Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. II?U>? OtIHIi ?Mtf.v -C?>M ??? vtLUOtt nuru ? ???-?r -? ?*? ?? ?ima uum? tMt*M -???>? OCTBMC TiltTtl ? -O? uu ir? MWIIt THktTII IWw?r? Jitfi in U?-T>i.m ?m tin* DOVtlT THIiTIK ?*m*rr-r*mr f <V???I f*?? IWHt ?tiixpvi *!'??'? ?"?*?? ~rw*,?!"* *55 P?twt iUIMt "*?**? ? C'? ?? Ctra-Uiti ntui-4i ' % r. ?. bbtawtp MJOTMUU* ?WWW *t| -4ft?r B?mm ???! Mim M -IU b?IM AUI _____ wfwmn m?lu Mi Krwittr -imtna J am H Uion PI*BO 1.1 que, m Irnln; 1?? t Hum avuucai THBATBE *? Ml ??J-?r -? n mi riraann, Bcaii??. *?.?!*?< Jim hirroTM? atboh, J--n ?mnm IHM Am II ok kit* AfWi in ill kraAi BOr? CBAPBL. IB tnMiw .M Mm? w tmiMH Miiwiii Ml >t??h MBW TOBK Ml'(bub Of ABATOBT, M Bml*v > InWIMI Ul lllliw, (NMlA. B. uu nr. a HOOLBT* on BA BOOaB. BrMkiri-b?mi?rtAi tow, Damon. Bublbwm, A* WITH SUPPLEMENT. Mew Yark, laMty, April M. IN*. THE SITUATION. OtMril OtiM,?otMyuM kf G?mnIi Werrea.Jbarl dea Hi Sedgwick, wtwwl 0?Mfil HomcI'i Bmal arm? oorpa ul the artlllsry mwnn rrtday. (M? la m otbor im frai the Army of lb* Mwin A* totalis sf U?I?U attack ef lb* rebel* at Plymouth tb>>w tbat considerable deetructioa m dene to oar pi boela. Ob Mooter morning, tho gunbont Bmk ?hell r?i up Um Hmski river to look out flar the Ironclad ram roportod coming down. 8000 after aba was trod Into by ? rebel Miarr and sank About three o'elock tbo rebel ram oama down, ru paat tbe Union batterlee, and tbaa ran Into tbo gunboat South field and sunk bar. Tbo gunboat Miami lay eloaa to tbo ram, aad aftor Captain Fl??aer was killed aba ran down tbo river oat of danger Tbo rebel ram has poeoeeetoa sf tba river bolow Ply mouth. Our garrUoa la tbua cut off from all communication. Gonoral Butlar, bowovor, baa aant an army of gunboats Into tbo aoaad, to span commualcatloa with Plymouth and aid tba nary veeiels to doatroy the robot ram. Admiral Laa has aiao aaat a gunboat to replace tbo Soutiflold. Wo giro sketches la another oohimn of tba Southflold and Bombshell. It appears that tbo robol gooaral aoat a demand to General WBasils for tboaurreador of Plymouth, firing him hair on boar to decide, aod stating that be bid twelve tbvuaaad troops beleaguering tba city General Wee ds' reply was that be did net require half a aeoood to decide; that If tba robeU waited Plymouth they must corns and take It. A party or rebels attempted to enter Kentucky, through Pound Gap, on Tuesday, but were driven back by tba Forty-fl'th Kentucky mounted Infantry. The whole of Eaatern Kentucky Is now free of the enemy. A person named Baa tea, a native of Walthaea, Ver mont, for nearly three yeara paat a reatdent of Fort Pit t >w, tad who |waa In the tort during fjrmt'i stick upon it, waa examined at General Roeeerans' bear"* car ters aa Tuesday aad felly corroborated all previous reporta of rebel barharltlea there. He alee made the additional elatement that bloodhounds were used to dta oover the biding plnces of those who sscaped tbs masss ors. Be also says that reliable reporta sUU that M^or Bradford was shot aad bong near Oevingtea. The steamer Mississippi, from New Orleans, brings ear correspondent's detailed account of tba late battle aad vlotery ta Lou la tana, which we glvs in another ooloaaa, ogatber with a map of the battle field. The account of the action la moat interesting. It waa a fight lasting three daya. Peroral gum ware loot aad retaken. Gsa arai Baoki li aaid to have acted with great valor. Wa give a pretty full I let of the killed ami wounded. GOIOBItl The Senate waa not In ssssina yea tor day, having on Friday adjourned over till Monday la the Ilouie of Represealallvea a bill creating aa ad ditional supervising Inspector of steamboats at New Orleaaa, and boarda of loeal inapectors at Memphis aad Portlaad, Oregon, waa paaeed. Mr. Hlgby, from tbo Select Comm ttee to examiae into Mr. McClurg'a charge tbat bU oolleague. Mr. Blair, of Missouri. bad violated ibe law in the matter ef aa alleged liquor epeeelattua, and alao to Investigate the genuloeoem or faleenses of M alleged order for llquore, made a report thereon to the e fleet tbat tba original order, signed by Major General HJatr and eight other offlcere. waa for llquora, eegnra. be , to the amount of $150 or |17?; bat that the order wee altered by Michael Powers to oall for $8 do? worth of the eamo for the latter'! (Powers ) speeulatlng pin pun The committee are eetiafied that no violation of Uw waa committed by Mr Blair Mr. Blair made a speech violently denunciatory of the fecretary of the Treesary, and wss called to o-der by Ibe Spe-kar. Mr. McCturg aaid be would poatpoae bii rrm.rks until ths Ta* Mil was disponed of, sad the subject was Isld ssids The House then went Into Committee of the Wbojs, aod tbe remain ler of the sssalon wss dsi oted to the oooslde ritim of the Tax bUl. Quite a number of aroen lmenU rawing tbe taxes on various articles wars adopted. THX LZOISLATTTU. tbo eesavon of our Kale Leglalature for the year l##t waa brought ta a final termination at nine o'clock 1 aet evening, both boueee holding an almoat coatlououa alt ting during tbe day, and transacting a large amount of b'.iSinss*. Something over six hundred bills have b?en passed by both bousss during the lessioa. In ths senate yaeterday the meaaage of Governor Bey veur preteetlng ngaloet the action of tbe Legleialure to deciding to have tbe laUreet on tbe State'! indebtednem pnid to bath domestic sad foreign creditors in United | BUtei Treasury notes was dlacuseed and laid on tbe table fry a vete of fourteen to thirteen A nnmber of hlUa war* paaaad, am >ng tbe maat important of which are tbo bill for tbe erection o' new Ospltol build lags, tbe New York Osuaty Tax Levy, ths Mew YorkCHy fehool bill, tbe eighteenth Ward Market bill, after bemg asssadsd In dmpartaat particulars, aad tbe Beat India Telegraph Mil, *11 er which hnvs pssnsd the AaaemMy. The blU for tbe erection ef aaw Capital buildings empowers tbo Governor, wMb tbs ooaearrsoos of tbs Senate, to ap mMM n diii'T1? ta aaperiatead tbe matter, as aoea as the oity ef Albany ehall deed to the State tbe property known so Oiegress Ball Mock. The ?ppruyrte'lna for ibe onaameooement of operailoon, which wis originally one hundred thousand do I'era, hss bese rsdspr l to too ihnuoaod Tbe County Tax l*vy bill, be e<re pawing, bad eome Items strieken out which tbe Isrr~"T h*d inserted, end others whlob tbsi body had ?trtokee out were restored. Tbe amend moot to the bill for n public market la the t Igbteeoth ward ef UM city cnsilf'T is striking ant the commlmlooers asmsd In ?bs Boons MU aad placing the management In tbe beads ?f tbs Mayer, Oomptrelier, Street Commissioner sad risslfT-" sf lbs Orotca Aqueduct Beard. The elty Tax \mj, after halM meeh amsaded and having a oonaldera ble nmewat added to It, was passed. Tbs bill to tax ta # mm derived from lovsatmsaU la United Statoa sacs n tea per aaat failed to pane Tbe thaaks of the ?sMle Jill aaaalmooaly voted to Lieutenant Governor Jrr? far Um able aad impartial manner la which be baa gweatfed over the* deliberations. 