Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1864 Page 3
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ibovtd aaad_ elaap Ike Turkleb Riftli Lov*?aa* Bvar?* d*MMou* tt.rag& ?? **r *r Ml PART* WHO HAT! A BOTTOM BOLB MA thlae felly d*<elop*d wttl pleaae addrcae b0? 2 Ml Pott New Tork, and eaeloae sampl*, If ueaveaieal, If a?i ** ?-? *f r~? itebere bave beeu protected from suits for ?lit**! in . ?yemenl of patent* for toe houaee. All pentcLi deeirou* pi pro i*i Uon from (aid suite muit join at once. ^pOOMOM-f tlT~ WEALTH. *-WUMBiIn. TMB ? Hi irMUIt of modern philosophers, niurti that "a " may tared laa peuay ?tte**? laetaad of destroying l?i wait* paper, preaerte It andreiel Ve Ita aqntvalen t to lh, which we will pay for old aewapaper* ai every doe alien, whole or loro: old patppfeMa or to klhda, old air iwiluat papwTnl ?ulioo) bu.h,. old Vunh byehe. W4 'JE2V& >0* ?- "" I WlWIfe < .h . binO. commissioner or deBm raft aU. 0 Stale* and ftrritoiTee. Mo. 93ft Broadway ( Modal ), room 17. Pasapqrta obtained fropi Washington Spanish lagafjMopoy prw?d correctly. a 7H TO 8 OBNT8 PBB POUND PAID FOR OLD >ka. Newspapera. Pamphlet* ami Ledger* and tha ^ivosyyb prlcajaM for all kinds of Ha^a, by r K. WaL IBM I MO TACKLE AMD pisciculture ?MR. J. BamHEOTTOM, feu of tba Mil known and aocceMiftrl 'mill.riot. Mr. Robert Ritmaboltotn, of ClIthetiijL En* l?Ui thortly be open toeD|agemeaVv For futiber enters addresa J R, Herald alloc, Men York. lONShOT OR SABRB WOUNDS, FEYER*SORE9 OR old aorta i ao pay. Aid OfTlr*. r old aorea of long standing cured iu a abort time No i ao pay. For Information addreaa Remedy, bci 160 riLLBBMI FaTRNT PANTALOON STRAPH. 41 MOR L ray direct, are for aale at wUalena.e at inoit i*iI?j?' I military ifimmlag boueen, and ?i retail at tux rnort btoaatla mc reliant tailors' aud gem.emeu a furnish ug rMkTBHBB PRICES PAID FOR OLD ROOMS. 1 I.COO Standard Books half ealf. at half pn< < 1.000 Warkaon Chemistry, Ueolony, Muiln* gleam, Ae. ,fon Photographic Album*, at our price. ' (00 Works on Hlalory, Education, Ac., at your pn^. .0 0 Engraving*, Scrap I'rlota. Ac-. At any price BtldAT BBOf HBK8, llj? Mataau (treat, arar B*< kmaa. TANBOOD AMD TUB VIGOR OF TOOTH RESTORED la four weaka by Dr. RICOHD'B Keecnce of Ufa. ' wonderful agent will restore maliood to tha most ahai d aonatltutlona. whether arising from Mceaaes, *elf kuae. tba efleela of eliraata or natural <uauaea. The tuna SHired to cure tba moat Inveterate easels four week* lure la Impoulble. Dr. Rlcord'a Essence of Life la sni.f eaaea. wltb loslrusilona for uae. for S3, or four qtiaatitiaa one for $J. Rent, earefully pactceil. on re<ielpt of remit laae by hla aoeredltad a?ent Olronlar sent free on re<?t|rt ff four slam pa. PHILIP ROLAND, No. i<7 Biooioe alreel, pew Tort. ou? door weit-of Broadway. SHarblb MANTBLS.-A FINE BBLROTION OK MAK bla Manlala an band, and offered chenfV thau any re else, at 8. KLABBR'RMarble Yard, M First avcni>?, r Tblrd itreet, New Tork. Call and examine for jovt MB8. M O. BROWN'S 'METAPHTSICAL TllSCOVli ry">for daal'ueaa. entarrh. aeuralcia. rheuinatiam. dis ?aaed eyes and all diseases of bead, thrust, Ac. Ac . '?u t>a Mtatnod at her principal offlce. 2B Bond (treat (aftrr Mav !, at 10 Hood airect). New York, and till Arch at<aat, J'hiia lalpblu. also of dri.ggiats K??crally. Price S3. No mediuua |oored down the throat. No boring with Insirumenu) Marble mantels.?the bkst place in the elty topuroliaae cii.-ap and well finished Mantel* in at A KLaBBR'8 Mantel Maaufaetory. 1 9 Bast Kigbf:e?lh atrial, near Third avcuje, New Tork. CjI lhi? out. OBl .'UI US FRO* THK WEST INDIES -J ULK8 I.A < HAflTE L'nlsc r*e O'ird ner. jui>t arrive! by the Kunsli.p Corab-a trom the Weal India#, offers 1'or ?;>'ie one uaanil Or> *itda (Air Piantal. in alx, aud diSirr aot other enrioua l'lanla, now on exhibition at the Tropi,'?.l ? rolto of David Clarke, 034 Broadway, jiui ovota beiuw plaaekcr street. LD BONNETS CLEANED AND PBt-.SSRD AT L BINJfcJ' Mil.lnerr. 681 Broadway. Bleaeliinff ??>d rraa? for the trade. Ribbona and Valreta at *ho'.?ial< . kiao iwars and Millinery (lood. Oreat baratuca Flraw bon aat retail aud wbokaaia. ,RAOE FOR furniture, FIAM08. TrVN?"?. AC. in the floe dry left* over my piano wareroou a. Pricta T. 8. BERRY, 99S Ilro.nlw.iy. between Friaoe and Ho .alon etreala O ?ABQttTBR'R ENGLISH UMBRELLAS. B. A. LUTHOM8KI. An Broadway, under Mr rerell H.)i?l.?ouct r?'eKed a large asaortment of tba I" *t |iiab aad l'ranch Umbrellaa. Mr L. ii.ivina nrle ted ) gooda hlnuielf la London and PAria, Invili i iu? io won of all who require a lUtit, handsome uod airing sbreila at moderate prtcoa Wholesale and retail FOR FURMTUBB. 11. O llAKOl-R, 37H Kixtl, avei.oe RET DIRT WANTED?-FOR FILLING, AT tlRBEN point Sugar llouae. frnrta metal and old lead wanti r??cash A will be paid for afew hundred weight o/ J>peMetal ?Mold Lead. Apply at the desk of tbia ttlO COMFBOTIOMRRR.?GAS FIXTURES SIX AND A twelve light Ckaadcllera. antra heavy;Saloon l Vaalra, marble top Tallica and CoiinRri*, and Can>ly Jara. hart One tfllvar Plated Ulaaa Uaaea, and a very lar*.-* Mir ilrl Plated Ware, Uaatera. Bpoons anil Forka, a lar^e pit*a M food fnleteth. AlfO Ice Oram Flitur" aa<l rorfm Maaers' I'tanslla far sale. Apply at IIITXBLBEKUKK'M yooo. JW Klghtb avenue. WANTED?OF THE TURNRB GALLERY. PAR1K M, 17. 10. 19. ZO. Any oan having either or all ?f Ui> ae "aiubers for aale will please addreaa, atating prlo<\ l?. K. 14.018 Foal oBce. riNDow ccrtaina-madam robbht com linuea io laealve, and do up euaal to new. at lier md klle<1 new eidakllsbuient on ihe river at Will.* cfceUce ler* taken at No 6 Eaat Kievcatk atreel. M. B.?Window nam* takrn charge of for the seaaon. WAMTBD-BBfOND BAND shooting GALI ERV Tariiet? In aoo.l OTde^^^jc^J J?