la believed that It will He Hal shed by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. If tMs senate wWf labor as Industriously, aad with aa little die poeltioa to waste tisse la useless talk aa tbe House, it win become a taw within lea days. TBI CHAROB AGAINST KX-CONO RB8S VAN DATIB. The despatch from ex-Congressman Davis, of Indtaaa, which was read in tbe Boa so this morning, denying the authenticity of tbe letter which be Is charged by Mr. Garfield with having written, reoom mend leg a young ?bob to John C. Breckinridge, for employment la tbe rebel ran Its, arill nodoabt lead to oooatdereble discussion. Mr. Garfield1 aaaevts that be did writs the letter, and that tbe original caar be produced. Nothing has been heard from Judge Eckels, (be other party implicated in the subject. BALKS or TEN-FORTT bonds. Tbe subscript ions to tbeteafbrty loan, reported at the Treaaury Department to-day, amounted to fTM.000. A NRW FINANCIAL FROJBOT. Subscription bosks were opened here this morning, at the banking house of Stewart k Go., for aa iaatltutioo ontltl d 11 The Credit Mobilise of America," wttbaoapl tal or ten millions dollars, under lbs direction of loading capitalists cT NowTork, Boston aad Philadelphia. OKNBKAL TOTTBM FBOHOTBB. Tbe Senate, in eaoeetlvessseioa to dsy, ooofirmed tbe nomination oT Brigadier General Joeepb O. Ibttea, Chief Beginner United States Army, to be a Major General, by brevet, rroa* April Si, lMdi Be has been eiok ror aome time past, aad the nominate* was Intended by tbe Prssi deot)aa s compliment for bis- loag public serrlos of nearly sixty-two fMis. FRAtTDS D1800VXRRD" *T ORNBRAL MI. Rxteosive frauds hsve beea dlssorsrod by Geaeral Dix la tbe organisationiof tbe Third New Jersey oevalry, and M*)or VenPostner, formerly eooaected with Bleaker, and three captalna, have been dteboaorably dismissed tha servioe for being implicated ta iaem. Most or the rs crulto who were made tbe victims of the rraede deserted before tbe regiment reached' Aaaapoita. THR VRrBRAN BBSBRVR OOBN. The Veteran Reserve Corps Is dally receiving aocsasloos, though the appolntmaata of officers are a~ me what oa ths decrease, owing to tbe rigid character of their examination. A- few days since sn offioer, wbe had protonsioas to s brigadier genersl's appeintmeet, wss pssssd for a second lieutenant. The allegatlona that the corpa ia about to be reorganized by Gen. Grant, wHb tbe view of sending to the front such seare able, are without foundation. Nor la tbe corpe a "convenient refuge for triflers and Idlers," as Its dalles are extremely arduous for their service and honorable wounds. The usage of the department has always beea to return msa te their regiments la tbe field when sufficiently recovered) for active service. BRUNION or WISCONSrN abmt optic IRS. Lsst night n most plessant reunion of Wiscoosln officer! has heia at tkerooms of Oeaoral Starkwsalber. Gene rala Augur, Oglesby, Peine, Ketcbum, Green, Slough, I Howe aad Morris, Senators Deoiittle and Howe, Govornor lewis, Ass.stant Post Master General Randall, together with a large number of other dlstlngolahsd Wisconsin men were la attendance. A more gallaat, talented aad enthusiastic party, baa not assembled In Washington since the war. NATAL ORDRRS. Lieutenant Commander George H. Perkins has tached'from tbe o Demand of the Selota aad ordered north Lieutenant Commander William H. Dana has been ds tor bed-from tbe semmsnd of ths Cayoga and ordered north - Lieutenant Cosamnnder Henry A. Adsms bss been de tached from ortesncs duty la Philadelphia audi ordered to the commaad of the 8c iota. Lieut. Coasmaader Henry Wileoe has been ordered to I tbe commaad or tbe Cayoga. Capt. B. f. Haszard has been ordered to tbe naval roodeavoae at Portsmouth, N. H. Lieut. George A. Bigelow baa been detachod from tbe command of tbe Calhoun, and la new awaiting orders. Lisnt. M. a Btuyvssant has beea ordsssd to the com Bsaed of tbe Mlonesota. TBI FATBNT OTTIOB BBTOBT. Tbe Patsat Office report Is expected to be ready for distribution la a few days. It contains a large amount of valuable and Interesting Infonaailoa. RKIKMI8B BBAB LBB8B0B0. Colonel lowell.of tbe Seoood Maaaacbueetts cavalry returned from his expedition to Lessburg yesterday, with eleveo prisoners A brisk skirmish wss bad with the rebels, la which we lost two killed. OOTBBNOB CURTIR'S HOVIMKNTfl. Governor Curtln Is here oa important business ooaews Ing Pennsylvania politics sad tbe next Pfendoa. j j will probably vialt Fortress Moaros to-mor < TRANBFIB or MKN FROM TBI ARKT 0 IT* HAVY ' A Isrgs number of men arrived from t> ? A'tnj of ttir Potomac to day to be tranaferred to tlx navy. Ths old . First army oorps hae sent nesrly three i n !r<yi r.r '?