1%, Awrmb y also worked very lodsstrloasly through oat tbe dar, a Inrge portion of tbo sitting bsing taken up m Ssaate amendment!* to bills alreidy paai le ?d h* IMS M* aod U Ibe third readier aad oiaa.n* of ?Ml mn eeaoarred k wen IkM df a M**' mM to the Mgbiesa'h *w4 of Uu elty aad ear etiy i4?m?mi*<? n?wi).in*ii>n lu?NMi derived inm lareat?eeU la PatMi ?mm MttrtiW w r?p?rted W" ?Mr iwriwtMi MM, was pseeed by I, u? *4ratal IT* ? lea la the awtllw. TW kill niaktac Maakallsa e?ean a part af w Park which baa >???< the BaaaM, ao4 a M?kar at M aad rrlraia ones. vara alee paaord The M (opHoi MM, altar a wra eppeeKlee, araa ordered ie iu ibi-d ra^iif. but akta It was pat upaa lu 11 r--j- m ia< keJ (an <* Um mot awry veto, aad araa Um ara mat. Tbe report aad raa<>luttaa la far* af ta ?awteNi la the ssaetltutloa or tka Called Stoles pra kifcn w?a a are<y, aad ao4or*lag tba easaeclpail* proola BMttaa af President Uaaaia. wara adopted by a Urge \ Bounty. Tba thaaka af tba Diaai ta Speaker Alvord ?ara gives by a vata af elxtyalae to sieves. Governor 8eyaaoar bad aipa< ibrta huadred aad forty ?ve af tba bill* paaaad by tba Laglelaten which baa Juak w<aeiude>t Ha eitsteaee, leaving akaat two haodred u4 eereety yat la ba aotod upoa by blm. Ha yeetorday e<aeed several, aasoag them betag tbaaa Bakk| aa ap pro; rial lea af $SM** for tba Stole aaliltla, Beak leg Maakaliaa s*ean a part af aur Part, far a publie aaarket ka toe ttghiaaakb ward, sad eesdolldatlag tba rarloaa acu I* refonaee to tbe district aaarto of tbla city. Tba graal Imhiiji'Talr, jaet pined, baa baaa aaa of Ika aaaat succeeaful aatarprtaaa ever laeagerated la tbla ar aay altar aaaatry. Tba aaaibara wba viatted It yes tordey ead tba interest aulfoaM la tba aaoerss ef tba aaSertskiag rpaak wad for tba patriotism af Haw Tor*, arp, Iba aggregate receipts an over ooe million af M Ian aa for, aai wbaa tba goode ara all dlaposcd af. aa Ibey artb ba by eecitoa aad private aale, tbe gread total ?m raaok aaa aad a quarter nallUoea af dollan Lai aay at bar ally la tba ('aloe do battar. HiscuLAnova im Oar airtaaa trom Ikperaan, Taiaa, ka tba lftblakt, ara la Iba sleet tba! a aobeeaar Isdea with twa hundred aad ktyarraa balaa af eattaa bad baaa captured oa tba M, aad tbak tba Harriat Laaa, ataamar Uabaila aad a bark, all ladaa with oattaa, wara walllac aa opportaalty to raa tba blaokada. Aa altaaapt bad baaa aada to raa tba alaaaiar ctlftoa oat af Galvestea harbor, bat aba get tlag aa Iba bar tba oaptola aat bar oa tra to aaoapa cap tora by tba blaakadara. Wa ara la pnaaailoa of advloee from Max tea to tba lllk I aat Oarttaaa bad baaa appalatod Military aad civil Oovoner af TaaneoMpae, aad Maatoray waa said to ba la paaaaaataa af tba liberals. Vldaurrl la aald to bava Ian Moaterev for Tana, takiag bM artlOary with klm to cover bla ratraat Ortega bad arrived at Monterey with a portlaa af tba kraapa af Jaarer. Tba Secretary of War aad aooaa atbar edkclais bad alao arrived than. Re porta alaa raaok aaaf tba dafaataf a rraacb forea aaar Joatapaa,oaly eighty Ma aaaaptog out af six huadred. Tba Piaaab Oaat aoaadlat tba Rio Oraada bar bad wltbdrawa. Oaaaral Cartlaa bad baaa raoalrad at Brewnavllle wltb military aad olvlc bonora by tba United Statoa autheri tiaa. Much food feel lag la aald to axkat between tba aatboruiaa of Rrownevillo aad Mataaaoroa. Tba torcaalaaary snniversary of Skakapara'a birthday waa calabratod y ratarday la tbla ally wltb graal *ciat Iba corner aloaa of a monument to ba araetod la tba Park waa laid al noon by Mr. Hacketl, of Falatafffame, aad wltb appropriate cere moo lea A masked Bhafeapa rl<a ball waa held at Irving Ball oa Friday night, aad daring tba first hour of ykator-moraing aa appropriate ado aaa delivered by Mlaa Ixutea Hawthorne. Count Joanaaa delivered a jubilee oration at the Cooper Ioati lata, and at tba opera aad Iheatroa tba performaaoea were spec tally set apart la hoaor of tba oooaaloa. Tba United Staiaa gadboal Mobieaa arrived at tbla port I aat avealag from Philadelphia. She baa baaa a been t nearly twa yaan la search of rebel privateers. During bar abseeoe aba baa aallad thirty-aevea kbonaand mllea, vl?ltad fifty foratga porta aad apakaa aad boarded one boadrad aad aixty-two v sea sis. In the Court of Saaaieaa yaatardar, City Jadga A. D. Ruaael presiding, Michael Barry, who bad pleaded gailty of maoalaugbtor la kba fourth degree, waa aaat to tba Mtto Prieoa far twa yean. Catbariaa Connolly received a alsal'ar aeotance far a plea of forgery la tba fourth degree. A number of prlaooara ware amlgead, aad, after plead ing, wara remanded for trial. 8evari||. motlopa In rela tion to ualmpoAaat oaaaa wan made had dlapoeed af, after wblcb -Judge Ruaael ordered the Court to be ad jouraed for the term. The stock market araa buoyant yeeterday, aad the nil way ahana wan all ap one to tea per coat. Harlem Railroad, which a little over three weeka ago Bold for 107, waa up to 910. Gold opaaed at 174%, but waa aooa ralaed to IT*. Govern moot aecuritlea contiaued firm. Tba fluetuetloaa ta gold oa Saterday excited the mar keta for marohandlaa, bat unaattled prleaa to aucb aa axtoat tbak bat a email busioees waa ooa sum mated, az oept ta a few articlee. The heavy kaporta da aof dapraaa* kba marketa for foreIga goada oae lata, being coun terbalanced by tba rlae la g*M aad Iba oer talaty af heavier detiaa. CeMa^ waa higher, but aaaiinal. Petroleum waa dall for crude,' but active and much higher far raflaed. Graoertea wan aamlaally higher; but prleaa wan aaaaewbak Irregular. Nearly all foreign merchaadtee waa bald higher. Oa 'Change B ar was lOe. a