> ttciald olflra ' ANTKD-A 8BOONB HAND STEAM ENGtNB and Boiler; oapaelty of twenty to buy borne powtr. Au i bo* 9tt4 Buffalo, New Tori, will full d??iift'oc aau i rAMTRD-SEVKRtL COUNTER RF10W CASF9; m ?i be nearly new and In food order. Aps'y >-t l"8 rtagt o street, be.ween Ludlow aad E?ei. 1 CENTS PER POUND PAID FOR OLD B'>OK8, 4 nrwNtapera. pamcbleia. Ae. Call oefors >ou aeil c'*e ere MANAUtN A MILLAR, wholvale j-arei war* ?ae. 10 Dpi uce aireat. -mangles AT TUB, OLD 8TAM'. KSj_A V ?here Mnaa fished In 1834. J. G. WF.8T, laie Ihininn t We?t ajrlea propelled by ateam or by uand; pr<C"* fib. I'.'J Hi . fs). $1011. Gasdltlng. Plnml'lng I ?H'konitbln^ Bellhaoging. Discount la agnate. Noa. 4 and Itf Lib |piaie, near the New York PoetoSice. nMBtAk' ANT information THAT CAN BF. tilVRN TO A Moberi Kordea of Marv Kordaa, of Cattle fv ? ? o aty faauneath. will be thankfally received. ?'ai' at ti>e a lneo lata'. ftV> Uodaoa aireat, comer Charier New fun. flBAUtlFVL NEW BORM INFANT TO BE ADUl'f *4 OUI IO ? goojjjome Call aA741 Qteeuwiob atieei. CDWIN-IwRlTt ?<) Mli IX CONFWBNrk. At Dr.RaE at Waahlaglon. D. 0. ALFX. fF ROBERT 8W1NDLRHI RST, OF Ai >:RIN<. ION F.BKland, who rame orer ia the ahlo Rm-er a Hearn, U write to Joka Waleh, First rooneetient c??airy, Con rlpt e'a np. New Harea, be will confer a grea; favor. fMFORMATION WAVTBD-OF ELLIN LKDDT, OF (ay rnformaiiol a4 ho will M u..y r?^TTiu <>v ? ilea Brady, at Joka Bitmgaas, Hi tilth areaue, itiaci at Thirty fistatreot. _ _ _ rrOM. J beab rou are oeiTino Bi. rTER. hofb X Io aet yoi very aoon. IflPM* VC. B-PLEASE CAiX AND BRB MR 1UIN ? nioraiag. I am iadeed very tick. Do aoi d.aatioioi tlLLlAM BINOBR, OOPPEB9MIT11, WILL PLFABB co?mualra:a wl'.b Wm. Maaiotnn, Con.paoy B, tort* regiment,Jf. IJ., Waihlngton, D C. Yorkvillb ?a lkitkr to fibst addrr?s of N?\ la fall, at ganeraxPoat oiOoe, iiitel' r. <-ei*e?l; ?Wy thaaka; very ataob atiaseA RKMARDI. RRWARD?LOST, ON TUESDAY EVENING, A black Arconst Boek, in going from EUL'eru h ureet r-at No 4fl North river, tbe owner's oame in*l<l' ;ia of re i Io (ny no* t>ot the owner Tha ab.r e reward win ha < to aay eaa who will bring the book to No. 4 !>?? ck airaet. ? C REWARD -LOSr, ON THE AKW.RNOON or ?(J R.ilurday. 7U Insi , fio-n II j Rac Bre*tlw*r , rv>rf r ar rike sire, t a mailyei!ow Mini Tup: had ok when |i a r*A 'eatkereoVar, with pi'? Whoeeer will return aald A*g to Hie ?iw>ve aani|l placewill re? aive <be t< ????!. tin BBWARD?LOST, ON 4H RI"V iiH !?'; VkU April i'S, in *oiug fiom Th rty serrn'h Cteei i*. Iwaen ftevantn nod Klgh'h avrnne* t'ltniitk KWh'b a-em e I* Tb'.r tjr-ewond street, a For Vleiorla*. line'l who hiowi, Kb. ihe above reward will be paid ua deliv ry at ii; ?a*t Irty sec* ad etreet. 0 REWARD.-LOST, on TI1R BV emno of April 21; in nae of (be Wall streel snd Broadway a Diary or Memorandum Booh pont?iuin* %?# m The flnder will be paid the abora rewaid by leniming the v?ob, . to Jerotoa Buet, No i Naawi wee<. ? 1/\ RBWARD.-LOST, on WEDNfinAT BVRNINO, Sll/ the ?ntt inat, at th* earner of Fjfib lt?T'i??pd jrtRi^J {Or, RKWARD.?LOST, IN ONB OF THE ElAIITfl w&*) aveant email ean, -n Meaday ihsi. mia p>??i &a~a BUk, eoutalnlag 90 odd jraida. The ao* * r*wi , d?iR laglven by ra'uralng it. to All Rr^sdwa -, i.r-l*r 7<? Hu U"tri ill? REWARD I.' > r. ON ISA1VRI.AY A I' I ft^i) aflOi United SlalCi geeenhiek. The a bree !<?aid #lli he paid for th* aame by lea>lnx It with Wi uain Rurrvif, laore'art of Firemen t trust Insurance t'omnatxfnr Hrm>? ho or Willi Ckailet White,of Fenaqnll, Bufot*. aa iaiy, are A FRWaRD-FOR VLfi ??FORMATION THAT lr.}U will l?*j to Hie recovery ? f Tboma. W Henne-iv, than e'gbt yean, wl.ostrajad from about Ham iron atone* vr?v on theevenlni Of AjWl He ha* on a bin* tiauoel skirt tray pant*aud blae toidier ? tap. Iniotinailon ml ti 40 Beet to* n vireei, or No. 4 Union tU'et, Brooklyn, fc? h't7aih*r, Bdw*rd Kennedy. ____ _ _ $100 *R w A n ,>A ^ D--?* N.H..A KJL" M hon~ w Ml lot*. On Sunday moralng, 10th ih?t, between Ivff o'iand 1 A. M.. Vnar f winfr *l?h<h street and ??e I* a Gold waloh and Ohahl I maker ?0?eph pen afc.ii |Ii<?iic?I Valued si a g'ft Ad-'res* tot l H.t XT oihce HBMOV4t8. pBMOTAL or ?IHP J HBIII, CjF ,1i| rtillRTII Ai tlieet?Hpilna an.I K >u).aer kl >ilnr i v- no H i >.i .? Mft',"*, k MH -?i Vl I-vauw*y. I"; A stuwdid fiawo fob wil l * 1 JA?52fi& MBinMNn, M Bleoeker atreet. Wi?? vamilti) for two vctnt wtthont *** P00 1 FINB 8 TOOK Of HiUIT, DATIBA OP-* OB A WD A MMl MMN 1'lUOk MM Hit tit/ betwega FrlM* wd Qouitou umU Aladt wishes to find a home in a private family wbere iumructlou la nude and French would be ooualoered an KiumlMtnr BonrdjViaoofuraiafced for ?racttaa If deelrod! riw| <an Waal Twenty-Iirel atreet. A|f ITALIAN. PROFESSOR OF MDBIO. OF bONfl expei Unco, deaUoa a m? more pup! la for ibe guuvi ami alnging; ibe bee' of refei??cca given. Address friiio, ela tion D, Fast oBee, ? _ A| PABLOB ORGAN FOB ? ACE?8inT4BT.Fi FOB A efcnrofc. To be aeon at D. Maria;1*, M7 Broadway. IK MIPBRJBNCBD LADY IK TEACHING WIBHKS A a few mora imiiila fur Uw Vuofe Blnglnii. French, Ac. Firal data rtfereOrea given. Terms $10 to $T3 pet <iunrie?. Bn-tnl wanted. Adflrc* K. 8. W . Iiarald offl-.e. A TENOR DES1 RBR AP09ITT0N IN A QUARTETTE ubinr. from May I; would consider the praetb <?. ?tp?. tie me and uiu*i*l improvement auUMont rainunonitioo. Addreaa T?'i?ur,. llaraUi oilkc. Am rniiRCH Organ w anted.?no objection ro | one thai ha- born in vac. Addieaa. giving full pArtic ulara <>f sue, condition and lowest price, Ibe Rev W. H. Hlocklon, Fbnsiiiiville. Fa. AH TEBOR 81\'UBH WANTBD-FOR AN BFMCOFAL I church >(uartulta, Apply on Monday ovotunj.' irem S to 9, Ml Obaiubete' pianoforte rooms, Aaiorpl^.e. uodcr Bible House - None bul able lingers,"with ^ood voiciea, ured apply Sal\rr $ .00. A competent lkadrr will acobft an El. K?i'< luent an I're.entor or Tenor ma quarii ito :hoir A?Hr?'iij II P. Peck, Brooklyn Post oflloe. ALb KA?>*U. WHO JK A Lit BAD T KNGAORD IN AN Ejusi oi?l >|uar(ft. with good r^erfcUL'C* dc*>iieg, an eu:;nt;eme?it after May; la oomFcteai m dlMri a ohmr it lake a poaiilon an pre-ealur. AdUreea, for ibree d?j?, Preqanlor. Ilerald oftim-. ,t AM magnificent J.U octave kohewuod piano forle?made to order for present owue ; hii* nil the mo do n i nprovementa, four round oorners eleven! enrvd legs au<ieaac. co>i ?l I be roIU lor $300. .Mao I'm lor bulla, Mjvrrcrt wi:h brocade: eoit $4(W, wlf! be sold for JltK) M,a gnrnn, (Jarpnta. PanithtRB, Ae , In ua<! aeren montlia. will be mrttl at a ?a rlli- e. I ii'iuire at 1U Weai i'weuty tuird *iro?t, nrur Kl*th avenue B^HU(>OKLVN.