>? ! this duly. Nsgross rscrulted along ibe U ' -> ho are also bslng transferred BBFBtlTR or A OONDBMNBB ?B3*RT?t The exeoutloo sf Augustus Psabody, of tbe 1 ..t / New York engineers, fixed for to-dsr. b*? l"ia sea- ' peadsd by theFrseideet MBB. WTBRaa BBNT TO riNMPM, MAM. By ordsr of the War Popartmsn*, Mrs Harah K Munros wss tadar seat from tbe (MdOtfMot to the fsaaals prison at gftobbari, Masa. BBATBB OP BOLDfBRB. Thomas McCee sad Blchsrd White, Secoad New York artillery; laaae Adama,Tsatb New Tork artillery: Law rsoce McLaughlin, 9tventesath New Tork; John Smart, Fifteenth New T*rk engineers; Lieutenant W. J. Fbe,fll( Thirty third New Tork artillery, Honrs ftood. First New ToU artillery, aad iaaasa Smith, Tenth %ew Tork ?arahTi 4tH Mr# sNios oar Iwt report. rHIMTt*^l>HTH ??B ok B St. VintM, April **. 1994 tn uwr ?? vool Mr.* Foot, (rep) of ft., presented ? rMWlruc< from Dm wool growoft of Addtson oouaty, VerasosJ, rsprsosattag that tbe tariff on wool la a deubla fedora; neither ralotagt reveaee nor aft>rdtag|proteottae, moot foreign wool by mesas of dirt, grease ud fraud ootaing t? at Ion Uun the foreign valuaUoe and prodeolng |te?e tbx* ooo oont por pound. They ask for a division tow count*? modium and One classes at a homo valuation un der eigfcteeo oenta, three cents specific and twenty per cent ad valorem; between eighteen and twenty five, ate cents apeottto and twenty per oent ad valorem; aad over twenty-Ore coats, tea cents speclfio aad twenty per oent ad valorem. tw rACmo atnartin mix. On mot loo of Mr. Howard, (rep.) of Mich., the bill ta amend the Paolflto Railroad act was made the speotai order for Thursday next. TBS BUBSAU or MTUTABT JTTtTIOK. On motion of Mr. Wiuwo, (rep.) of Mass , Ibe Bouse bill to esubllah a buroaa Of military justice was taken op. It constitutes the offloe of Judge Advocate General a buroaa with tbe above title, giving tbe bead iM rank, pay and emolument* of a brigadier general, and aatbe rises the appolntsaeat of two assistant Judge advocate generals, with clerks, bo ; the assistants to have Ibo rank of oolonel of oar airy and n salary of 93,000, with rat ay other pay, rations or emoluments. tbe bill wsa amended so as to give tbe Judge Advooata General tbe rank of brigadier general with a salary of 94.000. aad no other allowances, lbs bill was laen tn amrr arpaormanoa ana riant. The Army Appropriation bill for the year ending Jooo *>, 1MB. then came up. All tbo amsadmeota of tbe rlpaaoe Commit Ms warn screed to Ibr. WiLsoa aOsrsd tbe fMtowing amsadmentai?Thai all ortllotmsata horaarter made In tbe rsfrim army dur ing tb<d oootlnuanoe of the present reboTTtoB, mar bo for throe /ears; that all persona of oolor, whoSave boon at may b* mustered lata tbe military service, shall receive tbe eamo uniform, clothing, arms, etholuEMnts, be , other thsw bounty, no other soldiers of Ute'rsgular or voluatoer forces of like arm of service from and*after tbe Iat of Jaauary. 1S84, and that every person of o<)for who shall heroaflor bo muataretf lata tbe servloe. shall re ceive such hounty aa the President shall order la the different States aad parts of ffle tTnlted States, not egbned tag one hundred dollarr; that all persons' ea listed and muatered Into thff service as volunteer* on#?r the call of October Vt, 1893, who vforo at the time of enlistment actually carolled and subjeot to draft in the State in which tbey volunteered, shall receive from Mfe same bounty, with on* regard' to color; that all persona of oolor who have bed* enlisted and mastered into the service shall bs rati tied ta reoelvrthe pay and clothing allowed* to' other voluotesrsr from tbe date of their muster into Mis servloe, provided that U>? tame shall bare been ptedfeod' or promlaed ta them by any