Ike. higher. Whaak advaaoed la a 9c. Dora waa a shade firmer. Park waa Me. bettor. Lard Xc. battar. Other provleiOBe Una. Wblakay lower aad fnlgbta dspreaaad. Oa the whole a fair baalaaaa waa traaaactod far Saturday, whieh la proverbially a dull day. Tlae Vletary lag Lsalalsaa aad tba Oraal Battle?Oat Own Itraagth kad tike Baamy'a Weahaaaa. Tba several minor contents that hare lately taken place in different parta of tbe country were ratber hastily accepted by tbe people at large aa reversed to our arms, and teem to hare eauaed a certain deapondency in tbe pub lic mind, for wbicb there is no good rea son. Tbe most considerable of these were tbe battle at Pleaaant Hill, in Loaisiana; that at Plymouth, in North Carolina, and tbe massacre at Fort Pillow. Tbe latter, of course, is not to be counted aa a battle; it is a mere atrocity, a simple murder, by overwhelming numbers, of a whole garrison; en act not surpassed In heartless cruelty by any of those acts for which tbe whole world, a few years ago, exe crated tbe Sepoys. ''Grave mischiefs," says tbe rebel Secretary of War, "have resulted from tbe allowance of corps of partiaan rangers;" and this act of Chalmers and his men will only make this clearer to tbe rebel authori ties, and give tbe world at large an Idea of the civilization of Southern men. It will bare no effect upon the war. At Plymouth, in North Carolina, after baring made a gallant fight, we bare had a disaster. But it is a disaster In a place where we can very well afford to have one, and it will be much less a cause or regret than a disaster ought to be if it will teach tbe administration, even at this late bour, sot to waste its energies in tbe attempt to bold every insignificant town in tbe country. By tbe news that we give to-day it will be seen that tbe desperately contested battle In Louisiana, so far from being a reverse to our arms, was a most decisive and aatisfactory suo- I ceas?a brilliant victory. Oa tbe 8tb Instant, while tbe feroea of General Banks were en tbe inarch from Natchitoches to Shrereport, tbe ad ranoe, consisting of about six thousand men of all arms, came in oentact with a large force under Klrby Smith, and after a gallant fight were compelled to give way aod fall baok oa tbe main body. That night General Danks posted bis forces in a good position at Pleasant Hill, oa the Sbreveport road. Oa tbe 9th t)>e rebels, supposing tbey kad defeated Beaks' whole foroe en tbe day before, and bad only to push their victory and make H complete, ad vaaoed agalast tbe new position oaly to meet with a dreadfully deetruetivs defeat la this admirably conducted battle, fought by Banks, Franklin, A. J. Smith and Emory, aad worthy of them all, we see eaough to reconcile us with many small disasters. But even this victory ought at the present tins hardly to distraot the publie attention from tbe great battle that we may so soon ex pect in Virginia, and which is tbe great evsnt to which all others are but sscondarr- Geo* ral Longstreet Is reported bj deserter* to be it CbarlottesTtie, en h<s way to Staun ton, and (Mi dew* the Shenandoah Veitey. Deserters night kao? Ihtt Leagstreet vh ?* Charlottesville end oa the Mich; but it it not possible that they could kaow aaytfcing of h a inieatioas, and this slatement of bis propose d mereineat down the valley mast therefore be looked open sa worthless. We shall kaow the w bete about of the whole rebel foroe with suffl cleat certainty la a few dajs more, sad need bamard do speculations on thai point at present The fact that Loajretreet Is la Virginia eeema well enoagh aatbeatieated, and we may accept the certaiatj of his pressaoe there ss another reason for the employment of oar greatest oa erglss In the forthcoming straggle. We may also rely apoa It that the rebels will not fail to have present their whole possible force, aad we should at least follow that exam ple. We have in the leld more men thaa ever before; bat let as he sure aad hare them la the battle. ' We ought to overwhelm Lee by the mere weight of numbers. By the most liberal esti mate the rebel armies master only three baa dred aad fifty thousand men. How many of tbess are effective? la his last report, Mr. Seddea, the rebel Secretary of War, says that the effect ive foroe of the men in the reeks is "generally a little more than half?never two-thirds." Here is a very large reduotion of the foroe that is to be distributed between Lee, Johnston, Beauregard, Polk, Flnlgan aad Kirby Sm th. Many of these men also are conscripts, who have the greatest horror of the service, aad almost every maa is in the army against his' will; for the veterans whose time of service expires in this spring and summer have been peremptorily declared by the rebel Congress to be In the army till the war is ever. Mr. Seddon's report also tells us how poorly in seme respects this unwilling foroe is equipped aad supplied. Its artillery is insufficient for want of horses, and it is almost without cavalry for the same reason. Shoes, clothes and blankets are scarce; grata is scarce, aad meat still scarcer; and scarcest of ail is villnnoue salt I !>?**?? \ Opposed to this poorly equipped end enfee bled force, with its many discounts of Ineffi ciency and desertion, we have a larger army * I than we have ever bad before, magnificently armed and equipped, and confident of sucoesa* And with this force we are likely soon tp meet the largest force that the enemy can concentrate in one great and decisive battle. In view of such a possibility, we ought neither to despond over small losses nor to let them for a moment distract our attention from the great, important battle. The Last and Vilest or the Tribune's Sunders.?Wo find the following infamous and malignant paragraph ia Saturday'! Tri bune:? Am evening a?P?r yaatorday atatrd tbalMra. Graatne ?I tba Fair, but in not generally reOcgnlaed. Tbe papor further atatea that sbeoaat bw vote (on tbe sword ouaa tloo) for Geoaral McCiellaa. The public "will be pouted to deckle whether tbla waa magnanimity or eeweam. Tba preaenoeof Mra. MoCleUaa almoat all thettao ata labia bat two itepa from and to full view a14kt aword voting book! baa baaa wMely noted. wbllo tbeperelateet abaeaoa of Mrs. Grant baa baaa equally observed. Bow ever tbo daclaion may fall, It M matter of hi*lory tbat oa tba ooo atda nothing that oould be done by lam of poraoaal attention waa omlttod. while oa the other thore wara tba o'ppoeltee ofatodtodabaoaeo. altar Indlflbrence aa Urtba roaalta, and aonrtthtnjr Juat at tbo oloae which looka rwy much like a datlcato bat potniod condemnation of tbo eoataat. We consider this mean, potty, oontemptlble, despicable, malicious and slanderous article equally insulting to Mrs. General Grant and Mrs. General McClellan. But it is admirably characteristic of that disgrase to journalism and civilization whioh Horace Graeley adits, and which he has imbued with tba spitafol 'malignancy of his own rile, rulgar and distorted mind. We republish It, as the Spartane ?