-A MAGNIFICENT 7 OUaAVS RotiE ?ood I'lano will l.e sold for half It* valu> . ovci?u mj; l r.?s, all uiudrru 'mpi ?ein<'iit4. OoatSUK). ??ll be aold ?> r Si9.r>. Ca!; at 120 Nairau atreet, firoolti> u. f^omtralto.? a *ladv, wiio is a hrht class " I eontralo. <W>?ires an cu^agemeot to amg iu tcboir. Aildn tu boa 6 IK > Pokt olll e II.BSONS IN filNOING-BT AN ACCOMPLISHED J Italian artl?t ro?!i<llBl; pupils atl"ndp<l ?i tl.fir rrvi d-n,.-i. in New Voik or >iclnlljr. Addrttaa R. D. K., boi ISO lloiaM office MA80N A HAMLIN'S CARlNBT OROANB?"OR iiimnii-H, i-hnrcboa and achoola. R?>< o?ni ?mI bv the n.iial'-al profea?1oo as grt-ailv auperiar to h.irmnniuma. >u? lo<leoaaan<l all other Hinall organa. iNer o?r Illustrated .alaliipne for e*pH it teatimony to tlii*?r fip?rlority from a inajority of ilia uioat eminent orgauiata In An.erira. I Pricaa $? io $V*) each. CAUTION TO PUR* llAHIiRS.-The Lreat r< pmatlon of Our Cablnet Ortfana and the rii^nalve demand for them have Induced dqaiara, jo aoiue ..a?en, to ?drertian nulla different Instrumeuta ax OaMivt Oriinr.H, uu l In others to reproacut to pur^has^rs Ibnt linrinomnma and oilier reed org ms ara Ibe baiun thint;, Tl <a is m ; true, iba oioelleneies of our Cabinet Organa, wln.:li>b?\? rlvru tbem It.On* bKli reputation, are tue ro&ult not merely ul the aiiperlorlly of th>-ir wo: kmmuhliv bnialso in i.utt' .uo of eaaentlal dlfieivnee* of 'on*truction, wlii'h b'-inrr patent ed. cannot uo nn?,; by u uai uialcera. Krwn Uieae nrise ibeir better'i ' < 111 v nn.l volume of lono and capacity iVr e\nro? K10I1. bverv t'abinxt UrqaD haa upon it* nmne nosrd, in ul!. tbe words MASON 6t HAMLIN CABINUT OitOAN." Only * i? ricorns In New York No. 7 afcrecr sireei. 31A SON BKOrHRR9. MOSlr.-iOI.yN8. VIOLINIST. AND KligSbLL, ltarn<?i ii?v? removed froifi lot to W8 *<fi atreet. Paraot-i Balls. Partieaaud 1'lcnioa fornirked with Mueic. Mr. a DAVIS, PRRKRNT ORGASIBT AC OR. UBA pio'?. ivi?hc? to be eo^at'd iu ^oine Prjio-tmr ebun b ? rum May next Ad lreaa Th. HajjOti, No. 7 Vctr ?!rfet for tbrna da.ra Mr. .iohn \v prrKKiriNn, fufsknt oRoanibt of ,-.t. I'oier'a Proleatani Kpiaropal elm cl?, wial os to iii some 1'ioteatunl ti.uicb lioiu May niit. Adilieta T I'lCkerlne. SCT\ *la ?v. PlANt.lDRTKS FOR HALK OR TO LET CHRAf ? l'i n'?? $ ..i. One -e 61, o 'ave iose? 1 tor fi?ft a 'I. O'Ibert JKoiian, $300; a pearl kevrd. $?ai; a Melrdei o $lSil, ami a D !ciiner, ?5. By. M. Ill JaflPAY, 188 lira ml atro -t. 'r*RNOR.?K Vti All KM R NT WANT ISO, KROM 1I?T MAT, X aa Tenor to a first . lasa una. tette i hoir; lias v-ovo and la r.impeteiit: prefers Kpi-.eopAl ch..rcb. Adcireta J. M boa 120 Herald ofliee. VOCAMST WANTED-A GOOD COMIC MNC.EB ? I luid atiadv rmplo.i luent at a fan ialai'T t,/ dtate.y apniyln to M.,rrjr Hill, Jo East Hotiaior. ?t. -A VEr.Y FINE Oi'TAVE PIANO. VERY ?P I alionir ami a(re?abl? In tone will bo d < heap ua aectiiini ol. leuiova1. Apply at 1(11'. Di\i?>on atreet. LOST AND For mi. L"<Ol)*f>-ON THE .'ill IN8T.. A BRACBI.BT. THE V owner oan haee.i bypioung pror*riy. Applyattko U? -el*lug Telier'ldesk, American Kv:hango Barn. JOKT?ON Til K AfTERKOON OF THE 2SD INST.. A J brrwn Po krrbo.ik, aiinporeU loaFIf'ta avenue Hace. ai or near the Filth Avenue Hotel. o?niaioing ?t>nut $>s)aRd a iiaas from I'htLidelph a to New York. A lib-re1 reta il will b? i>aid on r'nimiait tbe tamo to Jobn If tttnltii ? Son, Ibwf at corner of t'auai and UiUildgc ill ?at^^^^. I J OPT-ON FlUn-; ||t hT., "VroM . -- (ootfomolia Sitib avrnuo:iar. a l?ail?i Trunk. J??rk'<| Antonio l'ia'i Portland Me. A raw: itl ol *.0 will oe given foiniiforuiaiion of tar. aauie. A|i|-lj ai lit Manteu "i't?1; <" ,<!8 Wasi lngtor. a:reet. IOBT-OV fRl i>AY APR!!. 2? ONE OnLP ST.TIF.VE j B'l'o?,, hating the imtia1 on it- The finder will be liberal', rrwaide-t b. leaving ih? sao e ?lth E. h. < a tiwell, 3" l'urlf row. room a TOSf A BLACK NKW For Nil LAND noti: HAS A 1 ain.i!t\b'ta >i o under Ots nee*. A liharai itnaid wil' be iiii'.J fV?r M? return to o ;r prsmlsea. v ALENTINE .* Bl 1'I.KR, and HO Walner street. Tort-on a \ nivepsitt ri.icr, cac. on sati.r. j day. about II o'el.'i M.a Por'en.ouiialr ouuolig ??ati am. oou.e r.arer < of no value nless to the owner. P't-aae n-nirn ibe papers In mail oi esri. sa to .1. L BAIL LIE, Meicaulile Hotel, lob U'.ane Hreet. IOHT-ON 1R1UAT SiailT. \PfitL S.', ABOUT NINE J o qjoi k n .aiiy a lea: ei *!oo.> Bag. *t !? g'.mg , \er Uie li<*ar. aea a:rcet foifj to lei? v C tr ,r retur&leg ikerefrotr Said bag enntaioed aboot fiV?. ?1t of w?> h ate ausr>cndtit '?:?nk hilts, tbe rest In gnO't money. Th'- ?in't'r will be lilMiaiiy rewarde i by ioavlng it with A Nicholas, 68 Wall atrial. TOST-A lillBMAN'R 8 \DtiF. So. ?, ENGINE J Cotntiaiiv No St. The fiuder wil plcale li*vr it ai o4 Water aircet, ??: at ihaf no u I raukltn -:itet, near ffiidaun. IOHT-ON FRIIIAY Ni OUT. A NKWFOl'NDLAbD j ling; I,as white apoie -n eae . paw and white apols ki?<i iio.i br> att: aiso a iratUer collar around tue n'.l. T'.e fladt r will itcejte a rewaiu by leaving tb? dog at Ut ftpuag ?'reet 1?>RT-ON 8ATI PDVT. OOINO rrOM M NO^fff j Mot re to Brwino atre-t a F :r mink), fot wineL a libera: r> ? ard wiii lie -ftea by leaving it with the ? noet riber, a;.?.! Noitb Moor-a atreet. J is. Mli.LER. pa d for it by U. h. AlcWnttera. 316 Eo very I0^T-A NEW BLM K TRAVULMNG CASE. 0oB. J tatn.og | a|e r?, .i*nong wlticn were a bank book and b'ank ihecka. Man'atl.-in ' oin.eao/. Il n?a iitUen on ibe morning of Abiu i- uon. liie I o ulli avenue cr.No In. Ten goltars * II be *i' ?n on the it; jrn or the |-ap?ri io tbe oifite of the NOW York Condensed Milk Company, M EH? abeili an-eet, and no qnestlona askrj ^ Cfin I.OST ->L'NHAY MORNTXd. lfTll TN?T, ON I rmro aveiino, be'weoo lentha_nu'i MryeenU > >eeia, or vteinlty "" " " * J v" " with Mrs A l.u>l -.-l/.-VHJii fl'ill.'inr: ? riiiro avrimo, be'vreen tenth ao<i 1 hlrteenlk s reeta, it*. Ti e bader will ree* ea $.