officer or person who, to making suoh pledge' or promlae, acted by authorltv of the War Department, and the 8ecretarv of War is hereby authorfeed to deter mine any question of fact arising under this provision,, that the samerpremtnm shall bo allowed Tor each oolored recruit now mastered or hereafter to be' mustered lata tbe aervioe as Is sr shall be allowed by tawfbr white re cruita, provided the Secretary of War previously glvea bis sssent to tbe same. The amendments were adopted by a vote of 31 agataab 9. Nays?Messrs. Buckalew, Hendricks, DdTts, Poweb and Saulsbury. Mr. Davis, (opp ) of Ky., offered an amendment pr? riding for tha paymeat of property taken by tbfe military during the war. He said tbe states enriched by this waa were in a bappy condition. The border Statm bad boaa tbe theatre, aad badf experienced its devastations la a direct form. Great portions of our territory had boaa made utterly deaolata and deserted. All the pursuits ad industry by the1 employmennt of labor, by which prop ertyaad mease are governed, had osaaed. especially la, tbe border States: In tber Northern aad Middle State* bow differoot war the oeadltlen of things. There aeoee and tranquillity prevailed. He bad aeea it stated'that the divldeada declared' by the New Eogtaod maaufae tsrera were thirty three- aad one third per coat greater upon their opital than before the war. Wsa It strsaga that, owing to tbe different effect of tbe wsr upea the oectloas, there should be a different feei. tag In regard to the manner of coadnctiag M f Those whom tbe war enriched defended the wsr, and '19 seemed impossible to ond'tbe war until the ooatrsctora , and aboddy manufacturers became as rich ss they wished: He had oftea heard It aald that the last dollar and the* laat man abould be expeedOd to tbe maintenance of this war. Be wanted no audh principle as this. Tbe wbeta object of tbe government ?a to* protect tbe peace, and' security, aad rights and1 liberties of the people; aad' when tbe qaeotioo waa put to'htm whether all these enda should be sacrificed and the country cot up to bring tbla war to a successful issus, be for on* rose up ta rerulsloa against such result. Oor military Isadora, lostoad of deal ing justly sod protecting us in our persons and property in tbe border States, were waging a more exterminating aad devastating war upon us than they did upon tbe oom mea enemy. Gentlemen had' avowed on this floor that they were boot more on the deetruction of slavery thae tbe-reetoratioa of tbe Onion. Mr. Davie's amsndment waa rejected?10 to 10. Great difficulty waa experienced la securing a quorum during this and the previous vote, and the 3ergeant at Arma was directed to request tbe- attendance of Senator*. Mr. HaMDWoas, (opp.> of Ind:, moved an amendment Increasing the pay of no* oomaalasioaed officers and prt vates fifty per oent, the pay of the former not to exoeed twenty two dollars After a colloquy between Meaars Haaoaicn. Conrma. Fsasaimaa aad others, the aaasadmeat waa rojsoteJ?9f tod. Tbe-hlll waa then reported to the Senate and psmsd 90 tal (Mr. H>well). aerotnutaaar rnx nokoiv. On motion, the Senate reoolved'tbat when It adjoara II be tHI Monday. aavat, omens an rival oooarc siaiuu Tbe-Senate agreed to appoint a comcaittee of conference oa tbe bill relating to the appointment of naval oAosrs, and the bMI rotating to aaval oourt martial*. axaotmva sassioa Tbe Senate then went into sxeontiv* session aad abortly arterwarda adjourned, Hosm of KeprMtmtatlvci. L Waraiaqroa, April' a, MM Five tboraand copies of the bankrupt hill, reported yesterday, wore ordered ta bo prtatad and bound la pampblat form. rmaoaat aaruaanoa. Mr. VooBHaaa, (opp.) of lad:. :skei that a Islegrsm received by him (Mr. Voorheea). to-day bo rood, aa it bad a bearing on a personal explanation. Ha would not now indulge In any ram arks, booeuaotbo gentleman (Mr. Oar bold) who recently read letters purporting to have boea written by tbe non. Jobs O. Davie aad Judge Kcklee wsd not ta his seat. Conaeat having boea glvea, this deopatab waa road.aa follows ? Tom Harm. April M. IM. To Hon. D. W. Tooanava ?The letter purporting to ha Written by ma ta John O: BiwrkinrMge. uaad by General Oarfleld, la nttarly lalaa?a baas ft