* hlbitod drunken Helots at their feasts, In order tbat It may serve to show the world to what dirty depths brutal fanatics can crawl. Gen. Banes and His Assistant Generals at Pleasant Hill.?Gen. Banks hsa added a new wreath of laurels to hie reputa tion as a soldier in the lata sanguinary three days' battle In Western Louisiana, and his subordinate generals, especially Ransom, A. J. Smith and General Franklin, to gether with their herolo soldiers, hare covered themselves with glory. And here we are re minded that Franklin left the East somewhat uader a cloud, like Hooker and Burnside, and that now, while Franklin is all right again, Hooker's name is indelibly stamped upon the cwst of Lookout Mountain, and Burnside, as the hero of Newborn, is eclipsed by Burnside as the hero or Knoxville. The history of those brave men, East and West, shows that, while the old ezploded Washington Directory did not know how to use them, General Grant tho roughly understands tbem, and that General Banks also possesses this great military quality of a quick perception of the calibre and lighting capaeities of his offlcers In a high degrae. In fair play we thtnk General MoClelian and Gena ral Fremont, relieved of the old Washington Directory, should next have a chance. Homes foe Wocnded Soldiers and Sailoes.? We hope tbat the Fair committee will give their most earnest attention to the andowssant of homes for tba soldiers and sailors who may be wounded aod maimed during the war. The amount of money raised through tba Fair is very large?enough not only to administer to the pressing wants of the wounded, bat also to insure those who remain disabled a refuge for Ufa. Tba hospitals which are new opened to the wouadad sand tbem forth tba moment they are oenvaleeoeat, or should do so. la addition to these hospitals there must be Institutions? a "Soldiers' Home" and a "Pallors' Hosse"? where tba crtpplad?tboee incapable af earning their livelihood?ssay pees then days la paaoa and be kindly eared far. We oertalaty owe this to the brave mea who risk their ltvas la defence of the Caloa. We shall expert ?a see prominent cititeas taking hold of this matter, and do not doubt that, should the Fair oom mittee debtee to eadow a ' Soldiers' Hosse" aad a "Sailors' llosae," the people will do so. One or tdi Ciemes Acumkms or rna Wan? Tbat by which Csptaia Huas. r, of the gwaboat Miami, at Plymouth, N. C., waa hilled the other day by a piece of a shell from his owe gun rebounding from the rebel ram sgalast which it was discharged. There has, wa ha lleve, been no other sueh accident among all tba strange casualties of the war. Gold Ur Aoain.?The little affair In the wsy of a rebel military diversion at Plymouth, N. C., has been a godsend to the gold gass blers. Let tbem make the most of it; but let honest men beware; for we guess that there will shortly be an awful defeat to both the re bels and the gold gamblers somewhere this side af North Carolina. IMPORTANT FROM ALiA.1T. f , m mm i0?'-- ** * * Final Piuagt of Baaed iel'i Sebeel Bill, the Manhattan Sqnarr, India Telegraph and the Kighteeath Wait Market BUli. The Bill Impoaing a Tax of Fit* par Cent ob the Incomes of Corporation! and In* ditidnala Beoeired on United State* Btoeka Paaeod in the Aeeembly. Vho Oitf and County Tax Xaerlea Disposed o L CereraerH ?oRaaye en faytf ii Kiti la*t Merat lakM kr 9m lain* ny la Me Senate. End mi the Laytilattfa Men of 1M4 Vetn af Tktiki |? Ltaateaait fltfmtr Jam aai Speaker Umi ami scim a thi nri 10011s, Axjbavt, April It, 1M4 fttuwlwitit* gwili l*st wwhj ? m bill ptedf tog M Btoto I* mhhm ifiriUMi Is Mm iriollw of MV ^p|||| mow (Ami mil tlM. Thl ekwbw Ml 4MMlr Ht?M, Ml Ikt (MM ucmM M7lkk| IM kM treaaplred thl* wtetor. Th* bill >htMm Mr aa irfN^WM *f *?* haadrad thoa Mod Mm,iM HlktrlM IM Ornmr, by u< with lb* ommm m tin Iniii, 1# i^poM wlMlninn to m*k* Ik* yrifMMlm rtmiw Mw *My of Albany ?tall d**4 to th* Btoto Ik* ywnrty kum m lb* Ooa gr?a Hill btook Strwg u4 abl* *pinh?* nr? wtfc In fbr*r *f It by Iwiiiw Aalrm, Ball. Sba'er, Hutlifa, Hirpky m< Miipr. It waa *ppa*id by Scaa tor* Cook and Folgar. laMtora Field aad Oaaaaa urged as aaaaadaaaat removing tba capital to N*w York, but tbla i waa rota* down. Tba <?tiat%jaa Hroly and la good taata uatU aaarly tba thorn. wHa a aat-to took place betweee flaaaiara Foiger and Ball, tba former Mac tba ' aaeauiling party Hla attack aa Mr. Ball betag perfectly ranjuetlSable, tbe lattar data* aad aaylag oaly wbat ba waa forood to da la defeoo* of hlmae*', tba pareaaal ooataat oloaad with tba aympatby af aaarly all praaaat with Senator Ball. Saaator Monger, at tba cloaa of tbla per sonal aflklr, la a abort aad appropriate apaaob, rabukad tba Senator* lor aa tor tag upon aaob a mataat la ika Senate okaaabar la lbat r?,ect Ma raiarli* mat tb* approval o? arary oaa praaaat Tb* bill paaaad tba Paaaia tbl* morning, aad waa Im m ad lately aaat to tb* imambly. (k* appropriate*, however, waa oat down to toa tbouaaad dollar*. Tba bill wa* referred to the Oammlttee oa Way* aad Maaaa, to report at aay time, aad waa reported l? tb* Assembly Jo*t before tb* eloa* of tbe morning *e**loa. roxrams O'M thin <*asa Mr Ball*y, Cbairaaaa ef Ike O aamlttoe on Pr vtlegre aad Haetloa* la tbe Heaato, reported tbla mora tug aa the Low aad NIvm ease. He waa tbe oaly member wbo signed tb* report. Tb* report I* a rptamin?aa *a*. It eoaaa* to tba conclusion that Henry IV Low I* *leot*d by toa majority. Tb* *tb*r two memoers of tb* eomiaitto* did not alga tbl* report, aad, la fact, did aot oome to tba ooaclaaioo that either tbe praaaat or sluing Senator, A. C. Nlraa, la eotltled to bla