^^ remaid by letting it a Ftac>y. mKostThirteenth aireei. NKW f?BU(ATMII$. FT Lie IK I) RT.MroBKO-IUNOMAECB EXPOSED! . iSillai ira uauiaak'd jfTOHLV IMPORTANT TO B ITB 8K\EN, married or (Ingle. In health <.r diaeaso. ? I?r. LAFMONT H, Paris. l>en don and htw>?nc Mc-uicgl Alviser aau M? i lage uuiuo I until '?dlllen, <|?I pages, nAi V I'" anaioinn?l lliusti annua , upon 0> blin< , A He i >n? of 'I e B'adderand Kldoeve, Tet ual Olaenaea. FnrtfpoaD It '?7?itgl Pin 'lee; the Author'* line ?tualled I'aria an! London entuienl 1c. AH who would a< old unaii. . easi i i aad barharmia *rra meat with qoaok ana ciPee, aolidntes, Inrrou en's, Ac abeuld p ir. iiaae ihie Oriiniui tvoik of Ibe publtenrr, 1 WaHNLiC, No. i Yesey eiram. Asi-r llmlse. <>tr fl. ? oriy ?.vej, or coi stul the Baste , 17,1 broadw*)', up sia is, ,Naw loik, iroui 10 A. M. to i IV M "Tt e itini ur wttb mker panert In roonrnmendlng l?r. t*r n on" an ] l.i? wor. i'o n ?i d- a Kiats t ola. <ie> mo B' forie. Il.apaic' Staa'.a Veil ing. Alias, Medical Review, An. AfBysiolooic tt. vin? or markiaue-oon H la-niii. aeary A" pt ?? and i'<l San p atea aad on gravirg^ < f li e'om) o| ?t " otaa, a ia a a>ale of Mail1 and d ???ase. w tn a li eat is on rai.y emus, its do p.oral le irnaeunenies upon "ie mmd anil bolt, with the n iiher's pian or i.eatmant ?the naN lattnnal and an,"esoful oo'eo cms, as shuts n h. tie tepuit nf cases t-oatej. A 4rtt ibfn adviaer tn tbe mairM t and those cnntamola'tag roarrisra who would ln<" the r rbyaKAl conalUon. Bent lire of |os ?,e io any ad,. ? is mi .-aoe'pl o. oeoiafn atan pa or nbafa! euriHiey AdttlWW. InCWl.JI Mil tan Jane. AHisny N ^ ^ AnOOK. CtlNr*ININil AN tCOOrNT OF TBE tneatment lor r :a?- Tmula. Strict re. and Ih'ri* other I Vr vor vtant to a tffrlr. or evfrt ! I I ib ng ula.irg to t.tiaWin ?isvcin. d;?', ?!f. ??rriA,?, i ge n ad reviled At?d tltl0rje<i eulllnn of . >lline\l COMMON HKNSB. Afi ong Ike many mih.e'te treated In tkIt worm a?0 flie rniiuwmg ?toni iuiihod, H.oacbiin. A-thii.a, la 1 lerih. K, mln a. Kbe<in,*a'.am, DvspepalA i'baa. Llifr and i Fniloanpby nf p g itlon I'miIIhUW, ni?eaaes ol the re i mole Oigaaa < f (Isnaratl.ia. Kulitufa Salt Rheum. Car.wr, , Pgrk'vsis, nis..?s?. of -,he Heart. Neuralgia. How In Ro. e( vrr p.e ?i(ht and Throw Aside Spe.M*el?a. ihr CnnOnl Mar. stage Cuafowia of the Wotld, flillpanoby of Unpen,*??, i Fhie w phy ol Chiidniaraiiu. ? Cbapier for tbe Harried, and I a ikon rand of taiuo to married and >uigle, n?>t:i vnt'.rn , lieiore, n ak'ng al'ogeiher a curtnua nook lor UirlonI penile, and a food booa for every one <i*> pa?ei: l"0 Tlliiatralloe". I Bv E B F-iete M. O, No 1,1*1 Br. adway, New Turk Tn be bed of nil nawa agenta C vatenta tames sent free hy mml ui all apylleatilo. or ibe hook forwarded b| inoil. poata** pout, on roeowt ol $l to Addreoe B. TOI'IEV. LI Naivan sti-oet. Now Yoi-k. , TkTOtAttT* WARD BOON, CO^TAlVfNO F^RMn, AN with ria. i'al suggestions and roferenees. fees allowed, and ihe lale siiIuks oon,-ermng notarise, lor sale at WlllTKIIORNIi B, |>rlntor, IIV FiiIP'O itreet. Price Woen's I | . i .?t? 1 rpHORB PBODtl\R BOOKS -PI'IILISHFD AT NO ->0 1 Ann tieet, N V . b> CAIVIN PI a Neil a HI) teiil vtitress lit a ,itani|Wi, ?i?.<ie ?> ? fin,1*! Ti,i ,at, git I byeta ii mad. BBV ?MM. ' ATimufi A 0D,^to?b. "?" ^ rsssir Mamum*? co*?* OVMR 378 VARIETIES. IN STRAW BOSNKTB AND BLOOMERS. LAHOB8T AND BUST ASSORTMENT IN TUB <?!?*? i OUR BOKNETB. 71a.. 91. *1 39, $1 60. SPLIT STRAWS The , JL I 28 up lo U I tyzstmm rffe&niu i SohnbtX: #: "WW** BONN BI S, 7fc? DUNHJARLR. BONNBT8, tl. NEAPOLITANS. MANILA BRAID BORNETB, 80e flUc NlirOUMN RON NETS. 76e . ?i. $1 BONNETS BVBHf SHADE AND COLOR. 2\ NEW _ AO. BfftK? 60, BO.NNKT8 - AND BLOOMttBtL a.?Xl LHOHORN BI.OOMBRS SOr., lbc 1/00 PRDAL BRAID HLOOMBRS I8e . 2V. HO DIKKKHhNT 8TVLK8 OK BLOOMBR8. EVERY . . HH OOLOB ANU STliJt, 1mm 16c. up 8IIAHEH MOOD? JJc., 32c., ibe. crates, illusions and laces. ku**' FLOWERS IN TUB CITT, fr<w wnyT MILLINERS SUPPLIED AT I.BliS THAN JOB BE KM' PRIORS. 11J * ^BON^MM^aViD TRIMMING RIBBOnI;^ BVBRV COLOR and 91IADB, PLAIN PLAIDS AND FANCY. EVBRY WIDTH. BUGLE O IAN AMEN r8 AND TRIMMINGS. 8I'N UMBRECLAS AND PARASOLfl. - VAILS IN NEW STYLES. FANCY AND PL/IN MT'BLTNS. . CHEAP lot ok Jl ANDKERCM W2> A, ON MONDAT-ir IP,.. II*. ISA. up. t.roO GENTS1 LINENjkHBMMhD. '26c. 1.60# LINEN. COLORED BOKDKHR. 2fc. I 600 BMHUOIDKRBD, IN COLORS. lUc AUCTION LOTS OF collars, bands, sets. kloum-inos, lacbh, VAILS, WAkrs, AC. AC. CHEAP. 'T.. r n GOODS A# WIIOLKSALB. CHi?*!'. A L\RGK ASSORTMENT OK GLOVliS. IV EVERY srVLR, Sc., ui>. E'D OLOVER. 76c., ft* , 86c.. 90. , 20.000 PAIRS tlORtRRY. I.ADIKS', GENTS', MISSES' AND BOYS', EVERY KIND. lOr. pans tip. ? . SPOOL COTTONS. <?. douo ?p. FINEST 8-YARD SKIRT BRAIDS, 7c. BEST PIN8 AND NKKDLKS. dr. paper. EJJHT JlOOKS AND RYEiS. 3a eard. BUTTONS INEVEB* BTYI.P COMI'.S, BKt.SHJ.S. TAPKS AND YANKKE NOTIONS UE NEK ALLY. AUCTION LOTS DAILY WM. K1NXKY. No?. 151 and 22?. FithiL avenue, lenvetu Twtulv first and T*eolyi??ii4 streets. GRAND 0PBNINO OF BPBING AND SUMMER <?LOAHS, CLOAKS, CI.OAKR. CLOAKS, CLOAKft, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, SILKS AND CLOTHS. Ie e\ t ) grille cf ellk. Ami ever? quality atd color of viotfe, lu all il.e <ateal and moat fuRhiooable ?'jics. And orDMr.ct.tri] ?.*h tbr raij rklieal ?i.<2 ucweat TRIMMINGS. 'II e CLOAK8 aro Modelled and - ' I'cwgi'fJ A f'tr li e wrj 'Meat PAIUSUN FAFUION8, Hi artlataof acktiowl*ili.