aery JOn* G. DAT.I. ; The letter alleged to bava been written by Mr. IMvta recommended a young man, formerly ta tbe Union army, to Mr. Breckinridge for a<position in the rebel army. m IKTKRlUt TAT IWI.I, ? On motion of Mr. Moaanx, (rep.) of Vt., ths ooosldera* i tioo of the Internal Tsx bill Is to bo oonllnued throughout i tbe morning and evening session The House went Iota Committee of tbe Whole oa that. subjsct Mr. Moaait.t. offered an amondment, which was adopted* that wholesale dealers tn liners, whnee annual salesda not exceed 9*0.000. shall pay a license of 950, and 9? oa.. every thousand dollars over 960,000. Every perooa wha shall sell or offer for sate any distilled spirits or-fst. mentod liquors in quantities mora than throe galloae at any time, or whooe annual sales amount to 931,000, shall be regarded as a wholesale dealer. Tbe license of retail liquor deslers was incrsaaed lo twenty-five dollars. Mr Morrill offered aa a men dm ant that commercial brokers, whose annual sales do not exceed twenty Bve thousand dollare, oball pay a liceoee of twenty dollar*, and those exceeding twenty Ave thousand doitaia oaa dollar for each additional tbouaand dollar*. Mr. Fbrwarih) Wood, (opp.) of N. T., enumerate I vart ous classes of brokers, ta clothing, tobaooo, ooffhe, bo , and moved that all other brnkars, tn addition, to the com mercial broker*, pay the lame Hoenae. The asasadmsat thus modified wsa adopted. Tbe bill waa further modified so that all steamers aadl vp-soIr upon tbe waters or the United State*, on board a# which passengers or travellers are provided with food oa lodging, shall pay twenty-flvo^lollars licaase. Mr. Thatek, (rep.) of Pa., offered an amendm?t re. quiring hotel aad tavan k'epers to take out a special licaaso>at o charge of twenty-fire toilers, for ?alling| liquors to be drank oo ttre premises Mr. brsvaws, (rep) of Pa.,aald that tbe proeont law <Md not require the taxina/ont of two itcwcm Tsvsrn keopora ere boavlly taxed byl.hts bill, the lioenae being lacraassd aeoordtag to ths year |7 rental, aad scarcely a raopectabla hotel oouldeacape w'nh loss thaa a thousand dollars tax. Mr. Faam, (ran,', nf N T., ?ald that tbla question of bit -I ileeasss bad 'repeatedly boea before the Moose; bat it w?a so mystUM g Md twisted op that there was aot a clear uaderstend' |B> of the aubjeet He trusted that tbto defect wenid nfr * be remedied, aad that tbe amendment of tbe gentlemr 0 I ram Psnnsylvsnla (Mr Tbaysr), rsqulr lag aa addittw.,al itcraoe of twenty dvo dollars, would pee vail. A large nmouiit of revanue would thus be received by the gover .iment, whtob realised about a million of dol lars from a .at clsss of licenses last year. Mr. Taav sa replied to Mr. Stevens, snd showed that ">kl ig bouseo, wbers the most crime Is committed, a' Mid t nacape with ths psltry tax of ten dollars. " i - i frep.l of Maas.,csllod sltention to tbe ruling the lo'crutl RaveaaoBaroen, aad '.-'loied fr. .? <> ? it io fb >w that * !n?S porsoi trrv on dlff - ?nt ' " V i't b vliv'-f "Tje^, ? iKM..e?t muot b? '? <???) c ; lor r icti IV , that ibe bo<m did not *'?" -t ? ? n jf bifieea by ?elllug?4lquor. * * . -?aa luoludeu in tbsone lioenae 1. ver's smeodment wso adopted by yea* TT, Xt*\t. uol ?. anted j 11 ioon?e for bowltag alleys and htllla d rooms was taore??i'd fr<>m Ave to ten dollars, aad tbe same amount for eocb a.Mitl irvti table Mr K*aaoi?, (rop ) of Iowa, mored that tec of tbe lirenee clauaes bo transpose*, giving as a reason that "lawyers and doctors" abould take the preondenoe of "nilllloni ?eaA m/ kimni " Mr. J. 0. A turn, (opp.) of III , objected, aaytng the two ctsHses Stare properly placed, amid exceaatm laugh TtiearaMdmeot waa rgloctod. BaiUew aa J contraotora are ta pay a lieease or twenty doMaro when tbe ooutract la over twenty fire tboasanik donate, aad oao dollar additional oa every thoaaiaft <tal* Mr. MALurav. (opp.) of Kg , called atta*Mon to tbe olaaso requiring every person doing a general b item ess ta pay leo d'dtars tor wHlob no other Itoeoott la required by law. TJe lid aot ut> .eritasd the eleuaa, Mr. II'... ta, (rep.; of Mars , aald as himself dvl not usderstaou UN oHW o, aad areposfd It t

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