aaat, or teat his o*nt**taat, Henry R. Low. la elect*!. Tb* qeMttoa wa* dlaoaaaed for about aa bour. A raaolutloa wa* eOhrod tbit Hoary R. Low I* entitled to tbe seat now occupied by A. C. Nlrea. It waa *rld*at at ooea taat tba seaater* were aa willing to rote ea tbe qeMttoa until tbey bed more time to examine late tb* matter A met lea waa made to toy It oa tbe table, wbicb waa carried. Tbtt la suppoeed te be tbe eod of the matter tor tbla aeaaloa, aad to lay It ever to tbe common no aaeet of tbe aext mssIob covmr tax umr Tbe Benato Committee oa Cltlea reported tbla morn lag tbe eouaty tax lory, Btrtkiog eat eoeae ef tbe Itoaa* adopted la the AMembly, aad raiaatettag otbera tbat were etrnck oat la tbe Aa*?mMy Tb* blU wa* ntorred back to report oomplete, reported aad ordered to a tktrd reading, aad read tbe third time end pa?at. It waa ua mediately takaa to tbe AeeembJv. aad tbe am?dmeats ware ooacarred la by that body. The atxty tbeuaend dollara added to tbe city tax lory tor tb* Fire Depart meat wa* *agla**red through by Mr. Cartla, ef Mew York. aa aa eeior'a school bill, which passed tb* Aanmbly laet oreotag. wa* repnrtod favorably la tbe Ssaaie tbla mornlog, renammHted te re port complete, reported, reed tee third time ead paaaad wHbia a apace of two boor*, aad mm te tb* Uarara*r rot bla approval. Niim at in Mmrn wean. Tb* AiMmbly bill providing tor a market la tb* Rlah te*ntb ward la tbe city of N?w York. wbwbpiiLdtbl ma ootbbwob's aassAoa oa avers .. The Senate took ap tko miaaage *f the (tereraor la re gard to paying the Mer**t *a tb* Mate debt la gold! The qoeatloa waa dlecua**d a abort time, but Oaalivtatd ** tb* tebl* by a rote of toarteaa te tblrteea. tb* Bier nvniA rwnmni bill p*M*d tb* SMate tbl* aaoralag. ainirrAji socabr. Ik* Aaaembly waa eagaged nearly aN tbe maralagM*. ?tea la concurring wltt the Senate ameadmeeta to tbe Boue bill*, aad In third reading* *f bllla. A moot tb?M DMMd by tb* A***mblr were Ike Seaato bill* aan*xlag Manhattan square te tb* Park aad altorlag tb* man? tbe city of New York relative te aveaue a Several other bllla were read tbe third time md paaaad; hat th*y TAXI*; IWIBI HAI. WM Tb* bill latredBoed by Mr. Weaver aome time el ace, te tax tb* Income ef eorporatioM and tndivtdeala holding United State* atocka te the aaaouat o? Bve per coat, waa reported complete tki* morning, and qalto a ooatMt btom over tbe qu?tie ef readlag It a third Ume without be Ing engroeMd Tbe Hoom ordered tbat It abwald be read. A motlea WM made te reo->mmit tbe bill to the Com mittee of the W bole, which wm loot, aad tbe bill wa read the third time ead peaaed, by a rote of 10 te 10 The following la tbe bill:? Pectlea 1. There ahall be levied, collected aad paid. In the tame manner aa other taiee are levied, oat looted aad paid aader the lawa ol tbla Bute, an aaanal tax of flvn per or a tua upoa tbe loco ma or all peraoea aad Oorperatleaa wltkla the State, derived from laiereet upoa Treaaury aetea or oiker auirltix of Ike United fltatea. aad a poo the taueme of all banking or otker corperaU-aa or peraoaa dotal the kualaeaa or Making within tkte Stair, upon Waited Statea atocka, l onda. arouiitlee orerldeeoM of debt, wketker auok corporation* and peraona ahall M eutherued to do tke buai neaa of banklna wtthtn tbla State uader the lawa of Coa or of thia SUte M Sea. a. The tax provided for In aecttea one of thl* act akall ?j aaaoaaed upoa the annual Income of tke peraeaa aad cor. poratlnna therein named for tke neeai rear n?xt pr?edtag the tla* for eaaeaalnx ae?.l lax?to wit, the jaar aeit pre cedlag the Orel day of OctoMr then laat peat; aad tb* aald taxea, wkea ? aaa?eod and ma<1e pabllo, akall beooate a ilea oa Ik* property or otker ami roe* of aald income for Ike amount of ike aame, with the intereet or etber ripen*? ef colt?tloa uetil pal*; provided tkat In <-attmatla( aald to com* all Batleaal, State or local tax? aaaae?l upon the proaeity fr* a which tha iacoraa la derived akall ba Bret ** diftteJ, Sea. 3. Ibla aet ahall take effect Immediately. Several of tbe members of tbe reptibiioaa aid* dodged tbe rote; other* tried te be exoueed from vet lag. bat the Howie refu**d to oxcom tbera. It wm panto by a decialre rot*. Mr. H*nly. r*pubilc?a. mov*d to rrooa alder, aad to lay tbat motion en tbe table; bat tbe Houm refueed to lay It on tbe table, aad the jtbm aad aay* were called oa tbe motion to reooneider. aad tbat mettoa wm loot, aid tbe bill wm ordered to b* lmm*dl atoly **at te the SMate for their ooaourreooe. vbib or mini* to tbb *ruin Tb* BMTOiBMt* early tkl* moralog tadlcatad a deter m tea line to adjourn tint Ait duriag tb* day Ibere wmagraad ruek to and fro beiaeea thetwebeueM. The lobby, tea, wm la great activity aad beetle, every. I blag leaekMlog algM of depart a re. At aa e<rly hoar ef tbe mors lag *a?Via of tb* AaMmbly Mr. Bwe dMt moved the thanka of tbe Houm tor the able Bad impartial manner la wbleb Speaker Ahmrd baa d lecher god hie dnttei M Bpaeker. There wm ealte a debate ever the qoMttoa. Soaie ef the apeakara d?ir*d that Ibe word "impartial" be atrtoken mil, aad a motion te tbla effect wm made. Wblle Mr. Brraat ru apaaklag la torar af Ike r?olutloa m pr?anted, aad reply tag to aome ef bta eetieaguea who bad *pok?a agataat It, aad wh>kt aHtdtag te bta pert?, Mr. ftyaa, el Now York, eeked bla wbat party lie beloaged to. Mr Rryaat re plied, 'alt* the rumbola ooptwrhead party.*' (Ap pie oar aid laughter.) Tb* re*oi*tloo ol tbaaka wm SoaHy ado| ted, with eleven votea ageinet It?one more tMa wm recorded ag ilea! Kiymoad at tbe okae of bla MttkM la IHS3. 1MB IfTT TAX tavv. lb > iterate bee been la almoet ooaelant remton a'l day, I nrmg the abort rer*? at two o'eioea tbe Committee on (It Ma held aa etMutlre e?eatea on tbe cit* tex levy. They, h" a ever, did aot flaieh It before tbe Senate met. About m bear wm spent then by toe itetie la dlMMli* of bill* m a local aatare aad la votlag thank* to oibc*r*, whoa aar ikar no? wm tekM, lor the parpoM of giving the ream HtM ea (.ItlM aa opretoalto to oooolade their exemleei M of the levy. About oee boar wm oooupled ee thl*, wbM tbey reported to tbe Senate They lacreerod aome of the Item* aad added mm new *om. Tbe Senate then weal into executive aeaaloa, and sprat two or thr? boar* ov*r It, aad added oonaldar able te Its amount, aad reed It the third thao and paM*d It. The Aaaembly, at ihalr *veoiag eaaaloe, concurred la all af US ?mil am ead meet* aad IhM di*po**d of thl* qa**tk?. ma rex am nms dsshsb moa rwrran srerm naci-amn. Tb* 1111 te tax tbe leoome of r >rporatiooe and ladl vIdeate Sre per Mat wm cm! 10 tbe H*aate aad aa noonord there at tb* tv* o'clook eeeel-.a. It wea referred to the (MemtUM M Bank* and there reviewed oatil the ?I****f H* UMlll.M^ yW |?