-ed.t?iite nn<l eneriesce. lie r nee?are gua antced i? b? from 26 to 80 per cent leit tb?n in Hi'oa<1wity Rtorea, and ike ?tj!ot uncriual'.eU tn any eitraliHabncotln the ciiy on? of Broadway. liie public will plcaae i*ni?i?,bcr Ibal ih? Crys'nl PAlace villi* In H<e i ufire. *a It bM been In the pMt, the ORKAT FOPDLAB CLOAK EMPORIIM, DNEOl'A I.LED 7nD UN RIVALLED I OR MTYLE8 ARD LOW PRICES. A a we are But under heavy eif'nica for new build ings *n?l haTlrj iM'Tchctc.l .ill our atcck* f> r ca?b, we cai) afiird ta aell at aafc'l prof laaud (ire on* cnt'om?rathe ben Ct? f !lt;bl eipen*e<i end a > aah -apral. CRYSTAL TA LACK EMrORH'M or FASHION AND DESIGN, 162 BOWBRY, W R. ROBERTS. Frorr'etor. A T LKGRAIN'S. T1IIK WRBK, BLACK *M.KS FROM $1 TO $6. AT IMrORTERS' rRICES. Ntw choice of plain C^loreil Sllke. Bright Planted hilk fur 'riinnilnra. Po'ilRrd SiUa tu tne beat <iualitr erer imported. Gfen-'idtoea, Ail Ula, jual received. DRUBS (i(>0DR. Plate Striped anil P Hided Popllna. for trarelNnc dretMA. r?n.,u? j,. rarte. fi wide, ai Mr., worth ?l. ..000 places O-ilorwlArparla Ike oHy. P.Ai# Came: i IIaL'IiM%r. in all Colora. . ,? TTiTR DRESS GOODS. Biirk' Fle.ded Orena.Mne Rarecea for Trlrrrnlnta Bicb ParUlan i?ylei Bare re <2rena'iine. Orfkfcii'ea, la--o#et? atid Percalea, lateM Parte faaklea. T!aia Oreaadike Metaiabique, 1 yard wide. Sic, worth i5c. Ela k and White Cheeka ?? We., wor'b *c., at Bairaor*! K'mrurf. *ery beat quality, et f 1 33 per rard. AT COST, New Clo*k of and La<?le?' t'toth. Lar;^ RR'ii.'.H.-nt of Aireii, an I'rlota. Shiil ng M mlina and H ul.e ?,'o< da. Wlierproof Cloaaini'. doabte width, at 91 38 per jard. Bev ibole ft B'.arW iliwdi ror Mourn in*. Lh(>RAlN. 72i MroA,l?ay. No. 1 Warer'er place. no. I J. M<; WU7IAV8. A ?:L4/TH t'LOAKS frmr ?f,ft) nl> to $*. Sil.K ri,liAKS fjom tin in to $88. ffHWl'LY ONE PIUCE. zw drai d etreei. corner Forayib. Ill Bowery, brtneen Fprmga&d Prtpoe alrottA AT O. A MOWBBAY'S, 209 Oiand atreel, corner Foratth, 714 Bowery, betwee* Spiips and Prince street* CHILDREN 8 CLOTH SAC0UEH AND CIRCULARS, From 93 in to 9'0. CHILDREN'S SILK SACQl BS AND CIKCVLARS, From 94 SO up to SI A. STRICTL* ONE PRICB. , o^' ?*""* T RI SSELL'S, ? m t(t BOWERY. Baryalot Fi?rieuA la rtmO' iu? to 302 Bo"ery, Maj I. rieelVeaf 9hlr'?. fl SO up. , fnper.lue. ntAile to meaa.ire 92 nn Toaiery, >?. up. ine Merino Shlrti and Drawera, 91 np. Glorea It-', up. Pane* Flannel Shli ta. 91 W up. _ Tlea 20c. up. Travelling Shirta, 91 80 an. Scarfa, 80c. up. t Army and Nary Shirte. 91 15 >r Fire st ilt" 92 "P, Flalii WandkerchlefA Vc. up. H B RUSSELL. Importer acd manufacturer. 118 Bowery. AT JAMES MOONBY'S. US and 114 Siith areaue, DRESS GOODS, CLOAKS ANU SHAWLS !a great var^tr. Large l ock oil boiled black SILK at 91 per raid, worth 91 37. _ Plata and Check SILKS, all the new ahadea 70" pi-cee white and o lored MAT IIHG, 4 4. 8 4 aa4 14 wlda cheap for caah. Call aod evamlne our aloc'a. 8"0 fancy wol Shawla, irom auction, at 9J 60, wo. th 9<t0 A T PI" PERriYALS. ?A7 BPOADWAV. ALL KINDS of Chlldren'a Cloaka and 8<ilt?. Dieaaea, Blaakela, Ra.^i'nia. Curaeia. Chrmlaea, Infanta' Walt I a, Aprona, Bibs, Sa?.k?tR *c.; I adl??" Bmbruldered Chemiaea, Niabtgownt, Token; l?d)ea' Reailr Made Under Garraenia, riuten Hand kerchief*. Ac. Inllta ? aod coals of arms embroidered on haadken-blefs, table ll'-en and bed clmhea. BralH n* Col tan and 81i? Kmbroidcrlee made lo arter. Stamping for embroideries and btaldiag executed perfectly. AU| HARD ?MM! . II I' B RSI EL. NO 8? BLESCKER ? lireu bega leave to laloim bcr lady patrona thai ahe ha* r?f red. per aleamer Aui:ra)aa an a teled aaaartment of Diet*** and Hreea OoJ<da. aultable for the eomln* acaion Alfo tUe latest no?eMle? of Parle ehapes In Cloak* Ae An early i.?pectlon te resimcfutir aoilcltad 89 Bleecker tL AC.RRAT SALE OP I-RBNCH DBOORATIYR AND plaia Paper Baiiglii?%Wia4ow Hhadea. Oile'atha. Mate, A<* ?A fiae aeenrtmenltvr tine Yaleet and Gold Papar at 78e. per rb>l, tis'iallr aold at 9> *0; hae Satin Paper ai it'e , nvially aold at 60c.; good paier at l.'e and tik. par rail; toe Shades at 92 80 rgr pa-r, n*nal'y aold at $8: alao a large lot Buff Holland. Oliitolb, kr.. at rerr low rrle*?jat tOATBS' old aland, 514 Hudson atreel, aboee Sprin*. N ? ? Plata and Dec?rau?e Painting and Pap?r Hanging eieented by praeti-ai wo kmer. All work guaranteed. At grand street chrap storb. STRAW GOODS HF.t'RIVRI) DAILY TBOB TBS LbADINO MARUFACTURbRS ARD ACC TION. On Voti 'ir cr itgngDr 'arM itcck win he DOt'BLED, loth la EXlBNTand taLUE. eon.rrlamg ererytMn* in the ihape et BONNETS. BI<S?>MERS MPING HATS. TI-HBkRS. ROTS' CAPS aad HATS-ALL BELOW LAST 1 BAR'S PRICBR. We have CACtl'8 BONMET8 la Tan. Leather. Calr aad all the fathtonabie fMdea. frsui ons to fmir dt-llara sack Line* of FINK BFLlT STRAW BONNETS, al 9> *1 91 80, ai 93. at 92 ftt>, at %\ at 9-1 SO, at 9?. at fl ai 98. Alao attll finer nfides at 9^, at 98, al |lt>, al 9>3. at B1A, at 9iti. at 9IM, aif20eath. Duaatabla. Pedal. China. Pearl. 0?b<irg. Carton, Bevca, R<ngb aad Ready, and every other braid, at ?v , 78e 9" 91 A.rVt, 92. 92 M>. SSd 93 each, ftray, Prah and Laren4er Hair Bonnet*, from 76c. each, In ChtliTraa'a Mtaaea* aad Ladlee' Blo<in?rs wellate ???ry ahape aad braid, from ane cent ta Iwenu dcliara Our Legh ia stoek Is ararlv eoatpleta, aad coanpiltfa now?Waterfall, Joaephlne, Ewpreea, Oo<|iieite( May ti'ieaa. Imperial. Seat net*. MotMiar, Madeira,aad other ?u te*. from lew to faeet gtbd'e and vieTl'io EPWABD RIDLEY, Ml ar d Al W Grand atrci I. and 6C Allen atreel. ... ufAIRS, rtftu hiiw k aa*l rrcm tbe Bow?ty, ! / 1L?. AHS AND MANTILLAS. \J ROW tPRR LASH A ?cCREERY, I 47i Sri adway --*i At BBAND STBEET OH BAP STORB. PROM AUCTION, RIB BONA. J?*S7 wWt.htaJ?<:OTCH VlaID UlttBONS.' P'klo eoiored BON*IT RIBBONS, with COHDBD BDOB. eoaewrMnfl Cui/. bNUiir, Tan, ?ni over one hundred ahade* .11 Oral*. . WUfc ?wrotr Kibbona and HUM. to match. AIM, Ml* Uaee uf Plain and Fancy Kkfehoua. wkkB ?? ?Hull ?ol) below present Impoilitmn ... ^ ... BDWABD RlDLKV, 811 Ud 3U;a Or&ftd ilr?f I Aud 66 Alkn street, . Klflli block um from ifco Bowory?__ A T U?A?,P. SrSW chbap store. A PLAlD AMD CIIBCKBD BILKS, turn 91 far yard _ fJi'D SILK VELVETS. 0,(" ?? P1" " of Burnt t Kilke. ooujpnaing a I) the a^areo and faablonabie (hade*. BO WARD RIDLBY, 3)1 and .111' Grand, and 66 Allnn atieet. Filth block eaai from the Bowery. AT GBAHD BTBEEI CHEAP STORB. . A 1 ''KfTlON T$] OC? STOCt OP l RRNCII FLOWERS. ON MONDAY ' we aha!) eibll It the largest etooaof hew imp-rled Flowera aud Peathera lit (ha cite. BOWaRD kidlby. 311 ami ill!* Ui and all eeL Enli an- e 10 Dili department, 66 Allen etrcct. Filth block eaat from tb? Bowery. AT Oft AMD STHEKT CIIBAP 9TORB. NEW OKKHS I IIIM MINOS, BUGLE. GIMPS, PB1NGBH, One hnndrad new Ktylea In STRAW, OI.ABS *Nl? BEAD ORNAMENTS-CHEAP. AlaO a la rue lot of R' CU JiU aud 1'ABHS, below regular pr'eetl. EDWARD RIpLBY, Sll and 311X 0rand airtef. Em>ar.w? !? iLm depaiUnclUM Allen alrecl. Fifth bloc* oast from tie Bow evl. Ai OR AND BTRKBT CHEAP 8TOUB. FROM Al CTION BARGAINS IN EURROIDKItED COLLARS. SP.T8. 8LBJ4VKB. BUOINllS. INSERTING*, BANDS. An., Ac. New atylea la Kid. Ttiread and Silk Ol.UVBS. IIOS1KKY, ho. Alao full llu?a ol MILLINER* LA CBN, SLACK AND WHITB COIP f UltUH. AC. ' EDWARD RIDLBT, 811 a>iil 311^ Orai.d and *4 Allen all eel. Filth Mock e:ut from tbe Bowery. Qlbiflh, CLOAKS. CLOAKS. AT DAVIDSON'S BOWERT iTToaK STOKE. in a!) Hie NEWEST SPRING AND HDMUER FASHIONS, rOH LADIES, MIPhEH AND CHILDREN. LADIES' Waterproof TloaES fi?m $6 80 up. LADIES' Mellon Cl.OA KS from $*> Ml up LADIES' All NVixl CLOAKS from S8 M up. LA DIBS' Zepb v r CI.OAKS Ironi $12 SO up. LA OIKS' Silk t I,OAKS Imin >10 up. LADIES' Tafl'ela CLOAKS from $18 up. MISSES' Cl.ih CLOAKS from $4 BO nn. MlfSKS' Slla CLOAKS finm $'??! up. CBILDBEN'S Olo'h CLOAKS fr ra *160 up CBILUUKN'B S.Ik CLOAKS no.n fl up. CALL ANtTbXAMINE. LADIES POLITELY WAITED UPON. _ C A DAVIDSON, No. 261 BOWBRT. LOAESI cLOAKBI CLOAKS I AT 290 BO WERT, CARTAN, PLUNEETT*A MtCl'LLOUOH Dave now oi pmi! a Si>leuAid Ktoek of new SPBINO ANO SUVMKR CLOAKS. FRENCH BLOfH CIRCULAR*; aad ROrONDB, NEW FRENCH siOQUBS, NEW PUEMCII LOOSE KABJUKS. Ti e abi te l>*aiUifii1 ilvlea, in all tl^e choice cotora and tea ?llfullv irimmi'il, from %'! 6J u> BIS, THREE TllOl/CxND NEW SILK CLOAKS. to Ctrrulara, Saci|iie>< l>aH.|ue<< an I Mantnlaa. richly ai.d tiiatt f'iU) trlpimed, from $10 npwurda. WATBRPKOOP CLOAKS, from ?f. to $10SO. CHILDREN S i LOM\S, in ur'at v;nict? anil every eUe. CAKI'AN, 1'LUNKEIT A McOOhLOUOH, 2S0 Bowery. QBiOBTlKOB, I'RTA IN MATERIALS. Oildoih*.' stair Cariteilnga. Driv '"'a, Rugs. Lace Cnrtalna, Window Shades, Bi.inki-w, SkaJliuga, aod Houae Puinlah i?H Oooila in treat > ai ieiy. "" LORD A TAYLOR. ?A6 to ;>61 0:and street. c CIllARLOTTK o. SMITH II AH OPENED FRBNCU J Cloaks und Manliliaa. for spring aud aumoierwcar. alao a splendid nasorlinrnt of Brtakfasl nnd Dinner .lark *te. aelectod l>v heraelf from tbn IokiUok houaea In Parle ) )U Bib/idwar, one door above Tn-nty thlh atiect. CLOAKS AND M ANTIIXAS. In the. Ntwcfi Dealgna and Laleal Pules of l'ARIS AMD LONDON MANUFACTURE. SAMl'RL TONl-S bega^Ieave to call the attention of l&dlea o bia atock of the abore p.nda. In Cloth and Silk, in all ?badne of eolor, 'or spt ng andanrpmer wear, both Imported and of bla own make. 310 CANAL BTRBET. (10R8ETS AND SKIRTS AT OAYNOR'8, > SEW bPBIKO STYLES. Tbe targe*! anil moil elegant anortmeul of CORSETS AND SKIRTS CterofTered at retail m tb? Untied Statea, At OAYNUK'S, iti Broadway, between S;h and Vtb ata. (TARI'BTS AT TUB OLD PRICBB^A LAROB AS ) aor inent of Ingnln, Bruaaela, Velvet and Tapeatry Car|>et?; Oilcloiha, Mai'lnga, Ruga, Ae.,25 per rent cheaper tban any other afore In the city. 11. O. FARRBLL. Corner <4 Thirty hftb alreol aad Eighth avenue. CBALLIBS, TISSUES, JJRBSB GOODS. HEW fOMHKH OOODM. POPLJNS. ALPACAS. ORBNADJNES. BAREGES, HBRBANTS, MOZAMBIQUBS. _ _ CBEP1 DBSPANCB. rOPEH>?S DB PARiS. CRAPE MARBTZ. _ PARIS CBLTONAS. All the faalonat!? ccjcre and detlgra. at very low piic??. Juat purchaaed at au. ' on PEYTON A JOHNSTON. 276 Bowery, ne%r Bouatoa afrert. pASHICNABLB DRQ0S OOODP, CHALL1E?. r.RBNADINEsTcRrPB DE CT1BNB. OR. GANDIKK. BMitBOIDBRED MOHAIRS. JACONETS, PARIS PRINTS, BARBCES. ALPACAS, A ". LORD A TAYLOR, *(?1 to 4. .7 Ilroadwar, corner Giand air set. also a; at ores VU to 3ftl Craad aireet. And 17 ??u 49 Cathariae a r??L LUSlVf.LY I RKNCO KLL'TINiJ-l TO 90 INCHES __ wide. All mater u tinted In an nnanrpasaed manner at Mia. tiOLDBU'B Freaj'i uillu* eatabilabinent. 18 Amity atrect, one block and a b?f frmn Broadway; 127 llleeeker atrect. be'.ow Wnoater, ami 261 Fulton airaet. Brooklyn. N. B.? No machinery >ed la tbegeaaica Preach tluilug. E riZO CARET U" will ni*n, on Merdar, aa a*aoTtm*nt of tie mctl eholeo gamien a In BILK AND CLOTH MANTILLAS SACQl'BS, BASQPBS AND BA8(jUINBS. of tha lateat ParialAa atvlea aad ?utaHiee CB<> CARET. anil \v 6 Canal aireet. IMPORTANT 10 THE LADIES. A P7.AIN DRESS RiITkS OF ALL THB f'ASHIONABI.K 4ND DESIRABLE COI-OBS. BLACK COBDLD fILK, FOB MOVKNINO. BLACK OROS DP RHINE VOK IH!I>i>KS AND MAKHLLAS, WARRANTED NOT TO Cl'T, FROM fl 2? I'l' TO $<i PER YARD THESE OOOD? HAVE JUST PERN ADDBD III HI R CLOAK WAREHOI SBS FOR 1IIB COMVINiBNCB AND BPBCIAL S1V1NOS OP 01 R PaTBONB. INVaRTAbLY ONE PRI.'B. O. Jl l- MOWBKAT. ORAND. CORN BR FORSVTB. 214 BOWERY, betweoa BPRIHU and PBINCB. INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR "*? I.OKO AND SgcARE SHAWLS. ARNOLD. fQNSTABLB k CO. have now oj*n ? rtotco teiaciton of Nore'tlM In tb? abovg dealt at ie (oOila. ALSO. a larae and well asaonad Bio k of Cholee Btyiaa In Preach Caahme.-e, liio-he rray Paiale/, Srlped aud Plaid wool Shan la, She! land wool d*. Ac . Ac . Ae., AT YBRT LOW PR I CBS, Canal, corner of Mercer itretl. JONES A TARRKLU It VBSBV STRBBT. WILL OPBN on M ndav h n-u, a Igl of Silk Grenadine, planl and figured. wLich wtu Mi aoM al 78een? par yard, naif of Ihe real value. a TAMF.8 A. UEARN A SON, 770 BHOADWAT, ABOvB RJNTH STRBBT. CLOAKS An d^MANTILLAS PIBPT CUASB OUT TRADE. LLAMA AND CBABTILLT LACB (BARLS, fqCABBB AMD BIBNOUS. REAL THRBAD LACB SHAWLS OPOVR OWN IMPOBTATION. r AMI S A. IISARN A BON^ 7?a BEOADWAt. A ROT*g SlNTn STB EST, W!LI. OrEB ON MO.VDAT A WFLBNDTfrxlNB OP PI ACK flLKR AND MJ LSEfSES AND MABtlLLAS. \\ A CBBAT VARIETY OP VEW DRESS GOODS. AjJtQ, A 0* Ji BT RECEIVED PRO* APCTIOH, TEN ? AMBB OP NSW DRRRS WM hwe will ofltf en Mmday aad foUAwli GOODS, . following daya at grant t>?>a??v.?RTA?| f 1,1'NKP.TT S M,Cl'LLOCOH, .j Q >nny. ADIBS* UM1BH LINRN. iNPaSIS' DBBSSBB. NEW STYI.BS. JAMES A II EARN A iON, r.8 BROADWAY, ABQYB N1N1U fTBSMr, L and chiiIokRWN ' ruAKjaiuiKJ osTAarnw r. ?t U)RO ? NflAM, M Cb Wm? m BHMABt Airr BO?mH MMI MOMMnt jiT~~~???????? PBICBH MO HitillKR rw AN LjxT lilt Alao. ? <?