|*ra U4 <l?OMM.U Of tif NMM No laat V*M (M " fW tbrao aaaafr* ^TIL? tatoatoly ?m take* uji ti WtKVTT trtotiAo >i >> >iki. * *C **? Obpltoi buNdtofa. M (H bitterly ft>*gbt by * MMU baad, but waa Be Jly *rder*d to ? tbli? r*a?i*f A nHkm ?u a*d? I* ?M|i>l tb* rule aad allow t>? vU to k*n lu UkM raaiitog. wktob ?H Mat. Imnl twill wiitowH to MU* *m nawaiin il to. wbea tbe liwtly touk * mm eatil eight P. ML At MM Int to* 8*b?f a wntoiili to Iki Tax l*ry vniMNtnt to, aad to* C?Hwi toll l**?n?t*if placed cm ito MM reading, M H f*|i*d to paaa, lack tog to* of a r*a*iltutk*aai Tota, although th*r* war* toil tweaty eigbt r*Ma age mat It. A large number of aaeaabere ton tor how* o* ibe era*log traia. Had there be** a full bouae i| wo*kd have uaaand by a bnadeoaae Majority. Thta dtapoaed of the queattoo afleotuaJly, aad ? to houaee agreed u adjoura at t o'clock P. M. ra mmitMiL innun mm ra imimwi *? ?urair. About tftoaa aatoatee b*t*r* a la* Mr. Dimri, Mi to* Onaailtto* ** Federal Relet wee. **<? a report o* tb* reemeitaaa of Mr Bryaat aad Speaker Alrvrd rela tive to to* eaaaadaaeat or the ooeatitutto* aboliablag ?Unry. Tb* report area q*lto toagthy, aad olo**d ap wilb Mr. Bryaat'a re*oiutt*a, taatruottac oar Senator* aad raqaaattog oar JUpr**eot*tlra* to to lb* Ugtaiator* *f tb* Stole dar aptraril aa aaaaadaiaat of toe ooaatMttttob forer*r prablblttog atorery to lb* Oattod Biatea. Ito r*t* wa* toka* a* toe adopttoa ef tbe re aert aad r*aotuti*? vltbaat oaliiag toe yaaa aad aaya, aadnba raaelatlea waa adapted bp a larg* auO*ntr. Aa tb*r* waa aa jeaa aad aaya aaHa* g waa laapoaatole to toll wbe T*tod tor *r eg*toil, er abetbai aap etbar de mocrat* baaldaa Mr. Bryaat voted tor M or a*c Mr. Im ?w*oM a btorilf rtftrl, wUak wIM b* printed wllk tb* aujorlty report. PIVAI* AilODUlM. Ttria broaght b*to boaaaa to too boar And I* ad>o?ra, aad aa a?a* aalto eaaal eeaawhttoee, Mtifytof to* ?*>] nr*w and tbe *toer braaobe* h-td diacbatoe* tbeir da Uaa, toe two presiding iMiwa aul* tb* ouatomary1 apaeoha^, aad tbe LagMator* waa daotarod adjourn*d HEWS FROM WASHIN8TOR. 'vvvvvvvva/WWWVVVV* Wjlmm >o m, pril n, ISM. nun iub'i attack oh bbobbtaby oh ass up ?nuL fkuiont. Ito attack Mi* by frank Blair apoa BeoreUry Cbaao ?4 ftwilll l?ft> Hmn Majr.ta tbe oovw*T bla muita m Dm nporl <( It* ificlal onimIUn via lit rtiyn uhl Ua la wfimw to Un otlebnM AM nporl exhoaeratee him (Mr. Blair) from oompllctty la tbs attempted frond, bat doee not Impllceu htnlarjr Chase, or la raot naybedy umfl rmn, whom Blair ?bargee wae a reveaae ageal at the IIm tba order wae |Itn to Ua. flla ehargea aad deoaoclaHoae of Mr. Chaaa war* wry aavara, and aeveral aitmpM war* ?ada to atop him: bat finally ha waa allowed to go oa aa tba aaalcot and quickest wajr to diapoee oT htm. Ha eaaonBeed thla aa bia farewell apaaeb, aa ba tana la ssed lately la take a oommaad la tba field. No reply waa eaade.aa lb* Hooaa waa aaxlaoa to roaamo tba cooatdera Uoa of tha Tax Mil TBI INTHNU TAX l(lf. Tba Hooaa a tut devotee itaoir industriously to tba ooa alderellon of I ho Tax bill, tha aaaaloa to-day having, with tbo oxoopttoa of tbo time apaot ia I ko too tag to flraak B'olr. boan exclusively spool a poo It. Whiskey, Iroa, potrotoum aad tobacco ha to boaa dlepoeed of, and it la believed that oo difloolty will bo experienced la going through with tbo root of tha bill. Aa offort will probably be made to rod uoa tbe income tax from Ira per coot to tbe former rate of three per coot oa iacomoe uader Ore tbooaaod dot Ura, but aa tbe auOwlty baa abowa no dbpoaitioa thua far to reduce rateo, but rather tbe ooatrary, there la not much proepoot of auoceaa THIRTY-EIGHTH COIdKBN. ritUT sassioM. Haaae of Heproeei*t?tlree W*3Hj*oros, April St, ISM. additional ihstbctobs or amumoaw. Mr. Wasbsvbjib, (rep.) of 1U.,from the Committee on Commerce, reported a Mil to create oa additional super vising Inspector of a team boata, bla dutlee to be ooa flood to Mew Orleans, and also to boards of local lospectora at Portland, Oregon, aad at Memphis, Teas oast a. Tbe Board of Inapectloo at Wheeling la dtsoootlaoed, for tbe rassan that there are two other boarda or laiasect ors for tbe Oblo river. Ibo bill waa paaaed ?un ? canmu cases. Oa aaotloo oi Mr. Cox. (epp.) of Ohio, It waa rasolvod that tbo U mmlttre on the Judiciary inqulie Into tbe ex pedieocy "f eo amending tbo fourth eectlon or the act of Mar en a. IT 98, aa to empower United States Commie eiuaers to take baUlinertmiBeleseee.aad to provide them with a seal, ho. ma caaaoaa agaikst aa. bla in. Mr. Hiobt, (rep.) or Oa)., from tbo select committee to examine into RopreeeatatiTO MeCiurg's charge that hie colleague (Mr. Blair, of Missouri,) bad violated tbe law ia tbe aaatler of aa alleged liquor speculation, aad aleo to Inreetlgate tbo genuineness or faireoess of aa alleged order for liquors, made a report Ihoreoa, to tbo eOeot that tbe ortgloal order, signed by Major Qoaaral Blair sad eight other oAcers, waa for liquors, ssgars, he., to the amount of $IMX or |17t, but that tbo order waa altered by Michael powers to call for $8,000 worth of tbo aaase for tbo letter's (Powers') epecaiatlog iltteo are eatladtd thai ee violatloo of law ilttod by Mr. Blair. Mr. Bi-aib, (reiki of Mo., apokoof bla intealloa aooa to take leave of tbe Heoao. He said that tbo obargee agalnat htm were made while bo waa la military command, aad circulated agaiaat blm bsoaaae ba opraed tbo ??trade ragutotieaa" of Secretary Chase, aad baosaso ho (Mr. Blair) dlflbred from tbe plea of Mr. Cbaae to let tbe Beetbera (Motes go. Hie caHesgeo (Mr Modnrg) bad brought tbe charge* here with the coarooi.eaa aad bru tality that characterised low aad vulgar minds. Ibo Brasses ealled Mr Blair to order, reminding him that poroaaallUos mom not bo iedolged la. Mr. Blais begged tbe perdeo or tbe Spoeker. His oo! Vmgoo (Mr. McCharg) had goae to the trouble of having what bo ealled "tbo forged orders" photographed. He (Mr. Blair) tateoded to follow out the bint, and have ibooe "orders" ornamented with tbe portrait of bia onl ioaguo (Mr. McClorg^ after tbe manner or the "Revues' Gallery " Tbe dogs and hounds and been act on blm by their mooter. Ho (Mr. Blair) bad driven tbeee dega aad hounds back tato their keanel, and ho lotooded to hold Mr. Blaib road from letters to show the diettncllve of faota of decretory i haae'a "trade regulation." and slating' that largo qeaatlties or goods peso through our llaee to tboeoemy Tbe lottora aleo *ey that Secretary Chaaa ia using bla power for eleciiooeering purposes, sad, Mr. Blair added, "to epiose Proeideal Line >ln, who gave Seoretary Cbaae bla place " Mr. Mc'Clcm, (rep.) of Mo., aaid, if It be the plea sure of tbe Hottoe be would postpone hi* remarks until the tax Mil shall be diet o*ed of. He believed tbo tnember's (Mr. Blsir's) obarseter, IT he has any, would aot sullbr by tbs delay, and bs was surs bis own weold but. He gave way to Mr. Morrill, who moved that tbe Hoose reeohro itself halo committee oa the tax bill, wbieb prevailed. fHI IV VIRHAL KXTWMV9 MLl The Hooaa thsa wool into committee oa tba Internal lax Mil Aa amoodmoet ma k I as tbe tax oa railroad Iroa four dollars inotsod of three dollars per loo wss rejected. Oo aaatloa of Mr. Moasiu.. (rep.) or VI, tbe Ux oa roil rood I roe, rerollod, waa made two dotlers per too Mr. Ganwout, (opp.) of N. Y., offbred tbe followiBg a mend moot, which was agreed to. rrevtded, that tbe term "rerotUd" shall apply only to ratio which tbo manufacturer roeeiree pay for remaoufsc turlog. and not lor new Iron. Oa various manufactures of Iron, on which a doty of fitly oente per ton wss reported, aa amend meat waa agreed to taxlag thorn one dollar per toe. Mr Coax, (rep.) of CSsU, moved to amend by making the lax on wine three instead of flee oeuta per g si loo. Hs said the tax w is excessive, aa the vaine or much of tbo bow wtae waa oaly from twelve to flitieo costs a gal loo, Mr. Mosatu sold that be eras In favor of encouraging tbe prodaetwa or native wine*. but ho thought ss spirit aooa liquors had beoo heavily used, and in view of tbo fset lbsl tbe tariff sa foreign wloeo waa to he largely haoreaaad, the article could well bear even greater loss lbs amsadmeat m ___ Calf skloa were sdded to tbo artloleo oubjoot to taxa* ?lea, s duty of five per oeat beta# pot eo them. A aplrltod debate onouod upeo the nee sod shoos of wloeo and liquor*. In wbioh tbe flertptureo were quoted and miaquotod oa both sidee, aad laally, ta oad the Mr. Moaaiu. moved thai tbeOeosmltlee riee, which Oe gotsg tote Commit tee agala, by ardor or the Heaae, tbeduoeleoe wioee wss termlootod. Tbo tax oe wleee waa not ebaagod. ? Aa aaaeedaaeet waa agreed to exemptleg wtae aaaoe from ourraole, r be bard sad berries. Oo all other mauufnotored wtaee the lax waa iaed el fifty Ins teed of tweoty-five oeets per gailoa. Tbo Ux oa faro wee ratted to tee for oeat. Oe cuetom made artloleo of wear lag apparel, tbe lax waa Increnasd to five per oeat oo d lemon da, emeralds, ureetooo otoaeo aad Imltettnoe thereof, aad all other Jewelry, a lax of lea per ooot. ia etead of five, wee agreed to. Mr. Mobbill moved to tocreeao tbe dety ee oa vend tab. log twist and maaufbetnred tobacco, not otherwlos provided for, to thirty eon is per pound, which waa | T?c'd tO. Oe ssgars valued at over >10 aad under per thou send I he Ux we* Increased to fit per thousand valued at over $30 sod under 940 per tboueeod.lbotai wee tacrme ed to |U dollars per the esse0 Mr. Kbsxaxpo wooo, (opp.) or N. Y., prepoord aaow para.raph, providing a lax of one per oeat ad valorem oa leer tohaoo, wheel, bay ana other agricultural predoou when aold la qomiltts* of tbs value of 9100 aod over. He aaid this Mil Hn.oeed bo lax upon agricultural products. Uader tbe Mil sa It eow stood Mew York woeW have to pay two-thirds or tbo rsveooo to be reload seder It. He (Mr. Wood) sroeld be dereltoi io bis dsty to ble consti tuency If he did not oaU attention to this ract. Mr. Brsvass, (rap.) of oeld ">s geoHemsn from Mew York (Mr Woo') waa very moob mistaken If bs supposed that there was bo Ux open tbe faraaer*. Hay w.ta Uxad upon the leootoe which they derived from their ferms, aad there wae aloe a heavy tax upoa tbe real eetaU of the country. Mr. Malum, (opp ) of Ky.,argued against the amend meet, aad aaid that the agricultural lateraats were heavily used. Ho aleo opposed the a meed moot neoauss It would go to rstse the prioe of tbs oeomserlos of life. The amendment wto re.;ecied. Mr. k ' sm>s. (rep.) ?< low*. oObredhoew sect loo. to mm altar tfc* mmim anvMteJ ? ta * Mptrmia til wlM ?rmi Afier ( ibum oiMir iiu ??"- |?Tr f j n ?** w*? uioltMM to !*? UM ?r -V-tm A Iflllii ta? mi) ?? rilnfc If ?4Joaro?4. ~ SHAKSPERE CilebrtllMi if the Ttrceileiirj km* ilTcrMrj if Oil Btrllu A Statue te be Ktisei ii tie Ptrkbta. ?iimti ||i init, Laying of the Corner lioae witkSm Ortai Shaksper??B MtsM Ball at Irriflg Hall. 1E0TAHM Of II IPPXIPKUTl CMBt Jmum DellTen ? OratiMi." THE KATUXK AX TBS iPitA Statu Mm IM Park. umaMnrtf cutiMONiaa?na runm Tbeteroeataoery wag mm >nr>HtaHiy __ faoterdayby tbelaytagof Iheceraereleeeofaetatael be ?rnta< n ik? "IWMtil ttnlwriri" ta tka h*. The spot obcoea for the toesttoa of the atatae *m ha twee* UM lift aad MeaM tree* m Um ?in m naiam or Um Mall, or pteaMMd*. u4 to Iheroraro alteaiad aa tkorHMMir ih* vlatter geiag from Ik* ell/ |* mm lUaeble aad Like. Tko boor aet apart for tbo eoraaaoay waa mob pa*, otoely, aM almoat aa km aa tka aaa ba?aa bta tiia ward aoaraa the prooaodiaga namum! ai thia Im tbaro wora praaeat oa th* groonda, la aOdiUoa la th* gatherlag of mixed etUaaaa, lha foltowli* aotora, aa traoaii.hc:? Jm. B. Hackett, William Wkeatley, Va. ?. Darldge, Whltlag, K. Lamb (Nlblo'a), Chaa. Paralo*. * (Wymplo); Hy. Watluaa. of "ghoot" fam*; Browae,Geo. 8. Rail, t. J. Newby, formerly of oompeny;r. Andrewa. Mr*. John Weed, Mrs. Neleoa Decker, tba dramatic reader, he. Several wm? repreeeoted by tbelr aganta, among whom waa Wr. Brow* Atkma. agent for Mile. YeetvaiU Ike in magma were roprooeated by Leonard O rover, of tba ~nla1 atreot theatre, Philadelphia, aad Or oyer'a theatre, Vak latum; Mr. Klogatoa, manager of lha Walaat atreet thaa. Ire, llitladetphla, aad B. Stuart, naaoafer of the