>?? ?took of CLOABS ANU MaftTII ? 4? at fry low prMie*. M ?I out A LA mils AND MMIRlIK Ikl M?* | ?UW OPkS. FRICRH MO HIUIIKIl THAN Lirf UA'OR PKYIO* A IOltN?T< 1 474 I*U?I If, ?, a> Ha .1. a ??*?? VfOUHNiivo MAN TILL 4 9, riOuM iHD CRAPF.H, IKILD, Of4tBli J. Ai *' **" A LA RUB HTOt'M, ~ jt VFwt u>w ptn< i*. . J'SiroK * JOHNSTON, i74oflwery, far Ho ?t?u Mr. nmflTNs . mammoth mili.inrry nmm 136 81VI II AVKNI K. UoilMn l?MtN<b>M> , la Ike great depot lur MHttMif OMrfle?er? 4<mi >H ?a, whom ladli'a ntu fure '<> find, *I uod?i at* whu, 4?er> ik>M In 'ho line ll>?v t?|nlif iu<4' din* ftlUUGNH. M'KAW i.OOPS, KLOWItHB. JKMIIICR-', HILKH. LA?'R?. end I he thoiieaud and on. v..n?u. ?, viiat 4>r ?m. j *ir fi>'i 1 in A concern like our*. will. h i> em hatha)!) % MAN .MOTH M11.1,1 N KI4V Khl'A H l.lrHWf NT. and the ouly oue of lb' Mail iu u.e Wui'od h'.e.ri. RTRAWOOODH. roil LttltR*. ,t OMIT PM^I ALL TUB SKW AND OUblHAHl.K OOLORS AMI hii a lies of RiunoMa THB LANUBBT SrO-'K o?- KfKIWKIII IK TIIB TIT*. OVBR I.UtM i'ltl.MVIh.1) lln.VN.M'S .n ?u. tanglnc in price irom $0 to $ti ami upward*. Old Straw Banned and Hloonxva cleaned, al>re: tad preyed equal ?o new I'rl -ea ino.Um'e <ml Mtltlarton a ? very lBnl?M:e goarant"' ? I^Kllrn. Ininf TOir alt !??? along, no mailer lion old or , om. *e ,iu in Ibtiii ny lu antwir. thui aavlui' to >? . ilir prl?e ? ! ? n'? "lie M r. IIIOUINP, __ Uti Sutb avail'i*. Madam munagr has tiib honor or in formln^er oualowem tliat ahe liat u*t ?!".?? d per Bttonla ironrSl'arH a fYn*h Invoi.-e of apl-ndM Pattern Bouncta, iu lace and other g?l', alao lieud Ur?*a?<. of magalfleent t.i^te, all of wlih-n have bi ?n m,'e?l?,d hy ?> e .if tbe llntbotiM* In l'ailii, and which *im nftt-re at nio<ler*)? Rrli'^sa In her e?labll?i?uicot, No 19 Kiflli arcnt-a. Bear Intb atreet. J^JMR r. riN(7IION HAH now OFKNRD amu <!I.otii MANTII.I.AS A Till IIANQPRS , M Al SU, RPRIBO \ ND HI MM^R DKBSHKK AND DRKHM O<?O08. M Uieccker ulrtet. N OVBL1IES IN OUTKH OaKMKNTS FOR LaDIKh. AT CARKV S mantilla PTORR, RI'.CRNT iMPORrATIOy, F1I.K and CLOYU OAHMEHTR. OEORUT. CAR ST. 475 Broadwa* ___ 11 Jt'e Oliarlea huoet A l # 1 Nb> uloi'hinu not SB, ? 601 BROAPWAT NRW TORIf. CADT, bbownhll A <H>? bavins rwientlr oommeneed buslnesa, reapci trully aik the ituonL'Oi oi ibe nunlio u> their new atock of Olotmni;. .ill reci-nlly made and of ibe veiy boat Myle and workm?nahi|>, Unnaiitlni; In pai l of line SnrlnH Oter. oAta, Butiataa nnj Drexa Suite, Rngllib Walkin,<j ?:omI?, 4'-. Ar. All orders In the t '.wioin Uepai tiinint f?o>nptlr nMended to, anil full antlafuv'tlou guaranteed. Amiy aud N?> y I'ut forma, with a full a?*or>meiu of tIenileioeo'? Furn'alilnjr Gooda of uu|t|iio a<) le nnd pane, n N. B.^The attention ?f Tie ladi** t? par'ii'ularly re'iura'ed to tba Boja De^arlmeiil. wt.ieb ?III iee<-,?e e-revlol atleu tlon IRA L. CADT. L r. MROWNKLI., 1 LaloaUh .1 M. MARVrN. > Meania. OBO. II. MOBRtKON f Broekn Brottrra. LACB8 AND EMBROIDCRIKS. BLACK AND WIIITF LACK SHAWLS, BAFRK8. SETS. collars. COIVFI RBS, l-AHASOlTcOVBRR. Ac , Iu new am) ele^iQi deelgoi. ~ ToRD A TAYLOR, V1 to 41.7 Brn?'lw??, miner Grand mreet. Aim. at ?toi e? 2i."> tu .'i>t Uiand atreei and 4" aud 4'.l Caliiai lue ati nei. pAPBR HANGINflS. WINDOW SIIATI-o I AI B CCRTA1NS, AI rtrj low p. kta, Ij D. L BOI.ONON A SONS 3M Broad* a v. jpABl# NOTBLI IK.-, IN POINT TaOB SBIW. ?oj-uk? Ant>~nZuoumrcuiBrm, VAP*B~?:Amr?. POINT*- AC. BLACK TBBEAD LAOS I'OINrS AND SHAWLS, Snuie.T new dfaicsa BLACK AND WJIirh: LAMA I ACE POINTS. AJUKK A apieudld ?r PABIK GMKROIDKSISS. ARNOLD, COXSTABI.E A CO, Canal, e^irner of Merger ?ueel R ICB PARIS DRBRS SILKS. A fCLL ASSORT*F.NT OP BTTR* SirH, PLAIN AND r.\Ncr sjlk.s Al.SO, lowIpricro R1LK?, Plain, Plaldn and Fancy, in greut v r>ny. "lord a TAYLOE 46) to 467 Brou'lway <cnrner Oraud ? reat>, Alao at mores -Vi to J'.I i.raud ?ir> el, and 47 and 4y I'mbarlne it #et. U. MACT. 110VSRRBEPIMG G??ors LINEN GOODS AND KANDKLR. BIEPS. ribbons AN ITsTraW GOODB. FRBNCB FLOWERS AND FANCY GOODS. PARASOLS AMD SI'N UMBBEI.LA& HOSIE RT A ND VI* DEKW KA R. LACES AND EMBROIDLKIES corsets AND VANS KB NOFIOSS. MACT'I CBLFBRATED FBENi II KID LOVES. tijl and" A* SIXTH ATBNL'R, Two iloora l?eiow Fuimeaatb alr*-al. H MACT. ? NOW orFR OUR SPRING importation OF RID OLOVES, HLF.i. A> T Nil AI'US, HES1 quality. AT LOW pricks. VH and SI'S Rl*t>. a< twn doom below Pourtte b itraet. R Real irdia ?-4mhi.h hair *hah-l?. in tiis moat elegant deaiKut and ftneat qual'tv nian light "makti 'lUltalile far tb? ?e??o? J. Rl "ISBLI., XM Wv atrr iuee:, iklid Joor uaiaw An .iy. OILKS, SILSS, SILRH. BLACK SILKf. SLACK SILKS. TUB LARGEST STOCK OF BI.Ai;K SILKS AT rbta1l IN THR CITY. PrR< HA^ED I.OXO BRFORB Tke (rtai tdvaaoe n price* and wh eh wo Are now Mllmg at LESS TH AN wholesale PRIMER, In order lo 4l?poae of 'unr !n?m< u?? reek an] Seneft tk? puklle. Btrry mak? aad t :ality of Black Sila iir>i?rtad wUl be foond la th? i'ock. From to 6d to X ayknl, CRYSTAL PAiTaTE EMPORll M. Ita HOWFRT. W R. ROBBBTS, Proprietor. C1LB WARP alpacas. FBBBCH POPLINs"aSD ROBli CLorUS, IN ALL TRB NEW COIxTlts"AND AUABES NOW SO POP L LAM, AT la. A TARnTxD ITWaRP* crystal palacr a*?!""1!. 9N BOWERY. W. R. ROBEHTB, Prapiletor. 1R plaids, FIUL'RBD *FD PLAIN. PROM TUB ACCTION SALBH OF IHtt-PASt WEBK, At Km tkao f#*? of imr-r?nt|o?. La.?<e? ?kouW cnli and eiamlna Tkla laat addiunn to onr U)rl *<?ck or PLATS ARD FA NOT SILKS ktfor* purcliatlng aitewhir*. II will aatlaff tk?n> thai <r? are now Ml'.lnt Fkan any mker e?tabli?bqi?nl In lko clip. CRYSTAL ftlACB W R ROBPRT*, Prot?rietoe, OII.KS FILS1, SILKS. ?. ^ ?o? mm. AT IR"S IRAN < CIST OP IMPORTATION. I adie* "h'old ?'?>! and ?'?oi i 4 0"r k befo/t i iik U a' ??^APtY'sil KS a, .ow?r |r,,a Ikan ^ vtbe, U ^ -? M.r jr K> tiMbvb a< r t.ut. M? MMIM Stii* ?tuw ri^l t?u #?r? # t aa ru t ?4i^* mini ?u? ? hi w ail #?, rat t?* ? wim>?? ?. <M lMO>, s >*?1? Nt*M iU in w?u? jiu?? >*rv?i?? "urrflflfer#" -.-f ??? ?? Ki Ktm ?mh ?(?????# irjaAftur t * rap MCX I? mw " lOCln \ _ . .??u v u* will ??*?^ ?**? ?W f*~a*> ???? ?? <*??* ?S4?*? mf* ?? tw%. . _ ?%#<?' ?* ?R KT???n a ?????*?( im> ? ? mi to* *|, ** i?! M I ??? a* p??"#A ????? MM Mht lAt# 1 ' ?s%W.?*1A ?? .. _.. ? I Ot til ? B*i WP R? I KB ' AB.BfB to >? M.O.- .. I t, 1M 1*11*' "f k ? - ? ? ???? * f tl| <?#?? ?????? ?t, I *? *?TI1V t4?t ?<?'??* fcy ma* ?#? . ?? ?* ? *k >t< ? rtHNP la ?* rt?|* (Vin.!*n Tl?T ft* * P',4 K I f "> < tk ? Mai- id i n?s ?r i'l F*r-1*.?>!??* -*C\ _ _ _ **?? ora?*i T* am srujttiw,r??? ? I 0*R* IMI ?At'lilXA*. art A 4 ? * s Net %U> k*>? ??? MW i '<? a??ii? ????. !??? *? ??* ???*' i.*? af ib# ??>* J I4MHi AMI# IHk I'UIUI ????<?? fa k?? ???? ? m ?< >??? ?rmxa no'ii. ._ A (n? ???.,.1? .?n an ? ? |?? Al >#t H. I'lAlAK* Mai.I. t'> ?'RI>P* IIKtlu 4 ADR'** *. ttm <AA iilKK ANO lll|M>li? ?T |. MI'f *IU.I?***! W?l?n-'a!l J* ? ** Hate Ca ? ??N Oto K.wVmi*mm m b _ orniMo cm?a*? 4*o ma\ym.i *? a f .HMtarmaH af optima ?n.t <i l>*( mmTt'mmK" iii? i ?it ., *> ?< r.i iI?>Udi nit Iw ott# *4 *t ivfi.ll KUMM) AriULJk IaIRU * HTWI. ?#< tft ??? Kr?iMh' ??,t>?r it nr%*4 ?trM( An-1 ftu ( ?> ??.. ?l _ J-K1H0 x KVot.o. rn^ T* * !????? now nr?n * m W I^I ' ? ' r'? ? ?' t ?? ' Kllks, on. b Aijl. I'M* I l *IMW MIlAi *"W tl iLJS IMI'OUTI l> T: 11 - "HA*"' PAnic rori-Aitni" jn tn* ? ?inn AlW) Hl.A< K Rtl.ll ri um ?)!? n out ?!? t f?< 'u ? < '< ? ? <H ??*' u i? ?:;!?< ui>?l 'iHA.iue*. SLUrABLB KO* *"D . <i?r?l. tit iter *4 Urn*' firfKOOW ?n \DT-R ? U<* yy r'HIi iltVIM.' INi<*. mmtTH srOUB<Jlc UKnn Of fr??Hr*v!etf p?l ?r " * ?'J" l',r ir.AO ItlUk Wtilf*. Ilrii?l*r? . AH ?' ? ??l? h)# ?t one half ihrir | H'*. _ _ /IOK BKOADWaY THKATRS , .f' ? ^-n,} Cvrurr "f Rf-om* Hr^ I1KUKUR WOOD U". "WM?" Oi'BMIMU NhitlT \ttiNIUV HAV J. KXO A(I?MI'> r f>K siMMoitai "r 'kAl^lMHttllHAl M*TI KUliI G?o?k? W.,o4 h?? tbx !.'???..II# o' ?minim 'tut >?.?? iPumrdUir 1 1 ? larar ?"m of itioix-f Wn lnv''f' *,"V^11!V. V.-? il* I liAB"H \ IK tffct'OU ATIUN AM W Ul HtiLHItkl, With lb# v\#\* of ri"?orti:|'? to (II l'RISTINK HiiAUl* A.M) rOf ULARi I ? ? In tke #ffori t" ?rwiupll*'* IJ> ? '* f. t?1 Z?Tr Hbi:llbK( U- AUrie.?l?- ?UJ?' ?..,iLA bai be#n c?'l#.l t? aid J ? I *r''' v ?TuV CJlASrh ASU EC.I lAil Hirn. iifcH Wblcb Adorn Ihe wall* h?T# t?##ii il-AU"'" ? "" "?*' "h* C?l.bfAWU Ai'UAA Mr A FnT1F AM' JtrtiblANI*. of Mi Br<>i?<iw?T w'," ftKMf MVhl.TIK*. , t . . -# ih? tnlDi|(flnifOl liJit I an ??? ? w ?? wi* hkvom. EUROPBAf AND JAf?BF*r lUXAIONIJT wh?#? wondrom tkiU #?Jil'?#? ih?f??? 01 H*>i4>o. ?[#?*>?* ilmimAnn. Andrrjon And lio#>o In hono i f Ma 4?h'?l i? Maw York tbe tbliirr wl i ljji ?onjAri. d Into au IMMKNHB MlltAOOK, from which wII; b? wf ii ib# mm ll.Ll SORY HtRACt.BR of Ih# AL'TO.'RAT OP TIIK W'inf.D Or MAOIt', ?Tbo w.ii A? ?lll<?<l t.f NO OLIirBltfjf". APl-AltAll h, and Klw-iU'd by SO TON TK dick ATPS Fnr f*!l pAiticuUrn *-* | A-I4IA. |irogj Am??? A ?#" d?Arr p ''o|*r on .^atnrda#, A'?rt! *1. f r?.< Mol XIAllNKfTtM-KY HlTlJlU'AV Al i'S, OTMnJJC. Du# noil'-# will ?# f v#u t.f ill# ? n( of <?? Dramatic tt#AM>n ~ MlIXIJlEilt. a laR'.f asTt: LEO A N r A vsor iii t .> r oi'?r m A an.l ?'imm#i M.)Uri? rT nd Sna? IJn^U of ihe and m<>#t A|irro??d nbao#* And ?itI??. ?? All tfc# ?Iia :e? And HI iiituSb', ?vJ. lliu?di???. AT MADAM RAT.UXO S, 81V f A5AI. RTRBRT-A* ?k'^int luuitncm of I imi'i 54C11 o#r> Is now ready for ln?|jcclioii _ , - ?, V^OR CHOICE PARIII KLOWKRa. U HRIUA1. sr.'rs AM' ~i\iaw bonni.i*, -4EK IOi:KKR"S IMfcRTATIOMf. It* BROAD WAY. _ l/OR A MOKT KAHHIONA Bf.K K5IT Or JT sprlii* *n.l ji'iuinatr Milliucir uall Al MrA. MOi>CMI> POCK'S, 839 BrOAd* ??. ___ s. r L^RBN/'II IIILI.INERY.?V ADAM 1BLOVBR. Ill SIXTH P AVraui', biiinOB-??n'ljr on han l a ?pl'?d:d ??#orl?>eAl ?r Ladlta' Mpilng tad H'lroniAr Bonn#to 1 ?b? iai#?? rmnw .. .. .. - ADAMK barro.NNK'H RMPORIOM Or r*BBIOir, MA BruadwAfLA'iie* ?U1 therA Und A l*r?A and ?"?_ (Alt ??tortr.-#nt of Ifon. h And Am-ricAn lloftn. 'i and BaU al varr low prlu#c Alio ircaaaaafcioa In all Ija braMhato A iui' of moiirnltii: m?'H ib stfeo Dturin Wiemuwif* ?t?r Brook*' _ L'PF?'I U. XOI'I1'^. ? I.ADIKS OK ftRW YORK WHO h? r,av? Aul ??' m-r #' C. tar ?r? r#eiK-^tf Ail* ij.'afm?kl llAl I bAT' o 'iv my full aaaaiw !>l "f Arnf>y4A? and mira Ihaa r?. r. mAe' Ar.-ipl#'* Bona^iv^r until Aie?l ui? > aik- A io? ?! WIU b, n..?. la W .on. in '^j^YuCAB. m X. n-To J.1HA0 toUtaV i, i it?.??'?er TlltoM'ft In BroA.iw?r.' ^ T*"o miuxT.n* asd Con?crR^* storevR*rbkr. Xr uramo irrHRRT ccrap Bto?K. Eintotu* BTRAW; OOODS. "!!? nr rVhBO>s| 'RlRlWNi? rRm?nnl S^SiSJ *lr ?AVnAV? \H\) PAB^f orfl AM B*i T*. -j wfioiA |>IK? ? ? ^ J OrAaJ ADd <M Allan ?U>#IA. \ t it:, b .wk fAit from CM "o??ry. wMNMUM. JB wicsiear, "''T .7 H | . mr,'if k u gf KlKT YOU CA* OBTAIB yjjfcartiUa af<n^ DUMO??I|Id,<.OI.II AND 5lAM0ND# "?tD ABD PVrwa. ?bomlafc tayali 0i??< n*a. oK O^o. kind of o'J lastlon -d Jr?t </, so lo X.Otl# ABB^h^w p'tl.w. A RoeWve fv <e lay. ? ^'"a'^JS ,aj a.., r par?n h^Ah^^VTirJa M.TT .. J3 {g^ir^awaVU.S<?yy Torfc "?*'? ntrtu rnit M.H YORR ILLUBTRAlBD RRW" F t^!f. il-*,n ..ry Pair D'omonde ?Our arilrt hAAfc#rf ^!^iVf*,'%?e??ry " r<?4Umo?d'l* lha w???t ?)t frorf ?r ihttt < uf *imi t?t iiMf tiit it?tcof?Tf OaHformi* 'mi f"/.'ni wt I U f ittarMM to ,hBl*"I avM i MfK ?? ?t?.ti.1 H'tari , And1* ba'a? Alw^M ?a i 'a \?.V iw totua op.cuy. art* ? ?o b* Wl ta in* At" tha ml flfAmrnd, j*?L J ?<ill far e*#e4#4 h!a An'-elv^Oane, h.m to ollfr Iha p'U'.lo AO A'Uaj* .??. tfllliAAl^M ^M Bia. iiinti diAmoad.-Ata ift'-th r*rt ?f ?*a ?a*. w#*jJ I AT to cany am ih? ????, ka #?*jad UA>aau_fAAlUf>?f J?~ e'ry, wupi ib#'" In hr?A*tp'ti?, wmma. .rotiia. aeeByj rli.'ge *>? I'rAcelan Ailol Id(ard Md ?*?'""Vf, * d?i'Ad An aiii' I# lb# MlnkUM'au ?l ?H who ?#? *h#n?. ?}" 1 iraa<. Wrio .Bhin atVifTAi-ta. a? wa lirtder^enit ih .hA"0,Hfe?' .r?l?.'H'Pl/:.bAd?iaM<. *a '?>m M ^atc??b AjBD r#r h1 uRix c. ai o?a doar ba'.?w <.'Aa?l ?tf?v. for *'?'r n ^ THK ' IliEMrcM. iM fPHF MRMBKRt and ^""".fc.ted jl I r,?? r:r, ??? 0?",,4 toVVm'd lha fiinei-Ai o. Jubn A. i 9ttwet?ry. ' ? ' ?**

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