Whiter p*rd*a. We aa* no repreeeotatlvee rroaa eitker Wat lack'e er the Bowery theatre*. Ike puMtobere were reprewolod by W. H Apptatoa. Epq.; the Opera by Mr. H D. Palmar; tbo arttote w "eeara. BieratHdtaad WrayaaoaMdttbedeeianer eftbePMfe muelc temple; tko Dramatic Fund Aaaoalitioe byMrflL 8. l^nard .Secretary; tbo Bartoa Dramatic A ear alalia* bw tor. John Onoper. Preaidaet, Hd Mr. W. H. Oovingtna. aad the military by Heat. Ooi. Jamee M. 8ender*ou. whJ ZZTJlZ"*??1 ""L to ?eU,B? ?P oenteeary <|lnnor of 1861. irUnii Ward wis roprotontod by J* Maul, Mr. H'ockatou Mayer Gnather Appeared for S city, and the Rer. Dr. OagMd aad lha Bar. father Heeka* were prearal on bebal/oTthe elergy. Hoeeaa Dedwertb'a military bead ootnmenood the proooodtaM by performing Mleetloue from Kauai, Ineiudmg ibngaT <l|*r? Chorua. Tbla we tblak waa rather la bad Ma, wuMertng the event to be celebraied. While tktoa? lectio* waa being performed, tbo part la* wtae bad baa* choaen to participate la the oeremony entered the m. cloaed circle, In the centre of which the alone to be MB waa auerended from a derrick over the rooadatlon, whtofc waa aii*It aome eighteen inohea below the aurfaee. Om the atoa* the follow lag worba ware engrared:? r**" r<~rrjwjitjj jij ju-ju-ju jit jj-uA CENTRAL PAWL T SHaKSPERK. I April M, 1844. | The (eatieaaea within the circle were the OnaaamlhrM the* alepped forward aad read Ma thlepalrtf-!^ **ptoe,Bf " "?* ha AirraoKUATtON Of Ike laying of Um ro**daito* of tka moammat la WILLI AM SHAK8PKKIE, April 23 IMA. *?" >J- HjokeM. Baq.. WUIIam Wboatiey. Em, , Mfc wl* Heolh, Beq., aad lb* Ho*. Char lee P. Daly of tka ?Ity of New York, hiving made anplieelton l? tb?0*u mlaeio*era of the (IhT^Si **d Ih?trie*! manager* of the elty of New York. |br leave to ptaee within th* aaM Park the foaedatle* af a ?oaamealal at*tu* to WHM*m 8bak*p*r? aad Ite ?Bill rVkmMlaal/maM k..i ^ ? Corn m tea Ion era bar lag. ea due um d*terml*ed thai *och moonmaat would h* eml*e*tlyZ pr?prl?u to the p?blle gronnda of theetty, b*T*, ibaie fore, rnaeanlad t* aeoepi lb* aaaae, aad to niaee It wHhh the aaM Park for the adornment taer*of,^ twTfiWlS miZSSfZSSTZ U*aatd Coaamwelonera bar* farther iiaaiataB . / ?u<l he laid la the aaM Park, on the 23<! day of April. 1444, aabtoM I* th* erdfc aaao- aad rale. pr^TldedSTia be pr^idld for ?? ZZ trol and preaervation of atataary aad me**m**|*| etraa tarea or Ike aatd Park. By aotkorlly of tka Oommleelaoera of the Park. _ *?**W H ORKKN . Comptroller of Ike Park, taa Paax, Naw Yoaa, April a, 1444. jobo* dalt'i sfbbcb. B* th** Introduced Judge Char lee P. Daly, who bad bo?n a elected to deliver the Inaaguratioa all ill aaa Jatat Dalt tba* addrreaad'the aeaemMy aa foliowa: We aaaemhle at tbla place to-day, the three ba*dr*Mh anniversary of the birthday of Hhakapere. tTuTtha corn* atone of a memorial work of art to be *r*eUd baam la attaataiioa af the ra*p*ct and veneration with wblata the name of Sbakapere la obrriabed by the AmertaM (teople. We who apeak the Knglleb tnague, aad inherit with our ^agnage the treaaureaef I la literature, bare K 11 ?ed to ** in the eocaeion which glree lo thie daw ** opportocity to do what wl* do done I* England and Germany, to mi*Vast by ***** public act oar ?ympetby with, appreciation of aad eom moa property la the work* whichlshakapere hae left f*a the delight and Inetruottoa of mankind, and which K wa omitted lo do, would bo ? roUootioo apnn ai ai an' to tot lacteal aad cultivated people. The time, It la tr**, la aot propiiioua. We are lavoived le war; b*2 Germaay le aleo In the eame altnatloa; aad " to a mark of the anpermr oulttvatlnn of both nattoM that, with the heavy r?epoaethilitlee aad great etactloaa that each aa eveot createa, we caa, notwitbatandia*. pay oar tribute, when It la appropriate that we ebould aa ??' .l? lfce memory of tko m at prominent man la lha "??f,lu''*. I bat rank, by oommoa oea eeat, baa bee* cooreoed to 8bak*p*r*. No writer of aav ag* or natlca baa eounded ao deeply the deptbe or bamaa natur*, or portrayed with equal power the naealcae that deform aad the rlrtnea that dlgairy aad adora It. Tba prodnctkioe of ao other mind bare eattoOed ao oompletalw tbo varied taatee of men, and called forth lo the mum nteal the appUuae of the multitude, with Ih* admlr*. the profound While other great writer* era * oberaclertetloa which dtotlngutoh them rreaa rn?pp*r" u p??a?mid every merit eg "sssi^r m ?tf.*!*1 Af**'*** logenuoueaeaaai m*ncoaoaaad tha wTul~.n 0 ha racier?tbo moat luxuriant aad powerful ?? ???toa aUted to the meat delicate end pUyf?Ue*e?!S ezuberaal aad oveHkuelag haaaer, coehleed with a eah> Ueead poae'ratlag wit?the big beet anwbaga *T bamaa thought aad the prnfouadeat maxima of bmaaa wtodoa. la ooaaeefoB with the mleuteet delmoatlea of the weak* ?eaeaa. the vtoaa aad the toliiea af aaea-laa word, ha haa rapreaaatad lha Mtolle dlveralty of law* *et*r*aa ae ether aaaa haa aver Delated H, and aa probably *a ?tbw m* erer will lb hie faaM are caa add aothtng b? thto ereeuo* He Ima built hto owa moaameat la bta werfca, aad waa kiamair awar* hew p*rpetaal that mob*. me*t wtmldb*. Ih lha uakaowa roraeTtTwhom heal dreeoed hi* arty-aKh eoaaet ke baa, with prophet le onT tntaaaamanr A future Immortality, eipr*modklMeiri? 5^ merb'a. aer the aUded meauraeeto Of pnao-., ehali eutilre thto powerful rhvme ki>< ra? ehall eHlae more hrtgVt la theee eoeteata Aaa aaeweut atone. be?eaear?<1 toy aluUtoh time, .J1?*- wVt**'1! ",B ?hail aiatuea orertura, ,,f? t meeonry. tal "er war'a quM Ire atall bura T*e Mr tag reeerd of ytxir maaaarv. Aad age la, la (he eighty drat aonnet Tear meaumeal ehall he my gentle reree. Wh eh e,re net jet mated obeli o'er ilad. Teti Mill ehall lira (auab rlrtae hath my ***) Whrre breath amet breatbee even in the aeouthe ef aaaa. a^ke mTmT* M "* 10 ,"?* ??a,, fro" kM *wa axaeuledby aa Amarluaa sculptor, which aha 11 be oooa aa em o'alive ?"he of the event celebrated to day aad ef the aia|e ef the aria la tbla oouatry, whlek a bail praaaah P'*0* ta their ko*ra ernacreetlee, ?T?.' Jt! "11' M wt which embel ?xpreeelTf reatareeef a aaaa wba WM iOO iinlVfirMll |0 h| (Ii DfOMItV Of ABV ODA CT MAIoii. Wfc||? rn ioli llui It nofii?oolo4 with ibo ofV^irm gotlea, wt at ofopoae to do ?oawt^|pg |1mK will b*

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